Welcome to the New and Better Confederacy and National Anti-sodomy Crusade, preparing the victory of the Blessed Virgin Mary over the pagan Progress idol which presently holds the world in thrall. A Mary who in the early sixteenth century appeared as Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City, where she claimed this Hemisphere uniquely for her very own. The Holy Mother of God being a Heavenly Queen destined to prevail over this Artemis of the New World, symbolized in the statue of a Godless, world-conquering form of liberty, found in New York Harbor: the present-day champion of abominable sodomy, "sexual self-identification" and abortion on demand. This preternatural siren attempting to uproot Christian Faith of any kind the world over, having been installed here cunningly to combat a holy creed watered by the blood of martyrs, of Jesuit missionaries and Catholic Mexicans and Indians whose Catholicism was in those earlier days singularly well-formed, uncompromising and true. While we take further inspiration from another apparition of Our Blessed Lady, one which took place at Fatima in Portugal in 1917, in the very month of the Bolshevik Red October revolution: a cosmic event, attended by stupendous miracles, witnessed by 100,000 souls. This later prodigy announcing Marys resounding answer to Jewish capitalism/communism: the tyrannical spawn of geo-finance and massive scale, the cynical modus operandi of the harbor-idol noted above. Mary at Fatima claiming Russia for the Catholic Church, a nation destined in now-forthcoming years to become genuinely, traditionally Catholic, and to figure conspicuously in a prophetically-predicted deliverance of both Church and world from their present humiliating demise at the hands of World Jewry.

We are dedicated to re-establishing organizational sanity and robust productivity, these necessarily based upon an enabled human person and his needs and aspirations as well as upon the scales and structures that favor his fullest development. Here being offered a pro-life approach par excellence which encourages those dense populations that almost-invariably have the highest per-capita income: with an enabled, densely-interfaced society being that which best achieves prolific innovation, diversified product lines and rich markets: while making uniquely-possible their fullest enjoyment. Here then being a fundamentally-different approach to the entire spectrum of organized life and activity than that self-destructive one being followed today, a plan developed not only in books displayed below, readable free of charge, but also in an intensely-articulated Summary of Ideas, written in a traditional kind of English which is alone suited to the conveying of profound ideas, but which modern linguists would empty of all its fine distinctions, its precious moral and intellectual content, these like a balm to soul and mind. While included too are statements regarding our Crusade not only against institutionalized sodomy but also toward a New and Better Confederacy, as elucidated in several articles below, designed to replace the above-described paganistic thralldom of an open-ended Bush/Obama USA. Our organizationally-distributive Confederacy envisioned to gather to itself all of the states, fleeing in horror and disgust from the sodomy and abortion, totalitarianism and earth-denuding Napoleonic warfare which presently prevails. This site is updated frequently, with all written here submitted finally to the traditions and teaching authority of the Roman Catholic Church, now in outward respects and as predicted in saintly prophesies of centuries having been essentially taken over by the synagogue. The age-old see-sawing struggle against this perfidious infestation having been a continual one, with major inroads already encountered by the Apostles, conducted by a cabal of Epistle-described "Judaizers" whose various subterfuges since those early-Christian times have been the main obstacle to both viable statehood and the preaching of the Holy Gospel. Thus in awaiting Christianity's final glorious triumph I write with a loyal heart but largely from memory, and in unaided consulting of traditional Church documents, as current teaching on both "right" and "left" tends to be faulty, sometimes in the extreme. Yet it is critically important that the reader fully know what I mean by the word Catholic: hence the many criticisms and clarifications, being forced, with great trepidation, to "rush in where angels fear to tread". Apologies that Louis Joliet picture is divided into parts: I haven't the money or web-savvy right now to get it fixed: and yet it may perhaps fittingly signifies the national disunity of today. See any retractions at the very bottom of this page. We are not connected to any other website or organization, whatever the outward similarities might be. Finally, either hackers or our own inexperience with html text have forced us to modify proper punctuation, using italics instead of quotation marks, and several other such deviations. Hopefully we can get this straightened out soon, so please bear with us in the meantime, as what our hosting service accepts with respect to text has apparently changed. Hence in some articles or pages we have largely dispensed with dashes, apostrophes, quotation marks and one or two other punctuations, grammatical tools which are sometimes hideously disfigured otherwise. Thus too in our Summary of Ideas hyperlinks five through thirty-three to date, so many of these entries have become italicized, probably by dint of a host server confusing my old fashioned font with italics: yet I am leaving them thus, since to edit any text on this site, for the time being, is to be condemned to the noted unfortunate substitutions. However, you can copy and past a whole hyperlink here and un-italicize it as a word document. Thus words of alarm about hackers found here and there on the site are probably ill-founded, but we do our best in a mode we are not expert at, in a time when all traditional publishing and other media is more-or-less entirely controlled.

Louis Joliet, Explorer

Integral Catholicism
A Meditation On The Social, Political and Economic Philosophy of All Times
Louis Zdunich

Third Edition, 2014. 6 chapters $25.00 + $4.95 Shipping and Handling

Summary | Full Text, Chapters One and Two | Chapters Three and Four | Chapters Five and Six, plus Partial Bibliography

Random Essays On Economic Development

Catholic Economic and Organizational Philosophy as a Blueprint for Sustainable Growth. Second Edition, 2014.

by Louis Zdunich

184 pages, numerous papers and articles $20.00 + $4.95 Shipping and Handling

Summary |Part One | Part Two

Against the New Fascism

An integral Catholic Parries the verbal panzer assault of the Bush/Obama sodomy/aggressive-warfare machine.

by Louis Zdunich

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Volume One:...

Now is the Time...

To Gird on the Sword.

Guido Delrose: a martyr for the Faith?.

The curious case of the serial-killer brother.

A_New_and_Better Confederacy.

"Touch Not the Unclean Thing". Secession based on the Law of God as Sole Source of Valid Law.

What is Sodomy?

What is a Frankpledge?

Fatima, Russia and the Approaching Punishment.

Russia, coming salvation of the Christian West and of Catholic tradition alike.

U.S. foreign policy a species of reinvigorated pagan colonialism.

Modern clinically-developed forgiveness imperative.

The Phalange and the specter of aggressive-warrior, Caesaro-papist state-worship.

Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt.

Law of God the sole source of law.

The Frankpledge Party Agenda.

In defense of true Christian manhood.

Bi-Partisan Culture of Death: Syllabus of Anti-Life Crimes.

Linguistics: the most formidable of fifth columns.

Christian voters, stand fast! St. Augustine on Sodomy.

The radicalized modern family as main pillar of the New World Order state.

Autobiographical sketch of Louis and Joann Zdunich.

Centuries-long atrophy of commonwealth into "government".

Today's "pious" surrender of the realm of the practical.

USA the next Gaza: where the Bush/Obama meltdown inexorably leads.

How will the Frankpledge system develop? A summary.

Fatima, La Salette, other Catholic revelations: why all the "secrets"?

Now is the Time to Gird on the Sword.

Summary of Ideas: Toward a True Democracy, Rooted in the People.

Noteworthy items of the day.

A few months after launching this website in January of 2003 the Iraq invasion and occupation was launched as well: bringing us overnight an economic and organizational interface based more-or-less exclusively upon Nietzschean-Superman global-remake whims and schemes of Rumsfeld, Chaney, Bush, Rice and the rest of the Anglo/Israeli Aggressive-Warfare-Cartel. Together of course with the intimately-related commercial/industrial agenda of a newly-empowered no-bid, insider-geo-corporate world. By such a baffling, treacherous route, then, has this "Summary of Ideas" grown to be what it is: an entirely-unconventional idea-itinerary meant to explore anything that could possibly throw some light on these anomalies. Comprising a collective threshold over which an unsuspecting citizenry stumbled by-precise-design via the infamous 9/11: that definite "inside job" to serve as the spectacular kick-off for a new radical-capitalist eternal warfare dominion-paradigm, almost identical to that of Adolph Hitler and associates. Engineered to "secure" us all not only in police/military but also in inseparable debt-related chains.

Every subject from the War to health care and other domestic policy matters is treat of here on this site, but you have to look for these subjects among the titles on the hyperlinks: there is no index. While amid the events of the day first entries on this page are sometimes put together rather hastily, often being first reactions to a world of events for decades now progressively slipping out of the self-governing grasp of the common man. "News" today being merely the same old washed-out fare for a week running, comprised of the few significant happenings that our newspeople and media-commentators are permitted to examine. Items whose presentation however fails to hit the bulls-eye of the underlying issues involved: sound-bites skillfully juxta-positioned between all the counselor-couch, health-tip and other irrelevant intrusions that we didn't click the remote in order to hear. But amid this information-no-man's-land - and while thus necessarily "going out on a limb" of perilous conjecture - also commonly discovery a whole host of new ideas. Aided too not only by more excellent sources than cable or network TV, but also by the fact that what these people don't tell us is far more revealing than what they do. Insights thus obtained being what this highly-provisional website is all about. The whole "raw" commentary is then invariably worked over in days following: as you can see by the improved quality - and probity - of entries that follow further on. In respect to which "sifting" operation don't be surprised if an article is removed for a day or even a month: during which time it is probably being intensively reworked, having been found inadequate in some way. In an endeavor which I undertake with assiduity. Also, I sometimes put my newest entry second or third in line, if I consider it of lesser importance than the article at the top. While finally this ongoing "diary" of world and national economic and political phenomena is followed further on by a "summary of ideas" more discursive, not in this reverse-chronological form, to be found in the last thus-named hyperlink below. For more detailed treatment of any theological subjects touched upon here please consult the Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas - the prime depositary of Western legal, moral, political and organizational thought - which can be found using a search engine online under that name. Finally, you may on occasion find your access to this site to be momentarily blocked, at which times I am probably adding or editing. But just give me a moment, and you should be able to get back on board with no problem.

On this site, the manly values cherished by many modern Muslim and other non-Christian nations are enthusiastically recognized, and their populations reached out to by us, for an alliance against the tide of perversion presently flooding the world from Western music, media and policies. With countries around the globe, from China to the Middle East to Africa, joining many Catholic nations from Ireland to Latin America in virile, resolute repudiation of an array of evils like sodomy, let alone sodomy-�marriage�. While many of these countries reject other shameful perversities as well, including various Western laboratory-procedures which treat men like mice. Thus we are working on including more articles to explore this common ground.

I haven't the resources to form an "exploratory committee" or to gather petitions, only two of a host of devices which remove presidential elections further from popular hands, yet as you will see I feel compelled to put forward my candidacy anyway, come what may. Hence I ask those of you who agree with my position on the issues explored on this front page, or in person-to-person conversations out on the campaign trail, to print up and display wherever possible the Platform which follows on a hyperlink below. It is designed to go on 11" by 17" paper, but can be downsized to 8 1/2 by 11 and still be readable. These small "leaflets" can then be put under windshield-wipers in parking lots, or between screen-door and trim on front porches, as I did as a lad of fourteen for the John F. Kennedy campaign. While either size format can be passed out at the office, at school, on the job, among friends and neighbors. In this way we can get completely around the tightly-controlled election-machines of both major Parties, and get the word out to the People: the real Sovereign of this land.

A New Day is Dawning: Presidential Platform.

May 30, 2018: Self-control the only liberty worth having.

We are our own worst enemy if we don't first "put bit and bridle" on ourselves, on our own disorderly inclinations, and it is the good state, so rare today, which God ordains to procure us precisely this boon. But under today's chaos-breeding secret-society-dominated governments we easily become like "a ship without a rudder" in the shark-infested waters of human life, standing in dire need of the formative influence of good laws, of pious and fraternal customs, modest dress and behavior, good companionship, indeed of self-discipline-encouraging music and song. While in stark contrast has the devil busied himself over recent centuries in the perception of liberty as being his own infernal "I will not serve!", as being the unrestricted license to do ones own disorderly and ultimately-self-destructive "sweet will and whim". One medical doctor of our times, a supposed authority, having even claimed that self-restraint is "unhealthy", that it is opposed to "will power": when in fact the will is exercised most tellingly when we discipline ourselves, "taking the beam out of our own eyes so that we may see to take the mote out of our brother's". While to the contrary when we permit ourselves to be driven like a feather before the winds of unruly passions, that unhinged moral condition which this sort of "will power" implies, then we are shorn of reason, incapable of actions constructive, beneficial and good. Under constraints of our inescapable physical/spiritual condition, self-restraint being a critical necessity that only fools deny, they whose "will-power" is only an infantile capitulation to the passive or reactive proclivities which the fiend ceaselessly plies. This self-destructive rejection of the truly active and enterprising being an epitome in that Copley tin-type much referred to here, of Colonial malcontents prancing down some Revolutionary-era Boston cobblestone street, spreading the spirit of ribald disorder everywhere their weird cacophony struck the public ear. This allegedly "noble" experiment, with beakers bubbling in the alchemy of unrestrained violence, chaos and revolt, of which present-day American streets and homes are a fitting image indeed, being the whole purpose that Uncle Bar-Samuel now so feverishly prepares once again to go to war: this time against Russia, easily the only decent country left on the globe. This "noble cause" for which any amount of false-flag provocation is thought "worth the price", as long as such a "freedom" can "march forward" in this centuries-long delerious way. By definition involving the 9/11-like "in house" shedding of American blood to motivate battle, sacrificing our own young on this dual altar of Baal and Mars.

Rather, the progress that matters to we Confederates is progress in virtue, the only freedom that of a clean conscience, of a pure and innocent mind, perfectly alien as this might be to the present false liberty now being peddled in American schools and courts. With this "self-identification" fantasy in particular being a hideous disfigurement of the national character, a fatal perversity which this "patriotic" bombast, Donald Trump, will not bother to so much as even address. Concerning himself feverishly with any other lesser issue which his impenitrable lodge-house-cunning mind might suggest. Even indeed preparing as he does to outlaw, to criminalize such truth-telling as takes place here on this site. His brand of false, fanatical patriotism always calling truth treason, sedition or some sinister such thing.

"Secede!...Come out from among them and touch not the unclean thing."

May 21, 2018: Closed to grace: akin to mortal sin, predictive of eternal loss.

Man being a rational creature related in the core of his being to the angels far more than to those grazing beasts with which he is most associated today, he therefore properly, if he would be good and worthy, deals much more in the currency of grace than materiality, typically receiving Heavenly infusions as relayed to him through the descending order of those same angelic choirs. This while our "advanced" New World Order would actually place man far below the animal world, by present twisted laws and court-rulings denying him even that natural law which these humble-yet-innocent creatures so assiduously observe. Grace sharing an universal attribute of humility, often coming to us in the humblest earthly guise, most commonly and pointedly indeed in dealings with our fellow man, whose supplications or kind words we must never bruskly sweep aside or politely ignore. For by such callous refusals we reject as well the heavenly nourishment which these personal encounters so marvelously contain, overtures each of which is like an incarnation all-its-own, giving grace a personal and material envelope, as it were, readily grasped and entertained. A contrary callous impermeability instantly calling forth the divine punishment of blindness-of-heart, since as all this suggests both cries and greetings of our fellows are graces from God in their own most fundamental way, with the Deity working most commonly among we mortal and contingent creatures through these brethren, "whom you see", the rejection of whose kindness, solicitude or need signalizes the rejection of the grace of that God "whom you do not see".

By this crooked path of hardness-of-heart then does the soul wend its treacherous way to Hell, avoidance-of-which well-deserved place-of-torment is secured by the coin of divine grace alone, so different from cruel base-metal castings provided by the modern Judeo/secret-society world. Thus then as suggested is this closed attitude toward graces of any kind amplified, seconded thunderously, as Holy Scripture assures us, by the divine curse of "blindness of heart" and "deafness of ear", signifying the drying up of the flow of grace from the other direction, namely from God Himself. This marvelous divine outpouring being matched in the soul not by anything of merit in itself, but only by a passive non-resistance: after which, in this supernal realm, it is God Who does everything else. Plying those biblical "living waters" which He first offers to each and every soul, in every instance or event, and His withholding-of-which sends one stumbling down that descending rocky road. This hardness, this starved grace-related condition, becoming indeed progressively more obdurate as time goes on, in a spiritual impotence whose terrible outlines can actually be seen on the rock-like features of the most reprobate of souls, their callous condition betraying them in hideous detail to the discerning, no matter how much their pious pretenses, their manner or appearance might suggest otherwise. So that finally such a soul becomes a ready vehicle of all wrong, as in today's growing murderous, malicious sodomite throngs. For God bars the floodgates of grace to us when we show this inclination to refuse same, being the sovereign source of all good it is He Who rejects us much more decisively than we who reject Him, inflicting upon the hard-hearted this further much-biblically-remarked curse of blindness and deafness of soul. Making us impotent in the first instant of the potential heavenly exchange, of which God as noted is always the point-of-origin, and not we ourselves. We in such case having indeed proven to be like the servant who buried his talent in the ground, who dealt with this all-generous God as if He were "a hard man": a Master Who instantly takes up the same cue, casting that servant into the grace-barren "outer darkness, where there is the weeping and the gnashing of teeth."

Thus is there something about this grace-preliminary creaturely hardness or unresponsiveness which is already close kin to mortal sin: the part expected of us in this all-determining exchange being as noted only the lowly one of simple non-refusal, rather than anything active or independent that we ourselves can do. With grace flowing out prodigally to all the non-refusing as if impetuous tides of a supernatural sea. Whereas a crusty human refusal announces the inevitable subsequent arrival of grave sin in rueful tones, this hardness or obduracy being preliminary to that formal spiritual death, mortal sin, into which God allows the grace-hardened soul to fall. This biblical divinely-inflicted blindness and deafness, together indeed with foregoing instances of a creaturely refusal of grace, these misfortunes having about them both something hideous which already anticipates mortal sin: the inevitable, thundering divine penalty for first and subsequent turnings-away-from-grace. All implying a mystery-bound hardness the lowly creature must never entertain, at the start being found a hardened orientation that by frightful divine confirmation will easily go with the soul to the grave. But because man is a physical as well as a spiritual creature, he must formalize this momentous condition, of creaturely non-resistance or polar-opposite inflexibility, in some act, whether good or ill, brokering, in staggering mutual inconguity, either virtue or mortal sin. Human acts signaling a state of virtue or sin, providing to the soul too a clear roadmarker of where it presently is on the salvation-related road. Quite the contrary being the case of the angels, whose fall-from-grace at the beginning was instantaneous and irrevocable, of the decisive spiritual orientation of formal will-related refusal, without any act being required.

Again, in the last and fatal analysis it is God Who rejects the creature most decisively, rather than the creature who most tellingly rejects God, with the Creator decisively withholding life-giving grace, rendering man progressively incapable, impotent in that all-important regard, after first offerings, and less-and-less-frequent subsequent ones, have been so callously refused. Brokering an impermiability which becomes more final and impenitent, unless somehow the deadly tailspin is arrested, and grace at last allowed to reign. This merciful outcome, not however to be presumed-upon at all, often being effected by the prayers and penances of others, most especially of those monks, nuns, anchorites and other devout souls, with whose legitimately-established number, decimated terribly after Vatican II, the Church was once so full. The blindness of heart, deafness of ear which otherwise results signifying the divine "casting forth into the outer darkness", that which proves more and more permanent and decisive as times goes on. This obdurate condition being a terrible fate before which we must all tremble, the avoidance-of-which must make us strive to be as sensitive as possible to the needs and friendly overtures of our neighbor: the "real man" or "real woman" who callously brushes off these encounters giving evidence not at all of "character" or "strength" but rather of that terrible hardness-of-heart, references-to-which the Holy Bible is so full. A flint-like condition whose ever-threatening advent must however fill us with penitence, heartfelt-humility, repentent fear and hope, rather than with the biblical talent-burying despair.

April 30, 2018: Is your plastic water-bottle going to have a baby? Estrogen in these containers would seem to suggest same.

A "stunning breakthrough" indeed this would be, as "self-identifying" bottles would simply proliferate, in a way vaguely reminiscent of school kids by that name today, this "new and exciting" initiative auguring no more need for plastic container factories at all, like the legendary marriage between canon-balls, said in low-brow-jocular cicles to produce millions of "beebees" for airgun-users to employ. But on a more serious note, such an anomaly harmonizes supremely well with a techo-complex which for decades now has dumped hormones into everything it can, with doctors indeed prescribing them for ailments easily cured in standard ways, but more decidedly leaving behind a patient with stubbornly-permanent embarrassing features of the opposite sex, like beards on women, and big breasts on men. While relentless use is made of this whole unthinkable overstep, like every other perversion or depravity of our age, under furiously-fluttering banners of "progress" and "liberty" for heinous experimentations, and unfettered license for a pompous ilk with a six-digit income or more. This rigidly-sequential, determinist/reductionist tautology of progress with preternaturally animates the harbor idol in the bay of New York being sustained by wild-eyed-infernal visions of Bonesman/Third-Reich engineers, with freak automated-production items like these gratuitous, fanatically-promoted water bottles, carriers which leaving traces of the same ubiquitous hormones wherever they go, whether inside or outside their more-proper bodily home, proving auxiliary to the school-counselor who gives out pills to a little Johnny with the strange ways and gigantic breasts. Dr. Jeckles of this star-spangled world turning out Mr. Hyde monstrosities by the score, brokering the destruction of our race, with no real advantages involved for anyone outside nether regions to enjoy. Are there cost-savings to be had? In the usual convoluted sense, perhaps, requiring you to first accept the whole ugly monstrosity, in a fanatical act-of-faith, of perverse totalitarian control in the hands of a tiny secretive few, who when not tinkering with little Johnny build mammoth, gratuitous, resource-misallocating, financially-unsustainable/false-flag-war "necessitating" industrial platforms, who have managed to destabilize the rotation of planet earth, who have no honor for God nor respect or regard for human life of any kind. True, strickly within this cemented-over, destruction-bound concept of mother earth there may be some tangential "efficiencies" involved in these hormone-pregant plastic containers of every size and type, among a million other "necessities" that grimly sustain a signature Judeo-secret-society morbidity-driven sense of no return.

All this Hegelian skullduggery, in turn, and as if it weren't enough, is also religiously enabled by a latter-day "Christian" clergy whose whole sociopolitical philosophy has been reduced over two centuries or so into one tidy if horribly-misinterpreted biblical sentence, which begins "Render therefore to Caesar...." Thus sacrilegeously enabled is an abject surrender of the human conscience to a brutal, secretive, population-experimental version of the state, in a capitulation of men-of-the-cloth which summarily pushes aside the doctrine of immemorial ages, of Old and New Testament times alike, of the philosophical cult-culture-law sequence, the "law of our minds" of all mankind. Namely of the fundamental subservience of the state to piety, virtue, religion, and in our era to the specifics of Christian morality, wherever the Holy Gospel has been preached and embraced.

But returning to our expectant water-bottles: thus is human life both individually and collectively put in mortal jeopardy by cancer-causing, personality-destabilizing hormones they contain: secretions somehow expensively extracted from animal life, or, who knows, perhaps even-more-expensively mass-produced in bubbling chemical factories that proliferate like cancer cells as well. These and other ugly behemoths hogging up a landscape once lovely and calming, sustaining and inviting, for our much-blessed forefathers part of a terrestrial existence that was a boon companion to a Heaven-bound soul.

Secede! "Come out from among them...and touch not the unclean thing."

April 23, 2018: Improbable but compelling cause: more on police investigations. Intend someday to segregate all these articles on tradition justice administration into one link, but under present circumstances have no convenient way to accomplish this needed task, so that for now you must pick through subsequent articles to find others of the same general kind.

A constant theme on this site is an havoc-harboring emphasis upon unfettered liberty for the wicked, and for all-powerful hyper-secretive groups, key elements in a political philosophy which keeps anything like a real community or country from developing in its sole definitive sense, of the common good, rather favoring the advancement of evil, cryptic and destructive men at every turn. Symptomatic of which end-time condition is the way police investigations are conducted--or rather not conducted--with respect to murder and other violent or twisted crimes--90-some percent of which carry an "unsolved" label into computer-file or file-cabinet dusty perpetuity--murderous infractions whose investigators have their hands tied largely by way of a "probable cause" requirement which carries about it the decided air of something quite close to being already solved. This shackling of the lawman in favor of the unfettered criminal being in turn a deafeningly-unacknowledged counterpart to Enlightenment-era, Judeo-Masonically inspired "liberty", that borderless impunity in which human life counts for little at all, whether in the womb, in perpetual, Trump-style-uprighteous, Yankee false-flag wars, or in today's growing criminal slaughter in homes and on streets, trespassing every bound of millennial civilized life. The latter mild and clement cultivar counted under these radical ideas as unbearable tyranny, indeed with once-standard civil conversation itself, as noted frequently on this site, the very cement that peacefully holds together a nation, neighborhood or town, being a chief victim of this chaotic view. With every species of social hostility now being yawningly regarded as the norm, thanks to well-heeled eighteenth-century Freemasonic Colonials with their chaos-conjuring fife and drum.

Floodgates of social and moral pandemonium, furthermore, were hacked open so wide not only through the noted secret-society-concocted definition of political liberty but also through highly-supportive categoricals of modern psychology and psychotherapy: these indeed seemingly invented for that very chaos-breeding, law and order disolving cause. Fantasies which absolve the legendary twisted killer without a soul, indulgently calling him a "sociopath", expending boundless pity rather than relentless rigor of law upon same, indeed with a great flourish of social-worker cry-rags and movieland glorifications galore. The police, meanwhile regarded dismissively as the fools and "flat feet" of 'thirties movieland lore, having themselves indeed been professionally formed into this near-impotent condition--as good and noble as they typically are--by the very same "liberty-loving", ever-patiently-secretive elites, over the less than two centuries these lawmen have actually been in existence as an occupation all its own. Coming into being as modern police work did only in the 1820s, upon the heels of the advent of U.S. liberal democracy, that which by its infernal nature creates a domestic-tranquility-destructive chaos which requires these battalions of uniformed men, a process-philosophical "progressive" political form which must religiously destroy every good thing that went before, having in the beginning indeed served as the very directive mother of that more openly violent version introduced in France by Robespierre. The latter homicidal worthy at whose elbows stood Jefferson, Franklin, Samuel Adams, et al, during a whole prior decade as Judeo-Masonry-installed diplomatic emmissaries to that once-noble land. From which privileged position this secretive coterie urged the coming Parisian slaugherhouse motif quietly on.

But departing entirely from sterile abstractions of radical political philosophers like Thomas Paine, and as frequently noted on this site, the whole matter of keeping the peace was in prior ages the easily-accomplished, well-neigh-exclusive province of the neighborhood, expressed sociopolitically in the Frankpledge, or English ten-head-of-household corporative overseer of domestic tranquility and life. This ancient configuration, finding many fascinating parallels among early-medieval Muslims and ancient Persians, Mongolians and Chinese, accounting for the near total lack of crime in medieval towns and streets, with the legendary "hue and cry" having been the inforcement mechanism of a peace which happily knew no shackles or bounds. And had few if any "homicide files", nor had ever heard of a dope-pusher at all. The Frankpledge operating in graceful organic tandem with an Hundred Court intimately familiar to all at this once-beloved micro-local venue, with ambient, perfectly-informal preventive investigations ongoing, redundant and self-reinforcing, as indeed earnestly desired by those "dear hearts and gentle people" who made up the constructive, harmless and good neighborhoods of yore. In a marvelously-kindly, neighborly solicitude, rather than today's class-hostility-bred, furrow-browed "neighborhood watch" suspicion, an immemorial "looking in on one another" which wherever it is alive instantly senses when something is terribly wrong in some association, workplace or home. In a society in which all were "police investigators" in their own humble, brotherly and sisterly way. Triggers of duly-roused suspicion in those blessed days, "when knighthood"--rather than criminality--"was in flower"--having indeed typically been of an exceedingly indirect, tangiential or peripheral nature, indeed partaking of a hallowed "discernment of spirits" which is now universally regarded as a laughable indulgence in "old wives tales". Those "hunches", as they might be called, which movie and TV detectives once so famously plied with such celebrated but purely-fictional results. For "evil is of such a mien", according to the old adage, that it "doesn't add up", all the while it scarcely advertises itself as a "crime in progress", liberally exhibiting "probable cause", as if to willingly submit itself, in all its "liberty-loving" glory, to handcuffs and prison-yard life, with no struggle at all. While in our own heedless day, following the fatal bend of fallen nature and to put the proper ending on the saying quoted above, "Evil is of such a mien, as to first be pitied, then humored, then embraced". Sic semper law enforcement under today's social-disestablishmentary, deconstructionist, everything-is-off-limits law-un-enforcement ideas.

Actually and as all the above suggests, and as any good cop in more candid moments will probably tell you, there is no solution to this pressing problem of peace and security on our streets and in our homes than to return to that only-genuine society inherited from ancestors of old. That Christendom whose major outlines were indeed revealed to us by Our Blessed Lord, and put into practice by His Church, under the guidance of that Blessed Spirit Who "recalled to their minds all things" which He had said while still on earth. This marvelous heritage cultivated over the millennia by a clergy in close, morally-directive league with civil society at every turn, in every age, in every place. There is no turning back from this path, then, of the thoroughgoing fulfillment of a Lord's Prayer--with its impossible-to-misinterpret "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven"--except to take that downward trail of that practical social apostasy which abounds today. That sociopolitical cowardice which in a few short decades has steadily poisoned most every soul. This in a mounting mass reprobation discerned with frightful evidentiary certitude on the faces and in the manners of modern men, as growing numbers increasingly wend their way with morbid "liberty-loving" finality to Hell. Where as holy seers tell us the souls of the damned are bent over forever, in two, in darkness and stench, flames and smoke, and are so "free" as to scarcely be able to move a finger or toe.

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Retractions: November, 2017: In an article on one of the above links I spoke of the New Testament as being inspired scripture only in the original version as it came from the evangelist's hands, with later copies and translations only carrying full divinely inspired status when interpreted according to Catholic Tradition. For otherwise, so the reasoning goes, the Church would have to vouch for the precise skill and authenticity of each copy or translation, the originals having no longer been extant even by the time of that St. Jerome who compiled the Vulgate. While I had no intention of denying that even these intermediate copies and translations, as well as the Vulgate and later translations, carried and do carry a certain degree of venerable dependability. This assertion of mine originated in turn from statements of an acquaintance who was a student of Father Hardin, a noted latter-day conservative Catholic theologian: although I cannot vouch for the credibility of either the student or Father Hardin himself. Yet the assertion seems logical enough, and was made out of loyalty to Holy Mother Church, who is so often attacked with the use of a New Testament of which she herself is in a very real sense the source, having declared the Gospels and Epistles canonical centuries after they were first committed to writing by the Evangelists' hands. Also, I made the claim in a February 3rd article of a proven link not only between the CIA and the "Islamic State" but also included Israel in this linkage, for which there isn't the same material evidence, even if it is indeed entirely likely. Thus the passage was corrected accordingly to give proper emphasis where it belongs. Also, have stated mistakenly that grand juries are a recent invention of the courts, this error stemming from my habit of writing from a sometimes-faulty memory rather than checking the facts. Rather what I had read about some years ago was the unprecedented use to which grand juries were being put during anti-racketeering hearings of the 1950s. Also, my apologies for mistaking the name of the Russian Patriarch as Alexander when it is in fact Kirill, and a number of others errors of this material rather than conceptual kind. Also, I tend to get up in the morning, when ideas are numerous and lively, and somehow unaccountably write very tersely, as if a readers with thus-few mental trail-marks knew where I was headed, or what it actually was I wished to say. These pieces tending to sound either bombastic or clueless and meandering: articles I invariably develop more fully within a day or so. Also, I regret any criticisms of priests that are found here, and try to keep them limited only to those that seem essential in my attempts to understand and explain what has happened to the Catholic Church over the past century and more of prophetically-predicted infiltration by evil men. Also, any positive comments made here and there on this site about polytheists (pagans) are made in spite of their polytheism rather than because of it. For certainly there are always good things as well as bad at work in all people, and God looks primarily at the heart, so that provided the ultimate state is finally arrived at, sometime before the hour of death: namely, of believing "that there is one God Who is the rewarder of the good and the punisher of the wicked", that a person can save their soul. Again, provided they "have a good heart", have sincerely sought the truth, but have somehow been prevented from attaining it in its entirety through some blameless sort of ignorance, or perhaps even some externally-imposed form of prejudice they are honestly unable to overcome. And of course while this struggle between good and bad goes on in those of other beliefs it does no good to refuse to see any hopeful or positive signs in them, in their civic institutions, and so on. These latter practical particulars of whole nations which can sometimes indeed be their chief harbingers of hope for both this world and the next. Those two realms whose imperatives so often closely coincide.

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