Welcome to the New and Better Confederacy and National Anti-sodomy Crusade, preparing the victory of the Blessed Virgin Mary over the pagan Progress idol which presently holds the world in thrall. A Mary who in the early sixteenth century appeared as Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City, where she claimed this Hemisphere uniquely for her very own. The Holy Mother of God being a Heavenly Queen destined to prevail over this Artemis of the New World, symbolized in the statue of a Godless, world-conquering form of liberty, found in New York Harbor: the present-day champion of abominable sodomy, "sexual self-identification" and abortion on demand. This preternatural siren attempting to uproot Christian Faith of any kind the world over, having been installed here cunningly to combat a holy creed watered by the blood of martyrs, of Jesuit missionaries and Catholic Mexicans and Indians whose Catholicism was in those earlier days singularly well-formed, uncompromising and true. While we take further inspiration from another apparition of Our Blessed Lady, one which took place at Fatima in Portugal in 1917, in the very month of the Bolshevik Red October revolution: a cosmic event, attended by stupendous miracles, witnessed by 100,000 souls. This later prodigy announcing Marys resounding answer to Jewish capitalism/communism: the tyrannical spawn of geo-finance and massive scale, the cynical modus operandi of the harbor-idol noted above. Mary at Fatima claiming Russia for the Catholic Church, a nation destined in now-forthcoming years to become genuinely, traditionally Catholic, and to figure conspicuously in a prophetically-predicted deliverance of both Church and world from their present humiliating demise at the hands of World Jewry.

We are dedicated to re-establishing organizational sanity and robust productivity, these necessarily based upon an enabled human person and his needs and aspirations as well as upon the scales and structures that favor his fullest development. Here being offered a pro-life approach par excellence which encourages those dense populations that almost-invariably have the highest per-capita income: with an enabled, densely-interfaced society being that which best achieves prolific innovation, diversified product lines and rich markets: while making uniquely-possible their fullest enjoyment. Here then being a fundamentally-different approach to the entire spectrum of organized life and activity than that self-destructive one being followed today, a plan developed not only in books displayed below, readable free of charge, but also in an intensely-articulated Summary of Ideas, written in a traditional kind of English which is alone suited to the conveying of profound ideas, but which modern linguists would empty of all its fine distinctions, its precious moral and intellectual content, these like a balm to soul and mind. While included too are statements regarding our Crusade not only against institutionalized sodomy but also toward a New and Better Confederacy, as elucidated in several articles below, designed to replace the above-described paganistic thralldom of an open-ended Bush/Obama USA. Our organizationally-distributive Confederacy envisioned to gather to itself all of the states, fleeing in horror and disgust from the sodomy and abortion, totalitarianism and earth-denuding Napoleonic warfare which presently prevails. This site is updated frequently, with all written here submitted finally to the traditions and teaching authority of the Roman Catholic Church, now in outward respects and as predicted in saintly prophesies of centuries having been essentially taken over by the synagogue. The age-old see-sawing struggle against this perfidious infestation having been a continual one, with major inroads already encountered by the Apostles, conducted by a cabal of Epistle-described "Judaizers" whose various subterfuges since those early-Christian times have been the main obstacle to both viable statehood and the preaching of the Holy Gospel. Thus in awaiting Christianity's final glorious triumph I write with a loyal heart but largely from memory, and in unaided consulting of traditional Church documents, as current teaching on both "right" and "left" tends to be faulty, sometimes in the extreme. Yet it is critically important that the reader fully know what I mean by the word Catholic: hence the many criticisms and clarifications, being forced, with great trepidation, to "rush in where angels fear to tread". Apologies that Louis Joliet picture is divided into parts: I haven't the money or web-savvy right now to get it fixed: and yet it may perhaps fittingly signifies the national disunity of today. See any retractions at the very bottom of this page. We are not connected to any other website or organization, whatever the outward similarities might be. Finally, either hackers or our own inexperience with html text have forced us to modify proper punctuation, using italics instead of quotation marks, and several other such deviations. Hopefully we can get this straightened out soon, so please bear with us in the meantime, as what our hosting service accepts with respect to text has apparently changed. Hence in some articles or pages we have largely dispensed with dashes, apostrophes, quotation marks and one or two other punctuations, grammatical tools which are sometimes hideously disfigured otherwise. Thus too in our Summary of Ideas hyperlinks five through thirty-three to date, so many of these entries have become italicized, probably by dint of a host server confusing my old fashioned font with italics: yet I am leaving them thus, since to edit any text on this site, for the time being, is to be condemned to the noted unfortunate substitutions. However, you can copy and past a whole hyperlink here and un-italicize it as a word document. Thus words of alarm about hackers found here and there on the site are probably ill-founded, but we do our best in a mode we are not expert at, in a time when all traditional publishing and other media is more-or-less entirely controlled.

Louis Joliet, Explorer

Integral Catholicism
A Meditation On The Social, Political and Economic Philosophy of All Times
Louis Zdunich

Third Edition, 2014. 6 chapters $25.00 + $4.95 Shipping and Handling

Summary | Full Text, Chapters One and Two | Chapters Three and Four | Chapters Five and Six, plus Partial Bibliography

Random Essays On Economic Development

Catholic Economic and Organizational Philosophy as a Blueprint for Sustainable Growth. Second Edition, 2014.

by Louis Zdunich

184 pages, numerous papers and articles $20.00 + $4.95 Shipping and Handling

Summary |Part One | Part Two

Against the New Fascism

An integral Catholic Parries the verbal panzer assault of the Bush/Obama sodomy/aggressive-warfare machine.

by Louis Zdunich

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Volume One:...

Now is the Time...

To Gird on the Sword.

What is Sodomy?

The unfortunate close adherence of "Fatima Experts" to the Fatima-extraneous doctrine of Lucia.

Nero Trump Fiddles While Rome Burns.

Whatever Happened to Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction?

How Trump plays like a piper on all the holes in Yankee political philosophy.

Guido Delrose: a martyr for the Faith?.

The curious case of the serial-killer brother.

A_New_and_Better Confederacy.

"Touch Not the Unclean Thing". Secession based on the Law of God as Sole Source of Valid Law.

What is a Frankpledge?

Fatima, Russia and the Approaching Punishment.

Russia, coming salvation of the Christian West and of Catholic tradition alike.

U.S. foreign policy a species of reinvigorated pagan colonialism.

Modern clinically-developed forgiveness imperative.

The Phalange and the specter of aggressive-warrior, Caesaro-papist state-worship.

Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt.

Law of God the sole source of law.

The Frankpledge Party Agenda.

In defense of true Christian manhood.

Bi-Partisan Culture of Death: Syllabus of Anti-Life Crimes.

Linguistics: the most formidable of fifth columns.

Christian voters, stand fast! St. Augustine on Sodomy.

The radicalized modern family as main pillar of the New World Order state.

Autobiographical sketch of Louis and Joann Zdunich.

Centuries-long atrophy of commonwealth into "government".

Today's "pious" surrender of the realm of the practical.

USA the next Gaza: where the Bush/Obama meltdown inexorably leads.

How will the Frankpledge system develop? A summary.

Fatima, La Salette, other Catholic revelations: why all the "secrets"?

Now is the Time to Gird on the Sword.

Summary of Ideas: Toward a True Democracy, Rooted in the People.

Noteworthy items of the day.

A few months after launching this website in January of 2003 the Iraq invasion and occupation was launched as well: bringing us overnight an economic and organizational interface based more-or-less exclusively upon Nietzschean-Superman global-remake whims and schemes of Rumsfeld, Chaney, Bush, Rice and the rest of the Anglo/Israeli Aggressive-Warfare-Cartel. Together of course with the intimately-related commercial/industrial agenda of a newly-empowered no-bid, insider-geo-corporate world. By such a baffling, treacherous route, then, has this "Summary of Ideas" grown to be what it is: an entirely-unconventional idea-itinerary meant to explore anything that could possibly throw some light on these anomalies. Comprising a collective threshold over which an unsuspecting citizenry stumbled by-precise-design via the infamous 9/11: that definite "inside job" to serve as the spectacular kick-off for a new radical-capitalist eternal warfare dominion-paradigm, almost identical to that of Adolph Hitler and associates. Engineered to "secure" us all not only in police/military but also in inseparable debt-related chains.

Every subject from the War to health care and other domestic policy matters is treat of here on this site, but you have to look for these subjects among the titles on the hyperlinks: there is no index. While amid the events of the day first entries on this page are sometimes put together rather hastily, often being first reactions to a world of events for decades now progressively slipping out of the self-governing grasp of the common man. "News" today being merely the same old washed-out fare for a week running, comprised of the few significant happenings that our newspeople and media-commentators are permitted to examine. Items whose presentation however fails to hit the bulls-eye of the underlying issues involved: sound-bites skillfully juxta-positioned between all the counselor-couch, health-tip and other irrelevant intrusions that we didn't click the remote in order to hear. But amid this information-no-man's-land - and while thus necessarily "going out on a limb" of perilous conjecture - also commonly discovery a whole host of new ideas. Aided too not only by more excellent sources than cable or network TV, but also by the fact that what these people don't tell us is far more revealing than what they do. Insights thus obtained being what this highly-provisional website is all about. The whole "raw" commentary is then invariably worked over in days following: as you can see by the improved quality - and probity - of entries that follow further on. In respect to which "sifting" operation don't be surprised if an article is removed for a day or even a month: during which time it is probably being intensively reworked, having been found inadequate in some way. In an endeavor which I undertake with assiduity. Also, I sometimes put my newest entry second or third in line, if I consider it of lesser importance than the article at the top. While finally this ongoing "diary" of world and national economic and political phenomena is followed further on by a "summary of ideas" more discursive, not in this reverse-chronological form, to be found in the last thus-named hyperlink below. For more detailed treatment of any theological subjects touched upon here please consult the Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas - the prime depositary of Western legal, moral, political and organizational thought - which can be found using a search engine online under that name. Finally, you may on occasion find your access to this site to be momentarily blocked, at which times I am probably adding or editing. But just give me a moment, and you should be able to get back on board with no problem.

On this site, the manly values cherished by many modern Muslim and other non-Christian nations are enthusiastically recognized, and their populations reached out to by us, for an alliance against the tide of perversion presently flooding the world from Western music, media and policies. With countries around the globe, from China to the Middle East to Africa, joining many Catholic nations from Ireland to Latin America in virile, resolute repudiation of an array of evils like sodomy, let alone sodomy-�marriage�. While many of these countries reject other shameful perversities as well, including various Western laboratory-procedures which treat men like mice. Thus we are working on including more articles to explore this common ground.

I haven't the resources to form an "exploratory committee" or to gather petitions, only two of a host of devices which remove presidential elections further from popular hands, yet as you will see I feel compelled to put forward my candidacy anyway, come what may. Hence I ask those of you who agree with my position on the issues explored on this front page, or in person-to-person conversations out on the campaign trail, to print up and display wherever possible the Platform which follows on a hyperlink below. It is designed to go on 11" by 17" paper, but can be downsized to 8 1/2 by 11 and still be readable. These small "leaflets" can then be put under windshield-wipers in parking lots, or between screen-door and trim on front porches, as I did as a lad of fourteen for the John F. Kennedy campaign. While either size format can be passed out at the office, at school, on the job, among friends and neighbors. In this way we can get completely around the tightly-controlled election-machines of both major Parties, and get the word out to the People: the real Sovereign of this land.

A New Day is Dawning: Presidential Platform.

January 11, 2019: Why the rejuvenated Confederacy is the answer, and a constitutional convention won't do. Cult-culture-law as the natural-law safety-net for civilization.

Those "conservatives" who insist on a "convention" as the answer to present ills always hold the U.S. Constitution to be the sole admissible starting-point for any improvements at all: this document being praised by them as sacrosanct, "inspired", "heaven sent", and so on, even though it was written by the deist of the ages, Thomas Jefferson, with help from a host of higher-level Freemasons and other secret-society cultists of the same radical-secularist, disguised-agnostic stamp. These ever-maneuvering "adepts", always associated with the "grand" Synagogue design, always ready to sink to the same secretive tricks--the false issues, the false-flag wars to distract the public mind from internal intrigue, and so on--such men are cravenly obedient to the "futuristic" Jewish scheme to destroy Christian Civilization and control, and ultimately exterminate, "the rest of men". The point here being that the same subservient rogue-elements, theatrically-righteous though they be, will inevitably be in charge at any such powdered-wig-era assembly, there with great pomp and circumstance to praise liberty while keeping us stoutly in chains: being the same breed so described by St. Paul. Tying us in even stouter bondage to a techno-driven monster-mega-system whose terminus is moral, financial and industrial ruin, and whose seemingly endless work-stations and process-ideological tautologies do finally come to an end: but only in Hell.

But Heaven has indeed sent us the answer regarding the genuine rejuvenation of national life everywhere: namely in the sociopolitical doctrine of the Catholic Church, taught for all ages, most notably in the late-ancient/early-medieval "Republic of Rome" (See bibliography of "Integral Catholicism at louisdejolietpublishing.com). That secular/religious polity ruled directly by the Pope, that marvelous entrepot which recreated as much as possible the socioeconomic agape-feast of the Early Church: showing true Christianity not to be without good works but to be deeply immersed in human affairs, to be the healing elixir of human life. That One True Church called Catholic already in last decades of the first Christian century. While even under tenets of natural law, "written in fleshy tablets on the human heart", all positive, orderly existence must subsist under benign principles of cult-culture-law, or in the Christian context the development of law under God: without which rich nourishment all things constructive are doomed to die, to retreat into sodomy, and ultimately even cannibalism. Courting every sort of insane, murderous ritualism such as developes around us increasingly today. The state having no place apart from this Godly regimen, having no independence of its own, as claimed by ever-secretive Jews, atheists, agnostics and heretics since earliest Byzantine and Barbarossa "Lay Investiture" days: being itself by nature a child of grace, being designed by a good God to be "in the world but not of it". To exist in secular society indeed, from which it can hardly escape, but not thereby to become "secularistic", as today so theatrically justified under a specious synagogue-sponsored play-on-words. Good "customs and usages" thus defining liberty within beneficial if behavior-constricting parameters, producing a boundless freedom, not simply to "let fly", like an undisciplined child, but to do good and mature, wholesome and constructive things. To come out from the caves, to step off juvenile dune buggies, into the welcome, adult light of day, with the Gospel "good odor of salvation" being juridically encouraged and everywhere enjoyed. This mature, well-reasoned understanding of life and liberty is absolutely essential to the training and formation of children, that most valuable fruit picked from such a tree, nourished in such a soil. They who will by contrast learn very quickly to do perverse, chaotic and disorderly things, to never "put aside the things of a child", if not raised in a society which soberly disciplines and inhibits the downward propensities of fallen man. Of course, it takes Faith to believe these things, and to recognize the biblically-predicted Final Apostasy in that chaos and perversion which now irrupts before our very eyes. Even if the most primitive pagan tribesman seldom descends to disorderly depths such as modern "civilized" man now so openly displays.

How do our Constitution-dazzled New Conservatives view society: they who would somehow, by hook or by crook, always be in charge when constitutional deliberations begin? They recognize no battle between good and evil as being pertinent on that sorely-fought-over ground, that bitter antipathy which however perfectly defines this earthly life, with any degree of personal tumult and misbehavior being allowed under Neo-Con principles, as long as it doesn't "restrict the flow of commerce". This adage plainly a pillar of today's rejuvenated Robber Baron economic robbery, as proven out in the rentless disappearance of family-owned businesses, opening the way to consumer products wrapped in plastic to prevent inspection, junk which would have been rejected outright by twentieth-century man. This "philosophy" being the age-old harbor of global piracy, the perfect counting-house logic of a society thus imbued, and people thus twisted and undisciplined in mind and soul. These theatrical yet ever dismissive Neo Cons offering no real resistance to an avalanche of barbarity and perversion such as thunders around our ears today, finding the present court-and-school-assisted irruption of juvenile-to-adult "self-identifying" sodomy to be of no real consequence at all. Such deadly indifferentism spawned by this radical-individualistic view of life--straight from out of Nazism, Judaism, and the Bush-league Skull and Bones--cultivating an impunity which brings every sort of violent and malignant crime--which certainly impede the flow of any kind of positive and constructive commerce--in its wake, as night follows day. For we must have good, decent and deeply-grounded custom and benign, cooperative, and mutually-beneficial moral-culture in order for law to have any chance at all: this most-decisive battle of all having its first beginnings in courtesies and hospitalities of our neighborhoods, streets and homes, law having no foundation if not thus stoutly and in great detail reinforced by good habits and that goodwill which thereby substantially obtains, "like a hand in a glove" For in fact, as much as these devotees of Enlightenment Era thought will kick and scream rather than remove the mask that blinds their eyes, this earth is a battleground between good and evil where there is no polite or impolite "calling of quarter", and society must either be a cultivar of virtue, of juridically-upheld, good and innocent "custom and usage", or it is doomed to fall into perverse, ingrained, unresisted habit, to become a cesspool of deadly vice. For there is no escape from this eternal enmity of right and wrong: the denial of which truism--as found so trenchantly in Judaism and Freemasonry--is to attempt, like Lucifer himself, to overthrow the very justice-upholding throne of God. Wrong, then, has no "rights": in accord with rudimentary legislation written in biblical "fleshy letters" on the human soul and mind.

Thus plainly social suicide is a view of liberty which allows every bizarre form of perversion or barbarity to flourish, and as an inevitable ultimate consequence to rule the day. This monumental departure roundly exulting the prerogatives of the individual to do what is wrong, with disorderly behavior as noted above considered to have little if any consequence for society at large. But in highest irony "liberty loving" systems such as ours, in the rush of enervating passions which blot out every wholesome desire or thought, must always end in a cookie-cutter cult-of-conformity, since vice after all narrows life into the most infantile of preoccupations, and scarcely aspires to the noble, unique, delicate or original in design, ending by brutal necessity in vice-ridden conformity of the most rigid kind. So that to sustain the noted liberty/conformity contradiction--in which so many benefits for the wicked are obtained--eloquence must come to the rescue, where all else would fail, spreading the wild-eyed mania around the globe by force of arms. All this in close tandem to a founding faith-without-works religion which decisively severs morality from human life, since Puritan beginnings enlisting fevered emotion where sound faith and piety should rather rule the mind. This radical Know Nothing mantra of "united we stand" prompting Hannity and others of his kind to pull out the patriotic cry-rag, and other flint-faced warriors to fly six-foot-long Yankee flags from the backs of their pickup trucks, while Trump provokes the nations toward the brink of thermo-nuclear war (oh, there are others even more blood-thirsty than he, whom he is said to heroically restrain). Slogans of the double who replaced the real and assassinated Ronald Reagan, joined to the candid impunity of the father-and-son Bush years, blotting out all reasonable thought in this "land of the free". Freeing us indeed from pressing burdens of reasoning men, to "let fly" like on dune buggies like little boys, if we are of that highly-eulogized "successful" breed that think themselves to enjoy such enervating and juvenile things.

It is with all of this that the New Confederate wishes resolutely to part company: this craven sacrifice to over-extended childhood, to the whims of lower nature, which it all the above rigidly installs, to make fools and perverts of us all. This choatic view which instantly belies all this "liberty", requiring us all to be replicas of our wild-mannered, inhospitable neigbors, to relinquish all the legendary Southern self-respect or peace-of-mind. But Jesus says, "you are either for me or against me, and he who does not gather with me scatters". Gather, then, sons and daughters of Dixie, under both the Cross and the Confederate flag, with Jesus and Mary, the new and sinless Adam and Eve, the only place-of-refuge that we have, they who hold that noble banner tightly in their grasp, standing on either side! There gather with them and with order, goodness, virtue, the boundless liberty to do good: that which alone is the province of rational, God-fearing man. Of they at long last uninhibited by that perverse kind of "liberty" which spawned those radical "isms" of that New Age just then in the mid-1800s irrupting up North, just before the glorious First Manasses was frustrated by traitors like the Jew Judah Benjamin, there in Dixie's home. Southerns back then being incensed by perfidious ideas spreading everywhere up North, towering falsehoods which virtuous Southern ancestors of those times so abominated. Passionately, but with sober reason, rejecting those fanatical ideologies which put us in foul and degrading chains. Such as the eternal, ever-radical Yank always prepares for his fellow man.

How accomplish these good things? Peacefully: that is our desire. But we know by hard experience that these Jews, perverts, diabolists and secret-society underlings, just as in the mid-1800s, will never have it that way. Now just as then, they will spread their blanket of lies, of incendiary propaganda, over the land: in abusive attacks and demonstrations such as we ourselves continually experience out here on Crusade. For these people will never allow you to peacefully stand by what you believe, if there is anything Christian about it at all: as in the case of those sodomites of both sexes who go by blowing their horns at us in the middle of the night, or maul each other right before our eyes, desiring to initiate everyone at least mentally into their ugly, filthy and perverse wayof-life. These people many of whom, as we know only too well, are eagerly-ready killers in artful disguise. No these our enemies want war, not peaceful resolution of controversies involved. And when finally our backs are against the wall, and God Himself lets loose those decisive interventions He is even now preparing in His giant storehouse above, then we will answer in kind.

Secede! "Come out from among them...and touch not the unclean thing."

January 2, 2019: More notes on the Crusade: police "protocols" only for the poor.

We had one of our more rare misfortunes on New Year's Eve: running out of gas in the middle of a small Arizona town, a little further out from a big city than the typical suburb, where such things seldom occure. One of these classical remote "enclaves" of the wealthy whose chief supporters of an all-inclusive status-quo are the police, being guardians of the will-and-whim of the well-to-do who rule in regal splendor there. As usual with most such places, in dealing with "undesirables" such as we, when the inevitable two squad cars swung swiftly into place, and the grim-faced cops sprang out barking harsh commands, as if on some sort of raid, I never could never do anything "right", my every word or gesture being contemptuously ignored or gruffly greeted with some counter-command like "stand over here", "get over there", "let me see those hands" (high drama right out of "The Fugitive"), all of this barked rather than spoken, falling just barely short of an order to lie down and be cuffed, "sprawled eagle" on the ground. But these guys weren't satified with doling out these now-standard humiliations for the poor: rather did the lead figure in this pompous chirade continually pepper me and Joann with a host of irrelevant questions: in an ironic, sardonic manner which suggested the classical mid-century Nazi interrogator. As we realized later, it was a psychological test, such as cops are increasingly trained to give, to any poor folk who come into their tight grasp, to see if you either have "Alzheimers" or are a "mental case" from the word go. (Any failure of memory to these attack-dog type cops is instantly regarded as proof of the notorious but highly fictional disease: the stress and strain of the situation being disregarded as any excuse for puzzlements or states-of-confusion that may arise. After all, the elderly are "old" by definition, and since time immemorial comparatively slow in many ways, and might even become thoroughly confused if treated unkindly, or put under enough duress or strain: something that could easily happen to an eighteen-year-old. A condition however which was never taken as incompetence until our stock-market-driven "caretaker" industry took off like a sky-rocket, gaining lucrative and unmerited pride-of-place.) Then as a "last straw" in this grueling interrogation--from officers, interestingly-enough, increasingly tailored to look like the old SS of Nazi lore--when I was asked about the purpose of our Crusade, and, warming to the subject, took up the gestures and manners natural to such an exposition--mistakenly thinking that the vicious sarcasm and posturing was over with--I was barked at by both with the staccato "keep your hands in view". As I, again by second nature all the way back to childhood, might put one hand behind my torso for a split-second, while moving the other in front of me in making some especially-strong point. When I questioned the reason for the command, I was told that I had put my hand in my back pocket: quite untrue, something I never do. But obviously, the computerized report on my good standing as a law abiding citizen should have been waited-for before they questioned me at all: for their own safety--which all the "protocol" was supposedly all about-- if nothing more. For by thus without delay questioning me they would seem by their own standards to be foolishly putting themselves in danger, thus allowing the subject involved, in the midst of trade-voluble palaver, to reach for a non-existent knife or gun--all this a matter over which they claimed so much movie-land-theatrical concern. When finally the report came in, showing me to have no police-record at all, the pace of questioning subsided dramatically: although that is when it should have all begun. Obviously, then, they wanted "trouble" so they could make an arrest, or just to "have some fun" with some poor people, the "homeless" who had dared to invade their precious little rich-Ike town. Even as--killing many birds with one stone--we could be harshly and mockingly informed that those in our condition--in this storied "land of the free"--have no right to advocate anything, but should rather, like little children, "be seen and not heard". Indigence being an appearance we wear like a garment, since even the good are perfect cowards when it comes to helping our Crusade in any significant way, which we must therefore conduct in such a haphazard, grueling sort of way, "out in the trenches", refusing to heel, come what may.

When I finally questioned this whole onslaught of unmerited aggression on their parts, I was smugly told that it was all "protocol" such as they had been trained to use "when questioning anyone". For otherwise they might be accused of partiality, while likewise "putting themselves in danger", since "who can you trust?". But we know for a fact, and it showed all over their smug and immature faces, that these same two "vigilant" cops would have mopped the pavement with themselves, had we driven a late-model car, and sported all the trappings of the well-to-do. In which case we would have been generously forgiven as well the typical rich-man's class-inseparable arrogance, his authority-dismissive manners, and gestures, and so on.

But most staggering of all, on that night-to-remember for years to come, was our stay at a local supermarket parking lot, to which we had been towed, by a good tow-truck driver generously, for free, after I couldn't be brought to lose my temper at these cops beyond a certain cuffable point. For there in that august place--where all the smug, scornful, contemptuous little rich-Ikes indulge their desire for sumptuous foods, the nicer ones being decidedly up-staged in ones mind, when the others are thus doling out legendary "looks that could kill"--we sat in our truck watching the most amazing thing. For there in front of us took place rather openly the "delivery" of illegal drugs from the trunk of the one recently-parked vehicles into the hands of the waiting addict, a ritual that extended into the night, with several such exchanges taking place, right there before our eyes. While in the last such instance, the pusher, detecting Joann's dumbfounded stare, peered at her menacingly and for great length from his car: as if she had somehow become involved, in something that was impossible to avoid seeing if you were anyplace around. And finally, at about four in the morning, there was a not-at-all-uncommon commotion, as heard by us during wee hours in so many other frosty parking-lots so many times before, of the angry shouting of what was undoubtedly some local drug kinpin--in a sort of threatening diction oddly and uniquely peculiar to such men--they who now plainly control this "land of the free" (to do wrong, not right, of course).

Next morning we were helped generously on our way, apparently by the whole grocery-store staff, as organized by a person who may well have been an angel, judging by his whole ineffable manner--the direct intervention of Heavenly on behalf of our Crusade beings not at all unfamiliar to us--apparently going around gathering small donations--unless it was all the work of this holy being, human or angelic, there before our gaze. A person who concluded the kindly and remarkable intervention by praying with us--not in the usual hand-holding way, which to a Catholic belongs more in a seance than in a group-prayer--but rather putting his hands on our shoulders in his signature-fatherly way, blessing our noble work out here in the most heartfelt way.

But where, finally, during all this scarcely-concealed tumult and illegal activity, were those pugnacious, so-recently-parted-with "upholders of the law"? Regarding a criminal exchange which every grade school child probably had some knowledge of, as to places-of-rendezvous or persons involved? Ah, these brave paragons-of-rectitude were nowhere to be seen, nor heard barking out commands, let alone cuffing anyone, sprawled-eagle on the ground. No, they know very well how to "make themselves scarce", to avoid "smartly swinging into action", when and where the real bad guys are easily to be found, wheeling-and-dealing around the stylish little town. Being indeed "meek as a lamb" when it comes to such truly criminal, reprehensible deeds, in exchanges of drugs which might well end up in the mouths or injected under the skins of children of youngest years.

But the defenseless poor, much like Jesus and the Apostles in the first preaching of the Holy Gospel, or indeed like the Holy Family at the first Christmastide, will always be treated like hardened criminals in these mean little towns: especially since the new, effeminate and supercilious kind of police they now increasingly hire and train in this way are taking the places of the traditional noble, kindly officers of old. These newer cops, most of them pro-sodomy or indifferent to the whole ugly thing, rather acting like rabid, barely-restrained attack-dogs, or like hip-booted Nazis, when confronted with we crusaders against perverted wrongs of our day. These "lawmen" upholding not law and good but today's nefarious elite status quo, "keeping up appearances", in every peripheral way. While thugs and killers run loose, and violent crime hardly merits any attention anywhere, anymore.

December 18, 2018: "Sola scriptura" and the inseparable modern "linguistic", "idiomatic" modification or "adaptation" of Scripture for Synagogue-sponsored futuristic flights. No authority is claimed here, as I am not a trained biblical exegete, but I do believe that assertions to be found in this piece are entirely based on fact. Article later developed.

Genuine Christianity--or Catholicism as it was called by the last decades of the first Christian century--is utterly uncontainable between pages of any one book, while being even more incapable of today's ever-fluid "linguistic" revamping or reinterpretation of the printed page: being integral, unchangeable "spirit and life", ever hearkening all the way back to Eden, that original, unchangeable, monumental interpreter of human life. Indeed we fervently embrace this central defining feature of our Faith, its perpetual looking back to decisive, unalterable Salvation-history events, contemptuously ignoring dismal assessments of "educators" who sweep aside those noble founding moments of our race, rather counting men distant descendants of grunt and screeching monkeys and apes. Hearty agreement with which cynical and repugnant secular dogma is today beyond doubt rigidly-if-tacitly required to get any kind of college degree at all. But to we genuine Christians the Garden is the birthplace of a humanity distinct in its ultimate refinement of bodily form, separately created in an Eden upon whose paths God walked with man in the evening glow. This our first homeland gloriously recapitulated in the New Eden of Jesus formed from the Immaculate clay of Mary, in the only reassessment of sacred regions which will ever be required. With these new spiritual parents "restoring of all things in Christ", conquering for once and for all the Serpent coiled on the primeval Tree, he who never "evolves" from his ancient schemes. Hence diabolical heresy, ever instigated in some way by the Synagogue, when not embracing as forefather some furry stone-age monkey or ape, more typically hearkens away from Eden and all past things to some futuristic "beam me up, Scotty" age, for which all attachment to the less-recent must allegedly be foregone, like a new Temple sacrifice on a bloody new altar of stone. And the route-of-egress for this futuristic-heretical tower of Babel has mostly been the Bible, held by countless Protestants, shouted at us from massive billboards and painted on the sides of semi-trucks barreling down the road, as "the only thing we need", with its pages indeed given ever-greater prominence as time goes on: even if Christ gave us no book at all, but a Church founded upon rock. And as if that weren't enough, the Bible is today much-linguistically-worked-over, the result often scarcely resembling lines and verses of before: heresy being an ever-mutating phenomenology thus powerfully enabled, on the one hand by its false elevation--as if held, like Muslims vis-a-vis the Koran, as a very emanation of the divine--and on the other by a cynical re-engineering of the self-same Written Word. Were not Christians content with the untouched, unaltered Vulgate for a thousand years: namely that venerable translation into Latin, derived from now no-longer-extant Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic texts, conducted by a late-ancient St. Jerome? He who with highly-pertinent significance admonished us: "When the foundations of order are overturned, cleave to that which is most ancient". Why then this sudden "urgent" modern need, to "adapt" Holy Scripture, certainly a "foundation of order", to the "changing ideom of modern languages", as editors of bible editions all the way back to the '60's Confraternity version so theatrically declare? New renderings of Scripture becoming increasingly frequent since the original Catholic Duouy Rheims of early modern times, "authoritative versions" now approved by an anti-pope Rome, now being cranked out every few decades or so. But as night follows day, in mounting measure, and largely by dint of this stripped-down flight of sacred pages into notional galaxies unfamiliar or unknown, the beliefs and practices of today's Christians are predictably becoming progressively more foreign to those faithfully passed down by forefathers of old, in that gradualism which is the chief tool of creeping heresy in every time. Alienating us steadily from that message practiced and preached by the Apostles and Christ Himself.

This process-ideological employment of Scripture, thus "linguistically" stripped down for futuristic mach-two flight, threatens ultimately to substitute the Written Word--standing alone, doomed to be hopelessly warped by repeated "linguistic" or "idiomatic" "clarification"--in place of that ancient, unchanging, living and breathing, Holy-Ghost-sustained genuine Catholicism that was preached and taught for four hundred years before the New Testament ever saw the canonical light of day. That Faith whereby we truly believe, with the Paraclete "recalling to our minds all things Jesus has taught us" so long ago, ourselves never impiously regarding this prodigious living inheritance "passed down to you", bursting bounds of that "letter" which "killeth", as merely paving the way for something new. We rather steadfastly adhering to the truth, scarcely using earthquaking Revelation in this desultory way, as modernistic theologians so plainly do. Unchanging Revelation being indeed summarily regarded by them, with their usual impish and dismissive smiles, as only a preliminary "striking up of the band", after which actors and players of a coming banner performance can make their more-dramatic debut. All this reconceiving of our sacred inheritance to lesser realms only setting-the-stage for the new Jewish false Messiah, the Anti-Christ himself, even now waiting impatiently in the wings, there at this theater of new, futuristic, ever-morphing heretical views. Din of dramatic agonies revealed in bold-relief-contrast by a true Catholicism which does indeed develop, like a growing and maturing human body, but not at all to become something it never was before: as if to turn into a spaceship instead of a basilica build on foundations of stone. The One True Faith being a living, breathing, fullsome reality, one which as noted covers of any book cannot possibly contain, but never threatening to depart from beloved beginnings, to go off into some weird new extra-terrestrial domain. Numbers of which printed volumes required for a complete literary accommodation of Catholic Faith not being containable, as St. John indeed tells us, "on the whole earth". While likewise arguing against this trend toward slyly exaggerating the place and importance of Scripture is a fourth-century/first-ever-gathering of New Testament books which, even back then, could boast no single original copy of Gospel or Epistle as extant at all, when this collection of Apostolic-age writings was finally thus assemble and declared cannonical around 394 AD. The unrecorded saga of the fate of these letters, fresh from the pens of the Evangelists themselves, indubitably divinely inspired sources of revelation that they then were, having never been told: with methods of transmission and preservation during centuries of persecution, easily perhaps of flights-in-the-night, like that of the Holy Family from the murderous campaign of Herod: all this too remaining a sealed text all-its-own. While likewise giving us serious pause in themselves are disparities between Latin and Greek translations, long prior to noted modern "idiomatic" artificial-agonies of an academically-worked-over vernacular, in any consideration of Biblical line as capable of any perfectly-dependable if-prohibitively-miniscule capsulization of the message of Christ. Scripture indeed being rightly venerated, yet even in glowing words of modern exegetes there is no claim of absolute accuracy, but only of one "substantial" in kind. So that the true import, the divine inspiration, of the Written Word is to be found only in so far as it conforms to the official teachings of the Church: that heirarchical, Apostolic Body which Christ left us, and rapturously unveiled to us, not only in Gospel line but beyond doubt in innumerable unrecorded instances as well: Jesus taking great pains, anticipating with loving, immeasurable divine force, this coming Church, one thus marked out so plainly as pivotal, central to the very onus of all He had come from Heaven to do, during His three years of active, salvation-auguring life. He having hardly been satisfied with handing us a book, however exalted it might indeed be, as modern-day preachers, by all they say and do, would seem to hold, and then returned to His Heavenly Paradise. The Catholic Church, despite periodic inroads and reversals, like those grueling infiltrations of these our own biblical "later days", being that citadel alone against which "the gates of Hell shall not prevail". This certitude as found in creeds, decretals and doctrinal definitions over time: a category which however stoutly excludes acts or pronouncements of anti-popes and rogue-councils, rare in the past, such as have disgraced this our modern day. Even if numerous fools might imagine that modern techno-wonders are ample proof against all such treacherous, nefarious things. (The Creed-faithful followers of St. Athanasius during the Arian heresy--a document-endangering time of terror, flight and hiding hardly less grueling than that of ancient pagan Rome--having indeed formed with this bishop-and-primate a Catholic community out in the Egyptian desert, a place still then inhabited by penitential anchorites of those earlier Patristic times. A holy congregating, back then, such as we true Catholics of today are called upon to assemble once again, in this time when "order" is indeed "overturned", when error is everywhere rife.) Some passages of scripture indeed, or so it would seem, being carefully avoided by the Church whether in the Liturgy or in doctrines applied, developed and refined over two thousand years: as for instance certain chapters of St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans--most notably those which would seem to substantially exonerate the Jews from blame, specifically absolving them from a total moral blindness everywhere else on sacred pages thunderously proclaimed--lines which would seem on the surface to contradict everything else in the Bible, and most notably the very words of the Savior, as well as those indeed of the Apostle of the Gentiles himself from whom that Epistle came. Could they have been inserted by a hostile--"adding to or taking-from"--hand--during those centuries of terror and flight? As if these words were added, and penalties involved proclaimed, precisely to prepare us for this very actual thing? Although few if any dare make such an assertion, yet no one can really possibly know. But we do most indutably have that rock-solid-dependable Oral Tradition, as infallibly defined by that "Rock" upon which the Church was built, which is alone accorded the unalterable, unqualified, unmitigated divine-guidance guarantee, within which assurances Scripture itself indeed remains safely ensconced forevermore. Holy Ghost guided Oral Tradition hardly to be considered some endless train of perfectly-undependable "he said that she said that he said" of "old wives tales" such as some Protestants so sardonically assert, they thus with stark impunity indicting the very Holy Ghost Himself. The Church's teaching being derived from an Oral Tradition always regarded by Catholics as superior to, and more inclusive than, the Written Word, properly venerated though the latter indeed is. We being holders of a doctrine "universally" or everywhere "held": this title from the end of the first Christian century--first beginnings already rife with synagogue-sponsored heresy--acknowledging the Church's signal steadfastness, as duly honored in the very name Catholic or universal itself. While in the case of saints frequently found among the laity this very unction of the Holy Ghost, this "passing down to you", is found in its own measure, if not officially confirmed, in innumerable mystical graces. These boons however universally despised, regarded indeed with pompous impiety, as paganism, or as flights-of-imagination, among the faith-only, bible-only crowd.

Thus does it seem to this writer that the full force and purpose of the Gospels and Epistles--although dogmatically recognized as applicable to men of all times--was for the biblical "building up" of early-Church communities, in an enrichment to redound in time to the benefit of the whole Church. These letter, if I may use such a comparison, acting to water, to fertilize that growing Gospel "tree in which the birds of the air (angels and holy souls) make their nests", that this heavenly tree, the Church herself, might grow to that full and towering heighth and girth that it was destined to achieve. Do we then go to the water or fertilizer given a tree, in order to taste its fruits? Nay rather do we go to the verdant branches of the tree itself for such food, as happy and thankful as we might be that those preliminary necessaries were so carefully and prodigiously supplied, when the fruit-tree before us was only a sapling, and in special need of such very care. Hence in consideration of all those difficulties already in Apostolic times bursting in upon the "little flock" of the Church--upon whose heels was the advent of persecuted centuries yet to come--in view of all this, the principal purpose of Holy Writ would seem, again to this writer, to have been mostly, by divine providence, accomplished, in nurturing these early communities, rather than so much at a later time, after noted difficulties-in-transmission may indeed have made themselves bruisingly felt. The time of the immediate appication of these holy letters by this logic roughly coinciding with the era ending in the death of the last Apostle: that time when Revelation itself as such came forever to an end. This fundamental nourishment of the then-extant Christian fold being provided by these letters, being only one facet of ceaseless and exhausting Apostolic labors, necessarily written from afar: spiritual food by which we of later times have all profited. Provided us in the vigorous growth of a so holy tree--the Catholic Church--one so prolific in doctrine, practice and mystical piety, and in every other regard.

But finally, God does indeed, just as recorded in the Gospels, leave stumblingblocks for proud minds to stumble upon: that "seeing they may not see...and be converted...and I heal them". Most notable among such "thorny" doctrines, in terms of the hostility with which it is received in heretical minds, is a Catholic's devotion to Mary, especially our pleading with her in prayer as to a Heavenly Mother, indeed the very Mother of God, as she has indeed from first centuries been called. This devotion to Mary being in fact a very Gospel "Pearl of Great Price", which when the inner household finds he should rather gather his friends and neighbors and rejoice, and scarcely spurn to recognize, found hiding there, humble and unattended, as if in dusty corners of this life. But as a seventeenth-century Saint Louis DeMontfort tells us in his marvelously inspired way, were Mary in first Christian generations fully preached and recognized as the New and spotless Eve, and accorded with rightful pomp and circumstance the place she actually has in the Plan of Salvation, then these Apostolic-Age listeners and perspective believers would likely have promptly adhered to Mary as a goddess, rather than to Christ Himself as God, according to that ancient-pagan weakness toward all such things. Mary's place, then, as Mediatrix of All Graces, as co-sufferer with Christ, there beneath the New and Salvific Eden Tree, showing herself a partner in our Redemption in direct contradistinction to the stumblingblock that first Eve had been to Adam, the first father of our race: all this would have been much too much for those ancient peoples to receive, to contemplate, having minds for centuries darkened by attachment to idolatry's fatal spells and whims. This doctrine of Catholic Mariology being indeed a principal serving of that "meat diet" of the mature Christian soul, reserved for those first prepared by the Gospel "milk diet" of heavenly comforts which scarcely challenge first primitive falterings of believing minds. While furthermore and as the same French saint avers, a full measure of "True Devotion to Mary", as his principal book is indeed named, is a blessing that, even today, everyone is not graced to receive, a mystery throughout the anno domino ages remaining impermeable even to some saints. Its full embrace being a special, signal boon from God.

Hence, finally, as all the above suggests, the immovable, unchangeable place of Mary, "close to Jesus to the last", as mystic stanzas of the Stabat Mater so fervently declare, is under that profoundly consequential Tree--of which indeed today's Evangelicals rightly make so much--to be found in the middle of the New Eden of Calvary. Our Blessed Lady being very much inseparable from this eternal, universal, non-"updatable", focal-point of God's saving intervention among men, being the "Mother of Divine Grace", as her litany proclaims, such as flowed from that sacred Tree. Alas, no mere emotional declaration being involved here, no simple formula of "believing on Him", but rather a strict, specific, unmitigated, detailed adherence to salvation-plan of God in all regards. While finally, recognized in Catholic teaching are maternally-shared sufferings of Christ in which we are ourselves indeed invited to generously share: here again, no costless "altar call" or novel, painless "Rapture" doctrine, which were it true, would have been universally preached long ago: we being enjoined to courageously take up the trials and moral challenges of this life. "Making up" together with prodigal and sinless contributions of Mary "for what is lacking in the passion of Christ", as humble members of His Mystical Body. Indeed taking our lowly places in that solemn Temple Sacrifice of the New Dispensation, accomplished so long ago on Calvary: that one only salvation-effecting means given us by God, with the prefiguring sacrifices of Abraham, of Arron, of Melchesedec being thus grace-vivified and fulfilled. Again, earth-shaking eternal verities hardly replaceable by sermons, Sunday-school, or the altar call: analogous secondary means in the Catholic context being humbly ancillary to the Sacramental life at its core. A Sacrifice with prodigal graces flowing therefrom--and with which we are bade to correspond--being entirely contained and accommodated, "dispensed", in the Catholic Sacraments, most notably the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. That oblation wherein the New Lamb is offered up in an unbloody manner, as the grace-producing fulfillment-of, and as merely prefigured-in, sanguinary Levitical rites of old. All these graces to be found in that "laver of redemption" flowing from Christ's pierced side, as so graphically portrayed in biblical line.

But why all this commotion over "faithfulness to the modern idiom of the people" when in fact a faithful transmission of cultural nuances of Apostolic times is the sole affectionately-regarded medium through which the message can be fully and adequately imparted or sustained? If indeed in a Bible incapable of accommodating a Church founded on the Apostles, a Mystical Body divinely commissioned to be the dispenser of those graces won on Calvary. The turns-of-phrase of forefathers being a magnificent vehicle for imparting what they believed: as hardly can we expect to understand someone when we "change horses in the middle of the stream", vaguely or radically modifying the very words which came from his pen, those syllables which in turn habitually proceeded from both mouth and heart. The magnificent gravity of ancient forms of verbal expression--before factories, freeways and digital circuitry, not to mention a modern "street talk" more vulgar and suggestive by the day, had desecrated every sacred thing--a mode-of-expression marvelously seconded by that Old English in which the Duouy-Rheims was made--all this is in fact an invaluable part, a "fleshing-out", as it were, of the Revelation itself conveyed. As to neither God nor man is there some "antiseptic" form of communication felt somehow "free" of both qualities and limitations of the living languages of men. Plainly plastic to purposes of heresy, then, is this spurious notion that Holy Scripture must somehow "be made to conform to the present-day idiom of the people": they whose separate languages, easily a hundred in number, not to mention their media-fed fads and trends, are said to be undergoing a ceaseless, indeed remorseless, "evolution (does that word sound familiar?) in terms". How does the truth survive such an erroding tide, such as must grind the innumerable sands of doctrine, practice and piety into a powder, making them increasingly insipid or impossible to retrieve, if given enough time? Oh, spare me this spirit-enervating business, of putting Freud or the local or "authoritative" linguist stoutly in the way between me and my Faith, having to parry with them, to receive their ever-changing say-so, before I can fervently embrace the same. The Faith by such means being made subject to "principles" never mentioned in biblical or traditional-ecclesiastical lines: just the sort of designedly-fluid thing, ever flowing through some new intermediary, or even "jumping through fiery hoops", which acrobatics the present "progress"-mania is indeed all about. The contention being made, with much grave ceremony and shaking-of-heads, that to conform in any way to the phraseology of ancient Romans or Greeks is to commit some sort of terrible, or even unnatural, sin. Here indeed in the din of all this linguistic palaver does one hear the roar of rocket fuel igniting, taking a Church, now thought a spaceship, into some sort of weird intergalactic realms: a perception redundantly and chillingly confirmed in this insidious conviction, heard frequently in college classrooms today, that "the virtues of the past have no place among 'technological wonders' of the modern world". Ah, here then the well-plotted trajectory of all this rocket-flight! Quite the contary, as suggested above, it is perfectly appropriate and becoming that we retain those once-well-remembered phrases of our near and distant forefathers, both intermediary and contemporary to Apostolic times, and the virtues which they verbally enshrined, whose accents are a rare salve to the soul, so as to pass on as much as possible the full onus of what they meant by what they said. A full and pregnant burden indeed, in all its emmensity and profundity, only to be found in that living, teaching, Holy-Ghost-inspired Body of the Catholic Church, but as much as possible reflected in a Holy Scripture faithfully rendered in every regard. Is it so hard, really, to understand once-familiar fullsome phrases of Old English, often so rich in feeling and symbol, forms-of-expression which often parallel noble sentence-structures of ancient Latin: priceless, definitive cultural heirlooms that they both are? Carrying to us the spirit in which the doctrine was meant to be conveyed, as inseparably contained in the measured meter and pronunciation that these forefathers held so dear? Forming for us providentially a diction which cannot be trivialized or subverted from sacred purposes. This traditional tremulous care for the Written Word being paralleled precisely in the verbal exactitude of the ancient rigidly-adhered-to Sacramentary which once validly confected the Blessed Sacrament at Holy Mass, conveying unmistakeably the validity-conferring meanings-of-terms. A Sacramentary of wording or "form" and rubric which likewise rigorously upheld, guaranteed, signified or even "demonstrated" in gesture, ceremony, word, and hymn, the valid consecration of a bishop, with the unbreakable Apostolic Succession being thus redundantly confirmed. This magnificent, immemorial endowment however today being summarily "updated" by a present-day Paul-VI-authored false-sacramentary whose vitiated "form" or wording for these two noted sacraments is now probably impotent in the first instance, and certainly-so in the consecration-of-bishops, leaving us "with a stone instead of a loaf" in these monumental regards. And with a clergy increasingly without "faculties" to hear confessions: as final episcopal links with the last real reigning pope, Pius XII, die out, or are subverted into validity-vitiating heresy, one by one. Advancing as we do a diction which cannot trivialize or invalidate the profound, the divine--as intimated, the ever-cryptic aim of interlopers involved--older forms leaving word-smithing con-artists little or nothing upon which to ply their noisy, slippery trade. This fact, finally--of a sacred language, set aside for sacred things--being indeed attested in nearly every religion known to man, in whose many precincts is inevitably contained some such exclusive tongue, used strictly for worship, conveying unbroken continuity back to some founding figure, sustained by an unbroken solidarity of thought, feeling and word with generations of religionists that went before. All this plainly for purposes not merely "emotional"--as if to indicate some childish attachment to the past, the indictment so often hurled at tradition-loving Catholics for the past sixty years--but for reasons of the most practical kind. Indeed Judaism is precisely this way, in perpetuating Jewish belief in the most ancient and primitive sense, with Hebrew indeed already such a sacred language by the time of Our Blessed Lord: back then with Aramaic rather being the "language of the street", Hebrew being that of Temple liturgical rounds. Whereas it is only Christianity which is thus expected to relinquish its use of those beloved verbal channels, fraught with grace-bearing cultural, notional and motivational sutleties, uniquely capable of conveying the full meaning and articulation of Sacrament or Written Word. That which is however only a tiny and often highly-obscure part of the torrent of Divine Revelation, contained fully in that Oral Tradition by which so broad and fullsome a Faith is alone faithfully, comprehensively handed down.

December 22, 2018: More on the new parallel economy of addictive drugs/grand-scale auto-"repair"-theft/"snatched" and refrigerated vital organs/Mexico-bound pickups easily full of ill-gotten bicycles and household items. This mammoth, hyper-cynical economic black hole augurs national financial collapse and another Taiping Rebellion or Civil War.

Headed for the Mexico border, whose illegal-trade-related focal point is Juarez, the number of make-shift car-haulers, put together like toothpicks, sometimes of gargantuan size, has multiplied astronomically, notably along Interstate 10, one such ungainly conveyance being seen out there on the windy steepe every five minutes or so. (How often did you used to see a car-hauler, even of the standard sturdy kind, on a highway of any kind?) These contraptions not hauling new cars or trucks off the assembly line, but those obviously used, seldom of the most recent model, sometimes even with plates still intact. One such load having been seen on the Walmart parking lot in Deming, NM, carrying a large full load of cars plated in Hawaii: with these items and others thus conveyed doubtless in most cases stolen after being "abandoned", as it is so politely termed. The proof-in-the-pudding, plainly enough, is the utter unprofitability of dragging cars and trucks over thousands of miles of sea and land, ever onward toward the Mexico line, substantiating wordlessly the illegal (no overhead costs) nature of the whole multifaceted thieving chirade. These autos named "abandoned" when "mechanics" involved didn't perform the "charitable deed" they had so graciously, if often in broken English, offered some days or weeks before. The indigent former occupants, if young and healthy, unable to pay full costs of repairs, likely-enough deceived, and finally killed, with their vital organs quickly removed and refrigerated for pricey sale to the well-heeled around the globe. Traces of which "trade" are to be amply had in mass graves of thousands, found now and again, full of organ-less cadavers, all along that southwestern Juarez/El-Paso-area border line. Hideous tell-tale signs-of-which interments are also evident in undulating foot-long earthworms to be seen seasonally all along the southermost shoulder of Interstate 10, on a stretch along the international border from El Paso to Las Cruces fifty miles to the west.

Another source of this prodigal flow of goods toward the Mexico line may easily be found in a wholesale liquidation of goods and estates of retired people, as conducted by younger relatives, thereby paying for their own illegal-drug-use, by way of this far-ranging barter-machine. This gravy-train being easily partaken even by allegedly-squeaky-clean "caretaker" corporations, themselves connected to this multifarious illegal trade in some way. Indeed, if "presidential material" families like the Bushes and Roosevelts could have tidily incorporated such pursuits with others more morally-palatable, then certainly these firms could be likewise thus involved. As this multifaceted criminality is an extremely complex "institution", penetrating everywhere, in a world likewise in which "Christian" homeless shelters can heartlessly cash in on the homeless, essentially making slaves of them in return for a minimum of shelter and food. These noted elderly original and rightful owners of properties having been adjudged "incompetent": this typically by standards of the most artful and devious kind, endemic to con-artists of immemorial time. Hence the incredible number of high-quality bicycles--a keynote feature of today's retirement life--heaped up high on the backs of side-board-heightened pick-up trucks, headed for you-know-where. And as suggested above, to complete this picture of mass absconding, is it highly likely that the "bills" of drug-takers to drug-pushers" are often "paid" in precisely this "in kind" way: whether using their own goods or those of a retired parent in this barter-oriented way. A whole new economy having been thus smoothly, if over thousands of miles of terrain, brought into being, with big honchos in the drug/theft/murder establishment being amply repaid for all their "pains", and the whole machine of extortion and death being "greased" amply in this way. All this suggesting the kind of system which can quickly overpower all things good, constructive and wise: things which require an attitude and an atmosphere of a totally different kind. The unequal contest involved, between what is essentially a pirate economy and one honest and orderly, necessarily "taking pains", favoring virtue over vice, being something like pitting in the boxing-ring an honest and civilized pugilist against a guy with machine-guns and knives. Alas, for all the moral liberalism, which has brought us to such a shameful pass! To precincts indeed of that "El Paso" where holy padres once trod with pious virtue on every path.

Yet to add to all the above, as if it weren't enough, it is now becoming more and more plain, when you travel Interstate 10 as regularly as do we, over desert hill and vale, out here on Crusade, that there is a mounting level of bald-faced extortion and intimidation in procuring these saleable items, to replace a former initially chatty and agreeable manner and mien. As the honchos involved, mostly operating with "law enforcement"-assisted impunity, get dramatically more belligerent from month to month, when you meet them unexpectedly out there on that road and others connected thereto. These fly-by-night grease-monkeys--who also love to steal gas out of your tank, if you lack a locking device--always have a "point man" of some kind--in our own case a few days ago, with our wheel-less hubs temporarily up in the air, at a rest area just east of Van Horn, a "concerned" semi-driver pulled up, with rogue-trade-standard unctuous-kindly words, to carefully find out our pecuniary circumstances. Such harmless-looking "recon soldiers" to be followed shortly as night follows day by these hardened-criminals, auto-theft thugs: in our case with two of them jabbering away in the kind of Spanish that only these crooks know how to employ, while theatrically banging away without purpose on some sturdy member on their inevitable tow-bar-towed hind vehicle. And then, theater thus thought well achieved, darting across the rest area driveway, like rats after a piece of cheese, for their real aim in mind: to inspect our own travel trailer, pulled by a much-admired mint-condition '76 Chevy C-10, the real prize plainly in mind. An "abandoned vehicle" to be baldly claimed a week or so later after promised "help" never materialized, after you've been left stranded out on some no man's land way out on the desert, without water or food. They that night having parked just across from our battle-wagon trailer thus suspended on high. I shouted at them to get lost, and was barely able to get them to comply, as they glowered at me in the dark, rooted to the spot, not at all used to being talked to that way, before moving on at last. (I guess they didn't know what I might have with me to back up such words.) These border hoods, now no doubt to be found busily at work up in Kansas, Colorado and Jersey as well, have it all down to a routine, always operating sometime just as dark closes densely in, rudely-if-"charitably" taking charge, humoring you while hauling away you and your vehicle, with well-trained psycho-duress, whether you have misgivings or no. While in this way, if there is any trouble, they can make a "clean get-away" for the rest of the night, sometimes with baldly-stolen items either towed or otherwise intact. (These lead-vehicle warriors often carry two or three such autos in a long string.) Glorified pick-pockets maybe landing on the morrow in some other state, with no onlookers, there in the dark, where it all took place, having had their wits about them, or even courage to show their face, to take down their license plates, in the face of the noisy and suspicious chirade. This, then, the "commerce", the "finance" which takes over, as the stockmarket fails, and the bond-abandoned-dollar falls in value, and the cars fresh off the Detroit work-stations or assembly-lines, one of a half-dozen economic keystones of our times, are not only space-age-ugly--looking for-all-the-world like jack-rabbits bounding ungainly down the road--but for functional purposes are the automotive "lemons" of all times. Always breaking down, unfixable without computerized technics that take hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair the least little thing. So that the above-described murderous trade is gaining roaring leverage and speed, promising, as the legitimate economy collapses, to bring every sort of rape, murder, white-slavery, and choas in their wake.

Interestingly, too, the old slave auction in the nineteenth-century centered in a New Mexico town some twenty-five miles from Santa Rosa, out in the rolling hills to the east, that once-notorious "Valley of Tears" where ever-raiding Comanches used to supply their Comanchero (half Mexican, half Indian) allies with kidnapped women and children to sell, is apparently still alive and well after all these years, probably as a hideous addendum to all the above. Or so at least we have surmised after an odd slip-of-the-tongue of a gangster-mannered tire mechanic in that Interstate-40 town, from the looks of him probably a neo-Comanchero himself. But Our Blessed Lady, the General of God's Heavenly Hosts, as demonstrated so often in her staggering interventions in the past, will bring the plans of thieves and killers to nought at last. She at whose motherly hands we place our Confederacy and Crusade, at her disposal to overturn the centuries-old Yankee con-artistry, dope-peddling and human-trafficking. Indeed in the 1800s Yanks like the Bush family commercially procured Black slaves, and probably also financially helped along the founding of the southern slave-holding plantations: they an inglorious family among a handfull of others without whose ocean-going services there would likely have been no such odious economy or trade, whether of yesteryear or today. Noted beginnings irrupting during the same mid-nineteenth century when Bushes, Delanos and Roosevelts were kingpins as well in the China Opium Trade. Intending to the contrary as we do to establish a government which loves and serves both its citizens and its fellow man, based on the law of God as the source of all law. For which purposes we will do whatever upright thing we must to bring a long-seer-predicted, Heaven-blessed restoration into being.

December 1, 2018: God is Love: some more notes on the Catholic Traditionalist movement.

Love in this New Testament biblical sense is rendered as "charity" by Catholic divines, by which term is meant that love which is supernatural, which partakes of that which proceeds for all eternity back and forth between the Father and the Son. Hence to a pious Pauline Catholic "I live now, not I, but Christ in me", partaking "by participation" in Trinitarian Spirations in which the Father gives of Himself entirely to His Son, and the Son reciprocally to the Father: with this Love in turn being so divinely substantial as to be Personified in the Holy Ghost. The soul, carried back and forth like a blade of straw in a mighty wind, being the frail human particulate in something so infinite in character, in this personally-unmeritable "becoming God by participation" of which mystics and theologians of yesteryear once spoke, that this encounter would cause instant death were it experienced in all its supernatural force, being indeed reserved thus fullsome for Heavenly precincts alone. Hence this genuine and spiritual love--the only kind appropriate to a grace-infused human being--will plainly-enough be essentially spiritual rather than emotional--let alone passionate--in character, when thus poured nonetheless into frail vessels such as we, looking to the good of the beloved, ready to sacrifice without reward, to give of ourselves as do Father and Son. This "charity" being in precise theological terms identified with that "state of grace" which in turn is identical to that personally-unmeritable "justification" of which St. Paul speaks in Romans. An Epistle where however it is nowhere suggested that "salvation" itself can be earned "solely by faith", and without goodness and innocence of life, as bible-only people are so inclined to believe. Our eternal beatitude rather being earned, in accord with that "law of our minds", our rational, good-and-evil-judging composition, by good works in tandem with grace and faith, amid manifold struggles and discouragements of this life, by a patient shouldering of trials and viscissitudes that are everywhere rife. God hardly having place Christians here on earth like spoiled children, aliens among suffering rational men, being rewarded both on earth and in eternity for a simple declaration of "believing on Him", an altar call, without any objectification of this state of justice in human life at all. The foregoing as all the rest of Holy Scripture indeed immoveably affirms: the denial of which human moral responsibility is the province of reckless fools. Required of us being rather a full share, as much as we can bear, of this divine love--"with our whole heart, our whole soul, our whole mind, our whole strength"--and not just a painless capsulated verbal formula. In imitation of the Divine Persons ready to give completely and exhaustively--and of course in innocent good conduct--of ourselves, to and for both God and man.

Those with this loving approach, even if somehow ignorant of the One True Faith, will no doubt easily accept same when it is properly preached to them, being as they already are open to grace, as born-witness-to by everything they do and say. Having indeed already the Thomistic "Implicit Baptism of Desire", as long as they believe, at the biblical minimum, "that God exists, and that He is a rewarder of them that serve Him": this being a quiet and blamelessly-uninformed faith which "Old Catholics" utterly reject. These heretics, whose connection to the topic here examined is revealed below, being likewise schismatics, making matters even worse, readily deceiving others, since their priests are duly-ordained by bishops who were themselves duly-consecrated by others thus validly if illicitly empowered, continuing this rogue "succession" since their break-away from Rome in the mid-to-late 1800s, having strictly complied with the "form" or wording required to "confect" the Sacrament. Thus indeed do the Orthodox retain a valid clergy as well. Hence can these "false brethren" wreak even more havoc on the genuine Catholic fold, having about them the appearance if not the spirit of Catholicity in most or many other regards, interlopers these Old Catholics, who first reared their heads as I remember at Vatican I in the mid-nineteenth century, in willful and direct opposition to constant Church teaching on "Baptism of Desire" found most notably in the Angelic Doctor's writings. These "Old Catholics" thus being long-ago-condemned wolves in sheep's clothing of which Catholic Traditionalist ranks are in turn fairly full. "Catholic Traditionalism" itself being largely backed and funded by open or cryptic Jews, who in frequent insidious faith-enervating activities love to use second-hand agents like the Old Catholics to infiltrate Catholic parishes, to vitiate every effort truly-Catholic effort, notably "Catholic action", among the faithful at large. Traditionalist of any type--if all this weren't enough--often and without any such assistance sharing amply the Jewish arrogant and vindictive character. Old Catholics, thus effortlessly admitted into Traditionalist folds, using the excuse that they are the only "true blue" traditionalists, having allegedly "found out" as error the consistent teaching of the Church in this regard, as clearly defined by a pope and a council already back at the same noted Vatican I. Among which quiet but turbulent schismatics was once found cryptically ensconced a certain Fr. Bolduc, the original U.S. traditionalist cleric, who despite his heretical convictions was amply able to found the then-newly-conceived St. Mary's College in St. Mary's, KS., back in the late-sixties/early-seventies: some say with prodigal weekly funding from an unknown source. (Was he actually ordained by an Old Catholic bishop, and thus formally a part of that heretical sect? This I would indeed suspect to be true, but a yeh or nay on this pointed has limited bearing upon what is written here.) No doubt Fr. Bolduc brought with him to Kansas in these efforts, like a tight-knit group of "colonists", any number of laymen thus likewise heretically and schismatically imbued, formally or not. These forthwith, as we bystanders remember so well, seizing for themselves a recognition they felt was all along their uprighteous due, in a truculent spirit which is emblematic of the Old Catholic crew, and has "rubbed off" on Traditionalists everywhere. Fr. Bolduc's erroneous beliefs however being openly and stunningly revealed to the public in his last sermon less than a week before he died, which we listened-to in amazement on the internet some months ago. (We ourselves are "sedevacantists", cleaving like the Traditionalists to the Tridentine Mass, but going even further than most of these and not recognizing this present long string of antipopes: yet hardly sharing the many harsh and dogmatic sentiments typical of others known by such names today.) Having ourselves for several years known Father Bolduc fairly well, during our own periodic stays there at St. Mary's "College": a complex of which a traditionalist parish was and is still, at our last knowledge, an integral part. We having for decades now been "driven from pillar to post" like so many devout Catholics, "stuck between a rock and a hard place", seeking some harbor of spiritual refuge away from the multiply-erroneous, vitiated Catholicism of these "post-conciliar" times. But sometimes finding ourselves, not in a harbor of refuge, but in a doctrinal pirates-cove, for all our pains. As noted above, Father Bolduc in his last sermon expounded at great length, as recorded on the above-mentioned internet video, on the alleged invariable necessity of water baptism, as if finally and with eager and trenchant impenitence "letting the cat out of the bag".

Hence one must be very careful when dealing with these "Catholic Traditionalists", as the whole movement was quickly invaded, and parts of it even founded, by crypto-Jews and heretics of every stripe. These more-recent Traditionalists, interestingly-enough, having had eighteenth-century forerunners known by the very same name, predecessors who were condemned by Rome as being in error, forerunners indeed of a highly-similar character to a great many thus nominated today. These early-modern religionists like latter-day imitators having been staunch "rigorists": partaking of a stark, over-harsh predisposition, one which looks upon God as "a hard man", like the stingy-hearted biblical servant who "buried his talent in the ground": but a bleak outlook in the event mostly productive of laxity and despair rather than a salutary fear of God. These rigorists are found everywhere in today's several Catholic Traditionalist folds, they whose formally-condemned early-modern like-named variety were indeed closely associated with incurably-dour Jansenists and Semi-Jansenists who throve back then. They in turn who shared much of the latent Manichaean anti-matter spirit of predestination-touting Calvinists Reformers of the Protestant revolt. Subsequent Pilgrim/Puritan followers, in turn wreaking unprecedented slaughter both in seventeenth century Catholic Ireland and immediately thereafter as emigrating Cromwellian-colonist veterans upon American Indians found in ever-militant marches Westerward of they and their like-minded offsprings across the continent. These ever uprighteous acting paragons soon to be joined by heretically-leaning John-Carroll-initiated "American Catholics" in their earth-cleansing operations, spent upon native peoples everywhere offering generous friendship, but in standard synagogue-cultivated hubris held to be "less than human", readily spurned, slaughtered at will, being classed as "idolators" for their typical fervent receptivity to genuine, French-and-Spanish-taught, Catholic Faith, as so selflessly and authentically preached to them by Jesuits and Franciscans over a prior century-and-a-half. A true, generous Catholicism, borrowed indeed from noted inner reaches of the Godhead, which as noted above would be thwarted, in close tandem with this aggressive Puritan invasion, by that vitiated John Carroll version, ever eager to "fit in", accepting without comment the values of Lodge-hall and Puritan alike, in a "Sundays only" religion which would so rudely take the place of all that went before among Catholics here. This cleverly-disguised false religion, a "render therefore to Caesar" gingoistic waver of aggressive-warrior Stars and Stripes, with which we here in the American church are all so familiar. One which over two and a half centuries has quietly tolerated or even harbored so many morally-lax and doctrinally-erroneous practices and beliefs with which we must struggle today.

December 7, 2018: Brainwash and the naturally-limited human intake of images. How the secret-societies--and I don't just mean the Illuminati--took only fifty years to accomplish their deadly work, evident in everything around us today. Try to "stay in the saddle" in this reading, as devious subtleties and complexities of ever-maneuvering biblical "enemies of mankind" are exceedingly difficult to grasp or analyze, requiring much thought and prayer.

Ever since Christ walked the earth the Synagogue has been busy cranking out heresies and radical political philosophies among Christian folds: busily infiltrating governments, universities and parishes, founding secret societies, or marrying into Catholic families, as always to spread their perfidious view "from within". As in the case of those Morrano Jews now staging a spectacular "coming out" in the State of New Mexico, centuries after their initial infiltration under Onate and his successors had been achieved, back when Jews carried the Spanish-Imperial commercial writ around the globe, although expressly forbidden to do so by law. Being "let in by the back door" by way of barely-veiled "Spanish" Habsburg complicity. These closet-exiting Jews likely claiming to be of the "Messianic" variety, or "Christian Jews", so that their ever-burrowing, mole-like activities--so forcefully portrayed in the Epistles of St. Paul--can continue as before, with even greater effect. The essential orientation of the many synagogue-supported errors and ideologies of two millennia, in our own opinion, being Gnostic in character, tending, despite an open glorification of the obscene, to condemn the body, indeed all material existence, as evil, and exalt mind (hence the "Gnosis" of the Gnostics) and spirit as the only things of any value at all. And instrumental to twisted, secretive and counterintuitive maneuvers which go with Gnostic thinking like a hand in a glove is today's inescapable deluge of images, a banner project assaulting you from billboards, the media, educational system, all seemingly bent on glorifying the human form and all physical things, but insidiously serving to drag them all down to despicable and perverse realms, through glutted sewers of sensuality, prompting us to despise them through the contempt with which they are presented and used. This antithetical, occult hostility to matter and the body having been shared throughout history in full measure by sects like the Manichaeans of late-ancient, the Albigensians of medieval, and the Nazis (largely cryptic Jewish Ashke-nazis) of modern times: in thus with stark rigidity championing spirit over matter or body. These successive Gnostic irruptions, however, and "here's the rub", manifestly having nothing in common with the "spirit and life" of biblical page, rather invariably taking on polar definitive contours of the sadistic, barbaric, perverse and cruel, being remorselessly hostile to the spirit of Gospel-Catholic peace and joy: these blasphemously taken as weakness rather than strength. Obvious here too is the stout connection to Lucifer, "the Light-bearer", in his rejection of a Savior coming in frail corporeal human form, Satan being an angel fallen from his exalted place as the epitome of knowledge among heavenly hosts, yet still possessed of much of that incomparable intelligence with which he once was grace. His arrogant anti-human malice being quickly taken up by Jews of Old and New Testament alike, who then and now decidedly prefer his infernal adolescent hubris to the fatherly care of God. They and he alike smarting from this test ever shared by angel and human alike: of a humble acceptance or proud rejection of the Incarnation, or the assumption by Almighty God of the fragile human form, put before angels and men as the crowning event of salvation history. Like their close-cousin, infant-sacrificial Canaanites, Jews showing an inhuman, anti-matter Gnostic bend to their very core, evincing little if any mercy, letting their pride carry them to diabolical anti-human, anti-life extremes. As seen in their invariable lead position in their open or cryptic funding and promotion of aggressive warfare, abortion, and of life-extincting habits like sodomy as well.

Hence a tool close-to-hand for biblical "enemies of mankind" is the overpowering effect of images upon a frail and fallen humanity, holding pride-of-place in an eternal onslaught from nether regions below, since men "made in the image and likeness of God" have an extremely limited capacity to deal with the rushing stream of all such peripheral things. Kenetic invasions which would seem, much like the ever-burrowing Jews themselves, to overpower all spirituality "from within", deep within ones inmost being, where uninvited image readily, like an infestation, "live, move and have their being". Spiritual values being a treasure carried by men as in the biblical frail "vessels of clay", while graphic representations of objects, people, or events, due to our fallen nature, easily over-awe that which is most sublime, these sense-based images readily seeming to represent a three-dimensional "reality" all-their-own, one which to the more grossly-sensate seems much more pertinent or "relevant" to "real human life". As first proponents of "Vatican II spirituality" back in the '60s used to eagerly proclaim, and as vulgar exonents of today's whole panoply of violently-intrusive images indeed so incessantly maintain. Standard "older brothers" indeed loudly mounting a bully-pulpit all-their-own, a promotional of "bells and whistles" on behalf of ever-impressive and aggressive images, a theater with props, actors and lights, this "agenda" introducing men by stages, or sucessive "acts" in the ongoing play, into things for which we would otherwise have had no mind. By such unworthy absorptions and graphic submersions actually defeating ourselves--if you can stay mentally in the saddle through all this bucking pomp and intrigue--"proving" our "irrational", "sub-human" condition to proud and pompous minds. Such a "bringing under" of "gentiles" being ever the general aim of the Jews: being the prototypical racists of all times, rating their own humanity as being of a special higher breed. Hence too the odious approach of con-artists of every stripe, Jewish or no, of the biblical "wicked and deceitful man", who likewise love to shower you with an enervating array of false impressions, of images whether verbal, graphic or gestural in kind, overwhelming you with the dramatic power they supply to artful designs. The counterpoise of the spiritual and material in human life, an area in which subtleties of every shade and kind absolutely abound, being an extremely delicate one, sustained indeed entirely by grace, any violence-to-which causes the Holy Ghost to flee the soul, thereby made an inhospitable place for heavenly things. In an interior not meant to be degraded, thrown off balance or marginalized: the proper human agile inner condition, as it might be called, alone enabling an eminently fitting glorification of God.

Hence this contrary combative hostility to our sensitive somatic nature, of Jew, Nazi and Albigensian alike, an assault which mascarades as spiritual but which rather represents something utterly diabolical in character, rejecting human/physical limitations while at the same time using them to destroy souls. In this signature twisted logic of Hell, like the very swastika or twisted cross warping the message of Christ, the subduing of the flesh allegedly to be effected--not by bodily-mortifications or a resolute spurning of occasions of sin--but rather by a complete rejection of all mercy, love, compassion, empathy--with these Christian virtues, to the Gnostic mind, with staggering, hubris-ridden malice and incongruity--and here's the jump into the chasm where one loses ones immortal soul--always abominated as body-oriented weaknesses rather than spiritual strengths of any kind. Benign and generous qualities working directly against the defining Nazi/Neo-Con/Manichaean "spiritual" or "intellectual" impulse to hate and destroy, if typically under self-absolving "achiever" cloaks of every kind. Indeed counseling a like refusal, as much as possible, to recognize pain, even in oneself.

Thus for instance the case of a man written about extensively in several articles on this site: a self-admitted killer of advanced years upon whom however it is exceedingly difficult to "pin" any particular crime. A Neo-Nazi of the first rank, having without doubt embraced this ideology while on Army duty in Germany long ago in the fifties and sixties, if from a then-notorious, soon-to-be-dismissed American general rather than any German at all. Nazism indeed having been born on English-speaking rather than Germanic shores, with a "survival of the fittest" Herbert Spencer its actual founding figure, his ideology only later taken up by Adolph Hitler, and racist-motivated experimentations first conducted not in Germany but in the USA. Hitler having indeed in great measure been initially launched and funded by the American "Bonesman" Prescott Bush, grandfather of George W., and to a lesser degree by Henry Ford. Hitler, the Bush family and a host of other prominence figures of the past two centuries in all walks of life having belonged to this all-determining, satanic, cross-oceanic league called the Thule Society in Europe, and the Skull and Bones in the USA: hence the chilling sobrique. But returning to the noted, deadly but relatively-small-fry Neo-Nazi and his incredible dismissal of all pain: he described to us, a captive audience, as related in noted articles found on this site, at least two beatings he had received, seemingly within an inch of his life, apparently in a tavern both times. This fiend, a killer and sodomite himself--sodomy being the typical historical hallmark not only of Hitler but of the whole unnatural, anti-human Gnostic breed--laughing uncontrollably, much indeed like that perverse fictional Nazi nuclear scientist Dr. Strangelove on the mid-century movie by that name, as he described his nose being broken repeatedly by blow after blow. And as a sickening finale the monster flourishing the crushed, bulbous organ before us, with obvious prideful glee. For to show any reaction at all to physical things--except in the process of brutally taking advantage of others in the filthiest possible way--an attempt for which no doubt this fiend was beaten so thoroughly--is to be oneself a weakling to this infernal breed. Hence by retaining this odious "detachment"--like the medieval-Albigensian "purie", cult-leaders with concubines of both sexes whom they desecrated in the most cold-blooded and deliberate possible way, claiming to prove thereby their "mastery" of a "weakling" responsive fellow man--they proved themselves contemptuously immune to being "overcome" by any passion or passivity, as noble receptivity-to-love is indeed rated by this monster-breed. Hence too the notorious American treatment of women, of Yankees with one foot, notably by tenants of an arcane and abstract U.S. Constitution, in the depths of truly-degrading Nazi or Manichaean philosophy. That which regards women with particular vicious contempt, and on these shores typically uses them as symbols-of-status, like certain tribesmen once used heads-of-cattle, and nothing more, while showering overflowing marks of affection solely upon those of the same sex. Thus too explaining inclinations which seem like heroism, but which when more closely examined show themselves to be signature-Yankee derangements and depravities of this anti-matter kind.

In this way was the U.S. system formed entirely under values of Jews and their "Founder" secret-society underlings, with our economic and political philosophy based immovably on these same sorts of stoical illusions, a "do or die" spirit, a "rebel without a cause" pugnacity, turning out a populace at mortal enmity against human life, against domestic and international peace, with a "liberty" chiefly to do wrong, whereby however we are put in stoutest biblical "chains". With heroic images of American soldiers in muddy fatigues, filtering "bravely" over the landscape everywhere, bringing with them this gloriously-apotheosized "American Dream". And today with ever-oddly-angry Trump-supporters, acting much like the man himself, urging us to "give him time", as the country slides into chaos, and "heroically" maneuvers itself toward a carefully-Bonesman-arranged Third World War.

But although the noted storehouse of interior-domestic statuary does indeed epitomize the weak side of our nature, the same actually distinguishes us as the central fixture of the divine act of Creation that we are, being the nexus of all created reality, a magnificent "summing up", in being thus formed with both body and soul--in our humanity being joined the animal, mineral and spiritual in one being or form--in a condition in which "strength is made perfect in infirmity", in the wonderful words of St. Paul. Our retention of images being the interior collecting-point, as it were, of this defining human recapitulation of all created things. While by contrast, there are already myriads of angels without these mortal contingencies and limitations, who need no images at all to amply understand, and creation needs no "wannabes" or grossly-stoical false-imitations of these celestial spirits to add to the millions or real and kindly ones already magnificent in Heavenly reaches above. Thus joyfully do we acknowledge the peculiarities and infirmities so definitive to our race: and plainly-enough one needn't veer off into ever-brutal faggotry to prove himself "a real man": ever the identical aim of mannish lesbian or glowering sodomite alike. Dealing respectfully and carefully with those image-imbibing and storing functions which are so easily glutted, as well as profoundly honoring that womanhood readily associated with inner images of the good and kind, that sex which epitomizes the tender, vulnerable, affectionate side of our nature in the most marvelous way, justly claiming our wholehearted regard, as by Catholic knights of old. Noted fragile inner facets of our human condition being an incomparable embellishment, singularly defining us as noted august notional assembly-point of all created things. Creatures which we must embrace, rather than reject, as does the "Master Race", if we would be truly human beings: if each indeed in its proper virtuous, mortified way, being ever conscious of a fallen nature ever prone to unlawful extremes. That museum of images, as it were, so vulnerable-to and easily-over-crowded-by things of a sensual or brutal kind: indeed with the keeping of a "clean mind" being one of several divine injunctions solemnly laid upon humankind.

Hence because of our defining social nature, humanity needs to collectively resist these many aggressions which Satan always puts forth, collaborating in society, in once-familiar and beloved intermediary bodies ranged between the family or individual and the state, in combating these vile or passionate images, things which Nazis of all times absolutely adore, in their hatred of all flesh, of all matter, wishing to bring them ingnominiously to the ground. In a rejection not only of their fellow man but of themselves as well, at least as rightly understood in that humble-yet-incomparable condition alone proper to our much-divinely-loved race.

But likewise auxilliary to these candidly-vile and sensuous images of today do we have today's whole range of unnatural scientific or "built world" material transformations away from the spiritual, peaceful, meaningful and constructive, from all indeed that is proper to human life. Exponentially-multiplying massive or miniscule structures or objects being intrinsically alien to our natural preceptions or condition, their inescapable distracting or bewildering intrusions being hostile to the further development of a sane and pious popular life. This in turn, from another line-of-assault, by way of the above-noted marginalization into a contrived "irrelevancy", favoring an "exciting", "up and coming" "reality" thus so artifully, if with overpowering forcefulness, contrived. Thus today's media-and-scholastic promotion of futuristic obsessions, artifices which draw man further and further away, not only from Revelation but from defining elements of his being: alien illusions in which today's abominable sodomy "self-identification" holds odious pride-of-place. Brute and barbaric academic/court-mandated tyrannies in all respects introducing foreign, anti-human dimensions never contemplated before, in a bewildering alienation of human life from generations past. In a cosmic auto-destruction symbolized powerfully in ubiquitous, gigantic, perfectly-gratuitous wind-generators--their cancerous, mushroom-like multiplication essentially harnessed to a radically-debt-driven, war-mongering economy without positive purpose or plan--all this together with other "wide-loads" for the human mind to bear. Even as we are likewise channeled down tiny and dangerous "goat paths" on other roadways under repair. All alike completely escaping, denigrating the existence proper to humankind. Thus amid noted noisy claims of "irrelevance" of our human past, in a sort of decommissioning by disuse of higher reaches of mind, soul and heart, being achieved an astonishing personality-engineering, wrought within our simple, maleable, contingent, "first come, first serve" image-imbibing notional composition. This aggression of things tiny or mammoth, overpowering or obscene, in league with the inescapable media image-mill noted above, being perfectly beyond our natural ken to properly combat, being exceedingly difficult to withstand or overcome, as we aren't naturally equipped with weapons to fight such things. Having a nature crowned by reason and will, but vulnerable to material onslaughts of every shade: that definitive, magnificent-but-vulnerable humanity which civilization is designed to both preserve and instill. Not to archly despise, like the ever-sardonic and arrogant Nazi/Gnostic/sodomite crowd. Modern media, manufacturing, education--let alone prevalent torrid sexual impurity and immodesty-of-dress--being as noted largely sheer brutality, yet gathering to themselves an air of righteous hauteur by their inescapable prevalence, and thus finding few barriers to their egress to eternally-consequential interior realms. Having been given carte blanc in our Gnostic-oriented, mentally-kinetic "democratic" system--which now, in perfect self-contradiction, boasts of a "new class system" more autocratic than anything that ever went before--as determined so quietly by cryptic forces ruling with totalitarian power--ah, democracy!--from above. Here too, in this kind of mental prostration, being explained the incredible docility of the electorate, in swallowing every lie, in the face of every sort of tyrannical wrong, a passivity, with all human cognition or receptivity having been worn down, as it were, in a sea of the garrish, alien, unnatural and wrong--in things which our now-despised and patronized ancestors would have loathed to even contemplate. Including a shameful meek acceptance of evils like abortion, euthenasia, the noted sodomy-"self-identification", and barely-disguised false-flag war. The voter's mind deluged by images of waving flags, by billboard intimate-close-ups of "in-the-know", determined-looking, "no limits" college sodomite-sophomores or embattled men-at-arm, these latter ambling across some field-of-battle in their tattered combat fatigues. These militants however assaulting so heroically, with stoical Nazi hauteur, no real enemy but rather the very sacred precincts of the human mind and heart. This all-points moral/military/political combat-assault being as noted inseparable from supposedly sacrosanct techno-futuristic transformations--both massive and miniscule in size--with humanity everywhere giving way under an onslaught of uninvited images of every kind, thereafter to fill to overflowing capacity inner precincts of each and all, crowding out calm rationality or will. With gross imposition steadily diverting our attention from eternally-consequential religious beliefs and moral values, and our authentic, respectful evaluations of people or interpretations-of-events. The force and appeal of things reasonable, of divine original, or purely personal, individual, of our own non-stage-production character--things subtle and spiritual, like the "soft breeze at the mouth of the cave" wherein the prophet heard the voice of God--tending amid this violent onslaught to be despised, pushed aside, obscured, annihilated by these artfully-planned, thoroughly choreographed and orchestrated things. As modern man heedlessly "rushes in where angels fear to tread", as programmed, like white mice, by an agenda-pursuing, hyper-dominant Gnostic-sodomite ruling breed, ranged remorselessly against us in secret society intrigue. Until we are all inducted somehow into those "mine is but to do or die" divisions, in every possible way to take our "righeous" places in forcing the Yankee/Nazi agenda upon a prostrate humankind.

Obviously enough then in all of this image-created onslaught of perverse and prurient things, to bolster and protect our inner sacred being of mind and will, is the need for sacred pictures or statuary, of Jesus, of the Blessed Trinity, of Our Blessed Lady and the saints: to "purge out the old leaven" with "the new leaven of sincerity and truth". Catholic religious art and sculpture plainly not to be confused with biblical "idols", "gods" identified in Scripture, typically of a bloody, human-sacrifice-demanding kind, a false-identification which furious bible-thumping fanatics nonetheless, against all reason, ever maintain. Sacred images which we Catholics use to objectify interior realities against this onslaught of the unnatural and wrong, pictures which help us to picture Jesus, Mary or one of the saints, but which we never adore as being the very same. Alas, a biblical "stumblingblock" here, for "eyes that do not see, and ears that do not hear".

Here then, finally, one of the signature affirmations of this Crusade and Confederacy, embattled as they are by today's brute dominion of cleverly-contrived, faith-and-piety-hostile images: calling for a return to a simple agrarian way-of-life as absolutely essential to any sane, divinely-blessed moral and sociopolitical existence. Insisting that our limited, contingent body/soul person or suppositum is properly objectified in calmly-paced, homely images and imageries rather than seductive or fiery pictures of prancing perverts, slinky Jezabels or colossal foes. That our interior is meant to be furnished with a kind and beloved, mild and morally-digestible inner and outer statuary, not only images of the Savior and the saints but also of the bringing of wood in from the woodpile and placing it on the fire, or of the unharried walk in the woods or across the field, the peck on the cheek of wife or child, or other cherished things not to be easily described but remembered so well, and affectionately retained. Beloved personal images not having been overwhelmed by some dazzling digital age wonder which entirely escapes mortal human existence, sky-rocketing into the weird and unnatural by leaps and bounds. But critically required is a human interaction, an employment of the things God gave us, in exact or close proximity to the way they came from His loving hand, any abandonment of which domestic fundamentals lays us notionally and spiritually open to increasingly destructive, and ultimately abominable things. With images, words, ideas worked over into pure hostile artificiality by a reprobate foe. Finally, then, the constant teaching of that same divinely-guided Church, that the prime duty of mortal man is to "avoid near-occasions of sin", such as these very foreign images often represent in the most powerful way. Even if this avoidance may result in a loss of employment or of friends, the landing in circumstances materially precarious in certain ways. Ever holding to the fore the biblical warning, "what will you give in exchange for your soul?"

Hence, finally, and as all the above suggests, this area of the interior, of the retention of images, is sacred and not meant to be tampered with: as here the soul of man is developed by God, in the spiritual womb of the Blessed Mother, as was indeed the human nature of the God-man, Jesus Christ Our Lord. Hence a freak of nature is anyone who would be so dominant and possessive as to seek to control, to overrule, this interior of man, the dwelling place not only of images but of God Himself, enthoned therein, when the souls is in the state of grace or "justice", as it is by St. Paul called. However today quite common is the dominant or possessive personality, perhaps most commonly the notorious "possessive mother", the destroyer of manhood among her boys, who steps in "like a bull in a china shop", typically declaring as inappropriate, or even as "mentally ill" any inclination in her offspring not determined by she herself. Being especially averse to any peace, recollection, or the presence of God, to any inner menagerie of sacred or quasi-sacred things, to which one might be forcefully drawn. Being herself indeed typically a staunch supporter of the noted onslaught of overpowering images experienced by people today, breaking down her child's resistance both to prevalent evils and her own overpowering sway. No, she intends to rule in her child's heart and mind, using these mass-indoctrinational intrusions to bulldoze away any development of character or moral strength, which might enable him to stand on his own, while deftly undermining her children's integrity through intricate connivances of every kind. This kind of a mother, often herself with inclinations toward Lesbianism or other such abominations, typically urging her children toward a "success"-bent admission of the whole panoply of media-cultivated images into their interior, brokering a catastrophic collapse of the life of the mind and soul. One's crucial and definitive identity being intimately bound up with this storehouse of interior things uniquely by oneself retained, treasures an intimate and defining part of personal identity, not to be violated by anyone: with others to be admitted therein only by ones own permission, as being trusted and loved in a special way. Here the definition of friendship indeed. An inviolable inner chamber to which mothers so inclined can so easily gain well-disguised hostile admission, by way of well-known advantages of an emotional kind. Her intrusions into such precincts suggesting a kind of "return to the womb", indeed a castration of manhood itself. Such an unnatural mother to be rejected, spurned, "escaped from", as soon as circumstances will permit: being herself quite distinct from one who really does love and care, who has a truly-motherly disposition of kindness and simplicity, akin indeed to that of Our Blessed Lady, one world's apart from this deadly fare. The possessive mother personifying in a special way that chilling reality spoken of by Our Blessed Lord, namely that "your worst enemies will be those of your own household." Even if there are to be found some number of such possessive fathers, even bigger freaks-of-nature that they are, since real men aren't at all emotionally composed as to be at all inclined in such a perversely-dominating way.

November 30, 2018: Another augur of the approaching divine chastizement: the sun is setting later and later in the day, not earlier and earlier, as we approach the dead of winter.

Maybe the weatherman will try to blame this one on "El Nino" too, and no doubt the dutiful commuter rushing down the freeway "with no time to think about things like that" will assume that "Trump has everything in hand" in this regard, too, as John Q. views but refuses to mentally consider a sun which now sets at five-thirty instead of the five-fifteen of a few weeks ago. Although it should really set by four by now, as it did when I was a little boy. A growingly-large and bright sun which likewise rises in the morning at a similar later time, and in the southeast instead of the east: which together with other related phenomena indicates a coming calamity of momentous size, in solar events of a sort not known since other planetary catastrophes, uncovered by Velikovsky, that go back to the time of The Flood. Rudely intruding facts--not media pep-talks--which would have staggered the minds of our grandfathers, citizens that they were of a saner, if "backward", less-"go-getter" time. But all the rosy, "upwardly-mobile", "new and exciting" optimism aside, "all the king's horses and all the king's men" won't be able to put this humpty-dumpty world back together again, once this end-time punishment strikes with full force. This now-commencing, all-consuming calamity, this planetary incineration, of which these omens are a merciful preview-like first installment given us by a good God. Admonishing us in His Fatherly way to prepare our souls for what is so soon to come. A subject to which this uniquely sane and sober website and this Crusade are devoted in a special way.

November 18, 2018: The manifesto of the resurgent commoner. The solidly-reinvigorated neighborhood as the refuge against false progress and other evil or unnatural projects and constraints, always imposed from above.

The frankpledge was a prime lynchpin for the rights, the agency, the wisdom, the prerogatives of the common man, with this ten-head-of-household unit of authority, home of the passe commitatus "hue and cry", having been bolstered, reinforced from close-above by the hundred court as well. With both these once-familiar fixtures sheltered under the power of the county, that fundamental common-law unit of the duly-constituted state, with all three close-to-home units-of-authority being firmly-rooted bastions of good, constructive, orderly human life. It was within the ambit of these humble but redoubtable units-of-government, then, that the common citizens stoutly, no doubt in simple and unmistakeable language, lodged his yeh or nay: eloquent persuasions of inevitable well-heeled mountebanks notwithstanding. And it is here again today, in the reinvigoration of these three solid public things, that some new and artfully-argued "advance" can likewise meet with a brick wall of resistance, when assessed by labor-seasoned minds and well-weathered eyes. Being ruefully recognized as opening the door to a steady and irresistable erosion of fatherly authority, to a patiently-pursued but ultimately-unquestionable dominion of ever-secretive forces from above. The commoner far rather preferring less-impressive, more-laborious methods and smaller scale--stolid proof against con-men of every shade--to podium theaters or vaunted visions of wind-generators, sky-scrapers or space-flight: "boons of modern times" which guarantee you and your next door neighbor nothing so much as the sacrifice of your sons on the altar of some new god of aggressive or false-flag war, some new Mars. The commoner having no interest in a painless "automated" or "digital" existence which strains toward a purely earthly immortality, for which only fools are willing to pay such a human-sacrificial price. This weird new form of "salvation" being the carrot poise so deftly on the end of this "promise you the moon" stick--but which in the practical fact produces poverty, misery and death for myriads of the poor and unborn, while generally adding to the lives of even the well-off at most some ten or fifteen years. These typically spent under the hovering "care" of a medical establishment controlled by finance and secret societies, bent more on abortion, euthenasia, human experimentation and test-tube babies than on health or life. The ordinary citizen being by moral instinct a child of the Church, and under its duly-constituted supreme authority views this earth as only a dark passageway to, a place of testing for, an eternity he wishes to spend in Heaven with God. In the light of which all earthly improvements are viewed, and accepted only if they contribute to this good and noble pursuit.

What, then: do we categorically reject any "technological" improvements of any kind? As constantly reiterated in my first two books, Integral Catholicism and Random Essays on Economic Development, the test to be employed in this regard is that of scale. Hence the unfailing rule of thumb: if some alleged advance or form of "progress" presupposes any departure from the familiar oversight of the common man, and of those higher-level persons with whom he is thoroughly well acquainted, providentially-provided leaders who have earned his trust in the daily give and take of human life, then that "new and exciting" step forward is to be rejected in the most thorough and thunderous way. Is this a humble route? Indeed, it is. Is it a dependable and noble route? Even more assuredly indeed, not being a parade route loaded with carefully-disguised undertakers at every corner, counting their shekels in terms of some "progress-necessary" neglect or expenditure of human life. And if we expect any better of this earth than this humble procedure can procure, then we are fools who deserve all the agonies we condemn ourselves to by such vaunted visions and starry-eyed dreams, such as have led man to the dismal "progress" of today.

November 4, 2018: Guido Delrose and his unfortunate close adherence to the Fatima-extraneous doctrine of Sr. Lucia. Article, as always, much developed in following weeks.

To quote St. Jerome, one of a handful of our most recognized links with Apostolic times, "when the foundations of order are overturned, cling to that which is most ancient": and it was indeed the overthrowing-of-order, and a related growing contempt for Catholic traditional belief and piety, which Our Blessed Lady came to combat, there at Fatima in the central Portuguese highlands in 1917. Hence our questioning of Lucia's departure both from the original spirit of Fatima and the immemorial, unchangeable Catholic doctrinal/devotional legacy itself, with respect to innocence-of-life, penitence and in many other ways as well: a parting which disturbingly suggests the fast-approaching specter of Vatican II, already back then around 1927, when the first of Lucia's "New Revelations" occured. For thereupon Lucia, by then a nun in a Carmelite convent in Spain, broke away decidedly from the call-to-action exhibited so stunningly by Heaven in the October 1917 apparitions and public miracles themselves, in her capsulization of the Fatima Message into an easily-performed Five First Saturdays Devotion: allegedly at Our Lady's command, but ten years or more after the apparitions themselves. Amendment-of-life, ceaseless prayer, reparation for the sins of the world, penance for our own sins: these carry the true import and meaning of Fatima, especially when considered in all its six apparitions, occuring over the course of seven months: while Lucia's departures and future conduct seem more like first installments of a coming New Church formed by all the standards of Sigmund Freud. That "counselor of Vienna" who over decades after Fatima would gradually take significant control of the Catholic soul and mind: Vatican II having indeed epitomized this transformation, this substitution of modern psychology, which in many ways borders on the occult, for the boundless probity and balance, the timeless discipline and devotion, of the Catholic way of life. New Church with rapidly-increasing frequency finding any rigorous pursuit of holiness, in imitation of saints of old, classed as outright fanaticism by "in the know" Catholics, and likely-enough punished by a summary loss of employment, confinement in a mental ward by "concerned relatives", even the loss of custody of ones own children, and so on. Fanaticism plainly-enough, as we look back over the decades since those true Apparitions of 1917, being the "enemy" Lucia would identify, substituted for the real and astute foe, found in the candid-if-"clinical" animality of Freud, who personified the infernal enemy warned against by Mary in those Portuguese hills. In Lucia likewise being strongly furthered the "new and advanced" Catholicism already preached by Archbishop John Carroll of Revolutionary-era times: indeed with the American-Catholic religious revolution being rapturously classed by our first plenipotentiary prelate as "more radical by far than the political one" on these shores. This patently-false but astutely-disguised Catholicism being thereafter imposed, in the Yankee march across the continent, upon Indian and colonial Frenchmen and Spaniards alike, and thereafter ramroded increasingly among Catholic peoples around the globe, by "persuasions" of American geo-finance, guns and guided bombs, as aided by local secret-society operatives everywhere to be found. This cryptically-sustained end-time rapproachment with the world, artfully denying the warfare against "the world, the flesh and the devil" announced on every biblical page, being similarly enjoined by this one strange nun, who in her accounts as dictated to her earlier biographers couldn't hide her disdain for her younger companions, for their strenuous penances and simplehearted attitudes and practices, they with whom the Fatima apparitions were shared. Lucia, led not unwillingly by a few false guides, followed by myriads of her followers, fatally consigned to the dust-heap of history St. Jerome's "that which is most ancient", namely much of the tremulously-handed-down Catholicism of our old-world forefathers: first by silent, disdainful neglect, later in noted wholesale departures in her own private "revelations", noted above. Mary indeed truly returning a second t