This website is being systematically hacked by the perverts who control the internet today. But try to make some sense out of what you read here anyway. Trump's Night of the Blackshirts soon to arrive. Welcome to the New and Better, non-racist, anti-Nazi Confederacy, and National Anti-sodomy Crusade, preparing the victory of the Blessed Virgin Mary over the pagan Progress idol which presently holds the world in thrall. Mary coming in the early sixteenth century as Our Lady of Guadalupe, appeared amid prodigies in Mexico City, where she claimed this Hemisphere uniquely for her own. The Holy Mother of God being a Heavenly Queen destined to prevail over the noted Artemis of the New World, symbolized in the statue of a Godless, world-conquering form of liberty, found in New York Harbor: the present-day champion of abominable sodomy, "sexual self-identification" and abortion on demand. This preternatural siren attempting to uproot Christian Faith of any kind the world over, having been installed here cunningly to combat a holy creed watered by the blood of martyrs, of Jesuit missionaries and Catholic Mexicans and Indians whose Catholicism was in those earlier days singularly well-formed, uncompromising and true. While we take further inspiration from another apparition of Our Blessed Lady, the New and spotless Eve, one which took place at Fatima in Portugal in 1917, in the very month of the Bolshevik Red October revolution: a cosmic event, attended by stupendous miracles, witnessed by 100,000 souls. This later prodigy announcing Mary's resounding answer to Jewish capitalism/communism: the tyrannical spawn of geo-finance and massive scale, the cynical modus operandi of the harbor-idol noted above. Mary at Fatima claiming Russia for the Catholic Church, a nation destined in now-forthcoming years to become genuinely, traditionally Catholic, and to figure conspicuously in a prophetically-predicted deliverance of both Church and world from their present humiliating demise at the hands of Jewry and its secret-society handmaidens. This astounding victory to take place with the aid of a celestial punishment already well-underway: one in which an already-overlarge sun will continue steadily to increase in size toward the biblical "seven suns", and as at Sodom and Gomorrah incinerate today's ubiquitous sexual perverts and their friends and protectors--some two-thirds of the human race--thus freeing men from their cruel and despotic power.

We are dedicated to re-establishing organizational sanity and robust productivity, these necessarily based upon an enabled human person and his needs and aspirations as well as upon the scales and structures that favor his fullest development. Here being offered a pro-life approach par excellence which encourages those dense populations that almost-invariably have the highest per-capita income: with an enabled, densely-interfaced, local-agency-focused society being that which best achieves the moral and socioeconomic upbuilding of mankind. Here then being a fundamentally-different approach to the entire spectrum of organized life and activity than that self-destructive one being followed today--ours a template with which the old Confederacy, which we vigorously champion, is consonant in many ways--a plan developed not only in books displayed below, readable free of charge, but also in an intensely-articulated Summary of Ideas. All these books and articles being written in a traditional kind of English which is alone suited to the conveying of profound ideas, but which modern linguists would empty of all its fine distinctions, its precious moral and intellectual content, these like a balm to soul and mind. While furthermore the writings found here form a "close shot pattern" around several critical issues of our day: all of which are themselves closely interrelated, no matter how divergent they might at first glance seem to be. Hence the need for such an unitary approach, when our scholarly enemies would rather lead us into a thicket of confusion and contradiction of the most enervating kind. Our approach by contrast hammering out a vigorously unified intellectual agenda, one which motivates a hearty call to arms. One which hammers this website together in the most compelling sort of way. However, our front page is often subject to efforts of hackers, who scramble our graphics, who periodically delete some fifteen years of writing in the noted Summary of Ideas section, these subdivided into links denominated as "part one", "part two", and so on, going all the way back to the end of 2002. These missing section being now-and-again retrieved by our web-host, apparently with considerable difficulty being involved. Writings intensely labored-over, irreplaceable commentaries on the global and national political-economy, as spelled out graphically in trials and travails of those particular times, when each was put online. While included too are statements regarding our Crusade not only against institutionalized sodomy but also toward a New and Better Confederacy, as elucidated in several articles below, designed to replace the above-described paganistic thralldom of an open-ended Bush/Obama/Trump USA. Our organizationally-distributive Confederacy envisioned to gather to itself all of the states, fleeing in horror and disgust from the sodomy and abortion, totalitarianism and earth-denuding Napoleonic warfare which presently prevails, in a piratical, "Skull and Bones"-dominated USA. The Old South having been a veritable "dumping ground" for ever-secretive planners of the North--like the Opium-trading, slave-auctioneering Bush family, to become presidential material in later years--slavery having been forced upon a region whose first two states desired "free state" status, only to be countermanded by Thomas Jefferson himself--supposedly the premier "lover of liberty" of his times--in the drafting of the Louisiana Purchase, a treaty whose "slave state" orientation would of necessity be followed by the other Southern states as well, as each in the westward pioneering march sought admission to the Union. This site is updated frequently, with all written here submitted finally to the traditions and teaching authority of the Roman Catholic Church, now in outward respects and as predicted in saintly prophesies of centuries having been temporarily taken over by the Synagogue. The age-old see-sawing struggle against this perfidious infestation having been a continual one, with major inroads already encountered by the Apostles, conducted by a cabal of Epistle-decried "Judaizers" whose various global subterfuges since those early-Christian times have been the main obstacle to both viable statehood and the preaching of the Holy Gospel. Thus in awaiting Christianity's final glorious triumph I write with a loyal heart but largely from memory, and in unaided consulting of traditional Church documents, as current teaching on both "right" and "left" tends to be faulty, sometimes in the extreme. Yet it is critically important that the reader fully know what I mean by the word Catholic: hence the many criticisms and clarifications, being forced, with great trepidation, to "rush in where angels fear to tread". Apologies that the Louis Joliet picture, a victim of vicious hackers, is divided into parts: I haven't the money or web-savvy right now to get it fixed, in a troublesome quandry which illustrates the deep hiatus between old technology and new. And yet this unattractive misfortune may perhaps fittingly signify the national disunity of today. See any retractions at the very bottom of this page. We are not connected to any other website or organization, whatever the outward similarities might be. Finally, either hackers or our own inexperience with html text have forced me sometimes in the past to write in a now-outdated "text document" mode, which doesn't really accommodate most proper punctuation, and has a boxy and unattractive appearance to the reader's eye. This drawback to be found in most more-recent uploads of any kind, aside from the front page itself, which thankfully retains its original attractive style. But good and well-articulated content is by far the most important thing, which we try conscientiously to supply. Our efforts necessarily being contained in a digital setting in which we have little expertise, at a time when all traditional publishing and other media is more-or-less entirely controlled. Note: Missing hyperlinks of fifteen-plus years of writing have been restored, if not in chronological order, at the bottom of this front page. Important note: We do not sell any of these books or publications online, having disabled the Paypal "buy now" buttons long ago. If you find some version of our website front page, for instance on a google search, which has these buttons activated, then it is a clever fraudulent production. Best recourse is to access this website using the url platform at the top of the page, where you should encounter no such fraudulent devices.

Integral Catholicism
A Meditation On The Social, Political and Economic Philosophy of All Times
Louis Zdunich

Third Edition, 2014. 6 chapters $25.00 + $4.95 Shipping and Handling

Summary | Full Text, Chapters One and Two | Chapters Three and Four | Chapters Five and Six, plus Partial Bibliography

Random Essays On Economic Development

Catholic Economic and Organizational Philosophy as a Blueprint for Sustainable Growth. Second Edition, 2014.

by Louis Zdunich

184 pages, numerous papers and articles $20.00 + $4.95 Shipping and Handling

Summary |Part One | Part Two

Against the New Fascism

An integral Catholic Parries the verbal panzer assault of the Bush/Obama sodomy/aggressive-warfare machine.

by Louis Zdunich

Read full text at hyperlink below...

where you will find...

Volume One:...

Now is the Time...

To Gird on the Sword.

What is Sodomy?

Confederacy only answer to today's sodomy and addiction.

Trump's Coming Beerhall Putsch.

Ordinary Southerner never was a bigot.

The unfortunate close adherence of "Fatima Experts" to the Fatima-extraneous doctrine of Lucia.

Nero Trump Fiddles While Rome Burns.

Whatever Happened to Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction?

How Trump plays like a piper on all the holes in Yankee political philosophy.

Guido Delrose: a martyr for the Faith?.

The close and ugly connection between sodomy and murder: a real-life case in point.

A_New_and_Better Confederacy.

"Touch Not the Unclean Thing". Secession based on the Law of God as Sole Source of Valid Law.

What is a Frankpledge?

Fatima, Russia and the Approaching Punishment.

Russia, coming salvation of the Christian West and of Catholic tradition alike.

U.S. foreign policy a species of reinvigorated pagan colonialism.

Modern clinically-developed forgiveness imperative.

The Phalange and the specter of aggressive-warrior, Caesaro-papist state-worship.

Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt.

Law of God the sole source of law.

The Frankpledge Party Agenda.

In defense of true Christian manhood.

Bi-Partisan Culture of Death: Syllabus of Anti-Life Crimes.

Linguistics: the most formidable of fifth columns.

Christian voters, stand fast! St. Augustine on Sodomy.

The radicalized modern family as main pillar of the New World Order state.

Autobiographical sketch of Louis and Joann Zdunich.

Centuries-long atrophy of commonwealth into "government".

Today's "pious" surrender of the realm of the practical.

USA the next Gaza: where the Bush/Obama meltdown inexorably leads.

How will the Frankpledge system develop? A summary.

Fatima, La Salette, other Catholic revelations: why all the "secrets"?

Now is the Time to Gird on the Sword.

Summary of Ideas: Toward a True Democracy, Rooted in the People.

Noteworthy items of the day.

A few months after launching this website in January of 2003 the Iraq invasion and occupation was launched as well: bringing us overnight an economic and organizational interface based more-or-less exclusively upon Nietzschean-Superman global-remake whims and schemes of Rumsfeld, Chaney, Bush, Rice and the rest of the Anglo/Israeli Aggressive-Warfare-Cartel. Together of course with the intimately-related commercial/industrial agenda of a newly-empowered no-bid, insider-geo-corporate world. By such a baffling, treacherous route, then, has this "Summary of Ideas" grown to be what it is: an entirely-unconventional idea-itinerary meant to explore anything that could possibly throw some light on these anomalies. Comprising a collective threshold over which an unsuspecting citizenry stumbled by-precise-design via the infamous 9/11: that definite "inside job" to serve as the spectacular kick-off for a new radical-capitalist eternal warfare dominion-paradigm, almost identical to that of Adolph Hitler and associates. Engineered to "secure" us all not only in police/military but also in inseparable debt-related chains.

Every subject from the War to health care and other domestic policy matters is treat of here on this site, but you have to look for these subjects among the titles on the hyperlinks: there is no index. While amid the events of the day first entries on this page are sometimes put together rather hastily, often being first reactions to a world of events for decades now progressively slipping out of the self-governing grasp of the common man. "News" today being merely the same old washed-out fare for a week running, comprised of the few significant happenings that our newspeople and media-commentators are permitted to examine. Items whose presentation however fails to hit the bulls-eye of the underlying issues involved: sound-bites skillfully juxta-positioned between all the counselor-couch, health-tip and other irrelevant intrusions that we didn't click the remote in order to hear. But amid this information-no-man's-land - and while thus necessarily "going out on a limb" of perilous conjecture - also commonly discovery a whole host of new ideas. Aided too not only by more excellent sources than cable or network TV, but also by the fact that what these people don't tell us is far more revealing than what they do. Insights thus obtained being what this highly-provisional website is all about. The whole "raw" commentary is then invariably worked over in days following: as you can see by the improved quality - and probity - of entries that follow further on. In respect to which "sifting" operation don't be surprised if an article is removed for a day or even a month: during which time it is probably being intensively reworked, having been found inadequate in some way. In an endeavor which I undertake with assiduity. Also, I sometimes put my newest entry second or third in line, if I consider it of lesser importance than the article at the top. While finally this ongoing "diary" of world and national economic and political phenomena is followed further on by a "summary of ideas" more discursive, not in this reverse-chronological form, to be found in the last thus-named hyperlink below. For more detailed treatment of any theological subjects touched upon here please consult the Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas - the prime depositary of Western legal, moral, political and organizational thought - which can be found using a search engine online under that name. Finally, you may on occasion find your access to this site to be momentarily blocked, at which times I am probably adding or editing. But just give me a moment, and you should be able to get back on board with no problem.

On this site, the manly values cherished by many modern Muslim and other non-Christian nations are enthusiastically recognized, and their populations reached out to by us, for an alliance against the tide of perversion presently flooding the world from Western music, media and policies. With countries around the globe, from China to the Middle East to Africa, joining many Catholic nations from Ireland to Latin America in virile, resolute repudiation of an array of evils like sodomy, let alone sodomy-"marriage". While many of these countries reject other shameful perversities as well, including various Western laboratory-procedures which treat men like mice. Thus we are working on including more articles to explore this common ground.

I haven't the resources to form an "exploratory committee" or to gather petitions, only two of a host of devices which remove presidential elections further from popular hands, yet as you will see I feel compelled to put forward my candidacy anyway, come what may. Hence I ask those of you who agree with my position on the issues explored on this front page, or in person-to-person conversations out on the campaign trail, to print up and display wherever possible the Platform which follows on a hyperlink below. It is designed to go on 11" by 17" paper, but can be downsized to 8 1/2 by 11 and still be readable. These small "leaflets" can then be put under windshield-wipers in parking lots, or between screen-door and trim on front porches, as I did as a lad of fourteen for the John F. Kennedy campaign. While either size format can be passed out at the office, at school, on the job, among friends and neighbors. In this way we can get completely around the tightly-controlled election-machines of both major Parties, and get the word out to the People: the real Sovereign of this land.

A New Day is Dawning: Presidential Platform.

Most recent crusade: more trouble from sodomites and dope-dealer/auto-theft gangs. Mass graves of organless cadavers on Mexico border "part of the deal" for these guys. Giant earthworms seasonally infest Interstate 10 around El Paso.

Directly below are newest commentaries, now in the form of links, as pasting is no longer possible due to new procedures on the server.

Buttigieg's drop-out ruse. This link last updated June 1, 2020, with several new articles added since then.

Illegitimate sovereignty.

More aggressive war powers.

post-modern madness

A Prelude to invasion.

State terrorist Uncle Sam calls Soleimani a terrorist.

Commentaries on latest important events.

"Trust your leaders"

Evidence of hacking is found in these links as well, where the clumsy fusing of two words always indicates that a sentence or even a whole paragraph has been "lifted" from between them.

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