Welcome to the New and Better Confederacy and National Anti-sodomy Crusade, preparing the victory of the Blessed Virgin Mary over the pagan Progress idol which presently holds the world in thrall. A Mary who in the early sixteenth century appeared as Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City, where she claimed this Hemisphere uniquely for her very own. The Holy Mother of God being a Heavenly Queen destined to prevail over this Artemis of the New World, symbolized in the statue of a Godless, world-conquering form of liberty, found in New York Harbor: the present-day champion of abominable sodomy and abortion on demand. This preternatural siren attempting to uproot Christian Faith of any kind the world over, having been installed here cunningly to combat a creed watered by the blood of martyrs, of Jesuit missionaries and Catholic Mexicans and Indians whose Catholicism was in those earlier days singularly well-formed, uncompromising and true. While we take further inspiration from another apparition of Our Blessed Lady, one which took place at Fatima in Portugal in 1917, in the very month of the Bolshevik Red October revolution: a cosmic event, attended by stupendous miracles, witnessed by 100,000 souls. This later prodigy announcing Marys resounding answer to Jewish capitalism/communism: the tyrannical spawn of geo-finance and massive scale, the cynical modus operandi of the harbor-idol noted above. Mary at Fatima claiming Russia for the Catholic Church, a nation destined in now-forthcoming years to become genuinely, traditionally Catholic, and to figure conspicuously in a prophetically-predicted deliverance of both Church and world from their present humiliating demise at the hands of World Jewry.

We are dedicated to re-establishing organizational sanity and robust productivity, these necessarily based upon an enabled human person and his needs and aspirations as well as upon the scales and structures that favor his fullest development. Here being offered a pro-life approach par excellence which encourages those dense populations that almost-invariably have the highest per-capita income: with an enabled, densely-interfaced society being that which best achieves prolific innovation, diversified product lines and rich markets: while making uniquely-possible their fullest enjoyment. Here then being a fundamentally-different approach to the entire spectrum of organized life and activity than that self-destructive one being followed today, a plan developed not only in books displayed below, readable free of charge, but also in an intensely-articulated Summary of Ideas, written in a traditional kind of English which is alone suited to the conveying of profound ideas, but which modern linguists would empty of all its fine distinctions, its precious moral and intellectual content, these like a balm to soul and mind. While included too are statements regarding our Crusade not only against institutionalized sodomy but also toward a New and Better Confederacy, as elucidated in several articles below, designed to replace the above-described paganistic thralldom of an open-ended Bush/Obama USA. Our organizationally-distributive Confederacy envisioned to gather to itself all of the states, fleeing in horror and disgust from the sodomy and abortion, totalitarianism and earth-denuding Napoleonic warfare which presently prevails. This site is updated frequently, with all written here submitted finally to the traditions and teaching authority of the Roman Catholic Church, now in outward respects and as predicted in saintly prophesies of centuries having been essentially taken over by the synagogue. The age-old see-sawing struggle against this perfidious infestation having been a continual one, with major inroads already encountered by the Apostles, conducted by a cabal of Epistle-described "Judaizers" whose various subterfuges since those early-Christian times have been the main obstacle to both viable statehood and the preaching of the Holy Gospel. Thus in awaiting Christianity's final glorious triumph I write with a loyal heart but largely from memory, and in unaided consulting of traditional Church documents, as current teaching on both "right" and "left" tends to be faulty, sometimes in the extreme. Yet it is critically important that the reader fully know what I mean by the word Catholic: hence the many criticisms and clarifications, being forced, with great trepidation, to "rush in where angels fear to tread". Apologies that Louis Joliet picture is divided into parts: I haven't the money or web-savvy right now to get it fixed: and yet it may perhaps fittingly signifies the national disunity of today. See any retractions at the very bottom of this page. We are not connected to any other website or organization, whatever the outward similarities might be. Finally, either hackers or our own inexperience with html text have forced us to modify proper punctuation, using italics instead of quotation marks, and several other such deviations. Hopefully we can get this straightened out soon, so please bear with us in the meantime, as what our hosting service accepts with respect to text has apparently changed. Hence in some articles or pages we have largely dispensed with dashes, apostrophes, quotation marks and one or two other punctuations, grammatical tools which are sometimes hideously disfigured otherwise. Thus too in our Summary of Ideas hyperlinks five through thirty-three to date, so many of these entries have become italicized, probably by dint of a host server confusing my old fashioned font with italics: yet I am leaving them thus, since to edit any text on this site, for the time being, is to be condemned to the noted unfortunate substitutions. However, you can copy and past a whole hyperlink here and un-italicize it as a word document. Thus words of alarm about hackers found here and there on the site are probably ill-founded, but we do our best in a mode we are not expert at, in a time when all traditional publishing and other media is more-or-less entirely controlled.

Louis Joliet, Explorer

Integral Catholicism
A Meditation On The Social, Political and Economic Philosophy of All Times
Louis Zdunich

Third Edition, 2014. 6 chapters $25.00 + $4.95 Shipping and Handling

Summary | Full Text, Chapters One and Two | Chapters Three and Four | Chapters Five and Six, plus Partial Bibliography

Random Essays On Economic Development

Catholic Economic and Organizational Philosophy as a Blueprint for Sustainable Growth. Second Edition, 2014.

by Louis Zdunich

184 pages, numerous papers and articles $20.00 + $4.95 Shipping and Handling

Summary |Part One | Part Two

Against the New Fascism

An integral Catholic Parries the verbal panzer assault of the Bush/Obama sodomy/aggressive-warfare machine.

by Louis Zdunich

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Volume One:...

Now is the Time...

To Gird on the Sword.

A_New_and_Better Confederacy.

"Touch Not the Unclean Thing". Secession based on the Law of God as Sole Source of Valid Law.

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What is a Frankpledge?

Fatima, Russia and the Approaching Punishment.

Russia, coming salvation of the Christian West and of Catholic tradition alike.

U.S. foreign policy a species of reinvigorated pagan colonialism.

Modern clinically-developed forgiveness imperative.

The Phalange and the specter of aggressive-warrior, Caesaro-papist state-worship.

Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt.

Law of God the sole source of law.

The Frankpledge Party Agenda.

In defense of true Christian manhood.

Bi-Partisan Culture of Death: Syllabus of Anti-Life Crimes.

Linguistics: the most formidable of fifth columns.

Christian voters, stand fast! St. Augustine on Sodomy.

The radicalized modern family as main pillar of the New World Order state.

Autobiographical sketch of Louis and Joann Zdunich.

Centuries-long atrophy of commonwealth into "government".

Today's "pious" surrender of the realm of the practical.

USA the next Gaza: where the Bush/Obama meltdown inexorably leads.

How will the Frankpledge system develop? A summary.

Fatima, La Salette, other Catholic revelations: why all the "secrets"?

Now is the Time to Gird on the Sword.

Summary of Ideas: Toward a True Democracy, Rooted in the People.

Noteworthy items of the day.

A few months after launching this website in January of 2003 the Iraq invasion and occupation was launched as well: bringing us overnight an economic and organizational interface based more-or-less exclusively upon Nietzschean-Superman global-remake whims and schemes of Rumsfeld, Chaney, Bush, Rice and the rest of the Anglo/Israeli Aggressive-Warfare-Cartel. Together of course with the intimately-related commercial/industrial agenda of a newly-empowered no-bid, insider-geo-corporate world. By such a baffling, treacherous route, then, has this "Summary of Ideas" grown to be what it is: an entirely-unconventional idea-itinerary meant to explore anything that could possibly throw some light on these anomalies. Comprising a collective threshold over which an unsuspecting citizenry stumbled by-precise-design via the infamous 9/11: that definite "inside job" to serve as the spectacular kick-off for a new radical-capitalist eternal warfare dominion-paradigm, almost identical to that of Adolph Hitler and associates. Engineered to "secure" us all not only in police/military but also in inseparable debt-related chains.

Every subject from the War to health care and other domestic policy matters is treat of here on this site, but you have to look for these subjects among the titles on the hyperlinks: there is no index. While amid the events of the day first entries on this page are sometimes put together rather hastily, often being first reactions to a world of events for decades now progressively slipping out of the self-governing grasp of the common man. "News" today being merely the same old washed-out fare for a week running, comprised of the few significant happenings that our newspeople and media-commentators are permitted to examine. Items whose presentation however fails to hit the bulls-eye of the underlying issues involved: sound-bites skillfully juxta-positioned between all the counselor-couch, health-tip and other irrelevant intrusions that we didn't click the remote in order to hear. But amid this information-no-man's-land - and while thus necessarily "going out on a limb" of perilous conjecture - also commonly discovery a whole host of new ideas. Aided too not only by more excellent sources than cable or network TV, but also by the fact that what these people don't tell us is far more revealing than what they do. Insights thus obtained being what this highly-provisional website is all about. The whole "raw" commentary is then invariably worked over in days following: as you can see by the improved quality - and probity - of entries that follow further on. In respect to which "sifting" operation don't be surprised if an article is removed for a day or even a month: during which time it is probably being intensively reworked, having been found inadequate in some way. In an endeavor which I undertake with assiduity. Also, I sometimes put my newest entry second or third in line, if I consider it of lesser importance than the article at the top. While finally this ongoing "diary" of world and national economic and political phenomena is followed further on by a "summary of ideas" more discursive, not in this reverse-chronological form, to be found in the last thus-named hyperlink below. For more detailed treatment of any theological subjects touched upon here please consult the Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas - the prime depositary of Western legal, moral, political and organizational thought - which can be found using a search engine online under that name. Finally, you may on occasion find your access to this site to be momentarily blocked, at which times I am probably adding or editing. But just give me a moment, and you should be able to get back on board with no problem.

On this site, the manly values cherished by many modern Muslim and other non-Christian nations are enthusiastically recognized, and their populations reached out to by us, for an alliance against the tide of perversion presently flooding the world from Western music, media and policies. With countries around the globe, from China to the Middle East to Africa, joining many Catholic nations from Ireland to Latin America in virile, resolute repudiation of an array of evils like sodomy, let alone sodomy-�marriage�. While many of these countries reject other shameful perversities as well, including various Western laboratory-procedures which treat men like mice. Thus we are working on including more articles to explore this common ground.

I haven't the resources to form an "exploratory committee" or to gather petitions, only two of a host of devices which remove presidential elections further from popular hands, yet as you will see I feel compelled to put forward my candidacy anyway, come what may. Hence I ask those of you who agree with my position on the issues explored on this front page, or in person-to-person conversations out on the campaign trail, to print up and display wherever possible the Platform which follows on a hyperlink below. It is designed to go on 11" by 17" paper, but can be downsized to 8 1/2 by 11 and still be readable. These small "leaflets" can then be put under windshield-wipers in parking lots, or between screen-door and trim on front porches, as I did as a lad of fourteen for the John F. Kennedy campaign. While either size format can be passed out at the office, at school, on the job, among friends and neighbors. In this way we can get completely around the tightly-controlled election-machines of both major Parties, and get the word out to the People: the real Sovereign of this land.

A New Day is Dawning: Presidential Platform.

October 22, 2016: U.S. the breeding-ground of sodomy.

Our abhorrence of sodomy involves first-and-foremost a condemnation of an inhuman society and economy that, while providing no justification for the sin, nonetheless leads everywhere by strange and crooked paths to interior diseases and anomalies of this kind. Modern remanufactured, perpetually-refinanced life being a moral killing-field in which the moral law is in all practical respects forgotten, touting the excuse of a radical futuristic paradise up in the inter-galactic sky, an artificial and unstable space-capsule concept made-possible-by and absolutely-dependent-upon world Jewry and its larcenous version of money. The result being a glass-and-mortar global techno-launch-pad in which innocence is destroyed, individual personality consumed, where all must meekly and by a bizarre sort of Judeo-Masonic secular piety obey, in a progress-hysterical collectivization which is the spawning-ground of wars and domestic upheavals of all kinds. And if some fraction of personality or self-respect is allowed to some under the charge of these arch-totalitarian elites it is only after the inestimable treasure of Faith has been painstakingly removed: after which the person in question, now no doubt cock-sure as can be, is no threat at all to this abominable terrestrial hegemony of Hell.

But for a fitting human interrelationship to develop between man and woman the inner chamber of the heart and mind must be kept pure, receptive, in true liberty, unselfconscious, undefiled: cognition sharing space with innocence in that same interior castle, as St. Teresa of Avila calls it: this union upon which all society is based being of course a major target of fiends and madmen in charge. In this untrammeled inner self each of these male/female counterparts thus possesses an unselfish self-love, as it might be called, thus easily loving each other through an intimately-personal self-identification, becoming bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh: this interior hall-of-mirrors being the only channel of knowledge among rational beings, as revealed in the ontology or science-of-knowledge analyzed so brilliantly by St. Thomas Aquinas. In this philosophical understanding of thought, so different from the morbid and animalistic introspective anomalies of Freud and others of his kind, the Angelic Doctor stating indeed that in order to know anyone or anything we must become that person or thing by thus taking in their form, or soul, which might be rendered philosophically by the word identity, into ourselves. Hence all knowledge being no dry or frightful thing but rather an agape feast of myriad forms. A marvelous process which assumes that this our suppositum or personality is not already full of stupid, craven, selfish, inhibiting or meaningless ghouls or monsters, garbage carefully placed there by these totalitarian educators, these earthly lieutenants of the fiend. Hence we intimately identify with what we know and yet more thoroughly with what or whom we love: so much for the celebrated Judeo-American Manichaean/antiseptic view of life, which amid perverse and passionate excesses of every kind coldly recoils from closely or intimately identifying with anyone or anything at all. And although there develop colloquially many genuine forms of personality here in the USA, some of them admirable and strikingly-unique, yet they are sooner-or-later invariably corrupted into this blind and empty caricature of every good thing. But in true knowledge and love a man thus carrying around in him as it were this form or identity, image or representation of woman as a generic but intensely-beloved concept, be he the head of a household or a holy and penitential anchorite in a cave, one with whom he self-identifies and whom, if in fact married, he then objectifies in the actual woman he loves, while of course the same holds true of the woman with regard to the man. The whole thing being very gentle and kindly, requiring ample amounts of the noted virtuous and healthy self-love, with such a benign disposition being as it were the wedding garment of admission to the conceptual banquet-hall of the soul. An inner feasting-chamber, full of an universal respect and regard, hosting as well and as suggested the higher reaches of the contemplative life of saintly yore. A man must find something powerfully attractive in this interiorized woman he long ago, in boyhood or infancy, incorporated into himself, living within this inner sanctum, making her already indeed in utter immaculate chastity the biblical bone of my bone, so that in married life he might thereafter incorporate an existing female person with himself, the two becoming one flesh. Indeed according to Pope Pius XII in the encyclical Casti Canubii, one soul, in sacred bonds of matrimony.

In stark contrast to the sweet orchestration we attempt to describe, and can scarcely do justice to, we have for one thing here in the USA an assiduously-cultivated Yankee cult-of-manhood which pushes roughly aside all the delicate gossamer tracery of self-identification which is the human interior life, in a diametrically-counter ritual rife with a colonial-era Puritan rejection of Catholic socially-articulated love, with this age-hoary contrary pathology a moral disease still alive and well here today. The whole ensemble involving a rite-of-passage in which a boy is most typically taught by cleverly-concocted object-lessons a manhood unfeeling and aloof, without which callous disposition his very masculinity itself is held suspect: a powerful deterrent indeed. Although at unexpected moment the same lad, fast becoming an insensitive ignoramus, despite any amount of good intentions, may be exposed to violations of the most personal kind, by men or older boys who have made the grade in this worthless charade. In this American staggering denial of light and life, not universal but common as the clay, taken around the globe as if a holy mission by fire and sword, our individual identity and perfectly-personal channels-of-cognition being held as things we must outgrow, as parts of a juvenile stage of life, the interior feastings of the noted inner banquet-hall being regarded with darkest contempt: a lie which however makes for orgies of delight in caverns of hell. While men here thus notionally rough-shod are oddly-enough regarded as gatekeepers, as it were, of what goes on within: a function rather properly the territory of women, who instead are treated as veritable aliens, their heartfelt contributions mocked and ridiculed, they who in marriage generally suffer as mere mechanical objects of a physical act. Or if women are given any warmth at all here it is very often only a heartless bit of theater in order that they can more readily be deflowered. And although there is another kind of personality-sickness gaining ground here in the USA, namely of the unloving but emotionally-overpowering woman who crushes the identity of her male offspring by a suffocating emotive overflow: yet this too must be considered close-cousin to the male-dominion considered here, being another parallel form of perversion, often conducted indeed at the very same time upon the very same child. As both kinds of coercion deny to their object the sovereign liberty of the sons of God, the noted salubrious feasting at the inner banquet table, in much the same way. And indeed the two forms of underhanded pressure battle each other here incessantly, and generate counterbalancing types of self-justification across the celebrated American battle of the sexes male/female divide.

The whole infernal project detailed above is only another historically-familiar species of the reflex and perfunctory Jewish overturning of Christian manners and sentiments, identified solemnly by Christ Himself, warned of by Apostles and popes of anno domino time, a program of Jews who, having today by every sort of venal and secretive maneuver over centuries gained the levers of power, forthwith systematically and categorically criminalize or treating as foolish or incompetents those who observe good, Christian, healthy and pious habits and precepts, effectively denying to the devout the noted benign self-love or self-respect. While their very profound ignorance, bred on such sweeping Manichaean negations, easily traps the attractive and unsuspecting into fatal self-denigrations of this kind, being strangers to the crucial unhampered inner receptiveness considered here, again something abundantly evident in early youth, in moral innocence, a treasure which is the special heirloom of Catholics, a wonder scarcely even reflected-upon. Such a marvelous equipage being required of human beings at least to some degree before they can sanely and properly function at all, as designed by a good God. Boons however as suggested delicate and easily destroyed, turning out either crushed souls or junkyard dogs, with nothing in between, people lacking essential endowments of the soul divinely placed there with fatherly care. Like all things human simple in operation but densely-complex in composition, readily befuddled by these cunning serpents of perversity and ill-will. These enemies-of-innocence, these purveyors, often in high positions, of every worthless thing.

Hence for example to be found in yellowed pages of the revolting rituale of this Judeo-American exceptionalism, and exceptional indeed it is, is the celebrated American steady gaze, often-enough granted to women only when seasoned with bitter contempt, while holding the gaze of other men is one of the most rigidly required of social fixtures, administered at the most unexpected times. When in fact this stare is at best an accoutrement of a certain sort of personality, perhaps not especially intelligent, or if two people genuinely connect, as they say, in this way, it is a rare event, and no challenge or throwing-down of gauntlets at all. Otherwise a blunt and even violating gesture, especially when thus held as essential, one which rather than strengthening an exalted and highly-individual concept of oneself, as authentic rites-of-passage do, submits one to the inhuman power of the male herd, especially to those men who have mastered morbid intricacies of the whole psychologically-coercive regime. In a male sociology whose only remote ancestor might be found in the pagan military of ancient times. The much-lauded gesture, the steady gaze, part of the trappings of occult groups of various kinds, among which Gypsies and bikers typically stand out in a prominent way, on rare occasion of some symbolic meaning but more-typically today only a gratuitous trespass, among a people who have learned to have no such honest simplicity at all, such as the gaze would suggest: this Yankee sine qua non being easily another of many potent preventives, through a sort of universal down-in-your-face hypnosis, of such notional independence as might produce, in the partnership of a woman, a distinct and inviolable person, family or home. While any who reject such a morbid mumbo-jumbo, being rather a true individual in whom there is no guile, having no special desire to gaze at anyone, having even perhaps retained the once-common country-bred virtue of being shy, will invariably raise levels-of-astonishment here, as if a green-man from outer-space, being readily denied work, shunned in the neighborhood, his easy and unrehearsed gait sometimes indeed finding him treated in highest irony like a terrorist upon entry to a store. Or openly mocked in workplace or neighborhood, as if he were the pervert, rather than this unfortunate and largely-characterless herd with whom he must deal. For in this putative tough-guy USA a certain coarse-and-craven group-cow-towing dance-routine must be dutifully performed, like it or not, of which the gaping stare forms an integral part, in order not to be considered a threat, or to amount to anything at all: in a rigidly-required cold formalism which is definitive to the whole Yankee approach to life. Genuine innately-original personality, often as suggested shy, retaining its own uniquely-personal set of gestures in the sharing-of-which true friendships are formed: this nobility-of-character held here to be a fatal disease, to be shunned, quarantined, denied any inch of ground on which to stand. Such a personality however and as intimated above being the sole arena in which grace does its ineffable work, a proving-ground which the devil of course assiduously attempts to destroy. Well-developed personhood, hardly the subject of blunt group coercions, not easily bullied by real man inducements, being a quiddity, an existential reality, a veritable pearl of great price on its own level, the product of myriad influences of a lifetime, these indelibly stamped on the soul by the providence of God. This uniqueness, seasoned by self-discipline and honor-bound self-regard, being perfectly foreign to personality-obliterating, efficiency-worshipping mammoth-scale notions of progress most notably found here.

All things in the American allegedly-liberty-loving consciousness are thus received from the group rather than from God, or at least passing the collective nod before they can be enjoyed, in a false-worshipful acting-out of a central dogma of American radical-Calvinism, a creed which is only historical Judaic collectivist-group-rebellion against the law of God, under a thin veneer: namely the Yank-definitive denial of hierarchy. This disestablishmentarian abstraction, this abhorrence of fatherly or traditional authority figures, a rejection thought, in a repugnant piece of audacity, to embody all holy things. For when one rejects the Catholic law of love, of true freedom, the liberty of the sons of God, then everything becomes a law, and every fool or sot a law-giver, as one is put in chains by the meaningless, trivial or vile things or people of this earth. Even as there remains this all-powerful Jewish elite, fantastically empowered in this kind of occult ritualism, which keeps the whole infernal deus-ex-machina alive. This radical denial of genuine or legitimate personal authority/input involved in the whole artificial stage-routine being part of the synagogue-brokered Jacobin radicalism such as was founded so stolidly in the American Revolution. (Even as, in another tangent which would require another article to consider it adequately at all, among those here who call themselves Christians there is this conviction that the reception of inspiration, grace, anything worthwhile, comes directly from God rather than through any intermediaries, group obsequies nonetheless at full tilt withal.) Here being a group-soul monism transplanted rapidly and if possible in a yet-more-radical form to late-eighteenth-century France, where Napoleon thereafter put the cap on this allegedly-forward-looking but in fact dismally backward Judeo-Masonic idea of the state, as a formless, leaderless, collectivist mob easily controlled by calculating elites. They who rule more by a comical, ugly and aggressive ensemble of body-language than by honest words, the whole scarcely democratic by any stretch of the mind. All this as illustrated rather well in the painting by Copley, of the four rollicking patriots playing on fife and drum, marching or rather prancing down a New England cobbled street in the most ungainly, unmanly and unruly way, in a sort of mockery of military order or decorum of any kind. Impelled, indeed possessed, as the picture so forcefully portrays, by some mob-democratic group dynamic plainly held more sacred than all other things. After which bloodletting thus gloriously portrayed the calm of all genuine interior conceptualization became a thing of the past on these shores, and increasingly worldwide, peace itself indeed held to be shamefully bound up with princes and kings.

Hence, as always, genuine love is the key in all things human, and it is impossible to form a viable state or social body of any sort under the contrary inspiration of this arrogant psychology-of-unkindness, as it might be called, with this close-kin rejection of a personal authority under whose sensitive tutelage alone things like true and noble manhood and womanhood have any chance to blossom at all. While finally and of course the lack of this kind of crucial formation does not forthwith make one either into a sodomite for the brute herd to take possession of and use in the most shameful way. Rather are such basic things as healthy sexuality mercifully very learnable, especially within the virtuous companionship of some good person of the opposite sex, as the interior hall-of-conceptualization of the soul is an integral part of our being, and in this Yankee state-of-emptiness veritably cries out to be biblically filled with good things. A gift with special abundance granted to the poor, while the rich and selfish are sent empty away, as so marvelously noted by Our Blessed Lady in the Magnificat. God does not trap people into impossible conditions such as the ever-despairing, Hell-inspired Jew Freud and his followers find everywhere, especially in the human mind, soul and heart. While finally we hold as self-evident the necessity here in the USA to start all over again, to go back to the old Confederacy as a starting-point, to construct a nation Godly, full of kindness and respect, so as to produce a people capable of being truly pleasing to God.

September 15, 2016: Football, folly and Faith. The U.S. Judeo/secret-society idea of the state as fundamentally pagan. Article developed through October 6.

An exceedingly strange institution is football, a coarse-mannered, hostile, mean-spirited pastime radically different from all other sports: these amusements invariably harmless and wholesome in nature, being valued in stark contrast for their respect and mutual regard, the joy and camaraderie they bring to teammate and opponent alike, scarcely suggesting any sort of unmitigated strife. A grueling competition, football, full of cat-calls and spleen, or suggesting some perpetual adolescent Freudian exercise in love/hate, which although rivaled here by baseball in the media and among much of the adult public is kept incredibly prominent for youthful motivational-training purposes, notably during those scholastic years when many-a lifelong attitude is with stolid permanence formed. Amid scrapes, mutterings and bruisings out on the high-school, college or even the grade school gridiron the prominent aggressive Yankee idea of manhood is painstakingly cultivated, this another fixture perfectly foreign to milder machismos of other lands, with football psycho-dramatizing a determined bleak banishment of love and kindness, with this grudging spirit not by accident the very pith of the anti-Catholicism brought here in the seventeenth century by Cromwellian Puritan-Dissenters of Reformation-era lore. Men imbued to the grave with a remorselessly-combative spirit, veterans of the bloody pogrom of that early modern dictator, Cromwell, the first of our era, against the Irish people, with the Emerald Isle giving abundant lay and clerical martyrs for the Faith under his fanatical campaigns. This collective pathology finding refuge on these shores, spawning in turn a perpetual pseudo-patriotism thought somehow to embody everything male, a sort of perpetual neo-Spartan training for war, as it might be called. Although quite-the-contrary genuine Christian-era warlike courage for a just cause is taken from the French word Coeur, or heart, the good soldier defending only what is good, being indomitable in preserving the kindly atmosphere of the family hearth, the noble customs of the native land, scarcely adopting some sort of Old Testament modeled blood-letting evangelism, as if perpetually extirpating long-gone Canaanite tribes. This American scorched-earth notion of manhood for which football is a sort of internship being likewise and not surprisingly a source from which shameful excesses of sodomy and other forms of perversion borrow considerably in their stark, strange and hyper-aggressive way: footballers grappling in skin-tight jerseys, easily-enough joking perversely, with the hiking of the ball to the quarter-back commonly done in a manner naggingly suggestive of the most abominable of things. Oh, but they are all such real men, you will doubtlessly say, and all the careless humor proves it so: yet the record, especially most recently, hardly supports such a flint-skinned or angelic idea. Meanwhile throughout the schoolyear the football-player in school corridors takes on all the character of a sort of pagan deity, bowed and scraped to, breathlessly admired, standing out obtrusively from the rest of the student throngs, sauntering carelessly between rows of lockers, lounging into classrooms, in all the stardom often looking through or past others in the most dismissive sort of way. Except of course for his athletic peers, with whom he forms tight knots of ultra-loyal clique-dom at the back of the classroom, other-huddles rife with off-color jokes, likely in sandpaper-gravely tones which are a fair imitation of aging alcoholics gathered in smoke-filled bars. Thus in football in an unparalleled way is American manhood, old before its time, hardly noted around the globe for its moral-purity or accommodating nature, forcefully defined in youthful minds, and all who do not come up to its grim yet oddly-comical demands are likely-enough to be regarded as so many rejects, and may be given a tough row to hoe indeed, as they try no doubt with utmost sincerity to make some mark in life. While the football player of any gridiron achievement by contrast will go on in his easy aura of dismissive cool, a mystique thought on these shores to be exemplary manhood par excellence, to a managerial position in some firm, where he can easily step on others like so many ants, or at least treat them with little human regard, and from there, who knows where, maybe to sit with equal patronizing or unperturbable disdain in the White House someday. Showing any feelings being regarded by stoical ancient Manichaeans, of whom the American footballer is an uncanny reproduction, as the very worst of masculine wrongs. Even as finally and not surprisingly this combative spirit is found on another gridiron, the American neighborhood, where instead of bloody noses or cat-calls the snobbish, abhorrent and dismissive reigns supreme, so well has football done its grim and alienating job.

Thus hardly to be contained between goal-posts or city streets, such a gridiron sociology is not only totally averse to anything like the crucial, fundamental male/female receptivity discussed here and there on this site but has also and not surprisingly produced the much-celebrated, belligerent, pathological exceptionalist foreign policy of the USA, with an ill-acknowledged but depressingly-uniform record of nose-bloodying aggression since earliest years, first witnessed in an out-of-the-blue-unwarranted mid-eighteenth-century attack on Catholic Spaniards and Indians in Cartagena in present-day Colombia, or upon Catholic Frenchmen and Indians in Quebec during the same period: uprighteous misadventures perpetrated well before the Revolution even gave the youthful Uncle Sam a name. The celebrated uprising itself indeed undertaken largely because the elder England was no eager partner in all these combative schemes, as intimated above during that same century sending blood-witted, war-obsessed Cromwellians packing rather quickly after the death of the prototypical, murderous Good Queen Bess. While other examples of violent intervention continue, frequently under some odious false-flag plan, in that end justifies the means shared inseparably with the modern state of Israel, in a long line through a late-nineteenth-century Remember the Maine!, close-cousin to a much later and equally-prearranged forgery, Remember 9/11!, or for that matter a Remember the Alamo! undertaken largely to continue reclaiming Mexico-fleeing fugitive slaves. Not to forget a carefully-preplanned Haiphong Harbor which touched off a major escalation of the Vietnam War, when the U.S. dominated global economy, replete with gridiron-reminiscent brutal values, allegedly stood in need of just such a jump-start as that. Or finally the initiation of war against North Korea on the heels of World War II, simply because it was on friendly terms with a Maoist China which we ourselves (surprise?) by slippery-secretive FDR policies vis-à-vis Chiang Kai Shek had brought into being. The latter of whose Leninist tutelage, and U.S.-senator-corrupting brothel-madam-like wife, was scarcely a secret to anyone of any power, in a story discussed in great detail on another page: a diabolical saga that needs more space than this for the telling. A treason in the all-too-familiar insidious fashion of the old China-Opium-Trade families of Bush, Delano and Roosevelt of hyper-patriotic, fireside chat lore. But any awareness of these monumental injustices is pushed out of the American consciousness by noisy half-time festivities that effectively drive out all reasonable and conscientious thought, or hustle it off into some notional side alley on the breathless Yankee Doodle parade route, so that the star-spangled march may go loudly and heedlessly on.

As noted in a previous article, we do not trenchantly criticize things found here in the USA out of disloyalty: nay, rather is it the highest form of loyalty to demand that those you love obey the law of God, that your country be imbued with virtue and truth. For it is not as some vaunted but morally-impotent, easily-sidestepped checks-and-balances abstraction that we regard this nation, but rather as a vulnerable people of flesh and blood, a condition beloved of God, like all other men: Americans whose arrogant and morally-careless exceptionalist habits and outlooks today find them dangling precariously over the fires of Hell. While it is the blackest treason to suggest that this country has found some new way which departs from and supersedes all that went before: which is with glib cleverness to institute another and a false redemption in the place of that of Our Lord Jesus Christ. He Whose sweet law-of-love must season all that we think and do, our civil laws and customs, the clothes we wear, our very turns-of-phrase. Kindness and love in particular being above all other things positively definitive to Christianity, and of supreme value as well in non-Christian countries of an enlightened kind, so that plainly any concept of manhood which does not have these as essential ingredients is diametrically opposed to faith and goodness, and makes the practice of Catholicism in particular a practical impossibility for all who come under such an odious sway. Hence can one see the terrible outlines of an ironclad reinstitution of paganism in this centerpiece of U.S. social ideology, football and its entourage of related things, adopted entirely by the compromised John-Carrol Catholicism of the USA, this false, sick and belligerent ethos as suggested being likewise full of powerful political implications. And what is most insidious about this kind of external public apostasy is that it inheres less to formal exposition than to daily habits systematically and painstakingly yet ill-admittedly ingrained, with little or no reflection psycho-dramatized on the football field. Like some sort of sinister ritual formality, carrying some frightful preternatural penalty if not duly performed. While it goes without saying that this whole hellish social mechanism inexorably pushes the virtuous, the kindly and thoughtful into a position of impotence in public and even many private affairs, while brutalizing the broad arena of social conventions beyond repair, requiring for one thing an elaborate array of pretenses for which the U.S. male is so universally known, mostly of a kind of pompous and arrogant manhood, in order for ones voice to be heard at home or in public, in anything at all. Can we be so very surprised, then, if manifold and unmitigated stupidity, domestic violence, mass shootings and other hideous anomalies reign supreme? And finally, this mentality that the allegedly truly-male does not or cannot communicate with those who fail to pass this strange muster: this thundering, deafeningly-silent condemnation covers with shame the self-image of these supposed rejects, men typically much worthier than their bruisingly-morbid-minded critics, so that as an unavoidable corollary communication of any depth is often prevented among their own numbers as well, and even with family or friends. And indeed even that Godly self-love essential to salvation, identified by St. Thomas Aquinas and other theologians, is dealt a forceful blow among these putative milk-toast pariahs. Those rejected men who quite commonly in times of real danger show themselves as made of the toughest sort of stuff, who are hardly lions at home and lambs abroad.

To conclude: no man can serve two masters, you cannot serve both God and mammon, and it is mammon precisely which is served in all this football-idolatry, a campy theater for the entire monetized, Judaized monstrosity of modern-day existence, incredibly-enough claiming the whole charade as something to envy and praise. That global counting-house enormity which outlaws a Christian conduct which in the practical event exists in such very things as kindness, generosity, mercy, peace, in a Godly spirit meant to be codified into laws and social conventions which mark the divinely-anticipated holistic evangelization of the human race. This even as gridiron-illustrated organized Judaism is grimly determined to make impossible even personal virtue, found in intimate inner and outer details of individual lives. So that it goes without saying that we adamantly reject that mockery of this pious comprehensive reality, of these private and public Christian virtues, such as the anti-pope Francis and the whole plethora of New Church ideology display, in a syrupy who am I to judge? which so ill-admittedly would make all discipline an enemy, would make love be the cheaply-bought acceptance of every evil thing. This false spirituality thus daring tacitly to endorse the sadistic set-to of the two sodomite personalities, the one brutal and unfeeling, the other overflowing with emotion, an odd-couple found often-enough in locker-rooms of gridiron lore, lacking all discipline or character: as if this were the choice before us, to choose one or the other of these wrongheaded, abominable extremes. The United States having indeed been constituted and founded by secret-society luminaries precisely to divorce Christian conduct from everyday life in this irreconcilable way, to salt the soil of the evangelization undertaken in the New World by France and Spain, on soil watered with the blood of martyrs, among clerics from Canada to the borders of Mexico numbering several hundred strong, while among the largely-Indian laity numbering easily in the millions, if in pogroms invariably undertaken for some gloriously patriotic cause. Rather making the service of mammon appear sane and practical, putting all daily life under the pagan authority of the ungodly state, the champion of a ribald liberty which knows nothing of piety or faith. And then carrying this perverse misconception around the globe, in mock sanctimony, by fire and sword. That cosmic evil which the Church over centuries has been brought to tolerate, and finally under the long-prophetically-predicted recent New Church triumph of evil, according to the old adage, first to pity, then to humor, then embrace. In a latter-day trial from which however the Church will immerge more triumphant than before. So that now by necessity, our backs against the wall, we inaugurate this new and better Confederacy, imbued with Christian virtue, as a lay bulwark into whose refuge the faithful clergy of the Church may indeed flee, being dependent entirely upon that divine aid which cannot fail those who trust in Him.

September 12, 2016: The New World Order as an impenetrable barrier between the human person and existence, reality, and God. More on the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima, Portugal in 1917. How it prefigures for us the terrible chastisement now a century later beginning to unfold. Article developed til first days of October.

Hatched out of the seemingly-harmless yet actually fatal and Orwellian ask not patriotism of John Kennedy, a man to be turned unwittingly and so soon into a martyr-for-the-cause, this New Age apocalyptic tyranny is the unfailing result when you make a god out of the state instead of making the state worship God, when decency-smashing judges and political bosses are by choice of ruling secret-societies put immovably in command, when the nameless, incurably-shameless group is then effectually put in charge, as always mandating whatever the traffic will bear. With personal responsibility a thing of the past. This then why, just look at the sky, remove your eyes from the road for a while, that two-thirds to three quarters of mankind, as predicted both in Scripture and in a millennium of Catholic saintly prophesies, will so soon be consumed in that fire prefigured at Fatima in 1917 in the horror-wrenching Miracle of the Sun. When a rain-drenched earth, in a storm which was the perfect figure almost exactly a century ago of the soaked-and-sodden conditions we have around the globe today, in a theater played-out in the sky, apparently went careening and cart-wheeling toward the sun. This even if to untrained perceptions of the milling throng, there in the Portuguese mountains, a hundred thousand strong, it seemed the other way around, with cries that the earth was being attacked by the sun, duly recorded in newspapers of the day, if scientifically scarcely a likely event at all. These masses who had come from across Europe to witness the last apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the central massif of Portugal, to three shepherd children, that October in the very month and year of the Russian communist revolt, and to see the promised stupendous sign: not expecting to be frightening at all. After this first riveting encounter, the sun, which a moment before had seemed so violently to unhinge itself from the sky, then seemed with equal astonishment to return majestically to its place, at the command of the same Immaculate Virgin. She who so soon now, after having thus a century ago with motherly mercy prefigured graphically before thousands those immense and drawn-out travails which are so ominously commencing today, and which weathermen will not so much as comment upon: Our Lady now will accordingly save a remnant of mankind, selected out of grace, at most a mere third of our race, symbolized back then in those milling throngs of that distant yesterday. Those masses, who can still be seen in photos from the time, standing bewildered, terrified, looking up at the sky, the ground and their own drenched bodies after the prodigy found to be perfectly dry, they who were also faithful enough at least to travel the small or great distance to see those promised prodigies divine, seemingly rescued miraculously from the all-consuming fire of the self-same sun set now to devour most of a mankind despite these and other warnings unrepentant to the core. While Mary will likewise end a terrible and ultimate, much-prophesied hiatus in human history, whose final chapters are opening before us today, presently playing out in so frightful a way, symbolized by those figurative heavenly prodigies brought in with the Bolshevik revolt: she will open the curtain on this final act of a drama unparalleled in time with a climax yet-more-direct connected to a Russia centrally involved. A land plainly commissioned, in a way however only hinted-at: as in the manner of heavenly communications, candid statements often share space with tangential parables not easy to clearly define. A land which beyond any doubt however will loom large in the reclamation of the world from modern paganism and the Jewish thrall: this both by her upcoming conversion to the Catholic fold, as predicted by the Mother of God in this same Fatima apparition, and in another victory to be achieved indeed on the battlefield, undoubtedly the much-anticipated Armageddon, in company of other Catholic or newly-Catholic nations, all of them equally out-numbered and out-gunned. At a final turning-point in world history, when a seer-predicted Three Days of Darkness will decisively intervene, just when all seems lost. The mysterious period, the same as that of Christ in the grave, of the same duration as the last and worst plague inflicted upon pagan Egypt before the Exodus, a time pregnant with meaning, akin as well to stunning divine deliverances in the days of Joshua, or much later at Lepanto, or in the driving-out of Napoleon from Russian soil, in which the miraculous image of Our Lady of Kazan led victorious Imperial troops: again against impossible odds.

Indeed, consider a moment the unnatural heat of the sun for the past several years, since around the time of the Indonesian tsunami: a torrid condition which to my own understanding provokes the incessant rains and floods, landslides and sinkholes, by a kind of metronomically-repeated forced vaporization of lakes, rivers and seas. A sun at which one dare not glance, even if this were quite possible, if safely only for a split second, some few years back. A heat during this coming chastisement however ironically to be experienced during the noted seer-predicted three days of darkness: as the flesh-melting, furnace-like air, precisely predicted in Old Testament lines, will be filled with so much light-obscuring dust and debris, as the earth is violently wrenched out of its present already-erratic path, being drawn inexorably toward the sun, the lurching motion, no doubt with the uncapping of dormant volcanoes, recreating sight-impenetrable horrors of the very corridors of Hell. As now it seems we have come to the end of that 100 years, another longer interval from the three days above, beyond question related directly to the Fatima miracle and message discussed above, in which Satan has been granted extraordinary power to wreak havoc on souls: a terrible hiatus, as revealed in yet another earlier heavenly apparition, whose opening year is typically assumed to have been the same as the self-same stunning nineteenth-century revelation when mention of it was first made, when in fact however its date-of-commencement was never actually disclosed. This riveting agreement, much like that of God and the devil over the feckless Job, said to have been made in a conversation between the two witnessed by Pope Leo XIII in the 1880s, at the foot of the altar after Mass, after which he swooned. At issue being a hundred-years period of immense tribulation which it would be most appropriate that Mary both introduce us to and deliver us from, in the entire interval between 1917 and 2017, the later year when her heavenly power, at least according to my own interpretation of these predictions and events, will again and yet-more-prodigiously appear. Again, with the instrumentality of Russia unquestionably at the fore.

A theme consistently touched upon here is a dense-woven infinitude of intermediaries which forms the essence of the modern system, these actually barriers rather than facilitators to anything of value at all, gratuitous go-betweens, bureaucratic and technical, corporate, financial and official, forming walls between man and his environment, between man and man, between man and God. As to modern overlords we must constantly be adapted, brought up to speed, prepped, worked-over, ceaselessly instructed in things sacred and profane, trying breathlessly to catch some speeding train, told who are our enemies and who are our friends, with some such entirely new template in every conceivable field being provided every few months or years, to prevent the formation of any permanent habits of mind or soul proper to human beings. All for fear we may one day turn up moral agents, stubbornly independent in rejecting what is false or wrong, in demanding that wars be fought only against genuine enemies rather than those so identified by elfish denizens of Bohemian Grove: an awakening over which vaunted potentates quake with fear. Likewise and as noted above the unfounded authority of ruling madmen is doubly insured in the ironclad dominion of the nameless and faceless group: everyday brown-shirts who reinforce barked edicts in the most maddening and redundant way. All personal input being blankly trodden underfoot by this unblinking army, a borderless mass whose approval, said to be so democratic, their much-sought endorsement scarcely more than a grunt or a nod, must be gained at every turn for the most important as well as the most personal or inconsequential of things. The new 9/11-spawned Orwellian psychodrama enlisting these legions to march off with high dudgeon to any off-the-wall new cause or unjust war, for which we are all expected to exclaim, something like those fanatically-loyal lunatics in the mass rally in the book 1984, how utterly and incomparably free we are. In this bloody, false-flag, globe consuming, mind-controlling, secret-society-originating USA, laborious planter of similar places around the globe. A false polity for which one can have no loyalty, as it serves no one but the fiend in Hell. Man being thus forbidden all free constructive agency, even as he is granted a meaningless liberty to do or say every foul, perverse or stupid thing. For were man to once again deal directly, morally and constructively with anything or anyone, and not be sidestepped, prevented, instructed, interfered with or lectured at every conceivable turn, or shown some new and convenient digital machine to do it all for him: ah, then might indeed spring forth that true freedom written-of by Boris Pasternak, when the tiny blade of green grass at last, with rash disobedience, pushes up through the thick, all-covering concrete which presently coats so much of planet earth. A blade at last to breathe the balmy, God-given air. An eventuality that to these arrogant overlords, servants of the underworld, must never be allowed to be. The idea being, as noted so many times here, to convince man, who has within him the indomitable and inexpressible spark of that same divinity, being made in the image and likeness of God, that he is no more than an ant to be summarily stepped on if he meanders somewhere out of this long and impersonal, best-of-all-systems line, that ends somewhere in Hell.

September 2, 2016: Eternal youth versus New World Order weary perpetual change. Article developed continually.

Youth is to be found in the changeless spirations of the Holy Ghost in the Blessed Trinity, with God the Father standing as that timeless Origin from which the Son is eternally begotten, and in association with Whose eternally-placid son-ship all lesser being takes its infinitude of forms. Hence is the youth of intelligent creatures most truly realized in what is stable and permanent, rather than in what changes with time. While on the contrary Lucifer in his rebellion instituted ceaseless change as a spurious sort of liberty, an infernal thankless departure from this paternal Template, wishing to develop a new universal order all his own, in disorders and evolutions of every kind, of which he arrogantly claims himself a sort of deity-mocking original source. Thus the restless and ever-evolving phenomenology, indeed the New World Order, of today, involving change for its own sake, not really being youthful but only the mark of rebellion, and from there of an intrinsic death and decay, as life cannot exist apart from the divine model or template from whence it came. This ideology of change, instituted as noted by Lucifer himself, being epitomized in modern times in an expansive form of money backed by bonds and interest, elaborated in the stock market, in a financial system which yet in practical terms spells out a deadly contraction of the positive economy itself. A vacuous, cancerous form of mammon being taken up in place of actual good things, of which money can truly be no more than a utility or medium of exchange, while quality perforce diminishes in the whirlwind pursuit of these effortless, life-culling stock, bond and interest-extracted profits for the ever-demanding Jewish overlord. He whose fruitless, sterile financial-and-political dominion is assured in a host of confidential arrangements whose complexity and subterranean nature defies belief. All this the polar-opposite of the divine desire that we should have life, and have it more abundantly, rather than watch our substance be thus perpetually consumed. This perfidious inbuilt strangulation and prosperity-forfeiture only relieved for a time, in the bloody counting-house logic, by war, when prodigious life and wealth is consumed, and ever-secretive winners involved, by noted secret protocols stoutly ensconced on both sides of any conflict, can start all over again, using what remains of a decimated humanity and a charred earth. This perpetual ritual-annihilation representing a kind of burnt offering to the Jewish self-deification, an idolatry tolerated if not fully-embraced by all Jews, a false worship which ultimately sees only Jews as survivors of conflicts involved. This abomination in an openly-admitted, perfidious synagogue/satanic partnership, employing lesser secret societies, merest dupes like the Freemasons or the Bush-league Bohemian Grove group, for this spurious and destructive if gaudily-camouflaged goal. Brokering the malicious fiction that there is a fiery but supremely-worthy global progressive model to be developed apart from that good God from Whom all things came, a fiction held up defiantly in preference to His ineffable plan.

What then is genuine progress? It is the pious recovery of the unchanging stamp of the divine after the rupture of Original Sin, the restoration of all things in Christ, the Savior of the divine order, the heartfelt embrace of our mutual divine sonship with Him, the reintroduction of this original rectitude into every facet of human life: and scarcely any promotional for the life-consuming, morally-tawdry Jewish-commercial/financial installment plan. While the modern fanatical love-affair with technology alienates us from an increasingly intimate identification of human institutions with the divine Fatherhood: the birthplace, before the daystar, of all paternity, all of which comes from God, the Eternal Father of the world to come. Hence is true progress simply the return of all things, as in the very unspeakably-holy divine spirations of Son to Father, Father to Son, to their paternal Origin, giving the lie to a modern-day ceaseless change for its own sake, to an ever-burgeoning multiplication of wasteful, telescoping, gratuitous technical platforms which separate us further and further from a lovely, easily-actuated and marvelously-fruitful created world, the former demanding a regimentation perfectly repugnant to both human welfare and the human soul. Truly, we can improve things, but not after the manner of a space-capsule which propels us in bewildering speed to our doom. Part-and-parcel of which propulsion is a criminal so-called liberty which accepts no filial piety, no moral restraints, together with this false progress uprooting everything solid and worthy in its path, things that reflect the image of the Father divine, found in many traditional things in a special way. This contrary so-called progress only designed to fling humanity into a maelstrom of restless, meaningless novelty, of humanity-idling, boredom-marketing convenience, of nothingness, of misery, and at last into Hell, where so many once-proud and progressive libertines and revolutionaries now forever dwell.

As noted we mortals and all creation find our life, our youth, our authentic identity in unison with God, and only eternal death and oblivion in any departure from Him. This outcome or penalty of course being entirely just, as the gift, of a soul, of being, of life, of an affective and intelligent nature, offered to mere creatures, is infinite in value, and its rejection, according to incalculable proportions of spiritual things, an infinite and unthinkable offense. For it seems that man must necessarily have been given this ultimate and staggering choice, else being good by nature he would have to be God Himself, for as Jesus said, only God is good. And although there is no necessity in God except that which is intrinsic to His divine nature, yet His very infinite justice makes eminently fitting this damning of mortally-ungrateful man, the felon of infinite offence. Could God have simply not created man, knowing what His justice would veritably require were man to fail as so many so miserably have? Nay rather one must not imagine a God Who would so isolate Himself, Who would not share out His incalculable riches with creatures made to His own image and likeness, men yet utterly empty of merit for same. So that His very mercy and generosity, in creating a rational creature by definition capable of the momentous choice between holiness and barbarity, goodness and evil, as it were carves out the unspeakable proportions of His justice, with His desire nonetheless to save being personified in the sacrifice of His Son. A Savior Who would indeed Himself agonize in the garden over the fruitlessness of His impending oblation for so many wayward souls of all times.

August 16, 2016: The Catholic dogma of the Two Swords versus Jewish control of the state: global peace versus the false-flag geopolitical universe of Israel/USA. Article continually under development.

The most consistent theme on this page is a candid recognition of the unprecedented dominion of Jewish values and ideas in this latter day, especially here in the USA, an anomaly aided incalculably by a longstanding, disastrous timidity among both Catholic laity and men-of-the-cloth in failing to confront this cancerous, unbounded and deadly social, religious and political disease. Our simple and unvarnished acknowledgment, as honest men concede, involving no hatred for persons at all, but only the tracing of a fatal trend that has continued to gather momentum, with few reversals, since the immediate near-universal open neglect, on the heels of the death of Boniface VIII, of his virile doctrine of the Two Swords of the dogmatic bull Unam Sanctam. This stunning-if-silent Church-wide backing-down from this militant pronouncement at the dawn of the fourteenth century auguring so many dark chapters of what was to come. For the Church, from whom Catholic laymen take their cue, although quite infallible in teaching matters of faith and morals is also quite capable of a dereliction-of-duty, in particular when it comes to the publication of hard sayings, as they are sometimes called, or the forthright and courageous identification of enemies-of-the-Faith. In a struggle with adversaries in which the Church had already given many lay and clerical martyrs, whether at the hands of a millennium of power-hungry, map-revising Byzantine emperors or with Northern European or Sicilian potentates of medieval times. While among justifications for this calamitous timidity—a tepid spirit which despite the noted veritable white robed army of victims would seem to have ultimately prevailed—and just as in the case of the sodomy-marriage issue and all that surrounds it today, there is put forth a potent but perfectly-irrelevant play on human feelings, alleging squalid sentiments of tyranny and the like in any Unam-Sanctam-based insistence on the supremacy of the Church not only in spiritual but also in official, civil or secular matters. This principle nonetheless an article central and definitive to our Faith. The infallible statement of the bull indeed focusing on legal and political jurisdiction, as capsulated in the statement that every creature on earth must be subject to the Roman Pontiff in order to be saved. This declaration, like all other papal pronouncements, being hedged about with all the standard qualifications, as in a merciful presumption of full or adequate knowledge: a Roman political or theological subjection hardly being binding on some non-Catholic not at all instructed in the Faith: as God plainly forgives some biblical good Samaritan for not obeying the pope in Rome. This clement and reasonable dogmatic affirmation nonetheless being used pedantically by Old Catholics and other heretics, sadly to be found in great numbers among Catholic traditionalists of today, to bolster irrelevant and erroneous claims that one must in every case be a baptized Catholic in order to be saved. While finally, although there does exist a certain functional specialization of the things of Caesar as distinct from the things of God, yet there is implied here, as genuine Church teaching indeed amply assures us, no independence of the lesser realm of the state from that of the Church, but only a kind of spiritually-supervised farming-out or sub-letting, as it were: with the methodologies involved in each case plainly being distinct from one another, and most churchmen scarcely being exercised in rote or routine duties and chains-of-command involved in state affairs. Yet where any matter of principle is concerned the Church always has absolute unquestionable dominion, with the only exception being any case where a church leader plainly orders some evil thing, as the most fundamental of all moral laws, from which all law takes its force, commands that we must always obey God rather than men. And if any hold that these traditional, time-tested caviats, stipulations and exceptions are too complicated, then they are asking that human institutions be run with an angelic simplicity not at all required by God, and not indeed within our human capacity to supply: hedged about as we humans are with those social, material and conceptual complexities which are absolutely definitive to our composite nature in every regard.

But returning to the subject of sodomy, the same tyrannical sentiments said to motivate our adherence to Unam Sanctam are alleged to animate Catholic opposition to sodomy as well, as if propelled thereto entirely by hatred or fear of sodomites themselves, by a desire to ridicule them, by some wish to do them manifold and unsparingly harm. Doctrine itself and our courageous adherence thereto being thus pushed polemically and without factual basis into some twilight zone of pettiness, folly or other forms of practical insignificance. Nay rather than hatred or fear what we hold up for simple exhibition is the fact that Jew and sodomite alike, the former the chief exponent and financier of perennial forms of heresy and abominable excesses of sodomy alike, are nonetheless people to be both respected as human beings and reasonably reckoned-with. For one thing because the whole of the modern formidable progress establishment is chiefly the global entrenchment of Jewish moral, political and commercial values, with sodomy presently at the fore, with this unwieldly, many-faceted, war-mongering, corrupt and wasteful global monstrosity creating a material reality quite averse to the human soul, being indeed intended in no small measure to reduce the biblical rest of men to a degraded sub-human condition which the term goyim or gentile represents. Jew and sodomite alike nonetheless in each case a human being we wish to reclaim from an eternal destiny worse than death: a lack-of-which solicitude seems to have provoked the Catholic-convert ex-rabbi who once graced the set of EWTN to voice his outrage, in a last parting appearance. His chagrined words suggesting treatment back-stage, for all the noisy New Church, pro-Jewish hullabaloo of the station, as an insignificant, bearded fuddy-duddy, a powerless has-been from out of an Old Testament past. And if the Jew is anything, he is not that. And as suggested it is the same lack of respect which characterizes the standard politically-correct treatment of the sodomite, who is said to have neatly severed himself from the rest of mankind, to have been hopelessly hatched-out, as it were, in his bizarre condition. A creature always counterintuitively begging both pity and preeminence, for a condition wrought either in dredges of morbidity and self-pity, in the one case, or diabolical and often homicidal cruelty, in the other. A moral pitfall open before all men and not at all restricted to some genetic anomaly. Sodomy a deadly moral disease however all-the-more open to the cleansing virtue of grace: else the latter, if unable to scour such filthy things, can have no purpose or efficacy at all. The sin not really existing in any strange workings of the imagination or even of the affective nature, common scourges of fallen man, if once indulged only banished with time, but a dominant moral condition rather brought about in that careless lack of self-discipline which is the hallmark of our age, with men today far removed from the piety, joyful hope, moral vigilance, salutary spiritual exercises and penitential practices of the past. The sodomite the most miserable product of such an impious and unhappy environment, someone who only some decades hence may finally realize how skillfully he has been used, and his deadly moral-plight ill-recognized, like the unsuspecting Roe in Roe vs. Wade of the equally-deadly bane of also-court-legislated abortion, for purposes undisclosed.

As might be gathered from the above, the typical whitewash employed in this prevalent Catholic surrender to this all-points Jewish primacy has been an heretically-conceived separation of church and state pseudo-doctrine, with one sentence of Our Blessed Lord, cleverly misconstrued, being used to contrive a perfect mutual independence, to negate the entire Catholic doctrine on the state, and from there going on one more easy step to hold the Church to be basically irrelevant to all practical affairs. While likewise a much-misrepresented and probably-misquoted demur of an early Frankish emperor, himself allegedly quoting this self-same biblical render therefore to Caesar passage, is similarly used to obscure the simple truth of sociopolitical doctrine in the most irretrievable way. This in another maneuver of secret-society-subservient historians, who rigidly dominate all collegiate history departments, casting about in muddy waters of scarcely-recorded historical eras in which these sycophants most love to fish. The noted ruler however an early-medieval king whose loyalty and filial piety toward the pope was proverbial, a veritable royal model of faithfulness to the Unam Sanctam dogma. This falsification of render therefore to Caesar being thus built up into a neatly-contrived polar-opposite to the Unam Sanctam doctrine of the Two Swords, the secular and the religious, the Church and the state,both borne on behalf of Christ or the Church: as obvious Christ can only speak of one thing at a time, and hardly means to obliterate the immovable moral foundations of the state, bolstered by the supreme position of the Church with respect to law, behavior and morality. All this for the sake of a bare few words uttered only about taxes, in a divinely-dismissive answer to a clever specimen of Jewish semantic trickery. As noted, the monstrous cleavage between practical life and religion contained in this staggering-if-unofficial misinterpretation eventually through the centuries since Unam Sanctam precipitated a veritable Gnostic, antiseptic Catholic-ecclesiastical non-involvement in much or most of the ranging universe of practical human life and affairs, a neglect nowadays rife with mostly-unspoken but eagerly-maintained claims that Unam Sanctam represents a sort of primitive, backward concept from out of the human past, an error not of doctrine but of sociology. This Freud-hearkening, limp and lifeless Manichaean anti-matter escape-hatch from duty, blasphemously alleging the irrelevance of religion in the most consequential of things, having notably generated that abominable-if-sanctimonious meekness at the expense of Christ which is the very leitmotif of Catholic public morality of our day, a false humility contained in any acceptance of erroneous modern psychology or sociology as replacing traditional Catholic thought in any regard. The cynical Freudian view having historically likewise provided cunning justifications for Capitalism, Nazism and Communism alike, with one of these anti-human and often brutally-unjust aberrations without ado, by pick and choose, being taken up in place of marvelously-balanced, merciful, grace-and-salvation-auguring Catholic thought of the ages in all public, economic and sociopolitical affairs. A much-celebrated radical hyper-spirituality thus with staggering irony blank-facedly surrendering most of practical human life to whatever the traffic will bear, as a parting insult pretending there is something not only sublime but also supremely brave and realistic in the whole presumptuous-yet-despairing affair. This craven moral, intellectual and political pusillanimity the ultimate inevitable outcome of this Catholic retreat from the Unam Sanctam defined duty of the Church to guide and sometimes indeed override the secular authority and all earthly potentates in what they say and do, if need be with excommunication wielded over the offender and on occasion even interdict over the whole Catholic fold of his realm.

But Catholic cowardice in the face of Jewish dominion, intrigue and power-brokering—the Jews exhibiting an arrogance which scarcely scruples about oversteps-of-power, historical synagogue hegemony indeed forming a life-throttling monopoly increasingly based through history on a vacuous, cancerous, spurious form of deposit-backed money—this monumental timidity goes all the way back to St. Peter in his preference shown toward Jews in the Apostolic Age, preferring to sit with them exclusively at supper rather than share his time with newly-converted gentiles. While by contrast the intrepid virility of a St. Paul, who rebuked Peter soundly and with good effect on the last such occasion, seems to have been far less common in the history of Church affairs. For as noted above popes, clerics and laymen alike, even indeed an Apostle confirmed in grace, have it in them to resolutely correspond to the grace of God or to cower from same when it demands a costly deed, even as neatly-manufactured excuses available for such timidity, some insipid samples of which we have already seen, are especially abundant. Nonetheless and as bears repeating this centuries-old retreat from the Catholic redemption-demanded duty to bring civil society into line with Catholic precepts and customs—sometimes bluntly and without ceremony, as in the case of those Spanish priests who used to roundly slap immodestly dressed women publicly, whether out on the street or were they to dare to enter the church vestibule thus provocatively clad—this materially-heretical sociopolitical Quietism is universally embraced today as the highest, most-sublime form of religion, prized, if with little candor, as shunning any foul contamination from nasty public/practical things. In this way custom, law and all other things earthly are steadily and without comment allowed to serve Baal, the young in particular hopelessly misled, while we sanctimoniously pretend to be serving God, in this respect only saying Lord, Lord, as decried by Christ Himself.

By such a twisted route then too is all of traditional Catholic thought and devotion, especially as manifested in practical or visible ways, quietly discarded as somehow off-balance or sick, not in tune with the new idolatry of progress, even among Catholics, with innately-radical, Godless Jewish ideas, notably synagogue-minted modern psychology, whose chief ambition is the destruction of Christian Faith and Civilization, taking the place of Catholic thought and precept in every important regard. No doubt especially here in the USA, the home of an utterly-Judaized, Baptist/Evangelical radical Calvinism with which Catholics here since the Revolutionary era have found a way to be so cozily well at home. American Protestantism in particular, despite frequent dour pretenses, ill-admittedly partaking of the psychotherapeutic emotional release so prized by Freud and his many offspring psychiatrists, as in the delirium of altar-calls, of emotionally-based claims of having been saved, and so on. While among Catholics excellent, sober and mature prospects for the priesthood or religious life are likewise regularly rejected from the seminary or convent for more than a century now, by way of a blind and heedless adherence to cynical, worldly or flip-side tent-meeting standards established by Freud regarding mental-health or all-around aptitude: scarcely any standards promoted by Our Blessed Lord in His choice of the Apostles. Jerk-knee, anti-human or materialistic principles thereafter slavishly developed by the counselor of Vienna and his many professional followers: these latter regularly boasting of having rejected the celebrated early-twentieth-century figure, himself duly recorded as a multiple psychotic, all the while their hopelessly-bleak central tenets remain Freudian to the core. These scholarly aberrations, in a madness in which there is however much method, being perfect partners to Yankee flag-waving, war-mongering, capitalistic greed, in a Jewish corban-reminiscent faith-without-works-Protestant approach which as noted above portrays as more or less unstable some of the most fundamental of heartfelt and committed Catholic moral and spiritual principles of the ages, and those who practice them as being variously mentally sick, weak-minded, lacking in manly or womanly character, and so on. Largely for lacking the cheaply-bought stage-play-Yankee iron chin. While as might be expected the sometimes-treacherous ascent of Mount Carmel of the contemplative soul is a special target of this cynical synagogue spleen, every pitfall of which obscure and arduous climb is mischaracterized as a frightful spasm of some mental or emotional disease. The typical recourse of tumultuous figures involved in this wholesale fiction being to look back, Reformer style and with high-theater, to a scarcely-historically-recorded Early Church, and thus scantly equipped to roundly question the wisdom, sanity and authenticity of anything that came afterward. Thus with the cynicism of Hell rejecting or reforming everything Catholic into sheer oblivion, ineffable treasures developed under the influence of that Holy Ghost Who by promise of the Savior would recall to our minds all the things He had taught us. Any mockery of Whose power must border on the damnation-auguring blasphemy of the Holy Ghost, the biblical unforgiveable sin. Inestimable heirlooms being thus replaced by the bare Protestant bible alone, whose easily-misinterpreted passages have no interpretive authority supplied, all this by way of the standard synagogue hyper-literary approach, that which is nothing but intellectually-proud faithlessness in disguise. A truncated Scripture indeed without ado shorn of something like eleven books, scant verses held nonetheless able to condemn the Catholic Church itself, the birthplace of the New Testament, as having been guided throughout the anno domino ages by a ship of fools. Here being an utterly-unfounded indictment tacitly conceded even by most Catholics today. This central radical-literary apologetic for Protestantism being indeed the central Judeo-Masonically-imposed inspiration of a long seer-predicted heretical/schismatic anti-council Vatican II, the fruit of centuries-old timidity-brokered contaminations of many kinds. While anything truly spiritual has this polemic disadvantage, that it cannot be defended in those arrogant, pseudo-clinical or hyper-worldly terms that are the sole boast of modern-psychology and success-oriented Protestantism alike, so that to the shallow soul these latter always carry the day.

Finally and as intimated above, the radical-Protestant take on human life inculcated from the start in the USA, a viewpoint of set purpose rigidly opposed to all things Catholic, is the invariable determinant of a grimly-Calvinistic American foreign policy as well: this stiff-necked if ill-acknowledged opposition to the One True Church, unique among nations, fostering the illusion of an across-the-board American mission to convert by force if necessary the biblical rest of men, the USA taking peremptory and violent if scantly-acknowledged umbrage in particular with anything like mildness, meekness, or classical formation of any kind, when found in any quadrant of the globe. These virtues identified correctly as central to the Catholic soul, but contrary to that brute force which seems to be the exceptionalist/American virtue par excellence. The USA, in its past and present state an abominable false America, indeed always raising the flag of a Judeo-Masonically-inspired rebellion against venerable traditional forms of any non-Jewish faith: the bomb-throwing Jew being always the restless hero-figure here. He to whom a hyper-cynical end justifies the means invariably supersedes both goodness or faith, as in the universal Jewish acceptance of the Talmud as far superior to Old Testament revelation itself: the former however only the malevolent manifesto of alleged Jewish superiority. This in legend-coded instructions-in-arrogance to be followed and displayed by the Jew in every conceivable setting when dealing with the non-Jew. This radical opposition to all tradition except its own ritual-ablutionary forms, reproduced in synagogue-originating Protestantism in cheaply-bought salvation-declaratory artifices noted above, being stripped of all real connection to God and His law, being intrinsically foreign to Catholic Faith, which not only demands just behavior but also seeks to bring essentially-innocent native customs lovingly into the Catholic cosmos, embracing, delighting-in a diversity of cultural things. While in violent contrast the pervasive American radical-Calvinism, indistinguishable close cousin to the Jewish lust for-power, must uproot everything with its earth-denuding faith without works pseudo-religion, as noted finding little if any need either for beloved stabilities of culture or for that virtuous living to which all men innately aspire, and traces of which nobility are found in nearly every human form, however vague or obscure be their outline from place to place, from one case to the next. These good things to be replaced by a Protestantism in a rare display of folly obsessed with proving by pose and object-lesson alike that the all-determining altar-call experience was genuine: thus typically initiating a lifelong attitude of stubborn, self-righteous independence in stark contrast to the humble Catholic dependency on Sacramental life, on a continual spiritual nourishment by these homely-yet-heavenly forms.

Rather indeed does the Manichaean philosophy/theology considered here, this utter rejection of human forms, in an ironic sense of materiality itself, all the while it basks in a degrading sort of hyper-materialism in which material things are presumptuously and even contemptuously misused, rather does this leftover of the ancient Middle-eastern-pagan world have no place in the Catholic Faith, as the whole meaning and purpose of the Incarnation, of the taking-of-flesh of the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, is to reconcile the earthly and the heavenly in one momentous and holy bond. With the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the other Sacraments, gushing forth from the lance-pierced side of the Savior, opening up to us the flood of blessings that flow prodigiously from this redemptive union, this lifting of earthly forms and conventions on high. Indeed, the salvation of individual souls which so rigidly and with such stark exclusion sets the limits to modern-day faith was already in effect from the time of Adam and Eve, and announced at the very beginning, just as they were being expelled from the Garden: in a retrospective application of a Sacramental system by which men from that day forward were saved, and by which sins of all ages are alone washed away. But after the Resurrection, the biblically-announced Catholic Way, hardly some Evangelical get out of Hell free card, makes us in a sense more responsible, gives us a moral regimen in a sense more demanding than that offered to men of pre-Christian times. The utterly-non-Manichaean, non-Puritanical transformation of the earth and all its institutions, the wholesale sacramentally-nourished, societally-cultivated raising-of-public-moral-character: this being the full manifestation of a divinely-anticipated victory already on Calvary achieved, and progressively carried forward, if sometimes so poorly, throughout the ages in the Catholic Church, being already announced in the pristine prediction of the Marian-and-ecclesiastical crushing of the head of proud Lucifer, on that very first doleful-yet-hopeful day. This biblical renewal of the face of the earth by the Holy Ghost, the Paraclete sent only after the Resurrection, this most resounding victory of Calvary innately involving the fashioning of the earth into a fit vessel of the divine majesty, into another yet-more-holy Garden of Eden, in a laying-of-palm-fronds in front of the King-of-Kings, in an institutionally-embedded legal, political, societal transformation, of a humanity which in Catholic theology is one man in Adam and a-fortiori in Christ, in preparation for His final coming. The aim and raison d’etre of all created things of any kind being always and preeminently the open and unabashed honor and glory of God, from which the salvation of souls is as it were a secondary fruit. This triumph being most forcefully evident on earth in the manifestation, indeed with due pomp and circumstance, of Catholic doctrine and practice in human law and custom, in local, regional and national institutions: as it is the feet, or the way of life, which must be washed, as the Savior so marvelously signified at the Last Supper, and then all things else are clean. This salvation-auguring moral rectitude and civic nobility not only of individual men but of society itself something no verbal formula or altar call can ever achieve, requiring our instant, unstinting, courageous, unabashed practical application, scarcely being a Rapture-doctrine only saying Lord, Lord. This practical integral Catholicism being a duty from which we cannot turn, else we betray the highest of heavenly trusts, showing ourselves a Judas rather than a Paul or John. Herein the resounding accomplishment of Calvary, the ultimate significance of the Redemption: being announced in that way which give most glory to God, brings most souls to Heaven, and earns for us His unfailing and prodigious earthly aid and blessings as well.

August 25, 2016: Confederate contrasted with Yankee. Last revision of article on October 12.

The term Yankee is of great historical interest, as it seems to have originated as a pejorative on the tongues of Confederate soldiers and citizens alike, the sobriquet suggesting an aggressive sort of personality, a lack of refinement, a dismissive readiness to be blunt or even crude, to yank, or break it off in you, as it were. The ordinary Johnny Reb, for whose standard-of-living slavery was a curse akin to that of the Black, having rebelled against this typical if-not-universal Northern character defect more than anything else, scarcely confusing cheaply-bought verbal aggression with courage, let alone intelligence. Some from Virginia or Tennessee even going the length of confessing that they would rather have a son who was an outlaw than one who was such an arrogant snot, this even if mystery-clad Confederate civilian leaders were largely concerned with Yank-rivaling crudities of keeping slavery alive. Certain well-placed Southern leaders having in fact and as historically recorded been secretly in league with Northern Jews and crypto-Jews like the already-prominent Bush family and their secret-society associates, in this worst species of a more general enslavement of mankind: sporting a pseudo-loyalty which then as now invariably pushes all nobler things aside. These dishonorable men then as now having a totalitarian false-flag agenda never revealed to the common man of any place.

Likewise, together with regional brave words and in a further contrast with the Reb Southerner, many-a-Yank both now and then has tended to reject all attachment to tradition, to the past, to yank it off, as it were, while the genuine Southerner realizes that without the past we are nothing, a mere tabula rasa or blank tablet for the perfidious ever-progressive, custom-quashing Jew to write upon. Southerners today with uncanny persistence remaining largely this way, despite decades of Hill-Billy-mockery, as it might be called, prominent-among-which was the long-running, artificially-promoted Andy Griffith Show on TV, whose dominant theme-line was that all in-the-know Dixie-dwellers are liberal-minded snots after the pattern of counterfeit-country-boy Andy and his prim-and-proper housekeeper/relative, Aunt Bee. Both of whom patronize honest North-Carolinians on the show like so many grade-school tots. She who earlier in her acting career played at least one character-part most evil, sinister and strange. This Yankee proclivity toward radicalism, which Hollywood and all Hell have sought so assiduously to transplant to the South, having scarcely been lost upon horrified Confederates of old, who balked at those numerous still-academically-celebrated nineteenth-century collectivist experiments like the Amana Colonies and others of the same alien, totalitarian kind, with the writings of Marx being already indeed in wide circulation by the time of the Civil War. Experimental communities springing up across the Northern landscape back then, where people lived in big dormitories, ate in massive cafeterias, attended the same social functions, cultivated the same habits, and so on. (sound familiar?) The Southerner being no conformist or social radical but a lover of tradition, family, individual existence and faith, a keeper of personal trusts passed down from father to son: these the true harbors of genuine freedom, of undying love.

This then the struggle we are engaged in again today: to preserve what is worthy from out of the past, to remove the reigning radical liberal/progressive Yankee from his place of ill-gotten, ill-deserved power: a task in which we indeed invite all good Northerners to take generous part, as our New and Better Confederacy is designed to take in the whole land, and is not at all averse to manifold Northern customs wholesome and good, if mostly transplanted by immigrating nationalities. To do this peacefully if possible, all the while knowing that ever-secretive, scheming, black-ops/false-flag oriented Jewish/Freemasonic overlords, no doubt still mostly based in Northern states, will never permit such a salubrious change to take place without oceans of carefully-prearranged blood and gore. These present leaders preparing for us as they do a heinous, pitiless barbarity, such as we presently see inflicted on an entire globe, as for instance in this CIA-trained Baghdadi of ISIS lore, playing out in the news every day. A bleak prospect which only an utter dependence upon the divine aid and guidance, as well as a return to trust-based personal authority, genuine medium-of-exchange money, and a distributive decentralization of power, all of which are discussed in detail on this site, can forestall and defeat.

July 9, 2016: The domestic irruption of black-ops/false-flag operations of the U.S. Government, designed to make us all meekly long once again for the status-quo.

When people start to express dissatisfaction with the present system, with its hand-picked, undesirable presidential candidates, with a throw-away economy teetering on the brink, making the consumer buy the same highly-breakable item, now so poorly made, six more times instead of the old, backward, outdated, durable once, and when people like us come up with viable substitutes for the whole ugly mess, it is then that pandemonium breaks loose, policemen start getting gunned down, and other such atrocities explode before our very eyes. All this being furthermore, in some vague, ill-articulated way associated with those who desire genuine change, with real teeth in it, making such trouble makers as ourselves more or less suspect as encouraging, if not actually perpetrating, these many heinous, violent deeds. While hardly escaping our notice has been the frequency of these horrific crimes, actually officially sponsored false flag operations, somewhere near the trail of our Crusade, suggesting to some that we ourselves somehow provoke these monstrous blood-lettings, simply by way of the sight of our candid if-hardly-abusive signs and honest, unvarnished words. As if we were stirring up all the gun-fondling maniacs, of which America has no small number, by such moderate deeds. No doubt some would suggest too that meth-takers and other such drug-abusers are especially susceptible to a putative burstingly-active world of psycho-suggestion, as it might be called, which forceful words or symbols from any quarter are said to spontaneously and catastrophically bring alive. While whatever the strange slant adopted the final verdict is that we political activists should all stop being cry-babies and content ourselves with this best of all possible systems. These hideous deeds that are now playing out more specifically however carrying the cold-blooded goyim-misrepresenting, marginalizing and murdering trademark of the eternally-homicidal Jews to the hilt, with the finger-prints of a no doubt crypto-Jewish General Petraeus of the CIA, the creator of the Baghdadi of IS, to be found conspicuously over these abominable domestic treacheries.

July 11, 2016: The globe-conquering cult of the Jewish Progress Idol or Statue of Liberty: how a disastrous denial of our thinking and willing humanity is involved.

On the level of the will it both a supine sort of moral self-denial, as it might be called, together with the unleashing of all the passions both concuscible and irascible, which brings about this deterioration, while on the level of thought it is a like sort of perverse abnegation together with the channeling of all scholarship and intellectuality into digital and technical fields which achieves a like human atrophy. The end result is the ultimate victory of the Jews, whose homeland is both in Israel and in the USA, the rest of men being regarded as sub-human by these putative saviors of humanity. And although goyim like myself are forbidden to utter such revelatory words the Jews themselves, who effectively control human life today, are permitted and encouraged to announce these hideous trophies, like heads on the end of pikes, to the whole world. But the trick is to convince us that we are advancing rather than deteriorating by these much-celebrated means, with the ancillary employment of all social connections, rigidly controlled as well, to inforce this monstrous idea. Hence do abominable sodomites dominate human life on every level today, the triumph of the Jews ever being conceived of in these terms, of the utterly dishonorable and abominable bringing-down of humanity by the most corrupt, brutal and perverse of means, with the pursuit of nobler ends and impulses being cunningly portrayed as a trait of weakness, not of strength. Hence all the while we are being brought low in this way we are actually dealing with a truly sub-human sort of moral-and-intellectual insect in these allegedly chosen souls, one which devours us by bits and unawares. Better off by far were those our ancestors who lived in a much more physically-primitive level but whose moral and intellectual universe was left intact, who had the Church fathers, the clergy and the theologians to lead them to the higher reaches of truly-rational life, as the antechamber to our Heavenly Home.

Thus is there no worthy triumph involved in the ever-threatening Jewish ascendancy, but only a detestable corruption of humanity which discourages and preempts all free-agency, with the Jewish victory only a question of how low are you willing to crawl to achieve dishonorable and nefarious aims. Thus for example the measures taken against us out on the Crusade, as when a group of sodomites, pretending to embrace our cause, will ask us to pose for a picture with them gathered around us, no doubt with sly grins playing on their faces. These pictures, perhaps digitally altered, then appearing on the social media, with captions about our own alleged sly association with these miserable perverts.

How then battle such an enemy, if victory is indeed the proper trophy of the good? The possession of this most estimable of citadels requires foremost a profound humility, as only God can fight this kind of an enemy, one which attacks us at a hyper-worldly level with which the biblical children of light are totally unacquainted, and against which we thinking and reasoning beings have no weapons. Hence it is in a devout raising of the banner of the two Sacred Hearts, an unshakably-confident flight to God and to His Most Holy Mother, that the impending seer-predicted, crushing triumph is to be achieved in these latter days. Hence too is it that the world will finally become entirely Catholic, after it is forced as it were to save itself from Jewish/Satanic treachery by these marvelous, lowly but entirely-unfailing means.

July 8, 2016: More on disembodied, decontextualized religion. The disastrous effect it has in particular upon the political order. Article developed repeatedly.

This is a constant theme in writings found here, this lamentable escape of man from the duties incumbent upon his dual material/spiritual existence, fallen man falling prey to allegedly irreconcilable polarities of body and soul which heresy so typically plies, adopting a hedonistic disowning of moral duties, on the one hand, as in the boomer/biker/hippy cynicism, or by contrast embracing an Albigensian rejection of all physical/material life as evil, and only the purely-spiritual as good. Two mutually-hostile approaches which however in the practical event, incredibly-enough, meet somewhere on the dark side of the moon. With the starry-eyed hyper-spiritual constantly despairing into the most abominable and degrading of fleshy and materialistic vices, frequently claiming the sole necessity of faith as a condition perfectly distinct from the requirements of an upright life. Here being for one thing a detestable misinterpretation of St. Paul, notably in his Epistle to the Romans extoling the vivifying effects of faith, while rejecting any efficacy of the works, not of justice, which would be a denial of the very natural law written on the human heart, but of the now-defunct Mosaic Law.

Not surprisingly, it is precisely in an accurate alloy of the two, the spiritual and the material or practical, that the political order finds its place of rest: a wedding of realms which requires a constant laborious vigilance to bring into being. That happy condition always under attack in election-year hatchings of dualistic slogans and speeches loaded either with superbly-crafted anti-matter abstractions or blunt Trumpesque brutalities of various kinds. Even though when the elections are over, as in the dark side of the moon routine noted above, there is little practical difference in the policies that ensue. Hence in the same dualistic tradition too is to be found the heresy of the past seven hundred years, of the rejection of the political doctrine of Boniface VIII, of the Two Swords, the spiritual and the political, both of which by this papal definition are carried on behalf of the Church. The ultra-spiritual however, they whose numbers today are legion, surrendering to the naked power of the state every practical political prerogative, being satisfied instead with the most tantalizing of perfectly-balanced platitudes or verbal formulas that somehow satisfy many facile minds but that betray the most vulnerable, that surrender to sweet mercies of rapacious madmen the fortunes of widows and orphans, that give the neighborhoods over to the whims of free market mountebanks and fiends. These dreamers being furthermore almost impossible to expose for what they are, as all of the human vocabulary seems to favor their polemical ascendancy, as they dangle their baubles of brilliantly-counterpoised abstractions, or of brave and blunt brutalities, in the most fascinating way, posing in the first case indeed as biblical angels of light. While the defender of the helpless is always perceived, in the stark or explosive relief of these speechifiers, as a stumbling, bumbling fool by comparison, his very diction being fraught with the humble necessities which practical existence constantly brings to bear.

May 28, 2016: De-programming is our resolute aim. Crusading in Dixie during month of May. Article expanded June 5.

No theory is involved here but rather plain unvarnished fact, as attested by these latest toilet-related dictums from D.C.: our secret-society-driven government doggedly attempting to program us, forcing upon us a demoralizing mental and moral regimen as if we were rats in a cage. Ah, let some hair-brained professor in some college come up with a depraved and fanatical idea, and the anti-life, anti-family folks in the beltway are sure to make it into an ironclad law, just wait and see. There is no question that death is to be preferred to such a guinea-pig existence: a life over which we, rational beings though we are, have nothing to say. Hence do we stand with Stonewall Jackson, Longstreet, Beauregard and the rest of the Southern general-grade command, chivalrous men who had they not been led by civilian traitors like Judah Benjamin, the original Confederate Secretary of War, who adamantly held them back, would have won the Civil War in a matter of days, and spared us the loss of some 800,000 lives. Southerners who as attested by their first statehood aspirations did not originally want slavery in the Southern states, but were overridden in this noble desire by of all people Thomas Jefferson in his drafting of the Louisiana Purchase. This democratic genius who insisted that the evil institution be permitted in the far reaches of that mammoth acquisition. Indeed, the days of coal-oil lamps of our ancestors are much to be preferred to our present insidiously-imposed sub-human condition, and we will fight to the last man to save our grandchildren from such a terrible, Hell-bound demise. For the choice is obvious: stay with the secret-society-dominated, morally-depraved-from-the-start USA and go to Hell, or be loyal to the law of God and to a loose-knit but vigorous Confederacy dedicated to same and have a reasonable chance at saving your soul and those of your children.

Reaction to our Secession and Confederacy crusade in the five Southern states through which we traveled during May has run from enthusiastic acceptance to open-mouthed astonishment, while negative reactions have been few and far between. Black people are notably energetic in their support, perhaps especially when they see the non-racist disclaimer above the Confederate flag on the front of the rig. These being the mostly-pious people who realize most painfully what liberty under Obama and his ilk, which basically takes in all three Federal branches, really means. But among all racial or nationality groups most receptive and enthused by far was Tennessee, with Alabama and Arkansas sharing a rather distant second place. Mississippi and Louisiana seem to be in the grips of a fear of rocking the boat, having fallen prey to the terrorism mania driven by D.C., with one very fine young man, indeed a beneficiary to our cause, informing us ruefully that the terrorists are in every gas station!: by whom he meant of course the many attendants of Middle Eastern nationality, whose very gracious and kindly manner, incredibly-enough, is inevitably interpreted as a Hollywood-vintage cover-up for some bloody, sinister design. General Petraeus and his hand-picked Islamic State tool Baghdadi having done their war-psychology, black-ops, false-flag work hideously well. But of course this is also a replay of a central part of Americana, of the love of the dour, of the frown, as if it were an indication of staunch honesty, with this misanthropic peculiarity stemming in turn from a vintage-Puritan distrust of Catholic social culture, its openness, its trustfulness. This benign quality something we European-trained Catholics share in large measure with everyone else on the globe except our own fellow citizens here in the USA, among whom we are often-enough held in a like distrust by these doughty people. They who are often so attached to the gun and to foreign wars. Indeed, to St. Philip Neri a smile is the greatest channel of the grace of God, even as contrary sentiments are among two or three misconceptions which destroy families and souls here in the USA. This a topic written about much on this site.

In Arkansas we found both very positive people, especially around West Memphis, and some of the few very negative ones to be met with on the Crusade as well. While in west Tennessee not far from Jackson we were treated to some of the good old Tennessee pork sausage that Joann remembers from her childhood days, not far from there. We had just run out of gas again, having been looking for a place to park and show our signs for the past fifty miles or so, of which there were none. Finally then being forced to coast into a Methodist churchyard, just across from the neighborhood store and grill of the good man, from which position we got spirited waves from motorists passing by. This occasional running-short of funds being no humiliation to us, but rather a chance to bring others into our spirited effort, typically with the donation of a can of gas.

Doughty opponents out here just love to sanctimoniously lecture us, in so many cleverly-concocted words insinuating that we are mere vagrants looking for others to pay our way on a pleasure tour around the USA. This is especially to be anticipated when some representative of some Protestant denomination gets involved, they who often show no hesitation to berate us in the most self-righteous way: even if Billy Graham was never called a bum for collecting millions for his rather pointless sermons. But in fact it is the very unvarnished sincerity and timeliness of what we do and say out here that thus rouses the ire of those many who would only say Lord, Lord. They who have found a way at last to coddle perversion and wickedness to their breast all the while they pretend to be serving God.

Article to be continued.

May 2, 2016: It is not good for man to be alone. Article improved during the day.

Much of critical importance is packed in those few words from the book of Genesis, scarcely anticipating a creature isolated in a digital world of blinking lights, intruding and malevolent hackers, regimented protocols of global-corporate and federal entities, false-flag-bloodthirsty pseudo-patriots bloodily arranging new foreign wars, and so on. Lonely it is to witness daily on TV the wholesale butchery of women and children in particular, when likewise here at home we have no real friendship or companionship, but are urged on to mawkish, craven and dishonorable utility, to get in with the right crowd to land that job or social position. Here being an iceberg one is moored upon for a lifetime, without the balm of sweet and irreplaceable love, the latter worthy more by far than stocks, bonds or six-digit salaries. We being likewise starkly alone when as at present we are mostly removed from a close relationship with natural earthly things, being increasingly isolated in some spiritually-and-experientially cramped space-capsule of a digital existence which is a stranger to hospitalities of birds and beasts, of a panoply of perpetually-unique sunrises. Lacking even the once-familiar simple rough companionship of a heavy wooden log you brought in out of the snowy cold to warm your frozen limbs: rather than the cold touch-of-a-button heat of some Wall-Street-traded furnace, ready to break down on you just when you need it, or when the latest end-time natural disaster tears out all the power-lines or satellite relay stations for fifty miles around. No, it is not good for man to be alone, to live a storied techie life in a top-heavy economic jungle which needs continual prearranged brushfire war, and an occasional nation-annihilating global one, and an occasional sovereign-competitor-destroying, tsunami-producing atomic detonation on the ocean floor, to keep a bankrupt, predatory stock-market and supporting delusional neo-con economic theories going strong. While our brothers across the globe die of malnutrition or under our drone bombs and political policies. No, this sort of lonely self-indulgence, with all its noisy and tumult-breeding excuses, gives you no peace but rather eats at your heart and soul until it drives you fully or marginally mad, and thereafter, if you do not change, pitches you headlong into the thirsty fires of Hell. Where you will cry someday, mark my word, as recounted by saints and seers of the millennia, I deceived myself, there is no hope for me, I am lost: a curse on me. (Sr. Josefa Menendez, The Way of Divine Love.) A supremely lonely place full of mockery and rancor, utterly without love, where the worm dies not, nor is the fire quenched.

The rebellion of Lucifer was in fact precisely rooted in his contempt for man and his humble physical nature, his embracing and interdependent communities, this malice part-and-parcel of a hatred for a God-man Who would take such lowly human flesh. The devil desiring us to be fatally enchanted by visions of escape from all earth-bound limitations, for some few of the most cunning and predatory to utterly destroy a despised but divinely-beloved planet, and thereafter to land of some beam-me-up-Scotty galactic paradise where rigid and uncompromising supermen will rule. But it is not to be, proud man, it is not to be.

Was there tyranny under the old, close-to-nature system? On occasion, certainly: but it was a tyranny exercised by men whom we knew, over whom we had a certain amount of influence, who were not so diabolically all-powerful as to wreak such havoc as we see and experience today. No one ever pretended back then to have invented a heaven-on-earth, our ancestors having rather lived in a supremely canny and realistic, interdependent political-and-economic system into which the common good was closely and irremovably woven, in which the Church maintained a vigilant guardianship over the just moral content of law, without which there is no law. Good liberty thus being the right to do good, not the right to do and brutally impose wrong and perversity, as Obama and his court-and-legislative ilk are doing now. These false fathers giving us a stone instead of a loaf, a serpent instead of a fish, a deranged liberty which takes from us every sweet thing and perpetually demands more. Which will have us burn ourselves up, even here on earth, on this altar of paganistic license, this false political system which is nothing but bald-faced rebellion against the clement and merciful, just, chaste and noble law of God.

May 1, 2016: More on media-manipulated fantasy-theory.

The media being as we all know entirely controlled, mostly by three or four major stock-traded international conglomerates, their worldview is therefore flagrantly and ceaselessly drilled into us by the ingratiating commentators they sponsor or employ, who like all their lack-luster breed lack any much creative thinking ability, which might indeed upset the corporate apple-cart. Thus do these characterless commentators spend their time and gigabytes with high theatrical dudgeon exposing so-called conspiracy-theorists and others thus easily cut down to size, in this way forcefully but falsely presenting the venal and corrupt view of life of their masters as the best we can hope for in a real world. Hence are a host of straw-man fringe-maniacal theories, which otherwise would not see the light of day, lamented and ranted-against by these digital hand-wringers, of which even an otherwise middling-good rt.com has a sizeable assortment: with this notional potent revulsive thus handily preventing any change in the present cozy social, economic and political dead-end in which stock-traded behemoths and their like in all sectors, at least for now, thrive like never before. We will continue to be ruled by the Trumps, Obamas, Clintons, Bushes, oil-industry, grocery-chains, etc. ad nauseam, as major-media idea-magicians marginalize any who have a contrary insight that could change it all, rather fronting rabid, maniacal caricatures of same in the major media, taking thoughts of would-be reformers and over-stating, misconstruing and decontextualizing them, making the honest thinker look like a madman or a fool. While the latter good men will seldom be heard from at all, having no billion-dollar resources, being thus helplessly submerged in a sea of misrepresentation, and the little bit of text they are able to get out on some humble website is probably hopeless marred by unreadable hackings of various kinds (squiggles, question marks, trade-mark symbols, and so on, everywhere, as happens often indeed on this very site, as discussed in an article below).

Hence is every hopeful initiative made into another dismal opportunity for literary boot-lickers to mock and misinterpret good ideas and their originators, to make the arena of sociopolitical ideas into a mendacious, mud-slinging free-for-all, theatrically cautioning the whole world against conspiracy theorists or over-religious, idealistic fools. Only God can save us from these criminally-engaged mountebanks who perform these cowardly and inverted virtual-slanders, here being a trip to the woodshed He is already undertaking as I write. Just look at the sky, at a moon which has now apparently rolled completely over, showing us for the first time entirely the former dark side of the moon. These are the signs spoken of for millennia, of a coming chastisement which will probably see the earth sucked in far too close to the sun, if the miracle at Fatima in 1917, witnessed by some 100,000 souls, is any indication of its nature. During which cataclysm the biblical melting away of flesh will be seen in all its horror, and three-quarters of mankind will die in horrible travails.

April 30, 2016: Will the real fantasy-theorist please stand up?

I think that is a much better term for this business of making facts conform to theory rather than the other way around, a notional sickness much more common among those who hold a certain refinement or adaptation of the theory of the lone wolf. While most fantasy-ridden among varieties of this mental malady is the idea that all the ills of the world are brought about by individual madmen with no relation to one another. Hence an article just today read in rt.com, written by some Yank or Englishman whose name I cannot remember, lamenting any criticism of the Jews, a piece which begins with the inevitable long paragraph decrying all who blame any Jews for anything as being, you guessed it, conspiracy theorist. Alas, once we begin to think in this way then there is no longer any such thing as organized persecution or repression. Oh, no, it was not the Red Chinese who plied the policy of brutal torture of Catholic and other Christian missionaries during the reign of Mao, no: it was only some isolated madmen who somehow happened to become prison guards, slipping past conscientious monitoring by the Maoist officers corps, who slyly took it upon themselves to run chop-sticks through ear-drums, slivers under fingernails, and so on. Thus too indeed those Robber Barons of today who demolish whole economies for the sake of a better return on their own stocks: this is not at all a policy to be credited to any particular group or school, no: it is just a case of the stupid greed of some very few lone coin-counting wolves.

We here on this site do not single out Jews simply because of the say-so of Adolph Hitler, the Jew, who killed some of his own Jewish nationality to make them martyrs for the cause, nay, rather, what we say here about the subject is all taken from the decretals of the popes of anno domino times. The fact is that the systematic, cunning marginalization of the human race is essential to the Jewish religion and take-on-life, without which indeed there would be no Judaism at all. All this having been attested by pontiffs of the millennia, in hundreds of doctrinally-couched statements and warnings whose stentorian accents have sadly not been heard in Rome since around the Revolutionary Era, when the Vatican itself seems to have begun to fall heavily into debt to the Jews, notably the Rothschilds. Indeed, the things we accuse the Jews of are openly boast by the Jews themselves from high places in government and the media in places like Israel, and their organized, not lone-wolf, brutality against Palestinians is positively legendary. It is only we the goyim who are forbidden to say such things, both by Jews and their boot-lickers, like the noted writer, a breed who are legion in number.

Alas, it is the lone wolf theorist regarding recent global or national calamities who is really the dangerous thinker, or rather a theatrical pseudo-intellectual who knows where his bread is buttered, who leads us to our destruction in the most thorough and irremediable way.

April 28, 2016: The most recent campaign of the Anti-Sodomy Crusade to Dallas and vicinity. Article added-to continually, with thoughtful reflections intermingled.

Initially, we left our little place in Arizona about the twenty-third of March, and did a ten-day stint around southeastern and central parts of the state, visiting many of the old regional gravel pull-offs where over the past nine years we have repeatedly displayed our ten-inch-high Anti-Sodomy signs. We have not hesitated to keep our law of God is sole source of law lettering: an age-old traditional pious, legitimacy-defining concept unearthed by we ourselves, not by the General-Petraeus-minted Islamic State, way back around 1998 or so. A battle-cry not for the shedding of innocent blood but for a newly-conceived Confederacy to peacefully take the place of the Judeo-Masonic sodomy-peddlers who have so thoroughly invested Congress, the Oval Office and the courts. Thereafter, we took interstate 10, going through Lordsburg, with our usual tremendous reception on a pull-off on the entry ramp just across from Steins, the nineteenth-century Apache trading post, with enthusiastic victory-signs, thumbs-up and waving their heads off given us by interstate motorists passing by. After which we took the super-highway all the way to Junction, TX, hundreds of miles away, where Joann was given a strong interior urging that we should take U.S. 190 eastward instead, thus routing us away from a Houston that in a few short days would be flooded catastrophically, at about the time we would probably have arrived. Another striking divine rescue from floodwaters of that region took place as well, while other acts of divine aid were frequently enjoyed as well: suffice it to say that God wants us to keep doing what we are doing, or He would not continually provide for us and preserve us from every sort of threatening harm, leading us along as if by the hand. Texas positively loves us and what we are doing, and I think God is going to fertilize the seeds of in-depth organization of our particular kind of Confederacy in His own good time, something that may indeed already be taking place. But we have made a point of keeping in touch electronically or by mail with no one, as that would undoubtedly draw upon them some fraction of the negative attention we ourselves have received from sodomite hackers, federal agents and the like. And furthermore our whole method of organization, distributism, is built on personal, spatial contact and leadership, locational economics and other old-fashioned but multiplier-rich things, a medium naturally diffusive horizontally across the land, producing bumper-crops of Godly prosperity, happiness and peace.

One fine lady somewhere in west-central Texas came up to us while fueling at a gas station and shook the hand of my wife Joann with more than twenty dollars wordlessly contained in the hand-clasp, all this it seems at the time this House bill was being debated to let self-claimed sodomites into the washrooms of the opposite sex to which they self-identify. (As noted somewhere above, I would be using quotation marks but that function has apparently been hacked away by some tech-savvy pervert, and so at least for now I have to make do with italics for that purpose. In some locales this anomaly may not be apparent.)

One can see where the final departure took place, as it might be called, of government from any actual input or oversight by the people: a deadly transformation which actually began when theatrical Freemasons led this country into unjustified rebellion against the singularly-humane England of the late eighteenth century, a catastrophe-auguring change which began its last stages with the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers, when the nation was put into a strategically-planned and prearranged state-of-shock, and thereafter everything was progressively to be managed by those who know what is best. As all along the US citizen has known a degree of boundary-overstepping control which no Englander could ever have imagined. The trick was to make it look as if self-government was a simple matter of mocking and scorning monarchs, noblemen and ecclesiastical hierarchy, while increasingly leaving the nation in the hands of strangers, of distant, powerful but unknown men, kingpins who rigidly rule through surrogates of the now-so-familiar ingratiating Congressional kind. All the while the obsequies of a glorious democracy were ceaselessly aired, and our military went out to spread this apocalyptic revolution everywhere. Mammoth scale was the slurry upon which the transformation would ride, with those in charge in all fields less-and-less familiar to the common man: a radical agenda which needed terrible security threats to enlist the loyalty of shrewdest old-timer or tiniest child. Hence the myriad black ops or false-flag (the terms are largely interchangeable) operations like 9/11, an in-house operation from the word go, acceptance of the Warren-Commission-like, ga, ga government version-of-events cleverly made into a litmus-test of loyalty by the Tea-Party/Fox-News crowd. These merciless acts of treachery, of the bald-faced killing of Americans, being plainly the ultimate in diabolical and dishonorable policy, the final word in the wresting of anything like democracy from the grasp of the common man. But it all fits like pieces of a treasonous puzzle, if you only look at the checkered history of this allegedly covered-in-glory system. One we intend to replace with another Godly, globally-neighborly and just.

When things begin to get too hot for this secretive overlord, the highly-meaningful codename for the invasion of Europe by U.S.-led forces in World War II, not to worry is their byword, as they have an infinitude of character-types to spring on us, picking out just the one for the moment needed to create the illusion of forceful leadership in a positive direction, of a popular freeing from a democratically-shackled past. Hence this showman Trump, no billionaire mega-Midas as he is often trumped up to be, but rather a multiple-bankrupt over the past twenty years, perhaps in this way able to be presented as a little guy who made his way to the top. Problem is, he started out with a hundred million or so from the estate of his father, a shady dealer himself, and quickly squandered this inheritance away. But he is just another German-nationality crypto-Jew, like those of the Bush family, or at least a trusty tool or surrogate for same, and will see to the continued impoverishment and enslavement of nation and world. Only someone who rules under the emblem of the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary will be able to crush the proud heads of this secretive coterie by whom the entire world is now so ruthlessly controlled, these sodomy practicing and advocating, infant-sacrificing servants of Baal.

Article to be continued.

April 27, 2016: The world-war-producing, carefully-contrived cosmic geopolitical see-saw, composed of the pitting of radical secularism against radical religion.

This is how the stock market will finally get its much-desired global war, in a subterfuge in which the name of the game is divide and rule, a project without any doubt personally ruled by the Fiend himself, probably most directly through a sort of infernal board of directors comprised of seven or eight people, easily the same ones described by Sr. Josefa Menendez in her book The Way of Divine Love. This mystic and victim-soul having been commissioned by Heaven to fight this diabolical alliance through her prayers and sufferings, among which were nightly confinements in the fires and stone subterranean caverns of Hell. The holy nun having likewise interestingly been made privy spiritually to a meeting of these all-powerful satanic lieutenants, probably the Illuminati, who are said to be of the noted approximate number as well. But the Jews at highest levels worldwide are undoubtedly an integral part of this now-all-determining evil organization, of this coterie, especially of its financing, with some since initial days of the Israeli war of independence in the thirties and forties having even assumed false pagan Canaanite surnames. But as noted above, it is the pitting of radical religion against radical secularism, with no actual loyalty to either, which characterizes this grizzly worlds-in-collision strategy of today, of these biblical enemies of mankind, as furthered by the state of Israel and its most subservient allies. With the spawn of IS on one end of the see-saw and of the sodomy-happy politics of the D.C. crowd on the other. Neither of which is sane or pleasing to God.

Indeed, we too espouse neither of these radical and repulsive approaches, but rather anticipate the role of Our Blessed Lady as revealed at Fatima in Portugal in 1917, in her motherly solicitude promising in the end to return the earth to a sane and peaceful condition not knowing for centuries, with the state everywhere being neither mass-executioner nor perversion-peddling secularist, but rather rendering humane, heartfelt and reasonable honor to God.

April 27, 2016: Travails of the brilliant paranoiac.

Being a premier exponent of a Jewish thought-control which by the 1890s had determining control of global press and education alike, thus stifling any intellectual opposition from the word go, it seems that paranoia was the prime category that Freud invented in his relentless drive to class as mentally ill the saints, leaders and major moral and cultural fixtures of the Catholic world, his destructive concentration upon the defensive equipment of the human personality aiming quite simply to render defenseless the souls and societies of same. While the further qualifier of brilliance or genius would be added quite frequently, notably when facts being exposed about what during the time of Freud was very candidly called the Jewish problem were brought to light with special clarity and force. For as history has ruefully taught us, the hatred of Christians in general and Catholics in particular is what veritably defines anno domino Judaism, without which malice there would be no such religion at all. But the case in point is like some sort of attack upon our spiritual immunity system, a sort of spiritual forerunner of Agent Orange or AIDS, a pitiless attack which however had to seem ingenuous, sincere, even compassionate, or none could be expected to be so easily convinced of the rare genius of the Freudian diagnosis of the honest and critical mind. Hence the clever invention of the concept of the brilliant paranoiac, someone whose admirable intellectual qualities have allegedly driven them over the brink. Is it the provoking consequence of being surrounded by the trying presence of others not so brilliantly endowed? Perhaps, quote a bevy of psychiatrists, or even more likely some childhood trauma, some loss of a maternally-nurtured sense-of-security, and so on: no one really knows. This notional poison-pill, like much else in the inescapable Jewish psychodrama of our times, drawing in broad strokes a sort of Greek tragedy, allowing for all the wails, moans and rendings-of-garments that hovering spirits and concerned relatives and friends could be expected to show for a promising but doomed mind. Ah, here indeed, as in the artistic concept of the gates of Hell, is written in bold letters over the head of the subject, all hope abandoned here. How then was the polar-opposite, the healthy, normal, unthreatening personality--the latter indeed another psycho-propaganda-loaded word--to be characterized? (Personality having always prior to Freud been held as a sacred, inalienable part of ones identity, not to be duplicated, rehabilitated or replaced, or be made a subject-of-studies, and hardly the stock, generic categorical the term would come to convey in later times, scarcely a quantity to be fixed and modified at will by those who know what is best). Most importantly, this well-balanced person, the polar opposite of this frightful but highly-legendary paranoiac, was to be someone who never judges: here a prominent connection to the whole heterodox, synagogue-molded pseudo-Catholic world that would come out of Vatican II, with this milk-toast version of humanity, not only not judging in the biblical sense but exercising no serious judgment at all, becoming indeed the veritable redefinition of sanctity as well. For by thus assaying anything noteworthy at all, you guessed it, you might be called a paranoiac, and maybe even locked up somewhere. Accordingly for a century was any other kind of soul but the most mentally-tractable summarily judged before a tribunal of the most ignorant and short-sighted, as either a fiend or that close cousin brilliant paranoiac of whom we speak. A guy who supposedly cannot help himself, a poor soul (but take care not to turn your back on him) said to possess somewhere in his inmost being some fatally weak , quicksand-like precinct of which he is mortally afraid, a tremulous fear which propels him into this heroic-but-paranoic worldview, both to his own destruction and that of many others as well. Does what he says make supremely good sense? Aha!, that is where the brilliant part comes in. While if he is also smiling and neighborly it is only because he lacks the supremely healthy Jewish predatory zeal: this meekness or naivete perhaps indeed the source of his problem all along.

As suggested above a plurality of these brilliant paranoiacs were neatly and tidily, in a model sort of Hassidic social/ritual ablution, herded off to mental hospitals during the fifties, sixties and seventies in particular, or until this very day in any case condescendingly denied, by ever-hovering relatives, authority-figures and friends, any much real input into political, economic or religious life, so that the unmitigated calamity of the post Vatican II years and of full-blown Israeli-American foreign policy could come forth without any opposition at all. These pitiful paranoiacs having long ago already been confined to real or notional padded cells of various inescapable, cleverly-designed kinds. And the healthy ones, you know, the harmless communists, racists, bikers, hippies, sodomites, radical academics, streakers and aggressive warriors, could take charge as they have so obviously done. While conversely any number of brilliant paranoiacs like Timothy McVeigh could be cranked out, giving this mostly-innocent fall-guy a totally-undisclosed cover-up role in the demolition of a highly-populated building, a man with misgivings about the direction the country was taking, being falsely implicated in the destruction of a structure which was plainly and obviously exploded from within. Ah, but it makes good dramatic copy to pour out both indignation and hyper-emotional sympathy upon an unfortunate madman, and then go about our business in the rat-race of a stock-market-traded world, Timothy and the like being epic-tragic figures over whom lonely women, possessive mothers and morbid perverts of many kinds could swoon. While now and again would be engineered a genuine Jewish Hitler to kill many Christian birds with one misrepresenting, impersonating stone, he having been the quintessential brilliant paranoiac from which all others would be expected dutifully to take their ugly and transfixing form.

Easily from all this too would come the closely-connected notion that the people, whether believers in the Catholic Church or simply citizens of the state, just would not understand were they to be told the truth about the state of either entity. That many of them might indeed turn into brilliant (or not so brilliant) paranoiacs were they to be thus apprised. Finding out, supposedly with guttural shrieks and violent deeds, about the invalidity of occupants of the Petrine chair since 1958, and the infinitely-numerous and palpably grave consequences flowing therefrom. In this way mankind being made to fit the synagogue-created image of non-Jews as less than human beings, incapable of constructively understanding anything important, or of withstanding major trials and vicissitudes of this life, which can take an infinitude of forms. It all has to be there, there now milk-toast and nothing more for the masses out there on the streets or in the pews. Problem is this that kind of patronizing treatment is what turns out the few genuine brilliant paranoiacs that mother earth manages to produce, and this in record form: this however too, would you not just know, being one of the unadvertised consequences aimed-at all along.

April 27, 2016: What ever happened to ecclesiastical jurisdiction?

Traditionalist clerics in particular love to talk as if such issues were very fluid, adaptable and loose-knit rather than rigorously specific in kind, so that some of them even claim the umbrella of antipope Rome for the supposed validity of their absolutions in the confessional: either being a part of the Fraternity of St. Peter Latin-Mass congregation from that same infamous Tiber-side coliseum or else alleging some papal blessing or other less-formal approbation for their gravely-consequential jurisdiction-related clerical tasks. The confessional, where sins by commission of the Savior Himself to St. Peter are loosed on earth and in Heaven, being of course that small chamber which is the most telling place in which jurisdiction comes into its most prominent play. But I am still not satisfied that antipopes can grant jurisdiction for this Petrine binding and loosing of sins, namely to some bishop, who thereafter delegates that power to his priests, a power received by any cleric only from a successor of that first of many (genuine) popes. All this manifestly remains true, to my admittedly untrained canon-law mind, even if the reform of the rouge-council Vatican II cranked-out a whole new code of canon law which made for rough-and-ready dispensations from all such requirements in cases of emergency together with manifold other indulgences and modifications of previously-perpetual strictures, all this of course out of the John-XXIII open windows charisma of love, love, love. Thus, plainly enough to me, do Catholics no longer have the sacrament of penance, as impossible to pious minds as this might seem.

Hence my (again, untrained but quite reasonable) contention that it is only Russia which can save us from this mortal impasse, by entering at last the Roman Catholic fold and seeing to the election of a valid pope: having thus taken its place among conclave-capable clerics of the Catholic world, of which there are so few left today. This genuine pontiff, probably himself a Russian, being a valid successor of St. Peter, thereafter according faculties or jurisdiction to all the theologically-sound bishops and clerics of a rejuvenated Catholic world. While quite the contrary all the bishops we have at present are either part of some heretical Traditionalist group, which probably takes in all of them (thoroughly synagogue-infiltrated that they are)--and thus by immemorial standards utterly incapable of hearing and absolving a valid confession--or they are under the present Francis the antipope, and are thus just as surely lacking in these faculties as well.

April 25, 2016: The society destroying and perverting reverse logic of court-legislating what is wrong. Article developed next day.

Being the finite and contingent creatures that we are, when law is used to legitimate wicked and perverted deeds there steadily occurs a profound erosion of our inner moral sense-of-things, with sanctions in favor of wrong producing in a very elemental way the sense that wrong is right and right is wrong. As we are consistently shamed for having opposed a shameful thing, and in the most basic fibers of our being taught object lessons of the most bruising kind. Thus already today are the morally-pure mockingly patronized for not accepting the open and indeed ceremonious attentions of sodomites at public places like stores and gas stations, where ceaseless courtings, sly, saccharin and unsolicited greetings, door-openings and the like are expected to be gratefully received, in manifestations of the most morally-repugnant kind. Since among social being like ourselves crime and punishment must publicly be identified for what they really are, else these fundamental concepts become both openly and subliminally inverted, twisted, and the tail begins in a very real way to wag the dog. Hence because there is a ceaseless war waged on earth between good and evil, in which every fiber of ones being is enlisted for the cause, what happens when unfettered liberty is legally accorded to evil and perversion is that wrong prevails, being powerfully seated in that passionate part of man which when allowed operates with irresistible brute force, easily gaining from without the alliance of the vulgar crowd, in a relentless and infernal process which steadily perverts, both from within and without, the very thoughts, customs and sentiments of men. Here at last the very neutral, inductive, highly-vulnerable nature of our cognitive being is enlisted in the service of wickedness, brutality and perversion, as we can well imagine the result if little Johnny were to be spanked for his angelic conduct, while his brother is praised for his cruel and vicious pranks.

Alas, then, it is sheer folly to so deify "liberty" as to make it the do-all and the end-all of law, with all recognition of that war between good and evil which is the very definitive basis of law being thus erased from society, giving overwhelming advantage to the violent, sadistic, implacable, law being indeed that arena precisely in which the cause of the good and harmless is meant to be fought with the greatest and most far-reaching effect. The virtuous being thus abandoned, evil will inevitably triumph, and good vanish from the earth, so that only criminals, perverts and fiends remain.

March 22, 2016: We know how to develop the earth better than anyone else.

Really? But how is it then that seasonal forestry workers here are known to deliberately start forest fires in order to gain greater employment, while there is evidence that others do the same to further pecuniary interests of land development and investment firms, shortsightedly clearing away immense forests that previously stood in the way? Something of which Russians and other citizens of planet Earth would never even dream. This while present U.S. development of energy resources by fracking has put the global economy on the brink of unprecedented disaster, thereby also endangering water tables in the most catastrophe-auguring way, all to give us a Teddy-Roosevelt-reminiscent economic/financial Big Stick to dictatorially rule the day. This monstrous allegation that only we know how to develop the earth having indeed been at the base of U.S. foreign policy and political philosophy from the very start, being a central tenet of an aggressive Judaism and synagogue-subservient secret societies involved, for which the USA from the start has been the apocalyptic pilot-project par excellence. A sort of pathological secular messiah complex being at the root of the Orwellian idea, of ever war-waging, scheming and manipulating men who began by removing the Western Hemisphere from sedulous nurturing efforts of early-modern Catholic Spain and France, at the cost of a cumulative million indigenous lives. This Yankee superiority-in-development a false principle recently enunciated by Madeleine Albright in an especially arrogant way, alleging in no uncertain terms that we must take over Russia because of some putative hopeless ineptitude of Russians in the development of their own prodigious lands. Intelligent folk rightly gag over such preposterous assertions, ruling elites of the USA of centuries having made a mash out of every promising possibility in their path, having over decades enabled by financial, military and diplomatic means such developmental-wonder-workers as Mao Zhe Dung and Stalin, by secretive arrangements resulting in the war-related burning-up of immense amounts of wealth and natural resources around the globe. While more recently training and sponsoring Al Baghdadi of the Islamic State: a developmental heavyweight indeed.

Plainly, the aim is not to develop but to control, and ultimately to destroy: as those thought to deserve the biblical wealth of nations are a tiny group indeed, whose heady goals augur hoarding and squandering far more than a healthy development purpose and espirit. This sort of backward end-time nihilism using glib accents of robber baron capitalism to reduce to ashes all who differ with weird and ritualistic neo-Canaanite idolatries involved.

But our contention here at the New and Better Confederacy is that the scales have fallen from American eyes, that we want to rejoin the human race, from whose brotherly embrace we care no longer to escape, to never so privileged or exalted a position or state. Read this site to see how, under the law of God, this heart-felt, affectionate reunion can be accomplished, never again to be undone.

March 18, 2016: The global sodomite agenda: breaking the good, noble and attractive.

The unfamiliar and uncomfortable nature of the subject is much of the reason for the formidability of the sodomite onslaught of today, and why conversely few Christian writers, teachers or preachers venture to discuss it at all. The fiend and his satellites however eagerly preferring to fish in muddy or ill-chartered waters whenever they can. Indeed, one should be able to go through life seldom-if-ever even thinking about the detestable matter: as in the biblical let it not be so much as named among you, while for the good and Godly when one is on the contrary met by its foul breath everywhere one turns then it is like being thrown into the arena with some infernal beast with whose modes-of-attack we are totally unfamiliar. Ironically to some, excesses of machismo are no help at all, as what is required in all dealings with infernal forces is a certain peace, balance, inner docility, while most characteristic of sodomy is its very division of its victims into the deadly duo of the hyper-macho and the characterless jellyfish, in pseudo-sexual encounters which in the course of years become violent and deadly in the extreme. With grave injuries, even deliberate sadistic snuffings-out, being no strangers to weird sodomite ordeals: after which the corpse later discovered is incredibly often falsely held to be the result of a hate crime, of heterosexuals against the infamous sodomite breed, after which is infernally furthered the hideous disease with court decrees of the most heavy-handed kind. Sodomy being the removal of the last vestiges of noble humanity and its replacement quite literally by the dark underworld, a reeking sewer, while in stark contrast the most truly manly, as Catholic medieval philosophy assures us, are the gentle, kindly and forbearing, who have nothing to prove, no axes to grind, who tend to regard obscure vagaries of our fallen nature with a grain of salt and a clement sense-of-humor.

But our Judeo-secret-society-controlled and cryptically-directed system positively makes war on anyone who displays this Christian peace and piety, those of good character being condemned to a barrage of bald-faced interference and personal effrontery for which few can be well prepared. All this in demeaning onslaughts of every kind, with open or underhanded aggressions of sodomites vividly recalling torments of Lot at his very threshold in Sodom and Gomorrah, in attempts by a kind of mental and emotional attrition to methodically bring the good low, with the upright being sole major targets of sodomite throngs. The ultimate aim of perverts involved being an utterly-false misapprehension on the part of the good and healthy as themselves having a problem when it is rather indeed their very lack of a problem which attracts venomous attentions of this filthy crowd. The methodology-of-sodomy borrowing heavily from tactics of hoodlums who from time immemorial have kidnapped innocent girls of tenderest years and then broken them to the life of a thrall, having learned from the very fiend himself how to break them down. Hence there being in the present astronomical rise of sodomy no freedom at all, but only a sort of brainwash, an iron-fisted or velvet-coated coercion. Thus plainly ancient rights of self-defense must be vigorously restored, as such an assailant, using means open or subtle, richly deserves strong or even violent reprisals: although today most of this ribald or insidious aggression is protected by the new and Godless understanding of law, one turned entirely against the law of God found both in revelation and written in large letters on the human heart and mind. Accordingly when people are regularly thus accosted or assaulted with no real right of self-defense or just counter-attack then the devil is veritably put in charge of such an honor-less society, as human moral character is both complex and fragile, and requires the constant support not only of good laws but of good customs and good companionship as well. The latter in particular being quite thoroughly denied to modern man, with even highly undermined and infiltrated churches of today tending to claim that one is proud or unforgiving if one chooses to shun an evil crowd.

Hence our New and Better Confederacy, heir of the good, genteel and noble Longstreet, Hampton and Stonewall Jackson, of men who see the deadly morass into which the pagan harbor idol, the Statue of Liberty, has taken the land. We who find no other recourse but to reconstitute this nation, to sever our ties with what so hideously went before, in a perverse brutality which remorselessly brought low the Indian tribes, and now turns on an entire globe. We thereafter being well able to raise virtuous children and to keep ourselves unspotted from this world.

March 16, 2016: Disobedience versus true liberty, a capsulizing of modern secret-society-driven political thought. Also, a continuation of the account of the last campaign of our anti-sodomy Crusade. Article will be added to continually in next few days.

Just now we are reading The King and the Cowboy: Theodore Roosevelt and Edward VII, Secret Partners, by David Fromkin (New York: The Penguin Press, 2008), a book in which one must constantly read between the lines to grasp what is actually being said. An analysis which finds Roosevelt, Cabot Lodge, Edward VII and their late-nineteenth/early-twentieth-century international set, with a tight-knit network of associates in other governments of the day, installing themselves as instructors of humanity, we being regarded as needing various object lessons and raps on the wrist to keep us in line. Indeed with an international conference of leading Christian men having already in 1893 confessed that the Jews had gained complete control of the world, of the press, of finance, of governments: but although their diagnosis was right on the money their prognosis was horribly wrong, namely that men must wait for the house-of-cards involved to fall apart, after which we could pick up the pieces. Little recognizing as this harebrained formula did, no doubt with crypto-Jews in controlling positions in the very august meeting-hall, that it is precisely at the moment of complete systemic disintegration that the synagogue is at the height of its ill-gotten power, poised for that genocidal extermination which is its unwavering final solution for the globe: as if we were all but so many ancient Canaanite tribes. This ruthless synagogue-brokered condescension being a trend among politicos evident throughout the twentieth century, as when later FDR, a close relative of TR, and his tight-lipped associates gradually brought the people of the USA in line with a hideous but carefully-undisclosed China policy, in a travesty which can similarly be read-between-the-lines in another book by the Jewish historian Barbara Tuchman. This heinous ambush-of-Asia as well as the folks at home being a bundle of media-assisted geopolitical brainwash and diplomatic intrigue which when finally hatched brought forth both a communist China and another world war. Then too there are disturbing anomalies in the Teddy Roosevelt biography, like the quickly-skimmed-over deaths of two wives within what seems to have been scarcely more than two years, the first of which was an openly-admitted case of childbirth-related negligence on the part of Teddy, a disturbing anomaly to be followed by the highly-convenient death of McKinley, enabling a largely disliked and somewhat distrusted TR to gain the presidency, in a USA at the turn of the century nowhere near so enamored with Rough Rider aggressive warfare as it is now. And these convenient deaths continue for TRs New World Order allies in England as well, as in the tidy end of Lord Salisbury, the conservative foreign minister inherited from the reign of Queen Victoria, and indeed that of Victoria herself, only a year or two earlier, with both these timely terminations precipitating for England a complete globalist volte-face in world affairs. Parallel odd events in the life of Teddy, most of them somehow fitting nicely into the grand plan, being neatly patched into this book written by a long time CFR member: a guy who uses all the glory-spangled a-priori reasoning of that elite set, frequently employing the word crusade, as if what these totalitarian despots were up to was some noble thing. While TRs intimate relationships with various leading men of those times suggests sodomite frolics of the Bohemian Grove set to which no doubt all of them belonged. The trend among often-allegedly-macho world leaders of a century and more having indeed been toward a remorseless removal of the divine law as the lodestar of human life and institutions, and its replacement by radical ideology, orgiastic liberties and paganistic rites of Baal.

The fact is that although the world, the least-common-denominator of the fallen natures of men, is identified by Our Lord as being our spiritual enemy, yet scarcely does it follow that Christians are thereby to meekly surrender practical earthly life to this retrograde condition and its now-dominant breed of effeminate but aggressive and belligerent exponents, just because of this opposition, as New Church and the secret societies alike would have us believe. Such a surrender bringing all of human life easily under servitude to the infernal fiend. Rather are leaders and citizens alike divinely directed to a noble, sometimes life-and-death struggle to govern earthly life by that law of God which is the repository of the true assessment of right and wrong which is indeed the very subject-matter of the state as well. But the Judeo/secret-society cabal would reverse all the advanced made by mankind in public virtue and morality, returning us to the socio-moral universe of ancient pagan times, before the coming of the Redeemer, with evils like sodomy and other abominations running wild and rampant in homes, in school and on the streets. This stripping of mankind of hard-fought, martyr-bloodied spiritual blessings being the remorseless aim of a worldly-beatified liberal democracy, which the USA now spreads around the globe by fire and sword, which erects a kind of secular sanctity in the place of the true, which has some parallel worldly value to correspond to every Heavenly and Godly one. A worldview which found redundant echoes in a seer-predicted, Church-secularizing open windows anti-council Vatican II. The false principle everywhere at work being that practical human life has its own set of standards radically divergent from those of God and the soul: thereby honoring such departures as somehow good in themselves, as if belonging to some moral-anti-matter universe of some kind. This mammoth imposture being sustained among Catholics and other Christians largely on the slender strength of the biblical render to Caesar the things that are Caesars and to God the things that are Gods: by such means peddling a fanatical departure from immemorial Church teaching which sees no such opposition, with Our Lord hardly inaugurating a whole new way of looking at law, in perfect contradiction to the entire Old Testament tradition. Christ scarcely unleashing secular forces to do as bad as they please, whose excesses we must suffer meekly, antipope Francis style. As is instantly evident to those of goodwill, Christ in the process of deftly parrying a bit of Jewish doubletalk about Caesar rather distinguishes two different modes of achieving the Godly and just on this earth, both obviously meant for the glory of God, Church and state each only using their own proper tools and means.

But for this Rothschild-funded set the unswerving goal would be the legendary freemasonic strangling of the last reigning monarch with the entrails of the last pope, and all that this barbaric slogan implies for society at large: an allegedly libertarian program of which we are now drinking the last bitter dredges, shackled in the most immovable social, economic and political chains. Thus our New and Better Confederacy and National Anti-Sodomy Crusade, undertaken to bring to mankind once again that most genuine freedom: the biblical liberty of the children of God.

But on to the Crusade: being a traveling, non-funded political convention of sorts, this endeavor frequently and understandably depends upon some small amount of aid from the folks out there--maybe a can of gasoline so we can go a piece up the road, and other items such as might easily come to the mind of the reader, as we ourselves live on a meager income indeed. Thus have we in the most humble possible way found out the lay of the land in more ways than one, for instance realizing in our own person the dire fate of those caught out on the highway broke and perhaps in need of auto repairs. As there seems to be an ungentlemanly agreement between hoodlums and higher-level authorities, regarding things that the police, that beloved thin blue line, do not typically countenance personally, to just let these road-scavengers loose on people thus vulnerable. In this way destroying the pesky independence of whole families, who do not fit neatly into the above-described Orwellian control-drive, herding them into Wall-Street-traded homeless shelters to which they must give up most or all of their paychecks after finding a job, and where they are likely to be assaulted by sodomites and lesbians at unexpected times. All these things we have seen and experienced out there, trying to save this country from a fate worse than death. This sort of sequence-of-events being inseparable from life out there in the trenches, in a country so desperately in need of a complete overhaul, of sending present leaders packing, never to show their shameful faces in public life again. We by the nature of our Crusade constantly showing a generous trust in our fellow man, trying to re-instill this society-and-economy-building virtue in our fellow Americans. Hence over the past eight or nine years of these rigorous activities--in trips between stop-offs at pull-offs where we display our plain-spoken signs and graphics, including the (now-non-racist) Confederate Flag lovingly held up by Jesus and Mary on either side--have we found ourselves as many as a dozen times basically in the custody of criminals who work the roads. Some of whom are after your monthly check, if you are retired like us, and who are willing to extort your banking pin-number to get at the prize, and perhaps even to kill you thereafter, to tie up loose ends. While there are those others too who simply want to get everything you own, including your travel trailer and truck, having taken you to some out-of-the-way place and let you hang out to dry, giving you neither the promised mechanical work nor much of any food or water, after you have perhaps out of desperation even paid them a sizeable advance, for parts, etc., to get you back on the road in their much-touted no time at all. After which, having once gotten smart to the scheme, you are expected to walk away with what you can carry on your back. The last time some such routine happened a few months ago both the local highway patrol and the local sheriff, or at least one big mean deputy, were obviously partners to this roadside swindle, conducted by a large band of Gypsies, and by their criminal collusion came close to costing us our lives. (Of course at first we were only introduced to one of these mechanics, first met there by the side of the road.) Thus are the poor or non-pocket-lining politicians like us increasingly treated in the land of the free.

But the usual thing is for us to be greeted enthusiastically, in some places wildly so, with imagery of the Stars and Bars finding an especially positive reception. For people out here know instinctively that change must be fundamental, that the return of the Old South is the only dependable way to retrieve the lost and bitterly lamented old ways of our Christian past, a realistic yet idyllic existence which the Old South captured stoutly and fervently. A Dixie now rid of slavery and increasingly of racism as well, evils slyly encouraged in the early-to-mid nineteenth century by international-trader Northern aristocrats, no doubt including the China-opium-peddling Bush family, all the while the same elites prepared to destroy Old Dixie with a Northern pogrom-like conduct of its end of the Civil War. Texans and Kansans are the most enthralled with our New and Better Confederacy, while New Mexicans and Oklahomans are a close second, and Arizonans and Coloradans are next in line. We have not yet been to the deep South since inaugurating our New and Better Confederacy drive, as truck trouble, like that experienced in the above-recounted roadside ambush, prevented us from getting there every time we tried. The closest we came was Tulsa, where people veritably rubbed their eyes at the bold reappearance of the vision of Beauregard and Johnston, Stonewall Jackson, Ewell, Rosser, Bee and the rest of the noble lieutenants of Robert E. Lee. But most unexpected--although I had a strong presentiment that it would be so--has been the unqualified endorsement of so many Blacks: as they know, as we have found out in roadside conversations, that they are being duped under Obama, that things for them are in a very real way worse than ever under his paganistic sway. They can sense that the Christian and distributive system we advocate would propel them to well-deserved if long-denied positions of leadership, based on that free-agency of which that system is the unique depositary, with their own Black nobility to govern their people in that subsidiary self-rule and semi-independence which would be the heirloom of every racial, cultural or nationality group. These to form up under the happy forces of divine providence, minus any Big Brother who allegedly knows what is best to direct every particular for our own good. All will again in short be called upon to be real men and real women, not some sort of mindless, soulless puppets on the end of deftly-tugged strings.

Finally, apprehensions expressed here over the appearance of other Confederate websites are not meant to discourage those of honest goodwill, who may or may not differ in their approach from us: rather do we ruefully anticipate and in some cases clearly identify insidious efforts of rogue groups always in some way connected-to or controlled-by ever-invasive, ever-secretive Jews. Unfortunately, our decision to disable our Contact Us button no doubt works to bring about such a diffusion-of-efforts, the reason for which disconnection has been to deflect unwanted government and other attention away from enthused folks involved, and especially any who might want to openly or quietly join up with us. All this is not for the sake of secrecy at all: rather do we know by hard experience that there are forces at work which, once such a subsidiary group or person is identified, will either infiltrate or in other ways wreak havoc on same, as has happened to we ourselves too many times to calculate out here on the road and electronically on our website as well. Like the one sly sodomite recently encountered, who having gained our trust forthwith saddled our computer with Trojan programs which totally destroyed it as a useable tool, in a bizarre mole-like bonanza which cost us hundreds of dollars in the end. We hold adamantly that peaceful private political efforts should be able to thrive without any monitoring or interference, that they should not be held suspect and even harassed as soon as they see the light of day, but only if they do something wrong. For one thing because such oversteps destroy a certain informal and spontaneous atmosphere which is at the very creative heart and soul of such patriotic groups, of people whose thinking and activities understandably become leaden and spiritless when they are aware that Big Brother is watching you, as if they were but little children better seen but not heard. But finally we must confess the desire that the New and Better Confederacy be a united effort under the banners not only of the Stars and Bars but of Our Blessed Lady at Fatima, divinely-designated general of the Heavenly armies, if it is to have any hope of success. An outcome to come about freely and gradually, as prompted by the grace and providence of God.

March 13, 2016: Extra ecclesiam nulla salus. How the doctrine is either ignored or grossly misconstrued today, this fundamental part of our patrimony coming to us from ancient Christian times. Hence my apology for original statement found here that the dogma was formally announced only around 1300 AD, gotten in foolish haste from some internet source, when the truism was of such sort as to have needed no papal definition, or to have been implied in Church teaching all along. Also must acknowledge the unintentional misquote of Holy Scripture regarding the three who testify: the correct text being the water, the blood, and the Spirit, not the water, the blood and the fire. Can only offer the excuse that the circumstances under which the article was written were difficult.

The error considered here is rife among those so-called Catholic traditionalists whose splinter-groups are legion, to whose number indeed we ourselves in a sense belong, although few of these erroneous fellow-religionists seem to be aware of their deadly mistake. The same being comprised of a gross misinterpretation of no salvation outside the Catholic Church: an ancient doctrine with a very circumscribed and limited genuine meaning, as will be briefly addressed here. But at work among traditionalists is the tendency in the post-Vatican-II polar divide to jump on bandwagons without much thought to where they are headed, a trend rocket-fueled by the ubiquitous synagogue/secret-society cabal employing its legendary talent at creating debilitating divisions, in this controversy pitting against one another a dim view of human hopes for salvation, on the one hand, and the polar-opposite, serendipity New Church universal salvation heresy which debauched from the anti-council Vatican II, on the other. The latter an error which sees basically no one going to Hell: except of course for those who uphold the Catholic traditional doctrine on Hell and a host of other hard sayings for the ever hugging and enthusing Conciliar Church crowd. Championed by many traditionalists, who as a group and as suggested and like their New Church counterparts tend not to make those fine distinctions which are at the very root of Catholic Faith, is an ill-admitted partaking of the long-forgotten nineteenth-century rigorist heresy of the Old Catholics, specifically a denial of the Baptism of Desire: a morbidity-breeding falsehood among others of its kind for which traditionalists are presently the fevered carriers par excellence. All this as suggested in a commission by international-finance-enabled crypto-Jews who in this end time miasma are everywhere basically in charge, even among highly-vindictive traditionalists, and everywhere else in the Church as well. But the trick is to never own up what is being peddled in such a stern, sanctimonious and well-financed way, with traditionalists never admitting to actually being Old Catholics but rather claiming to be simply upholding stolid traditional Church teaching: most of them plainly not even being aware of the material heresy which they or a plurality of their associates so thoughtlessly but sometimes assiduously ply. But the old despair-breeding error can almost be smelled around most or all of these enclaves, lending artificial credence to this idea that all passed-down doctrinal treasures are of this dour and forbidding kind. The Old Church heresy thus casting the Church in the role of an elitist, exclusionary, in daily practical terms crypto-racist bastion resembling Judaism: that phylactery-fondling formative indeed of all heresies throughout anno domino time.

Hence among traditionalists Church doctrine on Baptism of Desire is not positively denied as it is by the Old Catholics but rather mostly ignored, or lost in the shuffle. Thus do we have on you-tube the late Father Bulduc, probably the first in time of the U.S. traditionalist clergy, a priest whom we knew fairly well around 1980-81, who died only a few years ago, thundering against the idea that a Muslim can be saved, stating repeatedly that to be saved you must be a baptized Catholic, while the traditionalist antipope Michael Bawden, in another you-tube stint, says exactly the same thing. Now in common usage everyone assumes that the term baptized Catholic indicates water baptism, but such traditionalist loose cannons can readily wiggle out from under any accusation of being Old Catholics since they do not openly and specifically deny Baptism of Desire: rather achieving the de facto departure and leading-astray from doctrine by sheer emotional vituperation. Here too the methods of Trump and the entire Neo Con crowd. Accordingly what Father Bulduc did in his last sermon was with justified sanctimony to attack the most extreme form of the liberal New Church error on the subject--namely that Jews, Muslims, Protestants and others have their own form of salvation, with no connection to Catholicism at all--from which righteous posture is with little difficulty sustained his next assertion, less in precise terms than in emotionally-loaded catch-phrases, as if on a sort of emotional high-tide, that no divine clemency at all will therefore be shown to any non-Catholics, that they are all damned hands down, because they are not formal members of the Church. Yet all the while these rigors are expended upon people far and wide, the loose style of Father Bulduc and most traditionalists turns on a dime and has it that recent popes and a Church council which taught heresy must still be given our unstinting loyalty, their mistakes being said to have been stupid, their places as legitimate fixtures of the Catholic Church not being threatened at all by nefarious and heretical excesses involved. The flipside to which opaque vision of self-claimed saviors-of-religion--they who thus deftly, ill-admittedly and in one fell swoop strip the Catholic Church of all claims to infallibility--is inevitably in the process to give all solid traditional doctrines and practices of the Church an equally demeaning treatment, treating long-condemned abuses from immodesty of dress to aggressive war to robber baron economics to quiet tolerance or hearty acceptance: with the plain aim of these proud interlopers, as we came to realize over the years, being to discredit and vilify the Church, all the while pretending to be its champions. Being rather equally its enemies with those Judeo-Masonic self-styled liberators who now control the Vatican and whom these traditionalist clerics claim to stoutly oppose, playing their pre-assigned part on a treacherously-bobbing synagogue-erected see-saw of destructive conflicting views.

Actually, Baptism of Desire is one of the three baptisms mentioned in the New Testament, which to paraphrase enumerates three that give testimony on earth, the water, the blood and the Spirit: the first being water-baptism, the second martyrdom, the last the contested baptism of desire. That which in turn has two forms, an explicit and an implicit. Hence when one has prepared for baptism as a catechumen and is, say, struck down by a car the day before the holy rite is set to be performed, then we have explicit baptism of desire. While implicit baptism implies something of which the individual himself may be the only one who is aware, or indeed of which even he may not be cognizant: being a state-of-soul of moral rectitude not visibly connected to any Sacrament, although in fact a form of goodness flowing forth from these sole fonts of divine grace, especially from the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. For man, by the special terms of his creation, can only be good in a supernatural sense, through attaining that state of grace in which he was with gratuitous and super-abundant divine prodigality created, and which he lost in Original Sin. Man being from the start a child of God and utterly-unmerited heir of Heaven, incapable of demoting himself from this exalted position, yet now suffering that corporate Fall of which all mankind is painfully aware, and to which primitive legends of nations together with Genesis indeed testify. Hence it is never enough to imagine that we possess some hypothetical purely natural goodness, as in writings of Henry David Thoreau, as in the innocence of galaxies, flora and fauna, noble parts of creation though they be, indeed collectively providing the very delicately-woven robe of the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, Jesus Christ Our Lord. Such a garment being a material creation, foreshadowed, called forth in the very uttering by the Father of His Eternal Word, the Person of the same Jesus His only Son. Hence the essential need for redemptive grace, to raise us back to this primordial, intrinsically-supernatural friendship with God, such native goodness that merits a Heavenly reward. Our intelligence, our sole-physical-creaturely ability to love, marking us out for an intimate identification with God, and not just some naturalistic group-feed with the lowing herd, being in a sense in our surpassing station wrapped as well in those magnificent natural robes of the Redeemer by our membership in His Mystical Body, thus incorporated by the graces of His death and resurrection. Whether anticipated in pre-Christian times or looked back upon in our present anno domino calendar.

The doctrine extra ecclesia nulla sancta, or outside the Church there is no salvation, means that supernatural grace comes to us only through the Church, a dogma as noted chronologically from ancient Christian times, while Church teaching states the actual minimum for salvation in the words of St. Paul, viz., that one must at least believe in one God Who is a rewarder of the good and a punisher of the wicked. St. Thomas Aquinas concurs in his identification of a Baptism of Desire both open and implied, a distinction noted above, while we also have the biblical God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God in him: opening gates of Heaven wide indeed. Those very gates opened to all men at the crucifixion, whose graces admittedly redound to us only through the Catholic Sacraments, channels which gushed forth mystically, as symbolized in the biblically-recorded blood and water, from the side of the Savior, His Sacred Heart having been pierced with a lance just after His holy death. Graces which however are thereafter poured forth from those blessed Sacramental repositories whither the Holy Spirit wills, as Scripture says, with no Church membership being unconditionally required. The origin of grace being the subject of extra ecclesia nulla salus, not any putative limitations erroneously said to be placed upon its generous, indeed oceanic outflow. Nowhere in Holy Scripture is it averred that one must be a baptized Catholic in order to be saved, as Old Catholics and an incalculable number of Catholic traditionalists more or less plainly and priggishly vociferate: although of course the unfailing requirement is that if one has been duly instructed in the Faith then one is bound to be thus baptized, failing which would be a gross denial of that same holy Faith. The condition for ever-just Heavenly injunctions being always knowledge, or opportunity to learn, apart from which we cannot be bound.

Hence is Old Testament Holy Scripture positively full of instances of good nominal-pagans, a term Catholics have never used in an absolutely and unconditionally negative sense, as in the complimentary term ancient pagan wisdom, good men like Cornelius the Centurion, or ancient heretics like the Samaritans, both here and there in the Holy Book finding a divine approbation which Israelites failed miserably to achieve: for manifestly we do not have a God so cruel that He would hold us responsible for accession to a Faith in which we have not been properly instructed, or of which, after expending due diligence, we know little or nothing at all. Nor for that matter is one very likely culpable over a disbelief of a creed brought to us by people who forthwith unload bombs upon us, or napalm, or arm the so-called State of Israel to kill or torture us at border-crossings or when going to and from grade-school on the West Bank. Actually, when I consider the way in which the West has used Christianity as a biblical cloak for malice I am more and more convinced that our ineffable Sacramental graces are poured in abundance into Muslim, Sikh and other souls, while we are often rather sent empty away, in words of the Magnificat of Our Blessed Lady, describing the stygian fate of the proud. As these treasures load us with immense moral responsibilities, and not just with some mythical get out of Hell free card, to be presented primly and effortlessly at the Pearly Gates. Here indeed being an interesting parallel to the traditionalist-despised Evangelical radical-faith-without-works doctrine: too many today being found to apply an effort-thrifty quick-fix of some kind. This false devotion and moral mediocrity of the West having been attested in centuries-old colonial policies which have been cruel and rapacious in the extreme: indeed with those early-modern Jesuits who most resolutely stood against such synagogue-brokered and Western-imperial-sponsored exploitation being themselves, rather than praised and rewarded, condemned and delivered-up in chains, by order of the king of Spain, in whose colonies their falsely-accused crimes were said to have taken place, of which no actual proof has ever since been found. A late-eighteenth-century penalty, fatal to hundreds of these holy men, to be seconded a year or so later by a papal dissolution of the same Jesuit Order: a Vatican ruling which would stand for some forty years. This at the eve of that Revolutionary era when the Rothschilds and their associates were apparently already gaining strings-attached loan-sharking inroads into the very august chambers of papal Rome. In a legitimate papacy which has never claimed to be morally indefectible, but only doctrinally infallible. While the same sort of smug self-righteousness continues to be seen today in Western perfidy regarding the entire East.

Rather than our Faith being a carte blanc of some kind, allowing a more-or-less total neglect or even criminal abuse of the biblical rest of men, it is our bounden duty not only to be just and kindly but also to spread the good odor of salvation of Catholic Faith to our non-Catholic neighbors. As members of the Mystical Body of Christ we are ipso facto outfitted and commissioned to be other Christs, to fill out the full measure of formal, sacramental water baptism and duly recognized Church membership by preaching the Faith with our every word and deed, and if we are validly ordained clerics by living up to our priestly duties without bowing to human respect, even unto death or other forms of suffering or persecution. While further Christians can make up for what is lacking in the passion of Christ by uniting and offering their sufferings with His, with these offerings thereby being drenched, as it were, in the Blood of the Lamb: an oblation customarily made by Catholics in first moments upon waking, of the entire day that is to come, with a nightly offering being included as well. Thus giving immense supernatural impetratory value to the least otherwise-insignificant suffering or deed. This multifaceted solemn duty of discipleship being gravely incumbent upon Christians both lay and clerical, scarcely allowing us by word, deed or public policy to sanctimoniously slam the door of the Church in the faces of our neighbors whether here or on the other side of the globe. Failing which obligation it is our salvation which is put in jeopardy every bit as much as those whom we thus let down.

Thus do we continue to call upon Russia, which overall was so good to the Aleuts and other Indian tribes it ministered-to in Alaska and the Aleutians during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, beseeching this good nation to deliver mankind and we in the West from this terrible moral impasse, for the Land of the Czars to be courageously faithful to its commission by the Holy Mother of God at Fatima in Portugal in 1917, who predicted the up-coming conversion of that people at last to the One True Catholic Faith. They whose Orthodox separation-from-which is more semantic than anything else. Russia if necessary indeed to thereafter install one of its own Russian bishops, now become Catholic, as the prophetically-foreseen Great Pope.. By this means recapturing again, both for us and for themselves, all the episcopal rights of jurisdiction, thereby validating the Sacrament of Confession and a host of other holy things for once-Orthodox but now Catholic clerics and churches of the East.

March 10, 2016: Fatal consequences of evangelical faith without works.

No set of beliefs could so warp and disfigure human character as the radical and vindictive Protestantism which forms the value-base of the USA. Actually, it is religion bled dry of most of its substance, the vacuum to be filled by the cynical values of Judaism, or in other words of anti-Christ. Hence inevitably does there ensue a sort of anemia of the national personality, fevered by an epidemic of falsehoods, overpowered by an assortment of deranged and diabolical influence, in a faith without works religion which is pure poison for the human soul or mind. With subtle ironies of St. Paul being in every case taken in the most reckless and radical way, in a hyper-literalism which as noted here on another page can only resemble that of a juvenile delinquent who tactically takes his father at his word, with clever and churlish scorn ignoring what he knows obedience to actually require. For in radical American faith without works religion there is no real transformation, as of a new creature in Christ, and indeed any hint of such a profound, thoroughgoing ontological remaking is branded any number of shameful things. In a religion which by not requiring good works encourages only the most theatrical and insincere of things, while those less-impressive, invisible riches-of-faith which form the very meat diet of the Holy Gospel are relegated to a dark obscurity indeed.

What does such a religion do to things like foreign policy? Just review the American record in dealings with the rest of the hemisphere, with the Indians, with colonial-era Canada, and now with Russia, and the predictable effects of a religion which requires no good works, in other words no good will, at all, are there in mind-boggling form for all to see. In an America which once true religion is thus systematically denied then everything becomes religion, paramount among which is a radical patriotism which has neither conscience nor mind.

But what is Christianity if not a profound and habitual amelioration of habits and attitudes of life? And how indeed can character and citizenship be developed if their formative power is thus denied? But the putative virtue of the American system is not in personal virtue and character but in the group, in some abstraction which just like faith-without-works requires positively nothing of the person involved. It is all absolute surrender, an act of love to a cloud in the sky. While evident here too are fatal consequences to anything like genuine mental health, with the most worthy elements of human personality being held to reside somewhere on the surface, like an oil-slick on the mighty deep, with any taming of the interior, of that irascible part of the soul which is the birthplace of good resolutions and forms most of the subject-matter of mystics and saints, being inevitably held a form of effeminacy. Real heroism being thereby throttled and a sort of infantile barbarity put in its place. While finally to be considered is the fundamental effect of such an idea of religion on law, removing as it does the need to do good, to pursue rectitude, that which is the very premise and bedrock of same. Law thereafter becoming a rudderless avenue for ideas of well-heeled moral-relativists, myopic tautologists and fanatical academics, to be imposed without mercy upon a citizenry now to be experimented upon with each new judicial, executive or legislative cause celebre. A condition indeed now shared by an entire globe, as the stranglehold of a synagogue sponsored and funded USA gains complete and unquestioned sway.

This then is the America in which its citizens all grew up, of which most of us are tired, and the reason I beckon my fellow Americans to return to that true America of the French and Spanish padres, of true and full religion, of a fervent and unclouded love of both God and man.

March 9, 2016: A truly productive economy: many hands make for prosperity. The negative multiplier of modern technical means. Article further developed in following days.

Most characteristic of the present global economy is a systematic removal of all original productive agency from the hands of the common man, the modern obsession with digital and other technical means veritably scouring the earth of those natural platforms that are admirably suited to the human soul and mind: the further we depart from which arrangements the more personal human productive life is gravely impaired. Indeed, every human value is at stake in the matter, as liberty likewise depends upon vigorous personal productive input, and the patronizing, automating methods of the modern system and its mega-financiers are greatly discouraging to same. Of course, this was the old saw, as it was derisively termed, of our forefathers of a century and more ago, these old fogies having seen instantly where the whole mammoth behemoth of technical progress was going. But their sons and daughters were in a well-marketed love-affair with automated, commoditized life, with the automobiles and airplanes and other impressive items for which extravagant artificial platforms had to be mega-expensively built, bringing us transcontinental roads, airports and the many factories required for the production of all the myriad components involved. This forest of artificial necessities going further and further afield from the free-agency of the common man, even as profits involved went more and more heavily into the pockets of far away folks who invested it in fun, pleasure or some other far-fetched, gargantuan scheme, with less and less of anything substantial remaining for the man on the street. Genuine and honest regulation being held by neo-con apologists for the robber baron system to stultify wealth and development, while in fact libertarian visions of these radical thinkers turn an economy into a giant black hole.

Where does it all ultimately lead? To enslavement, the shortest route to which is perpetual global war, as the global productive platform becomes more and more huge and all-determining, and the allegedly backward old productive wisdom of many hands is more and more systematically denied. That which scarcely desired to capture all the markets on earth, to be dominated for un-admitted purposes of those inscrutable armchair-generals who lead from behind. While even apart from prearranged wars of our day, the engineers of our economy work us into a corner in another way, as a radically automated and electronically-elaborated economy produces no second-or-third-tier multiplier-like spinoff fruits of any useable kind: alas, carrots or string-beans do not grow on computers, nor do they wrangle you a herd of beeves. Nor do we need apocalyptic three-dimensional printers to remove entirely the touch of the human hand from the productive chain, this being the ultimate prostrate apotheosis of the pagan techno-deity. Utterly barren intermediaries being insinuated all in a line, seemingly for their own sake, but actually as profit-milk-cows for the mighty and to ramrod ever-tighter control, with luxury for privileged import economies, and penury for the rest of the globe. Tell Europeans about the boons of modern progress, as the pestilence of austerity bites them deeper and deeper by the day, and Middle Eastern refugees come in their millions to share with them what little they have.

Would we forego all improvements? Not at all: for every fruit-tree needs pruning if it is to produce a large and healthy fruit, while every other productive activity also needs the loving cultivation of the human hand, as we obey the divine injunction to fill the earth and subdue it, to develop it along ample, good and burgeoning lines. But we do the process little service when we hyper-expensively reconstitute everything, removing the earth from the fondling grasp of the common man, together with most of the one-time-prodigal nourishment and wealth to be gained. A worker, a material handler, a peasant for whom food and other fundamentals are his familiar and beloved form-of-wealth, who instinctively knows how to develop raw materials in marvelously imaginative ways, as in medieval times, as unearthed by medieval historians, as noted in my Integral Catholicism and other writings to date.

March 8, 2016: Fanatics making political systems into religions. Article redone and re-posted. Subject much developed in following days.

When political systems become the pawns of radical religions and ideologies, an eventuality discussed in an article to be found below, then the polity itself begins to claim powers divine, seeking to justify multiplying tyrannical demands, the state having become as it were possessed by the errant dominating creed. This is an old topic on this site, but it is an inexhaustible one, and positively critical to an understanding of world events of the past several centuries since the Enlightenment, this brand of state-worship having nothing to do with patriotism properly-so-called, let alone with democracy, but rather with reverently-held abstractions, impelling people to sacrifice themselves and others more-or-less willingly on official altars quasi-divine. But such polities resemble Moloch rather than God in the inhuman demands they make upon citizens and eagerly-sought enemies around the globe: with the present Isreali/American geopolitical cabal actually exceeding in its apocalyptic visions ancient Rome, Antiochene Syria or Greece, pagan states which scarcely duplicated pompous pretenses of Washington D.C, the latter claiming an infallibility and indefectibility which would have made Byzantine emperors blush for shame. With the USA off-shouldering any burdens-of-proof in incessant war-brokering allegations of decades, seeking in this bloody way to extort worshipful acts-of-faith from all humankind, and other prerogatives divine. Its free institutions releasing and empowering men mostly to do evil things, to kill the child in the womb, while severely constraining our ability to do the good and the constructive, robbing the widow and the orphan, and making the poor man into a slave: all this held to be some glory-spangled price of liberty. A freedom not plainly-enough for the citizens but for vaunted planetary deities, a political constellation which rules utterly unrestrained. A Trump or a Clinton celebrated unabashedly, in heady speeches which carry elections hands down, before delirious enthusiasms of starry-eyed throngs.

Here then the need for political systems based on the One True Faith, for clearly although men must provide for one another in an organized fashion the material needs of human life yet higher potentialities must reasonably be given pride-of-place: just as the honored guest at a banquet must not be told to go to the lowest place. The Catholic Faith, as passed down over millennia and not as presently practiced in an antipope ridden Rome, is a creed which makes no fanatical and unreasonable demands upon human life. A faith revealed not by Jews, Freemasons or other deranged visionaries but by the divine Designer of our human nature, He Who cannot err in ministering to same. A faith in whose ambit are to be found our highest potentialities, with lower ones following in orderly fashion in their train.

March 4, 2016: Legalized abortion, allegedly taking it out of the back-alleys where so many women died while killing their own child, is only a case of demanding that killers be provided with safe guns. The perverse issue now on steroids in Texas and Louisiana cases following the highly-suspicious death of the conservative Justice Scalia.

March 3, 2016: Quoting rt.com, Dutch lawmakers have questioned the course of the investigation into the MH17 crash in Ukraine, highlighting innuendos in the Dutch Safety Board report, and lack of raw data despite US claims of picking up imagery as the jet disappeared from radars. (apologies that present internet difficulties, apparently from hackers, will not let us use quotation marks).

Here in a nutshell are exploded all the vituperations of John Kerry and the gang about having raw data confirming Russia shooting civilian aircraft out of the sky. Are the bald-faced liars and traitors who now run our Government, headed by the arch-traitor Obama, working on some artificial digital concoction that will be convincing enough to the man on the street to badger us into another world war? But Heaven will be the victor in it all, we have the assurance of Our Blessed Lady at Fatima in Portugal in 1917.

March 2, 2016: A return to simpler forms of a better past age in order to escape the tyranny of cruel and rapacious New World Order schemes.

As noted here now and again, God-given familiar, simple and adaptable platforms, like the ten-to-forty-acre fields of ancestral farmers, have always proven the most suited to real and vital human needs. Indeed when we consider something as basic as health, allegedly the crown jewel of modern times, and as more and more people are finding out, we discover that natural, readily-available remedies of our agrarian forefathers will keep us healthy in the simplest and most accessible way. Hence it begins to dawn on us that it was not really so much a lack of modern medicine which shortened lifespans in ages past but rather the destructive impact of wars, unjust laws and unfair trade conventions, and certain backward fads and fanatical ideologies: the remedy for which evils requires no physics degree. Actually, there are some among us so shockingly skeptical about the whole phenomenon of modernity that we see some of the most lavishly praised advances in all fields as mostly brokering fortunes for certain entrenched interests, much more so than improving significantly the lot of man. Especially when you consider the cleverly-engineered military confrontations which seem to exact a price in human lives that runs into the hundreds of million as recent gloriously progressive centuries unfold. The weapons arsenals of which perfectly-unjust wars have been the birthplace of so many of these technical boons.

Thus demonstrably is the deliriously-celebrated agnostic cynicism of our age unaccountably credulous when it comes to far-reaching effects of a so-called progress whose first requirement is an all-encompassing centralization which sooner or later leads to some hecatomb, or some hare-brained-Orwellian social or political scheme. Human leaders no matter how virtuous being incapable of adequately monitoring such lumbering potentialities as are put in motion today, let alone the activities of schemers whose opportunities for skullduggery are exponentially multiplied by same, when most things today are abstracted to some species of push-button activation or control. This modern-day progress too having a built-in propensity to gain irrational momentum, like a brakeless car careening down a steeping grade: as the logic of perpetual change, of a throw-away society and economy, steadily replaces every other instinct or belief, loyalty or love, as recent times have so ruefully shown. In a gigantic laboratory where few rules, plans or protocols require much personal, local or regional consultation or collaboration, where far-reaching decisions are increasingly made long before their existence, let alone their consequences, are even known.

So I think when we talk about self-government or good economy this must be our first consideration, a very clear-headed and unemotional one, eschewing oratorical paeans of a liberty which extorts acts of faith in abstractions whose chief practical issue, as history has abundantly proven, is to put us in chains. First of all must international finance, finance of any kind as we know it today, be dismantled and replaced by traditional simple forms of exchange: a recourse about which much is written on this website, notably in my first book, Integral Catholicism, to be found above readable without charge. Together with which more localized and personalized political structures of the past must be reestablished, as adapted to specificities and peculiarities of our times. Finally, if all this seems a tall bill to fill, remember that there is no overestimating the power of God when invoked confidently for just such things, as we are assured in Holy Writ, while likewise the sheer inertia of people when they refuse any longer to go along is a force impossible to gauge. Even as once popular institutions, full of inbuilt, organic local monitoring and control, are reestablished then this positive inertia, of good and solid things, is trebled a thousand-fold, and it is the schemer, the mountebank, who has the burden-of-proof, and an uphill climb. As for one thing all their con-artist manners and fair-weather fantasies stand out like sore thumbs in contrast to men earnest, realistic and reasonable for a change. Early on in this noble endeavor, if we begin to mint and to use our own rudimentary forms of money then the sky is the limit of what we can do, and we have frustrated our enemies at the very source of their ill-gotten power: a recourse carefully examined in the book noted above.

February 29, 2016: More on life in the trenches, crusading across the USA against institutionalized sodomy and other perverse legislation and court rulings, advocating a new and better confederacy for the whole nation, rather than another civil war. Article further developed March 1.

Predictably enough, our call for A New and Better Confederacy, entirely non-racist and non-servitude-oriented, has been met by scores of competing confederacy projects, most or all of them undoubtedly as always initiated by Jews or crypto-Jews: who know very well how to make an idea look dumb, or to co-opt it, as they say. One of these, a website reputedly started by a Southern Catholic, is a classical example of what to expect out there in the digital world, from a guy claiming that since we did not listen to the Tea Party we therefore deserve the fragmentation about to ensue, in which he claims the country is going to split into six or eight little khanates. For the tactic of the synagogue is to thus make hash out of good ideas, to make two polar-opposite positions out of every issue, as symbolized in our polar political parties, which nonetheless manage to meet on the dark side of the moon and agree on a host of dubious things. Always there is much theater in the media and political world about Old Glory, while in this wanna-be-confederate case there is an equally doughty determination to tear the old emblem to shreds, to opt for some little postage-stamp parcel in upstate New York or out on the plains. Why? Cause the Tea Party did not get its way, so the boys involved are gathering up their marbles and going home. Alas this is the inevitable result when you make a political system into a religion and then spread it around the globe by fire and sword, rather than seeing politics as a set of limited and fallible but provident measures to minister to the needs of mortal and limited man.

This last crusade of ours started at the beginning of March of last year, and we never ventured here to provide more than a sketch of the remarkable odyssey, in which we found the people enthused about what we had to say, while as always getting our vehicle sabotaged a time or three: as in the case of the one truck driver who crawled under our truck and loosened the u-joint bolts so the drive train would fall out some miles down the road. A guy who nosed up to within a few feet of our hood and glowered at us as we departed next morning, just so we would know who was responsible when we came to a clattering halt south of there. But most importantly of all, there is nothing secret going on in our New and Better Confederacy, which has a host of desperate-sounding look-alikes, as noted above, and we even resolutely dodge association with some ridiculous bundle of graphics which claims the same name, to be found somewhere on the web when you type in same. No, everything we do, like the Good Savior, is out in the open, nothing is being said or done in a closet. We simply and adamantly desire the advocated change in form of government, while likewise being openly ready to lay down our lives to prevent the present perversion of American and indeed global morals, customs and ways-of-life.

Granted, the Confederacy we advocate is more an attempt to capture the spirit of the Old South than to perfectly duplicate its system-of-organization, its alleged complete autonomy of each constituent state. Our idea of nationhood being organic, to use the old term of the 1930s cooperative and distributive movements, with an energetic sense of local free-agency joined to a deep reverence for the national identity and wellbeing. The latter a near-mystic patriotic identification which is however less direct and immediate in its practical implications than that which binds one to neighborhood (Frankpledge group and hundred) or town. These more local things being the very life blood of things broader and more exalted. The thirties however being a time when G.K. Chesterton, talented and articulate but in some ways only a hyper-literate buffoon, were making the whole thing sound childishly romantic and impossible, painting the age-old Catholic economic and political doctrine in garish shades of the ridiculous, aping in essay and novel alike the French theater of the absurd of the times. This allegedly Catholic close friend of the Fabian socialist George Bernard Shaw effectively hijacking, through the literary media, the one system which is the perfect opposite of the totalitarian progressivism of our times. And yet when Catholics write about distributism they inevitably expostulate about Chesterton and his less-famous associates, as if they were the do all and the end all of such timeless ideas.

Getting back to this last Crusade, of whose description this is a first tiny installment of what will cumulatively be a more-detailed account, of which we hope to provide several much-lengthier segments, we made a tremendous impression, particular in parts of Texas, but notably also in Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Colorado, while only touching on Arizona during this last Crusade for the briefest time. The people of all these states being overwhelmingly against the legislative and judicial changes in favor of sodomy presently being rammed down their throats: do not believe the mendacious statistical poles. While folks likewise hold in contempt the charade of the election campaigns, with every sort of scoundrel running for office in a system controlled from the local to the national level by ever-smug or theatrical fat-cat elites. People today in the USA realize that they have been had, but they have little idea what to do about it. Whereas the recourse we put forward on this site is detailed and well-developed, an approach in which I employ my economics degree and graduate study in urban and regional development, as well as my much-more-extensive private research, aided by my likewise-college-educated wife Joann. Briefly, our method out here is to pull off wherever there is a sizeable stretch of gravel by the side of the road and display our eight-inch-high signs and even bigger graphics for all to see and express their irrepressible approval and even glee. Sometimes with a thumbs up, a wave, or perhaps even pulling off and discussing our ideas. Basically living on the side of the road as we did, beloved of people and policemen, almost everyone we met. While one of our pictures shows Jesus and Mary on either side of the Old Dixie Confederate Flag, holding it up lovingly: so confident are we in the divine approbation and protection, the wisdom and justice of our cause. Solely required is the realization of first things first, that the law of God is the sole source of valid law, that furthermore you do not need to chop heads off of people, U.S. military trained Islamic State style, in order to believe in this reasonable and very believable thing. In fact we go all the way back to the American Revolution and demonstrate here on this site how this Freemasonic spree was the fountainhead of all the radical systems of government so soon to appear, like that Robespierre France which was the brainchild of our own Benjamin Franklin, the chief secret society operative of his times. The USA having likewise been midwife in many ways financial, military and ideological to Communist China and Russia as well. Thus do we call for a thoroughgoing reevaluation of government, a project we ourselves have pursued with much labor, scholarship, and with fastings, prayers, vigils and watchings-in-the-night. Our view being eminently practicable yet at the same time sounding the depths of the capacities of mind and soul.

February 28, 2016: Why we need Russia: the synagogue-inspired Catholic traditionalist false trumpet, the abysmal state of the Catholic traditionalist movement from the start.

As noted frequently on this website, the synagogue made certain to gain the citadel-of-opposition to the Second Vatican Council, launching such protest groups as the traditionalist Society of St. Pius X, a body despite claims of preserving Catholic tradition having been heavily under Jewish control from its inception. Its founder, Archbishop Marcel LeFebvre, a close relative to one of the leading liberal cardinals at the council, having kept his well-heeled, well-financed, instantaneously-global organization basically loyal to the new and heterodox Rome: rather than making the required clean break keeping his followers mired in an impossible quandary of contradictory things. While rising shortly afterward would be those sedevacantists (quote, the chair is vacant) most of them branching off from LeFebvre and his Society, religionists who in their rightful acknowledgment of the invalidity of papal elections since 1958 would however produce a welter of Jansenism, rigorism and a culture of what can only be called common cruelty, whether in the confessional, in private conference or public vilification of anyone departing from the thus-established mold. While a resurgence of the Old Catholic heresy, namely the denial of the baptism of desire, would be found throughout the traditionalist movement, even as sometimes-staggering levels of parish immorality would be consistently tolerated as well, dramatizing the Jansenist/Calvinist dim view of human life, positing a near-impenetrability to the workings-of-grace. Cardinal Thuc of Vietnam, an early sedevacantist and founder of the CMRI, having no doubt been a sincere traditionalist but having had his organization overwhelmed by uncontainable Jewish infiltrators from the word go. In this way Catholic traditionalist believers being forced to either submit to the lax morality of the Vatican II crowd, such as Society enclaves like St. Marys in Kansas so classically represent, or being squeezed into a repressive mold which produces crushed and unhappy or arrogant, belligerent and unkind souls. Neither of these two extremes, rigorist-sedevacantist or laxity-prone Lefebvrites, concerning themselves to any serious degree with the present drift in world affairs, like Western aggressive wars and related atrocities, the overwhelming influence of sodomy legislation, etc., but rather continuing the modern-era refrain, originating in the John-Carroll-heterodox USA, that religion is entirely a personal matter (the heresy of Pietism), that we should not concern ourselves with public matters until we have thoroughly reformed our own souls (and who knows when that will be?). As if the two, the public and the private, do not go hand-in-hand, in a reclamation of earthly life which gives abundant and manifest glory to God. Rather with the old saw being rife that such public ills are only a punishment for sin, and on. The whole miasma of Vatican II and its Traditionalist reaction have indeed been instituted precisely to produce the resulting bewildered and confused, action-inhibiting Catholic state-of-mind, while all good things of a practical kind are ruthlessly torn from our grasp. Thus in fine producing an impossible existence for Catholic generations to come, a moral ambush designed to totally eradicate the once-well-established reign of Christ the King on earth. Thus too according to the noted radical bifurcation-of-approaches are other Christian religions, potential provisional allies in the present warfare against atheism and perversity which overwhelms the globe, either treated in the most contemptuous way, as is often the case with more rigorous variants of the traditionalists, or accepted as a perfectly-valid alternative to Catholic Faith. This lax approach being so common among New Ordo Catholics on the heels of Vatican II.

Because the disease is now so deeply rooted in the very organizational sinews of the Catholic Church, a fatal malady whose first faint traces were foreshadowed in the Medici popes of the 1500s, making first tentative modern-day appearance at the end of the 1700s, having already been discerned in saintly prophesies, Marian apparitions and papal admonitions of the 1800s, the remedy is reasonably-enough thus seen to be found in the upcoming conversion of Russia promised by Our Blessed Lady at Fatima. As the Russian Orthodox clergy have little such inner rot to contend with, Russia not having been led so easily into the Jewish ambuscade as has the West, being upon accession to the Roman Catholic Faith able to as it were begin anew, indeed with the fresh vigor of conversion able to move mountains of evil and unbelief. How can truly devout and fervent Russians make their entry to the Catholic Church, as promised by Our Blessed Lady, when Rome is taken over by a species of Antichrist, in the words of Melanie of La Salette? In loose or close conjunction with the few sound Catholic clergy who are left they can declare the papacy as their own, through the election of a Russian pope. Will this mean bloodshed and turmoil? Undoubtedly. But to quote Our Savior, What will you give in exchange for your soul?

February 24, 2016: Ills of world not precisely the fault of greedy men. Article further developed in following days

It is universal experience that those who are simply greedy and self-centered commonly run aground in dissipated habits by the time they reach late middle age, being in the last analysis enemies more to themselves than to others: but those who really turn the world upside down with depredations are best characterized not as selfish and grasping but rather more-typically obsessed with some Manichaean, anti-matter belief. Thus the butchery of those fanatically-anti-Catholic Cromwellians who slaughtered men, women and children across Ireland during and after the reign of Elizabeth I, only to emigrate to the New England colonies and expend their zeal upon Indians who had largely embraced the Catholic Faith as well, or who were in any event as non-fanatical as anyone could be, and thus could hardly expect to make the grade with these paragons of morbid zeal. Thus too today the economic gospel of the neo-cons, ideological descendants of the same earth-cleansing Puritans, a latter day breed whom no amount of righteously-inflicted human misery or unfair trade can placate: not simply because of their greed itself but because of the fanatical belief-system which lay at its roots, and which to them in practical terms is a religion which far supersedes that of Christ, and all else in life.

Thus taken exception to here is a marked tendency among certain well-intentioned writers to blame the bankers, common turpitude or human greed as direct causes of the present plunge in world affairs, while when it comes to most bankers in my own experience they are personally among the most harmless creatures on earth. But the kind of banking which uproots whole nations and carefully arranges world wars is pursued not really with sticky fingers or even counting-house diligence but with a fanatical Albigensian religious zeal ready to sacrifice all, even their own life itself, for inhuman and rigidly-pursued goals. Thus causing others to despair, and bringing the world to the brink of Hell, drawing down the punishment of God upon each and all. For which reason it is positively imperative, incumbent upon all who would squarely confront apocalyptic wrongs of today that blame be precisely pinpointed to that element which is their active and determining cause. The criminal quantity involved being a religion which as attested by popes, saints and seers of the entire Christian era sees itself on a scorched-earth mission to marginalize, enslave and ultimately eradicate all human life outside its own, regarding all we gentiles as but so many justly-doomed Canaanite tribes. A Judaism which operates at the head of a host of Evangelical sects and secret societies brokering the fanatical, apocalyptic Jewish worldview in the most insidious and ill-recognized way. Judaism having nourished innumerable spinoff religions since the time of the Apostles, being a fountainhead of propaganda-methodology since ancient times, with all these systems partaking of the bitter Jewish zeal. Among which sects is unquestionably to be found Islam, a creed first haphazardly formed at the time a certain fictional warlike Mohammed first dazzled the imaginations of nomadic tribes of Bedouins, sixty-some years after his legendary flight from Mecca to Medina. The name first appearing in the historical record at a time when these roving combatants found themselves under heavy Jewish influence, emanating from loan-proffering Jews who had with model meekness come under their militant hand. These Middle-Eastern fanatical hoards strikingly like those Mongols, yet-to-come, horsemen who would similarly ravage Europe, tribesmen analogously resulting from the influence of a heretical Christian source, the Nestorians: victims likewise, like all heretics, of the error-brokering Jewish sway. Indeed the Taiping Uprising of China would be much-the-same, a conflagration which cost some 55 million lives, having originated in the gross misunderstanding of the words of a Protestant missionary in the China of the mid-nineteenth century.

From such a vantage-point too must be understood the ironic but much-celebrated lament of certain prominent liberal Jews over wrongs inflicted by the state of Israel upon helpless Palestinians, who so resemble Calvinism-decimated Indians on the American frontier: through this radical ideological prism revealed to be easily a case of well-disguised gloating, as incomprehensible as such morbidity might be to ordinary, mostly-harmless men. So deep does the inverted Jewish hatred run. Here then that blindness with which God cursed that race whose epic hubris nailed their own Savior and His divine Son to a tree, as recounted in one of the prophetic psalms, so that it is unlikely that many Jews since that fateful day can have saved their souls. Cleaving stubbornly to that Judaism which has cleverly invented a bifurcation within itself that scarcely exists in any genuine sense, namely of Zionist and non-Zionist, so that popular blame for such hideous sentiments and convictions would be limited to a much less numerous group.

Finally then too the reason for one of the planks in our own presidential platform, hoping actually as we do to have it a (non-racist) Confederate rather than a Federal presidency: namely, the reinstatement of those restrictions once placed upon Jews as being enemies of the state and indeed, to quote Holy Scripture, of all mankind. It is as loyal sons of the One True Faith that we insist upon such things, and not at all out of hatred. Indeed, it is the Jews who hate mankind, and not we or mankind as a whole who hates the Jews. Rather indeed the daily news testifying entirely to the contrary. For which unselfish love we are regarded as some sort of sub-human fools, to be taken advantage of at will.

February 19, 2016: The perfect antipope counterpart to a radical faith-alone Protestantism of today, with counsel trumping precept as the underpinnings of post-Vatican-II spirituality. An elusive topic, a subtle sort of cockle which modern-day demons sow all-the-more unsparingly for that in church and world. Article improved-upon in following days.

But what is left after the overflowing spirituality of this putative Franciscan? The iron-hearted pragmatism of geo-finance, of the market system, with an indulgent smile and a shrug accepted as the best that we can do. This quintessentially-Jewish approach having been the curse of mankind since the fourteenth century when lords and merchants alike first began to wade in the flinty and inhuman sentiments which would come more and more to dominate Western man. Making him an exceedingly poor apostle to throngs of American Indians and Asians, largely innocent-minded peoples who met with profound bewilderment Christians imbued with those Jewish market values which turn all of life on its head. A globalist form of psychopathy which counts cynicism as the only form of maturity, a view, if with a thin veneer, which is generously shared in common with con-artists and criminals of every stripe. These potential Christians met on foreign shores being introduced by forward-looking Westerners to caesaro-papism, a form of secularist totalitarianism which basically puts the state in charge of all things whether spiritual or material, which inevitably surrenders to the illusory power of essentially-false Jewish money the whole substance of both people and state. Hence indeed do we read about these courtiers around the throne of Kaiser Wilhelm II, in a book entitled The Kaiser and His Court, by Walter Gorlitz, (New York: Hartcourt, Brace and World, English translation 1961), with the notes and diaries of this Muller, a sort of Secretary of the Imperial Navy, detailing his insidious and spirit-vitiating connivances, a civilian by his own admission close to the banking world, only one of a host of such creatures-of-the-court of World War I Germany. Men who, were the ruler to entertain noble aspirations of a virtuous sort would quickly thwart anything so Christian, using that formidable array of Freudian personality frustrations just then being hatched out of the academia of Vienna. Involved being a sort of morbidity, a verbal beating with a wet noodle, expended a century ago so prodigiously upon this sovereign of a great land, an honorless recourse which suits-to-a-tee those jackals who bring down lions of the most powerful and rampant kind.

Not really qualifying as religion at all, this ultimate new form of faith-without-works totally contradicts the natural law written on the human mind, heart and soul, that most fundamental of legislations which demands good behavior, the rendering of good works, in order that we might be useful, happy, contributory members of society, while likewise both saving our souls and being able to look in the mirror without too much pain. And worst of all, the uninformed would not on first blush expect outbursts of Francis to contravene such basic impulses of the soul: but this fast-track aspect is precisely the source of his overpowering charm, at least to some souls. As basically nothing is demanded, and flights to higher reaches of goodness and even holiness are held to be attained with the greatest of smiling, hugging and gushing ease. Allegedly a new and exciting approach, the photogenic phenomenon as noted actually originated with the faith without works theology of Luther, who with all Protestantism thereafter grossly misinterprets the Epistles of St. Paul. Those inspired missives wherein is designated as defunct not a strict adherence to the moral law itself, which would be a contradiction in terms, but rather the ritualistic works of the Mosaic Law. While a marked-if-less-advertised tendency of the radical new take-on-things is to let evil-doers off the hook, as in the reversal by recent antipopes of the immemorial Catholic teaching in favor of the death penalty for heinous crimes. Even as finally, detectable to the perceptive is a noted strong undertow of that Freudianism by which exponents of the old and tried strictures, seldom so taken with smiles and hugs, are regarded as having complexes, obsessions and overwrought tendencies galore. All this well-camouflaged release from bounds of morality suggesting that this new take on things is not only not religion but readily qualifies as Satanism as well. But the smooth trick to it all is that the new approach seems to be asking a great deal of us, urging us to be great lovers of both God and man, as it were, yet in the main absolving us if ill-admittedly from a host of inconvenient duties, from moral vigilances of many sorts. Hence when you combine all the sentiments of love and indulgence with Francis and his who am I to judge? in the face of catastrophic evils like government-legislated sodomy, the unspoken libertine message is deafeningly clear.

But it is not only New Ordo liberals who would strip the Faith of its holy character, for a sizeable number of traditionalist clerics, said to be such doughty upholders of the Old Faith, are notorious for accusing penitents of concealing mortal sins when they actually have none to confess; while the same men-of-the-cloth consistently rebuke any sort of pious demeanor as a spurious attempt to transplant an allegedly alien Euro-Catholicism to these Yankee Doodle shores. Thus is the modern-day traditional Catholic left with a concept of Catholicism quite worldly, whereas even if we are too weak to avoid serious sin we must at least have a strong love of virtue, of a culture of holy greetings, gestures and ways, which is basically what the Yankee-despised Euro-Catholicism, actually the same spirit one sees among Asian Catholics as well, is all about; conveying a deep instinct of devotion without which we cannot possibly save our souls. Some of these traditionalist men-of-the-cloth, no doubt among those crypto-Jews who have basically taken over the movement, will even make your confession the subject of their homily, only minutes after you exit from before the grill. And whether the congregation is to any degree aware of the fact or not, you yourself are, which is an unearthly experience of the most troubling kind: a form of mind control which priests of old would never have dreamed of inflicting on a soul. Thus is holiness under siege today on all fronts, and the way out of this impasse will take an act of God such as is promised at Fatima and in scores of saintly prophesies over a millennium and more.

As noted on a previous page and as Catholics used to be supremely aware, there is a wide gulf between what is required of us by God, termed precept, and those admonitions which come under the general heading if thou wilt be perfect. Evangelicals, other bible-thumpers and the present string of antipopes however love to conflate the two, typically pretending that we are all called to a spiritually-perfect level, which so much overflowing sentiment is somehow said to imply. But theatrics aside, for most of us what God demands is not unlimited perfection but simple justice: something quite demanding in its own honest way, but today subject to every sort of quibbling sidestepping display. No, we are not required to be heroically meek, as we are led to believe by Francis and the gang, people who however smilingly ignore the most heinous of atrocities of U.S. aggressive war. Indeed and as Vatican-II-vintage meekness would never allow, we can sometimes defend ourselves or our love-ones, even our sacred honor, to the point of blows, as Catholic theology always taught in the past. There would be far fewer drive-by shootings and the like were such just prerogatives accepted today as they were a century ago, when insulting scoundrels were so much less bold, when killers and rapists were hanged and fatherly defenses of family, wife or honor were as common as the clay. But wise men once knew that the brave and good can be upstaged by overflowing charlatans very easily, and it only takes an audience which has forgotten what honor, virtue and the divine law really are in order to bring down the house with applause.

February 13, 2016: The heresy of modern-era patriotism. Article worked over in following days. Getting used to writing again after several months on the Crusading trail without a computer. Hackers continue to plague us, as our website, Crusade and New and Better Confederacy are not very popular among certain brave denizens of the computer geek world, a technical liability which will be evident at least in certain locales or at certain times, notably when we try to use effective punctuation. Hence a recourse to a simpler style, a dispensing with apostrophes, quotation marks, parentheses, dashes and other important things. It is not that we suddenly lost our command of English. Because of all this the writing will be a little on the clumsy or lumbering side, and the scope for our usual levels of satire somewhat reduced.

Heresies have sometimes been held by almost the whole Church, considered in a simple numerical sense: as at the time of the Arians, when, to paraphrase one saint, the whole world woke up one day and found itself Arian, and this is precisely the condition of the Church today, in an erroneous crescendo of some centuries now, mostly since the Renaissance. For as Catholic Europe became embroiled in various wars, whether political or religious in origin, and in the process became foolishly and inextricably entangled with Jewish lenders, like those of Genoa or Venice, the near-inevitable cynical recourse was to peddle the notion that all matters of war are best left in the hands of sovereigns and their advisers, gradually indeed barring the individual conscience from any considerations of any war-related kind, under penalty of treason if nothing more. Eternal moral principles and those who hold them coming to be held as unrealistic, backward, non-progressive, and so on. For the old yeh and nay standards of virile souls who can possibly justify going to war for causes carefully prearranged by greedy financiers, in a kind of geopolitical or geomilitary tail wagging the dog? Easy then would be the glide toward a whole new doctrine, namely that war-making is rightly reserved to officials of the state, whose sole virtue is thought to be a hard boiled practicality which accepts innocent bloodshed like a walk around the block, so that the individual is regarded as overstepping his bounds in any considerations of right and wrong on the subject. Of course it is only for rudely candid people like us to say such things, as standard justifications are much more circuitous and verbose than that. And then too there is the familiar saw that war is a punishment for sin, which is supposed to silence all dissent like a lightning bolt from the sky. Ergo the inevitable surrender of our day of this most consequential of prerogatives to those theatrical characters who readily ingratiate themselves to Jewish finance and inseparable war-mongering international intrigue.

However, this rather hopeless state-of-affairs has in fact never been formalized into a dogma, but only left to lie fallow, as it were, however with many a highly-familiar doubt-dismissive assurance that such a pseudo-doctrine has been held from the very beginning, in a quick-fix no doubt uttered with a laugh or a shrug.

But it is our resolve here on the Crusade and New and Better Confederacy to contemptuously discard this stale old piece of monumental heresy: an erroneous view which directly contradictions the explicit and indeed infallible teaching of Boniface VIII in his brief but magnificent Unam Sanctam of around 1300 AD, which orders the collaboration of the Church in all such things, while Catholic teaching of the ages has always accommodated the individual conscience on any moral subject, for instance permitting nobles to demur to send their retainers off to fight in foreign wars of land-hungry sovereigns, and so on. Here too one reason a confederate or less centralized system is the only kind that easily observes the chief features of a legitimate state. This genuine dogma, of the sovereignty of morality and conscience over naked and unruly power, being found imprinted indeed on mild and rational liniments of the human soul and mind. And in upholding this all-important truth we have every hope of securing the aid of Heaven, and especially of the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, during these last few years before the end of time.

February 6, 2016: Meeting of Francis and Russian Orthodox Patriarch, whom we caution to beware of wolves in shepherds clothing. Note: Our present internet service may accommodate certain hackers in some localities and on some machines, miscreants whose chief weapon involves a daunting mutilation of punctuation marks. Please be prepared to meet this anomaly on occasion. Hence are we discontinuing the use of much punctuation at all.

Pious Patriarch of Russia, consider well that Francis will be attempting to undermine your virile resolution to combat sodomy and other vile evils of our day; he will portray Christianity as a simple exercise in meekness and humility; he will insinuate that any militancy, any stout wielding of the shepherds staff belongs to a former age when men were ignorant, when they hadnt yet learned the language of progress, etc., etc. Please dont fall into these monstrous errors as have so many others, including the vast majority of todays Catholics.

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Retractions: I made the claim in a February 3rd article of a proven link not only between the CIA and the "Islamic State" but also included Israel in this linkage, for which there isn't the same material evidence, even if it is indeed entirely likely. Thus the passage was corrected accordingly to give proper emphasis where it belongs. Also, have stated mistakenly that grand juries are a recent invention of the courts, this error stemming from my habit of writing from a sometimes-faulty memory rather than checking the facts. Rather what I had read about some years ago was the unprecedented use to which grand juries were being put during anti-racketeering hearings of the 1950s. Also, my apologies for mistaking the name of the Russian Patriarch as Alexander when it is in fact Kirill, and a number of others errors of this material rather than conceptual kind. Also, I tend to get up in the morning, when ideas are numerous and lively, and somehow unaccountably write very tersely, as if a readers with thus-few mental trail-marks knew where I was headed, or what it actually was I wished to say. These pieces tending to sound either bombastic or clueless and meandering: articles I invariably develop more fully within a day or so. Also, I regret any criticisms of priests that are found here, and try to keep them limited only to those that seem essential in my attempts to understand and explain what has happened to the Catholic Church over the past century and more of prophetically-predicted infiltration by evil men. Also, any positive comments made here and there on this site about polytheists (pagans) are made in spite of their polytheism rather than because of it. For certainly there are always good things as well as bad at work in all people, and God looks primarily at the heart, so that provided the ultimate state is finally arrived at, sometime before the hour of death: namely, of believing "that there is one God Who is the rewarder of the good and the punisher of the wicked", that a person can save their soul. Again, provided they "have a good heart", have sincerely sought the truth, but have somehow been prevented from attaining it in its entirety through some blameless sort of ignorance, or perhaps even some externally-imposed form of prejudice they are honestly unable to overcome. And of course while this struggle between good and bad goes on in those of other beliefs it does no good to refuse to see any hopeful or positive signs in them, in their civic institutions, and so on. These latter practical particulars of whole nations which can sometimes indeed be their chief harbingers of hope for both this world and the next. Those two realms whose imperatives so often closely coincide.

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