April 15, 2013: Article further developed this afternoon. Don't let cyber-spying and personal-info-mining cause hysteria or despair.

Granted, we are indeed being "counted like sheep" in these official and corporate statistical-analytical adventures which are expressly proscribed in Holy Scripture, a byproduct of being regarded as goyim, or less than human beings. But don't "sell the farm" or abandon ship yet, rather consider that to someone in possession of an adequate God-given love and reverence for his own person—a rare quantity today indeed—people who pry and spy have no more standing than some eager bevy of peeping Toms. (A constituency recently protected under categories of sexual orientation of ever-compassionate presidents, congresses and courts.) These digital-voyeurs being curious creatures the observations of whose earlier counterparts used to arouse about as much agitated concern among our forefathers—and still do as much among such worthy progeny—as might the spyings of insects curiously studying humanity, as these centipedes and octopeds so often do. Thus reasonably dismissed must be dire warnings about how informationally naked we are: against which we must remain resistant to impulses-of-panic before probings of such a pernicious but status-paltry breed. The stalker, the sodomite, the fondler-of-underwear, the gatherer of highly-personal information, all being of the same general ilk, and hardly deserving more consideration than a stray dog turning over trash-cans, to see if anything savory is inside. The real prey or scrap sought in this much-made-over case being personal and popular self-respect and self-esteem: that which conversely, when well-maintained, tends to make us appreciably less concerned about such craven invasions-of-privacy.

Hence given these modern vulnerabilities there is some spiritual and motivational "prep-work" that must be done to make the Frankpledge Party and system work, as it depends entirely upon self-respecting men, elements in an upwardly-ascending structure of organically-embedded popular power, containing assemblies which meet regularly but only for the most consequential of purposes. With this ancient and intrinsically-democratic form of the state finding potent expression and living personification in a nobility personally, intimately known by those found (only organizationally, not morally or personally) beneath. These noblemen, once-beloved figures whose whole function is not to denigrate or belittle, but rather to personally, incessantly, self-sacrificially patrol stout stone battlements of the common good. That sole purpose of the state which no assembly can possibly adequately perform, however hard it might try, or dedicated it might be. Rule-by-assemblies being an inherent impotence for whose populace-frustrating and oppressing purposes such representative bodies and inseparable polar-dictatorial judges and presidents of our Judeo-Masonically-designed system were indeed expressly brought into being.

Now, I know all this is "a mouthful", and its remedy much more easily written about than done. After all, there is this massive, overhanging "information society" we must deal with, that monkey-on-our-backs whose obsessive morbidity is so vividly evoked by all this info-mining, by a nano-technic categorical invasion of all procedures and processes, interposing itself in every living relationship, making it at best stale, at worst dead or stillborn. An octopus with no actual or legitimate power, yet so potentially all-controlling, if we give it an inch, taking a mile. A King Kong gorilla with which—as in the hideous movie Beauty and the Beast of a decade or so ago, so suggestive of bestiality—we are all supposed to be so in love. But I really think we are all bored and jaded to death by it all—especially indeed the supposedly info-transfixed young, whose eager-but-disappointed faces I see everywhere—longing once again to take a pick or a shovel in hand, to feel the yielding earth again under their feet, as did noted self-respecting ancestors of old. Me and these kids can only watch so many old Gene Autry or Cisco Kid movies, or read about days "when knighthood was in flower", before we are impelled to want to live that old and beloved way again, and not just to dream about it. To feel once again the beloved earth in our humble hands. For all the "grand vistas" of this digital artificial reality, this hellish anti-matter duplicating of everything, has had its little go-around, and must in its own turn be consigned to the outdated dustbins of history. So that we might all freely and with due dignity live and breathe once again.

April 12, 2013: Responsibilities of Christian Faith toward a multiplicity of North Koreas, Afghanistans and Irans. Souls tested equally before God. Love must be universal to be genuine. Those of other countries seem to know a lot about love as a universal human necessity, but where do we stand here?

The central false principle we seek incessantly to debunk on this Crusade is this idea so afoot here in the USA of an aloof superiority of Americans, of the "American Way", of people allegedly dwelling on the very summit of human life, "not like the rest of men". The contention being advanced that such a grand condition not only makes us indispensable point-men to human betterment but that these imposing privileges endow the individual American (and Israeli) life with an unapproachable worth, to be guarded by rigidly-biased international bodies and tribunals military, political and commercial. That the lives of others are really quite expendable, like so many thousand doomed acorns that merely provide fertilizer for those half-dozen or so destined to become towering, prospering, well-watered oaks. These privileges said to have been earned in trail-clearing vanguard operations of the Thirteen Colonies, in establishing a sort of new Eden here on earth, with political principles handed down to us by divinely-commissioned figures of the Founding Fathers, bringing us an inspired Constitution and uniquely congruent doctrine of laissez-faire "free"-trade. All this said furthermore somehow to be Christianity at its most brilliant peak, never to be surpassed. And the fact that the Jews have a vision precisely the same as this, of a futuristic secular-messianic savior, whom they also term "Christ": well, this seeming counter-intuity is easily-enough resolved, to leading American minds in all fields, as providing a handy guarantee that "all are pulling in the same direction". As these (theatrically) harmless Jews manifestly hold the self-same principles as this doughty American breed, these "nation builders", these progress-point-men: with both indeed just now throwing aside a whole gamut of traditional moral principles, written on the human heart and mind, now said to have been proven passé. Ah, glories of such an ascendant position, not to be found anywhere else among lesser biblical "sons of men".

But one of many problems with such a view is that when men are truly and providentially endowed with rare privileges this is strictly in order that they might spread these coveted benefit abroad: not indeed by culling down the human fold, to only those found—even by judgment of such a "chosen" group—to be deserving of such boons—but rather by those arts of kind persuasion with which the human person is so liberally graced in all climes, and for exactly such laborious ends. Personal embellishments native especially to those in "third world" countries now dealt with at the point of a bomb. This true and just methodology, termed distributism, or in seldom-used Catholic parlance distributive justice, being universally prescribed by God for human interaction in all fields-of-endeavor economic and social, political and religious. (Nonetheless, already back in my Catholic high school, this staggeringly-important subject of distributive justice received only one sentence in our senior-year catechetical book.) Even salvation being faithfully determined according to this universal template or outline, with St. Thomas Aquinas speaking somewhere in voluminous writings of a certain equality of testing of souls before God: with advantages gained by dint of training or personal development not letting us get off "Scot free" but quite the contrary imposing proportional burdens of responsibility on such privileged souls. So that for instance to be raised soundly as a Catholic, as much as it brings us an unparalleled joy and peace, a participation in Heavenly good things while yet on earth, and typically even a proportionally-marvelous facility at productive earthly life, yet this privileged position carries with it decidedly onerous burdens of personal responsibility that some non-Christian on some distant continent can hardly be said to bear. He who, provided his unbelief is from non-voluntary ignorance rather than willful blame, has a bar accordingly set much lower than ours, his measure of salvation perhaps only some vague and muted protestation of divine love, toward "one God Who Is the Rewarder of the good and the Punisher of the wicked": that minimum announced by the Apostle. This after a life more-or-less innocently helpless before a confused medley of convictions and impulses, with an understanding of the natural law gravely distorted, obscured, allowing for practices which were they found in a well-formed Catholic would instantly damn him to the lowest pits in Hell.

Hence plainly does this universal principle of distributive justice, of "spreading the blessings around"—of a humanity created with a social nature like a hive of bees—find nuts-and-bolts practical application in human affairs in an even more obvious way, and any who think of themselves as so preeminent over "the rest of men" as to render the latters' lives to any degree less significant, or less deserving of love or protection, are manifestly "barking up the wrong tree".

But transcending mercifully even this rational pyramiding of responsibilities among men is one foolishly-indulgent divine saving principle, a decree of clemency or pardon applicable to the very last human breath, as found in words of Jesus to Sr. Josepha Menendez, the little Spanish Sister of the 1920s, of the congregation of the Sacred Heart: namely, the concession-of-salvation to one whose heart is assayed by the conscientious divine Refiner—even at the biblical "eleventh hour" of the moment of death—to contain some measure of the genuine, unalloyed gold of love. That which indeed had it been found in the foregoing life of the noted "privileged" Catholic soul, now dying, would have guided her to share out prodigally with others every boon, to extend to others ever practical participation in gifts so generously enjoyed. Feeling itself with St. Therese of Avila to be a merchant ship tossed on perilous seas-of-life, loaded down like ocean-going Spanish galleons of her times with moral and material treasures which by their very weightiness "threaten to sink her to the bottom of the sea". In this exceptional case—threatening indeed to become the rule today—rescued, like the beloved sheep on the windswept rocky shelf of the painting, even after a life of abject failure to fulfill this universally-applicable divine distributive law. ("If you do not love that neighbor whom you see, how can you love that God Whom you don't see?".) This final clemency, this grace of the bestowal of pure love, of heartfelt contrition, the sole recourse which so many selfish American Catholics have, on that dies ire or day of wrath when none will be let squeak by with bare, simple Sacramental confession, with no prior evidence of at least an occasional flowering-forth of this generous "charity" or divinely-originating love—after the wasting of so many treasures over a long or short life. Boons squandered in setting our own moral bar far too low: as we compete-with and indeed kill and otherwise mistreat others not so generously endowed: as if we somehow richly deserved the inner and outer treasures we've got. Among which Gospel "little ones" is however so often by my own experience found the most genuine evidence of heartfelt love, of readiness to respond to grace, if only we would extend to them its preambles and preliminaries, as we Christians (and Catholics in particular) are so generously outfitted by God precisely so to do. Alas, good God, how often have I myself failed, in so many opportunities, having been met by so many expectant faces, receptive to this most-noble of tasks!

This then is why the modern organizational configuration cannot possibly succeed: of supranational powers ruthlessly dominating, dictating both directly and circumstantially to a host of North Koreas: we "global leaders" from out of remote enclaves-of-privilege imperially, impregnably ensconced. As human nature for one thing is not constructed in this mechanical, Newtonian billiard-ball way: the boons of human life at any level being transmitted only through the tender and subtle exchanges of both corporate and highly-personalized love, of the whole gamut of innocent affection, certainly of ready, eager and candid communication, diplomatic or otherwise, indulging the patois of region and locale, respecting things held sacred that quite often possess some tenuous or solid connection to goods and truths of Christian Faith. These beginnings to be cultivated to bring out that nexus "unto life everlasting" which many of the West so often so signally enjoy. To encourage the refining of that pure gold of love based on the love of God, within souls found marvelously capable of possessing that divinely-bestowed joy which according to St. Thomas makes them so lovable: a yawning, cavernous capacity which even in their condition of ignorance or deprivation so often lights up their features so nobly, so hungrily, in so inimitable a way. They whose cultivation in this garden of divine love must be our dearest goal—can any mere earthly market or production-schedule ever compare with gardens or products of this rarest kind?—a grave duty towering high above any circumstantial privileges we may possess. Those poorly-deserved bounties that tempt some to consider themselves, in morbid spiritual sterility, to be aloof, supreme and untouchable, "not like the rest of men".

April 11, 2013: Under the harbor-goddess Liberty the principle of division/corruption reigns supreme, tends toward dissolution, while phenomenological surfeit draws us thereafter powerfully if by default to the ontologically simple, the ever-young eternal. Ancient falsehoods that today once again dominate mankind cannot be treated as curious fossils to be studied with an amused smile.

One need only take a survey course on theology to come across with a flourish as a master of the schools, while we here on the Crusade examine these ancient falsehoods in the dire immediacy of their contemporary forms: seldom feeling a need to quote Aristotle or Boethius, let alone modern madmen who haunt collegiate faculties. Rather do we work backwards in time, considering the diseases and calamities of today first and foremost, and then relating them to root-errors thought dead for a thousand years: being less concerned with precise or hidebound historical associations and death-and-birth dates of perpetrators than with ever-potent essences, distilled like the snake-venom that they are. Panels of experts and PhDs that abound in the church of today meanwhile sitting enthroned in unassailable erudition: the heart having been cut out of an inconvenient and time-inefficient Faith, the details of doctrine being easily accommodated to the new and breezy swing-of-things, and trappings of holiness readily appropriated with the merest nod.

Hence there is more to these sophisticated scholarly maneuvers than meets the eye, as ancient errors like Manichaeanism when viewed through a dated prism are easily rendered mute and harmless, like some ancient insect caught in tree-sap, petrified, divorced from anything seen today. And although I was delighted to hear Marcus Grodi and his ex-Mormon guest on The Journey Home identify Mormonism as a form of the Manichaean heresy, yet you'd be hard-put to find even this exceptionally-good interviewer drawing such fatal analogies with regard to New Church Catholicism: where all must be seen as sweetness and light. Especially if one wants to keep his slot on the network, and if the allegedly soundly-traditional legacy of the ever-doughty Mother Angelica is to be stoutly and vindictively maintained.

Alas, modern Catholic exegetes and theologians tend to act like monocled combat tacticians still reading from dust-covered texts of military strategists of the eighteenth century, guiding armies of Prussians to storied victories of the times: such ever-reassuring figures guaranteeing that one needn't listen to doctrinal alarmists such as garrison the Anti-Sodomy Crusade. No indeed, the former have got Hussites and Manichees all safely under siege, or at least under age-yellowing wraps, and don't intend to allow them any time soon to spring free, roaming around in the vestibule of the church of John Paul II and Benedict XVI. No one who patrols the isles of the giant (if rather empty) structure can ever allow the mortal doubt to creep into his head that The New Evangelism can be anything but solid Thomism through-and-through, that the much-heralded New Church marriage with progress-dazzled materialism, the superstate and the systematic, stock-market-speculated initiation or provocation of war is anything but orthodox and devout to the nth degree.

But there's something oddly Marxist, indeed Manichaean—with antithetical annihilations of the dialectic recalling nothing so much as close-kin hurlings of Mesopotamian infants into fiery oven-gods of Baal, their tortured cries thought to uniquely placate stone-hearted fiends—about equally-fierce and nihilistic transmutations that took place after Vatican II, and about which New Church Catholics, Pilate-like, perpetually wash their hands. Something, or rather Someone, having been destroyed: sort of like sending grandma to the nursing home, simply because she's grown so inconveniently wistful and reminiscent, forgetful of more immediate things. Unable any longer to turn so efficiently on a dime, like some tactical maneuver found in some Prussian field-manual, or like these glib and gabby fools who today run corporations, TV stations and banks.

Indeed at the heart of the phenomenological, manufactured-object-ridden glut of hedonism, consumerism and space-age science and engineering lies a mammoth trivialization of the human mind and soul—let alone of a Divinity which is simple Quiddity Itself—and it is here that the Cathars once again roam souls and vestibules of today, at least as much as in ancient-and-modern Antiochene Temple-bouts of sodomy, infanticide and abortion-on-demand. These latter more familiar intertemporal Albigensian bedfellows quite at home wherever the material, the human, is reserved to banal, mass-produced or contemptible associations which make it poor if-eagerly-promoted prospect for the life of grace, for the genuine Catholic polity, for Civilization with a capital C. That materiality, that humanity, which in order to attain the full dignity of its estate must forever be mortified in its Original-Sin-related proclivities, without which it can never attain any evangelical "making all things new". Today's abject surrender to the modernist core-error, wordy quibblings to the contrary notwithstanding—namely that the hyperventilating ethos of material progress "has something to teach" to Catholic Faith—being a reorientation that has wrought catastrophic changes of practice and life, all the while the outer core of Catholicism was destined to remain rigidly, if invalidly and only ceremonially in place. (As God will flee such hands, "will not be mocked" in this sacrilegious way). This, then, having been the aim of all the destructive hippy hoopla after Vatican II: to mock God, to break the hearts of the good, the holy, the tender-hearted, so that Catholicism could become a "harmless", hyper-correct cog in a rocket-launching, money-laundering, drone-bombing, Caesaro-Papist machine. This emptying-of-substance being manifestly Manichaean at its very core.

But just because I'm a layman I don't have to have gone to Oxford, to copy a stodgy Chesterton, lean on an old knob-headed cane, with scholarly bearing and mien, drawing from a store of bitterly-sardonic commentary: no, it is enough to see the "signs of the times", and describe them in the vernacular, just as they appear.

Modern "progress" might have achieved some lastingly-worthwhile things had it not been indentured from the very start to secular-messianic aims, welded into the chute-like design of a certain path dependency (Harvard economist Weitzman) manipulated by shadowy figures from on high. They who will see it all collapse into the dust, or steer it into apocalyptic warfare, before they will let it serve Christ the King. But yet I think in the end that a simple life on the land, with most things once again made by hand, is divinely meant to be: entailing an economy which needn't produce a hyper-expensive, artificial parallel reality, a veritable anti-matter universe of platforms and infrastructures wholly alien to natural terrestrial earthly life, in order to even begin to operate, to turn out entirely-reconceived "stuff". A weird topography whose hyper-efficiencies must be burnt up regularly in war, its "jobs" by definition shrinking in direct proportion to its technical advances, its profits intrinsically reserved to some chosen few: a kind of manufactured anti-matter Manichaeanism on the material plane. Although it must be confessed that in the '50s we were approaching a way-of-life in the West that had seemingly-unlimited possibilities of a marriage between modern and earlier forms of organization and manufacture, until the Judeo-Masonic nihilists took inevitable total charge. Initiating that impious annihilation of personal-identity-bolstering, sacred or beloved handed-down forms in which Vatican II played a deciding and universally-consequential role.

April 9, 2013: Catholic clerics cow from their duty as the new tornado-season gears up and a sodomite/aggressive-warrior nation faces God's wrath in unprecedented new bounds.

Were Bluebeard to suddenly appear on the coasts of the Potomac, and demand huge levies of raw recruits for his piratical escapades, many would undoubtedly be cowed into acceding to same, but it would be a cowardly Church indeed that would declare it to be a matter of conscience for young men to submit to such an enlistment, to consider it somehow a duty, or a praiseworthy thing. But this is precisely the stand taken by the anti-church which now inhabits Rome, and as conspicuously represented in "Catholic" USA, a radical novelty announcing itself bruskly from every churchly organ of today: if not by direct recruitment-efforts then by the tone and tenor of endorsement displayed in statements and policies regarding the Bluebeard of our own day. With the issuing for instance of once-sided statements prone to jingoistic interpretation, compiling woefully-prejudicial "documentaries" of Muslim atrocities, while drone bombs which decimate Mohammedan families far and wide go deafeningly un-condemned. The church here implicitly, indeed passionately favoring the tack taken by today's butcher of the seven seas, who scarcely attempts to conceal the false-flag nature of most or all 9/11-like "provocations" of genocidal embroilments overseas.

Around the time of popes Pius XI and Leo XIII the Church was beginning to confront this irruption of "governments" entirely under the direction and control of cryptic supranational bodies and forces which arrogate to themselves tasks of universal leadership which had always been undeputable, inalienable components of the mission of Catholic Rome. These political functions of the Church-Universal being essential but oddly-omitted parts indeed of that very "evangelism" so much made-over today—one which by unspoken implication takes up the standard saw of heretics of two thousand years, of a radical, irrational and morally-catastrophic separation of church from state—a fatal hiatus forming a gigantic practical void in fevered "New Evangelical" writings of antipopes J.P.II and Benedict XVI. Indeed Rome itself at the very time of noted nineteenth-century papal warnings was already deep in the throes of these cunning infiltrations and usurpations, was by then about to succumb to this Judeo-Masonic plot toward its own demise: a calamity predicted in saintly prophesy for over a thousand years and discernible in the pages of Scripture itself. This fatal development corresponding symbolically to the crucifixion and death of Christ, as corporately suffered, reenacted at the climax of history by His Mystical Body, the Church. With the First Vatican Council thus accordingly, as at an "eleventh hour", having been called substantially in order to discuss this very apocalyptic breach: a synod whose convocation was surrounded by open admissions of these calamities by prelates and holy men of the times: grave and candid statements ceaselessly repeated at least until the reign of Pius XI, when a strange silence over the whole subject ensued. This new "mum's-the-word" being ominous signal that the long-awaited hostile takeover was by then all-but-complete.

But returning to Vatican I: among items on the agenda for the approaching convocation was undoubtedly to be the whole issue of military "duty" with respect to such an intrinsically-illegitimate, elitist-controlled, gargantuan and geo-strategic pseudo-state: a cabal or cartel utterly unprecedented, finding no parallel in empires of the ancient past. Yet before the issue could even be tabled the Council was murderously broken up by troops of those very same synagogue funded-and-controlled forces of intrigue who increasingly controlled the nations of men: ruthless instigators of revolutions since those of the Hussites, the Albigensians, and later of the thirteen American Colonies. The council fathers being violently prevented from enunciating once again the immemorial doctrine of the Church vis-à-vis the state, and the faithful thus denied the desperately-needed requirement of the day, of a specifically-detailed exposition in terms of these very unprecedented circumstances, with a clear spelling-out of duties-of-citizens in such uncharted realms. For although the moral principles involved—that we must "obey God rather than men"—that the law of God is the sole source of both law and government (St. Thomas Aquinas)—are plain enough to stand unsupported by themselves—yet weak human nature requires their detailed and specific "pastoral" application to each new situation that comes-to-hand. From which untrammeled discussions would undoubtedly have emerged the outline of the veritable insurgency which must by all means be mounted against such a self-arrogating and satanic rogue regime. That new and faithless kind of empire which would dare once again to erect a 440-foot goddess at the entrance to New York harbor, measuring almost the same as the giant statue of pagan Artemis which once guided ancient shipping to the port of Alexandria in the east Mediterranean sea.

Hence what has been endorsed in stages by Rome since the Enlightenment has been global revolution, whose ecclesiastical point-man was Bishop John Carroll, the first U.S. plenipotentiary cleric, to be followed in rigid adherence to false and indeed satanic notions by basically all who followed him, especially among the Anglo/Irish clergy. They who acted as unbending disciplinarians of this new order of things. This revolt in the USA, after the announcement of vague and condescending principles by Jefferson and Madison, Franklin, Samuel Adams and Monroe, having thereafter taken the form principally of a cultural and philosophical repudiation of all that went before. Little realizing, or perhaps even less caring, as these proto-New-Age clerics did, that with the loss of these fundamental moorings of human personality the Faith itself would almost invariably be lost, or watered-down to such a degree as to be unrecognizable for what it once was. This strange new serendipity Catholicism being foreseen by Anne Katherine Emmerich in the early-to-mid 1800s, in her visions of an "odd new church, built against all the principles of design". This new cultural Manichaeanism joining hands with the rigidly-totalitarian statism described above, ruling absolutely on a scale and scope never before seen: with the new Manichees thus not anarchic, as had been their medieval-cultic forebears, but rather unbending Caesaro-papist "law"-makers, scorched-earth rulers of all things both "spiritual" and material for men. With the Church trivialized to the level of a sentimental, over-emotional pawn or thrall of an ever-marching secular power, with an impact less than that of poetry upon legislation, court decisions, foreign or domestic policy. With some self-important cleric on EWTN most recently coming out with the utterly unfounded statement, to paraphrase from memory, that the waging of war is a matter "entirely up to the state": thus deftly and with deafening silence denying any moral voice—not only of the church—but of the individual soul in these most-consequential regards, with man now reduced to a cog without a will or mind. This fanatical logic—of silken-tongued "men in soft garments who live in the palaces of kings"—amounting to a contradiction in terms, with the state or commonweal no longer understandable as the Thomistic ruddy, distributive, loose-knit popular sovereignty, but rather with the most consequential decision of the nation—the waging of war—reserved to shadowy, largely-anonymous figures who today exercise undisputed power. This being a mammoth step backward in human political development, all the while it is with mocking double-talk praised to the Heavens by today's Catholic men-of-the-cloth.

But look to the sky, Americans, and see that God will not meekly abide this Godless, all-points revolution anymore.

April 6, 2013: The modern-day icky-pooh idea of evil.

We have whole institutions built around this two-year-old toddler idea of "icky-pooh". Put very simply, it is the wide-eyed belief that anything that causes discomfort or unpleasantness is "bad-bad", and deserves a frown and a slap on the hand, and conversely that anything which brings ease and delight is an unqualified good. Hence invariably the manner in which the "pursuit of happiness" is understood before courts and legislatures and in executive mansions here in the USA. It is very much the "let's go out to the ballgame" or barbeque-grill or bar-room approach to life, and all who would organize things in a manner cognizant of sometimes-rigorous demands of the moral law are increasingly regarded—by ultra-simplistic provisions of icky-pooh—as enemies of the state, as potential terrorists of the first degree.

Indeed, all of modern life is based upon a fanatical resolution to collectively turn our backs on those moral principles which once formed, motivated or set-limits-to law, custom, duty, recreation: with club-wielding, hairy-backed backwardness in direct proportion conversely understood. With modernity being more-or-less exclusively seen in gluttonous satisfactions of corporal or imaginative human desires or needs. While any attempt to brook these mountainous earthly appetites or demands—even in ones own person, let alone in society at large—is today's increasingly-accepted new definition of criminality, indeed even of insanity, and certainly of a six-digit-income "profiler's" dream. And the fact that this approach to law and custom can easily make it impossible for the morally-minded to live happy and productive lives, forcing them all-too-often to live like outcasts on society's fringe: well, that just "the breaks of the game" for the icky-pooh.

But it gets much worse than that, as Christians today increasingly see the practice of religion in the very same terms, as "piously" removing all barriers to this wild-eyed idea of the pursuit of happiness, with this patently-satanic view of human life now barely contested even by grinning, well-fed men-of-the-cloth: with such a "happiness" seen now as a damsel in "pursuit" of whom "all's fair". With all kinds of "gentlemen's agreements" between clerics and minions of state: rigid protocols which forbid the once-standard invocation of moral principles which might in any way impede thundering hooves of this hedonistic "ideal". So that for instance the manifold atrocities of the Obama war-machine almost without exception meet with deafening silence from today's "Catholic" clergy and hierarchy—their discernments dulled by petulant moralisms of the day—as to stand resolutely against barbarities of the new Genghis Khan would be, you guessed it, "icky-pooh". This the new Vatican-endorsed comfort-morality, a thumb-sucking cipher formed precisely for ga-ga-utilitarian—and less-mentioned grimly-statist—purposes at a heavily-infiltrated Vatican II. That invasion of the Vatican "by evil men" namely which had been predicted for centuries, but in a staccato of motherly Marian warnings in apparitions since La Salette in 1846, and more than once in those very words. Heralding as Our Blessed Lady did an approach to life on this earth—with which latter orb "beam me up, Scotty" "mystical" and "contemplative" New Church "spirituality" has less-and-less of anything to do—which ironically and incongruously guarantees lots of cushy, mammoth-defense-industry high-tech jobs for sons and daughters of the well-to-do. While increasingly regimenting all earthly existence in a column-and-line with Jewish secular-messianic goals rigidly and exclusively in mind. That which is alas the price you pay for this icky-pooh idea of "bad-bad", pedaled by Father Jim and the quibbling, fidgeting, studiously-harmless folks on "Global Catholic Network" TV. Doughtily-impressive advocates of a ga-ga-American Dream.

Of course, a lot of grim, disciplinary Russians and Chinese are prime offenders in this new morality of icky-pooh, together with Middle-easterners and Southeast-Asians stubbornly attached to ("backward") strictures of old: while North Koreans of course must never even be talked to, as in such close-contact we might catch their more-frightful strain of icky-pooh. All these dangerous people must either be instructed in the American way of life or blown off the map: for with icky-pooh, it really is just as simple as that.

April 5, 2013: Catholic behavior and bearing must be determined from within.

For all the talk about love since Vatican II, older generations of Catholics used to evince more warm regard and affection in one word or glance of stern rebuke than New Church people do in loud, flamboyant but empty protestations of love. Catholics in the past having conveyed a whole array of sentiments and spiritual intuitions under a tightly-fitting armor of virtue, of custody of eyes and tongue, today by contrast having taken upon themselves an all-exhibiting expressional lexicon diametrically opposed to this ancient humble and quiet way. This latter mountain-moving mode of speech and behavior gutted from within by the effeminate and over-excited hoopla of Vatican II, with prior beloved and morally-capacious vessels-of-expression being thrown out the "window" opened so wide by masonic-brother "Blessed" John XXIII. Adopted in place of the old and hallowed Catholic presence being the cynical and insensitive body-language, terminology and gestural-cipher of a synagogue-directed New Age: a mummery entirely overt, with no reservoirs of peace within, such as graced the communications of the academic and the unlettered a mere few decades ago. Indeed, to attempt to maintain this inner quietude and virility, this gravity or ineffable counterpoise of all the virtues: such behavior will find you quickly profiled as a danger to those around you, a potential terrorist, as one living paranoically "on the edge". So far has practical Catholicism been outlawed today: hardly any longer setting a form into which laws are justly yet with marvelous clemency poured. And if one of your children dares attempt such an age-old personal bearing he will instantly be classed as having A.D.D. The Jewish code-book of street-savvy palaver being now indisputably in charge of personal comportment and social relations alike on these shores, with Catholics for a couple of centuries now "back on their heels", in the language of boxing, under the assaults of an overpowering opponent whose interior life is all about duplicity, cruelty and greed. And who hides it all very nicely under a lot of tumult-breeding, g-spitting Bronx colloquial bonhomie.

But this is what happens when the Church allows sects, the state and secular bodies and institutions to lead the way morally and politically, intellectually, conversationally and economically, itself bringing meekly up the rear with pious sermonettes, never daring to take part in consultations and policy-determinations where it all starts. Catholics having made the fatal step of despising earthly concerns, of placing those of Heaven so inaccessibly far above that they have no real bearing on customs and usages, let alone laws, of men. So we have a lot of TV-Catholic people enthusing at each other excitedly, with this "ideal" allegedly setting the pace for us all: as this is the only sort of lingo the modern world—to which the noted pseudo-pontiff threw windows open wide—will allow. Can we be surprised that sodomy is supposedly now acceptable to Catholics far and wide? Did God or Lot or Abraham feel this "take it or leave it" way about Sodom and Gomorrah? Will they feel any different, from their vantage-point in Heaven, when they look down on the fire and brimstone set once again to pommel the earth even now?

Hence because of all the above—for the reestablishment of virile Catholic character, meant in different forms for men and women alike—do we promote a resistance movement which aims to see Christian and ultimately Catholic customs and usages, apprehensions and sentiments once again take command, sit at the council of state, walk the streets, grace the family table and back-yard once again. Not to simply follow behind with a lot of sermonizing, set with grating incongruity to the effeminate, over-excited meter of the modern Judeo-Masonic world. Abandoning that manly Catholicism such as my own father taught me so long ago: a man whose single wordless glance, whether warm or stern, conveyed a whole now-lost virtuous world.

April 3, 2013, Easter Wednesday: The "New Evangelizers": emergency repair-crew called out by wreckers of Vatican II. What it is that is so new about the new evangelism. Article further developed.

The irony of it all might find one rolling on the ground with laughter were it not all so deadly and catastrophic, were it not written in unsung agonies of souls and minds, as we have watched over the past fifty years and more the doing-to-death of last vestiges of a Catholic Way-of-Life handed down to us by our forefathers, found not to be of the latest style: a demolition portrayed in the most eloquent of promotional tones. Timeless, fundamental moorings-of-souls having been breezily, priggishly called into question, for lacking a certain space-age veneer; as when we were told we "must learn to laugh at what we love", as well as to question parental or priestly counsels in the most exhaustive possible way. Timeless, soul-sustaining good things being dismissed or humorously despised with a flourish, traditions "not really infallible", written with a dismissible "small t". Generationally-handed-down treasures against which we were armed already in the late fifties, in first installments of a "New Evangelical" verbal and promotional to replace the living and breathing, just then getting underway. All human connection to holy things having been antiseptically swept away. With Vatican II and its rabid aftermath having, like a kind of rape, thoroughly de-institutionalized, de-contextualized, de-colloquialized, disembodied our Catholic Faith, Manichaean-like: to make it no longer something you do or are but something you talk about til you're blue in the face. Putting inarticulate parents to an allegedly everlasting shame, with seven masses of a Sunday packed out the doors, of people Gospel-childlike, "simple as doves". Driven away by an alienation, a Protestantization indeed, making the old non-verbal, indeed more-or-less mystical Catholic manual laborer—once the joyful, colorful bulwark of the Catholic Faith—a shrinking and despised quantity from out of the past. His place among the pews to be taken by these "new evangelizers" with spiffy jobs and quail-run residential pedigrees, who with a string of "blessed" antipopes and Fulton Sheens know a "wave of the future" when they see one.

After you have thoroughly destroyed something—a home, for instance, and all it represents—for being the old red brick instead of the new machine-blown stucco, money-laundered part of an all-determining drug-trade, one of a million dwellings soon to be left to rot for lack of mortgage fees—then any subsequent attempts to rebuild it, the while minimizing with a throw-of-the-hand your own part in its demise, is nothing but sheer gloat. Mockery being the breathless promotion of what you have just demolished, driving away the young, and any labor thereafter in maudlin, hand-wringing, theatrical tones to draw them back, to a once warm-and-inviting home you have discredited and then demolished beyond any reprieve: such enthusiasm is like laughing winds playing furiously about abandoned eaves. Any youthful connection to which you just spent forty years stigmatizing as backward, stupid, unworthy of their precious drug-jaded time. ("Cling", then, earnest reverts and converts, "to that which is most ancient", as exhorted by St. Jerome, in these times he prophesied so long ago, "when the foundations of order will be overthrown".) Benedict, John Paul, with their vaunted "New Evangelism" having spread wide with a flourish the blueprint of what the sturdy, noble, but lustily-demolished building once was, that they have just so thoroughly, in every "hunky" or "irrelevant", generationally-cementing practical detail torn down, and sent to the city dump. And "admirably", indeed "blessedly" and "heroically" taken charge of the familiar structure's re-building, commencing a crisply-commanded reconstruction, explaining every symbol on the legend, giving minute instructions to the foremen and lead-men. This while the very air still rings, is still clouded with the momentous collapse. Ah, such perfect carpenter's savvy, filled with jobsite colloquia of two thousand years: on the heels of destruction this clarion announcement of ancient building principles, intoned over a moonscape as smooth as a bowl. Where whole parishes and cities once throve. You say you can't even get these "new evangelizers" to go to Mass? Laugh, then, mockers, laugh, as has always been your wont to do. After destructive exertions of revolutionaries now called "blessed" under whose direction a whole generation and more has for the most part been hopelessly lost, replaced by a brassy "success"-driven breed, the good and humble sent to live hodge-podge under spiritual bridges or by the side of the road, or out where packs of moral feral-dogs roam. Or at best, as "reverts", returned to Anne Katherine Emmerich's "odd New Church", their moral and family lives damaged beyond any reckoning. Ah, yes, New Church "deacons" and doubtfully-ordained priests, do tell us all about this "New Evangelism" in these ingenuous and excited tones. Of how writings of a Benedict or a Francis reproduce instructions of ages past, about the building of a dwelling, "in which the birds of the air make their nests". A structure so recently pulled down so eagerly, so thunderously, so impiously, not sparing a mother's soul, "leaving not a stone unturned", and then neatly hauled away.

But what is so "new" about the New Evangelism is that the Word of God is for the first time conveyed by such very despicable creatures: a phenomenon first initiated when Habsburg marrano (clandestine) Jews invaded Spanish missionary/colonial outposts of the New World and the South-Sea Island in the sixteenth century, effecting an unprecedented union of merciless greed with Gospel Good News. This poisonous concoction thereafter becoming the sailors'-rum of drunken "regime-changing" colonialism, a fatal potion whose last dredges were drunk by doomed natives for four and five centuries across the seven seas. This new cynically-commercialized statist/nationalist overseas adventure, in whose name countless Catholics would lay down their lives, being in fact a merchant-carrier/synagogue-fashioned device to drown the Holy Gospel in deepest shame. A faithless regimen still today so ignominiously co-joined, being imposed upon Muslims, Confucians, Taoists, Shintos, peoples after so long as yet mostly un-evangelized, despite all the virtuous rhetoric of "Evangelists" new or centuries old. Most of these natives still being "piously" filched and corrupted, raped and enslaved, by abject statist worshippers of the flag, likely to be held as died-in-the-wool terrorists if they lift a resisting hand, mercilessly judged by the very "Global Catholic" crew that so brassily bandies the Gospel Good News. Just as the same general ilk, some of them even men-of-the-cloth, regarded noble Pottawatomie, Lakota, Shawnee, Pawnee, Arapaho, when likewise lusting to take their land. To which good and innocent people I say: accept wholehearted the Revelation, but reject the messenger who bears it, holding it a treasure from afar. Or accept him only as a player in a mystery play, playing the part of phylactery-fondling Pharisees condemning both you and the Son of God, that very Good Company that you so nobly keep. The very crucifiers of the Savior being in very truth they who ironically preach to you such a saving creed, who curse themselves while blessing you. Good natives peoples—Chinese, Vietnamese, Afghani, Pakistani, who inhabit the "Land of the Pure"—"touch not the unclean thing"—cling to the ancient virtues of your noble past, planted in you by the very same God of Catholic Faith. Recognize the Good News of salvation as only a super-addition to prior boons, a Gospel Pearl of Great Price brought to you, alas, in a foul and malodorous vessel, a gem whose deliberate rejection when once embraced, adequately informed, even under such circumstances, is nonetheless death to the soul. For as Jesus Himself said, "scandal must needs come into the world", adding immediately "but woe to him by which it comes". Hence pity with bitter tears rather those shameful bearers of this Good News, who by their cruelty grant you a pledge of everlasting life, that which is bad news for them, who curse themselves for thus mocking God.

March 31, 2013: Easter. Of forgiveness and eternal punishment. "Accepting" the sodomites.

The Resurrection is the pledge of eternal life, the victory of propitiary suffering over death, the seal of the forgiveness of sins, but the need for a countervailing justice is illustrated classically in adamant refusals of a certain type of child to obey: an urchin who sets his jaw like iron in defiance of parental authority, lower lip out, chin jutting stubbornly forward, despising any punishment Mom or Dad might devise. The need for eternal punishment for sins being dramatized singularly by such a child, whom the impenitent sinner of any age resembles in the most striking way, many of whom were retribution for serious sins not eternal would willingly suffer any duration of temporary pains were they able thereafter to flaunt divine authority once again, to strut their audacity in full view before God and men. No, the ultimate penalty for impenitently defying God's law must be eternal and without remedy, as the malice of men is just so rabid and incorrigible that it would count such a temporary punishment as only the latest installment of a juvenile game of defiance with God, with Whom they set themselves up, just like little Johnny, as equal in every way. So that without true contrition, without a final act of sincere love of God, a person is fittingly consigned to a place of eternal punishment, where he may gnash his teeth maliciously, but no longer to any avail. And there is indeed something fittingly perpetual about both goodness and evil as found in rational man: a voluntary permanence which is central to his God-like, defining dignity among the creatures of God.

Precisely the same thing is found in dealings with our fellows, some of whom are so vicious and depraved that any trust in them, any forgiveness, is entirely and fatally misplaced. From which perspective must be ruefully viewed a prevalent precipitant cult-of-forgiveness, as it might be called—written of critically and extensively in a hyperlink above—a novelty which debouched with such abandon out of the overflowing "aggiornamento" of Vatican II. A deluge-like inundation-of-sentiment which has only expanded in size during its fifty-year-long aftermath, drowning all self-preserving reason and good-judgment in its towering waves. An utterly new and overpowering exoneration any hesitation at whose embrace is indeed today's sole unforgivable sin, committed by spare remaining pariahs in the estimate of modern man. Hence the demonization of devout Muslims as potential terrorists, simply because they don't admit the perverse and depraved back into their company at the drop of a hat (or a drone bomb). This new and ironic sort of unbending condemnation of the innocent, of those who flee moral contamination as a deadly disease, recalling "race of Cain" reprobations once reserved only for the Blacks and others of darker skin. It isn't difficult to see that this "new gospel"—for such it is—one hysterically endorsed among modern Catholics after the noted council—will readily cement pacts among evildoers of every stripe, with any who exhort against real sins of any kind being completely discredited, while the most depraved of men are allowed to flourish, indeed to gain control of everything. Which reversal doesn't take that long at all, since evil men are by Gospel account exceedingly "wise in the ways of this world".

But this reality of the incurable depravity of a certain last extremity of evil men also has a corporate or political manifestation, in that there are those "enemies of mankind" whose malice against their fellows is so permanent and remorseless that they can never under any circumstances be admitted into our trust. The Jews will indeed court our patience and indulgence, drain it to the very last dredges—having "made themselves indispensable" by their control of finance, of the corporate world, interposing themselves in the middle of every relationship or deal—and then at the eleventh hour, the theatrically perfect time evince a "reform", an exceedingly-convincing change of heart. You know, we have all seen some little obdurate Johnny do the same, to the repeated confusion of any number of doting mothers of which this land is so full. The trick for the skull-cap wearer is at all costs to stay in charge, to keep, Judas-like, a firm grip on the purse-strings, on the institutions and prerogatives of state, on the media and education, and so on. No matter what sort of penitential or patriotic vaudeville is required. From which position and for which purposes it is very easy to pull out the cry rag, to display all the trappings of contrition. Here then the staggering, unprecedented spectacle of the state of Israel asking forgiveness of Turkey for the deaths of the nine people on the Turkish relief ship for the Palestinians, a few years back. A butchery filmed for all to see, but never admitted until about a month ago, now that the Jewish back is against the wall in the Middle East. Concerning which one may be certain that there is a gigantic deception being prepared that will turn the tables once again in favor of a for-now-theatrically-penitent Israel. That rogue state which counts penalties for its crimes-against-humanity in terms of other peoples' blood and money.

But at least as germane to the point at hand is this fantastic display of sympathy, and all the wide range of encouraging sentiment, lavished upon the sodomites: a sea-of-bathos in whose pitches these incorrigible fiends are so indulgently honored and excused. With folks like Bill O'Reilly getting into the act, lamenting that people like Hillary, recently "coming out" with her own about-face on this sodomy-marriage issue, "don't really care about the (sic) 'gays'".

I think we have to understand what this whole ugly universe of sodomy is all about, before any more foolish people throw themselves overboard into this roiling, churning sea-of-impunity, of a wide host of maudlin sentiments, on its perpetrators' behalf. First of all, sodomites beat-up, emotionally brutalize and kill each other in infinitely-higher proportion than do "homophobic" heterosexuals, in frank but overwhelmingly-nonviolent reactions to something they abhor and despise. Secondly and indeed, the provocation of negative reactions from others is an integral part of the sodomite's hard sell, of their warped flirtations, and bruises or even broken bones in many cases a central element in the orgy-of-delight most craved by those who commit this twisted crime. Hence are there several pathologies, physical, moral and emotional, undoubtedly involved at any given time, so that plainly the advocacy of sodomy—let alone its recognition in "marriage"—is like endorsing leprosy or syphilis as a rare boon to mankind. While finally it is a monumental affront to God to take the side of these perverts, and certainly no favor to those many among their number who at some earlier age were in some way coerced, perhaps groomed from childhood to turn this abominable way. While the vast majority of these mostly-lost-souls aren't sincerely interested in our sympathy at all, let alone our forgiveness: any more than is the state of Israel in the friendship or forgiveness of Turkey. Rather the main thing the Jews wanted to do was to brutally and barbarically punish Turkey for the good deed of aiding persecuted Palestinians suffering under their heavy thumb: after which any number of feints of contrition can with cheaply-bought bathos be put on display. While in the same way any bouts of sympathy in favor of sodomites will be regarded just as surely by them as the ravings of fools, and capitalized upon accordingly: to the pollution of a prior social atmosphere of peace and virtue, to the deadly corruption of the young.

March 28, 2013: The supreme hour of the Supreme Court: the death-sentence of humanity weighs in the balance of the blindfolded maid in the "decision" on Defense of Marriage and Proposition 8.

Mankind itself is indeed blindfolded today, after a far different manner than an allegedly-impartial statue there before the Supreme Court building in D.C., and in front of so many other court-houses across the land. The American populace, that of an entire world, having been deluded by biblical "signs and wonders" of a modern-day technocracy, led by arrogant and effeminate academics into thinking that man can be "a law unto himself", that vagaries of a hopelessly brainwashed and demoralized polity can supply for the law of that God Who is the source of all valid law. Statutes of that Creator Who fashioned man down to his deepest being, that good and compassionate Deity today mocked and spat upon as on the night of that other more ancient betrayal, in the bowels of another Jewish locus-of-power. "Justices" "clad in soft garments" pronouncing upon subjects legislated from the time of Adam and Eve, and indeed from all eternity.

Hence do we await your decision, and some few of us have the pluck to call the damnable farce what it truly is. Having carefully prepared all the required linguistics of deceit, of erudite subterfuge, at which you are all so good. As you get ready to pull the draw-string that will bring down unprecedented calamity, in your proud synagogue-sponsored way. Indeed, God will have a special place for you in eternity, too.

March 27, 2013: Modern New Church Catholicism: the iron rule of the provisional.

We discuss incessantly on this site a modern-Catholic surrender to the provisional, a doughty, "duty"-bound, even sanctimonious upholding of the exceptional circumstance as transmuted into an ironclad, sacrosanct rule. This decommissioning of doctrine, moored or hijacked in some momentary glitch or ditch, then being gloriously transfigured by "holy men" who suddenly multiply, with impotence transformed into justification for capitulations in Catholic thought. Doctrine being taken as it were on its age-old weaker side, that of the practical daily deed: with the fully-practiced Faith having been surrendered in every case to some "temporary" or provisional "necessity". As at a seventeenth-century Treaty of Westphalia which fixed on a need to regroup exhausted Protestant/Catholic counter-confessional troops, to replant fields long trodden under by long files of men and baggage trains: laying aside "temporarily" any outlawing of religious creeds. Ah, the synagogue had its field-day then, which it continues to capitalize upon to this very day, with the utter lack of any official creed at all having by discrete stages come to uniquely characterize "Christian" lands today, in a permanent elevation of a "here and now", with a much-Vatican-II endorsed existentialism becoming the official cipher for every Catholic practice or belief. A spirit of giddy chaos having taken the place of the Holy Ghost, and law having finally come to be construed as anything the electorate might desire, or be corrupted or brainwashed to endorse, as led by hip-booted-reactionary or avant-garde media, political and academic figures that rule the day. Thus does all this allegedly elevated reasoning of New Church invoke "gut level" images of momentary heroisms of the battlefield, when to stubbornly defend some embattled patch of ground could be fatal, construed as rank disobedience under fire, no doubt punishable by a pistol-shot to the head. This victory-of-the-provisional, of an allegedly-temporary tactical retreat, having been used to justify a monumental surrender of Catholic political teachings of the millennia, replaced in every case by a proto-heretical radical separation of church and state. Rich in airy disclaimers about critical issues "no longer being areas of activity we concern ourselves with any more", or some such cowardly tripe. Purely-provisional exigency-ridden measures of centuries ago having solidified in this heretical proposition in a veritable monument of stone, Church teaching on political and military justice having meekly surrendered to "duties" of loyalty to an all-determining state, gradually eroding and at length catastrophically warping all concept of same. This all-points submission—except for a few weakly-conducted campaigns-of-resistance over abortion, and even weaker ones over divine-curse-drawing, publicly-honored sodomy—requiring study from every conceivable angle, which is precisely what we on this Crusade try to do, so as to accurately render this epic capitulation of truth before the lying schemes of men. In this way hoping to laboriously triangulate the immemorial Catholic approach to organized earthly life, in the language of our day.

It is precisely at this juncture of religion with practical life that age-old caesaro-papism, or state-worship, intrudes itself in matters of church and state, with government inevitably claiming to be the grown up on the block, the "practical-minded", the more capable partner of the two: and if religion capitulates to this kind of rogue reasoning then the calamity is complete. The Church from age to age being measured most pointedly by how it meets this inevitable overbearing posture of the state, itself almost always having been coached and cajoled thereto by the oh-so-"practical minded" Jews. Christ came to rule like the biblical lion over nations, and not just timidly over individual souls, and if the Church is quiet as a church-mouse over obviously-unjust, pre-arranged wars and atrocity-ridden military interventions, and this some few decades after lavishly-endorsed radically-anti-war clerics were spilling pig's-blood on military records of soldiers in a measurably-less-infamous war, simply because such rogue-protests were the era's "in the know" "thing to do", then the individual citizen will feel powerless to refuse to fight in such a civilian massacre, to oppose such a monstrous evil on his own severely-limited ground. Although indeed, by the very witness of evidence, of his own rational mind, he must do so nonetheless.

But God will not tolerate this imbalance forever, and is indeed preparing a "correction" for the situation even now. But we must decide which side we want to be on when His mighty hand comes down as hard is it is predicted to do.

March 25, 2013: Article improved again March 27. Holy Week reflections. The symbiosis of the glut of modern sensuality and the matter-rejection of Manichaeanism.

It is a paradox that such a glut of material things as modern man experiences should lead so directly to some offshoot of the anti-matter pseudo-religion known as Albigensianism or Manichaeanism—a dualist, quasi-Christian, flesh-hating doctrinal hybrid which originated in fourth century Persia, founded by a certain Mani—yet nothing could be more true. Today's long-standing love-affair with material, sensual things ultimately brokers an inverted sort of mockery which ancient and modern anti-matter Manichees would gladly endorse: man having experienced fantasy and titillation, having witnessed on big and small screen every conceivable racy, thrilling or suspenseful story-plot, escapades which serve to sever deep connections of human life to absolutely, ontologically simple, soul-satisfying things of eternity. That realm wherein peace must reign supreme. The end result being not some ultimate hippy-orgy of mounting fantastic delights and fascinating story-plots but an ironic retreat into frigid and impassive Manichaean, Albigensian or Bogomil condemnations of matter, the human body, the very biological phenomena that had caused such riot and excitement a few years or months before. For one thing, breathless obsessions of mid-twentieth-century man running into the hard fact that a nineteenth-century rancher can only be hoodwinked, or a stranded motorist hijacked, or a woman accosted, or a husband unfaithful, or a spaceship attacked by creatures from a galaxy beyond, in only so many attention-getting ways. So that finally it all begins to get unbearably campy, dull, dead, viewed with a bloodshot, jaded, jaundiced eye. At this point, plainly, one can go either in a good way or a bad, turning to deeper delights of spiritual life or forging onward, becoming a monster of another ruder and harsher kind. Indeed just yesterday we read how Hollywood is less and less frequently writing sex into its screenplays, replacing it with gory scenes of war, of a kind of bloodthirsty cruelty and rage. The whole modern infatuation with graphic phenomena being a campy serial feature-film which throughout history in its various auditions always ends in barbarity, cold emotional impotence, or wholesale hip-booted tyranny: as the devil and his earthly henchmen "collect" on previous excesses of men. Now stripped of all self-respect, enslaving them to "dog eat dog" economic theories and inseparable master/servant or storm-trooper military/political ones as well. Freedom being found in the soul of man, in obeying God's law, and not in a kaleidoscope of fantastic things, out of which he rather infallibly immerges as a senseless slave. And the old breathy big-screen heterosexual love-affair gives place to murder, rape and sodomy, to an ironically flesh-hating sexuality which must always have cruelty as its driving force.

Analogous jading effects were experienced after a decade of clown-masses, hippy-masses and quasi-sensual riot that used to attend Holy Mass during and just after Vatican II—an interlude which EWTN New Church apologists airily excuse, with a wave of the hand, as having been simply imprudent excess of Gospel love—with these mockeries having predictably given way to a stolid and impassive middle and upper class Catholicism which utterly ignores the needs of the poor, unless there is some fashionable setting in which impressive types of largess can be displayed. This New Church spirituality having largely been introduced by Mother Angelica, with her rich store of mercilessly-sardonic wit, her typical absolute omission of any mention of the miseries of the poor, who as St. Thomas Aquinas tells us have a claim in justice on that part of the wealth of the well-to-do which they don't need: the omission of which is a mortal sin if someone go away seriously in need. In a generosity not really after consulting their accountant about the latest five-year plan but after heartily "taking no account of tomorrow". This strange and sudden engrossment with a harsh persona, coupled with the old heretical "my country right or wrong", attended by a dour condemnation of sensual things, which the odd nun used to lampoon in such an ironically coy sort of way—excesses of which many are no longer really capable without massive consumption of "enhancement" drugs—being perfectly characteristic of matter/spirit dualism in its final stage. Corresponding nicely to a culminating old-age immorality, a species of final impenitence, whose chief besetting sin is a repulsive, abominable hoarding greed.

Of course, all this is classically Jewish, indicating a seldom-discussed connection between Manichaeanism ("matter is evil, spirit is good") and Judaism which is a mile wide. While an equal partner-in-intrigue is a philosophically-near-identical Freemasonry, allied historically with Judaism in the closest possible way. The three today together harboring revolutionary social agendas like sodomy and abortion-on-demand, keeping wealth carefully closeted in the dwindling homes of the rich, with a Jewish B'nai Brith being the mother-lodge of all secret societies, reigning supreme through these ancillaries over today's puppet governments, school-systems, the corporate world. (The latter indeed getting blamed for everything, when in fact it is only an inanimate tool). Frail human flesh—especially after such a burlesque stage review as Hollywood for decades supplied—being easily accounted the enemy by the jaded and deluded, to be brought down to moral depths, driven to despair, starved or worked to death. The Nazis of mid-century having been Manichees or Albigensians in the most ceremonially-formal way, performing occult Cathar rituals at the ruins of Montsegur in Carcassone, where medieval matter-hating cultist, forerunners of our intergenerational-bedfellow Nazi/sodomy-marriage crowd, made their hydrophobic "last stand". Indeed, with today's sodomites often being Nazi-reminiscent aggressive warriors, in a satanic barbarity overflowing from their perverted "sexuality", without a drop of pity in their veins. Anti-life fiends now found indifferently in Congress between categories of fringe-liberal and neo-con: heavily synagogue-financed figures employed back then to make martyrs out of fantastically-inflated numbers of holocaust Jews, by my own pieced-together account with most of the displaced demographics actually sent to Israel rather than to labor camps.

But Freemasonry or one of its Rotary-like ancillaries is to Jew and Manichaean alike a requisite first stepping-stone into the control of public institutions, and ultimately of the very hearth and home, mind and soul. Jews since the Zealots and before being proto-Jacobins, dagger-wielding and later bomb-throwing revolutionaries, the precursors of a Grand Orient lodge whose hegemony is secured through back-alley banking-house-administered alliances and overthrows, rebellions and coups. After which these docile freemasons, as in Hitler German or Stalinist Russia, are often the first to be "sacrificed for the cause", assassinated or lined up and shot, like a sort of burnt-offering to the implacable Baal which the Jews are always drawn to adore. Jews, freemasons, the millennial Manichaeans—there's scarcely a hair's practical difference between all three—seeing freedom as a license to destroy, both morally and physically, whether in the womb, in the classroom, in the home, in social immorality, in deceitfully-prearranged wars, in the mind and soul. In all of which soul-jading sensual Hollywood phenomena mentioned above play their indispensable role: the while a disarming Shriner bonhomie reigns supreme. This idea of metallic ultra-purity, so at the core of Manichaean thinking, of a filtering-out of all things human and fragile, rural or "hunky", to be ruthlessly replaced by the shiny and new, finding obvious parallels in both a widow-and-orphan dispossessing Jewish ritual purity and a signature Newtonian-political Masonic exclusion of ever-compassionate faith from the halls-of-state. Replacing religion or morality with the spinning orbs, the checks and balances of a lifeless, instrumentally-purist laissez-faire economic/political creed. Human frailty finding stark supercession by a biblical master race, "not like the rest of men", through the incessant employment of lies, secrecy, subterfuge, massive conspiracies of silence and discredit against those who oppose, to aid in telescoping, incalculable ends. (Even as Christ stoutly assures us, "take courage, for I have overcome the world".) All these nefarious things binding together the Jew, the Manichee, the Freemason in the firmest possible way: marking them out as servants of that proud pure spirit, the devil. "Their father", the "father of lies", who has no purity at all, but only foulest putrification and disease.

In these falsehoods there is absolutely no peace, but only chaos and turmoil, the destruction of lives and the loss of souls, with wild swings from morbidities of sodomy to restless obsessions of techno-progress to polar primitive survival odysseys on "reality" shows to bloody barbarities of aggressive war. With no genuine, deep-rooted traditions to give us all a densely-woven and sacred identity, only a nameless future to be mass-molded under a totalitarian will. With the very stuff of human life, the inner sanctum of the soul, the mostly-handed-down, domestically-transmitted patois of Revelation being abandoned, repudiated in this way. Even as others on TV-Catholic shows are would-be-mystics after the pattern of St. John of the Cross in their spare time, meanwhile chasing unimpeded the shining stars and glistening baubles of the world, never missing a step in stride. Light-gear-outfitted with the updated, stripped-down and torridly-immodest Catholicism of Vatican II, with fifty-five years of "blessed" antipopes all in a hyper-sanctified row to lead the way. Having emptied churches of the good, discarded with abandon fragile, sacred tradition-bound human/cultural associations so despised by the Judeo/Manichaean/Freemasonic crew. Substituting a kind of half-hour ecstasy, or cultural/liturgical gluttony, before returning to a "dog eat dog world", to the trough of material glut. Such a Catholicism making itself a doughty and "patriotic" partner to noted worldly/preternatural forces of order-overthrowing revolutionary might.

But we have a true, a "more excellent way", here on this site, on this Crusade: having no TV studio, a soul rather than a sound-bite. Read on for that Catholicism now by prophetic prediction to be found only "in a few households and a few cottages": soon however to gloriously reign on all planes as never before. The life of the soul, of Heaven, being found after all to be the really absorbing drama, leaving tumultuous Hollywood fantasies miles behind.

March 24, 2013: Neighborhood people-power the answer. Get to know the folks on the block, and don’t be put off by a lot of ugly-acting misanthropes.

This kind of malice isn't at all "just the way people are": no, it is quite often both deliberate and deliberative, from people who take it as their "mission in life" to discourage all good social interaction, who just love to "break it off" in their fellow man: preeminent among which are those of a certain religion mentioned frequently here. Who when Christians come up with some way to culturally express themselves, to spread abroad the love and civic devotion of the Gospel "Way", respond quickly and cold-bloodedly by multiply discouraging words and even "fix their wagon" deeds, promoting the synagogue view that Christian and especially Catholic love is all folly, naiveté, the stupid ravings of a lesser breed. Hence last night while watching this fine rural network on cable TV, which has polka music all day long at various times, did this monstrous woman suddenly appear, leading a kind of tin-pan-alley band, herself conducting it with a toilet-plunger, claiming that the crude device was the more humane alternative to a rather-harder big stick her polka-music predecessors had used in older times to "keep band-members in line". A "lady" who must have had considerable personal clout to have muscled her way onto such a marvelous program: there to expertly, with mountainous chuspah, destroy its whole ambiance for the rest of the show, and probably indeed for days to come.

Thus is the New Manichaean mindset most decidedly something socially learned rather than formally taught: it is Albigensianism in every particular except the formal declaration. All this is of course after the fashion of a synagogue-sponsored Vatican II: where all the heretical departures are of such a "sensitive" nature that they can never be given an honest and accurate name. No, the faithful must be introduced to them by bits, must be given object lessons about how unbearably loutish and clumsy the old ways and teachings used to be: with no nailing-of-heretical-theses on cathedral doors being reproduced here. This the price we pay for centuries of letting geo-finance-brokered Jewish methodology take the field, in which case the synagogue's negative assessment of the biblical "rest of men" steadily erodes traditional loyalties and loves of men, subjecting them to a grueling demotion or trivialization: rather than any open attempt at rebuttal, which would have no staying power at all. This remorseless, undying universal insurgency—ready to back revolutionaries of every conceivable stripe, as long as fundamental institutions are overthrown—more typically and less-expensively seeking to find all things of any practical import to be "dumpy" or "outdated", and a whole new world of glistening artificial objects, material and mental, put in their place. At their seemingly-boorish but actually well-calculated prodding we are prevailed upon to destroy an ecosystem, an economy, a way of life harmonious with nature on all planes, and replace it with something that cannot possibly be sustained, that in its own turn is designed to burn up, ultimately to be supplanted by the techno-castles of some tiny elite.

But the only answer to all this is to resolutely pursue local means of recreation and production, culture and education or training, ultimately indeed of defense, law-enforcement, the whole panoply of benign, truly-civilized human life: and not to be discouraged by those who few who will treat you like a fool, who may indeed lay formidable stumblingblocks in your path. As our future can only be secured when closely tied both to nature and to the local scene: even as it mounts upward from there to the highest places of generously-reciprocating power. While for the success of this good and satisfying venture we must turn to the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, and in the footsteps of our noble ancestors resolutely oppose the continued dominion of miserly, materialistic, iconoclastic, morally-and-socially-corrosive Jewish values in any way, shape or form. Those values namely which define modern post-Vatican-II techno-spaceship life, an existence progressively divorced from those things we need as terrestrial human beings, as children of God.

March 21, 2013: Article extensively reworked. The state either pursues Godly objectives or it is no state at all, but an anti-state, a political precursor to Anti-Christ. The costliness of creaturely eternal life for both God and man.

When we have a ruling body whose inevitable and inflexible first, second and third prime instrument of foreign policy is war, a cabal which develops over centuries a massive war machine whose rate of growth is the only topic of debate, a monster which thereafter begs eloquently to be used, which fixes upon the "need" for war to gain distant resources and territories, and for these purposes finds fault with other nations' attitudes or ways-of-life, and then by indubitable witness of history engineers a host of provocations, primarily false flag operations in which a certain number of "friendlies" are pitilessly sacrificed so that the "end game"—war—may be achieved: it is then that we have a cabal of pirates rather than a state. A cartel which always portrays others as backward and ignorant, which mobilizes technical ability largely to that end, which is well-endowed with digital equipment to manufacture any number of cyber or other "aggressions" by others not so compelled. Thus inventing another excuse for, you guessed it, war. Being essentially driven by a fanatical religious ideology which sets itself up as "exceptional", as being divinely enthroned over others as superior—by what sort of god we have pagan antiquity to light the way—as being "not like the rest of men". So that when we see this genocidal hubris incarnated in our own very nation, then it is good to consider the parameters of what is a valid state or government, so that such a political monster is never conceived again. Such a "nation", that is willing to do anything to establish its own remorseless supremacy, both automatically acquits any whom it may accuse and stoutly justifies the assumption that it is itself always the one at fault. Earning a universal infamy which some may be afraid to voice, nonetheless incurring the standard penalty imposed on the proven firebug, who just loves to see the fire-engines roar down the road, and to watch the flames consume structures and economies, resources and men. Such a rogue nation, occupied, dominated by a cunning and insidious invader, with the citizens however more or less willingly poisoned by the foul association as well. Such a land must for our own sanity and salvation be contrasted against nations properly conceived: countries natural-law-biding, as are many modern nations, if to widely-varying degrees.

What we are now witnessing on the global political scene are the last seemingly-victorious attempts of this anti-state, using nefarious means to "even the odds", in the jargon of gangsters and pick-pockets, to bring down the most prosperous of nations, like jackals bringing down a lion. "Progress" in the anti-state's lexicon being a species of being broken to a new way-of-life without morality, faith or love. The aim of this anti-state being to achieve the abject subservience of humanity and the ultimate annihilation of its bulk, in favor of a tiny few who will solely survive filtering exercises now being imposed. This whole infernal agenda plainly being entirely contrary to the true functions of the state: which is for the common, not the elite, good, no matter what "go getters" these latter might be made out to be.

This modern piratical state is actually Manichaean to the very core: gradually creating an artificial world of gadgetry and genetic manipulation which claims to be infinitely superior to the lovely if fragile world God gave us, creating a political parallel to ancient Platonic prototypes or "ideas", in comparison against which Plato regarded actual, natural men, animals or physical objects as being half-baked, dismally-faulty "attempts". Accounting for today's bizarre elevation of sodomy to ecstatic heights of cultic "pure ones": having allegedly surmounted frail limitations of the flesh, these "supermen" for whom the birth of a human child is the most vile of things, who claim to have "liberated" a wildly-celebrated sexuality from such an "unworthy" connection as this. The doctrine of the Manichees being in a nutshell that "spirit is good, matter is evil": an abstract axiom to some ears harmless sounding but constituting a radical solvent applicable to everything under the sun, to a catastrophic dissolution of all natural human institutions and loves, to the humiliation of all physical existence to the level of a lifeless slurry, limply giving form to nightmares of satanic perversity and power. Hence when such men enter a religion, claim to be "saved", watch out. This Manichaean or Albigensian dualism being indeed satan's own religion, implying the rejection of that humble materiality with which the Son of God chose to identify Himself, taking flesh of the Blessed Virgin Mary: releasing instead a cloud of anti-matter demons into the previously clean air, calling this spiritual, mystical, sublime, when it is only a blasphemy, an iconoclasm, against the physical iconography of the divine. Contrary to the Manichees, God having created good all creatures, material and spiritual, while signaling this fact eminently well in this very Incarnation itself, in this Hypostatic Union of natures human and divine, affirming in the most magnificent possible way that He "looked upon all these (creaturely) things and saw that they were very good". With even man after the Fall, and his more-typical institutions, divinely accepted for the most part in this wholehearted way, if with ample recognition of those weaknesses inherent in Original Sin. Some form of which Fall most or all nations have always traditionally recognized, mitigating its effects mildly, compassionately, "bearing one another's burdens": in a view perfected and glorified in Christ. While with the Manichees, apostles of "progress" that they be, the compulsive/obsessive drive is to modify everything, to ultimately produce a universe as artificial as a plastic bag or a new car's dashboard, to root up familiar foods, landscapes, sacred relationships, with lots of glitter to take the place of the majesty of what God has made. This Manichaean view forming today's reigning political philosophy: with the state a malignant herald of the noted sodomy/hoplite "progress", an anti-matter, anti-God tyranny which works tirelessly against both world peace and the salvation of souls. If there is "nation-building" to be done, it is here among the "nation-builders" themselves that it must be.

"Great things are only procured in a costly way": to paraphrase Our Blessed Lady, in speaking to the mystic Sr. Josefa Menendez of early-twentieth-century Spain, and nowhere is this more true than in the procurement of a good state, which must fight such formidable anti-matter enemies from its very start. In a battle in which indeed we seem to "box the air": as the points-of-contention of these ghostly Manichaean or Albigensian figures isn't over nuts-and-bolts, practically applicable things, but in a fundamental denial of everything which makes life workable in a sane and natural, sensible and appealing way. The good state battling such a bewildering adversary with one hand, while struggling with the other against a fallen but essentially good nature: in a dual contest of proportional difficulty with the soul's attainment of everlasting life. That purchase of which the Queen of Heaven actually spoke in the above axiomatic words.

Here then, on the horns of such a consideration, does humanity remain impaled: absolutely required to form our institutions in this same "sober and watchful" way; not being at all "free" to construct them as a snare into which to "catch" other nations, nor yet so as to "democratically" frustrate our own ability as social/political creatures to form a garden of mutually-assisted virtue and right. Against which of course is proposed by these "progressives" a deadly "let fly" liberty of sodomy, Hitlerian eugenics and abortion-on-demand: in a deadly-rapturous Manichaean agenda, a contagion which by its spiritually-penetrating, satanic nature has invaded all the Christian churches with its deadly taint, with whole congregations increasingly dedicated to an open-armed acceptance of sodomites into their most-honored ranks. A damning development seen in a great many "God has already forgiven you" evangelical sects, an egregious fall-from-grace epitomized among Catholics in this new antipope, Francis I, who suggested in Argentina the legitimization of sodomite civil unions: which is to say "marriages" before a justice of the peace. This abominable stand turning the flock over to the wolf, reproducing the Vatican II heresy of a radical, fundamental separation of church and state, namely in practical terms a radically-alienating divorce of morality and state. Such a contrary wildly-"libertarian" agenda—a denial that valid law is solely based on the law of God, at the very least on his natural law—being of no political or religious legitimacy at all, but rather only another pull-rope of an impending final calamity which will engulf the whole earth in a very short time. God having considered man's capacity to choose between good and evil, personally and in his institutions, so momentous a thing that He took flesh and underwent such costly things as death on a cross. Having been compelled out of love—and for His own glory—to give of Himself, to grant a participation of His own intellectual Being, to mere creatures such as we: hardly thereafter being satisfied that our official communitarian embodiments should honor Hell instead of Him. Divinely despising costs involved in personal or corporate rebellion, so grave for both He—in freely-embraced sufferings in His assumed human nature—and us.

But wonder of wonders, within this purview of the public or corporate pursuit of the good, just and virtuous there is indeed opened up for us a "liberty of the sons of God", the only liberty worth a fig, a laboriously attained, truly-civilized condition in which our wills—made by God infallibly to choose the good when it is clearly perceived—are able to soar relatively unimpeded to good and holy things which alone satisfy our hungry minds, hearts and souls. Made not at all to wallow in war and rapine, sodomy and other malignant pastimes, nor to be satisfied with tinselly marvels the anti-state supplies. Men by their very nature assisting each other into eternal life, not being "free" to relegate themselves to the level of a mere chemical or physical reaction, to establish a society of brute and perverted passions and ambitions, drives which "check and balance" one another in a Newtonian-physics-lab, billiard-ball-arbitrary way. That universe-of-the-unnatural which can only see sex as cowardly conquest, as barbarous dominion, and is thus incapable of mild, kindly, virtuous and unselfish exchanges of holy and upright heterosexual love. Spreading its good odor thereafter upon economic and sociopolitical institutions, making them fruitful and multiplicative in the only possible way.

March 23, 2013: Why eternal punishment and eternal reward?

Some may ask why things must be so inconceivable, so hard for those who fail, to whom I reply that it seems to me, if I may presume to speak on unspeakable things, that when God chose to inaugurate the supernatural among creatures He necessarily held them to a very high bar. For although there is no such thing as necessity or determinism in God—except logically, as that He cannot do or be two contradictory things at one and the same time—yet He is also substantial and all-compelling Justice (one of the divine names)—a Rectitude whose bar none can escape, not even He Himself. Requiring of man in particular goodwill: since were we mortal intellectual creatures good or innocent intrinsically, not needing to prove our goodness at all, then we would have to be either God Himself, on the one hand, or some irrational creature, on the other: either of which we most decidedly are not. (God making mysterious provision for those not intelligently responsible, who are taken from life before a lucid conscience is formed, a fate said traditionally to be found in a certain place called Limbo, or alternately and less-traditionally a destiny resolved in a disembodied choice allowed such a soul at the very moment of death, when all things will be crystal clear, all minds adult and whole, resembling those of the angels at their own primordial trial). God's Good emanating out of His very nature, His very Godhead, being Love and Goodness "through and through", to quote St. Thomas More in "A Man for All Seasons". Ours by its very mortal nature only out of sifting and refining labors of free choice. He being you might say Good Choice intrinsically; we (representative responsible humanity) being good choice only by habitually-hammered-out consent. Hence it follows, in the ineffable economy of spiritual things, that men thus commonly constituted must by their inferior nature prove their goodwill: even as angels as noted made this choice in an instant in time which constituted their test, sometime before Adam and Eve. Hence the obvious parallel—the moral correlation of societies to men who are social beings—of the necessity of the maintenance of justice and piety—of a public atmosphere conducive to right and good—that this isn't just a "nice" yet superfluous thing, but rather positively essential to our condition as moral yet fragile, socially-articulating creatures. Organized into societies whose sole standard of excellence is in their moral serviceability to the human soul. A universal view only countered by those who would have us live like grunting hogs before a trough.

No one is more cognizant of this staggering significance of God's choice to create a universe full of such eternally-ambivalent intellectual creatures than is God Himself: being divinely aware both of the inconceivable rewards ("it has not entered into the heart of man"), and of the onerous punishments ("the worm turneth, but it dieth not") involved. So much is this so indeed that He chose to take lowly human nature, to suffer the torments of the Cross, so that men might know the "foolish" excess of His divine Goodness, might have the chance to reconsider the deadly folly of foolish and errant choice. (Things about which He warns us even now, as in old and "backward" days, from the sky). Nonetheless mercifully preparing from out of the open wound of which Crucifixion prodigious cleansing waters to gush forth, of the forgiveness of sins. A pardon which presumes contrition and purpose-of-amendment deep and sincere. God become man Who suffered unspeakably and died, so that man might grasp the staggering significance of all he does while on this earth, being possessor of a nature which, once created, is thereafter intrinsically eternal, as alone befits the dignity of the mystery which he is. Even as the choice of the angels was of such a nature as to be instantaneous and irreversible, being pure spirits to whose lofty level the Manichees foolishly aspire, rejecting human, creaturely infirmities: frailties which are arbiters of both our magnificence and our cross. All things in the angels being after the manner of either an undying embrace of the good, on the one hand, or the unforgivable sin of a Thomistic "certain malice", on the other. This being indeed why "we fight not flesh and blood, but principalities and powers": the very worst of our fellow men being no enemy at all compared to the decisive and remorseless fiend.

These meditations compel us imperatively, above all things, to "be sober, be watchful: for your adversary the devil goes about seeking whom he may devour". It is absolutely incumbent upon us as mortal, fragile creatures-of-choice to be thus vigilant: in particular that recreation be exactly that, a spiritual, emotional and physical time of healing or reconstitution, not at all an end in itself. So that we may go on from there refreshed to the habitual and laborious consideration of weightier things. This "devil may care" attitude being a besetting sin of Americans, who have bound this and other fallacies together with matchless abandon under the title of "the American Dream". We who have classed ourselves as "exceptional", in an amusement-park of frolic which ends for a great many in a not-so-rollicking roller-coaster to Hell. For if God Himself took our condition so seriously as to chose to undergo such torments for us, to consign Himself to death on a cross, then how much more must we be His partners in such a beneficial task. Being thus laboriously employed, both privately and officially, to build good and harmless homes, souls and states. Rather than to engineer excuses to wallow in stupid demoralizing extremes, in the midst of which amusements we blow our global neighbors to smithereens.

Hence must mere mortals take those infinitely-lesser pains required to reestablish a contemplative new Garden of Eden, under the New Testament dispensation of grace: the place of the state according to St. Thomas Aquinas being indeed to facilitate honorable friendship, first and foremost with God, secondly with man, implicitly with other nations-of-men. We cannot simply throw everything "up for grabs", between Heaven and Hell, and beset our neighbor with sanctimonious excuses to kill him and take his land, and call this liberty: rather is this moral and ultimately physical mass-suicide. And were this the case, this eternal sodomy/conflict paradigm, God would certainly have made us naturally to be mere grunting dwellers-in-caves, of an intellect of a decidedly dim degree. "Good citizens" indeed for the perverted Bush/Obama lockstep, with the only social adhesive being brute if-surreptitiously-applied force. Of drone-bombs and innately-brutal sodomy-marriage, provocateur social-unrest and biological warfare: evils waged upon people both at home and far away.

March 16, 2013: The modern American political credo: that it is treason for the "householder well armed" to raise the hue and cry when "one stronger than himself" takes over the nation or home.

Actually, giving credit to the exegetes on EWTN, this home-invader is Christ Himself, in the parable: but I ask to be forgiven if I apply the story in the reverse sense, of a standard malicious intruder, such as we hear about so often on the news. One indeed with no such good, lawful and merciful invasive, confiscatory intentions in mind. (Too bad the Global Catholic Network folks can't recognize this kind of hostile invader in this new antipope, who is a "wonderfully-holy" heretical-photocopy of the prior prominent four: but that is another subject). Of course, this deadly sort of home-invader would like us all to think in this bewilderingly-loyal way: as that would make his "job" infinitely easier. And we are doing a good job of it, all told, as we victims of this invasion scold one another with priggish zeal, for any stinting of devotion, harshly silencing any Johnny or Jane for any hasty words of "disloyalty" that might escape from "foolish" and "ungrateful" lips. Here being found the staggeringly-counterintuitive political credo of the USA—and indeed in a churchly sense the religious credo of misguided Catholics around the globe today—one noised so "patriotically" around our ears, perpetuated by our public institutions, by the entire media. Including even those like Fox who claim somehow not to be any part of the media: do they send carrier pigeons or something, instead, when they give out their daily O'Reilly, Hannity or Huckabee grind? Plying that false and fanatical, pathological nationalism which likewise emanates like a geyser from the White House, if in the brainwash-required polar yin/yang form. That insanity indulgently excused under the title of "American exceptionalism": surely all killers and madmen would love to claim such an exemption, such a "get out of jail free". A license to transgress all the laws of reason, of brotherly love, of a common humanity whose rights and dignities must be recognized above all things, if we would avoid the curse of the goats on that final day. And while here on earth be universally regarded as infidels, misanthropes, pariahs wandering rejected over the globe. Our leaders both right and left advancing two ultra-radical views of the state which drive the voting public mad, which allow for no rational or relenting solutions somewhere in between: which indeed hold as rank treason any rigid adherence to that law of God which is the sole source of sane and valid law. That code brazened in burning letters upon the human heart and soul, from whose beloved and tender law we would claim to be an "exception". That law elucidated-in-detail in Divine Revelation: that alone being held to be negotiable, subject to venal and corrupt cross-party "deals". All the while petty and perverted whims and hysterical fancies of the pirate-crew are alone esteemed of any good avail, with we the voiceless citizenry coarsely commanded—with threats of domestic drones and confinements without either charge or bail—to bestow a species of unquestioning obedience such as even God would never require of rational man. This heeling-to not only to summary guttural commands but to cunning plans developed over centuries, in a nefarious Judeo-Masonic view of the state which must by its very preternatural proclivities progressively, secretively exclude the humane and merciful law of God, substituting another from infernal caverns below. These the invaders who now stalk about within the national household, who cast their lewd glances more-and-more boldly upon our young thus inescapably confined, who have ignominious plans for us all. As we see developing over centuries to rotten-ripe fruits-of-today the cunning takeover of this beautiful land by the forces of Anti-Christ, of the harbor-goddess of an impious and unlawful Liberty. This after prodigious and divinely-obedient labors of Catholic French and Spanish missionaries, in which, all told, several hundreds gave their lives in martyrdoms both sung and unsung, mostly along both borders, often-enough at the hands of first generations of this very pirate-crew. These servants of this harbor-idol, of a liberty and progress absolutely divorced from truth, in a perverted sense of law and society which now the world over produces hideous sodomy-"marriage"—a blasphemous, divine-punishment-drawing affront to God—and a host of homicidal anti-life institutions and policies as well. A crime Uncle Samuel spreads by fire and sword. This American confiscation taking place indeed in the face of the piety of an unknown number of sincere cradle Protestants as well: they whose faith would seem to be much the same as ours, but only of less capacity, lacking to their degrees our biblical "life, and that more abundantly". Never having known Catholic Faith in full measure, being perhaps like the littler milk-bottle that is nonetheless full-to-the-brim, as much as it can be, in the delightful comparison the nuns used to use, when describing the various stations of souls in Heaven, according to their degrees-of-holiness on earth. With the holy when taken to Heaven as it were holding gallons of glory, the less-holy perhaps only a pint or so: yet all saved souls full to their own peculiar bursting-point, as blissful as can be. This degree of earthly rectitude being the offspring of an "invincible ignorance" of which this land is regrettably full—of souls which in the last analysis God alone can judge—of people often-enough frightened away from the one true Faith by a lot of old-wives tales, outright lies. Christians in a non-Catholic condition which involved no apostasy or falling-away. A faith in God much like that of a great many Muslims as well, whose enveloping way of life has many Godly aspects, a cultivar which is a formative to the souls of their young, one far superior to this candid demon-worship that increasingly prevails here.

Ah, but there is a day of reckoning coming: look at the sky, hear the biblically-predicted howling of the wind, and repent, America, while there is still time.

March 14, 2013: Supranational forces conspire to make governments ineffectual, then turn around and blame "big government".

Government is only "big", like some sort of ponderous and unwieldy dinosaur—or secretive and citizen-spying cartel or cabal—when it has been undermined by these shadowy forces which work behind the scenes: otherwise it is almost-without-exception, by nature trim, athletic, abstemious and efficient. Governments from time immemorial, until the advent of a deliriously-Rand-Paul-extolled eighteenth-century "Enlightenment", having been run by people who already had their own superabundant income: so that the expansion of government was hardly lusted after as a some sort of pay-raise or social-climb. That nobility of old, that monarchy, rather having been loaded with official duties, tasks which constituted their grateful return to the people, and to God, for divine blessings providentially bestowed. Finding the free-agent good of their citizenry to redound to their own private good, and redundantly-so to the defensive, border-guarding good of the whole. Those ruling figures who gained no advantage at all by widening the scope of government—which would only have given them more work to do, bogging down a constructive and vigorous schedule already loaded to the hilt—who rather thrived joyfully in the realization of a reciprocal and vigorous corporate (civic) weal. That natural condition in which—it goes without saying—the state has no interest at all in entering those areas-of-life where it doesn't even belong. That natural statehood, in fine, during whose zenith in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries the advancement of human life on all planes proceeded with unprecedented strides. With "big government" resulting only when the state is being led by the nose by cryptic forces actually, gloatingly, in charge. This in sum being the real definition of "the Enlightenment"—namely, the rule by an "enlightened" self-appointed elite—as we realize when we look it squarely in its frightful, sanguinary face.

Hence Ryan's budget plan, which this time actually, surprisingly, sounds rather good on the surface. But the percentages involved when comparisons are made with European health-care systems, of the per-capita proportion by which U.S. medical costs dwarf those of the Continent—whose quality-of-care can no longer be classed as lingering somewhere around the "dark ages", but is generally state-of-the-art throughout—these comparative figures are absolutely mind-boggling. Especially when we consider—here's the big tuna—that Euro systems are single payer—government covered—throughout. It is then that our bosses and noisy congressmen must go off and rub their polemical wounds, and warn us ruefully, with all the required stage-theatrics, about triage, death-panels, guinea-pig treatment, and so on. Things which our own system has quietly plied since WWI times, in experiments upon Blacks in South Carolina and elsewhere in Dixie, and today in ingeniously secretive, morbid, sadistic, Terri-Schiavo-like ways. No, C-PAC, let's give Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush the credit they deserve, as leading the pack toward letting more innocent Terri Schiavos die, as in that infamous institutionally-complicit homicide carried-out over a period of ten years, to end in mortal thirst and starvation, on behalf of a "husband" lusting after another gal. Or in abandoning men into sinkholes, not even trying to pull their remains sacredly away. Or in performing experiments on curious little pre-school-aged Black girls, in one case—filmed like a guinea pig in an experiment—in a room full of glistening objects, her hand slapped sharply every time it is extended to another marvel which catches her eye. Teaching her not to even think about things she is bidden to "let lie": a thirsty mind mortally denied, education in reverse.

But whether here or in the European form, we must stop putting all our eggs in one basket, perpetuating the modern globalized monolith—proclaimed by Rubio as "the enveloping reality"—as being the only "way forward". For human life when reduced to such absolutes is effectively destroyed, delivered into the hands of those who claim to "know what's best", who will have us all in the guinea-pig cage before its all done, whether in Berlin, Baghdad or Birmingham. Denying human life its defining and indispensable volitional, reciprocal, personal-agency-driven form: whether this be in a hut or a palatial estate. Frustrating a noble liberty about which Rand Paul knows nothing at all.

To that end we suggest a return to the universal system of old, of the rule of trustworthy men, of prominent families constituted to lead, in an interwoven system of personal accountability, guided by those already proven to be able, well-endowed in every way. They who, unless they are maniacs—for whose removal there have always been means—would have no interest in expanding their official powers—who have enough to worry about already, in seeing to the ruddy independency of those in their affectionate charge. Upon whom indeed they depend as much as the latter depend upon them. Hence the idea of the return to the Frankpledge: ten head-of-household political units, first established by William the Conqueror but with clear antecedents all the way back to ancient Mongolia, to universal tribal life in general. That legal and political unit which is supremely adaptable to present needs. Such micro-local units laboring to put in place prominent men of a noble character as leaders in a system mounting up to an organic—not an absolute—throne. Absolutism rather having been the result either of pagan superstition or of the machinations of the Jews. Having been a virtual unknown when the Catholic Church formed the civic consciousness, "when knighthood was in flower".

March 15, 2013: "Sexual identity". Desire is in the soul.

We must remember that in spite of all the filth and mire loaded on our senses today "the soul is the man": the intellect, the will which constitute the inner core of our person, our being. That which enjoys anything, if it is to be enjoyed at all. For it is the mind which first and foremost savors a delectation toward which sexual or digestive organs—without our souls to give them intelligent form—are only insensate instrumental means-to-an-end. Hence when we consider that tiny, infinitesimal minority of men who have some actual physical defect with regard to their generative organs—that nearly-nonexistent few who in standard synagogue "march through the institutions" style are nonetheless employed skillfully as a wedge to change everything for everyone, who are treated as if they were the majority, for whom whole departments of life must be adapted, reinterpreted, compromised—that even these can learn to be pure, and to think of themselves simply and integrally as being men. While of course the same remains as well with women in the same condition, whose "sexual identity" is obvious to all as being female, even if there are issues with organs involved. For in fact the very morbidly-hysterical adversaries who tout the sodomite line from places of highest power today bear witness that we will "become what we think about", to paraphrase one of the ancients. As these sturdily-built, ruddy, superabundantly-normal, largely-college-age males force-fit themselves to roles utterly unnatural: in this way destroying the good and noble thing that God Himself gave. Thus it follows, if this be so plainly so, that someone who is endowed with none of these superlative advantages can certainly do the opposite: can be formed by good and wholesome institutions into the males that they by divine decree and human estimation alike should plainly be. Hardly trying to turn themselves into a turnip when they are properly a bear or a bee: the good and noble possessor of a defect hardly wishing to radically reverse himself, but only to honorably make do. In a virtuous resignation which all must stoutly display, who suffer some trial or disability. While likewise one who must fight for his gender, his sense-of-self, becomes the more attached thereto: abominating any idea of a "sex change", let alone of going around in the other sex's clothes. Realizing full well as noted above and as we should that the soul is the man, that desire for good or bad is in the soul, the character: that all else is pulled along more-or-less forcefully behind. That noble virility—which can indeed thrive even in a woman, since it is a good and spiritual thing which in itself has nothing to do with sex—can overrule all anomalous physical things in such a man. That he can be a lion, despising any limitations of a physical kind that he might have.

No, we Catholics don't allow the physical to be the determining factor in who we are, like the Marxists, Freudians and other materialists who form the ruling strata today. We are the rider on the horse, who stays there on top, and doesn't let the horse unseat him: let alone allow the beast to saddle and ride the rider himself: as our academics and professionals of every stripe would have us do today. But this is manifestly where a good nation comes in: that which cannot be organized or governed in Rand Paul laissez-faire fashion, that which positively must cultivate the highest and most honorable in man: else he fall prey to these degrading and abominable schemes, of biblically-identified "enemies of mankind". They who quickly gain control of all the levers of personally-formative power in a country if we "give them" so much as "an inch". Who with their congenital glib facility with words would make us all animals first, and men only a distant thirty-third. These self-appointed rulers and counselors who must themselves be unhorsed, trodden under hoof, before they destroy yet more generations of good and noble youth.

March 10, 2013: Rand Paul, Randall Terry, peas in a pod.

First of all, the Tea Party itself from its inception has stolen several of our slogans, including both "take back your country" and "from the bottom up": phrases on occasion displayed on our rig in journeys across 26 states, battle-cries on a battlewagon also seen frequently on this site, over a period of years, before the pretentious Tea Party was ever heard of. Rand Paul resembling in all this the celebrated Randall Terry on the religious-right flank, whose writings and speeches seem to monitor and then slavishly copy many things Catholic that we say here on this site: much as does also EWTN, without any acknowledgments, even though I invite people to use all my material at will, as long as they just mention my name or our Crusade. Rand Paul duplicating quite well some of our ideas with respect to personal freedom in the political sphere, while both of these men, Rand and Randall, keep rigidly intact their own pet falsehoods, no doubt calculating the percentage of the electorate anticipated to be corralled by a custom blend of furtive borrowings and one-issue, hyper-patriotic, penny-pinching or Arab-bashing words. Holding sentiments whose sum total will never win an election, but whose several intractable radicalisms—by dint of mere superficial association—can easily prevent many-a truly good candidate from gaining the prize. With neither Rand nor Randall ready to be caught dead endorsing the wholehearted, guileless plan presented here: even as they love to "catch some of the heat" off our ten-year-old rocket and pretend it is their very own. Our Integral Catholic stand finding holy and genuine patriotism neither in a wonton slaughter-of-innocents, whether post-or-pre-natal (it's all the same), nor in a scorched-earth, search-and-destroy moral and economic libertarianism which cripples the positive power of the commonweal, that polity which can alone protect the little guy from the monopolistically inclined.

Rand Paul's filibustering defense of citizen liberties in the face of an encroaching Obama-state was magnificent, a long-overdue gauntlet thrown down: yet by making his stand against drones in this personally-and-geographically limited sense—with his constantly-repeated qualifier that "drones in Afghanistan are an entirely different thing"—he was deftly abandoning innocent persons overseas to the nebulae of "discretionary policies" that bring divine curses on the land. This business of "collateral damage" having seldom been figured into tactical doctrine before in such a cold-blooded and deliberate way, in this invasion of a country where we plainly don't belong, of a people blamed for a 9/11 whose every major evidentiary fact or circumstance is still under top-secret wraps. This "trust us" over every important particular—under droning excuses of "national security"—always ready to stage another "Remember the Alamo", "Remember the Maine" or "terrorist attack" in order to gain some predetermined objective, handed down officiously from the B'nai Brith—to keep God's law out of the law and weapons-manufactures rolling energetically along—all such unconscionable things of course being increasingly routine, a hideously-widening ethical corollary to an anti-life agenda of increasingly-wide scope. Deeds of today by the millions "living on in infamy" much as do WWII carpet-bombings of Dresden and Coventry, events of which we are ironically-enough still ashamed.

I like the way Rand sounds: but its supremely easy to sound that way while you feather your political nest in the usual form. Randall Terry having revealed his questionable sincerity in rare form at a nationally-televised rally of pro-life leaders from around the land, about two years ago, when he openly slighted, ignored or upstaged each of the other prominent leaders, there on the stage: thus effectively nipping-in-the-bud a mounting, potentially-titanic pro-life coalition. A political insurgency which by now might easily have swept abortion into the sea. While Rand's canned Malthus-doctrine, or Spencerian "survival of the fittest", endemic to the libertarian cause, reveals itself irrepressibly at odd times, as at his informal interview at some high-tech convention somewhere, just after his admittedly fine filibustering stand. At this relatively-unguarded moment resembling to me, in the range of topics he pursued, just-another Republican skin-flint, provoking images of Bob Cratchett about to be set-upon by Tea Party Scrooges, claiming something "populist" about iron-bellied privilege and greed. Even if we on the Crusade likewise abominate the wholesale encroachment of government on the family, its long-standing declaration-of-war against the small businessman, and so on: things ironically-enough that you fight less by "trimming government" than by putting it in popular hands. Since it is of the very nature of business that if left entirely to itself—like libertarians so fervently desire, with their radical free-trade doctrine, not to mention their apparent utter indifference to sodomy-marriage, and so on—will end with a few dozen sodomy-peddling firms like Walmart owning everything, and the erstwhile family enterprise atomized into a lot of store-clerks and telemarketers, pimps, prostitutes (male and female) and runners-of-dope. Indeed, I must heartily agree with the removal of government from affairs of the home, but must also cry out just as loudly against the hearth's astute undermining by "free market" forces supra-national, supra-political in character, able to make the state look like a juvenile-tricycle version of the old silent-film Keystone Cops.

Our Crusade endures a different kind of assault from the "minister" from the church in Wichita who goes to funerals of fallen soldiers, unaccountably calling them "fags": in this way dismally discrediting us by simple low-brow association, with the notorious Westboro Baptist mountebank directly linking a rejection of sodomy with a rejection of our current wars. A repudiation we also pursue, but in no such irrational, directly-linked and indeed violently-repugnant way. Thus going a long way toward insuring that no one else—like we ourselves—will be convincingly able to battle both these evil things in justly-merited condemnation ever again: this madman, like some kind of skunk, having covered the entire arena with the stench of unspeakable shame. Forcing the embattled into "one issue" struggles which keep the nation hopelessly divided, or like a sort of yard-sale or fish-market where you take your pick of "either/or" compromises which damn both society and soul. Our own sober, personally-inoffensive, un-quibbling, un-compromising Crusade being lumped together with this traitorous and insulting breed. Having indeed been threatened by a huge biker gang, just outside Albuquerque, who mistook us, despite all our statements to the contrary, for members of this Westboro hate-group, a cabal which somehow has unmerited full protection of the law. These sly and treacherous agents-provocateurs having effectively swept the field, being virtually the only ones allowed to protest both these deadly wrongs, sodomy and aggressive war, without being placed in grave physical danger, and in many places also effectively outside the protection of the law. While the sum effect of the narrowly-focused or rabidly-confrontational is to provoke sheer popular revulsion against anyone at all with integrity, with a comprehensive platform: rather insuring the overwhelming electoral victory, by a kind of morbidity-driven default, of some bottom-of-the-barrel cynic like Jeb Bush in 2016. Having fatally associated the likes of us, or other really good leaders, with their own groundswell-hijacking schemes.

The dead giveaway in the platforms and sloganry of Rand and Randall is their underlying two-dimensional-simplistic form: with bloody pictures of dismembered babies, or exhortations toward hard-boiled laissez-faire fiscal reform, filling in mammoth voids where all logic and prudence is gone. With Rand being admittedly better-than-average on his foreign policy, but un-electably lacking on things closer to home. While the democrats confront us with the same stark either/or in their ga-ga serendipity way: keeping our "best yet" system's solution-prohibitive see-saw bobbing in vigorous form, painting pictures of frolics among the daisies to result from their perverted corporate-job-culture, media, and infant-to-grade-16-brainwash, their no-man's-land re-grounding of all custom and law. Quite the contrary: we present carefully-crafted, researched and labored-over models in considerable detail, outlining a complete departure from present policies that if admittedly arduous is nonetheless quite workable in every way. Advocating neither moral-overthrow nor some Robber-Baron back-to-the-caves. Even though we have no millions to spend on TV ads, or on the hijacking-of-electorates in cunning and manipulative ways. Ours an agenda, a Crusade, which sets its stock not on Wall Street, nor on bouts-of-eloquence, nor on a Manichaean either/or, but on civic hope, historical precedent, solid reason and the grace and power of God.

March 10, 2013: Civilization linked directly to St. Benedict in one EWTN version of the hyper-spiritual Vatican II paradigm. In standard sanitary New Church neo-Manichaean style, the gradual millennial transformation of Europe claimed to have been utterly "non-political" in nature.

What this amounts to might be called radical-clericalism run amuck: that inevitable potent-revulsive which always manages to keep a polar-opposite secularism vigorously alive and well. In fact, the settlement of fens and swamps of Eastern Europe, the future Netherlands, and other remote parts of the Continent was a time-staggered, quilt-like early-medieval venture of kings, bishops and abbots alike, builders of royal and ecclesiastical burgs, adjoined by surrounding farmlands, whose citizens generally had formidable full burgher political rights as well. These burgeoning communities hardly having been exclusively Benedictine ventures. The entire Mystical Body having been mobilized in a marvelously loose-knit way, all the more culturally-rich, economically-fertile and lastingly-stable and effective for that. These burgs and other forms of settlement having geographically extended pre-existing political and economic models that were developed preeminently at Rome, in what would later be called the Papal States, in a little-researched political cultivar which was to become the template of European statecraft, starting with Franks, Britons and Lombards, spreading to Visigoths, Croats and Bohemians. (cf. Noble, Thomas F.X., The Republic of St. Peter: the Birth of the Papal State, 680-825. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1984.) All this magnificent, balanced development of the earthly/heavenly kingdom, "in which the birds of the air make their nests", being reduced ad absurdium by a couple of Irish clerics last night on the "Global Catholic Network" to a "non political" extension of the Benedictine spirit. This tandem tour-de-force being a rare exercise of Oakham's Razor against pesky facts.

An all-too-typical puritanical, ultra-sanitary approach to Christianity, betrayed in such a polemic as this, is based on a misunderstanding of several Gospel passages, about the opposition of the world to the Church, and others of the same general kind. Clerics such as the above falling into the yawning pit of the idea that this separation, this enmity, is meant to be permanent, that Christ didn't come to effect a mysterious matrimony of the two: all the while the flesh/spirit battle nonetheless continues to rage. Ours the commission to "make all things new", as we are exhorted indeed by St. Benedict himself: with political leaders like the kings and nobles of above-noted times having a distinct sort of universally-recognized "priesthood" all-their-own, to which a great many corresponded faithfully, in profound and elevated, if colloquially-determined, ways. All the while there would always be some Boleslau to murder his own brother, Good King Wenceslaus, whom we celebrated so blissfully at Christmastide. Or some gaggle of Jewish ship-owners to insist that the Crusaders put the Croatian city-state of Zadar to the sword, before they would take them on to the Holy Land: whereupon these "heroes" with cheaply-bought "heroism" did just that. But it does no good to imagine, like good Cathars, that good things or people are "all spiritual", or clerical, and that the wicked get to keep all the rest. That political figures like Charlemagne—with his marvelous, exemplary father/son relationship to the then-reigning pope—had no part in the extension of Catholic Civilization, and indeed the reaching of its legacy into our own very time, to the degree we are civilized at all. That fatal fallacy, of razor-sharp divisions, that denial of the infallible doctrine of the Two Swords, lay and ecclesiastical, "both borne on behalf of Christ" (Unam Sanctam): that morbid dichotomy which produces neither holy priests nor holy laymen, nor prosperous and morally-upright cities, but only a lot of war and perversity, poverty and priestly "men in soft garments who live in the palaces of kings".

March 8, 2013: More on Jodi Arias. Article further developed.

Generally speaking, only con-artists get emotional "on the stand" at trials. Honest people under accusation rather strain to be as dispassionate as they can be, out of sheer terror at the consequences of losing: a gripping fear which carries with it a laborious effort to be as lucid as possible in their defense. Having a parallel terror as well of losing control of themselves, of becoming incoherent, of uttering some ill-considered and intemperate phrase. Something the often-melodramatic con-artist courtroom-adversary is less likely to fear at all: as all of life to such a charlatan is one big gamble anyway, having the added luxury as well of an eager willingness to make things up convincingly as he goes along.

In this poor Arias woman, for whom a fair trial has now become a sheer impossibility, I see not a cold-blooded killer but someone who blacked out while under physical attack: not at all an uncommon thing among systematically-abused women. They whose paramours, furthermore, quite commonly display only "sweetness and light" to others, taking out their sadistic bend only in the privacy of home. Creating a bias in favor of the male which is a notorious, abuse-ridden institution among those Mormons to whose creed the victim belonged, a religion Jodi herself was prevailed upon to join. Atrocities regularly worked upon women in such precincts being of a sort to which a woman eventually responds, indeed with dire inevitability, in desperate self-defense not only physically but also emotionally, psychologically, for the very survival of her mind. With this very common condition of black out being likewise part of the reason she describes the deadly encounter from the witness stand in such an unimpassioned way, with her memory of the tragedy, of what she did before and afterward, "full of holes". As the whole series-of-events plainly constitutes for her an ongoing trauma of the most overwhelming kind, one which seeks mental survival in a sort of oblivion. Namely that blessed nirvana of the mind which is like throwing a circuit-breaker, to salvage what is left of a humanity barbarically set-upon, driven to unthinkable things. But what is most damning and indicting by far is to be seen in the attitudes of TV commentators and news-casters, epitomized in the ever-sadistic, mean-and-petty-minded Nancy Grace: constituting a stone wall-of-unanimity upon which you could crack rocks. They who with cruel bravado take it upon themselves to be judge, jury and character-assassinating executioner: a Sanhedrin before whom Jodi's very obvious gentleness-of-spirit is her most unforgivable offense. Of a girl like so many others mired in the permissive but enslaving sexuality of modern life, a harmlessness confronted in so terrible a way on that deadly day.

March 8, 2013: We propose a new international alliance based on the divine law.

Just now we're researching Thomas Jefferson's life, notably but not exclusively in a work cited just below, describing a man adaptable to basically anything, any new idea, as long as no bar were put on passions which in him were like a rampaging stream, ready to remove anything that got in their way. Jefferson being the man who wrote polemics against slavery but insured that this crime-against-humanity would thrive in the whole vast area of the Louisiana Purchase, in a precociously Obama-like fiat-permission which would ultimately issue in a Civil War. This even as new states like Illinois were by popular choice coming into the Union slavery-free. This man who carried on extensive sexual escapades among his slaves at Monticello, which "domestic services" he carried about with him when possible into places like France as well, where he likewise plainly-enough also philandered wildly among French matrons and maids. Jefferson and his kind having come up with a whole new concept of human nature, corresponding to impersonal billiard-ball mechanics of the newly-arrived Newtonian school: one in which freedom is entirely divorced from the moral law, and men regard one another not as brothers under God but rather as colliding objects of puny or preemptive mass, or as neighing, competing stallions in the stable, or out on the meadow grass. This then the founding philosophy that would rule in a nascent USA, with results only too plain for anyone to see, if they "have eyes" at all.

All this assumes that there is no fatherhood of God, no cosmic household with family customs and rules, revealed to men both in the fleshy tablets of their hearts and minds and in revelations brought by prophets and holy men. No, everything is reduced to a Cartesian base one, of a mere defenseless creature confronting a whole universe with his bowling-ball-bland "I think therefore I am", from which condition of rebellion modern men stumble onward into every kind of wilderness, becoming more and more lost. As very simply God did not make such a sterile and coldly-experimental galaxy or globe, an alien cosmos that only exists in the minds of the proud, who will brook no restraint, upon whom you must "place bit and bridle, else you cannot come near them". Such as indeed has become our very own USA: not at all by popular choice, but by good men willy-nilly surrendering to the pretensions of the proud. A fatal surrender which cannot continue anymore.

Hence the turn-around presented here on this site, on this Crusade. Of children come back to their Heavenly Father, of a political and economic union of peoples around the globe who believe and see that the law of God is the sole source of valid law. Who thereafter allow differences of creed or custom to resolve themselves voluntarily, regionally, in legal and political terms, as God's good grace will bring about. A global union which instantly recognizes for black treasons-against-humanity—which no lesser loyalty for flag can ever justify or supercede—those heinous state-sponsored 9/11-like object-lessons which kill innocent "friendlies", sometimes indeed American citizens, a hundred or a thousand at a time. Providing excuses to target other innocent persons with drone attacks far and wide. Atrocities which God sees, even if "the fool says in his heart, 'there is no God'".

March 6, 2013: New Church, breezy and enthusiastic promotionals, a countdown on a launch-pad, with a private-enterprise rocket going mach-20 into the dark and dizzy void.

An apt name indeed, New Church, like the plastic of a dashboard off which the new hasn't yet worn, and when you tune in to one of is media outlets, or go through the new space-ship docking-station double doors of a Sunday morn—in place of the venerable but "sadly outmoded" gothic entryway, torn down already forty years ago—you get the impression of a lot of perfectly middle-class zanily-happy people, interspersed with any number of financial kingpins, at some sort of an office convention. There's talk of catechesis and apologetics, true, but its all in the accents of those who've made their mark. And I'll lay bets that if you did a survey of those within the tilt-roofed building, looking like a jet or rocket poised for flight, you'd find out that for 90 percent of them or more there's some financial or professional incentive involved: the Catholic church having become "a good place to be seen", nudging aside the Presbyterians in a decided way. While the same must be said for vaunted enthusiasms of the Global Network crowd: all of whom somehow draw their bread and board while plying heroic exertions of a New Evangelism which somehow continues to lose the young.

But in such a beatification-happy world one doesn't "sweat the small stuff", as that would be "bad form", and its always good to have some humorous rejoinders handy, for those odd moments when some little gaggle-of-the-important is ill-at-ease. For at such times things can fall out in the most unfavorable way, on the head of who-knows-who, kind of like the frightful ancient Roman custom of drawing lots. Thus too are finer points of Catholic teaching deftly glossed over, between fits of bonhomie, fourteenth-century Nominalist style: with Duns Scotus shoving St. Thomas Aquinas nicely but decidedly to one side. Something highly familiar to "converts", all this, the air of "making do", of keeping lots of mental wiggle room. Alas, no place here for the old plain-spoken carpenters and farmers, laborers and groundskeepers: but progress, the veritable new eschatology, must above all things be pursued, and these "low achievers" can all find a rough-and-ready place down at that noisy Evangelical Free Church group, where they will generously find their own kind. The fact that most of the globe is in thickening military and economic shackles, in actual or virtual Yankee occupations of foreign soil, Tweed-gang or Napoleonic tyrannies about which the "Catholic" hierarchy is deafeningly silent, while sitting neck-deep in abominable scandals of every kind: well, that's where the "keep things light" motif comes most auspiciously into play. You know, the air of the board-meeting there at the conclave, the fact that Benedict is going to just go ahead and move in with the new antipope. Where everything will be very, very cozy, and the cabal of sodomites at the very heart of New Church won't be interrupted at all, in spreading stout tentacles around the globe, being engaged in its rather more down-to-earth toil. Of destroying the innocence of the young, of bringing the Holy of Holies down to the level of Comedy Central, or of some sodomite salon or bar.

Only problem is, Fr. Mitch et al, God won't have it. Hear the howling of the wind, watch the sky: there isn't much time. "What you do, do quickly", for much of it won't get done at all. To quote from memory the old prophesy of the holy seer, of "men of a cruel race standing at a distance", shouting in mockery and scorn, "do build it up as high as you can: we will only pull it down again". After which God will Himself once again take majestic charge.

March 2, 2013: Heresies and theological errors of Ratzinger or Benedict XVI.

First there was his denial of the historical reality of the Resurrection, then his statement that the infallible syllabus of errors must essentially be thrown out John XXIIIs "open window of the church" as a laughable irrelevancy. Then too we have his declaration, in so many words, way back in the '60s, that to make visits to the Blessed Sacrament "as if God were there" is a preposterous gratuity: with all the "major transformations" coming out of Vatican II having indeed been inaugurated in exactly this mocking way. This then the reason that church-doors would so soon be locked shut after each mass—and few any longer would be caught dead visiting the Sacramental Real Presence—with the old saw about "security concerns" being advanced as adequate reason—when in the immemorial past the old beloved oaken double-doors had always been left unfastened, in some places indeed all night, for those who craved the solace of the Divine Companionship. To which "short list" of grave and decisive doctrinal and practical departures must be added Ratzinger's many other implicitly-heretical actions and activities: like for instance his conspicuous participation in Muslim, Lutheran and Orthodox ceremonies, a tendency shared generously by his predecessor "Blessed" John Paul II. (This time, eager-beaver-beatifier Catholics, just remember that a person has to die first, before you can beatify them). Added to which must be counted the fairly-well-documented charge that he and his fellow antipopes back to John XXIII have all been members of Masonic Lodges, no doubt contributing to the origins of that cabal of sodomites just now discovered thriving turbulently along Vatican inner-corridors, comprising a despicable-but-powerfully-enabling forerunner of an ongoing sodomite takeover of governments around the globe. The noted violent and notorious lodge having assassinated a crypto-Masonic Vatican banking Czar, way back in the seventies already, for breaking some freemasonic rule while performing that financially-invasive role: the banker having been found hanged under a London bridge with telltale crumbled brick-fragments in his suit-pocket, signifying that he had broken trust with Masonry. That same strange Attic cult having likewise had a hand in the abduction and murder of an Italian Prime Minister. While even a "rock star" John Paul II plainly didn't escape such brickyard ire, since he died under the most mysterious circumstances, with almost no one in attendance, being nonetheless denied an autopsy under the now-standard breezy all-purpose "papal traditions" alibi. For it seems that even antipopes have consciences, which begin to trouble them as they grow old, for which reason they are "cleared out of the way" for those "better disposed".

Any one of these heresies and errors is enough to insure to us with moral certainty that the papal chair has long been vacant: especially when there have been bizarre and unprecedented events at the conclaves themselves.

February 27, 2013: Why Uncle Sam can't possibly cut off the unmonitorable Federal budgetary dole now: privatization, covert-operations and the corporate NGOs. Article further developed on March first: sorry for grammatical errors of past few days, typically after getting absorbed in the idea involved and making a verb into a gerund, or misusing the past or present tense.

Aside from "quantitative easing"—a standard news-speak euphemism for a perpetually-ongoing bailout of larcenous banks and investment firms, achieved not through any enlargement of the real money supply but rather through a still-continuing buying of toxic assets by the Fed, thus propping-up a supremely-self-contained investment world on the dollar bill once again, "easing" things for the speculator alone—aside from this grab-bag all those successive extensions of the Patriot Act also get into the spend while you can spree in rare form. This doughty demonstration of love-of-country, full of secret prisons, torture-chambers, foreign-and-domestic drones and much, much more—an authorization casually renewed and apocalyptically expanded each new Christmas-recess time—allows not only for citizen spying on a massive scale but also provides any number of loopholes in which to squirrel away tons of appropriations without portfolio, as they might most aptly be called. Of course out of heroic presidential devotion to the flag. As the anthem of a delirious "patriotism" takes front and center stage, in an Il Duce vaudeville-nationalist USA which even your gunboat-diplomacy-dazzled great-grandfather wouldn't have recognized in his wildest Big Stick dreams. Here then intervenes privatization, harnessing a global corporation which is the carrier par excellence of a regime-changing "progress" belief, ready expensively to supply a springboard for any number of covert operations "to advance liberty around the globe". Replacing those outdated "proprietaries" (cf. The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence, cited in an article below) which the CIA once used as lavishly-funded "covers", typically with rather indifferent results—mainly secretly-but-heavily-subsidized for-profit air-transport businesses for the transportation of equipment and supplies, mercenaries and covert agents—having with supreme smoothness been succeeded by the global corporation itself. That deus ex machina which has conveniently sprouted the added limb of the "corporate NGO", this in turn the ideal innocent-looking, typically "humanitarian", unsuspected avenue for covert operations in every land on the globe. No need, then, for clumsy, oft-embarrassed and easily-compromised "Air America" flight-routes, dropping off covert operatives, or air-dropping equipment, in publicly-scheduled or unscheduled flights.

But as suggested in all such things both then and now there is a price-tag attached, in this case a farming out to the (largely but not exclusively U.S.-based) corporate world of a geometrically-increasing number of governmental functions, in exchange for providing the perfect base-of-operations for every sort of overseas or cross-border chicanery. In practical effect with any amount of funds to be drawn upon without specific congressional authorization at all: "free market" corporate invoices and balance-sheets being passed with the merest nod. Privatization thus being a source of a subsidization many times greater than Air America ever dreamed about, no doubt at times in more-direct, less-"market"-disguised ways, in official works and duties to be driven now much less by an ("old and outdate") common good and more and more by the corporate stockholder and manager bottom line. Touted to a gullible public as waste-and-bureaucracy trimmer, privatization does just the opposite, enlarging turf on the tab of public largesse, garnishing savings if anything from a paucity of worker-benefits and pay. While furthermore the pork needn't stop with the firm directly involved in some covert operation or sending-in of propaganda bureaus whole-and-entire through some innocent-looking outlet overseas: rather do partner-firms and subsidiaries share in the pie, benefiting from indulgent regulatory or worker-treatment policies, unspoken permissions to work workers into the ground, or to callously allow or even encourage their Christian beliefs to be mocked or ignored. This latter often-enough at the hands of some vengeful gaggle of management-favored sodomites who thrive among the cubicles or "out on the floor". Privatization thus being open-ended for any number of behavioral and ideological trial-balloons of any shape or size, being the sort of development which such tabloid-TV channels as Fox News—an undisputable corporate proprietary CIA and Mossad propaganda and reverse-technology citizen-spying base—would of course deliriously adulate to the very skies. That infamous citizen alternate brainwashing and monitoring, in which the parent mogul, the Murdoch family, was recently found neck deep in England, among other things reading e-mails of private citizens great and small.

But the list of such covert-operations covers in the corporate world goes on and on: tidy business beneficiaries of massive amounts of crypto-discretionary, or otherwise "absolutely necessary" federal monies with which a rather-more-crude George Bush used to likewise unmonitorably fund Blackwater and similar conspicuously-heinous mercenary groups. Such funds now going into allegedly "idealistic, liberty-loving" corporate NGOs with lovely and enchanting names. From out of whose cellars nonetheless come the same sort of rabid propagandists and bloodthirsty thugs who rained terror and confusion on the citizens of Iraq, now being busily occupied in other grizzly or chaos-breeding "make the world safe" tasks, while in their spare time no doubt being heavily behind popularly-abominated sodomy-rights demonstrations on Moscow streets. Having made short shrift as well of Libya, from which bombed-out wasteland to mount, in tandem with an oil-extracting, Chinese-excluding corporate agenda in Sudan, a permanent destabilization which now irreparably rocks the African world. (A China, by the way, which without some sizeable place to put all its American dollars besides a lackluster also-Yankee bond-buying—like for instance in readily-developable African energy, minerals and other lucrative things, having been sanctimoniously forbade, "for security reasons", to enter that sphere in the dollar-bill's own USA—might just as well go the whole hog and wallpaper its buildings with our over-abundant currency, for all the good it will do). U.S. Corporations creating those muddy waters in which soldiers-of-fortune and corporate profits so extravagantly thrive. While finally the tentacles of this crypto-corporate skullduggery reach all the way into such "Catholic" stations as a corporate-traded EWTN, now become for all intents and purposes the official mouthpiece of a deeply-compromised "Catholic" New Church worldwide. This station involves itself in all the trick-of-the-trade of the old corporate-imbedded cryptic-crowd, a propaganda-depot conspicuously furthering U.S. aggressive-warrior foreign policies with tear-jerking "reports" on conditions of Christians, say, on the borders of South Sudan, or Darfur, or Egypt. Whose plight, when honestly reported, may easily be incited by regime-changing false-flag provocateurs sent in droves through mole-holes of ever-tunneling corporate-NGOs: the sort of thing which or course changes everything, but which is of course entirely ignored. This whole misrepresented issue of the persecution of Christians—from folks who seem to regard the bombing out of an Iraqi city or the annihilation of an innocent Afghani family as "all in a day's work", to be greeted with smiling equanimity by the Muslim world—being not at all coincidentally a prime foot in the doorway for an ever-global-intrusive Uncle Sam. EWTN, aside form a few good and noteworthy shows—lacking which no one would tune in at all—being largely another cadaver animated by those ever-invasive Jews who have been infiltrating the Catholic Church roughly since Napoleonic times, while exerting untoward influence there for some decades even before. In a Catholic Faith, the very global vessel of truth, in which one little falsehood wedged among ribbings of a millennial hull-of-faith can take it a long way toward the bottom of the sea. A station and growing numbers of affiliated outlets worldwide which drapes U.S. foreign policy in convincingly nasal tones strongly suggestive of infallible dogmatic pronouncements, with figures like Raymond Arroyo stiffening noticeably at any hint of a contrary take on Darfur, on "wholesale rape" in its refugee camps, on the alleged persecution of Christians who have too often proven an Israeli-funded spearhead for American aims from the African cape to equatorial regions and beyond.

Indeed, this "Catholic" yen for majesterial pronouncements found remarkable parallels in a Blackwater founded by a convert to a "Catholicism" with curiously-tall hip-boots on its legs, while Fox News is likewise awash with slavish Catholic adulators-of-antipopes. With Benedict doughtily backing U.S. foreign policy with shameful misinformation about historical Islam, on the one hand, while peppering these sound-bites with deafening decibels of silence about U.S. torture (under Obama for instance keeping a man in solitary confinement for fifteen years) and wholesale first-person or proxy aggressive war.

Ergo, a Federal budget, and heel-digging budget debate, from branches of government which cannot possibly cut off the dole now, who are neck-deep in obligations to this swashbuckling, profit-monopolizing, Mossad-implanting corporate world. That behemoth now erected as a parallel government-all-its-own. Our wordsmithing leaders rather watching the elderly go without social security checks, or hospitals close down, than to hold back a dime from all these big and little Napoleons, now irretrievably on the Federal dole, in many real ways with a gun in Uncle Sam's ribs. All these confederates "having ways" to stop us from cutting the whole bloody mess short: like maybe another "we must defend the homeland" false-flag 9/11, just to rev-up the patriot hysteria a few decibels more? Or maybe another "unfortunate" spill for some new Hillary Clinton, or some pesky Rand Paul? To keep the disloyal from ever again lifting their shameless heads.

Of course, we have a "more excellent way" which we propound here, under the banners of the two Sacred Hearts. A Catholic-biblical "Way" which always keeps God first and the human person second, and all else coming up decidedly in the van. Using technical advances only where they are applicable to man's greater good, alike of soul and heart, body and mind, and hardly as a way to force other nations to tow the line. That kind of economy/polity which would be entirely self-sustaining, in which all the "nation-building", wealth-annihilating doles and interest-payments would be a forgotten thing of the past. A system which needs you in particular to make it work, in myriad ways for which I have produced an overall blueprint, but for many of whose modern-day particulars and contingencies, provisionals and personal alliances, enterprises of faith and trust, I can typically offer only suggestions and conjectures. As they will be locally imbedded, arise out of above-noted "things that are", in each case, in each place, as they impact each living and vital family and neighborhood, city and county, heart and mind. For whose earthen foundations you must "get your hands dirty", find out by trial and error, in daily practicalities as well as in the advocated state-secession, based on the law of God as the sole source of law, throwing off the crushing yoke of the tyrant described above.

February 28, 2013: The bully on the block won't just "go away and take his marbles with him". More on morality and state.

The state is intrinsically involved in issues of right and wrong: just ask anyone who has been robbed by some bureaucrat of his rights under Social Security, or with respect to his property tax, to find out which side the government is expected to come decidedly down upon. And the mere fact that some few fringe-radicals—inevitable proponents of some undisclosed power-drive far more than of some honest-but-crackpot point-of-view—pretend that issues of morality that don't affect the pocketbook are somehow moot: all this doesn't change fundamental realities involved. In fact, either the state will do things after the manner and under the inspiration of its vast-majority-religious beliefs, as well as under the wider purview of the universal morality of the natural law "written on the human heart", or it will do them in some wicked, destructive and perverse way. It isn't as if Uncle Sam or Big Ben will just go off and pout, "take his marbles with him", if somehow a "separation" is thought to be in order, his antics found to have been rough, unchristian or bizarre. No, as experience bears out so tiringly well, the state will always perform its task, either with a blackjack or a with kindly smile. And when it acts under separate motivation—indeed guidance—from that of the church then it will barbarically do those things it must do in any case in some way, whether anyone likes it or not.

Yet we are always being pulled back to the century-long econ-book-enshrined evolution of this idea that the state is only there to keep that amount of order required "to properly facilitate commerce", even though it is now being proven beyond any doubt that commerce itself is going under, since conscience in all respects has been so doughtily, eager-beaver Horatio Alger style, trodden underfoot. As for one thing few of these fiends who have robbed the economy blind—like this equity-absconding ex-governor of New York who, par for the course, and like many-another bailout-colleague, is set on a long judicial journey to get off more-or-less Scot free—few of these people chaff at the bit to go and spend their ill-gotten gain on health food, classical music or poetry. Nor for that matter did the guys who doped up for decades on construction produce buildings that could escape ceaseless profit-margin-evaporating "warrantee" repairs thereafter as well. Turpitude indeed always brings about the collapse of the state: but the trick is that all the libertine trade-unchained rats know just when to jump ship, as the Titanic begins its ugly slide under the waves.

February 26, 2013: Nancy Grace, sodomy and the rape and murder of women.

Ramroded designedly or not by the likes of Nancy Grace is a remorseless view of womanhood, of relations of the sexes, as revealed in her inevitable guilty until proven innocent in the case of this Arias girl. This humorless and truly depressive outlook have first been spawned in dim shadows of the New-England-colonial woods centuries ago, with mounting puritan morbidities ironically favoring rather than inhibiting today's claim of a natural condition of homosexuality as well: the closest today's twisted commentators and legislators come to recognizing a natural law. A cosmology which then glibly gathers under sodomy's ugly and ironclad determinisms all the more sensitive, and sublime, noble and mild virtues of the human, and a-fortiori the Catholic, personality: of a humanity whose heterosexual variability-in-character is as infinite as the myriad numbers of human beings. A contrary immoral and perverse generic herding of humanity thus dividing males into two rigidly-separated types: the super-macho with few outward expressions of any feeling at all—a born warrior with ice rather than blood running through his veins, on the one hand—and basically anyone else besides, set apart as potential homosexuals, on the other. Hence the national institution of the "poker face": an unquestioned law-of-behavior among "normal" American men, opposite which are those nominated as positively or potentially "gay": which in practical terms signifies any who show emotions like joy or inner pain, who are capable of open or deep reactions to anything. This kind of hoplite-manhood being in turn the perfect counterpart to a heroic view of law and economy on these shores, much discussed on this site: a billiard-ball notion of power which has no real place at all for personal input, which claims the existence of inanimate powers "out there somewhere", "invisible hands" which deftly and precisely rule all. It doesn't matter that "nice guys" and gals are regularly and indeed systematically crushed in the maws of such a "best yet" system, which presently enslaves and impoverishes an entire globe. No, this is the deity which it is claimed must rule: the denial of whose scepter is said to presage even darker and more terrible things.

Thus then is womanhood fed into the spinning gears of such a self-activating perpetual motion machine, and rape and murder is increasingly a predominating womanly lot. For by the principles of this impersonal view-of-life it is "their place", if they wish to take up the traditional female role in sex, to be thus brutally dominated and abused. Thus too draconian penalties against women who attempt to defend themselves from rape or murder, in which case in the USA they are always considered cold-blooded felons, or promiscuous felines, slyly and with cunning ruthlessness first alluring and then in some sense destroying men. This the Puritan "Dissenter" view of woman, utterly void of any recognition of the role of Mary, the New Eve, the Heavenly uplifter of woman's estate. A quasi-Manichaean view of humanity as a whole in which womanly warmth, hospitality, conviviality—integral parts of her very elemental, naturally-determined identity as a mother, and alternately as a sexual partner—are despised, trodden barbarically underfoot. Those very womanly things which the super-macho male finds worthy only of brutality or even death: the latter as seen in those fiendish and homicidal BTKs who, as documented with dire regularity in nearly every case, carry this very same anti-woman aberration to its logical extremes. While any interjection of a mitigating Catholic mildness, mercy or genuine love toward women is considered incredibly-enough somehow to be a form of cheating, with such a man held not to be a man at all, but a turncoat to his gender, indeed among the more heroically psychotic and unstable a homosexual in disguise. Hence too the utterly-humorless relations of men with one another in every setting, where there is this alienating treatment, with the strange peculiarity that only the most physically well-endowed, or somehow dominant or "successful", are allowed some tokens of pleasant demeanor or borderline affection, without being smirked at as being homosexual, at least potentially so. With only these "alphas" having allegedly "proven themselves" to be trustworthily macho guys. This a subject seldom spoken of but rigidly determinative of a great many things here on these shores.

But alas for our macho, the French Canadians had a little ditty they used to sing about such very men, when I was up there some forty years ago. A song that would not be repeatable in print, sung rhetorically by a woman said to know by experience all about the alleged prowess of such Yanks: having myself been taken to a bar by a good and innocent cousin with no such musical fare in mind. The lines quite graphically demonstrating that certain legendary Yanks are not so "macho" after all, when it gets down to fundamental things actually involved. While finally the ribald little ditty resolves itself in the belting-out with evident conviction of a hearty "Viva la France!".

Indeed, the world over, not only bawdy bar-singers but also good and pure women find the irrepressible Latin-American or Vietnamese, the Croat or the Frenchman to be the real macho, the man among men: with the French in particular designated by the very Savior Himself, in locutions to saints and seers, as the most divinely-beloved of nationalities, and thus no doubt endowed in every way. With generous portions of sanity-saving humor interspersed in male and female alike in every corner of the earth, except under the ever-censorious pale of Uncle Sam. A genuine universal masculinity harboring indomitable warriors too, when there is a just cause to uphold. While it is the modern American super-macho, the cause of disappointment to the blunt-spoken lady in the noted song, who is ready to kill anyone anywhere, as long as Obama tells him to.

February 24, 2013: Article further developed. The false armistice between two fundamental irreconcilables, secularism and religion, concluded under a "separation of church and state" doctrine falsely insinuated into the Constitution of the USA. An agreement overwhelmingly embraced on these shores both by freemasons and by men of the cloth.

Held to be exceedingly clever and sophisticated is a modern-day American "constitutional" enthronement of secularism in the public domain, while equally so admired are postures of churchmen in deafeningly-unspoken support of same. For all the while men of the cloth complain about the rapid secularization they see taking place before their eyes they rigidly uphold those artificial legal-philosophical constructs that sustain such a view in so formidable a way. The problem being that the issue has never really been discussed at the constituent-convention level intrinsically required, having been left to the tender mercies of those dominant forces which rule from behind the scenes. The prohibition in the Constitution against provision being made "for an official church" actually having no substantial bearing upon the place of religion-based morality in the public, let alone the private, sphere: a handily-phrased little proscription which nevertheless artfully maneuvers around many difficult things. Like for instance the rock-solid fact that had there been an adequate discussion about the matter at the very beginning, before precedents were set in stone, with full popular participation in some form, then 98 percent or so of the people would have favored the adoption of commonly-held Christian moral principles as the basis for the adjudication of law. Universals which the Harbor-goddess, "Progress", is said more recently to have dethroned. A traditional morality nonetheless immutably applicable to the formation of foreign and domestic policy, the atmosphere to be maintained on our streets, the subject-matter to be taught in our schools, and so on as well. And it has only been by dint of the gradualistic and determined media-and-education-led erosion of this popular moral consensus—and a few tricks-of-the-trade of digital-voting-booth technicians—that this overwhelming majority moral-sanguinity might not today so solidly prevail.

But in fact what has been aimed at all along, since the uncontested reign of the formally or informally Deist founding fathers, albeit most of them with respectable religious cover-identities, has been a Deist view of morality. Such an unmentioned imposition following with remorseless inevitability from a leadership of Freemasons and (open or cryptic) Jews in complete control in the Thirteen Colonies of Revolutionary times. Men who if they believed at all held by a "God" who refuses to involve himself with human affairs, having once set the "spheres of the universe" spinning, the natural world intact with its various species, and so on. This then is the "God" so often mentioned in early constitutional and revolutionary declarations and documents: this deity a complete stranger to the compassionate Savior believed in by the vast majority of Colonials. This utterly fanatical, fringe-radical view of God and of the state—an unknown indeed to ordinary people here until only the most recent of times—having nonetheless been ceaselessly insinuated in every policy, foreign or domestic, of a USA thus privately controlled: flag-waving fanfare to one side. An utterly repugnant view of the state being ramroded progressively among an American citizenry far more pious than all of that: a view furthermore adopted in many essentials by John Carroll, the first plenipotentiary American Catholic bishop, appointed by the liberal pope of the times at the behest of no less than Benjamin Franklin himself, the arch-Freemason of the times. The Catholic clergy thereafter until now being kept complacent—in this radical denial of the place of moral principles in the public and practical affairs of men—during the mid-nineteenth century with the carrot-on-the-stick of a basically-unlimited settlement of European Catholic immigrants on Indian lands ideal for farming, notably in the Territory of Kansas. And of course with an easy concomitant establishment of Catholic colleges and other well-endowed institutions in the same areas, like for instance that of the Jesuits at St. Mary's, Kansas. Land for this latter imposing foundation having been generously given by the Pottawatomie themselves, for the education of their own young: a tribe which was thereafter confined to a tiny, postage-stamp-size reservation just to the northeast, and their promised Indian school converted into a posh collegiate enterprise for wealthy White men. St. Mary's College, decades ago defunct as a Jesuit campus, having in its heyday been a sort of Harvard of the West, from which a great many leading American Catholics of the early twentieth century would be drawn.

Here then the true source of any "separation of church and state" allegedly found in the Constitution: namely in the discrete inculcation of this deist philosophy in American political and religious, educational and economic institutions of every shape and size. The removal of the place of the Living God in practical human affairs, and His replacement by a host of inanimate forces and mechanisms said to be all determining, like some clock or metronome, some gravitational theory or mathematical formula. This strange belief which amply explains an array of morally-neutral "checks and balances" found in our commercial and governmental forms: in which fortunes of widows and orphans fall through ever-widening cracks, in a deadly game-of-chance held to be only the "breaks of the game". The whole impersonal theory amounting to an unprecedented billiard-ball-like concept of marketplace and forum alike. Not only God but even the human heart and soul having less and less to say, according to this arrogant idea, as "the big boys" gradually and quite "legally" monopolize everything in sight. The on-the-whole rather bland and non-consequential constitutional prohibition of an "official religion" hardly being up to such a mammoth, soul-denuding, popular-culture-dislocating task, even as no provision whatever was actually made with respect to relations between religion and state. This church/state issue having rather been used quite cleverly to leverage a total dominion of secularistic—near indistinguishable from liberal-Jewish—values over every aspect of practical moral life on these shores.

This oddly physics-lab/materialistic view of public relations among ruling colonial Jews and their secret-society subordinates had a forerunner in convoluted proto-Marxist theories of an early-seventeenth-century Spinoza, and a future in rigid categoricals of the dialectic of Karl Marx himself. The American Revolution, whose sharp-edged principles were spread by Franklin, Jefferson et al to a France whose doomed king had generously backed the Colonies in their uprising, being only one arm of a centrally-financed and cryptically-administered global-conquest machine the likes of which has not been seen since Genghis Khan, unveiling all its frightful features, with transparently-pre-arranged wars, drone-bombs and citizen-assassinations, only just now. With "counterbalanced" ideological components to arise in capitalism, communism and national socialism, and the many splintered radical-syndicalist, Peronist and Franco-ite regimes later to appear, all these fighting each other in a Hellish and chaotic way. Over the many millions of tombstones of which modern wasteland must be written the epitaph that, like it or not, moral principle—rather than impersonal forces of industry or propaganda, finance or organizational form—must be recognized as fundamentally determinative in matters of state, virtue's most consequential arena-of-activity. And that any "separation" there is absolutely fatal to man and his dearest dreams.

Hence what has actually been cemented here, as stated so often on this site, is a unity of synagogue and state which will take a revolution—nay, a restoration—to unmake: indeed, one likewise with global dimensions, in the coming seer-predicted universal triumph of Christ the King. He Whose reign can alone undo such mammoth and apocalyptic things, Whose "be still" can alone calm such towering waves, Whose Sacred Heart beckons even the most wretched, indeed deluded "huddled masses", to enter, being opened wide. Reversing majestically today's progressive and continual disappearance of moral or even human values from the public sphere, and their rapid or gradualistic replacement by others amoral, cynical and perverse. This the rueful legacy of a "counterbalanced" system whose "founding fathers" seem indeed to have been veritably swimming in every sort of effeminate, abominable vice (cf. Thomas Jefferson: an Intimate History, cited elsewhere on this page). The final outcome aimed at, in all these allegedly morally-indifferent spinning notional orbs and globes, being plainly the upending of the Heavenly Kingdom "in which the birds of the air make their nests", together with a contemptuously rejection of a basic natural law embraced in most essentials by all. A code "written in fleshy letters" on the human heart, rejected only by a tiny minority of fringe-radical interlopers who know that the morally corrupt are easily controlled, enslaved, and ultimately destroyed. They whose proud heads await the Heavenly Mother of God, Our Blessed Lady, to crush them under her spotless maiden feet.

February 22, 2013: Update. The resignation of Benedict, sodomy in the Vatican, the biblical "abomination of desolation, set up in the Holy Places". Quoting the Roccolta, 1933, regarding a Vatican already then fatally infiltrated: "In the Holy Place itself…the see of Peter…they have raised up the throne of their abominable impiety" (from the original but long-ago watered-down Saint Michael Prayer). This generation stands in mute testimony that if Catholicism doesn't transform man's institutions, "making all things new", then those radically-secularized institutions will transform Catholicism instead, making it into a craven, lifeless thrall, a ghost of its former self. Did Mary appear at Fatima with a dire warning and a world-transforming blueprint, or simply to give us a novena-of-prayers? Article expanded since yesterday.

Sodomy is not at all endemic to Catholicism, as so many today in government, education and the media would claim: it is rather a corruption wrought by worldly forces which ceaselessly seek to invade sacred precincts, to spread their filth and slime. This infiltration-among-the-pure being indeed the special coup desired most intensely by the vile and perverse, who have but little interest in cavorting with their own disgusting kind: just as citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah, who had plenty of their own breed already close-at-hand, lusted after the very blessed Angels sent to deliver to them their retributive deserts. Indeed, a central subject examined on this site is this very prophetically-predicted, externally-originating, hostile contamination of the Catholic Church—in a sapper-warfare which will continue to attempt such forays til the end of time—that insinuation of enemies which for the past fifty years has gone so far as to impose a string of anti-popes upon the Catholic faithful, seated since '58 upon the papal chair. A program-of-usurpation whose early beginnings can be traced all the way back to the Lay Investiture struggles of the eleventh through thirteenth centuries: that encroachment of secular powers into Church affairs, into the appointment of venal lordly or kingly close relatives as bishops and abbots, holders of extensive church lands. An invasion inevitably attended by a lamentable slackening in the training of priests, in the morality of the faithful, and so on: these lay inroads being the very fountainhead of corrupting, compromising evils of those times for which the Church even until now receives direct blame. Invasions during whose assaults many saintly and valiant bishops and priests won their martyr's crown. A salient of the fiend antedated as well in staggering and notorious caesaro-papist policies of a Byzantine empire which from its very inception sought imperial dominion over Church affairs, copying in this precisely the pagan institution of pontifex maximus. Namely that set of ranging prerogatives of ancient Roman emperors who regarded themselves as the very highest of high priests over pagan Pantheon ceremonies: functions which the Catholic emperors of Constantinople sought to copy in the most striking way vis-à-vis the Catholic Faith. Byzantine-imperial sovereigns being destined in the twelfth century to lead the East into a schismatic Orthodoxy during the Great Schism against Rome, considering themselves scarcely less divine than did Nero or Caligula of a millennium before. Indeed, the very Patriarchs of Constantinople could hardly escape the royal hubris and explosive ire, being regularly called down, humiliated at court, even imperially corrected during their celebration of Holy Mass, bade to repeat some prayer in a better tone or mien. All this quite often by some barbaric emperor who was a prey himself to the whole wretched panoply of abominable vice. Hence it is within this perspective that the bombshell disclosure in yesterday's British Guardian online of the existence of a vengeful, roiling cabal of sodomites thriving in the very Vatican itself, must be viewed: as an invasion of hostile forces, rather than as "just another proof" that the Catholic Church loves to harbor homosexuals and child-molesters from the well-deserved justice of the law.

This amply-documented allegation, initially appearing in two Italian newspapers, is based on findings of a tri-Cardinal fact-finding commission: a revelation which connects convincingly as well with the discovery some decade or so ago of John Paul II's constant traveling companion as having been involved in an international sodomy ring of some kind. A past disclosure whose intimately-coupled implication of the "Blessed" antipope himself, and inter-temporal connection with the new-found scandal of today, were of course and have been utterly ignored by today's pro-phony-papal global media, already firmly "in charge" back in those earlier times. All this lends staggering and indubitable support to indictments in this article, written indeed only yesterday as well, just before this news came to our attention here. An article which began thus:

Was the earth-shaking Miracle of the Sun at Fatima, in the very month of the Bolshevik Red October Revolution of 1917, ordained by God simply to impress upon us the devotional necessity of the prayers and practices of the "Five First Saturdays"? This stupefying plummeting of the massive heavenly body toward the earth, with 100,000 souls crying "the end is here", just before its majestic return to its place, the whole event attended by other miracles besides. This stupendous brace-of-miracles being left blankly un-described in a documentary out of the '70s, re-aired by this "Catholic" TV station: a film which just kept on repeating the words "miracle of the sun" in a dozen different connections, over and over again, without ever once really saying what that miracle was. But when seen in terms of its coming demotion to a sort of promotional for a set of prayers, this unprecedented, mind-numbing prodigy would understandably be downplayed in this way. With even these prayers themselves indeed not to be found out for eight or ten years, nor yet popularly recognized for at least thirty or more. Begging the question as all this does that if this little devotion were somehow the only real message contained in the apparition, then why is this alleged recitational core revelation so conspicuously absent from the 1917 apparition, seen by all three shepherd-children? And for that matter why wasn't there announced, in crisp tones on the very day of the overpowering miracle, the closely-related institution of the "Blue Army pledge": a sort of devotional package-exercise (please excuse the apt term) rather put off until the time when John Haffert came up with the idea in the late 1940s? This global prayer-crusade, to give it its true name, being based entirely on purely-private revelations allegedly entrusted to Sr. Lucy exclusively, the eldest of the Fatima seers, in visions over a period of years, none of them attended by anything like the prodigies of 1917. A Sr. Lucy, furthermore, in an interesting character-related sidelight, who during the ten years after that October apparition fought tooth-and-nail with her own superiors all the way up to Rome, to be finally given Vatican permission to enter a contemplative convent and in effect to abandon her Fatima/Marian command to "spread the message". A Sr. Lucy who claimed to have likewise been apprised in these raptures that voluntary penances, the mainstay of saints, missionaries and anchorites for two thousand years, were no longer required or requested by Heaven: that only those penances somehow rather passively associated with or required by our state in life are wanted by God now. After such a staggering novelty, Lucy nonetheless being dutifully beatified while still alive by many, and today by said TV studio, sanctified much indeed like three or four "Fatima experts": an allegedly-exclusive cadre whose putative unique familiarity with the Fatima Message is touted as professionally akin to the acumen of nuclear scientists or those who know the secrets of the inner kernel of the PC. These ponderous men who found deepest significance in every twitch or syllable that this now-deceased nun might have uttered or evinced so long after the Catholic cause—and a whole globe besides—had been basically—if indeed only temporarily—lost. a Sister Lucy whose promise of admission to Heaven, unlike her two younger companions, was plainly-enough conditioned upon the discharge of her above-noted task.

What one can see quite plainly, in fact, is that the Fatima Message itself fell into the spinning gears of the "odd new church" of Anne Katherine Emmerich's early-nineteenth-century visions, of the "takeover of Rome by the forces of anti-Christ" recorded at an also-prodigally-miraculous apparition of La Salette. And finally as revealed in Pope Leo XIII's vision of a progressive takeover of the Church by hostile forces, for which he wrote the St. Michael prayer said after every mass until replaced by a watered-down version around 1935 or so. A takeover whose progress was also ruefully acknowledged by Pope St. Pius X to his assembled Vatican staff of clerics and cardinals, in the midst of which gathering storm he prophesied that it would be "the laity that will save the Church". While after Fatima the Heavenly prodigy and both its open pronouncements and its "secret"—the latter not at all meant to be "kept secret" but to be put into the care of the pope, to be revealed at the most appropriate time—all this was doomed to be consigned to the care of men like a certain "Fatima Expert", a Father Stepanich. A priest who although an edifying preacher, when it came to Fatima knew only how to make things exceedingly vague, convoluted and obscure.

Did Jesus need a team of such obfuscating figures on the spot, at the Temple in Jerusalem, when the veil that covered the entrance to the Holy of Holies was "rent in twain", at the very moment He died on the Cross, so that we all might appreciate the obvious departure of the Holy Ghost from wonted precincts that this event conveyed so long ago? In a staggering parallel of the same Holy Spirit's departure being described here, a parting-of-the-ways detailed indeed in that very "Fatima Secret" kept so long and unjustly from the public eye? To no further degree, then, do we need such mysterious clerics of the past seventy years or so, with the latter of whom I had much contact for an extended period, especially during 1969, and again very briefly around 1980. A Fr. Stepanich in whose company during the first period I visited Garabandal in Spain, and assisted in an extensive Marian-devotional crusade, and in all-night-vigils and other devout projects back in Joliet, in those first few years after I came home, a decorated soldier, from Vietnam. While I likewise kept extensive contact for twenty-some years with a certain Guido Delrose, a pious layman now deceased, the long-time custodian of the Fatima Pilgrim Virgin statue, an intimate associate of Fr. Stepanich and a close friend of my own. A good man who seemed however, like all of us, to have been overwhelmed by the same strange view of Fatima propounded by these several "experts". Scholarly figures (Fox, Pelletier, Stepanich) whose word regarding the Apparition quickly became law, chiseled in stone. All the while the faithful—like those 100,000 mostly-peasants for whom Our Blessed Lady had actually wrought the Miracle of the Sun—scratched their head in utter un-comprehension, for all these insipid, uninspiring, convoluted explanations, of things which to them indicated something much more obvious, decisive and grave. For which praiseworthy spiritual simplicity they were regarded sardonically by these towering figures, all in all, as being rather dumb.

Likewise, I must myself confess that I experienced some profound things in Fatima, during a Christmas-recess pilgrimage and extended stay, while still enrolled at a still-venerable Maynooth University in Ireland, in the Honors Philosophy program, later during that for-me-monumental year of 1969. During which couple-of-weeks spent there in the heart of the central Portuguese serra I was paying a last visit to Our Blessed Lady, before entering a religious order as a postulant, in an induction into a chaotic tutelage which could have been deadly for my soul, had I not left as quickly as I did. That last time of ineffable peace and joy, before the closing in of a winter of boundless turmoil for any who wished to remain true to the Faith. When there at Fatima I and a half-dozen or so other people attended the solemn Byzantine-rite enthronement of Our Lady of Kazan of Russia—as I remember, during a near-apocalyptic week-long Christmastide storm—honoring solemnly the miraculous icon which had rescued Russia from the Mongols and from Napoleon alike, carried at the head of the Russian hosts in each case. The lovely and much-venerated image, said to have been painted, like several other similarly-miraculous ones, by St. John the Apostle, with Mary herself seated posing for his brush: this invaluable spiritual treasure having been rescued from obscurity in an English museum to which it had much earlier been sold by the Bolshevik government. For which reason, with attendant mystical experiences of my own during that Fatima stay so long ago, of things I cannot discuss but which are branded indelibly on my soul and mind, I feel I and my wife have been providentially marked out as lay-apostles of Fatima. To champion its true but utterly neglected, near-obliterated meaning around the globe, and here at home.

Guiding figures on the noted "Catholic" TV station know only how to knit their brows and wring their hands, or grin and laugh in giddy abandon or despair, or as an alternate turn out little prayer-formulas, after whose recitation we are counseled to "leave it all to God". This classical pietism, a heresy first sprung up in the seventeenth century, the inseparable flip-side to an Americanist heresy touting breathless, un-recollected and un-mortified deeds: both these see-sawing polar-opposite errors accelerating the thundering collapse of the Church today. A patent, classical synagogue-orchestrated demolition going on around our ears, amounting to the emasculating of the Church as a meaningful force in a world it is meant to morally and spiritually rule, if necessary with the biblical Church-disciplinary "iron rod".

Who then is going to rescue the world from its present impending doom if not the Church, the Body of Christ, both spiritually and geopolitically, modeling the manner in which St. Joan of Arc saved France from absorption into a soon-to-be-apostate England? Did God give the good shepherdess of Domremy a set-of-prayers to disseminate, with counsels to "leave all the rest to God"? No, indeed, she personally led the storming of the ramparts held by the invading British hosts, was wounded in the fray, and set the enemy ignominiously to flight. Which is precisely what we are called upon to do today, whatever it takes, vis-à-vis the very hosts of Hell which presently control both Church and state.

But all the noted TV station can do is command us to obey this New Church and its perverted antipopes, to conform, as in protestations of a Prussian-acting Alice Von Hildebrand, among a host of others thus doughty and dour. To which we answer with the Crusade, with the Dieu le Vuelt!, God wills It! of those who know no other obedience from that which truly honors God. Join us then, in the secession, discussed in a hyperlink above, in the Crusade, in the civic/ecclesiastical restoration advocated here.

Obviously, what Mary is saying most pointedly and urgently at Fatima is that the conversion of Russia will be the salvation of both Church and world: that reclamation which we must view in the context of the also-Fatima-Secret-revealed mass falling-away that the Church was about to suffer then, and is in the middle of now. One whose sole spare consolation—found in the one sentence that escaped the already-enveloping Vatican conspiracy-of-silence, having been unwittingly included among more public portions of the Fatima message—was the revelation that "(somewhere) in Portugal the doctrines of the faith will always be preserved". The version put out on the documentary noted above being a patent anti-pope manufactured fable which doesn't even include these definitive opening words. A more-or-less melodramatic paraphrasing of the Apocalypse itself being substituted instead, such as catastrophe-mongering, Nostradamus-prone prophesy-buffs might breathlessly expect the "Secret" to reveal.

In the light of all the above must be viewed the recently-announced papal resignation, of a Benedict neck-deep in scandals from the very start. As always since the "wonderful" "Blessed" John Paul II, the actual truth about an antipope must be marinated in oceans of hushed admiration, awaiting a discrete period of time before revelatory print begins to appear that casts a shadow of discredit over such a "best yet" reign. Things which New Church majesterial and bogus Catholic TV networks will at first lament as slander, but may actually final admit as possible, much as Paul VI was ultimately admitted by the standard "Catholic" press to have "never quite struck a chord" with the Catholic masses four and five decades ago. Hence do we maintain our growing conviction here that it will be a Russian who will finally mount the Chair of Peter, from a Russia newly-converted—not to this sideshow now taking place in Rome and in Catholic circles around the globe—but to the millennial Catholicism "passed down to you", steeped in a Tradition to which Russia has much authentically to contribute of its very own. That culminating papal election namely which is destined, or so we are quite certain, to take place in the midst of a global upheaval which shows signs of its first beginnings even now. That Fatima-predicted "conversion of Russia", and her subsequent redundantly-obvious designation at the same Fatima as the keystone to a coming Marian-predicted "era of peace". To quote the apparition: "In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph…Russia will be converted, and there will be peace". Not only for nations but also for souls, not just in prayer formulas but in governments based on the law of God, laws inspired by the Church and by the natural law written on the human heart, with God-fearing civic institutions and popular and official pious deeds multiplying everywhere. All this under the motherly guidance of a newly-reunited Church, in last years before that final Anti-Christ properly-so-called, of whom Obama is an abominable precursor, on whose fiery heels will come triumphant Christ the King.

This curious TV station which calls itself Catholic only the other night roundly forbade Catholics to form any new religion-based political party, saying in effect that we must be "good boys and girls" and simply take our places in existing mockeries-of-democracy, perhaps help found other similar secular ones, and so on. Judeo-Masonic-controlled political organizations which have cunningly conspired over a century and more with the Holy-Place-violating conspiracy briefly outlined above, initiated in the earliest 1800s by Rothschild agents. In the above-noted injunction toward Catholic non-agency being tacitly reiterated the twin central heresies of Vatican II: the radical, secularistic separation of church and state, and an unprecedented wholesale exoneration of the Jews. After which the other 99% of the council documents can with cheaply-bought "loyalty" be praised out-of-hand, since as noted in an article below, "a drop of sewage in a barrel of wine is a barrel of sewage": it only takes one falsehood to make a heresy, after which you can sound as pious as you please, but it won't save you from Hell. This nexus of the practical and the ecclesiastical, as represented in infallible dogmatic teachings on church and state, a topic whose finer distinctions and deeper dissertations require whole libraries to elaborate in sufficient depth, being rejected by these ever-smiling and laughing clerics of today with the merest dismissive throw of the hand. They by whom all who hearken to pious glories of the Catholic past are considered backward, senile or congenitally-unbalanced fools. But as noted in the title to this piece: it is precisely this surrender of secular institutions, ultimately into the hands of whatever the traffic will bear: it is this mocking "realism" which has brought us to this dire pass. For there is a battle between the City of God and the City of Man, chronicled extensively in St. Augustine's book, The City of God: a war in which no quarter can possibly be called until the end of time. And it is incumbent upon pious Catholic laymen and faithful clerics to see that the state is brought under the moral authority of the Church. Failing which onerous exertions it will be the Church which will be brought under the preternatural machinations and persecutions of a paganized state. A bruising truism about which Obama is now giving us all object-lessons of the most painful and humiliating kind.