April 16, 2011: “Gay (sic) and Lesbian Studies”, the hideous ramrod to destroy all Civilization and moral purity. I call today for another Albigensian Crusade, for all men of character, faith and goodwill to unite, under some new Simon DeMontfort, and to crush this hideous serpent of these latter days.

One instantly gathers as indisputable fact from the leftist media—and just as surely if less openly from that of the right as well—an alleged total-non-violence of the sodomy-advocacy crowd, and indeed you would need to search newsreels for weeks to find one clip of so much as a violent gesture from these antagonists, as their entire agenda is carefully choreographed from the start. But although political theater is the special game of the sodomites, we anti-sodomy crusaders witness an entirely different picture almost every day we are out on the crusader trail: where these people “let their hair down” in more ways than one, as indicated in entries throughout this front page. This in uninvited vicious confrontations, during our perfectly peaceful and positive campaigns, our effort not at all being against people but against a certain especially-deadly sin. If likewise against the equally-deadly character-change it so inexorably brings into being. Indeed, we thank God daily for our repeated deliverance, on several occasions when subject to the most thinly veiled threats of death or violence, and on our last trip from an actually assault. (Note of 10/14: Since this article was written perverted assaults have skyrocketed in the USA. I myself have had at least three or four sodomites veritably walk on the backs of my shoes down the isles of stores, so that when I stopped abruptly to turn aside, one of them actually ran into me, and those in other instances came very close. Obviously, the fact that these people invariably continue walking on as if nothing had happened doesn't hide the morbid intent involved. Similarly, the sodomite who spent cumulative hours running back and forth in front of our picture window in one motel, pajamas-bottoms falling almost off his hips, his bare belly on a bare torso protruding grotesquely over the elastic waistline, a freak who took the first opportunity to familiarly put his hand on my shoulder, with the sloppy smile of his breed, outside on the sidewalk, as if we were old friends. And more recently yet in an apartment complex, here where we are saving money for another truck-repair, my wife was outrageously assaulted by a crippled-up old Boomer lady, no doubt an old hippy-pad orgy-goer in her day, who during a much-elicited sympathetic visit from Joann actually grabbed her in a lewd way. We being stuck here, as so often before, after sabotage by a sodomite mechanic, one who in this case protested his "love" right there at the shop, and then slyly ruined our transmission for my non-cooperation, as noted in another entry on this page.)

But as a foil for these violent, mean-hearted perverts a “no drama Obama” is the perfect thing, presiding over ever-hysterical, tumultuous, mental-and-physical disease-breeding sodomite crowds. A man of supreme, fingernail-inspecting impassivity leading a tiny minority of ribald fiends who know for a certainty—from the dismal record of their own disorderly lives—that sodomy brings with it the near-irreversible, catastrophic loss of all good, constructive and noble things. As despite well-rehearsed airs of politeness and advancement, these highly-influential people—much like sodomy-gymnasts of the Greco-Syrian invader, Antiochus IV—prepare to force an agenda of unnatural vice on our children, this through a thorough rewriting of history, in the “Gay and Lesbian Studies” soon to be court-mandated in all our schools. To forever destroy the innocence, to twist the minds, of children “whose angels see the face of God”, and in the process irrevocably to lay to rest a Christian Civilization of two thousand years around the globe.

Indeed in this sodomy-onslaught is the real underlying dynamic of a much-deified modern “progress” revealed in all its hellish force, with techno-advances being gratuitously mobilized to create a brave new world for leotard-wearing space-crews to ply their perverted wares. Here too being the very spiritual epitome of a Bush/Obama “advanced warfare”, aggression-ridden New World Order: at whose polemical pinnacle stand sodomites, like above-noted ancient invaders, ever-ready to display both cruelty and unnatural lust. In such a treacherously-contrived setting, I don’t care at all about baubles of “progress” or “technology”, being ready to “drink muddy water and live in a hollow log” if that is necessary to bring to an end the depredations of this perverted throng.

There can be no coexistence with these unnatural people—as they themselves eagerly, ceaselessly, hoarsely proclaim—as they prepare for us a world in which a good thought or inspiration cannot possibly survive. All the while “Tea Partiers” are airily “concerned only with fiscal policy”, after which the party will be over, with no sort of life left to enjoy, with the money we might save in this way, after the sodomites are done with this foul thing. No, as relentlessly-marching politically-and-judicially pre-arranged events so plainly show, this utterly uninvited attack of the sodomites will end in civil war, during which the good will “fly like sparks among stubble”, and decisively lay to rest this decayed and hideous disease. For its was none other than sodomites and other unnatural cavorters whom Simon DeMontfort laid low at Montsegur and other fortresses of unnatural vice, among Cathars to whom any sort of sex but the natural was to be preferred, and the birth of a child was the most evil of events. Duplicating as they did so long ago the unnatural anti-life prejudices of those fiends who confront us now, and from both sides of the Congressional isle.

April 15, 2011: The kangaroo-court of Stanton, the subject-matter of the just-released movie, The Conspirator, finds its New World Order anti-Croatian equivalent in the heinous judicial treachery meted out to General Ante Gotovina only today. To which beloved co-national I say, “Zivila Hrvatska”, hold your head high before the ignominious partiality of the Catholic-nation-hating Hague Court. Execution of the wrong people after the Lincoln assassination demonstrates that a rush to judgment during a national calamity isn’t at all the nation-saving device it is cracked up to be.

Nonetheless, today while perfectly-illegal Libya interventions impale us upon the bloody horns of this same highly-demonstrable conclusion, armchair heroes continue to draw ponderous policy-parallels to Robert Redford’s “brilliant” movie, The Conspirator, alleging for example “strikingly similar” state of emergency justifications in 1865 to those used so stoutly to perpetually detain “military prisoners” without either legitimate accusation or trial. While under the same ever-sanctimonious invocation is less-admittedly allowed a “sad but necessary” ongoing liquidation of a Ghaddafi who (coincidentally) has been on our State Department death row already for a long time: a man whom we indeed tried to assassinate in earlier military operations, but only succeeded in killing his infant child. This bit of barbarous state-worship joining a tiringly-long list of other head-shaking “unfortunate necessities”: the top-secret prisons and tribunals, torture-chambers, abductions and mercenary executions of “undesirables” in occupied lands. All this, so the implication goes, being a “wartime realism” pleaded—by the same gabby fools we must listen to on TV, day and night—as equivalent to a “supreme dilemma” in the immediate aftermath of John Wilkes Booth’s cowardly act.

But in fact and as illustrated starkly in far-away settings of Iraq, Afghanistan and a host of other recent “jump the gun” embroilments, Stanton’s staunch up-holding of an “urgent need” to hold the country together by finding a guilty party in a hurry—while the alternative was held to be “unthinkable”—worked exactly the opposite effect from any looked-to national salvation. For as testified in different ways both in today’s bottomless abyss of the national debt and in yesterday’s universally-mourned bloody sequel to the Civil War—close-on-the-heels of which latter came a witch-hunt against people who were basically just “in the wrong place at the wrong time”—gloriously-vindictive acts of finality are just the thing needed for the real John Wilkes Booth to skip town. This on a pre-arranged trail—one significantly allowed to grow unforgivably cold—a conspiratorially-prepared path, full of well-stocked stop-off points as well—which wended its way to South Carolina, as I remember from a very well done recent (if little aired) documentary. An ever-dominant U.S. epic-heroism today likewise finding Congress frittering away precious budget-debating time while new “emergency” debt-powered justifications are found to spread the American pale ever-further abroad. The latter noted film alone answers with any satisfaction all the unanswered questions—and bits of earth-shaking evidence—uncovered all these many years since Lincoln’s demise. All this “intrepidity”—today of people so mock-courageous as to question the very (“conspiracy theory”) sanity of their critics, when all else fails—seems rather indeed to implicate Stanton, not wrap him in the flag. In a USA which throughout the war had provided the good and loyal Lincoln with a brace of generals and cabinet-members who seemed by their foot-dragging, foolish bravado or sheer stupidity to have been better friends of the South than of the North.

Indeed, as a host of pro-Confederate Northerners so gleefully knew, especially certain wealthy interests like the (later presidential) Bush family in New York, in order for the South to win no victory was really necessary, but only a protracted, bloody and non-decisive stalemate. That which, contrary to constant Blitzer-and-White-House dirges heard from dawn to dusk each day, is the elfishly-similarly case with the Rebels in Libya as well, with a stalemate seldom being so fatal a thing for rebels anywhere. All of whom—especially when someone else is doing their fighting—would of course prefer to have done with the thing in a hurry. Much indeed as sodomites here would have laws, courts and schools force their disgusting public agenda down the throats of people with virtuous and rational minds.

But with respect to this ugly assassination post-script to heroic popular sacrifices of the Civil War, rearing its likewise-ugly head in startling form is a certain treacherous strain of racism and even of an artfully-disguised pro-slavery which runs through the character of a certain ruling elite among the American people, both North and South. In a USA in which by all realistic accounts the South actually won the Civil War. Since the Blacks—and by a sliding scale all others of any skin color or features other than Northern-European—were to remain subject to unpredictable and sometimes-deadly whims of “good ole boys” until this very day. In a society which similarly and inevitably “finds a way”—stacking up stock-standard trivializations, lurid “revelations” or “terrible crimes”—to break or marginalize every Black man who aspires to leadership or greatness, who tries to raise his head in any meaningful way.

Indeed, and as the inner record of my own guilty deeds of a lifetime amply testifies, wrongs are always done under the urging of some “urgent necessity” that “has no time”, that “simply cannot consider any alternatives”, that “must be done with the thing for once and for all”. A tendency of fallen man which waxes into fantasy under the illusion that those of some nation are wrapped in some sort of glorious “exceptionalism” that can enslave, impoverish or annihilate people at home and abroad at will.

But all these towering ghosts-of-the-past come back to haunt us in an especially terrible way in the fate of General Ante Gotovina, in charge of the 1990s Croatian land-reclamation campaign in Lika and other areas of “the Krijina”, who was today with towering injustice subject to another kangaroo court, standing convicted of “ethnic cleansing” for his truly-heroic pains. In a “world court” which carries on the millennium-old irredentist campaign of Political Orthodoxy, namely, to lay claim to all the lands leading up to the gates of Rome, as rightfully belonging under the pale of Orthodox-nations like the ever-agitating Serbs. Here being the perfect tool for the synagogue’s undying agenda of divide-and-rule, carried forth so skillfully across the globe through the Habsburgs and other empires of the colonial age. A Serbian revanchism—always “pulling out the cry rag” when all else fails—much indeed like Mossad-supported revolutionaries in Libya and beyond—a surreptitious force which as in World War II so readily jumps sides, and like the biblical greased wrestler allies itself with those who can advance its obscure and unfounded view. Gotovina being entirely unlike mercenary-and-drone-bomb-ridden, atrocity-besmirched U.S. global/aggressive warriors, a mild-mannered Croat general who conducted a humane recovery of millennially-Croatian lands, after a desperate Croatian struggle against a Serb-controlled Yugoslavia overwhelmingly superior in military might. A by-then entirely-Serbian/Montenegran Yugoslavia which in that 90s war, and in standard U.S. pro-Serb style, also enjoyed a tacitly-U.S.-ramroded international embargo against military aid to embattled Croat troops.

Gotovina conducted what was perhaps the most bloodless military defensive-victory in recorded time, in the noted highly-circumscribed area: with only some five hundred deaths, all told. A good and noble man—far from any stain of the morale-related secrecy which to this day shrouds military operations of the USA, let alone draconian American “punishments” of piles of naked, tormented men, plainly tortured and sodomized to bring about such pitiful, infamous scenes—a man rather as “when knighthood was in flower”. One who far from ethnically-cleansing anyone rather passionately pleaded with non-combatant “Serbs” to “stay where they were”, that they would not be harmed. Ethnic Serbs, questionably-loyal dwellers on Croat soil for hundreds of years, who in theatrical injured hauteur—whether found in Jews, rebel-“Libyans” or Serbs, always a best-seller among North-Atlantic-league box-offices crowds—preferred forthwith to leave for “Mother Serbia” entirely of their own free choice. Certainly if anyone was “cleansed”, it was a scrubbing all of their own desire. But by this incredible Hague sentence of a good and heroic man is crisply announced to a host of oppressed nations, especially to so Catholic a land as Croatia, that they are not to even make a fist in their own self-defense or self-preservation. The exercise of the prerogatives of national sovereignty in all nations having gradually been transferred into ever-sanctimonious, radical-secular, aggressive-war-obsessed hands of Israel, England and the USA: of course with craven NATO pecking-order wanna-be’s queuing up eagerly behind. With the world in such hands, with defaults and bloody horrors brewing everywhere, need anyone be surprised?

At the inevitable spearhead of this aggressive-war-plying league—one which pulls strings so dexterously at the Hague—is a USA which as noted many times here professes a veritable Religion of America: one whose chief dogma is found in an alleged incontrovertible superiority over religion itself, especially over the Catholic Faith. Here essentially, and with a diabolical vengeance, is duplicated the noted age-old revanchism of political Orthodoxy, a simmering pot ever stirred by world Jewry for its own treacherous ends. A cauldron kept bubblingly alive, ever threatening world peace, since the basically-self-induced fall of the ever-cruel and perverse Byzantine Empire in 1453. A terrible climax of carnage, this conquest of Constantinople, brought upon itself almost entirely by its own centuries-long backlog of back-stabbings and treacherously-secret leagues. An also-synagogue-controlled USA showing the same vile proclivities from the very start in a dismal saga played out in the untold annihilation or near-annihilation of a host of major or now-forgotten Indian tribes. A great many of whose “savage” members were only “guilty” of being proselytes to the genuine French or Spanish evangelized Catholic Faith: and not the Masonically-approved American watered-down, John-Carroll-unveiled, Yankee-doodle-dandy version of same. This new Aztec-serpentine “American revelation” finding an uncanny epitome in a (New York lawyer drawn-up) Mormonism which is basically only a harsh and backward form of Judaism: much like ever-dour Mennonites, earlier Puritans and a host of other radical-Calvinists of the Land of the Brave. These being joined, as noted, by post-Revolutionary American Catholics who blend nicely with this pan-heretical scene. An America whose every good quality is marred by this vindictive, orbital/fanatical, cosmic-ultra-nationalism, one that already from the start was fervidly gearing up to marshal an entire globe to march in a “liberty-loving” column-and-line. Today in a drone-missile-arbitrated, laboratory-experimented, anti-life secular lordship over slavery and freedom, life and death.

The only thing is, “God will not be mocked”, and the blood of betrayed or sodomized peoples will “cry out from the very soil”, as a divine-worship-monopolizing Uncle Sam, together with the rogue “State of Israel”, will be struck as was Herod of old.

April 15, 2011: Beck is back for a spell, elbow-to-elbow with Israeli cohorts, dumping another bucket of lies. Accompanied by an evangelical who warns “those who would abandon Israel will be abandoned by God”, as if quoting Holy Scripture.

I haven’t the lung-power—and my fingers would fall off if I attempted to type in a reply each time—to answer the incessant lies of the AIPAC/Israeli/turncoat-clergyman media-and-mole-agent network: but sound Christian doctrine from the Apostles onward has always recognized the highly-biblically-quotable fact that oft-cited glorious promises made to Abraham were entirely conditional, with respect to the Jews. For as St. Paul tells us—(sorry, Beck, he is a much more reliable source than this years favorite flavor TV-preacher)—these promises were actually and indubitably made to his (singular-number) “Offspring”, Jesus Christ, and were meant from the start to apply exclusively to the Mystical Body of that same Christ, the Catholic Church. As the good God Who numbers all the sparrows of course knew all along just how faithless the Jews would prove to be, and made His promises accordingly. Blessing as He did and does that Body which it was incumbent upon Jews from the start to become members of, or otherwise to continue living under the curse they drew down upon themselves so long ago, and which God’s own words to Abraham clearly predicted, during the delivery of the same exalted promises noted above. Indeed, even Catholic anti-councils and anti-popes, like Vatican II and this marrano-Jewish Benedict, cannot change any of this: as a string of similar Vatican intrigues throughout Church history so ruefully testifies. But instead Jews everywhere continue to imitate “their father”, the “father of lies”, whether in false statements, false declarations-of-loyalty to native lands, the proxy and Mossad-black-ops-spearheaded execution of global aggressive wars, or in the promotion of a nefarious legal-and-illegal global drug-trade, and an agenda of economic-slavery, all to keep their cruel and illegitimate dominion firmly intact. Hardly can God be thought of as “blessing” any of that.

April 12, 2011: “An opportunity, Cipo, an opportunity”. Initial winds of reform in Egypt let loose the mad predatory “watchdog” of U.S./Israeli “partnering” in the Middle East and North Africa. This slathering “united we stand” cur to be answered by the “Hound of Heaven” of Catholic sociopolitical institutions, the calm, pacific answer to a global chaos-of-barbarities which presently ensues.

The serpent god adored in all this, close cousin that he is to the sodomy-prone, human-sacrificial Quetzaquitl of Aztec fame, is Jewish to the core, hiis Hellish empire having first been launched in the investing (both financial and pestilential) of the colonial/transatlantic carrying trade of the European nations by candid or crypto Jews with Dutch, Spanish, English, and Portuguese names. While the serpent’s successor, on preferred Potomac shores, is to be found in this ever-threatening, drone-bomb-ridden, ultimately boots on the ground-wearing ensemble, an Apocalyptic “dragon emerging from the sea” which, assiduously plying age-old signature-Jewish psychological warfare and today’s advanced information-and-weapons technologies, stands ever spring-loaded around the globe to unload on “hot spots” that may appear. To arm-twist the world to accept the bruising but ever-sanctimonious secular salvation peddled by Barak and Hillary. To doughtily send in the M&Ms, the mercenaries and the Mossad, to make sure nobody agnostically “backslides” from the new and bloody baptism of this New World Order, “pluralistic”, “democratic”, pro-Israeli crowd. Always a local problem becomes gloriously global “under their watch” , as AIPAC-lobbying tentacles spring into play, and potencies of a now all-but-unanimously-pro-American global media and dozens of host-country-embedded corporate-NGOs are unleashed. Upheavals in agonizing third-world nations always being rosily viewed as mere plowed up ground for Hillary’s Orwellian March of Progress seed, in a post-Kennedy Federal Government which repeatedly displays an opportunism strikingly like that of a close-cousin drug-lord—plying cocaine instead of oil or poppy-seed—in the movie Clear and Present Danger. Global pan-institutional fish-in-a-barrel dominion indeed for decades arrogantly employing Hollywood films which set the stage in parallel cinematographic fashion for the debut of ever-newer barbarities of U.S. foreign policy around the globe. This both to gloat over what is coming and to psychologically soften up the beachhead involved. Quoting the ever-debonair thug, to a lieutenant’s naïve question of “what’s in it for us?”, “An opportunity, Cipo, an opportunity”.

One of Uncle Sam’s irons in the fire in Libya is its twenty-plus year backing and occasional arming and training of “Prince Idris” and some highly-expandable group of paid-off supporters, a North African wanna-be briefed repeatedly in State Department circles as I write, one in whom we now undoubtedly have “great confidence”. A pretender to a short-lived (1951 to 1969) Libyan throne, once held by a family of prominence only in Cyrenaica, a region of Libya. An Al-Senussi clan which plainly-enough owed its throne, much like the previously obscure and unknown Saudis, to a canny adherence to Western aims in the region, as opposed to cherished visions of surrounding North-African/Middle-Eastern nations and tribe. While after the throne’s un-mourned demise, Idris would build up an unsavory reputation for himself in England, trying in one case to buy-off the drawing-up of a false document naming him as a mainline, viable successor to the long-vacant Libyan throne. And when rebuffed in this imperial demand vindictively attempting to sue in English court the uncooperative English official he had thus approached. This escapade taking place during a long stay in England when he also found time to amass a sizeable fortune for himself, apparently largely in abstencia gaining gargantuan commissions for package deals on Libyan soil. For instance in one case “earning” 80 million dollars for one signature. (A go-getter the guys on Fox might breathlessly admire). Apparently granting shady leases to Libyan lands and mineral rights, mostly to oil companies: thereby quite possibly being the real corrupt native figure in the ongoing Western dispossession of the Libyans. A turpitude for which of course Ghaddafi, like all doomed Middle-Eastern leaders, gets all the blame. (Just as a wired-in Israeli drug-dealer was planted in Noriega’s own foreign ministry by an ever-hovering Uncle Sam, a mole who hatched the foul egg that drove a truly-patriotic Manuel so ignominiously from power, and into an American jail. Noriega having had the epic-temerity to kick the terrorist-hatching, U.S. military “School of the Americas” from his soil). Idris being of course the sort of shadowy character the U.S. State Department always prefers to do business with, especially when preparing plans of (“unfortunate” and “sadly necessary”) revolutions or coups. (All the material information cited here, about Idris and the Al-Senussis, was gained somewhere on Wikipedia, or on one of the links found there).

The only reason we on this site first cautiously supported the Egyptian democracy movement of last February was because of the involvement of El Baradai, who I think has impeccable credentials; for one thing, having been willing to stand up to U.S./Israeli hegemony in the region at certain conspicuous times. But this ever-eager Anglo-Israeli “coalition of the willing”, a historically-highly-plastic emanation of the state-deity noted above, now joined by the French jump-the-gun Sarkozy, is always bent on widening the conflict. (Why, isn’t there an ever-expanding defense-procurement-industry with a mammoth and immutable budgetary-agenda-all-its-own to ramrod through Congress?). Doughty patriots using the latest incident anywhere to unload a limitless supply of jets and warships, perverts and crackpots, media-procured “raped” women and “babies on the end of bayonets”, of Iraqi Wars I and II lore. Replicating in all this, if in an odd new way, the English Black-and-Tan-ridden attack on Ireland in the 1920s, albeit the English in that notorious case not mounting a rebellion but putting one down, using not slander but convicts and asylum inmates to “soften up” the Irish population. This for a renewed (“but only in economic policy”) British rule. A noble but gullible Connolly fell for that one in prime form.

The noted bought-and-sold media was even willing to let us see—no doubt with Blitzer gloating up his Yiddish sleeve backstage—the ugly-but-highly-revealing spectacle of Ghaddafi’s opponents angrily mobbing African Union delegates who barely escaped with their lives: good and civilized men come to offer these hysterical cowards a chance to negotiate a settlement with Tripoli. Thus much do these U.S.-armed-and-empowered treasonous jackals care about any settlement not forced down the throat of their government; thus much do they exercise crass and arrogant command over Western forces poised to do their beck-and-call. A mob no doubt hastily recruited after Egypt’s eruptions, having displayed that one trait sure to win the eager military backing of Hillary and the State Department gang. To wit: they are “pluralistic”: read here anything goes morally and ideologically. As their behavior so amply demonstrates, largely wild, old-line hippies and drug-smoking thugs. (I wouldn’t want to insult the ethereal {“we’re about to catch them”} “Al Qaeda”, nor the even more ethereal Osama—whose death notice appeared in staid, unvarnished fashion after protracted, visibly-evident liver disease, in an Islamabad newspaper, just before or right around the time of a home-hatched 9/11—by suggesting that they are anything like that). But such progressive outbursts are all that’s needed to convince these White House moral-revolutionaries to forthwith unload.

Indeed it is because of this self-same Obama-and-Netanyahu-piloted ramrod-scenario that we invoke the aid and protection of the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary; because of the very apocalyptic immensity of the deadly scheme of these “enemies of mankind” that we are moved all the more to fervently anticipate the ultimate embrace by all men of the reign of Christ the King. Thus in unitary answer to Hillary-installed thugs everywhere do we boldly say, “your rule will be a short one”. Joining voices with the Mexican martyr Padre Pro, with his last ecstatic ”Viva Christo Rey, just before the Godless junta’s rifles laid him low. A cry to be raised now by all the nations and peoples of the world. Mankind—whose souls, as spiritual writers of all ages have told us, is actually Catholic to the core, if they only knew, and as they are so soon to discovery at last. Precisely because of this global dominion of unclean, illegitimate forces do we foresee clearly the impending triumph of these Heavenly sovereigns, the fulfillment of the Fatima Message and a host of other saintly prophesies as well. As the overwhelmingly good-hearted people of the globe, whose innermost desire is for moral purity and upright laws, will recognize this holy and transfixing, earth-transforming handwriting on the wall. For the backs of all mankind are against the wall now; there is nowhere else to go.

All this recalls to mind—as noted elsewhere on this site—the Hound of Heaven of which Gerard Manley Hopkins wrote, back in the nineteenth century. That frightful canine of giant size, stalking him in his fevered dreams “with ever-gaining stride”, come upon him in some blind alley, bent over him at last. However, to his profound and confounding surprise, not slathering, ready to finish him off, but rather, as it were, if I might take the literary liberty, licking his face with affections divine. Heavenly tokens of love which—again taking liberty, with trepidation—might perhaps indeed be likened to the loyalty of such a devoted hound, the creature of a God Whose creations always mirror somehow His own divine Character. As so humbly indeed did the God/Man stoop, as to resemble in His divine-devotedness, in the minds of we mere men, that mute creature which most epitomizes such very things. Even as in the Catholic Sacrament of the Eucharist does He in similar fashion give us His very Flesh to eat, mystically: that we might all the more surely—in bonds not of state-terror but of divine love—be united to Him, to His Mystical Body, to His Church. That Catholic Church which itself is in eclipse today, betrayed after the very manner of these poor and helpless, ceaselessly-trespassed third-world lands, grievously injured by the very same forces which do the latter such grave wrong. A Church, the Bride of Christ, which will indeed herself be redeemed in the deciding events so soon to intervene.

April 10, 2011: Obama the undying enemy of the common man.

Obama is as much a big-business bully as any Republican—what with his military-lobby- and mercenary-warrior-ingratiating machine, hiding more-opulent proclivities as he does so well behind a well-rehearsed but personally-ill-suited, dirt-lot-basketball, Black-lower-class style, together with a remorseless agenda of “put it on the tab” million-dollar-apiece Chinese-built wind-turbines. Blank-facedly displaying an Obama-care-brokered antipathy against small, local business, against American jobs. But he is able to pull this con-game off so adroitly, like a lazy lay-up out on the gravel lot, simply because the media—including a mock-conservative Fox—is cozily in bed with him, basically on all issues, from the word go. Meanwhile Barak, with signature high sanctimony or droning Nixonesque “business as usual”, decries tax cuts to the wealthy, even though he is the grand-daddy of epic Banker/Fanny-Mae/Freddy-Mac Machiavellian adventurism: a coup he gets away with so neatly because of a sort of jet lag at work in public perceptions. Among ordinary folks who just cannot objectify a new American media which unanimously refuses to turn the spotlight of attention upon this mammoth hypocrisy from this vintage “reformer” of the Daly Machine. (But I must say, as a native of Illinois, and long-time observer of its political scene, Daly the Elder was far more of a public servant, and far less guilty of being a “machine operator”, than his hyper-cynical son.)

But Obama will “squeeze the (minority-vote) lemon til the pips squeak”, wailing about upper-tier tax-cuts which mostly impact salaries—not funds, dividends and stock-options, and myriad loopholes, where the wealthy of the truly-wealthy lay—as if playing his part in some third-rate play. As his flawless con-artist-routine of body-language speaks in admirable unison with his armies of speech-writers, behavioral psychologists and PR firms. But somehow I hold fast to the conviction that this Broadway opener will have a surprisingly-short run, once the political-theater-going public gets a good whiff of things back-stage. Which sometimes doesn’t require the work of a good news reporter at all.

April 10, 2011: Benedict’s book on the Jews, just another salient in today’s remorseless Judeo-Masonic attack on the Catholic spirit and creed.

In the standard elfishly indirect style of antipopes since John XXIII, Benedict, in his new “blockbuster”, this time a latest installment on a trilogy on the life of Jesus, continues the methodical undermining of a traditional Catholic spirituality “handed down” from forefathers before. Always assuming the arch-heretical pose of the historical critic, the biblical exegete, this new Judas assiduously plies one of New Church’s chief, ever-unstated but all-the-more-stoutly-maintained claims. To wit, that by dint of studying some few surviving documents—in tandem with scathing critiques of modern psychology, “literary criticism”, and the obscure evolutions of the “science” of linguistics—that by such an owl-eyed, tormented route we may far out-perform, indeed reveal as mere superstitious obscurantists—all those pious popes and lay masses that went before. While the book likewise and with ever-treacherous thrift-of-energy encompasses—by the noted much-preferred, torturously-indirect route of modern antipopes all—the effective burying, under a mountain of Vatican-II-notorious innuendo and irrelevant literary fluff, of Catholic doctrine as well. By the time this long string of heresiarchs of fifty-some years gets done—were they allowed to continue—no one would any longer be motivated in any way to believe in the Creed of our forefathers at all. One passed down tremulously, assiduously at least as much in the inner sanctum of the homes of common folk as in dissertations of theologians, in better times of lofty mind but simple soul. A warmly-devotional hearth which is however precisely the thing most under attack by this New Church of a half-century’s reign. A Catholic home to which the saccharine manner but cynically-false logic of these heterodox men is entirely alien and bitterly repugnant; a Catholic threshold typically throughout the ages harboring a family illiterate, like the vast majority of others of the times, unused to anything like the sophistries of John-through-Benedict and their onerous baggage of crypto-infiltrating Jews. An alien entourage which has so catastrophically emptied church pews at their probably-invalid masses, while gradually turning the Church into a harbor for theatrical heretics, success-ethic paragons and sophisticated fools.

Little does anyone seem aware—and fewer still to care—that Sacred Tradition is a two-millennia-long work of the Holy Ghost within which all Revelation—even Sacred Scripture—is as it were contained. A Tradition-inspired legacy which takes into its broad sweep even the books of the Old Testament—some of which the Jews, “seeking to justify themselves”, rejected around the time of Our Blessed Lord—with the number of the “canonical” volumes being however filled out once again under the influence of the same Holy Spirit. While those of the New Covenant were by contrast written by men entirely within the confines of that very Paraclete-inspired Tradition, having hardly been brought down from Heaven directly, as Muslims might be said essentially to view the Holy Qur’an. And as the post-Vatican-II anti-church seems, Pentecostal/Evangelical style, more and more to view both Old and New Testaments as well. Hence it follows, in unspeakable reverence and pious trepidation, in a veritable “removing of sandals” upon sacred ground, that all tradition—even with an ordinary-majesterial (in a certain limited sense “non-infallible”) “small t”—is wafted to us in this thick and sweet incense of the Holy Ghost in all respects. As two opposing spirits—whether infallible or marginally-non-infallible—cannot at all be admitted to have inhabited the all-hallowed House of God, Ark of the Covenant, the Catholic Church, all these eras in times. Little then can we conceive of the constant sentiments of our forefathers as having been backward or seriously ill-informed, let alone smug, prejudicial or cruel, as Benedict plainly regards the entire Catholic legacy so painstakingly and conscientiously passed down to us from ancient and Apostolic times. In teachings and examples of popes, prelates, saints and most voluminously indeed as seen in the very synagogue-condemning Savior Himself, Who was to be followed in a few short years by Epistle-writing Apostles equally thus imbued. Benedict being an antipope who calls plainly into question biblical passages and passed-down traditions regarding the Jews, and by direct implication all other Catholic teachings as well.

All the fanfare from the worldly—including the State of Israel—that has attended the publication of this book serves conveniently too, in typical adroit Benedict fashion, to take the attention of the world away from the grave clerical and other scandals that have rocked his reign: something whose magnitude and catastrophic consequence is entirely new within the Catholic fold. While here too is completely reversed an age-old, Gospel-announced mark of authenticity of the One True Faith and its pontiffs, namely: the incessant persecution of worldly forces. That towering wave of slander, discrimination and martyrdom which is ever the reward of a generous adherence to the affectionately-handed-down, necessarily-culturally-gilded riches of Catholic tradition. An inheritance which—in contrast to ever corporate-cultured denizens of self-proclaimed Catholic outlets—never belittles or despises the artless (if today “outdated”) language in which profoundest mysteries are always couched by the “little ones” of the Catholic fold. This genuine “old gold” from out of a lovingly-regarded past ever provoking an often-deadly persecution at the hands of enemies of Catholic Faith, as predicted indeed by the very same Jesus Whom this imposter so cunningly misrepresents. While far different is the treatment accorded these modern-day Vatican usurpers when compared to that experienced by genuine, spiritually-virile, tradition-loving souls, who would seem to number so few today, who alone condemn, at least in any virile or meaningful way, the wholesale moral-rape now being inflicted on all generations. This in terms of a public atmosphere of decency, one being transformed as I write into a hailstorm of perverse “gay-marriage” and other pan-anti-life legislation (some of whose heartless, grizzly and bizarre categories are dealt with at a link above), as well as a close-cousin blitzkrieg of Western-militaristic aggression unparalleled in the annals of time. New trends which this Benedict actually helps along by remaining overwhelmingly silent, but for an occasional bout of meaninglessly-limp words, about the whole ranging panoply of these infernal things. An antipope who recently stooped so far as to write a patently-false analysis of historical Muslim thought, forcefully implying that Muslim theologians have always condemned rational thinking as an affront to God. That rank fiction namely which is just what’s needed to keep Catholic and other combatants eagerly engaged, on a vaunted “crusade”. In this and other ways glibly and costlessly attacking those Muslims of today who for several centuries now—since the “sick man of Europe” was first with predatory instincts so eagerly perceived—have been the targets of a concentrated Western campaign to take their lands and impoverish and decimate their people. In answer to which Jewish-state-nurturing Western atrocities Benedict invariably replies by ponderously castigating every desperate act of Muslim self-defense, or occasional bitter reaction of reprisal, of these already-overburdened men. Which is like condemning someone on some street-corner for resisting the attack of some mob of murderers or thieves, objecting to some weapon he has grasped in his moment of terrified disbelief. Here then ironically-enough does this antipope go radically against all the touchy-feely melodrama of the post Vatican II church—which erupts so strikingly in his new book—alleging as it does, if in typical content-impoverished oversimplification—that “violence is never the answer”. This limp-mannered, clerical-child/sodomy-besmirched fiend sitting idly by while mega-violent Western drones, from out of the blue, somewhere in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and once in a while even in Yemen or Bahrain, kill twenty at a time of young and old innocents, basically just for the “crime” of congregating in so large a size. Here every much-boasted U.S. civil right, whether to “life and liberty” or to “freedom of assembly”, or to any number of other fundamental human prerogatives, being cynically, now with ample anti-pope collaboration, denied. (Although Benedict had an able precursor in the “Blessed” John Paul II, whose sanctimony stilled the hand of the then-rampantly-victorious Argentines over the unjustly-occupying English in the Falklands War—bidding them in characteristic saccharin tones to lay down their arms, to “war no more”.) All this remaining true even as Muslims are in many ways the last heroic believers in good moral behavior of any kind: that very good odor of salvation which Benedict neglects to inculcate in the Catholic flock, whom he abandons in such mortally-critical matters like the Gospel “hireling”. An antipope who “speaks not with a voice which is familiar to the sheep”, but rather indeed with one raspingly-cynical, cowardly and unclean.

But the real climax of the book is the passage where Benedict “concludes that the Jews as a people weren't responsible for Jesus' death, but only a few Jewish leaders and their supporters, affirming that the centuries of mistrust of Christians toward Jews was deeply misplaced” (quoting a Jewish internet source). By which towering falsehood is illustrated in staggering terms how it is that an antipope, like all rebels, has no real need to overthrow anything: all he need do is wait it out. As he patiently sows the rot of falsehood and moral decay. Hence it follows that like the worm in the fruit, happily eating away at its critical mass, Benedict is an invader who must be more-or-less violently expelled: as it hardly does any good to argue with the plump larvae thus blissfully ensconced, busily employed. Which is why I appeal to Russia here on this site and in this Crusade, to grasp again the baton of Catholic Faith: one lost, much as in the case of Scandinavia, not so much by deliberate fault as by political intrigue. The Russian people thus being in many ways wholehearted, having been tried by many travails, humbled, made worthy by divine grace, for such a momentous charge.

Indeed, the Jews got it right this time, at least with respect to this miserable antipope, for he really does continue the assigned task of the deeply-entrenched, ever-heretical post-Vatican-II anti-church. Namely, of the systematic repudiation of two thousand years of Catholic spirituality and tradition, and of social and political doctrine, of a body of devotion and teaching which implicitly and sometimes explicitly assumes this Jewish collective guilt. A blameworthy condition indeed lustily shouldered by giant mobs of Jews both before and after the Crucifixion, as in their loud popular cry: “his blood be upon us and upon our children”. A Jewish scornful impunity retailed at every Jewish get-together, in every Jewish outlet or political body around the globe. A Jewish people ever “trying to kill Him”, as at the attempted stoning in Nazareth, and as He Himself indeed averred, in staggering significance, in the Holy Gospels—with respect even to a group of “His own followers”—just before His treacherous betrayal and death.

Yet finally and perhaps most significantly of all, the assertion that a “clarification” of the Church’s position on so central a matter should have taken two thousand years to arrive: this allegation differs little from Protestant claims of an abiding “corruption” of the Church after Constantine; it constitutes a categorical denial of God’s guiding presence, while insidiously attacking the Catholic-devotional approach of all times, especially vis-à-vis the trials, sorrows and betrayals of this life. The immemorial popular-Catholic understanding of the betrayal of the Savior introducing us to some of the most profound reaches of Catholic spirituality. This reservoir of piety being brutally countered by a new departure which leaves the Church herself and saints, pontiffs and kings in a long line back to Charlemagne and before, and even St. Peter, nay, even Christ Himself—accused of attitudes petty, “misguided”, deranged. All alike, beings both human and divine, dismissed as mere shadow-spooked “conspiracy theorists” from the start. The implication being too that all that is within the Catholic soul is movable baggage; that just because “the pope said so” a Catholic interior—communicating in a gamut of degrees with the mystical legacy of St. John of the Cross, of the monks, hermits and recluses of many centuries in time, back to Jerome, often pictured with lion, manuscripts and candle in his cave—can be emptied out in a trice. And replaced with a breezy phenomenology which changes each day with Wolf Blitzer and the evening news. Any least hint of which chaos and instability would have found the Catholics of other generations up in arms, ready to see heads roll.

But actually, this tack taken by the enemies of the One True Faith, this line-of-assault of the meticulous undermining of Catholic spirituality and devotional tradition—the latter ever portrayed by New Church as backward, superstitious, paranoid—has been the unspoken-but-undying approach taken by these cunning agents of the Synagogue since the days of the Catacombs and even before. Albeit a battle-cry grown hoarsely and redundantly loud since the infiltrator-Jew-inaugurated rogue-council of 61-65. A treacherous penetration which continues today, recalling to mind the rueful prediction of one saint, speaking plainly of these very times, seeing in a vision the faithful, gathered in some church somewhere, each with his arms extended in the form of a cross. Sorrow-transfixed believers begging God in unison, “please make the enemy leave Rome”.

But to address the issue raised by this upstart, this passive-mannered but ever tumult-breeding Benedict: first of all, and as Catholics have always known, it is true on a certain mystical/theological level that the Jewish people were not the sole guilty party in the betrayal and death of the Savior. But this is true in actuality only because Christ Himself chose, with utter divine/individual purpose and responsibility, to employ the treachery of the Jews as the means for the bloody, ceremonial, Mosaic-law-fulfilling atonement of the sins of all mankind since Adam. While hardly can any of this be taken by any sane stretch to exonerate the Jews from a violent betrayal which they so plainly perpetrated and endorsed, “hanging Him on a tree”, to quote a New Testament verse repeated multiple times therein. A violent action direct responsibility for which is attributed in each and every case in Holy Writ to the Jewish people themselves, and not to “some few leaders”, even if the Sanhedrin may indeed have played the leading role in the conspiratorially-arrived-at deicide. But the real lodestone in all such matters is in fact that very Catholic Tradition which this perverse antipope barrage most seeks to utterly discredit: a Catholic tradition which unanimously holds Jewish “feet to the fire” in all such deicide-related matters.

Furthermore and in a close and highly-significant corollary, great Catholic writers of a comparatively-immaculate Catholic past have always asserted—especially as the obvious contention would plainly be blasphemy—that had the Jews chosen to obey their Messiah, then the history of salvation would have been carried forth in a completely different way, one far removed from the bloody betrayal of the Crucifixion. Undoubtedly in that case would the Jews have played—in intervening centuries since the Incarnation—the central “apostolic” role of both spiritual and sociopolitical leadership over the nations of men. With the sins of mankind thus being washed away in some other entirely-less-brutal and treacherous way. For otherwise, if we don’t postulate this kind of “out”, then Jesus must be put in the position of goading the Jews to something which is absolutely required in the first place. (Indeed, Catholic theologians have always affirmed that Our Blessed Lord could have atoned for the sins of mankind by the pains of the merest pin-prick, or even by stooping to pick up a straw from the Nazareth floor. As the very fact of the humbling inconveniences of the Incarnation has a reparatory value infinite in size.) While this deterministic requirement-clause for the Crucifixion would be something after the manner of a predestination doctrine, if one applied in an entirely new and different way. Although plainly enough the drama of our Salvation took place within the perspective of a God/Man Who knew ahead of time what was to be, and planned that same Salvation accordingly. A fact which of course constitutes a towering mystery, and was indeed acknowledged as such throughout the Catholic ages. A paradox—as are all the mysteries of Revelation—which the erroneous Benedict, predictably-enough to some, tries to over-simplify or explain away after the immemorial manner of heretics from Luther to Calvin to Hans Kung.

This sort of approach of a clinging spirit of morbidity, as represented in this idea that the Jews had to do what they did, and indeed that Jesus Himself had to do what He did, is indeed the depressive/revulsive keynote of the whole Vatican-II fiasco, as seen in all its doubt-breeding “rock star” popes and major lay and ecclesiastical figures since ’61 and just before. Who when all is said and done dolefully lack any of the virile spirit of hope of Catholic forefathers of old. Resigning themselves as they do to abjectly apologizing to an entire world, and especially to the Jews, for the most essential elements in the Catholic spiritual, devotional—and in many ways doctrinal—past. Although as suggested above this new super-heresy of New Church aims more to undermine doctrine, in signature cowardly and insidious manner, by sinking Catholic tradition in an ignominy of the most impious and unjust kind, rather than attacking the former in any direct or forthright way.

April 9, 2011: Radicalization, the confoundingly-complex touchstone of today’s political life. What “worse angels” are actually at work in this formidable thing?

Our failure to frame the debate over human rights justly, steadfastly in terms of the moral-universals of mankind, and most notably of our Christian Faith, is the reason we were condemned to fight a Civil War so long ago, one which although won on the battle field, was doomed to ignominiously lost in the unjust and interminable aftermath. Our forefathers having unfortunately viewed the whole issue through the prisms of clever-but-heartless abstraction, of “compromise”, of straw-man, moral-escape-hatch positions of “right” and “left”, condemning us thereafter to fight a whole host of such civil wars all over again.

Typically today the public debate whirls around some breathlessly-argued issue, one whose multi-level parameters are likely-enough hammered out in yin/yang foundries of Hell like a kind of warped metal, so that once the debate is framed in these twisted terms there can no longer be any sane or sound perception of same. And today this whole word-and-idea-smithing furnace-and-anvil operates remorselessly within the perceptions of the two parties, so that once we accept the “framing of the debate”, the forming of an issue, in those terms defined by these hot-house hammer-wielding contenders, then like horses thus hopelessly shod, our political fate is sealed. As all things forthwith become lifelessly, morbidly predetermined, wearing as it were, to use another image, an errant groove in our minds, one down which—like some infernal toboggan-slide—all notions concerning the debate must henceforth slide, the walls of which slalom are too impossibly-high to escape. This despotic debate-related principle—with respect to what might be called the comprehensive conceptual content of each contending right/left position or take—being a factotum through which, not at all coincidentally, lusty congressional steeds are branded, kicking and screaming, with a long list of mutually-unrelated, allegedly dyed-in-the-wool prejudices which may actually be as foreign to some as Mandarin Chinese. (Hence for example must pro-lifers always be cast in the icy image of Ebenezer Scrooge, as undying proponents of Laissez faire, and so on.) All this tumult and unrest—in fevered minds of noisy contenders, victims of a condition which easily infects the public mind as well—being readily detectable in decibel-levels that travel easily from the low-key sardonic to ear-splitting ire and scorn. Involved being an indelible character—a sort of moral profile, if you will—which clings to polar-contenders and contending-positions alike like the searing brand of some branding iron, never again to be effaced.

This great and un-breachable but entirely contrived divide is further institutionalized, cast in ivy-covered stone, on TV in the emergence of Fox News, on the one right hand, and MSNBC on the left; with CNN the new leader in aggressive-war rhetoric, in a category all-it-own. A station which cleared the way for this Hillary-yes-man position by way of its cynical unfairness-toward and ultimate jettisoning-of a mostly-reasonable Lou Dobbs, as well as a less-publicized dismissal of the like-credentialed Iranian-born Christien (first name). A clearing-of-obstacles that ran in tandem with the simultaneous prime-time elevation of the rabid Blitzer and Cooper, and their teams of hip-booted and incident-inventing reporters and “experts”. Among the fatal consequences of which yin/yang media is the utter lack of any public cipher or prism through which to view issues in the calm and non-categorical perspective which they critically require. Issued viewed not just as so many facets of a bipolar division set-in-stone, or of rabid positions that erect new deities at every turn, but rather as occasions for the improvement of the national and international good in a broad and shady commons wherein most really good legislation is to be found. And under whose boughs, to extend the image, heaving and sweating contending congressional steeds might deservedly rest, at peace both with one another and God. A popular common-ground upon which are roundly denied largely-meaningless right/left categories from the word go, within a political debate dwelling in precincts not of left and right but of that right and wrong which is the primeval birthplace of laws and popular assemblies, their proper and incontrovertible home.

But forsaking the soul-saving simplicity of this deeper kind, all the great Enlightenment-Era minds sought to simplify the state by removing it from abstruse “tautologies” of Medievals: notably from any entirely-fictional (but to some credulous minds entirely believable) “counting of angels that can dance on the head of a needle”. Or an equally-notorious and slanderous “refusal to count how many teeth are in the mouth of an ass”, allegedly because (sic) “scripture already tells us the number.” (Oh great Enlightener, please tell me in which chapter and verse this information is found?) Accordingly would the pitch battles of twin polar positions fit nicely—if rather noisily—within staid simplicities of such a Newtonian world. But quite the contrary in all matters of public debate there is always a many-faceted spiritual dimension which is at play, and which “worse angels”, to wit, the devils in Hell, strive to warp beyond repair. This being a phenomenon that transcends by far any simple matter of logic or reasoning, an interior moral-combat being involved the ignoring of which opens a deep pit, if you will, under our mental feet, a kind of biblical blindness. One which takes innumerable forms and many weirdly-deformed species. One now looming in Washington being for instance the impending moral ambush of Tea Partiers, who if prevailed upon to accept the temporary, “impasse-breaking” funding of Planned Parenthood and its agenda of abortion-on-demand will be conveniently accommodating a moral capitulation of mammoth size. One which will infallibly bring about that self-same “politically mature” but morally-blind “savvy” which these fresh legislators abominated only days ago. And which innocence-of-perspective was the reason they were elected at all. (While necessary-to-mention is that a modern-day standard “birth control” so tearfully defended by Pilosi, Reid and Boxer is also an abortion-producer, effecting a pharmaceutical murder which operates directly and to some ghouls with admirably efficiency just after conception, and not just “the morning after”, as in the more-notorious pill, nor yet some weeks or months later, as in standard abortion.) Hence once this warp is produced in the Tea-Partier’s mind—a very personal thing indeed—we are no longer dealing simply with cut-and-dried issues but with a massive, all-determining slalom-slide down which his thoughts and convictions will with increasing ease (“its hard at first, but then you get used to it”) slide.

Thus clearly to good purpose do we on this Crusade speak of a century-long master plan of supranational secret societies—written-of volubly by “conspiracy theorist” popes of the nineteenth century, when it all first most formidably arose—among whose astute global treacheries has been this establishment of a kind of see-saw for the public mind everywhere. Of conceptual-extremes-of-opinion right and left, so that there can effectively be no good and positive middle ground—hardly something “neutral”, lame or morally-savorless—upon which to stand. For these are diseased steeds running in such a race, in whose fevered heads the framing of law—which is no law at all if it doesn’t mirror that of God—has become a twisted, coarse or morally-neutral affair, full of facile short-cuts, yachts and other “favors” of every kind—legislation fit not for the sight or admiration of angels—as ever in God’s good ordering—but rather hammered out red-facedly on the ringing anvils of Hell. A terminal disease of legislatures, these utterly-contrived polarities, having indeed been convincingly written of by a prominent English Catholic already back in the early twentieth century regarding Parliament: I can’t remember was it Chesterton, Belloc or some other. A morbid conceptual condition, a mortal public infirmity, one which goes infinitely beyond caucuses or parliamentary procedure, let alone mere dull and dry “rules-of-the-debate”.

April 8, 2011: De-funding Planned Parenthood: read my lips, Harry Reid: legislative compromise is not the same as moral compromise.

Back in the days before the anti-life deluge inaugurated just after the Kennedy assassinations, to suggest that a legislator should compromise his moral convictions together with some haggle over details of a budgetary amount might have gotten you a black eye. Furthermore, this issue over Planned Parenthood—which collects funding under some general heading of “women’s health”, but once the mammoth figure is in the till uses it for little else besides abortion—a bald-faced fact known by even so consummate a showman as Harry Reid—this issue isn’t just a “Christian” sticking-point, as these “enlightened and advanced” neo-Democratic spokespersons never tire of asserting. Abortion rather being universally abominated by mankind, and only shoved down the throats of other non-Christian nations through U.S. arms or arm-twisting and the repayment demands of world lenders like the IMF and the World Bank. They who would take millennia of human moral formation/conviction all the way back to Hammurabi and throw it to the four winds.

Here then too the ponderously insisted-upon distinction in college classes from coast to coast between “professional ethics” and morality: a monstrous conceptual breach through which spring forth without reproach a vast array of moral atrocities, simply because they are deemed professionally (business-wise, politically, in terms of strategic niceties of industry, etc.) smart. No doubt this little bit of lead-pipe linguistics having gradually been insinuated into the educated vocabulary long before the bloody coup d’etat of the ‘60s, in a subversion of language which welcomes every sort of elfish perversion or fiendish barbarity, to march in doughy neo-Democratic (or sometimes even Neo-Republican) column-and-line behind the flag.

April 8, 2011: “Defense”-spending as non-productive GDP.

Military spending has up-and-downstream techno-development ramifications mostly applicable to ruefully-doubtful modern-day notions of “security”, while in a broader sense by its sheer size it most definitely keeps the economy captive to a rarified high-tech pathway, a sort of star-trek idea of the world. Hence do ever-size-shrinking hand-held devices in communications speak to a world of hand-held rocket-launchers, jet planes and lunar modules, while all fantastic adventures aside, promising to make the gray and weary world of full-body imaging and other surveillance fixtures the far-more-familiar chief reality of human life. But after these many gadgets and factotums have finally reached the outer limits of their usefulness—even aside from principle uses of blowing people to smithereens, monitoring their speech and behavior, or prodding them through surveillance chutes like cattle—and even after the last most gullible middle-schooler has finally grown weary of the latest android once thought to have been so “keen” or “cool”, or whatever they say today—this whole massive market will be found to have been woefully, non-productively ill-conceived.

Why, even within its own ritually-washed economic parameters, this sort of spending has as an embarrassingly-useless legacy in the mothball-obsolescence of tens-of-thousands of multi-million-dollar planes, parked out in deserts here and there, brother to the saguaro, the yucca, the desert hare. When not being burned up in battle, to remove some new “enemy” now allegedly fielding snipers for the precise purpose of shooting women and children. Can anyone, with the guns of an entire world trained down their throats, be brought to do such a stupid thing? Or can we forget Iraqi “babies being bayoneted in hospitals by Saddam’s men”: a tale later conclusively proven to be a lie? Lies especially easily told when events are on the other side of the globe, when the revolutionaries themselves supply us with “the facts”, and we must depend on wild-eye incendiaries like Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer and Fouad Ajami to process these tidbits through their own devious or fevered minds. Media stars who connect all the impossible dots with a dull pencil in a childish wavering line, with the inevitable rejoinder when all else fails. To wit, “Ghaddafi is a madman”, a crackpot from whom such deeds unfailingly flow. The same ever-dependable slander hinted-at against Saddam Hussein as well. While the epic gratuity of the bulk of the computer age is likewise dramatically displayed in disposal methods for toxic or even radioactive circuitry, etc., involved: with mountains of such cutting-edge garbage being hammered to bits in the manner of primitive cavemen, by little kids in places like Bangladesh. They whose sickened figures then gather some few pennies for their labors, embodying in their innocent persons the immemorial pound of flesh.

Furthermore, as vaguely signified in noted Asian youths, Mexico-city garbage-picking pepinadores, and Latin-American drug and human-trafficking gangs, in jobless servitude to the techno-wealthy up north—in an incongruity contemplated briefly somewhere else in these pages—there is yet another ponderous fundamental being quietly overlooked in all of this, but that bears much thought. Namely the whole notion of value added, and its close-cousin the multiplier, pivotal considerations which together make the gears of industry mesh in the first place. My own suggestion being that these high-level mainstays must somewhere, somehow find a nexus with ordinary and traditional modes of human life, else we all, willy-nilly, be required to become spacemen or computer engineers. For it seems certain that productive life must finally go in one direction or the other, as in a certain seldom-considered world of ultimate imperatives “nary the twain shall meet”. For all the while the ongoing brutalization of the common laboring man continues apace, the techno-cushioned well-to-do experience celebrated “wonders of nature” in a more-and-more-exclusively recreational setting, one which woefully trivializes the passionate objectifications and self-identifications intrinsically, ontologically involved, created things now being fraught with an unnatural irksomeness it would be an elitehood-hazardous secular unforgivable sin to admit. For the trio of the humbler things of life, together with monetary currencies and human labor-scheduling, must somehow sync with imperatives of advanced technologies and the commercial and methodological cultures they require. And all this in some sort of orderly and broadly-remunerative way: since otherwise for one thing there will be an increasingly-insufficient number of consumers/wage-earners capable of buying up the boons of such a machine. Ergo, among other ominous things, the bubbles and demand-crises of our day.

Enter here then the warnings of both Schumpeter and Marx, and many another economist ruefully aware of deeper things involved, but virtually or entirely unknown, about overproduction being the principle bane of industrial life. An overproduction and now a robotization which not only saturate markets with catastrophic, labor-idling speed, but which also render ordinary human activity largely a gratuity. Among a human race which intrinsically defines itself by its labors, and not by its frolics, a humanity arguably and in my own fervent opinion utterly alien to such a radical change of pace, to this planned obsolescence of a one-time vigorous, animated, passionately-committed daily milieu.

In all the above aspects, there is brought into question the ultimate correlation of a technology light-years removed with familiar and even idyllic earthly affairs, the resolution of a rarified geek-world which yet monopolizing 90% of investment monies and many other strategic concerns into a seamless partnership with the natural rhythms of a humanity supremely at home in the woods or plowing furrows or pumping-up buckets of water out on the farm. The immense and largely-artificial totality of modern-day life has yet to demonstrate itself to be sustainable at all in this or any other sense, even aside from ongoing catastrophic alterations of the biosphere, and an abiding, hotly-marketed vulnerability to deranged plots of global policemen, mass-killer maniacs, and futuristic madmen in rarified castles in the sky. 

To return to our original theme: it is defense spending—attended by non-productive leeches like Blitzer, McCain, Reid, the rogue state of Israel, all of which it so prodigally feeds—which keeps us chained to a shameless agenda of aggressive war, and to the diversion of the economy away from anything like a sane, lively, productive, well-integrated, genuinely-multiplier-rich path. A defense spending which rather prepares poverty, starvation, domestic upheaval, personal unhappiness, all the while lawmakers search myopically for “some way to agree on spending cuts”. And all the while they generously spread garlands around the hooves of those other expensive, non-productive, non-labor-synchronizing, anti-life sacred cows: those inevitable brothers to the modern techno-purist Albigensian: sodomy and abortion on demand.

April 5, 2011: The U.S. personal-success-driven political narrative poised to hijack another election. It fails disastrously to speak to real life or real issues.

Needed above all else in politics are courageous people of conviction, who are willing to give up things for what they believe, and yet this kind of undying stubbornness is exactly what is forbidden in practical terms in the USA today. Rather, one must be “successful” all the way around, in most respects personal, financial and social, to even have a chance in the political arena. Hardly then do we have any longer as leaders the old bare-knuckled proponents of the rights of the poor and disadvantaged, men who could see beyond appearances because they themselves had so often been impaled upon of host of those heartlessly or maliciously contrived. It being the job of a statesman or political leader primarily to make issues clear to the people in precisely such sanguine and realistic terms, to tear away sometimes-treacherous or facile appearances in a moving, motivating way: veneers which the public has little time to analyze in the sort of precision or profundity required. The politician being required not only to grasp the crux of the matter in these critical terms but also to be a living, breathing, highly-animated cipher of same to his constituents. In powerful language, in a local, regional or national dialect they can readily and wholeheartedly endorse and understand.

Here has always been the underlying problem in the USA, one which will utterly destroy us, if given the chance. A liability, a disability, one which prevents us from recognizing true friend from true foe around the block or around the globe, from really seeing that “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. We will always get hung up on trivialities, on appearances, even on “keeping up appearances” on income, or the color of somebody’s skin. A national flaw which of course goes back to the old faulty predestination-ridden theology of the radical Calvinists who founded this land, an erroneous belief system which remains a central part of our legacy to this day: indeed, in a deeper and more-troubling sense, perhaps even increasingly so. An often-minimized yet dyed-in-the-wool conviction that wealth, health, beauty, popularity somehow betoken the blessing and acceptance of God having however been happily counterbalanced in early settlers by the many good and solid things that until only recently have been an inseparable part of Western/Christian Civilization, regardless of denomination or creed. Indeed even today, you need only deal with the mountaineers of Kentucky or places like an Old-English Morgan County Tennessee, or into the hollers of West Virginia or North Carolina—people who have kept intact much of the culture and value-system of the American past—to see that this is true. (At least the last time I was in these places, time-gilded locales which may well by now be overrun by the very mercenary, custom-quashing “jet-setters” described in this piece. A common fate indeed for venues where the genuine American saga once so admirably reigned.) Illustrating in flesh and blood that profound and substantial values have tremendous staying power, but that conversely these same life-giving universals will be steadily undermined by a whole new “progressive” value-system which works a remorseless sea-change on the national life. An erosion such as this success ethic so obviously and redundantly achieves. This in stark contrast to “hillbillies”—or to Blacks, Indians and other neglected minorities, somehow “left behind”—whose life seems in a way to be timeless, to be uncorrupted by this facile and trivial view of things.

But this radical Calvinism can consume itself much more quickly than that, this vain sense of superiority: which can go so far as to reinstitute a slavery worse than that of ancient Egyptian days, and then fight a horrific war to keep it alive, such as we did until 1865. Displaying a “courage” which far from being a tribute to its owner rather in a sense grows more infantile by the day, in centuries to come spawning many a twisted wife-beater or BTK. A pathological, cowardly courage coming to see other nations as only so much fodder for a neo-Confederate “defense” industry by whose great-great-grandparent the Civil War was actually won, which fain would make men slaves again, this time an entire globe.

But it was the noted ceaseless struggle against detractors and other petty-villains that set the truly great leaders—whose meekness and gentleness was the mother-learned flowerbed in which their leonine courage grew—the Pitts, the Davy Crocketts, the Thomas Mores, the Baldwins, The Wallaces—apart, as chosen by God. Or that Beato Nun’ Alvarez Pereira, that embattled knight, who stood alone against the impending betrayal of the ever-heroic Portuguese sovereignty to the contemporary crafty Spanish might, but gathered to him a loyal following that would prevail miraculously against the most impossible odds. True leaders, “when knighthood was in flower”, whose armies brought, not lingering Civil-War hate, but concord and Heavenly peace in their van, who were always especially noted for their profound honor and respect for men and women in every circumstance. That penetrating inner prism by which they understood without fail—without any fanfare, typically in the most humble of ways—the deepest issues of the common good.

What the success-driven political narrative principally does is to superimpose a salvation-drama utterly divorced from the law or love of God, a new washing in the river, yesterday in the Rappahannock, today in the Potomac, aided incalculably by a media which is choreographed to the teeth, and a White House Press Room whose poses and pretenses would have made John Kennedy blush. In such a contrived setting, the hijacking of universal and immortal values is the undying if ill-admitted aim, and the promotion of the ever-posturing “star player” is the “end-game” in sight. If these “leaders” impose sacrifices, believe you me, it will not be upon themselves in any significant way. And if they fall, it will not be because their load was so heavy, but because the star of success had dazzled their eyes.

Sic semper ever-rebellious man, for whom a good God prepares a new and yet-more-convincing trip to the woodshed as I write. This “new, enlightened and progressive” man—with his Obamas, Becks, O’Reillys et al—together with his apostasy-motivated, genome or particle-accelerator based attempts to “unlock the secrets” of existence and lifethis rebel only providing a distracting see-saw, a liberal/conservative rhetoric to blaspheme or toy with the truth, but ultimately only to confuse. This mere creature living on this speck of a planet within the immensity of space, “raising his heel” against the God Who gave him such a grand-yet-infinitesimal place therein, but who chooses instead a blind burrow in the intellectual ground. But God seems to wish to require—not that He really needs to—some human messenger to announce what is to come. So I say, look at the sky, hear the howling of the wind, wait for that asteroid-field to be passed through again, oh proud man. Or flee, humbled and contrite, to the arms of Holy Mother Church, to her Civilization, her immaculate and infinitely-noble “rights of man”. A Catholic sociopolitical Way, ever young and free, which needs no revolution, is already paradoxical hoary ages old, soon to be reestablished on old, moss-covered footings of stone. Love, safety, refuge, honor or howling, miserable, cowardly defeat and despair: the choice is entirely your own.

April 4, 2011: The Obama re-run, his reelection strategy: making alternatives structurally impossible.

If you are a liberal Democrat, you spend all your time making your opponent look fanatical or insane, and you achieve this by making his goals structurally impossible. So that he seems to be fighting irrationally against “things as they are”. Hence must this one phenomenon—of what might be called a structurally-preemptive political war—take a dubious pride-of-place in this little series of articles on totalitarianism: since it meets you coming and going, is both means-of-control and illustration of already-preexisting, fish in a barrel, dominion. A towering tyranny which entirely escapes any genuine tools of government, and dwells instead in elitist areas of finance, technology and such ideologically-driven precincts as the media and the NEA. In today’s USA, in the halls of state, you only go through motions of having an operable common-good-pursuing system—of course complete with all the required body-language and decibel levels of seeming-participation—all the while a poured-in-concrete superstructure of path dependencies is being constructed around you, one designed to make the policies you advocate effectively, even ludicrously, beyond reach. A system built by occult interlopers who consider the common man to be a sub-human, incapable of deciding anything great or small, anything either intimately-personal or of public import, while regarding themselves as “not like the rest of men”.

Hence for example the Tea Party, who have many good ideas, but who—because of this perception of “inevitability”, of “things as they are in the real world”—are being pressured to meekly abide by this policy-preemptive system—being made to settle for something more “realistic” than the mere “idealistic” public good. Especially are these twenty-first-century Mohawk Boston-Bayers being assiduously molded into a plastic extrusion of an alleged “exclusive focus on spending”, being cast in the role of a moral cynic with his eye on the “bottom line”. When our own experience out here on the Crusade proclaims quite the contrary, where we find a common people ready above all to sacrifice anything to see their children safe from a system of perverted values being shoved down their throats as I write. Not at all typically by these beleaguered parents themselves—as is so often so priggishly alleged—but rather by a coalition of supra-governmental forces which deals with all of us as if we were mere insects without a mind or soul. A Tea Party constituency which must give authoritative voice to this popular desperation and outrage, or be doomed to the same ignominy they heaped upon bought-and-sold election-opponents some few months ago. A path which will require something approaching sainthood to achieve: but why shouldn’t they be both good politicians and saints, too?

Here then the reason Obama can be made to appear to be a “world class” presidential candidate—this guy at the helm who can instantly tap into a bipartisan-elite circle including today Mrs. Bush and Bill Clinton, volubly backing his policies in Libya, and supporting other key decisions whenever required—in contradistinction to a Republican field-of-candidates portrayed as a lot of lame third-rate players. Since they are indeed in certain ways “outsiders”—summarily culled away from of a Skull-and-Bones/synagogue-brokered, party-neutral global-imperial inner-circle which summarily dismissed the McCain candidacy, saddling him with the hysterical dead-weight of an Alaska-scandal-ridden Sara Palen. Albeit a woman today seemingly at least marginally improved, but then however losing him ten percentage points of electability in a mere ten days. Today’s Republicans seemingly lacking any real access to the same sorts of devastating clout, let alone the hidden structures-of-power that bring it about. Here too, of course, and as insisted in articles just below, is the reason that revolutions in the Middle East can be carefully managed, within the umbrella of the select grizzly regional coalition of SAS, the CIA, “Blackwater” and the Mossad. Just as in Mexico City in the early ‘70s, when our own agents gunned down student democracy demonstrators—caught like fish in a barrel—from windows and rooftops of surrounding townhouse-like structures, there on the square. Just so that certain perceptions would prevail in the public mind regarding the existing administration there. Thus too today the shooting at demonstrators by “plainclothesmen of the Yemeni government”. Ah, déjà vu is entirely likely here. But decades after that bloody Mexican debacle, today’s species of “progress” and “technology” has brought us much further, a vast machine ramroded by a worldwide web of near one hundred million Jews—always pursuing in lockstep column and line their “biblical” goal of total control of the earth, its beliefs, peoples and resources—firmly if cryptically at the helm. Here being basically and in a word the entire source of the preemptive superstructure under consideration here. Hardly can any of us be required to bow to this radical biblical-exegesis, one now being basically “shoved down our throats” in the ever-heretical post-Vatican-II Catholic Church as well, by means of the crypto-Jewish Benedict. He who with a lamentably-molasses-like graduality is slowly but surely being exposed for the traitor/infiltrator that he really is, in one devastating but carefully media-minimized or covered-over scandal after another.

Hence finally and of course the ceaseless prodigally-White-House-empowering invocation of the “need for vigilance” against “terrorism”: in the classical, totalitarianism-enabling, John-Birch-Society predicted “state of emergency” under whose frowning Pennsylvania-Avenue brow we live today. That grim, paranoic and inscrutable phenomenon chiefly responsible for a steadily-expanding Defense Budget, and the intolerable abominations of “full body screening” and other totalitarian measures which expand the power of government, in some ways at all levels, to intrusive, violating levels never in history before seen. This new “democratic” lockstep having thus allegedly made necessary “a whole new kind of warfare”, requiring, of course, a whole new (and ever evolving and expanding) kind of armament as well. It is basically because John Kennedy refused to go along with this kind of tyrannical-power-exponential thinking that he was so treacherously killed by “our own” people. Tearful Secret Service revisionist versions of Dealy Plaza notwithstanding. While in other arenas—namely, the healthcare and state-budget battles—do we have the President and his state-level cronies tapping into the well-woven web of the courts, for odious and treacherous political foot-dragging purposes, a tool only in limited ways accessible to Republican opponents. The social-liberally-biased courts being a pillar of the noted preemptive-power-structure as stout as any other.

I say all these things so bluntly and openly not at all because I am so cynical but rather because I am just the opposite. Because I cannot accept the century-long, sodomite-and-social-worker-ridden, media/academic notion of humanity—one which fits like a hand in a glove with all this remote control—that ordinary people are ignorant and inept, that they cannot run their own affairs, whether in their own families, in terms of commerce, nor especially in any genuine participation in their own self-government. This rather, as I have maintained for years now, is the cynical-and-despairing blind alley down which we have been driven since the “freedom loving” Revolutionary Era of the late eighteenth century—fountainhead of the secret-agenda-driven, global-warfare-prone, paper democracies of our day. A “glorious era of liberty” on the heels of which came the Napoleonic release of the Jews from all prior universal, self-defensive restrictions among the nations. These people who are now near-immovably embedded, like some kind of infestation, within the fabric of every nation, often noisily waving the flag, but pursue entirely their own long-term goals. Objectives with which, were they known, rather than preemptively incorporated in vast and overbearing structures and institutions, would be rejected out-of-hand by each and all. While it is to older political structures that we hearken here on this site and in this Crusade: not however as they became corrupted by the same treacherous forces enumerated above, but rather as they once existed before all the deadly institutional invasions—stretching cold-bloodedly, “with full malice and deliberation”, over centuries—took place.

April 2, 2011: The totalitarian democracy of Twitter.

A fathomlessly-profound species of tyranny is found today in a veritable totalitarian democracy: one which alleges that simply because rebel flags are raised and the words “freedom” and “liberty” are ceaselessly noised that all resistance to these “Twitter democracies” must forthwith be crushed. An utterly new twist being added here—in Wisconsin or Libya—with adrenaline and electronics fueling one another in an instant militancy whereby irrational mob instincts are trebled in force. This in a hysteria fueled by a technology which has become both end and means, and a deity to worship as well. Here too it is highly interesting how a TV commercial, replayed an infinite number of times, with brilliant timing ceaselessly invokes much-the-same hoarse battle-cry of ever-radical teachers: to wit, “it’s my money, and I want it now”. These teachers, these “wonderful role models” chiefly responsible for turning out the violent and perverted little Johnnies and Janes that menacingly crowd about our ears today, and who gang-rape one another at a staggering pace. The significance of this ad being no fevered creation of a “conspiracy-theorist” when you consider the close indoctrinational interconnection between media and school: with government this time—in a rare new exception—being the antagonist or “bad guy” in the polemical/commercial spoof. The incredibly stupid ad seeming nonetheless to dramatize the demands of the teachers in Madison as nothing else could, in that subliminal way with which these juvenile-concentration-camp attendants are most at home, to add new frenzied zeal to the cry for an equal cut of the pie with the moguls of Wall Street. They who made out so swimmingly well in the opening days of the present depression, while most were still rubbing their eyes. This sort of adrenaline-electronics-mediated zeal being exactly what our enemies wish to see, in order to turn the nation completely—and not just mostly—on its head. Since, to put it in the simplest terms, “the horses have already bolted”, and windfall profits can hardly be anticipated by every Jack or Jill, even if they have a (no-brainer, experimental-behaviorism-obsessed) teacher’s degree. But there is however a genuine way to redress these wrongs, a way outlined boldly-if-civilly on this site: a way far different from the lead-pipe democracy of Twitter or Wolf-Blitzer TV.

Hence does the non sequitur follow from all the above, awash in all this new electronic/adrenaline-heroism, that those governments—state or sovereign—which make bold to mount any self-defensive measures against these Twitter democracies—that they are instantly subject—as if by some ancient, hoary but woefully-non-existent international law—to armed (or bench) intervention by courts or international bodies of various kinds. All that’s needed are the self-righteous faces of war-criminals like Clinton, Obama and Gates, and the AIPAC coalition they represent, since as we all know these “police actions” are invariably led by the seemingly-neutral or even diffident but ever-instigating (“Ghaddafi must go”) USA, on behalf of the Twitter democracy involved. Even as the lesson of history is that these tumult-bred varieties of democracy quickly devolve into elite-controlled agendas with secretive, dictatorial figures ultimately holding unquestioned sway. Really, honestly: is Iraq any better off under Malaki than it was under Hussein? Ups, Uncle Sam, but don’t cry over spilt blood: that’s just the breaks of the state-making game.

But most significantly of all, the international mystery men who thus always “make the world safe”—in a long and bloody trail-of-tyrants from Robespierre to Hitler/Churchill to Bush/Obama—men inevitable with Judeo-Masonic traveling-orders—having with epic generosity been given chart blanc, then typically impose a whole new secular-messianic “morality” from their lofty, unassailable heights. Remorselessly trespassing, ponderously desecrating —in an endless laundry-list which includes abortion, sodomy, euthanasia, and a host of other abominable, population-thinning demands—territories always before conceded to God alone. Hence is this totalitarian democracy a tyranny which towers high above all others ever before conceived: former types whose much-lamented partiality or respect-of-persons would hardly have dared to impose on such hallowed ground as that of the conscience or soul. A new tyranny in which the soul of man no longer knows any solid ground upon which to stand, but is rather subject to every whim of every experimental psychologist, eugenicist or ideologue in the academic or the special-ops world. While in such considerations is revealed with staggering clarity how the Fatherhood, the authority, the law of God is the only real, objective and impartial guarantor of man’s deepest and most fundamental freedoms and dignities. In the genuine Catholic state a liberty utterly—by dint of an infinitude of practical, cultural and legal safeguards—immune to the limitless probings of evil and unnatural men. The formally, ceremonially constituted authority of God—less than which He will punish and despise—being our only real protection against the unbridled whims and overbearing oversteps of today.

Here then indeed, in these Twitter revolutions, and their many close-cousins of decades and centuries before—is an usurpation well beyond any much-excoriated “unity of church and state” of the distant past, this implacable rule of mob-installed progressive elites trespassing previously untrammeled precincts of mind and soul, conscience and personal identity/will, the acceptance of which craven position brands us with infamy as cowering slaves of the most abject kind. No matter how much we might shout, push or break trespassing laws before ever-eagerly-complicit cameras of CNN, or utter pious words about religion or faith.

But as might be gathered conversely from the above, especially critical to these electronically-engineered socio-cataclysmic eruptions is the erection of a historically-familiar, groveling court clergy and associated leading-laity. They who for decades now have lent tacit or open support—or at least passive non-interference—to this ongoing secular-messianic revolution—with “rock star” anti-popes like a multiple-heresy “Blessed” John-Paul II leading the van. Essentially apostasizing against a Messiah Who has redeemed us already, two thousand years ago, and left us Christian institutions enshrined for two millennia in the pious customs of states. All this sacred, incalculable weight of mind-and-soul-saving Catholic Civilization being sanctimoniously rejected in favor of the new and deliriously awaited Jewish-progress/conqueror-god: anticipatory of a personal Anti-Christ not quite yet to come. This complicity being revealed most recently in the unfolding saga of this developing iron-fisted, soul-enslaving Twitter-totalitarian rule: about which allegedly epic-pious shows like EWTN have woefully little to say. Unless it be as an excuse for the long-notorious “easy American Catholicism” promoted there to cite further examples of “Muslim atrocities”, wherewith to lend the station’s standard unstinting support to the global-and-domestic “war on terror”.

Hence too was the Second Vatican Council called by a powerful cabal of subversive prelates who had been burrowing within the bosom of the Church since the American Revolution, while the whole cunning venture, of this catastrophic de-contextualizing of the Catholic Creed, was to find its epitome in the crypto-Jewish Benedict XVI: he who just now has formally and essentially and as ruefully predicted by Latin-American prelates of the early-sixties exonerated the Jews from all wrong in the Crucifixion. (Which is the same as classing the voluble writings of St. Paul, the decretals of pontiffs and statements of saints, and indeed the words of Christ Himself, as mentally-unstable conspiracy theory, and nothing more.) A sickeningly-effeminate, clerical-sodomy-sheltering Benedict who from a wrongfully-obtained papal throne blesses a spurious two-thousand-year-old effort to install the synagogue “abomination of desolation” in Rome. Issues over which the new TV-church, football-dad/soccer-mom suburbanite Catholicism will hardly trouble itself to get involved. A clergy-and-attendant-laity who struggle indeed to identify this cleverly-disguised tyranny as a new and far superior way, even as this bizarre new unity-in-revolution demonstrates as nothing else could how any oversteps in the church/state relationship are inevitably on the side of profane, anti-Christian elements: these ultimately tending toward caesaro-papist state-glorifications of every conceivable kind. And in this case casting-in-stone the unprecedented monopolization of moral/spiritual prerogatives by leaders-of-mobs and rulers-of-(illegitimate, mob-installed)-states.

Since  for all men patriotism is found most potently, manifestly from the above, in foiling the schemes, plots and cabals of the Jews, we therefore call for the urgent interdiction of these treasonous “democratic” efforts, as well as for the renewal of the historical debarring of all Jews from the franchise, from all public office, and perhaps most essentially of all from any possession of real property. These measure thus essentially replicating ancient papal prohibitions which for centuries disempowered ever-threatening, tyrannical Jewish venal-might, a move which would make available incalculable amounts of finance-bubble-derived, larcenously-obtained land for today’s desperate housing and other human need. Torn from the grasp of thieves who by dint of financial empire erect or topple states and constitutions at will, who think of themselves as the unquestionable owners of “the wealth of nations”, and the life-and-death overseers of all who live therein. This in a twisted interpretation of the sacred line of which the Savior once sadly complained. While I likewise call for the church/state-agreed trial and public execution of pseudo-clerical fiends like this crypto-Jewish anti-pope Benedict XVI, and all those closely related to him in the fifty-year-old Jewish Church-infiltrating scheme. While in a closely-related matter I additionally look to the Fatima-predicted conversion of Russia to the Catholic Faith and her associated elevation as font of the genuine Sacramental life of the Catholic ages, in true Sacraments and episcopal sees which she possesses even in her present erroneous Orthodox profession. In this way will she fulfill two indispensable missions: replenishing the spent priesthood of present-day Rome and socially, politically and economically “restoring all things in Christ”.

Finally to be asked in regard to all these apocalyptic events: is there any real “freedom” even of a purely-physical kind to be had in much-Wolf-Blitzer-trumpeted developments? Nay rather does the whole incomprehensible volcano of seemingly-unrelated events and phenomena give efficient birth to a whole plethora of citizen-monitoring industries and institutions, all of them with an unnatural life-of-their-own. Largely “privatized” concerns which bear little if any relation to a legitimate economy or polity properly understood, being essentially barren of all productive purpose, motivation or scope. Among which tangle of bewildering entities those dedicated to “security” hold a reverential pride of place: units of which are installed at most large commercial sites and basically all venues of the public realm at all levels. Here being a gigantic shadow government-all-its-own, ready indeed and with uprighteous hauteur—spring-loaded with Patriot-Act prerogatives of every kind—to spring into action, swat-team-like, against any initiative which threatens this Twitter-totalitarian rule. A tumultuous context which guarantees nothing so much as that the old familiar moral-revolutionary “long haired hippy”—a nihilist innocuously misnamed by today’s ever-busy linguists as “anyone who differs with accepted social norms”—will be once again—as in the delirious media-fueled ‘60s—be put immovably in charge. Amid a host of burgeoning, gray and depressing, Wall-Street-traded institutions, sprouting like toadstools in a morning sun.

It is indeed in this veritable new universe of these utterly non-productive, motivation-stifling nodes of business/unnatural-activity that the bulk of the modern “progress” consists: of which our ancestors would have been entirely ashamed. A towering, sky-darkening monolith which basically tells we “rest of men” where we must grovelingly fit, and “like it, too”. A world which an ever-Twittering youth will find out too late is pitifully inadequate to the soul of man—one being filled out with exponential rapidity by a limitless expanse of techno-spying and “imaging” devices—oh, of course, all for our “security”. Into which debt-buried, crisply-command-oriented universe nations today are driven further by the day, into a new world order indeed. One controlled by a tiny set of elites, bursting with other unnatural institutions as well, such as an ever gene-or-atom-splitting science and engineering might achieve.

It is this Hitlerian “progress”, with increasing frankness so acknowledged, at least in so many hideous code-words, by each new Oval Office fiend, this “liberty”, then, that an alien-ruled USA spreads around the globe “by fire and sword” (to use the phrase from the hymn of Irish-Catholics hunted down by Cromwell in the 1600s). Together of course with that execrable sodomy which holds it all together in the perverted way “appropriate” to all such things.

April 2, 2011: The new highwaymen camped out on public land.

Multiplying like rabbits in hard times like these, legions of old hippy or biker “die hards” are to be found all over the desert in Arizona, and no doubt Nevada, New Mexico and forlorn eastern reaches of California as well, where like ring-eared pirates they operate camps devoted to everything from sex-slavery to the extortion of social security checks from naïve retirees skillfully caught in their webs-of-deceit. Here being replicated in another setting the same con-artistry used on the internet to fleece some also-typically-older person, grown up in an age nowhere near as ruthlessly cynical as today. These thieves too are the same people who used to basically mandate dope-smoking on almost every large-scale construction job when I was in the trade, and who kept men like me packing for our refusal to follow suit. Raucous or menacingly-silent people who partied constantly, who never saved a dime, who for critical deciding decades—together with their white-collar doping colleagues—hijacked America’s future like no other single group. Means of livelihood in construction having inevitably disappeared with (an often premature) old age, these arthritic partiers—loners having gone through a dozen partners in liaisons long gone awry—typically allied to others younger and stronger—now use every kind of intimidation and even murder to maintain their much-trumpeted “day in the sun”.

Evidence is very hard to obtain about these people and their activities, as their bringing-to-justice is almost impossible to bring about, but they are there, you can be sure. And once in a while we on this Crusade have even had brushes with them, and must thank God for our deliverance from their foul and deadly grasp.

Inevitably, the lusted-after “in” is procured by making the unwary travel appear to be in their debt: often-enough in lending or offering-to-lend mechanical aid, which most of these road-warriors always claim to be adept at performing. The all-necessary arrival of the unfortunate being thus procured—into some desolate dirt-trail spot between mile-markers on some forlorn road—whether in anticipation of mechanical work or, less commonly, of a chance to “pay back” repairs either done or “about to be done”, this by the performance of some “urgently needed” task—the victim’s doom and demise is assured. Almost always in gaining control of their retirement checks in some way or form. Indeed likely-enough killing the retiree, or more-youthful disabled receiver of SSI, and using an ATM as a cash-cow, with the password having been extorted in the most brutal way.

We don’t at all counsel cynicism, which is the veritable terminal inner disease most to be feared from all such things: the best protection from all such evils being indeed to be found in the exercise of a pious Christian discernment, a charism of the Holy Ghost, and the aid of ones guardian angel. Hardly, as a defense, should we wish to partake to any degree in the hardness and cynicism of those who do these loveless things. But returning to these grim highway outriders: any number of gratuities might well be offered or given besides mechanical work—perhaps even a free pizza, as a preview of a bountiful friendship to be bestowed, or even romantic overtures to some lonely retiree whose spouse has recently died—in a con-game which is as vast in variety as it is lucrative in ill-gotten reward. Especially when you consider the lonesome, marginalized life so many elderly now live, in a cold-hearted age when any sort of frailty is treated with the utmost indifference, or even despised. So that any display of attention is understandably welcome to such a mind. While finally these desert-and-forest brigands are actually quite willing to take losses, even most of the time, willing to lose the hefty bait, as it were, since a single successful con can “set them up” for life. “Kind of like my old blue tick hound, I just lay around in the shade”: that’s the life they still demand, as set to melody in the old 70s boomer-hippy song, now often-enough at the price of someone else’s. Of some person who has been forced to reveal a pin-number and other data, and then perhaps killed or kept in a savage and harrowing captive, in the most heartless, cold-blooded and sadistic possible way.

(Update of December 14, 2011:) On our recent lengthy trip through Wyoming we found out to our rueful surprise that this phenomenon of a kind of piracy on the open road is even worse up there, among an interconnected meth-gang which seems to have much of law-enforcement up there in thrall as well. For today wherever mining, oil-rigs and boom-towns abound, bringing lots of investment and hefty pay-checks, the drug-trade follows inexorably in tow. As it turned out, a plain-clothed figure in law-enforcement, operating in the area where we were parked, showing our signs for all to see—having for his jurisdiction a region, unbeknownst to us, notorious for police and political corruption—took umbrage with our painting of the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, and attempted to implicate we and these Heavenly companions of ours in some fictitious drug-running scheme. These drug enforcers seem to have thought they could somehow construct an airtight case out of mere appearances, using against us the well-known fact that the Mexican drug-gangs in particular have sometimes blasphemously adopted these same holy symbols for their own nefarious ends, as veritable emblems of crime. And one can indeed likewise find the holy images everywhere tattooed on the legs or shoulders of people both good and bad. But as it turned out, in the midst of the ensuing intrigue, which seems to have had about a half-dozen other law-enforcement players involved—we were approached by a completely different group—these being genuine meth-dealers. These criminals thereupon plying to us their alleged skill at auto-repair: as we were then indeed in the midst of a transmission problem which wouldn’t let us go anywhere, parked as we were out there in the middle of nowhere, on a gravel lot at the fork of two major roads.

We did indeed escape the clutches of these latter miscreants, through the good offices of a local Mexican-American who informed us of the criminal character of those men, those alleged mechanics, to whose property we had been towed, and had remained parked for days by then, with no mechanical work in sight, but a lot of “grunt” work for me. This at an adjoining junkyard where I was fast becoming a slave-laborer, waiting for these guys to do the work promised some days before in such generous terms. This good gentleman then actually towed us with a rope, and brought us clear to the other side of this town, miles away from our captors.

Then it was, a few days later, that the above-noted police-operative and his associates caught up with us, there on our new Crusade-location, on the corner of an interstate cloverleaf, displaying our signs in a new locale to an increasingly-enthusiastic public passing by. And it was only because we had been providentially made aware of these particulars about the local drug-scene, facts that these alleged doughty drug-interdiction-warriors were seeking assiduously to keep under wraps, that we have remained free to tell the reader what transpired. For obviously-enough, these crooked “narc-agents” must occasionally jail someone, some “patsy”, to keep up appearances, so that they may continue to criminally shelter the real criminals with whom they are so shamefully in league. As in this country there is a multi-tiered pyramid—a kind of Mexico-City Ziggurat—of Eric-Holder-like drug-trade chronies-in-crime. With this latter newly-notorious figure no doubt being somewhere near the top of this densely-interconnected Opium-trade reminiscent, population-enslaving, drug-pushing, gun-running syndicate-heap.

Under the loving providence of God we were privy, then, to the fact that there was still a meth-lab “alive and well”, in a busy part of town, that was supposed to have been dismantled, apparently amid much media fanfare, some six months before, by this same uprighteous task force. Indeed, the same woman was still in the same regionally-infamous “Winnebago”, inside the same large garage, “cooking” meth, the same lady who had been described in the local press only that short time ago. And who together with some of the officers involved in the raid had indeed been required to receive medical care because of the caustic vapors of chemicals which filled the stifling air.

Actually, before the dramatic arrival of this highly-vindictive kind of posse, there on the windswept corner of the road, I had already made several reports to the police about what we had seen at the same garage, and adjoining junkyard: and only after several tries and much insistence had they finally been willing to record my information.

It was just after I had made the last of these reports that these trail-sniffing lawmen, apparently utterly unaware of what we had uncovered, came swooping down on us, four squad-cars as if in a military maneuver, stopping on a dime, jumping out as if to subdue dangerous felons, barking belligerently, using the standard TV-cop language meant to anger and provoke the “suspect”. Since any least show of resentment, let alone resistance, will likely find you spread-eagle on the ground. Indeed, such gestures of bewilderment and fear make such-a-“lawman’s” job infinitely easier to both justify and to bring to maximum intensity-of-force. One guy we met back East somewhere, some years back, on the basis of a simple disorderly-conduct complaint, was severely brain injured in one of these hot-headed encounters, and also had his thumb, as I remember, ripped completely out of its natural position permanently, disablingly, by the “restrainer” that was employed.

But alas for eager lawmen involved, my wife and I are both used to this kind of official mistreatment: having had sodomites of every stripe “turn us in”, using some slanderous complaint, and the rare complicit police-department sometimes rushing in, in this same epic-heroic style. So after the dust had literally settled, we calmly began to recount to the actually-quite-decent but submission-cowed officers what we had seen, and what had taken place, at the well-disguised meth-lab across town. Facts with which they roundly agreed, heads nodding vigorously all around, with even more department-damning information eagerly supplied as well. Thereupon, the one really in charge, from a higher department, took alarm, as was clearly written on her face, and, tow-truck having been called, we were to meet with higher principals of the crooked “task force” again soon enough. Then at the head of a standard drug task force whose main coordinating figure, as we would find out, was almost certainly a certain shadowy figure long-notorious for botching every drug-raid of the multi-department team. An impressive-acting guy set in place apparently by the governor himself. How high does the corruption go? As always, “nobody knows”.

Thank God, we were able to get out of that county and region—where had we stayed, no doubt something would have been “cooked up” about us, much like the officially-condoned meth, before long—and eventually out of that horrible state as well. That new and “booming” (in more ways than one) Chaney-land a far cry from the hospitable Wyoming we had known in years past. Indeed, a state-trooper actually shadowed our tow-truck all the way to the county line, suggesting images of a good-ole-boy Sheriff Coltrain from the old Dukes of Hazard TV show. For Wyoming really has become very much like the deep South, together indeed as we suspect with most of the Northwest. Racism and slavery of all kinds having from the started aimed to claim the region for its very own, motivating Dred Scot decisions of all kinds. We having been forced to leave the area under that mode, of being thus in tow, since most of the mechanics back in town were either crooks, meth-dealers or high-dollar businessmen way over our class, charging inflated boom-town prices for the simplest of repairs. Indeed, we were destined to spend about $2500 in towing charges to get back to the relative kindness and honesty, reasonability and decency of New Mexico.

One more thing, which may boggle the reader’s mind. Now, we don’t demand that you believe this, but it is absolutely true, even if we ourselves have to scratch our heads or pinch ourselves, to be sure we weren’t dreaming or something. For in fact, we were fated to run into yet another meth-gang just outside the next town alongside the interstate, at a space of ground to which we had been towed. These guys also promised to “help” us, after pulling us, as those before, by a rope or chain: but we quickly recognized the same pattern, of foot-dragging, suggesting to our minds a possible ultimate loss either of freedom, of life, or perhaps even of ownership of our vintage-condition old truck. No doubt this time through the charging of a parking or “storage” fee of maybe $50 a day, as assessable by “honest” mechanics everywhere. The recently-opened “garage” to which we were towed being an old gas station, within which, oddly-enough, during days we were there, you could hear noisy talk and commotion all night long, apparently in a sealed-off room. Shouts and imprecations coming from what seemed to have been a paneled-off or sliding-bookcase hideaway within, as of movie-land lore: since the gas-station itself was closed, in a building suspiciously long in one direction on the outside, and short within. Another good citizen finally informed us of the notorious character of the men with whom we dealt, their frequent incarceration over meth-cooking charges, and so on. That’s how prevalent is theft, abduction and meth-making up there in the snowy north.

February 28, 2011: The universal man of the nature-based Frankpledge versus the ritual elitist of the modern technocracy. How is this stark and staggeringly-consequential incongruity formed, and how can the elitist world of inseparable sodomy and aggressive war be most expeditiously laid to rest?

Given the fact that the human person from earliest years has before it a spiritual and intellectual universe of basically unlimited size, of impenetrable depth, it is possible for a person to establish vital links with other nations, races and persons of the most densely-woven kind, on the one hand, or on the other to isolate himself off into a dark and forbidding nebula all his own, or of some self-exalted race, nationality or religious group to which he belongs. Indeed, it happens quite logically that those who devote themselves to all the laborious minutiae of exclusion—its accents and body-language, its obsessive, razor-sharp-distinctive totems and taboos—an alien universe which the baubles of modern technology multiply beyond belief—actually do form a kind of commanding leadership culture, one which can be outwardly very impressive. Being uniquely equipped with a code-language, an automatic set of rigid qualifications and outwardly-hostile disqualifications, and so on. Ready to spring into play, indeed into a sort of swat-team stance, in any setting, to “take charge” imperially, to “ask questions later”. From this perspective stands out in especially bold relief the biblical Jewish perception of themselves as being “not like the rest of men”: standing forth without any possible argument as the prototypical racists and exclusionary ideologues from the word go. Having that singular, exalted self-prepossession which Our Blessed Lord illustrates to us so rivetingly well in the Holy Gospels, in the person of the Pharisee in the synagogue, uttering the above very words, preening himself for all to see. But two questions are to be asked, first, does all the feverish, blinders-wearing energy prove anything at all, and second, if it proves anything at all, does it not prove inferiority rather than superiority?

Even more fundamentally, the chief question to be asked is whether or not the ultimate, underlying value-system involved is actually worthy, in this contest between the elitist and the “rest of men”, which implies the further question—unnecessary to most men of goodwill—to wit, whether interior values matter most, or exterior ones of material or psychological ascendancy, and so on. A question which, like a sort of Chinese fortune-cookie, implies another query hidden within, namely: is there or is there not a morally-demanding test being conducted here below? Regarding whether or not one adheres to certain interior values? Or is this earth simply a place to demonstrate overwhelming and preemptive powers of a brute physical and psychosocial kind? For those few years or decades that we “last” down here in this weary world below.

Plainly, the elitist considers the latter to be the deciding value, while despising, indeed hating with remorseless fury, they who adhere to interior good things—to virtues and values which are “without guile”, veritable “absolutes” which abstract themselves entirely from questions of material might. Yet the elitist isn’t satisfied with trophies of material success alone, but must have a hybrid, must oppress “the rest of men” to such a degree that he forces them into sins and dishonors of every kind. He must conquer not only in terms of his own cheap and tawdry value-system but in terms of their own as well. So as to bring about an utterly heartbreaking, annihilating defeat, such as only he and his kind would desire. And particularly in terms of the hierarchy-of-values of the Catholic Faith, taking special care to crush and demoralize, brutalize and vulgarize, the Catholic fold. That very process which we see well-underway today, in this post-Vatican-II world, with the present tendency of Catholics to take up this delusional, obsessive bend-of-mind: this being the most wretched denigration of all. Catholics being in all this “made ten times worse” than those Pharisees who “make converts of them”.

But what I wish to show is that with the help of Almighty God these monstrous elitists can be utterly crushed, under the heel of the humble woman of Genesis, the Blessed Virgin Mary, for having dared to profane the precincts of Holy Mother Church. For their view of the world is utterly stupid, senseless, they having become, in the words of Our Blessed Lord to Sr. Josefa Menendez, “worse than beasts”. Depraved persons, secretive groups, elitist religions and nationalities which as suggested above are motivated solely in a dishonest, insincere way, operating always by stealth and brutality, the twin weapons of evil men. This elitist view takes humanity on its weak side, but if we show these charlatans our stronger aspect they can only cower in fear.

What is our strong side? It is that human society was designed by God in such a way as to be the more invincible the more virtuous it is; to form a stoutly-interwoven coat-of-mail, constructed in a power-distributive, reciprocity-driven way. That form of government or commonweal which actually tends to favor certain traditional forms like organic monarchy and nobility, old institutions rationally and with due traditional moderation understood. Institutions which are rightly seen in turn as the very bulwark of the popular assembly, its necessary guardians, its personifications, its agents able to act in defense of the commonweal with both patient labors and lightning speed. This kind of state producing a populace in which personality development—in a very real sense, the most fundamental and legitimate concern of the state—partakes of the very reciprocity of celestial Father and Son. A human cultivar in which faults and shortcomings are hardly causes of despair, nor excuses for “make the world safe” genocide, but rather signify but so many facets or tool-marks on the living, developing sculpture of humanity, swallowed up in ebullient positivities of the whole. While by contrast the present system cannot tolerate any deviations, anything not “correct”, as all things are formed out of rigid prototypes from a few elitist minds, to which all else must rigidly adhere. Far different from a reciprocal system by whose inner dynamic the nation is “built up unto the perfect man”, forming a solid base for the graces of the Mystical Body of Christ, by which we are “all made perfectly in one”. Even as the good society’s nemesis, the elite regime, devolves by relentless stages into the rigidity/chaos of the days of Demosthenes in Ancient Greece, in violent street-scenes which would indeed be the Greek legacy for fifteen hundred years to come, all the way to the last days of the Byzantine throne. Demonstrating forever that tyranny has always anarchy as its companion, just as the elite rule of an Obama spawns the irresponsible tumult presently sweeping the globe, from Madison to Tripoli, to end who knows where. To be brought to bay, in our own opinions, only by the Catholic system being advanced here on this site and in this Crusade.

Here too comes powerfully into play the whole new phenomenon of “high tech”, which today steadily introduces us into what can only be called a sort of star-trek world, with the “techie” being an utterly new player to be thrown into the above-described power-mix. But we here on Crusade have no qualms in categorizing him as a definite negative value, considering his fevered exertions, his rarification of all occupations acting to reduce the worker or scientist to little more than a mere chemical or physical force, usefully only in furthering some inanimate path-dependent process or form. Building a gigantic gulag, a prison for the human mind and will, arbitrating the most rigid sort of totalitarian control. All this to the ultimate dissolution of the state, of human happiness and well-being: since “man lives not by bread alone”. In short, I consider modern technology to be a tower of Babel, an ancient-Egyptian power-pyramid—surmounted by the unquestioned ascendancy of an elite Aztec sodomy-priesthood to pinnacles of power previously unknown—a tyranny which can ultimately serve only the interests of Hell. Just as did ancient forebears in Egypt or Mexico City so long ago.

Surely, if we could have the medical and other advances that come with all the technology, then it would be laudable and worthwhile: but certainly we cannot maintain a system based on this perverse and tyrannical elitism while offering the usual excuse that it brings so many scientific and engineering achievements, to mitigate the pain and suffering in human life. For when weighed in the balance, some few medical advances can hardly compensate for a deadly regimentation which hates life in the womb, which wishes to control, or rather destroy, heredity, which annihilates whole nations, or “dirty-bombs” them into a staggering infant mortality, in order that Hillary’s “march of progress” may go on.

To reiterate, then, our ultimate answer: Church and Frankpledge. Only by eventually breaking society down to these ten-head-of-household elements—working upward from there in the form of a local, regional and national nobility—crowned ultimately by a Catholic monarchy—can men defend themselves against these inevitably-perverse, sodomy-oriented elitists who presently rule the day. These figures forming an overarching defense for a popular democracy of assemblies at every level, starting from the neighborhood and going up from there. Although there is of course no plan here to immediately replace present forms, but only to courageously descry what must finally be, indeed by enthusiastic popular free choice, if we are to survive and thrive. Above all, only a restored Catholic Church—freed from effeminate anti-popes who have ruled since 1958—joined to the system outlined here, can hope to fight those forces of Hell presently ranged against mankind. Against they who offer us an earthly paradise, but who in the event “give us a stone instead of a loaf”. We must bring down their little playhouse, and organize in these micro-local units—and ultimately in the hovering, devoted, noble superstructure noted above—in the best, most prudent and expeditious possible way. Answering the tinny percussion of mere brassy technology with the inspiring anthem of concord and love, exchanging the vulgar body-language of over-weaning might with that of goodness and charity. A Civilization based on Catholic values alone being able to vanquish the culture of greed, of dog-eat-dog, of lust and contests-of-power, bred in the dog-packs of elitists of every stripe, seeking to make the “rest of men” into hoards of dope-addicted slaves. We can do without their vaunted technology, which as in ancient Egypt knows only how to construct oppressive pyramids of unbridled, sadistic and depraved power. That which Our Blessed Lady will crush under her maiden feet.

Finally, due to the fact that this Tower-of-Babel technocracy is, at least in a military/political sense, based here in the USA, it is here therefore that it must be defeated. Hence do we work untiringly for the dismantling of this perverse system, while pursuing most forcefully that which will most speedily bring that blessed demise about. Namely, the consecration of this land to the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, the Heavenly King and Queen of our human race, and in a special way of this land consecrated to her Immaculate Heart by the French. In a Hemisphere blessed by the spectacular apparition of Guadalupe, as well as by several other Marian apparitions of note.

February 26, 2011: “Anybody seen my old friend Hu?” Libya a microcosm of the “march of progress” hijacking of the modern state.

It seems hardly to interest anyone—certainly not all these brilliant and perceptive minds on Fox, or on the McLaughlin Report, or of the ever-on-top-of-things Wolf Blitzer or Anderson Cooper at CNN—that tens-of-thousands of Chinese are just now hastily fleeing Libya. Those Chinese who were beginning to make an oasis out of a desert that we ourselves wish to keep the way it always was: namely as a veritable tabula rasa in the sand, upon which to write with our bold and childish, population-impoverishing script. For which purposes the USA is willing to commission any number of radicals or Mossadists to hijack the hopes of both the Chinese and these Libyan tribesmen, the defeat of whose “strongman” will be like “taking candy from a baby”: the sorts of brave feats we in the USA have grown so much to love. All the while we ask ourselves, if Moamar has been so selfish a ruler, how is it that “Libya has an educated class of millions”, allegedly impatient with the tribal existence of ages past? Does this sound like a people starved of necessities, while Khaddafi gorges himself on sweetmeats in his palaces by the sea?

But today’s head-of-state-executing Yankee “make the world safe” meanwhile invades our memories with the haunting déjà vu reminiscence of the systematic frustration of Japan in its need for fuel and other resources, so long ago. During seventy-some years prior to a 9/11-foreshadowing Pearl Harbor: where our ships were nicely lined up, as never before, for the Japanese to torpedo and penetration-bomb at will. A new encirclement—this time of the same China with whom we once allied ourselves to bring down Japan—being conducted by means of a now business-as-usual planned chaos, hastening the departure of those same Chinese whom the big bully on the global block wants to eject from Sudan and adjacent parts as well. Where the same kind of desert-miracle is also beginning to take place. Ah, turn the crank again on that old song, Hillary, you know, the one about how we must all have the “march of progress”, the one that will drown away all our fears about “dictators” and “madmen”. That diatribe which, in a staggering parallel, drones on in precisely the same meter as do Orwellian papal addresses since around ’61: Hillary and Benedict alike “celebrating” an allegedly-irreversible new rocketing off into something entirely different from all that went before.

But beyond the hijacking of China or Japan, does this genocide-toppling Hillary Clinton remember Waco? Or the drone-bombs? Or the abortuaries where babies who escape the barbarities of the modern American womb are left by the thousands to die miserably in little metal cages, to rasp, scream and starve away their remaining days or hours of life? Ah, yes, compassion and humanity must be conceived in the ritual-ablutionary American context, in Aztec sacrifices on Quetzaquitl Hill, or it is “backward”, outdated, “fanatical”.

As stated many times on this site, the USA since its inception—if in accelerated fashion after the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers in the 1960s—and as much as I hate to say—has been used by an international cabal for one goal: the dictatorial subjection of the entire earth to a morally-perverted, anti-life, New World Order dream. For this purpose this new USA, dominated by traitors like Johnson, Bush and Obama, will ally itself with anyone or anything, will starve or demoralize, will “isolate” diplomatically, the “target nation” involved. There is no love of Afghanis or Pakistanis, Iraqis or Libyans at all, in this new rogue state which robs and perverts its own people. This biggest bully on the (global) block who will readily work with the Taliban on the one hand, and with the “well behaved” local government it has installed expressly to fight these rebels, on the other. All this even as it plays footsy with “Al Qaeda”, which is seldom really seen, and which is probably a well-paid CIA/Mossad-invented group of madmen, fanatics and Jews. Some indeed say that this new USA—nothing like that under which I was raised, an alien power-cabal to which I hold no loyalty, which I entirely abhor—that it will even set off scientifically-precision a-bomb “sea surges” down on the ocean floor, to cause earthquakes and tsunamis of devastating force. (Note of 12/11: An ocean-floor bomb likewise, as there is little doubt in my mind, having caused the tsunami-and-nuclear disaster in Japan, to take place only a month after this piece was written. A Japan whose vigor and prosperity the Jewish-controlled West has always ruthlessly refused to accommodate). A King Kong monster ready to do anything at all if it can only help it along in its sovereignty-destroying, social-fabric-decimating meat maul approach, against the sons and nations of men. In all this indeed it proudly and deliberately allies itself with the forces of today’s preview of anti-Christ: although the real notorious Man of Sin, according to biblical exegesis and saintly prophesies alike, isn’t due to appear for another generation or two.

February 25, 2011: How does one come to qualify as a conspiracy theorist? Whom must one suspect, and whom must one undyingly trust, in order to escape this infamous brand?

There’s nothing really so pathological, so we are given to believe from highest realms today, to darkly judge a host of human beings as wicked, depraved, deranged, ready to unleash vast schemes of annihilation, of “weapons of mass destruction”, upon nations far and wide, as well as “upon their own people” at home. It isn’t held reprehensible at all to interpret everything they say or do, in the unwavering light of this same unblinking presumption, as coming from this same deranged, depraved inner mental/pathological source: even if a host of similar conclusions in similar settings have been proven to have been hasty, gravely-consequential rushes-to-judgment indeed. (Am I remembering rightly, that we fought a whole bloody, genocidal war for just such hare-brained suspicions having been aroused?) Indeed it is par for the course in the weird and phantasmagoric Barak/Hillary Golf Club to fear to the point of apoplexy certain carefully-delineated nations which “don’t get along with their neighbors”: alleged dens-of-iniquity which are positively rife in the exceedingly well-defined universe of the White House crew. While indeed allegedly at the other end of the political spectrum there is Fox, which finds not just Ghaddafi but the whole Muslim world to be just so fanatically and conspiratorially inclined. Are we to lock up Hillary, cheek-to-jowl with Glen and Bill, Sean and Shepherd, as hopeless conspiracy theorists, and be done with the whole affair?

Ah, but branded with infamy or mock-pity as paranoid, as bulge-eyed conspiracy-theorist, are any who would be so ”out of touch” as to question so humane, pious (“they are in our prayers”), and globe-defending a group-of-souls as Hillary, Barak, Harry, Nancy and the gang. These hot-blooded zealots who know which witches to burn, so that all we need do is follow them with blind zeal, in order to be delivered from all fear.

”My old friends” (to quote the song) John and Robert Kennedy, lighthearted, world-peace- and international-justice-loving denizens of a happier yesteryear—so soon to be succeeded by a secretive, tight-lipped Johnson, and the vaudeville of Reagan, and the droning “let me make it perfectly clear” of Nixon and Barack—where have you and your like gone for so long?

February 25, 2011: Is a head of state really obliged to capitulate to every mob? Even if, with epic social-media piety, they spend all their spare time on twitter? Even if they wave flags around that say “freedom” and “democracy”? Is this not the death of the state, and perhaps even its replacement by a sort of hippy pad, or yet again, by another dictator who will make Ghaddafi look like a Peace Corps Worker? Barbary Coaster inhabitants, beware: the friendship of Bluebeard is to be feared, not sought.

The biggest, meanest, grizzliest pirate of them all knows how to make petty fishermen scraping the waves in tiny rowboats and skiffs—bowing and scraping, calling obligingly to him across the waves, for the mere privilege of fishing the seas, and remaining alive to talk about it—he can make them look very bad indeed when he wants, and the rough-and-ready Ghaddafi is no exception. Enter then twitter-arbitrated chaos, and the rest is easy, and earlier skimpy “evidence” against all these “poachers” can be filled out in style, as much as the polemical traffic will bear. When Bluebeard has “had enough” of the irritating sight of some “repulsive” native, bobbing around on the tide. Would we lowly and disloyal critics assail something so Bluebeard-sacrosanct as Ghaddafi’s “ordering of the Lockerby bombing”? Supported by evidence said by contemporaries close at hand to have been so skimpy as to be not only transparent but nearly invisible? Indeed we would. But “not to worry”, because an ever-assiduous Bluebird can find fright-transfixed former officials who will vouch for anything at all, as long as they aren’t next in line for the Saddam-style noose just now being fashioned in the bloody Mariner’s inimitable glowering way.

Actually, there is something after the manner of the death of the state in this loudly-demanded capitulation of its head, simply because all-of-a-sudden some people want him to go. Who wants him to go? I heard what must have been a deafening roar, from the huge crowd that supports him, there in Tripoli, staggering decibels which CNN and Fox somehow could not digitally erase, try as they might. Libyans might ask themselves what they will have left, when they throw their country open to the chaotic refashioning that promises to ensue, when Big Brother Bluebeard has his inevitable free hand there once again. That USA which is suddenly self-righteous and sanctimonious over street violence in the Middle East, but which is fast becoming the pre-natal/post-natal baby-killer of all times. With Libya being claimed by Western powers to have been formed out of scattered tribes out on the sand dunes: the implication being that such an assembly of people doesn’t pass muster as a state at all, except according to the ever-expropriating, morally-revolutionary Western will. Myself, I would rather see Libya take a stand, and put the life of the nation before anything else.

Indeed this is the one thing that hasn’t been established yet, a claim that has allegedly become a universally-accepted “given”: this supposed “duty” of a head-of-state to instantly bow to any mob, after it gets to a certain size. I certainly never heard of such a claim before the last few weeks. Thus for one thing today’s noisy, wildly-dancing Libyan (?) groups—how genuinely—and not bit-mapped—large in size, no one really knows—which hold up signs which bluntly play on American fears about the choking off of Libyan crude oil. Indeed, what you see in front of you on TV is the media making news and no longer just reporting it: since there is an avalanche or domino effect to news reporting, with the actions or collective-decisions of popular groups being readily formed by such intangibles as anticipations, emotions, hopes, all of which are highly manipulable by Aljizera, CNN or Fox. While the same ethereal dynamisms are plainly at play with “admissions” by ex-Libyan officials—from only one of whom however we in the public have actually heard—allegedly officers or cabinet-members who knew—perhaps using the ever-present media as their gauge—when most expeditiously to jump ship. Meanwhile, we watched with breath-bated anticipation while “refugees” from “the violence in Tripoli” came down the gang-plank of the much-awaited ferry, only to tell us anti-climactically—not of terrible scenes in the streets—but of “hearing some gunfire at night downtown, but not out in the residential suburbs where we were”—shots which of course could have been from these very hysterical demonstrators themselves, who can’t seem to sit still for 30 seconds without firing off a round or two, in sheer riot of adrenaline rush. Indeed, you see something similar in giddy and celebratory Mexicans, recently arrived, who come up here to take our jobs, and not a few of whom with their first paycheck or three take every opportunity to act like hooting and hollering boom-town bonanza-prospectors, come to town for a rollicking binge. In either case it’s all “good copy”, but means very little in substance—certainly in nester-baby or state-making constitutional legitimacy—at all.

No doubt Bluebeard will get the civil war, the hangings, the “War crimes tribunal” which, as usual, he eagerly anticipates in all of this, but it will be at least a decade before anyone finds out how it all really came about, or how much genuine, premeditated “genocide” or “state crime” was actually involved.

February 24, 2011: The overpowering fifth dimension in expanding global unrest: the fivefold-sovereign-externality of the media, global finance, black-ops, twitter and the multinational-corporate foundation.

The only possible way nations can deal intelligently with issues like internal upheaval is by maintaining the sovereign authority of the state, which then deals with these entirely as domestic matters, and nothing more. But this is the first thing to go out the window today, or rather, this sovereign self-possession is the first thing that went out the window a long time ago. Rather facing the commonweal today—augmenting the already-near-all-determining, radical-ideology-driven, insider-agenda-setting power of global finance—is a formidable coalition of an effortlessly-controlled media and those (often-denied but in fact yawningly-familiar) secretive organizations which invest states from the inside, or overpower them from without. With this investment or infestation—brutal enough in itself—more recently joined by the utterly unpredictable, chaos-pregnant phenomenon of the social media: said to include “blogs”, but actually much more a matter of the endless gab of Twitter, skillfully maneuvered down the rampaging torrent of a plastic, manipulable youthful/public mind. Of they who today are only appendages of an Orwellian Group-Speak will. Youths today dazzled, transfixed by spectacular antics of a highly-celebrated special-ops—doers-of-grizzly-deeds always from “world community”-dominant countries of the USA, England or Israel—“doing their (bloody) thing” in such a way as in almost every case to be completely unidentified, and inevitably sheltered from any consequence or blame. While joined to this, in an equal if entirely-divergent sort of formidability—as a Wolf-Blitzer media drones sanctimoniously on—are often equally insidious and invasive, deliriously-“free enterprise” corporate foundations, which provide a kind of nesting place for profession or fresh-out-of-college radicals of every stripe. “In like Flynn” geo-corporate-connected folks who readily gain access to the highest places in the critical pulsing organism, the institutional interface of the local, often underdeveloped state, or failing that, are ready “in a heartbeat” to insidiously aid in its overthrow, finding ways to arm rebels that can appear seemingly out of nowhere. These foundations—always of the most cloyingly-benign-sounding names—like “freedom foundation”, or “Valley Forge”, or the “Open Society”, and so on—being of staggering influence in every nation on the globe, including the USA, doing their morally-high-handed thing in a way allegedly immaculate and benign. These latter seldom-considered or stealthy-and-unseen, world-embracing externalities, again, joined by the much-celebrated social media, with the latter doing their borderless, globally-participated thing in a “freedom”-championing manner largely beyond interdiction, and likewise beyond effective moral reproach. So that with the tight-knit tandem operation of these alien but basically-insuperable forces upon the highly-vulnerable modern state do we have a Gordian Knot of the toughest and most intractable kind, to be feverishly hacked-upon by the dull sword of a dolefully-outclassed and out-maneuvered modern authority, and this with utterly futile result.

The media, Obama and most other Western leaders would lead us to believe that this is all grand and good—another deliriously-greeted new species of that likewise-allegedly-unassailable modern value, progress—but I myself believe that the whole fivefold (when we include a sky-darkening global finance) reality, amounting together to a bewilderingly-complex sort of external aggression, is gravely unnatural, representing something completely beyond human capacity with which to deal. That this five-faceted enigma is bound to have consequences impossible to predict in terms of any good or positive outcomes, but easy-enough to predict as to degrees of whirlwind change, and rises-in-stature of dictatorial people deftly placed, together with a host of others of noted familiar grizzly skills. While if all these remorseless plans come to naught, which they might indeed do, then there are vast agitated masses waiting-in-the-wings, utterly unqualified and totally untrained. Indeed, millennia ago, it was to avoid this kind of bloody, spontaneous, chaos-bearing democracy that the state went from organizing itself simply as the tribal moot—or whole-population assembly—to the pyramiding of the commonweal into specialized functions and positions of power. This new and ominous fifth dimension thus easily representing an “advanced, high-tech” route to anarchy, lawlessness, and ultimately the most backward sort of violent, caveman-like, anti-social life, or, depending how things go, the most totalitarian, Stalinesque sort of rigid control. For questionable amounts of constructive merit are likely to come out of such upheavals, given the multiple sovereignty-emasculating dynamisms noted here. Here being indeed a culminating outcome of the dethroning of the law of God as the sole valid source of all law, to be replaced by a bald “will of the people” or the mob—or the rule of some towering fiend—it makes little difference in the end—to decide upon everything. To put “everything on the table”, ultimately, inevitably in the most grizzly and tumultuous, perverted and passion-driven way, rather than simply to administer, in age-old neighborly fashion, what men already for millennia know is either right or wrong. Such a mob, such a Group-Speak Fuehrer, being thus unleashed to abrogate not only the law of the Ten Commandments, but ultimately even to erase the natural law written on the human heart and rational mind.

Here again is seen stunning confirmation of convictions upheld during this Crusade, and why we put forward the Frankpledge/distributive political system as the only one that works, while also championing the final embrace of Catholic Faith and political institutions. These being the only answers to the black, bottomless, externally-unleashed and “-managed” chaos—from Wisconsin to Egypt and beyond—which now threatens to engulf the entire globe.

February 23, 2011: Perverts clears legal hurdles for other perverts. Company of deicides is well rewarded on this earth, but not in the next.

Obama’s Justice Department announcement, refusing to enforce legislation against sodomy-marriage, comes as no surprise. Meanwhile, he obviously classes himself with honorable men like Bob and John Kennedy, real men who abominate him from their Heavenly, martyrdom-earned home. But “yet a little while and you will see him no more”, to adapt a biblical quotation, as God will not sit idly by and watch this White House fiend blank-facedly destroy the moral fabric of this land. God will need no gunman to do this thing, but has a thousand ways to bring a fiend and a felon before His judgment throne, with no help from mortal man at all.

Most of these high-profile killers like Loughner, and undoubtedly the group from Wichita, Kansas, the one that does these foul things at the funerals of military KIAs, most of these groups—like the one who killed “Tiller the killer”—are Messianic Jews, intending to cast discredit upon Christians by their violent, nihilistic deeds. Christians hate to take the role of a grim reaper, but Jews have no problem with this at all, especially if they can deflect the blame upon the followers of Christ. These same “Messianic Jews” also call Jesus “Jeschu”, and vociferously claim that this is the true Hebrew word for Jesus, when it is in fact the Talmudic code-language acronym for “may his name and memory be forever blotted out”. Plainly, these people hate Christ, Christians and Christianity, and no doubt Loughner, his dirty Christianity-slandering deed done, will go in one door of the prison and out the back way. Or be the subject of a unconvincing show-time execution as was Timothy McVeigh.

But in the end, God will have His way. And although “Christians” are well rewarded who make close comrades to, who form unbreakable leagues with, the murderers of Our Blessed Lord—and are today indeed given highest places in “the church” itself for such shameful things—yet, as a good friend back home used to say, “it will all come out in the wash”.

February 23, 2011: Article amplified. CNN the world false-propaganda headquarters of managed revolution. These are the apostles of hate, not we who report what they do.

Once again we hear the same sorts of hysterical yarns, of the global revolution managers, like this “Libyan national” and her tales of the equivalent of babies being bayoneted, this time by Ghaddafi: thus reproducing almost word-for-word the old First Iraq War saga, later found to have been fabricated by the daughter of some bitter opposition figure, opposed to Saddam Hussein. This newest lady was much like the guy spoken of in an article below, of last night and the night before, filling Anderson Cooper’s gullible ear, both of these “Libyans” continually repeating obvious Yankee colloquial turns-of-phrase, in between contrived-North-African shrieks, head-shakings and moans. Do Americans never tire of all this baloney? Beyond any doubt in my own mind, these are your typically Manhattan-Jewish plants or “helpers”, who assist Israel, and more-specifically, the Mossad, in their global-dominion schemes, this through the systematic use of inflammatory false-information. For the rogue state on the Mediterranean will not be satisfied until American military might has secured the entire region under their complete ownership and control: in a tale of surrogate-aggression basically as old as the USA itself, as I am ashamed to say. And it is because I love this land in which I was born that I have added to my (new and revised) Platform the establishment of a “mandatory death penalty for any in government, media or business who with malice of forethought and in any serious way plot, mislead or agitate toward unjust or aggressive war. With a special permanent government committee to be established in order to laboriously investigate any allegations or suspicions of this kind.”

Obviously, there are big stakes here for somebody, to go through all this trouble, to make certain people look so bad. How much can we actually believe? While we should also consider that this phenomenon of twitter or face-book is an utterly-unprecedented novelty: with the ability to gather forces together instantaneously, like a swollen stream in flood. The power of roiling mobs to basically dictate their collective will to the government of any land. Is it wrong for a state to militarily resist, if necessary to violently put down, such a new sort of quasi-insurrection? Surely, it hardly seems unreasonable, although the entire subject is all uncharted ground. At best equally reprehensible to either condemn or condone. But what is plainly being advanced by the ever-breathless media is the utterly-unprecedented absolute right of an emotionally-agitated group of people who are “wired in” to the latest digital devices, to produce a so-called “democracy” in a spontaneous, indeed a chaotic sort of way.

February 23, 2011: Article somewhat expanded again. Popular discontent in Middle East quickly and covertly adapted to a Yankee/Jewish “elimination” of “old enemies”. Chaotic, bitterly-nihilistic global political and economic upheaval presently unfolding is immediately-preliminary to the singularly-pacific moral, spiritual and sociopolitical reign of the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, to the mild rule of He Who will calm the raging waters with His eternal “be still”, will bring peace to terrified souls with His “do not fear: it is I”. Some thoughts on unionism vis-à-vis stark visions of ‘60s radicalism in Madison, where the ever-radical NEA casts its decades-old dark shadow. “Sweetheart contract”, the new Fox buzzword.

Back in the late ‘60s when I was a very young man, young people who were struggling to be good, against an already-prevalent atmosphere of media-and-educator-endorsed moral-seduction, were likely-enough, believe it or not, to be called “pigs” by contemporary radicals. The same sorts of agitators now so well represented by those teachers who presently bask in media limelight in Madison. A name I myself was once indeed called by a young woman I passed on the sidewalk, seated on a stoop in front of an apartment: a scantily-clad girl whom I necessarily passed close enough to to reach out and touch, but with whom I refused to exchange lewd looks. I guess I must have reminded her of a policeman, to have earned such an epithet: those men-in-blue who were frequently insulted with that very word in those halcyon “freedom loving” days. Whatever happened to these radicals? Articles were destined to appear, as if at a pre-arranged signal, telling us that they had all suddenly become “yuppies”, that they had lost all interest in radical causes. However, my own hypothesis is that the bulk of the worst of the radicals of those days became teachers, and were destined, by dint of an unfair system-of-tenure and seniority, to form the educational philosophy of our schools and colleges, to people the vast bureaucracies of the NEA and state and local school superintendencies. Positions from which these radicals, now fully in charge on their own very hyper-consequential turf, would quietly see to the moral corruption and radicalization of American students for decades, until this very day.

As a result of their unrestrained, unprecedented control of the educational process, these institutionally-self-reproducing radicals have achieved an indirect but total control of the government, of the media/political arena: since obviously-enough to get anywhere at all in these leadership fields you must have “passed inspection” in some way or form by these all-deciding figures of the educational world. A veritable Chinese thought police who encompassed a genuine brainwash upon our children in the schools, and who over decades ceaselessly reproduce their likeness, as seen so vividly in all these “wonderful teachers” such as display all their petulant unrest up there in Madison for all to see. While it is interesting, furthermore, the way agitators in Wisconsin find pizzas being delivered to them by folks in Egypt, or so the news-stations would have us believe: with this development suggesting to this writer the inevitable international-game-plan-character of today’s agenda-of-unrest, that global blueprint the uncovering of which indeed forms much of the thesis on this site. Much as in First, Second and Third Internationals of Soviet (read here Jewish-radical) lore. For even if the democracy-movements of the Middle East may indeed have started out good, which I think they did, yet nevertheless the globally-dominant biblical “enemies of mankind” are notorious for “knowing a good thing when they see one”, and twisting it, notably through cunning use of black-ops forces and other agents provocateurs, into something entirely different from what it first was. These astute brokers who assiduously invest every effort of humankind, who “monetize” and “corporatize” it into some sort of cash-cow or power-pump for their own totalitarian designs. Thus too the indubitable significance of this “Libyan” on CNN, being interviewed repeatedly by Anderson Cooper, a guy who for all the world looks and sounds like a Jew from the Bronx or the Lower East Side, with a hastily-adopted North-African accent poorly applied, and an occasional G-spitting New Yorker colloquialism glaringly evident.

Hence does it seem that at the very least our old “enemies” like Khaddafi are being “eliminated”, after the very manner of a Saddam Hussein who, despite all the howls and screams of his enemies in the Jewish, Anglo-American and media worlds, as well as among certain Shiites and Kurds, was overwhelmingly loved by the Iraqi people. And lavished the wealth of the state upon them in a prodigal way. Just as scant numbers caught on camera, when panning over some street or square in Libya, tell us basically the same tale. Oh, of course, they haven’t had a chance yet to digitally patch together enough “wildly-demonstrating crowds”: of course separating them carefully, perhaps with some new image-transfer program, from obvious landmarks in Tahrir Square. As when they finally mastered the repeatedly-bungled con-job-image in Baghdad: you know, the famous “photo” of a “vast crowd” pulling down the statute of the Iraqi chief, a picture which changed over the months, which at first had the rope or chain involved pulling the wrong way. And earliest pictures of which are said to have betrayed the American jeep that actually did the job. Oh, spec-4 Johnny down at Fort Huachuca, you can do better than that.

But you know, dear reader, who perhaps visit this very site frequently, that we at the Frankpledge Party and Anti-Sodomy Crusade have a thunderous Catholic answer to this nihilist/globalist agenda, an answer that will address present catastrophic wrongs in Church, state and society at large. Indeed, the more these biblically-identified “enemies of mankind” spread their agenda-of-despair abroad—like an oil-slick over a choppy sea—they are only doing the initial pioneer-work for the Catholic/Gospel Way. These cunning souls who destroy all good things in their path, as heart-rending as it is—and as little as we Catholics wish it to happen in this terrible way—are ultimately only reducing to nothingness any covens under which men may hide from the goodness and mercy of God. Having for one thing in this way demonstrated for all mankind the eternal, towering malice of the Crucifixion, a deicide which indeed isn’t satisfied with having executed the God-man, but must destroy all His (non-Jewish) human children, thought of as less than human, as well. So that from the “violent storm” which broke at the moment of His death there come forth still thunder-bursts of divine prodigality, as all humanity is subsumed into His Sacrifice, His Love. Murmuring to Him, each from his own blood-stained cross, “remember me, Lord, when you come into your Kingdom”. And thus, in love, becoming one humanity under God, bound together by indissoluble cords of His Church, of her Sacraments and unitary and compassionate sociopolitical philosophy and institutions. Forever free at last from the “dog eat dog” of the Judeo/Anglo/capitalist/collectivist world.

Indeed in a veritable study-in-chaotic-parallels in Madison we see all this middle-school-level “show and tell” by teachers, vividly illustrating origins of less-boasted-of wrongs, drawing in broad strokes the source of notoriously violent student playground or classroom behavior of today. (Note of 12/16/11: with growing numbers of these little Johnnies and Janes growing up to become bizarre-crime homicides or nonchalant “hazing” murderers, “cool” or ghoul-mannered figures who now increasingly rock the nightly news). With the noted juvenile school-bus, schoolyard and schoolroom chaos likewise coming out in lurid details just as often. From kids who “learned” from “teachers” who engage, before the white-board, in various kinds of Pavlov’s dog behavior-modification regimens, in bouts of blunt or subliminal mind-control, in the categorization of good—let alone pious—student behavior as somehow deranged or even dangerous. While TV holds up its end of such a “deal” for our kids, wearing a similar mental-habit-ridden groove of a fascination with violence, rebellion and sex in young minds: a modern mental saturation phenomenon first tested in Maoist and Stalinist Russia, as well as in concentration camps like Pitesti in Romania around 1950, when the finest of young men were systematically turned into cold-blooded sodomite agents of a radical-communist state. Teachers who, as their union president brazenly admitted today on Fox TV, demand not only to arbitrate their own benefits package, but also and even more importantly to determine the type of education the students receive. Thus imperially bypassing the Wisconsin legislature entirely, in effect dictatorially imposing the radical educational philosophy of a synagogue-ideology-driven NEA, a mere few of whose many grotesque features are suggested above. That body, and others like it, which determine the entire teacher-training program which prevails in unanimously-avant-garde teacher’s colleges today.

Here then, at last unmasked, is the real if hidden reason why sodomy is being so relentlessly pushed in school at all levels: not at all by the popular will as expressed by an un-coerced legislature, but by this tiny percentage of educational elitists, who, like all modern liberal-radicals, plainly regard themselves as far above, as “not like the rest of men”. Gaining their objective by pandering favoritism, by towering dictation, by “labor negotiation”, or failing all that, by every hook or crook, blackmail or extortion, known to man.

Plainly, none of this is going to improve the position of teachers, but will extinct labor or professional unions of every kind. In a regimen calculated to produce a population without morals or character—one thus easily controlled—classed as Talmud-execrated goim sub-humans, and trained to be exactly that. It will all be lords and masters, when all these neo-cons, liberals and “libertarians” get done, each doing his own brand of “done deal”. And it is only Catholic sociopolitical doctrine which can save us from what is inexorably to come if all this continues. Since it is only the One True Church which truly knows the depth of the cunning of—which is equipped and motivated to fight—these biblically-identified Jewish “enemies of mankind”, determined foes of any true and legitimate state, or social movement.

Thus too are we able to perceive the way the crusade for racial justice initiated by the Kennedys—to which both brothers gave their lives—was subverted by the ever-deceptive Johnson into a bandwagon for radicals of every stripe. Very soon the decent movement of John and Robert, Martin and Malcolm was destined to be overloaded with trappings of “free speech” and “free love” which would degrade this and other related popular groundswells into gurgling cesspools of vice. And the idea of racial equality would be demoted to some notion of forcing everyone to be together all the time. To listen to one another’s music, to reciprocally impose the brunt of rude manners, and for ethnic-White neighborhoods to be invaded by Blacks with a grudge on their backs, guys who back home in Joliet, in the first year or so of the “block-buster” invasion, blew the local grocer’s head off his shoulders with a shot-gun. In a neighborhood where previously the worst thing likely to happen would have been little Johnny playing hooky from school. The same school, indeed, which was just across the corner from the noted blood-sodden grocery store.

But if true racial justice were observed—which is essentially economic and political in nature—then there would be little need for legislation or court-rulings to mass-integrate students, or anyone else. If the Black, Indian or the Mexican were given equal protection under the law in every regard, instead of being ceaselessly humiliated, rendered vulnerable, chained by brass bonds of “integration” to every standard, undying, Fox-league good-ole-boy convention:—were such legally-spelled-out enablers and escape-routes established in well-deserved foundations of stone, then racial minorities would quickly be found building their own empires, would be commanding respect on the basis of concrete dealings among equals. No longer bound and gagged to every sort of politely-maintained travesty or injustice, to a yawningly-familiar double-talking White-supremacy shuffle which is the real, maddening and abiding problem from the word go. The inevitable ambiance of the racial malaise, this mockery of a sanctimoniously-enjoined “mutual toleration” being a trap full of an inescapable boorish dominant-White-race “humor”, a taunting juvenile cant which has proven so pervasive and intractable in the USA: its removal found over decades to be as impossible as the biblically “separate the fool from his folly”. Who in the world wants to be integrated with the likes of that? That all-points integration—except with respect to poverty and abuse, unemployment and disease—which would ultimately prove to be the real legacy of Johnson and his gang of radicals, whose revenue-hungry agenda would be the looting of Social Security and later sodomy and abortion on demand. This tangled jungle of injustices rather finally giving place to myriads of independent Black entrepreneurs and contractors, with families in pleasant, orderly and micro-locally-ruled neighborhoods. Places where genuine Black culture would be sedulously, lovingly preserved, developed. Men who will have painstakingly built up a vigorous trade—inspired by the memory of local black trailblazers of decades ago, fated to be driven out of business wholesale under a Reagan-to-Bush deregulation mania which would economically invade the black world like a swarm of locusts. Black businessmen of every kind from the eighties onward loosing out catastrophically to well-connected, corporate-financed Whites, right on their own turf, now once again, to staggering local bewilderment, become khanates of racist power. While the final nail in the coffin of Black liberty would be the criminally-misnamed Eminent Domain ruling of around 1990, that neo-con coup which crassly borrowed the old common law term—applied basically for centuries to rare remunerated confiscations of private land strictly for urgent public use—now used as a label for the seizure of one private-citizen’s property to give it to another “more likely to use it in an economically-advantageous manner”, or words to that effect. All the above bearing out as nothing else could the degree to which the tyrants of NEA and of the neo-con world meet somewhere on the dark side of the moon to divide the pie that rightfully belongs to all. With the artificial imperatives of racial integration being a cornucopia of advantages to a power-see-sawing left and right, compared to racial justice properly enforced and understood.

In another matter having to do with unions, linguistic word-twisting is no new thing at Fox, and they prove it conclusively by their warped use of this nefarious term, “sweetheart contracts”: a semantic gem originated in the early labor-organizing days of the 30s, 40s and 50s. Prior to which unions were almost entirely limited to the skilled crafts, and labor was expected to “shut up and bend your backs”. These notorious contracts being negotiated by crooked union officials in perverse liaison with crooked management: and this always in order to defraud labor, not, as Fox would imply, to empower it. And as for those workers and honest union officials who stood against these felonious agreements, courageous men who represented the overwhelming majority of blue-collar guys: these fine men might easily be shot dead, or thrown down a flight of stairs, right after a union meeting, or be beaten to the loss of most of their teeth, or the breaking of most of their ribs, or have their wives and families terrorized while they were at work (Robert Kennedy, The Enemy Within, 1960). (One guy’s wife ended up in the mental hospital after such a regimen, apparently never to reemerge). Sterling figures who resisted all the wage-reducing, output-quota-increasing, working-conditions brutalizing “done deals” concluded by thugs like Hoffa, Beck and their innumerable muscle-bound associates, who took over unions by such very means. These partners representing labor in these deals, and management being represented by an overwhelmingly-Jewish mega-commercial establishment. And furthermore, the term “sweetheart” no doubt also, if less admittedly, referred to the fact that many of those most involved in these “deals” were sodomites—does this ring any bells?—and had all kinds of other reason for being chummy with one another, entirely at the expense of the struggling working man. My own father was roughed up by one of these goons in the person of a crooked union official, in the steel mill back at home, where he was a grievance committeeman noted for his ceaseless concern—not for greasing high-level egos—but for the good of the “man out on the floor”.

But there was indeed a drastic change in tactics sometime in the sixties, when all these baboons at all levels realized that they weren’t “getting good press” over their infamous deeds: particularly as uncovered by the heroic John and Robert Kennedy, at the Senate Select Committee on labor/management racketeering, men so soon to give their lives for their unflinching love of country and pursuit of justice in all regards. So that the “smart play” of noted con-men was to favor unions making exorbitant demands. Had all these “sweethearts” suddenly had a change of heart, evincing an overflowing concern for the worker and his kids? Not on your life. Rather was the idea to make the whole idea of labor or other unions—on the part of people who had never been unionism’s friend— appear to be socialistic, anarchic, unreasonable in rank-and-file demands. Hence did these crooks—using an overwhelming position of advantage already gained in unions far and wide—push for raises in pay and benefits that were absolutely astronomical. While to stand against such a frothy tide of freebees—as I remember from my own copper-industry laboring days—was to attract a sort of orchestrated scorn, likely-enough from both “labor” and management; perhaps even to finds oneself “bumped” from the seniority list, and so on. Thus too those carpenters who in 1970 in Joliet, IL stuck at a local hospital, with a new wing just then under construction, for an unprecedented three dollar an hour raise, by this act of bald extortion becoming by far the highest-paid in the land, but not for long. Or the cement-finisher who got paid during the thirty hours that the cement-laborers worked—while he sat and smoked cigarettes (or things worse)—after which he nicely screeded (ran a two-by-four across) the concrete’s surface for fifteen minutes, and collects a staggering thirty hours pay for such little time. Or indeed in my own case, perhaps mentioned elsewhere in these volumes, with three or four women sitting on a bench, for a double-shift at double-time pay, while I did the grueling work of a slag launderer, wielding a hundred-pound long pike, and air lance, a sledge-hammer, sometimes perilously close to the lip of which slag-chute where the worker must stand, under which was the boiling copper-bucket, full of molten metal, about fifteen-feet deep. (One guy fell in once, some years back, and his “mortal remains” were comprised of a large puff of smoke.)  Women who under current labor-law had to be allowed to “do” all the jobs at the smelter and mine, even if they were obviously unable, or patently unwilling to even try. The chief immediate or apparent consequences of which marathon-of-partiality were (1) to drive industry away from our shores, (2) to encourage the illegal immigration of workers willing to take lower pay, and (3) to consolidate business into mega-corporate size, driving the consumer-friendly “little guy” out of business: since most owners obviously couldn’t afford to pay the mammoth union wages or provide the bulging package-of-benefits that newly-extravagant unions negotiated in their draconian way. All this taking place in much the same way as under the “worker-friendly” Roosevelt, also a Marrano Jew—e.g., one hidden or unacknowledged, like Kerry or Albright, like Bushes and Obama-types to come—a Roosevelt who also favored—with his vast army of “commission” and “committee” paper-shufflers in D.C.—higher pay for workers when the entire economy was scraping the bottom of the sea. Thus driving thousands of independent (read here Christian) owners out of business.

Plainly, neither approach, “liberal” or “conservative”, is actually favorable to labor—as Fox would so falsely have us believe with respect to events of recent days in Wisconsin—and furthermore the real “sweethearts” involved are exactly the same people—a generation or two later—shame-facedly hidden from view as usual—who did these perverse deals before. Thus too this Glenn Beck, who seems to be—let him correct me if I’m wrong—a descendant of that Dave Beck, from the same Washington state, who orchestrated union-wrecking activities, from the inside, in the Teamsters some fifty and sixty years ago. This Glen Beck who uses the self-same tactics as did Beck-the-Elder, who counseled calling labor-negotiators bums, slackers, fools, and otherwise treating them with deepest contempt. A tactic which Beck-the-Younger takes to new depths, as he employs, over nationwide media, all the peremptory tones-of-command of a sort of dog trainer, or takes to barking at his audience like the Little Corporal himself.

February 22, 2011: Marrano-Jewish characteristics of Western-Hemisphere political philosophy, indeed of New World Catholicism itself.

The genuine heroism of the European Catholic male or female—there is remarkably little difference in this regard—has traditionally been marked by the acknowledgement that real liberty permits the individual—be he a peasant or a prince—to develop morally into an uncompromising servant of God. A profound, fundamental realization that this love-of-virtue is the very basis of those political liberties which man rightly hold dear: be he Chinese, Indonesian or the companion of the Russian Bear. That this love-of-goodness is indeed and at the same time the very guarantor of liberty properly understood. This freedom which demands that men maintain this inner lodestone, as it were, which refuses to be craven, to surrender the knowledge of what is good and what is bad. What other liberty, indeed, is there, than to be able to hold by that which is good and worthy, to be able to scorn, execrate, publicly abominate, what is craven, base, vulgar, immodest, unruly? Is there any other genuine freedom to be had? Oh, indeed, to wallow in the mire, is always the “liberty” of mortal man, but it carries in its train every indenturement, every concubinage, ever grueling enslavement known to the sons of Eve. Virtue, then, graces the brow of the truly free, or they are not really free at all.

But great is the contrast of this true liberty with that which would be inculcated on Western-Hemispheric shores. For the entire colonial venture—whether of Spain or Portugal, England or Holland—with the partial heroic exception of France—would be marked by this unworthy, abominable machismo, this unbridled libertine libido, which would come to define the New World idea of freedom, of democracy. An idea carried forth on innumerable vessels of the Jewish carrying trade, conducted under the flags of all the exploring nations of Europe. Working out of Holland, Spain, Lisbon, Curacao, destined to poison the people of Argentina and New Spain, to be fostered among the Yankee followers of John Carroll, this new Christianity, this new Catholicism would glory in blood and gore, the humiliation of “lesser” races of men. It would “have no time” for “shrinking violet” virtues of purity and humility, which live and love on a plane far above the tumult of violent-passion and petty greed. No, this would rather be a brave new world Catholicism, full of the hubris of the Jews. That which would later be sprung unawares upon the Catholics of the globe at Vatican II.

As long as the genuine ideal of freedom obtains, that which is based solidly, immovably upon virtue, purity, goodness and right—as long as this is the very Constitution, as it were, of the people involved—then we needn’t fear tyranny’s frowning brow. Then will the deepest interests of the family, of the micro-local venue—perfectly epitomized in that Frankpledge advocated here—be echoed upward in structures which bolster this kind of genuine liberty, based immovably on the love of both God and man.

But instead we have gotten off on this ribald machismo, this tumultuous idea of liberty which implies individual aggrandizement, indeed even rapine. It implies this idea that to take from others is your due, if you are strong and cunning, savvy and “enterprising” enough so to do. While the apologists of this new breed of spin suggest to us further that to stand against this doughty idea is to lack manliness, character, courage, and the like. So that proceeding in bizarre and perverse fashion from this new “liberty” comes the conquest of nations, the invention of excuses for aggressive wars, the emergence of black-ops, provocateur deeds like 9/11. Engineered by biblical “enemies of man” to “make the world safe” for this new kind of liberty, this genocidal greed.

Thus then has the synagogue had its little victory once again, as in so many ages past. In a power-brokerage which then adroitly picks up the pieces, divides and rules. After we have thus dishonored ourselves til we can no longer look in the mirror. Becoming fit slaves, craven and fearful, strangers to that purity of heart, mind and soul—that gentle “bearing one another’s burdens”—that Christian legacy which makes men truly bold and free.

I myself will always trust this instinct to be good—planted in the soul of man by Almighty God—as the guarantor of true liberty, as the bond of a true friend, be he a Muslim, a Sikh, a Hindu or a Shinto. I will build on this as the foundation of world peace, justice and freedom, as the basis of any and all alliances. While I will by the grace of God ever disown this Western-Hemispheric idea of liberty as ribald vice and lust. That which would finally invade Europe as well, in a perverted sort of retro-trade. A perversity which now threatens South Asia, China and the Middle East as well. To tread underfoot masses of pious Muslim with whom I may in some matters disagree, but whom I love, admire and respect beyond any degree.

February 22, 2011: Catholic Militancy, the missing ingredient at a “nice-guy” EWTN, in a post-Vatican-II “odd new church”.

But they aren’t so “nice” to a working man or woman, who were they to dare to employ all the Scot-Hahnian-urged habits of habitual mental-prayer would last about five minutes on the job at the local 7/11 or Wal-Mart store. But the fact that a deeply-devout fellow could easily have been a dock-worker at some shipping department in some steel-mill before the “Council to end all councils” came about, but today is no more: well, that’s just “the breaks of the game” to these squeaky-clean, upper-middle-class paragons that grace this epic-“Catholic” TV show.

”Welcome home” is the logo of this “Catholic” TV corporate venture, and indeed it almost fills the bill: since the word is out to all the Marrano Jews who populate New Church positions-of-importance that the new agenda is to approximate as much as possible the Old Faith, the Old Way. Without however giving up any of the prodigious liberal-establishment New Church gains. Oh, its all right to insist on the right of comfortable upper-and-middle-class Catholics to tell their beads, to insist on certain programming for their children on TV: but they must never be allowed to evince all the old stodgy Catholic virility of days-gone-by. Of those ancestors of ours, over whom their children and grandchildren still laugh up their sleeves, they who knew that “the kingdom of Heaven suffereth violence and only the violent bear it away”. They who knew that unless that very same kingdom is permitted to rule the ship of state as well—and why not?—that all will ultimately be lost. That Christ demands to be Lord not only of an hour of our time on Sunday—let alone of a couple of hours of “prayer-meeting” time on Wednesday night—but Lord as well of all governments, armies, customs, economies. That He will Christianize, Catholicize all things on this earth—“behold, I make all things new”—or else He will “spew out of His mouth” those who would delimit His sovereign and divine reign.

Furthermore, it is an insufferable blasphemy to suggest that the eternal Fiend would have been allowed to gain such overwhelming control of the Church for thirty years after Vatican II—an abject defeat such as is indeed openly admitted at EWTN—and would then be “vanquished” by this anemic effort at this station, and elsewhere in New Church today. This New Ordo effort which is basically, cravenly state-worshipping in nature, far more than Catholic in design. For this is the position the Jews require—who down through the ages have so often controlled governments, armies and economies—this the abject servitude imposed whenever possible on the Church, with saccharin devotion taking the place of manly, forthright deeds. For indeed devotion must always be thus despised, if it shrinks from those sometimes inarticulate, unlettered, rough-and-ready confessions which are never “ashamed of Christ before men”. A ready witness—expressed in fearless social, economic and political terms—such as was so forcefully endorsed at that last genuine council, Vatican I. And with generations of courageous men and women—like my own mother and father—fated to be humiliated and disowned by their own children, myself in some ways included. Simply for having been so forthright, for having demonstrated in every cultural nuance the influence of Catholic Faith. Of the Falja na Isus i Maria at the door, of the grave comportment, the modesty of dress, the recollected manner, such as these comfortable figures on EWTN so poorly reproduce. And so gratuitously credit themselves to possess.

But I expect that EWTN, having read these words, will come up with yet-more excuses for the abject non-militancy which it so cravenly displays, in service to the Jewish masters which it so cravenly serves. Even if it does do a certain amount of good, on a certain politically-correct plane. And this is why God is passing the torch on to “a new generation”, to those of Asia, Africa, Russia and China who will know how to carry this divine torch high. Who will not devote themselves to fighting venal, merciless, drone-bomb-ridden Jewish wars, who won’t know how not to “rock the boat”. While in our opinion here, it is these craven American and Western-European Catholics who will perish in the coming punishment, among that two-thirds of humanity that will die, as prophesied so many times. And their places in the Church will be filled by virile, humble people who positively scorn such cowardly behavior, who don’t know how to put on airs. And who will know that it is a privilege to possess the One True Faith, not a mark of personal distinction, to be flouted over unfortunate masses of men. Whether in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq or Palestine, in Latin America or Somalia. They will be true Catholics who will utterly abominate such fiends as the abominable moral-revolutionary Sigmund Freud, so amply eulogized by the foolish Capuchin and a host of others on the noted, much-made-over, “Catholic” show.

It is for this reason that we look to Russia, in accord with the Fatima Promise, made in 1917, the very month of the Jewish/Bolshevik Revolt, to reestablish the Catholic priesthood and Sacraments, these having mostly been rendered invalid by earth-shaking, vitiating, Sacramental-form-abandoning “reforms” after Vatican II. A non-validity indeed prophesied by Anne Katherine Emmerich, in her vision of an “odd new church” in whose basement “they were baking bread, but it would not rise”. And as she went on to say, to paraphrase, “the devout thought they were receiving Holy Communion, but alas, it was only bread”. The lack of which ancient validity is why vaunted, facile emotion plays such a big role on the noted TV show, and in pews around the globe. Hence do we look to this zany John-Carroll-established American Catholicism—quickly and by-express-design become the flagship of the post-Vatican-II “reform”—to be a happily-forgotten memory of the past. To be succeeded by the virile flocks of genuine Catholics of old, if speaking in new accents and patois, if honoring God “with their whole heart and soul”, in devotion manifested strikingly upon new facial features, with a renewed and courageous love untold.

February 18, 2011: Sweeping changes anticipated here go well beyond present noisy debate.

We hear Democrats and Republicans bickering over budgets, over who cheated whom, over whether Wall Street should be further restricted or further unchained, but what we envision here goes into another dimension entirely, into a complete revamping of the commonweal, into a banishing of Wall Street into non-existence where it belongs. Hence if I am ever elected to the presidency, or in some other yet-more-direct way brought to the helm, I will consider it my mandate to set up a sweeping transitional configuration more-or-less after the fashion of that described in chapters five and six of my Integral Catholicism, readable for free at a link on this site. After which a whole new—yet solid and immemorial—concept of the state would be inaugurated in an entirely democratic way.

We don’t mince our words in predicting that terrible things are in the offing, in this land so long under the dominion of synagogue “enemies of mankind”, nor that the only answer to these disasters is the enthronement of the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary as King and Queen of the American federated state. Christianity, rather than present-day pan-anti-life, sodomy-ridden Jewish secular democracy, needs to be established as our official religion. This perhaps initially in a generic way, but ultimately, as events will inevitably require, in the final declaration of Catholicism—or integral Christianity—as the religion of this land. This soil long ago having been consecrated to Our Blessed Lady by the French, in their claiming of “all the lands which drain” into the Mississippi, or rather “the River of the Immaculate Conception”, for the Catholic Faith.

Thus must be met today’s ultimate challenge of the synagogue against the One True Faith, the Sanhedrin’s age-old abominable program-of-deceit, its planned annihilation of all Christian belief. For Christ will reign, according to His words in the Our Father, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven”. And neither will God be satisfied with our mere lukewarm, divided loyalty, but will have all our allegiances pyramided under the sovereignty of God. He Who Is the sole source of valid law, the rich fountainhead of our honorable and legitimate customs, culture, Civilization, our local, regional and national ways-of-life. Only in this way will we be saved from the dire fate which presently looms over our race.

I announce all this not only for the greater honor and glory of God but also because in the end it is the only thing that will work. Just wait and see; but don’t wait too long, as this will be to prolong the agony which presently prevails.

February 17, 2011: The Talmud unmasked, a decisive reality of political life.

There is an excellent commentary on the Talmud, written in the 1890s by a Russian Roman-Catholic priest who would later be “eliminated” by the Jewish Bolsheviks. Although broadly condemned in many circles since it first appeared—indeed, in that worst manner of condemnation possible, the notorious conspiracy of silence—this work provides us with the utterly indispensable key to understanding the real message of the Jewish hate-book, by translating for us the various code-names that are used within. Names which vary wildly, as for instance from a bland-sounding “that man” (meaning Jesus), to a Jeschu which sly modern-day “Messianic Christians” claim is the real Hebrew name for the Savior. But which is employed throughout the Talmud to mean “may his (meaning Jesus’) name and memory be blotted out”. With each letter in the innocent-sounding-name standing for a first letter in that string of blasphemous Hebrew words. That’s actually the whole key to the Talmud, in a nutshell indeed: this stringing together of blasphemies with first letters of (sometimes incredibly) foul words. Creating the unmistakable, disarming first impression of kids playing in a sandbox, making up mock insults, under the code of innocent-sounding words, to hurl at one another in follies of juvenile fun. Perhaps only a bout of some variant of “pig Latin”, to the untrained ear. And the list of applications of this casual-sounding calumny and impiety is a long one, insulting everything from the character of the saints, to the purity and integrity of Our Blessed Lady, to execrable parallels to sacraments or to churches in which we worship God.

Indeed, what we actually have in front of us, in this worthy priest’s translation of Talmudic malice, is the veritable resurrection of the putrid universe of the first century synagogue: freezing for us stunningly in time, as it were, the Gospel-recorded obduracy of the Jewish people of the day. They who would crucify their own Savior; they—even the bulk of His own followers—who were typically-enough only a breath away from mocking Him in their effeminate, head-shaking way. Insulting and belittling He Who had come to save them from their sins. While the actual practical purpose of the Talmudic code-language is to make it possible for the Jew to “keep his enemy close at hand”; to be able to appear to be the ally of the Christian, all the while preparing for him the greatest possible harm. During this post-Expulsion time the Jews consider to be their “fourth captivity”, implying here, slyly-if-incredibly, an imprisonment, a persecution, just because Christianity—the religion of their own rejected Messiah—is universally esteemed. All the while Judaism enslaves whole nations, and eagerly robs them blind. Here being an age-old-notorious, remorseless trickery for which a host of ingenious-but-self-trivializing poses and postures are likewise recommended in the execrable book: this in expanding Talmudic writings down through time, compiled by astute Jewish scholars and rabbis since the Expulsions by the Romans of the late first and early-second centuries. Indeed, the Jew is commanded—again, in the same allegedly-harmless code-language—never to sincerely compliment the Christian, nor to aid him in any practical way—unless there is some attaching advantage to be gained, to be gathered at some future treachery-fulminating time.

The problem with this kind of knowledge, regarding this kind of abject perversity—absolutely certain in its veracity—is that almost no one will believe you when you uncover such abominable malice for all to see. Hence the inevitable hysterical cry of “anti-Semitism” when facts like this are brought to light. For the common run of humanity—the synagogue-hypocrite-despised “rest of men”—just doesn’t function on that kind of craven level, and hence cannot fathom or reckon-with such hideous hatred and vice. Rather is it the entirely perverse, the sodomites and pedophiles in particular, the ghouls and sadists in general, who are most capable of even thinking on such a self-defiling plane, or imagining it to be in the realms of the real. That nadir upon which they indeed bask and wallow in the most abandoned and contented way. Thus too, because of this naturally-understandable if mortally-careless attitude of disbelief, the popular currency of signature-Jewish allegations of “conspiracy theory”, and the like, with daunting, employment-and-social-position-endangering accusations of insanity or “instability” against any who begin to perceive or uncover Jewish malice in a host of fields. A pale of “paranoia”—if the underlying deadly truth be told—under which Judaism would indeed cast the entire story of the Crucifixion, of the Deicide. Casting an aura of doubt over the Gospel narrative, this apostasy being the shameful story of an epic impenitent rejection of truth by towering synagogue figures. These phylactery-fondling bearded-ones again unmasked, as in that very distant day, uncovered over millennia as a “brood of vipers”, as hypocrites and peddlers-of-lies.

In all this too—this tale of barbarity, perversity, mendacity—is found striking testimony in recognition—as being a veritable breed unto himself—of the genuine priest, political leader or law-enforcement officer. Having taken it upon him to delve into such a perverse and wicked world, having experienced an initiation, a veritable “baptism of fire”, into the society of nether fiends and men. Having on a daily basis lived and moved in a universe—whether in Congress, “out on the beat” or behind the confessional veil—a world sometimes so vile and twisted that ordinary men can hardly bring themselves to accept it as real. It is all-too-often not a happy world, this one, of the “men of the cloth”, the gun, or the seal-of-office. While here too, by direct implication, is a vast field of consideration when it comes to a much-noised subject of democracy as well. For crusty or wild-eyed advocates like Harry or Nancy, Hillary or Obama, George I or George II, brother Jeb or John McCain, Dick Chaney or his lesbian daughter, harangue us unceasingly about liberty and the “rule of law”: but it is the sandbox world of the juvenile in which they play, when they misuse words in their clever and malicious way. Theirs being the world of coded-insults, of the Gospel “we piped for you and you didn’t dance”: for they bring us no freedom at all, but galling chains. Plying the coded-symbol world of “keeping your enemy close at hand”, so that you may slip a knife between his ribs, when he is caught off guard. The enemy being the non-Jewish citizenry, thought of, as the Talmud also consistently reveals, as less than a human being. For the notorious hate-book provides in reality a handbook on how to keep the most arrogant, hateful audacity perversely alive, how to mutually communicate in this deadly code-language, all the while one is cajoling, ingratiating oneself to the “target” nation, person or group. In reality, then, it is no childish cant or banter, but the most deadly of sociopolitical tool that ever disgraced the society of men. So that treacherous men of this kind, down through time, upon the counsel of popes and kings, have been shunned, have been kept out of public office, out of any positions of private or public trust, out of law or medicine, finance or commerce in particular. These Jews who thrive in a special way upon the astute, elaborate, insidious fomenting of unjust wars. For as the sovereign pontiffs have revealed, and as the New Testament so consistently conveys, these “enemies of mankind”—whose whole power may be capsulated in treachery, trickery, and the venal influence of money—can never be trusted, until the day when they sincerely proclaim, “blessed is He Who comes in the name of the Lord”.

February 15, 2011: Is Iran really so bad? Until international norms are applied to Jews and Israelis—whose Lower Manhattan numbers comprised some 93% of the 1917 “Russian” Bolsheviks, and whose Mossad today does clandestine deeds of every shape and size across international borders—the world will continue to be rocked by instability, by true and phony revolutions. And good leaders will continue to agonize between popular liberty and the survival of the state. And no one will know the one sort of uprising from the other until it is too late to make any difference.

Thus our hesitation to wholeheartedly endorse anything much at all that goes on in the world today, even events in Egypt. Yes, we know the Mubarek regime was bad, but at the same time we realize that he would probably have been nicely assassinated by the Mossad, the CIA or the SAS—or maybe a “good guy” coalition of the three—had he rebelliously acted any much differently. And what is being put in the place of Mubarek we can only speculate about, even as we also harbor apprehensions about what all these “wonderful young people”—bulging with I-pods and other miniscule name-mutating devices—are going to be able to do. Or know how to do.

We would like to see them put together a moderate Islamic state, so that religion—of the only sort with which they are acquainted—is officially acknowledged—as it should be here in some Christian form—and can chart a course for them away from the ribald moral-radicalism, especially the abominable sodomy-advocacy, presently being so brazenly pedaled by the AIPAC-subservient leadership of the USA. (Note of 12/16/11: Only yesterday indeed Hillary came out with the ominous proclamation—for a long time now a de facto component of U.S. morality-obliterating policy around the globe—that the USA would no longer give any aid—and no doubt if less-admittedly corner into some regime-changing war—any nation that doesn’t “respect” the “rights” of sodomites and transvestites, sex-change mutants and a host of other moral-freaks.) Quite the contrary (to the latter updating insertion), official religion is alone forcefully and sufficiently conveys the people’s moral and social character, a ceremonially-recognized creed which doesn’t at all need to be gravely intolerant, but which can however quite legitimately set reasonable limits to public expressions of dissident religious belief. All the while the nation involved openly celebrates its own indigenously-developed morality/spirituality, its native/organic sequence of cult-culture-law, that which alone adequately identifies a nation, a people for who they really are. That public identity which Christianity might indeed aspire to evangelize or “convert”, but only in a way which respects the inalienable moral liberties of the citizenry involved. But I am afraid that the Middle East, (as the above update indeed so gallingly and predictably bears out), in the final upshot of present unfolding events, will be given the usual black-ops-manufactured, siege-emergency-arbitrated stark choice, between various kinds of brutal regimes, on the one hand, and the morally-degenerate “Western liberal democracy” which we in the West endure today, on the other.

Indeed what came out of World War II—what had been in assiduous preparation since the time of Napoleon, who was the first of many lightning-speed-erected, radically-pro-Jewish world leaders—has been a world-juridical, poured-in-concrete impunity for any and all Jewish aims—which are typically pursued “in someone else’s backyard”, and invariably in the most ruthless, perverse and bewildering way. Wide-ranging objectives—of biblically-identified “enemies of mankind”—which are always covered-over with the camouflage of eloquently-praised “progress” and “democracy”—and any objection against which, by vulgar and “unwashed” natives—is instantly classed as “anti-Semitism”, as a crime against Jews who, racially speaking, aren’t really “Semites” at all. But Caucasians, largely blonde haired and fair, since millennia ago: from a region of the world in which a host of races have come and gone in waves, across ages of time. A people who thus ally themselves quite easily with White Race prejudices and aims.

This impunity, this highly-blendable anonymity, is the real problem in the world today: and no government can afford to surrender itself without reserve to myriad “democratic” forces which incessantly arise, hotly-advocating every sort of bizarre liberation or lifestyle. This today-un-restrainable migration of insidious figures, this constant coming-and-going in which the “wealth of nations”—and their peace and security—is carried away “on (biblical) Dromedaries” or in drone-bomb-loaded bellies of planes. By dual citizens who religiously believe that “the rest of men” are animals, and that they alone have the spark of rational life. The sole exception to which Talmudic denigration—with staggering significance—is the Muslim, whom Jews class, in the notorious hate-book, as just below themselves. And with whom they are eager to make coalitions of various kinds to exterminate their unjustly-hated enemies: Christians, and especially Catholics. Identified as “Goim”, “Akum” or even “dung”, Christians whom—through Jewish arms-contracting and the control of Western legislatures and chief-executives—they presently employ to mortally enrage the Islamic states.

February 14, 2011: Obama and Hillary, embarrassed by two weeks of vacillation, eagerly “take the high ground” at Iran’s expense. The notoriously-dictator-installing USA always somehow manages to get sanctimonious when the backroom-dealing smoke has cleared away, and the final chips are down. But it takes a real juggler to keep all these diplomatic bowling-pins in the air, among which is this new bout of infamous 19th century judicial-extraterritoriality, imposed upon another “grateful ally”, Pakistan.

Never have so many uprighteous speeches been made with so little justification; it is a matter of tsunami of sheer windy rhetoric carrying the day, and when you have even Fox essentially joining the chorus of cheering supporters, it seems to suggest an inescapable ideological triangulation of an evident truth. Ah, we might even humor ourselves with the idea that the USA is the champion of democracy in North Africa, when we ourselves installed the current strongman in Algeria, where in the nineties a popular government had been struggling to establish itself. He who rules over a population largely of unemployed youths—probably the highest levels on earth—while this little Napoleon himself wallows in gargantuan oil revenues reaped from the only viable industry, there in that abysmally-poor nation on the Northwestern African coast. And then of course there is Sudan, where we and Israel quietly arm and train clandestine forces to bring down the government in Khartoum, and send movie stars far and wide with fantastically-inflated figures about Islamic rape. Numbers with which refugee-camp medical officials on the ground hotly disagree. All this because Sudan refuses to become another Israeli-American pawn, like most others in the region have become.

And then, of course, there’s Iraq, there’s Afghanistan, there’s the heinous extraterritoriality exercised there and across South Asia by the same “freedom-loving” Uncle Sam. While in Pakistan this policy finds us earning the passionate ire of the citizens once again, over another Yankee murderer, flaunting his crime. Extraterritoriality being the most abominable of disinterred leftovers of late-colonial times in which Western nations unleashed their raping, looting and murdering soldiers, officials and visiting citizens with complete impunity. Arrogantly claimed them to be immune from prosecution by “backward” local courts. A bitter injustice of a century ago now once again imposed, upon “our allies”, as upon nineteenth-century populations of recently-subjected native lands like China and India. So much for Yankee “progress” and “liberty”.

What actually makes this insupportable U.S. foreign policy “tick” can only be called chuspah, for since Americans are entirely dominated by AIPAC, most have taken the latter’s worldview into their very souls. So that this essentially-Jewish attitude of audacity, impunity, sheer gall propels us into positions increasingly contradictory, morally egregious, popularly-insufferable. For we are really Israel’s most-brazen public face, even as what it does at home in Gaza or on the West Bank is kept discretely from view. All these sometimes-unrenderable atrocities being airily “justified” by pointing to un-guidable Palestinian home-made rockets which achieve an historical milestone—every six months or so, as loudly noised on Israeli and American TV—when they hit anything at all. Crude weapons of a people who refuse to give up their natural sovereignty, in the face of foreign freeloaders moved in on them veritably overnight, under shades of the bewildering chaos of combat, beginning during closing days of World War I. This is why an Egyptian quoted by a horrified-and-hyperventilating Glen Beck told Obama to “keep his nose out of Egypt, unless he wants it cut off”. While to add insult to injury we plainly mean to spread the “progressive”, “democratic” gospel of filthy moral crimes like sodomy-“marriage” wherever we go. Treating Egyptians soon-enough to Valentine’s Day “sweethearts” over whom St. Valentine utters a curse from his Heavenly home.

Oh, USA, God will not be mocked with sanctimonious language, nor will He tarry forever over the likes of us. That’s the lesson of history, as well as the testimony of any rational mind or soul.

February 13, 2011: Obama caught off guard? Don’t count on it. More political theater from the spindly-limbed alien in the Oval Office.

A couple of years ago I mentioned the Twilight Zone TV story of this spindly-limbed alien who came in a spaceship to the earth, who spoke in his metallic voice to we earthlings, before some world body, of his and other alien-beings’ desire to “serve mankind”. As the story goes, only later did humanity realize, after code-crackers cracked the code of the mysterious intergalactic language in which it was written, that the serving mankind agenda he had distributed so generously around the big table, at which were seated prominent world dignitaries, was actually a menu, for serving human flesh fried, roasted or sautéed. A realization made only after thousands of human beings had been transported through outer space to this wonderful Promised Land light-years away. Egyptians, take note of the tones of the spindly-limbed statesman and beware.

If you know that Obama is all about political theater, then you know about everything. Hence his most recent breath-bated pretense of surprise, of hushed, passive reaction, over events in Egypt. And his incessant rejoinder that “it isn’t up to us, after all” to effect any transformation in that (obsessively-U.S.-dominated) part of the world. But ever since we first passed the baton of global-leadership to this upstart, we have been condemned—all of us in any global quadrant—to endure psycho-coercions so at the heart of the U.S. “governance” of our day—and of which the spindly-limbed alien is master-magician in charge. Those velvet-covered-blackjack, Pitesti-prison-guard tones-of-command by which he and Hillary guided the Egyptian people ever so deftly into the waiting arms of an Egyptian military formed by Mubarek and the U.S. high command. A force he, Hillary and Netanyahu feel they can, in their own turn, deal with in due time.

But just as surely as the irretrievably-dishonored crypto-Jewish Bushes are grooming Jeb to take over the White House for the traitor-clan again, so does this Ethiopian-style martinet—like Napoleon or Frederick of Prussia before him—imagine himself to be lord of the earth, at least for a four-year term. But God only uses such fools as the USA is cursed with today for various housekeeping chores around his human household. Whereupon, their vulgar functions over with, he disposes of them handily, throwing them on the dung-heap of time, together, helter-skelter, with Nero, Pol Pot and Antiochus IV.

February 12, 2011: Article revised. General Wesley Clark, a seasoned veteran long familiar with the street-level face of Islam, lends a tone of sanity to the Egypt debate. Medieval Muslim Arabic fervor turned fanatical, but that was a long time ago.

Actually, early Bedouins who first went on a rampage in Arabia had for centuries already been fascinated observers of early Catholic eremitical life, especially as practiced in all its sublime purity in the deserts of Egypt. And according to at least one author they were on the very brink of a conversion to the One True Faith, a genuine purgation which would have been much more earthshaking than conquests to come. Although as it turned out violent jihad would somehow take the place in their hearts of that Gospel inner violence just then promising to take root, in tentative contacts of camel-mounted figures with Catholic recluses, dwellers-in-caves. Poised as these mounted warriors were to embark on that real jihad which takes ones own soul by storm. Rather would they unfortunately settle for a religion which would follow the immemorial tendency of the East toward metaphysical Puritanism, rather than toward a relentless “rooting up and tearing down” of the Seven Capital Sins: the two struggles being radically different in kind. Settling as they did rather for a far-less-profound dualism, close-kin to an Emanationism of an India which would see the honoring of demigods or emanations of some unspeakable supreme deity, and rejected races of men “untouchably” impure. Those stark creeds which across Asia had so often despised the inseparable frailties of human life, had seen “matter” (or human nature) “as evil and the spirit as good”. That self-same tendency indeed to be seen much later in an American Puritanism with much the same humanity-despising biases, indeed only another violent-jihad-oriented spirituality to leave deep scars in the American mind, heart and soul. This rigidity which must always somehow despise the gentle, musical accents of the sons and daughters of men, which is ready “in a heartbeat” to bomb them into the stone age. Which must always be sacrificing human frailty on the altar of some god of war, of slavery, in annihilations to be succeeded by gene-alterations of a few “chosen ones”, into brave new mass-produced clones. That comprehensive enthrallment which world Judaism carries with it wherever it goes, and indeed from which Christ—the divine Fountainhead of genuine personal and political liberty—came to set us free.

Hence were the Muslims themselves the first global tools of the synagogue’s divide-and-rule, sweeping clean as they did, with their whirlwind first Jihad, all the Faith-embodying, local-industry-fostering “customs and usages” of the eighth-century Mediterranean world. These energetically-plied trade-barriers of sane Spanish and North-African non-go-getters who at any mention of Horatio Alger would have run the other way. Interestingly, it was at the height of Jewish influence over Islam, somewhere in the 680s A.D., that the name Mohammed—significantly-enough, himself identified as a merchant—is first recorded in any writings, sixty-six years after the fabled mass-uprising of the Hegira. By contrast to a Jesus—hardly some global warrior—already recorded in Roman documents while He was yet peacefully alive on this earth, nearly seven centuries before. But the Arab conquest of Spain and a subsequent maelstrom of Arab-and-Moorish Spanish-Peninsular vendettas and reprisals, internecine feuds and rebel Caliphates, was from our own vantage-point a long time ago, as was also the Battle of Lepanto of 1571, one of the last attempts of the Muslims to expand militarily across the globe. (That miraculous see-battle deliverance, led by one of the few good Habsburgs in history—himself illegitimate and thus so humbly different from ego-towering relatives prior and to come—a fervent kindred spirit to a Charles II despised in the court as a “simpleton”, but a final “Spanish” Habsburg who was in my own mind the only able ruler that peninsular dynasty ever saw.) So that accordingly, before all the Hollywood Muslim-scare-mythology of the many plane-hijacking movies of the seventies and eighties—the critical, morbid-mindset psycho-drama preliminary to the epic scam of 9/11—most people in the West acknowledged a long-familiar steady disengagement of Muslims from a violent, long-distant past. Much as had the Japanese detached themselves from a mythology entirely ethereal, legends of a People historically peaceful, but ready to defend the homeland, as in the attack of the Mongols, to the last man.

I was critical of General Clark while he was running for president some years back, a time when he donned the fierce feathers of the war-hawk, no doubt going against both his conscience and his better judgment too. But the Wesley Clark heard this morning on Fox was the old Wesley I had previously grown to admire, the humane warrior who knows what heroism truly is, that it has nothing whatever to do with kicking someone, in now-globally-notorious Yankee style, when they’re down. While in answer to the inevitable steering of the conversation at Fox into regions of “Muslim extremism” and from thence directly to a discussion of the Muslim Brotherhood—with the inference that the two are identically the same—Wesley called the succumbing of Egypt into violent fanatical extremes a possibility only of an entirely remote kind. He pointed to the century-and-a-half-long record of the fabled land on the Nile, of steering a course moderate and pragmatic, increasingly educated and enlightened in every important way.

But all the Beck/xenophobic, politically-Puritanical, nation-thrashing hysteria here in the USA goes back a long, long way, and will no doubt once again rule the day at Fox, by the time Monday rolls around. Hence the treatment accorded the Japanese, starting around 1880, with a white-around-the-mouth racist Yellow Peril scare in full tilt by the time of a lightning-swift Russian defeat in the Russo-Japanese War, over whose peace agreements the U.S. had pride-of-place. A treaty in which the Japanese were basically shorn of all their wartime gains, by a White race which then indisputably ruled the globe. All this in conjunction with an already-steadily-mounting English-speaking-world strangulation of the tiny, energetic, densely-populated island’s desperate need for raw materials, in order to industrialize on a rapidly-changing globe. What was the excuse that time, for a U.S. foreign policy doctrine already long in thrall to globe-dividing-and-conquering Jewish financiers? Terrified reference was repeatedly made, in speeches and books in a long line all the way to the eve of Pearl Harbor, to mythical Japanese beliefs, shrouded in the millennia, about the Emperor being “Lord of the earth”, and Japan being the “center of the universe”. Legends which according to all contemporary historians of any merit, and in the minds of down-to-business Meiji-dynasty industrialists who raised Japan from medieval Shogunate to modern superpower in a mere thirty years, had as little influence on practical Japanese life or foreign policy as the man in the moon. Indeed, the Navajo, and for that matter several other Indian tribes, still believe as much, if you take their mythology seriously, about the central place of the Dineh, or The People. And we did indeed strangle The People’s vigorous sheep-herding-based economy in the most draconian way: but not really because we were afraid of them. (I tell this whole ugly, backward tale of “free enterprise” somewhere in my Random Essays, to be read for free on this site). Any more than we were afraid of Japan, if the truth be for once told.

And neither are we really afraid of the Muslim Brotherhood. Sure, there’s an occasional member of the organization who comes out with an extreme statement, but I would blush to recount how many legendary Yankee-mythological monstrosities are to be heard on the very same Fox News of which we speak. While the whole treasonous 9/11 mythology, with all its menacing Muslim griffins and gargoyles, is probably down-deep believed in only by the more-radical among Tea Partiers, the breathless denizens of Capital Hill, and American news-commentator radio and TV.

But there is someone in the region and around the globe of whom we should be mortally afraid: that last remaining truly backward and fanatical nation on the globe. Israel. They who even now are designing—and perhaps even casting—the golden vessels to be used in reinstituted Temple ceremonies—to hold “the blood of goats and rams”—or do they have some other kind of blood in mind this time? These are the people who, in a rabidly-radical misinterpretation of Sacred Scripture think of themselves as being sole rightful owners of “the wealth of nations”—thus too the name of the celebrated proto-capitalist book—to be “brought to them on dromedaries” from all the nations on the globe. And furthermore they show this in their policies, in the way Jews around the world infiltrate all lobbying, religious or civic organizations, down to the smallest size, and steer them assiduously toward Jewish-worldview goals. Oh, to moguls who run Fox, and to other deluded Religion-of-America secularists, this is all “advanced and enlightened”, simply because it goes against all goodness, virtue and piety in the public realm, as understood in the Christian Faith.

February 12, 2011: More on the EWTN “odd new church” of Anne Katherine Emmerich’s vision of Post Vatican II. Miracles redefined to suit such a church, “built against all the rules of construction”.

The ultra-centralized phenomena of our era, the twitter with its capability toward instant revolution, the ability of a president to ride herd on current events, and then to come out with the perfect rejoinder so as to appear “in charge”, “the man of the hour”—all of which has nothing whatever to do with courage, character or ability, but a great deal to do with camera-time make-up, teleprompters and corny jokes—all this has stout parallels in modern “religion”, or rather, religiosity, today. I think that the corporate execs and Marrano Jews backstage at the “Global Catholic Network” must have some sort of running boast that they can “change the Catholic mind in three days” about any subject, although the usual material for sabotage is on the periphery, the subliminal, the area where devotion either dies or thrives. But lately the new take is all about miracles, and the guy doing the audio has even got the new required all-the-rage English accent, such as you hear on CNN or Fox. I guess the idea is that folks have tired of all the dumb-bell Jersey G-spitters, the Midwestern or Southern broguesters, and this will impress the simple folks out on the armchairs or in the pews as intelligent, even “inspired”, indeed.

I don’t criticize EWTN because it is entirely bad: some of cinema productions it airs are positively inspired, like one recently about St. Bernadette, and another earlier about St. John Bosco. And even if these films sometimes have some few factual discrepancies, yet “a picture says a thousand words”, and a moving-picture says at least a million. Indeed sometimes a doctrine neglected or denied on some doctrinal segment of the Global Network will be ringingly confirmed in the manner, the bearing, the tone of some young actress playing the part of a saint. For here is where our ceaseless insistence on this site—about the preservation of Faith through “customs and usages”, and cultural forms—comes into play in a powerful way. Even if commentator on the stations—bulging with Licentiates and PhDs—rasp away at how “faith cannot possibly be preserved in mere cultural habits”, or words to that effect: in sardonic head-shakings, of course entirely by coincidence, taking place a mere day or so after the thus-impugned point is laboriously made here. But indeed “the very stones will cry out” Catholic doctrine, if given half a chance, so how much more a good Catholic girl, who allows unspeakable realities of the faith to play upon her face and manner, to shape the timber of her voice. (Note of 4/11: A week or so after I wrote this rather complimentary commentary about some of EWTN’s programming, that network came out with another completely different version of the life of St. Bernadette: a saint this time portrayed, believe it or not, as a saucy sort of modernistic, uninspiring, blank-faced girl wearing a low-cut blouse. Hence there is a great deal of treachery going on, and a great deal of hot wind with no rain, on this “fine Catholic station”.)

But as I was saying, the new “take” on the station is about miracles, which this Oxford-accented bloke (nothing like Piccadilly Circus here) defines in standard studio-ex-cathedra tones. Miracles being described as—to paraphrase, since the original words were just too vague to even remember—“just some nice thing that happens, along the order of all created things”. Strange thing this, because I have been taught since I first saw the neighborhood sandlot baseball field that a miracle such as qualifies for a beatification (exempting that of an antipope, for which any old thing will do), must have some striking quality, a sort of seismic reverberation, if you will, something which sets it instantly apart from all other things. Which causes something in the soul and mind to say unequivocally, “the finger of God is here”. Hence the example cited in an earlier article, of the miracle at Fatima where the person involved, born blind in one eye, was able to see out of it, in spite of the fact that the same eye still had no retina, but only a sort of huge black hole in its place. Then too there’s the Black man from the deep South, a cab-driver who called an emergency brake an “immer jinsy broke”, whom I read about (indeed, while I was in England) more than forty years ago, who never learned to read or write, but who whenever he picked up a Catholic missile or Bible could read every single word.

No, but “the game is up” when you consider that all the zany, serendipity emotionality of Vatican II and its aftermath—the swaying figures, the séance-like holding-of-hands, the pandemonium around the obelisk at the pan-Pentecostal event early in the pontificate of Jean-Paul II, when Holy Communion was generously given around to all of any faith who had a yen—all this has to be “let into the fold”. Like the hireling into the flock. We can’t possibly have genuine, rock-solid, Petrine norms anymore, when it comes to Catholic miracles—or liturgy, or conclaves, etc.—for according to the polished Brit this would be to introduce “wonders”, “magic” into the Catholic mind and soul.

As I was saying, any Marrano (“hidden”) Jew at EWTN can convince most modern-day Catholics of anything, given a few days time.

February 11, 2011: Hannity quotes Scripture nightly with his standard “let not your hearts be troubled”. But “praise is unseemly in the mouth of a sinner”, especially one who uses holy words to breezily preface his bouts of falsehood and trivia.

Sean, there is another quotation you should consider, and this one with great fear, namely: “God will not be mocked”. At least the Muslims whom you constantly abuse take the Holy Name of God seriously.