April 25, 2014: Sustaining friendships and family-ties of the ancient neighborhood being replaced by spiritually-sterile electronically-mediated association, on the one hand, and a highly-alienating gated-community culture on the other.

Besides this incurable alienation the lie behind all the communicational hoopla is that the Brave New World involved is entirely controlled, or at the very least potentially so. Having by nature required the massive and comprehensive intervention of man to bring about such an artificial reality, such a mammoth duplication of everything under the sun, ergo certain towering figures must inevitably remain fully and inscrutably in charge. As such a system can never be self-actualizing and self-managing like that of nature, as of things living, coming from the very hand of God. Much-made-over electronic nearness or Facebook international "intimacy" being a collective cosmos of a sort which doesn't at all accord with our highly-individual somatic nature, being more suited to angels or demons than to men, in a form of communication which is fraught with opportunities for deception as well. As in this wired-up new "social-entrepot" truly "getting to know someone" is severely restricted not only in terms of bodily limitations endemic to this kind of contact but is also further beggared by the inevitable time-frame brevity of texts or sound-bites involved. With actors in other ways too greatly impoverished in self-expressive tools, tokens of affection or of any other sentiment, and the like: typically facing one another as if they were mere talking photographs. By contrast actual friendship—or even well-grounded bristling hostility—enlisting a plethora of bodily gestures and reflexes, a wealth of conscious, semi-conscious and subliminal reactions, telling conveyances-of-personas of which natural communication is burstingly full. The relative poverty of devices and symbols that can be mustered and mobilized in the electronic media creating an atmosphere so surreal, artificial, contrived that it rather produces a sort of empty, melancholy state rather than a lively and life-giving personal contact or meeting-of-minds. The modern media-and-internet world hatching a strange brand of incurable loneliness, a condition all of its own weird, space-walk-like kind.

But as if all this weren't enough, there is also this phenomenon, grimly celebrated in some circles, of a column-and-line march into the inflexible and irrevocable, a fateful foray into a path-dependent digital land of no return.

Hardly then in all of this modern socio-electronic moonscape do we deal with the once-familiar child of God anticipated in his every need, surrounded by enchanting scenery, readily-accessible sources of rich nourishment, familiar habits and beloved features of faithful family and friends, all these tokens of the goodness of God. The New electronic World being one in which we must be Brave indeed. But the question remains: can we find our way back; have crucial trail-markers been left intact? For these tasks of retracing we must turn to those we have recently been drone-bombing to smithereens, those who haven't been separated from the old neighborhood life for that very long. They who in most important respects can teach us how to construct a truly just and humane neighborhood, city and state. Turning as we must namely to the common people of Central and Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and to a certain degree those of Eastern Europe as well. They will be the smart ones in this coming wise rather than foolhardy world, announced indeed at Fatima and in other Catholic prophesies of a thousand years. In a sense a kind of "workers' paradise" to soon come into being: of those who know of the profound and enduring satisfaction of simpler things, of the material and spatial interconnectedness of the more loving, more sensitive, more communicative world of not so long ago. That which is ever young because it is ever alive: a stranger to the sterile and lifeless, glitteringly-digital and surreal.

April 24, 2014: Tonight Tony Blaire claims earth's ills to stem chiefly from "the toxic mixture of religion and politics". Article further developed.

Only problem with this neat little formula is that it has no basis in modern factual history. Rather indeed has it been the Godless systems of secular-messianic totalitarianism which have brought about inconceivable levels of genocidal slaughter: with Russian communism alone butchering some 80 million, the Chinese under a secularist-Roosevelt-imposed Chiang Kai Shek adding easily another 20 million, and later under the Reds the land of the Yellow River seeing the liquidation of tens-of-millions as well. To which of course must be added the barbarities of the diabolically-motivated, Thule-Society-(U.S. Skull-and-Bones)-originating Third Reich, which caused in its invasion of Russia alone the loss of some 40 million lives. Furthermore, it was the Opium Trade of a secularistically-inclined USA and Great Britain, as spearheaded by their global-trade commercial sectors, which was the direct cause of the Taiping Rebellion of the 1850s: a terrible conflagration which added its own 50 million lives lost as well. Seriously life-expending wars brought on by religious persuasion, or "wars of religion", on the other hand, haven't been seen since the Treaty of Westphalia in the mid-seventeenth century. Although we speak here of religion as commonly understood, and as perfectly distinct from elite sects of zealots like the ever-secularism-peddling Jews, whose whole "religion" can be summarized as a diabolical hatred for the goyim, or in other words the entire population of the world outside themselves. This hubris-ridden megalomania, this super-culture bringing insanity and criminality with it everywhere in its wake, as revealed by Catholic popes down through all of anno domino time, having seen a host of cunning Hebrew attempts over centuries to marginalize or exterminate their fellow man whenever circumstances permit. These deadly machinations having been common knowledge the world-round until the more-recent appearance of present-day antipopes, anticipatory to the appearance of the biblical "man of sin". Even as more-recent incomparably-modest loss-of-life vis-à-vis the Muslims have been provoked by wholesale U.S.-led Western interventions into lands many of which had previously been peacefully in an almost proverbial, idyllic sort of way.

But what Blaire very plainly does do—that which was hardly his intention at all—is to uncover the truly-toxic measure of his decade-old vitriol against typically-benign and human-life-reverential religion as necessarily expressed in practical economic and political terms. Government-impacting religion—wherever it has somehow managed to survive—being the innermost formative of genuine law, being that factor of modern political life which alone has dammed up the flow of human blood in abortion and other forms of "clinical" homicide, their victims now no doubt numbering over a billion worldwide. State-influencing religion—far from being destructive or life-threatening—likewise providing soul-settling solace and a related modicum of practical reprieve from bloody global and regional wars: an armistice which this publicly-endorsed, collectively-and-individually-pacifying interior comfort alone can bring. Providing rare refuge from barbarisms brought down upon indigenous peoples by lavishly-financed, Godless yet sanctimonious, ever-overreaching Western forces of modern innately-secularist capitalism and communism. As suggested above, these ideologies are far-and-away the chief killers of all times, both of them basically inimical to peace and the global common good. Earlier more locally-and-personally-determined forms of political/economic organization alone being conformable to human nature—forming indeed the organizational patrimony, the political wisdom of our race—providing peaceful, congruent and proportional response to local vagaries, stubborn realities and intractable contingencies of ordinary human life. While as all the above so amply testifies, to the degree that religion, in most cases the only dependable friend of man, has played any significant part at all in the loss of human life in recent decades it must be said to have stemmed overwhelmingly from militant zealotries of the American Evangelical far-right, a fanatical persuasion whose giant "footprint" is to be found not only here at home but in missionary-churches, zealotries of corporate-NGOs, and U.S. Governmental policies around the globe. This utterly false "crusade" overshadowing by miles an entirely unproven, undocumented, evidentiary-secretive involvement of Muslims at 9/11—an atrocity whose secret adjudication and yet-more-secret 3-branch "security"-law proliferation is the last thing any free or upright person desires. All these allied to those American-pawn-governments, like Poland or Chad—in a grovelingly-subservient role shared to a degree by nations as different as England, The Philippines and France—surrogates which have multiplied dramatically around the globe since the Reagan/Bush I/Clinton years. Having been installed through political arm-twisting, institutional-level indoctrinations of secret-societies, financial pressure and black-ops intrigue.

As briefly touched-upon above, the problem with modern intrinsically secularist, allegedly-democratic but actually totalitarian systems—an appellation which to varying degrees takes in basically all the governments of today's world—is plainly-enough that they are over-centralized, top-heavy, loaded toward oligarchy right from their grand "constitutional" start. Attempts thereafter being launched to mitigate or even disguise this fundamental flaw in a wholesale division of government into "branches": these fracturings loudly claimed to supply the necessary "counterbalance" to see that tyranny doesn't prevail. But this is all pure conjectural theory, a sterile line-of-reasoning always nonetheless ready to shed copious blood for its perpetuation, a pipe-dream that has proven itself a miserable failure since much-adulated epic-bloody days of the storming of the Bastille. This configuration of various basically-administrative divisions nonetheless being put forward as the very pith of patriotism itself to modern man: at least if he doesn't want to be considered some sort of Neanderthal, in nations thus with heady abstraction designed. While by contrast the older systems referred to above were by their loose-knit, basically "from the bottom up" structuring much more amenable and conformable to ranging myriads of locally-articulated-and-administered human needs. Much-academically-maligned local and regional representatives of geographically-disparate popular aspirations, namely the nobility of various ranks, being uniquely situated to propound, develop, iterate these often-humble, typically-culturally-distinct things. Elements which leading men of today universally consider to be backward, but which the gradual disintegration of human sanity and character under the present regimen reveals to be of the very stuff of life, without which man is like a fish laid out upon the shore. Locally-textured issues always requiring detailed understanding of "things on the ground": the lack-of-which American foreign and domestic policy—in spite of its byzantine state-secrecy boasted as the very summit of the "democratic"—amply, daily and catastrophically portrays. Humble preliminaries to grand schemes of today, called by a host of derogatory names, always having been based on native ideas of that law of God which is necessarily, as reason itself indeed attests, the source of all valid law. Older, tried-and-true forms likewise having been assisted by the religious cult of the land in painstaking application to urgent and fundamental practical matters-at-hand. All this a far cry from the notorious mumbo-jumbo of Masonic sects, and secretive "protocols" of Sanhedrin intrigue: once recognized by all as the "enemies of man", now bringing catastrophe everywhere in their foamy, culture-uprooting, Hitler/Trotsky perpetual-warfare wake.

April 23, 2014: Another C-Span panel on whistle-blowers. Are they really so heroic?

In this time when few if any are really what they are supposed to be, when rock-star antipopes with big grins take the place of a grave and fatherly line of Petrine successors named Pius—a title gathering under its guard, like a hen marshaling her chicks, a fulsome meaning known alone to centuries of faithful folds—a John Paul II who for all his two-dimensional movie-star-grade trouble gets "canonized" to boot—then we must expect that "all that glitters isn't gold" with regard to lesser matters as well. Hence half the time the thing they "blow the whistle" about isn't actually the rank injustice, barbarity or other abuse that should arouse our indignation, but rather some false, peripheral or off-center issue which serves to deflect public attention away from what is really going on. Batting a foul ball into regions of a much less all-star-status-threatening kind. Welcome then to interminable feints and subterfuges of the post-Vatican-II/post-9/11 era, with U.S. foreign-intervention-justifying gags and shell-games leading the secular van, with scant-remarked suddenly-dead diplomats vying with Nixonesque "let me be perfectly clear" justifications of village-decimating drones, with a Woodward or a Valerie Plame popping up now and again like a cork in the madly-rushing stream, their giddily-incoherent contribution drowned out by other-babblings before they can be properly focused-upon. The public remaining spellbound for a whole year over contingent matters—like the incessant "why weren't we warned?"—regarding that dependable old saw, 9/11—when anything like warning was the last thing that anyone in charge desired. The whole thing, remote-control-piloting, sound-effects and all, masterfully clearing the way for Uncle Sam to unperturbedly march off to Hitler-or Trotsky-reminiscent "make the world safe" perpetual war. Ah, this Woodward guy positively basked in all the attention thus showered upon him over "yellow cake" on Meet the Press and elsewhere, and Valerie wowed the TV-audience guys, while her husband—I forget his name—a functionary who rose like a skyrocket in ways that hard-plodding career diplomats contemptuously disdain—also got to go the cocktail round. While hidden even further behind layers of blank-faced generals and zany/zealous commentators the whole issue of 9/11 itself—a false-flag operation from the start—could remain shrouded in secret evidence, secret courts, secret prisons, etc. ad nauseam. The idea being to get the USA stuck so deep in the mud of heinous, murderous deeds—having been harried there by such very hectorings—that there would be no chance to ever pull her free. A position from which she could then be ready "in a heartbeat" to invade—with motive mired in "need to know" secrecy—any nation on earth.

In fact the much-noised heroics of whistleblowers in a day like ours is seldom what it is cracked up to be: the main problem being that these watchdogs over the ranging national-security apparatus are themselves by-and-large of the same basic intent and ideological bend as those they so lustily blow whistles upon. For the global and domestic agenda of the USA is moral-revolutionary to its homogenous core, and people are chosen for media, corporate-contractor or governmental positions with this qualifier firmly-in-mind: as Uncle Sam goes on ramming home the systematic imposition of sodomy, abortion, radical-secularism, and so on. The natty old gentleman having two different ways to rigidly enforce the very same ironclad global-regime: the more-familiar some form of "send in the Marines", the other an indoctrination both global and domestic, holding precedence over minor matters like economic breakdown, natural disaster or disease. A social-change method that 99% of the whistleblowers sedulously maintain. A secular dogma inevitably of the Fabian Socialist variety: or in plain English, as outlined by the movement's early-twentieth-century founders like George Bernard Shaw, the secretive brainwash and indoctrination of mankind through "education" and the media, government and corporate-culture. Indeed, we send the scholastic-Fabian, potential-whistle-blower bunch ahead of our troops in the form of corporate NGOs and State Department teams, while we send the other on their heels in CIA quasi-military info-trunk-mining, false-flag missions and the tactical fomenting of brushfire or "democracy"-revolutionary wars. Mere fastidiousness, then, is the only actual gripe, the sole source of all the vindictive sanctimony of the watchdogs. Aside from which there isn't an atom of difference in aim or level-of-cynicism with which the two approach their theatrically-distinguished tasks. (A pragmatism dramatized disgustingly in the way the aged-but-famous Pentagon Papers watchdog of the '60s sidled up to the young-and-attractive reporter-lady on his right, at times almost sitting in her lap, embarrassing her to death there on TV. A grizzled old guy no doubt ruminating the while over free-love sprees of a distant day-and-time. Thus "liberally" do we treat our women after all these whistleblower-heroic deeds.) While scarcely considered here is the further fact of the positive necessity to the success of the whole secular-messianic venture that there appear to be a passionate and divisive debate up at the top, among all these impressive public realms: for one thing so that no genuine, earnest, truly-patriotic, incorruptibly-grassroots initiatives have any chance at all, hardly being able to compete with such media-fed formidability. Having been "co-opted" in this noisy, hysterical but-for-all-that neatly-invincible way. Indeed, could a much-made-over, noisy but quite ineffective "Catholic social doctrine" G.K. Chesterton have been filling this role vis-à-vis his good friend George Bernard Shaw?

Alas, that is how it will always be in liberal democracy inevitably turned unmonitorable maze of treachery-breeding private-and-official bureaucracy. For which disease there is only one utterly-grassroots cure, investigated and propounded here on this site and Crusade.

April 23, 2014: Federalist occupiers in eastern Ukraine: make a statement of commitment to God, claim Our Lady of Kazan as your protectress, as the general of your armies.

And just as she drove away before her the hoards of Genghis Khan and of Napoleon so too will she take up your fight against sodomy-peddling forces now arrayed against you: they under whose filthy sway we here in the USA now live. Make the resolve to die rather than submit to the infernal reign of men like Biden and Obama, with whom there can be no compromise.

Yours is an end-time battle between good and evil, and you must come out unequivocally on the side of the good, of God, of the immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of God, and resolutely against these purveyors of unnatural vice, if you are to triumph against this synagogue-orchestrated abomination. Ever since I was a teenager back in the sixties, when the United States was first being thus subverted, I have seen this same phenomenon, of how this new breed offers help or direction but insists that you accept their filthy beliefs and methods too. No, rather, we must "keep ourselves unspotted from this world" and from those synagogue-fawning moral-revolutionaries who are now in charge everywhere, just as they were in St. Petersburg in 1917. Call upon St. George, St. Vladimir, all the saints; conduct holy processions, carry icons before you on the streets. Judas Machabeus, Mikhail Kutuzov, needed no better, nor do we.

April 23, 2014: More on government as positively enforcing the good and energetically extirpating evil.

This is indeed government, or as I prefer to say, the state or commonweal, properly understood: and it is only within this rampant, forthright and dynamic purview that rights are to be understood. While to make rights "the measure of all things"—which is the morally-limp founding principle of modern Enlightenment-Era political philosophy—is a plain case of "the tail wagging the dog": rights rather having no meaning at all as a free-standing concept or objective, but rather finding their intrinsically-contingent form or silhouette only against the bright rays of that moral good after which man hungers and for which he was intrinsically made. Genuine rights by contrast being in themselves an essentially negative shadow-image—no "ends in themselves"—against a backdrop of the most brilliant, God-glorifying kind: finding in this only-true imagery their most magnificent affirmation in a bond-breaking liberation of the human person toward the exclusive creature-fulfilling glorification of God, of the Savior, of His Most Holy Mother. While by contrast prerogatives of any kind pale into meaningless oblivion when directed exclusively upon our own petty personal desires, and a-fortiori if divorced from this all-defining pursuit of the noble and good. All the more then do rights when directed against that law of God which is the sole source of valid law become onerous millstones or chains to keep us from attaining those higher things for which we were made. Men hardly then having been fashioned by Almighty God just to pursue those selfish or perverted "rights" which are the very do-all and end-all of a much-apotheosized modern Obama-era life. While any other view of law than this morally-upright one presented here—divergent political paradigms revealed in all their hellish glare in two and a half morally-indifferent or moral-revolutionary modern centuries—are instantly recognized as a satanic deception, a cunning program-of-lies. These debouching from that biblically-identified Synagogue of Satan which ever seeks the ruin of whole nations, of souls, bodies and minds.

April 21, 2014: Bit-modifiable pictures can say a thousand Russia-incriminating words. Article expanded next morning.

Beware, Americans, ever-ready to swoon over some new patriotic cause: in this eager photo-snapping way have countless people been placed somewhere they never were, all for various evidentiary purposes, whether of over-vigilant "make the world safe" governments, conviction-hungry prosecutors or conviction-dodging defendants. Thus the new "pictures of Russians" manning military outposts in Eastern Ukraine. They should coin a new jingle to go with all of this, like maybe a rhyme with a familiar Tetzel-like ring, "When the foreign-policy stakes are high, the indicting pictures will multiply". Easily-modified pictures today—using programs which can lift a figure right off another frame—aren't only worth a thousand words to our policy-makers but as many angry words as they want them to say. And acre-foot square-miles of blood as well.

Ah, but we claim to have "gotten into Putin's mind", where so many hyperventilating diplomats and ex-agents have urged us so patriotically to go. All of us over here being the kind of people who vociferously claim never to be wrong about anyone or anything at all.

However a worthwhile kind of skullduggery is to be discovered in a thorough examination of modern Western statecraft as directed very intently and deliberately by the Jews: most notably by far as enabled by absolute exonerations debauching with such ponderous abandon out of a seer-predicted pseudo-papacy of today. The synagogue being incalculably empowered by a Vatican II council which was the brainchild of the first of these usurpers: "saint" John XXIII. A people in charge of global finance for millennia being sanctified by that synod as having their own special way to God: a "broad way" however leading not only to their own but inexorably to all-humanity's destruction, as the single most definitive thing about Judaism is its implacable hatred and contempt for the biblical "rest of men". They whom the synagogue holds aloof—if with many lying tokens-of-regard—as do Brahmans in India with respect to lower-caste "Untouchables". The Hebrew hand being recognizable with a staggering congruity in the way "the rest of men" are treated by the USA, the birthplace of ever-revolutionary Judeo/Masonry: the latter denominator being the merest remote-controlled instrument of its numerator. Jews who will happily sacrifice themselves "for the cause", pulling others thus imbued behind them in their stride, sending Franklin, Jefferson and Adams to France to ignite a conflagration bloodier by tenfold than in the Colonies. As for one thing the miseries of a life of ceaseless conspiracy against others almost dependably leads to self-destruction of some sort, not infrequently in that self-abominating-yet-hubris-ridden heroics of suicides of every stripe.

Only the universal recognition of the Savior, and of His Church, as sole means of salvation can reverse this long-seer-predicted betrayal: removing mankind from this path of relativism which spawned so many heretical sects since the sixteenth century, which so treacherously welcomes the wolf within the defenseless fold. While as long as we continue to allow Jews to dominate our churches and governments we can expect their ever-secretive, crypto-agents to come up with thousands of such "proofs of intent" as these no-doubt doctored-up photos of Russian troops. Scraps of "evidence"—"just what the doctor ordered"—which together with a black-ops gunning-down of friendly demonstrators by usurpers in Kiev—reported everywhere around the globe except here in a "freedom-of-the-press" USA—has a dozen times in as many years implacably sealed the bloody fate of nations around the globe. While likewise remaining deafeningly unremarked is the fact that it was not pro-Kiev but pro-federalization personnel who were gunned down a few nights ago at a "check-point" in East-Ukraine: a deed-of-violence unknown among universally-peaceful Russian-speaking peoples of the region, done under cover of darkness where violent pro-Maidan black-ops people most love to hide.

However, in view of all the above, we must hasten to say that were Russia to indeed insert its own soldiers into the Ukraine in order to protect its own interests there on its own borders, in a land which is being systematically subverted against Russia as I write, then it would only be a simple matter of "what's good for the goose is good for the gander". And this with a thousand times more justification than can be attributed to a globe-marshaling USA.

April 19, 2014: article modified on 4/21. Eastern Ukrainian Federalists: Consider producing a local informal currency.

Although of obvious merit is the newly-contemplated plan of Russian banking to introduce its own debit-and-credit-card system in response to a murderous sanctions-inevitable "shutting out" of Russia from the Visa and Master-card electronic exchange, yet at the same time Ukrainian occupiers-of-buildings should experiment with currencies of their own, copying German barbarian tribes who during Roman-imperial times poured their own cast-iron imitations of Roman coins. These crude replications quickly achieving the same dependable monetary status as their more-official prototypes, finding their way indeed back to Rome and Constantinople themselves, mixing relatively-freely in first and second century fairs and bizarres with the original coin of bronze or brass (see first book bibliography for numismatic sources). The Ukrainian currency potentially of nearly any form: perhaps even digital, on paper, incorporating some quasi-official insignia. The incredible thing about historical monetary initiatives of this kind being the apparent absence of counterfeiting schemes: while the multiplication of specie thus achieved seems to have added rocket-fuel to the Imperial economy, rather than robbing it of steam. In this way can less-pretentious political movements copy Obama's "monetary easing" policies, while gradually divorcing the people from the whole larcenous structure of modern banking and investment, stock and bond sales, day-trading. derivatives, and the like. The end in mind being the ultimate complete reversion of land, real-estate, real-wealth of every kind into the hands of the people where these boons rightly belong: rather than continuing to line the pockets of those perverse and perfidious "enemies of mankind" of which St. Paul so censoriously speaks. Returning the goods of the earth to those who toil for same, or who build constructive political systems for the perpetuation of the common good—they who typically have little use for vaunted tools of speculation—while tearing material riches from the grasp of those cunning assassin-commissioners and insidious paper-shufflers who never did an honest day's work in their long and luxurious lives. Those international financiers and their associates and interlopers who treacherously empower today's dictators in Kiev.

Of course, part-and-parcel of the modern mania about money is the dogmatic insistence that it has to be backed by something, in lieu of any much-made-over "intrinsic value". This idea of "backing" finding its beginnings in the (overwhelmingly Jewish) medieval goldsmith's fractional holding of deposited metals-in-reserve, for which IOU's were written-up for same: "notes" which would in turn come to perform as money themselves, expanding the (precious metal) currency involved many times over. In these ostensibly-humble beginnings however was initiated the realization of the age-old Jewish dream of a richly-funded global sovereignty which marshals armies and armadas, being able to mint its own universally-recognized coin: albeit a cosmic character attained only with a Breton Woods conference which made the synagogue-serving dollar the reserve-currency of the world. Hence out of all this slight-of-hand none of this sequence-of-events, this ballooning of a currency out of a fractional sort of thin air, actually signifies any essential need for such "money-backing" reserves: initial convincing appearances of a neutral sort of mechanism diminishing over time. A tool-of-trade which would however signal the spontaneous generation of the noted new and supremely-Jewish kind of currency: something that without this "reserves requirement" device—perhaps indeed stumbled-upon by accident—would never otherwise have been allowed.

Granted, as denominations of a currency rise to significant sums there must be stringent anti-counterfeiting measures put-in-place: to counteract larcenous perils which however, when it comes to sovereign currencies, the much-celebrated reserve requirement itself can scarcely be said to forcefully address. Even as a return to the original and less-treacherous use of money—as a simple, humble over the counter medium-of-exchange, rather than a countervailing force with which to topple empires—would gravitate against counterfeiting as mostly not worth the risk or trouble involved. While too as noted above even an occasional convincing counterfeiter (like Obama), although not at all to be praised, mostly merely eases things for the rest of us here at home, if not around the globe. Unless the whole thing really gets out of hand, as it is indeed so soon fixing to do for us all, in "another 2008 which will make its predecessor look like child's play". Smaller-denomination ancient currencies were always made of base metals, and early-medieval ones, as in one part of Scandinavia, found form in scraps-of-cloth, called "weda", as well. All of which were accepted without question by the folks of the times, well beyond the national borders where they had been dutifully minted or woven-and-stamped. Finally, there is indeed this need for huge sums involved in international balance-of-payments transactions to be guaranteed against fraud, but this can of course be done by way of the old gold bullion. This even as an idea is aired in my own Integral Catholicism (2007) of staging a yearly international exchange in goods and services, in each case based on the amount of foreign currency held from each such country—part of it collected over the counter at "currency exchanges"—a bulk quantity to then be used in payment for same. Providing a direct forms of palpable, constructive, non-interest-burdened interchange suggesting not only international payments balancing but also a period, perhaps a month long, of cultural intercommunication as well. With an annual importation of non-native talent, of those things about France, England or China which we most value and admire. Predictably in the raising of foreign forms of architecture, or the contribution of technical expertise not so available at home. In this way indeed would third-world nations with their typical pristine landscape—drawing the world's wealthy in money-spending droves—become beneficiaries of hefty infrastructural advances which could be applied in measured, non-ecosystem-threatening ways. Here being envisioned a refreshing change from reserve requirements and reserve-currency bond-sales of today, ballooning well-beyond simple traditional needs of domestic and international trade: for whose more-modest purposes precious metals would surely suffice. The real underlying earnest of the whole sky-darkening financial superstructure of today being the perpetuation of those interest-earning instruments by which mammoth amounts of effortless wealth are so prodigally amassed. That fantasy-land, that "love of money which is the root of all evil", which no amount of precious metal bullion could possibly placate, undergird or guarantee. Precious metals today being replaced by this new kind of money which is "backed" only by a kind of paper or electronic kick-back or protection money to major unnamed powers in the monetary world. As in the Treasury Department's "purchase" from the Fed of the money it distributes to banks and government institutions.

Perhaps most to be jettisoned is this whole burdensome ceremonial of a kind of untoward reverence for money, banking and the like. Were we to get away from such hoarding and morbidity-breeding things there is no telling where a resulting social and material exuberance might lead: launching into a truly brave new world in which "finance"—mostly a clever name for robbery—can no longer milk away 90% of the world's wealth in various arbitrage schemes. Nor sponsor depravities of drone-bomb warfare, institutionally-enshrined sodomy and abortion-on-demand.

April 20, 2014: He is risen!, and even now prepares the earth-rocking volcano of a divinely-positive world which knows nothing of a "scarcity principle".

Only yesterday yet another of these zanily-over-educated C-Span panels intoned the Jacobin/Malthusian concept, this putative "scarcity principle": or to paraphrase the pedantic fellow, "when someone profits someone else loses". A formula rattled-off as if it were basic arithmetic, this bit of owl-eyed priggishness is the textbook-radical excuse for every financial atrocity under the sun. Of course in a monolithic stock-market-driven global economy where every bit of wealth is inexorably herded under the aegis of Wall Street, and whatever-the-hijacked-traffic-will-bear-profits are gouged-out accordingly, then we do indeed have a scarcity principle. As a skyrocketing Dow Jones average, simply a measure this gigantic global-elite monopoly in-the-midst-of-penury, does indeed so graphically display. An absolutely-commoditized economy being a gargantuan milk cow from the word go, neatly and quietly draining away the earth's prodigious potential, erupting like Vesuvius with gadgetry but diminishing rather than multiplying wealth in real terms. That which by nature requires many independent and semi-independent actors to harvest the innately-prodigal fruition, that which is rather destroyed when dictatorially micromanaged in this way. Not really rocket-science, the vision of the unity of humanity around one table being realized only when incalculable—indeed utterly un-quantifiable—native market-mechanisms which augment the common weal are allowed unimpeded to come into full play. Roughly akin to the montes pietatis of medieval times—an actuarial prodigy mostly from bequests of pious decedents—the world's multi-various mega-harvest growing each year by leaps and bounds, rather than having its driving dynamic principal drained neatly and treacherously away. As in the case of a Social Security trust fund looted since the Johnson Administration, quietly emptied into the general expenditure fund.

But we believe in a Good God Who tolerates epic temerity for only so long, one Who "has risen as He said!", Who created no nihilistic universe such as this bleak and murderous "scarcity principle" so smugly assumes. A Deity Who will not tolerate the Jacobin-conspiratorial vine-dressers thus deflowering the vineyard for their own hoarding, root-severing-exclusive use.

April 19, 2014: The antipope Francis and the Korean boat barbarity: progress versus newness of life.

I am a social and political, organizational and economic writer, not a preacher of any kind, but there are some things that are so fundamental about the soul that they should be the stock-in-trade of everyone. Hence do the upright, and a-fortiori those of the Resurrection, pursue cleanness, newness, purity of the interior, having to do with motives, aspirations, loyalties that are good and innocent. While the biblically-cursed, progress-worshipping "world" rather holds out to us the "new" of the plastic pad or dashboard which tarnishes in a month's time. This crass Jacobin idea of newness being at the very heart of the modern revolutionary ferment, of a youth which today marches like never before in hip-booted cadence, pounding the soil. Little does it know that it marches off not to ever-newer wonders but rather to an unexpected, unannounced doom. Meted out by a world which doesn't care a fig to rescue hundreds of high school students with the reasonable expedient of a cutting-torch through the side of an exposed hull. (Just like "the world community" doesn't bother to drop shock-resistant portable toilets and naturally-cushioned pallets of food, water and critical equipment to victims of natural disasters of every kind—urgently-needed items deliverable in a day—rather patiently waiting weeks for lumbering convoys of trucks to "bring in things", as if modern "technology" were only for flights to the moon, while practical life is left behind with Pickett's Charge at the battle of Gettysburg.) This New World Order rather sending divers to go through a hundred yards of treacherous underwater, before popping up like a cork where only the dead are likely to be found: presumably to fish these corpses up through the same murky, watery dark. Humanity, in those "dark ages" when it valued things like moral goodness and purity, "getting to work" instantly with mercifully-feasible plans, not really "rocket science" at all: rather than just a lot of official-cry-rag-brandishing, media-glorified blow-and-go. Surely, they are only worried that some of the kids "might get burned" by the acetylene sparks, or cut by a giant diamond-toothed saw, lowerable certainly from helicopter upon some reasonably-level spot upon a dry exposed hull. No, no: it's better to just let them all die, than to do such an untidy thing. Purity to these people having nothing whatever to do with a spotless mind and soul, but only with tidiness, scrubbing the car of a Saturday, vacuuming the rugs, letting people die that could readily be rescued in obvious and relatively-easy ways.

Consider too, in launching-off into murky reaches of the modern progress, a "pope" for whom every article of faith must be fantastically modified to fit his radical-Franciscan, indeed Fraticelli-revolutionary, hippy-pad ideas-of-things. Accordingly does he commission this Capuchin to give this sermon on Good Friday in which Judas is exonerated as being for-all-intents-and-purpose among the blessed and saved. The Franciscan emphasis upon God's goodness and forgiveness being warped beyond belief—just like these vaunted "rescue efforts", as of people who seem not to know how to tie their own shoes, let alone save anyone—so that a crypto-Hebrew Francis can mindlessly mutter, with his usual mawkish smile, "who am I to judge"? When even Christ Himself said "it were better had not that man even been born". Ah, Catholic people, it doesn't matter anymore how impressively you sing Gregorian Chant now, after decades of "Amazing Grace" and "Kumbai Ya", and the primary-school-metered and heretical "Let us break bread together on our knees", when you adopt en-masse the ethos of Hell. Alleging that there is really no such thing as punishment or purity, uncovering that final staggering heresy of Vatican II, that God has already forgiven us before we even repent. This is the kind of catechesis which is hardly merciful in the end, cultivating morally-indifferent souls who readily abandon their neighbor in some desperate plight.

But in fact there is an exceedingly old-fashioned God Who Himself hasn't changed one whit, and the rumblings of His furor are heard in increasing tempo as I write. Purity isn't just a matter of scrubbing the kitchen floor, or carrying away corpses to be buried properly, or impressively dusting-off superbly-orchestrated polyphonic renditions of Palestrina, or hippy-like repeating, in the face of filthiest sodomite perversities, the antipope's giddy, all-absolving refrain.

April 18, 2014: More on freedom and obedience: there is no contradiction. There's hardly a micron of difference in these articles of the past few weeks, but hopefully we consider things in greater and greater elucidating detail.

Of course when we speak of obedience we are speaking of well-ordered obedience, a virtue like all the others which "lies in the middle", hardly being anything craven or misplaced: any such anomaly, according to the all-determining median rule-of-virtue, no longer being obedience at all, but some warped disfigurement or mockery of same. The all-defining law of God itself conforming to this "law of our minds" of the reasonable measure, both natural and divine-positive law thus maintaining virtues like obedience in their salubrious and definitive form or shape. Qualities, "good habits" which together with integrity and the like fill out the very figure of liberty itself. Freedom being a fruit of other things rather than a free-standing value: a boon which without such magnificent qualifiers becomes simply a brute and perverse, destructive and inhuman force without any meaning or value at all.

Scarcely then do we joke about liberty, law and all the many subtle and profound particulars they bring in their wake, like Justice Scalia did last night, in an interview in company of Justice Ginsburg: rather admiring much-mocked gravities of our Russian friends across the sea, some measure of which I wish they would lend to our leaders here. The problem with juvenile behavior in the presence of weighty things being, according to that great jurist St. Thomas Aquinas, that in hapless processes of levity we quickly lose the grace of God, invariably becoming disastrously blind. Consequently do we the people fix upon others to lead us to the degree they exhibit piety, probity, circumspection, earnestness, sensitivity to often-super-subtle distinctions involved in their onerous tasks. While predictably-enough blindness is what characterizes the vast majority of sitting justices at all levels here in the USA, who have totally abandoned the law of God as the weighing standard of law itself, and launched off into the giddy void of passion and "purely-legal" conjecture as a consequence, abandoning the virtuous middle, see-sawing between perilous extremes. Giving us sodomy-marriage, organ-snatching death redefined, abortion on demand, citizen-spying, drone-bomb-bravery, etcetera ad nauseam.

Alas, they speak of a different sort of freedom than we: a liberty which in comparison to that which we cherish is mere folly, as well as an ironic abject and supine submission to crushing shackles and chains. It is the sort of "freedom" which creates a society trampled by foul and despicable sodomites run wild, they who audaciously take public charge, more-and-more-frequently indulging in flagrant oversteps, for example openly calling those cultivated men they choose to denigrate to the level of potential partners in unnatural vice by names like "ma'am" or "madam", like this abominable Oscar Pistorius did—if my incredulous ears understood him right—to the prosecutor who questioned him the other day. Complete impunity greeting such execrable effrontery by virtue of such "laws", now proliferating across the earth, largely in token of military adventures of Uncle Sam. For according to American-Constitutional borderless notions of freedom—likewise inevitably warping beyond recognition our notions of terrorism as well—we are all supposed to be so absolutely in charge of ourselves that we feel no revulsion or anger at all over such a mortal insult. Rather indeed, and as if to prove the insult correct, having the latest media-peddled effeminate rejoinder ready on the tips of our tongues. Passion in such a view of law and liberty being reserved only for the most shameful things, manhood for only the most lecherous, brutal and sadistic, and the moral defense of our own humanity—an instinct-of-the-virtuous that when threatened is aroused rampantly—being regarded as a dangerous phobia to be punished in the most draconian possible way.

Please consider, Justice Scalia, that aside from some miraculous intervention of the God of true liberty and law the blood will flow on our streets because of prevailing giddy views of all such things. And we will expend ourselves til death to secede from such an abominable thing, to establish our New and Better Confederacy. A noble and virtuous polity based on the law of God, the genuine and only-worthy freedom of whose children is today in such dire jeopardy.

Indeed the law of God should be the sole law-defining Constitution, relegating Tea-Party-much-made-over "form of government" loyalties to a much lower level-of-concern, hardly any longer held as the "exceptional" measure of American patriotism itself. Any undying devotion to branches or departments, to executive, judicial or legislative "prerogatives"—things over which much money can be so democratically spirited away—should be roundly replaced by concerns of a more personalized regional, culture-based kind. In this admittedly ruddy and peasant-like way reclaiming the natural/somatic human attachment to persons, place and things: rejecting the orbital/modern fixation upon cold organizational abstractions, uncanny close cousin to planetary probes with citizen surveillance mostly in mind. A personalized, culturally-tied, propinquity-based system readily arbitrating rights and privileges, shares in the public weal in the most just and reasonable way, meting out richly and fairly divisions of decision-making power. Unchaining partisanship to romp in constructive realms, free from its present thralldom to abstract, sterile and counterintuitive things. Who cares if "the executive branch" has lots of power, as long as it is inseparably tied to the public good? In our distributive system of necessity all offices and branches being substantially delimited, harnessed and hobbled in internal, organic socioeconomic and sociopolitical ways. In a manner unique to the nation and people, economy and geography involved. All the hypnotic fixation upon feats of abstract branch-balancing poise can mean but little, especially when we consider that the actual rather than hypothetical will of the people has for two hundred thirty-some years been mocked and flaunted in the most brazen possible way. We in our "best possible form of government" remaining meanwhile immobile and transfixed in admiration for Masonry's "impartial" deist norms. Rather will The People find a way to express their potency, their liberty and probity, if only the law of God is given unlimited sway, and ever-changing human contingencies given free and innocent determinative play. The purely formal and instrumental of which our Constitution with such incongruous solemnity speaks being entirely negotiable rather than properly expressible in ironclad-irrevocable terms: the will of God being that which is eternal, the projects of man, however complex or impressive, as variable and adaptable as the wind.

April 17, 2014: John Paul II did indeed write a lot of stirring words, and give a lot of stirring speeches, about "the dignity of the human person"

but that made it all the more crushing to the Catholic soul that he resolutely refused to defend such values in his office as Vicar of Christ. For a true pope isn't just a glorified press secretary but above all things a staff-wielding, action-oriented guardian: manfully brandishing a tool-of-the-trade given him by Christ not just to prod along the fold to virtue—which he should indeed do—but just as sternly to militantly defend the flock from inroads of circling packs of highly pragmatic cultural and theological, political and juridical wolves. That sometimes-bruising, staff-wielding papal office which carries with it a host of long-carefully-developed policy-particulars—for decades now despised as "woefully out-of-date"—of an indomitable juridical, ceremonial, and where necessary Catholic-state-military upholding of Christian character, conduct, the training of youth. All of which prior program—the pope always in twenty centuries intrepidly at the van—was catastrophically abandoned during his and other time-contiguous papal reigns of the past fifty-some years. No, New Church apologists, you can never supply for the hundreds-of-millions of abortions that would probably never have taken place had not recent popes thus abandoned their posts: nor indeed for the utter abandonment of a long-time much-clerically-mocked generous modesty-of-dress which is always the chief bulwark against the "unwanted pregnancies" that are in vast majority at the base of the whole heartless thing. After all that, impressive words about "human dignity" can roll easily off of some sorts of tongues.

Following such epic cowardice and mawkish duplicity, having abandoned the field to a slathering pack of predatory beasts of every stripe which now with biblical-predictability "snatch and scatter the sheep", we can have but little respect for well-crafted words, uttered from a place far removed from needs of a trembling and bleeding, bleating and dying fold. Nor for that Catholic laity which would pretend with pomp and circumstance to pick up the pieces, as if nothing at all had ever gone wrong.

Is there then no hope? Read on, dear reader, read on.

April 17, 2014: The New Confederacy and official slander. Japan the international good guy of the East of a century ago.

The slander of Japan by the English-speaking world during some seventy years before World War II is a case in point: covering a period toward the end of the Oriental opium-peddling reign of the Roosevelt-and-Delano-families, with both the future inlaw households having been kingpins in the notorious trade. "Big Stick" years prior to World War II when some Japanese, as ceaselessly aired by Western theater and films, did indeed have buck teeth, some of them were exceedingly short, a far smaller number were bowl-legged, but a time when almost all of the major things Japan did after its skyrocket arrival on the great-power scene were meticulously fair, just and even compassionate. This in stark contrast to Uncle Sam's poorly-veiled racist global adventures, his ranting and counterproductive spleen, often held up favorably against Nippon's congenitally-shy personalities: actually an engaging national trait. A characteristic media-manipulated by the Yellow Journalistic press of the times as proof-positive of "being on the sly". The justice of the Japanese position being an established fact verifiable with a candid reading of any truthful contemporary literature still available—there isn't that much anymore, the book-burning word-smiths have made carefully sure of that. The principal aim, the "master plan" of Japanese social, military and economic foreign policy during its rise-to-power having however been the erection of ramparts against the wholesale, mind-boggling, epic-notorious Western-power rape of "Asia", for which perfectly-justifiable reason a Good Japan constituted itself the policeman of the Eastern-Pacific shelf. A Japan just then converting by leaps and bounds to Christianity, notably to the Catholic Faith. A Japan thus mobilized with far greater cause than an Uncle Sam who totally uninvited started patrolling the earth already decades before the declaration-of-independence was dry on the page. Almost entirely to "fight Papistry" rather than to do anything constructive, to defend anyone from manifold, manifest harm.

A central principal of this Crusade is that a nation that for centuries has built itself up on foreign-nation character-assassinations and aggressive global wars cannot command the loyalty of anyone. No, Father Jim, not even the standard "benefit of the doubt" of military service can any longer be applied: as in view of such a long and invariable history there can no longer be any doubt, of long-standing, cryptic, wicked designs. Hence do we recognize common-law-organic state and county governments that go about their legitimate tasks, but we on this Crusade forthrightly call for a New and Better Confederacy in place of the Feds: gray uniforms, Rebel flag and all. A secession from a perverted, diabolical pirate regime bent on the court-imposed sodomy-rape of our children, on lies, global conquest, fact-manipulation as an institution all-its-own.

Thus too when it comes to slander the latest all-network character-assassination of Vladimir Putin—they seldom use his Christian first name—starting with grumblings about his intransigence, progressing from there by leaps and bounds to the portrait of an absolute "land grabbing" vintage-Adolph-Hitler maniac, when the man himself is perfectly just, reasonable and calm. The fact being that if we were in the sort of imminent danger known by Russia today—in an uncannily-similar position to pre-war Japan—in our own hypothetical case, say, down on the border with Mexico—would there be any hesitation about "making the hemisphere safe"? But no such freedom-of-action is allowed a Russia in dire straits since an Uncle-Sam-engineered financial-assets-hijacking of a late-eighties Soviet Union just then in a highly-vulnerable state-of-all-points-transition. While the misrepresentation of Russia gets into high gear in fervent airs of legitimacy lent to a Soviet-era "republic"-hatching dismemberment of a Russian Empire whose various nationality-fostering provinces had been closer-knit to St. Petersburg by far. With Estonia or Moldava, The Ukraine or Georgia fruits of victories of the seventeenth-century or before: in the case of Georgia with consolidation greeted eagerly by the Black Sea adoptee, which hadn't known true sovereignty since about the thirteenth century. Russia a beleaguered nation meanwhile misrepresented in the person of a media-bit-modified "picture worth a thousand words" of Putin, the quiet and recollected man, a guy in whose mouth many-a media word can thus so readily be supplied. One who, not being some Tony-Blaire-style empty-headed, mawkish fool, is readily cast by media portrait-makers as a secretive madman with a clever geopolitical dream.

April 16, 2014: Uncle Sam borrows Khrushchev's shoe.

Of much interest is the way in which a rigid Leninist narrative is being systematically applied by the USA in support of the tumult-ridden Maidan overthrow of February in Kiev: a meyley in which transfixed Western chief-diplomats on the ground witnessed the gunning-down of protestors by the junta's own black-ops personnel. Such Marxist ideological-fervor, bolstered by a barbarous atrocity which however merited no space at all in a perpetual-media-black-out USA, being a case of "the pot calling the kettle black" to say the least. Casting a surreal light upon claims that Moscow is staging a Soviet-era-reminiscent land-grab of neighboring-nation space in The Crimea. Russia rather plainly being the true champion of a much-Washington-noised "liberty" and popular sovereignty in every genuine, proof-in-the-pudding respect: having in far reaches of paradox swapped sides with a USA now wrapped up in trenchant slogans of a Bolshevik-style workers' party storyline come-what-may. This strict adherence to dialectically/revolutionary jargon and ideology being all the more ironic—not to say hypocritical—in view of a market-fundamentalism which rules the domestic Yankee-Doodle day—where the interests of the ordinary worker find little space at all, hidden away amid misleading statistics of a Government bent on a self-sanctifying spree. The whole Obama-era take on foreign relations revisiting the Soviet yen for propaganda, with American diplomats of today scarcely falling short of Cold-War-era Khrushchev demonstrations, as when he famously banged on his own desktop before the U.N. General Assembly with his own wildly-brandished shoe.

Of course, in view of our own conviction here on this site—constituting a hypothesis become a theory and from thence a demonstrable political-economic law, a detailed and dependable interpreter of the entire course of modern history—there is no need for the USA, the chief vanguard of Jewish global/financial power, to send armies anywhere: being living testimony to the truth of the celebrated Rothschild principle of global blackjack-economics, to paraphrase: "give me power over a nation's finances and I care not a fig who 'rules'". Uncle Sam having held the Allies to strict non-tardy account for debts incurred during World War I—thus precipitating unfair demands against Germany that led inexorably to World War II—we thereafter pressured leading post-war nations to elevate the dollar to irresistible status of the world's reserve currency at the Breton Woods monetary conference of 1946. A truly Jacobin/revolutionary move in global financial affairs, Washington thereafter being able effortlessly to manipulate geopolitical events like a puppeteer, see to the rise and fall of nations and empires with a Rothschild-reminiscent nod. Much indeed like the English Baron of the family in celebrated market-rocking body-signals, leaning against his accustomed pillar at the London Exchange.

Is there any escaping this Synagogue-end-time realization of an age-old glorious scheme of world conquest, of a whole globe bending-before-the-lash? The only possible Savior from such a diabolical plan is the Sacred Heart of Jesus, attended by His Most Holy Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary. Principal agents in a final celestial-triumphant project-of-the-ages to which we are undyingly devoted here on this site and Crusade.

April 15, 2014: "It is better that one man die….": Like Hitler and Rosenberg themselves, the killer Mr. Cross fits perfectly the "madman with a gun" profile which world Jewry has cleverly prepared for a Christianity with enough gumption to defend itself.

In other words, there's no doubt in my mind that, like so many other mass-killers who fill the nightly news, this Cross fellow is himself a (crypto) Jew, fashioning himself into a live projectile to slay the character of the virile Christian male. (As noted many times on this site, Jews-in-disguise are extremely common, moles who burrow into every conceivable position-of-influence to bring harm to sovereign states, and especially to the Christian Faith. Recent examples among myriad others being the "Irish Catholic" John Kerry and Madeline Albright, with Kerry having changed his originally-Slovak name.) The wholesale criminalization of traditional Christianity being a chief prize: and its replacement by the pseudo-Christian sodomy-coddling of today's false-churches of every kind. In a thoroughly black ops world in which the pearl of great price of truth and goodness is sacrificed so that the dross of mere tactical or psychological "victory" might be expeditiously achieved. Admittedly, it's a complicated thought for some to grasp, and like all things truly depraved—Jewish Marxism, Freudianism, Nazism, market-fundamentalism—its proper adjudication involves the acknowledgment of a sequence of unthinkable morbidity which even the well-informed and upright mind can hardly contemplate for very long. (Indeed, even to mint a minimal description like that is a challenge for the pen or the mind). Here being uncovered a monumentally-clever "laying of snares" which justly lands one in Hell, a species of deceit adopted by some few unspeakably-evil people I myself have known—and had lacerating brushes with—whose recall brings a horror which still staggers my mind. These epic scoundrels who did things so abominably treacherous as to defy belief, in every case turning listener-against-accuser hands down, thus effectively hiding themselves from penalties of any kind: indeed gaining hearty exonerating accolades from the especially impressionable and naïve. The transfixed onlooker or hearer-of-the-tale rather with overwhelming conviction believing in the utter innocence of the one thus charged, and the black-hearted malice, the cold-blooded slander of the one who lodges same: most-of-us indeed being constitutionally incapable of allowing these unthinkable indictments an inch of mental ground upon which to stand. Thus too this Pistorius fellow: raving, sobbing, rending the ears of courtroom and TV throngs, hoping quite soberly and realistically thereby to convince us all that he is pure as the blown snow. Bloody deeds for which we can hardly hold him responsible after listening to his doleful displays: even if he does incongruously set his face like a Gestapo agent whenever he marches in the courtroom door. To put a fitting cap of unconscionable falsehood upon a deed of the most heinous barbarity: into such a hideous picture belongs this gunning-down of innocents in Kansas City.

What does it gain for the Klan, let alone for people like us on the Crusade, for a fiend like Cross to gun down three people in such a random and senseless way? It gains nothing but condemnation and notoriety for any true believer: hardly a goal to be relished with the gloating satisfaction such as this heartless killer so openly displayed. The vast majority of those who recognize the wrongs wrought by the Jews over the past two thousand years and before being in fact of the most benign character, not really hating the Hebrew but rather being hated by them. For it isn't we who call "the rest of men" by the name of "goyim", by which is understood a gentile humanity intrinsically sub-human, according to Talmud-believing Jewish ideas-of-things. We indeed only wishing the Jews to at least see the folly of their position, while holding out the further hope of someday welcoming them as sincere converts, believers in the Christian Faith.

With a string of synagogue-embracing, self-canonizing anti-popes as a convincing backdrop, then, can "experts" of today announce with trumpet-like clarity that we must "go after" those who in the remotest way "think like this Cross guy". For to lay any blame at all upon millennially-approving slayers of Savior-and-followers-alike has become the Eichmann-like unforgivable sin: with EWTN going so far as to call the Jews "older-brothers-in-faith", these hijackers of nations of twenty centuries in time. No, it doesn't matter that you have a string of popes for just as long—indeed, including the Savior Himself, although laying down His Life for our sins hardly a piece of John-Paulian milktoast—who have categorically condemned the synagogue for just such unthinkable, coldly-calculated, insidious designs. For which indeed a special term, perfidy, was near-exclusively applied. Despite all this, only the modern media/Vatican-II blanket Jewish-exoneration now obtains, in a heady, piously-apostasizing world which bitterly despises the wisdom of its forebears. One which now heads into a punishment for which the "bloody moon" of last night is only the merest premonitory sign.

April 14, 2014: Focusing yet more microscopically on the same general theme: liberty is a contingent value, not an end in itself. How this applies to a truly free economy.

For liberty quickly destroys itself if pursued as an ultimate end. This principle of auto-destruction being applicable as well to economics, within which a thus-elevated freedom—laissez faire, market fundamentalism, call it what you may—ultimately and inevitably consumes the very economic liberty thus so grandly elevated, together indeed with those very valuables of which an economic, a market, is composed. Reducing us all to impoverished thralls for a government-complicit corporate world. Liberty, as noted in a previous article, when thus chased down the streets, highways and back-alleys of life, involves a breathless and excited but for-all-that entirely sterile and futile chasing after the wind: after which much-self-congratulatory exertions we find a beefy prison-guard waiting smugly and patiently to put us in chains.

This should be the lesson, alas, of American history, if only we have Gospel "eyes to see and ears to hear". Whereas if we had rather obeyed the all-freeing law of God, as in unique legitimacy administered by His Church, we would now be enjoying that freedom exclusively found among His sons. The pursuit of right, of goodness, of virtue bringing in its train freedom properly understood, notably preventing trespass upon those who trespass no one at all. A true, only-achievable, by nature purely-contingent freedom eons away from a disordered, self-defeating liberty elevated to a status divine.

How do we arrive at this system-of-justice, this freedom-producing enforcement of the right and the good? Manifestly, this rule-of-law isn't merely the laissez-faire-conceived maintenance of "only enough law and order so that business might be transacted in an uninhibited way". Or in simple English so that you aren't bludgeoned and robbed on the way to the bank or the store. A Horatio Alger definition of law which however hardly inhibits the midases of banking and industry from robbing us politely from across the counter, as guarded by the mammoth and ever-growing security apparatus of the USA. Nay rather, in any legitimate realm, is right properly preserved and wrong extirpated in detail: in a comprehensive, painstaking interdiction along twisted, maze-like paths inhabited by the cunning, devious and depraved, whether they wear an immaculate suit-and-tie or overalls and a greasy baseball cap. The law of God being applied in all realms social and economic, personal and political: with "private" crimes, infractions or peccadilloes also being recognized as ultimately corrosive to the good—and true liberty—of all. While with respect to the economy medieval law vigilantly sanctioned "foreclosure", or literally a closing-beforehand of the market: with a cynical, conspiratorial (yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as a conspiracy), deliberate market failure being always involved. Law back then, "when knighthood was in flower", preventing in a special way any attempt to sell goods at the dock, on the road, or out in the bay: offloading valuables at lower prices or greater distance-convenience simply because so much less work, expense or preparation for the merchants involved. This practice—of a gratuitous tailoring of the market to whims and wishes of the merchant—being destined to end today in a Wal-Mart or a Home Depot which decides what we will buy by limiting severely what it puts out there on the shelves: admittedly serving the profitable "bottom line", often carrying only those things which will "fly off the shelves", while robbing and choice-impoverishing the consumer blind. (Albeit perhaps carrying some less-bought or even exotic item at drastic cut-rate long enough to run the local variety-store out of town). Such mega-firms likewise providing a market paradise for those commercial cronies to whom it gives unfair, market-foreclosing advantage, as of a wide shelf upon which without competition to display its (typically-sub-standard) goods. Even as those items which enhance personal independence tend to be gradually pushed off the shelf as well: since a gadgetry-despising economically-independent citizenry is precisely what Wall-Street and Wal-Mart scarcely wish to see. This foreclosure-ridden patently-unjust market failure finding cynical forerunners already in the fourteenth century, being the real cause for the rise of a labor-exploitive factory-system, in mushrooming local-market-"foreclosing" enterprises always constructed somewhere out in the heath-country where jurisdictions were weak, non-existent, or bribed to look the other way. Labor/management gradually separating itself not only from quality-enforcing guilds but ever-further from virtue-guarding home-life as well. How would material civilization have developed had not all these market-foreclosing shortcuts come to rule the day: with war-provoking look-alikes in larger global terms abounding as well? Certainly, prior rules-of-fairness—nothing tyrannical about them at all—would have arbitrated a much-more-vigorous economic development than the wasteful, human-life-consuming monster the whole serpentine process has over time brought-us-to today. Just as the previous three centuries before the fourteenth—administered across Europe according to this detail-laborious economic and political morality noted above—had seen the introduction of innovations which trebled crop-yields, which multiplied sea-born traffic in a geometric way. Rather than spawning the economic-stock-gauging vampire-economy of today, medievalism if given a chance would no doubt have produced a polar-opposite sociopolitical culture providing prodigiously for the poor, caring compassionately for the sick, educating and cultivating the young, honoring the elderly, loving and publicly-honoring God, as in days of yore.

Thus indeed, "freedom isn't free": if pursued in and for itself rather putting us immovably in chains.

April 13, 2014: The new "call to perfection" and the "New Evangelism" cut out of the same old heretical cloth.

In order for a New Church heresy to thrive it has to pretend to be doing something much better than Rome ever thought about doing before Vatican II: hence all the new notions that pierce the pulpit and Catholic-media air, as of a "new evangelism", within which is contained that equally-radical departure, that "all people are called to the highest degree of perfection". Ideas, at least in terms in which they are typically presented, at the very least earning the morally-grave theological sanction of "erroneous", the most-prominent effect of which twin promotions is a wholesale Catholic adoption of much of the Protestant approach to religion and life. Capsulated here being a shift not only away from the overriding ordinary piety of silent good example of the mass of the Catholic faithful of the past but yet more conclusively a gross abandonment of the practical sociopolitical Catholicism which went with the latter like a hand in a well-worn glove. A rampant, indomitable Catholicism which once made the enemies of the Church quake in their boots, and which post-Pius XII antipopes have been apologetically beating their breast over ever since. This divergent patent-confession-of-Augsburg "universal-perfection" urged so forcefully upon us today tending quickly to reproduce in Catholic parishes the carefully-selected not to say self-righteous congregations which are the bane of the Protestant world: while being intrinsic as well to the celebrated Protestant conviction that there is no real difference between states-in-life. The blush and bother of a New Church world blending ironically well with a callous disregard of un-theatrical labors of laymen of the past, in unsung struggles to incarnate the divine plan in their cities and neighborhoods, their laws and customs, the domestic and foreign policies of nations to which they belonged. Those of one-time Catholic countries with Catholic laws in particular being regarded with ill-concealed contempt in new departures debauched so profusely from endless sessions of Vatican II: grubby figures with baggy pants or babuskas being remembered by skeptical clerics as "unfortunate" at best. All their prodigious-if-unceremonious devotion-to-the-practical-fact—productive of two decades of relatively-fair labor/management relations, while undergirding the tolerant attitudes toward race which in the '60s would so readily abound—these tried-and-true Catholics being easily-enough ignored in a born-again-flavored my country right or wrong of the Bush-to-Obama years, in the mad rush among Catholics of today to match Protestant-neighbor efforts to gain salvation by "only saying Lord, Lord". A "perfection" augmented or dramatized by satisfying attempts at the John-Paulian broad Polish smile.

In this swirl of sound-bites about the New Evangelism—making all the empty pews seem a virtuous thing, when held up against supposedly lack-luster achievements of gram and gramps regarding "evangelical" things—instructive indeed is the "journey home" of a guy who had started out as a Presbyterian, became a Methodist, sent for a lot of brochures of religious orders when his interest in Catholicism first began to arise, and finally ended up a hermit of some kind. Alas, we turned EWTN off before the show was over, as we found the whole thing disturbing to a high degree: for the fellow was plainly not-a-little unhinged, giddy and unstable, not at all solidly prepared mentally or spiritually to endure the manifold interior and exterior rigors of the eremitical life. For the kind of formation required includes a tremulous veneration for people and pieties of old, as well as a grounding in a practical morality leagues removed from anything like vaunted John-Paulian "perfection" or vain display. Searchers of verities having been those hermits, readers-and-followers of trail-marks of centuries so that they might not loose their faintly-traced way. A steep climb up a Seven Storey Mountain, beside yawning canyons and deep lakes of the contemplative life, where a theatrically-impressive, Vatican-swimming-pool basking antipope stands no chance at all. You don't just breezily learn these sublime and profound upward-tending hand-holds to mystical summits, nor how to interpret or recognize charitably-directive signs left behind, in this desert "single combat with the fiend", while casually catching an "all should be perfect" blast from billowing open-windows of Vatican II.

Thus too this Marcus Grodi, in this "Family Celebration", as I believe it is called, taking place over the past few days in Canada. He has come to sound like a blustery Evangelical preacher, hardly Catholic at all, as the impromptu setting of such a gathering will only allow so much scope for carefully-choreographed dramas and contrived John-Paulian agonies of a "Vatican II spirituality" cobbled-together over the past half-century or so. No, there used to be this majestic and immovable continuity, indeed as of children and grandchildren who had taken the trouble—actually once begun, a joy, no trouble at all—to venerate learned or callous-handed Catholic forebears and the things for which they stood. To cherish fondly the inimitable array of family-specific manners, attitudes and turns-of-phrase: those living relics and passed-down treasures which "family celebrations" properly conducted are all about. They of pre-Vatican-II who successfully pass down the Catholic Faith scarcely resembling the "perfect" of today, nor their "new evangelism": part and parcel of up to date theatrics of a Brave New Church.

April 11, 2014: The long-tardy Catholic social, economic and political counterinsurgency to be found here in this Crusade.

Catholic thought and practice has been "back on its heels", as punch-drunk boxers used to so graphically say, for at least two and a half centuries, with the "little finger of the Vatican", as one Masonic luminary so quaintly put it, in the lodge's effective control by the early 1800s when he penned his ominous lines. On the heels of which church-infiltrator-manifesto came the "Manifest Destiny" doctrine of Archbishop John Carroll of the American Church: a Masonically-inspired ecclesiastical pilot project devoted to a materialistic determinism of the most impious kind. An American Catholicism, a phenomenology with us to this very day, which implicitly claims that simple material progress will lead the way to a future of the most glorious kind, acceptable to both God and man. An error later to be partly summarized in an Americanist heresy which sanctifies ceaseless activity to the neglect of things divine. While a vigorous and positive Catholic reaction to this infernal, many-headed ideological serpent, although finding preliminaries in Chateaubriand, would mostly retreat into a sort of purely-spiritual reaction, a patently-Lutheran "spiritual church" idea: a monkish/dualistic preoccupation with things-of-the-soul inevitably joined by the disturbing reappearance of caesaro-papist blind-loyalties to the modern-world's increasingly-totalitarian states. A tyranny however carefully wrapped in sugar-coated claims of "liberty" and other progressive aims. Anything like a specific counterattack to the ongoing wholesale anti-Catholic, anti-Christian aggression of Jewry/Masonry—two arms of Satan until only recently confessed by all to be intrinsically joined—an assault whose most formidable columns are mobilized chiefly in economic and political terms—hardly surfacing at all until the Oxford Movement. One-of-whose later but most vocal expositors, G.K. Chesterton, would however and counterintuitively incorporate this material-progress-dynamic into his allegedly-Catholic worldview, thereby vitiating it beyond repair. With a colleague Belloc only supplying a sort of carping second-in-command, bitterly castigating opposing ideas without really supplying anything positive of his own.

Hence do we here on the Anti-Sodomy Crusade—notably as read around the globe on this site—claim this plowed-up patch of battle-ground, reviving the Catholic counterinsurgency, forthrightly addressing the overriding issue of today: this infernal invasion of things Catholic, this open-and-insidious frustration of the Church's mission as the chief defender of divinely-sanctioned human political and economic institutions. Rome being indeed the very fountainhead from which political legitimacy itself flows (Unam Sanctam): a title of course not claimed or pressed over those not yet of the Roman fold. The Crusade jointly rejecting as well a modern obsession with technically-advanced material progress: the innocent-looking vehicle of the demolition of faith, of moral and spiritual priorities of any kind. Hardly are we intimidated by genomes or sub-atomic particles, nor do we crawl for the enemies of Christ—whether in practical, political or purely-intellectual terms—begging or coaxing them indulgently to accept the Faith. Rather indeed do we true Catholics, temporarily exiled from Rome, "wipe the dust from our feet in testimony against them", when it comes to the sworn enemies of the Savior. Abominating as we do this infernal Vatican-II-spearheaded craven sort of "humility", a "humility at the expense of Christ", of Paul VI's "pilgrim church doing the ancient penance": implying a disgustingly-false admission-of-guilt. As if the very "spotless bride of Christ" were herself the shamefaced one, as so often indeed accused by crafty combines of Judeo-Masonry, rather than being the immaculate vessel of God's Redemption from sin and corruption, tyranny and vice. Thus too a latest Vatican hat-in-hand obsequy, of the commencement of yet-another "dialogue", this time a discourse with sworn enemies of faith of any kind, in some new inter-opinion dialogue whose name my mind refuses to retain. A recourse which will bring upon its perpetrators a curse rather than a blessing from precincts divine.

The indomitable counter-attack of the Anti-Sodomy Crusade is thus epitomized in a contemptuous rejection of the modern liberty-and-progress goddess, whose likeness is indeed personified in a gallingly-idolatrous Statue of Liberty reigning there in New York harbor for all to see. An impious gift of the Judeo-Masonic world to the USA—a proven fountainhead of every blasphemy and perversity—a false and serpentine boon which finds its twin in Paris in an Eiffel Tower, during its construction said to have had the Blessed Sacrament sacrilegiously buried under each of its massive legs, by Masonic functionaries in cryptic ceremonials involved. We on the Crusade indeed uncovering a two-millennia-long insidious campaign of the synagogue, the biblically-identified "synagogue of satan", to establish its own kingdom of Lucifer on this earth, this through the gradual commandeering and "co-opting" of material and commercial civilization, building monuments to a futuristic "messiah"—conceived-of in the self-same progressive terms—after which the synagogue vainly sighs. An evil empire indeed, one craftily founded to defy the blessed Kingdom of Our Lord Jesus Christ, once so solidly established across Europe in medieval times. While latter-day infiltrations into "highest places in the Catholic Church" (Marian message of Garabandal of 1962-65, during the very years of the Second Vatican Council) having had as a much-vaunted victory the utterly new and heretical erection of liberty as essentially being the chief—and in ultimate virtue-prohibitive terms the only—value in human and ecclesiastical life. This geyser of manifold rebellion, this Luciferian "I will not serve!", now echoing among space-age structures and skylines of New Church architecture, being demonstrated most pointedly in the loss of Catholic identity in nations previously Catholic to the core. These having been enjoined indeed by the Vatican itself on the very heels of Vatican II to renegotiate long-standing concordats with the Holy See, removing "offending" politically-and-statutorially capsulated commitments to the Catholic Faith in public morality and custom, in open and unabashed displays of popular and official piety. Nations where Christ the King and His Most Holy Mother were once seen majestically to reign in the most affectionately-embraced and formally-acknowledged way. This contrary milk toast version of "freedom of religion", this gratuitous surrender of the crucial Catholic training of youth, having predictably reaped a bumper-harvest in the loss of souls, in the contempt-laden dragging-down of Catholic Civilization, of customs in particular of a generous modesty of dress, of innocence of speech and behavior. On the heels of which capitulation this newest campaign of Catholic self-humiliation is expected to bear some unspecified but eagerly-anticipated fruit.

But in order to achieve the nefarious aim of a fatally diluted, uncertain, hesitant Church—the perfect incarnation of the Gospel hireling or false shepherd—Catholicism had to be completely transformed into an elite-clerical phenomenon, with "called to perfection" lay-Catholics ranged in unquestioning, oddly-militant column-and-line, initiating a pharisaically-modeled priestly-caste-system such as the Church had never before seen. The Church having been contrived in most respects a mere servant of the state, the laity their grovelingly-"loyal" thralls. The Church universal having become a court religion to the Judeo/Masonic forces which rule an apostate world, of the Byzantine-Imperial mold: with The State, epitomized in a Bush/Obama USA, steadily reaping discarded prerogatives of the Church at an unseemly breakneck speed. A clergy, "men in soft garments living in the palaces of kings" (or pandering to "democratic" heads-of-state) which with airs of the antiseptic steadily divorces itself from genuine urgent needs of the lay-Catholic fold. Inventing new, repugnant and often-enough effeminate benchmarks which empty churches, reducing Holy Masses to a fraction of their former frequency or congregational size, the one-time-devout being replaced as well by flocks morally-compromised, heterodox to the core. Leaving the customary wholesome and virile ethos of the Catholic laity ignominiously behind, contemptuously associated with a Catholic past that has in all respects been summarily discarded out the "open window" of Vatican II.

In view of this all-fronts retreat of Catholic Faith we can hardly share vaunted enthusiasms of the global Catholic media over recent alleged increases in the Catholic population worldwide: as the sort of "Catholicism" involved is shamefully watered-down. A new departure most-typically gravely-compromised, cowardly, when compared to the rampant and unyielding Catholicism of the past, a new "faith" whose much-made-over increase is to disturbing degrees restricted in some countries to the middle-class and wealthy. A "Catholicism" which thus "thrives" in a world in which abortion reigns supreme—a world "liberated" indeed—one in which human organs instead of nourishing crops are with glib impunity "harvested" for the "needs" of the well-to-do. A world in which diabolical wars-of-conquest are conducted by the same leading nations, their "justification" "by token of silence"—sometimes indeed even by open or virtual admission—granted by Rome, or by other churchmen at every grade, in the most galling and reprehensible way. Is not such a world, of the Catholic church in open and ignominious retreat, is this not proof enough of the end-time apostate condition in which she so pitifully lay? With all the more certainty, then, do we expose the machinations of the Jews, in their mawkish co-sponsorship of these detestable "ecumenical" gatherings, in their devious financing of a whole network of artificially-conceived infrastructure of modern technocratic life. Whose chief aim is the frustration of human voluntary input, the enslavement of mankind: evils which greatly facilitate the loss of immortal souls. Humanity having in this way scientifically "raised itself up" in the manner of an audacious Anti-Christ, so soon to come. All of which treacheries have been met only by this mockery of meekness, this capitulation, this cowardly retreat. Rather we here on the Crusade call for the construction of a completely different material and economic, social and political alternative to this abominable path dependency, ours a divergent organic, nature-based agenda exhaustively considered on this site, and advanced on this Crusade. A strategy in which we must be boldly, rampantly self-confident, while at the very same time admitting our utter dependency upon the divine aid: that which is always forthcoming to those who thus manfully trust in His Holy Name.

April 10, 2014: Just as the anti-pope John Paul II, was struck down when he dared to open the Holy Door in the jubilee year of 2000, unintentionally falling to his knees in the act, so do we here on the Crusade expect that some similar premonitory event will take place during the coming gala "canonization" of the two imposters, John Paul II and John XXIII in Rome. This utterly-unremarked indicator of the divine displeasure of fourteen years ago recalling vividly to mind, for those "with eyes to see", the guard at the side of the Ark of the Covenant, the self-appointed "steadier" of the untouchable repository of the Holy Spirit, who was himself mortally struck-down for his temerity. God's admonishing signs admittedly not being as dramatic or obvious, as we near the end of the century when the evil one and his earthly henchmen are conceded such an unusual degree of power. And God Himself seems to have veritably stepped aside and allowed this diabolical ascendancy: humanity having proven itself an ungrateful repository for the divine protection as in days-of-old.

April 9, 2014: The occult male American ethos which finally led to sodomy: starting long ago with refusals of filial-pious obedience and killing people over horses and cows. Breaking news of another bloody school incident of today graphically confirms the assessment made here. We typically add more to, or modify, the article as the morning progresses.

There is a kind of hypnosis, an occult mumbo-jumbo, a trance-like muttering of code-words in an American Way now being spread around the globe by drone-bombs and black-ops atrocities. American generals on C-Span epitomizing such an unprecedented anomaly: their unflinching, flint-like faces speaking silent volumes for this hair-trigger-vindictive point-of-view. Flying-in-the-face of the fact that emissaries in wars of the past—whether bringing news of victory or defeat, or pleading terms of peace—used to quite commonly weep in their attempts to convey the utter sincerity, the willingness to relent or the regret at any continuance of battle of those in whose name they spoke. While in stark and transfixing contrast in the old West, as recorded in some dozen or so historical books read by us on the Crusade, often written by close-kin descendants of the pioneers themselves, the touching-off of a duel or gunfight—a mortal sin for a Catholic, bringing an automatic excommunication in its wake—was invariably some attempt or perceived attempt of some alleged offender to "call ones bluff". (Read for instance Ball, Eve, Ma'am Jones of the Pecos. Tucson, AZ: U of Arizona Press, 1969.) Hence did courage begin to be defined as the ability to keep a straight or "poker" face in the split seconds before bullets began to fly; while any mere twitch of a facial muscle might precipitate a "draw down", justifying homicide to mesmerized onlookers, the common assessment being likely that "he beat him only by a hair". Breathless group-judgments of male authenticity of every kind being weighed in the balance in these sorts of tête-à-têtes, meekness in this way being completely outlawed out on the American range: with Mexicans in particular—if Catholics, as 95% were, partakers in the very noble Manhood of Our Blessed Lord—being invariably regarded as "milk toast", much indeed as would He Himself be thought by obdurate enemies across anno domino time. While if a Mexican finally "got enough" he would only win for himself and his nationality the reputation of being a "quiet killer", or some similar incredible slander such as all of us have heard so many times. The kindly smile being the most outlawed thing in the universe today, largely because of this Hollywood-glorified frontier-era backdrop, this glorification of the poker face. Among women the one-time badge of feminine innocence, the gracious smile, in the course of the twentieth century coming steadily to be regarded as a "come on": in an utterly-new and false purity-ethos initiated here in this way, for nearly a century now with American-Catholic priests—men-of-the-cloth uniquely eager to fit in with the "American Dream"—going so far as to tacitly facilitate this slander-loaded charge against the meek, immaculate and good girl: a sort of wary coolness becoming the new badge of feminine purity in a Brave New World. Without any doubt precipitating an infinitude of excuses for rape and seduction of the kindly and sweet across the land. A feminine fate indeed not yet suffered by those frontier women who accompanied their gun-slinging husbands, brothers and sons: kindly and gracious ladies perfectly safe when alone with migrating strangers who came to every remote cabin on the Westward way, a sizeable number of whom were outlaws on the run. They who nonetheless and "no questions asked" were given a free meal and bed, a shot of whiskey, and sent on their much-refreshed weary way. Little did any of these beloved ancestors know that this callous disregard of human life—an inevitable consequence of radical, puritanical, indeed Jacobin American-Calvinism's hatred of the Catholic Faith, and the marvelous transformations of crusty nature it inevitably brings in its wake—would soon-enough spread to a similar blank-faced trampling upon previously-inviolable womanly hearts, souls and minds. Nor that in the end manhood itself would lose its way, go from being heartlessly combative, having in this way drifted off from its true and solid spiritual and notional moorings, in that burning furnace of charity which is the Heart of Our Blessed Lord: turning polar opposite to an alternate brutal or over-emotional "lusting of man after man". The Gothic American eye-for-an-eye ethos, with so many bizarre and unforeseen spin-offs, going back indeed further-in-time to an Old Testament kind of religion, with notoriously-sodomy-carry Judaism the historically-well-recognized financial source and notional fountainhead of all heresy. A connection to the slayers-of-the-Savior found to be all-the-stouter the more grim, nihilistic and vindictive the doctrine involved. The Israeli record in the Middle East being a stark testimony to age-old morbidities of the synagogue as well.

Hence is the Yankee global policeman a grim pace-setter indeed, bringing to mankind this incredible occult ritual, this bloody and unforgiving facedown: a kind of back-alley manhood in prior ages known only among bar-brawlers, pick-pockets, sneak-adulterers and other miscreants. The penalty of death being hastily shunted to the forefront among dead-eyed "score settlers" when a manly and Christian forbearance, a clement expression, a kindly smile, humble self-effacement, the relenting of an initial impulse toward rage would have "settled things" in the most civilized, reasonable sort of way. Although an equal part of the problem here in the USA is, ironically enough, an exaggeration of virtues like patience and meekness, according to the purely-Protestant notion that all men are called to the same spiritual calling, that there is no such thing as a religious life as something apart from ordinary lay existence. These sects of course not recognizing the competence of Rome, from whence our whole understanding of vocation is gained: namely as either ordinary or in a vocational calling to the Counsels of Perfection, such as turning the other cheek so graphically represents. Catholics being required in simple justice—the salvation-winning rule of thumb of the laity—to be reasonably patient, to exercise a rational degree of self-control—but not necessarily to go-the-limit and "turn the other cheek". Hence does a Calvinistically-inspired populace of the USA constantly see-saw between extremes, of high-virtue and unbridled reprisal and vice, as the sane, modulating, temperate modicum of ordinary virtue—virtue itself of course residing in the middle between extremes—is everywhere and often catastrophically denied. Holding all, callow youth, casual wealth or hard-bitten poverty, to "tow the line" in meekness and other heroic-virtues which few are actually given the grace to realize.

But in addition to this welter of moral confusion we also have this prior backlog of Yankee Doodle behavior to "measure up to": as when rebel mobs on street-corners in Colonial Boston came up to British soldiers—in a stunning anticipation of '60s "free speech" and "anti-war" demonstrators, who actually bellied-up to bayonets by U.S. soldiers drawn—and spat in their meek and tolerant faces. These cultivated Englishmen by contrast almost without exception taking these insults with heroic patience: but when some one or two were finally overcome by it all, and fired some shots into the raging crowd, it was a "shot heard round the world". The simple breakdown of patience—the limits of which even the Apostle recognizes, himself counseling forbearance simply "as far as within you lies"—being sanctimoniously held to be a causus belli, a "noble" floodgate opened to bloodshed, to "make the world safe" aggressive war.

April 7, 2014: Mutuality the touchstone of economic life.

Interest or arbitrage driven economic activity, multinational-corporate competition, the bond-market and all the free-flying mechanisms by which these are sustained: the velocities inherent to such a wide-ranging global mechanism consume themselves and whatever they might produce, rather than building aggregate wealth. This mutual-self-consumption must be grasped as the final earnest of a system built on such biblically-proscribed things, with fabulous amounts expended on derivatives and day-trading, hedge-fund-leveraged currency-manipulations, advertising and marketing, trade-rape and military wars for the cornering of resources, prodigal expenses of global transport: all these representing a gigantic skimming-off-the-top of profits on-the-whole scarcely more than marginal, in the end representing a fatal gauging into the base economic tissue of the world. This net-loss obtaining rather than any enhancement or increase thereof. The vast series of natural beaver-dams of traditional trade and economy being by contrast far removed from this raging, bank-and-bed-scouring torrent of modern-day profits, ambitious commercial assaults which veritably eat themselves up. Profits of a tiny voracious few digging up less-formal, purely-private wealth and wellbeing, uprooting retardant-mechanisms to catastrophic flights of a thus-fatally-mobilized wealth, aggressions which allow no alternate routes or more conservative repositories among the people at large. Multiplying robotics and catastrophically-lowered quality brokering an absence or paucity of multiplier-rich reciprocities in the churning, tumbling, silt-scrubbing spray. Real wealth itself being composed more of persons and interior values than of intrinsically-instrumental material things, however lovely or noble on their own level that these might be. Things whose very ability to be enjoyed is exponentially multiplied with the participation of more persons and personalities, rather than the latter's Marxian reduction to mass personal anonymity, on the one hand, or their materialism-arbitrated Friedmanite dealing out of the game.

In a word, then, economic liberalism or market fundamentalism cannot be the vehicle of the creation of wealth, which is by nature a socially-magnified thing. Wealth being an intrinsically-fragile commodity which bruises easily when handled without care, requiring a harboring, shepherding, even the cultivation of a whole ranging set of interior values, these being needed moral skills without which wealth cannot possibly survive or be passed down. The economy being like a ripe load of peaches, which if hauled down the rocky road of human and imperfect life at break-neck speed will be bruised beyond repair, fated to quickly rot rather than fill nutritional needs.

April 5, 2014: Truth, statehood, organized deception and Ivan Lopez. Article further developed.

The end and aim of all civil society must be the common good, which among rational beings—indeed all creation—must in turn be based upon the truth: any other method-of-statecraft being simple illegitimate bullying of some kind. Hence just because someone sets up shop and makes a lot of McCain-like grand and patriotic declarations doesn't make them a head-of-state, nor for that matter his or their lumbering coercive apparatus a state, either. Furthermore and yet-more-disturbingly, I don't think this idea—of a whole state averse to the common good, ill-motivated, corrupt-to-the-core in all its branches and departments—is even considered in classical philosophy or theology books, which always had for authors and subjects those rough-and-ready people of the past who were too constructively occupied to be bothered with a lot of morbid and counterproductive feints and maneuvers, tending to stay firmly on terra firma rather than jettison off into hide-raising, back-arching Faustian political realms. Always having at least some sizeable fraction of the constructive in mind. This realm of the blackly-negative—for the "defense" of which fittingly-named black-ops troops so profusely and doughtily abound—being of exactly that political borderland, that notional woodwork, wherein cunning agents of the synagogue are so commonly to be found. This realization in turn being brought home to us in the past few days during our reading here at home of an incredibly-revealing book, Trotsky, a Biography, by Robert Service. (Belknap/Harvard, 2009). Indeed, the entire methodology of Trotsky (Levi Bronstein was his real name) was to lay notional and subliminal traps for those with whom he discussed, debated or disagreed—we not having yet gotten to those middle-pages which recount halcyon bomb-throwing-Bolshevik days—with the cunningly-pursued aim nonetheless being for all intents and purposes to demolish the opponent on every possible level moral and psychological, and in consequence thereafter to win the argument hands down.

Alas this is precisely the domestic and geopolitical method of a synagogue-inspired and manipulated USA—plying a patently-Jewish form of bone-breaking coercion indeed examined in detail in a long line of papal warnings and prohibitions against Jews since the Apostolic Age—America being the real kingdom of Israel of today, the other in Palestine being a mere junior partner in the cosmic Jewish firm. Hence there can be little legitimacy at all in American government or institutions—as much as we too would love to wave the Grand Old Flag—that banner in turn the subject of whose patriotic hymns and songs—according to the most politically-correct sources—is in strict Puritanical sanitation limited to form of government. Sentiments here hardly being wasted on mere expendable people or familiar patois, blooming hillsides, soaring mountains or crashing coastal seas. The stark totalitarian vision thus adhered-to leaving dissenters no exit-route, in what quickly becomes a beefy, emotionally-enervating, club-wielding polemical dead-end. We on this Crusade however scarcely being able to lend our loyalty to a lot of falsehood-and-intrigue-based rot: as for one thing we cannot possibly conceive of the good God as giving us such a political stone instead of a common-good loaf to lavish our love upon, to politically abide-by or unsuspectingly consume.

But back to a Trotsky who personifies all such treacherous and insidious things: a guy who had absolutely no place in his life for genuine friendship—that upon which however the state, according to St. Thomas Aquinas, is solely based—rather even wooing his future wife with psychological and psycho-emotive trip-wires to bring her down. This by no accident being indeed the form of "romance" prevalent in the USA: a deadly typically-male-administered potion suggesting drug-induced rape, a "courtship" of the most misogynistic, family-undermining, socially-caustic kind.

Hence in line with this sort of black-jack-utilitarian method do we have a U.S. military which consistently and notoriously uses returning soldiers and sailors as guinea pigs in fort-or-VA-based hospitals and "mental health" programs, in a species of diabolical treachery which got much news-coverage in Arizona a decade-and-more ago, a pitiless regimen for a while centered on the VA hospital in Prescott. Medicine of course being a realm, like most things institutional or academic, media or commercial in this Greater Israel, that is entirely dominated by Jews. Thus our subject: the spectacular but increasingly déjà vu familiar demise of Ivan Lopez, formerly a model soldier by every account. What's the aim of such a "program": which should better be called a pogrom? The alleged "enemy"-(we have so many of these)-targeting discovery of dependable puppet-strings for the human mind, these hand-held in turn by a psychological-warfare cadre in the military which is the actual spearhead in all our many wars. The only thing is that the real enemy is the U.S. citizen, who above all others must be "kept in line". Indeed, a "model" soldier or citizen can be a formidable opponent for a government bent on Trotskian reaches of moral, material and psychological control. Hence, is it better, according to this deadly signature-black-ops sort of logic, to discredit the genuinely-heroic as being potential madmen: a fate indeed already decades ago meted out to those in civilian culture who pursue character and virtue to consummate degrees. Increasingly since the 60s and 70s integrity and self-sacrifice being mocked and belittled in workplace and classroom, movie and sitcom, in morbid reaches of an all-points cynicism which quickly migrated to the dinner-table in many-a home as well. This institutionally-cultivated sort of slack-jaw worldview inevitably producing indifference, mediocrity—as a sharp decline in product quality for one thing so plainly shows—the same spirit-daunting regimen ultimately creating a soldiery no doubt held by certain elites to be glibly and regretlessly expendable, their destruction scarcely earning so much as a nod. Being perhaps thought of as in-any-case without creditable opponents in any international bid for global military power, thus trebling personal insignificance—so goes the Trotsky/Rosenberg logic—to the nth power.

Indeed Lopez was with maddening metronomic predictability found to have been placed on a regimen—a "cocktail" as the media calls it—of mind-altering "anti-depressant" and sleep-inducing drugs. Beyond question including Prosac or some yet-more-powerful equivalent: a notoriously-dependable inducer in turn of violently-heroic illusions-of-grandeur. Thus does a military-hospital/VA collective-Dr.-Jeckle turn out ample numbers of such Mr. Hydes: the latter sensational science-fiction figure having himself been a "medical-science"-cobbled-together giant, a murder-prone "human being" who wowed theater-goers of the thirties-to-fifties. Uncle Bar-Samuel periodically winding up some pitiful drug-modified human-turned-monster to be let loose on populations around the globe, as well as upon meek and tractable citizens here at home with "patriotic" stars in their eyes.

Hence do we here at the Anti-Sodomy Crusade invoke the aid of the two Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary to deliver us from this satanic infestation of officialdom on every level here in the USA, this "scientific" stalking of the human race. Meanwhile promising these Heavenly defenders to do what we can to cement foundations for their ultimate reign—the sooner the better—over hearts, minds and governments. This Holy Family together with St. Joseph being as they are the sole dependable fountainhead of truth, friendship and the earnest pursuit of goodness and mutual betterment for every tongue and clime.

April 4, 2014: Anti-popes take on more and more of the aspect of a cloaked figure with a magic wand.

Thus did Francis, no doubt with his usual impish smile, "canonize" three saints "by decree" only yesterday, their names not even deemed worthy of mention by the News Nightly anchor on EWTN. These three mere saintlings so unobtrusively announced hardly coming up to the rock-star stature of a John or a John Paul, hardly deserving month-long celebratory prep-work for festivities on the Vatican grounds, little meriting the propaganda work-up that the two anti-popes have for decades so feverishly enjoyed. Does this breezily-"decreed" second-class-sainthood also signal that the anonymous three didn't even merit the full process of canonization, something which used to take decades? I just don't know, having never really heard sainthood announced in quite such strange terms. All these anomalies together with the three-ring spectacular of two sitting popes intensifying an air of the paranormal positively riveting to media-mesmerized souls around the globe.

For indeed, if they don't even bother about valid Sacramental rites anymore, throwing out the very words of Our Blessed Lord Himself, depending entirely upon the mere "say so" of "Rome", and flood parishes everywhere with ex-Protestant-minister "deacons" who can in many ways make the Catholic Faith a Confession of Augsburg affair, then why can't the "pope" just certify everything with a mere nod and a flash of a wand?

Patriarch Kirill, please come over to the Roman Catholic Faith and push aside these imposters: you a duly-consecrated prelate, able validly and becomingly to sit on the Papal Throne. Surely you, with the able secular help of Vladimir Putin, can do better than all of this. True, these recent anti-popes have often upheld traditional teachings on the sanctity of human and family life, and related things: but just give them time, and they will throw these standbys out the "open window" of the Vatican II New Church as well. They are just waiting until there aren't enough genuine believers left to even give a fig about the whole thing.

April 2, 2014: Article radically revised. Tunisia, "progress" and the identity crisis of modern man.

Haste is always my chief enemy in this unremunerated writing career of mine: having read half-way through the article analyzed here I was under the impression that it was just another diatribe against an Islamic political movement, called Ennahda, not knowing that the real earnest of the rather-lengthy piece was forthcoming in the next few lines. Thus the jerk-knee response on my part, which I have modified entirely.

Hence do I heartily share Serge Halimi's disappointment in the neo-liberal economic polices pursued by the recent revolutionary Islamist government of Tunisia, he being a writer of skill and conviction whom I should never have sold so dismally short, as to think he was conducting a veritable diatribe against simple theological motivation. The carrot-on-a-stick of financial backing having been offered since time immemorial to budding new movements, in this way letting some eager wolf-like financier into a deciding status in some innocent and unsuspecting fold. That recourse in short which has been the ruin of nearly every such movement of any merit, all the way back to the Irish Revolution of the 1920s, when Connolly took the financial bait from the wolf-like Winston Churchill, opting to remain in the Commonwealth in banking, monetary terms. Thus in practical, material ways—those in which genuine independence or liberty is spelled out most concretely—dooming the IRA to a dismal back-door defeat, to never achieved the desired objective, Irish national identity, in anything like the real terms so earnestly and popularly desired. This recourse of the heroic leader rather hatching a fratricidal war within the movement's ranks which went grindingly on until only a decade or so ago.

Manifestly, as in the case of Conolly, simple inexperience rather than disloyalty will generally explain such a fatal misstep: one which is so easily taken when "kicking off" a new government, inevitably starved for cash. After these considerations, the piece I wrote here yesterday makes much more sense, positing the invariable moral-trivialization of mankind by a modern system which must control him to the very core of his soul, else this essentially-parasitical "forward-looking" organism cannot itself long survive. Hence the utter contempt which a vaunted New World Order heaps upon the very concept of "identity", hearkening back to a late-fifties "identity crisis" which in its own day was likewise, in a staggering kind of déjà vu, billed in similarly-dismissive tones by the same all-powerful crowd. This oceanic imponderable, identity—considered in the noted article, "Tunisia: change, but no change", found in the April issue of LeMonde online—being with Islam itself a chief motivator of the Muslim Brotherhood. The author—rather than evaluating these things as a mere commodity alongside oil, grain or hog-bellies, judged in terms of sheer utility according to how it performs on the global stock exchange—as I indeed accused him so unfairly only yesterday—rather justly maintaining that any movement worth its salt must have a solid material component at its base, or it is just so much sand-shifting wind. Hence the recent ouster of the Islamists of Tunisia, essentially by pressure of an ever-hovering "international community"—in translation meaning media-glorified New-World-Order-infused bodies animated by Wall-Street-catering sanctimonies of NATO, AIPAC and the Council on Foreign Relations—this rejection will be unavoidably forthcoming when neo-liberal market fundamentalists are chosen for the ruling cadre's banking team. The new ruling party having indeed taken up the overthrown dictator's economic policies with yet-more-lusty espirit, bringing to the new administration by direct consequence a fatal contradiction, a deadly, self-defeating flaw. For no theocratic system can be built upon shifting and treacherous robber-baron market sands, but must be based on a distributive economic structure such as is put forth on this site.

Indeed, this is what Muslim society from Malacca to pre-Reconquest Spain was all about materially, for one thing with a complex and socially-responsive guild system that, much like Catholic medieval near-equivalents, bore earmarks of able predecessors going back to ancient Roman and Persian times. Hardly then is there any hopeless utility-related backwardness in things like personal identity and the patterning of politics and law after heartfelt local manifestations of the law of God: the problem rather being that such things are ruthlessly and systematically frustrated, "by hook or by crook", by the very same financiers in which the Tunisian Revolution so gullibly placed its trust.

Of course and as we never tire of repeating the core-value behind notorious cynicisms of this cosmic Judeo-Masonic all-seeing eye is progress: that harbor-goddess to be found in all its essentials in a gallingly-pagan Statue of Liberty, ruling imperially in New York bay. Progress being that deity to whom is sacrificed each new generation of the promising young, in wars-of-attrition against any who would stand in her intrepid, ever-determined, ever-advancing way. The stock market in fact being only one column of the forces by which traditional values like identity are thus beleaguered today: "the street" being convincingly assisted, as we never tire of repeating here, by treacherous barbarities of Anglo/Israeli/American black-ops intrigue. This being the real dose of "red blooded realism", the heady potion being forced on our lips by this international coterie: who basically since time immemorial have been attempting to control international life through drugs, finance and force-of-arms. More "enlightened" ideas of "progress", anyone?

Alas, God is even now taking mankind to the woodshed for not having resisted "enlightened" persuasions of this treacherous, insidious, ever-enslaving crowd: something the Islamists of Tunisia can hardly be accused of, having simply put their foot in the same bear-trap that has brought so many other enthusiastic popular movements down. Despising as these pious souls do an all-powerful cabal which holds out clonings, eugenics and Midas-level trips-to-Mars as incentives to abandon both a solid grasp of our inner-identity and that worship-of-God and eternal salvation to which it so happily and steadily leads. (This earth, after all, being only a temporary station on a train-ride to a world to come, where these "progress"-loving eager-beavers will have no station-call at all.) Globalist overlords who—the moment we take any of their interest-earning short-cuts or facilitators, or falter under suasions of their Mossad/NSA black-ops league, since Zealot-harried days of the Caesars—will soon-enough have us flailing in an unbreakable web of "progressive", pragmatic, realistic, "non-normative" penury. Hence do we here on this Crusade put forward some rudimentary ways for governments to resist these sorts of siren-song persuasions, which reap a glut of gadgets for a tiny few, but misery, sorrow, combat or "donor" snatched organ death for masses of the young. A "progressive" recourse which has landed so many nations on the rocks over immemorial time. The distributism we advocate being a systematic reliance on personally-well-known human actors: indeed in our version envisioning noblemen and kings as well as local-to-regional chartered consultative bodies such as everywhere thrived in medieval European times. All these as vessels of incalculable, now only dimly-remembered good things. Those organic entities namely which actually and consequentially considered and decided, under tutelage of the Church, both practical and theoretical underlying matters, "when knighthood was in flower". This in stark contrast to today's passive, jerk-knee, paper-created liberal-democratic proxies for ambitions of a tiny non-accountable but all-determining few.

But I'm afraid there is a weakness inherent to Islam, which Christianity in its integral form, Catholicism, doesn't have to contend with nearly as much. Namely in the whole identification of Mohammed as having been himself a merchant: granting that occupation a moral status it scarcely has among the Christian fold. Thus laying Islam open to persuasions of the financially-motivated which among Christians don't so forcefully obtain. Indeed, I think that only the eventual conversion of Muslim masses to ranks of the Redeemer will ever see them freed from this redundant and tragic sequence of their past, this falling into the clutches of the cunningly-motivated, such as the faltering Tunisian theocracy of today so sadly displays.

However in the next breath we must add that a constant ruse of this cosmic-ambitious progressive cabal is to dress up in the garb of Christianity when inflicting its most pitiless forms of global enslavement and harm. Hence the abominable "crusade" in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan, with less-obvious look-alikes in Central Africa, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and around the African Horn, and in the distant past, as detailed on this site, the compromise by Jewish financial forces, through the complicity of the "Spanish" Habsburgs, of basically the entire Latin American colonization of early modern times. It isn't really that we Catholics don't repeatedly stick our own feet into the same bear-trap that other people do: in a notorious "co-opting" which of course has had a profound effect upon missionary efforts of the Church around the globe. A moral-dilution over which outraged protesting Jesuits were callously ignored by Habsburg Emperors in a long line—pious show-piece Imperial sedulas to one side—struggling courageously against a heinous encomiendo-style exploitation which followed them everywhere they went on their entirely-benevolent paths. These noble clerics engaging in indefatigable rearguard combats, native-advocacies for which they were finally slandered, suppressed, disbanded, to reappear some forty years later a mere shadow of their former indomitable selves. All this coming from a Vatican ultimately corrupted by a "progress" only now coming to singularly-deadly fruition, in the aftermath of a fervor-undermining, "window opening" Vatican II. The coming canonization of whose anti-pope "beati", John XXIII and John Paul II, will open a window of wrath to come which can hardly be closed.

April 2, 2014: Remote-controlled drama of Orange Revolutions and total-independence movements of Georgia, Moldava and The Ukraine.

It isn't that Russia actually wants to dismember Georgia or Ukrainia or Moldava in its much-maligned and misrepresented drive to protect Russian enclaves therein: rather does she struggle against disastrous cosmic consequences of an "Orange Revolution"-inaugurated independence movement which would lay all Eurasia open to tender mercies of "Western" divide-and-rule. This whole vaunted campaign, of the declaration-of-independence of places which have not known anything like real self-determining nationhood for five or six hundred years, having been a theatrically-debuted extravaganza with earmarks of an ever-hawking Wall Street for all to see. In a world thirty years ago quite content with nationality-enclaves found around the globe in cultural-conglomerate nations like Russia and indeed the USA itself, a globe all-of-a-sudden bent on no-holds-barred sovereignty of every one-time Soviet-constituent Republic, in pompous Yankee-protégé saber-rattlings of an overbearing, sometimes indeed near-comical, kind.

Now it is prohibitively difficult to match the theatrics of a McCain, a Kerry, a Rubio or of breathless cookie-cutter sound-bites to be heard in C-Span profusion on the Congressional floor, so I only ask the reader to consider the noted time-related non-sequitur, that whole peoples just don't honestly and candidly get that worked-up that soon over things they only yawned-over, laughed-at or patronized a few short months or years before. At most chiming in dolefully, "oh, there goes glory-dazzled grandpa again". Plainly what took place during halcyon Reagan-to-Bush-II years was a signature-neo-con mudslide of mass-indoctrination in which a modern-day media-orchestrated world takes such singular pride. Notably in breathless Blitzer-monitored "mass popular movements" whose first quaking beginnings always ended in bloodshed, poverty and a wholesale mostly-Western-based robbery or commandeering of local financial assets. Such as indeed so adroitly took place in Eastern Europe during and after the fall of communism, a looting of the public weal which continues unabated from the Baltic to the Black Sea since those fateful days. Among peoples who under communism were at least moderately well-off, with a hopeful material future, but whose only real present hope is to be found nowhere else but in Russia. That is, if the latter will only recognize its commission, its singular place in the unfolding of the destiny of this modern end-time world.

April 1, 2014: Tearing the world apart with the "anti-semitic" debate. Russia sticks it foot in the bear-trap once again.

You can bet that at the head of every classically "anti-Semitic" movement, organization or project there is at least one Jew: a people who have their finger in every pie, who are going to whipsaw the world once again in this enervating back-and-forth of World War II. And The Ukraine of today is no exception. This all the while Russian leadership is bedazzled by all the old slogans and shibboleths of seventy and eighty years ago, essentially shadow-boxing against an opponent who isn't really there, while entirely missing the one who has just clipped them about the ears.

As I never tire of repeating, since it is the only answer that exists: we don't battle "flesh and blood" in this contest, but "principalities and powers", of whom Jews on every side of the geopolitical and national divide have constituted themselves emissaries-on-earth. They want us to "go at each other", during which lusty combats they themselves will safely slip away, their power and wealth even more well consolidated and secure than before. This is in short a game of jujitsu in the political realm, in which our most passionate tripped-up exertions are turned to our own free-flying demise. The sons of the synagogue not minding at all to cast aspersions upon themselves, or lead noisy but feckless movements against themselves, as it is all part of their age-old hilarious gloating over a goyim out-mastered once again. Once you know this, you know basically everything, a rueful knowledge likewise strongly suggestive of the obvious cure. Namely, a return to Catholic social, economic and political institutions, a recourse examined in detail on this site. This together with the reinstitution of the Inquisition to root out traitors of this audacious and insidious type. There being no thought of Nazi or fascist death-camps in any of this, but only of prudential measures for the peaceful preservation of the state. Must we with infantile naiveté trust the synagogue in order not to be judged a Nazi or an anti-Semite? You be the judge, in view of all the above.

April 1, 2014: An April fool's day news report. To the modern-day White House or sodomite jester I have only one word of advice: just be good.

Quoting the April English web-edition of Le Monde Diplomatique, "There were 128 homicides of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender and intersex …individuals in the country (El Salvador) between 1998 and 2011, according to a report by Kathryn Greenman, a British lawyer who has worked with the Inter American system in Central America." Here being a supremely-disappointing article in a typically rather decent publication, with italized words identifing a fabric of high-handed nations, persons and committees which operate globally, plying a network-of-power entirely iaccessible to ordinary folks like you and me. The virtual reality world of today coming out in bold colors in such reports as these, handed down from frowning, cloud-covered heights, as the violent deaths of these perverts are extremely useful to certain interests both geopolitical and sexual/ideological. Indeed, I am not at all sure that most of these people—not really a great number for a whole country over such a lengthy (13 year) period—weren't murdered by their own polemical associates, by special teams created to "tie up loose ends": as these fulminating figures are plainly much more valuable to the cause dead than alive. But bearing even more directly on this propaganda hot topic is the well-known fact among policemen the world over that almost all these "unsolved mysteries", these merciless acts of cruelty inflicted upon sodomites of every stripe, are perpetrated by the perverts themselves, on one another. Sexual perversion being the very fountainhead or poisoned stream of violent, mutually-inflicted crime, with the sodomite-coddling Le Monde and other such publications thus shamefully guilty of unconscionable false-reporting, a transferring of remorseless culpabilities and criminalities of perpetually-sadistic perverts unto the shoulders of those who shudder at such infernal wrongs. These fevered polemic exertions of the journal-become-pulp-sheet of course generously joined by a USA now preparing to doughtily go to war, by hook or by crook, with a Russia which rightly and officially execrates the whole disgusting universe of sodomite throngs.

Always the good and natural are said to "fear" the perverted—as the quoted article indeed so insistently claims—and there is a certain amount of truth in this, as no one wants to be shocked by things they hold abominable in the extreme. Hence, certainly, most of us don't go looking for these people in order to do them harm: no, we just try nicely to avoid them like the plague: hardly caring to become entangled or embroiled in any way. We the sane likewise, obeying one-time parental injunctions about bad company, recognize that our own immunity from such perversities is only to be secured by resolutely shunning the company of such diabolical fiends. Prudence or vigilance rather than "fear" being by far the more accurate and traditional term for all such things.

But to turn the whole ugly subject to good account, into a bit of simple April-fools-day advice for Barack Obama and Uncle Sam: if you don't want to attract ruthless enemies with a grudge to settle, then just be good. Don't send your Brown and Root, your Haliburton, your Blackwater and myriads of other U.S. based or allied multinational corporations to exploit, to rifle and corrupt, to sponsor black-ops teams in order to destabilize. These firms in league with a totalitarian media forming as well a voluble mouthpiece for mendacious sodomite claims, with the whole shameless association enabling unnatural hoards to transfer guilt for their vicious crimes onto others of no such ilk. By all these insidious means rendering some under-developed nation yet-more-vulnerable still. No, Uncle Sam, just be good. Don't imagine yourself "exceptional", and therefore immune from punishments of any kind, concocting a species of foreign intervention which conceives of actionable American self-interest as the bald-faced securing or cementing of some previously-launched beachhead where you don't belong. Spectacularly-"justifying" these patent aggressions with black-ops deeds: these too, like sodomite murders, no mystery at all, but only civilian-slaughtering atrocities which have one sole purpose in mind. Namely a potent, near-insurmountable inducement to war. No: just very simply be good, and maybe all the natural disasters will stop, the earthquakes, the floods and mudslides, the April snow-storms and all-season tornadoes, the winds that howl like the very fiend at your back door. All this more than enough to drown out the babble of these lying reports.

This Karla Avelar who is championed by Le Monde in the piece, is a transgender activist from El Salvador, said to have survived three assassination attempts, 14 bullet wounds, countless scars from stabbings, years of psychological, sexual and physical abuse. But I have heard the wind blow before, and she'll have to show me the scars, which even if they exist I don't accept as coming from opponents in this rapidly-fulminating debate. Any more than I accept John Kerry's notorious claims of War Crimes, lodged against the comrades with whom he was deployed in his meager four months in Vietnam. Both of these individuals, Kerry and Avelar, are undoubtedly agents of the synagogue's web of radical-revolutionary propaganda, with Kerry being indeed a crypto-Jew of Eastern-European nationality who for decades and with high political adroitness successfully posed as an Irish Catholic in order to win some badly-needed votes. While Karla is undoubtedly cut from the same sort of tawdry cloth.

March 31, 2014: New Church: a Catholicism which only speaks of permitted things.

I write a lot here about EWTN because in a sense there is nothing better out there in the media world, while in another sense there is nothing worse. "I would rather you were either hot or cold", says the Lord, and the station and its many scholarly and quasi-scholarly commentators manage to sit the fence remarkably well. But for we who basically don't even have a valid Mass to go to anymore, the station provides some fragments and figments of Catholic Faith, together with which we can with some effort supply the rest. For what these impressive stage-hands do is to produce something the world has never seen before: a well-behaved Catholicism, one which doesn't at all "cast fire upon the earth", which hardly "sets mother-in-law against daughter-in-law", which speaks in crisp and measured academic tones about things which used to move souls in a profound and incalculable sort of way. An immeasurable loss across the globe of a mostly-non-verbal lay-Catholic sensus fidei after Vatican II finding the whole staff of the Global Catholic Network at most examining their fingernails or coughing up their sleeves: all the while they expostulate tirelessly about the modern-day "collapse of faith and morality", the "lack of reverence for human life". But these are nice, easy, bounded, tractable subjects to consider, together indeed with a "deaconate" which fain would contain a supremely-manageable lay Catholicism in its neatly-charismatic and quasi-scholarly embrace. Within which tidy abridgement can be ignored the loss of a whole generation or two to addiction, smirking-or-snarling impiety and gangland-manners in the place of the rosary, holy communion and the stations of the cross, while even more "patriotically" tuning out the pleadings of drone-bombed Muslims who in their own way love and worship God: indeed often much more honestly and fervently than we today of the Creed.

Is God going to accept this neat and scholarly compendium of things, over which Scott Hahn and the rest of the scholarly Judaizers on the set can flash great camera-close-up bearded smacks of satisfaction, as all things that Catholics both lay and clerical have ever loved go quietly by-the-bye, or get mockingly "updated" or sanitarily, with a great thrift of any sincere regret, removed? Torn from the embrace of a fold for millennia intractably, incorrigibly attached to dozens of Latin devotional and liturgical songs, and not just the hypnotically-repeated two or three: as if Mother Church had a tawdry wardrobe indeed, with only a few threadbare, tiringly-familiar dresses to be worn. Such economy matching well the New Mass's neat little round of biblical readings: with alleged exegetical brilliance put in place of a millennial/traditional yearly recitation of basically the entire New Testament and much of the Old at Holy Mass. Rather droningly repeating the same relatively-non-conscience-rousing, "love and forgiveness" plying dozen or two every couple of months or so. By which rather plainly we are being told not to go too deep into or get too excited about, or see too much in the Faith of Our Fathers. (Those noisy, boring, irritating characters who—let it remain "charitably" unspoken—were "after all", "if the truth be told", a lot of non-scientific, semi-literate fools). Nay rather are we the updated, with much doughty display taking the coveted places of "we the living", alleged to be supremely satisfied with Scott Hahn's or Father Bill's well-manicured scholarly summary, from which all the messy details of yesteryear have been so conveniently removed. Soon enough presumably they will all be only a forgotten dream, in memories of a few old and "backward" diehards like me.

In the thus-well-bounded universe of New Church, epitomized in Scott Hahn's series "Consuming the Word", the symbolisms of a continuum of Old-to-New-Testament Sacramental/sacrificial-imagery, handed-down orally far-more-than scripturally through the episcopal succession, is a subject which presumably keeps audiences riveted to their seats. And it is admittedly interesting, instructive and here-and-there even edifying in the extreme. But where has all this magnificent panoply gone? Is it perhaps to be found somewhere in Scott Hahn's beard? This whole supremely-optimistic and voluble take on Catholic Faith would without a twitch or a cough roundly deny that there has been over the past sixty-some years any rupture or hiatus in the orderly transmission—episcopal or popular—of the organically-unified body of the Christian faith and cult. No, it is enough to keep things on the exalted level of Ireneas, Polycarp and apostolic succession, and in these pristine and crystalline terms imagine that nothing could possibly have gone awry. ("All we need do is explain things nicely, and people will come into the Church in droves".) Benignly ignoring catastrophes which among other things would readily explain why there has been such a loss of Catholic Faith and identity, as well as a fatal diminution of respect for human life. In which rosy imagination we tread dangerously close to Luther's "purely spiritual church", somewhere up in the clouds: one which would remove itself from human affairs, which as history so often shows would relegate itself to the ceremonial level of a supremely-tractable court religion. An ostentatious cult sternly ruled-over by a "wise and all-perfect ruler" of the Byzantine-Imperial mold.

But dear staff of the GCN do look upward at the sky, consider the sinkholes and mudslides, the weird new tilt of the earth, the hideous scenes of violence, the incessant biblically-predicted howling of the wind, which will very soon begin to "drive men insane", as the verses plainly suggest. Someone Else isn't so satisfied with all these neat, sedate and containable things.

March 30, 2014: A system built on trust versus one built on treachery.

Here again do we pursue our unwavering ambition, namely to continue doggedly to concentrate on a very tiny pinpoint of the notional universe—potently distillable under the title of treachery versus trust—an ideational nexus however with practical and eternal ramifications of the broadest kind. Mankind having indeed devised wise, prudential and trust-based political and economic systems for millennia, many of them fitting into a sort of backpack, readily deployable, folding-out as it were, to suit circumstances of every primitive or sophisticated kind. Laid out thusly with the common good in mind, it is a plan built upon one generic principle-of-construction, to wit: that human actors are to be found at every level, exercising a finite degree of input related to their micro-local to national position or role. Active caretakers whose own interests are intimately at stake, who nonetheless must trust one another—the more the better—for the whole ranging, multiplier-prolific superstructure, with its many nodes and nexuses, to function at all. But then there is also what might be called the anti-system, just as the universe has anti-matter and the spiritual world an infernal fiend, a morbid, counterproductive, obsessive, reverse-intelligent being. And furthermore, there are those who dedicate themselves to this diabolical personality and his anti-system unsparingly, gaining the same sort of perverse pleasure from frustrating and humiliating, injuring and exterminating their fellow creatures as does he. And whereas the former system of immemorial man relies on trust—indeed not only in man but even more in God—the anti-system relies on the ability to outsmart, to "get one up" on other actors in a twisted, topsy-turvy and counterintuitive spiritual and organizational world. Rat-like, thinking that to spirit or ferret off some morsel of advantage is an accomplishment fit for a king. While finally, demonstrating how unforgivably at enmity are the two, "assets" of the two instantly detect the presence of opposite numbers in their ranks: as for one thing, in the case of shadowy furry-figures of the malignant coterie, their very acumen at deception and theatrics is their dead giveaway to candid and open-faced persons on the goodly opposing side. While the trusting, kindly, generous character of their "opponents"—who scarcely wish to be thus thought-of at all—will always stick out like a sore thumb, among fuzzy or roiling and serpentine myriads of a street-savvy, treacherous and cunning breed.

The problem presented to the good system by this anti-matter or photo-negative bunch, however, is that the tiniest input or penetration of one of their numbers into the former's ranks easily produces a tremendous amount of harm, whereas any presence of the good among the wicked—as these scoundrels indeed today increasingly call themselves, considering the pejorative a prime species of anti-matter intelligence—results in harm only to their harmless selves, in a sort of demise sudden and complete, as one might well imagine indeed. For the evil one and his cohorts ply with grim determination the vulnerabilities of fallen human nature to great and catastrophic effect, regarding which the least lack of vigilance can bring about a speedy personal or collective ruin. Whereas by contrast the evil need only fulminate and multiply all their self-indulgent excesses, wicked passions and malignant sentiments in order to render themselves more deadly and pernicious to others than before. The one system likewise being only for good, and thus having little to recommend itself in the way of aggression or harm, when it comes to anything like warfare being thus essentially defensive in nature. Realizing as it does the profound but-to-some elusive truth that how we speak-to and treat one another is of the very essence of earthly life and the good things it has to impart. While by contrast the evil system is entirely aggressive, seeing ones fellow-man as strictly and simply someone or something to use: producing a foreign-policy in particular which is bent on conquest, deception and greed. Of course always with the excuse, the sales-pitch or polemic, that it has something "new and revolutionary" to impart, which alleged beneficiaries aren't energetic or savvy enough to discover for themselves. Thus are exponents of the dark system inevitably of a futuristic, indeed secular-messianic character or bend-of-mind: for their aim is ever to change, "update", tear down what entirely-less-cunning men have built. While changes wrought by the good are only to bring a worthwhile improvement of some kind, conserving what is good and beloved in the old.

Indeed, the good system in many instances will only provoke a bored "ho, hum" out of some traveling observer, its greatest treasures seldom being on open display, while the wicked system will always dazzle in its blinding light, in this way the better to deceive. The good system furthermore rather easily expands itself into a ranging geographical federation or empire, such as the Frankish kingdom of Charlemagne once so nobly contained: as the distributive principle guarantees that all things are kept in due, just, readily-perpetuated proportion. The top executive of such a domain hardly wishing or daring to impose his will in any dictatorial way. Those of the anti-life or anti-matter system being by contrast demonstrably incapable of anything reciprocal, constructive, beneficial or worthwhile of their own: always being bent on some fight to the death, having entirely missed the whole purpose and meaning of human or spiritual life, understandably knowing even less of how to facilitate it, make for it any nurturing home. Being however ready to send any number of sappers into the good system's ranks: knowing that the shrewd success of only one or two out of a thousand who fall will broker dividends untold. For the ruin of the good system, the beggaring of its people, the subsequent loss of their souls.

The good system, that built upon trust in both God and man, is the one set forth here on this site. Called in a broader sense organizational distributism, meant to intimately contour the culture of the nation or people involved, it recognizes the greatest possible agency or self-realization as rightly residing in the smallest possible unit—wherever possible indeed the individual human person—an actor (nothing theatrical implied here) commanding all things that may reasonably fit under his or its purview. These smallest-possible units—existing in turn at all levels in an organizational upward climb—starting with the ten-head-of-household Frankpledge, rising from there through "the village hundred" and higher consultative assemblies all the way to the throne. These bodies bounded in charter-granting mutual-reciprocation by a solicitous and vigilant nobility, bolstering one another in incessant tandem solicitudes, in personally-familiar, friendship-based (St. Thomas Aquinas) interactions which such a system innately implies. In a tandem reinforcement which by its very nature brings an entirely-benign and trustful mutual inspection or monitoring in its train. While finally one might indeed ask: why is it that the good system requires such labors and pains for its perpetuation? To which we must reply that, to paraphrase Our Blessed Lady to Sr. Josefa Menendez of The Way of Divine Love: "great things are only bought at a great price". The rewards for such ceaseless and heartfelt exertions, in both this life and the next, being beyond any compare, being a system designed expressly for the human heart, soul and mind, a method imbedded as it were in the way mankind instinctively organizes human life, when docile to God and His law, "written in fleshy tablets on the human heart". Hence must it therefore require generous input to remain in place. This Kingdom of God on earth, in fine, being the ultimate manifestation of the Redemption, yet to be comprehensively realized or objectified, being that all-points Incarnational Catholicism as it might be called, advanced on this site and on this Crusade. Promised by Christ in the book noted above, in his words to the humble seer, "My Kingdom will come!". To paraphrase the book further, "I must rule nations, whole peoples", words announced with such force by the Son of God, announcing the imminent arrival of a final love-based, trust-based statecraft, one painstakingly developed in the traditional Catholic state of the anno domino millennia. A pious kingdom most evident in dimly-recorded centuries of early medieval times, in future to ultimately be even more perfectly fashioned in a soon-to-arrive frequently-prophesied form, anticipated by the Savior in these above-quoted words. In utter contrast to which lies the good system's polar-opposite, the most lax and easily-accessible—if in another sense murderously costly—of methodologies, more appropriate by far to some sort of wild animals which keep each other at bay, "counterbalancing" one another, by force and treachery. Bringing sadism and morbidity, in both time and eternity, into ever-tumultuous play.

March 28, 2014: Religion strictly private? Not at all. Article somewhat expanded on March 31. Do we wish harm to the Jews? Not at all.

Never in all the history of the world, not until fringe-radical assertions of the Enlightenment Era, has religion been thought of as a strictly private affair: rather has the cult of the people always been formalized, codified, set solidly in terms of pomp, parade and circumstance. Religion by nature being something we enthusiastically celebrate for all to see and hear, being an inner alignment or dedication which indeed conversely shrivels up if it isn't thus roundly proclaimed. Gospel lines indeed telling us not to be "ashamed of Christ before men", lest He be "ashamed of us before His Heavenly Father", in furtive processes of burying this precious talent in the ground. For very simply man isn't just a hermetical individual in his deepest self but rather has a social component as well, by which he publicly declares himself, as it were. Rather by contrast has it always been sin, disgrace and dishonor, perversion and infamy, which have been pushed into private precincts where, if anywhere, they can be said to "belong". For just because religion does indeed have a private component this can hardly be held to warrant its rigid limitation or sequestering to those interior realms—a sickly notion indeed—being "allowed" to spill out at most to outer boundaries of house and home. How then did this fantastic reversal come about?

Alas, always we must look for the tell-tale tracks of the synagogue. Very simply this Enlightenment-era delimiting of the scope of religion was brought about by synagogue-protégé Freemasons, they who in tandem with then-reigning Rothschild Jewish global-financiers were setting up the public and official reign of Jewish values and ideas, together with the wholesale corruption of non-Jewish masses under their onerous legal/political sway. For if public recognition of the Christian cult can be denied—something demanded of no other sort of belief to such a radical degree—then Judaism can be said to have triumphed grandly over the hated Nazarene. Indeed, the outward cult being everywhere basically Jewish in a host of ways, the inward-restricted Christianity can be slowly and steadily eradicated.

Having stated these things so openly and candidly, can we here on the Crusade thus be said to be planning violence to Jews, or even to be planning or wishing them any discomfort of any kind? Hardly. For just as religion must be allowed public honor and manifestation it must also be recognized for those outward qualities which it most characteristically displays. True and genuine impulses of religion in fact being essentially peaceful, benign, beneficial to all. But, woe to us all, we haven't yet calculated the influence of framing the debate, noted in the article just below, nor yet of that polemic and propaganda which a false construction so easily brings in its train. For we who would call ourselves religious don't immediately erupt like so many geysers, in uncontrollable explosions-of-feeling, of hatred, joy and simple antipathy, as the latest heavily-synagogue-funded born-again take on religion would so breathlessly convey. Indeed, it is we who are the hated ones, the patient and pliable ones, while it is the Jews who dedicate themselves to slandering, marginalizing and misrepresenting us and our beliefs. Catholics nonetheless historically and quite naively being eager to recognize Jewish virtue and goodwill. While when it comes to the public domain it is quite enough to the devout Catholic to see his God publicly honored and privately loved, and the Deity's enemies prevented from insulting Him and those institutions He holds dear. The advancement of the public cult of Catholic Faith being primarily a work of the Holy Ghost and not of mere mortal man, Catholics hardly flourishing penalties to be imposed on those who would absent themselves from Holy Mass. While if such things happened centuries ago in Catholic nations in a village setting, with respect to certain imposts, fines or taxes, it was the product of a society close-knit not only religiously but socioeconomically as well: with the overriding major source of social-welfare being the Church. So that were one to enjoy its sole dispensing of medical, hospital and almonary aid of the times one would rightly be expect to contribute something, even if in the form of a meager fine.

March 27, 2014: Article greatly clarified. The dire consequences of a false and trivial framing-of-the-debate. Vatican-II-era radical-revisions of national concordats with Rome erected absolute religious liberty in place of juridical obedience to God's law, bolstering cynicisms of pending Supreme Court birth-control-funding case. Duties not "rights" must frame the debate.

To distill today's moral debate, to "boil it down", as it were, to "religious liberty" is to reduce human existence to the most trivial of terms, to direct all its fathomless depths and ramifications to a sort of fingernail-inspecting absorption, or rather indeed to a kind of five-year-old pouting or digging-in of heels. To put it in terms known among youngsters sixty and more years ago, when I was a child, regarding the then-hyper-consequential subject of marbles: it is to insist with fist-clenched, nose-bloodying determination that "these are mine, and I dare you to try to take them away from me". True, God does allow us a species of liberty like this, "when push comes to shove": and in the end we don't have to do anything. We can sit in stately fashion like a mere infant in our own soiled diaper and fulminate at mom for wanting to take it from us, with lower lip properly protruding in our own inimitable warlike way. But is the scope of the debate that is going on now to be reduced to such nursery-room or sand-box sized terms? Do we really exercise ourselves to hoarse shrillness just so that a bunch of overgrown babies can—with great public pomp-and-circumstance—do or not do, as they please, over things the rest of us take for granted? Nay, indeed: so that the rest of us must cease and desist turning over the soiled diaper to cleansing activities of mom, since our subsequent sanitary condition has been with mock-solemnity adjudged—by a board-of-toddler-peers of the same truculent temper—as an insufferable affront to fly-drawing, loudly-vociferating kids clamoring around our ears?

But alas, manifestly, even this comparison scarcely encompasses the magnitude of the actual issue involved—considerations hardly limited to our own moral/olfactory wellbeing—the principle at stake being rather that public and private honor and glory owed to God, without which society is cursed, children are morally, mental, even physically deformed rather than truly, nobly and properly formed. That socially-articulated and facilitated piety which alone directs man's life along paths commensurate with his fullest capacities of mind and soul.

Here, then, the true and genuine adjudication of the debate—so simple, so neatly nestled under our own very eyes or nostrils, that we fail to see it, or by another analogy, while analyzing the rolling landscape before our gaze fall into the gaping pit that is just before our feet, only a pace away. To wit: let all these loudly-demonstrating people with morbid obsessions and filthy habits—which they honor with the lovely name of "sex"—let them bawl and cry as they may—we ourselves, "we the living" will not publicly belittle or surrender—by the open and official granting of honors, acclamations and permissions to abominable things—those polar-opposite instincts and convictions of the nobles and holiest kind, found in the very depths of the human heart, soul and mind. Where we are compelled by our very rational, grace-receptive nature to give glory to God both openly and in the privacy of our homes and souls. Here we ourselves do indeed rightly dig in our heels, denying any public or official permission or recognition to that which impugns and insults—publicly or privately, it matters not a fig—this most noble and honorable impulse of man. For this reason refusing to give the holy and upright title of "marriage" to sodomy's cesspool of vice. This perfectly good and reasonable prohibition to continue—as in time immemorial—to be codified in law, while in terms of actual law-enforcement with sodomy, abortion, transvestite-behavior and a host of other anti-life mental-and-moral pathologies to be at the very least condemned, circumscribed with preventive caveats, discouraging customs and procedures of every kind. All this to that honor and glory of God without which the state is a mere ceremonial hull, a cadaver without a soul. By these means as well catering to the good of man, who is capable of so much better, so much more.

To repeat: the real issue isn't whether these people have a right to as-it-were dig their heels in, in such a horrible and abominable way, to claim some "right". In the end, we can all commit moral or physical suicide if we choose, and perhaps even convince one or two others to take the plunge with us as well. Rather is the issue whether or not such feces-slinging behavior is to be publicly honored and sanctioned, to be placed on an equal footing with things noble and lovely, pious, gracious and refined. The consequence of which glib, mind-staggering reverse-condescension is not only to destroy a whole generation of children but also to bring upon the state the epic punishments of Sodom and Gomorrah, such as we see indeed descending upon us more and more catastrophically by the day. In strange "natural" catastrophes of every kind, in baffling disappearances, in the collapse or wind-fed conflagration of landmarks and seemingly-solid structures, often to the loss or injury of life or limb. In droughts, in hurricanes, in tornadoes, mudslides and floods, in approaching famine and war.

Hence the ultimate subject of this article: the catastrophic "constitution on religious liberty" of Vatican II, that heretical document wherein was formulated the craven surrender of public prerogatives of both church and state toward the moral-good of young and old alike. This wholesale abdication encompassed in a subsequent across-the-board "papal" abrogation of long-standing Catholic-nation concordats with the Holy See: solemn agreements namely whereby the public honoring of God, the juridical establishment of a pious public way-of-life, was once set forth in great detail, in the most formal and morally-binding of terms. This one-sided surrender of age-old prerogatives of Holy Mother Church quietly dislodging her own humanity-uplifting liberties, rights and privileges in these lands, replacing them with the rot-gut signature-Masonic understanding of freedom-of-religion or "freedom of conscience" as being absolute, absolutely-the-same, no matter where. This all-fronts, comprehensive, monumental practical retreat of the Church thereafter finding Catholic Faith in places like Brazil or Italy, Ireland or Croatia having to go back to square one, to argue the case all over again, before courts, executives and legislatures alike, for Catholic morality, for innate rights and moral super-rogations of long-standing native folds. After having won all these various plots of national soil—in the wedding of whole peoples with Catholic Faith—at prodigious shedding of martyr's blood, now giving it all up "for a song", in rollicking aggiornamento jingles of "Blessed" John XXIII.

Quickly, then, would abominations of abortion and contraception, sodomy and divorce be legalized in Catholic countries around the seven seas, humanity-uplifting juridical gains of all kinds be reversed, a new and speculative/relativistic understanding of law and morality—two fields with the same subject-matter, right and wrong—steadily take the place of the old, Christian and concrete. The "rights" of the individual to moral self-destruction being somehow solemnly enshrined, all the while the duty of whole populations to secure a wholesome training and public-atmosphere for their young was condescendingly called-into-question, and increasingly often callously denied. Indeed, with even the most rudimentary non-Christian natural-law understanding of right and wrong being contemptuously trodden under foot in this "enlightened" understanding of "religious liberty": as bolstered by the arch-heretical document of that name which came out of the rogue-council Vatican II. Can we expect any different, then, in this "land of the free"?

Accordingly must U.S. Bishops, whose marginally-conservative ranks, notably under Benedict, were at length greatly bolstered, endure that ample constituency within the fold, of which they now so belatedly complain: namely those many "Catholic" believers in worst liberalities of Vatican II, who have taken this "conciliar" notion of absolute religious liberty into the very Church itself. Demanding "rights" of women to have abortions, of sodomites to receive Holy Communion, of workers in Catholic businesses to have free "birth control" pills: this latter always a moral abomination, now universally and murderously abortifacient in nature as well. This Jacobin Act Up notion of religious liberty standing firmly behind Barack Obama and U.S. moral-precedent-toppling courts, raising moral-revolutionary barricades—in church and courts alike—against any affirmation of the honor and glory of God, of traditional Christian rights, beliefs and practices of old. As we were indeed so smugly informed by our secularistic-libertine media, commenting on the allegedly "health"-related present Supreme Court impasse only yesterday. The attempt having been made at a secret-society-infiltrated Vatican II to separate law from things divine, in hasty processes of which, alas, the biblical garment or wine-skin of national religious identity was itself torn. Never again, this side of the coming, ominously-gathering divine chastisement, to be repaired.

March 27, 2014: Law as restraining and containing the roiling herd.

A prime duty of law has always been understood as the containing of the milling, roiling herd: that mob which if given free rein acts according to a dynamic all-its-own, overturning every rational achievement or painstaking structure of frail mortal man. Hence Revolutionary-Era radical-Jacobin concepts of liberty can be seen to be anarchic and chaotic in the extreme, attempting to garner the most transitory and manipulable, shallow and event-fed feelings and impulses of this same formless mass—people when rationally organized capable of much good—to release it like a burst dam, typically-enough brokering outcomes undesirable, incalculable, irremediable in form. Denying in particular to those exercised in the rigors, disciplines and disappointments of authority any virtuous and prudential input at all. The mob—possessed, like the biblical herd-of-swine, by a formidable personal force indeed—employing a crafty use of the rudimentary-pagan concept of shame in particular to break the will of any individual who would resist. Turning the experiential world into an intrinsically-unnatural welter of forces, demolishing ramparts of morality instead of strengthening them, as duly-constituted government from time immemorial always does. The human person in this revolutionary kind of system, after such a bruising and lacerating encounter, if he fail, as he must, then being loaded with an opprobrium such as none have ever before known, never being forgiven by this "all forgiving" mob, for things he could scarcely have prevented, try as he might. For failures of mind and will which must result when his social nature is thus turned against him, to his own terror and chagrin. Today the clinging to the Faith of our fathers most especially bringing upon an individual a criminalization unique in the annals of time.

This then is the sing-song cant of the mob, to which we must try to pay no mind. I may have fallen many times, but I got up again and trudged on: which I think can be said by many more today besides. Only we must place our trust in the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary: this surrender of ourselves being indeed the reason things were allowed to come to such a desperate pass. And we must reestablish those ancient systems which honored and obeyed God and His law first, and saw after the common good, the wellbeing of all, in a locally-based pyramid-of-authority in which the ever-orderly blessing of friendship is the glue which binds all.

March 23, 2014: "Russia's going to invade Moldava". "Russia's massing troops to invade eastern Ukraine".

The fact is that Russia has a right to defend its own security in the face of the turmoil now being stirred up in the Ukraine by Western military and NGO-based provocateurs. But western media and politicos alike continue to scream like the sodomites that not a few of them are that "Russia is going to do this, Russia is going to do that", while they themselves stalk Russia menacingly, and as-it-were try to get their hands on her private parts. This Reagan-era-initiated hunting of the Russian and Russian-peripheral quarry having gone on since the breakup of the Soviet Union: that one-time conglomerate which isn't mourned by Putin for having been communist, but for having had tremendous potential for all its constituent republics, once freed from the communist yoke, for every positive thing. A Soviet Union at one time completely safe from the menace of foreign stalkings and interferences noted above. Any loyal head-of-state would have said as much.

But alas the fate of regions and nations is in the hands of the financiers, and these are mostly Jewish and anti-Russian: just as were Russia's enemies back in the mid-nineteenth century, when plans were first being laid for the Empire's dismemberment some sixty years hence. Ergo, there undoubtedly wouldn't even have been allowed—at least not so relatively painlessly in terms of civil disorders—a Soviet breakup if prior foundations hadn't already been laid for this insidious takeover by "Western" interests. Russia was thus designedly in the throes of internal chaos just when the fate of outlying regions was being decided, and the dotted line of territorial abandonment had to be signed upon by a beleaguered Russia for it to survive at all. Now American pundits can look back mockingly to those days, and do their sing-song alleging that "Crazy Ivan" doesn't even know his own mind. For these prejudicial myths must be perpetuated for the Jewish banker, backed by Yankee troops, to divide and rule.

Only thing is, there's a God up there, and He's not going to have it this time. Our Lady of Fatima has other things to say about the land beyond the Don.

March 22, 2014: Hype as substance in today's "Catholic" and secular media world. The dependable bogyman of "anti-Semitism" or Nazism when all else fails. With the rehabilitation of Pius XII from unfair accusations of anti-Semitism should come the exoneration of Ante Pavelic of World War II Croatia as well. Is nationhood eternal or is it a mere evolving figment in a secular-messianic dream? The new nation of the Confederacy.

If we are to intelligently address key issues of today certain triggers, as it were, must be disarmed: analogously to which must we disentangle the Catholic economic/organizational principle of distributism—which we here on this site call in a more-comprehensive sense Integral Catholicism—from its inevitable association with G.K. Chesterton and Hillaire Belloc in the literati-popular mind. Two early-twentieth-century men who wrote after the highly-contagious if mutually-divergent manner of someone with a joke-to-tell or an axe-to-grind, who concentrated on certain highly-fanciful aspects of a subject actually much larger, graver and grander in size. This sort of transferable subliminal notional disease being highly-catching in a reflex-habit-forming sort of way, this taking out of a microscope when it is a telescope that is actually required, this deus-ex-machina being a two-edged-sword which can render praise fatal, which can then handily turn on a dime and indict the mere polemical style of a Putin as proof-positive of geopolitical intent. In these two early-twentieth-century "giants", Belloc and Chesterton, being indeed found voluble precursors of the whole McLuhan "the medium is the message" fixation of the sixties and seventies, that ultimate verbal morbidity which leaves catastrophic marks on American speech and logic to this very day. Traces of McCluhan being recognizable in notional/polemical lunacies of today as well as in G.K.'s invariable introduction of any commentary on distributism with a lot of comical or semi-comical portraits or lampoons, while less-admittedly raising the specter of some vaguely-ridiculous notional Don Quixote as the carrier of values-of-old. While war-drum fulminations of a Blitzer or McCain find no better period-related parallel than the livid argumentive manner of Belloc: with Hillaire and Gilbert alike seeming to have thought that passion or fancy was not only at the heart but actually was the heart of what the holistic Catholicism of our ancestors had to say. Thus too analogously does EWTN raise to the level of sanctity a certain communicative aspect of religion, as without this artificial elevation—of "magnificent" sweep-of-the-arm or turn-of-phrase—the sheer theatrics, the well-winded verbal tour-de-force of recent antipopes could hardly double as heroic virtue in anyone's mind. All the while John Paul II had an Olympic-size swimming pool, and a sodomite traveling partner with him on all his global tours. (In view of which recent Francis/antipapal quibblings over sodomy gain new meaning indeed). Into which categories of McCluhan madness must likewise go all the interminable blow and go of commentators on TV on the polemical right, left and hyper-patriotic-center of CNN: whose assertions about everything from soup to nuts are inevitably based on one-sentence-long logical justifications, meant to open up righteous floodgates of the already-decided-upon. Achieving the required listener-adrenaline-rush admirably well in staccato, judo-chop iterations thus heroically and with high-economy pronounced.

Hence too therefore must be regarded endless accusations of anti-semitism or even neo-Nazism against anyone today who finds any fault at all with the Jews: seeing colors of blood, intimations of gas-chambers, when one simply cites the well-documented, indeed gloatingly-acknowledged near-unanimous composition of Bolshevik revolutionaries from out of the Jewish ghetto of the Lower East Side of New York of those early-twentieth-century times. No one has yet said anything about putting people on cattle cars to be taken to death camps out in the woods somewhere: but certain hoarsely-pronounced Blitzer or McCain buzzwords having been repeated, the rest of the truncated "logical" anti-Semitic sequence infallibly falls into being nonetheless. Just as in Chesterton's lexicon unseemly slapstick comedy must be conjured whenever the ancient Catholic socioeconomics is discussed, or bouts of livid anger in the case of Belloc, likely to be hurled at some devout Catholic as at anyone else: so must the specter of a death-march be forcefully projected so that a required "the medium is the message"—complete with the hyper-vindictive adrenaline-rush—can be uprighteously and satisfyingly achieved. Thus derailing the intelligent discussion of a Jewish Question which has monopolized minds of the thoughtful for two millennia in time.

Again, pursuing this theme of the verbal and voluble: it's easy as pie for some Jew on EWTN representing some obscure Jewish organization to exonerate, to "rehabilitate" some Pius XII, with convincing theatrics of gratitude found at last to have been unfairly accused of "collaboration" with Hitler during World War II: rather indeed to have hidden out thousands of Jews in and around the very Vatican itself. As had indeed the Croatia of Ante Pavelic, invariably blamed for a "Nazi collaboration" which Serbia had actually and officially—being the then-reigning Yugoslav power—brought—in a mere two or three days—into being. Pavelic having ceaselessly "looked the other way" as the then-bishop Stepinac ran an underground railroad for Jews of mammoth size. For after all talk is cheap when you hold all the levers of power, when you can afford to concede a few things. And when Hitler himself was a Jew in highly-customary and convincing Catholic garb: as in the case of "Kerry" and "Albright", both uncovered as policy-pivotal crypto-Jews from the same regional Central European diaspora. The same no doubt being true of Chuck Hegel, with an ancestral line from Poland, where he now stirs up embers against Russia in his own inimitable once-sentence-heroic, warlike style.

Now I won't say that "the medium is the message" was meant by Marshall McCluhan, the "communications expert", to justify things in this way: rather perhaps did he think that a "there, there now" is all that's really desired, when something sticks in your craw. But when it comes to matters-of-Faith—under which this whole issue of the Jews, considered as a religion, not as a "race", which they never were, is primarily to be found—it is necessary that we proceed with ample amounts of reverence and indeed pious fear: there is little space for comedy, melodrama or flights-of-fancy here. Which in turn indeed calls into question the whole mid-century love-affair with this notion that "we have to be able to laugh at what we love" and presumably too, at He Whom we worship. The whole history of the past century must lay such an impious notion to rest, particularly since such sentiments and predispositions have been demonstrated repeatedly to hijack society-saving insights and realizations that are extremely subtle, that require tremendous amounts of responsiveness to the grace of God. Here too preeminently—in this "laugh at what we love", in the Chestertonian slapstick, the Belloc rage, or the McCluhian "what I hear you saying is…is"—being found origins of the "open windows of the Church" of Vatican II, close upon the heels of which came "Saint" Paul VI's "maybe it (the New Mass) will wake them up in their pews". Such billowing assertions being a window which pious men—whether they realize it or not—have been attempting to close ever since. And emptying pews which anxious churchmen have been attempting to fill for just as long as well.

But there is a method in all this madness, for if speech and thought are to remain in flux, in this McCluhian world where emotion is all that speech really conveys, is the only "message" involved, then readily do the nations evolve, finding no permanent identity, being purportedly prepared as mere manure under that which will alone perdure: the end-time Jewish state. This then is the philosophy of history of this twin-headed dynasty, Israel/USA: propelled by the rocket-fuel of this "form of government" sort of "patriotism", fraught with ill-concealed scorn for nations like Russia where Motherland isn't just the Duma but sea-coast and soil, where it takes into its embrace a dozen separate vigorous peoples, none of them found a threat to its own sense of identity. Nations once born finding eternal place around the divine throne, where their customs and traditions give glory to a God Whose "delight is to be among the sons of men". A Deity who revels in their song, their mountain pasture-lands, their seas and woods, as having a meaning and a standing meant for eternity. Confronting one another today is this diametrically-opposing view-of-nationhood as on the one hand being something to consume, to burn up, to keep the noted secular-messianic vision—only another form of revolution-bearing satanism—rampant and alive. And on the other hand of nations as sons and daughters of God, as vessels of a Faith two thousand years old: a Faith and a nationhood not to be replaced or "updated" but rather ultimately to gather all others, even the very remnant of the Jew themselves, into its biblical "barns".

Finally evident from all the above is that the new and better Confederacy marshaled by our National Anti-Sodomy Crusade will outlive a presently-perishing USA. That the Confederate flag will fly over a region with a moral conscience, a soul, after having disowned a slavery and racial discrimination of which the White southerner rich or poor was victim far more than beneficiary. A new Confederacy which will gather to itself the rest of the states as into its own set of barns, to the honor and glory of God. A new nation to deal with the rest of the globe on a just and compassionate footing, rather than as a conqueror breathing fire. It is to this new Confederacy that I give my allegiance, in the place of the Godless and perverted wasteland which the USA has so remorselessly become. A Confederacy alive with native music and song, with manhood and womanhood honored in that mild and chivalrous gentility which is their most nourishing soil. A new Confederacy which I believe will embrace the Catholic Faith by overwhelming popular assent, as coming apocalyptic events unfold. To join a newly-Catholic Russia, and a newly-faith-enlivened Europe, in a new world after coming travails Catholic to the core.

March 21, 2014: The critical importance of mode-of-organization in the coming Confederacy.

Something much more fundamental than meets the eye is usually at stake in today's debate: hence highly-prevalent notions of conspiracy, because we feel that things are slipping away from our purview, our legitimate supervision, that certain critical foundations are being eroded, disappearing. "We the living" anticipating with scarcely-acknowledge horror that we will soon realize, or be summarily apprised, that some new dear thing has "gone by the bye": and furthermore be stiffly informed that we are being insufferably backward and sentimental if we lament such departures. Failing miserably to be "brave" in the face of an allegedly super-sacrosanct "progress". Modern man always being like the sad relative on the railway platform stoically seeing some kinsman off to war: be it an actual person departing, or some cherished thought, loyalty or idea. To come back to us bleeding or crippled, or perhaps to come back not at all.

Certainly the modern assault against the Faith is at issue here, but blame is just as surely placed for this well-founded interior apprehension upon the very way things are organized today. For in connection with this institutionally-mobilized apostasy certain issues which used to be discussed passionately and consequentially around pot-bellied stoves in corner grocery-stores, or earlier around the round tables of medieval lore, are now effectively surrendered to the say-so of a tiny few, with any disaffection over this top-heavy arrangement instantly bringing stern accusations of disloyalty from myriad Wolf Blitzers and John McCains. While any persistence therein might easily-enough bring suspicions of treason or terrorism, following not that far behind. It isn't that we are diametrically averse to progress or change, we of the genuinely-rather-than-theatrically conservative plurality, but rather that we claim as ours a rational input which is inherent to man, "made in the image and likeness of God". It matters far more to us that we save our souls than that we send a probe to some neighboring star, or blow some cheated and dispossessed Russia off the map. That sort of pursuit over which in today's terms we cannot possibly have any control, a star trek which either disappears into a sort of quasi-mystical mathematical numerology which takes sixteen years of education to even begin to explore, or into travesties and treacheries of crowd-sniping black-ops "assets" whose "patriotic" atrocities are scarcely ever revealed. And neither do we want to surrender our decisions into the super-processed food we eat, or the way we think or talk.

This then is the ground-of-contention, that the common man remain in charge, as represented by leaders whom he personally knows, whom he has hand-picked, personally put-in-charge. For if we do not achieve this objective, we will soon be surrendering our very moral nature, an ample percentage of which we have indeed already foregone.

Myself, I don't care a fig whether we "progress" any further into this weird star trek world: in the companionship of mature but ordinary men and women I have a fascinating existence to look forward to, collaborators anticipated to daily and routinely take their destiny into their own hands, under the power and guidance of God. An existence now only dimly remembered from fifty-some years ago. And this can only be achieved under the sort of broad-based pyramid-of-authority detailed on this site, with personal friendship and familiar acquaintanceship being the very mortar employed at each step upward along the way. And with the Christian Revelation as our lodestar as we make the sometimes-arduous climb. Believe me, some black-ops-wielding Carlos or Rosenberg or Dr. Jeckle will be unable to achieve much in the way of eugenics or provocateur-arranged war if they have no accession to an unlimited synagogue, corporate or governmental funding they today so enjoy. This "power of the purse" being that which we most assiduously consider on this site and crusade: for which purposes indeed the very power of money itself is to be dramatically reduced. Coin once again to become simply and exclusively a humble medium of exchange, and not at all the mammoth and artificial "store of wealth" into which it and its infinitude of derivatives have so craftily been fashioned today. Genuine, palpable wealth and power to be returned to their proper resting place in persons, lands and the things these actually produce, rather than being multiplied astronomically in electronic transfers fraught with the visage of totalitarian control. The whole structure thus organized to be placed squarely under the popularly-embraced moral jurisdiction of the Church: applying that Law of God which is the final measure of true and just law of any kind, as it is uniquely commissioned by God to do. This recourse being the only salvation from onerous and apocalyptic synagogue/secret-society tyrannies described here. With a new Inquisition being established to root out any who with cunning tenacity would reestablish this nefarious thing, in sanctimoniously-advanced treasons such as have taken place so many times before.

Now I must admit that after some thirty years of studying organization in all its forms—most of that study being independent, "burning the midnight oil"—I have only a small amount of actual experience in constructing such powerhouses of orderly and constructive activity as are postulated here. Modern motivational courses and corporate programs accepting the top-down system that presently prevails, so that crucial practical preliminaries necessary to such a traditional structuring are as it were forbidden to modern man to even put in place. As indeed anyone who has ever attempted to organize anything worthwhile or truly-patriotic knows so ruefully-well. But I have no doubt that the general principles and procedures put forward on this site are sound, only needing to be concretely elaborated, indeed even "experimented" upon: all this too in a happy rediscovery of the patience of our forebears in newly-enabled adventures which will breed the hope which Scripture promises as a reward for the long-suffering involved. No, there won't be any bomb-hurling revolutionaries or ideologues in the mix, to bring with them unanticipated about-faces or disastrous turns, but only a lot of humble folks whose virtuous contributions will "little by little"—ah, the blessed way of old, remembered so well—confer a solid permanence upon any endeavor to which they are joined.

March 20, 2014: Upping the minimum wage: the classical back-breaker of small businesses. Article greatly improved later in day.

It was precisely in setting high mandatory wages and prices that FDR priced the little guy out of the American business world, with a huge percentage of small shops of all kinds closing their doors during those mid-thirties when these draconian laws were put in effect. Mom-and-pop stores the vast majority of which were never to open their doors again. As the little guy simply cannot stay afloat in an already broken economy if he must also raise the wages he pays, or for that matter indeed if he must match high government-mandated prices. The latter a recourse much-more-easily open to big business, for extended if not indefinite periods, but utterly unattainable to a small shop or store which inevitably depends on the immediate consumer-attractiveness of its lower prices to remain in business at all, let alone to be competitive against big or little competitors across the board. The whole psychology of progressive economics as practiced here in the USA over the past century being aimed at the absolute takeover of business—from raw materials to production to retailing—by the giant Corporate firm—always of course with loud shouts of "free enterprise" sharply punctuating the air—even though it is largely favorable government policies which facilitated this big-boy takeover, among which the rigid setting of high wages and/or prices is only one. Indeed the present astronomical rise in the stock market bears mute testimony to this wholesale death of the family store, farm, dairy or service shop: a fate even-more-starkly evident from our barren and crumbling inner-city streets and buildings, and in a collapsing tax base in cities from coast to coast. However by this means Obama can continue to present himself as the savior of the poor: and he is indeed that, because after he is through there'll certainly be plenty of them around.

Of course all this is good news to today's mostly-highly-radicalized major minorities, for a great number of whom a ten-dollar-an-hour minimum-wage will provide them some significant benefits. The aim of Obama domestic economic policy being indeed to zero in directly on certain constituencies in this way, these thereafter depended upon to elect a Democratic Party ticket come what may. While in terms of Black Power or Hispanic Power such advances in lower-class—and thus unavoidably in minority—wages will no doubt trigger adrenaline rushes of a highly-militant new kind. These however will come with a heavy toll in terms of the common good, in a long-range economic sense, in the above-noted wholesale, destabilizing and catastrophic realignment of wealth across the land.

March 19, 2014: Enemy-occupied, seer-predicted Rome is critical enabler to the AIPAC/CIA/Mossad global superstate of today: that "beast standing on the shores of the sea" whose last standing "enemy" is Russia. What Putin must do. What it is that assures the divine aid in this cosmic struggle. Article revised on March 20.

The most remorselessly-sought-after aim of a deluge of heretical and quasi-heretical documents and position-papers that debauched from the rogue-council Vatican II and its 10-year-long pseudo-doctrinal direct-aftermath has been an unprecedented "mellowing" or imasculation of the Church's timeless teachings about post-Resurrection Jews. A veritable tsunami of mincing, quibbling words over a period of sixty years having wrought an effective neutralization of virile Catholic opinion and political action against Catholicism's chief historical enemy, uniquely enabling long-standing and incorrigible Jewish global-hegemonic goals. Ancillary to which Vatican capitulations and prostrations have been such seemingly-disparate "Catholic" phenomena as EWTN in the media and Blackwater, Inc. of a "Catholic convert" Prince family of Michigan, among mercenary contractors: with these two entities lustily joined in bloody and non-bloody promotions by the "Catholic" O'Reilly, Hannity and a plurality of other commentator-"believers" on a globally-syndicated Fox News. Particularly worthy of note being the smooth manner in which EWTN glosses over one-time-inconceivable acclamations, generalities and unanimities involved in this black universal betrayal: amply facilitating the ongoing creation of Jewish-exonerating-antipope beati out of merest grinning panderers to "rock-star" popularity. Helping make speeches and world-travels into proofs of "heroic virtue" for causes of canonization of those who claim in effect that it wasn't Jews at all who crucified Christ, and who look the other way in the face of Yankee military adventurism around the globe. With the whole serendipity string of antipopes since the death of noble and genuinely-saintly Pius XII in 1958 being posthumously rewarded in this saint-making gravy train: some of them indeed scarcely yet cold in the grave. "Saints" in glass coffins recalling vividly the mausoleums of Stalin, Lenin and the rest of the old analogously-"beatified" Red Square gang, making one wonder if Vatican haste in these regards may yet overturn the need to even die to be thus made into a biblical "angel of light". The Global Catholic Network—as "one good turn deserves another"—whenever possible lending matchless tones of sanctimony—or failing that at least of innocent good-intent—to an AIPAC-controlled, Fox-glorified U.S. Government—or "American Exceptionalist Way", call it what you may—which with its world-Jewish overlords constitutes by far the most evil multifaceted conglomerate or empire the world has ever known. "Catholic" station anchormen-and-women going into well-rehearsed conniptions over the subject of abortion, but "discretely" leaving America's stygian reaches of sodomy largely unexplored: this abomination together with a murderous, thinly-camouflaged medical/juridical harvesting of organs earning discriminating non-mention among form of wickedness previously inconceivable or all-but-unknown.

Manifest has been the role of the USA in the advancement of noted nefarious goals, indeed even before it found its name during the American Revolution being the world center for a radical-Calvinist Protestantism Jewish to the very core. As when in 1743 the fledgling Colonies attempted to export revolution (sound familiar?) to Cartegena in present day Colombia, but were beaten back by "oppressed natives" with little liking for the blunderbuss or the buckled hat. This "heroic" military or black-ops destabilization of national administrations being the very perpetual epitome of Yankee foreign policy in the service of world Jewry: which found here a near-impregnable island-between-the-seas. With the characteristic moral-chaos which inevitably ensues on the heels of invading American corporations and/or troops preparing the Judeo/Marxist/apocalyptic "kicking in of the rotten door", of decayed native institutions of every lovely, unique and inimitable sort. While in the all-too-familiar garb of the crusty financier the Hebrew cabal was already playing footsie with increasingly-friendly elements in the Vatican just as the Revolutionary Era fell into full swing. For the remorseless Jewish goal of systematic global conquest would have had no hope at all had Catholics the world over kept their perpetual well-founded dim view of the synagogue: trebling the importance in scheming synagogue minds of long-seer-predicted catastrophic inroads of Vatican II. That rogue church gathering—of which previous history had already seen a handful—which made the Church a city without a protective wall against invading hoards of every stripe, a perfect pawn for nefarious Jewish goals of every kind.

Hence does Our Blessed Lady at Fatima in 1917, during an apparition attended by a cosmic miracle witnessed by at least 100,000 souls, call upon Russia, in veiled but readily interpreted language, to save both humanity and the Church: affecting this by her own conversion to full Catholic Faith, with this latter directly predicted by the Mother of God on that momentous early-twentieth-century day. With this historic event likely-enough—if we have but "eyes to see and ears to hear"—to be followed by the accession of a Russian to the throne of St. Peter in Rome, as the first valid pope in nearly sixty years. Russians need only recite the Roman Creed in order for their episcopal sees to be revivified, all their Sacraments reconfirmed, their conclave-credentials "well in order" indeed: if in a rough-and-ready fashion to suit the times. For which reason we say to Vladimir Putin and to the Patriarch Alexander: you ignore these heavenly declarations and apparitions only at your own peril. Either you will be the instrument of God's plan in these earth-shaking matters which presently rock Russia in so singular a way, or He will find someone else to do His holy will.

Russians typically think of St. Vladimir, the man who led Russ or Russia to the baptismal font, as having thus entered the Orthodox Church: thereby failing to recognize that all Christendom was Roman Catholic at the time of this great and saintly king, with Eastern Rite reaches only destined to go into schism some two hundred years after the baptism of Vladimir. The myth however being doggedly perpetuated that Orthodoxy somehow antedated Roman Catholicism: which is about as accurate a version of history as present-day Fox or CNN fables about events in Crimea or The Ukraine. Such hoary legends actually signaling a close-cousin variant of the infamous Reformation-era lie that "the Roman Church came into existence only with the reign of Constantine I": indeed and incredibly enough with many among the Orthodox readily embracing Protestants as closer to them in religion than Catholics are. However the accession of the deathbed-baptized holdout-pagan Constantine actually initiated the first traces of clergy-martyring Caesaro-Papist sympathies which would be the tyrannical Byzantine/Greek-Empire's very calling card. In the first place, to dispel all these foggy myths, the original alleged "Mother See of Orthodoxy", Constantinople, only came into existence hundreds of years after the death of the last Apostle: with an ancestral Byzantium having been only a remote Northern-Greek town which had caught Diocletian's naturalistic eye: much as would the village of Madrid vis-à-vis the retiring spirit of Phillip II some twelve hundred years later. Constantinople, as rustic Byzantium would soon be renamed, thus not even earning the title of "Apostolic See": scarcely standing in any succession-related position to preempt that of St. Peter in Rome, indeed the "Mother of them all". That Petrine bishop's throne which furthermore in terms of doctrine and discipline alike had been submitted to already for centuries before Constantinople came into being, and this by all the Universal Church's bishops. And indeed by all but the most heretical, profligate or rebellious of Byzantine rulers as well: at least until the brief-but-epic usurpations of brutal Photius around the dawn of the tenth century. A tumultuous reign admittedly preceded a century or two earlier by earth-shaking barbarities of the Iconoclasts: that irruption which with high significance anticipated a plague of remarkably similar bloody, statue-bashing atrocities among Protestant revolutionaries of sixteenth-century lore. Constantinople having in fact and from the start been the political pawn, albeit a gigantic one, of banking houses of Genoa and Venice: Jewish-merchant strongholds which were the real "tail wagging the dog". With these financial powerhouses in turn intricately interwoven with Jewish-controlled trade-routes all the way to China and India, through "Kazaria" (almost certainly only a vernacular corruption for "Caesar's road") and beyond. Here being a little-commented-upon string-of-connections which in practical terms—and aside from aesthetical attractions—largely explains an early-fourth-century translation of Imperial power eastward, in the dawning rise of the Byzantine throne.

It positively boggles the mind to see how many websites there are out there that identify by name and in detail those people and events, those subterfuges and financial sell-outs, that presently fashion the tyrannical world we live in today. Going into much greater—if often false or misleading—detail than we do here. Indeed, half of these websites are run by Jews, who are either gloating over these wrongs, in mocking pretenses of regret, or who are attempting strategically to confuse the facts to varying degrees, or as a final resort are attempting to install themselves at the head of every opposition groups, so as at the pivotal moment to turn traitor, to deliver "heads on a platter" to Jewish hegemonic greed. Indeed, we run into lots of "prophets" and "holy men" out on the road: mostly crypto-Jews who convincingly imitate "bible Christians" better than any real Christian could begin to do. Word-spinning men and women who often run well-oiled churchly establishments, who sometimes print up glossy-and-expensive periodicals and fliers with lurid pictures of sodomite prostitutes, painted up provocatively to look exactly like women, at first glance. Something you would have to go to New York City to otherwise see. But few if any of these efforts—even among those that are actually sincere—identify what it is that is required to win that aid of Heaven which will alone seize the baton of victory over such filthy and ugly things. Namely obedience to those authorities that God Himself has ordained, like the genuine and traditional Roman Catholic Church (and not today's seer-predicted string of reciprocally-beatifying usurpers in Rome). And secondly, it is a dedication to the glory of God as the principal purpose of the state, with all other functions and duties following somewhere behind. They who will pursue these ineffable ends will obtain the assistance of God without fail, while they who despise or neglect these holy purposes, who out of human-respect or cowardice "despise God before men", will find themselves stymied at every turn, inevitably to go down in dismal defeat, having shown themselves unworthy of the divine aid.

March 18, 2014: O'Reilly, Russia, Vatican II and U.S. Anglo/Irish global-cultural hegemony.

Bill O'Reilly is full of the blarney indeed, but it is to a bleak and barren end. The Irish upon arrival in the New World, having had much of their cultural heritage brutally inhibited and marginalized on the Emerald Isle, were by-and-large plainly-enough ripe for a way-of-life here stripped down to the barest of things: as long as it meant "getting ahead", and out of the cruel slavery of old. Embracing an American Way amply blessed indeed by the USA's hyper-heterodox Irish plenipotentiary Catholic bishop John Carroll: from a "leading Catholic family" with at least one freemason in the clan. A cleric recommended to the Vatican for the unprecedented position by none-other-than Benjamin Franklin: the era's leading freemason himself. According then quite well with such a pedigree everything here in the "land of the free" was from the start to be a "let's cut the ceremony", rough-it-out, go-it-alone affair; words of endearment were few. On cattle-drives of the nineteenth century an average of one man on every such mass-beef-migration was summarily gunned down in some arbitrary, personally-vindictive gun-fight. Ah, rugged manhood indeed! Here being prepared a socio-moral system that would thereafter be exported around the world by the point of a gun as well. Hence understandably-enough do our overwhelmingly Anglo-Irish U.S. Catholic leading-clergy-and-laity still smile up their sleeves, as was their wont so long ago, at the sight or sound of Croats, Russians—even a few cultural-hold-out Germans, Swedes or Dutchmen here-or-there—with their sensitive and elaborate social customs, among which endearing and addictive tangle the blunt and bluff have always had little place at all. In Arizona mining country, as noted in a link from ten years or so ago, found below, it was customary among some young urchins to stretch a trip-wire across a path through the cacti, sage and manzanita, that went to the shacks where Croats lived, and which they followed after long and weary shifts in the copper mines. Among six-footers whose average life-expectancy was about thirty-five, judging by Croat tombstones in places like Claypool, AZ. For it was the summit of glee, the best life had to offer, for these tow-headed rascals just to hear the musical accents of these mostly-huge men as they fell. That's how much they thought of us, even back then: no doubt with lots of encouragement in the "adult" retelling of analogous work-site or over-the-counter incidents, recounted with high amusement around the dinner table at home.

Hence among cultivated if habitually-silent masses of Slavs—among whom delicate humor seldom deteriorated into bouts of sadism, cruelty or even slap-stick comedy—the ultra-stripped-down New Mass was on balance a disaster of mammoth degree. None of us mostly grave and reverential souls was prepared for anything quite that mocking, ugly or blunt, a rite over which "Saint" Paul VI said on its launch, "maybe this will wake them up in their pews". Even as this epic mockery of the piety of ancestors-of-old, for such it was, was most often predictably greeted among inevitable Anglo-Irish leading Catholics as a stunning new advance into a Brave New World. A new universe—other than football, rock-music or marijuana—cultureless to a T, with "culture" only as dictated on "the charts" or on TV. I'd have liked to have seen Bill back around '70: I'm sure he had an ample pony-tail and smoked his weeds brazenly.

Of course, as I have stated on this site at least once: the Irish themselves, in Ireland itself, among whom I lived happily for a term at a University, are almost nothing like their cousins across the sea: but nonetheless there does seem to have been this weakness in the direction indicated above. Something seldom seen among immigrating Slavs.

Enter then "The O'Reilly Factor" of last night, and we see the worst variety of Anglo/Irish Slav-bashing prejudice, on an episode in which Bill absolutely wreaks with scorn, throwing out Russian names as if he were scooping-up foul refuse, his face contorted with that hatred which is his ever-sardonic calling-card. (A man who at the same time somehow makes you think of nothing-so-much as the movie-classical interrogator who says with a grimacing grin, "we have ways to make you talk".) For everyone has to be happy with the USA and what it says and does, and everyone, willy-nilly, one way or another, has to obey. Especially we Croats here at home, but even some Russian head-of-state "across the big bay". Like Mexicans who have traditionally been forbidden to speak their native tongue, we Slavs of every sort are to drop every last vestige of the culture our forebears brought from abroad, are to content ourselves with the blunt, sarcastic, unkind in gesture or turn-of-phrase. Cause that's "manly" or "exceptional" to leading people like Bill.

Alas, people like that never grew up: but the problem is, they rule the world. Why? Because they make perfect dupes for those who really rule, behind the scenes: who make huge profits by fomenting wars and other miseries. Who put the twisted diction of men like Bill O'Reilly to the same deadly use as they do street-gangs, Molotov cocktails and black-ops-provocateur deeds. Once you know this, you know basically everything.

March 17, 2014: Liberty-loving Yank-protégé radical global hackers close down major avenues of Russian media-communication with the rest of the world.

In the midst of a massive blizzard of bald-faced lies by major American TV stations regarding yesterday's referendum in the Crimea and events surrounding it—failing to even accurately report the two choices on the ballot—we find confirmed in spades as well in this hacker attack our contention of a USA accession to a pan-totalitarian role which a failing USSR had so miserably failed to achieve. This elevation to hegemony being launched in the reign of an Israel/AIPAC-darling Reagan by way of a series of geo-economic and geopolitical moves fueled by a "great communicator" looting of then-mammoth and perpetually-solvent Social Security funds. With U.S. corporate interests soon thereafter destined to be the major beneficiaries of a parallel looting of Soviet financial assets by a "Harvard team" invited in by Yeltsin, on the eve of Reagan's Oval-Office departure. The all-points cosmic-pseudo-divinity of a newly-anointed USA/USSR thus being high-handedly achieved, it was only by a miracle of genuinely-divine intervention that Russia under Putin was able to put the shambles-economy he had inherited back together again, this despite an order-staggering "rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air" of endless Mossad-like black-ops-provoked bombings and other seditious acts in Chechnya, Moscow and around the Russian perimeter. In remorseless and determined efforts not only to alienate and effectively extract a newly-vivified Russia from her historical sphere of influence—just as had been so unfairly done to Japan in the seventy-some years before WWII—but at the same time to keep intact a global-tyranny-critical Heroine Road momentarily interdicted by the Taliban, running through Central Asian countries on the southern flank of the land of the Don. All thereafter required for the top-hatted gentleman to don the robes of the old Communist regime was for him to gain systematic control over the world's media, while flooding the globe with his own bombastic propaganda: of course in signature-Soviet hyper-correct utterances of sanctimonious zeal. There would be ample numbers of O'Reillys, Hannitys and Limbaughs to seal the deal.

Into this historical perspective must be placed this ongoing cyber-attack against Russian media: this morning with all attempts to make contact with rianavosti.ru or the official Russia-Presidential website stymied—at least to this moment—beyond repair. A phenomenon witnessed indeed for much of the length of ongoing turmoil in The Ukraine and The Crimea. Here then the familiar stodgy sanctimony of a Nikita Khrushchev or the silent and sardonic façade of a Joseph Stalin, disinterred in spades: as a contrary opinion is not considered to merit any hearing at all. A comprehensive silencing of any real opposition, as we must instantly add, which has been steadily increasing here in an ever-liberated USA since around the time of Lyndon Johnson. Ah, yes, they are saving us from ourselves: for which reason, as I have so often intoned with fervent Caesaro-papist pieties, we must continue devoutly to kiss our clattering chains.

March 16, 2014: D.C. gets the UN treatment for a change.

Imagine a USA in which a mob takes to the streets in D.C. and demands the ouster of your duly-elected government. Thereafter an agreement is finally reached, with signatories up and down the Western Hemisphere—imagine such a thing, in the turf of "Big Stick" Uncle Sam—guaranteeing the legitimacy of negotiations to follow. But Uncle Sam is humble enough (!!)to tolerate such a trivialization-of-sovereignty, since he and his system are of course "the best of all".

But then there occurs the intervention of black-ops provocateurs who as attested by on-the-spot-witnessing foreign observer-officials shoot down people on both sides of ongoing demonstrations, there in front of the Capitol-building, in order to foment the situation beyond repair. So that the question is of course instantly raised, by those of the presiding Government whose job it is after all to maintain at least some modicum of order and security: can we declare martial law and calm things down? Indeed and as Uncle Sam knows only too well the UN and a sanctimonious League of American States will of course offer only further discussions, when it is "discussion" which has provided the cauldron-of-chaos from first to last, introducing endless talk when there must be thoughtful and resolute deeds. Hence does the old gentleman call on neighboring Canada to come down and lend a hand, since the U.S. is in the throes of civil torments which know no bounds. Upon which these world and regional bodies warn both Canada and Uncle Sam that there will be "grave consequences" if such an openly-invited attempt of a sovereign nation to "intervene" in neighbor-nation affairs is in any way carried through.

What is the aim of all this categorical insistence upon talks, conferences, negotiations, etc., seen with metronomic regularity over the past twenty years? For interested globally-dominant parties operating behind the scenes it is that once the floodgate of palaver is opened up the national demise is assured. Thus then Syria, which by dint of Western involvement was unable to settle its own affairs. Thus Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the whole of Latin America over a century and more in time. Where periodic negotiations proved hopeless indeed, once lugubrious international saviors of the UN, NATO or the USA showed up on the scene. Must we be conspiracy theorists to see what is so plainly before our faces? Is this not to add insult to injury, a bludgeon to a plea for mercy, to make such a "diagnosis", to suggest such a ridiculous thing?

It is Russia which is poised to expose this "everything out on the table" view of life—political or personal, familial or societal—to well-deserved shame. To wrest the emblems of world power from those cunning peddlers of high-minded lies who with beautiful words bring about the ruin of mankind. To which land beyond the Don, this hope of the future, I say, Zivila Russia!

March 15, 2014: The true attitude of law when it comes to religion.

When religion, the vehicle of society's ideas of right and wrong, comes to bear upon law, and vice-versa—these plainly two close-kin fields, dealing intrinsically in the same subject-matter of good and bad—the attitude taken by the state from immemorial times has hardly ever been bluff and simplistic but rather typically both complex and comprehensive. Dealing as it does with a range of human existence dauntingly, densely interwoven in the extreme. The main purpose of law vis-à-vis religion—with law admittedly concentrating or distilling religion most especially in its social aspect—being not however some glorified form of social work, always threatening to devolve into atheism or some other form of moral-despair, but rather the public honor and glory of God, both in public manifestations of piety and the observance of a just, Godly and kindly moral code. Otherwise indeed it isn't religion at all, but a sort of idolatry directed at the glory of man. Hence must we insist that law cannot enjoin or approve anything private which religion condemns, which would be to directly and audaciously dishonor God: as in a present-day U.S. Government drive to institutionalize and codify the hideous rituals of sodomy. Rather is the only egress away from a totalitarian regulation of human moral conduct—that which all in their right mind would avoid—to be found in the varying degrees to which enforcement should be coupled with formal injunction or prohibition. Some especially-public injunctions or prohibitions obviously needing to be strictly enforced, others more private but hardly-less morally-crucial perhaps only earning a weathered official eye. The realization having been common in past times among sane men that some things are best left to persuasion, to a salutary discouragement which neighborly chiding or passerby looks-of-horror are singularly able to impart.

But as noted so many times on this site, this line between rational law and radical extremism is one incessantly jumped-across by today's many top-secret-clearance-carrying agents-provocateurs: rabble-rousers who know which emotional/religious buttons to push, fellow-travelers to foreign-based corporate NGOs, ceaselessly provoking gullible street-demonstrators and other partisans to self-righteous but counterproductive extremes. The whole purpose of which hot-headed displays and demonstrations, on the part of this cunning enemy within, not being to establish morality-in-law at all but rather to see to purity-and-rectitude's mass repudiation or discredit. And to the ultimate arrival of a perverse and promiscuous if stock-market-friendly Brave New World.

Here then the origin of the staggeringly-mendacious Fox-news-contrived campaign against the Muslim Brotherhood—in a view indeed in this one particular shared-out quite equally among kingpins and commentators across the democratic/republican divide: the "fair and balanced" station and others on the radio of its ilk being chief media vehicles for the final irrevocable subjection of an entire globe to Judeo/American values, business ventures and ideas. The Brotherhood by contrast being that religious/political group originating in Egypt whose purpose is simply to make Islamic virtues and values both publicly honored and personally livable and attainable, without any real attempt to impose them upon the private lives of others. The much-unfairly-impugned Islamic-association the while of course falling short of any shameful juridical endorsement of immoral conduct in the home or in other private or non-official settings of any kind.

Now careful distinctions being drawn here will no doubt as always be yawned over as insufferably arcane—or mocked with another sardonically-aimed quote of scripture—by Hannity and the gang: men who picture history as arbitrated in demands for universal conformity, Yank or Russian, Muslim or Christian: in irrational eruptions wrought in cobblestone colors of blood. But this isn't what religion—supremely an act of the individual mind and will—is about at all—neither to Muslims or Sikhs, Christians or Hindus.

March 14, 2014: Modern "technology" and the Gospel newness of life.

I still remember vividly the joy on the faces of some of my father's fellow townsmen from Croatia, refugees who had recently fled Communist Yugoslavia, in a saga of perils which at the telling left me riveted to the spot, a mere lad of six or so at the time. Theirs a joy, for all of that, such as I had never seen on a human face before. Thereafter I was to see these two brothers settle in Joliet, become quite prosperous, raise families, shower my brother and I, the youngest at home, with kindnesses, but that first magnificent joy that I saw back around '52 or so, imparting a kind of newness of life, as the Gospel phrase might run, was to stay in my memory fresh, as if experienced only yesterday. To impart to those days decades ago a quality of newness which has never decayed, which indeed grows brighter by the day, traces of which matchless sunlight and joy can even be seen on some old photos, contrasting starkly with darkening clouds gathered round us today. Their souls having been imbued with something unitary which material things cannot possibly achieve or produce, which latter operate according to a radically-contrasting principle of division which ultimately arbitrates dissolution, death, decay. This the fate indeed of all mortal things, while it is only "the Spirit which giveth life". And thus the theme of this little piece: as we see industry, the economy everyday escaping their proper and proportional bounds, becoming morbidly-pursued ends in themselves, achieving a gratuitous level of production most of which is for the purpose of fueling the same rocket-propelled financial machine that makes it all run. While erecting a mere handful of midases to live in perverse and destructive extravagances of every kind. While if there is any logic to the whole frightful monster it is that of the extinction of human life, the installation of a death-dealing sodomite elite such as now gains so much ground, to absolute personal dominion over each and all. This wild nightmare anticipated to end in the ultimate replacement of humanity by robots and "test tube babies", soulless if instinctually-clever bundles of tissue some number of which are said to have already been produced. With genuine mankind—"made in the image and likeness of God"—requiring the input of God for the infusion of a conscience and an immortal soul—having been induced to destroy one another in black-ops-provoked wars, like that now nursed along in The Ukraine. Or having been cleverly destroyed in some more-directly-homicidal way, as in genetically-modified unhealthy food or operating-table organ-snatching death redefined: that whereby the young and healthy are sacrificed for the old and cruel. Or by way of toxic, plastic-impregnated "drinking water", aircraft-deposited toxic vapors in the sky, and so on.

Thus too a principle theme on this site: that God intends technical advances to go only so far, that after that they are manifestly unnatural, give too much power into a few hands, spawning morbidities of a host of "tails wagging the dogs". God having commanded us joyfully to "subdue" the earth, not to morbidly pervert and destroy it: by which mandate are given us abundant sources of wealth, prodigal means of nourishment, to be gathered peacefully, cooperatively, amid aesthetical wonders, all of which is symbolic, preparatory for that which "eye has not seen". This indeed the Christian vantage-point, based on the already accomplished arrival of the Messiah, the Son of God: "behold, I make all things new!" The victory over evil having already been achieved on the Cross, ratified in the Resurrection: after which staggering marvels there are no greater things to be sought-after or seen. As we live rather timelessly in that same enveloping joy of Christ, a generous perpetual presence of which was left us at the Ascension of Our Lord into Heaven. A joy partaken by "the many" such as I indeed remember, discovered as a lad in those magnificent smiles on the faces of those refugees so long ago, and such as partook in eternity. Whereas those of the synagogue who utterly dominate today's world must always project some new messiah who will be a god of blood and steel, cruelty and electronic circuitry. A god of division rather than of oneness, of death rather than newness of life. For life is spirit and spirit is life, and as noted physical creation is based on atoms and genomes which must ultimately decay, which either die or decompose in some half-life, or some quasar, some final catastrophic burst-of-light. Following as they must that material principle of division noted above. Only spirit, only truth, only the glory of God, anticipated on earth, finally fully partaken in Heaven by man, are forever. After all the restless "productive" tumult of this stock-market-driven view-of-life, of this secular-messianism, are finally put to well-deserved rest.

March 13, 2014: The American church as always in bed with Uncle Sam once again, stoking the fires of war in The Ukraine.

That's why you have converts in droves in the past decade or so: among people who want to "get in on the fun". An air of impartiality settled on the face of the wizened newscaster on EWTN last night, even as everyone he interviewed and everything he said gravitated decidedly in favor of the mobs who took over Independence Square in Kiev last month. The American church once again, as at the halcyon Vatican II, not wanting to be "on the wrong side of history", as these word-mincers would no-doubt say, continuing the two-century-and-a-half running incestuous affair with a globe-grabbing Uncle Sam, getting up from bed only long enough to stoke the roaring fireplace a little more, so that filthy and nefarious black-ops deeds might continue undisturbed. "What will you give in exchange for your soul", American church? Ah, its not a thought that the nymph wants to think about just now, in the blush of the moment, in the ongoing aggiornamento, in the placement of "loyal" Catholics in high places in government, industry, the digital age.

But do look at the sky, oh grinning false-prophets and prognosticators-of-blood. Watch as God prepares yet another disaster at your studio doors. Do then weep and howl, but only long enough to harden your hearts yet a little more, as you have always done in the past. For soon-enough the "American Church" will be a forgotten nightmare in innocent minds of a "remnant selected out of grace".

March 12, 2014: Russians beware the Yankee foot in the door. Russia encouraged to imitate Franz Josef in 1903. Revised later in day.

Always the assumption is that if Uncle Sam has taken the side of some group of demonstrators in some foreign land that this automatically legitimizes hoarsely-advanced claims: the sole litmus test being radicalism, which is taken somehow to indicate sincerity, conviction, worthiness, "the up-and-coming thing". Indeed, it reminds you of the old payola scandal of the late 1950s, when D.J.s were accused of having been paid off to make claims in excited tones, like "this song is headed to the top of the charts": with eagerly-intoned opinions and tastes of these prominent "cool cats" being lionized by the teenagers of the times. After which analogous political-payola endorsement—the payoff is big in geopolitical terms, even if the "national hero", suppliant group or wanna-be government is feckless-looking, scarcely impressive in any way or form—an ever-anxiously-hovering USA can be counted on to "see things through" to the "realization of the popular aspirations" of this artificially-inserted, perhaps even murderous cabal. Indeed, any angry mob on any street-corner will do, if composed of an ample percentage of fringe elements, the louder and nastier the better: involved being a theatrical phenomenon we here in the "land of the free" are no strangers to at all, being in for the same bag-of-tricks as everyone else on the globe. All-of-the-above being why we at this site continue to come down, as noted in an article below, on the same pin-point piece of notional geography: namely this inevitable Yankee "liberation" of every passionate proclivity in some foreign land, to be inevitably followed thereafter by a cauldron of moral-and-political chaos, close-on-the-heels of which will come a miserable life in hopeless economic chains. We here at home too having repeatedly seen the same forceful promotion of popularly-abominated "issues", notably now in ceaseless hyper-ventilations over sodomy: with advocates-of-the-hideous being instantly granted a determinative political prominence by a complicit venture of media and Washington politicos. After which this perfectly-contrived "legal standing", a hefty payola indeed, finds "heroic" reverberating echoes in courts and legislatures, schools and executive-mansions, all the way to the top. With the American public today too, formerly unconvinced, quickly showing similarities to over-excited teens of the late-fifties—mostly indeed their own parents and grandparents—eager to be impressed by "the latest thing". While were Uncle Sam by some strange turn to suddenly say something honest, it might be that "we have endorsed this agenda, domestic or foreign, and we will see it through to the bitter end."

In this way has the legitimate Ukrainian head-of-state been driven from power, and the pretender elevated to international acclaim. But to forestall even worse things, Dear Russians, for the sake of us all, do fulfill the Fatima Message, and do become Catholic, as Our Blessed Lady there in 1917 Portugal so gravely enjoined. Stepping off from there directly to the demand of the return of Catholic Rome to moral and doctrinal orthodoxy: for according to an old Greek saying, "the fish rots first in its head", and that's where present-day global moral and political chaos first surfaced, in the Roman leadership of Christendom, an irruption finding full force at Vatican II. Indeed, march on Rome if you must, and unseat this fifty-year-long line of antipopes: being now a constituent Catholic land, ready to run parallel to Franz Josef of Austria in 1903 in his staunch and Godly refusal to recognize the newly-conclave-elected Rompalla, the freemasonic "pope". An Austrian Emperor whose heroic intervention brought to the Catholic world the saintly St. Pius X instead. For in order to counter order-frustrating forces described above, whose immediate sources are Israel and the USA, the power of God Himself is required, that of the One True Faith, of the Holy Mother of God: it is these which are our only refuge in these terrible times. Thus will you good Russians do as you did to Napoleon, when you drove him before you, with Imperial troops carrying in vanguard procession the holy icon of Our Lady of Kazan, before which the "heroic" tyrant cowered. Just as you had done so much earlier in the case of Genghis Khan. You have another Genghis here just as bad. This is the only way to avoid something approaching annihilation, to win for Russia some modicum of divine protection from what will be horrific everywhere, a chaos and butchery whose first beginnings are evident in places like Kiev, where a revolutionary-commune mob-government was so recently installed. An universal time of anarchy and bloodshed which however according to prophesy will vary considerably with respect to length-of-time, after which will come the popularly-embraced triumph of the Kingdom of God, of the One True Faith, of the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary over all mankind.

March 10, 2014: CPAC, listen to a real conservative for a change. What is American Libertarianism and Exceptionalism?

Doughty men like Rand Paul cannot reconcile themselves to the actual struggle of this life: balking at the idea that there is on the one hand a goodness and moral-purity with which alone comes true liberty, a condition which requires the moral vigilance of the state, and on the other there is a moral evil and depravity with which comes rattling chains, which results when the state "looks the other way" in the face of wrong. These libertarians would like to imagine that you can "have your cake and eat it, too", that liberty and license are both bought under the same warrantee. That you can allow moral rectitude in the individual but that the state itself must forcefully sanction laissez faire.

The libertarian would somehow hold worthy of man a whole lifetime spent in an endless and exhausting struggle simply to be free, while quite the contrary ageless secret-society-demonized Catholic political philosophy, prime object of treacherous Vatican moles since the Age of Revolution though it might be, has always held that human life accommodates much higher values than this, that true, genuine freedom is only the starting point rather than the final goal of any political system worth its salt. In the Catholic state—chosen vessel of the Kingdom of God on earth—men being thus truly free, their moral chains untied, enable one another toward achievements otherwise entirely unknown. The Catholic state and the virtuous life it actively encourages actually having been the vehicle of the most revolutionary advances, in medieval times having seen prodigious increases in crop yields, in water transport, in the palpable—rather than merely oratorical—achievement of personal political liberty, in the general quality of human life. Many of which palpable boons men of a "liberty loving" USA lack miserably.

But as to what actually is exceptional about the American character, in the sense in which it is promoted at CPAC: this brand of the extraordinary—not surprisingly, considering all the human blood it has required—finds its roots, as noted many times on this page, in a bleak and fanatical rejection of human nature, a puritanical effort to escape human bounds, straining in particular to find some way to claim an independent personal achievement of all good things. (As if we weren't all babes-in-arms once, and are indeed just as helpless many times throughout life). Certain things being indeed occasionally achievable in this way, but the ideology employed bringing with it a far greater number of other things destructive, unhappy, depraved, perverted. Do the Iraqi or Libyan victims of American "liberation" need any convincing about any of this? Or those of Pakistan, Afghanistan, or post-disaster Haiti, or a century-plus of those of a once-rich but now "banana-republic" Central America: in all of which marvels of libertarian-American "free" and population-exploiting "enterprise" are everywhere seen? Sic Semper whenever the goddess Liberty takes the place of God as the focus of our laws, of the workings of our assemblies. It is simply too tawdry and threadbare a statue, this harbor idol of Liberty, to take the place of the Living God in the minds, souls and institutions of the children of God, of rational men. While by contrast the "liberty of the sons of God", the only genuine liberty, has a starting-point entirely different, in a clean conscience, in love of neighbor, in the realization that this liberating rectitude is achieved jointly, politically, or it isn't achieved at all. That the toleration—indeed the glorification—of abominable and perverted vices such as Rand Paul would unblinkingly encourage and permit—that this loses for society the blessing of a Creator Who can alone bestow such boons. Libertarians, in fine, seeking a liberation which doesn't actually exist on this earth, but only in their own proud and blinded minds.

As noted libertarianism, the American Exceptionalism, call it what you may: far from being so free, requires incessant coercion to make it work, always involving this "great task" of imposing this radical and misleading "liberty" upon an entire globe. Don't we begin to suspect that there is something else going on here besides the pursuit of simple liberty? Like for instance global-financier-driven slavery? We don't like something Russia does regarding a close-at-hand neighbor—when our own reach spans the seven seas—so we threaten military force on behalf of "liberty". Whose liberty? Ours of course, to force our will, our admittedly-intelligence-lacking, distance-remote interpretation-of-events, upon others. Over geopolitical ground, furthermore, which we have been salting for twenty years now, toward economic hegemony, toward moral unrest and revolution, employing corporate-NGO-imported operatives in cunning, "liberty loving" ways. Coercion, open or cryptic, being the only adequate cover-word for American foreign policy: with strong-arm tactics, verbal or material, always having a convincing quality not lost on a John McCain, a Jimmy Hoffa Sr., or an Al Capone. This liberty claiming too a latest form of "patriotism", a devotion to "form of government" rather than to brother compatriots or native land: again according to this puritanical rejection of anything human or palpable in favor of some merciless abstraction which always requires human blood, sacrificed to some harbor idol, to "make it go".

March 9, 2014: The constant invocation of the miraculous and the "inspired" in the New Church reform.

With a rich flourish of biblical "tinkling brass", the New Catholicism both tempts God and tidily relinquishes moral responsibility, being a new approach to religion which would deftly exchange our own modern and relatively humble place in Church history for an Apostolic Era with its Gospel-initiating welter of charisms and ceaseless miracles of every kind. Failing to realize that each age is given its own task by God, preferring to the concrete and sometimes rather pedestrian realization of the Kingdom of God on earth, and in particular its codification into law, into "custom and usage", into the daily warp and woof of local, regional and nation life: preferring to this a ceaseless and rather cheaply-purchased invocation of direct and mystical Heavenly interventions, joined by an impressive array of hugs, speeches and attestations. Adopting in remarkable measure in all this the anti-matter ethos of Heretics from the Cathars to the Hussites to Calvinist of Geneva, servants who thus bury their talents in the ground find little need to "dirty their hands", to apply their efforts or abilities in "grubby" ways of toiling forefathers of the recent or distant past. Rather claiming with incongruous hauteur—essentially repeating the heresy of the Mormons, who believe that the Holy Ghost vacated the Church from the death of the last Apostle to the announcement of the Book of Mormon—that an outwardly-rather-unremarkable Catholicism over the medieval and modern centuries had gradually lost its way. And that it must therefore be re-evangelized: which is precisely what The New Evangelization promoted by recent popes actually means. Catholicism thus redefined being a cowardly capitulation to a centuries-long mega-denominational Protestant Revolt, with its closely-interwoven array of political and religious repudiations, with the wholesale practical surrender of a society in which we can piously raise our young, despairing amid a din of fervent acclamations of any effort to legislate and adjudicate into law the ever-preeminent, all-determining revealed law of God. That firm and deeply-grounded foundation, built upon both the toil of political operatives and the immovable footing of the Apostles, with Christ its very biblical Cornerstone, having in ages past been the most accessible and enduring refuge for the truly holy, for the contemplative, the mystic, the founder of new religious orders, the missionary to distant lands, and so on. The claim of New Church being however if ill-admittedly that there is something essentially unfair about such a Catholic ascendancy: as if labors toward the realization of Catholic civil society, of the Catholic state were invariably awash in corrupt gain, when Christ and His civil and ecclesiastical vicars on all levels rule supreme. The dim view of historical Catholicism of our worst enemies being adopted here, while averring that we must somehow give atheism, heresy, and ever-treacherous Judaism a chance, a level playing field. Even though the vast majority of our forefathers, founders of Western and Catholic Civilization—in a democratic determination indeed—fervently desired this solid foundation, and hardly thought of themselves as backward fools for their many onerous and costly social and economic, legal and political toils. For as the whole thrust of private revelation and Catholic history alike so dynamically portray the Heavenly Kingdom is to be realized primarily in these very same outwardly-routine and rather pedestrian but hyper-consequential ways which a solid earthly institutionalization by definition achieves: that by which humble and incremental benchmarks alone the salvation of the young and other momentous things can be realized. Involved being that whole tremendous, immemorial burden of Western Civilization namely which was the main heirloom summarily and sardonically thrown out the Johannian open window of Vatican II.

Hence is the New Church reform plainly, despite all its expensive promotions, the establishment foremost of a place for men and women of every kind to go overboard, all the while being in practical terms quite oblivious to the loss of souls, of their own young. And even-more-disturbingly and impiously is New Church a cult ideal for sodomites to ply their charms, "How can anyone fail to be enthused over something we are so enthused about", might be the bewildered reply? Alas, thus have spoken hysterical and deluded men from immemorial time.

Thus too in fine dealt with here is an essentially middle-and-upper-class religion, a creed supremely for the articulate, accounting for the large numbers of the more wealthy and well-connected that have taken the places of mostly-silent laboring parishioners of old. Thus being encountered a confession which will never become a moral and spiritual tidal wave like that of Clovis and Clotilda, of Sts. Patrick or Vladimir, of Mexico after the apparitions of Guadalupe, sweeping all before it in its path. The New Evangelism being far more a hothouse flower than a tide of molten lava gushing from the two Sacred Hearts, ready to melt the most obdurate, to alter laws, customs and constitutions toward the honor and glory of God and the salvation of souls. Rather stepping meekly aside and letting entirely secular and hostile-religious forces rule the day. Denying to Christ His chief and most obvious mandate, for His Kingdom to come "on earth as it is in Heaven". For which reason He will say to these new evangelists, "Amen, amen I say to you: I do not know you", when they so giddily and impressively come to claim their crown.