August 25, 2015: Slanderous accusation of wholesale sodomy among Muslims.

Plainly enough, I am not a Muslim, but I have a great deal of respect for these religionists, and it is especially intolerable to me that they should be accused through the wholesale brainwash of our military in particular of being sodomites almost to a man. Here plainly again is to be found the founding American antipathy toward the soft-spoken and courteous: and since butchery always needs mountains of vindication, what could be more convincing than to convict an entire modest and accommodating Muslim world—the grizzly U.S.-trained Bagdhadi and his “Islamic State” being a case apart—of this abominable crime? When the fact is that it is the universally-abusive USA which is the global breeding-ground of the detestable depravity of this moral and mental disease, a twisted personality-disorder whose very heart and soul is found in hellish aggression and unkindness. Uncle Sam indeed by these and other misrepresentations providing sodomy’s priggish and painstaking justification, while with perfect duplicity while accusing Muslims of its hideous excesses simultaneously ramrodding sodomy’s global acceptance as “marriage”, its ironclad enforcement by diplomatic protocol and force-of-arms. As this country, the victim of Judeo-Calvinist anti-nature fanaticism and secret-society intrigue from the very beginning, provides in abundance the air-of-morbidity, the humiliation of nobility-of-character, which widespread sodomy requires. America, as I am sad to relate, being a place where the man-to-man relationship is ever given puberty-level pride-of-place, and man-and-woman union treated as a sort of embarrassing anomaly to be more-or-less despised and trampled upon at every turn. Women incredibly often to be heartlessly used and then flung aside. Hence indeed our advocacy of A New and Better Confederacy as preserving those qualities which made the Old South the refuge of chivalry in a USA fast already in the 1860s being overwhelmed by nascent Marxist and close-kin dour Northern-Calvinist personality disorders, by an incipient rocket-ship progressivism in which skin-tight Star Trek leotards would finally become the garb-of-the-hour.

The reason I bring up this point is that the state of Israel has been peddling this lie about the Muslim, the Arab, anyone of color, since the fifties and before: indeed, I had a relative who came home from a tour-of-service in the Army in Germany in the late fifties, under a notorious Jew-loving general who was ultimately canned by Kennedy as an incendiary bigot and fanatic, and I a mere lad had to listen to his diatribes against Islam as being a religion in which “any form of sex is permitted except bestiality with a sheep”. But the idea is to brand as effeminate all those who are deferential and kind—which is indeed most of mankind—and to glorify the “John Wayne” blunt, overbearing and sarcastic—so that U.S. arms continue vindictively to conquer the meek and inoffensive, so that the cult of the brutal gains not only its typical advantages of overwhelming force—only surmountable by the power of God—but also boasts formidable justifications of religion and virtue. Here being the do-all and the end-all of mendacity, the very cunning reversal of the character-formation of upright souls of any creed. To such a depth has heresy and the synagogue brought our beloved land.

”But I show you a more excellent way”.

August 15,2015:”Religious Liberty”

Evident in this treacherous linguistic IED—this brainchild of Masonic lodges and Vatican II—is a capitulation of every duty to make the polity virtuous: rather releasing the public sphere to tender mercies of perverts, crackpots and fiends. This concept of absolute, unmitigated liberty promptly going from there to spill over into the economy as well—where, wouldn’t you know, it most eagerly wanted to go—with now-allegedly-sainted robber barons—newly released from their historical insane asylum—and their resurrected Tammany Hall political creatures steadily limiting identifiable personal liberty to postage-stamp precincts, while targeting law to the mere preservation of “credentialed class” “rights” to make us all into drudges and slaves. The whole notion of common good–the very epitome of statehood—that for rational and immortal humanity must take in soul and body alike—being roundly repudiated for this linguistic fool’s gold—now come to dominate every facet of an increasingly demeaning human life. This kind of liberty having indeed become a new Artemis to crush every decent or pious aspiration, to preempt with impunity the noble innocence of youth. To limit the defining upward flight of immortal minds—made in the image and likeness of that God Whom we must know and love in order to be saved—to the top of one’s head.

August 17, 2015: Alternating between the miraculous and the harrowing: continuing log of current salient of this Crusade. Some revisions later in day.

Just as the Jews were punished for sparing the Canaanites, so are we now being punished for sparing these new Canaanites, the Jews of Anno Domino times. No, God doesn’t want us to annihilate them, as Ancient Hebrews were commanded vis-à-vis these infant-sacrificing pagans, but only to prevent these enemies of the state and of humanity from gaining control of the economy, of medicine and law, as we have steadily and shamefully allowed them to do for centuries now. From which ill-deserved position these interlopers can put into effect the hideous injunctions of the Talmud toward the destruction of the Gentiles: as if we were all but so many Canaanites. Would to God they had been so thorough in Old Testament times, in carrying out God’s just earth-cleansing designs, after which they would undoubtedly not have become so imbued with the anti-life Canaanite spirit, such as they are today! As with remorseless apocalyptic finality, from positions of seemingly-insuperable power, the synagogue continues to systematically marginalize and where possible exterminate an entire human race: this through the “go-getter” promotion of a cleverly-contrived dysfunctional economics, through centuries of geo-financially-directed war, today as aggressively undertaken via open and covert policies of their most pliable proxy, the USA, through a wholesale, remorseless destruction of natural resources, as in a cynical geopolitically-motivated “fracking” industry.

Hence do we see that Christianity does indeed have a political dimension, as much as hyper-meek churchmen of today would sanctimoniously repudiate such a thought: this practical aspect being on a plane perfectly inseparable from the personal/spiritual one. These defining elements working in crucial tandem, in critical need of one another: as we human beings have a body with its humbler needs as well as a soul, on a political plane needing defense from remorseless enemies (yes, Virginia, there are such people), and Christianity is hardly a disembodied Albigensian-/anti-matter exercise in the fancifully angelic. This more “pure” and spiritual kind of Christianity, of Catholicism, being in fact part-and-parcel of every heresy, and an element indeed much touted by the anti-pope Francis and his obsequious admiring crowd. Here being nothing but an act of practical apostasy, a cynical duplicity, a denial of the prerogatives of God. A demotion of the Creator Himself to the lowest place at the earthly banquet table, to be dismissed, or mocked and despised, in the sociopolitical and economic settings of human life.

But this scorn of the divine power and authority goes a long step further today, officially and ceremoniously embracing every moral wrong, welcoming sodomites to bench or altar in “marriages”, giving these perverts preference in the allotting of foster care, in intra-family custody cases of vulnerable youth, in employment, job-promotion and in an infinitude of other things besides. While conversely our crusading opposition to these shameful proceedings is itself condemned in this profane tribunal as the very worst of crimes, and we ourselves, no threat to anyone, are often denied every civil right, as noted in articles just below and repeatedly on this page.

But we do wish to give testimony that when God is on one’s side one can move mountains, even if the whole world stands against you. Thus a miraculous event of a few months ago is worth relating, being reminiscent on its smaller scale of the biblical parting of the Red Sea. To continue: after having been denied the right to buy property in West Texas, as noted below, I was to be found walking on the side of Interstate 10 carrying a new starter on my back: the one bought from the openly sodomite parts-dealing just down the road having proven defective in no time at all. The poor quality of almost all replacement parts being legendary today, where internal components seem to be haphazardly glued together rather than welded or of one piece, so easily do they malfunction or even fall apart. No rides were to be gotten in that remote area, and as I surmised from the chance hearing of a police radio dispatch on the CB of a motorist who finally did give me a lift—a figure in the miraculous drama to be recounted here—I was just then, in my tiresome journey, being reported by countless passing motorists—there in ultra-liberal southwestern Texas—as “carrying a suspicious object”—my starter presumably thought to be a bomb. A “security alert” which thus seems to have continued to be issued in mounting panic for hours after I was safely off the road. Alas, none of these sodomy-coddlers of West Texas had any desire to help a stranded motorist, out there in the 100-degree-plus heat. Indeed, I had already walked a good five miles, on the way into town, before I got a lift from a sort of borderland Mexican-mafioso, who had mistaken me for an illegal just up from the Rio Grande, while in this later journey back to the rig I was destined to walk another ten miles without water or shade before the following life-saving and miraculous event took place.

In the midst of this seeming-hopeless journey I suddenly received an inward assurance that “soon I would be eating and drinking to the full, and be able to return to a waiting and worrying Joann”, as it would be phrased, were this Heavenly missive given human linguistic form. Meanwhile I was finding it necessary more and more frequently to sit and sometimes even lie down by the side of the road to shepherd my strength for the long walk ahead, and a few minutes after the salutary supernatural assurances I saw some SUVs, out there in the middle of the desert emptiness, turning casually into a driveway leading to a rather large developed property, just ahead and across the highway. It was dusk, and I weighed the danger of approaching these strangers in the gathering twilight against walking the rest of the way—some twenty-three miles—in the pitch dark—and understandably chose the former, and with much trepidation and many apologies ambled within view.

These young men and women, who called Arkansas their home, who claimed to be agricultural workers, as I remember, the occupants of some half-dozen upbeat RVs parked neatly in a row, were refreshingly un-prepossessed by the security obsessions of our times, and forthwith invited me heartily to join them in their barbeque, apparently their evening meal after a long hard day in the fields, presumably somewhere over the horizon. There, with food and drink at last, enjoying the biggest, most delicious hamburger I had ever eaten, I noticed that none of them was partaking, rather just sitting here and there in that warehouse into which I had been led, on pieces of equipment and on picnic table benches, listening intently and with evident interest or even fervor to what I had to say, about our Crusade, about the moral sinkhole of our day. Especially noteworthy is the fact that the mention of “Bill and Hilary” brought no name-recognition, but rather only blank stares.

In short order it was time to go, out to the disabled rig, neither they nor myself wishing to keep Joann worried out there any longer than necessary. She was delirious with joy upon my appearance, as she had begun to give up all hope of ever seeing me again, as I had been gone all day in the withering heat. She noticed the heavenly peace and kindness, the interest-in and understanding-of the evils of our times, and of what we were trying to do about it all, from the two guys who had brought me back, and from whose CB radio I heard the dispatch. But it was only the next day that we were to realize the prodigal nature of what had taken place the day before, as in the morning, starter duly in place, we headed toward the next major town, the one where I had gotten the needed part. With baited breath we anticipated a joyful reunion with these saviors of a fragile human life, with these kindly and compassionate Southerners, just ten miles out from same. But having arrived at the appointed mile-marker, where I had seen the SUVs turning into the drive, where I had enjoyed the hamburger and coke, where some ten people in all had sat there like angels without appetites listening to me, while I enjoyed good barbequed food to the max, there was only an old, crumbling concrete structure the size of a small shed, and nothing else in sight for miles.

August 16, 2015: More musings on the harrowing course, both moral and interplanetary, which the earth is following at the present time.

Attendant upon vaunted cries of “liberty!” ruling elites have at last constructed a way-of-life entirely divorced from virtue, whose mammoth void is filled with the bombast of “patriotism”, rigid “security”-driven conformity, inane bouts of hilarity: anything that makes heat and noise. All this is touted as progress-driven advancement, as the people stumble, in ever-darkening if well-trained ignorance, from one well-planned “security alert” to another, wild-eyed or flashing the all-knowing Yankee-doodle sardonic smile. Pursuant to which it isn’t necessary to build a thought-control system which is air tight but only to make deviations-from-same so terrible in social and economic terms that 99% fall “Pope”-Francis-meekly into line, with New Church Catholicism indeed coming up with a whole new spirituality which identifies “meekness and humility” as the only virtues that remain: all others having flown out the “open windows” of Vatican II.

The fact that the vast majority of mankind is steadily being dispossessed: this only counted as another heroic sacrifice to that frowning deity, “progress”: there being “only so much room on the spaceship, anyway”. What a pity for Dr. Jeckles involved that asteroids and solar-system anomalies are even now making their appearance, as predicted by saints and Holy Scripture alike, and will shortly and rudely tear their perverted, self-indulgent and effeminate little “beam me up, Scott” playhouse down.

Finally, branded as cowards are any who hesitate to thrust the arm stiffly upward in this newly-erected “zeig heil!”: here being the same species of hauteur which dispossessed the Indian tribes, the while mocking old-country pieties that scarcely accommodate rank brutality. For this was to be a whole new spirituality, accommodated by an infiltrated and compliant Vatican, not to come to full term until Vatican II: metallic, brazen, harnessed to Judeo/Secret-Society stellar flights. Too bad, again, alas, that it is all to go up in smoke—like its worthy ancestors Sodom and Gomorrah—in so short a time.

Always it is some European “crackpot” nation, some Sweden or Denmark, which launches the latest moral abomination, like this most recent Sodomy-marriage and its execrable close-cousin, bestiality: “liberties” which the USA then goes on to impose upon the rest of the globe, with utmost irony by force of arms. Can there be a method to all this geopolitical madness?

August 12, 2015: Out on the Crusade, message from the trenches. Article revised and expanded more than once. Getting used to this new laptop/notebook we just bought, so our volume of print isn’t very large. Hope to have usual larger articles for you in a jiffy.

Crusade was resumed again in the first few days of March, 2015, following an itinerary from Sweetwater, TX through El Paso to southeastern parts of Arizona, from thence through Socorro, NM to Colorado, Kansas, Texas and Oklahoma. Most striking is the degree to which we receive overwhelming support of a purely personal kind, even occasional donations, and yet there is no one who will commit himself, collaborate with us, nor even lend us a place to park our rig. People seem to think that we will accomplish the salvation of the country by our own might and main, that Donald Trump can have thousand-dollar-a-plate dinners, but that we should “pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps”. The suggestion that we might need some material assistance being instantly treated as an admission of a homeless state of poverty, presumably because “real candidates” are supposed to have the backing of high finance, the very curse of our age. Indeed, Our Blessed Lord and His Apostles would be condemned just as roundly, were they to appear today so rustic and indigent once again. And although we scarcely think the matter worthy of any attention at all, we reiterate that we could have had our “house on the hill” had we not refused to compromise ourselves morally throughout our earlier working life, or in ruddy retirement thus exposed ourselves to scorn, in the undertaking of this most necessary task.

Many misinterpret what we are doing out here, giving it a racist slant: since refusing to get “explainitis”, as we call it, we let people draw their own conclusions from the prominent sign on the front of our travel trailer: “A New and Better Confederacy”. For were we to attach explanatory notes to signs such as these people would just yawn and go their own way, while our purpose out here is preeminently to get people to think, to rouse them to intelligent deeds, not to elicit jerk-knee reactions of fools and madmen, nor to blunt our message with a lot of caveats as insurance against same. (Today’s media-promoted devotion to “security” having urged this breathless exertion, as if we were all some sort of investigators.) For plainly enough, if our Confederacy is “new and better”, then it might readily be expected to discard those very things which can make the older one the watchword of killers, mountebanks and the deranged. Confederacy itself thus obviously detached referring to a system of government rather than to any one historical form: even if we do defend the Godliness and legitimacy of much for which so many Southerners died, and are as willing to do so once again.

Then too there is the much more fundamental matter of “machismo” with respect to the manner in which we conduct ourselves out here, refusing to adopt a swashbuckling manner, never claiming bluntness or discourtesy as the hallmarks of manhood: these very misconceptions being much of the reason that sodomy has burgeoned to such a degree. For to be articulate at all a certain gentleness-of-manner and word is required, while roots of an all-too-common coarse manner are found in a Judeo-Calvinism much discussed on this site, an unfortunate part of the American ethos, one we much desire to discard. This false-macho fantasy being much of the reason there is this fantastic divorce-brokering male/female disconnect in this country: the sharp tongue, the dismissive gesture, the raised eyebrow, from any quarter, wounding far more deeply and needlessly than any sword, especially when put to such a self-glorifying purpose. And were our laws not written by perverted judges and legislators there would be many a bloodied nose for those who scorn the kind or thoughtful man as effeminate. Such a reflex revealing far more about the critic himself, as being insecure in the possession of his own very manhood, than about a kindly soul who is being given such unjust blows.

But in the prophetic words of Our Blessed Lady at Fatima in 1917, “In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph”: after which monumental victory the true, honorable and chivalrous male will once again reign supreme.

Returning to the Crusade: Something as commonplace as residency has been an unexpected problem for us out here, “having an address” enabling us to get our vehicle-registration updated, and to attend to sundry other scarcely-problematic pedestrian matters, as RV park managers are afraid to let us park, even for a day, with our plainly-worded signs. Indeed, an attempt to buy a couple of acres of land out in west Texas found the water department dragging their feet on digging us a short stretch of sewer line, and the owner, once likewise apprised of our political activities, backtracking on a sales-contract to be readied “in a few days”. Even the staunchest of supporters being mortally afraid to rock the boat, being terrified of the power of sodomites here in the USA: they who now spread their detestable moral disease around the globe by force of American arms.

Admittedly, one would suppose we could remedy things a bit by soliciting donations online: but this automat kind of approach is one we expressly shun, as ours is an eminently personal crusade, built upon personal association and the well-founded trust that is its most worthy product. The distributive system which we advocate, and which characterizes our Confederacy, would be preeminently of this personal nature: an organizational model hard to achieve indeed, as are all good and worthy things, for one thing jettisoning the effortless “beam me up, Scotty” space-ship model for once and for all, but a configuration indispensable to the integrity and free-agency which we so passionately advocate here.

This article is much shorter than it would usually be by now, and the grammar middle-schoolish, but this new laptop keeps doing things I don’t want it too, and then throwing me out of own document if I don’t meekly comply. But bear with me, and we’ll be moving along smartly again in no time. Meanwhile, I miss my old XP more and more every day.

Since the ruling of the Supreme Court—plainly counting themselves superior to God Himself—on “same sex marriage” came through we have had some bizarre experiences out here, where we are exposed to the ire, scorn and ceremonial sanctimony of these perverts at every turn. Only a couple of days ago, up in Santa Fe, a transgenderite—you know, those big chunky-looking guys with square male faces and huge feet and hands, who take lots of estrogen in order to get big breasts and pretend to be women—cornered me in the lobby of an Albertson’s store with a big sloppy grin on his face, blocking all exits, trying to head me off every way I turned, visibly enjoying the humiliation he was administering, knowing full well that no one would dare give him the well-deserved black eye. Indeed, most of the folks who stop to speak to us out here are sodomites of some stripe, perverts trying to prove some point, straining toward the desired “homophobic” reaction, allegedly proving that to “fear” sodomy is to be secretly infected with it. This the Freudian factotum par excellence, and a denial of the genuinely-frightful satanic cultism so at the root of this abominable crime, for which the two notorious cities were destroyed of Old Testament times, and whose charred remains have indeed been found and identified. These new sodomites will burn both now and in eternity, with Obama at their head, just as did their close-cousin forerunners of so long ago.

March 2, 2015: Many major political and media figures today look and act like sodomites or lesbians.

All this shows you how deeply immersed is the USA in this divine-punishment-unleashing abomination of our day. Among women news-anchors "proof in the pudding" is often a certain flesh-revelatory dress and manner which positively oozes sex, something which after a certain bizarre extreme is quite unnatural to a real woman, while among men this squirrelly manner is especially striking among leaders of these Baltic nations, with men like Yatsenyuk and certain Polish dignitaries emitting bulge-eyed or sneering contempt like the spray of a skunk, a prime evidence for this odious type. These our doughty allies belonging to the same club as the classically-odd Barack Obama or the hyper-emotional John McCain or Marco Rubio, under a spotlight shared with a pink-blushing Bill Clinton and a high-booted Hilary as well. The men involved no doubt all vying with one another for "first off the diving board" at Bohemian Grove. While in the theater of the news media there's the woman-quashing, drippingly-sardonic and heavy-handed Bill O'Reilly, who with the stage-named "Smirconish" projects the permanently-aggressive persona a certain type of sodomite typically displays. Of course these news-desk or podium holders-forth, often-enough serious-as-a-toothache moralizers about far-lesser things, will never seriously contest the "rights" of perverts to take over our school-systems and courts, in the next breath after polemicizing the also-perverted, torture-ridden Bush/Obama blitzkrieg around the globe.

March 1, 2015: The latest Western-commissioned assassination in Russia, like the invisible Russian tanks and troops coming over the border, another NATO-convenient “proof” of Putin’s “oppression”. Article modified later.

All this virulent determination to provoke chaos around the globe is the mark of a breed of anti-matter Zealots, Gnostics, haters of humanity, a fanatical school of thought to which Jews unmistakably belong. As noted often here, these perpetual revolutionaries promote a freedom which would overturn every good thing, a scorched-earth zealotry which "sacrifices one generation for the next", or the next generation for the present one, always holding that the end justifies the means; always on some inhuman "can't turn back now" mission, some bloody "make the world safe" spree. The good will be fighting these madmen until the end of time, like suicidal "flesh is evil" Manichaeans at Montsegur, they whose glory is in warfare and destruction, having "feet swift to shed blood", their fanatical descendants having as predicted conducted another of these false-flag operations in Russia, skillfully assassinating this activist on a Moscow bridge a few days ago. From "their father, Lucifer", these congenital liars write a compelling Hollywood script which will directly be put into lurid deeds, with seasoned foreign leaders one by one implicated in atrocities that seal their doom, and which they would be childish fools to even consider committing. These masters of the bloody object-lesson demonstrating in red letters how they will unblinkingly kill any person, demolish any Trade Tower, engineer by proxy the abduction and forced "marriage" or live-burial of any number of schoolgirls, if these atrocities are deemed convenient to their global-satanist designs. Biblical "enemies of mankind", absolutely in charge from the very beginning in the Rothschild-brainchild USA, today readily dispatching their best friends to promote a predictable reaction in the West, to justify some unjustifiable round-of-sanctions, and the massing of NATO troops on Russia's periphery. Being successful in this propaganda blitzkrieg only because most men can't fathom such hideous duplicity. This Russian radical, a man said to have been ready to "prove" Russian involvement where all the invisible tanks have failed, being much more "useful" to Western potentates as a street-demonstrator-mourned dead man, than in issuing some standard hysterical diatribe that proves nothing at all. His demise being "good print" like all the poisonings, gunnings-down or other "eliminations" by agents or surrogates of Israel/USA. They to whom the CIA-fostered Islamic State is another such handy weapon-of-terror conveniently-to-hand.

February 27, 2015: The overwhelming importance of ritualistic first impressions in modern New World Order life. Article further developed.

Of course, this is what you can expect from the enthronement of global financial interests as absolutely supreme, touted as "guardians of free enterprise": any expression containing the word "free", no matter how cynical, false or misleading, likely enough to provoke another heroic brace-of-sanctions or sending-in of the U.S. Marines. The hard-sell thus "freely" predominates in the most overpowering way, bullies and liars in such a "free" media-monopolized, corporate-"privatized" world getting their way with no contest at all. Keywords in all this ruling the day, at whose sound we are trained to jump as if shot with a gun: with the abortion lobby glibly conflating the "free" with the "private": and what could be more "private" than the womb? For they to whom anything regarding sex is the last thing in the world to be "private" at all. This crush of mad superficial advocacy, of one-upmanship, of ingratiating public and personal ritualism being cranked out convincingly by a Reagan-era-installed corporate-funding-controlled academia, whose clever array of false-but-fetching appearances knows no bounds, turning out the same sort of glib characters whether their PhDs are in business, medicine or diplomacy. While conversely the very best people typically provoke poor or indifferent first impressions in ones mind, not being beneficiaries of NGO promotionals, good people who given time absolutely bowled you over with their kindness, intelligence, character or skill. The genuine and worthy by common agreement generally had to "grow on you", back when I was a boy. But since the debut of Vatican II and the crooning oratory of John Paul II in amphitheaters or from the Vatican balcony, together with a rabble-rousing variety of eloquence found "out on the street" at about the same time, whose demagogues would learn quickly how to wear the corporate suit and tie, first impressions, a sort of flash-camera existentialism, began to hold sway in the most commanding way. A trend to be incalculably bolstered by the vaunted theater of a Reagan, a Clinton, a Bush, an Obama: big-money "made men" all. While intriguingly on the flipside of the securing of these instant endorsements is found a categorical rejection of those above-noted non-self-advertising souls who were the soul of things decades ago, men met with a daunting and aggressive psychological assault indeed, aimed at their weakest point, that namely of self-regard. The best of men both now and then holding with the prophet "let the lips of other men praise me, not my own", scarcely conceiving of personality as a ladder for an upward climb, let alone a battering ram to open every door. The paucity of self-regard of the good, rather than being some sort of psychological deficiency as it is so dismissively regarded by our experts today, being rather much of the reason such men are worthy in the first place: as hard experience teaches us that those self-absorbed and ingratiating, who made such a hit some time ago, will be found to have given a middling performance at best, after so smoothly gaining center stage. Arrogance often wearing the garb of patriotism, regarded by these deferential old-timers as the common refuge of scoundrels. They who once this camera-shot immediacy is taken away will infallibly prove the most miserable, washed-out spectacles to see the light of day. I've seen it now and again in battle, and in civilian life more times than I can say.

I myself will take a non-theatrical Lavrov any day over our stage-routine paragons in D.C., my own preference being for the typical farmers I remember from long ago, whom you had to get to know a little at a time, whose warm hearts and kindly deeds weren't performed out on some stage. They whose worthy personas were doomed to be humiliated under the floodlights of Bush's New World Order, and the equivocating "love, love, love" of New Church and Vatican II. The merciful honesty and self-effacement of a Pius XII or a papally-elected but Vatican-Freemason-rejected Cardinal Siri of the 1958 conclave, (the prophetic "Pope in Red"), having been models of my childhood, together with my own Dad, whose "star performance" was offstage, in the day-to-day, in the deed. Men who felt that goodwill was the only recommendation that was required, who readily and generously gave you a chance, who were interested in what lay in your heart, in your soul, and not in some lime-light tap-dance or oratorical flash-in-the-pan.

But the very best of souls—the contemplatives, holders of the highest of earthly spiritual estates—these according to St. John of the Cross are like King David's "sparrow on the housetop"—a description said by the saint to indicate a personality perfectly nondescript, like the unimpressive bird. Being supremely pliable to the grace of God, calling no attention to themselves, being receptive rather than commanding in manner, whether toward God or other people. For we as intelligent beings are to "live by what we love", to understand by what we experience, to give others a chance, and those bent on making stunning first impressions have no time for any of this. Rather typically embracing a prejudicial or rigidly-paradigmatic reasoning which lay at the core of tyranny or fanaticism of any sort.

February 27, 2015: We need the real Vladimir, not this moral-weak-sister secularist.

Come on, Vladimir Putin, snap out of it and start imitating your patron saint: what Russia and the world needs is a heartfelt change of values, something far different from your stock WWII-era grievances and polarities, ceremoniously pulled out of mothballs, as if history has for seventy-some years stood still. This contrived confrontation of "partisans", "liberalism" or "free thought" vs. Fascism being a case of cruelly pulling a couple of old and arthritic horses out to Ascot when it is a soap factory where they truly belong. Indeed, this creaking old ideological see-saw even back then in halcyon heroic days was entirely contrived, with the same venal and perverted global-financial leaders sitting imperially on either side, making money out of blood and diatribe. Just as today we have some clever interloper elbowing his way heroically to the top of every erstwhile-genuine conservative resistance movement: a fate thankfully not known at our New And Better Confederacy. Where our Stonewall Jackson boys-in-gray are "true blue"—or rather true gray—to the core. We who have Our Blessed Lady at the fore, who will tidily dispatch any oratorical infiltrators who may try to take charge of our indomitable ranks. Climb down out of your space-capsule, then, Yuri Gegarin, and grasp that the "wave of the future" is with the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, leaving all your arrogant free-thinking ignominiously behind. Read these publications for some insights on how to proceed.

February 26, 2015: Baubles of "progress" designed to distract us from detecting the false system's undertow. Article developed next day.

When you question the progress-dogma you are challenging the very foundations of New World Order and inseparable New Church alike, however this topic is positively fundamental for making ones way today between the Scylla and Charybdis of these times. Hence amid the siren song of false ideas do you have a broad division of humanity, of the 95% of the whole who desire positive goals and their polar opposites who think of "the rest of men" as merest fodder for their destructive designs. These latter are called sociopaths or psychopaths, a disreputable element unfortunately with a remorseless advocate at the very highest levels of power: the synagogue.

How then get the other admittedly less formidable 95%, "not wise in the ways of this world", to pursue negative rather than positive goals, to heedlessly "get on board" the misanthropic galleon of the other 5% or less, even though the whole intimidating program ultimately works ruin upon their own mostly-positive desires and instincts? In order to achieve this nefarious aim noted cunning interlopers—whose minuscule numbers inevitably gather in gangs, coteries, cartels, "think tanks", protégés-all, under the anonymous Hebrew name—will under the same implacable direction construct an artificial way-of-life billed as "wonderfully free" and "advanced". Calling it "progress", going as it does indeed "beyond" anything sane or good, this breathless benchmark allows less and less scope for anything positive or even free, with increasingly onerous demands being made toward certain inane formalities, amid labors increasingly crushing in kind. For only in such a milieu can falsehood thrive. The goal of such a society being the radical poured-in-concrete finalization, as it might be termed, of a global path dependency: a sky-darkening, debt-driven, resource-squandering infrastructure toward who knows what, toward allegedly "advanced" and "progressive" goals. Having established this whole deus ex machina as a rigid "necessity", with a benign and beautiful natural earth upon which a good God placed mankind steadily reduced to a sort of heap of bulldozer-loosened dirt. Having removed all existential reference-points, as it were, to the true and the good, this clay to be summarily "fashioned"—as if in a new but unspeakably evil "garden of Eden"—into whatever the wicked kingmakers have in mind. Hence the rigidly-directive role of "global finance", with its pet-project "globalization", a "shining path" away-from-which it is grimly claimed—amid fiery black-ops and false-flag object-lessons like ISIS, 9/11, the fate of Gaddafi or Saddam Hussein—that there is "no alternative", no turning back.

It is within this gargantuan construct, this false universe, aspiring to take the place of reality itself—a trap in which man is caught like an insect in a drop of sap—that falsehood thrives, providing a "culture" in which false religions spring up like toadstools in a morning sun. Hence the nurturing of Islam in a seventh-century forerunner Jewish global/commercial hegemony, the synagogue, a business venture first-and-foremost, increasing in power after the temporary setback of the expulsion in 120 AD. The true Messiah, Our Lord Jesus Christ, having come to break these very bonds, to overturn these very money-changer tables, to "draw all things to Himself", to establish resounding and life-giving truth everywhere. All grace, all wisdom, coming to mankind through that Catholic Church and Sacramental system which is man's font of life: even if many make feeble goodwill attempts, in their ignorance, to construct their own way to God, urged on by pious instincts placed by God in the soul, having themselves however no appreciable knowledge of divine revelation at all. Indeed it seems to me, although I have no authority to speak on theology, that some of these other religions, in their degrees, often full of "good Samaritans" of every kind and degree, can be secondary catchment vessels, as it were, to contain the virtues of spiritual life, being partial reservoirs of truth in whatever good values they might inculcate. As long as their adherents pursue positive and pious goals, as much as is in their power, we aren't to despise or mistreat these people, but in a kindly way attempt to show them the Gospel "more excellent way". For, after all, very simply: it is their "hearts and minds" which God desires, toward which physical or psychological coercion can by definition have no place: mad ambitions of our own "make the world safe" military to one side.

Knowing men today to be floundering in this artificially-constructed anti-matter universe, capsized between the Scylla and Charybdis of a "brave new world", graces being gained only in a veritable "trickle down" from "the eternal hills" of Calvary whence it is poured into souls by a Holy Ghost Who "worketh whither He wills": God as noted indulgently permits the source of these graces to become confused in pious minds. Much indeed as New Church Catholics of today, as predicted by seers for centuries now, imagine in this apocalyptic latter time that they are receiving the Bread of Life when in fact they are almost certainly receiving only earthly bread. God with the same sort of indulgence shown to pious Sikhs or Muslims using the false rubric as a sort of catchment vessel for genuine downwardly-flowing torrents of grace—most of these today found in the Orthodox Mass—exciting fervor amid mere tokens of those genuine Sacraments, blessings mingled with marvelous Blood and water gushing solely from Christ's pierced side. The Catholic Church nonetheless meanwhile remaining that sole vessel-of-salvation to which Christ will finally indeed "draw all things", which alone gives God the glory He requires, which cannot ultimately be satisfied with such a provisional manner of things. His being a highly-positive path, "my yoke is sweet and my burden light", with a whole salubrious social, economic and political Gospel Way lovingly fashioned for the positive good of man. He "the way, the truth and the light" being no cruel Hebrew taskmaster such as so "progressively" leads the world now toward a darkening future, into a false liberty, with a pagan harbor-goddess to beckon us along this treacherous path. Holding forth with her enchanting siren song, guiding us into crashing waves and hidden rocks to be catastrophically destroyed.

February 25, 2015: Quoting quoting Stratfor: "The collapse of Russia 'will be a major test for the United States,'". The think-tank study concluding that "'Washington is the only power able to address the issue.'”

Only problem is, after God gets done with it, there won't be any Washington left to hurry along any externally-engineered Russian collapse with act-of-war sanctions and false-flag treacheries. Rather will a New and Better Confederacy take Uncle Sam's restless, synagogue-serving, war-mongering place: the New Dixie peacefully minding its own affairs, in God's coming New Order of things.

February 25, 2015: The old and pliable or the new and rigid, take your pick. Article much revised.

New Age man thinks he is so superior to men of old, by dint of software and sophisticated protocols judging himself light-years beyond ancestors with their oxen and fields of grain, their "primitive" methods, who still however had six months out of the year with ample leisure time to gather and recreate, to "put their inner house in order" in the happiest possible way. Having had no larcenous burden of debt, no threat of starvation or homelessness, no fantastic ride into some terrifying icy/snowy traffic-jam, to enjoy vaunted boons of the morning commute. The biblical "one thing necessary" finding scant echo in the daily rush, in a thousand artificial necessities. I myself much prefer for entertainment old-time impromptu meetings of mud-booted farmers around the grocery or feed-store pot-bellied stove, unhurriedly trading agrarian and political wisdom in stop-offs from their "backward" chores. Faces alight with hopes of a better future after such a non-coerced, peaceful and promising earthly sojourn.

We being by nature vessels to hold higher things, a fact recognized by all sincere creeds, our various organizational protocols must be kept pliable, ready to adapt themselves to transcendental demands: here being a rough definition of Catholic correspondence to grace, on both a personal and a societal plane. But today over-rigidities of modern poured-in-concrete life give no quarter to a Gospel "seek ye first": the lower and mechanical scarcely adapting to the superior and ghostly dynamic—of which "men know not where it comes from or whither it goes"—which true to its ethereal nature speaks like the "gentle breeze at the mouth of the cave".

February 24, 2015: Bloodthirsty attitude of "Catholic" Eastern-European nations toward Russia is proof in the pudding of the moral bankruptcy of Vatican II.

Indeed, it was from out of Poland that a "rock star" antipope came, a sonorous speech-giver from the Vatican balcony, an eager partaker in pagan rituals, a man in total contrast to genuinely pious, penitential and self-effacing popes of beloved memory, virile souls of unbending moral and doctrinal orthodoxy, scarcely the power-placating charlatans that have falsely sat on the papal throne for sixty years now. These Catholic Baltic nations now more-or-less massing on the Russian border or maritime territory, smelling the blood of a wounded and betrayed quarry, these hysterical followers of a "love, love" John Paul II and Francis I having shown how little kindness or goodness there is in it all, admirers of Vatican usurpers utterly indifferent to the criminal, genocidal orchestration of another world war. That mass-calamity over which St. Pius X begged and pleaded, wept in vigils in the night, but which Francis the false shepherd can't be bothered to address directly at all, rather delivering those platitudes that are the theatrical stock-in-trade of the New Church crowd.

February 23, 2015: A synagogue-proxy "Islamic State" burns 100,000 books in Anbar province in Iraq, betraying once again the history-erasing hand of the Jews. In-house terror not "wonderful use of the media" is trump-card of IS. Article expanded on the 24th.

As reported by the chief accurate news-source of our times,, some of the rarest of manuscripts are going up in flames at the hands of these fanatics, who naturally-enough delight in conflagrations which graphically recall the nether world below, where they belong. Again and again in a host of ways the worst of these masked, identity-hiding fiends show themselves crypto-Jewish nihilists: emerging from the synagogue to systematically destroy, like chief bomb-throwers of the late nineteenth century, St. Petersburg Bolsheviks, or those Jews found with staggering irony at the inner core of the very mid-century Nazi Party itself. Indeed, geographically-conversant Jews were at the vanguard of seventh-century conquering desert-Bedouin hoards, Hebrews obsessed not only with trade-route-expansion but even more with the utter annihilation of Christendom just then thriving so vigorously well. This latest wholesale burning not only of human beings but of books and ancient manuscripts, with incalculable loss to the human cultural, religious and intellectual legacy, being par for the course in the global Jewish agenda: an earth-denuding program which always uses surrogates for its foulest deeds. Old Testament perpetual revolutionaries wishing above all to make of mankind a tabula rasa to be written upon—often in bloody letters—by themselves, their myriad black ops teams, their legions of subservient secret-society underlings, and the many armies they have historically been able to raise, through financial and political intrigue. Their futuristic "messiah"—simply satan himself—characteristically requiring this infernal scorched-earth sacrifice of everything good and useful, this annihilation of heirlooms-of-humanity, allowing their morally-and-culturally-dead regime alone to remain. Overturning everything "noble or worthy" such as the Apostle exhorts us rather to assiduously cultivate and preserve. Once everything non-Jewish is uprooted, swept away, then will be hauled out, for survivors of an associated real holocaust, the stark rigidities, ritual-ablutions and formalisms of the misanthropic Jewish creed.

Furthermore, as reported in the same on Monday and just as we here on the Crusade had long ago surmised, on-the-scene witnesses describe IS-recruits as not at all "well motivated" like glib CNN anchors, analysts and armchair generals do, but rather as operating in a delirium of stark terror. This vast majority of hooded apparitions indeed needing massive doses of drugs to enable them to do those hideous things they are commanded to do, endless object-lessons reminding them that if they don't comply it will be their turn next to be burned or buried alive. At the head of which pitiful hoards stands this tight-knit cabal of satanically-inspired leaders, mostly-Jews by local testimony from other regions of the globe, who so eagerly devour human life and happiness. And although Islam has admittedly progressed beyond this kind of behavior since its seventh century beginnings—few being able to sustain such stark levels of barbarity for very long—yet IS must be confessed to present a striking replica of the original Muslim blitzkrieg, with the lure of empire dangled before their eyes by noted contemporary Jewish commercial Napoleons, slaughtering everything in their path. With earliest Muslim leadership indeed turning on one another in a hecatomb which consumed the first four or five Caliphs in horrific bloody rivalries and vendettas: veritable civil wars in which thousands of others died as well. From-out-of-which hideous maelstrom came the patent legend of a divinely-inspired Mohammed to give it all the aura of a "holy war": a man not even mentioned in historical writings for the first sixty-some years after an also-legendary Hegira. A whimsical tale at the start of so many bewildering marches, counter-marches and pogroms that history thereafter was veritably "up for grabs", with any discernible trail-of-events hard for anyone at all to descry. The main if often-dormant purpose of such a readily-chaotic concoction both now and then being the bloody annihilation of a Christian Civilization which perpetual-insurrection-brokering Talmudic Jews in particular—90-some percent of the whole—by definition so hate. Hebrews who hate we Christians ourselves even more: not because we are any threat to them, as they so loudly and theatrically claim, but because of our very meek and kindly character, our virtuous lives: which these materialistic, street-savvy paragons regard as signs of inferiority, as of sheep marked in a special way for the slaughter. As first in line with the rest of humanity to be systematically destroyed.

One must study the deeds and writings of the Jews to analyze these apocalyptic things, but most are too much immersed in a cowardly New World Order way of life to even contemplate such a "fanatical" idea. However, rather than consuming the thousands of hours needed to follow the twisted Jewish path through history and human events, just place all your trust in the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Then obey their injunctions both practical and prayerful—which are those of Catholic Faith of two thousand years, and which are summarized here in an action-oriented way—and they will see to all the rest.

February 22, 2015: Ukrainians, don't feel so bad, we have to deal with these same dirty dogs here at home in the USA everyday. Alternate title: there really is a nation somewhere down under all that Judeo/Masonic manure.

This Rothschild-commissioned politically-illegitimate Uncle bar-Samuel, who so cleverly co-opted the real, thriving, developing Christian America of both Hemispheres, who ran the good and pious French and Spanish clean off the map, will now, roughly-200-million make the world safe lives later, hurl some ugly little act of barbarity at you when you are about to settle things there at home peaceably: like this latest bomb-blast at a demonstration in Kharkov. He—having neatly become both political successor to the Soviet Union and looter of its financial assets—together with his locally-embedded or Mossad playmates—will as usual make sure everything goes well beyond the tipping point: "just so no one's confused about what they should do". Plying Murphy's Law that "if things could get worse, they do": just in case any weak sisters might hesitate about brave U.S.-arms-industry-enriching things-to-do. Hence after these ("evil Russian") barbarities does humanity rush bawling and hysterical into the same Uncle Sam's outstretched arms: enclosed tightly as were friends like Noriega or Saddam Hussein, Musharraf or Karzai. Oh, of course too a homegrown Ukrainian Yatsenyuk will urge you with bluster and signature bulging eyes to "stand by your man", Uncle Sam. But don't feel too bad: we have to listen to the same melodramatic routine here at home in the USA, too.

February 22, 2015: Traditional Civilization develops individual character; the New World Order develops abject personal dependence upon the group.

Here is where all the hoopla over "cool" really comes into its own, as when someone for the first time comes in contact with some group, at school, at work, in the new neighborhood, and so on. It used to be that it was the duty of each member of the group to welcome this newcomer, to labor to appreciate his uniqueness of personality, his peculiar approach: now it is for this new individual to mimic a dog wagging his tail, sniffing around everybody's heels, with abject canine looks and tones pleading for some hint as to what is expected of him next. All this in turn is intimately tied in with mass modes of communication, transportation, manufacture and so on: man today being removed progressively further away from a familiar colloquial milieu, perennially championed by the Catholic Church and sane humanity of any quadrant or creed, which most enhances, highlights, appreciates, brings-to-fruition his unique personal qualities. For individual man is the only actual product with a mind and a will of this societal process, a deliberative actor or agent who will go either to Heaven or Hell. And so it is incumbent upon society to develop him to the greatest possible degree: as the attaining of salvation isn't for boot-licking fools. But sad to say the bowling-ball character formation of our "new and exciting” times isn't able to turn out anything else: failing miserably in this most important societal function of all. Oh, to be fair, departing on occasion from the bowling-ball motif, it does mass-extrude any amount of column-and-line bloodthirsty madmen or maniacs—ready to run off and join IS at the drop of a hat, or of someone's head—or a bevy of supercilious torture-chamber "experts" or lying newsmen who know how to make a bold-faced lie into the "breaking news" of the year. But genuine personality or character it knows nothing of.

Now we can in Revolutionary-Era "enlightened" fashion despise the traditional dedication of our forefathers to qualities like truth and virtue which gain eternal life, instead marching off bravely into a wonderful, antipope-embraced cookie-cutter future which we vociferously claim to be so bright, discarding all moral discipline, character-formation (with all its "grubby", "backward" and "paranoid" preoccupations and peculiarities): sneering at the pious, who are always endowed with a refreshing uniqueness-of-character, as simply so many "oddballs". But if you choose that route, there won't be a great many of these wonderful "cool cats" or groupies with whom you did cartwheels so recently, to accompany you on that last "brave" journey, into eternity. That one you must take all alone, a last leg which is fittingly a headlong one, as pride was the cause of it all: for they will have enough to be terrified about themselves when their own very unique time comes.

February 21, 2015: Antipope Francis tells the Ukrainian clergy "not to meddle" in politics.

If this is indeed an accurate quote of Francis, as heard on our own TV yesterday, it is just another rehash of the most destructive principal heresy of our times—albeit dressed up in the usual harmless-sounding terms—an egregious error promoted across the world by Jews and Freemasons since the Revolutionary Era. Evil men who indeed "rose to highest places in the Church", to quote a recent Marian/Heavenly missive. They whose final long-predicted bitter harvest is to be found in these antipopes solemnly renouncing the papal disciplinary staff, these "rock star" false shepherds actively encouraging the wolf to "snatch and scatter the sheep".

Of course in such a treacherous injunction, especially in the catastrophic context of today, is contained a categorical repudiation of Unam Sanctam: that early fourteenth century dogmatic pronouncement which upholds the political authority of the Church, which damns Vatican II and its cowards, quibblers and quislings to eternal flames. That thundering infallible definition of a Boniface VIII soon to give his own life in martyrdom to a tyrannical crown around 1301, for daring to express both the supreme political ascendancy of the Church and the very clear converse limitations placed upon secular realms by Almighty God, as voluminously articulated by His Mystical Body, that same Church. That institution to which, to quote the inspired utterance, "every creature on earth must be subject". Clearer, more all-inclusive and more-binding words could hardly have been said, with the declaration itself having indeed been prompted by attempts of Philip the Fair to place the Church in practical and political terms under secular-princely feet. Of course the infallible pronouncement of Boniface implies the corollary, understood instantly by reasonable men of goodwill, that this rule applies only where the Faith has already been popularly embraced. The Gospel "render to Caesar" of Our Blessed Lord however being perpetually used by Judeo/Masonic secularists to counter this solid political teaching of the Church, nowadays notably in person of the alien breed which has steadily contaminated the Vatican over the period of a century and more: Christ's words themselves having been provoked by a familiar linguistic bear-trap of the Jews, taken up so glibly by Francis and his cohorts without pause or break-in-stride. The doctrine involved being admittedly a complex one: which is exactly why these first-century Hebrews chose it for their clever little ruse. Gospel words which struck conniving Hebrews dumb being turned on the Savior today by Francis, undoubtedly himself a crypto-Jew: being skillfully twisted into a blanket endorsement of the state as reigning supreme in all earthly affairs. This non-doctrine very simply and neatly negating the entire practical influence of the Church, thereby relegated dismissively to ceremony alone, as in this latest "stay at your altar and pulpit", mind you own affairs.

Always in these obfuscations of antipopes there is a certain grain of truth contained, which however these interlopers would make into the whole shaker full of doctrinal salt: the bulk of whose content they had long ago thrown out on the public pathway, "to be trodden underfoot". As indeed in ordinary times it is generally most proper for a priest—in a very limited or symbolic sense—to "stay in his pulpit". But this kind of sequestering has a tendency, even in ordinary times, as by a kind of spiritual law-of-downward-gravity, as of salt falling out of a shaker with the top taken off and turned upside down, to convert the cleric into a sort of ritualistic yes-man for depravations of evil rulers or administrations. Here indeed the oldest and ugliest story known to men, such as indeed happened to the bulk of the Byzantine-Greek clergy under emperors of the first millennium. The priest in such a subservient understanding of his position, with deafening silence, "staying in his pulpit" in the face of officially-enforced sodomy, abortion, and the waging of neo-con/Napoleonic wars. Plainly, Francis and his predecessors would have smilingly stood by, no doubt kissing little babies and crooning to swooning teenagers, as Hitler's divisions marched across Europe, trampled on Belgian and French sovereignty, antipopes who transported-in-time would diverge entirely from an indomitable Pius XII or Cardinal Stepinac of Croatia, bidding the clergy meekly not to "meddle where they don't belong". While likewise the ever-grinning Francis and his unprecedented partner Benedict would assuredly have castigated that holy and noble priest of Yasna Gora who, after most of the Polish nobles had fled the field, took military command, defended Poland and the hallowed sanctuary itself with his pitifully outnumbered adherents. To whose priestly aid the very Lady of the miraculous shrine came, hurling projectiles of the invading Swedish Lutherans back at them, sending them in stark terror fleeing home across the Baltic sea.

This doctrine of Unam Sanctam—inevitably miscast as declaring that "there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church"—this interpretation only true in the sense that all grace comes through the Church's Sacraments, with the noted inseparable corollary that to reject the Faith once it has been adequately preached is to be damned indeed—does accommodate amply the place of secular leaders, being masters of their particular trade, (hopefully) knowing the ins and outs of political or military affairs like the backs of their hands. But since the state and the church administer and adjudicate precisely the same subject-matter—namely, good and evil—the higher of the two must take precedence. Else very simply God Himself, in all-important practical terms—to use an image employed only a day or two ago—being in all justice the "Guest of honor" at the earthly banquet—be bidden ignominiously to "take the last place". While some shamefaced Yatsenyuk or Obama smugly reigns supreme, perhaps even poking fun at the Divine Guest, now bidden to do Francis-signature court-jester tricks instead of setting the tone of the table-talk debate (if I may be divinely excused for extending the image in such a way). Hence must the clergy be ever ready to speak out, be ready to pronounce excommunication and interdict, renouncement of fealty: formidable tools abandoned, rusting, for centuries now, during this latter "thousand years" in which "the devil is unchained", having "roamed the earth, seeking the ruin of souls" most notably since the shameful fourteenth century imprisonment of Boniface VIII. The clergy being divinely-bounden at the very least to denounce policies military or political that are plainly wrong, as in Kiev's genocidal shelling of its own Eastern provinces, hiding behind an effeminate Uncle Sam's apron strings. For it is an affront to God to suggest that Our Blessed Lord's statement "render therefore to Caesar" commissions the state to reign unequivocally supreme, which would ultimately be to simply surrender all human life to the sword. As is indeed under such a Judas-like non-doctrine steadily happening to us all now.

February 20, 2015: Bond-backed money makes the eerie fantasyland of war-driven technocracy possible.

As noted many times on this site, bond-backed money—like monetary "backing" of any kind—is a sheer fiction derived from the medieval Hebrew-money-lender writing of "notes" or IOU's to those whose gold he held, so that he could utilize the cumulative, largely-stationary holdings of many people for the financing of commercial ventures of his own. Cheek-to-jowl with these pedestrian transactions was his incessant funding of "debt-collecting" local and regional—sometimes indeed international—wars. Many-a "black knight" having "his price" when it came to these "collection agency" proceedings, brokered in halberd and mace. But money as historically understood—before this incredible synagogue-enriching anomaly—was most typically a semi-precious metal itself like silver, but with "intrinsically" worthless but quite valuable coins in smaller denominations in brass, bronze or even cast iron. But the fact remains, as proven indeed by history—no matter how many convoluted numismatic tautologies one might pour forth—that money once accepted at a certain value is quite adequate even if it has neither "backing" nor intrinsic value. Modern backing in particular being the most incredible shell-game every invented, basically laying a private levy on a public coin for no purpose at all except to enrich a certain dominant class, the overwhelming majority of whom are candid or crypto Jews. This odious custom in turn having originated just before the Revolutionary Era, when in desperate measures aimed at dodging the assaults of noted black knights on bloody, order-overturning collections sprees European governments simply turned over their money supply and its creation to these nefarious creditors, who had caught them by the heels indeed. Hence the infamous quote of the original Rothschild, which ran roughly "give me the minting of a nation's money and I care not who sits on the throne", he being main beneficiary of a scheme whereby past debts could be squeezed—and future ones guaranteed—out of every dime or Franc, through a "Central Bank" interest-bearing-bond-based "buying" of money itself: this monumental larcenous anomaly having absolutely no useful or honest purpose at all. Being indeed a mammoth reverse-multiplier salting of the national economic soil. Money's actual provenance—in the blessed absence of this sort of monumental extortion—lying in its social acceptance: with German tribesmen on the periphery of the late Roman Empire actually smelting crude cast-iron replicas of a commonly-used coin, the bulbous poor-imitation of an emperor's image stamped roughly on its front not at all forestalling a velocity every bit as high as, if not higher than, the authentic Roman original: circulating as the barbarian-wrought piece did in one of the most economically vigorous regions of the Empire of the times. (Henstra, D.J., The Evolution of the Money Standard in Medieval Frisia. Groningen, Germany: Henstra, 2000.)

A willingness to trade, a fundamental native human trust, a certain amount of methodological guarantees against counterfeiting—these measures in this ancient case seemingly utterly lacking—being among the short list of rather simple things required.

But the key to the whole riddle or imbroglio is that the "need" for precious metals in money, or "backing" it—let alone any fantastic "need" for bonds—wastrel-multiplying, mountebank-financing, economic-multiplier-stifling makers-of-money all-their-own—seems always to arise historically when grand financial empires are planned. And not at all when people need to buy innocent things like building materials, food, equipment or a mug of ale. Hence the conquest-bent Romans in the second century B.C. already, embarking on epic-costly gold-and-silver-hearkening military conquests in Spain. Hence the best way to avoid the kinds of bloody-handed tyranny we have today is to return money to its humble original purposes as a simple across-the-counter medium of exchange. A utilization which would gravitate by sheer inertia away from the accumulation of the sorts of hoards required to build military-industrial complexes with nothing but global dominion in mind. That modern-day Baal before whom our youth and foreign civilian populations are sacrificed in the most hideous way. While likewise would be readily avoided today's incredible obfuscation of products and productive methods, requiring supply-chains that cost cumulative trillions, all to accomplish things 99% of the time quite achievable much more happily and economically in tradition manual and semi-manual ways. While anything beyond this, as proven exhaustively by the misery which attends today's science-and-engineering-driven infrastructure like a hand in a glove, is a sheer biblical "chase after the wind" on an earth which will never be so fantastically "perfected" as our progress-worshippers dream, that fantasy whose price is measured in acre-feet of human blood. On a planet where we must all die anyway—if not always in bloody masses of thousands-at-a-time—and then go on to be judged by a God Who has been watching all the cruel and wasteful things we have done. An earth where madmen like Stephen Hawkings are urging mass immigration to Mars or somewhere, in order to save humanity from the giant techno-black-hole that geniuses like him have opened up here, backed by venal Jewish hoards.

Will such a monetary conversion be prohibitively difficult? Hardly as much as we might imagine. First of all remember that it is the global banking establishment and its techno-prodigies which are sustained only at the cost of the most wasteful, unnatural and redundant sorts of outlays and enervating, mind-breaking exertions. All we have to do is to go back to the things that God already gave us in The Garden, of course with those refinements developed traditionally over millennia in time. An adventure I could readily picture East Ukrainians, Hungarians or Greeks embarking upon. The sort of thing I once hinted at when I wrote little pieces in various Croatian e-publications, suggesting that they resist the (now proven fatal) impulse to join the EU and the Euro-zone. Now, like its neighbors across Central and Eastern Europe, it's having to dig its way out of a debt in didn't yet have when I earnestly penned such premonitory things.

Prior to 9/11, the fanatical Neo Cons were only a financially-powerful fringe, playing theater to a tiny-but-noisy gallery crowd; after 9/11 they immediately gained absolute, secrecy-shrouded chart-blanc to do as they chose in all regards foreign and domestic, instantly mobilizing the present-day "march of freedom" military occupation/destabilization of much of the globe. Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin didn't have it near so good.

All very much Hollywood-studio-scripted, complete with fabulously-marketed box-office blockbusters branding in lurid colors the "can't turn back now" on the public mind, the ethos has been of a confidential mission to which all are expected to render the deepest commitment, a modern-day-saga fraught with unstinting levels-of-trust in doughty figures in "blood and steel" global battle against a conveniently unseen foe. Indeed, southern hemispheric nations who didn't want to be placed on some sort of "watch list" needed to sustain the mammoth fiction with false or tenuously-sustained reports of discoveries and raids of Al Qaeda cells, with the trundling of domestic "terrorists" off to torture camps and then to some Central Asian khanate to be quietly disposed of. And with hand-picked leaders like Pakistan's Musharraf touting a standard morally-enervating CFR progressive sociopolitical agenda which renders a nation mere fodder for this global blitzkrieg brigade, peddling an intrinsically-radical ideology which salts the soil of the national soul anywhere, calling any who demur "backward", "obscurantist", and so on. Basically bidding Medrassa teachers to concern themselves more with "advancement and economic development" than with the honor and glory of God. All this "march of freedom" propaganda continuing meanwhile to find blanket acceptance among a ruling success-ethic-heroic, New-Church-Catholic/Protestant-Evangelical breed. While finally as the thickening domestic atmosphere gained explosive electrostatic instability, civil rights steadily disappeared, the poor and those of color began to be summarily executed on our streets. All this of course was duly-embraced Bush/Obama-era "freedom's price", promoting a staggeringly-contradictory global and domestic totalitarianism as easily as picking Marx's "overripe plum".

The problem is, Uncle Sam, that the Heavenly Patriarch of this earthly clan is taking you, the errant relative, to the woodshed at this very hour, for thus daring, at the behest of alien interlopers, to play God. Give Him a few more years to tear down your little playhouse, and it will be a very different world indeed. Read here for what will take the place of this campy Hollywood production: a New and Better Confederacy, Godly and non-racist, led by a newly-rampant Stonewall Jackson, imbued with the genuine rather than hysterical heroism of that old rock of Manassas of the men in gray.

February 19, 2015: CNN the mouth of the beast.

I only watch this channel to find out the latest hypnotic utterance of the fiend, the most recent newspeak about how "well motivated" ISIS is, how they "have a convincing approach to recruitment", as well as of course how we must "change Putin's calculus": this latter statement vaguely reminiscent of an Abu Ghraib torturer's repartee, just before he twists the rusty blade. This whole line-of-talk initiating a subliminal line-of-approval in the mind and will of myriad young militant fools, an interior channel-of-radicalization with which such media-brainwash apparatchiks are most familiar, being a Bush/Obama-era CNN stock-in-trade. Hence all these disgusting mountebanks, "security experts", "analysts", and so on, that Wolf Blitzer the infamous media-butcher of Libya hauls out for commentary of an evening, whose names I refuse to mentally retain. These the all-necessary ancillaries to global annihilation and false-flag intrigue: characterless nobodies who together with their ISIS protégés "lie in wait" for Our Blessed Lady's biblical "heel", under which she will smash them in fast-approaching days.

February 19, 2015: This article an American Napoleonic potpourri: IS leader Baghdadi unquestionably a Jew. Also, Orban's rap on the wrist for criticizing EU and US over Russia.

Quoting, this latter rather modest act of the Hungarian PM has "forced Washington to issue travel bans for several Hungarian businessmen. In October, US Chargé d'Affaires André Goodfriend, visiting the country warned that Hungary should 'stand firm with the EU, with EU sanctions' stating that it was not the time for Hungary to 'break with its EU partners to criticize so publicly the approach that the partners have taken'.” (Italics mine). A thoroughgoing orchestration toward war with Russia—with one purpose no doubt to "heroically" solve looming global-financial ills—being supremely evident in American sanctions-ratcheting diplomacy, in the ceaseless insertion of black-ops teams to perform false-flag operations as a policy-tool of choice, and so on.

Regarding the IS leader, an earlier photo of Baghdadi taken during gratuitous "civilian detention"—being held for no hostile act, for no apparent reason at all—reveals standard Jewish features which pure-blooded Arabs don't at all have, in a facial physiognomy evident in more recent pictures as well. The leader back in 2004 having especially-marked ethnic-revelatory features and even indeed wearing an arrogant chuspah—when not engaged in "fervent" pulpit theatrics to stir up the crowds—an expression strikingly suggestive of Jewish training and parentage, probably on the mother's side. Here then a clever ruse of our ever-busy CIA/Mossad, giving this Hebrew butcher a militant-enviable "reputation" by way of his causeless year-long detention—during which no doubt he was assiduously instructed on the task ahead—and then letting him lose to wreak havoc in Chechnya, further enhancing a manufactured daring-do mystique. This historically-familiar species of interloper, with one-time extended, documented connections to the U.S. military, then coming to establish the fabulously-financed ISIL, the sodden perpetrator of hideous atrocities which few but a Jew could dream up. The conjuring of blood-curdling barbarities being a special Jewish tour de force, as witnessed incessantly today in Palestine, in the bombing of Lebanon back into the stone age some years back, in the original takeover of Palestine, in which whole villages were annihilated and then bulldozed over. All this recalling recent Serb atrocities—the two nations in much the same notorious league—in Croatia with village churches leveled and baptismal records destroyed, for vaunted and mendacious ethnic-cleansing goals. Every atrocity known to man being undergone by these harmless and beset Croat and Palestinian souls. Indeed, the Jew will always make the perfect terrorist trainer, as he is imbued with a nihilistic end-game philosophy—fruitful among other pogroms in a horrific Bolshevik Revolution 93% of whose ruling body was Jewish—which sees genocide as the synagogue's divinely-bestowed prerogative. To "cleanse" the world in ritual ablutions of every physical or philosophical kind.

But that's not all there is in this little play-book, a further fatal redundancy triggered by these hideous acts-of-inhumanity being the inevitably provocation of a violently-reactive attitude among harrowed victims, one that plays nicely, in a kind of geopolitical jujitsu, into Hebrew hands. Among Croatians with a Serb-and-indigenous-Vlaci-provoked blanket hostility to Orthodoxy as a whole propelling numbers of young men to join up with sodden Neo-Nazis who now control Kiev. Only the Catholic solution presented on this page can rectify this clever little see-sawing global con-game, with Our Blessed Lady promising at Fatima to concede, upon obedience to her requests, "an era of peace to mankind".

February 18, 2015: Coming invasion of Europe through Libya. The traitor Obama and the pagan harbor goddess of Liberty join Israel to promote chaos around the globe.

Now we see why Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein and a host of other stable regional governments "just had to go": this new projected invasion of Europe by ISIS Islam promising to be on a scale like that prevented by Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, the "Help of Christians", in 1571, in the first-ever rosary-crusade, kicked-off by Pope St. Pius V, culminating in the prodigal naval victory at Lepanto. This signal Heavenly victory being attended by heroic Croatian exertions of centuries, in a guerilla warfare which stopped invading Turkish troops dead in their tracks, redeeming would-be Central European captives before they could be absconded to Jewish-brokered slave auctions of the East. Hence according to is the Islamic State projected to invade Europe catastrophically—already having sent thousands of vanguard operatives surreptitiously, by illegal immigration—penetrating the Southerly coasts especially in Italy and neighboring Slavic lands, with the Islamic State boasting that it will soon capture Rome. The approaching fate of Christian and notably Italian Catholic churchmen being redundantly forecast in the slaughter of harmless Christian workers a few days ago, in that very Libya through which the projected invasion is slated to take place.

Thus the above-noted treacherous reason for twenty-some years of "march of freedom" topplings of heads-of-state all along North Africa and the entire Mediterranean, with the synagogue-serving USA seeing that no nation can stand its ground against what is to come. A Rough-Rider-reminiscent "make the world safe" Obama putting on a tremendous pretense of opposing Israeli regional designs, all the while scheming with his fellow crypto-Jews to lay mankind at Hebrew feet. The Jew as always using a surrogate: this time ISIS, a startling déjà vu replica of the original barbarian Islamic forces under a fictional "Mohammed" which trade-route-Napoleons unleashed fourteen-hundred years ago in a highly-similar way, and across much the same ground. At that time first laying the whole globe under their financial/commercial/king-making sway, to take various forms in various times.

But we of the Catholic world, soon to be joined by a newly-Catholic Russia to us with cords of love and loyalty bound, are going to crush this new serpent. We the faithful according to St. Louis DeMontfort, the Apostle of the Marian Age, being the humble heel of the Virgin Mary, predicted already in Genesis to thus reduce to hamburger the serpentine synagogue/satanic head. Read more here about how all this will be.

February 17, 2015: More on the trivialization of modern man. Article much edited on the 22nd.

I know this is a rehash, but it bears repeating that the modern New-Church/New-World-Order machine can only deal with humanity as lacking a functioning mind and will, in a trivialization whose chief aim is to convince us of this deficiency ourselves, in which case the "battle" for these battle-hardened people is already won. This self belittling indeed being made into a solemn religious imperative, in radical degrees of "meekness and humility" cultivated assiduously at the anti-council Vatican II and plied by papal-chair-usurping antipopes in a long, mutually-canonizing train. This denigration finding access, as in all kinds of morbid skullduggery, through our feeble human nature, having by dint of persuasions toward "humility" become convinced, among other things, that the bad boy in every circumstance must be readmitted into the fold without any hesitation, without need of apology on his part, as that would allegedly put a mercenary "price" on our unstinted "forgiveness". The good guy indeed and in unrestrained aggiornamiento stepping aside and letting the weasel take pride of place, thus allegedly evincing New-Church-storied "meekness and humility". Alas, by dint of frail humanity there isn't enough time in a day to accommodate this schemer in the enervating press of affairs, where he will with grueling regularity get the upper hand, being so clever, readily changes color with the terrain. Hence finally does the whole family or nation shrug its shoulders and let the monster simply take charge—for as noted there just isn't enough time in a day to both keep up with his antics and get engrossing daily duties done—this paragon forthwith inevitably determining the entire domestic atmosphere and most of its agenda from then on. Self-abnegation for the "meek and humble" brokering a mindless existence indeed. While having gained the helm of state this agile guy will smoothly control everything—of course in "security"-shrouded secrecy—for since we just can't keep up with Arseny, Jeb, or Barack, with fatal self-trivializing resignation we just let him have his way.

But according to St. Thomas Aquinas justice rather than unqualified indulgence is the duty of the ruler, and the unquestionable heirloom of the citizen, whose very life and welfare often depends on its unbending sway. Unqualified juridical forbearance or unlimited citizen patience-with-tyranny in most cases being a colossal betrayal of a solemn charge, and easily an act of personal or political suicide. But we are taught to expect no better from life or from ourselves, meekly allowing chaos to rule on our streets, in our homes and around the globe, surrendering all power and responsibility into higher and more-remote realms, of those modern-era technocrats who allegedly "know what's best".

Actually, all the Neo-Vatican "love, love" behind all the "meekness and humility" is quick to change the subject when anything like genuine commitment is involved: it's so much nicer to just keep it all on the rosy and loquacious level of kissing little babies and blandly commenting "who am I to judge?" The New-Church/New-World-Order warp with respect to justice in particular having been a long time coming, as a Vatican-infiltrating Synagogue has left its cold handprint on everything around, through inroads of secret-society creatures all of whom are utterly under the Jewish sway. The very language of Catholic spirituality having been gradualistically modified by these moles and interlopers, often gaining the most prestigious of posts in the Vatican, in Catholic education, among the educated lay fold, so that rigorously-upright and indomitable concepts such as "debt of charity" have steadily been replaced by a watered-down preoccupation with the sole word "love". That fatally-generic expression which in turn is positively rife with possibilities for misinterpretation such as the former expression eludes with perfect ease. For when we speak of this marvelous "debt" we are conjuring something that goes far beyond simple justice while at the same time preserving this indispensable standard in the most rigorous possible way. Hence the "debt of social justice" discussed extensively by Pius XI and Leo XIII in their labor and management relations encyclicals: wherein, in unison with Church teaching of the millennia, as in St. Gregory's "the goods of the earth are for all men", or in the Gospel command that we "love our neighbor as ourselves"—statute indicating forcefully nothing but justice—love itself is declared as a solemn duty, and not just a heartfelt impulse of some kind. That sort of outpouring which is nice but which can scarcely supply single-handedly for an all-inclusive justice' Petrine rock solidity. Here the first traces of an insidious separation of the two fundamentals—justice and love, the first a cardinal virtue, the other a theological, neither in any sense dispensable at all—that would become the hallmark of our own heresy-and-perversion ridden times. We frail and contingent human beings—that which is both our glory and our cross—needing to be careful that the language of mystical fervor doesn't uproot that of simple and sober truth: as of the beloved old axiom of our parents and grandparents, "I slept and dreamt that life was beauty; I awoke and found that life was duty". Linguistic extravagance having without ado taken over since Vatican II: an anti-council whose vague and emotional assertions, like panzer columns all-their-own, have overwhelmed every carefully-crafted theological formula of two thousand years. Doctrinal capsules which we mortal, non-angelic, composite human beings critically require, addressing manifold vulnerabilities of our earthly condition here below. We an oft-times stumbling, bleating flock which "knows the voice of the Shepherd" as one mercifully precise, with a love which hardly dismisses the staff of justice as some sort of rigid gratuity, which hardly lets the wicked destroy the good, somehow trusting errant goats to finally go the right way under such a "loving" sway, as do theatrical expositors of today.

However and as suggested above when it comes to positions-of-power, it's the easiest thing to relinquish those demanding, typically thankless, personally dangerous and heroism-evoking duties which a full and generous debt of charity understanding of authority requires: burdens for which our noble forefathers were often honored in many ways. It's so much easier to just "kick it all upstairs", let "those who know best" have at it, let the assembly noisily debate all matters, our "freedom" purportedly being assured when they are deadlocked in fierce or mercenary/convenient debate. Alas, where has this sort of "liberated" political philosophy brought Europe, or the economic vitality or political independence of its associated nations, all the while such MP Nero's noisily and even "lovingly" "fiddled while Rome burned"?

February 16, 2015: More on "meekness and humility" as "all there is" to Christianity.

This incredible assertion is much spoken-of on this site; this false, alien and unnatural principle having been systematically imposed around the globe both by New World Order governments and a New-Church-ushering Vatican II. Among Catholics in a kind of lodge-hall mum's-the-word unanimity rather than by Church teaching carefully handed-down. Indeed, under this glib two-dimensional exaggeration we are talking about mawkishness and duplicity rather than meekness and humility, notably when they who jabber so loudly about limp non-resistance stand by approvingly while Uncle Sam and his NATO boot-licking entourage go from one brutal false-flag war to another around the globe. "Somebody over there made a fist", the "meek" chorus might be, "and so they have to be turned into hamburger meat". Nice kind of meekness indeed. These people, so many of them antipope-swooning "Catholics", don't believe in meekness at all but rather in good men lying down and surrendering, after which the wicked do whatever brutal thing they please. It is one-time-good men in cowardly disarray giving up their commission as guardians of hearth-and-home, insisting that for two thousand years "we got it all wrong", permitting the uncontested triumph of Age of Aquarius anti-religion, after all manly resistance has been "meekly" run-to-ground. This kind of "Christianity" not being a Gospel "Way" or way-of-life but only a Yatsenyuk-signature effeminate bundle of hysterical outbursts. Of people who have no control over emotions of bitter and twisted spleen, hiding behind "meek and humble" appearances of being a defenseless injured soul.

Indeed, it isn't we who love virtue and piety who should be on the defensive, rather should we be laying down the law. For it is an affront to Almighty God to permit the perverted forces of today as much as an inch of ground upon which to stand. For our commission is to forthrightly uphold the honor and glory of God, not to meekly and humbly plead His cause.

February 15, 2015: Russia, how to gain the blessing of Heaven and the final victory of Christian Faith.

1. The Patriarch Alexis should convene a commission to study the validity of Roman Catholic papal elections since the death of Pius XII in 1958. A good starting-place for this is the website In Today's Catholic World. Although I don't agree with that site's agenda, yet pertinent facts to be found there are indisputable. The same commission would of course have its own sources of information, and should also investigate the null character of the Bugnini "Catholic" Rite of Consecration of a Bishop, instituted in 1969, in this way fixing the utter vacuity of the Roman Catholic priesthood at this date.

2. Under the motherly guidance of Our Blessed Lady of Fatima, who decreed the "conversion of Russia" amid stupendous miracles witnessed in October 1917 in Portugal, in the very month and year of the Bolshevik Revolt, having thus determined that both those "Catholic" papal elections and the new episcopal consecration-rite were indeed null and void, Alexis and his bishops should embrace the filioque while also keeping the accustomed Orthodox formula, the two containing no real contradictions. And while of course retaining the beloved Eastern liturgical rite, they should accept the Roman Catholic Faith in all particulars and regards: that which indeed has little to distinguish it from Orthodoxy in any serious way.

3. Thereafter, having become practically the only validly-consecrated, truly-Catholic bishops on earth, in a succession which has continued since apostolic times through the indubitably-valid Orthodox episcopacy, let the Russian bishops elect a new and valid pope to reign over a reunited Sacramentally-endowed Christendom. Being join with others of Orthodox lands who might make the same historic commitment, together with what few Western Catholic bishops might be so inclined. Thus returning the Church to the blessed condition of "one flock and one shepherd."

4. Once these monumental steps are made, then "the gauntlet will be thrown down", the prodigal blessings and protection of Heaven procured, people will at last be able clearly and forthrightly to choose, and God's glory incomparably be upheld. Here being involved a contemptuous repudiation of the cowardly, quibbling and humanistic antipopes with which Rome has been burdened for the past fifty-plus years, with the last truly-elected pontiff, Cardinal Siri of Genoa, having been rejected by synagogue-serving interlopers at the conclave of 1958, dying in exile in 1989. The battle-lines of today being between ignominious sodomy, abortion and other such unnatural crimes, advanced by the USA and the rest of the West by force-of-arms, on the one hand, and noble, pious and innocent Christian Faith on the other. Under banners of Our Blessed Lady of Kazan, Russia can indeed be expected to do what is required.

February 15, 2015: Modern techno-society, always substituting something electronic or material for the soul of man.

That's the whole problem in the proverbial nutshell, that technical projects of today aren't used as auxiliaries for the marginal betterment of life but are employed remorselessly instead to replace the whole plethora of both human and spiritual concerns that are proper to man. He however not being some cosmic orphan "advancing" toward some future exciting or terrifying—take your pick—but utterly unknown—no empty slate to be written upon by the likes of the morally-twisted Stephen Hawkings and the entire modern Dr. Jeckle science-and-engineering crew—but rather a child of God, divinely feasted and catered-to. Whereas had we not permitted the synagogue and its ancillary secret societies to quietly construct this weird agnostic playhouse of theirs, this fatal slant to today's architecture of malleable physical things—a mere veneer upon which we live and move, under and over which is a universe in which we are the tiniest speck, full of gigantic projectiles which can snuff out in an instant all our arrogant plans—we might have enhanced our relationship to God rather than obstructed it. Cluttering our way to God with insurmountable barriers of this glossy and purely-artificial kind.

Is my life better because of all these baubles and gadgets? As my memory serves me, I must say that it is more miserable by far today than when I was a very young man. My existence being congested, throttled by poorly-made items whose manufacture is so costly, its definitive forms-of-finance so cleverly ensnaring, that the whole odd nightmare pitches the world deeper and deeper into an un-payable debt. To whom then: to the fiend himself? There indeed is the truth, as the mega-monolith of capital, of the lazy, venal and tyrannical "making money with money", has been condemned innumerable times, not only by the once-valid popes, who weren't some sort of grinning, prancing fools, but by Islam and by every other honest religion known to man.

We hear droned out that "crop yields have dramatically increased": but who gets the benefit for it all? Most of the nutritious elements in foods are extracted, either used for some Wall-Street-traded industrial purpose or summarily fed to the hogs. By-products of whose grunting anatomies are then prodigiously dumped into our already-anemic foods, full of preservatives which resemble embalming fluid for what they do to our insides. In a digestive system which is nothing but a marvel of internal decomposition, and scarcely needs any stubborn Monsanto resistance to such a task. Most of the modern "marvels of science" indeed causing most of the sicknesses in which we so generously share: even if survival rates indicate a somewhat longer life in what has become a tormented vale of tears. With advantages like these, who needs rude, honest, old-fashioned disadvantages at all?

Back when I was a boy and yet-more long before, people mostly died after a long and vigorous life because it was "their time to go", and the wise and pious were happy to be on their way. The "we know what's best" crew hadn't yet taken over, giving us their poisoned food and water and their perpetual profitable Napoleonic wars. That strangulation which has taken centuries to achieve, ever since Jews and their secret-society ancillaries "broke the code" of how to put things into one big oppressive machine. That which Uncle Sam now cranks noisily around the globe, resistance-to-which "advantages" brings down pitiless fire and sword. This Judeo-secret-society "coalition of the willing" could have been happily frustrated had we not allowed "finance" to flourish, scale to become gargantuan, global in size. Both of which evils have been condemned by the Church for two thousand years. Having foolishly acceded to this "brave", "grown up" and "savvy" world, we live without those humble-yet-magnificent benefits which to us would otherwise have accrued. Welcome to "Progress 101".

But we don't just wring our hands in despair, as do those cunning interlopers, those false "conspiracy theorists" who by dint of money and connections get themselves installed at the head of every opposition movement, although they are actually undyingly loyal to those who work the machine, mostly-Jews-themselves scheming thereby to block any exit at all for this moral-and-physical killing field. Rather do we put forward practical and substantial alternative courses-of-action: as in the creation—"out of thin air" indeed, as it is only a symbol, when properly construed—of money not "backed" by any larcenous bonds, nor by precious metals at all. This the real "thin air" gratuity, not some lack of precious metal backing which is money's new and tyrannical form, being the brainchild of fourteenth-century Jews, and nothing more. Our only-genuine and beneficial kind of money, in prolific use during late-ancient times of the Roman Empire, among the German barbarian tribes, carrying no load of debt upon its back ten or a hundred times bigger than itself, having rather brokered an economic multiplier as vigorous as that of the solidus or any of the other Roman coins. This kind of money being built on trust, on the safety of roads, the justice of laws, with careful minting and anti-counterfeiting standards and measures to be employed. While coupled with this prosperity-fueling coin a steady repudiation of mass-produced material life would teach us once again how to live by the ingenuity of our minds and the work of our hands. Something that is admittedly hard to do at first, but which quickly becomes second-nature and rewards our efforts in the most generous and astonishing way. As we ourselves have found on our own forays where wild plants of all kinds and in most climates grow, and in a host of other humble-but-productive activities as well. This existence of wild vegetation being however implacably combated by the folks in agribusiness, who want even the wild plants to be impregnated with pollen spread to these wild plants from their own sterile brands of crops, which tend by their sheer volume to crowd out all the rest. For which reason we must then perforce go back to them to be able to eat at all. Will it come to a war? There is no doubt about that: but this time it will be a good and worthy war, for the honor and glory of God, for which reason we can count on His prodigal aid. A truly-just and holy war like the East-Ukrainians are waging now, and not a war to spread Yankee sodomy and starvation around the globe. Read on for more ideas for a truly good future here on this site.

February 14, 2015: Saakashvili looks just like Bibi Netanyahu and acts like him too. Is this just a coincidence? Satanism on the rise.

Irrupting in such divergent phenomena as hideous sodomy-"marriage", Boko Haram, trigger-happy policemen, "gangster"-pop music, the Chapel Hill massacre, Punk-lesbian Russian cathedral invaders or IS, today's resurgence of violent and chaotic wickedness recalls bloody-curdling "super-spiritual" Albigensian cultists of twelfth-century Montsegur, eager to be rid of bitterly despised human life, even their own. This modern-day close-cousin infernal onslaught equally requiring another Crusade: that noble cavalcade in which the New and Better Confederacy holds vanguard place here in the USA.

Symptomatic in a sense of today's global eruption is the new appointment by Ukraine’s head of state, Petro Poroshenko, of Georgia's madman, the war-incendiary ex-president Mikhail Saakashvili, as his "non-staff advisor". This guy who will always be back-slappingly-welcome in D.C., who is however a wanted man in his own Georgia, in a Caucasus area in which a Bibi-like gift for gab and melodramatic theater isn't your "ticket to success" that it is here. As it is indeed in Kiev, Warsaw or in the newly-war-rabid, "success"-hungry Baltic States, lockstep-ready to follow the infernally-adored harbor goddess of Liberty wherever she might lead.

February 14, 2015: "cool" revisited.

When you're a red-blooded, dyed-in-the-wool Croat raised as a Yank as I was you may easily fall foul of this storied monument rising so stark on the American social landscape. As a congenital full-throated virtuoso of four-part folk-harmony, fleet-footed high-stepper of the kolo dance, committed lover of lamb-roasts, tamburica orchestras, good red wine and innocent heterosexual romance, such a sanguine formation readily brokers a whole gamut of passionate polar reactions, a retreat in horror from a "cool" perceived as heartless and insincere. All minority groups in one way or another indulge this adamant polarity, after inevitably being treated here, from the time they step off the boat til the day they die, as somehow comical, clumsy, odd, slightly-unstable, all of which spells never quite making the all-important grade of "cool". While on the other extreme there are those craven Croat or Chinese compromisers whose life is nothing but an endless bout of "super-cool" duplicity and mockery, turning their backs contemptuously and dismissively on everything an immigrant mom and dad stood for so stoutly, unselfishly and long-sufferingly through the years. But it is exceedingly important for the salvation of an immigrating soul that he realize that there is contained in all this a definite trap: that he is being worried into a position that is trivializing and self-defeating in the extreme. A realization I myself was rather slow to make, often confusing emotion or pitches-of-adamancy with sincerity properly and beneficially construed, sometimes indeed acting the perfect fool. And although a passionate love of good things is always good, yet reason must still rule us, as we are only mortal and highly-fallible men. There being in fact no true-blue Croatian personality in this highly-accepted hyper-passionate sense, and Croats, Arabs or Vietnamese are to be found in ample measure who act just as cool and dispassionate as any Yank. People most notably who grew up in Zagreb, Lovinac, Kandahar or Hue and stayed there, resisting the "streets of gold" fascination to the end.

Cool, then, is a good, if not an unqualified one, and there is a marked disadvantage to a great deal of unruly feeling: with the measure of virtue being indeed reason, according to the Angelic Doctor, the reasonable mean. Hence if cool is rightly understood as a order-loving abeyance of the passions, not only of the body but even of the irascible inner joy, sorrow, hope and fear, surmounting these in favor of an inner and outer calm upon which the Holy Ghost most loves to glide—that rarified atmosphere in which the divine Dove most delights in His ineffable climbs and dives—then this is "cool" properly and delectably understood. Here too a species of courage and of undying love absolutely indomitable, needing no foul language or excesses of disorderly passion that many think a necessary accompaniment to romance or manly deeds. Human acts rather requiring this fundamental cultivar of calm for true devotion at all dependably to be found.

February 12, 2015: Important additions following day. "International democratic standards" as agreed at Minsk to rule in a cease-fire Ukraine constitute the vulnerable aspect of the whole affair. Genuine self-rule requires a return to an older way of doing things.

We have nothing at all against genuine democracy, but the problem is how do you define it, and then make it work. Not wishing at all to be an obfuscating linguist over the word, I wish only to point out that democracy is an exceedingly difficult thing to procure, hardly accessible to that standard simplistic political ideology inevitably to be worried into those "international democratic standards" such as are being required in east Ukraine. This, alas, the reason the globe is in a state of perpetual war: because there is pursued this rarified summit of "liberty" which demands "equal rights" to every pervert and most maniacs, while regarding our children as fortunate to have them as teachers and mentors at every turn. The problem is that popular upright character and morality are contemptible aliens to the modern liberal-democratic ideal, as it plays out in practical terms, once we come down out of stellar eloquent "freedom loving" heights. And this is precisely what the struggle in Eastern Ukraine has more essentially been about, rather than having so much to do with trade-ties with Russia, or even with political autonomy: although these two do indeed rank very high. Watch and see if radicals like Arseny Yatsenyuk and his shrill bands of Ukrainian libertines don't demand pink-haired semi-nude lesbian activists to be given free access to Russian-Orthodox cathedrals in eastern Ukraine, as "freedom's price". The kind of "punk rockers" now in jail in Russia for such very things. Those highly-contrasting valiant and truly-democratic Ukrainian freedom-fighters who see liberty as primary something of the soul being unlikely to find much representation under "international democratic standards" such as now rule the globe. The whole progressive agenda involved being "unable to accommodate" our solid moral values, having allegedly "moved beyond" such "backward" things: for which reason we in turn cannot accommodate a radical new approach which severs man from his defining morality, which in exchange for paltry material advancement demands of him the price of his soul.

Finally too, critical for consideration is the most fundamental flaw of all in modern paper democracy: that the wishes of the individual citizen get lost in the shuffle rather than getting represented at all. A fact most seemingly acknowledge nowadays, but for which all are urged to sacrifice themselves yet-more generously, like ideology-driven fanatics we are all expected to be. Passionately adhering to a "progress"-dazzled liberal democracy at whose base is an Enlightenment-Era rejection of personal authority and ultimately thereby of the very authority of God and of His law. The fallacy being that all practical and political wisdom is to be found in a brief stop-off in the ballot-booth, where in an abstract-ideological act of faith we meekly deposit our interests in the hands of impressive but perfectly-unknown men. People pre-selected, typical special-interest-courtiers and arms-lobby aggressive warriors, chosen in an incredibly corrupt, synagogue-and-secret-society-controlled vetting system, a treacherous iceberg of which rolling-in-money elections are only the more visible part. Rather did our forefathers of millennia know by rueful experience that a sturdily-independent citizenry—the only kind intended by a good God—strangers both to a laissez-faire Scrooge and a McCain/Rubio "bombs away"—must put forward personally-known, district-and-neighborhood tested leaders, not mere electronic bytes or pieces-of-paper. The reclaiming of our liberty requiring a complete revamp, a return to a time "when knighthood was in flower": starting at the local level, with an accompanying return to a simple form of money which carries no debt on it back, to replace the war-funding bond-backed variety, encapsulating the totalitarianism-perpetuating scheme of all times. Today's mortal impasse requiring generous and noble-hearted men who will ride herd on popular wishes all the way along the rocky political trail, and deliver these precious cattle to where each such wish will receive the attention it deserves. This idea that we can dispense with the need for personally-familiar and beloved leadership, genuine personal heroism—preferring some sort of comedian, who allegedly "won't let things go to his head"—this is sheerest insanity, and gives us dissembling schemers with a power-hunger of an insidious kind. And I put these facts in such strong language furthermore because the only other way they are conveyed is in the human blood now flowing so freely nearly everywhere. While in the last analysis we can rack our brains ceaselessly about a better system but "if the Lord keep not the city, in vain does the guard keep vigil". Quoting that passage which an aroused and awakened John Kennedy intended to quote in his speech he was about to give, before he was so treacherously struck down.

February 10, 2015: Sanity to modern psychology a sailing through life without interior struggle; sanctity to New Church a parallel smiley-faced "love, love, love". Sounding the caverns of contemplative life. No desire to preach sermons on this layman's site, only to rectify some grave and fundamental misconceptions now and again. Article developed over next two days.

Growing by leaps and bounds over the past half-century or so has been a determination by Catholic clergy and religious to severely limit the access of ordinary believers to extended knowledge about sacred things, as most notoriously in a continued stubborn refusal to divulge the actual Fatima Secret, it being adjudged by Sr. Lucia, the antipopes and the hierarchy alike that "the people just wouldn't understand" warnings so urgently issued by Heaven in their regard. This censoring aspect of modern-day Catholicism being found too in writings like those of Sr. Josefa Menendez' The Way of Divine Love, a marvelous little book whose religious editors ownedly omitted a great many things revealed to the divinely-gifted little Spanish sister, passages claimed somehow to be "unfit" for ordinary lay reading. The clergy seemingly being cast in the role, in all of this, of some sort of heroic psychotherapeutic vanguard, tasked to shield the faithful from any serious perturbation at all, with salvation itself indeed viewed as a treacherous journey much of whose purpose and meaning must be kept from fearfully-ignorant minds. While yet further in the perusal of web-reproduced alleged writings of St. John of the Cross I found a whole central passage deleted, words no doubt thought to convey far too much for the ordinary reader "to handle". This site purportedly featuring the most venerable translations that are in English to be found, of books I have read repeatedly in years past, so as to be quite aware if something as important as the passage I was looking for is no longer to be found. Although the real aim may indeed be to mislead the unsuspecting Catholic into a completely false view of spirituality itself, after the "open windows" manner of Vatican II.

The point to be made is that modern incurably-morbid psychology and philosophy—which summarily replaced lively and solid Thomism during and after Vatican II—are in many ways foreign to both Faith and nature and thus cannot be used as intellectual underpinnings of religion at all, in contrast to a highly-dissimilar Aristotle and other writers of the ancient pagan secular world which are quite well up to the task. For while ancient sages knew there was a profound and transfixing mystery to life, Freud and his legions of followers pursue only the greatest possible earthly contentment as the ultimate goal, in stark contrast to a genuine traditional Catholicism which challenges us to a ceaseless warfare for the salvation and sanctification of our souls. Modern psychology accordingly vilifying the various stages of mystical cleansing and tribulation as so many kinds of mental sickness, no doubt ready to condone the deft removal of key passages of mystic writers of the past, being inimical to an unruffled contentment of mind which to the "counselor of Vienna" is sanity and human-fulfillment par excellence. While as suggested above this same relentless prejudice and antipathy against all things Catholic, against a Christ Who "came to bring a sword" is found in modern New Church versions of Catholic spirituality as well, approaches which would spare us thorny struggles entailed on the Heavenward climb, extending to us "love, love, love" as a sort of endless reverie in blissfully-painless skies.

This acknowledgment of interior moral and spiritual struggle is the keynote of Catholic life, while becoming mortally scandalized by same is the keynote of Judeo-Protestantism: which would rather summarily cut the troubled soul lose than give him a helping hand. Any sort of soul, any sort of personal history, being redeemable in the Catholic view: indeed potentially providing an unique wildflower to place around the Heavenly throne. There being no "correct" way to make ones way to God, of a kind of predetermined, indeed predestined primness or winsomeness which marks one out "a winner" through and through. While the agonies of mystics and holy men, ordeals which would be the ruin of ordinary souls, if endured with perseverance and goodwill never broker despair but climb from one dizzy spiritual eminence to the next, in an underlying "peace which the world cannot give".

Indeed, far from making the soul "the life of the party", plateaus of spiritual eminence, just like the various "camps" of climbers on the way to the top of a near-inaccessible peak, are solitary and in a sense even inhospitable. These stop-offs with their frigid temperatures and hurricane-force winds, regions in which tents can scarcely be pitched, and will scarcely stay there when they are: these resorts don't invite a lot of chatty people stopping by for tea, let alone do they form an attractive venue for ingratiating repartee. And it is the entire bent of modern-day synagogue-dominated life to cordon off these traces up the dizzy promontory, hardly visible from beneath, merest goat-paths merging into eternal snows. As St. Aelred the disciple of St. Bernard of Clairvaux wrote in the twelfth century, friendship is impossible between milling valley-dwellers and someone thus inaccessibly engaged, they speak a different dialect, walk a different walk; the one a companion of eagles and angels, versed in odd accents of their rarified patois, the other immersed in absorbing and diverting earthly affairs. How convenient then for today's all-powerful enemies of religion to brand the solitary, the contemplative, as a mere madman, as they invariably do. Someone of whom to be afraid.

Scarcely do these ever-busy cynics and interlopers care that the contemplative is often the most kindly and affectionate of souls, instantly upon making someone's acquaintance eager to enlist him in the same upward climb. Even if there are other solitaries whose goodness hides under a surface of the most forbidding sort of recollected calm: the kind about which shallow and foolish people "spread the alarm". Thus do I remember the typical contemplative being described in a certain introductory handbook of a certain monastic order as being naturally taciturn: a disposition either constitutional, from the very hand of God, or brought about by events or even injuries or disabilities of some kind. Thus did my wife and I when we cared for the developmentally disabled, she as a professional, I as a volunteer, find that the men with whom we worked were natural contemplatives, almost to a man. Being easily drawn by God, as when we took some of them to Holy Mass, into remote recesses of prayer inaccessible to ordinary souls. For as noted above the various formatives of life, no matter how rude or cruel, are used by God as but so many avenues for the penetration of His grace, even a prior life of crime capable of carving out a massive interior cavern which either brokers despair or is filled with unsounded fathoms of grace. If we will only allow Him to enter that lonely place. Things traumatic and crippling in other respects unlocking inner precincts of the soul otherwise never to be plumbed: if only we will give access to this "Man of sorrows, acquainted with infirmity" (Isaias 53), intimately familiar with every inch of the dark lagoon, and every step along the slippery and solitary path above firs and pines, ready to join us there. But none of it will win you a popularity contest, for as Jesus told Sr. Teresa of Avila in one of her mystical locutions, "henceforth, I will have you speak with angels rather than with men".

February 7, 2015: Lucia of Fatima's commission to "establish devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary" meant to be the heavenly firebrand to cauterize the moral wound inflicted on Christian society by Sigmund Freud and his Judeo/Communist promoters. Instead, standard faulty Jansenistic understanding of Fatima used for a militaristic Russia-bashing that is fifty years behind the times. Article developed extensively over following days.

It is important in attempting to understand any major event to put it in the context in which it took place, and in this regard Fatima is no different at all. Hence the staggering importance of Sigmund Freud and his teachings at the time of the 1917 apparitions, he who by that date had for many years already been overturning Christian Civilization in the most catastrophic way. Freud a purveyor of every sexual disorder including sodomy, his has lamentably been the universal underlying view of sexuality even among Catholics all the way into our own times, determining the cynical morality-related world in which we live. He being the fit forefather of a notorious Kinsey Report whose hideous "statistical" lies launched the "Boomer" generation off on its deadly, order-overthrowing demise. And it is our contention that it was against this prurient tide that Our Blessed Lady principally came to do battle in the Portuguese mountains that year, and not near as much in reaction to blasphemies directly and exclusively against her Immaculate Heart: as in denials of her perpetual virginity, aspersions upon her character, upon the virgin birth itself, or any number of other such impious crimes. Fatima-condemned "offenses against my Immaculate Heart" being rather in our opinion chiefly of the sort which Freud had already been unleashing upon mankind across the globe for twenty-some years: avant-garde-promoted sins humanity-wide in character nonetheless taken quite personally by this holy mother of men. She whose Heart is wounded unto death by the destruction of souls in a swelling Freudian deluge of both natural and unnatural sins of the flesh. A foul contamination whose expositors with glib falsity claim to understand the human psyche, quickly coming to arrogate to themselves the molding of culture, the power of courts, executives and legislatures, the instruction of vulnerable youth.

In this Freudian context, then, must be viewed the subsequent career of Sr. Lucia of Fatima, she who plainly interpreted Fatima-condemned offenses against the divinely-maternal Heart inaccurately, as being directed exclusively at Mary, aspersions catalogued briefly above, with the universal nature of today's prurient onslaught being minimized, the whole subject of Fatima indeed abstracted into sanitary and inaccessible "devotional" realms. A very limited and circumscribed variety of sins being addressed by Lucia, infractions whose remedy or reparation was said to be quite sufficiently capsulated in a Five First Saturdays devotion: although as daily experience testifies, the frequency of denials of Our Blessed Lady's virginity, or that of a St. Joseph related in the most essential way, is sparse indeed. I myself having heard such disparagements no more than a dozen times in an entire lifetime of many years. But far more common by contrast, the veritable plague of our times, a deluge indeed, is the oceanic perversity, the corruption of innocent youth, noted objects-of-solicitude of which the Marian maternal Heart is so fond, a Heart so grievously wounded when purity is at any age tarnished or lost.

Rather does Mary at Fatima show herself incomparably as Mother of the Mystical Body in the very act of thus guarding her own ever-solicitous Heart, the sure harbor of purity of souls: wishing us all to be but so many equally-immaculate blossoms artfully gathered around same, as so often pictured in Catholic art. Her spotless, Immaculate Heart sorely aggrieved when she cannot gather us into such spotless garlands, keep us so close to her purifying, fortifying maternal affection and care, for our own salvation and the ever-ultimate honor and glory of God.

Detectable here then in the twentieth-century development of standard "Fatima spirituality" is a Jansenistic rarification of Heaven from earth, of humanity from any profound association with heavenly designs: especially in a United States where such dour and tepid notions are indigenous to the American-Catholic soul. Formal notions like the preservation of Mary from all stain remaining essentially barren of practical application to Catholic life, with aspirations of genuine, heartfelt, intimate union on the part of souls with her Immaculate Heart being in the Church in general and the USA in particular a bridge uncrossed. Here indeed being opened up for us—like a subterranean vision of Hell seen by the three shepherd children in 1917—the cavernous Jansenistic underworld which America, in some ways in both hemisphere's, perpetually hugs to its soul. This sickness-of-heart which sees God as the biblical "hard man", a vision incapable of viewing humanity or human nature as redeemable at all. Jansenism being only the revisiting of Protestantism's estimation of the soul as incurably foul, as receiving by the Redemption only a mercifully if-almost-reluctantly thrown cloak over a condition that remains hideously filthy and defiled. A view of humanity which encourages every kind of sin and disorder to virulently thrive, by means of a humanity held in contempt, scorned and despised: this view endemic to an industrialized world in which synagogue values are core, in which there is "no time" for heartfelt religion, in which "bringing in the bacon" is the sole practical duty of the man, and "setting the table" might be said to encompass the narrow confines of womanly life. Here expressions of affection either radically muted or of a jocular or worldly character with little relation to heavenly things, with woman in particular—almoners of joy in human life, the epitome of human nature in fullest form, endowed by Almighty God with a generous and self-giving disposition for the nurturing of family life—being by tenets of Jansenism held in a kind of horror and suspicion for these very intrinsic qualities, with the feminine affectionate smile in particular regarded as a kind of nefarious mark of the fallen Eve. Its artless flourishing pitilessly interpreted by brutal and ignorant men as a "green light" to take advantage of the purest and rarest of flowers. For as honest reflection should tell us, it is the unguarded smile which is the exuberant testimony of a clean conscience, and a frown or grimace, hesitancy-of-affection, by contrast, is the perpetual mark of Cain. With joy the seal of divine grace, in both women and men, who hold overwhelmingly more in common than sets them apart. Hence inevitably in such a modern-day environment—of a Jansenism and Semi-Jansenism positively definitive to a present-day atrophy of Catholic spiritual life—is prevalent "Fatima spirituality" robbed of its maternally-intended ebullient fullness and efficacy. Mary by very dint of her immunity from Original Sin being possessed of the most oceanically generous, affectionate and self-giving of hearts. Fatima in particular and Marian devotion as a whole however over the course of the twentieth century summarily shunted off into coldly-formalistic realms far from her maternal and solicitous Immaculate Heart.

Evident from the foregoing, instead of entering Carmel, from whence she promoted her little set of prayers and related formal devotional practices, to bury herself in cloistered conventual life, Lucia should have remained with the Dorthean Sisters, where she could have conducted a constant militant assault upon the filthy teachings of Freud: today's largely-Freudian floodgate-of-filth the real major object of the divine wrath predicted to descend so calamitously and so soon. Lucia's fatal separation from that band of flock-attending, humbly-engaged sisters having been stubbornly sought by her for several years, against the wishes of all her superiors, all the way up to Rome.

This turbulent figure, then, is the Sister Lucy through whom we receive a Fatima message now predictably used by Catholics to justify anti-Russian sanctions and a veritable military mobilization unjust in the extreme. This incredibly-harsh adjudication being based on Lucy's assertion—necessarily passed on to us by emissaries of sorts, "Fatima experts", as they are called, since she herself was incommunicado until her death in 2005, in perpetual contemplative retreat—that Russia "hasn't yet been properly consecrated", and that therefore, ipso facto, that nation cannot be converted, and thus made less "menacing", anymore than a leopard can change its stripes. (Contained in all this being a theology all-its-own). And that furthermore that nation is for that simple reason justly and handily open for an all-points policy of "bombs away". Lucia and "the experts" having insisted for decades that Russia's consecration must be "by the pope in union with all the bishops of the world" before her conversion and allegedly-lacking pacification can at all be effected: this cloistered-nun's curious ultimatum being smugly-and-quietly accepted by prelates and patriots alike as proportional to the gravity of the issues involved. In effect placing before us ham-handed Halliburton-inspired Generals serving dictations-of-Heavenly-terms, while brandishing celestially-endorsed punishments of every kind. There being something entirely too convenient about the whole doughtily-patriotic affair, such as has indeed struck me from the beginning about "Fatima spirituality" as a whole, especially in its American forms. While behind the whole intimidating charade can be seen the ever-insidious figure of the eternal Jew: here inciting theological error, there brushfire war, somewhere else a harsh and disproportionate reaction, or a false-flag operation for aggressive warfare to steal the moral high-ground for another bloody century or more.

Such misinterpretation has no doubt been ruefully accommodated by Heaven, in a condign imprecision which typifies Heavenly missives since ancient biblical times: God always leaving our free will a "way out", if we aren't willing to believe in a simple, innocent and childlike way. Merit or demerit being found in circumstances such as these, heaven scarcely ever taking over, pushing clerics, popes and bishops summarily aside in their duties to minutely instruct or case-by-case discipline the fold, rather having decreed an ecclesiastical free-agency which is Catholicism's special and indeed much-maligned calling-card. While when Heaven does now and then get more specific, as did Our Lady at La Salette in 1846, where she expressed herself in graphic detail about the wrongs being addressed, her candid words were roundly scorned by proud churchmen and liberal "Catholic" academics of the times. So that it seems she thereafter treats us as Our Lord did the stiff-necked Pharisees, "speaking in parables" to people who "have ears that do not hear, and eyes that do not see".

Russia does indeed supply as the cover-story for the onslaught of evil that the twentieth century would bring, amply justifying Our Lady's riveting words in her regard: the onus of which message is however scarcely to be limited to a simple set-of-prayers or another "divinely sanctioned" world war. Moscow-based communists having indeed systematically undermined good morals and legitimate governments around the globe, with Marx the forerunner of Freud, with Lenin, Trotsky and associates the "counselor of Vienna's" contemporaries, and with their followers thereafter spreading his perverted "clinical" principles everywhere. Even if ironically most communist countries themselves remained in some ways almost morally puritanical, with the moral undermining of the Christian and especially the Catholic West being Marxism/Freudianism's special aim: Communists meanwhile glibly claiming the moral high-ground, all the while they deny the very existence of God. Retaining in this way a treacherous see-saw much remarked on this page, of polar-opposites by which mankind is divided, broken into hostile camps. Russia however in our own far-different times scarcely being meant to remain a permanent emblem-of-evil—no matter how convenient that might be to some—for not having been "properly consecrated and duly converted", because-of-which all hope for her is allegedly lost. Hardly can this be said to be a Heavenly message of any sort.

Against this evil tide of impurity, immodesty, perversity, then, was Fatima brought to bear by Almighty God, in a combat in which Russia herself—far from being a "lost cause"—is rather soon destined to play a significant and positive, indeed heroic role. Being no morally-limp, passive and pessimistic Jansenist country, Russians having a human nature relatively rampant and intact, having been consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by Pius XII in 1954, by a formula good enough for me, being the recipient of the Marian promise that "In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace". Fatima having no actual ultimate condition for this happy transformation, rather being simply promised as Heaven's ultimate will: as much as so many will quibble and obfuscate over what is in fact a rather simple thing. Russia herself as noted having been spared the worst excesses of the Marxist/Freudian moral contamination, a pollution suffered by the West in the most direct and catastrophic way, Our Blessed Lady now being ready to use Russia to lead the Marian-militant way against prurient perversities of every type and degree. The land beyond the Don through her notorious twentieth-century infiltration into every conceivable venue of public or educational affairs having been the Fatima-predicted incipient instrument of the Western fall-from-grace, identified as such by Heaven when just then emerging from St. Petersburg's bloody riot-torn streets, being now designated in turn to be the instrument of Western and global salvation as well. Such, alas, the ineffable and mysterious designs of a Heaven which "makes all things to work together unto good". Russia marking herself out today unmistakably for this singular role by way of her resolute opposition to the tide of abominable sodomy now sweeping the earth, largely by force of doughty American arms, refusing to allow its spread to Russian soil. Russia too by our reckoning to supply as well for a Catholic priesthood now Sacramentally vitiated beyond repair, a colossal impairment predicted in saintly prophesies for a millennium and more. Russia no doubt finally coming full circle and providing a holy and pious pope to sit upon the Roman throne, having by terms of the promises of Our Blessed Lady of Fatima come to embrace the Catholic Faith, thus in these end times uniting Churches East and West. Hereby then is explained the prominence of Russia in the Fatima Message, both in a negative and a positive sense.

February 9, 2015: The next nor'easter is for D.C.

You can be sure some major divinely-administered disaster will hit D.C. soon, in the wake of Obama's rattling-off of the usual unsubstantiated battalions of lies about Russian men and armament in the Ukraine, but watch for Heaven to send its diplomatic communiqué in the form of a major crippling snowstorm in D.C. A ruler and his courtiers on either side of the isle can lie before the angels and the universe, by dint of a truth-suffocating control over the media, but there are prices to pay for such things. Indeed, in another ten or twenty years, the USA will be a scarcely-remembered term, for having thus dared to play God.

February 9, 2015: The modicum of decency: that which for two and a half centuries secret-society agents of "liberty" and liberal democracy have agitated to overthrow around the globe.

This modicum is the proper target of government, as all knew as recently as the fifties, and it is the absence of this modicum—a certain standard of modesty-of-dress, of innocence-of-behavior, of courtesy-of-speech—that provokes "fanatical extremes". Actually, it is they who overturn this modicum who are the real fanatics, who often-enough "have an agenda", while by contrast they who are incensed by these excesses would typically have remained quiet and content otherwise, being genuine innocent victims who are typically only venting an honest response.

Public and pedestrian life, then, must cultivate this modicum through law, that which, obfuscations of academics aside, has intrinsically to do with questions of right and wrong, good and bad: this fact being so irreducibly fundamental that, like two and two makes four, it admits of no discussion at all. Those who would deny this truism having an agenda indeed. Common-good-seeking government, the only kind that can claim the garb of validity, tries to keep the greatest number of people possible at peace with one another, all the while it preeminently seeks the honor and glory of that God Who is the Author of right and wrong, of peace and concord. Here again a truism which admits of no discussion, official denials of which indeed roundly justify a resort to arms, the lack of honor-to-which has brought us to our present shameful, divinely-chastised state. Hence law doesn't rightly expect everyone to go around in a chin-to-toe sack, but it enjoins the covering of the body in such a way that accords a modicum of decency and dignity proper to the living temple of God that vessel is meant to be. Even the ancient pagans knew this. It doesn't allow the exposure of limbs that will cause sexual arousal in people most of whom in their right mind wish to remain pure. But law at the same time doesn't prohibit further degrees of virtue or modesty by personal choice: although clothing like the burka, an actual sack, might be disallowed in a non-Muslim country as radically-counter to the whole social ethos that there prevails. A prohibition which honest immigrating Muslims themselves are almost unanimously quite ready to accept. But the problem with ever-"heroic" modern-day notions of liberty is its unfettered hostile release of an absolute lack-of-discipline, one which impinges constantly on the happiness and moral order of ones neighbor. This innocent victim—rather than his ribald offender—being furthermore sternly and "democratically" enjoined to "make no waves" over the matter or he will be punished, perhaps end up behind bars. This placing of the shoe on the wrong foot is always the issue at stake: albeit one artfully camouflaged behind squeals, screams, and laying-on-the-pavement of perverse, libertine "freedom-lovers" involved. The people meanwhile being completely buffaloed by this chaotic concept of liberty, loudly trumpeted and rigidly enforced by an all-powerful three-percent elite, John Q. Citizen fearful in particular of being called backward or paternalistic—cleverly engineered terms indeed—if he in any degree objects or demurs.

Because of the precious modicum some of us remember from our younger days, a memory like gold still lingering in my mind, no one took special notice of anyone, alarm being taken only if you were engaged in something that went over the line, some overstep not even allowed at home, as no one back then was so chauvinistically "king of his own castle" that he could be perfectly lawless, even behind closed doors. Here indeed the stolid place of the frankpledge, the micro-local reservoir of the modicum, a blithe institution much discussed on this site, one which had its hand on the pulse of the neighborhood, which in daily pedestrian, commercial or over-the-fence relations, with kindly medieval chidings and exhortations, would easily admonish and largely prevent local excesses and oversteps of every kind. Law back then, "when knighthood was in flower", having been a living, breathing, charitable neighborly reality, not a "small government" stranger tidily filling prisons and mercilessly looking to arrange the next "profitable" aggressive war. Law having kept ribald disorder assiduously in check for the comprehensive, body and soul, mind and heart common good, for a generously-shared tranquility and order. That which plainly must be determined by the religious belief of the people—again, the legal-axiomatic right and wrong, concentrated in that pious institution which epitomizes the moral scale—albeit in that modicum which allows a happy latitude of human free choice. Allowing a range of options none of which are criminal or gravely immoral, as that would be to offend the God Who made it all, and for whose glory the marvelous system is maintained. Law thus for the love of the citizen and the salvation of his soul acting as a disciplinary discouragement of bad behavior, so that the miscreant is taking a risk when he does serious wrong, codes albeit tempered so as not to constitute an ironclad surveillance regime, such as now so gratuitously grows by the day. And if these several principles mean nothing to the reader, after the past fifty and more years since ribald hippydom first stalked the land, and every sort of murder and monstrous excess had stolen a once-peaceful center stage, to be succeeded reactively by the hip-booted military-state of these Bush/Obama times, then I have nothing more to say. Any more than I would rattle-off a tautology to justify the simple fact of right and wrong, or the arithmetic of two and two makes four.

February 9, 2015: Faith brings further responsibility.

A very simple fact which gets lost in the shuffle nowadays is that one can believe-in the revelation of God and yet be as wicked as sin, while conversely one can be utterly ignorant of same and yet be as good as gold. This central fact having been reiterated over and over again in the pages of Holy Scripture, by Our Blessed Lord Himself. Thus the marvelous case of the Centurion, over whom the Savior "marveled", finding that soldier's perfectly-uninformed faith to have "no equal in all of Israel". While integral to this fact is the further and frightening one that knowledge brings with it responsibility. The mysteries of the Christian Faith requiring us to be a good example to our neighbor, revealed religion scarcely permitting us, in "make the world safe" fashion, to trample upon non-believers as if they were so evil as to lack any human worth. Indeed and as noted elsewhere on this page these Samaritans may have the bountiful friendship of God, may be "making it hand over fist" into Heaven while we may be debarred outside, weeping and gnashing our teeth. Indeed, Catholics who smugly go up to the (today doubtfully valid) communion rail while they dress immodestly, rob their neighbor or fight in aggressive wars may be depositing those Sacramental graces in the souls of war-scandalized Muslims or Hindus across ocean shores, in graces "pressed down and running over" to amply assure the salvation of their souls.

February 6, 2015: Rome has gone into schism with itself: Russia, Beograd, Athens, Sophia: you needn't do the same.

The Roman Catholic Church, as predicted in countless Catholic prophesies over the past fifteen hundred years, is now at the very bottom of a precipitous decline, with Western moral discipline ranging as a consequence from laxity to dismal levels of Sodom and Gomorrah of old. It is for you good Orthodox people to resist this evil tide, with the Russian Patriarch already championing the law of God as formative of human law, with the Russian Parliament following suit in signal if limited ways. Russian political leaders in large measure stoutly upholding the sanctity and inviolability of the natural family of man and wife, although much remains to be done against atrocities against life in the womb. You Orthodox throngs don't have to adopt the "progressive" position of modern compromised Christianity, as shamefully led by this fifty-year-long string of synagogue-appointed, doctrinally-heterodox Roman antipopes, but are called upon to be the backbone of Sacramental Christian Faith, a lynchpin to bring Rome itself back to full profession as well. At this time when the biblical "shepherd will be struck, and the sheep will be scattered". For this seems to me the chief burden of the message of Fatima in Portugal in 1917: a conversion of Russia to the Roman fold by which Rome itself will be saved, as directed by the Holy Mother of God, as confirmed by the apocalyptic Miracle of the Sun: with both miracles and Scripture being valid sources and preambles of divine faith. Orthodoxy thus being called upon by Our Blessed Lady herself to embrace a traditional Roman Catholic Faith with which there is little real difference even now, mostly over meanings of words.

Indeed, without this generous interpretation of the stupendous Fatima miracle and message the future of Russia and that of all Christendom sinks into already-gathering shadows, far from the Light of Christ. While out of the coming divinely-decreed triumph of true Faith I see a Russian as most likely sitting on a newly-rejuvenated Roman-pontifical throne. This understanding of Fatima being admittedly a divergent one, yet proceeding from the realization that the prophesies of Heaven seldom fall out in some "cut and dried" way but rather typically, like Gospel parables meant only for "eyes that see and ears that hear", follow certain broad anticipated contours which accommodate unforeseen elements, leaving in turn ample room for a heartfelt act-of-Faith. Hence seemingly inadequate are rigidities of the overwhelmingly-prevalent view, among those who follow Fatima in a serious way, namely that certain things must be done in a certain precise way, as enjoined by a humble nun in Portugal to several popes and antipopes, quite indifferently, all in a row. This religious, Sr. Lucia, furthermore announcing the stipulation that "all the bishops of the world" must join the Pope in that formal consecration at the heart of these commands, of Russia to the Immaculate Heart, before that nation's conversion can be hoped to be secured. All this being an unorthodox turn-of-events to say the least, with this woman allegedly receiving further new missives and clarifications to pass on over a period of many years following the staggering Fatima prodigies themselves. Of the actual terrifying, future-punishment-predictive events in the Portuguese mountains we are quite sure—as of the very sun itself plummeting from the sky—but as for the rest, not nearly so much. Among attendant prodigies at the Cova de Eiria having been the drying-up of clothing and puddles after a long immediately-preceding downpour, only hinting at the level of heat to be felt some terrible future day, in an obvious object-lesson predictive of a catastrophic collision with a heavenly body: that chastisement indeed on its way so soon, by which three-quarters of the human race will be consumed.

Finally, concerning a hotly-contested "the chair is vacant" controversy, although by dint of the dogma, here briefly paraphrased, that "the chair of Peter will have successors in perpetuity"—a teaching never before tested in so rigorous a way as today—a genuine pope was always assumed to be present on the papal chair, if as it were incognito, thus in a sense "keeping the chair warm"—yet this infallible teaching may not actually mean that the Papal chair cannot be vacant for any length of time. As long as there is eventually a successor to be found. Since the dogma doesn't read uninterrupted successors, as would seem to be required for such a rigorous interpretation, suggesting an incongruity within a divine plan for man which glories in frightful vicissitudes through which God's faithful followers must often go. Indeed, one prophesy in particular, of a supernatural light falling upon a future pope chosen directly by Heaven, seems to suggest otherwise. All of this, finally, abstracting from claims on the website TCW, or In Today's Catholic World, of the existence of a secretive pontiff reigning now for the past twenty-five years, with a whole secret college of Cardinals said to be reigning with him as well. An eventuality which seems a gratuity to the reasonable mind unlikely in the extreme.

Our motivation in all of this is simply and resolutely to act, not to pontificate: rather than to watch powerlessly as Church and world alike slip over the abyss, as we wait in vain for Sr. Lucy's several stipulations to be obeyed. A nun to some of whose other highly-unorthodox statements and actions we take ample exception on another page. The fact is that few Roman Catholics know how to be Christians let alone Catholics anymore, having for one thing at the behest of Jewish/Masonic creatures of Vatican II callously discarded those popular traditions which keep the Faith alive and devotion strong, finding them to be "outdated", passé. Traditions which Slavs in particular are likely to treasure in a heartfelt way. New Church Catholics having been beguiled by this soul-enervating, humanistic rogue-council "Vatican II": a chaotic, doctrine-overturning synod followed by a string of "rock star" "popes", a gathering aptly named like the act of a play. And although there are "traditionalist" groups and movements among Western Catholics these have in our judgment proven disappointing in the extreme, typically censorious, Jansenistic, contemptuous of women, aggressive-warriors, laissez-faire-capitalists: all these signature to a heterodox rigorism attended by practical moral despair. As in heresy's inevitable nature-hating sway giving their children "a stone instead of a loaf", having themselves in nearly every case been taken over by the very same heartless Jews who have wrought such havoc in Rome. Jewry being that post-Crucifixion biblically-identified "synagogue of satan" whose unchanging effort is always to infiltrate: as in the political realm indeed happened so catastrophically to Russia in October 1917, under direction of a 93% Jewish Bolshevik Commissariat.

In fact, the kinds of changes and reforms required are broad, far-reaching, institutional in scope, covering the whole gamut of human activity, of culture, economics, public morality, the officially-expressed honor and glory of God. It isn't enough anymore, if it indeed ever was, to simply launch a set of prayers: the sole practical thing that Sr. Lucy did. And this approach, which calls forth a Russia rampant, ready to die for the Faith, has the stamp of Christian history furthermore indelibly engraved upon it: as when Prince Vladimir embraced the Faith and took with him all of Russ, or Clovis thus conducted all the Franks to the baptismal font. I say unabashedly that we need Russia today to lead the way in every regard, to begin the onerous task of the rolling-back of the perversion of global society, the diabolical subversion of law, the removal of all its just, Godly or pious character, as if these represented unjust demands. Present synagogue-appointed leaders putting in place of prior wholesome injunctions the hideous world of sodomy, baby-killing abortion, diabolically-motivated aggressive war, the commercial snatching of organs on a massive scale, ghoulishly evinced by frequently-discovered mass graves with organ-less bodies found pitifully within. To extirpate such wrongs is indeed the very reason, according to the Apostle, that "Caesar carries the sword". Then, our duty once resolutely done, details of religious observance will undoubtedly fall into line: as it is upon such noble and valiant hearts above all that grace is most generously bestowed.

Will all this be hard? Yes, of course: but in such worthy rigors God is prodigally glorified, given His immeasurable due, ready to strengthen us as He did King David of old, or Vladimir, or Clovis, or Charlemagne, or St. Joan of Arc. God wills it!

Article much expanded February 5. "The Islamic State": the Muslim world once again rocked by bomb-throwing Western extremists. Live-burning, satanism and mass psychological experimentation par for the course. Our Lady of Fatima beckons the Muslim world to enter the fold, where they will be safe at last.

Comment was made on this site some time ago about the one-time notorious Carlos, a pivotal organizer and mass-killer of the once-Interpol-eluding PLFP, an incendiary group wreaking havoc largely in the Middle East, an international terrorist organization namely which was elite-created expressly in order to criminalize a perfectly-legitimate PLO, with which it was for twenty-some years ceaselessly identified by our mendacious newscasters and officials. "Carlos" allegedly being a romantic Latin American with a flare for international daring-do and intrigue but in fact being only another of the world's tiringly-familiar crypto-Jews, as any study of his life, habits and family-connections conclusively reveals. This sort of international purveyor of false-flag operations and brutal black-ops deeds being an animal that doesn't at all change its stripes. And now today we have another crypto-Jewish enterprise that is much worse, a chance for the synagogue to once again unleash its hatred for mankind in its signature morbidly-hideous way, burying little children alive, beheading them, making them into sex-slaves, mercilessly killing prisoners a hundred at a time. As by common testimony the most vicious of those who commit these diabolical atrocities aren't locals at all but Westerners who traveled to the Middle East: which fact, to anyone with any knowledge at all of the geo-cryptic terrain, spells the word Jew not just in Yiddish but in every language on earth.

In fact, the human race has been one gigantic psychological-guinea-pig colony for quite some time now, at the hands of this unnatural breed, and in many ways this irruption of perverted extremism is largely a global testing-of-reflexes, a psycho-drama superbly enhanced by podium undertaker-tones of Obama, facial-agonies of press-secretaries and morose melodramas of media-anchors alike. All this under the undeniable supervision of a synagogue which delights above all in this idea that mankind is its private chattel, its pet project, as popes have indeed warned for millennia in time, with humanity kept in thrall by unlimited Jewish financial power and ironclad dominion over both violent and "diplomatic" global intrigue. Add to this that IS and this Baghdadi appeared on this same theatrical stage with proven links to an Israeli-partner U.S. military and we can discern a full-blown Judeo/American experiment upon human sensibilities, notably in this hideous introduction of satanistic atrocities like live-burials and deaths-by-fire. Whether as a "punishment" simply for being an enemy combatant or for the sheer gratuitous spleen of something wretched and bizarre. All this really differing only in kind and not degree from "make the world safe" rapes, tortures and slow-deaths meted out to prisoners held at Guantanamo and earlier at Abu Ghraib and a host of Polish and other foreign torture sites, mostly ending in a convenient ("no lose ends") snuffing-out in some CIA-protégé Central-Asian "republic". (It's nice to have friends overseas.) The globe-intimidating Judeo/secret-society identity of our top leadership being the worst kept secret in the world.

We don't like to say the word Jew but soon we will all be howling it in gasps and shrieks, as this more-and-more candid kind of "coming out" proceeds: an increasingly glib and impenitent self-avowal of men with unchallengeable power. Fewer and fewer men any longer being able to pretend that Islam is the source of these horrific atrocities-without-end. Powerless indigenous peoples of the globe having been saddled with these bloody intrigues since a Rothschild-financed Revolutionary Era's "spreading of democracy", with Jews and their fellow-travelers spreading havoc and murder everywhere, stoking roaring furnaces of incessant change, removing all earthly stability so as to be able to administer the final humanity-extinguishing coup d'etat, now in its final stage.

Much is to be learned from these horrific deeds and our responses to same, if we are scarcely any higher up the chain of existence than a lizard or a bug: which is precisely how we are evaluated by these people to whom betrayal, one-upmanship, street-savvy, and otherwise catching people in bug-traps, are the sole measure of worth. Scripture having not surprisingly been thus interpreted by those who cynically crucified their own Messiah, Jews in the New Testament named specifically several times as the ones who "nailed Him to a tree".

Most riveting however is the way the delirious chanting of these masked IS troopers resembles strikingly the intonations of satanists or satanically-inspired shamans of certain Indian tribes. The melodies are haunting, tormenting, a genuine siren song, suggesting too a tie-in with weird rites of Nazi (Ashkenazi) cultists at the ruins of the medieval Albigensian castle of Montsegur. The "Synagogue of Satan" of scriptural condemnation having indeed invented the maternal-Jewish Adolph Hitler as an "accuser" (translation of the name Satan) to wrap all Christendom in his own sodden ignominy, to reverse the roles of crucifiers and crucified in a mendacious yet convincing way. The lie about six million Jewish deaths in WWII being proportional to staggering Jewish falsehoods regarding Palestinians, Syrians or Iraqis, or anyone else who stands in their way, or whom they wish to devour. Here in IS being found another of these historical guilt-transfer mechanisms, and much more besides.

Where will it all lead? Not to the ultimate bug-exterminator victory of Judaism but rather to its own bug-like crushing under Our Blessed Lady's maiden heel. Mary at Fatima seeming indeed to be beckoning the Muslim world to recognize her maternal and tender sway, in choosing to miraculously appear in 1917 to three shepherd children, amid staggering prodigies witnessed by a hundred-thousand souls, there in that tiny Portuguese village which bears the daughter of Mohammed's name. The stupendous Heavenly visitation taking place indeed in the very month and year of a Bolshevik Revolution of Polish, Ukrainian, Georgian, Lower-Eastside Jewish blood-red vintage as well. Thus do we here on this Crusade hope soon to welcome into the Catholic fold these Muslims so many of whom are good and pious souls, while witnessing the seer-predicted final disappearance of a craven Judaism, largely in fiery, divinely-chastising extinction, partially in conversion. Yet with a tiny fragment of the obdurate remaining from out of whom, as Catholic saintly prophets assure us, will come a murderous Antichrist himself. That final biblical "man of sin" to be ignominiously defeated in the glorious Second-Coming of Christ.

February 4, 2015: Unlimited artificial means arbitrate perpetual war. The fiend disguised in biblical "signs and wonders" of hyper-tech. The working-paradigm in which the nursing-along of war in The Ukraine and around the globe is amply explained. Edited later in day.

All that was needed to set this deadly perpetual motion machine humming like a top—an image used frequently on this site—was the Enlightenment Era replacement of the law of God as determiner of human law, this public transformation in turn gradually but inevitably erasing the divine legislation from the human heart and mind. Once this "progressive" change was wrought, there would be no effective barrier in the way of today's electro-mechanical global monstrosity, a lumbering, stalking King Kong, a manufactured environment completely foreign to the lovely world given us by a good God. Synagogue-connected elites mobilizing resource-squandering hyper-tech processes, wasting ten parts to one, prodigal boons of the earth but so much fodder for unearthly electronic methodologies, with madmen like this palsy-stricken mathematician Hawkings seeing mankind as ultimately helpless before inanimate powers of digital technique. That which of course must have an evil mind somewhere behind it to make it formidable at all. At the vanguard of which infernal project is a U.S. military whose motto is "might makes right", which hotly and conveniently takes offense "at the drop of a hat", indeed preemptively, before any offense has been given at all. To self-righteously assure that war—for two-and-a-half centuries America's raison d'etre—is brought about—consuming humanity in a deified futurism which is human-sacrificial satanism in a clever new guise.

Men today either believe or are intimidated-into-silence by these fantasies, rather than voicing trust-in and dependence-upon Almighty God, as in days of old. He for whom planets, comets and asteroids are so many tiny play-things to hurl about, to smash noted presumptuous technocrats in due time. The millennially-predicted coming chastisement being their special pay-back time, a punishment which will consume three-quarters of a rebellious human race, and return the earth to a natural-form-preserving direct utilization of its resources which sane and natural kinds of progress represent.

There is indeed "a remnant, selected out of grace", whom God is using to combat these Orwellian evils, this unearthly and ugly machine. A mounting-of-resistance which is to be found on this site and in this Crusade.

February 2, 2015: It would be nice if it worked but it doesn't. Edited next day.

This is our assessment of a liberal democracy so much hailed today, as it comes to us through fevered exertions of the Judeo/Masonically-inspired Revolutionary Era. Admittedly, there's no slogan in the old system with quite the same ring as cries of "one man one vote!" or "give me liberty or give me death!", or even "man the barricades!" But it's in the drawn-out less-advertised consequences of the incredibly-facile one-step thinking involved—much discussed on this site—that the bankruptcy of the new one pays out in spades.

Fact is, God gave us our nature, as well as a need to save our souls, for which reason we obey fatherly authorities, by dint of that "fatherhood all of which comes from God". A genuine leader is the personification, the embodiment, the epitome, of his people, having risen to that position because of certain abilities, indeed typically a certain degree of devotion, others don't often possess: this aptitude being helped along immensely by a familiarity with details involved that goes back generations in time. It is true that there are opportunities for tyranny, but it is even more true that the old system here being described saddled the leader with onerous duties whose responsibility upon him squarely lay, to which he seldom wished to add more by "selfishly" grabbing more power. Unless of course he is backed by a potent cabal of secretive opportunists with whom to share it out, and make it stick. His ability to perform these heavy duties in traditional honest ways being enhanced incalculably because of the noted generational familiarity-in-detail, as decades of hands-on governing will produce: turning out an end-product which only the most unrealistic, or craven and dishonorable, could possibly despise. With personal ties being strengthened, based on love, on the common good, which will elicit a self-sacrificial devotion which a manually-or-electronically-rigged ballot-box can never call forth. We can all claim that it's better to let the group do everything, to give no personal authority to anyone, to never let a military man have any political position—let alone for the two realms to be co-joined in every office in the land—but in all the fanfare and celebration over having been "released from these bonds", over having discovered all these "marvels" of "freedom" and "liberty"—in the hubbub and excitement the calculating, down-to-business traitor—who worries not at all about being democratic—who is most typically a crypto-Jew—goes quickly and quietly to work. While everyone is still celebrating around the Lincoln Monument, loudly giving three cheers. This the summary of two and a half centuries of land-speculator-grabs powered by "heroic" aggressive warfare across both continent and globe. To the tune of the libertarian destruction of any human decency of any kind. The new system, this liberal democracy, demanding above all things that we biblically "kick against the goad", that we bravely and heroically dedicate ourselves to every possible counterintuitive thing, denying our nature like a true Albigensian as if it were our worst enemy. And then we can go off and congratulate ourselves, in greater measure the bloodier the inevitable anti-human ordeal. Some, finally, will assume that our patronage-utilizing old system must materialize as the glib and impish rule of some crypto-Jewish "Jeb" Bush—a genuine "old-line Southerner" from the New York or New Jersey shore—from a family which stands for everything we on this Crusade oppose—as if somehow the choice is between "let it fly" liberalism and ghoulish, pork-barrel, Haliburton "Happy Days are Here Again!": both of which "new and exciting" avenues basically require the same heavy price. If that's what you think, then all that I write here is in your regard a mere waste of time.

Good government, freedom, the moral raising of the young, economic vitality, cultural richness: all these things require a tremendous amount of concentrated attention that airy ideology cannot possibly supply. Of the retention of personal power for the good of the land, of the enlistment of bosom-friends—called patronage—in the achievement of a laboriously-achieved common good to be of one heart and one mind. Of course with the common people having their localized, organic political-and-economic bodies like the ten-member frankpledge or the hundred in which they aren't just cajoled but consulted: an immemorial, potent political concept scarcely achievable in today's money-bought balloting candidates, a substantive tool with which we of our time have no acquaintance anymore. These perennial boons scarcely forthcoming when a new leader and new set of faceless cronies comes in every four years, and loots the public blind. The blessings of the past that are much extolled on this site having been lost not because the old system was "corrupt" or "backward" but rather because it was systematically subverted, suborned to interlopers with no love of the common good. Well-heeled, greased-tongued "leave it to us" traitors whose favored method is to sink the public in un-payable debt—by hook or by crook, through drug-addiction and financial and economic manipulation and monopolization—and then "democratically" divide and rule through secret-society stooges they have openly or effectively (there's a key word) put-in-place. That chicanery for which cleverly-named, razor-edged constitutional "checks and balances"—rather than far-more positive, reasonable, negotiable and productive personal and economic/geographical ones—are the perfect tool. These older practical institutions by contrast and like anything worth having requiring laborious efforts to keep them in their operational prime, scarcely aspiring to be the ideal "perfectly counterbalanced" perpetual motion machine. But for whose substitution there is nothing but today's economically-prostrating, power-dividing, war-mongering, youth corrupting dark and giddy void.

February 2, 2015: More on the murderous ethos of sodomy.

Contrary to recent antipope pseudo-synod intimations that "we have much to learn" from these perverts and maniacs, sodomy has been recognized from time immemorial as the high-priesthood of the most savage forms of paganism: as in bloody rites atop the late-fifteenth-century Mexico-City Ziggurat. Where, at the time of the arrival of Cortez, Aztec shamans sacrificed, by eye-witness Spanish testimony, some 80,000 over a fifteen-day period, after first sodomizing each and every one, mechanically throwing their heart-removed bodies thereafter down the lengthy slope, to grunting herds-of-hogs below. These pitifully-sacrificed human beings having likely been gathered from scattered tribes across Mexico as well as northward in the present-day Southwestern United States, in a déjà vu equally-paganistic to Bush/Obama military forays around the globe. In an earlier era when relatively-defenseless pueblo-dwellers suddenly disappear from the pages of history, as archeological evidence so ominously reveals. And as noted now and again on this site, law enforcement too lends its testimony to sodomy's homicidal twist, revealing sodomites to be involved one way or another in at least half of all murders, wreaking a character-disfigurement mortally-vindictive, sadistic and vengeful, perverts innumerable times slaying those thus unnaturally desired in drawn-out, signature-brutal deeds. Or "conveniently" eliminating those who somehow stand in their way. With the ultimate "act of love" of these classical psychopaths being the snuffing out of a human life. Involved being a human-sacrificial offering indistinguishable from those of ancient pagan Canaanites or medieval and early-modern Aztecs, each of them to placate some fiend from the nether world.

Furthermore, much of the harshness and sarcasm, bluntness and refined cruelty of modern social life is a direct result of the open indulgence granted to sodomy and sodomites by our laws, courts and schools, their influence being a poisoned socio-moral stream, in vigilance-against-which exorcisms, incense and holy relics are principally employed. Regarding people who don't ply sex at all but a craven mutual-masturbation of sorts, perverts who ceaselessly indulge a sort of morbid malice which poisons speech everywhere. Conversations for these ghouls, when not being zany, silly fools, largely new opportunities to "twist the blade", personal social relations being employed to establish some kind of one-upmanship which salts the soil of national prosperity and cultural life. Here too the richest source of today's "music", full of the din of chaos, murder and barbarity, of a lust always off in search of some new and exotic vent for execrable incontinence.

If there is such a thing as an enemy—and there certainly is—then it isn't the Taliban nor Al Qaeda but these court, school and legislature ingratiated sodomites, whose abominable "liberty" our leaders now and for decades have spread by force-of-arms around the globe. These perverts—whom a syrupy-sanctimonious Huckabee equates with harmless drinkers of scotch or smokers of cigarettes—being ensconced in the USA in the highest authority and most-prestigious of places, against whose deadly influence we pray with heartfelt zeal: Oh God, eternal fount of all purity, remove from the earth, send speedily to Hell all those our filthy enemies who with obdurate malice would destroy the guileless innocence of the young. They who hate Holy Mother Church and openly and insidiously connive against her only-genuine, soul-saving liberty.

January 31, 2015: True Catholicism no one-step logic but cutting "between bone and marrow". Why Orthodoxy is wrong. Article carefully revised.

Some say it would be nice had God given us a revelation of a religion that suits rosy humanistic fantasies of our day, which upholds over and above all else Paul VI's melodramatic dogma-to-end-all-dogmas: "war no more, war never again!" To express such a desire of course is good: but to deliver it in such a way that it encompasses the capitulation of Catholic nations to their infernal enemies, embracing both practically and doctrinally the tenets of ever-heretical pacifism, all the while the most barbaric sort of aggressive warfare from the right party remains deafeningly un-condemned, is to baldly dishonor God.

Be patient, modern reader, because what I have to say has several logical steps involved, avoiding today's inevitable overemotional one step thinking: a lurching notional-dance-floor maneuver indeed. For the honor and glory of God is the principal aim of religion—all lesser ends being contained with it—"the second commandment is like to the first"—else in demoting God under something else we insult rather than honor Him. Bidding some mere creature or creaturely desire to "come up higher" at the banquet, while the Almighty Himself is made ignominiously to "take the last place". A God Who will brook no exceptions to this "straight and narrow" path: even when traversing especially difficult doctrinal ground, such as the Petrine-Rocky stretch in which human law is required to be modeled upon the Divine Law, the latter indeed imperatively determining the nation's civil and criminal law, its official proceedings, public ceremonies, the education of the young, and so on. Here being admittedly the most difficult and easily "botched" part of this creed-related trail to God by far, but one which gives by far the most glory to the Creator. And although this bounden, solemn duty to thus model human law to Divine Faith is incumbent principally upon those who already believe in that One True Faith, yet not only Christ's command but also the highly-evident fundamental and immovable veracity of that Catholic Church urges its members and hierarchy to plead the popularly-embraced introduction of Catholicism and its intimately-co-joined public institutions around the globe: the consent of native populations, as in anything of the conscience or soul, being of course intrinsically required. Hence we don't speak of Catholic proselytism as some sort of dirty word at all, as Vatican II and the whole of arch-heretical modern humanistic Christianity do: but rather seek its genuine if non-coercive all-points epiphany with hopeful and joyful hearts. However—and here's the rub for the lurching, one-step, "love, love", "open windows" New Church crowd—once a people accepts the Catholic Faith and codifies it into their laws, public ceremonies and way-of-life, for the Jesuit "greater honor and glory of God", then that Catholic Way is indeed justly upheld by force of arms when necessary. Not principally to uphold the dignity of those Catholics who are in charge but primarily to uphold the all-necessary "liberty of Holy Mother Church", her unencumbered exercise of maternal solicitude over the nation's ever-vulnerable flock of souls, especially as that tutelage incomparably redounds to the pious and virtuous upbringing of the young.

Not surprisingly, this kind of truth—which upholds God's glory in the public realm—is especially fought-against by the fiend and his infernal followers—for after all, the honor and adoration of God is what the whole struggle between Heaven and Hell is all about—with God's glory plainly being most magnificently and incomparably upheld in this public way, with due pomp and ceremony indeed everywhere vigorously displayed. The evil one being blithely ready to accommodate any amount of Vatican-II-style lip-service, "only saying Lord, Lord", such as the one-step crowd is so quick to endorse.

In the context of the bloodiest kind of struggle over nearly a thousand years since the Great Schism, and periodically before that time as well, is viewed the coming conversion of Russia to the Catholic Faith, as predicted by Our Blessed Lady at Fatima: the aim of the fiend above all things having been to deny to Christ, to the One True Faith, this united public homage and fealty, to keep Christendom rather divided along the old age-hoary lines of the Eastern and the Western Empires of Diocletian fame. Substantially duplicating in religion Byzantium's late-ancient demotion and indeed robbery and looting of a magnificent Roman West, erecting a Middle-Eastern-pagan Antioch-hearkening view of authority as "descending from the gods", under a soon-to-appear official Christianity insidiously trivializing and much later openly denying to Peter his place at the head of the Church. A Petrine ascendancy acknowledged essentially by everyone East and West until 1054 A.D. While the wicked one gets plenty of help in this perennial enterprise from ever-divisive, "divide and rule" Jews, who scheme and connive ceaselessly to keep this nefarious East/West division—political, economic, religious, social—alive and well. Albeit this time the West in most theaters is decidedly "on top" in the violently-bobbing see-saw thus devised. While conversely in "The Balkans" modern-day Orthodox theologians and prelates, heads-of-state and bloody civilian-butchering black-ops-teams make wild claims based on forged "historical" documents that Roman Catholicism itself came out of that first Byzantine See (bishop's seat): a diocese which wasn't even apostolic in origin, having come into being centuries after that of Peter's, the Pope's, Rome. Incessant and notorious Serbian attempts being made to impose Orthodoxy through war in Croatia, the frontier bastion of the Catholic Faith, with a heinous destruction of baptismal and other records, and genetically-motivated mass-rapes, being only recently performed. The Serbs being strongly bolstered in this fevered desire by ever-allied border-crossing Romanian Vlaci: these with local-Croatian ethnic cousins being the most rabid of all in this drive to obliterate the Croatian-Catholic state. This remarkable cohesion strongly suggesting to some a phonetically-revealed Celtic connections to Wales, Walachia and the Walloons—perhaps further intimating an ill-admitted if-stubbornly-subsisting Stonehenge-vintage paganism—this cryptic transnational alliance said-by-some to explain the inevitable and notorious British support of these Balkan butcheries as well. The insidious paganism of this partnership being likewise strongly suggested by a penchant toward sexual hospitality for which the Vlaci are historically notorious indeed. Whereas in stark contrast Catholic Croatia has never waged a war beyond its own borders, has always welcomed Orthodox people to live peacefully within it, and is substantially followed in this flawless example by Catholic nations everywhere. But we genuine Catholics—of which today there are alas so few—do insist on the rectitude and propriety that "every creature must be subject to the Roman Pontiff" (from the infallible Unam Sanctam): a truism which we depend upon God to bring about, but with the active and peaceful collaboration of Catholic leaders and peoples. This official celebration of the One True Faith—the biblical "one flock" under "one Shepherd", which the fiend and his Jewish minions always conspire to violently and/or insidiously divide—being as noted upheld by force of arms when necessary, once it is established as the law of the land.

Hopefully by such reflections the Orthodox people of Russia and Eastern Ukraine, now in the grips of a terrible struggle, can be brought to see that it is only in this alignment with Rome, the Eternal City—under whose Petrine authority Vladimir was baptized to the Catholic Faith, the only Christianity existing in his time—that they can by the power of God win against their NATO-enabled enemies. These seemingly-invincibly forces—with global banking and the insidious Jewish enemy solidly on their side—the very same Jews whom opposing neo-Nazis and neo-cons rave against—in another cleverly-deceptive, hard-to-digest thought-sequence for the "one step" people to grasp. If these good Russian-speaking, Mother-Russia-loving Ukrainians will cleave to the message of Fatima in Catholic Portugal in 1917, the year and month of the Bolshevik Revolt, when Our Blessed Lady proclaimed that "In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace": then they will win a victory of the most resounding kind. Against these coup-installed radical Kiev forces who promise to bring to them all the abominable perversion and impiety which now reigns in Western Europe and the USA. This Russian and East-Ukrainian conversion to the One True Faith, finally and with staggering significance, undoubtedly involving a tandem reclamation of Rome itself from abominable humanistic antipopes now in charge, who have morally poisoned the largely-"Catholic" Eastern-European enemies against whom these Russians and East Ukrainians are so perilously poised. So that it isn't only the salvation of Russia and the Ukraine that is at stake, but that of the Roman Catholic Church, of all Christendom, indeed of the whole human race.

Much depends on you, then, Russia and Ukraine! Don't let us down, who watch your fortitude from afar, and place our salvation squarely alongside of yours!

January 31, 2015: Greece, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Ireland, Hungary: break with the EU and the Eurozone!

We hear a great deal about things that are "necessary", but the only thing really necessary is that we eat, breath and have shelter. It is these artificial, telescoping "necessities" which have propelled mankind into wars costing a hundred million lives during the past century or so. All these necessities very much like that "requirement" that IS hostages be "proven to be alive": something you might demand of some thug holding a prisoner in a convenience-store stand-off, but a "necessity" hardly called for when dealing with a potent and murderous entity with political and military dimensions. In that case, "they hold all the cards", and those of sanity and goodwill are happy to accept whatever they offer, to save a human life or two.

Alas, we all took the bait when we began to live "on credit" in the first place, and now the global synagogue, the Rothschilds and associates, are collecting out of our hides. Collections which for centuries now, ever since the French and American Revolutions, have invariably been carried out through various forms of false-flag, civilian-killing, black-ops intrigue, propelling all parties into bloody wars. But it will only get worse the longer we put off the break with this murderous, totalitarian money-lending crew. Trust in God and in Our Blessed Lady, follow the advice contained in my books, readable for free above, and in these daily entries and the various links. Mint your own currency, backed by nothing except the goodwill of those we genuinely trust, whom we have put in charge! The solution will require that we live much more humbly than before, and that we place no trust at all in those secretive elites who dominate our economic and political, moral and social existence now.

January 30, 2015: Brave New Cowards.

In mortal fear we shun extremes of the spiritual life, evading trials and tribulations meant to cudgel the sheep of the soul down the road of life, hammer-blows of the blacksmith of fate being dodged in a breathless "we have to move on", the haunted inner man thereby becoming a sort of characterless bowling ball. Even as outwardly we are challenged to ever-newer perils, to "pay any price" for a future allegedly so bright, fleeing in horror from the man within who would involve us in so many complicated things, said by many indeed to be ready at any moment to go quite insane. Leaving him thus at loose-ends behind, we get more cowardly by the day, all the while we march off into this Brave New genome-tampering, Mars-exploring World, with multiple brave new leaders to lead us off to "heroic" pre-planned wars.

I'm asking men everywhere to reestablish an acquaintance with this inner man, who isn't really such a menacing guy. Go inside and "sup with him", now and again: he won't attack you if you treat him halfway nice. Have some pity upon him, before you hurl him summarily into Hell, finding no use for him while he's yet alive. A guy in an inner chamber, his acquaintance once made, who alone, in company with Almighty God, can lead us out of the deadly economic and sociopolitical morass of today. Can wisely and prudently free us from present-day chains. Can give us a government just and respectful of human dignity. That genuine worth which is fashioned on the anvil of inner joys and adversities.

Let us then do this thing together, under the banner of that God Who has no fear of atoms or laser-beams, or of a digital technology said by leading scientists to be poised to overpower mankind itself, like a Frankenstein turned on its inventor, directed by a "chosen" few who thus plan to alone survive. This God Who moves mountains and planets being ready to make hash out of scoundrels like these.

January 29, 2015: One can sense Uncle Sam's strenuous arm-twisting of Jordan in its negotiations with the Islamic State…

for the release of its own pilot, a deal which may impinge upon the release of the Japanese hostage as well. Right away, our newscasters and TV generals start talking discouragingly and disparagingly about the whole idea, no doubt echoing a U.S. Defense-and-State department jockeying of things from behind the scenes—always wanting to run the puppet show—undoubtedly hoping to thwart these efforts so that morbid fantasies of unlimited warfare can be sustained. This allegation that "proof that the hostage is still alive is always required" before negotiations can be brought to term, trumping human life with protocol, being part-and-parcel of this whole undertaker-motif that Uncle Sam brings to all theaters of conflict or war. Otherwise, U.S. weapons manufacturers might get jittery about any interruptions in the steady flow of contracts now seemingly guaranteed for years to come. A priority which will trump matters of human life every time.

January 29, 2015: Don't be surprised when you hear or read the most stolidly conservative quotations from out of the documents of the Second Vatican Council:

Just be patient, read on some more, and you will find another quote that roundly contradicts the one that went before. This deliberate minting of contradictory statements from out of the breathless linguistic stamping-mill of '62-'65 has been admitted-to very recently and without apparent regret by a surviving prelate—then perhaps only a council-attending priest—of the times. The point of it all is that this deus ex machina, this council, this New Church, is meant to be so "wonderfully freeing" that we don't any longer "worry about things!" Thus in a major way is explained the overriding political and economic cynicism of the West which constantly brings the world to the brink of global war, with antipopes—unlike staff-wielding, flock-protecting, validly-constituted predecessors—making picture-perfect, chameleon-like statements which change nothing at all.

January 27, 2015: More on our ideas of government, quite different from those of secret-society leaders who rule us now.

Our advocated system is one of myriad specifically-spelled-out, ceaselessly arbitrated and renegotiated rights, privileges, enablers painstakingly articulated day-by-day: all under that finest and fairest of "constitutions" which is the Law of God. That utterly-impartial framework in which alone liberty of any meaningful kind can exist at all. The "working document" or main instrument of this genuine popular government being the charter: a developing tool-of-arbitration debate-hammered forms-of-which are accepted or rejected by these various popular groups at their ascending levels, embraced or sent back for renegotiation at will. Like full-throated haggling at a marketplace, resentment, let alone today's tear-jerking Senate theatrics, playing little if any part at all. The whole involving a painstaking labor-of-love, with rights-of-appeal to figures or bodies above: yet having the jet-fuel of an above-board personal leadership utterly lacking today: a long-absent warm-blooded reality light-years away from today's privilege-breeding secretive nepotism, all the while "checks and balances" are lyingly said to rule. Ours a system tailor-made for human beings, able to bring everything ably and decisively to term.

Is our recommended kind of law and government—"horrible thought!"—hard to achieve? Is it indeed dolefully, hand-wringingly unlike the allegedly hummingly-efficient perpetual-motion "checks and balances" machine skillfully manipulated today by people like Merkel, Cameron and McCain, patented centuries ago out of Masonic lodge halls the world round? A rapturously-celebrated mechanism said indeed, staggering paradox for sure, to have been given us by the very same God which these same agnostic-synagogue-courtiers have banished from law and affairs-of-state? Yes, Virginia, I must admit that our system is entirely unlike such a dreamy-eyed thing. Our New and Better Confederacy rather embracing human nature and working with it "as is", rejecting any "whiz kid" notions—ideas that always end in enslavement, popular agency-prostration, resource-squandering, trade-rape and global war—opting instead for the laborious interaction of popular groups like the ten-member high-medieval Frankpledge. With a noble aristocracy rising in successive plateaus to an organic (non-absolutist yet functional) royal throne, plying those charters described briefly above. Would our system lack scientists altering foods for global transport and sending us off to Mars? Hardly would it mourn such a loss, being happy with a world just as it came from the hand of God.

Furthermore, I have little doubt that, given a chance, "shame on you" "no shows" at election time to the tune of some 62% would welcome such a change toward above-board vigorous things. The popular will being precisely what any secret-society-vetted regime—which spends zillions to win elections—wishes to thwart—in a popular-agency-dumping which is plainly-enough the "nature of the beast" of anything arranged "behind closed doors". Popular government plainly not being "chosen" every so many years, and then we-the-people go off and "go about our business" and let these cryptic wheeler-dealers take charge. Rather must genuine self rule be exercised constantly, openly, painstakingly, on a daily basis, with the people having a "hands on" grasp on the reins of power, "from the bottom up", in energetic and ebullient methods put forward on this site. This even as due acknowledgment is given to the core principle of this Crusade and New Confederacy, namely that "the law of God is the sole source of law", and that those who hold positions of authority over the people "stand in God's place", just as does the father of a family. A political relationship however admittedly implemented with a good deal more complexity than that, as the "children" involved are adults and must be meticulously respected as such.

Here is where they "send in the clowns", as flag-draped "patriots" of secret-society-stripe will aver complete inability to grasp this sort of paradox, of citizens who feel a childlike love or filial piety for their leaders, as being veritable father-figures, and yet insist upon their own rights as adults to have a substantial, organic (meaning juridically irremovable) hand in their own affairs. Alas, the heroically-forward-looking metronome of "checks and balances" is ruefully gone in such a "backward" idea. Loudly-objecting interlopers claiming pitiful bewildered inability to grasp such a thought, to fathom this love-based relationship, which they bravely hold to have no place in matters-of-state, where "grown up" laissez faire is said instead to reign. These very "down to business", "no nonsense" figures however after election day expecting blank-faced "trust me" carte blanc for their secret wars, secret prisons, secret tribunals and "now you see it, now you don't" "just around the corner" national wellbeing.

January 25, 2015: Either God determines the law or the good will be punished and goodness will be banished from the face of the earth.

This is what happens when the prime value of the state becomes liberty instead of the honor and glory of God and the implementation of His commands: good liberty being a handmaiden of God, needing His law to direct it into those realms where it will achieve good things. Otherwise becoming a highwayman to "legally" inflict rape, murder, perversion, dope-peddling to children, and the like, not only on the "libertarian" willing but on everyone that can be brought under such a "liberty's" broad sway. So that by this worship of the harbor goddess of Liberty instead of God, this abject prostration which is the raison d'etre of the USA, we are very simply putting ourselves in chains. "He who would save his life will lose it"; he who would make liberty itself the purpose of law will lose liberty as well as any genuine semblance of law. And live instead under the heaviest, most larcenous and rapacious of "legal" yokes.

Thus explained is the present condition of the USA, where an allegedly deranged homeless man in Albuquerque was so notoriously shot dead—with the whole thing brazenly displayed on cop-cam film—with a volley of close-range shots—with the obvious desire to kill him being present from the start—ostensibly just for shying away from a snarling dog who didn't even seem to be on a leash. The visibly frightened man running away from, not toward, the police, so that he plainly was no threat at all; while conversely the terrain of desert plant-life over which he clumsily fled, steeply uphill, was hardly going to allow him to escape. (Of course, as always, the guy was said to have a weapon: in this case, a knife, although that too was scarcely to be seen, and if he actually had one was no danger to anyone at all, as he fled in panic up the hill, the few steps during which he remained alive.) This retreat on his part being a reaction which anyone sick or sane, compliant or uncooperative, would involuntarily have shown, as the vicious attack of the dog so graphically revealed. His real "crime" however undoubtedly having been a refusal to enter the local notorious homeless shelter, preferring by far to sleep out in the cold: an institution like scores of others across the land whose inmates are typically genuine slaves for a Wall-Street-Traded "evangelical" mission, living behind high-wire fences with a guard at the gate, their vehicles if they have any being plainly more-or-less impounded inside, probably for surety purposes of arrangements involved. This shelter being plainly the same one we were told about around 2007 while on crusade through the same Albuquerque, by a guy in his twenties who with wife and young children was just then confined within the identical sort of fence, together with his vehicle which they wouldn't let him remove. A guy who described to us the hopeless circumstances in which they were stuck. Dwellers in a shelter which is simply a converted gym, where all sleep like a herd of sheep on the floor, on hard mats, with all the homeless people found by the authorities within a hundred-mile-plus radius of Albuquerque being willingly or not brought there. People who if they stay more than one night are sent out on jobs and no doubt expected, as in the case of all such place, to turn in all of their earnings, to "pay" for the miserable conditions in which they live, if perhaps allowed a tiny "allowance" each week or two. Casual sexual assault being an undeniable frequent occurrence there, from at least one member of the blue-collar staff, while a lady we know witnessed a woman crying at the women's bathroom entryway in the middle of the night—a place you apparently approach in the wee hours at your own risk—with a guard glowering at her from his post a couple of paces away in front of the outside door. Her incoherent words of reproach—seemingly ashamed, as a woman will always be, to be very specific—leaving the strong impression that she had just gotten assaulted or raped by this same beefy "Christian", under threat of being "thrown out in the cold". A threat brandished in one way or another more than once that night among the throngs, on a rare-for-the-region bitterly-cold night. While this womanly acquaintance of ours was herself given the unmistakable aggressive once-over look, as she herself entered that restroom for the urgent call of nature that cold night. Then too there was a guy who stayed there that night who got a broom-handled poked in his rectum by the above-noted blue-collar worker—this janitor having obviously had lots of practice, being an uncanny pro at hitting his target—a "pious" paragon who quickly came up from behind with a sloppy grin on his face, the deed being done. Are we really that far from Abu Ghraib here in the "freedom loving" USA?

No, Muslims, fellow men of any creed: don't let this "liberty loving" mockery take hold in your land. Consecrate it instead to God, pattern its laws after the law of God, at the very least that law written on the human heart, contained in moral customs and traditions of mankind given us by God from out of an immemorial past. Then defend that noble sovereignty with your very life, confident in God alone. For this sort of ambush-by-maniacs is what awaits you if you choose this "American way", being spread by force here at home in the same way as it is in every corner of the globe. But, alas, you know this far better than I: my only real desire here being to "call you brother", to say that by the grace of God I am a member of your beloved human race, and not any sort of "exceptionalist" Abu Ghraib style two-headed monster, gang-rapist, sodomite, torturer or murderer at all. Indeed, maybe my few honest words of confession, of solidarity, will make things a little safer for some American walking on some foreign street somewhere in the night: maybe even needing shelter on a bitterly-cold night like that described above.

January 28, 2015: Multiple considerations on loyalty to God, family and state. Article developed more over following day.

Fundamental to the good state, the good city, the good family is that loyalties are placed squarely in their proper and integral order, for the good of each and all, with loyalty first of all to God and all Godly things. The second tier-of-loyalty then alternating between the family and the state: we men being willing to sacrifice in war our own lives as fathers and custodians of our little flock for the sake of the nation, yet never allowing the authorities any inroads on the parental authority, of which the state is pars parentis only in the dire extremity, not the ordinary or even the unusual event. State prerogatives scarcely encompassing a thirty-five-year-old "best interest of the child" doctrine, an infinitely-elastic custody-snatching factotum supplanting immemorial common law fitness criteria, embodying a prime judicial coup of orchestrated radical forces of the times, much like today's sodomy-marriage decisions or an earlier '73 abortion-on-demand. This "best interest" ruling overturning legal fundamentals that had upheld the inviolability of the family for millennia: being hailed among liberals everywhere as the savior of the American family but quickly proving to be its catastrophic demise. The new doctrine summarily and unjustifiably dislodging parents everywhere, many of them loyal and devoted, incredibly-often placing their children in the custody of sexual-deviants, sadists and fiends with no love or respect for them at all. So much indeed for "best interest of the child". The new approach being a final judicial capstone on an anything-goes, order-overturning hippy era, the new standard originating in radical-elite-catering courts of Illinois, inevitably being applied in the most Orwellian/secularistic way, making the state not "equal parent" but conquest-bent, punitive, unquestionable overlord over mom and dad. This perfidious synagogue-sponsored new doctrine, resembling many another which attack natural-family-related life, having first indeed been applied to our very own little family in the same Illinois, we being then in desperate grips of an overpowering all-fronts nationwide persecution against sincere Christians, a murderous onslaught only now being partially recognized for the barbarity that it was, and continues to be. We among the very first in the trenches of this terrible economically-impoverishing struggle-of-decades, described in the "autobiographical sketch" to be found on this site: while surviving Christians-of-convenience, "whose number is legion" will claim to have been "staunchly conservative", good as gold during those same years. Having always known uncannily well how to pick-and-choose among easier moral injunctions, and come out "smelling like a rose". This dictatorial moral-mediocrity-breeding new ruling—with "best welfare" inevitably interpreted over a wide range of success-ethic, comfort-catering and morally-permissive things—finding us to be the first test case for ever-more-radical things: used to procure inroads on the family hearth which would have in turn a pronounced domino effect of the most predictable kind. As the unnaturally-subservient new position of parents serving inevitably to undermine and corrupt the family itself, with the ruling made to appear ipso-facto justified by dint of the miserable species of humanity broken-by and then brought-before the same high-handed bar. All this a bit of latter-day bench-American chuspah much like beating someone to broken bones with a two-by-four, and then claiming to gathering police officers that because of his condition the victim should be confined to ones own hovering care. The family being a realm over which no one in their right mind wants legally-discursive, hypothesis-hatching judges making thundering pronouncements of the most radical kind.

In a world full of misplaced loyalties ours was an "open and shut" case of persecution, as any reading of our autobiographical sketch will reveal, but most loyalty-related matters fairly bristle with complexities from the start: being simple in principle, but in application intricate indeed. Hence regarding loyalty of the state toward the people of whom it is composed, as in the almonry or provision-related axiom of Pope St. Gregory the Great, namely that "the goods of the earth are there for all men". Finding the state-shepherded just distribution of same—Murdock, Huckabee and Fox News notwithstanding—not simply a laissez-faire "dog eat dog" free-for-all, nor yet a regimented, communistic dole: Church teaching on property and economics having rather been mostly codified "in the customs of nations", with Gospel generosity augmenting that ever native to humankind, paralleling indeed a custom-bound hearth-preserving, frailty-accommodating "fitness standard" for parental custody as well. This comprehensive doctrine on the public weal having been taught through the ages and clarified by pontiffs of the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries.

But if passionate emotion rules, overthrowing the good order of human loyalty when sober and Godly commitment is required, souls are undoubtedly lost in droves: those of state and federal judges not excepted at all. Hence among willful or obdurate heretics, schismatics and Jews blood-ties are inevitably overpowering, with people often quite willing to die for mom or uncle Bob but scarcely so devoted to the law of God, emotion thus mortally swaying the tribunal of the mind. For if we torture this inner magistrate-turned-prisoner or "detainee" long and hard enough—much as sixteenth-century Reformers misuse Holy Scripture and today's New Church TV enthusiasts twist the teachings of the Early Fathers—this captive jurist can be made to say anything we wish, given enough noise-harassment, "water-boarding", sleep-deprivation and time. And by dint of such protracted-but-"rewarding" efforts we can then walk away feeling "clean as a daisy": we who have "received the law by the disposition of angels", (Douay-Rheims version, Acts 7: 53), as on the brink of martyrdom the good St. Stephen so reproachfully exclaimed. The same sort of overweening passion being applied in the "welfare of the child" court-ruling discussed above: with the nefarious design of the synagogue to construct a passionately-adhered-to Jewish super-state in which the power over children of the gentile is placed squarely in "tender" Hebrew morality-overturning care. Producing a society of state-worshipping perverts, monsters and killers, marching across the globe to impose their fanatical court-imposed "American Way".