December 14, 2005: The rush to a military judgment against Syria, the next domino after Iraq, is accelerated with the assassination of Gibran Tueni


You can bet the liars are at it again, this time in a well-coordinated anti-Syrian smear campaign with “Christian-Zionist”, Jewish and Orthodox elements deeply involved. Representing the PR staff of a long-standing cabal in which the global underworld operates unimpeded cheek-to-jowl with geo-corporate finance. People one of whose ambitions is to broker the mineral and other wealth now barely being tapped into, from the Middle East through Central and Southeast Asia, with human and narcotic trafficking in many places providing its own unique sort of market discipline, as in the 19th-century introduction of Opium to China. Here being maintained in many respects a still-intact millennia-old international commercial fiefdom, by a host of candid and clandestine ties densely-interconnected over time, which once carried the Muslim/Jewish slave trade, whose victims were for centuries largely the fair-haired of Saxony or Northumbria. A White slavery whose snake-like route traveled land and sea from the Baltic to the Bosporus. A vast conspiracy (like the word or no) that has to this day and in a host of ways been largely responsible for the major wars and other big “deals” of history.

Furthermore, since “the stakes are high” these people don’t care how many of their “friends” have to be “sacrificed” for the “higher cause”. No, these are “real players”, the savvy ones who “play for keeps”: and whose age-old cynicism can only be withstood by the politically-mobilized power of Catholicism, of the Mystical Body of Christ. In a coming triumph of the meek and the mild, under the banners of Our Blessed Lady, which will be the decisive turning-point of history. For Christ came not only to free us from the bonds of sin but from political bonds as well. Thus the string of Lebanese politicians and journalists being assassinated: in my own opinion strictly to create more martyrs for the ignominious counter-cause. That leader-widowing which is a constant recourse in a Mossad-ridden Middle East. While finally these astute and incalculable traffickers—in both minerals and human misery—know they can depend on hundreds of thousands of “mine is but to do or die” American soldiers to execute their will anywhere they wish upon the seven seas.

Here again, as in the Tookie Williams execution, or even as in the crucifixion of Christ—also by some stretch describable as “a court-condemned felon”—He Who bore the instruments of death with a loving generosity—the false witnesses against Syrian officials are many. And the accusations of this stooge Mehlis, just like the others used against Saddam Hussein to justify two armed invasions of his sovereign nation (and two before that as well, in earlier decades), are believed with rapt confidence by the American public. What a perfect captive audience, since precious few here know much about Lebanon, or Iraq. But it is readily possible for all, in the clear sight of a good will, to see certain unmistakable patterns and trends.

Believe me, this is going to be another “rush to judgment”, this coming invasion of Syria, one which will already be bitterly regretted no more than a month later. (Note of 11/08: sure enough, Syrian territory has been violated repeatedly by Bush “war on terror” forces, most notably in a recent cross-border invasion, apparently by Blackwater or other mercenary troops. Since the U.S. armed forces commander on that sector has denied any involvement. Further note of April 2012: Again, Syria's neck is on the chopping-block, this time in terms of today's accelerated geopolitical treachery—at the vanguard of which is Hillary Clinton—atop an international Judas-ring enforcing the "rights" of armed mobs to overthrow any non-English-speaking state.) But by then we will have stuck our foot in the bear-trap, being thereafter required to “stay the course”, having been prevailed upon not to “cut and run”, having already put all our “irons in the fire”. That from which the flinty American macho-male, bred of four centuries of radical-Reformation Calvinism, the perennial source of both global aggressive conquest and domestic BTKs, cannot possibly turn away. I know I cannot hope to exhaust all the possible hare-brained, fuddy-duddy but deadly phrases in this short list, which will be used to justify hunting for long-term baby-sitters while Mom and/or Dad go off and literally help kill babies. As the ancient confidence mankind used to place in God alone is now usurped by governments in the hire of international traitors, an idolatry from which personal deeds of valor might even proceed. This sort of heroism being repeatedly remarked by the saints, regarding those men who will give all, in valiant displays, for some other human being, or for some cheap and tawdry god in some pagan temple, neglecting entirely to see that the only significant connection is maintained throughout: that it all be in accord with God's law, and ultimately for His glory in some genuine way. And not for the ultimate glory of the infernal fiend. No, it's all "trust me", when it comes to this all-necessary verification, and we have a whole carefully-orchestrated array of public institutions to make sure that we, and especially our military-age youth, "stay the course", even if it leads to hell.

Finally, a big part of the reason for the much-made-over recent tactical and strategic improvement on the ground is because it is a strategically-destabilizing black-ops league we have actually been fighting over there—when it comes to certain key provocations which periodically widen or perpetuate the conflict—over and above any genuine insurgents, let alone the highly-mythical Al Qaeda. Odious operators who can of course “back off” any time they choose, if chaos and mayhem are no longer to their strategic advantage. In the same manner in which two or three 9/11s would have been a decided matter of “overkill” to these astute traitors when operating on American soil.

But as stated in other places on this page, the aim of these world-players isn’t really mineral wealth. They already have plenty of that sort of thing. And in any case the reserves of oil are essentially unlimited: for as one of the world’s foremost authorities revealed a couple of years ago on NPR—a man who was ridiculed by cartel finance-officer kingpins but who nonetheless wrote a convincing book on the subject—the world’s oil supply isn’t diminishing at all. Rather is this “black gold” refilling old emptied caverns from below. Believe it or no. So that when next measured or explored they are frequently found to have filled up again. But the myth of “limited energy reserves” has to be sustained, so that commodities might be controlled, armies might be mounted, and men might be kept in chains. It is a rigid thralldom—of both body and soul—of humanity, of the human mind and will, that is the real prize here. And it happens that these morally-virgin, financially-untapped geographical regions are also home to some of the world’s last truly free populations, at least in the sense of not having their lives entirely controlled by this kind of perfidious, invasive, mind-and-body-violating league. Such as insidiously, through a vast propaganda offensive, keeps Americans in stout “united we stand” moral and intellectual chains. That clever coterie which is only a temple handmaiden to the Zionist/Jewish global-state religion, in a near-inextricable binding-together of synagogue and state. That which has steadily gained stature these many centuries, in some ways over time changing some elements of its philosophy but never its aims. That culminating morally-pernicious onslaught so evident today in all spheres, against which (real) popes and monarchs alike have in the past steadily warned: and to which increasing numbers now offer a prostrate worship.

December 12, 2005: Tookie or Takrit, take your pick, “someone has to pay”.

It’s interesting how all these people crying for Tookie Williams’ death seem to care little if any at all whether or not he actually committed the crimes for which he is to die. “All they know” is that they want “someone to pay”. And when you consider it calmly and clearheadedly, this is the U.S. approach to Iraq as well. “Someone had to pay” for 9/11. Does it matter that it could plainly—and indeed rather likely—have been home-grown traitors who did the oh-so-necessary deed?

Why don’t our troops just go ahead and shoot people at random, if that’s the way we feel? After all, there’s Blacks and Iraqis everywhere, in this global age: even just downtown from the stateside airbase or the army barracks. Wouldn’t the blood-lust be satisfied then, just as surely? We would get to see real red blood, too, and not just a lethal injection. We could even find some sporting way to do this thing: perhaps after the manner that “air marshals” made “fair game” out of the Latin American guy in Miami the other day. But the one imperative always has to be observed: this sadistic group-ritual, this replay of the dunkers and witch-burners of Salem, Massachusetts. Indeed the guys in Miami might have been ashamed to do this bloody deed before the sole, silent and sober tribunal of their own conscience. Welcome, then, all the gang-buster baloney, the hush-and-blush of the TV lights, in Miami, San Quentin or Baghdad. Amid which some person of color—Iraqi or American, who, down deep, under the skin, really cares who or where?—is made to pay. Then these people go off and nurse their morbid, secret, obscure pleasure. A kind of sodomy of the human heart.

That’s the sickness of America, the disease of “the righteous ones”, the ugly face of which the entire human race has seen for some years now and to the point of retching disgust.

December 13, 2005: The “progress” of today

What has come to be called progress here—and increasingly around the globe—is only a wrestling back down of mankind to the brute behavior of colonialism, slavery and the Indian Wars. With all our clever gadgets and gismos, in terms of leadership, it is merely the crass re-imposition of the blue-eyed racist rule of the Yankee Scotch-Irish, with their Masonry and their Skull and Crossbones global and backyard piracy. The same rotten social fabric that earlier was imposed in Northern Ireland at the time of Cromwell, for renewed cynical purposes of which John and Robert Kennedy were destroyed. Here being disinterred again, in all its horror, the same murderous and scrooge-like, stuffy accoutrements that had been laid to rest so many times, only to be “given another go” with renewed fanaticism and pathological fantasy. It is a rolling back of human history two thousand years—the divisive social mores of radical capitalism fitting here like a hand in a glove—to the humorless rigorisms of the Sanhedrin: after whom founding Puritans modeled their society, their personal lives, their boards of elders. People whom Christ rejected wholesale as “already having their reward”. A neo-capitalism that takes us back even further in time to the brick-pits of Egypt. The same regressiveness ironically being considered the supreme test of “advancement”, laced with a cheap and tawdry machismo which our grandfathers would have regarded with utter contempt. Just look at our prisons, our courts, or across the Pacific at the Aryans in Australia, and you see the same shameless belligerence. Where there is forming a pseudo-globalism in which any Jew or Anglo-American of poor or indifferent character is regarded as dwelling above the law, high above the poor and struggling of any other nationality or land.

The real progress for mankind is in the love and mercy of Christ: while otherwise we find ourselves once again face down in the filthy, barbaric mire.

December 11, 2005: The Catholic soul maneuvers the minefields of New Church on the road to God.

The soul of man has never before been stripped so bare of all intermediary support on its journey to God: that to which liturgy and social disciplines used to lend a soaring upward draught. The new wind-drag—the parachute deployed suicidally, while the jumbo-jet Church scraped the stratosphere—this was really the idea behind all the abrupt changes, introduced at Vatican II and continuing unabated now. The weird rubrics and biblical translations at Mass; the radical departure from those things we of the “household of the Faith” all once held dear. With the bewildering inference, from out of the blue of an in-some-ways vigorously-resurgent Catholicism at mid-century, that it was after all “about time” that we relinquish such “outmoded” things. It was to overthrow us in a trice, to “compel (us) to enter” not the Heavenly Kingdom but the rollicking fold of the damned.

Someone else’s crass, mocking, vulgar, politically-correct idea of religion: this has taken the place of the great integrated spirit of piety that went before, that gave us a youth without drugs, with prospects for a happy, contented, virtuous life. That piety which suddenly became regarded as the recourse of the “hunky” and the “bore”. That which was however in truth a veritable feast for the soul, if with garnishes of sobriety most suited to ghostly needs. Of which one partook largely according to ones inner inclinations, the exigencies of ones spiritual health or malady. But all of which banquet was sound, good and pure. That “meat diet” to which the fast-food of New Church by comparison is an insult both to mind and soul.

There came, then, a crossroad: one might say of two mutually-exclusive alternatives. One chooses, at least at critical, deciding moments, either God more-or-less without human support or human support basically without God. Either of these frontiers is in its own way a stark, treeless minefield laced with booby traps and frightful pits. But the soul runs the one course with good purpose, even with a grave and mysterious good cheer—like Tarciscius carrying his beloved Viaticum—while the other has no refuge at its end but death itself.

Mine then, embraced long ago as an inseparable friend, was this barren yet solace-filled path over a battleground to God. I as a young man who had just made his peace with the same Father being however required to rediscover, as best I might, in stark and staggering perplexity, a Heavenly pathway calamitously, seemingly-hopelessly blocked in so sudden, brutal yet condescending a way. A task to which I and others my match in age and wisdom could hardly have been equal: a theater along whose crater-marked frontier I fell many more times than once. If far more often in blind bewilderment than in either folly or sin. But by a singular grace I had been given to see—by a good God Who chose to “reveal these things to little ones”, to the least prepossessing—a vision of the mortal horror of what was to come: and to which all the giddy intoxication of so many around me was only a deluded introduction. Having been propelled, in recoil from such a vision, along this lone path across a minefield over which so many would venture not at all. Even as they themselves, my brothers and friends, would bunch together in giddy, panicked folly, and guarantee themselves a common fiery end. That “road less traveled by” I had indeed found—as others had along other landscapes dark and dire—that path, the Christian’s calling to find, if he would save life, soul and mind. Away from sulfurous pools of manifold follies, led thither by eager counsels of those “in the know” in every age. Be the con-game ever-so clever as now, of the cunning, still grinning coyotes of the newly-Judaized Catholicism of Vatican II. A new spiritual Egypt to which the harried soul crosses over from the terra firma of old and common Faith.

But “going back” to the Faith doesn’t mean embracing all the old vices as if they were virtues: those pitfalls which robbed us of guiding grace in the first place. That racism, that juvenile good-ole-boy-ism, that back-slapping economic inequity by which we stoutly proclaimed ourselves “not our brother’s keeper”. That cold blast which would come back around full circle, and reinvade the Church’s “open window” in rare new form: after all the thespian “love”, clown-masses and kid-masses. The first moral disease to be succeeded by another much more formidable: the way having been cleared for absolutes never before encountered in the Catholic fold. Moral ills without pause to invade families as well, as during that halcyon mad scramble of the sixties and seventies. When the New Church worldly-prudent—those who in patristic literature are regarded as equivalent to reprobates—would become “stakeholders” over the robbed and desecrated birthrights of their less-savvy or enthusiastic siblings. Perhaps off fighting a war, or quietly reflecting that “all that glitters isn’t gold”. Some indeed not lacking at their elbows those who didn’t blush to use the courts to both enrich themselves and “as with one stone” to banish from around the family table a piety and simplicity once known of yore. Milder accents now dismissed with a mocking roar.

No, this Old Faith, these Old Ways are a terrifying matter today: of being “led on” on a lone yet loving path. Yet one carries in one’s bosom, on this dim trail, that unique and sober joy, that Viaticum, that “bread of the strong” of which others can but little know. That lantern, that “kindly light” sought with mystic pains by Newman, a century and a half past: that which once warmed caverns of English and European Faith and life. Barely distinguishable, near extinguished, now and again: yet of a sudden bursting forth renewed, a roaring flame. Being “behold, all days with you”, even to the end of days.

December 10, 2005

Most critical to the great project of civic freedom advocated here on this website is that we repudiate the standard false definition of democracy: which is insufferably generic, de-motivating and misleading. That misidentification which is really at the root of all our gravest problems and vulnerabilities. Democracy, in order to be genuine, and at the risk of being redundant, must be truly popular or indigenous. It must develop from the ground up: no matter how much we might be enamored of the radically-open-ended, incalculable, disastrous-in-practical-terms “rule of the technocrat” of a Napoleon or a Robespierre. Rather what is needed is a vast plethora of culturally-specific associations at the local, indeed especially the block and neighborhood, level. With scholars and technicians forming an advisory rather than a ruling body: since what is needed above all in public affairs is judgment, wisdom: rather than mere abstract theory or shop-talk skill. This woven popular interface then being supremely capable of spreading stout, innately-vigorous roots from the local into the regional and finally the national purview. So that at all levels and most critically we know with great familiarity with whom it is that we deal. This, then, is democracy properly-so-called, and capable of being rigorously-if-freely guarded and perpetuated. A self-rule to which ages past—despite the slanders of those who presently reign supreme—were no strangers. While by contrast we notice that all the Jewish-initiated “freedom” struggles of the past century have always started internationally, or been carefully choreographed on some media-outlet, as it were from the opposite end, dealing with local elements only in the most high-handed way. With a parallel being found here with the treatment of the Carlists by Franco: an enigmatic man considered by many to have had deep, multigenerational family ties to the world of Spanish/Jewish power. The Carlists of Catalonia and Basque regions, prime and original exponents of the Spanish resistance to communism, having been brutally persecuted by this condescending “savior of Spain”: a sanguinary policy which would later water the roots of a violent independence movement among the Basques. The trademark of the Jews being supremely evident in that mortal struggle for the Spanish soul—as it is now in Iraq—in this divide-and-rule imperative. In which ethnic groups are from the beginning pitted against each other, with impossibly-tiny movements-of-sovereignty gaining otherwise unattainable ground. Under the encouragement of a world coterie which is the absolute enemy of national sovereignty as a viable reality in the modern world. While with respect to the Basque independence movement: the original Carlist fervor, of a profound devotion and undying attachment to genuine Catholic Faith: this original Spanish spirit, born along the whole Northern cordillera of Spain, mounting heroic resistance to the Moors within the first crushing decade of their seventh-century occupation of the Peninsula: this true Espana was to suffer the same miserable, vitiating fate of infiltration that is now being experienced by genuine governments and popular movements the world over. Originally confined to the perpetuation of a loose-knit but economically-invigorating cultural self-identification, the little Basque parish-related groups involved were systematically overrun, rendered "irrelevant", notably during the nineteenth century, by culturally-washed-out products of the Castilian industrial revolution, already for a century in play in that penurious region. These invaders being brought in by global-investment employers at work systematically dismantling the age-old intermountain regional economic culture, at whose heart was none other than Catholic Faith, whole and entire. Here being found the origins of the bomb-throwers of the region, hardly to be found in the pious confraternities to which the original Basque cultural integrity was so closely bound. While today for parallels just look at Egypt, Syria, Libya, indeed even Russia, and a host of other places, where indigenous movements of reform—if needed at all—painstakingly at work for decades, like the much-slandered Muslim Brotherhood, have been overwhelmed in a trice, by this globally-amorphous mob of fanatics: conveniently bearded so that identification of actual nationality is near-impossible to verify. While governments like that of Russia's Putin are viciously slandered by the likes of this McFaul (sp?), our Ambassador: the post-Kennedy chuspah of the USA towering to new levels of hypocrisy, when you consider that it was Uncle Sam who gravely destabilized Russia during vulnerable months of the departure of communism, this in a looting of Russian financial assets by New York Jews, just then conveniently on the scene, headed by Jeoffrey Sachs. In an act of sabotage, an act of war, which in many ways was a replay of U.S. involvement in the 1917 Red October revolution, piloted by Jews from Manhattan's Lower Eastside. This U.S. Ambassador being a rare, jackal-like, smiling Jacobin/Orangeman appointed precisely in order to encourage and not doubt also cryptically coordinate the ever-radical, tactically-chaotic "indigenous" opposition—a veritable déjà vu of expertly provocateur-incited street-mobs of Lenin's time—with ever-revolution-ancillary American corporate-NGOs. The whole phenomenon—of globally-engineered sedition and overthrow, gaining hellish momentum even as I write—being a subject much spoken of in these pages and publications.

Finally, most necessary of all on a practical level, in order to escape this astute global hegemony, is that the peoples of the world get away from intertemporal-payment-ridden world finance. That which is the Jewish project par excellence: be it in the form of interest payments, stock, bonds, dividends or the many kinds of options and other telescoping derivatives. (Note of April 2012: all of which have now brought about the global financial collapse warned of all along on this site, and from whose worst anarchical consequences only Heaven can save us. Even as we ourselves offer some solutions in these pages and publications.) This whole self-destructive attachment of modern man to debt-driven finance, and the morally-bankrupt species of "progress" it brings in its train, providing the stoutest of practical chains we forge around ourselves, leaving us mutely at the mercy of the same well-moneyed global interlopers, perfect strangers who ultimately have none of our interests at heart. Rather there are far more solid and multiplier-fertile forms of capital formation than this use of money as a means of making money in itself, and indeed in illusory, vaporous exponential terms. That which is repeatedly condemned in Holy Scripture.

These alternative options are major subjects to which this site is dedicated, in which we envision the final creation of a world of solid wealth—and accompanying political and intellectual freedom—light-years away from the “quick fix” of capitalism and communism. Both these latter ultimately based on the follies and servitudes of the above kinds of essentially wealthy-extractive investment, and its ever-conspiring ultimate beneficiaries. On behalf of whose tyrannies—moral and intellectual, spiritual and practical—a policy blitzkrieg is perniciously and destructively waged.

December 7, 2005: American “air marshals” at long last get to use their guns

It is a breathlessly happy occasion for a plurality of Caucasian American males to be able to use a gun, and more and more is it a cause of similar rejoicing to be able to kill another human being with a gun, in a homeland-security-conscious, more and more murderously-bigoted USA, and not just against Muslims. Hence this latest case in Miami, with what is no doubt due to become the classic quotation of the words of a gunned-down victim: “he said he had a bomb’”: a phrase which should indeed do doughtily as the coming equivalent of the standard police-report formula, in the street-execution of Blacks, unanimously denied by standers-by, “he took out a gun and pointed it at me” (or more typically, “at us”). At those times when four or five billy-clubs just won’t do.

What do the people who were there say, about this summarily-gunned-down Latin-American U.S. citizen? No, not the officials, nor the newscasters, but the ordinary people, of whom there were many, who were there at the time of the shooting. We hear testimony of a distracted man “flailing his arms”, of a woman shouting, “my husband, my husband”, and then we hear of some six shots. But we hear nothing of this “I have a bomb”. Except from the unanimities of a grim, united-we-stand, correctly undertaker-like officialdom. Of course, common citizens are “too stupid” to understand what they heard or saw: we need some O’Reilly, and of course the “security” folks, for that.

Soon people will sit at a West Point brace during air-travel; and march at attention, in strict silence, as they disembark, all because of twitching trigger fingers of deranged, bi-polar “air marshals”, given full official sway. For to these maniacs-in-charge it is the spontaneous word which is the real enemy: whether it be happy or distraught, in this wholesale re-imposition of the dour world of the Puritans—ever the secret aim of tormented souls in this "land of the free"—to be enforced with special, brutal care upon explosively-expressive Latins. A fuller species of Catholicism, trained from childhood in the spontaneities of Christian love, which is a special abomination to the racist/Puritan mind gaining power once again, as in the heyday of the Ku Klux Klan.

December 7, 2005: Pearl Harbor; the modern death of nations; the re-definition of “a witness” in the new high-tech kangaroo court in Baghdad

It was we in the USA who turned our hand to geo-political adventurism in the decades leading inexorably to World War II: although under the usual disguise of a long-suffering Uncle Sam, bearing with the delinquencies of neighbor nations, sternly taking many of them “to the woodshed” in a host of ways commercial, diplomatic or in a polemical diatribe which pictured us as a biblical “people set apart”. Japan by contrast having for the most part basically “stayed in its own backyard”, as it was bidden: having been denied since the 1880s—through the machinations of racism—the peaceful settlement of its overflowing population around the various shelves on more-easterly (to it) horizons of the Pacific, like Australia and our own California coast. All this even though Japan, Siberia, and nearby regions are beyond any doubt the genetic pool from which the bulk of the American Indians came: with opposing ideas being sustained only at the expense of the greatest racist-hair-splitting zeal, with most Native Americans being entirely indistinguishable from their Asian ancestors anatomically, and in a great many cultural legacies as well. Japan nonetheless resigning itself at last to simply settling a twentieth-century no-man's-land Manchuria ahead of both the Chinese and Russian communists: logistically and industrially anticipating with great vigor these practitioners of an ideology it utterly detested. And still does.

But, finally—after watching with horror as U.S. based investors brokered both side—each of them basically Marxist—in a China torn and riven by civil war, Japan was drawn into armed conflict there by way of certain “incidents” always laid to its blame, but whose factual circumstances are brought under startling new light by several more-recent scholars: if six decades and more after the old controversies have anything like the same consequential meaning. While necessary to the understanding of Japan’s position back then—a tiny island lacking strident U.S. claim to unqualified righteousness—is a certain parallel lack of natural resources critical to her very survival in industrial terms. So that—in order to gain access to crucial minerals in Indochina and the region of the Malay Peninsula—not least in order to sustain a struggle with the communist monster on her very shores—and veritably strangled by a tightening cord of irrational and unfair U.S.-orchestrated trade-restrictions, culminating in out-and-out universal boycotts—Japan commenced those now-notorious South-Pacific invasions that led inexorably to World War II.

These goadings-into-war, then, were mounted, systematically and from early decades of the century, much as is now happening to Russia, by basically the entire “Manifest Destiny” English-speaking world. These global bullies-on-the-block who today struggle incessantly to bring an EU—A Europe taught many-a hard “lesson” by the same stern Uncle Sam in World War II—“on board” in an unqualified way, against the Russian Bear. This in endless NATO and related deliberations full of the same paranoia-ridden phrases heard vis-à-vis Japan prior to the (second)  “war to end all wars”. Ravings of endless breath-bated multilateral meetings behind closed doors. The USA since the late 18th century having figured big in the Pacific shelf region, upon which both Russia and Japan sit astride, enacting by the 1890s premiere draconian measures against the little Island: seemingly easiest defeated in a long war. The “peace loving” guy with the striped trousers always to be found somewhere at the bloody base of every major war—whether gun-running in Latin America, or providing bullion to Bolsheviks in a revolutionary Leningrad staffed from Manhattan’s Lower East Side—long before Nippon could ever have been a threat to any of the many far-flung English-speaking lands. The U.S. having early-on been at the forefront of a Japan-hatred carefully nurtured since the time of the “Yellow Peril” nonsense of the early 1900s, with the ceaseless “uncovering” of putative “Japanese imperial ambitions” being standard Sunday-editorial fare for our great-grand-parents and their fathers before them. These fables having been based on the existence of vague myths that all indigenous peoples have: but which an enlightened Meiji political and industrial leadership never took seriously, and had little time for. In their earnest and patriotic practical struggles to make for the Land of the Kamikazi a place in the sun among modern civilized lands. The evocative word meaning “great wind” in reference to a massive typhoon which destroyed the fleets of the Khan: providentially sparing Nippon the terrible tyranny of the thirteenth-century Mongol hordes.

Hence does this particular theater of the Second World War—a conflict I hold throughout my writings has never really drawn to a permanent close—stand as a unique testimony to the sovereignty-quashing dominion of certain global elites. A secretive intergenerational body of the powerful, led by the English-speaking world, catering to the State of Israel: one which thinks of itself as operating beyond serious question on the part of the rest of mankind, over whom it laughs with droll and indulgent humor up its well-tailored sleeve. Cryptic point-men of this whole radical-globalist ensemble having more recently orchestrated 9/11, the invasion of Iraq, the Spanish and English rail sabotage, and a host of other debacles: for the only possible deliverance from whom we must fly to the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. These two champions of our (human) race being our sole dependable guardians from these forces of Hell, with their near-absolute command over the media, communications in general, and the world of dark ops. This ultimate power-bloc being little if at all accessible—on such a scale and scope—to hunted Muslims with back-packs and car-bombs—“Small fry” whose desperate attacks are readily copied at strategic times—for indispensable propaganda purposes—by those black-ops mercenaries upon which the same U.S./Israeli/British coterie basically relies. Psychological and motivational control being the principal means of these biblical “masters of deceit” whose ancestors steadily pushed Japan and the USA into confrontation in the Pacific. For one reason because the radically-centralized, rigidly-”path-dependent” capitalistic system which is the comprehensive vehicle and framework of their dominion positively requires frequent warfare, or it will collapse under its own deadweight, by nature continually going broken at a remorseless pace. Even as communism—which Russia has irrevocably disowned—offers a cunning substitute, even a sort of bully-boy, by which the same objective—the fabulous enrichment and totalitarian domination of the few—is remorselessly pursued. These modern armed holocausts in particular having the effect of “rationalizing” or simplifying a rigid top-heavy control, rendering it ever-more direct and all inclusive. As the cultural, civilizational, religious accoutrements of mankind—which this elite set uniformly regards as backward—are progressively burnt up in the savagery of war, and the moral anarchy it uniquely permits and brings in to play. On behalf of these new and inscrutable Mongols and their hordes of obedient retainers: which Japan and Russia, if (designedly) at different times, can hardly be blamed for resisting with everything in their power.

It is in terms of this ongoing World War II—before and during which the genuine struggle of Iraq for national sovereignty has continued to be arrogantly and callously frustrated by Western leaders, and ignored by the Western media—it is in these terms that Saddam Hussein’s trial must be viewed. For here is rather principally on open display the whole process of the modern systematic destruction of sovereign nations: sovereignty always being artificially place in contradiction to freedom and democracy by the New Mongols. True, free-agent sovereignty being that reality without which individual freedom is impossible, and totally meaningless, and within which life and liberty find their only familiar and congenial nest. Sovereignty being blessed in a steady stream of divine revelations since Moses, while being based entirely on the organic multifaceted cultural input of the various peoples or nationalities likely to be involved. And not upon the sterile conjectures, “social experiments”, political protégés and provocateur deeds of the "freedom-loving" Midases of financial power.

But a new phenomenon in this ongoing lobotomy, this demoralization of the nations is found in the bizarre curiosities of the witnesses being called in the Hussein trial. These supposedly pitiful creatures have their voices electronically masked, and are allowed the luxury of hiding behind a screen, while they testify: not being seen at all. Something not even granted at Nuremburg: where witnesses sat behind thick bulletproof glass, yet were quite visible and audible to all. Do we ever consider that what is heard from behind the screen may not even be a human voice? But some new Mossad device, dutifully spitting out sound bites choreographed somewhere in Tel Aviv? While in any event the testimony of such a person, if he/she really is real, is totally without merit: since we are unable to gauge the sincerity of their statements by body language, gesture and other attendant signs. Being in effect prevailed upon to accept a pre-arrived-at verdict: as it were from a transcript of the vaunted charges we already read years ago in the newspapers. That namely which still has to be proven. Cowards that we are to allow such a travesty—as we criminally allow—to wallow daily in human blood—that Bush/Republican dictatorship which made it all possible. A sham which is not by any stretch admissible testimony at all. Well, then, does “Saddam” “rant”. Who wouldn’t? And speak of a “dishonest court”.

Certainly and by universal agreement there are always “risks” involved in being a witness at a trial. But this kind of immunity from the very rules of evidence—based on the bald, cynical and condescending assumption that the allegations are factual, and the accused is guilty as charged—the very kinds of legal travesties always attributed to the Japanese some six decades ago—this is sheer insanity, and a mockery of any semblance of justice. While furthermore one has to remark upon the poor and unconvincing quality of the testimony heard over our own media thus far: with or without the benefit of the noted devices. And upon which Hussein himself accurately remarked as to a certain rote and artificial character. A President who sympathizes with his judges and accusers, gently chiding one of those earlier-on, who wasn’t behind the noted, later-dreamed-up screen, that he had obviously been forced, or perhaps bribed, to give such testimony. So far the President of Iraq has conducted himself admirably well, and tends, rather than to incriminate himself, to roundly impeach all his many accusers, critics and enemies. Whereas our own argument, our own “evidence” basically consists in the arrogant circular logic that any conclusion arrived at by Jews, Americans and their political and regional-adventurer allies carries with it a divine right guarantee of justice. Just as in the Yellow Peril farce at the turn of the nineteenth century. Whether with respect to “weapons of mass destruction” or the much-vaunted “guilt” of Saddam Hussein: who for more than three decades had to fight an ongoing war for the national existence on all sides, with one hand, and accept what help he could get from global gun-runners like the USA. While holding off the Kurds (many of whom, just like many Serbs living in Croatia for centuries, know no national loyalty) with the other.

But there is a God in Heaven Who “watches the affairs of nations”, and Who is even now exacting a penalty on the proud. After which there is a “more excellent way” for us to follow: such as is investigated in these pages.

December 5, 2005: The Catholic Rite of Passage; Saddam Hussein and the Song of Roland.

Such fundamental cultural formatives as the rite of passage are recognized as legitimate within Catholicism, since it is the religion par excellence of the human person, founded by a God Who wedded Himself to that nature. Indeed these primeval stepping stones in human earthly existence, when fed at the streams of Catholic sacramental life —far from being in any way neglected—attain to a new and sublime significance, tending toward a spiritual and intellectual amplification upon whose foundations mount upward towering stories of monasticism, scholarship, as well as usable technology and all manner of advanced civic devotion.

What takes place in this Catholic, this Christian rite of passage is a grounding of the human person on supernatural realities, the laying of footings for an interior mansion where once stood as it were a thatched hut. But this is a maturation, an aging as in oaken casks, which begins with the first stirrings of the soul at Baptism; demanding in turn a Confirmation if possible at the very same time, as was once done among the Latins. This rite-of-passage being one preeminently of the soul: and far more significant than the prior primitive one that among primitives took place during adolescence. So that taking the place of lurid rites involving stark dangers or self-mutilation is an interior set of challenges much more formidable: yet through grace capable of being surmounted by a mere child. As is indeed witnessed by the saintly shepherd children at Fatima; or by those Japanese martyrs of five and six years of age, of the sixteenth century, who stoutly died slow deaths of incredible torture for the Faith. So that after the completion of such a preparatory contest—one interior, mystical, full of peace—any number of innocent lesser rites of passage might indeed be confidently undertaken: since “perfect love casts out all fear”, even as most of these prior tribal ceremonials have in fact been relegated among Christians to quaint if cherished memories of a misty past. Earlier primitive forms—who social and personal aspects alike have found in Christ their ultimate fulfillment—are however still on occasion recalled and invoked in times of great peril: as with the Spanish, known to name their divisions after ancient pagan ancestors who fought to the last man.

However being invoked now by a Bush, a Wolfowitz, a Crystal, the gang at Fox is a new rite of passage, with a new spirit of battle, a new "flight of the Volkerei" to go with it: by which however what was once a sincere-if-misguided pagan form of civic devotion has become a modern-day tool of public manipulation. For taking center stage is another threadbare Nazi caricature of the blonde barbarian: a poor copy whom the pagan hordes—with their innate love of the genuine—would have despised. Amid which Aryan tumult there is of course no time or energy left for the niceties of a truly civilized Christian past: that which is the fullest historical venue of equality and democracy, a legacy which people will no doubt soon consider pure “popery”, whose adherents will be hunted down without mercy, as in the halcyon days of Cromwell or Elizabeth I.

But the resurrected racists and bigots of today—with their facile and puerile rites of passage—which redound in immaturity rather than strength or courage—who carry the sword both at home and abroad—so poor an imitation of their ancient forebears—these play-actors are roundly put in their places by Saddam Hussein. This modern Frank—accused of “ranting” by our newsmen, who know nothing of the language of the soul—but who rather speaks with sublime oratory as does Roland to his sword. That it never be raised against France, Roland spent his dying strength, mortally wounded, to break it in two. And thus too speaks this new Roland to his “brother”, the judge, and his “son” the accuser: that he defends not himself, but only Iraq. Now under the heel of the invader. Iraqis hearing for the first time the voice of their leader, after four years as orphans, alone, helpless; laid desolate by the rapist, the sodomite, the ubiquitous foreign black ops troop. Here then the real birth of Iraq, its own epic poem so nobly delivered by its own embattled and betrayed leader, at his own Rancesvalles, so much after the manner of the eighth-century Frank. And here perhaps the birth of the new and true America as well: a nation delivered from the same traitors and invaders by the same stentorian voice.

December 4, 2005: Secret societies

Ever since the documentary on the notorious and highly-evident cover-up of the assassination of John Kennedy, whose producer was no doubt and like so many honest people in the media nowadays quickly and quietly gotten rid of thereafter, the History Channel has been doing hand-stands to try to mollify those who were offended by the truth-telling film. While attempting at the same time to appear “on top of things” like conspiracy. This is of course no easy matter, this balancing-act, but given time these media-folks are up to anything at all. Thus last night the stuff about the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, and so on, with the same History Channel attempting to redeem its image as a bloodhound with good sniffer instincts.

But the problem is that only part of the story is told: while the Kennedy documentary went an unusually-long way—if not by any means all the way—toward giving us the whole picture. For the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, and so on: these are only the people who do the leg work, so to speak. Indeed John Kennedy himself is said to have belonged to one of these: but in his case I really do believe that he was only gathering facts and information, rather than taking orders, which is much of the reason he met his untimely end.

To understand the secret societies one very simple thing is necessary to know: it is the very foolproof—if odious—mechanism itself toward retaining secrecy, employed by this motley crowd. A fact obtained by me from the journal of the Catholic traditionalist Abbe de Nantes, whose English edition was published in the early 90s out of England, and perhaps still is. (Note of March 2012: There is a group now called a Philange which has charge of the "Catholic Counter-Reformation in the Twenty-first Century", the Abbe's original project. But they seem to be of a much worse temper than this French priest who is probably dead by now. Indeed, this kind of takeover, posthumous or not, is much to be feared from Jews in particular, and secret societies of all kinds, in general, and with special calculated force within the Catholic fold.) A publication whose facts were always beyond dispute, a bi-monthly very scholarly in nature: if there was indeed a point or two in his approach with which I didn’t agree, like a certain hint of that racism which has been so prevalent among Catholic Traditionalists from the very beginning. A “Bircher” wing of the movement, which actually has much darker origins than that at its base as well, one which quickly and in some case brutally pushed out saner and more-spiritual elements, once quite numerous, from the word go. But what this cleric said was that the initiate to some higher levels of a secret society—the lower of whose strata are occupied by the typical good-natured if misled “Shriners” and others, who give charity balls and so on—that this candidate is put to a peculiar kind of test to say the least. To wit, he is asked to stomp on a crucifix, or a picture of Our Blessed Lady, or to perform some such sacrilege of that nature. If he refuses to do so, he is indeed told—no doubt with brotherly back-slaps and lodge-hall handshakes—that he has “done rightly”, and given the aspired-to promotion: but he will never progress much higher in the real organizational pyramid of secrecy. But if the candidate does do the foul deed, he is instantly informed that he is “meant for higher things”. (Of course, as is notorious, there are also fake 33rd degree Masons, erected with much ceremonial fanfare, who know practically nothing, but who make especially good stooges).

Here no doubt is the real secret to the little smirk on the corner of a Tony Blair’s or a George Bush’s mouth.

Of course proof-in-the-pudding of the deliberately-misleading spottiness of the History Channel report, the Masons—who are the biggest long-term secret society there is—let alone that traitorous Skull and Crossbones Society to which the Bush family has been undyingly wedded since the early 19th century—these real players weren’t even mentioned. All the blame was laid neatly at the doorstep of the Trilateral Commission and associated bodies, in a partial view which epitomizes the long-standing claim of the John Birch Society: doughty troopers who are always closing the stable doors after the horses have bolted, and who are no doubt a big part of the never-ending victory-celebration of the Neo Con right that presently assails our ears. The fact being that it is the Jews—well represented at highest levels among the Birchers—these perennial enemies of Christ and thus biblically-identified "enemies of mankind" as well, who are at the top of the heap of international elitism and secrecy. Indeed something which, if we “but had the faith of a mustard seed” we would already know: being informed of it incessantly in the New Testament, in the uniform record of Church history, and in continual warnings of popes, prelates, saints, holy monarchs—of which there were so many during the middle ages—and church councils alike. That very exhaustive historical-factual summary for which present-day anti-popes so incessantly and indecorously apologize. (Note of April 2012: I used to make much, together with other observers of the Jewish scene, of the distinction between the agnostic or secular-messianic Jew, on the one hand, and the devout, Hassidic, etc., on the other: but am becoming increasingly convinced that the more religious the Jew is the more dangerous and fanatical. A fact seconded too by one guy we met out on the Crusade: an impressive "born again" fellow who was a long-time Hollywood figure, and is thus a seasoned observer of the Jewish/Hollywood scene. I guess there's a certain note of ultimate hypocrisy to anyone who claims to be devout while rejoicing over the Deicide: while simple non-belief, even if accompanied by tactical treacheries of every kind, doesn't perhaps twist the blade so hard, or warp the personality so completely, when all is said and done. This Jewish treason in either case having made it necessary for God, in His marvelous respect for human free will, to find a way around the epic treason of two thousand years ago by blazing a precipitous rocky path—like that of the famous artistic sheep, snatched by the Savior in the nick of time, bleating over the towering void—which mankind must thereafter tread. Not in a rampant victory such as the obedient leadership of the Jews would have brought so nobly into being, but after the manner of Isaias' chapter 53 "suffering Servant", His faithful carrying the cross behind Our Blessed Lord, wiping His holy Face as did Veronica, standing with the sorrowful Holy Mary at the foot of the Cross. Even as our salvation could have been so much more openly and outwardly magnificent, just like the manifold boons of Original Justice in the case of Adam and Eve—had not humanity in either case chosen the hard way, fraught with so many perils, its incomparable graces "hidden with Christ in God". Hence do all Jews believe in some way or form that it is the Jewish People themselves who are a “Messiah” of sorts, even if the Hassidic likewise believe that He is yet personally to come. Jews of all kinds working toward the very same goal of world enslavement, cryptically holding this to be their right, espousing as they do a gross misinterpretation of all of Holy Scripture, notably of a certain psalm which promises "the wealth of nations": not however really to them, but to that Church which is the synagogue's New Dispensation successor. A passage which foretells that that wealth is destined to be placed in the Church's care, where it will be orchestrated and amplified to the glory of God and the abundant welfare of men, and not hoarded and squandered after the notorious manner of the Jews.)

Actually if we were to simply continue to trace this Jewish vanguard quasi-leadership down through history—as I do after a fashion in my Integral Catholicism—we would find the bulk of the reason for the Protestant Revolt, as well as for the schismatic split of the Greek Church from Rome. Together with scandals in the Catholic Church itself like the Medici debacle. And would attain thereby incomparable intellectual foundations for the reclamation of Western society, indeed the entire world—whose peoples long for the incomparable social and spiritual balm of Christ and the Sacraments of His Church—from the tenacious grips of the eternal fiend.

December 4, 2005: Artificial means of influence

Ruling the world now are artificial means of influence that have nothing to do with popular socioeconomic or other familiar practical ties, in a world where by contrast in the thirteenth century a nobility reigned which was at lower levels personally and familiarly known to the people, in a political system in which the latter were themselves vigorously represented through their guilds, through the frankpledge and other such popular legal and organizational forms. Now by contrast authority is understood as an elitist, concentrated, rarified, abstracted, rigidly "consolidated" force. Finding its mouthpiece not in the town square or the meeting of the village hundred but rather in airy reaches of the media, the corporations, academia atop which dizzy promontories are yet more rarified and secretive levels of power in the form of the secret societies. Privileged people all of whom are kind enough to provide us prestigious figures to convincingly argue the pros and the cons of any subject, so that there seems to be some struggle over issues. While the common man, and anyone he might personally know and trust, is kept firmly out of any position in which he might passionately and with insurmountable dispatch advocate the needs of the poor, the ending of an unjust war. Yet our leaders call this imposture democracy: indeed, democracy at the highest levels ever achieved. Any questioning of which receives the ultimate insult-added-to-injury, of being termed “conspiracy theory”: or deranged and rebellious underling behavior of the worst kind.

Again, by contrast, even to a degree a few decades ago, we were led by people whom we knew, sometimes in considerable terms of affectionate familiarity. We were commonly associated with them, at least remotely, in our labor or commerce, often indeed by well-remembered relationships that stretched back for generations. When they said something, we knew a whole backload of background that went behind it, how true it rang, or how hollow, both by its peculiar accents and gestures and to the degree it resonated with that well-acquainted past. Even if it might sometimes propose reasonable departures from same.

To some degree, although not at all entirely, it was the explosion of the media, starting from the sixteenth century, and certain other technological changes as well, which ushered in this process-of-alienation: at the most-recent radically-ramped-up end of which our assessment of leaders today is strictly based on the hearsay of the press, or on our own brief hearing in the event we have time to listen to lengthy and rambling sessions of C-Span. Mostly of panels of the most supercilious of gab-artists, or masters of the sound-bite, with all the old personal intergenerational acquaintanceship with rare exception entirely a thing of the past. Even as far more disturbingly the realization is inescapable that we are becoming the passive by-products of a process: rather than creative agents such as once long ago—and to a degree even here at mid-century—still determined the ebb and flow of life in the West.

It is this perspective which I believe best affords us an idea of the real challenge democracy faces today: that we have little to go on, we are easily manipulated by appearances, by sheer oratorical skill, by astutely- and discretely-developed herd-marketed trends. Or by the hypnosis of polls, statistics, academic theories. We begin to think we know nothing about leadership or issues—and that “they” know everything—simply because we no longer know any leaders. Nor “have our hands on the throttle" of what is current, or of determining importance. Imagining, desperately, that all this grand display that takes the place of our own input is vitally meaningful, and not at all treacherous in its design.

Critical is the realization that after a point a certain technological, robotic aping of life isn’t really positive technology at all: that a certain composite phenomenon, of which this sort of high-tech is a major part, by which a vast segment of mankind is by rapid progressive stages no longer needed: that this cannot be by God’s providential design. That He gave us a far greater dignity than is implied in this everyday commonplace, this downsizing, this sudden and massive social, political and industrial dislocation: that this is at the very root of a pernicious and un-Godly outmoding of popular institutions. While under benevolent or even neutral human hands technology would never have taken such a turn.

These are challenges human beings haven’t faced since the time of the Pharaohs, and it is with respect to another Ramses II that we must by natural processes of organization sweep away this gratuitous and unnatural outgrowth on the industrial, technological, organizational level. And return to things grounded in the communitarian bedrock, in a significant amount of the spiritually and psychologically necessary manual manipulation of material things, and in the ebullient interaction of non-intermediated human personalities. All this both politically and economically, a retrenchment based on the simple principle that for any activity the smallest possible unit should be ceded the greatest possible authority over that which naturally comes under its purview. That central configuration of ages past, that baby thrown out with the bath-water of older technical forms. An organizational philosophy for which many ideas are suggested here.

But the journey homeward advocated here will necessarily be a broadly-interactive one, for which I myself can only offer some few signposts. Regaining our kinship with the men and women of old, if according to a somewhat, but nowhere near entirely, new set of circumstances. Earlier folks with whom we have much more in common compared to the charlatans who rule us now. While it is sheer treachery which speaks of a “whole new way of thinking and doing things”, simply because we have bar codes, kids playing with a lot of blinking computers or satanic game-boards, and many more in other places starving or being blown to bits. Or because we live in a society of transients which have no real home: all on the gratuitous will of a mob/developer/oil-industry lobby. (Note of March 2012: And on the whim of a lot of faggots—who dominate our classrooms, stores and workplaces and at the first appearance of marginally-good weather crowd our streets—and dope-pushers who are now far-and-away the nation's most numerous and powerful employers. Peddlers whose identities are known to almost everyone, except of course to ever-heroic CSI-aping drug enforcement people themselves). No, technology itself can’t wreak any such destruction: only a set of circumstances which has escaped human control, and this necessarily at least in major part of set design. This all the while some go the length, in this inhuman enterprise, of planning to colonize Mars. In which place we have yet to find anything but craters and lethal gases: and beyond which weary galactic excursions we are denied any further forays into space by simple laws of physics like the Lorenz equation. (Fantasies of leotard-wearing Dr. Spocks flying through space-warps and "worm holes" notwithstanding.)

December 3, 2005: “Hate language”

Recently heard again on TV was the frequent statement of Jewish academics that some Christian book of Scripture or of private devotion—this time the Apocalypse—is “hate language”. The kind of virulent anti-Christian criticisms we have grown to expect from people whose Talmud is a studiously-disguised set of fables to defame the purity of Our Lady and the saints, to call Our Blessed Lord illegitimate, and so on. While nevertheless proving themselves immensely supportive to the eternal Jewish diatribe have been abjectly-apologetic popes since the Second Vatican Council, regarding any era or event in which the Church ever identified someone as an enemy: like for instance such very Jews, they who on the face of it would hardly seem like friends. But in fact Apocalypse itself simply concerns certain tribulations to come, as well as the eternal mystery of good and evil: the one of which latter we are urged to love, and the other to hate. While the degree to which people can indirectly “get into the crosshairs” of our hatred of evil is a complex, overriding subject of history: and not just Christian history. Indeed, as noted below in several entries, this element of human hostile confrontation and involvement is one of those dyed-in-the-wool occasions of human drama—stage-sets in which people are always involved in both positive and negative ways—by which we work out our salvation in practical terms. That pious exercise, that “walking in the way of the Commandments” into whose path others often deposit themselves firmly and immovably.

And neither does Christ’s “love your enemies, do good to those who persecute you” cover the whole subject by any stretch: since first of all He speaks here of individuals, not of whole states and societies, while these latter communities, if having a generically-identical defensive mission to that of the individual over his own person, also have related practical duties and prerogatives of a much broader nature under which to pursue this universal objective. Even as the family and neighborhood too have each a different purview from which defensive rights and duties are respectively understood: with the whole begging the question of the folly that any level-of-organization, even the individual, should devote itself exclusively to meekness, or any other one virtue, as rational human life would thereby quickly expire. As indeed reason requires that every facet of human existence at every level be recognized as valid, redounding to the goodness, safety and reasonable liberty of each and all: a tall order indeed, one which only fools would delimit in any fanatical way. In an over-literal understanding of Christ's commands, indeed a mockery resembling precisely the behavior of juvenile delinquents, notorious for overdoing things with a sneer, a flourish and an inaudible "I'll show you". All such exaggerations serving notice that we have shut down our very minds, demanding that the Good Lord explain everything minutely, speak encyclopedically, with every exception or caveat firmly in place, every time He opens His divine mouth. Nor for that matter does the simple injunction, of "love your enemies, do good to them that persecute you", apply without any qualification to the entire Church, presently undergoing as prophesied the onerous persecutions of The Great Apostasy. As the very same Sacred Scriptures contain instructions and injunctions toward the militant defense of same, with St. Peter hardly having let Ananias and Saphira off the hook in the name of love, nor Christ having spoken of any need for "he who bears the sword" to lay it down. With age-old lying, scolding, windy accusations of the Jews not ruffling a single hair on the pious Christian head: recent treacherous anti-popes to one side. Certainly these perpetually-umbrage-taking Jews don’t for a moment lay down their own weapons in their dealings with Palestinians, nor indeed with the whole human race, as born witness by their clandestine, black-ops Mossad. No doubt claiming among their justifications that they, as ”practical-minded” as they are, would never write or believe such “unrealistic” things as are found in our love-based New Testament: even as they hold us to an understanding of its words tunnel-vision-selective and over-literal in the extreme. Nor do they urge us to stop funding murderous offensive-and-defensive measures for them, and backing them with our own military, as well as carrying on our own extension of their hostilities: if of course, and with much news-anchor fanfare, in the “whole different region” of an Iraq only some 300 miles away. Indeed the Jews are the most verbally and militarily well-oiled and defensive people on the face of the earth, for one thing allowing such “defenses” by their insiders here in our government to go the length—as noted below—of stealing money from Indian tribes in order to train snipers at home all the better to shoot certain hated and despised “enemies”. These notably being little Palestinian girls, on their way to and from school.

December 3, 2005: The approaching downfall of the Great Sodomite Atlantis.

Every millennium or two mankind has to be destroyed by Almighty God, and furthermore at such times it invariably finds the whole idea hilariously funny: just before these people disappear under lapping waves of water or lava, or under tons of ash and cinders. While amid all the laughter, all the “cool”, there is always the idea that men have created some arrogant new “way of life” which outmodes into oblivion all others that went before. Yet as is noted below in these pages, some degree of evidence shows that even technology itself is only old hat, with little bits of old cutting-edge artifacts being found amid the decayed ruins of more than one forgotten civilization, here or there: now blending uncannily well with poison ivy, ferns, or elephant grass. Indeed, oddly enough, just now, while I was writing the above lines, some Congressman came on one of the TV stations and announced in the usual grim tones that “so many will be left behind” if they don’t somehow “get onboard” technology’s “new way of life”.

But what do these kids have to boast of, with these many i-pods and other mostly-tiny little gadgets they have? Those who have indeed “gotten on board”? And who "know the most", having tremendous amounts of short-term memory space somewhere on their inner “memory cards” for just such things. Trinkets of which they will tire by next March. These are only fanatically marketed near-equivalents of things they already have: but there is snob appeal here: that which makes the modern youngster tick, one who is too often already old and crotchety in his satisfaction-levels, but may never progress beyond the age of two or three in his level of maturity. And who virtually makes his parents empty their already-heavily-indebted pockets. Even as all this is hardly any substitute for a solid industrial base, that bread-and-butter interface which—droning, threadbare “types of economies” arguments aside—is essential to any real national—or even international—wealth and well-being.

But beyond all the near-useless gadgetry it is sodomy which will be mankind’s doom today: that which the trinkets of technology serve to embellish, like so many new kinds of male earrings: a sub-culture which in some ways has completely taken over the USA, and which our doughty troops are presently exporting around the world, at the point of a bayonet. And furthermore practically all modern American men—with the near-exclusive exception of a few here or there in the mountains of North Carolina or Missouri, or on occasion in some sleepy, out-of-the-way barrio in South Chicago or New York City—have basically got this now-ubiquitous problem. At least in high levels of potentiality, somewhere in the dark, tormented, immature tangle of super-macho minds. For as discussed throughout these pages and publications, Americans have entirely lost touch with the essentials of healthy human cultural and spiritual formation, and have become like some sort of menacing high-tech Martians, readily interchangeable with citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah, if of a new and "upgraded" kind. As for one thing manhood in order to retain its nature must be at least marginally good, relenting and kind, or else it steadily erodes, and ultimately loses any species of virtue or goodness it might once have had.

Similarly and as is much discussed here most jobs and k-through-20 classrooms in the USA today are a study in sodomy’s notorious brutal intimidations, or flip-side pixy-like subtleties of clever slight and sarcasm: again, the very culture we presently export with bombs and guided missiles. Yanks being people who increasingly refuse to tolerate anyone with a real rather than a cruel sense of humor, or in other ways better motivated: while Uncle Sam blithely follows suite, finding ever-newer, graver and doughtier sanctions to impose on the good, the lighthearted, the truly manly and womanly both at home and abroad. Indeed, many employers don’t even need a new employee: although they hire another every few weeks: but they have loads of fun “putting them through the ropes”, barking orders, exuding sarcasm or exasperation, while the new-hire steps ever-higher like a puppet on the end of an invisible string. Hilarious matters shared among the permanent staff, gauging expertly the form of those who perform under the sodomite’s stinging verbal, facial and gestural whip. Some days or weeks before being ultimately forced to either “give in” or quit, before any significant load of paperwork is required to thus "process" the person "out". That phenomenon which has so much to do with the “energetic job rate” here in the U.S, the kind of thing that registers vigorously on the “hire” end, but less-than-negligibly on the “unemployment compensation” end. This latter however being the one sole national-statistical record of such real or virtual terminations.

“But these things too will pass”. And there will be left a “salvage crew”, a “remnant, selected out of grace”, to found at last the real and true America, which will come after what has devolved. That which I predict will be called The Refuge of Our Lady, or some such non-generic name. (The name "America" cannot be justly expropriated by any one nation on this Hemisphere, while the title the United States, as I must honestly confess, make me think of a hundred yawningly-familiar signs in front of nondescript warehouses or trucking companies, which in themselves hardly stir a great many fervent feelings in this breast. Am I perhaps too unimaginative?) But that the USA should someday rather be named after Our Blessed Lady seems singularly appropriate to me, having adopted this Hemisphere in a special way through her spectacular and miraculous apparition at Guadalupe, who is indeed presently shedding tears of blood at a certain Catholic parish in California.

Many might ask, “why don’t you go somewhere else”? But the fact is that Americans are so hated, because of this “way of life” we so imperially impose everywhere we go, that if an individual Yankee doesn’t bring millions with him, as a sort of critically-needed investment to some host nation the U.S. has served in some way to impoverish, he doesn’t stand a chance. He positively will not be accepted. Here, then, the source of the “great popularity” of “modern American culture” abroad, essentially because it is always thought of in terms of an influx of “big ticket items”, if not always so bluntly or obviously of a darkly-diplomatic "you'd better do it or else". While a little less familiar overseas anymore is the old “devil may care” élan of the twentieth century, which others used to mischievously admire, but from which the new has finally worn off.

December 2, 2005: The Natalie Holloway case

Here is demonstrated in rare form the degree to which the USA under George Bush has come to resemble some sort of raving psychopath: uttering fantastic slanders against little nations and their embattled and betrayed leaders, going on from there to orchestrate divisive elements, to leave a path of mayhem and destruction in foreign lands. A tormented soul, this Uncle Sam, himself defenseless, borderless, poked and prodded into random bizarre new escapades by a clever, inescapable, overbearing Israel: for whom in a deeper sense he fights all his “wars”. While with respect to Aruba I have never heard or seen so many “experts” misconstrue words and deeds as in this new example of a deranged super-power, the bully on the block, persecuting a tiny neighbor. Paranoia and prejudice actually “stopping the ears”, like the biblical viper, of all these doughty news-folks, his mouthpieces, and those whose testimony they invoke. Almost without exception urging a continued progressively-tightening, life-strangling boycott of the little Island. People whose biased perceptions cannot catch the pitiful inflections of outraged innocence in a suspect’s, “No, we didn’t. But it would have been so easy”. Plainly conveying that he and his friends were man-enough to respect the honor of a highly-attractive girl in spite of her highly-vulnerable circumstances, for which they have received the reward of being tried, convicted and sentence by a sort of mob kangaroo court, both on TV and across the American press. While all the other stuff being floated by these nighttime talk-show people is pure hearsay and gossip, confounded repeatedly by the officials in charge in Aruba. An island of a sovereign Netherlands which, contrary to much-noised statements here, is not a legitimate venue for our FBI. (A Holland which no doubt incurred the presidential and state-department wrath by refusing to ratify the EU Constitution: a document designed solely to set in concrete the firm political dominion of largely-U.S.-based multinational corporations in Europe, just as is the case here). For which multi-faceted travesty-of-justice these suspects—who despite all this nightly blow-and-go may easily be innocent of the least misdemeanor—can hardly be blamed for musing about writing a book, and making “a lot of money”. This as a scant compensation for the destruction of youthful joy, prospects and ambitions, in what amounts to a triple moral homicide. (Note of March 2012: In the eyes of Vandersloot, now convicted of murder in Argentina, one can see a man finally driven mad: a look he didn't wear before his youthful prospects were so thoroughly destroyed).

For you see, and as I could gauge across Europe when I was there several times, rare indeed is there to be found among its citizens—whose culture and institutions the Arubans share—anything but insurmountable repugnance toward things like rape—let alone heinous rape and murder—atrocities which by contrast and as statistics so staggeringly bear out have so much drawing-power to so many Americans. An American pathology likely to be witnessed graphically, and perhaps only moments after all the breathless coverage on Aruba, on the same lurid nightly commentaries. With victims ranging from the crib to the nursing home. And neither does a combat-veteran like myself write these things at all gleefully: but rather out of a true loyalty which wishes to see the USA survive morally as well as politically: which as things stand at present it seems little likely to do on either score.

This Aruba travesty however is matched by that other hot-off-the-press misinformation scandal, in now-notorious doctored pro-U.S. “news releases” to the Iraqi press and media. Calling to our minds again and with re-enlivened horror the mendacious PR blitzkrieg that essentially kicked off both Iraq Wars, just as happened in turn in a flagrant Yellow Journalism jingoistically indulged immediately prior to the invasion of Panama. As well as in a host of other military interventions of a century running. Here too merits mention—and to show that this is no new thing for the Yankees—a 1743 excursion to “liberate” a Latin American Cartagena, which happened also to be a lucrative nexus of Western Hemispheric trade, providing an interesting intertemporal parallel to an Aruba in the midst of Caribbean waters lusted after for their yet-to-be-monopolized commerce. Another “heroic” Yankee deed defeated with dispatch by “oppressed” natives. Providing as this early American aggression did the first installment of a “manifest destiny” anti-Catholicism that, never to be deterred, would forthwith fix its gaze upon French Canada, and a generation later, upon La Florida, and then, in the mid-1800s, upon the centuries-old Southwestern possessions of Spain. In the latter, with U.S. "trading partners" since the 1820s opening of the Santa Fe trail marching in "one fine day" to summarily claim it all for the USA, and hanging a couple dozen Taos Indians for "treason" when they tried to resist. In an expansion so cruel in its methods as to draw England itself to defend such an age-old enemy as Spain itself, attempting, with real heroism, to defend La Florida—or most of the later U.S. Southeast—from the by-then-familiar genocidal onslaught of “the righteous ones”. While perhaps taking the cake in this list of vaunted media heroisms is the new definition of “dual citizenship” I heard the other day, on one of these C-span neo-con-foundation affairs. In which any residual loyalty at all to ones ancestral land—if it isn’t England—are plainly regarded as a species of their favorite-if-unspoken word, treason. Here being prepared a gallingly-atavistic return to the halcyon cross-burnings days of the 1920s against “greenhorns” and “foreigners”, or even of the post-Civil-War Reconstruction era. Why? Because we Americans are held to be a new species of humanity, to have invented “a whole new definition of patriotism”. One “based on our political system”. On our heroic levels of “democracy”. Oh, ballot-box-stuffers, secret-society-extortionists all, please spare me all this. All the while it is an Israel which these fanatics so slavishly and disloyally serve which veritably colonizes the USA in the most imperial way.

When this land at long last stops being grossly controlled by a bought-and-sold press and by interests both foreign and purely-private—and by related fabulously-funded but erroneous ideas—then it will at last be truly free: a wish we share with John and Robert Kennedy and other assassinated patriots before them. That founding venture which still looms large, sky-darkening before us, calling forth true courage, not tawdry box-office fare. While certainly those real things from out of our past which legitimately inspire admiration: these will continue to do so; true national virtues which require no such long-winded but often deeply-insincere advocacy.

November 30, 2005: considerations on the Pope’s response to clerical sodomy

Being a man or a woman is first and last a spiritual thing, as of places set around a family table by God: in eternal relationships which are recognized and reinforced without question by any good and stable society; and given at least a passing nod by most mediocre ones as well. Only secondarily are these twin wellsprings of self-identification concerned with the physical or overtly-emotional particulars of sexuality. This is something all our great-grandparents knew: yet marvelously without any trivialization of the latter nebulous and purely-personal realms. While it took the less-than-candid fables of the Jew Sigmund Freud—with vast amounts of money and influence behind him—to bring manhood and womanhood down entirely to the level of sexual passion: so that as a consequence, as in all matters of any depth today, one who takes issue with what has become a universal trivialization has to affix a sort of preamble, a set of qualifications, to his commentary. This in order to be understood at all by most people. For the Freudians have succeeded in “framing the argument”, despite their egregious folly, and despite the fact that the overwhelming burden of proof resides rightly with them.

Indeed here in the confluence of things physical and spiritual is the perennial battleground of the salvation and loss of souls: a cratered no man's land over which you might say “even angels fear to tread”. A topic which one would in many cases rather leave to others, or to each individual, to explore, although this whole theater-of-battle is where modern man is principally being destroyed: and that in a highly-systematic way. Both by his preternatural enemy and by those who, knowingly or not, do the latter’s bidding.

Furthermore, the noted Freudian warp is to be found in today’s Catholic ecclesiastical circles as well: confusing the dim search yet further, with modern psychology being in many ways the villain in today's invasion of sodomy among clergy and laity alike: especially in a USA from which the humanistic liberality of modern-day pontiffs largely took its cue. American Catholics and their priests, in their solicitude to remain welcome on these Protestant shores, having adopted a "don't rock the boat" mentality first set in stone by Bishop John Carroll: complete with the embrace of a Revolutionary War for whose deeper motives the "tax on tea" was a clever harbor smokescreen, a sedition whose true sources came most adamantly as an angry Calvinist response to Royal tolerance of Catholics in French Canada. With New Englanders in mortal umbrage over the Georges' unwillingness to butcher French colonials and their Indian Catholic proselytes with anything like the bitter zeal of the uprighteous 13. Indeed with an earlier royal-misgivings-ridden 1850s invasion of Quebec having been undertaken entirely upon the insistence of colonials to the south. But the problem with habitual compromise and mollycoddling doubletalk is that it wears a deep groove in the mind in all other matters as well: so that by such a tortuous and tormented path a relativistic sort of "you have to understand" tolerance was doomed to become rampant with respect to sodomy already well before the "council to end all councils" (my own phrase), Vatican II.

Ergo, too, a questioning of deeper implications of the response of Benedict XVI, that which seems on the face of it to be sound and traditional in nature: yet from his record as John Paul II’s right hand man, I have grown to expect a consistent lack of the truly-profound and spiritual somewhere in his approach to any subject, as in so many positions taken by his predecessor. (It's not for nothing that John Paul was an actor by trade, and brought high drama to the Vatican in so singular a way). Benedict seeming little likely to acknowledge the fundamental place of the whole Freudian approach in opening the door to the tragedies and enormities being witnessed today, as the news reveals to our eyes and ears in so crass, childish and graphic a way. A definite wrong turn through dramatically-thickening foliage having been these past decades of Vatican policies, consistently engrossed as they have been with secular behavioral theories, instead of those divine elixirs which when properly and humanely administered cure both earthly and spiritual ills. Having thereby failed miserably to strike the bulls eye of the perennial Catholic answer, that piercing light in the forest to all such monumental if sometimes uniquely-private and personal things. All this coming in the wake of a Vatican II which spent most of its time announcing itself—in its several years of ridiculously-expensive and lugubrious sessions—and despite all the aggiornamento jocularity—as a grim pastoral and doctrinal “point of no return”. The timeless answers of the Faith to all moral questions—the Christ “the same yesterday, today and forever”—being however the undying duty of the Church to impart and elucidate.

A big problem with ideologues like Freud—together, oddly enough, with many Calvinists, Catholic Jansenists and other “purists”—is that they lack a critical sense of humor in dealing with all matters where body and soul meet. There is here a tendency toward a rigorism—as in the multiplication of first century Jewish laws, a “tying of heavy burdens”—which is endemic to most unorthodox or heretical thought: however libertine the likeness under which it might first have appeared. So that to many of these over-burdened people sex is unnecessarily fraught with onerous implications: and certain occasional random reactions of fallen nature are instantly thought to spell some feared and detested fate. Here being only another venue of that “radically depraved” human nature, erroneously so named by both Luther and Calvin: that which robs social customs of all their joy and refined subtlety. A confessional and academic prepossession—a rare meeting of realms indeed—in the USA found even among avid secular liberals—a veritable national condition which often reaches high pitches of the obsessive. Sex here seldom any longer being dealt with as the happy, carefree and supremely-kindly encounter it really is, between a woman and a man in matrimony. Sex hardly a rite of passage in itself, let alone some sort of conquest—a notion primitives would justly and reasonably have thought at best hysterically funny, and certainly petty, unmanly, counterintuitive in the extreme—connubial bliss to immemorial mankind having always been acknowledged as an easy, pleasant, well-deserved reward, made supremely agreeable for the perpetuation of mankind. Its obvious purpose, no matter what any number of over-educated fools might say. But in the constant invocation of the over-wrought—or in that closely-related bigotry which finds dour faces and gloomy fetishes to be a sign of moral and racial superiority over “lower races” somehow held to be too spontaneous or “too passionate”—here is a pre-condition highly conducive to societal ills of every kind. A fastidious Dennis Rader world which with the explosive addition of today’s media and “education” forms a ready breeding-ground for all sorts of pathologies from the word go. For although there is indeed Original Sin—for the reckoning with which Catholics have a marvelous body of doctrine, one which carefully balances the requirements of both body and soul—for the all-too-typical American, Catholic or non-Catholic, cleric or layman the whole problem is a more-or-less radical Puritanical inability to accept the frailties, subtleties and complexities of the same human body/soul composite. That very mystery which drew earthward a redeeming Son of God. A humanity which can sometimes resembles a computer on some sort of bizarre sleep mode, spitting out data of the most anomalous, meaningless and involuntary sort. Something over which we should for the most part laugh rather than cry. While this same human composite of body and soul, whose imagination is sometimes as little susceptible to being corralled as are the clouds in the sky, this marvelous cosmos-all-its-own is designed for most people to attain a happy issue in marriage, and for all a blissful conclusion in Heaven. Where the wild uniqueness of everyone’s world will mesh forever with the “eternal spheres”.

Truly, in the minds of some people here the ideal of the “real man” and the “real woman” can become trans-mutated into frowning monoliths, like long-forgotten blood-stained idols startlingly rediscovered on some overgrown jungle floor, rather than remaining the pedestrian, unthreatening and humbly-marvelous commonplaces they really are. While it follows that those adjudged to have failed in the attainment of these mystically-regarded benchmarks—some versions of which are in reality the merest chimeras of pop-culture—are thought of in terms little less than reprobate, or diabolic. And in nothing short of an eternal permanence. Even as a major part of the problem is a sort of Platonistic search for the perfect male or female physical specimen, resembling closely as possible prototypes or "ideals" alleged by Plato to be found somewhere in the sky. When sexuality is precisely to be found in its very uniqueness, indeed intrinsically incorporating each person's shortcomings into its native charm, even as its most marvelous and engrossing qualities are obliterated in such a reduction to general standards, measures, manners and so on.

Indeed, people find their place through a complex and ancient set of social mechanisms and institutions: of which a sane, stable and Christian society, motivated by God’s law, enabled by His grace, represents a unique threshold. That incomparable treasure, that incubator of healthy minds and souls, of rugged or refined individualism, and all stages of uniqueness in between, which began to suffer a veritable hemorrhage with the onset of the universal-fratricidal World Wars. In a globe which in the West had for almost two millennia been thoroughly acquainted with the divine example and leading hand of the Son of God. His legacy having once been abandoned for “the husks of swine”, and for childish tantrums and displays, there can thereafter only be the dark and giddy void, and things once perceived in the most exalted and divinized fashion will be hopelessly addled, completely thrown awry. Devolving into a cascading vulgarity which little suits a human being, let alone an inheritor of Western law, language and culture. For we have set a bar in all this, over which we must leap, or be doomed, as men and women, as children of God: not a bar of beauty or prowess, but of character, virtue, purity, love. While as suggested through this safety-net of a good society people can overcome any evil inclination, whether imposed or a product of their own weakness and folly. Arriving at a real sexual health, grounded in a genuine spirituality, which can however be rendered a daily battle apart from this Civilization of two thousand years.

Thus briefly, the spiritual elements in manhood and womanhood—which are eternal and indelible, even pre-dating the indelible characters of Baptism or Holy Orders—augmented and refined over the centuries, in each culture, under the guiding light at least of reason, often of grace, in Christian countries crowned by divine revelation—these are all-determining, and will lead us safely through the paths of life. With a spiritually-refined masculinity or femininity being proper to celibacy, with the typical present-day school-counselor classing of shyness, for instance, as a grave character defect—a trait in the past considered perfectly neutral, or even admirable, and a generous part especially of the clerical character—this is part and parcel of a modern-day misunderstanding of the complexities and incomparable sovereignty of the interaction of body and soul. Genius often residing in the seemingly dim corridors of such a shy “condition”. Hence certainly we have to get over all the balderdash about those called to the priesthood needing to have all the social graces in exceptional abundance: let alone to be positively bulging with politically-correct sound-bites and highly “self-assured” gestures and aphorisms: that which involves a host of more-or-less irrelevant externals, and seldom has anything to do with deeper matters at hand. That sort of "vocational guidance" which got a stellar send-off with the Bing-Crosby-modeled cleric of mid-century Hollywood movie years. Surface traits with extreme difficulty to be found among those holy souls who are already as it were buried away, “hidden with Christ in God”. The latter kind of cleric whom the youth of today need desperately to see and hear, to model their inner lives upon. Priests and seminarians-in-training—if there are indeed any of this kind left—who like the saints are partakers of joys otherwise reserved for the angels. While in any case the “real man” is a person of a fantastic range of character and personality, and needn’t at all be another John Wayne: who by the witness of his life and in my opinion was pitifully stunted and ill-developed. A range of errors-in-thinking in these regards comprising a vocational director mummery which has been definitive to modern American Catholic seminary admissions for a long time now, and contributed enormously to the very problems it purports to address. Spiritual discernment being in the final analysis above all required in the one who selects priestly candidates, as well as in any disciplinary procedures established in their regard. A holy art critical to the building up of the “Body of the faithful” that has in major measure been lost, together with Faith itself, since Vatican II.

November 30, 2005: Those who praise democracy most loudly—let alone wishing to force it down other people’s throats—these are the demagogues to fear.

For democracy in real life is an extremely pedestrian, unassuming thing. Very much like the grocery store/butcher shop across the street from my childhood home (when we weren’t living out on the family farm). Where the owner or his wife or daughter would greet you cheerfully and discuss a host of subjects in the most civil, locally-cultivated and considerate sort of way. Anyone’s opinion was welcome, and it would get what kindly response it was deemed to deserve. But we would all have been seized with apprehension if the same butcher were to get up on one of his many crates and yield forth grand praises of the social and political life in his store. It would soon thereafter have been empty, all having decided to go the few short yards to the ones situated conveniently on either corner, rather than to his in the middle of the block.

November 28, 2005: Mary, ransomer of captives

Synagogue-sponsored New World Order globalists of today, no longer satisfied with geopolitical conquests and overthrows, now seek to violate in every possible way that sovereignty which is the ground-level source of all the others, without which the latter lack all purpose and meaning: that namely of the individual mind and soul. That most-basic sovereignty for which nations, organizations and institutions serve only as passive tools or means: that incomparable sovereignty which isn't at all maintained by a wild and reckless disregard of religion, as these breathless Hillary-modeled zealots hysterically maintain. As if freedom must somehow exhibit the explosive nature of dynamite, bursting all moral bounds, or the tumult of a dam which has collapsed, sweeping all in its path. Such a calamitous idea of liberty being the final form of a centuries-long Western revolt from the revealed positive law of God: that law which by the very process of guarding this inner sanctuary, this inner sovereignty of each citizen, thereby most guards the true liberty of the nation, the peace and welfare of humanity as a whole. A sovereignty of the human spiritual interior which goes well beyond a freedom from physical constraints, which addresses man for what he truly is, with mere unlimited moral impunity being a perverse and profane mockery of this noble free polity within.

Hence is the army of this inner state and government moral in nature, redounding to a unique command over our inner goods, so that we dispose of them with the utmost facility, or leave them safely in the deepest vaults and caverns of the soul. Here being an interior security force which political systems must in no wise impugn: standing sentry over a contemplative inner sanctum of our hearts and minds. Vault of an interior wealth, a veritable spiritual Fort Knox, there to be enjoyed, in mystical encounters, by God alone. Here being the real purpose of the state, as it addresses what is highest and hence most causative and definitive in man: so that there can be no significant political freedom or democracy without this inner sovereignty. One maintained by a force of a spiritual kind, led by holy powers from above. Here being a kind of science, discovered over millennia of revelations divine, in conjunction with meditations of holy men: a learning before which all others pale, which is infinitely more sure, inestimably more sublime and consequential, than anything that much-made-over men of math, engineering or ever-fluid political ideology can ever supply. While conversely it is the diabolical conquest over this most noble of realms, of the interior of man, over that spiritually-militant body of knowledge and practice which keeps this interior castle or citadel safe and strong, that has been the real aim of the ever-invasive tyrannies and totalitarianisms of the past century. These black knights of wickedness issuing with disturbing new force in present-day U.S. policies on the right and the left, among whose eager numbers giddy ranks of sodomy-advocacy tumultuously swell. And against whose numbers we in this Crusade will always ally ourselves with pious and sincere believers-in-God, whether Christian, Muslim or of any other sort. Against a Philistine war machine abroad, against a renewed Uncle-Tom-ism, and abortuaries, and other morbid, Orwellian death and control mechanisms at home. Against an evil empire indeed, a system which somehow boasts of having abolished the old slavery of the body—that which with mocking impunity it has only intensified—while it sets itself all-the-more assiduously to fetter and shackle the very soul. Using public and private institutions twisted and unnatural to turn out a citizenry brutal and deranged, to form its legions, its invasive, club-wielding enforcers, of a "freedom" which is pure anarchy, being alien to any of a humane or reasonable sort.

However I write here no gospel of despair, of surrender, of fear. No, far from it. For the marvelous thing about this incomparable inner sovereignty—to so many seemingly lost for ever—is that it can be definitively regained. And with a new resiliency never before attained. This exclusively through the motherly power and intercession of Mary, The Immaculate Conception. That title she confirmed at Lourdes, appearing to the spotlessly-pure St. Bernadette. She whose illustrious title—as the saintly Maximilian Kolbe, the selfless martyr to the Nazi regime and Apostle of Mary Immaculate of the twentieth century tells us—connotes not just an incomparable physical and spiritual virginity but also an inner integrity—of “concept” or thought, of a grasp of the unity of man and of all other things—which mirrors the very unity of God. An ocean of inner capacity which was seen fit to house the very incomprehensible Son of God. An inner integrity, virginity and capacity a generous measure of which she—as Mother of Divine Grace—readily imparts to her spiritual children. They whom according to the early father of the Church, St. Augustine, writing already in the late fifth century, she "carries in her womb", in a spiritual sense, in this unique motherly mediation: just as she did the Son of God in a sublime physical one. So that we all—both Head and members of the Mystical Body—are from the same holy womb, in which the powers of Hell have no part. In a mystery which of course rank heresy will never abide, the realization and application of which however this last extremity of mankind so urgently requires. According to that inner “arms agreement” by which this innermost sovereignty is sustained, and by which that illegitimate one of Hell is resoundingly run to ground.

St. Louis DeMontfort goes the length—in that unfettered boldness of the children of such a mother—and allegorically calls these interior offsprings her slaves. For in this word he finds the only expression adequate to render the reciprocal loyalty and love required to firmly cement and re-establish our native integrity, our inner freedom. This slavery—to God through the hands of His holy mother—being ironically that which is required for the regaining of that pearl of great price which is our inner sovereignty, which redounds incomparably to the outer and political one as well. (Ah, proud man, you will not find your way to this most estimable of freedoms in your ribald street-demonstrations, your nudities, profanities and other impunities whose "shock value" you vaunt to the very sky, but only find thereby the heavy shackles of Hell). True and interior liberty—the only kind that counts for a humanity which by nature essentially lives from within—a freedom which has much less to do with the lack of outer constraints, and a great deal to do with a lack of chafing inner bonds of our times. That liberty for which the soul—were it to really show mercy to itself—instead of remaining obsessed with the opinions of others ranged obsequiously around—would indeed trade all others. That “pearl of great price for which the householder sells all that he possesses”; that sweet slavery which is actually the most unfettered of freedoms, of the inner kingdom of our minds and souls.

Hence is it to Mary that we must turn as nations and souls: to regain for ourselves this inner freedom, this inner sovereignty: boons which will in their own turn restore to us, by an infallible process, in the most exalted possible form, the political one being lost today. A freedom furthermore which can be effectively introduced to others through the vanguard efforts of a mere handful thus imbued. This in the face of a new fascist, blitzkrieg assault, on both right and left. As symbolized alike in Crawford, Texas, Pennellis County, Florida, and a fringe-anti-life and private-property-vitiating court system. Choosing as we do rather to boldly unfurl the banners of a Queen “terrible as an army set in battle array”, against these foes of the inalienably-free human spirit, mind and heart. While finally what she inspires in every case, in practical political terms, is an organizationally-distributive system, this by necessity according to the manifold customs and characters of peoples. Thereby generously and irreversibly dispersing power from its present-day totalitarian, rotely-standardized centralization to diffuse modes of regional and local free agency. That form of political organization which alone adequately honors the soul of man, a system which both requires and expedites a moral integrity made readily accessible to men, such as formed the Western Civilization of the past, its laws and customs uniquely mild and free. Here being the Eden of the New Testament, the Free Kingdom before which, much as before the Garden of old, angels with fiery swords keep guard: allowing only the lovers of purity of heart to enter fully therein.

November 27, 2005: Much is said today of how a soldier’s only legitimate concern is about “the safety and welfare of his buddies”. But I myself think this unprecedented new belief is held with intense levels of fervor only by newscasters, school-teachers and counselors, and rarely by soldiers or sailors.

Here actually is found the introduction of permitted levels of thought: that by which only certain elites are encouraged to function at their level of intellectual competence, with this blinders-wearing buddy-exclusive motivation in combat being an insult to the intelligence, integrity and humanity of the soldier, a trivialization which could never have arisen in any other age or time: a denigration which only a venal mercenary would in ages past have entertained. A cynical mummery whose social and moral consequences the returning soldier is destined to experience for years after his return home: where alleged emotional fixations on wartime buddies will open the way for pathological examinations of all kinds. As the sole criterion of emotional attachment will be succeeded—in the judgments of "experts" and professionals of every stripe—by syndromes and other maladjustments of every variety: perhaps especially if the vet has serious reservations to express about U.S. policies at home or abroad. Disturbing things to which his recent experiences might easily lend him an alert and open eye, even if the "buddy system" might have blinded some of these troopers to moral enormities of the theater-of-battle itself.

November 26, 2005: The troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are mistaken to think they are serving “their country” in so doing: since however good their intentions what they are actually serving are the limitless demands of the modern over-centralized global-state. While similarly it is not “our troops” that people here so loudly “support”, but rather the same towering monolith.

Similarly, the fact that we are “allowed to freely discuss” such ideas and counter-ideas, in this supposed American freedom-paradise: this really comes across as a mockery, a profound motivational discouragement. Since we soon realize that the centralized, institutionalized control is so great here as to literally trap free-expression the way a black-hole traps light. Never allowing it to escape, or to achieve any effect: no matter how volubly it might be uttered. For in fact it doesn’t matter how much we talk about these things: we have an elitist-controlled political system, down to the local precinct level; the polls, both election and opinion, will continue to be rigged; and we are likely to be regarded as paranoid or disloyal for having expressed our honest ideas. That is until the advocated and popularly-responsive approach is embraced and implemented.

November 25, 2005: The gospel of “ceaseless change”

Church/state relations are a run-away favorite among TV discussion-group topics: no doubt because to certain minds the maintenance of a tidy "separation" in these realms can best keep a certain U.S.-Constitutional neatness intact, a sanitary quality which admirably forestalls any vexing and upsetting need to thrash around for justifications of perverse and heinous, genocidal policies, in an area where a certain unavoidable stench might otherwise prevail—hence a recent CNN interview of a bishop from somewhere in Honduras. A man who spent much of his time on the air tirelessly reiterating the old Marxist saw about the need for “constant change” in the Catholic Church, and presumably everywhere else as well. This hypnotic bit of radical process philosophy being on a certain plane reminiscent of apoplectic effusions of Hitler’s Mein Kampf , itself in turn an intergenerational twin to the “eternal armed struggle for democracy” which in a few short years has become standard U.S. geo-political and military-strategic doctrine. (We Catholics, in "backward old times" before Vatican II, used to think only of Hell in such terms of perpetual conflict and unrest). While probably one reason for the appeal of the church/state topic to today’s media is precisely that justice cannot possibly be done to it in the time-cramped studio setting—with the necessarily short space permitted for statements, questions and answers—in a much-controverted meeting-of-realms with such densely complicated ramifications that it could easily provide material for discussion into the next century. Let alone for a half-hour, or at most an hour. And then too there is the old news-anchor standby, the more simplistic the better: since bald and abrasive statements about complex issues make for the kind of spectacular entertainment which has long been standard living room box-office fare. Indeed sometimes a sawdust-floor bare-knuckle arena found on both the right and left, as witnessed so doughtily by Fox, which mirrors perfectly the accepted thesis/antithesis “intellectuality” which has monopolized “the political dialogue” since the time of the Bolsheviks. In those halcyon days when they first rioted, desecrated and firebombed in the early twentieth century in Lisbon, Bavaria and St. Petersburg.

What is the aim and purpose of this bewildering obsession with change, that which has gripped the Catholic Church like an epileptic seizure since Vatican II? And which continues its blitzkrieg drive despite clearly-related clerical scandals, emptying parishes, and now-near-non-existent Catholic schools? Surely, if this be reform, then it is reform which “cuts to the bone” indeed. Of the Body of Christ. All the more so because the aim is not at all easily ascertainable. However and in fact there can be no question—after listening to these pulpit paroxysms about the change-dynamic for nearly a half-century—that what is involved is patently change for change sake. Or even change for the sake of annihilation. For it is Catholic Faith itself which is obviously under siege here.

Found in the gospel of ceaseless change is an undying revulsion toward the Catholic past: a caustic antipathy couched for the most part in the language of the Church’s eternal enemies. While the constant invocation of “education”, “advancement”, “progress”, and all sorts of other broad-stroke-painted new causes only reveals an externally-insinuated process of abject Catholic self-questioning: one in which Christ’s chief gift to us is shamefully discarded and trampled under foot. Namely peace. “My peace I give you, my peace I leave to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you”

Please ignore the universally-ugly new translations—debauching with babbling abandon out of Vatican II—of these and other words of the divine revelation. Go rather to the English renditions of the Vulgate of St. Jerome, who in his fourth century A.D. lived intimately close to the times the Apostles and Our Blessed Lord walked the earth, and thus had available to him priceless original manuscripts—of which, as I understand, in my own untrained condition, any copies or later translations cannot in themselves be considered divinely inspired in the same way, even if they are trustworthy to a certain ample degree. By which consideration and under which standard the works of St. Jerome stand forth in brilliant distinction, as being incomparably trustworthy and good. Hence it seems—again to my untrained mind—that the doctrinal pith as it were of Written Revelation—aside from relative certainties found in the Vulgate—a Scripture which has undergone so many disastrous persecutions, flights, perils, copyings-under-unknown-conditions, obscure squirrelings-away—reposes in unshakeable security only in handed-down ("Oral Traditional") certainties of the Household of the Faith. Namely in the very "that which has been handed down to you" spoken of by the Apostle himself, which we are enjoined not to abandoned were we so counseled even by an "angel of light".) Hence then the primacy of the Church Herself, of the living, breathing Body of men which is the Mystical Body of Christ, and not really so much of unavoidably staid and scholarly precincts of the written word. That which by contrast is the very dead heart and soul of the Jewish faith, and proportionally of those Protestant creeds which to varying degrees partake of its starched, legalistic, "letter"-obsessed spirit. The genuine, living body of Catholic and Christian doctrine and practice being most notably and more-formally found in the teachings of pontiffs and writings of Early Fathers like Jerome, but volubly, amply and residually, as it were, in the whole body of Catholic spirituality, custom, law, practice and pious tradition. That lumbering wealth of millennia no single straw of which may safely be discarded without endangering the vitality and integrity of the whole. So that it is from out of this fact, and others even more consequential, that the primacy of Oral Tradition is maintained.

The tremendous peace, tranquility and probity of the true Catholicism of the ages has stemmed from the fact that the Church always forms its approach to earthly matters on its own terms: and this not at all excluding “matters of state”. Rather than on terms arrogantly dictated to it by others, even by rouge-“ecumenical” conferences of divines. While the peace of Christ is eminently evident as well in His own words on church/state relations: words however given a bizarre and uncanny twist by the clergy/episcopacy of our time. For the aim of the revolutionaries that incrementally overran the Vatican official machinery during the course of the twentieth century, starting with the strange and untimely death of Pope St. Pius X around 1913, has ever been to present Catholicism as a sort of change dialectic all its own. Even giving a veritable bomb-thrower’s twist to the words of Christ on Church/state relations. He Who however and as we are assured by Isaias was no revolutionary “shouting on street-corners”. For one thing because—like all such subject-matter of both the Master and His Evangelists—much more is assumed to remain in place, to be already properly understood, than is proposed for modification. Outside of which basic principle anarchy must reign. So that it is not legitimate at all to take some one phrase of Our Blessed Lord and to build a political/ecclesiastical cause celebre around it: that favorite recourse of the nihilists who have so breezily taken over since Vatican II. A recourse equally evident today on both right and left and in all realms of policy and thought.

Was Jesus denying the legal-institutional-formative potency of Himself and His yet-to-be-born Church, by His “render to Caesar that which is Caesar’s”? Hardly. But it has taken great tomes, even whole libraries, accumulating over two millennia, to elucidate what all is involved. A Catholic Church/state doctrine with all its vast and incalculable conceptual and organizational subsidiary implications. This in all areas of law, philosophy, custom, diplomacy, even art, music and manners. While furthermore one of the central consequences of this great practical and theoretical work of the ages has been to establish the noble places of every member of society: so that although there is indeed ceded to the scholar a place of distinction, there is recognized in Catholic thought no real superiority in such a figure over the human worth of, say, an illiterate peasant. While by contrast an odd but inseparable counterpart to the much-vaunted egalitarian élan of the Vatican II Church has been to express an abiding dissatisfaction with this universe of the humbly-employed: that condition so often over the ages "hidden away with Christ in God" which however the truly-wise have always regarded as uniquely fruitful and positive. Those who work with their hands today—whether rural or urban in their locality—being urged vaguely to somehow progress to some new, highly-trained or educated but typically-culturally-dislocating and often-largely-impossible plateau. Rather in fact in a sanely and productively organized society all levels of organization and authority are validly designed to serve this lower strata: to enhance its input and viability, and hardly to press upon it ever greater and heavier demands. That popular mass which is most properly to be called the people. They who determine the genuine, gradually-developing culture, customs, humor, civilization of any land. While to minimize, to denigrate the common man’s contribution: this is to be a mere ecclesiastical hireling. A trend which runs diametrically counter to the solidity, the quiddity, the profundity of the spirit of Catholicism of the ages.

The reason for all this is that the “salvation” being preach by New Church is precisely one of the overawing preeminence of earthly values over things interior and divine, so that such churchmen have in every respect abandoned their posts, as it were, at the approach of the wolf of secular arrogance, of corporate and official tyranny. Denying to their hungry fold those sublime realities which are "passed down to you", which alone give real meaning and worth to the life of the humble and poor: indeed to that of anyone. (In fact, it is to the upper and middle class, nowadays, that these clergy preach, increasingly regarding the poor with a kind of polite or good-humored disdain, wordlessly encouraging them to attend at the Foursquare or the Salvation Army.) Even as these ever-changing worldly chimera—of a technological advancement intimately tied to a dictatorial centralization, that vision admired so volubly from the “open” Vatican window of John XXIII—show us their real worth in things like the organizationally chaotic and indeed anarchic "relief" response to hurricane Katrina. And in the dismal morality and unhappiness peddled in our media and our schools; and imposed on the globe by an antipope-admired USA. So that—from this angle and a host of others as well—here is signaled nothing other than the long-awaited Great Apostasy, spoken of throughout Holy Writ.

But as noted elsewhere on this page: don’t expect to find any significant assistance against such a moral and spiritual catastrophe from the first group of supposedly tradition-loyal clergy you might hear of or come across. Because those who thus appropriated the age-old territory of Catholicism took especially great care to set in place a huge and entrenched “traditionalist movement” as well. One which here in the USA has from the very beginning been marked by an exclusionary, racist, precociously-neo-con point of view: well over a decade before these atavisms reemerged as dominant elements on the American public and political scene. Representing posturings which have nothing whatever to do with Catholic tradition, but everything to do with the most backward and degenerate thinking in any age. Or the psychology of the master/slave. And although I’m sure there are some sincere priests out there among the Trads, with a harried and faithful flock, don’t expect to find them at your first perusal of the Yellow Pages. For these are indeed the times of the latter-day catacombs.

November 24, 2005: Thanksgiving Day. The spin-artists take no vacations or holidays. Where do the real battle-lines lay?

Today’s level of rhetoric of right against left raises a cloud of smoke which serves most admirably to obscure the whole purpose of the political debate, and does no justice to the issues at stake. Liberal and conservative being in reality two indispensable if counterbalancing qualities of any sane and probative politician—of the likes of the slain Kennedy brothers, or of a late Senator Douglas of the sixties of Illinois—in carving out an issue in its proper depth and range. An exercise in which the watchword is almost always that “virtue lay in the middle”: if a moderation not always spelled out in the most immediately-apparent or obvious particulars or terms. While to act differently is to be a mere shallow, irrational and incompetent two-dimensional figure: a betrayer of the people’s trust. A depthless paper-doll cut out of someone else’s newspaper, put to use amply toward their own clever devices.

This phenomenon of duality—of the split personality of liberal versus conservative—is as much a product of our strange breed of native essentially-non-Christian Puritanism or Manichaeanism—take your pick for a name according to a millennial or centennial perspective—as it is the studied intention of a certain elite, much spoken of here. People who profit from a USA painted in broad strokes of black and white—whether racial or ideological—one endemically radical and divided. Formal and/or material traitors whose chief abiding wish is to control this land, to extract enormous wealth, a levy of sorts, from all its exertions. And for whom such divisions form the chief avenue of their insidious approach. And who regularly—by way of their vaunted “free” neo-capitalist system, in most respects eagerly embraced by both left and right—walk away with 4/5ths of the whole. Crafty interlopers who have invented for us a new form of patriotism which has lost all its acquaintance with moral virtue: the latter of whose venue, by unanimous testimony of thinkers from Aristotle to Aquinas to De Sales, is the noted “middle ground”. (The just absolutism of the Theological virtues—faith, hope and charity—of which we can never have too much—being rather applied here to patriotism alone—and robbed from the courts of the Living God). A nationalism, to give it its real name, which rather eagerly goes about creating enemies where there hadn’t been any before: and spawning ideological chasms where there had once been a melodious, joyous and fruitful notional plain.

The Manichaeans among us—be they Protestant, Catholic, Muslim or Jew—will always characterize genuine Catholic political culture and personality formation—the home-of-homes of poetry and song—an interior fatherland which has no interest in dividing men into good and bad by way of pure externals—as somehow being limp and pusillanimous. Here being the new Nazism, the baby-killing, goose-stepping pseudo-moral system under which our youth are now being formed at school. Providing more than enough reason that so many of them “find no meaning in life”, go berserk and kill themselves and/or others. (Of course, usually when they are full of heroic left-and-right-leaning congressman-sanctioned corporate-wonder-drugs like Prosac). Or are impelled to go on some other bizarre, death-dealing adventure. While finally in the face of all these things we must not be discouraged that these noted insidious enemies really do already own and control almost all of the forms of wealth, and venues of employment: thus exhibiting a timidity unbecoming disciples of a Savior who bade us “take courage, for I have overcome the world”. The enemy’s vaunted ascendancy not at all putting us down on the level of the sub-humans that they and their storm-trooper idols before them actually think we are. For we must realize that despite the ill-earned, intimidating power of these adversaries God does indeed provide for those who follow His law, and conversely disowns those who are “ashamed of Him before men”. A lesson learned well by the heroes of the Battle of Britain, on September 15, 1942, the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. Here being the most authentic venue for the heavenly assistance: that which brought the victory that day so long ago, as Our Blessed Lady indeed assured the Belgian mystic Berthe Petit. She who was the Apostle of devotion to Mary under the title of her Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart: an invocation which comprises (to paraphrase) “the last such unique grace to be conceded to mankind before the end of time”. A title we should thus be invoking ceaselessly: placing ourselves with her humbly at the foot of the Cross, where her power is, ironically to some, inconceivably to others, most invincible. Indeed as of “an army set in battle array”. An adversary-annihilating potency which even we ourselves, lowly trench-diggers though we are in this conflict, have on occasion seen.

Hence according to this new inner lucidity-of-judgment—which has no interest in going out on ideological limbs—we will find that far more Muslims than Jews belong in the camp of the “friendlies”. For the Muslims—indeed for a long time—and a long time ago—the prime political/military representatives of the black-and-white neo-Manichaean school—are less and less so. While a large body among the Jews—as long as they stridently and comprehensively reject the mild way of Christ, and indeed devote themselves assiduously to the destruction of practical, cultural Christianity on this earth—will always be the exponent of such sanguinary, anti-human extremes. Anti-matter categoricals which have nothing to do with the legitimate absolutism of the love and worship of God. A clarification we are forced to make not because we are prejudiced, but rather by the very constant persistence of our leaders in spelling out our security, our geo-political thought-frame, in blatantly-bigoted and divisive pro-Israeli racial and confessional terms.

And furthermore we here at don’t just speak brave words, but rather draw—in somewhat broad terms, as with a stick in the sand, in an interactive way which radically depends on the extensive collaborative input of others—a map or blueprint, found on this website. This to trace the route of an exodus from this new anti-life, anti-human Canaan. In terms economic and organization as well as spiritual and philosophical. Ironically-enough, kind of like those patently-Manichaean characters in the Ayn Rand novels, who started a whole new “civilization”—of course made up of her false, smug, proto-neo-con types—out somewhere in Colorado. The sorts of persons however whom the old common-sense, neighbor-loving Coloradoans of her time would undoubtedly have regarded with the utmost contempt. As being arrogant “snots”: that worst insult of the old and true Westerner. While in contrast to the elitism and separatism found in the noted novels, our plan would typically involve staying precisely where we are: a neighborhood-interfaced, neighbor-loving “sense of place” being essential to its effectiveness. Even as despite the infiltration of these astute enemies, this “synagogue of Satan”, into every institution here—so that no meeting of more than a handful of people is likely to be left unmonitored by them—yet “if the Lord is with us, then who can be against us?”

However this divine protection, and the ample promise of same found in Holy Writ, always contain the caveat that we must have Faith. Just as Christ Himself, in assuring us that He will indeed stand by His followers, and invincibly defend their cause, yet adds significantly, conditionally “but when the Son of Man returns, will He find Faith on the earth?” As if to query whether we deserve such protective exertions. For He can’t reasonably be expected to defend those who turn around forthwith and disown Him in thought, word and deed. While furthermore, even if we are expending every possible effort to be faithful, there can be an invincible ignorance, so termed in theology, which according to St. Teresa of Avila can in a sense be far worse than sin itself. Since, if I understand the Saint correctly, this confounding ignorance pretty much circumstantially prevents us from being good in some particular occasion or matter. For complete goodness, comprehensive virtue is a “pearl of great price” only found in the full and ranging mansions of the Household of the Catholic Faith. That with regard to which the wise and prudent householder lays aside attention respecting all else, and expends his care exclusively. That Household which nowadays that humblest of householders, the individual soul, finds mostly in his own "inner chamber", since all the externals of Catholic Faith have been commandeered by the enemy. 

Thus is it we must rush to this castle on the hill—which today is so close-at-hand, indeed within our very selves—in the approach of any storm, as in the day-to-day cares of our ordinary toil and travail. (For which purposes we must of course flee from all this drum-beat, this "rap" "music" which is like listening to ever-morbid and perverse mutterings of the damned. Hence it is incumbent upon us to make bold display of our Faith, all the while we ironically-enough rest securely deeply within ourselves, before that inner throne where God Himself resides. According to the sacred words: "where a man's heart is, there will his treasure be". Embracing that true Catholic Faith of old, now for the most part abandoned, in this time of “the Great Apostasy”. A Faith which meticulously learns His truths and sedulously obeys His law, and in both bright and penitential colors unfurls its customs accordingly. So that He joyfully discovers this “pearl of great price” among us, and extends His promised protection, both now as well as upon His long-awaited final return in the flesh.

Yet further and conversely it is a galling pretense toward religiosity which is bringing down the wrath of the Almighty more than anything else, as we see around us more and more frequently. A God Who—as much as He grieves to lose our allegiance—would rather we were “either hot or cold”. In penalties descended upon us even if we ourselves—as discussed below in several entries—have been highly instrumental in the very production of these punitive catastrophes.

November 19, 2005: The mad-hatters tea-party world of Harry Potter, Italia Federici, Abramoff and associates

One of the Catholic seers of a couple of centuries ago spoke of a time she could foresee when “the madmen” would once again “take over the world”: certain earmarks of which state-of-affairs are amply evident today whether in the Church, the state, the schools or the media. The creation of chaos being the aim: from out of which dialectic—to the “linguistics experts” and process-pied-pipers involved—emanates another of Marx’s diabolical “syntheses”. Out of which maelstrom proceed such seemingly-inconsequential anomalies as the overwhelming popular power of the wildly-promoted Harry Potter and his black-arts-magical world; anticipated earlier by that other Englishman (a “Catholic convert”) who wrote blasphemous fantasies about saints living in burrows under the ground, cheek-to-jowl with demons of every shape and size. A writer who by the palpable influence of such mania no doubt helped encourage a then-burgeoning child-molesting homosexual clergy: as the custom gained ground for men of the cloth to exude much the same pixy-like, fantasyland spirit of such writers (and noted monsters), even from the pulpit in their Sunday sermons. And especially during the veritable Disneyland of “children’s Masses”, whose heyday was at roughly the same time. Then too there’s the whole “humor” complex tied up with that great inscrutable foursome-unity: the Republican Party, the big players of the geo-corporate world, the Mob and a super-ascendant State of Israel. The latter of whose American-citizen moles and other operatives perjure and otherwise incriminate themselves regularly before Congress in a continuous running circus of lies, buck-passing slanders and citably-contempt-laced verbal smokescreens. Hard faced paragons resembling no one so much as the yawningly-indifferent Teamster—and related industrial-manager—racketeers who appeared before the 1950s McClellan Congressional hearings on labor/management “sweetheart” contracts, and the attendant assaults, murders, fire-bombings and so on that went with such forms of worker-exploitive, union-undermining criminality. An epidemic that is still with us today, with basically the same big-league corporate players who scored so well back then having enriched themselves fabulously in the intervening time. (Note the meteoric rise of companies like Koehler plumbing supplies, since the brutal demise of the two good brothers: this firm now become a virtual monopoly on most new-construction sites. An enterprise under lengthy investigation back then for unfair and backward employment practices. For a wealth of more information on the whole subject, see Kennedy, Robert, the Enemy Within. 1960: Pocketbook Press). While Mob criminality has become so ascendant now as to sit down at the geo-political table and amply and convincingly help dictate terms. Those earlier proceedings having first marked the courageous Kennedy brothers—one a member of the Committee, the other its legal counsel—as doomed men. Thus the travesty of the “testimony” of the “environmental advocate” Italia Federici on Thursday before the Indian Affairs Committee: a woman who plainly knows she is untouchably well-protected from on high. And who—much like her accounting-firm counterpart of a couple of weeks ago—opened up her high-wire act by reverse-castigating the two presiding Senators in strident tones. As the inexorable Orwellian process takes place by which one of the only remaining American ideals becomes an apotheosized effrontery.

The following added on November 20, after listening to House Transportation Committee testimony: Highly germane to the Mob/corporate issues raised here is the ruthless manner in which Amtrac is being starved and bullied out of existence both by the committee itself and most-recently by another Republican-dominated-committee-endorsed Bush-crony rail-CEO-appointment. The former exceptionally-able and brilliantly-talented head of the rail system having been fired: purportedly for not making a profit, but actually for refusing to cooperate in certain measures which would ultimately have led to the liquidation of the Bush-league-resented, increasingly-efficient subsidized passenger-transport service. Gunn, the previous CEO, having been denied all funding in this years Administration-ramroded budget, after having achieved a near-impossible highly-successful revamp of a previously dangerous, near-moribund passenger-serving track and traffic-planning system. So that there is here confirmed conclusively and from yet another direction my own long-time conviction of the existence of a criminal Republican/Teamster/oil-and-trucking-industry/developer-arbitrated liaison of a half-century’s duration: that which is literally shaping the American physical infrastructure, economy and even foreign policy as I write. Our irrational emphasis upon truck-transport—that which is the real reason for the long-running deterioration of our rails—and for that matter of our pitifully maxed-out, over-used roads—things unknown in other lands, first or third world—having been initiated for the purpose of a mammoth pork-barrel bonanza. This in favor of already-glutted oil-industry, developer and redi-mix-contractor profits—to name only a few—tractor-truck-transport for one thing consuming fuel at a rate at least a hundred times higher than rail. A wide-ranging con-game which has similarly fueled an artificial type of both global and national growth, notably an urban sprawl phenomenon which has been a major cause of steadily-densifying problems social, political and economic. (Ah, progress!) While finally evident throughout the testimony were the fluent evasive tactics, noted repeatedly on these pages, of the same Jewish and Jewish-American constituency, whether at the microphone or not, which have been at the very forefront in recent Administration scandals of every stripe.

All this is far from the sane attitudes and policies of the sixties: among an American people not yet utterly subservient to the State of Israel, nor for that matter pre-possessed with truck-transport or electronic gadgetry. Together with all the graded classifications of arrogantly-exclusionary, self-glorifying cleverness—in all areas of life—which all these things bring with them like a new plague. Real people—for whom life wasn’t preempted or substituted with some big or tiny beeping surrogate at every turn—and who knew supremely well how to “take everyone onboard” any bandwagon, be they of any shape or level of physical capacity. Whether at the high school homecoming game or in the Kennedy campaign: in which I myself worked as a sleeves-rolled-up 14 year old leaflet-and-brochure screen-door-stuffer. Not as some sort of junior ballot-box-stuffer in training, such as Bush might indeed presently employ. No, this is an entirely different universe, a Bedlam of those who have not matured at all, and of not-a-few who have a few filaments loose in their inner motherboards. Who for all their vaunted star trek advancement are strangers to those once-rather-ordinary organizational and interpersonal skills necessary during times of natural disaster. The sorts of things which pointedly mark us out as human beings. While as suggested above—in a curious cultural atavism for such futuristic times—replicated here is also precisely the behavioral complex of the Underworld, and those many addendums to it that generously invade our immense detention system and our commercial and blue collar realms of this certifiably maniacal day and time.

Once you get used to all the increasingly-inescapable, contaminating, “brave new” sadio-masochistic hilarity you see the world through rose-colored glasses indeed. Most importantly not “taking too seriously” the significance of the near-invariable presence of some cameraman, Harry-Potter-style magically set up and ready to record some horrific explosion in Iraq. (Just as we are treated to morbid security camera filmings of child-abductions—these being replayed continuously during droningly-drawn-out commentator-chatter—thus infallibly goading more such madness from a humanity with all the unpredictable imbalances of Original Sin.) This meticulously-propaganda-choreographed war being one we have already lost, whether we go or stay: where we cannot even secure the highway to the airport. A war which however serves supremely well the abundantly-evident Israel/American prime and unwavering goal of destabilizing Central Asia and the Middle East, and from there an entire globe, from on high. For which anticipated, lusted-after fait accompli any amount of readily-impeachable shame is readily undergone. The USA itself having been destabilized—but for miraculous divine assistance beyond reprieve—with the murders of the two noted brothers, and their good friend Martin Luther King. A chaos-objective already achieved in the 80s in Latin America: only one of many geo-political phenomena obscenely evident to those not yet infected by the noted maniacal hilarity. In the above theaters involving an orgy of fire-bombing, torture, coups and sodomy—these interspersed ingeniously, at hated moments of Sunni/Shiite reconciliation or Afghan calm—with precision-coordinated demolitions performed by “friendly” black-ops agents provocateurs. Events part and parcel with the whole barbaric overkill of a 9/11-Afghanistan-Iraq-War ensemble: that which puts all the world’s eggs in one basket in the most apocalyptic way. Brutally enforcing thereby the mostly-forgotten words of a certain innocent-looking WTO lady. A representative of those who know best how to orchestrate chaos, she told us after several of the massive anti-globalism riots of around the turn-of-the-millennium that “for the people of the world there is no alternative” to the globalist agenda dictated by all-knowing ("all-seeing eye") Great Ones. While finally you would also be considered laughably over-wrought were you to grasp the Mob-like control now being exercised by the present Administration over both Houses of Congress. An ironclad both-party White-House/Congressional alliance which only yesterday, up on the Hill, pulled off one of those eager king-of-the-mountain stunts of madmen-in-charge. Calling a vote for a resolution no one there wanted, so they could get what they wanted. Kind of like the bullies in the old game of marbles, who would threaten to confiscate all the little shiny objects if the game wasn’t played on their terms. A coterie unquestioningly loyal to a new ”dictatorship of the proletariat” such as was apotheosized by Lenin: if this time minus all the cynical Bolshevik lower-class-advocacy pretenses. One which tells us what is good for us in a flurry of arrogant aphorisms, and “makes us like it, too”.

November 15, 2005: Simple-mindedness versus simple-heartedness. Home-school killers and the national identity. Also, where should the U.S. Capitol really be? Somewhere toward the middle of the country.

Not surprisingly it is on the parade ground of unjustified war that drill-sergeant-like commands toward simplicity-of-mind, dressed up convincingly as simplicity-of-heart, are barked most compelling. Thus in substance the familiar, doughty “mine is but to do or die”: or perhaps more commonly the assumption that unless one is absolutely certain his country is the aggressor, and thus morally wrong, he must submit an unquestioning soldierly loyalty to the perpetually-mobilized hyper-military state. This neat little formula being especially handy for those massive and complex corporation-enriching armies and armadas we have nowadays, in which everyone is required to move with “shock-and-awe” precision, as a single man, and there is tolerated no hesitation in anyone about tactics and strategies ruthless in the extreme, even including torture. The latter of course being laughingly attested as non-existent by the hyenas who mandate it from on high. Not to mention those standard unacknowledged geo-political goals: the merest mention of which instantly bring a guffaw, or some blunt or ironic O’Reilly-ism, to the lips of doughty patriots from sea to sea. These well-thought-out policy-sophistries, which are however and by far the major moral issue of the conflict, being hidden behind dense smokescreens of diplomatic verbal skullduggery: evasive measures safely beyond the ability of the average recruit to penetrate. As he heedlessly continues his blind bayonet-charge toward “the enemy”. So that hereby patriotism today is rendered little more than a triviality in comparison to the profound, sometimes indeed mystical, hearth-and-home and native-soil civic devotion of days gone by. A genuine loyalty which used to take decades—not days—to rouse to battle—but that once called forth could result in a Hundred Years War for the national soul, whose champion was St. Joan of Arc. Rather than in some shamefaced conflict for the benefit of a lot of self-interested, ballot-box-stuffing, corner-of-the-mouth-talking cronies. A “war” against a helpless opponent that is ruefully-regretted by everyone else the month after it begins. Yet continued doggedly onward in order to grimly “stay the course”.

Such all-justifying sophistries as took over steadily here since the War of Independence—as analyzed in our books and other writings to date—were more recently to “come home to roost”, being succeeded by the frank home and sidewalk level implacability of many-a vacant-eyed youngster of today. Whose pathetic or human-life-indifferent visages we see so often on the nightly news. Kids who are the real victims of generations of a smoothly-promoted, selectively-rewarding breakdown of Civilization, cheered on by media of education and dissemination as if it were a noble national cause. And who can find but little shelter for their souls in the uprightness of singularly-good parents, or the genuinely-fine but pop-culture-despised disciplines of a home-schooling program. All this because words and the moral concepts they represent had gradually become fluid, so that ultimately a certain critical moral dam inevitably gave way. An inexorable process which found a formidable ally and an unprecedented articulation in the verbal deluge and the morbid phenomenological morality invented at Vatican II for all men to share, in ironically tumultuous, wildly-enthusiastic aggiornamento style.

But what is this much-made-over “brothers in arms” phenomenon? Although there are indeed many real and lasting friendships forged in the fires of war, the new concept of camaraderie is in essence another of those myriad magnetic dynamisms of the modern state. One actually more-or-less identical to that of the communist “comrades”. Overwhelming forces working without real human input upon a “managed” citizenry which has lost much of its sense of the meaning of things. A phenomenon described in various entries and in much detail further below. The “mainlining” (to use the supremely-appropriate if-odious drug-culture term), the “adrenaline rush” of this brothers-in-arms loyalty-motif typically pushing past all the old, to modern man clumsy, prudential measures in the establishment of genuine, lasting interpersonal ties: that intergenerational cement that used to cumulatively establish a community. This camaraderie having a corollary in the familiar office, work-crew or department-store standby in which boss and employees alike and from day one call each other by their first names. A rule-of-conduct, even among those who may positively loath one another: failure at which mummery will bring about a speedy dismissal. While plainly-enough if all these generic ties are not based on moral goodness—let alone if they find their venue in positive wrongs—they begins to partake of the fabled “thick as thieves” (or killers). Illicit alliances which are sometimes indeed said to be supremely satisfying emotionally. While real and uplifting friendship by definition cannot be shared by just anyone, simply because they share with us a common set of circumstances. Here in this novel, utilitarian, even highly-impersonal construct—brothers-in-arms adding to brothers-on-the-job only a difference of degrees, not of species—being rather instituted a relationship which is Alan Toffler’s highly “modular”, supremely convenient to the highly-temporary and externally “user-friendly” goal of the modern capitalist state.

We—both as societies and individual human beings—are given a whole lifetime—whether counted in millennia, decades or single digits—in which to either get lost in a maze of cowardly rationalizations or to find our way through the thicket to God, and to a true and intelligent personal and national self-discovery. That effort which arbitrates our salvation, and which historically formed the self-definition of a France, a Germany, an England, a Croatia (this latter as old as any of these its historical companions). From which true identity a nation may indeed flee (into the fires of a geo-political Hell), but can never really escape. While the leader to come, who betroths himself to this our own unformed land, and who cleanses it, like the Biblical spouse, of “its mud and blood”—this man-to-come-someday will be the real founder of a nation-yet-to-be. And will give it, as God’s lieutenant, the first earnest of its secret name, “written on a little white stone’, whose inner mystic meaning is entirely comprehended by God alone. But whose domestic tones and syllables—once indeed heard on every street-corner—are readily familiar to the ear of the citizen. A future deliverer, an establisher of that genuine democracy which is identical in meaning to legitimate government. Which has nothing to do with a lot of self-interested promotion, in some cynically-dreamed-up and ironically-sanctified “dog eat dog world”. That res publica or “thing of the people” which has historically taken a host of native forms. (Sorry, Birchers, and lecture-giving pseudo-scholars all, but as you can see the word “republic” really does mean democracy, and ponderous head-shakings or red-faced fits of apoplexy will not change this at all. The much-esteemed term thus hardly especially connoting some propertied-class assembly; rather, the two identical words—republic and democracy—said to be so polar oppositional—differ only in their root-words being the one Latin and the other Greek.) A new foundation which will come about in this Land which drains into the Mississippi, or as the French called it, “the river of the Immaculate Conception”. And whose capitol should accordingly be in St. Louis or Chicago, Joliet or Decatur. Or by purely-geographical logic, maybe even in Salina or Kansas City. Locations along the demographic, geographic or communicational center of the land, readily serving as the heart of the nation as well as its head. A new-found-land indeed which would be free at last from the dominion of forces not really native, and hardly profound.

November 13, 2005: Bush’s diabolical fanaticism is not at all the laughable mockery it appears to be.

It is essential to realize—for the security of our nation and that of the rest of the world—that Bush and his associates don’t give a fig about their approval ratings, as long as their agenda succeeds. This is the impudent Republican legacy of Ike, of Nixon, of the old Tweed Gang or the Robber Barons of the Gilded Age. For once their check-list is put into play it will be literally cast in concrete: geo-infrastructurally enforced beyond any hope of reprieve. In the manner of all the projects of corporate-capitalist elites. Bush’s vaunted rhetoric—contrary to the projections of pundits—are not at all the ravings of a neo-con idealist: they are the smoke-screen of an astute manipulator, and in my own opinion, a traitor.

This is precisely what many-a German was to realize about Adolph Hitler. As in the famous post-war cartoon, showing a tired, middle-aged man, a German war-veteran, shaking his fist at a picture of “der Fuhrer” on his wall, lamenting, in translation, “You dumbbell, you took from me the best years of my life!” For it was most pointedly the cryptic, victim/conqueror designs of the Zionists—already the major world power by the 1930s—which propelled this madman to power. A man whose chaotic and basically self-destructive policies—uncannily like George Bush’s—served no purpose better than to level, to pulverize Europe into a smooth playing field for totalitarian ideological designs. A West free of cultural or institutional resistance, a characterless condition to which an entire globe is being remorselessly reduced as I write. An agenda which began to be put in place with supreme alacrity not long after Hitler’s demise: with the legendary corporal only giving the red-faced keynote address. The equally-arrogant illusion being ceaselessly sustained here—and supported by crack-pot evangelists like Pat Robertson—that Americans are an invincible master race—one perfectly incapable of being falsely inspired.

As it stands now, it is only the help of Heaven, under the patronage of Our Blessed Lady, which can save us from the arrogant, idolatrous, insidious schemes of this conspiracy of evil men. A countervailing plan of action to which this website and publications to date are dedicated.

November 13, 2005: Double standards at home and abroad. Bullying Syria: what we do best. Also, the child-predatory veritable peek-show of the networks. Do we really need to see all these ceaseless graphic pictures, of lewdness and nudity—which hardly do justice to the victims involved—together with the already adequately-descriptive dialogue? Is something else being insidiously promoted here—of course amid correctly-outraged posturings—besides the news? A host of entries further below would seem to strongly support that likelihood.

As noted in a speech by a much-beleaguered Assad, all the while the carefully-planned murder of Yassar Arafat is totally ignored by world powers like the USA, the assassination of Hariri is made into a causa belli against Syria. Indeed, the dispatch of such embattled Arab leaders as Arafat—whose poisoning-murder was a palpable certainty to physicians who attended the Palestinian leader’s last days in France—this is a matter of little concern for a frankly-prejudicial Bush and his foreign policy entourage. Arafat’s murder being instead assessed as the welcome departure of a “stonewalling old trouble-maker”. Of course the same double standard is evident in a USA in which corporate cronies reign supreme, and every tragedy or natural disaster—disproportionately affecting the poor—is seen principally as a further opportunity for extravagant no-bid contracts, awarded not to the law-mandated minorities but rather to an already fabulously powerful and wealthy Haliburton.

Thus does Bush predictably go on—without any break in his militant rhetoric—to reiterate the standing coded threat to invade Syria. This in spite of the fact that the “investigation” of Syrian involvement in the death of Hariri was ridiculously flawed—like the late-nineties Iraqi “weapons inspections” of the notorious Hussein-hating Brit—both rife with the now-standard blustering accusations, as of a George Tenet or a George Bush, rather than the finding of facts. All this increasing the likelihood that the death of Hariri was yet another of a host of provocateur assassinations of our closest friends, in order to blackmail yet another Arab nation. For the high purposes of what is fast becoming a Middle-eastern and Central-Asian land-grab of the ages. While this species of cynical treachery—much spoken of on this front page—this by a variety of black-ops agents, whether our own or those of England or Israel—likewise bears a relative kinship with the pin-point assassinations of cumulative hundreds of seasoned native-Iraqi leaders (by a hunted and harassed Al Qaeda?)—obviously paving the way from another direction for a substantial takeover of that land by foreign nationals. That phenomenon—the foreign-interest fomenting of chaos on the native soil—intolerable to any true patriot in any land—is plainly that which provides most of the fuel for the genuine (but much less capable) ongoing Iraqi insurgency.

Perhaps the heading about the sex-slave and child-predator newscasts needs no further comment, yet just as repugnant is the highly-predictable claim—by one of our many all-knowing “abuse professionals”—that the Jewish Rabbi literally “caught with his pants down” “isn’t really your typical pedophile”. No: such an obvious worthy professional somehow “unfortunately” got caught in a dragnet plainly designed to catch others not of such elite status. Indeed, by the time the abuse-guru on the news-show is done you are prevailed upon to believe it was the Rabbi rather than the child that was the real victim in the eager stage-encounter. He who was no doubt once part of that college crowd which—precisely because of their “liberal” views on sexual conduct—have through the years been just as eagerly rewarded with preferment in everything from internships to work-study programs, and invariably landed the best and most prestigious of positions upon graduation. Alas, here again the ironclad double standard—again in favor of the wealthy and wicked—which in this case goes a long way toward insuring the ongoing vicious and perverted exploitation of youth.

November 12, 2005: One’s own turf.

The quintessence of our thinking here at is that people must control and determine that which is there own. They must rule on their own turf. A skill which—perhaps above all others—requires practice, and which atrophies with disuse. As indeed we see around us today in ever greater and more bewildering political and organizational dysfunctions at all levels.

There are many organizations willing to give a handout of sorts, but few which thoughtfully clear away obstacles to the self-determined advancement of those they supposedly serve. Practicing a now-rare form of the biblical “anticipating one another in charity”: that which is the deepest and most constructive function of any society, and an especially notable decoration to any truly Christian one. But the big game of today is naked control, that which essentially implies a species of idolatry. That dominion which really drives the prevalent, media-promoted view of globalism. For although there is indeed a good globalism: one that is cooperative and synergetic, and that, against all odds, continues to hold a certain amount of ground, this loud globalism is the one we hear of quite exclusively. That of the media, of the politicos—that which claims to be rampantly and relentlessly advancing—a hyper-unified worldview in which one’s own turf, mi propio, is basically controlled and manipulated by strangers.

Indeed there are people who see life entirely in such violating terms: con-artists and sexual deviants being notable among this control-oriented element. And then too there are whole nationalities that have a weakness toward this general bend of mind: some of which are mentioned here on this page from time to time. But instead of being justly rewarded and congratulated for our vigilance, all of us who resist the projects of “the controllers” who would forcibly mold every facet of human lives, are portrayed—by the control-promoters—as being, you guessed it, paranoid. Here being a control-philosophy meticulously supported by a painstaking rewriting of history, and the creation of a host of false martyrs and saints. With dictates from much-made-over “holy ones” passed down in sanctimonious tones of those “who know best”. Indeed in some cases because of a deep-set belief in an intrinsic superiority. A palpable elitism spoken of much here as well.

On the contrary, real wisdom in human affairs—in any field, including applied policy or technology—is entirely to be found in a mosaic assembled by the many, working in both close and indirect conjunction with one another. That densely-interfaced social organism which was sanctified, being subsumed by the Savior into His own very Person, in the Mystical Body of Christ. The people—providentially identified through various native qualities—like the various tissues and tendons of the human body—“a people set apart” into mutually-familiar groups: this universal brotherhood by nature chooses, by conceding localized places of distinction, both rationally and instinctively—and not always by ballot—those who will represent their interests at higher levels. But instead we have a rigidly-disciplined two party system, motivated by the radical ideologies of two opposing elitist schools, before which the human constituent—he alone whose interests have any real meaning—presents himself as a veritable beggar, tin cup in hand. The deepest genuine, organic aspirations of the people thus having no resonant means of self-expression. Rather needing to find what footing they may in an alien and inhospitable set of circumstances. Here being that much-vaunted “democracy” we presently export around the globe, at the point of a bayonet.

Hence crushed at the very bottom of this heap of uninvited attentions lies the individual human being. So that for this reason I make myself a real agitator in his favor. This guy next door, or gal around the block, or at the drug store counter. It isn’t that I think my personality, my individuality or anyone else’s, is necessarily so brilliant or remarkable. I readily acknowledge, say, my awkward style in a personal introduction, the making of acquaintanceship—often delivering a poor “first impression” indeed; or someone else’s precipitous, perhaps deeply-regretted, lack of tact. But I hold that these real traits, rough, poorly-milled edges and all, are the veritable nuts and bolts that hold a society together. That from out of the connections they secure there is built, with the help of God, “peace on earth to men of goodwill”. From out of which alone personal improvement, moral refinement, take place. While from out of the million-plus lots of the identically formed—which have no means of interlock or mesh—comes only chaos. The only adhesion possible to these smooth-surfaced metallic personalities being a magnetic, upward, “one-on-one” master-servant relationship. However, contrary to humble appearances, in the mutual connections of ordinary men—in all their profound yet “faulty” and pedestrian complexity—lay a power which can overturn “the conceits of the proud”, the projections of the mighty.

According to the above opposing configurations, the organized productive unity we advocate, that of the age-old cohesions of men, tends to be considerate in speech and unthreatening in manner: while its opposite, the unity-of-control, stresses sarcasm, hazing and other forms of brave verbal cruelty. This is because it is as noted a purely vertical unity, totally lacking in effective, intrinsically-affectionate horizontal ties. The low-intensity bitter acrimony of modern Western conversational culture being a harsh but highly-effective tool of the downward disciplines so assiduously imposed. Since it discourages all horizontal friendship and loyalty, favoring both directly and by default the deliverance of the thunderous upward Zieg Heil! In a dynamic imposed by those, seldom seen, who rule remotely, and who by their overwhelming sway entirely dominate public communicational and other mass institutions. While here is involved a surrender-of-freedom of the most profound sort: since few things could more thoroughly compromise fundamental levels of personal sovereignty than this dictation of every nuance of self-expression or address. A communicational control-trend that has asserted itself even in places like England and Europe, where at one time—under millennia-long influence of Catholic institutions—the possession of a certain “personal style” of speech and manner was positively defining to civilized life. The slack-jawed “cool” having long been in relative dominance where once dwelt the poetic, the taciturn, the many kinds of articulate keepers of their own counsel.

This, then, in this polar opposition, is the political and organizational struggle of the ages: the only difference today being the new levels of insidiousness in this organizational depravity, as well as the fact that the polemics in favor of this monolith have never before been so artfully and expensively maintained. But in this page we take heart from Our Blessed Lord’s several recorded rebukes to tyrants, as well as His “take courage, for I have overcome the world.” And it through the inspiration of His life and teachings that we present a detailed exposition of a free, lively and sane opposing concept of organization.

November 9, 2005: In order to fund the training and equipment of Israeli paramilitary snipers, a Jewish-American Lobbyist from a Bush-protégé corporation and his associates take an Indian tribe to the cleaners. The Sons of David carrying on their age-old highly-profitable fomenting of war between the nations: alike with slanders, infiltrations and the covert acts of agents provocateurs. The account of this and other current Administration misdeeds and scandals is interwoven here within the setting of our own recent journey through several states, undertaken for our own purposes—a trip which however quickly took on the character of a kind of “roving fact finding commission” all our own. One in which a rapidly-deteriorating American morality and economy—a mirror-image of the Bush White House—is examined along certain lines and in some detail.

While injustices abound at home, the U.S. under Bush remains a “terminator”, an international bully-enforcer, with supreme irony claiming justification under the indulgent umbrella of a national martyr status since 9/11. Sharing this split personality with a perpetually “victimized” yet equally-aggressive Israel. A nation which as uncovered in Senatorial testimony on November 2 is again busy with impunity both milking and infiltrating the U.S. governmental machinery, this time in a scam involving vast, larcenously-obtained funds of an Indian tribe. These being used to bankroll, among other things, a training program for death-dealing Israeli (paramilitary) snipers. Activities for the description of which the Jewish-American facilitators involved of course have a whole dictionary of heroic terms, uttered with the usual congenital and convincing fluency. Lending tones of virtue to the embezzlement of the “Red Man” by a lobbyist at the center of the plot, working in highly-efficient cooperation with a brace of legal, commercial and official associates. White-collar criminals whose testimony was a study in overbearing arrogance and condescending impunity in answering the questions of Senators Cain and Durgan. Well-placed cliques of Jewish co-religionists having long been accustomed to operating with supreme self-confidence and freedom of action in the halls of government. People who when all is said and done basically decide for us—through their overwhelmingly powerful connections and ceaselessly-invoked Holocaust-based pathos and polemical appeal—whether or not we go to war. A People whose influence is greatly in evidence in the case at hand: through comrades or surrogates who took the precaution as well to meticulously frame a major departmental undersecretary. So that, as usual, “the buck” might safely and sanitarily stop with that feckless gentile official. This through the byzantine intrigues of a thicket of second-hand-incriminating e-mails, working in neat tandem with the strong likelihood of the usual Israeli-state-preferred sexual blackmail. The Bush Regime and the Israelis by a host of open and clandestine means having indeed established the U.S. as a sort of coast-to-coast, fanatical pro-Jewish hate-academy. Or at the very least a source of rich booty for same. In service to this newly-contrived, indeed Christian-Right pulpit-identified, Mother Country on the Mediterranean.

Of course the same Jewish-controlled American interests have produced Hollywood hits and TV serials which go into great cinematographic detail about many such very high-level intrigues: in a ruthless, breath-bated parallel Goldfinger real politik a record five or six decades long. Ably employing a film industry as an all-purpose instruction-manual on the realisms of the global black-ops, diplomatic cloak-and-dagger scene. Standard-issue camera-blueprints of the geo-criminal and geo-good-guy mind become so trusted as to quickly pull any other ideas off the broad inner cinemascopic or outer polemic stage. Providing too a handy mental-anesthetic, convertibly to an ideological and socio-moral formative tool: in an entertainment sector that initially served plainly above-board goals. A tool extricated from the grasp of people like Joseph Kennedy: one of movie-land’s first major owners-investors, producers of vigorously-positive, clean-cut suspenseful or hilarious episodes of film noire, and of Tex Ritter, Gene Autry and their like. Movies now being lent a shock-value capable of invading the regions where mind and inner-image or phantasm meet: and in those sacred precincts somehow rendering the rest of life a mere stale and secondary rerun. That real adventure rather become consigned to the meticulous attentions of the Churchills, Hitlers and Roosevelts of the time, become “old hat” to a movie-isle-yawning generation that would make especially good fodder for World War II.

Thus proceeded a twentieth-century safe and bland induction into the dreamland of a slowly- but steadily-developing World Jewish State. But notice that above-referred-to conspiracy-dramatizations in particular perpetuate as a major by-product the very notion of precisely that, viz.: that they are pure fiction, the fit subject only for the entertainment industry, in thrillers to be harmlessly enjoyed with popcorn on a Saturday night. With the inevitable implication that to give them further serious thought is to tend toward dangerous levels of paranoia or illusions of grandeur. Having—like some child or adolescent girl, in the eager fantasy-land of the folding seats, or at home in a stuffed chair—gotten imaginatively carried away with a gripping plot. This perception—often asserted vigorously by the same confessionally-dominated big screen constituency—having the above-intimated alternate, a less-intimidating but equally-effective change-off, in the notion that—in matters so grand as to merit a place on the marquee—it is not for the common citizen but for others to exercise judgment, to identify villains. As the old homely kitchen-table or corner-store cracker-barrel venue of days-gone-by—so apt for clear-headed political debate, and the evaluation of those who lead—is exchanged for the grand, exclusive and over-awing judgment of “those who know what’s best”. Here’s where democracy’s lost: not in an Arab world where basically everything is decided on a neighborhood, marketplace and/or family level. So that it is we who in countless ways relentlessly follow in the footsteps of tyrannies-gone-by.

Similarly too is the place of all the Tom Clancy and other high-level conspiracy-novels in the American consciousness: to render unthinkable—outside the safe pages of a thick mystery novel—the obvious likelihood that the most traitorous of conspiracies—of a Bush, a Chaney, an Obama—across all acrimonious political divisions forming a fanatical pro-Israeli political hit squad—arbitrate national ignominy both around the globe and inside the Beltway.

In this popular deadly and overdrawn patience so encouraged among the movie-isles, and the satisfying bags of popcorn and giant beverage containers, regarding the many highly-disturbing recent developments—whether of impending economic disaster, Israeli-lobby impunity, White House deceptions leading up to the Iraq War, or the judicial/medical murder of Terri Schiavo—the assumption is good-humoredly made for one that a thousand incriminating deeds—and “smoking gun” corroborating events—can all be neatly and completely discounted under a sort of hair-splitting case-by-case rebuttal. As if we were always starting over again, “from base one”: with respect to people who have already impeached themselves numerous times, in many cases light-years beyond reprieve. Since there’s always some artificial palliative out there, to sooth any sense of danger and betrayal, including the many new over-the-counter drugs—all of which, in “free enterprise” Bush/privatized drug-industry virtual self-inspection, now have pain-killer ingredients—pills that can do for a “calmative” in many ways. Multiple national mental escape routes through the terrifying thicket of modern life which call to the witness stand a loyalty so fanatic that some few especially “disloyal” have since the very start of the Iraq War—by a reverse impulse, once savored, that is much more compelling—called into question the role played by the self-same “Great Leader” at that apocalyptic time.

After all, it is no great feat to give memorable speeches just after thousands of people have died in a flash: when the hearts of men urgently require a voice of popular self-expression. The worst of traitors have on occasion historically been known to do much the same in similar settings: with the masses casting garlands at their feet. Common sense and the evidence of reason and the five senses alike often readily being discarded at times of popular grief and upheaval: if only someone will give us a voice to “get behind”. While a study-in-paranoia all-its-own is the Fox Network refrain that an “unfairly-beset” Great Leader “has so many enemies” that he deserves such a ridiculous, trench-by-trench defense of every blank-faced tyranny or other wrong. A host of shameless deeds of the sort which would have sent a John Kennedy into political exile a thousand times over.

Thus do we suggest the fundamental need to grant renewed recognition to the critical place of circumstantial evidence in the prosecution of high-level political, geo-political and/or commercial crime. So that people in high places are treated as stringently as are others: who in a vast number of cases before the courts get lethal injections on the basis of the scantiest of peripheral findings. Hence after a string of such semi-incriminating particulars—whether involving e-mails, questionable liaisons, probabilities of malfeasance without a conclusive paper-trail or dual witnesses—after a certain number of such evidentiary facts have been discovered, the logically-forthcoming conclusion needs to be made that the party under interrogation is indeed guilty: just as has been the case in many-an otherwise-unsolved murder. Rather than a perfect, free-standing proof being required in each bloody, murderous deed, just because we are dealing with a political favorite or a head of state. So that after hearing some legally-established number of under-oath evasive answers, no doubt coupled with the inevitable “I don’t recollect….”—the party concerned would ipso facto be considered at the very least guilty of perjury and contempt—whether of court or Congress. Hence by way of this new standard the invocation of the fifth amendment would be forthcoming much more often in all such circumstance, as it indeed should be. That is, if the subject involved is to have any hope at all of “not incriminating himself”. Such patently-insincere, today often arrogant and pugnacious testimonial enormities in other circumstances even finding a defendant under indictment guilty as charged: so that those who take the witness stand would thenceforth be prudential with their words indeed. For it is amply evident that after a string of say 20 or 25 such evasive subterfuges and tactical feints it is not only circumstantially probable that perjury is taking place—or perhaps even that the crime at question has been committed by the one under question—but it is actually inconceivable that it could be otherwise. Typically to a degree of certitude far beyond that arrived at in the typical circumstantial murder conviction. While related to such fundamental advances in the gaining of just convictions would be a new clarity of definition that would indirectly accrue to numerous other matters that come under the law: in a judicial and juridical skein of Gordian complexity. This in addition to those myriad matters given higher definition by a newly-motivated willingness to testify truthfully.

Working vigorously counter to the above-detailed anesthesis of the public mind is the economic system advocated here, a form of mankind’s perennial distributism, working entirely on the basis of personal agency, and tending instinctively to encourage personal generosity both of mind and deed. Promoting not a geo-con-game but a highly constructive, synergetic, and productive milieu: with the creation of limitless sources of investment and purchasing power working a marvelous inner invigoration as well: since man is so the product of his circumstances: that which is alike his greatest misery, glory and charm. Distributism working to comprehensive entrepot rather than one gigantic, artificially-unified, profit-rent-farming monopoly on same, as in capitalism. The latter being a scheme which by contrast ruthlessly discourages popular individual agency or self-expression of any kind, rather snatching massive and debilitating transfusions from the human motive and resource pool. So that a corresponding exclusionary value system—not to mention radically-impoverishing intellectuality—with respect to all issues in life—is a “natural” outgrowth of such a shriveled organizational/motivational seed.

In line with this moral and motivational atrophy, incredibly, a pervasive and increasingly-transparent evil we found “out on the trail” was a growing sex-slavery: in which for those without the vaunted earmarks of “success,” especially if they are in circumstances of real material insecurity, as many as four out of five “job interviews”—sometimes basically unsolicited—contain some vestige of such a proposed exploitation in the “package deal”. As a veritable new de-facto Dred Scott Decision comes into play: the un-wealthy traveler most notably being considered some sort of escapee from a labor camp, and justifiable game for this kind of sport. As the poor are required to “stay at their post”—in that “chaining to a state in life” namely for which the Western Medieval system is so often and inaccurately brought-to-bar—as the exalted perspective of so many “deservedly privileged” comes into ever-greater glory or apotheosis. Heinous exploitations of every stripe becoming an increasingly-familiar if typically unspoken phenomenon of which a homeland “security”-conscious America has become, again with the greatest irony, a bursting cornucopia. Under the cold, indifferent eye of a Bush family and those Skull-and-Crossbones associates who are so well-represented in the present Administration. A gaggle of cozy co-generationalists whose ancestors were once deeply involved in slavery, opium-trading and Secession.

I have chosen in all these diary-like entries found on this front page to weave into them something that is seldom if ever discussed—and yet whose importance is positively critical to understanding life in the USA today. A subject the mere mention of which will infallibly find you classed under every pejorative imaginable: including the once-ubiquitous bumper-sticker rebuke of “sniveler,” the near-identical “spineless”, “characterless”, “a big zero”, and of course the final, mortal insult: “un-cool”. All this simply for vetting the topic of a new and constantly-evolving, institutionally-imposed, job-prerequisital mass-behavioral code. While even worse are the sanctions for openly examining the consequences of one’s determined resistance to it. This novel code, in the process of being gradually imposed on all humanity, one as suggested apprehended as harmlessly “cool” at first—is gradually revealing itself to be inextricably associated with grave evils like drug abuse, sodomy, abortion and the destruction of the defenseless as a whole. Having as one of its final if least-acknowledged aims the “brave”, near-total drying-up of all genuine, spontaneous, popular human sympathy, it is thus based widely apart from any of mankind’s immemorial and often characteristically-tender customs or mores. Being thus a stranger as well to that valid law founded upon such innately-legitimizing, fortifying, largely-subliminal footings. Originating entirely as this alien regimentation does in the bald experimentally-developed interests, curiosities, sentiments and goals of radically-exclusionary private persons. People who have plenty of means at their disposal. These having found a powerful lease on life in the USA of recent times: a dominion fed at the springs of innately-plastic and bewilderingly-indeterminate concepts like “constitutionality”, from whose bench can be pleaded a bizarre multitude of horrors and abuses on both the right and left. The noted job-related code-of-conduct—a stranger to that law of God written on the human heart—the sole source of true and valid law—being made to appear remarkably like a morality all-its-own. One sanctimoniously organized and imposed under a geo-corporate table-of-organization: in a gray uniformity which is in reality only the thorough institutionalization of the values and demands of capitalism. An economic regimen accurately understood as the rigid organization of society around global finance—together with those inhospitable sociopolitical structures it spawns—as the name indeed precisely implies. A sterile tautology within whose brave and ringing syllogisms the very burgeoning thralldom noted above is ultimately “justified” with ease.

But at least here on this website is a podium whereat opinions are thoroughly vetted, and the aim is not to win the argument at all costs—a rather trivial goal when all is said and done—but rather to arrive at a detailed, well-articulated grasp of the truth. So that it might be shared eagerly and joyfully—in one of the greatest acts of love possible between rational beings—by ally and erstwhile opponent alike. A process in which I might provide a missing link in someone else’s chain of reasoning, and be startlingly provided, from a completely different perspective, with one I myself would never have found. Since we here at not only acknowledge one single Truth which is the only dependable cement for a global civilization, and assiduously labor toward its discovery: indeed we contemplate it ecstatically, even prostrating ourselves in adoration before It. A Truth identical to a Godhead Who is ineffable Light, Who must be approached humbly and self-effacingly, and of whom each individual truth is a deeply-cherished relic, meant for our devout and loving veneration.

But by way of this sustained polemical oversimplification the noted initiative-destroying conformity—whose breach carries with it tacit but enormous penalties—has come to be identified as an inseparable component of human progress itself. An idea of advancement which, true to form, far from being a fountainhead of freedom and democracy as it’s exponents unceasingly claim, becomes more personally-restrictive as time goes on. Much as the noted capitalism—this pseudo-system’s financial engine—is falsely and with much pomp and ceremony given credit as having been modern civilization’s instrumental source. When in fact and as suggested the celebrated form of finance—in analogous paroxysms of intensifying restriction—only monopolizes all advances to the private gain of the few. And narrowly channels them in certain rigidly-controlled directions. As in that now-celebrated product-development- and infrastructure-related path dependency so convincingly uncovered and analyzed by the Harvard economist Martin Weitzman. The initial tumultuous rise of capitalism from the dawn of the fourteenth through the middle of the sixteenth centuries—with the tyrannical  yet anarchic and nihilistic values it instantly and bewilderingly brought to the fore—having in fact been singularly barren in genuine productive or organizational advances. This initial mercantile capitalism indeed bringing in its wake an enveloping “dark ages” all its own. One in which—uncannily like brief periods in the twelfth century—commercial “blood-witted barons”, indeed thus named in the nineteenth century, would roam land and sea to pillage rather than to bring prosperity. While by contrast truly-legitimate societal gains—which unfailingly accrue under the perennial system we advocate—would during the same centuries have nourished an infinitude of “cultivars” to the benefit of all. And this in a near-limitless number of creative and imaginative ways, fed at those inimitable local venues which are the unfailing seed-beds of creative minds. Thus corresponding on the productive level with the above-noted human festival of truth, joyfully sharable by all. As during previous High-Medieval or subsequent Age-of-Discovery times: even with the black hole of an incipient capitalism creating deadly sea-drag behind. During both of which periods a host of Integrally-Catholic institutions and ideas were brought into play: of course with the super-addition in the latter period of a whole New World of untapped resources.

Hence it was rather capitalism which criminally squandered the near-limitless possibilities opened up to mankind in the past several centuries: being a “rationalization” of the tree of society so radical and puritanical in nature that it ultimately prunes off all of the latter’s individual photo-synthetic, energy-productive leaves. After which the supremely-detached gardener simply “moves on” to its next more promising national or continental sapling. As several thousand years of human history essentially bears witness: capitalism, or some form of its selfish, gargantuan-scale mindset, being at the base of every wastrel tyranny since the dawn of time. Artificially-wealthy systems which might indeed have fostered as an unintended by-product—as God always and everywhere brings good out of bad—a brilliant, vocal but often-persecuted intelligencia, as perhaps most notably in ancient Greece. The imposition of a host of quasi-social “values”—with their broad train of historically-similar, “heroically”-imposed restrictive conventions—being invariably the will of a controlling elite with few if any ties to the people. A clique, sometimes national, sometimes supra-nation in composition, which has taken many forms through the ages, and which regards the rest of men as at best providing fertilizer for the noted tree’s highly-temporary fruits.

Indeed with respect to the individual person it has been my experience that to depart significantly from this corporate imposed and intimately-invasive regimen is to become unemployable for long periods of time. And thereby in practical terms to lose all the inalienable rights that come as standard with law-abiding citizenship. Having myself been separated by a series of circumstances during my early twenties for a decisive four or five years from this “American” social and behavioral development, so as to find the strength to both recognize and resist it when, in a sudden and startling introduction, I finally came under its novel, imperative sway. And it is this substitution, this prostitution, this grand laboratory test in total social and personal artificiality, this death of our Civilization—whose demands become more and more grueling, sub-human and demeaning in hellish graduated stages—which I and my associates have taken upon ourselves to fight with every resource at our disposal. Indeed with our “whole heart, soul, mind and strength”. Hence it is within the framework of this resolution—taken under the motherly and gently-protective banners of Our Blessed Lady, as well as of the manly-mild St. Joseph and of St. Joan of Arc—a resolution to remain free in the only sense that has any full and legitimate meaning—that these front-page commentaries, presidential campaign and books to date are to be best understood.

A people that doesn’t determine its own customs, its idea of everyday propriety, is not a living people at all, but rather lies fallen in a spiritual and motivational killing-field. In the case of modern America the virtues of our Christian past having each with the greatest of care been replaced by a caricature. So that among other things humility becomes a constant apology for previously-venerated personal values, industry becomes a base and cringing chattel slavery; manliness becomes a cynical contempt for the justice and mercy of our truly-virile ancestors. While if we finally “graduate” to a blank-faced inability to conjure past loyalties and sentiments we are adjudged to have reached some brave, irreversible new level of progressive “maturity”. When in fact such a transformation indicates a comprehensive emasculation beyond compare.

Today—light-years beyond my own innocent youthful experience—this behavioral dialectic-of-destruction begins in earnest with the dummed-down, guinea-pig-oriented middle-school reading, in tandem with the malevolent “humor” of such TV social-deconstructives as The Simpsons and successor forms of similar small-screen fare. As the process continues of a systemic—and in many ways deliberate—eradication of every innocent or noble thought or desire from youthful minds. Those inner foundations which enable the vigorous input of individual thought, will and imagination. Innately-personal treasures which in fact make life easy, not hard: and which one shouldn’t have to be rich to enjoy. And apart from which is found a comprehensive living slavery such as kids experience today: both to myriad intrusive masters as well as their own tumultuous passions. The whole idea of what is normal or “correct” having undergone a massive overhaul toward the highly-manipulable boorish, impish, self-deprecating and immature. Paving the way for the suitably-brave values of the gang. The perfect vehicle not only of capitalistic forms of productivity but of the final auto-destruction of society, of a hated and despised human race. That which is the final aim both of the Fiend and of these biblically-identified “enemies of mankind”, this global elite.

The Church’s definitions of a just war can have little meaning anymore in duped and deluded minds taught to “plant freedom around the globe”, all the while civilians are gunned down, and “detainees” and “enemy combatants” tortured or executed at will. In a further fantastic development of the way we of a generation ago were prevailed upon to believe we were liberating Vietnam. As in a cynical and impractical policy which required, after a pre-announced date, the total abandonment by regional populations of whole agricultural watersheds: failing which were doughtily gunned down venerable elders and youthful field-laborers alike, as being “communist insurgents”. While it is the above-remarked multinational cabal which beggars the third world through a remote control of our foreign policy, even as our in-the-main truly-generous military personnel helicopters aid to earthquake victims in a Pakistani cataclysm. That which may however only be a delayed-action seismic offshoot of our own nuclear device, detonated deep in the Sumatran Trench, which set off last year’s terrible tsunami. Over which certain American “scientists,” horrified at the possibility of the discovery of their grizzly plot, continually turn in the most bizarre, un-heard-of cover-up “findings”. As of the “new behavior” of earthquakes detailed in contemporary press releases and recent TV specials alike. A man-made cataclysm which caused the entire globe to “shudder” and permanently altered its circuit-of-rotation. So that indeed, and no doubt to the juvenile fascination of these “scientists”, “anything might happen now”. In terms of earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tidal waves, climactic changes, you name it.

Another major element in the national deterioration we found this Summer and Fall—in another odious “trickle down” from on high—has been a growing epidemic of crooked auto-mechanics. These preying upon down on their luck human beings in a debt-driven land which has fewer and fewer genuinely-useful and legitimately-profitable enterprises. Grease monkeys who virtually swing from trees or lie in wait along busy paths for anyone—especially a “stranger in town”, or just blown in off the freeway—who looks as if he can ill afford to hire an attorney to force successful completion of services paid-for. A local driver or out-of-state traveler perhaps so inexperienced in automotive technology that the least difficulty or under-the-hood noise causes him to readily imagine the need for drastic repair or replacement: when in fact the problem is only a slight one. But who is nonetheless taken at his word by these roadside soothsayers, as if he were an expert: the required signature, under a long list of totally unnecessary, gratuitous repairs, having been duly and “legally” obtained. Both these more discrete—and other more bald—forms of crookedness having—by our own first-hand witness—increased exponentially by the year for some time now, aided by a long line of small-print legalities that often stretch to some far-away automotive-service, or unscrupulous engine-rebuilding corporate headquarters. Typical poor-man’s-woes that however and on occasion also assail the wealthy, causing equal chagrin.

Here too the noted heroism in the service of wrong readily lends a beefy hand as well: with a ridiculously-combative united-we-stand American law-enforcement—at higher prosecutorial reaches, if not among less-willing patrolmen—readily coming to the aid of local mechanical paragons of righteousness. Vendors and officials alike interpreting a simple customer-observation of “your being rude” to mean mortal danger to some other “respected member of the community”, and at times calling forth handcuff-happy or highly-photogenic club-wielding conduct in reply. A “law enforcement” class of citizen-terrorizing men and women—again with supreme irony—brought in entirely on the coattails of the “war on terror”. People to whom businessman barbarities are typically regarded as venerable acts of commercial statesmanship: much as in the evaluation of the Israelis by our similarly-belligerent “peace negotiators”. While the just-but-desperate gestures of defiance of the robbed poor American—or wronged or wounded Afghan, Iraqi or Palestinian—are instantly classed as blackest propensities to crime or “terrorism”. When in fact the most that such persons are typically doing—in circumstances of legal anarchy—is reclaiming justice-related or self-protective powers that obtain under natural law. All the while the noted wrench-wielding denizens, thus enabled—and not-that-uncommonly having other enforcer connections, cheek-to-jowl with “the cops”, that include one-time comrades in “the big house”—lust intently after the chance to place one of their “mechanic’s liens” on the conveyances of such unfortunate folk.

As suggested with respect to the rest of the long list of wrongs cataloged in this writing, this highly-lucrative highway-laywaying is actually an integral component of the “vigorous economy” of George Bush. In a “tough luck”-punctuated upward-mobility-for-others which shares equal space with the travails of regularly-fired hamburger-flippers and clerks. Whose dismissal—often a mere non-compensable refusal to assign tasks—this typically-enough by way of a supremely-tyrannical, infantile sort of boss or franchise-owner personal dislike—seldom shows up on the statistical radar screen, although the multiple super-short hirings involved unfailingly do. A phenomenon which renders many-a monthly government “new hire” report a much-made-over but basically meaningless race to the top of the charts. Amid which “creative accounting” statistics of course the discouraged worker or customer finds little if any acknowledgment.

Here, then, the contrived oval-office good-ole-boy blue-collar verbal lore finds its mark in an especially appropriate way: at odd moments set to the syncopated meter of billy-clubs on the backs and heads of striking restaurant workers on the West Coast, or Black citizens in New Orleans and elsewhere. A tool-of-choice whose wielders are then doughtily and patriotically exonerated on the nightly news: just as high police officials in New Orleans almost-laughingly justify recently-filmed open barbarities of their own. All this in a tiring repeat of history, reproducing the strike-breaking heyday of the goons of the 30s. Paragons to whom false “labor-leaders” like Jimmy Hoffa and his associates in the Mob would systematically ally themselves in subsequent decades.

Of course, doughty American Dream Horatio Alger style, through all these molestations, ambushes and pillages at the hands of a growing constituency of the sanctimoniously-wealthy there is always stoutly advanced the need of the down-on-his-luck subject to prove himself. Never quite meeting the mark, endlessly jumping through fiery hoops of all sorts. Salvation in today’s America ever being construed in worldly terms: with the only realistically-admitted future reward being in stocks and bonds, the modern-day-apotheosis of a “successful retirement” and interest-bearing bank accounts. These being attested as Puritan proof-in-the-pudding of the divine election. A view of “salvation” steadily, up-righteously being imposed upon an entire globe: amid the deafening cheers of “born again” studio congregations composed of the self-interested, or the less-blameworthy but lamentably-ill-informed. Rewards enjoyed by those “realistic”, “responsible”, “enterprising” and “savvy” enough to secure them. A number which however gets smaller by the day: in a palpable cynicism, a religion-of-this-world which in reality puts God, honor and morality decidedly last: and the exclusionary values spawned “out on the street” first. This false “religion of America” being an idolatry precisely of the sort described in the Epistles of a fervent Early Church. A pharisaical hypocrisy which ultimately welcomes agnostics, if perhaps with a sly wink-and-a-nod, just as eagerly as it does the “born again”. A sanctity adjudged not at all by God but by ones super-sanctified bosses, teachers and fused-group peers. “The Successful” who “already have their reward” and not surprisingly have a big surprise awaiting them at the end of life.

Thus in all the above—asking pardon for detours and digressions—is largely explained, uncannily like last Spring (in an entry subsequently removed, out of a desire not to tax my readers with our personal travails) the long elapse of time since last we wrote. During which our “warranteedfactory rebuilt engine, which had never functioned properly, finally developed serious problems on a mountain pass heading south, after a mere four thousand miles of use. After which we discovered that a previous mechanic back then and of the above description had neatly set the odometer up by some twelve thousand miles, thus voiding our warrantee. A dashboard device that had not registered a single mile until it left his shop, and that I had never asked him to “fix”: either accurately or not. A felony offense in its own right, which I didn’t notice for some time: being at first preoccupied with the need to make up nearly two weeks lost time in our journey north, and afterward with extensive seasonal duties at our destination. This blue-collar highwayman having obviously hoped thereby to gain possession of the old but valuable truck: indeed having even identified to me the already-designated future owner of same. That worthy, to wit, being his father-in-law: a gray-haired worker in his shop, a man who ceaselessly cast longing, covetous eyes on the well-preserved if battle-hardened four-wheel-drive. In an old maneuver of mechanics whose larcenous purposes will be explained directly.

Apparently this up-and-coming pillar of his community—of the kind, in corporate or small-town USA, over whom Bush and the Fox CEO brag so long and hard—whose shop was undergoing a dramatic profit-driven expansion even while we were there—thought, from our humble appearances, that we couldn’t possible afford to pay for the foot-dragging services rendered—and the lengthily-extended on-the-road living expenses thus entailed—from out of our own pockets. And that his “legal” absconding of the vehicle—after announcing that the work was not “covered”—was thus deemed secure. Being diplomatic and convincing enough through long years of experience of dealing with the basically-inexperienced—an instant detector of the gullible, like all his kind—to get away with not clearly explaining all the mysterious why’s and wherefores involved.

Indeed, so sure was this weasel of imminent success that he seems also to have taken the title to our travel trailer—which we cannot find anywhere—from out of the truck glove compartment. And which in our distraught state (after quite a roadway-mechanical episode, also linked to previous grease-monkey wrongs, a story-all-its-own) we had failed to safely remove before it was hoisted up on a lift for what seemed an eternity. Apparently expecting that without a truck to pull it we would have to give it up the trailer as well, for some paltry price. So that when I refused to wait any longer for a part said to have been ordered a week earlier—(“we are so far out in the boonies”)—to replace one in the drive-train that I later discovered was perfectly sound—and duly brought forth the required money needed to retrieve the truck from out of my wallet—the pathos on the face of the erstwhile eager beneficiary of all these pains, the same old father-in-law, was so compelling as to make even me feel sorry for him. This little kabuki episode having taken place during our first mechanical failure, in early May, enroute Northward. A set-piece drama to which as suggested would be added an equally-impressive sequel on the return route: when after consulting with a multitude of “honest as the day is long” mechanics I finally hit upon a truly-truthful one who confirmed my own suspicion—one gained from barely-remembered childhood experiences back in the fifties at the elbow of a kindly mechanic across the alley. Namely that remaining under-the-hood noises—after the original defect in the engine was finally found and fixed—didn’t at all signal the need for yet another new engine (“otherwise it might blow up fifty miles down the road”), but were rather caused by valves opening and closing in an especially-vigorous but basically-harmless way. A discovery only made after an expensive lay-over of a month: none of the hyper-expensive diagnostic equipment—today’s trusty excuse for hefty charges (“I went to school for two years to learn how to read these dials and meters”)—having been employed in these expert evaluations. (During which delay, however, not wishing to make anyone sad on my account, I did make a fair amount of badly-needed money in my trade as a carpenter).

Worst of all, and as suggested above, becoming a seasoned “player” in the savage contest being described here has for a long time now been the chief aim of the training of youth, while likewise being regarded as this nation’s standard tests of personal worth. As the old honest and typically trusting citizen—considered the undisputed ideal when I was a boy—is now relentlessly classed as some sort of fool. Or even some other especially ugly clinical or pseudo-clinical nomination. As we are all swept down a vortex of moral, spiritual and psychological despair whose bottom is in the very deepest pits of Hell. After a life—long or unexpectedly-short—spent serving such a “smart”, “mature”, “correct” and “savvy” world-system. A debt-driven “progress” having reputedly made such a national transformation rigidly necessary: a “brave new” value system said to have outmoded all the perennial wisdoms and peace-inspiring virtues of the past. A change which however in many highly-pedestrian ways only re-confirms the old rueful saying of the working class from Bangor, Maine to San Diego: that the day of the “shakedown” comes in trebled terms with each new Republican administration.

(An aside here: it is incredible how many global Muslims are said by our media to positively admire “modern American culture”—even in its latest bottom-of-the-barrel-Republican variety—all the while the latter choreographs “terrorist attacks” and engineers tsunamis against them, or for comic relief quite openly shoots them down or bombs them to smithereens. Of course, the admiration may come from the fact that everyone likes to eat—which Americans do much of—wear good clothes and have good shelter. But if this open-mouthed wonder is by some stretch indeed of the universal scope it is claimed to be, the Muslims will eventually be dis-abused of it all if they come to raise their own children under the close influence of the present-day Uncle Sam. Kids who with frightful speed will come to resemble the paragons we met on our own recent journey south.)

In a whole different arena, yet fitting in neatly with skillfully-dishonest good-ole-boy and Latino mechanics—worthies however finding their equals in a new species of especially-self-reliant and well-paid seasonal forest fire fighters who are said by the locals to systematically and enterprisingly set their own fires—are recent flip-side castigations by at least one media-network. Scoldings over the subject of a divergent candidness and humanity displayed by their own anchor-persons, in their treatment of events surrounding Katrina. Newscasters, perhaps most notably and surprisingly on Fox, whose well-justified unanimous hue and cry over the dire quality of the official response to the disaster, and to the needs of the poor and unfortunate—who were treated much as we were out on the road—has been second-guessed by media mogul and major-corporate-stockholder alike, and demoted in reactions of harshest hindsight to the level of a shameful news-anchor quest for self-glorification. Revelations of plainly dismal failures proceeding from president, governor, mayor and police officer alike—not excluding a species of official car theft that oddly resembles the tactics of noted upwardly-aspiring grease monkeys—these having been simply and duly recorded by O’Reilly, Scarborough, Dobbs and other media greats. A handy re-evaluation of such anchor-exertions indeed, for who could imagine a better answer to the eternal “the king has no clothes” exclamation than to condemn the little girl—the source of the unfortunate utterance—for imagining such an impossible—and irreverent—spectacle? So as to announce so clearly such a mammoth collapse of moral integrity and organizational coherence in “united we stand” America? That allegedly-omnipotent Deity the noted anchor-criticizing media-big-shots were indeed largely responsible for creating.

Here too lies much scope for TV mass-psychology programmers, studiously gauging every twitch or squirm of a slavishly-loyal Joe Scarborough or O’Reilly under thankless accusation of various levels of irresponsible news-reporting. The experimental use of behavioral/psychological data of various kinds fast becoming the real news here. A new kind of salivating—if supremely “scientific” and allegedly-profound—thumbs-down in a new kind of gladiator-ring. The opinions and loyalties of the public being with uncanny measurability manipulated by such means: pin-sticking cruelties dealt on the screen being found to bear a direct and uncanny proportion to the relative energy of the bayonet charge. The People themselves thus providing a handy subject-of-study in their own right—on every morbid nuance of human aggression—even as they are deflected from any bull’s eye on the dartboard of critical issues. Media moguls much preferring the ham-handed round-house pitch regarding issues like: should we “collaterally” kill members of harmless-but-terrified Iraqi families in the process of firing a volley of deadly tank, artillery or recoilless rifle rounds into a “suspected terrorist location”? In a long list of villages which, at least before being forcibly driven into rebellion, probably never harbored a terrorist, and whose destruction is rather mandated less from ground commanders than from the deified reaches of an all-determining Israeli/American ground-gobbling coterie. That to which some square-block of Manhattan like the Trade Towers or some Syrian border town are all the same. And to whom the expression “Londonistan” has a true and treacherous meaning seldom grasped by the untrained ear.

Here then is the precise manner in which Iraqis and Afghans are finally brought to hate and to fight-against the occupation—just as cruel, misguided Johnson-era military policies drove much of an originally-cooperative Vietnamese citizenry into increasing collusion with the Viet Cong (indigenous communists). While today a French economy devastated by the Bush-brokered breaking of a two-century-long Middle-Eastern economic connection spawns Muslim-youth unemployment-related violence across that old and noble land. A complex chain-reaction, crypto-military, economic, social and political, being today in large measure comprehensively directed by an Israeli-Mossadist inner-sanctum. Representing a financial oligarchy which holds the world on the end of a thin but cleverly-contrived string. A genuine resurrected Canaanite sect which rigidly and with supreme illegitimacy controls that odd State on the Mediterranean. And this one on the Potomac as well. A decades-old cabal—to whom Hitler himself was closely connected, having for one thing provided its first freely-transported and singularly-massive immigration—which actually hates Judaism, and only uses its devotees for diabolical ulterior aims (see basically-superb website of True Torah Jews). So that here is that Gordian Knot of a century—one which brought us two World Wars—that if once unraveled—or cloven asunder—under the banners of Our Lady of Fatima will unfailingly release to mankind her concession of an “era of peace”.

Of course it’s much more kosher to strain on the gnat of the supreme irrelevancy of putative over-hard words from Hardball, or to hyperventilate about “united we stand,” or to tremble in anticipation at the prospect of being called a “conspiracy theorist”, than to face such horrific—yet ultimately promising—realities. Among a morally-fallen mankind to which cliques, cabals and conspiracies are a veritable dark second nature—and the chief instrument of the testing of souls. Some self-serving, skillfully-manipulated group—as the Bible ceaselessly bears witness—having been the chief challenger to every secular or biblical hero since the dawn of time, including our Blessed Lord, and subsequently, and almost as virulently, St. Paul. And having provided the demon-dependable instrument of damnation of many a soul now lost forever. Of an easily-matched piece that such a brutal, legally-null-and-void foreign policy—and coterie-absolving news coverage—is, when all is said and done, with the noted and to-some-highly-profitable psycho-manipulations of customers, employees and others at some disadvantage. Comprising an “American dream” neo-Philistine if academically-fostered national disgrace spread over the land like some terrestrial oil-slick since the Mob-and-politician-arbitrated murders of the Kennedy brothers.

The veritable institutionalized exaltation of evil being described, if not truly American in the correct sense of the word, nonetheless has found a palpable “weak spot”, even a weird sort of grand tradition here. One discoverable in an ever-recurrent fish-in-a-barrel worldview which is a sheer polar-opposite to the humane, domestic, hearth-attached virtues of true and immemorial patriotism, whether Christian, Muslim or pagan. That which tends—by the noted law written on the human heart—to accurately see the prosperity of others as a counterbalancing guarantee for the security of ones own. A contrary malignant mindset having foundations which go back to the seventeenth through nineteenth century wholesale butchery of Indian life. A pastime that in first colonial decades was undertaken by Cromwellian veterans who back in the Old Country had previously whetted such appetites—which once aroused are difficult indeed to contain or control—on the Irish-Catholic population.

Entailed in all of this is a veritable blood-oath-loyalty by which one must constantly prove oneself: in a sense becoming an odd sort of Yankee-mafia “made man”. In a patriotism which is rather a consuming cancer of mind than a life-giving balm for the national soul. It is a hyper-nationalism, a groundless revanchism which is a stout component of the noted false religion of America. While this all-consuming obsession had its first vague beginnings in the Reformation-era invasion of an already-onerously-subjected Ireland, claiming tens of thousands of victims among priests and faithful alike. Who experienced horrible-yet-happy deaths, “precious in the sight of God”. Included among which privileged souls was the bishop Blessed Oliver Plunkett, whose relic I was privileged to see and venerate in Drogheda years ago, and other prelates. A ghoulish national proclivity, acknowledged mostly in mum secret-society-like back-slapping non-verbalisms, one readily lying fallow for long periods. One which however easily jumps America’s low subliminal fences, and rushes to judgments, and from such fertile soil readily sprouts a Dennis Rader, a systematic wife-abuser, a nightly-news-familiar killer of mother or child. A behavioral-complex which has been given a vigorous new lease on life more recently in an American media and closely-allied k-through-20 academia increasingly unconcerned with either genuine scholarship, entertainment or news reporting, respectively. Rather in a sort of drooling reverie cherishing above all a fascination with the obscure reflexes of human cruelty, whether administered or received, and myriad related morbidity-induced obsessions and other random spin-offs. And the chances at fathomless institutional/behavioral control which such “learning” so richly lays bare. Laboratory-cultivated enormities of which a wholesale culture-of-sodomy is an inseparable and wildly-celebrated centerpiece.

Of interest to all the above are Protestantism’s countless Catholic victims of the Reformation, as attested by no less an authority than Macaulay: who counts under Henry VIII alone the destruction of some 72,000. These being dispatched directly by the English Church, in the person of its royal head: as opposed to Torquemada’s paltry 28 or 30 heretics, found to be “obdurate” and consigned to the secular government for those punishments these Spanish laymen thought fit (see a British-knighted Walsh’s Characters of the Inquisition). Almost to a man criminals in other respects as well, the fabled statistic of choice of the Spanish Inquisition cited by confessional slanderers, to falsely and fantastically enumerate these so-worthily-executed felons and government-mole (“marrano”) Jews—the latter of whose treacherous kind, as discussed above, we have seen so many of late—is invariably the number questioned or suspected. And even this basically-irrelevant figure is often-enough astronomically inflated—especially in the many fanatical “born again” leaflets—with the handy addition of a zero or three—so as to conveniently resemble a similarly-fantastic holocaust figure. Here many birds indeed being killed with one stone. And so that the world remains for the most part unacquainted with the real character of the much-maligned but actually mild, clement and saintly Spanish Churchman, and hence too of that Church of like virtue to which he was so dedicated.

As Americans are steadily brutalized in mind and habit, a much-vaunted “radical drop in the violent crime rate” can only be a cynical fabrication: a society in itself rapidly becoming essentially criminal recognizing few things as “crime” anymore. Amid which scenario the disgustingly-sadistic institutional treatment of the developmentally disabled, of which I have been a frequent first-hand witness—a subject to which I hope in future to give some long-overdue treatment—stands out as a villainy of unequalled stature. Although a limelight space must be conceded to a today-reinvigorated racism, that which stands in stout juncture with today’s institutionalized if statistically-impossible Theory of Evolution. Indeed it is in the dank cellars of bigotry that the confederates of atheism, Zionism and neo capitalism meet in the coziest anonymity. So that their ill-admitted common rationale—evolution—is not easily going to be given up, no matter what the costs to intellectual respectability that holding out any further, against both reason and evidence, so obviously entails. For the down-home White Supremacists, admit it or not, depend upon Darwin as much as do the fringe-element atheists. But very disturbingly indeed these “good-ole-boy” paragons, from both North and South, are now being falsely fused, and historically confused with the truly good-hearted Westerners described above. This most-pointedly by Arizona real estate development interests in a fabulously-financed all-fronts ad-campaign of unprecedented scope. Finding an all-purpose ally in all this vintage-Darwinian phrenology over skull shapes, nose lengths, etc., on the one hand, and of course the bogus, ready-mix-paved, Anglo-Israeli-anointed “march of progress” on the other. Without which unspoken alliance the modern-day desert-devouring commercial blitzkrieg would lose much of its steam.

But the mounting racism makes possible the dismissive denial that the Black woman who told of the rape at the New Orleans Civic Center was only exercising a charitable discretion in refusing to personally identify the victim. To drag her—who had already suffered immeasurably—into the blinding light of mass-recognition, of the publication of his or her agonized shame. A plight-sensitive woman—an admirable quality that is often-enough standard issue among the poor—who no doubt also possessed the practical prudence not to scold the reporter for asking such a stupid question: instead pleading herself incapable of making the identification on some hastily-thought-up grounds.

But perhaps even more to the point: was the now-celebrated question ever really asked at all? I myself never heard it, during those aftermath days when we were so often glued to the TV screen. Certainly it would be unconventional on the lips of an on-the-spot reporter in a daily-risk-taking profession which often calls forth generous, admirable degrees of respect, politeness and circumspection, especially given the horrible circumstances surrounding Katrina. Indeed, this little recently-aired vignette smacks very much of another sort of conveniently-“discovered” missing link which has helped TV-moguls remain the club-wielding united-we-stand Neanderthals they are so good at being.