December 21, 2012: The key to pacifying schools and streets: distributive free-agency versus morbid regimentation.

            In an enveloping culture-of-chaos, set amid the grizzly staccato of school-shootings, there is little real desire among all-determining figures that glide along corridors-of-power to see things "settle down" until the pandemonium is debilitating and complete: with the "scientific" use of various violent, morbid or negative forces having been definitive to U.S. foreign and domestic policy for a century or so. "Behind the arras" of overbearing institutions lurking the dark figure of state worship, the choicest spawn of Hell, alive and well since ancient times, while trends today seem unerringly to augur a day when psychiatric examinations will be imposed in a host of settings, to enforce ever-more-radical social norms that appear by the day. But to get some idea of how all this came about we must look all the way back to the Kennedy Administration, with antecedents going back a century before, with major reference-points in an FDR with whom Kennedy so identified himself, in stark contradistinction to his father Joseph Kennedy, whom a mother-doted-over John seemed indeed to wish to contradict at every turn. John Kennedy's personal White House staff—an imposing assembly found in all administrations whose very name should set us on guard—providing a microcosm of a long-developing culture of overbearing bureaucracy, that which is the very mirror-image negative of the system proposed here. Bureaucracy, or organizational overkill, being the perfect setting for every sort of conspiracy, for moles, traitors, dual-agents, in the White House hiding under title of "special assistants", whose like were earlier called court favorites, a sprawling institution which easily gives shelter to the dark world of the effeminate, the sodomite as well: with all the obsequies, vendettas, plots of morbid actual or symbolic revenge which therein fantastically abound. And although the regime of Lyndon Johnson was much more of the latter secretive and sociopathic type, with one of his special assistants having actually attacked a certain Black man in a D.C. federal-building restroom with pederast intent in mind—a scandal, like the Bobby Baker case, quickly and expeditiously covered-over—yet the two soon-to-be-martyred Kennedy brothers tended in their own unique ways to likewise cultivate a cult of personality in which morbidities were rife. A culture of subordinate-identity-submersion that has nothing whatever to do with, and is indeed highly counterproductive to, authentic functionings of the state, of human organization of any kind.

            Bureaucracy in a few generations readily achieves the systematic filtering-out of traditional values, perennials which cannot survive outside reciprocal relationships among smaller groups, native to human nature and a frail and sensitive human condition, cultivars which breathe an unspoken mutual reverence: like some delicate fabric torn with ease by the long arm of all-powerful mega-groups, today with the Marxist dictator of the proletariat, the Hillarian herald of "liberty" at its head. A veritable mob and ruling don who aspire to replace God, with paranoic intensity to determine every facet of human life, in a program-of-submission early-on demanded of the tiniest of children in school. Here being a rigidly-authoritarian vision which always enthuses deliriously over "liberty" all the while it puts us in heaviest chains. The prime goal or purpose of the state, which St. Thomas Aquinas identifies as friendship, being replaced by this loveless hot-house atmosphere so conducive to today's ever-multiplying Hellish morbidities and fulminating BTKs.

            Hence does the  "progress"-oriented control, in school, on the job, in an increasingly-impersonal world of officialdom, begin with the indirection of a control over minute and innocuous particulars, in a scarcely-acknowledged but all-the-more remorseless uprooting of critical home-and-church-learned habits and attitudes and their replacement with insipid but obsessively-insisted-upon behavioral demands. Within which mind-refashioning program is found a training full of subliminal triggers of frustration and subsequent rage, of unearthly humiliation, ultimately of sadism/submission, out of which the child finally "gives up", as it were, capitulates as a free and productive human being. The whole concept of mandatory public education being indeed Jewish at its very core, inserting rigidities of column-and-line indoctrination to take the place of a pious and obedient training such as graced medieval times, the classroom-scene having originated in Judea so long ago as the time of Our Blessed Lord.

            As noted above, always in these mega-systems—to which public education is so easily subverted and joined—there is this inversion which is guaranteed to produce violent anomalies, frustration-bred chafings at senseless rebukes and meaningless humiliations ultimately impossible for human nobility to bear. As men were made by Almighty God, by a good Heavenly Father to have reasonable charge of their own affairs—which is what childhood training is all about—to develop personally within a hierarchy exceedingly loose-knit. Within a value-system which prizes the cultivation of the inner man, of the life of virtue and grace: with which latter even the rudest primitive has some contact of some degree. That interior life of the soul meant to be ministered-to, not stymied or humiliated, by more-outward persons or things, by authorities and associates: familiar fixtures meant to nourish and enable interior and sociopolitical faculties and instincts planted in the human person by Almighty God. The untoward dominion of which merely-human figures over these interior precincts is an affront to God. By contrast the true and genuine table-of-organization, called distributism, over the ages adopted as its own by the Catholic Church, honors the human person in the most liberating way, while implying a potent idea of authority and organization which recognizes the unique authenticity of power locally articulated, whose fostering is the main purpose of figures and structures ranging above. They whose function is to facilitate far more than to rule, who honor the individual human person rather than imposing some monolith or mega-group. The free and sovereign individual being the only actual breathing, pulsating product or purpose involved, the group by contrast only an idea: man a cosmos-all-his-own with inalienable rights to exclude or to admit to his attention anyone he might choose. Here being one of a small handful of fundamental, humanity-defining prerogatives which in a very real sense even supercede the moral law, being innate potencies radically preliminary and foundational to same. True education, most intense in years before the age of reason, by witness of both St. Thomas Aquinas and modern research, being a case of the accession of the mind to things demonstrated convincingly to be good: forming spiritually those preambles to divine Faith whereby alone the latter can be embraced. Faith, noble character responding to a shepherding-of-the-mind toward the fulsome rather than a coercive-if-velvet-covered fist toward inanities against which everything in us naturally or supernaturally rebels, turns instinctively away. Here being the true and magnificent liberty without which the moral law cannot function at all, and we are instead dealing with a herd of grunting or bleating goats or swine. Authority figures being meant to aid in a rampant human personal sovereignty in which a vigorous system of personal interaction is keynote, most energetic from the level of the common citizen, voicing himself at home, in his frankpledge unit, brooking no silencing or rude rebuke, being represented directly in the "hundred", acquainted personally with formidable figures of regional scope as well. No powerless figures kept perpetually in the dark, misled by "experts" to drop bombs on innocent villagers far away, these "wired in" figures being found in abundance in the Frankpledge system, men ill-disposed to tremble like a leaf before the proud. The indomitable European personality—scion of a Charlemagne or a De Gaulle, a DeMontfort or a Louis IX, a Nun' Alvarez Pereira or a Nikola Šubić Zrinskibeing indeed found therein, given free rein from earliest youth to instincts of a personal-agency-packed kind, in a system in which control-for-its-own-sake, or for the sake of some vaunted dream of a self-indulgent material advancement, is recognized for the unnatural reversal that it truly is. For the breeding-ground of every morbidity, perversity and heinous private or collective crime. While if we adopt this system so blessed both by God and by time we can expect the accession to that degree of material advancement which is suitable to human life: realizing in concrete terms the axiom: "seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things will be given you besides".

            Hence considering the organizational workings of the state we at the Frankpledge Party strive to thoroughly dismantle or decommission present-day armies of officialdom, breeding-grounds that they are for all the above noxious things, and to replace them with a vigorous interaction among a nobility—at a national level to take the place of a presidential cabinet—an aristocracy seldom and only by accident to have any connection to ruling families from centuries ago: many of which impeached themselves ignominiously and beyond reprieve. Each of which new yet perennial breed of noblemen would have a jurisdiction which they administer within a coordinated independence/interdependence, persons-to-be-reckoned-with to no small degree. This rather than today's bureaucratic carrying forth of a dictated mandate to varying degrees pathologically control-bent, as that is the entire nature of the bureaucracy-game. Productive of strange official and domestic relationship like that of John Kennedy with a certain Dave Powers, an "old friend" since first 1940s electioneering days, a "special assistant" indeed who used to more-or-less tuck him into bed at night, after the two had routinely dined together on food left on a warmer for them by the kitchen staff, so as not to be disturbed. Or perhaps having been seen nocturnally roaming the streets together, having in one case been photographed while thus engaged. Where was Jacqueline through all of this? The book doesn't say. (O'Donnell, Powers and McCarthy, Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye: Memories of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Boston, Toronto: Little, Brown and Company, 1970, 72.) All of which, while suggesting yet-further reaches of the shameful and ignominious, recalls nothing so much as the inner chambers of Phillip IV of Spain, and that favorite, I forget his name (Olivera?), who at one time in order to perfectly dramatize his utter abjection before his sire actually kissed Phillip's toilet-chamber, once while the latter was flying into another rage. Thankfully John Kennedy just before his death seems to have undergone a moral transformation, having given certain executive orders, like his unprecedented minting of his own Treasury-Department silver-backed (rather than bond-backed) dollar bills, directives which he must have known would bring about his speedy demise at the hands of New World Order kingpins, enlisting some ever-ready Mossad-or-CIA "madman". This virile coming-clean, to which all by grace are called, unless we dare assume that grace has no power at all, demonstrating that no sin is "incurable", let alone congenital, as so many without any foundation claim today: Kennedy having no doubt finally seen the glitter wear off the many shiny baubles of technology that are modern man's version of salvation, and preferred at last that of the Cross. Trinkets so stoutly claimed as compensatory for such a radical transformation of human life as this Brave New World and its inseparable innately-regimented bureaucracy bring into being: a cultural moonscape already anticipated in the resource-rape of globally-ranging colonies of Spanish-Habsburg realms of noted early-modern times. Although, strange to say, it is hard for an ordinary person today to get any medical attention at all, at least not without going heavily into debt, or even to get a tooth pulled, a procedure now quite expensive but readily-accessible to rich and poor only a few short decades ago.

            Said to compensate Kennedy armies of favorites, in contrast to Johnson's oppressive atmosphere of cruelty from on high, was an incessant "light banter" directed at persons with no personal standing, sent to carry out personal agendas of towering figures, to answer timorously for any perceived mistakes in substance or form. Indeed in Kennedy by Theodore Sorensen (New York: Harper and Rowe, 1965, p. 277.) we are told significantly, in his description of the Kennedy Cabinet also on a short leash, that "not one sought to advance his own political interests at the expense of his colleagues or leader, and all willingly subordinated their own interests and identities to those of John Kennedy". Here being a culture-of-control which readily accounts for fiascos like the Bay of Pigs invasion, in which a frank exchange was the last thing to be found, or a later coup against the Diem government of South Vietnam, in both cases with decision-making principals at critical junctures groping around in the dark, harassed by a bewildering array of powerless or plenipotentiary actors with little genuine across-the-board communication involved. This sort of hamstrung government being considered liberty of the highest degree in the USA, where rule-by-indirection, strikingly like the nineteenth-century slaughter of the Indians, gives birth to policies cynical, malicious, treacherous, "whatever the traffic will bear". Here being indeed only the Hellish "freedom" of Satan, within his own furnace precincts, to do wrong. Within which sulfurous maelstrom a labyrinthine/bureaucratic CIA of the 60s swirled in its deadly way: a hyper-secretive body that would soon-enough help dispose of the Kennedy brothers within a cloud of managed confusion not unraveled to this day. Rather critically required, for adventures fraught with personal and international implications of the most formidable kind, is a midnight-oil-burning hammering-out among potent actors, bring to bear the vernacular of their regional wisdom and inimitable perspective. This sort of multiple triangulation being impossible to a system where secretive bodies are "balanced" against one another in a perfectly-countervailing way. Sorensen in the above quotation meanwhile giving scarcely-veiled obsequies, from a man himself obviously gifted in exceptional ways, and notably immune to odd flights of self-injuring hubris which marked the meteoric careers of both of the leading Kennedy men. An idiosyncratic self-assertiveness bulging with then-trendy progressive aphorisms embraced in the most fervent if woefully-untested way, interspersed with Kennedy tokens of ivory-towered indulgence wasted upon an LBJ both mentally-unbalanced and corrupt at best, and at worst with cold-blooded murder in his veins. With contributions of Catholics to political discourse typically to be found further in hybrids of Catholic sociopolitical doctrine: thus-denatured axioms rendered sterile in the extreme, but considered more acceptable, garnered from a Catholic training worked over to make it resemble the common Judeo-Masonic fare. In this way the Catholic politicians being "humble at the expense of Christ", being hamstrung at every turn, harangued by their own very episcopate to stay within the most innocuous of well-behaved, "harmless" bounds. Victims of an unacknowledged but highly effective mechanisms of marginalization, of being considered "a special case", always feeling impelled to apologize for practical implications of their Faith. That which alone moves policy mountains, which prevailed at Orleans, at the Mulvian Bridge, and before Our Lady of Guadalupe both in Spain against the Moors and in New Spain against the serpent-god of sodomy and human sacrifice, now again being installed in the Hemisphere with arrogance unrestrained. Catholics prevailed upon to confuse theatrical devices with a real conveying of oneself and ones ideas, submitting themselves in this way to self-inflicted forms of colonial dunkings and notional burnings-at-the-stake.

            In our own form-of-government, that of the ages of time, planted in us by God Himself, each nobleman would engage in consultation with the king or head-of-state, bringing to the rulers attention the needs and achievements of his bailiwick or county, state or "city-state", coordinating with both the throne and with other noblemen the common good of both his neighborhood and the entire realm. In a process of organic or corporative consultation which is the furthest thing from mere talk, or thespian flourish, or a ponderous groping in the dark, or even simple personal sway: rather a real, unselfconscious, mutual-interaction which reproduces itself without fail from the chief executive all the way down to the frankpledge (ten head of household rudimentary political body). Nuts-and-bolts consultation, with emissaries who carry with them the writ of state, far removed from a culture of sarcasm, psychological brutality and innuendo which since at least the day of Roosevelt has ruled the political day. Frank and consequential consultation being the very foundational institution of government and diplomacy, in states composed of rational adult human beings, the ignoring of which laboriously-plied interaction, and its replacement with a lot of impressive talk by silken figures lurking in some royal wardrobe, was universally considered a valid cause for revolt when knighthood was in flower, and when liberty was more than a mere word, and when sycophants went unvarnished by pretty names. This genuine sort of state, whose highest development we on the Crusade call Integral Catholicism, breathing a spirit-of-cooperation which travels both upward and downward from these two upper and lower poles of essentially-equally and estimable power, in the Catholic model reproducing in humble corporate/human terms the very Trinitarian Spirations of Love between a coequal Father and Son, as Personified in the Holy Ghost, the divine Spirit of Love. In this genuine real politik there being no need for "light banter" to reassure apprehensive figures with no standing at all, who can be crushed when a Johnson or a Bush, a Nixon, Obama or Kennedy turns over in bed. The unnatural strain of the modern morbidly-control-bent system upon the individual in any setting high or low being likely to erupt when some "last straw" is placed on an already-overburdened mind, with the immediate occasion for the outburst—which our droning newscasters, profilers and commentators laboriously analyze in their own morbid way—probably being of little real causative significance at all. (See also Schlesinger, Arthur Jr., Robert Kennedy and His Times. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1978.)

            Apropos to this culture of remote-control and lock-step regimentation there is a stunning correlation to be found in the fate of the Empress of Austria of the 1800s and her son, both of whom died violently within a few months or weeks of each other, in that the also-doomed Kennedy brothers also surrounded themselves with a whole host of Jews, of whom to a great extent the Kennedy Cabinet was composed. All of whom they likewise trusted implicitly and without reserve, as had these earlier victims of what can be quite convincingly argued as Jewish cloak-and-dagger intrigue. (See Morton, Frederic, The Rothschilds: a Family Portrait. New York: Atheneum, 1962, where to grasp this probability it is necessary to read between the lines, as is indeed often the case in the above-cited book by Schlesinger as well.) That treachery against which authentic popes of the ages have ruefully warned, up until the recent installation of a succession of invalidly-elected anti-popes, in the hire of the very same ever mollifying-and-infiltrating synagogue crew. The latest of which imposters, whose rat-like face agrees stunningly with his surname, has laundered money for the Italian Mob, who lends ample moral-support to the Bush/Obama war-machine, but who of course also knows how to hold forth in the most pious-sounding way. In the earlier case noted above the imperial son allegedly died by suicide, and his mother by an attack of a "madman" (sound familiar?): with these two, in another staggering parallel, having been predecessors-in-violent-death of the Archduke Ferdinand of the same family, some thirty years later. That most consequential of early-twentieth-century events. One must be aware that Jews are taught that to kill one of the goyim or gentiles, if a convenient opportunity presents itself, is a praiseworthy thing. These instructions having indeed been quite openly propounded in Talmudic writings of earlier times, texts later translated into a code-language of what might aptly be called parables, after having aroused papal and royal ire. The Talmud is peppered with acronyms of a blasphemous kind as well, about "this man" or "that woman", or perhaps "someone who sits at the gate" or "by the door", and who in numerous instances is described as amply deserving such a fate: among apocryphal writings which must be painstakingly correlated with one another, which fit together like a carefully-cobbled mosaic-of-malice. Found there too are lengthy instructions, again in this seemingly-juvenile code-language, about how to retain psychological advantage, to continually reassert absolute Jewish supremacy, over the goyim, and especially over Christians, among whom Catholics are the most remorselessly hated of all. A morbid regimen of submission being prepared here for those of the One True Faith, for which the classroom from earliest years is obviously the most dependable setting of all.

            December 18, 2012: The professionally/commercially-remunerative counseling/medication conundrum of astronomically-mounting school violence: like rocket-fuel to a national disease. Increasingly-violent Western homes, schools and streets after more than a century of homage to modern behavioral sciences, the very religion of the modern Progress-goddess, held as rigidly-judiciary over all human habits, attitudes and modes-of-life. A further development of previous article. Please bear with the writer, as these events stagger the mind, and first attempts at writing are often rather inarticulate.

            At least as heart-rending as the toll of bloody rampage is a foregoing carnage of the interior of the very best of these little souls, all of whom are ceaselessly and unnaturally subjected to the blinding light of personal inspection, by teachers, administrators and psychologists of today's rotely-generic college formation, the latter inevitably producing—if one wishes to graduate at all—more-or-less uniformly coarse habits-of-mind. "Little ones", "of such is the kingdom of Heaven" catastrophically led by such a thoughtless breed—who if the life of grace shows any embers within at all—productive of the most remarkable individuality, often attended by a grave composure quite appropriate to earliest years, that youthful probity which is a natural/supernatural defense against morally-encroaching inanities of the modern school—are invariably categorized with some ugly psycho-pathological name. Being perhaps labeled with Attention Deficit Disorder: a brutal rap-on-the-wrist for being thus set-on-guard, or bored to death, for shrinking from institutionally-demanded, artificially-induced stupidities, slander that the standard "send in the clowns" is to sober profundities of childhood years. This being a regimen against which the soul—of children often infinitely-more-mature than the noisy gaggle by whom they are taught and led—naturally and resolutely rebels: so that contained within this trivialization, to the level of a mere animal or less, is a potential for violent reaction which is quite appropriate considering the inviolable sacredness of what is so overbearingly transgressed. Here being an ultimate outcome of this systematic attempt to replace Christian concepts, motives and apprehensions with the hog-trough, the collectivist brainwash, of the Progress-religion imposed by drone-bombs, school-boards and the NEA so rigidly today. That which would replace faith, hope, love, purity with the vilest of things. While those little ones pushed into a complete rejection of such an artificially-manufactured world—where they spend most of their waking hours—who "clam up", or live in what seems to the unacquainted like a reverie, and are thus labeled with one or several of these ugly names—diagnostic overkill never being a concern to overbearing figures in charge—often aptly reproduce that youthful St. Tarciscus of ancient Roman times, just then taking the Blessed Sacrament to prisoners in a Roman jail. This angelic figure, a beloved fixture in Catholic devotional tradition, who being set-upon by a gang of rowdy pagan youngsters, who demanded he show them what he clutched so near and protectively, was ultimately stoned to death: yet who refused to relax his guardian grasp even when his spotless soul was gone to his Lord.

            Some psychologists actually do acknowledge the place of violent video games and movies, one this morning on CNN even citing a recent exhaustive study which established the link beyond any doubt. An admission for which the unfortunate counselor was pounced upon instantly by the interviewer, I forget her name: who bristled at the suggestion that such good citizens as herself, who indulge regularly in violent movies and videos, would come under such a censure as this. But in most cases the massacre at New Town is ceaselessly noised by doctors, psychologists, attorneys, academics, profilers, media-regulars of every kind as calling forth an increase in scope and authority for the modern counseling profession, and for much more of the above-described belabored attention by overbearing, ever-invasive, condescending figures at school. Coupled to which prescription is the demand that Christians foreswear any manner of protest over the systematic destruction of Civilization-with-a-capital-C which is the transparently-veiled aim of such an agenda, for which the academic campus at all levels today is ground zero: all of which Christian anxiety and demur is of course said to be "hate". That one thing said in turn to have caused all the murder and mayhem at the school. Although no one seems to have found that this Adam guy hated anyone, although they do know that he incessantly watched diabolically-violent video games that are so profusely available to our youth today. But in the face of these grizzly disasters we are urged to outlaw guns and practical Christianity instead. While furthermore there is considerable evidence that, just as in providing "justification" for armed interventions of every kind, there are certain "black agents" who are commissioned—or perhaps even drugged and mentally-programmed, as may have been the case with the rampaging doctor at Fort Hood—to carry out precisely these sorts of atrocities upon the defenseless. Prozac-loaded "heroic" figures, like expertly-guided bombs, blockbusters to open the way for a program of radical social change in which above-noted professionals play an integral part.

            As intimated above, alongside noted mind-control measures in an innate repugnance to the childhood soul stands the violence-evocative nature of drum-beat music and close-cousin graphics of grizzly video games: to which reality is given ample historical testimony by war-dances of Indians and conjurings of curse-wielding Shamans, all accompanied by the same sort of "boom, boom" cadence. While today, in our "advanced" world, this is too often repeated in boom-box percussions of drug-dealers on almost all our streets: perhaps bringing a load of "the stuff" to one of the very teachers at the school: as professional prestige is likely to be enhanced, not inhibited, by habits like these. This age-old drum beat, to quote the old Disney movie, Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier, "whoopin' 'em up like a canebrake afire", causing in all settings incalculable and irrational passions tumultuously to flow, close-kin to the staccato of automatic-rifle fire on videos of every stripe. While amid all the din even occasional positive contributions of thoughtful mental-health professionals must bear the heavy drag of the century-old myopic, ceaselessly-discredited, entrail-examining worldview of the hedonistic Freudian school: which regularly reasserts an elite-sponsored predominance it has repeatedly proven to ill deserve. And of course "freedom-loving" arch-"conservatives" like Limbaugh and O'Reilly are right at the head of the van in this hoarse exercise of vocal cords, in favor of an indiscriminate application of approaches to mental health and human life of this pathetically bankrupt or hit-and-miss type. While urged as the only route of escape from ghoulish school-room atrocities is a uniform Christian passivity before "progress" and the morbid probings of an all-powerful, overbearing breed.

            All possible efforts are expended by noted professionals today, in lengthy interviews on an ever-supportive media, to justify the rigid institutionalization about to be imposed by all branches of the federal government, in Obama's fixedly-grim anti-Christian resolve. The reelected spawn of a hopelessly-flawed election process, of easily-result-forgeable computerized voting-machines, Obama now plies this phony mandate in order-overthrowing exertions, attempting to qualify as Anti-Christ: aping a "man of sin" however not actually destined to appear for at least another generation or two. While with respect to noted rationalizations we have these frequently-asserted comparisons with Japan, which is said to overflow with violently-graphic magazines and videos, but has a complete absence of the carnage that mars American life. But one must consider that Japan isn't really guilty of any post-Christian practical-apostasy in culture, policies and education, but with notable amounts of honesty-of-mind pursues order, discipline, obedience, maturity, having yet to embrace as a nation the Christian Faith, with all the weighty moral-obligations that that implies. While in the USA this manhood-culture of deliberate disorder and confrontation, of primitive rites-of-passage which are only childish, half-hearted imitations of genuine tribal life, finds Yanks of all ages still stuck somewhere in a doted-over adolescence, always attempting to prove something of which they themselves are least likely to be convinced. While a rampant satanism is furthermore given ample recognition here as a valid religion, complete with non-profit exemptions and the like. Even as combined with the sorts of personality-frustrating pedagogy noted above, and the ceaseless domination of secret societies with secret agendas of every stripe, is found neatly dovetailed the indubitable input of black-ops agents to hasten a false-flag "tipping point" of radical socio-moral change. All these and an assortment of other factors make comparisons with Japan irrelevant indeed. Furthermore, one has to have been to places like Japan, where I have twice visited extensively if for brief periods-of-time, while likewise having read non-aggression-vindictive domestically-produced histories of that same marvelous land, to understand the fundamental difference between our two nations and peoples, and that nation's passionate attachment in particular to good-order, reciprocal honor and domestic peace. While Yanks from the very beginning have been at the global vanguard of an astutely-managed finance/secret-society drive to regiment an entire earth, all human life in artificial contours briefly described above. Uncle Sam astride an end-time apocalyptic steed under which countries like Japan are merest victims under flinty hooves, enjoying extensive moral-immunities which rectitude invariably brings, traces of which are still seen in U.S. Mexicans and Blacks still in many ways with no voice in their own affairs.

            Hence in increasingly transparent style the practical abandonment of Christian morality is the price required here in a USA which I myself have served with distinction in war, if in ignorance-fed youthful lack-of-reflection over causative injustices involved. The Obama crew, in this Orwellian "no turning back now!", inaugurating a rolling-back of the gains of Faith on this soil, an aggression met with patent moral-inertia by the "born-again" crowd. For instance in their ill-concealed eager admission of sodomites into their much-enthused-over categories of "the saved". Indeed, as attested by a host of encounters with evangelicals while out on Crusade, these perverts are regarded with special enthusiastic favor, sometimes seemingly loaded with laurels, as being perfect examples of the unstinting mercy of God. Or rather more pointedly of how God will consummate the celebrated contract so at the heart of this utterly new religion, of a kind of handshake-between-equals, by which one is "convicted", professes more-or-less publicly to "believe on him": after which the Deity is said to reciprocate, in this arms-length agreement, by letting this sodden sinner basically do whatever he wills, grinningly, laughingly, in theatrics, thrills and spills. The lavishly-well-heeled currency of which persuasions is readily explained as well by the greased-lightning facility these New Zealots lend to a brace of heinous evils like unjust war: of which sodomites seem to be a conspicuous combat-theater and domestic-polemical vanguard, evoking remarkably the specter of World War II Nazi/sodomite ranks. Always then the enemy is moral discipline or goodness of any kind, in Freudian cosmology because allegedly that might cause you to "snap", to go berserk, something which an all-absolving born-again condition is anticipated to never allow: Freud and Amy Semple McPherson here stoutly joining hands. While here too is seen the degree of confidence reposed in the counsels of Scripture and of Our Blessed Lord, and of that Blessed Lady who at Cana commanded we her children to "do whatever He tells you". This foreswearing in practical terms of the entire Christian moral code being the essential principle of a rabidly-anti-Christian Freud and his century-old mega-funded school, that which ever proves itself dominant in the field, no matter how many corollary offshoots of the science might claim to give ample scope to traditional ideas of religious faith. (Yes, I know, modern psychology can occasionally be fairly accurate in its diagnosis, but long and rueful experience has on-the-whole shown its "answers" to be self-activating triggers-of-doom). All this blind adherence to modern psychology and psychiatry, this babble of delirious praise, with staggering amounts of irony and incongruity, attending an exponential increase in the sorts of pathologies, notably of diabolical attacks on schoolchildren and other innocents, such as was witnessed the other day in Connecticut. With these bloody incidents in turn, yet-more-incredibly, being held to prove the need for more such life-costly prostrations before hare-brained Freudian fools.

            Granted, the preemptive dominance of this view of life, of expanding colleges dedicated to the behavioral sciences and all their inescapable tentacles into other more-genuine disciplines of various kinds, has achieved the desired overkill of a notional kind, has rendered the USA in particular utterly incapable of addressing these problems in any mercifully-realistic way. So that they can then with glib and arbitrary arrogance claim that we have nowhere else to turn. As the practical place of religion here—whose field-of-concerns is precisely coterminous with that of psychology, the latter literally translated from the Greek as "study of the soul"—has been ruthlessly and systematically denied. Dumped with ceremonious hauteur being a Christian Civilization which a few short decades ago gave us mostly-unbroken homes, peaceful schools and streets where a child could walk at midnight anywhere, without any fear of harm. But always the answer of today is that Christians must lay down supine, must surrender all sentiments, let alone deeds, of practical moral, social, economic or political self-defense, whether for our souls or for our Creed. And we likewise have a vast host of "men in soft garments who live in the palaces of kings", namely more than half of our own very clergy, to bid us meekly to fall in line. After all, they might say, isn't meekness what Christianity is all about? My good God, spare me: I think they must have forgotten all about Jesus driving the money-changers out of the Temple, or His curse upon the unproductive fig-tree, or of the Machabees putting ancient sodomites to the sword. Ah, so it is held, that to recall such things might find us producing a mass-killer or a BTK: so far has this modern-day apostasy advanced on our serial-killer-video-game day, in its denial of the practical-efficacy of the Gospel Christian Way. The only answer allowed being this limp laying down before the steam-roller of modern academically-fostered moral decay, diabolism, orgy and riot, liberation movements, etc. ad nauseam.

            Here too is the legacy of the CRF-protégé John Kennedy—so ironically-useful having been this apparently-harmless man for so many diabolical things—with his vast store of transfixing statements about the citizen's alleged bounden duty to take his place in faceless unanimity in these sorts of doughty and fabled "progress"-hearkening ranks. A Kennedy who can hardly have anticipated what his introductory remarks and policies would signally help to bring about so stunningly and so soon. Exponent that he was for a resurrected secular-Puritanism which hands over Christians, notably true and tradition-loving Catholics, to a deified state and attendant academic, media and other institutions: the whole a sort of many-limbed cadaver manipulated by secret-society puppeteers from on high. While the believer practices a limp form of religion which "only says Lord, Lord" or "praise God", or whatever the present-day formula might be, and looks upon his ancestors as having been pious fools.

            Oh, give me such fools, such schools, such streets, as we had a mere fifty years ago, as I myself once happily knew, and I will gladly give you back all your rockets and I-pads, your A-bombs, your psychiatrists, your sodomites, your addictive pharmaceuticals and quack-doctors and counselors of every stripe. While to show any amount of innocent indignation over this charade, this "send in the clowns" of the modern-day media-promoted approach, is said to be a harbinger of violent deeds of our own, or of those who might be strongly affected by what we say. Rather is passion reserved for the outbursts of those abandoned to visual and auditory barbarity and drugs, while we Catholics and other Christians are bidden to mindlessly do what we are told.

            December 6, 2012: A "separation of church and state" U.S. Catholic flock lies supine under Obama's election-year feet.

            As results of the November election stagger the mind, and pages of a punishing Apocalypse come alive before our eyes, on an earth now plainly much closer to the sun than before, blazing a weird new orbital path across the skies, seeming likewise to have tilted alarmingly on its axis, producing weather anomalies that promise much worse to come: while all this goes stupendously on, people respond with their now-standard Pavlov's dog brave indifference in rare form. But standing as a real monument to a Brave New World is the timidity of the U.S. Catholic hierarchy before a merely-mortal Obama's political war-machine: with today's clergy fearing everything and everybody but the approaching wrath of God, in a season fraught with biblically-predicted howling winds and a like Babel of quibbling churchly words. Clerical faces are set like flint today before solar events which promise fulfillment of centuries-old prophesies of holy men, forecasting chastisements in which most of the world's population will succumb, while these same clerics draw a line in the sand beyond which religion, so they claim, cannot go. But in fact, in un-spinnable realities of life, in the words of Our Blessed Lord, "he who does not gather with Me scatters": a pronouncement which might aptly be chiseled in stone over the tombstone of the U.S. Catholic church, a monument which looms as large on the horizon as transfixing solar phenomena considered above: which make for hot and blinding wintertime rays in our part of the USA, although the now-gigantic fiery orb scarcely clears the southern horizon during the day, after having retreated in that direction to a tune of nearly 90 degrees on either end. While capsulating laboriously-inoffensive postures of the U.S. hierarchy is an article by Cardinal Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington, excerpted from a recent book by the prelate, quoted below to some length (p. 12) from the Knights of Columbus magazine Columbia for November, 2012.

            The prelate ably personifies the biblical "lion at home", the stern lecturer of the Catholic fold about political limits of the Catholic church, the noted "line in the sand" beyond which faith allegedly cannot roam at large, is effectively an outlaw. No new thing in the USA, even a much-venerated Catholic John Kennedy having gratuitously assured people that he didn't "take orders from the Vatican", going so far in his desire to appear even-handed as to "turn the other way" while the government of a Catholic Diem, lynchpin of the last stability a doomed South Vietnam would ever know, was toppled, back in '63, probably with help from the CIA. A fate suffered as well by Guatemala in the late-fifties, no doubt with Kennedy's vigorous approval from his Senate seat, the Southeast-Asian potential-paradise a prosperous refuge from the Hanoi reds to be succeeded today by a united Vietnam abandoned by erstwhile communist mentors, mired in poverty, helpless like all of Asia before U.S. geo-corporate sweat-shop and grease-mill greed. While Kennedy, as doomed in his own turn as was Diem, in much-the-same spirit of across-the-board militant ideologically-driven change, rewarded for his zeal by a bullet in the head though he was, had matched this overseas record in homely settings of the Boston Irish borough where he single-handedly dismantled a formidable Catholic Democratic Party structure, in a denuding of Catholic political identity which he pursued across the nation as well. The latter during coast-to-coast, military-campaign-like pre-presidential political odysseys of the fifties, leaving instructions to top lieutenants to push out staunch Catholics who were everywhere quite eager to become leaders in his mounting national-political machine. The old affectionate Catholic political solidarity, based on generational associations of old, being replaced by Kennedy with impersonal dossiers on groups and individuals which were arguably well ahead of their Big Brother time, thus bringing new levels of statistical analysis where colloquial enclaves of local integrity and grassroots self-identification already had an uphill fight to wage. Precincts and districts whose legendary political pluck, stubbornness and moral character would be sorely needed in the precipitous moral-decline so soon to come. This Kennedy undermining of loyalties local and dear, amid artful poses of signature-Ivy-League childlike harmlessness, this comprehensive embrace of globalist/libertarian principles serving equally well as a green-light gesture to Marxist insurgencies in Republics to our own south: these formerly ruled for the most part by staunchly-Catholic leaders as well. Always the keynote of the Kennedys was to "throw the baby out with the bathwater", a clarion call to revolution, a Yankee version of the Marxian dialectic, achieved in polite economic and covert CIA form: a stock-in-trade, a see-saw on which Republicans also bob in prime form. In an enervating process-of-elimination of all things dear that is endemic—sentimental frills to one side—to modern-day Judeo-Masonic, capitalistic/republican forms. Kennedy's cynicism wedded to a wide-eyed libertarian credulity bringing disaster ever in its heedless wake, however harmless his intentions might have been. This one-world, CFR-protégé Kennedy having been a new Lancelot to us all, back then, including me, a doughty "New Frontier" screen-door-stuffer at the age of fourteen.

            Hence the Oval Office background to a Cardinal Wuerl, a generation later, beating the same by-now-tired drum, dutifully performing a close-kin clerical extraction of militant teeth which has been the doom of Catholic action here from the very start, with airs of impartiality taken up as if nothing more than a mere political office were involved. In an election-eve article, no doubt a representative sample of the national Catholic-parochial pre-ballot pulpit fare, a limp clerical lack of conviction which arguably-enough did more for the reelection of Barack Obama than a barnstorming campaign candidly in his favor could have done.

            The cardinal's words reiterate the New Church reductio ad absurdium of the eternal Catholic mandate, a radical-minimization inaugurated in founding days of the first plenipotentiary bishop of the USA: a Benjamin-Franklin-protégé, the Freemasonry-fronted Bishop John Carroll. His having been a 1780s permanent episcopal posting, itself a stark novelty for mission lands invariably guided for the first fifty years or so by some nuncio or apostolic delegate from a well-established Catholic nation like Croatia or Poland, Italy or France. A stunning departure from protocol, this appointment reveals itself to have been a church/state reward to a domestic fold ingratiated shamefully to leaders of an unjust revolt, with the Vatican the ratifying churchly partner involved in the cynical, unprecedented exchange. Carroll being the radical Catholic mouthpiece of a whole new definition of liberty, in a pact tacitly sealed by an increasingly Judeo-Masonry penetrated Vatican: one that had so recently expelled the apostolic Jesuits from their global mission lands, with disastrous results for the preaching of the Faith that are still catastrophically with us today. Such "practical matters" of "policy rather than doctrine", since the early 1800s with the brokering of Rothschild loans, being the smooth post-medieval chute down which churchmen all-too-often slide, if with intervening bouts of saintly and vigorous resistance, since the sixteenth century Renaissance. Part of a "shrewd practicality" which always comes with a morally-costly price-tag, implying a bare-bones limitation of church and faith to prayer, ceremony and a "humble" political deference to the state. Rigors of weltgeist and real politik coming to some minds to tower in significance over miracles or workings of grace. This surrender to mammoth worldly forces "on their own terms", in their own currency, signaling a resurgence of a "safe" and "harmless" sort of religion, of Luther's "purely-spiritual church": an anomaly utterly foreign to the Catholic soul. A sanitary scouring whose material image today is the manicured American middle-class gated community, whose seamier side finds other neighborhoods across the globe drone-bombed, firebombed and starved. While the belabored aim of American Catholicism seems foremost to be the achievement of such a risk-less, indeed a dependably upward-mobile faith: a confession in which no lesser things than the Gospel Pearl are put in any peril at all. This axiom being thus plainly the very contradiction, the polar-opposite, of Christ's own words, not only about the housewife searching floor and cupboard for the illusive gem but also about "he who would save His life shall loose it", and a host of others just as eternally-consequential as well. These grim divine injunctions hardly meant to be applied strictly to clerics, as some at a far-fetched last-ditch would contend. Even as men-of-the-cloth, alas, beloved and worried-over by us all as they are, so often show themselves more pusillanimous than any of the rest.

            Meeting harried and bewildered Catholics whether native or immigrant on these shores has been a complete Judaization in all spheres of life, begun from the very start of the Anglo-Calvinist arrival at Plymouth Bay. A moral and political beachhead in the New World, equipped in prodigal form to advance in squadrons upon the seven seas, a zeal anticipated in Calvinist/Cromwellian exactions and refinements-of-cruelty unleashed upon Catholics in Ireland and England alike. Experience being steadily gained by these radical "Old Testament Christian" ideologues—whose totalitarian/Parliamentary rule England herself was ruefully-glad to send off encouragingly to distant shores—"Dissenters" becoming versed in a systematic, militant undermining of cultures and worldviews, a "righteous" smashing and desecrating of inner repositories of spiritual things. Being striking progenitors of coming White House martinets, and vaguely suggestive of coming BTKs. Judaism being first of all a form of radical secular collectivism, a sort of ancient philosophical monism, a transfixing apparition in the Colonies, found there in full-blown existential form, duplicating a Jewish people who with staggering chuspah claim all messianic honors as belonging to they themselves, rather than to Christ, the Son of God, Who was actually sent, the divine bearer of redemptive grace. The synagogue thus finding the perfect surrogate for the imposition of this deicide-sodden hubris on mankind in the buckle-hatted Calvinist with his rule-of-the-group congregationalist form of belief: a rigidly-Old-Testament-oriented fanaticism whose illusions of having founded a pristine version of the Early Church in the New World would find him redefining all things under the sun. Fit forerunner of a Big Stick "make the world safe" modern-day Uncle Sam, imagining himself to have found out—sixteen-hundred years later—what that first Jerusalem community was all about. Out of which miasma would come a series of irruptions of which tent-meeting revivalism would remain as charismatic keynote throughout. Little else but sheer group-hysteria, this earlier ancestor of the modern "born again" evangelical movement determining the character of a thousand sects of the same general kind over time. Fevered enclaves in which final judgment would be passed on individual souls, placed under the microscope of group-inspection, with every error in morality, philosophy or "science" from Spencer to Freudianism to Napoleonic war finding welcome home. One in which grace has small part, is indeed treated as the mere play-thing of group-tyranny. Hence too a form of democracy in which for the first time the law of God has no real standing at all, but rather the group itself, apotheosized precisely like the Jewish people themselves, presumes to decide what is right and wrong, as in today's heady flights of "Christians" in favor of sodomy, abortion, aggressive war and several other anti-life perversities, after nearly two millennia of the preaching of the genuine Holy Gospel around the world. A USA thus bringing upon itself the same curse the Jews incurred and for the very same cause, on which plunging bandwagon there is plenty of room for prelates and laymen of the "Catholic" fold. Most of this madding crowd with dire inevitability suffering self-same social and psychological maladies of this "chosen race", largely self-prophetic, dire consequences of polar-contradictions of hip-booted interventionism and morbid introspection on the human mind. In a worldview which can never find the human/spiritual balance required. A brace of pathologies possessed most surely by those most firmly in charge, but imposed on the finest of good and humble souls in overbearing bouts of the priggish, experimental or doctrinaire, and by glibly-justified force of arms.

            Yet ironically alongside all the aggression, hysteria and morbidity would be found among U.S. Catholic clerical leaders a long-standing desire to appear detached and scholarly over problems desperate-of-solution to a terrified fold: a cool sophistication with the impressing of liberal Methodist and Episcopalian counterparts no doubt appreciably in mind. In the noted piece in particular the cardinal calmly claims that the Church cannot rightly go beyond urging application of the natural law in matters-of-state: a truncation of a divine commission to evangelize the whole world, to labor indefatigably, like night-long trawling Gospel fishermen, to make it Catholic, and certainly Christian, at all levels, in all-important practical matters as well as where those strictly spiritual or doctrinal are concerned. To the heterodox U.S. clergy it is entirely unfair and coercive simply to earnestly attempt to convince people, out of ones own obvious conviction—else why is one an archbishop, if not so convinced?—that Catholicism is the One True Faith, that the Church has the answers to all things temporal and eternal (see St. Pius X's letter Against the Sillon). That being said, of course, it goes without saying that to invoke the natural law is a good thing: yet the gravest offense here, sodomy, entirely escapes mention in the article, with diminishing numbers now remember how the abominable crime used to have all the chance of a snowball in July before the U.S. clergy first began to carry a radical separation of church and state ideology to its logical extremes. While a Catholic self-delimiting to nature's sole defense—with even this truncated mandate spotty and incomplete—reveals a suicidal departure for Catholic galleons which once roamed the seven seas of practical morality with sails fully and rampantly unfurled. For which very reason the helmsman's voice once echoed so commandingly across the waves, was attentively listened to, and often-enough trembled at, by steersmen of nations great and small. The Church never rightly claims a place of consequence it doesn't yet already have in the popular mind: yet even when newly arrived, mission-cross in hand, stepping from some bark canoe, its sandals still dry, it never shirks from declaring the divine shoes it was designated to fill. A mandate to win the world for Christ, a commission which takes the state with it on its majestic Heavenward stride, as if it were a mere leaf or blade of grass. Hence the priority of a Jesuit "greater glory of God", whose preemptive stature is seen everywhere "in the things that are", in that very nature of whose law the bishop makes so much: a volcanic epiphany infinitely magnified in manifold miracles and mystical wonders of Catholic Faith, ultimately calling-forth, with the imperative force of lava (Jesus to Sr. Josepha Menendez, in The Way of Divine Love) Catholicism's institutional establishment in every practical and theoretical, homely and exalted, official and pedestrian precinct or realm. That Creed in whose train is likewise drawn the most soaring personal liberty, both human and spiritual, effortlessly behind, a "freedom of the sons of God" of whom the world "knows not where they come from or whither they go", swept up in the impetuous spontaneity of the Spirations of the Holy Ghost. A freedom to be formed in truth by God, rather than to destroy, to hamstring and obfuscate with "impartial" hesitations, to make hash of a lovely and prodigally-abundant earth like a pagan Lady Liberty, who has had here such lengthy day in the sun, has so lustily done for two centuries and more. After which atrocities most concerns about freedom of conscience being transgressed by such a plenipotentiary yet un-self-seeking Church are uncovered for irrelevant mutterings of thankless and impious fools that they are. They who are eternally busy attempting to overthrow things—who blandly class chaos and freedom as interchangeable terms—nihilists and idolaters against whom states have had to erects defenses since the beginning of time.

            The dead giveaway to feints, insincerities and disingenuities of "separation"-arguments involved are Southern Baptist Convention declarations during the Kennedy Campaign, to paraphrase, that were Catholics to become a fifty-one-percent majority they would quickly impose the rule of Rome on every facet of American life. (Sorensen, Theodore C., Kennedy. New York: Harper and Row, Publishers, 1965.) How did this allegedly unanimously-"saved" constituency know such things? Why, very simply by the fact that that's what they had done, even with the lack of any numerical majority at all: rough-and-ready Baptist leadership indeed dominating American life, both openly and covertly, since tent-revival days of the second Great Awakening of the 1830s and '40s. Today even staid and moderate Methodists are typically-enough crazy about Billy Graham, and wouldn't dare openly contradict his sorts of "testimonials" and bible-thumping oration. No denomination except Catholicism is subjected to such overbearing restrictions and polemics, and Kennedy could have used his formidable, highly-honed wit to lampoon such notional whales as these, rather than lying down supine, defensive under Judeo-Protestantism's ever-dominant heels. Plainly, then, when a people opts in overwhelming numbers to embrace Catholic Faith, it is so much more genuine a manifestation of heartfelt conviction than when a mere fraction of the population is able to forcefully and even forcibly dominate the national social and religious, economic and political scene. But quoting Wuerl at some length (italics and bracketed commentary mine):

            "To be Catholics is to admit of a wide range of opinions and methods. There is no Catholic position on the management of public utilities. Devout Catholics may hold an almost infinite variety of opinions on taxation. (This claim that Catholicism "has no position" is in fact dead wrong: a piece of sophistry, an insult to two thousand years of Catholic history, slyly tacked upon the occasional tolerance by the Church of bad things whose removal, according to St. Thomas Aquinas, would not be worth the costs involved. Hence this claim of a predominating Catholic political/economic indifference is a transparent falsehood, with Rome's immemorial conceding of a less-than-enthusiastic recognition to inept or tyrannical governments hardly signaling an endorsement by any stretch: systems which don't come up to her very elaborate and specific standards. The papacy does indeed commonly allow citizens to pledge their "fealty", to use the older word: a measure of course typically quite necessary in real terms, but hardly signaling that "there is no Catholic position" on merits or demerits of any administration thus grudgingly given ground. Whose plainly immoral enactments can however merit no obedience at all. Actually, the falsehood employed here, down a path of arcane clerical quibblings and mental-reservations which the layman's harried attention-span can scarcely accommodate, and which linguistic subterfuges often indeed escape the detection of sedulous observers like ourselves, is the nimble substitution of the exception for the rule. That slight-of-hand or shell-game which has been indispensable to the sorry tale of the centuries-long descent of churchmen down a slide of compromise with "practical minded" Judeo-Masonic might, punctuated with a frequent invocation of "sad but necessary" antiseptic, ritual-ablutionary necessity. Manifestly, then, the rise of a "Catholic" existentialism or phenomenology, a Kierkegaard/Heidegger "celebration of the here and now": a morphing of doctrine, the sustaining of the pretense that a limitless Catholic toleration, in a Sartre/J.D. Salinger-like "fresh exhilaration of the moment", is the way things should be, that we mustn't be too fussy, that "it doesn't get any better" in an "imperfect world". Thus "making a virtue of (merely provisional but eagerly-acceded-to) necessity". From such lovely and wispy words can then be deftly arranged an iron-bellied permanent détente with Gospel-condemned worldly powers, all the while the allegedly temporary nature of the accord, the whole justification for the compromise, is sleepily forgotten. The "minor little matter" thus cleared-up, recollections of scarcely-remembered formidable institutions once fondly embraced by our ancestors, held up for inspection once again, can in this way be dismissed in the most costless, condescending and contemptuous way. Here being the whole ethos of Vatican II in a nutshell, facilitated thenceforth in this frequently utilized liberal-clerical maneuver, casting in the light of hoary backwardness anything like the one-time papal revocations of oaths of fealty and the like: oratorical easy work, since today, thanks to self-fulfilling prophesies of supine clerics and ordinaries, few care a fig whether or not the Church approves of an administration or an economic system or theory of taxation or public investment, or accepts, rejects or merely tolerates tyrannical leaders or systems thus perceived. Indeed as suggested above the whole earth no longer trembles as was once its wont in anticipation of papal or episcopal anathemas, excommunications or interdicts, such as once echoed so far and wide. But in fact the Church—when she used to speak out in her inimitable virile way, as recently as the reign of Pope Pius XI—has always advanced distributism as her very own political/economic system: that organizational orientation, that methodology, advanced here on this site, which serves and is directed-by the human person in the most elaborate, reverse-looped and painstaking way. A perennial Catholic political philosophy hardly noncommittal, indeed absolutely bursting with specific measures, policies and applications, urged in traditional-Rome's inimitable, solicitous fatherly tones. Counsels which give special attention and standing to those today almost forgotten, indeed laughingly-despised localized or "intermediate" "organic" bodies—viz.: personalized, neighborhood, loosely-trade-related, groups full of intergenerational reciprocal-vitality, on a chart-of-organization these units mostly to be found just above the level of the family, embedded in the very social, economic and political way things were once done. Materially-priceless, morally-indispensable building-blocks trampled under feet of the Progress goddess, succumbed before genomes and preemptive wars, pulverized under mindless, thundering, earth-denuding hooves of laissez-faire: none of which has any time for such "sentimental" things. Tremulously handed-down parts indeed of the "clutter" thrown out the "open window of the church" by John XXIII, in his own memorable phrase, without much acknowledgment or ado. A clearing-out by truckloads of the infinite and invaluable after Vatican II. Sociopolitical foundation-stones, these micro-local groups—organic parts of the local-Catholic political base, once spread in sturdy tendrils across the land, which Kennedy so ably helped clear away before and during his presidential campaign. A Kennedy whose memory, in another mammoth irony, we Catholic Americans still so fervently love. Entities that most freely and exuberantly cater to both the moral-integrity and the free-agency of the human person, and most notably of the common man. Human fundamentals which eternal, immovable quiddities of faith and religion bring to their greatest possible epiphany, as "grace perfects nature" beyond anything a morally-hostile use of science and engineering can bring. Indeed, always menacing the minds of men like Wuerl, like a troubled conscience, like Dickens' Ghost of Christmas Past, is the to-them-frightful gliding specter of the ancient privileges of the Church, perquisites formidably enabling a Holy Mother who is highly favorable toward such very bountiful micro-local structures and institutions, which needed no electronic circuitry to never let a neighbor go naked or starve. A Catholic potency officially condoned, recognized at law, always popularly endorsed, celebrated in procession, in customary greetings, in colloquial song. All of which is no doubt much too peasant-like for the sophisticated Msgr. Wuerl, is too indulgent for the Orwellian "ask not" of Kennedy, while rousing troubling reverse images of a pitifully-crippled Tiny Tim. But continuing with the archbishop's words:)

            "We must observe a clear distinction between dogmas of the faith, much as the resurrection of Jesus and the assumption of the Blessed Mother into heaven, and those moral principles proclaimed by the Church that are rooted in creation and written on the human heart as natural moral law. (As noted above, the whole marvel of Catholic Civilization is found in a reciprocal relationship of the spiritual and material, of faith and created things, achieving a veritable incarnation of the ever-compassionate life of grace into concrete humble or exalted particulars of daily earthly affairs. That which sets us apart from the mere sermon-and-testimonial-giving universe of Protestantism, ours being rather a Sacramental religion which "makes all things new", which transforms the life of man inside and out, in all regards, which clears a place at the Wedding Feast for the humblest of nations or souls. But returning to Wuerl and his manifold misrepresentations and over-simplifications, an ability likely in today's church to mark you out as a future archbishop:) We do not ask the state to impose or even recognize our dogmas. The principle of the free exercise of religion clearly prohibits the state from doing this. (Finally the wordily-anticipated coup fatal is unveiled, for which prior hotly-argued assertions were but so many stepping-stones: the founding Vatican-II heretical novelty of the radical separation of church and state. "The principal" now held to be dogma by the priesthood as a career crowd that now inhabits chancery offices from sea to sea: a heresy, for so it will someday be called, announced by a heretical Vatican II without any doctrinal foundation or precedent at all, indeed after nearly two thousand years of unanimous polar-oppositional Catholic teaching. Hence did it take the rogue council of Vatican II—which had several forerunners in Church history—to dare to put in doctrinal terms this fatal slide of modern Catholics into compromise, finally into a sort of Caesaro-papist state-worship of the most craven, reprehensible kind. But continuing with Wuerl's words:) But that principle does not prevent us from advocating the recognition of universal moral principles—accessible by reason alone (Voltaire couldn't have said it any better)—as a valid rationale for public policy and as the norm against which such policy should be measured."

            As suggested above, this election proves once again the moral impotence of two and a half centuries of belief in the radical separation of church and state—arrived at initially willy-nilly, provisionally, and finally with thunderous proclamations, first through the noted institutionalization of the exception as the rule, then a wholesale throwing out of doctrine through "open windows", a complete repudiation of Rome's divinely-intended determining political leadership among the nations of men—that capitulation which has prevailed in Europe and on these shores for the past fifty years. A "dogma to end all dogmas" cobbled together out a couple of patently inapplicable passages of Holy Writ, against the unanimous testimony of all the rest. An orbital departure that would plainly have required continual detailed repetition by the Savior had He actually meant to announce such a radical, order-dissolving, street-corner-hoarse manifesto as His misconstrued words are warped to imply. A rasping "to the barricades" that his canny and callous-handed Apostles would have demanded He repeated time and again for benefit of baffled ears. To put such a liberal-democratic/secularist dogma in the all-holy mouth of the Son of God is towering temerity indeed: crediting Him with a veritable Enlightenment-era call-to-arms somehow extracted from His rather unremarkable "render to Caesar the things that are Caesars"—this fool-silencing phrase itself extemporaneously employed to escape a synagogue verbal-net just then spread deftly before his feet—these few words being used to negate a much-more-forceful "now is the time to gird on the sword". A resounding sentence which according to an infallible Unam Sanctam of Boniface VIII binds church and state together in the most indissoluble ties: with "both swords", of the Petrine "here are two", the secular and the spiritual, being "borne on behalf of Christ", as the Bull so lucidly explains. Plainly, acknowledged by Christ in the much-misused "render to Caesar" phrase is the simple fact of methodological specialization, of two realms which are however and in the next breath bound together in a single pursuit of virtue, of order and justice, of the common good. With the Church obviously at the moral lead: having indeed juridical teeth like excommunication, interdict and revocation-of-fealty, molars and incisors cleaned and polished, by the divine Dentist maintained. The Savior's words thus hardly employable as a logically-contradictory repudiation of all collaboration of church-with-state: a mammoth error, a cowardly retreat from a divine commission, extracted cunningly from God's own Mouth by subversive forces among council fathers at Vatican II and in its immediate papal-encyclical aftermath. A craven capitulation which if left intact, as it was indeed, and no matter what theatrical admissions-of-guilt over lesser things, would provide the "foot in the door" for all subsequent errors or evasions of any sort. Of shepherds, their number now legion, who "flee at the approach of the wolf", or even divide spoils with him, once he is admitted so limply or adroitly to the fold. This utter repudiation of the constant Catholic dogmatic teaching on the state—embracing the cult-culture-law sequence of all nations as its very own, sinking the Faith deeply into the soil of every land, making it a part of the patois of every particular of human existence known to man—this stark negation begging-the-question that church and state must intimately conspire to bring about the common good, indeed whatever might be their shared creed, if it is to be brought about at all. An unchanging position, rendered a-fortiori in the blinding light of revelation and grace, whose denial is the very death of the polity. An axiom accepted in practical and theoretical terms until recently by all humanity, (indeed by the unjustly-beleaguered Morsi of Egypt and Assad of Syria today): one which no one ever imagined would ever need to be doctrinally defined. Do we need to declare "from the chair of Peter" that men must breath or walk from place to place? Such declarations being reserved for those matters that come under doubt. While finally and most solemnly perhaps of all: we Catholic laymen of any salt take the preservation of our institutionally-grounded Christian/Western way-of-life as directly incumbent upon us: in a certain rudimentary, halberd-bearing sense even more than upon clerics. And this no matter what hesitating heterodox prelates or rogue councils might pretend to forbid, dismiss or belie.

            But there is much more involved here even than earth-quaking matters examined above, as readily escaping out such a wide hole in the hull of the Petrine barque, opened by the ramming-barge of Vatican II, exiting without restraint alongside this critical doctrine on church and state, would be the equally-foundational if seemingly unrelated biblical and traditional doctrine of the manifest blameworthiness of the Jews for the Crucifixion. A final coup, an exoneration eagerly anticipated by agents of subterfuge, the final culmination of toyings with landmarks deep-seated and profound. The denial of a church/state unity critical to the survival of both nation and Faith in any land—the two forming an impregnable twin fortress under remorseless siege by a universal Jewish enemy of two thousand years—this notional treachery finding close-if-subtle kinship with the glib denial of a deicide which Gospel pages reveal to have been so eagerly undertaken by the Jews, and celebrated by them ever-afterward. A doing-to-death lamented disapprovingly by that very Caesar, truth's natural defender, in the person of Pilate, from whom such a separation-heresy would divorce the Church of God. With these two staggering disavowals leading in turn to that ultimate denial so craftily and unerringly aimed-at all along: namely, to the denial of the very salvific significance of the Crucifixion itself. Fifty-some years of smiling palaver and quibbling bonhomie—while masses are canceled, congregations thin out, and church-properties are sold to pay for episcopal scandals, to become zany restaurants or posh country-estates of Jews—all this preparing nothing so much as a remorseless universal apostasy, waiting with special eagerness in ample American episcopal-heretical wings. This denial par excellence of ever-resurfacing biblically-condemned Judaizers of anno domino time inevitably encompassing the repudiation of the entire salvation-narrative as well, of a Redemption achieved by the shedding of the guiltless blood of a God/Man, with resulting graces made available daily at the holy and un-bloody Sacrifice of the Mass. The denial of Jewish guilt over the deicide being part-and-parcel of a modern effeminate/episcopal toying with biblical "things passed down", after which the Crucifixion necessarily fades as a reality with recognizable historical and conceptual contours, in a moral/spiritual insurgency which uses to full effect ample vulnerabilities that clothe the frail human mind and memory, which needs certain universal associations to remain firmly in place. A glib denial indeed quite recently asserted by the anti-pope Benedict, completing in turn the long-awaited circle-of-preparations for the biblical "Man of Sin" yet to come. A Great Apostasy being anticipated here, a preliminary to ravings of a biblical Beast whose brief reign will come immediately after the "preaching of the Holy Gospel to the ends of the earth" so soon now forthwith to commence. This foregoing final, officially-and-institutionally-imbedded evangelization embodying that earthly-and-spiritual reign of the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary so often spoken of here, soon gloriously if briefly to appear. To be succeeded by the Man of Sin, then by his stunning defeat, and then finally by the Final Judgment of the living and the dead. Monstrous denials meanwhile being prepared under pretext that Catholics of two thousand years, popes included, have more or less "had a chip on their shoulders", regarding both church/state and the turpitude of the Jews. We now being urged, under blandishments of so many "blessed", "wonderfully tolerant" anti-popes and anti-synods, to welcome murderously-shouting crowds before the Praetorium with open arms. A cowardly self-incrimination which would quickly throw open the gates—or "Blessed" John XXIII's "windows of the church"—to the complete abandonment of the Catholic Faith, of its Sacramental order of salvation, of the foundational propitiatory salvation-significance of the life, death and Resurrection of Christ, were it allowed to prevail. Even as this leviathan departure, prepared in astute stages, reveals unerringly that "the (papal) throne is vacant", that pregnant phrase which is at the core of the "sedevacantism" to which we on this Crusade are loyally joined.

            This deadly estrangement of church and state has been going on far longer than I care to contemplate, indeed for more centuries than can be counted on one hand, if in frightfully-lengthening strides since Vatican-II. But in times past as suggested above this error was expressed in exclusively practical terms, revealing itself doctrinally, if at all, strictly by way of neglect rather than open pronouncement. A "conspiracy of silence", if you will, by which some long-honored practice could someday be picked up like some age-brittle artifact by some unworthy Archbishop, and oratorically hurled at Holy Mother Church with damaging effect. This policy-of-neglect brokering astutely this lame, limp idea of the place of the Church in practical affairs, and especially in the determining of public policy and other matters-of-state: with even so genuine a saint as St. Thomas More, needing no conclave-in-duress to bring him forth, standing historically as a prime forerunner in intellectual if not physical timidity. Namely in his incongruously-stern warnings to the "Maid of Kent", and by implication to the whole of English Catholic laity, "not to meddle in such things" as the rather obvious illegitimacy of Henry VIII's rule. As well as by Thomas' belabored expressions of loyalty to this perverse and monstrous usurper, who still sent him to the gallows for all his toil. The teachings of Hildebrand and Boniface VIII, of a long string of persecuted and martyred pontiffs, who suffered heroically under the Greek cruelty and intrigue, with the whole of ancient and medieval Christendom besides, often crimsoned in the lists by bloody princes over lay investiture: all this being thriftily, and with model throne-bowing "humility", repudiated in such timorous sentiments, and doubly so in those of Cardinal Wuerl quoted above. This error of the separation of church and state—as if there were some essential, unbridgeable hiatus between natural and divine-positive law—being the foundational falsehood of the "thousand years during which the devil will be unchained", the closing phases of which we are so torturously enduring now.

            All this abominable quibbling to one side, of course pronounced in never-so-self-effacing a tone, the first, foremost and most-exalted purpose of government and the state remains incontrovertibly to rampantly publish the glory of God, while the second goal, which in Gospel terms is "like the first", is to assiduously look after the public good in these very same pious terms, with the state ever tending toward that Catholic profession which is inebriated from propitiatory cisterns of divine adorational love. Of course, it goes without saying that this will be a struggle: but it is one in which we most decidedly do not lay our lances or halberds down. While in obvious logical as well as biblical progression the more officialdom accomplishes this dual duty in specifically Catholic meticulous detail the more that divine glory, and piously-gilded human happiness is procured: gained sometimes in a costly and heroic, sometimes in an effortless way. While it just doesn't do to timorously pretend that such an acknowledgment is any threat to a state not yet Catholic: as all will indeed someday willingly and joyfully become. To say any less is to be a rank coward, an unworthy shepherd, a mariner who has lost his vision of the guiding star, a hireling who abandons the flock to a dire fate indeed. As in a USA which after nearly 250 years has come to such a pass as this years election so stunningly and ominously lays bare.

            Hence manifestly—spare willfully-twisted words of a Savior to one side—diametrically opposed to our Catholic profession-of-Faith is the meek acceptance of a permanent subordinate status quo for the Church here in the USA, or anywhere else, while as noted above they who broker such a demotion are most often found among liberal, heterodox clergymen, attended by their numerous lay-Catholic political allies: they who fairly bristle with contempt at once-plentiful Catholic laymen devout to the core. Hence during hoopla of the Vatican-II era the pejorative "triumphalist" was first introduced: a trenchant linguistic/revolutionary masterpiece fit uniquely for a trench-warfare stunningly unleashed upon everything good during those times, suggesting a militancy so laughably out of touch as to presume to imperially command even where totally outnumbered. An unfounded allegation-of-stupidity being hurled from the barricades in this way, really only another of the era's many effeminate, cheaply-bought ways to insult someone with whom one disagrees. A whole massive pulpit-and-media-institutionalized fiction about triumphalism which however predictably and almost single-handedly hijacked, subjected to purple-faced embarrassment, any practical impact of the Church on civic institutions, indeed on practical life as a whole, to this very day, since heady days of Vatican II. A falsehood provoking a cloud-raising stampede of churchmen and laymen alike—like spooked cattle in the night—in retreat from involvement in those practical matters, that sleeves-rolled-up political or economic insight and involvement inseparable from daily virtuous example, where we are most required to "preach the Holy Gospel to every creature". Catholics thus with fervent piety being required to anticipate the day when Our Lord's reign will be formally, openly recognized as extending over "all things great and small" in the most rampant and redundant way, in every nation on earth. A day when "His kingdom will come", when we are assured by God Himself that all will be "one flock and one shepherd:" with the Deity hardly exposing such plainly-prophetic hopes to disappointment of any kind.

            Yet as revealed time and again in word and deed the U.S. Catholic episcopate is blithely indifferent to the conversion of the nation in such full and exuberant terms, let alone ready to plan diocesan policies and activities, statements, attitudes and dynamisms according to such a plainly-predicted eventual triumph of the Church of God. U.S. bishops being quite comfortable with their long-standing lowly position vis-à-vis the state and society at large, largely contenting themselves pleasantly with an occasional bout of good-humored inter-confessional repartee. While of course we here on this site would call them anti-bishops, as we hold that their episcopal consecration is almost certainly invalid, due to certain Vatican-II-inspired radical defects in "form" or wording of the ordinale or sacramental rite by which the staff and mitre were first taken up, instituted in 1969 by Paul VI and his liturgy-Czar, Annibale Bugnini. Hence too the utter inefficacy of anything today's "bishops" say or do, something quite different from the unearthly decisiveness of holy men that went before. The post-council years having seen an explosion of such indeterminate wording, fittingly akin to those which vitiate the liturgical formulary, reminiscent of a then-still-vigorous hippy movement which might indeed have dreamily muttered "earth, sea, sky, sacramental formularies: they're all the same". But to continue with our theme: it is clear as glass that there has been from the start a gentleman's agreement, in such very terms of timidity and surrender, concluded between dominant Catholic churchmen and laity here, on the one hand, and those Masons and Jews who steered the ship-of-state, whether here or from across the Atlantic, on the other, since founding days of John Carroll. Eagerly-"progressive", "forward-looking" leaders of an American church coming to serve as a model of heterodoxy, working like a poison on the innards of the Church Universal for two centuries, to erupt like a full-blown cancer at Vatican II.

            When we once grasp this all-determining fact of ecclesiastical surrender a whole universe of other things come quite clean as well: as Catholic leaders in the standard mold struggle above all things to appear to be no threat by way of their Catholic Faith to anything true or false, moral or immoral which Americans might hold clutchingly near. Hence too Kennedy's aversion to any serious display of feeling about religion, and often-enough for that matter about much of anything at all: this Kennedy "cool" being a subject of biographers over and over again, of his peculiar reticence, his constant understatement, his use of the sardonic to keep most expressions of true devotion and conviction safely under wraps. His most memorable declarations having been stated mostly as stark negations, Gnostic/Manichaean absolutes which would increasing form the political rhetoric to come, the remorseless "thus spake Zarathustra" of a Hillary, A George Bush, a Barack, revealing Kennedy's CFR formation, his grim Calvinist/Orwellian "devotion to the cause". Too often harshly condemning some purely-human wrong, hearkening only to a deified Constitution held out to supercede all other things. Always challenging the citizen to some new level of unquestioning service, of stark self-denial in honoring the goddess of Progress, a deity who gives so little, as we have all so ruefully seen since halcyon Kennedy-days, in return. Although he seems to have realized the folly of this sort of ironic secularist piety: in certain priority-reversing actions undertaken, significantly, just days and weeks before he was so brutally struck down. While his prior docile exclusion of most intensity-of-emotion—or a flipside Biden bathos which serves fear-allaying Judeo-Calvinist purposes just as well—is nothing new among American Catholic leading figures. For after all heartfelt, childlike, peasant-like, action-embracing devotion is what genuine Catholicism is all about, and by that very fact it is the one thing that ruling U.S. Jews, Freemasons and Bonesmen will not abide.

            Thus then readily understood is a reserving of sternest of tones by American bishops for those among the flock who would forcefully advance the cause of Christ the King, laymen who in a simple and Gospel-childlike way, in word, gesture, attitude, refuse to "hide their faith under a bushel basket", who in the virile and resolute dialect of their daily circumstances would "preach the Holy Gospel to the ends of the earth", being apprised by a cardinal that "the Church has no position" on most of these things. But rather must we declare, proclaim, clarion-clear, in familiar specifics of the day-to-day, in evocative gesture and word, in terms official, professional, occupational and domestic, that all of human life, every human institution, has as its principal purpose the giving unabashed, uninhibited, un-intimidated, detail-meticulous glory to God. Being as it is the rational mouthpiece of creation, commissioned to give the latter worshipping tongue. Leading all creatures in thus announcing reality's conformity to determining contours of the very Word of God, that very Divine Substance which speaks in prototypical splendors, in stentorian strains the very same Heavenly might, benediction, order and peace. Whose chief manifestation is to be found in the law of God, as developed and articulated over two millennia of Catholic teaching and thought. And the absence of which honor—an adoration attempted even by primitives in their obscure and confused way—is the surest sign of doom, of both nations and souls.

            From this eternal, unchanging perspective is redundantly seen the requirement that governments—most obviously among all human institutions—must exhibit the very same intensity of honor, as expressed in the most commanding and direct way possible on this earth. Or by the absence of same incur the curse of God. And it follows furthermore that, in this fulfillment of gravest and most solemn of obligations, states and administrations—in all their many branches and functions—are meant, once a nation is evangelized—and often-enough by their own eager choice even before—witness for one the pope-consulting Attila, a pre-conversion Constantine, and several other striking historical instances as well—to turn to Holy Church for maternal guidance. And indeed to remain under her tutelage once so transformed, as in the marvelous relationship of pope St. Gregory to newly-Catholic Frankish kings at the scarcely-recorded dawn of early-medieval times: a father/son agape of wisdom and love in which innumerable junctures of policy and morality, civic pomp and Catholic spirituality were both affectionately and magnificently intertwined. And our confession of these truths make us Catholics the friends not the enemies of every nation on earth, and a threat only to those with guilty plans to cunningly pursue.

            December 7, 2012: Tyranny and rebellion as dual doorkeepers to false religion and political chaos alike. Article progressively developed in light of Connecticut tragedy. "Hate" as the only evil in a twisted media-powered polemic which is as old as satanism. Love betokens equality.

            Ontologically speaking—that is, according to the science of being and essence—man's intellect and will were created solely to embrace the good, and preeminently the Perfect Good, the Final End: God Himself. Thus for man to embrace evil is not really freedom according to man's nature or definition, but a drag on his native flights, the heaviest of chains. This confusion of the embrace-of-evil with liberty being the bondage-producing fallacy which Lucifer introduced eons ago. Man not being like a stalk of corn or a head of beef, created in order to be destroyed in the digestive systems of others, but rather having been made in order to himself consume or contemplate being, reality, goodness—all of which are interchangeable terms—together with their ultimate Exemplar or Summation. Hence hardly is man free at all to destroy himself or others, or to dispose himself to be destroyed by others, whether physically or in his capacity to thus imbibe intellectually and volitionally the g(G)ood. Hence furthermore do we do no service to the actual, sane or creditable liberty of our fellows, whether in the neighborhood, on the job, around the family table, or in the political system, by facilitating their uninhibited access to evil, either to its passive endurance or malevolent embrace: that ready, "on demand" availability which is however the very battle-cry of modern-day liberal-democratic activism, the very firebrand which U.S. military and diplomatic forces now impose in the most rigid of categorical dictations around the globe. Evil being in fact defined since Plato and Aristotle, with unanimous agreement of reputable thinkers since those ancient times, as an absence of being (or good) rather than a positive reality or substance in itself: and any ministering to expanded ease-of-access to this void, this biblical outer darkness, in which is "the weeping and the gnashing of teeth", is therefore an act of treachery rather than of benefaction. Else we think of ourselves as "islands entirely apart" from one another in such regards: an idea seemingly rejected in every news conference of liberal officialdom, yet poured in concrete in modern-day policies, legislation and rulings-of-courts of same. An idea more candidly embraced by today's neo-conservatives, all the while they praise law and order to the skies. A "laissez-faire" idea no doubt adhered to as well by this killer of all these well-described "beautiful children".

            Another part of the massive fiction being imposed upon the nation as I write is this methodology of the end justifies the means, specifying itself in this case to lying, slander and misrepresentation against those of Christian Faith, with an utter repudiation of all "hate" against persons or place, things or ideas being the deciding value involved, held to be the final, incontrovertible absolute all-its-own. A term strategically unlimited in applicable scope, not even being restricted to "hatred", which would at least confine the idea to moral realms. So that it follows along this twisted and devious path that all manner of measures on behalf of this borderless "campaign against hate", as it might be called—no matter how (now un-hateably) immoral—are given free rein: including all manner of lying and deceit against those of Christian Faith. With all things besides "hate" thus unhateably transmigrated into realms of rectitude. A sanctimonious deluge of sentiment which—and here's the big tuna—doesn't at all, as it turns out, condemn or preclude the sort of violence seen the other day. Rather indeed gives it new wings upon which quite unhateably to fly.

            Hence is the determined, hip-booted effort of our secret-society-indoctrinated political leadership of today to identify hate as the only form of evil, while conversely presenting any human association which suggests collective consumption, all the way to the thresholds of orgy and beyond, as being the eminently, indeed the exclusively, desirable thing. So that it is within this context—of the Good, of man's true nature as a consumer that eternal Verity at a sumptuous spiritual and intellectual feast—that the present all-justifying polemic against hate must be viewed—that which steadily approaches the condemnation of all discriminatory reasoning of any kind, except against those of Christian Faith and their tenets and points-of-view. Since obviously in order to distinguish the good from the bad, as is plainly required in order that the one might be discovered and embraced wholeheartedly, and the other set to one side, we must as it were in line with the Gospel page, spread out our notional nets on the sand and separate creatures vile or palatable which have been thus gathered or mentally enclosed. This mounting blank and simplistic criminalization of "hate"—a rejection which is justly reserved for all things evil, especially moral evil or sin—having as its ultimate ruthless aim the incrimination of Christians and Christianity, because of our very insistence on the irreconcilability of good and evil. The obvious consistent if ill-articulated suggestion—stock-in-trade of double-talkers since halcyon wordsmithing Kennedy days—being that Christianity is a "religion of hate". While finally from out of the bowels of such a dark suggestion comes the ultimate denial, the final end-time apostasy: of the entire salvational significance of the Crucifixion, with the central core of the Christian Faith said to stand exposed for having a deadly hate as its motive force, principally in its condemnation of the deeds of the Jews, of their execution of the very Son of God. Thus too the anti-pope Benedict and his more-recent exonerations of the Jews from all blame, allegedly having been victims of an "unfortunate historical misunderstanding".

            I know I ply this theme a great deal on this site, but it is at the very heart of what troubles humanity today: this rejection of the defining Christian view of life and salvation. This having in turn been the patiently-plied chief-outcome of two centuries and more, and indeed of two millennia before, notably since the irruption of Enlightenment-era political systems. Pains having in particular been taken to involve Catholic and other Christian nations in a barbaric type of colonization, in a Jewish-capitalism-arbitrated discarding of pious customs of love and social solidarity in homes and in society at large, in the entirely-modern institution of racism, all of which have been with massive infusions of enormity-enabling cash and great secretive cunning orchestrated by the synagogue. The staggeringly-simplistic reduction of moral and philosophical grasp which materializes out of such conjurings—as to thus place the shoe so astutely on the wrong foot—however and as suggested above not at all discouraging bloody and barbaric events like the massacre of innocent school children which occurred a few days ago. Nay indeed such a misidentification will only multiply twisted barbarities, as the entire legacy of the human moral order is replaced by the touchy-feely and the jerk-knee of those who live entirely on an emotive and sensual plane. By dint of which barbarity increasing numbers will feel justified, in obscure inner cavities where rational minds once dwelt, in wreaking such havoc as we saw the other day. This being the heritage of two and a half centuries of modern liberal democracy—and not at all of Christianity—yet a barbarous view-of-life with which Christians have allowed themselves to be intimately associated, indeed with the invention of a host of heresies from the sixteenth century onward to facilitate this manifold apostasy on a practical plane.

            EWTN will undoubtedly, having read all this, as I know by good evidence that they do, come out with the usual pouring of a barrel of notional syrup over all I have written here, although of course never alluding to this website at all, as that would be to dignify us beyond what we supposedly deserve. With poses and postures of indignation and blank non-comprehension inevitably rife, in this mummery, this conspiracy of silence which surrounds intellectual efforts of all who would earnestly fight the evils of our day. As the Catholic Faith is reduced by these clever folks to a mere discussion club, to be alternated by bouts of emotion that run the gamut of heart and soul. That's why it is essential to "cling to that which is most ancient", to shun such programs, unless we are extremely well-equipped to uncover them for the charades that they are. Where do I suggest you go for the Catholic Faith? Well, this whole website and all its publications are devoted to that theme, for this terrible latter-day time.

            Indeed, rather than any abandonment of Christianity, which demands and honors both evil-hating justice and goodness-cleaving love—and in which the bald word "hate" has very little meaning at all—we need to bolster the practice of the Faith in all realms public and private. Refusing to bow to that patent satanism which insists that all harm, all "hate", comes from the recognition of the essential moral principle, the basic "beginning of wisdom", that fear of God based on the recognition of punishment and reward. The sanctioning or justification-of-penalty which the modern synagogue-directed misrepresentation would impose upon Christians alone. That slander for which we have however accommodated ourselves so incredibly well, by our association and cooperation with Jewish global and domestic intrigues of every stripe and degree.

            Accordingly too are good Christians first and foremost practical, "hands to the plow" women and men who don't throw their children's futures to a libertarian breeze, simply so that God's legendary ability to rescue them from a life of sin can be demonstrated over and over again, indulging a sort of Russian roulette with their very souls. Nor do we allow them to be mentally formed with monstrous video games, or with malicious and blood-thirsty movies, so as to someday "mature" into purveyors of evil, mental, moral or physical. Let alone into someone who "acts out" these Hellish dramas on the lives of the innocent young, nor again into someone barbarically done-to-death by such a mindless fiend. This sort of "entertainment", of these eagerly-marketed models-of-violence being close-kin to those Oiji Boards of older vintage, involving a direct conjuring of evil spirits, that their biblical "legions" might inhabit human souls, direct them to those things that contradict the noted quintessential orientation of mankind to good and wholesome things. All reason, all humanity, all loyalty and love tells us that this nihilism, this disestablishmentarianism—of thus removing all firewalls from around the lives and minds of the young—is a damnable treachery, a falsehood, a cowardly capitulation, foreign to the nature of both society and man himself, a shameful disowning of solemnest duties which both God and humanity require. A fable against all constructive unity, obedience, world peace, all effective love: a weird, sing-song siren-strain often noised by minds hopelessly corroded by prior dissolute lives of vice.

            Hence too stands out in bold relief the central principle of our Frankpledge Party: that the pursuit of virtue, of the good, of order-establishing obedience must be codified immovably into all our laws, customs and conventions. And conversely that such evils as sodomy—utterly foreign to the positive dynamisms of body and soul placed in us by the same Final Good—must be proscribed in the most stringent of legal terms—with no discussion or consideration at all being given to such perverse anti-institutions as sodomy-"marriage". That most vile of contradictions-in-terms whose allegedly harmless practitioners are known by men in law-enforcement for their morbid obsessions and fetishes, their engrossment with deeds, sentiments and schemes of mortal harm. While to thus lend our heartfelt cooperation and dedication to such a positive understanding of law is furthermore no great achievement, but rather by such common-sense measures and policies do we "remain useless servants, who have only done what they were told" (and generously formed and created to do). Being nonetheless rewarded with the establishment of the very Heavenly Kingdom "in which the birds of the air make their nests", to our own incomparable happiness and peace: that jurisdiction which Christ came to found in just so stolid, unshakeable, legally-perpetuated a way. That realm which was embodied in all essentials if imperfectly in the traditional Catholic state and Civilization of the ages.

            Thus the institutionalization of the teachings of Christ is hardly contradicted by His cryptic "my kingdom is not of this world", uttered before Pilate—always used so cleverly by those who would astutely undermine God's kingdom on earth—a truism which must be placed firmly in the context in which it was spoken, namely of Jesus' refusal to use eagerly-willing earliest followers to mount a bloody insurrection against Rome. Here being no glib, honey-coated way to obviate the demanding and painstakingly-achieved institutionalization of the Gospel Christian Way, a relinquishment which no other line in Holy Scripture suggests in the least way, but a hasty and unwarranted conclusion which can be an easy route to abominable moral-laxities of every shade. The institutionalization of the teachings of Christ—the God Who formed our minds and fashioned our social, economic and political instincts as well—being an inevitable goal that was plainly and confidently anticipated during martyrdom-glorified catacomb days—else how can Christianity be said to be a way of life at all?—a concrete legal and cultural founding so soon indeed to follow in the humble footsteps of Apostolic feet. A grounding with footings of stone of the divinely-revealed and elaborately-articulated law of God being destined to crown, uplift ineffably the immemorial cult/culture/law sequence of our race, instituted by the same divine Framer of laws and minds. That humanity now agonizing under the prevalent Marxist-dialectical bias of those who now control the levers of power in the West, of the collision of violent and hostile forces: a worldview of doom and Hellish chaos said by Hillary and the White House to define a "progress" for which all else is to be sacrificed on altars bloody and cruel. A view which utterly repudiates the existence of a spiritual kingdom with hope, faith and civilized values of any kind: a policy-agenda which tends to produce its like in domestic society at home. All the while tears are shed over the lives of innocents destroyed when these evil theories are given any credence at all, by officials or citizens great or small. Christianity having been adopted as the belief of the people, being thereafter obviously required to contour and perfect a nation's legal descriptions-of and sanctions-regarding right and wrong, genuine liberty, and the like, if there is to be any meaningful and uplifting "progress" at all.

            All this stands out in starkest distinction from today's wholesale replacement of this morality-upholding understanding of law by a disinterred 1880s Robber Baron "whatever will protect and foster trade", or the fringe-radical Hillarian-democratic "whatever an (incurably-radicalized) people decide" to be good or bad. Even though these latter are generally represented, especially in evening-news footage, by a well-trained, rifle or iron-pipe wielding, street-wise fringe-element which debauches from the offices of some corporate NGO, ensconced in studiously-benign appearances on foreign or domestic soil. That brand of "democracy movement" which as we see today developing before our eyes is nothing but the ribald chaos of a Godless and popularly-unrepresentative mob. This wholesale, abominable, perverse transformation, furthermore, which those many allegedly religious of today who imagine themselves to dwell in mystic/religious clouds do nothing of any real meaning to hinder, but rather encourage by their lame, pathetic or secretly-sympathetic response.

            Understandably, then, has a modern-day irruption of disobedient rebellion been the remorseless herald of truly craven and dishonorable, sadistic and supine sodomy, and a host of other barbarities witnessed by transfixed viewers of the nightly news. Modern-era libertarian flights having brought a brace of ancient evils to a new prominence not seen in a thousand years: with the infant-sacrifice of worshippers-of-Baal renewed in vivid Hellish colors in screams of terror of children on yesterday's news, in revisited cries of infants thrown into the idol's fiery maws in ancient days. Ruling figures attempting to codify the abominable in rigidly-enforced law, in brief moments before the punishing Hand comes down. Indeed the same Lucifer who uttered his "I will not serve" eons ago, whose whole "ordering" is disorder and chaos, marches at the head of legal-revolutionary hoards, incites them to overthrow true authority both spiritual and secular, sees sole purpose of government not as the common good but as providing ample latitude to "grab what you can", a generalized license-to-do-wrong realizable only in a cruel, perverse and essentially-lawless world. A setting in which mortals are more like fiends than men, in profound moral blindness seeing only tyranny in angelic processions of spotlessly-innocent children, maintained in virtue by vigilant parents and institutions, neighbors and political leaders. Youths in this way allegedly "robbed" of the "right" to "choose", simply because evil is in this way made the less-likely choice of the two, the ever-threatening unrestrained license of fallen nature not allowed to imperially rule. The polity, human life as a whole, being notably viewed in this reprobated radical-Protestant, Manichaean frame-of-mind by this "hard-rock" crowd, now aged and arthritic: with the whole take on public morality they so forcefully helped bring into being producing a youth of today deathly hungry for spiritual things. Theirs the exact reverse-image of visions of the good: who in the earnest struggle for virtue and good order, a warfare that will last til the end of time, strive for virtue-fostering laws, for the punishment of the wicked and the reward of the good, exactly as does God in Heaven. Being exponents of a refulgent and joyful polity who always see the public and private "bottle" of the good life as "half full", yearning to fill it to the brim: while the wicked, perpetual rebels and revelers, according to the old comparison, pessimistically see the same bottle as "half empty", and too often indeed wish to empty it out to its nihilistic dregs. Hence do aging bikers and pushers today become "born agains" in droves, having spent a lifetime in training for the central inspirational tenet of Judeo-Protestantism or Judeo-Capitalism, so dear to today's evangelical throngs. They who see the petition of the Our Father, "Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven" strictly in terms entirely private, in a doctrine which makes ample room for barbarities like the "privacy of the mother's womb", of the "right" of the sodomite to abominably "let fly", rather than in a resounding rectitude and piety which inform all the offices and functions of the state, which draws others forcefully behind in the pursuit of virtue, in gaining the Heavenly crown. The genuine Catholic view of the state being of an authority which punishes or discourages sin wherever it is found, to the degree it with reasonable rigor can. While freedom in this only-genuine context is understood exclusively as the freedom to do good, not bad, to develop oneself in the most constructive, virtuous way—and in that marvelous uniqueness and individuality which virtue alone can bring—unbounded by coarse code-words, occult gestures and rote-conformity-driven protocols of addicts, sodomites and "keep on truckin'" biker-gangs of the past fifty years. So that this allegedly all-absolving impulse to rebel reveals itself accordingly as a grudging, unnatural, satanic predisposition, conjuring nihilistic, God/Man crucifying Zealots of Gospel times, who saw liberty as license, as a glorification of "blood and steel".

            Quite the contrary, the way of order and obedience is of reciprocity upward and down, among those quite typically acknowledged as of equal dignity-of-soul: the livelier the mutual exchange indeed the more sanguine the confirmation of equality's claims. For as philosophers used to say, "love betokens equality", containing within it that form of recognition of fundamental rights which is alone equipped to deal with frail particulars of human life, whose every features coincides perfectly with same. With dehumanizing oppression being rather a mute and mindless thing, far from a corporative mutuality congenital to our nature and earthly condition, given us by a good and fatherly God, compensating for liabilities otherwise impossible to bear. The good citizens of the Christian state hardly being mindless, fear-driven mice or rabbits, a view apotheosized during the American Revolution: the latter the first of New Age tumults against Obedience/noble-service, if cleverly couched in the most heady and exalted of terms. A rebellion destined to release floodgates that to most if not all were utterly unforeseen. The traditional Catholic view of the state thus a counterpoise, a broad social concord, a harmonious, economic-multiplier-prolific interplay between various spheres and levels-of-power, while by contrast a turbulent proto-Marxist dialectic of struggle so evident in modern liberal-democratic forms is in direct chaotic opposition to this constructive balance found throughout creation, meant to be reflected in personal and institutional relationships of human life. The idea of liberty as a "sowing of wild oats", one that in disturbing measure is definitive of the training-of-youth in the USA, having no place at all in this truly and Godly cosmology. Even as the calamitous opposition between noted twin doorkeepers-to-chaos, hair-trigger rebellion and Hillarian/Napoleonic tyranny, is a classical example of how virtue "lies in the middle" between two extremes, or of how in the public realm any release of human acts or official policies from the restraint of reason is what evil is all about: a Pauline "law of my mind" in revelation given supernatural wings upon which to fly.

            Furthermore and most fundamentally of all, the virtue of obedience which lies between cowardly submission and obdurate rebellion is based on noble, order-nourishing love: so that one loves ones parents, superiors or political leaders foremost by obeying them, by according to them those things most proper to their station in life, to their God-given relationship with oneself. While in their own turn these leaders pour forth a loving servitude, a Gospel "washing of feet", finding their station to be one of self-sacrifice toward those under their charge. Here alone is that love which is most definitive of the highest goods of human life given the rock-solid institutionalization it properly deserves, with the parent or political leader standing in God's place, in a personal functional objectification which human nature innately requires. While in stark contrast tyranny and disobedience rather alike abuse ones stational counterpart, with the rebel indeed, according to the ancient wisdom of the Desert Fathers of the Early Church in Egypt, accounting the ruler or leader a miserable misfit without any proper role. Genuine obedient devotion to parents or political leaders hardly then being driven by anything craven, shameful or ignominious, a poor tribute which genuine leaders would hardly desire or require, but as today's universally-brutal "pro-democracy" movements would seem so raucously to claim, generally substituting shrill decibel levels of invective and boorish gestures for honest conviction of any kind. This exchange-of-goodwill powered rather by an incalculably-positive and productive grateful mutuality, a giving to each his well-honored due. Good order and virtue being universal values which command concrete realization in statutes, in sanctions both mild and severe, as there can be no coexistence between good and evil of any kind or degree, the two being locked in mortal combat in every earthly and spiritual venue, til the end of time. The achievement of the good and harmonious state being ceaselessly impugned by generations of "wild oats" sowers who see liberty only in the unrestrained license to "let fly".

            Yet as noted hand-in-glove with unjust rebellion is a tyranny which the order-overturning rebel himself so ironically and quickly installs, once he himself gains power, as his entire approach to life is intrinsically abusive, contemptuous, without love, with today's byproduct of the rebellion/tyranny yin/yang being a despairing acceptance of worst enemies as unquestionable leaders at the highest of un-monitorable realms. Thus introducing a brand of submission crushing to soul and mind, the acquiescence in which is indeed craven and without honor of any kind. Here being the fate of scores of nations of the southern hemisphere over the past sixty-some years, at mid-century eager to follow the lead of the Kennedy brothers into some "New Frontier", of a release from any association with European colonial powers. Especially in Africa these relatively-enlightened colonies of the times now being the scene of "child soldier" camps, mass rapes, barbarous genocides and perversities of every stripe, having found themselves "liberated" very quickly into a "free enterprise" poverty and yin/yang revolutionary/tyrannical bloodshed and mayhem of Apocalyptic degrees. All this to the verbal-cadence of an ever-"heroic" and strident Hillary, bolstered by an ever-evidence-mendacious CNN and Fox News, all of whom interdict with their abominable global "Monroe Doctrine" any constructive ameliorating measures by capable powers like China, be they far or near. A highly-civilized Middle Kingdom whose prodigal potential and indigenous movements-of-reform have for two centuries been cunningly undermined by commercial/political/military forces of the West. A Chinese people who have repeatedly shown promising signs of wisdom and goodwill, who with the least encouragement from the West might quickly become a partner to truly-Christian nations in the positive transformation of the globe. Rather than continuing to languish in their present slave-labor servitude, under an agenda-of-thralldom preceded by Western-protégé rulers like the Soongs, Mao Zhe Dungs and Chiang Kai-Sheks of the twentieth century, artificially set-at-odds, installed by the familiar route of externally-nurtured strife and sanguinary civil war. While in Africa briefly-prospering Islamic-Courts-like indigenous forces are quickly marginalized by the same "make the world safe" crew, misrepresented sneeringly by newsmen, think-tank experts and State or Defense Department officials involved. This in a tiringly-familiar sequence which inevitably ends in some "coalition of the willing" arming and training some mad-dog domestic breed. Not-a-few of which latter, in swaggering bouts of Hebrew chuspah, only look vaguely like locals, and whose accents, cultural eccentricities and other identifying features betray their Manhattan origins, sometimes indeed in blatantly-televised diatribes, later-disproved charges, and so on.

            Once thus "softened up", indigenous populations prove to be easy work for global forces of an age-old, remorseless divide and rule, for which all peoples the world over should be warned in the biblical phrase, "better a friend close at hand than a brother far away." Which in this context is to say, "trust those you know, and look warily upon those with golden oratorical tongues and lots of power and/or money, and who hearken from distant shores". Hence since the early fourteenth century the advent of the first of the absolutists, a full three centuries before their proper time, preparing the day when a Habsburg Phillip II of Spain would rule entirely by his own whim. An arrogant emperor who would frustrate the noble desires of his illegitimate half-brother Don Juan of Austria, who had the unrivaled sagacity and skill, courage and devotion-to-the-people to have been able to solve most of the mammoth problems of the ranging Habsburg holdings—already then stretching around the globe—had he not been countered at every turn by the "devoutly religious" imperial recluse. This denizen of an imperial family which had gained power entirely through various kinds of bloody or cheaply-bought intrigue since obscure beginnings in the then-insignificant thirteenth century Eastern-Germanic city-state of Vienna. The Habsburgs being in my own opinion, from a careful study of their history and policies, stretching over seven hundred years, a cunningly-deposited outpost of the synagogue, a nest of marrano (crypto) Jews: they whose pious pretensions of "staunch Catholicism" have in every case pushed the simple and loving virtue of obedience into the kind of miserable submission the Jew expects from the Christian. Auguring the kind of face-slapping, death-dealing personal defeat which the same perennial interlopers inflicted on the human Person, but not the divine mission and identity, of Christ. Hence as long as we Christians continue to surrender the most powerful of positions to these biblically-identified crypto-secretive "enemies of mankind"—averring that "they know all about such things" (like finance, social organization, government, and so on)—we can expect treachery and unnatural levels of tyranny/submission to abound. And the Jewish version of obedience—reserved entirely for "the goim", or gentiles—to hold brutal, mind-crushing sway. When introduced into less-developed nations invariably producing this see-saw of struggle, of intolerable provocation, to be followed by ill-fated rebellion, and then by an abysmal neo-colonial satrapy of political and economic thrall. A perpetually-infiltrating despotism which since the Revolutionary Era, and in an ironic new increment since a "freedom loving" Vatican II, has even invaded clerical realms, where a disturbing new approach to authority has too many pastors running their parishes like a "tight ship". Men with Roman collars, enamored of this synagogue breed of authority, being perfectly ready to see any number of people leave the fold, with a hearty "good riddance" being supremely happy with whatever few remain as loyal and unquestioning followers not of Catholic Faith so much as of "sweet will" and whim. A new departure found today indifferently among New Ordo and Traditionalist clerics alike, a submission attached only in negligible levels or bare appearances to doctrine, morality or genuine spirituality.

            Hence in this biblical latter-day is rebellion always fostered by the fiend in order to bring about a degree of subjection never before seen, a supine passivity both toward himself and that "synagogue of satan", millennial diasporic Judaism, which serves him so well. Here being a dependable cipher to interpret an American Revolution against the basically-good English Crown of the Georges, a revolt eulogized again today in tiresome Fox-News-bombastic tones, an utterly-unfounded insurrection prepared by a "Great Awakening" tent-meeting revivalism in which free-personal-inspiration ruled the unstable, unpredictable day. In a buckle-hatted fanaticism today finding reverberating echoes in unstable minds of O'Reilly, Hannity and the gang. The original Zealot rebellion against Rome translated to modern settings introducing an overthrow of all hierarchical authority, in a false religion in which Christ Himself, the very Son of God, is inevitably misrepresented as a champion of revolution, "shouting on street-corners" exactly as Isaias said He would not do. This sanctimonious rebellion being an apoplexy anticipated earlier yet in medieval times by frenzied heretical sects of Albigensians, Beguines, Fraticelli and Hussites, in all cases with duly-constituted authority being interpreted as tyranny, to be violently supplanted by whims and impulses of emotionally-charged mobs, catalyzed by own-counsel-keeping forces of a precocious global finance, brokers of incendiary leaders and ideas. This social, religious and political pathology, of a conceding to obedience of not an inch upon which to stand, being destined to have profound psychological consequences in the USA, being close-cousin to a "progress" just after Joinville and St. Louis finding a steady advance of Habsburg and other crypto-Jewish tyrannies in the Netherlands or in France at the St. Bartolemeu's Day massacre. Oppression/rebellion finding similar pastures upon which to feed in the many gratuitous European wars of centuries of Habsburg despots, enthroned over two "separate" gigantic imperial realms, of Spain and Austria. This all the while little Croatia, given no thanks at all, unacknowledged to this very day, except by her papally-bestowed title of "Bulwark of the Church", bore the brunt of an overwhelming Muslim land-invasion, both before and after the Porte's defeat at sea in 1570, to a shifting relinquishment/recovery of most of her soil, and at one point to the enslavement of at least a third of her people to thralldom to same. Here then, in clashing contradictions of "liberty" and submission, apparent loyalty and actual treachery, being spawned a demagoguery-of-chaos on the political plane. With ancient domains of the Church being given up to unbelievers without resistance from seats-of-power in one quarter, and resentment fanned to conflagration by brutal subjection in another, and a fancifully-identified "tyranny" overturned while real tyrants reign gloriously-unperturbed in a third.

            Hence as demonstrated from out of this ground-clearing chaos of early modern times places like the newly-born USA provided an ideal libertarian platform for new extremes of religious free-agency to rule the ghostly day: a species of liberty hardly germane to a supernatural plane utterly dependant upon divine guidance and grace, and an authentic and sincere hierarchy-of-authority infallibly put in place. For after all, it was not Cotton Mather, John Cotton or Martin Luther who came down from Heaven but Christ, Who thereafter established an authoritative Church of living, breathing men, Whom He would "be with all days, even to the consummation of the world". Protestant America espousing a Bible only Christianity in many ways inert, incapable of constructive or truly-disciplined deeds, while at the same time, according to the noted rebellion/oppression sequence, laying groundwork for a swaggering new system of Black enslavement, Mexican oppression and Indian annihilation such as the world had never before seen. As in the Texas Rangers founded entirely for the purpose of annihilating all Indians but the most craven and despicable cannibals, the Tonkawa, within the boundaries of this "Lone Star State". (Haley, J. Evetts, Charles Goodnight: Cowman and Plainsman. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1949.) A policy later to be duplicated by the USA in coming Indian Wars, the sodomy-sodden Crows being enlisted as scouts to hunt down a brace of noble tribes like the Sioux and Arapaho. While as suggested in this radical-Reformer principle—alike in scriptural interpretation, spontaneous personal inspiration, and boundless license in a host of order-overturning ways—is to be found not only the footprint of a Fiend with his "I will not serve" but another dependable Trojan Horse by which the synagogue most easily overcomes the Christian fold in the deepest and most lasting way. Any lack of genuine, love-based, mutually-reverent obedience and honor whether in secular or religious realms undermining the very foundations of both church and state, with the replacement of mild and orderly virtues by juvenile varieties of "manly independence" in one sense, or brutal dominion in another. A reversible, adaptable new barbarity ceaselessly polemicized in boorish tones, encouraged with lavishly-rewarded largesse, promoting an order-overturning, mutual-aid-despising "standing on your own two feet" which is the utter undoing of the state, and of character-training of any kind. That which produces a horizontally-and-vertically non-cooperative, turmoil-jaded population quite easily controlled by astute dual-citizen interlopers who rule from positions of remote control.

            Here then the standard familiar media-sponsored gallingly-obnoxious American concept of manhood, as of liberty-loving cavemen peering at their neighbors with club in hand, with an inseparable degrading of womanhood to a domestic and quasi-legal condition of sexual thralldom and personal minority as well. Even if a secondary rebellion is encouraged among women themselves, in radical-feminist insurgencies which likewise cripple practical interaction at much deeper levels, and across all planes. This chaotic view-of-life being in turn ramroded across the globe by Mossad, NGO- and CIA-sponsored, natural-law-trampling "democracy movements" of every shape and form. Hastening the day of a world Jewish state in which in the end only Jews will be permitted to live, a stiffly-regimented, futuristic, Jewish secular-messianic utopia, in a rapidly-developing tyranny under a thin, gauzy disguise, behind whose veil however today's deluded Christians cannot penetrate, being rendered totally blind. While as noted above today's fevered irruption of sodomy finds its stoutest roots in this syndrome of rebellion/dominion/submission, with the rebel, the scorner of parents, the advocate of falsehood and doctrinal novelty being identified by the Apostle as the polluted fountainhead of sexual perversion as well. That crime in which malicious disorder is epitomized in the most filthy, hideous, infamous way. While finally our hatred and outright terror of this abominable crime can hardly be interpreted as a "homophobic" weakness in that same direction—such a fatuous idea being Freud's much-anticipated greatest coup against the pure and good—but rather finds us in close association with the noble and upright Lot, who reacted in the very same way.

            Proper and reasonable, then, is a Christian confession which keeps our feet planted firmly on the ground, along the Gospel Way of good deeds, of spotless, disciplined, orderly, obedience-cultivating, sanctity-enabling customs, laws and institutions: with true religion not to be found in mere words, sentiments, tumults or even rarified mystical heights, nor yet in tyranny's evil blight. This contrary cloud-dwelling notion of Christianity—a natural consequence of religious-libertarian ideas introduced at Plymouth Bay—being epitomized in a Pentecostalism whose fevered excesses open the door wide to the devil it pretends to oppose. That creed inaugurated by tent-revivalists like Amy Semple McPherson at the very beginning of the twentieth century, in a latter-day attempt to reproduce those time-obscured phenomena of the Early Church which according to Catholic teaching and biblical line alike have "passed away". These phenomena, the charisms, having rather been acknowledged by the Apostle as simple initial instrumental facilitators of the "preaching of the Holy Gospel to the ends of the earth", utilized by God in a first-generation expansion of the Church to all the nations, including India and no doubt even with other unrecorded or scarcely-hinted-at forays into other parts of the Far East as well.

            Thus did McPherson and her like inaugurate an irruption of the preternatural and quasi-spiritual with marked similarities to a séance, easily descending to the levels of sheer diabolism, according to a Vatican study released in the latter days of the pontificate of Pope St. Pius X, a century ago. Reminiscent of mediums and attendant circles-of-chairs being Pentecostalism's utterly-novel holding of hands, an emphasis upon male/female embraces, and other unprecedented manifestations as well. This new debut of "the gifts" being a departure which heretics of prior time had always feared to embark upon, with the sole exception of a primitive-Church Tertullian, of some seventeen-hundred years ago, condemned already in earliest Christian centuries for pretending to revive these Heavenly interventions, by-then-already long-ago recognized as having been discontinued by Almighty God. While finally, with regard to Amy Semple McPherson, the defiant retort of this "holy" four-time divorcee upon "marrying" the fourth was a hedonistic "what a man, what a man!": thus revealing herself fit mistress of tent-meeting followers likewise notorious well into the thirties and beyond for their propensity to fill county registries with divorces wherever their "revivals" went. Out there in the midst of home-loving American locales where such dissolutions had been basically unheard-of in times before.

            But especially stunning, and ironic in the extreme, is the diffident attitude of the same otherwise-impassioned revivalists of today when discussing the evil of sodomy, an indifference found by us ceaselessly out on the Anti-sodomy Crusade: a lack of any sense of urgency over a crime before which the nation lies prostrate as I write, a sin thunderously condemned across at least fifty pages of the bible, were these lamentations gathered together line-to-line. These evangelicals, so quick to issue bleak proclamations against persons or ideas far and near, nonetheless evince a mincing and over-qualifying manner on the mention of this deepest moral chasm of our times, invariably advancing fatuous excuses for abominable conduct, including the latest utterly-unfounded assertion that some exonerating physical predisposition is commonly involved. Or making the ceaseless claim that "we are all sinners", and only stand in need of "being saved", after which all such abominations are forgive out-of-hand, indeed before they are even committed in so ugly and shameful a way. Is this, then, the Holy Gospel, which lifts men up to celestial heights? Oh foolish man, don't damn yourself forever by making such a wicked claim.

            In fact the exoneration of so sodden a perversity as sodomy can only serve the ill-admitted purpose of fatally and irrevocably severing law from virtue, the official coercive power from good-ordering of any kind, ultimately making the state the mortal enemy of the divine law, and not just the sneering or indifferent critic of same that it is today. The state taking up a rebellion/tyranny-prone posture, thus commandeered by its own worst enemies, with which they will hardly be satisfied for long: being forcibly enlisted in a hellish rebellion which goes far beyond the detachment of Enlightenment-era political-philosophy, which was only a phase along a cunningly-calculated Judeo-Masonic nihilistic/revolutionary way. So that what we have seen over the past two and a half centuries has been a turning of all human existence over on its head, taking the "route of least resistance", along effortless avenues of ill-earned, financially-arbitrated preference and power.

            Noted "fervent" and "spirit-moved" quibblers and excuse-makers are only part of the usual loud-but-tiny group of fanatics who push themselves forward everywhere today, like Lenin's miniscule-but-financially-overbearing gaggle of Jews from New York's Lower East Side who piloted the Russian-Bolshevik takeover in 1917, and went on to lead the triumph of communism over half the globe at the close of World War II, with lots of help from Roosevelt and his crypto-Jewish crew. These fringe-radicals dissenting sharply from those masses supportive to our Crusade, or at worst confused, whom we encounter everywhere out on the road, that majority which holds sodomy in contempt: in honest moments from which, admittedly, they tend lamentably to flee, amid a stifling fear of repercussions which regularly cows them from becoming involved in our Crusade. Negative consequences which can be quite formidable, from a highly-placed, allegedly-"liberty-loving" sodomy-activist coterie, with commanding tentacles into businesses, churches and other institutions thickening alarmingly as I write. All the while there is much evidence of an emerging quiet trend of active support toward our Crusade, as an incalculable number see divine punishments veritably looming in the sky, and are indeed finally and genuinely touched by grace, and yearn for the repeal and reversal of these perverted pro-sodomy court-rulings and anti-laws. People who are undoubtedly preparing an active resistance of whatever type is required, against this overbearing imposture from the fiery pits of Hell. This unnatural tyranny, together with all the other abominable excesses of the Bush/Obama-era, such as aggressive warfare, growth-industry abortion, the wholesale "farming" of vital organs of those yet alive but "declared" dead, and other inhuman and perverse policies and enactments treated-of elsewhere on this website, too numerous to summarize here. Hideous evils drawing upon mankind, and especially the USA, as I write, a fiery punishment predicted since ancient biblical times.

            In summation, in the combined preternatural force of the false libertarian gospel of disobedience and rebellion, deliberately provoked by excesses of synagogue-sponsored tyranny, together with an evangelical great dark cloud of demur, hesitation and even smiling approval of Sodom's fire-chastised crime, we see the grim final harvest of Luther's heresies of faith without works and individual biblical interpretation. With these deadly errors illicitly mating and giving birth to the above-noted religious solvent of radical-individual agency, and a closely-related radical separation of church and state, on all planes. With disobedience, the root sin of mankind since the Fall, being impiously enthroned in this way, with the alienation of man from God being found in this nefarious estrangement of church and state, of citizen from official, with a certain swaggeringly-profane independence coming to rule the day. Here a "democracy" which arrogates to man the "right" to be a law unto himself, which is in all essentials a rebellion against the law of God, that which duly-constituted governments of pre-Revolutionary-Era times made at least some attempt to codify and observe, and thus earned for themselves in some measure the blessings of God. This new tide of order-overturning insurrection, and ultimately of family-and-neighborhood-undermining delinquency, early-on finding an American-Catholic clergy of two and a half centuries falling meekly into line with first beginnings of this anarchical creed, with Archbishop John Ireland of St. Paul in opening years of the twentieth century eagerly acclaiming personal liberty as the "sovereign end and aim of civil society" (Ireland, Archbishop John, The Church and Modern Society. St. Paul, MN: The Pioneer Press Mfg. Depts., 1905, p. 328). The prelate, a man in other ways of deep spiritual refinement, thus flying-in-the-face of teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas and other incontrovertible Catholic doctors, who have always found the state to be foremost the guardian and enabler of both human friendship and a love, honor and contemplation of God which depend upon domestic tranquility before they can properly flower, and bear those fruits of Civilization for which they are universally and perennially known. This Judeo-Masonically-based, revolt-justifying heterodox principle, of personal liberty as the paramount, indeed near-exclusive aim of all human life, then being used by Ireland to extol American democracy to mythical pantheon skies on nearly every page of his book, with "liberty" being advanced as trumping every other value on the most practical and consequential of planes, thus confirming in Catholic minds an already-century-old hierarchy-of-values false in the extreme. All this from out of a hijacked understanding of obedience as a craven exercise when in fact, when correctly understood, it is something noble and liberating, agreeable and sweet.

            Much at the barren heart of sodomy—the quintessential sin of rebellion against all law—seems to be the incredible notion that natural sex itself, of all things, is the Original Sin of Adam and Eve: that it was in this way that Eve "tempted Adam", and brought him into shameful thrall. In this dark brand of ignorance—this morbidity-driven substitution of the natural, in-itself-innocent drive of sex for disobedience as the root evil of intelligent life—in this true backwardness the most unlettered effectively joining forces with the above-noted fevered avant-garde, in an alliance everywhere with staggering incongruity in evidence today. Here in this obscure fable, seldom frankly or soberly admitted even by this twisted breed, being a warped cosmology found most among racists and bullies of every stripe, they who share this particular—of the degrading or condemnation of natural sex—with anti-life Albigensians and Manichaeans of ancient and medieval times. These latter to erupt in the orgiastic, transvestite Nazism of the Third German Reich, with this latter disinterred, in turn, in a Bonesman and Bohemian-Grove-league legal and cultural radical-revisionism of our own day and time. The creed namely of that ruling element—a spawn of political chicanery some 70 percent openly or covertly Jewish—who with overbearing hauteur and on either side of the isle have little problem with institutionalized sodomy at all. Of course and as sane, pious and humor-balanced men everywhere know, natural sex is an innocent phenomenon when found in its proper setting of marriage, of which as we know it forms the intimate if discretely-hidden core, with matrimony an institution established by God (if not then yet consummated by man) before the Fall, endowed with great blessings of grace, goodness and propriety, with this male/female union being the very wellspring of human society and amity. Marriage encompassing the affectionate union of family, extending beyond the latter to become the abiding social tie at the base of nation and neighborhood alike. While thus in obscure reaches of this contrary bizarre, allegedly biblical contempt for natural sex is found a formidable root source for a woman-despising, sodomy-loving USA, in which rebellion-bred immature notions of manhood rule the day. An America which is home to a powerful cultural imperative which divides families senselessly, which segregates men into boorish, beer-drinking groups of carousers where friendship allegedly can alone be found, with "the old lady" left contemptuously at home. From which perspective so many men of today "look the other way" when sodomy's inevitable pairing off so hideously prevails: unknown numbers ill-admittedly assenting to the abominable notion that these unnatural liaisons somehow far surpass marriage in dignity. With sodomy despite all of its strange and filthy excesses being secretly held far superior, among those illiterates or doctorates thus deceived, to much-despised "miseries" of the divinely-blessed union at home.

            Finally, the whole arch-heretical panoply of rebellion-related heresies and aberrations sets immovably in concrete the all-fronts moral indifference of today's world, causing a dire impotence of false-issue-jaded Christians to reform corrupted customs and institutions, these ceaselessly and tyrannically imposed by godless courts, congresses and administrations. In a formation of law which if not based on the prototypical law of God is a rank, diabolical abomination, fit only for punishments even now commencing in incipient population-annihilating solar-systemic events, which as prophesy assures us will soon consume three-quarters of the human race. The new and execrable take-on-law increasingly and with consummate efficiency pouring all human life down an inescapable chute to fiery depths of chaos and woe: with sodomites, under above-summarized formidable institutional sanctions and encouragements, becoming a major constituency at all levels of power, prestige and authority. And well-regarded figures in most evangelical groups, and indeed if less-admittedly in basically all the churches, as I write.

            November 2, 2012: Cattle drives along the Goodnight trail of post-Civil-War decades as a model of laissez-faire economics, with untapped wealth of the American West squandered through a wanton destruction of self-perpetuating buffalo herds, making way for a more capitalist-user-friendly flooding-of-markets with disease-carrying, substandard beef.

            This ground-clearing operation, with other manifold frustrations of local economic forms, in turn gave ambit to that other invisible hand, the brute dominion of government, "democratic" in the sense of legalizing lowest impulses of popular greed against helpless tribes across a tableland thus laid bare. In a "law" which by ignoring the just eternal template of the Law of God, whether backed by the popular will or no, declares itself intrinsically invalid forthwith. And today the two illegitimate invisible hands, official and financial, join hands and do the same to the rest of the world. Hence standing out as a prototype of the many-faceted impasse of our own day and time, brought about by globally-financed international intrigue, were these movements of mammoth herds-of-cattle along the Goodnight-Loving Trail: that blue-stem and grama-grass highway of which the meanderings of John Chisum of a more-famous "Chisum Trail" were actually only a sort of subsidiary. A vast conveying-of-meat taking place while a systematic and starkly-counterintuitive government-subsidized extermination of at least a million of ubiquitous buffalo—each typically a thousand pounds of lean, tender, easily-procurable meat-on-the-hoof—proceeded remorselessly apace. This apocalyptic slaughter justified in greed-eager minds as destroying the food base of "enemy" Indian tribes: in the sort of preemptive rationale to be repeated endless times around the globe in forthcoming foreign-policies of a century-and-a-half. This protracted yearly cattle-drive from immediate post-Civil-War days until the arrival of barbed-wire and small-scale settlers in the 1880s brought price-depressing amounts of Texas-fever-bearing cattle to Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming and other more Westerly and Northerly states: longhorns which had themselves developed an immunity to an infestation which was however fatal to indigenous herds with which they mingled on their long northward trail. A naturally simple rural industry quickly complicated with ill-enforced quarantine and market-guarding regulations, while the whole Western beef-debacle helped in large measure to produce the depression of '73: a disaster with catastrophic consequences from coast to coast which took years to finally subside.

            As if all this wasn't enough, this onslaught of alien beef was herded by ex-Confederate Texans almost to a man, which fact served to insert racial tension into the Western mix as well, along a Rio Grande and Pecos where a mere five or less years before the South had been defeated militarily in the most resounding and ignominious way. These "Johnny Rebs" nonetheless wreaking an ill-deserved vengeance, their general anti-Catholic, anti-Mexican, anti-Indian bias force-blending an alien cultural fait accompli into a Western scene that in pre-cattle-drive times had been increasingly benign and cooperative among all concerned, under the pale of a vigorous variety of U.S. pioneering interests of an economically positive kind. A regional commercial entrepot, a naturally-distributive cultivar gradually evolving despite initial resentment and partial non-cooperation of Catholic Mexican and Indian locals, brighter prospects which had taken root just before the arrival of economically-dislocating Texas herds numbering in some cases upward of a hundred thousand strong. These mammoth drives being created when several herds were combined into one, with power-of-attorney for sales of a score of ranchers typically held, for twenty-some years at the height of the institution, by Charles Goodnight himself. These beeves displacing not only once-well-remunerated local herds but also an infinitude of buffalo self-sustaining on the one-time-endless prairie grass tens-of-thousands of square miles wide, whose meat modern science now recognizes as infinitely superior to the artery-clogging steak of the standard cow: a prairie commodity however God-given, already there, and thus not amenable to herd-marketing, catastrophe-bearing, economically-dislocating profits of a "progress"-hearkening few. Here being a first major eruption of the classical massive scale of scorched-earth capitalism in agriculture, an essentially-destructive ideology which has no other practical purpose but the enthronement of Jews atop the global economic and political scene, in an economic/financial stampede which—in effect if not admitted intention—plows up and chews up in its path basically every living thing. A promotional for which a whole new Judaized morality had to be created which enthroned a head-strong breed of self-reliance above all else, together with ambition being glibly inserted among the genuine virtues, notably by a great many credulous American-Christian clergymen. While finally men like that Charles Goodnight for whom, together with John Loving, the epic Goodnight-Loving trail was named, were themselves veritably used up during storied exertions, ended their days in fatal run-ins with Indians, as in the case of Loving, or in quite humble circumstances, as in the case of Goodnight. The latter likewise destined to become a scapegoat upon which was heaped oratorical blame for all brands of industry-related abuses and malfeasances he had in some ways tirelessly fought in a sum total of forty years on the range. Corruptions and tyrannies inseparable from remote-control features of capitalism, from the joining of the two invisible hands.

            Goodnight, another among Freemasons whose dominion was decisive in every major enterprise in the Western settlement, was the prototype of the allegedly "gruff but good-hearted" rancher, a classical character from out of the lore of the times, a sort of John Wayne of the old Western movies and TV shows. Bluff and blunt men of that enigmatic type who from the start left their young wives out somewhere on the prairie, or out on the Coast, for months or even years on end, while they camped out eight, ten or fifteen other men, in the haunting solitude of the cattle-drives, spending as much as three months at a stretch so singularly occupied. Having introduced a massive, revolutionary and entirely gratuitous form of bringing-beef-to-market, one with huge international-financial overtones, in trail-drives that predetermined the violent character of the Western development in a host of ways. An ubiquitous loner-breed that did their incalculable share to poison Mexican and Indian relations with U.S. settlers and officialdom. While the drives likewise spurred the further development of a gargantuan black-market in particular in rustled Texas beef, obtained through raids of Comanches and other Indians all along the thousand-plus-mile interconnected Goodnight-Loving Trail, whose various branches penetrated at least five or six states. Human-trafficking being interwoven as well in this illicit trade, conducted notably in a canyon in the present-day Texas Panhandle, a place early-on titled the "Valley of Tears", where women taken from husbands, children from parents, were auctioned-off like so many steers. These and other such epic evils, although pre-existing the arrival of the trail-drives, were as suggested above inevitably given new life, new scope, through this influx of financier-pocket-filling, local-market-impoverishing beef: with crime as always lent self-perpetuation under spur of unnaturally-large finance and the alien structures and institutions, the wholesale poverty, it inevitably brings in its tow.

            Trail-driving cowboys, bringing social and economic blight and dislocation wherever they went, meanwhile came to be regarded in romantic Eastern magazine and newspaper articles as prodigies of manhood, with Americans coming to admire the specter of flinty men descending on otherwise-sleepy towns, shooting them up, resorting to pleasure-industries of their own creation to replace staid comforts of domestic life, and then gladly returning to their elbow-to-elbow places by the campfire, tending the earth-scorching herds, their gaunt, haunted faces coming down to us in a host of photos in this same transfixing classic pose. Forerunners that they were of a workforce fanatically identified with the jobsite, physically, psychologically and emotionally divorced from family and home, a crew as easily stampeded in some ideological or militaristic direction as some thousand-fold easily-spooked herd. An older, largely-virtuous, truly-enterprising, slowly-developing culture having been ready-to-hand but easily overcome, made artificially impossible, by banking and stock-market forces from England and the American East, a doomed way-of-life of men, some surviving stubbornly here and there well into the 1970s, who looked even better in a Stetson than this much-Hollywood-glorified drifting, desperate breed. The latter often dying or maimed in sudden drop-offs into creeks or canyons in blind-pursuit, near-apocalyptic midnight stampedes, in contrast to an immemorial human work-culture for which we were all manifestly made by a good God, of peace-loving family men whose kindly and cheerful faces were til very recently, and despite so many mammoth discouragements, a common fixture across the American West. (One source: Haley, J. Evetts, Charles Goodnight, Cowman and Plainsman. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1949. Also especially pertinent is Frink, Maurice, Jackson and Spring, When Grass Was King. Boulder: University of Colorado Press, 1956. The latter a detailed, unvarnished study of the Scotch and English financing, and American management, of the range-cattle industry.)

            July 28, 2012: What modern progress has done for man. Unnatural structures of capitalism confront the natural-law society of indigenous men. "Industry", "indolence" and "racial inferiority" under these opposing forms.

            When academics and politicians speak of society today, its ills and remedies, they never address it as it came down to us on its own terms, within its own historically developed parameters of viability and well-being, but rather as a sort of road-kill lying in their headlights, prostrate to their violating and inspecting gaze. For the modern academic, operating under absolute controls imposed by an all-determining finance, thinks of the nations, in classical Jewish superiority-complex terms, as pitiful and inferior, designed to be reduced to a limp putty under "expert" analysis and control. For the Jews picture all mankind as still in the pagan state of Old Testament Canaanite times, since Christianity has received no recognition from the synagogue at all: a Jewish relationship with "the rest of men" by which they conceive of themselves as the managers, organizers and "law givers" of all times. In glorious Joshua style defeating and even extirpating the nations, with these looked upon as innately deficient, only needing to be brought to a ("proper") state of powerless abjection by Jewish intrigue. An operation that is often indeed "like taking candy from a baby", taking humanity on its weak side, its willingness in particular to borrow and borrow "til the cows come home", for things it is prevailed-upon foolishly to desire. This approaching "the rest of men" tactically and strategically, as an enemy to be brought down, being a species of barbarism utterly unsuspected among the masses of men: a cunning thought however by the Hebrew to denote human or super-human superiority. But actually only indicating the brute capacities of a beast-of-prey. While for these exploitive purposes the marginalization of humanity's sense of well-being is first-in-line of measures employed.

            But the Catholic sense of society is something entirely different, being understood in our milder doctrine of Original Sin and human imperfection as basically or at least potentially good, like all the other things of creation, although without the special gift of moral integrity given to Adam and Eve, to outfit them for a legacy far superior to that of mere natural life. Hence although there will inevitably be the evil of idolatry in primitive societies, and sometimes even things unnatural and perverse, yet with regard to the good things of nature itself, like the pursuit of the common good, these societies are likely to exhibit a goodly number of positively good qualities in the way they organize themselves, in the way persons customarily deal with one another from day to day. That is, unless a nation has beforehand known the truth in some important way and then willfully rejected it: at which time it seems that humanity begins to positively brim with fantastic or fanatical ideas about itself, and how it is supposed to live. That state of hubris and obduracy which defines Judaism, which rejected the Son of God, the one true Messiah, a state-of-willful-rebellion shared in their degrees by those non-Catholic Christian societies which have abandoned their original allegiance to the Catholic Church, that sole divinely-instituted vehicle-of-redemption which preexisted all the rest. Indeed, with respect to a certain basic or generic innocence-of-the-will of human society before the Gospel has been preached to it, a virginal state which after that preaching and institutional establishment is wedded to the truths-of-Faith so as to become like the biblical brass wall: any "looking back" after virginal humanity thus "puts its hand to the plow" must have about it a decided aspect of betrayal, of the haunting specter of a Judaization such as already beset the Early Church, as voluminously chronicled in the Epistles of St. Paul. Hence too according to the above matrimonial formula, of nature to super-nature, does a Catholic country or region adopt the Catholic Way in accord with its own inimitable indigenous terms, a "walk" always objectified to each local and national church-community in concrete cultural particulars: preserving those good and sometimes marvelous things which nature brought to the Christian wedding feast. Such a people being thereafter like the Divine Infant incrementally "formed by the Holy Ghost in the (spiritual, grace-mediating) womb of the Virgin Mother", by that Good Spirit Who in league with Mary His Immaculate spouse thenceforth becomes its central inspiration unto eternal days, under the government of Christ its head. While the glorification of mere material advances over such a blessed flock can never be allowed, since it matters little whether the wisdom of the Catholic ages is learned in the school of a desert hovel or a palatial suburb by the sea, all that surrounds it in each particular case must be honored or its signal blessings are likely to be removed, and "to he that hath little, even that little which he hath will be taken away".

            Inseparable with national prostrations to the Jewish/capitalist mold is a growing emphasis upon discipline and obedience, accompanied by a radically-contradictory demotion of the moral law itself: with the latter indeed and ultimately coming to be portrayed as backward and unprogressive, the former the necessary staunch companion of triumphant Doctor-Spock-like voyages into futuristic realms. A galactic utopia where the above-described putative road-kill nation, society or personality will allegedly learn how to overcome all its miseries, shortcomings and atavisms under Captain Kirk's progress-oriented sway. While by contrast the Early Church, our model for earthly societies, was never in the least regimented, but formed a family based on fatherly and affectionate discipline and brotherly love, within a common acceptance and loving amelioration of the culture inherited from a natural-human past. A veritable New Testament Garden of Eden being attained, where corrections or penalties are embarked upon only with hesitation, as seen throughout the Epistles, and only "for the building up, not the tearing down" of the Body of Christ, the Church and the Catholic society involved. As there is something to be preserved in the Christian view of man, and not just peremptorily changed: an essential quiddity or self-identification being most intrinsic to this transformation, as obviously enough the same God Who fashioned each of us in natural terms is the one Who magnificently completes that work in terms of the spiritual as well. Indeed, Our Blessed Lord would have been the very first to drive such money-changers and brutal disciplinarians as Onate, Coronado, Vargas and many of their lay associates out of the temple of azure colonial skies: while even Columbus, according to an early Franciscan chronicler, dared to capture some boatload of Indians somewhere in the Caribbean, who had approached trustfully the giant Spanish craft, to take them unwillingly back to Spain as showpieces of conquests abroad. To which facts would soon-enough be given mute-but-eloquent testimony in an assortment of unblessed weddings, torrid fashions and dances, and Penitente-like twisted versions of Christianity which have come down in direct descent among tribes and peoples impacted by invading Westerners of those times. As only in the most intermittent and fragmentary way—in first transfixed native glimpses of an utterly-alien "dog eat dog world"—was the Gospel properly preached to these readily-converted, often-overwhelmingly-good peoples: they who in first ministrations indeed, as in the pueblos of New Mexico, in Gospel fashion, "the scales fallen from their eyes", greeted the Spaniards and the Catholic Faith they brought with them with grateful and heartfelt joy, and faithful and laborious adherence. Readily giving up choice river-bottom lands, working the fields for their "deliverers", humbly tending their flocks. And this even despite initial depravities wrought upon them by invading hosts, by military rulers who more often than not veritably despised heroic efforts of Jesuit, Franciscan and other missionaries, these latter evincing an unstinted devotion frequently to the giving of their lives. A majority native enthusiasm for the Gospel seen despite evident inversions of principle by swashbuckling military officials and their venal marrano-Jewish commercial companions, coming on the heels of genuinely-fervent clerical words concerning the Holy Cross. The Gospel "good soil" of those among native peoples who did indeed retain Faith in a true and accurate way—even after these cruel and harrowing trials—giving us men who could thereafter only think of themselves as Christ-like victims, having been visited by striking latter-day visions of ancient scribes, lawyers and Pharisees, in which light colonizing—or even visiting—Catholics of every character have had the doubtful privilege of being viewed. Native Christians bending to the lash as had that same Good Lord of whom vicious and vice-ridden lips had in a sense brought them word.

            However, in spite of evident mounting socioeconomic abuses, one of the social-justice popes of the late-nineteenth or early-twentieth century found the self-same "free market" system that so imperially brings such doubtful boons, although faulty in certain of its principles, not "intrinsically evil" like communism. But in subsequent years the narrative of these overpowering idea-systems has spun a whole new dialectic, since trail-blazing encyclical-writing days, while furthermore the Vatican itself has likewise suffered a vacuum of critical philosophical/theological analysis—never mind that Benedict can sound as abstruse as Hegel when backtracking on faith—that has widened alarmingly since the days of Vatican II. In view of which fact I think it must be added that capitalism, although not indeed intrinsically evil in principle, has in recent decades shown itself to be just so radically-depraved in less-formally-admitted aims and methods it inevitably pursues and employs: particularly ominous being the way all its hawking cries of free enterprise and political liberty attend a gradual ironic and arbitrary regimentation of all of society. An intertemporal intensification naturally-enough more evident today than in the 1880s and 1930s of these pontiff's times. While the further acknowledgment required today is that capitalism in its deepest existential reality isn't just an idea but also an agenda, a program with a living, breathing driver immovably ensconced within: a plan-of-attack which puts limitless power into the hands of above-noted people with a millennia-old, rigidly-defined worldview entirely different from that of "the rest of men", who have no such central evil motivation with which to deal. As for one thing manifestly capitalism is all about "the big boys" getting even bigger, "and deserving it, too", about they with overpowering advantages pressing these to their extreme limits, their aims remaining hidden, since there is inevitably some coup involved. Hence might such "denizens of industry" or finance buy up a major percentage of the stock of some company, ready to be sold at some fatal time, not obviously because of any love of that entity—for whose sake you may have given the labors of a lifetime—but rather in order to see it fail, and make way for a competitor closer to its own Hebrew heart. Thereby sealing the doom of a whole town, or even, according to the logic of location and up-and-down-stream product development, an entire region as well.

            All these economically-dislocating, morally-and-industrially regimenting things are achieved through the comprehensive, densely-articulated, irrationally-impersonal mobilization of inanimate money—hence the very name capitalism itself—toward a variety of ends some of which are evident, but a far-greater number utterly unforeseeable by competitors, let alone the masses of men. The innate dynamism of capitalism gathering and orchestrating all gains in an inherently globalistic way, into the hands of a tiny, select few, in a kind of profit unnatural to man, ultimately if with seeming inadvertence proving itself diametrically opposed to the common good. This not because of any intrinsic principle-of-evil, but rather because of the overbearing might it puts in the hands of a nefarious breed. While as suggested above the whole complex, by nature much like the deadly apple in the Garden of Evil, trustingly digested and assimilated by the host-nation involved, plainly comprises an evil with which common-good-seeking indigenous societies are in most cases entirely unacquainted, lending them beforehand both fortunate and innocent-by-comparison on a number of planes, and doubly-so once the waters of Baptism and the light of Christian instruction are applied. An innocence for which they are held to be stupid, and worthy of exploitation, in the "savvy" and twisted Jewish and Capitalist/Christian view-of-life. The modern system entailing a "development" which although in places dazzling to a near dumfounding degree encompasses something much more fatal: ultimately sealing up aquifers of human agency, of soul, spirit and personality, rendering man a kind of child in a way hardly intended in the Gospel line about Heaven-admitting simplicity. As such global scale can never be for any purposes beneficial to humanity and its multifaceted, essentially-locality-based development, but only toward an agenda of enslavement by some tyrannical and piratical group of men. These "not like the rest of men" ruling with arrogance and impunity, at first with a velvet-covered, then with a bare iron hand, readily bringing in final stages of its train as capitalism does not only penury for most of the globe but also addictive-drug mobsterism and mass-addiction and other forms of crime and immorality, and this in historically and exhaustively demonstrable terms. As for one thing in its obsession with mass quantities, mass media, mass education, mass mergers, mass blank-faced expropriation—and giddy trips to outer space—it must dwell on a plane entirely apart from the radically individual needs of the human soul, each a cosmos of its own, made to live forever not with Apple or General Motors but with God.

            So far from benefiting man, the above-described process involves a gradualistic but all-the-more incurable disowning of the Spirit of Christ, a practical, day-to-day "back to the synagogue" apostasy coming to invest the habits of man. The whole studiously-achieved complex forming the immemorial chosen vessel of synagogue proxy penetration of newer lands, spawning age-after-age a bewilderingly-complex and disingenuous pseudo-Christianity, a "blind leading the blind", both clerical and lay, "so that both fall into the pit". Christians thus imbued, who come in so many shades of consciousness or deliberation, thereafter forming Jewry's highly-familiar well-placed collaborators, its regularly-dumbfounded lieutenants for the mobilization of ever-newer projects of right-order-overturning global control: lending tyranny a note of piety which could never otherwise be gained. While in third-world national objects of Jewish/American intrigue is found by contrast a striking and refreshing sense of the sincere and benign, that which Americans inevitably experience in contacts with "underdeveloped" nations and their cultures, of a universal goodwill which they meet in these lands where they might vacation, do business or military duty. In recent unjust wars the U.S. soldier or marine being the first to acknowledge, as noted by us in conversations with returning veterans while out on Crusade, the moral and social supremacy of the people over whom they in the same breath impose a cruel and barbaric military rule. While afterwards not-uncommonly leaving these good people in the hands of native strongmen specially chosen for their cruelty, men who if they have a change-of-heart, begin to get second thoughts about ruthless agendas involved, are quickly overthrown or assassinated, by ever-handy "madmen" or allegedly-sainted "democracy movements" indistinguishable from terror-bearing mobs. Forces whose professionally-trained leadership so often readily appear out of the bowels of harmless-looking U.S. corporate-NGOs. Those who wisely know "where their bread is buttered" eschewing such an "impractical" road, remaining to administer "sadly corrupt" governments in foreign-occupier-appointed, stock-market-catering, resource-devouring tasks. The "satellite nation" thus erected lacking most of the common-good-pursuing elements it historically knew, forming a strident mockery to a Christian Gospel that might easily be preached in this "mission land", now too-typically rendered a mere "tinkling brass".

            Men like Noam Chomsky address precisely the same concerns as we do here on this site, fulfilling their assigned task within the above-noted synagogue dialogue, being commissioned from the heights of ill-deserved Hebrew academic prestige to have the last word on every subject or shade-of-opinion, in every field, while all others must listen with baited breath or be shouted down as impious fools. For it is of the essence of this entire nefarious plan that a Jew be found atop every movement of any consequence at all, with special care being put at the head of any efforts-of-men directed at resisting the self-same Jewish thrall. For manifestly, a man as erudite as the famous professor will be exhaustively acquainted with cynical realities which actually obtain, rendering his highly literate and eloquent objections only a rare form of gloating over the enslaving might of his coreligionists. As he details point-by-point, in galling mock regret, every sordid particular of the history of the ongoing enslavement of mankind: a goal which even ancient Rome recognized the Jews as pursuing, for which reason Jerusalem was twice destroyed. Indeed, our taskmasters are adept at rattling off the length and gauge of our chains, and this in great detail, as these were forged in their own foundry, but when it comes to offering solutions to crushing injustices of our times these unworthily-honored men show themselves in marked sympathy with the most perverse, bloody or otherwise-radical and unworkable of plans. While otherwise contenting themselves with photogenically wringing their hands in despair.

            This amalgamating, compacting and depersonalizing dynamism of capitalism forms an ironclad template into which all human activities of any kind are ultimately and inexorably poured, breeding gargantuan path-dependencies which capitalistic motivation and organizational philosophy intrinsically require, things foreign to deepest aspirations of humankind: these radical modifications of society and economy serving the purpose of clearing the way—if with varying degrees of advertence of operatives involved at various levels—for the dog-eat-dog ethic, the heartless and virtue-less, alien, spiritually-impoverishing and impersonal institutional super-structures within whose obscure and uninspiring voids and reaches capitalism thrives. This even as drugs, technically-flashy autos, a hypnotic cult-of-violence, rockets and hand-held devices beguile the deluded mind. While in order to institute these new departures successive kinds and stages of revolution are always required, in violent and traumatic breaks with a beloved, humane, warmly-regarded past: that which as noted above is portrayed by ubiquitous if numerically-insignificant sworn exponents of the new system as hopeless, backward, corresponding to a caveman phase in the utterly-unsubstantiated doctrine of Evolution: this latter the prime symbol of the New World Order scheme. The cold and alien domains of the celebrated system forming an anti-matter opposite to the Christian, indeed the human, way of life. That cultivar in which people are our treasure, their happiness ours, far more than any glut of goods or conveniences might superficially inspire. Rather in the modern system is the ominous outline of cruelty, of totalitarian empire glimpsed on startling occasions in all its terror, in the stalking corpus of every corporate takeover or Hillary-style, hyper-sanctimonious, Mossad-and-NGO-sponsored "boons of progress" "democracy movement" overthrow. While it is from out of this same combination of irrational forces motivated by alien and hostile methodology that intrinsically-Jewish Communism itself gets all its furious energy, being in fact only an overtly-coercive phase along the road of a human-and-spiritual-sensitivity-crushing New World Order of which capitalism is the broader and commoner part. That regimen of above-noted "brave" pseudo-virtues flourishing in particular a "humility" like that of an ant on an anthill, or some cur in a pack of dogs. Most signally repudiated thereby being true Catholicism which by contrast first and foremost, if by a sort of happy indirection, profoundly honors ones own soul and being, as the pursuit of holiness indeed implies. Seeking as we do by its terms to make ourselves "partakers of the divine nature", as we are urged in the canon of the Tridentine Mass.

            As noted, so dominant do willfully-anticipated priorities and methodology of capitalism become that religion itself is indelibly stamped with its haste-driven, hyper-worldly élan, with love or charity in particular being demoted to insignificance: that which must be Faith's first fruit, else the whole be only "tinkling brass". Even as alongside this hardnosed Christianity a bizarre kind of "charismatic" love, one which is shown in passionate embraces and emotional displays which serve to quickly undermine all moral restraint in a host of interconnected ways. The methods of capitalism having invaded hallowed precincts of Holy Mother Church in a special way here in the USA, the celebrated economic system's home-of-homes. Yet the ultimate form Catholicism takes within a capitalist regime will inevitably partake of the bleakness of Jansenism: a heretical orientation most often encountered as a kind of grudging spirit than a clearly-defined set-of-beliefs. Jansenism and Semi-Jansenism, and all their many nebulous fellow-traveler anomalies, forming as morbidly-rigorous predispositions which however produce no real moral rigor in the fold, as dour exteriors would seem to augur, but rather a bleak sense of incapacity, steadily gravitating downward toward moral despair. Making the fold susceptible in turn to the violatingly-over-physical quick-fixes of the "charismatic" crowd. This while Catholic love—Jansenism/Calvinism's polar opposite—"runs in the way of the commandments", finds virtue in a sense to be easy, with spiritual passion addressing duties that are objectively hard, being impelled by an ardent self-sacrificial willingness which knows no bounds, which has no interest in oversteps in which crystalline innocence is inevitably destroyed. A moral and spiritual capacitousness, modeling that of God, which indeed calls forth one of the more cynical attacks of Jansenism in heartlessly-unjust condemnations of warm-hearted, smiling, morally-impeccable manners as indicative of careless or even "slovenly" morals in the one so artlessly and fervently imbued: with the latter pejorative indeed forming together with "demonstrative" a classical, much-in-vogue Amero-Jansenist insult of the most cruel kind: one much heard around colonial and post-colonial lands. For to the Jansenist all bleakness is virtue and virtue is bleakness, and genuine love, joy or affection is branded with dishonor, is denied an inch upon which to stand. This even as much strenuous effort is expended upon attempts to attain a "purely spiritual" "charity" utterly without feeling or emotion, the latter being regarded in classical Manichaean fashion as a corporally-related evil of the most damning type. Catholics in the capitalist school-of-thought being likely to devote much energy to etiquettes of courtesy, poise, manners, extending to every sort of sophisticated art, rendering many Catholic and other Christian academies veritable schools of charm. As suggested, the warmth-stilting rigors of Jansenism, in a staggering irony, ultimately leading to a ribald libertarianism, within a generation or two, as few can keep up the strain of such an unnatural and inhuman approach to life for very long.

            As noted, from out of moral abortuaries of capitalism comes the classing of unsuspecting natives as inferior, grossly-incapable, a view which misses entirely, in oddly-myopic but much-vaunted "broad sweeps of mind", the connection between advancement, motivation and means. The colonist or Hillary-"nation-builder" having arrived like an army with the latest cultural and technological battle-gear, being by all indications drawn up in scarcely-veiled if artfully-expressed contemptuous comparison to a native people recently under the invader's heel, in dire circumstances indeed. While even the clergy will have a tendency under capitalism to see the advancement of any diocese, first or third world, in terms of bringing in battalions of teachers, building scores of schools, in order to erect a civic bastion of industry, a tribute to an enlightened new age: with paeans of newly-deified "Progress" ever with rapt ardor leading the van. Far more than any praises of Heaven, a disproportion which the nineteenth-century Vatican of Pius IX noted ruefully in one of its many administrative missives to the missionary-diocese of Santa Fe across the seas. While very often the deepest, most virile and genuine sort of Catholic legacy in some third-world land, on centuries-old beloved and familiar grounds of home, is crushed under the boot of a colonizing power, producing a martyred native self-image any open empathy toward which, even by invader-accompanying clerics involved, would no doubt be considered tantamount to treason against the gloriously-conquering land: as is so plainly viewed any criticism of Bush/Obama genocides and culturecides in foreign climes among a patently capitalism-dazzled, veritable caesaro-papist American clergy. A fawning clerical adherence being evident here which has been destined, like all such things, to be poorly repaid indeed: as the U.S. Catholic clergy would ultimately see, through bitterly disenchanted eyes, in vindictively-anti-Catholic health-insurance, educational and other policies presently being pursued by the same abjectly-served Uncle Sam.

            Hence this inescapable image, at least to the native eye, of the Church as a kind of tight-lipped conqueror in its own right, in hummingly-efficient harmony with the rampant capitalism of the ever-conquering USA, is an abomination which presently brings upon us the divine ire. A Catholic complicity finding consonance in the nineteenth century in blunt or mincing words of American newspaper commentaries and editorials, with loveless deeds and gestures a common colloquial refrain across the Western plain, when camp-grounds, sacred-grounds and hunting-grounds of Indians were likewise being devoured in a majestically-unregretful way. This all the while Northern European settlers were being eagerly enlisted to farm and ranch fertile and limitless prairie lands by such otherwise-apostolic men as Father DeSmet. Immigrants whose sons would attend the prestigious new college soon-to-be-opened, at St. Mary's, Kansas, by this new breed of Jesuits, on land generously given to the Jesuits by Pottowatomies strictly for the education and religious instruction of their own young. Indeed, the "rush of progress" is a phrase that tumbles easily off bedazzled tongues, in a kind of wildfire-fervor that readily covers a multitude of crimes, as this new value of material and intellectual advancement takes to itself as if by sacred right the accents of a veritable gospel-all-its-own. While like advantages among they in the path of such rushing steeds are easily-enough regarded as "taking much too long" to bring patiently and lovingly into being: what with all the cultivated nineteenth century Frenchmen and Germans eager to immigrate, to fill up and easily pay tuition for burgeoning new colleges and schools for their own children. People who speak your own language, share your sense-of-humor, and your opinions and prejudices as well.

            This remorseless view of "human advancement" has been a growing motif of as many as five centuries, running in tandem with a certain loveless Catholicism whether towards natives or newly-arrived Italians or Slavs, to be repeated in correctly "forward looking" American Catholic parishes and other precincts thousands of coming times. Native peoples ready—in frequent stark contrast to briskly-efficient, grim or smiley-faced apparatchiks of the new way—to let religion deeply and fundamentally transform their lives, being in many ways similar to these immigrants from Southern European shores. Native men of strange customs and accents who had they been ruled with boundless love, had moral and material wounds been given time to heal, would have erected spiritual oases in their various lands, in spite of wrenching losses entailed, instead of the spiritual wasteland that now, after so many centuries, still basically prevails. As in places like a much conquered-and-reconquered (1598, 1694, 1846) New Mexico. Natives people who would have again excelled, as in centuries before, willingly trudging the way of the cross, which native faith and goodwill had so readily done at the start, almost four centuries before. This in spite of cruelties of Onate and most of his successors, going on for some fifty years, before a certain irrevocable "point of no return", of a kind of native popular dissolution with religion as a whole, seems to have been passed, around 1650 or so. While in tandem with the much-later war-of-conquest accession of the American Bishop (later Archbishop) Lamy, after many much-earlier wounds had finally somewhat healed, would be added a defeat on all imaginable planes, by people who despised the Indian and the Mexican openly and with abusive language and gestures, as an inferior human being. (Horgan, Paul, Lamy of Santa Fe: His Life and Times. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1975.) A time when a Mexican could be killed by an Anglo with the greatest impunity and hilariously-regarded ease, as recounted in occasional honest chronicles of the times; while were a Mexican to take just retaliation of any kind he would find the law and "respectable citizenry" implacably against him on every side. The American Catholicism that came into being since the time of bishop John Carroll of Revolutionary Era lore having in certain little-remarked respects been capitalistic Catholicism, in a whole new system-of-thought which came into being during a Revolutionary Era in which Jews and close-cousin, capitalism-friendly Calvinists and "Catholic" Jansenists" began to rule the day, and in France made open league with Jews and Freemasons to overthrow the king. This latter heresy, as noted above more often found as a loveless frame-of-mind rather than an explicitly-held falsehood, being a generic worldview which Jewish capitalism always inevitably brings in its train, among Catholics dazzled by the "progress" of the new way: a school-of-thought which sprouts legions of hardnosed "achievers" increasingly willing to do almost anything to "succeed". A Catholicism resulting which eagerly tears into shreds those subtle, obscure, heartfelt, morally-accusing legacies "passed down to you", according to the Pauline phrase, a profession disturbingly if ill-admittedly without love, a practice in deeper matters at best full of the hesitations and moral timidities of the spiritually immature. If alternating with an iron-chinned unwillingness to bear someone else's burden for a while, or even to bare ones own heart to those injuries to which Gospel unfeigned love gives meek and manful embrace. In frontier confrontations in which native peoples often "shone like sparks among stubble", like the biblical Cornelius and his pious household, even before the laver of Baptism had been applied.

            With reference to charges of indolence so commonly leveled at Mexican and other indigenous populations, instances of which are found on the lips of contemporaries throughout the noted biography of Lamy: it must be recognized that labor under pre-capitalist forms was generally a stranger to the modern system's yen for "soldiering" to impress the boss, the stockholders, the neighbors, or they for whom smartly-wheeling and sharp-edged order and glistening sanitation are the loftiest virtues in life. Catholic labor rather traditionally as it were shores things up from the bottom, is occupied with humblest of duties that are supremely resource-conservative, and that are otherwise infallibly left undone by a busy as a beaver "middle-class ethic" which is the modern-day capitalistic sine qua non. Accomplishments of this unsung, plodding kind being largely impossible to tally up on some ledger or balance sheet, but signifying an economy, a polity which are self-policing, self-perpetuating, which function most energetically at intimately personal levels of the family, the micro-neighborhood. Societies dedicated to higher values, out of which mundane things are taken in humble stride, and gain new and otherwise-inaccessible energies and inspirations form the same higher source. A perfect example of which species of labor is the Ditch Culture of northern New Mexico to southern Colorado—an intensive system-of-irrigation which once entailed a massive organization-of-labor and society all-its-own, one deeply stamped by the Catholic Faith of all involved—an unique treasure now almost entirely succumbed to fevered, debt-driven energies of real-estate developers. They whose deliriously-celebrated projects, when they fail, as they now so often do, leave ten thousand vacant homes at a time, to deteriorate rapidly under ravages of shrinking and expansion of materials, of desiccation in wind and sun. While by contrast there is little that is obvious in the way things develop in a Catholic political-economy, infinitely-various examples of which throve quietly during Spanish-Habsburg years when the two Imperial monopoly-ports of the American colonies kept recognized trade rigidly in the hands of a few court favorites and a great-many illegally-operating, royally-winked-at marrano Jews. Many of whose major families had been brought from Austria, Germany and the Low Countries in the early sixteenth century during the sweeping takeover of Spain by the first of the Spanish Habsburgs, Charles V. While by contrast amid the spontaneity of the humble, imperially-neglected and unrehearsed in a thousand interior locales a whole incalculable network of tiny spontaneously-developing indigenous industries were springing up, in coarse—and increasingly fine—textiles, as well as in jugs, sacking and other humbler items—this together with all the multiplier-prolific products of agriculture and related fields. Allied to which quite soon was a quietly-burgeoning native Pacific shipbuilding industry, complete with subsidiaries like tar, turpentine, cording, and timbering, a whole economic sector which finally surpassed the Bosque shipyards and then those storied ones of Havana, alike in size, quality and quantity of massive ocean-going galleones and other craft for trans-Atlantic silver-bullion-carrying, and the prodigal global Spanish-colonial trade. All of it, finally, held loosely but vigorously together on land—in an obscure, un-monitorable indigenous development which proto-capitalist, global-market-inclined Habsburgs incessantly tried to quash—by inter-colonial roads over rugged mountains, maintained locally, in rudimentary-but-effective ways. A transportation-grid which an "advanced" and "forward-looking" revolution—tidily "doing away with the old", entailing some thirty years of civil agonies—would leave in a state of deep erosion: a condition shared in broken-down shorings of mines, and the abandoned and neglected state of the agricultural estancias. A deterioration whose broader consequences of multifaceted decay have to this day never really been properly overcome. Over all of which centuries-developing, hummingly-unassuming if artificially-cut-short landscape modern middle-class capitalist critics would no doubt shake their heads about "indolence" and "lack of ambition": simply because in the era's distributive, non-capitalistic species of industry and organization there was little feisty fanfare or barking of sharply-worded commands to fill the mostly peaceful and undisturbed air. Alas, such critics simply do not understand a genuine work-ethic, Catholic to the core, which puts the soul of the working man first, his inner peace and happiness closely co-joined, which uplifts and ennobles him, and outfits him to be a politically-active burgher in a firmly grounded state, and later a citizen in the Heavenly Kingdom of God. Liberty being the very air he breaths, rather than some bloody, ill-achieved and scorched-earth-romantic dream. Such droning critics being the bane of Mexicans of New Mexico and Arizona since the Mexican-American war. While found by Lamy within this bruising and bewildering marginalization were the priests Gallegos and Martinez, both soon to be defrocked by the new bishop from the East, and both major figures, before and during their disgraced state, in the economic and political life of New Mexico, both before and after the Yankee conquest, and accession to U.S. territorial status. Martinez having indeed led an attempt at resistance only one year after the arrival of the Yankee invader: a noble project which would have earned accolades of glory were it performed at Lexington Bridge, but for which twenty-six or so of his companions were ignominiously hanged by the U.S. conqueror. Prompting the suggestion in inquisitive minds that Lamy may have been hand-picked by flag-waving U.S. Bishops largely for the task of systematically discrediting this native-Mexican priest-patriot, and all others in any way of his kind. (A harshly-disciplinary bishop Lamy who seems to have suspended or excommunicated as many as one out of five of his clerics, although the biography is rather vague on this point, as on so many others of equal significance). A Father Martinez who might well have been a fit counterpart to a certain priest of the Marian shrine of Jasna Gora in Poland, one who single-handedly led the early-modern expulsion of Swedish Lutheran troops from a Polish soil they were attempting to brutally annex. The other alleged recalcitrant, a Father Gallegos, reportedly living in open and flagrant sin with a certain woman, nonetheless being so politically acute as to predict the U.S. conquest of Cuba nearly fifty years before it actually took place, and to have seen the same aggressive overtones in a U.S. policy toward the Vatican which sought to give stout Catholic-ecclesiastical status to insatiable American territorial aims.

            In a post-Revolution, post-John-Carroll USA Catholic clerics at all levels seem to have been decidedly out of their depth, and perhaps even to have been chosen for seminary training and episcopal elevation for that very fact, to the degree they were dependable proponent of a little-acknowledged but eagerly-embraced hardnosed view of life. That which must by its very revolutionary nature quietly but remorselessly root up most or all that had gone before. Well-disguised, penetrating Jewish precept and method taking over everywhere, even in the very Church itself, as by some sort of unspoken right, in later stages of a centuries-in-progress globally-financed cosmic overthrow of the most unparalleled kind. With even the Vatican itself, according to a Rothschild family biographer, finally falling, if to an ill-documented degree, to the Jewish financial thrall. The spiritual effect inseparable from capitalism—or the New World Order, if we prefer the broader and more ominous term—being that the plows of man's soul are made to cut shallow rather than deep, as a whole universe of innately-obscure interior concerns of days-gone-by is regarded with veiled or open suspicion or contempt, within this briskly-scheduled, all-demanding and all-encompassing view-of-life. And venal men are allowed to have a discrete influence upon Church policies, upon the otherwise-ineffable formation of souls. Here being found indeed the entire source of the latter-day prophetically-predicted eclipse of the Church: one however in rapidly-approaching years to be followed by a Heavenly triumph of the most universal and all-embracing kind. Or according to another simile, in the Catholicism of the ages the barque of the Church sits markedly low in the water, trawling the deep in a staid, stolid and unperturbed way, rather than hopping effervescently and with impressive pitch-and-yaw over the frothy waves. As in genuine Catholicism we are preeminently dealing with something that takes place within and not outside the soul of man, lowering nets in precincts of a singularly-unhurried eternity. Even as in contrary, today-universally-prevalent Judaized misrepresentations this externally-unassuming and humble aspect is inexorably demoted to realms of the superstitious or pathological, as "more advanced" men take the helm, sailing bravely on. While the Catholic wasteland Lamy has left us with in the Southwest is there for any honest eye to see: after all the breathlessly-ambitious and expensive enlisting, transporting and equipping of French-nationality priests, nuns and teachers, the associated building-projects, and what must have been a jarring and dis-consoling fanfare and celebration to followed so soon in the wake of the Mexican defeat. In burdens placed to a degree upon impoverished shoulders of an indigenous Mexican laity which still largely demurs to marry in church, or puts it off for fifteen or twenty years, as decried by Franciscans already in the 1690s. A local laity whose physical circumstances haven't really improved very much over centuries, even as latter-day towering granite structures gloriously and expensively rose.

            Much less indeed then will interior trials of mystical purgation be accorded much honor in such a shallow-draft version of Catholicism, rare privileges to which outer agonies of privation and persecution so often lead, among those "little ones" who are God's chosen souls, such as among underprivileged Latins seem always in all circumstances to abound. This mystic winepress of Catholicism being no luxury for the poetically-indulgent but absolutely essential to the moral and social character, as well as to the very survival, of the Faith. The contemplative life, meant to be partaken in their degrees by all stations of the faithful, being the very wine-cellar of the Communion of Saints, that Heavenly draught of which there is none more important to the economy of grace (See Apostolic Constitution of Pius XI, Umbrilatem). With mystic souls partaking of a Heavenly bounty which St. Therese of Avila indeed compares to a heavily-laden merchant-vessel, so loaded with interior treasures as to find the soul's deck down near to waterline, the barque seemingly ready to sink from unseen prodigal bounties within. While in societies once turned capitalistic there are put in place of innately-obscure mystic gropings, epiphanies and recurring travails of the Catholic past, of little meaning to those superficially formed, an array of bright new preoccupations with material progress, with tidying up every external of human life, with manifold ceremonial purifications and ablutions. These allegedly signifying—indeed purportedly embodying—something supremely and profoundly good and clean in themselves. This being indeed and basically the entire contribution of U.S. culture to the world, both clerical and lay, with all our tidy, precisely-counterpoised elements of government, and smartly-wheeling disciplines of organization, forming a dazzling counterpart to gleaming skyscrapers and i-pads, spaceships, drones that make short shrift of scruffy "terrorists" trying to defend their ("backward") beliefs. In such a Yankee spirit, evidently adopted in all its essentials by the first plenipotentiary bishop of the USA, John Carroll, were formed coming generations of supremely "practical-minded" Catholics clerical and lay so familiar to us today. They who you might say "have no time to sweat the small stuff" of too much concentration on spiritual and interior affairs—once-honored preoccupations now accounted a much-feared breeding-ground of mental or emotional instability—nor yet inclined to linger that often over obscure needs of crushed and despised men. These latter by contrast the very treasury of an early-Church St. Ambrose, of the age of martyrs, of apostolic times. The American episcopate busying itself in building projects, with Lamy and others quickly incurring onerous debts for humble congregations, structures so often to be torn down in favor of others after Vatican II, with these generally following the new spaceship motif, in a form of church-architecture which would perfectly epitomize the spirit aimed at in such a Brave New World.

            But this moral void imposed around the globe by this new marching breed, epitomized today in a more naked way in Hillary Clinton, has been just as destructive to the people at home, in their parishes as well as on their sidewalks, in their schools, courts, legislatures or around the table at home. In an America—with an England and France not far behind—which is a stranger to a most basic sort of benevolence—that which is an un-remarked commonplace among so many peoples around the globe—a goodness, akin to above-noted humbler workmanship of un-remarked hours of obscure toil—whose absence either goes entirely unnoticed or finds celebration in a glib or garish vindictive sitcom or "wild West" sort of flair. A Christianity lacking a certain ambient love which is the critical cement of any authentic society, without which it must finally sink like a rock to its doom. This ambient goodness a familiar constant among most peoples of Africa or Southeast Asia of almost any belief: but a spirit regarded as an uninvited intruder among we supposedly so advanced. "Devouts" of a "religion" more concerned with excluding certain "undesirables" than with adhering in every particular to the doctrine of He Whose prime concerns are "the widow and the orphan", Who came "to save sinners, not the just", who "ate with publicans and sinners", and preached with such mercy to the adulterous woman at the well.

            It is this basic sense of practice-orient community love, then, which we wish to re-enkindle here on this site, in this Crusade. Abominating as we do that sodomy which is the very last fruit of the loveless, perverse and tyrannical view that now reigns supreme in the West, as detailed above. The strange fixation of our times with military cruelties and unnatural sexual acts finding an ironically-similar image in those hideous homosexual rites which took place atop the Ziggurat of Mexico City, just before each of fifteen-thousand victims in fifteen days was brutally slain, as witnessed by horror-transfixed Spanish soldiers there deployed. That which the Spanish Catholicism of the south vanquished so thoroughly, in establishing a confession-of-faith which despite depredations of leading military men was entirely based on love. A Catholic Church in Mexico witnessed around 1880 by Archbishop Lamy, in veritable dumfounded admiration, while on tour in obscure mountain districts of Chiapas and beyond, giving Confirmation to tens-of-thousands of souls, finding there a fervent laity and magnificent churches, prodigal agricultural riches of every kind, and other monuments of genuine civility, architecture and art. (Compare this to the universal Mexican penury and forced-criminality under NAFTA of recent neo-con fame). While that which was conclusively and with all the fanfare of finality slain at Vatican II was the very legacy which Catholic tradition had "passed down" to us, to use the Pauline phrase: that practically-articulated, love-based, popularly-and-officially expressed devotion which had been dying the slow death detailed above, in the whole chronicle of colonial ventures of "Catholic" and "Christian" lands. That entire body of infallible teaching and inseparable attendant practice, of those "simple of heart" and "unwise in the ways of this world". That corpus of holy things against which were "thrown open the windows of the Church", to quote the mocking anti-pope John XXIII, to glibly institutionalize the long-developing evils of our times, rather than to combat them with apostolic zeal, as has been the aim of every other council since the days of Sts. Peter and Paul. Rather letting in the foul breeze of a thoroughly-Judaized view of life, suggesting in a quibbling sort of savvy that the Church "has had things to learn" from such venal men.

            Fellow Catholic laymen, listen: our Faith is first and foremost an obligation before it is a privilege, and certainly not one to be arrogantly or lightly worn: for otherwise it becomes a veritable millstone to plunge us into Hell, taking many others with us as well. Becoming for many principally another blind or foil for racism, nationality hatred, the erection of rigid and remorseless barriers of class or culture, without the least hint even of that rudimentary love which at fundamental levels is so native to man. Which reveals itself most tellingly in a pursuit of the common good which the most primitive of peoples commonly take for granted without a thought. That very love from which authentic culture and civilization indeed take their first primeval inspiration and form. That multi-dimensional, comprehensive, fundamental human institution, the mutual, reciprocal, distributive pursuit of the public weal—an enveloping ambiance taken-for-granted as much as forming a conscious policy or creed—a common boon which is most under attack in the unnatural dynamisms of the capitalism, the New World Order, under consideration here. That which has poisoned Western Christianity at its roots, has indeed made its prevalent form a well-deserved outcast among men. A mummery by which we give our own children, and not just feckless native peoples of Pakistan or Afghanistan, "a serpent instead of a fish".

            July 8, 2012: The doping-up of mankind, the staggering three-century-old "march of liberty".

            Clearly discernible through all the fog of centuries-old libertarian and hyper-patriotic propaganda, a veritable "soup" as thick as any "fog of war", is a stout thread which runs through the history of the modern era, with the USA quickly emerging, as out of a geopolitical fog-bank, as the blustery flagship in the global flotilla thus defined. And this all-determining thread is nothing other than dope-addiction, used as the prime-mover of a global-scale enslavement of mankind. For, you see, what you can expect from a certain iron-fisted ruling breed is that like the devil, their biblical "father", the "father of lies", they will pursue precisely the opposite of what they claim to desire. It is not, then, "freedom" which we get from ever eagerly-outstretched hands, but the most abject and miserable bondage, fraught with glittering techno-trinkets as deceptive as ever beguiled any native's trustful eyes. Having been rendered terminally mute and passive through the final coup of a cleverly-coercive marketing of mind-altering drugs.

            Thus if we trace the development of the dope-trade—its power-ramroding potential having been realized by cryptic world-leaders of the times—we see this originally-rather-obscure commerce of Southeast Asia, principally at first centered in India, was first spread from thence to the Muslim nations, accounting for the Caliphate's steady seventeenth-and-eighteenth century decline, then to China by machinations of the Roosevelts, Delanos, Bushes and several other prominent crypto-Jewish families of that early nineteenth century time. After which, by means of the financial entrenchment of their drug-trade protégés, the Soongs, Hungs and Chiangs of the "Nationalist" Regime, heroine began to be smuggled in great volume to the west coast of our own USA, and from thence across the land, in an addiction-campaign which would only gain ground after the defeat of the same ruthless Chunking-based rulers. They whose Green Gang operators would flee from the Maoist Reds in large numbers to San Francisco and points East, there to join forces with the Segals, the Trafficantes, the Lucky Lucianos and other purveyors of gangland wrongs. Thus then the "freedom" of the present-day USA, where we are bid with such eloquence to kiss our clattering chains, indeed to march off elsewhere to see that its vaunted "progress" irresistibly prevails. Making sure more recently that Heroine Alley remains open, from Afghanistan along major valleys to points west and east of there, with various khanates kept in the hands of pliable rulers who are easily overthrown by a curious alliance of thugs and U.S.-based corporate NGOs, ready to peddle rightist or leftist ideology, whichever is required, to justify, give some semblance of reasonable motivation, to some yet-another "sad but necessary" coup. Hence then too the reinstatement of a Northern Alliance of perennial heroine-producers, brought back in after the crushing of a Taliban which had staunched the flow of the death-dealing hallucinogenic for a short but blessed time.

            The only alternative put forth to oppose this nefarious "right wing" sort of power—an answer proposed, wouldn’t you just know, by the very same opinion-less people who brought us the debilitating tide-of-dope in the first place—is the utopian world of communism, or variants now being peddled by Obama and his radical left-wing crowd. So that moral purity is allegedly wedded inseparably to radical-revolutionary ideology, and Christianity—which the noted Shanghai clique and U.S. gangland look-alikes often falsely professed to embrace—is inseparably associated with abominable vices and addictions of every kind. But in fact the one kind of despair only leads to the other, starting from either left or right pole, and then on to its opposite, with the end result—as seen classically in the case of an Eastern Europe utterly demoralized after the fall of a communism puritanical but without God—being the whip-sawed loss of any will to resist either extreme upon the part of mankind, powerless before plans hatched in remote synagogue reaches far from the despised biblical "rest of men". Indeed, you can see the outlines of this agenda—of men being worked over like putty, brutally, from "left" to "right", or "right" to "left", from one sort of regime to its polar opposite—here indeed with terminally-ideological Republicans and Democrats taking deadly, windy, profitless turns—a clear pattern emerging bit by bit over the course of the articles and hyperlinks just below this writing—with the history of colonization/democratization being written in real terms in the ultimate addiction/enslavement of peoples across the globe. A tide now being seen from London to Kiev to Moscow and beyond as well, in the giving of mankind "a serpent instead of a fish", a "stone instead of a loaf", on the part of these towering synagogue and synagogue-protégé figures who rule the day. They who use such grand right-wing or libertarian language, but whose only real purpose is to divide and conquer, to humiliate and rule.

            Only the Catholic Church can save mankind from horrors presently being prepared: a Church newly reborn, with the help of a Russia newly rejoined, as in St. Vladimir's first tenth-century beginnings, to the Roman fold. Even as for the moment we watch powerlessly the fate of a globe, as illustrated in places as divergent as Libya and Pakistan, in financial collapses in Portugal, Ireland, the Ukraine or Greece, from which other nations are only a stumbling step or two away. Indeed, it is precisely, for His own greater glory, in order to introduce at last His own social and political order, based on His own life-giving law, that God allowed things to come to such a pass, bringing always as He promises a greater good out of evils of any size. While these global tyrants can only be defeated by that great general of Heavenly armies, the Blessed Virgin Mary, described in symbolic scriptural language as being "terrible as an army set in battle array". As she has indeed proven herself to be, going rampant before the hosts of St. Joan of Arc, driving invading Swedes terrified away from the walls of Polish Jasna Gora, lobbing back their missiles one by one, visible high on the ramparts before their very eyes, wreaking havoc in their camp, ringed around the fortress-shrine where the miraculous icon of Our Lady of Chestakova resides. Our Blessed Lady likewise giving battle as Our Lady of Kazan, a Holy Mother roused to defend her child, vanquishing Mongols and later Godless Napoleon before the walls of St. Petersburg and Moscow, showing the same indomitable power and indefatigable solicitude in other battles of every kind, across the cratered landscape of an embattled history of two thousand years.

            July 5, 2012: More on heroic Hillarian "prices" to be paid for rapturous "gains" of "progress" and "liberty". Article further developed.

            I know this is a frequent theme here, but bear with me again, and consider that the Good Lord Himself never made such demands of anyone, as are made today by freedom-enthusiasts of Bush/Obama USA, who would claim to be unloosing all our bonds. As in grim demands made of drone-bombed villagers—only yesterday twenty more—on both sides of the Afghani and Pakistani border, demands which provoke a haunting déjà vu in a long and weary history of long-ago-discarded sanguinary utopias that liter the "democracy movement" landscape of centuries in time. All this culminating in a way in the rampage of this crypto-Jewish nut up in Norway, who killed all the teenagers a year ago at some labor-union outing, in a rabidly-pro-Israeli "rightist" outburst: a "price to pay" indeed, complete with a lengthy "Manifesto" with disturbingly-similar overtones to some rant by Bill O'Reilly, or one of the congressional war-hawks in D.C. Human life means nothing to these "democratic", "patriotic" and "progress"-loving people, and ten or twelve million lives are readily sacrificed, as in the slaughter and starvation of Nationalist China of mid-century, in order to "clear the way" for some new "social order". In that case with Chiang Kai-Shek, the organizer and originator of the Soviet-modeled Chinese-communist party-structure, providing in his own odd way the Stalin of the Orient, to break the will of the people to a Maoist-communist regime he so skillfully pretended to oppose. (This "opposition" being required to keep all the U.S. aid, both private and official, coming in a mammoth stream). All these horrific hecatombs being considered by our bright-eyed Washington leadership—on this point unanimous across the aisle—to be the "price you pay for liberty". With red-faced hyperventilating assets of the WWII China-lobby, including FDR and Morgenthau, Alsop and Henry Luce of Time Magazine, force-feeding American aid, "no strings attached", into the bloody grasps of the Hungs, Soongs and Chiangs of the time.

            Another hard-sell so blithely put to us is the contention that "so many advances" of modern times will by inevitable logical necessity require such sacrifices: as if we are talking about the laws of physics here, or two and two makes four. But don't expect to discover any kinship here, amid breathless affirmations, to the daily patient carrying of a cross, tailor-made to our personal spiritual needs, such as we are promised in the Catholic view-of-things. Oh no, that's all "weak sister" to this heroic Hillarian breed, worshippers of a futuristic Hebrew "Messiah", on the coattails of a millennia-old apostasy against He Who came: cryptic or phylactery-wearing devouts who will always do much more-towering things. But what have been those advances, wrought at such dizzy heights? We all know only too well, about one-time fabulous market that now turns out defective goods, because the consumer has been cleverly forced into the position of having to buy them. Then for further pitches of bounty there have been all the above-alluded-to wars, found in every case either conclusively or probably to have been incited through black-agent-arranged Pearl, Haiphong or Havana Harbor "incidents", all twenty of them 9/11-like "false-flag" provocateur deeds. While among the boons of thus-forcibly-consolidated markets, in global coups orchestrated by theatrical figures in government, media and academia who couldn't abide an energetic native-Asian power like Japan, would be an airtight Western control of glorious coming junk-product markets which now give us clothing that wears out in a few months, and housing that few can afford, out of which you may easily be foreclosed and evicted, even though you have kept up payments in prime form. Creating a population thereafter in homeless destitution to be corrupted and criminalized, in a new Opium trade to keep them brutally in line. Ah, yes, boons of Teddy-Roosevelt-to-Hillary-Clinton-touted modern-day "progress", for which "a few (million) eggs" have had (lamentably) to be cracked.

            I must say that having a degree in economics—really a rather small help in the matter—and more importantly having observed life since the dawn of reason—a young life of mine lived under the constant care of Croatian parents who gardened, made wine, raised bees and livestock, farmed in grains, built houses and developed properties, all in their humble and unassuming Old Country way—I must say that in view of all this experience all this talk about the importance of modern technical means—or the more-idolatrous, over-awing word "technology", if you prefer—is sheer drivel and tripe. There is no question in my mind that most of these means are being shepherded to enslave and destroy mankind, not to raise it up, let alone to help it fulfill the divine command, "be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth". For such good things I will always rather look to some Pakistani, than to Hillary, and hope he doesn't get bombed into atoms before he can state his productive, prolific but ever-modest case. Science and bio-engineering, so different from this Johnny Apple-seed of Southeast Asian climes, today typically produce seeds that are sterile, thus carefully controlling the power of "little guys" like him to be nutritionally independent of the "big boys": whose above-described "great advances" for a few must always wallow in misery, backwardness and acre-feet of blood for the many. Likewise in pharmacology do you have a restrictive regimen in which a harmless non-drug like belladonna, a readily-processed natural substance which prolonged or improved many-a life in its time, was unaccountably—since these wonderful "progress"-loving people don't of course need to explain what they do—taken off the market, declared illegal: this while a whole bevy of the most vicious, deadly, habit-forming drugs are given a clean bill of health to wreak havoc far and wide, to take not a few unerringly to their graves. Ah, progress, for which such "sad but necessary" prices "must" be paid.

            No, in fact, give people access to the land—a lively reality for which they don't really need to have a deed, let alone some bloody green, pink or velvet revolution, nor even some classically-socialistic land reform—always a last-ditch favorite among the noted "heroic" breed—as there are other barter-like arrangements more easily to be had—and they will increase crop-yields at least geometrically, as food-growth is intrinsically a micro-local, highly-personalized affair. And needs neighborly mutual-kindness, mercy and forbearance far more than biotechnology, let alone drone bombs somehow proffered to marvelously plow up the ground. It is a matter of shepherding resources and encouraging associates lovingly, pruning back expenses prudently found to be unnecessary, here and there, in lessons I learned from Mom and Dad long ago: with cumulative modest gains of millions of small-scale growers, ranchers, neighborhood entrepreneurs tallying up to a carefully-conserved cornucopia prohibitively-difficult to calculate or foresee. For which tight-lipped scientists—or BTK-prohibiting psychiatrists—all of them in white coats are hardly necessary at all. A real bonanza, with no gun-happy Little Joe, and not at all of the same characterless, mass-produced kind noted above. While the big agrifirms can put all the figures into some whiz-kid accounting software-program, of figures of ultra-centralized operations that don't tell us a syllable about what all was lost in the process, how many mega-resources woefully wasted or misallocated, how many energetic, naturally-multiplier-rich, intrinsically-lean-and-efficient local ideas or initiatives never saw the light of day. As grim or giddy "not like the rest of men" Jewish big-boys had their sweet whim and way, with high-level schemes for personal aggrandizement taking pride-of-place in minds with high opinions of themselves. No, the true progress of the people can never thus be calculated, as most of it is moral, personal, spiritual, taking the purely material with it in its majestic, Heavenly stride, and its precise enumeration would seem to come under the biblical condemnation of "counting my people like sheep".

            Is the noted sham and meager gain of the Big Boys "worth the price"? Of the drug-abuse which has grimly and inevitably regimented a dictatorial mega-centralization since the time of the Roosevelt, Delano and Bush-family China Opium Trade? And that of attendant wars since Kennedy, Chiang and before: with heroic slogans a sort of added opiate, to ring in terrorized minds? This whole deliriously-enthused-over "price" no doubt altogether over time amounting to a billion and more utterly ruined, morally-and-materially destitute lives, broken hearts and minds, together with the hundred million and many more lost in all these "heroic" wars. But there is a way out of the ambuscade, presented here on this page. Read on, good reader, read on.

            July 4, 2012: The One True Faith as officially-embraced defender of the state; the much-touted "price we pay" for a "liberty" which disregards that institutional defense.

            We can indeed be that "free" if we choose, but it is like leveling all the ramparts around a fortified city. Everything is very free then: indeed deer, bear and wildcat can roam the streets at will, and we can congratulate each other for having established a polity in which no one is constrained toward anything upright or morally-disciplinary, in which moral wildcats and many-striped zebras run amuck everywhere. But in fact this kind of freedom is deadly, not only to souls but also to cultures, economies, nations, as we are finding out so ruefully today. For the allegedly no-holds-barred freedom of Barack and Hillary, Mitt and his many fat-cat associates is already tolling-out the doom of the USA, albeit meanwhile squeezing out one last fling for the elite well-to-do, and maybe for a few (up in Wyoming largely foreign-hired, Eastern-European) oil-rig attendants with fat paychecks to boast, "frackers" who caused an earthquake hereabouts a month or two back. Then when the disasters finally break loose—natural and financial, economic and military, from a host of related and unrelated follies that this "freedom-loving" cadre will have brought into full force—then it is we will be told we are fools for having been so trusting. But that's the way it always is, when you live for these heady flings of "liberty".

            Only the officially-endorsed service of God can save us from such an inevitable catastrophic outcome, and give us any kind of true liberty at all. Men thereby living under a rule by which all are bound, so that there is no elite which lives above the law. This really being the only liberty to be had, while some breathless fantasy about freedom from all pain or obedience, difficulty or disappointment really is a fool's dream. This singularly good and noble condition, of this true liberty, requiring that church and state be very closely united: however with the state decidedly subservient to the church—or as some might prefer, to religion, of which the church is the only organized form—in keeping policy rigidly aligned with moral principle, with the natural and the revealed divine-positive laws. Oh, I know, these elites of today claim to advance a kind of religion of their own: the Religion of Man, of his needs and values: but it is precisely to the present pass that that "religion" has brought us. Since it is based on a gigantic lie: namely, that man, a mere abjectly-dependent creature, can be a law unto himself, independent from the Creator by Whom he was fashioned, by Whom his very mind and nature were formed. So that when he obeys His law he is only obeying the law of his Father, of the domestic rule "of my youth", hearing the familiar "voice of the shepherd", of "I know mine and mine know Me". But when men write the rules themselves they depend upon the will-of-the-wisp of radically-plenipotentiary assemblies, who, armed with their blasphemously-named "God particle", think they will remake everything. Such folly does this view of law implicitly represent, as it blithely wreaks havoc in D.C: all the while behind these functionaries actually reigns a host of well-coordinated secret societies in the service of Hell, they who do the actual ruling. Like these nutty Bohemian-Grovers, globalists who for well-over a century now have congregated once-a-year at Monte Rio in California, giddy males who frolic nude in the lake there, who do honors to a child-sacrificial Baal, its image carved in a certain lake-side tree. Perverted kingpins—a couple of which zany fools we actually met while we were there, displaying our big anti-sodomy sign for some three days—behind the scenes of an enervating official see-saw which accomplishes nothing of merit at all. Thus then the "price" of this goddess of "liberty", this Harbor-idol with her offspring thus sacrificed so far away, above San Francisco bay: in the person of a child-effigy these "big boys" hilariously hang and burn, with cleverly-mocking disingenuity acting out a global pan-anti-life agenda, of a long-standing global ruling elite under synagogue thrall. The fact is, only when the law involved is chiseled on the human heart and soul of each and all does it secure a common and mutual liberty—of real rather than perverted people who could hardly be brought to sacrifice brutally some little child, in drone-bomb raids or within the womb—and that law is very simply the law of God. While all other kinds of law only put us in the heaviest of chains.

            Hence law must be based on truth, not on some illusory materialistic carrot-on-a-stick like modern "progress", nor on the above modern Enlightenment-Era, elite-controlled or "technocratic" idea of liberty. Even a nation like Iran is more truly-free than we are here, because it pursues a common law written in large letters upon the popular heart and soul. Indeed, and as our over-astute diplomats know only too well, it is when we vilify leaders like the Iranian president, who is one of the mildest secular leaders modern Persia has ever had, that regrettable things like honor killings take place, typically in obscure local rural settings: places which the central government wishes to expose to a more reasonable light-of-day. Indeed, the same happened in the '60s here, when murder and mayhem were running riot in the deep South over the issue of integration, and Federal troops had to be called in. Although with respect to that particular imbroglio we ourselves, here on this Crusade, consider the whole issue to have been very poorly framed, with justice—which the Department of Justice was plainly-enough supposed to have pursued—having seldom in fact been the outcome of placing such emphasis upon a radical collectivization-of-efforts which certain overriding if little-advertised aspects of integration actually represent. Let alone did the whole massive, much-celebrated effort produce an increase in genuine love or mutual respect. Rather ultimately, amid all the lip-service and ritual-fanfare which is the bare modern radical-libertarian claim-to-fame, were Black initiative, entrepreneurship, moral-and-cultural self-esteem largely collectivized out of existence by means of integration, and racial injustice only driven deeply underground, made more subtle and deadly, by the same means. Integration as it was so coarsely and cynically implemented, with the worst elements of Black and White society forthwith institutionally entrenched, taking commanding lead, rather predictably having culturally demoralized the entire nation, Blacks as well as Whites. Behind all the fanfare being indeed descried to eyes of the discerning the carefully-camouflaged image of the racial supremacist, with the mass-violating corruption of whole peoples ever his hideous aim. In the regimentation-of-habits and surroundings which integration so remorselessly and sanctimoniously brought-into-being there is found a veritable abortuary of critical interior processes of the soul and mind by which souls remain pure, cultures are uplifted, genuine racial and community harmony maintained. While by contrast the God-fearing effort of the Iranian president—whose power however is quite limited, and who is not the actual head-of-state—as applied to more backward elements in that society—has hardly had such a demoralizing effect upon Iran's people as has the whole gamut of high-handed official U.S. social efforts, wrought in the Washington-signature bewilderingly-complex way, upon a morally-plummeting U.S. society at large.

            All the more, then, when we move to the application of Catholic truth to matters of state, do we have a genuine liberty, as Catholic sociopolitical philosophy is based upon both infallible, crystalline-integral revealed and natural-law truth. There is no buffaloing such a polity, little chance of establishing the rule of an elite which diverts all things to their own astute, unseen and selfish purposes, as has so often happened over almost two and a half centuries here in this "land of the free". Where human liberty has with such smoothness been placed above the law of God, into the hands of shadowy figures who uprighteously claim to know what's best. Claiming to reside in rarified regions above the biblical "rest of men": this on the strength of some techno-trinkets that since the Revolutionary Era have been bought at the price of human loses surpassing the sum total of all the wars and famines in history prior to our times.

            June 30, 2012: Generosity and Catholic sensitivity versus the blunt cosmology of a Hillary-marching Brave New World. Need for a nobility. Article developed further since above date.

            The ageless Catholic understanding of a strong country assumes a generous willingness to share out personal blessings, over and above any formal written constitutions which might seem somehow to favor same. Catholicism holding in profoundest reaches of the mind and soul that "no man is an island", while realizing by weary and rueful experience that equity of any kind is ultimately unachievable by mere stiff and lifeless legalistic means. Ever provisional, contingency-apprehensive Catholics grasping that mere juridical procedures constitute veritable statutory sitting ducks for clever subterfuges of glib and hair-splitting legislators and attorneys, written constitutions and enactments being readily subverted to private ends over space and time. Indeed "the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life", with the latter guaranteeing incalculable living, developing things, these most expressible in hospitable informalities of negotiable charters among and between all levels of functional power, a work-in-progress wrought in colloquial customs and usages of every lively and inimitable kind. These necessarily arbitrated by living, breathing men. That true commonweal which because of our human nature is always necessarily of an organizationally-distributive, upwardly-building form, entirely above-board in manner yet outsider-prohibitive by its living local and personal composition. That true state of which the modern technocracy, ruled with an iron fist by high-handed, secretive men, is the merest haunted shadow, fit mostly for dictatorial and destructive ends. Hence is the Catholic liberality built into the warp and woof of things; it is maintained in local mutual associations of living men, woven into the everyday exigencies of daily life: being supremely unconcerned with rocketing into outer-space, let alone with drone-bombing some sleepy village full of little kids, who have to be "taught certain lessons" about "how to be free". Concerning itself rather with a scarcely-subvertible constructive spadework in which all can take warmly-regarded part, like the human version of the biblical hive of bees. A humane totality which waxes or wanes in the measure we partake of that Good Spirit Who is Himself measureless in solicitude and love. Outside of which living beehive there is no other human progress, no other human advancement, no other political strength or security to be had.

            Consider then by contrast today's harsh, letter-dead, grudging, if noisily-agitating political paradigm, which for centuries has been built upon financially-brokered "technological" power and expertise rather than upon just, kindly and cooperative relations-of-men. Expecting somehow that out of an alien mixture of angry ideological polar-opposites, on the one hand, and beakers and double-derivatives, test-tubes and chemical-reactions on the other, would somehow be answered every thorny question of the community, of human life. Inanimate Newtonian forces of irrational might thus being at the modern system's very epitome, albeit under well-crafted humanitarian guise, and "progress" conceived-of in increments of the same bleak, impersonal and systemically-tyrannical kind. An imposture imposed upon the whole of mankind in an inescapable moral and intellectual, legal and political forced-feed, as mounted by secret-societies, media-outlets, financial conglomerates in the hire of an alien cosmopolitan breed: all the while Christianity somehow gets all the blame. Having had to ride in the musty holds of such a trade-vessel, in order to "preach the Holy Gospel to every creature", as divinely enjoined: all the while "Judeo-Christian" connections got more-and-more deeply and lamentably intertwined.

            In this way has developed a global pseudo-morality, carried by the West across the seven seas, by dint of advantages brokered through cunning manipulations and greed. With inevitable inversions involved in such a grotesque symbiosis being epitomized in the synagogue understanding of the Canaanites tribes: who in the moral/spiritual allegory of Holy Scripture represent the seven capital sins, and whom God commanded the Jews, within the same allegory, to extirpate entirely from the earth. These scarcely-human tribes gained notoriety in infant sacrifices to Baal numbering in the millions, as attested by tiny, neatly-stacked skeletal remains still here and there occasionally found across the region. But a millennial Jewish yen-for-fantasy can salvage only universal Jewish superiority out of manifold lessons involved: in vaunted "Judeo-Christian" terms translated into the ongoing slaughter of less-developed peoples everywhere since the dawn of colonial times. This even though both Juda and Israel followed the same tribes into the same perversities and inhumanities, almost before the blood was dry on Jewish swords which only half-heartedly and fractionally performed fatal and moral-analogical duties enjoined. And even though the same God repeatedly condemned the same Jews, after seeing His demand un-accomplished, a God Who withdrew (much-born-again-quoted) conditional blessings ("I will bless those who bless you", etc.) that would have followed a faithful obedience to this and other divine commands. Benedictions to which were duly attached noted alternate curses in the very next biblical verse. (Oh great, bible-thumping preacher, do quote these equally-staggering lines as well). The implication in this New World Order morality being that since the Jews have chosen dog-eat-dog heartlessness that all are to be judged at its morbid and inhuman bench, the meek and unthreatening being indeed somehow transmigrated into noted grizzly Canaanite tribes. Being thought similarly worthy only of extinction, denied all the rights and advantages of normal, God-given, reverentially-regarded human life.

            Hence to protect the above-described, now-almost-forgotten human interweave from these evil men it is necessary to have a nobility, to whom is specifically assigned the defensive function of the state, against cunning enemies whose effective combat is not given into the power of the community itself to conduct. The nobility, together with a royal family, corresponding uniquely to the protective, downward-operating authority of God, the position held by the father of a family in the most singular and classical way: a father today whose divinely-bestowed authority is mocked and denied in the most thankless and ignominious way. The assembly, the frankpledge, the hundred or the moot being perfectly powerless to effect anything good without the sober, fatherly-disciplinary solicitudes of these men, acting each one in sovereign singularity and individuality, with generationally-acquired experience and the help of divine grace rooting out traitors and interlopers of every stripe. While reversing the inevitable subversion into some version of a hippy pad or dope-smuggling association these latter always bring into being, such as the neighborhood and the job-site have so typically and perversely become over the past fifty years. The throne and the nobility making the existence of the common man a veritable Heaven-on-earth, compared to the crushing all-points tyranny he experiences today. This upper level of authority nonetheless being regularly brought to account, this fatherly nobility to which the commoner reciprocates in an upward exercise of political power, confirming charters negotiated with the law of God and the common good uniquely in mind. The adult citizen not being subject to moral and intellectual limitations of childhood, so that the noted parallel to family relations vis-à-vis the broader political world is limited indeed, although closely approximating the same affectionate atmosphere. So that the reciprocal political bond must never descend to anything patronizing: that which invokes a high-handed, condescending spirit of a whole different breed. Hence in this age-old organizationally-distributive system we have democracy of the only kind realistically achievable in this life, in governing forms modifiable at an ever-active margin in a frequently-articulated way. Revealing a morally-and-intellectually-worthy interplay which will be seen once again soon, by the very efforts initiated here on this site and in this Crusade, under the banners of the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Although it will take a divine punishment, one in fact manifestly already begun, forecast at Fatima nearly a century ago, to clear away the totalitarian, morbidly-control-oriented system we have today. Breaking enmeshing institutional chains which presently restrain us from such a good and free, prosperous and upright course.

            Just as it took God's saving power to deliver the same ungrateful Israelites again and again, from others almost as cruel as they have become, the same assistance is required today for a humanity which just doesn't have the wherewithal to fight evil of any kind by itself: as iniquity manifestly involves a far-greater level-of-force than simple armed or financial might. While this defenselessness of mere human frailty before the powers of Hell is no sign of cultural, intellectual or political inferiority at all, its frank acknowledgment being rather a prudent confession of who and what we actually are. In a human condition by which the upholding of the Catholic, indeed the universal-human, standard of the highest moral and spiritual sensitivity is the treasure most prized, rather than some iron-willed, tight-lipped Hillarian march into some brave and brazen utopia that never quite arrives. Genuine bounties remaining inaccessible to our own feeble powers. A humble, mortal, creaturely condition in which we go to God for aid, shunning the Jewish dog-eat-dog standard by which we march off bravely to our own destruction: as it has been given to the Jews to act indeed as the drill sergeants of a fallen race. Having readily become the unparalleled masters of such a merciless world, ruled by the power of lies, malice and deceit. Only by casting ourselves at the feet of the good and humble Jesus and Mary can we and our society be saved, and the genuine superiority of genuinely human, and a-fortiori of spiritual, values be maintained. Our future is thus in our own hands, to be secured not as some new race of cloned Star-Trek supermen, but by taking the fatherly hand of God, and forming our laws and institutions, our acts, policies and motivations accordingly. By living within a common fragility which properly defines our earthly condition, which is the indispensable vessel of our redemption, and ironically-enough the bearer of our earthly betterment as well: a mortality which after a point it is sheer folly to try to escape. That frailty, candidly expressed politically in noted distributive/reciprocal organizational forms, in which with the Apostle we "glory", our individual and collective "strength being made perfect" therein, rather than in some illusory, elite-dominated attempt at a technical paradise which is so readily remote-controlled by cruel and evil men.

            June 20, 2012: The existential vigor of integral Catholicism inhibits theological error. This article a continuation and development of the one below.

            In a way superceding the need for the Church to be defensive is her more fundamental need to be institutionally established, with foundations of stone: indeed the one presupposes the other, like the defensive turret rising to the clouds upon foundation stones stolid and immovable beneath. Good doctrine, innocence of life, the pursuit of virtue are most solidly maintained within the Church through an institutionalization deeply-rooted, laced with densely interwoven human and spiritual vines and roots, the whole ensemble making falsehood completely out of its element, there amid turrets and spires, covered by mystic vines. The Church's footings being based on love, that which so readily bares the heart and soul out upon the sleeve, making the Mystical Body's defensive role almost a kind of afterthought, albeit earnestly and assiduously undertaken, whenever and wherever the Church is vigorous and sound. No mere effervescent, child-of-the-moment charismatic meeting or singing of kumbay ya—let alone a parish as largely an addendum of the local class-conscious neighborhood watch—such a generationally-passed-down and labored-over Church is like a well-fertilized fruit-tree which actually repels the larvae of destructive insects of any kind, with doctrinal intruders without a wedding garment easily cast out, "into the outer darkness", to their own more proper and morbid element of "the weeping and the gnashing of teeth". Those who somehow manage to invade hallways of such a well-appointed Heavenly mansion instantly standing out like a sore thumb.

            But the problem begins when we start to farm out various functions of this great, towering, ivy-covered, multi-turreted estate, giving lowly positions to those who although non-believers are said to be "good at that sort of thing", rip-rap walls being thus breached. For the sound idea of brotherly love, in the sense of going out to others, is that we remain who we are in full potency, so that it is Catholicism that is advanced and glorified, and not some hybrid idea. While the idea that science, engineering, psychology, sociology, finance are fields that "have the answers" to the life of man on earth, that the place of religion is to humbly "stay in its place", that there are "workaday" limits beyond which religion must not go: this quickly amounts to a whole New World Order indeed, as we gradually sink into some form of Gnosticism or Pharisaism, bedfellows that they are. Turning traitor in this way to a Son of God Who came to be our inspiration in every regard, to repudiate neither of His natures, human or divine, but rather to remain that fulcrum upon which all reality and the universe, Heaven itself, is poised, sanctified. Holding in Himself the spiritual and the material in a holy unity joined.

            Nothing then is too lowly for the Church to keep firmly and immovably in its bailiwick, stoutly maintaining the honor and provenance of the lowliest thing, giving it transcendent meaning, however grubby and inconsequential some obscure earthly component might seem to be. For without this little nothing a thousand others of its like will easily enough be discarded as well, grand Manichaean Vatican II style, "out the open window of the church", as this pitching motion quickly becomes the grimly or giddily regarded order of the day. Rather must all things that concern the human species stolidly and fixedly remain in the care of the Church, under her loving gaze, if the highest of truths or defensive towers is to be honorable kept in place.

            Within this ample view of the Church is most accurately seen St. Paul's evaluation of Jewish ritual purifications of the Mosaic Law, placed by him in the light of a Cross and Resurrection of which they were only symbols, and without which they are mere empty hulls: the ignoring of which context indeed finds the "faith without works" people getting hopelessly mired in their highly-selective chapters-and-lines. The earnest labor of St. Paul in Romans being exhaustively to establish not any irrelevance of good works but that sanctifying grace ("justification") and Redemption are free gifts beyond human merit, and that Jewish ritual observances were only forerunner symbols of same, with no efficacious power in themselves. It is the Jews, then, principally, that he addresses in pertinent passages of Romans, and far less the human soul as such, at its immemorial crossroads of eternal life and eternal death. Implicit here too being the realization that to restrict religion to such ceremonial terms—and in today's context to in effect farm out the practical to a host of agnostics thought to be more hard-nosed, capable and worldly-wise—this is to make divine worship barren indeed. The Apostle hardly meaning to suggest that good works catalyzed by grace have no salvation-essential standing—which is another subject again—St. Paul employing a polemic which seems indeed to strain itself, using forceful imagery which can be taken the wrong way, if not evaluated with great care. Indeed trebling this peril, although the Jews are foremost in the Apostle's consideration here, yet once dealt-with in characteristic compendious style he goes on to summarize the entirety of salvation history in a bare few lines: so that we must take great care not to be dotards and take them in any wrong-headed way. The herald of the gentiles plying the verbally-economic manner of all Holy Scripture, which is always pointedly non-encyclopedic, and takes an ocean of things for granted—like for instance a natural law common to all men (take notice, sovereignty-despising aggressive-warriors)—typically dealing laser-like with some matter-at-hand. Hence it remains that these two distinct subjects—good works and Jewish ritual works—having only the barest thread-of-thought in common in the analysis of Romans—as the latter is simply symbolic of grace, the former inseparably, prolifically wedded to same. A distinction, a paradigm here being employed which contemporaries would have grasped instantly, and which only later "faith without works" antagonists would so fatally and incongruously confound or misconstrue. The actual gatekeeper-to-grace, or so it seems to me, being exclusively our simple non-resistance to the Heavenly tide—in itself however, without ever-essential grace, being a simple absence, having no freestanding supernatural merit at all—while resistance to grace is a stark existential reality indeed. After which non-resistance grace's life-giving laver flows out, from the Cross and Catholic Sacraments, uncontainably to each and all. What form does this non-resistance take, what are its earmarks? Alas, this is like asking me to brand the breeze: while humility itself, describable enough, and meritorious indeed, is another matter again, is already a step above, being manifestly imbued with Heavenly grace. While the fact that God should know from eternity who it is who will be saved under these terms can hardly be a subject of surprise: since for Him, the Simultaneous Whole, all things take place in one staggering, eternal Now. Even as they who do resist grace do indeed ultimately become "vessels fit for vulgar things", as to resist God's grace is to invite a biblical "hardening", that which in grace's absence inevitably transpires. But people get off on all kinds of tangents when synagogue vanities—favored by busy "practical minded" subcontracting "experts", rubbing elbows with Sunday congregations, if not there at Mass themselves—begin to rule the day. And the faithful steadily become incapable of humble discernments and realizations that a vigorously-live, institutionally-rooted faith favors and requires. While conversely all such errors get roundly repudiated when Gospel hirelings are cast out. So that no matter how much these interlopers might on occasion gain entrance to this Heavenly mansion, once again vigorously involved in every human thing—invaders dodging through wide doorways, evading recognition by dint of the very open, loving and sweet atmosphere and ambiance within—yet once inside their lack of a wedding garment, however carefully disguised, will quickly be noticed, contrasting garishly with the modest garb of those properly found within. As it is impossible to keep up the charade for very long, when this "city on a hill" is densely inhabited in all quarters, spilling out to fields and suburbs beyond, with labors and offices held by its accustomed citizens, whose overridingly spirit makes anything at all arrogant or vain stand out ultimately in a glaring way. Indeed, the longer the imposture has escaped detection the more startling and unmistakable will be its discovery, once it is finally and indignantly brought to bay.

            Again, the point is that full ecclesiastical health must needs in all ways be both human and spiritual: for we most typically fall into error or sin by default of a parish, a nation, a Catholic era in time which has succumbed to a noxious atmosphere, commonly of stark, unnatural extremes. The Church thus in ruddy exuberance bursting with socioeconomic demonstration of love to "these the least of my brethren" as well as to they who most conspicuously guard the towering walls. Or otherwise we have the creeping in of the spirit—the lack of a wedding-garment—of the noted interlopers: a Judaization, the mounting of dour ritual ablutions, to put it in precise Pauline terms. Multiplying a breed who then quickly become indistinguishable within what is rapidly transformed into a motley, indifferently-clad, dissipated crowd. Invaders who will soon enough leave the Church, and take the bulk of the faithful with them, in bored and jaded droves: as we have indeed seen only too well since a "window opening" Vatican II. Having desecrated all within, torn its ineffable beauty into tatters and shards. Leaving the old low and humming roar of vitality, along stolid cobbles in the nave, in olden days felt as much as heard, only a scarcely-remembered dream. Among they in the Church of our forefathers, who wore the wedding garments, who were clad in joy, sobriety, indeed not-infrequently in marvelous mirth as well, false opinions were most often laughable, even if few of these humble souls seemed to care much why or how. In that well-remembered day when law, labor and government, academy and song were Catholic to the core, when a solid joy filled the isles to the bursting point, to the belfry and beyond, that which was the most telling testimony to the truth of what was taught. For unless the Church takes up manfully its mandate, becomes the social, economic and political leaven it was meant to be—without which involvement realms of the moral and spiritual have no forceful application at all—then the very Church itself begins to die from within, its inimitable living motive force having been sapped in the most catastrophic way.

            June 16, 2012: Devotion to Mary and fruitfulness in good works as these apply to a bountiful and harmonious state. The vigor and joy of integral Catholicism neutralizes error and hostile infiltration.

            Of highest providential significance is the choice of the wedding feast at Cana as the site of the first public miracle of Jesus, taking place in a joyful social context, as a deed of communitarian bounty, rather than as some sole favor bestowed upon some one soul. The launching of Christ's public career with this prototypical act-of-cooperation of Our Blessed Lady and Our Blessed Lord likewise revealing it as a spiritual joint venture throughout, to be consummated in Mary's faithful steadfastness at the foot of the Cross. An interplay whereby she bears the glorious title Mediatrix of all graces and Co-Redemptrix, as well as Mother of Sorrows and Queen of Martyrs: with Mary's place in the manifold sequences of grace and deeds being thus unveiled in a village setting, with the imagery of wine suggesting a coming prodigality of good deeds, so many ripe practicality-related grapes on the vine of the Body of Christ, the Church. Mary supplying the womb-like atmosphere of docility and humility that is needed not only to bring about good deeds in individuals but also to see that the Church, society, the state, the neighborhood are transfigured in a deed-related good-ordering focusing especially on the most humble, redolent with the fragrance more of Heaven than of earth. Indeed reproduced in such a state are many of the divinely-anticipated joys of the Garden of Eden, had mankind not fallen there, making the timeliness of the imagery of Cana for our own day to be of the most urgent kind. Plainly, this opening of the divine public life with a Marian intercession on behalf of a community-in-miniature stands as an open rebuke to today's long-standing divorce of personal and official deed from faith, of individual spiritual devotion from the unction of the Holy Ghost as active in the social body as a whole. This highly-familiar disconnect occurring under the cold blast of Jewish social, political and economic values—the very motive force behind a celebrated New World Order—an alien spirit which in the age-old insidious way of the synagogue has gradualistically invaded the Catholic fold since the time of Phillip the Fair in the early 1300s, in an onslaught already anticipated in those "Judaizers" who labored to salt the soil of missionary ministrations of St. Paul to the early Christian fold. The one spirit being the utter nullification of the other, if always in glibly-excusable terms. The Gospel anointment of the Holy Spirit being designed as nutrient not only to personal spiritual enrichment but in the same circulatory process to nourish branches and tendrils of the mystical grapevine, producing a socially, economically and politically invigorated Body of Christ, as the glory of God indeed imperatively, and with rampant manifestation and open public acknowledgement, requires. The place of Mary in tending this vine, as revealed with such graphic and delightful imagery at Cana, being thus forgotten in our miserly "dog eat dog" time, together indeed with much of Marian devotion as a whole.

            Hence by early modern times Mary is increasingly given only a sort of lip service, in a neglect which corresponds with the noted rise of an alien synagogue spirit within the very Catholic fold, an invasion epitomized in the eruption of Jansenism and semi-Jansenism: devotionally-barren errors that are the mirror image of a Calvinism insidiously "jumped over the wall", destined to cling to the Church to this very day. False doctrines often appearing as outbursts of sanctimony following eras of unrestrained license, much like the dour self-righteousness of some of middle years after a decade or two of "sowing wild oats". Here being the root and epitome of an American Catholicism erected in post-Vatican-II bouts-of-delirium as the up and coming thing, with the overwhelming worldliness of the USA somehow touted as a reward for some "job well done". The already long-standing impoverished state of Catholicism in terms of fraternal and international material obligations, of the upholding of the sovereign rights of the Church, as well as of foreign states and societies, with Europe in all this being in many ways both teacher and pupil of the USA, finding inevitable reflection in a drying-up of social and personal affection which is Jansenism's calling-card, an atrophy coming in inevitable tandem with a mounting neglect in honoring the Mother of God. Gone being an essential kind of comprehensive Catholic devotion expressed in terms of material ministrations and obligations, prime object of solicitudes of a Heavenly Mother whose love, as is ever a mother's wont, is applied in deed more than in word. In diminishing measure, then, is the Faith since the thirteenth century conceived of in terms of an encompassing transformation of civil society such as epitomized the first Catholic and Christian millennium, with faithfulness of deed to word and belief destined to be abandoned as naïve, even childish, as the hubris of a new school of "righteous" or "enlightened ones" would know no bounds.

            Quite the contrary this "becoming as little children" is no naivety at all but a prerequisite for the Heavenly crown: an applying of things of heart and soul to matters at hand which finds its model and stoutest defender in Our Blessed Lady, as honored in an earlier stolidly-established Catholic state. She who by her celestial primacy is the Heavenly general of spiritual armies ranged around the Kingdom of God, in a militant conception of earthly spiritual life which by early modern times was essentially a forgotten memory, even if Catholic escutcheons still fluttered in the breeze. A Gospel "lip service" continuing indeed, even as the early-modern Catholic kingdom—let alone the modern Christian-populated secular state—evinced a commercially-rapacious and warrior-aggressive Jewish geopolitical ideology, most notably in trade and colonial policies where marrano Jews held well-disguised pride-of-place. Gone being the days of a Gospel-enjoined-and-predicted redemptive existence of a solidly-established Heavenly Kingdom, wrought in stone, wood and soil: that new and holier Jerusalem whose place was violently supplanted by intrigues of an atavistic, hard-nosed social, political and economic underworld Jewish to the very core. Inroads of heresy and of an early militant Islam operating most vigorously along politically-momentous global Jewish trade routes: all these with incalculable fury driving Catholic spirituality, let alone worthy vestiges of the once-indomitable Catholic state and social-body, entirely underground, back into the Gospel "inner chamber". Indeed with this celebrated image having by then gathered to itself a hermetical isolation never intended by Our Blessed Lord, Who with equal insistence demands that "our light not be hidden under a bushel basket", whose teachings regularly touch upon the good workings of state or neighborhood and the duty-bound place of the soul therein. That cooperative existence wherein alone the hermit contemplative, albeit as solitary as ever, has his rightful place. Hence within this blight upon the holy vine of the Church the adoption of a morbidly-"precious" spirituality without existential application to social, economic or political particulars of society at large comes as no more of a surprise than does an inseparable dearth of devotion to that celestial vine-tender, Our Blessed Lady. She whose ministrations at Cana dramatize forcefully her role in rendering grace—and mystical, intercessory prayer—prodigally fruitful in communitarian terms.

            Having today meekly denied any established place on this earth for Christian customs, for good works in the public realm, for a virtuous and pious official ordering, we have essentially denied the triumph of the Holy Cross and Resurrection, or treated it like something to hide away in our "inner chamber", as if it were something of which to be ashamed. Displaying as we do a cowardly Catholic timidity in place of the holy vigor of the first millennium, when St. Augustine wrote of Our Blessed Lady carrying the soul of each of us in her spiritual womb, until we be given birth in everlasting life, and when the Catholic Roman state, headed by the pope, although materially overshadowed by the pomp and circumstance of a caesaro-papist Byzantium, provided a now-forgotten mild, virtuous and fatherly model for Christian polities in their dealings with the various classes and with other sovereignties of Europe and beyond. We today by contrast having a Catholicism which meekly follows the same equivocating rules as the synagogue-dominated nations of these times, as if they were oracles of Heaven, while the individual citizen the world round is likewise advised to leave to others "more knowledgeable" grave matters of international affairs in particular, where the interests of the State of Israel instead of the See of Rome are given shameful, treacherous pride-of-place. With the See of Peter having lost its once-inseparable holy, virile and ebullient liberty almost completely with the rise of freemasonic secularist Italy and a New World Order of synagogue-dominated nations around the globe, after having itself succumbed to blandishments of Jewish bankers to a shameful degree. While within this compromised worldview they who would put themselves forward as activist or militant Catholics, at least the ones who draw exclusive media attention, are invariably of one radical extreme or the other: either of the now-highly-discredited "anything goes" school that came directly out of Vatican II, the advocates of a liberty which would totally deny the divine authority, on the one hand, or that Fox News or Randall Terry variety, with EWTN not far behind, who ply a patently hip-booted aggressive-warrior, neo-con (essentially neo-Nazi) official church idea of the faith, on the other. Catholicism for the latter recognizing only one virtue, the modern "bravery" of a Huxlian Brave New World: finding the chief duty of the Church in effect to back up the state "to the hilt" in almost all regards: this even if a loud show of protest is made over some one or two issues like legalized abortion. Claiming as they do that to address any other official evils—like the Napoleonic march of American troops around the world since an obviously false-flag 9/11—is to be disloyal and worthy of abuse, imprisonment, even death. These notorious Catholic-militarist outlets and individuals going so far as to invent a host of incredible fables about Muslims, or to ply the old fallacy that the exception is the rule, all of which slanders are typically-enough announced in coarse and perverted, vulgar and violent terms, while being mounted as the mark of the Catholic "real man". The medieval battle of Church versus state in the lay-investiture controversy having definitely been lost on all fronts in the minds of these cruel and craven figures, many of whom are infamous marrano Jews, or Jews-in-disguise.

            It is only now, when this dismal absence of the fatherly character of the genuine Catholic state, national or papal, finds the holy vine torn and barren, bearing only foul fruits of anti-popes, anti-councils, heresies and staggering scandals, that the grace is finally granted us to awaken as from a deep sleep in all these regards. A rousing anticipated by St. Louis DeMonfort in the early eighteenth century, in his prediction of the coming of a new Age of Mary, destined soon to actually surpass that of the Medieval-Marian Age of Faith. True Catholics since the veritable explosion of Marian apparitions of the past century and a half, at Lourdes, Banneaux, Fatima, Bouraing, La Salette and other places, turning once again with DeMontfort's True Devotion to the heartening companionship of this New Eve, Mary, if for now under humbler circumstances of a veritable "life in the trenches". A far cry from multifaceted heartening consolations of the high-medieval Catholic state. Mary being discovered again as our vine-tender, our directress in good deeds, indeed our general, "terrible as an army set in battle array", against the forces of evil ranged in such formidable terms against the Church, the neighborhood, the home, the for-now basically nonexistent Catholic state. That mystic polity once again to find foundations of stone, a state which holds far firmer title to legitimacy than any of the many Judeo-Masonic mockeries that hold pride-of-place now. A Catholic nation, popularly embraced in all lands, whose enthusiastically-welcomed reestablishment and expansion we must boldly and confidently bring into being, and in which attendant combat the numbers of our enemies are to be despised rather than feared. Here being that Reconquista to which indeed this Frankpledge Party and Anti-sodomy Crusade are undyingly consecrated, and for which we were indeed brought into being.

            Jewish perceptions of "the rest of men" as being inferior to themselves—that hubris upon which the elite futurism of the modern secular-messianic state is based—finds special justification in the easy trust that exists among most people—a universally-common element at the very heart of the Catholic polity—so much so indeed that the more this fellow-feeling abounds the more inferior some nation or people is regarded. While in stark contrast Jewish societies and organizations are noted for their "street-wise" individual self-reliance, and joint ventures of any kind are undertaken as alliances of cynicism and ruthlessness which act to concentrate an organizational acid potency in exponential terms. All this has a feel about it of great power, but it is entirely for evil and destructive ends, terminating not in life and love but in death and catastrophe, as Jewish history reveals. Indeed, the Catholic without his fellow Catholics is like a fish out of water, is "unwise in the ways of this world", or in terms of this very viciousness which Judaism prizes to the sky. However when united in mutual charity and patient harmony with one another Catholics make a veritable bulwark of strength which is prohibitively difficult to penetrate, one whose defeat requires that they be corrupted cunningly, typically under some sort of elaborate, densely-organized disguise. How this taking-on of the character of a termite or a flea can be thought of as superior is only indicative of the blindness that such a belief produces in the mind and soul.