Volume One of Against the New Fascism:

Now is the Time to Gird on the Sword





Following is an account of two years’ travels and on-the-scene strategy and reflection of a married couple of thirty-seven years, “out in the trenches” on an extended independent presidential crusade/campaign. The two crusaders having taken on nothing less than the interconnected Bush/Obama pre-natal/post-natal death-machine: working from out of their vintage-model travel trailer, pulling off wherever possible to display the bold lettering on the side of their rig. These warriors speaking as well to ad hoc groups or individuals who might stop: having been drawn by fiery words which forcefully indict the criminal leadership of today. While the embattled partners, Louis and Joann Zdunich, identify for all to see a secretive, controlling cabal—as revealed in the unfolding pages of this roughly-reverse chronology—the direct heirs indeed to Robert Kennedy’s enemy within, identified nearly fifty years ago in his soul-riveting book by that name. A cadre of ruthless elites whom the martyred presidential candidate predicted would destroy the national economy within a few short years. Which treacherous unraveling, now entering its final stage, began indeed on the very heels of his assassination. Biblically-identified “masters of deceit”, astute manipulators of sovereign-level political power, who in our own day, in pursuit of a panoply of destructive aims, have likewise erected an apparently-stout but woefully-contrived polarity between standard pro-life sentiments, on the one hand, and public outrage over a thinly-disguised, provocateur-arranged Napoleonic warfare and the torture of detainees, on the other. Thus as it were neatly dividing the nation, propelling it into what can only be described as warring camps.

Between these two artificially-invented hosts—with many-an incendiary slogan standing out like halberds or pikes against an angry polemical sky—lies a sort of no-man’s-land frontier behind which doughty patriots of either stripe march in a resolute, vindictive, lock-step column and line. And when not thus occupied shout cat-calls at one another of an increasingly provocative kind. A certain profound trivialization of the soul being involved here, with a so-called Christian leadership, one of whose critical purposes is to bring integrity, moral nobility to human life, showing itself instead perfectly game for this culture of contrived confrontation between equally hideous sides. Uprighteously choosing sides between alleged polar causes, among a gamut of mass-atrocities that however spreads “from war to the womb”, as one of the earlier noted traveling signs indeed announced, like an oil-slick of the most uniform kind. A deadly spectrum of pre-natal/post-natal anti-life policies ranging from a cynical “factory-stimulating” aggressive war: that hideous moral bane of modern life which sacrifices distant populations and our own most promising young to a pitiless Aztec god. A global genocide which goes from there to a feverishly-advanced but medically-fruitless embryonic stem-cell research, which some Republicans support as well. A monstrous sequence-of-atrocities whose implacable appetite for human life consumes as well, by slow death, by thirst, starvation or other such means, ever-mounting numbers of Terri Schiavos. This deadly heap of inconceivably-wicked deeds, finally, culminating lately in the fanatical anti-life loyalties of the sodomy-marriage crowd: who would make the family a contemptuously-despised memory in a global village of the damned. This world of political polarities being one of mass-prefabricated ideology: a catch-phrase-ridden mummery in which deeper wellsprings of mind or soul have nothing to say, or only variable or debatable parts to play. A breach planned by ever-astute interlopers behind the scenes not only to bitterly divide but also and by whatever means possible to advance a generic culture of killing, of destruction, of “whatever” (the post-natal/pre-natal homicide-inured) “traffic will bear”. All this while public outrage over detention-camp horrors or aggressive warfare or the tender mercies of today’s medical profession plainly spring from perfectly-identical moral and spiritual instincts sublime.

The deeper problem today is a hard-nosed Catholicism, a “street-wise” Christianity absolutely, diametrically opposed to the message of Christ—Who has indeed been basically outlawed in His own Church—a contrary alternative expressly and astutely designed by the age-old enemies of the Savior. They who have gained complete control of every facet of public life, who use technology as a cynical means to an end, while taking care to infiltrate Catholicism in particular, in the most thoroughgoing way. With this incomparably evil project having begun in earnest at the wildly-celebrated anti-council, Vatican II. The one true Faith, when sincerely believed and practiced, being saturated with love and mercy, hardly being so callous as to carelessly exchange one kind of homicide for another. Or to erect race, wealth and elitism as domestic deities in a pantheon at which preside the bloody Aztec demon noted above. For obviously enough, we jettison our humanity when we accept the firebombing of Afghan or Pakistani villages, while breezily celebrating a rocketing stock market directly barometric to the fortunes of war: all because of a 9/11 whose origins are as cryptic and dubious as the sinkings of the Lusitania or the Maine. Historical incidents that were milestones in the gradual adoption of a factory-friendly Orwellian or Huxlian sort of “bravery” to suit a “brave new world”. One said to be positively lurking with terrorists at every turn.

Here is a constantly touted lie whose exponents don’t shrink from performing grizzly, self-fulfilling provocateur deeds: triggering hostilities which pay dividends in unprecedented levels of elitist wealth and power. This new terrorism-doctrine—as of “a whole new kind of combat”—being both end-and-means, both cause-and-effect, a totality which meets you “coming and going”. And which keeps our troops—and corporate consultants—firmly planted on foreign soil. For a “long haul” whose sole purpose is to drain the wealth of far-away lands. Paying trillion-dollar debts with the “wealth of nations”, while finding an exotic, “adventurous” new way to keep aircraft and weapons factories “rolling” when older excuses for “industrially necessary” wars have become “obsolete”. A fabulous fabrication of globalist fiends—enemies above all of the One True Faith—whose deadly, alluring siren-song must be rejected with all the reasoned conviction of our minds. An incendiary doctrine having nothing whatever to do with patriotism properly understood. A project pitiless not only to other nations but to our own very young, an earlier version of which in the case of the noted turn-of-the-twentieth-century ships gave occasion for our participation in two other wars. Jingoistic justifications for which were later to be shrouded in an ignominy few now seem inclined to explore. A close-kin treacherous, monstrous event, 9/11, having later been unloaded upon us, during the Administration of the worst gloating liars the White House has ever seen.

Childishly-credulous, then, with a fatal twist of the monstrously blasé, is the hope that we can save the babies when we give this hyper-secretive, Obama-endorsed-and-inherited death-machine more power each day, at home and abroad. Typically in ever-more-sweeping and unquestionable “Patriot Act” (read here Traitor Act) Christmas-recess legislation, or yet again in “trade-offs” in post-natal/pre-natal alternating anti-life legislation, of “bitter Congressional opponents” who then no doubt go off to lunch together, arm-in-arm.

This calculated see-saw process steadily deadens man’s divinely-implanted moral instincts: infallibly preparing a generation that will be yet-more-ghoulish than the one that went before. Moral sensitivities being tender perennials which can scarcely survive the cold blasts of cynicism of the Chamber floor. To which “leaders” we answer a resounding no, that we will not bloody our souls with their death machine, nor suborn our hearts by a standard citizen-complicity of silence, urged with false-loyalty’s sickly tones. That by which personal consciences succumb internally—where the real battle lay—to this new anti-life duality hoax by the day. In a new level of cynicism by which in fact we glibly mock and despise nothing so much as our own Christian Faith. Bush the Butcher or Jack the Ripper—it makes no difference in the end—now become the “friend of the unborn child”: in the surreal world of an abominable see-saw which breezily bargains away life-in-the-womb in one Congressional session, and the lives of our own young, and of innocent peoples overseas, in the next.

As suggested above, rejected here too is an extended executive, legislative and judicial itinerary which takes in the intended permanent institutionalization of an iniquitous sodomy here in the USA as well: another “trade-off” to placate bottomless appetites of Hell. That biblically-identified abomination which will ultimately and quickly prove much more prejudicial to human life than any of its political forebears. This infernal institution epitomizing in lurid colors the noted hardening or vulgarization of mind, a stout conduit to monstrous policies ever-more-brazen, inevitably to follow in a scarcely-conceivable line. The overwhelmingly-Christian majority having come to tolerate a see-sawing of “rights” between themselves and a profane and tiny minority whose ideas a mere few decades ago were confined to dark alleys, were never heard of in the broad light of day. For obviously there can ultimately be no law when every obscure, bizarre or hideous constituency—not excluding even those very Satanists whose inverted “law” is to break all the commandments, including the fifth, precepts upon which genuine law is based—is given equal standing, “equal time”. This steadily-emboldening sodomy being a ribald and essentially coercive radical-incontinency, a final assault of a Satan who singularly and viciously execrates human life, the human soul—made in ineffable purity to lovingly contemplate the Divine Being—and all things it holds sacred and dear. These sodomites instituting a statutory “marriage” which abhors even life’s momentary conception, and which will unerringly draw down upon mankind a divine anger such as consumed detestable Sodom and Gomorrah of old. This new sodomy onslaught, in a battle supposedly entrenched along rigid party lines, being a nihilistic sexual anti-life which however meets with rare equanimity on the crypto-political dark side of the moon. Ranging from recent expressions of approval of sodomy-marriage by Dick Chaney, to Obama’ bald and open sodomy-advocacy, to the second Bush Administration’s blank-faced, blasé, de facto exoneration of the wholesale sodomizing of “prisoners of war”. Together with a host of other strange bi-partisan associations too cryptic or nebulous to explore. By which facts plainly looms a “contest” basically conceded before a single shot is fired. The establishment of an utter lack of respect or love for the human person being the “bi-partisan” outcome here, in either case: after which the achievement of the whole gamut of anti-life policies—“from war to the womb”—will be like the Marxian-revolutionary “kicking in of the rotten door”.

Such contemptuous vilification and subsequent butchery of humanity, rampaging like a stream-in-flood upon the muddy banks of human history, has perennially been withstood by the Catholic Church alone. The true Rome—little heard from today—having alone been morally strong and universal enough to overcome all of history’s many anti-life cabals: intrigues hardly strangers to the annals of time. Whether we speak of a centuries-long, seemingly-uncontainable Manichaean or Albigensian hatred of the human body: a hideous error which endorsed all non-procreative forms of sex as “pure”, simply because they didn’t result in that most-hated of events, the birth of a human being. Or of the more insidious anti-life of a form of economics which for centuries now brings us industrially-“necessary” wars and a “dog eat dog” socio-moral world. A worldview fought conspicuously and courageously by the popes of the nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries. Anti-life evils—in a combat whose trenches will never be abandoned, whose last shot won’t be fired til the end of time—ranging consecutively in an age-hoary line, culminating in the historically-contiguous diabolical hatred of humanity embodied in the present-day Bush/Obama warfare against post-natal/pre-natal man. By which in heartless, bullying “theaters of war” the most innocent are destroyed, whole nations consumed, whole populations displaced. While persons with little or no evidence against them are breezily trans-mutated from “suspicious looking” to “detainee” and thence to unspeakably-tortured “prisoners of war”. And from thence either kept indefinitely confined, or released on some strange sidewalk, mentally broken, physically destroyed. This all the while heroic references are made to founding documents of Western democratic life: eloquent assertions which after a certain point stand out plainly as a mockery of the people and their political beliefs alike.

Americans, have we no conscience, have we no Faith? That we allow such abominations to continue, that we fail to rise, to defend the defenseless, to harbor innocent lives? At last rejecting with contempt, and with courageous deeds the “unfortunate necessities” and “bitter pills” of “economists” and other “experts”, dictators and perverts, who now forge us heavier chains than those we already wear? On an earth upon which modern technology is well-able to create wealth in overflowing abundance, but upon which a miserly elite reserves it all to a tiny few. All the while we fight wars—and endure anti-life policies—which keep these biblically-identified, double-talking fiends firmly in control.

A fatal national flaw favoring this foreign and domestic policy polarity/radicalism, one with stout ideological and financial connections to Nazism and Communism alike—broader allegedly-contradictory historical watersheds of the dichotomy summarized above—is a Judeo-Calvinist exaggeration of the doctrine of Original Sin. A view which erects polar “elect” or “chosen” conditions at every turn, mounting divides whether of race, income, national descent or a host of other grades or categories of every kind. A native fanaticism which in undiminished age-hoary Reformer zeal finds human nature through the Fall not just morally-wounded—as the sound, Catholic and immemorial doctrine states—but rather radically depraved. And conversely finds the fancifully-determined “good” to be singularly “chosen”, starkly set apart. By contrast with which bizarre categoricals the true doctrine finds humanity’s primordial wound—akin in a way to the Thomistic definition of evil—to be nothing positive or substantial in itself—but rather to be comprised of a simple lack of exalted privileges once prodigally bestowed. Gifts of sovereign control over a lower nature which in the Garden once suited man for a life supernaturally-endowed, morally sublime. A good God feeling no need to wound us further than we had already wounded ourselves: man thus after the Fall not really becoming intrinsically vicious, evil, some sort of titanic fiend—as a dominant Calvinist Americana (handily) finds darkly-“foreknown” races, nations and classes in particular to be—but rather simply and universally weak and frail, doubtful and hesitant of inward metal or mien. 

Plainly of a piece with this radical, “heroic” ideology—akin to a widow-and-orphan-exploiting Jewish ritual purity rejected out-of-hand by our good and merciful Lord—with yet-more-sinister links to a noted Manichaean, super-sanitary, “enlightened” world of Lucifer—is the prevalent idea that the unclean world of everyday practice or policy is something entirely separate from that of genuine, full-blooded virtue and right. Indeed that the condition of this earth as a place of testing not only makes for dire conflict but furthermore renders virtue and justice—both privately and a fortiori in the “vulgar” public sphere—abject losers from the word go. Not only among those (mostly swarthy) masses condemned as lost from the start, but even among an elect regarded collectively as a sort of divinely-spoilt child allowed to run wild, pulling up flowers and shrubbery in global-neighborhood or park. Since it is at this pivotal point that the modern-day “born again” doctrine comes into full and odious play: that radical faith-without-works paradigm which, as is obscenely-obvious in U.S. foreign and domestic policy—and increasingly in our everyday existence—gives the “saved” a virtual chart-blanch to commit every sort of brutality or heartless crime. Since according to the same ever-racist-convenient radical take on Original Sin, even the elect aren’t really made good by grace, aren’t really purified from the inside out—hardly experiencing mystic summits of saints of yore—but merely have a “garment of righteousness” thrown over a humanity still radically depraved. A “whited sepulcher full of dead men’s bones”, a moral abortuary positively reeking with moral decay, supremely convenient to the siren-song of greed.

Here then plainly is a prime notional springboard from which the above-described polarity take an Olympian dive, and a foreign policy abominable in the extreme takes its cue. The whole idea of national virtue and nobility being allowed to “fall between the cracks” of the morally-enervating Congressional see-saw agenda noted above: since for one thing its all predestined, decided ahead of time, according to a tidy Buckle-hatted doctrine eagerly and uprighteously inherited from colonial times. So that the “good” will be “rewarded”, and the “wicked” punished, falling under the scythe of a Grim Reaper who never breaks his global stride. A perfectly-earthly playing-out of a salvation-doctrine across the quadrants of what is blank-facedly conceded to be an essentially evil—or at least incurably infidel or agnostic—world. Above which the Judeo-American “elect” or “chosen ones” sail with sovereign “elected” “purity”. In a reading of Gospel words about the same “world”, furthermore—in exact parallel to errors regarding human nature and the soul—patently heretical and despairing in the extreme. The whole fabulous fiction—in elected “Puritan” ironies that mount to the very sky—meekly permitting the mighty tree of the national integrity of our saner forefathers to be sawed down without so much as a requiem. A stately evergreen come to be thought of as a mere attractive but unessential ornament: at most something to remember sentimentally at patriotic-holiday time. With the two major parties and allied hangers-on realistically “getting down to business” like beefy woodsmen manning opposite “ideological” handles of a timber-felling whip-saw of the most efficient kind.

This kind of privileged or “elected” American condition—of a Calvinism whose morbidity decays by nature into an aggressive Jewish ideology essentially Marxian/Nietzschean in character—has been the major reality in world history since Lexington: although in fact it is entirely contrived, and prevents us from attaining anything like the real national greatness we could in reality achieve. While furthermore rendering us game for each new elite-catering, nation-prostrating Judeo-Masonic illusion, acting like a carrot on a stick for delusional minds. Of some new “enemy” that must be destroyed. Ah, and then the world will be “safe for democracy”, and we can all live in prosperity and peace.

Obviously, if public and international life is thought of in terms of sharp-edged and fatal poles, of summarily-determined damned and elected, even of “friends” and “enemies” of “freedom”, then there is no real place for negotiation, for concession, for a humane consideration of claims. Since all is reduced to this mythical sort of point-proving; to a way of life essentially juvenile, infantile in its levels of perception or sensitivity to life-and-death realities among the community of men. Among whom the judgment of souls and nations is reserved to God alone: at a bench which fathoms infinite complexities of hearts and minds, hidden from the gaze of humankind. This long-standing condemnatory posture however uniquely favoring a global Synagogue which astutely and dispassionately divides and rules. While from these reflections must inevitably come the ultimate awareness that treason against humanity is treason against native land; that there can be no contradiction between the two.

This dominant yin/yang of the pure and the foul, “the foot once in the door”, finds vindictive application in every realm, as in a modern American medicine which seeks radical drug-and-surgery-oriented “cures” where a simple and merciful prevention—a healing of simple Original-sin-related infirmities—more tractable “wounds” rather than massive medical equivalents of the morally “depraved”—would easily and readily prevail. Great and illusory battles of “good and evil” being invented in doctor’s office or on hospital floor, where none genuine will of themselves come forth. Favoring a mass mindset which readily falls prey to ever-mutating diseases or “pandemics” said by some to be bred in laboratories for human-experimental designs. As popes of old indeed warned, regarding medieval equivalents of an overwhelmingly-Jewish-dominated “medicine” of our day and time. Fatal and depraved expectations being readily, starkly, startlingly fulfilled. Today to be sprung on populations in airborne particulates released from the wings or bellies of planes. In great clouds such as this writer and his wife themselves—and many others as well—have observed, dumbfounded, coming from these huge crafts. In our own case, when we were camped just outside Superior, Arizona, one fine day, with prevailing winds no doubt depositing the contagion squarely upon neighboring population centers. Here being perhaps found the “final solution” of leaders who in a moment of “panic” sunk us in debts which can never be repaid, at least not while populations are adequately fed, housed and otherwise maintained.

As the above might well suggest, one unfailing result of this fatal bifurcation, debouching on the Senate floor in this perverse and illusory “equal time” axiom—which works so efficiently toward the destruction of all real moral good—is the stolid satanic erection of a contrary, hostile and completely independent “world” in each age. This in ceaseless, remorseless opposition to the Kingdom of God. A dark counter-kingdom—fabulously fed on tax-dollars meant to foster the noted genuine law, to nurture moral good—ultimately anticipated by these “masters of deceit” as being rampantly victorious: and this in a fast-approaching time. A cosmic black-hole, a spiritual anti-matter realm, this evil world coarsely claiming “equal rights” for wrongs which quickly and brutally gain the upper hand over customs mild, enlightened and good. A dark universe however addressed forthrightly, majestically by Our Blessed Lord in His burning words: “Since you are not of the world, the world hates you. But take courage: I have overcome the world”.

Plainly, souls must work out their salvation amid very real consequences of Original Sin, a milieu in which the devil is given power to test and persecute us. This dark totality, then, is the “world” of which Jesus speaks. And those who follow it “hate the Light”. However and with equal plainness this divine statement is no act of abject surrender, such as is counseled on the Capital Hill of today, but rather and as the words that follow last indicate, it is a declaration of final victory, an unfurling of the colors of the triumph of the Son of God, of the Holy Cross. “Take courage, for I have overcome the world”. It is a Preciously-Blood-stained struggle in which we remain steadfast, confident, our faces “set like flint”. The Good Lord here rather only portrays this life with vigorous accuracy as a combat of good against evil: one in which Our Blessed Lady, the New Eve, if we will follow her humble lead, crushes the head of the foe under her maiden feet. A ceaseless battle in which our own personal choice—of decisive consequence for all eternity—comes clean. It is a battle in which all men of goodwill must vigorously join: they whom we have found on this Crusade to be an overwhelming majority, if one cowed and excessively “silent”. Enlistees in a mortal struggle innate to our human nature, the potential heir to a supernatural estate. Here being a critical conflict proper to our very inner composition of intellect and will, with valid law being the inflexible ally of the substantial, the good, bolstering with resounding clarity an ever-constructive moral law “written on the human heart”.

Furthermore, wherever the True Faith—divinely revealed, marvelously and supernaturally completing the same interior natural law—is once established in the hearts of the people, then law and the state are built around the Catholic Church as well. As around a bulwark of the most immense and stalwart kind. Comprising an exalted estate toward which all nations tread, some, it is true,  in a more circuitous way than others. That destination—willingly embraced—which constitutes true progress in every respect. Progressing as all nations do toward the Church as toward the very pinnacle of their national life, and the supernatural fulfillment of their deepest and oldest native aspirations as well.

Hence manifestly “the world”, as touted by libertines, as indeed identified in the same words by Our Blessed Lord, has no validity of its own. That world which commonly manifests itself—on the job, in the neighborhood, in places of public resort—as the disorderly, tumult-breeding pirate-gang of the “the group”. That which is the subject-matter of modern godless “democracy”, brought us by the Judeo/Masonic cabal. That which is nothing other than mass rebellion against true law, ever based on the law of God, both as revealed and as planted in the human mind and heart. An irrational group-rebellion aided immensely by the disorderly passions unleashed so readily through the wound of Original Sin. Embodying that abominable political totality which has taken two centuries and more to “come clean”. Which as with a harlot’s saccharin words beguiles successive generations of men, dazzled by a “progress” of ingratiating mien.

This serpentine, roiling sort of “democracy”, then—a lackey to unruly passion, a veritable anti-matter opposite of true and orderly self-rule—is easily invested with all the perfidious powers of Hell. A force which readily comes up against genuine, divinely-blessed, popularly-participated authority, in revolts and insubordinations of all kinds. This profane “lowest common denominator” phenomenon—of sodomites and other traitors who struggle to rule the day—being the vessel of that satanism which presently assails the globe. With its false but much-made-over “progress”, false patriotism, false and brutally oppressive global unity, childless weddings of a hideous, execrable kind. It is this increasingly-global abomination against which we crusade, seeking to establish true order and a “peace which the world cannot give”, in the place of the chaos of these perverted times.

But in the usual deceptive legalese of our day, and true to the cunning nature of the infernal foe, the quibbling, tortuous and circuitous is the route-of-choice, so that the comprehensive moral-surrender described above is in some circles encompassed in the uniquely harmless tones of a redefinition of the word ethics. A vague sort of ever-changing consciousness of the correct being the progressive new meaning of the old term: a once-venerable expression however understood from time-immemorial as signifying simply the moral law, written universally on the human heart. In ethics as it is specifically and precisely applied to the innumerable nuances of professional or commercial affairs, with each of which all need not concern themselves: hence explaining the restricted or less-frequent use of the term. Ethics being from the start however accepted as a legal or marketplace version of the same morality, the same “law of God written on the human heart”, perfected in the Holy Gospel, recognized in major contours since Hammurabi. A weighing-standard codified in the Ten Commandments, now turned on its head, replaced by a mockery increasingly determined by those sodomites and other elites who presently rule the day. The astute imposition of this idea of the legal or professional as morally distinct from the practical or domestic suggesting slyly too that law is of no moral consequence; that morality is determined entirely at church, at home, around the table or in the backyard. This utterly false and gratuitous dichotomy—recalling the above-noted artificial divide between today’s pre-natal and post-natal mass extermination—in turn producing a veritable moral killing field out there at school or on the street. A moral abortuary with which parents must contend, and accept all the blame if they fail to vanquish, in molding the character of a child. An “ethics” thus glibly claimed to be “non-normative”, or related to no particular moral system or set-of-beliefs: although it is plainly the creed-of-choice of the Jews, of the “synagogue of satan”, that in all this is being astutely and assiduously imposed. And the values of Christ entirely banished from public affairs.  This whole massive institution of modern-day “ethics” in many ways amounting to a flagrant unity of synagogue and state at the very highest and most-prestigious of levels, such as has never before been conceived in the minds or constitutions of men. The catastrophic laws-in-flux that inevitably result plainly amounting to the death of nations in their deepest identities, in any sense of moral or cultural continuity. With dead bodies of states designed to be filled by the values of a globalist, alien, “futuristic” domain. One in which glistening, super-sanitary technologies—enjoyed by a dwindling “worthy” few—are held to compensate for fathomless losses of the soul and mind. Affairs of the public forum indeed and manifestly dominating the whole complex totality of the human sphere: whose radical if gradual redefinition must adversely affect human life in a grave and mortal way. A gradualistic new “progress” typically constituting a deadly biblical “serpent whose bite we do not perceive”: a hissing to whose sound we have become accustomed, lulling us into a slumber from which we do not awake.

This “ethics”, then, is the province of modern secular “democracies” which claim in brazen self-assurance to be a moral law entirely unto themselves. To this degree by definition ipso facto radically-illegitimate modern states—crassly ignoring the authority of God—which seek only their own glory, and that of their glowering master in Hell. And which are raised expressly to eradicate all traces of Our Lord Jesus Christ—indeed of anything sacred or sublime—from the public—and ultimately even the private—existences of men.

Plainly, assertions of these oily-tongued biblical “masters of deceit”, “enemies of man’s salvation” (Catholic rite of exorcism) don’t even merit a reply; we “cast our pearls before swine” in attempting to justify justice to these “blind leading the blind”. They whose day is coming: when “as smoke is driven away, so shall they be driven; as wax melts before the fire, so the wicked perish at the presence of God” (psalms and Catholic exorcism). In fact and as suggested above a preponderance of “wickedness in the high places” (ibid) which gives currency to such a hideous falsehood is sustained by only a tiny few, well under 5%. This elite furthermore—and most importantly of all—being able to keep the reins of power firmly in their grip only through the top-heavy sort of remote-control, “at large” paper-“democracy” that presently oppresses the USA, and from there the entire globe. And of which our military and diplomatic corps are indeed the earth’s premier and ever-pontificating, Napoleonic enforcers.

As a final insult to the human mind, look at the web, or listen to certain radio or TV commentators, and observe how “answers” to these stark evils presently multiply like mushrooms in a morning sun. With websites in particular abounding which reproduce (without any acknowledgment) and sometimes word-for-word almost everything we say here, or on our own url, but which blankly substitute for our pacific and immemorial Catholic sure means some bizarre new quick-fix. Some lone formula perhaps counseling us simply to pray—or to make an “altar call”—or to annihilate the Muslims—or to go to Medjugorje—or to blame the “Khazars”, and so on. Prescriptions each of which is touted as an unquestionable imperative, all the while the same breathless people wring their hands in despair. But what we propose here is no such panacea, but only the dependable path of the Catholic ages, that which has been found equal to every challenge: a Gospel Way expounded here in a manner which addresses the treacheries and complexities of our times. While a further deception constantly plied by clever tyrants of today is a harsh, vindictive condemnation of certain scapegoats who may or may not have anything to do with the treasons detailed here. Thus the “deranged” government scientist who was saddled with the entire blame for the Anthrax murders, those heartless atrocities used with great effect to keep us at war. Or the occasional throwing out on the public square of some Blagojevich, to be hacked to pieces by a court-system under the control of the very worst enemies of the land.  

Hence against the present system we mount the Frankpledge Party together with an inseparable political-economy interwoven in an organizationally-distributive way. Answering many problems at once in manner both pious and practical—as our feeble human condition always so critically requires—with these two fibers of human existence, the earthly and the spiritual, joined together in an inseparable fabric, both flexible and strong. A walk, a way-of-life which does indeed allow goodness a place in the sun: being tied inseparably to the direct policy-making input of that common man to whom justice and virtue have a practical, everyday meaning. He with whom “the buck stops” being the one in whom publicly-established and enforced justice, mercy, and the other virtues achieve practical personal advantages potent in the extreme. That ordinary citizen who has no private pad or paradise to lift off to, to escape the consequences of his own decisions or deeds, or those of others more powerful than himself. A common citizen—the keeper of the nation’s soul—to whom rhetorical slogans mean far less than the assiduous application of justice and morality to the task or situation at hand.

Hence in order to counter the above-detailed, all-points-anti-life menace to nation and mankind, we, Louis and Joann Zdunich, have founded the noted Frankpledge Party, modeled after the ten-head-of-household medieval and earlier Asian-and-European tribal sociopolitical unit, once known in England under that name. There being a certain indispensable social dynamic built into man, called distributism, one which he ignores at his own grave risk, one which critically requires expression in his political structures, one which alone truly enables self-rule: a very practical rule-of-thumb without which the latter remains but an empty dream. Hence this frankpledge, this unit of social, political and economic life, one which builds entirely from the bottom up, which is as natural to mankind as the hive is to the bee, which effectively bypasses above-described barren and self-seeking elites who ruthlessly and perversely divide and rule. Whose sole talent is an oily facility at eloquent speech. A frankpledge which at the same time respects and even venerates those innately-power-limited and legitimate, personally-committed and reverse-looped offices and structures that rise upward in an expediting and protective way from the homely but indomitable precincts of the common man. Here being a densely-yet-loosely interwoven system referred to repeatedly in the following pages: the only one that fully honors the supernatural destiny and innate human dignity of man. A system which ably-yet-patiently considers the needs of the time, rather than hustling the citizen off to rapacious, elite-catering policies and unjust wars. A Frankpledge Party and system which follows rigorously the Savior’s sole and singular political rule, to paraphrase: “let the greatest of you be as the least and the least as the greatest”.

But in order to keep their dictatorial control, the answer of the noted “enemies of man”—a people to be discussed in more detail below—is invariably to change the playing field, to alter this critical distributive configuration of political or economic life. A strategy which might easily begin with a great display of largesse, or the announcement of new vistas of popular liberty or power, obtained through all those sometimes-fantastic things that “money can buy”. Perhaps procured through loans on easy terms for intimidating armaments, and so on. All the while the old way is disparaged as backward, miserable, pathetic. A change in fundamentals which will however end in popular disadvantages untold. For when mankind departs from the loose-knit unity of distributism he is like a fish out of water, he becomes confused, disoriented, and is readily channeled into deadly whirlpools and eddies like unjust war, or unfair, elite-catering, rapacious domestic policies. For when man departs from the simple and natural way of his forefathers he finds himself at once confronted by artificially-imposed “necessities” that quickly turn midwife to evils of every sort. This change to a dynamic of a weird new kind being invariably effected through some heroic proclamation of “progress”: a concept which contains in itself this idea of a whole new phenomenology, a radical changing of the rules. While the answer to this shrewd treason is to be found in the strategy of Hezbollah, of the Taliban: people who are only insisting on the popular nature of genuine self rule. And the micro-local way in which it preserves and defends itself.

Finally, a last prefatory word is in order about the Jews: a topic intimated above, dealt with unabashedly throughout this book. My desire is to do perfect justice to them in every respect, to recognize them for the utterly unique phenomenon that they really are, as well as to give full credit to the staggeringly important position they occupy in today’s world. Pursuant to which desire—in which there can plainly be no such thing as “hate language”—the nomenclature employed by Our Blessed Lord is unsurpassed in its precision. Terming the Jews as He does in the Holy Gospels, variously as the “Synagogue of Satan” or the “enemies of mankind”, He clearly means unequivocally to mark them out as the very standard-bearers of the devil’s way-of-life, his foul ceremonial agenda for mankind. So that in this characterization the Savior provides us a vivid picture of everything we must reject if we are to save our souls, and in a just and fitting way to perpetuate the commonweal. Indeed in all this the Jews may be said in a certain very real sense to do us a great service: in thus elucidating for us the principle struggles of life in such clear and simple terms.

Of equally staggering significance down through the Christian ages has been an internal struggle between true Catholics and biblically-identified “Judaizers” within the Church itself, with this desperately-fought pitch-battle having indeed been the defining feature of the anno domino ages, a furious theater-of-contest already in Apostolic times. A combat portrayed forcefully in the Epistles, an unrelenting warfare to be fought amid the trenches of each new issue of ecclesiastical life, of each new historical challenge within the Catholic fold. Settings in which the “blessed of my Father” have been locked in sanguine struggle with cunning elites who would pretend to know better than God.  To swim against the voluminous stream of the loving and sweet, authentic and mild “mind of the Church”.

But these agents of insinuation, of infiltration, are too voracious in their desires, too ambitious in their goals to be satisfied with gaining the precincts of the pulpit, high altar or vestibule: rather is the special and most undying aim of Jew and Judaizer alike to salt the soil of the Catholic state, to prevent the Church from having any influence on either public culture or the formation of law. Vitiating the spirits of the faithful who go out the double doors of a Sunday morn, thwarting their realization of the perennial cult/culture/law sequence whereby true nationhood is most intrinsically defined. That entirely natural, indispensable maturation process whereby the legal/political life of the land is the terminal of the religious/cultural mix. Hence for instance is Hinduism generously accommodated within the political life of India: hardly being self-righteously, categorically excluded in the same fanatical way as is Christianity in the USA. Nor for that matter is Animism prevented from being a deciding element in the determination of African custom or law. Christian and especially Catholic peoples—unique among the nations—having since medieval times been increasingly thwarted in concrete ways—under a thick cloud of well-thought-out excuses—but always ultimately through the machinations of synagogue-originating financial power. Catholicism having been rendered impotent in these insidious ways in the production of a culture—let alone a law or political order—which bears the image of the Savior. This especially since the days of a heavily-subverted Vatican II, and those “Catholic” politicians like Edward Kennedy who were the odious synod’s political personification, and who received immense glorification among Catholics in those very terms. 

This already-striking picture—of Jewish perfidy—already provided us in pages of Holy Writ, is cut into further bold relief, as if by a skillful Heavenly chisel, in a portrayal of Our Lord’s co-nationals as deeming themselves “not like the rest of men”. This personification of a whole people being found in a parable of a certain Pharisee, one discovered preening himself in the Temple for all to see. A disobedient, stiff-necked and proud nation to be joined quickly and inseparable, just after the Ascension, by look-alike protégés and “creatures” in the Christian fold, and later-still in Western society at large. While parallels with the devil continue in a Jewish depravity with respect to the tongue, with the Jews being identified by the same all-holy Jesus as children of the arch-fiend “father of lies”. Even as, finally, the Old-Testament illustrates graphically the unjust desire of the Jews—already back then—to engage in aggressive warfare, as well as in other acts of twisted, diabolical cruelty against other nations and men. In combats going well beyond the initial—and only disobediently-fragmentary—destruction of the Canaanite tribes: they whom the Jews were indeed commanded to utterly extirpate from the earth. These tribes—to the degree they should concern men any longer at all—having been principally symbolic of the seven capital sins—which must indeed be utterly extirpated in the human soul—“rooted up and torn down”—if justice, holiness and peace are to properly ensue. In a One True Faith—utterly and continuously rejected by the Synagogue—which is chiefly spiritual in its overall significance, and hardly concerned with the vulgar trivia of conquest, rapine or the gathering of spoils. The Good God hardly having commanded the destruction of the Canaanites as being only the first of many nations to be utterly consumed, in a gamut ultimately held to include all the nations of men. This however being plainly the millennial, unwavering Jewish interpretation of Holy Writ, their remorseless economic and proxy-political/military aim and desire. Ceaselessly played out through the ages of history being a financially-driven “chosen people” objective for which surrogates like the USA, with tiring regularity, are only convenient tools, to be discarded when used up, or when others more pliable or exploitable appear. Each newly-deluded nation being acclaimed as “bearing the torch” of some new notion of “progress”, some bloodthirsty gospel of conquest, some radical and rapacious idea of “liberty”, to bring age-old, backward barbarity and enslavement to the children of men. After which these “masters of deceit”, with humanity hopelessly at odds, then astutely and dispassionately divide and rule.

In addition to the above, in this wholesale descent into basest abominable depths, the Jews are revealed compellingly, in a study of both Testaments, to have shamelessly succumbed to a culture of the most degrading vice, falling deeply under the influence of the very same Canaanite tribes they had been divinely commanded to destroy. Developing a repulsive proclivity toward everything from cannibalism and infant-sacrifice to sodomy: with hideous Jewish-sponsored modern-day equivalents both bald-faced and more-sophisticated in kind. While sodomy was destined from earliest times to grow as a national trait, by periodic royal-family-led leaps and bounds, culminating just before the time of Our Blessed Lord in the abject surrender of Jewish laity and priesthood alike to the sodomy “gymnastics” of the Greek conqueror Antiochus Epiphanes. A riotous depravity introduced sacrilegiously into the very Temple of God. An ugly national torrent of perversity bursting forth, one which would manifest itself later in the ribald court of Herod, before whose foul adjudicatory gaze Our Blessed Lord would not so much as speak, or trade a glance. A national trait, finally, which would accompany the post-dispersion Diaspora wherever it went, with these “men in soft garments” spreading slime, like the biblical snail, in the courts and “palaces of kings”, and everywhere else where their influence might somehow be felt. A poisonous proclivity, in this and other respects, attested in an especially graphic way in the eighteen Councils of Toledo of the Church of Visigoth Spain. And as is born-out across the centuries in today’s Jewish role at the very vanguard of the entire sodomy-“marriage” campaign.

In fine, and critical to any understanding of the times we find ourselves in now, the Jews see the ranging, soul-wrenching, tragic/heroic panoply of human history in terms of the utter trivia of the private epic of their own gradual conquest over and destruction of “the rest of men”. And the replacement of customs good and mild with others perverse and inhumane. For according to this rank denigration of humanity—indeed especially of their own humanity—other nations and persons are mere animals to be deceived, exploited, manipulated, made sport of. All this preliminary to a final utter destruction of humanity, as of sheep led to the slaughter. For which ultimate cosmic genocide present-day Palestine is only the merest bloody proving-ground of what is to come for us all, if things continue as they are. In the Napoleonic heroics of a Judeo/turncoat-American foreign policy pursued with incredible, abominable malice, arrogance and hate. With economic meltdowns and bailouts only frontloading global conquest, with the goad of debt quickening its deadly pace. Since to the majority of Jewish minds we the sons of men are all less than human, as the Talmud (a later legendary compilation perfectly distinct from the Old Testament itself) avers in its foul, thinly-veiled allusions. And therefore regarded as non-entities with respect to any obligation of honor or honesty that might otherwise be shown. Such as are however forthcoming to other Jews alone, if to anyone at all. They who are held solely to be homo sapiens in the full and complete sense of the term: in a view of humanity atomistic in the extreme, constituting a mortal poison to human concord and peace. So completely have the Jews been unable to accept the divine meaning and purpose of their commission, not only to extirpate the highly-symbolic Seven Tribes (rather than to follow them into sin), but also to lead “the rest of men” lovingly, in the holy service of Almighty God.

Rather indeed do the Jews shepherd and encourage destructive trends, subcultures and organizations—of pedophiles and other perverts, of giant trusts and monopolies, of the twin poles of Nazism and communism, of the forces of vulgar and degrading speech and music, of blatant immodesty of dress—all these caustic influences being orchestrated with great cunning and skill to the utter destruction of the state. Using their stranglehold on the stock market, or surrogates like the ACLU, or a heavily-Jewish counseling profession, which latter “therapeutically” encourages the basest of values in the most innocent of souls. So that the sons of the synagogue might “pick up the pieces”, and rule from there. Hence, conversely, in combating these nefarious elements it is the Jews who must be disempowered first: after which the task will be much more easily achieved.

Judaism, directly polar to the distributism mentioned above, is synonymous with rigid control, with elite global organization. Of a kind not at all tied to the land, nor to human loyalties or innate limitations. And while Catholicism epitomizes bonds of trust and love among men, Judaism progressively substitutes technology—much like ancient pagan Mayans, Egyptians or Atlantans—as its chief adhesive force. For technology alone—all the while it seems to cater to us—holds the promise of the ultimate extermination of the human race, and the survival of a chosen, gene-engineered few. That which is the carefully guarded goal of the modern ultra-illegitimate state. That which is in turn completely under the control of the Jews.

Here, then, is the combat of this life set out in the boldest, most unmistakable relief: against an enemy of souls and polities whose depraved values the community of nations utterly execrate in their more honest hours. With notorious plots of Jews being nonetheless quickly “forgiven” and forgotten, carefully buried through a financially/politically-mediated Jewish control of media, school, workplace and money-supply. Conspiracies and cabals since the Dreyfus Affair, or a 93% Jewish leadership in the Bolshevik Revolution, or subsequent innumerable treacherous penetrations of Jewish moles into sensitive positions in the governments of sovereign lands. Wrongs which would have buried any other people in ignominy, never again to rise. The Jews having achieved a level of diabolical cynicism, of treacherous cunning, found otherwise only in beasts of prey: in a program-of-deceit whose very volume ultimately induces a sort of mental saturation point, beyond which popular comprehension is diminished rather than increased. A treachery covered over through a control of public perceptions which now mounts to what can only be called an enveloping artificial reality, overwhelming the human mind. Sustaining illusions which keep nations in unjust wars, which go so far as to “clinically” explain to us our own reactions to same as being “paranoid” or otherwise pathological, as being something different than they actually are.

Plainly, here is a reality which must be addressed in its menacing totality, and no longer in terms of local, specific or limited wrongs. We must refuse our cooperation with a pseudo-state which is the mere pawn of the enemies of our entire race, a cabal which astutely pretends to be patriotic toward the nation itself. Hence the founding of the Frankpledge Party, whose aim is to erect a new and vigorous state on the ashes of a dead, perverted, emasculated one. Starting at the level of ten heads-of-household, and working up gradually, solidly, in loose-knit yet comprehensive, reverse-looped socioeconomic terms, from there.

Here too, in the above-described polar warping of humankind, of the human mind, is to be found the foul tap-root of mankind’s present-day radical racism: whose worst features came to full flower around the time of the proto-Zionist, racial-nationalist Hertzl. Allied as this late-nineteenth-century figure was with global investors like the Rothschilds and racist ideologues like Herbert Spencer, all alike sharing increasing levels of all-determining power, growing by leaps and bounds til now. Racism continually acting in conjunction with a crassly-materialistic sort of elitist “progress” as a bully underling to bring Jewish values to their present unquestioned ascendancy worldwide. Acting to pyramid social structures into hierarchies of absolute control: that organizational structure—from “divine right” monarchy to communism—within which Jews have always gained mastery in the most complete way. Hitler, a Jew, having himself indeed played a central role in this dual Jewish/White-Race ascendancy: taking on the role of a villain, like some sinister Jeanie from out of a bottle, so as to convincingly dramatize the central modern Holocaust fiction: namely of Jewish persecution at the hands of the Church, of Christian men. Racism being homogenized especially neatly to a global capitalist system as well: that vast global dynamo of Jewish power against which collectivist systems like communism are a mere diversion or distraction, comprising a sort of formidable loyal opposition. Being fed from the same reservoir of global financial control. Racism being an incomparably value-disciplinary force in all this, bringing crisp uniformity to a global regime ramroded by White-protégé racists at nearly every turn.

As noted above, as an antidote to this all-points Jewish perfidy mankind has only the Catholic Church: which fact further explains the great care taken by Jews throughout Christian times to throttle this Mystical Body. As well as to slander, vilify and marginalize Catholic nations like Spain and Italy, Portugal, Poland and Croatia, and all the others as well. Judaism having likewise and as suggested above, during the past two centuries, successfully infiltrated the Church itself: an infestation culminating in a standard, glib-talking, renaissance-reminiscent robber-council, Vatican II. A multiple-seer-predicted end-time catastrophe, this latter-day invasion, dealt with in a general sense at La Salette in 1846, in both “secret” portions of the Fatima Message in 1917, and even more plainly and urgently at the Marian apparitions at Garabandal, in 1961-65.

However, the chief burden of this latter Heavenly visit was apparently to be entirely lost even upon the seers themselves: in visions granted during the very years of the council and plainly referring to the synod as well. A forceful image of the serendipity gathering of thousands, which closed in the very year the Heavenly words were uttered, being found in the statement, to paraphrase, that “many priests and bishops are going astray, and taking many souls to Hell with them” (second or last Message, 1965). The four girls ultimately, the last I knew, becoming caught up in the shallow popularizing enthusiasms of a certain Joey Lomangino, after which Garabandal over the decades since the apparitions has taken on all the utterly non-controversial earmarks of a Charismatic meeting. Or of a Medjugorje, or a host of new and exotic “prayer method” movements of every grim or hysterical new kind. With this “Joey” reproducing the usual ironic sort of “no-nonsense” individual who seems inevitably to gain control of all Catholic movements of spirituality of this latter day, notably if they began as traditional or conservative causes.

Last of all, in these opening remarks, it is good to deal forthrightly with the question. “Don’t the Jews have every right to practice, to believe-in, their own religion?. Without any criticism?”. However, the counter-query is instantly in order: is modern “Judaism” really to be understood to represent the Jewish faith at all; or indeed any faith, for that matter? Can any organization which seeks by any possible means to overcome the peoples of the earth, to enslave and ultimately to eradicate them: can this be called a sincere religion? The real Jews, furthermore—considered strictly as a religion—were at the very time of the coming of Our Blessed Lord quite openly awaited their Messiah. That Savior Who was known by those of the period, through the eager, widespread search or study of the Torah or Old Testament in this regard—as well as through the observation of natural prodigies in sea and sky—to be due to arrive in those very days. A fact attested in lurid colors by the anxiety of Herod to find out the place of His birth, from star-gazing Magi, so that this divine “Rival” might promptly be destroyed. Our Blessed Lady, too, at the opposite end of the spectrum, having fully grasped the significance of the angel’s words at the Annunciation, after having been awaiting the appearance of the very same Savior, in the most fervent and devout expectation. He indeed Whom she found herself chosen to bear.

Thus it is evident that the Jews after the coming of Christ—again, considered as a religion, that aspect under which they indeed always wish to be seen—are simply apostates, and not properly to be called Jews at all. Even if St. Paul in the Book of Romans speaks of a coming conversion of even these apostate Jews, most of them however only after all the other nations have entered the fold. An outcome which has obviously not come to its realization yet. Real Judaism being fulfilled in Jesus Christ, finding its terminal and purpose in the Son of God. He Whom “the Jews” rather blasphemously reject to this very day.

Clearly seen, then, from the above, is the folly of regarding ourselves as required to harbor or defend—let alone to praise—such manifest, indeed biblically-identified “enemies of mankind”. With the intrinsic outlaw nature of modern Judaism being justly condemned to the most rigorous restrictions, at least as much as imposed upon someone who is on parole.















Crusade update: March 12, 2009. Anti-sodomy crusaders skirmish with the enemy under the very walls of San Francisco, the citadel of sodomy itself, after several trips through California south of there.


As soon as we heard about the Obama “victory”—read here the American defeat—and the sodomite demonstration in California in which a female prop. 8 demonstrator was beaten up, and the cross she was carrying was stomped upon—we decided to blaze a trail across the USA once again, starting with a trip to San Francisco. Hoping by our admittedly humble efforts to ward off threatening Heavenly ire. Our mild and civilized demonstrations—together with the plainly-word slogans on the side of our travel trailer—being a far cry from the notorious criminal invasion of churches and other public and private places by the “harmless” sodomite crowd, with the raucous shouts and vile gestures we have come to so closely associate with them. (And with which we have become especially and disgustedly acquainted on this crusade). And what did we find, there in that supposedly so liberal or even radical state, from 90-some-percent of the whole? We found a spirited reception, indeed one sometimes almost deliriously-enthusiastic, for our stoutly “old fashioned” beliefs and ideas. For these are ideas forever young, because they are forever true. And it is only falsehood that is old and decrepit, as old as sin.

Our center-most display says “National Anti-Sodomy Crusade”, while to the side is “Rejecting a Pre-Determined Election” (note of 8/09: later changed to “Battling the New Fascism”). Below and alongside of which two statements are found words like “Raising the Hue and Cry!”, “Frankpledge Party”, and “liberty and economic development from the bottom up”. While the words “Shame” and “Infamy!” surround a list of anti-life perversities, including sodomy, now being forced upon our Land. We have seen or heard evidence of our passage through some areas in the local media, whose anchormen of course never directly refer to us. For instance with callers to talk-shows using some expression plainly taken from one of our signs: as for instance the first time I ever heard the word “treasonous” on a typical call-in show was the day after we did a major sweep through the town where the station was located, after having painted that very word on the rig, in reference to the same drift-of-policies decried by the caller. Callers-in who might easily float an idea to the host of a program, a complex concept plainly taken from the last entry on our front page. Callers who because of our input are less and less duped or intimidated by the Obama liberals, on the one hand, or by these Michael Savages and Rush Limbaughs, and the whole host of look-alike hangers-on of that general kind. These latter programs giving us a certain percentage of the truth: laboring as they do to capture both sides of the field. Since if we have learned anything at all about the enemy it is that they labor to commandeer all podia of opinion of every shade. So that the indigenous Christian population never has a chance to lead in the political field, to mobilize the subtle nuances of truth, pithy essences alone capable of motivating the masses of men, and which these media Judases would callously ignore or loudly shout-down. Christians indeed denied input even in their own churches, carefully infiltrated as well. Being rather led around by the nose by those who will ditch us at the opportune time. Just as happened to us at the hands of all our “conservative” leaders in the past: Reagan, who initiated the national debt and fatal policies we still pursue, like a millstone around our necks, today. Or Ron Paul, who is nothing but an old George I Bush, Ayn Rand fiscal conservative with a lot of fake piety for a veneer: the kind of candidate who caters to a tiny but loud constituency which can never win an election. None of these or others of their like have been solidly Christian leaders; while even seemingly good men, who don’t have a chance in our rigged elections as they stand now, seem to be in the dark on certain topics, especially on the nation’s present war-related policies. Which is why we devote ourselves here on this site to a unique level of holism: from which position alone just and sustainable policies may be pursued.

But it will take more than just spirited waves or thumbs-up to cure this country, and this world. Although in another sense, with a thunderous irony, we Americans do indeed bear witness to the central message of the Gospel. Having—by our dog-eat-dog economics, our pitiless “drones”, and other “advances” in aggressive war—provided perfect replicas-across-time of the heartless fiends who crucified the Good Lord. It has really been like some of the most evocative of the old stations of the cross—the fourteen carved or cast reliefs that used to grace the walls of our churches everywhere—and in front of which, far more importantly, so many used to meditate on the passion and death of Our Lord. Except that now it is we who are the executioners, taking the places of the glowering sadist on one memorable icon, pulling the Savior by a rope. While at other times we resemble closely those who mocked Him, or those others, curiously intent on their task, who nailed him to the Cross. While still others of these worthies might we be, urging Him to come down, to free Himself, if he be God. It is by these policies that we make ourselves into personifications of those Jews who crucified their own Savior, and thus provide to mankind a massive, overpowering and inimitable morality play. We will not let them forget what greed and cunning make men do, what animals they become. How arrogance and elitism ambush and “lay” biblical “snares” for the innocent, for the widow and the orphan, for the mirthful wedding-party, going to the feast. Nor how they look when they are blown to smithereens.

Read the words of the ex-slave and pre-Civil-War lecturer Frederick Douglas, and you will see how much this is so, how his own earnestly-believing concept of the good and meek Lord was formed precisely amid the blows and stripes of “Christians”. He needed no other catechism. Lessons in Christian doctrine given deeper relief in witnessing the savagery and rapine of plantation owners and overseers over the miserable (yet even then, in a profound way, magnificent) masses of Blacks of those times. (Of high significance, it isn’t really the Blacks whose anger we earn, in our rejection of Obama, out here on the crusaders’ trail: some of whom indeed greet us with great enthusiasm. A people who know themselves to be capable of producing a president far better than this).

Hence it is in the very abject and shameless failure of Christian evangelization that we bear witness to the truths of a Faith in which we scarcely ourselves can be said any longer to believe. As in a rendition of Holy Scripture which dares to praise Israeli butchery, whether in Palestine or in less-publicized gun-running, rebel-terrorist-training and black-ops deeds around the globe. Claiming that the one highly-generic and entirely-conditional promise, “I will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you”, uttered by God to Abraham—somehow exonerates the present-day pagan state of Israel—a far cry from our beloved “father in Faith”— from all blame. An Abraham who, incidentally, was not yet by any means a Jew—which means a descendant of the House of Judah—but rather came from Ur in present-day Iraq. The preposterous claim indeed being that this obscure verse—essentially regarding an “Offspring” Whom St. Paul furthermore plainly identifies as Jesus Christ, and not at all as present-day unbelieving Jews—that this passage veritably showers that infamous rouge state on the Mediterranean with divinely-bestowed glory and praise. So that in high irony it is along this self-same twisted path that the humble masses of the world will soon come to true and Catholic Faith: a thorny way which leads through the mammoth breach of our own apostasy from the Christian Way. Just as earlier “gentiles” benefited by the stark example of ingratitude and impiety given forth so generously, prodigally, by first century Jews.


June 25, 2009: God’s own righteous “hate language”, striking dead abominable, perverted fiends like Michael Jackson.


Go ahead, lawmakers, and bring God’s wrath down upon yourselves as well. Kennedy and Reid, and fellow-traveler democrats, co-sponsors of a well-camouflaged rider on a bill that would make the merest statement against sodomy, or against some fifty-three other filthy and disgusting perverted acts, a hate crime, punishable by up to fifty years behind bars. We will just watch while fire comes down to consume you too, after the manner of Sodom and Gomorrah of old. The grim reaper, death, is already catching up tirelessly with pedophiles like Michael Jackson, with stars like David Carradine, who apparently died much as he had lived. These being joined by other examples of celebrities being caught up with by the divine justice, being called before the heavenly bar. Michael won’t be grabbing himself anymore while dancing on top of a car, in front of a court-building, where he came late for a trial in which he was the defendant, and to which he came lounging, in his night-clothes. It is because these maniacs are the enemies of public order, because they are not satisfied with crimes against each other, that they must be placed behind bars, as I advocate here, and as genuine law has always held.

Don’t be bullied into silence, true believers. Do and say what is required. God will not allow these fiends to prevail. A tiny minority who even now introduce legislation to overwhelm the last vestiges of public morality and peace. But we must stand fast, and not be craven, or cowardly, or “ashamed of Christ before men”.


June 26, 2009: The burka, the twin regimentations of Eve-despising “born again” Calvinism and Islam, neither of which partakes in the Gospel liberty of Christ.


There is a certain satiety, the satisfaction of an inner craving, for security, in a black-and-white world of discipline, indeed of barked commands. This is a way of life which can return us to the safe world of childhood in a well-disciplined home; indeed, almost to the perfectly non-voluntary life of a babe in the womb. But it is not the existence that God intend for the adult soul of man to have.

Here, then, is the drawing power, not only of Islam, but of the standard American bible-belt/born-again Protestantism as well: whose woman-hating morbidity, especially in certain obscure burrows of the deep South, can often equal or even surpass that of the Muslim throngs. Here being a dearly-bought and highly-amorphous, emotion-based phenomenon—of security, of acceptance, of mass solidarity—one with whose more-benign manifestations I myself indeed have much sympathy, in a certain very real sense. For I have had the incomparable experience of marching with a half-million souls at Fatima, around the Esplanade, behind the miraculous statue of Our Blessed Lady. There was profound peace among those numbers, no trampling of hundreds there, as at Mecca or Medina, nearly every year. After which, way back then in 1969, on an anniversary of one of the apparitions, I received the Blessed Sacrament, administered by a hundred priests to a hundred thousand souls. Believe me, there is no more profound, celestial experience than to be thus united to others in the love and profound adoration of God. That for which as creatures we were above all things made. And in which we find our fulfillment, and apart from which we are barren, frustrated indeed.

But that is where the similarities cease, of Evangelicals and Islamists with the true, revealed religion of God. That true harbor toward which—without the guidance of the One True Faith—the impulses of natural religion, implanted in us by the same good God, must only blindly grope. The security of Catholic Faith being only in a minimal sense bound up with social phenomena, with a “sense of belonging”, of column-and-line solidarity, and so on. Deeper and more determining by far is our personal, individual grounding in the truth, that which will “make you free”. Here being the deepest, most immovable basis indeed of our Western liberties. To wit: in that same One True Faith from which our very Civilization sprang, with its mild and accommodating laws and customs, conventions and light-hearted songs.

Europe is now being overrun by the Muslim women’s burka or face-covering, hooded uniform: because the security of that continent in the truth of the Holy Gospel has been shamelessly, cynically denied. This in turn by an abject surrender of official life and institutions into the hands of the worst enemies of Catholic Faith. Don’t look to have an effective answer to this enveloping black wave of personality-submersion: that which both Eve-despising, Old-Testament-orient born-again Christianity and Islam share in a special and powerful way. The bible-belt being for the most part a stranger to the freeing of women from degrading bondage chains: a breaking-of-fetters effected by Our Blessed Lady, the New and Immaculate Eve. With a heretical New Church Catholicism too joining the van as well: with its new liturgy of swaying figures, of holding hands. Of a séance-like fusion of personalities, of consciousnesses. Or a flip-side grim-faced marching in column and line of traditionalists, trench-warriors for a New Age, a New World Order of aggressive war, of rigid socioeconomic stratification. Both of which aren’t Catholic at all, but at best pathological, brittle, obscure, and at worst satanic to the core. A mummery in which people hide from the Gospel Light of intelligent liberty and peace. That Gospel boon of an individual soul who alone gains entrance to Heaven, or falls into Hell. Who must part company with his eager or sternly-commanding companions at the gates of either of these ultimate gathering-places.


June 25, 2009: The piper paid by the global poor for stimulus packages in USA, Russia and Western Europe.


Especially when you add to smaller social-relief “packages” those huge trillion-dollar crates and cargo-containers in the form of bank and investment firm “bailouts”. The simple fact remains, after all this breath-bated rabbit-from-hat-pulling of presidents, treasurers and central bankers, that someone has to produce (nasty idea) the goods and services that back up currencies in a concrete way, if they are to be worth more than the paper they’re printed on. And those who will supply these exertions—toils which money is only meant to symbolize and expedite, not ride herd upon and exploit—will be in sweat-shops in third world countries, as well as in the real-estate (and poppy-seed) value of “heroically conquered” lands in Iraq, Afghanistan and later no doubt places like Iran as well. Here being an entirely-unacknowledged hole-in-the-bucket-mending purpose behind all this “making the world safe for democracy”, wedding-and-funeral-bombing aggressive war. So that we in the first world can in comparative comfort get “bailed out” repeatedly. Here do we see the entire inversion of the meaning and purpose of every concept in commerce and economics: twisting them into tools of humanity-expending enslavement and profit-making war. “The recovery will be slow”, you say? Ah, how true, but how many there are, the way it stands now, who won’t even make it through the year or two of projected time, until New Yorkers or Chicagoans can again “go out and dine”.

But alas, this front-loaded sort of global economy will at last run out of lands and peoples it can thus use up. And then it will be our turn. But I have “a more excellent way”, here on this site, in this crusade and campaign.

June 21, 2009: Kidnapping, White-slavery, home-invasion, prostitution, drugs and extortion spread across our land from out of a trade-raped Mexico, as recently revealed on the Sean Hannity show.

But as maintained on this site all along, all these things are only a final form of global-Jewish debt-collection, when sovereign creditors’ bills come due. A redundant historical reality revealed in a startling way in a Jewish-brokered slave-trade, stretching from ancient to modern times: a carrying trade whose first human-trappers and enforcers were to be found in pagan Frisians and Vikings, and later in Mongol Tartars, invading deep into the European continent. A “trade” whose vessels would later-still fly flags British, American, Portuguese, sailing the seven seas. A traffic of a thousand years, with “cargo” ranging across time from Englishmen to Slavs to Germans to Blacks, feeding Muslim and Byzantine galleys and later the plantations of Georgia and Tennessee. Accurate, unvarnished history revealing a vast market-of-human-misery brokered entirely by Jews: if occasionally—but not at all invariably—in the preferred less-visible, silent-partner way. For prostitution, abduction, civil war: these are all mere means to an end in a supremely street-savvy world, ultimately and overwhelmingly mere forms of debt-collection, of enforcement. Alternatives that today—together with the perpetual insistence upon debtor-nation anti-life and other radical-secularist policies—attend a Jewish-controlled global-finance like an iron hand in a velvet glove. An abomination hardly limited to much-scapegoated Zionists: Hassidic skull caps only adding religious fervor to the auctioneer’s gavel, to the marketer’s élan. To a pitiless global cabal presently centered politically in Israel and the USA.

In this manner are the world’s debtor-nations made to fall into line from time immemorial: and if they aren’t beggars yet, they will be made into them, by the same old heinous means. Beggars with hat-in-hand among which we have become by far the most abject. The only “remedy” in such a case being to become a big, beefy bully-boy for the global-creditor. Ah, noble, “freedom-loving” commission indeed! The “agent” for a Shylock who claims “the wealth of nations” to be his by Pat-Robertson-insisted biblical right, even the riches and lands of those nations not yet in his debt. For which purpose a perfectly-solvent Russian throne was overthrown by Jewish Bolsheviks from our own Lower-East-side New York, back in 1917. A role in which we have for a long time now proven ourselves accomplished indeed: in a story narrated to a considerable degree on this site. Such is our aggressive breed of patriotism: sheer extortion, White slavery, abominable crime. In this way, then, do the Jews—the principal “sovereign lenders”—insure prompt repayment—by using such “allies” as we—by “taking interest and principal” out of the nations’ hide. Note recent rioting in an otherwise proverbially-calm Iran, and have no doubt these disorders are externally-assisted, in order to “break” Iran to the unaccustomed new role of thrall. In a sequence we have seen at least a hundred times before: as the new victim struggles desperately not to be dragged off to the life of a whore.

However, and as suggested, things have come around full circle, and this is the way we too will ultimately “repay” our recently-acquired un-payable multi-trillion-dollar debt: in terms of profound civil upheaval, of trafficking in human flesh. This is the way the “books are balanced” for sovereignties in this grossly-illegitimate global scheme. And governments are “hired” and “fired” by these global overlords: tossing out incumbents who haven’t learned to crawl in just the right way, or who have simply been destroyed, become “worn out” in laborious intricacies of their dishonorable trade. The nation since the time of the Kennedy brothers having been suborned in the most abject way, now being shackled to its oar by a debt occasioned by a “bailing out” of the self-same thieves who fashioned our chains, in a foundry described so well in Robert’s book, The Enemy Within (Pocketbook Library, 1960). A forced penury defined not so much by a lack of pocket-change as by an abject helplessness to massive, bewildering programs of change. As always, the Jewish Lobby—a.k.a. the international investment community—is a self-fulfilling prophet of doom, of the “harsh realities of the financial world”—whose ultimate, age-old aim is to usher in a radically-futuristic, pseudo-messianic age of global totalitarian Jewish control. Amounting to a massive program-of-deceit which must be stripped of all influence by every means at our disposal. Here indeed being a real reason to go to war: just as so many other struggling people, supposedly our “enemies”, realize, around the globe. Impossible, you say, to struggle against these chains? But “with God, all things are possible”. Read this website and these publications for details of the way forward along this Crusader’s trail.

          That noble but arduous path, that of the sociopolitical Way of Our Lord Jesus Christ, in contrast to the above, is the perfect opposite of the predatory. His Gospel calls for a mutual building-up, not an elitist tearing-down, of an earth whose wealth is absolutely prodigal, but which now cultivates less than two percent of its arable soil. An earth dominated by cruel masters whose one desire is to bring a helpless mankind to its knees. Who think of themselves as a radically-superior breed, with rights of life and death over the biblical “rest of men”. The Way of Catholic social and economic doctrine rather counseling a path power-distributive, reciprocal, truly-realistic and prodigally-prosperous: a road that was once a mighty highway, but which became infested by above-noted killers, pimps and thieves. Who now think of themselves as “progressive” and “advanced” indeed, spreading their “democratic way of life” by heinous torture and war-provocateur deeds. The noted glorious thoroughfare having been the now-little-remembered way of Charlemagne, of St. Louis of France, of a scantly-recorded Papal Republic of Rome of around 500 to 1000 A.D. That which was the true heir of the brilliant, organizationally-distributive ancient Roman statecraft, lifted to a Heavenly plane by a divine hand. That incomparable Catholic polity, headed by the pope, which strongly determined the character of all of Italy, but which would be torn apart by synagogue-sponsored radical Italian heretical communes to follow so soon, together with Barbarossa invasions and anti-popes. (Noble, Thomas F.X., The Republic of St. Peter: the Birth of the Papal State, 680-825. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1984.) With the mystic republic’s still marvelously wealth-distributive and equitable historical successor, embattled, reduced in size, destined finally to be done-to-death by Masonic revolutionaries of the 1870s. (Brennan, Rev. Richard A., A Popular Life of Our Holy Father Pope Pius the Ninth. New York, Cincinnati and St. Louis: Bensiger Brothers, 1877.) It is a Catholic Way—mirroring Christ’s Hypostatic Union, His perfect counterbalancing of the human and the divine—a mild and clement path lovingly prepared for all mankind. For we of all nations whose souls, as saints used to say, are by nature Catholic. And thus harbor a wonderfully-treacherous gatekeeper whose deepest impulse is to surrender the inner citadel to this Kingdom of God. A vast, intrinsically-legitimate sovereign jurisdiction being advanced here, one which must and will be reestablished, and which is championed, however humbly, here on this site.

An old aphorism, “war is only a punishment for sin” has since the dawn of modern industrially-driven warfare and at least in more-doughtily-“patriotic” circles become regarded as an ironclad moral axiom, indeed even as a sort of non-voluntary, Newtonian, billiard-ball cause-and-effect. Unfortunately, and too often, this gives the Catholic priest in the confessional an “easy way out”, a cleric to whom Johnny, before “marching off to war”, might easily come, with queries about some disturbing things he’s heard about the latest “War on Terror” conflict, vis-à-vis the doctrine of the unjust war. Then it is that Johnny may easily get in response a veritable cannonade of slogans from the other side of the grill, as standing good for Aquinas or de Sales. Starting with some variant of “mine is but to do or die”, and ending no doubt with the above “war is only a punishment for sin”, uttered with a grave demeanor of resignation. Which “sin” is almost always understood as meaning especially sins of the flesh, of illicit sex.

How very nice and neat it all is, this modern moral theology. It meshes like gears in a machine, or even in the newest kind of tank-tracks. The incomparable peace and order of Catholic Faith being trans-mutated into regimentation, an unquestioning surrender to dictatorial statist designs. The Church, the guide of the consciences of states and individuals, being subordinated to a profane, secular will.

However entirely ignored—abstracting even from concrete, woefully-uninspiring particulars of sovereign victim and aggressor—is that the rock-like hard-heartedness of an entire system based on an apotheosized greed and debt-related war, that this inner moral enormity itself bears abundant close-kin fruits in a harvest of fornication, adultery, date-rape. The real sin involved in immoral sexuality being indeed its own kind of hard-heartedness: not any tiny, stingy, strategically flaunted and over-dramatized element it might contain of love. The epitome of this crime being found in a trampling upon the character and integrity of another child of God, as well as upon ones own. That same integrity we require, that same interior sensitivity—now rendered coarse, insensate—in order to “love God with our whole heart”. The opposite sex coming to be thought of—in the ethics learned in the “school of hard knocks” of this world of “heroic” economic conquests and enslavements—as only someone to be exploited, as if a mere impersonal commodity.

That is what’s wrong with Catholicism today: the inner moral disease to which the indubitable loss of sacramental validity, the institution of a fifty-year-long string of anti-popes, are only external signs. In a One True Church whose members have been permitted by God to become obsessed with mere pomp and ceremony, with petty parochial concerns, even duplicating the hypocrisy of first century Pharisees, reveling in vaunted exclusions of a racial and economic elite. Missing entirely—choking on gnats, swallowing camels—the pith of our profession, of Jesus’ “My Gospel is spirit and life”. Our Blessed Lord having indeed promised unequivocally to protect us, provided only, “when He returns, He find Faith on the earth”. That Faith, namely, which isn’t just a set of Sacraments, let alone protocols and procedures, but an entire Christocentric Way, indeed Sr. Josefa Menendez’ “Way of Divine Love”. The Way of our Catholic ancestors of every clime. They whose last progeny were still to be found in the Europe, England and Ireland of 1969-70, in which I spent a whole year. That pious, kindly and relenting Way which by then had already in the USA become laughable, even “mentally unstable”, and definitely “passé”.

By this route, of the abandonment of the Catholic Way—of a Catholic people who could have stood forth as a rampart, a bulwark, immovably, with the stubbornness of love, “as strong as death”, in its way—this hard-hearted Jewish system-of-collections has sailed ahead without any obstacle, for centuries now. Enthralling all in its path. The world of the practical, of the marketplace, of the public forum, having been its chosen trail: surrendered by statesman and theologian alike, as if these “practical matters” were Jewish by unquestionable right. “They know how to handle such things”. The kingdom being handed over—without so much as a whimper—to the murderers, the betrayers, of Our Blessed King. Can we be surprised that they find “legal” ways to murder our unborn offspring, our disabled, our elderly, and send our young off to die in unjust foreign wars? This debt-driven system hurtling itself forward with handmaidens of moral depravity of every kind: all of it in turn coming around full circle, making men and women eager, hard-hearted combatants in unjust wars. Most deeply involved being an obduracy, a hardening, a catastrophic loss of sensitivity to the soft-spoken voice of conscience, drowned out in the roaring din of selfishness and greed. Even as reverence for God is itself inseparable from reverence for the opposite sex: both of which require a gentle heart, in order to remain on the exalted plane where they rightfully belong, to be what they naturally are. Both adoration and procreation being rightfully unspeakably sublime, lofty things, wounded deeply in a blankly-accepted world of debt-driven, aggressive war.

Apropos of the border violence, drugs and abductions is of course a Mafia closely—if in its lower ranks unwittingly—joined to world Judaism’s most sinister debt-related aims. Some sort of Mob, or Syndicate—Mexican, Italian, Russian, you name it—hardly the original simple pact for the protection of Sicilian womanhood—being employed for the enforcement of Jewish debt-collecting power. When armies aren’t yet required. The global sovereign-financier working originally out of Genoa and Venice, and later Lisbon and London, Bristol and Curacao, having an inseparable, closely-attending Mob—or gang of enforcers, call it what you may—who themselves naturally become more global as well as time goes on. Here indeed the fruitful source of French revolutionaries, recruited from the vagrants around the port of Marseilles, while similarly the worst of the unemployed from surrounding African cities would be brought into Angola, to savagely attack the mostly-mild 1970s administration of the Portuguese. All the while movies come out of a Jewish Hollywood that glorify the violent men who degrade and extort us, who take from us all the precious if humble blessings of hearth and home.

Hannity has run one or two specials on the topic of abductions and home-invasions of U.S. citizens, a plague now spreading across the land, but especially around Phoenix and Tucson. A pandemic in upscale neighborhoods embodying in the most blatant way the proverbial demand for a “pound of flesh”. By which expression Shakespeare had far more in mind than the simple image would seem superficially to suggest. But as might be expected, the celebrated commentator Hannity, like other conservative commentators, “has no answers”: ironically earning the echoed movie-land retort of the Colombian gangster Escobedo to one of his chief lieutenants, in Clear and Present Danger. Here being a mounting disorder, strongly threatening to spread deep across the land, for which the usual hyper-patriotic Hannity hand-wringing simply will not do. A grand-stander who, instead of directly addressing fundamental issues and underlying causes, continues to placate this gluttonous Jewish credit-cabal, to volubly help dump all the national wealth and wellbeing into its insatiable maws. To eloquently expedite—albeit with all the required kicks and screams—the making out of a welfare-check of trillions to “the investment community”. Having helped throw with utter abandon—in the first critical, irretrievable week or so of the “financial crisis”—this last bit of unrecoverable financial liquidity into a cosmic black hole. After which—for a critical month—it became the limply-contested “thing to do”. Hannity and associates all the while polemicizing the debt-driven, genocidal, anti-life, global Jewish dictatorship, and attached occupational Palestinian or Iraqi, Pakistani or Afghani tyrannical military and paramilitary rule. That totality which both accompanies and amplifies our already-astronomical debt in the most inseparable way. So that finally we see—if we indeed “have eyes to see”—that the whole sorry mess, of international indebtedness and Jewish-originated extortion, plies whatever sea-lanes “the traffic will bear”. Debtor status being easily-enough arranged if it isn’t already there.      

In answer to all this, we offer a different inspiration, a homecoming, a safe harbor: even if we must first weather many-a storm. These however not of the hopeless sort that rage around us now. The Harbor we anticipate being that described above: a rejuvenated Catholic Church and Civilization, that which can alone provide shelter from a global piracy which now fulminates violence and immorality in every quarter. Which pitilessly exploits not only the fairer sex, but also divisions of race, nationality and creed. Pushing the world relentlessly over the brink, to another totalitarian-power-concentrating World War. Distinction of nation and race—very useful in the fomenting of all these unjust wars—being no true cause of division, but rather simply marvelously contrasting facets of our humanity. Unique qualities or features each of which is designed by the Creator to magnify some aspect of His Eternal Being. Differences meant to provide loving and dynamic interlock, reciprocity, a spectrum of noble contrasts, of bold-but-cooperative relief. That which is the geo-politics of the Son of God, the welcome harbor of He Who counsels us to “take courage”, Who assures us, amid the towering waves, “have no fear, it is I”.


June 13, 2009: Enlisting the common man in our comprehensive pro-life crusade. Call it hate-speech if you wish: we must prepare to die defending the One true Faith.


When it comes to the Catholic lay apostolate, “style” means everything. You just cannot ape the guys at the mercantile exchange and expect to “move mountains”, according to the divine command. “No man can serve two masters”: and we are coming down now to that blind alley when our backs are against the wall, and we must chose. Our Catholic efforts and movements must be Catholic throughout, in tone and tenor, in custom, devotion and manner. We cannot turn into a lot of hugging Charismatics, nor adopt a born-again terminology to please the Evangelical crowd. Believe you me, they will not return us the favor. We can’t promote a sort of pantheon of life-styles and haircuts, and then expect to capture the high-ground of values solid and classical in the extreme. Nor to keep any discipline within the rank and file by such means. Nor yet can we muster a Catholic mass reaction to abominable wrongs by going along with the standard Jewish-propagated cultural-pudding which reinforces these atrocities in every conceivable way, glorifies them in the classroom and on the internet or TV. Plainly, in light of the wholesale assaults we comprehensively pro-life people now endure from every side—from a tightly-united alliance of sodomites, aggressive-warriors, robber-baron financiers, and clinical butchers of every stripe—this is probably going to be a civil war, or nothing else at all. That is to say: an organized, and if necessary military, resistance of the majority against a tiny elite which rules us now. Like the pro-lifer running for governor of Georgia basically says: who rather than supporting lone killers of abortionist, calls for the good to make a genuinely organized stand, planning as he does to use the state militia to call Obama’s bluff, as a kind of line of pickets for a potential new Bull Run. A guy who because of his staunch realism may be far more Catholic than he himself can see. Although, of course, if his idea is to reinstitute slavery, Old Dixie style—together with incongruously good things—he would do just as well to keep things precisely as they are.

Plainly, this is what Jesus meant—this codification, this institutionalization, indeed ultimately this enforcement, of the divine law, in the fullness of the One True Faith—when with overpowering majesty He announced to the humble sister Josefa Menendez of the Society of the Sacred Heart (The Way of Divine Love, Rockford, IL: Tan Publishing, 1972) a fast-approaching time of what he likens to a volcano in full irruption, making the observation: “Do men then need to be told that a devastating power has been unloosed?” (p 365) “I want all the world to recognize in Me a God of mercy and love…and that not even the most wretched be kept back by fear” (p. 407). The Good Lord adding further, “wherever Faith is completely lacking, peace, civilization, and true progress likewise vanish…for God is not in war…and in their place come enmities, clash of opinions, class war, and within man himself, rebellion of passion against duty.” (p. 368). And finally, in a ringing answer to the fundamental falsehood of our day—secular messianism, and a close-cousin radical separation of church and state: “I want to forgive, I want to reign over souls and pardon all nations. I want to rule souls, nations, the whole world. My peace must be extended over the entire universe….I am Love and Mercy, I am Peace, I shall reign! I will shower my mercies upon the whole world to wipe out its ingratitude….in Me alone is peace to be found….and I must be sovereign King….” (pp. 350-1).

Clearly, Our Blessed Lord speaks not simply of the pieties of private devotion but rather, in ringing clarity, of the infallible Catholic doctrine of the “two swords”. Weapons mobilized when He and His Apostles were leaving the Supper Room, puissant arms both of which were announced in clear doctrinal terms by Pope Boniface VIII in the early fourteenth century to be borne “on behalf of Christ”. These two swords being namely those of church and state, both clearly and unquestionably dedicated to the divine service—to the omnipotent Creator—to the Redeemer of men. Indeed, an eminently reasonable demand. But we don’t advance the cause of the two swords just by some sort of verbal fencing, or by simply saying, “I’m your man, Lord, just look at me”. And neither do we support this divinely-revealed truth by admitting some species of legitimacy to a government deliberately fashioned to rebel against God’s law: the only source of either official validity or true law.

Hence do we give no recognition to a modern World Order based on a false and barbaric “progress” condemned at the genuine, martyr-strewn Vatican I Council of the 1870s. Nor to a supranational dynasty headed by Jewish families of great and human-life-despising impudence, cunning and greed. They to whom our offspring in the womb or out of it are regarded as sub-human. This AIPAC or Jewish Lobby—the organized force against the Church to which satan cults and secret societies are mere shadows, servants, underlings—a “synagogue of satan” which openly or insidiously sees to the framing of law and policy so that the unborn child is exterminated as though it were a mere rat, or some wild animal who has proven a nuisance, whom these “not like the rest of men” despise as a mere foul beast. Tiny non-Jews pitilessly regarded as overpopulating the forest glen. A child—now many times openly killed in the “clinic”, if he survives today’s barbarities of the womb—who before the law in states like California is put on a level decidedly beneath domestic pets or endangered species.

To quote St. Thomas Aquinas: “A tyrannical government is not just, because it is directed, not to the common good, but to the private good of the ruler, as the Philosopher states (Polit. iii, 5; Ethic. viii, 10). Consequently there is no sedition in disturbing a government of this kind, unless indeed the tyrant's rule be disturbed so inordinately, that his subjects suffer greater harm from the consequent disturbance than from the tyrant's government. Indeed it is the tyrant rather that is guilty of sedition, since he encourages discord and sedition among his subjects, that he may lord over them more securely; for this is tyranny, being conducive to the private good of the ruler, and to the injury of the multitude.”

Without question, never before has the requisite level of usurpation, of tyranny, of foreign occupation, of treason, risen so high on these shores, so as to roundly justify armed revolt. A righteous insurrection, carried on in as orderly a way as possible, which cannot conceivably cause greater harm than we already endure. This in the hecatomic slaughter of the disabled and unborn, the moral destruction of the home, and a fast-approaching imposition of the heaviest of economic chains. A tyranny we must resist now, before it is too late, before attendant suffering will indeed be unnecessarily great. While as suggested the worst of coming bondage-related agonies by far, if resistance is forestalled, will be spiritual or interior in nature: in a growing loss of the liberty simply to do good, to conduct ones own innocent affairs, to think clean and wholesome thoughts. We and our children alike being force-fed into a spiritual abortuary of the most degrading vice, a public corruption marshaled by this arrogant, secretive, perverted, foreign-born Obama. He who prepares even now—with the aid of his Mossad and Blackwater agents provocateurs, in the grizzly blowing-up of mosques and major buildings, the treacherous gunning-down of West-friendly protestors, and so on—to propel us into newer wars and inextricable foreign entanglements. Just as the CIA operated in Mexico City—in just one instance of many around the globe—during student demonstrations of the early ‘70s—where these our own agents, well disguised, fired upon the crowds from upper windows of apartment buildings on the plaza. Such provocations, whether in Mexico or Iran—as they are indeed and odiously designed to do—inevitably bringing about reactive official abuses, as night follows day. More recent betrayal and insincerities bearing amply the disgusting mark—so unmistakable, in view of the last few years—of the blank-faced Judas against our own deeper and more-ultimate national good. Obama being a traitor who in a cunning intensification of Jewish-lobby control over nation and globe, knows he must crank out the opiate of temporary, mirage-like “jobs”, “profits” and incomes to keep restive domestic masses contained and in line. In an economy fast falling into a black hole of recent and prior bottomless foreign-borrowed spending policies of decades in time.

Meanwhile, auctioneering tactics ramping up, those with any remaining “buying power” are prevailed-upon to commit it to some new land-development scheme: with “quail run” jingles even now being heard again, in an audacity that knows no bounds. With the investment community being skillful solely in creating ever-more-alluring proposals and financial instruments to dazzle the “upwardly mobile” mind. With newer kinds and levels of mortgages stirring once again to life, with a newer “reconceived” banking once again emerging “confident”, in top-heavy schemes which define the new “progress”, which means nothing else but regimented Star-trek-style global control. Unbreakable chains to be welded in sodomy-bondage, torture, Nuremburg-level crime, but this time as unleashed upon uncooperative folks at home. As any resistance to this epic-heroic spellbinder in the White House—another in a weary breed of both major Parties, basically without a break since the Kennedy assassinations—being already interpreted as “homegrown terrorism”. A fiction whose first pitiful manifestations have already been carefully nurtured-along in New York, Washington D.C., and other places across the land. So that a genuine popular resistance, especially if timidly delayed, can ultimately be met with atrocity-wielding Irish-Revolution-style “Black and Tan” mercenaries let loose on the common man. Measures to be unleashed in particular in multiplying stationary and mobile prisons of which there is much evidence, either already built or under construction or manufacture as I write. In which no doubt will ensue “methods of interrogation” sadistic, perverse, cruel and unusual in the extreme.

(Note of 8/31/09: Apropos is the recent beating-up of a Black who was in disagreement with Obama’s health-care policies, who had shown up at a “town hall” meeting where democrats there had been given reserved seating, and those not so affiliated were left to the few remaining chairs. This Obama who, on the other hand, is steadily proving himself not to even be the public health care proponent he is touted to be: but rather just another Bush-like stooge for the same old controlling interests that have run D.C., stood behind medical/pharmaceutical interest, basically since John Kennedy’s demise. This mystery-man who was put in place precisely to “take us by our blind side”, to put betrayed, bewildered masses in stout chains.)

The common man—the ordinary citizen—is potentially an indomitable wave, like those commoners under St. Joan of Arc who overwhelmed the massive citadels held by well-equipped invading hosts. But these “the least of these my brethren” despise and repudiate the many ignominious compromises worked out with biblically-identified “enemies of mankind”, and indeed pity those “Catholic leaders” who fall prey to immemorial manipulators thus named by Our Blessed Lord. So that to enlist the undying loyalty of the humble it is necessary that we display complete integrity: that alone which is roundly prohibited in dealing with the self-styled great. For which purpose we must be completely in line with Catholic tradition: with its humble-yet-indomitable spirit, its homely practices, its “praised be Jesus and Mary”, its eminently kindly Way. There is really nothing over-complicated here, but rather that which speaks to the deepest resonating chambers of our hearts and minds. As it did to Indians of Eastern forest and Western mountain and plain: who were rejected by Anglo-American settlers not really for their ferocity, but rather for their gentle and kindly way. Regarded as easy fodder for a twisted sense of “manhood”, of the new war-mongering, industrially-driven “bravery” of a new and perverted day. The ordinary citizen of our times having at last and typically-enough learned to bitterly despise this mockery—ultimately to become epitomized in media-brainwashed “Boomer” parents and grandparents—having seen enough of the feisty little tap-dances, the class-conscious hypocrisy, and heard enough of the cleverly-treacherous little aggressive-war formulas that fall so easily from glib or deluded tongues. A tormented youth of today, formerly wordless, unrepresented, as only an infant can be—plopped in front of the TV set from earliest years, traumatized with hateful, diabolical images, instead of loved—who hunger for the profound realities of the soul. “The wheel having finally turned”, these youth now coming steadily to represent 95% of the whole. It is this titanic constituency, ready with the help of God to “move mountains”, that we must draw upon, both polemically and in the grassroots construction of a system which answers to them at every turn.

As all the above suggests, there is so much more to do and to talk about than just pro-life: since we are confronted here with a towering wave or tsunami of a mammoth, vicious and prurient counter-culture against which signs, slogans or placards can play only the tiniest part. Here being where our “style” comes in, in a special way: a manner, a “turn-of-foot” (an inimitable expression from the pious Abbot Marmion, writing a century ago) or phrase, which can be precisely identified with Jesus’ much-misinterpreted “My kingdom is not of this world”. Since a kingdom—more essentially even than ramparts or walls or offices—is a set of inspirations, customs and manners as well. Here being critically required a truth-discerning sword which as the Apostle describes it, is sharp and subtle enough to “cut between marrow and bone”. To the depths of the human heart and soul. For the statement of Our Blessed Lord—and even His “render therefore to Caesar”, if properly understood—is no abdication to a secular throne, as these words are so often interpreted by the craven and self-interested as being: but rather demands that governments, military engagements, all human affairs must be conducted after the manner of the Celestial Home. This is a kingdom whose Headquarters Battalion, strategy, tactics, and non-commissioned-officer’s guide alike are inspired from realms above: linking as Our Lord does the “rendering” to God and to Caesar into one unique and integrated counterpoise. With inner motives for outward things being dictated by God alone. “Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven”. The critical word here being “as”, meaning after the manner, according to the spirit, the élan, of God, of Heaven. Otherwise we fight entirely in vain—to obtain no “good things” for a spiritually-“hungry” man (from the Magnificat of Our Blessed Lady)—nor for God’s glory—but rather to serve solely the interests of Hell. Our Lord’s realm being indeed a concrete, materially-developed and identifiable kingdom—a global earthly/Heavenly jurisdiction, made holy by grace—requiring the loyalty of states and administrations, of all things lower than itself. As Jesus Himself affirmed with His resounding “thou sayest it, I am a king”.

Clearly, then, according to this comprehensive divine sovereignty or jurisdiction, it would dam up the flow of divine grace, be fatal to our Catholic pro-life/anti-sodomy Crusade, to callously ignore the heinous atrocities of these latest wars: in today’s limp, craven, indeed aborted idea of patriotic loyalty. That which escapes all bounds of justice or reason, which destroys saving humor itself, which imposes mind-crushing constraints of debt-driven military/political life. A new enslavement which forces man ridiculously, gratuitously to “soldier” in all regards. Being for one thing denuded of any time for that genuine friendship (hardly identifiable solely with a “brothers-in-arms” camaraderie) which St. Thomas Aquinas defines as the very central purpose of the state. Aggressive engagements themselves utterly unjust, being embarked upon after a cunning campaign of slanderous lies against other nations and leaders. Hardly resembling the conduct of a candid Nathanial “in whom there is no guile”. A complicity-with-evil, this new oily-tongued élan, which in most respects ironically enough involves behaving ourselves in the most meek and tractable possible way, indeed “burning a pinch of incense” before Caesar’s brazen bust. Bowing before those who—as noted many times in these pages—regard it all as their thankless due, think of us as sub-human, as incompetent, or at best as mere children under their charge. All the while we show ourselves, in this abject surrender, to be blasphemously, disgustingly “ashamed of Christ before men”.

But even more gravely—and centrally in line with a wicked plan—by embracing as closest brothers those Hannitys and O’Reillys and others with bloody media hands, who all-but-openly rejoice in the slaughter of dozens of innocent villagers overseas—by this odious “standing shoulder to shoulder” we do our own doughty share to see that Roe vs. Wade continues to stand. Policy-“conservative” pro-lifers in this way keeping Catholics classed as politically-inert and characterless sheep, a perception that in turn favors strongly the possibility that the anti-life, anti-Catholic scheme will ultimately and wildly succeed. A conservatism, an aggressive-warrior militancy—one with stout-but-cryptic historical ties to the vaunted “patriotism” of Hitler Germany, as recently revealed by Lyndon LaRouche—which only emasculates the entire thrust of Catholic militancy and earth-transforming supernatural might. As it is indeed designed expressly, perversely and maliciously to do. As we are perceived as joining hands with foul, globally-despised forces represented by Bush, Chaney, Obama and the gang. The direct geo-political heirs of the Third Reich.

Rather must an entire sweeping agenda of holy and immaculate Catholic priorities be fearlessly, intrepidly advanced: flowing in abundance from those two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary who can alone save this land and globe. Elements, columns which both by nature and super-nature reinforce one another in the most formidable way. Salients which cannot survive when artificially dismembered, pulled apart, allowed to be interpreted for us—which is to say misconceived—by our cunning, infiltrating, manipulating foes. We must organize, but only after the humble, grassroots manner set forth on this site: sons and daughters of global justice, morality, Faith. Become familiar fixtures to one another, in every good and possible way: rather than taking our cue from remote, aloof and bombastic leaders, many of whom have been carefully installed by an enemy who has climbed to the highest places in both church and state. A feat that is little-difficult for them to do, considering that they now hold basically all the reins of worldly power. But again quoting our Blessed and indomitable Lord, “take courage: for I have overcome the world”.


May 27, 2009: Back to the sodomy-ballot-box in California? Our answer to this hideous projected fait accompli is to roll back the legislative/judicial stalk of the sodomites to the stripe-suited prison-yard where it belongs.


Sodomites are the preeminent stalkers of all times: whether we speak of their abominable idea of “romance” or their coercive concept of a legal agenda, or a host of other things great and small in between. Withstanding and impugning as the sodomites do that broad mass of humanity who crave a constructive and cooperative building up. And whereas true and heterosexual love is always gentle, receptive, kind, even among the more-advanced “anticipating one another in charity”, sodomy—harmless-looking as it often studiously pretends to be—is principally a bringing down. An interaction brutal, dominating, arrogant, mortally-envious, and as many in law enforcement know, this morbid and hyper-secretive institution carries homicide with it like a contageous disease.

Indeed, there is likewise a great if unspoken convergence between heterosexual-rapists and sodomites, and the two often change places with little ado. As many a deceived and assaulted woman has found out to her profound shame and dismay. Rape and humiliation being at the very essence of this abominable crime, and the contemptuous defacement of womanhood doubly implied in the perverse “bringing under” of another man, in sordid “super-macho” style. With innocent and kindly male manners—essential to the very chivalry of olden times—being conceived of as effeminate in this institutionally-endorsed dominant subculture of modern life, in a direct repudiation of the gentle and kindly manners and spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ. That which is the real source of Christian courage, the age-old, indomitable, painstaking upholder of justice and right. Here—in this rejection of the very Second Person of the Blessed Trinity—being a direct throwback to the rabid anti-Catholicism of Puritan times, a repudiation which however only causes the One True Faith to stand out clearly, in bold relief, in honor, nobility and profound peace. So that utterly repugnant to noble souls thus imbued, filled with a certain virility-of-spirit once common even among Catholic women—a matter principally of the soul, of an inimitable inner strength—are the abject, honor-less surrenders and lewd extortions of the sodomite crowd.

Plainly, Calvin and other radical Reformers partook of an ill-acknowledged underlying Jewish rejection of Christ Himself: a fatal estrangement from the very loving Personality of Our Blessed Lord. That infinite Reservoir from which Catholic culture takes its entire cue. Always preferring to see the Savior in some chastising mode—as typical-if-rare Protestant art does indeed so forcefully convey—this turbulent view having in fact much in common with an exploitive capitalism which is only Judeo-Protestantism in its most brassy guise. An economic system after the treacherous demise of the Kennedy brothers loftily promoted, if sometimes in disguised forms, by both Parties, from both White House and Senate floor.

Thus, in view of much of the above, not at all surprising is the sodomite’s cynical utilization of political tools—like an endless return to the ballot box—as so many blinds or ambuscades for a weary and comparatively-unwary electorate. Plainly, these issues aren’t designed to be brought up every few months or weeks: a stratagem which the moral/mental warp of the sodomites designs only as psychological warfare, not as democratic choice. They have an end in mind: any means will do. And they have lots of time, too: for whereas the rest of us finally weary of going back repeatedly to the polls, it’s all pure adrenaline-rush for these over-excited, elite-connected few. Even as we must suspect instances of voting-machine tampering, from a fanatical constituency which heavily invests the computer industry in a special way. This being far-and-away the occupation-of-choice of this arrogant crowd. Toting a tool box bulging with morbid public and private convincers of every kind.

Much of the idea behind this legislative/judicial stalk of the sodomites is the creation of a public impression of inevitability, which in turn carries with it a cynical, contradictory notion of “progress”: one reintroduced from most contaminated backwaters of ancient times. The idea that Christianity is “passing away” being rife here, in rude tools of a psychological warfare wielded by a mere 5% of the whole. Under which blanket of intrigue is found the overbearing power of a few, who rigidly determine our national domestic and foreign policy agendas without challenge of any real kind. A ruling cadre of both parties who keep us embroiled in private-interest-catering wars, for whom, not surprisingly, political prisoner sodomy-rape is really “no big thing” at all. It isn’t that the voters really want this kind of “progress”: whether at Gitmo (Note of 8/01/09: where to date only one prisoner has been released by the “harmless”, “compassionate” Obama), or as all this across-the-board psycho-political stalking entails: but this comprehensive miasma has rather become a sort of venom or hallucinogenic in the veins of modern man. One which gradually renders him helpless to defend his own deeply-beloved moral-and-political way of life. While finally the man on the street is further confronted with the staggering fact that this sort of odious “progress” has basically been endorsed by the heavily sodomite-infiltrated major churches of our times, including a significant percentage of post-Vatican-II “Catholicism” as well. In a program of infiltration which vitiates the morale, the psychological solidarity once to be found among the majority, in these biblically-warned-against last days. The laity being burnt at both ends: betrayed by a hard-core cadre of well-placed, compromised clerics while at the same time assailed by the legislative/judicial slings and arrows of the bald-faced sodomite crowd.

But most nefariously of all, these perverts and fiends have already planted the seeds for the takeover of this fair land, in a bought-and-sold judiciary’s permitting of “marriages” of this kind thus far “consummated” to stand as validly established: indeed apparently in all places, at all times. Since grave and perverse forms of evil ally to themselves an innate moral-fragility of fallen man, especially if these rank depravities are allowed publicly to flourish, as in sodomy’s many notorious and inseparable gloatingly-overt and flagrant oversteps. Exploiting a vulnerability to which youthful purity or chastity in particular is prone: an inner commodity priceless in terms of civic peace and domestic concord now under incessant assault by the arrogant and profane sodomite crowd. As for instance in certain recent accostings discussed in an entry below, which we ourselves have witnessed with our own eyes. That kind of abuse precisely against which law is intended principally to “protect and defend”. This fait accompli being the stout trunk for many another “triumph” which sodomy’s notorious crocodile tears augur as soon-to-come. People who will only ramp up their efforts in ceaseless subterfuge, in lies, in pretenses of injury.

It is this foul and promiscuous public barricade against Civilization which the truly-pro-life, the defenders of God-given marriage, must attack, must dismantle and destroy. Rooting out these biblical “masters of deceit” who would camp out there in the public thoroughfare, and make hash out of every good thing. (Or, as a favorite ploy, will feign abject defeat, only to return to the charge next week, with their effeminate or belligerent squeals or squalls.) These perverters of youth must be rooted out from their covens, as in days of old: dragged out to where they belong, behind bars. For it is far better to go back to pre-political caves than to allow the state, thus diabolically possessed, to coerce the people on behalf of this infernal and abominable wickedness. That against which all valid law must by definition stand, or step aside and give way to a state at last and for once justly and authentically conceived. Present usurpations by their very nature calling forth rampant, righteous, resolute resistance or even revolt. In these latter days when in the words of the valiant Pope Saint Pius X, at the beginning of the twentieth century, “it is the laity that will save the Church”. And of course and by plain implication, civil society as well.

As all this implies, there are indeed two genuine, all-determining opposite poles or irreconcilable goals to be found in this latter day. For in contrast to today’s many divide and rule false-recourses and contrived polarities, fabricated cleverly by satanic enemies of man, God Himself has brought us to this ultimate and authentic choice, this momento de la verdad. Here being the very purpose for which the Creator permitted things to come to their present dire pass. For the Almighty cannot be satisfied with mere lip-service, with being at the very bottom of our practical priorities, but will have all our love and loyalty—from which other, lesser things take their cue—and have it furthermore expressed openly, publicly, through the organs, institutions and intermediaries of the state. Of every arm or element of civil society. As well as through a newly-reinvigorated Church. Far from any odious and meaningless “separation of church and state” dogma of modern satanic, perverted secularism, God will have men formally and officially, reverently and obediently, as a body in each nation, and whenever possible universally among the sisterhood of nations—consecrate themselves to Him. This through song, procession, celebration, generously employing the military in childlike love, in majestic column and line, in demonstrations of Faith and devotion of a formal and open kind. Giving ourselves over to God as did the Jews so publicly and fervently under Josias: with tearful repentance, heartfelt expressions of sorrow for sins, for shameful, abominable behavior and legislation. A nation-wide, official, public adoration which of course, to be personally effective, must penetrate to the very marrow of the individual soul as well. But in contrast to the repentance of Old Testament Jews, this new and profound worship must be a homecoming, at last, for mankind to the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Those two harbors into which the self-same God of the Old Covenant sought lovingly to guide that rebellious Jewish state of old, a stiff-necked people He still seeks out today. Those Sacred Hearts who can alone save us from the stench of death and perversion that now threaten to prevail.

We give to them our total trust, and we will not be disappointed, or put to shame.


May 25, 2009, Memorial Day, as commemorated by a decorated veteran and true patriot: The dual-national-controlled U.S. drone-bombing, baby-killing war-machine may be gearing up for a repeat of the dismal Israeli Lebanon defeat. But don’t expect to hear about it any time soon from our lockstep media.


In a move unprecedented since the days of Stalin or Brezhnev, but according quite well with internal policies of a “trading partner” Red China our leaders so love, news coverage of this recent push into the Swat Valley and surrounding regions is being essentially denied, being in practical terms limited to what the U.S./Pakistani/Afghani military want us to hear. Here being a decisive black-out of critical on the scene truth, a muzzling with which the U.S. media has increasingly and stunningly collaborated—a word pregnant with historical meaning—since the very first of these Bush-family-initiated “wars”. Namely, the brutal, one-sided invasion of Panama in 1989. A media whose appointed task—the very opposite of what reason and tradition tells us it should be—has been to perpetuate (if mostly between the lines or sound-bites) the monstrous illusion that any nation with a mainstream culture or belief significantly different from that of the USA is “dead-set against democratic reform anyway”. And thus generously deserves the tender mercies of our village-leveling guided bombs, and even (if less admittedly) the heroic (“war is ugly”) rape-and-burn of our Blackwater crews. A hideous commission our media has carried out remarkably well.

Indeed, the old and perfidious recourse of the airing of perfectly fictional narratives or “documentaries”—which convincingly give imaginary details, dates and times of equally-imaginary Muslim conspiracies and atrocities—reproducing again subscripted captions of incendiary, foreign-policy-motivating movies of the ‘70s, as in the many fictional airplane-hijacking melodramas—of rabid Arabs going on murderous rampages in the cabins of giant planes—this odious recourse, predictably enough, is being dusted off again. And heard on rabidly-pro-Israeli stations like the publicly-owned NPR. Where an occasional critical comment against the rogue state—just as in the case of a solidly pro-Israeli and indeed crypto-Jewish Obama—is only a smokescreen for deeper and more-abiding sentiment. This disinterred informational barbarity doubtless being touted as some exotic-but-innocent new literary or dramatic form, even perhaps a form of comic-relief humor, as some of the tasteless and insensitive background music might seem to suggest. Productions with Jewish producers, authors and station-managers—whose Hebrew names are flouted after the vaudeville of every such show—nonetheless convincingly peddling aggressive war. After the same innocent-looking manner as they have peddled sodomy or prostitution from immemorial time.

But in stark contrast to this incredibly-indulgent Jewish rogue-propaganda license, the indigenous—let alone the Arab or global-Muslim—media has from the very first day of the unparalleled aggression been positively forbidden clearance to even enter the Swat campaign area, to report, for a change, the truth. The “valley” being a large parcel of land which takes in other contiguous regions, and overlaps into Afghanistan as well.

All this meticulous channeling-of-human-thought amply explains to us the rousing, parade-ground “war”-reporting we now endure, coverage of a “turkey shoot” for years now largely limited to launching drones and dropping bombs on villages populated mostly by defenseless women and children. Claiming they—or their husbands, uncles or fathers—are insurgents.

But “going in” and “rooting out” armed, wily and wiry “terrorists” is another matter entirely: that which, as one gathers—by another and less-heroic sort of reading between the lines—hasn’t really yet begun. Of course, we won’t hear anything like half the truth until ten years from now, but, even so, don’t expect any big-if-imaginary “victories” to scream at you from headlines in coming weeks. Even if the banner-line fare of the last few days has strained itself in rare form to say as much.

Indeed, you might even anticipate an abrupt media change of subject away from the war-weary region, in days to come. Perhaps even alleging some new “clinically-researched” need for us all to “lighten up”, to forget strain-producing major combats and other issues of these troubled times. Here being a favorite nostrum for home-front sufferers heard at a host of similar times before. Accordingly, we will no doubt be treated in coming days to every zany subject from soup to nuts—even forsaking for a time the fictional “narratives” in which a mad Muslim jumps from behind every bush or bucket seat—topics from sodomy to some corporate scam, to tired old fatuous “revelations”—the kinds of lies they were already peddling forty years ago—about the Kennedy presidency.

But fitting indeed, regarding all this war-propaganda, and related drone-bomb bravery, are words of the good Duke of Norfolk, in the film A Man for All Seasons, set in early 16th century England. A truly brave man portrayed as stoutly, indeed laughingly confronting the then-plenipotentiary Thomas Cromwell, who could have “had his head” for such words. This latter a fiend just then busy as a beaver gathering slanderous “evidence” against St. Thomas More, on behalf of his also-bloodthirsty sire, Henry VIII. A king in character much like our own most recent presidents, who don’t blink or blush over long lists of fabrications designed solely to propel us into wars, to seize lusted-over lands. To quote the good Duke, taking the liberty to apply his words to the ultimate outcome of global policies Napoleonic in the extreme: “This is a horse that will never run”.

Granted, an artificially-sustained global “march of democracy”—whose whole modus operandi, incredibly, is to thus deny local or contrary opinion all means of conveying itself, or coherently mustering its adherents—this “taking candy from a baby” will enjoy some short season in the sun. A sort of heroism, this, which earns the eager approval of the vast bulk of the sodomy-advocacy crowd as well: trench-warriors whose obsession with sadistic fetishes blends well with the abject humiliation and domination of whole lands. Thinking themselves to have prepared a field “ripe for the harvest” indeed. But someday, wait and see, unless we retreat from this abominable policy, it will all be just like the troops of Pharaoh, following the ancient Israelites into the Red Sea.


June 10, 2009: New article on the Russian Defense Ministry website is denounced by the usual Salem Witch-trial crowd. A piece which however only highlights dispassionately a standard criminal rewriting of history, a whitewashing of the provocateur arrangement of “economically necessary” wars.


More garlands are again being generously strewn around the hooves of the sacred cow of the standard “history” of World War II: rattling off a Western-democratic credo—regarding a simple matter of historical fact or fiction—one whose anathemas are far more stark than any ever uttered by a comparatively-mild Papal throne. Even if Benedict himself has proven favorable to this new history-writer’s WWII lockstep: in effect condemning any who deny the veracity of “the Holocaust”. This anti-pope’s embrace of which legend signifies something far deeper: namely the symbolic denial of the entire corpus of Catholic papal doctrine concerning the perfidy of the Jews: a massive doctrinal legacy stretching back to the Epistles and indeed to the very words of Our Blessed Lord. The Holocaust being that facet of WWII pseudo-history which of course and in practical terms amounts to a prohibition of any denial of any of the many claims concerning the era which Jews insist upon. Indeed, the standard version of World War II is to be accepted of a piece, without any deviations or digressions. This whole monstrous demand being the perfect equivalent of those Sayings of Chairman Mao which the Chinese used to have to recite, to keep from being imprisoned or buried alive, as one Catholic missionary of my acquaintance once revealed. Having been adjudged as “not worth the price of a bullet”.

All the good Russian military analyst did was to restate certain facts that have been generously buried over by Western political elites and their academic protégés. As for instance that the citizens of Danzig (present day Gdansk) of that fateful year 1939 (1) were overwhelmingly of German nationality; (2) being at the eastern-most end of long-standing German territory, had been unwillingly severed from Germany by the Versailles Treaty, and (3) had finally—just before the German “invasion” of Poland—voted by internationally-monitored plebiscite to rejoin that same more-westward land. (4) Whereupon German troops, at least as I myself understand—in a chapter of history almost impossible to get dependable details on—simply marched across a recognized international corridor within Poland (for use of troops of basically any land) solely in order to peacefully claim a newly-regained Danzig port-city for Germany. And who only wished to see the peaceful retention of this same corridor as a passageway to link the same German-speaking eastern outpost to Germany-proper.

Because of the veritable black-out of the actual article itself which I met on the web (maybe I didn’t look long enough), I don’t know any more particulars. But what I myself have heard, and what circumstantial bits and pieces picked up here and there over the years imply, is that it was Churchill—the era’s point-man of the centuries-old Anglophile dogma of an asphyxiating English commercial, financial and political dominion over European soil—who “got on the horn” and declared the German troop movement to be a declaration of war. That Churchill himself who was destined indeed to become a sort of sacred cow all his own, a fountainhead of bombast very much resembling George W. Bush of 9/11 fame. An often-times-disgraced rabble-rouser who had been contemptuously dismissed for decades by most sensible Englishmen of his time (Herman, Arthur, Gandhi and Churchill. New York: Bantam Bell, 2008). A paragon however soon-to-be-toweringly-elevated—just like his latter-day look-alike—in the trauma of wartime concerns. Having been thus laboriously erected by concerted effort of war-determining Judeo/Masonic powers of those momentous days. Churchill being the storied source of that first model, media-orchestrated geo-political accusation—together with a soon-to-come Roosevelt “branded with infamy” speech against Japan—which the rest of the West—as at a pre-arranged signal—would take up as unquestionable, infallible truth. Together of course later with the Holocaust, and with a pre-atom-bomb “unwillingness of the fanatical Japanese”—who had however been frantically working diplomatic channels for months prior to Hiroshima, but had been icily rebuffed by an aloof U.S. State Department—“to come to the negotiating table”. A long list of “must believes” which includes a bombed-into-the-stone-age North Korean turpitude vis-à-vis a “heroic” invading USA/McArthur, and a host of other religiously-believed fables as well. “And the rest is history”, so they say.

This is exactly how things are treated today with regard to the many embroilments and intrigues of U.S. forces overseas. There is a “doctrine” that is believed without any flinch of hesitation or doubt, unless you want to be considered a madman or questionably loyal. All this part of a domestic dogma, an “information”-age democracy, which we religiously export around the globe. A “boon” we bring to others, over which they have as little choice as do we over the veracity of historical details that decades ago propelled us into apocalyptic World Wars.


May 17, 2009: Courageous Catholic protests over Obama speaking at Notre Dame. But where are prior generations of the courageous young? A historical perspective.


The ever-allied forces of Judaism and Masonry have indeed taken the long view in their concerted attack of the past three centuries: with an “enlightened” Lucifer, their master, knowing that “his time is short”, the biblical last days approaching fast, after which he will be chained for good. This extended, cunning and desperate onslaught having started with the mid-eighteenth-century dawn of the Enlightenment: that grossly-mis-named movement which would in fundamental ways so dull the minds of modern men. A poisonous breed of “patience” being boasted in an early-19th-century Masonic document which brazenly celebrates an imperturbability ready to wait generations to secure secret, global and abominable goals. Thus does the same cryptic paper acknowledge the presence of a mole in the Vatican already at that early time, “the little finger of the papacy”, as the letter gloatingly reveals. The principal aim of these “masters of deceit”, as the missive indeed goes on to plainly acknowledge, being to gradually estrange the younger generation, especially those who enter the seminary, from the whole enveloping atmosphere of the supernatural, of Faith, of moral purity. And to ground it instead in the profane “realisms” of the modern secularist state. Robbing the young in particular of that holy ambiance, that other-worldly sensitivity, naming it instead childish or pusillanimous, backward or arrogant, craven or proud. Preparing astutely for today’s Judeo-Masonic mentored, school-and-media cultivated social milieu. One in which for one thing a holy, quietude-breeding spirit-of-recollection is regarded at best as a kind of dawdling, and at worst a mental disease. Perhaps a middle-school “attention deficit disorder”, against which are prescribed massive doses of health-destroying, mind-altering, behavior-regimenting drugs.

Hence it is within this perspective—of a long-planned, centuries-developing eradication of the encompassing milieu of Faith—which is so intimately familiar to the well-grounded Catholic soul—an ambiance under-girded with innumerable practical and even legal foundations—that we must view the unfolding events at Notre Dame. Of a vigorous protest against a Catholic-academic capitulation to anti-life forces; of a demonstration-of-indignation greeted with outright hostility by Catholic youth at the school. This display of cynicism signaling not just a youthful falling-away but a steady, pan-generational undermining of a Gospel “tree in which the birds of the air make their nests”.

For the Catholic position on life, on just and unjust war, and on a host of other major policy issues, is more than just a dry extract from a theology book, but embodies a way of life, a kingdom of God identifiable on every score with Western Civilization itself. The latter having in a broader sense sprung from the tiny mustard seed of the early Church of the Apostles, forming a Gospel tree which thereafter spread forth stout spiritual and cultural limbs from which whole nations were to take their deepest legal and political inspirations. This in an ongoing burgeoning which absolutely cannot be reversed or contained. Any attempts at which constitute a blasphemy of the Holy Ghost of the gravest kind: a denial of the Our Father’s “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven”.

At Notre Dame, then, was witnessed an apostasy not openly declared but rather augured cumulatively over time, according to the noted plan laid out by godless men, in the minutiae of practical, customary, legal, political, court-ruling terms. An agenda aiming thereby to smother this living Tree, this Catholic Church and associated Western civil and legal society: while at the same time dependably extinguishing its inner spirit, using avenues of a body/soul mutual-dependency which ever supply the prime route-of-attack of the fiend. An astute and vicious assault which in the intermediate-term steadily prunes down this Gospel Tree to a size and shape acceptable, if only for some limited time, to this new Sanhedrin.

Yet even amid the profound obscurity of today’s abandonment of Faith—by a youth starved of its most abiding cultural and personal inducements—we nonetheless anticipate that these demonstrations at Notre Dame could be the beginning of something, even a new age of martyrs, to be followed infallibly by a new Age of Faith. One in which Catholics—and even other sincere Christians—are no longer bullied by this tremendous, incredible fabrication against all holy, interior, grace-fed things. On an American soil in which the blood of thousands or even millions of Catholic proselyte Indians of the seventeenth through the nineteenth centuries—mostly good and gentle souls, and not at all the “savages” of westward-expansionary lore—may indeed come to be mingled with that of a new breed of well-seasoned, resolute Catholic souls, both young and old. Their indigenous predecessors in heroic Faith—displaying the Gifts of the Holy Ghost, among which is indeed a fortitude unsurpassed—having been mercilessly hunted down, perhaps most notably in the near-genocidal attack upon Quebec in the mid-1700s. The marvelous and unique French entrepot having had literally millions of Indians under training both religious and industrial, forming under timeless tutelage an advanced and vigorous native civilization all its own. (Garraghan, Rev. Gilbert J., S.J., The Jesuits of the Middle United States, in three volumes. New York: America Press, 1938.; Hughes, Rev. Thomas, S.J., The History of the Society of Jesus in North America, Volumes I and II. London: Longmans, Green and Company, 1907). Brutally destroyed before reaching anything like its full potential, this vibrant society was a welcome alternative to the bitter, unforgiving Calvinist/Jansenist capitalism already entrenched in New England, just to the south. A predatory, anarchic form of “free enterprise” not to come clean as to its own true nature until our own very day. The lovely experiment in Quebec being destined to fall victim to now-standard self-righteous, scorched-earth aggression of the ever-“security”-obsessed and suspicious (sound familiar?) New England crowd. French-colonial Quebec having been a humane, viable and sustainable experiment, thriving under the gentle hand of Catholic missionary orders, in many ways a larger model of those Jesuit Reductions on the Piranha praised by none other than Voltaire himself. These latter in a Latin America likewise to perish miserably: first under the corrosive influence of imported Masonic errors, and then under the self-same hegemony of Yankee arms. Earlier northward aggressions enveloping all of a Quebec which stretched to the Great Lakes and beyond, and included much or all of upstate New York as well. (see Hughes, Rev. Thomas, S.J., The History of the Society of Jesus in North America, Volumes I and II. London: Longmans, Green and Company, 1907).

Thus perhaps to be counted a small loss—in the bigger picture of things—in prodigies of grace at the beck and call of that Holy Ghost Who “worketh whither He wills”—is the absence of youth among demonstrators at Notre Dame the other day. Before the face of a prodigal Heavenly “economy of grace” able to “moves mountains”; able to raise up faithful sons and daughters “out of the very stones” of a land long sterile to heavenly things.

But as it stands now, events at Notre Dame reveal to us not just a Catholic episcopal failure to vigorously transmit Church teaching on the sanctity of life in the womb, but also an endemic American-Catholic timidity, a spirit of compromise and capitulation, over a host of other flesh-and-blood-consequential teachings as well. (For we have had no Jesuits here, of the indomitable kind found in eighteenth-century Paraguay, or earlier at the foothills of the northern Rockies, or canoeing down the Mississippi or the Desplaines). Traditionally-held doctrines, spirituality and convictions in which the Catholic spirit most ardently abounds having long been negatively associated with “European Catholicism”—even with irrationally-hated babushkas and gathered skirts—here on these shores. Teachings for instance about just and unjust war: with the unquestioning advancement of American arms—under the most questionable of circumstances—being held among Catholics here to represent a veritable dogma-all-its-own. A “my country right or wrong”—indeed a sort of religion of America—by which all peoples everywhere are required to burn a pinch of incense before American social, economic and political institutions. That program whose main outcome is irretrievably far from a much-vaunted liberty, but which rather gravely limits, even cripples, the independence of the human mind, of the individual man. In a sort of pabulum-like formation which has been the lot of Catholics here basically since the days of a compromise-oriented bishop John Carroll in the late eighteenth century. A mental/spiritual pandemic being incubated here, an advanced, lethal form of which ghostly influenza would be sprung on the entire Catholic world at Vatican II.

The cure for this new disease comes to us from out of spiritual cellars of old: emitting a cool calm from vast, solemn, catacomb-like precincts of our forefathers, an atmosphere which alone can banish the fever, dispel the tumult of an ”aggiornamento” which ruled the treacherous Vatican gathering noted above. An alien, restless spirit giving rise to a seer-predicted “odd new church” (Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich): a weird structure within whose cavernous voids was mortally hijacked any possibility for the youth of subsequent years to live a well-matured, profoundly Catholic life. The only kind which gains one entrance to a Heavenly home.

The same basic thing had happened before in history, at several occasions of major heresy and schism, of the elections of anti-popes: but the difference now was that great occult pains had been taken to cunningly bolster—of all things—the place of authority within the Church. Doughty and inflexible levels of unquestionable command erected however not at all in order to strengthen the flock as a whole, let alone the moral or interior life of the young: but rather to prepare for the dictatorial reign of these ever-equivocating “men in soft garments” who would so soon usurp the Petrine Chair, the Fisherman’s Ring. The introduction of this unprecedented kind of unvarnished dictatorship at the helm of the Church, this time as a force against traditional discipline and piety—an anti-papacy which would prove conversely timid and hesitant when challenged by much-vaunted bishop’s conferences, teaching falsehood or pampering moral decay—infallibly bringing about radical change. And perhaps even more, an extreme trivialization of the individual soul, especially that of the layman. A papal palace coup being involved here, one which knows full well that the most consequential things of the spirit are to be found “at the margin”: in the nebulae of obscure divine provision, of an inward groping after “things unseen” which, after long years, bears a harvest untold. “Profit” in spiritual things being after all a frontier ironically analogous to that wherein honest profits in textbook economics are to be found: in obscure borderlands rather than in the bombast of massive market takeovers, akin to the gaudy vaudeville, the “charismatic” spirituality come out of Vatican II. This forsaking of the genuine, mystery-bound imperatives of the interior—of a Holy Ghost Whom the unacquainted “know not where He comes from, or whither He goes”—ultimately producing that familiar anomaly of our times: the morally-flint-skinned Catholic layman who religiously avoids any question of on-the-job morality, or unjust war. Who “brings in the bacon”, and basically nothing more.

Here plainly is an attitude which would have the further occult advantage of somehow striking the unaccustomed mind as doughtily conservative, indeed even arch-traditionalist, in the extreme. For what could be more solid than all this palaver about work, “success”, even a newly-apotheosized ambition? All the while few noticed striking parallels in all this “worker”-adulation to the old communist party hammer and sickle, to the utter trivialization of the soul and mind that still remains as a main legacy of the old regime in former-communist lands.

But there were purely personal and familial conquests to be had out there, and who could possibly give pause, be a “slacker”, try to be “holier than the pope” (an old, worn-out saw, heard incessantly around the time of Vatican II), when it came to promoting the welfare of Johnny or Suzy, “like olive branches around ones table”? Although few would be so observant as to notice that—unlike the rude overalls, shovels, sledge-hammers, bent male-and-female backs once seen in abundance along Warsaw-Bloc railroad tracks—actual work had little to do with this new brand of communism. For the rapidly-automating group-think times demanded not workers, really, but people who would laboriously conform. Who would shut up and smoke their weed, sell their soul, give perversity and promiscuity a day in the sun.

Pointedly to be learned from Notre Dame is the poor appeal to the youth of today of a novel “Catholic” confession-of-faith which limply surrenders media, entertainment, workplace and sidewalk to a rampant, perverted “progress” at every turn. And then goes on passionately and “heroically” from there to advocates certain very-visible, headline-grabbing causes: sometimes basically as mere sticking-points for some legislative compromise. Mere pious wordstogether with some very dramatic gestures, performed by folks seemingly with a curious yen for excitement—having over the decades, especially since the council, come to suffice in clerical and lay-leader Catholic minds for strong, staff-wielding deeds. All this “art of the possible” and photo-finish-impressive necessarily being, in their heart-of-hearts, bitterly disappointing to a youth which from time immemorial has readily “risen to the occasion”, to costly challenges, dearly-bought dreams. The American Church vigorously waving the white flag to an openly perverted public and private media, to the vile, raucous shouts of sodomites, assaulting eyes and ears, manhandling women, stomping upon crosses, when any dare raise a feeble contrary cry. Religion taking on all the pragmatic, “realistic” methods and dynamisms of politics, rather than, as Christ plainly intended, the latter being imbued with the life-giving spirit, the generous élan, of its critical partner from realms above.

Indeed in their younger days many of these stalwart demonstrators at Notre Dame probably laughed to scorn advocates of age-old Catholic values (and indeed binding precepts) like modesty of dress: for the observance of which—other bogus alibis aside—some more sincere lost custody of their children to avant-garde diocesan-Catholic social workers, state welfare agencies, and doughty, allegedly-sainted, middle-class-ethic siblings during those fatal, seminal times. A modesty-of-dress which, had it been strictly upheld among Catholics back then in the 70s, would have gone a long way toward insuring that “abortion on demand” went nowhere. Acting powerfully to dry up sensual inducements of a powerfully-provocative kind.

But the first real launching on these shores of the noted infiltration, the carefully-inculcated spirit of compromise, was to be found, as intimated above, among sorely-oppressed colonial Catholics: albeit a persecuted flock whose first century of existence here must be confessed to have resembled in fervor that of the early Church in Palestine or Rome (ibid). The moral capitulation that was to follow dating from around the time of the Revolution, with the occasion for the unprecedented dilution being the equally-unprecedented papal naming of a native cleric, John Carroll, as plenipotentiary bishop to a fledgling native church. An appointment arranged by none other than the premier mason of his day, Benjamin Franklin: of all things, the new democracy’s ambassador to the Vatican. An inscrutable figure across time, Carroll, albeit one highly-capable of that high-oratory which would become the leitmotif of a new kind of churchman into our own day. A prelate armed with an “ecclesiastical revolution even more consequential than the political” which he was to set so stolidly and painstakingly in gear: brandishing a new rhetoric now tiringly familiar to the Catholic ear. The new democracy on the Atlantic being a mere “missionary church” and thus by rights meant to be placed under the authority of some English or European prelate, until the new spiritual field proved itself capable of producing an abundant harvest of grain, rather than of stubborn cockle, destined only for the fire. This revolution-coordinated stunning reversal of immemorial Church policy being no doubt accomplished by the same pope who had encompassed the disastrous disbanding of the Jesuits some few years before the also-earth-rocking appointment. A Society of Jesus—the most positive force in the Church since the time of St. Therese of Avila and St. Pius V in the mid-16th century—whose demise was based in whole on typical strident, patently anti-clerical, indeed entirely fictional accusations, any thread of whose substantiation has never yet been found. A Jesuit Order which, succumbing to deadly lies nonetheless, would immerge some forty years later with a mere shadow of its former earth-transforming spiritual/developmental influence among the nations of men.

Here indeed was a magnificent force not only for the most genuine, healthy kind of body/soul spirituality but also for a species of organizationally-distributive economic development which this author takes as a prime source for his own ideas. One largely responsible for a Latin America—not just among the tributaries of the Piranha—which on the eve of the Jesuit expulsion was poised on the very threshold of an unprecedented and basically irreversible prosperity. A vast realm whose potential however under the ponderous influence of the protestant land to the north was never again to be regained. This comprehensive and mammoth New World reversal joining hands over time with a coming revolution in Italy under the treacherous House of Savoy to prepare a basically-global soil for the coming revolutionary cockle of Vatican II.

Thus is modern post-conciliar Catholicism a staggeringly-obvious “salt which has lost its savor”, being lustily “trodden underfoot” by the new “progress”. An end-times, biblically-predicted “Catholicism”—with many-a bogus “traditionalist” version stoutly in place to catch any “run off” from this New Order of things—which predictably-enough further demands of these youths, especially here in the USA, an adherence to a middle-class success-ethic which is utterly barren of the courageous and unfathomably-profound spirit of former times. A Catholic youth taught rather to “behave itself”, to be “correct” in all things: in a word, to be “ashamed of Christ before men”. This largely so as to “land that job”, and attached fawned-over social position. Implying a foul cravenness which amid an abundance fostered by Catholic political and socioeconomic doctrine would have been held in contemptuous disregard. Here being laid bare that biblically-predicted and basically interior branding, one doubtfully sought by today’s evangelicals in bar-codes in grocery stores: “They will be able neither to buy nor sell (even their own labor) without the mark of the beast”. Young people likewise being rigorously pressured—by economic considerations, if nothing else—to doughtily march off to fight in plainly unjust wars.

All this retreat from the holistic and integral Catholic past would coexist, incredibly enough, within a One True Church which in the late 1950s and early ‘60s would in some ways recover a position of prominence reminiscent of the above-noted burgeoning of late-eighteenth-century Latin America. An ebullience indeed even vaguely recalling that of the 13th century era of fatherly papal power. A Catholicism on the very threshold of Vatican II, of my own devout early-childhood raising, which could no doubt have “made hash” out of any of the abominable movements so soon to come on the global scene. This promising Fortress-of-Faith which had at least one priest, back in Joliet, Illinois, where I was born, who openly took a whole rack of pornographic material from a drugstore close to his parochial school and unceremoniously threw it in the canal. A story no doubt with parallels to be found of the time across the land. A briefly-flowering Catholicism—no doubt a transfixing horror to the pusillanimous “papacy” of today—in a striking parallel to a previously-flourishing church of England under the crushing persecutions of Henry VIII—destined to collapse almost overnight under the breaking storm. Involving a loss of souls of such mammoth proportions as to empty our pews and decimate our Masses in the space of a mere ten years. A spiritual disaster which however the standard latter-day bishop—or oddly both rueful yet ever-celebratory anti-pope—would yawningly dismiss as “long overdue”, a mere clearing out of deadwood among the fold.

Thus clearly is New Church inextricably bound up with an odious species of progress which was indeed and repeatedly pronounced at the patently-Robber Council Vatican II as its very raison d’etre. This bogus progress a serpentine phenomenology today coiled around the neck of man, the ultimate totalitarian-ideological spawn of the noted Judeo-Masonic coterie, a deadly error which had specifically and in fine detail been condemned ex cathedra a century earlier by (the genuine) Pope Pius IX. That embattled pontiff the Jews of whose times had vainly imagined to have “in their hip pocket”, a suborning of a pope they would achieve with such stunning success in the case of a pliant John XXIII a century later (found on reliable authority to have been a freemason himself). The noted condemnation coming in Pius’s Syllabus of Errors, against the Modernist Heresy, and in related documents, speeches and motu proprio as well.

          Manfully rejected by Pius IX was this progress mortally and of set purpose corrosive to the supernatural destiny of the human soul, especially as manifested in those highly-interior, earthly-preparatory terms noted above. A “progress” likewise ever-ready to annihilate vast numbers in financier-engineer wars which already in his time would become ever-more-sanguinary with each decade-gone-by. Influences ecclesiastical, political, synagogue and freemasonic bringing us at last to allow space-flight-obsessed or Eichmann-like “scientists” to man the most prominent vehicles of present-day life, while surrendering an innately Christian Western legal framework to be profoundly vitiated for the sake of “fairness” and “equal time”. Which is like asking Jews in Tel Aviv to adopt the laws, customs and morality of the Muslim nations which surround them, and indeed whose land they occupy. We have, in short, given up willingly all these vital practical underpinnings of virile Catholic conviction, and of that moral/practical leadership in the world which is among the divine/royal prerogatives of the Son of God. A Catholic position of ascendancy we were on the point of confirming in a resounding way, despite all the Judeo-Masonic opposition, on the eve of November 22, 1963, when John Kennedy was ambushed and struck down. That which would act in tandem with the treacheries of the robber council to conclusively destroy—according to the noted insidious plan—the inner peace and spiritual equilibrium of modern man.

          Council fathers would indeed finally go so far as to demand, together with the Vatican of subsequent decades—including that of a supposedly holy John Paul II—the speedy abrogation of those ancient agreements called concordats, between Church and state. “New arrangements” inserting the spiritually-deadly, Heavenly-Tree-truncating Masonic formula—“no religion is to be given undue preference”—in the place of sublimely-fashioned, inimitably-worded protocols going back to a sixth century Gregory the Great in his dealings with the Catholic Franks and before. Conventions by whose painstakingly-labored-over provisions Catholic nations, guided and strengthened by the papacy, upheld themselves as veritable breeding-grounds of Catholic Faith, virtue and morality. A culminating surrender of incontrovertible nation-state moral prerogatives corresponding uncannily to the throwing out of theological “schemata” laboriously prepared for Vatican-II.

But wonders never cease in this bewildering saga, as the noted schemata were in fact originally assembled for no new council at all, but rather to serve as a blueprint for final sessions of a projected and at-long-last concluded Vatican I. An early-1870s council murderously (to some 600 slain Swiss Guards and numerous priests and bishops) broken up by Italian-Masonic forces of the time. While the odious upshot of this all-fronts cultural, ecclesiastical and diplomatic capitulation was that the Catholic youth of today don’t have even a single Catholic nation to shine forth as an example of the ancient and venerable Catholic Way.

Are we then surprised that today’s Catholic youth—lacking those practical/spiritual bulwarks we older people once enjoyed, and under which our Faith was formed—are less than bold in the profession of their Faith? Indeed, if they really have any at all, “Catholic schools” and nomenclature notwithstanding. Being victims of cleverly-promoted lies and misrepresentations rather than heirs of a treasure with tremulous devotion handed down. Lacking as they do the noted enveloping atmosphere of Faith that once was ours: that which in turn must largely stem from abiding formative influences of a practical, all-encompassing kind. Since Catholicism is a “walk”, a Way: else in truth it be less than nothing, a grudging repulse to an imperative mandate delivered by a divine hand. This according to the very God-given physical-intermediary nature of man: encompassing a susceptibility to an intertwined inner/outer world which is not meant to be used only to his moral disadvantage by the agents of Hell. But which is plainly and rightfully meant to be advantageously invested by spiritual forces from above. The moral beliefs of the people thus plainly being at the very base of all valid law in any land: which our laws and many of our court-rulings with increasing obviousness are not. With genuine law thus manifestly being so approvingly evaluated only to the degree it accords with the divine law written on the human heart, indeed etched in deep letters in the very rational and constructive biases of the human mind. And in Christian lands as further developed under the legacy of revealed Faith.

Hence it has been by the decades-long route of a cowardly if piety-affecting capitulation—which no self-respecting Muslim would readily allow with respect to his own customs, legal-framework and beliefs—that youths no longer rush to sacrifice their lives—nor their academic standing, nor yet the viability of their “careers”—as in days of old. Like that young St. Tarcisius who indeed gave his very life, under the stones and blows of street urchins, rather than uncover to their foul gaze the holy Body and Blood of Christ. That Savior Whom he bore so devoutly, hidden beneath the folds of his robe, to Christian prisoners in a pagan jail. They who must indeed have resembled these very good priests and laity of today, imprisoned in South Bend for their courageous display of Faith. Necessary here, in fine, being the recognition that this earth will always be—is indeed meant to be—a place of struggle between good and evil, right and wrong, Faith and apostasy, until the ardently longed-for and militantly-prepared coming return of our Blessed Lord. A denial of which defining combat lies at the base of the whole treacherous panoply outlined above.

No, a mere fragment of the Faith simply does not suffice—however stirring and heroic it might indeed be—for Catholicism’s intergenerational transmission: it must be conveyed forward in time whole and entire. A perennial plant which furthermore requires the legal, political and cultural ground with which it came to be preserved intact, if its roots will again spread forth, and grasp the “good soil” of willing souls of days to come. And find anchor in the hearts of a present and future young. That seer-predicted “once and future” time we here at louisdejolietpublishing.com expect to see soon.


May 12, 2009: the Afghanistan gas-attack.


This incident—loudly announced a few days ago, but suddenly removed from all mention in a special-interest-catering press that, just like our troops and mercenaries, turns and wheels on cue, marches in lock-step column and line—this recent typical journalistic tour de force smells exactly like the many recent pre-arranged provocateur incidents, starting with 9/11, carried off “bravely” by our ever-resourceful black-ops people, whether private-mercenary, CIA, British SAS or Israeli Mossad. Well engineered events which have so regularly in the past propelled U.S. citizens to uprighteously finish off some little country whose resources or strategic position our leaders and corporate midases covet with lustful eyes. New Napoleons who hope by these well-choreographed means to motivate us to “stand behind our troops” in some new, disgusting, blood-and-guts-real overseas adventure. There being indeed no national or religious movements on earth which can compare in diabolical “furious wickedness” (the Catholic Rite of Exorcism) to today’s “Allied” or “Coalition” onslaught against the nations, presently gearing itself up again in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Basically an international (rather than American) cabal headed by much-the-same global potentates and precisely-the-same enslaving world-financial mechanisms as was an also-globally-directed communism of a generation ago.

Plainly, this gassing of these girls would be a tremendously counterproductive thing for the wily and savvy Taliban to do, just when they are in the jaws of the latest “coalition” drive to destroy them. A time when they desperately need the support of the world’s people against an aggression of the most brutal and unjust kind: this hardly being the time to do something vile and fiendish against little girls. While the fact that months, years or decades later the one-time much-noised charges—poured in the ears of a U.S. citizenry with a cradle-instilled proclivity to “ask questions later”—against some “enemy” or rag-tag group of insurgents—are found typically enough to have been utterly groundless—this is given scant attention in a global media which has by then “moved on” to “more important” things. New subject-matter perhaps equally hideous and bizarre. For the aim is always the fait accompli in the judgment of this coterie who basically rule mankind today, and who only in a sense play cat-and-mouse with us, no doubt to keep some structures and infrastructures intact, before setting into motion their final clamp-down upon humanity as a whole. Hegemons who are mostly based in Israel and our own USA. An end-justifies-the-means cabal, a biblically-identified “synagogue of Satan” whose idea of “progress” is held to justify anything at all. A progress devotion to which readily becomes a species of secular messianism; a bug, a pestilence whose bite can bring on something little short of diabolical possession in the insane degrees of globe-annihilating fanaticism to which it inexorably leads.

But most incredible of all, these endless, heinous atrocities are most commonly perpetrated against our very best friends: against “allies” and their innocent populations. So that in many ways to be “America’s friend” is a luckless thing indeed. Like these good school girls, who are valued only for their propaganda impact, whose demise is considered just another incalculable object-lesson on the road to scarcely-conceivable levels of absolute, totalitarian power. Their pitiful victim-offering serving to “prove” to everyone, in human blood and tears, just how “evil” are these Mujahideen. Indigenous fighters whom our leaders regard as bitter enemies, after some few decades ago having shamelessly catered to them as our vital and irreplaceable friends. Human beings, made in the image and likeness of God, being used up as fuel in a polemical fire, just as in the case of the Lusitania, almost a century ago.

That subject of song and fable, that fated ship was torpedoed by German U-boats: providing those who rule us (basically the same people both now and then) with the ever-indispensable neat and tidy reason to go to war, back then in 1916. A “non-combatant” “commercial” ship, with its decks and cabins full of tourists and travelers, any attack upon which would be viewed by the community of nations as an inhuman atrocity of the lowest kind. One whose wreckage was however found sometime within this past year, surrounded by somewhere around a million rounds of artillery ammunition:  these spilled on the sea-floor from out of its mammoth ruptured holds. The cruel exploitation of those on this “non-combatant” ship thus elbowing aside easily a similarly-spectacular 9/11 for equal place at the very top of an infamous list of war-provocative deeds of barbaric, globe-controlling (hardly rag-tag) fiends. Swelling the list of similar-handy “incidents” and arranged provocations that would go on almost infinitum—either to advance the grizzly ambitions of the “state of Israel” or as a critical popular motivator to some geo-corporate bonanza of foreign soilsince those halcyon and “heroic” days, when “Johnny came marching home”.

Furthermore, it is necessary to be aware that this combination of false-patriots, traitors and dual-nationals, for whom we struggle so unsparingly, once it has used us up completely—industrially, financially, militarily, in terms of national strength and integrity—a goal toward which it has already succeeded beyond wildest expectations—will then turn on a dime—no doubt over some new and equally-momentous invented incident—and ally itself with the Muslim “enemy” even more firmly than it has done with us. This duping of Westerner Christians having seen its debut already well before the Crusades, during which latter the Jewish/Byzantine financial/political powers at the head of the Greek Empire led the valiant Crusaders into one ambush after another. This in back-stabbing league with the forces of Islam. And finally went so far as to baldly renege on promises of much-needed land: those very pledges which had powerfully spurred the pleaded-for intervention in the first place. “Elbow room”—in this case driven by backward agricultural methods just then in place, on the very threshold of the scientific-revolutionary twelfth century—having been far-and-away the most pressing concern of the already-teaming masses of the West (Haase, Carl, editor, Die Stadt des Mittelalters, Erster Band. Darmstadt: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, 1969; other impartial sources ad infinitum). Crusader-re-conquered territories being without exception arrogantly demanded by the Greek throne, after which numerous displays of towering ingratitude some small fraction of landed compensation for onerous struggles was indeed retained by force by Catholic commanders on the ground. As for instance in the form of a newly-founded Catholic kingdom of Antioch. For which “theft”, predictably enough, Crusader and Catholic Church alike continue to live under a one-sided, slanderous and ill-deserved “scholarly” condemnation to this very day.

Indeed, an ominous preliminary to this ceaseless international culture of betrayal—which flourishes today in a wholesale slaughter-of-innocents before pagan-sacrificial altars both in “clinics” and theaters-of-war—would in the very beginning of the Crusading era find Jewish/Venetian carrying-trade vessels demanding the destruction of a rival and immensely-prosperous Croatian city-state of Zadar, before they would transport the Crusaders any further toward the shores of Acre. A treacherous and grizzly task no sooner accomplished—against another Catholic land—than the ever-perfidious Jews substantially reneged on their oily agreement anyway. While of course we know that the same People would ultimately side with the Muslims in the struggle for the Holy Land: just as they had done in the Arab conquest of Visigoth Spain in the eight century, where they ignominiously opened the gates of that nation’s major cities to the besiegers.

Wake up, fellow Americans! Do we really want that kind of “greatness”, this sort of “coalition of the willing”? Of a sort whose shame spreads like an oil-slick over a vast historical map? Do we care nothing for our souls? We in the USA have increasingly become a larger replica or personification of the modern state of Israel—its treacheries no mean model of those of an earlier homeless Hebrew past—today, incredibly-enough, in a murderously-false and pathologically-atavistic identification of the rest of mankind as but so many hated and highly-expendable Canaanite tribes. Indeed, putting this sort of mentally-brittle, incendiary language into the mouths of our very Christian—and indeed even some Catholic—preachers, from pulpits of a Sunday morn. Claiming as they do to enlist the very meek Christ in an incomparably cruel and bloody cause.

But do we think that the God we pretend so righteously to serve will stand by and passively watch? That He will let either of we two self-appointed global-overlords go unpunished? Look at the skies, feel the rocking of the earth, watch the fabric of our society disintegrate before your very eyes, and guess again, my friend.


April 8, 2009: Top-down control of society brings a harvest of sodomy, enslavement and unjust war.


Are the young really “overwhelmingly in favor” of sodomy-marriage? No, that’s not what we’ve found out here on the crusade. Don’t let the notoriously-misleading polls fool you. But the young are indeed without strong convictions about such things: good as some are, the majority, with little moral responsibility of their own, having had character leached out of them, as it were, by an educational system bent on destroying the moral strength and self-identification of the individual mind. Bent on producing mere cogs, robots: slack-jawed, blank-faced, opinion-less soldiers in unjust wars.

The problem with our form of democracy—one we are taught to venerate as a veritable religion of America, to arrogantly surpass in prominence the worship of Our Blessed Lord—is that it was formulated by mostly-agnostic elites operating from ivory towers in the mid-to-late eighteenth century. A new, blind, deliriously-fostered loyalty—anything approaching which is plainly owed to God alone—having been born in such a nursery: one whose chief New England colonial midwives, like Franklin and Jefferson, Monroe and Paine, would quickly open even-more rough and ready delivery-rooms overseas, supported by the native Robespierres and Dantons that would so rapidly abound. Along a financial/organizational grapevine not really “new” or “revolutionary” at all, but aged already a thousand years. With the whole immemorial globalist enterprise—lacking only the technology of our day—being stoutly bolstered by a vast mercantile navy of slave-trading, commodity-carrying Jews. Sons of the synagogue quietly as always providing money, ships, strategically precious international connections. A vast international conspiracy for the bringing-under of Christian thrones here coalescing, one designed expressly—if with loud and misleading fanfare about popular institutions, freedom, etc.—toward a much-more-rigid rule from above. Effectively guaranteeing that the state here in particular—at the idolized vanguard of this incredible deception—would always remain firmly in privileged hands.

This ironclad global totality—so soon to be unleashed upon Latin America, to the abject enslavement of that once-wealthy land—has remained firmly ensconced—through a densely-woven alliance of secret societies and high finance—til this very day. A liberty-suffocating control by “progressive” elites openly boasted-of by men like John Edwards, one which extends its iron grip from the highest of arrogant pinnacles to the smallest of locales. Here being an “invisible hand” indeed, whose championing of “less government” actually means less popular involvement. Not really laissez faire—or “leave it alone”—but rather “leave it to us”.

Thus too the deadly radical separation of church and state dogma of the modern totalitarian state. For as these hegemons know, it is religious belief which alone effectively guards the freedom, dignity and integrity of man. Which capsulates all that he holds most sacred and dear, paramount of which values is his innate conviction of the possession of the “spark of the divine”. The sort of thing which the sodomites ridicule and despise. While in tandem with their poisonous mockery is the insinuation that all who are dissatisfied with the present perverted drift toward legalization of sodomy and other abominable wrongs are mentally ill. Thus free are we in a religion-of-America USA.

Try to get involved in local politics and see how far you get, if you don’t bow and scrape and take your cue from these godless, mostly effeminate or macho-beef-headed (effeminacy’s notorious and inseparable yin/yang) elites. In education, the media, the local precinct committee, the Masonic lodge. And this is the reason things like sodomy are gaining ground. Because for one thing we the people long ago lost control of the education and moral formation of our children, so that they would be ripe for the sodomy-marriage brainwash. So that they would hardly know what self-respect means, let alone how to defend it to the giving up of life itself. But with the help of God, and against all these unfair odds, we can turn this dismal picture around. The glowering butches and squealing queenies don’t have to win out, won’t be able to devour our young. We will organize; we are organizing. God wills it!


May 10, 2009: Scripture doesn’t supersede Oral Tradition but is actually contained in it.


St. Paul speaks to us from out of his marvelous Epistles of the necessity to cleave to “that which has been passed down to you”. Indeed, he tells us that if “an angel of light” were to counsel a different course, from this sedulous “passing down”, that he should be regarded as “anathema”. And it is in this little formula—“that which has been passed down to you”—that we find capsulated the entire Catholic dogma of Oral Tradition—so despised by so many Protestants—as being Revelation par excellence. Scripture itself having indeed and as it were come from out of this Oral Tradition: since the New Testament was written amid the trials and travails of a living Church of living men: “we the living”. Holy Writ having indeed patiently waited for its definitive compilation—and official declaration—by the very evangelically-despised “pope of Rome” until somewhere around the year 325 A.D. Having only then been recognized—and identified book by book—as “canonical”, or in other words as the very Word of God. The living Church already being known by the end of the second century A.D. as the Catholic Church, functioning in those pristine first beginnings when the “little Flock” was still deeply entrenched in the Catacombs. This biblical Bride of Christ having in intervening years since the death of the last Apostle quietly nourished the faithful, often using stirring, non-verbal object-lessons of carvings, paintings and other holy art, such as graced both homes and catacomb niches and walls. Here being a fold fed upon the rich meat of a mystery-laden totality “which has been passed down to you”. No Church of gnat-chocking exegetes or elite intellectuals, one which furthermore tells us how we are to understand the words of Holy Writ: words often written amid struggles and controversies of an early-Church existence. These often-enough grueling moral or doctrinal contests, cunningly inculcated by ever-infiltrating “Judaizer” enemies: fledgling-Christian agonies whose most consequential implications have not-infrequently escaped the memories of mortal men.

The Catholic Church has more than supplied for all things here, having “all days” had the Holy Ghost for its divine Guide. Having alone been the custodian, united with the (lawfully elected) pontiff of Rome, of a living transmission of the “deposit of Faith”. That for which comprehensive written expression—a mode-of-communication for which today’s evangelicals have a strikingly-Jewish-flavored veneration—would require so many books that “the whole earth”, in the words of St. John, “could not contain them”. As in Our Lord’s constant “explaining of mysteries” to the Apostles, noted in the Gospel of St. Mark, while “the others” were spoken to “strictly in parable”. Throngs then mostly of hard-hearted Jews who, as Jesus Himself candidly explains to “the Twelve” in the same Book, did not merit hearing the full meaning of the divine words. A hearing which indeed, and as is plainly implied, would have encompassed an abominable “casting of pearls before swine”.

Thus in fine do we see that it is not simply or even primarily a literary Church that we genuinely have—as the vain and proud would so plainly prefer, and as ever-infiltrating “Judaizers” would have us believe—knowing that in such a case we would quickly find ourselves with no Church at all—a misconception of which today’s “bible only” Protestant sects are prime victims—but rather a Church not only of theologians and exegetes but equally of fishermen, carpenters, farmers, matrons, shop-keepers. Living, flesh-and-blood men and women who carry forth the “passed down” legacy of the Christian ages, and impart it in complex and often verbally-unrenderable ways to their young. Not only in painstaking moral or catechetical lessons but also in their whole mien and manner, the gentle virility of their counsels, gestures, customs, laws. Thus too the Catholic doctrine with respect to highly-consequential things like slavery and other aspects of socioeconomic justice: topics which certain first-century words of St. Paul might render perfectly obscure, did not these holy words themselves come to us marvelously clarified through the age-old, passed down interpretive prism of Holy Mother Church. (Hence likewise, in a related development, the very word slavery, as noted elsewhere, was destined to undergo a gradual change-in-meaning, so that today in some connections it scarcely resembles the far-less-harmful institution it often was in ancient times, under the enlightened Roman pale, within whose civilization St. Paul wrote.) The Church indeed making ample place for a scholarship fed on the sweet milk of a tradition of both a tender fraternal charity and self-consuming levels of divine honor and praise. A living, intergenerational Mother Church who through the ages has brought alive to us the deeper motives and complicated circumstances in which the inspired words—otherwise prohibitively nebulous or misleading to “independently-interpreting” present-day ears—were actually written. A Church intolerably repugnant to rebellious souls and minds, a Church which, finally, through an abiding union with the state in Catholic lands, once rendered to us in law and custom the deeper underlying culture of liberty which St. Paul meant above all things to convey. The tender and merciful vessel of Christian Civilization and institutions—divinely uplifted heir to those already-noble ones of ancient Rome—of divinely revealed Truth par excellence being found in this Oral Tradition, this Catholic Way.

God help us if we aren’t faithful to this transmission, this “passing down”. Of that uncontainable, incalculable “pearl of great price” of Faith: hardly confined to the “chapter and verse” of any one book. That full and unerring legacy, “pressed down and running over”, for the happy and familiar possession of which so many of our noble forefathers laid down their lives.


April 7, 2009: A Jewish “opposition” media only gives further morbid depth to Israeli Middle-eastern aggressions, indeed all the “compassion” likely constituting an incomparable variety of inverted gloating.


This is why you find Jews hunkered down patriotically in every major media opinion-bunker, running the gamut from NPR (which boasts a long list of Hebrew names as anchors, contributors, subjects-of-studies, owners of “model” businesses, and so on) to Michael Savage to an undoubtedly crypto-Jewish Glen Beck. One station in central California with the same proportion of Jewish staff also brings us all the lurid details of the recent Israeli attack upon Gaza: with appropriate levels of disapprobation generously displayed. But the dead giveaway in all cases is to be found in the uninterrupted camaraderie which characterizes putative Jewish crusaders against Israeli policies, when rubbing elbows with the worst perpetrators of Israeli crimes. Not uncommonly posing together pleasantly at gatherings, at most exchanging zany ironies which do no good at all for women and children being directed to schools or hospitals which are then promptly bombed, or attacked by rifle-and-bayonet charges. Now I don’t at all deny that it is hard to accept that anyone can be so depraved as to salivate over the sorrow—or the loss of national wellbeing—of people entirely under their control: and this further by a morbid display of mock sympathy or remorse. Any amount of bland or breast-beating currency hardly rendering such gloating any less inconceivable to the civilized, the truly good, merciful and mild.

Notice, too, that these supposedly-compassionate Jews are always of the Chomsky variety: proponents of same-sex “weddings” and other fringe-liberal causes. Only dutifully manning their places on a morally-vitiating see-saw that is kosher-synagogue contrived. Helping in this way to corrupt mankind, so that in effect and for one we have no inner strength with which to bring the “American” war-machine to bay.

The problem here is of course complicated by the profound Jewish insincerity, by their tandem double-meaning for every significant word, creating a “literacy” negative and unproductive on practically every score. People whose slippery language and attitude produces an utter lack of genuine trust even among themselves. The Jews being exponents of a kind of “honesty” or realism, incredibly enough, which ranks the taking of underhanded advantage as the highest achievement of humankind. Embodying a sort of generic savvy superiority. So that it is in this ultimate discovery that one finally fathoms the depths of depravity—indeed the utter shallowness—of the non-converted, anti-Christian Jewish mind. Being prime examples of a riveting sort of polarity/parallelism here on this earth, this place of testing. In which for one thing false “virtues” can be made to appear as good as—indeed sometimes even better than—real ones. Or opposing vices made to appear bravely, rampantly ascendant, in a sort of anti-matter ideology from out of the cleverest and most vicious minds in Hell.

Here, then, is much of the source of a mass-media drum-beat which induces a popular march in lock-step column and line, which urges and coerces the asking of no serious questions: a smoke-screen of lies and disingenuity which motivates U.S. soldiers to lay down their lives in evil wars. While furthermore the uncanny similarity of approach between Jews and sodomites—as in the noted gloating over victims of wrongs—that sardonic sort of drippy sadism whose notoriety among the sodomite crowd in particular is legendary—this uniformity-of-method is being enlisted in the “gay marriage” battle in the USA today as well. A gloating—in the close-cousin world of the morbid, nihilistic and perverse—which indeed constitutes the subject-matter of the sodomite’s inverted thrills. Sodomy being a towering world institution of our day of which Jews form the leading element and a notable percentage, with imperious demands or self-indulgent excuses of sodomites finding strong encouragements from Obama and the NPR crowd. And with perverts now indeed openly accosting strangers in public places like grocery stores and mauling or fondling them. (We witnessed this, dumbfounded, only the other day, in a tiny little village in Arizona, just off a quick-getaway interstate). A crass onslaught of oversteps which is evident in a thousand little incidents, in a new sodomite swagger which increasingly knows no bounds. In such abominations too as an NPR-aired claim of the sodomite-activists being like Moses in the desert, needing to wait patiently for their holy cause to succeed. Here being an abominable blasphemy of the Holy Ghost which is being answered with divine chastisements as I write, and which will be followed by many more. In a “land of the brave” which hasn’t known a normal season for years now, and which presently sees howling winter deep into Spring, and a host of other ominous things.

But most importantly, and intimated in the introduction above, the real and “clean” polarity in these grave matters is between Christians and Jews, and not at all in the contrived see-saw of liberal/conservative, democrat/republican. That flush-faced but meaningless and deceptive contest which Jews in particular orchestrate to divide and rule. So that where there is a real ideological rift it is always over the Faith: between Judaism, atheism and apostasy, on the one hand, and Christianity, on the other. While this genuine polarization has a hardly-less-significant sub-set in a Christian internal division, much discussed on this site, of those Judaized Christians, mentioned repeatedly already in the Epistles, and exceedingly-familiar to the landscape of Church history, on the one side, and true ones, on the other. A divide which at present rifles and vitiates all Christian efforts in all denominations. (While we predict that the seamless whole of true and Catholic Faith, once understood, and its inimitable call heard, is the harbor to which, in coming dark and stormy days, all those of good-conscience will repair.)

But as we never tire of repeating, much of the reason we are thus condescended-to and indeed gloated over is because of the invariable Jewish conviction of radical personal and “racial” superiority: and here too the parallel with sodomy is striking. For as I have seen in extended contact with victims of the latter—not really identified as such until some time afterward—a very common thing indeed—the sodomite is supremely convinced of his incontestable supremacy and right-of-overstep, and will furthermore and generally-speaking deeply injure or even kill before he will surrender this arrogantly-claimed beachhead into groups or individual lives, once it is established to any degree. So that both groups—Jews and sodomites—approach others in a tactical or strategic sense, as enemies to be overcome—not as friends to strengthen and uphold in their person, their integrity, their character. That which is rather indeed perceived as a trophy. A counting-of-coup in which is found all their delirious passion and lust. To the Jews, we are all but so many Canaanite tribes waiting to be conquered and killed, our babes-in-the-womb “dashed against the rocks”, or made into “hewers of wood and haulers of water”. And to sodomites (many of whom are Jews as well, as that people’s malignant and unnatural hubris will indeed likely bring about) we are simple objects of their bestial lusts. Indeed, just like the angels sent to the citizens of Sodom to deliver them their retributive deserts, the more natural, good and upright we are, the more this deadly attraction fulminates. (This idea that the sodomite can “sense something about us” of similarity to themselves which draws their attentions being pure self-serving drivel and fiction, and in fact just the opposite of the truth). And finally it is because of this shared dual trait of overbearing hubris and coercive overstep that Jews and sodomites make allies of the first water. Whatever anti-sodomy pretenses might simultaneously be displayed (perhaps taking in Michael Savage or Glenn Beck and the like). Remember: lying, for some selfish purpose, is as natural to these unnatural people as breathing the clean air of day is to us.

But in fact and as Catholic private and even Biblical prophesy predicts, all these pretenses will at last be dropped, and we Christians—those of us who remain faithful—will be suddenly set-upon by Jews and sodomites—the perpetual alliance—who will take off their masks at last. This will be the great coming period of chaotic slaughter that will last in some places “time, and times, and a half a time”, or three and a half years, and in some few other divinely-protected spots only some few weeks or months. Places from which no doubt the redoubtable Catholic resistance will arise.

Truly, as we see so plainly today, “He reveals these things to little ones”. With those proud and overbearing to any degree stumbling blindly into the coming slaughter, utterly unprepared in soul or mind. While by contrast the discerning can already detect the fundamental similarity between the morbidity and sadism of Abu Ghraib, or the heartlessness of Rush Limbaugh, on the one hand, and that of the Butches and Queenies increasingly found on NPR or MSNBC. These “adversaries” who will join forces in the coming butcheries of a new version of the Irish Black and Tans: prison and asylum inmates who were inflicted on that island by the “humane” Winston Churchill during their 1920s war of independence.


December 12, 2008: Obama, the abominable mystery-man.


Some observations about this candidate who was so plainly filched off on us by McCain himself, who could have won the presidency with both hands tied behind his back, but who showed himself once again the traitor he has always been:


1. Obama is plainly more a Jew than a Black or a Muslim in his whole attitude and moral/personal formation. Indeed, in the unlikely event that the truth ever comes out, he will likely be found to be an Ethiopian Jew (a rumor indeed I am told is now circulating) rather than an equatorial African by birth: as for one thing he is a staunch supporter of Ethiopia’s long-standing brutal, genocidal and confessionally-motivated policies toward neighboring Somalia. Ethiopia being an unique African ensemble of Jews, Monophysites and politically-radical Orthodox, and Obama’s whole staccato manner and speech being much more of the Northern Cape than of the central jungle. Thus too his promise of a nuclear shield around a cunning, rampantly-aggressive, already-major-nuclear Israel. An Israel indeed said by some to be using its nuclear capability to cow the Western nations into supporting its barbaric policies: else it shower missiles upon Paris and Washington, releasing doomsday upon mankind. Since like a great many criminal minds the Jews would rather die than see their unjust desires denied. (Note of 8/09: All of which doesn’t change the fact that Obama is a very shrewd man, and careful to promote appearances of being “anti-Israel”: pretenses quickly and duly “condemned” on the Knesset floor, in a two-step vaudeville-act we should all be exceedingly familiar with by now. Hence some of his less-important political appointments, or some scarcely-consequential aspect of Hilary’s diplomacy, or of his own foreign policy. All the while the tank-tracks of major pro-Israeli policies forge ahead undeterred. But why the disguise of being Muslim? Plainly, in order to promote the illusion that a pre-selected Obama—for whom McCain obviously stepped out of the way—and with him our foreign policy—has made a drastic turn toward a sort of fairness. When in fact, and as the above suggests, Obama represents a rabid anti-Muslim jump “from the frying pan into the fire”.)

Hence too—as an indicator of deeper loyalties and highly-expendable ties—did Jesse Jackson (not his upstart son) caution Blacks about Obama’s celebrated put-downs of his own race: a ploy to get good-ole-boy votes. A recourse of a member of a Black elite who as a condition of admission to this privileged set are required to neglect and indeed to despise their less-privileged colleagues “on the other side of the tracks”. Just like some of the old Uncle Tom taxi-drivers and occasional dentists or other professionals and quasi-professionals of the mid-20th-century Black community used too often to do.


2. Obama is extremely secretive—in the Nixon, Johnson and Bush mold—helping set in concrete a trend now become a standard fixture on the U.S. political scene. A secrecy which extends to his place of birth: that which on good evidence would seem to disqualify him from a Presidency in whose Oval Office he already pretends to sit. A secrecy some held moved him to make a bizarre crash-visit to his grandmother in Hawaii, in the closing weeks of a tightly-contested campaign: after which strange hiatus she died, apparently rather suddenly. She having perhaps been the one and only person who would have been willing to truthfully and authoritatively tell us where this guy was born.


3. Obama is just now counting coup vis-à-vis former political rivals, including Illinois Governor Blagojevich, summarily ousted around the country. The much-excoriated Illinois Governor—although deserving shame and reprehension for his ultra-cynical pro-abortion stand—having in the matter-at-hand plainly indulged in simply vocalizing standard political maneuvers, if in “back room” blunt language upon which local mid-western politics thrive. With the word “price” having obviously referred to that political horse-trading such as Obama himself is presently carrying on in his selection of a cabinet. The sorts of pragmatic things which congenital weasels like Obama manage no doubt to conduct in an oily, wordless way, perhaps with an especially sexy twist of his skid-row street-corner reminiscent body-language. Before which foul judiciary the infinitely-more-innocent standard political operating procedure of times past, used by Blagojevich, is being sanctimoniously Stalinized, in rarified Obama-nasal tones, as I write. While Rod himself is being politically and personally destroyed by the media and attached juridical machine.


4. This small-time politician, Obama, with a flair for dramatics—promoted remarkably like a similar penny-ante Eisenhower, made “Supreme Commander” of allied forces on D-day over the heads of hundreds of generals senior to him, an Ike who would later distinguish himself as a political stooge for corrupt union/management relations nationwide—this Obama is recorded as favoring a dramatic expansion of the war in Afghanistan: a bonanza for the U.S.-sponsored Heroine trade. While he also plans to facilitate an equally-dramatic expansion of mercenary forces like Blackwater: Wall Street traded “soldiers” at the heart of Abu Ghraib and innumerable other atrocities and acts of criminal negligence. Horrors for which the U.S. military—although far from innocent themselves—has been unfairly saddled with blame.


5. Plainly, then, this is only another AIPAC-selected, Beltway-hand-picked protégé, among a host of a tiringly-familiar breed who are using the USA as the private playground for their own predatory ambitions.


6. Thus, too, Obama’s planned broadening-of-debt in various private-sector “bailouts”: a policy which will finally see us under some sort of financier directorship such as first saw the light of day in the Kemmerer Commission of the 1930s in Colombia. That which laid the first groundwork of sovereign subjection which would turn that little Central-American paradise—and others like it in the region—into a dependable inter-continental production line of those addictive drugs central to modern totalitarian rule. A tool of diabolical oppression ever since a Bush-family-dominated Opium Trade in mid-19th-century China.


7. Finally, especially disturbing and worthy of comment is Obama’s whole manner of speech. A matter of seeming inconsequence to some, but when taken in retrospect with all of the above, the impression of a veritable incantation is unmistakable. Suggesting that inescapable perception of hypnotics which has marked presidential address since Nixon. Where substance-of-idea has been more-or-less entirely banished: indeed as if candidness in these high-and-mighty figures were some sort of homeland security offense, revealing state secrets to lowly commoners such as we. Here being revealed quite strikingly the whole cryptic ethos of that Judeo-Masonic coterie in charge of governments basically around the globe since the “make the world safe for democracy” U.S. Revolution: that from which the French was initially directed, as from a place of command. On the heels of which followed the ascendancy of the Rothschild and other Jewish financier-families, among which is included the Bush (some say “Busch”) family as well.


          That this abominable Obama should follow in such a line is no surprise. This man whose morbid, spell-binding manner and diction recalls the treacheries of Nixon’s Watergate, of a plainly home-sponsored 9/11, of the torture-extorting of “confessions” regarding same, as well as the whole arrogant charade of a Bush-era dictatorship enabled by a Reagan-inaugurated national burying-in-debt.


January 14, 2009: The modern techno-culture as an institutionally/infrastructurally-embedded denial of all things sacred.


The modern “culture” represents a denial of all prior Civilization based on sacred things. It is the mobilization of technical wonders in the service of might and cruelty, on the one hand, and suffocating “protective” or “security”-oriented regimentation, on the other. And whereas the prior and true Civilization was fraught with imperfections, this was for an essential reason in the divine plan: calling forth imperatively the care and diligence of men, providing scope for a morally-necessary personal agency. While by contrast the modern ultra-centralized system denies the defining independence of man’s mind and will, high-handedly requiring top-level-minted procedures and protocols for addressing the smallest of local, or sometimes even the most deeply personal, of affairs.

Hence a chief crime committed here against God and against the soul alike is that the latter is denied the great, unfettered interior liberty it requires to become increasingly perfect, “even as your Heavenly Father is perfect”, as time goes on. For this interior liberty certainly cannot exist to any significant degree where an abominable inner regimentation is carried on by secular or profane sources. Whereas even in older days of a genuine Catholic religious life obedience to those superiors “who knew how to give good (spiritual) things to their children” seldom passed certain liberty-loving boundaries. Life under religious vows before the fiasco of Vatican II having indeed been deeply etched by an interior liberty conducive to that soaring free-flight preliminary to the deepest union with God.

Here, then, is the modern Pharaoh’s Egypt, in this inescapable control, regimented in terms of “technology” of which there can be many kinds and “platforms”, of which the Egyptians possessed some mysterious form. A regimen under which we are given, instead of “a loaf”, as by a “good father”—namely, a native freedom-of-action of both body and soul—we are rather handed the “serpent” of the chaining to a rigid template, in pursuit of goals entirely material—or communicational/transportational—in nature. Another Tower of Babel whereby men hope to pierce the skies, to make themselves “like unto God” through eating the fruit of another vulgar tree. This kind of “technology” however inevitably producing a slave state like that of ancient Egypt.

Yet even as we foolishly lift the “appealing” fruit of this Eden-like tree to our mouths, we are steadily made more aware that it is designed for the enjoyment of only a chosen few. As for one thing, not being based on that divine love which motivates St. Augustine’s City of God, but rather upon heartless dog-eat-dog greed, it is innately marked by a certain dynamic of atrophy rather than of multiplication. As all things in creation must either accord with the divine—“gathering” with Christ and His Way—or “be scattered”, giving way to disintegrating exclusions and divisions. Like the legendary damned soul who, offered a rope from Heaven above, breaks it in its futile attempts to climb, in its violent struggle to shake others loose, to prevent them from grasping that same lifeline to eternal good things.

A return to the Frankpledge system advocated and presented in some detail on our website would gravitate against this sterile and profoundly-destructive sort of technics or technology, as the local unit of law and authority would be of the most practical consequence under that form, and all things public above its level would in a very real and positive sense have to pass muster before its able-if-humble adjudicatory gaze. For in matters touching on personal freedom it is the most humble who have the most to contribute, who have a unique perspective which is not justly or prudently to be despised. A common citizen who readily sees the value of certain sophisticated tools, but who also grasps the more profound purposes embedded in an "imperfect" earth, under local and personally-immediate development, such as God gave him lovingly, as His creature, as His child.


June 6, 2008: Zdunich campaign update, back in the West for the Winter and Spring.


After having last Summer "marched around Jericho" three times, circling a traitor-occupied Washington D.C. in our campaign battlewagon, with the two Hearts of Jesus and Mary painted boldly on the side, like the banner of St. Joan of Arc in her siege of Orleans, we finished, a month ago, campaigning in our 24th state, which was Wyoming. Displaying there and across the land our signs and banners, talking to people who stopped to chat. Having wintered in Arizona and California, and then braved this year's incredible cold in the Northwest in a rather primitive way, starting in April. And these more recent experiences have only confirmed opinions formed in earlier travels more eastward, described in the first hyperlink below. Namely of the steady progressive enslavement of the people of the United States, and the associated insidious destruction of their economic wellbeing and peace-of-mind. Because of which state-of-extortion and of oppression the uniformly-generous popular support we have found out here continues for the most part to be disguised or camouflaged in some way. Hence although the thumbs-up is indeed a frequent and enlivening sight, being relatively free of that danger which all perceive as inseparable from any rocking of the Bush boat, the number of people who actually stop and talk to us are few. Wherever we might be parked in some "pull off", displaying the 32-foot-long battery of graphics and pre- and post-natal pro-life epithets on the side of our rig. Central elements of that crusade which includes explicit condemnations of both aggressive war and that sodomy (the real name for "gay") which is the anti-life cause par excellence. Indeed, it's far easier to actively support standard candidates who mouth lovely generalities about "experience", "accountability" or "small government", all the while our towns and cities are dying and human life, both before and after birth, in war and in the clinic, is brutally, criminally and unceremoniously destroyed. And all the while a corresponding inane and stupid "patriotism" is allowed to rule both the public airways and the palaver on the job or across the counter. A grim or jocular conversational discipline imposed from above by a tiny but all-powerful elite under the unvarying excuse for all such things: 9/11. All that surrounds this cataclysm forming an implacable new institution which overshadows all others, devouring Iraqis and our sons and daughters alike like some frowning, stone-hearted Quetzaquitl. This new Aztec totality comprising a human-sacrificial deity whose chief priests are certain dominating media figures, those whose diatribes fatally disturb a great many of the simpleminded, the unstable, and the male-ambivalent. A standard industrial stock-set of dictator-touched-off fanatics: a loud, dominant minority so familiar to Germans, Spaniards and Latin Americans of a generation or three ago.

Then too there are the ones, a mere one in a thousand at most, who flash some vulgar sign at us as they pass, or blow their horns in an excess that is plainly meant as mockery, or yell something like "go back where you came from". As if this putative land of the free were reserved only for such worthies as themselves. Here being a constituency which dissolves into pure ecstasy at the barked commands of multiplying diminutive corporals and corporate Captain Kirks, whose deepest sentiment is expressed in slogans like "mine is but to do or die" no matter how evil, perverse, sadistic the policies of their country might be. A loud minority of flag-wavers who associate patriotism with every backward wrong, and who especially thrive around Indian Reservations, race ghettos, and other such places, where they may doughtily keep “their inferiors” well in line. Meanwhile fear stifles the observation - likely to have been heard frequently around the bars and cafes of the 30s, when men and women, real Americans, once fearlessly spoke their minds, were they still here today - that the chief virtue of modern "brave souls" is commonly-enough a glib "knowing where their bread is buttered". Individual man by all these means being trivialized into utter insignificance and folly, the subtleties of the sanctuary of the human mind and soul being denuded by this and other heavily-institutionalized means of those delicate and spiritual things that form its proper subject-matter, atmosphere and milieu. Man whom Christ came to uplift and ennoble, wishing him to be no bloodthirsty warrior by any means, but a rational creature meant to do sublime worship at the throne of God, to take the places of the fallen angels. A human person whom the Savior meant to have a deciding input, while yet here on earth, into the policies of his nation: in a participation anticipatory to a Heavenly citizenship that will last forever, in seculum seculi. A heavenward-looking function designed to be served and enabled, not ignored, misled and frustrated, by officials and functionaries of any kind.

But encouraging indeed are the words of those not intimidated by these new media and corporate thugs and goons: that we must never give up what we are doing out here. That it gives them the only ray of hope that they find on today's political scene. People like ourselves who believe that politics is a noble, even a holy calling, and not a mere "science of the possible", or the enthroning of cynicism, of the elite and the exclusionary, as the do-all and the end-all of public life. It is for the sake of these hearty souls in particular, then, that we continue our campaign, and bear what hardships we might have to undergo. And confidently expect the deliverance of Almighty God: that which may indeed - as ominous weather augurs - take the form of the Heavenly destruction of the wicked, so that the good may at last be free.

We’ve made it a long-standing policy to keep our contact us button disabled, at least for now, as for one thing and for a certain protracted period we suffered serious cyber-attacks from an unknown quarter through that very channel. Suggesting perhaps the mammoth and inescapable security-apparatus which is Bush America: this general kind of tyrannical cyber-interference having indeed been experienced by other web editors, as heard not only personally but in testimony before a congressional hearing some time ago. Brave individuals who tried to organize resistance against the Bush Machine. But furthermore and ironically-enough, the grassroots local nature of our Frankpledge effort here is actually enhanced by the complete lack of any nationwide inter-organizational communication, the absence of any pyramided organizational structure. Precluding in this way any scope for today’s deadly bane of all organizational life, infiltration. That which mostly aims to compromise higher levels of organizational structure and power: of which, in these critical first years, we have basically none. In line with which loose-knit configuration you are indeed encouraged to become a free-standing leader yourself, to print items found here for dissemination, as long as due recognition of authorship is given, and no profits are made. While also struggling on the local level to organize a Frankpledge, that which is foreseen to naturally coalesce with others of its kind both locally and in a gradually expanding interweave that ultimately reaches on high. A vigorous, living, reverse-looped political/economic phenomenon, one entirely answerable to the common man, one discussed in entries throughout this book.

Thus desirable for today’s Frankpledge leader is that he be in a sense “all things to all men": an enabler, a coordinator, even a shoulder-to-cry-on. Being a motivator of the values and ideals required to save this land, in those inimitable ways inseparable from the locale in which he lives. Eventually our effort will be regional and then national in scope and table of organization: but for the time being wider initiatives must be cautiously vetted and scrutinized. Since as noted above it is at higher levels of organization - of anything bigger than the old medieval Frankpledge of ten heads of household - that treacherous infiltrations – typically but not always of people with “lots of money” or connections - the sovereign death knell of our times - take their devastating toll.

Finally, another formidable new salient or fifth-column in this elitist attack upon the common man is a massive campaign of misinformation, a psychological assault whose deluded victims we meet with continually out here on the campaign trail. Recipients of endless media and occasional short-wave diatribes against "the Illuminati", on the one hand, or against those "Khazars" of West Asia said to "masquerade as Jews." While a further fantasy is of a "House of Israel" said to be the real culprit, in contradistinction from a "House of Judah" alleged to be entirely innocent. A privileged gene-pool from which indeed many-a racist takes his ancestry. Even Rush Limbaugh, one of the media "enforcers" noted above, the original and loudest voice of wealthy elitism, can be heard to lament the same "elitists": claiming that all of them, Republican or Democrat, are of the same hated "breed". A truism indeed, but in this case aimed at the destruction of truth itself. The idea is to put out so many false or near-correct versions of what is happening - or to so hopelessly confuse villain with hero - that the truth has little chance at recognition, and is finally mockingly disregarded together with the whole ponderous mass of this far-fetched lore. And these people have no problem achieving such a deceitful objective, since they and their stock-market masters own and control the media. This even as, true to their incredibly mocking audacity, they themselves condemn it by name. Whimpering that it is against them: as if their own fawning puppy dog were their own most frightful enemy. The much-made-over "leftist media" being only a tiny handful of TV channels which are rubber stamps for a social-liberal radicalism which is so anemic as to faint over such a harmless word as impeachment.

The plain truth about the modern quandary of the nation and of the world is a very simple thing, and the humblest peasants of a century ago, who knew nothing of a media, could have summarized it for you in a few short sentences. It is the playing out of the ceaseless struggle between Christian Faith and the machinations of a Synagogue which long ago learned how to astutely play both sides of the field, to cultivate secret-society handmaidens of the most subservient kind, who generally do the same. A battle between God and Mammon: even if the generals and aids-de-camp, the specific points-of-contest for this theater-of-war are somewhat different in each new generation.

True, these self-appointed overlords are able not only to hijack the intellectual universe of the mind, but also to destroy its visual innocence as well: this in a few short, sensual, morally-violating images. The modern media having invaded the very inner universe of the phantasms, spoken of by St. Thomas Aquinas as the very root of our perception of reality. Thereby giving us images of life meant in any case to at least be entirely objective, and where possible carefully, lovingly screened, that are rather false, licentious and misleading. And this from the time Johnny is laid on a blanket in front of the TV, in a yawningly-standard kind of criminal neglect. At a time in life when any little thing is liable to be morally and psychologically overwhelming. To create horrific scars that may never heal. Thus much do we care for our young. But the common people across the land, as we found out in our extensive travels, have at least in general terms had enough of such miserable tripe, and will stand behind anyone who spearheads a long-overdue change.

Indeed and admittedly, it is an act of God - or many of them - to which we look in order to gather the scattered, fragmentary on-the-scenes initiatives urged above into a united nationwide whole. Although we hasten to add that the health and vitality of these ideas and the values they represent will by nature tend to attract "new blood", as well as to constructively build up an economy of the most solid and productive kind. One entirely immune from elite control. So that it is this good sort of fait accompli which I hope to present to any one of the coming party conventions, in order that they might see the path of true national strength and choose me as their candidate "in open convention". Writing their own bylaws, determining their own procedures: as they are indeed by nature (of any convention) empowered to do. An outcome for which, as with all the rest, a great deal of divine aid will be required. Of course, we weren't at all sure of any of this, but had to suggest a sort of provisional benchmark. We don't really know what will be the occasion of the landslide which is inevitably and inexorably on its way: it may simply be the landslide of God's punishment on a recalcitrant nation. Yet we do have the saint-and-seer-predicted certainty that justice and reason will in the end prevail both here and around the globe.

However, if no party comes forward to give the American people - whom I indeed claim to represent - this chance - to be against all these atrocities alike: aggressive war, Hitlerian-“scientific” anti-life policies and the general drift of American life toward rigid media, corporate and security-related centralization and control - then we must form our own popular convention and do those things it is in our hearts to do. Maintaining as the majority does that these perfectly-reasonable and critical goals and grievances can indeed be endorsed by and within one unified party. Any denial of which truism constitutes a deadly artifice, a cunningly-contrived bipolarity, one designed to bring about the national demise. This yin/yang of two opposing parties—with hangers-on abiding unquestioningly by this rigorous, treacherous “right” and “left”—yet in the next moment passing “realistic” and “bipartisan” legislation whose deciding “advantage” is an utter lack of moral principle – this is only the final imposition of a synagogue-sponsored paganism whose aim is to destroy—not just “share equal time with”—both the Christian soul and the Christian state. A treachery—graphically embodying the Gospel “an enemy has done this”—a “sowing of cockle” of which the common man here is now becoming increasingly aware. A “man on the street” who will be heard: not indeed with the war-mongering slogans of a McCain on his tongue, nor the global-oppression-consolidating rhetoric of a Hillary, nor the ominous taskmaster tones of an Obama, nor the siren song of some sodomy-advocating media commentator: but rather in just, volcanic reverberations that will reduce these straw conventions to the utter political voids they deserve to be.

No, traitors, with your freedom-stifling "homeland security" apparatus, your bogus "patriot acts", your growing armies of goose-stepping mercenaries and security firms: there is no conspiracy here. But only the seismic groundswell of the popular will, organizing itself in an orderly and democratic way. A force which in the end will prevail, and bring proud tyrants to their knees.

Important to this crusade as well is the reading and dissemination of the sample "journal" or newsletter, accessible above, dated April of 2003, the month after the start of the Iraq invasion. (Go ahead and print up all this material, if you so choose, only making sure to acknowledge authorship, and not to pursue your own profits.) A publication which reveals the degree to which we here at louisdejolietpublishing.com already back then grasped the significance and internally-treacherous nature of the Trade Tower Crashes and other events of the recent past. Carefully planned catastrophes which propelled us  into the long-planned wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. All of which - no doubt to responsible internal, dual-citizen enemies most importantly of all - helped provide the self-justifying backdrop to Israeli aggressions both against Lebanon and Syria. As well as to a worsening day-to-day program of violent displacement of Arabs from their age-old homes in Gaza, East Jerusalem and elsewhere on the West Bank. And furthermore to aid the fulmination of cryptic Israeli/AIPAC globalist designs about which we the people are kept entirely in the dark, held to be utterly incompetent in the running of our own affairs. This indeed all the while we are patted on the head with nasal sermons about “democracy” and the “rule of law”, so that we might dutifully go out and destroy other people, and brutally take their land.

The secretive global roots of 9/11 are of course adamantly denied by those “brave” souls who stand at the national helm: but the underlying issues at stake ultimately include not only an elite dictatorial control here in the USA but also the retention in chains of a native Palestinian populace of a thousand years, and indeed the oppression of other Muslims in unfair circumstances around the globe. An innocent people who in Palestine must suffer the heinous demolition of their dwellings, upon the bare ground of which are then erected ever-newer and gallingly-provocative Jewish settlements. In a murder and land-theft—as if someone were to bulldoze your home in Phoenix or New York, kill half your family, and then with arrogant impunity build a condo on the site—an inconceivable barbarity which has been the leitmotif of Jewish occupation since before the end of World War I. When with the help of Britain and of the regional wartime chaos the first of these “guests”, these alleged “Holocaust” Jews were deposited on this perfectly foreign soil. A land most of which has been a stranger to Hebrews since the time of king David, some three thousand years ago; and almost entirely-so since the final destruction of Jerusalem by Roman forces around 120 A.D.

Plainly, then, it wasn't Hitler at all who provoked this influx of aliens - who upon their arrival by British extraterritorial fiat instantly began killing Palestinians, their bodies to be found after night-time black-ops sprees in ditches alongside roads. A hostile population deluge which began in earnest while the Corporal was still a failing artist in Vienna. (Razzouk, Dr. Ass'ad, Greater Israel: A Study in Zionist Expansionist Thought. Beirut, Lebanon: Published at the expense of the government of Abu Dhabi, 1970.) Rather, after gaining power, did Hitler generously aid this egress, together with Stalin and the first Russian Communists: tyrannies which jointly sent hundreds of thousands of Jews thither, bag-and-baggage, undoubtedly free of charge. All this having begun in earnest decades before the Nazi death camps (which killed far more Catholics than Jews, but where all the notorious photos of all the gaunt figures are always unaccountably assumed to be Jews), and before the actual founding of the Jewish state by the Canaanite/pagan Zionist Ben Gurion. But Americans, far more than the Chinese, love a fable, as long as it sounds brave and heroic. And biggest fable of them all: as long as an American “Christianity” can be carefully preserved that is far more Jewish than Christian. That national abomination which crucifies Christ afresh everyday, amid the pomp and ceremony of religion-of-America “patriotic” display.

Equally important with measures mentioned above is the reading of my first announcement of candidacy in 2003, also on the heels of the invasion of Iraq, when the pieces of a puzzle fell in place in my mind in the most compelling way. An announcement to be found at the very end of the sample newsletter at the above website: a statement destined to set the tone for all that followed here, and which was likewise remarkably penetrating and indeed seemingly prophetic in its grasp of hidden motives and actors involved.

Finally, to be considered is the inevitable charge that Catholic Faith is being somehow forced upon the people through this our true crusade, in our outlining of a system and way of doing things that is Catholic throughout. But first of all, we manifestly have no army out here, hidden in our travel trailer, ready to apply force: me and my wife of thirty-six years. Rather look to the many varieties of militant White racists, and to their sly panderers like Sara Palen and John McCain - a whole different breed - to be preparing a national bloodbath, as I write. Secondly, when we speak or write of this national conversion we are only calling for a return to the very wellspring of Western Civilization and life. Of which, sad to some, there can be no "new" versions, as if we were speaking of a new brand of car or soap. A Catholicism which many centuries ago inspired our many marvelously mild and productive laws and conventions, earthly/Heavenly elements which did indeed go into a mysterious decay at the end of the thirteenth century. And “progressively”, if sometimes like a avalanche, in stages thereafter. A divinely-guided True Faith nonetheless all the while quietly preparing an epoch-making resurgence, a fully-elaborated and institutionalized "preaching of the Holy Gospel to the ends of the earth,” immediately preliminary to the Second Coming of Christ. The West meanwhile harboring a body of law and civility which found its gestation in the meditations of an Augustine, of an Aquinas, in the humble quietude of monastic or episcopal scriptoria, of wooded or desert retreat. And not in a rapidly evolving ideological court-doctrine of a mere decade or two, such as today warps the just, accurate, more-typically mild, merciful and wealth-proliferating meaning of law beyond any repair.

Thus is this return, this homecoming, this stolid re-stabilization positively critical and essential to the national salvation. Since we have arrived at a historic pivot-point from which there can be no retreat, before which we may not cower: in a choice between God and mammon, between Jewish apostasy and Catholic Faith. The latter being the very divinely-revealed Way or path—if one in outward terms now weed-chocked, more-or-less temporarily abandoned, as several times in ages past, by machinations of a string of apostate antipopesone nonetheless prepared lovingly and infallibly for mankind to tread. This great boon, then, can hardly be expected to succeed if we are too timorous to even openly acknowledge it for what it is. A salutary prescription, ground in the mortar and pestle of the Savior’s Precious Blood, He Who as the divine Head or our race requires indeed yet more. Namely, our ultimate full proclamation, cooperation, codification in law, institutionalization in custom and commerce alike, of His great design.

Furthermore there can plainly be no middle-ground in such a selection: as oil and water have no medium in which to share. Indeed a return to Holy Mother Church, to the Catholic Way, will end at last that astute infiltration which has brought down mighty kingdoms since the time of the Visigoths in seventh century Spain, of whose demise Jews still boast to this day, as having been the cunning brokers. While the present-day collapse of Catholic doctrine and discipline itself - just like the institutionalization of Protestantism in the sixteenth century, or of various forms of Illuminist heresy in the twelfth - ultimately precedes from the same caustic, insidious, word-smithing source. In a decay of truth which found a parallel at the close of the thirteenth century Age of Faith, in the bringing down of a veritable Pax Romana. The latter as seen in the vigorous political and economic infrastructure of St. Louis of France, that which was the very hub of the Europe of its time. This Saint's true and unique Camelot having found its soon-to-be-elevated Judas in the cold and cunning, money-lender-assisted speculations and anti-clerical persecutions of Phillip the Fair. Aided in treachery as he was by these Gospel-despised "men in soft garments who live in the palaces of kings". They who regard the human tongue as a mere instrument by which to gain practical advantage, rather than a sacred vessel for the conveying of divine truth. Coarse interlopers by whom men are adjudged fools simply for trusting or believing them, or one another: in that cynicism which represents the final decay of the national fabric, of its very soul.

Thus does it appear that strong central administrations, like that of the noted Saint, are frequently succeeded by ironclad Jewish consolidations: taking advantage cunningly and assiduously, as is their nature, of what went before. So that conversely it isn’t really an upwardly-consolidating strength that we pursue, but rather the supple resilience of a flexible whole whose higher reaches drawn strength from the innate moral integrity of the humblest classes below. That which was no doubt the whole inspiration of the France of St. Louis: an interwoven solidarity which is the special target of attack of elites with an agenda of their own. A treason for which careful provision must be made, and heavy punishments prepared. Explaining in full measure such old institutions as the Inquisition.

Hence it is that I offer Americans the only true alternative: with a profound and specific depth of belief commensurate to the depth and specificity of the multiple catastrophes that face us today. The stock, powdered-wig, Enlightenment-era detachment of a Ron Paul hardly being the answer to a crisis so red-blooded and real. "Small government" and variants of "taxation without representation" protests hardly doing justice or notionally encompassing the boundaries of today's national ruin. This Ron Paul said to have been long-time close friends with the anti-life Clintons, and with a Barry Goldwater who was a standard anti-life Republican social-liberal/fiscal-conservative during his last years. (This latter cunning fox having thus finally revealed his sharp teeth, after having borne the title “Mr. Conservative” in much-the-same treacherous manner as would a later Reagan. He who in turn first initiated today’s crippling national debt, using his artificial, fawned-over, media-created prestige to achieve something that could otherwise have never been.) A Ron Paul who admiringly quotes the early Neo Con, if not Nazi, Ayn Rand, a man who speaks with little feeling or conviction about anything but tax relief, limited government, and other political platitudes. This prodigious money-raiser most of whose supporters are of the same old well-to-do crowd that surrounded the morally-bland, wealth-catering agenda of Ross Perot in the early nineties. A Ron Paul who throws in some anti-war rhetoric to sweeten a pie meant mostly for elite and upper middle class consumption.

Rather, unlike the other candidates, among my most direct and pressing policy concerns are the needs of all minorities. Hence, first of all, my plan to really and truly give the Indians back their country in that radical and substantial way which their far more radical and indeed blood-red-systematic genocide of the of the past several centuries calls forth. Starting with a 100% retirement-attrition replacement of present Federal employees with Indians - with due training where necessary - until at least a 51% level is achieved. This together with the mandatory appointment of Indians of all tribes to a similar percentage of cabinet posts, and the ultimate institution of an Indian President as customary if not mandatory as well. As Indians throughout their history have proven themselves to be natural statesmen of the first water, and forceful and eloquent leaders, and common-good-minded advocates and spokespersons as well. Even after all the wrongs they so patiently endured. Parallel to which would likewise be instituted the 51% accession of Mexicans to state positions in at least five Western states, and other proportional concessions: not only in justice but also in view of similar leadership qualities as well. Even as Blacks, whose wisdom and acumen is at least equal to the above two constituencies, traits of a race with which I myself am closely acquainted, would accede to a majority of city posts at all levels in all our large cities. A plan which no doubt would allow Whites to rule as they do in suburbia, and share power elsewhere, but not in the grossly dominating manner in which they do today.

Hardly, then, do I ignore or downplay a mounting, glibly-encouraged Bush-era Confederacy-reinstituting de facto racism, complete with a host of disguised new Jim Crow policies and Dred Scot court doctrines. Nor on the other hand do I turn my eyes from a close-kin fall in the status of women which would see the courts employ their usual soft-shoe linguistics to condone the vile and criminal abuses of a polygamous sect, deep in the heart of McCain Arizona and Bush/Gonzales/Ron Paul Texas. In an elite and media driven trivialization of the fairer sex which presently invades every area of American life as well. And with a vengeance oddly reminiscent of today's triumphalist male closet-sodomy run amuck. Those perverted coattails namely which, just as in the Nazi high command, it is impossible for the supposedly super-macho Bush regime to hide. As for instance at Abu Ghraib: where the attempt to dump basically all the blame for this sodomite-prison-guard paradise on one lone woman was hardly successful in anyone's eyes. Thus too the long train of court-condoned abuses against Blacks which reached a sort of summit in the case of the Black dancer and the Duke La Crosse team. A case in which a super-neat defense seemed to have been pre-arranged by these wealthy young paragons with the utmost care, and in which however every other moral, psychological and circumstantial finding - short of an ultimate wearing-down of the only other witness - pointed in the direction of their ringing conviction. This all the while, finally, too many prominent or well-placed Blacks - analogously to many of the old porters and taxi-drivers of the mid-twentieth century, the race's upper-crust of the era - claim constantly that "race is not an issue". Deaf to the cries of those they should painstakingly harbor and love, pronouncing from their places of privilege that they "prefer not to think of themselves in racial terms at all", or some such fantasy. Too often repeating Cain's "am I my brother's keeper?" in the most shameful sort of way.

Hence does my platform, as outlined not only here but across the lengthy front page and numerous hyperlinks at louisdejolietpublishing.com, and in my books found there, offer unprecedented gains alike to lower-class Blacks, Anglos, Hispanics and Indians (whose “full bloods” have too-typically been dumped by tribal elites in the same way as have been poorer Blacks by their own “betters”), and this not at all through pure altruism. Since these people are the very bulwark of the economy and of liberty alike. For contrary to ceaseless contentions of commentators and politicians, the middle class can hardly be expected to carry such an onerous load, to fulfill such a basic under-girding function. Which is rather to place the economy and polity upon far too narrow a base. A middle class which are indeed precious expediters and enablers, but who for one thing can hardly be expected to generate the buying-power, for housing, durables and other economic building blocks, such as a prosperous, motivated and politically-unfettered laboring class of hundreds of million would sustain. And even if some might maintain, Obama style, that I "don't get it"—that middle class status is the rapturously-desired goal, the "American Dream" of everyone who isn't some sort of self-hating fool—by the too-typical terms-and-conditions of its description this name or category involves a selfish elbowing of ones way which is plainly non-Christian, and inimical to the national good. That ultimately self-destructive orientation which biblical "enemies of mankind" have indeed and incredibly done much to cultivate here—part of the noted biblical crop of cockle—as the very national ideal. While a well-constituted laboring class—which as some sociologists used to say is only composed of people with classical rather than crass values—can be more prosperous by far than a much-vaunted but ill-conceived "middle class". Allowing as really hard-working people do—in contrast to today’s many uncooperative self-seekers—for synergies otherwise totally unknown. Laboring man in prior ages having lived in a civilized and cooperative universe which knew little or nothing of today’s gutter values, its kicking and conniving ones way to the top. That which more than anything else has made way for the manacled indebtedness, the elite-sponsored enslavement of the common man.

Finally, my energy policy is of a piece with my plans for a new and traditional, non-bond-backed currency and the outlawing of the corporation as it is commonly known today. With these two measures alone, I estimate that our energy requirements will quickly be cut in half. As for one thing they will no longer be dictated to us by corporate Napoleons whose speculations bear no relation at all to genuine productivity or a healthy economy, let alone to the broader common good.


August 29, 2008, U.S. pro-life: saving their babies, not really those of other lands.


             Vatican II brought to the Catholic Church the comprehensive adoption by the bewildered and coerced council fathers of the modern Judeo-Masonic progress paradigm: a rigid tautology condemned ex cathedra and in the most forceful of terms by Pope Pius IX in the mid-19th century. That set of skillfully-contrived falsehoods—from the biblically-identified “masters of deceit”—whose only real purpose is to remove all traces of Catholic teaching and spirituality from the laws, customs and daily practical lives of men. With other related close-cousin errors having multiplied since those days like mushrooms in the morning sun: crass irruptions which would require dozens more syllabi of errors as sturdy church-gardeners to cast these doctrinal toadstools into the fire. This Robber Council—which had its like in previous darker ages of Church history—accomplished this nefarious coup primarily by way of its ceaseless quibbling and casting-of-doubt, its super-sanitary questioning of prior Catholic spirit and élan, thus undermining the ancient Catholic sense of certainty. The way of heresy always being thus, to claim only to be “purifying”, “reforming”, the while it destroys the very “substance of things hoped for”. The Catholic constancy being that by which we  know by Faith” in a far-more-firm way—indeed “by the Word of God revealing”—than we do by either sight or science. So that the many impressive if oddly-hand-wringing speeches of pontiffs since the blessed days of Pius XII, our last virile, indomitable, validly-elected pope, have really acted as so many eloquent capitulations. Since it was not by begging and pleading with her persecutors—nor cringing before wild animals in pagan arenas—that the Church has conquered the stony hearts and blind minds of men down through the ages. But rather by indomitably despising human respect, by “clinging to that which is most ancient” (St. Jerome), however “unprogressive” or unpopular that course might be. A policy which necessarily includes in the gamut of its thunderous rejection not only the “progressive” theological/ideological errors of these times but also that of the dominion of a host of inescapable invasive technical intermediaries and frivolous baubles such as define the modern “progress” in practical, material terms. A salutary agenda which would include a return to a ceaseless, standard pulpit and papal preaching on the four last things, such as so happily greeted faithful ears in prior ages of the Church. That most essential task of the priesthood and Church—the constant invocation of those decisive, ponderous eternals—death, judgment, Heaven and Hell—which has basically been utterly if silently repudiated since Vatican II. Here being illustrated beyond any doubt that Gospel truism: “you know a tree by its fruits”. The fruits of Vatican II having been written in fiery letters in a mammoth and unprecedented loss of souls.

Thus too the protracted labors of those Bollandists and others who are said to “scientifically” investigate the veracity of the lives of the saints, and whose manifold exertions have brought us the veritable condemnation and expurgation of saints like Christopher, and others as well. Copying precisely the methods of modern heretical exegetes who so copiously dominated the council proceedings, these “men in soft garments” pretend to have a greater knowledge of past history than did men five, six or eight hundred years ago, when a number of the major compilations of saint’s-lives were made. Not by accident, often just after the invention of the printing press. As in the case of the late-medieval English-edited “Golden Legend”—a massive tome generously available on the internet for free reading—an oceanic summary of holy lives which, according to the standard methods of the Bollandists and others, is undoubtedly held to be at least in part a mere “embellishment” upon an earlier (and no doubt also ruefully-regarded) edition of the thirteenth century. While the possibility that a canvass could have been taken, back then in the fifteenth century, before the later edition was printed, and any further “passed down” traditions incorporated into the massive text: this rather reasonable assumption seems invariably to be rejected out-of-hand by these latter-day scholars. Who can only see frivolous “accretions”—the favored word of the Vatican-II crowd—rather than a sedulous passing-down. Even though many of these lives contain parallel supporting versions written much earlier, even back in ancient times, by way of confirmation of the later text.

But actually what comes across in these lives of saints, far more than a hair-splitting certainty over every little detail of the passed-down account, is the fervent sense of devotion of the Catholic peoples of two millennia: that which is the main spiritual nourishment to be drawn, uniting us in spirit to those men and women of Faith. In familiarity with sacred realities—as that we don’t at all belong to ourselves, that we are mere dependant creatures who will be judged before an exacting Heavenly throne—truths passed down to them from obscure yet Faith-lit ages before them, even further past. Precisely that tradition, that truth, which we most woefully lack today. A lost piety in whose worshipful and contemplative “wedding garments” these biographies come to us so generously clad: without which clothing we are refused entry to nuptials divine. And if some like the Bollandists think some of these lives here and there a little far-fetched—apparently suspecting elements of the magical to have been impiously interjected by some hostile hand, a “sower of cockle” doing furtive work during some later edition—yet the sum total of these lives attests unerringly to the unspeakable sorts of torments suffered. As well as to the joyful and generous spirit in which they were endured, and the simplicity of the Faith of the Catholic soul, whose generations have received this testimony without hesitation, with fervent and unfathomable love. Our holy ancestors, pious and privileged possessors of integral truth who readily accepted holy testimonies “passed down”, who easily “believed all things, hoped all things, endured all things”.

How healing to the soul of today—with its alienation, its sorrow, loneliness and bewilderment before structures cold, heartless, cruel—are these four last things. Before which we realize that we are indeed important to Someone. That, like the disobedient child who knows he will be punished for the things he does wrong, that we have this Someone Who demands a strict account. Because He requires our love, our devotion, our adoration, our just return for prodigal boons, for the gifts of reason, grace, life. It is this kind of Catholic heart—that of our beloved ancestors of olden times—which is the casualty of these our hard-hearted, faithless days. A traditional Catholicism which it was the singular legacy of Vatican II to veritably ”laugh to scorn”.

A major but little-acknowledged part of this surrender to a Judeo-Masonic world has been a cowardly pseudo-papal failure to vigorously oppose the Napoleonic military/economic conquest-paradigm of the Bush Administration. This by effectively, if with many-a pious gesture, "turning the other way". All this higher level  surrender reflecting a long-awaited latter-day cataclysm, in fulfillment of the prophesies of Early Fathers of the Church in interpreting Our Blessed Lord’s words concerning the Last Days, “and the powers of the heavens will be shaken.” The end result being that the pro-life movement in all quadrants in effect declares: "we care about our babes-in-the-womb, not yours". Evincing a cavernous moral oblivion, born amid the abandonment of the entire traditional-Catholic ethos of peace, harmony and goodwill which the noted Lives positively exude. Introducing an unprecedented “Catholic” “no nonsense” bluff barbarity shared with basically the whole gamut of certain much-boasted "solidly-conservative" secular and religious forces in the USA today. In a Catholicism where before meekness and the most profound moral-sensitivity once ruled, “Catholics” now becoming fellow-traveler hair-trigger war- and market-warriors, whether in a wholesale robbery of Russian and Eastern-European assets or liquidity in the '90s, the unfair foreign-market-destroying subsidy of U.S. farm commodities, or the gradual diplomatic/crypto-military fulmination of the Georgia or Somalia conflicts. Or for that matter anywhere else around the world where Bush-era corporate and armed adventure might wish to go. (Hardly do such Catholics as these tremble before the throne of God). A veritable carte blanche being given to Judeo-American aggression by too many putative American sons and daughters of Holy Mother Church. A blanket endorsement which for one thing will sooner or later find its maimed and impoverished sovereign victims imploring aid from the U.N. and from those international debt-relief banks which set anti-life policies first on their list of loan-guarantee-related demands. Unbending stipulations to nations beggared by predatory U.S. bombs, troops and trade-policies alike: courtesy largely of an ever-sanctimonious U.S. "Christian Right".

Furthermore even apart from the array of anti-life measures required of the older or newer Bush-created third world, it is likewise the very young who suffer most in all these conflicts, in birth-defects and infant-mortality rates inseparable from "dirty bomb" and black-ops hostilities-lead-ups as well as in their interminable "sweeps", interdictions and fratricide-fomenting U.S. neo-colonial black-ops-provocateur deeds and wholesale occupations of foreign soil. Doughty American Catholics fitting well indeed the Hollywood mold of the Catholic clergy left to us by the Frank Sinatras, Bing Crosbys and Spencer Tracys of this world. Involving a big-screen hard-nosed rewriting of Catholic hagiography which mocks and despises meek and humble pieties of days gone by. “The weak things of this world”, indeed, which would however have stood forth rampantly, like lions, against the cowardly and perverted policies of these latter times. These being regarded—in the new Catholicism utterly oblivious to the looming four last things—as milk-toast, as weak sisters indeed. A New Church with which hard-worded or ever-jocular Hollywood-modeled priests of our day have fit in so well. Since it is only from out of gentle, truly-pious hearts that grace-motivated courageous deeds proceed: in a school learned at one’s mother’s knee, and in those Lives the latter used so often to read. Instilling their generous, self-giving spirit into souls of offspring gathered round, rendered both lily-white and leonine thereby. Learning to adore God “in fear and trembling”, while at the same time loving Him “with their whole heart”. That dual impulse of piety which unbelievers find so repugnant, so ironic, but within whose depths are grasped the profoundest mysteries of Catholic Faith.

Catholics: “you cannot serve two masters. You will either love the one and hate the other, or serve the one and despise the other”. But with me and mine our pro-life people stoutly oppose legalized abortion, and no doubt often pride themselves on a standard-of-living that permits them without difficulty to have children, while seeming on the whole to care little about neighbors across town without such advantages. The while standing by in tacit and complacent endorsement of policies by which families around the globe are marginalized by a mounting native-peoples-oppressing American foreign policy as a whole. Doughty neo-con pro-lifers rapturously enthuse over their supposedly squeaky-clean neighborhoods and soccer teams, all the while the U.S. hip-boot squeaks in a 70-year-old deja-vu, and U.S. "diplomacy" unloads with lies against yet-other target lands. Weaving complex digitally-enhanced fabrications, and cleverly-oblique nationality-biased mockeries, all with incalculable groundwork-for-hostilities-laying potential. Slanders and provocations against what promises indeed to become much of the globe: including those major creditor-nations enticed by our gluttonous demand market to settle for treasury bonds instead of "those things that (U.S.) money can buy". Like significant levels of a “strategic industry” oil-company stock ownership—the one commodity for which our creditors most often stand in major need—as well as a generous encouragement of lender-country immigration, and the purchase of high-revenue port-facilities, to name only a few. (Of course, with a necessary careful U.S. monitoring of the latter). Nations whose time-of-repayment clock is ticking fast, but whom war promises to reduce to mere sucked-dry satraps of Bush, Chaney and the rest of a profoundly Judeo-American corporate world.

Because of all this Vatican-II-energized nauseating hypocrisy, McCain and his vice-presidential pick find no enthusiasm with us here. And this even if that team would hardly be worse than the also-war-mongering Obama camp: with Barrack's sights set at least as firmly against Pakistan, in a Democratic camp which also boasts myriad sodomite and other bizarre anti-life camp-followers as well. Yet I think God is going to forestall these impudent, sanctimonious jackals and hyenas of both parties, and bring this pan-anti-life death-march to its knees.


August 30, 2008: Neo-Nazification: Bush, modern machismo and the power of fear.


Today's Judeo-American global remake is based on one very simple but epoch-making principle: the systematic, more-or-less violent overturning of a one-time-globally-ascendant Catholic love as the basis of law and custom, of domestic life and relations between nations, and its replacement by fear. Bearing out in trebled terms the fatuous yet cunning nature of the much-promoted moniker "Judeo-Christian". While a street-level attendant to this malevolent transformation is an all-inclusive modern-day institution of machismo: a frowning or roistering monolith which spreads cruelty and fear everywhere and to everyone like a plague. But to no one so much as to its own juvenile and deluded practitioners, among whom a set of perfect-artificial coded symbols or loaded gestures or expressions presents a stark gamut men and boys alike must walk, and not miss a step in stride, just to be accepted as truly male. A ceremonial which however contains not a shred of genuine masculinity, but which is a prime motivator of aggressive warfare, and whose ultimate terminal is in that equally-reprehensible exclusively-male camaraderie which favors nothing so much as sodomy. That very thing which the whole fabricated charade is so loudly touted to oppose. A rank perversion whether open or hidden, but always of destructive finality with respect to the deeper love and loyalties of wife and child, of the home.

An incalculable number of Americans will always be addicts or prisoners-of-war in this sense: deluded lackeys for every new adventure of every crackpot new "commander-in-chief". While the only refuge, always but especially at this late date, from this horrible ambuscade, this real and symbolic killing field, is to fly to the true strength and moral solace of the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. To He Who is the "Bread of the strong". Taking our notion of courage from the French word Coeur or heart, as is both logically and phonetically proper, and as all good and natural societies do, rather than from some guttural Jewish word for brutality. For this in the last analysis is the deciding difference between sick and healthy cultures and peoples, between just and unjust sides in any war. And until we make this saving interior realignment, we will always be on the wrong side.

In the USA, in substantial departure from other lands, there are lots of fundamental ideological or confessional sicknesses: all of them unadmitted, driven underground, accumulating to a great extent, as it were, in a sort of decayed reservoir, in this twisted idea of courage, called machismo. Pathologies which I try to address here and there on this site: in an American masculinity in full flight from the truth, from what it is by nature. Indeed so much so that really good and solid men can be prevailed upon to question themselves, in the face of a sort of psychological warfare from school, workplace and TV screen alike: indeed even around many-a kitchen table. Here being a critical topic addressed many times on this site, in these publications.

But truly perverted or effeminate is a murderous hatred of a fellow man who is like us in all ways, who shares with us a ration and sentient nature, with whom we form “one man in Adam”, and a-fortiori, in Christ. For real effeminacy is cruel and unkind at its base, as many a defiled and deceived woman has found out to her profound shame and chagrin, and perversity on one plane invariably breeds perversity on another, “as dog begets dog” or swine begets swine. Hardly, then, do the gentle need fear any lack in this regard. While in Mexico - where the term machismo seems to have originated but where men were once the very image of kindness and romantic gentility - the macho seems to be a product more directly of a paganism bred over decades, in a remorseless early-twentieth-century to present program of secularistic Judeo-Masonic training in media and schools. Ergo, the continual inevitable conflict wherever Mexicans and "Anglos" meet: as these two ideas of manhood go past each other, as it were; are not only both false in the first place, but are false in entirely different ways. Since Calvinism and ("Catholic") Jansenism - the root problem here in the USA, with the latter stemming entirely from the former – despise, condemn and reject human nature, while the Mexican miasma glorifies it like some bloody stone god, rising starkly in some forest glade. Both machismos evincing indeed at their core a brittle nihilism: a rank morbidity which woman-exploiting sub-cultures inevitably share. But in this case with each having its own polar/truculent species. But believe me, whoever learns first to cast himself without ado into the Burning Furnaces of Charity (in Latin caritas or love) of the two Sacred Hearts, he will come out the "real man" in a thousand ways.


August 31, 2008: Republicans versus Democrats: the eternal struggle of the flint-faced versus the hysterical.


Here in these two poles, the impassive and the hysterical, are found the inevitable dual-divergence of alternate species of wrongs. Both of these passionate biases, these equally-contradictory and -irrational notional springboards, being alien to the sovereign calm of all genuine law, civilization and morality. The profound domestic peace of real-time democracy being no psycho-emotive mass-identity-fusion, but the cooperative, reasoned conviction of individual free-agency-oriented minds, in a meticulous, painstaking pursuit of a mature, arduously-achieved common good. At the base of which opposing dichotomy is the reality that those who do wrong always require some excuse or justification: in a human will and nature made by God to tend toward what it perceives - or twist or force-fits - to be good. Ah, indeed, hysteria and stone-hearted stoicism are very helpful here, in bringing about this deadly warp.

Hence in wrong-doing of any kind - public or private - posturing always reigns supreme: in pose-takings of which, in a human nature at the same time both complex and exceedingly simple, there are these two above-noted general kinds. Thus a staggeringly-obvious example in the ethos of the two national conventions of today: the one hysterical, Hillary-wound-nursing, morbidly-vindictive, the other Mussolini-photogenic, iron-chinned, blood-and-guts contrived, shouting studio pre-drilled slogans in a kind of parade-ground unison. This business of posturing extremes, as suggested in the article just above, being always first and foremost a matter of self-convincing: after which the convincing of others is a relatively easy affair. While a democracy based on unbridled primitive passion is even less intelligent than the individual passion-dominated mind. Such an electorate being no longer the bearer of the wisdom of the assembly, as of old: the populace having become a rampaging stream, a veritable herd of swine searching for some new cliff over which to fall.

The dead giveaway in all this polar cry-rag or parade-ground politics is a stiff-legged one-or-two-step logic in its own odd way even straight-laced. Although, scratch the surface, and the turgid and serpentine again reign supreme. Since here in each case is a self-justifying sanctimony which cannot at all afford to ponder, muse or ruminate - which must become rigidly convinced or "convicted", as the born-agains sometimes say - forestalling at all costs any inconvenient pang of conscience or change-of-mind. (Indeed, in this world of the soccer-or-hockey-mom stark and transfixing vision, any whose logical steps venture beyond "that's bad" or "that's good" to a rocket-scientific "because", is liable to be forthwith classed as dangerous in themselves, or an equally-dangerous "conspiracy theorist", and instantly dismissed in those terms). This immovable emotional mobilization being a vindictive temper which for these purposes must strictly and quickly corral its thought into this impermeable box-canyon of a uniform parade-ground rigidity, or polar thought-interdicting effusive display.

Instead of this morbid polarity, we here at the Frankpledge Party or FRP - seemingly standing alone - offer a painstaking pursuit of local-to-upper-level consultation-based democracy. We even venture out on limbs of five and six step logical sequences-of-thought: and sometimes even - impossible "paranoid" horror though it might seem to some - find villains - or tree-larvae - where we had hoped to find fruits of delectable kinds. That many-segmented thinking which is carried on by mature and well-balance persons - who sometimes even provide missing mental links to one another in a charitable way. In arbitrations and settlements based on a moral law which has no use for either of these highly-contrived and theatrical poles. And until we return to such an approach - in many ways not seen since the end of a "dogmatic" thirteenth century - we will be condemned to the chaos and depravity, the jerk-knee decisions and high-wire antics, of the modern polar domestic and geo-political scene. That which duly pays so many private dividends to those thus “heroically” engaged. In a Congress and Senate which take contrived stonewalling views on a host of issues, a recourse which guarantees nothing so much - aside from entirely pre-determined war on terror policies - as that policy gridlock will prevail. That party- or branch-of-power-standoff said indeed by an especially cynical set of pundits to be the ballot-box-determined "choice of the people". With voters held allegedly to be muttering to themselves on the way to the booth, "this way no one will get too powerful". That un-budging adversarial-advocacy toward which, alas, our Constitution already contains a profound weakness. Having indeed been designed with a novel set of purely-theoretical "checks and balances": one which doesn't pit geographical levels of government or other real and legitimate contenders politely against one another - as earlier commonwealths had always done - but rather creates an adamant set-piece between branches of government internal to each ascending or geographical level. Producing an issue-burying or -postponing grinding-out of indifferently-useful legislation: a noisy gristmill in perfect accord with an abstractly-conceived Madison and Paine propounded "less government". That with which putative gridlock-happy voters are said to be quite pleased. A frankly lame official condition aimed at all along - "that government governs best which governs least" (Paine) - among thirteen colonies gravely divided already over things like slavery. While searching for ways to "not let the right hand know what the left hand is doing" in an already-ongoing barbarous slaughter of largely-Catholic Indians "cluttering" a westward "Manifest Destiny" march. A deft maneuver conducted with rare skill in the slaughter of near-unanimously Catholic Indians in Quebec around 1753. A recourse which has continued unabated - if with different national or ethnic targets - since those days dependably producing the same kind of "national greatness" as before.

Indeed, the blinders-wearing polarity guarantees there will be no originality-of-thinking to break the deadlock - a set-to which brings us nothing so much as corporate boom-or-bust and abortion-on-demand - and a corruption that thrives on morally-simplistic solutions and stonewalling or hand-wringing travails. While by contrast the championing of such issues as the preservation of human life before or after birth can hardly be said to have received "one issue" stone-faced or hysterical treatment by the right-to-life lobby, as we are so often accused: since our assessment is of a piece with immemorial law among civilized men, founded on an incontrovertible bedrock of moral absolutes since Hammurabi. Timeless principles which it took our polar-minded politicians with cold analytical indifference to call into question.


January 23, 2008: A summary of my plan for this Country.


The whole thrust of modern injustices has been carried forward under the cover of an excessive and illusion-bearing application of technology: this together with an inseparable parallel pursuit of "progressive" ideas. These latter, in turn, being invariably of the anti-life, anti-Christian variety, ranging on the one side from aggressive warfare, with a poorly-disguised civilian targeting, as well as the deliberate "free trade" impoverishment of whole populations. And on the other to abortion, the killing or gross neglect of the disabled, embryonic stem-cell research and the abominable in-vitreo fertilization it requires. As well as institutionalized sodomy and the public-policy-imposed "forest for the animals" fringe-worldview. Supremely evident from all this, and as I have so often maintained both on the campaign trail and on this site, is the fact that the whole spectrum of official-, media-, corporate- and classroom-endorsed political thought is radically anti-life in nature. With polar extremes of party merely acting as so many alternating cross-cut teeth on a mammoth saw to cut down the prodigally-fruit-bearing family-trees of human life. This especially in their incalculable and inimitable native venues of local culture and economic thought. Motions which can indeed to some unacquainted onlooker be made to look as if some sort of feverish and adversarial struggle is involved. With doughty “manly”, “patriotic” U.S.-Catholics manning an opposite handle of the mammoth logger’s whip-saw, doing their share to cut down without any ado the thick forest of human life.

Here indeed and as well do we see the underlying convergence of the two much more basic negative themes of world history, twin massive forces of wrong: in a world which, like it or not, is designed by a wise and just Creator to be the very battleground between opposing forces, of good and ill, both for the glory of God and the justification and salvation of souls. These two—touted among many as being bitterly opposed—being first of all the devil's active plan for the damnation of humanity, and secondly the Jewish scheme of world dominion over the remainder of a humanity regarded as sub-human, or at least sub-Jewish. Furthermore, there are evidently those among both Jews and the direct devotees of Satan, or Satanists of every often-disarming stripe, who wish to see the actual extermination of humanity as we know it, and as God by His Providence has fashioned it, as not being worthy of life. Or at least as non-reconcilable to the Jewish/Secret-Society master-plan for this planet, and indeed for the cosmos at large (so widely does their maniacal hubris extend). Hence is it my conviction that these "enemies of mankind" are preparing to initiate cloning - once that method is ever perfected - and other such artificial devices adaptable to a program of total life-exclusion - to limit human life to certain genetically-engineered offsprings of ruling figures. As well as furthermore and most likely bringing about the final total extinction of women. This Biblical helpmate being plainly considered by the male sodomites who dominate today's world to be inferior not only genetically but by way of their tender and relenting qualities, such as befit the humble-yet-exalted calling of motherhood. For thus astoundingly has advanced the audacity of these self-appointed overlords, as to think of themselves as being the bearers of the destiny of the universe, according to the mostly-Jewish Marxian/Nietzschean/Hitlerian dialectic of progress. Namely of a Secular Messianism which looks fanatically forward to this odious notion of a radically-limited and entirely-earthly salvation. Rather than mostly backward to that true and mercifully-inclusive Messiah whom these same Jews rejected and killed. And Who will likewise come again—in the real and salutary futurism—to establish His Kingdom, as well as “to judge the living and the dead”.

The noted negative aims are being unalterably and inexorably pursued by world Jewry - the organizing and financing force behind the whole of the modern occult world - both through operatives in every government on earth and through an immense lobbying establishment here in the USA. This latter having stout tentacles in practically every other lobbying group as well. While further obvious here is the intimate connection of this secretive plan, carried on under the generic Neo-Con auspices - and as marvelously traced over time by Lyndon LaRouche in a recent book - to twentieth century Nazism and to its originator, the half-Jew Hitler, with his vaunted eugenics schemes and his ready dispatch of so many pious "backward" Jews. Together with his (to some ironic) sedulous guarding of the lives and properties of wealthy Askenazi Jews.

Thus does the tinsel of a gratuitous technology hide the path of non-functionality upon which modern man is being driven by those who wish him no good at all. Genuine popular government—which cannot survive amid the regimentation that the modern technology innately requires—having indeed disappeared with a gradualistic finality amid flowery declarations of Enlightenment-era overthrows and the "declarations" of liberal-military juntas in 19th-century Spain and Latin America. As well as in the armed commercial piracy of a Jewish dominated carrying trade across the seven seas, enabling the dominion of a Jewish-policy-dominated West to be exerted over the East since the days of Commodore Perry and in fact long before. Thus is it to our ancestors of centuries ago that we must principally look, rather than to those who shackle us to the oars of the modern galley ship, in which most of us, if their plan succeeds, are doomed to die, chained to our oars. With promises of new progressive vistas ringing in our ears: an opiate to calm the spasms of doomed bodies and minds. A condition which I fight by my platform and candidacy, promising to roll back this "progress" to a level and quality at which man may experience the clean and vigorous exercise of his mind and will: that in which human happiness, advancement and freedom truly consist. That which largely determined the economic and political organization of mankind's past, in a wisdom of statecraft passed down over the millennia, but ridiculed as degenerate by those "masters of deceit" who rule us so cunningly now.

But what is it we offer citizens, to free them from odious chains? To make them, like Roland, break their swords, rather than ever to employ them in the service of Baal again? Whatever it takes, to the giving up of life itself, if elected I will:


1. Outlaw corporations as they are commonly known today.


2. Discontinue bond-backed money, as John Kennedy was in the process of doing on the eve of his assassination, and as I discussed in 2004 in the first edition of my Integral Catholicism, chapter five, as well as in the 2007 edition readable full-text on this site.


3. Set about disentangling the U.S. from the present fraudulently-accrued national debt by the most equitable means possible, with the hoped-for earnest collaboration of creditors of goodwill. This even as certain other non-sovereign creditors would be repudiated entirely. The nations of today having all been bitten by the modern systemic beast, and being evidently ready to work together to bind up common wounds: if they are to be bound up at all. Hence among forms of repayment to other nations - who have for the most part been essentially forced to bankroll U.S. policies both good and bad for decades - would be included a generous policy of resettlement for populations starved of opportunity and land. This being also in line with the Catholic Church's doctrine from the very beginning that the goods and lands of the earth are for all men, both to cultivate it with intensity and to gather its potentially prodigal fruits. An earth upon which today only some two percent or less of its arable soil is under cultivation (as can indeed be seen on many GIS maps). An earth which no race or nationality can presume to claim the largest and finest portions of, on the basis of brute force, or of some related racist/elitist claim of being "not like the rest of men". While in such a generous policy of resettlement would be continued immense and incalculable blessings for ourselves as well, both in terms of “human capital” and of that cultural richness of which every nation stands in need.


4. However with the repudiation of NAFTA, CAFTA and similar trade- and sovereignty-sharing arrangements - all of them "behind closed doors" and therefore utterly invalid - as well as by the absolute and irrevocable dismantling of present-day farm and industrial subsidies - which amount to the deliberate, systematic destruction of whole industries and even whole economies in other lands - the excessive influx of foreign workers will be checked in the most natural way. So that for one thing there will be no need for any Berlin Walls on our borders. This new policy to be pursued in conjunction with a simply- and rigidly-enforced right of citizen heads-of-household to first choice on jobs, including any reasonable training requirements attached thereto. A right furthermore to be claimable on the spot upon the reasonable certainty of a violation of this law having taken place. For the ascertaining of which I propose the instituting of a rapid-response employment police to verify probable cause. So that just employment would be instantaneous, rather than requiring the review of tedious and time-consuming boards: whose purposes would become mostly those of appeal, rather than of placement. Hardly a measure that would be considered that extreme, let alone oppressive, in some other land.


5. I would see to the complete revamping of the educational system in this country, taking it, for one thing, out of the hands of present-day radical elites, typically ruling under the aegis of the NEA. While aid and subsidy will be readily available to home - or "block" - schooling families as well. This is an issue treated of in my Integral Catholicism in some detail, one I also hope to revisit in future articles to appear here.


6. Included as the Super Section of our Constitution - as the guiding light in which will be interpreted all other clauses of that document - will be the Ten Commandments. That Decalogue many of whose applicable civil-law deposits are to be found in both English and European common law as well as in a reflective study of the legal, cultural and political histories of European Christian lands. Hence would abortion, the mistreatment of the developmentally disabled or of prisoners, and so on, become illegal ipso facto. Even as a host of innocent activities presently frowned upon, or even rendered illegal in practical terms, would be given new wings upon which to fly.


7. Also in accord with our Christian past - as well as the past of both Eastern and Western civilizations of any merit or stature, whether ancient or medieval - the ten-family or ten head-of-household unit of organization will gradually be reintroduced as the basic social, economic and political building block of the nation in all circumstances wherever possible. So that thus, as in the most familiar historical venue of this Frankpledge social unit, will political activity typically be wedded at the workplace to daily occupational association. With the central thesis of my own thinking being manifested here: namely, that government isn't in any sense to be considered as something separate from the people, but rather as a function as natural to them, at all levels, as breathing air. While in this way too would the endless debate of the thirties and forties over whether or not labor or labor/management as a force of its own should be “corporative”, (that is, an organic a part of “government”): hence would this one-time “war-justifying” set-to be consigned to deepest dustbins of irrelevance where it rightly belongs. The state rather being once again adequately conceived in classical terms of the class-interwoven, ubiquitous, legitimacy-bearing human-interactive totality, rejecting out-of-hand latter-day well-disguised, coldly-exclusionary, “democratic” notions of lowly subservience and elite command. Hence would popular government - or that personal-agency-oriented "fatherhood, all of which comes from God" - be reinstated in the very warp and woof of the social organism: as indeed it was in early, dimly-recorded days of medieval Europe. Whereas communism and socialism, or other forms of actual collectivism, including capitalism, are rigidly regulated within enforcement mechanisms of totalitarian global-financial control.

In this way would much of the present debate over "big" or "small" government be recognized as meaningless: with the configuration of the ten-man unit being decisive in removing "government" from any threatening proclivities that presently obtain. Imprisoned as it is today in those artificial, infiltrative and pernicious devices and false institutions detailed above. Accordingly will the number of ten families be aspired to as the norm in business and industry as well: since larger firms, although no doubt unavoidable in some cases, tend not only to become cold and impersonal - implying the very death of vigorous economic and industrial life - but also to be infiltrated by those with an agenda all their own. While perhaps most importantly of all: this basal organization of society can be commenced immediately, with local voluntary units-of-cooperation beginning to provide services to one another, replacing the doleful lack of constructive authority which presently obtains. Services which might even extend to the stamping of an informal currency resembling the county fair tokens of old, for use among their own numbers. Thus materially precluding the pound of flesh presently extracted through the financial labyrinth of the treacherous system described above.


8. This ten-man Frankpledge unit - expandable readily to 100 families for village, hamlet or cluster-of-occupations - will employ as the standard instrument of law enforcement the age-old "hue and cry", to bring any of its members before the bar for offenses great and small. Hence would its constituents be to a considerable degree legally responsible for one another, as the relationship would define and elaborate itself through the press of events, of developing "customs and usages" (or Basque-like "Fueros"). A configuration, conforming to the exigencies of place, culture, local industry, climate, whose contours I can predict only in the most general of terms: and with which those will be most familiar who laboriously and imaginative bring it about in each locale. While the same sense of mutual obligations would tend to obtain, rising from such a familiar base, in larger ascending units, in multiples, as of old, of ten. Although with a relatively-lesser intensity as the pyramid mounts.


9. The adjudication of felony law would return to the highest levels, or at least be directly appealable thereto: a feature of true civilization wherever it has appeared in history. This not only with respect to "procedure", as in the present understanding: that at which our many Southern Jim Crow courts have often been veritable martinets of "correctness", but also in terms of a complete retrial, toward appeal-of-conviction, at each higher level of appeal. Laborious, you say? Not near so much as the unjust sentencing which has become a standard feature of the present system. And the huge and expensive prison system - now disappearing into myriad "private prisons" becoming impossible to either monitor or calculate - that our court system has helped along "like a hand in a glove".


December 14, 2007: What is futurism?


Futurism - spoken of in an entry just below - is the reinterpretation of all material improvements as somehow signaling milestones on a new "way". However, those who actually invented or achieved these improvements are likely to have thought of them as aiding the old way, not as pioneering something new. How then does the transformation occur, of a sort of "jumping the track", as it were, onto an express line into a weird new universe of poured concrete, digital cable, and other associated and often bizarre evolutions unlimited. Such as few in their wildest dreams could have desired, or scarcely even imagined, such as now crowds in around our ears today?

It is all really very simple. Because of the profound Jewish (one percent or so of the population) organizational and human relational control over modern life - elements connected to Jewish financial power, but more important by far - their belief in a futuristic Messiah, one yet to come, is all-determining. An orientation which favors a philosophy, a methodology of radical change, even among the more-devout, the Hassidic, and so on: since to all Jews all things Christian must pass away. So that every sinew in the ranging Jewish or pan-Israeli body-politic is bent in the direction of enforcing this hyper-sanctified dynamic of change, this Progress which has become the very serpentine strange god of modern man. This through the mammoth instrumentality of Jewish agency whether in government, education, media, corporate ownership, or a host of other power-loci as well.

How did the Jews become so powerful? Simply because, believing the rest of us to be of inferior material, they aren't held back by any scruples of loyalty or fellow-feeling: elements which simply do not exist in their elitist, exclusionary hearts and minds. No, I don't hate them: I only pay them the honest tribute of taking their well-financed, well-planned and well-documented strategy quite seriously. But forgive me if I don't lay my head on the chopping block in some supposedly humble way.

Hence is all change - today's relentless modifications which look deceptively random by way of the many "non-normative" slogans of industry and academia, and the many seeming disconnects of an apparently loose-jointed financial and industrial interweave - hence is all this skillfully orchestrated by a few who hold commanding positions in what is above all else a human-relational fabric. A fabric in which we are all required to take our pre-determined places. All this toward the complete effacement of Christ from all human structures and institutions. Or a parallel trivializing architectural and aesthetical association of Catholicism in particular with the most mundane, profane or even vulgar of activities. As for instance in the odious modeling of so many gambling spas, shopping centers, etc., strictly according to the lovely, pious contours of Spanish-American mission design.

However, this very path is going to be their demise, these wayward sons of the Promise. Since for one thing the very scale of their activities has alerted an entire globe as to the arrogance and audacity of their scheme. That we should all be but so much fodder, but so many pawns, for this grand progressive design, this secular messianic creed. Indeed, all mankind will soon clearly discern the two paths laid out before us: that of Catholicism, on the one hand, the only real Christianity, the one true creed. That which in many ways completes and divinizes the age-old generous wisdom of our race, with the other Christian sects being essentially only Judaized backwaters, however good and worthy some individual non-Catholic Christians might be. And on the other that of Judaism, which ceaselessly demonstrates itself to be miserly, cruel and perverse in the extreme. The very Synagogue of Satan spoken of by Our Blessed Lord.


October 27, 2008: Do we hate the Jews?


Not on your life. Our vision for them is that they will have their own Frankpledge, their own medieval-style system of “hundreds” (legal/political units which among other benefits had their own judges): among other institutions so at the base of the vibrant city or village life of former times. A way of life we plan to reinstitute for every neighborhood or district, nationality or ethnic group. Here indeed is where notorious “Jewish ghettoes” originated: which in real life in those days weren’t poverty-stricken slums, but districts which were as chic and well-to-do in their own times—even opulent—as various reaches of Lower Manhattan or the Chicago Lake Shore are today. Back then, “when knighthood was in flower”, after the manner of immemorial mankind of all persuasions, everybody lived in a neighborhood bounded by intricate ties of loyalty and self-identity, and wouldn’t have dreamed of taking off their lapel-buttons or arm-bands—or abandoning their striking colors or cuts-of-cloth—insignia which announced the same jealously-guarded distinction in striking terms. All of them—Jews and Catholics alike—wearing their various insignia not like shameful cattle-brands of a pre-Civil-War South or a Nazi concentration camp—ignominious, defining symbols of modern times, indeed highly-applicable to our own Skull-and-Bones/Bush-Pilosi day—but as proud emblems of who they were. Really much the way street-gangs do: although with far more prestige attaching, with bright and musical parades and local festivities leading the van. The last few vestiges of which—as for instance were once represented in canonical nationality parishes with their Croatian orchestras and lamb roasts or Polish Polka bands—many of which were hastily denigrated or driven out of existence even before a Jewish-agenda post-Vatican-II.

Believe you me, there would be no thought in our Frankpledge system of any exterminations. (It is Jews, not Catholics, who think in such diabolical terms). Rather would we sedulously preserve the Jewish presence as a kind of medieval morality play for all to see. We would keep them intact in their little Skokies; we would lovingly regard them stroking their beards, as they did in contemplating Christ on the Cross. It would be a new and cosmic Passion Play all over again: providing us living, breathing object lessons of what we should not be. We would even have an especially-generous welfare system just for them: in the doubtful case that it were required. So that we would run no risk of losing this singular boon, of the sight of the cynical manners, faces and body-language—the sound of the vulgar and ungainly “sense of humor”—of these Deicides.

But the Jews would not be allowed to infiltrate: that which is of the essence of their overbearing, undeserving power today. For which defensive purposes there would be established another yet-more-effective Inquisition.


April 5, 2009: The true place of a political writer and activist. Boniface VIII and the doctrine of the two swords.


From the very beginning I have been chided as a wishful thinker, accused of a gross lack of realism. My solutions to public problems being indeed always taken right out of the papal encyclicals and pronouncements, from Sts. Augustine, Aquinas or Gregory the Great. And when I adapt these to our times, it is in such a way as to magnify their importance rather than to compromise them away into a “relevancy”-related oblivion. For in fact it isn’t the place of a writer or even an activist to be the declarer—let alone the proponent—of some status quo, of some surrender of values to the grinding tank-tracks of a “progress” which destroys far more than it uplifts or heals. Any stooge, bore or rent-farmer can do that. It is rather to discover ways to apply timeless, sound and even holy ideas which cynicism has thus far efficiently frustrated or rendered stillborn. But among all the ideas—nay rather foundation-stones—in the cavernous libraries of Catholic thought, the one which has been most exposed to this treacherous and blind-sighted “realism” is the doctrine of Boniface VIII of the early fourteenth century on the right relations of church and state. This in his interpretation of the enigmatic words of Our Blessed Lord upon leaving the Supper Room: “now is the time to gird on the sword”.

As we know, the apostolic answer promptly forthcoming—and of equal contrast to a foregoing Supper Room monologue of divine mystical love—is the laconic “here are two”. To which the Savior answers, “it is enough”. Which trinity of brief sentences the noted pontiff—just then in the late twelfth century in pitch battle with crowned proponents of an overbearing lay investiture across the Catholic world of the time—would render as signifying the bearing of both twin swords, lay and ecclesiastical, on behalf of Christ. He, then, being the paramount Object—His honor, glory, will—of all the organs and engines, neighborly solicitudes—of the state. As well as of the Church. And to the same degree. Only in a different manner of parry and thrust.

Unfortunately, the Judaizers in the Church, present more or less continually since the time of St. Paul, would, upon the death of this firebrand, instantly “withdraw” this papal Bull. Since they could not, by divine prohibition, have impugned it directly. Meaning basically that they merely prohibited its further printing or copying, which action says nothing, in itself, about the veracity of what is maintained. And these same whited sepulchers have through the ages succeeded remarkably well in throttling this singular, crystalline statement of the Church’s doctrine on this all-important matter. Somehow, if it is ever invoked at all, managing nicely to place the doctrine in a sort of limbo, as if its authenticity were somehow open to question. Precisely indeed as was done at Vatican II, where far more was sniffed or chuckled at than was ever actually denied or averred. In what would nonetheless in practical terms amount to a thunderous rejection of the entire corpus of Catholic tradition, encompassed by the same ever-infiltrating Jews and ever-quibbling Judaizers. Providing us, in fine, with a perfect example of why the blessed pontiff uttered this interpretation, and of why Our Blessed Lord uttered His sacred words about the two swords, in the first place. Invoking as both do the earth as a battleground until the day Christ returns, while likewise paving the way for infiltrator-ferreting Inquisitions at every turn.

But instead the prevalent idea of the radical separation of church and state—and a skillfully-unmentioned commanding unity of synagogue and state—has remained the norm, frustrating, by mysterious divine permission, any attempt of the Christian state to obey this most singularly solemn and strikingly punctuated of divine injunctions. That commandment revealed in its full and unequivocal meaning in the divinely-inspired words of Boniface VIII. Indeed a sort of mock-militancy all-its-own reveals itself in the most striking way, among a today-typical Catholic clergy who sternly prohibit any invocation of this incomparable divine command. One which might be said to sum up—only moments before the commencement of His Passion—the penultimate purpose of the Life He was about to lay down. Namely, that His Father’s “will be done on earth as it is in Heaven”, both privately and officially, at all levels, in all regards. That it take second place to nothing, whether in chambers of state or in the inconspicuous minutiae of the Christian home. A teaching, furthermore, which can be shown to have been maintained throughout the ages of Faith, if without that crystalline clarity-of-force which would have been achieved by a continuous and resolute promulgation of the noted Bull.

Hence, returning to the theme of the writer/activist: his task is simply to trace with his finger the path on the mountainside—above the timberline—perhaps to unaccustomed eyes barely descried—that of the divine will—so that God may render this trail attainable. Since He chooses not to accomplish these marvelous things without our fully-engaged cooperation and devotion, gratitude and love. Our active counterparts—humble and infirm though they be—inseparable from the bringing-into-being of each new phase of His divine Plan. So that we can hardly expect to see these incalculable blessings attained if we are “ashamed before men” to announce them boldly, as heralds of a God “Who canst neither deceive nor be deceived”. It is not that we seek to impose our own will: it is God Who leads the way, “Whose delight is to be among the sons of men”, Who wishes to imbue our institutions with His Spirit, blessings and power.

If we—all of us being by our social/political nature activists—do these humble, day-to-day things, then the Savior will see to the rest, in His good time. Maybe in a generation, or maybe, startlingly, our lamps burning brightly, not having in careless compromise gone out: maybe on the morrow, before the day has dawned. When even so diligent we lowly baggage-carriers must pound ourselves, shoulder our burdens, stomping our feet against the dewy cold, making the congenitally-lethargic blood flow, flushing face, foot and cursedly-hesitant hand. Else, terror in the night, the Bridegroom arrive, and quickly bar the way to this upwardly-lumbering caravan and say, “alas, you I do not know”.

But to the bulk of modern Christians of any denomination, the Gospel “tree in which the birds of the air make their nests”—the Catholic Civilization, laws and traditions of our forefathers—is only an inconvenience, an embarrassment. A great edifice, a mighty oak, which they rather labor to cut down, to reduce to the size of a sapling: indeed, even to a tiny mustard seed, once again. No need, then, to perilously follow that trace, that goat path, far above, clinging to ledges over the dizzy void. After all it is much easier to imagine we still live safely on terra firma, indeed down in the dark, cool catacombs. That “government is our enemy”: which act of “humility” is then held to absolve us from all responsibility for evil policies, for the killing field of modern warfare or womb, for the effeminate corporate infighting of modern life. Indeed, we can shout “Halleluiah” and “praise God”, as they tear down the last vestiges of our venerable past; we can speak excitedly of a “rapture” which is going to “draw us all into the clouds”. Just at the right moment, before we have to suffer anything at all, to “make up for what is lacking in the passion of the Lord”, to sacrifice to hold up our end of the deal, of establishing this kingdom with foundations of stone. Ah, the air of purity, in thus maintaining a kingdom entirely of the interior: the purely spiritual church of Luther. One that however will burn, together with those who believe in its facile tenets. A fate we indeed see gathering before us as I write.

To the above-advocated climb or constructive venture, then, do we invite each and all. Why? Not just to save a nation or a world, but much more because, as the crusaders used to say, “Dieu le vuelt!”, God wills it!


November 14, 2008: What do I mean by culture, or “customs and usages”?


When I speak of the necessity of these central elements of the distributive system—pivotal to a personal agency and economic interdependence at its core—I am in every case referring to those informal, even subliminal, micro-local formatives which perform not so much a recreational as a character- and prosperity-building task. These “cultural formatives” developing in an extremely person-and-place-specific setting—albeit embracing a national and universal Christian milieu and morality—which usually has little if anything to do with the standard “culture” of the theater, the big screen, the dance studio, the average art gallery, or the small screen at home. These latter increasingly displaying today—in a growing neglect of the truly uplifting and great—anything from a yawningly-familiar living-room depravity to an alien rigidly-marketed correctness motif. Modern artificial outgrowths which rather indeed and too typically represent the very death of culture, in the sense employed on this page—and certainly of much-mentioned customs and usages—rather than any renaissance of same.

Hence for instance do I see little promise in the introduction of ballet into the lives of the children of the ghettoes, as is now taking place in Tucson, Arizona: a project recently promoted enthusiastically, as might be expected, on the national podium of NPR. Ballet being however to me only a morbidly-sensual vanguard of a post-Revolutionary-Era nineteenth-century anti-Christian cultural invasion that would quickly be followed by modern nude-art, and later by a mostly-un-regenerated jazz. Ballet abstracting entirely from a clean and morally-vigorous classical tradition of Bach, Haydn, Chopin—or even much of a Glenn Miller Big Band—a departure as well from an energetic European or even Asian folk dance by comparison to which ballet is pallid, effeminate, at times even bizarre and depraved. A predictable corruption of vibrant and promising fields, in a fallen world ever ready to “send in the clowns”. And although some few kids might be “kept from the drug scene” through these activities, my own observations over the years suggest quite the contrary, at least in the long-run. Having rather seen unfold before my eyes during my lifetime a seamless incorporation of drugs and other Mob activities with a “cultural” progress that went from jazz through rock to rap and beyond. And which seems to have taken many a ballerina—whether juvenile or adult—with it in its intrepid stride. And although there have probably been no polls or surveys about the moral habits of ballerinas—and whatever they call these lunging guys—yet from standard indications of notoriety I have gathered, in writings from ballet’s mid-nineteenth-century halcyon days of Moscow, Paris or Vienna, I suspect they would have little place in the sturdily-constructive society I envision. And could play but little part in those exertions required to pull us up from the economic, political and military mire we are in today.

The culture, the usages, of which I speak have a profound motivational character, a vigorously-functional species of self-identification, against which this standard rather languid take on “culture” gravitates in the most inescapable and incalculable way. For you just don’t turn out arduously-self-objectifying kids—in terms of the ebullient mental and moral universe advocated here—by turning them into lounging art-critics, or lunging or set-squatting ballerinas. Set to the morbid or fantastic music or choreography of the Nutcracker or Swan Lake. Nor for that matter do the glued-on leotards of these dancers gravitate toward reducing the incidents of unwed pregnancy, or child abuse. Vaunting or mincing dance-steps, and hours spent around today’s near-universally-weird art galleries, guaranteeing nothing so much as a burgeoning sodomy-population as well. With respect to which it’s interesting that the guy whose running this ghetto ballet program in Tucson is said to be willing to pick up the youthful dancers at their homes, in his own car. Something which, were the local parish priest to suggest vis-à-vis his altar-boys, he would instantly be held highly suspect, and no doubt even investigated, and for a statistically much-smaller relative cause.

No, this is not what I mean by culture. Rather those genuine, personally- and socially-organic customs and usages that I love are an integral cement that holds together a decent, Godly and productive world. That magnify and fortify a personal integrity that outfits one for a Heavenly Home, while in the meantime showing forth earthly fruits of an artistic, creative character, from out of the vigor and integrity of the Catholic way of life. Preliminary to a Heaven where there will indeed be music, and culture, of a sort which those of earth should reflect, rather than sully, mock or impugn.


December 11, 2007: Nobility versus street-wisdom in a political figure.


Evil always attempts to be what it is not, rather than to become what it might be. Hence the Trojan Horse motif of the Israeli Mossad, or that weird Neo-Con definition of patriotism, as a force which insinuates itself into other lands, and ultimately either invades them or takes them over in some other equally-complete way. “Compelling them to enter” a globalist system of grim exactions and scant rewards, as if the USA were some harsh and merciless version of God Himself. Indeed even Satan himself aspired to replace God, to impersonate Him, as it were: so that it is always against the impostor that we struggle, whether in this presidential campaign or at louisdejolietpublishing.com.

Indeed the rigorous searching-out of this one topic - deceit, imposture, and a related extortion, invasion or aggressive war - is like the sword of the mythical figure, speedily hacking through the seemingly-impenetrable obscurities and complexities of today's political malaise with one mighty blow, as through the ancient Gordian Knot. This true "ultimate solution" however takes us back further in time than many of us might care to go.

Yet, on the other hand, it can hardly be that painful to remember the smiling Kennedy brothers, nor to conjure up once again the rude winds of change that came with their assassinations. The veritable death of honor that ensued; the reign of a strange sort of climate of dejection, of fear. As in a music/entertainment industry that suddenly became obsessed with a "realism" previously known only in the darkest back-alleys of American life. The same years which saw the Second Vatican Council and its vaguely-articulated central imperative of the need for all Christian values to be reevaluated under a new standard: that of "relevance to modern times". That notorious singular litmus-test of Jewish Secular Messianism - of which a century of cynical, technology-worshipping Futurism has been the very pith - forming the path of egress for today’s "abomination of desolation set up in the Holy Place" of Catholic Faith. That Biblically- and prophetically-predicted moral cataclysm which is so evident today.

What is the watch-word in this New World Order, to which (anti-)popes since John XXIII have so willingly bowed? One blunt epithet might best describe a "relevant" sort of political virtue: being "street wise".

This means being attuned to the latest stirrings in the sail-cloth of corporate cynicism, of drug and gang culture, perhaps even of some newer and yet-more-blunt version of rap music, and the like. Much of this debauching from that inner sanctuary of the modern soul: the prison yard. About which a string of supposedly inspiring big- and small-screen productions have been made. Hence this new absolute of modern political life: that the leader must know intimately all the street-corners of the modern village of the damned, must be conversant with all the latest nuances-of-speech heard there, before being able to "play with the big boys" like a Pilosi, a Chaney or a Reid.

But my big boys are the poor, whether Blacks or Hispanics, Indians or Whites: and they feel every jarring bump along the street-wise road. It is with them that the buck of the drug-culture, and all of today's other anti-cultures, find their hoof-marks. It is with them that the cool of addiction, of promiscuity finds its victims in the exploited. These my big boys don't want street wise leaders: they want good and decent men. As when knighthood was in flower. They would welcome another St. Louis, another Joinville, another Joan of Arc. The fine sensitivities of a Robert Kennedy. Since they know for one thing that the wink of the street-savvy is directed at their own daughter or son. And they have had enough.


November 21, 2007: My kind of leadership.


There is a whole range of categorical differences between my candidacy and that of the "major contenders", the party-endorsed, the media-recognized, and so on: and one of these is my entire notion of leadership. Mine is concerned far more with patiently riding herd on the thorny and seemingly-intractable issues that are the fabric of a political day than with greeting ovations with flawless form in some auditorium. Hence it is a leadership which depends most pointedly on the skills of local people "on the scene", not in my ability to carry out an impeccable podium body-language routine. It wants to find out the minutiae of how things actually work in some problem-area or locale, or at least a minimal range of them which will allow me to stay in tune, for my deeds to resonate with those of ranchers or farmers, manufacturers or truck- or taxi-drivers, in Oklahoma or Indiana, touching base on many relevant scores. That leadership configuration which is the soul of any distributive system: the only kind in which genuine power distributes itself more or less evenly throughout the land. A real-time democracy whose chief practical repository is in the neighborhood, the circle-of-friends, the home. "Sweeping vision" I do indeed possess, but it partakes not at all of the arrogant fantasies of those who lead us today: ideologues who think of themselves as actually replacing God. And who presently seem to be undertaking nothing less than the demolition of the cumulative wisdom of our (human) race. In another weary re-run of that hubris which, as universal tribal legend assures us, has already seen the advent and destruction of four worlds, and finds us poised today on the fiery brink of a fifth. Mine rather being the priorities of the man on the ground or in the ghetto, those before whom I will require scientists and architects to pass muster as well. Those common men whose sane and balanced sense of grandeur will never be surpassed.

It is in this spirit - of mutual collaboration - that I ask the people to step forward and to demand an open convention, in the party of their choosing. (One in which the delegates are freed from ballot-stolen, coerced and/or manipulated prior primary commitments, and can vote for anyone at all whom they choose, as perfectly free agents). From out of which rare recourse - seen only in 1952 (disappointingly-enough) in the election of Eisenhower - and in departure from present "rigged" or bought-and-sold arrangements - this truly-interactive system might rise. A system for one thing which will recognize that earthly life can only be modified up to a certain point beyond the explicit design of the Creator. Else it become incapable of serving man, of being his proper, familiar, delightful and inspiring abode. Such an excessive "technological" or "progressive" deformation - producing a human life dull, gray, mechanical - having indeed already taken place to a disturbing degree: one which since Pharaoh or the Tower of Babel has always had one principal objective. Namely, the grinding enslavement of the common man.


Dateline, October 9, 2007, back in the West (updated on 2/10/08): “I came to cast fire on the earth, and would I not that it be enkindled?”


We have had little opportunity to add to this front page on our campaign tour, given not only the unpredictability of our path, the harrowing pace, but also the need first to digest the many “real time” encounters, confrontations and related events, to gauge people’s sentiments in depth. While generally problematical as well—in the absence of a laptop—has been any certainty of being able to find a public internet service that isn’t “filtered”: making Swiss cheese out of your website for daring to use expressions of any strength at all to address the issues of the day. (As if growing a crop of spineless dissemblers or equivocators would be like crop-insurance against a harvest of killers: that which, quite the contrary, and as our crime statistics amply prove, is to produce exactly the opposite result. Indeed, the latter word [killer] might easily be one of the very shockers sanctimoniously disallowed by Bush-era-Maoist thought police).

Admittedly, in other ways as well, this has not been “the luxury tour”, having involved nights spent in dark forests in Pennsylvania, days on end facing off a growing multitude of neo-Confederates and neo-Nazis in Wisconsin and Michigan, Nebraska and Kansas: cheek-to-jowl with sane and wholesome ranchers, farmers and city-dwellers. While the startling vision of our dusty coach, with bluntly-lettered anti-Bush/Pilosi slogans on the side, also caused consternation among McMansion-dwellers for fifty mile around every major burgh. Even as Beltway treasons are very difficult to render, except to say that both parties are radically-anti-life (what could be more treacherous?): one pre-natal, the other post-natal. Violating in all this as we did and without warning the blissful Neo Con ignorance and sodomy-happy cynicism of policy-polar complacent minds. But there were also enthusiastic Blacks in downtown Gary, and Hispanics in shopping centers in Illinois, within whose northwestern reaches (near Freeport) we were likewise treated to a night-time steak-barbeque and bonfire by a young Anglo-Saxon couple of the finest kind. This in a part of the home-state of my youth which contains deep and enduring memories, albeit on a rolling pre-ice-age landscape now being torn to shreds by earth-moving equipment of the perverse Neo Con global remake, of Boris Pasternak’s apocalyptic “covering over of the whole earth with concrete”. A transformation taking place everywhere in this once-fair land, as I write, and as we ourselves saw, with a horror hard to put down on printed or digital page. A ready-mix-, dirt- and gravel-truck reshuffling of the earth’s surface (that’s probably about one half of the traffic on our highways, all told), in order to make an utterly unnatural satanic/secular-messianic nightmare, in which a holy thought simply cannot prevail, has no God-given toe-hold on which to stand. This Godzilla world being constructed at astronomical expense: from the borrowed money of nations slated later to be invaded and done the same way—of course, before the bill is paid back—to create the eagerly-anticipated coming Canaanite/Jewish paradise. That which was really envisioned in Marx’s so-called utopian stateless society. A rigid totality to be founded on an earth which (so the evil scheme goes) will probably eventually contain only Jews. This childhood-sandbox-bonanza being initiated everywhere at the behest of courts, legislatures, corporate potentates and cryptic Mob city-council-convincers alike.

Actually, and to our exceedingly happy surprise, we found an overwhelmingly favorable—if often by policy reticent—law enforcement across the land: people who have had the organized drug- and promiscuity-related moral and social destruction of this country branded on their minds in the most searing, painful way, and are almost to a man heartened to see someone fighting it in our direct and God-fearing way. Guys (and on occasion gals) who, for one thing, know by experience that economic opportunity, love, kindness, civility, respect, gentility-of-tongue, love-of-neighbor (including those of foreign lands): that these virtues and advantages form the very breeding ground of manhood, womanhood and courage. And that, conversely, grinding poverty and inequality, violent or suggestive lyrics, racist or belligerent behavior, international provocation and aggressive war: that these are the prime standard bedfellows of vice and corruption, effeminacy and sodomy, dismemberment and early death. Among those that inflict them at least as much as among those on the receiving end.

But over the past several months since we came back West, after our whirlwind campaign in eighteen states and Washington, D.C., we have found out just how hip-booted some places can sometimes be as compared to the rest of the land. In certain locales we have been eagerly harassed by the police: although even in less-favorable areas less-positive treatment has generally-speaking been meted out by painfully embarrassed officers, responding only after the repeated cell-phone insistence of some wealthy member of the inevitable local correctness-swat-team. A guy or gal instantly available at all hours, who had just departed in his luxury sedan, having been surveying us with the heroic disdain of the standard “stay-the-course” crowd. Armchair or bucket-seat heroes who dig up or dream up some dusty, irrelevant ordinance to be applied to us alone. Putting severe limits on our unbreachable constitutional right to campaign for election, in the self-same way undertaken by Davy Crockett, the “buckskin pioneer”, in the early 1800s. While there have been instances which have bordered on police brutality, and hair-trigger threats of “I can put you in a world of hurt in a hurry”, just for refusing to be verbally as well as physically steamrolled out of an area, for politely-but-stoutly questioning the real motive behind what was plainly an ill-disguised, power-abusive prohibition against campaigning. Even as actual threats of violence took place at the hands of a red-faced state policeman in northern Michigan—“you’d better get out of here while you are still able”, as closely as I can remember the words—solely because of our political opinions, and the blunt-but-non-abusive campaign-slogans on the side of our rig. Violently threatening gestures and language being suffered as well at the hands of a curious figure in southern California, who identified himself as an “undercover drug cop”, but who acted far more like one of these neo-con militia-men you meet with incessantly nowadays, if you fail to “part your hair” according to the latest bowling-ball mode. A developing Brown Shirt constituency whose numbers are swelling out there as I write.

Indeed, every little rural burgh or city suburb seems to have some such unit operating around its privileged boundaries, as where mountain meets town, mostly to drive away the poor, but ready “in a heartbeat” to intimidate anyone whose political views aren’t squeaky-clean-McMansion-dweller “correct”. Like the guys around the Northern outskirts of Tucson, guardians of cookie-cutter gated “communities” (sprung up like mushrooms overnight, undoubtedly, like so many others, with the mammoth influx of laundered drug-money). Meaty guys who patrol, sometimes in black squad cars, under the informal supervision—or so is our time-tested impression—of a rabidly-pro-Bush Highway Patrol local office, with whose beefy patrolmen we have had a brush or two. Fanatical limiters of civil rights who wear some sort of weird Little House on the Prairie broad-rimmed hat as their uniform. And to whom a financially-un-endowed grad-school-educated campaigner is only a ragged beggar who belongs in downtown Mesa/Tempe, working all day for nothing, giving all of his paycheck to the Wall-Street-traded homeless shelter that feeds him slop twice a day. And that locks the doors forthwith thereafter, sending him out in the cold or heat to sink or swim. (There are even worse places like this in Albuquerque: veritable concentration camps where the bulk of that city’s poor may conceivably, by this time, about eight months later, have come to live. Further note of 8/09: as a later article indicates, New Mexico is sinking fast, with a growth-industry of crooked mechanics, with feverish drug-mob activity, with abductions, the finding of dead bodies in strange places, with unmistakable hints of a coming broader upheaval.)

All the above officious melodrama—conducted by a tiny percentage of the population, self-appointed bullies even in the feisty little enclaves where they live—all this goes on while the popular support for our campaign, among rich and poor alike, is quite obvious. As in the case of those motorists—sometimes the majority passing by our conspicuously-parked rig—who give the thumbs-up to the strongly-worded lettering on the side. As compared against those few who show some (typically blunt) sign of disapproval. The proportion of favorable to unfavorable being about 100 to 1, at worst, with another 100 or so of the dumbfounded, intrigued or indifferent for ever 100 of the thumbs-up crowd. Even as the typical phrase of the un-sympathetic, when not capsulated in some obscene gesture, invariably pictures us as treacherous aliens (“go back where you came from”, or “go back to Mexico”). Implacable expressions of traitor-mongering to a U.S. born Croat Vietnam decorated veteran and his multiple-colonial-bloodlines wife.

But all we are doing is branding with well-deserved infamy the whole perverse machine that runs D.C.: our graphics, as noted above, containing phrases not only anti-Bush-establishment but also anti-liberal (or anti DLC crypto-neo-con) Democrat. War-mongering and/or abortion-and-perversion-peddling Democrats, like John’s polar-opposite brother Ted, who used his assassination to steal the Democratic Party away from spirited New Frontiersmen. True patriots of the seminal and catalytic early ‘60s (not the language- and substance-abusive, long-haired-hippie late-‘60s): a national trail-blazing of which I was a junior pathfinder through high school years. John and Robert—in a time “known as Camelot”—having formed that deeply-rooted, holistic political and cultural plethora, that national rebirth, into a solid vehicle of national greatness. Faithfully representing as we still do the political position of about 75% of those thousands to whom we have spoken across this fair land: many of whom look upon me as the Jerry Adams of the disenfranchised majority.

I have been interviewed, and we have been filmed and photographed, more times than I can remember: but the stuff seldom makes it beyond the editor’s desk, whose prohibition may easily be a mere reflex of the displeasure of “higher ups”. For instance of “Democrats” like John Edwards who openly profess that the most burning issues of our day are for a chosen few to decide. With the people being granted the “immense privilege” of rubber stamping candidates chosen for them. In a system rapidly becoming gallingly-elitist after the demise of the (real) Kennedys. While here in McCain Arizona (that “war hero” who was recently exposed to have played footsy with the enemy in Vietnam while a “prisoner of war”) our website is regularly tampered with, and often unavailable (“there is no such site”, and so on). Just as happened to the guy who exposed McCain the day before Super-Tuesday, whose website, (I think it’s againstmccain.com), seems to have been impossible to bring up until after the votes were counted. While in Arizona and elsewhere in Bush America little burghs across the land are filling up at present with those private prisons which are completely un-monitorable, run by self-interested flag-waving fools totally without a mind. (I ran into one of them out there on the road, where, like the marvelous Gospel net, you find “things both good and bad”.)

Welcome to the wild ride of our grassroots campaign, the likes of which has not been seen since the days of Davy Crockett, stumping Tennessee for a seat in Congress, destined ultimately to be robbed of his popularly-anticipated election as President of the United States by basically the same secret-society elites we have today. The parallels are absolutely mind-boggling. It’s as if the U.S. has been treading water all these years; or as I say elsewhere, has still never really been properly formed or founded. A Davy who had no interest in taking away the Indian’s land, to forthwith line the hip-pockets of land-speculators. For which reason he never had a chance, and was doomed to be slandered and gerrymandered out of office.

But despite all the rigors-of-the-road we took the Washington D.C. Beltway by storm, and displayed to Eastern and Western plainsmen and mountaineers alike, and to open-mouthed Potomac-shore Congressmen and clerks, commuting daily to work, the rampant display: “Bush America is not my Country”. While to previous signs on the side of our campaign battle-wagon have been added: “Restoring the Union, defeating the New Confederacy”: a bold banner we especially enjoyed displaying in conspicuous places in Galena, Illinois: the home of Ulysses S. Grant. While down toward the wheel-line it now reads, “Liberty and economic development from the bottom up”.

The solid old travel trailer does indeed bear marks of the incredible ordeals it has been through, and places it has been, out here on the road: a vehicle I liken below to Davy Crockett himself, trimmed in shades to match his “buckskin brown”. But back then a backwoodsman could speak to civic and political groups without having the door slammed in his face—for not being already established as a candidate—in other words, in today’s terms, “bought and sold”. But “the feeling is mutual” as far as we are concerned: having no desire to deal with these elite-controlled organizations, be they civic, commercial, veteran’s-service or political in character; whether at the local or the national level. Local “village”-level green fields organizational life—full of equivocating “creatures” of development interests from the Mob to mega-investment—“harmless” folks who somehow manage to get control of everything. Once-hopeful venues having been rendered just as corrupt as anything “big government” ever had to show. Basically since the corporate drive to “develop” America reached fantastic mob-investment, pork-distributing levels during the mid-90s: resulting for one in the all-too-familiar stalag motif, of wealthy enclaves enveloping the inner-village or city poor.

But there is no escaping the well-to-do, in stalag 13 or out-and-about, people whose luxury cars dominate the highways, who are always out on a lark, or out inspecting their plants or properties, many of whom make a point of displaying their scorn or studied indifference at the signs we display, and what they have to say. While from turf-guardians of every income level, much like Davy, I am patted on the head for my unrehearsed manners, and lack of the typical blank-faced Rush Limbaugh type neo-con “confidence”. Being ceaselessly reminded, in an infinitude of clever ways, of my lack of a blueberry, an i-pod, or the thousand-and-one other such brand-named factotums, substitutes for an attentive mind. This my unvarnished temerity, and that of my colonial and Boonsboro frontier-ancestored wife, born in Davy’s own hometown (these frontier families seem to have immigrated from Kentucky to the newly-founded Tennessee together, in large kinship and friendship groups)—in scorning these multiplying, mind-numbing devices—stem mostly from our insistence upon talking to people face to face, rather than using a cell-phone. That great destroyer of free and genuine human association, of spousal or brotherly love. That factotum whereby “our betters”, “our leaders”, our technocrats and experts are able to manage our communicational requirements for us, like another stock portfolio, or homeland security concern. While Americans are steadily getting to the point that they hardly know how to converse anymore, as flesh-and-blood human beings, not invisible sound-bites, let alone to become politically active or involved.

Hence much of my writing in book or front page is to motivate, to re-instill in my countrymen these critical human functions, and the even-more-fundamental mental-calisthenics that go with them. Maybe drugs and racism, sodomy and infidelity would have less drawing-power if people made the startling discover that they actually have a mind: a realization that might forthwith make vital and functional Kennedy New Frontiersmen of them all. Shaking them out of the stupor of their induced moral and intellectual, social and political catalepsy. Rousing them from that deadly species of “inevitable progress” which creates an entire weird, gratuitously-digital universe all its own. One full of systemically- and psychologically-coerced addicts and perverts, test tube disease and galloping crime. A post-Kennedy poured-in-concrete “path-dependency” (term coined by Harvard economist Weitzman) which is so lucrative to mobsters, “developers”, day-traders, herd-portfolio managers, and the like. Believe me, folks, there’s nothing in it for me: as wife and I “labor in sleepless nights, hunger and thirst, (maybe someday) stripes”: except for saving our souls, redeeming the sins of an entire life.

Horrors, how dangerous can a candidate get, or pose a more-serous security threat? Threatening to shake self-rewarding monoliths of greed and apathy to their very foundations. No wonder they shut me out of their feisty American Legion halls and party precincts, and ask me, breath-bated, security-instincts at melt-down, condition-red levels, “where are you from?”, or perhaps even, white-around-the-mouth, “who let you in?”

Along much the same avenue, lined with the weird shrubbery of a resurrected born-again “biblical” race-and-nationality paranoia, such as has been dusted off every so often, whenever world Jewry needs another global or Indian war, since the days of a seventeenth century Cromwell and before: it is along this mentally congested thoroughfare, this “progress” as backward as sin, that The People are once again being imperiously marshaled. Real Americans being tidily shut out of any policy-participatory role, kept in rural or inner-city ghettos and guarded as if in a prison or cage. Their inseparable little phones, if necessary, monitoring their every word and move, and even the emotional-timbre of their voices: handy evidence when a new “terrorist” is needed to dramatize the insane fantasies of Chertoff and the gang, to keep the masses tight-lipped, loyal and convinced. While the soccer-mom monstrosity that circles the entire dead, dying or prison-compound-like town grows thicker block-wall and strip-mall foundations by the day. Mentally and morally suffocating these people that I love, the poor, those of color, and those troublesome civic and intellectual wayfarers who refuse to be herd-marketed into sociopolitical oblivion. And driving crazier by the day even the very soccer moms and dads who grimly or giddily guard the perimeter walls. Those poor mortals inside being close-kin to those New Orleans Blacks who were shot when they attempted to escape the floodwaters of Katrina. Two-thirds of a nation now being moored in the morbid “security” and contradictory robber-baron success-ethic backwaters of what was once at least in some ways the “Land of the free”.

But you will not buy us off with your electronic or automotive beads and trinkets anymore, “betters”. We displaced scholars, Black city-dwellers and rural Indians and Whites—morally-uncompromising laborers, carpenters, clerical workers, family-farmers, economists—we who share the same Christian values—we will “rise again”. Lo, see us ascending even now, and quake, traitors, and self-interested cowards. As we advance under the unfurled, rampant banners of the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. “In these Hearts, conquer!”

Indeed, I generally shun any media coverage, and reject the chosen few who rule in Washington or the local town council just as much as they reject me and my campaign. A candidacy, on the other hand, to which a great many people give a spirited, even delirious thumbs up: even if they are afraid to approach where we might be parked, leaflets or business cards in hand, in terror of losing job or social position. Or perhaps just as often: fearing we are just another sting operation, part of Chertoff’s gang, ready to secretly take their picture, and hefty collaborators then haul them off in the night to some secret torture-chamber/jail, without further ado. Just for having ventured “I don’t like it”, too. It is indeed much like the Russia of Stalin, which also had “democracy”-hailing speeches which constantly reminded the Russians how ecstatically happy they should be over their “freedoms”, their patently impotent rights-of-protest. So that one of my central hypotheses, of the common basic nature and origins—with only surface dissimilarities—of all the mass tyrannies of modern times, bears out in trebled terms in countless ways before our eyes.

And just like us, the same folks who greet us with applause, if typically from a distance, have little good to say for machine-anointed candidates, satellites in a closed-circuit revolving universe who share a media-monitored orbit with lobbyists and ruling elites, far from the concerns of the common man. A roster perhaps containing one or two good or marginally-good men to “make mincemeat” out-of: in a controlled media, in rigged TV-debates and voting booths. Indeed, in line with the overwhelmingly-positive reception we received, basically everywhere, one Army recruiter somewhere in northern Michigan, of all places, gave us a spirited thumbs-up, too, albeit as he sped by in his car. This while numberless other men-in-uniform—even those of occasional elite combat units-in-training we ran across—did the same. This while major media-endorsed presidential hopefuls are animated over ideologically-distorted issues, with a hand-picked televised “rank and file” providing an audience whose hoarse noise-levels struggle to make up for their slender numbers.

Hence, as necessity is the mother of invention, has our campaign taken an unconventional, adventuresome turn, light-years away from that chosen condition which merits you campaign-funding and much more. “The common man’s candidate”, for so I call myself, isn’t above running out of gas and letting someone fill his portable can. A humble kind of funding, a mere scrap off any thousand-dollar-a-plate dinner, chicken-feed compared to a million-dollar-a-month windfall: booty which others gather with “deserving” hauteur, without a blink of the eye. Likewise, like the old house-call doctors of yore, I will even practice a modern version of “sleeping at the foot of the bed”, worrying over a sick patient: being ready to park in your backyard and discuss political ills til the sun comes up. Discussions in which the pith of the matter is relentlessly sought rather than skillfully, even eloquently, evaded. Or couched in terms that totally or just barely (which in a way is even worse) miss the whole point.

But to find astute political thinkers one need only visit the fine people, mostly Black, in downtown Saginaw (it was already getting cold by the time we got there, in our near-perpetually-unheated “RV”), or drop down to the pier, just off the ghetto in Cleveland, where we had the immense privilege of meeting some of the local folks. A true nobility, met with at a time when we were out of both fuel and food, and found our needs amply filled by a fine young Hispanic man fishing there, who waved off all thanks. This condition of ours, of want, is not however really an invariable one, as various methods sometimes net gratefully accepted preventive contributions, and these, although never huge, seem to be gradually increasing in size. Then too there are Barry and his friends, Blacks, downtown in D.C.: prodigally-generous people who know the value of personal relationships, that therein lies all political power. A lesson the Jews learned long ago, which explains why these world-controllers don’t always have to own the controlling block-of-stock in any one concern. People who truly believe they are meant to own “the wealth of nations”, and we the “slaves” who tend it for them, too (“mind you don’t touch the wine or the oil”). Paragons who have a dense network of spies, informants and generic “helpers” in every country. “Chosen ones” who have sometimes been willing to do anything against the host nation to which they swear allegiance, to help a wide array of Israeli or Jewish causes. This strange penchant for treason and sedition on the part of these sorely-persecuted people attesting in its own perverted way that the converse, friendship, familiar acquaintance, true loyalty and the like, render money mere vulgar confetti, a trinket however of overpowering charm to others less savvy. A people to whom Hitler, himself half-Jewish and a member of that weird pagan/Jewish/Canaanite cult to which major founders of the “State of Israel”, like Ben Gurion (a contrived Canaanite name), also belonged. This “Fuhrer” who did a calculated polemical service to world Jewry in his grossly-exaggerated persecution of the darker and more devout of his Hebrew brethren: personal-Messiah-awaiting devouts whom dominant Jewish atheists are said today to still quite typically hate with unquenchable malice. Just as, for that matter, at least in Israel, they execrate the very name “Jew” itself. While finally, to understand these people at all you must know that the deceptive manipulation of words means everything to them: that for them “education” has this leitmotif of deceit overwhelmingly as its chief end. Even as they positively must leave their mark, telltale traces of their true designs, as they are always in the process of some arrogant proclamation or other.

Hence accordingly was Hitler’s right hand man in eugenics, Rosenberg, indubitably of the putatively hated (if superman-Ashkenazi) Jewish descent: a then openly-admitted fact which is with near-comic irony so obvious at the least candid glance. We must look for root-words like the Dutch Roos in Roosevelt, or rosa in Rosales, for the strange Hebrew attachment to the word rose; or acknowledge the franko, an old romance-language word roughly meaning court-Jew, in Francisco Franko, to find the telltale “cryptic” connection as well. A Franko whose brutality to opposition of any kind or degree would provide the potent revulsive that would so generously pave the way for the largely-radical Spain of today. Knowing as the noted Nazi leaders did that few others can possibly grasp the importance attaching to Ashkenazi/Caucasian (not “Semitic”, which the Jews never were) racial purity. And even more its boastful display. For this new secular messianist breed of Jew. And how likewise White racists are generally ready to collaborate with these universal traitors like a hand in a glove, blinded by the same kind of fanatical hubris, slated to become in a way their most pitiful victims, understanding little if any of what is really involved.

I do indeed wish, in a way, that life weren’t a test or trial, and that enemies, as a consequence, were non-existent, only a bad dream in some Eden-sleeper’s mind. Although, in such a case, how would God’s glory be served? Or how could intelligent life with enough temerity to reject the creaturely love and worship of God—a human creature who in every respect doesn’t really belong to himself—how could it then, in such a freeloader’s paradise, be given its just sentence: everlasting fire? But in fact we are put here precisely to battle for the good, to struggle against wrong: in maneuvers during which we ourselves are flight-tested for eternal life. And there are good people and bad, those who need conversion, and “those who have no need of repentance”. Yes, it is so, my friend: and we must make these accurate alternate identifications, and never allow ourselves to be deceived, or to turn against those who truly mean us well. Else we share the fires of Hell with these “masters of deceit, enemies of man’s salvation”, as well.

But returning to these good Blacks, my brothers: we found the same kind of good souls to be plentiful around the gas station, there in Cleveland, next morning, as we left the pier. With the only hint of the un-cultured to be found in a bearded White boomer: you know, the classic flag-bandana’d type, who, with wild oats long ago having been sown, perhaps at last a “Born Again” as well, wore the standard perpetual frown of his up-righteous kind. And had a club or blackjack dangling, at the ready, in his hand, and a vicious-looking attack-dog on a leash leading the way. As he waded treacherously through the crowd, inside and outside the gas-station/convenience-store, of people buying gas, grabbing their breakfast or lunch, going to work, or on their way to school, there in the very heart of this neighborhood. Blacks and other races whom he plainly regards as his “enemies”. Considering the currency of this kind of folk-image, and one-time folk hero, do we wonder why we ceaselessly go to war? (Many of these bandana’d guys wouldn’t dream of behaving in this way, as I have indeed found in other places, as in various encounters with black-leather-jacketed bikers, and so on).

But if you have read this website in the past you already know that the key to sainted “success” in the USA today—far from vaunted “hard work” assertions—is either to be a sodomite or to deal in dope, to consume it, or to act like you do. In other words, to slavishly learn the lingo, the shuffle, the belligerent or mincing gait. Or, as a third alternative or accompaniment, to positively exude racism from every pore. Here being encompassed “work cultures” of a predominating element whose only conceivable boast is that they know “on which side their bread is buttered”, and are probably proud of it too. These pliable behavioral qualities being positively required for job-retention, let alone advancement: with more sophisticated models of the same basic mandatory dance routines being found in places high and low. While good souls of any kind find all this highly repugnant, people who cling tenaciously to their inherited culture, their colloquial turn-of-phrase, gesture or mien. Finding it morally intolerable to do a dance-routine of self-ridicule, as a warrantee of “correctness”, in order to “keep that job”. This “putting on airs”, forsaking the good manners we were taught, which Holy Scripture expressly proscribes. Here being a corny vaudeville act at which in fact relatively few Blacks—or Western Nebraskans or Panhandle Oklahomans—are adept. That blessed “failure” for which I hold them as brothers unparalleled in heart and mind. Shunning as many do a whole sickening dance-ensemble, akin to that body-language of success described in my Random Essays (2004). That false, hyper-self-conscious sort of display which the Indian in the (true) story so despised.

Many Midwestern farmers and Western ranchers alike would no doubt be shocked to find that the ghetto Blacks of Detroit or East Chicago overwhelmingly value the very same things they do. Like a decent atmosphere for their kids, a curriculum that doesn’t push homosexuality as the up-and-coming thing, a just foreign policy which doesn’t look for any handy excuse to go to war, and enrich global corporations in their production of more lethal and sophisticated new combat devices and other war materiel. And true to such a wholesome form, it was in the latter tidy little burgh (East Chicago) that we met the generous Mike, who went around the neighborhood (in the middle of the night) and begged quarters and dollar bills to get us some of the precious petrol. A Black college football star with a bachelor’s degree, an ebullient and very intelligent man, once a marvel of physical strength, who nonetheless, barely out of college, had been shot seven times just for daring to buy liquor in the wrong neighborhood. Not in ’48 but in ’88. And who for that reason, at the young age of 50, has little time left to live. (Mike, we love you, and may God give you more years.) While the good Black policeman on the edge of one big city probably lost his job for refusing to forthwith impound our momentarily disabled rig: recognizing, as only a cop can, the ring of truth in my statement that had I only smoked dope in Chandler or Gilbert with the rest of the carpenters and the superintendent, I would long ago have had a new truck, instead of being “let go” at the first chance as a liability to these upright, “hard working” souls. Then there is the good Black contractor Barry, in D.C., who was recently forced to sell his beautiful one-ton work-truck, with the “dualies”, the built-in steel tool-boxes, probably worth somewhere around $40,000, to some “upwardly mobile” Latinos. Good guys too, for the most part, fleeing Mexico’s Bush-ruined economy, unintentionally driving Blacks and Whites around the country out of construction and other work. A problem Bush is said to be in the process of “fixing” by criminally conspiring in another of your typical “behind closed doors” executive-order creations, this time taking a number of basically-irreversible major first steps toward a unified, sovereign “North American Union” with Canada and Mexico. No doubt as a “necessary” measure to interdict some new carefully-contrived “terrorist threat”. Thus rendering immigration itself a dead issue, in the usual preemptive, over-kill way.

Now, I know that Mexico was done grave wrong by the USA, many years ago: no doubt with a rising Bush family even of those days deeply involved in some way. And even earlier, that the same USA had criminally conspired with world Jewry and Masonry—that inseparable twosome—to cultivate a homegrown revolutionary cadre in Latin America. This in order that Spain and genuine Catholicism might be driven from the Hemisphere, and that the USA might commandeer all of its prodigal wealth, as she has indeed for the most part done so well. An agenda whose last “loose ends” were finally “tied up”, with yet more treachery, in the Spanish/American War. Together with the fomenting of chaos and revolution in Honduras, and the subsequent “liberation” of the future Canal Zone. But of course domestic treachery is simply not the answer.

But my plan is as sweeping as it is entirely positive and non-autocratic in nature, involving for one the categorical refusal of the common citizen to become an unemployment statistic, and his children chart-figures of drug-addiction, sodomy-relations and early death. The celebrated “necessary evils” of a modern “progress” we are urged to deliriously embrace. But such things must be put in solid socioeconomic terms, not into flights of ideology alone. So that, first of all, I offer tentative proposals—all major policy matters of course entailing much consultation among leaders and those impacted—toward certain entirely-natural concessions of political power to Blacks, Indians and Mexicans. Since past history has shown the abortive nature of policy measure taken without simple, clearly-spelled-out, indeed ironclad entitlements and other guarantees of this kind. Rights that as noted above were once ensconced in charters of various kinds. For the enemy who closes in around our ears closer everyday in this country absolutely thrives on today’s standard highly-manipulable, private-party-rewarding policy nebulae. Thus for instance my plan outlined in an entry above with respect to the various minorities: in the case of the tribes because this is their Country, one which we brutally stole from them, and which they should in all justice both lead and represent internationally. While proportional principles should rightly govern dealings with Mexicans and Blacks, similarly way-laid by greed and ambition run amuck.

But as the very driving engine of my plan is based upon the prodigal economic multipliers of the distributive system, one in which wealth would in no way be restricted to systemic bureaucracies which characterize local, state and Federal authority here, I would prioritize for all here in the USA of any race or nationality a forming into self-help, or “free-agency”, groups. Modeled after the manner in which Mongolians of three thousand years ago, Franks of the Middle Ages, and Arabs in the timeless Middle East organized into various forms of this “Frankpledge” grouping. Indeed, due to this solidly-developing economic/organizational configuration, minority privileges proposed above might prove provisional and transitional in nature, albeit providing seed-money for future use. Since the unprecedented opening up of new vistas of popular wealth and wellbeing would work positive structural changes in business, government and the workforce which are only predictable in the vaguest of terms. While together with noted minority privileges would come the removal of any barriers that presently exist, of any kind, against the vigorous self-advancement of the same racial and cultural groups: the chief sort of betterment that these various minority peoples have always desired. Since for one thing, too: the whole business of compensation-of-wrongs—as the sad saga of Indian treaties so vividly testifies—too often brings into being an army of self-interested bureaucratic leeches, invariably of the power-broker kind noted throughout these pages. So that in a way the only significant thing we can do for those we have wronged is to guarantee structural changes which prevent them from every being wronged again. To put them back on the road of personal and collective honor and independence: the same road from which we displaced them so long ago. And then just hope they forgive us for the past.

Made accessible to all, then, under these sweeping proposals, would be an incalculable dynamic. An unfettering of a spirit, unique to each such group, and to smaller, less-recognized ones too. Honoring the smaller nationalities as well as the larger races, unleashing a near-legendary entrepreneurial élan like that displayed by our Hispanic immigrants of many generations. Whose social, commercial and industrial savvy escapes all bounds. Again, personal relationships are what matters: these developing “institutionally” over time into politically-momentous “customs and usages” much like those of our Medieval forebears of most continents or climes. Money is only a symbol, an instrument, not a substance. While corollary to this whole approach is one of our mottos, “they go big, we go small”: indeed, as our basal Frankpledge-unit of ten households so fundamentally illustrates. (Hezbollah taught Israel a few lessons on this score.) A micro-local milieu which in the past created a society that in each case took centuries to unravel. This invariably by the machinations and intrigues of high finance, of the peculiar “globalism” of each particular age, pedaling its own special kind of dope. Calling by the lovely name of progress the most galling of chains. That elite-rule against which every political leader must especially be on guard, and take stout and basically-irreversible measures against, or be condemned as opening the gate to the enemy.

But the latest “opiate of the people”, to borrow Marx’s phrase for better purposes, must be confessed to be this bizarre Biblical exegesis of Pat Robertson. This grand justification of all things Bush-American—and paid for by the citizen at venture-capital rates—this scheme employs the usual Evangelical stark scriptural “literalism”: that which however has less to do with historicity or divine authorship than with a resolute exclusion of all Christian symbolism or allegory from our understanding of the Sacred Page. Rather taking each word of Holy Scripture in its most immediate, contemporary, external, indeed often bald-faced sense, stubbornly and aloofly denying all analogical depth. Actually the identical way in which Jews interpret Holy Writ: since by their apostasy they must carefully reinterpret all the myriad symbolic references to the coming of Christ of two thousand years ago, and give them a myopic sense utterly sterile of application or of sensitivity to the Divine Word. So that they can imagine themselves yearning for a great conqueror—like ancient “Zealots”—one yet-to-come. Or more commonly among Jews of today, interpreting Scripture as talking about, indeed deifying, no one but themselves.

Accordingly do renderings of Judaizers like Pat generally dwell morbidly and almost exclusively in the Old Testament—but for one or two constantly quoted and twisted verses of St. Paul : that Old Covenant precisely which—if not seen primarily as a series of symbols of the coming of the very Savior Whom the same Jews reject—can be bewildering, misleading and contradictory in the extreme. While the noted evangelist also adds a sort of numerology to his polemical tool-chest, together with a hint of hair-splitting logical-positivism or semiotic determinism (a torturous quibbling-over or misinterpretation-of the meaning of terms). A manipulative instrument highly familiar to Jews of all persuasions. Indeed (entirely-fictional) medieval doctors never worried and spent themselves so much over “how many teeth were in the mouth of an ass”—allegedly quoting verse and line rather than looking inside for themselves—as does Pat over his putative Scripturally-embedded, radically-pro-modern-Israeli coded numbers and words. Thus does the grand orator find a wealth of these hidden gems in the Bible: veritable scriptural time-bombs, written millennia ago, said to categorically prove that the interests of today’s utterly-godless “Israel” must be advanced by all nations at all costs. This motley weight of versical fragments and non sequitur hypotheses then being heroically supported on the tiny fulcrum of the one scarcely-relevant passage: “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you”.

In this way are phrases mostly meant as allegories of the tender relations of God and the soul, or God and the Church—subjects of the whole immense weight of Christian scholarly exegesis, stretching from Irenaeus, who knew Polycarp, the disciple of St. John, to the “golden tongued” Chrysostom, to dim light in the cave of Saint Jerome, to Augustine, to Aquinas, to Jesuits of later times—hence is all of this dismissed and replaced. By this born-again glorified car-auctioneer. Putting fiery contemporary geopolitical meaning into obscure and highly-conditional promises once made to Abraham. Ancient lines fraught with mystery, in need of interpretation in light of the monumental Jewish fall-from-grace, being enlisted to support an unprecedented American mobilization-to-arms, backing a patently-Canaanite Israel to the hilt. An Abraham whose “offspring” in the biblical passage is in the singular, according to St. Paul, because God is giving this blessing to Jesus, the Messiah—and through Him to the Church—to souls “as innumerable as the sands of the sea”—and not at all to later or intervening Jewish generations. While all this TV-evangelical solicitude for atheists in Tel Aviv likewise, incidentally, keeps American corporate-profits astronomically-high and our unemployment-statistics bloodily low: after the very manner of so many highly-lucrative wars of the past. In the bloodiest and most barbaric sort of industrial/systemic “patriotism” every known to man. Robertson here—if I may make the unforgivably-inaccurate comparison—taking on the role of pope, more imperiously indeed than any that ever manned the Bark of Peter ever would have dreamed.

This sort of pro-Israeli psychological warfare is incredibly effective, as we grow increasingly accustomed to compensating the Jews at every turn for “the Holocaust”. So that it evades our consciousness entirely that these “chosen ones” on the Mediterranean have wealthy and powerful co-religionists here (some say that 70% of our federal legislators are openly or cryptically Jewish), people who have much to gain from this unjust, one-sided alliance. Here being a shameless conflict of interest matching an abominable idea of “compensation” ranked far above fundamental tenets of simple justice to other nations and men.

This kind of high-handedness is only possible in an indigenous American “born again” religion which repudiates the arduous pursuit of virtue: that which is however the only key to Heaven, the chief harvest of the Christian soul. That virtuous life which becomes radically-infused, partakes of the very inner Life of the Blessed Trinity through the Gifts of the Holy Ghost. That truly Biblical-Christian “Way” which is spurned out-of-hand by these TV-preachers as a gratuity, unnecessary if one “is saved”. Showing here so clearly their kinship with a Jewish worldview which is based entirely on the gathering of wealth and power, on boastings, jealousies and hauteur, and in which bitterly-despised “good guys” are “washed away in the wind and the rain”, to quote the old ‘70s song. Oh, they think virtue is “nice”, even “important”, but not essential: thus making of the pious “Faith of our fathers” a stark anomaly, a frightful deformity among men. Even holding the converse—sometimes, indeed, in the most abrupt and candid way—that those who pursue virtue with spiritual passion, imbued by the Gifts of the Holy Ghost, are effeminate: that potential unforgivable blasphemy of the same Eternal Spirit, that which is the deafeningly-unspoken born-again assessment of much of the rest of men. Or at least that they “take things far too seriously”. Thus too the predominance of humor among these born-agains, and far too many American Catholics of all persuasions who typically resemble them so much. A whole nation, indeed, always struggling to “lighten up”: rather than, after the manner of the rest of mankind, finding sanity in the passionate pursuit of reason and good, and finding humor to be only a comic interlude, a mere cushion or foil to give stark contrast and new force to the innately-grave, and eternally-consequential, issues of this life. Thus not only missing the critical mass of Gospel doctrine, of the Christian “becoming perfect”, for the tawdry mess of pottage of a handful of grossly-misinterpreted passages of St. Paul, lines in which he speaks of things much more profound than any of this. But also radically going against the very rational nature planted in us by Almighty God: which is made to seek the highest moral good in purely natural and intellectual terms as well. Harvesting in themselves instead—by default of an in-practical-terms lukewarm and non-committal attitude in a combat desperate in the extreme—a host of bizarre potentialities of the most horrible and perverse kind. As a certain recent high-Evangelical case illustrated in the most telling way. A malaise to which American society, as it pains me to say, has born witness from the very start, from colonial days. This amid mounting frills and luxuries, a growing prodigality of military and financial power, coming to display the character of those “proud” whom God has “allowed to go their own way”, doesn’t bother any longer to chastise. The U.S. possessing momentous potencies in the mobilization of which it is so engrossed, riches which indeed fixate, fascinate the dispossessed: as in the description of those transfixed by the doomed Babylon, “watching from afar”. An American society I would like to help lift up, give another chance: not continue to fatally cajole along. An easier course it would be so much safer to follow, at least for now. This diabolical “born again” creed effectively stunting the development even of purely human maturity and character in its unfortunate adherents: since grace perfects nature and accompanies it down the pathways of life, the daunting details of daily existence, or it can bear no fruit in us at all. Rather turning us out as perverts and fools, being effectively spurned. Since man is a unity, he is formed “of a piece”, and human good things, albeit “spiritualized”, will find courtyard and byways to walk among the “many mansions” of Heaven, as they do among the humbler abodes of earth. Or the deluded soul will instead spend its eternity in Hell.

As is frequently noted in these pages, our Government, at the command of the Jewish lobby, justifies the Israeli possession of—and progressive settlement expansion on—Arab lands—under the excuse that “it’s Jewish land anyway” and that these natives are naughty, and “always attacking Israel with (gravely inaccurate and defective) missiles (often mere duds, seldom hitting any target)”. But would George Washington—hardly an occupant of seaboard soil for two and three thousand years, as in the case of the Palestinians—have hesitated under such criticisms, to take back lands occupied by the British? (Indeed, in a striking historical parallel, Colonial revolutionaries made lead bullets in kitchen stoves: the same place where Palestinians manufacture makeshift missiles today). Washington being a first “commander in chief” even then operating in a much-more well-equipped and effective way than these poor Bedouins. Oh, the (mostly ideologically-Canaanite) Jews—using our weapons and money—seem to do it all in such a tidy, antiseptic, almost scientific way, taking the land and hope of others. While their associated hideous, often human-experimental individual Jewish atrocities—which outnumber reclamation attempts of the Arab dispossessed a hundred to one—are seldom if ever mentioned by our own Jewish-lobby-controlled media. Why, then “don’t the Arabs, Horatio Alger style, lift themselves up by their own bootstraps”—a challenge which could easily form the last Robertson-polemical gasp or salvo—and show a Jewish world who’s the better capitalist, or go-getter? I’ll leave that one for you to answer, reader in whom, by comparison with this great spellbinder, there is so little guile.

But noted pieces of the Holy Writings are tortured until they will say almost anything Pat wants them to; anything that will support American arms, and Israeli, CIA and “private contractor” intrigues. It is blood-and-guts religion that he preaches, this wane and sallow man. He and his kind will unleash the poorly-informed young products of our schools and media, and conjure something noble out of their further degradation, their hopeless attrition in an unjust, aggressive war. While finally the assertion is plainly suggested if not always openly admitted that any amount of Arab or Persian blood should be spilled, as it were to water the Jewish state-plant in the Middle East. This for no other reason than to prepare the way for the final conversion of the Jews. How and why, incredible though it be, this monstrous, perverted inhumanity? Simply because—after the Crucifixion, and two millennia—they are still “God’s chosen people”—and, you guessed it, He “will bless those who bless them and curse those who curse them”. How very simple. Who wants to bother with all these “mystery religions”—by which these TV preachers obviously mean none other than Catholicism—whose true and timeless form, albeit eclipsed for now by the perverse anomaly of Vatican II, puts such cumbersome moral stumblingblocks in the way of aggressive warfare, of wholesale, up-righteous, self-justifying blood and gore? Or even, in other circumstances, in the way of a much-less-mentioned than done date-rape against Puritanically-despised daughters of Eve? Although, sad to say, there are an abundance of American Catholics who would hardly miss a stride in all this practical heresy, in their ever-predominating go-getter desire not to “make waves”.

Yet I do indeed “support our troops”, wishing them eagerly and with highest élan to go after the real enemy in the Middle East: as long as they are already there in the neighborhood. Perhaps I needn’t spell out to you—in view of the above—who that real enemy is. That insidious, infiltrating enemy who hijacks every effort at peace, because he wants all that land, and all those people, as slaves and guinea-pigs, for himself alone. And indeed, and ultimately, the whole earth and all its peoples as well.

Here again, and as noted on a previous page, the much-employed adjective “Judeo-Christian” is shown to be a staggering contradiction in terms: as proven by an Evangelical Judeo-Christianity which contradicts Christ at every turn, which has a message of selfishness and elitism for its “elect”. Whose election is measured in terms of external riches and privileges, blackberries (I don’t care what’s the name of the latest miniscule marvel), stock options and gated “communities”, rather than those riches of the soul, and of unfailing brotherly love, which grace the incomparably-more-noble and -auspicious genuine Household of the Faith. All things Christian, it goes without saying, necessarily being in conformity with this meek and loving Way: that which is stern and resolute only against sin, barbarity, perversity, such as abound today in both Israel and the USA. And against which the Muslim world would raise only a protesting voice: for which it is accused of malice untold. Just as in the case of the innocent here at home: where complete “correct” conformity is required, down to the last media-imposed filthy detail, else one be considered questionably loyal, or an unenthused or unwilling worker. A whole mammoth totalitarian infrastructure being mobilized to crush that morally-spotless Catholic Way which is the path upon which this website and campaign aspire to tread, that which has nothing to do with unjust violence and death. Believe me, there is no separate, bloody and barbaric path for the twosome, Israel and the USA, to tread apart from and upon the rest of humankind. Both supposedly in an inseparable “chosen” condition, which allows them to make war upon others with little ado. In the U.S. presidency with a thousand discretionary matters placed at the command of a fiend whose “state of emergency” isn’t just a lie, but a trap-for-the-nations designed over a period of decades, starting with the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers. Producing that species of “patriotism” which is idolatry, which is repugnant to any decent and honorable soul.


October 25, 2007: In depth continuation of the above.


But the Born-Again folly must be confessed to have this further peculiarity: that its supreme utility at whitewashing sin is uncannily tailor-made for the abominations of White Racism. Especially among those of Northern-European descent in which several conditions already pre-exist that favor this gross and maniacal presumption. Here, it must be pointed out, is entirely, blank-facedly reversed Our Blessed Lord’s predilection for the poor and the unfortunate: this wholesale, increasingly institutionalized presumption of the moral and spiritual superiority of the wealthy and well-placed being essentially the direct repudiation of two thousand years of Christianity's most central teaching and practice. And their replacement by the naked materialistic categoricals of the Judaic creed. Here being more than anywhere else uncovered the stout trunk of the Great Apostasy: while the likely loss of the validity of pope and Sacrament alike of today must be regarded only as contingent branches upon this founding malaise. This “abomination of desolation set up in the holy place”, enthroned, if in different ways, at most parishes both New Ordo and Traditionalist.

Regarding racism in particular: believe me, none of this fixation over a single event—an “altar call”—bears any comparison to the primacy that this pre-existing condition of whiteness-of-skin conveys to these born-agains. While ultimately behind the whole charade lie missiles, market-takeovers and mercenaries far more than any anxiety over whiteness-of-soul. Even as the primacy of Whiteness is also illustrated by the rigid hierarchy of honors that is ceaselessly displayed, in a bowing-and-scraping such as rivals anything ever seen in the 17th and 18th century absolutist courts of Europe, or even among the Untouchables of India. For one thing because only the “lily white”, as they were dubbed during the freedom-rides of the ‘60s, are permitted to bear themselves with a balanced gravity and circumspection, as if these were singular marks of superiority, reserved to the chosen few. When in fact these attributes merely signify and accord with the possession of reason and free will, and are among the basic hallmarks and prerogatives of humankind. A fact which only the most perverted mentality can possibly deny.

But instead of this recognition of the universality of human outward and inward dignity, the various grades-of-skin—and length of nose past the face—are employed as measures of permissible gravity and peace. Those heirlooms which are the singular treasure of humanity, and majestic vessels-of-grace of the Christian soul. With “lesser” races and nationalities being once again increasingly required—as in halcyon days of “Dixie”—to exhibit descending levels of comedy, even the notorious grinning and shuffling of yore, in the presence of these Whites, their “betters”. While Blacks—those magnificent unfortunates “at the bottom of the heap”—are so far from being recognized as truly “born again”—no matter how convincing or compelling their “altar call” or how spectacular their spiritual debut—that this their “coming out” (thus might we term this deadly error) and associated congregational metered hand-clapping, singing and so on are still the occasion for the mockery of rowdy White elements. And are greeted now and again even in more polite Anglo company with an irrepressible smile or chuckle. Even as most conclusive is the way in which the same raucous elements—who mock the Black born-again unsparingly—will be allowed to “make their (own) altar call” at the eleventh hour. Indeed, the later the better. And this White sower-of-wild-oats into septuagenarian years—who suddenly sated or exhausted at last, “sees the light”—is regarded as a marvel of Caucasian vigor and transforming (indeed, “amazing”) grace alike.

Conversely and in the most staggeringly-unjust way, according to the same descending scale, the bulk of “less-than-White” humanity are allowed little if any clemency: one or two mistakes reputedly being enough to damn them forever, to render their attempts at conversion “false”, stillborn. And, of course, to close all avenues of social and material advancement with equally stout barricades. These prohibitions not of course being of a formal or open nature—among elites whose chief virtue is to “never say what they mean or mean what they say” (is this Jesus’ “yeh or nay”?)—but rather a death-sentence spelled out in all the vaudeville of gesture, body-language, tone-of-voice of White-dominated social, occupational and even judicial convention. Hence the painfully sad case of O.J. Simpson, who the last I heard had finally been run down by “the law”, in a ten-year-long stalking after celebrated futile attempts to make his large hand fit the guilty glove that more properly fit the hand of his White accuser. The latter being at least as likely present at the scene of the crime as O.J. A man rewarded with appearances on the talk-show and (in his case) comedy circuit thereafter: much like several other Anglo worthies connected somehow with official or celebrity crimes. At last, then, as if pursued by bloodhounds, like some 19th century runaway slave, O.J. has been indicted again: whether “justly” or not, no one can say: given the complete secrecy that surrounds this and so many such cases, the above train-of-abuse, and the general qualities of the “justice” system of today. While there are few men who could have stood up to the barbarous treatment meted out to this one-time Black grid-iron star, the inspiration of a generation of Black youth. A man of exceptional culture, poise and charm. A Black with the temerity—indeed this may have been the deciding “crime”—to have associated himself with something so White (even Georgia Southern White) and squeaky clean as orange juice. A breakfast institution which formed his initials, his nick-name, and his Baptismal name-initials as well.

It is this hierarchy—entirely pagan in character, a throwback to Hindu racism and caste-system which even these South-Asians repudiate at better times—it is this rank, barbarous injustice which Judaism ever keeps alive and well, as an indispensable “divide and rule” factotum. Even if it dissociates itself from this shameless charade in public here in the USA. Although In Israel the use of the infamous word “nigger” is a common colloquialism. A fact which of course manages to evade the pro-Israeli American media spotlight exceedingly well.

But to top it all off, and part-and-parcel of the whole born-again approach, we are assured that religion is not supposed to have any impact on government. This much-made-over misnomer—“separation of church and state”—as if the opposite camp, the devout, were on the point of fusing the two, joining the police station to the rectory in a single structure—being the pivotal (again, Jewish-promoted) falsehood of our day. For by denying the place of divine law in the courts and laws of the land, as noted many times in entries below, we are necessarily opening a floodgate of evil, nay, of stupidity, as well. Such as racism indeed exemplifies above all else. A deluge which contains all the vices, perversions, extortions, dope-rings, etc., of the Mob as well. For this whole ugly phenomenon is “of a piece” as are few other things. This especially when we consider the inseparable further dissociation or divorce of natural law from divine positive law: with the former having been thrown open to the “non-normative” no-man’s-land of modern phenomenological/evolutionary—in other words, Jewish secular-messianic—legal and linguistic philosophy. Hence now when you talk about law—outside the more-devout Muslim world—you are talking about whatever these social-experimental elites want to call it. With barbarities in the womb or perpetrated upon multiplying numbers of Terri Schiavos being matched by the “heroic” incineration of Iraqis attending a wedding or a prayer service. As neatly arranged by U.S. black-ops or the Israeli Mossad. Words and morals have no predictable meaning anymore, when a six-thousand-year development of the moral law among mankind—much of it, as for instance regarding the preservation of life, and even of sexual purity, being universal in character—is removed, regarded as “irrelevant”. The only possible way of “staying current” being to watch the insipid socially-mandatory sitcoms, or to subscribe to expensive journals of the pan-disciplinary academic vanguard. And to read them before the ink is dry on the page.

Manifestly, the platform, the political philosophy we offer here, in the Zdunich campaign, are far superior to any of this racism, this cult of human sacrifice, offered by all the major parties, more or less openly. However much draped in the Stars and Stripes, or in the vaunted glories of time-warps, clonings or space-flights. These being among the motley new deities of these perverted times. Abominations which are however about to give way to a new age of the triumph of the Church, of the merciful, intelligent and humane two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. “In these Hearts, triumph!”

But under the capitalist/born-again approach not only is eternal salvation preempted, in the frustration of good works, but the very human mind and heart are consumed, with the generous impulses of the good being turned into retro-conduits of grief, alienation, mortal pain. The isolation of the kindhearted of today—possessors of the most precious of inner heirlooms of our (human) race—being comparable in many ways to the Agony in the Garden, or more yet, to the cry of the same Lord Jesus Christ on the Cross: “My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me?” For it is not enough for this new Master Race—these Jews and White Born-Agains—to live out their childish, facile view: no, they must stamp out the fires of love, human or divine, wherever they are found. In this way, by using the most crude of methods, impacting emotion and imagination rather than thought or soul, they seem far more powerful than they really are. While this realization contains the seeds of their final defeat, under that Humble Maid for whose heel they “lie in wait”. For it is in these two ruling elements, the Jew and the Puritan—or the radical White born-again, it’s all the same over time—that the whole iron-hearted modern illusion of bravery originates: that counterfeit which cannot tolerate its opposite in a soul. With its signature suffocation of all loving impulses, and their replacement by the crass imperatives of Neo-Con dominion and greed, rape and avarice. Serving Pharaoh’s “great god of darkness” rather than the Father of Light.

Here, then, the prodigal origins of mental illness in the USA, and of an ambient sense of alienation. Since for one thing the stupidest, most backward elements are in charge. Instituting an “authority” based on violence rather than on the supremely rational and love-based Law of God. With sexuality deranged, perverted from its life-giving purposes, with the womb become a slaughterhouse, the whole earth a place of aggressive carnage. A totality which serves only the interests of a tiny elite, rather than the divinely-ordained common good. But, finally and most manifestly: no one is motivated like the Jews to maintain this system built on darkness and naked force. It could never keep the cohesion it possesses, did it not have a central coterie, an incomparably-privileged few, operating in every land, which unerringly benefits from its grim exactions upon the other 99% of mankind. A realization which even the Mafia is now contemplating, as it finds itself more and more an enforcer of something further and further from its own interests, aims and goals. From the good of its “godfathers”, families and “soldiers”. To which ranging private army I say: put your powers—far greater, were the truth to be told, than that of these effeminate “masters of deceit, enemies of man’s salvation”—put your prodigal powers at the service of God, of justice, meekness, goodness, grace. See, finally, that you have been deceived, and come to Him Who, as you were told in the catechism, “can neither deceive nor be deceived”.


June 23, 2007: Campaign update: “My kind of town”. Mid-America is Bush country? Come again.


Apologies for leaving loyal readers in the lurch so long, something like a month. We have been out beating the bush in more ways than one, starting in Arizona, blazing a campaign trail through the “Bush Country” of New Mexico, the Oklahoma panhandle, western Kansas and central Nebraska. “Washington DC. bound!” reads one modest sign on the side of our rig. Bush and his War—but even more his mental dragnet of paranoiac security—dominate everyone’s mind. Most folks—out here in this continuous series of semi-ghost-towns where there had once been thriving cities and feisty little burghs—are basically against him too: but they’re too mortally afraid for their Bush-Era-phantom job and social standing to say anything about it, on their own initiative.

Sure, there’s the occasional stalwart who throws some canned O’Reillyism at you—some neatly-packaged aggressive warfare syllogism—and as you turn away, with a disappointed “I’ve nothing more to say”, blurts out a contradictory “good luck”; or even donates one of your biggest contributions to date. Mine are generally on the order of five or maybe twenty bucks, not the usual million-dollar candidate-purchase-price. And then there are those who air some off-handed flight-from-thought memorized from the show of that other guy, you know, the blond and blue-eyed paragon of apply-pie righteousness. The layman who spends the latter half of his life preaching all day long from a CNN bully-pulpit: to more than counterbalance the “unpatriotic” Lou Dobbs. This after having owned-up to an earlier half-life spent in the thralls of controlled substances, in one of those “let’s have it all out in the open” sessions on the Larry King Show.

In these auto-exposes is a perfect model of that standard American confessional which abjectly prostrates itself before the opinion of the amorphous group: the more amorphous the better and more allegedly “authoritative”. (Spurning the opinions of those well-acquainted or even sympathetic, who might “unfairly” know the circumstances of deeds gone sorely awry). A tribunal where men cringe not before the judgment seat of God—as represented in a divinely-ordained earthly vicar—in the secrecy of the (genuine) Catholic confessional—but who lie supine before an unearthly dragnet of those who “travel the broad way”. In this internet-assisted snaring of the good reputations of souls—this mammoth detraction of an incurably sinful yet readily forgiven (by God, not by this implacable new Sanhedrin) humanity—in which your latest e-mail may easily be found under your typed-in name. And every embarrassing particular of crypto-personal events revealed by some digital fiend. Here being realized the infernal horrors of Orwell’s 1984—the perpetual Jewish desire to “have everything out in the open”—to banish the sacred from human life—especially that of the “gentile”. The only reprieve for the thus-washed or immersed—in the foul waters of fallen human opinion—being an obsequious skill at pressing all the right emotional buttons. Before the endless ranks of human hypocrisy. Something celebrity one-time pill-poppers seem especially good at doing.

This button-pushing stands good as well and on another level for the war-industry patriotism of our day. (you know, the close-cousin to the breezy prison-industry justice). In a hideous craven mental agility once readily recognized for what it is by self-respecting backwoods-dwellers and ranchers, since the disgusting yellow-journalistic days leading inexorably to World War I. Ah, progress! Ah, democracy!

But I love these people and their dying towns. This is America, and her enemies know it. That’s why they’re so dead-set on destroying the whole fabric of life through this “local color” country of Willa Cather, the faithful scribe of that soul-birthing time of the thirties. When the USA was first getting its sea-legs in the perennial waters of economic and organizational distributism, learning how to get on, humbly but sturdily, without the modern military-industrial machine. How to cooperate, how to “love thy neighbor as thyself”. So that Hitler, Roosevelt, one or two bought-and-sold Japanese politicians (not an unfairly-stigmatized Hirohito and Emperor) and the Skull-and-Bones boys “just had to” start another war, you guessed it: “to keep factories rolling”.

But today we have another Tokyo Rose, or rather two of them: namely, the noted two melodramatic males (not including Lou Dobbs or Larry King, who generally aren’t nearly so bad). A twosome who provide us with all the smooth or breathless answers that are always required for the prosecution of an unjust war, for the “necessary evils” of secret prisons, sodomizing guards. “Otherwise we will be fighting them on our front porches”. Quoting Malone in The Untouchables, “and if you believe that, I’ll tell you another”.

(Note of 05/09: the mammoth, many-armed U.S. security apparatus—whose tactics far exceed in scope and perversity anything ever done by the KGB—just yesterday staged a 100-man-strong swat-team “capture” of “terrorists” in the very heart of New York City—under the ever-uprighteous eye of the Jewish mayor, Bloomberg. Just what the “war effort” needs, when confronting stubborn Mujahideen in the mountains of Pakistan and Afghanistan, in this latest and greatest push, and genocidal dislocation of millions. A mole in a mosque—a one-time businessman who had himself been blackmailed over alleged larceny, by security operatives, into assuming the disgusting role—a pitiful specimen whose incessant talk of violent jihad the resident imam had repeatedly warned everyone away from—finally having been able to catch in his net four ex-convicts and mental patients. After what sounded like a long period of “furtive” but rather noisy recruitment. This being the old and stale Yankee formula—mostly put in motion by dual-nationals—when all else fails, for “putting bread on the table”: in the ratcheting-up of industry, and of men-at-arms, by “whatever it takes”. Creating as end-product that bowling-ball-visaged certainty that perpetually stamps the faces of the lockstep troops of this latter-day Orwellian 1984.)

One caveat or qualifier I must mention has to do with this website’s probable perception by the U.S. Government as a motivator, however slight, of Islamic resistance to American military might. Actually, I have only upheld—for the benefit of mind and soul—the classical Catholic doctrine for a just war, as well as an equally-classical Thomistic defense of the right of popular U.S. or Iraqi resistance to a tyrant—let alone a foreign invading tyrant—like George Bush. (After-election note: or his new Democratic White House foreign-policy look-alike). As well as the right of the American people to have their sovereign policies directed by real patriots and real citizens, not by foreign-government-loyal moles at AIPAC, et al. Actually, the biggest traitors love to pin treason and sedition on others, and make them objects of surveillance and detention. A truism which has held since St. Thomas More was tailed by Reformation-Era agents of a questionably-legitimate Henry VIII. That pious public servant who “did none harm, said none harm, thought none harm” being destined for the gallows with an efficiency which even Bush must envy in rare more-truthful moments. But the fact that this website is so truthful, and is furthermore read all over the globe, including the Muslim world, and has been for years now, is an intolerable goad to the “commander-in-chief’s” crony-ridden world.

A further element likely to arouse U.S. Government umbrage with this site—making it stand out as a target of ire, far beyond most other standard anti-War sites—is that I stand categorically, positively against the entire thrust of today’s U.S. global political, economic and military power-and-indoctrination drive. I make no bones about the fact that the whole ensemble is based on lies, and especially upon the unadmitted aim of installing the Jews—with their twisted, inverted Hitlerian schemes, uncovered at last for all but the blindest politically-correct mole to see—into an ever tighter and more diabolical hegemony over mankind. This insidious global machine being at present quietly occupied in gobbling Russia through its southern “soft underbelly” of thousands of miles. Only a single part of a global policy against which I offer a diametrically-opposing alternative. The USA having become the mouthpiece—and little else besides—of a geo-corporate and secret-society world effectively controlled by Jews, contrary to which I announce a message entirely different from that of Pilosi and the gang. Who basically embrace the self-same policy priorities as Bush does, if from a slightly-different perspective or direction. (Note of 05/09: and who under Obama are now bringing in the sodomy-culture to destroy irretrievably the national will-to-resist, after which no doubt “Jeb” Bush will return us to the red-neck rule of the good ole boys. A see-saw destined to consume every decent impulse in the USA.)

Thus my confirmed suspicion that our website has been the target of sporadic Government cyber-attacks, including an occasional blocking or tampering with site-related e-mail, the perfectly-obvious scrambling of my statistical (hit) summary, and the reception of odd sorts of mail—purportedly from the Middle East—which urges me to endorse Jihad, in clumsy, childish tones never used by Muslims. Messages which I have grown understandably hesitant to open for fear of being implicated in some new “sleeper-cell” scam. (Indeed there have been much worse things than these: but I dare not mention them, for fear of appearing, you guessed it, “paranoid and delusional”: a perception which is indeed much of the aim of these more-bizarre sorts of cyber attacks.) All of which is part of the reason that I disabled my “Contact Us” button. Thus do I urge my readers—rather than bothering about contacting me at all—to simply “put out the word” and put into practice the ideas suggested here: which are timely, easily-understood and readily put-into-play.

But you may see me sooner than you think, what with the added element of my Traveling Presidential Campaign, with the large sign painted on our travel trailer, to wit: the two Hearts of Jesus and Mary, subscripted: “In these Hearts, conquer!”; the words “Treasonous, Democrat-abetted, Patriot-Act-entrenched Bush America is not my Country”; and in smaller print, “pro-life, anti-sodomy, anti-aggressive war”. Thus with thrift-of-expression revealing our categorical opposition to the grim agenda—contrived appearances of conflict aside—shared by all existing major parties. We being pro-life before and after birth. With the Immaculate Heart of Mary—which bore the Son of God—symbolizing moral purity in media, school and public milieu. And with the Sacred Heart of Jesus—of infinite compassion for all Mankind—representing the unfathomable love and forgiveness of God. Now that’s an agenda any true, red-blooded American can endorse: disdainfully leaving the Queenies and the baldy-haircut old ladies to their own strange devices. This latter perverse geriatric institution one of whose number I ran into, who gives the ghoul Bush “the same degree of loyalty as her religion”. (The genuine Christian Right—not the guys who turned out to be “gays”—dumped George W. a long time ago, and it is only a strange assortment of hypocritical confessional monsters who endorse him now).

Hence like the Scarlet Pimpernel we roam the Land that we truly love like a phantom in the night, invariably coming in on the cusp or the coattails of one of these terrible storms, those tempests alternately wreaking havoc or bringing gentle rain, and you may soon see our proud emblem in your very own neighborhood. Only don’t expect a half-million-dollar coach—nearly-identical ticky-tacky “dream machines” though they are, whatever their make or model—and despite the price-tag often “breathing” like an accordion as they go down the road, and destitute of critical spaces and needed accoutrements—to appear on the horizon. But only an old-time comfortable-and-sturdy but humble travel trailer, probably mud-speckled at any given time, from its wanderings into a beloved backwoods and farm-and-ranch-land America. Or from an occasional need to go into four-wheel-drive to get un-mired from an unlucky stop on a deceptively-hard-looking soft highway shoulder. The rig being our beloved eight-wheeled (including the truck) companion whom we liken to Davy Crockett with his muddy boots, nonchalantly strolling into the halls of Congress, speaking the truth in a homespun way that has seldom been seen or heard since his day.


June 18, 2009: The “controversial ordinations”. True Catholicism is “the same yesterday, today and tomorrow”. The Society of St. Pius X is probably a bunch of Nazis, but not really because of the “Holocaust denial” of bishop Williamson and colleagues. Rather here, or so is my impression, do we find crypto-Judaism’s perpetual and essential need for internal “adversaries” to appear angrily at odds. To raise a thick smoke-screen to hide what is really going on. Much like the great wrangling controversies on the Israeli Knesset floor, which never improve conditions in Palestine, but rather lead the poor Arabs to the slaughter pen without any break in stride. Here being seen in full form the staggering, bewildering convergence of Judaism and Nazism, that monstrosity first founded by a Jew, Adolph Hitler: with the whole ethos of the cynical and hip-booted being Jewish by origin and express design. With SSPX being said by some to harbor, at least at certain higher reaches, a disinterred mid-century Nazi/Jewish cult, the “Knights of the Holy Grail”. All the while this “priestly society” no doubt provides the Sacraments to a number of good and pious souls, administered by a number of innocent-but-uninformed priests. The noted satanic sect meanwhile impiously substituting for the veneration of Christ’s Precious Blood the mere abject worship of the hemoglobin of the Aryan Race. This stark sacrilege representing yet another all-too-familiar Jewish Trojan horse scheme: with an added final aim in this case probably being the stealing of Catholic liturgical ceremony in general and Gregorian Chant in particular for the use of the Synagogue. Chant being rightly regarded by many Jews as representing the closest possible replication of the ancient Temple psalmody of King David, composed some three thousand years ago: that incomparable, celestial music kept, reasonably-enough, by those Christians who remained loyal to the God/Man the Jews crucified. While likewise some vestige of what might be termed the musical/ceremonial ethos of the ancient Jewish ritual would unavoidably have been similarly preserved in all the other areas of the original Catholic liturgy as they developed—and were faithfully “passed down”—from earliest times. This as distinct from the fanciful archaisms of the Novus Ordo Missae, sprung forth from Vatican II. Precious authentic Temple vestiges no longer independently capturable today, nor properly preservable over centuries by Jews who were so quickly to be dispersed to the four winds after their apostasy.

In conjunction with this latter-day-Nazi idolatry, a signature White racism remains for a century now Judaism’s chief cynical enforcer of values barbaric in the extreme. Something that I think, down deep, the prime crypto-Judaizer, Benedict XVI has little problem with: despite all his high-profile wringing-of-hands. That Nazism, this White Supremacy, that chief Jewish avenue-to-power, having originated with no German or Austrian at all, but rather with an Englishman: the early twentieth century “social Darwinist” Herbert Spencer. Peddling an ideology fanatically endorsed by a “Christian” Henry Ford. Within a Protestant/capitalist system whose values are Jewish to the core. While it was from both Spencer and Ford that Hitler himself got his ideas, with Ford likewise providing Nazism with its second-largest contribution of earlier seed-money. Although Hitler’s very biggest contributor was none other than a crypto-Jewish Prescott Bush, the grandfather of our recent (of course likewise) crypto-Jewish president George W. Bush. While that strange Aryan-race sect, the noted sacrilegious “Holy Grail” mid-century cult, was itself mostly made up of chief figures in the German High Command. A vaunted elite which in a startling perception of déjà vu likewise used Catholic buildings and traditional ceremonies for its satanic rites. (See subsequent retraction of this last statement at back of book).

All the above shocking century-old facts—and related latter-day possibilities—are quite in line with the incredibly secretive, infiltrative nature of anno domino Judaism. Today centered in Britain, the USA and the rogue-state Israel, this eminently-false religion prides itself on a Trojan Horse policy, one which consistently hides its true designs like a succession of Chinese fortune-cookies, each concealing another treacherous, cryptic layer beneath. To these people—as illustrated with brash impunity by the interconnected Bush/Obama administrations—and as stated many times in these pages—we “the rest of men” are mere sub-humans, and thus can lay no claim to being dealt with truthfully or honestly. Any more than can Mr. Goldberg’s or Mrs. Rosenberg’s pet poodle.

Hence, it isn’t at all that we “attack Catholicism”, or the priesthood, or even Catholic Traditionalism, in thus assessing this ranging, global traditionalist group, which can sometimes act more like a law firm or a hit-squad than a “priestly society”. No: the aim here is to defend, if necessary with our own lives, Holy Mother Church, who is now being brutally set upon by mockers and imposters of every stripe. That precisely which is the way of the Epistle-identified “Judaizers”: the front vanguard of a synagogue which wouldn’t know how to do a positive and original thing of its own “for love or money”. Having run out of genuine steam sometime after the heroic achievements of the Machabees, whose last cousin would however irretrievably trivialize the family name by brutally conquering and subjecting the Samaritans, some century or so before the birth of our Blessed Lord. While it remains our contention, finally, that only the reinstituting of a Jewish-mole-ferreting Inquisition—together with a return of government to both a locally-centered distributive form and a Western-Civilization-defining Catholic Faith—along with a fervent dedication to the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary—can  “save us from this hour”, one so utterly destructive of Faith and Civilization alike.

Thus our contention—as these ultra-secretive people never leave you any real or conclusive proof—that the Society of St. Pius X was originally put in place by the Jews themselves—or at least taken over by same shortly after its foundation around 1971. Together with which all its carrying on against the synagogue is quite in order: that which, as any Jew-watcher worth his salt knows, is itself a favorite ploy of these Biblically-identified Hebrew “masters of deceit”. “The Society”, as it is somewhat ominously called by its adherents, as well as its victims or enemies, being a religious congregation sprung forth out of the blind bewilderment of events just after Vatican II. A cleverly-formed vessel in my own opinion designed precisely to contain and render impotent the massive genuine Catholic resistance to same. To emasculate a contemporary horrified Catholic reaction to the synagogue-sponsored pixy-like circus debauching from this New Rome: of an alien moral relativism, of the New Mass, of New Church, in perfect column-and-line with a New World Order likewise of odious Judeo-Masonic design. An originally holy and well-intentioned resistance thereby being channeled into this fabulously-funded, well-camouflaged, rapidly-developing group. World Jewry having become especially adept at creating these “opposition groups” whose whole purpose is to render powerless any attempts—of ordinary, often organizationally rough-and-ready Catholics—to withstand Jewish control in some larger sphere. The Society’s first rude acquaintance having quite often been made, by a buffaloed and bewildered faithful of the past few decades, in a blank-faced sending-of-agents into persecuted, embattled independent traditionalist parishes. Where these astute moles would gather information and perhaps one or two collaborators. And then “one fine day” spring a takeover like a sort of blitzkrieg: with a brace of board-of-director or real-estate-ownership documents no doubt leading the ever-“holy” van. These groups, typically started by pious but entirely inexpert laymen, the deed being done, thereafter destined to be throttled, suborned, warped into something ritualistically-secretive, spirit-vitiating, superficial, gallingly class-and-race conscious, radically command-oriented, utterly alien to the Catholic soul. Even as some few brave persons would then “break off” and form their own miniscule “Mass Center”. Ah, pitiful spectacle indeed! And although I haven’t had any real contact with the Society for about twelve or thirteen years, this sort of voracious tiger has never been known to change its stripes.

Revealed in all this in startling terms—in a phenomenon all-too-familiar to the history of the Church—is the degree to which Catholics have allowed themselves to be overcome, in a continuous craven capitulation to the power of world Jewry, and the ill-gotten money which is its only asset of note. This mass treason being lamented by Our Lord in Heavenly conversations with saints and seers across time. The treacherous sleepiness—as of Gospel “foolish virgins” who allow their lamps to burn out—drowsily precipitating a horrific loss of souls, and catastrophic dissolution of Christian states, especially in these our latter days. A fate, a bitter condemnation, hardly desired by a good Lord Who wishes us only to “have life, and have it more abundantly”, both here and in the hereafter.

I myself, my wife and our youngest daughter were connected with SSPX for some fifteen years, on and off. And although we were more or less consistently repulsed in every Catholic instinct by the arrogance, the cleverly-disguised White supremacy (this, not “anti-Semitism”, being the real heart of Nazism), the supercilious high-handedness of this overbearing group: yet we felt we had nowhere else to go. As did indeed many others of our general turn-of-soul. All the while precious historical properties might burn down, and money for their rebuilding disappear into some other pocket or project. Indeed, you notice something vaguely similar up in Spokane with the “Sedevacantists”, yet another traditionalist category, under whose custody the venerable Jesuit college buildings they occupied—when wife and I visited some five years ago—were gradually falling into a shambles. While likewise falling deeply into some sort of mortgage morass: with a major physical institution being utilized by what seemed the typical tiny little group of souls. Twice as many at least having in most cases been driven away by attitudes and antics rancorous, callous, typically displaying a rare blend of the hard-hearted and the bizarre. Good and Catholic souls being repulsed by a hard-core, well-to-do little clique—and their inevitable eccentric protégé hangers-on—that invariably “takes over” in the standard traditionalist enclave. Bringing inevitably in their wake such anomalies as a twisted, Jansenistic view of modesty of dress—that long-neglected moral treasure of the Catholic past—a potentially beautiful virtue in which however feminine faces are somehow contrived to be longer than the dresses these stalwarts might wear. Even as others go about scantily clad.

Whenever you see this kind of “elbowing aside”, attended by comic/tragic three-ring-circuses of various kinds, you know you are dealing with a Jewish infiltration. That phenomenon of the past two thousand years being indeed the entire theme—to the degree we are “negative”—of this website and political campaign. Against which monstrous invasion it will take “the laity” to “save the Church”: operating not as a lot of astute infiltrators, but rather according to their characteristic earnest and humble method and manner. The laity being prophesied to prevail in precisely this unassuming spirit by St. Pius X himself, foreseeing as he did the great tempest that was so soon to break. A moral cataclysm he descried so clearly on the horizon, just before his early, untimely and suspicious death. A saintly pontiff who from his vantage-point in Heaven no doubt utterly rejects the Society’s close identification of themselves with him.

Long ago, when—concerned over some plainly false teachings, while refusing to unquestioningly accept a “mandate” these people loudly claimed but plainly did not deserve—I proved to be a thorn in the side of the secretive people firmly in charge, I suffered some consequences as painful as they are difficult to describe. Some of which indeed can only be described as a sort of black ops. Somewhat analogous measures having been taken against a host of other “boat rockers” during and before my time: some of whom “have never been the same”. Although the actual performers of these treacherous deeds seem invariably to be laymen, a sort of clique of enforcers, a veritable little Mossad, which you find both in “The Society” and in most “break away” Mass-groups as well. These latter, incredibly enough, being quickly converted into further little traps to catch any further “run off” from the Society’s grim gaze. Even LeFebvre himself, the founder of the group, having been destined to die in the most mysterious circumstances, after having significantly changed his tone. Eventually writing a book—on the political order—really quite practical, applicable and positive for the Catholic cause. In sharp contrast to a typical Society tearing of garments over the same old issues, and ignoring of things mortally consequential to souls. Even as the hideous moral scandals in parish, campus and seminary have continued, no doubt, to wildly abound.

I really don’t think there is any escaping the pale of this Jewish-infiltrating dominion among these Catholic traditionalist groups: as for one thing it is an extremely complex thing to get even an ordinary parish going, let alone a “breakaway” one. A founding venture, in the case of traditionalist, vulnerable to phonies and interlopers of every stripe, one difficult to maintain in its first fervor, with Masses initially quite typically in expensive hotel suites, and with other circumstances humble and counterintuitive in the extreme. In view of which prohibitively-daunting trials and treasons—together with those of the standard New Ordo mainstream, the central twisted offspring of Vatican II—I suggest in a hyperlink at louisdejolietpublishing.com that the coming Fatima-predicted conversion of Russia has a staggeringly-important role to play. This in a seer-prophesied future volcanic resurgence of the Church: a role significant far above the stature accorded this coming conversion in past times, since its October 1917 spectacular, miracle-attended Heavenly debut. This future fold-entering of Russia being announced in the very same month as the Red October Bolshevik Revolution, with Our Blessed Lady herself having in all this rolled out her own heavy artillery, to be used with devastating force someday against the fiends and overlords of a political/ecclesiastical Hell. (Indeed, the divine punishment predicted at Fatima, in the event Our Lady’s message weren’t heeded—which it wasn’t—is primarily a spiritual one, as the accidentally leaked first sentence of the Fatima “Secret” plainly and startlingly implies. Viz.: “In Portugal the dogmas of the Faith will always be preserved”.) The world of today being the tortured product of an end-times pan-institutional Jewish totalitarianism which might be said to have begun in earnest in the Russia of the Soviets: a comprehensive tyranny that has grown insatiably over the past century in time. Hiding behinds legends of “holocausts”, of Reaganite capitalist “paradises”, or in the guise of reputed “worst enemies”: these masters of deceit identified in those terms in Holy Writ have actually never changed their tactics nor their abominable aims during two thousand years.

Thus do I posit a converted Russia’s coming assumption of papal leadership in the Catholic fold, since she knows these synagogue “enemies of mankind” as few others can; these hyenas who have now “moved on” to attack the One True Church, and all Christian states. With Russia having lived under Jewish communism for some seventy years. While even in her present Orthodox religion she has true Sacraments, an intact and authentic hierarchy: one extendable readily, in the event of conversion, over those of a “Catholic” New Ordo of highly-questionable validity, as explained in one of our web hyperlinks. Possessing as well a spirit—if among a small surviving faithful minority—tested by a century of sufferings of the most arduous and manifold kind.

Here, then, to me, is Heaven’s ready-made answer to a steadily-progressing breakdown of Catholic practice and teaching: a bewildering hiatus, indeed a kind of moral and spiritual black hole, which may easily have passed a certain point, on both right and left. A “point of no return” in a set of circumstances in which true Faith is in my own opinion impossible any longer to practice, under the present infiltrator-determined spiritual/organizational regime. A real catacombs being involved here: a disastrous falling-away. One with approximate parallels in the past, but probably with no prior instance so cataclysmic in its devastating power against souls.

However, just as importantly and absolutely inseparable from any freeing of the Church from the chains in which she is now bound is a return to a distributive form of organization as represented in the Frankpledge Party, whose origination and chief vessel of elucidation is to be found on our website, and in a special, capsulated way in this very book. For all the major awakenings or epiphanies in Church history have had lay counterparts: often developmentally-rich sovereign-level initiatives which worked in tandem with ecclesiastical undertakings vast in scope. Hence for instance the monastic reforms of Cluny in the eleventh and twelfth centuries, seconded by multiple initiatives of the French throne destined to have economically-prolific repercussions from the eastern-most fens of Germany to the farthest reaches of Spain. Lay undertakings which set the stage in turn for redounding advances in further monastic and episcopal spheres. So that the Frankpledge would quickly bring its salubrious influence to bear on the Church as well, in much the same way, since for one thing we speak here of the workings of a Holy Ghost Who “works whither He wills”. While it is perfectly essential that men once again learn to deal with one another on personally-elaborated terms, whether in church, neighborhood or state: in a close familiarity such as the noted grassroots-grounded Frankpledge system so well represents. And no longer according to standard breezy or frigid protocols which insure the peremptory, unquestioned dominion of a tiny elite who rule rigidly and impersonally, from above. A synagogue-connected elite who, beyond question in my own mind, still rule organizations like SSPX in the most high-handed conceivable way. And who plainly wish to make of the dead body of the Church a passive and abjectly-obedient servant of a financier-driven (itself illegitimate) Israeli/U.S.-dominated global state.

In fine, and in view of decades of agonized observation, believe me, “the Mass” isn’t at all “all that matters”: here being a shibboleth no doubt still heard around standard traditionalist churches, schoolyards and halls. Even some schismatic/heretical sects have the true Mass, and still lead many men to Hell. What matters above all things is the Catholic, Gospel ”Way”. That which is in turn passed down generationally, mostly by way of our customs, our manners, our beliefs. That interior/exterior totality which the Sacraments indeed nourish, but for which they are only a means to an end. Our modesty, piety, humility, charity in deed. That homely regimen which kept Catholicism alive for three centuries in an early-modern Japan without priests or Sacraments. That Way or walk which can alone motivate to heroic deeds the souls of men: a Catholic cultivation which forms consciences, citizens for a Heavenly Home, which is under horrendous assault as I write, which is indeed becoming dim in the memories of humankind. For which some imperious, hip-booted set of clerics is a poor substitute indeed. Aligned as they invariably are with today’s corporate war-machine, like all these Reagan/Bush/Obama-era “conservative Christian” groups inevitably tend to be. A top-down, corporate or large-scale “free enterprise” motif having incorporated to itself a brand of “mine is but to do or die” phony-”patriotic” loyalty that was inseparable from mid-century German Nazism as well. A false patriotism condemned thunderously by all the pope of modern times: that is until the arrival of the ever-vacillating anti-popes spawned at Vatican II.


May 15, 2009: Sanctimonious, “progressive”, aggressive-warfare-promoted New World Order is most essentially a form of mass personal-agency frustration.


The modern New World Order or Judeo/Masonic/global-financial tyranny is nothing but an unprecedented and abominable intermediation into every aspect of the personal life of man. For prior systems have always valued in some way the personal input of the human mind, whereas it is the peculiar perversity of the modern that it contrives to replace this interior agency, indeed to lobotomize man, as it were, intellectually and volitionally, and not simply in his brain tissue.

Hence the unique manner in which technical advances tend to limit the necessity of complete and independent human acts; to truncate these to some few fragmentary ones whose end or purpose is determined “from above”. The whole new mode producing genera beyond the ken of the individual, in a sort of generic output considered increasingly “correct”. Someone else always determining the end and purpose of all things. This being eminently the mode of the modern “progress”: to thus “purify”, to intermediate in the most intimate and preemptive way. Away from personal projects and complete human deeds invariably today considered backward, even “unclean”.

Quite the contrary, the human mind and soul properly apprehend a thing by circumspection, indeed by a kind of indirection, as is proper as well to the infinite variability of objects and their surfaces, of personalities and their myriad qualities and virtues, of colors and their infinite spectrum, and so on. All this implying a sort of virile and supple personal agency utterly forbidden, indeed condemned as daydreaming or “attention deficit disorder”, even insubordination, in the modern lock step column-and-line. The human soul however at its most exalted level grasping the totality of reality as a veritable mosaic of the Divine Being, coming to lovingly construct this heavenly interior replica in the comprehension of the things, events and complex interactions of real life. In the quiet interior of one’s mind and soul. That humble-yet-sublime operation which sets the stage for an earthly initiation to the life of grace, that which is in turn the first intimation of the life of Heavenly glory, or salvation, while yet here below. While by contrast the modern system would deny man the time, peace and personal agency necessary to this holy and most-desirable assembly, and the acts of self-annihilating adoration it properly and piously calls forth. Rather mainlining man’s entire interior existence to some profane and typically-enough unholy “matter at hand”.

Hence then the abominable command-protocols of the technocracy, in a “technology” which we imagine makes us so free. Which indeed prevents all these subtle interior operations, a formidable set of obstacles against the doing of wrong. A genuine “falling in love” with things truly-pure, good and divine. This command-world rather comprising a sort of spiritual anti-matter in the midst of which the child loses from the beginning any apprehension of the deeper spiritual meaning of things. An odious parade-ground upon which the child is taught to obey without question from earliest youth, to fall into line with things basically senseless, ugly and unkind, failing which he receives multiple raps on the knuckles indeed. Producing a life so deeply and personally regimented as to shut out entirely this interior sequence of personal agency and thus likewise and a-fortiori of grace. The Divine Light being utterly unable to penetrate so profound an interior thicket as is the too-typical mind of today. In comparison to which the inner life of the most backward primitive in the deepest jungle or forest is to be preferred without hesitation.

All this “progress” is from out of the devil’s hatred of the human person, who in a unique way reflects the internal operations—or Spirations—of the Blessed Trinity. That which the fiend hates with diabolical fury. And which he would replace with a god without the love and reciprocity of Father and Son. They Who interact in the Holy Ghost in a way reflected by the human mind itself, largely by way of its own interactions with created things. The modern satanic system—which we presently spread with the bomb and bayonet—wishing rather to reduce individual man to a mere robot which obeys protocols and commands, which is incapable of that contemplation in which man’s personal integrity, agency and happiness most deeply reside. That in which he finds holiness and a “peace which the world cannot give”.

Hence too our Frankpledge Party and system, one designed expressly to take apart this infernal, satan-worshipping machine.


Retraction: Apologies for mistake in article about the “Controversial Ordinations” of the Society of St. Pius X. I haven’t been able to find any confirmation of this assertion, namely of the mid-twentieth-century use of Catholic buildings and ceremonies for pagan-cultic purposes by the Nazi High Command. A detail I had remembered as being aired on a TV documentary, but which I plainly didn’t remember accurately.