Law of God the sole source of law


by Louis Zdunich, revised September 25, 2018

A New and Better Confederacy


If it is to be considered law at all, civil and criminal law must mirror that of the same God Who wrote the natural law upon the human heart: an inner legislation which abominates crimes like sodomy, abortion and aggressive war. Law coming from the Mind of the same God Who made us, this true and universal law having from time immemorial served not only civic concord and peace but even more fundamentally the honor and glory of God. Hence it is not the place of law to declare as lawful any evil or criminal activity, no matter how supposedly private it might be: even as sodomites and other perverts ceaselessly demonstrate to us, in brazen audacity in school, media and workplace, how little privacy there is to their approach. So that the most law can do toward tolerating some few moral wrongs is to refrain from rigorously enforcing opposing injunctions, being at some time or place too difficult to uphold: human law hardly being commissioned to declare what is in itself legal or illegal, right or wrong. Thus although sanctions against adulterous thoughts are plainly unenforceable, yet scarcely can law declare these lustful desires to be good or lawful simply because they are impossible to interdict: an assertion sure to bring wrath on such a land.

But this law of God as the mirror of human law finds more precise manifestation in the Ten Commandments: a "divine positive law" which itself is further embodied in a more-exalted way in the teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Church. That Church which is thus divinely constituted as the exhaustive moral guide of souls and states alike. Here being the central principle of all sovereign legitimacy, even if certain compromises were arranged in the mid-seventeenth century, after nearly a century of raging continental Wars of Religion: involving heresies and hostilities chiefly fulminated through an ever-exploitive, already long-dominant global finance. After which unfortunately this provisional expedient--of a sort of life-sparing religious indifference-- became the guiding principle in the framing of national constitutions: indeed by express design of those very forces-of-finance which had provoked these bloody wars. Yet even so, and as eloquent generalizations of these more-or-less creed-neutral constitutional documents labored to proclaim, this same universal grasp, of the broader outlines of God's law as the sole template for human legislation, was mostly kept throughout. Although manifestly, the less clear-cut is a principle or a constitution, the more it becomes pliable to the schemes of a perverse and powerful few.

Thus then by this patient and tortuous route did these powerful and secretive enemies of the state--adversaries identified candidly throughout our writings as well as in Holy Writ--keep their ultimate aim carefully hidden from view, being permitted by civic watchmen fallen asleep at their posts to lay the foundations of today's sovereign takeover-and-demolition in the most thoroughgoing way. Universal traitors fulfilling a dream entertained since Zealots first rioted against the mostly mild Roman rule of the first century A.D. While the avenue of this overthrow would be a reinterpretation of the whole idea of natural law: not as the law of God "written on fleshy tablets", the law of a "common sense" of right and wrong, but rather as a highly-plastic sanctioning of whatever certain all-powerful elites might desire. Hence would moral anarchy gradually prevail, with vile persons climbing to the highest places in the state, becoming "a law unto themselves". The final outcome being today's official agenda of perversion and aggressive war, the destruction of innocent life in the womb, in the cleverly-arranged snatching of vital organs from young people who could easily have survived. Horrible evidence-for-which is to be found in mass graves along the U.S./Mexico border, full of thousands of corpses with vital organs of every kind removed. These then undoubtedly sold on a three-corner black market of drugs, tow-bar drawn "legally" stolen vehicles, and human organs of every kind, stolen from bodies kept in a comatose state. Law today a saga of heartless injustices and perversities, finally anticipating a carefully-planned global financial collapse: a meltdown orchestrating, putting final touches to a fatal, Orwellian sense of no return, regarding an agenda from out of the very jaws of Hell. From which eruption of chaotic disorder we may draw the reasonable conclusion that there is no such thing as the today-much-touted post-Christian or post-Catholic state: that it is a fiction foisted off on us by Jewish political and financial intrigue. Since the waters of Baptism confer a character upon our souls and polities which is eternal, which cannot be effaced, which will go with us in perpetuity either to Heaven or Hell. The holy seal of Faith and Sacraments, of Catholic custom and manner, branding souls and societies in a loving servitude like hot wax, any turning from which is a rank treason that will not long abide.

Hence while we obey those few good and reasonable laws that are still maintained by this league-of-pirates we steadfastly prepare the reestablishment of the social and political reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ: with one arm stoutly combating, with the other "building and planting". Being vassals of the Kingdom of that Savior, in partnership with His Holy Mother, to whom earthly lordship cannot possibly be denied after the Holy Gospel has been preached for two thousand years. Let alone be replaced by the perverted spectacle of radical-secular, indeed satanic "government" we see before us today. The two Sacred Hearts alone, after wonders, deliverances and revelations of millennia, ruling without any legitimate contest from Heaven on high.

Thus accordingly does God always brings a greater good out of any degree of bad, and upon these very stone-hearted treasons is found chiseled the providential design of a good Father: a "handwriting on the wall" which reveals today's urgent necessity for all men to fly to the Catholic Church--soon to be rid of seer-predicted vile imposters and infiltrators of its own--to its merciful, divinely-commissioned rule, if we are to save both souls and states. The enemies of the Church having indeed in all this proven to be our greatest missionaries, in thus brazenly revealing to all mankind the cruel contours of their deadly scheme. These enemies--descendants of the very ones who nailed Jesus Christ to a tree--wreaking havoc in Church and state alike--now doing the same to all humanity, potentially Christ's members, for one thing by fomenting an utterly false, perfectly-mythical "War on Terror". Jews who from high places meet us as it were "coming and going", likewise achieving associated domestic measures which criminalize the non-Jewish citizenry, installing atrocities like a shameless naked-exposure photography "for security purposes": a procedure soon-enough to be openly or secretly used in all venues of public resort around the globe. The notorious invasive "shake downs" of prison-life thus becoming in effect standard procedure for ordinary men, in this way destroying both the moral foundations of law and society and its chief incentives in the human mind. Shame itself having been banished from the human soul, an anarchic, world-conquering agenda being thus easily promoted, using a controlled media to spread fear through false or twisted information. With men thus disoriented being easily made prey to every new militaristic scheme, especially as motivated by home-grown black-ops deeds like 9/11.

Hence under these alien rulers has America drawn a curse down upon itself today, and as history testifies it will go down to the most ignominious destruction if it continues on its present path. Of sodomy-advocacy, aggressive warfare, abortion, the entire plethora of a diabolical culture of death: holding the Constitution to be a mere enabler toward the brazen defiance of the noble and merciful law of God. A wrath we are indeed witnessing today as I write, in a mounting crescendo which now sees planet earth wobbling ominously, causing climatic changes, frightful things of which our leaders and media pretend to be blissfully unaware, incipient punishments a prelude to which were incredible weather-anomalies and other strange disasters, with the very debating before courts and legislatures of fanciful merits or equities of an abominable crime like sodomy acting as a lightning rod of the divine ire. Official venues meant to uphold the divine will being manipulated by a tiny few, and this no doubt as a preliminary to the introduction of the same odious topic into the very highest court of the land. Sodomy being honored as worthy of consideration alongside holy matrimony: things by nature filthy and bizarre being elevated by an official, scholastic and media "dignified discretion". So that in such a debate--let alone decision--the very Fiend himself is enthroned in our nation, and is done deepest homage and worship, in the most shameful and impenitent way.

It is lawful for anyone to defy legislation or court decisions which elevate filthy and execrable sodomy and related abominations to such heights, as this perverse and deadly sanctioning is to destroy law, not to uphold it: bringing divine anger and moral and political chaos in its train. Thus before you in these ominous proceedings, oh America, is place life or death, destruction or divine blessing: which will you choose?