Faith and Frankpledge: Hammers Against sodomy and other evils of our day.



����������� It is the full and supernatural manhood derived from that of Our Lord Jesus Christ which the world stands in need of today: a virility and maturity now almost unknown among men: coarse displays of brutality of these times being found mere effeminacy by comparison, lacking a timeless substantiality which is always generous, positive, constructive. With the male atrophy of today ultimately devolving into sodomy: that abominable irruption of the ages which now plagues inner sanctums of home, church and soul, by design of powerful perverted elites, a pestilence which has achieved an all-but-complete institutionalization here in the USA. An �enemy within�, a tiny minority with growing de facto control over media, school and state, having �done this thing�, like the sower of cockle in the Gospel parable; a biblically-identified �enemy of mankind� targeting innocent youth in a fanatical way, poisoning in particular conversational culture to achieve nefarious aims. Vehicles of expression and dissemination forming today but so many floodgates of effeminacy, of a verbal and gestural brutality which is its constant companion: all the while the gentle speech and bearing of the children of God is interpreted by such a twisted New World Order as weak, craven, indeed even perverse in its own right. With increasing numbers of "Christians" in league with these enemies of man, using religion itself as a mere device to entrap the innocent in sodomy�s shameful designs.

����������� Today's irruption of sodomy is only the last phase of near-inevitable periodic historical compromises of Christianity with the Synagogue and its mercenary spirit, a moral corollary of a capitalistic money-lending system now in opening phases of a deliberately-engineered depression, with a progressive neglect of the Gospel Way having indeed made its first appearances around the end of the thirteenth century. A gradualistic institutional apostasy suggesting the biblically-predicted �unchaining loose of the devil for a thousand years": a catastrophic unleashing which by stages brought about a diluting of Catholic good deeds, customs and manners. A spiritually-deadly �separation of realms� being a final chapter of this protracted morality play: stemming in turn from a �faith without works� Protestant Revolt which found the moral struggles of this life�amply recognized by the most primitive aboriginal�to be lost from the start. This deed-related retreat from an incessant earthly combat, ever a part of this life, being a moral sloth already amply evident in the �household of the Faith� in such assaults and invasions as the betrayal of Judas, the denial of Peter, the Jewish infiltrations of the early Church, as detailed in the Epistles of St. Paul. Luther, Calvin and the other �Reformers� having betrayed in themselves a spirit of practical despair quite at odds with the marvelous building-up of Catholic Civilization and material culture of first thirteen centuries of the Christian Era, alive with a vigorous reciprocity, a mutual bearing-of-burdens, in footsteps of redoubtable Apostle, champions of a Godly and compassionate earthly life. This evolving abandonment of the �economy of grace� ultimately bearing foul fruit in the Revolutionary era of the Enlightenment, a "liberation" which would champion every wrong in the name of liberty never before seen among men, without even the sting of public reproach. The radical separation of church and state doctrine being designed to stifle all things good, holy and just, a carefully laid plan of the synagogue to utterly eradicate the age-old Catholic Way.

����������� As a pattern of behavior sodomy relies upon deceit, innuendo, insinuation, the achievement of petty victories of the most craven kind, being allied ironically as well with a merciless and unbending idea of discipline, of God Himself as a �hard man�, and of the earth as a place where sadism, sarcasm and manifold personal and international aggressions reign. Harboring a domestic and occupational culture over centuries steadily tending toward Judeo-Protestant capitalism�s ambient contempt and cynical self-advancement: a milieu over time which dishonors and breaks down the human person, which flourishes on the biblically-proscribed �sharp word�, and which ultimately invades every area of life, including the home itself, with hellish irruptions of all kinds. With a stark, effeminate sort of Star Trek futurism mocking the wisdom, gentleness and piety of our forefathers, the grace and holiness of earlier times. For the destruction of which milieu�of which Christ is the foremost example�these fiends love to hide amid the Christian fold, to invade those places where holiness is especially cultivated. There to concentrate on poisoning speech and manners in an astute way: to vitiate that sexual identity central to personal effectiveness in any calling, whether in marriage or in some celibate state. The enemy attempting if possible, like the soldiers of Holofernes in the book of Judith, to deny Heavenly springs of life to the good; waters for which they themselves have no craving at all.

����������� But how defend these springs, this citadel of Faith and interior peace and joy, when the laws and customs of our times�like resurrected soldiers of the ancient Assyrian�are fashioned precisely to pollute and destroy these life-giving things? Statutes and court-rulings framed to cultivate a cynical public ambiance which dispels the �good odor of holiness� from the Christian nation and soul? It is here that the reinstitution of the Frankpledge comes into its own in a special way. For this most fundamental of medieval political units�of ten heads-of-household�keeps issues of character and morality in the hands of those most likely to treasure them, to guard them with their own very lives. A unit ultimately equipped to be the dependable school of the finest of Christian values and virtues. One able�at the same time as it �builds and plants��to ward off the foul influence of sodomites and other wicked individuals, by the dense yet loosely-knit care and surveillance it naturally imposes upon local life. A unit-of-organization and reciprocal engagement�of which love and generosity were the very historical keynotes�which was furthermore the basic building-block of the most vigorous economic growth and stability. A Frankpledge responsible on its own bedrock level for a high-medieval Civilization that has in so many ways remained unequalled morally and socially, politically and economically, to our own very day. Being basically the political embodiment of the Gospel �Way�, having little in common with the parade-ground pomp of the modern-day Bush/Obama malaise.

����������� The elemental legitimacy, the popular self-determination, built into the warp and woof of the medieval Western European system, rose politically, legally and organizationally from this basic Frankpledge to the village �hundred�, or hundred families, each with its own court. And upward yet further from there to various truly-representative assemblies at all levels: at each of which the wishes of the �original-jurisdiction� Frankpledge remained the abiding inspiration to all concerned. Here was a system in which the common man truly ruled: rather than, as at present, being the beneficiary chiefly of a billowing wind of words. In those fabled days when noble �knighthood��and substantive self-government��was in flower�, the perspective of each locality having been collated at these upper reaches, in the formation of regional and national instruments and policies that expressed the national spirit in the most marvelously yet concretely localized of terms. In this way effectively blocking the way to those cunning elites who ever seek to high-handedly pollute that good spirit so dear to the common man. Who succeed so easily, if not resolutely and laboriously opposed, in imposing from above their popularly-vitiating, perverted and tyrannical will.

����������� Indeed, dealt with especially well by the Frankpledge are even those insidious evils often-enough associated with kinship or clan systems: not indeed as found vigorously intact in their historical forms but rather as contaminated by pathological values of today. Involving obscure cavils and partialities that can be criminally unjust, and that prompted our Blessed Lord to remark that �your worst enemies will be those of your own household�. While by way of the concrete, localized, familiar, above-board nature of the Frankpledge there were applied in olden times, with due respect, inbuilt checks against every sort of blood-related absolutism, in a social milieu of the most healthful and vigorous kind. Encouraging a balanced social and moral life for all the families of which it was comprised: in a way-of-life in which goodness and virtue are learned in the primer of friendly mutual association, built on the bedrock of solid philosophical/theological ground. A joyfully-realistic system which conspired to cultivate a holiness and integrity which gave us the Age of Faith, which filled convents and monasteries with pious and prayerful monks and nuns, bearing fruits in peaceful and profound advancements of a kind of which our own day sees none. A frankpledge in which any community correction was mostly by gentle, informal and even humorous persuasion, or later in conjunction with holy ministrations of the Church, but finally, in grave matters�if only as a last resort�by force of law. (Hardly some radical-interventionist �protective services team� being involved, a mediation rather in which charitable discretion is the watchword steadily invoked). This micro-local unit of political and social life being small enough to keep all its members at a healthy level of personal familiarity�all the while sane and sacred bounds of family privacy are kept intact�while at the same time just large enough to see to the maintenance of basic principles of justice for all.

����������� In the Frankpledge is found an unique immunity against a certain morbidity or even sadism in either direction private or public, which can sometimes mark hair-trigger sanctions of modern states and obscure inner dealings of modern dysfunctional homes. Official entities, much like the noted modern dysfunctional family, take entirely-unwarranted liberties with those under their charge. The Frankpledge being naturally-self-delimiting: being intimately close and dear to the family, while by the same trusted token able to exert a positive influence which higher levels of authority cannot hope to achieve. Providing a rock-like refuge against certain twisted domestic eruptions�such as often fill our nightly news�in an often highly-secretive setting capable of every perversity and wrong, in the creation of a sort of black universe-all-its-own. The home�when it escapes from the guiding hand of the Divine Love�being a ready harbor for diabolical cabals of which sodomy is a chief example. The home�given us by God as a tender precursor of an eternal abode�being capable of becoming a veritable Hell on earth, if not guarded by those societal instruments provided so generously by Almighty God. Truly-�constitutional� tools which when well-maintained live up supremely well to the pars parentis doctrine. Namely of a state properly comprised of a totality of neighborhood and ascending authority figures as integral auxiliaries with Mom and Dad in the good formation of the child.

����������� Most disturbingly of all, in these sodomy-infected groups of blood-relation or simple association��thick as thieves� in either case�children are picked out early in life and then�in a satanic opposite to the cultivation of Christian virtue�are assiduously channeled to become one or the other of the rote �types� which make up the infernal, perpetual homo-duo. That set-piece namely in which aggression or submission are the only relevant poles of personality: according precisely with Freud�s bizarre, slavish interpretation of life itself entirely in terms of passionate depravities of sexuality. From which iron-willed collectivist-determined fate no reprieve is allowed the feckless child. While these intrigues and perverse associations seem to thrive especially well where nobility and moral goodness once reigned supreme: as the essence of sodomy and all perversion is to subvert, to bring good things down to the depths of depravity, to �pervert what is best into what is worst�. The better the things involved, the more catastrophic and thunderous the demise foreseen. (See article on Cho of the Virginia State massacre, in one of the front page �summary of ideas� hyperlinks.)

����������� Manifestly, what we have here is a well-planned assault on Civilization, carried on by those who assiduously study human weakness in both a tactical and a strategic way. Analyzing, scrutinizing human vulnerabilities�things for which Our Blessed Lord rather loves us beyond compare�failings found in their infinitude of national and personal forms�and who then use this knowledge to rigidly control, and ultimately destroy. They, �not like the rest of men�, who can see their fellow man only as a drudge, a slave, as someone to exploit, before discarding his ruined and corrupted remains on the mess-heaps of this life. An all-points blitzkrieg which struggles above all to erase the legacy of the Christian past, the nobility, the uprightness of those who went before, and to replace it with a way of life in which cravenness, craft and �one-upmanship� are all that count.

����������� Plainly, and as rarely-referred-to police and criminal records would amply reveal, if collated with phenomena discussed here, fanciful totalitarian destinies meted out to victims of these intrigues can very quickly approach thresholds of life and death: with damning and deadly slanders and blackmails introducing a list of liquidations which doesn�t shy away from contemplating�and even, in the throes of sodomy�s implacable malice, executing�a carefully-disguised or cleverly-orchestrated murder. In groups among whom strange, heavy silences are many, forming vacuums which those on their icy peripheries suspect are in some way or another �full of dead men�s bones�. Homicide being that crime of which sodomy is a veritable nesting place. Since the whole thrill of this abominable entrapment�so different from the mild blandishments of natural romance�is that it remains perpetually, menacingly suspended in readiness to do harm, to destroy. To count coup against one counted at the same time an object of insatiable lust. Seeking in this to induce the desired state of helplessness, terror, agent-catalepsy, in the target of so much venomous desire.

����������� But within these kinship or family cabals it is the in-laws in particular�especially if they are of a natural heterosexual inclination�who are set upon most cunningly and brutally. Perpetual outsiders, almost without exception destined to �die of a broken heart�, and perhaps early in life as well. Of whose fate there can hardly be any worse, than to be for a lifetime thus moored on the edge of one of these insatiable black holes. Where all light of goodness and love is consumed into its cavernous maws. A moral killing field in which the love and loyalty of ones spouse is monopolized entirely by blood-related or other ties. And the marital partner resembles nothing so much as a dog under the �family� table, begging pitifully for a scrap. For which purposes indeed those already broken-hearted are often-enough sought out; or people from humble backgrounds whose own relations tend to be over-awed, and in any case able to offer little resistance; or yet again with reputations morally compromised�whether truly or slanderously, it doesn�t matter in the least�so as to live in that perpetual shame under whose shadow the sodomite gains those advantages he most desires. So that orphans and widows, waifs of every kind, may easily find doors unexpectedly open to them, which once they enter, it were better many times had they died.

����������� There is a peculiar experience in these remorseless associations, of those thus astutely attacked, by this kind of enemy who is almost always bisexual�if not indeed sexual across phyla�and who thus quite often exudes strategic appearances of doughty patriarchal/matriarchal potency/fertility�and this phenomenon is an exact interior counterpart to the Asian �death of a thousand cuts�. But whereas this is done externally, with the infliction of actual wounds on the body, in these cabals, so often today of blood relation, in little domestic training-grounds of perversity, the wounds that bleed so profusely are entirely inward in nature. So adept are these fiends, trained inwardly in Hell, where the biblically-described �sharp tongue� finds its true source�these sodomy-siblings, as they might frequently be termed�in their deadly game of a highly-personal and intensely-focused malice�that in the space of five or ten minutes of conversation the victim of their company goes away covered with innumerable inner wounds. For which, to crown it all�as with a real crown of thorns�they are then slyly mocked, with expertly-directed words and gestures�while perhaps being reproached as �overly sensitive� and the like. All the while the rest of �the family� acts as a sort of spider web to keep the poor soul enmeshed, entrapped, enthralled. In a surreal emotional/preternatural universe all-its-own from which angry or otherwise passionate words win no reprieve, but only land one deeper into this infernal ambuscade. Much as do the flailing efforts of some insect in the spider�s net.

����������� Only the ancient institutions of the Church against these evils: exorcism, excommunication, interdict, inquisition�together with the consecration of both state and law to the service of God�can draw our society clear of this terrible and cowardly disease. Among men who live on an inward plane far more than an outward one, and are thus highly susceptible to the wounds described above. Indeed, the more noble and virile we are, the more are we sensitive to things heartless, vicious and unnatural: wishing for one thing to reject them with all our strength. Evils now being spread abroad by charlatans whom�as certain evidence suggests�have long been trained not only in the synagogue, or in Mossad (Israeli-black-ops) units, but also in U.S. Military-Intelligence or in mercenary (e.g., Blackwater) camps: as matters of faith have always been regarded here�in the �land of religious liberty��as critical subjects of national defense, with the Catholic Church in particular being remorselessly regarded as a veritable �enemy within�. These moles�if possible themselves of Catholic backgrounds�carefully infiltrating centers of Catholic piety, or of the lay apostolate, or of the pro-life movement, both to carefully learn the pious manners and phrases of the genuine Catholic fold, and, once thus treacherously armed, to spread these putrid evils there. While it is to this dishonorable condition�of purveyor of the most shameful wrongs�that are ultimately brought those nations which spurn the sweet and holy discipline of Mother Church�the final earthly estate of the rebel from the authority of Rome being a fit precursor to a fiery one in Hell. The sweet smell of incense, the pious invocation of the mild and Immaculate Mother of God: these good things and their like being replaced by the stench of death, both moral and physical, born to us by these biblical �enemies of mankind�.������

����������� These obdurate fiends�prime sources of the fable of the hereditary nature of the putrid excesses of sodomy�will hardly limit themselves to knocking crosses out of the hands of old women, or invading sacred precincts of churches, but will likewise readily extend their blanket of lies against �friend� and kin alike across national boundaries or even oceans: as the fanatical desire is ever to engulf, to render all attempts at escape from grossly-unnatural affections and oversteps stillborn. A basically-deadly proclivity whose close-cousin passions now see Congo-African �soldiers� raping one-year-old babies. While the special coup is then to appear solicitous. As if this were a loving group which wishes to bring a �loved one� back to their senses, �home to mamma� or to brother Jake, or some hovering, engulfing �circle of friends�.

����������� For all these reasons do I urge most vehemently the reestablishment of the Frankpledge. And yet more the dedication of heart, soul, neighborhood, marriage-vow to the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Without which all else will prove to be in vain. These Hearts, the ready refuge both of sinners and of all goodness, meekness and purity, Who can alone vanquish this monstrous compulsion, this hideous, deforming disease, which poisons and destroys that which is best in man. There being no �mercy� involved in allowing it �legal rights�, any more than allowing felons to roam the streets armed. Rather in granting concessions to these cunning perverts we condemn our own youth to heavy chains; institutional constraints about which they will be given no choice.

����������� But goodness and purity have their own imperatives, which the sodomite hates and rages against with all the borrowed irrational fury of Hell. This �victimized� pervert finding the subtleties of the language of Divine love�both for neighbor and for God�to be the worst possible affront to his bald, unvarnished intimidations, flatteries, over-steps. In whose train follow all the rest of the foul baggage of these biblical �enemies of mankind�: the greed, the political and financial corruption, the institutional exploitation, the corporate fraud, the aggressive war, to �make the world safe� for this sodomite crowd.

����������� This Frankpledge system, then, was a micro-local coat-of-mail only torn by an infestation of biblical �men in soft garments who live in the palaces of kings�: an onerous rule of �rank strangers� wrought through the familiar route of the courting of special favors. These obtainable in turn through the devious paths of slyly-proffered loans and other instruments of private-advantage-brokering power. That sort of treachery namely which now finds our own country in thrall. Not only to a worsening economic enslavement, but also to embroilments in wars that are in the sole interest of these same privileged parties, if conducted vicariously by those political �creatures�, �bought and sold� through ill-gotten gain, firmly and cravenly under their control. The prosecution of which unjust hostilities, in a revolving vicious circle, finds the nation itself in ever-thickening debt-related chains. The Frankpledge having been a system in which, much like present-day Muslim finance, interest-payments of any kind were forbidden: thus opening the way for a tremendously vigorous, sustained, self-catalyzing economy: a stranger to the drain of those who rake the cream of both moral goodness and prosperity �off the top�.

����������� But in complete contrast to this heartening picture of earthly/Heavenly life, sodomy, the fruit of vicious and tyrannical words and deeds, bears ultimate witness to the rejection of Divine Faith, and its transforming, regenerating power, both in society and in the soul. For sodomy accepts every lie and disparagement against our humanity�let alone its Heavenly heritage�and derives sexual gratification out of the abject humiliation of the human mind, heart and soul, of whole nations brought under its nefarious, abject control. While the plight of the Christian today corresponds to the profound dereliction of Our Blessed Lord on the Cross: especially when He uttered those sacred words, �My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken Me?� Today�s believer living in a system subverted toward the remorseless destruction of the inner man.

����������� This subject, sodomy, obligingly opens up for us the question, What is life all about? To which we answer: this place of testing is all about love. About showing oneself devoted to the good and in a special way to the good of others. Revealing oneself vigilant in perceiving the �odor of His ointments�, the draw of the divine and human Brother, as seen in the �least of these� found in the obscure avenues of this life. We can indeed see in it all rather a hopeless collision of forces, of competition to see who will be more cunning or implacable. That which is of the epitome of the Jewish worldly mysticism, of hedge-fund trading, of sodomy. Or we can see life in terms of the noblest and rarest things of which man is capable: those things namely that are determined inwardly, not by any of our passions or lusts. Powers which distinguishes us from those beasts who must indeed struggle to assert themselves, in order to survive. These latter providing for us as they do a good but inferior kingdom both self-sustaining and self-culling, for the good of man, and from which we are to derive moral lessons and illustrations of every kind. Whether of maternal or paternal duty, or of the cunning treachery of beasts who perfectly model, in their innocent way, the worst moral diseases of men.

����������� The call of the Christian is to be �another Christ�: to be truly human and also truly divine: this latter in the sense of living the life of grace, which is a participation in the life of God. While the humanity of this co-efficient requires that we remain sensitive to the needs of others, as well as to things sublime. Indeed, there is a certain Catholic sensitivity without which one remains stone cold to grace: the excuse for which condition is today typically enough some notion of vigilance, security, and the like. The need to guard against external evils being brandished like a sword, one by which is hacked the happiness of others who have done us no harm. This reflex indeed, when transferred to the sodomite world we are describing, claiming pretenses of injury, being awash in a morbid emotionality which knows no bounds. Infractions albeit mostly nameless or ill-specified. Here in this odd world of anti-matter opposites emotion not being employed to heal or soothe but to injure afresh or destroy. So that in this way then does the whole foul institution of sodomy fit hand-in-glove with a U.S. foreign policy which disingenuously confuses genuine rights of defense with false and self-interested ones. With the excuses put forward by the wagers of unjust wars almost identical to those petulant irruptions of perverts described above, of public airs of recrimination such as we have seen so much lately with respect to events in Iraq and other aggressive warfare theaters. In incidents later frequently found to have been grossly and even deliberately misconstrued. While in a vicious circle this collective mindset likewise provides an ideal milieu for the further fulmination of these petty and perverse persecutions of a morbidly-private kind.

����������� It is in this way, too�as when Christianity allies itself with the Synagogue in the maintenance of a global system of economic extortion and integrally-related unjust wars�that we bring down upon ourselves the apostasy and inseparable retributive destruction being suffered today. Auguring too, no doubt, the transfer of Church leadership to other nations besides those of the West. They who will �watch from afar, and lament over that Babylon which is no more�.

����������� Pursuing this matter of human character under the influence of the sodomy cabal: the difference between real humility and the abject servility expected of the �underdog�, as he might be called, in these relationships, is that the former accepts humiliation or contempt-of-self as a sinner, or because of some guilty defect in his character, while in this perverse abjection there is demanded the full acceptance of the vilest contempt for those things in oneself that are good. Hence are meekness, gentleness, even purity itself�always clothed in the humblest, most unassuming of garbs�slanderously misinterpreted, twisted into marks of the slovenly, the careless, the stupid, the cowardly, or failing all else, the �na�ve�. Indeed, the one thought to possess these alleged failings shares equally in the blasphemy against grace and its effects implied, by accepting blame with a �meekness� of a disgustingly craven kind, at the expense of Christ and His divinely-noble Way.

����������� Indeed, to willingly enter any association whatever with these perverts is to share in their blasphemy, to steadily become like them, to ultimately fall into their ugly sins. As one is forced by bits to accept their filthy verbal and gestural currency, as it were, to place in contempt through habit things unspeakable and sublime. So that for this reason above all do these sodomites die in lonely ignominy, and today quite often of a disease most indicative of the divine wrath. Since the whole nature of their sin is to wallow in this contempt toward cherished and holy things, and thus to drive other sane and God-fearing men away. A contempt which, were they to cease, they would no longer be sodomites, and would make a heartfelt avowal of their former life of crime.

����������� The aggressive party in these perverted liaisons might approach thetarget of his lust at first as if with a kind of respect, but soon enough an acceptance will be required of certain tokens of the noted contempt: if nothing else in minor slights against his masculinity, which he is required to sacrifice in small stages. This being the prize which is required of him, ultimately: the citadel he is required to surrender utterly. This rank capitulation being the whole degraded ecstasy, the burnt offering, as it were, to the demons in Hell who bring it about. A relationship in which the presence of these devils is often supremely evident, in manifestations of various kinds. Fiends who hate nothing so much as our human nature, and those things it chiefly entails. While afterward the sodomite who accepts this defeat is torn apart bit by bit as a human being, with his persecutor readily becoming a sort of glowering boor or maniac, of a kind seen so much today: an incalculable number of whom are capable of any crime. To which however his �partner� is quite ready as well to passively accede.

����������� Thus too do we see that our modern non-committal society leads directly to these abominations as well. As it is precisely this strength of character which both sodomy and the present system are bent on destroying, and will allow no ground on which to stand.

����������� Here, again, the absolute necessity to break off any relationship with these pariahs: because for one thing and at the very least we will quickly be reduced to displays of anger at their contemptuous minds and manners. So that obeying the Apostolic injunction to �be at peace with allmen as far as within you lies� requires an immediate estrangement. While extended contact will thus plainly not only offend God in itself but will make provision for those passionate displays�in this case beginning with anger�upon which this contagion of sodomy�if kept-company-with�ultimately and inescapably thrives.