The Fatima apparition and a coming cosmic cataclysm whose first forebodings are to be found in strange planetary and seasonal events of our day.

February 11, 2012



        We consider here certain prophesies recorded over the course of Christian centuries and millennia by holy men and women of Catholic Faith, all of them regarding events to take place "in the last days", or more precisely, in days and years immediately prior to the coming Anti-Christ. This being the time when "the Gospel will be preached to the ends of the earth" in the full sense, not just of the giving-of-homilies or the distribution of the Sacraments but also of an institutionalization in the laws and customs of all peoples. A transformation to be wrought both by the common popular will and by Heavenly interventions of the most unmistakable kind, bringing about conversions of whole populations (of survivors of terrible events). But our focus in this article is fixed upon certain prodigies that will attend this latter time, and which will signal its highly-consequential arrival: one of which, predicted by the saintly Padre Pio during the mid-twentieth century—he who was miraculously blessed with possession of the holy stigmata (five wound of hands and feet) of Our Blessed Lord—is called the "three days of darkness" in prophetic parlance, and reproduces more-or-less precisely the chastisement of that name which was pronounced by Moses upon the ancient Egyptians. In preparation for this event, blessed candles are to be kept which will alone give any light, and windows sealed and all openings to the outside air kept closed in its duration. Since as at Sodom and Gomorrah gazing upon the divine wrath will itself bring death, and the breathing of the pestilential air, in another parallel to the plagues of Egypt, will be fatal as well.

          Furthermore predicted to take place at this time, likewise in a host of prophesies, is the advent of the "odd new church", in the words of Anne Katherine Emmerich, another Catholic stigmatist and visionary, this time of the nineteenth century. A structure "build against all the laws of architecture": meaning contrary to teachings of theology, doctrines "handed down", prudential measures of church-universal and parochial life, and so on. While with equal catastrophe within this strange structure will be confected invalid sacraments, particularly a Holy Communion which will be only bread, and not the Body and Blood of Christ. This according to the words, to paraphrase from memory of a book no longer available to me, "they will be kneading bread in the basement of the church but it will not rise…and neither will they receive the Body and Blood of Christ." Although they who are blamelessly ignorant of this fact, she goes on to say, will be comforted interiorly, but not by the Sacred Species. Evident to many is the exact identity of all these augured moral and spiritual calamities to both agendas and aftermaths proceeding with such violent force out of the Second Vatican Council: with the all-points "reforms" it brought into being following the standard radical "back to the early church" logic of all heresy: a rambling notional pathway found in teachings of Luther, Calvin and all the sixteenth-century reformers. And with the holy Sacraments vitiated in validity, due to radical, serendipity changes of form or wording, being replaced by formulas with little or no specific meaning at all, in stark divergences from both Scripture and definitive guidelines of pontiffs and theologians since Apostolic times. 

          With respect to cosmic and physical aspects of these predictions, we ask the reader to take notice of a few things happening today, suggesting the unmistakable approach of the noted three days of darkness, which are mentioned in several other saintly prophesies of centuries ago as well: anomalies of course totally un-remarked in today’s media or official world. Thus the fact that “the man in the moon”—a proverbially-placid, ever-attentive, delightful nighttime visitor since time immemorial, whose poetry-celebrated and fairly-distinct features were discernible on the moon's earthward face—has over the past few years and in utterly-unprecedented fashion tumbled-over many times. Making these revolutions at one time almost daily, commencing about the time a “tsunami” devastated Banda Aceh, Indonesia. That calamity during which the earth was shaken to its very core, “quivering”, as recorded by scientists, for days on end. An event which may well have had incalculable effects upon a moon passing so close by, inducing it somehow to go thus cartwheeling across the sky. While there is likewise the utterly-un-remarked little detail that the closest point of the earth’s orbit around the sun is now no longer on December 21—as from time-immemorial has been the case, and as we were indeed taught in high school to anticipate without fail—but this event now rather occurs some month or so later. As some zany meteorologist we were watching informed viewers earlier this year, attaching no serious significance to an obvious slowing of the earth speed in its yearly orbit around the sun—thus prolonging the seasons and the actual year—or perhaps rather a changing of that orbit into one skewed, entirely new.

          Other relatively-marginal atmospheric anomalies seem evident as well: things that one hesitates to declare openly, for fear of being considered quite mad, standing out in sharp contrast to a public since the "war on terror" utterly terrified of remarking on anything at all, for fear of being considered an enemy, or a disturber of the peace. Strange phenomena which nonetheless cause a nagging concern to ones mind, and which seem likewise to have come about roughly since a similar “tsunami”-event in Japan of March last year. Like for instance, the way the sun now unaccountably seems to sit lower on the southern horizon this winter: at least from the perspective of where we ourselves live geographically, on an earth arguably on an odd new orbit, or angle of cant. A fact strikingly evident at high noon, as when nearly two months ago, in December, we gazed down a street going directly south, and found ourselves looking the sun almost right in the face, some appreciable angle under 45 degrees above the road itself, when all ones instincts expect it to be much higher in the sky. A low-slung sun—marginally-enough, admittedly, to make you “do a double take” on your own perceptions—but a change seemingly responsible, nonetheless, for large quantities of snow now left from storms of well over a month ago, despite intervening warm days, long after they would have melted in years past. (I know, the same meteorologists claim that the eastern half of the nation is on an "unprecedented warming trend": but this hardly argues against an odd new cant or path for the planet, but rather easily-enough testifies in favor of such a contrary warming anomaly, in other geographical areas, as well). These residual piles of snow, here in this part of the Southwest, of course render surrounding temperatures much cooler than otherwise, lying as they do in great patches in dramatically-lengthened shadows cast by buildings—or so it would seem—dark silhouettes which now easily extend fifty feet where in the past they are remembered to have stretched at most fifteen or twenty, at noon. (Note of April 30, 2012: As of yesterday, it was noticed here in northern New Mexico that that the sun now rises about <i>forty degrees</i> to the north of any east/west line, and set as much to the north of same as well, while likewise the line it followed across the sky during the day isn't "the shortest distance between two points", as always before, but rather noticeably favors the southern horizon. Thus a couple hours before sunset all buildings cast their shadows in major measure to the south, which is quite plainly unheard-of in any season before. A phenomenon which immediately suggests that the earth has tilted on its axis, with northern New Mexico, where we are, being hundreds of miles further north than before, and that much colder, as the weather duly attests, accordingly. A fact hardly contradicted by much warmer temperatures to the east, as such a tipping of the earth would logically place more-easterly regions to our south, and thus into warmer climes.)

          Again, the disturbing idea that my mind and memory might be deceiving me in the most treacherous way is a real monkey on my back as I write, regarding an inaccurate recall which however after sixty-six years of steady observation hardly seems very likely at all. And then too sunrise seems to me to be somewhat later than in the past, as I notice just now that it is still pitch black at six o’clock in the morning, in the middle of February when in the past morning light—at least as I remember—should rather already be at least sharply streaking the sky. (Apropos to which a year-round Nixon-era extension of daylight saving-time saw a speedy White House reversal precisely because it made for such Winter pitch-darkness at such early-rush-hour times).

          But all the above suggests even more bad news, as the literally earthshaking, easily orbit-and-rotation-modifying disasters in Japan and in Banda Aceh—as noted on this site repeatedly here and there—were of a sort rather easily touched off by a huge atom bomb, placed by ever-hoveringfriendlies” somewhere near the politically-non-Kosher or “obscenely productive” and competitive target-nation, in the bed of the sea. Achieving marvels of a whole new type, much after the manner in which 9/11 did such wonders for a previously lethargic U.S. “make the world safe” foreign policy. This in the context of a solar-system in which the application of sufficiently-powerful force to a planetary mass can be reasonably expected to produce a perfectly-transferred, largely non-gravity-inhibited propulsion in a new direction, thus no doubt readily accounting for a skewed orbit, or a shift in planetary cant. Such solar-systemic cataclysms have already indeed occurred in the past, according to certain scientists, as testified by a uniquely-elliptical orbit of three planets, Earth, Mars and Venus: all of which are said to have come into near-collision with one another at different times in the far-distant past, in mammoth planetary upheavals which account for the bulk of the ancient legends—of planetary gods and goddesses—and their mythological struggles with one another in the sky. All this as researched in particular, in both scientific evidence and the legends of peoples, by the brilliant Velikovsky, sometime in the 1940s.) The noted more-recent artificially-produced planetary force calling forth wildly-divergent seismic readings at the time of these disasters—indicating interpretations of tremor-strength divergent to as high as a thousand percent—suggesting something shamefaced and treacherous indeed. Misreadings or variations well beyond the range of anything marginal: in a seismology since its development well-over a century ago uniquely noted for its unalterable exactitude. Even as the “technology” for these heinous acts-of-international-barbarity and genocide was already available some fifty years ago, only lacking some Dr. Strangelove to bring them infernally into being.

          Do we see a reason, then, why Nome, AK, now suddenly lies moored in ice—after “the worst winter storm of a century”—when a year or two ago all that northern peninsula was the object of thaw-related fears of the global warming crowd? Or why the seasons are quite-understandably becoming progressively-more-bizarre during the same period-of-years since the first mega-tsunami struck?

          However directly and forcefully addressing these cataclysmic modern-day issues—hardly skirting around them breezily, like weathermen and politicians do today—was an event already of 1917—gradually and with high significance almost exactly a century ago in time—when Our Blessed Lady made a stunning apparition at Fatima, Portugal. While during this event too omen-bearing prodigies played out in the sky: indeed amid cries and terrors of a hundred-thousand transfixed, on-looking souls. Demonstrably-more honest, clear-sighted and memory-intact people than we ourselves. These gathered in a bowl-like natural basin called the Cova de Eiria, where the three seers, ranging somewhere in ages from seven to around eleven—recipients of Heavenly prodigies—had in prior times used the giant depression, perhaps a quarter-mile across, to graze their sheep, during which largely-undemanding duties they had customarily sung, danced, and played childhood games. Youthful visionaries who, now thus newly occupied, were joined by crowds with their eyes glued with fright to the skies. Indeed, an associated prophetic revelation had earlier been granted to Pope Leo XIII, in 1888, of a coming “century during which Satan would be unchained”, or words to that effect: after which, if the demon hadn’t accomplished his feverishly-desired final demise of Holy Mother Church, then this arch-fiend would thereupon suffer a crushing and humiliating defeat. This by terms of the self-same “agreement” between forces of good and evil: very much like that concluded over the suffering Job in Old Testament times. A coming reversal destined indeed someday quite soon to make the very Heavens ring with exaltation and joy.

          The Heavenly Lady, the main figure in the noted fright-provoking prescient prodigy under consideration here, veritably drew a picture in the sky of what the coming divine punishment will look like—that which is indeed coming so soon, whose first beginnings we see even now—as a long-predicted, long-forestalled but ever-more-towering Heavenly wrath finally begins to spend itself, as it must indeed at long-last do. A chastisement during which, as a whole millennium of prior prophesies assure us, at least two-thirds of the human race will be consumed. Hence hardly to be taken lightly are these warnings of the good celestial Queen—nor those preliminaries indeed today already playing out in the skies—the former in words detailed in Heavenly locutions with three shepherd children who were her privileged confidants. These surrounded, that October day, by the noted hundred-thousand Portuguese, come on foot, carriage or horse-drawn cart, often from hundreds of miles away. Many of whom had in prior months and days, since May of that year, witnessed other prodigies there as well. Our Blessed Lady showing both them and future generations til now, in her wonted motherly solicitude—a heavenly tenderness so often scorned, blasphemed or ignored—what is to be the sum consequence of the obdurate apostasy already just then investing the earth. A well-earned result as well of what she knew ahead-of-time would prove to be a callous non-cooperation with her Heavenly requests, by men of earth, even by prelates and popes: as her own ominous words indeed indicate so dolefully-well. In a lack-of-fervor, in many cases in an institutionalized apostasy “scientific” in character, a revolt against God symbolized in a special way in the Bolshevik Revolution commencing during that very month of October, 1917, when the apparition at Fatima took place. In a Russia around which indeed her message most-pointedly revolved: being singled out by her however not for condemnation but rather for a commanding role in the coming salvation of the world. This in conjunction with that nation’s own future accession to a full measure of Catholic Faith.

          Indeed, the same Russia is destined also, in my own well-considered opinion, to lead the Church itself out of its present prostration before the forces of world Jewry: a pivotal role of that nation in coming days which is indeed of special personal significance to me. Having as a young man of twenty-three been one of a mere handful of people present when the miraculous Russian statue of Our Lady of Kazan was formally-if-temporarily enthroned at the Blue Army house in Fatima, that Christmas season of 1969: after having been rescued by John Haffert of the Blue Army from some English museum. (A holy icon later to be returned to Russia, where it indeed rightfully belongs). That statue before which the godless French Revolutionaries under Napoleon had been ignominiously driven out of Mother Russia, that same good lady before whom indeed thirteenth-century Mongols had likewise fled, so much earlier in time. So that by this heavenly favor, and a great many other singular events and circumstances of my entire life, I feel that I have been singled out to advocate this cause, indeed this Crusade, if now operating in close union with my wife.

          But back then in 1917, the just-then-inaugurating Soviet Union was about to start “spreading her errors around the world”, according to Our Blessed Lady’s words of that October day, a USSR which would for fifty years be the epicenter of the godless disbelief that would so darkly shroud the world, attended by a densening sexual filth and perversity. A USSR to be succeeded more recently in this hellish task by none other than an ever-science-prostrate Uncle Sam. While more recently a Russia finally and decisively rid of communism would itself undergo a long series of painful transitions, and a great many betrayals, from nations and persons both near and far. Together with an utterly unfair stigmatization as somehow still being communist, at least in spirit, under a transparent democratic disguise.

          Indeed, the Church needs this agonized Russia, purified for a century by a host of heavy travails, come at last to confess the Chair of Peter, likely indeed to place a Russian upon it, as it might even independently do right now. Replacing with a holy boldness the present shameful 50-year-long string of anti-popes—deserters-of-the-flock, men of quibbling character, “clouds with much wind but no rain”—with a true one at last. In fact Catholic prophesy consistently speaks, over centuries, of a latter-day time of a "giving birth in travails" (which in church-prophetic language signifies a contested papal election) by a woman (the Church): she whose newly-chosen offspring will then "flee to the wilderness": which again in prophetic language signifies Russia. Hence does a wealth of Catholic prophesy of ages past likewise strengthen considerably the case for such an interpretation of a Fatima message which a catastrophically-infiltrated Rome has consistently downplayed or ignored from the very start. Russia having already an apostolic succession of true and Sacramentally-valid (if at present schismatic) bishops capable of supplying, of electing a pontiff, if only the “conclave” involved be converted to genuine Catholic faith. No doubt far better capable of all this is a Russia thus transformed, a new and fiery St. Paul, than a present-day “Catholic” episcopate which is so mostly in name only, whose members of today were each consecrated according to a gravely-defective Sacramental "form", initiated in 1969 under the notorious Bugnini and the anti-pope Paul VI, and thus fulfilling perfectly the prediction of Anne Katherine Emmerich in this regard. An episcopate which has capitulated in particular, shamefully, to a capitalistic spirit: mere yin/yang philosophical close-cousin that it is to an also-Jewish Marxism under which Russia suffered so long, and for which she is now so falsely held up to blame. A Catholic-world-poisoning already long-ago evident in some respects in brutal treatment of natives by Catholic nations during colonial ventures, in particular in the case of Habsburg Spain. A deadly and erroneous motivation now concentrated in full dosage in a robber-baron, aggressive-warrior USA: with American Catholicism having become the very model of the post-Vatican-II Catholic Church of today. A Catholic world whose love-affair with modern quintessentially-Yankee “success” and a strange and barbaric new liberty has essentially salted the soil of its commission, has passed a certain “point of no return”, of a fatally selfish and loveless view of life, upon which ground the Gospel tree of true Catholicism cannot possibly survive. With exceptions to this dark and deadly rule being only a tiny few, a biblical “remnant” indeed, “selected out of grace”, more likely to be found hiding “in a few households and a few cottages” than at the local parish of any shade of opinion. In a turning-from-faith found without fail in a gamut from the most left-leaning New Ordo to the most rigidly-rightist Traditionalist fold: each and all, seemingly without exception, departed in some way from the eternal and invariable norm of genuine Catholic Faith.

          What Mary unveiled for all those thousands of terrified eyes back then, when she bade the children instruct the throngs, straining their youthful voices, to “look at the sky!”, was the riveting specter of a sun which on-a-sudden violently wrenched itself from its accustomed staid and majestic place above, and in a weaving, zig-zag pattern appeared to come plummeting toward the earth. Rather what this prodigy apparently portrayed, as present cosmic events seem to portend, is the very outline of the coming punishment, presumably of the earth rather plummeting toward the sun, departing yet-further from its now already wild-and-erratic ride, evidence of which is detailed above. In an impending final doom only to be mitigated in its deadly effects—prevented from swallowing up mankind whole, rather than in irrevocably-decreed major part—at the last moment by Mary’s motherly hand. As indeed, on that prophetic 1917 day, after all the wails and cries had driven the masses raspingly-hoarse, the sun would be seen to return once again majestically to its former place, at Mary’s beckoning command. This while puddles which had gathered in a rain-storm, raging as the prodigy commenced, would be seen to have entirely dried up, during that five minutes or so that the wonder took place. With the same sudden change likewise to be seen on bone-dry clothing on erstwhile rain-soaked, heaving, terrorized backs: just after an event when men, women and children were heard—and photographed, by a Marxist/Masonic press which would dutifully report all that was to take place that terrible day—to scream, mortally afraid, that “the end has come”.

          Here then at Fatima was presaged what is now indeed pending so soon, as noted anomalies now so ominously augur, like the boney finger of Dickens’ “Christmases yet to come”. Terrible calamities we have brought upon ourselves not only by perverted and libertine crimes but beyond doubt likewise through a series of military-strategic “scientific” treacheries, inflicted upon nations envied or hated, far away. In noted “tsunami” cases using the simple fact of the incompressibility of ocean water, which will substantially transfer a mammoth underwater shock-wave to distant shores, absorbing none of this “sea surge” in its own titanic mass.

          Furthermore, there is likewise to be found repeated reference in many-another saintly prophesy to a state of coming civic-upheaval and culminating military conflict, these predicted to climax, in some of these predictions, with the advent of the above-described Heavenly punishment itself. Conflicts no doubt to culminate in the much-awaited Armageddon, all alike divergent components of a cataclysm foretold in a great many missives from above, forecasting an invariable series-of-events which seem indeed to comprise the bulk of the subject-matter of prophesy from biblical to medieval to modern times. Out of which collision of horrendous and transfixing calamities will however come the advent of the social and political reign of Our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ, immediately preliminary to His actual Second Coming. As God always infallibly brings a yet-greater good out of any extremity of bad. This preliminary—but all-necessary—foundation-laying corresponding to a biblically-predicted period when “the Gospel will be preached (meaning practiced, institutionalized, made to frame our very laws) to the ends of the earth”. This elevation of earthly existence being a fitting parallel to the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, just before His subsequent death and final Resurrection: when Hebrew children reverently laid their cloaks upon the ground, for the hooves of the ass upon which Christ rode to tread upon. This last noble condition—of earthly nations—to be enjoyed just before the arrival of Anti-Christ, or the “man of sin”. A foregoing glorious kingdom which although imperfect and temporary will embody man’s grateful response to Mary’s maternal deliverance, in a time when—prophesies suggest only for the space of about a generation—her own special qualities of joy, purity and innocence will once again grace the earth. Embodying nonetheless if so briefly that reign of the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, as we on this Crusade most love to call it, that rule of the rightful chief sovereigns of our human race. We being required by God to raise the ramparts, to build up socio-politically, as much as possible ahead of time, this Gospel-predicted Heavenly kingdom, preparing in whatever ways possible a law based on the law of God. Thus perhaps earning immunity—if only in faithful locales here and there—from worst extremes of the punishment inevitably to come. In this way being conceded some measure of mitigation, somewhat after the manner in which Abraham—by his willingness to sacrifice Isaac—won for humanity a willingness by God the Father to sacrifice His only Son—in this way a mere man setting into motion the whole salvation epic, to culminate in some ways in this latter day. Men being enjoined to construct, with painstaking love and patience, to lay foundations even now, in this terrible time, for that Heavenly/earthly administration—which will include, in loose confederation, all the sovereign nations of the earth—that promised land whose salient features we try to describe, and even to prepare, in pages and publications found here. An earthly kingdom which as noted will uniquely and fittingly pave the way for the final coming of Our Blessed Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.