February 18, 2013: Holism of God and of the Catholic state, how all else is contained therein, as in a shell. More on the reciprocity of the polity as a reflection of the spirations of the Holy Ghost within the Blessed Trinity. The preponderant political integrity of almost any nation which is allowed to develop along its own parameters.

Incorporated into the integrity of the Catholic vessel, the Catholic nation, a mosaic of many things, are other partially-correct creeds or less-developed ways-of-life: constituent elements inevitably likewise touched if not molded by the divine hand. The womb-like cultivar of medieval times having been abruptly burst, like some abortionist's probe, by the likes of the infamous Philip the Fair of France and Edward I of England, so that the material heretic or schismatic, the Muslim or the Sikh, is little likely anymore to know the full impact of Catholic truth and virtue in the public or even the private domain: both having been fatal ruptured by the same abominable probe. Hence do these men claim exonerating disabilities of "invincible ignorance" far more than could they of such earlier times, when living elbow-to-elbow with a Catholic in France, England, Croatia or Spain. Accordingly in dealing with these now-familiar alien elements we Catholics don't react like the proverbial oyster, treating the alien grain as a harmful foreign object, coating it with mother-of-pearl in the form of a lot of slander and suspicion, and then expelling it contemptuously, in idea if not in deed. Rather according to innate noble-but-generic instincts and dynamisms of the good state are disparate elements amalgamated to the commonweal in developmentally-exponential ways, provided these constituents aren't inspired after some Trojan Horse manner, to bring down, weaken or control the polity. That sedition historically inseparable from the Jews, from the first generation or two of some Christian heresy vis-à-vis some Catholic land, or as found so commonly in today's "Arab Spring"—or rather Muslim Spring—a phenomenon riddled through-and-through with Mossad, CIA and NGO agents and infiltrators from the Judeo/Masonic West. While a great many educated in the Western world go back home to Egypt or Syria remarkably as did "returning student" Indians coming back to their places of birth from government-run "Indian Schools" across the USA, this from as early as the mid-nineteenth century. These heavily indoctrinated, experimented upon, psychologically abused, turned against virtues learned early on in a basically-virtuous tribal life: often enough indeed imbued with a French-or-Spanish-Jesuit-inculcated Catholicism passed down tenaciously, kept by some miracle close to the hearts of elders at home. Hence too has the aljizeera conglomerate, that which the Fox team pretends to hold in mortal fear, actually gone awash with Jewish contributors, and touts an ultra-liberal political and radical-feminist agenda (by anyone's standards) here and there on its ranging outlets.

But even aside from all these caveats, a good God didn't give us a Gospel or a set of political instincts to favor elimination or expulsion, or frustration at the diplomatic roundtable, of people of another sincere and unthreatening culture or belief, to decimate according to some standard of superiority, some Spartan survival of the fittest, some Nazi-superman dream. Part of the very exalted nature of the good and a-fortiori the Catholic state being found in its incorporation of, its receptivity to, every weak or strong, every familiar or exotic nationality or thing: excluding, as noted, those apostates and first-generation formal heretics whom Padre Pio assured us are far more dangerous to be around than a hundred devils. Other more-innocent but divergent elements being found comfortably embedded into the civic masonry, those city walls whose rubble or rip-rap construction evinces a crucial adaptability to every frailty, emergency or contingency, to those unforeseen events of which mortal life is alas so full. While at exalted levels of the Mystical Body it is through partaking of this painstaking, all-accommodating processes that we "live now not I, but Christ in me" in a political sense, being imbued with, being a part of, the spiritual vitality of the whole. This rational adaptability being common among non-Christian nations of goodwill as well, especially when not being marginalized—like Japan was for fifty-some years, and Iran is now—by some Anglo-American bloc such as has ruled the world for a century and a half. Civilizations old and well advanced, if in many cases not technical-"progress"-oriented at all. All benign elements in any good society being treated as valuable, being constructively adaptable in this way: with a certain fluid and ever-accommodating love cementing these social and spiritual, commercial and political bonds, found in any good nation. But in the good Catholic state distinctly and exceptionally, being elevated to celestial precincts by the Holy Ghost, the Boon Companion on the Catholic Way. This all-enveloping inclusivity being indeed the manner God views all else besides Himself: entities each-of-which contains some figment of His own divine Being, some semblance to His rock-solid Quiddity, some congruence to the Divine Whole. According to St. Thomas Aquinas, the "idea" of each created thing finding embracing native origin in God's own Mind, where it is not—and indeed cannot be—distinct from Himself"—from His ineffably simple and undivided Substance.

It is from this divine Form of forms that the state takes its deepest dynamism, with all good things being in this sense "from the top down", coming from the throne of God, so that even the "from the bottom up" of authentic political organization, necessarily based on micro-local units, is inspired in this same receptive way, of the "grace of God poured forth into our hearts". While common citizens likewise recognize the chief-of-state as a unique earthly channel of this downward laver of grace and sovereignty: corresponding to God the Father, while his subjects correspond to God the Son. With the love noted above modeling the Holy Ghost, Substantial Love, processing between these two divine Poles. Hence because of this sublime, foundational reciprocity it is good that non-Catholic nations do their best to replicate the political exchanges involved, that they make their laws reflect as closely as they can the eternal law of God, however indistinct might be their grasp of all these things. For we mortals and our systems are at profoundest levels judged on the rectitude of our wills—and not really on vaunted opinions, and Newtonian-physics-lab theories, of deists and freemasons of the eighteenth century—wills which must be exercised vigorously, which indeed find the good all-the-more as they energetically thus labor.

Manifestly then when we speak of traditional, viable, benign nationhood, a noble orchestration represented par excellence in the Catholic state, we instantly move beyond the noted billiard-ball world of the political-physics-lab, of an inseparable fraudulent vote-counting, of an AIPAC/Jewish-controlled USA. In such a fortuitous case we leave behind us too interminable Yankee drone-bomb barbarities, truly progressing to dynamisms extremely subtle and exalted, dealing with instincts and motivations which sometimes border the Heavenly sphere. Yet reasonably enough a certain vulnerability of these exalted parameters is found in their very sublime nature, as capsulated in the adage that "a drop of sewage in a barrel of wine is a barrel of sewage". For as soon as deist-Masonic "balancing of powers" ideas of statehood or other base and barbaric contaminations are admitted they quickly drive out authentic and ascendant instincts of noble and spiritual men—whether found in palaces or in caves—motivations inseparably imbedded in custom and dialect, borderline-celestial parameters given us by a good God, as to His own very children.

Manifestly, then, deeper viabilities of the good state aren't those much trumpeted ones that today so often rudely assail the ear or meet the eye: being found rather in ways that seem outwardly humble, in a spirit of love and obedience, manifested among rational creatures in a plodding consultation, deliberation, a "bearing of one another's burdens", always favoring the more-ascendant thing. As we follow the Thomistic rule of all of life: that the lower level always aspires to partake of the higher, and the higher desires to lift the lower to its own plane. Commonly-shared habits of citizenship and soul netting out of such patient beginnings ample prodigalities of civic tranquility, of cultural fertility, of a sturdy and vigorous supply and demand. Even as the real riches of such a system remain entirely unseen, are regaled in by the inner much more than the outer man. Since very simply we are rational, spiritual beings, not hogs at a trough. Such a good state being a stranger to bizarre and explosive "experiments" which in the long run inevitably disappoint far more than they reward, and whose "dream" must be sustained at the cost of much human sorrow, misery and blood.

When the state under consideration is Catholic, after the traditional pattern of the centuries, the likelihood is that those involved at all levels will finally come to embrace Catholic Faith: the soul of man being "naturally Catholic", as theologians once said. Religiously alien elements, not foolishly expelled, themselves gladly forsaking the part for the whole, accepting an amalgamation into an agape which embraces anything good that went before, resolving it finally, lovingly into the whole. (Of course, we don't deliberately import as many foreigners or alien religionists as we can, to take the jobs of our own unemployed: that which is a prime project of the remorseless, dividing-and-conquering Jew, who can have no part in the agape considered here. But that is another subject again). Hence too are non-Catholic cultures by immemorial Catholic custom and as much as wisely possible "baptized" into Catholic symbolism, domestic dialect and song: let fools lament the retention of "pagan elements" like the Christmas trees as they may. Hardly suggesting non-edifying gyrations of belly-dancers of Africa or grass-skirts of Hawaii being this admission of uplifting and evocative symbols, inimitable indigenous treasures, into the Catholic fold. Plainly, then, drum-beats or tribal melodies once associated with coarse or brutal things should hardly jostle with "Sub Tuum Praesidium" or "Panis Angelicus", or Gregorian Chant for a place at Holy Mass.

Scarcely then do we sacrilegiously and counterintuitively shatter, fracture or mutilate what is already for centuries whole and perfect, to make room for what is not: voluble libertarian, ecumenical, free trade or free enterprise claims to one side. Let alone do we truncate this political wisdom, this totality, one which ages like an old wine, divorcing present practice and theory from a two-thousand-year past, for the sake of a generic and utterly-unproven "progress", or "new vistas of Vatican II". Smashing in the process numerous Catholic vessels of venerable things, finding theatrical scandal in kiln-related agonies wherein the many national pieces were over centuries painstakingly wrought into a ceramic whole. These new and alien designers now re-fitting recklessly-shattered shards to modern specifications, according to a whole new serendipity or space-ship-like form. The deeper foundations of the good state, and a-fortiori of the good Catholic state, rather thickening and strengthening over time, cultivating a body of political wisdom, of reverential procedure and protocol, things which may "take up much time" but which are absolutely critical to the survival of such a noble thing, whose turrets and towers pierce the very skies. While by contrast the discarding of the alleged "bathwater" of laboriously-developed customs and usages of our parents and ancestors out the "open window" of John XXIII's New Church saw also the catastrophic ejection of the baby of Faith and of Catholic political holism as well. Turning out in a matter of a few decades after the relative enlightenment of the Kennedy years a vindictive paranoia which can keep a kangaroo-court-adjudicated alleged perpetrator of the 1993 Trade Tower bombing in solitary confinement for fifteen years, driving him, together with a rush-to-judgment-crucified Mussaoui, quite insane, with no possibility of reprieve. The turbulent men of the council to end all councils likewise callously and summarily inviting the very Divine Dove to fly out the gaping church-window opening, which He promptly did. And in a mere forty years, and now fifty and more, we exchanged the Catholic cultural and liturgical, doctrinal and political birthright for the mess-of-pottage of eagerly-approved Napoleonic war, drug-abuse, sodomy, euthanasia, and abortion-on-demand, together with mind-perverting state-mandated pre-school nurseries and a lying and promiscuous media, "Catholic" or otherwise. Sociopolitical diseases we now spread around the globe through machinations of harmlessly-named NGOs and at the point of a guided bomb. A fatal fact which remains however much we might grin and gape, and beatify, one by one, all the political or ecclesiastical smashers-of-sacred-vessel, pretending somehow that their treacherous, tasteless and garish contributions to the millennial pottery is the only thing really worth retaining after all. While likewise fantasizing disloyally that there were "just as many" sodomite priests or politicians "in the thirties" as there were after Vatican II.

How then do we find our way back, picking up all the hopelessly-shattered and scattered pieces that lay along the once-well-traveled path, firing them back together in the kiln of the Sacred Heart, of the Divine Love? Read on, good reader: but expect to have to bring your own little piece of pottery to the enterprise. Some fragment, perhaps some remnant instantly recognized, discovered with joy like the Gospel drachma, in some dusty corner, from out of a sorely-missed Catholic legacy of centuries past. To fit in somewhere, to refit some vital missing element that is critical to the whole, to that which was "passed down to you".

February 15, 2013: Elements of political organization. Revolutionary Era as nihilism on the march. The central place of obedience in all of life.

Liberty apart from the law of God only conjures the lawless atmosphere of Hell: as when fatherly authority is rebelled against in a family every sort of perversion or aberration is more-or-less bound to ensue. And indeed this is precisely what happened in the American Colonies during the eighteenth century, after the unmitigated insular opportunity was indulged to reject the fatherly authority of the Catholic Church, or even the Anglican, in fine detail, in every religious ceremony, social convention or civic form. By the above axiom this grand display of rejection preparing a veritable bedlam of profligacy in the Colonies by the time of the Founders, perhaps most notably in Virginia, Massachusetts and New York. Reading about the life of Jefferson, we get a bird's eye view of absolute moral riot, of "marriages" with first cousins or closer, of the continual rape of any number of heinously victimized slaves, of the seduction of wives of "best friends". While the society of the New England of Franklin was if anything even worse, with certain bizarre sleep ins, as they might be called, open and candid orgies among visiting groups of various sizes, being the "order" of the day. So that it is from out of this red-hot forge that was hammered the American Revolution, with all its uprighteous declarations and words-of-war: its wealthy and powerful leading men beguiling or intimidating the more simple and pious also found on these shores. These Reveres, Adamses, Hancocks and others who met in fashionable taverns or dumped British tea having furthermore had few real complaints: the various taxes having been merest pittances, in per capita terms the Colonists having been by all contemporary accounts—indeed even by their very own—the wealthiest and most politically free to be found anywhere, even in the Mother Country itself. (cf. Brodie, Fawn M., Thomas Jefferson, An Intimate History. New York: 1974, W.W. Norton and Co. Inc. Material on promiscuous social life in colonial New England is from memory of a well-researched paper presented by a fellow student of American History during my undergraduate days.)

What the Revolution was really all about, then, was a complete repudiation of obedience, whether to God or to man, and a subsequent attempt to create an imposing sort of "order"-all-its-own out of such a chaos. Here the Calvinist-American doctrine of a radical-"faith without works" finding its secular partner par excellence, in a system which gives little scope to traditional notions of honor or regard: a kind of "make it up as you go" view of life which had already proven an incubus of the worst and most perverted passions, a provender of what was to come in our own day. This sort of radical Protestantism concocted in the dim light of the piedmont woods, like all the major heresies, having earmarks of social nihilism as well, complete with a view of salvation of a starkly solitary kind, which expects to go to Heaven "without the aid of man". Lending vivid historical backdrop to the old 1970s song, "Me and Jesus got our own thing going'".

Largely according to the above novel paradigm must be understood the cobbling together of political principles—more properly called principles of disorder—that took place between 1774 and 1776, when Jefferson and others were meticulously constructing notional underpinnings-of-revolt that would issue in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Those singular, belabored documents which men of Europe of the times thought gallingly-condescending, excessively removed from the realities of real life, celebratory at best of some frolic up in Manichaean/Platonic clouds. This air-of-abandon partaking to a striking degree a typical curiously-idealistic mindset of the dissolute, at those times when they trouble themselves at all to delve into theories of any kind. Politics being to such a breed, as the Constitution itself so strikingly attests, a counterbalancing of passions—and branches-of-government—between turbulent and vindictive men, and not at all a polity dedicated to a viable common good, to domestic tranquility and international peace.

Quite contrary to this spear-wielding, cave-defending idea of political life and "liberty" is the vigorously-reciprocal social setting in both religion and politics which is central to the actual revelation given by God, and indeed already since Adam implanted on the human heart and mind. The nature of man being capable of the solitary only in a qualified sense, within a plethora of enveloping social institutions that keep that solitude from becoming barbaric, misanthropic or otherwise quite insane. Hermits and recluses of medieval times having on the whole been the most cultivated, gracious and charitable of men, taking up their stations in wooded fastnesses for the love, and not at all for the rejection, of their fellow man. He who is an intrinsic component of our salvation both as earthly creatures and as future citizens of a Heavenly state. This glorification-of-chaos of the Founders—doomed to be spread across the globe by Jefferson, Franklin, and a host of other Freemasonic, rabble-rousing exporters—epitomizes one of many sociopolitical diseases which Judaism is notorious for inculcating wherever its traders roam, through a wide-ranging financial empire several millennia old. Indeed especially among Christians, regarded as a mere internecine sect of the synagogue itself, which it ceaselessly tries to uproot, and certainly to prevent from having any practical legal or political, social or economic influence among men.

Rather must genuine human organization be entirely personal, full of tokens of honor, trust and love, hardly any loveless, hopeless and utility-driven "balancing of powers". All this as attested by that "rest of men" which Judaism and American Calvinism and (Catholic) Jansenism consider to be a sort of inferior breed who must be taught, nannied or bullied into submission as the case might be. Obedience here being magnified fantastically into regime-changing covert operations, brute dominion, the frequent use of force. Humanity authentically living far apart from such tyrannical flights, such unstoppable drives toward financier-driven world dominion, conducted all the while a polar-divisional see-sawing Congress at home fights tooth and nail over real or imaginary patches of power-turf, from which none will retreat an inch. The nation being awash in classical Calvinist/Jewish concepts of Original Sin, of a condition of utter and unmitigated depravity, a character-chasm cheerfully expected to issue in remorseless struggles of selfish men. A polity at complete variance with the mild and relenting Catholic state, one whose actual counter-tensions are quite benign, in a "balancing" not of naked power but of aspirations localized and cultural, amenable to patient collations which actually multiply the good of the whole. The grudging scholarly detachment of deists and Calvinists being morally dwarfed in the Catholic view by a heartfelt attachment to the common good.

Thus in the divine-obedience-based, personalized, organizationally-distributive system proposed here—a stranger to assemblies which endlessly wrangle to no avail—highly-placed noblemen are envisioned as commissioned to carry on projects of economic development, or campaigns of pacification or war to which they would devote prodigious amounts of their own substance, as in centuries gone by, notably in Spain and in its colonies around the globe. Men-of-rank who would give willingly and self-sacrificially, products of an economic and political reconstruction as-of-yet unforeseeable in detail, but expectantly awaited under the divine providential pale nonetheless. Projects, undertakings which if done in praiseworthy or at least a blameworthy way netting rewards at least of stability in their rank and lands, and perhaps of considerably more. These men carrying with them the very writ of state, having themselves personally much at stake, having on-the-spot authority to make necessary major decisions: later to be collated with other particulars of the common good. Here then being no comparison to the sorts of plenipotentiary authority given for instance to field agents of the CIA and other clandestine paramilitary groups, who are essentially empowered to make private war, to pull the nation in tow into these conflicts, simply because they allegedly have "all the on the spot savvy". (Marchetti, Victor and John D. Marks, The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence. New York: 1974, Alfred A. Knopf.) These men having no more at stake in the matter than their own hide and salary, the former of which they are willing to gamble with, in a game-of-chance romantic in the extreme. In sagas catering to the rashly independent spirit cultivated in the Colonies, and described above, and full of excuses and opportunities for illicit sexual liaisons as well. To maintain a "cover", etc. ad nauseam.

The kind of polity advocated here, and enjoyed notably in the eleventh and twelfth centuries, and perhaps even more in dimly-recorded centuries before, would also be as a coat-of-armor without breach, into which enemy covert agents would have a prohibitively difficult time penetrating. As was indeed experienced by our own CIA in its futile attempt to penetrate an also-socially-cohesive if Godless Soviet empire: because of which that agency turned to active and "preemptive" covert operations indicated above. That is to say, to an overbearing, cynical and order-overturning axiom that "the end justifies the means". With the end being however only the global imposition of the U.S. political philosophy of disobedience, disorder and an inevitable concomitant vice. Of course, those erected in authority according to our age-old model must be chosen by a process Godly in nature, having been cultivated in the pursuit of virtue, being proven elements of a system which prizes obedience, honor, respect, love. That in fine which absolutely requires the socially and politically imbedded input of the Church, or at least of sincere religion as accepted by the bulk of the people, in ways discussed in articles just below this one. As when we talk about political matters we must take in the whole of man, so that politics has both spiritual and secular dimensions: without which holism man is heartless and decapitated, and doomed to repeat the mistakes of the Colonies, to his own continual ruin.

February 14, 2013: Psychoanalyzing the psychoanalysts.

A top priority here on this site, we consider the pitiful jerk-knee reactions of the maniacs who crowd our schools and TV stations, the dismal products of our Harvard, Yale or state university degree programs, the bomb-throwing or rebellion-funding nihilists, the "progress"-worshippers who go orbital in their delight at destroying it all and starting all over again with human mind and economy, polity and topography alike. Spiritual descendants of ancient devotees of Moloch or Baal, ritual-sacrificers of the new-born young, these wild-eyed dialectical Marxists, shamans, entrail-examiners of a capitalist/communist/collectivist "best of all possible" paradise, according to such a stark methodology likewise bravely and with ponderous abandon refashioning the minds of all our young. The worshippers in fine of the goddess of Progress, that alternate personality of the Statue of Liberty, that genuine bipolar idol set up to take the place of the mother of the One True God, Mary Mild, previously honored by the French and Spanish with martyrdom and prodigal constructive labors on these shores. These pathologues rather making a tabula rasa out of youthful marvels of perception and conceptualization, vessels of purity and goodness, making them instead into grunting and promiscuous guinea-pigs, less than human beings. Specimens most easily studied in such a condition of inert agency-incapacity.

Suicide seems to be the exit-of-choice for these towering figures who rule over it all, after they have finished with all their grand experiments and "best yet" ideas: the sort of demise from which we wish to discourage them at all costs. Their only real desire being, to paraphrase one of Marx's poems, called as I remember "An Act of Despair"—critical to any understanding of his treacherous philosophical ideas—to "pull all mankind with them in their plunge into Hell".

Hence in the process of considering such a spectacle as is the present-day USA I must employ the methods of the Catholic counselor, pointing out to these "great leaders" where they have gone so egregiously wrong, hoping they somehow profit from advice their fevered, Freud-and-Darwin-obsessed minds can scarcely take in. They who in such an incompetent condition are nonetheless in the global driver's-seat, from which they now stare out the windshield transfixed, surveying the sky, hearing the howling of the wind. As the Grim Reaper so evidently closes in, His shadow already stretching across the highway, likewise generously darkening rolling landscapes of over-ripe grain on either side, to deliver the final majestic swing-of-the-scythe which will lovingly separate the wheat from the cockle, gathering the former into His barns. Making America of both Hemispheres, and indeed the entire world, once again a good, noble, uplifting, promising land, the reign of the maniacs a forgotten memory.

February 11, 2013: War between spirit and flesh manifested today in the contradiction between the two swords, civic and religious, both meant to be "borne on behalf of Christ". Vatican II capitulation to a self-arrogating secular realm, today's manifestation of St. Augustine's corrupt "City of Man".

In the earthly warfare of the flesh against the spirit, of the City of Man against the City of God, there stands in equal stark contradiction not only the spirit and motivation of each but also the whole practical methodology of the two as well. So that on the one hand inveterate moral rebellions of the secular realm tend inevitably, in throes of its peculiar morbid and obsessive proclivities, toward a radical centralization, that which in turn and with dire inevitability brings totalitarianism in its wake. While by contrast the methodology of the spiritual realm as represented by the Catholic Church and its pious civic institutions, and indeed variably partaken by other sincere religious traditions as well, is called distributism or subsidiarity: an organizational philosophy wholly consonant with the honor and glory of God, as achieved in society by the advancement of the inner man. The irreconcilability of the two organizational approaches, of the City of God and the City of Man, being brought home in graphic detail in major ancient civilizations like Egypt and Rome, with early Islam and Byzantium later bringing the self-arrogating, dictatorial spirit into anno domino time. As engrossments with various forms of might, of era-specific technology, indeed of biblically-identified "signs and wonders" which tend to overawe even the very children of God. Little aware as today's Catholics are that the chief character of the statist regime, the azimuth of all its overpowering wonders, is to enslave man's mind, to monopolize his attentions away from Heavenly things, to entangle him in every indenturement to luxury, lust and sin. These utterly-contrary organizational methodologies, then, setting St. Augustine's Two Cities irreparably apart: in an enmity which will not subside until the coming of Anti-Christ, and the end of time.

But alas, treason against the Good City, even the Holy City, with its nuptially-united civic and religious realms, has any number of avenues or tunnelings by which its nefarious deeds are done, and due to the subtlety of the activities and goals of the metropolis none of these ever-burrowing corridors-of-intrigue is easily exposed, finding ready access to cavernous cellars of God's mystical City ranging far and wide beneath. Indeed, all the treacherous digging to penetrate these passageways, wherein Heavenly bliss and spiritual prudence are busily occupied, is inevitably portrayed in the most pious and uplifting aspect: lending tones of sanctimony to a fatal shuffling-of-priorities, a demotion of a Heavenly commission, an apostasy foreseen already in Sacred Writ, and chronicled in private revelations of saints of a thousand years and more. The will of God being that His glory be sought principally, and among the more-perfect exclusively, after which "all these other things"—more-pedestrian objects of laborious scrutiny of churchly workers at all levels of the massive structure which penetrates the clouds—"will be given you besides". That prioritization which suggests a divergent methodology indeed. While the ever-infiltrating agents of the Worldly City always speak with voluble bonhomie of making some "fresh new start", away from dank atmospheres and enervating inner turmoils in dimly lit caverns far below: rendering certain easily-uttered but onerously-consequential slogans and allusions about "throwing open windows" appealing to certain shallow souls indeed.

But it is when we get into the use of words like liberty or freedom that the chicanery of the linguists is at full and lugubrious speed: liberty to these smooth-tongued spell-binders always suggesting license or disorder as somehow inevitable, or at worse a "necessary evil". It is here that the fatal misapprehension is brought-to-bear that any orderly pursuit must become "calcified"—a favorite term of dominant council fathers at Vatican II—and venerable gray hairs always accompanied by sclerotic lethargy, by hopes and ambitions outmoded, outdated, "irrelevant to modern times". The idea that there can be a Church that is by nature always young being an utter impossibility to this restless, ever-burrowing breed, whose most fervent ambition is to "dig everything up", to "expose everything to the fresh light of day".

Thus given radical new meaning are words of the Savior of an immemorial political philosophy, the operative methodology of medieval times, wherein self-assessed "benefactors" hardly "lord it over us", in which we are rather rampantly released unto the unfathomable "liberty of the children of God", that by which we cry out to God, "Abba, Father". A society in which there is "neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female". Hardly a secretive Bush/Obama-era cloak-and-dagger despotism—nor yet a bomb-throwing overthrow always ready to "crack a few eggs"—Catholic political philosophy rather giving to all a defining all-enveloping radical-equality wrought uniquely by Charity or Divine love: that most auspicious wine of noted mystic cellars, that which can only be between persons equal in dignity, or when between God and man with the latter raised up to same. That sort of polity which requires a certain loose-knit quality, a "give and take", in which its very exuberant life finds scope and breath. Here then an organizational system modeling precisely the processions, the "breathing back and forth", of the Holy Ghost within the Blessed Trinity: the Divine Spirit of Love processing from one divine Pole to the Next, between two coequal Fountainheads of mutual honor and love. Although the Father does indeed retain what is called Primacy of Origin: which however is not a substantial or material preeminence at all, but only a strictly formal one. No prostrations before ultra-centralized bureaucracies or temple-deities—with cadres of blood-spilling revolutionaries ever on tap—being suggested as a human-political parallel at all, relations within the Blessed Trinity rather being modeled in the special honor given a king, a nobleman, a knight, a father of a family, as each receives that honor and love proper to him, that redounds prodigiously to the good of the whole. Even as the dignity of the youngest child is as solemnly upheld. That holism in which all rejoice as being a greater good than any can achieve by themselves (See Summa Theologica's exhaustive study on Love).

All the while the modern statist system, the noted City of Man, epitomized in the USA, glorifies a harbor-goddess of Progress and Liberty, yet in practical terms delivers all but a few into clattering chains, this Catholic-distributive orientation based upon the glory of God and the good of the human person—whose benefit is catered-to in the most direct, localized sense—has historically opened up to humanity a veritable cornucopia of abundance and profoundly-fulfilling life. This as signally represented in political repositories like the ten-head-of-household frankpledge, the hundred, and ascending noble figures who carry the will of each of these local entities to distant and consequential places in the surest possible way. This configuration, openly mocked by its totalitarian/statist critics, furthermore comprising the powerhouse of every genuine advance for humankind: as in twelfth and thirteenth centuries which formed the very epitome of the distributive approach, as seen in European advances in farming and sailing, and in the Muslim world in the use of simple water as a prodigious mechanical force. And in both in a host of other ways: gains which weren't to be equaled until the Age of Discovery some three and four hundred years later. The intervening time, of a nascent royal absolutism, and bloody struggles for financier-manipulated empires and thrones, having seen if anything a retrogression in human happiness, in means of achieving both the private and the common good. Alas, man had strayed from his azimuth, "seek ye first the kingdom of God and its righteousness, and all these things will be given you besides". While the modern era, together with all its enervating gadgetry and atomizing science, brought us a "patriotic" slaughter-of-innocents of a magnitude never before imagined, let alone seen. Even as we must confess that however many boons of human labor and ingenuity might be achieved—even if not at so prodigal a price—yet our home is not here, but in the next world. And we must not expend most or all of our efforts toward making the very opposite appear to be true.

Most strikingly, then, by contrast to the good and Godly state, headed morally by the Church, do secularistic priorities always gravitate toward an arrogant, brutal and ultimately backward centralization, soon-or-later indentured to the very service of Hell. Such an enthrallment as is epitomized today in the sodomy/anti-life tyranny, the sadistic aggressive warfare of Barack Obama: a close-in-time precursor to Anti-Christ himself. The state without the guidance of the Spiritual City and its counselors and dignitaries following in all regards fallen human appetites and perversities, despotisms and timidities, falling easily into Satan's orbit, being for millennia manipulated discretely by Jews who use finance as their sine qua non. The Church's age-old permission of Jews to lend at interest having been the chink in the Western societal armor which has led to its catastrophic undoing, even if a glorious resurgency waits impatiently in the wings. Jews meanwhile enlisting coarse and dehumanizing means to enslave, to degrade, their methods-of-choice lying, deceit, treachery, Mossad-like black-ops intrigue. This latter for which is inculcated among men a mesmerizing fascination, when it is nothing other than the blackest and cruelest injustice and inhumanity, a tool-of-dominion which sows irreversible seeds of mistrust among the nations. That "patriotic" condition of enmity from which the Jews alone—and all Hell—stand to gain in any way.

Hence then finally the chief characteristic of antipopes since John XXIII: they are all great speechmakers who all-the-more-surely bow to secularistic priorities in certain highly-discrete but in-practical-terms catastrophic ways. Amid pious pretenses of the most shameful kind discarding their sacred mandate to rule, to carry the spiritual sword unsheathed at the Supper Room boldly and rampantly "on behalf of Christ" (Unam Sanctam, Boniface VIII, early fourteenth century). These imposters having neglected gravely as well the divine mandate to see that the state carries its secular sword to the same purpose, according to the same method, as primarily, in first, second and third place, the servant and not the master of God and men.

Indeed, today the Church takes no umbrage at all with manifold oversteps of dominant nations like Israel, England and the USA, over the lives of their citizens, over smaller nations far and near. The only points-of-contention between Church and state today being such obvious ones as abortion, divorce law, and perhaps euthanasia: with only the lamest of responses when governments go on bloody "patriotic" rampages, and families and souls are destroyed under a radical-secularist social and academic regime. Popes and priests alike—at whose words-of-rebuke or exhortation political figures once quaked—rather contenting themselves with well-crafted sermons and pious prayers, renouncing the possession of any practical power at all, such as was given them by Christ, to "rule with an iron rod", albeit according to a different parry and thrust proper to a spiritual rather than a secular sword. The Church having had an organic part to play in every state and society since Constantine, not only using tools of excommunication and interdict, whose very threat was commonly enough to bring about rapid positive change, but with churchmen integrally imbedded in every facet of civic life. This overwhelmingly in prodigally generous, abundance-creating ways, but also in monitoring a just disposition of wealth, personal relations, and properties, in being a veritable storehouse of reflective and profoundly-matured ideas. Antipopes since John XXIII having in stark contrast fallen silent on most practical or policy-related issues in the most deafening sort of way, while finding occasion to criticize brutally victimized nations, favoring the impression that their misfortunes are their own fault in the first place.

But most catastrophic of all in this treacherous tunneling, this enervating intestinal invasion of the City of God in divinely-mandated, critically-necessary practical political terms, has been the Vatican-II-initiated radical about-face in voluble claims of a new and radical separation of church and state: an error formalized in certain essentially-heretical Vatican-II and subsequent documents and encyclicals. With the Church allegedly having "realized her mistake" in two thousand years of past teaching and policy: with this monumental retreat in a once-indomitable worldview really being the only overt treachery that is required: after which pious sermons and "moving speeches" can easily fill in all the ever-widening moral and spiritual voids. Evangelical-like mutterings and incantations readily pushing aside solid deeds, the assiduous training of the young in rock-solid fundamentals of the good life, the Good City, the Catholic Faith. With this false principle—of this categorical "separation of realms"—being announced most pointedly in the utterly novel axiom that, to paraphrase, "no religion is to be given undue preference or standing by any government at all"—even if 99% of its people are of some particular creed. In this utterly alien and abominable falsehood being impiously announced an order-overthrowing impotence of the very things of God from the very threshold of the Church. This cleverly-contrived axiom duplicating the central principle of the Masonic Revolutionary Era: of the "freeing" of the state from the divinely-mandated moral direction of the Church. That diabolical and remorseless forced-retrogression of once-Catholic nations, over the past fifty years quietly accomplished, with staggering incongruity consigned to thralls of officially-mandated sodomy and divorce, Hitlerian aggressive warfare and abortion-on-demand. The Council having indeed transformed the entire world in a few short decades: all the while its antipopes and other leaders wrung their hands so impressively, while logical consequences of the heresy removed practical foundation-stones of Catholic Civilization around the globe. The realm-of-the-everyday—which religion is meant to uplift and sanctify, if it has any concrete purpose or meaning at all—being forcibly driven away from spiritual pastures which had once nourished an earthly/spiritual paradise, released to inevitably pursue nefarious drives and ambitions, together with evils listed above. This craven and subservient position having historically been taken up by Byzantium, which in turn provided the cradle for an Orthodoxy likewise thus overwhelmingly imbued. In which churchmen dare not raise a voice against practical evils of any kind, but must rather be content with that impotent sermonizing which is the heretical New Church's reason d'etre.

Thus then do we unfurl the banners of the Frankpledge Party and National Anti-Sodomy Crusade, hurling back in the teeth of the modern diabolical state its challenge to Christ the King. Stepping in the plodding footprints of ever truly-progressing noble ancestors gone by: like that Good King Wenceslas in whose tracks his servant found heat in the blustering winter snow. Honoring above all things our Heavenly King and Queen, in whose service one can never truly be poor: as fading memories of days gone by testify in comparison with indentured miseries of present ignominious times.

February 10, 2013: The illegitimate conclave of 1958. More additions to previous article about a subject of urgent importance today. "The letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life". God's law as liberty. Modesty-of-dress is generous and ample or it is only a tease. A bundle of seemingly diverse subjects that are closely related indeed.

A foregoing deification of "the framers" is critically necessary to the erection of a written constitution as the juridical sine qua non, as an all-determining moral, legal and political philosophy all its own, as a standard revolutionary-council-mandated legal cipher to utterly and with scarcely-veiled contempt replace the law of God as the sole source of valid law. This cloud-shrouded supremacy being the throne upon which our own Constitution here in the USA so imperially resides, in an apotheosis to be seen likewise in France, where if possible an even-more-Jacobin custom-and-usage-uprooting legal-philosophical process, albeit under the supervision of our own Franklin, Jefferson, Paine, Monroe and others, was in scorched-earth fashion undergone. A France where naturally-enough it was to be Rousseau and Voltaire, Danton and Robespierre, even Napoleon to a degree, who would be worshipfully erected in the French political Pantheon, with the New England connection kept in the background as much as possible, so as not to dampen all the eager mob-enforced, Masonically-directed French-patriotic zeal. That social nihilism which the same East-coast crowd simultaneously exported to Latin America, which thereafter, fatally dismembered, would be kept resource-"exporting", Monroe-Doctrine-exclusively in the Yankee thrall. While in France and the USA alike are likewise held in yet-further reaches of hushed reverence—at least by "those who count"—the enveloping Rothschildian financial web-of-intrigue that held together this pan-revolutionary coterie, complete with inseparable intermediary proto-globalist Judeo-Masonic associates in key trade and/or political positions around an entire world. Even the "Catholic" Spanish-Bourbon and Habsburg empires ultimately taking part, the latter well-before the former. This global ensemble ultimately uttering Satan's own coarse answer to the Catholic Church, in a slave-and-Opium-trading conspiracy that which made it all so noisily, dockside-bully-rousingly inevitable, and hardly any sort of genuine, civil "popular choice". In this miasma being found the root cause of that profound and multifaceted disorientation which the psychiatric profession—entrail-examiners of this new pagan creed—calls "depression": a condition held to justify yet-further violations of the human social body, further inroads into the inner sanctum of mortal man. The true strength and happiness of both being found in a certain inner resignation, resolve, probity and agency which must be based on the love of God, or else it is a mere chimera built on a dream.

Upon such reflections as these fervently-patriotic words of an O'Reilly or a Hannity begin to ring hollow indeed, as we begin to conceive major outlines of a fantastic con-game that uses forced pedestrian particulars of life, of commerce, pseudo-linguistics, quack-science, addiction and Frankenstein bio-engineering to get its abominable, sodomy-and-abortion-ridden way. Things which don't "just happen", these sorts of hand-holds obviously becoming more and more dictatorial and totalitarian as time goes on, after whose imposition people can be ruled in the most ruthless and barbaric style. And although I know that words like these are likely-enough to rain down grizzly object lessons from an "Al Qaeda" with an especially-virulent Lower-East-Side-Jewish wing, yet they must yet-more-obviously be said if a redress for treason is ever to be found. Remaining undaunted even as the Manhattan synagogue no doubt likewise provides its usual flurries of pictures of "terrorist leaders" who hardly look like Africans or Southeast Asians, but much more like New York City College drama-students with bandoleers and dark-skin-makeup liberally applied. As the collective madman of Jewish intrigue stalks the streets of an entire world, and allows no political solutions of any sort to stand, in Syria, Egypt, Mali or anywhere else. Since it is out of the abortive womb of chaos that the ultimate elite-controlled communist/capitalist collectivist state will be born, and all prior sacred human institutions burnt up like holocausts before altars of a new Baal.

In fact, if we can imagine a barely-imaginable pristine time before it all began, say around the year 1190 or so, when knighthood was still prolifically in flower, liberty and civic abundance were realistically recognized as achievable only where the law of God is enthroned as the sole source of valid law, that divine legislation, both revealed and written in fleshy letters on the human heart and mind, which is the only possible bulwark against these diabolical wrongs. A life-giving law animated by the very divine Spirit, enlivening specific statutes, preserving them in their lithe and limber flexibility. A grace-fed inimitable quality which enables a judicial penetration beyond mere and often-designedly-treacherous appearances. As when the Old Testament judge awarded the coveted child to the woman who couldn't have survived seeing him cut in half. While our own stiff and lifeless law does indeed perpetrate this sort of barbarous but perfectly "legal" procedure daily in a thousand venues and a thousand different ways. And furthermore sanctimoniously, complete with O'Reilly-reminiscent supercilious bonhomie, claims that the "loser" deserves what he or she got, for not having a sufficient volume of bench-savvy blood coursing through their veins.

But returning to our theme: the supposedly-sacrosanct, pantheon-erected Constitution rears up a diametrically opposed idea of law, with its limitless loopholes, not only for crooks and murderers but also for souls. The whole U.S. legal "web" powerfully enabling worldly values with regard to standards-of-decency and all other things, in perfect loggerheads against those advanced by a Church which stands for eternal and incontrovertible Western values in the most singular and thoroughgoing way. This condition of contradiction producing catastrophic stalemate or capitulation in an area where all human motivation and dedication is born and sustained, signaling a resounding triumph of that kind of law which defrauds the biblical "widow and the orphan", sullies immaculate youth, and enthrones in sodden cruelty those who find it all so amusing, such as we see today so often on TV. Only one element of those forces which animate this legal beast which stands so ominously on an Apocalyptic shore.

As noted above, we live in a society in which all sense of the sacred, of the private and untouchable, is being steadily eroded by that very constitutional process said in staggering irony to be itself so sacrosanct. A desecration begun at an extremely early age, when young pubescent or pre-pubescent actresses are violated, fondled indecently, right there on the big screen. This while even the tiniest of children must by immemorial standards be treated with great reverence in these regards as well: as for one thing the cultivation of habits of purity and modesty cannot begin too early in life. There is no time when careless frolic is ever in order, casually passing hands over areas where they don't belong.

But beyond all reckoning this incomprehensible invasion has taken place as well in Catholic Rome itself, where the Holy Spirit previously animated canon law and sacramentary, when valid popes once sat on the papal throne. Hence doomed to ultimate oblivion was an instruction on modesty of dress for women, issued by the Vatican sometime before Vatican II: a directive which stated that a blouse with a neckline "lower than two finger's widths below the pit of the neck can scarcely be considered modest", while dresses and skirts must "amply cover the knee" when sitting in order to meet the same minimum criterion. Interesting too is the fact that the little seer of Fatima, Jacinta, in subsequent Heavenly communications before her death, barely on the threshold of adolescence, was told by Our Blessed Lady of the many bad fashions that already then prevailed, with the innocent child adding, to paraphrase, that we "should not follow the fashions", because "Our Lord is always the same". While we must put this missive from beyond the pale in comparison with a letter of Pope Pius XII to some Parisian organization for "High Fashion", as I recall the name, in which he praises their efforts to see that women's clothing is at one and the same time uplifting, appealing and within Christian norms. For although this must be confessed to be an innocent aim in itself, yet the contrast with the firm words of the seer is obvious, in a candid and childlike phrase paving "a more excellent way" of a complete and contemptuous disregard for the passing fancies of women and men. While going far beyond the less-than-challenging words of a rather un-heroic if valid pope is the "conservative" and "respectable" practice of post-Vatican-II Catholic women, of brandishing marginally revealing hemlines and necklines: that which must be acknowledged for the abominations that this peek show truly is. Giving occasion if not justification to mawkish and barbaric claims of oglers, seducers and rapists: who usually rape not the immodest provocateur but some perfectly innocent woman or girl, having been thus aroused by those they despise. Such cowardly and shameful compromises leveling crucial pro-life, pro-purity ramparts to the very ground.

Hence the intervention, in the very Vatican itself, of the profane in precincts of laws by nature divine, a biblical "steadying of the Ark" by vulgar human hands: of which saints have prophesied the calamitous outcome for a millennia and more. The cosmic overthrow that resulted being much of the subject-matter of the biblical Apocalypse of St. John, as well as of at least one book, called as I remember The Book of Destiny, written in the early twentieth century by a saintly and perspicacious priest. A treatise based entirely on biblical sources, laying out a clear and convincing timeline for the Latter Days, within which timetable is notably accommodated a brief rebirth of the Church, its final triumph "to the ends of the earth", a resurrection soon indeed to come, if after many catastrophic woes indeed. The noted book having no doubt been inspired by the once-much-publicized vision of Pope Leo XIII, experienced at the foot of the altar after a papal mass in 1888, over whose shocking content he actually swooned, and was only with difficulty revived: a pontiff who thereupon immediately penned a St. Michael the Archangel prayer which directly and specifically addressed the Satanic inroads into the Church that were already lengthily in progress back then. Infiltrations revealed as destined to continue at newer pitches of intensity during a future century soon to begin—a time-of-testing which in my own opinion commenced in 1914 at the start of World War I, and is to end in 2014—this by a mysterious divine concession such as had been concluded in primordial times over Job at the behest of the Tempter himself. This diabolical invasion of the One True Church—the ultimate test or temptation indeed—having been the overpowering subject-matter of the Heavenly communication just then received.

Thus quoting the pertinent passage of Pope Leo's prayer: "This wicked dragon pours out, as a most impure flood, the venom of his malice on men of depraved mind and corrupt heart, the spirit of lying, of impiety, of blasphemy, and the pestilent breath of impurity, and of every malice and iniquity. These most crafty enemies have filled and inebriated with gall and bitterness the Church, the spouse of the Immaculate Lamb, and have laid impious hands on her most sacred possessions. In the Holy Place itself, where has been set up the See of the most holy Peter and the Chair of Truth for the light of the world, they have raised the throne of their abominable impiety, with the iniquitous design that when the Pastor has been struck, the sheep may be scattered." (Raccolta, 1930, Benziger Brothers, pp.314-315.) Thus being mysteriously fulfilled the age-old desire of the biblical "synagogue of Satan", that namely which an apostate, rebellious Judaism had by the time of Our Lord become: yet a protracted success of diasporic Judaism to be followed by a staggering and humiliating reversal, by an unprecedented universal triumph of the Catholic Church, a "snatching of victory out of the jaws of defeat" to be born out of the agonizing travails of Armageddon. That apocalyptic, all-delivering war predicted not only in Scripture but also by saints and seers of fifteen-hundred years, called by some the "battle of the birch-trees". While finally the immense battle will take place amid a cosmic divine punishment with whose first glimpses we are even now becoming ruefully familiar: one that will actually aid the impossibly-outnumbered forces of God, much as at Joshua's battle at Jericho.

When was the Pastor struck? We must accept the testimony of the "keeper of the conclave", the latest scion of a noble family of Rome for centuries commissioned with the maintenance of good order and decorum during the elections of popes, designed indeed to serve as a witness to anything untoward or doubtful that might have taken place. As uncovered in a book by a certain traditional-Catholic American author—the "rights" over whose carefully-researched writings were strangely-enough allegedly "bought" or otherwise "captured" by a certain well-known Catholic actor, and then promptly buried in oblivion—exceedingly strange things happened at the 1958 conclave. Hence from the threshold of the present to sixty-some years ago does cloak-and-dagger intrigue color the Vatican-corridor narrative, beginning with the first of several conclaves in which the "smoke signals" from the celebrated Vatican chimney alternated erratically between white and black: an utterly unprecedented phenomenon, of course yawningly dismissed by a synagogue-controlled global media, but in fact infallibly indicating a struggle taking place within. An anomaly which bore witness that it had been Cardinal Siri of Genoa who had actually been elected in the first place: whereupon a tumult was raised by a certain notorious liberal wing among the assembled fathers, after which demonstrations Cardinal Siri capitulated before this mounting pressure, complete with threats of schism, with violent gestures and words being applied. All of which took place during that doubtful half-hour or so when the smoke kept changing from black to white and back again. Siri thus being the long-awaited "pope in red", or someone fated thereafter to dress like a cardinal but to actually be the pope—as such duress can by no means void a papal election—that pontiff namely who is so clearly identified by Venerable Anne Katherine Emmerich in the early 1800s. The same holy seer, peering prophetically forward into time, describing this enigmatic pope-elect, this "pope in red", as sadly timid: a characterization which fits to a T, as events would so exhaustively prove. All these portentous events foreseen to take place, to paraphrase, in an "odd New Church built against all the rules of architecture"—suggesting maniacal disorders such as Catholics witness today—a moral-monstrosity in whose "basement" furthermore "they will be kneading bread, but it will not rise…. And neither will they who receive communion be actually given the Body of Christ". Although those who receive this mere bread out of ignorance "will be comforted by God".

A vitiating of the sacramental "form" or wording-of-confection is the disabling cause, as the words must by infallible teaching accurately describe the gift or office being conferred, or the whole procedure is null and void. This form-irrelevance being the reason for instance, as elucidated by both Leo XIII and Pius XII, and as upheld by constant Church teaching, that Anglican orders are not valid: since the sacramentary for the office of bishop is verbally defective beyond repair, with the Anglican succession having thus long ago been severed. While in this matter of form-related defect in episcopal succession is indeed found the whole disability of Catholic sacraments today as well: with the "reform" of Paul VI of 1969 reproducing almost word-for-word the vague, generic, abortive formula of the Anglican Church. An exhaustive analysis of which catastrophic emptying of sacramental form was written by the priests of the Society of St. Pius V, with a certain Father Sanborn, as I remember, in the lead.

Thus is Cardinal Siri the future pope-elect whom the seer mystically begs, while in spiritual transport, "not to leave Rome", as in that event calamitous things will take place, and "all will be lost". Although of course we all know that Cardinal Siri did in fact do that very catastrophe-ridden thing, although he had been the universally heralded heir-apparent of Pius XII, as stated uniformly in the Catholic and other media of the times: with Pius XII having himself become aware of the treacheries of Cardinals Roncalli and Montini, the future anti-popes John XXIII and Paul VI. Both of which highly-"charismatic" freemasonic interlopers he had thereupon duly posted far from Rome, this a few years prior to his own death from a malady likewise exceedingly odd.

The plot thickens when we find out that the noted consigliore himself, the "keeper of the conclave", would die mysteriously not long after his divulging of all these facts. He the very "primary source", as historians say, of all these staggering revelations so consonant with the prophetic vision of Leo XIII. This together indeed with the demise of a number of others personally privy to his testimony, in a wholesale "tying up of loose ends" which reminds you of nothing so much as a similar thinning of first-hand witnesses close-on-the-heels of both the Kennedy assassinations, during roughly the same epic-consequential, globally-tumultuous times. While finally I myself once met the noted complier of all these prodigiously-important facts, Gary Giuffre (sp?), in the late 1980s: a man who told me all these things personally, during a period of several days, who also showed me the immense documentation, allegedly about to go to the press. Down in Texas where he presumably still lives.

The facts regarding all this can also be found at the website In Today's Catholic World, together with more-compete testimonies of a certain Mr. DuPont, the accomplished collector of sainted prophesies quoted here, and to whose scholarship we are all indebted beyond words. A site which however I consider to have been mounted or taken over by the enemy himself, as the spirit exhibited there is of the usual trenchant, morbid, Calvinistic type, full of unworthy overtones, found in all the major traditionalist organizations—after the fashion in which Fox News pretends to represent conservative thought in the USA—the devil having "put his man" in every place on every side of every issue in the most exhaustively-complete way. While the group behind the site likewise makes the staggering claim of being the repository of an unknown but duly elected pope all-of-its-own, and a voluminous college of cardinals as well. And to have indeed been in possession of all these persons for well over twenty years and counting. Where did they hide this all-important gaggle for so long? It's anyone's guess. Here too being highlighted the need for divine intervention, for following the directions of Our Lady of Fatima to a T: apart from which we fall into any number of pits dug for us so carefully. Thus do we here at the Crusade look to the Russian (at present schismatic but quite valid) hierarchy—after that nation's Fatima-predicted conversion to the Catholic Faith—to supply for a fatally-defective sacramentary. A historic intervention which will likewise supply for the same vitiating lack-of-specificity in the words of consecration at mass, probably just as fatal in consequence as those now used to consecrate a bishop: divinely-uttered words which were tampered-with seriously by Montini and Bugnini (his liturgy "Czar"), after two thousand years of serene invariability of same.

But returning to the subject of the above-noted solemn papal invocation of the Prince of the Heavenly Hosts, once contained in every Catholic missal, familiar to the Catholic laity of an entire globe: this forthright prayer/declaration—strikingly after the fashion of future disappearing sacramental formularies themselves—was fated for unobtrusive removal by Pius XI, forty-some years after Leo's vision, in the 1930s, to be replaced by the comparatively bland St. Michael prayer that we have today. While just as stunningly, the same 1930s was likewise the period during which the "Fatima Secret" was buried, seemingly forever, in the utterly-novel phenomenon of a CIA/Mossad-like Vatican secrecy never before seen, and not at all requested or demanded by Our Blessed Lady herself at Fatima. She who only asked that the publicly-unannounced portion of the Heavenly locution be given into the care of the pope. He who in turn, if he were faithful, would know how and under what circumstances to make the entire message known. That which as events would prove was beyond any question the intention of Heaven in their regard. Ah, but to liars and interlopers simple discretion readily becomes egregious and treacherous secrecy, among turncoats in the very House of God. Pius XI too interestingly-enough having been the very first head-of-state to recognize the Bolshevik regime in Russia, not long after its bloody, regicidal rampage: a diplomatic recognition, albeit later said to have been bitterly repented, then quickly fated to become universal, in a global sovereign-level acknowledgment-of-legitimacy prior-to-which papal precipitation other leaders of the world had drawn back in horror. Hence is it not only before civil courts and legislatures that God's all-freeing law is now impugned, but likewise in a Catholic Church within whose once-hallowed precincts such diabolical things have been allowed for so long by mysterious divine permission to take place. A Church in which modesty-of-dress, only one of a brace of staggeringly-important issues thus consigned, has become a virtual unknown, within a few short decades since "the Council" and a string of still-reigning anti-popes. And the entire corpus of Catholic morality, spirituality and sociopolitical doctrine has been "hung out to dry", out "Blessed" John XXIII's "open window of the church".

Hence too—in an attack in particular upon the Catholic civic order, and the rights of majority-Catholic states—a major salient of this veritable latter-day blitzkrieg from Hell—an incident which powerfully reinforces the general pattern set by Pius XI—did a "wonderfully holy" "Blessed" John Paul II, the third in a growing list of antipopes, legitimize the '80s English attack upon Argentina in a less-obvious but equally-consequential way. This by simply staging an un-scheduled papal visit to that Catholic land. Argentina then a Latin-American powerhouse which only wished to discuss the status of its rightful territory of the Falklands, just off its coast (I have forgotten the Argentine name): Islands which had been summarily seized by the British already more than a century prior to the latest Argentine appeal-for-discussion, during a time when the southern republic was suffering from internal upheavals of some kind. Thus did Argentina finally, after decades of callous English oblivion to its pleading, attacked a British ship sent to guard ill-gotten "possessions", an Argentina that was immediately subjected to prolonged air-and-naval attack by English forces, with these predictably refueled by American aircraft-carriers and tanker-ships. Thus while English bombs fell and planes strafed, the Pope addressed a stadium-full of Argentines, with these no doubt expecting to be patriotically heartened by his words. But this embattled people was rather met with a doleful repeat of his then-celebrated "War no more! War never again!". An uninvited defeatist/pacifist disavowal which was of course like a treacherous wet blanket over a whole people's perfectly just and heroic resolve. Here being reinforced this modern-day geopolitical dogma that it is only the USA, England and "Israel" that have the right to plan or conduct wars, indeed to destabilize other nations in the name of their own Hellish brand of atheistic "stability" so destructive of the human soul, of childhood innocence, of society as a whole. Even if some coalition of European nations might be deputed by the all-powerful three to carry on some proxy-war, to end in some unmitigated disaster like the unjust overthrow of Moamar Ghaddafi, and the consequent utter destruction of the Libyan state, and the spread of its massive stores of weapons to a host of rebel and/or mob-related forces everywhere. That modern Anglo-Jewish enthrallment, in fine, which "Catholic" TV stations like EWTN back up unquestioningly, like the obsequious pawns that they for-the-most-part are.

A further unanticipated blessing of the recognition of the law of God as sole source of all valid law is the fact that beyond that crystal-clear divine legislation man is entirely free: to be unduly bounded by no man, nor by allegedly-sacrosanct "forms of government", nor by misplaced declarations of antipopes, nor by a rigid imposition of secular mores on the young in our schools, nor by anything else, except that self-same divine law. Man to be released to dabble and experiment as he will in forms of productivity and organization, of human political/economic relationship as well: with the one stricture being that all must be governed by the divine law. That code seared on the human heart and soul, amplified and elucidated in the divine positive law of the Decalogue, further gaining in fullness of application in codices, in customs and usages, in a whole wealth of traditional practical application. Albeit none of them chiseled in stone. That juridical corpus which nonetheless embodies comprehensively the philosophy, the sense of anno domino law, according to the biblical axiom: "the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life". That which is being replaced today around the globe by a spirit-suffocating letter-of-the-law full of lifeless Newtonian-Physics-lab notions about power, Scrooge-like axioms about economics, and prostrations before "framers" mostly without souls, which would divide life hermetically into realms that allegedly mustn't mingle at all. This kind of law in short which would dismember man, both in himself and in his society, and make him a prey to a cunning breed indeed.

Here then too the reason we have a whole generation of schoolchildren who now grow up trained like animals under radical-experimental principles mostly a decade or less old, with the whole legacy of law as laboriously built up over millennia being thrown behind like useless refuse. A modern law, a modern education which tied the precious minds of youths to the dictatorial weather-cock say-so of this shallow and degenerate breed who now teach-in and administer our schools from pre-school to grad-school and beyond. Children destined if this continues to have the divine law irretrievably effaced from their very minds and hearts, those letters removed by which alone those vessels of personal identity can be sanely, compassionately and intelligently formed.

Here then the line in the sand beyond which we will not pass, having called upon the divine aid, of a God Who is invincible on behalf of those who call upon Him with confidence. Viva Cristo Rey! While the form of government indicated quite plainly by prophesy to succeed illegitimate Judeo-Masonic usurpations of modern times will be an organizationally-distributive monarchy generally after the pattern detailed so exhaustively among the many pages of this site. That fatherly yet highly functionally-localized, personalized system which most accords with interdependent frailties and affectionate qualities of human life.

February 4, 2013: An open letter to Patriarch Kiril of Russia.

Do you realize that if you only accept the Catholic formula of the doxology, together and quite consonant with that embraced by Orthodoxy the world over, and follow through with any necessary adjustments in relatively-recent changes in Orthodox teachings regarding the inviolability of marriage, and perhaps some few other more-minor matters, that you can then claim the papal throne in Rome for your own? As there now sits on that Chair of Peter no valid claimant? Over a Catholic Church which furthermore can no longer even muster a quorum of indubitably-consecrated bishops to give your accession a yah or nay? A duly-representative college-of-bishops which however your own myriad colleagues in a thus re-enlivened Orthodoxy would amply, indeed prodigiously represent? They who could give your mounting of the Catholic/universal, Roman/papal throne a thunderous acclamation, to rock the very foundation-stones of a thus-reunited, scoured and sanctified Church? One which honors God once again in that annihilatingly-reverential way of which the entire Eastern Rite represents a kind of unique epitome? A throne which indeed cries out for some such valiant leader and defender, and father of us all?

February 4, 2013: Donahue's Catholic League and the issue of sedevacantism or papal invalidity vis-à-vis the rape of little altar boys.

We here on the Crusade have no particular interest in major post-Vatican-II New-Church-Catholic organizations, such as typically claim so ponderously to speak for the Church herself, and imagine themselves to exhibit her spirit quite well. Yet these rather pretentious entities represent podia-of-opinion accessible at the touch of a TV remote, and offer us irresistible adversarial straw men with whom to notionally struggle over critical realms of faith. But alas here many qualifications are in order as well: caveats and provisos, mental footnotes and notional detour-signs. For when you deal with the world of mass dissemination, of some "global Catholic network", you are entering a new kind of no-man's land in which key concepts can be steadily warped beyond repair, as the world of human communication is meant to "live, move and have its being" in realms relatively pristine, permeated and intermediated throughout with unique and colloquial connections. These wrought amid humming noises of work or perambulation, between trips to the butcher or baker, the beehives, smokehouse, hog-pen or field. Instead we have this one mega-communicator mouthing his news-speak at us in the most commanding sort of way, and we begin to move in a world in which his every quirk or twitch comes to seem a vital and meaningful part of the day.

Indeed, mass-dissemination is the very novel podium that was used to take over the Catholic Church in all its visible and exterior forms, as unerringly predicted by saintly and biblical prophesy: a last test before Anti-Christ, on whose fiery heels will come Christ the King. But whereas in the past when the Faith was under attack we could expect a stout defense to arise from a thousand venues and persons, clerical and lay, nowadays there are erected one or two towering fortresses of the verbose which have no such noted densely-intertwined embeddedness as was known once before. That very thing which guaranteed its authenticity, as having been biblically "passed down to you". The day having been inaugurated of the ecclesiastical, and especially the papal, speech-giver instead: one who by dint of modern mass-dissemination hardware and software can command attention in the most hypnotic way. Brandishing a mode-of-discourse of fantastically plastic potentiality, which can as it were mold its own reality as show-time minutes wear on.

As it turns out, then, all the speech-giving need have little if any connection to the interweave of living, breathing realities noted above: that existential quiddity which gives all the impressive words a framework-of-authenticity within which to resound. And a pope (or antipope) can sound very pious in this rock star-reminiscent echo-chamber, can in fact reproduce quite impressively the very notionally-bone-crushing if velvet-covered tones of an Orwellian 1984. Especially when there have been psychosocial experimentations in South Carolina and elsewhere on Blacks a century ago, and Stalin and Mao's ranging psychiatric prisons, Romania's Pitesti, the '70s brief (soon to be re-established) psychiatrist's paradise here in the USA, and our own (presidentially-beloved) Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib: all of them exhaustively researched and notated. Providing "guidelines" for humanity to be condescendingly, psychosocially molded, in ponderous technocratic solicitude, of course "for our own good".

Here, then, after all these provisos, each requiring a separate paragraph, can we address the central point of this little essay: the characteristically oblique yet combative claim of Donahue that, to paraphrase, "no leader of an organization 1.3 billion strong can be held accountable for moral breaches like the sodomite child-molestation outbreak that has taken place over the fifty years" since Vatican II. All this, of all things, during the rule of a record number of "Blessed" anti-popes since that allegedly "hallowed" convocation during 62-65. "On the watch" of all these breath-bating speech-givers, these coiners of beautiful and uplifting phrases, uttered in a growing vacuum though these sound-bites and body-language-triumphs were. Indeed the growing preponderance of oratory within this social/spiritual/colloquial vacuum—what Capone of the movie The Untouchables might aptly have called "a lotta talk in a bag"—ironically comprised the counterintuitive essence of this "open windows" phenomenon said to have so powerfully conveyed the whole marvelous wonder of what was so expectantly announced during decades past. New vistas which the more credulous no doubt still indeed await with baited breath, after fifty-some years and counting.

No, Mr. Donahue and breath-baited listeners of same: the defining duty, the rudimentary and essential charism of a pope, that which is his specific mandate, is to rule, frequently indeed with a biblical iron rod: and this not just against Traditionalists who refuse to part with the Tridentine Mass. Lovely sermons are the specific province of bishops and priests, who have no such nuts-and-bolts burdens—as the critical ultimate line-of-defense of little altar boys, and other innocent souls—as popes have to bear. This by way of millennially-developed order-maintaining discipline and powerfully-motivating liturgy and protocol, all alike meant to gravitate irresistibly precisely against these sorts of catastrophic breaches-of-faith. A trenchant, dogged, indomitable governing in which speeches actually have precious little part: a veritable ramroding which critically requires the preservation of an interweave handed down. A moral/spiritual grapevine of the Mystical Body which cannot bear any tearing, so as to create an "open window" a mile wide. A mammoth void in which we are talking not about an isolated boy here and there in exceptional and bizarre circumstances, but rather about hundreds at a time. All the while the speechifying went on those many years so mesverizingly well, and people went to ga-ga "prayer meetings" in the basement of the church, and a "Blessed" John-Paul II—whose moniker elicits involuntary notional connections with Jean-Paul Sartre, the notorious filth-mongering novelist and pseudo-philosopher of mid-century—fulminated so gloriously about so many things. Sometimes frolicking with African Toe-worshippers and Voo-doo-ers, whom civilized Africans both fear and despise, on some hyperventilating Assisi-Day.

But the vast skein of subterfuge and Judeo-Masonic intrigue doesn't stop there by any means, for what the past fifty years of "wonderful popes" has most specifically if least-admittedly accomplished has been a complete incorporation of New Church into the global interconnected empire of the corporate world, that which has a generous Mafia component as its less-auspicious undergirding. Hence notorious if surprisingly little-media-mentioned money-laundering proclivities of the present "oh, he's so holy!" antipope, Benedict XVI. (You'd expect more attention to all this bonafide muck-raker's muck, of a Vatican which the Italian government forbids the use of plastic credit cards, if this "wonderful pope" is being so persecuted as it is claimed). While here too might be placed-in-context a catastrophic collapse of Latin America and by implication the Latin American Church before the narcotics trade which now in so many pedestrian ways basically runs the two continents of the Western Hemisphere. In this all-points mutual-association—of putative piety with mammon and nefarious intrigue—are summarily torn up, glibly replaced all the one-time stout-girthed Catholic lay and ecclesiastical connections, of meandering vines whose limitless branches and tendrils once bore so much moral and spiritual fruit. Vines which reinforced so many civil administrations with moral backbone, fruit-bearing limbs which kept up a surveillance against fiends and interlopers of every kind. Which kept altar boys inviolably secure and sound, safe in the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. As I myself know so well, as I was once a marvelously-respected altar boy too, placed in trusty care of truly Godly and often-enough genuinely-holy priests.

No, dear Mr. Donahue, we cannot super-sanctify what has happened, in order not to face who did the foul deed, and what has been the result. And we must take note that it is for the Church to inspire the world, and not the world the church. Modern deities or wild horses of Progress and Liberty must be spayed and corralled, and the world recognized as not limitlessly plastic, either in terms of nano-engineering or of the spoken word. Only then can we once again "get a handle" on what has happened in the Church. And why it is that the Fatima Message must be looked at in an utterly new and different way: not as a collection of pious devotional prayers but as a blueprint for the reclaiming of both Church and world for Christ the King. Viva Cristo Rey! That concrete practical mandate which alone accounts for staggering prodigies that took place on that October day of 1917, the very year of the Bolshevik Revolution, when Russia's true and glorious future was nonetheless, in staggering Heavenly intrepidity, just then being unveiled.

But that is not all by a long-shot, for inseparable from all the "wonderful speeches" and "Blessed" popes come all the "wonderful Jews": and it is here that the last dot is connected, and the meaning of the whole massive imposture is revealed. For it is the synagogue which is actually enthroned in all this ingenious substitution—in place of colloquial ties of parish and neighborhood, of popes who wielded their staffs with might and main—replaced by an interlocking web of corporate-consolidated, media-solidified, secret-society piloted, academically super-sanctified global hyper-organization. An ironclad mesh which has entirely replaced heartfelt relationships of days gone by, in an agape kept so laboriously alive just before all the brutal mockery and out-of-hand rejection took their deadly toll. When the old and tender connections fell prey to ceaseless caricature from diocesan newspaper and parish pulpit for at least fifteen years on the heels of Vatican II. During which time basically nothing was said from the Vatican, let alone a flock-protecting papal hand manfully raised. Even as heretical professors like Hans Kung and dozens of others remained at the head of theology departments at major universities and were never once called down, during those critical and irretrievable years. All this having produced the fatal hiatus, the tear in the grapevine "through which you could drive a truck", and through which so many youthful lives were destroyed.

But there is little time or need left anymore for imposture and deceit, and the enemy is now steadily throwing off his disguise. As an entire earth is now being systematically enslaved, its peoples by careful calculation headed for starvation, riot, violent upheaval and overthrow, disbelief and despair. All this having been prepared under the eye of "wonderful, holy" popes John XXIII, Paul VI, John-Paul II and Benedict XVI. With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Yet there is indeed hope, and it is not for nothing that Our Blessed Lady added those to-some-gratuitous words at Fatima, "But in the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace". Peace for souls, for little altar boys, for girls with the blush of purity on their brows. For a Church at last once again secure from savage inroads of ever-conniving and iniquitous Jews. How is this to be done? Read on, good reader, read on.

January 30, 2013: Do madmen with guns call forth other madmen with guns? A fatal rush-to-judgment is being skillfully called forth in all of this, on the heels of the horrific shootings of the past couple of months. More on the official vilification and criminalization of Christian attitudes and behavior to be expected from psychological witch-hunts soon to come.

Unremarked is the fact that most or all of these violent figures have decidedly Jewish-sounding names: first of all Lochner, then the guy with the skullcap in the Denver suburban theater, then the one in the Northeast who killed the two policemen covering a fire he himself had set, in a neighbor's house, whose name also had the suspiciously generic sort of ring that Hebrew nominatives so typically have. And now there is this guy Dykes or Dikes as well, the killer who now holds a little boy hostage somewhere in Alabama under ground. But many of these outbursts may be far more wicked than pathological, as there is afoot today a depraved cynicism which knows no bounds, which is willing to do anything, no matter how cruel, to gain its aims. This whole fantastic outburst of ugly and violent crime, much like the black ops wing of a U.S. military which through any number of minor 9/11s regularly propels us into pre-arranged, unjust, aggressive wars, quite possibly being at the forefront of a drive toward the establishment of mental-health evaluative boards. This being a long-cherished aim of a rabid fringe-liberal wing, one which can be advanced so surely in no other way than by this grizzly path. For which "noble cause" or omelet certain people would crack any number of eggs, and things be made to look as they are not. Panels being in the works to examine anyone whose neighbors think they keep to themselves too much, "don't act quite right", and so on: almost exactly as had been done in "Peoples' Courts" of the Red Chinese under Mao Zhe Dung, or in Stalin's very similar proceedings of the mid-thirties: when rigid conformity to congenitally-Jewish communism's attitudes and ideology was being ramroded in both regimes in the most hideous and brutal way. While highly germane to a similar impending invasion-of-liberties is the fact that in the West most forms of Christian behavior, and especially profound and timeless Catholic personality formation, have since the time of a Jewish Sigmund Freud been progressively classified by the "experts" as abnormal, deranged, "backward", and ultimately dangerous. Just attend any college class and you will sooner or later find out what I mean. Even as the most truly dangerous and perverted fiend knows quite well how to mimic that same Christian bearing and behavior in the most convincing sort of way. While on the other hand the devil-may-care Jew and his agnostic/hedonistic comrades are credited in such prestigious circles with having achieved the very summit of good mental health: a growing constituency of wild-eyed Jewish mass-murderers notwithstanding.

Indeed, in the Jews we deal with a belief system, not a race: an ideology which feels somehow compelled in particular to control men's minds and behavior, whose greatest enemy is the innocent conscience, whose most commonly-held tenet is a belief in whip-wielding collective superiority of those who hold to that creed. Hebrews basically being furthermore motivated by a kind of street-savvy with little if any scruple at all, pursuant to a master/slave megalomania with one sole immovable "precept": that "the end justifies the means".

The supporting documentation I could bring forward for these assertions comes in massive tomes, in thousands of pages of documents recorded over the millennia: but none of these sources—popes, church-councils, royal commissions and courts-of-inquiry—is recognized as having any "standing" at all today, before courts, "kings" and legislatures that give their infamous nod to sodomy and abortion-on-demand. Prestigious bodies of the past having predictably come under the guillotine of relentless Jewish discrediting, as having been packed with backward and superstitious fools. This the verdict of global Shylock creditors who for a couple of centuries now had "had ways" to gain almost anyone's ear. Indeed even they who have sat on the chair of Peter since Vatican II, all of them deep in the Jewish debt, as well as that rouge-council itself, paid-for largely with borrowed Jewish money, have held that all these meticulously-recorded indictments against the Jews "were all a great misunderstanding" (from the anti-pope Benedict's last writing on the subject).

Thus the broadly-paved avenue for the imposition of a rigid social control, indeed an enveloping atmosphere of brainwash which will stifle all pious, positive or creative thought. Promoting this notion that there is something dangerous and pathological about our own-business-minding Catholic Way, an immemorial disposition slated for such a sanctimonious "update" as implied above. Catholicism a sober realism that knows who its enemies truly are, while for such well-balanced reflectiveness being regarded with mock terror as a "boiling cauldron" about to explode: an indictment for whose admission any number of ghoulish object-lessons are readily utilized by characterless men, to brand this prejudice in searing letters on the public mind. To prevent the Gospel-intended legal and cultural institutionalization of sublime priorities of the next world, of a "peace which the world cannot give": such as Catholic Faith in such harmless fashion seeks alone to bring into being. A popular relative-detachment from earthly goals, a setting of citizens' sights primarily upon Heavenly rewards: all these being slyly demoted to the level of the morbid, unstable or borderline depraved. All the while is officially and academically acclaimed today's standard hedonism of noisy fools, as if they had attained some sort of marvelous social ideal.

Granted, we on this Crusade depend entirely upon God to deliver us from all such deadly intrigues, a God without Whose aid we are powerless indeed: but the Gospel "victory" is "already won" only in the sense that grace is abundantly available to us since the Cross and Resurrection, that the gates of Heaven are open wide: a fact which doesn't by any stretch imply that mortal combats aren't incessantly in the making, all the same. Especially when so many surrenders have already been ignominiously made, "deals" been concluded, in a Rome long ago already thus indicted by the Heavenly courts, as predicted by relatively-recent Marian apparitions, as well as by saints and seers of centuries past. Hence would we be fools not to expect imps to appear at every turn, to dramatize and choreograph, surround attractively with jugglers and jesters, the "broad and smooth", worry-less "way" down which we are so convincingly urged to go. While it is worthy to ponder that other impostures, polar-opposing parts of the same enveloping agenda, are conducted in other parts of the globe: as for instance in an Africa where impoverished tribesmen are led and lavishly armed by strange figures like this latest "Mali insurgent leader". He whose cosmopolitan features could fit almost any nationality, much as has been the case with so many other African or West-Asian "rebel leaders" of the past few years. Guns-in-the-air Israeli or American-NGO-supported enigmas, truly-dangerous individuals, this one with a whole persona which seems indeed decidedly Western, characterless and sophisticated, if of course under inevitable heavy layers of disguise.

Indeed and as attested by all the above modern life necessarily involves a great deal of mental strain, and there are numerous troubling things we must all face, imperative issues of a profound and decisive moral significance. These best faced head on and indeed as early in life as possible: as none of us really knows how long we will actually live. Especially in such an unpredictable world as we live in today. Accordingly, then, the big lie of today: that those who thus retire within themselves, according to Our Blessed Lord's own command, and "turn these things over in their hearts", according to the example of Our Blessed Lady, are somehow subject to dangerous illusions, are prime candidates to be brought before boards, panels, Maoist-era gaggles of gossiping neighbors and co-workers. That all must rather live as juveniles without a wrinkle on their brow, even in such perilous times, if they would "save their minds". Here rather being a grinding process of inner obliteration, a phenomenology which destroys minds and souls, rather than healing them, which vitiates their perceptiveness, their character and integrity, which hardens hearts into unreflective, flint-like indifference or even cruelty. As man must most imperatively reflect, and not just study math or worry over Freud: with this spiritual/contemplative character being the only thing that distinguishes him from the beasts. Or otherwise he is forever lost as a friend to himself, to his neighbor, to his God. The unfounded contention being that life is best kept at the most trivial of frivolous of levels, simply so that one doesn't somehow go mad.

Hence manifestly are all these terrified apprehensions about the "dangerously" retiring and reflective, the shy and the silent, simply boogey-men that have papered the passageway of many on their way to the subterranean pits of Hell, while no surer formula could be found as well for mass submission to a hypnotic "superior" will. Such as is indeed plied so cunningly and exhaustively today in schools, by officialdom, through tightly-controlled organs of media dissemination. Against which ruthless and multifaceted agenda we put forward the social, political and economic reign of the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary: Heavenly models of justice, humanity and wisdom given by Heaven for our frail but much-loved human race. As the only answer to an ironclad agenda of diabolical tyranny, of liars whom mere human labor and solicitude can never defeat. These cunning forces being led by a demon who however since Eden lies biblically in wait to be ignominiously crushed under Mary's maiden feet, both morally and politically, and in all other regards. Our Blessed Lady, the New and un-fallen Eve, giving birth in another and more comprehensive sense to the spotless Savior, this time as represented in His Mystical Body, in both its civil and its ecclesiastical forms. So that He may at long last truly reign as King.

January 25, 2013: The crux of Catholic political philosophy: "no man can serve two masters". Being "ashamed of God before men". Pro-life is only effective as component to humbler aspects of the Gospel-Catholic Way, or it is doomed to fail. The present blood-and-gore-graphic, rock-star/publicist version of pro-life signals a taking-on of glitzy/chaotic tactics of the enemy, a mixing of oil and water, unworthy of this holy cause.

As stated innumerable times here, one obeys authorities ranging from ones own father to the head-of-state only when the command is consonant with or reconcilable to the law of God: that code from which jurisdiction, validity, only-genuine constitutionality is solely derived, as from a prodigally-gushing fountainhead. While acting as the very backbone to this univocal integrity is a Gospel refusal to be "ashamed of God before men:" that craven exercise alas in which men of today so excel. This cowards' way out avoiding adroitly any candid abjurations, rather evincing this mawkish embarrassment over standing out too much in loyalty to God and His divine and multifaceted law. Hardly a Gospel "tight-fitting armor" in the service of God, today's prevalent vision of Pro-life advocacy is rather awash with latest methods and attention-grabbers of the modern Judeo-corporate world, all the while, in imperceptible stages, a rampant, leonine loyalty tends deftly to be replaced with fawning obsequies toward a Gospel-condemned world. Here being the entire problem with American Catholicism, a fatal detour much commented on this site, a pusillanimity nonetheless carried like a firebrand around the globe, having been conspicuously used as a trial-run for moral-overthrows of Vatican II. This admission of a worldly spirit being however death to any movement-for-life—in that arena where irreconcilable opposites combat each other in so mortal a way, and every ounce of strength is drawn upon, every biblical "loose sandal-strap" sorely-lamented too late—as indeed we two crusaders warned pro-life activists already back in the early seventies, around the time we exchanged our marital vows. Back in that halcyon rocker/biker/doper day when we dared announce the (to us) rather obvious fact that it's of little if any use to champion pro-life if you don't also advance and practice modesty of dress, purity of heart, custody of the eyes, avoidance of bad companionship: all these old stalwart precepts being critically required guardians around the safety and sanctity of the womb, of the marriage bed. By which we don't at all mean to offer excuses for killers-of-the-unborn, but only to indicate the desperate, interwoven, utterly-dedicatory nature of the combat entered-upon.

But as suggested this brace of Catholic practices—which define the term "practicing Catholic" at least as much as attendance at Sunday mass—this incontrovertible sine qua non of the more demanding and less-glamorous virtues is something which basically all "leading Catholics" of today have long ago cast behind them, in rushing headlong upwardly-mobile flights. For not only do we do battle in such a case without wearing our armor, but also when we choose the disguises of this world while attempting to carry out the will of God we give Him no honor and glory at all: that tribute which however alone can win us the prize, can secure us His aid. While by contrast when God's glory and unabashed service is foremost in mind, then do we join David in battling against odds a hundred to one, and come out victorious, indeed with ample booty to be won. While otherwise indeed finally even the very worldly mask itself adheres to our face, never to be removed. As in the old tale about the child who attempted such a ruse, wearing an ugly mask to a saintly pageant, in order to mock and distract his parents, and found to his chagrin, in frantic attempts at removal, that it had become a part of his flesh. No: we must fight the pro-life battle as Catholics through and through, not as worldly publicists hatching sexy sound-bites over the P.A. or around the room. For very simply, all these brassy stunts are not what was "handed down to us", nor is it what went with early Christians to the Coliseum, nor now what goes with those tiny-but-heroic youthful combatants who die by the millions today. Before cruel spectators on another thumbs-down spree. That massive genocide indeed found infinitely more in standard "birth control" pills, in billions of fertilized eggs denied attachment within their "mother's" womb. Ah, here then modesty, penitence, even a shrinking into the shadows for the especially-well-endowed, together with those large families which we must not permit to be denied by those who by their cunning designs actually destroy the earth's fecundity. So that ultimately only sodomites will survive, to frolic, to rule supreme, as at the abominable Obama Inaugural.

This is why we look to Russia, to The Ukraine, to Croatia, to people who still remember with love their babushka-wearing forebears, and who might not be at all ashamed to take up fondly-remembered parental manners and generously modest clothing once again. Some Slavs having indeed refused courageously to abandoned these Catholic "customs and usages" at all, often-enough finding reinforcement in the ample modesty of Muslim masses, who aren't ashamed of anything before men. Ah, yes, they are a little bit mistaken here and there, but they get this point about honoring God first and foremost exactly right: something Western-European and American Catholics of today tend to miss by a mile.

January 25, 2013: The new Hillary with the coke-bottle glasses. Some say that the new Reagan who came out of the "foiled assassination" of the early eighties had a mole misplaced conspicuously somewhere on his neck or face.

The important thing to realize is that such things are quite possible, and as the world stands now, even quite likely: especially when convincingly confirmed by policies that change abruptly thereafter, or by old vendettas finding unexpected neat solutions, out of the broad light of day. I must say that this new Hillary is decidedly different from the old: is a little more gritty and arrogant, smiles quite a bit differently, seems to be emitting canned replies such might be programmed into a standard model of signature-Obama-era diatribe. While wearing these feature-obscuring glasses over an area of the face that seems especially different, too.

But there is a positive side to such speculations: as we know that there are lots of bright people in government too, many of whom are good and conscientious. Indeed, we have met a whole passel of them out there on the road. Thus do we here on the Crusade reach out to these Lone Rangers, these Untouchables, and ask people who know far more than we to take a hand in this diabolical affair, if that is indeed what is going on. To prepare at last a genuine national sovereignty that isn't tailor made for chaos, for just such palace coups and overthrows, of which Washington has seen so many in the past.

No, little girl who saw that "the king has no clothes", you weren't mistaken: there is indeed something strange about such a two-month-long disappearance, when peculiarities, idiosyncrasies and characteristic gestures might be memorized, and the way prepared for this John Kerry who is no "inconvenient" outsider, but a well-disguised name-changing Eastern European Jew. Two months without any public sightings allowing for any conclusive identification at all. Of a Hillary who may have got her gut full of a satanic Obama foreign policy, and like Blagojevich and a few others taken exception in a way mortally forbidden by the throne.

January 24, 2013: Will and choice as two distinct things.

The debate must rage on in D.C. simply because that's what D.C. is all about: debate, balance of the two Parties and the three powers, with every inch of notional ground fought over doughtily and with much-noised patriotic ardor as if at Gettysburg. And after it is all over, or rather, once we come to peer over the edge of the turf and into the national grave, as inevitably ensues when such a philosophy reigns, then all our (scarcely-popularly-chosen) politicians congratulate themselves for a job well done, and get ready to throw in the first few spades atop the national coffin. But what's at the base of this race to the bottom? Actually it is something so common and almost banal as to scarcely provoke a "ho, hum". Very simply, all these lugubrious partisans have irreparably confounded will—which has no other purpose but to cleave to the good—with choice, which has to do with those relatively-mechanical or instrumental decisions, existing on a typically-dull and infinitely-lower plane, whereby the good is either facilitated or evaded, to our lose or gain. The incomparable, soul-stirring drama of the apprehension and possession of the good itself existing on a plane above-and-beyond noisy contentions of mere choice, being indeed the very pasture-land for "the pursuit of happiness", that which is so obviously and in so many senses the chief purpose of the state. With the polity in turn being so rightly construed and constructed as to draw upon the wisdom and experience, the heroic lives of ancestors, with their many legendary lines in the sand, as well as upon Holy Writ, so as to make this pursuit of happiness, this Thomistic and biblical cleaving to the good, an organized and relatively-easy affair. This activity in which the very substance of our being is brought to life; this embrace of the good, when joined to grace, and as we are assured in Catholic mystical theology, in which we become God by participation, in a preliminary to a Heavenly bliss which, if we are faithful, will know no end.

Here then too the utter nonsense of the objection raised by the boomer-era priest from the Polish-American neighborhood, mentioned a few articles back—his all-too-familiar discouraging sentiments a classical artifact of the Catholic auto-demolition of the past fifty years—in which he alleges that such an institutionally-undergirded Catholic existence tends primarily to make you "take things for granted". Nay, rather, father, the very opposite is true, as is so strikingly-much in evidence wherever little children abound: those biblical "little ones" whose "souls see the face of God". Being veritable fountainheads of this elemental reciprocity of love and good—the first being the cascading native response to the second—this indomitable chain-reaction setting up in turn a cumulative sequence in which biblical aromatic spices of the Divine Garment imperatively draw souls, as in the passage quoted so marvelously by St. Therese of Lisieux, "draw me: we will run after the odor of Your ointments". Here the place of Christian leadership in particular, pulling forcefully—on occasion even forcibly, behind the common generality of men. Albeit the latter after a certain civic fashion, scouring "highways and hedgerows", thus civilly "compelling men to enter" the divine wedding feast. Love being nurtured by active, organized personalized love, and stifled by much-vaunted "freedoms" of organizational incoherence which generously leave men "free" to amount to nothing, to destroy, to incessantly mock and sneer, to otherwise simply "let fly".

Thus briefly is identified the very crux of the present national malaise, in the jaws of a progress paradigm which holds with fanatical conviction that the innermost purpose of man and of society itself have changed: that a few inventions of gadgets or peerings into outer space have somehow reoriented man down to his innermost core: that now it is all about choice—that instrumental process over lesser contingencies, of a hit-and-miss quality at best—rather than about cleaving to the good, or indeed to the Good—with our "whole heart…and whole mind". That now at last man has been "freed" so that the universally, immemorially-perceived good, the subject of a natural law written on the human heart, can be discarded from the fisherman's-net of public office and human activity, and man can have a sex-change operation, or raise his children to be transvestites, or demand that his wife or girlfriend get an abortion or five. And to top it all off, can indulge in an unconscionable killing-spree in Afghanistan: all under the banners of a choice-idolizing "liberty". That vicious circle of a self-motivating nihilism which will end with a few cloned dictators ruling over elite-selected brain-matter, connected to electronic interfaces without a soul. With the rest of us dumped in some landfill, with offsprings not even conceived, with hearts that have long ago forgotten how to love.

This fantastic temple-priestly rubric-of-chaos is further based upon an incredible lowering of man's capacities to a level below that of insects: as with the latter some constructive pursuit of the good is always intrinsically involved. Man under the Obama-state, rather than following the rule of all creation in the aspiring of one level to that just above, so that the angelic has always held a noble fascination, a motivating attraction, to we mere mortal men—rather finds man grubbing in the mud, as if a hog in a hog-wallow, celebrating his "choice" of every conceivable perversity, cruelty, barbarity or bout-of-grunting-greed. Man today having become so abominably proud as to think he has no specific nature at all, given him by Almighty God, that he can continually mold himself as he wills. Spurning the Creator, becoming a self-creator all-his-own. That this rather-unremarkable contingency-related variability of his mind, choice, made to wade through life's many rarely-monumental alternatives, albeit these over a lifetime amounting to a conclusive choice of good or bad: that this shifting weather-cock phenomenon defines man for all that he is or can ever be. Sic semper the new liberated man, the prostrate worshipper of the Harbor Goddess, the Statue of Liberty.

The study of St. Thomas Aquinas has been consigned to the dustbin in Catholic circles today, or is taken up with great pomp and circumstance by self-important men who now monopolize where holiness once ruled. Thomism now only aired out on rare occasion, as when the gang on EWTN wants to misuse some justification for another lucrative war, or when "pro choice" people want to capitalize on the Angelic Doctor's (alleged) lack-of-knowledge of the biology-of-the-womb (in fifteen years of studying the holy Dominican, I haven't found the much-noised passage yet). But in fact St. Thomas, as he himself informs us in the preface to his Summa, wrote most pointedly for the common man, and not for theologians. Even if the polar opposite conviction has come to dominate, with clerics and seminary or Catholic-collegiate professors alike convincingly conveying the impression that such knowledge is only for men of the cloth, or for well-to-do LaCrosse-playing folks of our effete and politically-tractable American-Catholic upper and upper middle classes, who "can handle such things". (Oh, tell me another one, please). Yet the whole of the great thinker's system is poised on precisely the exceedingly simple and understandable fulcrum-point raised here: of the will of man being created to cleave only to the good: indeed that were man freed from all the ignorance-related barriers of this mortal life, and allowed to see good (or the Good) clearly, and no longer "as if through a mirror" (of that ancient and obscure type made of brass or bronze), he would instantly and as suggested above be bonded to same by the most elemental force of his very innermost being. While the purpose of society is to remove all these barriers and foggy mirrors that stand in the way of this elemental exchange, this love of the good, and of that ultimate Good which is God, so that indeed we help one another into Heaven, so that we prevent one another from "taking for granted" these many boons of love, of life, of the soul.

Hence do law and the free state facilitate precisely this individual and institutional cleaving to the good, this ocean of lively and constructive quiddity whose beloved outlines, like the Gospel "voice of the Shepherd"—most forcefully when hearkened-to by family and neighborly encouragement—those tones becoming quite familiar to all but the most deaf or blind. This most elemental pursuit of happiness by which great nations and wise peoples are made, and children aren't browbeaten over some avant-garde new bone of contention, but rather allowed to be children once again. Law and human institutions being designed to construct a magnificent cultivar, not to quibble over bluff or banal choices so readily enlisted to ramrod sodomy, military aggression, state-tyranny and abortion-on-demand. Making the polity not the harbor of good but a pit in teeth-gnashing precincts of Hell.

January 23, 2013: The official U.S. Exceptionalist vision versus the biblical "rest of men".

Hence that majority of "born agains" who of all things don't believe in the examination of conscience, according to free-market-bred heroisms of a certain preacher you can see and hear daily on evangelical TV. This guy who looks and acts like the star on Home Improvement, across whose fluid face cynicism in flights of mischief stealthily plays, or at best whose whole delivery suggests an auctioneer more than a man of God, telling us that "the trouble with a lot of people today is that they still remember all their sins since 1926." Ah, Good God, give me such a photographic memory, so that I never forget that in addressing You I "stand on holy ground", and that my unworthy sandals must be piously removed, the record of my sins recalled, repudiated, disavowed. But it is after all a mercantile religion that is practiced in the USA, not that of the tiller of the soil, the friend in need, or the loyal spouse. It is a creed where Freud meets McPherson, and all go off frolicking together in the foggy dew.

One cannot determine where one will be born; one can hardly return to his parents' village, when they were still packing their trunks so long ago, nor among those not second-generation-American can one step into a time-machine and go centuries back, and admonish eagerly-anticipating ancestors to follow the advice of a string of genuine popes and not board ship to walk "streets paved with gold". Where every good idea ever known to men will be welded into this faith-destroying, world-conquering machine, whose tools-of-death will make Napoleon or Stalin look like school children having a noisy but harmless quarrel. Let alone need one expatriate when the truth is seen at long-last, getting passport and visas even while living in rags. Relinquishing "unfair advantage" in a place where rogues reign free, who demand a level of unquestioning loyalty that will only beg for more sacrifices when avenues of escape from financial disaster are closed off one by one, in a collapse carefully nursed along for a half-century and more. In a regime where all things are carefully bent toward control, and ultimate scientific elimination of "lesser" or "inconvenient" men, where the very meanings of terms like progress or liberty are incessantly beaten and hammered into the same regimented idea. With the standard public diatribe having a "must" in every line, where every alleged advance is bloody with the lives of innocents both at home and abroad, in the womb and outside. In short, where the Harbor goddess of an ill-named Liberty is cravenly and abjectly offered human sacrifice, and the Synagogue of Satan rules cunningly supreme.

Once one finally grasps the fundamental difference between a "patriotism" which is a diabolical obsession of the mind, on the one hand, and the kinds of motivations that animate the "rest of men" on the other, one is well on the way to recovering a whole world: together indeed with this land, still "yearning" in a deeper sense "to be free". This island in the sea which global moguls of finance settled upon as the ideal wind-sheltered pirate-cove from which to venture forth and rob and enthrall mankind. Readily wresting it from they of lesser means. Only further necessary, to one with salutary truth now coursing in his veins, is the recognition that God "cares not for horses or chariots, or the girth of a man's thigh", that His aid is all that really matters, that we must only be careful not to advance His cause in a hesitant, craven or cowardly way, that we must carry forth his standard defiant, and cast fear contemptuously behind. For in this divine advocacy is the place for pride and glory, rather than in insignificant boastings over things of lesser degree, of mere human pomp, phylacteries or pedigree. That unworthy sort of "patriotism" which would claim to be able to defeat, dare I say it?, God Himself in the lists. A Black Knight rushing out to meet in mortal combat the very King of Kings. "Ah, thou fool, this very night thy life shall be required of thee."

No, my parson-friend, I will take as my companion in the coming struggle against utterly Godless men that very soul whom you so despise, who trembles like a leaf before Almighty God, there in the church (or Gospel synagogue). That humble soul who cannot forget the least infraction he ever committed against his Creator, that pious man who however we have the assurance from Christ Himself rose from prayer justified (viz. in the state of grace), after having thus beat his breasts so dolefully, as if to crush the very stones. He who will rise up like a lion while this auctioneer-of-souls chooses no sides, but only preens himself as "not like the rest of men". He who will be as useless as the biblical "loose sandal strap" on that final day.

January 21, 2013: American-Catholic New Church as the Confession of Augsburg come-of-age. The only thing lacking is peace.

In the USA to have peace, the chief legacy of Christ, is accounted in practical terms—let's be honest for a change—to be unpatriotic, to lack a go-getter spirit: an allegedly lame condition, as follows directly from such ironclad if hare-brained logic, which further requires that we be speedily updated, that the "windows of" our minds be "thrown open" to the breeze, standard "Blessed" John XXIII style. Hence a recent commentary by a certain grizzled boomer-aged Catholic clergyman on TV, in which, after treating his listeners to a long series of disarmingly pious looks and postures—a standard mental softening-up much employed on a certain "Catholic" show—went on to sorely lament that such an admirable Polish-Catholic training as he had received (his given name was Casimir) during the fifties had only made people like him "take for granted" all the moral and spiritual boons that that training so generously entailed. Of course, this is nothing but candy-coated social nihilism, a sort of last staid slogan before the pipe-bombs and Molotov cocktails are let fly. A preamble-to-a-chaos such as indeed closes around our ears today, so soon after the passing of proverbially-placid neighborhoods the cleric lamented in doleful tones. Indeed his reverse-anathemas strongly suggest that he had been mystically inspired, if according to highly-adaptable New Church standards and specs.

Manifestly, once we accept this central tenet of the Confession of Augsburg, of the Hussites and all the social revolutionaries of all times—that Catholic or any other kind of extensive formation unduly "shelters" us from the challenges of this life, that it makes us "take things for granted"—then we become doughty signatories of theses once nailed to Cathedral doors. As the very thing which most sets Catholics and Protestants apart is our intrinsic belief in just such an elaborate societal formation as the old Polish or Italian, Portuguese or Croatian neighborhoods, especially in the Old Country but to a degree even here, used to bring to flower. Indeed, this self-same social-nihilism was at the very core of an insult hurled by Nelson Rockefeller at a fifteen-year-old girl who back then in the early seventies was bravely protesting his anti-life position: in a sidewalk encounter only a year or two before the ruddily-healthy mogul-turned-politician died suddenly, in the middle of the night, in unsavory circumstances, in the company of several Park-Avenue prostitutes. Nelson snarling at her with signature sarcasm, "you may be needing an abortion yourself soon". While it was likewise the undertone in Khrushchev's "we will bury you" prediction that "your grandchildren will grow up under communism": which they have. For communism, apostasy, heresy, social nihilism all boil down to this separation of church and state sentiment of the street savvy—a segment of society remarkably-well represented by priests ordained around 1969, as was this turncoat-Polish man—that religion is an entirely personal matter, that Christ isn't to reign as King in any but the most symbolic of senses. Indeed that Aquinas's whole take on law as based absolutely on the law of God is all backward nonsense needing to be "updated", that we don't want anyone "doing us any favors", and less-admittedly that such treatment makes us into "sissies" without any chance to prove their metal. Oh my, tell this to all the kids of today with their brains burnt on drugs and their souls indelibly polluted by unnatural sex, father: as you sit there the beneficiary of a training which, though undoubtedly you yourself were a dabbler, quite evidently preserved you from the worst consequences of this brave new age.

Of course, this is ground zero in the moral battleground of today, indeed of the past thousand years, since "knighthood was in flower". Did Christ come simply to give us a pre-written New Testament bible, to urge us to "believe on Him", and then ascend magnificently up to Heaven? Leaving each of us individually, without significantly helping one another, in a kind of unmitigated hand-to-hand moral combat to which this life can sometimes descend, as if this were some sort of privileged condition all-its-own? Or did he come to claim all laws, customs and governments for His very own, to give us a society which in every particular gives manifest and manifold glory to Him? Did He in short come to redeem "every creature", as Scripture indeed informs us, or in stark Manichaean fashion to redeem only our souls, in standard arms-length hand-shake style of born-agains and Sunday-morning Catholics alike, and to leave our bodies and civil institutions a prey to all Hell. Did He give us a Mystical Body of the faithful in which we are lovingly ensconced, or is He more pleased with societies built upon racial hatred and greed, innocence-defiling promiscuity, whose populations are limited by an increasingly Hitlerian genetics, abortion on demand, drone-bomb braveries of a slit-eyed Oval-Office serpent who now reigns again supreme? Because He, the Good God, somehow regards all this as being more honest and brave? Ah, father, its cheap to talk that way, and surely this new breed you ushered in, whom you so beguilingly deceive, will guild your words in stone over your grave. When your own reckoning day comes, before an unseen tribunal which may not be so accommodating as you think.

Actually, not only do we have the infallible words of Pope Boniface VIII in his much-misconstrued bull Unam Sanctam which precisely fixes the relations of church to state, placing both, as symbolized by the two Supper-Room swords ("here are two"), at the service of Christ, and the laboriously-developed legal doctrine of St. Thomas, noted above, but we also have the Savior Himself telling Sr. Josefa Menendez the precise opposite of the noted cleric's hard-nosed street-savvy fare. Informing her as He does in her book The Way of Divine Love (Tan Publishing, soft-cover edition, p. 365) that "if the ruling power knows how to govern, the majority will see and follow the light" (rather than lazily take things for granted, as in the timorous view of this priest). Our Blessed Lord then noting to the humble sister that once His kingdom is firmly established "truth will triumph and peace will reign over souls and the world". Yet bewilderingly enough even in this missive published by the convents of the Society of the Sacred Heart in the late 40s we must remark upon the tremendous number of gaps in the words of Heavenly visitants, even with respect to the passage quoted here. As throughout the book when the most earth-shaking matters are being candidly discussed by God Himself there intervenes, as is evident from hundreds or even thousands of (…)-marked deletions, some towering figure has decided for us beforehand "what we can handle". For which it would seem we are given the explanation, found on a certain page, that there were "certain things" meant (by Heaven) only for the eyes and ears of the Society itself. This singular declaration announcing in unaccustomed churchly-priggish tones a wholesale invasion of the secretive, an utterly-unprecedented incommunicado actually in vogue in church precincts since La Salette and Fatima, especially with regard to any celestial locutions that may have transpired. In the case of Fatima quite plainly being denied access to the faithful of the soul-staggering nature of the coming punishment or cataclysm. Viz.: that it would mostly be moral and spiritual in nature, suggesting easily the reign of an anti-pope or five.

But in spite of these high-handed interjections of a secrecy which has never been part of the immemorial Catholic profession or of the policies of Rome—stark departures interestingly initiated just after the Vatican had become heavily financially indebted to Rothschild and other Jewish financial interests, not too long before La Salette—decimated lines of the noted book do nonetheless bear out that secular institutions are meant to help us into Heaven. While common daily experience verifies that love inculcates love, that one ingredient which makes us "run in the way of the commandments". That likewise by the same means-related, habit-associated principle discipline makes smooth the path for discipline, knowledge for knowledge, peace for peace as well. While conversely to use the inimitable expression of the heroin in Ben Hur, hate, indifference and impiety beget their like "as dog begets dog". Even as this peace "which the world cannot give", which follows on the heels of the firm institutionalization of the Catholic Way, doesn't at all need the over-emotional Kum Bi Ya or polar-opposite starched-stiff wanna-be Anglican (or Presbyterian) atmosphere of New Church, but rather the all-embracing and enveloping virtuous and charitable formation with which the Little Polands and Little Slovenias that once dotted the American soil were once so imbued. Wherein the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of Peace, dwelled as in His own proper and indomitable domain.

January 20, 2013: Article extensively reworked. Old musical traditions, preeminently the Latin liturgy, most faithfully convey Catholic Faith. The twenty-first century to be that of the Slavs.

There is something undeniably magnificent about African music and culture, and one would be a fool to gainsay its uniqueness and vitality, its peculiar sort of sophistication. But at the same time we cannot deny what the old missionaries used to tell us, namely: that the various African tribes when first introduced to Catholicism—just as had been the case with Croats and Germans, Hurons and Iroquois, Sioux and Shawnee—became instantly and undyingly attached to the universal Latin/Gregorian liturgical traditions already found within the Catholic fold. While we have the testimony of these first African proselytes, speaking conclusively today for all the rest through time, that these same multifarious nations likewise found any attempts to adapt the native song or dance to the new Faith best kept as secondary projects apart, that any translations of Holy Mass and the Divine Office into the syllables of tribal song or dialect, let alone dance or ceremony, were doomed to carry with them grizzly or hedonistic, tribal-rivalry, even cannibalistic associations of old. This having been the universal testimony of newly-converted African Catholics, in pro-Latin-rite pleadings to a fervent Irish-Catholic missionary, a holy man with whom I myself became acquainted in 1969. While even less understandable is the determined effort of a post-Vatican-II New Church, with a self-proclaimed flagship TV station EWTN, to overwhelm the universal Catholic consciousness with over-casual, Sesame-street-like tot-catechetical associations, infallibly producing a yawning "generation gap", tending toward the adaptation of every liturgical ceremony to a "Gospel music" refrain. Simply put, the Faith just cannot be fully and faithfully transmitted in that way, largely if not entirely because the old associations attached to "that kind of music" just won't go away, operating on a subliminal level in a sense more compelling than sacred words of verse or refrain.

The same is largely true of migrations of Mexican music into precincts of Holy Mass: a Mariachi sort of invasion capable indeed of subtle Catholic nuances that accompany the Spanish language wherever it goes, yet a Mexican variant not entirely accepted among Latin-Americans as a whole, finding ready associations with the infamous mancornadora, or the wife-beating borracho, or sanguinary chapters of revolutionary history closely associated with a certain meter and rhyme.

Indeed, in these "wonderful" post Vatican II times, anything ancient and venerated is more and more consigned to the sole province of the Jews: increasingly regarded as sole custodians of any tradition worth handing down. Thus too does the "global Catholic network" have a prominent place for a guy with a skullcap, giving us an object-lesson about where "tradition" really lay. The multi-phased process of this Epistle-condemned Judaization implied here ultimately brokering a gradual repudiation of the Gospel itself: a subtle-and-subliminal siding with yelling mobs who crucified the Lord: no matter how much "Gospel" music might accompany such a repudiation of liturgy, customs and usages so tremulously conveyed by ancestors of old. While the inference is never far away that there was some sort of "corruption" involved in the old Catholic way of our ancestors, in a rank and ungrateful denial that the Holy Ghost filters out the unworthy of each age, seeing to it that in the overwhelming majority of times only the very best of each Catholic age or place is thus "handed down". This "recalling to our minds all those things that Christ has told us" being translated quite faithfully, not only in venerable accents of the Latin liturgy but also into the familiar cultural vernacular of each nation and clime. While by contrast these sorts of "interfaith dialogues" regularly culminate in Catholic attendance at synagogue ceremonies, with over-enthused "conciliators" smitten with Faith-undermining associations that always seem quite innocent, but which have always historically been disastrous to the Catholic fold. Identical grave abuses being repeated periodically, indeed with a forcibly association of Jewish and Catholic calendars, together with a drive toward increased joint attendance at formal or informal Jewish ceremonies of various kinds, having been periodically mandated under Spanish Caliphates of Islam in early medieval times. Again, with disastrous effects for the Catholic fold, no doubt with indirect symptoms of these untoward "interfaith" associations finding issue in certain anomalies in Spanish Catholicism like the flaggelantes of the Peninsula, and the penitentes of New Mexico lore.

These old evils—announced now as "all the new thing"—have been repeated for the past fifty years in ecumenical effusions of anti-popes since John XXIII, including today's Francis himself while in Buenos Aires: with "pontiffs" participating with ponderous abandon in heretical or non-Christian ceremonies, in receiving "blessings" from Protestant ministers and shamans alike. This more-or-less repeat performance every few centuries down through the ages of the Church having had the same gaggle of déjà vu near-identical liberals at its head, as in "back to the synagogue" apoplexies which always nets massive conversions to Judaism, and few if any to Catholicism. These latter indeed mostly with mortally-treacherous infiltration foremost in mind. The aim of the astute interloper—in charge everywhere today in this occupied Catholic Church—being the utter eradication of all things of any Catholic cultural or liturgical specificity—this to lead inexorably if by stages to the complete abandonment of Catholic Faith. Taking us on our weaker side, of culture, of habit, of "where a man's heart is, there will his treasure be". This being the real aim of an emotionally-overcharged, doctrinally quibbling, morbidly sanctimonious rouge-council Vatican II, which had regularly-recurring forerunners of a half-dozen or so over two millennia of time. As well as of the synod's many synagogue-sponsored offshoots like EWTN, packed with innocent participants though they might be. While providing potent revulsives away from the Faith as well are like-originating polar-oppositional—yet in essence not really that much different—traditionalist efforts like the Society of St. Pius X—or this vast imposture known on the internet as In Today's Catholic World. These giving us fairly-meticulous reproductions of Catholic liturgy and ceremony, but in such a harsh social and disciplinary setting—generally within an odd laxity of practical morals—as to drive all but a few old standbys ruefully away.

Hence our Crusade to facilitate the complete realization of the Fatima promise—to wit, "in the end My Immaculate Heart will triumph, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace". A promise from a Blessed Lady admittedly to come about—mostly because of continual Vatican non-cooperation—only at an eleventh hour when "it will be late". Seeing as we do profound significance on many levels in this celestial-motherly choice of the Land of the Volga: a Marian-devout last bastion of a social and religious tradition quite consonant with that of the immemorial Catholic fold. This Russia, this refuge of valid Sacramental confection being likewise a citadel of the transmission of every nuance of a self-annihilating spirit-of-adoration shared quite generously with Byzantine-Catholic and Roman-rite Churches both in Russia and surrounding Slavic lands. The twenty-first century indeed to be the century of the Slavs, not of a zany upper-middle-class-Catholic USA, which has already for three centuries amply had its chance and miserably dropped the ball. Rather indeed will Serbs, Croats and Czechs conduct in their company to the mystic threshold of the Church the popular masses and official structures of Asia, Africa and elsewhere around the globe, into the Catholic fold, all at last united, no doubt under at least one Russian pope.

January 18, 2013: The coming of long-awaited psychiatric boards. "If you are ashamed of Me before men, I will be ashamed of you before My Father in Heaven". The age-old Jewish objective of the criminalization of Catholic Faith.

Pagan systems of today are obsessed with producing some gaggle of witch-doctors to examine public behavior, invoking complicated litmus-tests to measure a ritually-determined rectitude: a gourd-rattling phenomenon in worshipful ceremonials before the New York Harbor Idol in this latest popular admonition toward the ferreting out of "troubled persons". With these pariahs to be subjected to psychiatric examinations, in a new paranoia with a distant forerunner in security-bent fantasies over the Gunpowder Plot of Cromwellian times. A pathological flight-of-fancy of mid-seventeenth-century England in which scores of Catholics were rounded up, many of them doomed to be barbarically drawn-and-quartered, in a last bloody anti-Catholic eruption before the sane and tolerant reign of the Georges with which England would soon afterward be so signally blessed. Catholics meanwhile being flushed out like quarry in furthest reaches of unfounded suspicion, declared as co-conspirators in a plan to blow up Parliament while it was in session: the intrigue said to have been a Popish plot from the very start. Although in fact it was a purely political alliance of Englishmen both Protestant and Catholic, true patriots who wished, in the words of the ringleader, Guy Fawkes, to see the Reformed-Church Scotch MPs who then rigidly controlled England "blown back to Scotland where they belong". Radical-reformers whose dunking and witch-burning confessional descendants were already finding their way to the American Colonies, where together with ideologically-near-indistinguishable Jews they would rule supreme to this very day.

But this sort of maddeningly-generic language about rounding up "troubled persons" so that they might not "be a threat" is highly familiar to we who grew up in the fifties and sixties: in the latter of which there was a similarly-doughty and "patriotic" program extensively employed among Catholics rather than against them, just-after Vatican II: in an unholy alliance of diocesan officials with local governmental figures, lasting perhaps for a whole decade. An agenda grimly bent on confining to veritable psychiatric prisons those fellow Catholics who didn't go along with a host of radical socio-moral departures that had come so swiftly into vogue after the noted synod of 62-65. This incredibly swift, efficient and closed-mouthed procedure finding the good names of many summarily destroyed, people who have never really had their reputations restored: prey to a weeding-out process seemingly-intent, among other things, on producing as many losers as possible, as there are only so many "winning" slots—of employment, social-standing, "normalcy", and so on—to be had in such an increasingly automated and conformity-demanding brave new world. Those halcyon sixties having been a time when a perfectly harmless person could be court committed: as I overheard in utter astonishment one day, sitting in a cafeteria next to a group of Catholic people, members of the local Legion of Mary, most or all of whom I knew personally. These one-time-pious-and-humble laymen just then vindictively discussing the psychiatric-ward forced-confinement of a certain Catholic man, thus disposed of at their able hands, back then around 1970 or so. A man whose "dangerous behavior" was discovered in simply being considered "too scrupulous", as my eavesdropping ears dumbfoundedly found out. A condition regarded in Catholic spiritual writings of the ages as a typical painful, self-analytical step on the way to holiness, for which indeed the possession of a sensitive conscience can often be an interchangeable term. Such "dangerous" disorders—of men easily put in inner pain for some real or imaginary offense against man or God, they whom many once regarded with unfeigned admiration, and others at worst as quaint, funny or picturesque—no doubt slated to find such fantastic penalties once again. While then as now the dependable escape-hatch from all such fevered or heroic attentions—of doughty security-vigilant neighbors, coworkers or co-students pressing in inquisitively on every side—has been to simply and openly wallow in lower forms of degenerate behavior for all to see. Whereupon, under still-prevalent twisted, sexuality-based Freudian standards, presto, one is given a clean bill-of-health indeed. As there is growing this artificially-induced conviction that conscience itself is the culprit, and that conversely those who live by no code at all are the safest neighbors or associates one can possibly have.

Alas, noted psychological examinations are even now being meticulously prepared—for "the troubled", of whose existence, again, all are further urged to "inform the public authorities"—by what unspecified standards one need only give the latitude of envious and malicious prying into lives of a more virtuous and benign, quiet and retiring kind. The whole ungainly bundle of invasive prescriptions spelling the imposition of unproven theories of self-important experts: many of whose bright ideas are in fact at the very foundation of the worst disorders of the day. An incredible percentage of which professionals actually believe they have a right to experiment upon their allegedly-lesser fellows, by a much-documented conviction that they belong to a separate species of "real" human beings. Having for much-the-same purpose, in their capacities in industry, education and the media, institutionalized a "can't turn back now" obsession with "progress" and radical a-moral change which actually encourages the irruption of violence. With the latter indeed scarcely sincerely lamented, being regarded implicitly and in standard Marxist-dialectical fashion as the grim way forward, in the making of an elitist omelet for which many eggs have to be cracked. Violence, mass-killings, genocides, carefully-provoked wars being the incomparable demolisher of what is regarded as an unthinkable pious past.

Meanwhile a new gossip-column take-on-life uses the internet itself to provide a great many details on everyone—sometimes accurately—making intimate personal details public knowledge, in an impunity no doubt largely motivated by a generalized Patriot-Act-inspired abandonment of Habeas Corpus. The new take reversing the old common law axiom, alleging, in a subtle erosion of fundamental civic instincts, that everyone is a public security threat until they have proven otherwise. This an outcome for which the black-ops blowing up of any number of Trade Towers is a "way forward" indeed, in the rigid erection of a host of ever-changing behavioral bench-marks one must not fail. As this quasi-Platonic take on humanity strains ever onward to reproduce the perfect socially-or-genetically cloned person, just as Plato dreamt of a horse whose pure horseness was the only reality, a prototype dwelling blissfully somewhere up in the clouds. A quasi-Manichaean anti-life, anti-matter philosophy by whose vaunted categoricals those many mere mangy creatures out in the pasture are considered pitifully half-baked attempts, at best. This whole regimented behavioral agenda reproducing the same nuclear-neurotic fantasy in real human terms, when in fact the quiddity or reality of each creature, rational or otherwise, is to be found in that marvelous uniqueness in which it actually exists, rather than in some ideal condition (hence Platonic "Idealism") which doesn't actually exist at all. (Of course then too we have a whole bevy of fools called existentialists who sit on the opposite end of a bobbing notional see-saw, and go to polar sorts of ridiculous extremes about an ecstatically-enthused-over, radically-provisional "here and now"). But from this short preamble the imposition of a coming weirdly-inquisitorial process can readily be foreseen, having indeed already been grimly and apocalyptically pre-announced: a towering project of evil and manipulative men, with the Platonists having won for now the futile, ever-bobbing notional contest hands down. In a tide of diabolical overreach which our political leaders and media pundits do little or nothing to stem: remaining rather obsessed with the regulation of firearms, as if this were the only freedom under siege. Indeed with the whole gamut of Fox, CNN or PBS pundits and commentators unanimously accepting the most wall-eyed security-bent claims of any crackpot congressman, profiler or ink-blot-enthusiast as unquestionably timely and sound. While it is quite evident, given all we now know about a crypto-secretive, draconian/Napoleonic U.S. foreign-and-domestic policy well over a century old, that any number of rampages of mass-killers are ruthlessly commissioned by some body of all-powerful, secretive (Bonesman, Judeo/Masonic, et al) overseers precisely to motivate these ugly boards and examiners to their ugly totalitarian task.

January 17, 2013: The coming catastrophic policy-nexus of the debt-ceiling, gun-control, the narcotics trade and aggressive war. Yesterday's unfortunate version of this piece showed lingering inchoate evidence of a flu/pneumonia just now being gotten-over, or so it is hoped.

Uncle Sam in his capacity as global reserve currency minter and manipulator "meets you coming and going", while White House and Congressional sorcerers conjure a coming veritable nexus of calamity with this contrived budgetary "stand off": which is to say that there is no more real money left in the till. The Fed meanwhile at the president's behest basically underwriting bankers and investment houses for at least a year now, which is what a strange new multiplier-negative "monetary easing" is all about, rather than any actual inflow of money in a credit-starved USA and world. But far from getting a grip on this cosmic condition we are badgered into a level of folly and ignorance roughly equaling that of slavers or Know Nothings of the mid-nineteenth century: urged toward two polar-pathological opinions, neither of which has anything to do with justice or right, these the very substance of any valid state or institution of any sort. While any more independent-minded and uncooperative that remain unconvinced by blandishments of a uniformly heroic kind incredibly-often form the bulk of our homeless bands, gathered under bridges or on salt-flats where the very insects don't go.

Hence does a Limbaugh/MSNBC sort of unnatural see-saw intransigence draw us further and further away from a "backward" husbandry, made in every respect by a good God for critical human needs: that agrarian cornucopia which admittedly had its humbler side, but which kept our noble ancestors independent and prosperous, honorable and sane. While the very showcase of the whole New World Order scheme that Uncle Sam so proudly leads—the pathologically-dysfunctional school-system—has to be ceremonially beatified like some institutional version of the revolutionary John XXIII—the schools of today being unnatural, zany, personality-destructive abortuaries of the soul where once stood unthreatening communities of a pious and constructive, cooperative and affectionate kind. Today's schools being the institutional spawn of Boomer-era revolutionaries and dope-pushers, bikers and hippies, vanguard proponents of sodomy and euthanasia, organ-snatching definitions-of-"death" and abortion-on-demand, having early-on been catapulted into commanding positions of principals, administrators, senators, corporate execs and CEOs, academically during the brief-but-fatal reign of tenure, with this intolerably scruffy breed forced down all our throats. That generation, by which I myself was thankfully so thoroughly disowned, forming the firmly-rooted moral-and-ideological trunk of the whole modern American demise: these one-time anti-warriors being a pirate-crew personified politically in Pilosi and a few others (my mind refuses to retain their names) of her revoltingly-glib kind: today's loudest proponents of aggressive wars, of the shedding of someone else's blood. In view of which it can be no surprise that privileged beneficiaries of such a Barack-and-Hillary-promoted classroom-force-fed paradise will wantonly kill one another: in eruptions over which abstruse psychoanalytic figures "labor like scholars over a bulldog's pedigree", to use "A Man for all Seasons" inimitable phrase. Even as we must remark upon the near-uniform prevalence of Jewish surnames among the "madmen" who do these horrific and heartless deeds, suggesting as always a twisted sort of provocateur purpose behind grizzly and chaotic scenes, monsters who then confront the camera with ghoulish smiles upon Nazi-reminiscent faces, with a well-worn connecting trail between Hitler Germany, the ever-"heroic" USA, and the modern state of Israel having been mendaciously and with consummate cowardice obscured beyond any reprieve. Americans sinking meanwhile into lower and lower levels of socioeconomic serfdom through un-payable indebtedness of a mortgage-crisis carefully crafted for enslavement by towering ("oops, how clumsy of me") figures operating invisibly from on high. A condition triggered by narcotics-money-laundering of the same old Boomer-heroic crew, together with scarcely-hidden costs of a Blackwater/Brown-and-Root mercenary global-conquest machine: both of which adventures have with painstaking back-room precision mortally wounded the global economy, designedly never again to rise.

No, don't be surprised at all that people go around shooting each other here, in a land where the least hint of exasperation toward our political leaders is likely to find you monitored, your computer subjected to official cyber-attack, perhaps your monitor itself "taken over" now and again, out of the blue. Made to spit canned dialogues or false news reports at you, as you sit transfixed, designed to make a pesky non-conforming commentator look raving mad, when he comments to a whole world upon these bizarre bit-mapped fictions, perhaps that very day. This being one of the nastier tricks that has been in the Fox-News/Fort Huachuca cyber-black-ops bag since way back around 2004 or so. While the ability to use the readily-adaptable fish-eye camera which any TV cable can so readily become is a technology in use since the '70s, when it was candidly acknowledged, as I remember in the Reader's Digest, of all places, as spying on the American home, word-for-word Orwellian style, whether the TV is on or not. In a project reportedly then being conducted in Texas, of course "for our own good", incredibly-enough so that any burglar whose image might be captured in this way might be swiftly brought to justice. I never heard about any crooks being thus "caught", subsequent to the imposition of this staggering new kind of sleuthing, but you can bet your Captain Kirk space-revolver that the project has gone swimmingly on to this very day.

No, the gang of ring-eared arch-pirates in charge here from the very start—in a Revolution promoted by Rothschild protégés just then getting their media-polemical sea-legs, when Franklin and Jefferson, Paine and Monroe were busy spreading the fever of Judeo/Masonic revolution around the globe—these astute traitors will not be satisfied until "mop up" operations have begun, in the midst of a civil war carefully nursed along, to keep the home crew disciplined, like well-whipped slaves. As war is always the baby that such a cradle-to-grave nursery most wishes to bring into being. That powder-box for which the gun-control debate, now being worked-up into a violent lather as I write, is the perfect fuse. A deepening enslavement having been the only legacy of the first such pitifully-futile domestic upheaval, said to have settled the question, an Uncle-Sam-signature hecatomb which only served to thicken and disguise slavery's heaviest chains. This being what we get when a pagan harbor-goddess is so shamelessly adored, the law of God ignored, and some sort of morally-gang-raped "consensus" put in its place.

But there is "a more excellent way", advanced here on this site: one in which men regard one another with reverence, in which womanhood carries itself with virtuous dignity and modesty-of-dress, in which men don't behave like badly-trained eight-year-olds, holding in contempt all who speak and act gently and with good grace. A cultivated condition which of course has nothing whatever to do with double-talking silken subterfuges of sodomy, which might take some time to analyze for what they truly are. That mummery which quite convincingly mocks good manners and virtue, providing a crowning cap-stone for a national illegitimacy absolutely sodden with effeminacy and disgrace. Out of which dead end we offer you, again, by God's good grace, "a more excellent way": if in a blueprint indeed somewhat generic, needing to be filled in by none other than you. In your local and inimitable circumstances, under the ever-clement banner of the Two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, throwing off once and for all the shameful shackles that now keep a whole world in thrall. For a good God has put the very template of a good and just, stable and productive society into our minds and souls: needing only to be touched by grace, in a social fragrance as when one handles a rose. A cultivar which needs only patient tending, which out of the laboriously-arrived-at good of the many produces not some barren, grudging, Hell-bent "compromise" but a noble reciprocity out of which abundance is multiplied. No Old Testament synagogue smugness or penury, our Catholic system proliferating the moral and material cornucopia from a thousand triangulated directions, in a thousand ways. In loving labors of they who tend the mystic vine.

January 11, 2013, updated January 14: Do Muslims in Egypt and around the world intend to impose Sharia on indigenous Christians? More on EWTN's part in retailing a warrior-aggressive U.S. foreign policy.

It is true that Christian women in Egypt have been subject to mounting sexually-motivated abductions, rapes, forced marriages and the like, ever since the upheavals that periodically rock Egypt have become the order of the day for this once proverbially-pacific land. Indeed, rape is endemic to practically all modern wars: a cowardly act which can hardly be excused just because of its frequency, making those pay so intolerable a price who typically have least to do with issues and combats involved, in a manner which suggests a subsequent walking death, a condition far more agonizing than death itself. But to equate this world of the chaotic and perverse with labors now being pursued by the fledgling Egyptian government to find some viable application of Sharia law—found to varying degrees of lenience/severity in all Muslim-majority lands—is sheer incendiary polemic. A pursuit in which the "Global Catholic Network" EWTN is especially accomplished. And although there are calls here and there among Egypt's relatively-tiny radical minority for an extremely strict imposition of Sharia, even upon Christians, yet even Egypt’s Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa rejects this position, as articulated most prominently by a cleric named Hisham el-Ashry. In a statement quoted by the Catholic New Service, Ali Gomaa opined that “this sort of idiotic thinking is one that seeks to further destabilize what is already a tense situation…Egypt’s religious scholars have long guided the people to act in ways that conform to their religious commitments, but have never thought this required any type of invasive policing.”

Nonetheless, nowadays any crackpot on TV who alleges that Muslims are bent on "imposing Sharia on Christians" in their jurisdictions is listened to with baited breath, even though Sharia is invariably already in force in some shape or form, and even though any appreciable intensification of Sharia would be politically suicidal, especially for fledgling nations like Egypt. In my own experience such a generalized Muslim desire for rigid conformity has been consistently denied by authoritative spokesmen quoted in the Muslim media: although followers of Islam do indeed insist that their Christian co-citizens respect Sharia wherever it has been adopted, which to varying degrees is almost everywhere in the Muslim world. That they don't flaunt it, with Christian women publicly and conspicuously abusing men, or exposing the flesh in a provocative way. While reasonable limitations upon minority-religion public ceremony or display was once the universal rule in every land: such measures doing tribute to a cult-culture-law sequence by which a society's crucial self-identification or objectification is strengthened, and even religious minorities typically find an exceptionally secure place in which to coexist. But standard commentators will breezily repeat such allegations of a tyrannical Sharia-imposition, in imitation of earlier days when hasty indictments facilitated the seizing of Indian lands, or when Uncle Sam was spreading unwarranted fears against a diplomatically-and-commercially bottled-up Japan.

Indeed similarities to the calculated fifty-year-long U.S. calumny against Japan are rife in this present campaign of fear against Islam: a hard sell that goes all the way back to bloody "airline hijacking" movies of the '70s, all of these breathless productions both fictitious, fantastic and inflammatory, but devoured by the movie-going public like the psycho-narcotic such a media would steadily become. And as suggested above, there is always some economic or geopolitical motive for these false sovereign-level accusations, with the Washington-omnipotent Jewish Lobby always having a sizeable and even directive share in the work. The unwavering aim of steering the American voting public to the conviction—enough of it at least to make widespread electronic-vote-fraud seem like the merest bubble in the sea—that Muslims everywhere simply cannot handle their own affairs. That Uncle Sam has to compassionately step in and teach these people how to live: by odd blandishments of drone-bombs, endless imprisonments and detentions, the ever-threatening return of wholesale torture-of-prisoners, irreparable infrastructure annihilation, basically permanent impoverishment, and so on. While the place of EWTN in this bewildering array of unfounded accusations, falsely-claimed cases of baby-killing or abduction, is central, indeed arguably the main reason d'etre of Mother Angelica and her whole imposing entourage: as this mammoth "Catholic" polemical effort draws into its train millions of the faithful here in the USA and around the globe.

The secret of the appeal of the station is that it satisfies at a certain level a need of today's Catholics to experience a sample of the "faith of our fathers", among congregations heart-sick at the tawdry sorts of liturgies and sermons, the class-conscious sort of parish life, which has become standard Catholic fare since Vatican II. And the "Global Catholic Network" does indeed here and there do a middling or convincing imitation of the Old Faith, again at a certain level: although there is a nagging, inescapable consciousness after nearly every panel or episode, movie or interview, that what we are receiving is canned religion, that our minds are being bent artificially in a way subtly inimical to deepest touchstones of Catholic Faith.

This invasion of a foreign influence is experienced with respect to a host of Catholic topics, loyalties and interior realities, but it always finds a way to return to the same hyper-patriotic theme, in a country whose chief executive and his companions, in a scene of unprecedented high significance, took up the whole front pew at the Vatican when Benedict XVI came to replace John Paul II. Since Revolutionary Era days of John Carroll loyalty to the flag having always been the important thing to the bulk of the American clergy, in a caesaro-papist fanaticism which grows more grimly-hysterical by the day. With fear-driven Sunday-morning clerical-"patriotic" rants against decimated peoples of Southeast Asia and the Middle East, and Raymond Arroyo continuing his maniacal bouts of jerk-knee "faithfulness" on EWTN. It matters little to these accomplished dramatists that their Catholic defensiveness is a critical component of a U.S. war machine held in trembling fear by an entire world: a posture which "appeasement"-accused German clerics of WWII refused to entertain. "Catholic" leaders and pundits here having on the whole showed little confidence at all in promising collaborative efforts of Muslims and Christians, as at the beginning in Egypt, after the Mubarek trial, when the Muslim Brotherhood was first forming a sweeping coalition with Coptic elements. That veritable first green of Spring which was opposed not so much by argumentation as by that anonymous violent element which loves to blow up people and things. Killers of a hundred-at-a-time in churches, Mosques and synagogues, interlopers whom we on the Crusade identify in major part as being historically-familiar U.S. black ops elements and the Israeli Mossad. They who, under presidential direction, "mold" U.S. public sentiment in the century-old "business as usual" way.

In doughty high-dudgeon, then, does EWTN join forces with such a crew, without missing a step in stride, a secretive force joined no doubt by British elements as well, which has relentlessly driven the Muslim world into chaos since Balfour and before, as seen more recently in Libya, in Syria, in the wake of U.S. troops and tanks invading Iraq. And when such "Muslims" (perhaps some few are actually and sincerely so) then attack Christians anywhere across the extended quadrant—where prior to historic and gratuitous US involvement there had been only a proverbial peace—all the promising political articulation is conveniently forgotten, gigantic dots left unconnected. And we can all wring our hands about Sharia law once again.

January 13, 2013: EWTN as the Walmart phenomenon of New Church.

During the sixties the entire ethos of the Catholic Faith was thoroughly and systematically uprooted among Catholic souls, families and communities, and for a whole generation thereafter the soil of Catholic society vis-à-vis education and parish-life, as amply assisted by powerful forces in the media, was salted against any replanting of same. Catholicism as a way of life, indeed the Gospel-Catholic Way, as objectified and developed in customs and usages over time, was basically dead almost everywhere: even if prophesy assures us that it would "survive in a few households and a few cottages", awaiting the resurgence now so soon to come, after so long a time of travail. The method-of-choice of the onslaught against Faith, honed to a feather-edge since days of the guillotine, was the violent creation of a state-of-shock: in an interlude in Catholic history the dire effects of which New Church and its various tools-of-insemination ceaselessly and even laughingly minimize: drawing the picture of a mere brief rise of "radicals" who were quickly silenced by allegedly-towering figures like John Paul II. During a time when in any case the lukewarm—frequent subjects of interviews to this very day—were swimmingly happy with "exciting events" back then taking place. With the predecessor of the Polish Wojtyla often with matchless convenience being made the fall-guy for the whole fifteen-year-long ordeal, to the degree it is regretted at all. With Paul VI frequently characterized as having been "weak sister", perfectly inadequate to the task of holding back a foolish (if hardly-pernicious) tide.

But the church-revolutionaries knew exactly what they were doing, working in tandem with and partially modeling their activities after a heavily-Jewish Western student-revolutionary movement, indeed with many assets or agents of the Catholic revolution regularly swapping sides. Breathless celebrators of the four hundredth anniversary of the Confession of Augsburg, with thousands of broadsides announcing the event, in piously-Protestant tones, fastened, after the manner of Luther's heretical theses, on many-a Cathedral door. The whole a multifaceted upheaval much like that now being whipped into a fury in the Muslim world, with lots of help from global Jewish elements operating from an Israeli-Mossad headquarters and New York's Lower East Side. Among Catholics back then in a bewildering array of meaningless or absurd changes in the liturgy, and quasi-heretical changes in church teaching, with a sense of radical rupture being capped-off psychologically by the twin assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy, five years apart from each other. These basically-false Catholic models, erected as the up and coming thing, then being ceremonially shattered in sanguinary TV-recorded images, all these staggering events leaving the faithful adrift in an enveloping murky moral-and-spiritual sea. For violent footage does indeed negatively affect the human person, no matter what brow-furrowed experts in the wake of Connecticut and Denver might say on TV, although it is difficult to predict in which of a million ways. While today's intensification of psychoanalytic standards—of attempts to "discover" those "abnormal" people who are "affected" by such violent scenes: all this is to be expected from those who consider us all as guinea-pigs, who themselves often pathologically endorse a bloody philosophy of aggressive war.

Yet in the midst of all these giddy changes Catholicism was still valued, by powers that sought to manipulate it all like ventriloquists wired from on high, for its ability to mold populations in some political or military direction: so that one prominent Michigan industrialist, a kind of mail-order mogul turned mercenary soldier-of-fortune, actually converted to Catholicism, and then glibly used quickly-assembled "conservative Catholic" connections—drawing from among people, as suggested above, already in a genuine sort of moral/ideological state-of-siege—to ramrod a militant pro-war lobby in D.C. and around the whole USA. Creating as he did in a trice a virulently anti-Muslim Catholic constituency which would net him from a grateful Bush/Chaney machine a mammoth amount of Wall-Street-soldier contracts in war torn Iraq and Afghanistan. Units quickly to become mired in bloody atrocities and other disorders of every shade. While interestingly-enough Fox News hit the small screen at about the same time, with its bevy of "Catholic" commentators plying a stiff-legged, goose-stepping sort of morally-minimalist creed that Nazis or neo-cons always require. O'Reilly only needing a monacle for the supercilious aura to be complete, and Hannity plunging into hysterics that would make Nazi transvestites turn envious colors of green. Indeed this Walmart phenomenon of well-marketed, large-scale, veritable retail religion has more-or-less entirely taken over in the Western Catholic world, as in a Catholic traditionalist movement onerously dominated by a handful of organizational behemoths ruled by shadowy lay-and-clerical figures from on high. One multiple-building, abysmally-administered, funds-scrapped facility of one such hyper-propriety traditionalist establishment—with "no trespassing" signs and related factors raising questions of the adequacy of private masses for fulfilling the Sunday obligation—having on fairly good authority been the recipient of a neat stack of untraceable twenty-dollar bills at the beginning of each month, from some mysterious source. Such place in the seventies and eighties having multiplied like mushrooms in a morning sun, although the congregations through a grimly-militant sort of discipline have always remained incredibly small, and a certain rigid "party line" has been maintained, as well as a list of personas non gratas who are effectively barred from mass attendance: this black list being among the few things shared by these otherwise highly-incommunicado groups. Debarred people who were branded as "dissenters" and "troublemakers", often simply for voicing any opinions at all, especially if they didn't perfectly accord with a pabulum put out for mass consumption by an overbearing, overseeing board.

Most obvious to me is the fact that Catholic Faith simply cannot survive in this mass-production/mass-consumption way, one no doubt held by many to be "sad but necessary" in such an "advanced" day: it will either become some form of High Church Anglican, on the one hand, or of born-again evangelical, on the other. For the Catholic Faith is first and foremost a personal and interior relationship with God (the evangelicals have it right there)—"the kingdom of God is within you"—that holy interior kingdom for which Sacraments, outward structures and hierarchies of authority are only a kind of sustenance or food. While quite obviously the tipping-point has been reached, now already long ago, as if in some byzantine/totalitarian state, with the individual soul now held to exist for the sake of the grim and imperial superstructure, rather than the other way around. A certain loving but non-overstepping personalism having always most set Catholicism apart, an ingredient hard to define yet definitive, sorely missed when it is gone. The age-old, culturally-and-sacramentally-nourished Catholic self-identification being in all this abandoned, left to die on the vine: an eventuality for which of course all these interlopers have plenty of time. Rather it is we who must act quickly, if a complex, profound, multi-level, entirely-personal legacy is to be "handed down" at all. Of course, we know that it will be, but in the words of Our Blessed Lady at Fatima, "it will be late".

It is from this perspective—of the wholesale takeover of the huge and overbearing in the frothy wake of Vatican II—that we must view the rapid rise of the unaccountably hard-eyed Mother Angelica at about the same time as Blackwater, together with her TV station EWTN, her glib-talking news-commentator Raymond Arroyo, and much of the rest of a highly-impressive TV crew. This nun, either foundress or takeover-figure in her own apparently hastily-erected and approved congregation—I don't know the details of her meteoric rise—quickly proved to be the perfect purveyor of a hard-nosed Catholicism that "doesn't sweat the small stuff", such as indeed Adolph Hitler himself had had in mind for Germany. A perfect parallel, in short, for the militant Catholicism of the above noted Blackwater gang: a juvenile level flag-waving Catholicism which however the Germany hierarchy of mid-century refused adamantly to abide. It is a "why pay more?" Catholicism from the word go, molding an image of the Faith which regularly partners in the making of a film or three which falsify the lives of saints, the doctrines of the Church, in ways made however to appear "worth the trouble" of the impressive Technicolor fantasy that results. And even if there is an occasional production which is actually sound and edifying—a necessary sacrifice to these fable-spinners, perhaps constituting a form of "penance" to their ever-eager minds—yet the formidable position is steadily being gained by the whole financial conglomerate which lurks behind all the pious trappings that this is the Walmart of the Catholic Faith, that you need look no further for the "best buy in town". For which reason indeed all other means of Catholic dissemination and forums-of-practice are metronomically closing down, with the breezy assumption being that this gaggle of buzzword-artists speaks authoritatively for this millennial harbor of our souls. Modern technology and emotional bathos alike being drawn upon here in the most cynical and treacherous way: amply and sloppily confusing these chimera with the mysteries of genuine, Coliseum-purchased, forefather-fought-over Catholic Faith. And the studio knows that it deals with an audience which is for the most part quite confused about things by nature subtle, ineffable, obscure ("darkly, as through a mirror"): such things as actually lie beneath holy words and images that can so easily be misrepresented or irreverently aped.

Obviously, we must abandon, jettison this space-capsule notion of faith: which would have the Church who knows where in a decade or less, irretrievably lost in some orbital flight. A "Catholicism" led by some progress-worshipping genie let loose at Vatican II, which is chasing us across space until we arrive, not at "the perfect man in Christ Jesus Our Lord", but rather at that vision which Judeo-Masonry has been preparing since the Revolutionary Era and before. Of a material advancement without a soul, if with lots of sexy or over-emotional appeal: notice creeping necklines and hem-lines of hard-eyed or breathy ladies on the "Global Catholic" show. A production which epitomizes the American-Catholic rejection of two centuries of everything which the Old Faith of all nationalities truly holds dear, nowadays indeed, among Eastern-Europeans and West Asians, desperately so. Of a ramroding of the New York Harbor-goddess's secularistic, humanistic, yet brutally-totalitarian will over all mankind. An American Dream five years ago already lying broken, shattered, in hopeless financial chains, there "beside the golden door: even if Yanks remain quite capable of enslaving the rest of the globe, as one last gasp of a twisted Puritan/Manichaean, Judeo-Calvinist spleen. None of which "wonderful vistas" are to be found in either the prophesies of the saints, in the tradition of the Church, or in the Holy Bible: with all of which this station takes such brash, unprecedented and cynical liberties.

But EWTN and their ilk will always have plenty of images in their storeroom, of Muslims allegedly ready to take away our religious liberty, or about the wonderful life full of the frivolous or marginally-useful gadgets of our American Catholic upper-middle-class: that privileged constituency which EWTN. Fox News and Blackwater—the latter having quietly changed its notoriety-breeding name—have done so much to perpetuate in stuffy ascendancy. While others around the globe and at home are mercilessly trodden underfoot, if piously to the tune of the divine mercy litany.

January 7, 2013, and as afterward continually amplified: The modern era undermining of the whole idea of good and evil, especially on the practical plane. How this calls forth a much broader response than ever attended some single war or dispute, heresy or schism. How latter stages of this historical anomaly were both climaxed and facilitated by the drug culture.

This latter drug connection, commented upon so often on this site, was recalled to our minds again last night in the airing of a to-most-people seemingly-unrelated C-Span panel on the use of eminent domain to solve the mortgage-backed securities crisis. For less-admittedly being described in this and countless other related panels and discussion-groups across the land is the fact that these "packaged" securities were found to be an admirable means of investing or "laundering" the "profits" of this bloody, life-destructive and nefarious trade, in "packages" of a whole different kind. A trade furthermore whose own singularly-voluminous nature alone accounts for the sky-darkening outlines of the crisis set to ensue, and over which so many labor today to find a way out. The very anonymity of these generic instruments serving the fly-by-night nature of the whole cosmic scheme, with blood-money being poured into the construction industry, whose "framers", plumbers and laborers were themselves a high-wage-earning principal market for "the stuff". This in a "partying" lifestyle encouraged most forcefully among the crews, with dope sometimes even consumed openly on the job, perhaps even brought by some assistant superintendent or other in a gigantic bag, for the whole crew to consume. As this retired carpenter and later economics bachelor-of-science can himself indeed attest, having lost more than one job for not "going along". If less by any direct firing than by being simply idled, given nothing to do. This utterly unprecedented phenomenon bringing in masses of funds-infusions which produced many times more houses, apartments and condos than were actually required to satisfy a limited market, giving these big-bicep construction workers more jobs and steadily-mounting pay-checks, making them an "asset" indeed. Sale of units, largely but not-at-all-exclusively in California, Arizona and Nevada, not by coincidence major venues of domestic drug transport as well. Along which branching route school systems and law-enforcement agencies had been "softened up", systematically undermined throughout the sixties and seventies: with heroic figures of mothers, fathers or uncles struggling against the densening enthrallment in vain, watching their own very children being relentlessly destroyed.

Hence in 2007 did the whole thing finally begin to unravel, with warning-signs as far back as 2005 and before, as there was just not enough solid demand to support such a mountainous prodigality of "home"-building, rooting up desert vegetation and water-courses, with the utter abandon only a gangster can know. Blocking-off water, food and shelter seeking wildlife corridors through mile-long "walled community" construction that had become the premier method-of-choice: this inevitably to the starvation, death-by-cold or heat, and highway-carnage of many species of innocent furry friends. In a marvelous panoply-of-life which had taken millennia to develop, from the very hand of God, reflecting inimitably His own Beauty, magnanimity, mercy and power.

I myself didn't study finance for my economics degree at Tempe, a campus in Arizona for which I still cherish many hauntingly-fond memories, in the very midst of the malaise being described here, but only independently, having together with my wife and indispensable co-crusader, herself educated in accounting, pored over finance's singularly-abstruse volumes, learned how to do net present value calculations, how leveraging policies of managerial accountants or comptrollers are arrived at, how stocks, bonds and currency-exchanges work: with all this fitting, in some ways congruently, with previous classroom studies of labor and macro economics, risk-management, quantitative analysis and international trade. While I wrapped up this somewhat-algebraic education with a minor in a History studied even more intensely since those halcyon days at Arizona State, with its magnificent Hayden Library, in whose cavernous subterranean precincts me and my wife spent many a happy intellectually-contemplative day. After which I left school for the last time in 2003: where on another campus ceaseless personal or polemical scrapes with ubiquitous sodomy-advocates—and self-advertisers—quite inhibitive to anything like serious thought—found me—as much earlier in the '60s, in my first "truancy" over forests of mini-skirts which my youthful passions couldn't innocently abide—coming by stages to give up my last hopes of getting a law-degree or some other PhD. (Stupidly, just before that time, not yet really grasping the magnitude of the sodomy-tsunami about to erupt, I turned down a personal plea of an old classmate turned oil-company-recruiter to join his team in Mexico, at some whopping salary.) Yet even with this not-insignificant background, to quantify as well as rationalize the time when "push came to shove", and the mortgage fiction was no longer sustainable, is beyond me: probably indeed not because of any deficiency in my training or understanding but rather because the whole grower-to-pusher-to-"developer" enterprise was utterly irrational in the first place, and was indeed so intended to be. No more intelligent indeed than any of the many "parties" of these apocalyptic times, in which minds and souls, families and homes are steadily destroyed.

Probably the crunch came when somebody over in a relatively-sober Europe realized, no doubt at 2 in the morning on a sleepless night, that this sort of volume-of-construction, of investment, of his own hard-sell-obtained hard-earned money, would have required colonies of buyers from Mars or from a more-distant gigipudl 8 to ever be sustainable in any reasonable way. But in any case: the aim in the first place—just as in an eighteenth-century Porte likewise just then drowning in hashish, courtesy of the same "international traders" that submerge a whole world today—wasn't "home"-buying but mass enslavement: precisely the thing just then scheduled to happen, with remorseless deliberation, to Muslim masses of the Middle East. A juvenile-style "crack the whip" of seemingly-unrelated phenomena to which China would so thunderously succumb: starting from an Opium Trade costing fifty-some million lives, on through Western-ideological revolutions and dictatorships, ending after the war with the maniacal iron rule of Mao Zhe Dung. All this courtesy of Yank-patriotic Roosevelt, Delano, Bush and other major globalist families, served by protégés like Churchill, Harriman, Alsop and others of a secretive Judeo-Masonic gang. A cosmic nightmare now enveloping the rest of us in the very same time-tested way.

Thus then, by this murderously-direct route, do we have the moral impasse described in the heading: a good/evil oblivion with which good Muslims indeed still struggle today, centuries after the historic reign of "the stuff". Those who still use it, or so I contend, being easily identifiable as the rifle-bursts-in-the-air rabble that so mercilessly slew Moamar Ghaddafi, under the eager say-so of that Barbary Coast Bluebeard, the USA: whose as-always-gratuitous intervention would be so thanklessly-if-fittingly repaid at Benghazi. For any solid sense of right and wrong cannot prevail in a Barack-and-Hilary-regimented lifestyle where "anything goes". Since very simply: morally-upright citizens make poor consumers of dope, and yet-poorer slaves. Ultimately, then, the whole mortgage-backed securities debacle is really just as simple as that.

Hence the moral undermining described here, directed entirely from Hell, about which our epic-futuristic leaders aren't shy at all: rather sanctimoniously enlisting a Christian world to ramrod—from a vast variety of political and military con-games and fabricated incidents—a paganistic, drug-and-human-trafficking-disciplined immorality upon more-innocent peoples around the globe. Even if in certain precincts in the West there is tolerated a certain polite and non-threatening sort of morality, in privileged enclaves which sail above it all with airs-of-sanctimony unmatched since ancient pharisaical times. This un-precedent fall-from-grace of today's world drawing new battle-lines in the sand, as one finds proponents of this good/evil oblivion in every nation or camp, equally at home among collegiate relativisms or drug-burnt minds, "progressive" people startlingly discoverable in every church, coddlers-of-sodomites in a special way, typically filling to overflow halls-of-state. While by contrast believers in the old and handed-down morality—actually, there is no other kind—generously endowed with modesty-of-dress, reverence for parents, the fear of God, having been discreetly deposited outside the church door at and after Vatican II, or less ceremoniously out through the "open windows of the church" of John XXIII. Not exactly condemned outright, but subjected to violating inspections of the "concerned", their understandably-bewildered reactions to a collapsing civilization used as a pretext for further marginalization, when most everyone else seemed ecstatic about the very same things. Many-an object-lesson having been expended on we who thus held out, if in the inevitable erratic, shell-shocked, hit-and-miss way of the harried and confused—raps-on-the-wrist some of them quite severe, especially back in the 70s and 80s. A "we have ways to make you conform" just now coming back with a roar. Our passionately-clung-to, millennially-maintained fundamentals of a good and Godly life have been found after all to be irrelevant: the old favorite canned term of the Catholic-progressive crowd. Indeed, with a globe populated some fifty percent or more by Muslims, most of them singularly upright and self-respecting in mind—as our own soldiers indeed so ironically attest—we are nonetheless led to believe that they are all backward in their strict covering of the body, in a manner not that much different from our forefathers of the Christian past. Being informed that the Muslim practice of modesty-of-dress is only another aspect of "honor killings" and the like, of a womanhood in deadly thrall.

But I have been around too many of these Muslim maidens and matrons not to know that this isn't so, but rather that the Muslim love-of-modesty is a genuine virtue, bearing fruits of the noblest kind. People who indeed in a certain sense spread a "good odor of salvation" wherever they go. Stout defenders of things we of the West have been prevailed upon to carelessly or contemptuously discard, by intrigues of evil men in overpowering high places: with this voluntary renouncement of simple goodness now being used as glib excuses to blow these pious Muslim families to smithereens. To destroy their sovereignty, effectively control their resources, enslave their young. Thus do we of the Crusade find today's Muslims, of the conservative rather than pluralist bomb-thrower kind—these amply filled-in by Mossadists and Bronx-brogue Jews-in-disguise—to be our strongest allies in this most consequential of global wars. While the penetration of this new nihilism, this modern drug-culture-driven error of good/evil-oblivion into every fiber of the modern existence, into a commanding position in all its institutions, obviously calls forth a genuine military crusade, a fearless declaration-of-intent on the part of certain noble men predicted in holy prophesies to soon arise. A veritable war of worlds which will in fact end in Armageddon itself.

Hence do we see that Faith is to be upheld not only in the tiny capsulated world of the intimately personal: that closet into which it has been so relentlessly and astutely driven, banished entirely by church/state theorists of the modern world. Rather must Faith be rampantly published and maintained, pronounced and proclaimed, from battlements, courts and assemblies far and wide. If we are ashamed of our Faith, are cowardly in its open and official recognition, then "God will be ashamed of us", and we will deserve the dire fate which will inexorably ensue. It is for this that a certain sixteenth-century Croatian commander—hardly looking to be compensated later by a job with Brown and Root—replied stoutly to the attacking Turkish Emir with a massive host, who just then held captive his son, and who demanded the surrender of his tiny doomed fortress as the price the latter's life: "tell him to keep the Faith and to die bravely", as I remember the words, as inimitably recited by my own good father so long ago. A Muslim Turk, as things have come to pass, who would probably be the intrepid commander's closest ally now, were both men transmigrated across time, were they each to keep his original moral character, were they able to withstand the abysmal change-in-character of today's "civilized" world. The Croat's reply to the revelation resembled closely the very Heavenly Father vis-à-vis the sacrifice of His own Son: a knight whose doomed but lionine troops, so pitifully outnumbered, as for Croatians across three centuries had already more-or-less always been the case, thereafter so mauled the Turkish hosts as the price of their victory as to cripple them permanently. In an extended battle, if my memory of its location is accurate (of Nicola Subic Zrinski against Suleiman the Magnficient at Sigetvar, of 102,000 against a mere 2300), in which Suleiman, the deliverer of the ultimatum, would himself perish. This action—together with valliant operations often led from similarly-tiny fortresses by my own Zdunich forebears to come, waged incessantly until the middle of the seventeenth century, in legendary battles set to epic songs which take hours to chant—land engagements which were integral counterparts to Don Juan's rosary-obtained victory at Lepanto on the sea in 1571—decisively extinguishing the expansionary hopes of the Porte. Heroic engagements in a broad arc from Our Lady's Shrine at Sinj on the Adriatic across Lika and Krbava to the border of Bosnia/Herzegovina. But now there is an expansionism which dwarfs the latter, and against which every ounce of honest virtue anywhere and of any persuasion must be drawn up.

Here then by contrast in the West the result of consistently putting God last, a policy by which we have been ignominiously bested by the Muslim in this most consequential of contests: that of the unabashed honor and glory of God. Claiming by another new and trendy doctrine corollary to that described above that the Creator isn't to be recognized as the Author of our laws, that nations are only formed for the pursuit of purely-human goals, that God doesn't enter into the equation at all, especially in any practical or legal terms. Here being a calculated high-level blasphemy—yes, we true Christians, and not just our good Muslim neighbors, know there is such a grave sin—of monumental proportions, one which neither roving ambassadors nor church councils can provide any solution at all. The Catholic Church itself now in prophetically-predicted utter malfunction and disarray—e.g. Anne Katherine Emmerich's "odd new church built after all the wrong principles of design"—while under a string of anti-popes since "Blessed" John XXIII having also been a prime source of the very good/evil oblivion here decried. Even if, in a paradox remarked upon by the same nineteenth-century seer, the same "odd new church" will find within it many good people who out of ignorance will unwittingly remain. Rather must all men of goodwill, who wish to uphold the law of God as the source of all law—that which clearly distinguishes good from evil, that most fundamental of affirmations toward the salvation of ones soul—rather must all these of any persuasion join together in this noble cause. After which I have no hesitation in predicting that most or all will become true and genuine Catholics by wholehearted voluntary choice: as the grace of God is ever-so-faithful to those who unselfishly cast in their lot with Him. But don't look for too many well-to-do American Catholics among that chosen band, or many Americans at all: the vast majority of whom have thrown their lot in with the Judeo-Masonic radical church/state-divide theorists, and are little like to profit from ominous warnings in the sky even now being delivered from on high.

Of course, the good/evil-oblivion proponents don't always promote this lie in an open or candid way, rather often hiding their true sentiments in a lot of wordy qualifications, or in a tendency to see the whole issue in a mildly or side-splittingly humorous way. Thus the EWTN folks, and a host of other such stock-standard compromised Catholic groups as well: with the latter hosting an in-some-ways excellent program just now on a vital Catholic issue, and then closing the segment with a picture of a Catholic family approaching the church door on a Sunday morn, whose well-proportioned and torridly-immodest teenage girl bounded along the sidewalk in the most innocent-looking way. But as suggested above, in this future war on behalf of that One True God "Who is a rewarder of the good and a punisher of the wicked" I would far more willingly have a typical Muslim in the trenches at my side than some quibbling Catholic who's dangerously likely to find the whole thing hilariously funny, just when you need him to parry one of the bayonets coming at you from all sides. And as noted above too: God rewards the sincere with His grace and His truth, and I have little doubt that most Muslims, and many person of other non-Catholic religions as well, would readily be given the graces necessary to embrace the Faith, having gone further than most will today in the militant defense of goodness called for here; in the stark delineation of it from evils and perversities of every kind. That premier advocacy, that polar-opposition, that sine qua non from which any valid understanding of law takes its very form. And before whose valiant defenders—no matter how few—the servants of Hell will ultimately have no power.

No, EWTN and modern Western-Christianity in general, you cannot continue to cultivate costless and upwardly-mobile hot-house garden varieties of the Faith, of a Son of God Who "grinds to a powder" those who resist Him. Who will not be so "well behaved" as you would have Him be. And as you have struggled for fifty years now to make an entire globe.

January 3, 2013: Characteristics of true religion versus false, the coming popularly-voluntary politically-arbitrated triumph of the former.

True religion is summed up by Our Blessed Lord as "caring for the widow and the orphan, and keeping oneself unspotted from this world": and the latter in particular should command our attention today, as we see arrayed before us a host of false beliefs, the spawn of the penetration of "evil men", to quote Our Lady of Garabandal, "to the highest places in the Church". Most of these evil men are Jews masquerading as Catholics, or as Uriah-Heap-humble friends of Catholics, in order to wreak havoc in precincts divine. This phenomenon of desecration being the paramount evil, for which reason God slew the soldiers who tried with unworthy hands to steady the Ark of the Covenant, being just then carried over uneven ground. Or as illustrated in the case of the prophet who found himself in the company of the wicked sons of the high priest, who were later stricken dead for their sanctuary-defiling crimes. But today the rot has spread everywhere, due to the fatal falling asleep of Holy City guardians at their posts, and it is extremely difficult to tell whether any particular allegedly-Catholic group or organization is an infiltrated mockery in disguise: that is, unless we are acquainted with the characteristics of Catholicism, that in which most tellingly "there is no guile".

We are already told at La Salette, and later in a one-sentence fragment of the "Fatima Secret", unwittingly left revealed, and later-still at the above-quoted Garabandal, of the ostensible complete overcoming of the Church, predicted at the first of these to be accomplished before the start of the twentieth century. Accordingly we should be prudently on our guard, which in these circumstances implies no disloyalty at all, but rather a faithfulness of the most trusty sort. But "the ways of God are not our ways", and even in the midst of a Church rifled by the synagogue enemy there was conceded to Rome one last truly-saintly pontiff, St. Pius X. A courageous and steadfast upholder-of-truth who would however rule over a Church already undermined beyond repair, in answer to which impasse he didn't at all despair, but rather hearkened confidently to a coming day when "the laity will save the Church". A laity by nature substantially immune to machinations of a clerical disciplinary structure, once commandeered by this astute and treacherous enemy, that can readily-enough be made to ramrod a false form of religion, instituting a brow-beating and oppressive sort of sanctimony or cant. A regimen totally alien to that "freedom of the children of God" that attracts the human soul and spirit in the first place, and without which a belabored version of Catholicism can be made to march in the most oppressive Judeo-Calvinist way. Albeit at times camouflaged with a lot of empty humor whose loud outbursts further oppress the soul. A soul made for peace above all things.

Hence the criteria of true religion, here admittedly enumerated by someone with no authority at all to speak on such things. First of all, as in the criteria for a genuine mystical experience, as expounded by St. Therese of Avila, and as my memory serves me, there is this "peace which surpasses all understanding". A tranquility which allows for little if any sense of exultation, a term perhaps best defined as a joy or optimism displaced, disproportionate, of a nature not as subtle as that which the sublime subject-matter requires. Shallow stirrings which an ever-grave Berthe Petit of mid-century Belgium likewise assiduously shunned. That holy lay-woman, the Apostle of the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, whose daily Sacramental place of resort I was privileged to visit in Brussels in 1969. While secondly there is of course the requirement that we not be misled into anything wrong by urgings of "religious" fervor. And thirdly, as I remember St. Therese's criteria, that we be filled with a certain profound conviction that is immovably certain, even as the humility it brings with it grinds the soul to a powder. That lowliness which yet—wonder-of-wonders—makes us esteem ourselves, with a kind of trepidation, as a holy vessel of God. A reverence for a Temple of the Holy Ghost which, as in the nature of any vessel, takes no credit at all for that which it contains. Hence too Mary's conviction of her own utter nothingness, which made her the fit receptacle of the Son of God: where had there been too much of Mary, He could not have remained, as there would have been no room.

Thus in agreement with this ineffable nobility it imparts does true religion endow us with an untrammeled individuality, one which likewise "takes no offense" at that of others so graced. For as the Gospels assure us "we were not given a spirit of bondage", but rather one which cries out "Abba, Father", to a paternal God Who loves us in that way unique to each of us, in which by grace and providence we were each inimitably, and indeed by His own hand, formed. Hence predictably does false religion first and foremost take umbrage with this virile individuality, that which is like a gift to both God and others from ones innermost soul, that stolid and mature uniqueness which used to be an unconscious fragrance wherever Catholics met. That by which alone true and lasting friendships, of an intimacy of the noblest kind, of which today there are almost none, were once formed. False religion rather imposing petty, arbitrary, condescending, often-enough envy-driven "rules of behavior" that have nothing whatever to do with right or wrong, but everything to do dictatorial whims of those who cast dark shadows from above. This perfectly-innocent personal uniqueness, of the taciturn, the wistful, the imaginative, the expansive, the shy, expressed by each in his own inimitable personal gestural and notional patois, being productive of a tight-fitting congruency otherwise impossible to achieve, as men fit earnestly and inseparably together like pieces of a puzzle, without any pretense or guile.

But false religion readily falls into line in a modern counter-civilization which shouts down this humble-yet-sublime process-of-induction by which friends are made, that which requires a certain amount of quiet and peace, of which our "march of progress" modern world has designedly none. Rather does the false creed—sometimes doctrinally distinguishable only by a syllable, as in the Greek, or by a certain hesitancy or precipitancy which troubles the soul, one knows not why—readily provide drill sergeants barking shrill orders at faceless troops. But most significantly of all, to expose ones soul to this kind of brutality is to put ones Faith in dire danger, especially in these latter times when we are already surrounded by mortal spiritual enemies on every side. When as a consequence we come to venues-of-religion with hearts torn and bleeding, vulnerable, little able to tolerate further wounds, there "in the home of my friends", where we had hoped to be nursed along. Where we expect to be given balm for these wounds, returned gently to rosy health. In such a case we must weigh carefully whether even reception of indubitably true Sacraments, as is the case among most Catholic Traditionalists, is really an advantage, if one must endure such a calculated ordeal. In a Catholicism of all persuasions, especially perhaps in the USA, which has been infiltrated in the most thoroughgoing way, leaving no stone unturned. Since the Sacraments—again, as considered by someone who has no authority to speak on such things—are not after all magical in nature, and must work within a highly-fragile human mental and emotional framework. Hardly turning-out iron-hearted soldiers to somehow ramrod the divine will: an idea of faith rampant today, full of doughty upper-middle-class boundary-guardians, and in eager enlistments of "Christians" in patently unjust, prearranged, "preemptive" wars. Hence too for this cause undoubtedly the prediction of one seer, I think it was Anne Katherine Emmerich, that in these latter times of which she so obviously speaks "the Faith will survive (only) in a few households and a few cottages". As did indeed for two or three centuries that of the ever-indomitable Japanese. The perpetuation and eventual restoration of which is hardly to be found where programs of brainwash and various subtle forms of coercion are being systematically and remorselessly employed, in settings never-so-admirable in ecclesiastical architecture or in well-trained scholas of Gregorian Chant. Indeed, to draw a comparison which I shutter to make, but feel so compelled: Black Masses are genuine—in an authenticity in which their whole sacrilegious nature is contained—yet we must not attend them.

Rather then do I, again without any authority of my own, hearken to a laborious and courageous pursuit by all men of goodwill of a quasi-political solution to this latter-day crisis of both church and state. Suggesting forcefully as modern circumstances do the accession of whole nations like Russia, as indeed predicted pointedly at Fatima, to Catholic Faith, and a politically-arbitrated bringing of others willingly in tow. An alignment which seems certain to end in Armageddon, with the power of "he who bears the sword" being called forth, as at the Supper Room door, against an all-invasive enemy who doesn't hesitate to use murder and brainwash to obtain his ruthless desires. Russia obviously being singled out as an instrument of salvation for the whole earth, to be joined as predicted by other Slavic nations like Poland and Croatia, by parts of Germany, by France whole and entire, by England "at the eleventh hour". While in the meantime we, "a remnant selected out of grace", "cleave to that which is most ancient" mostly in the security of our homes and hearts, our minds and souls, preparing ourselves for that fast-approaching, all-demanding day. Awaiting expectantly a thunderous accession-to-Faith for a whole globe as was the case of the Franks under Clovis, the Croats not long thereafter, The Mexicans as moved en masse by Our Lady of Guadalupe, erstwhile cannibals of New Guinea, and at least a dozen other historical instances of in-a-body conversion as well. Indeed this embrace of the One True Faith by whole nations, by a mammoth stroke of divine grace, typically attended by miraculous prodigies like the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima: such adumbrations are the usual way, even the Gospel "more perfect way": hardly suggesting any breaking up into discussion groups, to analyze a force which moves mountains, whether of mind, will or rock. An avenue of conversion called for doubly in times like these, when so many Catholics of once-Catholic nations have fallen away, when the remaining faithful hear doubtful imitations of a Good Shepherd Whose "fear not, it is I" is unknown to so many today. Yet is unmistakable once it is heard.

January 2, 2013: The Kennedys and the cult of youth.

Throughout Catholic locutions with Heavenly beings and in the writings of saints we are informed of the singular purity which so readily endows the brows of youths. A sincerity, a readiness-to-trust, a cavernous generosity, a nobility of soul never again to be equaled later in life for most of us. A fleeting token of what the Heavenly courts will hold, in eternal bliss above, for those who persevere. This intoxicating enchantment of youth being a phenomenon addressed by John and Robert Kennedy incessantly, at the soul of their "New Frontier", of their "new generation of Americans", being indeed the central element of a much-celebrated Kennedy mystique without which little of force or inspiration would have remained. Those of us who were teenagers in the '60s remember well this aura-of-enchantment which enveloped a whole nation as well, an atmosphere which kept us exultant, expectant, agitated to witness some profound change. Anticipating some youthful terremoto of institutional transformation: an eager potion which Robert Kennedy would drink to the dregs in his tumultuous if highly-equivocal, little-publicized virtual-embrace of communism, evidence of which is scattered throughout his biography by Arthur Schlesinger Jr. Those halcyon sixties having been overloaded with a veritable emotion surfeit captured uniquely in the bombshell papal epigram about Catholic reactions to the New Mass: "maybe this will wake them up in their pews". Paul VI unveiling just then a radically-modified liturgy which would soon indeed see those very pews permanently vacated to the tune of at least sixty or seventy percent: a figure admittedly to be filled in fragmentarily in the past decade or so. A "recovery" of Mass-attendance however grossly exaggerated by the Catholic hierarchy and media, alleging a return and/or "conversion" of people now only vaguely acquainted with the substance of Catholic Faith: cold facts which any cursory visual survey or accounting of congregations, or of shrunken numbers-of-masses, or decimated numbers of parish churches will instantly reveal. This cult of youth-hearkening exultancy being however heedlessly perpetuated today in TV stations like EWTN, which celebrates "the splendor of truth" in much-the-same sorts of excited tones as rocked the '60s, a station which pans over TV audiences in ill-concealed choreographic attempts to revive the same old '60s conviction that "we shall overcome" by sheer numbers, by youthful exuberance. Although the audiences are no longer very young, nor very numerous, nor do they hear a great deal of truth, so that the motto and the fanfare are hollow indeed.

What do we really need, to solve the '60s-intractable "problem of the cities", which found Robert admirably invading slums and rural Mississippi enclaves of profoundest Black poverty, weeping over a listless, staring, unresponsive child with a bloated stomach, starving already when hardly more than a year old? Kennedy as one commentator in the noted biography accurately explains "had all the right questions" if not all the right answers: for it would ultimately do no good for Robert to champion a Che Guevera whom local Latin Americans familiar with the latter's actual "on the ground" methods held in deepest mortal fear. And in so doing to lead the innocent youth of that generation of mine into a moral and sociopolitical rebellion that would ultimately bear fruit in the Grateful Dead, in entrenched drug abuse, in fiercely-battling biker gangs, in middle-aged sodomy after an earlier career of abortion on demand. Robert's Schlesinger-alleged adherence to artificial birth control likewise, if true, serving to fill in an agenda which set its face resolutely against most everything in our Christian past, in a radical futurism which sees Christ doing exactly what Isaiah said the "suffering Servant" would not do. A Kennedy approach which in many ways evokes the Savior as "one shouting on street-corners", leading some rebel band, a violent zealot such as Israelites and synagogue-sponsored communists have always so feverishly called forth.

EWTN is always erecting some new "saint" or "hero", in between sometimes-edifying films of genuine saints: indeed, anyone at all that called himself a catholic over the past century and "made some waves" might posthumously expect to find himself termed a "servant of God", in first preliminaries to the introduction of his cause of beatification. This all the while true Catholic Faith dies quietly, without so much as a "whimper", let alone a "bang", with these new promoters constructing a patchwork of twentieth-century role-models like Chesterton, Von Hildebrand, Edith Stein, the latter of whose school-of-existentialism or phenomenology was founded by a close personal mentor and collaborator with whom the Nazis also had intimate ties. While Chesterton was more of a comedian than an earnest firebrand, as explosive as his diction might often have been, and Von Hildebrand is especially upset at anything like "singularity": plying a "tying of heavy burdens on other men's backs", as if there were more commandments for secretaries, shelf-stockers and carpenters than the immemorial Ten, as if we were all Benedictines under multiple vows of conformity-exacting obedience rigid and firm. Hardly St. Augustine's "love God and then do as you please", nor the Apostle's "liberty of the children of God". For indeed that past century, so near to us in time, was positively filled with heterodoxy, with "spokesmen" for the Faith who quibbled, who made incendiary statements like Bishop Sheen, now up for beatification by the EWTN crowd, most recently with his "we've seen too much of moral systems", uttered with a characteristic dramatic and dismissive throw of the hand. While Catherine Dougherty of the lay-apostolic Madonna House in Ontario Canada would institute an array of "psychological health" programs, up there in the hermetic isolation of the Canadian far-north, including a stint at nudism mandatory for all the one-time morally pure and dedicated staff. All these sylvan escapades and bouts of sensitivity training being supervised by a certain Dr. Orrick, who may well have been the thus-surnamed gentleman who would soon afterward take Robert Kennedy in solicitous counseling tow, dragging him reluctantly to a Bohemian Grove where the most reprehensible all male excesses, including the worship of an owl-god carved in a tree, and naked swimming in the adjoining lake, take place yearly and often-enough in between. This same Dr. Orrick described to me by my own sister, a senior staff worker in the above-noted Catholic Canadian enclave, when I was but a teenage boy: a sister Diane, may God rest her soul, who had to endure those very episodes up in the Canadian woods, and who thereafter was radically, profoundly changed. What then was my own shock when shortly thereafter the self-same Dr. Orrick, who "got around" a lot back then, would unaccountably show up at my own junior college, having been chosen to give an unprecedented September classes-kick-off speech to the entire student-body there. Where he admonished us to roundly "reject everything learned at your mother's knee". While I myself would be set upon during my own attempts at contemplative life, back in this Vatican II time of an alleged overflow of holy men, come home weary from Vietnam, a few years later, wanting like so many before me to "bury myself in God" after the agonies of domestic revolution and foreign war, being instead assailed by morbid subtleties of a self-declared priest-counselor who took up hours of my time each day. Attempting to cure me of what I assumed were justly-lamentable moral defects, of a young man whose self-abnegation if not his soberly-self-defensive prudence was quite complete. A sinister effort as I finally realized that was directed at the complete uprooting of my Catholic Faith. But the "Catholic Global Network" will drone on about the "promise of the future", about the many soon-to-be "beatified" Catholic heroes of the moral wasteland of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, while invalid masses abound, and the Faith by bits becomes a forgotten dream to almost all. "If the time were not shortened, even the elect would be led astray".

What should Robert Kennedy have done, instead of all the above? In surveying the dreadful transformations taking place before his and all our eyes of those epic-consequential days, he should have heeded St. Jerome and "cleaved to that which is most ancient", rather than rushing starry-eyed into a synagogue-sponsored futurism which would be his moral, psychological and physical demise. For it is only in a Godly good-ordering that the abuses and barbarities of modern times can at all be "overcome"; it is only in putting God first, indeed cleaving with all our souls to that motto of monks and hermits, chiseled into entryways of solitude, "God Alone", that answers are forthcoming, that a genuine Benedictine-spirited restoration can take place "of all things in Christ". That which frees us rather than putting us in rote convention-ridden chains, which unlocks for us a new youth, that perpetuates rather than tarnishes that of the young. While as St. John Cassian tells us, in the words of the eremitical Desert Fathers of the Early Church, "love is purity and purity is love", and we cannot achieve social justice and compassion when we have hearts sullied, made insensate, necessarily stumbling blindly into the selfish and cruel.

January 1, 2013: Frankpledge Party reciprocal international trade. Our economic new-year's present to the world.

In the proposed system international currency exchange is to be maintained by a reciprocity of goods and services rather than by a reserve currency, which latter gives to some nation or group-of-nations too much financial power. Nor yet is monetary stability to be attained by a precious-metals reserve base. For all these tend by their own irreversible dynamic toward the amplification and ultimate cart-before-the-horse radical dominion of international trade, a remote, astutely-manipulated realm ultimately coming to reshape commerce at home in the most gallingly unnatural way. As we see today epitomized in what might aptly be called the Walmart paradigm, with the consumer being dictated-to by a growing dearth of competing retail outlets on what he might buy, these able only to offer "whatever the traffic will bear", unless he wants to pay five or ten times more than he can typically afford, at some elite-catering store. With consumption patterns in foods, for instance, being steadily shaped in the direction of canned, frozen or processed items in this way—fresh-produce outlets having been driven more-or-less entirely out of business by the "why pay more" conglomerate, while its own samples are wilted, rotten yet astronomically over-priced. All this serving to reduce personal and cultural self-expression and independence in a most fundamental and irreversible way, presaging a day, advanced by Utopian theorists of the 19th century, when we will all be forced to eat in collectivist cafeterias, as if swine at a common trough. And no doubt warned in rude or subtle ways that we'd better "like it, too", the whole encroaching phenomenon, based on the simple power of trade, being brassily disguised under Orwellian "march of progress" slogans: categorical imperatives which determine all in such a globalist day. Potentialities of minions of international trade thus forcing their way into areas that are entirely gratuitous, in which they don't reasonably or efficiently belong, for which they were never designed.

These vaunted or disguised accessions-to-unlimited-power likewise amplify dramatically the scope and scale of speculation, the hoarding of fortunes for centuries now notoriously utilized for global violent overthrow and political unrest, as brought about by intrigues of international traders and financiers. A certain species of bloated global trade, against which our bilateral, reciprocity-based system is resolutely advanced, leading inevitably to wars in which yet-further trade-and-political dominance is ruthlessly if with high polemical sanctimony sought, with acquisitions of mines and other resources being a chief intermediate goal in mind. While ultimately it is the ruthless control of the human mind and soul which is the prize involved, in a velvet-covered-coercive methodology by which so many particulars of human life are marshaled and organized, against the will of the people, in ways for which, again, they were not by a good God designed.

Hence the noted counter-concept of a densely-developed reciprocity of a material kind, in which the genuine needs of human persons are foremost in mind: a "global" but hardly globalist trade in goods and services by which competitive advantage is turned to a new and positive use, being employed to rectify any significant scarcities or imbalances that may obtain. The present system being like putting a megalomaniac in charge of the store-room of planet Earth, simply because he is allegedly "good at that sort of thing": ruthless efficiencies being confused with true and constructive, typically loose-knit utility, the harmony of the latter mistaken for the ghoulish humming sing-song of a global BTK. In our own system with governments providing currency exchanges for the tourist or businessman whose balance-of-payments would be settled-out at intervals of four months or so, in a sovereign-level exchange of substance, of goods and services, in which the one thus tallied up as creditor party stands in some (typically quite genuine, perhaps even urgent) need. With this latter sum or practical-remittance indeed deferrable to a yearly or longer allocation, if continuing creditor status is plainly assured, so that some truly significant transfer-of-wealth might be made: say in the construction of a fleet of ships by a debtor nation the products of whose dry-docks are renowned, or the trans-border building of some needed facility, or the importation of some group of doctors or technicians of which the debtor nation is providently endowed, and so on.

Rendering sterile the efforts of panels on C-Span is their inevitable acknowledged or unmentioned servile connection to a synagogue or attendant brace of secret societies (CFR, Masonry, Skull and Bones, etc.) which exercise the above-described stranglehold on world trade and academia alike. So that answers to problems are always skewed, obfuscated, ultimately rendered stillborn in this way. While we are both outraged and amused by the way in which things we write here are carefully copied by all these PhDs with high salaries, sometimes indeed only months or weeks later, but carefully neutered or hijacked of certain essentials, becoming garishly-impressive balloons that will never fly. Our website and crusade having seen some of the first practical, nuts-and-bolts applications of the field of economics (or rather political-economy) to matters of ecology, of starvation, of sovereign interdependence rather than war-driven dominion, and so on. For which efforts we have been given no credit by the academic community or the media at all. Ours being a universal economic order which would broaden and strengthen peaceful ties, would readily make of the nations an extended family of culturally-congruous close cousins, even sisters, which lovely expressions like "sister nations" so attractively imply. Global development thus being driven essentially by peaceful and constructive consumer desires rather than by boardrooms of economic dictators for whom the drums of war are the piped-in background music of choice.

As far as both built-in dynamic and conscious directive policy are concerned, local industry and culture would naturally be greatly favored in such a system, in a free exchange of currencies "backed" by nothing but the resources, roads and good laws of the nations involved. In this way, with no "gold standard", or bond-issues, but only a well-regulated printing and minting (of base metals) with weighty penalties for counterfeiting being applied. The perennial gratuitous insistence upon some form of intrinsic value of the medium-of-exchange spelling history's many needless wars-of-conquest, to see that gold mines are seized, or debts are ruthlessly collected or remain cynically unpaid. Money being used to raise or storm empires rather than to facilitate free-flowing exchange. Our system insuring that decisive input is removed from the secretive boardrooms of the Bush-and-Obama-league mighty, being determined rather by the profuse and incalculable needs and interests of the common man.

Here too by removing the burden of bonds, in which money must carry this perverse burden of having been "paid for" first, before it can even be used: a house-cleaning in which is likewise implied the outlawing of the corporation with an inseparable attendant complete dismantling of the stock market as well: by these highly-rational and relatively-easily-achieved measures would domestic wealth multiply in exponential degrees. The economic multiplier being unleashed as well with a return of barter, of housing, lands and other resources forming once again as in medieval times much of the bulk of a worker's pay. So that the present-day wage-related outlay of specie would be dramatically reduced, and money's ability to dominate and destroy further allayed. This primacy of multiplier-rich, middle-man-removing "in kind" compensation having been unquestioned in ruddy forefathers' times: and its sly withdrawal by silken forces of commercial/political intrigue the cause of many-a revolt of fourteenth-century times.

Finally, balance-of-payments in our reciprocity-based system-of-exchange—in dramatic contrast to what presently prevails—would naturally favor primitive and underdeveloped nations, whose natural beauty and marvelously-unique cultures would draw the rich to vacation and even to retire there. Dollars, Franks, Renminbi or Rubles unstintingly spent there, in the inimitable way of the well-to-do, affording to the enchanting country a fountainhead of remittances, when balance-of-payments calculations come due. Thus enabling a stable, independently-determined development along lines which would tend—in the unhurried way of natural rather than Napoleonic, financier-driven transformation—to benefit this humble sort of creditor nation in the most substantial and permanent way, for one thing predictably-enough keeping those qualities which attracted such visitors and residents in the first place.

A parting broadside to today's lumbering WTO galleon which so dominates the Seven Seas, dooming it to the bottom of the sea where it belongs, would be the dismantling of all global trade-regulatory boards, courts, legislative bodies or cartels: behemoths which lurk in murky and scarcely-monitorable waters in which above-noted miscreants most love to hide. Massive scale and scope of oversight being an open invitation to the same old scurvy crowd to once again imperiously take charge. Rather should nations renew bilateralism as the only form of international trade, allowing as a corollary benefit the blossoming of utterly-unique reciprocal arrangements which would enhance and invigorate what is now brutally raped, inhibitively standardized, often-enough utilized for ends never visualized by sane, upright and constructive men. The maintaining of trust between two trading partners being an infinitely easier goal than keeping tabs on massive quasi-sovereign regulatory agencies and sub-agencies, bodies inevitably encumbered with hundreds of sub-committees and assortments of privileged axes to grind. Which isn't at all to prevent the moral ascendancy of some nation, predictably France, Russia, Italy, Croatia or Spain, to serve as a standard or template for just and vigorous trade. While in bilateral treaties any serious disagreements which might conceivably end in war would strongly tend to remain confined strictly to the two nations directly involved, rather than plunging the whole world into some new and elite-lucrative world or regional war or series-of-wars.

December 31: Inheritance tax increase: a continuation of Roosevelt's war on the independent businessman.

Roosevelt by his nasal-toned-sanctimonious policies, while putting millions of ordinary citizens on various sorts of doles, presided over the elevation of the corporation—that unfettered "legal person" who robs our pockets to this very day—to a position of power staggeringly ill-deserved—considering that it had been corporate speculation and outright fraud which had led to the Great Depression itself, as everyone from the era so ruefully knew. One of the main avenues of which corporate dominion—a financier-driven power which wages all our "wars", which determines domestic agendas and much, much more—was Roosevelt's fixing of wages at a level the independent businessman could ill afford to pay. Ignoring entirely that the sickness at the base of the Depression was much more profound and organic in nature than a simple absence of an ample wage. Hence did proportionally-more independent business go out of business between 32 and 39 than at any other time in our history, barring the last thirty years or so, when government policies of every sort since Reagan and George H.W. Bush have once again homed in like vultures upon corner store, independent contractor and family farm alike.

Indeed, providing a model or subset of this attrition of "the little guy" are those Black contractors of fifty and sixty years ago who worked tirelessly and prosperously within their culturally-articulated local networks of customers, suppliers and "subs": with those that are still alive readily attesting that economic justice is the most essential component of racial justice, just as it is of the survival of the family farm. A truism which may even be dawning on many of these canny people's grandchildren and great-grandchildren today, as they realize the degree to which the Black is being reduced to a characterless cog in a wheel, under a notoriously Black on the outside Obama "New Deal". Blacks today become the objects of racial-discrimination under new guises at least as daunting as those of old, as we have been told by Blacks in our Crusader travels from coast to coast. Culture, then, is what solidly—rather than sanctimoniously—bolsters equality, and it is only through economic means that culture is in any way fittingly and honorably maintained. Enter, then, this new dramatic increase in inheritance tax about to take effect, in that Washington-classical "it can't be helped" manner that inevitably attended all these catastrophic alterations-of-circumstances since 9/11, 2008, 11/63, 12/41, all the way back to Black Tuesday and even before. Ten or twenty years after which we wake up one fine day and realize "we have been had". In this case of the inheritance tax increase, with already radically dwindling numbers of U.S. independent (and not just "small" but corporate) businesses from family farms to local pharmacies "going under the axe" when the family parent or patriarch passes away. Assets needing to be sold off—thanks to a draconian form of law which a rather moderate George III would have scorned to allow—to pay a massive and aptly-named death tax. That which, as Dick Durbin so glibly and grinningly assures us, some 99% of us will never have to pay. Which statistic only dramatizes the degree to which independent business ownership is fast becoming a lost dream.

Familiar to many is the fact that corporate income from dividends, stocks and bonds, derivatives and other sophisticated forms of investment—fast becoming the only kind of "wealth", far removed from the rude world of machinery, tools and equipment, independently utilized land—is taxed at a much lower rate, is "bitten off" in palatable bits which the owner of them can readily and often lucratively survive. Hardly having to worry about selling the family acreage or place-of-business, where all of someone-else's skill sets lie. Acreage or store-front, if he has any, which some corporate figure can easily maintain as a second "home in the country", or hobby to tinker with, and with which to impress his friends. But somehow all these allegedly brilliant presidents and legislators—not to mention ever-heroic Supreme Court judges, who always seem to have a trick up their flowing sleeves when it comes to other more avant-garde or esoteric things—"can't" find a way to staunch this hemorrhage in that part of the body politic which most assures a culture of freedom, of racial and nationality equality. The sort of "can't" which breezily permitted the '80s collapse of the "savings and loan" banks, amid a rigid upholding of mortgage payment schedules draconian in the extreme. One farmer in Kansas of the times, no doubt among many, coming in a day or so late, to a Federal "land bank" set up provisionally to administer lands once financed through the savings-and-loans—prior to the crisis a minor tardiness hardly to be concerned about—to make payment on a thousand acres or so: finding to his astonishment that his land had already been foreclosed. His having been the kind of ownership "out of step" with a corporate power-base remorselessly set on waging war—partner-in-crime to a Washington with a pocket-full of false-flag operations ready "heroically" to put into play, and of new schemes for enthroning sodomy and abortion-on-demand, and of starry-eyed and hyper-expensive trips to Mars. Private ownership rather being conducive to a day-to-day fairness which doesn't depend upon condescending racial or other task-forces and sweeping legislation full of pork for the same old corporate-connected crowd.

We on this site, on this Crusade, have "a more excellent way", as did the Apostle so long ago, for which we ask the reader to read on. Hardly a path which falls for every new pitch of some impressive and talkative breed, one rather based entirely upon concrete particulars of local input economic, cultural and political. In a developmentally-prolific personal-free-agency reciprocated in turn by ascending authority figures with each of whom the citizen is thoroughly and often personally acquainted: rather than being incessantly dazzled and duped by an array of remote, Obama-like flashes-in-the-pan. The only requirement for this immemorial system—which contrary to Washington scuttlebutt isn't backward at all, but found to have under-girded every genuine advance in human history—is that we remain alert, even vigilant, that we realize that every fast-talking, broadly-smiling or "down to business" impresario isn't necessarily our friend. While likewise realizing that the law of God—codified in fine detail in the divinely-revealed traditional teachings of the Catholic Church, but finding substantial echoes in Godly legal systems less so refined— is the source of all valid law. That axiom which is the immovable foundation of our Frankpledge Party and Anti-sodomy Crusade. Realizing too that the divine command is the only unbiased standard-of-arbitration that we have, written to varying degrees of detail on every human heart and soul. That furthermore once we begin to accept concessions from towering figures, indulgent "waivers" away from that divine legislation, from they who would thus dare to take the place of God: thereafter guilt will inevitably blind us, trivialize us, enslave us to those who claim to have thus heroically broken our chains. In place of which others much more onerous, as we have so guiltily found, will be quickly and quietly forged.

December 28, 2012: China demands children visit aging parents.

Time and again the Chinese demonstrate a certain justice-of-priorities which we in the USA woefully lack. Hence too in Africa has China for a decade pursued a policy of indigenous-nation development in an influx of Chinese engineering, management and money, no doubt much of it denominated in dollar bills of which China has so many it needs to dispose of in some productive way. That constructive enterprise which was answered in all-too-typical form by Washington in the brutal overthrow of a Ghaddafi whose burgeoning modern infrastructure China had been busy thus developing, until all its technicians were forced by Uncle Sam's ensuing "make the world safe" chaos to flee. From a Libya which has with divine and poetic justice proven a bloody quagmire for a "grab it while you can" USA. Hence no surprise is the unveiling of this new policy, of requiring children by law to visit their aging parents frequently, a move which suggests how far China would go toward the re-instilling of human and even spiritual values if given half a chance. A Middle Kingdom we encourage to consider furthermore the fostering of celibacy and virginity as the only demographically-sustainable restraint on population-size: with the latter in China set to take a dramatic plunge so soon.

We of the anti-sodomy Crusade of course don't even consider population-restraint to be an issue, on an earth which scarcely cultivates two percent of its arable soil. The debt-haunted negative-growth of a derivative-driven global economy being the reason resources are so scarce, as we feed the engines of stock-profit and haven't enough left for relatively-miniscule needs of feeding human mouths. But with regard to population concerns so worried over today, when celibacy/virginity were encouraged, in Catholic medieval times, governments often had to beg their citizens to marry so as to prevent demographic decline, to resist the draw of a beckoning cloister, which had unique compensations of an eternal kind. Thus would a China which prizes and encourages virginity and celibacy, which forbids sexually-provocative entertainment and fashions, make distinctly possible a life espoused to some noble cause, producing offsprings of medical, philosophical or social advancement, and perhaps even seeing a new birth of incomparable joys of monasticism as well. A China nonetheless unlikely to be overrun by those of so austere and unselfish a mind would thus have plenty of offsprings to visit lonely and needy parents who had given them the gift of life, and many new citizens to perpetuate the traditionally-positive Chinese vision of human life.

December 28, 2012: More on the Khazars. Who were they?

There is no doubt in my mind that these steppe-dwellers who occupied a broad expanse on either side north and south of the China-bound Silk Road, whether or not related to people thus named today, were Jews who originally held a sort of Roman-Imperial commercial writ, and thus came to be known over centuries as Caesar's men. With the name Khazar being indeed phonetically the same as the word Caesar, pronounced in modern Spanish and ancient Latin alike with a hard-c or k. Even after the second-century Jewish expulsion from Jerusalem much of their trading empire was perforce kept intact, as Rome could never duplicate Hebrew connections developed painstakingly over centuries, intensified further into early-medieval Byzantine-imperial times, when this kingdom of the Khazars is said to have thrived. An East-West trade-route going all to way to China and even India, manned by a race which levied heavy tolls on merchants and travelers and oppressed neighbors both far and near. Strange to say that not a syllable of this "Khazar" language comes down to us today, reinforcing my contention that there was no such dialect: communications along the storied pathway rather undoubtedly having been carried on in that brace of tongues used by the Jews of the times.

Hence revealed as a clever truth-diversionary tactic is the vaunted claim of certain dubious historians of today that these Khazars were West-Asian interlopers who infiltrated Judaism and "took it over", steering it into its notorious and nefarious present-day path. All this is just more chuspah, encouraging us to trust all these "poor victimized Jews" even more thoroughly than before. They who man the whole world's toll-booths of commerce in as mercenary and calculating a way as they did so long ago in "Khazaria".

December 23, 2012: A gift for the Christ-child, from this poor notional herder, presenting him with a tiny model of the good state or commonweal for Him to examine and admire, and over which to rule.

After the good and materially abundant raising given me by my parents, I was destined by a path hard to describe here to arrive at a position of powerless poverty from which there has been no escape, from which vantage-point I witnessed the elevation of criminals at worst, and petty and self-seeking men at best, to unquestionable positions of authority. And in the midst of the daily drone of a media-conducted cranking-out of lies, slanders, misrepresentations, ill-deserved praise, crafted to cement this reign of the venal and perverted over a biblical "rest of men", I came to resolve to marshal all my powers of mind and soul to construct a model of the good state. Knowing myself, by the grace of God, to have at least one thing to contribute, like the little drummer boy in the Christmas carol, in a gift for the cogent development of ideas, and a certain fluency with words. Hence thereafter did I labor ceaselessly to "beat this drum" or play this flute for my Heavenly King, wrapped in swaddling clothes, in a poverty much like my own, to provide him a charming replica-in-words, in many pages, like a little blanket spun from ideas, to cover Him reverentially, to shield him from the cold. A golden fleece, a fabric of all those many things missing in the unmitigated tyranny described above, in the state as so cynically construed today. The latter a threadbare covering for sacred limbs at best, one which leaves His Mystical Body, composed of all mankind as formed by the universal reception-of-grace, freezing in the bitter cold of a howling wind. An effort, this humble fluting or muted percussion of mine, to extend the image of the popular Christmas song, which some regard as a "building of castles in the sky" being valued however by me as well worth toils involved, and hopefully also esteemed the same way by the little royal Child. For if only one of the least elements presented here is removed, one least little flourish of the drumstick, or feathery trill of the flute, the failure of what results will be assured, at some future time soon or late. To which malfunction, or treacherous gap in the divine Infant's covering, I would feel myself to have conspired, to have led others therein through a cowardly compromise. That standard timidity, typically-enough of "good" men, which is the very route-of-chaos of this modern day.

Nonetheless, as it goes without saying, I would gladly welcome even one minor improvement in the direction advanced here, as it would at least be a beginning, a laying of one footing, a driving of one nail, toward mounting the stolid structure of distributism, of the rampant freeing of the individual human person, securely ensconced within those local and regional sociopolitical structures which are his only conceivable refuge from towering figures who today reign so ruthlessly from on high. And "whose day" is coming so soon, by decree of Almighty God. Yet as intimated above, I am ruefully aware that such marginal improvements would only be a bitter breeding ground for disappointment, if left to stand stark and alien by themselves in a vast field of hostile institutions, all the while we insist that some great accomplishment had been achieved. Some sole modest improvements doomed to tumble within a cleverly-crippled form-of-government, so full of high-minded words, so empty of any capacity for effectual deeds.

Yes, I know, we are told in Political Science 101, and at every possible occasion thereafter, that this belabored, agonized practical-ineffectuality is "the price we pay for liberty", that we need these three branches battling with each other, like pagan gods in a fiery preternatural sky: if for nothing else for the titanic heroism somehow said to be implied. Indeed, I myself went so far, in the second forward to that first book, on which I expended first obscure labors during the Christmas vacation from my return to college of 1998, as to back down, in a later 2007 edition, from my initial forthright declaration of the treacherous impotence of such a system. A skillfully-constructed blind, designed with unquestionable cool deliberation strictly in order to "divide and rule". Over those accounted as mere fools, as deserving of such a fate. But I have since then happily returned to my original thesis, of a counterpoise of governmental bodies from the micro-local to the precinct to the district to the county and region, and on up to the highest places of power. With locational considerations being foremost in recognition, and with any attempts at counterbalance of the three branches—an exercise whose sterility, toward liberty or any other good, has been demonstrated time and again—being repudiated resolutely and in fine detail. Replacing this fruitless babble of contending forces with the kind of state or commonweal to which parliamentary systems give at least some small if gravely-insufficient notional space.

Finally then there is the little matter of my own rather informal and desultory declaration of candidacy, and related attempts to organize a political party: the Frankpledge Party, by name. This too is from the same sense of urgency, of the need to lay at least one stone in the cobble of a street to a vigorous local, regional and national life. Of a need to institute whatever practical steps are possible—perhaps indeed exceedingly few—rather than simply to fruitlessly bandy words, as so many today do. Hardly does this enterprise represent any desire on my own part to rule, to sit on a limited, "organically"-defined royal throne envisioned in writings found here. Although were the presidency actually attained, whether by me or by someone else within the Crusade, imbued with the ideas and devotion therein contained, that achievement would be interpreted as a mandate to move, in open, popularly-participated, above-board ways, toward securing that throne to some man, to some family. To some auspicious figure provided in some way by Almighty God.

Here, then, my humble gift to the Christ-child, in a musically-harmonious model-of-a-state. A little replica which I hope will someday, like the Gospel mustard seed, develop into a great civic tree, "in which the birds of the air make their nests".

December 23, 2012: An "anti-extremist" Uncle Sam's destabilizing influence as seen in the rapid ascendancy of militants across the Muslim world.

Far from inhibiting terrorism around the globe, Uncle Sam's much-celebrated preemptive foreign policy is rather smashing all the dams that once contained an ever-threatening ocean of human blood. With final fruits of U.S. "make the world safe" invasions in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan, and proxy overthrows in Libya and all across the Muslim world, seeing a rapid breakdown of order as at an apocalyptic Benghazi, in the NGO-backed "Al-Qaeda" insurrection in Syria, and in the bloody campaign to destabilize the new and quite moderate government of Egypt, under a barrage of lies. Uncle Bar-Samuel always ends up precipitating the very thing he said he was against at the beginning, with a limply apologetical "oops, how clumsy of me" thought to compensate injured parties involved. An Uncle Sam out of whose standard Zarathustran policy-utterances comes an explosion-of-chaos out of which to divide and rule in a perfectly unimpeded way.