March 23, 2006: Catholicism and interior freedom.

To claim goodwill toward someone while at the same time begrudging or denying them the power to "set their inner house in order", from which directly follows an ability to be their own personal agent, to reasonably determine their own surroundings, activities, loyalties, and so on: to deny them this is to hate them in the most evil, craven and insidious way. While it is especially in the spiritual life that this freedom is absolutely essential, since native exuberances of the soul require a disposing of ones inner self in an intensely individualistic, uninhibited and wholehearted way, in a profound sort of self-possession which is actually tempered by genuine, positive discipline, obedience, self-denial, within parameters of the age-old Catholic-Gospel "Way". An inner strength—the only kind that matters in a spiritual being—which can be gravely injured by "strong personalities" whose morbid overreach knows no bounds: they who were once a relative unknown among the Catholic fold, who actually smother solid inner virtue, voicing theatrical paroxysms of fright or caution, while in the same breath being harsh paragons of abuse: all of which hardly edifies, toughens or constructively corrects the spirit of their neighbor in any way. Rather if anything dampening fervors so necessary in the Gospel "inner room", doing the deepest and most lasting harm. Hence conversely is the very highest act of love embodied in the heartfelt encouragement and auxiliary cultivation of these genuine interior liberties in someone else, gauging painstakingly when comes the time to launch the barque free, helping unfurl soulful sails of purity and goodwill, based on inward considerations most profound, and a discipline and self-denial these inner treasures always require. This mutual cultivation having through the centuries illuminated the laws and other complex institutions of Western Civilization as well: familiar fixtures which when in flower never overstepped this ineffable territory of the soul, an ambiance surviving in a way in Europe here and there, testifying uniquely to the solidity of Christian institutional foundations, once solidly laid. Statutes, "customs and usages" uncannily designed to release rather than to bind, sometimes indeed soaring with the very Holy Ghost in free-flight: precisely according to the Pauline understanding laid out in Romans and elsewhere, by St. Augustine in his "love God and then do as you please", and ad infinitum from there. A true, benign and positive liberty and liberality which has encouraged those customs which blossom forth virginity, monasticism, self-government, economic prosperity, the honor and glory of God. While from any number of more inhibited approaches readily erupts the cruel specter of Caesaro-papism, of religion cowed before the brutal power of the state, with its miserly economy, unjust laws and Napoleonic wars.

Ironically, the Enlightenment “democracies”, which stem from the many unexpected unanimities of Calvinist purisms and rigidities and Jewish/Freemasonic thought, are strongly opposed to this all-important inner freedom, this spiritual exuberance of the soul, with both Calvin and the Enlightenment mounting abstract principle in the place of the real and palpable thing. With a glittering array of "checks and balances" said to have forever freed us from (an allegedly despotism-prone) personal oversight, while what actually happens in modern radically-secular democracy is that "process" enthrones the impersonal and bureaucratic, summarily hijacks the human person and his effective personal involvement: the only actual "champion" we will ever have. Paving the way for certain astute private actors behind the scenes—very "personal" people indeed—to turn the wheels on such an "impersonal" machine to the tune of their own profit and power.

True and ebullient inner agency relies most-heavily upon the fertilities of a personally-adaptable custom handed-down, rather than the sterile impersonalities of ad-hoc, unfounded institutional conformity and coercion, launching a true liberty which in Catholicism likewise generously assumes the catalytic graces of Sacramental life. A developmentally-incalculable independence-of-spirit budding forth here—with no hint of actual willful rebellion such as noted self-proclaimed liberal-radicals so stubbornly ply—a true liberty whose perimeters have as noted and ironically-enough shrunken steadily since the eighteenth century Age of Revolution. Culminating in the advent of a modern man who is a mere shell of his former instant, responsive, voluntaristic self, a citizen today meekly led around by the hand, treated like a child, constantly scolded, humiliated, "taught his place". Said to enjoy unparalleled freedom, but in the event mostly to do disorderly and even shameful deeds boldly and publicly: a license which actually impedes this agency, this inner liberty, with true and assiduously built up custom being leveled and pulverized in these processes, as the enemy to such a slavery that it truly is. This noxious, largely-anti-social “freedom” being one which the modern American Bush rebellion-mongering spreads, panzer-like, around the globe. This childish, trivial, developmentally-moonscaped kind of liberty being specific to the values of the very same capitalism which Hitler sought to institutionalize in an uncannily similar way: involving a truculence which ironically but inevitably desires to impose a rigid, hateful control over the virtuous: they who are the very fount of economic development and political liberty nobly and properly understood. This especially in the invention of laws, customs, conventions that run counter to the spiritual life, that slander or criminalize the most characteristic attitudes and activities of the good of any faith. Substituting a cynical, apostate, spirit-binding way of life to replace the liberty of the just: a counterfeit especially designed to displace the boundless Gospel “freedom of the children of God”.

March 29, 2006: Culture as social control.

The whole ethos of rock and roll, increasingly from about ‘60 onward, and much of the “pop music” that came with it, was bound up in this new idea of cool: that which in real terms—and especially by comparison with what had gone immediately before—was nothing other than a sort of blank-faced impersonality or indifference, an insensitivity to others. Yet at the same time, incredibly, this new detachment was regarded as some sort of unique celebration of the human condition. So that not to throw yourself into this new culture with your whole heart and soul was to be instantly judged—in a perfect contradiction in terms—as somehow lacking in humanity, to be a snob on some iceberg of your own choosing. Or even as being “sick, sick, sick”, as one teenager wrote in to a column in the paper in my hometown, back then, in a generalized head-shaking criticism of the older set, claiming the reinforcement of an ubiquitous Freud in this assault upon the cultural past. Thus were the truly sensitive and loving of all ages and conditions of those time treated, in this first installment of Dr. Phil: people who refused to put their deepest feelings and thoughts into coarse, vulgarized, mass-consumption terms. And although there had been some occasional faint element of this group mystique in the swing music of the 30s and 40s, it had never come up to this sort of messianism of this novel secular form.

But actually, aside from contemporary forms related to stubbornly-persistent Harlem street-corner do-op groups, which began their “jive” in the late 40s and quickly spread to most major Eastern cities, and thus completely ante-dated this new form, “rock” wasn’t a cultural manifestation at all: because real culture comes from the people (as in the case of these street-corner troubadours), not from some corporate marketing office. Furthermore, real and innately-sophisticated musical and other artistic culture act as motivational catalysts, toe-holds for economic development of the most genuinely applicable kind. The pre-rock and early-rock era—before the latter became the do-all and the end-all of day-to-day life—being an unprecedented one for the burgeoning of small businesses, and of cutting-edge new forms of the greatest productive consequence. While rock once diversified and enthroned would by contrast be found useful only as a kind of “jungle beat”: whose cadences would spur many-a drug-damaged mind to complete rote tasks in record time, suggesting insidious galley-mallet-cadence reasons for its design. While earlier enhancers-of-human-agency contrast even more sharply with the bewildering irrelevancies of the present Computer Revolution: a security obsessed, path-dependent monolith controlled by elites who dwell in cloud-covered, rock-and-rap-listening heights. Spawning a brace of industries which have proven sullenly counter-developmental in terms of anything benignly usable, if multiplying the redundancies of alienating, isolating “Information Age” form, and the breakable and poorly-designed products—like tape that doesn't stick, or magnifying glasses that don't magnify, but which you can't possibly remove from the "attractively designed" shrink-wrapping in order to test—that go with it all like a hand in a glove. Strangers to such marvels as the short-lived folk music revival, that which basically coincided with the “one brief, shining moment” of the Kennedy Years, and seemed to have been brutally done to death, in a counter-cultural national state of shock, at the same time. A national personality-prostration out of which we have yet to even begin to emerge. Rock having almost without exception missed the buoyant subtleties and paradoxes that had made for real hit music since almost the turn of the nineteenth century, with a Kingston Trio kind of entertainment, a blend of the old and the new, having however been single-handedly categorized as “folk rock” by a recent National Public Television commentator: no doubt acting as a mouthpiece of the ongoing Jewish-media desire to associate all American music somehow with either “rock” or “jazz”. And as it were to ethnically cleanse all forms of history, musical or otherwise. The singularly radical and morally-perverse “Long Haired Country Boy” folk rock form—the music of choice of the briefly-reigning, highly-destructive “hippie-biker” crowd—not having surfaced from the sulfurous subterranean world from whence it came until the mid-70s, some fifteen years after the first appearance of the magnificent trio of my own high-school years.

Rock was really the most potent of the big efforts toward the media mass arousal of rote emotional and sensual extremes, a moral trivialization which requires a depressive emotional atmosphere that throws cold water on all of man’s finest complexly coordinated and calibrated powers. A milieu out of which would eventually arise those dummed-down masses whom George Bush would mobilize instantly for war, on the basis of lies and mass foreign-nation character assassinations. The “cool” mind having but little problem with choreographing together Trade Tower plane-crashes, bit-mapped and dubbed-over “terrorist” proclamations and sodomy-forced “confessions”. These joining forces with digital-mixers and echo-chambers to create the all-encompassing “freedom-loving” milieu in which we live and move today.

March 6, 2006: The Israel lobby; this year’s “elections”; Israeli fingers are in these port deals as they are in so much else; the real American agenda.

Present at an umbrella-group meeting in Washington D.C. today were representatives of hundreds of Jewish lobbying organizations: beltway manipulators with all-determining powers. People who with other Jews in key positions in government help form an iron triangle of sorts: two mutually-supporting legs to which the U.S. Government itself as a whole corresponds as a rather-insignificant third. Top-level people the majority of whose first, second and third loyalties are fanatically to the Israeli cause, at any cost to the USA. This alliance of a distinct nationality with patently-disloyal government isn’t only all-powerful but it also gives expression to an ideology of superiority never before seen on these shores, a creed of a strange new Master Race being codified during that gathering into American/Zionist global-diktats of every vaunted kind. Thus for instance all the missile-rattling there today about “what we must do” about Iran, Iraq or Syria: this at the expense of America’s sons and daughters, in an Israeli-arbitrated policy of unjust aggression which calls to mind uncannily the little-known Zionist connection to Hitler Germany (see website of Jews Against Zionism). The embryonic State of Israel actually having had some of its deepest and most essential roots in the Nazi regime, with the whole constituting an ideology-conglomerate that is the con-act of all times.

Indeed all this heady talk about America’s global leadership role, about its nation-making destiny: this doesn’t originate from Yanks like you and me but rather from a ruling chosen race clique which has completely taken control here in all but name and formal deed-of-sales (it’s still working on that). And which is at present literally using us up for its own selfish aims. This pound of flesh whether in the form of a promising youth lost or maimed in battle or in a host of other costly respects emotional, spiritual and material. These radical Zionists having extremely-effective exponents in the clergy, perhaps mostly notably among high-profile TV evangelists. This Israel-lobby being a cabal which bears little relation to a homespun USA long celebrated in our rich folk-music heritage, in bracing melodies which used to be heard “from the great Atlantic Ocean to the wide Pacific shore”. Over the past century driven into the hills and hollers of the Ozarks and the Appalachians, these ballads told of a mostly-humble, peace-loving people: in songs which before the weird American-Jewish-dominated decade of ’65-’75 had nothing whatever to do with either radical causes or promiscuous forays down some primrose path. The legacy of days when men worked with their hands as well as their minds, it is a living history which must live again if we ourselves are to survive as a people. Most attached to God, to the domestic joys and toils of family life: and not to some Marxian inexorable progress or ceaseless warfare, whether in Iraq, on hometown streets and college campuses, or in our hearts and minds. Our authentic American heritage being a bright, humane and constructive one which is fast disappearing under a dehumanizing, secrecy-ridden Zionist/corporate/official agenda. A takeover by an alien power, with native quislings to put a bland Johnny Carson face on treason. Read on for our own constructive economic and political response to this unprecedented, congressionally-ingratiated betrayal.

The definitive importance of colloquial and cultural "things passed down" stems from the composite nature of man, who isn’t purely intellectual or angelic but rather possesses both body and soul, which in turn suggests a whole body of "customs and usages", cherished memories, ties. Things that although powerfully emotional are ontological as well: brimming with the innermost meaning of who we are. So that when we thoughtlessly consign ourselves to tender mercies of eugenic or industrial Dr. Jeckles we are doomed to part with something essential to our race, which is one man in Adam (St. Thomas Aquinas) in ways that reach through flesh and sinew all the way to the soul: accounting for one thing for why there is an Original Sin. While likewise it is here, within the womb-like reaches of this human composite, that Revelation itself is deposited: not in some genetic code, nor in the abstruse writings of a Hegel, Heidegger or Spinoza, but rather within intimate recollections of the ancient nation of Israel, of kith and kin, with heartfelt subsequent parallels among all nations that have proven good soil for the Gospel seed. True, God Himself makes it possible for man to cross any number of thresholds, but when we begin to cross the border into eugenics—to trample ponderously in the realms of the sacred, to violate a physical nature He made the bearer of such prodigal things, then we have gone too far, have proven ourselves impious fools, and our technology will be our own undoing. (Note of 02/12: The past years since Katrina when this was first written have seen this coming fiery auto-destruction commencing in the most riveting way, in a host of catastrophes mounting almost by the day. With a globe apparently out of orbit as well as out of proper rotation, although maintained somehow miraculously on a course which largely preserves life, notably too because of an atmosphere which acts as a protective envelope against life-annihilating climactic disasters which would otherwise ensue. All this having been brought about through the hubris, the chuspah, which all this ever-mocking modern cynicism, and other close-cousin perverted policies and experimentations, represent. However foreseen as the culmination of coming chastisements is the glorious fulfillment of the prophesy of Our Blessed Lady at Fatima, who will usher in her very own "Era of Peace", indeed St. Louis DeMontfort's Age of Mary, in an incarnation of Catholic social, economic and political principles the world over, the globe itself having been pulled from the brink of destruction by her own motherly hand. All this apparently only some few decades preliminary to the Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ.)  

Consider too the prime financial interest of the State of Israel in the ongoing Dubai port-leasing: or call it ownership, management or prime-equity, take your pick, for this whole immense, defining, secrecy-ridden “privatizing” phenomenon is very fluid, unstable and boundary-belying in nature, and will quickly flow from one into the other. Here being again only an approximate replay in another form—as at multiplying infiltrations of the Defense Department or the British, Danish or New Zealand interior—of that bewildering Jewish ubiquitousness which together with multiplying ties with Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations may well signal an ultimate Israeli-Islamic alliance. That predicted months ago here on these pages, one which will attempt to sweep Christianity entirely from the world stage. (Note of 9/14: the recent rise of the "Islamic State" is undoubtedly the final realization of this epoch-making conspiracy, which has already obliterated a host of early-Christian churches and shrines, wiping-out whole Christian populations, with masked-and-hooded white-skinned Caucasian Jews beyond-any-question leading the van, acting in the most un-Muslim-like way. Covert Jews once again repeating the very same synagogue leadership-role that piloted primitive Islam so efficiently so long ago, to sweep like the biblical flood over a seventh-and-eighth century world. Back then when the stirring name Mohammed first so anachronously appeared, no such person being however recorded in the record until sixty-some years after his alleged Hegira, when he supposedly did such brave, fervent, religion-inspiring things.) Indeed this future Jewish/Muslim pact will be rote rerun a similar treachery committed at the time of the Crusades, a Jewish/Islamic deal later finally closed at the fall of Constantinople in the fifteenth century. And all the while this all-fronts sell-off continues, congressmen continue with model docility to follow stonewalling Administration-dictated rules-of-procedure, and allow anything like popular sovereignty to be entirely subverted. As a crowning culmination to which supine exercise it is certain that the Congressional elections this Fall are going to be even more controlled than were those of the past two general elections: if no doubt with much counter-accusatory dust raised, in a wordy windy-storm with little rain. The consideration of which grave challenge to our democracy another C-Span panel of a few days ago—whose members were supposedly in favor of impeachment—deftly sidestepped even considering. Although the point had been brought up in tones of urgency at least twice by questioners from the audience. People out in the gallery being absolutely passionate about all these issues: while panelists by contrast invariably waste much of their precious air-time trading polished axioms, clever-if-sterile phrases and zany-humorous remarks. These live audiences representing a people which can sense that ballot rigging, extorting and intimidating preparations—mostly but not exclusively by Republicans—are already in the offing to glibly and callously prevent the working of any lasting or significant change, any breaking of chains, in these coming elections. (Note of 9/14: of course in intervening Demo-ruled years the tables have been turned, the radical-liberal changing-of-the-guard of the Obama years undoubtedly already in the cards in plans of kingpins whose final aim is above all moral despair.)

As intimated here and by testimony of these pages and publications, however, we hardly really want the Democrats to take power once again: they who in effect, with their vaunted radicalisms, brought us grade-school violence, the effective societal rule of the sodomite, and abortion-on-demand. Nor for that matter do we desire the accession of those Independents at whose head is this puerile, manipulative, secrecy-condoning Pat Buchanan: who will only lead us down the obscure road of further Nixonesque intrigues. All of which “leaders” show ever-newer meanings for colorful words like obsequious and pusillanimous. Read on for a different platform, a God-fearing and God-loving American agenda from out of our true and unique legacy as a People.

Finally, as much as I criticize the planned-indebtedness of several of the past quisling Congresses and Administrations, far be it from me to claim that the Dubai deal and other such sell-offs are only our “just deserts”. This after having lived so long—if not really by our own popular choice—high-on-the-hog of foreign borrowed money. That it is now time to “pay the piper” in the most humiliating and sovereignty-abolishing of terms. In answer to which nonsense we cite lessons learned by the English at Orleans—at the hands of Joan the Maid—manfully demonstrating that you cannot define nations as if they were real estate, or flowery-preambled bills-of-sales. That once a certain sacred coalescence takes place—in a mysterious transformation by which nations are born—the only way sovereignty can be lost is over the dead bodies of citizens. Defending for once their own native soil.

March 3, 2006: Saddam Hussein said to have admitted his guilt for a harsh deed in the midst of another of your typical Anglo-American-sponsored regional wars. (note of some days later: this guilty admission appears not to have been true: much like our perpetually-down-revised economic indicator or department of labor statistics.)

But did we have a trial and execution of those responsible for the Mai Lai Massacre? For Hiroshima? For the Desert Storm bulldozer-burying-alive of thousands of Iraqi combatants in their trenches? For the decade-long protracted depleted-uranium dirty-bombing of Iraq, whose main victims were children?

March 3, 2006: The lone wolf.

People like Bush throw around the word freedom with great levity but if we would pull such statements down out of the clouds for starters we might reflect that in free societies of days-gone-by law—which is really what’s at stake here—was always couched in terms of what one mustn’t do, rather than in terms of what one must. This leaves the gamut of the innocent and acceptable as a near-limitless field for unselfconscious human activity, as it manifestly should be. But it took the “election” of Bush to see to the total reversal of this age-old, highly-practical freedom-axiom: rigid, socially-enforced conformity being mandated with a nod from his phrase-coining “New World Order” Dad: here only purveying an old coded epithet of the New Age and Skull and Bones people of a century and more prior. A retrogressive trend carried through as well by intervention-bent academics, World Bankers and industrial-psychologists for decades now. A “free” America full of wide-ranging if unpredictable prescriptions somehow sharing space with the “enlightened” navel-and-breast-baring scene. The whole frothy stream having been uncannily metered and almost as thoroughly controlled: with the ongoing imposition of the weird, provocative, anti-traditional in terms of morality, but with attitudinal and behavioral strictures growingly hip-booted toward the turn of the millennium in terms of “security” or foreign policy goals. The “hippies” and other ‘60s revolutionaries—the worst of whom were actually few in number and almost entirely Jewish in religion and nationality—having done their assigned photogenic task, just as in the case of the patently-in-house-job of 9/11. Namely to create a radically-reactionary backlash as well as a rabidly-pro-Israeli foreign policy and military posture alike. (Few of the old hippy crowd are anything but the most supine pro-war, pro-sodomy, radical-capitalist yes-men now). A police state—if marked by inescapable eruptions of moral anarchy—being the steadily-burgeoning outcome: with arbitrary and ever-morphing song-and-dance routines being with increasing frequency required to avoid an ironclad “profiling” as some kind of enemy of public safety. In blanket absolutions in which a kinky-but-current, sitcom-safe sense of humor—maybe the media-touted “Broke-back Mountain jokes”—which I’m sure are enough to tickle all the multiplying sodomites to a purple glee—will be your indispensable pass-card to the status of a perfectly non-threatening, limp-handed-harmless fool. An all-points, drooling united-we-stand conformity being imposed, bolstered by pitiless police procedures, being as well the fertile source of unfair hiring and firing practices, of intra-scholastic and intra-family vendettas: much as in Stalin's Peoples' Courts of the 1930s, when whole families slandered one another all the way to the firing squad or gallows, in an orgy of fear and cleverly-induced hate. While ruthlessly forced out in many a setting would be many-a shy but good-looking “lone wolf”, for refusing to be “fair game”.

All this anti-“lone wolf” tail-wagging-the-dog, and the mounting injunctions to which he must heel, also provide opportunities to take out grudges against “lower” races and nationalities. Ethnic groups whose members often have a thoughtful, deeply-recollected—even solitary—spirit, learned in the schools of an abiding and unshakable personal maturity, a large part of which is a canny understanding of how little their commentary would be taken seriously at all, and of an America in which the gabby or sullen Anglo neighbor or co-worker is seldom his friend. The “equality” here by contrast being increasingly of a sort which seeks to level most everyone into a limp and innocuous “openness”—hardly an Administration strong-point—all the while outward distinctions of wealth and position are given the most foot-licking recognition imaginable. Even as this ever-more-demanding “American Way” claims redundant superiorities over all other men, with the military loudly uncovering many bitterly-despised shortcomings among various nationalities. As for instance in universally-harsh assessments of the first Iraqi security volunteers of earlier months of the War: men who seem to have been virtually stripped down and remade to fit the invader’s image and likeness. (Note of 9/14: this humiliation and/or rejection of the soldiers of the Saddam Hussein regime having proven the most disastrous of all the disastrous decisions of the past ten years, paving the way for the collapse of Iraq being witnessed as I write). So different is the evolving, experimental American “toughness” from the perennial and universal human or Iraqi strength. For there are soldiers and there are killing machines: and “nary the twain shall meet”. Hence Bush’s identification of the lone wolf, the very epitome of this trend of casual, blanket categorization—of people who haven’t done anything wrong, although they have failed miserably in all the vaunted requirements of doing the correct—this is disturbing on many scores. A loosely-defined and infinitely-expandable variety of men—who from boyhood onward are then hounded down, classed as having A.D.D., watched as if they were time-bombs ready to explode—the whole charade amounting to a ridiculously-obvious self-fulfilling prophesy, against a complex and profound humanity which has certain limits of pressure or duress beyond which it cannot go, after which it will indeed "explode" or implode. Quiet and thoughtful persons—who before all the "Beavis and …" leveling-process were justly and sanely regarded as promising indeed—being thus everywhere "profiled" as ipso facto subjects for investigation under “Patriot Act” legislative/executive-creative law. In which behavioral transformations inseparably involved we can see the death of the nation, not its "security". Youngsters as a consequence being made the ready target of dutiful school, workplace, neighborhood and hometown “vigilance” and wholesale (and sometimes privately-rewarding) paranoia.

Furthermore the effectiveness of certain limitations just now being placed by Congress upon such troubling aspect of the new and ever-more specifying and scrutinizing security law will require some well-weathered appraisal before they can “pass muster” before the unprejudiced, un-intimidated mind. Even as past experience—together with doughty “independents” like Pat Buchanan and bought-off members-of-Congress like Nancy Pilosi—both of whom more-or-less laughingly refuse to even consider for the treacherous Bush so richly-deserved a recourse as impeachment—convince us resoundingly to the contrary. A man who does a hundred times worse than Nixon or Clinton everyday, but who manages amid such a flower-bed of “opponents” to come off “smelling like a rose”. Among whom are hundreds of Senators and Congressmen who meekly apologize for their milk-toast complaints before scowling or chuckling dictators seated on high.

There is indeed the stereotypical Hollywood-created “loner”: a film-celebrated personality-stereotype who to the degree he has some amount of representation in reality is almost entirely a consequence of a warped gothic-middle-school behavioral-formation, the press of the big city, of systemic unemployment and the like. While in Karachi or Islamabad—or among the towering mountains thereabout—causes for long hours of bleak introspection and popularity-repelling blank stares are even more numerous and compelling. But standard American character-measuring criteria as applied to orphaned, widowed or otherwise stricken people must obviously hit wide of the mark: in a social judgment which, when itself candidly assessed, is a simple matter of kicking those who are already down, or pseudo-institutionally classed as such. “Lone wolves” some-of-whom are quickly to be further condemned as “snivelers”: many of whom need only a kindly word, an ordinary helping hand in order to eventually replace a “leer” or a “blank stare” with a laugh or a smile. For here is plainly a case in which unjust behavior is equaled only by the unjust logic employed: that tomfoolery whereby the effete and well-placed refuse to forgive those they themselves have most injured. While the resulting “candidates for terrorist activities” might indeed be driven to extremes-of-militancy under conditions of persecution: just as the Founding Fathers themselves claimed to have been propelled into their own armed activities. But from all this—and mountains of other evidence besides—it is plain that the truly malevolent and naturally-terroristic is a canine of an entirely different color from this carelessly-Bush-identified “lone wolf”.

In fact, far from being so readily identifiable for some strikingly-singular ambiance or mood, truly-dangerous characters in the vast majority of cases are above-all supremely blendable with the crowd, smooth, politically-correct, often unctuously-loquacious. Many of our own recent notorious betrayers of national secrets—who however pale in comparison to the pirate/traitor Administrations under which they worked—are a case in point: being to all appearances the most ordinary, unremarkable of people, who would instantly be lost in any crowd. While the same realization greets us when we listen to the description of most violent criminals—or for that matter bad Presidents, bad lobbyists, money-launderers and the like—and view their winning ways on TV. (Note of 02/12: hence this ex-two-term New-York governor John Corrazine, whom Congress is so reverently hesitant to throw in the slammer where he so richly belongs. A tiger however of the same stripe with Obama, Bernanke, a prototypical Greenspan, and the rest of the larcenous beltway gang). Hardly loners, many of these people would make your perfect proverbial used-car salesman, or could swap places with the latest Oscar-winning star. Which of course isn’t at all to say that a good vocabulary, a winning way or a friendly smile make you a villain: that alternate misidentification which can cause equal amounts of harm.

But most pointedly: the predominance of bland or gleeful personalities in the world of wrongdoing has a lot to do with the wholesale and perverse outlawing of the Ten Commandments as our legal, moral and behavioral norm. Or even the widespread mockery of edifying Islamic fundamentals like modesty-of-dress, gravity, brevity-of-speech: virtues that are perfectly Catholic to the core as well. All these precepts being replaced with the quaking or mirthful utterances of the capitalist/collectivist deity, a kind of towering Easter Island monolith, set ambivalently and precariously on high. The new standard—after all the fraudulent ‘sleeves rolled up” work-ethic imagery is duly laid to rest—being built entirely upon this oily con-artistry and salesmanship as the do-all and the end-all of life. Or in political, economic and organizational terms a complete denial of the pursuit of the common good.

Yet among those who have studied history little honest surprise is to be found in the fact that all the noted intensifying command-orientation—that “spreading of freedom” which beyond any doubt comprises the most profound tyranny ever seen among men—is tied up among other things with a relentless resurgence of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century radical-Calvinist Protestantism. Here is elitism par excellence, an “Evangelical” polemical cannonade marked by all the original Elizabethan/Cromwellian bombast and imperiousness. A command-orientation however almost entirely divorced from the original strict morality involved: that code—of dress, of courtesy, even of a certain kind of kindness—rejected out of hand together with Islamic laws in many ways remarkably similar in character. The misidentified “loner” terrorist villain being in fact precisely anyone who puts the precepts of religion into practice in his daily life: a piety which under characteristic salutary pressures produces a kind of gravity; even at certain moments, a visible aspect of strain. Although in the original Puritan world there was the added contradictory twist of the identification of the immemorial retiring and reflective, selectively-involved, interiorly-prayerful, often indeed deliberately-solitary Catholic (neither praying nor “crying out” on street-corners) as possessed, a lunatic, a danger to society, and so on. Even a lone wolf to be hunted down without mercy. That brittle paranoia now being Bush-resurrected among Yanks who were once supremely an Indian-scalp-fondling crowd, plying a kind of persecution which has been ceaselessly recurrent in American history, and which in one way or another and for a long time greeted each new immigrant ship as it docked off Ellis Island. The saga of the many Catholic immigrants who refused to give up this interior spirit, this solitary “kindly light”—of what happened to them here in this ‘land of the free”—this is a history that is still unfolding, that has yet to be written. A mistreatment suffered already by the miserable harried flocks which pre-Revolutionary New England Jesuits served in such obscurity, and with such exemplary fervor. Early American Catholics who earned for their Black help the mocking title of “Jesuit’s slave”: simple employees who had a life uniquely free and well-provided-for. Having indeed been “bought” precisely in order to obtain such a freedom.

February 25, 2006: Reader, beware, "Able Danger" is just another false trail to hide the true perpetrators of 9/11, who are directly connected to this Administration.

February 25, 2006: Is it really so bad to be dummed down?

Lots of folks spend lots of time bewailing the national dumming down, but really it depends what you mean by the phrase. One can argue that all wisdom is contained in supply chain management or imbedded circuitry, with applied-knowledge becoming as it were tinier by the moment, and all success being measured by a kind of disappearing-act. Of the advent of the deified blackberry and other yet-more-miniscule devices, together with the exit of our own scarcely-lamented integral-agency. An earth-colonizing machine of sorts being this Magog which spits out these unutterable new earthly values: measurable in pixels or decibels of ever-more-sophisticated snob or thrill-value appeal.

Together with this resolute retreat into the nano-dimensional, I also decry the fact that 80% or more of our ports—rather larger objects—and all of our merchant marine, are foreign-leased or equity-owned: this being a function of the fact that the labyrinthine intricacies of investment in all its forms determine policy much more than do the deliberations of Congress. Basically an American dream run amuck, mob-and-loan-shark-hijacked: producing a parallel social one-up-manship or hit-man-ship which by 1970 became the motif of a new era: one which effectively precludes any possibility of a sound, loose-knit yet well-integrated national life. A formula for mega-debt, warned against by Robert Kennedy (The Enemy Within. New York: Popular Library, 1960), this abandoning of a more-fundamental economies-of-scale—that implied in any critical pursuit of the common good—in favor of an exclusionary street-fight for the McMansion on the artificially-landscaped hill—all this effete priggishness inevitably requires that we go into debt head-over-heels. With more and more of the public fixtures we take for granted carrying a magnified “privatized” price-tag. Which include the security firms that guard the ports as likely as the ports themselves: if no doubt under a different and even-more-well-buried bill-of-sales. Uncle Sam with a correct-looking grimace around the corner of his mouth becoming “the chief market for the world’s goods”: prosperity and penury having never before in history been so grossly and perversely co-identified.

Now I know that the pursuit of a PhD in nano-engineering is well beyond the ability of your average American high school groupie, but is that in itself really any cause for lament, when you consider where the whole thing is heading? Down the pike of this ever more rigid path dependency: of a lone, brittle, maniacal pursuit of a rapidly disappearing illusion? Can we just continue to buy into this massive high-tech putting-of-eggs-in-one-basket in which mankind, transfixed by a so-called American Dream, pursues bloody warfare under the spur of a fiery dragon-of-debt nipping at its heels? With the whole exhibiting bewildering resource-misallocations and radically-displaced economic multipliers which in many precipitous ways go negative as this dizzy anomaly goes spinning on? (Note of 03/12: Definitive to the trend of such a bell-curve is a national debt which skyrockets by the day, soon destined to find every lose penny saddled with ten cents worth of debt—hard an economic multiplier on anyone's scale—in answer to which Republican nit-wits like this Ryan guy would throw all the cargo on this starship enterprise overboard, and take us back to Scrooge's counting-house, for one thing in a stock-marketing of massive Social Security funds which would bankroll an apocalyptic sort of investment indeed. A recourse marginally-sustainable—with many-a conveniently unmentioned up and down—in tiny economies like Chile only because of the little niche they occupy in the global financial scheme. While were such a mammoth privatization tried here—with a reserve-currency-USA inevitably taking the whole world with it on such a momentous plunge—then we will no longer be dealing with marginal phenomena where foregoing financial profits have been had, but rather with the committing of the bulk of global financial principal to schemes of day-trading, derivative-driven corporate investment, on an unfathomable scale.  Hence the outcome this yen for the radically-unitary would put the global madmen even more firmly in charge, and anything like a multiplier-rich free enterprise would die the most violent of deaths.) Everything in a certain sense—economy and media included, not just the presidency—becoming radically unitary by the day—crowned by a panel of profit-taking stock-market Shylocks. Your corporate boss rapidly becoming your government and ultimately as well your judge, jury and executioner: a thrifty privatized speed-of-merger most convincingly and horribly attested by show-trials, secret-courts and police-brutality video-clips. While I present here as an alternative a buying-into something entirely different: letting this breathless-but-deadly debt-dragon just die a quick death by starvation, with a complete reversal of the logic of compound interest being introduced to every activity of man.

Granted, a tightly-interwoven international syndicate is probably even now raising up another hyper-heroic nation—as historically realized in Reformation England, Eighteenth-century Masonry-invented Prussia, Revolutionary/Napoleonic France and the USA—to carry the ball after a decrepit USA has finally fallen miserably to the groundto celebrated ever-more-distant goal-posts of debt-driven “security”. But we have to hope that we can break this chain-letter and create a system organized in an entirely beneficial way. Actually, I rather like some of these dummed down kids: if they can only manage to throw off the brainwash that has come with the forced-ignorance. Certainly a growing number of them are well aware of their own entirely-undeserved misery, which is in a very real sense the very beginning of all true wisdom. Let them go from such humble and clear-eyed beginnings to learn philosophical and religious truth, and then “use what comes to hand” to put principle into practice. They’ll do much better than the fools that lead them now. Much as did the great indigenous leaders of Eastern Europe—not Reagan or the ever-theatrical John Paul II—of roughly the 1970-90 era: the real-if-unsung heroes of the overthrow of communism. Young people who can climb from there to claim their true destiny: getting some ideas for noble goals right here on this website, which can operate as a seedbed for ideas all their own.

Actually in most practical respects mankind reached an unsurpassed level of technological and organizational achievement around the fifties to the early-sixties. And had we thrown off the oil-dependency back then—which a much-slandered John and Robert Kennedy may easily have been readying themselves to do—and adopted that vast plethora of already-available alternate fuels (if needing some readily-achievable further development and fine-tuning)—I think we could quickly thereafter have taken Sputnik, Challenger and most-if-not-all the world’s computers and blackberries and dumped them into the ocean. This by a following-to-logical-conclusions of such a basal transition in all other fields. And the human race would have been much better off as a consequence, since there can always be “too much of a good thing”, which can become an end in itself, or even an aggregate ball and chain. For there seems to be a point-of-equilibrium of sorts that is finally reached, in all things mortal and passable: of technology counterbalanced against the perfectly-non-tech. The balance of body and spirit, that which is definitive of sane and healthy man, being reflected in a parallel one of applied science and the need of man to do things with his own hands, to revel in his natural, living rather than contrived unity with the created world. Not just as some zany or insipid “hobby” or yet another recreational project in his garage, basement or back yard, but rather as a critical, self-definitive, indeed passionate part of a complex and cohesive way-of-life. In faithfulness to a calling as a truly—and not just grudgingly—terrestrial creature. And at higher levels as a member of the Mystical Body of Christ: which indeed in the resurrection of the body eternally implies a physical, somatic component. That approach which would abandon the present Manichaean, sharp-edged and Satanic gulag, paying back dividends alike economic, spiritual, emotional and psychological, and thereafter by grace in the salvation of ones immortal soul. Else we continue increasingly to become like the space-rarified, lobotomized space-crew on the movie The Black Hole: truly dummed down both in spirit and in mind. And of course financially bankrupt as well: chasing a chain-letter of indenturing public and private debt around the universe.

February 22, 2006: The Bush electronic blitzkrieg; also, religion as an all-embracing human/divine activity rather than an exercise in emotionality or rarified elitism.

First capitalist/colonialist investment squanders and misuses the world’s resources, after which it claims the need to limit global population because of a “scarcity principle”: a cause which understandably calls forth whole fields of study, requiring the construction of scarcely-comprehensible paradigms, of supermen who claim to amply deserve to monopolize such potentially-staggering if woefully-wasted boons. Benevolent giants who desire to teach their supposedly rapidly-reproducing fellow man all manner of wisdom, while deftly removing from their hands those treasures they hold them not competent to handle. While this spirit of capitalism—full-blown already by the mid-fifteenth century—would see as well to the launching of a sister-ship Christianity with lukewarm amounts of love or mercy, with diminishing practical application of the doctrines of Faith. Back then a sovereign of such a description could pick up a cargo of Black slaves off the coast of North Africa, and then send missionaries (themselves truly fervent) to preach the Gospel on the Indian or the American shores. However as saintly as these missioners were it was precisely this division—of a radical, cleaver-like separation of realms, vocations or states of life—which would come steadily to form the aberration, the anomaly: that which would culminate quickly in the Reformers’ “Faith without works”. Not that these clerics weren’t very practical men, to the degree they were allowed scope for their generally-far-sighted initiative within the official scheme-of-things. But this as it were externally-imposed Manichaean mis-orientation would ultimately see the same practical-minded Jesuits expelled from Spanish Colonial realms in the early 1770s, having manfully disregarded the dictums of rapidly-multiplying proto-Malthusians of their own day and time, crossing externally-imposed religious/practical boundaries cryptically mandated by an earlier form of world finance and its contemporary royal protégés. These soldiers of Christ hardly having been of that Vatican II breed of clerics—just making their first halting appearances, already back then—who deliver a lot of impressive speeches and dramatic symbolic gestures and then allows the universal practices of the Faith—the love of chastity and modesty, the clothing of the naked, even the commonest civilities of “the household of the Faith”—to fall into abject disuse. This dichotomy, this stark dualism between the spiritual and the “practical”—that which would grow steadily into a defining Western institution—being far-and-away the crowning evil of human history. Accounting for the very worst of its excesses, and for none of its truly glorious achievements.

But is the preaching of the Holy Gospel to end in such a whimper? Hardly. Rather in the words of Our Lord to Sister Josepha, the Apostle of Divine Love, “Have no fear….You know what happens when a volcano is in eruption? ….Do men need to be told that a devastating power has been unloosed? Such will be My words, accompanied by grace….Truth will triumph and peace will reign over souls and the world…and My kingdom will come!”(The Way of Divine Love. 1972 edition: Tan Publishing, p. 365).

It is on this passionately contested turf—of the convergence of Church and state, the religious and the secular, over those many things which are naturally and necessarily common ground to both—that we must view the Bush “pro life” campaign. Indeed a noble cause in itself, pro-life, which we ourselves unconditionally espouse: yet it gives pause that this humanitarian venture comes from someone who rains down terror on the human race, using star-wars methods joined to a pursuit of dictatorship and world-conquest. A phenomenon which might easily lead one to ponder that Bush in the balance isn’t really that pro-life at all. Seeming by way of the noted dichotomy to isolate to one solitary side a noisy pursuit of pro-life—a life-saving procedure somehow co-joined to an altar-call-essential Evangelical Anti-Islamic Jihad—the two canceling one another out in the most conclusive way, failing miserably to set any kind of recognizable path for other policies. For one thing, among horrible occupants of the other end of this teeter-totter—by way of his unprecedented support of the corporate dominion of government, economy, all of life, this inevitable financial/organizational-path-dependent route to modern tyranny being somehow confused in every case with free enterprise—are in-effect-endorsed sodomy-coddling corporate forms and protocols which provide much of the central ambiance of the pro-choice cause. The dysfunctional incoherence that results from this artificial value-segregation/integration issuing as well in public school curricula and arbitrary academic social conventions in which much the same puerile culture of anti-life—and even a weird kind of “gothic” moral-nihilism—are for all practical purposes given full sway, accepted as the “wave of the future”. (All the boomer-era teaching apparatchiks have had their day-in-the-sun in all this, their "beautiful balloon", as they are the last nail in the coffin of noble institutions of the Christian past). Against which gamut of contempt-for-life it is axiomatic that the forces of good must be loosed—that Our Blessed Lord’s “fire upon the earth” must be enkindled—if they are to accomplish their critical cleansing and righteous tasks.

Furthermore and as suggested this whole impotent drawing-of-lines-in-the-sand—between religion and life—is a major identifiable legacy of Vatican II as well, with its trivial and gratuitous image of “throwing open windows” to a Gospel-alien world. Here not being a sense of the unity of the spiritual and practical at all, but rather of a craven capitulation, of a surrender of the spiritual before a base and vulgar earthly sway. That which the spiritual is meant to surmount, like a rider upon his mount: rather than to fall, broken, under its hooves. The Church by contrast having historically been like the very vaulted sky ever-open to both God and man: within a marvelous inclusivity—whether of saints and sinners, rich and poor, of loved and respected “nerds” and champion athletes—which has always manifestly set it off from all other denominations. A radical approachability hardly so evident any more in the Church of today: in which indeed is fulfilled the Gospel axiom, “you know a tree by its fruits”. Hence as Bush and associates advocate school vouchers and other choice plums for wealthy believers, among whom are many who revel in “only saying Lord, Lord”, the general moral caliber—and organizational coherence—of our society at all levels deteriorate rapidly and with seeming permanence. While things like pro-life and a real rather than paranoid national security vigilance have little potency in the absence of an all-encompassing respect for human life and those virtues like modesty and purity which are its angelic guardians. Enabling values which are to be found in one form or another in any advanced and/or vigorous culture, and which Muslims indeed exemplify in their own special way.

But in a meting back to us of the Gospel “same measure” as we have meted to others, as in the erecting of ivory towers of sanitized elitism, and the kindly removal of nasty industrial and technical enablers and critical market conditions from the hands of anxiously-hovered-over third-world parties: most of us too are steadily coming up short in the practical scheme of things. With even tools and parts that really work—together with honest over-the-counter services—being increasingly reserved to partners and associated players in the new vaunted cause. (Those who must work with their hands outside some Brown and Root, Bechtel or Haliburton setting know instantly what I mean). A scenario in which basically all of non-corporate mankind—not just Arabs—stand good as veritable surrogate enemies to practice destructive skills upon.

By contrast, Bush and his friends operate with infinitely-enhanced capabilities, especially in an unprecedented alliance of electronic surveillance-apparatchiks, propagandists and litigators drafted directly from the geo-corporate world. This compound forming an unsurpassed grease for globe-conquering panzer gears, all the while opposition-senators employ the comparatively-archaic eighteenth and nineteenth century methods of open debate and political buttonholing and cajolery. With even the latter comparatively-innocuous tools coming to be regarded as illegal in many of their more common forms. (Note of 9/14: in a coming Obama-era notably in an Orwellian criminalization of a much-vilified patronage, sending an ex-governor of Illinois away in a prison jump-suit, an old-time political institution which once efficiently kept political power local in character, prevented from escape into rarified global-elitist parts unknown.) The Administration meanwhile mobilizing popular-mind-bending resources from out of the furthest reaches of an in-some-ways veritably occult space age: flanked by a legal staff devoting a tormentingly-precise legal vocabulary to the fabulous advantages of being convincingly imprecise. Using such sophisticated tools—rather than to make things clearer—to wear down and exasperate the opposition by make them hopelessly obscure. Here being much of the deeper and more-ominous meaning of the “unitary executive”: with the congressmen back on planet earth being humorously regarded as gullible, hesitant, doddering fools.

Thus far from getting behind the morally- and motivationally-bifurcated end justifies the means policies of the Bush Administration and its allies, we here at (9/14 note: digital flagship of a coming New and Better Confederacy) unite with all people of good will of any religion or party, nation or nationality to fight against these myriad astute perversities and moral wrongs all at one time. A struggle which is really the core meaning of law and politics in the first place: according to the incontrovertible and perennial political and organizational philosophy developed in these pages and publications, and in saner histories of men. Global unity being for all time alone firmly founded in a sedulous conformity to the moral law written on the human heart and mind by Almighty God. Hence we fight not only abortion in all its forms but also immodesty of dress, police brutality, aggressive warfare, the breakdown of marriage, illegal (and legal-but-ill-advised) drugs, the continued introduction of destructive material and methods into our schools. All these struggles must be mounted at once with all the means at our disposal or we will fail at each of them separately: no matter how politically-incorrect such a holistic—rather than monolithic or “unitary”—approach might be. In this way we can unite that critical mass, that 90% of humanity who wish the law of God it to inform and motivate their laws, customs and ways-of-doing-things. Building up a solid platform for world peace. Instead of outlawing indigenous Islamic organizations which fight poverty around the globe—“freezing their assets” as well—Muslim NGOs which, by contrast to most such foundations, are almost invariably real vehicles of universal goodwill. And whose only real “crime” is that they employ a radically-different, popularly-enabling method-of-finance from the Shylock forms that presently prevail, and for which we fight wars, while contesting the immoral agenda these corporate interests pursue around the globe. The dismantling of which good enterprises—a major phase of which came out in this morning’s news—tends indeed to provoke acts-of-terrorism by frustrating the most peaceful, upright and constructive of things. This intolerant regime armed more recently with the latest propaganda tool of the “Saddam Tapes”: which like the “findings” which propelled us into an unjust war are quickly being used for all their worth before they are discovered for the clever con-acts that they are. Having one aim alone: to neatly deposit a fait accompli of a stouter gauge of chain.

A hopeful bit of news from Austria today tells of a young man who is organizing a city-wide campaign for visual decency in the local Vienna press (for details see for today). Vienna being a place where at present little children go off to school of a morning, using the transit system, and are treated en-route to big nude photos on the pages of the chief printed material available on these trains or passenger platforms. Let those responsible for such a poisonous, corrosive media—and the other pernicious institutions it represents, noted above—let them be the ones who have to skulk off into the shadows to peddle their wares. Rather than we being so constrained, to live as it were in the shadows of the sheer precipice of the church/state “division of realms”.

February 19, 2006: Why are the ports slated to be sold? It is the Depression-Era rule of multinational-corporate-finance all over again: this time allowed to go on to the privatization of government and services, and finally to the loss of national sovereignty.

All these Fox people puzzle over the stubborn failure of politicos and the American people alike to “get back to business at hand” after Chaney’s hunting accident. Which these news-pundits regard as “a minor incident” of a private citizen, one that doesn’t deserve prolonged public attention. However despite expectations of attendant “bells and whistles” the discarding of the rule of law and the ongoing reign of secrecy in every facet of government and the courts doesn’t necessarily announce itself in bold colors, in torture or sodomy, or in the unwarranted invasion of foreign lands. Actually just as civil liberties themselves are historically displayed 90% of the time in the most humble and pedestrian of ways, so too is their withdrawal generally encompassed after the same un-ostentatious fashion. But the resulting state of popular alarm is all the more intense for all that: Fox/thespian airs of shock notwithstanding. Hence do we overly-worrisome citizens expect that a vice president will be subject to the same instant scrutiny before the law as would anyone else: especially in matters which affect life and limb. This is a civil-certainty that goes all the way back to Louis IX in France, and to Runnymede in England: something furthermore that is unquestionably forthcoming everywhere today except here, among the dictatorships of pro-American banana-republics, and in Southeast-Asian drug-trading states like Myanmar. Failed states all, which share such honors with paradises like Afghanistan and Iraq, hijacked under up-righteous Bush-Administration rule. While it is increasingly after the very same quiet manner that the rights of poor people and “lower races” are consistently denied. And by the same privatized logic neither will Dick Chaney ever have to worry about being beaten into the ground by a half-dozen lustily-wielded billy-clubs, like the poor obese fellow beaten to death by the police somewhere back East for simply raising his arm: an automatic reflex that used to earn Blacks the same mortal penalty in the slavery South. All these facts being of course laughable trivialities to the guys at Fox, since they know where their bread is buttered, too.

By virtue of the same privatization—a supremely harmless-sounding name—a whole bevy of our ports will soon come under virtual ownership by the United Arab Emirates. The U.S. Government having become so thoroughly commoditized at all levels—with the most sacred of moral and political values sold for a dime—that all jurisdictions local, state, national or intermediary are now basically on the auction barrel-head, together with the civil rights of citizens. In a gratuitous indebtedness to international sovereign and private interests, a state of national betrayal which world-class lackies like Chertoff aren’t about to contest. This being the ultimate result of that Reagan-through-Bush Jr. radical neo-con capitalism by which we “buy now and pay later” in aggregate national terms.

In the same manner while our own fat-cat bankers and economists were over in Russia similarly privatizing most of that country’s industrial and energy equities, during the political upheaval of the early nineties—a cataclysm in which our world-destabilizing special ops people may even have played their notorious hand—it was largely a dress rehearsal for what was to follow so soon here. So that when the time came—with a pre-arranged 9/11 like the popping of a cork—there needn’t even be a break in stride. Since loyalties among this international-investment crowd run at “deeper’ levels than mere land-of-birth patriotism. While under their creative rule nations, just like individuals, sooner or later have to “pay the piper”: but in no such pretty venues as a bankruptcy court. Nations and governments having been put on a payment schedule like everyone else: in a debt-game gone sour which however neither the American nor the Russian people ever really chose. Although Russians at all levels haven’t at all been the docile “democratic” subjects we have been: rather having fought the whole ugly slide into a “free market” chaos and international debt-driven de-facto dictatorship tooth and nail, together with their media-maligned president Vladimir Putin. Struggling against the same monumental evil the destruction and replacement of which is one of the major purposes of this website and these publications to date. As well as of the quietest and least-funded presidential campaign on record.

Be ready for the special effects to continue, from out of a bag of computerized tricks which, on a Web which, as dummed-down as it is, the USA owns and controls by certain basically-military “original jurisdiction” protocols, backed by a patently-Napoleonic armed might. So that no matter how much more technologically advanced and scientifically proficient the Chinese, Japanese or Russians might get, the Indo/Anglo/Israeli/U.S. global establishment always keeps a close grip on things. The clever 9/11s, the computer-generated or bit-doctored tapes of Bin Laden or Saddam Hussein, and all the other bells and whistles—will go gaily on. But the main action will generally be as quiet as the sickening slide of the Titanic under the cold waves of the North Atlantic. Read on for a deeper look into how things got this way.

February 20, 2006: News-speak.

“Man liveth not by bread alone, but by every word that cometh forth from the mouth of God”. Not only do we need the truth as “information” in some “information age”, but without the truth our entire existence is twisted, perverted and ultimately destroyed. It is the very milk of a veritable infantile dependency, a critical moral/intellectual nourishment meant to come to us through a plethora of institutions human and divine. Under its nutrients our inimitable personal uniqueness comes to flower: the soul a bud which is opened by grace, by sacramental and intermediary angelic bees: this that the nectar of divine worship might be discovered there, each of us a different spiritual species in a spectacular, wildly florid field. While conversely we human beings have this one ability which none of the rest of earthly creation has: the ability to lie, and to mold our world around a lie, and thus to withhold from God the worship of a universe of which we are the sole rational, consciously-adoring custodians. Made to blend fauna and flora and galaxies into a prayer. Here being the impious and mendacious project—indeed conspiracy—of the fiend and his confederates on this planet. A cold, solid and metallic fact, of the perverse and the self-seeking, for which we needn’t entertain any “theories”. So that thus to live by a lie is to eat poison and ultimately to die: both as souls and as societies, both the first and the second or fiery death.

Hence beware the glib smiles, the rueful shaking of the head, the false intelligence reports, the disappearance of more and more subjects of investigations—persons who filled the news only days or weeks before. Not just Natalie Holloway—that unwitting instrument of an elitist American “justice”, sanctimoniously imposed on another land—but those many plainly good and upright, criminally-beaten or falsely accused, to whom our hearts go out, and who are never heard from again. This in-a-word Bush-era USA will not be able to live—any more than did the Germany of Adolph Hitler, of the France of Robespierre—simply because it is entirely built on lies.

But in helplessly struggling against this frustrating and confining net of deceit we make the discovery that it is only the power of the same God which can deliver us from such a stumbled-into conspiracy of wicked, smiling men. Hence the reason the Franks came “as a man” to the one true Faith by the sixth century, as did the Croats by the early seventh, and the Mexicans during a single decade at the time of the apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the early-to-mid sixteenth. At times of tremendous trauma, of near-despair, or even of great positive awakenings, the human heart turns to this same Almighty God from Whose mouth comes the Truth. Whole nations do so as it were instinctively: not as some sort of sterile debating society, but as a babe clinging to its mother’s breast. To find there the noted milk of Truth. Confidently does a nation, a people cling to such a God of Truth in the face of a monolith of falsehood which would destroy us all by stages, or in a trice, with no remorse, indeed with a blank-faced smile. Or at most with a Gonzales shrug-of-the-shoulders, an irritated Rumsfeldian grimace, a Chaney’s stonewalling reply.

February 18, 2006: Declaration of an alien among men.

It is as if we Americans were all spirited away from the human race the instant after we were born, being quickly beamed up to this Starship Enterprise, this USA, to forever hover above the rest of men, putative superior beings. Condemned to dwell in spaces apart from all these others, to be fearfully regarded: all this before there even arose the cry, “it’s a boy” or a girl, already becoming aliens among our own kind. Strangers to that race of men of many colors, of many climes, of many temperaments and ways of doing things. Tent-dwellers or preoccupied inhabitants of maze-like cities around the globe.

But I wish here and now, at long last, to refuse such privileges and prerogatives. If that’s what it means to be an American, a great “champion of democracy”, I reject it. I abominate any sort of “patriotism” which by its very nature requires that I despise or patronize my fellow man, that I persecute and if possible kill him in as many numbers as possible: all to advance some “war on terror”, at the command of madmen like Bush and Rumsfeld. While by the same deeper sort of self-respect I refuse to embrace an economic system which requires Bolivians or Indonesians to wait on me hand and foot, or a political hegemony which makes Iranians or Syrians humiliate themselves under my searching, invasive gaze. I say anathema to such an America. “Love it or leave it?” Show me somewhere to flee, if this is the only America there be. Some land where they will accept me, an alien, a green-man from such a hostile, inhospitable place.

February 18, 2006: The command-oriented corporation/government alliance to be superceded by the Catholic horizontally-distributive organizational model.

”My strength lies in my infirmity”. Or to paraphrase another Epistle, the stronger and more comely members are there for the benefit of those less impressive but more-critical-important. Catholic organizational philosophy builds upon this and related tenets as its gigantic and immovable foundations stones: with this rock of humility, of realism, of reasonable accommodation lying adjacent to that of Peter, that “rock upon whom” Christ would build His Church. That bastion alone—with its inseparable civic and organizational components—against which “the gates of Hell shall not prevail”. The society, economy and government that result are intrinsically loose-knit and wildly free in comparison with today’s rigid—yet for all that highly-dysfunctional—forms. Prime examples that they are of that “world” which Our Blessed Lord rejects out of hand: a morally-perverse universe which in terms of public institutions fails even on its own much-boasted terms, having nothing whatever to do with any legitimate “division of realms”, whether of the three "branches", or of church and state. This wicked world of exploitation and deceit being indeed that against which defensive measure of legitimate church and state alike—sharers at a minimum of the same basic natural-law value system—are meant to be mutually and inseparably co-joined. And the secular—as a sort of weaker spouse—learning in certain appropriate ways the deeper spiritual intricacies of such a struggle by-the-day. In pursuit of which noted freedom the distributive model advanced here inducts or enlists everyone—including the feeble, the senile, the mentally ill—as having an irreplaceable part to play. And if anyone is “cut out of the action” in such a noble battle everyone else feels infinitely poorer and more-vulnerable as a consequence. Hardly any “brave new world” of “the fittest” or of “supermen”: yet it is a world of stabilizing elements unknown amid the fractured, gloomy and exclusionary fortress-walls of the present-day regime.

Russia actually rose miraculously from out of the Ruble Crisis of the late nineties according to much the same biblical "gloriously infirm" pattern: that Russia whose conversion to the fullness of Catholic Faith will coincide with—perhaps win for—mankind an “era of peace”, according to the words of Our Blessed Lady at Fatima. Which to me identifies Russia as a top contender for the title of that “land where the eagles gather” which is predicted to be the refuge of Holy Mother Church during that Great Apostasy which is now gaining in intensity. The Russian emblem—of the two eagles, rampant—arguing for that privilege—as does an expanse of territory in which more than one boasting Napoleon has lost his way. Russia too possessing a national spirit well up to such a task. A Russ which built itself back up so recently by way of this very sort of mutual reciprocity, creating out of thin air an extremely-sophisticated-if-temporary “in kind” economy, with a host of ingenious quasi-financial instruments, to take the place of a momentarily-decimated Ruble. A land-beyond-the-Don which continues to struggle against a new Napoleon of the most treacherous and militant kind.

Likewise there is the unsung story of New Orleans and surrounding areas: where people may yet be forced to learn true human unity and reciprocity once again. Finding their practical Catholic roots in the trials of the hour, these Arcadians and Blacks conceivably forming a bastion of strength on the Gulf and along the Mississippi, one which will stand up to a Skull-and-Bones high-tech tyranny which failed them miserably, bringing death or ruin to so many during and after the recent devastating storm. After which from out of this New Orleans may well arise another St. Joan of Arc to save the entire land from the epic tyranny of the same New World Order crew which presently assails Russia, the whole world, as well.

Read on for more details of this Integral Catholic approach, bearing in mind all the while that this site is meant to be intellectually interactive, so that in order to succeed it requires that you too ruminate over these ideas, like Our Blessed Lady “turn these things over in your heart”. And thereafter throw related concepts around at the family table, in the back yard or out in the car. Someday I hope to see these numberless horizontal efforts come together, and to be able personally to lead, at least in some way, under the banner of the two Sacred Hearts.

In the system that we advance all things high-tech are subject to a rational adaptation to genuine societal and human needs: rather than being marched behind in column and line. Being geared not to space-flight or eugenics or nano-electronics but rather to increasing individual agency, enhancing personality, amplifying creative potential. Modern science having revealed itself in practical terms as largely an occult numerology of the weird, or an elite tower of babble largely for sodomites and their allies who superciliously despise the earth and its fruits. A Manichaean technology which in every case “goes the long way around”, gratuitously and intentionally uprooting man from congenial methods and surroundings: one whose chief practical purposes extend little beyond surveillance and remote economic and political control. Or the deification of a genetic-based health, medicine and pharmacology which are “of the corporation, by the corporation and for the corporation”. The present “scientific”, engineering regimen—at enormous financial cost—rather than achieving prosperity and well-being—instead creates a sterile gulag of grease-mills for “telemarketers” or “customer service representatives”: nameless denizens chained to their desks or phones, part of an army of faceless souls who are more and more extensively monitored and controlled, in the vast experiment upon humanity which Bush’s and Blair’s “democracy” has proven itself to be.

February 17, 2006: The cartoons are only the beginning.

Of course there’s nothing to prevent heads-of-state from apologizing for the international-incident-provoking conduct of their national media (in these images which are considered blasphemous by the Muslims). And contrary to lame ministerial excuses, such contrite solicitations of pardon don’t at all carry the connotation of an official declaration of illegality, forthwith punishable by fine or imprisonment. This soon to be followed by Gestapo-like midnight raids, confiscations of graphics software and printing presses, and arrests of wide-girthed editors and bearded, hippy-reminiscent cartoonists. And neither is the Muslim world demanding any such thing. The fact is rather that most European heads of state haven’t disappointed us at all in being the trembling cowards we always knew they were, before the power of the world corporate/Jewish press. Of which each national press-corps is after all only a subsidiary. And before which each politician holds hat in hand.

But believe me, in this cartoon controversy the world press has more in mind than casting contempt on Muhammad. For predictably—having so officiously fixed the “right” to publish such abuses—we have it now from the same global-media that “a two thousand year old religious myth is about to be punctured”. Here being the eagerly-plied project of the same two millennia—carried out by the same sons of David—to throttle, in the words of Ariel Sharon, “the Jesus myth”. That’s where all this is heading: a project as well to which the Muslims will be able to eagerly lend a hand. Against the Christian invader, the doer-of-the-dirty-work of the Jews. They who themselves have a way—in the last analysis—of coming off “smelling like a rose”.

That’s what this “war on terror” is all about: the irreversible eradication of Christianity, with a hearty “good riddance” among Muslims, Jews and unbelieving Western political pawns alike. A millennia-long money-changer project which began largely by way of the expensive promotion of false versions of the Faith, among which have been the so-called Reformation: only another of these tidy and officious purifications cut from much the same cloth as the guillotine and Bush’s bloody “democracy” campaign. However when doughty old standbys like Lutheranism and Calvinism gradually began to soften, to tend back toward their Catholic roots—drawn by the “odor of His ointments”, the irresistible impulses of grace—newer and more-radical irruptions were thought required. Like born-again Evangelism, New Ordo Catholicism, and a dominant species of Catholic Traditionalism which is a kind of marriage of the John Birch Society and High Church Anglicanism. Resembling an angry blend of skin heads, Pietists and conjured ghosts of the nineteenth-century No Nothing crowd. By such means—of the backward and the avant-garde—our age-old enemies imagine themselves to have “stolen the field”, to have “blocked all exits”. Anomalies to be succeeded by a brutal campaign of Jewish/Pagan blasphemy, already begun, which will intensify in the coming months and years. And finally by a bloody persecution. Out of which however Catholicism will arise once again rampant, triumphant: the battle having finally been joined, the proverbial "lid" blown off the pressure-cooker of today's morbidly-anti-Christian world.

For the Church has for centuries “eaten such enemies for breakfast”: again, as long as the battle is candidly acknowledged and manfully joined. Like for instance the Arians, the Albigensians and the Iconoclasts before them: just read history. And we also have the assurances of Our Blessed Lord that before the coming of Antichrist himself—the summation of all such wrongs—the “Gospel (must be) preached to the ends of the earth”. Which of course, according to the old and true sense of the words, means not only “preached”, but also practiced and institutionalized in the laws and customs of peoples.

February 16, 2006: Keep your eyes focused on the Caribbean this Spring, America.

Proud Americans say that “terrorists have no rights under the Geneva Convention” when speaking of random detainees who don’t even qualify as suspects, some 99% of whom are found to be innocent of all wrongdoing. With the few who are finally released after a long imprisonment testifying of their heinous treatment, invariably including rape or torture or both. These few "lucky ones" being let loose, perhaps on some alien sidewalk somewhere, with tormented minds and spirits they will carry to the grave. And then we Americans “clinch” this argument under the excuse that some handful of these pitiful abuse victims “have later become insurgents”, after their barbaric imprisonment under such conditions. Wouldn’t you do likewise, seeking to exact a penalty for having been tortured and sodomized, and this without cause?

Well, Americans, after having had such a heavy-handed “say so” over your fellow man, you had better look to the Caribbean this Spring once again. Where a “Defender of the widow and the orphan” is preparing new inventions of His wrath. A “breaker of the chains of slaves and prisoners” both at home and abroad: one Who has taken detailed stock of such continued horrors. Whether inflicted on His children in Iraq, or on the tens of millions of poor and downtrodden here in the USA, victims of the renewed racism and economic enslavement of the American corporate gulag. In particular I ask you to take notice of the disturbing cold fronts and high winds, coming down from the Artic, from the Northwest. Already showing the same ominous pattern as last year: squall-lines at the ready to collide over the Gulf coast with breezes already unseasonably warm and moisture-laden, wafting in from the shores of Africa.

Even if someone is actually identified as a bona fide terrorist—an almost unheard-of rarity—we don’t have a right to do whatever we please to him. For we were terrorists to unprecedented, and since-unsurpassed, proportions at Nagasaki and Hiroshima: and yet there was nobody around trying to hang us by our heels. And this in spite of the fact that the Japanese Government had been desperately working all diplomatic channels for months already, trying to talk peace to a stonewalling Truman Administration. The eternal Yankee sphinx remaining heedless to such overtures: clinging instead to the carefully-concocted myth that the Japanese were so “fanatical” as never to surrender: even under the certainty of defeat, and even though they were soliciting us precisely to be instructed how to lay down their arms. Choosing instead as we did to directly and deliberately destroy huge civilian populations, just as we were later to do in the Korean War. That "arms technology developing" slaughter of the population namely which is precisely definitive to the word genocide: which is only terrorism in mammoth size. The real issue today—rather than this crass “terrorism” hypocrisy—is that we concur with Israel in classing Palestinians and other Arabs and Middle Easterners as sub humans. Identical skinheads-to-the-core as these largely blonde and milk-white Israelis, we hold these dwellers of desert and steep to deserve death or worse simply for being alive. That which is fast becoming the greatest-of-crimes in the American anti-life world.

But the same God who tore into Florida last season—in vengeance for its medical/judicial murder of Terri Schiavo—this by a far-more-cruel method than is used to execute capital criminals—isn’t at all through with this land yet. A God Who without delay punished a Red State resurrected Dixie as a whole for its arrogance in supporting a lying, torturing, sodomizing Administration. A regime which is a blood-stained murderer of its own citizens as well: whether at a carefully-staged 9/11, in neglect of Blacks during Katrina, or as ambush and IED fodder in unjust wars.

Look to the horizon again, USA. And keep looking. Until you are brought to your knees.

February 16, 2006: Quoting

“The bear is the U.S. government and media cover up of the 9/11 attacks. They never came close to proving that foreign "terrorists" were involved. Of all four missing planes' passenger manifests, not one Middle Easterner was on any of them. A jihadist who is bravely going to his death for the sake of his beliefs in Allah and Islam is a martyr and wants the whole world to know it. Martyr's families receive reverential praise and support in their communities for decades. Yet not one of the "terrorists" the American government insists were on the aircraft used their real names or were listed on the passenger lists. At least seven of the nineteen 'hijackers' are still alive.”

February 15, 2006: Condi under questioning.

Wow, listen to Condi make it up as she goes along, fishing for words out of the thin air during Foreign Relations Committee questioning. Never really answering the questions, but rather giving scolding little speeches in reply. It’s like the German High Command trying to call to account Goebbels, Goering or Der Fuerer himself. “How irreverent of all these nasty senators. Will we soon have a rerun of the ‘30s ‘night of the black shirts’ in order to tidily silence these contentious souls?”

February 15, 2006: The new Abu Ghraib photos, hyper-machismo and the sodomy epidemic, one mechanism toward the return of heterosexual health.

Much of the aim of the release of these photos—as usual inflicted upon us by an eager show-and-tell media at intervals of every few minutes today, if we happened to be viewing the news—is to continue the systematic moral perversion of the USA and the rest of TV-viewing mankind. Since no one can stand up to seeing these lecherous photos—let alone experiencing such abuse—without ultimately being devastatingly affected. Or at the very least losing some of the luster off their humanity.

Indeed, foremost in the “democracy” we presently export around the globe with our armed might is this hard-sell of the disgusting world of sodomy: by hook, crook, rape or photo-op. The institutionalization of which vice seems to have been an inseparable residual element of a Federal Government/corporate-world “privatized” amalgam, a great percentage of whose elective and appointive officials are Jewish. This inscrutable deity joined by a media containing even higher numbers of that denomination and/or nationality: together forming an all-determining confessional nexus, an otherwise-impossible unanimity-of-purpose. Alike confederates with respect to views on Israel, illegal immigration, the transformation of public mores, and so on: causes being arrogantly and preemptively imposed upon us today. Homosexuality having inserted its unmistakable undertones as well in both new and many older movies, in an apparent attempt to make something culturally indigenous out of the most revolting and degenerate of wrongs. A perfect parallel being found here to socio-moral transformations regarding the gradual (and morally-related) reintroduction of ancient-world slavery starting in the mid-15th century, and its steadily-increasing brutality, up to the unprecedented sadism and personality-prostration of the ante-bellum South, a slavery of a diabolical wickedness never before seen among men. That key component of incurably-Jewish capitalism—that unfailing synchronized counterpart to that system’s culturally-annihilating economies of scale—a moral killing-field which would only find new and weird manifestations in a Jim Crow South and Klan-infatuated North. Discovering finally and as well a newer resurgence in weird if well-tailored present-day class-and-custom-determined judicial, employment-related and urban-developmental forms far more horrific in their inescapable totality. Here being a thoroughgoing replacement—with the most hideously perverse behavioral-dynamic—of the Ten Commandments and the Christian Law of Love as the basis of our society.

A mutually-trivializing “humor”, of the equivalent of multiplying BTKs, has been a major component of today’s entertainment-fronted onslaught against our humanity as well: of a kind of polar-opposite of the humanisms and radical holisms of Catholic Faith. America being the land where the gentleness aspect of human relations in particular—that which produces a real man or “gentleman” in any genuine culture—has been from the beginning belittled, despised and ultimately denied any inch of ground on which to stand. (Note of 9/14: Hence the subliminal sadism/sodomy which infects early '30s westerns, the other night on u-tube with one of these old cowboy heroes "pantsing" a pal who had dressed up as a woman to "fool him" in an ignominious juvenile prank, the sort of psychotic, sexually-ambivalent "humor" of which American culture from around the mid-1800s contains occasional irruptions, but which in the synagogue-predominated movies is morbidly fulminated for all its worth. In a kind of gang-rape of a public mind already weakened by notorious Calvinistic male/female abuses and misconceptions of every kind.  Mildness and a certain need-anticipating kindness, the very stuff of chivalry, having historically been regarded to be the chief of many “popish perversities” here in this ultimate Huxlian “Brave New World”: their place having been taken by a dominant gruff or jocular “good ole boy” Americana: that very triviality of the ages which finds servants and statesmen alike—let alone sycophantic newscasters—with nothing much of value to think or to say. This childish enterprise of “toughness” being simplemindedly equated with manliness, in a folly whereby that golden calf, the American group, stumbles, kicking and bleating, toward that which it supposedly hates most, in a murky and ambivalent world of treacherous subtleties which is fallen human nature when totally misunderstood. Meanwhile constantly presenting the lone human person—both the only palpable reality involved and the subject of endless intrigues—with a fait accompli on a host of scales. This in stark contrast to a Real Catholicism, not heard from here, except from the occasional heroic first-generation-ghetto Mexican, Croat or Lebanese, since the Revolutionary-era days of John Carroll, a One True Faith in which the exercise of the individual will is given the paramount consideration. The associated confusion of a gritty, grimacing toughness with sexual normalcy—among both men and women—leading inevitably to infighting, pettiness, tyranny, insubordination, being as well the fruitful source of every other bizarre behavior dysfunction in “the land of the free”.

Furthermore, under decades-long, assiduously-advanced media, education and industrial prompts and protocols one is required to show near-infinite sympathy and favorability to sodomy and its practitioners and exponents: confusing the matter yet further for already bewildered and blind-sighted super-macho souls. With any hint of negativity toward homosexuality being instantly interpreted as mental disease or—dare I pronounce the prevalent blasphemy of the Holy Ghost—among bear-hugging, all-absolving, isle-rolling born-agains even an indication of wickedness unsurpassed. This aversion to perversion being, as goes without saying, likewise interpreted as homophobia, itself in turn "infallibly" indicating the despiser of this evil to be, you guessed it, a sodomite "in denial". Here indeed the most miserable ambuscade ever devised by an ever-devious synagogue breed. That “an enemy has done this”, that the Biblical “enemies of mankind” have sedulously sown such immobilizing cockle in a potentially-smiling personality field, is beyond denial, with the additional requirement being advanced that (an ironically much-coveted) non-homosexual status requires a kind of iron invincibility with respect to one’s emotive life: as if two perfectly distinct kinds of human beings were involved, with the latest invention of a genetic factor—of “incurable” conditions of all kinds—being the frosting on such a cake. (A radical-sodomy-advocate National Public Media being the special stage for these kinds of breathless “scientific”, Peking-Man-reminiscent, pig-bone discoveries). The cult of the Superman—related to the Nietzschean pseudo-religion of modern Progress—being much to the point here: although in real and sane objectivity a universally-fallible humanity is capable of anything, given the odd or especially-trying circumstance.

Plainly, a certain element of the erratic is a paradoxically normal infirmity to us by way of Original Sin: one kept in check in past days through the Sacraments, prayer and fasting, a disciplined and virtuous rearing, the healthy body/soul outlets of song, hospitality, hard physical labor and the like. Thus the integral place of an orderly existence, of an active rationality which rides herd on all such things, and which goes a long way toward making us both good and sane. The human person in a robustly-Catholic society being likely to be a marvelously-whole man or woman, free from most or all such bizarre sex-related personality torments. Thus are any deliberate unnatural deeds mortally sinful: even as at the heart of sane and natural sexuality is a good, sexual-obsession-resistant sense of humor. Which isn’t at all a matter of making sodomy the subject of one-liners, but rather of sloughing off random and ridiculous thoughts, worries or preoccupations, of maintaining a balanced buoyancy about life, its trials and glories. Not expecting our imaginations to always be Spartan and spotless, Roland coming to the charge, under pain of mortal sin. Realizing too that a certain morbid frame-of-mind in this weird day-and-time may have been imposed on us from without: by peers, teachers, even family, by various near-inescapable, ever-hovering, sometimes indeed cunning institutions. While finally a plurality of the Latinos from south-of-the-border—noted for their hootchy-cootchy-dancing, Telemundo-watching outlook on life—are no help at all to the American “Anglo” in all these personal travails. Since unrestrained animality isn’t at all the answer for we sons of Eve. Even as the cruel financial and time constraints of capitalism whip-drive Juan or Juanita down much-the-same inexorable road full of pathologies as are suffered by their northern (or, more likely, their next-door) neighbors who travel ahead of them on such a rocky road. Since for one thing unrestrained capitalism brings mental and emotional sicknesses with it like a plague. The Latinos having the added negative distinction of having for-the-most-part scornfully rejected a host of genuinely Catholic-European influences, like a certain soft-spoken mildness, a pious adherence to modesty of dress. With the lack of the latter repeatedly remarked in shock and consternation by papal envoys already in the 1890s. First beginnings of which multifaceted falling-away no doubt revealed themselves tentatively during the bloody revolutions of the early nineteenth century, while growing more-pronounced later in events surrounding the overthrow of Maximilian. Finally burgeoning to full bloom in Mexico during the early-twentieth-century upheavals which brought in a barbarous, priest-hunting, classical-Cromwellian PRI. All this capable of amounting to a kind of practical, institutionalized apostasy on several planes: one which readily hops rivers and fences wherever these people go.

By contrast older European formatives molded the more-northerly Americano into the paradox of the ages: having acquired tremendously sophisticated spiritual and intellectual potential—retaining countless cross-Atlantic institutions both openly-recognized and subliminal—and yet remaining hamstrung by equally-obvious inner-will-emasculating Calvinism-based fallacies of the most personally-frustrating kind. The “White” Yankee being desperately in need of the irreplaceable healing balm of true and complete Catholicism: that genuine Faith which is basically as disappointingly rare below the Mexico border as it is above. That sound doctrine and Sacrament which together reform our nature according to the axiom “grace perfects nature”: producing that brilliant, kaleidoscopic individuality which is the mark of the European soul, but which the ever-cynical sodomite establishment gloats-over as unguarded naiveté disposing you to fall for their hideous charms. The noted spiritual principle rather finding replacement—among breezy New Church linguists who especially thrive on EWTN—by the anemic “grace builds on nature”: which seems to assume the need for some kind of “all-American boy” or steroid-pumping, body-building regimen to pre-date the operation of grace. Without which the later is regarded as more or less disabled or innocuous, impotent to produce a (Hollywood sensational) "real man" or "real woman". Rather in fact does grace contour the outlines of the human personality, each person’s unique brace-of-abilities, wherever it and they might with matchless liberty fly. Grace of course strengthening and repairing these elements where necessary, but thereafter spending itself in enabling and magnifying new creations of soaring, unheard-of, virtually limitless frontiers. This true personality-based human progress—that which built up the towering belfries and intellectualities of medieval Europe—for which it needed no “all-European boy”—even now preparing to rear itself up again volcanically, totally-unexpectedly, according to the promises of Our Blessed Lord to countless seers and saints. Even as all human and earthly achievements pale in comparison with that which “the eye hath not seen, nor the ear heard”, which is to follow hereafter among those who persevere.

Thus do we try to provide on this website some strong encouragement for those who must face today’s wholesale onslaught against both Faith and humanity, one which takes so many forms. That assault which now shares an obvious association with this bogus “war on terror”. This composite horror—in all its myriad blind, bewildering venues and forms—being the real enemy in the USA, and to a degree in England: and everywhere these inseparable cousins extend their influence around the globe. While paradoxically to some, it is real love which is the refuge from all such things: the one reality these sodomites know nothing about being how to love. Their minds rather being full of condescensions, hostilities, morbidities and intrigues. So that the best defense against them is to be truly kind, good, simple and pure in our dealings with everyone: indeed very much like those angel visitors of Job, who came to bring the Sodomites their retributive deserts. In this way the fiend will find no “hand holds”, no “common ground”, since love, goodness, virtue are thing with which the world of sodomy is a complete stranger, and totally unable to deal for any extended length of time. Even if it veritably erupts with feints and false appearances of same, and indeed in New Church circles with the fifty-year-old antipope "love, love, love".

Of course for those who were forced into homosexuality in some way, whether absolutely or virtually—which today is quite a large percentage—and have thus been driven unwillingly into its dark, depressive and diabolical shades—we have much sympathy. Provided they haven’t irretrievably abandoned themselves to a life of sin. To whom we say that that they themselves aren’t  (since God is the Creator of their being) anything bad or perverse: having rather only had something inside of them crushed or disabled. To which this same good God Who created them replies that He “does not crush the bruised reed, nor quench the smoking flax”. For which condition ages past used to prescribe some simple options, for those in matrimony who might find themselves in such straits. Our forefathers having hardly thought of themselves as above-noted supermen: vaunted chief heroes of the modern progress paradigm in which these pathologies squarely lay. But rather having reasonably recognized that sexuality is one of the most fragile and sensitive of our personal components—indeed without which sensitivity it is qualitatively worthless—and thus one of the first things to be injured in a host of traumatic events. These old simple measures however assuming a critical robust and unquestioning celebration of heterosexuality: disappointments or incapacities over which are indeed the root source of all these travails. Within which man/woman-appreciative cosmos one may allow the world-of-fantasy (which after all is where the sickness really lay) to exchange roles with one’s partner, mentally and emotionally. Something which undoubtedly requires a certain amount of imagination and inner effort, but of which one should find oneself quite capable. A process, a temporary palliative, strictly during the marital act itself—again and most-imperatively, remaining ever exuberantly-celebrative of the heterosexual cosmos—which over time—varying according to the individual—should find one back in total possession of ones proper equilibrium and natural sense-of-things. And fading residue of a former condition being aptly dismissed with a hearty laugh. Hence, finally, the thing being attacked isn’t a human being called by ugly names but rather an institution: an unfortunate philosophically/confessionally-based national weakness. One carefully nurtured by enemies who wish to control and ultimately to destroy us here. Who measure themselves as superior, as “not like the rest of men”. Hijacking us with astute trivializations, robbing us of a full knowledge of ourselves, of our marvelous strength as well as of our inherent but-by-grace-readily-mastered vulnerabilities and weaknesses as the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve.

February 14, 2006: The lesson of the Chaney hunting accident:

Obviously the deeds of these our ultra-secretive, crusading, “democratic” rulers don’t come under the law in any sense at all. You know, it’s all for “national security”. That by which the invasion of foreign lands becomes routine, together with the summary-execution, sodomizing and torturing of prisoners and the now quietly-accepted gunning-down of adults and little boys. That barbarization of armed conflict for which the ‘90s Serbs so amply and characteristically paved the way. The fact that one of these dictatorial figures shot someone is only par for the course: and as likely to evade mention in the news as any of the above. That’s why we on this site refer to these people as thugs, gangsters and the like.

February 14, 2006: The loss of Faith and the loss of personality.

One usually begins these sorts of topics with words like “modern man has undergone….”: but there is a huge and disturbing void contained in such generic terms, implying as this phraseology does the idea that we all come under precisely the same homogeneous influences, so much so indeed that we can be thought of as being one (modern) man. Truly there is a whole borderless constituency out there—and a powerful one, too—to whom this “modern man” is their dream baby, their pay-check, their power-turf, and that means you and me as some sort of highly-territorial, highly-exploitable half-acre in a number of other minds. But these are just deserts in return for giving up Faith, and in particular its public and official manifestations: this very condition of being a sovereign interior land thus desecrated, a garden thus trampled upon. An increasing number of the terms and conditions of occupancy of this little parcel—ourselves—being dictated to us by others, and we had better conduct ourselves correctly around this little plot, too. No tomfoolery: after all, it is someone else’s land. The state’s, the system’s, Bush’s Skull-and-Bones “united we stand” little preserve: a parade-ground with martial espirit kept in tidy, heroic lock-step column-and-line.

Only Divine Faith gives us the strength of character to claim this little bit of acreage as our own, to throw off all the professional and intellectual poachers and casual stalkers and trespassers, while without that “pearl of great price” we remain a trampled field, the fruits of which never even come to bloom. And that is precisely the major difference between ourselves and our forefathers: those men whom our academics—no matter how much praise they might heap upon them in some scholarly historical sense, even calling some of them “the greatest generation”—regard as having been hopelessly backward. Each was a sovereignty unto himself; there was required permission before egress was allowed on this sacred soil; and the terms and conditions of same were precisely spelled out in every case. With a whole range of warrants of access: from deepest intimacy to formal toleration to complete and unvarnished prohibition. The latter of which no one would have dreamed of regarding as “hostile” or “weird”, being acknowledged as perfectly within ones ownership birthright.

Was it a lonely little parcel to occupy, back then? Did it contain some sort of haunted “house of the seven gables” upon it? It was indeed a quiet place at times, and there reigned an air of self-containment, but in the post-modern creations of today—for which building permits are of course duly required, and the structures inspected at every conceivable phase of construction—the din of noise and the restless, ceaseless activity finds the owner, the occupant—if you can find him at all, amid the raucous crowd gadding about inside, and out on the lawn—it finds him lonelier by far than was ever his grandfather.

For you don’t really run away from the responsibilities of this sort of real property ownership, nor can it actually be denied you. You cannot consign it to some “homeowners association”: it remains inexorably yours and yours alone. And when the time comes for today’s accelerated demolition—in odd eminent domain seizures to make way for the “march of progress”—it won’t be all the other structures around you that will burn—of course with occupant inside.

That’s the difference, basically, between what is offered on these pages and what is found out there in the wider political, economic and organizational world today. If a loud enough of a din, a bright enough of a flash is raised or exploded, we can indeed be distracted from the real property values and issues at stake in such a neighborhood. We can become convinced that all this stuff about retaining a private, interior identity, about saving one’s soul, about claiming inalienable ownership in the face of any sort of “eminent domain”: that these preoccupations are for fools, “neurotics”, people with “depressive personalities” and so on. But the mad crowd out there on the sidewalk will just move on to the next auto da fe when ours is over, and the charred remains are left behind. We will be lucky if we are even given a short clip on one of the cop shows, with some beefy booted character bending over what is left. They probably won’t even remark about how “correct” we were. After all, “all these bodies look the same”, after so many nights on the beat.

When all is said and done, that’s the brave final issue of the modern progressive/atavistic system, that which has actually been in development in earnest since the Enlightenment: that it allows us to go up in such a glorious puff of smoke, without any further ado. A great blaze—but only for a moment—before which others might pause to warm their hands, before they “move on”. Ah, progress. One can live in such a world, and raise children before such a string of bonfires, such an arson, such a Halloween: with its Evolution, its alienated reaches of space. The deities being at best some Dr. Spock, Captain Kirk and associates, whizzing around at purely imaginary speeds, in our purely imaginary minds. Or one can believe in a family of rational beings with a Father at its head: a family to which we belong in a basic sense simply by believing in such a Father, that He is “a rewarder of the good and a punisher of the wicked”. While if we would enter further into the intimacies of such a kinship-group, then we would find that we are so closely united one with the other that we form a very Body of the Faithful, with largely-unspoken bonds stout and unbreakable. Yes, although we retain sole ownership of this soul, this land, it is a blithe old house which knows companionship, joy, laughter, consolation, always of at least a slightly different species from that enjoyed next door, but of the same loosely-interlocking, all-embracing Catholic genus, and genius.

There before us lies the choice. Do we enjoy such a neighborhood, and do those easy and natural things that through time immemorial have so readily made it safe, hospitable and secure? Or do we drive a whole world down a dark alley to another side of town, and force them to live in that weird and stark universe, of the noisy, violated, garishly painted structures, punctuated by the black and charred.

February 13, 2006: An “admiring Muslim world”.

People everywhere across Asia and Africa—especially the young—are said to admire us and our “way of life”: to which I must answer that anyone who is hungry and cold will admire someone who is well-fed and well-clothed. I myself can attest to the feelings in similar cases that overtake even a poor Westerner: that during grave disadvantage you can readily begin to admire every random quirk or gesture of those who hate or despise you, together with the nice houses and valuable lands they occupy. While here, in this little Iraq of the USA, there are always eager invaders of all races and nationalities to take the place from which you have been ousted—after a promising youth, a military tour—and indeed even to stridently mock and reproach you, in their inimitable staccato accents, for your lack of ambition, industry, enthusiasm. Streaming over a Southern border, obtaining work the next day: needing neither phone, nor car, nor even blank-faced sitcom-style to snag that job.

But Asia, Africa—the Muslim world in particular—are in an ideal position to grasp the bankruptcy of the whole Judeo-Western-capitalist project: an Eastern Hemisphere which has seen beforehand and in garish colors the dismal failure of a patently-Western Marxism as well. For these Easterners and Southerners still have close-enough connections to a world really human in its dimensions to be able to draw such contrasts, where critical ties haven’t yet been entirely replace or superceded by some cold mass-institution or techno-formality. That which is the real poverty. Nor had their inward grasp of the realities of life obliterated by the news-speak and group-think of academia, Fox, Skull-and-Bones or CNN. While as stated here so many times it is by dividing humanity in such very ways that these global elites retain control: even as their very power itself is mostly flash-in-the-pan, dependent on the retention of “the going rate”. It is no more to be admired than the Teflon coating on a pan that scratches off after a season; or the polyurethane that wears off a plate-brass knob. Pretty at first, later only a gray pattern of sticky grunge.

Human welfare, true progress have an espirit far different from the supply-chain blur of mass-produced goods and the hype that attends their marketing and production, and it is intimately tied up with a certain sense that my own welfare is closely identified with yours, and vice-versa. That true prosperity which retains the land and its fruits, not just the fragile residue of a mortgage and an easily-forged “identity”/electronic bank account. This while the frosty promise of a “downsizing”—the real fruits of Reagan-through-Bush Jr. war and mega-debt—crystallizes on the very windowpanes that face the rising sun. Even as these Asians and Africans know that when anyone begins to get cut out of the more-substantial equation—whatever their supposed deficiencies—then we all begin to get excluded as well. Indeed real progress—rather than a poverty-induced delirious mirage—can never go beyond this simple configuration, this quintessential human interface. That whereby we still remain one man in Adam, and a fortiori in Christ.

When democracy stops serving the Greek demos then it is democracy no longer. When it begins to serve exclusively the exclusionary greed of the individual then it has become chaos, anarchy, tyranny-in-fine-detail. It is then—when the popular mind and will have been effectively hijacked—that God raises up those “few good men” spoken of by St. Thomas Aquinas—He Who Is however no Marine recruiter. Those few—hardly to be found among Bush’s world-sodomizers—who will lead society back—lovingly, devotedly, truly-heroically—to its defining sanity and goodness. As being more than a self-destructive mob, or a huge flock of sheep which has lost its way. Or Thomas Merton’s crows suicidally lining their nest with bright but fatally-sharp pieces of jagged metal. Real democracy in such a case becomes personified in these few: perhaps at times in history in only one. Perhaps so was Charlemagne: who saved the West for a millennium from the grasping tyranny of what was to become geo-political Orthodoxy. That break-away from Roman Christianity which again nibbles around the periphery of Central Europe. With Croatia again holding heroically—as much as she is still able—to her genuinely-Western, Catholic past. That tiny national epitome of heroism which has so often been the very solid-brass lynchpin of those so well secured in less-vulnerable reaches of Europe which lie above.

But the real East, and Africa as well, can still save themselves in truly-democratic fashion from those enemies and sicknesses which devour the West: but only according to their own native institutions. Just as Latin Americans have finally tired of all the tinsel of the “American dream”: even here in its home-of-homes a dull anti-climax after the sober vision of Yankee farmers, ranchers and steelworkers of mid-century. Latins organizing instead around the idea of Bolivar: but hopefully even more of the Jesuits and Franciscans before him, of a united Southern Hemisphere rather than a disconnected herd of milk-cows for the northern dairyman. So too can Pakistanis and Indians as well organize themselves around their age-old socioeconomic concepts: that which requires only a certain amount of discipline, a realization that “all that glitters isn’t gold”. These eastern and southern regions being those upon which Christianity will finally come to its fullest fruition, this Good Word not being some “born again” veneered-racial-elitism but rather that divine truth which no earthly quadrant can patent or monopolize. While in a West which turns away from an all-defining love of The Body of the Faithful Faith itself cannot survive, that collective Vine by which we are spiritually kept alive. The idea of a self-seeking Catholicism or Christianity being a ridiculous gratuity, a contradiction in terms. The Fatherhood of God being destined to bear fruit in these foreign climes in abundance: in terms of His own glory and in the genuine Civilization—the peace, advancement and contentment, both spiritual and temporal—of his children.

February 10, 2006: The geo-political billiard hall

I used to studiously pore over certain e-mails from think-tanks: dispatches, offered free of charge, on current global affairs. Whether from Soros’ “Open Society”, or under a cryptic acronym featuring the commentaries of successive policy-professors at prestigious and even intimidating institutions, these neat little synopses claim to have the latest word on everything from Russia to Central and Southeast Asia to Africa and the Middle East. But after the elapse of some few months I realized that—despite their high-brow appearances—these “critical essays” all basically tout the same rote line: typically analyzing the policies of governments in terms of near-identical, stolid, Cold War era, “real politik”, disorder-breeding pragmatisms. In the same lines in which they deceptively scorn these things, stoutly refusing any possibility that states could be guided by higher, more honorable and relenting motivations. Indeed, these think-tank people seem for all intents and purposes to be buried in some time capsule somewhere on Red Square, placed there ceremoniously a generation ago, no doubt during some solemn and gloomy ceremony, flanked by the old familiar long grey missiles painted with bright red stars, these duplicated in column and line on thick Russian caps, over correctly-blank faces. This kind of mental-diet no doubt being eagerly, dutifully devoured by the likes of Condoleezza Rice, Rumsfeld and the rest of the Cabinet crowd: and of course by all the mousy desk-jockeys and apparatchiks at CIA, Defense and the Department of State. Thus for instance an article today about Finland—that old venue of le Carre and Fleming intrigue—in which that truly-brave land is pictured coldly weighing her odds, along the shores of the frosty Baltic—of the all-important “coming out on top”—in a match-up between Russia—seen as nothing more than a long-nosed, menacing black Bear—and NATO.

Here then is the current physics lab version of geopolitics, with myriad actions answered by equal-but-opposite global billiard-ball reactions. Of learning in such a universal school-of-hard-knocks about “the smart play”, about “the nice guys getting left out in the cold”, and so on. Here Marxists and Neo-cons come closest to being almost affectionate with one another, on this common stomping-ground: eagerly sharing deepest enthusiasms, falling just short of carelessly betraying their common, complementary, hard-as-nails, yin/yang-dialectic Hegelian roots. The rub being of course that these kinds of old comrades basically exist in Russia no longer, but clamor about our ears in the USA today.

Of course the truth is that we will never achieve world peace and prosperity until we realize—and objectify in policy formulations—that our own national welfare is intimately tied up with the welfare of other lands and peoples. This is the real “smart play”: while all other approaches belong in a kind of atomic-ground-zero or flea-bitten, preemptively-blunt-mannered global zoo. Plainly, only Jews act like rats on sinking intercontinental ships: not Christian or civilized men.

We nations can indeed look upon ourselves as being mere inert atoms or elements in a physics lab, waiting to be combined in some deadly, unstable chain-reaction: endorsing wholesale thereby the most violently-elemental sort of Marxist dialectical materialism. A weird world of cosmic vacuum tubes and Bunsen burners equally cherished by all earnest neo-cons. Or at best regard ourselves as hairy brutes in iron cages: waiting to be released so we can go stalking menacingly in search of one another, baring fang and claw. The crowning achievement of modern “civilization”—itself crowned by a supremely-pragmatic Israel enthroned above it all—supposedly having been the discovery that we all really are such very apes. But unfortunately this comfortable den, living-room or collegiate-office evaluation is only possible to the degree that it doesn’t hold true in the supposedly-ever-rude and chaotic world outside. According to a sliding scale of proportions of fantasy/reality. Among elites who seem to need an especially deep-ranked “thin blue line” to guard them while they entertain such brave humanoid ideas.  For only the mustard seed of the kingdom of God, more than a millennium ago become the mighty tree of Christian-era Civilization, can afford us these lofty perches from which safe and secure to swing, or alternately to hold forth in these wide-eyed, screeching discourses of elite intellectual repartee. While the contrary final triumph of vertebrate Hegelian high-theory in the hearts of men, laid to the roots of such a divinely-ordained tree, quickly finds us with no time for these once-engrossing digressions, dodging very real assaults from very real apes, cavemen or carnivores. Stooped zoo-dwellers far more skilled than we in the new expertise of the hour.

February 9, 2006: By hook or by crook, by lie or deceit, they will not be deterred

Inventing “facts”, emergencies and “foiled plots” as needed, with never a break in stride, George Bush and company don’t intend to be frustrated in their tyrannical aims. And they find their match-up in the unilateralism of the new Israeli regime, basically a part of the same global crowd that absolutely refuses to be deterred. And furthermore the time is fast approaching when their policies will be irreversible—with a physical and organizational infrastructure being put in place which will be near impossible to remove as time goes on. The desire here obviously being to cross some frontier of no return: with a frosty indifference to popular needs being illustrated in the ongoing Katrina debacle, Iraq, the response to the earthquake in Pakistan. Thus is it imperative that we formulate an effective response that will be as un-stoppable in its effectiveness as that of these biblical "enemies of mankind" and their entourage of institution-controlling courtiers. Else very soon we be condemned to utter our complaints behind the barbed-wire fences of prison compounds, here on American soil. Believe me, if we don’t act now, it is coming: indeed, for some it is already here. For after a point of merger/acquisition, of various sorts of clandestine stock-market fusions, the whole of an economy can become little more than one gigantic, unregulated employer: that which to certain highly-placed and secretive people has been the motivating power behind modern-day capitalism/collectivism all along. A “Boss”—all in the name of basically-unregulated “free enterprise”—who is also our government and prison guard. All the while this new Napoleon sends us around the globe on Horatio-hip-booted wars.

Thus while others who are more powerful speak of impeachment, in which I hope they succeed, we ask our readers to consider what they themselves might do to organize a resistance, to what is so obviously developing on our streets, on our jobs, in our foreign policy. As Bush and his thugs grow more secretive, and spin more hyper-patriotic yarns, we must grow more terse and resolute. It is not at all for us to become defensive, to apologetically “state our case”, to plead with anyone. For by an infallible imperative within the human heart and mind, after a point the more we say the less we are likely to do. Somewhat after the manner in which an avant-garde tyranny-reinforcing Hollywood turns out epic-heroic films one after another which dramatize quite accurately the anti-Christian concentration-camp existence now taking form, that which they themselves serve with their whole heart and mind. After which brave and cathartic studio saga of fearless resistance the million-per-weekend mass-audience can with grim combat-ready satisfaction wash their hands of the whole affair.

Rather the burden of proof is with this administration and its suspicious string of “terrorist attacks”, the onus lying with accusations that are judicially thrown out for lack of evidence in all other sovereign courts. These Bush-era Dred Scot adjudications being held valid only in these secret American tribunals: guided by a circular logic in which even the crime itself and essentially all evidence regarding its perpetration are classified information. So that it is “trust us” from the very beginning: as if we were dealing with unimpeachable sanctity in these notorious plotters-of-crimes, ballot-rigging plutocrats and revolving-door corporate cronies. Bayonet-delivered “democracy” never had it so good, from geo-pirates whose only recommendation is their theatrical, vague or intimidating manner, with an odd new kind of jocularity appropriately borrowed from the movies about Al Capone. A new breed of popular thought-discipline having been introduced gradualistically through a psycho-loaded new generation of GI-Joe war-movies and yellow-journalistic news commentaries: all the intelligence that motivates a drunken fist fight being brought to bear on foreign and domestic affairs. So much has four decades of elite-promoted drug-abuse, anti-life perversity and sexual indulgence destroyed the maturity and probity of the American mind. Working upon such passive and inert fodder, the ability of the news and entertainment media to create an artificial reality, a spontaneously-generated mass-motivation—the aim of generations of crack-pot “scholars” in psyche departments—this has been the real and less advertised story of modern high-tech—most pointedly with respect to terrorist deeds which under cool-headed consideration point a finger back at these self-interested alarm-sounders themselves. Hence it is for us to be hard-nosed, indomitable: like the Savior, “speaking as one having authority”. Credentials we do indeed possess in another sense besides our Christian inheritance: as being the People. And as living real lives with a real purpose: not as fawning PR men for some world elite.

Consider too a growing lack of popularity of the Bush dictatorship among the military at various levels: something you hear little about over our highly-controlled media but which is there all the same. It is good to be aware that this uniformed disenchantment is in direct proportion to Administration united-we-stand fantasies. (Note of 11/08: since these lines were written, many of the disenchanted senior military have been forced out.) There may easily come a time when these soldiers and sailors will refuse any longer to butcher, to sodomize, to torture or to cooperate with those who do. (Further note of 11/08: however, many of these cowardly functions have been the work all along of Blackwater and other mercenary black-ops-capable units, with our troops doing their usual “duty” as targets of IEDs and as glorified security guards for locally-abominated U.S. officials). We must not assume that military non-cooperation is an impossibility (further note of 11/08: it has indeed finally been seen on a rather large scale here and there, and we have spoken to disenchanted soldiers and veterans everywhere), simply because the Government controls the public media, and barks orders at otherwise-homeless or poverty-stricken recruits. For one thing because the present day regimentation is conducted by that invariable mere 2 or 3 percent that always run the various bureaus and propaganda agencies of a police state. With a “news” establishment which now blandly or with mock-excitement repeats the same three or four carefully-censored stories all day long, and often-enough the next day and the next. Multiple phenomena seen among the Marxist regimes of a generation ago, and the Latin American de facto dictatorships that still thrive here and there under the American pale. Ours having been mostly a carefully-planned, fabulously-financed rather than violent U.S. takeover: with the notable exception of the bloody dispatch of the Kennedy brothers, when the whole treacherous project first clearly emerged.

Then too there are the other, more positive means I propound in my books and on this website. In connection to which it is good to remember that the more hysterical—or studiedly calm—the “breaking news” becomes, the more it is a sign these tyrants feel their grip on things slipping away. For the media, the schools and other vehicles of dissemination and psycho-control are the only real weapons these people have: and which they use as crassly, desperately or cunningly as the traffic will bear. So it is imperative through it all—as if through the babble of a professional con artist—to keep on quietly forming the neighborhood, university and other localized groups spoken of in these publications: these truly multi-task endeavors in which mutual aid is rendered in every conceivable good and legitimate way. Here being the grassroots beginning of real government—that namely which we no longer possess—and in many ways never did—that which is synonymous with real democracy. A certain marvelous, irreplaceable something which can take a host of spontaneous forms. Government lacking all connection to such preambles, such unrehearsed popular roots being no government at all, but the familiar thriving on chaos corporate-gangsterism. Sustained on the thin air of a chain-letter economy which positively must carry the field in an insidious yet absolute way. For which purposes any number of breathless promotionals are duly contrived. Increasing its profits continually lest it inevitably collapse under its own deadweight. Of so many corporate brokers, bureaucrats, prime-stockholders and paper-shufflers who must be paid. An anti-system thereafter to be as it were “bought up” and rationally reorganized by “we the living”, the constructive, the positive, the concerned and committed. True political organization will grow naturally out of this densely-rooted endeavor, this complex interface of earnest and energetic human reciprocity: an inscrutable and irreversible something all-its-own. One in which all levels of education have their vital and critical place. Again, a project discussed in both depth and detail in my Integral Catholicism.

Almost anyplace can be a venue for associated popular gatherings and associations: free and vigorous assembly being the quintessential lifeblood of democracy. A college or a library, a café or a tavern: a few good drinks among friends, in moderation, being a marvelous loosener of thoughts, hearts, tongues and ideas. While mere abstract “constructs” of ivory-tower academics are anemic by comparison. Human interaction being endemically unproductive unless in some way associated with kindness, friendship, relaxation, conviviality. No one can be richer than those thus comprehensively occupied, mutually-cared-for: even if the clothing of some among us be ragged, their housing an old RV, or even a tent. As long as our aims are entirely good, positive, cooperative and constructive we are the true lords of the land. Thriving on that mutual love which is natural to man, and which can partake of the very life of God by grace. That fellow-feeling, that reciprocal-engagement which, taken collectively, is human intelligence, human capital personified, and the grassroots definition of any legitimate state.

It is the pseudo-morality of a false Americanism—to which we here on this soil are much prone—which has laid us open to contrary national tragedies and treacheries. Hence the need to re-ground ourselves on these very moral, religious, economic and political truths: to build a society, a national immortality to last for a millennium, like the France founded by Pepin,  and consolidated by Charlemagne. Rather than for another mere short-lived, artificially-sustained business cycle. This timeless stolidity being the most critical aim to which this site is dedicated. For otherwise we build only on shifting sand, from behind whose dunes we are ceaselessly attacked by bloody bands. While finally for all these things to come to fruition the USA must and will ultimately turn to the One, True Faith: Catholicism. Since God will not have it any other way, wishing as He does generously to share with us—“pressed down and running over”—His truth and peace. The insignia remaining forever resplendent, the promise un-revoked: in hic signo vinces, “in this sign thou shalt conquer”. The banner of the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary being forever unfurled, carried by an ever-indomitable, eternal St. Joan of Arc. Before which alone all the forces of treason and falsehood are condemned forever to cower.

February 7, 2006: To the sound of the ragtime band playing “Happy days are here agains” the Bush Administration takes the Protection Racket to new heights.

Listening to Administration officials and spokespersons claiming that Bush has “successfully prevented terrorism on our soil for more than four years” brings to mind another set of big shots from another era. Conjuring a gaggle of beefy gangster sent by Al Capone, saying much the same to some speak-easy owner for whom they were providing “protection”, way back in the 30s. This while menacingly soliciting their next hefty payment. And just as the clandestine neighborhood tavern would have experienced an “unfortunate” firebombing, or its owner an equally-unfortunate “accident”, so too had we not lain the country at the feet of this new Capone—and did we not continue to feed his Haliburton-rewarding war with new “supplementary appropriations”—no doubt the “terrorist attacks” would (regrettably) have continued too. And with a big flower wreath to be sent to the funeral by “everybody’s friend” in either case. For to me all the hasty indictments, secret-tribunals, torture-induced confessions and show trials—in their own way remarkably reminiscent of the “mum’s the word” atmosphere of the Chicago and Detroit of the Prohibition Era—point redundantly to the fact that rescuer and attacker are one and the same. Just as in the halcyon days of Al Capone.

February 7, 2006: The Danish cartoons: in its justification the Christian West, as always, the media  sticks its foot in its mouth on behalf of Israel.

There can be little surprise that it was a Catholic priest who was killed in Turkey by a Muslim protesting the cartoons: for we in the West make no bones about our Christian affiliations, all the while we eagerly wage war and torture detainees on behalf of Israel and highly-Jewish American/corporate interests. Being invaders who thus remain inseparably-if-falsely associated with medieval crusaders in the Arab mind: little-understood true paladins whose first authentic aims were plainly good and upright—i.e., simply the defense of pilgrims to the Holy Land renegade Muslim marauders whom the Sultan was disinclined to keep in line—Crusaders who were thereafter substantially subverted from these innocent aims by way of the intrigues of a venal Byzantine court. What is really happening here is that the Danish Government, the Bush Administration and others across Europe are playing into the hands of a world Jewish communications industry—very much the source of these cartoons—accepting meekly from them and their kind a deft off-shouldering of blame for these and other inflammatory provocations. Against Muslims who accurately see in all this not just a few offensive cartoons but the completing of a circle: one scrawled with thick, crayon-like, obscenely-gratuitous lines. It is to identify an overwhelmingly-anti-Islamic “Christian nation” sentiment and foreign-policy alike, previously somewhat ill-defined, in the boldest possible bigoted terms. Since after all to intelligent adults a comprehensive statement of utter and complete contempt and rejection on all scores needn’t be framed in simple words out of a grammar school primer, to sting deeply, to be understood in all its ugly animus. It does quite well enough to couch the affront in a disjointed medley of insensitive policies, profane epithets and rock-throwing deeds. And as pudding on the cake, after all this shamefaced doubletalk about “freedom of the press”, European governments can watch while the Israelis and associated Jews acquit themselves of all blame very nicely: given the fact that we do such a good job at posing as their surrogates, in our threadbare bit-part of the cloaked, sinister villain. The Sons of David needing for one thing only to re-emphasize their own deep and intrinsic similarities to Islam—in belief and worldview—in order to quickly reestablish themselves as a friend rather than an enemy in the region: perhaps adding to this costless notional largesse a little freer treatment in economic terms.  A minimal, temporary token sharing-out which would present few real difficulties to those who so heroically monopolize so much of “the wealth of nations”. All the while the Holocaust itself hardly remains any permanent point-of-contention between Jews and Muslims: rather being another foolishly-accepted, brilliantly-fashioned and woefully-slanderous blot on the Christian character, and a ready excuse for future Jewish treacheries, newly allied to Muslim arms. (Note of 9/14: This prediction has been fulfilled to the letter in an Islamic State undoubtedly led and funded by Jews in masks and hoods, with attempts at the covering of milk-white Jewish-Caucasian skin. This undoubtedly to replicate the original onslaught of primitive Islamic armies over the face of a seventh-and-eighth century world, led by Jewish traders who knew every petty princelings, every ford and byway, across the globe, like the backs of their hands.) A distorted account of recent history by whose force the Jews deftly trade places with Christians vis-à-vis the whole question of persecution. So that with the addition of this row over the Christian-nation cartoons, a matter which Jews and Muslims can easily circumvent, Christians will be left on all scores and as always ignominiously and suicidally holding the bags. In a real and objective blasphemy not only at their own expense, but what is infinitely worse: at the expense of Christ, the divine Savior and Peace-maker of mankind.

February 6, 2006: Brutal dictators aren't "justified" in their electronic surveillance and other citizen-spying by a drawing-of-comparisons to past and somewhat-more-legitimate wartime administrations. That's the kind of ballot-box-stuffing scoundrels you impeach or revolt against, rather than lavish with executive "emergency" privileges.

February 2, 2006: The War-on-Terror gunning-down of a youthful patriot.

Great is the pain to be experienced by any human being in seeing and hearing the incredible saga of racism, sadism and cruelty in the vividly-filmed deliberate police-shooting of a young Mexican-American just returned from duty in Iraq. The insignia of his unit clearly visible on his shoulder, reflecting brightly for all to see. A clip which is now apparently being “covered up”, as has happened to so many cases regarded as prejudicial to the “national security” secrecy in which the Bush regime lives and moves. A confidentiality with which the U.S. Government in general has wrapped itself around more or less from the very beginning. Always off on some pseudo-divine mission “for freedom” or “to save mankind”: for which purposes all thought, all speech—and in particular any truthful account of history—must be muzzled to the max. This returning-soldier’s friend was taking him for a “joy ride”, no doubt trying to impress him with his own warrior-like daring: the kind of immaturity, reprehensible as it is, that is being inescapably encouraged nowadays from the media, in the schools and from every other direction as well. But certainly it was an offense which hardly deserved the horrific punishment it received: even had it been expended upon the youthful driver himself. Who seems to have escaped unscathed. While as the crowning insult to our humanity: the officer who did this mayhem upon a patriot is being given the inevitable mere slap on the wrist: paid administrative leave.

January 31, 2006: The global iron triangle of the Bush regime: occult hocus-pocus, electronic surveillance and corporate power.

Bush lied through his teeth in his State of the Union address, but he gets away with it by way of corporate/plutocratic connections, a tightening popular chokehold of electronic surveillance, and a kind of pseudo-religious cult-of-personality. Not hesitating to use abundant Christian imagery to further his own fiendish and megalomaniacal, sodomy- and torture-ridden aims. These three together lend him the preternatural aura of a Hitler or a Rasputin. Rest assured, this is a man who will come to no good end.

Yet it is we the citizenry who must clear “conspiracy theory” barbed wire fences and booby traps in order to state our case: prohibitive barriers to critical thought that inevitable wild charges of “paranoia” are bound to be. Like blinding searchlights around the high walls of the modern-day thought-prison: a Bastille guarded by the most astute forces and vicious watch-dogs in history. The standard Bush-era laborer, cashier or mechanic having dark images of Abu Ghraib somewhere in the recesses of his harried mind, to lend sharper accents to fiercely-brandished slogans of patriotic élan. But once having gained courage to clear this mined frontier of multifaceted intimidation, one can begin to grasp the complete significance of the closing of this surveillance loop around the citizen’s life. And of a President haranguing us—like some pagan fury—from his cloud-wreathed dungeon-tower, under whose shadow we must all live and move. The chief purveyor/beneficiary of an “Information Age” indeed: but it is almost entirely information about you. A sickening, suffocating intensity of extortion, of motivational control: poorly disguised by well-rewarded Republican back-slaps and jackal smiles. Modern capitalism/collectivism meantime not breaking stride in its march well-beyond traditional factors of marketing, resource exploitation, investment and so on: those innocuous-looking concerns which the common citizen commonly thinks are solely at stake. A vast machine which at intervals needs such stark, dictatorial figures to work its carefully-disguised will. Globalist kingpins—together with their spell-binding Leader, whose self-assurance has more a diabolical than a rational source—rather getting on to the mining of the real commodity so passionately sought: various species—in sundry group and individual configurations—of absolute control over the human mind and will. Effective international investment-based ownership/control over commodities being of no consequence to these people any longer, having dropped into their hands like Marx’s “over-ripe plum” decades ago. Here, in this new and hotly-sought prize, being a fascinating big-game quarry for the super-rich, of “real adventure” sadisms, of “control group” experimentation. The hunted game now being the human mind and soul. It’s a game in which George Bush may not even be the chief player: since it’s very difficult to detect who’s really “king of the mountain” in this secretive, perverted and totalitarian hyper-ego-projection.

But most important of all to realize is the tremendous vulnerability of the whole vast scheme, emanating from a seemingly-all-powerful cabal which actually gets more brittle and breakable by the day. A conspiracy built upon unnatural power- and organizational-configurations little known before among men, and utterly alien to our true strengths, drives and potentials. The fury of Satan truly being unleashed in all these things: but needing only a generous sprinkling of holy water, a mass return to the Trinity-adoring pre-Vatican-II Catholicism of all times, and the rising of another St. Joan of Arc, to see to its ignominious defeat. Like the frightful forest Ogre defeated by sunbeams of the light of day. That Maid of Orleans who will lead us in building from the opposite direction: upon the genuine local grassroots strengths of the individual human person, upon those natural groups with which he instinctively works best. From which solid-if-humble position, just like St. Joan’s own ragged followers—our “strength lying in our infirmity”—we can, with the help of God, reduce to powder all the vast, artificial fortress walls of this dark and repressive stalag. The creation of idle and bondage-obsessed minds, of whom it may truly be said, in the words of the Roman Rituale of Exorcism: “as smoke is driven away, so are they driven, as wax melts before the fire, so the wicked perish at the presence of God”. Destined for destruction, as surely as Adolph Hitler and others before him of his kind.

True, for now, the stranglehold of a Fuerer-blessed digital media first and foremost designed as a military tool, both in terms of surveillance and of brainwash—in tandem with a more-traditional control over finance, alluded to by popes already in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries—all this hyper-centralized machinery requires only a few well-seasoned apparatchiks, strategically placed, to do sentry duty over such a Bastille. Very much like some modern “miracle”-prison, in which all the prisoners can be guarded from one centralized vantage-point, by a couple of fast-food-snacking paragons of cyber-dexterity. You don’t have to be paranoid to grasp the full significance of all these things: only stupid not to.

Indeed, there is to be found here an anti-system which really requires no skill or hard work for a great many of its protagonists: being built entirely upon fear, perversity, popular-helplessness and occult persuasions, the “consumer nation” has simply reversed the Biblical prescription, beating its many foreign-bank-financed plowshares into swords. The more they give us, the larger grows our arsenal: with the pace of aggression being feverishly driven by the mounting size and maturity of the national debt. Here being the global penalty for having fed such a monster, for a whole world to endure. Yet although this kind of effete system might have worked admirably well under Herod or Hannibal, or one of the corpulent kings of Canaan, our era is counted not really in pagan lunar symbolisms but in Anno Domino. For within the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary—both burning furnaces of divine love—the forewarned citizen has abundant weapons at his disposal, against “all the king’s horses and all the king’s men”. And the guards patrolling Humpty-dumpty’s modern coast-to-coast prison, atop towering, sky-blotting walls, get stupider all the time.

We have on our side not only the divine aid but also the “unsearchable wisdom and knowledge of God”, shared generously with his humblest followers. Indeed often in direct proportion to their earthly insignificance. The simple, virtuous and prudent Christian—“who lies not with his tongue, neither is there deceit found in his heart”—is a stout fortress all-his own. And a species apart, for instance, from this General Clark, who gave what resembled a campaign kick-off speech last night. This guy is supposed to be among the best we have, but much like George Bush—if minus the hellish burning eyes and hypnotic flair—he frequently loses his way in the middle of speeches. Not fishing for thoughts—which is normal to the especially brilliant—but actually losing the thread of his thoughts. Hence listening to Clark—this Rhodes scholar ”leader” hand-picked by the noted heroically-hubrous globalist coterie—you get a distinct idea of the pot-parties, the meth-parties, and so on, that most of these Skull-and-Bones types were on the receiving end of, years ago, and generous traces of whose effects mockingly remain. Clark providing a stark contrast, a fitting backdrop, to the mostly-truly-brilliant people who had just finished giving a downbeat forecast of education, the economy, the War in Iraq, and so on. His incongruously-rousing speech for one thing was a borderline-hysterical diatribe, a real species of paranoia about international enemies ever lurking about. Finding—with the rest of the Boxer, Pulosi and Kerry crowd—that the “war on terror” is grimly necessary, except that Bush “attacked the least-important enemy first” instead of last. Wesley Clark’s rote rattling-off of all the old enemies, like Russia, China, North Korea, Iran having trebled in its hoarse volume after a guy from India in the selected audience attempted to inject a note of sane caution to the General’s clarion call. Suggesting reasonably that the building-up of a military-industrial complex in the first place calls forth its use as a policy tool-of-choice: much like the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park who hungered for live quarry and not mere the pre-butchered meat to which dry-run drills are a military parallel. In a fatal redundancy with which the twentieth century was all too familiar. While finally Clark couldn’t neglect mentioning the ever-handy Bin Laden: that enemy-when-all-others-fail that “wasn’t hunted down without mercy in the first place”. No matter that he has been dead (as I accept from good public evidence) since the end of 2001—already mortally ill for perhaps a year prior—and little able to have conducted any 9/11s. Ghosts, as noted frequently in these pages, making the best and most illusive of possible terrorists for propaganda purposes. Especially when most of the dirty work was done by our own diabolical black ops agents in the first place.

Certainly those with the “freedom of the children of God” will someday storm the ramparts of these fools, tyrants, butchers and occultists, this bi-partisan “pact against the Lord and His Anointed”. This last astute and treacherous barrier to the final pacific “preaching of the Holy Gospel to the ends of the earth”.

January 29, 2006: American Patriotism as a direct revolt against the law of God.

Before American independence there was no nation on earth that would have thought of political philosophy in terms other than those developed by the moral conscience of each people. For law isn’t some popularly-alien concept of statehood—foreign to the deeper instincts of “ignorant” masses—a sort of intergalactic word-smithing vehicle in which space-capsule lawyers trade legalese. No: it is a grassroots sense of right and wrong that rises up from the very national soul. And from a native soil that from time immemorial has been fertilized by both the lightning bolts of God’s wrath and the mild rain of His blessing. Legitimate natural religion—as distinct from paganism itself—having been the age-old tutor of a humanity that would progressively grasp the law of God in ever-greater detail: preparing itself progressively for an approaching Christocentric “fullness of time”. Setting in ever-bolder relief those precepts already chiseled indistinctly on the human heart, if ever struggling against blood-stained idols ever seeking to monopolize the human soul and mind. So that by way of a dense and inseparable legal/political interface with Christian Revelation it has been the unique and historically-anticipated contribution of genuine Western Civilization to perfect that ever-clearer lettering. That which innately respects the cultural identity of each land. God being the source here too, in locally-peculiar customs and native institutions most-of-which can readily be christened, blossoming under His full inspiration at last.

But the Deist/Masonic Enlightenment axiom implicitly rejects the divine as a formative of practical-moral (legal and political) motive or thought. The agnostic spaceship constitutionality now being thought of as the sole vehicle of human redemption and advancement: with a radically new kind of earth-invading green-man patriotism to go with it. This foreign usurpation occurring first of all in matters strictly national or administrative, but thereafter in widening circles taking in all of life, the entire interconnected universe of human affairs. That plethora in which there can be no radical, antiseptic church/state divides. Even religion itself, in its own unique sphere, coming to be strongly affected: taking a definite back-seat to these new legalistic imperatives. Custom and law, Church and state, love and duty coming increasingly to be translated into an alien, morally-inhospitable dialect. At times suggesting the harsh utterances of a Mars, a god of war and death, and less and less the counsels and precepts of a benign, loving Creator.

It is here that we find the reason for vaunted American policy absolutes which propel us into so many wars and domestic tyrannies. The Enlightenment project having melded together here with a Puritan/Calvinist concept of a kind of New, albeit secular, Jerusalem on these shores. Making for a formidable and often-oppressive new Spartan, world-bullying fighting machine. While all the talk of “respecting” the religious realm as completely apart from the public: this is only to complete this transformation with a final flourish of sardonic irony. Since to make religion into a Sundays-only affair is to dethrone God in the most complete and contemptuous possible way, making way for the citizen surveillance, the sodomizing of prisoners, the judicial/medical murder of Terri Schiavo, the gunning-down of little boys, later to conveniently “harvest their organs”, the ongoing, yawningly-unremarked torture, and so on: of an increasingly-world-ruling USA. All accomplished with an increasingly-hideous species of “patriotic” fervor. The proclamation of a bloody American nationalism in which any atrocity is allowed, by police or soldiers on domestic or foreign soil. The U.S. undertaking—together with Zionist Israel—a constitutionality which cuts the moral-law heart out of mankind—and sets its originators apart as increasingly weird enemies of their own species, shrunken-from at the U.N., the Olympics and other places of common human resort. All the while Israelis and Americans are exalted in a bizarre and fanatical make-believe media strictly of their own. The attempt being made to shout down a moral law—“on tablets of flesh”—which through the ages—in the true story of human progress—has progressively pleaded mercy and forbearance. Rather than tyranny, militarism, practical-atheism, judicial/medical murder, and abortion-on-demand.

January 27, 2006: Manifesto of bruised and tattered holdouts against the “march through the institutions”.

A massive adjustment in job culture, the schools, the entertainment media and the law itself began to take place around the middle of the 1960s: an upheaval which took a tremendous toll—one for the most part entirely unsung—in human tragedy among those not so inclined. During the past several decades the everyday life of the ordinary human person has been radically influenced by mass population-formatives entirely unprecedented in history. Yet perhaps most troubling of all, there are certain attendant elements which make this phenomenon an especially difficult one to examine candidly and publicly: among which are for instance the fact that these mass-society formatives have as it were no “natural predators” to call them to account or keep them in line, this despite the ultimate notoriety and disrepute into which these one-time-fervently-accepted axioms have fallen, since the onset of this mega-drive toward change. By way of such an immunity—especially after the abandonment on the part of organized religion of its traditional role as the guardian of society’s behavioral mores—these mass-societal-formatives, like education, have gathered to themselves a monolithic, crushing, near-insuperable power.

Indeed the clergy have all-too-typically turned over much of the critical function of moral leadership to novel ancillary pseudo-establishment fields like counseling, social work and psychiatry: men-of-the-cloth becoming themselves instead a sort of cloaked “cultic” elite. The “clinical” ideologues who replaced them being regarded by fringe-elites concerned as a more-than-adequate replacement in all regards: richly possessing a kind of secular high priesthood of powers reputedly sacred and sublime. Traditional divines of many creeds meanwhile seemingly being relieved to “wash their hands” of the whole burdensome affair of seeing to the morality of John and Jane, and little Judy and Bill, indeed much like Pilate himself. While furthermore this new college of secular-moral clinicists—having been thus solemnly empowered—has managed to ritually-demonize all serious dissent from the much-vaunted projects-of-change they have done so much to support, with dissenters regarded as troubling or even dangerous specie of intellectual-deprivation or psychological malaise. Those unconvinced by this bizarre revolution of Church and state, family and city square—whose “privileged” victims debauch pitifully before us in schools and streets—working against such odds—having as a consequence frequently found themselves in the most trying of circumstances economically, in terms of their deepest personal rights, and in every other way as well.

Did anyone, back in the beginning, have any idea that the aim would be the total eradication of every Christian element from out of modern life? That this whole inscrutable, sky-darkening project was nothing other than the first installment of the biblically-predicted Great Apostasy? Of one thing we may be sure: that such an affirmation would be the most-forbidden-of-all of many forbidden things in this new and “wildly free” system of thought, dynamic-of-change. For to identify it for what it was—the total eradication of Christianity—under the cover of science and advancement: this would be labeled with that most ugly and convincing of names: conspiracy theory. For there can hardly be found a greater insult to the peace and integrity of the Christian conscience, bearing, or sublimity of thought—learned from a very God Himself—than to call it paranoia, which is the actual if ill-admitted meaning of the term. A slander by the effeminate process-theorists of the ages: who thus or in other ways stigmatize practically any logically-sequential thought in any regard. Henceforth any strategic defense at all of Christianity—let alone a Crusade—would be disallowed. Only positive things—and really, precious few of these—could any longer be said—while we were subjected to the worst diatribe of abuse in human history. It was to be like putting a boxer in the ring with both hands tied behind his back. With the very documents of surrender themselves to be found in the whole bewildering phenomenon of Vatican II. Whereby an invalidly-elected pseudo-Papacy undertook to surrender the field on behalf of all of Christendom of any shade of belief.

But the new regimen of death would be imposed in gradual phases: thus the “march through the institutions”: an expression familiar to those who have studied this whole astute and terrifying imposture. Undertaken by the “enemies of mankind” identified by St. Paul. The first of those to be attacked would be the unborn. After which would follow the Arabs, then all Muslims. But our turn—that of the Catholics—is soon to follow. For we are the real prize. The only people capable of leading an invincible opposition, of winning the fight. This through the indestructible might of the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

Another anomalous element in this change-phenomenon—an incalculable aid to the same cosmic enemies—one ironically set in concrete very quickly as an immutable bastion in its own right—is found in the erection of a patently false sort of Christian conservatism—indeed a kind of caricature of much that went before. An atavism just as confounding in its own way as the left-wing radicalism that seemingly called it forth. A potent “reactionary” movement—many of whose exponents posed as Catholic Traditionalists—arising a few years after the closing of the noted council. A counter-current of such genuine backwardness as to call to mind abuses once thought buried forever during the truly-progressive Kennedy Administration. (Note of 9/14: We aren't as sanguine anymore about the Kennedy brothers as we were back ten years ago.) Evils any of whose desultory remainders were thought thereafter to have happily been burnt to a cinder under stern-eyed, byzantine equality-bureaucracies of Johnson. The incipient beginnings of a return of racism, of a starkly-punitive law enforcement, of a swashbuckling militarism: these would disturb the long-stagnant pools of pacifism, delinquent-child-coddling and the absolute dominance of Black and Hispanic cultural radicalism that had become the keynotes of an era. While any who took a different tack—between these two rigorously-urged extremes—toward a more mild, cultivated, humane and genuinely-Catholic approach—these were to be branded with infamy as being somehow unmanly, spiritless, effeminate. That reproach of the ages always directed against the meek yet noble and indomitable followers of Christ. The new “conservatives” being indeed and too often of a breed which laughs and even preens itself while others suffer or miserably die. Flawlessly nice, smiling people like Bush, Sessions, Alito—who claim to follow the Savior—having actually had their counterparts in the levities of a grinning Gestapo. Filmed, just as photogenic, rounding up Jews (Note of 9/14: were they really Jews? Major gaps and discrepancies in the whole religiously-believed Holocaust narrative cause us to wonder about all these photos of anonymous persecuted or starved-and-imprisoned people under whom the phrase "six million Jews" is in some connection with stolid certitude subscribed.) in a ghetto in a 30s Germany, finding their like as well in the “law and order” enthusiasms of a George Wallace, or a martinet Napoleonic France. And in the last analysis differing only in style from the death league of a radically-twisted (since John Kennedy) Democratic Party.

Of course anyone in their right mind would ordinarily have recognized this newer irruption as nothing other than neo-fascism. A new subversion atop the old: just as had happened after World War I. The pacifism and politically-borderless internationalism that had its radical heyday just after the latter: having been sponsored by the same mass institutional elements, if not yet as sophisticated as they would be fifty years hence. This bizarre sideshow having provided the potent revulsive to propel much of humanity toward the acceptance of its radical opposite. During the hip-booted era of the Second World War.

But returning to more recent decades, in this recounting of a change-dialectic apparently designed—of course with unfeigned dynamic fervor—to alternate in well-metered fifty-year cycles: the resolute dissenters from all this “wave of the future” change have never really been able to document their experiences. Which have partaken of all the adventures-of-love of the blood-stained path to Calvary. “Their side of the story” remains hidden, their voice-less-ness having in fact only intensified with the years. The moderate word, as experience teaches, being quickly shouted down by the hoarse invective of allegedly opposing views. Hence among the “liberal” the well-publicized question was never whether or not the scheme of change was appropriate in the first place, but rather, “where did we go wrong?” The short-sighted assumption being implied that there had only been a “wrong turn”: the wisdom of the vaunted journey-into-radicalism itself being strictly and sanctimoniously regarded as not open to question. While of course among sprouting protagonists of primitive reactionary passions any expression of demur was labeled as a shameful “sniveling”: as was indeed announced with a priggish, Gingrich-popularized impudence and for a whole decade or so from a million tierce bumper-stickers. These mostly to be found on well-appointed vehicles of the “good families” of the age, who had very little indeed to snivel about.

Another determining element here, in this mammoth institutional redefinition, is the very concentrated attention being imposed upon the individual human person: with the “correctness” of his most private habits and attitudes—in this day of hysteria over maternal “rights of privacy”—suddenly becoming all-important, pre-requisital to obtaining work, to the least degree of social acceptance. With passing grades from a kind of Group-Inquisition becoming more and more critical to the gaining of any employment at all. For which purposes one is never really hired any longer until having spent at least a full two months on the job: during which to be poked and prodded by bosses and co-workers in the most aggressive and invasive way, according to progressive, by-definition ever-changing correctness-criteria. Revealing a whole new take on good and bad, intimately connected to the noted abdication of these judgments on the part of the clergy, of religion as a whole. For when religion ruled souls there was no mystery involved, no evolving sense of what should or shouldn't be. Here being a classical “tail wagging the dog” phenomenon in which the conclusion is already reached: namely that religion is passé as a practical force, no matter how fervent the tokens of devotion might be. After which evidence is sought to support such an unprecedented vote-of-no-confidence: of the practical utility of the Son of Man. The traditional harkener-to-his-own-conscience being subjected to a thousand misgivings and suspicions as being mortally dangerous, while the one who surrenders to the profane group—the Freudian cause celebre—is regarded as safe, sane and beyond suspicion. Although I have no doubt statistics would bear out that murder, rape and other violent crimes are mostly committed by social-weasels and groupie-oriented con artists of the first degree, even if there is the occasional quiet soul who suddenly explodes, "goes on a rampage": which considering the pressure he is under, can hardly be any real surprise. Indeed, I consider that this modern approach of the deified group is the one major cause of modern social and psychological ills: over and beyond the un-mourned-over and apocalyptic loss-of-souls. Robbing the human person of a critical freedom to express himself within a largely-self-molded setting and time-frame with which he is comfortable. Making him subject to this rigorous inspection by his peers—in the absence of any suspicion of identifiable offense—being as well a radical, fundamental denial of habeas corpus. This before a group or boss become a kind of absolute dictator. A phenomenon positively contradictory to the actual reality of the human person, his dignity and deepest identity as a “cosmos” all his own. Containing within himself a primeval, unique sovereignty from which all others in a very real sense take their source. A legitimacy divine as well, being an authority which “comes from (a) God” Who sits enthroned most happily and auspiciously in the very same human heart: as attested both by the Gospels and Catholic mysticism alike. That tightly-bound twin sovereignty—that “spark of divinity”—which is in turn at the very basis of any belief in any sort of genuine democratic system as well.

Certainly this sovereignty, the palpable independence of the human person must be concretely expressed and guaranteed, whether on the job or anywhere else. And not remain merely in one of Judge Alito’s “nice”, democratic hearing-room aphorisms, to be gunned down with little fleeing boys in the “press of events”. Or whenever it becomes an inconvenient blemish on buckles of shining brass. And in the same way, although there is little need to introduce some “liberation theology” to Catholic political wisdom—gratuitous statements against which quibbling anti-popes like Benedict XVI can write long, incoherent, unreadable prohibitions—yet the right of the common man to rebel against injustice is enshrined throughout Catholic medieval practice. Aquinas coming down decisively, for instance, specifically in favor of those who killed Julius Caesar, the prototypical tyrant: thereby sanctioning in cases of gravity even the taking of the life of “an unjust sovereign”. A right of active resistance contained within the theology of every major political doctor of the Catholic past. So that it is interesting that these Vatican prohibitions—whether against Argentines resisting the British in the Falklands or against a host of brutal U.S.-supported dictatorships—have been given so much weight at a time of false councils and false popes. An era when the common man worldwide is falling under the heels of a growing Bush-family/corporate/Zionist regime. Open or implied strictures of pseudo-pontiffs from John XXIII to Benedict XVI—the latter in particular as head of the Vatican secretariat—basically against any kind of violence at all, unless under the direction of some “Western”/totalitarian state. Grim remarks of “peace loving” disagreement which as far as I know have never been couched as encyclicals or other more-formal statements, but rather have always remained at an innocuous and informal level. Yet being made-much-over by the world press. Indeed this whole area of pseudo-papal activism seems to correspond quite well to the collapse of active and effective Catholic resistance to every conceivable wrong, so redundantly evident since Vatican II. Whether in doctrine, public morality, a false and euphoric ecumenism, in approving visits to pagan temples and Jewish synagogues, and so on.

Surely today those Democratic boomer-generation patriarchs of the liberal wing of this dual change dynamic would gladly claim for themselves a spirit of mildness and compromise. Not a few of them no doubt, in the company of hoards of others, have been one-time committers of shameless lewd acts on the front-lawns of collegiate admin-buildings, during vaunted “protests” toward change. These silver-haired rebels now lusting instead after the opportunity to claim the laurels of being “of the old school”. Some of them genuinely horrified as they watch with bewilderment as the Bush neo-fascists grinningly—and with “patriotic” élan—destroy every vestige of justice, honor and right. In an utter lack of self-restraint for which they themselves had however amply opened the way.

Of course this change-ethic—in a whipsawing back and forth between extremes of right and left, as it turns out—has come to be poured in concrete by way of literally millions of careers—in academia, in various bureaucracies, in the vast media industry. All of which have come to be reconceived according to the alleged infallibility of this agnostic process-philosophy-imperative. Finding no real resistance in a pope who has abdicated his spiritual leadership role, exchanging the tiara for a twisted, ugly, hippie-cross. This change-imperative being an undulating serpent which indeed thrives upon the constant reintroduction of ever-newer hypotheses: these to be lucratively wrangled over and experimented upon for years to come. While the folly of the whole approach would reveal itself in grim and telling ways: as in the organizational chaos of a Katrina, the pork-barrel free-for-all of an Iraq War. So that there is much grounds here, parenthetically, for hope that the common man will step up to the plate and take charge manfully, and this very soon. Descending from hill and holler, remaining singularly un-deluded and unimpressed by so much talk, and so many disastrously-vulnerable, failing computerized systems. A David with his goats and sheep, a despiser of power-turfs maintained the more aggressively in direct proportion to their irrationality.

But for the time being any thought of vindicating that minority who have resisted all this massive, resistance-grinding social and behavioral modification—and who were to-a-man crushed under its tank-tracked wheels—this gains little sympathy. Dissenters whose demise was often effectively encompassed decades ago, perhaps just after disembarking from duties in Vietnam. For so many of their “betters” are now reaping the long-anticipated rewards of alternating entrenched and avant-garde stands, taken up with equal enthusiasm in either case, of the past several decades. A pliability which has kept them in good stead with both “the system” and their power-embezzling peers since then. These indeed being the new doughty guardians of “security” and “the rule of law”: paragons who had once deflowered the innocence, the purity and temperance of an entire land. Well-fixed, “laid back” people now coming up to retirement days in long-contemplated circumstances of prestige and comfort. Hardly the time—just now perhaps purchasing their own sea-side dacha—to expect them to entertain the notion that they could have been wrong all along. That the co-workers or siblings they once railroaded as oddballs, fanatics—and now despise as milk-toast, as pusillanimous freaks—that these were really of the stature of the Old Testament Patriarch Joseph thrown into the well by his brothers.

A basically-insurmountable problem we the dissenters faced was that we didn’t have a clew as to where it all would end; we had no idea how deep had been the betrayal: in the Church, in the government, in the schools and universities, in a radically-reconceived “Catholic” family. Rather always hoping that things would take a better turn. And staking our futures, and necessarily those of our own families, on same. Most of us being slow to admit defeat: stubborn in the Faith, as we had been rightly taught to be by our parents. So that had we believed what we were told was coming—that all truly Catholic attitudes and behavior would basically and for all intents and purposes become outlawed, and that very soon—our actions would undoubtedly have been quite different. This looming radical agenda was in fact in its main lines elaborately-spelled out, its contours defined with a brutal, jagged sharpness: things quite acceptable to the new nihilists and moral cut-throats and bomb-throwers, who multiplied while so many of us were overseas. But it all comprised an eventuality utterly unpalatable as even remote possibilities to us: even to such mediocre specimens as was this one soul that writes these words. Hence when the first bewildering waves of active radicalism hit—endorsed at the highest levels of Church and state—we were condemned to react in what must have seemed a hare-brained, panic-stricken fashion to each strategically-designed new phase. Doomed to appear imprudent, “unstable”, “shallow-rooted”: all the while doughty buyers-into a suddenly-beatified status quo multiplied like blades of grass, or the sands of the sea. And achieved seniority, tenure, staying-power-prestige. We “the losers’ being laughingly urged by what seemed like everyone around us to “come off it”, not to be “so proud”. Or that great clincher, mouthed back then by every budding homosexual: not to pretend to be “holier than the pope”. The guy they had just cornered on their side. For to just “give up” would indeed have made everything so simple: taking the shock out of these quantum leaps, these chaotic volcanoes, then coming up at a jarring frequency of every few weeks or months. Increasingly welcome transformations however to that majority which had so readily made those first overtures of surrender: since as soon as one sells an inch of ones soul the rest of that spiritual substance becomes an intolerable, accusing burden to be gotten rid of as quickly as possible. Meanwhile those discrete figures behind it all had an ongoing agenda that went beyond culture-shock: having in their sights such milestones as legalized abortion, euthanasia, "economy bolstering" perpetual war, among many another seemingly-mutually-contradictory phenomena as well. An essentially-anti-life establishment which would brutally attack humanity wherever it might. This under the direction of notorious secret societies like the Skull and Bones, the Masons, the CFR, the Club of Rome, and so on. (Note of 9/14: all of these of course under the direction of the synagogue). And which would be supported “on the ground” in the most rigorous and disciplined of ways by vast corporations like a vanguard Safeway and other in the fast food industry and mainline manufacturing. Well staffed by these conspirators, and here and there by those key internally-subversive Birchers who a decade or two later would mount a bizarre and generic counter-charge. A behavioral-control program being meticulously instituted whether in hiring practices, on the job expectations, the funding of favorable NGOs and foundations, and in many other ways as well. An agenda to which the major labor unions also lent a powerful helping hand.

Here, then, in brief, is to be found the background behind today’s group-intimidated, “dummed down” population: jerk-knee followers of every new violently-change-oriented trend. While it is by contrast “the meek” and mild who “inherit the land”, plant crops and truly and authentically nurture children. And build an industrial base truly responsive to the needs of man. Who can be counted upon to leave behind the Tower of Babel of a species of technology—useful for little besides citizen-control and surveillance—one which has actually put us in chains. A luciferian progress which would be “like unto God” in a perverted sense, vainly trying to conquer intergalactic realms. Coming true leaders who too-often now, under persecution, live in tents or tar-paper shacks. Their far-more-numerous neighbors having sadly and tyrannically been cut adrift from the tutelage of wisdom, virtue, grace: this in favor of the mess of pottage of moral folly and ideological extremes.

These then, together with others from far reaches of the globe, will be the vanguard of the final “preaching of the Holy Gospel”, foretold in Scripture. The triumph of the One True Church and of Christendom, the fountainhead of Civilization. Which will once again re-assert itself heroically, rampantly. God will come to the aid of such truly-noble souls who have suffered so much for so long. In their desire to be good, upright, pure, virtuous, God-fearing. Whether on the West Bank, in Africa, the USA or anywhere else. These being those “last days” which Jesus Himself promised to “shorten”. This anticipated and true restoration—at the culmination of which Christ will welcome all those of goodwill into His fold—being that toward which this site itself is in fact dedicated.