January 23, 2006: The day of big rallies and big speeches; the J-word; executive privilege; fellow pro-lifers, we are being used.

Indeed to be caught uttering “the J word” is considered the greatest atrocity of which man is capable today: with levels of shame attaching greater than any others in today’s very shameful world. However, my own love of both truth and country will surmount any such charges of infamy: protesting as I do a heartfelt regret that I have “but one life” or reputation to sacrifice for their safety and sovereign perpetuation. Actually and as you know if you have read these pages for any length of time I have always been willing to come to terms with the J-word: apparently-good-hearted True Torah Jews to one side, and ominous, unspecified Bush Administration threats of sanctions notwithstanding. But at this moment I have just one further well-weathered observation to add: namely the way in which the public debate today is being hopelessly and deliberately confused and misconstrued by the same agnostic-Jewish crowd. (Note of March, 2012: We have become quite a bit more skeptical about all Jews of any persuasion since this writing, having for one thing been apprised by one synagogue-goer not to be deceived, that "a Jew is a Jew is a Jew". While it is also axiomatic to us that anyone who rejects the Savior in such a thoroughgoing way as do Jews of any kind, in an all-points repudiation of He Who Is Virtue Itself, must suffer in their character accordingly, and can hardly expect to be saved.)

Especially-notable in this connection is the panel called before the Senate Judiciary Committee the other day, discussing possible proceedings against the dubiously-elected Bush Regime. This for its vast, stonewalling, tip-of-the-iceberg-exposed international-communication-trunk-mining activities. A Bush White House and neo-con entourage profiting for all-it-was-worth, riding-immediately-on-the-coattails of carefully-staged 9/11 heroics. Nonetheless all or nearly all the members of that panel of the noted nationality—and senators of same extraction—counseled a “wait and see” approach toward a deceitful “war on terror” machine which has committed every conceivable wrong. And whose hidden purposes are deeply enmeshed in the Zionist control-onslaught on the Middle East, and ultimately on an entire globe. A syndicate bulging with corporate foundations and fat-cat attorneys, which of course only needs such a “wait and see” interlude to encompass the bottomless nadir of all its hideous, insidious designs. After which any Christian-Right-catering pro-life pretenses will be discarded with the utmost disdain.

“The kingdom of Heaven suffereth violence, and only the violent bear it away.” Come now, can we not generate some sense of urgency? Would these weasels and tyrants have gotten anywhere had they not seized the day, pushed things to the max, used the opponent’s momentary shock as a rare interlude for yet-bolder flights? By the above quotation, and a host of others as well, we can see that the Good Lord demands that we be just as “instant” as they, “in season and out of season”. That He is a Lord Who deserves such a bold and valiant liege.

The smoke-screen, the mummery is seen as well in a host of agnostic J-literati presently pushing their books on the C-Span Book Review show, or appearing on the same network as heads of ubiquitous NGOs. Corporate ancillaries like those now-notorious ones in Russia, only recently given a halo of sainthood by Condoleezza Rice: presently with the assistance of the British Embassy promising to coalesce into a formidable parallel Russian anti-state, at-the-ready for upheaval and overthrow. That Anglo/American/Israeli-mediated fate which Putin and Russia have resisted heroically for well-over a decade. There has never been such a dense smokescreen of pseudo-intellectual constructs, cartels and movements fronted in so short a space of time, as on this book-promotion TV-podium, often to run interference for cloak-and-dagger projects infinitely more terse and to the point. In this promotion of books by J-people who count themselves “the authority” on everything from Russian Patriotism, to Congress, to the Crusades, to the so-called “end of Faith”; whose singular and ridiculous claim to the title of most persecuted people on earth has emboldened them to ever-greater unsubstantiated authoritarian proclamations, matching strident lie-campaigns against Muslims and Catholics—their only formidable opponents—around the globe. This world-trading, cosmopolitan People who for three millennia—ever since the first few dispersions—has been learning the global lay-of-lands—and the tempers of peoples—and using such knowledge for treacherous goals. Who know exactly where to apply psycho-polemical pressure-points, upon places-of-popular-weakness, to gain what they desire. A ready-made source of sedition, the Jews, a people one allows to have full citizens rights only under duress, and in the highest pitches of watch-tower-abandoning folly. They who in sixteenth century Spain became moles in the Catholic Church, even reaching the rank of Cardinal in one case: and who do the same now in our time in a ten-fold way. This whether in the covert-engineering of a 1960s Anti-Council to destroy Catholic Faith, or the institution of a dominant variant of the Traditionalist movement quasi-Jansenist and even Hassidic in temper: thus with high effectiveness and in many ways barring routes of escape from the discrete paganism of the schismatic Conciliar Church. All these chronologically-disparate intrigues causing the prudent to think twice before uttering their next ill-considered diatribe against the Spanish Inquisition.

As noted on these pages, even the most notorious of persecutors of these people, Adolph Hitler, was himself actually in league with Israel-founding Zionists, and was together with Stalin the major provider of the first giant influxes of immigrants to the yet-to-be-established State of Israel. Hitler’s first function, whether he knew it or not, having been to veritably brand into the global-popular consciousness this image of the “crucified” condition of Jews. He who as recently uncovered (History Channel) was slowly dying, and probably going mad, of syphilis: and thus made the perfect vehicle for such deranged aims. Much as does a raving, out-of-control, perhaps substance-abuse-brain-injured George W. Bush. Who frequently “goes blank”, losing his way in the middle of important speeches: for which his spokesmen offer the excuse of new levels of ad hoc informality. The idea being in this Holocaust myth to promote a perpetual J-victim-hood far in excess of that of the Savior, and of His own long-suffering Christian people: the latter of whom however endured far more during World War II than anyone else. As in a Russia which lost 40 million overwhelmingly-Christian people; and a Christian Eastern Europe which would emerge from that conflict with hundreds of millions in communist (read Jewish) chains. A Christian people who today suffer moral torments never before endured: even as American “pro-life” Christians now stand incongruously behind a J-people destruction of life in the Middle East. As if Americans must always have blood on their hands, picking and choosing between the born and the unborn.

Then too we see a similar confusing-of-issues smoke-screen in the Congressional panel on decency in the media: where the old threadbare argument was advanced by senators and panelists of the same nationality and creed toward maintaining “a healthy freedom” with respect to what our children see and hear. (I shutter to think how I myself would have turned out—badly as I did anyway—had I been exposed to things kids must see and hear today). Again, the all-too-familiar phenomenon being in evidence: of a J-person on the panel throwing the issue-ball back and forth with another J-person on the committee, together laughingly shaking off all intruders to the oddly-parochial exchange. Jointly assessing in basically-favorable colors a wildly-lucrative pulp-porn entertainment and media industry heavily controlled by the same J-People, one steadily destroying the sanity and morality of our youth. And measurably helping to warp many-an adult into a child-molesting and -murdering jackal. While of course this issue is being worked from the opposite direction and for all its worth by the noted Bush/Zionist league: who skillfully meet us as it were thus “coming and going” on any issue. Namely in demanding access to Google search engine data, purportedly in order to inhibit the pornographic corruption of youth. That over which however the same George Bush has on another occasion stated nonchalantly that all we need to do is “turn the channel”. The paramount desire here being obviously to spy on American citizens. That which has been going on in other ways and for years, and on a massive scale.

Finally today there is the matter of Executive wartime privilege. Of course Fox is agog over Bush’s reiterated claims today—deep in Red State Kansas—of plenipotentiary powers. While those commentators who are supposedly critical of such fiats continue to act unaccountably defensive: with people like Chris Matthews or Anderson Cooper almost breaking into a rash over the meekest expression of criticism or dissent. This with respect to a President and Republican Congress obviously caught with their pants down in more ways than one. And with Wolf Blitzer, the master of evocative tone-subtleties, for all he’s worth suggesting the three-year-old girl on the (famous around Arizona) billboard, index finger in the air, eyebrows vigilantly arched, the caption beneath warning us, in large letters and infantile simplicity, “united we stand”. Suggesting however another more accurate patriotic slogan: “Never have so many barbarous intrigues been put in such a favorable light by so few”. Of course here on this website we put the matter in the unblinking terms in which it squarely belongs: tyranny and dictatorship. Whereby most importantly are ipso facto and without-ado abrogated any otherwise-academically-arguable debating-points that might be brought forward: say, in favor of the “unitary executive”, or other such niceties of creative law. Hypotheses you simply do not advance—if you really wish to be taken seriously—while your hand is still in the cookie jar, and your face smeared with chocolate icing. We don’t talk about refinements of legalities—no matter how flawless might be our Yale legalese—in such a case: of a lying, torturing, citizen-stonewalling aggressive war: one obviously waged for motives other than those advanced. A tyranny of a front-man of a cabal which manages adroitly to wobble between arrogance and duplicity, between doubletalk and the garish display of its red-colored emblem. That hue namely which is infamously-emblematic of the secular-messianist Rothschild (“Red Shield”) J-family: all-determining to the progress of Godlessness since the French Revolution. That notorious color as well of the Red communists: a shade which now does doughty triple purpose in decorating the Bush/Zionist “Red State” drive to control the world. Such people, both Jew and protégé/gentile, can jump back and forth across such geopolitical and ideological divides because they have no abiding loyalties except to themselves. But they always push the odds a little harder in these self-revelatory, impudent displays: by whose means popular passivity and credulity is counted worthy to be further despised.

But our pro-lifers really “took the cake” in Washington, D.C., at the annual Right to Life march: where Bush was wildly and indiscriminately endorsed: being indeed likened by the Pentecostal prayer-intoner, before deliriously-cheering crowds, to the “burning bush” before which Moses prayed. Truly, there is no fool like a Christian fool, and “the perversion of what is best is what is worst”. Court-jesters among whose number I myself was once indeed conspicuously counted: having become convinced in the early-to-mid eighties of the righteousness of the Reaganite cause. Having myself written, in an earlier polemic venture, in favor of enhanced executive powers. Praising Reagan as a “victor” over a communism which was in fact already being undermined from within. In native stirrings economically- and politically-sound and constructive—from China to Czechoslovakia—undertakings destined to be hijacked by a weird global alliance between ideology-driven American ultra-conservatives and a string of “Catholic” anti-popes. During critical late-twentieth-century decades when a whole world was being whipsawed between a dying Marxism and the glib persuasions of Neo Con robber-baron capitalist intrigue. The old and honest holism of the Catholic approach to socioeconomic issues having before Vatican II been poised to sweep dramatically such a bankrupt and divided global field, had Vatican I (left dangling, unconcluded, in the 1870s) been re-convened, to complete its traditional agenda instead. Not the heretical program of the Anti-Council but rather the dogmatic declaration of Mary as Mediatrix of All Graces and Co-Redemptrix, words already on the tip of Pius XII’s tongue, already a part of the Catholic legacy since St. Augustine in the late fifth century, and in strong traces of patristic teaching before. And had we in the papacy in the 80s and 90s another indomitable Pius X rather than a quibbling and pusillanimous—if overpoweringly-theatrical—John Paul II.

At the tail-end of these apocalyptic developments enters a George Bush supposedly poised to deliver Americans from divine punishments: these said to have been brought about solely by anti-life court rulings. But the chastisement will continue until this country is brought to its knees, and brought to repudiate both abortion and the paramount war-crime of aggression. That wide-ranging genocide upon which this country was in many ways basically built. (Note of March 2012: Indeed, so towering is this national aggressive hubris that scarcely a year after taking New Mexico and Texas from the Mexicans around 1846 we had the temerity before God and man to hang Indians in Taos Pueblo as traitors, simply because they resisted the new Yankee rule, still quite naturally maintained a heartfelt loyalty to Mexico. An abominable attitude the USA still wraps around itself today, in a Muslim world in which any resistance to armed U.S. intervention is treated in exactly the same way. This all the while our many Black-and-Tan-like uniformed madmen run amuck to murder and rape). Suggesting that for any truly holy and purifying purposes this grinning, God-defying Jonas, George Bush—together with the abortionist liberal wing—must together be thrown overboard by whatever means are necessary, after the no-nonsense manner of the Biblical account. If we ever wish the ship of state to make it to the port of true freedom and genuine security.

An anti-Iraq-War Harry Bellefonte—with whose whole-range-of-opinions I am little acquainted—seems on the face-of-it to be far more Catholic in spirit than any “pro-lifers” who vainly try to live their Faith within the Gothic-American-Calvinist élan. That which John Kennedy so refreshingly dispelled, which has stalked this land since the Mayflower. That aberration which by its present-day radical-resurrection—as in buckle-hatted paragons like Pat Robertson—is said to be rousing to life once again, as a kind of reflex reaction, a Western-Hemisphere Marxism which had been happily dying of its own accord. Although I have never heard either Chavez or Morales, who represent the new wave in Latin America, identify themselves as communists: perhaps only making friendly overtures to Castro according to the pragmatic and little-to-be-wondered-at “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” axiom. But these “stay the course” American Catholic people—for whom any foreign-policy barbarity is fair game—will achieve nothing by trying to make our Faith into a political football, a matter of rah, rah for such a sick, unbalanced, homicidal worldview. Catholics belong on every quadrant of the political universe: from which we are commissioned to extract every falsehood, and to which holistic political sphere we give an authenticity, a unity that derives from that of the Mystical Body of Christ. That for which no others may authoritatively speak. A Church to which we will be of no profit if we are perceived as enemies of Iraqis, Pakistanis or the American working man. As Catholics here become more and more associated with hypocritical upper-middle-class “American Dream” values and quick-fixes, and increasingly-eager allies to the very Pharisees who nailed Him to a Cross. Catholics who do their share to perpetuate a "torch of democracy" America which—with its veritable twin-sovereign Israel—has become far-and-away the most violent, unjust and perverse nation on earth. An American dream already for two centuries painted in the red blood of minority and/or foreign lives. Hence in order that God doesn’t “spew us out of His mouth”, we American Catholics need to take the ball and run with it, not just stand on the sidelines and cheer. We need to be the moral leaders with respect to American policies—repudiating the Vatican II anti-council heresy of the practical parity of Christian faiths—that which in bruising practical terms amounts to an ignominious subordination of Catholics before all others. Rather we must give a fully, robustly Catholic spin to the political football: because we alone are given that “fullness of means”, the mighty moral and intellectual right arm, which comes with the One True Faith. Otherwise we will continue to be simply used and secretly despised: and help bring down upon both ourselves and our country a curse rather than a blessing.

It is written (Is. 1:19,20): “If you be willing, and will hearken to Me, you shall eat the good things of the land. But if you will not, and will provoke Me to wrath: the sword shall devour you."

January 21, 2006: The Bush/Israeli two-headed kingdom steers toward a terrible fate.

Proverbial is the monarch who squanders his people’s wealth, resources and power, departing from the wisdom of his ancestors. Being urged on by influence-seeking friends around the throne, this mere lad would wage a series of aggressive wars with nations far and near. His trade-policies would become unjust and oppressive. He would take to himself a string of concubines, scandalizing a court which had once been moderate, virtuous. Despising the counsel of elders who had learned by hard experience and the study of history that only through moral discipline is a kingdom made secure.

Ultimately, of course, having been inherited by such a prince, the nation is doomed. For the state—by right popularly-sovereign, and no matter how great—must be conserved by wise policies, by good laws, else it become ineffectual, and finally innocuous, as by its own very deadweight. Government—like business—cannot be built upon mere selfishness—despite the slogans of neo-con soothsaying theorist that surround Prince Fauntleroy’s throne. Catchy phrases the boy-monarch might often be heard rotely repeating to roistering, free-booting adventurers on either side. Rather, according to St. Thomas Aquinas, is law directed toward genuine friendship (Summa, on Law, Q. 99, A. 1): this both with God and with man. For this cohesive and reciprocal force alone is able to hold together a society of rational beings. Whose nature it is to love, to seek the greater good of all: finding in the good of others ones own more-comprehensive good. Love being the highest, the defining activity of rational life: that purposive, intelligent love which crowns analogous reciprocities in the animal, vegetable and even the mineral world. After which, towering above all else—crowned by hovering ministrations of angels—the whole gives resounding glory to God. That One True God “Who is Love”, and Whom governments have no right to either ignore, replace or deny.

Under this prince the divine law of love is preempted on the right by greed and militarism, on the left by a perverse eroticism, forming an astute and treacherous redefinition. A “love” translated by ultra-liberals into the dialect of a kind of hysteria, with an absolute imperative toward intensive relationships. Herein being contained a tyranny all of its own kind, as the mildness of manner of days gone by—the very fountainhead of good and moderate laws, characterized by a simple and easily-achievable goodwill—these are replaced by bizarre new institutional mandates. In which the keeper-of-his-own counsel suddenly becomes a much-feared terrorist threat, a hatcher-of-plots. The old easy-going Americana being replaced by a down-in-your-face, insinuating interventionism which demolish marriage, decency, civility and the sanctity of human life. These being regarded as illegitimate brakes upon an all-engaging, all-consuming emotionalism. While in reaction to multiplying anomalies in such an over-heating, “at (or beyond) capacity” society, institutional sanctions are prepared by the same right-and-left-wing, avant-garde academics who put the whole bewildering cabalism into place. This for the harsh flagellation of undisciplined behavior not deemed “correct” under the new regime. Off-the-wall, experimentally-arrived-at, guinea-pig-like strictures whose ponderous aim is the rigid reestablishment of a now-lost “safe and secure world”. Pandemonium having been released—and morbidly dealt-with—by the same elites who brought it into being. The left-wing agenda which thus ultimately converges perfectly with its right-wing counterpart, toward the rigid control of the citizen, the absolute repudiation of any real freedom.

The United States saw its last wise government under John Kennedy: having since been taken over by such right and left wing wastrels and fools, in league with an Organized Crime which of course thrives on chaos. In order to stay in power, such a "government", inherently wasteful and extravagant—allied as it perpetually is with stock market piracy, usury and loan-sharking—must gobble more and more money and land, both foreign and domestic. The free-flow of substance-abuse and white-slavery within its borders acting the while as a potent allure to other nations, mesmerized by its fabled pleasures and engrossments, its whim-catering entertainments. It’s “liberal” and “conservative” but unanimously riotous ideas. Having taken to itself the folly of every other nation in double portions, these in turn readily supplying it with effete consumer goods. Around which excesses indeed the global economy itself—as by a kind of whirlpool, a black hole—becomes at last organized around its peripheral edge. Hence to sustain the mammoth economies-of-scale that allow all this extravagance for the chosen few everyone must finally work for the corrupt machine of Papa Sam: as if he were some Caribbean dictator. And allow their most talented and attractive daughters and sons to be among his entourage, indeed to serve as his domestic retinue. All the while the threats of this rouge monarch, this perverter of his own people, echo around the globe, proclaiming that “all who are not with me are against me”. This two-headed monster—one foot on the Potomac, the other in Tel Aviv—pretending to be God—having thus arrogantly borrowed the words of the very Savior for odious and shameful purposes. Another Baal indeed ready to make a fiery end of a host of his own people: as holocausts to his insatiable egotistical fantasy, as human torches for a new Nero’s garden. Blaming many-a clandestine act of his own black-ops agents—of terrorism both foreign and domestic—on his many admittedly-multiplying “enemies”. While as a final priggish touch the totality of this all-encompassing infamy and tyranny is couched in terms of the most elaborate, labyrinthine legalese, by his ranging staff of powder-wigged court attorneys. Qualifications, stipulations, “signing statements” for doddering, halting opponents of such a rule to ponder impotently. These legislative court eunuchs themselves emasculated, compromised. Unable manfully to cut through such a thought-strangling tangle of tautologies, such a legalistic Gordian Knot.

But soon enough the party is over: and other lands, as scripture tells us, “look from afar, and lament that Babylon is no more”. As she is consumed both by her own recklessness and depravity and by the insatiable anger of God. Having been completely perverted by this prince; caring no longer, in her vile state of distraction, for her own genuine good. Or for anyone else’s. But only for the most immediate of tawdry stimuli, of emotional intensities, of militant might-makes-right barbarities. Even these however becoming less and less satisfying as the years go fleetingly by. Since man was not made for creatures, nor for rioting, but for God: and for joys and contemplations infinite, celestial in character. For which it is the highest task of government to make of the earth a very antechamber. Rather than encouraging the minds of its citizens and leaders alike to be filled—literally to the bursting point—with perverse theories, diabolical cabbalisms, orgiastic and cannibalistic rituals. Using as a blanket excuse some anarchical, self-destructive new idea of “freedom”: that which is however only the finally dissolution of all rationality and order.

Will we allow the United States to continue to be such an example for others, increasingly regarded with terror, and astonished bereavement? As some wealthy consort mourns his favorite strumpet, taken amid her excesses? This grave matter lies in the hands of a Congress as corrupt as its vicious leader. Yet we must hope that a ray of divine light will at last penetrate such a vice-enfeebled political mind, and give it at last some civilized, resolute powers-of-will.

January 20, 2006: The most deft dance-hall maneuver of the Washington Two-step: “Corruption” faulted instead of Tyranny

The last thing any of these doughty news-conference-giving Democrats want to think about—amid all their thought-drowning, stentorian proclamations—is the truth behind what is really happening in the Abramoff case. Which isn’t at all about getting nice meals at his diner. After all, if legislators are forbidden to enjoy meals with other people—which it is no secret they can certainly afford to buy for themselves—a setting of hospitality most conducive to meaningful communication—they tend further toward becoming mute cogs in a Bush-machine wheel. The only significant thing about Abramoff is that he has defrauded Indian tribes for tens of millions—who knows maybe even hundreds of millions—of dollars. Away from which egregious fact all this hubbub over “corruption” is deftly deflecting public attention. Namely that popular-smoke-screening—and CS-grenade-blinding—which has become the near-sole function of our politicos and public-media alike. Who thereafter wine and dine in a far-more-auspicious way than people like Abramoff—whom they secretly loath—could ever provide at his or anyone else's swanky place-to-eat. The bulk of which millions of this key Zionist Jew—I have no doubt—went for supporting various phalanxes of the Bush/Israeli Neo-Fascist blitzkrieg. Of which the one uncovered case of the Israeli paramilitary sniper training is beyond question only one small facet. Here being touched upon not the effete appetites of Senators but the global stranglehold of cryptic synagogue and elite/corporate power. That which is verboten to mention in White House and Congressional corridors. And the gratuities given these Congressmen have very little to do with this “terrible lizard”. But this little factual thread—if once tugged upon honestly and vigorously enough—would unravel the whole foul skein, the blank-faced conundrum of Bush logic in the larcenous, traitorous, Skull-and-Bones mediated “war on terror”. And his equally-insidious domestic program as well.

January 19, 2006: Another Bin Laden bit-mapped wonder

No, the CIA didn’t “wonder if maybe Bin Laden was dead” until the “startling” appearance of these latest tapes, as Washington pundits and apparatchiks are now busy announcing. Rather it is the boys in blue themselves who have kept alive the fabrication of his activities since his well-documented death several years ago. But as I state many times in entries below there is nothing so matchlessly-convincing—so terrifyingly fleet and illusive—the propaganda-world’s perfect surrogate terrorist—as a dead man. Whose ghoulish deeds can be amply supplied—with plenty to spare—by a hundred well-paid black-ops guys. But these bogus tapes—modern high-tech is well up to the task, rest assured—and others like them are critical to the brainwash-phase of the Bush/Israeli war-on-mankind. Thus too the many kidnappings of people sympathetic to the Iraqis, like Jill Carroll. Atrocities skillfully staged amid an unknown number of genuine terrorist deeds. Treacheries today directed at friendly forces whether in some hatching form of 9/11 or in some targeting of a busy district in Tel Aviv. With a trapped Israeli population—many repenting in heart-rending tones for their decision to emigrate from their former homes—with nearly as many going back each year as arrive—these poor trapped souls sensing somehow that they are mere expendables. These real front-liners being the most aware of unpublicized things really going on. Living as they do under Zionists—many of whom, as witnessed by Pat Robertson, aren’t Jews at all—a sizeable number of whom (as among moral descendants of pagan Canaanite founders like Ben Gurion) actually hate ordinary pious Jews. Particulars of which true tale-of-depravity are to be found on the True Torah Jews website. It is the state/corporate/media/Zionist conglomerate—of which many Israelis hardly approve—which is the source of 99% of the terror in today’s world—whether directly or by way of their brutally unjust political and economic policies. The people who have the most means at their disposal to do harm. Who inculcate hatred in credulous Western populations that are typically far-removed in all respects from the situation at hand. This ongoing charade—and not “Al Qaeda”—being far-and-away the most significant public phenomenon of our day. Throughout these entries we discuss this anomaly—and the way the media psycho-dramatically work over the whole prodigal mass of fear-stimuli to achieve a certain odious mass-motivational result.

Only the power of God is capable of defeating the “enemies of man’s salvation”, as the Roman Rituale of Exorcism calls them, that are in charge of this mass deception. Thus do we urge the consecration of this nation—by individuals, families, groups and wherever possible by officials and official bodies—to the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary (Don’t worry about the disapproval of the ACLU if you have the Heavenly High Courts on your side). And the adoption of the Catholic distributive system advocated on these pages: the age-old, fool-proof configuration against all tyranny. These measures together with a renewed uprightness of morality will assure our speedy deliverance for these insidious forces of Hell.

January 17, 2006: Corporate-control-mechanisms and concentration-camp-obtained data are being applied to a mentally- and politically-prostrate American public. Also, CNN: the “impartial” media golden calf.

In an article below (must-reading, under January 16), I call for the immediate Congressional confrontation of an odious Bush dictatorship in all its many insidious dimensions. Citing velvet-gloved-but-iron-fisted election-thug-tactics among other things: polling-station gauntlets next time likely to be removed. So that this is probably the last Congress at all morally capable of mounting an earnest opposition: one positively critical to our survival as a free people. With those who feel—let alone voice—such concerns steadily being forced out of positions in government, education and the media. And even out of ordinary jobs: where a jingoistic Pro-Bush militancy is fast becoming the sine qua non of employability. Workers being de facto terminated both through the persuasions of all-too-typical brainwashed, dummed-down, boss-fawning co-workers and by Oliver-Twist-oriented corporate employers with whom Bush is intimately allied. And who stand to gain—while the wild and extravagant pork-barrel-party lasts—by Bush policies both foreign and domestic.

Furthermore, Congress seems set to fail dismally at this task of bringing Bush to bar: legislators who gained office amid a palpable moral prostration of the four decades since the Kennedy and Martin Luther King assassinations. Making way predictably for this new Rasputin with the groping hands and the roving and hypnotic eyes. While in addition to such a near-predictable failure—“much smoke but no fire”—there is the further likelihood that the next few months will be the time-limit for Americans themselves—as the posse commitatus, the aroused body politic—to directly steer the nation away from the most abject kind of enslavement. That subjection which is already most of the way accomplished. For the American public itself is becoming increasingly powerless, disunited: while you may be sure that the international Bush league will come up with some new and yet more clever and diabolical form of 9/11 to exacerbate this public prostration yet further. In further state-terror-redundancies to match the black-ops, state-of-the-art-arranged-and-directed London Tube—and Spanish rail—bombings. In order—by the very highest conceivable acts of high treason and genocide—to further brand all sincere opponents with infamy as being themselves traitors. This in Skull-and-Bones-preferred blood-red colors of innocent life.

These are obviously issues which require us to be well informed, for which reason I suggest the follow. First there is islamonline.net: to which one may turn for a perfectly accurate and unbiased view of the news. This is a moderate Islamic site which in most respects could easily double for an old fashioned Christian one. Absolutely honest in its reporting, it likely has close connections to higher education worldwide: someone from the Sorbonne having sent me a link to it a couple of years ago. Although I myself am a Catholic, I have found out things on that website—even about our own domestic affairs—which are not covered even by the search engines until hours or days later, if at all. (Note of March 2012: we're no longer as sanguine about islamonline.net as we were back when this was written. I think that website has learned all-too-well "where its bread is buttered", been taught to coexist with elements in the Muslim global community which are morally-relativistic and politically compromised. A tendency it always had, but which has deepened over the years). Also there is sovlink.ru, written by a scholarly Russian economist, as well as RIA Novosti, together providing perhaps the most far-sighted and clear-eyed view available of Russia’s and the world’s economic and political condition. While finally there are papers like the Guardian Unlimited or the Telegraph, online, if you prefer a website from an English-speaking land. Not near of a quality we would prefer, yet it is still head and shoulders above anything you will find here. For one thing not usually being of the “subliminal message” variety of media, the sort of underhanded thing the mostly-“outmoded” English people have never bothered to trifle with. But a psychological-warfare brainwash-bubble—inflicted primarily on native citizens—in which we here live and move.

Then too—after the stirring statements of Roy Nagin—there is the manner in which all the TV stations bring on teams of touchy-feely psychiatrists who tell us that this true leader—a man who resembles Paul struck by lightning on the road to Damascus—has “had a nervous breakdown”. Did he perpetrate murder or mayhem, like the many school-counselor-mentored paragons of middle-school lore? No, he simply acknowledged that a war-mongering USA has incurred the displeasure of a compassionate Personal God. A Savior Whom frowning deities in the modern secular-messianic pantheon will never recognize. A merciful Creator far different from that born-again Mars, the god of war, of the George Bush and Pat Robertson crowd. The latter of whom had a nice, pre-arranged spat with the Israelis—a vaudeville that goes all the way back to Nixon, Reagan and Bush I—so they could all kiss and make up—none of which, as usual, cost Tel Aviv anything—and get on with the Zionist agenda.

Among other bizarre related elements we must face today is the assertion you often hear from doughty Fox stalwarts that we war-critics are arm-chair “second-guessers” of soldiers who must fight and die, recruits who “know what it’s really like over there”. Being combat veterans ourselves is apparently thought to mean nothing: when placed in comparison with this order-barking, civilian-gunning Bush-era soldier. With the old SS refrain of “I was only following orders” ever on his/her brace-attention lips. Indeed and admittedly an ultimate prodigy which brooks no comparison. But Rep. Murtha and the unrehearsed Gulf veterans who came to his televised Town Meeting gave the lie to all that. These guys and gals who had a different tune to hum, compared to the loud optimistic chorus of carefully-coached PR troopers the Administration sends from one talk show to the next.

Finally, to share with readers further tricks-of-the-Bush-trade—whose uncovering requires more thought than the Bush-era two-step reasoning can supply, demanding instead many interconnected logical steps—there is a discrete Administration-supporting CNN with its mass-psychology take on the news, this white-water-riding of popular undercurrents, largely on the basis of a ceaseless psycho-strategic insertion of poll-results. These latter approval ratings, and so on, billed as measuring up-to-the-moment popular evaluations and reactions—often with questions framed in a grossly-hand-leading and at-the-same-time frightfully-generic way. These being sprung on the public when the responses of these “sample populations” are actually at the very least a critical day or two outdated, and conceivably too time-loaded when mass-vulnerability-features have been expertly gauged. After all, its not-for-nothing that all these one-time substance-abusing kids at the networks went off and got psyche and sosch degrees at Yale or Stanford. This precision-timeliness factor being of the most vital importance: a crucial element tactically lacking in CNN’s own admittedly-false quote of the President of Iran: owned up to at least a full day later. In reality the polar opposite to what he had actually said: achieving the Bush-standard verbal-insurgency or act-of-terror against the truth. This over the question of whether or not he wishes to possess nuclear weapons: which he stated unequivocally and repeatedly in his speech that he does not. This being the whole pith of the war-threatening issue at stake: in questions phrased by a stone-faced CNN lady whose whole tone wreaked of trenchant, yellow-journalistic bad will. Being answered forthrightly, by this meek-mannered Iranian head-of-state, in a crystal-clear speech which I myself heard on the same CNN. And from which it was impossible honestly to draw such a mistaken interpretation. As if this bug-eyed, wired-up lady were some kind of visitor from Pat Robertson’s war-planet Mars, from a black-hole world which understands the language of earthlings only in polar-reverse terms. Ergo: that half of the listening public who didn’t hear the drag-footed retraction—more than enough to carry the day politically—is guaranteed to continue to harbor an extra dose of radical paranoia about Iran.

Furthermore when poll-results are old and inaccurate but policy-supporting, in this war-of-words—all determining to that of guns—in a data-mining and -correlating public debate which today routinely progresses light-years beyond the conjectures of yesterday—this has the mass-psychology effect of causing John Q. Citizen to doubt the carefully-considered judgments of his own mind. In a media social-engineering project analogous to the sodomy crowd’s drive to convince us that fleeting ridiculous images, provoked in our minds by the likes of themselves, indicate ironclad “tendencies” or even genetically-inherited conditions within ourselves, with an interior media-raped of all peace being considered somehow a testimony to same. The man on the street falling victim to a mental blackjack attack just when he was beginning to “get a handle” on world affairs—something of which he is quite capable—indeed far-more-so than any “presidential-candidate-material” Condoleezza Rice. While these ruses, finally, can be tailor-made to arouse guilty feelings (here’s “the big tuna”) of treasonous disloyalty, those kinds of “buttons” which Abu-Ghraib-interrogators-all are especially good at pressing. Psycho-attacking an upright citizenry for having moments before harbored more-sober and less jingoistic sentiments, due to erstwhile accurate knowledge. Now instead being unduly influenced—and whip-sawed—by a substance- or time-inaccurate poll—and no doubt by the Blitzer-doughty patriotic/vigilant tones with which it is announced as well. With those well-rehearsed rolled up eyes that seem to reach through the screen and indict you for some sort of unspeakable crime. In this and a host of other ways CNN always comes off smelling like a rose: impressively staying on the good side of the Bush Administration, yet seeming to adroitly play both sides of the field. As phone-ins from fawning admirers do indeed duly attest. This network—for all the obvious public service a sister C-Span does in carrying otherwise unavailable coverage—being an especially astute media-partner to the regime in its working-over of the public mind. Being the only “alternate” new-source” most of us have on TV: amply providing that “loyal opposition” which since the mid-nineteenth century has been kicking the popular thought-processes down a Marxian yin/yang dialectic stairway. At whose bottom landing lies “free market” totalitarian enslavement.

January 17, 2006: Pro-lifers, take heed: the end doesn’t justify the means for us either.

Please dear folks, do obey this your own frequent injunction, that which applies not only to pregnant teenagers. You cannot support the policies of a killer in Iraq and Pakistan—a tormenter of humanity in secretive prisons around the Globe—and still call yourselves pro-life, a name too lovely to be borne by dishonest quibblers of any kind. By someone “at the feet of whom are laid the garments” of them who daily stone-to-death an Islamic St. Stephen. This murder-approving, yet-un-regenerated Saul, this Thomas Merton’s volubly-conjecturing “guilty bystander” who—unlike the future Apostle of the Gentiles—may have cast a stone or two himself.

You often hear these doughty folks—perhaps Catholic fraternizers in neo-con Foxholes—who claim that it dilutes the pro-life platform to include among its planks a campaign-of-opposition to a plainly-heinous war. But it’s supremely odd to me that, twenty-some years ago—back when I was objecting in similar terms to the inclusion of out-and-out pacifist, anti-death-penalty and homosexual-tolerance people within the ambit of pro-life—which for reasons of special-urgency needs to be as narrowly-construed as is morally possible—that there was hardly a soul to join me and mine in our stentorian outcries of a tactical and truly-righteous exclusion. No, it is only now, when Nazi hip-boots are regarded as the foot-ware of delivering angels, that there is so much talk of “not diluting the cause”.

But God has no time for people who directly murder with one hand and preach mercy toward the unborn with the other, no matter how doughtily old-fashioned and correctly patriotic they may imagine they sound. No, His grace is only for those with integrity, His blessing for a movement which truly obeys the entirety of His law. For those who will not be hoodwinked into advancing the strategically-prestigious side of the downward mass-moral dialectic, so as not to be held guilty of its more plainly hideous integral-counterpart. Do you learn nothing from reading of Josiah? Or of Judas Machabeus? The kind of people capable of enlisting Democrats as well as Republicans? Of saving the fall of George Bush from becoming an odious donnybrook for the forces of anti-life.

”If God is with us, who can be against us?” That must be our cry. Otherwise we are wasting our time.

January 16, 2006: Impeachment is the very mildest of measures to consider

Arlan Specter speaks of impeachment as unlikely, however it is in fact the very least of sanctions that should be imposed. Specter, part of an immense and influential coterie which first gained prominence in government under Johnson, being a guy with such model integrity as to counsel Robert Kennedy decades ago to change his testimony, given under oath, about an event connected to the assassination of his brother, so that it would agree with that of the same Johnson, a chief beneficiary of the crime. (O'Donnell, Powers and McCarthy, Johnny We Hardly Knew Ye: Memories of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Boston and Toronto: Little, Brown and Company, 1970, 1972). Bush having crassly, almost-boastingly tricked a nation into war, and then had the gall to conduct secret tribunals, citizen spying, and prisoner-torture in all its horror. Those sorts of atrocities supposedly banned at Versailles, at the founding of the League of Nations, and later that of the U.N. A man who finally by implication of secrecy-shrouded facts related to the Downing Street Memo—as well as by testimony of his epic egotism and grinning impunity—is suspect of having had a heinous, shameful part in the engineering of the 9/11 plot itself.

Here too is a man who by both the general character of his political appointees and the open and insidious tenor of his policies has reduced this country to levels of bigotry not seen since the days of Slavery: this in terms of race, nationality and economic status alike. In a slick and insidious executive/legislative campaign indeed almost identical to that mounted by his Bush-family ancestors and their Bonesman associates just prior to the Civil War, in an attempt to quash all opposition to slavery. And furthermore, to enslave every single person of any degree of “color” at all, ultimately down the length of the entire Hemisphere (Douglas, Fredrick, My Bondage and My Freedom. Editor Jim Manis, 2004: the Pennsylvania State University Electronic Classics Series, p. 314). Bush by such means indeed and very possibly having set the stage for another civil war: considering for one thing his fragmentation-minded Dixie-laissez-faire ideology, combined with the iron dictatorship of a Confederacy-like corporate-Hemispheric control. While finally there is the menacing apprehension—haunting the depths of the national soul—that the Republican Machine is going to conduct further election-fraud and voter-intimidation in future elections that will make the last two gangster-like exercises look like child’s play. This time around it may easily be the Nazi Brown Shirts all over again, with 30s-Germany-reminiscent marching bands and media blitzkriegs to drown out desperate cries. While mounting race- and status-based beatings and killings—in a new right-wing-thug-rich America, often-enough perpetrated by the police themselves—give us chilling previews of the same kinds of neo-fascist trend. (Note of 2012: as it turned out Obama has been more than up to the task of carrying on the Bush legacy.)

Here of course rush to the rescue of Bush the real “conspiracy theory” crowd: those who love to throw around the highly-familiar expression. Those trusting souls who minimize—or glorify—the unnecessary suffering and death of Iraqis, Pakistanis and Americans, finding no deliberate tyranny-trend in the many Bush barbarities. Backslapping, mincing and lawyer-like—the classical buttonholers since the first halcyon land-fraud days of Aaron Burr—claiming the benefit-of-the-doubt in a sympathetic case-by-case consideration of each of a thousand separate evidences-of-oval-office-wrong. In a congressional clemency over an Administration which however when taken as a whole—in hundreds of questionable deeds, doctrines and policies—plainly reaches confidence levels of indictable crime well into the 99 percentile range. As if a man were found a thousand times by his wife, loitering around the door of the local house of prostitution, but claimed impunity on the basis of never having been seen entering it. Slyly litigated and camouflaged presidential atrocities reinforcing each other negatively, in the aggregate, with similarly levels of conclusiveness: this toward substantiating guilt in each separate case. Even as the whole furthermore comprises a species of wrong well beyond the scope of each sordid event taken by itself. Making Bush easily the mega-traitor—and megalomaniac—of the centuries.

Well-compensated Fox-network and corporate-foundation police-state sanctimonies aside, this thing must be settled now on the floor of Congress: the last remaining forum where the American people have some feeble vestige of a voice. The ballot box having been effectively vitiated as things stand now. Or it will end by being settled in the street-fights and on the battlefields of another civil war. (Note of 2012: As it turns out, God Himself is doing the punitive mopping-up operation required, in natural catastrophes now occurring more-or-less weekly, heading toward an apocalyptic climax whose stark outlines can be glimpsed by reference to Catholic prophesies of a thousand years.)

January 14, 2006: Bipartisan culture of death: that quintessential “coalition of the willing”.

The big boast of the USA today is freedom of speech, as in the familiar old saw, “you can advocate anything here”. Of course one has to build a Sharon’s Wall down the middle of one’s mind—after such a grand proclamation—to allow for growing Bush eaves droppings—and for parallel growing de-facto speech-prohibitions on-the-job, at school, and in the library. Surely, we can say or type “anything”—no one will stop us—but if we know what’s good for us it had better not contain any of hundreds of “key words” which will bring down upon us an unknown variety of attentions from the NSA. All this “limitless freedom” being found too in a closely-allied and even-more-secretive corporate employer: who has absolute and unlimited control over our social and personal environment, and thus has ways to “make us talk”, or keep quiet. An experimental and increasingly-sadistic hegemony which the Iron Curtain torturer could only have dreamed of possessing, notionally salivating in their ever-sadistic minds. Public and “private” venues where indeed political correctness with respect to every word, gesture or parting-of-hair is increasingly a matter of a discrete public or national “security”.

Actually, all this “wild and uninhibited freedom” is what the big boys were preparing—after the death of John Kennedy—in the fantastic upheavals of the 60s and 70s. For as I maintain throughout this site we are dealing with people here for whom mass social control is “old hat”. The moral and ideological descendants of ancient Greek mob-controllers or “demagogues” as they were called: whose skillfully ply the old irony that the most controllable people of all are these raucous, out-of-control mobs. Overlords whose methods were to become incorporated into all the projects of psychological remote control—whether socioeconomic or political—to be seen thereafter among the sons of men. That tyranny, these chains, from which—together with intimately-related ones of sin—Christ came to set us free. Insidious methods to be honed to perfection with the advent of the myriad secret societies of our times. The “free” citizen by the time of the advent of our day toiling without relief under these strange, diabolical, in a sense subliminal, but all-the-more-for-that oppressive methods-of-control. Under which, as I once heard a speaker relate, at a conference in Portugal discussing modern collectivism: “outwardly we laugh, but inwardly we cry”. What was being prepared back then—just after the firing of those latest “shots heard round the world” which killed a Kennedy—was the re-conceiving of the whole idea of dissidence or public debate. For in the place of the old legislative fineness of distinction, the mild and relenting conversational quality which allowed for a real “striking of a deal”, was substituted the trenchant, lead-pipe, gutter-level warfare of “us against them”. After the bloody mayhem of Dealy Plaza the good, just and the soft-spoken having been driven into the shadows: never since to reemerge. That old—to the men of today laughably “quaint”—tenor of pre-assassination political debate—with Jack and Bobby Kennedy ready to poke fun at themselves as quickly as at their worst opponents—not having known a grandmother-selling “spirit of compromise” such as we are nowadays taught to admire, as if it were the very pith of some political paradise lost. Rather was that old milieu a marvelous amalgamation which often incorporated the substance of the innocent wishes of both parties—indeed perhaps even in augmented proportions—in a complementarity, a multiplier-rich reciprocity only achievable by the grace of God. That “quality which is never strained” which politicos on both sides of the isle have today effectively disowned.

But as in so many seeming-paradoxes of today’s political world there was “a method in the madness” of the uncontested enthronement after 1970 or so of the political hack, this new impeccably-manicured or tactically disheveled-looking leader being someone whose greatest abilities are on the level of feint and subterfuge, of underhanded verbal assaults. Or even of Bush’s boorish, oozing “coming on” to the German lady-Chancellor, in a no-holds-barred quest for more allies in the “war on terror”, and in his own Hitlerian cult of personality. This guy who has morally defiled a whole nation, and can hardly trifle over a Chancellor or two. Character assassination, slander and all species of overawing intimidation becoming suddenly the chief tools in the bulging tricks-of-the-trade bag of the office holder, a phenomenon which was however only an omen of things to come.

More to the point—that point where the method begins decidedly to overcome the madness—is that the most adroit of these political heavies, those who control courts, White House and both Houses of Congress, have scarcely a single atom of sincerity in all their displays. Especially if it has anything whatever to do with the value—or the disregard—of human life. In fact it is between the very widely-spaced planks of all the adversarial rhetoric that the most diabolically-inhuman legislation is passed through, with a shrug of adversarial shoulders, and an eloquent raising of hands in the air. Planks through which the most abominable corporate-rewarding levels of robber-baron industrial-deregulation are allowed almost noiselessly to fall. A freedom-of-expression indeed, fruitful in the gore of more wars, more abortions, or more “mercy killings”, or toward a murderous lack of safety in our mines and on our other worksites. Or yet-more fruitless woman-and-child-slaughtering foreign-nation spot-invasions to “find and kill Al Zuwahiri” or some other fabled “Al Qaeda” great. (Who again escaped all harm—together with the equally-elusive—and almost certainly dead—Bin Laden and Al Zarqawi. The threesome no doubt disappearing into the mountains at the last moment, escorted by Ali Baba and his Forty Thieves. All these scimitar-wielding worthies finding a fit place beside WMDs and Aluminum Tubes.) (Note of March 2012: Apparently Al Zaqawi actually was still alive at the time of this writing, having as its seems later been killed, with his pitiful gory remains flaunted for days on end on the TV screen.) Creative history at the service of unconscionable legislative, executive and judicial anarchy being put into play by the pawns of corporate power: whether to enrich the “defense” industry or to garner profits from the gigantic abortion corporate-establishment. Abortion and the related bogus-drug industry having together and without fanfare become the biggest of big-ticket items on the stock market, with lethal sex-enhancement drugs finding a place on the isle next to ground-fetus face-cream for the rich and famous. Indeed, to further the élan of brutality every beating to death with billy-club or baseball-bat, or heart-rending child abduction, must be televised for all to see, the whole ensemble helping along this brave “there’s no turning back now” ethos that both epitomizes and enables corporate power and aggressive war.

The major arbiters—and their media and other institutional legions of hefty supporters—can argue vociferously over abortion, The War, the shooting of little boys in a school, the “right to die”, or to kill medically/judicially—and then walk off the floor arm-in-arm and across the street for coffee or spirits at Abramoff’s diner. Because they really don’t care. Having delivered their tidy, all-exonerating little speeches: often enough before a near-empty chamber. And arranged for their post-official lobbing careers. While everyone must sense that this abortion industry will never end at this rate: as private interests steadily gain total immunity from the law. So that it matters little if an Alito is confirmed, since the universal death march will continue undeterred. (March 2012: Truer words could never have been spoken. Although it is better to have the limp sort of pro-life that Bush left us with, rather than the black hole of wholesale late-term abortion into which we were headed before, yet plainly the slaughter continues in almost unabated form).

Of course, plainly, as at all times in the past, when faced with an insurmountable impasse, what we need is direct popular action. That which is in reality at the pith of all true political life, and which the mechanics of the state are meant to enhance, enable and expedite. Rather than to deftly smother and throttle. That direct action for whose (orderly-as-possible) purposes we have launched our Frankpledge Party, as outlined in an opening hyperlink above.

They say it indicates the ultimate pitch of self-control and equanimity, the way congressmen here exchange tit-for-tat over the life of some Terri Schiavo, or another worldwide billion (let’s be honest) little aborted babies. Especially as expedited by the standard birth control pill, which disposes of human life far-more-quickly than the "morning after" variety, by simply hardening the uterine wall, preventing attachment of the fertilized ovum thereupon. Thus bringing about not conception-prevention but death. But as with the federal budget, our leaders no longer sweat the small stuff of the millions, even in terms of human life. How many billions of babies is that, Herod? A couple of generations ago there would have been rioting Senators’ blood on the floor of the Senate, not just on the hands of “mothers” and “doctors”, were any such issues brought up for debate. That time of red blooded men we are taught to look upon as having been backward or immature. Indeed, our TV commentators titter with delight, regarding with contempt the legislator-scuffles that sometimes ensue—in Russia, Korea or some such truly-civilized land—all the while our oh-so-in-charge-of-themselves legislators sniff and yawn over Armageddon. Both sides of the isle being equally anti-life, whether pre-natal or post-natal, and divided only in the most rigidly-formal of ways.

As the hands-down clincher in this kind of crony-ridden political science we are told: “this is the way the big boys in the real world play”. That “that’s the breaks of the game” and that “Virginia, there’s a lot of bad people out there”. But that Manichaean, Calvinistic view has it less-than-half right. For “the real world” isn’t a place to surrender to the Bush/military sodomite, or the corporate abortionist: it is a field-of-battle between right and wrong. One furthermore where good has the decided advantage: being at the core of our being as rational (i.e. moral, reasonable) persons. A place where we show ourselves abject cowards if we let wrong take the field uncontested. As John and Robert Kennedy illustrated in brilliant colors and with their very freely-given blood.

But when it comes to controlling people—that illegitimate aim of the Skull and Crossbones (Bush, Clinton or Kerry, take your pick) corporation/state—that which has hogged the place of government’s only-valid right-advocating role—it is seen that the “best” way isn’t to demand genuine public civility at all. But rather to introduce this spirit of polar-opposite, adversarial verbal cockfighting that first appeared on the heels of John. This incomparable hardener-of-hearts: whether in Congress, at school or around the table at home. For it is the wise, the self-restrained that are easy to lead but difficult to control: while to master a fool to some destructive end is merest child’s play. Among some motley crew of which the step from making any perverted, grizzly topic a subject for debate, or for TV-viewing, to the goal of writing it into law, is a short and easy one. While the “little guy” who would rather keep his nose clean and mind his own affairs is readily shouted down in such a brave new world. And conveniently “falls through the cracks”. A guy who in all things that really matter—and apart from academically-fostered vaunted airs—finds his least original, tentative, timorously-uttered word or gesture toward self-expression—let alone dissent—classed as dangerous, unbalanced, or if all else fails an increasingly-sanctionable “weird”. This non-watcher-of-boor-producing-sitcoms who is steadily more likely to be gunned down by some “security”-minded cop: simply because he hasn’t learned the latest lame, paranoiac-reassuring, pop-culture verbal or gestural harmlessness-cue. A quintessentially-harmless guy whose horror at the dangerous vaudeville playing out before his very eyes might even play painfully on his face: and do a good double for a catch-all instability or even terroristic intent. In the estimation of a cowardly, own-hide-guarding security guard or official whose like will soon be eliminating critics so freely-expressive as to verbally “second guess” them in further up-coming butcherings of little boys. Like this most recent lad whose father had informed this true flatfoot that his son only had a painted-over pellet-gun. While furthermore all the tales we heard about the boy running around threatening to blow up a bus, or threatening people with this non-lethal gun, appear to have had no substance. (The victim of the malice of playmates, and the gun-ho gullibility or mendacity of police officers?) A lad however rendered “brain dead” (that hard-litigated corporate-lucrative redefinition of legal death), whose organs, to make the murder final, and as a corporation-loving O’Reilly on Fox almost-gleefully informed us, are going to be “harvested”. (Does no ones blood boil any longer?) Here being the first well-publicized mega-bucks crop of which Terri Schiavo was obviously considered the murder-lobby’s “painful but necessary” test-case first seed. This while workers today little contemplate turning in complaints about things like mine safety: if they wish to retain a job in a “dark, dreary mine” where they have just lost much of their family. Or to complain about anything in any job at all, where you aren’t at all hired the day you start work, but only after having jumped through a hundred fiery attitudinal and behavioral hoops. Typically-enough on your own time, without pay: especially if you don’t pass the byzantine test, and are non-directively informed that you have already been “fired” (an unemployment-compensable word however you are little likely to hear). Having no doubt been out hundreds of dollars on gas and other expenses to and fro. Highly expendable being the independence of a man on the street who has no legislative heavies to speak for him, to defend him, and who doesn’t sell his soul or his body for a dime. That common citizen steadily becoming a mere decimal figure, preceded by many zeroes: fodder for every corporate design. In this land of “free expression”. Being excluded from all representation while these politicos wine and dine. A man on the street whose concern is for genuine life and liberty, not the vaunted ambitions of the keepers of some corporate stalag, or collective oven.

Yes, indeed, they have “compromised”, they have “struck a deal”, auctioning off the carcass of humanity, at home and abroad. And God Himself, “the defender of the widow and the orphan”, is even now patiently preparing the next increment of His wrath.

January 13, 2006: Alito hearings. Also Edwin Meese: limits on presidential Article II “wartime” powers are only internal and “administrative” in nature.

Rattled-off just like the sinner’s many breathless rationalizations in favor of sin are those of the supporters of the President’s “right” to do whatever he pleases. A state of undeclared if much-noised-over “war” having reputedly made available to “the Chief” a host of “remedies” over which he needn’t consult with anyone: least of all with the American people. After having slickly tricked them into war. All this really started gathering steam in the ultra-secrecy of the Johnson, and then the Nixon, White House, and it would come to fruition in the time of Reagan. Two decades ago when the last of the gang who would pull this thing off were already duly installed in their privileged places: patiently awaiting the day of the several notorious “memos”. Thus do we have Edwin Meese last night, the Attorney General under Reagan, informing us that inherent powers under Article II are limited only administratively. Namely by way of protocols worked out by operatchiks at NSA and elsewhere. Within that very same Executive administrative branch which people like Alito are just now busily construing in terms of an enhanced “unitary” presidential power. And of course, after some such mouthful, Cris Matthews, the interviewer, answered with his usual “well, that makes sense”. After having dutifully gone into white-around-the-mouth hysterics over the usual issue-oblivious buzzwords and emotion-based trigger-phrases.

Amid all these cloak-and-dagger power-plays—in an Administration, like the guilty of all times, blankly occupied in finding a smoke screen behind which to hide—testimony continues about how “nice” Alito is. That droning commentary which filled the hearing-room chamber in so many other confirmation hearings gone before. But his various court rulings and documented opinions hardly sound so nice: marginally excepting those with respect to abortion, that one great trump card of the Bush strategy over which Alito’s words are however characteristically discrete. Measurelessly less benign being his ceaseless advocacy of arbitrarily-extended police powers—with this last day of hearings taking place under the portentous shadow of the gunning-down of a mere schoolboy, in his own school, by eager Republican cops in a model Bush police-state Florida this morning. With the standard excuse, used on Blacks, vagrants and the mentally ill: “he pointed a gun at us”. And then too it’s easy to be nice when everything is going your way: when you are riding the crest of a wave of personal success. That ascendant status which is increasingly the sole preserve of those who have basked in the increasingly-easy values of today’s middle- and upper-classes. A brave solidarity-in-success—a despiser of the “sniveling” masses—which has driven the poor and downtrodden out of any sort of influence in the corridors of power.

Then too the same success-ethic-driven “American way of life” of which Alito is so shining an example has from the very beginning been based on a near-constant low-or-high-intensity, open or covert, waging of war. A task indeed assigned to the USA by that world Masonic league which loomed large in the very creation of the whole fabled, starry-eyed mystique. Those like John Kennedy who actually tried to inhibit this sanguinary global-resource-extractive dream-machine were quickly gotten rid of, nationally-mourned-over men later spoken of by the media as having been “controversial” in both character and deeds, in a fish-in-a-barrel bravery of the news-anchor kind. While indispensable to producing predictable level of warfare—according to the precise and impatient specifications of the corporate “defense” industry—is this noted unchecked executive power to secretively administer all the butchery. That which is blank-facedly claimed by Bush, “the hero of 9/11”, and stoutly defended by Meese and Alito. Part and parcel of which post-Kennedy view is of course the total disappearance of declared wars—nowadays wordlessly regarded as an insufferably naïve idea—conflicts which would involve Congress in less easily cajoled and deflected ways. However even that deliberative body is almost as much in the hire of the same defense industry as is the President: so that some even go so far as to ask if a nation conceived after such a fashion can really be called a nation at all: and doesn’t need somehow to be re-founded. Actually an essential aim presented here on this site. After having answered in the negative with respect to the legitimacy of its present regime, and the secret-society-controlled plethora of those of the past.

January 9, 2006: “Palestinians terrorists”, the Global Nanny and the right of self defense

Underlying all national defense or law-enforcement is the right of individual self-defense: that most basic of functions, one which the individual delegates to the armies and policemen of the state to do for him. An arrangement first arrived at, according to Rousseauean legend, in the case of the hypothetical pre-government caveman. A guy who is said to have gotten together with other cavemen like himself and decided it was just too hard to have to wield the club constantly to ward off enemies, invaders of hard-earned, briar-and-wild-animal-recovered caves. Thus did they decided to delegate this and related tasks to some one person or group. And so was born the primitive state.

I myself believe it was much more complex than that: for one thing since Adam had a natural knowledge of all things, still remembered from the Garden, and would have passed down all kinds of practical wisdom to his children, including government. While I also believe people congregated in the early state for many more reasons than just mutual defense, and that the caveman is a kind of pre-historical fluke, and people who draw pictures on walls of caves may just be teenagers out on a lark, and not really the progressive minds of their age. Life not having been near so grim, back then, as this Spartan proto-state model would suggest. As much appeal as it still so oddly holds for some. Yet it is a useful paradigm, correct in pinpointing why—in the most fundamental, purely-instrumental sense—that men unite in a polity.

Of course, and as no one in their wildest dreams would dream of denying, when the state fails at this most elemental of duties then the right of the individual to defend himself returns to him by default, being for one thing a primary element in his very human nature itself. In his existence as a rational being. What fool would say that once he has, by the standard unspoken conventions of organized life, surrendered his right of self defense to the state: that thereafter he has no right to take it up again, in cases of authority-breakdown or any other equivalent state of emergency, wrong, tyranny and so on.

Actually, what I am thinking of here isn’t primarily the present-day Bush dictatorship: rather what prompted these reflections is the constant ridiculous stigmatizing of the Palestinians, who in every case—even when they seemingly attack Israel—are only defending themselves. For the Palestinian people take up arms for precisely those legitimate defensive reasons for which any nation ever has. If I may be excused a rather inaccurate comparison: much like the men at Valley Forge initiated their own daring raids. In their case however less in self-defense than as the vanguard of a then-incipient Judeo-Masonic global-revolutionary authority-overthrow. If things are desperate enough even mounting suicide attacks: which are not the same thing morally as directly committing suicide. The kind of self-sacrifice little children did in Hungary in 1956, against the Soviets: and for which they and their parents were called martyrs, not fanatics. (See Aquinas). For of course no embattled citizenry can ever be restricted to mere jerk-knee, tit-for-a-tat reactions to continuing aggressions against their national soil. Discounting entirely as we do these hot contentions of Israelis and their jerk-knee American supporters that Palestine "was never a nation": which is to suggest that once severed from the Ottoman Empire these people and their lands became nothing at all, men without a country, or perhaps a lot of vagrants or "rag-headed" bums. Or in flight from which non-identity they became Marx's "over-ripe plum" to fall into gluttonous Israeli maws. While furthermore and just as obviously by provisions of this natural-law definition of self-defense any body of men, however small or previously unrecognized—indeed even an individual—may constitute him/itself a state, whenever or wherever required, if critical and intrinsic self-defensive measures are procurable in no other way.

And enemies the Israelis have indeed been, as is so evident when we consider the expansion of their settlement in Palestine from the original temporary refuge of the British Mandate to a reputedly-permanent space many, many times (probably hundreds) larger in size. That bald invasion which was deeply entrenched decades before the Jewish Holocaust: so that the invocation of this policy-factotum is a non-sequitur of the first water. An expansionary invasion from the very beginning and in ever case at the expense of the bloodshed of originally peaceful, helpful indigenous nationals. In an area of the world in which—before the arrival of these rabid, Godless, Canaanite/secular-messianist Zionists—Jews, Muslims and Christians are said by some to have lived in an unbroken—some might say proverbial—peace of centuries.

As suggested, in the case of the Palestinians we are not really speaking of individual self-defense at all: but rather that of a people, a nation, a government. One ceaselessly, brutally frustrated in its need to function according to its innate and defining defensive capacities. Interfered-with by an ever-hovering, self-appointed nation-nanny, the USA. Palestine is the first country on earth to have been subjected to this perverse, privatized mockery of an “international settlement”, a total ignoring of the will of the U.N., the only valid forum of international law. Much indeed as would subsequently happen to the former Yugoslavia, in the U.S.-guaranteed ceding of half of the original Bosnia/Herzegovina to a congenitally-aggressive Serbia. This as a reward for her bald, genocidal, aggressive war. That aggression which is the universally-recognized (except by the USA) war crime par excellence. The same nation-nanny, preferring to wear the apron-strings of NATO, and in a pinch those connected to the Hague War Crimes Tribunal: being most highly-evident toward the end of that conflict, and in its subsequent eight-year-long, and still running, “settlement”. That uninvited intervention—urgent initial appeals having gone unheard—whose aim was to prevent Croats and Bosnians from manfully settling their own just accounts. Millennial civilized lands—before there ever was a USA—who required no such uninvited outside “help” or interference at all. Especially after having been embargoed out of the simplest of sovereign economic and logistical rights, mostly at the behest of the same ubiquitous, Western-Hemisphere-notorious, baby-sitting, enemy-supporting, nation-spanking maid.

Hence whenever more Palestinian land is taken, and The Wall is extended further into Palestinian territory, Israel is only continuing its sovereignty-defiling aggression against a neighboring People: the taking of sovereign territory being the single most justly-defended-against aggressive deed. The sort of intrinsically-just war the U.S. has never really waged, in all its many “heroic” wars. The Palestinians being redundantly in the right especially in this case of the same nearly-century-long expansion of originally stolen land. Not to mention the infinitude of other perversities, brutalities and national-indignities imposed upon this long-suffering land. That bloody, treacherous Israeli aggression to which simple acts of resistance of Palestinian fighters—whether represented by Hamas or by any other political body—cannot at all be compared in the same breath. Any more than Croats or “Bosniaks”, who fought back with their fingers at first, could be put in an equal scale of aggressive warfare with the armed-to-the-teeth (with Bush Sr. and later Clinton backing) Serbs of the 90s. Jews, Serbs and Bush-family alike remaining perfectly unrepentant to this day.

Rather of course involved here is that putative “beachhead” of “Western Civilization”: Zionist Israel, together with whom the U.S. claims for itself—without open admission—the right to force a foreign will on sovereign lands. A similar “ongoing” “mandate” seeming as well to have been given, for a whole century, to Serbia, by the U.S. and the other eager nation-nannies of the Judeo/Masonic West. A false West, now to a degree joined by Chirac of France (Note of March 2012: and now an infinitely worse Sarkosi), and perhaps also by the new German Chancellor—under the banners of Israel—attempting in the Middle East to take up a perverted, secular-messianist, secret-society version of the Crusades. (Can we wonder there has been a “spike” in violence?) That struggle of a millennium ago, in the name of the Redeemer, originally directed against scattered armed marauders along the pilgrim road to Jerusalem: that which can hardly be compared to the wholesale theft and butchery of Bush and Sharon.

January 5, 2006: The indispensable enemy.

The perception that fills the air today—of enemies everywhere, secretively hatching schemes to be suddenly unleashed upon an unsuspecting “free world”—this now-standard apprehensive fixation didn’t really start with George W. Bush, rather being a fixture of the New Right revolution which essentially started with Reagan. That institutionalization-of-fear which readily invested the language and psychology of both a whole new crop of corporate/academic foundations, think tanks and related NGOs, as well as that of many still in existence from before. Before whose verbal battalions after Hiroshima was ever maintained the smoke-screened goal of the expropriation of the resources of Eastern Europe, West and Southeast Asia, the Island Pacific and indeed China itself. Indeed, ever since the first “trading-company” stockholders of the proto-capitalist mercantile era, corporations have always fed on popular “patriotic” fears, and thrived on the careful cultivation of international dissentions: confession, cultural or of any other variety. And furthermore today these new or old pseudo-scholarly, fear-mongering e-journals and other materials of these various think-tanks, and other increasingly similar ones in Europe: these are far-and-away the chief policy-development tools with any currency in the West. (Note of March 2012: Leftist publications and consortia are since the rise of Obama's radical abortion-, apostasy- and sodomy-advocacy increasingly consequential in all respects as well, much as in the ultra-liberal-seminal late-60s, early-70s period: so that the de-Christianizing, sovereignty-vitiating psycho-political see-saw much spoken of here is kept operative and well-oiled.)  

As evinced in his deft handling of the Cuban missile crisis, Kennedy may have been the first to see through this kind of knife-sliceable, fear-related intellectual fog, a major bank of which was just then drifting over the waters of the Cold War Potomac. My old friend John bringing to his office an unprecedented—and since unmatched—clarity-of-judgment which in ’62 saved a globe, but which barely a year later predictably earned him a couple of "make the world safe" bullets: neatly capsulating the deadly ire of the Judeo-Masonic world, and the whole immensely-lucrative military-industrial war-paranoia bandwagon.

There is actually from the very beginning this idea in American foreign policy formulation—and even more so in domestic propaganda—that the adversary, whoever they might be at any given time, a quantity always intrinsically required—uses Ancient-Greek/Byzantine strategies of deception or entrapment. A Trojan Horse model which however the rest of humanity has demonstrated time and again that it basically doesn’t abide. And while it is true that those few nations through history which have indeed adopted this approach often for a time experienced a certain kind of advantage in so doing, it has always been at a staggering expense in the long-run. As such countries are nearly always at war, and typically experience an endless train of palace overthrows and ongoing intrigues. As can be seen indeed in an ancient Greece whose major city-states were in a near-constant state of internal upheaval under the various demagogues (where the term first originated): and this even during some of her most illustrious hours. While a subsequent Byzantine-Imperial history provides another classical example of this hyper-adversarial approach: the same fabled Greece some centuries later in which sanguinary coups—successful or not—took place on average somewhere less than every five years. And foreign invasions gradually ate away at immense imperial territories until there was little left except Constantinople and its immediate suburbs. In wars with Ottomans, Seljuks and others typically provoked in an enraged reaction to Greek duplicity and intrigue. While the U.S. itself seems fated to follow a similar path, having decided to join the assassination-squad, black ops, cloak-and-dagger camp as well: adding to double-eagles the emblem of rousing fife and drum. That which is the inevitable next step required after postulating its existence among others. A geopolitical mind-frame which simply doesn’t allow any time or energy for those constructive, divinely-blessed dedications required to achieve a true national perpetuation or immortality.

Thus according to this ultimately-self-destructive fear-factor do the gullible digest reports of fantastic, diabolical plots involving Sudan, Syria or Iran, or some other obscure land, always in regions conveniently beyond the pale of the dependable knowledge of nearly all Americans. Under which category no doubt falls the news in today’s Guardian Unlimited online about a CIA-employed former Russian scientist: he who is supposed to have dropped off designedly-defective atom-bomb-plans to an Iranian diplomat in the year 2000. A Russian national who however, in order to retain his own double-agent credibility, is said to have alerted the Iranians to look out for certain defects. Of course thereby—or so the gripping story goes—helping these same Iranian “enemies” to arrive at unhindered access to nuclear technology of the most advanced sort. This “recently uncovered” plot thus conveniently taking in the legendary Russian “enemy” bird with the same one stone. The kind of Tom-Clancy-thriller plot which we Americans will invariably believe—most of us while safely ensconced in our dens or living rooms—through the “thick and thin” of the blood and gore of a host of “target” nations. Of whole families wiped out in the middle of the night as “suspected terrorists” or “makers of bombs”. Or as we sit back and watch reports, perhaps between sandwiches, pizza or beer, of an equally-fear-ridden Israel, once again attacking some Iranian nuclear facility, taking out whole peacefully-slumbering neighborhoods in the process. A rogue Zionist nation whom evangelists like Pat Robertson rabidly support no matter what new atavistic, pseudo-patriarchal aggression it carries out. (Note of March 2012: Robertson seems to have abandoned this war-hawk behavior, which in days gone by was heard with dire inevitability within five minutes of turning to his channel. For this heartening change, however spotty and inconsistent it might indeed actually be, I nonetheless warmly commend him). An atheistically-founded Zionist state which can hardly be compared to the Israel of Old Testament times: a country which today rather forms a composite-epitome, a sort of blaring rock-show, of American right wing and left wing Godless radicalisms. The ancient Davidic kingdom (the seventy-some-year reign when Israel actually had some percentage of the land it has now seized) which in its more-glorious, triumphal Biblical/prophetic designations was only a symbol for the Catholic Church. That coming Fold of God’s children—founded by the One, singular, biblically-identified Offspring of Abraham—which would triumph in a moral and spiritual sense, not a military one. Uniting mankind in its embrace.

But we are a people taught for decades to view international relations in these cloak-and-dagger terms: in a paranoia which actually goes back to radical-Calvinist colonial Puritans who much like Pat Robertson thought of themselves as at war with basically an entire world. A mindset which has carried over these intervening centuries, and which is always on tap for some corporate-bonanza geyser-like resurgence. With some such pop-hero “hard shell” evangelist always on hand—of which the one who led the ("we must exterminate the aboriginals") Sand Creek massacre in late-nineteenth-century Colorado, of Indian women, children and old men, was an especially striking example—to heroically lead the way, amid all the grim pathologies dutifully passed-down from a witch-burning Salem or Boston of the 1650s.

Little to be wondered at, then, in what is fast become a born-again-fanatical America, especially among the more ignorant, that this sort of fantasy-oriented paramilitary mindset is increasingly required in order to obtain any kind of job, professional, academic or otherwise. For this is the kind of "salvation" toward which the USA has unerringly tended from the very start, a secular-messianism whose unfailing source is Jewish to the core. This deadly and unstable fanaticism which rigidly determines all the grinding, character-obliterating daily popular struggles of our day: as in that epic expenditure of groveling hypocrisy involved in “finding a job”. A "multi-tasking" position of today which does indeed demand a great deal of hard work, but one in which all the bowing-and-scraping is a much-more-essential commodity. Where, at least at any entry level position—far from the rarified heights enjoyed by such scowling radical-liberals as Ward Churchill—an enigmatic figure discussed in an entry below—the most extensive knee-jerk loyalty-reflexes are constantly being hammer-tested.

But as noted it is first and foremost capitalism which requires this fearful/aggressive view of foreign policy: an economic creed probably first brought to mankind by the same above-discussed ancient Greece. That land whose exploitive economic and military policies—cheek to jowl with a flowering of statuary and colonnades—would be so accurately reproduced in a later Byzantium. And which perennial Greek view would likewise find encapsulation in John Calvin’s radical sect at Geneva: in his embryonic adoption of the novel, revolutionary Greek/Renaissance socioeconomic mold, just then flourishing in Medici Florence. That seed which would take political and economic flower in coming decades and centuries: the Calvinists quickly gaining the helm in the ascendant, and Jewish-financed, Protestant lands around the globe. And permanently and redundantly so in the Thirteen Colonies: the new Greco-Calvinist paradise on the North American coast. The ancient Greeks having had a rigid slave/master society and rather-typical 40% interest rates on loans: in an approach in many ways to be steadily introduced in the West over the course of modern times: including a Europe which had already been steadily losing organically-imbedded economic/political freedoms of the most extensive and instinctive kind. For very simply put, the celebrated economic system—with its debt-driven ever-accelerating need for quick-returns, for mega-marketing and huge economies of scale—must one way or another aggressively invade foreign lands—and burn up inevitable bewilderingly-excessive, popularly-irrelevant productivity in wars—else it collapse under the weight of its own overflowing inventories and unpaid bills.

This kind of world-dominating “wildfire” can easily be fanned by a visionary evangelical oratory, resulting however in no divinely-blessed kingdom but in an in-real-terms frivolity-channeled squandering of world wealth in a few pockets. Monopolizing that Pauline “generous sufficiency” which could otherwise easily sustain a global population a hundred times its present size, on an earth that cultivates well under two percent of its arable soil (just look at the appropriate GIS map). While finally all that is needed to set world military history in stone in this hyper-militant, tactically-fear-oriented direction is the advent of an international cabal which takes an independent, supranational position, and which thrives on fomenting these conflicts, garnering profits off the top. That which in fact describes perfectly the present-day beneficiaries of American foreign policy: namely a geo-corporate cartel which is in turn the carefully-developed brainchild of secular-messianic hegemony since the Enlightenment.

That era—in many ways the inevitable ideological culmination of the Calvinist socioeconomic error—was the one in which good and evil were first couched in terms of a colossal struggle between “democratic” and “non-democratic” nations, between those who are reputedly for human advancement and those who are allegedly against it. The whole immense reality of human society and interaction being consigned to haphazard constructs blankly abstract and simplistic in nature, in grand hypotheses generic and little if at all cognizant of thorny, specific, circumstantial, micro-organizational matters-at-hand. Those precise arenas namely in which true liberty—and beneficial productivity—either live or die. The standard of judgment of democratic credentials being with astonishing novelty defined as a simple adherence to the slogans and shibboleths of the very same Enlightenment, just sprung forth from Rothschild-funded crypto-Masonic soil. Together with an undying hatred of genuine Catholic Faith: for which back then would first be spawned a new and false version, complete with Vatican moles, as it were under shadow of the guillotine and percussions of the Yankee fife and drum. This while the new political creed contained in itself, among its other wild barrel of surprises, the noted new and predominating fear of “them” as opposed to “us”: being indeed a scowling Calvinist/Jansenist (homegrown Catholic heresy) eruption as much as a deist one. The ever-grim and obscure atavisms of the group being the invariable resort-of-choice of the perennial born-again crowd: with all the above combustible elements providing above all a lofty, fine-phrased justification for the mobs that roamed colonial-Boston streets years before Lexington, for the storming-of-the-Bastille and later Revolutionary horrors. In a rude anti-climax indeed after all the elevated rhetoric, uncannily akin to gory aggressions of Bush and his equally-sanguinary cheering-section of Neo Cons. Modern flights of eloquence matching uncannily that of contemporary leaflets and declarations, these universally regarded by educated eighteenth-century men—who were intimately acquainted with the tiringly-pedestrian realities actually involved—as rare specie of condescending arrogance.

For given little consideration by historians amid all the stirring polemic is the mounting fiscal indebtedness of eighteenth-century royal Catholic-European nations like France: IOUs for which Enlightenment Revolutions ultimately served as a massive tool-of-extraction. The first installments of which would be accomplished by paid-off-mobs of various nationalities, hired at the port of Marseilles. This having been the remarkably-non-ideological answer to a French national debt brought about through the eagerly-offered war-footing finances of Louis XIV, “the Sun King”, at the end of the seventeenth century. That which would ultimately lose for France its whole magnificent Catholic-civilization-advancing American empire, at the hands of a world-finance community which—now as then—always has plenty of means at its disposal to collect unpaid national debts. (cf. Morton, Frederic, The Rothschilds: a Family Portrait. New York: Atheneum, 1962.)

A less-romantic-sounding slogan seldom heard among the fear-mongers of the Enlightenment—and although much-noised, today adapted to totally different purposes—is the fact that people at all levels “have a job to do”. For a society/economy channels certain people into certain positions—which often-but-not-always tend to become hereditary for simple efficiency reasons, redounding admirably to the common good. That which is as much a ho-hum commonplace today as at any other time in history. Duty-specific jobs into which however this shadow-government of world finance now ceaselessly installs its own people, rather than (horrors!) allowing them to be filled by ascending ranks of commoners and noblemen with the common good demonstrably at heart. Jobs filled by these yes-men today at all levels, whether making change across a counter, or trembling before some Donald Trump in a corporate office somewhere, or before some nefarious Rumsfeld in the military. A fate reserved for admirably-“free” people once they have become so indebted they can no longer move finger or toe. That condition namely which was re-imposed upon us in trebled terms by the hyper-heroic, fear-pedaling New Right revolution, starting with that most vaunted if-checkered-careered hero of them all, Ronald Reagan.

January 7, 2006: NEA sex-ed establishment and teacher/student romance.

Sexuality is an explosive compound of mind and body, heart and soul: a nitro indeed stirred perilously with the spade of Original Sin. That “Fall” which however bore fruit not really in the putative radically depraved nature of Calvin and Luther, but rather in a wound upon a humanity predominantly good. Sexuality, where the damage of Original Sin is most severe, thus requires sane and reverent treatment: this rather than either carelessness or blanket condemnation. Yet further, with divine grace, through the Catholic Sacraments, there can arise from the humble soil of the human composite those veritable prodigies of angelic purity like St. Bernadette Soubirou, St. John Berchmanns or The Little Flower. Rare and fragrant blossoms of youth needing to be cultivated by another whole generation of responsible men and women, like those parents and other authorities so often found in other ages, in better times, who provided the rich seed-bed for such holy souls. So that considering its fragile nature, sexual health and sanity is seen to require not only a spiritual and sacramental enablement but also a collective social and attitudinal one. Calling for the support of strong laws of decency, on the one hand, and of a healthy reverence for the innocent natural and supernatural values involved, on the other. While what we positively don’t want to do with sex is to vulgarize, trivialize and collectivize it: after the decades-old NEA pattern here in the USA. That ceaseless institutional poking and prodding, in the disastrous Freudian fallacy of a constant “healthy” arousal. For as today's America has demonstrated so exhaustively, nothing of any worth remains in a society of constantly-provoked sexual passions, but only violence, rapaciousness, the menacing specter of multiplying dope-addicts and ghoulish serial-killers of every kind. 

Indeed rather than a reverence for the potency, the volatility of sex, a bizarre and anomalous sense of the above board reigns in our society, and especially in our schools. A reckless daring, even a willingness to experiment, as if with guinea pigs in a lab. In which milieu it is not only children who are at risk, but adults too: providing the broad backdrop before which must be evaluated recent strident condemnations and commentaries of talk-show-pundits and psycho-professionals. As all blame for romances between childhood student and teacher is with increasingly-prevalent righteous tones placed exclusively on the individual adults involved: in indictments from psycho-experts long allied to major players like the NEA. With the latter having in turn and for decades ceaselessly advocated extremes of the permissive and the provocative on the walkways, playgrounds and parking lots, in the classrooms and hallways, of U.S. schools. A veritably zoo-like putting-on-display of an area of life perfectly private; an official, laboriously-intentional profanity never before in itself an aim of any society of any kind, whether primitive or advanced. The new “experts” bringing to the pristine minds of the young a burlesque variety of “sex-ed” curricula culminating in latter-day grunge-graphic photos or films of sex in progress. Such a tack being deployed in tandem with a blank-faced or salivating sex-ed component imbedded into every class and every facet of curricular or extra-curricular activity. And even with visiting lecturers in classroom or auditorium to goad on the kids—and the teachers too, also wide-eyed and dutifully present—to ever-newer vistas of rainbow-spectral daring.

Actually, the innocent children involved, before they are exposed to such a deluge, typically display a maturity perfectly foreign to their elders: although far too often the ongoing murder-scenes or burlesque-shows of the media they have already witnessed on the blanket in front of the TV, likely-enough with a pacifier in their mouth, may have already destroyed their peace- and purity-of-mind beyond repair. Pure hearts and minds at the threshold of life traditionally having manifested a native poise and nobility free of the crass, cynical or trivializing. Possessors for so brief a time of a true, critical, legitimate privacy which that highly-politicized one—over much-vaunted “rights” of the mother—seeks ironically to entirely ignore, to cast into some chastity-related “dark ages” disrepute.

In fact what we have today is a rigidly-controlled society, in which the deepest of sovereignties, that of the untrammeled soul, is brutally denied to all. This fittingly-enough amid all the boorish jocularity: that which wears so well with a brutal and limitless freedom to do wrong. Here then being the frantically-searched-for translation key to such national disgraces as our crime and incarceration rates: with recent claims of a decline in such statistics being a mockery of clever camouflage and blank-faced demographic disguise. The sex-related “send in the clowns” approach having manifestly and predictably proven an unmitigated disaster: with everyone, grade-schoolers to grannies, readily becoming unhinged. As is so evident everywhere in society today as to require little commentary. This not only because of noted control-failures related to The Fall, but also according to the closely-related fact that sex was designed to be an indomitable imperative, blunt and highly-non-discriminating, toward the perpetuation of the human race. So that when strictures and covenants of moral-ordering, respect and regard are removed a fallen nature takes its course in the most direct, rampaging of ways. One which cannot at all easily be kept in check through the thick and thin of every sort of willingly-endured provocation. A gamut which ultimately turns out little besides sex-obsessive, coarse- or mince-mannered sodomites—who on broad average will each have some five hundred partners in a lifetimenot correctness-worshipping paragons of self-control. While obviously—and as experience has taught men since time immemorial—sex aroused in such a haphazard and disorderly way can hardly be expected clearly and maturely to stop short of prohibitive categories of adult and child: that species of self-possession which these erstwhile-liberated experts so vocally require. (As testified by the early-twentieth-century Catholic priest-author, occasionally sited here, a hearer-of-confessions during several comparative high-morality decades, who back then found the sexual abuse of children to be a growing epidemic, and who gravely cautioned parents and close-relatives—let alone then-unknown babysitting strangers or neighbors—not to let even the smallest child of theirs sit in their laps for any length of time.) Since in areas like sexuality—where Original Sin is most at play, which we share with the insects, facets-of-life which are decidedly blunt and generic in temper—the frontiers between the unhealthy, the immoral and the depraved are really quite thin: good sexual morality being a difficult matter of bringing reason to bear (see Aquinas) on passion of the most formidable kind. A sedulous prescription which redounds not only to moral but also to mental and emotional balance as well: fragile parcels in a ship-hold buffeted by many-a wave.

One might say that romantic song once called forth sexual passion, but here an infinitude of distinctions is in order. Everything we do is clothed in the garments of gender or sex in a general sense, even the most snowy-white-innocent caresses of mother and child having protocols that touch up this part of life. While if we move from there to the festivals of Catholic nations and times, even the Gospel “conversation from above”, loosely interpreted as spontaneous discussion around the table, or edges of the dance-floor, virtuous, charitable but lively and secular in content: even these had subtle elements of female and male. In a generalize reservoir of appreciation and goodwill—probably the main reason people came to these events—by which everyone found a common acceptance as part of the race, as having each his/her own appeal or even comeliness. Fine, spiritually-charged distinctions of these kinds were much of the life of these events; and male-to-female appreciation to our ancestors was hardly a matter of some precise bodily dimensions; even as it was in horror of feisty or bold display. That which American Christianity—ever standing alone—seems to regard as the gender-related order-of-the-day. But manifestly it was only in these classical moderate and prudent settings that purity or chastity was maintained—indeed, in such a paradise-lost setting even virginity or celibacy readily came off the winner in noble, clear-headed, elevated comparisons involved—a first-fruit rendered permanent and immovable only by a further love of God in prayer, penance, meditation, the Sacramental life. All of which were bound together in the Catholicism of the old early-to-mid-century nationality-parish life. Although I hasten to add that those who felt called to the religious life, specially consecrated to God, were especially careful about certain things: for instance never carelessly endangering their vocations through dancing or over-much levity of speech. A judicious care to be replaced, with the arrival of the anti-pope John XXIII, by the diocesan-vocation-director's preference for a "live wire" candidate to the priesthood or religious life, one who had "dated frequently", showing that he/she had no "unhealthy inhibitions". Earlier generations of youth having commonly had a gravity of manner that was pronounced—joined to a vigorous-but-untapped sexuality, the more-so indeed precisely because it was still a fountain-sealed—yet whose smiles typically delighted everyone, including the very Heavens. This while to patent American over-sexed prudery the most innocent smile carries connotations of explicit sexuality, and brings accusations of “whoredom”, and excuses for rape and slatternly design, being a rich source as well for our many twisted BTKs. “Real men” who hate and indeed fear—wishing to destroy or "have revenge" upon—affectionate, expressive womanhood, above all things.

St. John Vianney, the patron of parish priests, would apparently have had no one dance at all, as being an activity inevitably bringing passion in its wake in a morally-perilous way. Although biographers I have read insist that he was only proscribing a certain local dance, of that part of France, which was irretrievably sinful in nature. No doubt much-like or identical-to our own American form of dancing, which always pairs people off, and involves extended hand-contact with certain parts of the body, instead of bringing people together in rapid, mostly arm- or hand-joined motions, in a large group. As in the Native American, Asian and European past. That New World which as in every other area of life set a Judeo-Masonic-cultivated trend which bears tragedy and societal dissolution in its wake for the rest of men.

Even after bringing us the unmitigated psychological killing-fields of American schools, “the experts” still maintained that the Church’s traditional approach to issues of sexual morality was somehow unhealthy, “inhibited”. But rather does Catholicism strengthen and make perfect those life-giving human-formative influences native to each culture. Instituting a Catholic moral, cultural and religious life fruitful not only in a happy and orderly society but also in holy souls to ultimately people Heaven.

January 3, 2006: The Christmas legislative recess: divine wrath and political suspense for the new Scrooge; Abramoff, the specter of what is to come.

As predicted since the doing-to-death of Terri Schiavo, God is pouring out His wrath on an aggressive-war-waging, elite-serving, anti-life USA. Where there have been a host of apocalyptic hurricanes and tornadoes, floods, early-season blizzards and other natural catastrophes. (Always announced with a curious chuckle by the weatherman). As well as a multitude of grizzly and unnatural crimes and other weird events: as if the grace of God had in many ways departed the land. These unmitigated blows starting almost immediately after Terri Schiavo’s death: close on the heels of which have followed more recently those inexorably-galloping grass fires across Bush Country, fed by uncannily high winds, temperatures and dryness. In a chastisement which shows no signs of letting up. Actually, the worst hit areas have been those which most enthusiastically backed the Bush election Machine, and which inaugurated a veritable rising of Dixie of the worst kind, as for instance in terms of renewed bigotries a mere decade or two ago thought forever banished. With many Southerners remaining nonetheless stubbornly obdurate, with C-Span witnessing many-a genuinely terroristic good-ole-boy phoned-in reply to any speaker not positively foaming at the mouth with transparently-racist aggressive-warfare slogans. Or who has any sympathy at all for certain more-obvious victims of Bush’s domestic policies. While much of the noted suspense this season has been caused by those increasingly-vitriolic executive-branch threats we have been hearing every few days: diatribes against those who have patriotically uncovered more disturbing aspects of a less-and-less disguised dictatorship.

Unalloyed suspense thus likewise awaits the post-recess return of Congress to session so that this whole highly-impeachable issue of citizen spying might be confronted. However with unpublicized fait accompli extensions of the “Patriot” Act having already been pushed through, like surprise gifts under the national Christmas tree. But the commander in chief may well forestall such anticipations with subpoenas and sanctions of his own: since for him and his machine the “war against terror”—really a reign of terror—is the one and only reality. Leaving no room for other considerations: like for instance that he and some of his associates may well have been the traitors and the terrorists all along. Responsible not only for aggressive warfare but for 9/11 as well. Something which condescending C-Span newscasters on the same shows simple refuse to talk about: indeed pretending to be deaf when someone calls in with the horrifying but highly-reasonable topic. Even as we all know that future generations will find out about this fix, just as we finally found out, one by one, about those unconscionable provocateur deeds which lay at the base of all our many wars of the past century. Since no matter how many head-shaking grins, up-the-sleeve chuckles or clever denials might be conjured up by media yes-men, the terrifying Ghosts of Aggressive Wars Past and Present make their presences balefully felt. While the bony fingers of these shrouded figures point to a dire future for the night-capped Scrooge trembling under the quilts.

Then too Ward Churchill is heard from again over the holidays: this guy who thinks that he himself is the punishing hand of an implacable modern agnostic radicalism against Christianity, vis-à-vis the treatment of American Indian tribes. But just like all such fiery academics—who are seldom Indians themselves—he never mentions the fact that for every Christian assimilationist—someone who forced the Indians to conform in religious or cultural matters—there have been at least ten tribe-cheating and decimating Jewish Indian Agents, politically-installed trading post owners and other de facto policy-setters. (It would be interesting to know Churchill’s real ancestry, since this kind of insatiably-anti-Christian academic position is so typical of the Jewish college professor.) Furthermore, the whole U.S. behavioral-control project he so decries—and which indeed I also impugn on these pages—has been a Masonic/Jewish/secret-society operation from the word go. Christianity itself having historically had no interest whatever in the systematic employment of the insidious: the religion of He Who constantly decried a pharisaical stealing from widows and orphans. That which by contrast—as ruefully attested by honest frontiersmen like Davy Crockett—who together with Daniel Boone was a backwoods colleague of family ancestors here at louisdejolietpublishing.com—was too often frontier-Jewry’s very calling card. While finally a mostly-above-board colonial French and Spanish Catholicism was understandably much more popular with the American tribes, while having given hundreds of martyrs both toward bringing a merciful Savior and a vigorous, self-sustaining intellectual advancement and economic prosperity to the Indians. Especially before the Revolution of the Thirteen Colonies and the subsequent arrival on the plains of an on-the-whole much-less-genuinely-Catholic U.S. clergy. Who however still had among their numbers some few like Father DeSmet—actually from Belgium—who measured up well to those European—and obscure, long-suffering English-Colonial—Jesuits who went before.

Finally this season we saw Jack Abramoff emerge from the courthouse in his gangster suit, flanked by his pin-striped gangster-lawyer. As it turns out he’s taking on all the status of the Government’s star witness: although he and his close associates are far and away the chief involved. So that there is obviously an as-always assiduously-prepared and nefarious shifting-of-blame afoot, with Congressmen for whom Jack did small favors being “fattened up for the slaughter” of what are obviously going to be major felony charges. Men who are however culpable little if any at all, having typically benefited from the sorts of nominal, customary gratuities for which Tom Delay is presently being grilled by basically the same astute forces. Here being another chance to take a swipe at this one essentially good Texan for his heroic and singular defense of Terri Schiavo: he having been the only one to put the matter in the manly and resolute terms it deserved. Abramoff meanwhile steadily being transformed into the dimensions of a heroic whistle-blower: this Jew who stole over twenty million dollars from Indian Tribes across the land, using untold amounts to further Israel’s war against the Palestinian people. Don’t be surprised at the blinding thickness of the media smokescreen we will be subjected to over this subject in the coming days, from craven valets to insidious forces that control things here in the USA—and decide who will sink or swim in more ways than one. God help our Country: where basically since the Kennedy assassinations we have only the merest shadow of a true sovereignty. While the arrogant, belligerent behavior of Abramoff, both in past years and in front of the courthouse—comparable to that of an equally-perverse Michael Jackson dancing on the roof of his car at his show-trial—presage ominous, anarchic things indeed. Suggesting to me the specter of later Mossad-style reprisals against all who haven’t gone along with the Bush/Israeli reign of terror which rules the land. This latter unholy alliance however no-doubt easily to be contemptuously discarded for one more advantageous to the interests of these “enemies of mankind”, spoken of by St. Paul. A People who aren’t done with Uncle Sam yet by a long shot. A guy who will have to turn humbly to the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary—and the perennial political wisdom of the Catholic ages—if he is ever to retrieve his sacred honor—or even get his nice striped trousers back from the Israeli/Republican budgetary cleaners.

January 1, 2006: The Popular Indoctrination Wing of the Bush Panzer Blitzkrieg turns on a dime and wheels toward Russia once again

Stalin, Lenin or Marx—I forget which one—and no doubt all three of them at one time or another—said that the bigger the lie, and the more often it is repeated, the more likely it will finally be believed, wearing a deep groove in the popular mind. And it is before such a mendacious, stonewalling U.S.-media backdrop that Bush policies vis-à-vis Russia are to be properly understood. The tables having turned, with Russia no longer Stalinist, Leninist or Marxist, but with the U.S. wearing decided shades of Red in more ways than one. Thus for instance the never-referred-to U.S.-sponsored financial extraction in the early nineties of the vast bulk of enormous Russian industrial and energy-related equities: with Wall Street of course only wishing to cure these ex-commies of their shameful collectivist proclivities, to show them how to use their funds. These hastily, larcenously privatized by much the same Jewish/American interests—leaving in many cases a mere percent or two of the original stock value—garnering in the process a whole nation’s core wealth, still virtually intact from Soviet times. That which in turn led directly and understandably to the organizational anarchy whereby various Russian provinces began to behave like independent khanates, and with the Russian government itself with no financial means to run the country, or ultimately, by around ’98, to even support a currency. A chaos helped-along considerable by such hovering Western outsiders as The Mob, which has especially active and directive agents in a nearby Israel. While various official and semi-official players in the energy industry also began to act like little Caesars, in a Washington-coached defiance of a mortally-hemorrhaging Kremlin rule. And finally, as if this were not enough, the Orange and other “Color” revolutions were touched off with the mammoth support of piously-“democracy”-pontificating U.S.-based NGOs and their parent corporate-entities. A revolution which was to prove disastrous for everyone concern: except of course for U.S. geopolitical hegemony and the big money-men involved: who like the proverbial rats, fat as ever, always survive any sinking ship.

It is within this scenario that this latest natural gas impasse with the Ukraine must be viewed. Actually, it isn’t Russia at all which is bullying the Ukraine, but the other way around, and with oodles of help from Uncle Sam. An exploitive relationship repeated in the case of a half-dozen or so other bordering one-time-Soviet nations, egged on by the same Washington State Department, foundations and corporate-kingpins. All these, scenting blood, closing in like hyenas on the wounded Russian white tiger, subverting regimes all along its endless southern flank. However from a wider perspective the principal cause of the worldwide fuel crisis we are now experiencing—and of which this Eastern European facedown is only a part—falls even more directly into the court of the U.S. and its petroleum-producing corporate associates. This in the first instance by way of an initially-oil-diminishing Iraq War, a curtailed supply indeed compensated midway through the conflict by friendly Mid-Eastern producers. A genuine relief-effort conceded however amid the most cynical and wildly-incongruous U.S. price-hikes and multiples of previous oil-stockholder profits. Bush-allied “preemptive war” and “free market” pundits meanwhile having led the polemical way in what amounts to the official armed-piracy—and global grand-larceny—of the ages.

Here’s the facts of the matter: the very reasonable demand being made by Russia is that the Ukraine—after a six month grace period, starting now—begin to pay basically the going rate everyone else pays for the Russian fuel. A Ukraine which did indeed until now receive generous preferential rates for natural gas owned and piped-in by Russia, and which bordering nation would still retain at least one major concession of neighborly goodwill in the new package deal. We need hardly ask “why” with respect to the admittedly-less-generous new deal, when we consider the non-stop barrage of anti-Russian bombast, alliances and myriad other measures large and small undertaken since the last American-ramroded Ukrainian elections. No doubt with covert-military arrangements involved as well. Rather it seems to me we should be astonished at the patience and generosity of Putin, who to the last moment held out hopes of a friendly alliance between the two Slavic lands: based not only on energy but on a host of reciprocal agreements and common needs. If only the Ukraine would prove to be a friend rather than an advantage-taking foe. Russia being a land which suffered untold miseries under Communism, even more than did Soviet satellites of Eastern Europe: a land which in 1917 was virtually overrun by Jews from Lower Manhattan, who comprised some 93% of the original Bolshevik Commissariat. A Russia which itself can thus hardly be considered responsible for the evils that befell Eastern Europe under the Soviet pale: nor as a nation or people an actual beneficiary of its policies. Which entirely served ideological and venal/private interests not at all difficult to identify. An exposition indeed undertaken quite frequently on these pages, both in the Russian/Eastern-European connection and a host of others as well.

Yet despite her own long-running victim-status, this same Moscow is quite willing to pay hefty reparations for Soviet wrongs, this both to Ukraine and to other regional governments. Kiev meanwhile having fallen into dire economic straits: this ironically enough for its own very cynical, sanctimonious, mercenary conduct toward its long-suffering neighbor to the East. This all on the strength of the empty rhetoric of a West and a corporate world which hasn’t at all delivered on earlier vaunted, hard-sell promises. So what better plan could there be than to eye further Russian assets as carrion to supply its needs?

Thus according to this what-might-be-called Baltic vulture model the Ukraine threatened to tap or confiscate some 15% of the Russian natural gas that passes over its territory on its way Westward, as a sort of surcharge or fee. To “make up the difference”, and thus to continue in effect to receive former preferential treatment. Although all nations involved in this Euro-energy-pact already receive “carrying-charge” moneys: which Russia offered to raise in the case of Ukraine. These facts being however entirely bypassed—like so much else—by the American media—and no doubt by much of Western media as a whole. Syndicates in major part representing a Britain, a British Commonwealth and a USA increasingly in the thralls of American-based corporate propaganda and power. While of course were other member-nations, who also have these gas-bearing pipelines running over their territories, to take up such confiscatory policies the aggregate scale-economies involved would be done devastating harm.

True, the increase finally, reluctantly imposed by Russian Gazprom is a dramatic turn-of-events for prior-protégé-status Ukraine, which petulantly refused the noted three-month “period of grace” under the old prices before accepting the onset of the new. Kiev plainly hoping to enlist the usual Western diplomatic and other arm-twisting advocacy. While as can be gathered this whole potentially dire impasse bears the abundant marks of American geopolitics, that which is the defining tyranny—and the opening moral contamination—of a new-born, and initially promising third millennium. A twenty-first century not at all sullied by any Russia “revenge” against former Soviet satellites, as is so consistently—according to the noted Marxian “repeated lie” principle—maintained here..

But meanwhile the anti-Russian and anti-Chinese propaganda films multiply, frequently this season to be viewed on TV, providing the all-important mental/subliminal back-drop to American policies, keeping fantastic fibs alive in the average-to-less-than-average American mind. That which is increasingly a dark (if job-secure) cellar in which live the most terrifying national-security-threatening phantoms and bogeymen. Inner spillways of media-productions which are the most formidable and systematically-employed strategic weapons we have in our bulging arsenal. In a geopolitics which is in many ways totally divorced from our national good: a basically externally-imposed scheme in which universal value of human life figures little if any at all. That particular kind of misanthropy—crassly corrosive to the concept of a community of nations—a geo-malignancy today in reality only to be found in Israel and Bush America. While were such movies as these—and the aggressive official gestures they encourage and for which they form a wildly-popularly choreography—were such provocations directed against us from Moscow it would undoubtedly be considered an “international incident”, and bring about a swift withdrawal of our diplomatic embassy.

December 31, 2005: Syrian bombshell: another coup for George W. Bush and company

A “bombshell” was dropped in the Arab world during the past day in the accusation by the former Syrian Vice-President Khaddam—who resigned in June, and now resides in Paris—that President Assad actually threatened Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri a few months before his assassination. An accusation which has moved seemingly all of Syrian, as a single man, to denounce the accusing former official—who was apparently never well thought of at home—as a traitor. An allegation which puts Syria in dire and immediate danger of some sort of external intervention, of the kind of which George Bush and the state of Israel are so fond. Thus potentially destabilizing the entire Middle East in the most fundamental and permanent way: in a widening of the present conflict in Iran which is “in the cards” in the century-old Anglo-Zionist card-game toward a continued ironclad, prostrate control of the region.

Of course this charge of Khaddam is serious—and it could conceivably even be true (Note of March 2012: further study has convinced me entirely of the falsehood of the accusation)—but in my own estimation it only represents another maneuver of a global shadow state, an interloper which always has “its man” somewhere on the spot, ready to trigger some desired crisis, some fatal sequence of events. This multi-part empire—of secret societies and major NGOs—under supervision of that Secular Messianic globe-ruling constituency discussed frequently here.

The typical sequence-of-doom that follows these regional dramas is U.S. or surrogate invasion and “regime change”: an outcome even being painstakingly plied by Secretary Rice—and American corporate and financial interests—with respect to Putin of Russia. The only man who has stood between Russia and the further fulmination of an early-nineties Western financier-imposed chaos. While to me a history of Syrian “playing footsie” with this world coterie of intrigue—among other things, playing the Yankee and Israeli look-alike in the torture-interrogation of innocent terrorism “suspects”—is now paying back odious dividends in the present case, as it will always inevitably do. A man having very arguably been found who will sacrifice his own country for the will of these astute global overlords, who are never satisfied until all power and wealth of any target nation is in their hands. As has indeed happened so many times in the recent past in so many lands: with the U.S. itself since the Kennedy assassinations having actually become a distracted and exploited pawn, an infernal hotbed of yin/yang militarist/abortionist treason.

The lesson: there is no other way out of the series of international impasses presently culminating in the Middle East—brought about by the dictatorship of those who, as things stand now, will always have their way—than the establishment of the kind of organizationally-distributive system advocated on these pages. Together with the heartfelt consecration of the USA and of the whole world to the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. These being the only protagonists strong enough to defend mankind against this global enemy of national sovereignty, as well as the more-fundamental sovereignty of the human mind and will.

December 29, 2005: The Secular Messianists

Few understand the tremendous gulf that exists between traditional and Reformed Jewry: to most of the latter of whom the new goyim (sub-humans) are no longer the Christians, nor those of a different race, but rather those who still believe in any kind of a Personal God, and thus in a Divine Revelation. Believers in a Living God rather than a theoretical, Masonic or group-collective one. That old fashioned conviction which the Reformed Jews and their colleagues of all persuasions have classed not so much as Faith but as some sort of degenerate condition. (March 2012: as noted several times above, we have modified these earlier rather positive opinions with respect to traditional Jewry as opposed to Reformed, finding all Jews to be more-or-less amenable to the end-game described here, at least as it impacts the biblical "rest of men"). Here being a global-elite-sponsored prejudice now deeply and forcibly institutionalized among men, with the old Faith-motivated childlike simplicity, in devotion to a Heavenly Father—regarded by Catholics as a saintly embellishment—treated by the Reformed Jew as being some essentially pre-human condition. One that would once have earned you a small space on a boxcar to Buchenwald, under a similarly-inspired, actually closely-allied Adolf Hitler (see True Torah Jews website). While in answer to these sovereign comforts and virtues of an inner life with God, the two centuries and more since the French and American Revolutions have seen the increasing entrenchment of a Secular Messianism which is the basic creed of the Reformed or agnostic Jews: that one “religion” they regard as fully functional and intelligent. The belief that man is his own savior, his own messiah. A brave creed which requires a Hitler or a Stalin now and again—between whom humanity was brutally whipsawed a generation and more ago—to de-humanize the less-willing, to render them brave enough to travel such a lonely yet group-deified path. The high-priesthood of the new universal religion being inevitably a highly-educated Jewry: since a basic tenet of the new creed holds that the Jewish early championing of literacy—inaugurated around the time of Our Blessed Lord—earned for that people a place of “divine” (in other words collective-self) election.

Hence the all-determining importance accorded so gratuitously to each new scientific invention or engineering feat: these being the very preambles of the new and brave-minded secular faith, to take the place of the old miracles. Techno-marvels representing materially the way that man reputedly redeems himself. Giving rise behaviorally, in a parallel if seemingly-unrelated development, to a new standard mien or bearing—in place of the earnestness, gravity and self-respect of the Christian past—either arrogant and condescending or with the bizarre manners of a clown. In the absence of which conduct—with its four or five rote, “correct”, cop-show or sitcom determined personality-types—one is today increasingly judged to be dangerous, and increasingly eligible for a doughty shooting-down on some sidewalk or tarmac. This a world where you must ceaselessly advertise yourself as harmless, as having no personally-developed opinions on important matters, as ceaselessly bowing and scraping before this progress-deity: much as the Black were once—with supreme functional irrelevance—required to shuffle, to step off the sidewalk, to “show they meant no harm”. A new society where outside the deified privileges of a small managerial-class minority the human interior is entirely open to the vulgar public gaze, rather than being ruled by a sane interior circumspection or personal purview. The most private of properties, the interior homeland of the soul, being steadily rendered an undefended spoil for all to handle and see. The old inner caverns that used to pocket the soul now being thought of as holding some hidden explosive: unless we speak of those now filled with lust, greed and cruelty, these the vaunted virtues of the verbally and mentally brave. So that to cultivate this hidden interior garden of the soul, as in days-gone-by, and to reveal outwardly the inward peace that this instills—one which in the words of the Savior “surpasses all understanding”—to behave thus is to be challenged in every store with a curt “may I help you?”. With help really the last thing in mind, as is plainly written across the hyper-aggressive inquiring gaze. As the strip-mall or the super-store become but so many guard-posts of the new lockstep thought-parade, guarding the “security” of the “correct”. “Engage them in conversation” ruling the day, an iron injunction applied to those who would register their silent disapprobation to the dethronement of God in soul and society alike. So much has the Pax Christi been criminalized—that which can alone bring about sanity and public order—in this new Secular-Messianic prison-tower world.

Judaism can never convince anyone—and neither is it interested in doing so—rather wishing only to exact, to regulate, to institutionalize, to pour in concrete. Always in effect outlawing Christianity—as in the days of Herod, Pilate, the Ephesus of St. Paul—deftly plying money-lender connections to power—in order to defeat it for a time. But in doing this virtue, holiness is only brought to the fore. Until those approaching days when the Jews themselves will say, “blessed is He Who comes in the name of the Lord”.

December 29, 2005: The provocateur deed of 9/11. A Nuremburg justice shows of what stuff men are made.

Captivating was the C-Span law-school panel-interview/discussion of two members of the Nuremburg Court on Veterans Day of this year, whose airing I viewed last night. But most interesting of all was the drift of the enlightened commentary of he who was apparently the presiding judge of that exalted venue, Benjamin Ferencz. A young Jew, almost fresh out of law school at the time, who, incredibly, was to hear his first case as a judge in that capacity: as head of this first-ever International Tribunal of several decades ago. Being joined in this highly-auspicious task among others by his colleague at last nights interview, who came to the same august court from duties as a legal counsel to the Rockefeller family. But in spite of a disturbingly hand picked profile of both men, Ferencz had a wealth of profound things to say. Taking to himself the courageous liberty of one who has nothing to lose, having as he himself indeed said, already lived his life.

Here, then, is hardly a man stuck in a glorious past. Rather he took a fatherly hand at painting a vivid picture of what is happening to the USA today: likening the present Administration in so many words to the Hitler regime, with its unmitigated aggressive warfare. Aggression being regarded by the original guiding spirits who founded the U.N. as being the penultimate war-crime: “containing in itself all the others”, in Ferencz’ own apt and legal-scholarly words. A condemnation of which ultimate crime-against-humanity, this aggressive warfare—a proscribing whose purposes constituted the main reason these founders laid footings for the noble institution in the first place—was destined to be blocked in large measure by that USA which had reputedly been the guiding spirit in the Nuremburg trials. And which continues astutely and assiduously to thwart the U.N. today.

But not one to be moored in complacent recollections of doughty days-gone-by, Ferencz continued from there to describe the background to the infamous Downing Street Memo in some detail: characterizing the whole affair as a complex device to justify an aggressive war. One already decided upon by 1998. While contained in his forthright account of the motives and timetable involved—the most candid analysis I’ve ever heard outside my own—notably that first capsulating of April 2003, found in my sample Newsletter, accessible from this page—is the deafeningly-unspoken possibility that a defense-oriented justification for the War was indeed provided quite expeditiously. That air of rectitude which Britain required before it would mobilize a single man. Namely in a carefully planned and executed black-ops destruction of the Trade Towers on 9/11, in preparation basically for three years. At the grizzly after-scene of which, incidentally, and likewise universally-unspokenly, no bodies of notorious Arabs were found entangled in the fated plane. (Sources for which facts of course refuse to be cited, wishing themselves to remain alive.)

Here both natural human sympathies and the staggering paradoxes of today’s geopolitical universe come into play, overpowering our minds toward simplistic mind-closing slogans and “we back our boys” nostrums of all kinds. The kind of loyalty which is however as “money in the bank” to certain interests, in a cynicism which to the more-trusting among us may seem equally heinous in the telling as in the doing. While of course by the same sort of conventional wisdom it is assumed that a radically-pro-Israeli Administration like the present one—whose whole war-footing foreign policy is opaquely fashioned to advance corporate, Israeli, Jewish-American global interests and impunities—can hardly be compared to a rabidly-anti-Jewish Hitler Germany. But on this page and among these publications I attempt to elucidate such ambiguities, seeming-contradictions and misleading scented-trails: obscure paths down which has been trundled a mankind for at least a century kept largely in chains and at war.

December 28, 2005: Mankind is on the verge of finally disembarking from its Captain Kirk spaceship, rubbing its eyes and realizing that “all that glitters”, or is mass-produced and commoditized, or ionizes the air in wavelengths, or that reflects light down a fiber-optic cable, “isn’t gold”.

Thus, briefly, the definition of modern “civilization”. But people are getting fed up with it. Not only has it brought us mass propaganda at the fingertips of psycho-warfare fiends, who can convince most people of anything in ever-shortening amounts of time. Additionally, gradually given up as a lost cause is any hope of matching up to a thirties and forties when we first had Gary Cooper, the Duke, all the pretty ladies of the big and little screens, with their farm-fresh winning ways. Here being in a way the sum total of real value to be had from the more dazzling part of all this technology: largely in stars and hit features the likes of which will never again be seen. Not least because “the new” has entirely worn off—both for the star and the viewer. While to expect more is to go out on a doubtful limb indeed. With those nowadays who try to match the renditions of these movie-greats—even with all their shortcomings—inevitably falling flat on their faces. Try as they might, it’s all become incurably stale. Likewise, it’s old hat the way we can zoom down the road and endanger our lives and those of others rushing toward us at an equal pace. Then too air-flight over the globe is as ho-hum as you can get, with passengers carping and fussing over in-flight trivialities our great-grandparents would have scorned to consider. With the added flight-bonus of purportedly grave dangers of the 9/11 variety. Indeed, people are sick and tired of the whole mostly-stuffy but sometimes-deadly life by proxy phenomenon. Whereby we dash through land, sea or space—in a blur we barely notice at all—yawningly viewing some digital-image-making device, growing tinier by the month, once a fetching curiosity indeed, but hardly coming up to Ginger Rodgers or the invention of the wheel. Within whose tiny screen are viewed increasingly-boring and unconvincing life-surrogates. While the blahs intensify in talking to someone over one of these diminutive devices, who in better days we would have greeted amid the unpredictable spontaneities of face-to-face. With the makings of a little real-life serial thriller every time, this not in a prop-ridden studio but in time-captured, un-recapturable circumstances. “Pods” or “berries” otherwise easily portraying some digital filmed replica of a “hands on” 19th century backwoods or city existence for which the inner man longs, amid all the tech-jungle alienation. While for an ultimate alternative to reality there is this growing absorption with a black-ops sort of cinematographic necromancy, giving us grizzly moral and visual shocks in ever-greater doses. That which must to unknown degrees be held to account for a rising incidence of kinky crimes. Thus dawn the “brighter vistas” of an ever braver and bolder modern progress.

Oh, then too there’s modern medicine. Where the processed food makes us sick in the first place, where a wonder-chemical fluoride destroys our teeth and nerves, where new mental and physical diseases are induced or invented, all the better to be able to “scientifically” invent lucrative new cures for them. Life was never so good to a Caesar or a St. Louis of France.

And neither so great at all are all the modern real life adventure substitutes. Of McMansion-dwellers off on some potentially-deadly novice’s point-proving escapade, on Everest or in the Everglades. So that—if they don’t become eagle or alligator bait—they can have their rite of passage, only to return to the “success”-banalities of modern days. And then too there’s the Canadian, official-Ottawa-endorsed answer, of people paying to perform “sex”-acts of every commonplace or bizarre variety, while others look eagerly on. And then maybe change places with them. Or then there’s the sex for food or work of the homeless, in the land of the free. Really, let’s get smart and realize that people were much happier and real when they dealt with others in a universe of inclusive and respectful relationships. One which actually “exploited” far better all possible fields of a morally-pure but truly-expansive human existence. In which indeed a mystery-contemplating Catholic hermit was the most adept of all: who understood precisely, and could appreciate in the most crystal-clear apprehensions, the relative merit of every single human activity. As well as not a few of those of angels, and even of Divine Persons. And yet amid such mind-altering activities experience the most profound and ineffable peace. That precious commodity of which modern man has none at all. Rather than being engrossed in this mind-glutting that “civilized” life has become today.

Actually the character- and personality-formative potency of something as low-tech as simple conversation is in many ways totally lacking in all this super-smart, wired-up existence. And although it has already frequently been observed that we actually objectify ourselves in conversing—through the input and feedback of others—yet in order to significantly work this wonder it has to be a palaver in which virgin apprehensions and realizations and other inner raw materials are brought to bear. In which an objective surrounding world—the un-intermediated sounds and smells, the colors and accents, the first impressions of one’s surrounds—provide an authentic if dissonant orchestral accompaniment to this interior staking-of-ground. Be these harmonics of a forest hamlet or of a barrio in the Bronx. A milieu which produces workers, doers, artists and geniuses: in a cultivar however hopelessly smashed amid the latest super-correct I-Pod-arbitrated pomp, prejudice and snobbery. However and yet further, how can a lively and constructive conversational culture ever get off the ground in the first place, if the persons involved spent their first wildly-cognitive earthly days as infants on a blanket in front of a TV set? Where they saw, as their first acquaintance with reality and human interaction, some of the blood-curdling scenes of mayhem that unavoidably, basically-un-dodge-ably grace that tube? In a diabolical malevolence the worst of which some adults can barely stand to see and hear? Can we be surprised at the onset of previously-unheard-of life-retreating maladies like autism, or of some frightful moral disease which some few years later produces a killer of mother and dad? Here, then, is yet more urgent motive for the joining of a real and fundamental defensive war: one which by far overshadows—and would indeed fundamentally preempt—all the others.

No, by the grace of God the Starship Enterprise of modern progress is going to touch back down on terra firma, on good mother earth. And soon it will simply gather blowing snow drifts on its weird disk-like wings. And become an oxidizing curiosity kids will climb over, as they engage in the contagious and engrossing activities of real life. With none or very little life-insulating high-tech gear. As they gravely plan and project their progress toward becoming real, terrestrial men and women—and ponder saving their souls—in their earnest and inimitable childhood way. Rather than remaining in some sort of ongoing media-induced horror-film, or Disneyworld or Captain Kirk perpetual childhood. That which isn’t childhood at all, but rather a sort of endless, giddy personality-retardation. A “progress” which fits very well into somebody’s high-tech-toy-marketing scheme, of gadgets to be discarded next March. Or together with the many new toys of adulthood, to be burnt up in the next war.

December 27, 2005: American “law enforcement” citizen-homicides and other heinous brutalities. The deeper reason of which is to be found in their recently-revealed training in Israel by a Mossad-oriented military.

One of our news-anchor-ladies only this morning celebrated the need for the Wall which knifes its way through Palestinian territories, fatally fragmenting this people demographically, politically, economically. Over-looking which barrier Israeli snipers—no doubt trained with monies obtained here through the notorious Israel-connected fraud of Indian tribes—have been known to shoot down innocent little girls on their way to and from school. In the midst of which praises this anchorwoman told the story of the Israeli-military tactical training of dutiful batches of American policemen. These being sent to what is fast becoming America’s one and only promised land. Where a grindingly-oppressed Palestinian population is rigorously guarded against as being dyed-in-the-wool terrorists: in a depraved phenomenon of guilt-paranoiacs-all. That whereby they are most vigilant—indeed implacably and irrationally unforgiving—against those they have most injured or wronged. This Israel-worship being embraced by an American ruling elite a greater and greater percentage of which is of Jewish religion and/or ethnic origin. That conviction which has been apotheosized to some Christian-Zionist highest heaven through the carefully sustained saga of the perennial persecution of the Jews. That mechanism which would totally unseat Christianity as a living force in the world, making “Christians” into mere half-baked Jews. A phenomenon that really revved up gears at Vatican II, and that has actually repeated itself many times throughout history. As in several periods in early medieval times when the Jews would just as quickly snap out of an “oppressed” condition, emerging from their posh “ghettoes”, and gain control of whole nations and empires in a mere handful of years. And draw to themselves fawning masses of lukewarm Christians, yearning to attend at the synagogue. While traditionally, to these co-religionists “to be oppressed” is to not be in charge of both governments and “the wealth of nations”. That totality of power and property which the bulk of the Jews, in tutelage to the world-empire-building, rabidly-anti-Christian hate-book, the Talmud, believe it is their foregone right to possess. Cannot any blind fool see the obvious trend today: of course with all the age-old and required, garment-tearing theatrics?

Thus was one instructor filmed on the show to be heard counseling a group of such American police “trainees” gathered around him that if someone “in any way arouses suspicion” he must be shot down or otherwise incapacitated. Herein the motive-origin of those savage, leonine attacks—with guns, billy-clubs or other lethal devices—of officers from New York to New Orleans to L.A.: this against people found later to be upright model citizens, or at worst mentally retarded or disturbed. Needing at most to be caught in a personnel net: a device once considered standard for the containing of such unfortunates. Before we became dazzled and engrossed by the methods of those whom St. Paul—and traditional Church teaching—refers to as “enemies of mankind”. From whom we so thoroughly learned the “lesson” that anyone under any degree of suspicion, or looking the least unusual, must be assumed to be carrying a bomb. A ridiculous—to date 100% wrong—assumption, all on the strength of a 9/11 whose alleged perpetrators were rushed through an obscure court largely packed by Bush crony-appointees. A bar whose proceedings of course continue to be granted the scrutiny-skirting status of a security related hyper-secrecy. The American people having become so unnaturally docile—and so hyped with a media-thriller-encouraged gang-buster paranoia—that they allow themselves to be duped into a dictatorship and a veritable war against all the rest of mankind, except of course for Israel. All of this while urged to “trust our leader” (the English word for der Fuerer) that the right people have been identified, tried and sentenced. A leader both of whose elections were marked by serious balloting irregularities.

From a broader perspective we can see the build up over the past several decades of a Stalinesque system of secret courts, to correspond to the ever-more-cryptic functions of an increasingly KGB-like CIA, NSA and other units of a more nebulous and unconventional “private contractor” character. People are tortured, imprisoned and condemned, assets are seized, heads-of-state are tried, under procedures and rules-of-evidence equally characterized by secrecy and a highly-visceral “remember 9/11” Alamo-like judicial élan. Judges with faces you could crack stones upon being the new judicial norm. Reminding me too of the kangaroo judges and juries of the 1830s—including actual members of government and the judiciary of the times—Freemasons all who paraded a “revealer of secrets” of this inscrutable brotherhood up and down the East Coast. A byzantine mockery which ended in his grizzly ritual execution before a dozen witnesses or so. All of this basically accomplished in public, yet at the same time draped in a thick pale of a chaotic code-word-ridden world. While today we see much the same existing within an approving media-charged atmosphere of anti-Islamic propaganda.

Americans—thus institutionally encouraged—make no secret of the fact that they hate Arabs and Muslims-in-general of Middle Eastern and Central Asian genetic stock. A sentiment not really at all proportionally reciprocated. By a people who however haven’t been turned into your typical consumer-goods-devouring fanatic who alone today is accorded the title of civilized. Rather being for the most part calm and recollected, and with a good degree of their loyalty and inner and outer attention directed to God. People from whom Christians—giddily obsessed with the odd Jewish version of the “celebration of life”—even as they bring death to so many—could learn many-a profound and valuable lesson.

December 26, 2005: “On the Feast of Stephen”. Merry Christmas, which has twelve days. Perilously-simplistic views of government and economy. To which I add my own safer one: self-funding government.

Incredibly simple views of government and economy seem to abound the more bewilderingly complex are the problems crying to be confronted. Thus a certain obscure Canadian model which would simply disburse everyone their demographic proportion of the GDP: in order that there might be a sufficiency of both means and demand. This basically before anyone had put their hand to a shovel or a keyboard. And then there’s Representative Linder’s scheme (Republican from Georgia), to make all Federal revenue collectable as a sales tax, and then to trust the big corporations to self-monitor their compliance. A tax-collection-idea which does sound fairly good on paper, and which might indeed have worked well some decades ago, but not today, in a nation that has become so notoriously and audaciously corrupt in its business dealings. One in which corporations in particular would undoubtedly find a way out of paying anything like their fair share under any self-monitoring scheme, however rational and transparent it might in itself be. While the Canadian model would take credulity in the other direction, essentially trusting the government to accurately assess the gross national product, and then to pay out the mammoth funds accordingly. An amount over and above which—incredibly—would be added anything one might earn at an actual job. Begging the question of who’s going to produce the anticipated products—for the purchase of which one is given all necessary funds yearly—since the work required to produce these goods is by such means rendered bare of all incentive toward its accomplishment. Let alone the question of the purely-economic money/goods-proportional congruency of making more money in the same job, over and above that already “given”. A plan too with the myriad inherent drawbacks that always attends the passing of inconceivably-vast sums through a few centralized hands. Not least among which would be the constant temptation for some future George Bush—of which there are always at least a few around—to declare another state of national emergency and simply seize it all.

In fact I’m as much in favor of getting rid of rule-by-bureaucracy as anyone else: whether in taxation, education or standard public services. But according to the model developed in these pages and publications corporations—those grandest and most inscrutable of bureaucracies—wouldn’t just be given a free hand to tally their taxes: they’d be entirely eliminated. And their assets liquidated and/or sold at an ultimate kind of auction or ongoing bidding-process. All of which process would be entirely moral and intrinsically legal: since corporations are by their original and only-valid definition public and publicly-traded entities at the disposal of the commonwealth. Being readily subject to an auction-block liquidation: except perhaps for those few traditional highly-regulated and -circumscribed public-service, critical infrastructure functionalities where the common good demands larger, often-enough subsidized economies-of-scale. Like for instance railroads, transit, merchant marine or the postal service. But we must at all costs stop treating corporations as “legal persons”, run amuck with murder in their eyes toward the citizen and the common good alike, as they do now.

Although I haven’t developed a finely-detailed tax plan yet in my writings, government in my model would tend to fund itself—the state being a unique collaboration, a wedding of the private and public realms. An offspring-fruitful household characterized by a sort of romance all its own. A kind of essentially-fruit-bearing plant, rather than a special-interest-pocket-lining drain upon the public weal. A system in which wealth would be less commoditized and more immediate, non-intermediated, substantive. And not at all frenetically brokered and day-traded. This according to a sound society’s intrinsic multiplier-prolific nature. An idea whose roots lie deep in an incredibly-innovative, economically-frustration-free Middle Ages. While ancillary to such inbuilt self-funding mechanisms would be the reappearance of various near-nominal tolls and excises. As well as very likely a return of an actual levying of troops—in ultra-rare times of war—from various management/labor enterprises or estates. See chapter five and six in my Integral Catholicism.

By contrast with the advocated reciprocal and densely-articulated system, ever at the base of simplistic projects—a characterization which actually epitomizes political and economic theory since the Enlightenment—is the secretly-cherished idea that anything socially complex and interactive that people might do—united precisely as the people—that for which government is after all only another name—that this frightful, impure concatenation must always be intrinsically evil. With the ambient paranoia being evident throughout these uniformly-grand philosophies that “’government’ is out to get you”. But for one thing the very complexity of really involved, committed, popularly-participatory governments—and their very resultant relative-incomprehensibility to foreign eyes and minds—is a guarantee against both treason and foreign invasion or infiltration alike. While to see such sophisticated, orchestrated native human creations in bleak and disparaging terms of an inevitable tyranny (as in such airy statements as that “that government governs best which governs least”) only signals another Manichaean “depraved nature” Puritanism such as underlies so much of Republican Party—or Democratic anti-life—thinking. Somewhere at the base of which, lurking darkly and incoherently, lie such tiring classical Albigensian doctrines as that both human life and that sex which brings it about are radically and inherently bad: and thus of course, with model capitalist thrift, a prime candidate for exploitation. Here being another in a long list of seldom-clearly-voiced yet defining doctrinal assertions upon which Judeo-Protestantism decidedly parts ways with the rest of mankind, with most other belief-systems. Having since the days of Luther brought the world an unending procession of bleak institutions and wrongs. These far different from Catholic Incarnational festivals of a Europe “when knighthood was in flower”.

Indeed, a fair share of the imperfect world of the dramatic or pedestrian perils and vagaries of earning-a-living in this long-cherished, traditional, interactive way—among whose exigencies we work out the salvation of our souls, “in fear and trembling”—a trepidation marvelously more in ghostly than in material things—that which both cited kinds of models disdain in differing ways—this pathos is of the very stuff of life. That real-life mystery play which Catholics, rich and poor alike, amid trials and tears, always manage somehow to celebrate. Even as it uncannily leaves plenty of places for those more retiring who wish to become involved little at all. The whole conspiring to assemble a grand pageantry of hope. That “workaday world”, fuel-injected with grace, which is at very heart not only of art, music and spirituality but also of what we do if we would avoid being (perish the thought) a whole planet full of scholars and athletes, or lounging Midases and groveling slaves. Both of which only madmen and worthless wastrels dream about founding. From which reflections easily follows the realization of the profound rectitude—indeed the moral-purity-preserving character—of the People organizing in the most dense and intricate, innocently-multi-variegate possible way. (No deranged perversions of sodomites anticipated here). Both for prosperity and the saving of their souls. A social interweave into which monks, hermits and others who take a “road less traveled-by” for their souls gain, fit tightly as well, if at higher and less-obvious reaches of same. That broadcloth which displays a continual local, regional and national popular reciprocal involvement, in an exuberance which has admirably little time or inclination for the skulkiness of sin. This being indeed the innocent Catholic moral, social, economic and political milieu par excellence, a love and appreciation for which is required of anyone who would champion the decidedly Western-traditional boon of a practical, non-utopian convergence of democratic rule and popular economic prosperity. A failure at which tends toward either a Faithless, violating, intrusive Democratic tyranny or a beggaring, bone-crunching Republican chaos. Or rather the successive or tandem operation of the two, to weary and break down the soul.

December 24, 2005: American Conservative Catholics, politicized religion, Zionism and Bush’s War.

Today a prominent element in the whole persona of the American Conservative Catholic is that of the New Right economist: an “are there no prisons, are there no work houses?” spirit which often bullies into a secondary position the God-fearing goodness and neighbor-loving scrupulosity of Catholic days-gone-by: somehow associating it all with left-wing radicalism and near occasions of sin. Hence the inevitable simplistic identification of the "Conservative Catholic" as a polar opposite to a “Liberal Catholic”: when in fact the two adjectives apply to the name of genuine Catholic equally well, in complementary ways. This putative definability of the Faith in polar-political terms having over the course of the decades since Vatican II ultimately been accepted here with a finality which reminds one of the death knell at a funeral mass.

Of course I know we are all “paranoid” when we speak of conspiracies having brought it all about, secular or ecclesiastical, while our sacred heritage, personal well-being and non-womb privacies are looted and violated continually. By all these people who of course don't grasp any coordinating significance in treacherous things they do; who always act in that "lone wolf", random and haphazard way that implies no conspiratorial harm. Fat-cats who lick their chops after such an effortless meal as this—allegedly not helping one another bring down the mouse-like prey—and then go on to inform us small-fry rodents in their duly-patented wide-eyed way that “that’s freedom’s price”.

But yet more the same Catholic politicization now basically holds true worldwide: where with the substantial help of American missionary clerics and bishops this oddly-fragmented frame of mind has been relentlessly advanced in the global Catholic fold. A polarization which has given us groups like the Traditionalists, the (establishment) New Ordo, Catholic Worker, CUF, EWTN, Opus Dei, the TFP and several others. Within which differing loyalties there are indeed those new “indifferentists” who think of liberal, moderate, conservative, and so on, as equally acceptable alternatives: holding it to be mere gross pride, in the strange New Church version of humility, to believe in ones own beliefs any too strongly. But just as commonly—just like G.K. Chesterton described the Protestant Reformers as doing—each such group has taken away some part of Catholicism—even if a big part—and claimed it as the whole. Both such pick-and-choose options being the bewildering fruit of that Council which was put largely in such terms—of left, right and center “wings”—by the bishops who attended it, and who passed its sometimes-bizarre, typically Faith-demotivating, and always oddly-condescending legislation.

In all this I don’t mean to preach a sermon of despair, but only to paint an accurate picture of the present state of the Catholic Church, as being temporarily in a condition of internal division and external siege. For an avenue out of which impasse—in the course of discussing organizational, motivational and economic topics—many suggestions are made here. While the view advanced by Pope St. Pius X, and embraced on this website, is that the laity will play the central role in rescuing the Church from her present bondage, division and mortal travail. This in my own conviction mainly by a vigorously, indeed volcanically renewed fostering of the Catholic way of life not only in personal/devotional but also in practice-of-the-Faith-oriented social and cultural, economic and political terms. A path which envisions calling upon all mankind to join us in raising the One True Church to its former spiritual leadership and practical-efficacy: a challenge  we on the Crusade anticipate will be taken up with unprecedented generosity. With the prediction that it will be a whole new crop of nations that will “put their hands to the plow” of Catholic Faith and human development, taking the places of many whose fervor has grown lukewarm, and among whom Faith itself has for the most part finally disappeared. Many of whom are described here.

Thus too among a plurality of today’s American Conservative Catholics—a breed all their own—a really holy co-religionist is someone with an unswerving loyalty to the Republican Party, to George Bush and to the latest intrigues of The Likud. Someone who has bought into the systematic redefinition of patriotism—and for that matter of religion itself—as being little more than a component of corporate Defense technology. Here actually, and at a much-deeper level, is the end product—in these gritty “Catholic” characters—of well over two centuries of the fashioning of the Fold here into a stout battle-axe against the very eternal and immutable Mind of the Church itself. Producing an American “Catholic” who would for-the-most-part fit equally-well at a meeting of the Orangemen in Ulster, or of the Anti-Defamation League, as in his own prominent pew under the complacent gaze of Father Jim. (Even if for self-defining super-macho purposes he might once have also helped smuggle arms to the IRA, to show that he hasn’t crossed over to the hated Redcoats, somehow still alive and well in his ever-vigilant mind.) Here, amid the din of such bizarre apprehensions and displays, is found the final purpose of those Deist/Puritans who twisted a willing Bishop John Carroll’s arm so hard and long. He who would set the pattern for a Catholicism with a lot of pious or grim jingoistically-patriotic slogans and sentiments but with little mercy or love, either for God or man, and a rapidly-degrading half-life of True Faith as well.

Hence is this new American Conservative Catholicism a matter of a lot of impressive externals, but for-the-most-part of “not sweating the small stuff” of the Catholic past: a persuasion with which American Traditionalism differs little in practical terms, and shares much in terms of secular militancy. Here being a brave new faith for a brave new world with a brave new place of leadership especially for Irish-descended militancy-paragons. Thus there is no coincidence in the consistent naming of doughty Irish Catholics as heads of the Joint Chiefs, as FBI kingpins or in other conspicuous areas of civilian and military leadership, notably under these recent Republican presidents. Because keeping the Catholic flock from the very beginning motivated in an utterly-heterodox sort of swashbuckling “conservatism”—the rude prodding toward which of German, Croat or Polish parishioner was left to Irish-descended folk from the word go—is absolutely critical to the Anglo-Zionist war machine. More astute tentacles of which wrapped themselves around the Vatican machinery itself during the course of the twentieth century, and in certain cryptic preliminaries indeed before. Starting most notably with the mysterious sudden death of Pope St. Pius X around 1913, “when Zionism was first in flower”, when the British Mandate was already on the drawing-board, and when “the Old Order” was slated forever to pass away.

Here then—under the Faith-and-thought-obscuring rhetoric raised by contending pew patriots—is the very core of that process-philosophical progressivism in every realm, philosophical, religious, technological by which the new and the current is regarded as possessing some ongoing infallibility, some status of a Teilhardian revelation. As if things like world wars, urban sprawl, pollution, sexual perversion, unprecedented epidemics of mass paranoia and other forms of mental illness: as if all these modern boons are to be bravely endured for the sake of some ever-dawning—but never quite dawned—greater good. Being held to be the blessed fruit of such a phenomenology, of a serpentine “working out” of some immutable law, supposedly deeply etched into the very Marxian-dialectical nature of things. The old “baby” of Faith, mildness, Civilization, being held to have been so horribly-deformed—in a spiritual anti-life which crosses all confessional trench-lines—as to have been justly thrown out with such a “bathwater”. While likewise in this American Catholic nationalistic militancy is a central element in the American ambition to rule mankind, to be the New Empire: a trend manifested in her foreign policies from the very beginning.

Indeed—and as described in the third chapter of my Integral Catholicism—this is a goal for which in the 1750s an early batches of American Catholics in large numbers overwhelmed the ramparts of Quebec, doughtily denying these loyal descendants of the Eldest Daughter of the Church the freedom to publicly celebrate their perennial, fervently-held, mystery-bound Faith. That foreign invasion to spread the Enlightenment doctrine of the rigid separation of church and state: the thoroughgoing institutionalization of which, both here and in Canada, the Independence struggle itself would actually, twenty-some years later, be all about. Both of which colonial conflicts, each in its own way, being in essence the first of many doctrinally-proscribed aggressive wars that soon would flourish under the new Flag. A separation over which the spilling of blood—for righteous haters-of-terrorism—is invariably justified, which would steadily graduate toward today’s (“updated”) version of the church/state divide: namely of an absolute separation of both policy and practical life from any kind of moral conviction at all. Restricting both religion and morality to the confines of Sunday morning or Wednesday night: and even then amid the “hunkered down” animosities of the very same much-contested pew. A broad percentage of today’s Catholic Conservatives quickly and easily merging with this idolatrous and today-obscenely-obvious Religion of America: in which the only fervor allowed public display is that of statism, of the Red, White and Blue. George Orwell’s masses, fists raised in the air in rabid unanimity, being much to the point here. In comparison to whom the enraptured teller-of-beads is held to be milk-toast indeed. A campaign of a collective self-trivialization, nay spiritual annihilation—amid a jubilant canonization of Uncle Sam—mounted from those early days and spread around the globe at the point of a bayonet. A war against God and mankind alike which is categorically rejected and trenchantly impugned in these pages.

December 23, 2005: The hissing of the Bush snakes

Again we see—with the issuing of statements of support for the President’s ongoing program of citizen spying by Assistant Attorney General William E. Moschella, and another by former CIA director Woolsey—the maintenance by rubber-stamp officials and Republican-machine cronies of his precarious-constructed house-of-cards. Of lies, deceptions, and text-forced quasi-legalities and questionable-but-finely-litigated interpretations. Never is there an honest, clear-cut legal, moral or statesmanlike principle involved in the various deeds and positions of this lawyer-ridden Administration. Anything resembling a clarion call being marred by the harsh accents of rhetoric and bullying.

As good men everywhere have always known, what you have to do with such deceivers is to stop listening to their droning, legalese siren song. To impeach and otherwise turn out of office the whole disgusting lot of them that is still in power. On the other hand, if you listen long enough you can be talked into anything. And the hissing of a snake starts to sound like church music.

Many might point to Bush’s stand on abortion as being a “clear-cut principle” whose utter lack I decry above, but even here there is a cynical method being employed. For beyond reprieve the President’s total lack of care for human life has been demonstrated: this in death-row policies both in Texas and against a whole population in Iraq. Rather what he does is to use this one single issue as a pious counterweight to an otherwise bloody regime: just as he attempted to sneak through the rape of the Alaskan backwoods amid measures to equip our troops in Iraq, and to care for Katrina victims. Always we have in the final analysis a broker, a manipulator of minds and hearts, an astute twister and breaker of statutes, Commandments and civil and human liberties alike.

December 23, 2005: The debt-related handing-over of the United States to a geo-financial slavery by the hyper-“patriotic” Reagan and the Two Bushes

This was the real upshot of the Kennedy assassinations: whose ultimate issue we can now see before us so clearly and in so many ways. Part of the hijacking of whose political/economic-legacy has been the forcible abandonment of John’s vigorous and wildly-popular New Frontier approach. An imaginative set of initiatives, with the Space Program only a part of a sound fiscal and monetary package, one that would have opened up an unprecedented growth-oriented chapter in world political and economic history. This rather having been systematically replaced by the most massive act of global degeneracy and domestic treason on record. For put very simply, the wildly-gratuitous, supposedly “ideology-driven” deficit-spending, fueled by an exponentially-expanding open-market borrowing of these most recent Republican presidents—departing from a national balance-sheet previously in the black—has with incredible speed raised debt-servicing into a rigorous new form of future bondage to effete and tyrannical private interests. Quickly gaining the stature of the grim new determiner of America’s future: that which had once been happy and bright. Added to the bankruptcy-threatening binges of New York city and many other major municipalities, these national economic policies have set an irresistible, snowballing trend of staggering levels of universal-American private and official credit-spending. Chaining us to the ideologies and policy whims of condescending and dictatorial global investors and their agents, protégés and brokers. With the U.S. bond-fed consumer-demand-market essentially becoming the whip-driven catalyst for a squandering, popularly-irrelevant and impoverishing, income-elite-catering global productivity. With a sprawl-phenomenon of court/developer/transport-official mutual turf- and self-enrichment fruitful in a host of social problems, in an epidemic of road construction and radically or relatively high-end housing, a cynically-promoted elite-catering product-market, and finding among such extravagances a thriving illegal drug trade and other Mob-related criminal enterprises looming conspicuously large. A reputedly-irreversible, frenetically-borrowing future to feed such feverish activities—accelerated at least fourfold by this Administration—which will very soon gravely limit the financing of labor agreements, retirement funds and other services once considered routine: while likewise taking more fundamental sectors into its bankruptcy-ridden ambit as time goes on. These retirement monies having already incredibly-often been quietly looted throughout much of the twentieth century by a largely-Republican-allied Mob, found not just in trucking—a parallel to the unconscionable looting of social Security by Congress—a cozy G.O.P./organized crime tie-in that goes back in an uninterrupted trail-of-corruption to the Tweed Gang of the last quarter of the 19th century.

Thus in view of the worsening debt/actuarial universe here there arises the special significance of the transit strike in New York city: where after 2007, according to experts interviewed tonight on NPR, the funds for the settlement will have to be put into some sort of Spartan, rigorously-negotiated time-series projection. This in order to demonstrate an ability to meet the profit-goals of the institutional investors involved. So dependent have municipalities become on these forces to not only underwrite but to rigorously blueprint the viability of their future. And this is in major part a result of the Republican-led putting-in-hock of the Federal Government: as primary currency, M1 and M2, or any funds not already encumbered by debt, subject to various extractive assignations, become more and more scarce at all levels and in every private or public application. (Note of 11/08: it recently came out that whole transit systems, including that of New York City, were mortgaged immediately after they were paid for and constructed under onerous bond issues. Thus creating a new income stream for the city, much as the Federal Government has done with Social Security funds. The sorts of fiscal policies that put Spain in thrall already at the time of Columbus, and that led directly to the French Revolution (caused by clamoring creditors far more than by any disaffected commoners).

The big sellout of these presidents, this inter-temporal giveaway explains in stark and simple terms the whole drift of foreign and domestic policies pursued today. Here being the hyperventilating “democracy” and “progress” we impose upon the Muslim world. A trend initiated with the near-hysterical enthusiasms of the mid-80s-celebrated Reaganomics Laffer Curve: which supposedly demonstrated the higher wisdom of giving huge tax-breaks to the rich because they know how to spend money much more expeditiously. A laugh indeed, but a policy pursued with growing fanatical, indeed grinningly-nihilistic resolve by the present Administration, providing a grand new way to mortgage the nation for private gain. A scheme which already finds vast numbers of Americans essentially in chains—those lower classes who, as always historically in such cases, “take up the slack”, and “make ends meet” for their “betters” in such impossible but by-no-means-unprecedented money-stretching enterprises. While within a decade a constituency of genuine slaves will beyond any doubt, if matters continue as they are, be counted in the tens of millions. Especially considering the bewildering speed of the present accumulation of debt—the number of people who already “pay their keep” without remuneration, and who barter their very selves in order to survive in things like sexual prostitution and analogous inhuman bonds. A mute constituency—like the wailing spirits seen by Ebenezer Scrooge through his window—rarely alluded to, but already formidable in size. (Note of April 2012: rife now are permanently-homeless men who drift far and wide, who seem at times to have loose ties with the Mob, and who present every appearance of being willing to do anything to stay alive. While next to us just now at this little town where we are saving money to fix our truck—or Crusader battle-wagon—is a rented dwelling which to all appearances serves as a crack-house and male-and-female den-of-prostitution, over which rules this diminutive Hispanic punk who with monotonous regularity yells and screams at his charges for hours on end, at five in the morning or three in the afternoon. A hysterical tirade which is answered amply in kind by one of the screeching whores therein. A grand jefe to whom squad-cars full of police come, finally, hat in hand, begging him to tone it down. Alas, being new in town, and receiving a treacherous tip about a place to rent, we had no idea what we were getting into, and the cat-that-ate-the-canary look on the landlady's face just didn't ring any bells just then. Hence if we moved again, and paid another set of deposits, and other attendant expenses, we would never get the truck fixed, and get back out on the Crusader trail. Contrast the noted drippy leniency to a thug to treatment we anti-sodomy crusaders got from doughy and uprighteous police officers up in Wyoming during the summer of last year. A "task force" always in a desperate search toward the incrimination of harmless citizens, struggling valiantly to find drug-pushers whom every grade-schooler knows where to find).

As greater and greater numbers are thus marginalized economically, the already-imperative drive to classify others as “lesser” in racial and other arbitrary terms will with glib good-ole-boy efficiency play out in great numbers of frauds, abductions and other anomalies and abominations, as for instance in a housing market in which rock-solid-solvent Blacks must still pay enormous interest rates compared to socially-and-financially comparable Whites. Such wrongs indeed already arriving as well at figures of the most astonishing magnitude: in a society more-and-more characterized by hypocrisy, coming to resemble the Biblical “brood of vipers” far more than the Kennedy America of mid-century. Traces, evidences of which we have observed in recent trips across the USA, as recorded here in some detail in an entry below.

This is the profound economic consequence which Robert Kennedy predicted would come about if Organized Crime were allowed to continue its stranglehold on both major and minor political figures, unions, corporate management and myriad ancillary or associated sectors. That which they have drastically intensified since his meticulously-planned demise at their own very hands. And as we have suggested, and as Robert intimated throughout his magnificent, fact-filled book, The Enemy Within, this phenomenon of corruption was in his time closely associated in many ways with the Republican Party as well as with many major Republican figures.

Furthermore, it won’t be long before the mask of religious conservatism comes off the Bush Machine and those Neo-Cons to which it is so transparently allied. This being the penultimate deceitful measure which keeps a desperate American loyalty alive. A loyalty which however will soon-enough be considered expendable, when our chains are finally finished being forged. Then we will see the perfect convergence of the twin depravities of aggressive warfare and moral perversion, presently engaged in an impressive mock battle in Washington. Solely in order to sustain the Bush-regime “born again” ethos of a pious political credulity. (Note of 11/08: that radical “patriotism”-based ethic which Lyndon LaRouche would soon be identifying as an essential ingredient of Nazi mass-indoctrination, carried forward in time by its neo-con direct ideological descendants.)

In these pages and publications I examine further international tie-ins with respect to this beggaring of, this treason against, the United States, and indeed against all peoples everywhere. Connections with forces that operate well above and beyond the Mob and American political life. A universe-of-its-own which uses mocking accusations of paranoia and “conspiracy theory” to rub salt in mankind’s many open wounds. But even here the Bush family is at the center of things in at least an intermediary directive capacity, figuring prominently in a supranational secret-society network which goes back at least to the 1830s, one investigated thoroughly in many books and publications, and briefly touched upon here and there on this website as well.

I offer means to deliver ourselves from this onerous bondage in these pages: even a way back to Kennedy’s New Frontier. Methods which, especially at this late and critical date, require the urgent pleading of divine aid and an assiduous following of His law.

December 21, 2005: Alas, the long feared Rule by Republican Fine-Print Lawyers: through whose sieve disappears freedom, equality, world peace, civil rights. Wake up, America: answerability is the FISA issue, not speed. Also, Kofi Annan finally gets enough. Additionally: Democrats, why don’t you get smart and throw sodomy and anti-life advocacy overboard? Then you will once again be the Party of the People, and win landslide victories, as in the days of John and Robert Kennedy. And have no problem vanquishing the bully-on-the-block Republican fat-cats. Then too, CNN has managed to claim the territory of the major moderate Administration critic, but their criticisms are always overly-polite, hesitant, and off-center of what is really involved. Finally, the torturing of Saddam Hussein.

The question of the ongoing—and threatened continual—evasion of the FISA courts isn’t at all a matter of speed, contrary to what the ubiquitous Victoria Toensing is rushing around town telling everyone. On the end of uncanny numbers of talk-show phone-ins, if not the guest actually being interviewed, this charter-member of the neo-con NGO community is an Establishment originator of the whole rush-to-judgment phenomenon against so-called terrorists. This Bush hit-lady of the hour—whose whole manner initially made me dismiss her as a nobody—for which error I apologize to my readers—as always “laying it on the line” for a planet-Bush version of matters-at-hand. (Note of 11/08: these “hit men” and “hit ladies” of the Administration were destined to be many and varied, but like Alberto Gonzales, typically to disappear after their ultimate shamefaced “day in the sun”, never to be heard from on the media/public forum again). Toensing epitomizes the phenomenon of litigating public issues, that which is the Republican lawyer-ridden approach par excellence. Treating major policy matters in that business-adversarial manner which has absolutely no regard for truth—a direct Republican trickle-down from tenth-century trial-by-combat—which cares not at all for the common good. That which these well-heeled politicians regard as the province of weak-minded and degenerate ultra-liberals, but which is however at the very basis of governmental legitimacy itself: and in the manifold absence of whose pursuit armed rebellion is amply justified. Here being the same criminally-negligent approach taken routinely by a judicial and criminal justice system which seeks above all to achieve more intake. This to keep the lucrative wheels of bureaucracy both moving and well-greased.

But in fact rather than all the stonewalling blither about speed at issue here in the wiretap controversy is answerability. The President plainly wants to squelch any and all popular or congressional monitoring of his deeds or policies: and a host of lawyers and PR people surround him who are ready to stoutly justify—and indeed to enforce—such a dictatorial approach. This is why he took well over a year to choose his original cabinet, and skillfully coaxed out of the legal and political woodwork a host of other characters like Chertoff, Gonzales and Negroponte in the ensuing years. In this way assembling a whole flea-parade of yes-men for an ideologically-radical, quasi-legal, neo-con agenda. People whose sense of truthfulness, ethics or even a general respect-for-human-life was not at all among their strong-points.

As noted below, the Administration already has a 72 hour retroactive submission-of-request window-of-opportunity to employ. The legal preparations for which (for writing briefs and their precedent-related footnotes?) Toensing claims to take several weeks at least. A prohibitively-lengthy time frame never mentioned by the many experts with current related experience (which she woefully lacks) who have been heard from in recent days. But the tried and true way of the Bush Machine is to shout all the louder the less truth or substance there is in your argument. (All this is very familiar from likewise-Synagogue-brokered Bolshevik and AshkeNazi Black-Shirt/Putsch days). Actually, this FISA process is one in which the White House is basically never turned down; and in which a retroactive court scolding or disapprobation could hardly result in more than a non-punitive, and indeed routinely-reversible, negative precedent toward a particular type of (expeditiously obtained) wiretap. Hence at issue here then is not speed but Bush’s absolute refusal to be monitored, held accountable or restrained in the slightest way.

All this soft-shoe has to do with a “terrorism”-related international and domestic “war” whose every particular is shrouded in the densest cloud of secrecy since before 9/11. Which basically means—in case you don’t understand the Yiddish dialect of international betrayal and intrigue—that we are now ruled from Tel Aviv: carefully-choreographed lovers’ spats and quarrels to one side. The Jews having “worked this end of the territory” since before the end of World War I: leaving large groups of “terrorists” dead in ditches for refusing to be hospitable enough to Jewish “temporary refugees”. (Get it? Hitler and the “Holocaust” weren’t at all necessary to this ongoing “persecuted Jew” con-game, which gets us deeper and deeper into global war each day). And furthermore to compare non-authorized wiretaps with non-authorized physical searches—that which the Clinton Administration is said to have claimed the right to perform under certain highly-limited circumstances—is like comparing apples and oranges. Something a selectively-vigilant Wolf Blitzer, among others—all of whom act selectively brain-dead where required—should have jumped on with both feet. For one thing because physical searches are much more cumbersome and difficult to perform: so that they have a certain self-limiting aspect to them from the word go.

By contrast, phone-taps and various ghost-like digital invasions are at the very pith of the debate over today’s inherent tech-related threat to civil-liberties: being easily performed under constantly-refining methods. A phenomenon capable of becoming a veritable surveillance cancer: a reverse-search-engine which, if you can believe the nightly detective shows, can breeze past your password in a digital trice. One which blends supremely well with the noted litigated pseudo-governance. The two combined easily magnifying a war-on-terror into a genuine Orwellian 1984 such as we have been progressively experiencing since the fraudulent election of 2000. Quite predictably, if this arrogant position of the President, Gonzales and others is allowed to stand there will be no limit to the invasion of personal territories previously thought “off limits”: according to the most basic rules of reverence or simple propriety. Here being obviously the most classical stuff of a cruel and perhaps even mad tyrant: as Bush’s words, gestures, actions and demeanor have on more than one occasion amply suggested.

Regarding Kofi Annan, we have this standard Bush/neo-con tactic of buffeting, falsely-litigating, a targeted individual with multi-faceted allegations extremely difficult to either substantiate or out-of-hand disprove: these moral-body-jabs typically being fronted by witnesses and other figures of mediocre or questionable standing. These Republican character assassinations and personal hijackings, litigated or broadcast before some judicial or media venue, are really only a variant of the 70s-born counter-suit phenomenon. That perverse legal halberd which intimidated so many just causes of those without limitless money with which to do battle in court. Very much like the travesty now being conducted in Texas against Tom DeLay by highly-similar nationally-backed anti-life litigators. In fact, in Anon’s perpetually-dragged-on case, there are hosts of ready-and-willing witnesses who have well-documented but classic-neo-con blankfacedly-ignored proof—and not just allegations—to decisively counter the charges brought. But outmoded court rules allow litigations to go on as long as someone is low enough to continue bringing them forth in ever-modifying form: against an international figure with the courage—not Orwellian 1984 mock-“bravery”—to stand up to the global Bush-Mob. The highly-pertinent recourse of the moratorium being either ideologically disdained or hamstrung with prohibitively-high and equally-outmoded triggering-thresholds. The upshot being that honorable and prestigious public servants—of both nation and international preeminence—are held suspect by some bona fide “overgrown schoolboy” reporter and a media-hype-blinded public. This simply because they work for a (media assassinated) U.N., or were connected with some sovereignty involved with Oil For Food. A program actually spotless in real terms: especially when compared against the Bush contractor-bonanza of Iraq, as well as the whole barbaric and unjustified Invasion itself.

Thus amid the din of this counter-litigation phenomenon when someone under ceaseless accusation, like Annan, attempts to defend himself, in the complex terms required, he is instantly shouted down, as if by such very pains he were guiltily, skulkily attempting to evade the revealing light of day. Really, this is pure heckling, the stock-in-trade of every crooked convention or municipal meeting, or gaggle of strike-breaking goons, since halcyon days of Tammany Hall: and thus of course also the unwavering tack employed by Fox News and its beefy staff of verbal-bullies.

Finally, after some two years of this nonsense, Kofi Annan got enough. And really I think there is a whole world out there verging on the same boiling point: including diplomats and heads-of-state who, together with their leaders or constituents, will rather “drink muddy water and sleep in a hollow log” (like so many already do) than to continue tolerating or entertaining the international blackmail of the Bush/neo-con Regime. Just another aspect of a corporate- and privatized-official culture in which “turning the trick”—this in a whole wide gamut of senses—is your key to advancement and recently-glorified reaches of The American Dream. After the defeat of which venal, mendacious and chaotic Empire, to quote Ben Hur with respect to a projected fall-in-stature of a much-more-equitable—and legitimate—Rome, “there will be a shout of freedom that will be heard ‘round the world'”. The only effective battering-ram against which new Mongol Golden Horde citadel is the moral-law-rooted popular system advocated on these pages.

Another item: Hilary and the gang, can’t you see that the fringe-radical anti-life and gay-wedding folks aren’t worth loosing elections over? They may give you big bucks, but their bullion is like adding shame-ballast to a boat already taking in water at the deck-line. In the end, you will loose in a frightful way. This sodomy-lobby as noted above is funded and litigated just as heavily by the same corporate interests that back the Bush Machine. Get smart, Hilary, and reclaim your Christian integrity and moral courage, start a real political revolution. Remember, with God “all things are possible”, and the flip-side: “He who is ashamed of me before men, I will be ashamed of him (or her) before my Father in Heaven.”

Finally, in this day packed full of lies, stonewalling and evasions there is the case of Saddam Hussein having been tortured by American “interrogators”. Horrible images of Abu Ghraib of course come instantly to mind, in abuses “over every inch of my body” he claims to have endured. But the entire docket of newscasters cynically disregarded his claims as “grandstanding”. Ah, verbally-brave USA. While of course the hyenas we have grown to expect our interrogators to be call his accusations “bogus”.

Americans who speak this way and who swallow such commentaries without question, when God finally gets around, in the next life, to “handing you too over to the torturers” as well, don’t expect any sympathy to be expended on you either.

December 20, 2005: Ongoing development in the Bush Machine’s increasingly-candid seizure of absolute power

This morning the presidential spokesman Scott McClellan “rejected” any press inquiry into Bush’s claiming of absolute ruling powers. Both Bush and his martinet-like alter-ego have counterparts in the right-wing media and among various astute Republican apparatchiks. Like the neo-con-foundation-connected Victoria Toensing on C-Span in a discussion of this latest presidential/senatorial impasse, also this morning, who constantly shouted down her debating counterpart in the time-hallowed Fox manner, babbling sheer condescending legalese about a lack of “probable cause” applicability under the present “FISA” statutes. She claims expertise in this highly-specialized field for work done during the 1980s, mostly as a committee-counsel for Senator Goldwater. The “probable cause” threshold—that which is needed in various settings to bring the issuance of warrants, indictments or court orders—which is now being required for a wiretap warrant from FISA: this is a far different one from that with which she would have been acquainted that many years ago. At a time when means available to terrorists were on a much-less-threatening and sophisticated technological level: relatively-primitive ways-and-means comparing like apples and oranges to today’s hair-trigger surveillance responses. A “need-for-speed” furthermore already amply provided for within existing legislation: which allows NSA and other executive-branch agencies to get retroactive approval for emergencies, special cases, and special (alleged) “bad-guys”. The point being that Bush and key arm-twisters in his Administration will simply do as they please—remaining (gloriously, “patriotically”, like the college gridiron-star after the date-rape) a law unto themselves. While Bush’s guarantee to McCain against torture can be seen in the same general limelight to be an empty letter as well (noted of 11/08: this McCain who would so handily “throw” a presidential election, paving the way for an Israeli-born, Israel-chosen, crypto-Jewish Obama): the President having obviously, under televised footage, mastered the ability to lie with a super-straight face, giving two perfectly contradictory answers to one and the same rhetorical question. Regarding procedures “whenever we use the word ‘wiretap’”. These points were indeed admirably sustained by this lady’s contesting panelist, perhaps the greatest living expert on the subject-matter of FISA requests, appeals and presidential-evasions. But the idea behind his shouting down by this relative-non-entity was to fuel the popular “take off the kid gloves” hysteria (a “hands on” arguing the accelerated abduction of innocents by our beefy agents, and blowing-to-smithereens of Iraqi and Afghani women and children by our troops): that which is the one and only forte of George W. Bush and associates. The fuel for same being admirably fed by this false application of legal jargon—this “too bad you don’t even know the technicalities involved”—over issues somewhat difficult to understand, and even more so to explain to a listening lay audience, and thus lending themselves readily to this sort of unscrupulous rhetorical manipulation. This being the classical overbearing “professional elite” Republican approach—whose forerunner since Napoleon has been the all-powerful "liberal-democratic" technocrat who "knows what's best"—both typically bare of all genuine professional or technical merit, spilling over in uncannily brutal and bloody foreign policy terms.

The real jist of all of this—as was indeed stated in so many words by one courageous caller—is to guarantee that any determined resistance to this corporation-installed dictator, George Bush, will be treated more or less on the level of a “terrorist threat”. Ultimately to be ruthlessly put down after the manner of the “Air Marshal” execution of the model-citizen Latin American in Miami. Indeed, there is ample evidence that it is this patriotic constituency, of potential Lexington-Bridge-style insurgents, who are the real targets of the much-contested phone taps themselves. This whole “wartime powers” absolutism—and its incalculable, unmentionable potential purposes—being a subject obliquely addressed by the President, in his speech of yesterday morning, in terms of his usual bluff, bullying, designedly-nebulous vocabulary. Significantly too, one person of matchless expertise in the controverted subject-matter—a private-contractor-adviser to government on information security matters—whose input was far more consequential than that of the belligerent and dolefully-ill-informed element given so much air time and attention—was cut off by C-Span before he could complete the illuminating details of his highly-germane commentary.

December 20, 2005: Integral Catholicism and its concept of non-intermediated human, social and material resources. The polar-opposite of the Bush Doctrine of the global Big Brother.

The whole productive genius of humanity is as it were self-contained: a seed which in order to germinate and bear fruit in abundance—in a self-realization and objectification personal, local, regional and national in character—must dirty its fingernails, must handle things in real terms. Comprising a physically-embodied motivational universe designed to be generously watered spiritually by the Catholic sacramental life. Always a locally-rooted plant, this tree of human development yearns for such a divine Incarnational supernatural hydration: one nonetheless anticipated in the aid and guidance given providentially and from the very beginning to all nations and peoples, and met by varying degrees of cooperation or non-cooperation with same. A “dew from above” given by the same God and common Father Who instituted the Catholic Sacraments, unfolding the petals of the destinies of nations and men. But the point of this little article is that in a certain ultimate sense there can be no effective “master plan” at some planning office: to as-it-were pre-determine the channels along which this divinely-participated human development will actually proceed, whether in national or local varieties of flowers and seeds. Indeed to place too much stock in these much-made-over attempts rather violates the delicate motivational fundamentals and ancillaries involved. Human volitional/spiritual/intellectual wellsprings which rather require a host of their own locally-determined prompts and protocols in order for development to successfully take place at all. If we are to deal in a human universe, and not one of ideologies and theories more suited to some weird race of inter-planetary visitors. Such as indeed haunt and obsess the modern harried mind.

Unfortunately, rather than the assiduous recognition of the human context there prevails the dominion of certain supranational forces and a-priori academic theories. These latter changing continually and often-enough drastically by the year, throwing everything up for grabs. A cranked-out agenda—of flash-in-the-pan professor or NGO—which serves human development little if any at all, but rather expedites the accumulation of power and position to the already wealthy and strong. In a cynically-brokered, arcanely “construct”-ridden world with few fruitful cultivars or catalysts. A dysfunctional approach which becomes much more sinister and blinders-wearing as it gathers both money and momentum. While there is also a closely-allied mechanism at work in the modern global economy which sees modern man—despite all the academic nostrums to which he is exposed—as being more-or-less perfectly helpless. A view which fits uncannily well with the “radically depraved (human) nature” of the Protestant Reformers, and a similarly-bleak view taken by traditional Judaism as well. A despairing outlook both simplistic and of a twisted complexity which understandably works a veritable bonanza for a big-board-dominating pharmaceutical industry. One fast filling the shoes once worn by an Illegal Drug Cartel: this said to have diminished considerably over the past several years. A new drug trade in which street-corner blandishments are replaced by an urgency-pedaling, “concerned”, pill-pushing media. (Note of 11/08: interestingly, the burgeoning industry would see to the neat transformation of a non-habit-forming Tylenol into the now-universal “pain relief” additives: curiously, after some fifteen customers, all told, mysteriously died of cyanide poisoning, as I remember, after taking the once-highly-powerful, -popular and entirely non-addictive pill). And finally the circle of self-rewarding ironclad logic closes the only route-of-escape for an (indeed in-a-sense) truly helpless citizen: with the today-universal “scientific law” of global academia, laying the blame for our fate, with great pomp and circumstance, upon our Christian, especially our Catholic, past. (Note of April 2012: Thus only this morning the headline on CNN online, "exposing four myths" of the Book of Revelations: the Christian New Testament being a special target of a rabid Jewish media-crowd which twenty years back lyingly disparaged a then-in-progress Shroud of Turin internationally-acclaimed lab-investigation: burying it to this very day in an oblivion not soon to be undone. With the verbal-bullies of entire global media getting behind this gabby but utterly-untrained observer, elbowing his way among the universally-acknowledged great, a notorious anti-Christian zealot with no scientific credentials at all. This upstart however blandly and with congenital high-hauteur branding the team-of-scientists forgerers, or some such name: many of whom were from our own U.S. military, in one of the last truly noble things it would ever do. This mouthy Jew sounding off on cue when this prestigious international effort began conclusively to prove the authenticity, one cloth-fiber, digital depth-study, Precious-Blood-molecule or microscopic-photo-analysis at a time, of both the two-thousand-year-old piece of linen and the Resurrection to which it bears mutely-magnificent witness). With lucrative counseling and crime-and-detention Industries, with nightly TV-surrogates leading the way, allegedly saving us from backward follies of all kinds as well: an uprighteous cavalcade fruitful in spin-off evangelical TV and tent preachers where there was once an abundance of farms and shops. A bleak scenario furthermore—as it were in harsh judgments upon “Christmases past”—basically embraced by the Vatican itself, in a bewildering, inscrutable but radical change in “Church” ethos and outlook adopted, openly or tacitly, since a much-celebrated council to end all councils.

The all-engrossing “war on terror” really epitomizes Americas present-day milieu of an abysmal negativity. A wall-eyed “security”-conscious demeanor having become standard, in a USA which since colonial days has for that matter always required—for an ever-ambivalent self-image—an enemy to fight.  So that now the casual gait, the open smile have become the next thing to an open threat. With good citizens being challenged, as it were, by tin-horn authorities on sidewalks and in stores, just for their race or nationality, or the hastily-evaluated poverty of their appearance. Staunch image-conscious guardians all around capsulating in this new national preoccupation a Puritan/Anglo-Saxon-dominated American psyche which has through our history been prone to a “we’re all in this together” paranoia. (Except for those many who “don’t fit”). Ceaselessly looking for some indispensable enemy to identify, and to heroically ferret out for all to see. And even if you’re wrong in the ringing verdicts of this always-in-session court, you’re to be congratulated for so much patriotic fervor, a “he meant well, anyway”, for which one never counts the innocent-party cost. A hysteria which together with an irrational “we can’t let their sacrifice be in vain” completes the loop, forms an obsessive, world-conquering moral complex, an all-inclusive nihilistic philosophy of life.

Thus do we Americans form a real cornucopia for the radical-interventionist theorists—to whom “so much” is also always “at stake”—“crusading” warriors against desperately fought or fled-from enemies finding odd battlefield allies in various supra-national NGOs and secret societies. These with massive agendas just waiting to happen. (Note of April 2012: In such a delivery-room has proceeded the carefully-managed abortion of Syria, now being ordered to lay down its arms, to "stop the violence against 'its own people'": as now any armed band of anti-government thugs anywhere in the non-English-speaking world is automatically graced with this uprighteous designation. Milling, shouting, inevitably foreign-sponsored mobs before which these sovereign states are enjoined to become as meek lambs.) With a host of “for their own good” measures poised to radically impact some truly-helpless “target” population: whether a town, a person, a nation or a global region. As these new messiahs confront both monumental and pedestrian issues, all the while society collapses around our ears. This while doughty White/Anglo born-again believers with supreme united-we-stand convenience ramrod Marine battalions to keep down “the enemy” at home and abroad, and (Note of 11/08) a wild-eyed “Catholic” Eric Prince at Blackwater stealthily performs policy-provocateur black-ops missions in the corporate-mercenary world. And the bogus-history media turns out endless fantasies about a gentle-hearted Catholicism and the Catholic past, by contrast to which to make the present nightmare look like a Mother Goose tale. Indeed such aggressive, imperative mechanisms will invariably hijack the first hesitant, vulnerable efforts of a local community—inevitably overpowering the familiarity-bred insights of their first groping projections and ideas. Hence the descent of nationally-organized racists like the KKK, and the less-obvious influence of other more-liberal secret societies, upon school districts across the South during the Integration drama of the 50s and 60s. The NAACP or the ACLU having indeed proven in the medium terms to be of a more telling significance, but in the long run of decades having been overcome, in their influence on American society, by those doughty, ignorantine prejudices for which hooded clansmen are basically no longer needed. In a USA of the 21st century in which color and nationality grading—combined with the yet-more-repugnant atavism of a glibly-resurgent society of servitude—have become morbid national obsessions. An Anglo/Jewish upper-caste having preemptively asserted its superiority in a veritable quasi-religious polemical, political and foreign-policy blitzkrieg, since days when Reagan and then Newt Gingrich first raised a heroic, national-debt-ballooning hue-and-cry. This new War having fish-in-a-barrel domestic purposes even more lustily pursued than those “heroic” ones overseas. But the new racism is invariably of the cheap-shot variety which no longer denies certain sanitized minority-members access to the corridors of power, rather neatly and antiseptically guaranteeing—by a contorted kind of Mob “natural selection” and through a crooked court system—that many of them will have police records that uprighteously bar the way to equal treatment under the law. Even as a certain old-fashioned sort of Black or Mexican—or “non-minority” but Mediterranean-looking Croat—resolutely refuses to learn all the slapstick and the tail-wagging, feisty, effeminate and self-demeaning body-language that is part and parcel of gated-“community” living, and landing that “good” job.

As I conjecture in another entry below, in a previous “summary of ideas” hyperlinked segment: the Johnson-Administration emphasis upon massive “programs”, like the vast and intimidating institution of bussing, ended up creating far more problems than it solved. In the first resurgence—after a relatively-healthy and robust first half of the twentieth century—and after the Kennedy’s had been gotten rid of with Synagogue-admirable dispatch—of this same massive, monolithic, pathological phenomenon. Here was born a log-rolling cronyism of epic proportions—that for which Johnson had already long been noted. While by contrast the Catholic and more-tentative Kennedy-brothers—cut short of fair evaluation by a hail of assassins’ bullets—were much more open to the local positive, imaginative, small-scale initiative or idea. That which is the natural companion to a high-tech world properly applied (see my Integral Catholicism). This came across evocatively in John’s campaign addresses around the country, like those delivered to mining families in Appalachia, as well as his quiet behind the scenes involvements with communities everywhere. Where Johnson would later grab two-inch headlines about some mammoth new defense appropriations bill, or some onerously-funded new agency, “urban renewal program” or “community action committee”, the Kennedy brothers—and especially their large, closely-collaborative, highly-trained and -motivated staffs—would incredibly-often work directly with the now-forgotten people involved in each local or regional venue, respecting and loving the cultural landscape in every case. As comes across so well in John’s book A Nation of Immigrants, and from a completely different slant in details of dense and dedicated local anti-Mob involvement in Robert’s The Enemy Within. Against a Mob which now tightly controls this land, a criminal entity you come in contact with basically as soon as you step out the door. A situation which even the Mob itself, as I contend, doesn’t like anymore.

The way of what might be called relative non-intermediarity is the only path forward both for the nation and the globe: the intellectually- and morally-interactive way pursued in this website and books to date. A view in which there is no room for some scolding, discouraging board of attitudinal elders. A positive ambiance and vision: one more commonly called by the name of organizational distributism. A method which has little place for the Drug-mob, “legal” or illegal, nor for a related “life by proxy” of the modern hyper-televised, -digitized, and -commoditized existence—nor yet for any carefully-planned and perpetuated state of national emergency. Shunning as it does that world of domestic and international interventions—including a noted steadily-developing ceaseless Hitlerian warfare—for which Bush and his father before him—for all their smaller government rhetoric—are highly-conspicuous symbols. On the contrary, only through being ceded a primary, “original jurisdiction”, “hands on” involvement with the fundamentals of their own existence can the People—that entity which in a special way translates into families and local neighborhoods and districts—be at all adequately served by society and its many institutions.

What are the primary tasks required for such a shifting of foundations? One however not at all cataclysmic in nature, like some sort of earthquake, but rather profoundly settling, consolidating? There must be a swift, determined and uncompromising movement away from the whole uncontainable, incalculable phenomenon of global finance. For this is the very root source of the problem: the ugly weed where once stood a fruit-bearing plant. An octopus which brings us the oppressive behind-the-scenes dominion of the stock market and other supranational forces, the perpetual debt-driven gearing-up-for-war, the artificial, radical-intervention-ridden nature of modern life, the undyingly corrupt nature of today’s political universe. A seemingly-intimidating mega-brokered pseudo-universe which is however extremely vulnerable in real terms: being the overfed offspring of ballooning interest or inter-temporal payments which absolute must increase continually as time goes on. Or the whole system—with its many non-contributing human and organizational leaches—must collapse of its own deadweight. An eventuality for which it is possible to prepare a peaceful and constructive issue, as it were of salvage. Of that collectively-produced wealth—that which comprises genuine material civilization—which according to constant Christian doctrine—since Gregory the Great in the latter sixth century—belongs as a whole to humanity, and not to any vaunted, elitist, self-proclaimed-“caretaker” private parties.

These thoughts, familiar to those who have previously visited this website, pressed in upon me once again last night as I watched an NPR documentary on the racial integration court-decisions and community-showdowns of the 50s and 60s. Abundantly evident was the good-heartedness of the school board and most of the common people of the little town in Arkansas, where the battle over civil rights seems to have initially centered. A town that decided to quietly integrate on its own initiative, immediately upon receiving word of the Brown court decision. But not long afterward basically all the pathological influences detailed above were to descend upon that tiny community: forces which would dwarf the unassuming, innately-constructive input of the individual persons most directly involved. That unprecedented pseudo-institutional assault which violates and uproots a host of the delicate moral and motivational tendrils most at stake in all such community issues, which urgently require an incarnational Catholic point-of-departure for their generously-adequate addressing. That orientation toward which mankind already in many ways innately tends and aspires, by a law written on the human heart. In communities which certainly don’t need an approach deliberately, paranoiacally, ideologically—and for all the voluble “ecumenism”—anti-Catholic in nature. That penchant for the confessional-atavism of which the USA remains the long-standing—if not always historically consistent—home-of-homes.

Dogging the efforts of these Southerners during this whole immense drama of school integration at mid-century were a host of elite NGOs and pressure groups, while in stark contrast in order for a neighborhood, a town to develop positively and constructively the individual persons and traditional groups involved must be dealt with as primary agents. A deference in a very real sense due to these lower units far more than to those above them in the organizational or authority-related “chain of command”: let alone to any of the many towering pseudo-institutional monoliths identified above. Hence even the place of a contrasting genuine authority must always be primarily construed as expediting, not determining: even if this function does on occasion involve the issuing of commands. Injunctions arising from out of a more comprehensive moral and organizational purview: with the national government setting the basic minimum moral standard of the land on all significant issues, to which local life must by all means conform. While bringing to bear a certain higher aggregate-level organizational familiarity—a certain unique but entirely-constructive perspective—which higher levels of authority alone can afford. Not entailing any “proactive”, preemptive exercise-of-power, aside from the critical unifying moral authority noted above: that which alone—over major things like racial justice—can result in direct commands, even the calling-out of troops. A view of authority more typically with towel and washbasin in hand.

Thus as Aquinas and Augustine related (Aquinas, Summa, on law, Q 96, 97) there can be times when a society in whole or in part can become unlawful, “selling their votes, permitting the rule of scoundrels and criminals”, a polity which needs for the very public good itself—so as not to dissolve into perfect chaos—to be forcibly brought into line with moral principles. But quite the contrary of the reasonable approach of these Doctors, today’s interventionists on the right and left—if largely from contrary motivations—see mankind in perpetual need of radical means, these in turn non-transparently directed especially toward those “lower races” which are always somehow seen through a self-rewarding jaundiced lens. Even as Catholic and traditional-Western moral philosophy regards as universal an overriding tendency toward the good: toward order, decency and morality, in a natural law amenability recognizable to varying degrees of clarity among various peoples. This “compelling them to enter the wedding banquet” of civility, then, when truly necessary, is accomplished “by a few good (and duly-constituted, and not necessarily Anglo-Saxon) men”: but this sort of mass popular necessity can only be the result of a profound degeneration, and hardly the standard condition of men. With the latter false assumption indeed at the base of most cases of historical tyranny. While even such a deteriorated condition necessarily calls forth the reciprocal cooperative input of those thus ruled, and not just their mute, passive non-involvement or totalitarian domination. So that they might indeed rise quickly and by their own developing habits from out of an alleged pitiful, helpless and reprehensible condition: this building-up of personal, local, regional and national character being the only exit from any such condition of dire moral need.

December 19, 2005: In this morning’s Presidential address, the mask drops dramatically off the Bush dictatorship. The upshot of a 9/11 witch-hunt whose major conclusions—like the real identity of those who “flew” and crashed the planes—were never even remotely proven. You can expect an increasingly number of these harangues; these angry, bluff, Al-Capone-like, near-incoherent diatribes. Bush’s vapid idea of “freedom” translates strictly into rank impunity for the multinational corporations. And for his own sense of stonewalling, ballot-box-stuffing absolute power.

Central to the approach of George W. Bush—and of his speechwriters and those insidious forces he represents—is this whole business of emotive, symbol-laden phrases. These constantly media-bombarding a captive population, under the unprecedented control of a totalitarian, all-embracing corporate power. This sloganeering being of course of the essence of a Hitler, of an aggressive warrior, with the latter himself in thrall to his own era's major industrial and financial powers. It is the world of a couple of dozen aphorisms along the line of “spreading democracy around the globe”. It is the grim evocation of “freedom’s price”, of “democracy’s friend or foe”. Really, it is an occult, philistine Skull and Crossbones adaptation of the Catholic idea of ejaculations, or holy phrases, often with indulgences attached, which are especially formulated to spur some certain element of devotion.

But whereas the Catholic ejaculations promote an inner resolution toward a reasonable, virtuous life—the power of grace seeming to be packed, compressed into every syllable—Bush’s phrases are toward hammering out a shell of armor, as if of beaten brass, to cover a moral and intellectual void. The sort of metallic defense or concealment always required by any “end justified the means” regime. For the Bush USA is the new double-armored Sparta which “doesn’t sweat the small stuff” of Western political morality, but rather goes “bravely” forward, “carrying the torch”, one closely-identifiable with Hitler’s ceaseless warfare. An endless military engagement which “keeps the factories (of a world-finance-fueled capitalism) rolling”, forming an end in itself, in a Manichaean fanaticism by which the Leader proclaims that he will “do what he must”, and “whatever that might be”, with perfect self-contradiction, to “preserve our freedoms”. Having on the basis of a carefully concocted fabric of satanic lies and distortions propelled us into an armed struggle, and far more important to him a dictatorship-enabling state-of-national-emergency. That astute deception namely which we conservatives of a couple of decades ago thought would come from the Left: having failed to appreciate how thoroughly the real enemies of freedom have gained control of both ends of the political spectrum. (Note of 11/08: hence McCain’s obvious “throwing” of the election to the crypto-Jew Obama, as in his stupid selection of this corrupt, wolverine-like woman, Sara Palen, for his running-mate). While Bush after basically admitting to much of this mass deception nonetheless continues to take full advantage of the powers this bogus “war on terror” falsely places at his disposal, having in this way deceived and then blackmailed Congress, in the way of all tyrants. Today indeed in view of his notion of a continuous world-struggle he has proclaimed himself “dictator for life”: at least in the sense of remaining the dark spirit of those controlling-cabal appointees who are slated to follow. (Note of November 08: note the prophetic nature of these lines written three years ago.) (Further note of April 2012: The same totalitarian ambitions have if anything intensified under Obama, while the ultimate aim of the decade-plus debt-driven blitzkrieg is finally shamelessly unmasked: the total uprooting of political order and financial solvency, Civilization and morality in the USA and around the globe.)

All this has to be very funny: like the famous scenes of boorish comedy, of Al Capone around his Mob round table, while amid ensuing gales of laughter we hear that “it’s good for the country”, and “my job is to lead”. And furthermore after you realize all these things it is only one small step further to see the hidden purpose of those of whom Bush is one among many. They who use Americans, under this glowering task-master, as their vanguard, their horde of slaves: like those Vlasi whom the Turks used to drive in front of their real soldiers, to absorb the brunt of the battle. Ragged masses no doubt drugged, and shouting some sort of Bush-like hysterical battle-cries as well, with our own uttering of vaunted neo-con nostrums working a remarkably-similar sort of group-hypnosis upon us as well, a psycho-social force capable of transforming us into near-limitless legions of world bullies. (Note of April 2012: Apropos are all the many massacres perpetrated upon native Muslim civilian populations by U.S. soldiers "gone berserk", or plainly become diabolically-possessed by the demons who haunt all such grizzly ventures as engross the U.S. military today.) While under the smoke-screen of these mob-like Orwellian displays the USA quietly takes on all the contours of a totalitarian executive-centralization such as developed during the thirteenth century under the Edwards and others on the English throne: that which culminated immediately thereafter in two centuries of chaos, of intermittent civil war.

Finally, word arrives, as reported in the British Guardian Unlimited, that the recent elections in Iraq have been far from free, with many more cases of intimidation and even murder—by the overwhelmingly-Shiite and Kurdish police and military—than in any previous election. Even if our media did its standard song-and-dance, having presented us with a well-rehearsed scene at various polling places, with the usual “freedom and democracy” praises coming from certain hand-picked persons. Thus do we see that Bush is trying to consolidate his dictatorial sway on the false steam of the “freedom in Iraq” promotional, while what we have actually done in Iraq—using the fraudulent excuse of 9/11—was to take the side of a perpetual rebel, the Kurds, in a low-intensity civil war in another sovereign land, much as if France had taken up the cause of the Confederacy. Or from another perspective, as if we jumped in on the side of Hitler in his confiscation of territories in Europe: when you consider the tremendous land-grab of the Zionist Israelis, in defense of which is the real and deeper reason we are presently enmeshed in Iraq and the rest of the Middle East. A mammoth theft—even before there was an Israel—which could not have been sustained without our overpowering intervention. Jews who took for themselves over the course of the decades since the original “British Mandate”—arranged more or less entirely by the king-making, fabulously wealthy Jew, the Baron Von Rothschild—many times over the size of the original also-crassly-confiscated parcel. That telescoping international atrocity which the President of Iran now justly and accurately laments as a travesty beyond measure.

December 17, 2005: John Kennedy measured in the scales of an old Illinois political crony and found wanting. Real cowboys, love and war.

Listening to Dan Rastenkowski, the Democratic house ways and means committee chairman from Illinois under several presidents in the 80s and early 90s, brought it all back to me. The reason I left Illinois and came out West to Arizona in 1972. A great many of these fellow second-generation Slavs from around home were becoming real John Wayne look-alikes in uncanny numbers back then, talking out of the corners of their mouths, modeling themselves after this movie actor from Iowa, who together with the sardonic, super-smooth, squinty-eyed Roy Rogers from Ohio, and his Chicago-area-performing hoochie-koochie-girl wife, Dale Evans, had fairly-recently radically reinvented the cowboy and his culture. These stock-if-bogus types to be succeeded in short order by the grim, gritty or morbid twang-toned crooners who would soon become “vintage country/western” stars. (No matter they were really Jews with duck-tail haircuts from Lower Manhattan). So it was the real cowboy—who could sing crystal clear and yodel too—and drive your tears away with a laugh or a smile—whom I felt instinctively was at the very core of the genuine American persona—that I came out to Arizona to find. Back when there were still lots of them around. And these ranchers and ranch hands—from Pleasant Valley or McClean, or somewhere around Florence or on one of the reservations—these guys were all much more like the soft-spoken real working cowboys Gene Autry or Rex Allen than like the harsh and abrasive, Hollywood-manicured, resort-hopping “Duke”. And they knew how to settle things “with a kind word” far more often than with a sharp one. And much less frequently with a fist, and almost never with a gun: that which has by contrast become the standard resort of the ‘60s-onward big-city buckaroo. Gary Cooper—attended Eton but raised a Montana rancher, started his Hollywood career as a stunt-man, earned his wings in flights from real broncos that netted a broken bone or three—this soft-spoken giant together with a Tex Ritter who was no doubt a real cowboy too: these were just like those mild-manner, constructive first generation immigrants of all nationalities, who made it all possible for the high-profile second-generation loud-mouths of all nationalities who so often succeeded them. Indeed this John Wayne whom the Jacks, Micks, Gambinos and Nicolas so love to imitate was at least in later films much more like some brooding, sulking Byzantine tyrant than like an American cowboy, and helped to produce a whole generation of American men prone to becoming violent, unstable, sodomite, mentally-ill.

Rastenkowski went on and on in so many words about how John Kennedy “couldn’t have fought his way out of a paper bag” when it came to passing legislation, demonstrating himself unconcerned that both Kennedys gave up their lives for their country before they were able to come to their full political potential, to mature into “old salts” like himself. Nor that the deck was stacked against them right from the start by those who dispassionately planned their demise. This old hack fell just short of calling these martyrs “sissies”, in the malevolent grunts and body-language by which super-machos-all belittle and character-assassinate the good and each other regularly back at home, in what can however and by stages become some sort of unspeakable, passionate sodomy-proposal. In a media-altered, Martian social landscape compared to the one I grew up in back there, and grew to love: one in which “the discouraging word” was in many ways still “seldom heard”, much as I was to find and recognize this “home on the range” to a great extent in the Arizona of 1972. When men of the last Territory didn’t need movie training of any kind to teach them how to be men. When the greatest kind of manhood was the guy who raised a house full of kids and stayed undyingly faithful to one wife. Before the intensifying paranoia of the media roll models—these quirky, leering, grizzle-faced guys who took over from the Duke, acting more than anything like a lot of time-transported hippy-bikers—gradually became the do all and the end all of life in all these United States. And the American male stopped being primarily a “man of peace”. Around the same time Hoffa-vintage Teamster toughs began to share the same mantle of a weird social prestige with this sort of congenial company.

All this would make way with an onerous inevitability for today’s rigid dominion of the cell-block crew on the American blue-collar job, and for the torturers and executioners of Iraq.

Finally, if a tough-as-nails Lyndon Johnson, this Rastenkowski’s idol, were able to do so much for the Blacks, as compared to the supposed political-ineptitude of a mild-mannered Kennedy, then why is the same race more frequently and lengthily incarcerated, and along certain overriding statistical parameters more unemployed and poverty-stricken, than it was under him and his equally-courageous brother? Both of whom knew—as I gathered in those days as a boy in Illinois, around the edges of the political precincts, when John Kennedy came to town, and I shook his hand—both of whom knew how to conduct themselves commendably in the political/legendary “smoke-filled rooms” of the Northern Illinois of the times. (Indeed, they gracefully obliged the demand of the local patriarch of a prominent political family in Joliet to drop by after the rally downtown—that night when we were all packed like sardines on the major street in front on the post office, a veritable sea of humanity that stretched for a block in any direction—if he wanted the votes and political support of that wide-ranging clan. No doubt, Rastenkowski would have skipped all such expenditures-of-energies, and made some deal in some smoky backroom or by telephone instead.

If you tell me this America of the mild-mannered, kind-hearted cowboy—who really loved both women and men, but in the manner entirely proper to each—is outdated, then it is you who are the traitor to the cause, Mr. Super-macho, be your name Bush, O’Reilly or Rastenkowski. If patriotism to you means officially-if-quietly condoned prisoner-rape then you really do belong on Mars, or in the service of some genuinely-hostile power. Maybe that’s what all the big space-flight appropriations bills are for: to send your kind to this sort of rugged “new frontier”, when we already spend 50 billion a year just on interest toward the public debt. In dramatically-increasing measure paid to China: whom we darkly threaten with war to forestall the exercise of anything like the fully measure of her monetary or investment prerogatives. In conjunction with which policy we back—maybe even helped vote-rig into office—a rhetorical, jingoistic, provocateur regime on Taiwan. During those few short years in which we remain marginally strong enough to beat Beijing, of course in a nuclear-hecatomb exchange which would effectively annihilate the competitive capabilities of the whole of Asia for at least 50 years. The same sort of trap to which we led Japan a similar number of years past. Which is why the slow talking, soft-spoken real cowboys up in Pleasant Valley, around Young—who’ve mostly been displaced by jet-setter McMansion developments—and who knew a frame-up when they saw one—weren’t near so keen on the two World Wars as some might imagine they were.

December 18, 2005: Russia, Moldova, NATO and the EU

Cited by U.S.-based think-tanks as “desperate matters of concern” to the Kremlin are Ukrainian/Russian problems regarding a certain (Djenister) region of Moldova in which Russian nationals are in the majority. A Moscow regarded as equally panic-stricken over related difficulties for Russia posed by a landslide of Eastern European nations into the ambit of an aggressively-hostile (jerk-knee U.S.-surrogate) NATO and loosely-allied Western-European economic and political institutions. But it is really these policy-crunching NGOs for whom such issues are “desperate”: these “rule of law” people who typically work in uncanny sync with regional poisonings, car-bombings and coups.

Come, now, we high-tech and in-the-know must by now have benefited from the single greatest lesson to be learnt from the last century’s history. Namely that industrial- and information-age wars and other confrontations are media hyped—and provocateur deeds duly provided—in order that a marching Anglo/American/Israeli geo-financial machine might continue to “democratically” monopolize and regiment life on this planet. So that the louder and more evocatively they scream, “tear their garments and stop their ears” against a moderate and mild-mannered Putin—or a calmly-history-commentating President of Iran—the more we can be sure some grand scam is afoot.

December 17, 2005: The real political/historical cause of the struggle for the Middle East, on the altar of whose insidious purposes we sacrifice the first fruits of our young.

Forgotten in the hotly advocated pros and cons of the Iraq War is the fate of the Christian population there, that small “body of the faithful” which is the last legacy of the sanguinary struggle of the Crusades. For you see, what is very quietly happening in Iraq—outside screeching headlines and rocket propelled grenades—is the sacrifice of the entire indigenous-Christian way of life, and very soon the last vestiges of Christian religious freedom: this in the face of the U.S.-endorsed radical-Shiite ascendancy. And finally after that perhaps the very lives of these believers: not a few of which have already been lost.

No, it isn’t enough that we put on the pose of Crusaders, and go rushing around on our coursers—let alone our perversely-named “hummers”—showing how bold we are. First we have to be fighting the real and accurately-identified enemy, within a scenario in which Muslim and Christian had been living in exemplary harmony for centuries: a tranquility whose first major break was to be found in upheavals involving Turks and Armenians around the end of the First World War. While this latter irruption only has meaning if viewed in the context of Western-intervention-precipitated civil war, with England and the USA taking the "long view" of the expansion of the state of Israel far more than any expansion of regional democracy. That Jewish "beachhead of the West" which aspired to thrive on the dead corpse of the then “sick man of Europe”: the Turkish Empire, whose incipient breakup was indeed the signal to the Armenian and other Orthodox residents of same to “let fly” with their seditious “freedom” uprising. “Patriots” who were of course put down by Turkey: but whose ill-rewarded travails served only to make way for an Israel whose conceptual foundations had already been laid by Napoleon, the first of the major Zionists. An Israel whose diplomatic and military preparations were already well-progressed by the eve of the First World War: having indeed figured decidedly into the real if ill-acknowledged causes for that conflagration. That which was in turn only the opening hostilities—waxing and waning over decades since—of the global World conflagration in which we still struggle, and the only real issue of which is the radical global ascendancy of Israel and her satellite multinational-corporate-controlled states. In order to produce an ultimate New World Order, announced by George Bush senior, entirely foreign and hostile to that of Christ. That campaign of “progress” at whose spiritual centerpiece would figure conspicuously the Second Vatican Council, a carefully-crafted would-be-killer of the Christian spirit and daily practice-oriented way-of-life. These various allies being co-identified in such an abominable struggle: together forming a tightly-bound communications, logistics, ideological and political/military discipline never before achieved by any such expansionist horde. One that would have turned Genghis Khan green with envy. While the ultimate aim of these astutely-coordinated, relentless, insidious, psychological-warfare-laced attacks is nothing other than the eternal destruction of souls: an aim not indeed shared by all the “foot soldiers” involved, some of whom are good, upright but woefully ignorant of what is going on, but undyingly advanced by those who control the Israeli pseudo-state, as well as ours on the Potomac. Namely those Canaanite/pagan/human-sacrificial ideologues at the very heart of our anti-life and pro-sodomy movements: undyingly allied as they are with the Mossad, closely-related American “contractors”, certain elements in the CIA and the Mob. This scourge of the earth having come of age with Ben Gurion and a handful of others mostly of Russian-Jewish extraction, who carried the smoking torch of Zionism through the first half of the twentieth century. Here being a core-movement of a piece with an identically-sanguinary Napoleonism and an allied pagan Freemasonry and Deism which through most of the eighteenth century spread the faulty but much-vaunted notions under which men struggle morally, politically and intellectually today.

Critically-necessary is this genuine “long view” if we are ever to understand what is happening to us today. So that continuing: this state of Israel was for all practical purposes already established by the time of the first stirrings of Orthodox expansionism of the Balkan Wars, a closely-related movement also carefully nurtured by secretive “Western” groups and interests. A new golden calf to which hundreds of thousands of Croatian men, women and children, among others, would be sacrificed over the course of the twentieth century like so many burnt offerings. And the perfectly-just defense of which latter—by much-slandered heroes like Tudjman and General Gotovina—would be predictably—and with signature-fantastic numerical exaggeration—stigmatized in the world media as “genocide”. This by a cabal which includes an intimately-allied, secret-society-dominated Anglo-American academia. This fantasy-irredentist geo-political-Orthodoxy being associated far more closely with a tyrannical Byzantine-Imperial slave- and eunuch-ridden court—a pawn to global merchants and bankers even in its heyday—than with Orthodoxy as such, the home to many-a pious soul. A phenomenon—uncannily similar in spirit to the Neo Con militancy now rampant in the USA—that which likewise contains major elements of a barbarous and atavistic racism among its many amorphous components. This dual phenomenon—with its Washington lobbyists almost as numerous as the troops of the Golden Horde—being a far-greater cause of bloodshed than anything authentically arising from Islam.

It is the very death of Christianity which is the ultimate issue of this abominable “crusade” now being waged at home, in Iraq and around the globe, by a machine which emits sadly-contradictory phrases—of Christian-conservative patriotism and sodomy/anti-life—out of both sides of its mouth. All the while our evangelists pat themselves on the back, and worship this graven idol, this corporate/Zionist, Canaanite cult-of-world-dominion. The first steps on the way out of which forest of delusions is to be found in the discovery that “democracy” and “freedom” are first and foremost legacies of Christ, of His meek spirit, of the mild, reasonable and relenting Christian way of life. And not of the many simplistic Napoleonic phrases first coined during the faithless Enlightenment.

December 16, 2005: Give me liberty or give me death. The ridiculously-misnamed Patriot Act II. Also: do the recent Iraq election turnouts justify Bush’s invasion?

The Good Lord only knows—due to convoluted and incalculable empowerments due to be granted under “Patriot Act II”—what nit-wits like Chertoff and associates will be able to do with our personal lives. And even more disturbingly, what new leverage will be gained thereby for the multinational corporations they actually represent. Before whom, for one thing, we will become information-naked. These mammoth organizations for which 9/11 was the biggest bonanza in history, and to whom a dense trail of circumstantial evidence leads as to that crime’s planning and execution—this in league with global Zionism—far more than to ragged Muslims with backpacks or belts-of-explosives. Remember: contrary to the new dogma of the beefy growth-industry criminal-prosecutorial machine, you always look for motive in a crime, and the pay-off here was enormous for no one else but this dual Israeli/geo-corporate bloc. (Note of April 2012: Of course, these co-conspirators can point to a vast reservoir of ritual-satanic or drug-burnt "madmen", courtesy of an increasingly-universal school-system which their intergenerational colleagues first so "progressively" put into place, starting in the late nineteenth century and consolidating itself over the serpentine course of the twentieth. A compulsory educational system, helped along immensely by a "progressive" media monopolized by the same clique around the globe, which readily turns out all varieties of such fiends and unfortunates, being a calculated social—and in some ways instructional—training-camp for all such things. Yes, Virginia, or Hillary, pretenses of pre-school innocence aside, we really are talking about Apocalypse here. All this amply providing that every mass-murder crime has its duly-appointed "motiveless" perpetrator, in grosses of a thousand or so, in apocalyptic numbers never before conceived. However despite all this "forward-looking" institutional "thriving on chaos", the drug-burnt are little likely to be able to carry through any of these incredibly-intricate plots and intrigues. While the legitimization of all forms of satanism which associated globalist "liberal democracy" rams down the throats of nations far and near likewise finds the same cabal with blood on its hands. As in a recent Big Brother Hillarian declaration that the U.S. will defend by every means the absolutely limitless rights of the "diversity" gang, among all the nations, or words to that effect: being the bully-girl of a cabal that calls all these bizarre cults "religions", in crisp official language meant to glorify God, not the fiend.)

Here, then, on this motivational ground zero, of a tiny and evil but powerful and determined minority, is where we should speak of terror, of treason: rather than heeding the hissing serpent over the "irrelevance of right and wrong" in the "rational" framing of law. But of course ridiculous is any notion that the Democratic party is up to such a task, to such an exposition: being intricately tied to so brave a lobby as a Terri-Schiavo, mom- or baby-killing euthanasia/anti-life. A Party which is also a corporate venture, tied to the same State of Israel which perpetually drags us into wars and intrigues, and which sits stoutly atop our national interests and moral and practical freedoms alike.

There must be some way to throw this ballot-rigged gang of thieves and traitors—whose stranglehold gets stouter ever day—out of their positions of unmerited power. These aggressive-warfare Napoleons, these stooges, from Texas, Tennessee or Kansas, for the most part complete non-entities, petty martinets, never heard of before, disappearing after a few terms into the cogs of corporate-lobby power, whose only claim to fame is that they knew singularly well how to dance to the corporate piper’s tune. Like those local Corsicans who take over city councils through the same sorts of connections: and with a corporate-cozy High Court take away family properties for gigantic corporate land-grabs, under the revolutionary new parameters of eminent domain. Certainly, if there be any meaning to the term “liberty” as applied to the USA, we can turn these new carpetbaggers out. Somehow. And by the power of God—He Who is the only source of authority, of sovereignty—we will. Or the land will simply and justly be destroyed.

Finally, can we ever speak of Bush’s Iraq War having been a success? Because of these Iraq elections? Can this four-year-long crime against humanity be put in such rosy terms? Just because Americans are able to reshuffle nations and populations at will? The only success in such a case—in all essential repeated many times by various U.S. administrations, if never before in such an openly-Napoleonic way—is that of might makes right. To which is added glibly, “the end justifies the means”. And perhaps with the added doughty aphorism that the U.S. is the mega-sovereignty from whom all others take their permissive power. A fanatical idea actually quite evident in U.S. history from the start, perpetually acceptable to a certain mental-blunderbuss-wielding, undyingly-buckle-hatted-radical wing. But stupidity itself in view of the running fiasco of American morality, economy, society and government whenever it periodically falls into such hands, especially over the past decade or so. But even if all Iraqis become Baptist choir members, as well as paragons of democratic procedure, this kind of extortion, this murder, this wholesale destruction, and subsequent neglect and looting—against both a foreign government and an entire population—can never be justified. Except by the kinds of thugs that rule us now.

December 15, 2005: The boomer legacy of our foreign and domestic policy; authority-figure-leveling in the sexual hothouse of the schools

In the USA we are “reaping what we have sown” in more ways than one: just now gathering the first principal harvest of wild seeds scattered abroad by my own generation, the Boomers. The great repudiators of all mankind’s age-old disciplines, in a special way with respect to the training and education of children, as discussed briefly above. And furthermore well-placed boomers would ultimately compel others to do just as they had done: as for instance in our foreign policies in Iraq and elsewhere, and of course with the double reinforcement of both the secret societies, discussed at length on this site, and as aided by Korean-War-era Freud-obsessed siblings as well. The latter of whose rather typical cynical outlook really is captured quite accurately on the TV show MASH, hovering big brothers and sisters who did quite well for themselves on the battle-scared efforts of revolutionaries like ourselves, and who wouldn’t have had it any other way.

As suggested, boomers were all so sure they were so right that they enlisted all the most inescapable and intimidating institutions of society to enforce their many new-found causes. (I don’t count myself one of them: no, I was an Old Country boy, raised by an Old Country Mom and Dad, something I never repudiated, as did so many others who rave over the Old Country music, food or dance). From the seventies until now, if someone—a child or an adult—were too much at peace with themselves and with others for the opinionated minds of interfering paragons—someone they hadn’t yet been able to pick apart into perfectly “analyzed” laboratory atoms—a team of Dr. Jeckles would go to work insidiously on their moral independence and integrity. This whether with “family conferences”, probing social workers or TV camera lights. Or as a last resort—a weapon of choice against minorities—a criminalization, a stiff sentence in jail, for some trumped-up charge. This latter largely for the Black or Mexican who managed—as incredible numbers did—to carry himself with a graceful, self-contained dignity and refinement. But there does finally come a settling of accounts: and this kind of hyper-correct totalitarianism is what is failing now in Iraq and here at home. An underlying incompetence—under all the hubris—rising in startling contrast on the heels of the fabulously-promising era of John and Robert Kennedy. A real pathology, to briskly take the place of the many imaginary ones so long given “therapy” by these hovering heroes, having been set in motion by a Boomer-formation in which the major question was: who was raising whom? That which I myself was thankfully spared by two magnificent, well-in-charge Old Country parents, two intact human beings. Having gratefully missed much of that Starship Enterprise of the experimental: that which “America is all about”, "suffering a lack" over which in many ways I was to pay dearly, especially at the able hands of three morally-sick siblings who all came home to roost in the same year, 1961, when I was fifteen, and was endowed with so many marvelous good things. And who were bent on teaching me to be a Boomer, like all the others my age. Vultures who, had Mom and Dad contested their predominance over me in any serious way, would have seen to their disappearance into the cavernous hallways of some nursing home.

Just as in the nest invasion metaphor in the article below, the active exponents of the new approach—these “leaders” sniffed out by a sort of herd instinct, in hyper-correct Freudian-animalistic style—rendered impossible a civilized, disciplined existence at all levels from the family to the federal government. This by violating the sacred, native relationships involved. Things that can legitimately develop—but not really change—over time. Platonists that they were—from a long line of Puritans and other jump-the-gun a-priori theorists and idealists—they set it institutionally in concrete that families or societies could function in only one new experimental, “control group” way. A revamp in which the major institutions of society were in effect turned against the personal authority of those who must actually lead. A stolen leadership thereafter vested in impersonal groups and those who controlled them—and in distant, remote, almost-mystically-prestigious media-hyped figures. Fathers of families being in particular denigrated: while thwarted in a special way were the dreams and beliefs of those “whose minds were still stuck back in the Old Country”. They whom second-generation Croats and others proved to be so good at mocking, bullying and otherwise treating with all varieties of saccharine contempt. And as for kids, you could only turn out look-alike homogeneous Barbie Dolls, and smart-alecky little Simpsonesque boys, or it just didn’t work: because it was no longer the people who were turning out people, no: it was an abstract mold that was turning out two-dimensional, cookie-cutter, brittle and ideologically-over-baked non-persons. They who would fill the ranks of the addicts and sodomites to come. And if you got in the way of the assembly-line molds you and yours would be crushed into a fine-milled flour. The missing third dimension—in these depthless youthful souls—basically being a lived and practiced Faith. That which mouthy older siblings everywhere found to be ridiculously passé. That indigenous-culture-qualified “Pearl of great price” over which the householder should have been most preoccupied, having been allowed to roll off into a crack in the floor. The ambivalent, tentative, experimental, morally-open-ended having been given all the advantages, all the moral authority; and the old-fashioned having drawn down on ourselves the crushing weight of societal animus and distrust with every step we took. Something that hardly escaped the observant eyes of our young, when they in turn were to come. Because all these more-consequential boomers and their Big Brothers—for whom I was seldom allowed to carry their hats—had with supreme “correctness” decided that it must be so.

In such an unprecedented light we can best understand the recent string of women—at least one a school teacher—who have become sexually involved with some one or several male teenage students, neighbors or children of friends. Whether given suspended sentences or not, for all practical purposes—especially considering the annihilating publicity—the whole onerous force of the law is brought to bear on these women. Laws meant to apply to sane and common-sense circumstances: not to some kind of media-assisted psycho-gang-rape, such as schools, job and society in general have become today. The whiteboard jungle, private or public, Catholic schools taking a vanguard role, already in the seventies having become the veritable champions of the mini-skirt, and of all kinds of other passion-flirting, fashionable causes. A role they were to retain during the eighties and nineties: with genuine Catholics like my wife and I fighting the trend every inch of the way. A time when others of other faiths were likewise making the attempt to turn away to better and more innocent things: and thus at a fundamental level making themselves our “brothers and sisters in Christ”. Thus where institutions themselves are used to reduce order and morality to a powder, and a pervasive air of sensuality—sometimes even of sexual lawlessness—is deliberately or absentmindedly—or out of a bewilderingly-destructive boomer-cultivated sense of “correctness”—allowed to flourish—this ambiance tends to reduce teacher and student, child and adult alike to the limp, willy-nilly impulsiveness of an out-of-control puberty. (That which older siblings might somehow regard as smart or in-the-know). No matter how wise or mature the adults involved might otherwise, in better circumstances, be. For one thing because the aura of reverence and respect that had always been the first stout line of defense to guard age and authority had been institutionally demolished decades ago. And mere children—or nest-returning crackpots—were empowered to lead circumstances in any direction they might chose. While to withstand them might bring upon a father, mother or teacher the brutal, crushing power of the state.

Again, as I say so many times here, and as Our Blessed Lord said of the sower of cockle, “an enemy has done this”. Read on both to identify him, and to prepare for his systematic defeat.