January 24, 2015: Who are NATO or Uncle Sam to judge anyone? What were the Crusades really all about?

There's a beautiful passage in Pervez Musharraf"s autobiography about the sacrifices which Pakistani soldiers made for the starving people of Bosnia when they formed a peacekeeper contingent, with him in command, during the '90s Bosnian war. How these Muslims from another corner of the globe were reduced to tears at seeing children starving, weeping out in the streets. His entire unit of Southeast Asians giving local families their daily ration one day each week, fasting on water, so that these victimized people could have something to eat. (In the Line of Fire: a Memoir. New York: Free Press, 2006). I don't ask myself whether these Muslims are entirely equitable in their treatment of women, in deciding whether they deserve a century-long Western military and economic aggression, carefully-arranged to surgically remove them and take their resources and lands. When I live in a Western society which uses the fair sex as mere toys-of-gratification, or indeed leaves them to fend for themselves through life, while men lust after men in sodomy's barren games. What is demonstrated before my eyes is that these men know what kindness is, wish to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and keep vulnerable womanhood from being either sexually exploited or ignored and thrown out in the cold. Muslims doing these good things principally out of love of God, which is the definition of supernatural charity as well. Men to be compared favorably against those hedonists who rule the West today, most of whom claim to be Christians, leaders both in the USA and in Western or allied countries who are vetted for leadership from out of places like Bohemian Grove north of San Francisco. A place where they play a lot of rich-boy locker-room pranks on one another, swim together in the nude, and typically emerge from this pine-forest retreat advocating sodomy-marriage as the "up and coming thing". Out of which yearly gatherings have come presidents like George H.W. Bush, whom a mountain of evidence accuses of having run an abduction-ring of adolescent boys, raped and tortured in perverted orgies that he arranged for his friends and associates and took part in. Another presidential worthy emerging from Bohemian Grove being Bill Clinton, scandalously involved as frequent traveling companion of someone on trial now for running a sex-ring of underage girls. Then too there's the Skull and Bones out of Yale—more serious training for men like these—a cult whose members have included most of our major leaders in all fields since the early 1800s, when a certain Bush-family patriarch first underwent morbid and inverted Bonesman ceremonials. These cultists being cross-oceanic close-cousins to their European counterparts, members of that Thule Society which first warped Hitler's mind with its sadistic sexual rites. A two-headed monster whose Albigensian roots would later be revealed in the frequent revisiting of Hitler's Nazi High-Command to the medieval fortress at Montsegur, where earlier human-nature-hating fanatics—abortionists, sodomites, perverts of every stripe, whom the Catholic Church rightly condemned—refused to surrender, died to the last man, at the hand of de Montfort's valiant if pitifully-outnumbered troops. Modern-day Albigensians likewise urging us on to a "progress" which despises our humanity, which finds myriad excuses and "convenient" opportunities to decimate the human race in the denial of natural birth by any possible means, in pre-arranged wars and other ingenious and deadly schemes.

Actually, the Crusades were called not at all to annihilate Islam or Muslims but strictly in order to defend Catholic pilgrims—there were no Protestants back then—who made the pilgrimage to the Holy Land and who were being murderously plundered and otherwise beset by marauders on the way, wayfarers whom the Caliph was doing absolutely nothing to defend. Granted, afterward, largely because of insidious chicaneries of the Byzantine throne, these Westerners found themselves occupying lands on its behalf, in the end only to be cynically betrayed to Muslim military hosts with which the Emperor had entered into secret league.

January 22, 2015: There's always going to be plenty of bewildering new things to contend with, without inventing a whole lot more.

The presumptuous pursuit of futuristic aims which is the very epitome of modern life, of the libertarian ideal, of a "we'll pay any price" weirdly-evolving and increasingly-indefinable "liberal democracy" of which so many are so proud: this whole theatrical production has had two or three centuries to show off its clever dance steps out there on the global stage. An especially clumsy routine being its ("sad but necessary") propensity to annihilate populations to the tune, in my own rough-and-ready calculation, of at least two hundred million over that space of time. With three centuries of political upheavals in Spain attending the formal founding of a modern-democracy-initiating Judeo-Freemasonry in 1717, a commencement joined soon thereafter by domestic pogroms and foreign offensives of "liberty loving" Judeo-Masonic madmen like Danton, Robespierre and Napoleon. No, friends, don't be deceived: this wasn't because "the world's population was increasing, and people needed elbow room, and for that reason came into unavoidable conflict with one another": the sort of caustic opinion of our humanity which a goyim-exterminating synagogue wishes us to entertain. These above-noted "enlightened ones" to be joined in their revelries in the same century and the following nineteenth by the wholesale "march of progress" decimation of native tribes across the globe: God only knows exactly how many were simply wiped out, with musket and then repeater-rifle glee rather than Christian remorse. A number undoubtedly approaching or exceeding a million in North America alone, starting with "freedom-loving" barbarities of fanatical-religion-motivated colonial forays into French Canada and the American north-and-south-east, decimating Creeks, "Seminoles", Pottawatomies, Pawnees and Shawnees, these very tribes and others thus ill-regarded having embraced the Catholic Faith in a major way. Colonials being imbued with the fevered desire "to extinguish popery", in butcheries in which a "tyrannical" England could only barely be brought to take part. While in the Orient less-advertised genocidal adventures of "free enterprise" progress-spreading Americans like the Bushes, Delanos and Roosevelts, major players in the Chinese Opium Trade and in three calendar centuries of blood and gore, cost fifty-five million lives in the Taiping Rebellion alone, these Yanks joined by a host of other "freedom loving" Americans who "got in on the fun" of a "democratic", "futuristic" bonanza supreme, paid for in human lives. The twentieth century seeing the rise as well of a forward-looking Stalin, Mao and Hitler, and first a Serbia and then an FDR who would both set the globe aflame with sanctimonious "march of liberty"-inspired global war. Roosevelt in company with the English-speaking world—déjà vu of Russia today—economically, trade-embargo-bullying Japan to the brink of battle, and then cleverly arranging a Pearl Harbor attack which would falsely cover Nippon with "infamy", like so many false-flag operations would do to so many others to come.

No, spare me, "liberty loving" paragons, we have had enough of your vaunted futuristic, "price of liberty" surprises, measured in the oceanic proximity of human blood to "a horse's bridle". In a Bible whose honest phrases ever put today's quibbling ("words are evolving") linguists and wordsmiths to shame.

Rather does human life, in its fragile and contingent post-Original-Sin condition, always have plenty of surprises waiting for us, often menacingly, without our needing heedlessly to go out looking for them, like twentieth-century spear-armed African tribesmen trying to catch a lion to send off to the zoo. It is the duty of man instead to consolidate what he has inherited from the past, to build up of the body of his society "unto the perfect man in Christ Jesus Our Lord". The Savior not someone you look for in a space-capsule or in some newer version of an android, having fixed the profoundest wisdom of humanity two thousand years ago, a well of Gospel "living water" to be plumbed to the depths, to enlighten us in every worthy way. In which pursuits we do indeed invent things out of a resulting constructive ingenuity: but hardly attempt thereby foolishly to escape to another galaxy, and leave the earth behind to fall to merciless tyrants, as has devolved today. Humanity having only enough divinely bestowed wisdom to sustain it through harrowing surprises yet to come, drawing prudently out of this well of a well-shepherded past. This laborious and solidly-rewarding enterprise being the purpose of this Anti-Sodomy Crusade, this New and Better Confederacy, dedicated to the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, ultimate sovereigns of the human race.

January 21, 2015: Open letter to Putin, Lavrov and the Russian Orthodox Patriarch. It happened in the USA, it must not happen in Russia.

For the survival of Russia I ask you to cast aside all worry over what Obama and the rest of the world will think, and to declare the Russian Motherland to be under the protection of Our Blessed Lady of Kazan. After which she will guide you about what to do next. Any opposition this provokes from the West and from noisy and perverted Russian-domestic radicals will be positively swallowed up by prodigal Heavenly aid. For you are now up against an 800 pound gorilla with which you can never successfully wrestle without the Holy Mother's help, against a mammoth humanoid in the form of a Jewish global supra-state. An octopus with tentacles into every government, every organization on earth with more than ten members, one which is intent on Russia's demise. A Russia which so far thankfully refuses to march into Hell in the quick-time New World Order cadence, in a parade of which Obama is only the impressive, well-practiced baton-twirling parade-master of the hour. A Russia which also must obey God's law officially and outlaw such things as abortion: this declaratory aspect, involving the open embrace of Heavenly injunctions, being positively necessary if Russia is to gain the indomitable divine aid.

There used to be a book widely read among Croatian immigrants around Joliet and Chicago when I was yet a boy, entitled "It happened in Yugoslavia, it must not happen here!" At the time, it had a picture of a frightful bear on the cover, lumbering across the map at the USA, raised back on its hind legs ready to strike, its deadly claws exposed wide. Well, you know what it was like, this terrible communism of which the book warned so solemnly, of which the Bear has repented in a sincere way. But what is attacking you now is infinitely worse. So I make bold to repeat the alarmed tones of this old publication, like messengers of centuries ago who used to beg and plead, and often to weep, in bringing missives from a foreign throne. I say to you, "It happened in the USA, it must not happen in Russia!" But I add the further counsel that the national salvation must also be achieved through a heartfelt mutual trust, a reciprocal engagement between leaders of geographic regions and local power-groups and their popular constituencies, and not through those mechanistic "checks and balances" of which Masonically-inspired governments the world over make so much. The idea of the latter being only to hamstring the nation from achieving anything at all.

January 21, 2015: The cult of progress: physical change as determiner of moral existence, the tail wagging the dog. The Yank as totally-social man.

In this brief synopsis above is found the crux of the lesson you learn, if you learn anything at all, when you grow up in the USA, a fact which forms indeed the whole nature of our "exceptionalist" isolation from our fellow man: that we live in a world of absolutes. Hence the frequent parallel found on this site: of the Albigensian, the Jacobin, the bomb-hurling nihilist. It isn't hard to find black-ops/false-flag people in a world which draws such mercilessly-razor-sharp lines, indeed the lineup of aspirants goes all the way around the block at the CIA recruitment center. Thus does the Yankee think of the ideal man—indeed the only "real man"—as being absolutely external in every respect, a guy or gal who doesn't even have an interior existence: turning out "paramedics" who can just stand there while a Black lies there on the sidewalk and dies. They're being "macho", "cool", properly non-reflective, and no one will ever call any of them a "sissy" for sure. While the few thoughts this all-star allows himself, if it isn't about math, the stock market or supply-chain management, are about planning out some external deed which will have some big effect on persons, places or things. Any existence more interior than that is for psychotics and neurotics for the Yank, who emerges Rambo-like from such an inner cavern and wreaks violence or one-upmanship on his fellow man, and may then even blows his own brains out as a sort of grand finale, if the whole thing hasn't made him so happy after all. It is very easy, then, to do a "vetting" process of sorts in this land of the free, of those who "deserve" to live and those who "deserve" to die: the life-deserving or "good", "cool" or "sane" individual is thought of as a kind of traveling comedy act, always rapping, tap-dancing or soft-shoeing (I know the younger folks don't even know what these old dance routines are, but it's a good parallel anyway). Conversation a sort of slurry upon which to display his commanding personality, perfectly externalizing himself in every possible way, never stopping to think about anything.

But my point is that this is what the Yankee "take" on progress ends up doing to the human personality: social life here being a kind of hazing from earliest years, whereby you are permanently driven out of your inner cocoon, and will never feel at home there again. This whole approach to life being rooted deep in radical-Calvinism's humanity-rejecting notions, bred in dark forests of the New England colonies, carried from there like a pandemic around the globe. Actually, it is the most fundamental kind of insanity both personal and collective, and turns out people genuinely dangerous to their fellow man. Indeed, I talk a good deal about this general subject in all my books and daily entries here: not because I hate these lunatics but because I love them, and wish them to change their ways.

It's easy to see, then, why physical changes involved in "progress" are used by the Yank as an instrument-of-force against third-world peoples from ancient cultures, who are thereby in every possible way pried out of the familiar tribal or neighborhood existence of immemorial humanity, or else it's "bombs away". The Yank feels mortally threatened by those who internalize, let alone who for long interludes "sup with God", as the Savior holds out to us with so much love: which at its heart-of-hearts is what the old and genuine Civilization with a capital C was all about. Actually, this Yankee existence is only the corporate externalization of the Jewish crucifixion, the synagogue's rupture with humanity, with all the frail, magnificent, musing un-predictabilities of a God-beloved race, an alienation such as an Old Testament oriented, synagogue-inspired Calvinism from the very start represented in the most startling, overpowering, nihilistic way. Hence too the resolute, apocalyptic "we can't turn back now" of Vatican II and its aftermath, part and parcel of the long-time seer-predicted Judeo/Masonic/Yankee takeover of the Catholic Church. For "progress" makes the perfect crow-bar to thus pry the contented Latin-Mass-loving native out of his paradise of neighborliness and reflective living, in a setting of jungle or foliage, of close-cousin animal life.

Finally, it is evident in these few comments that the critical approach taken on this site and Crusade with respect to the West in general and the USA in particular is as likely to discourage acts-of-violence as it is to encourage them: assuring the remaining two-thirds of humanity that all of us Yanks aren't their mad-hatter enemies, that all of us aren't mortally-obsessed with driving the human race out of its age-old innately-hospitable cocoon of the interior life.

January 20, 2015: "The best of all possible systems."

As we never tire of reiterating, the problem with our system is that it presumes that everything will work "like clockwork", in a kind of vacuum-of-wickedness, if only we give this impersonal perpetual-motion-machine of checks-and-balances a chance. A system for which so many are instantly willing to lay down their lives, somewhere on the other side of the globe, strikingly like fanatically imbued, flesh-hating Albigensians, to-the-last-man defenders of Montsegur in the face of de Montfort's seasoned if greatly-outnumbered Catholic troops. For you see the prerequisite for any such a spinning, humming factotum as our "precisely counterbalanced system"—said by TV evangelists and Huckabee alike to have been revealed in the very bible itself—is that it have no calculating and determined enemies that bear watching and punishing: a paternal element suggesting dark dungeons of medieval lore. That the system's vetting-arrangements for candidates, entirely based on "free enterprise" money, will never fail to give us good leaders to faithfully tend the pleasantly humming, ever-equitable machine. Wrenches-in-the-works being inconceivable, venal greed and corruption having been banished from among humankind, being part-and-parcel of what went before. But alas—and it is the next event which we have to watch, as indeed, "the hand is quicker than the eye"—no sooner than the framers have set the machine in motion than it is veritably overwhelmed with "enemies" as well as enemies, if you get what I mean. Instantly there materializes the "enemy" we are told was overlooked through all the hoary ages, by such fools as ruled us before, and those spineless jellyfish who put them in power. Enemies namely of that very spinning, weaving, bobbing checks-and-balances system we just now put into its allegedly perfect, perpetual and imperturbable motion, to be left undisturbed by each and all, like the very orbs of the heavens being immune to all such menacing things. These enemies of the system being the real foes, tireless, shrewd, calculating, culprits found out at last, in sleuth-like company of Danton, Franklin, Samuel Adams and Robespierre. All that's needed is a rousing canonization ceremony, for which the antipope Francis will duly and enthusiastically supply.

Hence, the "enemy" having at last been found, there is put in place forthwith a new and of course perfectly-secularistic sort of Inquisition—oh, no, can't use that nasty word—rather is it to be called a "security apparatus", maybe even a Central Intelligence Agency or NSA. In lockstep column and line then do doughty feds and their myriads of private contractors—it's a "free market" system, after all—people "close to the throne"—hound-down, ferret-out all these terrible "real enemies", these disloyal ones. And even conduct regular false-flag operations: i.e., killing friendlies by the dozens or hundreds, as at 9/11, just to make a point, to cast in proper colors of hideous depravity these disloyal ones. Disloyal to what? Oh no, not to the nation, silly, that sort of thing belongs back in the dark ages. Disloyal to the system to end all systems, of captivating, mesmerizing perpetual-motion lore.

Finally we find out, after initial bouts of bonhomie, that just to keep this perpetual motion machine running at all, whether smoothly or roughly, requires perpetual struggle, a sort of Hitlerian perpetual warfare, or equally-violent Marxian dialectic allegedly forever cranking out newer and better things. For there is a new god to be worshipped, unlike the clement and loving Savior of the old system, this one requiring fiery human sacrifice, with gigantic statues of liberty to wrench from us our last gasp of self-giving praise. Can two hundred million in two hundred years really be so many lives to give for such a noble thing? "What does human life matter, anyway", quote the new and the old Albigensians in their rapturous sort of way.

January 19, 2015: The deciding public and international issue: egoism or mutual engagement.

This is the line in the sand over which no one of a serious mind crosses, and it will be over this deciding issue that the more-fundamental warfare of this earth is always principally waged. I cannot anymore convince a Yankee-"exceptionalist" egotist that he is wrong than I can make a zebra change his stripes, all such arguments going completely over his head. His view of life as a sort of jungle combat-for-survival being all he knows, and it matters nothing to him that in that animal-jungle kingdom the cat-predators or tiny insects don't typically cannibalized upon the flesh of their own species, as do these "go getters" of the egoist camp. And although by way of clever tautologies and dazzling, razor-edged, "counterbalanced" paradigms they may convince a fair number of mutual-engagement people to step over to their side, in a moral surrender of the profoundest kind, yet among those faithful ones who remain in that encampment based on genuine goodness and love there can be no question of a calling of quarter or a meeting of minds. The egoist being someone totally, indeed ritually immersed in his "own little world", with everyone else out there considered as someone either to defeat or to destroy. Even the members of his own family not escaping this sort of misanthropic, "democratic" weathered eye, to gain any acceptance at all being held to a bar of absolute unanimity on almost every score. While this sort of Yankee will always shout "love it or leave it" at those who would disagree, with a system which has seldom if ever gained any ground by peaceful popular support, but which always required a force of arms funded by global banking and led by tiny secretive cabals. Being in many ways forcibly imposed even upon the New England colonists, who were nothing like unanimous in the acceptance of this new kind of liberty. A "march of freedom" used as a tool of conquest against French or Spanish taught and evangelized Indians, to the wholesale taking of their lands and lives.

Granted, in between these two poles—of the cooperative and the truculent and egotistical—there are found those non-entities, those invasive, personally-overstepping social gluttons who boil all life down to hedonism and religion down to "love, love" and "unconditional forgiveness": but just don't cross these babbling enthusiasts in any serious way. Such theatrical people will change sides like a chimera between these two honest positions whenever it suits their fancy, being a variety of display-artist which always abounds. But as to those who really decide things today, it is indisputably these two noted mutually-alien camps, the egotistical on the one hand and the generous, self-giving and cooperative on the other.

Finally, unless cooperative and constructive humanity constantly pleads the help of God, this lock-step sort of egotistical character is going to win in any contest with his less-strategically-mobilized neighbor. These egotistical, flag-waving people—Governor Jindal putting forth a perfect specimen in his dated sixties-era "love it or leave it" diatribe the other day—being the fruitful cause and cunning winners of wars and domestic disorders, being in fact sociopaths who unlike piecemeal homicides, perverts, felons and petty miscreants usually so termed know how to camouflage their character in a disarmingly wholesome-looking, white-bread-virtuous way. Preparing greedily for the really big killing which will make antics of these minor-league misanthropes look like child's play.

I know that the Muslims are mistaken theologically, but in the trenches I would rather have one of them by my side than a thousand of this "upwardly mobile" breed. For one thing because the Muslim will no doubt sincerely and fervently plead the aid of God upon our cause, and secondly because he won't turn on me just when I need him most, as the egoist will. Perhaps just to give me an object-lesson in terms of my own demise, that one "must never place any trust in ones fellow man"—that odd Fox-contributor defense of the go-getter kind of liberty—but lodge ones confidence only in combative glories of the Constitution, the free market, and the three branch balance of powers.

January 18, 2015: Muslims, no matter how much you back down, it will never be enough. But you don't need me to tell you that. Article improved and expanded next day.

Muslims around the world haven't been deaf and blind for the past century or so; they have seen what the West turns out in terms of human character and behavior. And they see that that is exactly what will be required of themselves, somewhere down the surrender-ridden pike, as they learn to become more and more "tolerant" and "liberty loving". What these beloved religionists whom I so much admire recognize is that modern liberal democracy and Western Christianity alike are in the thralls of utter moral chaos: Mohammedans who know only too well that once they surrender to mocking cartoons against Mohammed, next on the agenda, without a break in stride, will be demands that sex-ed be taught to their preschoolers in Karachi, Cairo or Teheran: or it will be "bombs away".

But this is what you get when God is no longer publicly honored, when you remove Him as the capstone of law over a humanity "made in His own image and likeness", a mankind He intends firmly to rule as a father over his children. Turning from which you get a race to the bottom, you get religion-eradicating satanism, you lose your last real Defender of human dignity and equal worth. You get the sheer chaos that always results when the kids take over the household, or the inmates take over the lunatic asylum. While this is only a part of the punishment in store for those who, very simply, do not obey, or honor their Creator, in their laws, customs and dealings of every kind.

Hence in order to justify our own cowardice, our turning religion into a Sundays-only lip-service while every debauchery run wild on our streets and in our schools, we call them "terrorists" when these Muslims resist an ignominious moral surrender such as we so shamelessly gave. In all this we duplicate ably the treatment of earlier Yanks toward the Indians, also an innately devout people, who in first instances of contact with the Anglo pioneer showed the highest degree of respect, cooperation and kindly solicitude. But these White armed-to-the-teeth men on prairie schooners didn't want those kinds of neighbors, they who, Yankee crime-of-all-crimes, took so easily to the Catholic Faith, loved its kindly accents, wanted to hear more stories of the saints, of their miracles, and for this reason were regarded as expendable, called childish, "popish", together with those French and Spanish missioners who not infrequently had taught them their beads. No, the settlers wanted their land, just like Uncle Sam wants the Muslim's. So an excuse had to be cooked up to take it from them. Why not call them, you guessed it, "terrorists", when these magnificent Apaches, Cheyennes, Sioux, Creeks and the many other eastern tribes—many of them brilliant men, only lacking material means—mounted any resistance at all. Isn't that after all the vaunted "spirit of liberty?". Indians like Muslims the world round unwilling to be seen as cowards before their own children and clans.

Furthermore, staggering fact, to find anything remotely similar to the genocidal perversity of world-conquering American foreign policy you have to look back to pre-Christian times, back indeed to the perverted, execrable Antiochus Epiphanes of a second-century-B.C. Greco-Syria. That sodden, sadistic tyrant-of-the-ages who tried to force upon Hebrews his sodomy-oriented gymnastics and other games of the first Olympic era, to be performed in ribald perversity right there in the Jewish Temple itself. Even Genghis Khan had absolutely no desire to pollute anyone's morals, attempting indeed to codify the worship of the One True God across the face of the earth, having adopted a strict and in-some-ways admirable moral code incumbent upon all under his pale (Lamb, Harold, Genghis Khan, The Emperor of All Men. Garden City, New York: 1927), having been greatly effected by the Nestorian Christians of the Asian steeps. Much indeed like a nineteenth century "God's Chinese Son" had been inspired by a faulty understanding of Christianity, being found at length at the center of the 50-million-victim Teiping Rebellion of Roosevelt, Delano and Bush family Opium-Trade provocation. (cf. Spence, Jonathan, God's Chinese Son: the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom of Hong Xaiquan. New York: W.W. Norton and Company, 1997). A man who had received just enough Protestant training to plunge to Yankee-heretical religion's worst excesses. These "leading families" on the Yankee scene of nearly two centuries, crypto-Jews every one, whose brazen faces would be seen gloating in the precincts of every bloodletting of modern times, announcing some "freedom's task", being lavishly funded in their epic genocides by Rothschild, Schiff, Loeb and a host of other Polish, English, French, Germanic or Lower East Side Jews (a whole different breed from those of old who resisted Antiochus so heroically). Modern Hebrews and their ilk being ready to unleash their war-machine just now, greased with Fox and CNN Hearst-reminiscent yellow-journalism lies, upon a Russia and eastern Ukraine, much like earnest Muslims, whose only "crime" has been to resist the West's impious, irreligious plunge.

Furthermore, fundamentals recited here are perfectly self-evident: and if you surrender your moral nature to a debate about such fundamental topics then you will be quibbling and debating about everything for the rest of your days. You will be constructing artful syllogisms of pro-and-con about nasty, "terroristic" intervention when you wife or mother is being raped or slain. In other words, if these issues, like Charlie Hebdo, don't motivate us, then nothing will or can, and we become like wet noodles with no character at all. As that is indeed precisely the aim—believe you me, we have seen it here in the glorious, liberty-loving USA—to turn out people with no integrity, whose very self-definition is provided by an all-powerful global-Jewish supra-state, headed just now by Uncle Sam, whose apocalyptic hegemony all learn to loyally embrace. It is the admission by 99% of the world's population, the "goyim", that we are subhuman, are ready to die for this overlord who sends us off to unjustifiable wars. "Uncle Sam knows what is right. He must prevail. Mine is not to reason why". So we refrain from defending mother from the rape-in-progress, but eagerly help Uncle Sam do a gang rape at Abu Ghraib or some other dark dungeon other side of the globe.

Together with Russia's Orthodox throngs, the world's Muslims act far more like solid Catholics than today's Western Catholics do, and I rejoice in gains they make in the name of God's honor, of some version of the civil-codification of the divine law written on the human heart and mind. This all the while the U.S. unconscionably kills many times more every months in drone attacks, as in both cases the American "march of liberty" knows no right or wrong.

But above all and as suggested above there are the children to consider: what kind of a world do we want them to grow up in? Are they doomed to become the cynical and effeminate purveyors of every abominable insult against venerated religious icons and objects-of-devotions, be they persons, places or things, such as we in the USA have so volubly about our ears today? That's where law comes in again: to defend highly-vulnerable finest qualities of youth, of humanity in its most pristine form. The sincere Muslim sees that this is what is being taken from his children, and to defend them he will die to the last man. As must we here in the West also be prepared to do in defense of our own children, and the divinely required publicly-exhibited honor and glory of God.

January 18, 2015: Place of women, place of men. The active element as superior in earthly affairs, but inferior in heavenly ones. Article improved upon.

The apostolic letter Umbrilatem of Pope Pius XI fortifies the age-old Catholic honoring of womankind in processes of reiterating forcefully the ever-infallible majesterial teaching of the Church of the ages on the primacy of the contemplative life. Womanhood as a marvelous capacity being further lifted in Our Blessed Lady, to whom it was given to become the God-bearer, readily vanquishing a humanity-envious Lucifer to sulfurous realms, he whose name means "bearer of light". A fiend who feels himself much more fitting a receptacle for things divine, whose followers accordingly do battle against everything human here on earth, trying to stamp out this God-bearing capacity in which we all can have a share. God having been smitten by our very frailty, as always desiring to shower with the highest of gifts the lowliest of creatures. For as He told Sr. Josefa Menendez his earthly interlocutor of the early twentieth century, "If I could have found someone more miserable than you, I would have chosen them instead". The Father indeed in a parallel, speaking here solely of things divine, giving His very entire Self in perfect donation, in a Self-Giving Love (the Holy Ghost) by which is begotten eternally His Son. That initial eternal Donation or Spiration (divine "breathing") in which an image of all lesser donations are found, in this mirror being made possible the creation of a universe, the existence of divine ideas of an infinitude of things, in a yet-staggeringly-undivided "Simultaneous Whole" of the divine Being or Mind. All things being made-real, "uttered" together with this filial Divine Word, fabric and accoutrements for a cosmic robe for this His only-begotten Son. The Blessed Trinity thus being that wherein this giving "unto folly" is made the template of a universe, of every worthy thing on earth, of every plan divine. All Hell spawning heresies which not only puncture this vessel-like capacity-for-good in a frail race which so ravished the heart of God, but also deny any need for sanguine, militant, heroic deeds: these most notably on the part of men, the active element as we might be termed. The infinitely-higher prerogatives of the spiritual essentially requiring the foundation of a terrestrial/material guardianship, in this our fragile race, in a vigilance which is the place preeminently of men. In a sense a primacy which "lays down the law" so that finer things than itself might thrive.

But New Church would erase the infallibility by reiteration at the heart of the Church's majesterial or immemorial teaching, such as is possessed by the noted apostolic letter Umbrilatem: finding the whole idea to be backward. Archly considering the magisterium's implicitly-infallible past-looking dynamic, sustained across the ages by divinely-beloved frail human means—indeed by Protestantism-despised "mere men"—to scarcely according with the "beam me up, Scotty" ethos of Vatican II and its five-decade and running secular-messianic aftermath. Hardly gleaming like space-age metal would be those papal decretals, circular letters, Cluniac reforms, or the theology of "the Schools" by which this immemorial infallible legacy was wrought, often in circumstances of the humbles and most-obscure kind. The fact that an apostolic letter or even a papal homily can by dint of such reiteration of past teaching, in a frail continuum unbroken against all odds, that such an artifact can be infallible in itself: this quintessential Catholic standby being quickly and unceremoniously tossed out the "open windows" of John XXIII's pseudo-church. A structure "built against all the principles of design" (paraphrasing the seer Ven. Anne Katherine Emmerich). Thereby supremely ejectable as well were basically all Catholic teaching outside the bare-bones list of formally-dogmatic decrees: however with even such fundamental dogmas as the Resurrection—found in the very Creed—being nibbled-away-at noiselessly by men like Ratzinger, like a rat frolicking in the church pantry on a piece of prized cheese. In a heresy never retracted even when he sat on the papal throne as Benedict XVI. All the more so then through the same open window were heartily ejected immemorial Church teaching on the Jews, on modesty of dress, on womanly covering-of-the-head given us by St. Paul himself, on church and state, on the divinely-decreed first-century disappearance of most of the charismatic gifts, and so on. With the place of men in guarding the place of women, of the spiritual, in the most practical, "hands on" sorts of ways being the first to topple before the blade. This yin/yang counterpart to this Heavenly primacy of the contemplative life, implying a reciprocal earthly primacy of the active, renderable as male, finding the Gospel "true religion" as one which doesn't "only say Lord, Lord", but which puts moral injunctions into deeds, often in defense of contemplative souls, of public morality. The realm of kinetic rather than interior deeds touching on our very composite nature as human beings, being at the very center of a divinely-created universe, being charged to take with us all of physical reality in a manually-expressed adoration of God. Being thereby cheek-to-jowl in adoration with close-cousin galaxies and furry friends in this spiritual orchestration, through our decisive materially-impacting deeds.

Staggering are the number of things applicable under this Catholic and sanely-honored body/soul view, almost all of them today neglected by our Gnostic, Quietistic, Neo-Jansenistic, Charismatic post-Vatican-II crew. At the very head of which list of blithely-forgotten things is the primacy of the putting-into-practice of the Gospel in political and economic terms, incumbent upon any state which has embraced Christianity. While moderns worry over "turning the other cheek", "unlimited forgiveness", "love, love, love", genuine Catholics of the medieval past never really fretted that a duke or a knight might be too sanguine in forcefully fulfilling his commission, of defending the defenseless, of building a harbor for contemplative souls. Many of these noblemen indeed founding monasteries and convents on their lands, huge holdings of a thousand acres or more. Operating as they did in a framework—largely written on the human heart, or in immemorial ("as in the days of Edward the Confessor") custom and usage—which could accommodate very little actual overstep at all—a kind of authority which was only recognized as legitimate when biblically "building up", rather than "tearing-down". In which case literally everyone was "up in arms". And if he sometimes made missteps—typically of style or speech rather than of substance or deed—all understood that he was after all only a fallible man, albeit made in the image and likeness of God.

January 17, 2015: Wolf Blitzer, John McCain, Marco Rubio and the rest of the "Bomb Russia Coalition" fall strangely silent when international bodies scold U.S. ally Arseny Yatsenyk for egregious human rights abuses in Eastern Ukraine.

Quoted in rt.com, Human Rights Watch chief Kenneth Roth is on record that "Kiev should stop the indiscriminate warfare in southeast Ukraine," in the remarks lodging a grievance against stonewalling attitudes of the country’s PM, Arseny Yatsenyuk. Hardly sounds like the babe-in-arms "innocent victim of Russian aggression" that our White House and State Department would make of Arseny "Arsenic" Yatsenyk, does it? These comments of the prestigious U.S. based watchdog group, matched over the past year by similar ones from several other governmental and humanitarian organizations from across Europe, being made during an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine earlier this month, discussing among other things the use of (population-decimating-or-crippling) "cluster bombs and Grad multiple rocket launchers against town and villages in southeast Ukraine". These accusations being backed up by camera-footage and hundreds of witnessed, while official U.S. and Ukrainian allegations about Russia arms-supplying, even "Russian mass border crossings with hundreds of tanks, rocket launchers and artillery pieces" are made in blank-faced gratuity, with no respectable or presentable evidence at all. When these kinds of "unfortunate" but hotly-denied things like the cluster-bombings occur, whose candid owning-up-to, as in all the prisoner-torture, might "gravely injury troop and public morale", U.S. Government and media alike put a kind of broken record on the old victrola, in which the same two or three topics—about "Al Qaeda in Yemen", terrorists in Western Europe, some obscure domestic disorder, or some lost plane—drone on and on—almost putting boredom-impenetrable TV anchors to sleep. Although when some "breaking news" of a spotlight-stealing allegation is dug up in The Ukraine, then cameras will eagerly roll, U.S. emissaries will make ominous war-rumbling speeches once again, with the assumption artfully maintained throughout that things have taken up precisely from where they stood before these unmentionable Kiev atrocities were so summarily dismissed: "history" to these people being only a long file of offenses of people who don't "march in freedom's parade". The last "depradation" of Yatsenyk's pitiful "enemies" in Donbass and elsewhere in Eastern Ukraine being thus joined to those alleged previous without any break in nasal-toned-sanctimonious stride. (Of course, when even this dependable polemical recourse begins to flag in it effects, then it's time to send in another CIA-or-Mossad-mentored black ops team to pull another Maidan square shooting or three.) Predictably, the Ukrainian prime minister "rejected the allegation, saying that 'there is no evidence to that. No evidence,' like the U.S.-protégé coward, liar and killer that he is, going on to suggest that "more attention should be paid to the Republic of Crimea, which reunited with Russia in March 2014." You know: that internationally-monitored-plebiscite punching-bag which comes in so handy when all other things anti-Russian fail.

Indeed, Roth the HRW head went so far as to tell RIA-Novosti news agency that Yatsenyuk "lied to the German media"—a strong word for a normally soft-spoken man—as the watchdog group had “published a lot of evidence that Ukraine refuses to distinguish between military targets and civilians as required by the laws and customs of war." The rights watchdog having "presented detailed information on those violations during meetings with the Kiev authorities in November and December last year". (Citings throughout from rt.com)

“Yatsenyuk’s proposal to focus on Crimea instead pushes to a disturbing assumption… that all perceptions of the conflict are biased,” Roth said. "HRW’s executive director stressed that the organization regularly reports on the activities of Kiev forces and the rebels, but 'Yatsenyuk and many others like him must find it impossible that the laws and customs of war can be objectively applied to both sides'. Yatsenyuk doesn't really sound like the legendary U.S.-dotted-over Ukrainian-Catholic altar boy anymore, does he?

Roth goes on in a brilliant and impassioned tour de force that reminds me of the more honest men of my 1950s American childhood, "'Rather than denying reports of abuses by its military, Kiev should recognize the obvious facts and stop conducting erratic combat operations' in south-eastern Ukraine." While finally, "Roth reminded the Ukrainian authorities that the ability to acknowledge one's own mistakes is first test proving the country’s readiness to undertake democratic reforms." at all. So much for a "march of democracy" or "torch of liberty" revolt in Kiev last winter and spring.

Summarizing, rt.com, some of the only objective media available today, goes on to conclude, "The Ukrainian military launched an operation in the country’s southeast last April, after the Donetsk and Lugansk Regions refused to recognized the new, coup-imposed—(like most others of U.S. protégé status for more than a century now)—authorities in Kiev. The death toll in the Ukraine conflict has exceeded 4,700 people. Over 10,000 have been injured, according to UN estimates".

This then is the way our secret-society-vetted leaders spread death and subsequent disease, malnutrition and stone-age conditions abroad—where cutting-edge societies once stood, like those of pre-Israeli-aggression Lebanon or Hussein's Iraq—while expansively enthusing over the "march of freedom" and "American generosity". However, if all this is American generosity, then the world can use a lot less of it.

January 16, 2015: Just be good EU, NATO, and Uncle Sam.

As always our message here is exceedingly simple: be good. Any little child would understand instantly. Here being an universal graven on the human heart and mind which goes far beyond "form of government" or loyalties to "liberty", these together with staggering incongruity having become a justification for everything ugly and wrong. While without this legal/political "weighing standard" of rectitude and innocence any quantity of belabored political system-making is a biblical "chase after the wind", as we will lack the goodwill to make it work, will turn it into a brilliant tool for cleverly "justified" chicaneries and wrongs. As in an acumen-packed "this bit of genocide over here counterbalances that bit of overreach over there", or "this bout of judicial divine-rob-wearing precisely offsets that voting-block power which must be kept in check". For it all means absolutely nothing except chaos and barbarity unless good is the end in mind. Indeed, Genghis Khan was the "end justifies the means" paragon of all times, a believer in his own cleverly-devised "liberty" as the do-all and the end-all of life. Maybe we should put up a big statue of him instead of the pagan goddess of liberty: it would get the point across far better, sparing us any need for quibbling words, painful misgivings or soul-searching hesitancy.

Be good, Uncle Sam, don't unduly offend people with "in the name of freedom" mockery of their religion, don't drone-bomb their wives and sisters, grandparents and children for some "march of liberty", come to the table and talk to them instead of stonewalling them with crippling sanctions and mobilizations for war. Yes, Barack, you've got a nice, handsome smile, but it turns into a sadistic grin unless you learn something about goodwill.

Above all, citizens of EU, NATO and the USA, don't let a lot of hysterical talk about "preserving liberty" precipitate your support for policies plainly unjust, unwarranted, promoted with lies. Is that too much to ask? If it is, well, a good God will take you to the woodshed in due time. Which is really kind of sad, as you could so easily have avoided the coming thrashing all along.

January 15, 2015: My reiterated plea to count me out of the bevy of "conspiracy theorists" out there on the web.

The chief thing held in common by these wild-eyed people with fancy websites is that they never offer any positive alternatives, if anything droningly repeating the need to return to a swooned-over Constitution, an ideology-driven document apotheosized among these devouts to unspeakable levels granted by Muslims to the Koran. Sanctified in the same ecstatic way of course being "The Framers"—something I used to do as a carpenter in a much better and more-dependable way—with many of these breathless or stone-visaged pronouncement-makers going on from there without a break-in-digital-stride to put on display the most lewd and graphic of pictures, "just to show us" how bad the opposition is. Alas, you leave their little Garden of Eden bereft not only of your intellectual but also your sensual/concusible fig-leaves, the entire presentation in every case thus far examined being a lot of morose hand-wringing, condemnation and despair. With all these people apparently remaining mentally-innocent of the fact that the noted highly-abstract Enlightenment-era inscription was itself only another stout rung on the ladder leading downward to our present-day demise.

Hence do we pose a question repeated here and there on this site: can all this grand, well-heeled and indignant display be in many cases a clever form of gloating? Of spokesmen of the modern-day soul-inferno and charnel-house, those indeed whose forerunners gave us this Constitution for our cleverly-concocted demise, removing ancient stable and equitable systems—admittedly partly corrupted by this same gloating, insidious, counting-house breed—which whether or not thus corrupted would hardly have given us, in a mere two centuries, two-hundred-million victims to tyranny and war. These sly conmen tormenting us with vivid cyber images of what they have managed to do, all the while pretending to be "on our side", "up in arms" against these "Illuminati", "CFR traitors", and so on. Read this site for some genuine positive alternatives to pronouncements of showmen with oratorical skills, who superman-like know how to don a heroic mask.

January 14, 2015: Driving a wedge between personal devotion and Church or Faith. Vatican II having been the Charlie Hebdo of the soul.

The extensive decimation of Catholic symbols and wellsprings cultural, political and philosophical as well as rubrical/liturgical and devotional that came out of Vatican II has served to obliterate the certainty, simplicity-of-perspective, and unity-of-energies, as it might be termed—things once positively definitive to the Catholic soul—of the faithful around the globe. Whereas there used to be a tremendous certitude which positively energized the flock everywhere, especially in Catholic countries like Spain, Croatia or Mexico, rather now a spirit of soul-vitiating confusion has been let loose by theatrically-choreographed novelties of Vatican II. A creation of New Church antipopes who both designed its most brazen features and followed in a long line in its wake. Gone being a virile firmness bred upon this very bulwark of liturgy and practice, through which in turn the Holy Ghost forcefully-yet-peacefully ruled over all. The succeeding universal bewilderment accompanied as well by chaotic and unfettered emotion, awash with questioning and hesitancy of all sorts. This new departure having reaped a mammoth harvest of lost or non-church-going souls, even if their numbers are often baldly denied or covered-over with a stark shrinking of the mass-schedule or a selling-off of church-buildings by the score. Any vaunted "increase" of congregations being of a New Church charismatic or coldly-impassive type scarcely Catholic at all. The now-ubiquitous if previously-condemned skepticism and cynicism meanwhile being claimed, as in the Charlie Hebdo cartoons, to be some sort of proof-in-the-pudding of "correct" "open windows" "liberties of spirit" of every kind. Here indeed being the very essence of the New Church "reform", without which the whole thing would mean little or nothing at all. The result being in New Church quarters a calamitous lifting-of-anchors in treacherous waters of today, the soul left adrift, exposed to every new "wind of doctrine", every new charismatic or "mystical" excess, every illusory enthusiasm such as sweep so catastrophically across such a wind-tossed sea.

But in traditionalist waters it isn't really any better, as here, at a whip-sawing, polar-opposite extreme, do we find a variously-faithful, often cold or mechanical, uninspiring observance of Tridentine and Gregorian rites of old, typically accompanied by a harsh asperity toward the truly devout and traditionally-formed that can border on the punitive. Indeed, souls in traditionalist parishes are expected to "update" just as insistently as their neighbors down the road at Father Jim's, with very little actual difference between the two sorts of "acceptable" parishioners being perceived. With the hearty favor of pastors of such traditionalist "mass centers" volubly, even back-slappingly bestowed on the most worldly and "success"-oriented to be found. Flashy new cars and abrasive or sardonic personalities never before known being a sort of new calling-card in these places: the consequence of which is to fatally sever the once-intimate inner unity described above, in an interior rupture just as surely achieved as among New Church throngs. This inner integrity-of-soul so set-upon being the patrimony of the truly-devout, assembled only with the glue of kindness and love, if minus all the gratuities of new-church unconditional forgiveness, "not judging", and so on. These latter fanaticisms being mere mockeries of divine charity properly understood. In fine, in both camps, traditionalist and New Ordo, to put it in colloquial terms of a few years back: it is like having the Catholic Faith "broken off" in you, leaving instead of the peace and strength of old a mortal wound in the soul.

The Blessed Spirit simply will not operate in such waters as these, rather biblically "hovering" only over those which are profoundly at peace, moored in beloved traditions and usages religious, political and cultural, the divine Dove being a stranger alike to formality-bounded unkindness and doctrinal-and-liturgical chaos. Fleeing wherever the former kindness, humility and peace-of-soul that once characterized the Catholic fold has been mocked and spat-upon. Hence must we assemble those missing parts of the Faith as best we can, in today's utterly-provisional circumstances: much indeed like parts-of-aircraft spread across the Indian Ocean, from a plane obviously dispatched, like several others recently, in a way which certain international players are attempting to conceal. Thus indeed was our ancient Faith itself brought down by a missile of sorts, from infernal depths, orchestrated in the synagogue and subservient secret-societies of every stripe, as prophesies of saints and decretals of pontiffs have warned us for a thousand years.

January 13, 2015: An adult and intelligent understanding of liberty as opposed to the low-brow religious intolerance of the Charlie Hebdo variety. Article revised during the day.

Like good bloodhounds, all our falsehood-detecting olfactory instincts are at a peak when confronted with irruptions like this Charlie Hebdo magazine and subsequent horrific slaughter-scene, forming another prime theatrical venue for fanatical new legal and institutional departures of every kind. Hence today dutifully hounded down by us is the bounding polemical hare of a Charlie Hebdo brand of liberty, said to deserve universal acclamation, just now chewing voraciously at this world's diminishing moral/intellectual kitchen-patch, leaving a lone, stark, top-nibbled, false and juvenile idea of liberty as a wild-eye, one-leg-in-the-air paroxysm of uncontainable mockery, perversity and spleen. This now-loudly-championed idea-of-freedom only another installment of effusions and debaucheries of the once-ubiquitous U.S. "Catholic" pro-sodomy Act Up, most or all of whose noisy members may well be dead with AIDS, while revisiting our minds as well are those nursery-school-level atrocities of the Russian mob of violent lesbians of unmentionable name which desecrated the Orthodox cathedral and were duly sent to jail. This global committee of mental-hares now demanding the institutionalization of their radical ideas in immovable legal foundations of stone, in legislation and court-rulings to which we will all be required to conform. An aim for which this gaggle of quadrupeds is ready to lay down all of our lives, at the hands of rapidly-beheading Muslims not near so juvenile. While these our furry friends will meanwhile run off and hide in the brush, gleefully preparing for their next escapade.

Although this group of clown-like figures numbers in the thousands, maybe millions in a place like modern-day Paris—as perfectly distinct from the rest of France—people who spread their false ideas of liberty far and wide, whose numbers include nearly all the major world leaders marching in Paris the other day—yet as a percentage of the world population this group is small indeed. Being an all-powerful clique which controls our media and government, whose only reverential loyalties are professed in infantile and demeaning ceremonies at masonic lodges, at Bohemian Grove and the Skull and Bones, secret-societies to which most of these people belong, in groveling service to highly-sober synagogue intrigues. Against whose influence I call on all mature and pious men and women to stand up together in the name of order, intelligence, virtue and peace.

Finally, the charge might conceivably be laid that we ourselves repeatedly use mocking and even abuse expressions when speaking, for instance, of a fifty-some-year train of modern-day antipopes who have ruled Catholic Rome that long with a libertarian iron rod: but these targets of our lampoons are mere living men, whose sadly-buffaloed followers might by such means be disabused of vaunted loyalties to same. And even were some of our judgments in their regard found to be mistaken, it's all worlds apart from viciously and gratuitously attacking a Mohammed who—if he was indeed a real person rather than a myth—lived entirely unacquainted with recent controversies, already some fourteen hundred years ago—and is believed by his followers to have been a veritable divine emanation, and not just a prophet or holy man. This near-apotheosis being akin to Muslim veneration for the Koran itself, which not surprisingly is likewise subject to profanations by the same restless, juvenile breed. This reckless banter of the Charlie Hebdo kind, of a sort of low-brow religious intolerance, being another matter entirely from our strongly-worded but thoroughly-justified repartee.

January 11, 2015: The Muslim Brotherhood, Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey, I.S., Uncle Sam and the perpetual synagogue drive to promote a confrontation of evenly-weighted forces to tear apart the national and international political fabric everywhere.

The West's systematic, unwarranted attack against the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt is mounted precisely because it is so reasonable and fair a group—and thus so formidable—Muslims being deliberately denied any viable vehicles of political or economic popular self-expression, being allowed only the Mosque as their sounding-board, thus fixing them immovably in that very vessel of religion which brings upon them charges of religious fanaticism. An accusation which if in some cases accurate can scarcely be marveled at, given such an artfully-frustrated life. The Brotherhood representing a stubborn attempt to change all this, an enlightened-but-traditional way of life which the synagogue and its protégé-radicals right and left will always battle by all possible underhanded means. This the battleground which forms the setting for the painful present-day impasse of President Erdogan of Turkey, his plight dramatizing uniquely this chief phenomenon of our times: that any attempt by a national leader to rule justly, rationally and equitably is confronted (1) by trumped-up charges of tyranny and (2) by the machinations of synagogue moles who are pretended friends of such a leader but at the critical moment do a potent "coming out" as his remorseless enemies. Thus is someone like Erdogan inevitably forced into the unenviable position of alleged paranoia—as is indeed anyone today who execrates the chief evils of our times—having been the valiant defender of a Muslim Brotherhood brutally repressed, with some three hundred condemned to death by kangaroo court of a U.S.-mandated successor regime, put in place in an unprecedented discarding of the popular vote at the same Uncle Sam's deafeningly-unspoken behest. Here being capsulated a favorite vaudeville of U.S. foreign policy, déjà vu Gadaffi, Saddam Hussein and myriad others one-time leaders on all continents, going on a century and more: with hostile forces errupting in Turkey from prior places-of-hiding like geysers, propelling Recep Erdogan into bewildered reaction to an enemy he sincerely thought was a friend. A guy who was once indeed one of his closest collaborators, the Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen, and that formidable group of like-minded souls he was instantly able to assemble and give voice. He who in high significance is "in self-imposed exile in the U.S." (January issue of LeMonde Diplomatique, article by Wendy Kristianasen).

Welcome, again, in a welcome-mat put out several times in articles below, to Rule by the Synagogue 101, with such upright leaders as Erdogan being forced to choose between sodomy-peddling dictats of "liberal democracy" and imperatives of a just, moral and orderly state, a dilemma in which their hands are forced in every possible way. Harried by treacherous, often-enough-violent secret societies of every stripe, under Synagogue/Yankee influence or control, such reasonable leaders being inevitably cast in the image of a cruel dictator of some kind, when attempting to reorder the shambles of a once-promising state-of-affairs. Legitimate political or even nuclear-paternal leadership today, largely by dint of antipope effusions of decades in time, being sanctimoniously confined to harmless precincts of "love and peace", while opponents of good order are allowed every "liberty", all in the name of the harbor goddess, the new Artemis, thus named. That kind of politics which has been wholeheartedly if ill-admittedly embraced by a constitutionally-insidious New-Church/Vatican-II crew, with new levels of bombast and sanctimony thus staggeringly accrued. As noted here so many times, it is only when Jews are expelled from positions of influence everywhere, especially from a Catholic Church now in all externals thus totally controlled—a tall order indeed—that this order-overturning impasse will cease to dominate everything on the domestic and international scene.

Always claiming to be ferreting out "corruption" when all else fails, "heroic" media and other figures involved in hyper-vindictive "exposes" precipitate frantic official responses, all the while these alleged whistleblowers are themselves no doubt guilty of crimes, perhaps an unnatural vice which they inevitably champion in a voluble way, as a kind of rider or tacked-on corrolary to any other issue they might espouse. (Hints of a cleverly-insinuated sodomy-advocacy being everywhere evident in today's well-orchestrated "we are all Jews" demonstrations on Paris streets.) Corruption being a highly-favored Jacobin-revolutionary buzzword, of people who could care less about failings with which human nature is rife, if committed by someone of their own radical ilk, while there is scarcely any certainty that charges leveled at Erdogan will be found actually to be true, after all the verbal and political dust has settled away. While any attempt to thwart or circumvent these secretive slandering forces is instantly label by the media as "authoritarianism": implying slyly that properly-"democratic" leaders should passively surrender before forces of this underhanded kind, and that the unavoidable and indeed fitting pomp of truth, justice and morality upholding officialdom is much worse than the mob rule, brutal oversteps and institutional takeovers of the ultra-liberal "corruption-uncovering" breed. They who bring us grade-school-inculcated sodomy, organ-snatching death-redefined, and abortion on demand, to name only a few such libertarian "boons". Hence does a leading Turkish intellectual, named Davutoglu, believe that "western democracies are dangerous because they lack religious values to keep them in check" (ibid). The same scholar finding the reconciliation of Turkey to the West under Atatürk to have been a grave mistake indeed. And candidly speaking, in view of the past catastrophic century for regional peoples since the westernizing founder first organized modern Turkey, in the path of which a conservatively-conceived Turkey might have stood stoutly well-armed, can this academic be said to be at all wrong?

Meanwhile standard chuspah-ridden name-calling determines the American response to Turkish agonies, for instance in jerk-knee condemnations of that nation's overtures to Hamas, a sovereignty-upholding embattled organization under all-controlling synagogue insistence referred to as a "proven terrorist organization". A charge in turn which neatly promotes the odious idea that armed efforts to defend ones land against Jews anywhere is a terrorist deed.

Finally, it is global commerce and especially global finance which in the end determines everything in this Turkish drama: that arena in which Jewry holds all the cards. Turkey is being forced to modify cherished positions by its commercial dependence upon Egyptian and other markets, according to LeMonde Diplomatique, just as Russia is being pressured by NATO, the EU and the USA in an economic stranglehold which knows no bounds. For the fact remains, only when Jews are once again universally recognized as the ever dissembling and equivocating enemies of the state wherein they reside can this sequence of standoff succeeded by pandemonium and final bloody overthrow finally be laid to rest. This one major all-deciding geopolitical fact having been seen repeatedly across the world for the past two and a half centuries since the birth of "liberal democracy" during the Enlightenment era, when ruthless Rothschild financial and political hegemony was first so onerously-if-insidiously imposed.

January 11, 2015: Which liberty do you choose?

Just as we anticipated, the horrors of events at Charlie Hebdo are being used to ramrod an ultra-radical agenda down everyone's throat in a decisive way never seen before, so that the above-noted choice must be made soon if morality is to survive at all. Out of which contest we know by saintly prophesies of a thousand years that the just and pious Catholic Faith and political philosophy will ultimately come to reign across the entire world, and with it return peace, virtue and tranquility to our homes and streets. There is no quarter that can possibly be called between these two points-of-view: the liberty of the soul being of Heaven, the flippant, corrosive liberty of Charlie Hebdo being of Hell. While the glib argument that moral and spiritual matters are meant to be confined to church and home find Lucifer made prince of our streets and offices and schools, with truly and devoutly practicing Christians being gradually forced to go into hiding, as they are indeed already doing. For as everyone knows, we have that true religion which cannot bear the assaults of impurity, of gross immodesty, of gross verbal unrestraint, when imposed by clever legislation and court-rulings upon our own very persons in the name of "tolerance", "liberty", or even "sanity", and the like. The devil alone rather than God being honored openly and publicly all these ways, both social and intimately-personal components of our nature being thus driven into an infernal corral of an abominable kind. We faithful Christians having as best friends in far-more-numerous numbers modestly-clad, God-fearing Muslims: they whose innocent customs are being made the subject of oppressive restrictive laws of "laicization" which recreate uncannily the atmosphere of the Terror of Revolutionary days. These religionists having to fight the same battle with morally-depraved enemies within their own religion, planted there by the same forces-of-rebellion, in the service of Hell, as do we in the Catholic Church of today. Muslims whom we hope someday to welcome affectionately into this genuine Catholic fold, that One True Faith which is now an outcast even in antipope-occupied Rome. And although by the same innate social and political nature we are required to battle this hideous wrong, yet God Himself will take matters in hand at the decisive hour, as predicted in Catholic prophesies so many times.

I myself look forward to the coming confrontation with these "champions of liberty" such as are now marching noisily on Parisian streets, and haranguing us from our TVs, ready to recreate the guillotine or the storming of the Bastille: this Godly battle with such enemies-of-Faith being indeed the whole purpose of earthly life, the enemy sometimes irrupting as now with special preternatural force. And we will shut the mouths of these newscasters and activists who loudly sing the praises of libertarian verbal abuse and moral vice, which can serve no purpose at all except division, violence and revolt. For when things finally come out in the open, and the contest is on a wide and level playing field, then the forces of good and morality will win thunderously, without fail. As it is only by means of classroom-brainwash, vote-tampering, bought-and-sold elections, New-Speak insinuations, public slander and cowardly cartoon-sheet mockery that these effeminate partisans gain ground today. Craven and contemptible crowds who won't stand a chance when they must face an unfettered and determined people who despise such foils, whose strength is rather in God alone.

January 11, 2015: Everyone from polemical left to polemical right, in Europe and the USA, is formulating new statements and manifestos after Charlie Hebdo, and so we here at the National Anti-Sodomy Crusade will do the same.

Fundamental to our own cause is that, instead of jerk-knee-reacting to inflammatory events like Charlie Hebdo—both in what it was in itself and what happened to it—we step off rather according to the meter of our own drummer, in a direction indicated by our parade (or procession) Master, by a route indicated to us from time immemorial, and in ultimate precision two millennia ago. That direction, that injunction, is bounded by highly-identifiable landmarks, stone-carved inscriptions, rising serenely and majestically to the sky, one of them stating that the law of God, both natural and revealed, is the sole source of valid law. That divine law, which most Muslims today invariably respect far more than we "advanced" "Christians", namely which is not learned in a calculus class nor in some futuristic space-capsule, nor does it need constant reassertion by a certain elite who use insults, false-flag operations and general brutality as their tools-of-choice, a law rather which has been quietly engraved by God on men's hearts, souls and minds since time immemorial. This boundary-line of our sincere and devout march, if followed faithfully, leading directly and unalterably and by free and enthusiastic popular choice into the wide open doors of the Catholic Church, to enjoy there her uniquely, prodigally generous social and political doctrine, her incomparably holy formation-of-souls. (Something not to be found in the temporarily-antipope-occupied Rome of today). Hence plainly the observance of this divine law, and the employment of any number of its visible, audible, physical or material customs or usages, symbols or tokens is not to be confined to the privacy of our homes or on Sundays alone: all the while libertine progressives make a wild diabolical orgy out of our streets and schools, polluting and entrapping the minds and souls of our young. While the second of these giant landmarks between which we march—a kindly Scylla and Charybdis indeed—processing in a rather more informal manner than the grim ideological column and line of our oh so free and liberal opponents and antagonists—is summarized thereupon, to wit: that man must maintain thoroughgoing and intimate ties with nature itself, in an agrarianism which is the common bond of earthly life. That which doesn't at all gravitate toward tree-hugging or animal-worship, let alone that infernal bestiality of which an "enlightened" and "free" Europe of more-recent-years is seemingly so proud, but rather toward the diligent observance of the self-same divine law with which such a traditional take-on-life most accords. Furthermore, this second landmark of our manifesto will expend only moderate—and among the more-heroically-virtuous even desultory—care with regard to bodily health—that idolatrous obsession of modern "progress"-dazzled man. All of whom—kicking and screaming, no doubt—must die anyway. "Beam me up, Scotty" fanatics who are ever ready to step off into some space-capsule—or indeed sacrifice life itself—if only the "thresholds of science" and the "frontiers of ignorance" can be pushed back "a little bit further", and some few wealthy Jews and their richly-rewarded associates can discover some genetic "fountain of youth". For which "heroic" purposes of course all of us witless, meaningless alleged-sub-humans will be sacrificed in both bloody and ultra-sanitary, "scientific" ways. Here being lessons we have learned, about our "wonderful liberty-loving" opponents, furthermore, not from reveries of "conspiracy theory" or dark reaches of paranoia, but rather from simply observing a grim, humanity-decimating human history of the past few "progressive" centuries, while also continuing to pore over genuine immemorial papal revelations and injunctions now being systematically buried by "progress"-friendly antipopes who have occupied Rome for fifty-some years. Finding as we do that theological and philosophical truth has already been revealed to humanity through Old and New Testament revelations, wedded to the secular wisdom primarily of ancient Greece and Rome, but highly consonant with age-old patrimonies of China, Persia and other lands and peoples around the globe. An immemorial truth which furthermore cannot in any way contradict itself, and only clarifies itself horizontally, amid new scientific discoveries, on a material plane far beneath, as time goes on. Scarcely then can we justly turn the more exalted on its head for the sake of either the sensual or the insensate, the diabolical or the mundane. Finally, we process between these two beloved landmarks not in the grim and faceless unanimity of our foes, who make the earth shake with the angry goose-stepping cadence of their ever-marching feet, but rather in soulful personal certitude, in complete peace and orderly tranquility, knowing innately the goodness of our cause. Needing to prove nothing to anyone, knowing that God Himself, very simply, is on our side. He Who with His Most Holy Mother will vanquish these effeminate, hysterical, natural-law-breaking fools on the left—who are indeed just as numerous on the neo-con right—in due time.

January 10, 2015: Doctrinal orthodoxy must pervade through and through, and not just be a glaze on the outside of the ecclesiastical cup. A hint of how disaffected Muslim youths must feel.

Once a "pope" has laid erroneous hands on fundamentals of the Catholic Faith—as have all of them repeatedly since the first such modern-day usurpers, John XXIII—then any amount of subsequent sound doctrine is a mere mockery or affront to the Church, unless foregoing myriad denials and departures are withdrawn—retractions which of course an antipope will never abide. Hence a number of recent on-the-surface-orthodox statements from Francis, after having rocked the Church since taking office with radical departures of every stripe. These declarations, sound or no, furthermore, and for all the talk of collegiality, in staggering if little-remarked significance, no longer proceed in quiet fatherly fashion as did teachings of yore, through the episcopal chain-of-command from Rome, like a parent seeing that hearth-bound instructions or injunctions are passed down through eldest children to younger ones, as from a filial-piety-nourishing but silent spring or fountainhead. Rather is the "latest word" given in the bulb-flash and bombast of press-releases and UN-style speeches, where any number of "rock star" impressions can be made. Were the father of your own family to make a public show of intimate domestic matters in this way, perhaps boasting of how some family tradition is faithfully performed, or enthusing over Christmas-presents he had so recent bestowed, over a microphone out in front of the driveway, before a huge crowd with cameras rolling, would it make you feel as if proper duties had been paid? But that's exactly what these "popes" have done, regaling themselves first-and-foremost in mundane public attention, after having starved the children inside of sound doctrine and moral discipline, indeed having thrown essential provender "to the dogs" out in the back yard, in a chilling fulfillment of Christ's own ultimately-prophetic words. And then gone calmly out and displayed little Johnny's yuletide treasures to the milling throng. Granted, we might find fit satisfaction in exposing the family emblem for a moment to startled passers-by in this way, but "there is a place for everything, and everything in its place", certainly for things so innately private and sublime.

Similarly in this mocking initiation of two popes have Francis and Benedict made a stark symbolic show of what they and their immediate-predecessors have done to the shattered remnant of the Church, for all the world suggesting in hideous imagery nothing-so-much as a Roman sodomy-marriage: so unnatural on its own higher plane is the contemptuous rejection of fundamental, doctrinally-imbued Catholic Tradition and Faith that this dual papacy implies, a hideous freak both of nature and of grace. Fitting then indeed, in its own repugnant way, is a photo taken of them recently, I think out in front of St. Peter's Basilica: the two being pictured in an intimate close-up-shot in the standard European arms-length embrace. A camera-shot from the side, gazing at each other with expressions less affectionate than positively gloating, even lecherous on their faces, a snapshot plainly posed-for, thus no doubt passing Vatican muster before being thus released. Like scarcely-mentionable perverts pulling apart the home before a piteously-rejected family's eyes—a scene played-out repeatedly and heart-rendingly nowadays—so much is character utterly missing on the two coarsened faces: looking less like popes than rodents caught in the family pantry, reveling in brazen and defiant gluttony. And all this furthermore I say not at all in mockery, the forte of those unfortunates at the Paris cartoon-shop, but with sorrow and tears, as of a child who longs to see a noble face on someone who claims to be his father, rather than a craven and honor-less mask.

After having experienced this kind of shameless treachery, this wholesale mockery, in the Catholic Church, "the joy of my youth", I can understand the utter prostration of Muslims at the public mockery of things they hold intimately dear, among an émigré youth often poor and unemployed, perhaps unable to even start a family, having only religion to see them through such a terrible ordeal. Certainly, I myself would lay down my life, could it make a difference, against this burrowing enemy within my own beloved Church. And accordingly it is far better to commiserate with these tragedy-stricken young men, if we would lead them to a better way, than to "pour salt in their wounds" with yet-more mockery, with a blanket collective criminalization, in the sort of Salem witch-trial Calvinism which a buckle-hatted Uncle Sam spreads everywhere in a once cultivated and compassionate Europe, and a wider world seldom prone to mockery of this kind.

January 9, 2015: "The right to mock", the elevation of chuspah to precincts divine.

In the wholesale canonization of these Parisian cartoonists and mockers-of-Mohammed and Mohammedans do we have in a nutshell the modern Western synagogue-brokered idea of liberty: a lodge-hall standby stoutly bolstered by an ever-compliant Francis in Rome, seemingly ready to enroll these gloating Parisian cynics in the calendar of the martyred saints. An antipope who can then turn-on-a-dime and swallow innumerable drone-bombings of innocent by-standing Muslims, sometimes twenty-at-a-time, without blinking a sandpaper-dry eye. Francis consistently demonstrating his license-breeding Judeo-Masonic origins, in a long line of antipopes since John XXIII, in a New-Vatican-embraced chaos-cultivating idea of freedom as of knots or masses of zany or malignant people hurling insults and mockeries at one another, with the kindly and soft-spoken meanwhile being everywhere increasingly trodden-underfoot and despised. Civility having been the first target of chuspah-bandying, synagogue-sponsored Bonesmen and other all-powerful secret societies for more than a century now, with a lodge-commandeered Vatican, an abomination predicted by saintly seers of a thousand years, entirely true-to-form, stepping meekly and readily to the side. But as might be expected these flagrant expressions of contempt are the preserve strictly of a chosen few: with Blacks or poor Whites scarcely daring to speak churlishly or mockingly to anyone, no matter how well-justified they might be. As the fate of the five-cop-strangled, paramedic-ignored dying Black man on the New York sidewalk so graphically portrayed: having dared to express himself in a manly, forthright way. While the belligerent treatment the same class of harmless people get in any number of stores or public spaces would easily-enough find them spread-eagle on the ground or floor "in a heartbeat", were they to forcefully object, let alone mock or squall, for being treated like a criminal caught in the act—so often their portion in places of public resort—like the noted Black man dared to do. But it is the effeminate and perfectly-gratuitous bandying of economically-privileged, irreligious mockers—the most abominated of offenders in the Old Testament chapter and verse—that gets all the protection and then some that the law can give. Preparing the day when the Gospel mild and clean of heart must more-or-less go underground, in a new age of the catacombs which is indeed already being announced to us in the above terms. Promising a pious revisiting of holy subterranean refuges where mockers were rare indeed.

January 8, 2015: News Speak spins a front-loaded narrative from the "news". More thoughts on Orwell himself and what he put in gear.

That's what you're getting anymore in the "news": not events from or between-which you the listener make all reasonable connections but the connections themselves frontloaded, for whose purposes events are warped, shaved or invented to make marching ideological narrative out of gripping or pedestrian news. By contrast, men once listened with the prophet at the mouth of the cave for the symbolic Heavenly breeze, in which was discerned the hidden meaning of things, an ineffable and sensitive process in which goodwill played a central role. But now increasingly the media, official and scholastic communication is fast becoming all-pervasive in scope, each new real, modified or contrived event becoming an object-lesson, an exhortation, even a rap on the wrist: a series of which gradually becomes an index finger pointing down some shining path. The anti-religious character of it all becoming disturbingly evident as well as time goes on, as in this little slogan heard only this morning on CNN, that "we must all learn to love such blasphemies" as are committed by the cartoonists and writers at the French pulp-sheet targeted by extremists only yesterday. Ah, there's room for many-a more-inclusive modification in the intended sense of such an axiom, as "events" unfold. Each newscast, then, becomes a newer and doughtier invocation of "united we stand": and when "found necessary" false-flag 9/11s and "brave" perpetrators can be found. The modern social and communicational milieu resembling more and more something out of Orwell's 1984: a writer who in my own opinion remained a loyal communist after his return from Russia, allegedly disillusioned: rather having received the commission to write a precise description of this News-Speak, and all else totalitarian that was to come. Forecasting TVs that have been able to watch you since the '60s, if so tasked, mass solidarity-rallies with fists in the air, a carefully-nursed war between Eurasia and Eur-Africa, and much, much more. This sort of morbid, gloating, "prophetic" writing or cinematography being seen repeatedly, in insider previews of horrific things to come, being of the very pith of the sense of omnipotence this New World Order Baal wishes to project. To name only two such movies, with a look-alike Putin already named as the Russian enemy in the Hunt for the Red October, and a priest named Kiril being cast as the first synagogue-hand-picked Eastern European pope. A big screen character to be dutifully realized ten years later in the look-alike antipope with the Polish name Karol: close-enough to Kiril for the News-Speak narrative to ring ominously through.

January 8, 2015: Shale can be treacherous when you scramble over it to gain geopolitical heights.

For now, Washington oil-and-war-hawks have bitten off more than their twin-industries can chew, with shale-oil having sunk so deeply into an un-payable, weak-demand-related debt that it may precipitate another crash like the sub-prime-mortgage debacle of 2008, according to today's rt.com. Or as a host of experts say more fearfully yet, "the next crash will make the first look like a walk in the park". But however much the common man might have to suffer in coming months, big boys on the Potomac will manage to drone-bomb and insult enough Muslims to keep weapons-and-munitions factories rolling, and military requisitions of all kinds expanding, thus amply propping up energy-needs and closely-connected oil demand. "Not to worry", then, over mammoth costs of over-production-debt-servicing part-and-parcel of a "drill baby drill" core in turn to sanctions-related efforts to bring a non-New-World-Order Russia to its knees: for as a singularly-dreary modern history teaches us, with scholarly raps-on-the-wrist which the classroom-of-humanity knows so well, all that's needed to "keep the wheels of industry turning" is another false-flag operation of some doughty partner overseas somewhere. Like the U.S.-sponsored sniper-massacre in Kiev last winter, a "nation-making" look-alike to that in Mexico City in 1973, in the middle of political demonstrations of the same general kind. For in a wonderfully "united we stand" world, and as the three handy "harbor incidents" that touched off three wars—Havana, Pearl and Haiphong—teach us so well, the big boys are always ready to trade red human blood for the black stuff. Hence just like a non-New-World-Order Japan of the mid-twentieth century, Russia is slated to be forced to its knees by a tightly-controlled global stock market, before the Moloch worshipped so long in places more Westerly.

However, Our Lady of Fatima, in her promises made in October 1917, in the Portuguese Serra, at the very time a global-stock-market-launched Lenin and Trotsky were touching off the Bolshevik Revolt, has other things in mind. Read this site to find out this general-of-general's battle plan: she who has no use for shale oil at all.

January 8, 2015: Catholicism supremely a religion of good deeds. How this applies to the state as well as the individual.

"Faith alone" heresies litter the trail of a Church history of two thousand years, with words of St. Paul by which he decisively severs the divine plan from impotent Jewish ceremonies being twisted into a repudiation of the need to do anything good at all. This sanctimony-ridden heresy throwing the ruddy baby of good deeds out the window with ablutionary bathwaters of dead Jewish ritual, of rejected Jewish ceremonies—the only "works" with which St. Paul is here concerned—formalities severed from divine grace by Jewish rejection of the Sacrifice on Calvary. Cross and Resurrection, revisited at Holy Mass, identified as the sanctifier not the obviator of morally-good deeds: any other understanding of human activity being a monster-doctrine among humankind of any persuasion or belief. This hypocritical denial understandably preparing the mammoth scandals of a "Christianity" with which the non-Western world has long been so familiar, with Christian nations powered by Jewish loans having for centuries barbarically exploited the world's peoples and resources amid voluble prayers, in a merciless biblical "only saying Lord, Lord". Hence does a good Lord repudiate all such things, in 1920 telling the visionary and victim-soul Sr. Josefa Menendez of Spain that "many souls think that love consists in saying, 'My God, I love Thee'. No, love is sweet, and acts because it loves, and all that it does is done out of love" (Menendez, The Way of Divine Love. Charlotte, N.C.: Tan Publishing, 2012).

Furthermore, God scarcely limits this requirement of good deeds to strictly personal affairs: rather does the Lord of Heaven and earth, of governments as well as hearth and home—else how indeed can He be God at all?—demand that public and official deeds, policies, behavior be likewise pious, loving and good. There is no place in God's plan for cynical, destructive, Napoleonic public policies, for today's abominable sodomy, promiscuity and abortion-on-demand. Atrocities, enormities proceeding, "sanctioned", "legalized" from halls-of-state, while we Christians passively say prayers at home or in our churches, or driving to and from the daily grind, "only saying Lord, Lord". Here being rather a Hellish mockery, an affront to God, a blasphemy, as our honest Muslim neighbors call it so accurately.

January 7, 2015: Don't poke your hand into a lion's mouth, French and Danish cartoonists and satirists, else it gets bit off. I myself don't want to wage war on behalf of fools like these. New revelations about Bill Clinton also underscore the kinds of people and behavior we militantly defend nowadays.

Involving our children in ceaseless bloody warfare, often returning home horribly crippled for life, the USA and its allies have taken upon us all the defense of a "freedom of speech" which is nothing but public effrontery and churlishness, and a declaration of war all of its own kind. Behind which vaunted license lurks the less-trumpeted enforcement and institutionalization of an unnatural way of life, in a profligacy symbolized already a century and a quarter ago in the erection of a paganistic Statue of Liberty. An idol whose ultimate purpose is only just now coming clean. Rather would such a huge metal sculpture do noble and worthy service if transformed into an icon of a deserving Holy Mother of God, who in this Western Hemisphere vanquished such idolatries as these in a mere ten years after her miraculous apparition at Guadalupe. Such an honoring, in the pious conversion of such an unholy harbor-idol into an icon of graces divine, readily showering upon us God's blessings in place of His obvious mounting wrath, and that of numerous earthly sworn enemies. Here being envisioned a supremely easy remodeling, with the Blessed Virgin Mary holding aloft either her own Immaculate Heart bursting with flames of divine love or that of her Divine Son, of which she is indeed the portress or light-bearer. Or she could just as easily be refashioned to raise high the Holy Cross, instead of this now-infamy-ridden "torch of liberty". An "exceptionalist" America and her allies sending armies everywhere to enforce a libertarian, sodomy-institutionalizing pagan creed, as commissioned by secret-society operatives who have cryptically run this country from the very start. Having stolen two continents from a Catholic Spain and France, whose missionary efforts were indeed seconded so mightily by astounding miracles and motherly care of the self-same Blessed Lady at Guadalupe in Mexico. A Heavenly Lady destined soon to crush the heads of minions of perversity everywhere now so defiant, under the foul banners of their infernal leader or "father" under her pure maiden heel. They who now conduct an armed defense of every indefensible word or deed, like the brazen and gratuitous mockery of Mohammed by the satirical sheet that was just today so terribly targeted by Islamists in France. Freedom to our leaders, behind whom our youth so foolishly march, being the license to do anything, to say anything, no matter how perverted or incendiary, indulging a vindictive folly which purposely sacrifices the same young on altars of Baal. Our fabulously-financed politicos intent on remaking the world in their own depraved image and likeness, with presidents and other leaders coming to us out of secret societies like a Baal-honoring Bohemian Grove or the satanic, Bush-family-connected Skull and Bones: a.k.a the very same sodomite, Jolly-Roger-emblemed Thule Society which spawned a transvestite Adolph Hitler and his bloody and perverted High Command. With Bill Clinton, as revealed on RT.com today, having recently been found to have been an intimate of a man on trial for molesting young girls, with Bill's name found some twenty times in his phone-number list, and visits between the two having apparently been frequent indeed. This blissful smile which is seen inevitably playing on Clinton's face no doubt having a secret meaning all its own.

It is for the "liberties" of such vile men that our men and women in uniform lay down their lives, while conversely it is the good who are being outlawed, who are increasingly driven into the back-alleys of life by this shameless breed.

January 6, 2015: The coming end-time Epiphany of the Church, preliminary to the Second Coming of Christ. More on the website In Today's Catholic World. Version greatly revised over the next day.

Frequently we re-examine Catholic Traditionalist efforts and organizations to see if we have "left any stones unturned", and we are always ruefully reconfirmed in our prior misgivings. How much we would like to be wrong! To find out that there is indeed a place to go to a valid Mass, led by a clergy who "have faculties" and who really do believe, and aren't leading their followers down some primrose path. Hence conscientiously reexamined for a space-of-time was this website TCW, as noted a couple of years ago containing a tremendous amount of otherwise difficult-to-obtain information: however this very abundance of knowledge, when coupled with an overly-majesterial arrogance to be found throughout, marks out In Today's Catholic World and associated sites as so many more synagogue mole-operations. A certain overbearing authoritarianism being indeed the prime characteristic of the Catholic Traditionalist movements as a whole, casting such suspicions further still: in a harsh, peremptory spirit which truly-Catholic clerics or leaders needn't at all display—in the Old Country they used to say that a good priest is always meek, soft-spoken and kind, as by a kind of indelible mark—this polar opposite character suggesting to the seasoned observer the hand of an interloper who must always overplay his hand. The capture of the opposition-camp being ever the "over-ripe plum" which Judeo-Masonry most eagerly grasps after from the hated Catholic tree, for which insidious purpose are employed baffling tangents of every kind. In maneuvers inherent to a Hegelian-dialectical view of history, with agents of the Jewish futuristic "Messiah" making their way into every important group of any size.

Revealing to us too was our discovery on TCW of a kind of headquarters address in Joliet, IL, my own birthplace, on a road in a wealthy enclave on the posh west side of town, a building whose name and even street-number are familiar to our ears, if after an admittedly lengthy lapse of years. Remembering without possible fail the mole-inseparable palpable arrogance of the "staunch" Catholic-traditionalist householder there, the kind of person that God doesn't use to do His work, to achieve major things for the Church. TCW being plainly a group designed—as was indeed its arrogant antecedent at the noted address, already back in the late-eighties—to sit on things with due pomp and circumstance, until the last faithful Catholic has died away. These people, in myriad such groupings, assiduously studying Catholic prophesy, having come up with a convincing version of what an onlooker might easily think will happen as calamitous latter-day events unfold. But there is something entirely too cut and dried about it all, something which smacks of a carefully-choreographed fiction: the sorts of displays the humble, outwardly-unimpressive holder-of-God's-commission knows nothing of, in genuinely-potent up-endings of empires of the great, in a coming "restoration of all things in Christ". While furthermore we notice that many of our ideas here, on this site started up already at the end of 2002, are to be found prominently displayed on TCW and associated sites, with no acknowledgment at all, ensconced in an electronic media-production that took big bucks to put together, and which admittedly shoe-string-resourced people like us could scarcely afford. As if all this digital mastery justifies the requisitioning of insights gained through much study in many fields, and with not a little suffering and prayer.

Hence do we continue to ply the emerging of Russia as the social, economic, moral and religious salvation of the world, a Russia already resolutely set against an abominable sodomy and Napoleonic aggressive warfare which TCW and all these other traditionalist groups seldom or never discuss. Russia as promised at the actual and original Fatima to become Roman Catholic in God's good time, and that quite soon: rejecting as we do these rigid tacked-on stipulations of Sr. Lucy, "fiery hoops" through which the cause of the promised Russian conversion must allegedly jump, in additional conditional commands-of-Heaven reputedly received by her several decades after the original apparitions back in 1917. A nun, now deceased, who in our own opinion seems in many ways to have fallen away: this issue of Lucy's failures being discussed at Russia-related links on this site. So few, it seems, are the instruments Our Blessed Lady has to work with in this latter day, having no better metal to fashion into an instrument of God's plan that it doesn't bend or warp under the strain. While it seems that when it comes to genuine heavenly revelations a great deal more is usually left unsaid, so that we must be careful not to insert our own pompous earthly ideas of things, after the manner in which Protestantism inevitably interprets Holy Scripture—rashly "adding to or taking from" the only-authentic, perennial, apostolically-handed-down understanding—to its own demise. The proper understanding of these Heavenly missives—precisely indeed as in mystery-laden biblical parables of Our Blessed Lords—being predictably couched in such a way as to elude the proud, whose concepts will always be hammered out in forges of the "conceits of their hearts". Thus do we await the day that Heaven will make these end-time matters more clear, remaining skeptical in triple measure of this TCW "valid successor-pope and hierarchy of bishops", said to have been gathered ultra-secretively since sometime in 1989. If so, where is the evidence of their work?

Manifestly, the reading of the saintly prophesies reveals that the coming end-time salvation of the Church will be no whispering-in-a-corner but a political and military, social and economic unfolding-of-events, as in all major triumphs of the Faith, as was the case under Constantine, Charlemagne, Clovis, Vladimir the Catholic (who came before there was any such thing as Orthodoxy), or under St. Joan of Arc or Blessed Nuno Alvarez Pereira of Portugal. Soon to break forth being no mummery or pantomime but a gamut of rampant, precipitant institutional transformations such as a thousand years of Catholic prophesy so movingly predicts: Fatima being only a more-recent addition to hundreds of Heavenly-augurings, all of them saying the same thing, being of much the same irresistible tone, as of a force of nature, and a-fortiori of grace. In preparation for which overwhelming, wickedness-overthrowing events we on the National Anti-Sodomy Crusade and associated New and Better Confederacy propound a distributive economic/organizational philosophy elaborated throughout this site: our understanding of our own role being as a human component to ineffable Heavenly designs. Thus proposed being a well-articulated, supremely practical, action-oriented yet pious agenda, to be realized in groups initially no larger than the medieval frankpledge or ten heads-of-household, of members closely-familiar with one another, to prevent the above-described Jewish infiltration from the very start. These tiny cells to be instrumental, as we envision, in major earth-shaking phases soon-to-unfold, in a divinely-ordained and visionary-foretold drama hardly set to take in some dark corner somewhere at TCW. This salvation of the Church to be an authentic panoply forceful, self-evident, much indeed like the Second Coming itself, as of the "Son of Man coming upon the clouds of Heaven". An overpowering transformation, with our own humble efforts hopefully reminiscent of Hebrew children laying down palm-fronds before the Christ the King on Palm Sunday, in an Epiphany in which rumors or other whisperings will play no part. Giving the lie to this alleged "calling of a conclave" and subsequent "papal election", said to have taken place already twenty-five years ago, in hidden precincts of TCW, and with so little to show, all in complete stifling secrecy.

January 5, 2015: The worst scourge of God, worse than Genghis Khan, is for men to go on living without justice and retribution.

God's justice is terrible, but far worse is His refusal to administer it: that state of non-chastisement which comprises the pith of the Fatima Secret—of which several false versions are noised about, speaking of wars, earthquakes, and so on—things only peripheral to something far worse—namely the very moral oblivion and ecclesiastical prostration we are living through today. When God isn't even bothering to punish us, abandoning us to our rebellion and folly, since we richly deserve to wallow in our fate, as well as in the blank-faced ignominy of our sins. Caring no longer for the honor and glory of God, which is rather made the subject of sport, fearing Him no more, having forgotten what goodness is, having come to consider innocence to be sheer childish folly. In the midst of which blindness and deafness God doesn't bother to enlighten our memories in His inimitable Fatherly way, but lets us live on in our ignorance, precipitation and shame. Having allowed us to "gather unto ourselves teachers of our own", in the new and non-punitive way of Vatican II, of doctrinally-revolutionary antipopes canonized all in a row. Of a "new evangelism" with new sins and new virtues, by which we walk into a pit of our own clever making, and God doesn't even bother to turn us away.

Hence do we here at the Anti-Sodomy Crusade earnestly plead for God's justice, we beg of Him His retribution, we eagerly anticipate the punishment of the wicked, of today's cynical and effeminate ruling breed. The removal of whose filthy persons will be our moral and spiritual liberty. We joyfully visualize the humiliation of those enemies of Holy Mother Church who now so brazenly occupy her holy places, as prophesied from so long ago. Who concoct "sacramental" ceremonies which are sheer impotent ritual, which plainly produce no heart-changing grace as of old. Ours a generation that has grown deaf to the things of God, has come to be satisfied with the baubles of earthly pleasures, while dressing up fanciful sighs and rolled up eyes as if they were evidence of things divine. Imagining ourselves gifted with mystical states, climbed as if rungs of St. Bernard's or St. John's exalted ladder. Our generation to be followed if possibly by one even worse, by that last human spawn of which the Savior says mournfully, "when the Son of Man returns, will He find faith on the earth?" Offspring who will amuse themselves to satiety on seer-predicted bumper-crops, blessings of God, but who will quickly grow to value these over the incomparable savor of purity, of justice, of an earth scourged and cleansed of the insolence of perverted men. That for which governments are made, else they be no governments at all. No doubt these descendants of ours will begin again to mouth lovely words about "love, love, love", to throw their arms in the air in imitation of theatrics of antipopes of today, with the same impish grins on coarse and immortified faces, come back again after scarcely three decades of Our Lady's predicted contentment and peace.

But at least now I will invoke this divine wrath, I will beg of Him to call down his Heavenly fire, not made by mortal men. Music to my ears will be the cries of those who now so insolently mock His divine power, His holy name and that of His Blessed Mother, our Heavenly Queen. But I at least invoke this scouring, crying out "maranatha!", "come, Lord Jesus!". Come and judge, and hurl upon a craven-hearted world the terrible, quaking furor of Your punishments!

January 3, 2015: The Indonesian plane crash. Media has to distract the public from King Kong's grizzly work.

All we hear about all day long on the news is this latest crash, providing convenient info-filler for a King Kong caught bare-pawed in a host of difficult-to-camouflage lies and legends about Russia, North Korea, Palestine, Sudan and Iran, and about the prior two giant-airliner-crashes of the past year as well. Cataclysms by near-conclusive evidence having been caused by Uncle Sam or one of his obsequious allies, in the flight-370 case by U.S. forces on Diego Garcia, in the other by trigger-happy Kiev forces in Ukraine. But this crash is a sample of hyper-cynical mendacity in its own right as well: suggesting an Asian version of the tiring vaudeville to be expected when another Bush takes over the White House in 2016. The Indonesian flight replete with all the usual excuse-making for major international "rescuers" not even trying to save lives: as in the case of the ferry-capsizing in a U.S.-chummy South Korea a year or so ago. A boat which no one can claim was very far away from any amount of high-tech help, but for which "rescuers"-turned-ham-handed-body-recoverers couldn't be bothered to torch-cut through the conveniently-upturned hull. In order to at least try to save people who might easily be clinging to life in gigantic air-pockets just on the other side, below. This marvelous reality of air-pockets in sunken vessels or vehicles having saved so many in submerged wreckage of all kinds, indeed with the same salvation being provided my brother-in-law some sixty years ago, when his own car skidded into Michigan Beach lake in Joliet, around this very icy time of year. The body-of-water a one-time strip-mine that had struck a spring a half-century at least before. The good Joe Conway of affectionate memory, now deceased, having only a couple of weeks earlier providentially read about just such air-pockets, and taking a gulp-of-air before opening the door, swam to the surface far above, in the sub-zero cold. Being quickly exhausted in his efforts to swim in a heavy overcoat, Joe was rescued by a Black man just then driving by, dwelling no doubt in the poor Black neighborhood nearby, at midnight or thereabouts, a man who cared enough to trace the tire-tracks through the ice and snow, through the broken fence, to search the eerie darkened waters for any signs of life. Discerning a figure flailing there, he extended Joe the long branch of a tree, just in the nick of time, as he had already gone under repeatedly.

But don't expect any "Johnny on the spot" in the person of ever-"heroic" rescue-teams of today, who routinely take weeks to even begin to sift through the wreckage in any serious way, plainly by then looking only for bodies, rescue quickly and conveniently becoming recovery with no debate at all. Why they even despair of "finding the black boxes" in time, before the batteries run out. Even though they have known all along exactly where the plane was, there in the shallow water. Are they afraid that something guilty-handed will be found out, about a "make the world safe" Uncle Sam, or some hair-trigger precipitation as in the case of flight 370, or the downing in the Ukraine? Talk of getting "the Benz" in such "deep diving" is ludicrous, as this is a danger surmounted readily for a century now, among divers who often go hundreds of feet down in recreational diving or routine industrial or scholarly studies of the sea-floor, let alone in the rescue of human life. With Lloyd Bridges on the old fifties TV mystery-show "Sea Hunt" regularly reminding us that this decompression-sickness is readily surmounted by taking frequent pauses on the way up to the surface. While finally I dare say all this talk of "huge waves" wouldn't have daunted men of generations ago, who were ready to risk their own lives to save those of others, and not just to kill them in some unjustifiable war.

But we are demonstrably led by wall-to-wall liars today, who care not a fig for human life. But do notice the earthquakes, the mudslides, the ice-storms, the floods, the hurricanes, the careening asteroids. The Good Heavenly Father is taking a hand even as I write: He Who loves rather than despises human life, Who punishes only that He might heal, and reestablish on earth compassionate governments and organizations of every type.

January 2, 2015: Zivila Hrvatska! Long live Croatia! Some few of the many instances of Croatian military heroism. Historical particulars mentioned here mostly taken from Wikipedia.

Because of her place on the traditional geopolitical dividing-line between the Orthodox/Muslim/Mongol East and the West, Croatia has always found herself to be Western Europe's principal defender, but has received precious little thanks for her vast expenditure of lives, lands and property over centuries in that regard. All this basically since Photius and Genghis Khan first raised their frightful heads. Indeed, a plurality of "scholars" probably don't even recognize Croatia as a historical nation, in the easy logic of men who readily interpret the repeated sanguinary obliteration of a heroic nation's boundaries as the death of the nation itself. A little nation which has consistently stood firm in the path of hegemons of Asia and Central Europe alike, but far from being irredentist, let alone revanchist, in national character, has been willing to let more-powerful foreigners sit on the Croatian throne or sovereignty, for safety of its citizens and to avoid needless spilling-of-blood. The Croatian national character however having never been surrendered for a single moment at any time.

Forged documents of the past—and mendacious documentaries and web-articles in the present—find prominent place in incessant Serbian drives to rewrite history, an obsession for which Serbs never seem to lack energy, resources or time, for instance with hotly-vindictive claims of the "Nazification" of Croatia in World War II under Ante Pavelic, when in fact it was Serbia-led Yugoslavia which had capitulated in a matter of hours to the Nazi advance, had eagerly become the first nation in Europe outside Germany to be declared "Judenfrei", or literally free of Jews. While in stark contrast it was a Pavelich-led Croatia which consistently denied the German SS and Gestapo most powers to operate on Croatian soil in search of their Jewish prey. And the lying continues breathlessly, as with hyper-voluble claims of the "Orthodox origins" of Croatia—or ludicrous allegations that "Croatia was originally part of Serbia"—while fictional early-medieval Byzantine overlordship over Croatia is neatly bolstered by a conveniently-found "manuscript" of an Eastern Emperor. The plainly forged paper giving Croatia the subordinate task of fighting against "Avars", tribesmen however by phonetic and other bits-of-evidence likely to have actually been Croats themselves: the hrvati (Croatians) having ranged across all Europe between Francia and Constantinople during an early-medieval time of barbarian invasion when public records were almost non-existent, just as the "Avars" did. (Facts recounted here gleaned from a scholarly book on Medieval Croatia, for once by a real Croatian, which we can't find anymore). These official records often having been destroyed by Normans, Huns or Vandals, together with cities and monasteries in which these documents had once been found. While similar Serb medacities multiply today by the thousands—lavishly supported by an Anglo-American academia and media pro-Serb to its arch-revisionist, ideologically-driven core—even as the mystery-shrouded loss of the original powerful kingdom of Croatia after Zvonimir was easily the result of the treachery of geopolitically-connected partisans of the same Orthodoxy. Eastern religionists ever unwittingly pursuing the perrenial Jewish aim of the discrediting and destruction of the Roman Catholic Church: Orthodoxy being much more easily subordinated by the synagogue, as history has so redundantly shown. Evidence indicating that even a Serbia-backed Hitler was a pawn in Jewish globalist designs, himself half Jewish and the major designedly-ironic cause of the all-points Jewish hegemony—based on an undisputed gaining of "the moral high-ground"—that the world suffers under today. This "capture of the opposition" being one of the major strategies in the universal political and economic prostration of humanity of today, promising to find the whole earth crushed very soon, and quite openly, under the Jewish feet.

Orthodoxy, then, like all heresy or schism—indeed like Islam itself, with which it shares a number of striking similarities—is a financial and religio-political brainchild of the Jews, as in the case of a much-later Protestantism, or indeed the mid-twentieth-century Faith-wrecking, pan-heretical Vatican II. And finally, all the while there is no historical mention of a Serbia until the twelfth or thirteenth century, there is strong surviving evidence that Croatia, during noted early-medieval times of record-destructive tumult, held vast geographical extensions throughout central Europe, in a frequently-encountered "White Croatia" reaching all the way to Poland, with clearly-identifiable prior antecedents all the way back to ancient Iran. Croatia a significant actor in Kievan Russ as well, during and before that medieval period when Croatia would earn such significant titles as "Bulwark of the Church" from reigning popes. While "Serbia" plainly originated as a breakaway province of Croatia itself, not long after these servants ("Serbs") of Orthodox Byzantium had joined in the Great Schism, forsaking Holy Mother Church. Croatia in its full extent, by archeological evidence, place-names and the era's admittedly-spotty documentary record having easily originally extended southward all the way to the borders of Northwestern Greece, or close-by, thus encompassing a "Serbian" enclave suddenly stumbling onto the world stage. (Croatian writers have a curious way of dying for writing such things as are put forth here, as did our good family friend of such exemplary character Frane Masic in Chicago in the 1960s, editor of Nasa Nada, as I remember, with bedfellow Serbs-and-commies supplying the usual voluble slanderous accounts of a brutal homicide which was obviously the doing of one or the other or both. But if I too have one life I can give for Croatia, and in so harmless a way as to simply write the truth, then I am glad to make that sacrifice, as did so many of my noble ancestors on the field of battle, or in cowardly Serb or communist-Partisan treacheries, before.) Thus the origins of Croatia's papally-bestowed title stemmed not only from fighting Turks and Mongols but also from stoutly resisting a Mongol-like Orthodoxy which tends to think of Christianity in terms of conquest-bent jihad, far more than as the pious cult of the meek and loving Christ. While Croatia was likewise doomed to have many another such jihadi with whom to contend, occupying the finest navigable seacoast on earth, predictably being treacherously blamed by historians and politicos alike as some sort of genocide every time she has reclaimed some integral piece of Croatian soil. As in the '90 retaking of Lika and other areas of "the Krajina", with the exceedingly-small loss of some few hundred total lives, in an orderly, perfectly-just retaking attended by incessant pleas to Serbs in the area to "stay where you are", that they were not being expelled. Ah, but these men of "Greater Serbian" ambition, in prior months and years so eager to loot and slaughter, to conduct "ethic cleansing"-motivated mass-rapes and the wholesale destructions of birth and baptismal records—so eager are they to establish the "Serbian" nature of everything—now only wanted to go back to "Mother Serbia", when easy-pickins were no longer found. Returning to a land which by such admissions seems to be where they truly belong. While finally, it isn't necessary to "get worked up" at all, as some sort of fictional "over-emotional" South-Slav, who allegedly can speak of no such things without getting white-around-the-mouth hysterical, as real truth is accompanied by no such compulsions, emanating in all peace from an honest and objective mind and soul.

Thus too among contenders in the lists against Croatia would be the Mongols, less than two centuries after the late-eleventh century reign of the Croatian king Zvonimir, ruling just after the first days of the Orthodox Great Schism in 1054. The Mongols' found in hot pursuit of the Hungarian monarch Béla IV, then holder of the Croatian crown, in a flight which continued (account taken from Wikipedia) "from Zagreb through Pannonia to Dalmatia. While in pursuit, the Mongols under the leadership of Kadan (Qadan) suffered a major defeat at Klis Fortress in Croatia in March 1242. The Mongols pursued Béla IV from town to town in Dalmatia, while Croatian nobility and Dalmatian towns such as Trogir and Rab helped Béla IV to escape. After their defeat against the Croatian soldiers, the Mongols retreated and Béla IV was awarded Croatian towns and nobility. Only the city of Split did not aid Béla IV in his escape from the Mongols. Some historians claim that the mountainous terrain of Croatian Dalmatia (and an adjoining intermountain Lika) was fatal for the Mongols because of the great losses they suffered from Croat ambushes set up in mountain passes. Most historians claim that the death of Ögedei Khan…(the son of Genghis Khan himself) was the primary reason for retreat. In any case, though much of Croatia was plundered and destroyed, long-term occupation was unsuccessful." Do we find such signal successes among resisting nations or amies in other places where the Khan had been? Not on your life.

Another Wikipedia article recounts that the "'legendary' Battle of Grobnik field" (English: "field of skulls"), supposedly occurred in 1242 between the Croats and the same Tatars. The legend was recorded as early as 16th century and was later a focus of an early romantic poem Grobnik field (near Rijeka) written in 1842 by Dimitrija Demeter for the 600th anniversary of the battle. Legend has it that, in a last-ditch struggle, Croats from all over the region gathered there and killed thousands of Mongols, who withdrew, never to return.

"The Mongols began attacking Europe in the 1220s. They conquered most of Russia and then headed west in the late 1230s. In almost every battle the Christian armies were destroyed and much of Hungary, Poland, Austria and the Balkans were laid waste by Batu Khan, grandson of Genghis Khan. It is known that the Mongols overran Zagreb and swept through Lika and Dalmatia but were unable to take Vinodol. The extent of death and destruction dealt out by the Mongols was compared to an epidemic of the black plague.

"Arriving at the Grobnik field, Tatars encountered a native Croatian army that tried to stop their advantage and invasion. In the battle that followed, Tatars were destroyed, losing an entire army of 30,000 people led by the notorious army leader Batu Khan, (the grandson of Genghis). They were beaten by units from all the corners of Croatia, and so natives ensured peace. It was one of the last battles of the Mongols in Europe, after which they retreated to their homeland in far Asia. There seems to be no certain evidence of the battle uncovered on the battlefield." Certainly, however, we do know that Croatia was the Waterloo of the Mongols in Western or Central Europe: and it can scarcely be conceded that, like little boys, they just "got hurt feelings, went home and took their marbles with them". Obviously, they suffered a devastating, unprecedented—after some forty years of global victories—defeat at Croatian hands. And it is furthermore to be remarked that place-names like Grobnik are near-irrefutable artifacts of historical certitude, as of a terrible battle, not to be dismissed so lightly as mere legend. But alas, we are dealing with a Croatia which has very few friends in a consistently pro-Serbian, anti-Catholic academic world, which is very slow to give paeans of honor to Croatian men-at-arms of any era. Indeed and as noted above, we can't find the one book we read a decade ago that did Medieval Croatia some justice: the bookshelves having apparently been swept clean of anything not "politically correct" in largely-dishonorable, one-time-Gotovina-dumping processes of modern Croatia becoming a member of the European Union.

Finally, then, we come to later battles with the Turks, in which my own Zdunich family played a conspicuous role: mention-of-which relatives however I have found nowhere in the English-language historical literature, after long searches over years, although such citings seem to be copious in German and Croatian sources. This paucity of acknowledgment of the Zdunichs on a broader level might admittedly stem partly from my ancestors' decision to stay at home in Lika (the mountainous Croatian province which is the home of much of the heroism recounted here) rather than to go to Austria or Zagreb and accept lavishly-proffered castles and lands. Preferring the humble but stoutly-independent life of a peasant to groveling obsequies of life at the imperial court. One of many battles with the Pasha in which Zdunichs took part earned us the title of Pleminiti from the Austrian throne, while valiantly engaged around 1603, this distinction being in addition to other noble titles already possessed through ancestral connections among noble Krmpotich and Chudvergs clans in the original Zdunich home in Herzegovina. Hence stoutly joined were battles conducted from or around the fortress of Senj in Lika: to which latter province, according to the Royal charter-of-nobility itself, the Zdunichs came at the above date to bring warning of an impending Turkish invasion. And of which castle and numerous others along the arc of the "Krajina" they were themselves, as related in the same charter, put in command. But in English-language commentaries on Senj and its fortress, called Nehaj—meaning picturesquely something like "not to worry"—a citadel which seems by its crenellated exterior to figure conspicuously on the Zdunich coat-of-arms as well—there is no mention of our family, nor are we likely mentioned in writings anywhere in Western Europe outside of Austria, Germany or Holland. This fortress—no doubt largely thanks to generations of Zdunich military men who figured in its defense, together with other heroic neighbor-residents of Lika—was never conquered—although each wall of the square structure is only some twenty-three meters long. While our family also of course held their own Zdunich Kula (castle) in Lovinac, Lika: that village the scene of a '90s Serb-signature cowardly bout-of-butchery that til recently could be seen in graphic detail on u-tube. One which undoubtedly left many of my Zdunich relatives dead, to be found there with the bodies of their neighbors, filmed after their pitiful discovery in the underbrush.

Quoting sources again regarding later hostilities, "The borders (of Croatia) were never peaceful. On August 7th, 1715 the Turks had started to attack Sinj (another town similarly named to the Senj above). The Turkish army under leader of Mehmed Pasa were numerous and better armed than Sinj brave defenders. The battle was finished on August 15, 1715 and brave heroes of Cetina district finally beat tremendous Turkish military. Defenders of Sinj were convinced that Our Lady Mary (Miraculous Painting from the Sinj church) give them strength for glorious victory. Also, Turkish army was significantly weakened by a disease which was raging among them. All were convinced that was also God’s deed. Likewise, it is said the Turks saw the woman in light and were terrible frighten. That's why in town of Sinj, the holiday of Great Lady Mary (VELIKA GOSPA) on August 15, is always specially honored and celebrated. Special pride in their achievement was taken by the surviving defenders who in commemoration of their victory instituted the ALKA tournament, (a medieval-style jousting contest unique in Europe today)…."

December 30, 2014: Reflections on Catholic prophesy as commonly interpreted today.

We in the New and Better Confederacy and Anti-Sodomy Crusade are struck by the degree to which Catholic prophesy commentators still regard Russia as "the enemy", nearly a century already after that land had been identified as such, after a fashion, by Our Blessed Lady at Fatima in Portugal. Much of this continuing dim view of Moscow today no doubt having less to do with Our Blessed Lady's words than with a long-standing, hostile-foreign-policy-laden contempt on the part of most Westerners of today for Russians in particular and Slavs of any kind in general. With some of my own experiences as a Croat born and bred in the USA amply and redundantly testifying to same, having know a rejection—sometimes vague, sometimes bordering the violent—that is especially forthcoming if one remains at all loyal to the humble and sensitive training one received at the Slavic parental home. While ironies mount as the inevitable assertion of most Fatima-watchers that Russia "hasn't yet been consecrated to the Immaculate Heart in the manner requested by Our Blessed Lady at Fatima" borrows uncanny emotional force from nationality prejudices like these. The source of this latter vision-related allegation being Lucia of Fatima, the longest-surviving of the three childhood seers, one of many of whose "clarifications" avers that "the whole body of Catholic bishops" must co-consecrate Russia "in union with the pope" in order for the 1917 promise of Mary to come true. But as those know who regularly look in on this site, it is our conviction that Lucia of Fatima has received illusory new visions, messages, and message-"clarifications": a distinct possibility favored compellingly by her wholesale blanket acceptance of the ravings of antipopes of the past five decades. Indeed Conchita of Garabandal shares generously as well in this one-time-seer unblinkingly-readiness to swallow any camel put before them by a synagogue-occupied Rome. While another related strong motivation of most of those conservative or traditionalist Catholics who so attentively study these miracle-attended Catholic prophesies, and insist on their doubtful aftermaths, is a penchant for seeing a neo-Napoleonic USA as the savior of the world, sodomy-advocacy notwithstanding, thus with effort-thrifty convenience bolstering a base, prejudicial vilification of Russia hands down. That land which was indeed consecrated by Pius XII in 1954, but without the alleged collegial requirement: this novel stipulation something entirely too groupie/Vatican-two-ish for we at the New and Better Confederacy and Anti-Sodomy Crusade to abide. Lucia having reportedly been informed of the heavenly "clarification" sometime in the '60s or thereabouts: forty-some years after the Fatima apparitions themselves. Hence acting as a subliminal support to this cold-war-era standby of Russian turpitude, no doubt a patent sine qua non to this day for the bulk of the American-Catholic fold of all persuasions, is this "collegial" requirement so rigidly maintained among foremost Fatima Watchers of every strain.

Because of the dominance of improbable notions like these among Catholic prophesy experts and studiers of today, we tend, rashly as some would insist, to use our own wits, after having prayed, done penance and considered calmly the original messages of Fatima, La Salette and Garabandal. And although we do believe that we have been given a certain mysterious role in this unfolding global drama, a commission received back in 1969 at Fatima during enthronement ceremonies for the icon of Our Blessed Lady of Kazan, at the Byzantine-Rite Blue Army Chapel there, yet in all other respects we adopt this standard ploddingly-reasoned methodology instead of adhering to ideas that give off much more heat than light, and that incidentally play nicely into geopolitical schemes of Barack Obama and the Bush family, among American and Western-European Catholics who are becoming less and less Catholic by the day. The Abu Ghraib gang-rape-notorious Bushes in particular having groomed the American-Catholic electorate assiduously-well. But quite the contrary placing Russia at the very forefront of God's coming salvation-related designs is the fact that the mode of the divine punishment predicted to take place so soon—that mainly of sulfurous fire—is identical to that used by God to destroy sodomite Sodom and Gomorrah. Hence when we couple this lightning-rod character of Sodomy with the fact that Russia is the only major nation so staunchly and publicly opposed to that hideous crime—something so detestable that even the devil himself so abominates this sin, according to St. Catherine of Sienna, that he flees when it is committed out of sheer disgust—then any just condemnations of Russia in today's world must be few and far between. Noticing as we do as well—in our "rash" way—that today's Western-nation "Catholics" don't often act like Catholics at all, tend not only to be incredibly tolerant toward sodomy but seeming to have lost the old Catholic natural-virtue-preserving gravity, humility and circumspection, traits such as Russians and several other Slavic nationalities prize above all else. The conversion of Russia to the Catholic Faith promised by Mary at Fatima, to lead to a subsequent universal "peace", being interpreted by us to outfit that nation with a noble mission of pious leadership politically, militarily and in every other way.

Hence do we follow the biblical counsel to "know a tree by its fruits", suggesting that Russia will be the human prophetic component, the biblical "wilderness" or "desert" refuge-of-the-Church, in the coming end-time salvation-drama of the world, and not the USA. Much confusion being occasioned by the fact that eagles figure prominently in the imagery of both nations, in view of the words of Our Blessed Lord that "where the eagles are gathered, there will the body be", in His remarks about those very same last days we are on the brink of right now. However it is to be made serious note of that Christ speaks here of a plurality of such birds, as in the Russian double eagle, not of only one, as in the common American emblem.

But above all, we have to get away from this idea of spiritual things as being bestowed upon men automatically—an idea especially popular among ever-proprietary Jews—as by some sort of apriori right-of-possession: not to even mention any low-brow nationality-prejudices presumed somehow to be held in Heaven itself. Catholics today of a traditionalist or conservative variety being especially of this mind: as if the attendance at the Tridentine mass by morally-indifferent or even libertine flocks were some sort of admission ticket to Heaven, Scot free, implying an attached "inalienable right" to invade nations like Russia, Pakistan or Iraq at the drop of a hat. Doughty prerogatives purportedly outfitting such people to be God's crusaders in coming apocalyptic calamities as well. But God is not going to use a lot of morally-cowardly, sodomite-coddling, aggressive-warrior Americans for anything at all, traditionalist or no. Americans who are forcing a world-incinerating sodomy down everyone else's throat around the globe. All this holding true no matter how much we might have been able during the twentieth century to favorably compare ourselves against a Russia then still, overwhelmingly-involuntarily, in the throes of atheistic communism. A Russia still today inhabited by a cultivated, soft-spoken, poetic and reflective Slavic people whom Americans and other Westerners in great measure will seemingly always despise.

December 28, 2014: Two or three simple rules-of-thumb for identifying bad guys.

First of all, they go to extremes in everything. If you say something reasonable to them about some issue, they instantly misinterpret what you said into some bizarre caricature of what you really meant. Then when you try dutifully to correct their faulty interpretation, they invariably go to the other extreme, perhaps from casting your original idea as bordering on that of a dangerous madman to rating your clarification as that of a spineless jellyfish. This way they can "keep you off balance", "keep the upper hand", "cut you down to size" in your own and their own estimation: always foremost on their minds.

Secondly, passion will always predominate. To these bad guys, revenge is sweet, clutching emotion, promiscuity or even perversion is always playing somewhere below the surface of their thoughts, or bitter resentment is roiling their sentiments to a boiling point. To be at peace to these juveniles is to be a sissy.

Thirdly, and as all the above amply demonstrates, incessant mockery is the principle weapon these bad guys have, even as we are warned throughout the Old Testament. For their aim isn't to convince or educate but to destroy, whether it be ideas, thinking-processes, bodies or souls. Proving a highly-fanciful, unfairly-procured "superiority" is ever utmost on their twisted minds. In other words, very simply, they are sociopaths, which is a good working definition of a typical diasporic Jew, in whom resides what might be identified as "the criminal mind", but many others learn to regard this as the "smart play" as well. This state of obduracy or reprobation having been a common product of earthly life before Christ, Who came to teach us a Gospel Way based upon companionable love rather than lonely one-upmanship. That's why, very simply, the superiority-minded Jews crucified Him, "hanging Him on a tree".

December 27, 2014: Glenn Beck and the anti-matter universe of Jacobin political and economic fanaticism. Leadership not identical to oratory.

It's pure diabolism or hypnosis: that's really all you need to know about the "magnetism" of Glenn Beck, deliriously haranguing his massive audiences, a staggering déjà vu of Hitler's mid-century sea-of-souls come to hear his hysterical rants. As ruefully noted years ago on this site, Beck and Hitler both resemble none-so-much as the possessed man of the tombs of Gerasa, cutting himself ceaselessly with sharp stones, emitting piteous cries that find an echo in captivated, transfixed watching-and-listening crowds. And after a point captivation becomes diabolical possession or obsession of the whole audience as well, as swooning crowds of 1930s Germany or a 2014 USA testified so well: an inner capitulation quite palpable to myriads of thus-imprisoned souls. The founding instability of the American personality coming out in spades on these hyperventilating shows, by a star performer guaranteed to mobilize a Panzer army or two, to rush off the edge of some geo-military cliff, with the very demon himself possessing the entire bawling or clattering herd or war-machine. To calmly and where possible dispassionately allow human life to go on, for things to "come out in the wash", the way Europeans, all mankind, have traditionally done: oh no, that's for "sissies", for "non-starters" in the Beckian view, not at all for those legendary win-win "Americans" who "know how to get things done". Thus Beck's image of Yankee-doodle heroes who with herniating labors "push the car up the hill", in exertions "which few of those involved will survive, to see the other side." Does it matter that what's so doughtily "done" is a genocidal abomination before God and man? Not at all: that's only a welcome challenge to the eternal Albigensian to press on to further departures from middling habits of mortal men.

December 25, 2014: A Catholic political Manifesto, Russia and our commission in a capsule.

So unprecedented and complete has been the post-Vatican-II rejection of an already-long-neglected Catholic doctrine on the state, and so catastrophic to the Faith itself has been this vacuum of central, practical dogmatic principles, that Catholics the world round have long ago entirely lost their Catholic spirit and character, and more recently almost to a man even their Faith itself. This capitulation of the former virile understanding of church/state relations having gone from a "sad but necessary" resignation to abuses of an overbearing state, to a "meek" submission to the gradual disappearance of Christian Civilization in every particular, to a final post-Vatican-II wholehearted acceptance—except for occasional theatrical kicks and screams over certain limited issues, after which an "all-forgiving" composure is quickly regained—of secular/synagogue dominion in the education of the young, the formation of laws, court-doctrines, foreign relations and the waging of wars. Making religion into an heretical "Sundays only" thing which it can never authentically be. According to the Vatican-II-embraced heresy of phenomenological progressivism, as if this abdication were a "glorious goal" toward which "God had been leading us all along". The Faith however finding no roots when such radical worldly values are adopted heart and soul, when active, popular-life-formative prerogatives and liberties of the Church are abjectly surrendered, as if by some sort of infernal "right" of demons to run roughshod on customs, public morals, the souls of men. And this long after laws based on Faith and pious custom have been established with foundations of stone: treasures abandoned as "not up to date" by ponderous fools of Vatican II. But there is no such reversion without grave penalty from above, as can indeed be expected when the state is allowed to overshadow the church in the formation of fundamental public values and in all practical regards. Look at the sky, "Catholics", feel the heaving of the earth: there isn't much time left at all.

Hence do we on this Anti-sodomy Crusade, in this New and Better Confederacy, now find the Church, according to Our Blessed Lord's own words for these last harrowing days, only "where the eagles gather": that refuge namely "in the wilderness", whose blessed eagles, as we understand them to be—of a rampant and virile Catholic statehood—will be "gathered" in that Russia soon to be converted to the Roman Catholic Faith, with the retention of her Eastern-rite liturgy and traditions. A Russia with which a newly invigorated Dixie can indeed be forthrightly allied, a Russia often described under both images—the double eagle and "the wilderness"—in colloquial as well as prophetic parlance. That land beyond the Don which is the unique subject of the message of Fatima in Portugal, during Our Blessed Lady's apparition there, in the self-same October 1917 of such Russian-revolutionary fame. That Heavenly general-of-generals already laying out her battle-lines when Lenin and Trotsky first raised their ugly heads, presaging her own coming triumph by means of a future Russia transformed, with the words: "In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace". That "tranquility of good order" to succeed not only a coming world war but an even more definitive utter chaos which now envelopes both Church and world.

Our task here at the National Anti-sodomy Crusade was commissioned to me in a mysterious way at Fatima, or so I believe: being charged, as I have come to understand only in stages, bit by bit, to reinvigorate this essential nexus of religion with political life, of the state as principally tasked to give glory to God in every respect. Without which entirely-reasonable understanding of public and popular life religion or good morals or upright character cannot survive at all. I having providentially been one of a handful—perhaps six or eight people—actually present at the Blue Army enthronement of the nationally-venerated Russia icon of Our Lady of Kazan there in Fatima, pursuant to the day it could be returned to Russia with full honors, after communism had by Mary's promise fallen, which indeed it finally has. The venerable icon having been thereafter promptly returned. This magnificent Eastern-rite event taking place during Christmastide of 1969—as I remember in the midst of an attendance-prohibiting snow-storm, and entirely outside the pilgrimage season—with myself experiencing a staggering medley of extraordinary graces, absorptions-in-prayer often lasting for hours-on-end, during a week of solemnities in honor of a miraculous image which had been carried in front of Russian troops so many times. Driving Napoleon and other invaders over centuries out of Russia in terror. The icon itself just then having been redeemed from a British museum, decades after having been cynically sold by the communists in charge in Moscow.

Accordingly do we here on the Crusade embrace as our duty the task of unearthing Boniface VIII's long-buried dogma that all civil authority is rightly subject to the pope: but this time a pope to be bolstered by Russian moral and military might, perhaps indeed with the pope himself a Russian as well. Most Westerners having plainly become entirely incapable of genuine Catholic Faith, with Catholic and Protestant alike having been too long fatally poisoned by heterodox teachings debauching so furiously from Vatican II and related errors promoted by church-infiltrating, synagogue-serving secret societies of every stripe. This political ascendancy of Peter of course contains the reasonable understanding that nations never Catholic cannot be expected to recognize such a prerogative, nor can they justly be forced in any way so to comply: for plainly that’s not the way the religion of the meek Christ is spread abroad. The universal political as well as doctrinal primacy of Peter being nonetheless stated in such sanguine pontifical terms in the early-fourteenth-century Unam Sanctam of Boniface because we are speaking here of the plan of God Himself for mankind, revealed by Christ, attended by ceaseless nature-defying miracles. Prodigy and teaching alike as related in the Holy Gospels and the histories of the saints of the early Church. So that although the Kingdom of God is indeed by definition embraced only willingly, and in political terms by the overwhelming majority of the people of any land: yet we don't describe this Heavenly rule as in any way proportional in dignity and authenticity to mere earthly administrations. Hence this virile declaration of its universal jurisdictional sway. Here, alas, one of those marvelous paradoxes of our One True Faith which scoffers and mockers can neither abide nor understand, their eyes being blind, their ears deaf, their wills rebellious to truth. They who will always be in opposition to the law of God in any land, mostly being Jews and those of their apostate ilk. They indeed the reason the law of God must be upheld in a vigilant and militant way it hasn't seen for a thousand years: a clement and loving code which these treacherous, cunning adversaries instantly seek to undermine, from within and without, wherever it isn't being vigilantly upheld. This ceaseless mole-like infiltration explaining the establishment of an Inquisition which mostly had to do with treasonous underminings of the Godly state. In judicial procedures extremely mild when held up in comparison to Bush-era torturings-of-prisoners with deafening silence sanctioned by the "Catholic" clergy and hierarchy of our day.

Russia, on the other hand, is a land and people for centuries harrowed by suffering, of whose enemies foreign and domestic it might rightly be said, with the biblical prophet, "on our backs the plowers plowed, long did they make their furrows". People thus humble and mortified, mild in speech, for many decades subject to hideous communist pogroms and "five year plans", robbed of their pious Orthodox heritage, yet even so Russians scarcely exhibit the cynicism and arrogance of their Western neighbors, Catholics or of any other belief. Catholics on the other hand having come to think of religion as anything the cabal now in charge at the Vatican might dream up, loudly claiming some sort of "new evangelism", some "new and exciting idea". Hence the recent declaration of Francis regarding the abominations of open, public sodomy, now being promoted everywhere around the world by the West, in the media, by political-and-economic arm-twisting, and by force of arms: to wit, "who am I to judge?" This abdication of papal judicial authority being only another cowardly, treacherous rejection of the dogmatic teaching of Boniface VIII on the Primacy of Peter, a repudiation of a papal chair which Francis never validly occupied in the first place: else these departures wouldn't have come about at all. Deviations which anyone with any faith at all knows cannot be, by divine infallibility-related decree, even as the long-extended wallowing of today's Catholic "faithful" in such a doctrinal contradiction-in-terms, such a moral malarial swamp, can only lead to the death of the soul.

Because this Catholic doctrine on the state is exceedingly difficult to observe in all its painstaking rigor, therefore, ipso facto, according to the overriding rip-cord principle of Vatican II, it is ignored, basically repealed, in favor of the new indeterminate "love, love", which is so much easier to do, requiring little if any effort beyond a little enervating hyperventilation, in its own odd and perverse way "covering a multitude of sins". Vatican II is Catholicism without all the "pesky difficulties", it is convenient Catholicism, not to mention respecter-of-persons Catholicism, in which by dint of compromise all is allegedly "peace and joy". Alas, it is the peace of the dead conscience, not that peace promised by Mary at Fatima, and this counterfeit will soon see these "Catholics" perishing under the long-predicted punishments of God, in which by unanimous account of hundreds of saints and seers at least two thirds of the human race will be destroyed. Judas-like complacency being evident indeed not only in a rejection of immemorial Catholic political teaching but in a mocking diametric reversal of same: as signified in a tacit-but-eager acceptance of bloody invasions of other lands, over which aggressions the Church would at one time have at least shook her head. A vintage-Nazi blitzkrieg to spread this diabolical, sodomy-sodden post-Vatican-II Western political creed: scarcely anything so worthy as a genuine Catholic Faith for whose advancement a Charlemagne or a Clovis is so harshly condemned. This marching column of "libertarian" anti-life relativism being all-but-openly condoned by the "Catholic" clergy, all the while here at home the same perverted rule is shoved down the people's throats with scarcely a nod-of-acknowledgment—let alone a dissenting word—from the "love, love" local Father Jim. The most heinous sort of Caesaro-papism, or the dominion of the state over the church, being thus glibly embraced and co-enforced by men-of-the-cloth who have steadily come to have no real faith at all. Adopting a religion which smiles at "overwrought" efforts of ancestors who endured dangers and difficulties in the observance of God's law: the Savior, so it is averred, having above all things come to save us from all such "neurosis" as used to plague a "sadly backward" pre-council fold. The modern Freud-weaned "Catholic" being proclaimed as free from paranoia, from conspiracy theories about Jews, from the need to keep governments in line with the law of God else they become a law unto themselves.

Russians I hold to be uniquely immune to such effeminate thinking: for which of course they are ceaselessly mocked as if they were all merest school-children. Indeed, so essential do we regard a contrary virility such as Russians so plainly, indeed miraculous, can be seen to possess, that we find that anyone who has this noble boon, and a-fortiori anyone who would put God back in government, must be honored as already after-a-fashion belonging to the Catholic Church properly-so-called, and to merit our friendship and loyalty accordingly. This coming accession of Russia to full Catholic truth being anticipated, prefigured in her present-day unique and courageous upholding of the natural law, which is part of God's law, in many of her rulings and enactments, casting aside with contempt the disapproval of a perversion-sodden West. In a process which under the spur of grace can be expected to finally see the end of the atrocity of abortion as well: that inhuman practice which Jews everywhere are especially determined to keep intact.

Thus in fine do we anticipate Russia in immediate coming years to courageously enable those few true Catholic believers in the West and around the world to once again practice their Faith in a complete liberty which they at present miserably lack, in communion with a rampantly-militant Russia newly arrived at a Catholic profession-of-Faith first embraced by the noble Prince Vladimir a century before the word Orthodoxy (as the name of a religion) was ever known. A Catholicism native to East and West alike until 1054, when the ever-conniving Jewish enemy precipitated the Great Schism, just as he would instigate a Protestantism which would arise in 1517, a Grand Lodge Masonry in 1717, and Communism in 1917. Synagogue-sponsored evils of a millennium in which "the devil was unchained" to be succeeded by the glorious Heavenly reign. A holy outcome in this little manifesto fervently anticipated, earnestly proclaimed.

December 23, 2014: "Deck the halls with boughs of holly!" Sundry reflections on Christmastide, article developed in following days. The joy of genuine traditional human life contrasted with a weary modern "progress" steadily becoming the dismal wasteland of Lucifer, ever threatening terminal global war. Is it really necessary to be "merry" at Christmas?

European languages speak of a holy or a happy Christmas but this idea of being merry as a sort of epitome of the Christmas spirit would have remained an entirely insular-English thing were it not for the tremendous crush of Anglo-American arms, commerce and media of the past century-and-a-half or so. Indeed, it has come to the point that one is thought to have been robbed of a "successful" Christmas—something over which of course stock-market-barometric Yanks and Brits would be much alarmed—if one doesn't have all the tokens of acceptance, a mountain of gifts, a prestigious place in the community, etc., in short all the accoutrements of merriment. Nay rather indeed do traditional carols of Portugal, Poland, Croatia, Lebanon, Iraq and other heavily-Catholic places around the globe put before us the Suffering Savior, from His very first moments there in the crib. He Who thus provides us a boon companion in our own lives of intermittent sorrow and pain. That earthly journey or way of the cross from which is distilled a joy entirely supernatural, a solace which the din of pleasures and unrestrained merriments is likely to diminish rather than increase.

To expand the Pickwick Papers nature of today's print, I would like also to comment on the phenomenon of "Conspiracy Theory" as it has ballooned into gigantic proportions on the net. The style and character of the propounders on these u-tube lectures and interviews, in first earnest perusals of the past day or so, help us here on the Crusade to understand the black eye suffered by ourselves, and anyone else who thinks that anything is wrong today in any organized way. Whether sincere or not it's hard to say, and indeed quite factual much of the time in what they relate, nonetheless these restless people really do sound nuts: managing better than any bonafide arch-liberal could have done to make self-evident treacheries appear doubtful at best. Everyone from John Lennon to Charlie Sheen to Jesse Ventura to some twitchy ex-FBI local station chief, all of them to date either scarcely coherent or awash in all the swaggering machismo John Wayne could ever have dreamed up, give very poor witness to what they would seem to so diligently endeavor to convey. Prompting the reaction: "if these are conspiracy-theory's friends, then who needs enemies?" The whole hysterical or near-comical, corner-of-the-mouth-talking nature of these presentations suggesting the enemy who elbows his way into prominence in an advocacy of which he himself is a sworn enemy—if you can wrap your mind around that convoluted idea—in this way adding yet another layer of conspiracy upon that so unconvincingly being revealed. A bizarre twist that to some seems patently incredible but which is a likelihood in any area where controversy might rear its head, especially when cynicism comes to rule as thoroughly as it does today. Thus just after WWII did Conrad Adenauer gain the chair of a committee to separate Prussia from the rest of Germany: not because he wanted such a post-war split but in order to throttle the whole movement at the very start. While history is replete with this whole 'nother kind of notional-false-flag operation, of the frustrating of previously virile movements, reforms and exposes. Thus too the many boors and clowns who inhabit the world of political reform in the USA: many of them undoubtedly concocting just such a demolition procedure, of the very thing they are fulminating so stupidly about. Fox News or Huckabee, Marco Rubio or the anything-goes-libertarian Rand Paul come instantly to mind, vis-à-vis "conservative thought". But we have the decretals of popes all the way back to St. Peter to clearly identify Gospel "enemies of mankind": the self-same people, incredibly but indisputably enough, who crucified the Savior, people who are consummate actors in these kinds of theatrical, counterintuitive, reverse-logical games. Jews today continuing to be motivated not-at-all-directly by "corporate greed" but by an infernally-stoked hatred of Our Good and Blessed Lord and especially the kindly and clement Civilization He gave birth to, in a nihilistic cause for which they are ready to sink to any depth of ignominy required. So that by confronting and vanquishing the head we will have no trouble calmly and sanely vanquishing any of its many tentacles—the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers, The Freemasons ("conspiracy theorists" seldom mention these local-lodge-hall real players), to name only a few—such as these vaunted "conspiracy theorists" do so poor a job of warning us about.

But to consider again the central theme of this piece, about a human existence we are supposed to be so "merry" about: Lucifer, literally meaning the "light-bearer", a name renderable as "the Enlightened One", vengefully assigned himself the implacable task of the utter destruction of our body/soul humanity, for having been chosen, above angelic nature, to bear within itself this same very Suffering Savior, the Son of God. This disclosure of a coming Incarnation indeed by saintly authority having been the character of his primeval test, far different from that trial he himself was afterward permitted to administer to Adam and Eve in the Garden, himself having fallen from his eminence to the level of a snake. Failing his own test miserably, and taking a fraction of the heavenly hosts with him in his rebellious stand, Lucifer regarded it as folly—to his own foolish eternal ruin—for God to have given such a divinity-bearing commission—achieved in the Mother of God, the Blessed Virgin Mary—into the hands of we mere mortals. Our Lady being ever thereafter the pride and emblem of our race, after the manner of Judith of ancient Jewish times. Satan disdaining to allows such honors to we who share a lowly physical existence in close kinship with sea and soil, birds and squirrels, bears and insects, subsuming all the phyla, all these irrational creatures mystically within ourselves, in the process orchestrating them all into polyphonic hymn to God. God Himself choosing to come among us, to share our nature, to become our brother and friend, in so humble yet exalted a way, to be the crown jewel in this cosmic setting of inexpressibly-beautiful design. Ah, no, according to Satan, mankind was supposed to remain lowly, insignificant, confined to contemptible precincts of our eight-legged or furry cousins, and never aspire to lofty things. Thus is his hatred for us a very personal thing, we being the proverbial "stumbling block", he having failed miserably, arrogantly to see that epitomized in the divine plan for humanity is the most staggering epiphany of the grandeur and magnanimity of God. That He by His very uncontainably-generous nature should have bestowed such a trust upon so insignificant a recipient, "a mere pinch of dust one blows away", to quote Jesus to Sr. Josefa Menendez, filling so seemingly incommodious a vessel with something so fair and good. Worthless yet gathered to Himself, loved indeed "unto death on a cross". Thus did Satan contrary-wise, following his stubborn and rebellious bent, purpose to use our very frail composite humanity, our passions, to brutally bring us down, to "show us our place": much like those beloved '50s Blacks who were invariably, blank-facedly shown to "the back of the bus" by some burly driver, as the old freedom-riders' song used to so defiantly relate.

Manifestly ungrateful are we then to exercise our humanity—fallen though it be, Mary being immune from the primordial stain, yet lifting it upward with herself into potentially immaculate realms—as if it were something of little merit, of which to be ashamed—although granted we must treat it careful, for the fragile, fallen but potentially-grace-filled vessel that it is. And here in my own opinion comes into consideration the false understanding of our race of today, in a cyber revolution which denigrates the human frame, Lucifer-like consigning it to the most paltry and insignificant of things. Counting human hands and feet, powerful shoulders and pivoting torsos, legs that can go for many-a mile, simply as semi-useless appendages or at best attractive ornaments. God having hardly made us touch-technology passive receptacles of bits of data but rather a marvelous totality to do many things in an unique way, to build our own worlds after the notional blueprint of a Creator, using our hands as well as our minds. Tasks intrinsically required by our very composite creaturely nature, at the very center of a material world, which if properly performed can quickly become the envy of the very prince of proud and rebellious non-materiality. Traditional labor, the age-old round of human activities, having a certain tempo, sequence and orchestration which has a social, personal and political signature otherwise catastrophically lost. Indeed our very lowly human attractiveness being bound up with moral virtues learned in such a "manually intensive" school, outside of which we are sallow, ungainly, unattractive indeed. And neither do we imagine that sports can satisfy such an intrinsic need: since there must be something constructive involved, something contributory. And although professional athletes can indeed fulfill a good and worthy role, yet it is no accident that ancient Greek pole-vaunters and gymnasts were mostly sodomites, "the games" having indeed plainly been sodomite festivals-of-sorts.

Hence in this humble-yet-ebullient approach to all things human, parcel of our agrarian bend-of-mind, do we on the Crusade find rare metaphysical worth in the "primitive" toting of a bucket from a well, the drawing up of the water, or indeed even the digging of same, with sweat and strain, and the occasion for laughter and song that it all so readily entails: finding these to far exceed the mere brute exertions involved. Hardly too did sailors of old haul in their nets or manually beat the ice out of their sails, to the meter of a sea-chantey, to be rewarded simply by their berth and board. For we find that in these very rudimentary operations man defines himself, on his own plane indeed incarnates himself, in humble imitation of the Savior giving higher meaning to objects of wood, soil or stone, within his own patently-non-angelic milieu. Speaking himself as a replica of a creaturely-engaged Divine Word, man in "hands on" human operations as lowly as can be. Repeating in humble human patois that Word Spoken "in the beginning" by the Eternal Father, that Divine Syllable for which all creation serves as a cosmic robe, in a like epiphany on a lower plane. Man a lesser word nonetheless to "gather to himself", on the material plane, "all things", in a daily arduous echo of that divine reclamation achieved from the Cross so lovingly. In our own manual, creaturely repetition of the Divine Name "restoring all things in Christ" in a certain critical way. Man in this way most manfully taking his place in the story of Redemption, in the process fulfilling himself far better than he otherwise could, objectifying himself, reestablishing his familial links with his bosom cousins the fox, the caterpillar, the earth-worm, the very rock and soil, in a way quite necessary if he isn't to lose his way. The somatic symbolisms of manual labor, of an intensively-bodily life, being positively essential to the expression of our human selves, as well as a path whereby we laboriously wend our way to God. Gathering these elements, shared intimately with a close-cousin materiality, as if in a womb, into a song to the glory of God, to enchant the very angels themselves.

Are you going to find something out there in the galaxies that's worth having, "brave" and "merry", not to say mocking and sarcastic new man? Nay rather did the Enlightened One prepare for us this trap wherein our young today roam as men lost, complete strangers to the natural life here described, which I myself was blessed enough to enjoy prodigiously as a youth, out on my dad's farm, and into middle-life in construction work of various kinds, mostly carpentry. My fellows today however being left with utterly inadequate digital symbols and methodologies which would tempt us to a dismally-unsatisfactory share in the angelic life of which Lucifer, even as he roasts in Hell, is so proud. Why doesn't the modern young man or woman have the broad smile some of us can remember, gracing the countenance of friends of old, a humorous or uplifting remark to be expected as they come through the door, or hail us from down the way, perhaps out West "where never was heard a discouraging word"? No, we don't obtain this balance, this sanity, this joy through a sensitivity session, let alone a bout on the psychiatrist's couch, or some Sunday's-only religion where we "only say Lord, Lord". Rather we must humbly and stoutly return to that human nature given us by God, to all the childlike symbols that span the years from the cradle to the grave, making us a unity without any "generation gaps" at all. Here too a setting being provided for the very Sacraments themselves, when validly confected: being designed by God to exist in such a spiritual/somatic cosmos alone. There being indeed things to learn, but all of them with this connecting strand, this blessed materiality, raising us gradually up, if we but surrender to mysterious workings of grace, to the wisdom of God. That Heavenly Father Who scarcely would leave us jaded and restless, toying with our digital trinkets and scarcely-manipulated cyber-tools. Only in this humble traditional existence finding our way to sublimities of the divine life while yet on earth: as very simply that is the path laid out for us by God, to find our way to Him.

Can we reclaim that traditional existence? We do have some ideas for this reclamation here on this site. Certainly, if we only cast aside those truly-contemptible out-of-body instruments of stocks and bonds, derivatives, cycles-of-arbitrage, the "backing" of money by intrinsic, onerous debt, the removal of all labor, commerce, material existence to inscrutable precincts of international trade—mere abstractions that efficiently end in tyranny and bloodletting on a prodigious scale, ultimately in that global warfare in which "the Enlightened One" rejoices most. Man in these ways aspiring to share in allegedly-lofty anti-matter precincts of fallen angels, hoarsely repeating their rasping "I will not serve!", finding himself rather harrowed and humiliated beyond reprieve. Having given his human nature such divorce papers, spending a lifetime thereafter trying to find what was already his.

December 22, 2014: Taking stock. These reflections provoked by a timely article in Le Monde Diplomatique on George H.W. Bush's invasion of Panama, even if that journal would probably not agree with my conclusion.

Having established a whole new set of sociopolitical values, "the march of democracy" steadily takes to itself prerogatives never before claimed by mortal men, minting new sins and new virtues at every turn. Among other things trampling upon the sovereignty of nations thought not to measure up to "freedom's task": these being media-slandered, then undermined with black ops teams, after which Uncle Sam finds some glorious excuse for an invasion, leaders being "toppled", tried and imprisoned, or thrown to same snarling pack of dogs. Things under the old and Godly values considered infamous crimes now accepted under the new political-philosophy's central ethic: "the end justifies the means", which pseudo-principle erects man as God, precisely reversing the divine will. "Freedom's price" having opened up the very gates of Hell here on earth in this replacement of the law of God with that of self-important man, his own set of priorities held to far outweigh those divinely revealed, written by a divine hand on the human heart, in the customs and usages of men.

But "you know a tree by its fruits", and the genocidal, perversion-peddling chaos of the past century, and especially the last decade, is proof enough that we have eaten from the forbidden tree doubly once again, in doing this hideous thing. Rather is orderly and fatherly existence manifestly the proper and beneficent lot of men, that which innately implies a brotherhood totally lacking in liberal democracy, abysmally so in its inevitable devolving neo-con forms. With the image of "dog eat dog" rather forcefully coming to mind. Ah, freedom to bite and tear and growl, or to lift the leg publicly and officially and urinate as a sign of complete contempt. "No one has the right to tell me anything" would be the recalcitrant rejoinder of libertarian democratic leaders and throngs, while in the next breath the "duty" to submit in every craven particular is gravely enjoined, to whims of every lowest thug or pirate regime. "All for glorious liberty!", they will no doubt exclaim, as they're led away in today's less honest sort of chains.

Such are the terms and conditions of enlistment in Lucifer's "I will not serve!" tumultuous and incendiary band, against which we propose an organic, loose-knit, law-of-God-abiding system as of old. With its clement, merciful fatherly/brotherly concerns for each and all.

December 21, 2014: The backward geo-strategic world of Judeo-Calvinism bares its ugly fangs.

We read today in Le Monde Diplomatique about China's New Silk Road, a stunning, vigorously-positive but media-and-White-House ignored overland and oversea economic and sociopolitical venture which represents China's coming-of-age. Or again we read about Russia's attempts to salvage something hopeful out of a Ukraine assailed by Neanderthal hit-men and false-flag operations of an Obama-hectored NATO, and in both we see in rare dazzling relief the fundamental pathology which has consistently motivated Western policy and economics for at least a century. Obama assiduously, after his signature impassive manner, punishing those who would lend support to the stupendous new idea, who would join the BRICS nations in the revival of the multi-centricity which has been dealt such telling blows by nearly thirty years of Yankee "make the world safe for (an oddly hip-booted) 'democracy'". Christianity itself having made the fatal mistake of allying itself to this genocidal monster-machine, with even the Vatican with increasing regularity playing footsie under the diplomatic—and since Vatican II even the doctrinal—table with Rothschild kingmakers, suffering a stain which will need rigorous scrubbings with celestial lye-soap to be finally removed. With a Russian no doubt destined to step in, to occupy the papal chair, where Westerner occupants have for a century now impeached themselves beyond repair. This while a closely-associated advance of "democracy" by the bayonet or guided bomb sees its last ugly gasp in these post-Reagan years.

Doctrinally, economically, politically, what all the above represents regarding the West and especially the United States is the suborning of Christianity to Judaism, pure and simple: a capitulation which demonstrates before mankind and the angels what the synagogue is all about, and why the Jews rejected the Son of God. The nihilistic core of diasporic Jewry and its inseparable anti-matter/Calvinist American allies being at issue here: in a cosmic melodrama which if given further perilous scope must inevitably end in annihilation for the human race, as that is the direction the darkly-shrouded venture is being taken by its leader, "the father of lies". This reckless approach to life exhibited by the USA in its innumerable map-changing false-flag operations of the past century, its lethal sense-of-mission which has utterly no regard for human life: all this stands in stark contrast to non-Christian nations which on the whole have shown themselves much more Christian than the Christians themselves, retaining a basic positive outlook on life as opposed to an overriding Western one dour, punitive in the extreme. Christianity on the contrary being incapable of surviving on a notional/philosophical footing so bitter, so bleak, Christ having come "not to condemn" but that "you may have life, and have it more abundantly", both here and in the hereafter. Being no anti-matter Manichaean purist at all. The Judeo-Christian alliance of modern times constantly scourging mankind, bound to the pillar with the Savior Himself, while arranging under-the-table deals that are favorable to themselves alone. But in fact if a belief system doesn't accept certain fundamental natural-law imperatives, as that "law is only for the building-up and not the tearing down", then it becomes ipso facto evil rather than in any sense redemptive. Ergo: the transfer—powerfully reminiscent of the divine rending of the curtain over the Holy of Holies—of the seat of Christianity, of Catholicism, of the Papacy—into Russian hands. Russia being symbolic of a new nexus, a new matrimony, of Christ with humanity, His beloved redeemed spouse. Standard Western forms and figures having proven themselves unworthy, like the unfaithful bride of Isaias and the other prophets, like the Jews themselves would so treacherously prove themselves to be.

I claim the East in this way for the Catholic Faith, according to the promises of Our Blessed Lady at Fatima in 1917, not in any condescending, let alone militarily or economically aggressive way, but as one who would welcome a brother in a long-overdue affectionate and reverential way. An East which has retained its human identity, which provides no unnatural monster but the perfect spouse for the Son of God. A Eurasia which will provide the final climactic setting in the drama of Salvation, of the elevation of mankind away from barbarism and unto the domestic happiness of the children of God.

Actually, all of the above should really be no surprise, as the evil schemes of the Prince of Darkness always have the ruin or annihilation of humanity as their aim. This arrogant, supercilious fiend who hated our human nature from the very beginning, while still coiled on Eden's tree, precisely because the Son of God would come to us in its humble garb. Rather than being so shocked, then, at the lamentable turn the Western world have taken, we should rather rejoice to recognize that block-of-nations which has been thus divinely chosen, at the biblical "eleventh hour", to auspiciously consummate the divinely-glorifying marriage of humanity to the Son of God.

December 21, 2014: "All tyranny motivated solely by greed."

For the fifty-some years since the assassination of John Kennedy and a subsequent phenomenal growth in the military-industrial complex, after which people across the globe have come awake to the possibility of a malignant plot at the highest power-reaches of the USA, well-paid political writers have contemptuously countered this "conspiracy theory" not with some intellectually-respectable counterpoint but rather by blank-facedly ascribing every public wrong to simple greed. Thus sanctimoniously identified being a host of incredibly myopic actors with terminal tunnel vision, each pursuing his own privately-rewarding agenda, all of them driven by some sort of mindless-but-voracious "more for me!", nonetheless somehow having found a collective gathering-point. All the incredible byzantine complexity of American elite-dominion of today being laid at the doorstep of "greed begets greed" or some such simple-minded idea, academics and liberal-pundits alike ferreting out "grasping self-centeredness" as the only possible leadership sin of our times, conjuring all the brute instincts of a dim witted subterranean mole. Thus in an otherwise-masterful piece in Le Monde Diplomatique online of December is the drone program of the CIA of the past decade accounted the simple cumulative outcome of a military-contractor/bureaucratic-turf-bonanza gone wild, with absolutely no rationale being recognized as lying behind this hideous genocide except simple power-gluttony, megalomania or personal monopoly: something that might indeed satisfy the occasional office underling or a pimp in a third-rate bar, but as a motivation for the meticulously-coordinated war-machine of the post-Reagan years this is the probability-curve-equivalent of the Theory of Evolution. Requiring as many books full of zeroes as does the latter, proceeded by a lone decimal-point, mounting from here to the moon. But Western political analysts positively love these sorts of superficially-dazzling but cliff-hanger-unlikely interpretations of critical global affairs, in a more exotic kind of professional turf-guarding greed which would seem indeed—perhaps providing a sort of "missing link"—to approach crass levels ascribed to actors in the military-industrial world. Yet even here likelihoods are innately improbable, arguing imperatively for a yawning commonplace among sincere conservatives of the past century or so: namely, that those who gain any prominence at all in the media—just as in the military or the government—are well-rewarded protégés of the Judeo-Masonic globe-controlling coterie, formidable figures to whom theories of lucrative self-hypnosis need not at all be applied.

Of course, as soon as you identify any motivation in public persons beyond the most primitive, hog-wallow-like greed you will be instantly classed as a "conspiracy theorist" by the same literati breed. But somehow I would rather keep the good opinions of men of past generations, once gathered around the pot-bellied stoves of corner grocery stores, now gone to their reward, who knew how to unblinkingly call things what they were.

December 21, 2014: At Christmas time, concerning drone-bomb warfare and the entire "war on terror", unassuming humanity calmly and powerfully testifies…

…that those who have conducted this hideously-eager, implacable, innocent-blood-consuming barbarity—even aside from mountainous extractable forensic evidence of a false-flag operation on the scale and scope of Pearl Harbor—can be expected to lie about 9/11 simply on elemental character-related grounds. For none but the most criminal could so rapidly transform an offensive against mostly-imaginary Muslim militants into a thinly-disguised assault upon the human race, with an easily-offended American ego ponderously stumbling across all national boundaries in a variety of arrogant, high-handed ways, scheming to overthrow or annihilate ever-newer nation-state "foes". In all this having plainly been guided by a secretive intertemporally-unified command, hair-trigger poised to take offense in strategically-lucrative ways, vaguely claiming unforgivable departures from "the American Way". Many of those shadowy figures who fashioned a decade of treacherous operational continuity during-and-before halcyon Chaney White House days continuing at present beyond any serious question to be guiding spirits for the entire globe-conquering thrust. Welcome to Rule by Secret Society 101, whose pedantic instructors are the very ones who still hold the "wraps" on the falsely-incriminating, genocide-provoking cataclysm of 2001: an interesting parallel to the way those Freemasons who pawned Vatican II off on the Catholic Church continue to maintain their grasp as fanatical implementers of its radical agenda out in the parishes as well. The strategy of false international accusation being a hefty policy-polemical artillery now being leveled at Russia, with troops and kinetic military hardware massing on her borders as I write: all this suggesting an odious world power whose word can be taken about nothing at all. An international pariah whose "mistakes" can hardly be laid at the doorstep of a democratic process which is supposedly the entire justification for it all, but whose voters are kept in the dark even worse than others are. But just as Our Blessed Lady hurled artillery shells back at the invading Swedes, in league with native turncoats, when they attempted some few centuries ago to put Poland under the Lutheran yoke, propelling the attackers back across the Baltic in horror, so will this very same deliverer crush this band of American traitors under her maiden feet. Bidding Saint Michael bind them with their infernal leader, hurling them together into the fires of Hell, "so that they may no longer seduce the nations, retain men captive, nor do injury to the Church" (from the Catholic exorcism).

The USA today erects "progress" and unbridled license as the do-all and end-all of life, and puts this forward as an end which "justifies the means", but the diabolical end-game is really much more sinister even than that. This ramroding of an anti-matter moral and spiritual universe opposed both to the natural law and the law of God having ultimate annihilation in mind, and only the briefest of boomer-hippy-land frolics in the sun. Godless Rothschild elites having controlled the USA from revolutionary-era times, having used a closed-club geo-finance to capture economic development, education, government, the media, the medical establishment, cobbling them together into an unworkable monstrosity designed to auto-destruct, after spreading perversion and barbarism around the globe. With impenetrable subtleties of deception impacting everyone on earth, often with deadly force, penetrating insidiously even to most sacred precincts of Church and family home, diluting once-indomitable religion to a mere Sundays-only institution which "only says Lord, Lord". Men-of-the-cloth posing no obstacles to a Napoleonic militarism which now steadily imposes sodomy, abortion and every other unnatural vice or atrocity upon the whole world, "Catholics" today remaining timidly complacent under this hypnotic spell, entranced by a cleverly-couched universe of false ideas, a cosmos kept somehow spinning until the last fatal apocalyptic hour. Certainly, the good God never intended for "progress" to take such a turn, to be the calling-card of effeminate dilettantes, the excuse for every execrable wrong, stalking the earth in terrible destruction of culture, morals and human life. Under banners of liberty with synagogue-appointed "rock star" antipopes noisily heralding a renaissance of allegedly spiritual things: in fact only the final infernal blueprint of the fiend. But there are genuine prophesies, more consoling than those mentioned above, which tell of the above-noted final triumph of the Church over these same wicked forces in these latter times: saintly missives which scarcely speak despairingly of some "Rapture" to take some chosen few to Heaven while the earth is perversely and ignominiously misled and destroyed. No, it will be given into Catholic and largely-Russian hands to erect a good, reasonable, pious earthly life once again, to wrest the scepter of power away from lying and murderous hands. A world in which science and engineering will no doubt have some reasonable place—in an earthly life where vaunted "convenience" can only go so far, in which all must someday die in any case—but scarcely as a clever tool to annihilate mankind, a bloody deity before which to sacrifice the human race.

December 20, 2014: More on the "North Korean Hack": Western man free-falls into the media/digital psychodrama prepared for him with so much care. Correction contained on history of grand juries: my apologies for previous inaccurate statements.

I must assign a responsible party when it comes to the present international state of things, my intellectual constitution rejecting this doctrine of a kind of perpetual indeterminacy in which no one is ever blamed for much of anything at all. Except of course those frightful bogeymen of Russia, Iran, Syria, Pakistan or North Korea: at whose broad doorstep all blame is of course dutifully laid. While when it comes to the West, however, catastrophe is "the price of progress" or "the cost of liberty", exalted causes ascribed whenever blood flows or economies come crashing down, whose beltway champions are to be praised, not blamed. Heaving and quaking human-sacrificial utterances of the goddess of Liberty being allegedly beyond frail powers-of-understanding of mortal men. But I will be so irreverent as to assay some causes for Korean commotions over which Wolf Blitzer barks the usual party line, and an oddly-compliant and physiologically-transformed Amanpour fairly marches behind in column-and-line. She who is a completely new creature, now stocky and short-faced, with a new and alien personality to boot: over which the especially-loyal might aver she has undergone some sort of neo-con/new-evangelical transformation. A new Christien plainly repudiating her one-time passionate, liberal-minded "that's not true", boldly uttered live on the TV screen to Wolf a year or two ago, regarding the latter's repeat of a stock slander against a head-of-state. This new and correctly cool Christien—who "knows where her bread is buttered"—now ready to assent to any number of jabs against Putin, reversing herself completely from that earlier forthright retort, while covering events in Russia/Ukraine. Indeed, she now even has her own anchor slot over which to uncharacteristically crow.

But whether or not cryptic, highly convenient, or even "sad but necessary" transformations (or substitutions) suggested here actually take place, we must confess that Uncle Sam has created a media/corporate/scholastic/government monster which masterfully manipulates all first-world perceptions, which pays out penalties to those who don't comply, which can digitally-and-mass-psychologically cobble together any causus belli scenario it might wish. A master-hunter who can set a convincing electro-forensic bear-trap for a North Korean or a Russian with consummate ease. Just like given enough time some dutifully-knit-browed grand jury can let off Scot free any murdering gaggle of cops and paramedics: the much-touted constitutional mechanism being employed in highly-questionable ways today, being used even in the mid-twentieth-century largely to let gangsters "off the hook". Heavies able somehow by its provisions to come clean, indeed with ample "respectable citizen" bonhomie, with no need of "taking the fifth" and yet with no legal penalty at all. Alas, especially in such a wired-in world as today, any number of things can be swept under the rug, or conversely, any number of sovereign villains "exposed", if given enough grand-jury or digital/polemical time.

Brace yourselves, then, for more tons of "proof" against Kim, so that we can starve his miserable people yet more, and glorify the American "march" of an oddly-totalitarian sort of "liberty". One which must always be at the price of someone else's sovereignty, and mostly someone else's blood.

This is what happens when we "meekly" let the synagogue and its dissembling protégés take up the reins of state, preparing as we do "blood to the level of a horse's bridle", with our post-Vatican-II clergy laying down like a rug before unprecedented global tyranny of this false-flag, war-provocateur, humanity-denigrating kind. Meekness and patience being interpreted to mean willing, craven submission by this New Church breed, "nice guys" who utter not a word of reproof, of exhortation to the new Herod or Nero in the face of apocalyptic wrong. Nay rather with only those who dissent from abominations of this kind—inevitably humble laymen—being roundly rebuked, with all the borrowed Catholic fervor of a Hildebrand, a Pius V or a Boniface VIII.

December 19, 2014: After all the blow and go over anti-semitism…

…what is strictly and stubbornly acknowledged here is simply the fundamental difference between Judaism and Christianity, and that any attempt to conflate the two must needs have chicanery in mind. The Jews stoned the Prophets, Jesus and His Apostles praised these martyrs of God; the Jews commonly sought to relinquish duties toward parents according to impious protocols of "corban" and to abandon other sacred duties with other formalities equally heartless and cruel, Jesus excoriated these ungrateful paragons for same. Likewise, the Jews were and are cunning dissemblers, while by contrast Christianity and both Testaments positively heave and quake with prohibitions and reprobations of same. And finally of course, as we are told point blank in at least a half-dozen places in the New Testament, the Jews—not the Romans or anyone else—"killed Jesus, hanging Him from a tree": having had the determining responsibility for same, rather than having been a band of nameless barbarians manning a Roman outpost in ancient Judea, only doing their duty, collecting their month's pay. But it is the maintenance of the contrary execrable lie—that somehow the two beliefs are "pretty much the same", or the arch-heretical antipope-vintage "the Jews have their own divinely-sanctioned way to salvation"—which we struggle against with every means at our disposal, here on this Crusade. Acknowledging furthermore that the synagogue, far from having been thus identified and duly marked as a felon for all to see, has rather been allowed to invade all governments on the earth, to either destroy them or render them powerless before a synagogue-surrogate invalidly-governed USA. While likewise and yet-more-ignominiously, the Catholic Church itself has been thus suborned, as predicted in saintly prophesies of a thousand years, and has become nineteenth-century La Salette's "seat of antichrist" until that happy day when the treacherous, perverse and effeminate antipope fiend is finally, after decades, driven from Rome. This to be effected, according to our own understanding of the message of Fatima, by a none other than a Russia newly converted to the Roman Catholic Faith, come to its besieged gates as its deliverer, and that of Civilization as a whole. Russia to stunningly eject this new invader, this new Napoleon, this new Genghis Khan, this perversely-licentious Uncle Sam and his fawning allies, both from Rome and from Europe and the globe, triumphantly freeing all from their venal, phylactery-fondling grasp. Russia having as predicted at Fatima finally "at a late hour" taken her rightful place in a reclamation of both Church and world from unmitigated disaster, necessarily in the name and by the power of God, an eventuality albeit remaining shrouded in mystery as to its final forms and means. A culmination of present travails of which we in the New and Better Confederacy remain convinced will prevail through a Russia thus purified, alone possessing the pious and indomitable spirit that will be required.

December 18, 2014: Sony and the North Koreans. Why I stand with the 70% or so who don’t vote. Some revisions some days later.

War, conflict, rage are essential aims of the universal Hebrew state now being imposed upon the globe—from here to Moscow to Beijing—manifold disorderly schemes being glorified to cloudy heights where the harbor-goddess of "Liberty" reigns, inaugurating her kingdom of vice and mutual contempt over the bones of the pure and innocent, of those with truly free and reasonable hearts and minds. This new paroxysm of Hollywood/Washington outrage/chuspah, put forward to manufacture another causus belli, being another déjà vu familiar case in point, from a Washington whose concept of freedom has devolved into fiery visions of complete moral chaos. Thus the administration's disgusting inverted sanctification of sodomy, with the universal rule-of-perverts being ramroded by economic sanctions and U.S. Marines across the globe, or this glorification of Sony after their juvenile, insulting but politically-strategic big screen production, allegedly followed by a well-deserved digital trouncing at the hands of the North Koreans, and threats from the latter to bomb film-showing theaters and so on. Occupied America spreading incendiary provocations far and wide, with slanders against religious figures or establishment-unpopular heads-of-state quickly finding American troops mobilizing, with generals and senators with arms-supplier stars in their eyes, awash with signature canned vindictiveness, massing forces to punish, to destroy. While a 70%-Jewish Congress prepares sanctions which will starve some new "enemy" into undeserved submission: as war is at the very disorderly heart of the whole New World Order venture, to uproot every vestige of good, constructive and noble things that went before. To erect a profane, tinselly new libertarian state at staggering costs in blood. Hence there is no point in voting: indeed, my non-vote is my vote of no confidence. But it's not going to remain this way for very long, as Our Blessed Lady, the Immaculate, is even now raising up her own legions to crush the head of this new filthy, roiling Lucifer in the White House, to inaugurate the reign of the two Sacred Hearts just before the end of time.

December 16, 2014: White House officials feign fright before geopolitical foes.

Accents of mortal fear somehow come easily to those whose main strategy is intimidation, with the U.S. State-and-Defense Departments taking stage-prop turns pouncing-upon and then shrinking-from a Russia still barely emerging economically, after a decade wrestling with the legacy of the treacherous Yeltsin/Sachs years. Hence the now-D.C.-classical scene of two or three White House diplomats huddled as if in mortal fear around the mike down in the briefing-room, as if expecting Russian bombs or missiles to come dropping down, showering joists, ceiling-tiles or atomic particles down on them at any time. It's all sheer theatrics, but its very effective, especially when you live in a "wonderfully free" media-totalitarian regime. Our seasoned diplomats alleging terrible dangers emanating from a "menacing" Russian Bear, said to be "persecuting neighbors" like a corporate-NGO-groomed, home-citizen-hated Shakashvili, a thug-established, NATO-backed Ukraine, or a squealing band of lesbian-invaders of Russian Orthodox cathedrals, championing "freedom loving" habits-of-desecration and other iconoclastic views. Here being a well-known pose of a photogenic Uncle Sam, this bullying someone weaker than oneself, all the while fairly trembling with fear: an Edwardian vaudeville that goes back a century and more in time. Uncannily reminiscent of the old Black Legend against Catholicism and Catholic nations like Croatia, Ireland or Spain, or pre-Colonial French Quebec. America having somehow over two centuries repeatedly gained the moral high-ground by dint of persuasions of this same thickly-melodramatic, boogeyman evoking kind. Most of which slanders are proven false soon-enough, but "unfortunately" after the "enemy" is already many-times-over destroyed. Hence too for good reason does Uncle Sam, as revealed in any number of well-documented books and studies, still keep wraps on a century full of top-secret false-flag operations that provoked a host of self-enriching wars. Predictably enough, these disturbing indictments are held by the natty gentleman with the stripped pants "not to be worthy of a reply", in a grand finale in a consummate stagecraft, a sort of last bow before strutting majestically off the geopolitical stage, leaving ruin in his highly-circumstantial wake. In all this blow-and-go a controlled media being indispensable since San Juan Hill, today with basically all of it owned by a tiny handful of all-powerful figures, offering the same insult to the public mind as our honor-less leaders do. This highly-adaptable psycho-drama methodology to be found as eagerly employed as well in today's massive media/official brainwash in favor of institutionalized sodomy—yes, Virginia, that's what its really called—a hideously ungainly campaign such as would have rained fire on ancient cities long ago—sparing which God has something for us much bigger in store.

December 15, 2014: How does the function of government become liberty rather than common good? Dick Chaney atrocities.

The modern-era glorification of liberty over common good is one of many anomalies of Enlightenment-era political philosophy, for two and a half centuries establishing mostly by violent means a kind of liberty which too typically exacts cruel atrocities economic and political, moral and physical, upon mankind. For all the vaunted "progress" and "liberty" hundreds of millions of innocent lives having been sacrificed since halcyon Revolutionary times, erecting artificial opposition between these two fundamental values, liberty and good, generally arbitrating some merciless form of "progress" for some vaunted few. Certainly, liberty is a hideous mockery if it doesn't directly serve good and worthy things, but instead orchestrates malice, operating as the biblical "cloak" for same: as for instance in Dick Chaney's claims of some alleged unlimited license for his long-standing torture of nationals, for whom there was no evidence of hostile or criminal activity, saying he would "do it all over again". A liberty indeed by which he proclaims himself proudly and openly an ogre, a fiend, plainly referring not just to those few atrocities that aren't redacted from the public record but also those gang-rapes and other inhuman barbarities which undoubtedly went on. As testified at least in a general way not only by former prisoners but by those hideous, infamous images of a score of men naked, in a pile, cowering before the perverted sadisms of Chaney-vetted prison guards. And even this mountain of damning evidence only scrapes the surface, of images withheld because "they might endanger national security". Oh hypocritical America, what a mouthful you have learned to say in these few words! Having descended so deep in defense of a "liberty" which knows only to hate and destroy. There having indeed been no such thing as terrorism as now commonly understood, before George H.W. Bush's barbaric first invasion of Iraq, and the subsequent dirty-bombing of that country during the next decade.

Obviously, redundantly, the only liberty worth a fig is a liberty which does good, and furthermore in any society worth the name it is a good which is richly elaborated to the betterment and happiness of all, both physically and even more especially to the soul, the mind, the higher parts of man. Scarcely a boast which can be made by sodden pariahs of a decade ago, nor by their worthy village-decimating counterparts in the Obama regime. A liberty which would unjustifiably wound ones neighbor in any way being liberty only for the offender: as we indeed see so graphically on our streets, in our schools and homes, today. Courtesy largely of a Dick Chaney, the real terrorist, who by his heinous example, his remorseless incorrigibility, also went a long way toward erecting the mounting culture-of-violence which presently prevails in the USA, where the harmless and innocent are kept terrorized. An evil man who by his malicious and barbarous policies roused much of the world to make war on the USA.

But such men as Dick Chaney are allowed by Almighty God in order to bring about a better good: being a potent revulsive which urges men onward to the final establishment of the mild and benevolent divine Kingdom on earth. For which we must prepare like ancient children of the Hebrews, laying down palm-fronds, their own garments before the processional arrival of the Son of God. That end-time enthronement, preparatory to the Second Coming, when the Gospel of goodness and peace will be "preached to the ends of the earth", in a coming sociopolitical transformation which is the subject-matter of this website and Crusade.

December 13, 2014: Black leaders a dire disappointment. Agitating for upright values of racial justice a poor match for promoting "gender orientation" open sodomy on our streets, in our stores and schools. Article reworked later today.

In every case vetted by White global-finance/synagogue-connected interests, major Black religious and political figures are leading their people to accept the tawdry and perverse values of commercial/official America today: in a moral-hijacking which augurs poorly for any improvement in race-relations at all. As the Blacks must always lose in this "race to the bottom", in America's wholesale rejection of genuine virtue, opting for natural-law-denying trends alien to the law of God as written on the human heart, soul and mind. People-of-color Black and Latino alike openly embracing a sodomy-friendly worldview which makes one an enemy of God, calling down punishments of Sodom and Gomorrah upon ethnic neighborhoods of every kind. Auguring no peace even among Blacks themselves, let alone in their behavior toward others, in hair-trigger-aggressive daily combative irruptions such as Michael Brown himself so notoriously displayed in the convenience store just before his death. In Black districts as well as White, New Age values coming to full disorderly flower, with vaunted "liberty" taking the form of a personal peevishness which knows no bounds.

As my resolution for the Christmas holidays and the rest of my years or days, I continue my resolve first and foremost to be a member of the human race—that which is a vital preamble to Faith—rather than some sort of "exceptional" peddler of sodomy or abortion-on-demand. By God's grace scarcely will I worry about being redundantly, ridiculously "secure" by supporting a wonton military taking of human life, while likewise tactically cutting neighbors "down to size" in some allegedly "freedom loving" way. Nor will I nurse some macho-pathology on the block while Bush-holdovers settle some synagogue-rewarding score on the other side of the globe, or Obama promotes contemptible sodomy abroad and here at home.

December 10, 2014: Theatrics of the Bush Administration high-level prisoner-torture crew.

Everybody is a liar but them, so Hayden, Gonzalez, Chaney, Bush and the others would have you believe. Or failing that, some will say it was after all "not their decision at all", the whole thing having been "cleared by the Justice Department", and thus as morally-pure as the blown snow. Predictable desperate mutual-finger-pointing from major figures who by testimony of mountains of evidence plainly had a war-of-annihilation against Iraq in the making already years before 9/11, and only needed some electorate-convincing incident on the scale of an also-prearranged 1941 bombing of Pearl Harbor to trip the propaganda-wire which all such treacherous things always require. While to keep the Halliburton-lucrative myth alive perfectly innocent people were tortured, humiliated, sexually-assaulted, as portrayed so graphically and hideously in hundreds of released and (even worse) unreleased photographs, as well as by shamefully-redacted copies of CIA testimony. Scant available evidence which only scrape the surface of heinous deeds involved. Welcome to U.S. elite-piloted foreign policy 101: if you know this war-provocative, populace-misleading rule-of-thumb of the centuries-long abysmally-uninspiring course, and one or two others of the same contemptible kind, then you'll ace the class with no trouble at all. But it's actually quite pitiful to see these allegedly grown men, these top Bush-Administration officials, wringing their hands in such a disgraceful way, in TV testimonies punctuated with self-justifying cries from overly-defensive or choked-up voices. Ah, finally the fiddler comes to collect his due from once-eager dancers, and the fiend not much later no doubt his grim harvest of souls.

Furthermore, beyond beatings, gang-rapes, "rectal feeding", etc., all evidence indicates that any number of these pitiful prisoners tortured in Poland—only one such venue of "rendition" horrors—were then sent to Uzbekistan and quietly murdered, according to Craig Murray, British ambassador to Uzbekistan from 2002-2004, as reported in rt.com of today. Murray a courageous diplomat who was promptly fired "when he revealed CIA rendition practices in Poland and Uzbekistan to UK leaders". And indeed point-blank called a liar by Blaire and Straw. An accusation which the former official claims will never be retracted by these or any other British officials, just as torture itself will no doubt continue to go on much as before. While finally, a fact found in the new torture-report but seemingly mentioned nowhere thus far in the U.S. news, there were eight separate falsely-claimed "terror plots" said lyingly to have been foiled through information obtained by torture-methods employed. Thus removing the last leg of former Bush official justifications of these hideous crimes.

December 10, 2014: The Thomistic right of revolt, understood as restoration of order.

This is a teaching of the Angelic Doctor that is totally and erroneously denied by churchmen since Vatican II, with all notions of popular direct action being carelessly shunted under the heading of sedition: despite the fact that St. Thomas Aquinas found the tyrannical ruler as being the one guilty of that crime rather than those who would remove him in some violent way. In all this are telltale traces found of the politically-and-economically-reactionary nature of much of the post-council "reform", despite abundant radical-liberal enactments in other regards, while the fact remains that tyrants by definition give us no other choice but violent confrontation, as force is the only language they know. But this right-of-revolt or of restoration of good-order is doubly authenticated in efforts to dislodge the present-day Judeo-Masonic cabal which rules the USA in a special way, and through it most of the world. The only conceivable limitation upon that right being the saintly theologian's insistence that the harm done by the disorders of rebellion not outweigh the good to be realized in the liberation. Something we hardly need quibble about when we have chiseled in stone a torture-memo-dictating "the end justifies the means", institutionalized sodomy, unlimited aggressive warfare "justified" by heinous false-flag operations, multi-method abortion on demand, and a host of other equally-hideous things. While to the degree most of these abominable policies and enactments depart from the law of God, and most notably its natural-law component, then they may be resisted by a stout moral majority of a mere handful of men, when the numerical majority has been compromised or perverted in such a horrific way.

But the whole notion of rebellion was conflated with Marxism back in the sixties and seventies in Catholic circles, in the long-running, acrimonious debate over "liberation theology": admittedly with those theologians who promoted the latter no doubt being genuine radicals themselves, probably with Marxist leanings. While Benedict when head of the Doctrine of the Faith dicastery in Rome wrote a treatise condemning the one-time-celebrated liberation school, himself no doubt going to extremes in the other direction, of rigid statist control, as indicated by his less-than-candid but strongly-abiding caesaro-papist leanings, evident in his policies when he came to falsely occupy the chair of Peter. Of course, I write about such subjects without any authority of my own, but it seems to me self-evident that something is amiss in all of this: for indeed if the citizenry is forbidden to make such a necessary correction, given that the leadership of the country is hopelessly compromised, as it is so deeply today in the USA and around the world, then who is there left to do anything at all? Ah, it is all very satisfying to just admonish everyone to "just say your prayers", or to come up with ringing declarations about certain things being "always and in every case forbidden", or about a fictional right of the state, no matter how corrupt or externally-controlled, "to make all decisions regarding war", without "interference" by the people in any way at all. Exercising the sort of facile reasoning whose renunciation was supposedly much of the rationale for massive, seismic changes coming out of Vatican II. A cowardly, human-respect-dictated kind of theology or church-administration which has however multiplied many times over since the synod of those times.

December 10, 2014: One last commentary on EWTN: its egregious misquoting of the saints.

After which I hope to never mention the station again: as such unearned attentions lend further currency to something pernicious in the extreme. My final comments relate once again to the incessant "Global Catholic Network" appeal to supreme heights of mysticism away from ordinary duties of Christian souls. The other day they took the tack—like mercury or a wriggling ferret, you never know where they are going next—of cynically misplacing a quotation of St. John of the Cross into a context where it doesn't at all belong, pulling this prank at the end of one program, in a sound-bite tactically placed only moments before another show of an entirely radical kind. This latter comprised of an interview with one of the '60s originators of the Catholic Pentecostal or Charismatic Movement, with the prior tactically-employed citing of St. John—to paraphrase, that "God works entirely differently with each soul, so that you will scarcely find two that are similarly guided or formed"—inevitably bolstering the pseudo-mysticism of that patently-Protestant, papally-condemned moral-monstrosity. Such a misquotation—suggesting wild variations in the spirituality of ordinary souls—ably opening open-ended floodgates of the patently-heretical movement that commenced decades ago, and the wanna-be Protestants and budding divorcees of which it has always been so full: this time as if with the enviable endorsement of one of the premier mystics of the Catholic ages. The false parallel employed is psychological as much as doctrinal, comparing Catholic mysticism with Pentecostal delirium, capturing a lone, unwilling statement of St. John of the Cross for purposes entirely foreign to his own sound teachings, 99.9% of which solely concerns the obscure inward journeys of a tiny mystical minority among souls. A teaching scarcely suggestive of this alleged wild variety of paths to God, which by freelance thinking of post-Vatican-II could mean most anything at all. St. John himself indeed making reference to hundreds or even thousands of others who are eternally lost for every one such patently-unique chosen one, with a proportionally-great number of the ordinary saved to one side as well. These latter being called not to mystical reaches but to the ordinary Catholic way: that manfully practice-oriented confession-of-faith which was so roundly "thrown out the open windows" of Vatican II. To be replaced by the heterodox "all are called to the highest perfection" New Evangelism of John Paul II and the subsequent Vatican crew. That rock star antipope who held sonorous balcony colloquies with mesmerized crowds-of-youths, doing much toward eliminating a duty-bounded ordinary lay-Catholic existence which Vatican II most wished to discredit, opting for today's ongoing synagogue revamp of all earthly life, religious or otherwise. Converting pious and dutiful Catholics into Pentecostals who "only say Lord, Lord", while with mortal peril imagining themselves to possess mystical gifts. Indeed, the ordinary Catholic way—"that leads to salvation"—is the same for everyone, even if certain insignificant personal or cultural peculiarities do indeed occur.

As stated several times before, almost the only thing worth watching on EWTN is the weekday English-language version of the Chaplet of the Mercy of God, on the one hand, and the Stations of the Cross of a Friday afternoon, on the other, while the Super Saints program of Mr. and Mrs. Ward, although mostly good and uplifting, can also contain inaccuracies and pitfalls of various kinds. My knowledge of spoken as opposed to written Spanish being rather poor, there may by all appearances be some other very good material on the Spanish-language substation, apart from the gallingly-Charismatic-toned Divine Mercy segment, which is broadcast at the same time as the magnificently-chanted weekly English version on the other channel. While the Stations of the Cross are a weekday English devotion as well, dramatized, superbly narrated, originating from Argentina around 2002, with a like production no doubt to be found in Spanish as well. Alas, the GCN predictably decimates the programming of these two sterling weekday productions—the marvelously-choreographed stations and the latter sung Chaplet—whenever possible substituting some zany, ponderously-dry or doctrinally-wandering conference or counselor-tip show. But it remains true that whenever these two productions are available they are in almost every respect highly worthy of our prayerful domestic participation, but with the imperative exclusion of most the rest of the station's programming, which is riddled with these well-concealed time-bombs of heterodoxy at every turn. (Of course too, we don't recognize any indubitable Real Presence in the Blessed Sacrament as found in the new rite—that which EWTN always calls "The Eucharist", carefully omitting the middle, integrally-component word "Holy"—for instance as purportedly "exposed" in the monstrance on the Divine Mercy presentation. Nor for that matter as invalidly confected at the televised GNC Masses, or as found on other in-church shows.

Anything like sound Catholic programming has never really been seen on American TV, going back to a theatrical but doctrinally-unsound Bishop Sheen, who had us all fooled back in the '50s when as a boy I too was an open-mouthed watcher of his highly-dramatic show. Highly similar a likewise heterodox Mother Angelica, the originator of EWTN, and one or two others almost as bad whose names I don't now recall, so that one must pick through these productions, in search of rare things Catholic in this post-council world. Granted, these shows past or present must air something authentic now-and-again or they would promptly lose all their audience-funding: this fact calling forth a selective process akin to the Gospel net, choosing only the few good fish, while discarding the many innocent-looking but deadly-to-the-moral-palate bad ones.

December 9, 2014: The spirit of turmoil comes to collect its dues on the streets of the USA. Another variation on an all-important theme which bears incessant repeating.

Before our eyes each night on the news, under the visage of the paganistic Statue of an uncontained Liberty, do nearly two and a half centuries of disorderly expansion and conflict-based political-philosophy come to their inevitable incendiary fruition: as you cannot hope to keep domestic tranquility when every major value cultivated by the state lives and breathes chaos, one-upmanship, double-crossing greed, the strategic and tactical pitting of one race, branch of government or interest-group against the other. Inculcating as our major institutions do an ideology-of-conflict become a Religion of America spread around the globe by fire and sword, in a fight to the finish against reverent forms and mild philosophies of every kind. A land where furthermore and not-surprisingly the very cult of satan is promoted and officially encouraged, in earliest schooling and from the courts, while those rites of the Church instituted to combat his influence are mocked, restricted and ridiculed at every turn. This "noble experiment" having been discovered rather to be ignoble, full of sodomy and other forms of deadly perversion, encouraging every worst conceivable impulse among men, raping the earth, murderously subjugating any other peoples not thus perniciously imbued.

Can the police contain such an infernal spirit once it is thus cultivated in every American heart, in every conceivable way, among the young, in the schools, in advertising and the media, indeed in their own very hair-trigger mindset? They themselves interiorly endorsing the formal or implicit training they have thus-far received, and which tutored them not in fatherly kindness—something rather scorned in every way—but in brutality and brazen or casual homicide? As in the case of the priggishly-"concerned" EMTs who calmly watched a Black man die, not even bothering to administer a CPR which is the only conceivable reason they were even called upon?

As maintained in the last few articles devoted to the present unfolding civic chaos here in the USA, a pandemonium likewise spreading its tentacles around the world, good-order is no project of a fortnight, or of another police training course, but something which "wells up unto everlasting life" in the soul, in a reverently-formed heart and mind, the work of an entire upbringing. There is no quick-fix for any of this, once it is foregone, being based on that self-same divine grace coveted by the Gospel woman at the well, being a benign and holistic approach to life which must take in all its many aspects, sedulously forming character along every line, in the same kindly, orderly, constructive way: whether regarding religion directly or social, commercial or political life. This Genuine Gospel Way being however completely disowned under the Calvinist/Masonic social doctrine which rigidly under-girds the USA ideologically: this offspring of a synagogue implacably bent on discrediting and combating the message of Christ. Calvinism indeed like Islam being essentially only another form of Judaism and its gospel of violent interaction on all planes, of a veritable putting the biblical "rest of men" to the sword whenever the chance might arise, as if all the nations were mere primitive Canaanite tribes. Pitting them against one another, preliminary to their cunningly-pursued demise, in preparation for same. While Godless synagogue-subservient secret societies of every stripe undermine divine faith directly as it affects human life in any concrete way, relegating it to an impotent Sunday's-only status at best.

There is indeed a Way to salvage the USA, and it is propounded here on this site: for it is given only to the Catholic Faith to shine forth such a light for faltering feet. Indeed, God and His holy Mother are ready miraculously and decisively to come to our aid, having claimed this hemisphere for their own most notably in the miraculous apparition of Our Blessed Lady at Guadalupe, under the self-same title, which Juan Diego could scarcely pronounce, by which had driven away the Muslim hosts from Spain centuries before. But this King and Queen of humanity will have the glory for this national salvation accrue only to God and His Church, not to some paganistic Statue of Liberty, nor to false and acrimonious principles of a Constitution ultimately irreconcilable with the law of God. The Church having indeed its own political philosophy called Distributism, arbitrating a horizontal expansion of human agency which duly honors higher positions maintained through earnest levels of personally-familiar reciprocal trust. This only-just-and-operable system being expounded here on this site, being faithful to the many orderly imperatives, of training, of serried and pyramided ranks of authority, by which the Godly state is made firm. God's law bolstering human liberty in the most impartial possible way: being a standard not devised by some scheming interest group or secret society, being above-board and open to inspection by all. Scarcely being amenable to tyrannical secret tribunals or torture-protocols which our cowardly leaders are mortally afraid to fully and publicly divulge, having brought immeasurable shame upon the United States. Our Catholic system being energetically vigilant against such scheming enemies as these, crypto-Jews like the Bush family who must never be allowed to wreak their inveterate havoc again. Jews wisely being made subject to a historically-familiar ferreting-out by a reinstituted Inquisition, designed as in immemorial centuries almost exclusively to uncover insidious Jewish cabals. Sons of the synagogue being properly subject as well to restrictive legislation as would be any other seditious enemies of the state. While over these and other prudent organizational particulars, finally, the grace of God must be incessantly pleaded, in formal acts-of-consecration to the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, with all levels of government, with military processions and honor-guards, taking part. The state thus being benignly and majestically imbued with the grace of God, else it inevitably and miserably fail.

December 8, 2014: Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Mother of God. Do we choose by grace to dwell in the Immaculate maternal womb, to embrace Catholicism and civic peace, or do we stubbornly persist in our heretical Calvinism/Jansenism, capitalism/communism and the inevitable domestic turmoil they perpetuate?

For the latter is the history of the USA in a nutshell, and the two above alternatives precisely the choice being put before us today on our streets: do we choose mercilessly-sharp-edged but woefully-false theory over human life, heartless Jacobin paradigms over the merciful Mother of God, a hundred policemen in a rigid military brace position, as if confronting enemy troops, instead of a conciliatory law-enforcement posture which is obviously, redundantly ready to extend itself first and foremost in clement gestures, in kindness and love? And only as a last resort belligerent, pushy, shooting canister or rubber bullets or waving the night-stick around? That stance namely which sharp-edged Jacobin/guillotine political theory has taught us so doughtily well?

Here the old Catholicism of our Latin American neighbors, they who have traditionally had a flexible and cooperative Catholic masculinity such as brittle-minded machos in a Jacobin America have been suicidally taught to despise from earliest years, but which is in fact the finest and truest article to be had. For it is "the meek (who) possess the land", and this pliable strength is heroic when it comes to true and genuine battle, yet shudders at the thought of attacking innocent human life: scarcely contemplating the drone-bomb-"bagging" of an average of one "terrorist" out of 26 villager dead. The problem being that the very first word in the American cop's dictionary is a hostile one, in the all-too-typical encounter with Blacks or poor Whites, the attitude of the officer positively bristling with callous disrespect. This the kind of incendiary approach which takes the first steps toward filling our prisons, rather than emptying them. But the problem isn't so much "faulty training", or even deliberately-poor character, as deadly false theory, or at a deeper causative level of heresy, often lying somewhere under all the crusty belligerence involved. Making blood flow freely both in our streets and overseas being the denial of doctrines like the Immaculate Conception, no doubt regarded by vaunted principles of a heretical Vatican II as "irrelevant" to all such public things. This void of divine grace represented in the absence of full Catholic belief being coupled with an American-Catholic eagerness to bend Catholic doctrine, spirit and practice to placate Protestants and Jews: the result being an America far less amenable to civic or international concord than some south sea island that was full of cannibals only a generation or two ago. For very simply, according to the old and trusty adage: "The perversion of what is best is what is worst", and when we flaunt God's truth in His divine Face we become blind to a host of otherwise self-evident things. Indeed after learning the "truth which makes us free", which was indeed painstakingly taught to us over the centuries in the tutelage of the Church, we cannot reject it without grave peril not only to our souls but also ultimately to the very existence of the state. That which must be based at the very least upon rudimentary but sound principles, which will falter under a stubborn rejection of the whole body of fully-elaborated truth. While we turn in obvious self-congratulations to superficially-impressive "check and balance" theories that at deeper levels are mutually-combative rather than cooperative, treacherous and faulty rather than lucid and life-giving. Having once possessed the truth and then, like Pharisees of old, arrogantly and rebelliously chosen sharp-edged and merciless paradigms in place of the clement divine plan. Having thereby undermined the very foundations of the state.

December 7, 2014: Demonstrators must carry sacred images together with slogans written on signs, if the biblical maid is to crush the head of the serpent of official brutality.

Dear demonstrators, the mighty establishment you are confronting will only surrender ground to justice and mercy if they are compelled to by Almighty God: He in whose name these marches and demonstrations must accordingly be done, Who must be given the glory and thanksgiving for same. Carry before you, then, the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, the models of our Civilization, if you would have civil and humane behavior from our police. For it is only in this right-ordering, of the human under the divine, that the serpent will be put under the feet of the biblical maid of Bethlehem.

December 6, 2014: Futurism, "Evolution" and the persecution of tribal life.

The defining secular messianism of global finance, Judaism, without which indeed there would be no Judaism at all, has been the rack upon which tribal life during industrial and colonial centuries has been torn and tormented, accounting for the massacre of Indians in earlier American history, the ongoing confiscation of their lands and resources, the parallel perpetual poverty to which Latin American tribesmen have been condemned, as well as the remorseless and unconscionable war-of-attrition being "heroically" waged against tribal peoples of the Middle East and Southeast Asia. With this much-feared Islamic State proven to be yet another arm of the same population-subjugating Jewish intrigue—in every setting ultimately brokering nothing but Jewish profit and power—while concomitantly expending its perversely-sanguinary pogroms upon that which Judaism hates most: Christianity. This heartless systematic Wall-Street-celebrated decimation of innocent human life being thoroughly referenced and chronicled yet always finding "scholars" and politicos ready to argue some mendacious contrary view. Tribal life around the globe having been attacked and belittled by an academia bent of the modern-day utterly-false dogma of Evolution, a blindly-accepted belief for whose statistical improbability stacks of books with a decimal-point followed by zeroes would rise from here to the moon and back several times, under which gourd-rattling spell ceremonially repeating the ill-admitted modern-day act-of-faith that the "primitive" exists inescapably at a "lower stage of evolutionary development". Hence visiting him and his children with a destructive condescension which none with self-respecting survival-instincts can abide. Thus too the peremptory or dismissive treatment of Blacks here in the USA: with the entire rationale of racism being positively built upon the Evolution-based ideas of Darwin and Spencer: central to which fable is the ludicrous "superiority" of the Caucasian race, whose chief sociopolitical manifestation is a Judeo/Masonically-fabricated "American Way". This globe-conquering legend being perpetuated by Jewish finance, if assisted in under-the-table agreements, "gentlemen's understandings" and the mole-like treasonous workings of insidious secret-society protégés of every stripe. Here in a nutshell being discoverable the very bloody mainspring of modern history, in a Jewish global assault upon mankind gone in a search for a rationale for a millennium, its alleged thunderous vindication being at length found in these hyper-cynical terms. Alas, with a "Christian" West for post-Renaissance centuries eating out of the ever-grasping Jewish hand like senseless beasts.

In fact, tribal life is in all respects magnificently calibrated, incomparably adapting human abilities to limited resources and means, ready to take up modern technical proficiency and employ it in the most energetic, ingenious and imaginative of ways. However capitalism—the operating principle of the synagogue intrigue—doesn't really want that kind of positive efficiency, rather requiring whole peoples as losers to grease stock-market wheels, designed indeed not to run smoothly but in a murderously inefficient and life-and-resource-wasteful way. Its mammoth prosperity-deadening extractions finding "winners" only among those of like moral facility, employing things like I.S. or Marxism to cull down the global "herd" of "Evolution-inferior" men, who if given a chance might turn the whole thing around into positive ground. The only thing these good tribal peoples with good and simple souls and brilliant minds "lack" is treachery, cunning, "scientific" or clinical refinements of barbarity, complications of self-justification: being themselves in every way superior in character to those flouted as the paramount capstone of humankind.

Is there an answer to this synagogue-sustained perpetual motion machine, of the incessant destruction of the most worthy of men? When these are thus constitutionally, as it were, defenseless against this Judas breed: among whom I hasten to add not all we Westerners belong? The answer was given us by a good God in whom Jews and most Westerners of today show themselves scarcely to believe. Mankind having striven over the millennia to find its way to God, all the while God was fashioning His own Way for them to come to Him: that biblical Way which once discovered, incredibly enough, its greatest beneficiaries ultimately find some way to despise. Alas, thus is the way of fallen man, along which path Jews ever lead the way. The blueprint for the divine protection being none other than the Catholic Faith, whose missionary efforts have for centuries now been gravely frustrated by the scheming interferences, the ponzi schemes, the ceaseless provocateur-deeds and false-flag operations of the Jews. They who have their agents in every organization above the number of ten, who use the military forces of nations like fingers on their own hands. This global tyranny which now concentrates its brutal attentions in a special way upon The Ukraine and Russia, where this fundamental tribal wisdom of humanity still retains some Christian connections: Christianity in the West having been shorn of these associations long ago. Eastern Europe as a whole indeed being prepared by inevitable dual pincer-arms of finance and controlled media to be the newest sacrifice before the bloody Baal of this evolutionary view, as of some brilliant new vision to which all the world is allegedly bound. That fiery apparition which is in fact only a nightmare of extermination, prepared by these biblically-identified, Revelation-rejecting "enemies of mankind". Catholicism having its own economic/organizational system called Distributism, or what I myself call Integral Catholicism: that practically-applied Catholic doctrine which ties wealth and political agency inseparably to the people themselves, even as higher levels of authority are both duly honored and harnessed to the service of same. That system which capsulates the blessings of tribal existence into village, city and town, and which we propound in books and articles here on this site.

December 5, 2014: New Church sternly condemns "judging people".

Standard post-Vatican-II ironies are rife in a notable penchant for harshly condemning those who condemn: this new brand of indignation close cousin to that other which gets angry whenever anger rears its purportedly ugly head. Sanitized theology-labs of New Church vindictively maintaining that "judging anyone's motive for a deed as bad" is stoutly condemned in the bible and by Our Blessed Lord Himself: citing among others the phrase "judge not that you not be judged". And although this quotation like so many others from Holy Scripture has never been taken at unqualified face-value by the Church, New Church divines nonetheless fairly bristle with hostility or biting sarcasm at any who retain the traditional Catholic frame-of-mind in such adjudicatory regards. The testimony of two millennia of popes, bishops and clergy scarcely discouraging such a doctrinal umbrage-taking view, the new breed of post-Vatican-II clerics no doubt mentally bundling all blame of any kind with "unfortunate" traditional Catholic indictments against the Jews, claiming in defense of each and all that the noted biblical quotation shields humanity as a whole from incriminations-of-blame of any shape or size. For such blanket exculpatory purposes thus enlisting with new-found vaunted "majesterial authority" the Reformers' invariable appeal to Scripture against painstakingly-developed Catholic teachings of the millennia, accounting in spades for the dramatic difference in spirit and approach that penetrates the whole legacy of Vatican II. Coming historically as it did on the heels of the Quietism and Pietism, Jansenism and Semi-Jansenism of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the new view shares in subtle ways in human-nature-despising essentials of same, a decided note of fatalism or even indeed of the suicidal being detectable in such a stark countermand, that in every circumstance and every event we cannot judge. While in line with unworthy motivations—yes, I use the forbidden words—of the new approach—and much like all the "reforms" of Vatican II—this anti-judging imperative handily sidesteps moral strictures of every type, particular those regarding the keeping of bad company: minimizing or effectively removing a principal injunctions gravely imparted over the millennia to Catholic young and old. The new take on the old subject being as noted based on the self-same radical reinterpretation—as always on the freestanding "authority" of Vatican II—of Our Blessed Lord's own words—a taking of them on the shallowest of "face value" terms—thus breezily using these sacred syllables like heretics all to discomfit "hard sayings" of perennial teachings of the Church. In this way deftly disposing of decretals, sermons and admonitions of the pious Catholic ages—this always the prize involved—in all of which such personal judgments are indeed so thunderously made. Hence today are sodomites, divorcees, known drug-lords and the like heartily embraced, welcomed among the fold, often-enough in the communion line, by the New Church crowd, having been thus instructed for decades now: for as Francis exclaimed in his usual theatrical tones, "who am I to judge"?

All this would of course be very convenient, were it sound and true, and would among other things allow us all to wallow in the bad company of the most execrable pariahs and fiends as if they were bosom pals: this indeed the sole modern-day qualification for the retention of many-a job, or the keeping of status in the neighborhood, or social position in the local or regional who's who. Indeed, in this way being Catholic isn't costly at all. But let us put the whole matter into its timeless and traditional context and perspective, as grubby old church laymen like me—no doubt sternly queried "where's your theology degree?"—are indeed so incorrigibly wont to do. For "judging" in the biblical context doesn't actually refer to "forensic" or evidentiary processes of the mind, by which for instance we "judge" that we shouldn't walk off the sheer brow of some dizzy cliff—nor mingle with the herd of swine just now unblinkingly thundering toward its brink—but rather that only in those cases where there is substantial doubt as to guilt or innocence of the party involved do we humbly reserve judgment to God, or perhaps even to some authority better capable, better informed. While otherwise we aren't talking about "judging" at all, but rather about admitting something as plain as day. Granted, we cannot quantify the amount of culpability of some sinner for circumstances which led to their moral demise, some of which might have been near-insurmountable indeed: but never was there intended by Our Blessed Lord, Holiness Himself, this smiling wholesale acceptance of the positively vile and wicked. This prostration before the perverted and malicious, some of whose "motives" are redundantly obvious indeed. They for whom a flood of all-absolving bonhomie is ill-considered, and scarcely condoned in blessed scriptural lines.

As always, using the founding Thomistic principle, Faith is properly and manfully practiced when we apply Scriptural passages and the considerable number of formally-dogmatic teachings to daily life through the use of reason, rather than plying some vaunted appeal to inspiration, as if somehow to mainline Revelation into our spiritual "veins" without any reference to realistic facts of life, to often rather unimpressive human situations and means. This sanitary recourse being in fact simple hypocrisy and duplicity, indeed a detestable mockery of the Heavenly King. But under principles of Quietism, Jansenism, Gnosticism and the like, of whose super-sanitary proclivities all other heresies seem in some way to partake, these "grubby" matters of concrete and costly application are always roundly ignored or despised.

December 2, 2014: The docking of imperatives of modern digitally-determined life to orbital space-station mysticisms of New-Church antipopes. Another phase of the final Apostasy, followed by the final collapse of the present system and the subsequent establishment of the official reign of Christ as King. Article again expanded. Apologies that cited author's name was misspelled in my original piece, hence my inability to find him on google. Name is correctly spelled below.

Roberto Vacca the "systems expert", a category-of-employment you hear little of anymore in a world of atomized radical-specialists, was a wildly-popular author of a best seller back around 1970 called The Coming Dark Age. A brilliant eclectic genius with PhDs in several major scientific and engineering fields, whose insights he collated supremely well, from whom we hear little or nothing anymore: Vacca's supremely-well-written book was "all the rage" back then when I first began to finish my degree. A work wherein the author stated more-or-less categorically that it were just as good were we to dump all the computers in the world into the various oceans, in view of massive additions of gratuitous manufacture, techno-infrastructure, vital-resource-misallocation and ecological damage these glorified factotums were already back then seen ultimately to represent, and which he claimed, and indeed convincingly proved, would outweigh already-loudly-vaunted advantages in far-more-essential ways. This not only in terms of the un-payable debt that has already many-times-over accrued but also in a vast new "path dependency", that would develop, in mammoth artificial infrastructures poured in concrete, encompassing a frightful, preternaturally-modeled universe into which Vacca could see so clearly that we were soon to be fatally immersed, if things continued as they even then were. And over which chasm the scholar paused, as if suspended in time, peering down apprehensively into the murky, vaporous, churning void of what was to come. Perceiving too as he did the inevitability of what others in a few short years would call Chaos Theory: namely that such gigantic, centralized, artificial systems must eventually fail, starting with something as simple as a mammoth traffic-jam in the dead of winter, but of such an unprecedented scale as to spawn a fatal period of anarchy that will only get worse. Fuel being added to the fire by today's popular ignorance of the most rudimentary survival-related skills and needs, found suddenly critical when modern conveniences unceremoniously disappear. This chaos being foreseen by the author to spread from one closely-techno-interdependent city to another, all the vaunted advances of two centuries being forecast as swallowed up in a barbarism that will know no bounds.

But preliminary to Vacca's ultimate social and material cataclysm, already evident in what we have today at hand is a senseless, meaningless destruction of nature, a nuclear winter against lovely human customary existence. And although I myself see the coming apocalyptic breakdown-of-order coming from a direct divine chastisement rather than an epic hitch in the supply-chain or a gargantuan traffic jam, yet as all these looming events so menacingly portend we can scarcely change earthly existence very much in any permanent way, and mark ourselves out fools in the attempt. While on a level much more fundamental still, no matter how advanced our various digitally-directed systems become, or how much "information" we have about the genome or sub-atomic particles or anti-matter universes, we all must still die. We must still get to a peak of human existence somewhere in our twenties or thirties—for some it is perhaps somewhat later still—and then inexorably begin to slide down the slope of the bell-curve into parts increasingly unpleasant as the years go by. For each of us however the whole mystery-fraught journey with a majestic, voluntaristic completeness all-its-own. No, we cannot engineer our mortality away, nor an earthly precariousness ever-ready to collapse upon us like some sort of avalanche: although the overriding difference now is that techno-unfettered "haves" implacably battle defenseless "have-nots", "less than humans" readily-and-handily regarded as potential terrorist of the first degree, accounted not worthy of inhabiting such a gleaming and efficient new world. Those very "unworthy" ones however which Vaccha could foresee would have a decisive edge in the primitive struggle-for-survival that someday inevitably will ensue: starting in some quarter but rapidly spreading everywhere around a globe full of unnaturally-unified, economically-and-logistically over-correlated nations. These full of basic-skills-impoverished populations.

But there is a spiritual dimension of an even-more-frightful kind which goes with this nightmare like a hand in a glove, in a seer-predicted presently-unfolding apostasy centered in the takeover of the papacy by imposters of the past fifty-some years since 1958. That string of mutually-glorifying-and-canonizing antipopes whose Judeo-Masonic-tailored view-of-life accords uncannily-well with noted developing over-centralized events. Expostulating as they do an all-new "love, love, love" in which all "differences between religions" disappear: this not at all because humanity has finally found its way to Christ but because in such a monolithic, overly-centralized world human free will is the first thing trampled upon. An outcome with which wicked forces of error are pleased indeed, with the Divine Dove having nowhere to nest, and the Savior "nowhere to lay His head".

But it is the synagogue which is the overly-unifying force in all of this, busily and methodically filling in connecting tissue among elements that in any other setting would otherwise remain at least somewhat disparate or loose-knit. The fatally-unified Information Age regime requiring such an intervention, constructing a promontory in which human life goes without ebullient freedoms of yesteryear, when the operation of human free will was always paramount, and the well-acknowledged premiere cause of joy. Rather according in all respects with the dismal computer-age evaluation of the bulk of mankind as merest atoms in this densely-configured modern-day mega-molecule of global techno-official and avant-garde-social control, where above all else less and less of life is private anymore. With Boris Pasternak's nightmare having come true, as directed not really from a Soviet East but from a U.S.-led West. In fabled fervors of "united we stand" privacy having been mostly accounted the frightful haunt of terrorists, with monsters like IS being strategically called forth out of the CIA and the board-rooms of overseas NGO's to keep the sense of horror alive. (Hence was this cobbled-together "Bagdadi" an operative of the CIA before he went on to be ironically-but-effectively apotheosized as global enemy number one, the ideal terrorist, on CNN). Our antipopes coming in smartly on cue, staging a whole new species of "mysticism", of sloppy, meaningless smiles, the new visage of "holiness" in this weird New Age, where the noted (temporarily) struggle-less existence has invaded the life of the soul in spades. And in place of harrowing interior encounters and charitable exhortations of yesteryear we have a kind of saccharine syrup poured out over everything and everyone, fatally paralyzing the last instincts of moral or physical survival we might have cherished in secret nodules and caverns of our inner souls and minds. All the new hyper-simplistic "love, love", all the "God forgives all, and so must we", being made to supply for all these outdated, inconvenient and inefficient ghostly things of yore.

Thus today false religion corresponds to a false and artificial world, and the two are seen to blast-off with one another into a rosy and giddy void. Where we can pretend that technical advancement, some perfectly-gratuitous knowledge of the workings of incomprehensibly huge or tiny things, can give us a whole new secularistic religion, a whole new take on things. But God is going to bring us back down to terra firma, to a genuine and Rock-solid papacy, as well as an orderly, peaceful and pious earthly existence. A departure about which we here on this Crusade, in this New and Better, happily-decentralized Confederacy, have some ideas.

November 30, 2014: Renaissance art in the Vatican.

Up until revolutionary events of the Renaissance, including not only the discovery of a New World but also the Protestant Revolt, the purpose of art in the Catholic cosmology had always been as an aid to prayer and meditation. Ever-solicitous of frailties of the human mind and soul, art in the perennial Catholic context has been scrupulously careful not to tempt rather than edify, in a continuum carried on admirably by Jesuit missionaries to the New World and the Far East, where a religious art was encouraged which as it were spiritualized the human body, in a marvelous indigenous artistic foretaste of the life to come. With the Indian art in particular of Old and New Mexico coming vividly to mind, the simple and spiritualized figures, the blood-spattered images of the Crucified readily arousing the deepest of spiritual sentiments yet scarcely capable of arousing carnal passions at all. But suddenly sprung upon the Catholic world would be a radically different artistic concept, not at all by accident arriving at the same time as the meteoric rise-to-prominence of the synagogue-connected Medicis, ushering into power in the Church as well a string of popes—some of them indeed Medicis themselves—who would favor an utterly revolutionary new view of religious art. With Michelangelo allegedly using the naked lines of the human anatomy as it were as a prayer all its own, abstracting as only radical-ideologues know how to do from human susceptibilities involved. In the eyes of angels such an art being reasonable enough, but this new departure perfectly ignores noted fragilities of the human heart and soul, including the very real force of a sexual nature bent on procreation-of-the-species, and easily passionately impelled thereto by the naked human form. Here in the old cautionary Catholicism being no Puritanism at all, but red blooded humanity, whereas it is a kind of effeminate dilettante who would flaunt the human figure and then scold those who are moved thereby in a passionate and disorderly way. Yet this is the sort of vindictive deluge of a new sort of sanctimony that was released upon us by the Renaissance popes, and in trebled form at Vatican II.

Hence EWTN's latest masterpiece-of-folly in this interview of a certain priest who is an expert on "Vatican art", with one piece in particular, somehow pleading mercy for those who fall victim to sins of the flesh, for which purposes naked female figures are alluringly displayed, if artfully turned away from the viewer just enough to barely hide rudimentary private parts from being exposed. It was all really very provocative, especially one particularly coquettish figure, but it is a New Church dogma that modern-day low-necklines and Renaissance religious art represent some sort of Dr. Ray/Freudian coming of age, a release from "backward" bonds of old. This "religious" display of the naked human figure being a sight over which "educated" and "well informed" people ceaselessly swoon, but to me it is all just breathless, morally-perilous, Vatican-II-Gnostic ritualism and effeminacy, and nothing more.

November 30, 2014: New Church language of mysticism in place of Catholic teaching.

The ways in which antipopes since the Freemasonic John XXIII have departed from dogmatic and non-dogmatic Catholic teaching are myriad, but the avenue for this departure has invariably been some facile and vapid appeal to some exalted mystical state. Hence do swoonings of various sorts act as handy gateways to rot-gut heresies and other radical ruptures with the Catholic-doctrinal past, as in Ratzinger's rapturously-maintained denial of the actuality of the Resurrection, the active, charismatic in-site participation of these antipopes in pagan as well as Protestant, Muslim and Jewish ceremonies, in mosques, temples and churches, in the wholesale denial of the infallible Unam Sanctam of Boniface VIII with respect to the dogma of church/state relations. These summary dismissals of Catholic theology being joined by "Saint" Paul VI's vitiating departure from the apostolic-age Sacramentary with respect to the consecration of a bishop, and a host of other catastrophic rubrical, disciplinary and doctrinal breaks with the Catholic past as well. Always it is a question of some overpowering "love, love" thought to take us light years beyond condescendingly-regarded doctrinally-orthodox boundaries of the past, memories for which contempt is indeed scarcely veiled, launching soul and church alike into stratospheric mystical regions previously unknown. Within which Luther and Ignatius, Marx and Ballermine embrace somewhere up there in a rosy and ecstatic sky. That rarified place wherein all pesky and enmity-creating distinctions disappear like happily-discarded bad dreams. Like frolicking babes in a sandbox, then, can we all be, as we blissfully mutter beautiful phrases about everything.

Indeed, it is the old childhood game all over again, put to a new and hardly comical purpose: "paper smothers stone", with the Gospel "Rock" of the Petrine office being simply suffocated, enwrapped and enshrouded in overflowing bathos, in papal, priestly and lay effusions of every kind, now equated with mystical reaches of the highest degree. Re-gearing and refitting the language of Catholic mysticism to uses obviously never intended by St. Teresa, St. Ignatius or St. John of the Cross, actually becoming thereby not mystically exalted but only another noisy segment of a less-and-less objectively-consequential fringe, in a steady convergence with methods of scarcely-respectable radical advocacies of every sort. Becoming finally by degrees indistinguishable from exponents of "Act Up" and an assortment of other sodomite-promoting cabals, with "love, love" being made to "cover a multitude of sins" indeed. With the perverse and ungodly gaining a sole-remaining stamp-of-approval in the wide and rapturous John-Paulian smile. Indeed, eager and breathless Wall Street promotion never had it so good, nor captured such a haul, of fish scarcely any longer destined for the net of Faith but for the unquenchable fire.

Plainly, were religion only some sort of "old home week" or philanthropic association, without anything eternal involved, then all would be well. But in genuine mysticism we are in an arena, we employ a terminology, which typically takes decades for a soul to even begin to fathom or understand, and this only after a tutelage of the most rigid adherence to traditional Catholic norms, not modifiable at all, fraught with penances and interior agonies of the most harrowing kind. Indeed, the swooning, moaning and swaying (and frequent embracing) that is so familiar a phenomenon today is easy enough to achieve, but the workings of the Holy Ghost are entirely invisible, and at highest reaches scarcely discernible even to the soul itself that is involved. But of course to facilitate such vapid flights as are seen today it is only necessary to invoke once again—just like the Reformers—the "Early Church", the Apostolic Age, to imagine that we possess "The Gifts" as then were indeed poured out so abundantly, for a specific purpose, nevermore to be seen in quite such a manner again.

As all know who are acquainted with the Judeo-Masonic invasion of the Church, carried on in some ways basically since the sixteenth-century Medicis, but in accelerated fashion since the late-eighteenth-century age-of-revolution, an infinitude of these highly-sophisticated errors were already howling outside the Church's double doors from the embattled pontificate of Pius IX onward. While their disastrous temporary triumph only signals the fulfillment of prophesies of a thousand years, culminating in the more recent La Salette and Fatima.

November 29, 2014: Article redone next day. Francis' bathos of glowing generalities heard again in Istanbul, departing decidedly from merciful precisions of the immemorial genuine papacy.

The head of the Turkish government asked this antipope to kindly say some words of disapproval about the grand and bloody Western institution of Islamophobia: something of course much too straightforward to expect from the epic quibbler of Argentine clown-mass fame, who launched off instead into one of these now-standard "all differences between religions must disappear" diatribes: only one of many ways false occupants of the papal throne have been denying their faith for the past fifty-some years, always in the same oddly-declaratory way. Salvation to be found in simply erasing all differences, in performing acts of abject prostration, as in the latest obsequy before the Orthodox Patriarch of Constantinople—there have been several more such prostrations before by antipopes of these times—involving some miserable bowing of his head to the former for him to kiss it, somewhere on top, as if he, and in his person all we Catholics, were so many little school boys.

"The globe must be rid of fundamentalism", was the central theme: and you presumably do that not by engaging issues but by everyone getting touchy-feely, and forgetting that there is even such a thing as truth to be differed about. Here being reproduced another variant of Paul VI's "war no more, war never again!" in familiar stentorian but utterly meaningless words: more of the old "sound of one hand clapping" to lull a whole world to sleep. While those who truly engineer and instigate wars aren't even given a rap on the wrist by this mocker of the man of Assisi, calculating purveyors who must run and hide to avoid getting a sloppy hug and kiss like everyone else. "Saint" Paul VI's slogan having been employed to consummate effect during "Saint" John Paul II's lightning-like uninvited visit to Buenos Aires, where in a hastily-arranged stadium gathering—you can never turn down a "pope"—he effectively disarmed the Argentine military—no need for fundamentalists or terrorists here—whose embattled legions were just then in the grips of the Anglo-American aggressor, the perpetual instigator of world war. The English disdaining to even discuss Argentine claims to its own offshore possessions for more than a century before. But like a water-bug in the kitchen larder, just as quickly as this guaranteed future "beatus" was seen he was off again, preparing for some new out-of-the-woodwork whirlwind tour. The word magically becoming the deed, as it were, for these cloaked wand-wavers, rather than leading to it, as in a "backward", out-the-open-windows genuine-papal past, the massive rococo aperture having been laborious exposed by the pleasantly-humanistic "Saint" John XXIII. By all these soul-enervating means are indicted any with firm beliefs at all—which before God are the only kind that can be eternally meritorious, even if mistaken on some particular score—this fountainhead-of-generalities plainly taking traditional Catholicism into his roundhouse sickle-swath as well. Alas, to blubber, slobber and fondle, that's salvation for these latest antipopes, who don't even come up to the character or stature of precursors in schism of centuries before.

November 28, 2014: Fracking, one way or another, the big boys always get their way.

Here let me once again roll out for full view the see-saw political mechanism used as an instructional model on this site. In order to arrive at some iron-bellied-cynical policy goal, the guys in charge commission a bevy of radicals and fanatics who spend much of their time lying on the pavement, stopping traffic, assaulting police officers, maybe even running around nude, so that all opposition to the coming policy-of-choice is made to look ludicrous or insane. These pavement-warriors inevitably allying themselves with other radical and anarchic causes like the promotion of sodomy in grade-school classes, an especially heinous form-of-which is allegedly going on today in New York City, and so on. Finally, when a big majority of the voters get gut-sick over the whole ugly, noisy ordeal, then the big boys commission some Marco Rubio or John McCain to lead the charge to the long-lusted-after rot-gut policy, while screeching radicals ring their hands in despair, and the good solid citizen—who hates sodomy even more than he hates fracking—is of course never heard from at all. Of course, such Fabian maneuvers are what government by secret society is all about.

November 28, 2014: The modern warping or negation of Christian concepts.

The term psychology contains the word psyche, which in Greek means soul, and this allegedly scientific field has gone a long way toward replacing every Christian concept about the interior life of man with false or misleading, even frightful or promiscuous bogymen of Freudian lore. "Psychologists" after Freud having purportedly departed in substance from Sigmund's teachings of a century and more ago, however strictly maintaining his terminology, which in such precincts is "nine-tenths of the law". Adopting a street-savvy lexicon which finds pathology wherever Christians used to find light, joy and peace, and conversely finds good psychological health wherever Christian angels have always wisely feared to tread. While the institutionally-sustained anti-Christian proclivity of modern times, of which "psychology" is only one strain, finds the virile-yet-childlike simplicity of the Catholic soul in a special way to be public enemy number one, criminalizing Catholic characteristics in intrepid stride, at one time taking into censorious ambit everything from a Puritan-condemned wine-drinking to such utterly-harmless activities as once-ubiquitous neighborhood lotteries, quickly renamed "the numbers racket" by dour-faced Puritans, in Freud's heyday interjecting themselves everywhere. Lotteries having been a morally-innocent pastime in which a tiny pittance was contributed that would bring a major-or-minor bonanza to some struggling Italian family in some cold-water flat: part of a larger system of myriad ethnically-based social-reciprocities which might by now have decisively ameliorated American life in a host of ways. That is if the whole organic plethora hadn't been sanctimoniously scolded, gaveled and legislated out of existence. While had the whole range of custom-based popular-mutuality been allowed to develop in an unfettered way, it would no doubt have obviated much of the "safety-net" of government institutions of today: frowning monoliths which mostly "help" legions of condescending, log-rolling bureaucrats and administrators with hefty paychecks and bonuses. They who together with massive and expensive buildings in which these activities are housed absorb some 83 % of the tax-monies involved, at last count. Lotteries once so roundly criticized and condemned which today—having been "antiseptically" cleansed of all Catholic/ethnic association—keep job-goers and others gas-pumpers held up at the gas-station cashier-line for priceless exasperated minutes on end, with no one carrying anyone away in handcuffs for the event, as would have happened to Geno or Pasquale a century ago. Modern lotteries disposing of mammoth occasional hauls, creating money-squandering millionaires, something of which the old laboring Italian or Croatian wouldn't have even dreamed.

Finally, we have those regions where modern psychology aspires archly to supplant Catholic spirituality and mystical theology, finding the constant carvings-out and fillings-in of the Dark Night of the Spirit in particular to be only a species of "polarity", of a "manic-depressive" condition of the most psychotic, potentially menacing sort: in all this indulging modern psychology's leading penchant toward precipitation and "basket case" bleak despair. Here in the Dark Night of the Soul we witness however and in the most overpowering way the Catholic cult of hope, of confidence in God, and in Him in ourselves as well, as He uses these sometimes terrible low-points to "search us out" with the biblical "lanterns", in inner purgations fraught with feelings of unbearable isolation, or with a devastating awareness of the gravity of a sinful life. These trials and tribulations however, far from destroying us as modern psychology fears, rather working like a refiner's fire upon the soul, which if patient and long-suffering is reduced to the possession of the gold of pure love, removing every atom of self-centered dross. An emptying process above all being involved. Although the process itself may easily last years or decades, as each such painful carving-out, myriad in number, is succeeded by an equal number of fillings-in, of divine consolations of the most ineffable, unspeakable kind, in higher reaches partaking of "emotions" chiefly of the most peaceful and spiritual kind. Such a soul in final stages of this mystical transformation being released to fly on the wings of a Dove—the Holy Ghost—to "become one with God by participation". While modern psychology and the modern-man it holds in thrall can only think of such things as sick, overwrought, and so on. Here being the most potent reason we have no real leadership anymore, since leaders raised by God are always refined in this way, learning a supernatural prudence, courage and the other virtues, these not just infused, as before, but indwelling, in the Person of that very divine Dove noted above. This dearly-bought condition finding cheap imitation today in modern-psychology-obsessed, over-emotional flights of antipopes and pseudo-saints who are largely incapable of virtue, and strangers to leadership of any positive kind.

November 26, 2014: More on morbidities of futurism.

Scarcely to be anticipated from some "promising future", all we have, all we are comes rather decidedly from the past: whether Revelation, our parents, our genetic inheritance, our knowledge and training, our sense of things, the whole a living, breathing plethora-of-our-existence, a paramount sine qua non which the secular doctrine of evolutionary progress wishes us rather to bitterly despise. The agnostic messianism of Judaism and its secret-society ancillaries looking bravely to some probably empty futuristic dream—to judge by what it has brought us so far—indeed with the unruffled fantasy mounting apace, gaining dimensions of a futuristic melodrama, about eagerly going beyond the staid limits of our ancestors, we brave ones finding no satisfaction at all in the things they loved. A project which finds us getting jaded and exhausted by the time we are thirty or so, having reached first precincts of our human limitations, having wasted our very best years in breathless anticipations about newer vistas, about something infinitely better set to be achieved, somewhere in sky-blotting confines of this monolith of our dreams. Among we mortals who must die anyway, who aren't going to dwell in some other galaxy for very long, even if do we get there in some interstellar "due time".

Indeed, youth lasts perhaps thirty years, or forty in certain ways, at least for some, and then it is irretrievably gone, and after that electronic and other paraphernalia are mostly a mocking burden to the soul, and scarcely better to the mind. At a time when we know down deep we should be preparing ourselves rather for an eternal springtime. That which is based upon the quiet and indestructible simplicity of God, not the noisy restlessness of human duplicity and greed, in an artificial "New World Order" full of treacherously-unstable components stolen by "exceptional" nations. These ever busy-as-a-beaver with trade rape, false-flag operations and aggressive wars.

November 24, 2014: The message of Fatima and a related attempt to plot Church destiny on the basis of certain prophetic announcements.

These being further expanded with qualifiers and addendums announced by the eldest and only-surviving of the three childhood seers of a century ago, Sr. Lucy, now deceased. The approach taken—of a kind of full century of passivity in the face of mounting Catholic moral collapse in every sphere, with the chief sentiment being "all we can do is pray"—being in our judgment part-and-parcel of a doleful trend evident since the Renaissance, when the old Medieval intimate and ebullient involvement of the individual in every aspect of civic and religious life became profoundly vitiated. The palsied alien worldview bred on the shores of the Bosporus, brought westward to Italy in particular by Turk-fleeing Greeks, consistently counseling a course of passive resignation—something typically endemic to the Orthodox soul—as in almost every case being the will of God. This complacency today among Catholics "fiddling while Rome burns", accepting a fifty-year-long and counting reign in the Vatican of the methods and personages of Judeo-Freemasonry, surrendering to these enemies our deepest loyalty, simply because they "wear the cloth". Preferring to simply say our prayers, blissfully ignoring an obvious usurping invasion of Rome, warned against repeatedly in Catholic prophesies of a thousand years. Antipopes being nearly "old hat" in Church history, hardly to be piously dismissed as an impossibility: false popes having indeed sat on the papal chair twice before, if not more often still.

But taking shape in all of the above is an all-embracing phenomenon on several planes, these both metaphysical and mundane, of the gradual divorce of the human person from any say-so in public, and increasingly even in his own most intimate, affairs. This idea becoming prevalent that ordinary people are all mere clay before ever-molding forces; that we must be content to be led by "important" people and mutely fashioned by uncontrollable events. Here being a profound and fatal popular de-contextualization, in this idea that there is a certain elite of educated individuals, of a certain "credentialed class", as one book so archly put it, under whose heavy or whimsically-generous hand we must all labor, thankful for any crust, whether moral, material or political, they might throw our way. Does this make us properly humble? Not at all, according to that profound principle announced by Our Blessed Lord: "to him who hath not, even that which he hath will be taken away". For it seems to me that in surrendering the least fragment of our agency, our social or political identity, subtracting from its full and ruddy form, we become prime candidates for every sort of false notion, heresy or moral skullduggery. For it is precisely this vigorous, as it were "high strung" human being in whom grace works best, being the innocent Eden-dwelling creature in which grace was first designed to dwell. While Original Sin brought us more than anything else this tendency to "be satisfied" with less than we can be or do, to hold back "meekly" and dolefully. This not really being humility or meekness but rather the biblical servant "who buried his talent in the ground". Thinking God a "hard man" who only wishes to inflict privations and penalties upon us, rather than to conspire with us toward the creation of a better world. The older, more confident and constructive medieval worldview being that with which St. Thomas Aquinas's Summa positively breaths. With a rampant and energetic political philosophy which makes Locke or Rousseau look like milktoast, rather than the great liberators they are supposed to be.

Now it is one thing for some group of "pious" people to think in such a passive way, but it is entirely another for the whole Catholic world to take on this alien attitude, of the ruling of all things Catholic by this "rule of thumb" of inertia in the face of egregious and universal wrong, before the enemies of the Church, of the purity of youth, of the integrity of the home, such as we see and hear around us today. This too while barbaric warrior legions are let loose on mankind from the USA and its complicit allies, and religious souls say little or nothing at all, granting a degree of "appeasement" which even Hitler himself never enjoyed. For certainly Our Lady of Fatima meant no such practical abrogation of the moral law, to be made a gratuity in "humble" souls, to be replaced by a privately-revealed set of prayers and devotional practices, while the Church sinks into darker and darker shades of forgetful oblivion and the world is systematically destroyed.

These are some of the reflections that inhabit our minds here after having last night listened to a now-deceased Guido Delrose giving a presentation back in 1992 on "the coming chastisement": a (u-tube?) series available online. Contrary to a Church-history with which Guido is fully acquainted, he stubbornly averred for one thing that the papacy cannot conceivably be usurped, nor the Chair of Peter left vacant, for more than "maybe a month and a half or so": even though one of the above-noted Vatican hiatuses lasted several years, and there is nothing in Catholic teaching to prevent these gaps-in-occupancy from lasting much, much longer still. But the burden of the airing, lasting a couple of hours in ten-minute segments, was that for the worst of Heavenly punishments to be averted (1) certain very specific prayers have to be said and certain pious practices have to be done, and (2) that Russia still has to be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as directed by the seer turn 80-year-long intermediary, Sr. Lucy of Fatima. This consecration furthermore and by the same Sr. Lucy's say-so "must be done in union with all the bishops of the world": allegedly by command of Heavenly visitants with whom she claimed to have been in contact for decades on a regular basis. But beyond that we are to simply wait, of course praying and doing penance the while, until God chooses to send His great monarch and great pope, who will "restore all things in Christ" while we ourselves remain the Renaissance-initiated passive lump of pliable clay. Of course there is no desire here to differ with these indubitable prophesies of a thousand years worth of saintly souls, about such a monarch and pope, with a wealth of biblical references as well. But removing the whole matter even further from personal-spiritual agency than it already is, Sr. Lucy claimed to have been told in a vision around 1925, eight years after the Fatima apparitions properly-so-called, that even penances are to be limited to only those associated with our state in life. Such a stricture scarcely allowing some layman to adopt abstemious, flagellating or vigil-related habits of penitential anchorites such as Lucia's younger shepherd companions had so courageously—and with Mary's generous blessing—undergone.

Can it be rather that a tremendous deception of the faithful has taken place, that the Sister Lucy upon whom Guido depended almost entirely for his Marian leadership, his many talks and presentations, and so on, extending over some thirty years: that she failed miserably in her appointed task to "spread devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary"? Not only being deceived in some of her later apparitions but also dolefully "dropping the ball" in the critical necessity of joining act to prayer, of urging Catholics to get involved in the salvation of Church and government, at any level where they might bring some virile and positive influence to bear? At least to remind them—even while dutifully spreading the good and pious "five first Saturday's devotion"—that there continues to be more involved in saving Church, world and our own souls than simply "saying Lord, Lord". That Christ's stern indictment of heretical Quietist attitudes can't possibly have been nicely suspended sometime in the intervening two millennia since He spoke those riveting words.

No, but this abject practical passivity is the tack taken by every single conservative or traditionalist Catholic organization with which we have had any acquaintance at all: this "wait and see", this ordinary-layman's "mum's the word": indeed with the "In Today's Catholic World" group (their website also available online) claiming to have a whole validly-consecrated College of Cardinals at the ready, together with a validly-elected pope, to spring upon the world "at just the right time". These having allegedly been in place since 1990, simply "biding their time". And what has happened to a lost generation of youth which grew up during that past twenty-four years?

Plainly to us here on the Crusade, Russia, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and other less-developed areas are the human-dimensional hope of the world: places where the stygian "New World Order" hasn't yet achieved the strangle-hold it has here and in Western Europe. NATO and New World Order alike being the brainchild of that Judeo-Masonic Evil Empire which also conducted the infiltration into the Vatican and the Church at large which forms the subject-matter of the Secret of Fatima, the first sentence of which was unwittingly revealed. Thus allowing us to basically "guess" much of the rest. Hence do we encourage the noted developing countries and regions to resist the barbarous invasion of their territories, the infiltrative suborning of their governments, at all costs: to keep their upright, non-New-World-Order moral vigilance alive and well. Indeed, we even see Russia as destined by dint of the Fatima promises to provide the Catholic Church with its first validly-consecrated bishops since the sacramentary was so fatally vitiated under Bugnini and Paul VI in 1969. This all the while we likewise institute a New and Better Confederacy here at home. Hardly then do we wish to simply mutter beautiful prayers, or otherwise to content ourselves with "only saying Lord, Lord".

I give unstinted praise to Guido Delrose in the autobiographical sketch to be found on this page, having known him very well, having met him at Fatima where our piltrimage routes converged, and traveled on from there in company with Father Martin Stepanich, another very well known Fatima expert, to Santiago Compostella and Garabandal, in Spain. Guido having already had a major influence on my life, earlier in that decisive year of 1969, in my early twenties, and to somewhat diminishing degrees for about twenty years thereafter. This good friend, this leader of our local Legion of Mary chapter to which I belonged, having encouraged me at that critical earlier time to place all my confidence in Our Blessed Lady, while also confessing to her my own powerlessness to overcome evil and sin: a formula which transformed my entire approach to God and to my own soul. But such good deeds, such spiritual works of mercy, don't immunize one from error or negligence in subsequent time, and I'm afraid that Guido and the several other Fatima experts that arose over the century since the Apparitions of 1917 may have a great deal to answer for in how they presented the whole thing. This need to join act to prayer being absolutely fundamental to Catholic or Christian life, for which reason we here on the Crusade have many suggestions to make, as to course-of-action in the face of the mounting perversities and barbarities of our times. Recourses which may cause you suffering, perhaps even bordering on that wholesale criminalization to which wife and I have been subjected since our marriage in 1972, detailed in our autobiographical sketch, to be found in a link above. Maybe you won't get by with simply saying prayers while young Blacks are shot down with impunity by White policemen, while our soldiers invade other lands in the most brutal possible way, in wars that are tidily and assiduously pre-arranged. After which we dutifully and "correctly" shout "united we stand", like fist-raised denizens of Orwell's 1984. No, good people, we here on the Crusade show you "a more excellent way": one which may now and again be rocky and snow-covered, but upon which we may tread in the warm footprints of our Master. Much as did indeed the squire of St. Wenceslas when following that sainted monarch through the drifting snow.

November 22, 2014: A New and Better Confederacy: restoration not revolution, on the anniversary of a martyred John Kennedy's death. Dieu le vuelt!

What we are confronted with today is the deliberate, systematic hijacking of right order, as popes and theologians have always termed it: that society namely which is built like a pyramid with God and His law at the very top, and all lesser loyalties ranged "in good order" underneath. While conversely any departure from this good or right ordering carries about it the onus of illegitimacy from the word go, the hoarse contagion of chaotic nether regions below. Thus no assembly however powerful or prominent can rightly claim what we presently have as good government, simply because a majority are misled to support such a program, justifying a contradiction-in-terms with loud cries of "democracy" as being the only value involved. The sort of advocacy to which the people only turn when they have become thoroughly confused, have been bullied and harried by those incendiary forces, those radicals and fanatics, who have gained control of finance, of political parties, of all the levers of political and psychological control. This rushing herd which the people thereby become then being deified, as it were, with loud claims of making God Himself subject to man, bidding those who love His law to cringe before the might of no more than an anarchic, incendiary mob.

Hence it is in the spirit of these lines that we confidently put forward our proposal to Godly men, to men of goodwill—who in such a setting are the only ones who count—namely the institution of a New and Better Confederacy, to be ruled by the law of God as for centuries commonly understood, as accepted by the Godly of this land. Is this to trespass the rights of those who disagree? Not at all, because those who don't believe in good government, in right order, don't have any rights when it comes to forming a polity of any type. Having forfeited same by their vocal desire to tear government from its rightful, orderly and Godly tasks, and make it a tool of depravity and the loss of souls, violently or insidiously impugning a forefather-beloved wholesome rearing of the young.

This then is the sort of cause for which the hosts of Heaven invincibly fight, for which biblical mountains are moved, one in which the greatest confidence is rightly reposed. This the meaning, the volcanic impetus, of the Crusades' cry, "Dieu le vuelt!". God wills it! The perfect vehicle for which righteous legitimacy is this New and Better Confederacy, of the same decentralized configuration as Confederate Dixie, but happily shorn of slavery and racism of that doomed cause. Infamous tools of totalitarianism that the latter are, a contradiction-in-terms to genuine heartfelt aspirations of the men in gray. Each cultural group rather to find its own native sources of strength and inspiration, of political and entrepreneurial initiative, from out of its customary manner, its own neighborhoods, political institutions, social plethora, racial and nationality-related roots. With "states rights", although indeed strongly intact, to extend in this stouter sense to organic fertilities of tiniest local units, each imbued with its own peculiar identity and power, being each a vital, self-respecting rip-rap component to the whole, not the least cravenly beholden to anyone. This the political inspiration of our ruddy medieval forefathers: one which gradual succumbed to the siren-song of centralization, totalitarianism, "tail wagging the dog" forms of coercive international trade and finance. That age-old global moral dead-end, once indulged by unnatural, rival-population enslaving and annihilating ancient Greeks: that anti-system which with dire inevitability brings human character low, ending in this hideous "dog eat dog" desire for some "exceptionalist" nation to put others under its heel. An honor-less polity awash in heinous perversities like sodomy and abortion, aggressive warfare and organ-snatching death-redefined. Our system to be one with a simple, fruitful and entirely-benign form of money, as detailed here and there on this site, without any larcenous "backing" by anything, sustained rather by the mutual trust of the people, the safety of roads and shipping-lanes, of cities and towns, founded on the rock-like civic solidity of the Christian Faith.

November 20, 2014: Gratuities of Fr. Mitch's much-belabored show on the theology of John Paul II.

Once again I must remark on the natty selection of a papal name: the only John Paul worth mentioning of the previous century or more having been a certain Jean Paul Sartre little heard-of anymore, but who around the time of Vatican II was a figure of premier Jacobin/agnostic notoriety. But the handy excuse for an inexcusable phonetic association with this morally-filthy secularist literati was of course the claim of the new antipope to simply be reigning after the manner of the two previous—John and Paul—of lengthy reign—while handily doing lip-service as well to the one brief-lived and cleverly-poisoned who came just before. Namely that now-scarcely-mentioned John Paul I who first began the odious sequence of papal John-Pauls: no doubt innocently intending no association with the mid-century herald-of-despair, wishing rather to retain a flock-merciful sense-of-continuity even as he instantly began to depart from the radical agenda of his predecessors, and received his globe-stunning Masonically-administered quietus forthwith. But the main point of this article is twofold: first of all, that we didn't need John Paul II and his dry and ponderous "reaffirmation" of Catholic doctrine, having already had the councils and decretals of two thousand years, whole libraries full of theology books, to turn to for such things. However and as pointed out here some years ago, what this antipope business of turning-out synopses of doctrine did was to establish the post-V-II papal-usurpers as hyper-infallible judges of all that went before: so that their selective deletions-of-dogmas might easily be ignored, indeed swallowed whole, and without a wince, by those legions of today whose "loyalty" is more for a rock-star personality than for a creed. While the second "take away" of this John-Paulian rote repeat of long-held doctrine is that it deftly ignores a reality on a highly-divergent plane, held to be too grubby and mundane to even bother with, for such high-spiritual figures as we have all supposedly become, what-with-all-the liberating "take aways" of Vatican II. Namely the summary demolition of a Catholic way-of-life of two thousand years—that which in all-important practical and motivational terms was heartily thrown out the "open windows" of the fifty-year-and-running apostate reign—rendering any belief-in or exposition-of Catholic doctrine purely academic. Actual, practical Catholicism being made an impossibility by lusty antipope out-tossings, in a practical decontextualization which fain-would-make our religion for the first time into a pastime for those comfortable classes who scarcely care about "saying what they mean or meaning what they say". A grubby habit only for we lower-class drudges and "fools". Here being a mammoth departure from fatherly practices of the millennia, of a clergy, a papacy which had always before been mercifully precise and concrete in what it said, and especially solicitous for the lucid and intelligible moral and spiritual guidance of the unlettered laboring poor. No matter how stodgy and old-fashioned such a course-of-action might appear to be, to the many well-heeled Jean-Paul Sartres of this world.

November 18, 2014: An already-incipient global conflict seen in the 150-year-long shadow of the Civil War.

One doesn't look back with relish upon those visceral times when wars are provoked among otherwise-peaceful men, hardly desiring to rehash all the slights or "intolerable breaches" that made "brother rise against brother", neighbor against neighbor, or nation against nation. But for these past thousand years—"the devil having been unchained"—you will always find the synagogue on both sides of any major conflict, and most of the minor ones too: adding congenital choreographic zeal to rupture and "inevitable" bloodshed, staging precisely timed and executed 9/11s across a broad history of humankind. Following the well-rehearsed script precisely on cue, leading newly-propagandized primitive Muslims of the seventh and eighth centuries—whose newfound religion was just a crude form of Judaism—through well-known commercially-rich regions of the Mediterranean world of the times, where every pliable lord or under-sovereign was intimately known, together with "his price". The bloodthirsty zeal of these first Muslims being precisely repeated in this new "Islamic State": a Jewry-created monster for whom a rigidly-kosher CNN and its analysts and experts seem to have little but praise, once first ceremonial/exculpatory sentences-of-regret are mouthed for barbaric executions of these "savvy" maniacs, who run an "impressive", "squared away", "motivationally appealing" military machine.

Hence for now considering only the last 150-some years, we start this rueful sketch with a Civil War on whose yet-smoldering fires kerosene was poured by a certain rabbi, for-all-the-world indeed resembling the incendiary Leon Trotsky, another Jew of a mere few decades hence: the earlier Hebrew divine giving a rousing, gesticulating sermon in front of a legislature or church-congregation somewhere in Virginia (my memory escapes me regarding any more particulars than this, we here having read of it some years ago). An address which did a great deal to "tip the balance" in favor of a Southern secession and civil war: that which on both sides rode on a fever-of-propaganda of a press just then coming under firm Jewish control. But strange to relate, this martial fervor was scarcely sustained beyond a month or two by these Southern denizens of the synagogue, as represented in the person of the first Confederate Secretary of War, a certain Judah Benjamin, who was unaccountable elevated to dictatorial heights in a position that should logically have been cooperative in the extreme. But it seems that in war and in peace, there are certain people who have to be appeased. Judah being firmly ensconced just at the time of the battle of Bull Run: from which all-powerful heights he refused all approval of decisive military action by Southern forces, even though just then they could easily have marched on Washington and won the war. And this in barely more than one brief calendar season, thus avoiding all the epic bloodshed that was to come. Indeed, the trend of treacherous foot-dragging continues throughout that first fateful year, when the underdog must very plainly, by all the canons of logic and common sense, take the offensive else he be doomed, by sheer logistical mass if nothing more. This Judah fellow however, bolstered incredibly-enough by Jeff Davis and the rest of the Confederate-Capitol gang—adamantly refused to allow any bold salients, let alone a general invasion of the North, the very course urged passionately by Longstreet, Johnston, Stonewall Jackson and others in command of troops: a project which on the heels of Bull Run promised to be a mere leisurely jaunt for the boys in gray.

Of course and as those acquainted with history know the excuse was volubly put-forward that the South could only be justified in a "defensive action", and the North thus be put in the position of being the sodden invader. But however much such an ethic might seem to hold water, it represents a sermon which would cost some six hundred thousand lives, a vindication which would scarcely win a war: although it would handily win mammoth, lucrative contracts for uniforms, weapons, foodstuffs and other campaign-related stores.

But the lesson to all of this is that the Jews will interminably draw out any war for mammoth profits and mum's-the-word power-expansions involved: just as Rothschild finance brokered fifty years of debilitating, racially-charged trade restrictions against an emerging-nation Japan of a century ago, in warlike enactments whose driving force was the same set of synagogue-subservient English-speaking nations that now ramrod potentially-crippling U.S. sanctions and clandestine military actions against Russia and Syria. While similarly today U.S. policies across the Middle East are found to actually encourage I.S. in every conceivable regard, albeit peppering the monstrous apparition with debatably-effectual bombs. Judah Benjamin indeed, known for his "imperturbable" stubbornness against remonstrations of top Southern generals every one of which would go heroically to his grave: except for a Robert E. Lee who for all his "prudent" initial hamstrung-hesitations was willing to send Pickett on a wild, suicidal charge at Gettysburg, an act of military madness and folly which fatally sealed the Southern defeat. So much for Lee's acumen and perspicacity. Leading Southern field commanders having been able to end the war in a trice, against a North not near as well "at home in the saddle", nor as ruddy in rudimentaries of martial strife. The Southern Secretary of War Benjamin being finally, much too late, dismissed, going on from there to sail into some private venture, doing swimmingly well. (cf. Freeman, Lee's Lieutenants, vol. I. New York: Charles Schribner's Sons, 1942).

The fact is that the synagogue will see to the extension of any war, to the loss of as many lives on both sides as possible, to the amassing of incalculable power and wealth. Why? The Apostle and in no uncertain terms Our Blessed Lord Himself told us the answer: because the Jews are very simply inveterate "enemies of mankind", conceiving of the rest of us as less than human, as worthy indeed of nothing less than extinction, when some long-awaited allegedly-destiny-dictated time arrives. And of themselves as commissioned—no longer typically by God, in Whom most Jews no longer believe—but by this same heady secular "destiny"—to commandeer the biblical "wealth of nations". Biblical words plainly and blasphemously conceived-of as rumbling utterances of millennial Jewish national self-consciousness, and nothing more. This "chosen" condition thus believed to be inherent to Jews themselves, rather than to any divine blessing, in a patent idolatry, a rabid zealotry termed Secular Messianism by those who have studied its depraved historical/phenomenological subterfuges, bloodbaths and overthrows. Thus being repeated the crime of Herod, on the heels of his mocking official mistreatment of Christ: this "making himself equal to God" finding him forthwith consumed by worms. A synagogue-adulating-and-controlled USA exhibiting a "like father, like son" identical strain of rabid, self-righteous fanaticism in everything it does, claiming to advance a brand of freedom which is simple ribald vice, by the point of a bomb, or by dint of torture. Yet claiming a Judaic sort of rectitude which is a contradiction-in-terms.

What is the excuse, the "justification", for all this, to the Jews? I must admit, it is so cogent that even I am almost bowled over by it. It is simply that we the biblical "rest of men" should have known that all the generously proffered financial largesse, toward both nations and soul-selling individuals, for which Jewry is so historically noted, has stout "strings attached". That "if it looks too good, it probably is". That they are going to extract profits from out of our eager, opulently-financed labors on the order ultimately—as will so soon bear out—of "blood up to the bridle of a horse" across the valley of Megiddo.

Of course on second glance this is a gallingly-spurious synagogue claim, for historically it is only a certain tiny group of craven protégés, such as our own three-branch "democratic" leaders so obviously and obsequiously are—never more than 3% of a country's population—that spearheads the capitulation of the nation's interests, "patriotically" introducing the mammoth-if-secretive Jewish intrigue. The crime of the populace-at-large being a false humility and meekness so incessantly urged from pulpits of all Christian denominations today, with this treacherously-spoken "I will bless those who bless them" applied to merest agnostic schemers and thieves. This "my country right or wrong", this "mine is but to do or die", this flight of putative Apostles, leaving Christ—in the person of myriad unfortunate victims—to face the ugly mob alone.

What is outlined here is a conundrum from which there seems to be no escape, with Jews or their operatives embedded in key positions in governments the world over, ramroding the Jewish will, able to stage some new 9/11 when local loyalties begin to flag, precipitating bloodshed and bankruptcy on a massive scale. But Jesus calls across the waves of such a tossing sea-of-Galilee, exclaiming, "do not be afraid, it is I": although to avail ourselves of His swift and ever-ready protection we must cleave to those means and institutions He has given us, has sanctified from the beginning in His redeeming Blood, that which would gladly staunch the bridle-measure of our own. These "sure means" being found in the traditional Catholic Faith, in its albeit increasingly-rare valid Sacraments, in its political and economic teachings. This One True Faith not to be confused with the new antipope mockery that presently occupies Rome, as predicted by saints and seers of a thousand years, that has mortally vitiated our Sacramental life. (For which latter disability we humbly look to an Orthodox but soon-to-be-Catholic Russia—according to our own interpretation of the miraculous message of Our Lady of Fatima—for relief). But as much as we may presently lack some of these enumerated necessities yet in spiritual matters it is the will that counts: the will-to-the-good. After which this good and dependable Mariner will see to all the rest.

November 16, 2014: Be meek, and if that isn't good enough, be more meek, and the remedy for any deficiency there is to be meeker yet.

Unless of course we are talking about how to treat Arabs, Pakistanis or Afghanis, for whom it is just "bombs away".

These are the sorts of sermons that echo through Anne Katherine Emmerich's "Odd New Church, built against all the principles of architecture", with EWTN yesterday finding another opportunity not just to praise but to apotheosize—as in papolatries of all the "wonderful" antipopes—the virtues of meekness and humility—now somehow found to have been the only two that have survived searching fires of Vatican II. This time high praise went to some certain brother of some congregation—I didn't stay tuned long enough to find out which—who reportedly spent some thirty years or so simply stoking the furnace of a power-plant, somewhere in some monastery. For the several minutes I stayed thus fixed, the scene didn't really change that much: they kept showing this big furnace, and this actor dressed up to look like the good brother, there at its orifice shoveling coal into the three-by-three hole, the lurid glow of the flames outlining every feature of his face in sharp tones. Obviously, the scarcely-subtle "take away" from all of this—considering the ceaselessly repeated words "meekness and humility"—was that we should be both meek and humble, in a choreography plainly calculated to burn these attributes on properly limp and yielding minds.

But I have to ask, don't the same images, of hot fiery glow and belabored limbs, suggest other virtues as well? Like industry and duty, to name only two? Isn't there also a prompt monastic obedience involved as well, and a certain amount of diligent care, so as not to waste the precious fuel being thus projected into the fiery hole? No, but all EWTN wanted us to take away from the monotony of the rote scene was "meekness and humility": that invariable message which is in fact New Church "New Evangelism" par excellence, in a marching dedication over which the staff of the station gets both grim and vociferous every day. In that way, if we reduce all the moral existence of this life into these two virtues, plainly expanded in this way to an ontological bursting-point, then the smiling and hyperventilating father there on the set can be first-and-foremost a meek theologian, limply accepting the buffets of error and heresy without altering the smile or blinking the eye, in that gleaming acquiescence so often seen on the GCN. And when parochial duties roll around each week the same cleric can be a humble pastor who is careful never to step on the toes of the great, with any sermons that hit (un-humbly) too close to home, thus un-meekly offending a well-heeled guy upon whose collection-basket largesse the ever-hugging and enthusing priest depends in so humble a way. While finally we the laity by dint of this sort of nirvana—this "sound of one hand clapping" of a hundred virtues boiled down to only two—can all remain doughtily "united we stand", humbly and meekly accepting all the foreign and domestic barbarities of today's bipartisan regime.

November 15, 2014: Obama and immigration, how they relate to the plight of U.S. senior citizens, among other things. Article developed next day.

Make no mistake about it, Obama is a traitor in his domestic policies: even if he is careful to lend an apparent note of sanity to foreign affairs by departing in some ways from the war-hawk mania of Congress as a whole. This hide-bound Leninist Obama nonetheless keeping the stream of illegals rushing ahead, this in order to render the economically-brokered enslavement of this country irreversible and complete, a fait accompli. Or as it might read in hideous legal terms, cobbled together by those radical-liberal lawyers with whom Obama and his wife are so closely allied, "possession (of land, houses, education, medical care, etc.) is nine-tenths of the law": and once these domestic-labor-pool-idling illegals are firmly entrenched here there will be no getting rid of them short of a bloody civil war.

This is basically the long-standing sequence that has been assiduously and cunningly employed: Uncle Sam rendered the southern Hemisphere impoverished and dependent over the course of two centuries, having indeed in the late-eighteenth-century sent freemasonic agents southward to provoke revolutions against an independence-enabling Spain and Portugal, just as we did in the same period to France, according to deeper meanings of a Monroe Doctrine cynical to its double-talking core. With a further agenda having been the consolidation of both hemisphere's into a fabulous empire such as is steadily being formed today, for a synagogue-installed Uncle Bar-Samuel to even more rigidly rule than he did before. This oppressive geo-economic circumstance thus unleashing upon Americans numberless hoards of southern-hemispheric people who are economically desperate, who will do almost anything to make money, keep their families alive, and so on. While in some of these nations we are dealing with people raised under quasi-communistic systems even more socially-brainwashed than our own.

Nowhere else does this whole ugly and treacherous dynamic reveal itself in such glaring colors as in a mammoth if admittedly-innocent-looking "housekeeper" and "caretaker" phenomenon: that namely which is steadily coming to employ most of those coming up from the south. In this way, in the persons of these aliens, advancing a radical revamp of social life here, notably of the whole definition of a family by the novel social-and-employment-structure being put-in-place in this way. Indirectly but tellingly paving the way for Uncle Sam's ever-marching institutionalized sodomy campaign, this perverse agenda being odious advanced among immigrating people erstwhile naturalistic to the core, largely-if-not-exclusively by idling Hispanic fathers-of-families while making women into breadwinners and authority-figures of an utterly alien, crusty new kind. While thus pursued as well is an ironclad agenda of control over the U.S. elderly: one which is becoming notorious in particular for overriding erstwhile rights-of-spouses to see to their mutual marital-bond-related care. With "caretakers" indeed regularly conspiring with medical authorities and cryptic court-proceedings to wrest the administering of medicines—let alone their choice—from the hands of these typically-long-time partners-in-love. Where did fanciful "legal authority" for all this come from? Apparently, as there are no other obvious answers, from the limitless powers granted to authority figures of every stripe by Apocalyptic Patriot Act legislation, making everything under the sun into a "security concern", in Orwellian oversteps typically expanded in secret session by Congress during the Christmas recess, or just before. The ever-ballooning formidability of these seemingly innocuous, mostly-Spanish-speaking figures in a host of cases resulting in the premature death or drug-induced disability of those in such caretaker "care". Thus the perfectly-competent wife of an ailing man, who "one fine day" out of the blue found herself stripped of all control over the medicines he took—being arrogantly superceded in this function by you know who—only to be burying this spouse-of-fifty-years within the following week. The elderly here fast becoming a sort of cash-cow for a whole feeding-chain of poor-and-well-heeled operators, from doctors to hospitals to pharmaceutical companies to caretakers, and precious little more. These utterly unprofessional Rio-Grande-swimmers being empowered over life and death, recently in one locale leaving a guy with diabetes unconscious on his bedroom floor, through some sort of gross neglect, long enough for him to require amputation surgery. While cases like this are innumerable, in this "best medical system in the world".

In this singular issue perhaps more than anywhere else is the hideous Dr. Jeckle aspect of Obama's agenda and persona most tellingly and chillingly revealed: this ever-self-possessed dictator imposed upon us by the Chicago Daley-Democratic machine.

November 12, 2014: Sr. Faustina's statement that Hell fire is "purely spiritual" is a theological error, if not a heresy.

Hence the quotation from Sr. Faustina Kowalska's biography gives one pause, an assertion in which she describes Hell-fire, which she claims to have seen and visited, as "purely spiritual" in nature. How, may I ask, can this be, not only in view of the Church's constant teaching, but also in view of the many abductions-of-saints, including a saintly Sr. Josefa Menendez of Spain of the early twentieth century: a seer who repeatedly immerged from stygian depths with the acrid smell of burnt and putrid flesh clinging for hours to her clothing? A nun who at least once indeed came back to our mortal world with her habit smoldering, on fire, with a serious wound being left on her body as a result, to remain til the day she died?

This revelation-all-its-own, of the Polish Sister Faustina, thus teaching a patent falsehood, one whose frequency is notorious among many of the chief heretics of all times, only serves disturbingly to call-into-question her hasty canonization by John Paul II, also of Polish nationality, as well as for that matter the hasty—scarcely-cold-in-the-grave—elevations to the altars of a host of others on false and flimsy grounds. As in recent glorifications of antipopes who were heretics to the core.

Plainly, here in this alleged absence of actual Hell-fire in Hell itself, is another example of New Church's pronounced tendency to de-materialize, to de-contextualize, the teachings of the Faith: whether regarding the adherence of official authority to God's law, or in a thousand other similarly-overly-"spiritual" ways. Sr. Faustina's (an interesting first name) denial finding close-cousin in the denial by the antipope Benedict, while still the Cardinal head of the Vatican Congregation on the Doctrines of the Faith (no less), of the actuality of Christ's Resurrection. Ratzinger having claimed back in the '90s that this founding event of our Faith only exists in some sort of fanciful limbo whose dimensions he could of course scarcely explain.

We here at this site do actually think that Sr. Faustina may have received genuine revelations about the mercy of God, and may have been introduced by Heaven to the various prayers promulgated under her name, but that in any case just like Sr. Lucy she was on certain points deceived, by he with the cloven hoof. For God has so few from whom to choose to delivery His Heavenly messages, most of these biblical "messengers" of today being immortified and unreliable indeed.

November 12, 2014: The worldwide official drift into illegitimacy. More aspects of a topic familiar to this page. Some modifications next day.

Like all the falsehoods of our implacable opponents—yes, Virginia, there are such souls, and they aren't usual Arabs or Persians—gradualism is keynote—ultimately bringing the people to embrace deadly lies of every kind, finally convincing you that "the whole thing was your own idea". And nothing under the sun has been so gradual as this drift into invalid forms of patently-piratical "government", as in a two-century-long Rothschild-brokered installation of their cousins and protégés as de facto absolute rulers of industrial and colonizing nations, gained through wholesale dictatorial powers over the global money supply, over a "laissez-faire"—meaning "let them alone" while they rob us—over-the-seas commerce. From such a commanding position this crypto-secretive synagogue elite—spawning a military-flavored culture-of-secrecy in all official regards, in a government meant rather to be a democratic open book—being able to design and mostly-staff local, regional and national governmental and educational systems, launch false-flag "wars" and advance population-prostrating sodomy-and-slavery agendas at will.

How did this come about? Who fell asleep at their post? This hollowing-out of good institutions was a principal consequence of a progressive abandonment by the Catholic Church of its divine commission to rule, to make earthly rulers but so many vassals to the overlordship of Christ the King. This capitulation not actually taking doctrinal form—being prevented from doing so by virtue of the divine guarantees—until the antipopes and anti-council of our own times: theatrical imposters who don't speak for the Catholic Church at all. The foregoing practical, non-doctrinal abject posture on the part of the Church—a sin from which her leaders aren't at all immune, as in a St. Peter who showed shameful favoritism to Jews among the early Christian fold—embodying an ignominious loss of the Lay Investiture controversy: this furious conflict waged since the time of Constantine, its virile prosecution by the Church having begun to slacken after the epic brutality of Phillip the Fair of France of the early fourteenth century. This in his treatment not only of the redoubtable Boniface VIII, causing the speedy death of this author of Unam Sanctam, that frank reaffirmation of the Church's authority over governments, couched in infallible terms, but also the same Phillip's burning-at-the-stake of hundreds of holy Knights Templars, falsely accused of everything from larceny to heresy to satanic rites. (These original Templars not to be confused with a far-more-familiar latter-day Masonic variety, whose first adherents however seem indeed, according to writings of the Abbe de Nantes during the early 1990s, to have sprung from among the ranks of Templars who had escaped the dragnet of Phillip, centuries before the alleged first appearance of Masonry under a certain Anderson in England in 1717: that which only showed that Masonry had finally become firmly ensconced as a force to be reckoned with. These first fugitives indeed thereafter falling into heresy and perhaps even into actual satanism, hiding under the anonymity of those "freemasons" who executed the freestyle stone tracery of Cathedrals across Europe, and whose skills were in wide demand. Thus being allowed at the same time more-or-less freely to spread their nefarious doctrinal/political influence far-and-wide.)

As we never tire of repeating here on this site and Crusade: it is this capitulation in practical terms which constitutes in its own way a denial-of-faith every bit as real as apostasy formally proclaimed. This neglect of the service-of-God in the concrete, of the mandate precisely codified in Unam Sanctam, of the Church's authority to rule "over every human creature", of the layman's and the government's duty to recognize that sacred sovereignty. Granted, with adjustments according to the degree to which the Faith has been preached and accepted in some certain land. While the present, long-standing practical denial-of-faith which the surrender-of-government into such hands represents: this capitulation withholds from the Savior the wholehearted, childlike loyalty and prompt-and-thorough obedience which by His divine nature He justly demands and so richly deserves. This abominable contrary demur embodying a lukewarmness and pusillanimity which consequently denies us—by our own very hands—the prodigal blessings of Almighty God. Just as the Jews could have been permanently established in God's favor, and in the blessings of both earth and Heaven, had they "held up their end of the deal", in highly-conditional, scarcely-blanket, promises made to Abraham. Promises carrying the proviso "only if"—scarcely submitted in small print—promises much-made-over by wanna-be-Evangelical pro-West-Bank-settlement war-hawks like Huckabee, illegitimacy-hearkening madmen in such abundance about our ears today.

The point of this article is that once a land is taken over by these parasites it no longer has a government, being ruled by a sort of powerful mob: it's really just as simple as that. And to the degree a nation adheres to the rule of such traitors, and accepts them with open arms, it promises its own extinction, as by a law both of nature and of God. For "the law of God is the sole source of law", as we learn indeed from St. Thomas Aquinas, from St. Augustine, from the two-millennia-old teaching authority of the Catholic Church, as capsulated so precisely in Unam Sanctam. A law-of-God which in its fully-informed observance requires the rule of the Catholic Church over all earthly power, which at the very least in all events requires adherence to that Natural Law written on the human heart, soul and mind. That fine, noble, clement legislation which has been utterly repudiated by recent rulings of our Supreme Court, and a host of lesser decisions by the many perverted elite-dictated jurisdictions of the land.

Hence do we here on the Crusade and in the New and Better Confederacy declare the foundation of a true government thus divinely based, much as indeed I and some associates once made a similar declaration around 1989. The idea being to establish immovably our adherence to genuine government, to a genuine state: one for now existing both in concept and in heartfelt devotion, if falling short of realization in a material way. This New Dixie to which we adhere piously and generously, this New and True Dixie which I furthermore believe will ultimately become Catholic to the core, just as will Russia in some fast-approaching day, as promised by Our Blessed Lady at Fatima in October 1917, the year and month of the Russian Revolution. Although in a certain intervening space-of-time this new Dixie will perhaps remain largely Protestant, among Southerners and others sincerely of such a mind. But for now it is the Natural Law in particular—also part of God's own law—which unites us in our determined opposition to sodomy, abortion, euthanasia, organ-snatching death-redefined, aggressive warfare, and other nefarious and perverted enactments of these traitors and ghouls of our times. Indignantly withholding any cooperation with these infamous abominations which bring the punishment of Heaven down on the sons of men, while doing everything in our power to establish the reign of Christ the king, when operating in circumstances such as these. By these noble commitments declaring the authority of God, of Christ, "over every human creature", in the words of Unam Sanctam, in all-important practical terms, at all levels official and commercial, pedestrian and exalted. Laymen, according to Pope St. Pius X, having been expressly commissioned to perform this onerous duty in these times of apostasy and perversity, times when the clergy has miserably let us down, an era of a biblically-predicted hardness-of-heart. Paving the way, biblically "spreading our garments" before Christ the King, preparing His just, holy and clement rule over mankind. This in a final culturally and institutionally-elaborated "preaching of the Holy Gospel to the ends of the earth", to be achieved just before His Final Coming at the end of time.

November 11, 2014: U.S. doesn't need I.S. or anyone else to destroy it: God is doing so already and will continue until there is nothing left.

(Note of January 23, 2015: following on the heels of this article came a fierce and deadly winter storm across the whole nation, and although there have been some intervals of unusually mild weather the predictions made here are on-the-whole entirely correct.) For that's what happens when a whole nation "mocks God" with anti-life, anti-nature, anti-law-of-God policies, and goes on to brutally impose these unspeakable atrocities on the rest of the globe, whether by diplomatic and economic pressure or by force of arms: thus bringing down upon itself biblical punishments pronounced by the same Almighty God. Its really just as simple as that. Do you think we are going to have a mild winter? Think again. Or that all the king's horses and all the king's men will save us from whatever else is coming, from out of God's own incalculable store-houses? Think again. But we here at the New and Better Confederacy do hope for the reinstitution of Dixie as a Godly, non-slave-holding, non-racist, truly-civic-minded manifestation which will salvage a biblical "remnant, selected out of grace". Reaching across the ages to that beloved Stonewall Jackson who, although misguided like the rest of the South of the time on certain things, yet knew how to place all his manly trust in God in the humblest and most childlike way.

November 10, 2014: Containing things in vessels. The USCCB an empty barrel. Article developed in light of that conference's reaction to the nefarious Supreme-kangaroo-Court non-decision against nature.

Critical to everything Catholic is this notion of continence, this idea of carrying treasures "in frail vessels", genuine Catholics always having about them something of the inward-light-sheltering Oriental: a figure both feared and mocked in the West today as if he were backward or even dangerous or depraved. Citizen of that storied region wherein Christ the biblical "Orient" was indeed born: a Messiah Whom the same ever-critical Westerners, were they to actually meet Him in Person, would no doubt evaluate in the same harsh or dismissive way. Hence is the serendipity spirituality of New Church essentially repugnant to the genuinely-Catholic soul, whose spirit is modeled after that same Blessed Asiatic Lord. A true-believer to whom gushing effusions and flushed cheeks are reserved for certain rare moments in life, not to be expended at every turn, at every excuse and under every circumstance. This polar keynote of the "new evangelism" being thus especially alien to that only-genuine male Catholic lay personality who stormed ramparts, who was a lion in battle, a disciplinary but loving father: a Catholic layman who indeed in his numbers and as St. Pius X so expectantly foretold will "save the Church" in some fast-approaching hour. A father who thus not-surprisingly and by precept of the Book of Proverbs is sedulously careful not to "show himself gay"—according to the classical-and-only-true meaning of the word—"toward his daughter", because of pitfalls of a fallen nature involved. Those and other dangers namely into which "angels fear to tread" but which an ever-effusive "spirit of Vatican II" rushes into without a thought, with indiscrete comedy, prolonged hugs and overflowing affection: only one avenue by which is brought about the unparalleled collapse of family life we have today. This universally-esteemed character-continence, as it might be called, being in fact definitive to male character itself, while the polar image of a man incontinent haunts not only our ideas of a heedless fool but also our horrified and unspoken inner portraits of the unmanly, the sodomite, and of every other sort of worthless scoundrel under the sun.

Hence richly instructive is the image branded on our minds here, in viewing the USCCB conference of yesterday's airing on EWTN, of these pseudo-episcopal faces which, conforming uncannily-well to our own less-fanciful evaluative purposes, veritably filled the TV screen from top to bottom, revealing-in-detail every telling line, of men utterly without character, scheming, cowardly, full of biblically-excoriate "human respect". These "men" by dint of this most-recent Supreme Court abomination, which they were just then rejecting in their usual mincing way, being discovered on another plane at last for the abject surrender of the clergy to Godless elements of our times: since they could scarcely manage to show indignation on leaden faces long accommodating every perversity under the sun. If not in themselves then in others "compassionately" gushed-upon. Indeed with the self-same latter Thomistic "exercise of justice", righteous anger, having been repudiated as the very Original Sin of human life, in the limp-handed serendipity of a wildly-celebrated post Vatican II. All things—love, justice, humanity, virtue—being allegedly supplied by this hysterical, utterly-incontinent spilling-out of oneself, a depletion inevitably to result in those repulsive "empty barrels which make the most noise."

No Catholic man in his right mind claims to have a monopoly on this holy continence, upon Catholic manhood: something he senses is not to be lightly presumed-upon, being ownedly "borne in frail vessels", being cherished humbly, thankfully, with noble silence, modesty, reverent reserve. (Ah, qualities of my peasant-raised Croatian father whose beloved memory I wouldn't exchange for all the gushing or macho-grim personalities of a modern-day world). The Catholic soul and person indeed resembling the veil over the tabernacle of the Blessed Sacrament: with the presence of God, in each case in a different mode, thus concealed to the profane eye. A covering-for-the-Unspeakable which last I saw had almost entirely disappeared from today's New Church sanctuaries: fittingly enough indeed, since they cannot be said with any certainty to any longer contain that Sacred Species which was once with hushed voices and lowered heads thus reserved. That Heavenly Treasure Itself which the Catholic scarcely effuses over like this insufferably irreverent Scott Hahn, inundating the holy subject with a verbal prolixity which is more of an insult than an act-of-praise. Silence and brevity to generations of Catholics being the paramount tribute to holy things, together with a sister solitude forming the holy grail of monks, hermits and nuns of the Catholic ages, since the twilight of Apostolic Times. Hearkening indeed back to that first Carmelite/anchorite, St. Elias, of an Old Testament which the noted showman and his episcopal colleagues so volubly expostulate-upon but so poorly understand.

November 9, 2014: What do I mean when I "blame the Jews for everything"?

In everything I relate here on the subject I am only stating well-established facts and have no hateful intentions in mind, rather spreading the alarm at what is actually happening, at those deeper geopolitical levels where things are decided for decades in advance. Most importantly of all: the whole modern-day Jewish imbroglio is as much a Christian capitulation as it is a precisely-planned-out synagogue assault, with many-a-Jew indeed just passively going along for the ride. The Western world meanwhile having done nothing whatever to slow the momentum of this fatally-rushing Judeo/Marxist/capitalist "progress" train, having limply allowed all the practical dimensions of human life to be formed and formulated according to the synagogue's most cherished messianic/futuristic, see-saw-dialectical designs. Amid the harrowing din Christians retreating Quietistically or Pietistically (as the heresy is called in Catholic circles) into utter practical impotence, leaving "all those thorny" practical matters to "able" and grasping Jewish hands. This abject surrender indeed and as my readers know being a constant theme on this site.

"A Jew is a Jew is a Jew", and I have little problem with that, except for a fervent desire that this people, to quote the Savior, "be converted, and I heal them": rather is my strenuous objection that we Catholics and other Christians are given the commission to "preach the Gospel to every creature", which means to transform the earth in the "image and likeness" of that same Blessed Lord. Hence by definition we cannot allow our world to be molded according to the intrinsically anti-Christ, radical and indeed nihilistic Jewish worldview—which is in the most fundamental way to deny Christ—all this entirely abstracting from whether-or-not these people think they are morally right. Which of course, if they are indeed so deceived, doesn't mean we should just blandly go along with their morbid and deadly fantasies.

Hence do we present positive and energetic ideas toward the dismantling of a Jewish New World Order already in its last weird stages-of-construction, and we do this to save lives and human happiness, Jewish, Christian or of any other kind. And we do this with a sense of urgency, since we don't have a whole lot of time.

November 6, 2014: Doing a double take on Putin. Article developed on the next morning, and later on November 20.

Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, cited in today's RT.com as underlying the prevalent Western formulation-of-fantasies against Putin and Russia, is actually only a stock Jewish propaganda-playbook in all its chuspah-ridden incendiary/provocateur glory. A Jewish Alinsky's stock-in-trade of the release of a deluge of lies and mockery upon an opponent being the bare-knuckle of Marxism-inspired political struggle-dialectics par excellence, finding a much-favored present-day target in Putin. But this body-blow-verbal-judo handbook isn't always performed in the way suggested in the article, but nowadays gets much more devious than all that, with Alinsky-strident anti-Russia propaganda dominating media sound-bites and presidential oratory alike more likely acting as a kind of false bait, as it were, a reverse logic. Suggesting the syllogism: "The good guys are made subject to ceaseless slander and misrepresentation, right?" "So why not ceaselessly slander and misrepresent Putin the bad guy so that thinking people—aware of the Alinsky-tactical gang-up-on-the-good—or back in Alinsky's Chicago of the '50s, gang-up-on-the-authorities—will assume that Putin is a good guy too". Here being sprung a bear-trap, alas, into which I myself have repeatedly stepped, to my own present-day chagrin. Putin of course seeming to be especially innocent in the eyes of true Christians around the globe—and my own eyes as well—for his uncompromising rejection of the culture of sodomy, now extending its stranglehold worldwide: for even a bad guy has to have some good points in order to sell himself to a captivated world. Indeed, all the while the West was first falling into a spring-loaded synagogue lewdness trap some sixty or seventy years ago the USSR and the Red Chinese were maintaining strict codes of moral behavior, so that there operated another veritable see-saw, an all-purpose device much commented on this site. Posing for popular consideration a bobbing either/or of a lewd "Christian" West versus a "virtuous" communist bloc. Here a dilemma which serves to deftly exclude any actual Godly players from determining anything at all, with Judeo-Masonic approved "big boys" lustily bobbing up and down on both ends of an impressive see-saw not only political in nature but value-related as well. This phenomenon being capsulated, glorified in the Second Vatican Council and its doctrinal aftermath of an amoral "love, love, love", in the teeth-of-which anything like moral discipline is made to look like a return to Stalinist missile parades in Kremlin Square.

But what is most disturbing to we on the Crusade is the way Putin continues to rage against the Western, U.S. led coalition that so happily got rid of Milosevic and his gang of Bosnian butchers: as if to include this pack of hyenas under the umbrella of Russia's and Putin's innocence-indicating Alinskian unfair-pillory by Western heads-of-state and media: a stretch-fabric that somehow just can't be made to fit. By comparison with which firestorm—of which Mladic and Milosevich deserve infinitely more—no one seems to notice the much-more-low-key diatribe during the same nineties unleashed upon Clinton, who couldn't abide the Balkan slaughter, his championing of regional human and political rights arguably being the reason he was impeached, although not actually convicted and ousted from power, after the classical political entrapment conducted by Monica Lewinsky, a Jew. (Yes, Virginia, 17-year-old Jewish women can indeed be devious and promiscuous in the extreme.) And even if Clinton has regained his position as "an insider" in spades, no doubt selling-off part of his soul in the process, yet he seems to me to have been a world leader who didn't play by the rules, and had to pay accordingly. Refusing to obey that secretive coterie that actually runs things here in the USA and indeed around the world.

Granted, one can choose to see the self-same reverse logic tirelessly at work in the case of Clinton: made to appear good by his Bosnian interventions so that he could quickly unleash a U.S. corporate and CIA playground in places like Croatia, while erecting a regimen of totalitarian policies in Bosnia/Herzegovina which gravely demoralized all parties involved, probably paving the way for even greater "Greater Serbia" atrocities and blitzkriegs soon to come. This whole conundrum-ridden shell-game of modern geopolitical life arguing more conclusively than anything else for the system outlined here, with its much more realistic checks-and-balances: these based on genuine, experience-based human trust. And even more on an unflinching trust in and obedience to God and His only-equitable law.

What then specifically is the hope for Russia and indeed the world, vis-à-vis the message of Fatima? Maybe Putin is indeed a "good guy", and maybe he's just especially misinformed on the Serbia of '90s lore. Is such a thing possible? Maybe "Virginia", the believer in a chimney-dropping-Santa Claus, knows for sure. But then again perhaps the Russian deliverance will actually be initiated out of The Ukraine: although not the one presently ruled by pro-U.S. thugs. Kiev being the historical birthplace of Russia under St. Vladimir, who firmly united and Christened the patchwork Russ of Rurik the Great. This saintly early-medieval Russian progenitor Vladimir having entered not the Orthodox Church, as is so commonly believed—a schismatic body which didn't even exist for another century or more—but the One, True Catholic Church under Rome. So that when the dust of the chaos to come finally settles, we may indeed see Russia ruled from its ancestral home, Kiev, Catholic once again at last. Russia during coming struggles likewise ultimately making available to Catholics for the first time in forty-some years seven indubitably valid Sacraments, these having been fatally vitiated in "liturgical reforms" inaugurated by reigning Vatican freemasons soon after Vatican II. (Briefly: the "form" or wording now used in the Consecration of a Bishop sacramentary fails miserably to describe the specific duties of a bishop, but rather wanders off into a sea of irrelevant-if-pious-sounding palaver, like so much else that came in the wake of Vatican II. Thus does this Bugnini formula fail to achieve the rigid standard of immemorial time—reaffirmed more recently by popes Leo XIII and Pius XII—for the consecration of a valid bishop. This solemn, infallible reiteration the result indeed of a query by the Anglican Church itself, to Leo XIII then reigning in Rome, asking him to judge on the validity of Anglican Holy Orders, in a judgment reiterated some decades later by Pius XII. Anglican orders—as opposed to the Orthodox—being as it turns out not valid at all. This indeed for precisely the same reason that the New Ordo ceremony-of-consecration is invalid as well. Hence by this indirect route are most of the Catholic Sacraments of today invalid as well, the episcopal link-of-legitimacy having been fatally lost).

Hence, indeed, no one here means to be self-righteous with Russia, Putin, or anyone else, but only to hold aloft the promise of Our Blessed Lady, the Holy Mother of God, in a Heavenly announcement attended by terrible prophetic prodigies seen by a hundred-thousand terrified, but soon afterward miraculously-consoled, souls. Alas, dear Russians and Ukrainians, no one holds the moral high ground anymore, all have been brought low. And it is from this same humble position that we can all once again unite, as before the polemic firebrand of Jewish intrigue divided us all so many centuries ago.

November 5, 2014: We won the election!

Come again? Because we claim the 62% who didn't vote, who are utterly disgusted with the lies, the false-flag operations and Napoleonic "freedom loving" wars, the inevitability of another abominable Bush White House which yesterday's vote so hideously pre-ordains, the ironclad institutionalization of sodomy and abortion on demand, with scarcely a serious Republican opponent to be seen. This marching dictatorial agenda finding retirees being encouragingly fed into an "everything but the oink" "health care" processing-plant which enriches thousand-dollar-a-visit doctors and hospitals while providing employment to care-givers who together with ever-secretive physicians and bureaucrats quickly gain juridical control over the retirees' home, making life-and-death decisions, with droning frequency ending in speedy death for the hale and sound, glibly operating over the head of a now-powerless spouse. All this having been facilitated by a Patriot Act mentality sprung upon us so cunningly on the heels of a 9/11 obviously orchestrated for just such lucrative and tyrannical aims. By these Christmas-recess-enacted decrees, many of them in democratic/heroic high-dudgeon top-secret in character, such overbearing sectors of public life are given cart blanc to in effect "tie up loose ends" for unlimited, unspecified "goals" of such a Brave New World.

Internal to the 62% voter-non-turn-out phenomenon is the further fact, staggering to vaunted visions of some few, that the self-same people who refuse to vote will likewise seldom if ever agree to participate in much-vaunted "pulse of the people" political opinion polls. As a consequence, and as noted a year or more ago on this page, claims that these polls are "representative samples" are entirely false, as most people won't even trouble themselves to take part in the abominable either/or, democrat/republican charade. Dismissing with contempt a gamut of rotely-phrased queries over issues that are falsely or misleadingly construed. Indeed, this anonymous group of genuine opinion-holders might be solidly behind our New and Better Confederacy, judging for one thing by the level of popularity this website has enjoyed, and the enthusiasm of people whom we meet or who read our bold signs while out on Crusade.

So, top 62%, follow me into a much more tolerable ordeal, one which leads not to leaden despair—or at best the hope of dying some glorious, fiery death "for the flag"—but rather to things constructive, abiding, virtuous, based on the law of God, productive of joy and peace. Read on about our New and Better Confederacy.

November 5, 2014: Our contention that I.S. is a Jewish/American brainchild now substantially confirmed by others as well.

As we ascertained back when the Islamic State first reared its ugly head, and as is continually made evident upon careful study in photographs and films for all the world to see, many Israeli, American and other Caucasian-race agents and mercenaries, found at the very head of I.S. armored columns or caravans-of-jeeps, attempt to hide their milky skin and other non-Semitic features behind masks and full-body-coverings. Thus do these new imposters imitate other "Jihadis" in Iraq police-station-demolitions ten years ago, terrorists whom local Iraqis didn't know from the man in the moon. But the tell-tale disparity shows itself now-and-again, in an obvious Western connection evident even more in the very arrogant manner and agenda of these merciless killers, evincing not a single sentiment of the pious Muslim soul.

But now there is substantial support for our contention from another source. Quoting RT.com, in a piece focused on the Russian domestic-security scene, "'There are some grounds to suspect that American and British special services could support the Islamic extremists in order to target the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation,' Lieutenant-General Nikolai Pushkaryov, formerly of the Central Intelligence Directorate of the Russian General Staff said in an interview with the RIA-Novosti news agency. 'The top of these movements can be under the influence of NATO agents,' he added.

"The general also commented on the statement by the head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, who promised to destroy any Islamic terrorist who voiced threats against Russia. Kadyrov also told reporters that Chechen special services intended to hunt down and kill Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – the head of the Islamic State group (also known as ISIL and ISIS), adding that this man had been recruited to work for the US by General David Petraeus, the former director of the CIA, and former commander of coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Back then, Kadyrov claimed the Islamic State 'was acting on orders from the West and Europe.'”

As stated here many times since we first uncovered this startling Jewish connection to the Islamic State, our increasingly-self-evident claim stems more than anything else from heinous methods that I.S. employs, barbarities unmistakably Jewish in every respect, taken right out of the playbook of a 93% Jewish Bolshevik Revolution, of Hitler or a Roosevelt-created Mao Zhe Dung. Indeed with the infamous German Corporal having had a Jewish mother, having himself plainly, in the crystal clarity of indubitable historical hindsight, been a willing vessel of a Holocaust narrative which vociferously claimed "the moral high-ground" already in closing days of World War II, paving the way for the abject global capitulation before Jewish aims that we have today. This heinous the end justifies the means imperative of dyed-in-the-wool-Jewish ideology being a dead giveaway as to who holds the reins of power here in the USA, with others so cynical only to be found in blackest worlds of vice and organized crime. While the century-long wide swath of U.S. synagogue-proxy global involvement detectable in above-noted realizations and disclosures is positively mind-boggling: with Lower East Side Jewish sponsorship of the Russian Revolution joining hands with a Jewish-American commercial strangulation of Japan over half-a-century, inevitably leading to a high-finance-lucrative World War II. With U.S. Congressmen having wined and dined Chechen terrorists a decade ago, around the time Petraeus was grooming Baghdadi for exploits in Chechnya and Dagestan, his face no doubt to be found somewhere among photo-ops of well-connected Washingtonians of the times. This globally-connected American determination to bring down Russia being supremely evident in an Islamic State poised to destroy a Russian ally Syria, coupled with the U.S. arming and leading of pro-Kiev terrorists in The Ukraine. Do we do all this "for the flag"?

November 3, 2014: For now, God needs another St. Dismas.

That's the rub, now isn't it. It's like the split-second moment in the battle when a point-man is needed to run pell-mell into a an ocean of bullets: there's no thanks for any of it, maybe they'll give you a nice funeral. Yet this Crusade needs people who are willing to inaugurate its hearty and hopeful initiatives and ideas, come what may. And so we incessantly put forth this appeal.

How do our enemies (yes, Virginia, there are such souls) do it? Having complete centralized control, not only of organs-of-power but of the media and "education" as well, they engineer modern "unlimited means of production and wealth-creation" in so desperate a way that you feel compelled to stay in there a little longer, relinquish your moral character, your misgivings and self-respect just a little more. For otherwise you are told the whole towering, swaying, unstable stack of carefully-poised, arbitraged/commoditized "best system yet" contingencies, flanked by day-of-reckoning bottomless canyons of debt, will come down with a din on your foolish head. This whole quaking, terrifying ordeal being "the price we pay" for the "liberty" of being thus bemused and perplexed, for the "marvelous sense of freedom" of having a host of electronic gadgets with which we can with sheer abandon play, while above us rock projections ominously groan and sway. Having as an anesthetic a whole fantasy-world of virtual-reality sex at our disposal, prepared for decades in titillations of big-screen lore, the while blithely ignoring the behavioral morass into which these things unfailingly lead. For you see, we are assured by our leaders that this fantastic landscape of unstable structures is "well worth the price" of the loss of myriad souls and the blood of a million native sons, and the sense of impending calamity in which we continually dwell. Why? Because otherwise we have to go back to the dark ages of traditional things, to smiles and steady-gazes of innocent and unthreatening neighbors, to the welcoming humor and political scuttlebutt around the pot-bellied stove in the corner grocery store, of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers of a couple of generations ago. We the free turning our backs bravely and resolutely against all such backward things. Why, Quetzaquitl never had it so good in Mexico City, to the metered flash of the shaman's blade, nor Baal on the plains of Canaan, with his grinning millions of infant-human skulls from ancient times found stacked somewhere not so long ago in the state of Israel. These people had their "rewards" for such atrocities, too.

"What will you give in exchange for your soul", modern man? But there is indeed "a more excellent way", which we try here earnestly to convey, on this page. It does indeed require a few point-men, to dodge bullets which fairly fly: but it is amazing how our guardian angels, when they see us thus intrepidly imbued, can part the bullets as other such holy spirits once parted the Red Sea, for ancient (non-baby-killing) Israelites to pass through. Or as Sts. David and Joshua "fit the battle" against hundred-to-one odds, and came out with scarcely a scratch. But it takes real courage to think this way, not the armchair or drone-bomb bravery of modern man.

November 1, 2014: "Islamic State" mulling use of Ebola germs to attack humanity (RT.com article of today). Western boogymen in Eastern clothing.

All of the major horrors of Asia of the past several centuries have been Western imports or transplants, a patent scorched-earth nihilism being chief commodity thus eagerly consigned, courtesy of an all-determining Western Judeo/Masonic coterie. Whether we speak of Marxism, Freudianism, capitalism, militarism, a globally-imposed sodomy, all the notional or political, social or economic ills that plague the globe, when found in the East they are always a case of the Western wolf in Eastern sheep's clothes. Always the strategy is to make some host nation helpless through economic aggressions of various kinds, followed swiftly by a "make the world safe" military, gaining control of natural resources, of means-of-production, with deadly false-flag agents-of-change helping a "revolutionary" puppet regime to be "heroically" installed. Using an innocent-looking but radically-centralizing stock-market as the tool-of-egress to thus efficiently mine the national wealth, to vitiate its native character and political stability. Only Japan successfully challenged this synagogue-directed secret-society regimen for any length of time, and look what happened to her.

The excuse for it all? Why, "progress", of course: a neat capsule of an innately-futuristic Jewish cosmology, a concept which fits precisely the dimensions of a nihilistic global plot, taking the place of the moral law in every practical sense, around the globe.

Plainly, then, and as noted many times here on this site, and as warned by Roman pontiffs for two millennia, the Synagogue intends to own everything on earth, and indeed to that end to exterminate as many gentile human beings as it openly or unobtrusively can, thought-of as only getting in the way. It's really just as brutally simple as that, and a deified progress the Oakham's Razor efficient ideological means, as the history of the same past several centuries has so amply and redundantly shown. While we are induced to thus lay our necks on the chopping-block, as it were, by the ease, "convenience" and rapidity of modern financial form, swift as the flash of an I.S. blade. Hence this new monstrous contemplation of spreading Ebola in the West, by an "Islamic State" which is obviously a Jewish brainchild, its fabulous wealth and global reach plainly not obtained through a nineteenth-century-style bank-heist somewhere in Iraq. This strain of biological warfare a deed which would bring signature-synagogue chaos to the entire globe, and perhaps even a return to a dark ages darker than ever before known. With modern-day antipope cries of "love, love, love" only serving giddily to punctuate the cries of an agonized human race, as it descends irretrievably down this apocalyptic-plague-ridden black hole. This kind of "turning things on their heads" scenario fitting the Jewish mentality to a T, in a geo-philosophy which invariably gains all its objectives amid a blinding chaos and disorder right out of Hell: while the collateral loss of tidy if polemically over-inflated Jewish numbers is always "a price we must be willing to pay", among people who have little-if-any respect for human life of any kind. Thus too the frothy, papally-documented historical tide of Hebrew-instigated incendiary madmen from the sodomy-peddling Albigensians, to the anarchic Hussites, to a bloody Protestant Revolt which took easily a quarter of a million lives across the globe. Here too the chaotic skull-cap methodology of a Rothschild-funded, guillotine-happy French Revolution, the decimation of rapidly-Catholicism-embracing Indians on the U.S. Western plains, a Taiping Rebellion which cost mid-nineteenth-century China some fifty-five millions of its native daughters and sons, followed soon-enough afterwards by a combined Bolshevik/Red-Chinese Revolt of hundreds of millions of dead. All these tumult-spawned modern enormities succeeded at last by those hosts of rebellions—and more recent close-cousin contrived "emergencies"—over the past hundred years, all of the very same nihilistic kind. Monstrous irruptions having been funded and directly-or-remotely organized by ever-globe-ranging Jews, making their home with clever strategy in the West, making the hand of the West feared around the globe. The blame for all these treacheries falling squarely and unfairly on Christianity, and most typically upon the Catholic Church. That one true Church which has however and as prophetically-predicted been gravely weakened in its militant resolve, over those same recent centuries, by incessant Jewish infiltrations, in insidious and implacable infestations recorded already in the Epistles of St. Paul.

But "fear not, it is I", says the Lord, Who will soon rise from His slumber to calm this restless, raging sea, and to comfort those few genuine trembling Apostles in the wind-tossed Catholic barque. To salvage some fraction of a terrorized human race. And we here on this Crusade, this New and Better Confederacy, have already begun to lay our cloaks and our palm-fronds down before the advancing foal of Christ the King: He Who through a prophetically-predicted legitimate vicar and a great and noble king will solidly "restore all things".