July 15, 2014: Cowardice, lukewarmness, hesitancy: prime attributes of the national assembly in any land, absolutely definitive in the USA. Why there must be organically-erected personal leadership rather than the perpetual-emergency rule-by-fiat of the Wilsons and Roosevelts, the Trumans and the two-headed Bush/Obama monster, set to sprout an ugly third "Jeb" Bush appendage in the next election. This anomaly of public impotence being inevitable when assemblies rule.

That's the whole problem in a nutshell: assemblies too easily off-shoulder responsibility to "those who know better", to "the experts", to they who "have been doing this sort of thing for a long time": third parties who operate in total oblivion to the electorate-at-large. These secret-society-vetted agents and entities then doing the "will and whim" of certain more-powerful men behind the scenes, they who feel it is their divine right to own and control the biblical "wealth of nations". While one hardly need point out who these "not like the rest of men" who rule from the shadows generally are: be they obscure officials or towering financiers. Humanity having been warned against them in papal encyclicals, and in writings and prohibitions of myriad heads-of-states, for the past two thousand years, and in overwhelming measure in a New Testament recorded Church nearly overwhelmed by infiltrators of this same very odious stripe. Indeed, this disease of the bureaucrats isn't confined to congresses, even monarchs can thus hijack the state, as when an "efficient" Henry II began to hire obscure commoners whom no one knew, to keep familiar magnates "in their place", to administer major realms-of-state: thereby introducing odious creeping bureaucracy already in the twelfth century. Here being the reason that humming efficiency is a relative thing: far more importantly must the state be a Gospel "householder well armed": not at all against ragged Asians in tents or grass huts but against "those of his own household".

But as noted above it all starts with a multiple off-shouldering, and assemblies—especially if granted plenipotentiary power, if not kept in their intrinsically-component place, being in themselves only an idea, not an agent with a mind and will—are veritably immersed in that which is weakest in a fallen human nature. Namely this lamentable tendency to be overwhelmed by con-artistry and other forms of psycho-duress, prone to jerk-knee-anticipatory dramas, mutterings and whisperings of the ever hesitant or tentative group, clambering about the ears of individual mind-and-will-endowed man. The assembly-run-amuck engendering that atmosphere, that stifling milieu which positively emasculates virilities of otherwise-courageous, resolute and forthright men.

What is required, then? This is where we must be humble, and cleave to those ruddy, "simpleminded" institutions left to us by our ancestors, imbibe once again their devotion to the neighborhood, to other human persons intimately-and-honorably well known. This age-old training-ground-for-souls being native to the human race, only gradually relinquished over centuries, in an Orwellian-collectivist capitulation accelerating dramatically after a Revolutionary-Era "liberation" of man. Here then the welcome input of that nobility which God has providentially gifted with lands, wealth, power, ability, virtue, ultimately with cumulative experience of thorny matters involved, and rueful awareness of silken characters against whom to be on guard. Can we imagine what a constructive thing it would have been, had we retained the several great "cattle barons" of the nineteenth century, out here in the West—presuming them for a moment not to have been freemasons-to-a-man, which they regrettably were—instead of "democratically" dividing the land up into tiny parcels, with each little rancher a "king of a castle" of his own? That configuration namely which quietly over several decades landed the prairies and mountain foothills of swindled or otherwise-bankrupt ranchers into the hands of Wall Street midases with no connection to the land or the needs of its people at all. Since for one thing the homestead parcels were way too small for cattle-grazing, and too large for farms, for which latter there wasn't enough water or other ready provisions out West anyhow. Rather manifestly should things have been "left alone" and "as they were", with those marvelously-motivated entrepreneurs provided by God left productively, effort-thriftily in charge. (Indeed, had the non-artery-clogging bison themselves been allowed to thrive, numbering by some estimates somewhere around ten million, then food would today be no concern at all: but that would never do for a starry-eyed Horatio Alger USA.) Kingpin ranchers having added to them in our (woefully un-ambitious) scheme-of-things official duties of stewardship, scarcely allowing them to squander wealth and power at will. This nobility, which is what it would be, then naturally forming a hierarchy all the way up to the throne, if being "counterbalanced"—yes, there is a valid place for such an idea, although not as a frustration of the common good, as it is so skillfully used in Congress today—by assemblies of ascending power. Hence the micro-local Frankpledge, working upward to the neighborhood Hundred, and from there to higher units-of-authority in representative extracts of one out of ten. The sinews of friendship remaining firmly intact to the very top in both these dual pyramids-of-legitimate-power, nobility and commons, the two "opposing" poles not really opposing one another but working in tandem, albeit expressing those benign "tensions" which like the human muscular-envelop are a ruddy and essential part of human private and public life. Both these rising public sectors ascending to that royal council which decides matters of peace and war in the most popularly-responsive possible way, with all levels of authority on this upward gamut issuing charters which can either be accepted by the corresponding chamber involved, or sent back for modification as desired. Any attempt to short-cut this by-nature-informal and densely-interwoven sociopolitical fabric—with no desire from anyone for cold-blooded, readily-treacherous "efficiency" to rule the day—being doomed to the invasion of those "men in soft garments who live in the palaces of kings". Who love to make pompous Obama-or-McCain-like declarations which leave a bloody or impoverished legacy in their train. In a tyranny such as now efficiently destroys innocent mankind both at home and abroad, which indeed ravages an otherwise-fruitful mother nature herself, before our very gaping eyes.

Will "progress" be damaged in such traditional processes as those advanced here? This progress which brings with it all the curses noted above? Which would make for some few "chosen ones" a paradise here below, while our priceless babies, each with an immortal soul, are aborted, our children made into detestable sodomites, and the rest of us condemned to a utility-related expendability of the most Orwellian kind? In a "free market economy" in which advances of science and engineering, rather than providing sustenance for a technology-idled humanity, "by hook or by crook" exterminates him as a mammoth gratuity. This through a stock-market wealth-annihilation, multipliers stymied in rent-farming interests and wastrel-harboring derivatives, in a speculative economy co-natural to substandard products, to real-estate-idling, to competitor-annihilating market-adventures, to fabulously-expensive armaments for needless wars. In mega-expensive journeys to outer space, in laboratory experiments with the genome which utterly destroy the beautiful creation given by God to man. This "free trade" likewise destroying native economies in commercial policies which beggar the third world, deliberately propelling Latin populations northward to glut our housing, food and labor-market here in the USA. This in order to create "by the back door" the infamous North American Union: an elite-designed empire to be ruled yet-more-ruthlessly from Tel Aviv and D.C. Today's wholesale "terror"-related warfare too being entirely manufactured—sacrificing our young on the altars of a Baal never before in history known—as in present-day Ukraine, in false-flag operations conducted by our own black-ops forces and the Israeli Mossad. These "Ukrainians" now "for good measure" lobbing artillery shells into Russia: since war with that power is what has been most desired and remorselessly intended all along. Presently too the assembly-ridden globalist-state preparing an universal pogrom, an Islamic State "Jihad": this incidentally conveniently in time to distract us from barbarities of the Jewish genocide in Palestine today.

How do this thing? How recreate a viable state and economy? First of all, place yourselves and your enterprise, be it only a half-dozen ruddy souls strong, entirely in the care of the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Then begin by minting your own informal money, based generously upon mutual trust, "pegging" prices to certain commodities, pricing other items proportional to their relative value in comparison with same. Involved then being something as informal as an expanding barter-ring, soon to grow wings and fly. After such an association is formed, the you can begin to patrol your own neighborhoods, with the law of God as the sole standard of justice and tranquility invoked. In this you will have the wholesale support of most of present-day law enforcement: although this latter mostly-virtuous law-officer is being gradually and catastrophically replaced by a sort of brutal and sadistic pro-sodomy Gestapo-in-training as I write. Hence there is very little time. Let us look for ways to "speak our own language", that of the Christian creed, that which has its own accents and patois which a "good cop" recognizes instantly. All of us looking for ingenious ways to undercut this totalitarian monster, this Israeli/AIPAC King Kong, which rules with an iron fist in D.C., which presently stalks our own streets and the world at large, "seeking whom he may devour".

July 17, 2014: New Church's one and only commandment: meekness.

Modern-day Catholics often credit those before the council to have had a quaint kind of goodness: "dark-age" forties and fifties denizens having had their own Catholic governments in many nations, and even in the USA their Catholic ghettoes, mass-attending county commissioners and sheriffs, nationality-neighborhoods, their ('scarcely-pious') dances in the church basement or hall. But Vatican II gave us a "whole new approach", a new "universal call to perfection" which would scorn all such "unfair preferences", such hunky, babushka-related "excesses" of every kind: sweeping the way clean for sodomy and abortion after dispensing with the ("provocative") teenage male baggy-pants-wearing, female gathered-skirt two-step waltz. Or even the occasional furtive dancing cheek-to-cheek, when a stern morality-patrolling pastor was busy observing the other end of the dance-hall. New departure however resolutely leaving fifties paltry devices "back in the dust where they belong", "pious" EWTN anchorwomen amply showing buxom breasts, blandly encouraging other torridly-immodest fashions, when the old ("outdated") minimum-standard-of-millennia had been "two finger's widths below the pit of the neck". Paganistic Renaissance-era "religious art" being a fluke, an anti-Christian anomaly, eagerly paid for by venal synagogue-connected kingmakers of the times, while a later return to truly pious art would after the council be relegated to the city dump without ceremony, to be vigilantly guarded from salvage by snarling junk-yard dogs such as howl with special ferocity on EWTN: reclamations of the Global Catholic Network to be highly-selective, gutting the substance, preserving the pious, breathless glow. Abandoned being not only neo-gothic wainscoting, chancels, griffins, turrets and spires but every practical vestige of what was once a marvelous neighborhood Faith, one which took even next-door non-Catholics into its inviting and affectionate, chaste and respectful notional (rather-than-physical) embrace. The old ways having been adjudged in toto by such doughty experts as these to have "become calcified, ossified", sunken into time-related irrelevancies of the hoariest kind. What of warmly-remembered kind words of neighbors, the mildly-witty repartee of milkman or grocery, in those ranging Catholic neighborhoods: wasn't that the "love" of which so much is made today but so little is seen? Oh, no, quote an aging, boomer-reminiscing Father Jim, who still apparently regards the free-speech-movement, gangs of Harley-riders and the hippy-pad as mankind's apogee: those older "rote customs" were "only so much sentimental schmaltz". Better no doubt today's drive-bys, dope-peddlers and atrocities-against-children of every kind, boons coming on the heels of lyrical heroisms of the New Church crowd together with institutionalized sodomy and euthanasia, abortion-on-demand and organ-snatching death-redefined. Court-developed, legislature-sponsored crimes indeed politely scolded at most by a breezy New Church crew: all forms of sin being newly defined by "brilliant theologians" as never more than simple non-thought-sequential passion or thoughtless urge. The only truly evil and dangerous ones being those whose "twisted minds" acknowledge old-fashioned occasions of sin, or the existence of genuine enemies of any kind. Except of course for an American foreign policy, fifty new nation-making expeditions of which will only whet the warlike appetites of a fife-and-drum-"patriotic" New Church crew.

Hence would the New Catholicism consist of a lot of trusting souls who no longer know how to make a fist, except against some McCain-certified "terrorist", for whom it is a simple "bombs away” for man, woman or child: exceeding beyond measure the limited warfare of ancestors counted as strangers to vaunted New Church "love", nonetheless regarded as having been ruffians indeed. New Evangelists having stood meekly by while the wreckers hauled away noted masterpiece statues and million-dollar pipe-organs: all of it utterly irreplaceable for any price in today's manually-unskilled terms, after swift-flying popularity of a Kumbay ya church-music and a streamlined modernistic statuary that looked more like abstractly-modeled disembodied spirits than piety-inspiring human beings. Under the reign of fifty years worth of antipopes an Iconoclasm quietly taking place which dwarfs that of the Protestant Revolt or of ninth-century Greece: with clerics and laymen of our era's twisted species of heroic resignation sighing in rare bouts of poetry that "all these things must pass". While in these chaotic processes, something seldom if ever remarked: many-an "old fashioned" protesting priest would end up "conveniently" dead: this however hardly a conspiracy, maybe even "providence" smiling down on a gaily-swinging wrecking-ball. Thus too would our kids be turned into dope-pushers, shack-ups and ultimately, "tiring of the natural", into sodomites, voyeurs and transvestites as well. Ah, but "no one ever really planned it that way", and the most required is another papal plaza-hug or balcony-address with a lot of effusions of "love, love, love". Ah, yes: this will bring all the damned souls back! Does it matter that way back when all the statue-smashing and moral-anarchy started no one much besides Bella Abzug and a miniscule bunch of diabolically-obsessed campus fanatics and professional-agitator thugs actually wanted any of it? Oh, no, not at all: because "God wanted" us to have this Brave New Way, no longer, quote the EWTN clerical staff, to lazily "sit on our laurels" as had pious and orderly ancestors of old. Even if this "glorious new vista" contradicts two thousand years of Church teaching and blood-stained, martyred history. For according to this grimly "infallible" Vatican II logic these ancestors were only a lot of hunkies and obscurantists who long ago outlived their insufferably-pious, God-fearing, law-of-God-legislating usefulness.

July 11, 2014: Obama and Biden bide their time while their brainchild, the Islamic State (of Israel), a Mossad-inspired and led team of thugs and psychopaths, develops into a global strong-arm force.

Again, here is U.S. policy "in a nutshell", Obama's yawningly-treacherous, "laid back" business as usual, all the while this Islamic State steadily and barbarically takes over the Middle East, with a staggering candidness making no serious hostile gestures at all against that Israel from whence the bloody perversity came. Only God can save us from this new treason of the White-House-and-Tel-Aviv crew, and I detail on this site the avenue by which this holy deliverance might best be secured. The time for compromise is over, patriots, and it is time to throw imposters like the Tea Party overboard into Boston Bay, and to turn to the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary as our only refuge against this end-time, synagogue-directed onslaught against all good things. This awful quandary to have a glorious climax, in the utter defeat of these forces of diabolical chaos and perversion. For starters, in arming ourselves against such an insidious foe, read about our New and Better Confederacy in a link to be found above.

July 9, 2014: A short summary of the case for Orthodox conversion to Roman Catholicism.

Orthodoxy finds its historical preliminaries in a tiny episcopal see of a remote Byzantium, a diocese with no stature as an "Apostolic See"—one founded by an Apostle—as had been that of Rome itself, as well as of Jerusalem, Galatia, Corinth and several other major cities and Church-centers of ancient times. Rather did Byzantium find its only recognition three centuries after Our Lord walked the earth in being chosen as the site of the Eastern Imperial administration by Diocletian, who was enchanted by its geography as well as by the mystic spell of a nearby Antioch in Persia, with its despotic Oriental view of the ruler as a partaker in the divine. His close successor Constantine followed suit in a wholehearted embrace of this radically-eastward-looking, Antiochene-Persian worldview, seeing himself as pagan-imperial Pontifex Maximus ("bridge to the gods"), going so far as to attempt strongly to invest the newly-legalized Christian Faith with his paganistic view of things. In this and other ways both these early Eastern Emperors went well beyond mostly-ceremonial religious-cult functions of Western Caesars since Augustus, with Constantine laboring heavy-handedly from the newly-established Eastern-imperial throne to rule the Church at his own whim and will—an oversight scarcely exercised over Pantheon deities and demigods to be imposed on popes, monastic communities and episcopal sees—himself indeed not becoming a Christian until his deathbed-baptism in the mid fourth century. The struggling Church's safety and subsequent privileges having been providentially secured in a battle he himself had won, under divine augury of a vision in the sky, as of a cross, underscored with the words "In this sign thou shalt conquer!" But as noted entirely-secular would be the origins of the town's prominence, growing as it did in stature under Eastern-Imperial auspices, the little town's name being changed to Constantinople as per the rule of Constantine himself, the faithful conveyor of Diocletian's entirely un-Western, un-Roman views. While evident here is the same familiar and historically-unbroken species of bitterly-anti-Western secular dominance often to be found to this day in Orthodox national-churches around the globe. Even as the see of Constantinople would quickly be seen to take on enormous pretensions under the Imperial encouragement, broad-ranging oversteps which should cause alarm in any reasonable mind. This although the idea of an actual independent, indeed papal Greek Orthodoxy was before the barbaric usurper Photius of the tenth century an utter and complete unknown. A schismatic error indeed quickly discarded after the latter's ignominious ouster, not to be re-stoked for at least a century more.

It's hard to render just how much these secular considerations lie at the base of the entire Orthodox doctrine and frame-of-mind, allowing for an insidious and often-unintended dominance of tyrants or of other worldly, venal or unworthy elements: an embryonic Orthodoxy having indeed been the brainchild of an Oriental-paganism-hearkening despot with whom the whole idea of Caesaro-Papism itself was first born.

Hence if one filters out those arguments that are trivial, contempt-laden, often indeed juvenile, at the same time realizing that we are in the biblical end times, and that predictions of a catastrophic collapse of Catholic institutions at this juncture are found by the score in Catholic prophesies of old: then the justification of the conversion of the Orthodox to the Catholic Fold is perfectly reasonable and straightforward. The end-time significance of the whole subject finding a Catholic Rome under a siege of more than two centuries much like that experienced by a synagogue-indebted Constantinople of a millennium before: an infiltration which has steadily vitiated an uniquely-unitary throne. An un-fragmented Catholicism being indeed the prize which the synagogue and all Hell desires. Thus repeated being the very reason there ever was a Great Schism, antedated by centuries of cloak-and-dagger state-and-financier intrigue. While finally the whole East/West controversy over the "filioque", or the doxology, whose Orthodoxy formula Rome readily accepts, is largely a simple matter of stubborn Eastern semantics. Although the Orthodox version does contain something of an Oriental-despotic idea of a God Who would seem to begrudge to His own Son a full reciprocity-rich share in the Holy-Ghost-suffused divine giving-and-receiving Trinitarian Life, as in the Catholic formula whereby the Paraclete "proceeds from the Father and the Son". Without which formal acknowledgment of full reciprocation it is as if the Son needn't return anything at all to a Father Who is the divine Origin Itself, being cast as it were a perpetual recipient rather than a positive Giver, a co-equal Person, and thus necessarily an agent-of-His-own. While the Orthodox formula likewise leaves deafeningly unanswered questions about a divine comprehensive knowledge in which all things that exist are seen by or reflected back to the Father in the eternally-reciprocating mirror of the Son.

But the rapid rise of Constantinople and of Eastern-Christian pretensions as well—as of fantastic claims of veritable papal authority, sprung into being spontaneously there on the Bosporus shores—has at least as much to do with a second-century decisive removal of the Jewish financial epicenter—already global in character—eastward after the synagogue's fall-from-grace with Rome, as signaled in the destruction of Jerusalem in 120 AD. Jewish street-savvy enterprise ultimately thereafter gaining quasi-sovereign ground in a developing "Khazaria", a handy place far removed from Roman legions from which to continue nonetheless mostly to control Eastern-Roman commerce, as well as to initiate two millennia of unremitting guerrilla warfare against Catholic Rome. Hardly a colony of "Turko-Mongols" as claimed by highly-vocal "scholars" of today, ancient and medieval "Khazaria"—far removed geographically from the province of that name today found near the Caucasus area—is itself indeed undoubtedly an invention of these same scholars and linguists, a notoriously-facile map-making breed. In this case busily coining a late-ancient and early-to-high-medieval "kingdom" not one syllable of whose "language" has survived. Rather more truthfully was "Khazaria"—whose true nature I belabor because of its significance to matters here at hand—an area easily phonetically translatable as something like a generic "land of the Caesars"—simply the Western terminus of a Silk Road whose other end was in the Far East. Where such a utilitarian name might easily be employed by silk-growers and rulers involved, an appellation that would no doubt find some nominal currency in the West as well. A trade-route and attached toll-gates and related facilities which were owned and operated and whose steep-covering stretches were principally plied by Jewish Merchants. This "empire" being so sadly without a language of its own simply because it knew only the Hebrew or Aramaic mostly spoken by the Jews, and a smattering of other regional tongues along the lengthy entrepot as well.

But for our purposes here this ranging regional Jewish influence was destined to penetrate a nearby Byzantine Imperial throne in the most decisive possible way: a realm to be firmly under Jewish financial hegemony for its entire eleven centuries. A control albeit later exerted mostly from Genoa and Venice: after it was found "safe" to go back to a more-prosperous West, to a Europe which in Greek translation roughly means "they who wear good clothes". The Jews in this way—just as in the Germany of Martin Luther vis-à-vis Lutheranism—to be the deep-pocketed promoter of this myth of an "Orthodoxy" by stages taking on the artificial stature of a "newer and better" Rome: as the undying aim of the synagogue is ever the division and ultimate destruction of an intrinsically-unitary Catholic fold. The synagogue too leaving the indelible Jewish mark in an Orthodox Christianity in a host of ways hard-bitten to the core: as in one universal family custom of Byzantium in which younger sons of any family might easily all be castrated or otherwise sterilized, just so that the family fortune might the better stay intact. While significantly too would the noted monumental legend of Khazaria be destined to providing a glib-but-eminently-useful formula by which manifold millennial perfidies of Jews could be offloaded on non-existent (except as house-servants) "Turko-Mongols" said to have "founded" the "Khazar" dynasty amid obscurely-recorded bouts of bloodshed and intrigue. Allegedly cruel-visaged "Asiatics" having "one fine day" decided as of one man to adopt the Jewish creed, with unparalleled cynicism just because it would suit their financial and strategic interests better than any other could ever do. This whole mysterious nation full of alleged sociopaths-without-a-language thereafter—again in some medieval century (precision isn't necessary in such sweeping historical paradigms)—being said to have more-or-less sudden—in "one of the great mysteries of history"—moved in short stages to a Mongol-dominated Moscovy, and by hook or by crook pretty much taken it over from the word go. There with neat logic taking their places among barbarous cousins and friends of Genghis Khan's hoards. These calculating mercenary paragons—so often "unjustly regarded as bone fide Jews"—thereafter lending to Moscovy a handy sinister aspect to be inherited by unsuspecting modern-era Russians in due time. Thus, presto, the gestation of a monster to be the ideal repository of Western sanctimonies and aggressions today with regard to Russia and the Ukraine, and "forgiveness"-begging exonerations of "genuine" Jews in every regard. (Of course, the crux of the problem is that no one really knows how to identify these phony Jews from the real ones: since otherwise their age-old game would be up.) Indeed, there are great grave tomes written about this dark conspiracy of pretenders-to-Judaism, Khazars now allegedly hidden in the Russian woodwork, still "masquerading as Jews", accepted as such down at the synagogue and among youthful bar-mitzvahs, still for-all-of-that allegedly as dangerous and deadly as ever. While those Khazars that actually survive until today in present-day Khazaria (in Armenia or Azerbaijan, as I remember) are a benign and unpretentious regional people who don't at all "fill the bill" of wholesale indictments involved.

But as witnessed in the "Greater Serbia" of the nineties, this financier-funded globe-coveting hegemony of Orthodoxy is always carried forward by (a readily-bankrolled) fire and sword, as well as by a hoarse-throated and brutal invocation of every backward racist raillery. Whose many incendiary disorders no doubt always have some masked or otherwise-disguised ISIS-like Jew in charge, in rabid fits which unwelcome moments-of-calm might easily dispel, as in peaceful reflections over a perfectly-understandable logic as detailed above. But I'm afraid it will take acre-feet more of blood before the Orthodox grasp the truly-preeminent position they hold today, by the divine permission being in fact practically the only source of an indubitably valid Sacramentary of the Christian Faith (see related articles on Russia in hyperlinks above for an explanation of this apocalyptic, seer-prophesied, "form"-related lack-of-validity). This signal distinction—together with certain admirable things about the Russian character itself—being in our opinion much of the reason this land of the Don was singled out by Our Blessed Lady at Fatima in Portugal. Not only to be converted to the Roman Catholic Faith—while of course keeping her own Eastern rites and customs—but also to bring the ineffable boons of Sacramental life back to the Catholic fold around the globe. All this being in full and unique accord with the magnificent Marian formula, confirmed by a terrifying-and-punishment-prophetic Miracle of the Sun, witnessed by 100,000 souls in Portugal in October of 1917, the very month of the Bolshevik Revolt. To wit: "In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph, Russia will be converted and there will be peace". This potential-and-coming ascendancy of Russia vis-à-vis the Church easily seeing the next validly-elected pope to be a Russian as well: spreading abroad richly-beneficial consequences of a full and sacramental Christianity, now become truly unified. While at the same time nipping-in-the-bud present-day AIPAC/CIA pretensions in The Ukraine, where the Catholic/Orthodox divide is central to a bloody standoff manipulated from afar. The accession of Russia to full Catholic Faith and communion instantly set to distinguish clearly friend from foe, false-shepherd from true, with the ready humble embrace of this fateful stroke of divine providence by our few remaining good and valid Catholic bishops juridically cementing the new Russian-Catholic era-of-peace in the most solid and resounding way. After which, no doubt amid much struggle, indeed as of the end-time-prophetic "woman in labor", all things will fall into place as only God with ineffable wisdom and stern justice can arrange.

Fly then to that Immaculate, all-pure Heart, Oh noble Russians! And Serbs, Greeks, Romanians and Orthodox Ukrainians too! Defend your nations from those abominable perversities which now sully so many souls in the West: for which critical youth-defensive purpose you must by decree of Heaven place yourselves firmly under this Heavenly banner, behind this Heavenly plan.

July 8, 2014: De-dollarizing isn't enough, Europe.

A major French bank has recently been socked with a $9 billion "penalty" by the global-reserve-currency dollar-mill, and will likewise not be allowed to trade in dollars for one year, simply because it "broke the rules" and traded with Cuba, Iran and some other countries against whom the USA has leveled a host of sanctions. Hence are commercial figures and central bankers across Europe and Russia scrambling to cobble together a new financial regime to break the stranglehold the dollar now so impudently holds, dictating as it does foreign and domestic policies of nations by merest fiat of Congress or the White House. But the problem is that the same people in the French government who are wringing their hands over this newest infringement on Gallic sovereignty probably go each year to Bohemian Grove for a nude Baal-honoring swim with the folks at the Fed. The latter representing an impenetrably-complex interweave of Jewish and American finance which rules the world not just by "polite" if heavy-handed banking means but also by way of fabulously-funded false-flag operations like 9/11, and such as are now being carried out in eastern Ukraine. The new Ukrainian administration, in its shameless "partnering" with Uncle Sam, having let loose on its own soil a "loose canon" indeed, bent entirely on having its own Yankee Doodle way. While similarly some few months before 9/11 some AIPAC-close-cousin globalist apparatchik stridently informed the whole world, just then decidedly and sometimes violently rejecting globalization, that "there is no alternative" to this apocalyptic, ultra-centralizing monolith. Hence by way of interminable intertemporal stout connections does all the bluster, all the blush-and-bother over The Ukraine, Syria or "enemies" under American sanction ultimately signal nothing other than absolute Jewish hegemony, with the probable Ethiopia Jew Obama even now no doubt affectionately fingering blueprints for "euthanizing" and other extermination camps for "those who won't go along". "Efficient" warehouse-like gulags, some of them probably already in place: as witnessed by strange and massive structures rising here and there in strange and remote locales out in the American West. The synagogue shrewdly figuring it will "never get another chance like this".

But there is somewhere else to turn, as we labor to convey here on this site and Crusade. A recourse of which "leading men of Europe" are predicted by Catholic end-time prophesy to avail themselves "at the eleventh hour". Just before the annihilation of the synagogue-led "Caliphate" and other infernal hosts.

July 7, 2014: Another micro-consideration on Unam Sanctam: among those who worship God, duty always comes before right.

This then is the deciding difference, today's liberal-democratic governments worshipping the citizen rather than God by putting his rights above the duties he—and all of us together as a civic body—owe to the Creator. And it is indeed New Church's arch-heretical and nonsensical insistence, lodge-hall liberal-democratic style, that "all these are personal matters" which has placed the modern democratic state under the impending doom before which it lay: as this is a subject which strikes at the very heart of the definition of the state, penetrating to an all-deciding temporal-and-eternal square one. Any ecclesiastical shrinking from which reveals a hireling who has forsaken his charge.

But staggering is the degree to which this right relationship of duties and rights is born out in practice: as those Christian nations which retain some sense of a Godly discipline both public and private inevitably have a much personally-freer citizenry, as can be seen for instance in the English in a very special way. A land whose overriding sense of tradition carries a pious element inseparable from the national patrimony, and whose citizens thus carry around proportionally less of the emotional and intellectual libertarian onus under which Yanks so dutifully gasp for breath. This dragging behind oneself of a whole gunny-sack full of insufferably-heavy "rights" for every order-disrupting scoundrel, although indeed growing, being still on the whole a relative unknown among English souls. As in my own opinion signified evocatively in a certain common British regard for historical structures, landmarks which carry much of this age-old morality in every weathered window-casement, low-slung tile roof, or wind-whistling eave, about which winds of the Holy Ghost once musically played. The American citizen by contrast scarcely hesitating to put the wrecking-ball to Independence Hall or the Capitol dome if it will widen some interstate by a lane or two, thus heightening job prospects in some dolefully-temporary, hole-digging-debt-driven "recovery". How "free" then is an America which is going to allow a Black Mass to be offered in Oklahoma City, for which indeed the city fathers are selling tickets today? What will these monsters and their infernal legions be demanding of us next, as of some diabolical and contradictory "right"? And how happy and free will it be after it suffers more of the ongoing avenging hand of God, any real duty toward Whom it learned so long ago to despise?

July 7, 2014: "Converts" on EWTN: an odd new breed.

I can't get over the near-identical testimonials of this long file of converts and reverts that appear on EWTN, mostly if not exclusively on "The Journey Home" series. They all sound like clones of Scot Hahn, with the same shocked or tentative gestures and facial expressions, the same conversion-related humor, with very little of any personal touch that would distinguish the one from the other. 90 percent or so citing "the early fathers" as their portal to faith, very few coming forward with a convincing event that was of decisive importance in their conversion, typically narrating a "lead up" that is much the same in nearly every case. Could it be that they know "on which side their bread is buttered"? In a New Church which few can forget was so majestically endorsed by George W., Condoleezza and much of the Cabinet, front-pew and stage-center at the funeral of JPII? Some number even expecting that "Jeb" will take up where George took off?

Meanwhile, the same old New Catholicism of speeches, sermons and addresses continues as before, and the Church sinks into a theatrically-impressive impotence never previously known. Could it be that these converts and reverts actually like it that way? Are they then really and truly converts or reverts? You be the judge.

July 4, 2014: Israel set to stage and sponsor another global jihad for the extermination of Christians, one which will make that of Mohammed himself look like child's play. Writing further developed over following days.

As noted here in an article of about a week ago this new Islamic State, a.k.a. ISIL, is another mask-wearing Israeli brainchild from first to last—much like those lithe white-skinned black-hood-and-leotard-wearers who incessantly blew up Iraqi police-stations some seven or eight years ago—the Caliphate another indubitably Mossad-led cabal set to not only completely alter the map of the Middle East but also to be a chief vehicle of a biblically-predicted latter-day global pogrom against Christianity. Staggering then was to be the news, having only hours earlier set aside my keypad in this writing, that Islamic State jihadis have just now released a declaration precisely along these global-conquest lines, announcing in fluent Spanish their intention not only to retake Spain but ultimately also to encompass the globe with bloody Islamic orthodoxy. An eventuality which as noted we ourselves had predicted only a week before. This little factotum of covering the face naturally allowing a tremendous variety of nationalities to take part in this monstrous new "jihad", and you can be sure there will be a host of criminal types of every tongue who will want to "get in on the fun". This as amply evident already in telltale-foreign facial features that are functionally exposed, many of them for instance suggesting the Jewish or the Gypsy nose, or the broad French-Caucasian forehead. One fellow of only yesterday was so completely covered from head to foot with a sort of gauze as to resemble a mummy or the Invisible Man—there in the 100+ degree heat—suggesting that he must have had a great deal to hide indeed.

Islam and indeed Mohammed himself were in my own opinion and as researched and advanced by the Catholic Traditionalist Abbe DeNantes of the late twentieth century a carefully nurtured and contrived Jewish invention of the seventh century, a sort of crude version of Judaism, and hence a rough-and-ready handmaiden for synagogue geopolitical designs of every kind. (The Abbe someone with whom I otherwise agreed only about half of the time). Noted street-savvy Hebrews having "seen an opportunity" in restless and militant desert Bedouin bands, "investing" in a heroic leading figure no mention of whom is made in contemporary writings, chronicles or official records until some sixty-plus years after his alleged Hegira. Jewish trade-route adventurers, during a 680s when this whole Bedouin enterprise became eclipsed by Jewish funding and oversight, thereafter leading newly-minted "Muslim" bands across much of the known world of the time, led by traders who knew every local path, nook or cranny intimately well, notably conquering North Africa and Spain, being stopped short only at the gates of Paris by Charles Martel, a champion raised miraculously by God. The first hysterics of the revolutionary army quickly running out of critical emotional steam. Islam the while being pieced together in a haphazard sort of way, as fevered vicissitudes of endless battle would allow, being an intrinsically unstable concoction, albeit bursting with monotheistic followers seemingly quite sincere. A creed in which incendiary phrases hold uniquely special appeal, and measures of cautionary discretion are readily and often bloodily despised: chaos and warfare having been the very nursery in which the new confessional child was born. Which isn't to say that Muslims are incapable of wisdom and insight to profound degrees, in recent centuries arbitrating a self-admitted transformation "to more advanced forms", but only that the religion is vulnerable in the extreme. Witness for instance the successive catastrophic demise of the first four or five Caliphs of the new early-medieval religion, together with great hosts of fated followers, or the fratricidal feeding-frenzy that came on the heels of the conquest of Spain, and you will see an ideal instrument for ever-sanguinary Jewish global intrigue.

Just because Jews don't always prevail in the scheme-of-things after they let loose another bloodbath upon mankind—as in a medieval Spain in which, although Judaism was placed oppressively-far above Catholicism, yet for-all-that remained just as low beneath Islam in privilege and prestige—this fact doesn't at all contradict assertions made here. As for one thing in Judaism we are dealing with a proto-Marxist struggle-dialectic which sees endless conflict, incessant rises and falls, as definitive to a bloody-but-glorious thesis-antithesis-synthesis Jewish serpentine-phenomenological destiny. Organic hereto then being an essentially-Jewish struggle-obsessed capitalism, on a see-saw with an equally conflict-transfixed communism: the whole deus ex machina a piece of global-playground-equipment of astute, ever-bobbing synagogue design. Judaism indeed—together with a Jewish people absorbed entirely thereto—being the Deity itself to fevered minds, and any amount of turmoil or idolatrous propitiatory suffering on its behalf counted well-worth the cost. Human life easily meaning very little to fanatical minds of such a stripe, innately-dual-citizen Jews having since ancient Zealot days developed a form of radical patriotism for the greater global-Jewish cause with which they have managed to endow America, their chief surrogate home, as well. This shared Jewish/American nationalism having an apocalyptic vision which for all its hedonism discounts human life and happiness as relatively expendable "for the nation", with abstract and Orwellian "form of government" loyalties in the USA forming a close parallel to the apotheosized secular-messianic Jewish state. Both being conceived of in life-despising visionary terms which far exceed monotheistic religion itself in motivational power to those involved.

Alas, scales are set to fall off many eyes in a hurry very soon, but for most it will be much too late. Still, Our Blessed Lady will snatch victory from the jaws of global jihadist defeat, as promised at Fatima: "In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph, Russia will be converted and there will be peace." A newly-Catholic Russia to be the pivotal Marian agent in coming apocalyptic events.

July 2, 2014: Catholic Quietist heretics: "Men in soft garments who live in the palaces of kings (or presidents)." Yet another aspect of the deciding enormity of our times, much considered on this site: the suborning of the Church to the secular power, and from there to the synagogue. Each little shift in the spotlight or micro-laser-beam on this all-determining subject, brightly outlining nuances seemingly of little importance, nets untold practical insights of the most revelatory kind. Article developed several times later.

All through Catholic history the most difficult of all doctrines to be applied in practice has been the ceaselessly-warred-over Unam Sanctam of Boniface VIII. Hardly any injunction upon all humanity to "become Catholic overnight or go to Hell", as it is so often breezily and erroneously, callously and conveniently misinterpreted, this divine command enshrined in the Supper-room "two swords" of church and state is very simply a concise declaration that "both of them (are) borne on behalf of the Church". This incontrovertibly frank admonition being nonetheless cunningly attacked in various ways—as if by a team of lawyers seeking to circumvent some plainly-stated law—dismissed as "a mere theory", "not really infallible", "an outdated pre-Vatican-II concept", "a political matter beyond the scope of religion", and so on. As if infallible doctrine "the same yesterday, today and tomorrow" could change with time, as if religion didn't have the sum total of human life under its oversight, just as does God Himself. The Church being that blessed institution to which "every creature must be subject (i.e., under the spiritual/political jurisdiction of) in order to be saved" (Unam Sanctam). This of course by the sliding scale of the degree to which the nation or people involved has accepted the Catholic Faith: any damning rejection of which logically requires sufficient knowledge, and hardly binds anyone not thus doctrinally endowed. Although even here today's stunning new breed of flag-waving-heterodox New Church figures love to go on tangents about "due diligence" or "openness to grace"—elements assumed in every case to spur the soul strongly toward further inquiry regarding the One True Faith—here a glossing over of circumstances of brutal drone-strike warfare, of innocent but bomb-vulnerable childhood, of mockingly-prejudicial treatment. A clever casuistry with deafeningly-unspoken ramifications into Yankee "rights" with impunity to invade foreign—read here especially Muslim—lands. Religionists presumably and yet-less-spokenly having "had their chance" to "see the light". While over and above such eighteenth-century-Jansenist/Rigorist polemic there is the critical proviso that all states are also and prior to the acceptance of the "Gospel of Peace" bound by a "natural law written on the human heart" and mind: a fairly-unremarkable teaching which, strangest of all to say, these doughy "Catholic" apologists can scarcely quietly abide. Since, plainly enough, Uncle Sam is a notorious pervert peddling his wares around the globe, and under this natural-law provision would be impeached beyond reprieve in noted Muslim-smashing, "nation-making" goals: against turban-wearers who have "had their chance". The genuine doctrine—readily extractable from judgmental, artificial and insincere nonsense considered above—having been brilliantly elaborated a generation before by St. Thomas Aquinas in the Summa's Treatise on Law—and thereafter courageously enunciated by Boniface in the midst of an apocalyptic struggle between the Church and the civil power as uniquely represented in a greedy and recalcitrant England and France of the times. With the holy Boniface indeed to die in captivity under the venal and corrupt Phillip the Fair scarcely a year after the Bull was written, succumbing at last to torture and mistreatment of many kinds. The state in this and similar far-from-historically-rare cases either attempting to be "holier than the pope": as in the case of a Byzantine Emperor who for centuries priggishly corrected the Patriarch of Constantinople for any perceived liturgical missteps or peccadilloes he might commit, or for pulpit teachings with which "his sovereign" might disagree, right there during Holy Mass. Or on the other hand with the state claiming some sort of utterly-pagan "Sun King" prerogatives of an absolutist Louis XIV. Or yet again and more to our own point here, in a later and more-directly-diabolical development, with the state under intrinsically-invalid Enlightenment-Era forms—these far more state-totalitarian than anything seen before, led historically, polemically and militarily by the USA—claiming to be able to fashion law according to its own will and whim, without any reference at all to either the natural or the divine-positive law of God. That criterion which quite the contrary rigidly determines whether a law or a government is valid or not.

Now this is where apologists of New Church—who wholeheartedly accept this bald-faced-Freemasonic definition of political liberty, endorsed so thunderously at Vatican II—this is where they become extremely didactic and erudite, and by the time they're finished with their lengthy disquisitions—notably on EWTN—they will make Suarez into a thirty-third degree Mason extending lodge-hall handshakes on behalf of Inalienable Rights to Locke, Madison and Rousseau. How is this brilliant feint-of-hand achieved? By taking rapid flight into pure philosophy: for when practical brass tacks are the matter-at-hand, falsehood always dictates a flight into the arcane and abstract. While conversely, according to this handily-reversible little wordsmithing rule, if theological or intellectual precision is what is required then you get not even pragmatic slogans or one-liners but Father Mitch's "winking with the eye and poking with the foot", in front of plainly disconcerted studio audiences down on the Alabama rolling hills. But the fact is that brief and genuinely-stirring slogans like "inalienable rights" as championed not only by Suarez but also by Aquinas and Mariana have more to do with individual than with political man—a giant categorical leap-in-thought pulled off with uncanny neatness, scarcely-discernible to the unlettered at all—corporate humanity being on the other hand encumbered by so many intricate complications, qualifications and provisos that whole libraries can scarcely hold the books required. For you are talking about a genuinely-impartial law being applied to infinite vagaries of human life, where "liberty"—apart from pure spirits living in celestial realms—is only one-of-many element that goes into the mix. Ah, safe ground then, to launch off into starkly-abstract philosophical declarations which incidentally allow us to take our places beside the eager fifers and high-stepping drummers on the doughty old tin-type picture. In the meantime easily losing the unlettered-but-unconvinced layman in impenetrably-dense intellectual thickets wherein Aristotle, Boethius or Ballermine are to be found.

Thus do the several "grave doctors" on EWTN work themselves into the impossible but tenaciously-maintained corner of championing Napoleonic incursions of the modern Godless state, as being a saintly savior of "inalienable rights" of global perverts and killers of every stripe, for whom we must "do or die", with an open-ended mandate to destroy Muslim nations and peoples as if they were so many sub-human pests who have "had their day in the sun", their chance to be converted. Miscreants who must now—of course none of this ever being actually said—be cleared away so that "same sex marriage", Wal Mart and the Fed can "serenely" rule the day. Insensibly inserted into the whole obtuse dialogue with—or regarding—foreign nationals being a kind of inane jocularity which has no sober and earnest "base one", a "they've had their chance" which tacitly assumes a lack-of-moral-standing of Muslims to whom—or about-whom—one speaks. Here being a notorious "cool" offhandedness which somehow allows the ever-righteous Yank to treat another human being—having so profoundly pre-judged him—like a kind of middle-aged tow-headed kid whose hair one can roughly jostle at will. Here too of course being handily provided yet-another ploy allowing Americans to keep an "upper hand" some of us somehow think we deserve, in a nation where it is drilled into the pre-school-to-grad-school head that "strong personalities"—read here dominant personalities—are the only kind respectable, healthy and sane. Ah, breeding-ground of world peace, indeed, and a brainwash from which it may easily take a wasted lifetime to be freed.

A moment's reflection reveals why the Unam Sanctam doctrine is so difficult for some: as once the secular power is placed under the benign and merciful sway of the Church then the powers of Hell are truly humbled and vanquished in the most resounding and magnificent way. Hardly then did the "preaching of the Gospel to the ends of the earth" envision us hiding away in our homes while pimps and perverts control the streets and the public domain. Rather enjoined by Christ is that the "honor and glory of God", our chief task here on earth, be with official pomp and circumstance, with glorious pageantry practiced and displayed. In all of which—give me a break, "wounded" sodomites, atheists, baby-killers, feminazis et al—there is plenty of room for liberty and other "inalienable rights"—these however not allowed to totally vanquish God, life or justice from the public—and by direct consequence inevitably also the private—realm. This public celebration and institutionally-elaborated worship of God, with Old Testament forerunners by the score, being a once-familiar millennial element of a Catholic Faith "passed down to you", which if anyone gainsay, even if he be so prestigious as "an angel of light"—let alone an antipope— "let him be anathema". Such pomp and openly-expressed "ghetto" piety as I'll wager the carefully-vetted clerics on a heavily-establishment-supported EWTN despise in the bitterest possible way. A deadly prejudice against this Unam Sanctam Catholicism of trench-fighting Catholics of the seventeenth-century colonial period having been written into doughty New England Colonial psyches since the first failed Virginia colony at Plymouth Bay, and thereafter into every fiber of a John-Carroll-heterodox American-Catholic soul. These by such thrifty means allowing themselves to take part lustily in the butchery of (often French-taught Catholic) Indians and the taking of their land: a bit-of-genocide which equally-doughty Bush/Obama-era Catholic descendants can hardly allow themselves to condemn or despise. The formidable figures on the noted "global" station being however the real fife-and-drum Lexington revolutionaries of today, going well beyond sane political flexibilities of ordinary Catholic clerics around the globe.

This little piece of readily-comprehended doctrinal ground, Unam Sanctam—so clearly enunciated over the millennia though it was—has thus understandably been the most hotly contested by all Hell and its emissaries, chief-of-which are the ever-plotting and manipulating Jews, helped along by immemorial ever-mawkish partners like the noted TV crew. A synagogue whose myriads of "indispensable" hyper-literate agents in late-ancient and medieval royal and noble households were perpetually busy cranking out "what you have to understand is…is" qualifiers and caveats which effectively neutered the whole thrust of the Catholic political creed thus spelled out by the martyred pope of circa 1300 AD. Whose laboriously-built-up, heroically-maintained, millennial institutional ramparts, turrets and keeps are near-impossible to recover once they have been surrendered to, and duly razed to the ground by, the pragmatic and implacable foe. Jews so empowered by simple brute force of loans whose collectors were various also-indebted black knights, power-lusting dukes or heretical/revolutionary hoards of Hussites, Lutherans or Albigensians. This age-old Jewish loan-sharking having indeed now come full circle to encompass the Vatican more deeply than ever in its deadly net, Francis having recently placed Vatican finances under U.S. supervision via the Treasury Department, to which is inseparably attached the world-dominating Fed. A move revealing once again in glaring sunlight the folly of my ever giving New Church and its minions and apologists a break of any kind: having here on this site only a few days ago characterized this antipope as somehow showing some Catholic spittle in scolding the Mafia at an open-air mass. When in fact he would do far better to leave church finances in the hands of Mafia dons than to thus place it under the "tender care" of the mob-directing Synagogue's own Central Bank. While finally the noted ubiquitous Jewish and Jewish-protégé doctrinal mincing, clipping and trimming activity produces an impotent, effeminate mockery of the church-and-state doctrine in the case of the Church, and a brutal and insensate despot in the case of the state. The latter hardly the chivalrous, Church-liberty-guardian St. Louis of France, my own beloved patron, of a mere few decades before Unam Sanctam. A noble king obedient to a divine commission of a millennia and more before, in the superbly-militant lunge-and-thrust "touché" of the Supper-room repartee.

Without this doctrine being forcefully and consistently upheld the virile layman is ultimately banished from any significant place in the Catholic scheme-of-things, EWTN-style being advised to become a "new evangelist" sort of warmed over cleric, or yet-more-commonly a half-baked copy of his mom or wife. Dad no longer even a defender of his own family discipline or of neighborhood decency, let alone of a Catholic crown: holy rollers and hysterics of New Church having no place at all for weathered-eyed, callous-handed farmers and steelworkers of yore. With religion in all applications and respects taken over entirely by those "men in soft garments who live in the palaces of kings", as much represented nowadays in the post-Vatican-II limitless "love and forgiveness" breed. With no apologies—let alone punishments—of the vicious and perverted ever being required for this blanket absolution to be with dripping ostentation bestowed. Hence after the manner of the error's odd name does the Protestant Quietist or Catholic "Pietist" heretic quietly and assiduously—hardly holding the state to the divine law, let alone to the honor and glory of God—back up every conceivable unnatural abuse or aggressive war of an overweening secular power, with the much-noised exception of a condemnation of abortion so wanly emasculated as to have had little impact on the decades-old bloody, billion-plus Canaanite institution at all. Hence too does the classically-Pietist EWTN, following obediently in the proto-Pietist footsteps of Vatican II, quietly prepare the way for an "immigration reform", war-drum-beating Jeb Bush—a candidate otherwise utterly unpalatable to Catholics anywhere—to neatly and quietly take over the White House in 2016. There the ingratiating partnership set to swimmingly continue of a sugary-sanctimonious American Catholic Bishop's Conference with the Genghis Khan family of the ages, a scarcely-hesitant peddler of officially-enforced sodomy, scholastic-and-industrial brainwash, a never-mentioned but equally-abominable organ-snatching death-redefined, and a scarcely-inhibited abortion-on-demand. The clergy here obediently taking their places in the despair-ridden two-party tug-of-war which is the sole practical legacy of our non-law-of-God and thus intrinsically-invalid and inevitably-murderous system-of-government. The Washington see-saw being one in which both sides are an abomination, "but at least the one side (of practically any issue) is the least of two evils". A system whose few reasonable laws we of course must obey, as our very reason is part of the divine natural law.

Thus are "Catholic" bishops set to smile benignly over it all—as in so many other trite-but-abominable official settings in so many ages past—and EWTN inevitably to stage a host of programs that play inanely, irrelevantly and favorably around the edges of bloody, infernal and totalitarian U.S. abuses-of-power. The Pietist state-pandering heretic being indeed revoltingly like the "female" partner in a sodomy relationship, smiling wanly over boorish crudities of a heavy-handed counterpart: the effeminate in every age, for all their storied "gentleness", scarcely impeding the pitiless shedding-of-blood. This unnatural "pious" figure a notorious stock item in any one of 11 centuries of Caesaro-papist Byzantine courts, fulfilling to the letter the noted scarcely-complimentary Gospel sketch of Our Blessed Lord quoted in the title above. He in that rare passage painting with a broad brush of unique divine sardonic contempt these pliable "creatures" of the secular power. By context of the words plainly indicating in particular those compromised clerics whom the Divine Master knew would later so much abound, and treacherously benefit by reciprocal official effusions of every kind.

July 1, 2014: The Bush/Netanyahu doctrine: mere suspicion is thunderously actionable. A new humility which surrenders rational powers in the face of such abominable things.

What is it that more than anything else gives place nowadays to hair-trigger-actionable suspicion? You know as well as I that at least half the time such indictments are handed down by means of some well-choreographed and propagandized false flag operation. Where are the bodies of the "three teenagers"? Are they having closed coffin funerals? Could it be that the eighteen days it took to "find" them provides the plausible excuse to keep their "bodies" from view in all regards, including keeping the coffin-lids closed? And if they are indeed dead, then who did it? I myself put nothing past the Israeli authorities, who have demonstrated themselves over and over again to be iron-hearted cynicism personified. As was indeed an also-Jewish Hitler, hoping in his inhuman policies, sometimes directed against his own Jewish people, to gain similar commanding moral high ground for Jews of all future time. Ah, something "expedient" indeed, as in the utterances of Ananias and Ciaphas in the crucifying of their own Jewish Messiah, it being allegedly "expedient that one man die for the nation". In any event, it smells too much of another Hollywood screenplay, people, and the Jews have lots of experience at this sort of thing inside and outside of Hollywood.

This is the sort of "justification" for butchery that propelled George W. Bush into the Iraq War, one which he safely later on essentially admitted was conducted as a personal vendetta against Saddam Hussein for somehow offending his father, George H.W.

And of course we Christians, whom the crypto-Jewish Bushes decidedly are not, are expected by our own clergy to grovel in the dust, to throw it in handfuls on our heads, in humble declarations of eternal faith in and attachment to such butchers as these. The bleating cry allowed us as we are led to the slaughter pen, just around the corner: "mine is but to do or die".

The whole ugly thing is set to be replayed again with the coming election of a hand-synagogue-picked "Jeb" Bush, a real Southerner from New Jersey, except that there's not going to be enough time. For by the time God gets done with the liars, genocides and traitors that now ride herd on Washington and rule the earth from Tel Aviv there won't be enough of them left to fill a thimble.

June 30, 2014: Grace perfects nature, it doesn't change it. Neither does Catholicism depart from the age-old institutional life of man, from the formative sequence of cult-culture-law. This is one of three or four constant themes here, attempting to clarify critical subjects now gravely hamstrung by myriad nuances-of-falsehood such as only the modern media-and-scholastic brainwash can supply.

Thus our examination of subtleties, of the "space between bone and marrow", in this case attempting to strike the undergrowth from around the ankles of indispensable Catholic redemptive goals. The Redemption being indeed about the total transformation of man politically and organizationally as well as personally, "in the inner chamber" of ones soul. True Catholics hardly "jumping off the deep end" and with a "holy" wave of the arm dispensing with these institutions, ranking them somehow as base, despicable, no longer worthy of the trust and esteem of those "newly evangelized". Making bold, in heroic JPII photo-finish style, to radically-modify or replace these institutions which men have consistently employed throughout time, without exception historically submerging the civic order with moral values enshrined in the national cult. Rather does Catholicism embrace these familiar structures and ranging associations, in domestic/patriotic intimacy suffusing them with grace, with supernatural life, thereby alone uniquely enlivening the political/economic Fatherhood of God. God thereafter, if I can be excused for using the comparison, not "going home and taking his marbles with him", like a childhood companion dismissed as "out of the league" of "practical-minded" champion marble-shooters who have summarily—with great Enlightenment-Era declarations—taken over the neighborhood dirt-lot. Thus proportionally neither can Catholics or Christians contemplate a pacifistic laying down of arms, using facile excuses that "Christ was so meek": for repeatedly He makes the stringent point that this isn't what He means by such a virtue at all. But alas the synagogue with its many "highly useful" apparatchiks and "handy in a pinch" purveyors will always manage to warp the Faith in precisely this way: or by way of a potent revulsive, turn out a Barbarossa or three to show us all "how we mustn't be", to worry home the point that a Catholic military or militancy has no place in the Church Militant.

But with weary pulpit-familiarity, this is where the do-all and end-all Vatican II would abruptly have storied humility and meekness supply for all things. As New Church would have it, man must be raped of his religiously-formed civic institutions before he can be admitted into the fold, religion being "cleansed" of all association with vulgar official or pedestrian things. These being left to wallow in the hog-sty of a total lack of grace, goodness or love. Like the sallow, simpering, milk-toast minister on the brainwash-impregnated false-frontier-model "Little House on the Prairie" of divorced-and-remarried Catholic Michael Landon lore: that now-standard image of a cleric whose back-stage alternates are the mocking, blunt or erudite, but never the gentle but firmly-fatherly priest or religious of pre-Vatican-II, Pius XII yore. The one-time-incessantly-pleaded "liberty of Holy Mother Church" for which armies of Catholics once fought and readily laid down their lives—that liberty which spelt the crucial moral formation of their young, far removed from ever-threatening cesspools-of-perversity such as we have today—all this suddenly found to have been sheerest folly of "sadly mis-oriented" men. Oh, no, of course, all these modern "called to the highest perfection" cloaked figures of New Church would never candidly say such a thing: rather is this a "great truth" about which we give out wane smiles, cough up our sleeves, or even do the biblical "poke with the foot and wink with the eye". That description of the fool which has now become the description of the wise man of these space-capsule times. For in the new synagogue-endorsed view we step off the proverbial end of the earth into a "beam me up, Scotty" convocation of cloaked figures, all of them waving these sorts of wands, bidding Catholic warriors and leaders to be those "super nice guys" whose most formidable weapon is a sort of bitter and effeminate sarcasm, whose most common posture is simply to beg and plead. As before a Supreme Court for which the law of God should be their starting-point, not a cause which must come before them hat-in-hand. This churchly impotence before a totally-alien state being so radical a departure from the well-developed historical place of religion in the organized life of man as to be a shameful comedy-act, a sort of slap-stick vaudeville. Whose hefty price of admission has been the loss of nearly two generations, of the whole bulwark of human institutions that was gradually during mid-century being sublimated, Catholicized, by growing desire of the common people of an entire globe. All this somehow rejected as "unfair advantage", "undue preference" by the "Religious Liberty" heresy of 1974, in favor of Michael Landon's wane minister, ever giving equal time to the pervert, the bomb-hurling "free speecher" or revolutionary, the home-breaker, to unjust, aggressive, gratuitous "make the world safe" Napoleonic War.

Alas, this is where heresy always leads, being its final implacable aim: the utterly breakdown of the Catholic social, economic and political order, that which is the prime prize of the synagogue, which intends to rule mankind come what may, and which especially hates the orderly, fraternal and divinely-obedient Gospel-Catholic-civic "Way". This false religion, this systematic denial of good order of Vatican II being only another weary go at the anarchic fanaticism of the Hussites, or precocious hippy-communal perversities of the Albigensians. For there is indeed "nothing new under the sun", as Ecclesiastes assures us, least of all in the "new and exciting" Catholic history of the past nearly-sixty years. But it was St. Pius X who claimed in his manly way that it would be "the laity that will save the Church". Thus then do we here on the National Anti-Sodomy Crusade take up the standard dropped so shamefully by a clergy overcome since Vatican II by the great lie detailed in this little piece. We aren't going to be worried into meek silence and impotence by a lot of sanctimony any more. The "state" as we might be termed taking up its proper biblical "sword", of the "here are two" of the Supper Room, and in this case leading the way for a Church systematically overcome by these Gospel "enemies of mankind".

June 28, 2014: The American Dream: the glorification of pain as an end in itself, a form of futuristic ecstasy or freedom.

Love is its own reward, and imparts a peace which makes us ever-young: regardless of the century in which we live. But as long as we think of continual transition as the do-all and the end-all of life then love is a sealed door, peace an impossibility, youth only as enduring as the new that wears off a toothbrush or some new electronic device. But in America this saga of progress is propelled into heroic realms in which the distant ever-advancing futuristic goal is always "worth the price", whether we call it simple sacrifice or the "blood and treasure" of gloating piratical lore, whether we pay it ourselves or someone else does. This cult-of-pain is really at the very pith of anti-matter heresies and idolatries of all times, even of that Baal worship which delights in fiery agonies inflicted on a newborn child. This worship of pain for its own sake, in which is found a continual "proving of ourselves" or of someone else. So that by extension this is the state of incessant warfare which Uncle Sam brings to an entire globe, having drenched his own continent in misery during centuries before, doing the legwork of a synagogue which is always looking for another fool, marshaling the world into a quick-step-futuristic column-and-line, slackers to be unceremoniously shot by the side of the dusty road. The whole economy, more and more exclusively expressed in the Stock Market, being a reverse-multiplier, non-remunerative, but ever-heroic whip on our backs, to keep us lurching forward along the gravel path.

Thus the cry of eternal Satanic rebellion isn't so much one of hedonism as of continual pain and loss: that which is indeed the eternal "price", the more-essential "blood and treasure" one pays for such a pain-worshipping idolatry. The disobedient child not really being satisfied with the delightful and engaging boons of his father's house, rather agitated toward the heady risks and daring-do outside: things that gather a crowd of admiring fools like himself, things that in the end can only end in death.

If we firmly resist this kind of fanatical persuasion and place our confidence instead in a changeless, eternally-painless, ever-youthful God, then we are invincible against demons of this restless sort. This indeed the Crusade to be found on this page.

June 28, 2014: My good Dad and a little tour of Croatian history. Article renamed and reworked from yesterday.

I speak with passion here on this site because of momentous things taking place as I write, and surely it makes some people smile that we here on the Crusade are as stridently critical of things as we are. Easy to dismiss being "hot headed" ravings of a Croatian-American whom perpetually-"cool" Anglophile Carroll Catholics of all kinds would readily dismiss down into a Balkan peninsula geographically identical to western Greece. Great and good people that they are, these Greeks, some of whom we have heartily known and loved, but hardly would they let all of Croatia "move in with them", bag, baggage, lamb-roasts, Slivovica and all. Their Uzo being for them a better brew by far. Alas, for the plain-spoken there's never anywhere to agreeably "lay ones head". But granting for a moment this near-universal desire to push a Central-European Croatia five hundred miles or so to the south and east, we must also acknowledge—revolting thought to some—that early-medieval Croatia—notorious "unearthed" Byzantine "maps" and "treaties" to one side—took in most of the ancient Roman Illyria. Before the year 1000 AD Croatia ranging indeed, or so spotty historical real information suggests, all the way down to the borders of Greece in the south, but also up to Trieste in the north as well. Solely excepted being apparently a tiny Montenegro, perpetually hermetical among its vaunted peaks, with Serbia only a break-away Croatian province whose new name wasn't heard-of until the thirteenth century, having gone into schism with Orthodox Greece. The Croatian battle with Byzantine-Imperial pretensions—claiming political and liturgical jurisdiction all the way to the Eastern and Southern gates of Rome—having been a defining one for the Croatian nation and soul. Byzantium ever the pawn of Jewish precociously-globalist control, Croatia's indomitable fight-against-which earned her early-on the title, "bulwark of the Church", from the pope in Rome. Croats, our noble name surviving after first mentions millennia ago in the Persian court, having during the same early-medieval times ranged all across a then-no-man's-land Central Europe, from Poland to the Dinaric Alps. Indeed with names like Slovenia and Slovakia having been mere variants of the same strain-of-Slavs of which the millennially-seasoned Croatian nobility was the vanguard force. This coalescing empire, ruled by "White Croats" also to be found in the vicinity of Krakow, some of whose citizens still call themselves Croats to this very day, as do some number as I understand in The Ukraine as well—Croats who had had a deciding hand in the creation of Rurik's Rus as well. This as attested for one by our continued astonishing similarity with the Russian tongue. A Croatia however cynically upstaged by the nefarious "Austrians". (Who, may I ask, ever named their beloved country the "East Empire" or Austereich? Suggesting rather the dispassionate presence of "indispensable" hyper-literate Hebrew-clerics busily forging documents in chanceries of the French and Byzantine courts.) The ever-invading and undermining Habsburgs, childhood wards, as had been the Hohenstaufens, at the Byzantine court, usurping, like all Jewish-finance-protégés do, upon the tireless labors of others not at all selfishly imbued, ending up "by hook or by crook" exerting their notoriously brutal and treacherous reign upon that noted vast Central European expanse of White Croatia. Giving much of this Rome-loyal Catholic region this map-legend-like name: an area thenceforth to be famous for nothing-so-much as a remorseless political/military guerilla warfare, from Barbarossa to Luther to Joseph II to Bismarck, against papal Rome. Thus too with staggering similarity would be clerically explained a Khazaria—said to have been the largest land-mass empire of the same conveniently-ill-documented early-medieval times—a name-of-a-country likewise undoubtedly translating as something like "Caesar's land"—suggesting indeed Roman Jewish-dominated commercial jurisdictions of a Silk Road a thousand years old. No single syllable of the tongue of a then-earth-ruling Khazaria having "unfortunately" survived. Sic semper a world ruled by word-smithing linguists and other "brilliant" academics in the effective synagogue hire.

But Yanks of all types and persuasions nonetheless long ardently to deposit we Croats "bag and baggage" once-and-for-all alongside allegedly-impetuous West-Asian Turks, Arabs and Kurds. Thus indeed was my good Dad treated in Joliet, among all the round-headed Slovenes, the Slovaks and well-connected Irishmen down at the mill, during his ever-youthful early-to-mid-to-late-century times: the dashing and athletic Luka or "Louie", impeccably innocent in character but often compared to Rudolf Valentino in utterly-unintended romantic appeal, being dismissed as an incurable radical simply because he invariably viewed burning issues of the day through the incomparable prism of his Catholic Faith. As for instance the inherent right of a papally-designated "bulwark of the Church" Croatia of World War II to be independent as well as officially Catholic, as its unique dual-crown arrangement with the Hungarian monarchy had indeed for centuries spelled out. This splendid counterpoise quickly consumed in a fifteenth century congenitally-gluttonous "Austrian" Imperial takeover, as usual "arranged" through some venal marriage of some kind, with the way no doubt cleared by an obscure but equally-"convenient" local-dynastic death or three, in a deadly, lurching state-two-step to be repeated dozens of times during the eight-hundred-year Waltz of the Austrian reign. The new Austro-Hungarian empire thereafter being predictably loath to recognize Croatia as even being a nation at all. Overstuffed great-power financiers, parliaments and thrones quickly accepting this monstrous lie, an epic injustice which centuries of intellectually-supine, politically-correct historians would quickly write into their highly-fictionalized accounts. (Evocative rhetoric always making up where "unfortunate" facts fall short.) Croatia being thus intellectually buried although noble Croats had single-handedly kept the Turks from taking Vienna at least once—in that incredible diversion by a great Croatian general who led the whole Turkish army away form Vienna on a merry chase, at the head of an infinitesimal Croatian contingent which paid for the heroic escapade with the loss of every single man. But not before decimating the Turkish army so completely that it had to forthwith return home. While Croats would likewise and repeatedly rescue a sum hundreds-of-thousands of Slovenians from Turkish slavers ranging to the foothills of the Alps, over high-medieval and early-modern times: Scimitar-wielding Turks who however had to pass back through Croatia with their human prey. Croatia humbly as always allowing some Pole or Hungarian to take all the credit to himself.

No, Virginia, there's nothing sing-song or "precious" about the Catholicism advanced here on this site: one could hardly make any worthy religious cartoons for kids out of its passionate pleas, teaching tots above-all-things to "lighten up" so they don't go bi-polar or get ADD. In perilous pitches-of-pathology coming to believing in ("delusional") Catholic Croatian heroism and chivalry, instead of turning-out politically-correct cynics of the map-making Austrian or Khazar breed. Or even worse, fail years hence to "land that job" or get that coveted degree. Indeed, they say that the passengers on board the Titanic actually placed the shattered ice that covered the decks from the monster iceberg into their night-cap drinks, in celebratory fashion extending their revelries, leaning over the deck or scanning the midnight seas. Alas, how many have been caught that way, like the biblical guy who decided "to build me more barns", poised on the brink of eternity.

June 26, 2014: Even the antipopes do better than the state of Israel in performing the vital function of a global supranational power.

The papacy has never presided at the top of a global underworld of smuggling, slavery and organized crime as have the Jews since the thriving human trafficking of late ancient and early medieval times, brokering pitiful masses of Franks and Northumbrians for slave-markets of the East, and in equally-prodigal amounts of unfortunate "Slavs" for barrel-head auctions of the West. Rather indeed even this antipope Francis, complacent collaborator with the enemies of Faith though he is, takes it upon himself to go down among the Italian-Mafia hit-men themselves and scold them at an open air mass. The Church perpetually working from an entirely different value-base than does an ever-cynical synagogue, with even Anne Katherine Emmerich's "odd new church" of Vatican II vintage predicted in the end to earn the deadly ire of its scheming masters. For even in these co-opted, compromised forms Catholicism retains elements irreconcilable with evils of this egregious kind, as it seems even the claiming of the simple name of Catholic carries some weight in heavenly spheres, as if God seems eager to "take us at our word". A certain rare ingredient-of-the-soul utterly foreign to those consumed with the desire to own and control the world and all its peoples, to demonstrate to them over and over again its treacherous and brutal, licentious and unnatural power. All the more then does the genuine papacy—a stranger to the Chair of Peter since Pius XII who died in 1958—have no geo-commercial or geopolitical axes to grind, only desiring that power proper to a father of a family, which is primarily exercised toward a higher good, toward turning out pious and virtuous souls. After which all other goals are ordered in descending importance: "seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these other things will be given you besides". These latter objectives too necessarily humane, generous and merciful, else they could hardly fit under such an uplifting and exalted primary goal.

But what do we have in the case of this modern-day mega-papacy of Israel and its inseparable American counterpart, AIPAC? We have a ruthless policy of suppression, indeed of gloatingly-candid extermination—as in newly-publicized Israeli policy goals vis-à-vis the Palestinians, involving "pragmatic" barbarities of a patently-diabolical kind—against those Palestinians who since before the end of World War I, by provision of the internationally-piratical Belfour Protocols, have been beaten and slaughtered, slandered and driven from their land. Even this latest ballyhoo over "the three teenagers" having the aroma of another nefarious false flag operation, with the conveniently disappearing Jewish threesome arguably eating snack food as I write, extending their bar mitzvah somewhere under heavy Israeli guard. Even as now the Israeli Mossad and their inseparable American black-ops counterparts manipulate this serpentine multinational ISIL, this reptile of their own creation: one in experimental development since the days of the Beslan Massacre of hundreds of school-children and before. A fulminating cabal whose masterminds our own leading Congressmen later wined and dined. The Hebrew stranglehold over the modern mind being exercised by a frightful combination of tyrannical protégé secret societies like the Bonesmen and the CFR, which hand down orders to governments around the globe, together with a rigidly-synagogue-controlled global media and corporate world: these factors and others of their insidious kind providing those Eichmann-like laboratory conditions under which such monster-conspiracies can alone callously thrive. In a lab as large as the globe. ISIL, this new band of heartless international killers, being no doubt the first installment of a biblically-and-prophetically predicted three and a half years of global butchery of the good, a hecatomb that will culminate in an epic battle which the outnumbered servants of God will decisively win. That Armageddon, that "Battle of the Birch Trees", happening almost certainly sometime in 2017, a year of high significance indeed. This date in my own opinion marking the end of a one hundred year period during which "the Devil will be given great power", to paraphrase part of a prophetic revelation given to Pope Leo XIII in the 1880s. A period of trial whose beginning—commonly assumed to have commenced immediately with these words—wasn't in fact at all specified, an age-of-horrors which rather seems decidedly to have commenced with the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, some thirty years after the papal vision itself. As hardly can such a consequential commencement be expected to pass basically without any public notice, with yet-another Vatican "secret" being sealed up tight in another Vatican jar. The beginning of this period-of-global-calamity being most fittingly ushered in by the Immaculate Mother Mary herself, mitigating in her motherly way the unparalleled horrors about to be released upon the human race, and most notably upon Catholics in a spiritual sense: a salient so at the core of the Fatima message, one which has remained locked up in the Vatican for all these years since 1917. Mary indeed doubling the frequency of her maternally-motivated apparitions and other miraculous interventions since that time when Lenin and Trotsky first took global center stage. The era after 1917 having all the earmarks of a global satanic infestation of the stature suggested in the staggering missive received by Leo XIII so long ago, in a lengthy-but-only-temporary triumph of that "master of deceit" who rules over these legions of world-controlling Jews, this biblically-identified "synagogue of satan".

Give me a father, a genuine pope any day over these international killers and slavers who have no love for we "the rest of men", who candidly consider themselves a breed apart. Although we give them every excuse, we forgive them over and over again, we indeed shower our love upon them, in imitation of that Savior they crucified. He Who said—not "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth"—but rather "love your enemies, pray for those who persecute you".

June 23, 2014: Russia, Fatima, custom and law. Why we stand with Russia in her struggles, as the only earthly hope of Civilization and Christian Faith.

The prime heresy of the abominable rogue-council Vatican II was beyond any doubt the radical separation of church and state: a cleverly-concocted error which always goes well beyond mere separation and ends in the wholesale surrender of religion and morality to "tender mercies" of the secular power. This heresy having already powerfully invested Western-Christian political thinking for centuries now, with even a saint of the stature of Thomas More almost apologizing to a doubtfully-legitimate Henry VIII for standing up to him in his gross usurpations of ecclesiastical power. More's meek gallows protestations, "the king's good servant, but God's first" being in my own view a real nadir, a devolution over centuries from the time of a rampant and indomitable Boniface VIII and his Unam Sanctam (circa 1301 A.D.): that infallible pronouncement which sets church decidedly over state in every matter under the sun. With the Gospel supper-room "sword" of the state ("behold, here are two") being distinct from that of the church simply in terms of a division-of-labors sort of practical functionality, devoid of any suggestion of the striking of any purely-independent official role or path. But the real break in the West with immemorial Catholic teaching on church and state would come with the Church's own mysterious absorption of the error into her own very blood-steam, as it were, brokering a subsequent nineteenth-and-twentieth-century Vatican hit-and-miss policy of non-interference in the adoption by Western nations one-after-another of Enlightenment-Era principles essentially false, unstable, destructive of the good order which both grace and civilized human existence require. This last abysmal phrase of Western-Christian pusillanimity vis-à-vis the state being however basically a stranger to the Eastern European soul and concept of leadership, in a region which has never been affected near as deeply by this infernal Judeo/Masonic sort of secularization. Even under communism having ironically-enough providentially seen a form of moral discipline touching base in many ways with Christianity, involving a twentieth-century sort of conservative personal character-formation by stages just then being utterly abandoned in the West. The East having been mercifully spared the stench of media corruption, of degrading and immodest music and styles which became the rollicking Western cause celebre, notably with the advent of the New Church of Vatican II. Eastern Christians historically having an uniquely full-blooded view of church and state, albeit in Russia with a decided dominance of the secular throne: a Caesaro-papism which however in the next breath must be admitted to have been impregnated with sacred associations, rather than being gallingly-secular in its approach. This in a dyed-in-the-wool Slavic Orthodoxy having colored in deep priestly hues the very warp and woof of Russian pan-institutional life. While similarly all the nations of Eastern Europe have had monarchies which strongly contributed to the national character, with church-and-state being tightly interwoven in service to the common good, "to the honor and glory of God". Even as Catholic Poland or Lithuania had no such dominant secular throne to contend with as did Russia, nothing like galling, long-standing Kremlin humiliations of Russian Patriarchs before the Imperial weathered eye, as in liturgical-ceremonial prerogatives which made the Emperor out to be an even more sacred figure than they. And finally, Eastern Christianity actually finds many parallels to this sacredly-imbued idea of statehood in many of the non-Christian nations of the East as well, which tend to hold society-at-large to rigidly-conscientious standards of good behavior in dress, speech and deed.

Thus my thesis: that this theological issue will be the dividing line that will determine Heaven's adoption of Russia and Slavic Europe as her champions in coming end-time struggles of every kind. These Eastern peoples who have kept a kind of native innocence, a lack of cynicism, being strangers to effeminate disclaimers of the Vatican II crowd, of Western nations which even now press upon Slavic borders with ribald abominations of every kind. Russia being as I hold marked out as the very latter-day savior of Civilization and Faith, being as I anticipate joined in this holy endeavor by the whole of her former Imperial Empire, and many Slavic-European nations beyond that boundary as well. She being predicted by the Queen of Heaven—at an apparition to 100,000 souls which included the terrifying and apocalyptic Miracle of the Sun, reported-on dumbfoundedly by the very Masonic press of Lisbon of the time—to finally obey Our Lady at Fatima (1917) and become converted to the Roman Catholic Faith. After which epic homecoming she can then supply to Catholics themselves an indubitably valid sacramentary for the first time in half a century. Having as she does a valid if-for-now-schismatic episcopate, Russia being able upon her conversion to supply for a Western counterpart vitiated beyond reprieve in malicious changes in sacramental form (wording) instituted by Paul VI in 1969, in a hijacking-of-a-sacramentary which today renders basically the entire Catholic episcopate of doubtful-validity at best. A Russian episcopate and associated jurisdiction (needed for Sacraments like Penance) set to be re-enlivened upon her accession back into the Roman Catholic fold, and indeed with Russia likely providing a long-awaited valid occupant for the Petrine Throne. She herself of course keeping her beloved Eastern Rite ceremonies, nonetheless to be a bulwark of orthodoxy for the Church Universal of all rubrics throughout the world. And especially against this insidious and cowardly heresy of the radical separation of church and state: an egregious falsehood which even the many different Western traditionalist groups tend to accept without any question at all. Non-acceptance of which error indeed marks one out for dire persecutions at the hands of these ever censorious and vindictive "conservative" offshoots of many kinds: these scarcely-hesitant enthusiasts for the Mongolian-hoard-like Caesaro-papist militarism of Uncle Sam. This one heresy, then, as formally expressed in the arch-heretical "Declaration on Religious Liberty" of 1974, being in my own opinion enough to justify a severing of oneself from most or all such Western parishes and national churches, now that the issue has gone from dissemblings of the past into open acceptance and obstinate proclamation. Sometimes indeed veritably duplicating the celebrated sixteenth-century theses-nailing on the cathedral door.

Plainly, the state can only claim some sole and unique earthly authority—"all of which" as Scripture assures us "comes from God"—by the dolefully indirect path of a comparatively obscure natural law, "written in fleshly tablets on the human heart": while by contrast the Church has all its teachings and authority, over an identical subject-matter shared with the state, i.e. right and wrong, directly from God. This by way of a "binding and loosing" chair of St. Peter, God's own very vicar on earth. Yet Catholics in the West became so pliable to a long-yawningly-accepted separation-of-realms heresy that when it was so boldly announced at Vatican II Western prelates and theologians mounted basically no opposition to the aggressively-promoted error at all, while themselves easily silencing or discouraging any hesitancy or dissent from more-tradition-minded bishops of the East. Archbishop Marcel LeFebvre of the traditionalist Society of St. Pius X being almost the only one excepted, producing indeed a brilliant defense of the Church's constant traditional teaching on the matter. A publication which oddly enough he himself survived by only a year or two, and although already seriously ill nonetheless dying under circumstances that were strange indeed. The many sudden and "convenient" deaths of staunchly-conservative priests, religious and prelates just after Vatican II, with more than one of whose strange circumstances we ourselves were acquainted, being a study that has yet to be done, and which would no doubt net some shocking discoveries indeed.

Found in this New Church wholesale repudiation of institutional-transformative aspects of the Catholic Faith is no doubt a major salient of the Great Apostasy, in opting for a Rapture-bedfellow notion that the very divine Kingship of Christ must humbly and patiently "wait until His Second Coming". This abominable-but-constantly-repeated rejoinder of New Church outlets like EWTN revealing Vatican II and its fifty-some-year-long string of antipopes to be essentially Satanic in its convictions, dethroning God of His sovereignty on earth. Even if the station provides one good feature: that Mercy of God novena, put to song by a Slavic-American Church-congregation somewhere in the East, a devotion which marvelously transcends the theological errors of our day, begging that mercy which is offered by God in so prodigally-generous a way. But alas for today's Western nations, some of them strongly under New Church sway, increasingly armed-to-the-teeth lands which mount little if any opposition to abortion, sodomy and other filthy, cowardly and unnatural school, media and government promoted things. This Vatican-II-finalized radical separation of church and state—which should rather read "emasculation of the church vis-à-vis the state—finding New Church Catholic clerics today wringing their hands in despair over the anti-life, anti-family turn that government and society have taken since the celebrated council of 62-65. This although antipope Rome had liberally granted these same administrations the "religious liberty" to put into law these immoral, perverted and lawless things. Arch-eloquent men-of-the-cloth now seen to be weeping over stable doors long ago left ajar. This all the while, true to "synagogue of satan" origins of cryptic Hebrew financier-infiltrators and their secret-society protégés, séance-like Charismatic protestations of "Lord, Lord" attend this Luther-anticipated non-political, "purely spiritual" religion: an issue-impotent project, incapable of any serious effect upon an ailing social order, a glorified "prayer meeting" strictly for disembodied or deluded souls. New Church swearing-off any collaboration of human law, custom or tradition in its mission on earth, a surrender commemorated to this day in gloriously-noisy, banner-flapping celebrations and proclamations of every conceivable kind, at every possible chance. Each new event or anniversary calling forth renewed paeans in what amounts to a kind of Irish wake for a Church now all but dead and gone, smiling-but-sinister processes absolutely denuding the Catholic fold of those beloved national and neighborhood fixtures which once ministered so sweetly to the raising of a virtuous and civilized young. This wholesale overturning of holy landmarks—absolutely plowing under millennial gains of the Catholic Faith—this victory of Puritan/Albigensian fanaticism remembered as "new and exciting" only by those many compromised priests who have been like a "wet blanket" on fervors of Catholic life since those chaotic times. Civilized and holy achievements of two millennia having been swept away in the course of a mere fifty years, with rapturous exclamations only gaining in volume as the mammoth capitulation gathers momentum each day. But fellow faithful Catholics, "lift up your heads, for your redemption is at hand" from false and treacherous shepherds set to be driven from Godly pasture-lands.

June 23, 2014: Morbidity: today's politburo avenue to totalitarian control over each human being.

Indeed, by way of an elite-piloted, rank and insufferable morbidity has disgusting and nefarious, once-universally-abominated sodomy been painlessly ushered into the shameful prominence it boasts-of today, this new "social relationship" by artificial inducement fast becoming the new normal. Giddily brokered being a breed of Americans irrational, violence-prone, let loose upon the rest of us being immense numbers of utterly unpunished and unidentified killers and stalkers, not to mention myriads of detestable mockers, voyeurs and mimes. A prime element in hypnosis, morbidity essentially plies an absolutely-humorless drawing-of-attention to some nonentity, some utterly-meaningless movement or object or set of moaned-out words, craven absorption-in-which arbitrates a personal capitulation into the hands of the master-of-the-hour. And you also see striking mass-induced parallels in this today-standard absolute pan-institutional disavowal of what we used to call "a sense of humor", all the while revoltingly childish and demeaning commentaries at highest levels continually abound. Genuine humor, fast becoming a lost art, being sole potent natural antidote to morbidities of every kind, whose doleful abyss is critical to rapists, scoundrels and dull mass-hypnotics of Kerry and Clinton, Obama and CNN. Hence standard hip-boot-official reactions to anyone who would ever again dare joke about something so terminally-morbid as the present-day American obsession with terrorism. This new Patriot-Act-adjudicated infraction easily landing you in hot water indeed: for alas, someone "up there" wants to boil a kettle of fish, and you’re the perfect candidate if you go anywhere near the bubbling "war on terror" pot. Or like servants too close to the furnace of Nebuchaddonosar you yourself by dint of some irreverent humorous commentary will readily by roaring flames be consumed. Thus too periodically are sent out multiple "madmen" like Miller just to stoke the fires, to multiply object-lessons that no one will soon forget: so important is the perpetuation of this mass morbidity to foreign and domestic policies and futuristic projects of every stripe.

Thus irrupting in ever-necessary shock-waves of fantasy today is basically a continuum of a hyper-vindictive "New Age" militancy first introduced some 120 years ago: that which even back then rigidly forbade any "irreverence", any making light of Brave New axioms, among teeming hoards of Anarchists, Marxists and other serious-as-a-toothache revolutionaries of every kind. Bomb-throwers, throne-emptiers prostrate even then before a Baal guarded by hungry, roaring subterranean fires. All this pomp, fanfare and delirium calculated above all else to drown out forever, to consume as choice burnt offerings, any prior humor-cultivating kinds of religious belief. So that with preemptive zeal is obviated any thought of religion as providing that eternal Law of God which is sole source of all just earthly law. This traditional, institution-molding take on the state having for Catholics been cast in admonitory tones of perpetual ignominy, worried out of its prior unshakeable ascendancy by oceans of carefully crafted statements debauching with ponderous abandon from Vatican II. At this juncture of church and state especially required being this keeping of a rigidly straight face—as of perpetual prostrations of "Catholics" before a rock-star "saint", JPII—in this ritualistically-solemn repudiation of traditions and customs of generations past. This morbid passing-of-judgment being the very practical meaning of modern "progress", with its Orwellian strides into a vaporous futuristic unknown. This will-paralyzing abandonment into other people's hands so at the heart of hypnosis, this vaunted secular messianism which has taken the place of all law. This morbidity-breeding Brave New World, to wit, whose panel-of-"justices" with implacable rigor strike down prior legal doctrines once unshakably firm. Taking great care to vitiate, to declare "unconstitutional" every single enabling clause for the Godly, well-ordered, well-balanced, well-humored way of life of past generations of men. These recourses which kept streets and cities everywhere safe by night now by unanimous opinion of this high tribunal adjudged to be the detestable source of terrorism and other frightful aberrations of this day and time.

Demonstrably, then, required in order to maintain "laboratory conditions" of hypnotic sociopolitical control is this ironclad collective atmosphere of morbidity, this abject, melancholy bowing-and-scraping before ever-changing symbolic idols of every shape and size. This reinstitution of an all-pervasive, despairing, morality-preemptive paganism as the official cult of both church and state, with only the most contempt-laced permissions granted to traditional Christianity, effectively neutered now with respect to custom, let alone law. Christians now allowed with trivializing indulgence "only to say Lord, Lord": a meager state permission greeted however by New Church functionaries and clerics with unbounded declarations of rapturous gratitude. A stone-faced obeisance being required as otherwise some faint hint of the old law-of-God-preserving sense-of-humor might return, and from there, who knows what? Terrors indeed, as a new breath of freedom, of an inseparable good order, Pasternak's hope-bearing "blade of grass", might begin to push through oppressive square miles of concrete poured over a once smiling and delightful land.

June 20, 2014: Casting about for suspects when the culprit has already been caught does indeed constitute a sort of wild-eyed "conspiracy theory".

Hence have we here on the Crusade never tired of repeating the millennial warnings and proscriptions of genuine (not gaily impersonating) popes regarding the Jews: that mammoth, six-inch-thick, two-thousand-year-long indictment which accounts in minute detail for every single conspiratorial crime or peccadillo so evident today on the national and international scene. Popes never all those centuries termed "anti-Semitic" for their trouble, sometimes in papal descriptions-of-misconduct so yawningly-familiar to today's ear as to veritably stagger the mind. A conference in Europe indeed already in 1893, of leading Christian men, having owned in exasperation and near-despair that, to paraphrase its declaration, "the Jews now control everything", an admission of impotence already well over a century ago. (See website In Today's Catholic World, which I think still exists and probably still carries the gathering's staggeringly-revelatory manifesto, together with a trove of other invaluable material. A site whose scholarship is plainly impeccable, but with which in some other respects I cannot at all agree. Alas, the facile and ill-considered "answer" of the consortium of those times was to basically just "be resigned", and eventually "good men" will pick up the pieces of the economic and political destruction that will with dire inevitability result. We today of course realizing that the Jewish aim isn't just to create chaos and destruction, and nothing more, but rather to see things cold-bloodedly through to something infernally worse, something we can hardly be "resigned to" at all.) Terrorists and revolutionaries of any flag or stripe hardly having the resources to conduct their operations without Jewry's legendary limitless sources of investment, of earth-denuding and apocalyptic transformation. The hidden and most-cunning aim of which synagogue chicanery, to which all other lesser projects are but so many instrumental means, being the final complete eradication of the Christian Faith. Hence do we politely acknowledge the existence of Bilderbergers and others, but declare yet-more-emphatically that they are merest messenger-boys, and they know it, too.

Of course, what Wolf Blitzer and world Jewry want from "sane" and "well behaved" gentiles is the rote blaming of all things violent—except of course for mounting U.S./Israeli butcheries—on ever-multiplying, gun-ownership-enabled, full-body-imaging-promotional "madmen". That incomparably-useful media-fronted factotum—with numerous state-level Napoleonic or Genghis-Khan equivalents as propaganda-needs might require—this epic-consequential top-level fantasy having indeed in one way or another determined a synagogue-directed American foreign policy since before the Revolutionary War. The USA being from the very start supremely an "end justifies the means" Calvinistic assembly, lending Puritan sanctimonies to "all that the traffic will bear". "Madman"-level depravities being with legendary "cool" efficiency blamed either on humanely-tasked eighteenth-century British troops or on some Lochner gone on some satanic spree, this mammoth rationalization constituting a doughtily-justified trail-of-blood whose telltale droplets would lead from Cartegena in latter-day Colombia in 1743 through the packing of Texas with revolution-seething "settlers" in the 1830s. Going on from there to accusations of atrocities by Indians treated like prairie varmints to be hunted down without respite. This epic global slander-campaign hardly missing a step in stride, proceeding to a Roosevelt/Delano/Bush and associates Opium Trade in Asia which directly or indirectly cost more than 50 million lives, this droningly-sanctified barbarity likewise breach-loading a demonization of Japan, in a slander-campaign glibly aware, just like today, that few at home had access to the facts on the ground "over there". The resulting Second World War another "peace-ticket" Roosevelt bonanza which with Roosevelt-specialty-drippy-theatrics sponsored an openly-Leninist Chiang Kai Shek, set on a bloody but very productive see-saw vis-à-vis Mao Zhe Dung. With a Lower-East-Side brokered Stalinist Russia running errands in between. This pretty little bit of Yankee Doodle ending in the barbed-wire consolidation of a communist stranglehold on the globe to the tune of about half its total size.

Of course, all this is "old hat" here on this site, but few here seems to realize the extent to which "free trade" already dominated life in North Atlantic colonial times. With all the arteries of Northern European transatlantic civilization coming by boat—as did indeed those of Spain and Portugal to the south—in the case-at-hand on ships either owned by Dutch or British Jews or commissioned by cargo-shareholding consortia of the same already-cosmic and cosmopolitan crowd. They who one way or another basically ran the whole Latin/Anglo entrepot from galleon stem to stern, with well over ninety percent of Habsburg-Spanish oceanic trade in Cadiz being contraband, mostly carried and rent-farmed by (often woolens industry connected) "Spanish Monopoly prohibited" English Jews (see my first book and related bibliography). This incorrigible international breed then heavily leaning on sovereign and secret-society alike, whichever prevailed at any given place or time, to create artificial motivators for doughty "patriotic" citizens grimly bent on determining foreign relations "the old fashioned way". The "crime" of the Georges, as it turned out, having been their uncooperative attitudes toward global-Jewish-hegemonic plans.

Ah, but how useful it is, "doesn't it just delight your imagination", to quote the Arab chariot-driver-magnate on Ben Hur—and to occupy for a moment the very Jewish mind—this calculated dividing of a whole world's aroused fearful attention in this way, sending a thousand blood-trail-sleuthing groups off on a thousand incriminatory paths. This bewildering division-of-energies unfortunately striking the modern mind as "so much more intelligent" than a simple, docile, childlike acceptance of two thousand years of papal decrees which amply account for everything.

Accordingly, not only morally but also practically speaking as well, there is no other recourse except a return to the pan-institutional reestablishment of the Catholic faith and social, political and economic system: the object of so much murderous attention. A perfectly benign institution, Catholicism, when not infiltrated by ever-Trojan-horse-inspired Jews, as shown tangentially and repeatedly in statements and policies of churchmen from every clime, who manage somehow at least for a moment to extricate themselves from the ever smothering and co-opting Jewish embrace. Hence the Coptic prelate from Syria a month or two ago in an EWTN interview, a genuinely pious and fatherly leader whom the doughtily-Yankee-patriotic anchor, I forget which one it was, plainly assumed had come on the air chiefly to give an aid-lucrative pitch on behalf of Obama's interventionist plans in that beleaguered land. (This being the general character of "Middle East experts" brought so frequently on the show). An Eastern-rite cleric who of-all-things rather attempted to get the truth across about the need for Syria to remain intact just as it is: belly-blow to a gasping newsman though such assertions might be, a guy unwittingly poised for another rousing vindication of Bush/Obama adventurism overseas. The good father heretically trying to tell the truth for a change, without completely alienating both Uncle Sam and the hugely-influential show. His however a prohibitively difficult task, fraught on the other side of a thin notional fence-line with mortal dangers of provoking reprisals from ISIL or some other such breed. A priest who in spite of it all couldn't repress a faint smile, perhaps even an imperceptible shake-of-the-head, over the irresponsible, juvenile temerity of this "global Catholic" newsman.

June 18, 2014: New Church and New World Order joint demonization of the good.

Thus the celebrated ultra-inclusive gran rapprochement of secular and religious powers of today: it is a coming together of Pilate and Herod for the condemnation and execution of the Holy One. According to which strange new departure in place of traditional disciplines toward a cultivated and virtuous life there is super-sanctified by church, state and secret-society alike this smiling gamut of mawkishly-mediocre sentiments, media-modeled immoderate outpourings of cheaply-bought emotion, grinning Reaganite or John-Paulian assurances of "mutual solidarity", and so on: with only he who would stand out in any way being held in suspicion, and ultimately thunderously condemned. Gravity, sobriety, careful habits of purity conversely becoming by stages associated with dark and fanatical things, with the truly good, the penitential and those of sensitive conscience being ultimately portrayed in this new scheme-of-things as being dangerous, as having psychological instabilities that are like "ticking time bombs". The new virtue everywhere being this propensity to "lighten up", this compulsion toward laughter and levity, as of a new spirituality, a new Gospel drachma, suddenly with great celebration ecstatically found. So that accordingly it would progressively become an "easy fix" to condemn as a terrorist, without any real evidence, some Arab with earnest and sober features for standard modern-day "united we stand" crowds to raucously condemn. While for good measure the CIA and Mossad, with lots of help from those crypto-Jewish "madmen" of which the USA is a global cornucopia, get eagerly into the act, making grave misrepresentation into bloody "fact", amply supplying needed violent episodes, red-handedly-convincing barbarity suddenly succeeding overt expositions of Christian living, of the "quiet and retiring", or of other seemingly virtuous to a high degree, in a cheaply-bought incendiary vaudeville with Patriot-Act-bolstering curtain-calls that run in the scores. Thus too have I myself witnessed the systematic, relentless mischaracterization of the good and spiritual in the nearly-sixty years since the election of the first of the modern anti-popes, John XXIII, as partly recorded in my autobiography, Apologia Pro Vita Sua, to be found in a link just above on this page. The whole massive imposture of New Church being convincingly choreographed in this mass character assassination, with such object-lessons strongly motivating the rejection as sheer folly of the entire Catholic moral-and-spiritual formation developed over two millennia, not only of clerics or contemplatives but of Catholic statesmen in desperate battles to preserve the Christian legacy, the pious training of youth. All these crucial fundamentals now ill-admittedly—with broad sardonic smiles rather than frowns—held to be passé, chief among which rejected main features of the Old Faith is the millennial teaching of the Church concerning the Jews. Ah, there then does it all stem. For Jewry, having penetrated into the very bone and marrow of the church like a cancer, now forcefully demands recognition for itself as a "way apart" to God, equally acceptable to him as is the Catholic Faith. Henceforth then may one hug mammon rather than God to his heart: even if speeches and sermons to the contrary may fairly abound, in a contradiction-in-terms which for the bewildered flock puts final nails-in-the-coffin of "that which has been passed down to you". This Jewish super-impunity being the new "dogma" propounded everywhere, notably by the ever-serendipity Francis I. While throughout the church abound open and unabashed declarations, as on The Journey Home of only yesterday, that the Church "has been in error for centuries" over such things. This biblically-identified unforgivable Holy Ghost disclaimer being in the words of a "converted" Jew brought on the show by the ever mawkish and craven Marcus Grodi, its host.

June 17, 2014: ISIS or ISIL code letters for Mossad. Article expanded.

That's who's leading and equipping this ravaging band of psychopaths: as revealed by the unmitigated barbarity, the hideous bouts of sadism, the ghoulishly-photogenic bloody psychodrama congenital to the global Hollywood crowd. That which likewise invariably accompanies heartless massacres of crypto-Jewish "madmen" here in the USA: plying the determined AIPAC desire to see full body imaging at the entryways to every store. As Jewry will never be satisfied until fellow countrymen are all exposed like so many naked subhuman bugs before their violating gaze. An expensive proposition, this store-redesign, which will thus in one way or another effortlessly scour "mom and pop" stores from the blitzkrieg path of Jewish commercial hegemony as well. Thus too does an Islamic expert reveal in today's Russian website RT, a guy who plainly knows the Arabian peninsula like the back of his hand, that there are a host of foreign fighters, notably including North Africans, to be found under the ISIS flag, leading elements of which plainly evince a photo-finish swagger foreign to mostly matter-of-fact Muslim men-at-arms. While a dead giveaway for the presence of Mossadist leadership and prodigal equipment-source elements is likewise the universal unaccountable covering of faces seen among the ISIS bands: a patently-feminine habit among Muslims, and foreign to Islamic fighters who are generally proud to openly align themselves with any cause they might espouse. And then too its hot and stifling under those thick face-wrappings, inhibiting those gasps-of-air endemic to typical exercises of military skill. The Mossad—who operate basically in every nation on earth—having done a host of ISIS-like coups in the past, in this case recalling in startling déjà vu those state-of-the-art black-stretch-cloth-covered phantoms, complete with hoods with tiny slits for eyes and mouth—of ten years ago. Muslim-abominated leotard-wearers at whose police-station-firebombing apparitions, as if suddenly landed from Mars, local Iraqis were positively terrified. And whose milk-white skin was evident in bare spots in photos where glove meets sleeve, or parts of the neck might accidentally be revealed.

How often, too, are banks "taken over" in a matter of hours by Islamic militants of any genuine type, instantly gaining access to a half-billion in funds? In financial institutions whose myriad security features hardly suggest anything like the old nineteenth-century shoulder-high safe, whose lock Western outlaws used to "blow" with a powder charge. ISIS having indeed prodigal resources now, and we can expect its recruitment to burgeon around the globe, as there is never any dearth of genocidal Hebrews of all nationalities, and occasional gentile dupes, to kill and torture their fellow man. While likewise we can anticipate many more banks and financial institutions being "captured" by this banking-elite breed. While the actual target of the whole bloody charade is of course the Christian masses, who are scheduled, according to saintly prophesy, if within a merciful divinely-limited time-frame of "time, times and a half-time", to be slaughtered like sheep. Here has all our liberal embrace of Jews and Jewish aims brought us, and we must now learn a whole new if bitter art, with due euphemism necessarily applied: how to swallow hard.

The classical prototype of all these war-provocateur Jewish global terrorists was of course a much-celebrated, Interpol-sought Latin American "Carlos", one of the founders of the brutal, multinational and arch-fanatical PLFP: a rabid policeman-killing terrorist group invented precisely so that it epic barbarisms could be falsely conflated, with the help of a highly-complicit Western media, with the tactically-innocent and genuinely-patriotic PLO. The life-story of the notorious international agent-provocateur reading rotely like those of Che Guevara and a host of other "romantic revolutionary figures" of the same general ilk: all these narratives revealing the Trotsky-standard well-to-do family and synagogue-cultivated bomb-hurling preparatory regime, from a fashionable-liberal dinner table political diet to university-level skullduggeries among Jewish circles-of-friends. These bloody biblical "enemies of mankind" always more-or-less deliberately leaving telltale signs behind, the Jewish chuspah signature, as it were, to convince themselves all the more that we goyim by our dense-headed credulity richly deserve the bloody world we get at their merciless hands.

June 16, 2014: Logically laying to rest laissez faire once and for all.

Immediately evident in voluminous arguments advanced by the "free market" crowd is that they take place in a perfect vacuum: a pristine notional void in which any number of properly-pure-and-rarified concepts can feel safely at home. Paradigms forthwith ridding themselves, no doubt through annihilating void-preparatory vapors of some kind, of lamentable and unfortunate baggage of the human lot. On its own exclusive level this "grand experiment", in a lab full of bubbling beakers and circuitous tubes, being akin to a kind of church picnic of ultra-Calvinists who can with grim determination cull down the fare on the common table from which choices are made, assuming that these nasty recourses will never be heard from again. A reduction-of-options which, alas for its turpitude, wouldn't survive a single hour out in the "vulgar" world beyond churchyard hedges so primly maintained. Accordingly, the sermon after the brief repast always fairly brims with indignant assertions of how "if only laissez faire had been able to function as it should have", that in such a "paradise lost" there would have been abundance untold, instead of the fable of rape, squander and pillage that starkly greets the historical gaze of nearly two-and-a-half centuries on these radical-Calvinistic-economic shores. In an American history providing as hermetically-sealed a "nobly experimental" environment for laissez faire as any such "pure" idea could in wildest expectations hope to secure. Always the contention is that it was evil Robber Barons who in some wildly-extraneous fit introduced an utterly-laissez-faire-foreign mode-of-behavior into otherwise hummingly-pristine works: unaccountably and with an utterly-alien and manipulatory lack of self-discipline gaining control of Government itself, that hated gargoyle from medieval times, and using it for their own laissez-faire-irrelevant private gain. (See among many others Hoar, Architects of Conspiracy. Boston: Western Islands, 1984). Thus then too the treacherous saga of "Colonel" House, of Presidents Wilson and FDR, men who somehow stepped off the primrose free-market path so generously and virtuously laid out before them. Alas, if only the sanitary, antiseptic rules of laissez faire had been observed, none of the horrors of the past two centuries would at all have been given any scope, larceny and corruption denied any foothold at all.

What is the answer, then? Why, to quote heroic Tea Partiers and Horatio-Algerites, it is to yet-more-doughtily demand that everyone set their faces like flint in determination to make these towering free-market principles stick: "'cause they're all we've got". That we put yet-more-power, in other words, into private and individual hands precisely so that no private party ever again attempts to let sloppy non-Horatio-Alger-like, non-Calvinistic, non-laissez-faire self-indulgence "take control of everything" again. As it did in the cases of J.P. Morgan, Gould, Kahn and Loeb, etc., not to mention the Rothschild clan. Is there a logical contradiction involved here? Oh, never mind, logic doesn't matter when it comes to such "noble" and "exalted" things.

Underlying such a massive non-sequitur is a paranoid suspicion against, even in some quarters a rancorous hatred for the good order such as was epitomized in Catholic socioeconomic and political system of medieval times: the above diatribe being a case of the juvenile delinquents taking over the reformatory, laissez-faire in many ways a clever economic-theoretical way of repeating Lucifer's cry which echoes even now off the walls of Hell, "I will not serve!" Reasonable, legitimately-arrived-at law being supremely applicable to the marketplace if anywhere at all, commerce by definition being an arena in which dishonesty is incessantly found, and which consequently needs the constant assiduous input of law enforcement, of tireless official vigilance. These alone capable of paying dividends untold.

June 14, 2014: Evident in Iraq-related briefings of past few days: political/military culture of brainwash and intimidation.

These generals and diplomats know both "where their bread is buttered" and how precisely to "mind their p's and q's", they know what they are expected to say. This has been going on since halcyon "united we stand" early days of George W. Bush's presidency: there is this "correct" declaration which has nothing whatever to do with the truth. Most notably recently in all things touching on Iran, there is this all-absolving imperative to implicate that nation's Imperial Guard as doing clandestine operations in Iraq: an allegation, like that of Russian special forces operating in Ukraine, which has never to any degree been substantiated. One which indeed even these very pliable dignitaries, having some shred of self-respect left, admit only in the most fidgety, tellingly-qualified and revealingly-circumspect sort of way.

Of course, we here on the Crusade and associated if seldom-alluded-to presidential campaign believe that the USA is now so completely taken over by AIPAC and its myriad cabinet-level tentacles and other ranging affiliates that there are few who have any idea what is going on. Foreign and domestic policy alike being for this Bush/Obama league a simple matter of expediting age-old, legitimate-pope-abominated, global-Jewish hegemonic designs, in whatever way "the traffic will bear". It really is just as simple as that.

June 11, 2014: More on morbidities of the rigidly paradigmatic. Did lots of work on this piece over the following day.

Always today in the place of yesteryear's positive reciprocities of intelligent creatures working in concert, each with his own will, his own ideas—within a traditional structure fed by a common love, a common will, a common weal—in a political/economic existence short on "prophetic statements" but long on concrete results—the quiet work of providentially-endowed alliances, of centuries or at least of generations in time—there is instead advanced by the two parties this notion of a preconceived set of loudly-articulated all-purpose absolutes, constraining mechanisms which arbitrate public objectives with little if any personal, individual input at all. This sort of generic mass response to infinitely-complex matters—issues always personified in individuals, typically fraught with thorny particularities which to be adequately treated require a familiarity handed down from father to son—this polar-contrary empty "blow and go" somehow held to be "democratic" but rather suggesting the herd of swine rushing off the biblical cliff. In "spooked" responses tailored to meet sacrosanct production and investment targets that are the only actual objectives involved. On the left are propounded certain unquestioned revolutionary transformations in values, in concepts, in the way things are done, being advanced as answering all questions in stride, while on the right is professed unbounded reverence for numerological utterances of Milton Friedman and others of his kind. These the new ideological Robber Barons under whose frowning dictums all flesh is without pity by right-wingers consigned. While the two sides fight each other implacably, never giving an inch of ground either way, unless of course it involves some hard saying of a to-all-those-concerned highly-dispensable law of God. The complexities of man and his societies, nebulae wherein his very nature is contained and defined, being as-it-were swallowed up in these all-consuming political absolutes which change glibly by the year, handed down by people said to "have everything well in hand". While for the shamefully hesitant there is reserved this final solution of some Lochner or Miller, or the skull-cap-wearer in the Denver theater, to show us how these rigid and impersonal imperatives must always somehow be obeyed. That it is only "mad men" like these who stand in "marching progress's" way.

Ah, but then you will undoubtedly point out the sacrosanctity of the Founding Fathers, how they instituted something entirely apart, indeed a veritable political Revelation on its own terms as exalted and supernatural as the theological of millennia before. (Why then weren't they "revealed" together? Nobody seems to know.) This impassible ideological sinkhole, materializing like a phantom after a deluge of well-crafted scholarly words, being inevitably met with on the highway of political thought here in the USA, with its equivalent overseas in Revolutionary figures a bit less savory in sanitary appeal, but all the more lustily embraced. Albeit the biographies of these estimable revolutionaries of the original Thirteen Colonies, all of them imbued with the latest Judaism-inspired Rothschild/secret-society ideas, have been gone over meticulously by a global academic and publishing monopoly, and the real truth about them demands a lot of independent digging indeed.

"Technology", that mystic/honorific word, is said to be the final seal of infallibility of these generic decrees, sealed by a Constitution which after a millennia and a half of well-developed Christian political life raised an exact replica of the ancient-pagan Roman state. The latter indeed by contrast allowing some saving scope for the natural law "written in fleshy tablets on the human heart", that which before the bench of haughty "justices" here today gains no recognition at all. Remarkably like the USA, Republican Rome having nonetheless been overwhelmingly designed to counterbalance greedy men against one another up at the senatorial top, while raping the earth as far as the rest of mankind was concerned. But this alleged technological warrantee for the mammoth rape of mankind of today, under the aegis of Uncle Sam, is being contested in a bloody court by the Taliban and a host of other basically primitive militants, trumping technology at every turn, gaining ground with each passing day. For in the end, contrary to all the above progressive/collectivist palaver, it is the human will that decides things here on earth, marvelously so when aided by grace. While geography remains the binding tie on its own humbler plane—let ever-debating senates be seated in nether regions where they belong—the land providing the cornucopia which needs little if any "technology" to make it fruitful beyond wildest dreams. (While by contrast Monsanto can only think of how to sterilize some new batch of poisonous gene-modified seed.) Within this polar-contrary reality of fecundity, of complexity, of an inseparable fragility, do we find the mystery of man: while if we try to dispense with these "messy details" we are left with Armageddon, with wasteland, with famine and disease, with a stealthy dumping of toxic or allergenic waste-products and byproducts into foods and over-the-counter medicines, a poisoning vaguely acknowledged in Latin lettering so small that it can't even be read, not even with the miserably-defective "magnifying glasses" provided by the marvelous "free market" machine. Caveat emptor is the smug Tea Party legal brief.

Is it always a struggle? Of course it is, and all the more reason we can't just drop our arms to our sides and let these synagogue-sponsored peddlers of sharp-edged and "efficient" paradigms rule the day. And we have some ideas here on this site toward this good and Godly "final solution", based not on massacres or secular dogmas but on love, trust, piety and goodwill.

June 10, 2014: Publicity-seeking killers/suicides at retail-stores as synagogue-sponsored provocateurs for the introduction of full body imaging in these places too. The Miller connection.

I have been writing about this regularly, a subject consonant with the Jewish belief that non-Jews are simply not human and can therefore be killed for any number of policy-provocative reasons, as if we were so many swine. Hence too the insatiable aspiring of Jews to undisputed if often well-disguised control of every notable organization or enterprise, being fueled by a fanatical motivation utterly unknown to genuine rational and compassionate sons-of-men. The synagogue being in fine the prototypical breeding-ground of that hideous scourge of mankind called psychopaths or sociopaths: they who debauch out of self-worshipful ritual doors in great, incalculable, incomparably-well-connected numbers. And it is incredible how often the name Miller crops up somewhere in this vast and deadly association. For instance, once when I first wrote a declaration of non-legitimacy against our proxy-synagogue Federal Government, and had gathered around me a small and perfectly-peaceful group of men with similar ideas, we were almost instantly infiltrated by a red-haired guy named Miller, who before my own dumbfounded ears instantly started laying out plans for a secretive stockpiling of guns. Of course, seeing how much confidence this guy displayed, I quickly dissolved the group, but not until I found myself being interrogated by that state's Bureau of Investigation, who however happily gave me a clean bill-of-health. And later in association with other spectacular or unsavory things, whether known strictly by me or of mass-public acquaintance, the name Miller has come up repeatedly, suggesting to me forcefully that it is one of several prime cover-names for the world's legions of history-shaping, bomb-throwing crypto-Jews. In a phenomenon first seen in the rise of the Anarchists such as assassinated so many heads-of-state around the year 1900 or so: an inhuman tool-of-geo-strategy that has been honed down today into micro-scientific terms, with the slaughter of innocents, and the blaming of others just as innocent, of the very essence of the whole heinous idea. That Mary the Mother of God is preparing to utterly smash the proud heads of these hideous serpents, and the "governments" that employ them, under her maiden feet: this is part of the divine promise, the Revelation, first uttered to our fallen first parents in the Garden of Eden. The name Miller—although some number thus surnamed I have known to be decent folks indeed—meanwhile perhaps on occasion even a code-name easily recognizable to these global conspirators—of which the world has known so many for more than a century now that it is puerile mocking gloat to call their recognition a "theory". The yawningly-common name conceivably somehow a trip-flag standing for many different things to bloody conspirators involved, a name that as I calculate is at least half the time Jewish in origin. While working hand-in-glove with these evil men are owl-eyed "I told you so" media pundits in their growing drive to make a familiar neighborhood institution out of these airport imaging stations, to be installed right there at the local retail store: the whole thing motivated powerfully in the public mind by these horrific slaughters seen more-and-more frequently today. This obsession with "making the world safe" being the direct route to an end-time condition of "being able to neither buy nor sell without the mark of the beast". That which can indeed be symbolized in many things. The epic synagogue trivialization of humanity too being uniquely epitomized in this running of persons as if they were cattle through such a personally-violating machine, capsulating the whole notion of the existence of a sub-humanity which deserves such denigrating things. The original and primeval racism, something otherwise unknown to men, this coarse-minded fabrication being originally entirely of Jewish historical origin, being the prototypical backward, humanoid-level, blood-axe-intelligent fountainhead of demeaning exclusions and barbarities of every shape and size. With the synagogue the dependable bankroll for all such hideous things. While "killing two birds with one stone" too will be an inevitable driving-out-of-business of remaining retail "little guys", leaving only the sodomy/security-friendly Walton-Jewish Wal-mart to grimly host the perverse and apocalyptic show.

Another interesting thing is the fact that these Millers—part of a century-and-a-half breed of classical nihilists/satanists who have a completely different estimation of the importance of human life, even of their own, than do the rest of us—should have written some manifesto using the title "The dawning of a new day". For thus do they parallel the title for my own presidential platform, found on the website louisdejolietpublishing.com, using almost exactly the same words. Thus too did Lochner (another interesting name), around whose Tucson we were just then regularly crusading, take a number of my key ideas and twist them beyond recognition to the just and sane, yet to the haunted "profiler" mind no doubt providing far-fetched fictional connections to me back at the time of those shootings as well. In this copying of other-people's websites then do the now-deceased Millers exhibit the same above-noted trait of all these cunning creatures in this conspiracy-cabal, in trying to associate with themselves in sodden infamy, to blacken-by-association in particular the reputations of any who actively resist the totalitarian policies of the post-Bush USA. In this way then, in highly-self-serving popular reactions of every stripe, is all rectitude, every noble thing, pseudo-vindictively gathered under the image of this citizen-tyrannizing, globe-conquering Uncle Bar-Samuel.

The lesson in all of this, people, is that it is no longer "business as usual". We have got to dismantle this breeding-ground of killers and terrorists which calls itself the USA, which now debates the open arming of Syrian revolutionary forces, which is arming the borders of Russia for some black-ops-provoked invasion. That intrinsically-illegitimate supra-state which leads a perfectly-gratuitous, successor-Nazi NATO, which must play chess-champion on the world chess-board, for the sake not of any common good, nor of any good or constructive thing whatever, but solely in craven service to a humanity-despising synagogue. Even as global opponents ply the other end of this blood-slippery see-saw just as lustily, so that no leading post is left unmanned by some perfidious adversarial Jew, and we are all slated to fall under their ever-advancing feet. I have ideas toward the dismantlement of this unstable and treacherous see-saw: against which the chief dependable weapon is the law of God, and confidence in His divine aid. While chief among concrete measures to be employed is the reestablishment of The Confederacy, flag, uniforms and all: thus throwing the lies of the venal, sodomy-coddling Tea Party back in its conspiratorial Jewish-controlled face. A Party backed by billionaires which easily stole the thunder of truly grassroots groups just beginning to arise, using many of the slogans of we on The Crusade. A craven-hearted conspiracy which did a hatchet-job on one of their own truly-worthy front-runners. Namely that poor woman whose name I don't remember who was so humble as to acknowledge past sins of a scandalous kind, who would have been a bulwark against a growing satanism in which she admitted to have dabbled some decade or more before. Her own party rather slaying her personally to the ground in a continual attack-campaign, a woman who would most certainly have taken the battle for the American soul where it belonged. In large measure against a homicidal, all-commandments-breaking satanism—raised on these cynical shores to the level of a recognized religion—regarding which the Tea Party conveniently turns the other way, combating viciously a woman whom potential district constituents had at first enthusiastically endorsed. Until her own party slayed her chances miserably to the ground. A New and Better Confederacy (see article above by that name) being hereby proposed, now no longer racism-inspired, rather incorporating a Black, a Hispanic, a Croat, etc., nobility at its very core. A Confederacy built on the Christian Faith, rallying the other states into a loosely-confederated genuine sovereignty: one necessarily displaying this loose-knit quality, after the manner of provinces of France in high medieval times. This being in fine the only genuine sort of nationhood, capable of effectively—if even then only with much effort—resisting the infections and infestations of totalitarianism which a treacherous, cunning, ever-"consolidating", all-controlling synagogue brings with it wherever it goes. While finally, as can be seen in many of the articles on this page, there would be reestablished an Inquisition precisely to ferret out these astute Jewish wolves and foxes from their all-powerful secretive covens: that which was actually the principal heroic purpose of the original Catholic institution by that name. For indeed, "freedom isn't free", and neither is a much-more-essential, liberty-preliminary justice, enshrining a national existence pleasing to God, deserving of His indomitable aid.

June 9, 2014: The critical resonance of obedience as the medium for a system under God.

After centuries of object-lessons administered to monarchs and common citizens alike the whole notion of reverence-for-authority has been thoroughly disowned, without so much as an acknowledgment, let alone any obsequies. Rather in the place of the old reverential atmosphere of public life do we have the Enlightenment-era's enthronement of the exact opposite, its hysterical adulation of the irreverent, of readily-provoked contempt. So that whereas in the past the Fourth Commandment, "Honor thy father and thy mother", found redundant affirmation in a whole host of authority-figures at all levels, fraught with mutual reciprocal relationships full of honor and regard, after so many beheadings and other acts of brazen denigration the public official is now regarded simply as someone with a sort of contract to do his part, in whatever way he by hook or by crook can. The idea of a standing in the place of God which was universal with regard to all such things, of a "fatherhood all of which comes from God", having been violently and contemptuously overthrown, so that today even among the most doughty upholders of the public power there is this note of a contempt, a sort of sardonic ambiance of distrust: a cynicism hardly serving to curb malfeasance but rather acting as the demolisher of any barriers that may have remained against same. This pragmatism brokering a "no holds barred" said to be remedied only by ever-greater doses of the same, of mistrust, of contempt, of a sort of mockery toward any attempt to reestablish the old honorific relationships between officials and citizens, of those elected toward each other, and so on.

Plainly, there is more to authority than this trivialization implies. Certainly, systems with the whole gamut of elected officials such as ours, although they legitimately allow us to dispassionately assess each before election time, and subject them to unvarnished interrogation or criticism, yet once elected, a whole different relationship is meant to ensue. Something in which fatherhood itself is honored, from the humblest father-of-a-family to the president, and for Catholics on upward to the pope. For there must somewhere along the line from candidacy to the taking up of regalia of office be embraced the sacred character of duties involved, both by the official and them he serves. Political leadership not being "just another job", let alone one rightly held in lower respect than any in the private realm. With politicians today indeed conversely being thought to be open to "anything the traffic will bear", and the electorate a ship of fools if it ever dares to imagine things any different than that. Hence being thwarted the whole idea of the common good, let alone of an upward/downward reciprocal working of God's grace within the state. That which travels on a river of mutual regard, of upwardly-tending honor, or it quickly fails. The state under Enlightenment forms rather displaying contempt as the standard atmosphere of deliberations, with every other sort of vice or abuse easily following in its train.

Is this then just "the price we pay for liberty", to use the celebrated phrase? But we are speaking here of something much deeper than liberty, and much subtler as well. Liberty being the fruit of an honorific system—else it is only the rooting and jostling of greedy swine—the upshot of the virtuous living that goes with human freedom and that it presumes. Among leaders of those who arrive at their office by way of well-earned trust, and not just the magic of campaign finance and an easily-rigged electronic balloting station.

June 8, 2014:

Our Lady of Kazan, By Louis Zdunich.

Noble Russians, contemplative souls, Guardians of wintry depths, of granite peaks, Lend a giddy world some fragment of your peace.

Bring to your borders the icon of untrammeled purity, dragi Narodi Let her drive them away, Strangers from every clime, Vagrants, pushers, perverts, lusting to make a dime, On the Russian soil, the Russian soul.

Give the new Napoleon, the new Genghis Khan, The thunderous answer wrought by fatherly Kutozov, That strength is not in numbers, Nor yet in perfidy or greed, But that under indomitable visage of that Blessed Lady, Is vanquished every treachery.

June 6, 2014: Missing today most conspicuously in sermons, writings and addresses of antipopes: any consideration of the divine justice. Article developed later next day.

The first impression always gained from homilies, writings or balcony-addresses of Pope Pius XII, the pope of my own childhood, was of a shepherd humbly approaching the throne of God, aware of his own creaturely condition, confessing that what he had to give his flock was borne in a "frail vessel" indeed. Eugenio Pacelli having been a pope after whom my own father seemed to have patterned himself, personifying the former perfectly in my boyhood mind—indeed, something most wonderful, feeling myself to have greeted the Holy Father himself many-a time that Dad set his lunch-pail down on the kitchen table, not long after I myself had come home from school. In his own signature grave-and-sober yet somehow lighthearted way, there at home every evening, presiding so nobly, telling his beads in the nightly rosary typically led by Mom. Yet a lavishly-hospitable Dad ready without any hesitation to tell an old friend from the Old Country and his wife, just then come some fifty miles for a visit, to leave as soon as they started trying to justify their recent abandonment of the Catholic Faith. This self-revelation, as I remember, having been the only real reason they had come down from DeKalb that day. While plainly the gaping lack of such a traditional-Catholic, pious, God-fearing, Faith-defending disposition is what creates "rock star" pseudo-pontiffs like "saint" JPII, around whom the young naturally throng, as the spirit involved is accessible to all, is "new and exciting", just like that of a Vatican II over which surviving boomer-age clerics still so regularly swoon. This universal attractiveness of rock-star antipopes and rogue-councils alike—remarked upon repeatedly in heterodox centuries past—being a drawing-card to which the Gospels themselves pointedly make no claim: the latter rather gravely and repeatedly narrating the mystery of a rejection of divine grace everywhere apparent on the sacred page, the coldly-impenitent interspersed among converted masses of childlike goodwill, the biblical "cockle among the wheat". Rejecters of Christ, apostates candidly acknowledged, as each person involved "goes to his own place" of justice or shame. But you would have to comb papal communications of the past five and a half decades to find some few slender references to the divine wrath: these invariably delivered not in fatherly tones of undiminished hope of a Pius XII but in a kind of unmitigated horror, a capsulated replay of some "Apocalypse II", the sort of reverse-negative remorse "that worketh death", that indeed eternally echoes off the very walls of Hell. Rather what is gleaned from the mammoth haul of papal statements of these past decades, which like the Gospel net-of-fish we must drag ashore, and "separate good from bad", edible from deadly or nearly-so, is the unmistakable sense that those who convincingly believe in the just punishments of God are the real bad guys, are imbued with a wrong-headed, false and despairing spirit. That conversely God loves nothing more than to hear us make smiling, self-ingratiating, epic-presumptuous statements about His "unlimited love and mercy": with all the voluminous warnings of perpetual punishment, suspended over the heads of each and all, found in the Gospels and the Epistles, being wrapped up and neatly placed high upon some Vatican shelf: -age-hoary artifacts never more to be heard from again.

It's interesting in this connection too how the revelations of the Divine Mercy so stunningly and genuinely revealed to Sr. Faustina Kowalska of Poland—like all these "private" missives focusing mainly upon some one facet of divine truth—are in their own turn so exclusively fixed-upon in the "approved" devotional fare of Catholics today: indeed with the ceaseless intoning of the divine mercy, of course itself an incomparable boon, being the new equivalent to the inevitable "love and forgiveness" sermons of the first twenty-five years after Vatican II. While by contrast the Way of Divine Love (Charlotte, NC: Tan Books, 1972) brought to men by Sr. Josefa Menendez of the very same 1920s and 30s is today more-or-less completely ignored, for the obvious reason that it focuses repeatedly upon Hell-fire, eternal torments executing the Divine Justice. That which Sr. Josefa was called upon to expiate in the most painful, indeed frightful ways, often being personally aware of who it was—typically some priest—she was veritably springing out of Hell by such agonizing means. The ease with which one looses ones soul being the theme of these transfixing Heavenly disclosures, with the Spanish religious repeatedly witnessing the damning of "a vast number of people….They seemed to be worldlings and a demon cried vociferously, 'the world is ripe for me!'". After which boastings he eagerly rattles off a laundry list of clever inducements toward gluttony, impurity and pride, falling-for-which, as the fiend exalts, "they tumble headlong into Hell!" Innumerable throngs being seen by Sr. Josefa thus plunging, adamant-like, into the bottomless expanse, "and no words can render their horrible and terrifying cries, 'damned forever…I deceived myself; I am lost…I am here forever…there is no remedy possible…a curse on me!'". While in another passage what appear to be the Devil's most direct earthly confederates—perhaps they are the infamous global Illuminati, as they number some seven or eight—grovel before him, their blackened bodies naked, intoning "we are your slaves…we know your power!". Thus too in nether regions—into which Sr. Josefa is nightly deposited, doubled-over in her own personal rocky niche under the earth, suffering jibes and insults from others close around her thus entombed—do thieves and "unjust traders" accuse themselves with reproaches so overpowering that they could split the very rocks, crying "Where is our loot now, cursed hands?... Why did I want to possess what did not belong to me...and what in any case I could only keep for a few days…? (Appendix p. 537). These terrible events being experienced nightly by the holy nun herself, in mysterious abductions into nether realms, upon her return to earthly life being wrapped in intolerable and disgusting odors of putrefying flesh and brimstone, with despairing precincts still spiritually holding her in their grasp, only gradually letting her go. Thereafter to be madly happy to find out, once again, that she hadn't after all been damned, as all night long, seemingly for endless years, she had been convinced that she was.

But by all the noted "wonderful' rock-star approaches we are incessantly told "how simple it all really is", this business of being saved: that to think otherwise is indeed to be guilty of a grudging and stingy estimate of God's mercy and love. While noteworthy in this connection too are noted halcyon love-and-forgiveness sermons of decades in time, in which it is always the injured party who must forgive, who is indeed frowned severely upon for the least hesitation to do so: never mind that forgiveness hadn't so much as even been asked. Thus too proportionally is this idea universal today that "we are already forgiven by God", before we are even sorry for our sins: an epic falsehood we indeed first heard at a "prayer meeting" at a college not that long after Vatican II. This highly-adaptable "love and forgiveness" paradigm having always let the injurer off the hook incredibly lightly, this actual offender seldom even being mentioned, hardly being pulpit-forewarned of infernal flames, scarcely being acknowledged for the injury at all by an ever-blame-dismissive "Father Jim" of New Church times.

Typically indeed, if you read between the lines, the glibly impenitent offender is plainly assumed to be the real innocent victim, whom the actual injured party had somehow "sold short": while less obviously but even more pointedly the stage is set for every bomb-throwing, morality-overthrowing revolutionary to be hugged to the Catholic breast. Here being cleverly prepared a whole new injunction, made into an eleventh commandment which like Vatican II itself supercedes everything else: namely, "thou shalt not judge". This new departure, chiseled in stone, being couched in such a radical, fanatical way, by whose logic we already exonerate the guy who's plunging a knife in our heart because we allegedly don't really know with an absolute certainty allegedly required what exactly is the state of his soul. Ah, that would be "playing God". Thus smoothly and neatly do we all become sacrificial lambs for the whims of the wicked. The whole little conundrum is so neatly thought out that it makes a veritable theology-all-its-own: namely, that of a New Church which has chaotically overturned both public moral order and home. This Novus Ordo Missae Church—the exact "official church" counterpart to the Novus Ordo Seclorum already for a century anticipated by secret societies, announced publicly by George H.W. Bush—this ecclesiastical adjunct being a "hall of mirrors" in which eyesight must be adjusted continually. A house-of-horrors designed with the same thrifty logic as that which finds a soul "grudging" in viewing God as actually punishing for sins committed: this "get out of jail free" card being with equal impunity applied to aggressive and malignant human beings. Hence by terms of this new sort of uprighteous indignation is presumably provoked with impunity some horrible (but after all well-deserved) response of the ("injured") assailant involved. All this, hardly the fruit of priestly vigils, fastings or flagellations, rather being most-akin to something so mundane as late-50s miscreant teenagers whose every antic or extreme was excused under the celebrated era-wide rejoinder "they're only trying to tell us something!" The obvious message being that to find fault is far worse than to be at fault: that satanic departure which forms the spirit of New Church, only by stages revealed for apostate departures with which it is full. Why aren't our "patriotic warriors" held to the same unreachable bar, when they gun down or drone-bomb innocent civilians? That's because according to the new deafeningly-unspoken theology-of-the-state—an inseparable corollary to all the above—the government has absolute impunity to do such unconscionable things.

Of course there are several gross oversimplifications and egregious logical errors in all the above, all of them plying this exaggerated notion of how patient we are supposed to be. This a regimen which in effect emasculates the laity, with all power of any kind being given over to a hip-booted state and an all-forgiving Father Jim. Do we understand now why three popes from Pius IX to St. Pius X warned of the then-incipient diabolical invasion of the Church, so soon to be inundated by all this bathos, all this "love, love"? While ultimately being "exonerated" in all this effeminate palaver are of course the Jews: according to the heretical "Dogmatic" Constitution on the Jews of Vatican II, an epic forgery which rendered Christianity, the whole world, limp before their ever-homicidal designs. They who "were only trying to tell us something" when they killed the Savior, "nailing Him to a tree", and who by Talmudic injunction are expected to kill Christians whenever they conveniently can. An "option" which explains volumes of the daily news, revealing highly-identifiable human enemies where the antipope Vatican can only blame a mixture of over-judgmental injured-parties and "erroneous ideas". While these realizations make the political salvation of the world a much simpler thing as well, albeit requiring absolute confidence in, and the ever-ready miraculous intervention of, God.

But finally when all is "said and done" I must admit myself to have been gravely affected by this light-year-wide gap in Catholic teaching, as there comes with the announcement of Catholic truth a host of enabling graces, while in the absence of anything so essential as a full exposition of the divine justice one has to "shift for oneself" in the most provisional and inadequate way. Antipopes, then, aren't just people "we can put up with", like the ever-nonchalant Bishop Williamson, not to mention the eagerly-supportive Bishop Fellay, both of the Society of St. Pius X would seem to hold: with the first of these regularly expressing bowled-over astonishment over some latest enormity coming out of Rome, the second ready to embrace most any monstrous departure out-of-hand. I confess that I need the fatherly tones of a Pius XII once again, to bolster my sense of the supernatural, of the divine wrath, that undergirding reality of the spiritual life which is utterly missing today. Although evidences of the divine judgment are everywhere, especially in the apocalyptic weather of the past several months, yet it takes a fatherly papal or priestly hand to place them lovingly in ones heart and mind, to make these warnings of worse things to come strongly efficacious for supernatural life. I don't lightly count on being able to exercise heroic virtue like Japanese Catholics did for centuries under the Shogunate, without benefit of Sacrament or priestly counsel. Although I must add that false shepherds, although they lend ample "rock star" or other superficial assurances, will inevitably leave us, at the final moment, to the jaws of the slathering pack. My hope, then, is punctuated throughout with fear, and with St. Theresa of Avila "I always keep my misgivings," as I await a predicted divine deliverance so soon to appear, that which will however require the virile cooperation of each and all. Am I doing all I can or should? Always the question remains forebodingly suspended in my ruefully-expectant mind: one hopefully much like that of my father of beloved decades ago. He whose manly humility, so like Pius XII, was a providential template for a lifetime.

June 5, 2014: Why we are so sanguine about the establishment of Christian—or at least divine/natural law—states, according to the formula "the law of God is the sole source of law", in the teeth of the fact that no major leader on earth today seems to have any interest in the idea? Article greatly developed in afternoon.

Because as the world goes on plunging toward another world war we, as insignificant as we are, don't want to earn the accusation of a perfidious silence, a cowardly moral complicity. As indeed souls go to Hell one-by-one, and the earth's all-determining groups desert you decidedly there at the fiery door. And when at death the fiend at length snatches you into his infernal grasp, for cravenly "playing to the crowd", he will care but little how many were actually motivated by your ideas on earth, you'll still be a prize skull for his bone-yard below. Hence from the very start the purpose of this website—indeed of all our political activities since primitive print-jobs of the '70s in Illinois, the '80s in Kansas—has been not to "lay down the law" at all but rather simply to present a model of the good state. A model furthermore realistically conceived according to a sliding scale, allowing a gamut accommodating anything from an actual Catholic system like Medieval England's to a purely-generic natural law land. Key to which paradigm being that this conception, however expansive or limited, must thereafter become the sole basis of all law, of the interpretation of past court-doctrine, executive policy or representative-body legislation. While an important corollary to this fundamental principle is that governments should be internally "counterbalanced" mainly by provision of the self-same law of God: that which instantly sets incomparably reasonable boundaries of just and unjust, fair and unfair, as stamped indeed so indelibly by the Divine Legislator, from the very beginning, on the human heart, soul and mind. The morbidly-insisted-upon, vintage-Enlightenment-era idea of today that people only enter politics to exert personal or institutional sway, and are incapable of conceiving of things in any common-good-oriented way, or indeed are stupid if they do so (a nice little flipside indeed): this modern-day dogma gets little traction in our view-of-things here. The divine moral law being a genuine and incontrovertible one which officials would crassly trespass only at their own extreme political peril. While "checks and balances" of any strictly mechanical kind—of which the USA at all levels is teemingly and debilitatingly full, between the various governmental branches-of-power, all of whom dutifully hold one another in mortal distrust—would in our own system be replaced by other contests geographical in nature. The purpose of which perennial configuration being as a barrier against the accession-to-power of interlopers who have no actual personal association to that which they control, nor to those whom they allegedly represent. These outriders being now however entirely and anonymously in charge, with front-men like Obama brassily to the fore, to the degree that piety and simple human trust, also part of God's scheme-of-things, have been completely abandoned in favor of this mechanical "counterbalanced" idea of the modern liberal-democratic state. The dependable breeding-ground of nihilists, anarchists, servers-of-their-own-whims. Hence is the popularly-embraced reinstitution of a Catholic system, best expressed in a monarchy and a nobility, put forward as the best guarantee of genuine popular self-rule: although again this is obviously only advisory, and can hardly contain any hint of anything like a command.

Alas, Putin in most of his statements and positions seems to acquiesce in the familiar libertarian Enlightenment-era paradigm that brought the world to its present disastrous pitch, seemingly conceding that purely-secular/political forces determine all things, when it is precisely a break with this secularist thinking which is critically required. Although I like to think he has some good and holy thing up his sleeve. While without such a crucial departure he allows the momentum to build toward a global conflict in which the ideas of conservative populations like that of Russia have no well-argued ground upon which to stand. A Russia to be held in defeat-forecasting global disrepute, with even a much-made-over ally China scarcely willing to grant much support to moral conviction, captive that she is to present-day political axioms of a radically-secular kind. Putin's whole ostensibly non-committal approach amounting in fine to a perilous placing of the Russian neck under the liberal-democratic guillotine, without so much as calling upon a good God for aid: He, the Maker of all things, being a better ally by far than any that Obama can buy off or corrupt. As once we wholeheartedly make this break with the clever but impotent mechanisms of liberal-democracy then our whole arsenal of strength is from an entirely different realm.

But by the grace of God, if necessary, there will be others who will arise in Russia who will be capable of grasping these fundamental imperatives, of the need to openly embrace the principle that God is the source of both law and authority of any kind, of that "fatherhood all of which comes from God". It is for such potential Russian leaders and their good people that we write, and even more out of confidence in the promises of Our Blessed Lady at Fatima: "But in the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph, Russia will be converted (to the Catholic Faith), and there will be peace". How much blood must flow under the bridge before this celestial transformation takes place, there on the banks of the Don? Will it be some Catholic Ukrainian or citizen of Crimea, indeed, imbued by these holy sentiments, who will be the new St. Vladimir, leading Russia manfully into that Roman Catholic fold, its vestiges albeit gone from the Vatican for the past nearly-sixty years, into which the first Vladimir led the Russia soul? A Russia historically fated to be lost in the welter of confusion that attended the Great Schism, a century and more after Vladimir's time. Indeed an ancient Russ to which even we Catholic Croats claim an unbreakable tie, with evidence for this mutual-identification considerable, including a Croatian language closer to Russian than those of all the other Slavs.

June 1, 2014: The primacy of the declaratory in spiritual things. What Vladimir Putin must declare. Further developed, with reflections on a resurgent universal eighteenth-century quietism or pietism debauched from Vatican II: the very pith of Judeo-Masonic Enlightenment-Era political philosophy. Some thoughts on "Cross the Goal".

Catholics of today, victims of perception-dimming sophisticated errors and heresies of Vatican II, can scarcely be aware of the comprehensive nihilism, the monstrous moral capitulation found in a Paul VI's brilliantly-titled "Decree on Religious Liberty", released fifty years ago. The fact that someone was finally found to peddle such a piece of craven duplicity is however quite enough for denizens of New Church, harried in accelerating duties of a "busy workaday world" such as the Council invoked as a sort of sacred new idea. The position being very simply put forward, if with the aid of a lot of mincing words, that Christ didn't come to transform the earth through the members of His Church. This simple admission-of-defeat, of impotence, being mounted in spite of a wealth of Biblical imagery which indicates exactly the opposite, the idea being constantly put forward of growth, development, personal and institutional, as of a mustard-seed which becomes like a tree "in which the birds of the air make their nests". Nothing instantaneous here, neither in the biblical nor in the Catholic-historical understanding of the place of the state in the Catholic worldview. Namely as being the final citadel in every land which if left untaken leaves the country firmly in the grips of Hell. A condition indeed amply demonstrated for mankind by the day, in the footsteps of the "wonderful" social-revolutionary council of 62-65.

Hence did New Church bring us a surrender of labors of forefathers of the millennia, replacing it all with a "God's gonna do it, without any help from any of us": a standard charismatic approach of course robbing religion of all practical influence over practical details of human life, over the kinds of societies in which our children live and learn. The above paraphrase being taken from one of the ex-football-athletes and team-managers on "Crossing the Goal", alleging to speak definitively, in a sort of coachly "last word", regarding the establishment of Christ's kingly authority here on earth. This doctrine of eighteenth-century pietism or quietism—at the very heart of the American Revolution and its heterodox Catholic political element—this heresy of course flying in the teeth of Church teaching of the millennia: namely those "hard sayings" such as are found in the infallible Unam Sanctam of Boniface VIII. This constant all-determining doctrine of the Catholic ages—that God means the earth to be ruled in detail by Christ and His Church—not just in a lot of excited tones and charismatic words—to be ruled in particular in a complete categorical revamp of the political order—being the sole theological compass which kept the Bark of the Church above the waves of treachery, of dissembling, of those who, though voluminous in words, "never say what they mean or mean what they say". The throwing-overboard of this fine-tuned nautical instrument, church/state doctrine, together with a highly-congruent absolution of Jews from all blame for anything—those perfidious interlopers against whom militant elements of the Catholic doctrine on the state are indeed principally aimed—this catastrophic dual doctrinal/directional housecleaning having been the whole purpose of Vatican II. From out of which would flow all today's enervating hoopla, the serendipity, the prancing "men in soft garments who live in the palaces of kings". Together with the multiplication of abortions, of sodomites, of organ-snatching death redefined, and a host of other unnatural and egregious wrongs. For when the council fathers "got religion" they most decidedly took it away from the world, from the state.

Of course, God exercises His authority through the members of His Mystical Body, particularly through the Catholic laity, when it come to the state. Of course—"now get this", macho ex-football-players and goal-crossers—God doesn't lead with armies, and instantly install Catholic heads-of-state over mission lands. Even if a by-then-heavily-Jewish-controlled Spanish colonialism did indeed do things much that way. Yet—"listen up, coach"—hardly can we say that, because the Spanish colonization was on the whole so unjust, indeed its epic sadisms and barbarities in fifty years between 1600 and 1650 losing the Pueblos of New Mexico, full of Indians who had been singularly fervent in the embrace of Catholic Faith, and the resolute rejection of pagan superstitions of the past—hardly can we turn around and say that Spain itself, Catholic by then for almost fifteen hundred years, shouldn't have been officially Catholic in the first place. That satanic, nihilistic disavowal which is the pithy essence of the heretical church/state doctrine of Vatican II. Indeed, it was because Spain at highest levels gravely compromised, nay contradicted, these Catholic political principles, and embraced instead those of the synagogue—under influence of the oceanic influx of crypto-Jews basically given charte blanc in Spanish trade by a shifty Charles V, brought by him from his Austrian and Dutch domains—that the debacle of Spanish colonialism took its fateful, native-paganism-perpetuating, course. But hardly for all of that can we say that seventeenth-century Spaniards should have gone home forthwith and dismantled their long-labored-over, culturally-imbedded, Reconquista-recovered Catholic laws, all in the name of a future-Vatican-II's earth-denuding "religious liberty". That monstrous heresy over which antipopes so love to swoon.

The implication among these Judases and their followers is that under older Catholic political forms people were being coerced, the suggestion being subliminally advanced indeed that forced conversions were regularly involved. When in fact in the immemorial Catholic state the overwhelming and exclusive focus was upon the perpetuation of already popularly-beloved things, with any concern over "going overboard" being on an order categorically beneath. But the codification of this concern over "injustice" into a whole new doctrine on religious liberty was achieved by decidedly placing "rights" and immunity from harm well above and beyond, into a whole higher league, from the establishment of a popular Catholic way of life, by dint of the council now cast in the Catholic mind as a brutal, even a stupid, thing. (Indeed, here the synagogue undermines both church and state: as without a belief-based way-of-life the state will whither away, or become a mere pawn for the synagogue, as is indeed the USA and most of the world today.) But to squeeze out of this one, the claims of the pietists—whose swooning Charismatic numbers "are legion"—come broadly into play: plying their central notion that religion is all an entirely private matter, despite an incurably-Charismatic New Church's many extravagant outward displays. Perhaps, dear reader, you can see the circle in which the whole conundrum goes, amply fed by loud demonstrations of victim-hood "under the boot" of church and state. And of course to fuel all the accusations required—of unfairness, coercion, and so on—there have to be provoked—by legions of ever-ready Jewish professionals in social agitation—certain actual oversteps by Catholic authorities. How few or minor, it doesn't really matter, as such things can be blown up readily into fantastic size. These official oversteps like jewels of the highest order to heresy-peddling, Catholic-state-undermining Jews who are always involved.

Yet actually and more in line with history, a nation like Mexico can become Catholic in all respects cultural, official and religious in a matter of a mere decade: as indeed took place after the stupendous apparition of Guadalupe. And the same can indeed be said of the Franks, the Croats and a host of other of our European-ancestral nations, who converted in a trice as well. This transformation in Mexico having been carried out under the care of several Orders which came with Columbus, with Spanish colonial arrogance not having yet reached the heights it would a century later under men like Onate, one of a string of New Mexico governors whose inhuman policies provoked those Pueblo uprisings noted above. Hence the Church doesn't at all condone a "leading with the military", a trampling on customs and human rights, as in Mexico quickly enlisting all able-bodied native men in an Encomiendo system which was nothing but a health-destructive levy-of-slavery, mostly for work in the mines. Unearthing precious metals to be carried away in galleons whose cargoes were largely owned by Jewish primitive-corporate interests, or if from Holland with ships candidly built and owned by Jews. While even in nations that convert en masse, the typical way of ancient and medieval times, the final maturation of Catholic law comes about only slowly, at first with marvelous tribal hybrids testing newly-baptismal waters of political life. Solid and immovable Catholic statehood—"in which the birds of the air make their nests"—being akin to monasticism or to Catholic universities—commonly the product of a considerable passage of time. But all the more sacred, permanent and immovable for that: not something at all meant to be "reformed" away. This "yen for reform" being indeed the notorious, cunning, classical strategy of every heretic or revolutionary from Luther to Marx, from Julian the Apostate to Henry VIII.

This is settled doctrine of which we speak, than which none more immovable could be found, and its rejection shows the extent of the staggering temerity—whose flipside is always cowardice and duplicity—of the New Church, anti-pope crowd. This new take on politics however is "as old as sin": it is the self-same Caesaro-papism, always of course wearing some new and brassy guise, which has dogged Catholicism from the very start. It is in more developed forms not just a shameful prostration before Caesar but also an abject disavowal which in final Orwellian stages surrenders complete control to the state of everything involving human life, the human mind and soul. That of which we see disturbing signs everyday in a morbidly-controlled USA of Barack Obama. While accordingly a prime characteristic of these always-bloody Caesaro-papist systems is their inevitable ultra-centralization, billed with delirious approbation as "united we stand", as "strength", as "nobody's gonna mess with Uncle Sam". Under this overbearing statist heresy being found infamous monoliths like that of Barbarossa, of a couple of dozen especially-monstrous "sublime and all-perfect" Byzantine rulers, of a Bush-family poised to take over again with its "ongoing" apocalypse of genocidal wars based on sovereignty-denying black-ops intrigue. Ah, the guys on Crossing the Goal fall perfectly and effortlessly behind such abominable things.

Interestingly enough, among men, whenever you have this pietism it is always heavily counterweighted by a lot of super-macho blow-and-go: hence the noted show, peopled by men who when young indulged in the personally-disrespectful sport of football, a pastime whose brutal character places the emphasis into regions of physical aggression murky, morbid, sadistic indeed. Ironically, it isn't any coincidence that those Northern European countries where the super-macho historically holds special sway, where the liberty of Holy Mother Church was first subject to barbarous attack, places including the USA: that such cult-of-manhood realms have recently been the first to fall limply and miserably under the sodomite thrall. While by contrast to the degree there has been any real resistance at all—aside from a lot of coughing up sleeves—it has been among those Catholic nationalities that still contain some atom of the old spirit, of the natural, supernatural and intimate union of the flag and the cross. This old espirit largely confined to the Latin Countries, and some of the Slavs, where with high significance resistance to all forms of perversion and effeminacy have been most strong. Latin-Catholic or Slavic manhood not really needing to impress anyone with a lot of brutal display, historically (the modern drug-culture macho is an entirely new and foreign thing) having a gentle machismo whose martial qualities are nonetheless legendary, whose unflinching courage is the stuff of saga and song. While to suggest the need for anything much different from the Catholic theology-of-the-state is ultimately nothing but pure manhood-overturning revolutionary Satanism, and nothing more.

Hence explained with the above as a backdrop the degree to which New Church Catholicism is positively fraught with talk, this tendency toward the prolix and excited being much remarked on this page, being the real "spirit of Vatican II" and the boast of EWTN alike. Within which fantastic volume of the spoken you have a whole array of rote motivational approaches as well: such as "Crossing the Goal" epitomizes, something Catholics never needed at all. These people approach "The Eucharist" in some ways as if it were another excitedly-anticipated "touchdown", or a quarterly objective at a board meeting, with Scot Hahn gushing forth nomenclature that conveys something between the wording of a warrantee and some new sort of "speaking in tongues". Of course with his inseparable companion of years properly awed, in open-mouthed wonder, across the table or off to one side.

Little place in all this anymore is there for the old non-verbal Catholic of yore: as the Global Catholic Network, modern-day antipopes and a whole array of New Church apparatchiks place the Faith by noted loquacious means—as they understand it—at a level inaccessible to the ordinary man. Perhaps it is just as well; hardly can we be said to be worse off for not being able to reach such a high shelf; for all the essentials are gone, things which cannot be trapped in such a bottle and then "sold" in such a way.

However, what is most deafeningly, mind-bogglingly missing, in all the mammoth tsunamis of palaver, uttered in such charismatic, scholarly or car-dealer tones, is the declaratory: that which is at the very pith of our confession of Faith. That by which we make costly commitments which by nature are entirely foreign to human respect; declaring things which by nature generally can make us but few friends. For in the "new evangelism" of New Church—where everything indeed has to be new, or at least redone—the human person (with a will) ends up being only a particle in the high-pressure slurry with which—to use an image from an article below—TV and pulpit audiences are veritably hosed. Coated with an odd sort of verbal stucco whose purpose is to "make all things one" in the "odd new church". A structure unstable in all its ranging parts, decades now under construction, inevitably doomed to come crashing down soon enough. This while "the leader of a cruel race stands afar" and cries, "do build it up as high as you can, we will only pull it down again". (From prophetic vision of Anne Katherine Emmerich).

But back to the declaratory: it is this that the individual does when he consecrates himself to a personally-revealed or commissioned task. By publicly coming out with his firm intention he has set himself a benchmark which he cannot thereafter ignore, unless he wishes to be considered a fool. Like the man in the parable who went to build the tower, but didn't allocate enough materials to finish it, admitting shamefaced defeat indeed. Ah, but you will say, "New Church does everything as a group" it's "holier" that way. "We learned that at Vatican II." Maybe the guy who tried to build the tower should have called a board meeting instead.

This then is what Vladimir Putin must do: abstracting entirely from "the group", putting himself well out ahead of it, he must declare himself, for then the battle is already most of the way won. That's the way it works in Heaven, where voluminous palaver means very little, but a will-declaratory sentence of a man with a will opens every door of divine aid. For by this key we have as it were called on the honor and glory of God, and provided we do so gravely, reverently, with due decorum, God will "move mountains" for us. Having forcefully associated ourselves with the divine. This Vladimir being a man who, however much he may have strayed from Heavenly guidance, the Blessed lady would like to greet as she did the little Don Diego, the "Don Dieguito", as she affectionately and diminutively addressed the Aztec laborer, at Guadalupe. Putin too being a short man, as this petty and disgusting gourmand, Anthony Bodouin of CNN, mocked the Russian leader: drawing obvious comparisons with madmen like Napoleon or Adolph Hitler, simply on the basis of his height. But it is precisely such men, small indeed in the estimations of this world, but hardly gourmands like Bodouin, whom heaven chooses for great and holy things.

See too Vladimir that this battle isn't so much about Eastern Ukraine or The Crimea as about the Russian people's noble rejection, its heartfelt abomination of Western sodomy and other manifold perversions, it is about another Judas Machabeus rejecting with all his soul such filth and barbarity as has now taken possession of the Western soul. Do you, good leader, expect to be able to win the field against such a foe by being diplomatic with him? Could Judas Machabeus negotiate with the filthy Antiochus IV? Did Jesus so much as talk-to or even look at the debauched Herod, even if he held powers of life and death? No, you must declare yourself forthwith as under the banners, under the mantle, of Our Blessed Lady, of Our Lady of Vladimir, Our Lady of Kazan, and turn you back on those who wallow in filth and mire. Make yourself the champion of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, for a new Marian Age, inaugurated by Russia herself: then you are invincible. And the Russian people will go with you. You must declare that you won't have these perverted monsters and genocides so much as pressing against your western borders: even as you keep Crimea, the cradle of medieval Russ, you must demand a buffer zone such as Austria was designated to become, just after WWII, as conceded by the Soviet power. A buffer such as was in fact obtained from Heaven through a rosary crusade launched by the Austria church of the times (about 1953), just then heavily under the pagan-communist thrall. I beg of you to do this, Vladimir: unless you wish to have these perverted sappers "coming through the wires" everyday, destroying the spirit of the Russian people, contaminating them with the rotten and effeminate Western disease.

May 8, 2014: Giving Vladimir Putin another chance, revision of "round rejection" of the Russian President written on this date earlier this month. Trying to mentally pick ones way across a world whose highest places are influenced if not controlled by secret societies.

It is probably too much to expect President Putin to come out so boldly with such a plan as is advocated here, with a complete and unequivocal dependence upon the law of God as entirely capable of vindicating itself in every way, militarily, political, economically and by spectacular miraculous means. And we can't just reject him out of hand for that. He is, after all, only human, mere flesh. Maybe he doesn't really want to be another St. Vladimir. We can only hope that he someday does realize that this is indeed "the easy way", that all other ways are hard. Does he want to continue to watch "Western" agents blow up his rockets, agitate on his streets, in a psycho-political process which is as ironclad as some chemical bonding formula, as long as we remain on its material, molecular, utterly profane plane?

The rest of the observations of this article, revised carefully—a writing whose first hasty version I much regret having posted, having lost perspective in wallowing in morbidities of the Ukraine—are of some profit. Hence to continue: obviously there is no validity to governments which as standard practice conduct secret policy on important issues, as any "good" that might be involved is "common" to the entire nation, and thus by definition must be open to common inquiry among intrinsically-rational minds. (Note: Putin is often quite open with the Russian people in his various official addresses, sharing his mind in a way you will never hear here, as long as we have the present system). This principle of a thoroughgoing hammered-out commonality indeed being the very foundation of the distributive political configuration advanced on this site and in this Crusade: i.e., that political agency must remain in such forms as are to the highest practicable degree personally accessible to the individual citizen. He in turn who is the only reality involved: the group being only an idea, a format of sorts, within which the only-existent individual acts and moves. This distributive end must furthermore be pursued laboriously, without "shrugs of shoulders" about how "its just too difficult" or "there just isn't enough time in a day". As the retention of the rational input of the individual human actor in as wide a purview as possible is positively definitive, his significant exclusion a miserable admission of failure: allowing government to continue forthwith to hide secretive and nefarious plans behind myriad impenetrable layers of public deceit, the secretive rewarding of "loyal" cronies, the advancement of Orwellian-secretive agendas, the selective extermination of human life, and so on. Policies which plainly can have no legitimacy at all, which are in fact genocidal, criminal, abominable, diabolical, to be uprooted at all costs.

World finance would obviously like to use the Ukraine as "spade work" (in more ways than one) for another gigantic global project, of blood and iron: but we mustn't just assume that all the actors in place are willing partners in this diabolical scheme. While the fact that his excellency the Russian President displayed once again the hammer and sickle on missiles paraded on "Victory Day" must be understood in the light that, contrary to feverishly-advanced claims of the U.S. Yellow-Journalistic media, he isn't really a dictator at all. No: he has to balance certain powers and interests against one another, there across Russia, which is no mean task: having no such extra-legal totalitarian octopus behind him as Obama has, to "see things through". And finally my palaver about Putin having "hidden behind Orthodoxy as a disguise" was sheer rationalizing slander, casting about for something to corroborate my hasty thoughts, even as his divorce, as I gather from more recent commentary, albeit heard in fragments and by chance, may not have been of his own wish or instigation at all. We say all this even while we continue to abominate long prison sentences for simply questioning certain features of a Holocaust Narrative which is the chief, most consequential lie of modern times. (Even if some number of Jews obviously did die.) While likewise Putin's obsessions with things like progress-paradigmatic preparations to "colonize the moon" by 2030 must be said to keep him in some ways behind the 8 ball in our minds too: if stepping short of branding him another crypto-Jewish madman let loose on the globe, as we did a few weeks ago. And we do indeed cherish some hope that our renewed hopeful anticipations are not in vain.

Such a real politik is obviously much more painful to cobble together than a lot of bold statements easily made, and the pitiful number of Catholic and other sincere Christian leaders around the globe a daunting reality as well, as we watch things careen toward another world war, or rather the biblically-predicted universal upheaval just before the final victory of the Church. All we need is another super-imaginative Mossadist to light some ugly genocidal fuse, and things will be off and gone, perhaps in doughty "It's a long way to Tipperary" style. But "our strength is not in numbers", and God can easily reveal the stratagems of the wicked, if we place our trust in Him. And so we thus call upon the people of the world to unite under the banners of the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, and likewise beg Russians themselves to throw off this yoke of schism, to heed in particular Our Blessed Lady's commands at Fatima in 1917—in the very month and year of the Bolshevik Revolt—to convert en masse to the Roman Catholic Faith, acknowledging Peter at last as helmsman of the sacred Bark. And thereafter to help guide mankind toward its only safe and salvific shore.

Look for treachery to come on the side of the Maidan murderers, as it did in gunning-down of friendlies some months ago, which touched this whole thing off. The neo-nazi thugs of Kiev being proud associates of Hitler's own Thule Society of century-plus U.S. Bush family membership. With the hellish coterie's own Brzezinski (sp?) allegedly (see RU website) the Wizard of Oz behind America's backing of same on this present infamous day. The once-familiar geopolitical see-saw being vigorously reactivated in all this: the rusty, creaking old Nazi/Communist teeter-totter which cost so many lives seventy years ago: that deux-ex-machina in front of whose apocalyptic gyrations Putin may be the merest helpless spectator. We must learn that the glory of God is the saving prime objective of government, the litmus test of earthly affairs, the guarantor that they will stay within impartial and manageable bounds. And accordingly that the law of God the sole source of valid law, of sustainable and just policy. And that if we discard these noble and uplifting mandates then we are doomed to fall prey to the same fiends time and time again. Cryptic leadership of both sides of which blood-slippery plaything, this geopolitical see-saw—abstracting entirely from present visible leadership—are Jewish to the core. Now being the time rather to raise the solid, immovable Cross—which cares nothing about distracting, enervating or deceiving persons or nations—as the emblem of the good of every tongue and clime. The instrument of execution of a meek and humble Savior Who will thereafter "draw all things to Himself": inaugurating an end-time system based on both natural and revealed truth rather than perversity and secrecy, duplicity and lies. The Prince of which Mary awaits to crush under her maiden feet. All other much-made-over plans, falling short of this final dethroning of the synagogue from all earthly power, will only end in chaos and despair.

May 29, 2014: Bare-essentials rundown of today's issues.

The VA scandal: Ever since a sixties social-revolutionary-era, with its scatter-gun-like staccato of change-preparing assassinations and other well-engineered upheavals, job-getting criteria have gone from a sane mid-century focus on the purely-job-related to a wealth of imponderables like "outgoing personality", "relates well to other people", and other psychological/behavioral nebulae. Suddenly sounding intolerably stuffy being the old honesty, probity and attention to duty. But all this comes with a heavy price—as zany as the whole thing seemed back then to so many, something I witnessed and to which I can testify—initiating a slide that has gone on inexorably, laying things bare indeed. Most ironic of all, in direct proportion to the exclusion of the "socially maladaptive" from the job-market, in effect herding incredible numbers of these often-entirely-inoffensive souls into life-time treatment or confinement of some kind, was the crescendo of the explosion of on-the-job murder and other violent occupational crime. For you see, when the most innocent sorts of behavior—like shyness around the opposite sex, a halting manner, the use of gentle speech, things always considered odd by the coarse milling herd—are somehow branded as unacceptable, then the floodgate is smashed open wide for the progressive introduction of the herd-tolerated "whatever the traffic will bear". That, in a word, is the way a country is destroyed. And indeed, we wage our wars this way: the bottom line not being an "insufferably stuffy" and "suicidally impractical" justice or humanity in the way we fight, but rather a much-more mob-ingratiating "the end justifies the means". As "realism" becomes more and more associated and identified with brutality and cunning, and a heroic Uncle Sam leads the world into a Hell-hole where the lowest depravities are performed. Ah, with such realism as very fiends in Hell must admire. So you have a lot of dead veterans as a result. You might call it a kind of divine retribution that is built into the scheme-of-things, as "what goes around comes around" in the worst possible way.

More on Ukraine: Wolf, lost somewhere in the CNN propaganda-thicket, probably won't tell you about this, but 80 Ukrainian military, holed up for days, just today surrendered to local freedom-fighters, in the Eastern town of Ludansk. After which, to the cheers of the local population, they were scheduled to be sent home: not gunned down or bombed to smithereens like the "Ukrainian Army" does. Of course a global-sodomy-peddling, drug-pushing, rigidly-AIPAC-controlled Uncle Sam—usurper of the reigns of power even here in the USA—has "every right and duty" to openly support rebels against any government against which some street-corner mob raises a cry. A mob furthermore which Uncle Sam placed there himself. This in a shameful foreign policy meant somehow to be boldly vindicated in a lot of official rhetoric, cobbled together with scarcely-credible and unsubstantiated accusations of Russian engagement of military personnel in Ukraine. But even in the unlikely event some of these people are actual Russian irregulars: in view of all the above, doesn't one have to hedge ones bets against an AIPAC/Uncle Sam whose world-crushing aims are so plainly to be seen? Who is ready to do anything to get what he wants, who stands remorselessly ready to engineer and choreograph yet another barbarous event just to gain "justification" on the world stage? Now having the "Congressional backing" to let out more military contracts to crony firms around the globe? But this can't last for very long.

May 29, 2014: More on the Vatican-II-World-Syncretic Church.

Pentecostalism was really the start of this whole modern-day phenomenon, this "coming out" of a false and perverted faith: one ingeniously designed to fit like a spastic hand in a velvety glove, providing no resistance at all to profane Judeo/Secret-society global intrigue. Pentecostalism—or "The Charismatic Movement"—all these people love big and beautiful words, "aggiornamiento", meaning something like "full of shiny objects", having been added sometime before—this whole heretical take on the biblical charisms had been duly condemned by the Vatican many times, indeed as recently as that early twentieth century when Amy Semple McPherson, the great "spirit-filled" female multiple-paramour, used to come to towns in Pennsylvania and turn the marriage-registry over on its head, with dozens of people in each suddenly "inspired" to change partners of twenty or thirty years. Changing the face of a once-sternly-monogamous America forever. The stark Vatican proscription of around 1913 candidly called the disorder a form of spiritism, compared it to séances of occult mediums, taking special note of the movement's incessant holding of hands, signature mark of occultists everywhere. (As for one thing there is a union here more physical than spiritual by far). The document, its unvarnished language branded on my memory over time, likewise pointing to diabolical excesses inevitably found in Pentecostalism's trail. A verdict proceeding from a lower level of majesterial adjudicatory power which is standard-avenue when dealing with an issue or doctrine dealt with in prior centuries over and over again. The matter of Pentecostalism having first been doctrinally-defined during the Tertullian controversy: with one of the points-of-condemnation of the latter theologian being precisely his "speaking in tongues", already so early on universally known and papally declared to have "passed away". With the infallible document of proscription quoting the moving passage in St. Paul about charity, "tongues will pass".

The thing about the whole diabolical imposture of New Church is that it is highly syncretic: precisely the "ecumenism" demanded by Roman Emperors who over several centuries threw uncompromising, un-ecumenical Catholics to the lions to the number of hundreds-of-thousands of souls. New Church a "love, love, love" religion without struggle, one that "resolutely determines" to offend no one. And beyond standard cross-confessional varieties of this "we are all brothers" thing—the saints were never so careless with such Mystical-Body-related words—this defining syncretism, epitomized in EWTN, with grinding-regularity takes the words of sound Catholic writers, of which today there are almost none, "bones up" on teachings of saints, popes, councils or customs that such writers elucidate or describe, and artfully weaves the subject into the diabolical/heretical centerpiece. I have seen it, dumbfounded, more times than I can tell.

What New Church word-geysers then do, people many of us know so well, is to then loquaciously stucco the whole unstable patched-together fabrication of this ever-evolving New Church, to which words of sound writers have been dutifully and artfully woven-in. Forget about the chicken-wire, since the whole structure would come tumbling down were it to experience any poundings or percussions at all. With levels of oral pressure straight from the hydrant, just like modern construction crews "hosing" the "odd new church" pseudo-doctrinal structure with tons and tons of shear verbal mortar, soon enough to harden into an impressive if highly-unstable shell. The sort of structure that comes down on hundreds of people now-and-again, trapping them all horribly inside. A rueful time-of-reckoning when the treachery of the oily-tongued designers is evident at last.

But foresooth, "when you see all these things come to pass, lift up your heads, for your redemption is at hand!" For the foundation-stones of the Church, the Apostles, were placed there by Almighty God, and are immovable. They are grounded in flesh and blood, no matter what ablutionary anti-matter Pharisees of every stripe might say. Hence plainly this doesn't at all mean that the just—among whom so many so breezily assume that they will be found—will just be gathered up in some version of "The Rapture" (part of this whole diabolical Pentecostal thing), being delivered from a cursed earth, being taken up to where only angels belong. This in fact being Satan's own version of salvation: one in which God is defeated on His own earthly soil. That orb which on the contrary cannot at all be said to rightly belong to diabolical throngs, to be abandoned continually, in the end left desolate, miserable, un-reclaimed. This hypocritical hyper-spirituality—only the flip-side of the antipope Francis' celebrated tiptoe through the daisies—this religion of "men in soft garments" who compromise doctrine "in palace of kings"—this hyper-sophisticated act-of-despair which essentially rejects the earth as a fitting vessel of God's honor and glory—this being at the root of practically every doctrinal error. As it is in the near-impenetrably-dense tangle-of-distinctions that everywhere abound in the subject of the material/spiritual that lies and misrepresentations most comfortably find a place to hide. Here only-genuine traditional Catholicism parts company most decidedly with everyone else—all of whom practice if-not-preach some sort of defeatism in this regard, getting frightfully lost in the spiritual/material thicket just described—although Catholics do find fascinating points of agreement with non-Christians—ideal junctures for a Mystical-Body "grafting on"—nations, tribes and peoples who for one thing have none of the long-synagogue-nurtured hang-ups about "religious liberty". That which in this setting and the heretical document by that name alike plainly means only diabolical victory in combats of this cosmic arena of this earth, and especially of church and state. That "religious liberty" which allows no liberty to Holy Mother Church, which actually means religious prostration before the state, and from there before the powers of Hell. (All the while lovely psalms and praises abound). That form of idolatry epitomized so well in the actor-minister on Little House on the Prairie, always giving some milk-toast sermon about how its always wrong to even make a fist, that that’s only something "for bad-guys to do". The earth, the state, society, on the contrary, being that place-of-struggle where we must always be ready to be bloodied, where God must above all other places perpetually win, majestically reign, in every regard.

May 27, 2014: "Terrible sufferings" of sodomites who are asked to restrain themselves in any way at all.

Today, if you say anything that has much of any truth about it you are likely-enough to get for your trouble a medley of gasps, a reaction in stark token-of-thanks for sometimes-considerable stonewall-overcoming efforts involved, almost as if you had given the listener a cruel blow to the abdomen. Indeed a white-around-the-mouth testimonial with singular uprighteousness announced, as if you had just sullied the most innocent of souls. But down the same prestigious isle in the ranging warehouse of high-level jerk-knee reactions of today—rote mechanisms whose every separate nuance places the item in a whole new ascendant realm, factotums no doubt stamped conspicuously with some liberal-school talk-show-underwriters laboratory seal-of-approval—is this Constitution-dismantling sine qua non. To wit: this idea that the thus-designated-righteous are to be spared every single iota of strain or effort in doing what they do, every atom of difficulty in publicly pursuing some custom and morality overturning way-of-life. ("Persecution" itself was of course long-ago hounded-down in some Georgia swamp, never again to show its face.) This idea of utter social, legal, institutional and occupational impunity—indeed institutionally-established righteousness—being rigidly maintained by a whole massive docket of laws and court-doctrines which grows substantially by the day. The measure of love—a willingness to suffer for the person or idea loved—with staggering irony finding no basis at all here on which to stand. For these are people very simply who "are going to have their cake and eat it, too", and through these remorseless, elite-financed-and-piloted rulings and institutions impose these vaunted preferences and radically-overt activities on everyone else too.

As pointed out here on this page some years ago, if law is used to facilitate the public ascendancy of every new crackpot idea then what you end up with is simple chaos or anarchy: because "there isn't enough time in a day" to publicly establish each far-fetched new way of life with institutional guarantees such are sought-after by this anti-life, sodomy-advancing breed. But rather being manufactured—in this case before our own little interior court—is a whole new sole standard-of-rectitude—as unbridled, unnatural, chaotic passion in such cases will indeed adamantly insist and ultimately achieve—a code which for one thing is already making a wealthy-elites-securing of concubines of both sexes "as easy as pie". And furthermore "standards of fitness" for some unnatural role are deafeningly surrendered without comment to the very radical crackpots who perversely seek after such things. Having totally destroyed any idea of human personhood as defined in the development of a moral and intellectual universe, we see already the persistence of a perfectly-non-rational "what the traffic will bear", a brazen rejection of the dignity of each woman and man. Indeed, there is nothing "liberal" here: no, only the most systematic and inescapable totalitarian aggression and control.

Do we just wring our hands? Hardly. The whole shameful impasse in which the USA, indeed the world, especially by dint of Uncle Bar-Samuel's ceaseless and ever-rationalizing military aggressions, finds itself does most clearly and insistently suggest the solution. Demonstrably, the whole gradually-developing code of quasi-ethics and quasi legal and political philosophy which Uncle Sam has been advancing for the very beginning—indeed by-force-of-arms from before he had yet been properly born—has proven its destructiveness in thus miserably pinning us with our backs against such a filthy and disgusting wall. It is time to turn back to the political wisdom of the ages of the Catholic Church: not really because we distrust Muslims, Sikhs or Protestants, nor think them fools, but because only religion as a fully-revelatory gift from God will be equipped to handle the mammoth issues of every kind involved. This guarantee-of-authenticity being based in stupendous miracles—not simply some doubtful "healing", as in the "beatifications" of these recent anti-popes, but in plainly-supernatural works which "break all the laws of nature"—an underwriters seal-of-approval indeed found only in the teaching authority of the Catholic Church. That Body of Christ now cruelly dismember by the biblical "enemy within". But "take courage, for I have over come the world", for we have in the words of the true-papal-saint, St. Pius X, of blessed memory of the early twentieth century, the clear identification of the instrument which God will use to restore the Church to her former divinely-based glory and insuperable liberty. This stunning announcement being made before Cardinals, as I understand, informally ranged around him in the Vatican, sometime before 1913 when a vigorously-healthy Pius rather mysteriously died: all these dignitaries together discussing a "Church takeover", already warned against in one Marian apparitions, soon to be warned-against in a Fatima Secret to be left treacherously un-divulged. (Quote the mortally-compromised Sr. Lucy, "it might get the people confused"). Both these Heavenly visitations and other yet-to-come addressing an infiltration which should come as no surprise, a burrowing of sappers under the wires of the Church going on since early days of Sts. Peter and Paul. A penetration already well-advanced at that time a century-and-more ago, by Jews and their ever-auxiliary Freemasons, and other secret-society dens-of-iniquity. St. Pius X announcing in his virile and stentorian way that "it is the laity which will save the Church" against the cunning and remorseless foe.

There then my friends we "have the ticket": let's be the rough-and-ready laymen that we are, which is I believe precisely the spirit that St. Pius X wished to evoke. Don't worry about niceties here, in this most mortal of cases in which souls of children are most directly involved. Nor about agonies of "obedience" when orders of biblical hirelings are so self-righteously barked-forth. How then such a "breaking out" of the forces-of-good from the ambush into which we have fallen to be brought about? We have some ideas here on this site, with writings going all the way back to the end of 2002, and we ask you to overcome the cloud of brainwash that presently besets most of mankind and to think of other good and reasonable things to reinforce efforts and ideas formulated here. For this is above all things a locally-based Crusade, although at the time allotted by God it will grow national and international wings. Our Crusade serving as a grafting-point, to grow into a tree with many sustaining fruits. Being in all cases quite positive, energetic, exuberant, joyful: both pious and strong.

Dieux le vuelt!

May 23, 2014: The Hitler thing: pushing recognition of Jewish perfidy to irrational extremes.

What would be the result of a series of fiery speeches on the Senate floor in which some Democrat spoke of his undying hatred for all Republicans, veritably foaming at the mouth, repeating over and over again, voicing his conviction in a shrill and shrieking crescendo that they are all jackals, traitors fit only to be exterminated like so many bugs over which no one should mourn? Obviously, like "Chairman Mao" in the old Beatles song, he wouldn't "make it with anyone" by such an irrational approach, and would no doubt be escorted to a padded cell, led by the hand, with many soft words of comfort, by Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer and the band. This then is precisely what Adolph Hitler did: Hitler having been half Jewish on his mother's side, having at length been forced to admit same, much as did John Kerry and Madeline Albright under similar circumstances, having been caught in the same sort of identity-denying lie as had the madman of decades ago. (Kerry allegedly a "Boston Irish-Catholic", thus among other things early-on apparently providing himself a valuable in with the Kennedy clan.) Adolph alleging in his Mein Kampf (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1943.) that he "hadn't even heard the word Jew" during his childhood and youthful years at home in Austria: a statement from which he was later forced to back down, "humbly" claiming, together with his also-Jewish Eugenics Program oversee Rosenberg, to be shamefully handicapped by this ancestral stain. But what Adolph Hitler did—beyond the synagogue's wildest dreams—was by association to "brand with infamy" anyone who would so much as question Jewish motives on any issue, or their much-documented world-directing schemes: identifying all such people inexorably with his own foreseeably-hated self.

Indeed, reading the first chapter or two of Mein Kampf had us riveted to our chairs: noting eloquently as he did in its pages the rank Jewish promotion of pornography, of popular economic injustice, and by implication of crimes like sodomy and abortion as well. It was only gradually that Hitler's abominable, cynical fabrication could be seen for what it truly was. He who did indeed have a rare gift with words, promoting tractable misrepresentations to credulous German listeners, held spellbound not only by persuasive powers "from where it's hot" but also by the Corporal's blunt gutter-language, as if for once, to a long misled and abused German people, "calling a spade a spade". Adolph actually making Jews out to be stupid—a big lie indeed—branding them inept much as he did the Social Democratic Party, the socialists of the place and time. That labor-union-dominated political amalgam which Jews had founded in Germany, largely through feverish world-traveler exertions of the Russian-Jew Trotsky, some two decades before. Hitler claiming that Jews "don’t know how to do anything", or words to that effect, scarcely betraying to anyone the degree to which the synagogue always gains control of both sides of any issue—as it indeed had done with both his own nascent Nazism and Communism—and thereafter see-saws mankind into enervating economic, political and military confrontations and other disastrous extremes.

The immemorial, indeed unchangeable position of the Catholic Church, continually maintained until the arrival of the string of antipopes we have had since the 1958 death of Pius XII of blessed memory, has always been as mild, clement and reasonable as it has been militant and strong. Catholics having no need to vent hatred and spleen, but only to state things as they are. In fact, Jews are in a battle-to-the-death with the Christian world, starting indeed with their malignant and systematic persecution, first of Christ Himself, "hanging Him on a tree", and thereafter of his followers across time. Catholics truly seeing this earth as a place of struggle or "kampf", but a place where the Church is meant mildly and majestically to reign, under banners of Christ the King. And not to cravenly give way to Jewish hatred, totalitarianism and greed: that which always maintain rigidly control over at least two well-organized and well-financed, seemingly-contradictory bastions-of-opinion on every issue: thereby edging out Christian leaders from a determining role in any important cause.

May 21, 2014: Identifying once again the milk-toast Catholicism of the antipopes of Vatican II.

One cannot exaggerate the dire consequences of this shift from a benign but forthright and resolute militancy to a pabulum or milk-toast of "love, love" that New Church represents. The Church on earth—not yet gone to its reward, when defensive measures will be needed no more—naturally being formed into national episcopacies, yoked in tandem with a Catholic state, in a massive public infusion-of-grace. The Church needing to deal militantly with a Gospel-condemned world, often enough on its own terms, here and now, being by antipope and anti-council alike reconceived in a shamefully humanistic way. This millennial manly and intrepid Catholicism over an ignominious half-century being summarily replaced by a gutless, spineless crew-of-shepherds who flee, in panic or indifference, at the attacks of the wolves, mouthing to them at most only smiling or terrified words about "love, love, love". Slathering predators then being allowed without resistance to "snatch and scatter" the helpless faithful sheep. New Church Catholicism after Vatican II essentially if without any real acknowledgment washing its hands of the Catholic militant spirit of two thousand years, opting for a humanism-ridden hand-holding convention of sorts, a limp-and-tractable counterfeit utterly unknown in ages before, unworthy of Christ the King. Prior ages of rampant Catholic militancy indeed disowned by antipopes of these past decades, if more-typically in their signature bland, indirect, or rock-star-oblivious way. This will-of-the-wisp Catholicism having however seen in a mere sixty years the thunderous collapse of moral and social, political and economic gains-of-mankind of which the Church has always been prime advocate and defender, indomitable upholder of highest and noblest standards in communities of men. In an advocacy not always simply by saying prayers or offering Masses, but also by a willingness to "lay down ones life for ones friends". And neither, again, by simply laying ones head on the chopping-block by rather by combats good, honorable and true. A nowadays much-noised "perfection" being in every case exclusively identified with a false patience and meekness which know absolutely no bounds: Catholics thus exposing their children to every type and degree of defilement, themselves and the Faith to public contempt, in increasingly common attacks in every setting neighborhood or occupational, scholastic or commercial, social or political as well.

In opposition to this milk-toast Catholicism, then, do we raise rampant the banners of the Catholic political and economic resurgence, crying with Boniface VIII "now is the time to gird on the sword!" In an across-the-board mobilization, ultimately, as predicted in scripture and saintly prophesy, military in nature as well. Against "enemies of mankind" clearly and repeatedly identified in Holy Writ and Church decretals of centuries in time. We reject, we abandon to eternal ignominy this cowardly and unworthy mockery of faith, of a Francis, a Benedict, a "rock star" John Paul II: simply amounting to a cleverly-disguised "being ashamed of Christ before men". For if there is anything on earth worth fighting for, it is this: not indeed to impose our will upon essentially-harmless Muslims on the other side of the globe—whom our ever-"merciful" New Church Catholics are always so eager and ready to put to the sword—Muslims many of whom worship God far better than most Catholics of today. Rather dauntlessly reclaiming that "liberty of Holy Mother Church", of Catholic families, states and souls, which was so treacherously and with such cowardly "humility" abandoned at Vatican II.

May 20, 2014: The chasm-leap of EWTN regarding Oral Tradition. Article much improved at noon.

It's just the Protestant Revolt all over again, but in place of sola scriptura is put a sola Early Fathers which achieves much the same thing. A new and breezy factotum by which New Church souls can, like cradle-Catholic ancestors, claim to belong to a whole different league from the Protestants, yet approach life in more-or-less the same camel-swallowing way as signatories at the Confession of Augsburg every dreamed. As long as we make a big show of kissing babies in St. Peter's Square we can like Luther give revolt another go: glibly plying a template-heretical, biblically-condemned Judaized Christianity which does duty only in the tidiest of first-century-ablutionary ways, while wrapping itself in a deafening and genocidal silence which morally and legally "betokens consent". Having antiseptically gone back to a sola Early Fathers time when the Church had few well-developed doctrines on the state, sprinkling with ample holy water a Raymond-Arroyo-eager complicity with a set of policies which in a mere few decades has set all Islam at war with the West, unleashed age-old rapes and "matrimonial" abductions, and made domestic religion into a biblical-portico "den of thieves".

It is in this sola-early-fathers cosmology that all the talk about evangelization, code-word for a scorched-earth-tradition-less remaking of the Catholic soul, takes place. It is a "call to perfection" which is largely pure adrenaline-rush, excited tones, contrived agonies of speech, with humbler and less-presumptuous preoccupations of farmer or steelworker ancestors having been weighed in such a high-minded balance and found to come up short. Sic semper does heresy and heterodoxy do.

Vaguely or plainly denied in the above is that the Holy Ghost remained in the Church very long after the last of the ancient Church Fathers: Vatican II indulgence thus allowing divine inspiration only a bit longer of an earthly Petrine and majesterial/episcopal ride than Lutherans do. The Divine Dove somehow—by dint of a lot of "thrown open windows"—held to have once again neatly alighted at Vatican II: thus delineated being an indwelt space-of-time roughly up to Augustine's life, contemporary with the sack of Rome, and a subsequent "dark ages" of fifteen hundred years, of a divine absence from the churchly dovecot of the most catastrophic kind.

Quite different is the genuine Catholic idea of Tradition with a capital T: no contrived-excitement needed here, to make the hand quicker than the inner-eye. For although fully-understood Tradition came to a source-related-completion with the death of the last Apostle it didn't at all die with St. John, nor yet with St. Augustine, but rather remains rampantly alive through two thousand years: denying which living, breathing Tradition you repudiate Christ Our Lord and His Mystical Body as well. Infallible divine guidance being contained in a certain general sense in Church government as well as doctrine: which is why for instance validly-elected, validly-reigning popes cannot mistakenly canonize anyone, like today they so blithely do, nor approve a lay or clerical institute without evincing the same divine guiding eye. Even if less-consequential Church-governing foibles have indeed been evident from time to time since Apostolic times. A Tradition-in-the-flesh—the only kind of Tradition a Catholic really knows—its laboriously-developed social, economic and political wisdom scarcely needing to be "updated" or improved-upon—let alone thrown out of any "open windows"—by a lot of abortion-auguring lodge-hall Freemasons of Rome, or of Boston or Houston Tea Party lore. A Tradition as alive seventy years ago as it was eight hundred or at the start. A Tradition, a genuine "behold, I make all things new!", that you are required to honor, to treat lovingly, wherever it is found: rather than manage a convincing stage-studio projection of the specter of a quaint figment from out of a safely sealed past. Most of Catholic historical existence being in New Church an unwelcome apparition which is retrospectively patted on the head like some immature child: having Smith and Marx, Freud and Gates to vouch for our own secular-and-churchly grown-up estate. A comprehensive Catholic past from which, Trotsky/Vatican-II-style, we then bravely and resolutely march away.

Invariably then does EWTN give us more Marxist-sounding cadres of clerics of all races and regions, like this incredible drill-sergeant-like priest who leads the new congregation mostly of Asian and African men. A man who grimly calls out cadence for this millennia-leaping new column and line: touting "obedience", thunderously condemning "pride", when all else fails. All this a filler for a two-thousand-year-old vacuum, gouged out by the whole mammoth apostasy of Vatican II. But God has lots of object-lessons "gathered in His barns", to rain down from out of the skies, or to heave from under the ground. Out of a roundhouse into which He would rather have gathered us, had we been of such a mind.

May 9, 2014: Bitcoin: the long-anticipated crunch-currency which as John Birchers used to assure us will reduce the value of dollars or marks, requiring wheelbarrows-full of the stuff to buy the proverbial loaf of bread. Article expanded next day.

We just now read about this new medium of exchange and we instantly recognized the probability that this is the long-anticipated currency which will relegate all others to absolute worthlessness: a coin which will line the pockets only of the chosen few, while the rest of us are condemned to loot, riot and die of exposure, disease and starvation for lack of any money at all. This new Bitcoin being the very diametric opposite of what we advocate here, to wit: a local, crude, pocket-carried, popularly-stamped-or-printed money by which, together with other practical, moral and material measures, the common man can most expeditiously strike off the shackles that presently keep him in bitter thrall. A slave to the very folks who are peddling this new sort of digital precious metal.

Alas, I know, they will throw you in jail and throw the key away—and me with you—if you do as I suggest and make such a coin: as modern tyranny and totalitarianism is based dead-center upon stygian morbidities of modern currency and its Feds and central banks, its bonds and derivatives, its common-good-squirreling hedge-fund day trading and international-terrorism-sustaining dollar reserve currency, and so on. For as one of the Rothschilds said during the past two-and-a-half centuries of their global financial reign, "Give me control over a nation's currency and I care not a fig who 'rules'". Modern money having by now enabled a form-of-tyranny far exceeded even these mad Midases' wildest global-ruling dreams.

Because of universally-grim facts involved there may be no point in printing or minting the sort of entirely-informal and unsophisticated currency advocated here. For you can bet that just when you get a "neat" little circle-of-users going, for some value-assigned logo mass-stamped on a piece of paper from an ordinary printer—redeemable for those who "want out" at any time in the standard national currency, through some form of kitty collectable for the purpose, among those vast-majority of others who will be positively sold on the idea—that having gone through such trouble you will be hauled away somewhere behind cinder-block and barbed wire. A mole of some sort—no doubt a loud and vociferous "patriot"—having burrowed his way into your humble little effort and sent you all—and me with you—to the federal pen. But the essential legal—not to mention moral—innocence of the whole thing is evident from the fact that, as testified in numismatic literature found in the bibliography to my first book, ancient Rome not only didn't punish crude barbarian imitations of Roman coins: as for one thing it had no legions-of-bureaucrats and CIA-agents for "ongoing" wars against its own or other-nations' citizens. Rather did the Empire actually welcome this base-metal, no-intrinsic-value money into its markets, bringing to them on steroids the voracious addendum which a barbarian economy inevitably represents. For totalitarianism is entirely an invention of "freedom-loving" Enlightenment-Era times: when for one thing "conservatives" go on endless diatribes about "worthless" Fed-"backed" paper-money, which for such standard Tea-Party watch-dogs is decidedly and often-indeed designedly to bark up the wrong tree.

Granted, it is indeed absolutely essential that we throw off the yoke of these abysmal synagogue-sustained currencies of today which keep thugs like Obama and mob-Molls like Merkel in unquestionable power: only we mustn't try to replace them with the historically-demonstrated multiplier-barren economic dead-weight which a return to an elite-catering gold standard would represent. That eventuality which quickly and self-admittedly made England—for the first time in at least five centuries—into a second-rate power. Present-day tyrants alternating with the likes of a now-once-again-politicking Bush family and their media-resurfacing obsequious protégé Tony Blaire, that old "Coalition of the Willing" crowd, neck deep in treacheries of modern dollar-backed international currencies, a cabal set to pull out all the stops for the ultimate version of a Mark-of-the-Beast Skull-and-Bones world in which all nations will be third-world in their life-expectancy and GDP. That global conspiracy which Catholic prophesy of the ages reassures us will be militarily defeated by numerically-meager bands of embattled Catholics once again loyal to "that which has been passed down to you". Those Birchers mentioned above having unfortunately themselves been remotely controlled from the very beginning by the very same synagogue crowd, through those top-level moles that are inevitably to be found in movements not built according to humble, loose-knit, familiarity-based, locally-footed organizationally-distributive principles discussed and detailed on this site. The decentralized populations of which are proverbially loyal to the nation itself, and to a government which actually seeks the common good and justly bears arms only against true foes. A form-of-government which the political science textbooks like to call "anarchy": this latter ugly word now transmuted by linguistic alchemy to mean any system which isn't rigidly centralized, but rather strongly emphasizes local self-rule. While in fact if the political order doesn't in some way, shape or form follow this loose-knit configuration it is doomed to be taken over by ever-close-to-the-throne Jews: that present day quandary which is exactly what synagogue-dominated collegiate political science and linguistic departments most desire to maintain.

May 8, 2014: What is a madman?

Contrary to white-around-the-mouth ceaselessly-plied "anti-terror" warnings issued with regularity from our massive security establishment, a madman isn't really that often someone "irrational" or "out of control" but much more commonly a person who has become obsessed with some rigidly-thought-out idea, some passionately-adhered-to paradigm to which he is willing to sacrifice human lives, as on a sort of pagan altar, including indeed and no doubt his very own. A gauge of madness, as it might be termed, being the degree to which a person jettisons his own very humanity in homage to some abstract ideology or idea, demanding that friendships and even family ties, the sum total of interests and activities, be universally filtered through the warped prism of his oddly-deliberative view-of-life. Involved being a long list of relinquishments of every human, non-rigid, imaginative, colorful thought, word or deed, albeit perhaps allowing himself a startling and enigmatic grin or laugh now and again. Such a person likely more typically however to conceive of all things under the sun in terms of humorless column-and-line-organizing categoricals, to which he renders an iron-faced salute as they go marching by. Hence does the rather typical sort of Jew of diasporic times fit perfectly within this description, being exhaustively and demonstrably possessed by a diabolical global agenda-of-control, a program with ironclad deliberation—if with noted moments of giddy anticipation—stealthily imposed upon humankind. No, it isn't that we are lunatic "conspiracy theorists" in thinking such a program-of-deceit is possible—something whose veracity is demonstrated to us day after weary common-good-hijacked day—rather are the lunatics those who indulge in sanguinary and secretive projects of this kind. Together indeed with their also-certifiably-deranged accomplices who level such "conspiracy theory" charges on the daily news.

True, a person can become destructive in an irrational way when he takes certain doctor-prescribed drugs, like Prozac and its many cousins, but this isn't really a madman-properly-so-called, but rather a victim of the global coterie-of-madmen noted above.

Hence do we on this site recommend a polar-contrary "regime" of humble, mind-refreshing, culture-cultivating, friendship-nourishing, "back to nature" things. Existential projects which unfortunately all the humorless morbidly orderly people noted above frown upon in the most daunting and dictatorial way. These real lunatics, the only ones to really fear, being the hatchers of newest intimidating titles of "syndromes" and other alleged mental-derangements, their leaders found doughtily manning psychiatric faculties and both sides of the congressional isle. All of them resolutely intent upon criminalizing or branding as pathological every humble humanity-nourishing activity—like genuine religious Faith—that there might be.

May 7, 2014: The Catholic sedevacantist Establishment: Much like the Pharisees, (mostly) objectively correct in doctrine but dead wrong in word and deed. Article edited later in the day. A forthright defense of Muslim virtue and goodness.

As attested throughout Catholic history the mark of the One True Faith, as most instantly-recognizable to ordinary men, has always been the heartfelt exclamation, "see how much they love one another". Hence our Crusade's own assessment of these loveless sedevacantist groups, from the Pius V Society in Colorado to CMRI in Omaha and Spokane: that they in effect serve as a prime salient of obdurate synagogue columns invading the Catholic Church since Vatican II. The doctrine of Our Blessed Lord being "spirit and life", while these monumentally-arrogant, contemptuous people, key figures among which are undoubtedly crypto-Jews, quietly uphold cynical American foreign policies even as they trample with abandon upon the road-kill of harried and bewildered post-Vatican-II lay-Catholic souls. Evincing a synagogue-flavored private-club exclusivity that serves as a mockery rather than a testimony of the One True Faith.

Truly, I wish I were wrong about all of this, but as often as I have been present at mass-centers of such Catholic-traditionalist clerics I have always found my original assessment ruefully redoubled in the interval, morbidly fulfilled once again.

For this principal reason indeed do we on the Crusade look to Russia to supply what is lacking in the Church today: having turned away with bitter disappointment from these Catholic traditionalists of every kind for decades now. Noted "chair is vacant" clerics—admittedly correct on almost every purely-doctrinal score—going on to choke on every gnat that flies through the air, just as Christ Himself characterized synagogue clerics of old. While these Russian Orthodox, on the other hand—soon to embrace the Catholic Faith, according to Our Lady at Fatima—have somehow over daunting years of the Soviet Judeo-communist occupation retained the Christian spirit in all its essentials. Knowing for one thing something so basic as how to talk to people in a mild, clement and kindly way, assiduously avoiding either mockery, contempt or disdain. A benign and relenting conduct so generously displayed by Russian diplomats and leaders, witnessed in recent months in meek responses to untold provocations at the hands of Washington and its fawning, bought-off allies of Ukraine, Poland and other recently-enlisted NATO members. Hat-in-hand Baltic-area nations openly and raucously threatening the entire Russian Western and Northern flank, hiding in the coattails of Uncle Sam. This synagogue-tutored American yen for geopolitical chuspah—a readily-transmissible diplomatic disease—having inevitably made for bloody scenes around the globe when there could rather have been generously spread abroad the Gospel "peace and love". The advocated tractable goodwill, utterly spurned by so many inherently-"macho" Yankee souls, which in the nineteenth century here at home would have rendered the American settlement of the West a much easier affair. For instance, when in mountainous reaches of Mexico whither our cavalry had gone "in hot pursuit" Geronimo—himself hardly a "push over"—was ready to surrender to Crook already in early 1886 if only he had been treated according to civilized diplomatic protocols. A towering Apache figure, one of the most masterful warriors in human history, undyingly devoted to his Chiricahua people, whom the General scorned to even address directly, ignoring him during these "talks" as if he were a pesky fly. A noble Indian who for several days responded to these callous dismissals with unrelenting tokens of affection which were roundly and summarily despised, while the strange bearded American figure—who dressed like a mule-driver instead of a commander—airily laid down contempt-laden terms. This epic piece of hubris destined to cost scores more human lives of soldiers, Indians and bi-national civilians alike over the next six months: at which later date, under General Miles, the exhausted and harried Geronimo willingly laid down his arms, owning the latter a man, very simply, who "doesn't talk ugly". (cf. Utley, Geronimo. Yale Press: 2012). Although, true to Yankee-chuspah form, almost everything Geronimo agreed to in his surrender negotiations turned out to be only another American lie, to Indians uniformly treated in these dealings—in classical synagogue fashion—as "goyim", or less than human beings. For just as establishment Sedevacantists provide a rare outpost for arrogant surrogate-synagogue displays so has an AIPAC-subservient American policy at home and around the globe done the very same: indeed with the whole sociological slant of American life since Plymouth Bay having been based on a contemptuous rejection of the gentle, soft-spoken and relenting Gospel-Catholic "Way". A contrary congenital truculence easily accounting as well for 99% of our social problems here in the USA. "Papist" devotedness being abominated here for centuries, a kindly spirit to which an entire globe is ever eager to respond positively: even as mankind rejects adamantly and with horror not only the stark custom-despising Calvinist "bible only" religion but also this cold and arrogant disposition which has all-too-often attended Catholic and Protestant efforts here alike. Thus did Utes and other tribes in Colorado and the rest of the Northwest marvel ecstatically over the Catholic Sacramental-system, notably its childlike reception of the Divinity-containing "Bread of Life", and listen in rapt attention to stories of humanly-endearing Catholic saints, brought them by missionaries from France. While the same tribes would a few years later express utter incomprehension over uniformly-stern "believe on Him" exhortations, of Protestant missionaries of an ever-conquering America, attempting to fill the indigenously-lamented Catholic void. These sessions—on straight-backed chairs—lasting for dry hours-on-end—hardly endearing native throngs—leading more-or-less directly to a certain drunken massacre of a Protestant missionary couple. An isolated incident in Colorado from among a model-civilized tribe which thereupon and with rare convenience allowed for the taking of basically all of spectacular mountainous Ute lands. This patent synagogue-contamination detectable as well for instance, as attested by reams of Jesuit and other Catholic missionary testimony, even in Spanish colonial efforts starting in 1492 and before. A biblically-identified, bureaucratically-entrenched "Judaizing" moral disease which likewise affected the French-Canadian, French-Indochinese and French-African settlement in the very same way. All these developments-of-centuries being treated-of extensively on this site.

That monumentally-flint-like manner is what you instantly detect in these Sedevacantists, men who walk and talk more like businessmen than clerics, with a seeming added ear-rasping note of gloat over having commandeered the chief and ostensibly-impregnable place of opposition to the present also-crypto-Jewish occupation of the Vatican. The sedevacantists making many New Church EWTN people, for all their doctrinal imprecision, seem like erroneous but beloved Good Samaritans of first-century times. This monumental "co-opting" which these clerics represent, this stealthy gaining-of-the-fortress of the most stubborn of opponents, pushing aside the truly-Catholic earnest-but-unwary, seeming to "put the nails in the coffin" of Catholic Faith. The "loyal opposition" inevitably being thus "taken over" by Jewish global forces whenever such an overthrow as Vatican II and its lengthy preliminaries and aftermath are so thunderously achieved. Eager surrogates installed in coveted positions before the blitzkrieg dust has cleared. But God and Our Blessed Lady—so soon to find a faithful ally in Russia—have other battle-plans in mind.

Actually, the sedevacantist establishment isn't all that doctrinally sound, either, with these partisans tending like all traditionalist groups to emphasis a harshly-rigorist attitude that has been preliminary to countless heresies across time: this even as practical-rather-than-theoretical evils like immodesty-of-dress typically among them abound. With respect to Muslims in particular—trads everywhere eager to pass "patriotic" war-on-terror litmus tests met with today at every "success"-bound turn—these doughty religionists deftly gliding over all the manifold goodwill-related criteria which can make a Muslim or Native-American religionist a true and meritorious believer in One God. The Epistle-announced doctrinal gold standard here, the minimum for salvation, comprising a rudimentary act-of-divine-faith, being that one "believe in one God Who is the rewarder of the good and the punisher of the wicked". Unlike one Sedevacantist u-tube site, the Apostle not being so rigorous or demanding as to require explicit belief in a triune God in order to be said to believe in God at all. Culpability in general being bound up with informed-yet-willful rejection of such a doctrine, or ignorance of it of a guilty kind, this latter based on a lack of due diligence or some prejudicial mindset of a surmountable kind. The presence of bonafide forms of these factors-of-acquittal in any one particular case largely known to God alone. All the traditionalist/sanctimonious game of dodge-ball however enables sedevacantists—in whose number we ourselves essentially belong—to turn a blind eye to virtuous Muslim behavior which puts most Christians to dire shame, and by this denial roundly "justify" drone-bombing and otherwise killing them—sometimes whole villages at a time—in our patently unjust wars. Islamists who far outshine we Christians in their virile combat against things like sodomy, abortion, immodesty, euthanasia, Aquinas-condemned at-interest-banking, and a host of other egregious moral wrongs. The claim being haphazardly made that they "don't actually believe in the one true God", a blanket mendacious condemnation permitting us, with our globally-notorious coarse consciences, to class all their often-heroic exertions on behalf of the good and the pure as useless, even indeed evil: as if serving the wicked one instead of God.

May 7, 2014: The Holocaust narrative and the Jewish yen for revolution: how it is sodomy-ridden at its very core.

As statistically born-out, Jews and sodomites alike are relatively non-averse to things like suicide, while cunningly-planned mass-murder is proportionally within their hyper-tolerant grasp, even of their very own kind. This ingrained suicidal/homicidal impulse being mistakenly taken as a form of heroic dedication by most people in the West, a "devil-may-care" propensity evinced in a special way for instance by Jews like Trotsky of Russian-revolutionary fame. He who certainly knew he was rubbing the Politburo raw with his constant contentious theatrics which ultimately led to his assassination in Mexico in 1940. A Bolshevik-Jewish guy who seemed to have had a sodomite relationship with Lenin, this latter crypto-Jew openly claiming a reciprocating "being in love" with his admiring comrade-in-arms. Ever-tandem sodomy and satanism—as among the often-also-Jewish Nazi High Command—having been distinguishing marks of major figures in the old Soviet crowd. These sodomites, politically, financially and polemically marshaled everywhere by the synagogue, having little genuine attachment to human life, being ready to dispense with it in other people and easily-enough to kill themselves as well, a self which they with understandable bitterness deeply despise. All the more then the propensity of the same ilk toward domestic slaughters in theaters, churches, colleges, army posts, and so on: to "make a point". For in Jews and sodomites we are dealing with people who look at existence in a radically different way, "brave" and "heroic" people who posit an existence-narrative unnatural to the core, full of deadly personal ruptures, dead-end group and international dynamics, ground-clearing or annihilating political chain-reactions, and so on. For the cure of which disease we here on this Crusade offer the gentle and constructive, relenting and merciful, clement and forbearing Gospel-Catholic "Way".

May 5, 2014: Some few "self-evident" truths of anti-conspiracy-theory theorists. More will be added in days ahead.

First and most fundamental of all the grimly-held commandments of the anti-conspiracy-theory crowd is that no one ever does evil in an organized way. Hence Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin and the hundreds of the Bolshevik Commissariat were "only trying to tell us something", were only inflating a "beautiful idea-balloon" to go "up, up and away" into realms of communal bliss. This while they and their successors cumulatively, over decades and no doubt in some sort of fit-of-collective-distraction butchered 80 million souls.

Least possible of all is any chance that anyone involved in the "best of all possible" systems could even contemplate hijacking or railroading anything at all in any organized way. No, these our "leaders" are just a lot of heart-on-their-sleeves-earnest people each-of-whom doggedly plods his own "road less traveled by", now-and-again getting upset and doing nasty things collectively and simultaneously, which each unanimously regrets later on. At a time however when any modification of catastrophe-breeding decisions is "sadly" impossible any longer to achieve.

May 5, 2014: Diversionary tactics of U.S. media at it again, this time with long-running Broadway-grade theatrics over Benghazi. Jews: if you mess with people like Joseph Stalin or Adolph Hitler, Barack Obama or this latest P.M. in The Ukraine, then you are going to get swallowed up by them. Article slightly modified on some details.

The whole problem with Benghazi in a nutshell is of course that we ever mounted our standard Lexington-Bridge-grade heroics against a Ghaddafi who built a state-of-the-art society for his people, much as had Saddam Hussein: the catastrophic consequences of which military wrecking-ball had nothing whatever to do with "leading from the rear": another media diversionary-vignette of the same type discussed here. But as noted several times on this site: just like all the Woodward/Plame agony and diatribe over Yellow Cake and a blown CIA cover the aim of all the "why weren't we warned?" that always follows such horrific scenes, this whole frenzy thus riled up by media and congressional cronies alike, was and is always to deflect public scrutiny from real enormities underlying it all. In the Plame case namely the whole massive fraud of 9/11, of our directly-subsequent involvement in Iraq, the destabilization of a whole region, the directly-consequent exodus of millions of Christians from a region which for fourteen-hundred years had been peacefully coexistent with Muslim throngs. These innocent believers dislodged after only ten years of Yankee "make the world safe", as attested last night on The World Over news-show on EWTN, by this (typically-dissembling but in this case only-too-truthful) regional expert named Phares. And just as five years ago you could hardly fix upon a more distracting subject than secret-agent-supermodel-damsel-in-distress persecutions at the hands of cynics in D.C., so now all the byzantine buzz over e-mails serves the same D.C.-essential task: namely to distract public attention away from suicidal multi-theater U.S. armed-involvements around the globe. Another of which heroic "defensive operations" we are preparing just now to unleash upon Russia as well, our synagogue masters intent on another of their (financially "sad-but-necessary") World Wars. While buried even deeper under oceans of emotion over the real tragedy of the loss of an ambassador and three others serving America abroad is the atrocity-ridden "partnering" (see April and archive editions of LeMonde Diplomatique, English translation) of our very own special-ops people with an assortment of African extremist groups: close-kin to the same Boco Haram rapists now being so vociferously and globally condemned. Armed radical-Islamic groups, increasingly-often U.S. trained, which proliferated like cancer across Africa, armed with a host of weapons taken from perfectly-lootable arms-depots of an annihilated Ghaddafi regime. So much for "make the world safe", to drown out whose failure all the buzz over e-mails is more-than-welcome to doughty "terror-warriors" on both sides of the isle. Such public awareness as there is of such a "playing with fire", finally—having somehow escaped the broadly-caste dragnet of media Benghazi-e-mail hysteria—being neatly dealt with in a yet-more-cynical second-tier-subliminal "justification" of unconscionable policies abroad. Namely in a growing satanic, all-day-fictional-media-fed black ops mystique roughly akin to incessant TV ads accentuating dangers of the latest enhancement drug. Involving another reverse-psychological play on a human psyche always eager to be double-dared: a propensity now on a massive scale laid jerk-knee, nerve-twitchingly bare.

"What a web we do weave, when first we practice to deceive". But this is a web in which we ourselves have at last been caught, and no amount of belated hysterics over e-mails is going to work us free.

Inevitably, Jews—"democracy-loving" dare-devils of all times—do end up getting hurt in the fray let loose by a global media, finance, government, etc., which they with such utter impunity dictatorially control, as we have been warned of by (real) popes and various professional/academic and civic figures and congresses for centuries now. And as is so easily ascertained by just looking at the names or pseudonyms of politicos and lobbyists, editors and network-owners, commentators and "experts" involved. Just as the same synagogue-goers got hurt when they deftly bankrolled, wound-up and turned-loose madmen like Hitler and Stalin, Mao and Chiang of two generations ago: in all cases with big names in "global finance" heavily involved. For instance with money and personnel (some 93% of the whole original Soviet Commissariat) for the Russian Revolution of 1917 coming almost entirely from Jews, or at their behest, a great many of them from New York City where their relatively-meager numbers supported a radical-socialist publication for which Trotsky wrote, and was received with delirious reader enthusiasm, while visiting there in 1917: a sheet which sold 200,000 Yiddish copies daily. (Among other sources see Trotsky, A Biography, by Robert Service. Belknap Press, 2009, p. 154). Hebrews in bewilderingly-contradictory political/military bankrolling and advocacy activities eagerly plying their blood-stained/institutionally-sustained geopolitical and geo-military see-saw to exhaust goyim resistance to latest world-dominion scheme. But when you thus play footsie with the mega-misanthropic Fiend there is to be expected collateral damage, not just of innocent Pakistanis or Afghanis but also of Jews.

May 3, 2014: Constantly creating new serpentine vehicles-of-control, they who now entirely direct the USA through a dozen major and minor avenues are especially fond of this newest pet creature of theirs.

Namely a sort of global information-boa-constrictor which is the U.S. media. Here at home for instance this roiling international predator giving us false and fragmentary "news" about the unparalleled divinely-chastising weather, preferring to drone on for hours or days about some big storm a year or ten years ago rather than the dozen tornadic killers which just now barreled through half the land. Giving us at most a half-dozen constantly-repeated pictures or sound-bites, of the same car stuck in the mud, or of some weather-chaser yelling "here it comes!". Weather-Channel Supermodels meanwhile doing a provocative and bad-news-distractive hootchy-kootchy in front of the weather-map, for all the world as if they were being obscenely tickled by some unseen hand, no doubt striving to inhibit horrors over this latest trip-to-the-woodshed, from which of course it is proclaimed that the disobedient lad will recover "with a resilient spirit", once again a patched-up, propped-up but "good as new" Uncle Sam. A U.S. media which then without skipping stride goes on to mis-informationally-enable our U.N. representative to talk with all the impudent cant of a badly-behaved five-year-old at yesterday's meeting of the General Assembly: where she stridently, mockingly accused Russia of bald-faced aggressions and black ops deeds such as her own D.C. government does from day to day. The "usefulness" of this sort of forked-tongued media-monster to those who rule us with an iron hand, here in the "land of the free", is endless, the idea being to "push the envelope", to see how far they can go in their unconscionable deceptions, no doubt thereafter filing all this "data" away for future actions even more rot-gut-cynical than before. For there is no disconnect, here in the USA, between falsehood and action: the two being of one serpentine piece. From incendiary fabrications about some Libya or Sudan, Russia or Iran, to the launching of some make-the-world-safe barbarity: the only rule is "the quicker the better", as the hand must of course always be "quicker than the eye". This sort of thrifty reasoning naturally needing the noted sort of infantile language to motivate bloody, deadly deeds. Some of whose assets—those who actually wear uniforms—then becoming veterans who are put on terminal waiting-lists by a "grateful" Uncle Sam, when found to have some disease.

It is because of this latest invention of the fiend, this media-serpent, that we put forward our own two-pronged assault on these entrenched ramparts of wrong. Firstly advocating the Fatima-requested consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary: amplifying the original 1952 formula of Pius XII, our last real pope, with a thunderous reaffirmation from popular and official realms. And secondly, the adoption by Russia not only of genuine (not New Church) Catholic Faith—her only refuge at this eleventh hour—but also of those truly sane and monitorable political institutions such as are discussed on this page, on this Crusade. Inviting this special land of Our Blessed Lady to indeed provide a faithful and pious occupant for a papal throne that has been empty for approaching sixty years, since the same Pius XII noted above.

May 2, 2014: A defense of medieval political forms: puritan-theological neglect of the natural in favor of the supernatural mirrors a modern political neglect of the human in favor of the theoretical.

Herein lies the root of all political and economic heresy, in this attempt to separate ourselves puritanically from our humanity: for much as the evangelical "being saved" abstracts itself from a life well-lived, so does modern political theory struggle like an Albigensian to save rigid and abstract pure political-ideology from contamination by nasty facts of life. This barren task suggesting some mathematically-modeled, razor-edged "best of all possible" forms—scarcely accommodating human frail fallibilities at all—a project dearest of all to disembodied fiends of Hell. When it comes to liberty we under liberal democracy taxing ourselves to capture a sense of utterly-unfettered freedom, as of pure spirits without a body bound, while quite-the-contrary to succeed at all we must act not as angels or demons but rather as men. Grasping at last what tools of agency we actually have, rather than continuing to rave about disembodied theory til the cows come home.

But alas Catholic political teaching hasn't kept up with the Church's otherwise-comprehensive grasp of natural/supernatural reciprocity: a void adaptable to a certain puritanical notional tidiness, a gap not lost upon a colonial John Carroll and his heterodox-American-clerical crew. Together with Founding Fathers being experienced tutors to truly-nasty French-Revolutionaries: providing a pattern in innocent-looking anti-matter, sanitary, "purely theoretical" expostulations for messy anti-clerical and other excesses of that bloodletting abroad. Church political apologetics having since the Revolutionary Era in particular not really kept up with clever designs of the stygian foe: he who has neatly hidden without a trace within the bounds of a gradualistically-watered-down Catholic teaching on the state. Suggesting falsely that it "has no teaching", as is so often today around clerical precincts so breezily heard: that it takes no umbrage with any forms of political organization except classical socialism or communism, whose definitive feature is that major industries are owned and controlled by government. So that, so the thinking airily goes, if political systems simply avoid this tidily-truncated peccadillo, they can basically do whatever they want. This expansive view being ready forthwith to swallow any number of political enormities, neatly fitting them somehow under "fallen nature", or "imperfect human institutions": these at last given tardy recognition, not however as our natural allies but as handy trapdoors to bouts of "sad but necessary" moral/political despair, stifling aroused consciences with a wave-of-the-hand. As if the Church's political view were as non-descript and wide-open as laissez-faire: forthwith making a match-up of Catholic Faith with Napoleonic-aggressive warfare, torture and robber-baron economics "a piece of cake". "Not to worry" that liberal democracy is the least workable of political systems, as its brief history of two hundred some sanguinary years so redundantly shows, and can only accommodate some tolerable amount of justice and sanity if the human factor is with great difficulty kept firmly intact, its innate complexities dealt-with assiduously, in a host of culturally-embedded particulars. While if human contingencies are simply "let fly", if no customs are kept alive, are together with morality and faith released out "open windows" of some kind, if various sorts of epic scoundrels are then "duly" empowered: then we no longer have a state at all, but some sort of "marvelously counterbalanced" pirate-cove. All the better if situated somewhere isolated between the seas, where it can prey on international shipping at perfect ease. The whole conundrum being infinitely facilitated by a somnolent Catholic Church, in imitation of Peter, James and John at the Agony in the Garden, which hasn't at all changed its political teaching—dismissing as we do the rogue council Vatican II—but has simply stopped soberly, wakefully and carefully applying that doctrine to thorny concrete matters-at-hand. An omission-related failing, encouraged with lots of Rothschild Vatican loans, of which an infallible teaching-Church is quite capable indeed. The very moral/cultural identity of peoples being encoded as it were within customary/juridical/economic forms from ancestors passed down, while any attempt to drastically modify—let alone utterly abolish—these human heirlooms will doom such a modernistic political concoction before it gets off the ground, arising to never-so-rosy and abstract "counterbalanced" heights though it might. Even as any number of cries of "the Church has no teaching on the matter" will only make its plunging demise that much more fiery and complete.

Hence does modern institutionally-entrenched Judeo/Masonic political philosophy attack custom and morality during processes of "freeing" everything political from out of the past. It isn't just that we are "liberated" from noblemen and kings, from guilds and other custom-bound things, in these secret-society-driven systems of today, but also that the whole of the moral law—that from which the state itself receives its one only mandate—is dropped from consideration in official realms, together with fiefdoms and baronages as well. Private, personal, social morality themselves thereby invariably becoming in practice, through institutionalized disuse, warped and corroded beyond repair. While in thus discarded ancestral loyalties and connections, no doubt subjecting them the while to ridicule and scorn—something always concomitant with a much-noised political "breaking of bonds"—we are destroying ourselves in these heady processes as well: since at even deeper levels than that of the state our very identity is intricately bound-up with custom, liturgy, morality, faith. And if these too are "let fly", together with lords and dukes; if, to use fine imagery provide us by that rather good movie A Man for All Seasons, we "open our fingers" and let these fall through—as St. Thomas More describes a perjurer in taking an oath—then we cannot hope to find them or our national soul there any longer, after such a "liberating" act of release.

To conclude: we advocate the frankpledge/royalty/nobility system on these pages not to be pompous or lordly but rather in rigorous and thoroughgoing recognition of human nature, of innumerable vulnerable reciprocities of body and soul, emotion and mind. True, Catholic doctrine doesn't really formally proscribe "any particular form of government" except communism/classical-socialism, as noted above (Leo XIII): but this little formula scarcely considers redundantly-demonstrated probabilities at all, leaving these for nations to ponder as they will. Even as left entirely unmentioned in this succinct axiom is the practical fact of a remorseless and determined, cryptic and revolution-prone Judeo/Masonic foe: who knows how to use paper constitutions as wicks for bottles full of petrol. While in contrast to a modern "make the world safe" liberal democracy which has cost the globe dozens of major wars, we on this Crusade don't ask any particularly "brave" things of people: the citizen already having enough of these to handle in the course of a day.