March 18, 2006: Louis de Joliet Publishing on site in the Katrina devastation. Poverty, racism and pseudo-progress. Gulf-coast Mississippi and Louisiana serve as a mystery-play, a microcosm of life utterly without the genuine practical influence of Catholic Faith. All the below actually turned out to be more prophetic than we would ever have dreamed. Regret some earlier negative remarks—which I rediscovered with horror, which I forgot were even here, and which I have deleted—over behavior of locals who, as I can see in hindsight, were understandably unkind on occasion—showed a "seamy side" that we all, alas, possess—as they watched their whole way of life being remorselessly destroyed.

Like the mathematician in Jurassic Park, I sometimes shudder over always being right. But my earlier gauging of gargantuan systemic failures after the storm actually pales in comparison with what I now see here on site with my own eyes. Correctly analyzed in an entry below—if underestimated in its fatal intensity, and requiring a whole thick book to do it any justice—I found the Katrina fiasco to stem from a lethal compound of several factors. These, spelled out yet-more specifically now with both eyesight and hindsight, include the monumental hubris of the historical Bush-family Confederate ideology: this joining forces with good ole boys and girls locally on the ground. Once a diminishing group, one now growing by leaps and bounds. (Note of September 2014: Our recently founded New and Better Confederacy, although having some organizational and espirit-related similarities to Old Confederate Dixie, has nothing whatever to do with racism or slavery. Indeed, Blacks and other minorities in our system would have their own nobility and political/economic sphere-of-influence, while notional preambles for our New Confederacy are already to be found in following paragraphs of this article itself.) Secondly, a growing national epidemic of sadism which finds clever excuses to “kick people while they’re down”. Thirdly feeding into this epic tragedy we have a growing computer-protocol-ridden, elite-dominion-catering, human-agency-frustrating lack of organizational aptitude in modern American life. Fourthly, the fussy nature of computer tech itself, which demands certain rigorous climatic and other conditions for these in-many-ways gratuitous, functionally-redundant, human-infrastructure-preempting devices to work at all. These several elements coalescing, finally, with a still-prevalent, stubborn, astute and radically-dysfunctional racism of the South, of course a twin to the Confederate creed noted above.

For one thing it takes a real conversion for folks to get over this latter sort of ill, involving an interior metanoia or change-of-heart which cannot be legislated into existence by establishing rigid protocols, or bussing kids all over town. Even a much-made-over integration must be given a second go-over, as it doesn't do to simply throw people together, to be a great irritation and nuisance to one another, with their differing sorts of customs and body-language, and a host of other mysteries, which might take years to truly learn, and generally speaking to little if any real purpose at all. Although we hasten to add there is no desire here to return to abominations like segregated bathrooms or city buses or trains, as any reasonable person will hardly supposed I could mean, but which dominant divide and rule elements will of course instantly suggest is exactly what I have in mind, and indeed quote me to that effect. After the notorious drippy, touchy-feely manner of Marshall McCluhan's boomer-classical "what I hear you saying is, is….". Rather what is needed, and poorly supplied by today's standard Orwellian "united we stand" measures, is mostly a just economic playing-field, indeed a giving of elbow room, a great and sincere honoring of other races, even if we ourselves might rather congregate with the guys from the old Scotch brigade. (There truly is an irony here, but it strikes at the deepest sort of reality, of human nature, of the soul: many of whose fundamentals are bursting with ironies of every kind. Like for instance the many seemingly-contradictory ways that love can sometimes be expressed, dictating in this case that we might love our Black or Mexican neighbor far more effectively by just leaving him alone). And so the rot will remain, if dealt with in only so formal and desultory a way. All these factors raise dark forebodings indeed about the future in that Dixie which in its better moments once had a certain restraint, gentility and mildness which even in halcyon days of yore was wont to reserve brutality for shamefaced nightly cross-burnings and other hooded escapades. The South, its faults magnified by a Red-state atavistic mania, un-purged morally by Katrina—prepared in advance by corrupt new mass influences—now threatens to be positively consumed with failings old and new. The old carefully-disguised bigotries on the surface contriving to appear as a kind of harmless-looking pettiness, in normal times readily-mistakable as a “quaint” if gaudy curiosity: but in a disaster like Katrina coming out in all its ghastly shades. (Note of 02/12: Yet the South has become a veritable fountainhead of vigorously-positive pro-life leadership, the only people who seem to have taken seriously those writings found here on this site, which uncover the fact that all modern forms of orally-ingested birth control produce an abortion shortly after conception. Hence, don't get distracted by the smoke-screen of the media-crowd, who rave on about the "morning-after pill", inferring that it is the only way to thus "conveniently" and antiseptically abort a child in the first few days of an "unwanted" pregnancy. In fact, all of today's birth-control pills cause the womb to harden and thus not to accommodate the developing fertilized egg—already a human being—which thereupon dies very quickly. While older methods of (epidermis-piercing-syringe or pill-ingesting) birth control were pulled from the market decades ago, having been found to have caused a high rate of hideous deformities in children that were subsequently born out of the thus-mistreated womb. But as I say, only they of the Deep South seem to be courageous enough to face up to such things—in blessed fashion of my good in-laws down in Tennessee, to "call a spade a spade", and thus to really and truly defend human life. Even the ever-courageous Randall Terry doesn't go that far in upholding the life-giving truth, but seems to content himself with showing a lot of horrible, pitiful pictures of aborted children. (A presidential candidate who likewise seems for some reason to elbow all others pro-life leaders aside, that wish to take a well-deserved place at the helm, up there at the head of the pro-life movement) That recourse—showing these piteous pictures—which reaches a certain subconscious mental threshold, whereupon such tactics begin rather to warp and harden the mind, rather than spur it to resolute deeds. As we sons of Eve weren't at all meant to regularly see such things, even if they might be useful as an initial catalyst of an indignation which should by now already have mounted barricades out in the streets. Were not our best efforts so skillfully infiltrated and treacherously frustrated as they are.)

The "work force" that is taking over down here, rather than the locals in crying need of employment, so as to be able to dig themselves out of this hole, are largely from among the college-student, soccer mom/dad and rich retiree volunteers from up North. Folks from out of cooler climes, with the largely-gratuitous nature of their labor-contributions, who are no doubt helping resurrect the old rampant Dixie—conceivably-enough even provoking once again the old refrain of the Civil-War-song, "we will drive them ever northward from our sacred Southern land!"—at least as much as raising new if sometimes-doubtfully-flood-sturdy structures. These eager t-shirt-and-shorts-wearing Yanks—at last count twenty thousand of them in one Mississippi county alone, and intending to stay for as long as six years—ceremoniously or with preferred back-slapping levity do work that tens of thousands of flood-homeless or poor and otherwise-unemployed American (not slyly-welcomed illegal-alien Mexican) heads-of-household could perform much better, if for a low to moderate wage. Poor folks—if woefully lacking in squeaky-clean, nightly-news-photogenic graces—whom doughty American-dreamers-all wish deftly and quietly to sweep under the national carpet. Who with little zany gift-for-gab would add critical long-term organic multipliers of many sorts to the coastal rebuild. While noted gratis-donors also attempt to fill in for a multi-level governmental effort which is still (at last word) far from adopting critical permanent coastal building codes, as for instance and notably in requirements for pilings or stilts at certain minimum or standard heights and diameters. So that much of this heroic jump-the-gun hammer-wielding may have to be torn down in short order. Standards which should imperatively have been set in concrete within the first month after the storm, in any recovery effort worth its salt-water.

Here is actually a major part of the reason that the war-zone squalor and psychology alike continue unabated: since for an unnatural mass of Information-age rich-Ikes to thus interpose themselves between disaster and reconstruction is in many profound infrastructural senses like driving a nail in an open wound. Fabled “American dream” people likewise having seemingly forgotten that “everyone has to start somewhere”, and that those with less formal education are likely to have to start in fields like construction, to pick themselves up off the disaster-stricken ground. That work which these volunteers however typically approach with the inane comedy of a “Home Improvement Show” episode, in a status-coveted chance to trade zany upper and upper-middle-class witticisms with other wealthy nail-apron brothers-at-arms; no doubt later to meet with them somewhere in vacationland in Arizona or New Mexico, and trade Katrina tales repartee. The Government seeming amid all this to be determined to pluck renewed disaster out of potential recovery, or conversely in grand neo con style to turn its back on the possibility of killing many lethal birds with one stone. Like the joblessness of those not inconsiderable numbers who have already come here to find employment—not just well-meaning do-gooder pathos and exercise-activity—from out of a callously miscalculated mass of the nationally unemployed. Let alone the just-as-many who have already left in despair. Unemployment being one of many of these national vultures bred amid the carrion of a mortally-wounded economy, having been put into a profound if-to-a-degree-delayed-action tail-spin by a foreign-adventurist George W Bush and his spendthrift predecessors basically back to Lyndon Johnson. A King George, a heedless Don Quixote, whose next item on the agenda is probably to nuke Iran rather than to rebuild the fabled Gulf Coast. (Note of 02/12: Reports abound even in today's meaningful-news-blackout USA that the bulk of the New Orleans area still lies in ruin.)

But as it stands now most of the secondary and tertiary economic benefit of this Yankee do-gooder invasion will likely accrue to the casino and luxury-cruise market, or to the Mexican national balance-of-trade. For although the labor- and materials-give-aways are in a certain purely-immediate sense valuable, yet far more so would be some mechanism to channel equivalent amounts of plain old money into a state and federal subsidization of both property-owners and local contractors and suppliers. This together with fully-equipped semi-permanent hospitals and on-the-spot kitchens, until equivalent segments of the local economy and infrastructure come on line themselves. All these steps to be organized into a new federally-planned WPA: not waiting for disbursement of insurance monies, but rather repairing and restoring all areas systematically, in blocks, with the works project itself collecting the insurance tab later. Those not covered to pay back on a no-interest schedule. Encouragements thus being forthcoming toward the hiring first of all of unemployed Katrina victims—of which  there are many—and next of otherwise-unemployed out-of-staters: out of vast funds thus made infinitely more effective. While well-wishers would thus stay at home in their comfortable 20-acre estates or sanitized walled-community retreats, sending a far-more-deeply-effectual money-aid from afar.

But predictably instead the present college student or wealthy-elite on-the-spot hammer-wielding largesse promises little of any painstaking resuscitation of local life and industry: that which is even more important than housing after such an infrastructure-twisting blow as Katrina has proven to be. While by contrast local paid contractors and freelance-builders would feed directly into the impacted human infrastructure in an infinitude of deeply-imbedded, organic ways. As a prototypical WPA to a degree represented, and should have been a ready proof-in-the-pudding for all to study. The indigenous construction industry inevitably providing the classical and singularly-critical catalyst for the recovery of the manufacturing and service sectors. Although granted just as during Roosevelt’s New Deal, as pointed out in my first book, there continues to be this terrible flaw of the favoring of the corporate investment structure in the whole way in which anything, including disaster, depression or other such tragedies, are dealt with here. Embodying a fatal, callous skimming of developmentally-critical “cream off the top”. That grand design which revisits us fatally in a host of stalking, bewildering organizational anomalies of today, all of which have come around full-circle in the Katrina recovery to provide a startling front-stage review. The complex socioeconomic processes of economic revitalization thus by way of comparison comprise a native plant that is gravely injured by the introduction of foreign horticultural species, let alone of the ham-handed methods of the geo-corporate world. Or in another analogy much like a toddler who will never “gain his sea-legs” and learn to walk if a visiting, nail-apron-wearing McMansion Mama continues to prop him up, effectively doing his walking for him. Indeed as oozingly-patronized yet criminally-neglected Central American Banana Republics have taught us graphically for well over a century. Little countries who are promised—in an all-too-familiar diplomatic code-language—an eventual visit of our black ops people, convincers sometimes followed in short-order by the Marines, if they rashly acquire too much self-respect to endure such galling sugar-coated frustrations and ministrations. These often well-meaning do-gooders from wealthy precincts nationwide, of course to the staccato of eager illegal-alien Spanish accents in the background, thus encompass the doom of the American poor and struggling, Cajun, Kansan or Arizonan, as so unjustly happened so often in the past. In prior forms of an endemic national employment non-policy, in those days with respect to the various waves of cross-oceanic immigrants.

What is needed perennially—the mammoth underlying, working-population-shifting injustices of NAFTA and CAFTA momentarily aside—is not some sort of all-border trillion-dollar Berlin Wall but rather a simple, easily-enforceable legally-mandated prioritization of citizen-head-of-household employment. Something just too simple and achievable for an ever-grandly-myopic Bush or Kerry—or a whole similarly-groping Congress—to be willing to see. Else, given the paramount importance of employment as sole gateway to all the boons of life, why even be a citizen at all? Let alone fight in phony wars, and otherwise put ones soul in peril for many-another doubtful cause. While it is only the elemental humility and universal generosity of Catholic Faith, the love of the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, that can save these Southern people from an even more terrible approaching fate, gradually gathering tempo yet again as I write. At the able hands of an angry mother nature, at the ready to continue doing the grim bidding of Almighty God.

Another oddity to be encountered here in the Katrina South, cheek-to-jowl with the noted enclaves of the ever-jocular rich, are the curious institution of workers gathered into something like mass labor camps. Collectives in which all live and move as one, men and women are indiscriminately thrown together, and sexual assault is beyond any doubt a common and yawningly-accepted fact. With women, if sometimes in well-camouflaged ways, continuing to be rigorously “taught their place”, namely to provide gratification for men, as in barefoot halcyon days of old. Thus too, because of this strange collective-worker situation, the curious reluctance I noticed of employers spoken to by phone from out of state to accommodate a carpenter with his own travel trailer, tools and truck. A hammer-swinger who might throw a wrench in such a social work-in-progress, or otherwise just get “too uppity”, if allowed to impudently run his own household. We ourselves ultimately lived next to a “couple” apparently joined after the fashion of this new kind of collective, the young woman involved fending off the attentions of the guy on a Friday night after a long hard week, shouting, “leave me alone, I want to get some rest”. While the next morning this prodigy of manhood could be heard through the same thin Katrina-trailer walls retching violently from his previously-nightly excesses. Even as finally there was the innocent-sounding ad I answered, again while I was still in Arizona, among so many others dialed in a mounting sense of futility, as usual for “an experienced carpenter”. As it turned out, this one was from a Jewish guy who was running a kind of Mississippi Kibbutz for bar-mitzvahs. And who wanted a mature man (perhaps at a premium among Jews), skilled in the trade, to both supervise them in construction tasks and keep them in line for him while he made his frequent trips back to Mother Israel. (Is this actually Abramoff’s notorious Indian-casino-funded sniper training school, necessarily under some sort of elaborate disguise?) Indeed the prospective employer could be heard parenthetically scolding one of these uncontainable lads about some household infraction even as we spoke by phone.

May 20, 2006: Embracing the many ill-founded theories of the modern intelligencia only earns humanity another “trip to the woodshed”. One especially forthcoming for any nation which scorns to put its own laboring people to work.

We common folk are supposed to understand so little, and to need to be led by the hand by the recognized and celebrated intelligencia. But for the past century these very educated people have led the world into the worst carnage, the worst environmental disaster, the worst psychological abyss in its history. It is precisely the ill-founded theories of an educated class gone awry that led us up to our present precarious global and national state. You name it: whether in the fields of psychology, the environment, education, industry, economics, not to even mention morality: the world has become one gigantic disaster area at the hands of the most well-promoted and publicized of these experts.

This is not to say that the most highly-educated don’t have something to contribute: but we must be aware that any valid and accurate contribution they make will be in accord with both Faith and reason. And that life itself remains the depositary of the common man: with his culture, his family, his locally-specific way of doing things. These humble matters that are the touch-stones, the guarantors of an ongoing collective sanity and peace. And if the new discovery or theory at issue runs contrary to Faith, reason, and this familiar, affectionately-regarded commonality then there is some deception taking place, and probably with more or less deliberation, according to those motivations discussed in an article below this one. Thus for instance the weird hiatus introduced into modern life by various electronic devices, for practical purposes progressively and radically obviating man’s social and political instincts. Here being a striking symbol of a world led away captive by experts and politicos, radical philosophical theorists and cutting-edge engineers, into tyranny, fables, techno-enslavement and popular impotence. A vanguard ship of fools whose wild and unstable rudder is a global finance likewise run entirely amuck.

There remains, then, the economic and political life of man determined by local engines of direct involvement. In fact there is no need to learn calculus to understand the real workings of such a solid and just economy, nor to ponder the abstruse theories of modern legal and political geniuses of the hour to understand society or the state. An approachability of two subjects with which I hopefully acquaint the reader throughout my first book, on the motivational and organizational nuts and bolts of government and economy.

Of course those without Faith constantly flout the only thing they have: “the conceits of their hearts”, in the words of the Holy Bible. And the omnibus vehicle of their self-arrogating ideas is today’s radically-construed notion of progress: an all-encompassing paradigm which aspires to escape the limits native to finite and terrestrial life. Hence the whole rigidly-path-dependent take we now have on science and technology, toward the construction of a manner of living artificial and radically-instrumental or intermediary in nature: as if lived in a sort of padded cell. Having as well a corresponding philosophical school, called variously post-modern, phenomenological or a host of other pretentious names. The idea being indeed to create a kind of “beam me up, Scotty”, surrogate for salvation. But “this is a horse that will never run”, a pipe-dream which is already multiplying disappointment and catastrophe as I write. For all that science and engineering can do is to marginally enhance an existence essentially limited and contingent, often marked by pain and tragedy: while if they attempt more they only bring mounting sorrows in their wake. Far from improving the human lot, rather placing a heavy damper on what might indeed have been an enlightened and uplifted existence, often bordering on the sublime. A realistically-happy condition—reflected in an economy, an organized existence which is fruitful and multiplicative, one which knows how to put its own people to work—rather than trying to employ a whole world instead. After which, with such more-local solicitudes in place, the world will take care of itself in the most ample and appropriate way: rather than as now being treated—in a growing hosts of protocols, “treaties”, and conventions—like a child being led around by the hand by a “progressive” Tel Aviv and Uncle Sam. As indeed at least one cartoon image at the start of the twentieth century—vis-à-vis an alleged U.S. over-towering relationship with Latin America—once so graphically portrayed. Let alone will it help to go the gamut—as a growing number do—and with corporate instincts at full tilt think of the world as a mere oversized, privatized dog led around by its owner, on a cosmic leash. Needed rather being that exuberant world of loose-knit potencies, now and again glimpsed in history—a world which defies reduction to mere theory, which must as it were gel, painstakingly, like a babe delivered from a mother’s womb, from out of the unbridled instincts of the locally-rooted people of each land—nations like charged-up stallions on the open range. A divinely-intended condition only possible however if the spiritual is allowed to have its proper full preeminence: aside from which such steeds are hobbled in the most lamentable way. While we their keepers only earn ourselves another painful collective “trip to the woodshed”, after following the bad example of such an Uncle as a whole world of nations so unfortunately has today. Learning a simple lesson already learned by so many pretentious, world-conquering or world-saving Tower-of-Babel earthlings in the past.

May 19, 2006: The oh-so-necessary battle.

We have this great serial in which we are the heroes—this “war on terror”, this war of homeland security—however like all dramas it is one entirely of our own invention. A great “plot against us” that is absolutely demanded according to the demented cosmology of modern neo-capitalism: that which pre-produces for us in gross all the saints and demons we will ever need. All for a materialistic end that actually accords perfectly with Marx’s dialectical materialism: the Reds having indeed more recently adopted the neo con idea in most of its major outlines: as a Marxist professors informed me a few years back while I yet in school. Hence to further the state-of-war mentality integral to this radical school-of-thought it was found necessary to invent the notorious Arab terrorist, the twenty-first-century Russian tyrant, the Central Asian media-quashing warlord, and so on. Images so assiduously cultivated in the popular Western mind. Since this is a system which must be marketed in every respect: with the next war or three and their major heroes and villains carefully choreographed long in advance, in incidents-at-the-ready carefully put in squadron order for as long as a decade before their d-day. This is what we did to Japan: from the 1890s until the eve of World War II transformed into a “yellow peril”, an Asian demon perfectly fictitious, one that frightened many-a nursery-room child who would thus later be well-motivated to fight in that conflict. Hence too if there weren’t the Trade Tower hijackers—and I believe there weren’t—they would have been invented—which I believe they were.

But I must confess that there is more to all this than just a homicidal/suicidal compulsion of humanity. I believe this kind of naming of enemies is in every age part and parcel of political-economy entirely controlled from the top. It is only by creating such fears that the common man is made malleable to policies he doesn’t understand, to a plan that is not for his own good. An ongoing, bewildering sense of disaster and “emergency” readily wearing down the popular will as well toward the toleration of things like torture, police brutality or “war-prisoner” gang-rapes. While it was by way of a similar set of motivational mechanisms that most of our grandfathers approved of the World War II dropping of atom bombs on Japanese cities: although almost no one knew that these latter were largely Catholic communities—the only ones in Japan—with little strategic significance. (Note of September 15, 2014: Apparently I was wrong about this, and Nagasaki was alone a mostly-Catholic town, quite apart from a Shinto Hiroshima.) Nor that Japan had been frantically working diplomatic channels for months already, looking for terms of surrender to be put in place. Appeals we summarily ignored just as uprighteously as we did those of Saddam Hussein and a long, age-hoary host of other one-time “friends”. But historically those who have most consistently profited from this paranoid/pathological approach to policy have been the Jews: whose predominance is rigidly maintained and in certain ways hiddenin a bewildering warp and woof of millennia—in global power-blocs and structures of trade. All-determining power embedded in “enlightened” mechanisms with a grim, end-justifies-the-means perpetuation-mentality, whose sparse practical value is all out of proportion to their prodigal expense and the penury they bring into being for so many. Organizational deities the brunt of whose insidious remote-control has always been toward the extinction of Catholic Faith.

Inherently-command-oriented institutions, the precursors of these Jewish power-forms have since ancient times always been innately global in character: there being in fact nothing especially modern about this whole concept of globalism. Only now its stranglehold is so complete that it can at last arrogantly announce itself in those cosmic terms it has always possessed. That which indeed acts as a potent corrosive against that positive universalism such as marked the Catholic medieval system, and which has characterized most of the brighter moments in human history. This greed-perpetuated anti-system or world syndicate rather comprising the exclusive power-base of this insidious people: a factotum they intend by any means at their disposal to both maintain and to rigidly control.

Here then is the real reason there was a Spanish Inquisition, and earlier a Spanish-Visigoth equivalent of same: tribunals and Church councils which seldom considered cases of Protestant heresy, but almost always convened over some Jewish plot at high levels of state. This nation of Spain, inheritor of the bulk of the wealth and erudition of the far-flung ancient Roman civilization (Dr. Tambs {no Marxist}, History Lectures, ASU, 2002), was to be systematically attacked for at least a century by these ever-astute deniers of Christ: until their insidious scheme succeeded at last in bringing down the Visigoth throne, and ushering in eight centuries of Muslim reign. Signaling the travesty of the East with its foot heavily and oppressively over the neck of the West: at the enabling hands of today’s much-vaunted Jewish “lynchpin of Western values in the Middle East”. Thus through the much-maligned post-Conquest Spanish Inquisition—whose actual executed criminals, remanded to the state for punishment, were numbered in the scores rather than standard breezily-inflated hundreds of thousands—did the true Church of Christ valiantly come to the defense, as always, of God, honor and country. Trying to prevent the recurrence of the horrors that had just been brought to an end.

Thus it seems obvious that the late-ancient and early-medieval Jews used Spain as a proving ground for above-noted commercially-arbitrated concepts-of-control that would ultimately be launched worldwide, given the opportune time. While they likewise quickly and almost effortlessly succeeded in hijacking their own much-celebrated expulsion from Spain through machinations of a Habsburg takeover which brought (from Austria) Marrano (cryptic) Jews back to the Peninsula in force, only some twenty-five years after being thus “roundly dealt with”. And planted them with yet more permanence in the transatlantic trade, and among the ranging industries and estancias, of a just-then-discovered New World. (Where in New Mexico and Arizona these Marranos are now suddenly cropping up, no longer needing to remain disguised, churlishly revealing how for centuries they maintained their cryptic Jewish faith. That which is plainly-enough a matter of emotional-connection and blood-loyalty, and hardly any of religion as such). However this diabolical and exclusivist Jewish power milieu—which you can quite simply and accurately call capitalism—but which sometimes changes shape to become a close-cousin communism—both being characterized by the same global finance and controlled by the same secretive apparatchiks and overlords—is soon to be replaced, by the grace of God and the manly efforts of men, by some form of the immemorial rational system which is the distributive method of organization. That true and unique, living and loose-knit democracy, that “freedom of the children of God”, that peaceful, constructive and largely-subversion-immune political and economic cultivar to which this website is dedicated.

Why do the Jews continue arrogantly and consistently to do these things? Because they really believe they are superior beings: that this is the whole jist of the Old Testament, and even more of subsequent cabalistic books taken far more seriously than the former within the Jewish fold. A subject dealt with here and there on this site and in some detail. This great “Jewish problem” has been far-and-away the major challenge of every government that has ever seen the light of day, since the time of Our Blessed Lord. And it will remain so until the Jews are converted: until which time God allows them as it were to “put us through the ropes”, in a world which is always in the last analysis a place of moral testing. Put in sovereign terms, we are asked to choose: will we take the global-power Synagogue 30 pieces of silver, or will we go it more humbly alone, if in the moral company of great men and nations of old? That is always the question, whether to a Charlemagne or an American head-of-state.

May 18, 2006: The expanding category of homelessness.

While illegals pour over our Southern border, and get ample clearance from the Bush regime—in another of its pro-corporate-America faits accompli as in the case of Iraq and a thousand other issues—a presidency whose troops-on-the-border are likely there as much to remove the minutemen as the illegals—all the while this charade goes on there is an expanding variety of American citizens displaced out of work and social position by these Latino illegal eager-beavers. U.S. citizens who are likely eventually to be hastily classed as “homeless”: and thus de facto considered entirely exploitable for gain, as de-facto sex-slaves, and so on. That citizen-enthrallment—with excuses like “the TV says 90% of them are crazy anyway”—which in differing ways is both the best and the worst kept secret of our day. While nowadays any hint of a lack of the ownership of real property, or at least of a permanent address that doesn’t change seasonally for employment purposes—and certainly the lack of a highly-expensive cell-phone or some such hand-held digital device—is likely to find one classed in this catch-all way, or at least somewhere contemptuously near its chasm-like fringes. This while phone, transportation, references and resume are breezily and summarily dispensed in the case of the illegal: who for all our hysteria over “security” might be a child-molester, a rapist or a serial killer. These mounting qualifications-for-the-citizen meanwhile ballooning into a significance beyond anything they had before.

But in fact the citizen-“homeless” really do too often make the day for the American model citizens looking for somebody to use or abuse “on the cheap”: “successful” paragons whom as we all know quite typically did their coke or meth, or at least learned to ply the related lingo, to keep their employment and finances secure. This “playing along”, this learning to thoroughly divorce religion from our conversation, our daily deeds, has been the real “job requirement” for a whole generation now. (While Jose might with impunity keep the bulk of his native piety, which many such border-crossers, themselves basically good men, still indeed have: as it is the minds of his kids that the secularist system of El Norte wants: much as was indeed the case with my own pious parents from Croatia, between they and whose children a moral-and-social gulf was expertly created, growing by the day to a dizzy void. Sorry, Mom and Dad, that these things are discovered too late, from the other side of the grave.) Native-born Yanks like myself among whom practically anything has been allowed on the job but genuine uprightness: as in so many of those boomers now readying themselves to enjoy a retirement secured through some such decades-long breathless race to some moral bottom. Or at least through the gray world of some morally-neutral and uncommitted life. And neither are a plurality of hootchy-cootchy dancers (and watchers) of Mexico likely to present much of a problem on the a-moral American job-scene into which they are coming into such solid accession. The unwillingness or moral-incapacity toward which abject self-surrender has however rendered so many good-minded and good-hearted, moderate-worded (taking well to heart the words “let your conversation be from above”) American citizens without a job or even a home. A conscientious speech, an economy-of-words, counseled by the Holy Ghost throughout Holy Scripture, being considered a sure sign of “depression” or some other dangerous mental disorder: in a blasphemy of that same Spirit of a singularly-obvious kind. All the while eagerly-exploiting new success-ethic fiends find in putative homeless ranks a humble and captive audience, an ego-triumph of staggering significance, considering the price at which it was obtained.

May 16, 2006: The Information Age versus living.

Once we escape from a world in which the biggest event is to find some new way to store computer files, then we will have rejoined “the land of the living”. And once we once again know real and ruddy life then a devotion to pro life will be far more readily achievable for society at large. For it is not only gigantic moral failures and blind-spots that bring us such institutionalized atrocities as legalized abortion: it is also a loss of contact with the rudiments of living our own personal lives. For the living and experiencing of things is far and away more important than the mere knowledge of them: let alone the mere secondary knowledge of how to organize “information” about them into subdirectories. For we are put here preeminently to live, not just to know: let alone to classify and categorize. In which infinitely-more-complex activity we participate in the real meaning and purpose of things, and can even climb to forming from these sentiments and realizations a prayer to Almighty God. Learning to know the draw of “the fragrance of His ointments”, the savor of the inner life of God, which all created things bear about them like a perfume. A wild antechamber to the eternal, this world: an earnest, if we but knew, of the inebriating, existential supper of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. But knowledge or gnosis by itself, as known but not lived, is sterile of all such associations, and becomes a sharp-edged instrument to divide us from loyalties both human and divine. As our increasingly Gnostic society becomes ever-more stratified into categories of elite and imperious corporate/court astrologers, “men in soft garments”, and a groveling and barbaric lower class. Thus producing that Hell on earth which is Lucifer’s dearest desire.

All this makes me think of the late and brilliant Father Eterovich, a Croatian Franciscan who used to teach at DePaul in Chicago. Once while still a young college-going lad I had to see him about some matter having to do with our local Croatian Cultural Club: no doubt something about purchasing some of his well-researched books on Croatian history. But when I came to the door of his little ghetto apartment on the South Side, among his beloved Blacks, this dweller on rarified heights of scholarship, after the exuberant Croatian greeting, promptly led me back to the kitchen for a bowl of Croatian soup. Illustrating that there are some things that are positively critical to any worthy endeavor; things that are intrinsic parts of living. One of which is to make and consume food “from scratch”, and during such activities to speak of many things. While if instead we always have our soup served up to us in some computer-activated way, or by people anxious for us to “clear out” so they can make room for more customers, we are missing one of the vital-yet-humble components of a meaningful existence. For life has to have a certain tempo, in order for the quality of humanity not to be phased out. Without which milieu our thought processes can hardly mill out a good flour, let alone produce St. Ignatius of Jerusalem’s “holy bread”.

Indeed the paramount source of the pride of the foolish Lucifer is his swift and unadulterated knowledge, gnosis or enlightenment: while here is also a rich preternatural connection both to certain aspects of the Enlightenment Era and to a much earlier Idealism of Plato as well. The conviction that the naked, unembellished idea or idealization of something—a man, a horse, a universe—is infinitely superior to the thing or reality itself: this is the essence of the Platonic world of ethereal prototypes. While there is an evident analogy here as well to the Gnostics of the early Church, who believed like all such folk that matter is basically evil or contemptible, and of whom the biblically-named Simon Magus was the progenitor: a man whose whole interest in religion revolved strictly around the miraculous and extraordinary. But for him supernatural phenomenon were essentially magical in character, sharing as he did a hunger for wand-wielding wonders with a contemporary vile and perverse Herod. He who in turn epitomized a common paradox of Gnosticism: that of the intimate association of magic and rarified tautology alike with the lowest degradations of sin. Revealing for one the degree to which Satan uses “the high road” to land the Gospel traveler wounded, in the ditch.

Hence although the Gnostics—later to morph into the Manichees, and still later into related anti-good-works, anti-matter extremes of Reformers—would gravitate toward a radical primacy of the intellect, of the written word, yet there would always be this element of gross absorption in what might be called phenomena. Destined in coming darker ages to include a great and unprecedented bowling-over about Caucasian skeletal structure or the color of ones skin. Taking the form too of a bewildering variety of “altar calls”, in which the deepest reaches of the inner self are put on display, and the congregation judges the sincerity of the “convicted”-one involved. The two allegedly irreconcilable worlds of thought and body-contaminated feeling—said among the sodomite-Cathar “pure ones” to make every woman an insidious Jezebel—colliding here in the most astonishing way.

Enter here then the perception of reality as discrete, free-standing, highly-charged events or facts: as in the disjointed and explosive theologies of a Benedict XVI, a John Paul II or a Teilhard de Chardin. Against the backdrop of whose stunning spectaculars ordinary life—including the singularly-unromantic daily practices, courtesies and laboriously-cultivated virtues of the Faith—tend to be viewed as an uninspiring train of trivialities—rather than a fragrant interwoven trellis on the way to God. That clutching, living, misty-eyed world of mothers and daughters, sisters and brothers, “the lame and the halt”. In contrast with which post-Vatican-II folks sharing space with one born-again preacher of today spoke chucklingly of “not needing any of these goody-goody people”. The phenomenal life of “conversion experiences” and ”backslidings” being to such souls a much more interesting one, entirely free of over-domesticated, “sickly sweet”, just, innocent and pious hum-drum. Such as my own beloved mother and father once happily lived and breathed.

If the noted elite and bold-minded theorizing—which ends in such incredibly rash conclusions—was the sort of “book learning” which St. Francis of Assisi singularly rejected, just imagine what he would have thought of the i-pod or the blackberry, and the stark and perverted fantasies we find on their screens. Embodying a further-step-removed from Sister Water or Brother Tree, from the sweet but unsung duties of the Christian life. The pages of the Saint’s own book being found in experiencing the endlessly-rich panoply of animal, vegetable and mineral creation: these very things finding solid redundancies in the inner moral universe of men. And being the engines which generated the fabulous intellectual world of St. Thomas Aquinas. Riches totally lost in much of today’s maze of waist-high cubicles, or the hamburger-flipping store-wide trough: even if men dream of cloning themselves, for further redundancies of such a filed-away life. Francis would undoubtedly stand in judgment today, were he here, against a world once again Gnostic to the core, but with all these new digital means at its disposal to make it even more so. Magnifying an obsession with “information”—with science and engineering—not to mention surveillance. (Now we have this Air Force general in charge. Wouldn’t you know it: after a string of “reformers”, we get the guy who ran things all along anyway. And who predictably looks for all the world like the Gestapo apparatchik in The Great Escape who is always violently flapping the cover of his valise shut, as token of his clever and omnipotent “ways to make you talk”.)

And then too there is the fact that man’s mind being rational rather than angelic/intuitive, his intellect by nature “divides and composes” (Aquinas, Aristotle, et al.): and thus needs countervailing unitary complexities and reciprocities of real human life. Else interior absorption, traveling like greased lightning down such a native pathway, ends by bringing him death and dissolution rather than life: a good thing become a deadly dynamo run awry. Today’s version of knowledge and related organization lacking that cement—life, the humble chore, the thoughtfully-mulled-over word—which holds man’s mind as well as his society together. While being too the kindly and unassuming universe in which things like sexual purity thrive as in their native greenhouse: far from the rocky, inclement, judgmental garden-plot of the American indigenous Calvinism, whether in its Agnostic, Protestant or Catholic-Traditionalist varieties. Knowledge itself rather being made today to rebel against that very Creator in the image of whose unitary Word—or Son—it was made—“uttered”—“before the daystar”. The ever-“brave” agenda of the father of lies being greatly facilitated by a ceaseless prating of sterile, atomizing, sharp-edged bits of information—and plying of bits or bytes of technology—totally divorced from life, from the critical needs of men, let alone from the merciful and life-giving divine plan.

But there is more, because living is in a special way embodied in custom and distilled in customary (or common) law, and today’s contrary inspiration of law on the basis of mere Gnostic, sanitized knowledge, abstract theory or computer-generated statistical analysis necessarily encompasses the rapid destruction of man’s most critical institutions. For although law progresses yet it’s upward climb is along familiar if sometimes rocky paths: real and genuine law being no Enlightenment paradigm, nor a time-series regression, but rather the collation of the lesson’s of many generations of living, loving, feeling—not just thinking or coldly categorizing—men. It is an irreplaceable treasure which matures like a rich wine. And lies redolent with the heroism of unsung ancestors, of fathers and forefathers who left us a legacy of deeds rather than “downloads” or rarified tautologies.

May 7, 2006: Bush’s, Rumsfeld’s and Chaney’s new age of the warlords, irrupting alike in Asia and on our city streets. A debt-profit-driven chaos which inexorably envelopes an entire globe. A grinning Skull and Bones anarchy which now casts covetous eyes on a prospering Russia. That much slandered and assailed land which, converted to Catholicism at last, will together with parts of Catholic Europe ultimately resist this latter-day Beast with stunning, spectacular and divinely-assisted success. After which it will no doubt give us any number of saintly popes, while having a political sphere-of-influence of Western, Central-European and Western-Asian nations who are themselves by then converted to the One True Faith.

All the while Bush takes sides in a war-lord conflict of his own making in Iraq and Afghanistan there is brewing a rampant warlordism on our city streets: one major element of which is his bankrupt “immigration” policy. That which allows the worst of Latin America’s social ills to invade our schools, sidewalks and stores. And given the ominous precedent of the whole Katrina debacle—whose catastrophic economic, social and organizational consequences I myself have seen first hand—it won’t take long for this unfolding gangsterism to spread out to the full-blown dimensions of the khanates of Manchuria of the late 1920s and early 30s. As these various rival nationality-gangs consolidate their power at each other’s expense: all together comprising a social disease which feeds rapidly on today’s day-traded, interest-payment-extracted poverty of masses. An anti-sovereign, police-defying project—fruitful in mounting drug-addiction and today’s rampant and near-universal if cleverly-disguised prostitution—an epidemic that these thugs are in the process of consummating on a bloody domestic scale. All this is a direct result of the coming into seedy blossom of the inherent irresponsibility of innately-debt-driven capitalism, as well as of Bush’s close-cousin Confederate ideology. Following as he does in the footsteps of Bush-family Skull-and-Bones forebears who lent favorable support both to the South in the Civil War and later, if more discretely, to the Nazis, and still-later to Milosevich’s equally-hip-booted Serbia. While earlier pedaling Opium to gangs on the street corners of 1830s and 40s Shanghai: an enterprise which lead directly to the worst domestic-upheaval in human history, in the China of the 1850s. Thus, as you can see, this sort of orchestrated chaos is old hat to the Bush family.

Evident in the whole American political phenomenon of today is the convergence of the ultra-liberal and ultra-conservative wings: all-directive ideological aggressions that, as suggested frequently on this site, go full-circle-orbital and merge with one another on “the dark side of the Moon”. In the cozy anonymity of elitist and secret-society subterfuge and intrigue. For nearly a century there has been almost no difference between the fringe-avant-garde of the left and right: it has only been a matter of style. Practically without exception embracing the same odious “diversity” (if one sometimes more a closet-variety than the other), the same anti-life agenda, the same working-class-despising superiority mentality. The one gives the poor laborer and his family a certain trivializing lip service, catering to lower instincts as if bestowing some great boon; the other is a picture of aloof or humorous contempt. The one side providing the classical anti-lower-class anti-life of abortion, the other that of a veritable assembly-line death-row, global sodomy/torture and aggressive war. A stage set to a reinvigorated Johnny Carson or Jay Leno “show time” orchestra, on the one hand, or to the delirious strains of some Comedy Central Colbert, on the other. But just as is plain with constant-companion Bill Clinton and Bush Sr., these much-vaunted opponents are secretly infatuated with one another: with boyish “double dares” redounding to ever-newer foolhardy escapades. For which humanity takes up the tab. This bi-polar yet steadily-fusing elite which dawdles and experiments with us like a herd of white mice; a cabal which word-smiths endlessly to give appearances of sanity to what is the most far-reaching and depraved interlude in human history.

What is necessary above all else is for the forces of Catholicism to drop the flag-waving pabulum for a change and to square with what is happening. And neither do I mean in some sort of mock-menacing way, giving the usual vapid John Wayne “tough love” lectures. A surface-level approach which amply contributed to the selling-short of a whole generation of promising youth. Nor yet in the manner of charismatic buryings-of-the-head in the sand. Catholicism must be the leaven here, or it will be thrown out and trodden under foot, no doubt during bloody riots of such a proletariat as is now taking form. In order once again to enjoy the grace of God we have to return to (1) the genuine liturgy and valid rather than vitiated Sacramental system: departing forever from a vintage Vatican II fabrication which among other things doesn’t trouble itself with clearly specifying things like matter and form. (2) We must have a complete and exhaustive exposition of Catholic doctrine and spirituality: to which must be joined intimately and inseparably the social, economic and political praxis of the Catholic ages. From all of which Vatican II and its brace of conclave-duress-elected anti-popes has been a fatal, arch-heretical departure. (3) Pursuant to all of which we must renew and reinvigorate our genuine Catholic customs of local, national and universal characters alike. After which—in the company of a coming upheaval worse than those yet seen—will follow the final “preaching of the Holy Gospel to the ends of the earth” predicted by Our Lord Jesus Christ. That great undertaking in which I believe Russia is singled out by Our Lady of Fatima—once having arrived at full and Catholic Faith, and being herself still in full possession of the valid Sacramental system—to play a deciding part. In Mary’s much-commented-upon “In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph, Russia will be converted and there will be peace”.

May 6, 2006: “Americans won’t do that kind of work”.

Highly disingenuous was the response of a guy who owns a produce farm somewhere on the border with Mexico, and who was interviewed only a day or so ago, in order to gain his commentary on the latest “immigration” controversy. He repeated the old saw that “Americans won’t do that kind of work”: i.e., picking lettuce, laying and maintaining irrigation lines, and so on. But plainly, this guy, among other things, wants to keep his greased-lightning “economies of information” running smoothly, his crew being instantaneously expandable with the rapid addition of the cousins of Juan or Juanita, and with no questions asked. For which purposes, and others of their kind, these managers never tell us that the illegal-alien crew—whether of carpenters, painters, pickers, you name it—almost invariably refuse to cooperate with a “gringo” new-hire, as I have seen repeatedly in some of these fields. That is, if these bosses are willing to hire the latter at all: a negative certainty if the crews involved are entirely made up of these river-crossers, fence-hoppers or tunnel-diggers. Whereas we all know that on-the-job cooperation—or the lack thereof—is an absolutely critical ingredient to the successful or unsuccessful performance of any job: ours rather coming to be a workplace in many ways resembling an ancient amphitheater in which combatants dreadfully anticipate the “thumbs up” or thumbs down”. A bogus work-ethic, however, and in a final insult to our humanity, which we are absolutely forbidden to acknowledge: much after the manner of the many grave or even capital-criminal taboos of the vicious and unprecedented Southern slavery (Douglas, Fredrick, My Bondage and My Freedom. 2004: The Pennsylvania State University Portable Library, online).

Not at all infrequently however a certain stonewalling is applied even when there are only two or three of these illegals on a larger crew: these wishing to add to it some cousin or nephew from home, and thus showing themselves highly-jealous of the crew’s demographic composition. Non-English-speakers who somehow find a way to harass the citizen new-hire, to do things like pretend a bewildered non-comprehension of his words, feign hurt feelings (this a real Academy Award vaudeville), and so on: whenever the new-hire speaks, gestures, pitches-in or otherwise gets involved. An ad lib about things most of which are readily if not instantly understood, and require no great and time-consuming deliberations—blank-faced stand-up routine at which a great many of these illegals are naturals of unequaled pathos and skill. Even an extremely able and experienced carpenter can easily be “railroaded” in this way, and made to look very ill-adept to the White boss. Until the new fellow either gets fired—appearing to be causing a “snarl” in fast-pace competitive-bidding production—or finally gives up and leaves the job. Among White laboring people who quickly learn what the score is: hardly relishing many repeats of this kind of highly-provocative ordeal. One in which it is easy to gain a reputation either as “a quitter”, a social misfit, or as someone who misrepresents himself to employers in a serious way.

But in fact, Paul Harvey some years ago documented an ad for some fifty jobs at supposedly illegal- or immigrant-exclusive work: one answered by hundreds of U.S. citizen job-seekers, waiting in line for hours, many of them White. But, given what they were likely to have had to face, I wonder how many of them stayed. Not because “they won’t do that kind of work”, which is here plainly witnessed not to be true, but very likely because the bosses and owners involved have a silent understanding with these illegals. That disingenuity you could detect—especially if you’ve seen it on a boss’s face before—playing upon pro-illegal managerial visages during interviews over the past weeks since this “immigration” controversy began. People who generally speaking are much more guilty than the illegals themselves. But like every other issue today, whether in domestic or foreign affairs, the lies and clever misrepresentations of a bought, sold and controlled media will continue without a break in stride: in direct proportion to the size of anticipated coups and profits involved. Stations and papers owned by many of the same interests which want to see the heroine crops keep-a-coming from Afghanistan and Mexico. That “market” for which a forced-idle youthful citizen-population—let alone any rare ones who “don’t want to do that kind of work”—youngsters who are tempted toward wrong-doing and crime—is a critical component. The sheer volume of which media slanders and official mendacities pressure our minds to “give up” on finding the real answer to why things go wrong, or why laboring people here are out of work. It’s so easy to just call them lazy, crazy or even incompetent drug-addicts: for one thing, too, these kind of cheap-shots have an odd way of making the name-caller shine. Especially in the sort of USA we are fast becoming today.

May 2, 2006: The LaCrosse team: another Jim Crow era White-elite end-run around felony law? See the other article below, on this page, about the same subject.

I myself am a steadfast opponent of slander of any kind, and would rather wait til the trial itself is over, but so much “incontrovertible” evidence is being produced almost by the day, on behalf of well-heeled defendants, that the case might at any time be summarily thrown out. Especially considering the lusty campaign-of-the-influential to defeat the present DA in the primary elections. The noted evidence being of the kind that given time, money and cutting-edge methods is in my own opinion quite readily manufacturable: as has indeed been the case with so many abducted, falsely-accused, imprisoned and tortured Muslims. Hence the desire of many of us to side with the poor Black woman, before its too late: simply so that she might have her day in court. And not be irretrievably sidelined, and destroyed as a human being in the process. In that bare-fisted, bigoted, elite-catering morality which screams across much of the media that a Black exotic dancer is a highly rape-able human being.

Thus the whole bank-video cause celebre, which smacks too much of the smug, priggish and pre-arranged. With the hyper-convenient dozen-some phone calls in a twenty-some-minute period reputedly rooting one of the accused to his cell-phone during much of the time the rape allegedly took place. A tidy alibi completed by the neat little picture of the same accused, nonchalantly exiting his car to use the ATM, placing him outside the “party house” during much of the balance of that period. It has all the earmark of a meticulously-planned-out ambush: perhaps with this particular suspect making himself especially-identifiable, the first of many assailants, just before these latter “finished the job” while he ran his stealthy little photogenic chores. So that by fingering him—the first, the one who most stuck in her mind, after which it was all like an anonymous fog—she would be impeaching herself—at least to the shallow or casual observer or investigator—beyond reprieve. This diabolically-clever sort of entrapment implying greater base thrills, an erotic adrenaline-rush of the catching of quarry: as in endless old-time-American comparisons of Black or Mexican women with various animal prey. From these guys with a uniform blank-faced manner that recalls nothing so much as the race-murder show trials of the mid-century South.

 Here too is another rare opportunity for the guys on Fox to show their ceratoid arteries in an ill-varnished display of Information Age bigotry. As in their treatment of the New Black Panthers spokesman, whom they were supposedly interviewing, but whom they treated with complete contempt. An odd kind of repeat on its own terms of that terrible night, when all these Ivy League guys fled the scene in mortal fear, or rather-more-likely, with cavalier speed. These Fox announcers shouting down the man’s moderate and well-reasoned words in a display which was a class-action proof in the pudding all its own of what a poor Black woman has to face when she comes up against Anglo youthful status.

What’s the verdict of this little court-of-opinion at With resounding crash of the gavel, it is that nothing has really changed since the halcyon hooded days of the post-Civil-War South. And that it is time for us to join with Black America to change all this now.

 I give ample treatment on this website to a related phenomenon: that of an American-White-male racism-, sadism- and woman-hatred-fed homosexuality. An all-American-boy sickness—greatly intensified in the past decade but native to the USA in some form from the very beginning—one shared to varying degrees by practically all Caucasian males here. Guys quite commonly incapable of entering the universe of a woman, of thus being able to properly enjoy natural, normal sex, let alone an all-encompassing matrimonial peace and joy. That in which a woman is the lynchpin of a man’s character and individuality: the tender and enduring foundation not only of a family but of a nation. And without whose affectionately-regarded input there can be no such noble things. Sublime realities trampled upon with abandon, like Biblical pearls, by these groupies who travel in vicious packs, who gain a hideous libido-fulfillment in terms ugly and cruel: in that rape or rape-like morbidity which to the strange perceptions of this kind of sick mind virtually defines passion. A rabid frenzy—not even known among predatory beasts—the fruitful source of serial killers and rapists alike—whose ecstasies are shared eagerly with those sole objects of their love. Namely with their much-fawned-over sports-obsessed and beer-drinking male buddies. In a pathologically-unstable marriage of indigenous anti-matter, brotherhood-of-the-elect Calvinism and the thumbs-down hippodrome barbarities of the capitalist system. A malaise fruitful in particular in aggressive war and concentration camps like Abu Ghraib. At the corporate offices of which totality such youths will quickly and eagerly be welcomed as junior partners: having thus so ably and heroically proven themselves.

 The real love of woman has no place in this standard good ole boy cosmos, being regarded at best with condescension or an odd, flip-side, impotent fear: for which reason she is mobbed, beaten, destroyed by these super-macho “men”. Her poise and humanity is just too much for these two-dimensional figures to establish a relationship with. For a woman actually terrifies these characterless creatures: which is why they have to get drugged or drunked-up, to manfully steel themselves to make the grade. (Or take Viagra, as the case might be). A contest-with-themselves—and with other’s like them—in which the woman herself plays hardly any part at all: since in reality she is only a fantasy in deranged, darkened and tormented mind. Really, these guys are only masturbating in a grand new way, as a shamefaced manner so typically betrays. She has no existence of her own that they recognize, each peering out from his dim and phobia-driven world. Her caring, relenting consideration being an alien thing: failing to “clear customs” in the space-port of the personality-eclipsed, over-mothered White American male mind. The unlucky beneficiary of that relationship wherein the American Mom finds the few consolations she is likely to gain: being basically an unwelcome guest in a woman-despising male world. Once again: one hates to conjecture in this way regarding the accused young men: but we are being forced to do so by the weird and oddly-slippery manner in which the whole drama is playing out. And in which the innate racism of the White population here is being played to with such stygian skill.

 Manifestly, then, the real enemy who spawns such a hip-booted culture is the Devil himself, who hates our humanity with immeasurable loathing: especially those elements of it that are tender, kind and relenting. And a womanhood which carries these qualities forth so gracefully, nobly. Women being chief architects in the age-old construction of a genuine Civilization, rather than the stark and narrow worldview of a gaggle of swashbuckling pirates and privateers. Which is the reason some Latin men from especially noble and chivalrous families used to be given the name Mary as their middle name. Nobility, mildness, gentility being inner commodities for which there is less and less place here in this land of growth industry prisons. Resorts about whose exercise-yard-sociology much-touted movies and documentaries are constantly being made and replayed, together with all the hair-trigger-dehumanizing and demeaning cop shows being force-fed down viewer throats. And in architectural imitation of which stalag-motif are constructed today’s schools, workplaces and college dorms. In this “land of the free” of domestic or interrogator sex-bondage, of employment-related manacles.

 Further down the weird path of this twisted, inverted, sadio/masochistic mindset, the fact that she was raped before is coming to be considered insurmountably prejudicial to the accuser in this widely-publicized case. Fox and the other folks involved here would like to say she claims she was raped. But the truth is she was plainly so crushed by that first assault—when she was only fourteen, and which by statute should thus not even be noised about by the “defense” team—that she took three years to report it, and then, still a minor, finally dropped the case even then. For as we can gather from the words of those who know her, and as happens in practically all cases of rape, she couldn’t go through the trauma of facing her attackers in court, of putting-on-display a childhood innocence brutally defiled, for the world to see. And all the other agonies this kind of going public entails. A woman who predictably broke down after the first assault: a girl who thereafter needed extended psychiatric care and whose crippled condition may well have propelled her into her present occupation. Come on, prosecutors: you’ve seen this kind of thing before; you weren’t born yesterday.

 I can’t judge the state of the woman’s soul, but to me it is simple exploited humanity that comes across. A God-mirroring human personality, with utter perversity rendered a mere passive object of lust and male-ambivalent self-glorification. Her inviolable personality, made to mirror the likeness of God, lastingly shattered to jagged outlines imposed by brutalities of sick and unstable men. As was the standard lot of “piece of property” Confederate slave-women, as revealed in the heart-breaking accounts of the escaped-slave Frederick Douglas of the nineteenth century, cited above. While we can draw some insights in this case as well with respect to the Aruba affair: readily surmising that it isn’t a shy and gentle Joran Van der Sloot who reduces a girl to such heartbreak in so cowardly a way. (Update of 02/12: I still maintain Joran’s innocence of the original crime, and even wonder if he wasn’t framed in the incident in Argentina, where some real murderer might have seen an opportunity presented by the global celebrity in full form. And even his pleading guilty fits in here: as he may well have been sick-and-tired of being convicted in the media, and gladly exchanged a life which had proven worse than death for one lived, at peace for a change, in a striped suit. Rather than to continue in a notoriety which had driven him from college, had undoubtedly hastened the death of his father, had taken everything from him which a once-promising life could have held.) A lad who hardly fits the real and accurate “profile” of your typical granite-faced, gloating rapist: whose multiple like we saw so plainly here recently on TV. Joran’s admittedly-false initial testimony—together with that of his acquaintances the Kalpoe brothers—having been in my opinion motivated by fear of notorious American non-habeas corpus secret prisons and inquisitorial gang rapes, rather than by guilt of murder or abduction.

 But these all-American males on Fox—albeit this time a different set of newsmen from the usual bunch I see on that station—went absolutely orbital, virtually salivating over the chance to heap abuse upon the dancer and her Black defender, with questions with respect to her “integrity”. Indeed, it may have been her agonized state itself, some tell-tale give-away of which sadists-all are so good at picking out, like bloodhounds picking up a scent, that attracted this alleged party-of-fiends to her.

 In this website I ask Americans at last to found a nation, and not to be satisfied to remain a predatory pack of dogs, at the whistle of the State of Israel, and a closely-related geo-corporate power. Both of these regard common citizens as being less than human: and train and maintain us in a worldview and ethos which corrupts and sickens us accordingly. An anti-human system whose definition of manhood is to take a little boy and twist and trivialize him as he grows, at last turning him into a snarling cur. And furthermore I say these things in such stark truthfulness precisely because I love America, and am attached to this land which will so soon be taken away from us, by an angry God, if these things don’t change. This is the way I would speak to a brother who had lost his way, and was destroying himself, and denying his God. I say this to my American brothers whom I have seen at better moments, whom I know to be made of better stuff, but who have settled for being less than they were made to be by a good God. And furthermore I outline in these pages a way out of this callous and degenerate condition, inviting you to pore over the (no doubt) thousands (I haven’t counted them) of printed pages contained, gratis, on this site. (Soon I hope to organize them into the tome-in-volumes mentioned on the front page).

 April 28, 2006: The “do our jobs for us” alien invasion.

 The illegal immigrants who boast so loudly of “doing America’s work for it” aren’t always the meek and harmless so-portrayed by the far-left: rather indeed being notorious among small-to-medium-sized employers for their ability to hold whole companies hostage, mere puppets to a Latino will. With the implied threat of a mass walkout in effect ramroding hiring, firing and many other policies forcibly and unquestionably from below. This cheap labor beyond question cutting both ways: being not only a money-saver but providing an inescapable, multifaceted labor-levy on industry, and a curse on the workplace alike. Tens of millions of utterly-undocumented people—and arm-twisting bargainers—amid the side-splitting joke about “homeland security”—presently pour over our southern border and bluffly and imperiously claim as their very own a large percentage of the job-offerings here. Automatically brutalizing the market, while too often dictating—by their very numbers—Latino-exclusive terms and conditions of employment as well. Aliens advocated by the neo-con Right as well, people like O’Reilly showing their geo-corporate loyalties in flying colors in this issue, their willingness to throw the American worker down the mine-shaft of irrelevant “work-ethic” fallacies at every turn. These new aliens who tumultuously demonstrate against Congressional measures to regularize this extortion-ridden chaos, hoards who must be resisted with every moral and necessary means at our disposal. Aliens many of whom more recently have even made the most thinly-veiled threats of rebellion and insurrection, of revanchist calls to take back conquered Southwestern lands. Foreigners crassly overstepping all such arguments, acting as if all fifty states were already theirs, like land-hungry Nazis of World War II. And who are predictably supported, whether quietly or with the usual theatrics, by much of today’s American Catholic Church, joined by the usual medley of sodomy-advocating fringe-radicals of the American left.

 Running rampant here in particular in this invasion of illegals is the whole Information-age phenomenon of “path dependency”: that generic anomaly brilliantly analyzed by the Harvard economist Weitzman in a 1998 article in the school’s Quarterly Journal of Economics. This supply-chain-driven trail of no return quickly makes key contemporary elements like illegal immigration into permanent fixtures: in a time-series-projection-ridden economic landscape which basically uses past trends as an inexorable key to future reality. (Note of 02/12: the heavily-time-series-ridden forecasting models in hyper-prominent use while I was yet a late-nineties undergrad in economics at ASU had a lot to do with the meltdown when it finally came, as expectations were primed to expect that the future would be much like the past, which is the whole starry-eyed rationale of these neat mathematical projections.) The desire for “dependable” stock-market profits—together with delirious levels-of-faith in “the American Dream”—locking us into our mistakes and stupidities: all the while various Wall Street brokers and hedge-fund managers grab systemically-pre-arranged gains of unprecedented scope. Ultimately to be attended by social crises and market sell-offs which will be an aggregate funeral for all but themselves. As for instance when the inevitable bubble burst in 2002, or in 29.

But as an answer to this weird new neo-con inter-temporally-planned economy—so dependable—for now—toward a metronomic repayment of burgeoning personal and national debt—and as stated several times here—the key provision crying to be established in this matter is for citizens to be recognized as having incontestable affirmative-action priority in hiring. That which can act as a stout plastic-charge on the tracks of such a path dependent railroad to the national socioeconomic demise. Pursuant to which the citizen must be vested with a simple and clearly-outlined “grievance” procedure by which to quickly and expeditiously redress any of these many alien-inflicted wrongs. With the burden of proof being placed heavily upon the employer and his alien protégés, rather than upon the American-citizen job-seeker. The latter for instance being granted the power to challenge the right of someone to hold a job: with the presumption of illegal status being based on the simple criterion of their inability to speak more than a few words of English. The citizen furthermore being legally entitled to claim that job for themselves, immediately and on the spot. With questions about ability, etc., being pro-actively resolved in their favor, again by law: much as in the near-forgotten days of affirmative action on behalf of Blacks. So that if employers don’t want to go through such an on-the-spot ordeal, they will take care no longer to hire the illegals. Foreigners who not uncommonly use tactics of psychological and even physical intimidation and nationality-based group-coercion: this commonly-enough in order to make room on the job for a brother or a cousin back at home. So that a similarly-formidable weapon must be made available against such seditious misconduct as a response. The proposed powerfully-self-enforcing recourse—made available to citizens many of whom are veterans of the agony of war—would quickly reduce this gravely-sovereignty-threatening influx. Automatically causing excess numbers of Latins to leave our soil with little delay—and to take their many relatives with them—as there would be nothing more to keep them here.

 Then too, many more birds are being killed with one stone, as it were, in the free-flying hypocrisies of this issue. For the endorsement of this largely Marxist/PRI-trained population-deluge has gravely reduced the practical possibility of the truly moral and Christian American to make a living: and this for decades running. Here for one thing being much of the story behind the mass unemployment and other social difficulties of Vietnam veterans. Often rejected upon their return home for their old-fashioned-American moral values and manners—by neighbors and siblings who while they were gone had succumbed to a spiritual insurgency just as formidable here at home as was that of the Viet Cong overseas—the wholesale hiring of the illegal from down-under, since sometime in the seventies, has had the effect—tacitly welcomed by many here–of making these rugged-individuals, among whose numbers I proudly count myself, into a sort of extinct bird. In terms of being able to really establish themselves, let alone to raise a family to reflect the battle-tried nobility of their ideals.

 Yet by no means do I wish in all this to deny other facts, like for instance the exploitive trade-relationship that exists between ourselves and basically the whole of Latin America in particular. That which makes the cross-border invasion so necessary an option to so many who flee from NAFTA- or CAFTA-related poverty at home. (Note of 02/12: And who now flee from a veritable civil war at home, having to do with drug-gangs but yet-more-directly with a 50-cents-a-day-earnings poverty trying to buy groceries that are often cheaper at the Wal-Mart over the border than they are at home.) Nor do I deny the injustice of nineteenth-century seizures of Mexican territory. But some things are more fundamental than others, in today’s criminally-unjust, topsy-turvy, robber-baron (sometimes with an oddly-Spanish accent) world: such as the inalienable right of a citizen to work and acquire sustenance and property in his native land. (Note of 02/12: Although I gather since this writing from some scattered conversations with those acquainted that Yanks in certain well-paying industries are doing the same job-stealing south of the border that Latins are doing up here. A fact, if true, which only dramatizes the elite-level responsibility involved). There being something fundamentally unnatural about experiencing hunger, homelessness and/or an utter lack of health care and other social services where one was born. All the while the illegals elbow you aside with hauteur and impunity. Of course, (and again), the border-violating Mexican can with all honesty make the same claim, and his Bush-league-imposed circumstances are generally far more dire than the U.S. working man’s here. Hence required is a change in treaties and legislation, toward a turn away from these corporate-catering and unnatural cross-border configurations. Not in five years, but today. A perfectly-attainable re-arrangement for a Hemisphere many generations of whose residents have developed to its present condition, and from which they deserve more than a blunt notice of lay-off or eviction. While after proposed provisions are established in absolutely ironclad terms, then any remaining immigrants might indeed take what jobs are left. Rather than continuing to obtain—the next day after their heroic swim or fence-leap—jobs that citizens quite-typically have to spend months finding—meticulously securing phone, job-record and list-of-references, and other related embellishments—and yet never hold it securely because of such very blitzkrieg-like invasions. This idea that the jobs stolen in this manner are all low-paying and undesirable being one of the biggest of many big lies of today. Again, as I myself—and anyone who is at all honest about the matter—can vouch both by personal experience and by observation.

 But there is more at stake in this debate besides items discussed above. For it is a matter of clear record that even legally-immigrated first and second generation Americans—albeit with shining and conspicuous exceptions here and there—have too often tended to be docile subjects of unjust laws, labor conditions and policies. A rights-related lack-of-assertiveness even more pronounced among those who are here on the sly: ironically favoring the noted brand of on-the-job assertion which is blunt, rude and extortion-oriented. Thus likewise most recently the large numbers of aliens who have been willing to enter our armed services in an unpopular Iraq War. Immigrating peoples of all nationalities having for more than a century provided a solid socioeconomic bloc of silent support for oppressive or tyrannical institutions, setting back by decades the labors of social justice advocates of every kind. (Much the way that Black slavery in the nineteenth century set back the comprehensive conditions of labor—and indeed led to brutal confrontations—as detailed by the cited ex-slave Douglas). Thus too the much-discussed example of crusading Blacks of today, whose youth in particular are being forced to accept either unemployment or a miserable wage, all because of this new influx of sanctimoniously-undemanding illegal workers. Who as noted elsewhere on this page often live in mob-arranged or thrift-enabling conditions-of-squalor; Latinos and others with “stakes” in the matter indeed. Often pooling resources of whole families-of-illegals, invariably exempt from a protective service agency which has recently stepped up the tempo of its sometimes-Gestapo-like activities with regard to the White poor. Who as noted would never allow an American-citizen family to live in immigrant-typical squalor. Aliens to eventually buy expensive properties totally out of the reach of the American poor. Experiencing an escape from the ghetto, a pole-vault into the middle class little to be anticipated even by the children of the latter, in coming economically-cloudy times. So that it has become a fairly common occurrence in many places for these Latins and Hindus in particular to gloat with an especially brutal arrogance over the American property-less and homeless as being shiftless bums. Even as being a new form of the Brahman-despised Untouchables: at times subject to every manner of unfair and even intimidating treatment at their hands. All of which is no small matter to someone in possession of the franchise, perhaps with an honorable discharge and a campaign medal or two.

 Finally, both by today’s Congressional testimony and in my own experience, added to that of those I know: no one here will accept the slow death of homelessness for themselves and their families, just because they don’t want to accept a wage that illegal immigrants accept. Very often the wage is exactly the same: but the corporate employer will hire the illegal instead, and this for various unjust or in-equitous reasons listed here and there on this site, and with which many of my readers are familiar. For instance and perhaps most commonly because illegals usually come in large or fairly-large groups, thus fantastically enhancing “economies of scale and of information”. Whereas American workers generally come at most in pairs. A relatively-small matter to remedy, these secondary organizational elements, compared to the dislocation of millions of citizen families taking place as I write. Even if the slash-and-burn economics of the multinational corporation keeps an entirely different sort of balance sheet from that of human prosperity, national greatness, popular need.

Of course, the idea here is to break down the nation-state: all the while presidents and congressmen put on airs of hand-wringing impotence and despair. The nation—the home to the highest of human values—slated to be reduced to a global slave-plantation which takes orders from the likes of Bush and Kerry, Clinton and Calderon, Edwards and McCain. Yin/yang duos whose alternate policy-paths ultimately meet on the dark side of the moon of a brutally-forced integration of global markets, of chaos/regimentation, human-experimentation, aggressive war.

 Thus the Orwellian collective farm into which we are being driven like a herd of cattle—with electronic cattle-prods of equal shock-value from the right and the left—the Mexican-immigrant bearing about him an especially tell-tale communistic, groupie motivational-psychology learned under the 70-some year tutelage of the Marxist/Masonic PRI. That with which a notorious, crime-prone macho mystique fits like a barbarous hand-in-a-glove. This is a mindset still only with difficulty being imposed upon American students k through 18—machismo and all—and established on the job only recently, and with a certain substantial-if-ineffectual amount of resistance. (As noted above, we have our own kind of sick machismo inherited from slavery and the puritanical mindset of the colonial past: but in a way this is a horse of an entirely different breed, making in turn for a school-yard and workplace confrontational strife of a whole new kind). But the new and imported regimen of mind-control and conformity—a fantasy-world in which the sexual-fantasies of a hootchy-kootchy/telanovela world come close in train—is a spiritual epidemic which the far-too-typical illegal Mexican worker accepts to the core of his being. A new view to which—together with the usual U.S.-academic hard sell in favor of sodomy—the youthful Yank is being dutifully “broken”, precisely as in notorious, closely-related gangland psycho-coercions of “White slavery”, kidnap-prostitution. Gradually dispensing, early in life, with any much need for that similar psycho-motivational training become a commonplace today in the U.S. corporate employment-related world, geared to cattle-chutes of much the same design.

 April 28, 2006: Darfur and the American foreign-policy skeleton key that will open any stubbornly-factual lock.

 When I was a young lad, and keys were usually still made of a long straight shank of black or silver-plated metal, there used to be the ones that you could use on any lock. These “skeleton keys” were a kind of ridiculous invention, making all the painstaking efforts of locksmiths more or less in vain, and the jobs of domestic burglars infinitely simpler. Familiar objects which however and in a completely different sense do reveal to us how little the people of a mere generation ago worried about things like security: timorous preoccupations which by contrast entirely engross the denizens of our brave new world. But what I am attempting to do here is precisely to supply a universal key—a skeleton key indeed—to unlock the bewildering mystery of the U.S. media/government/academic take on the world diplomatic and military scene. That cylinder-lock combination which made four members of Congress get themselves locked up this week on trespassing or some such charge, agitating in the most generic, hysteric possible terms about Darfur and “genocide”. A mania which likewise made George Clooney go on one of the most unenlightening-if-photogenic, signature-misty-eyed binges of emotion-based advocacy on record.

 The first facet cut into this key, this cipher, this translation-code has to do with a foreign policy deliberately crisis-geared. If there isn’t a crisis, it doesn’t work its peculiar set of spring-loaded, panzer-like imperatives. The second facet on this first tooth has to do with the fact that the USA acts much more as a roving and uninvited international arbiter than a sovereign nation with merely sovereign concerns. The third facet is another categorical which requires the vindication of the peculiar American view of the world. The fourth imperative perpendicular cut requires that a closely-related modern dogma of progress be entirely vindicated in any such “objective” findings. While two cuts on a second tooth require both that the inspired nature of Adam Smith’s invisible hand be admitted without question and that all forms of tribal Spiritist ritualism be religiously confessed to be far superior to the strictures of religions like Islam or true Catholicism. Even as a final facet requires that Uncle Sam always be perceived as the one who compassionately gathers the wretched and dying into his generous embrace. Even—or perhaps especially—if he played a generous part in their demise in the first place.

 Using this nifty universal policy-key, the U.S. turns a blind eye to such “irrelevant” factors as decades of misguided World Bank and IMF lending criteria which encouraged forms of agriculture that were catastrophic for the soil and economy across Chad and Sudan. While these and other fatal U.S. and NGO policy-guidelines joined forces with a wholesale elite/academic frustration of traditional Christian missionary efforts, further complicating matters in a Darfur which for some fifty years has been a battleground of herdsman vs. farmers and of rival factions from neighboring states, using the local power-vacuum to make Darfur into a proving ground for military maneuvers and a safe-haven for caches of arms. That vast plethora of real issues compared to which U.S.-Evangelist-touted conflicts between Muslims and Christians pale into obscure unimportance. Although African Catholicism hardly recommends itself as it once did, seeing a rising departure of its adherents to Islam. That Catholicism which was once taking all of Africa by spiritual storm, but which under the influence of Vatican II “aggiornamento” has lost its uncompromising, soul-challenging appeal, now being known to turn a scarcely-critical eye to spiritism and polygamy. While a recent outbreak of cannibalism within Ugandan paganism—in an area of Africa where Catholicism is also especially strong—hardly testifies to the mounting influence of True Faith. Even as finally balanced against allegations of tribal unrest stands the interesting statement of a well-informed African on location that tribal divisions mean very little to the modern citizens of Darfur, whereas a basically-universal patriotism is expressed toward the nation of Sudan (cf. article by Mufutau Adewole Olaleye, Much indeed as had been the case in Iraq before the arrival of the ever-divisive, AIPAC-agenda-peddling Americans and their Black-ops chaos-facilitating corporate partners-in-crime.

 The point is that there is really no policy here from an “evil” Khartoum: mostly just a desperate domestic-administration attempt to deal with a generalized poverty-fed and foreign-interventionist-led disaster. Of the sort in which any confessional differences would only add further panic to the hooves of these vanguard horses of the Apocalypse. A stampede little likely to spoil the armchair comforts of the American upper and upper-middle-class, which produces so many “crusading” ideas. Even as predictably it is the Israeli-trained and U.S. funded Darfur rebel groups who refuse to lay down their arms, only yesterday once again contemptuously rejecting the latest treaty accepted by Khartoum. (note of 10/08: interestingly, it was the allegedly-righteous Israeli-trained and –equipped rebels who fired on convoys of recently installed international peacekeepers, killing many and stealing their valuable trucks). The Sudanese Government nonetheless acquiescing in all this Yank-inevitable sanctimonious interference, despite such unprecedented drawbacks as the requirement that the government itself in effect disarm, all the while the insurgents stay bandoleered to the teeth. This deal brokered by the African Union being apparently regarded by Sudan as its last-ditch opportunity to avoid a heavy-handed set of economic and even military responses by Washington. Which always backs a rebel in almost any cause: posing photogenically as liberator in a world which however increasingly groans under various open or disguised forms of American/Israeli occupation. The noted a-priori American policy-key always being cleverly made to fit every global/regional lock, to bear out “condolences” Rice’s dirge-like, ritually-intoned interpretation of events.

 None of these Hollywood and D.C. heroes take the testimony of long-standing experts on the ground into their consideration. Like for instance the renowned doctor in charge of the largest ongoing medical- and refugee-relief effort in Darfur. Simply because the man is a Muslim. One who states unequivocally that all this talk about government-perpetrated genocide is pure, unadulterated legend, and that the numbers who actually die from any cause are much smaller than is noised by people like Rice, Rumsfeld and this new headline-grabber, Clooney. While testimonies abound among candid locals that “freedom fighters” from neighboring countries like Chad—said to wish to “rescue” Darfurians from their misery—(editor’s note: “heroes” about whom another of our fantastic “documentaries” would later be aired, in October, 2006)—actually use Darfur as a staging-ground for their own anarchic activities at home. But not-to-worry, for with this universal policy key all that is needed is the graphite of pure conjecture—or blood curdling fiction—to turn any policy-lock smoothly and expeditiously. In fact, too many facts are a bothersome annoyance, inconvenient gritty sand in the tumbler gears, tending to gridlock abstract Yankee-faith-held policy absolutes. In such photo-op circumstances, alleged rape victims understandably not coming forward in the hundreds of thousands in which they are supposed to exist. For which it’s enough that “Clooney says so”. Indeed, the only kinds of testimony I have ever heard or seen—and I have periodically followed this story since it first caused a major stir some two years ago—have mostly been from nicely dressed and reasonable-well-fed women who allude in maddeningly-generic terms to various unspecified atrocities. Often without looking very long at all into the camera. Or repeat blood-chilling epithets like “death is stalking the land”: no doubt knowing that such ad libs will secure them and theirs the reception of a desperately-needed “care package”. From American agencies and NGOs who are also interested in local deposits of copper and uranium. While on the other hand the panoramic panning of certain large groups of obviously-suffering and hungry people is of the standard anonymous kind which once marked the films of Nazi death camps: where gaunt figures are invariably subscripted by a caption or audio about the death of six million Jews. The forthcoming assumption being that all those viewed were of that religion and/or nationality: which however comes nowhere near squaring with inescapable death-camp-demographic and other forensic facts. Thus, similarly, the bare and unqualified realities of camps and malnutrition is practically the only thing proven with respect to Darfur: if embellished by a lot of emotional State Department and celebrity proclamations that produce much more smoke than factual fire. A smoke-screen aided too by a growing and disturbing internet blackout regarding basically any subject of controversy—one in which it is especially difficult to get both sides of the story about places like Darfur. (Where at least the first several hundred entries are predigested Bush-era propaganda, or corporate advertising-in-disguise.) For the fact is, who needs facts, proofs or real-world, life-saving solutions when you have the American-policy skeleton Key? Upon which the creative use of photography and digital science acts as an impressive silver-plating.

April 27, 2006: Proclamation of a legitimate government.

 Some seventeen years ago I and a group of associates—acknowledging the illegitimacy of the geo-corporate-controlled enemy of human life under which we in the USA have lived for so long—declared the formal, spiritual establishment of a truly common-good-dedicated government here. A conception devoted to both the popular and the national good—rather than to the sole benefit of elite and alien powers—and consecrated to the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. A true and valid government placed as it were “at the ready”, under their able Heavenly care, by means of this statement, which the media predictably refused to publish. Expressing ourselves at the same time willing to obey laws and injunctions of present tyrannically-imposed leaders to the degree they conform to reason and to the maintenance of public order. We made this proclamation not only for obvious practical reasons but yet more essentially because states—being foremost spiritual realities—must also be vessels of Heavenly grace, to the degree they are authentically-constituted and inspired. Their very authority itself being in Our Blessed Lord’s own words “given from above”. So that there is needed this God-fearing government-at-the-ready as a solid conceptual reality, as a receptacle of Heavenly aid: precisely that function of which the present perverted conspiracy of evil men is perfectly incapable. By this formulary providing a critical goal or conception, established immovably in the hearts of men who refuse any longer to be systematically, insidiously torn from Western Civilization and Christian Faith. This latter of which after two thousand years is the only possible vessel of valid government for a Christian people: who have no interest in any “post-Christian”, purely-academic illusions, or flights into a resurgent Animist or Hindu pagan fantasy. Cleaving with all our being instead to those sublime spiritual realities which guard, distill and epitomize the true and permanent progress of man. Hoping in the meantime that such a purely-declaratory, intellectual/volitional formulation might by God’s mercy draw down grace and favor upon our people. A government founded in will and truth—after the manner of the anticipated “crowning of the dauphin” of St. Joan of Arc—by means of this proclamation: awaiting God’s providence to be founded in act and in deed.

It is such a reality which during early medieval times looked to a Francia (“land of the Franks”) under feudal subdivisions gradually abstracted to a concept almost mystical in nature. But which exalted spiritual reality would give rise to a flesh-and-blood St. Joan of Arc, whose inspiration would mold the French people over the generations into that nation which is still the most beloved of the Sacred Heart. This donation, this potent sovereign receptacle of divine power being reasonably tolerant of all religions, but definitely founded on specifically-Christian, and hopefully Catholic, principles, and most devoted of all by far to the honor and glory of God. That system—whose actual future leaders the same Providence will unfailingly supply—whose anticipated guiding principles are described in detail in these pages and publications.

Since that time this declaration, this giving of a nation into the merciful hands of God—pronounced by a handful, ready to give honor and life—has never been formally repudiated, and thus continues in force. A consecration to hasten the passing of this present null-and-void, citizen-despising bureaucratic charade. That in which Bush and his confederates prepare to either limply hand the reins of power to treasonous Democratic Skull-and-Bones confederates in coming elections, or to spring upon us some new piratical, terror-inspired, citizen-monitoring surprise.

April 22, 2006: The new gospel of unconditional forgiveness, its effects upon organization and development.

A novelty in radical departure from an ageless Catholic moral system is the Gospel-de-contextualized idea of forgiveness preached ceaselessly today from a thousand pulpits, and endlessly insinuated into discussions on EWTN. The pseudo-Church, everywhere in apparent command, here rotely following the lead of the spin-doctors of modern psychology, in familiar post-Vatican-II fashion. That expert professional opinion which for a long time found anger to be the root evil of all undesirable things. So that a blanket forgiveness becomes the standard palliative against a counselor-detested moral assertiveness of every kind. And while indignation is basically outlawed as a personal, non-institutional option, yet the institutionally-“empowered” have increasingly fewer limits placed on their many stark oversteps and vindictive precipitations.

Aphorisms indicating a new “take” on the whole idea of ire or blame are turned out regularly from seminaries and schools: as in the now-familiar nostrum that to retain a just anger or “hatred” toward a doer-of-harm is “to suffer another harm far worse than the first”. This whole complex phenomenon of “closure” being in many ways a faulty notion of the most delusional and damaging kind: since for one thing in the Christian context the thus-implied ultimate resolution of earthly matters can never be truly achieved this side of the world beyond. While results of this array of false notions range from the near-total abandonment of exhortative spiritual works of mercy to the repudiation of a prophet’s identification of society-wide wrongs. This whole uncontainable forgiveness/anti-anger philosophy being in the main a resurrection of Mohandas Gandhi’s ideas: he in turn having been an incredibly backward advocate of the Untouchables system. An unstable and probably homosexual man whose strange ideas were veritably forced on the India of the early twentieth century: a land then full of truly-progressive new ideas (Herman, Arthur, Gandhi and Churchill. New York: Bantam Bell, 2008.) This celebrated protégé of the British Raj and the then-incipient “New Age” movement alike having been repeated abandoned in disgust by the Indian Congress and the Indian man on the street alike, while leaving his legacy to form a stock element of the phenomenology of a later-to-be-enthroned Teilhard de Chardin and others of his kind. All of them touting a “progress” paradigm, a free-standing revolution-in-morality held to be an absolute-in-itself: like the Theory of Evolution stoutly maintained as requiring no real proof or demonstration at all. The standard exhortations of the past—which every father used to deliver in measured tones—in this anger-interdiction imperative meanwhile being proscribed and demoted, in the relentless Freudian way, and devolving indeed and at times into the last-ditch loss-of-temper. Thus typically achieving grim counselor fears of the over-emotional. While finally the bewildering lack of any insistence upon asking forgiveness, that which in justice comes before its corresponding concession, is only matched in irony by an angry rectory and chancery-office bombast in mandating piety-uprooting avant-garde theories that presently abound. Or in the combative imposition of that militant-Zionist Catholic Judaism which is far-and-away the decisive characteristic of the 21st century anti-Church.

This forgiveness-imperative, replacing as it does in practice a good deal of Catholic doctrine and piety, is of a piece with the modern Jewish substitution of “humanistic” values for spiritual ones: this swap being a vanguard element in an immemorial Hebrew agenda which cuts incisively—indeed down to the Pauline “between marrow and bone”—to the difference between the two creeds. Judaism being based entirely upon earthly values in and of themselves, as St. Thomas Aquinas tells us: rather than as prefigurements of New Testament “things to come”, as intended in God’s rebelled-against plan. The blood-letting of goats and rams having indeed and manifestly been superceded—not only in Judaism but in all religions—however among these latter-day sons of David being replaced by an equivalent ceremonial exaltation of base and mundane things. Here the whole spiritual/cultural progress of humanity being in many ways completely hijacked and impugned: and this not only at the hands of notorious Ashkenazi agnostics but even among Conservatives. The latter of whose chief distinction among modern Jews is the belief in a personal God, rather than in an apotheosized, secular-messianic Jewish People, chosen mentors of an “advanced and educated” human elite. This widely-variegated element of worldly elitism and exaltation being however held by one and all, while having ironic counterparts in the endless grind of American racism, or the cow-worshipping Untouchable exclusions of the Hindus. Accordingly, even the more-spiritual Hassidics and others more-Orthodox find any personal relationship with God to be hopelessly hamstrung in status, ritual ablutions, social-conventional proprieties and other basically earth-bound minutiae. Much as is indeed and ironically the case with the half-dozen or so cast-in-concrete ritualistic formalities of a confessionally-linked and indeed increasingly “Christian Zionist” Evangelical altar call. Celebrated ad hoc, rural, folksy trappings notwithstanding.

This radical new forgiveness-oversimplification works an atrophy upon an area of life and spirituality—including justice, contrition, penance among its chief elements—in which some of the deepest and most obscure of mysteries come to bear, and over which whole libraries have been prayerfully and painstakingly written over the millennia. True Catholic morality having stern and disciplinary features to it as well as mild and forgiving ones: each of which is validly exercised in some way by each and all. Overwrought, professionally-endorsed, somewhat-dated ideas about “confrontation” being as much a wrecking-bar against the inalienable agency of the Christian soul as are novel indiscriminate forgiveness imperatives. Subterfuges in the complexities of the human social body whose like are identified from the very beginning in social and pastoral doctrine of the Church; more recently with the Divine Mercy revelation of Sister Faustina having been confiscated, as it were, by John Paul II, for the insidious blueprint of this pseudo-papal worshipper at pagan shrines. Namely to advance a sort of crypto-Jewish non-aggression pact with the world: that around which his charming but ever-equivocating pontificate basically revolved. The true first-in-time importance of asking forgiveness over giving it lying at the base of both the Sacrament of Penance and the correctly-understood wording of the Gospel injunction to “leave your gift at the altar and go and be reconciled”. Not primarily to someone you are enjoined to forgive but rather whose pardon you are required in justice to ask, as the much-quoted but often ill-considered passage indeed commands. In the original literal rendering—rather than some more recent Vatican-II-“souped-up” version, the verse identifying, as the one to whom to direct your heartfelt sorrow, someone who “has something against you”. A passage artfully-post-Vatican-II-misconstrued from every New Church pulpit, in a subtle yet gaping disparity which opened the way for today’s tacit-but-wholesale repudiation of the whole Catholic theology of justice, reparation, restitution and the like, and an indulgence toward every kind of crime and delinquency. Here being an integral part of that Vatican II revolution which is most responsible for turning Western streets and African villages alike into cesspools of perversity and crime. Having ably led the way for subsequent overwhelming secular influences and events, the biblical "savorless salt" having indeed and inevitably been "trodden underfoot".

Yet more, this “universal forgiveness” imperative is also part and parcel of a universal salvation heresy touted from “Catholic” pulpits since the mid-seventies or before. That “now he is in Heaven” axiom, endured at basically every funeral, by which the Old Liturgy’s sober and soul-sifting consideration of the four last things, to the tune of the profound and salutary fear, contrition and humility of the Dies Ire, is summarily replaced by a perilous, presumptuous levity. The idea promoted today, vis-à-vis this new forgiveness, being that “if God doesn’t hold anyone to account, then how should we?”

We are indeed required, as codified in the words of the work of mercy itself, to “forgive all injuries”. But this genuine kind of longsuffering never goes the length of condoning or exonerating the wrong, whether verbally or virtually: as our hatred of evil must always inform our specific loves or clemencies, if we would be “spotless from this world”. And Our Lord Himself spoke of forgiving “seven times seventy” only if the offender “ask forgiveness”, but far-less-clearly if he continue to gloat over his crime. But implicit here in this much-vaunted program is less any scruples over a loss-of-temper than a statement of that central dogma of the modern agnostic that there is no such thing as evil or sin; that all moral issues can be explained away in psychological, emotional or socioeconomic terms. While of course too there are always those defensive measures which earthly life frequently requires: by which we defend “me and mine”. Sacred militant duties contained in another sense in Jesus’ admonition to the soldiers to “be satisfied with your pay”: a right of self-defense implied first and foremost within the microcosmic sovereignty of the individual, that from which indeed the former civic version in a substantive sense springs.

Ah, but here’s the rub, in that none of this putative borderless clemency slows the tempo of the killing of Iraqis, or the deafeningly-silent pulpit approbation for a sodomizing war. Since despite all the love-and-forgiveness sermons of the past forty years the post-Vatican-II Church recedes further each year from coming to terms with the hijacking of the doctrine of the just war, to serve pound-of-flesh market-guarding purposes of modern capitalist regimes. Let alone preparing to condemn that blankfacedly-aggressive American warfare whereby we ceaselessly advance the power-drive of the World Zionist State. But it is precisely in such a scenario that an attention-deflecting blush-and-bother over something as relatively inconspicuous as person-to-person forgiveness—when compared against all this bridle-deep blood—is most conveniently brought to bear.

But above all the hype and histrionics, there really is such a thing as an enemy: innocent Iraqis and American-sponsored-multinational-drug-trade/enthralled Afghans decidedly to one side. Indeed we show little respect to our real enemies—not huddled Iraqi women and children in a “suspected terrorist location”, which is basically anywhere in Sunni-land—if we fail to recognize them for what they are. If we condescend to them as if we didn’t take their animus seriously at all. The Gospel “pouring hot coals on their heads” referring rather more to our own benign conduct than to any overindulgent reaction to the conduct of others. While speaking of the War: the lies for which we so generously and forgivingly fight, as if they were but so many bullet-tattered verbal battalion standards, are grandly-epitomized in the daily classing of largely-Saddam-loyal Sunnis as a minority religious constituency. This blank-faced deception made possible by the separate counting of the unanimously-Sunni Kurds, at least a quarter of the population, as if they had no religion at all. As in the highly-familiar news-anchor non-sequitur: “the Shia, the Sunni and the Kurds”: lumping together two religious elements, in anchor-preferred oil and water fashion, with another that is purely political/demographic. All this media-brokered mummery revealing no desire to oust any hastily-accused dictators—or even to win any wars—but rather to irreparably destabilize a whole global region. Both for noted shadowy corporate interests and as limp regional fodder later to be scooped up unceremoniously into the Israeli territorially-ambitious maws.

The same people who endorse this new forgiveness idea most loudly are remarkably often the very ones who make no bones at all about harboring the most whimperingly-petty of resentments and animosities. While this whole new categorical imperative—obviously held by sternly-enjoining preachers to bind far more seriously than any of the Ten Commandments—has above all become a highly-adaptable tool of insidious control, or even an underhanded way to pedal disgusting wrongs. Shunning being absolutely forbidden under this new moral absolute, one which readily joins forces with a corporate world’s regimen of unqualified peer acceptance: and the latter’s deadening, de-sensitizing influence upon man’s mind and soul.

No, Christ didn’t at all disown honor or self-respect when He came: the outlawry of which constitutes the most full-throated of the many hoarse battle-cries of Vatican-II. A surrender which has indeed resulted in the burying of all our Western customs, and most of our Christian beliefs. The looming eventuality which I believe Khrushchev was actually referring to in his once-notorious “we will bury you”: this far more than any dirt and debris thrown up by atomic bombs, a doomsday scenario no one desired to see. Christ, the great Model of manliness, having always conducted Himself with the utmost nobility and virile circumspection in the presence of His many enemies. Being no blubbering fountainhead of unmerited and un-welcomed sentimentality, this “Corner Stone” Who “crushes to a powder” those that withstand Him. While any precept which denies to us who form His Body the right to socially and morally defend ourselves from evil men must be rejected as a ploy of the infernal foe. Since this world is first and foremost a battle between good and evil, between God and the good, on the one side, and the Devil and his henchmen on the other. And any fantasyland oblivion to this ultimate contest strips its many wounds and other vicissitudes of all meaning. While furthermore the Gospels and Epistles in several distinct passages and in various settings describe forcefully the resolute manner in which certain people must be “treated as the heathen”. Love being indeed the universal requirement of men toward one another—toward that “neighbor whom you see”—that charity which sometimes chastises severely—and of which forgiveness is a very circumscribed and specific application.

Yet-more and most-importantly by far, it is plain as well that to forgive would in many cases be to pretend that an enemy of Christ can be my friend: in particular when we ourselves have consistently stood for some one or many Christian values that are remorselessly under attack in our day, in own very person. Perhaps in some violent, vile or underhanded way. Instructive here in particular is St. Augustine’s lengthy curse pronounced over all who don’t love, who reject, Our Blessed Lord. Any unqualified forgiveness of which rejection, even as personalized in ourselves, is a shameful “humility at the expense of Christ”. Since we members of His Body—especially to the extent we bear the same blessed onus and persecution as He—are indeed “other Christs”, according to the words “I live now, not I, but Christ in me”. And “if they hate you, remember that they hated Me before you”. That reality whereby an insult against us can easily be an insult against Him as well: we Christian faithful being after all the only intrepid “footprint”, the unique vigorous presence He has in the world of living men. That whereby indeed we might do “greater things yet than He”, while He was yet here in the flesh. While even Our Lord’s own “forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do”, when He hung from the Cross, has by consistent tradition been interpreted as directed at the Roman soldiers and certain others who were involved in the mechanics, as it were, of putting Him to death. And who approached the whole thing as a simple carrying-out of duty. Rather than at those Jews who had utterly and contemptuously rejected and condemned Him. And whose treachery, as seen in a host of compelling Gospel passages, He plainly does not forgive. Again, most notably, because forgiveness was neither desired nor asked: which is indeed why they remain outside the Fold to this day. When do we receive absolution in the Sacrament of Penance? Only after we humbly ask for it, and express heartfelt sorrow for our offense. While of course we always wish someone to repent and save their souls: be their offense against us or against someone else. In either of which cases they are required, in Jesus’ own words, to ask forgiveness of the one injured before they can hope to obtain the forgiveness of God.

Finally, this modern imposition of a false universal “forgiveness” upon men—under whose violating ethos murders, rapes and other atrocities multiply as I write—is positively soil-salting when it comes to motivation, organization and economic development. Because men simply do not produce and cooperate well amid pretenses of friendship with those who are not really their friends, who bear them little if any goodwill. As witnessed for instance by the poor quality of American products, whose development and manufacture, under these and similar erroneous social conventions and ideas, is not-at-all-surprisingly being “outsourced” steadily more by the day. For industry, invention and organization require a preponderance of comfortable, pleasant and positive ties, productive in turn of an uncluttered, creative ambiance of heart and mind. The global-“democracy”-promoting geo-corporate world of Wall Street—having resolutely turned from constructive activities to both a rapidly-growing corporate-mercenary industry as well as to a disastrous and notorious “financial services”—having in all this across-the-board de-industrialization idly come to concern itself far more with the astute, laboratory-like control of humankind—and their most personal impulses, thoughts and habits—than with anything like much-vaunted profits or productivity-goals.

April 19, 2006: The LaCrosse team. The increasing preponderance of digital evidence trumping the physical and logical.

The problem when it comes to writing about any subject in which some major elite is involved is that you are really covering a non-subject, a non-debate. For one thing logic and palpable material evidence tend to be entirely abandoned on behalf of “ironclad proofs” of the sort which can be modified using pixel and digital related technology. And any gaps in same are filled in with a whole host of condescending phrases like “what you’ve got to understand” and “what you’ve got to realize”, uttered in tones of grave pomp and circumstance. Phrases which I doubt you will find once in the 1000-plus printed pages found on this site.

Thus is the debate in favor of the LaCrosse team taking on all the polemical “strong points” of the Iraq-War, the citizen-surveillance, or the Israel lobbies. That’s because this status thing is motivationally-common to all of these in some shape or form: a global anomaly in which “the best” of all classes, nations and denominations back each other up to the hilt. Thus the “ironclad time-frame” of the one lad, for instance, all the elements of which, given a likely-enough status-sharing bank-complicity, are high-tech-modifiable. With the cabbie being predictably shoved to the side, plying an occupation whose sometimes plain-spoken rank and file—unlike the infinitely fairer courtroom-world of the old Perry Mason series—don’t any longer provide star witnesses for the defense. For just as surely as an image can be made today—even of the sharp digital figures of the time-of-day on some film-clip—so, given enough time and expense, can it likewise be modified. All such high-tech evidence intrinsically depending upon a certain sometimes-credulous species of public trust. Whereas bruises on poor Black women, seen by investigators soon after the crime, or seen on film only hours old, cannot be thus modified or misrepresented. This even if other disadvantages regarding evidence of rape are widely-known: a fact indeed which constitutes the very reason that traditional forensic evidence is always given favorable weighting in civilized lands. Such evidentiary disadvantages, for one, constituting the main reason for rape’s overriding blank-faced impunity. While noted high-tech modifications are highly-possible in 9/10ths of our voting machines as well: just as were for that matter John Kennedy’s post-mortem bullet-exit wounds. It all depends how high the stakes are, and how much time and money you have. Especially given a public prosecutorial arm which is most “scientifically” able when going after the disadvantaged—or after some subject of CIA ire—but seems to get staff-internally ham-strung—no matter what position the DA himself might take—when going after the White, rich and powerful. The examples for which institutionalized travesty of justice are almost infinite in number, and yawningly-familiar in character. Law becoming a sickening, pandering subterfuge instead of the earnest and uncompromising pursuit of truth it is required to be. This side of the punishing Hand of God. So that thus are routinely demolished the most conclusive array of physical evidence supporting the commission of a crime, or moral evidence exonerating some nation like Iraq or Iran.

To this elite-catering establishment there is also a whole long list of sins considered quite correct and indeed even proprietary for favorite sons like the Catholic prep-school trained accused of the LaCrosse team. Thus amply accommodating the long-familiar date-rapes and gang rapes of the always-wealthy “boys will be boys” set: crimes for which Blacks would easily be found on death row, maybe even at age 14 or 15, having been “tried as an adult”. (For this is really where the “race-card” comes in most dramatically: in mammoth adjudicating inequities in crime or malfeasance, and not in the accessibility of a certain level of wealth to Blacks. Those providentially spared the unlucky prospect of having been even remotely connectable to some crime.) All the old race- and class-related good ole boy standbys having been heard in a steady stream in this case: from law-school-educated TV commentators as much as from an eager assortment of Southern sorority sisters or ladies-on-the-street. While riot-baiting incendiaries like the n-word were of course used to coax a dancer’s defiance, so that the crime could be all the more “manly” and satisfying by way of the struggle involved. Much as in the old gutter-level epithets overheard while unavoidably passing through such precincts when a boy or young man, like “you’re only a man when you’ve had a tan”, and other specimens of heroic master-race bravado. Of “men” who then and now have been bone fide perverts from the word go: that which here in the USA is most often betrayed in a weird species of Gnostic/Puritan, sometimes deadly, rape-reveling contempt for women. Achieved most heroically when done in packs of five to ten. Thus by association also lending some credence to the cabby’s claim of having heard the words “she’s only a stripper”. From Horatio Alger aspirants from “million-dollar-plus homes”: this being by far the most bankrupt, repulsive description on record for domestic life, of able modern-American coiners of bankrupt phrases. These “understandable lapses” of the young and well-to-do as opposed to the falls of a poor Black woman who somehow felt motivated to turn to lewd dancing to pay for a college tuition she couldn’t otherwise have paid. Come now: do we really aspire to tell the rest of the world how to live and govern itself?

This is the same old story of a century, and the reason the USA appears increasingly less likely to be able to survive very far into this current one. Because to even be constituted as a nation, let-alone a just one—and not just a rich-White/Jewish-advocacy lobby—there has to be at least some element of a pursuit of the common good of all citizens. That which is manifestly not the case here: given Katrina, this more-recent elitist united-front, and a host of other such shameless wealth-catering justice-system spectacles as well.

April 21, 2006: The black and white American Dream.

The great curse of American life has been to be so privileged as to realize the fulfillment of all our most cherished illusions: every Yankee-doodle pipe-dream infallibly finding its IPO or fife-and-drum. A rousing four century procession most-epitomized in stark contrasts of black and white: Boston Puritan dualisms to be succeeded by a black/white racist pre-and-post Civil War South and later-still by the redundancies of a rich-man/poor-man, Bush-neo-Confederate USA. With lots of intermediate approximations in between. Fanciful adversarial ideas having thus been sustained here for nearly four centuries in a near-comic—if it weren’t so deathly-serious—buckle-hat and blunderbuss élan. Like some sort of morbid heavy artillery stored up for centuries in the New England woods, a Big Bertha to be wheeled out, at seemingly pre-arranged commands, to fire deadly and determined salvos on the musing, unsuspecting, un-preoccupied personality of man.

Thus too one of my favorite topics: the intricacies of American employment-related life, made so by Manichaean dualities of a globally-notorious Yankee original friends or enemies yin/yang. Everything you do or say here is increasingly weighted with ponderous adversarial or diplomatic meaning, whether you work for a peddler or a president, in this never-never land, this Land of Oz of the true and the blue. As we “find ourselves” in resurrected Civil War roles we were not too long ago told have always been “essential to our meaning as a people”. In words so gravely pronounced by this historian named Foote on this pretentious Civil War documentary. A job-venue at which there will inevitably be a grim confrontation—or a kind of German shepherd face-licking—over carelessly-uttered words or the most unselfconscious gestures or deeds. This fetching job-scene drama sometimes more recently being crowned by a dismissal shortchanged on pay. While furthermore the perpetrator of such a foul deed—one of those four found in Catholic theology to call down the wrath of God upon men—will likely-as-not congratulate himself as having accomplished a sort of spot justice, of having been Michael Chertoff’s thirteenth-in-command, getting rid of dangerous non-committal folks. (Of course, “our betters”, in some ways personified by the cool pro-sodomy cast that runs NPR, aren’t held to all these acceptance/rejection rituals otherwise assumed to be so “essential to our meaning as a people”.)

Furthermore the USA, having thus finally, after many promising moments, become a veritable ossified relic of that militant seventeenth century Calvinism which was only a sort of Judaism in disguise, fits readily into its latter-day role as a kind of global watch-dog for the state of Israel as well. A canine which counts a single Jewish life to be worth the price of forty or fifty Palestinians, or four or five thousand Iraqis. A Yank/Johnny-Reb militancy if there ever was one, which will undoubtedly end in the approaching Armageddon, or in Catholic private revelation, “the battle of the birch trees”: probably referring to a separate and concluding theater of the same ultimate war.

Finally, part and parcel of the implacable world of Yank/Reb categoricals is this veritable Salem witch trial on the Island of Aruba. A world-media bonfire in which are toasted nightly three lads: these supposedly self-incriminated over the past year on the strength of a false alibi uttered on the spur of the moment. Young men without previous police records, apparently of unimpeachable character, standing media-condemned for this panicky bit of babbling, terrified incoherence. No doubt transfixed from the beginning by prospects of experiencing the USA’s by-then-notorious BTS methods of interrogation. Bind, torture and sodomize being the not-to-be-outdone Rumsfeldian version of BTK: a grinning ghoulishness which understandably muzzles many-a “cowardly” senior officer from voicing his criticism on many Iraq-War intelligence-related, tactical and strategic scores as well. This grilling of “shifty-eyed” Island youths meanwhile deflecting all attention away from a much more serious suspect: the only one with any mention of forensic evidence tying him to the crime. One however obviously much too blond and blue eyed for the black-and-white instincts of the touring Alabama-lynch-mob to wish—with anything like prior enthusiasms—to arraign. This young Aryan god having all the impudent mien and manner of a Timothy McVeigh: the sort that however, short of a conviction, will always be made out a saint in any comparisons with the likes of the swarthy Kalpoe brothers, or the shy and whimsical Van der Sloot, in any of the many American rushes-to-judgment, the-blue-and-the-grey generic-reprisal-oriented certainties of our day. While both the high profile cases of today—of Aruba and of the alleged Black LaCrosse team rape-victim—give many-a lawyer or commentator closet racist a rare opportunity to vent a gratuitous and hardly-relevant spleen against races and peoples they obviously regard as their inferiors. If after the public spirited, clear-cut investigatory manner of a cat burying things in the sand.

March 9, 2006: Bush’s Jolly Roger world: “where do we sail from Dubai?”

In answer to the “terrible impasse” said to have opened up like an abyss in front of us, in the falling-through of the Dubai deal we have according to Lou Dobbs the highly-encouraging examples of Norfolk, Charleston and many other ports, owned and operated by the very state governments that host the installations. For even in an otherwise organizationally-stonewalling South—and perhaps especially along a southern East Coast in some ways more Atlantic than it is Southern—states are uniquely capable of operating ports at a kind of natural economies of scale. Not the least reason for which is no doubt the (presumable) absence of any paying-out of stocks or shares: modern governments of course being non-profit organizations from the word go. These state ports are nonetheless not only highly-“profitable”—Charleston for instance earning a net 30% last year, moneys happily plowed directly back into the public weal—but without loosing a dime of these revenues also inspect each and every item that comes over their docks. By contrast, the whole question of Dubai is tainted with deals brokered behind the scenes, a certain mutual stealth and scratching-of-backs, a redundant rewarding of Israeli and Jewish-American investment interests deeply committed in Dubai Port Worlds and most other such lumbering, nation-sovereignty-ignoring, global/corporate trust-behemoths. Embodying a pork barrel bonanza which stands out in red letters even amid the super-short list of Bush/Chaney priorities.

But the real fundamentals involved here have deep value-related roots as well: being a policy-deterioration inseparable from decades of applied ideological folly. That by which since the mid-sixties, to the tune of the serpentine delirium of an ongoing “Age of Aquarius”, of ill-founded revolutions in every field, we have abandoned every tried and proven method, every vigorous, productive milestone, in favor of the wild, the bizarre, the fringe-experimental. Of which our own children have been the prime guinea-pigs. So that while we were off somewhere on some expensive New Age Mars others deftly took over our real wealth, our ability to conduct trade, the ownership or management of our critical human, productive and strategic infrastructure.

Yet there is a very real solution—of a tremendously solid, long-term nature—hidden under the “grave political consequences” of the apparent collapse of “the port deal”. All this language of despair—to the ears of we who “have heard the (dockside) wind blow before”—being pure rhetorical gratuity. While these sorts of global covenants are themselves very much at the basis of things like why we go to war. For one thing because when the fibers of investment, infrastructure, and political and military alliances are with standard artless appearances allowed to become tangled together, confused beyond coherent resolution—devolving into that innately-global, sovereignty-inhibiting “military-industrial complex“ warned against by Eisenhower and realized in every inscrutable contour of the Bush/Chaney/Haliburton war-machine—this produces the sort of muddy water in which agents provocateurs and black ops artists most love to swim. And to do their under-water dirty work without leaving so much as a murky trace in the waves. How many international incidents have happened in seagoing ports? Immediately Haiphong, Havana and several in the Middle East or Southeast Asia come to mind, war-determiners-all over the past century and more. Whereas if by contrast we run our own ports within the highly-monitorable “hands on” local venue of inspection, procedure and protocol—improving technologically upon the deeper efficiencies of a mistily-remembered, locally-managed past—there is far less likelihood for such to-some-eminently-handy events to occur. Indeed after the very manner of the painstakingly-disguised treachery of 9/11; in turn really of a piece with the similar treason of 22/11 of 1963.

But the answer to the “dilemma” is really rather simple, in this as in so much else. First you allow all these internationally invested conglomerates to go ahead and go broke—which being legal persons rather than men of flesh-and-blood should be a dry-eyed affair indeed. Secondly, partnerships, sole-proprietorships or smaller governmental jurisdictions move in and buy these behemoths up, either whole or subsidiary by subsidiary. This is real privatization—genuine private enterprise—as opposed to the self-serving fairyland sort of which Bush, Khodorkovsky, Chaney/Haliburton and others of their ilk have shown themselves so fond. A better process by which furthermore property tends by nature to be defined in more socially- and economically-catalytic terms. This “our own front yard” sort of port brings into play for one thing a hinterland with up- and downstream complexities of many kinds: thus inhibiting a certain sterile form of globalism which is “path dependent” and foreign-investor controlled from the word go. That sort which serves the good of the noted supremely-detached elite which fronts or floats many-a-deal but seldom multiplies prosperities or critical, useful innovations. An alternate process favoring that truly-fruitful globalism which works from the familiar, manageable welfare of the local toward a rip-rap solidity of the universal. Rather than a gray, poured-in-concrete monolith whose unnatural unities quickly betray seismic cracks of developing global bloc or brushfire war.

This good globalism too is the way a nation gets out of debt, if it ever will: much as in the case of a now sterling-solvent Russia, veritably awash in crushing liabilities a mere eight years ago. While here too is the answer to the whole problem of mob-controlled dock workers: a reality said by some apologists to have been at the root of an erstwhile “sad but necessary” Dubai takeover. Actually, not only did the mob—a real obvious danger to both port security and operational efficiency—help indirectly to produce these multinational corporate behemoths like Dubai Port Worlds and the British firm it displaces: but these global conglomerates also went a long way toward producing the mob. Which like the basic financial/organizational evil lamented throughout these pages and publications thrives on the alienated chaos/unanimity of a corporate, stock-market driven system of organization and economy. While the re-localizing kind of ownership advocated here would not only tend to give little quarter to organized crime, but according to details of my model (see Integral Catholicism, Chapter Five) would also sprout its own healthy, innately-just, homegrown form of labor/management co-agency. That which once established would quickly prove the definitive death-knell to the Al Capones and Jimmy Hoffas of this world.

Hence the good globalism of the peak centuries of the Roman Empire, and later of the loose-knit-yet-inclusive political economy of early medieval Western and Central Europe. This latter true global system—with currencies to be found that hailed from England all the way to the Far East, cleverly correlated in rough-and-ready Medieval on-the-spot fashion, or in the case of precious metals often eventually simply melted down (ibid)—being built up entirely for the sake of the smallest entities involved. Including not only little firms and principalities but also and principally the family, the individual, the Frankpledge unit. In a freedom and independence which expressed themselves in robust, human-person-serving organizational and economic—rather than merely rhetorical—terms. According to that injunction of Our Blessed Lord, to paraphrase, “the greatest of you is to be as the least and the least as the greatest”. That fundamental tenet which is the epitome and prime basis of the principles of distributism advocated here.