June 9, 2012: New World Order "freedom" to wholeheartedly agree with Uncle Sam. Russia, Poland, Moldova, Slavic Europe as spearheading a solution to the present crisis in the Catholic Church.

Of one thing we may be certain: it will be God's solution to the present crisis in Church and world which will prevail, not man's. Hence the prophetically-founded yet highly-conjectural answers put forward here, as God Himself has plainly fallen silent. Ours being the task, as we see it, to repeat our own theory that it will be Russia which will bring about the ecclesiastical and political salvation predicted by saints over centuries in time: this in accordance with our own interpretation of the Fatima Message of 1917, expounded here and there on this site. A salvation in which France, England, and other parts of Europe, newly Catholic at the last extremity of the darkness now closing in, will also do their share. While beyond these lowly initiatives, this heralding of future things, we leave it up to Heaven to see to coming horrific events as they with utter unpredictability unfold. How does one fight with ones hands tied behind ones back? In such case one can only plead to others the unjust and pathetic nature of ones circumstances, while likewise pleading with God to touch the hearts of those in a position to untie ones chains. Hoping for instance that Russia will finally lay aside her age-old Orthodox obduracy, that the biblical "scales" will fall from her eyes, so that she might perceive the commanding position in which God would seem to have placed her, vis-à-vis the coming salvation of Church and world: if indeed our own admittedly-obscure notions are correct. Manifestly, a man bound and blindfolded, stumbling down some rocky wooded path, doesn't presume to claim perfect clarity-of-perspective, let alone to give directions, to predict the azimuth, the pitch or climb the trail will take. Rather must he perforce grope along, trying indeed to hatch some hopeful ideas for his deliverance, until some firmer hand grasps his own, and leads the way, or removes the blindfold from his face.

Surely, it will be circumstances themselves which will intervene, and as noted prophesies suggest: with one revelation in particular speaking of a final dark and bewildering hour when "leading men"—by context of the prediction apparently those of Europe, in the midst of the terrors of this enveloping night—will "come to their senses" and unite behind a coming noble figure who will ably lead the way through the dark. But of one thing we feel certain: that the over-proud "traditional Catholics" of the USA are not going to be at the head of this coming crusading effort, and that it is indeed a ruse of Hell that they and their many noisy movements were ever put forward as capable of such a momentous task. American Catholic of all persuasions having been formed over centuries in a deep-seated spiritual immaturity bred entirely under those very Judeo-Masonic institutions and ideologies which dominated the council fathers at Vatican II, and which are now destroying any sort of divine faith around the globe. A spiritual immaturity out of which they must be weaned by those painful interior and exterior process of which they remain complete and indeed defiant strangers. No, it will most likely be Slavic Catholics of Eastern and Central Europe, of nations including Poland, Russia, Moldova, The Ukraine, Croatia, as Catholic prophesy indeed suggests—the humble, virile and pious Gospel "little ones" of Catholic Faith—who will urge their Orthodox neighbors—again, according to our own theory expounded here—to discern the path that is so urgently required. For the apostolic succession, vitiated beyond repair by the (seer-predicted) gravely-defective sacramentary instituted by Paul VI in 1969, must be reestablished beyond any doubt, to provide a trunk upon which the various Catholic diocesan churches around the world may once again be grafted, to again thrive and grow. A trunk onto which other nations, regions and peoples never before Catholic may likewise be firmly attached. The revolutionary Bugnini's gratuitous substitute for age-old rites being a radical-Reformer formulary wherein the office of bishop is no longer properly identified, but rather left fatally adrift in the meaningless verbal nebulae of the Second Vatican Council's Protestant altar-call world. So that the essential requirement of a clearly identifiable sacramental "form" (or wording), as designated definitively to be required for sacramental validity, by Leo XIII and Pius XII as well as by the teaching and practice of the Church down through time, is thus utterly lacking. A Sacramental reinvigoration being anticipated here, one which present-day Orthodox are most easily able to effect. Indubitably-valid if schismatic Eastern-rite Apostolic sees—in the very process of this anticipated intervention—happily bringing about their own vivifying reunification with the see of Peter in Rome—in a unity not only sacramental but also disciplinary, as any purposive body of men indeed requires. An ecclesiastical unity which ever-infiltrating Jews down through time have assiduously labored to prevent. Russians newly Catholic indeed likely providing someone to sit upon Rome's now-long-vacant throne.

But moving on to the subject of this synagogue-directed New World Order which gave us these defective rites, this multifaceted crisis in the Church, having once again treacherously invaded the flock as is its perpetual wont: the spirit and purpose of this "new order" is nothing other than the age-hoary rebellion of Satan, albeit one today newly orchestrated into complex electronically-mediated material forms. Legitimate earthly life having as it ultimate purpose goals moral and spiritual: in opposition to which the wicked contrive an alternative from out of random scraps that materiality might supply, these assembled according to lying, immoral and erroneous intentions and ideas. The whole being easily an impressive monstrosity, a paper dragon to terrify or inspire. That being the fundamental nature of this New World Order first openly announced by George H.W. Bush around 1990, a secular-revolutionary figment of Judeo-Masonry's ever-fevered mind. All this then forming the new "progressive" Baal "set up in the Holy Places" to be worshipped, the new graven image now not set in stone or wood but in circuitry, atoms, genes, telescopes peering into space. Things in many ways, in terms of the bizarre and irrational institutions and path-dependencies to which they have given rise, indicative of a radical misallocation of resources and human energies, even if in themselves morally-neutral, capable of both good and bad. While "enlightened", "advanced" and "progressive" Bonesmen like the Bush family do indeed, together with an occasional Clinton or latter-day Kennedy and other major world figures, worship in more candid moments a genuine wooden owl-god or Baal, in the woods of Bohemian Grove outside Monte Rio in California, once a year.

Plainly, the rulers of such a system don't anticipate any pious purposes for so much advancement: with the economic collapse now accelerating after first eruptions of 2008, convincing all but the most stupidly-credulous of the folly, malice and bankruptcy of the whole mammoth scheme. No, it is a vehicle of deadly and catastrophic rebellion, of aggressive warfare, of genocide, of a newly-exalted sodomy, to replace all sacred things, and a grueling poverty and starvation to force the masses into line. A human-sacrificial Baal served in pitiful barbarities of the modern-day womb, in drone-bombs decimating far-distant villages, or in preparing a race of sodomite supermen through eugenics, disinterring Hitler's wild-eyed dream. Material existence being tremendously plastic, conformable, "developable" to things both good and bad, and hardly of any particular exalted stature of its own. While any degree of "glorious achievements" of science and engineering cannot drown out "the cry of the widow and the orphan" which God now prepares implacably to requite.

Meanwhile, when the emissaries of this New World Order speak of liberty—when they loudly claim alignment with popular "choice"—their very strident, dictatorial diction—hardly mild, cooperative and accommodating—betrays the coercive outlines of an imperial attempt at a fait accompli, after which it will be for us only to obey, with blandishments however rude or flattering no longer being required. After which we the people will be mere flailing insects caught in an elaborately constructed web, hopelessly ensnared. The whole marching meter of the tones-of-speech of a Hillary Clinton, a Leon Panetta, or their various front-men and straw-men, of an "inevitable advance" into further reaches of this fantasyland: all this air-of-command apprising us all that these overlords intend to get their way, come what may. A project in which manufactured emergencies like 9/11 provide both excuse and enforcement-clause, in an ironclad New World Order agenda-of-submission with the perverted audacity to bandy the term liberty.

June 7, 2012: The new world order state holds itself above God Himself.

The modern secular state actually considers itself gloriously immune from any sanctions concerning justice or the common good, all the while it may hand down sentences of the most merciless and barbaric kind to foreign heads-of-state: thus revealing an attitude, a policy criminal, illegitimate in the most fundamental way, behaving like some patch-eyed pirate strutting along the quay. Certainly God Himself holds the very Godhead bound by what is good and right, or He would no longer be God, but the modern state, as marshaled and epitomized by Israel and the USA, considers its hold on powers unlimited to be bound by no moral requirements of any kind. All the while requiring of its own citizens—and those of all other lands—the most supine "patriotic" submissions and confessions-of-rectitude, the withholding of which craven obsequies is judged the unforgivable sin of all times.

Certainly, if we would win God's favor and blessing, we must repudiate this pagan, indeed satanic idea of the state with all our souls, and never worry that a national relinquishment of today's official lies, barbarities and Attila-like self-exaltations will leave us at any disadvantage at all. Indeed, do today's mounting natural and economic catastrophes, and approaching cosmic punishments, argue in any other way? For the fortunes of nations, as the Bible ceaselessly reminds us, are all in the hands of God, and He accounts as dung any number of "horses and chariots", or muscle-bound soldiers with drone-bombs or sharp swords.

June 5, 2012: A Catholic looks at Wangtao, or the Way of the King, of Confucius. Pao-Ching An-Min, "Peace within the Boundaries, Security for the People." Public morality, the only adhesive for the state.

Morality and goodness by nature unite, while wickedness typically divides people and the various departments-of-life hermetically, so as the more easily to maintain control, under tight-lipped or noisy "people in charge". When not herding people into orgiastic hippy-pads, the secularist system has them employed doughtily and dutifully indeed, in a whole new idea of right and wrong: never mind that a certain balance, buoyancy or sense-of-humor must be irretrievably lost in such a bargain, in this storied "hustle and bustle of a busy world". The whole parade indeed marching off in a morbid kind of column-and-line in which each calling, station or province-of-life wheels and turns to its own martial strain, becomes more-and-more bizarre and unearthly to its neighbor, drifting steadily away from its counterparts, with men being herded off to their own "proper area of concern", readily warned off bounds allegedly beyond their ken, frowned-at when careless A.D.D. attentions escape to matters far and wide. While on the other hand if we somehow make our point with one of these great zany or stone-faced rule-setters, and they admit a certain confluence-of-concerns, then the whole thing goes to the other extreme in a hurry, like a ship on the sea whose cargo has shifted hopelessly in a storm. Forthwith we have this erstwhile divide-maker violating the most intimately personal of territories without the least hesitation or shame, and we soon-enough long for the speedy return of the "keep things separate" principle once again.

Because the good finally learn to fear the mocking and overbearing input of "those who know", they themselves finally become the biggest exponents of this division of life into airtight boxes, and individual families, good as gold, find themselves drifting into a harrowing isolation as if stranded on an iceberg or an island in the sea. The glue which holds society together having been removed: namely the moral, the integral, which demands a certain essential commonality if human life is to retain the nature in which it was formed by God. The mistily-remembered village commons, the frankpledge or county hundred, having had nothing whatever to do with overstep, but rather with a certain sanity, goodness and concord or peace. A certain cultivar, an atmosphere subtle, unassuming, positive, tentative, with all the provisional spontaneity of life, waiting to be summoned ninety percent of the time, but ready tactfully or even forcefully to interpose, if rightly-conceived duty or danger require. A healthy sense being spread abroad in a good society that everything is at least mildly everybody's concern at a certain broader public square of the mind and heart, that everyone is both a brother and a policeman in a certain earnest if good-humored, non-invasive way. Universal affectionate interest—let misanthropes balk as they may—being a boon to men, patronizing overstep being another thing entirely again. Here being a fundamental of human life from which nations and neighborhoods spring, and which rasping demands of bullets-in-the-air, hippy-like, alienating "democracy movements" can never bully away. Here too being the reason the old Portuguese peasant used to readily grab up the neighbor boy and give him a sound spanking if that's what he needed or deserved: a lesson in manners or honesty in which the laddie was scarcely ever worse off for wear, and many were indeed thankful unto old age and gray hair.

If humanity were restricted to meeting certain demanding timetables, to performing an array of material tasks, then it might just as well be organized like an anthill or a hive of bees, from which tiny creatures we can indeed learn many good lessons. But the nectar we gather is moral and intellectual; we are before we do, or put another way, we do in order to more and more fully be. Men alone being creatures who are defined not by some task but by the fullness of their existence, and one is midwife to ones soul by giving it a latitude bred of good and wholehearted thoughts, words and deeds. The material, the practical coming at the beginning of the process, as a means, an intermediary, not as the end itself. That end is rather the ens (Latin) which means being, of which God is the Font, and from Whom, however indistinctly, we take our form, and to Whom in that capacity we must be patterned-upon, be true. Thus then does the good state midwife as well all these profound and fundamental things, and is hardly to be judged by the timetables or production-quotas it keeps: the standard by which nations like Afghanistan are judged backward, and worthy only of regime change, drone-bombs, and "the American Way". We will never get an employee of the month award for being that being we were made to be, the priceless achievement of which only God can measure in any accurate way, on a scale about which only the rarest of men has even the slightest clue.

But that other tiny minority—often identified on this page—who keep nations divided internally and at war externally—they will always insist that there is no good and common ground to be thus unassumingly-yet-earnestly maintained, unless it be conceived-of as "morally-neutral", "non-normative", some mob of "occupiers" or some "green movement" running riot in rain and sun. That which in certain forms will readily spill the blood of some erstwhile-beloved head-of-state, if the above-noted humorless dust-raising "progress"-march can thereby gain ground or be sustained. Insisting that a common sense of right and wrong passed down by ancestors of old is a matter of tyranny of the heaviest kind, that men can only be "rightly" united in the most mediocre, trivial or degrading of ways. Hardly can such men be bothered about ens, being, or quiddity, in such a case. Remaining convinced that all must be allowed to bravely make their own mistakes, and that any show of concern or offer of help is a bitterly-scorned denial of liberty or civil rights. "Let little Johnny next door learn his lessons in the school of hard knocks", in other words.

Hence the principle put forward here: that all walks of life must practice this mutual engagement, this Wangtao, this "Way of the King", by which the state is one family, by which one "cultivates himself so as to give peace to others" (Kawakami, New York, the Macmillan Company, 1933), or we have no nation or neighborhood, and no durable family at all, but only a great mass of mutually-alien sheep who are rigidly controlled and ultimately destroyed. And furthermore it is among the broad mass of the common people that the accurate understanding of right and wrong—that intrinsic glue which holds it all together—is most readily and enthusiastically accepted and put into play. A morality, a goodwill, which is open to grace, which someday, given a fair chance, readily and freely accepts the truths of Catholic Faith.

This choice is before us now: the freedom of disintegration, on the one hand, and the "liberty of the sons of God", on the other: the first being the "broad path that leads to destruction", the other being the narrower one "that leads to life". Into this worldview fits well the Chinese Wangtao or Way of the King, readily finding brotherhood with the frankpledge, with the Thomistic polity built upon friendship as both end and means, arguing like these the inevitability in such a good state of a nobility or hierarchy-of-leadership which translates local loyalties and wishes in a supremely-effective and highly-personalized way, articulating them exhaustively in more-consequential precincts on high. While the approach of the modern coldly-impersonal or vulgarly-overstepping, non-normative, "anything goes" republic produces no such self-rule at all, but only a senseless, interminable babble, a mindless division-of-concerns, behind which cunning interlopers ruthlessly take charge.

June 1, 2012: Quoting the Russian website RIA Novosti this morning: "The Muslim Brotherhood's candidate for the Egyptian presidential runoff, Mohammed Morsi, has accepted the Charter of National Convent, a declaration drafted by representatives of Egypt’s liberal political forces to ensure broad national representation in any future government, local media reported on Friday, quoting Morsi's election campaign staff."

Here is contained a very clever enabling clause for today's all-determining, Hillary-directed, elite-sponsored globalist, synagogue-and-corporate-NGO-driven "democracy movement" to "get its foot in the door" in Egypt in a permanent way. Were this provision of a new Genghis Khan to be taken seriously, overthrow would be tacitly sanctioned whenever an Egyptian government refused to go along with the forces of irreligion and chaos such as trashed Libya and brutally assassinated Moamar Ghaddafi, and such as now conduct false flag operations in Syria, as in the recent massacre of little children, just in order to "make a point". No doubt such provocateur operations are in preparation around the globe, notably in Russia, as I write, with wholesale impersonations of Syrian, Egyptian or Russian military personnel being par for the course in all such things, ramroding the impression that such lurid massacres are the work of fools at the top. Official madmen allegedly of unlimited impunity, heedless killers with the U.N. and an entire globe breathing down their necks, "devil may care" maniacs oblivious to the everyday fact that anarchist bringers-of-chaos are Hillary-empowered to achieve bloody regime change in a mere matter of months. This cosmic con-game spreading like wildfire among global masses as long as there remains an airtight revolution-favoring world media such as we have today, and plenty of hysteria-breeding newsmen like Wolf Blitzer and Bill O'Reilly to hit just the right note of shrill panic and "resolute" sanctimony. "United we stand" in a stupidity too self-righteous to ever learn from past mistakes, allied to grizzly forces ever-ready to "up the ante" with deeds-of-cruelty yet more hideous than those seen before.

Of course, this sort of mass-coercion has a long history, and is characteristic chiefly of that heinous globalist cabal which has increasingly taken charge of the world's governments since the Dantons and Robespierres of the Revolutionary Era of the late-eighteenth century, whose deeds-of-terror have only picked up tempo since Stalin and Mao taught misanthropes and sadists a trick or two. Hence this note of the apocalyptic in a secretive cadre whose principles are drummed into the heads of schoolchildren as being utterly irrefutable, morally-unquestionable, all together conjuring the sentiment that any "messy details" that may be involved are justified. Since "the end justifies the means" when it comes to glorious boons-to-mankind thus unveiled. Especially was this kind of "shoot first, ask questions later" geopolitical logic to be found in the arsenals of the USA, indeed even before it was born, in thirteen Colonies which were early-on a veritable fountainhead of hair-trigger fables against the French in Quebec. They whose only threat to an embryonic Uncle Sam was the overwhelming success of Jesuit missionaries among the Indians, seen indeed across an entire Hemisphere. Thus predetermined, just like today's "make the world safe for democracy" Hillarian successor-foreign-policy, was the unjust and aggressive conquest of a Quebec most notable for its pious public processions, with the ultimate dispersal of millions of French-speaking civilized Catholic Indians westward and southward, to be hunted down as "savages" in an uprighteous "Manifest Destiny" westward march. While the hideous reasoning involved in all such "heroic" operations would find an equally-media-glorified successor in Yugoslav Partisans during WWII: they who ceaselessly donned Croatian Ustasha uniforms for their rape-and-murder sprees.

As maintained throughout this site, it takes the peculiar worldview of the synagogue to set such a heartless and remorseless agenda into play, an ideology always ready to "sacrifice someone for the nation", which sees the biblical "rest of men" as inferior, as a mere species of animals: like monkeys just beneath the level of a "fully human" Jewish class-of-global-overlords. Thus it is that we must all be controlled, "for our own good", while being considered fair game for these sorts of deception, intrigues rated no worse than the entrapment of beasts out in the forest or on the plains. But ultimately it is an angelic personality we battle here, one who hates humanity, who rebelled in dawning days of creation against the legislation of a good God, crying "I will not serve!" One who gathers to himself this world-wandering nationality as his partners in chaos-breeding revolutionary crime. That nation of notorious rebels namely whose conversion must wait til the very end, by virtue of that curse they called down upon themselves so long ago in the heinous Deicide. They who with the same Satan will so soon find themselves and their proud notions crushed under Mary's maiden feet, as prophesied so long ago in Genesis. So that all these terrible things will in the end serve only to augment the glory of God.

May 28, 2012: The new motivating fable: The original Jews were Black, all White Jews are infiltrating "Khazars", etc. Corrected some inaccuracies written here yesterday, regarding a once-little-known subject that seems to gather new material with each passing day.

Central to the ongoing global/Jewish project of misinformation is the alleged possession of tremendous amounts of facts, typically of a kind whose verification is extremely difficult, the investigation of each-of-which assertions would consume inordinate amounts of time. Hence a most recent case-in-point, obviously meant to secure the undying loyalty of Blacks everywhere, in the contention that "true Jews" are genetically Black, and that all White Jews are themselves only imposters, infiltrators, rightly called Khazars rather than Jews, after the Khazaria in West Asia from which they are said to have come. This brand new myth about this original Jewish Blackness being furthermore antedated by an older close-cousin tale, to which this new fabrication was obviously joined in a rather seamy way: about a plot-of-infiltration of Judaism from Khazars. A proto-plot—as things begin to "thicken" indeed—which once gained a certain degree of notoriety among unwary "conspiracy theorists" back in the sixties and seventies or thereabouts. A fable plainly conjured up in order to deflect all blame away from Jews of any kind, synagogue-goers just then gaining epic strides, by means of such tales anticipating carte blanc exemption from a track record of remorseless wrongs that stretch back to the Crucifixion and before. An exoneration which would ultimately be carried out in grand style in falsifications of Church doctrine coming out of the rogue-council Vatican II, and more recently in a book by this latest anti-pope, Benedict XVI, in which he laments "unfortunate historical misunderstandings" between Christians and Jews who allegedly ought to have been friends. While of course the whole charade deflects entirely from the central fact that Judaism is far more a belief than a blood-line or pigment-of-skin, with Jews over centuries having generously mixed their blood with that of other peoples in order to gain advantages of every kind and degree. Judaism being a word interchangeable with apostasy, and beyond that with betrayal and mass-murder, and Jews being the biblically-identified "enemy of mankind", Cain-like killers of a humanity adjudged less than human by infernal Sanhedrin decree: this as revealed by countless popes, councils, saints and seers down through Christian time.

Accordingly was the claim advanced during more-recent rebellious decades—in all-knowing tract-pamphlets and books from owl-eyed men—that it was these Khazars who did all the bad things for which Jews are "falsely" blamed: this notably in terms of treachery and intrigue, the funding and active-fomenting of war and domestic disorders of every kind. Here then, in these Khazars, allegedly being found the "synagogue of satan" of which Christ spoke, by which phrase we are informed He meant to cast no blame whatever upon the Jews themselves. So that in order to understand his burning biblical words we would need some sort of code: one, alas, not supplied until 1960 or so. While this further latest case, the one which regards the Jews as having been authentically and originally Black, thus narrows the field even further for Jewish blame to be had. Jews—of whichever color we choose—and all the while they eagerly shouted "crucify Him!"—that Jesus thus presumably regarded as good as gold, from which it would no doubt follow that He had come down from Heaven simply to warn these good Jewish souls about aliens and moles yet-to-come. All onus thus being deposited squarely upon this nation of the steppes, whose modern-day remnants are citizens of Azerbaijan or some adjoining land, whose members are said to have got wise "one fine day" about how advantageous it would be to "become Jews", and to have henceforth provided world Jewry with all the "bad guys" it would ever need, including the original influx of those notorious Zionists, said to be renewing a thousand-year-old drive of Khazaris to take over the Russian state. Although in fact it is positively definitive to any Jew to be to be a Zionist, as well as an aspiring world-conqueror, as attested already by early Roman writers like Tacitus, who already in the first century A.D. affirmed the aspiring Jewish secular messianism of the millennia, for which the same Zionists/Khazars are by this new polemical mechanism given all the blame.

All this seems to be an entirely new area of study, as years ago when I tried to find some info about these Khazars there was very little to be had. Maybe I wasn't looking in the right place. Abstracting entirely from the question of how a newly discovered requirement of Black skin would fail to deter these intrepid Khazars, back then, from seeking and gaining admittance to so notoriously closed a society, who among our readers has the extra tens-of-thousands of dollars required for a West-Asian fact-finding tour, ferreting out the yeh or neh amid obscure archeological or historical details for a year or two? And likely to come up with only the barest of conjectural scraps? Granted, Khazars may indeed have become Jews in large numbers: they who are said to have been a mighty kingdom during times however when the whole region was still largely shrouded in mystery, in a nationality none of whose language has survived (even ancient Huns did better than that), the whole providing well those muddy quasi-historical waters in which legions of Jewish pseudo-scholars most love to fish. But the idea that the whole nation, or at least its leaders, would have converted to Judaism seems doubtful to me, being the only alleged event of its kind: since Judaism notoriously repels people from seeking membership.

Its interesting that immemorial Jewish trade routes went right through this "Khazaria", where they linked up with the Silk Road to China, a trans-Caucasian region which was often referred to as Scythia in ancient and early-medieval times. The idea that these tax-farming reapers-of-profits would be Jewish is hardly to be wondered at, in view of future history, while the further immigration to Russia of these regional Jews is par for the course among Jews early-on known in every corner of the globe. While all this high-flown contention that all Jewish wrongs were done by these obscure Khazars is the con-game of the ages, a thick camouflage over that well-known fact that "a Jew is a Jew is a Jew". That which was told to me most pointedly by a Jewish acquaintance, when I myself tried to make excuses for some of his co-religionists.

But what is achieved in this way is the introduction of the most enervating turmoil and waste-of-precious-time into formerly good, spiritually fruitful and stable Christian homes and groups, all the while this "enemy of mankind" effortlessly carries away the prize. Jews having tremendously fertile minds when it comes to telling the most ingenious and insoluble of lies, since indeed, and as Christ told us, their own very father—the father of they to whom He just then spoke, and not of some Khazars far away or yet to be found—was and is "the father of lies".

May 23, 2012: The website In Today's Catholic World: today's final "inside job" against Catholic Faith. Article substantially expanded.

Today, every opportunity is taken by the sons of the synagogue to gloat over the infiltrative agenda achieved at Vatican II, whose dire consequences upon Catholics have debouched uncontrollably during its five-decade-long ongoing catastrophic aftermath. Scandals today mounting, whether in a vacant papal throne, an invalid sacramentary, clerical molestation charges, latter-day-Vatican mob-connected finance or the shameful capitulation of Catholic education before trenchant demands of a radically-secularist state. This while latter-day American-Catholic outrage over insurance policies comes far too late to mitigate the moral decline occasioned by previous supine surrenders. This whole end-time persecution having first been initiated through eighteenth-century Rothschild achievements of overbearing financial power, within fifty years gaining forbidden access even within the Church herself, in close tandem to a global political predominance growing more totalitarian by the decade since American-and-French-revolutionary years. While finally with ultimate mocking impunity pseudo-Catholic counter-organs imperially take charge of the resistance itself to this wholesale assault, in tight-lipped and dictatorial cabals on the right which arose immediately on the heels of Vatican II: efforts typically well-funded, vast in power and machinery if not always in personnel. As it is the ever-crafty aim of world Jewry to control all poles of conflict, all shades of opinion or belief, to put their odious adulterating stamp upon all groups and souls. Hence, alas, in our time genuine Catholic tradition-loving organs-of-activity or of dissemination are virtually non-existent, and those few which do achieve some unstable toehold, such as ours here on this Crusade, are harried at every turn, and get little or no credit for what they do. Most terrible to the devil being any free and unhampered activity of the Holy Ghost, moving men in an organized way, under indomitable impulsions of His divine grace, directing them in such wise that, these pious souls obeying the unmistakable voice of God alone, neither the fiend nor his many henchmen "know where they come from nor whither they go". But among the many cabals that undermine Catholic Faith in the noted nefarious way there can be few which surpass the website and skeleton-organization "In Today's Catholic World" in manifold deeds-of-deception, in levels of cunning achieved: even if there may indeed be good people among its numbers, who haven't a clue as to the group's real aim.

Like a dozen others that have arisen in the past fifty years since Vatican II, this vaunted Catholic traditionalist outlet, admittedly a source of invaluable printed material not easily to be found anywhere else, claims boastfully to have answered every question regarding the crisis in the Church, today's Sacramentally-vitiated papacy and hierarchy, and to have amply supplied other related critical needs as well. But there is a price for these gratuities, as it is maintained in tones of pomp and ceremony that any who don't accept their "successor hierarchy and pope, already in place", secretly hidden away somewhere for the past twenty years, is "a heretic and a schismatic", to be condemned forthwith. But much as in instructions of our Blessed Lord with respect to the Pharisees, we must glean what information we can from these pompous people, while not imitating them, nor being led into error by their ingenious lies. These latter a tiny poisonously leaven comprising only five or ten percent of the whole, of the otherwise good and valuable material found there on their site.

Of what use, may I ask, is a pope thus hiding, "until the right time", as if Peter were meant to cower in this way, and for so long? And this, furthermore, after the well-documented initial thirty-year absence of an active occupant on the papal throne: a prior absence admitted-to freely by TCW. The Chair of Peter said nonetheless to have been occupied silently, under threat of death, by a valid but unknown occupant, all the while the anti-popes John XXIII, Paul VI and John-Paul II wrought their radical sway in Rome, having been put in place by a conclave under grave duress, all those many terrible post-Vatican-II years. The real and true pope having been Cardinal Siri, that very "pope in red" of Catholic prophecy whom we ourselves indeed confess, here on this Crusade. He who seems indeed ultimately to have been martyred, in 1989, in the midst of secret-society-forbidden attempts to make himself known. But just as plainly, since such deadly plots were indeed employed with utmost skill, so as to achieve without flaw such a diabolical effect—whereby the very Church herself, as predicted in prophesies of a thousand years, would be kept in chains, the holy-of-holies violated in the most terrible way—can we not expect that other measures would be instantly forthcoming from the same perfidious source, having been carefully prepared from out of the same evil minds, to suit any odious need or eventuality? To keep up this ambush of the Catholic Church and world, after Cardinal Siri was thus done away with in Mossad-like style?

Indeed, this is what has happened, and we tradition-loving Catholics have gone "from the frying pan into the fire", with this TCW having been set up in grand style to continue the same deadly game: themselves plying the worst imaginable form of "sedevacantism" ("the chair is vacant" doctrine), all the while they solemnly condemn those who hold that reasonable view in a more honest and sensible form. For how can any sane person accept the notion of yet-another bound-and-gagged, valid but secret pope—this time complete with a secret college-of-cardinals—all alike supposedly of twenty years standing, bidding their sweet time? Thus catastrophically lengthening the effective papal absence to fifty years and counting, in a subterfuge sustained with characteristic skill and thoroughness, carried out no doubt chiefly by those hidden and unknown at the very top of this digitally-brokered drive. Carrying on this charade indeed for a past twenty years and counting, when most of yet-another generation has gone by-the-bye morally and in most other ways. A cleverly-contrived and fatal foot-dragging being involved, a continued surrendering of the field, with nothing of significance being done to save the Church: allegedly consigned "for her own good" to these mystery figures, dying the slow death which the whole Jewish imposture of Vatican II was indeed designed to bring about, in precisely this murderously-patient caretaker way. Throughout which mummery you have this signature-traditionalist elitism which, precisely like the Judaism from whence it sprang, has no real interest in converting people, in spreading any truths, but only in stoutly maintaining its own ritual-ablutionary righteousness and hauteur. These people no doubt in large measure and without a break in stride continuing to live the corrupt and immoral life which corporate America today demands, which so many ever-self-assured, coldly-exclusionary traditionalists have been sleepily living for the past fifty years: many of the most well-placed beyond any doubt having been marrano or crypto Jews. All the while a great many of they who join these groups become less-and-less solidly-Catholic by-the-day, and probably steadily-dwindling in numbers—although numbers can matter but little in such a case—no doubt wait for "just the right moment" to save a Church fast becoming a lost and forgotten cause, but for the unshakeable divine guarantees.

According to a publicized revelation of Pope Leo XIII in 1888, today's desperate plight of the Church follows directly from a kind of spiritual wager concluded at that time between God and the devil, and to which the pontiff, in a vision after saying Holy Mass, was a witness. An agreement strikingly like that concluded over the blessed Job, with the period-of-trial in this case a century long, and in my own opinion one forestalled—as eternity never hurries about such things—until either the opening of World War I in 1914 or the eruption of the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917. A century-of-contest now about to be concluded as I write, to be followed by a glorious aftermath indeed. Yet plainly enough the moral impasse itself which we so dolefully experience now stems more-essentially from a prior centuries-long ongoing surrender by Catholics of the whole gamut of the practical realm: that steady moral-capitulation which indeed made us all "fair game" for such a harrowing test. Catholics having especially since the Renaissance been cajoled into becoming a jerk-knee reactive quantity in the world, rather than the super-active, supernatural Gospel "leaven" of mankind for whose ever-uplifting and constructive purposes the Church was divinely designed. Catholics ultimately becoming abjectly and cravenly dependent upon Jewish finance, or Jewish connections into less-than-open, otherwise inaccessible advantages or avenues-of-power: with the practice of Catholicism in such tepid circumstances gradually became rarified, reserved for Sundays, for convents and monasteries, while laymen learned to "bring in the bacon" and little more. This odious capsulation of the ordinary Catholic moral life into a profound and baffling Judaization—a new and abominable "one thing necessary"—an infiltrative tide already warned against somberly and incessantly in the Epistles—amounting to an alliance bit-by-bit with an utterly Gospel-contrary, indeed anti-Christ spirit. One which removed Christendom further and further from its heavenly moorings throughout the colonial period and into our own times, setting the stage for such a terrible—if ultimately Heaven-glorifying—wager amply-enough indeed.

Hence it is for the repair of this catastrophic backsliding that laws, governments, commerce, learning, all fields-of-endeavor must once again come under the Gospel's sway, according to the holy words of its pages, of the Lord's Prayer, "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven". Christendom hardly being charged by Almighty God to make no practical provision for its survival and prosperity on this earth, as if in high folly to ceaselessly "tempt God", to depend upon endless miracles—indeed upon what amounts to a form of magic—for its solid institutionalization among the children of men. Barring which constant intervention the Church becomes some sort of defenseless, pusillanimous society of poets or philosophers, and nothing more. Notably in a USA from the start infected by a "faith without works" religion which pours such deadly notions in concrete, which urges Christians to "say only Lord, Lord", while the same synagogue that harried Sts. Paul and Barnabas across Asia Minor and the Aegean once again imperiously rules over souls, across the Seven Seas. Indeed with the very same Flagship USA leading the pirate fleet.

This then is our commission, putting forth no timid or cowardly excuse, whatever be our station or rank, that all earthly life, as far as is in our power, must be divinely directed, if we would save our nation, our children's souls. So that major loci of power will be firmly and securely in the Christian—rather than the ever-scheming Jewish or Jewish-protégé-pagan—grasp. Is it a struggle? Of course it is: this epic battle being the whole reason we are here on this earth, a war in which no quarter may be called, although the burden of the weakness inherent in Original Sin does indeed weigh upon men, both personally and politically, tempting them to drop their arms by their sides in abject, timid passivity. Like the foolish virgins of the Holy Gospel, who let the oil in their lamps run dry.

Of high significance in this whole apocalyptic panoply is the denigration of the place of Russia in the divine plan for coming dire and consequential days, as unveiled at Fatima in 1917: a calamitous neglect to obey an urgent Heavenly directive, a shameful hiatus which Our Blessed Lady herself acknowledged in the fateful October of that year, the month of the Russian revolution, confessing that the gravely-enjoined consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart "will be late". The whole century-long saga of the Fatima apparitions being indeed a doleful tale of official lukewarmness coupled with astute upper-level hijackings by mole elements in the Vatican itself and elsewhere in the Church, so that much like the previous Marian apparitions at La Salette in France, the substance of the message involved was destined to be neither properly disseminated nor promptly or full obeyed. Hence was Russia finally, as it were grudgingly, consecrated in 1952 by Pope Pius XII, as commanded by Mary, in a brief ceremony given little attention, a full thirty-five years after the urgent request, so that her prediction could then move forward toward its term, "in the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace". The central place of Russia being supremely evident in this spare essential sentence found in the Fatima Message, if accompanied by another yet-more-revelatory, meant indeed to have been kept hidden by noted Vatican moles, a disclosed fragment of the first sentence of the Fatima "Secret" stating that "in Portugal the doctrines of the Faith will always be preserved". Suggested to us here being the nature of both the coming (now ongoing) punishment and the mode-of-deliverance to be expected from Russia's accession to full Catholic communion and Faith: that it would all take place within a universal collapse of religious faith and practice. While the flipside of this systematic demotion of Russia from her rightful place in the Message and in future decisive events is a bizarre media-led exaltation of the USA and its whole drone-bomb orientation and methods to the sky, as being our "savior" to bring us every good thing: a deception which neither the present invalid Catholic hierarchy nor TCW says anything much to belie. Even as Uncle Sam prepares to nuke a good third of the nations of earth as I write, having in fact taken the place of the Marxist Russia of 1917-to-1989 as the prime ruling-vehicle of the "synagogue of satan" today.

But there is more to this dire tale, as this overwhelming neglect of Russia vis-à-vis Fatima has been shared both by Sister Lucy—the now-deceased one-time seer instructed by Mary to "spread the message", but who entered a contemplative convent instead—and by the many self-proclaimed "Fatima experts", who cropped up so quickly and studiously in years when all should rather have frantically spread the alarm. "Specialists" like fathers Fox, Pelletier, the ever-overbearing Father Martin Stepanich and several others whose names I can't now recall: none of them gives anything but the briefest and most desultory space to Russia in their interpretations of the heavenly words, rather devoting much attention to a certain novena of prayers obviously devised by Sr. Lucy herself, alleging some new absolution from any need for voluntary penances, of all things, in this epic-hedonistic day, as being somehow the heavenly "last word", spoken privately to herself, hidden away in the Carmelite convent which she went all the way to the pope to plead her entrance to. Both dire warnings and uplifting forecasts had been attended in those universally-fateful days of 1917 by cosmic prodigies of the most terrible, riveting kind: at the very center of all these predictions being a then ravaged and forlorn Russia, whose fate was indeed temporarily shared by the Portugal of the time, just then being rescued by the Heavenly Lady from the same communist tide, as subsequent providential, heroic events would soon prove. The predictive solar-systemic events of 1917—like a painting drawn by Mary in the sky, duly described by the very Bolshevik-favoring Portuguese press of Lisbon the very next day—now today beginning to play out in real time, rather than in frightful miraculous previews-of-punishments then witnessed by a hundred thousand terrified Portuguese souls. (See articles on Fatima on this our own site.) Nonetheless does TCW give Russia the standard passing nod of all such dominant "Fatima watchers", briefly noting that "Russia will be among those nations converted, too", when in fact her place in coming developments is going to be of a commanding rather than incidental mode and degree. Bearer that she is of a divinely-bestowed task which involves the above-noted critical establishment of God's kingdom on earth in social and economic, legal and political foundations of stone. This topic of the pivotal place of Russia in the world in coming days being one to which we on this Crusade have devoted much of our own limited resources and abilities, and which these priests could easily have ferreted out much better than we. Our own ideas about these all-determining events, over which we have had only the most obscure if heartfelt of inspirations—as about Russia undoubtedly providing both crusading military/political leadership and a valid hierarchy to a Sacramentally-vitiated Catholic Fold—nonetheless seeming to be confirmed more fully by the day. Seconded indeed redundantly in epic disappointments of bogus initiates like Today's Catholic World and the massive, faith-destructive subterfuge of which it is the flagship, which it represents.

As might be expected from the above belittling of Russia vis-à-vis the Catholic/prophetic Heavenly scheme-of-things, there stand condemned by folks at the bogus site only the traditionalist-standard two modern-day geopolitical wrongs: communism and Islam. Hence are we urged in effect to go back to the McCarthy hearings of the fifties while with blasé indifference we blithely ignore the shameful perversity of Abu Ghraib, as well as the fact that such geo-atrocities, continued and amplified under Obama, go hand-in-hand with the global-and-domestic promotion of sodomy-marriage and abortion-on-demand. Together with a rapidly-mounting U.S. foreign policy which spreads these evils abroad, pursuant to which it seeks another World War, this time with the self-same Russia which Heaven blesses in such hushed tones, and no doubt also with China as well, a nation we ourselves, before, during and after WWII, led into its present thralls (see article below on General Joseph Stilwell, Roosevelt, and the China theater). The whole cosmic totality of the USA of today ushering mankind into an ambush from which it will not easily escape, into which it was first cleverly lured by George H.W. Bush and his two utterly-unnecessary wars, albeit with liberals like Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter or FDR playing their parts at their appointed times. While it is a crisply-commanded, Fox-News-Jewish morality advanced on this ranging, gargantuan, expensively-maintained "Catholic" site, TCW, one which like all these hyper-organized traditionalist efforts dovetails neatly with the military/industrial values of this New World Order corporate machine. Even if incongruous praises of the medieval ethos of the workshop are found, like grudging mentions of Russia, notionally stranded here and there.

Likewise detectable in certain subtle omissions on TCW is what I term a mechanistic sacramentalism: a "practice of the Faith" radically reduced to mass, confession, communion, and the mumbling of a few rather lukewarm prayers: the approach found almost universally among the traditionalist groups that sprang up after Vatican II. Partial or discrete observers of a (heretical) pietism or quietism, an equivalent to what some survivalist might stock against the same coming day, with the virtues and changes-of-heart which are the essence of the Catholic biblical "Way" being considered an embarrassment, something outdated, outgrown, optional at best. The traditional deed-redundant, charity-illuminated path of our Catholic forefathers being discarded after the manner of some desert-fatigue-wearing "end timer" weeding his backpack or footlocker down to size, who's got no time to "sweat the small stuff", in this case of fervors of purity, justice, charity. When in fact it is precisely this meticulous observance of the Catholic virtues, customs and sentiments of our forefathers which a Judaizing Vatican II Reformation was designed to destroy, to grind under combat boots of a Brave New World. This habitual spirit-of-compromise being in turn the more fundamental reason that mankind was ever required to undergo so terrible a test, with Christians having exposed our race to such an ordeal by their careless cooperation with the commercial projects of world Jewry, which as history teaches always enrich quickly and easily but yet-more-quickly leave men in moral, financial and political chains. So that the neglect of this spirit of laborious goodness and holiness, never very popular even before Vatican II, on humor-bent Bing-Crosby-Catholic American shores, is a prime indication of where the website's real loyalties lay, and who its principle managers are.

May 21, 2012: "Popular political action", "Greater Serbia" and the suspension of the Radko Mladic trial.

In the ordinary course of legitimate political life the antics and fulminations of certain unruly elements are essentially sidelined to a position of harmlessness, where these people can make lots of noise, as is their wont, indeed to some minds even providing a sort of crass and unedifying but hilarious entertainment. While accordingly kept under ceaseless surveillance as well by the same good state are certain highly-placed interlopers, they who form an elite which has no interest in the common good, a faction which knows supremely well how to use these same disorderly and even violent elements to their own private advantage. The commonweal by definition counting as its very worst enemy these arrogant biblical "enemies of mankind", exclusive special interests who wish only to impose their "superior" will upon a populace considered "less than human", and are willing to use any number of fools and thugs to bring about their unquestioned ascendancy. (Curious thing, in view of their supposed supremacy, that they should have to use such blunt, lead-pipe tools to bring it about.) The Jews ably presenting these unstable people as forward elements of a popular groundswell, said to display a self-validating rough-and-ready style, after allegedly hallowed manners of a bloody Ben Gurion or Moshe Dian. Those enemies of the state namely who rule without restriction in a "freedom loving" USA today, who use the lowest strata of society as their enforcers, who enlist Uncle Sam himself to assert their hegemony around the globe, at the point of a guided bomb, and who in other ways have indeed ruled much of the world since the poorly-named "Enlightenment".

Hence too the also-eighteenth-century "divide and rule" injection by the Habsburgs of the "ethnic Serb" into the political life on age-old Croatian soil—much as did the English vis-à-vis the transplanting of the Scotch in northern Ireland at much the same time—an alien constituency furthermore imbued or indoctrinated with the false but rabid belief that all Croatian lands once belonged to Serbia. Territory having somehow allegedly been unjustly wrested from their grasp: with the "how" of the matter however being to these hasty men something over which they waste little time. This Serb constituency thus displaying a doughty historical ignorance of the most militarily-dependable kind: although serious scholars—to top it all—have actually questioned consistently the cultural or genetic authenticity of the Serb-hood of these recent settlers on Croatian soil. Men-of-letters having often averred that most of this mass wave actually originated somewhere further East, among perpetually-misplaced "Vlaci" of Romania and Bulgaria—judging in particular by certain customs native to those climes—and is thus a patently foreign element even upon Serbian soil. Resembling in all this strikingly the widely-dispersed and similarly tumultuous Kurds of the Middle East: an element recently used to such advantage in U.S. "nation-building" enterprises in a one-time-advanced but now pitifully dismembered and dysfunctional—but of course ever "grateful"—Iraq. These displaced people, these "Serbs", then, being to this day typically far more militant in this irredentist belief than anyone of Serbia proper: standard geographically continent native-born Serbs being on the whole rather urbane about such things. They for whom the issue is at most a diverting curiosity, when not being drummed up artificially in some periodically-recurrent new Milosevich-like drive. Much like "war on terror" hysterias of the USA, with their inseparable allegations of disloyalty toward those who don't "go along". In ordinary times the topic of this immigration-related takeover of Croatia being at most something to toy with in an intrigued but desultory way, between sips of coffee or Slivovitza, around the table or out on the balcony.

But there is more to this artichoke than meets the eye, or assails the ear, as the obscure belief itself, of this Greater Serbia, is based upon several other loud if ill-founded contentions as well. Firstly, the idea that all Slavic lands were evangelized by the Eastern Church, initially by Eastern-rite missionaries Sts. Cyril and Methodius, and for this reason rightly belong under present-day Orthodoxy's political as well as religious pale. Here being evident the denial of the well-known historical fact that the same Eastern Church would not become "Orthodox" for at least four centuries more, after the time of the far-wandering priests. While contributing to the uncanny stoutness of this erroneous opinion is a universally-controlled publishing and academia of today which is as rabidly anti-Catholic as the most unlettered "ethnic Serb". This Roman Petrine ascendancy having been by universal contemporary agreement of all concerned, with much-made-over notes-of-discord being found only when some bloody Byzantine emperor wanted to use a pope as a hostage to gain some grubby political advantage or two. Recent pseudo-scholarship nonetheless priggishly insisting that the East had been Orthodox and thus schismatic all along: as if indeed two separate Churches had grown up together from Apostolic times, side by side, and high-level rebellion had been rife since the journeys of St. Paul.

Furthermore and abstracting entirely from the above issue, there is much historical evidence that Croatia was first evangelized by a certain early-medieval German archbishop, in arduous-if-little-publicized peripatetic extensions of his own archdiocese. While it is likewise if less-conclusively maintained that many southward-migrating Croats may well have been baptized in isolated tribal fragments by Boniface-like Western missionaries, as nomads on their way from the future Poland. That place where the mixture of Ostrogoths, Alans and other Scandanavian, Caucasian and trans-Caucasian tribes of which Croats are an amalgam had by then mostly melded into the Croats we know today. Here the name Krakow is much to the point, with the letter-combinations kr and hr being found all the way back to the Horovatha of Eastern Iran. This latter Persian province named strikingly like the Croatian-language term for the homeland itself, Krvatska: only one of many other place-names found wherever tribal Croats pitched their tents on a journey centuries long.

Hence this "Political Orthodoxy", which summarily and conveniently despises all such scholarly fruits of research, is at the very core of this revanchist drive, this ideology which with fanatical conviction likewise holds that it was Rome which broke away from Orthodoxy, and not Orthodoxy from Rome. Indeed ultimately the entire earth could be claimed in equal measure, once this principle is allowed, this hotly-advocated tautology given ground, as there is evident a growing tendency to concede this utterly ungrounded claim by shallow academics and Orthodoxy fanatics—long-time familiar bedfellows—far and wide. The Orthodox fold as a whole—with its many national branches, several indeed with their own "pope"—having doubtful origins in an emperor-subservient Byzantine archdiocese founded hundreds of years after Apostolic times. While finally there is room for conjecture that the name Serbia is a Latin derivative of the word servus or servant, stemming from the Serbian people's original abjectly-loyal alignment with the militaristic Greeks in their synagogue-brokered schism with Rome. Rigidly-eastward-cleaving subjects who in all likelihood had previously been residents of the eastern-most part of twelfth-century Croatia: a large landmass which included present-day Bosnia, Herzegovina, Serbia and indeterminate further lengthy reaches toward Thessalonica of a southeastward-tending Balkan peninsula as well. A probability favored strongly by the fact that Serbians have no national history prior to that time of the Great Schism, and speak a closely-similar language to Croats, a tongue which would readily have become corrupted in so long a span since then. (Actually, true Croatian is closest to Russian of all Slavic tongues, confirming strongly the Russo/Croat nexus of early Ostrogothic connections vis-à-vis Rus, Rurik, Scandanavia and Vladimir). While by contrast Croatian nationhood goes back in formal historical documentation well before the coronation of Tomislav in the seventh or eighth century, and in many more-nebulous connections to a much earlier period, perhaps even contemporary to the arrival of the Franks.

Then too finally there are super-neat claims that Croats were "called down" from northern reaches in Poland by the Byzantine Emperor Heraclius, in order to subdue the unruly Avars: this as found written in an astoundingly-well-preserved manuscript that somehow showed up some five centuries after the fact. Just when such revelations were especially necessary to cement heady Orthodox claims then being vociferously advanced. This business of forged documents having been witnessed already for centuries precisely in order to establish in grand style a whole host of other such threadbare geopolitical claims. Yet this imperial proclamation is brandished as vigorously by pseudo-scholars today as it was back then, when precursors of the myth of "Greater Serbia" were first in flower.

But falsehoods thrive especially well amid emotional appeals, and that is what this Serbian revanchism (irredentism with revenge attached) is all about; while in the same topsy-turvy milieu the noted quasi-comic antics of an underclass of the unruly is also well at home. Ergo, the endless pantomime of this Mladic fiend and genocide, for whom the elbow-to-the-ribs excuse is ceaseless invoked that "that's just the way he acts", when he defies the court's judgment at the Hague with ghoulish hand-motions of vengeful vindication, as in a recent slit-throat threatening-gesture directed at a Bosnian woman whose children he had been responsible for killing, and who would have provided testimony against him, had the court only remained in session as required. Such threats being obvious grounds for tacking extra terms of imprisonment upon anyone under trial, but in this case being answered at a legendary-Serb-favoring Tribunal with an indefinite suspension, on some miniscule technicality, with Mladic apparently already on his way home, as I write. This while the Croatian General Gotovina—surrendered to the Hague some five years ago by Croatian officials as a condition for Croatia's admission to doubtful blessings of the European Union—now sits in prison with a twenty-six year sentence. This not for any well-documented butchery of thousands—as in a Mladic file of people on the scene which is thousands of pages long, with attaching films and recordings as damning as can be—but for simply reclaiming incontestably Croatian soil. While begging fleeing "ethnic Serbs" to stay with complete safety where they were: in the most bloodless reclamation of national territory ever before seen. Serbs whose utterly-uncalled-for departure to "Mother Serbia" had however an all-too-predictable bloody future return in mind, in preparation today as I write.

There are further parallels today to this bloody Greater Serbia ordeal, as in the butchery unleashed upon Moamar Ghaddafi and his sons, by a "groundswell group" justified in the very same gutter-appealing way, their legitimacy held proven by their very wild and murderous behavior, glorified in a now-globally-controlled media as having "finally had enough" with a leader ultimately murdered in the most brutal and inhuman way. Hence do grunts and spasms of passion stand good for principles of justice and humanity, and rules of evidence go entirely by-the-bye. In this marvelous "rule of law" of our Mladic, Milosevich and Hillary Clinton day.

Certainly this is not the sort of thing we advocate on this site, in championing local rule, the formative influence of culture and religion, and so on. We always speak of these things within a framework reasonable—as indeed the meek and mild Son of God requires—one in which heartfelt ties are allowed to color the discussion, but not to run it completely aground. While by contrast our overlords of today must always look upon us as capable of no better, as if when we do better we are only pretending, like some species of animals, perhaps dogs in training. Beasts who learn to shake hands, or to stand on their hind legs like men. For that is precisely what the Jews think of us, Serbs, Croats and Americans included: a condition to which they intend to reduce us by all the many brutal means they have at their touch.

April 29, 2012: The colonization of China and the heresy of faith without works. "Historical scholarship" of Barbara Tuchman regarding Balfour and Roosevelt, Gen. Joseph Stilwell and Chiang Kai-shek. Some updates from June 12 forward.

Tuchman's book Stillwell and the American Experience in China, 1911-45. (New York: the Macmillan Company, 1970, 71), an admittedly-interesting Pulitzer-Prize-winning labor, stands out nonetheless in a class of its own in lugubrious efforts to sustain myths of the most geopolitically-consequential kind. The cornerstone of this skillfully crafted chronicle, set amid ill-understood but future-determining obscurities of Asia during World War II, is the creation of two mutually-inseparable fables: on the one hand the allegedly weak, backward, jealousy-prone figure of Chiang Kai-shek, a wartime procrastinator painted as driven by petty personal resentments and ambitions, and on the other the putatively noble, indomitable and at the same time charmingly naïve character of FDR. Between with two pure mythical types is woven together one of the most incredible and politically-momentous fabrications ever known to men, in epic misinterpretations of mid-century events, spun in the loom of the author's ever-fertile mind. While at a yet-more-fundamental level revealed in the book is the broad avenue-of-justification by which the treacherous rape of Asia was carried on by Western financial, commercial and political interests and their underlings, lieutenants and native protégés over the course of modern times. A travesty volubly and eagerly praised throughout the West into our own day, this calamitous breach in the global dam-of-events finding its root moral cause in a separation of deed from faith which is the age-old defining legacy of the Jews: a profound moral-hiatus which was duly "Christianized" in the Protestant Revolt, and finally put into practice in Catholic nations of Europe more-or-less to the same degree as in those of the League of Augsburg. This yet-ongoing fatal fissure of deed from faith vis-à-vis trade and colonization being likewise amply under-girded by a greed-catering refusal to acknowledge the divine origins of what was already good in Asia: not only in individual persons but also in native instincts toward the common good inseparable from and inimitably germane to the specific peoples involved. This refusal to recognize the degree to which God "fills the hungry with good things", materially, politically and in obscure reaches of souls, among all "tribes and tongues", referred to in St. Paul's heartening words uttered at the Acropolis, found in Acts, as well as elsewhere in Holy Scripture: this denial containing further departures from Christian fundamentals yet more disturbing still. Ignored here being the much-honored-in-the-breach doctrine of the efficacy of Christ's redemptive sufferings at all times and in all places, that which remitted sins among the sons of men all the way back to Adam and Eve, if operating admittedly without the incomparable efficacy of the sure means of Catholic sacramental, doctrinal and disciplinary life.

Hence evident in Western colonization and "trade" with the Orient has been a highly-profitable despair of the ability of the Asian to be good, unless and until the Methodist, the Jew, the Presbyterian and the compromised Catholic have had a century or so to fashion Asian society according to their whim and will. Long-standing Chinese political doctrines like Wang Tao, or the Way of the King, on a par with or even superior to anything produced by the modern West, being dismissed as "heathen folly", obviating any need for Westerners to encourage those good things already there, or to lay foundations for better things allegedly later yet to come. Indeed in such a vision the longer the "conversion of the heathen" takes the better, as there are so many anxiously-anticipated gains to be had, before the "Chinaman" is "finally able" to take up worthy tasks on his own merit and accord. For which insidious purposes a whole hosts of native-denigrating misconceptions is laboriously fostered among both clever and stupid minds, among colonial offices, docks and quays.

Indeed, rather than the "advancements" and "remedies" offered by the West having had anything to do with moral goodness or divine faith, the elixir brought forward has been simply a today-tiringly-familiar proto-Clintonian opiate of "progress", of an obsession with and morbid engrossment in material and scientific things. These brokering not moral goodness but sodomy and starvation, homicidal "medical" procedures and abortion-on-demand. Involved being essentially the glorification of the principle of division which material things inevitably broker and bring into being, and whose fanatical over-emphasis involves the death of spiritual and even intellectual life, destruction and decay, and a dire bondage to every base thing. Hence the staggeringly-incongruous contention, ever on the lips of a Hillary or a Barack, that some new "price" of "freedom" is "well worth the cost", when all the vaunted new installment is doing is thickening our chains, increasing global poverty, misery and unrest. But the "shining goal" is always somewhere in a misty future, for these new Manichaeans, a fantasyland in which such theatrical figures dwell, revealing themselves Marxist dialectical ideologues to the core. With foreign and domestic policies only another weary version of the bloody dictatorship of the proletariat of iron-fisted Leninist and Stalinist lore. They who also had visions of future material raptures to mendaciously and hypnotically ply.

Hence highly convenient to this highly-profitable "march of progress" is a tacit denial of the efficacy of the graces of the Cross as applied to all mankind of all times and places, a laver of redemption indeed and as noted active all the way back to Adam and Eve: whose own salvation, as Catholic private revelation assures us, was effected for them personally by that same Cross of Redemption, even though they themselves had been the perpetrators of the catastrophic Fall. The fertility of the divine seed of the grace of God independently of access to either bibles or "progress"-dazzled missionaries having been attested dramatically in the untaught faith and good deeds of the centurion Cornelius and his household, in the personal rectitude both of Cyrus and of certain Chinese philosophers, commoners and kings, as well as in many of the American Indian tribes, in the Canaanite widow whose child the prophet raised to life, and in a host of other biblical and non-biblical historical examples as well. A prodigal efficacy of divine grace—if, again, lacking the "sure means of grace" of Catholic Faith—a fertility evident all the way around the globe, where good and pious men have in all ages lived lives pleasing to God in manifold if not perfectly-well-informed ways. Often indeed displaying a wisdom well above the obsession with the gadgets of technology which bedazzled Yanks come to bear, together with guns and drone-bombs from afar. Asians no doubt often having evinced the sole minimum Epistle-revealed requirement-for-salvation of a recognition of "One God Who is the rewarder of the good and the punisher of the wicked", for whose acknowledgement the rudimentary "knowing of God by the things that are" is quite sufficient, and a knowledge of Revelation not essentially required. Such just and Heaven-bound men having been observed in every age and clime, typically accepting our earthly condition, profiting by its unique-if-humble advantages, needing no Starship Enterprise into which to self-indulgently climb. Confirming the connection of all true goodness with Christ, indeed with a highly-figurative Old Testament as well, of the nexus of the holy hope and welfare of all mankind with that of Christians and one-time truly-pious Jews. This indubitable Gospel "Good News" flying in the face of an anno domino definitive Jewish exclusionary ideology—the arrogant breeding-ground of all this engrossment with wealth-accessible material things—which has been a convenient wild-card motivator of Western trade and geopolitical relations since late-medieval times. Hyper-aggressive projects inevitably carried abroad in the holds of the Jewish carrying trade and geo-commercial ties, a grace-alien invasion excused through a globally-catastrophic denial of human goodness and capacity, an inhuman prejudice Jewish to the core, but the blame for which is always cleverly off-shouldered on the Christian back. Having practical parallels, in centuries-long relations with China and most of the Orient, in a like denial of native national sovereignty and its inseparable prerogatives judicial and economic, in "treaty ports" and "extraterritoriality" doctrines repugnant alike to natural and international law and the Heavenly courts. This idea that a knowledge of Revelation is an absolute requirement for salvation, for sociopolitical wisdom and knowledge—and less admittedly for any just consideration at all—being actually only another form of the predestination doctrine of John Calvin, itself in turn a virtual mirror-image of the Jewish exclusionary hubris of millennia in time. Especially in the defining anno domino synagogue understanding of "the rest of men" as naturally inferior, of a whole different sub-human species from allegedly exclusively fully-human Jews. This putative superiority said to be evinced by the Jewish practical cunning: which is actually an exaltation of predatory animal instincts, and not at all a truly-human, let alone spiritual, commodity. While closely-supporting close-cousin minimizations and denials of the goodness of God, as always, find direct and unmistakable expression in deeds far more commonly than in words, where oily glibness and fluidity so easily characterize the policies and embassies of modern Western man.

Plainly, the need "to accept the Holy Gospel" announced in Holy Scripture is enjoined upon those to whom it is announced, while those who remain in substantial ignorance of the Good News—or to whom it has been announced in a merciless or otherwise unworthy way—cannot be held to the same bar. While giving the lie to the entire pro-Jewish bias of modern-Western geopolitical doctrine is the fact that the Jew alone has from the start rejected the Savior with full knowledge and without so much as batting an eye. In an apostasy shared likewise by those who with full malice and forethought turn their backs on the Catholic Faith in which they were raised. All this implying a guilt and moral-blindness far greater than anything the "heathen" Chinese might display.

One of the book's many deafening silences, a major prop for the elaborate pro-Western, pro-Roosevelt, and subtly pro-communist myth spun by the writer, is her neglect to reveal herself as the granddaughter of the synagogue's own war-era Henry Morgenthau: one of the prime exponents of an English-speaking-world political, economic and military isolation of Japan. This carefully-coordinated campaign of marginalization having begun in earnest with the "yellow peril" propaganda-strategy of the late-nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. A laboriously-maintained fable, as suggested only one-of-many in this work, anticipated when Japanese immigrants first attempted to settle in the American far-West, where the thoughtful, methodical, industrious character of that island people rubbed the Yankee sense of racial and cultural superiority lividly raw. A verbally-economical Japanese national character thus being systematically misrepresented, as are many such things in this "melting pot" incubus, regarded as fanatical, harboring plots of deceit and ill-will. Citizens of Nippon having developed an uniquely earnest-and-intense culture quite foreign to allegedly-"easy-going" Americans, largely within rigor-bred necessities of a large population sharing a tiny water-enclosed body-of-land. Such broad and fatal misrepresentations recalling the fate of a host of now-forgotten Indian tribes, annihilated before a harsh and arrogant "Manifest Destiny" drive, or of those Blacks who to this day are in certain important ways never given a chance. But the author is up to the task of painting a convincing picture of dogged heroisms of Roosevelt and this uncle of hers, the Secretary of the Treasury, as they set about to convince woefully incredulous, indeed intellectually disobedient Americans and their Congress that we must have a war with Japan. A signature-methodical effort ploddingly pursued over the entire course of the 1930s which ultimately required a Pearl Harbor to bring it to full term, in only one-of-many examples of an incident-provoked and wars-of-conquest-inclined U.S. foreign policy which has been the unique hallmarks of a rigidly-Old-Testament-inspired U.S. history since colonial times. With this staggeringly-consequential secular-messianic geopolitical paradigm—a mirror-practical image of a "born again" theology itself uniquely-adaptable to peremptory and fanatical leaps-in-thought—being far-and-away most responsible for the strange and violence-prone world in which mankind lives today: blame for which is imaginatively off-shouldered on a long line of feckless Saddam Husseins.

From epic failures of oriental colonial and trade policies of the West in general and the USA in particular, noted above, can be seen the fundamental need that all these overtures, be they political, economic or missionary in nature, must be deeply imbued with an urgently-prioritized desire to discover those good things already to be found in the native character, in native institutions, in inimitable uniquenesses of native moral and cultural perceptions and styles. While falling short, in all of this, of any precipitous endorsement of native cults-of-spirituality themselves, some of which can indeed be Christened—as illustrated by such institutions as the Christmas tree, originally of German-pagan ritual origins—but only with the greatest of spiritual prudence and time-tested care. As this is touching deeply upon the goods of Revelation, both Oral-Traditional and Biblical, which together are uniquely God's own territory, and never to be trespassed in the least way. Yet our approach to all men everywhere must be as to "other Christs", to other members of the Mystical Body, which they are indeed, at least in the sense of being frequent recipients of Heavenly graces and favors, which descend upon all from the altars of Holy Mass. Divine love and assistance thus falling upon all like biblical "dews and hoarfrosts" from above, upon fellow men of every nation who may need only the least amount of further encouragement to bring them fully into the Good Shepherd's loving fold. Hardly then can we be so heartless as to give such a brother "a serpent instead of a fish", or a "stone instead of a loaf".

As illustrated in the key place of Morgenthau at Treasury and Bank-of-England Rothschild interests in the whole China/Japan imbroglio of WWII Asia, Jewish ultra-centralizing financing goes hand in hand with this kind of colonial exclusionary fanaticism, brokering less anything romantic than a host of ironclad capitalist/communist forms of national and global organization. With these further entrenching unquestioned synagogue scope: a little detail which most tellingly betrays the underlying source of all-determining falsehoods and epic injustices noted above. The USA finding itself at the very vanguard of an imperial drive without scruple or serious obstacle destined to determine the form and direction of international relations, economic development, human life as a whole, of today. While the book's triangle of Jews of mid-century, the author, her grandfather, and the crypto-Jewish Roosevelt himself, converge on a mid-century China-mission which had major historical forerunners in both the Roosevelts themselves and FDR's mother's family, the Delanos. They who had been—of course entirely by coincidence—kingpins in the Chinese Opium trade of the 1800s.

The writer doesn't miss a step in stride in elevating to holiness this "morally heroic" leader, FDR, who was destined to determine American policy with respect to China in a way sanctimonious and dictatorial at one and the same time: a feat not to be repeated in the USA until the reign of George W. Bush. Indeed, these same sorts of Roosevelt-or-Stalin-like towering figures show up everywhere in the history of the times, with men like a "Croatian" Tito (actual a Polish Jew) and an undoubtedly-crypto-Jewish Franco sanctimoniously trampling any hint of domestic consensus into bloody shards. While in India there was Gandhi, who with Churchill's help flew in the face of the truly-forward-looking All-India Congress, whose uniquely-devoted members he mercilessly and high-handedly thwarted at every turn, a true intelligencia which in return regarded him with unanimous rueful disdain. A twisted, backward-looking champion of the barbarous Untouchables system, this Gandhi, and a discrete keeper of boys as objects of shameful lusts: and like all of that breed heartlessly cruel to a devoted wife.

Fit ally indeed was Gandhi for a pedantic Churchill who touched off WWII by his calamitous and hysterical announcement of a German attack on Poland, when others more believable suggest, in ciphering events during monumental days whose "fog of war" still obscures perceptions of most minds, that the forces involved were only peacefully marching across a neutral Polish Corridor to claim a long-time-German Danzig: an old city which had recently reaffirmed itself by plebiscite as part of German soil. While close-cousin policies of a bombastic-but-inscrutable Roosevelt—his "noble struggle against polio" together with his morbidly-theatrical personality being his sole ceaselessly-invoked claims to personal merit of any kind—being yin/yang counterparts to the war-effort-obstructionisms of Chiang Kai Shek. The latter being a product of the Marxist Kuomintang: a Chinese-phonetical form of "comintern" or "communist international", with these identical monikers signing the ideology of the early-twentieth-century Sun Yat-sen, whose formative influence upon Chiang would later be reinforced by Russian-Marxist ideological and military training as well: thus making for a doubtful "free enterprise hero" indeed. This collectivist military butcher, Chiang, having been responsible for two major annihilations of civilian populations in the 1920s, during first phases of a protracted civil war which forms the bloody if low-key backdrop to the entire lengthy book: a Chiang with an utter disregard of human life and welfare being nonetheless contrasted favorably in the book against the Japanese who all-in-all weren't near as bad. A communist trained-and-mannered leader who when required turned on a dime to become a media-and-politician-created symbol of Western/capitalist glory, although as attested by his domestic track-record he trampled on anything like lively commercial activity by everything he did. Just as did Roosevelt himself, most of whose New Deal policies, like fixing wages at a level the small businessman couldn't pay, favored gigantic corporations, and drove the same "little guy" out of business at an unprecedented rate. Policies which benefited large-scale movie-producers in a special way, they who would quickly replace the mostly-innocent theater of the early thirties with a cynical and provocative license tending toward the filmed pornography of our own day. (cf. Hawley, Ellis W., The New Deal and the Problem of Monopoly. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 1966). Roosevelt matching a Chiang whose counterintuitive policies insured nothing so much as that his erstwhile comrade, a genocidal Mao Zhe Dung, would rule hands down in post-war China: an outcome both Roosevelt and Chiang are presented as kicking and screaming against, in lengthy pages of the notable book, but which everything they did infallibly guaranteed. While finally the noted unseen influence of the Bank of England and its all-controlling Rothschild principals was enlisted through certain dependable inlaw-connections of a Chiang whose "conversion" to "democracy" and "Western ideas" was conveniently attended by his marriage into the gangster-connected Soong family of Shanghai.

Here, alas, in these ties, as in the Washington of today, is found the reason for Chiang's elevation to the level of secular "savior" and religious sainthood by the era's dope-peddling, precociously-globalist bosses, producing in the modern observer a staggering déjà vu indeed. With the much-publicized transformation outfitting the "great leader" to pass the ball of guerrilla warfare to his yin/yang tactical counterpart Mao Zhe Dung with ease. As communism had been devised by budding world overlords as an invariable rape-like regimen destined in one way or another to be imposed upon all peoples: a desecration, a gang-rape of the citizen from which there is meant to be no escape. An ambuscade into which the trusting commoner is led by inbuilt treacheries of capitalism far more than by any indoctrination of any kind. "The Revolution" being a shock-treatment by which the human spirit is "broken", as by the dons of the white-slavery trade, so as to be made into yielding fodder of a synagogue-dominated Brave New World. The aim being to render the soul under such a program uniquely incapable of the virtues, values and sensitivities of the Christian interior and exterior way of life, to be a "brave" and blank-faced receptacle of Godless, state-worshipping propaganda, and little more. For which "prize" "a few eggs have to be broken", long-time friends betrayed: as in massacres of Chiang carried out against openly-Red Kuomintang former-colleagues, who died by the thousands in "Great Leader" mob-assisted pogroms in Shanghai and elsewhere across fabled Chinese lands. Here the polarities of the Marxist dialectic finding uniquely-grizzly manifestation, as the two sides, the thesis and the antithesis, the Maoist Reds and the also-Marxist Kuomintang, dual-if-divergent manifestation of the "spirit of the age", collide in bloody confrontation, with the rigidly-regimented Red China of the post-war years emerging as the glorious "synthesis", the veritable chemical fusing of the two now-amalgamated sides. So much is the debasing materialism of the dialectic evident here, that the deepest processes of popular existence are reduced to the level of chemical or atomic chain-reactions, rendering a great and noble land a mere by-product of an inanimate process, productive of a view of life without virtue or love. Hence too finalized in the bowels of the conflict is the above-noted deliberate rape of the human spirit, with spirituality and moral goodness spilled into the same sewer as the blood of millions, at the throne of a new Baal.

Thus would proceed, by this apocalyptic, drawn-out process, after the defeat of Japan, the piecemeal capitulation of Nationalist China before the Reds, in a homeland abandoned province by province, along the line of Chiang's retreat, in a "handing over of a head on a platter" which would have been impossible had limited authority remained in the hands of naturally-coalescing regional leadership, such as analogous conditions of dire disunity have throughout history always brought into being. The noted "head on a platter" finding striking parallels here in the way the financial crisis of 2008 was amplified dramatically by the many bailouts and other massive government infusions-of-funds, squandered on wildly-speculating brokerage firms, ultimately encompassing a now-impending national, and indeed global, ruin. When it would have been far better to let nature take its course, and thus clear the field of deadweight that promises finally to sink an entire world. In this way too favoring the citizen, not the bank, and thus reasonably putting the horse before the cart. For in a frank acknowledgment of a weak or even non-existent central government—as had been the case in China prior to Roosevelt's promotion of Chiang to U.S.-backed totalitarian power—each such regional militia would have been forced by necessity to become "lean and mean", and in this formidable condition would need to have been rooted out and defeated by the Red Chinese. Some of which opponents had had benefit of Stilwell's training and encouragement, and promised to be stubborn contenders, able commanders, good and conscientious doers-of-deeds. Many of these local figures, by dependable processes of a sort of rough-and-ready natural selection, being likely to use American aid to good, battle-worthy effect, had our presence actually been called for in the China of the times. To which facts, nuggets of native gold discovered by General Stilwell repeatedly in his thirty-year-long dealings with the Chinese in every conceivable setting, was counter-asserted the insistence by the author, and even by some around Roosevelt's own worshipful throne, the sing-song non-sequitur that "this is only the way the Chinese do things" whenever Chiang stonewalled, hoarded supplies, refused to commit sufficient troops to win any battle. Chiang-signature blank-faced species of micro-mismanagement of both Chinese and U.S. troops and Lend-Lease and English moneys and equipment inevitably resulting in continual defeat at the hands of the Japanese, together with endemic disease and mass starvation. Chiang having quickly abdicated the confidence of the Chinese, much like the noted ever-scheming and nefarious Gandhi vis-à-vis the Indians under Churchill's protective gaze: and this within a year after he took supreme U.S.-backed China-theater charge. A Generalissimo against whom there were quickly mounted several formidable high-level plots to remove him from power: just and urgently-necessary initiative which the ever-morbidly-sanctimonious Roosevelt refused adamantly to abide. A Chiang who could thus have been replaced easily, with obviously more-convincing "sovereignty respecting" justification than obtained in thus forcing him down unwilling Chinese' throats. So that we see here all over again all the Western exploitation of the treaty-ports and the Opium trade of decades past, but under a bright "sovereignty-respecting" disguise: as if to respect this Red thug Chiang were to respect China, and to respect China were to respect Chiang. Here the "hear no evil, speak no evil, think no evil" being brought to newer Hyde Park heights, China being thereby cursed in Chiang with a ruler every bit as bad as the Delanos and Bushes, Brits and other treaty-port-despots, a man now ruling as it were in their names. A proxy tyranny represented in protégés like the mob-connected, fabulously-wealthy Soongs and Kungs of Shanghai, to whom Chiang was by marriage and other connections allied. The wily protégé-dictator by many obscure and treacherous maneuvers seconding the Red Chinese, his Nationalists a twin pincer to impose the same financially-brokered Jewish will. And although this hypothesis—of an enervating and ultimately destructive Chinese wartime political/military see-saw, of "opposing" forces working toward the same abominable end—is found expounded nowhere else but on this page, yet I feel that the facts compel one irresistibly down this one and only intellectually-satisfying and amply-explanatory trail. Uncovered here being first installments of an all-points global institutional ambuscade of the corporate consciousness as well as the individual human mind, with emerging fields of media and other forms of mass psycho-orchestration providing a final cement to seal the fate of the modern polity, the modern world, in an apocalyptic doom amplified into our own very time.

Ultimate key to plumbing the real meaning of America's war against Japan is a certain bewilderingly-complex syndrome-of-guilt which invests the American soul, and of which Chinese and domestic communists of the era were able to take advantage to an incredible degree. The Opium Wars of the 1840s and 50s, in which Yanks were major players, the heinously-unjust, sovereignty-violating Treaty Ports, with their inseparable "extraterritoriality" or Western immunity-from-native-law, and the resulting deaths of fifty-five million Chinese in the Taiping Rebellion alone: these genocidal atrocities produced a warped, guilt-driven anxiety to fix the blame on someone else, if some such scapegoat might with rare convenience be made to appear. While a Yankee "Manifest Destiny" now become global, the perfect bedfellow to age-old Jewish global-imperial designs, found ample excuses to continue all these epic exploitations, if only some real aggressor could be found: a panacea by which past U.S. atrocities, if not erased, would be portrayed as having somehow been "unavoidable", the "breaks of the game", in the "crusade" to "develop China", to "bring her into the modern world". Filling the bill, then, like out of the bottle of some genie, would be a Japan which since the late-nineteenth century had developed various reciprocal obligations with China vis-à-vis a Manchuria fallen under warlord rule: had indeed quietly established itself as the only stabilizing influence on the Asian continent. A Japan which was alone attempting to control the destructive flow of Opium, was bringing boons of rail-transport and resource-development all the way to Mongolia, clear up to the revolutionary-Russian border beyond. All-in-all admittedly-enough no Mother Theresa, yet there was no comparing an essentially-beneficial Japan with America and other Western powers who raped, robbed and peddled dope, and in the next breath sanctimoniously claimed to be spreading Civilization and the Christian Faith. A Japan nonetheless which was turning Catholic by leaps and bounds: suggesting to me, as confirmed in the choice of the sole two Catholic population-centers of Japan for annihilation under the A-bomb, a deeper meaning behind a synagogue-brokered criminalization that so remorselessly led to a world war. A nefarious global imbroglio being played out in which the U.S. yellow-journalistic press, in its already-long-accustomed fictitious coverage of unfamiliar things in Latin America or on the other side of the globe, could easily and conveniently portray Japan as the real "villain in the piece": this to the tune of dire yellow-peril predictions of a rising-star Alsop, Roosevelt, Morgenthau, Harriman and many other members of the White House team. Indeed, a whole well-cultivated popular moral-and-psychological complex of self-justification, of "we have to finally be fair to China", with a whole host of committees, movements and lobbies theatrically dedicated to same, was densely woven around this utterly-false issue, of "keeping the Japanese wolf at bay". A highly-adaptable, amply-familiar formula being involved here, in strikingly kinship-across-time with a State Department today in close tandem to a "democracy movement" marching across the global map with ever-lengthening stride. A media-and-NGO-created King Kong which one way or another now executes heads-of-state almost at will, which swallows whole once-stable nations of the Middle East and Southeast Asia with little ado, and which stands poised to do the same to an embattled, media-slandered Russia as I write.

In General Joseph Stilwell Roosevelt and his pack-of-wolves would be dealing with a decidedly honest on-the-scene figure, albeit himself imbued with the noted anti-Japanese sentiment: having taken umbrage with Nippon's troops and officials in encounters in Manchuria or Mongolia, while on military missions during the same early-thirties when Japan was first being humiliated by the League of Nations and other Anglo/U.S.-dominated international bodies. Japanese nationals thus encountered being understandably little inclined to friendliness toward American soldiers or statesmen, they who were the chief and most-voluble source of all her threatening woes of the time. Being universally and resoundingly condemned even though the Lytton commission of the same League had admitted basic Japanese claims, by force of evidence uncovered during a fact-finding mission in Manchuria itself. (cf., K.K. Kawakami, Manchoukuo: Child of Conflict. New York: the Macmillan Company, 1933.) But the honest anti-Japanese fanaticism of Stilwell, the biographical subject of the book, was still too innocent a bird for Roosevelt to bear, with the general destined through the war years to be systematically upstaged, hampered and belittled by the latter: an assault which the author blames on "clash of personalities", and little or nothing more. "Uncle Joe" having meanwhile been a deeply-conscientious theater-commander who held all forms of sanctimony or hypocrisy in frequently-articulated expressions of withering scorn. A man unique among leading wartime figures in his decades-long, experience-based understanding of China and the Chinese, because of which accordingly, after the manner of so many of his like today, he found himself marginalized and trivialized at every turn. (Although one wonders why he found no room in so understanding a heart for a Japan equally trodden-under-foot as were the ordinary Chinese he so loved: so that an opposite theory regarding this enigmatic general struggles for recognition in my own mind, as having been only another of many hand-picked co-conspirators—if an especially disarming, impressive and engaging one—to carry through budding synagogue designs. Veritable Marxist-dialectical figures who by dint of the trusty logic of a thought-enervating see-saw much remarked on these pages, a mechanism so at the core of Jewish-directed geopolitical intrigue, must be made to appear convincingly and even violently at odds with one another. Hence too a modern corollary in the theatrical/adversarial vaudeville so often played out on the Senate floor. This theory about Stilwell being an alternate to that presented here, a counter-concept that gains credibility in consideration of Stilwell's periodically-voiced willingness to join up with the Red Chinese guerillas in the ground-war against Japan. Although to temper such a suspicion it's good to consider that most Americans during World War II were victims of the much-the-same pro-communist illusions—and any who differed, like my own father, were called Nazis by ever-doughty Yanks at home. The West indeed gearing up at the close of the war to veritably hand over the Croatian head-on-a-platter to the communist partisans in Yugoslavia, much as had been done to the Chinese vis-à-vis Chiang. The former treachery in a hand-over as prisoners of basically the whole Croatian army by the British, Croat privates and generals who had just laid down their arms en masse. An act of calculated British complicity-in-barbarity which would result in as many as 100,000 Srbenica-like deaths at the hands of Serb-dominated communists, for as long as it took to bludgeon that many people to death (as for one thing bullets quickly came into short supply). Many of which soldierly victims had brought their wives and children with them on the Northward march to the Austrian line, family members who suffered the same horrific fate.)

Hence too would Stilwell be ceaselessly countermanded by this epic-charlatan Chiang, who chose to elevate a glory-seeking Chennault to de facto command of an entire China war effort which Stilwell was supposed to lead, the post being by mutual Chinese/American agreement reserved to an American. With the legendary leading "fly boy" Chennault, the grossly-misnamed "hero of the Burma campaign", lending his own deadweight to propaganda-concealed disastrous futilities of Allied efforts over China. The much-celebrated aviator stooping to a shameless use of the press in his ceaseless lobbying for what amounted to an "all air" war against Japan, while joining to this campaign a continuous volley of vitriolic attacks upon Stilwell's ground-war, which he dubbed a vainglorious gratuity of the first rank. Chennault's Fourteenth Air-force sorties however only drawing more retaliatory Japanese attacks, as Stilwell had indeed so clearly foreseen, as well as provoking a progressive Japanese ground-assault capture of the very airbases upon which Chennault depended, and which Stilwell's road-building and Burma-ground-gains alone could in any way supply. All the while Roosevelt, elevating Chiang to rarified levels of untouchable greatness, sanctimoniously forbad any pursuit of the critically-required quid pro quo which was at the center of the original inter-allied agreement concerning the defense of China: with "no strings attached" to be the ever-sanctimonious Roosevelt's rule regarding gluttonous demands of this glorious demagogue. This in congressional appropriations-bills for subsequently shamelessly-squandered, unused or misuse military equipment and other aid. Hundreds of thousands of tons of "Lend-Lease" supplies and equipment—artillery, planes, trucks, automatic weapons, ammunitions, as well as an abundance of food and other critical domestic items—being doomed during WWII to be hoarded by the privileged, left unused, ill-maintained, and much of the equipment ultimately, in a yet-more-chaotic post-war era, to fall into the hands of the Red Chinese under Mao Zhe Dung. Barring that part that hadn't already been spirited away in black-market enterprises of which Chiang's war-years China had been a clearing-house: and without which lavish dole the grand warlord refused to lift a finger in China's own defense. The vast bulk of the Chinese troops likewise being so poorly fed and cared-for that disease and malnutrition doomed some forty-percent to perish before they had done any fighting at all: in a political and bureaucratic tangle in which nothing at all was accounted-for (sound familiar, vis-à-vis health care, "fast and furious", the "war on terror"?). This all the while Reds under Mao were getting daily rigorous "on the job" guerilla training, in their ongoing forays against the Japanese occupier in Manchuria, and living adequately off the land, while receiving ample if ill-acknowledged Western aid. Chiang meanwhile keeping "free China" in the most terrible, starvation-ridden, dismal thrall, with the Chinese inevitably going over in droves to the Reds, as by Chiang's own policies-of-neglect they were with redundant plainness designed to do. Partisans operating with high-convenience in regions of China where a link-up with the Russian Communists, due to enter the war during final months when Japan had already been crushed, could be readily achieved.

The blackmail here was of course to be found in the commonly-held belief—the one thing upon which Roosevelt and Stilwell would seem to have agreed—that we needed China as a military base from which to attack Japan. An extortion further augmented by the threat—like a sword of Damocles always held somewhere in deadly suspense—that Chiang might even meekly allow Japan to take over. But this glorified warlord and his U.S. counterpart FDR had other things in mind: things that would generously mold the entire world in which all of us live today. Indeed, already out of a late-war Yalta-conference would be finalized the blueprint of a coming New World Order in which a good half of the globe, including the geographical bulk of Europe, would be basically given to the communists: when before the war the Reds had been little more than a raucous rabble in a remote corner of the globe. Marxism having by Heavenly intervention been beaten back quickly in Portugal in 1917 (see articles here on Marian apparitions at Fatima of that year), and in Bavaria enjoying only a super-brief if bloody interlude just after World War I. However in the standard drive of progressives everywhere to promote the ideologically-dogmatic fait accompli, however popularly unwelcome or historically-counterintuitive it might be, German troops during Roosevelt's wartime heyday would be crushed before Stalingrad, after having driven starving and badly-beaten Red armies into that city's bleak and bombed-out remains. Iron armies of the Nazis, albeit unworthy neo-pagans in their own right, to be overwhelmed "one fine day" in the dead of winter by thousands of T-34 tanks—the newest and most advanced—just rolled off American assembly lines. Courtesy of the same Roosevelt with a globalist/collectivist agenda in his ever-progressive mind. An apocalyptic aim being cunningly pursued for the achievement of which any number of "myopic", "self-centered" or "inspired" leaders would be required, to sit on opposite ends of a geopolitical see-saw designed to wear down all popular comprehension, resistance or demur. With this yin/yang polarity—of a capitalism and communism which at deeper levels originate from the very same global locus-of-power—being expertly fashioned to broker a totalitarianism global in size, an enervating counterpoise perpetuated and amplified into our own times. Although now there is being achieved as I write a convergence of these two poles—as it were the final "synthesis" of the Marxist-dialectic paradigm—with a "free enterprise" West coming by financial default to groan under a new totalitarianism in which natural, mutually-ministering, familiar human institutions are held in deepest contempt, and scheduled to be ultimately destroyed. In a new "progress" in which collectivist tempos of a Mao Zhe Dung mark time with stiff-legged goose-steps of a Chiang Kai-shek, as translated over time in a Bush/Obama statecraft just as brutally refined. A convergence not however amid the storied abundance of the "stateless" utopia of Marx, allegedly the final station to which the speeding train of history is bound, but rather of a grueling bankruptcy, poverty and developing civil unrest, designed to thin mankind down to a "chosen" few.

But the author runs cover for epic future-determining wartime developments in China with the noted expertly-crafted image of Chiang as a man hopelessly lost in an action-inhibiting fog of Oriental fables, or gone off to pout ceaselessly over imaginary wrongs, all the while the tempo of Mao's divisions quickened, consolidated economically and gathered more ground. With Chiang having gathered around him a clique of generals whom he directed in contradiction to most of Stilwell's plans, ordering them, by secret communiqués, to "drag their feet" when speed was of the essence in the war against an able, indeed a legendary, Japanese foe. Hence too this principle, repeated throughout the book, but like all Mme. Tuchman's grandest and most significant assertions never supported by a single plainly-relevant quotation or footnote, that the Chinese had throughout their history held to such logical non-sequiturs as that "one wins a war best by not fighting it": that axiom of an Oriental passivity which is nothing but warmed over racism taken to new heights of ill-merited literary prestige. Especially considering that the same Chinese, in person of the Reds, trained in the same Kuomintang as Chiang and his lieutenants, were with singular rigor engaging the Japanese tirelessly in the north, were hardly suspended in any such fog of a head-burying quasi-mystical kind. A racial stereotyping, carried forward with prodigal skill by the author, a stock misrepresentation at whose doughty doorstep must be laid major responsibility for all the fiascos of the Burma campaign, which is the book's principle venue and theme. All these myths and misidentifications, finally, serving the eagerly-sought aim of making the whole failed endeavor of South Asia during World War II appear to have been a matter of "fate", of "colliding personalities", and so on: a frequently-encountered fog-bank into which Jewish scholarship loves to steer the popular mind, in swashbuckling piracies of "divide and rule".

All these wartime deceptions are daunting enough to clarity-seeking perceptions of the human mind, but when you "throw in the monkey wrench" of Mme. Tuchman and her book there is achieved the required mental passivity of a by-then perfectly-overwhelmed and buffaloed popular grasp on consequential things, the mind entering a fog-bank from which it will hardly soon emerge. (Much as in the trance-like popular condition induced by the Bush/Obama war on terror: of an American people which when about to grasp some thread of a connection by which to unmask the whole deadly charade, is overwhelmed anew by some self-justifying "Muslim" atrocity committed by some impersonating "friendly" black-ops escapade.) Hence a déjà vu forerunner to media-driven and arbitrated Middle Eastern wars of the past twenty-plus years would find Stilwell sparing none of his monumental energies in rigorously training Chinese troops from a base in India, transforming them into the un-surpassed fighting force he knew them by long experience capable of being: all the while the press back home in the USA carried banner-headlines about the Chinese having already for years annihilated whole Japanese armies, downed Japanese airpower daily in the scores. So that the popularly-motivating epic mendacity that Chiang was getting admirably geared-up to defend China from Mao Zhe Dung after the war could be sustained in grand style, when existing Chinese armies outside Stilwell's marvelously-motivated and well-equipped training-camps in India were mostly in full retreat, were starved, diseased, entirely unable to fight any serious battles at all. Indeed, simply by dint of the towering personalities of Roosevelt, Chiang and Madam Chiang, all genuine-rather-than-imaginary, well-planned and equipped incipient ground efforts by Stilwell were easily regarded—and indeed readily made to appear so to gullible folks-back-home—as superfluous, even as projections of the general's egotistical pride, especially as set against the much-celebrated image of a heroic Chennault. When in fact "Vinegar Joe", as the newsmen called him, was the most humble and self-effacing of commanders, although never humble at the expense of the mission, or of the men over whom he held command.

But with her trance-inducing, congenitally-literate diction Tuchman throws deftly into the works the notion that the whole charade of command-level WWII China was the result of "Eastern versus Western thinking", or a "conflict of personalities" on a monumental plane: leaving the reader with the now all-too-familiar required object-lesson, reminiscent in its own peculiar way of the equally-imperative Sayings of Chairman Mao, that we must dutifully "leave it to the experts" to figure out such complicated things. A state of nirvana in which the electorate has been stuck basically to this very day. While back in war-era China already amply discernible, like "handwriting on the wall", was the coming post-WWII humiliation of the Nationalist army, with Chiang leading his pitiful soldiers all over the Middle Kingdom, up and down the river valleys, with the murderous Reds nipping at their heels. Until finally some fraction of them were able to boat across to Taiwan, leaving China proper to a fate dire indeed, and the Reds to a treasure-trove of equipment originally and admittedly given "without any strings attached" to the "heroic" Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek. Roosevelt, whose grasping ancestors had helped bleed China dry, with his usual theatrics at full-throttle, having demanded "in justice to the great Chinese people" that post-war China be "one of the four great powers": by which he plainly meant not a free China, but one under the gun and the diabolical cruelty of Mao Zhe Dung.

But even more essential in the book is the utter demonization of Japan, that little heroic island which was in fact the only thing that stood in the way of commies and dictators like Roosevelt and Chiang, and the perverse, addiction-prone, war-mongering New World Order of today they so infallibly ushered into being. Pursuant to which ironclad agenda Chiang's wife used her considerable feminine charms as well, to wind a host of American leaders around her little finger, and indeed seduced the entire American public during a months-long mid-war whirlwind tour. This siren turning men like Chennault basically mad with infatuation, and proportionally stupid in starry-eyed wartime plans. Even as Madam Chiang, like her husband ceaselessly agitating for the removal of the irreplaceable Stilwell, would be found living at the White House during all-determining planning sessions in which Stilwell had to present his case for the drive to re-conquer Burma, perfectly necessary if China herself were to be saved. And during which he was mocked, belittled and ignored, ultimately bullied into a kind of mute, exasperated passivity totally foreign to his usual indomitable espirit. And although the war in the Pacific would essentially be won through the island-hopping strategy of Nimitz and McArthur, rather than through less-consequential attacks from well-defended air-and-army bases in China as envisioned by Stilwell—the very game-plan under which he had initially taken up his command—in concentrating on these his unchanging orders Stilwell showed himself the soldier throughout, offering suggestions but disdaining any efforts to determine matters of higher command. A line which men like Chennault so eagerly crossed, men of lesser rank and far-lesser grasp of means and efforts required. And although Stilwell's campaign in Burma would finally take place, it would be frustrated and countermanded by Chiang at every turn. And he would finally be dismissed from his beloved command at the latter's insistence, and treated with contemptuous disregard by Roosevelt when he returned home, after arduous duties mostly spent at the very front lines of the Burma drive.

However in candid endorsements expressed here for the embattled position of Japan there are contained no such plaudits for Japan's ill-chosen ally, a Nazi Germany which with communism itself was identically brokered in global halls of Jewish finance, if born from seemingly-divergent bowels of an apocalyptic Thule Society (in the U.S. called the Bush-family-notorious Skull and Bones). Nazism and its neo-con and neo-Nazi successors being as suggested above indispensable yin/yang counterparts with Marxist variants in the above-noted collectivization of mankind then in the forties already so well underway. Brokering as Nazism did this ideologically-and-geopolitically all-determining principle of Jewish victim-hood at the hands of a Christian world: a monumental lie which allegedly reverses and off-shoulders the whole Jewish moral onus of the Crucifixion. Here being the synagogue propaganda-mendacity-coup par excellence, into which the maudlin morality-play of Chiang, Roosevelt and Tuchman fits like a hand in a glove.

The significance of Mme. Tuchman's book to the Anti-sodomy Crusade is to be found in its ringing confirmation of insights so often discussed on this site, seconding in a stunning way a frequently-encountered reaffirmation testified in lines of things we read. Modern scholarship endlessly putting forth these false narratives regarding historically-consequential persons and events, thus providing further dense elaboration to our own chief contention, of the existence of certain undying cryptic synagogue designs. Which by their very phantom nature require such elaborate deceptions in order to mediate their impact, to conjure their appearance into the broad light of day. Most notable among which conjurings is an unvarying and remorseless synagogue pursuit of world dominion over time: pursuant to which there exists a massive intergenerational drive toward the creation in the public mind of the above-noted all-encompassing and expertly-fabricated worldview. The existence of which integral element in the Jewish world-program is amply revealed in examining any number of writings within the broad stream of global-Jewish scholarship. A dense mass of posturing diction seemingly rambling, amorphous and disconnected, yet at deepest levels identically motivated, closely-interconnected indeed. The synagogue plying a methodology of careful assembly, of a polemical gluing-together, of bits and pieces here and there seemingly-incongruous: but all-the-more artfully and convincingly mobilized with a consistent and unwavering view in mind. A method which liars always invariably use. Involved being the use of words and ideas as mere paving-stones for a road to empire par excellence, and not just a much-made-over goat-path to relatively-humble objectives of the reclaiming of a Holy Land already possessed, sodden on nearly every inch with innocent Palestinian blood. The Jews, operating basically without any obstacle in all nations on earth, seeing their "destiny"—to own and control "the wealth of nations", "brought to them by dromedaries (and drone-bombs) from afar"—played out to them not so much in any much-touted biblical/heroic way but rather more in terms of a highly-familiar monetary indebtedness on the part of humanity at large. Jews steadily plying the excuse, as contained thickly, ad nauseam, if between the lines in the pages of the self-same Barbara Tuchman's Bible and Sword: England and Palestine from the Bronze Age to Balfour. (New York: New York University Press, 1956. Preface 1984.), that we Christians in particular have indentured ourselves to Jewish leaders and lenders. And therefore have made ourselves their personal chattel. I really hate to descend to the use of such blunt language, when examining such a monumental subject, but it is the only kind that can do any justice to barbaric motives that are actually involved. Once we grasp this one simple fact, all the others fall easily into our hands, indeed after the very manner of an also-Jewish Marx's "over-ripe plum".

But the problem is of course that our own very minds are from earliest years formed according to the noted artificial "advanced and progressive" worldview, brokered in terms of dollars and cents. Played out in ironclad ideologies of publishing-companies, in "acceptable" beliefs of school-superintendents, in unity-of-synagogue-and-state court-rulings, and so on, being our entire ability to interpret what we read. Indeed, it seems almost as if we must do violence to our own minds, shatter all this mental calcification with notional sledgehammers, in order simply to make them once again capable of grasping the truth, on a host of matters great and small, domestic and international. This babbling brook of patently-false concepts and beliefs running smoothly down well-worn channels of a stolid intellectual path-dependency, of a veritable blinders-wearing, nearly from the time we draw our first breaths: a treacherous path we must dismantle forthwith, sometimes in blunt and rough-and-ready style. Holding ourselves flint-faced against middle-schools and universities alien to truth, institutions doggedly plying its exact opposite, convincing people of something hotly and polemically argued but patently false, justifying it all by lead-pipe-intellectual claims that "the end justifies the means". That aphorism by which diasporic-Jewish moral-theology can be summed up in a tidy and entirely adequate little phrase. While finally demonstrated in the fiasco of WWII, and all that followed to this day, is that Christians must apply their principles to matters of state, of both war and peace, and never allow that One True Faith—which so generously cultivates an unsullied conscience in all regards—to be ignominiously subordinated to scheming "practical men" with no such scruples to hold them back. Such a cynical "you have to be practical" sing-song capitulation embodying a practical apostasy which is definitive to the morally-perverted modern-day West, in its arrogance and ingratitude roundly denying the universal sovereignty of Christ the King. That which is sociopolitical as well as moral, practical as well as spiritual: else it plainly have little real meaning at all. The aim of the synagogue being the cultivation precisely of this practically-impotent Christianity, all the while the fortunes of the masses are sanctimoniously left in the hands of these cunning and manipulating, biblically-identified "enemies of mankind".

May 13, 2012: Feast of Our Lady of Fatima. Cool and correct mediocrity can never be the aim of Catholic Faith. The various callings.

Much of the reason I write is in order to proclaim this truth, in whose defense however I am accused of crossing the line into duties of the clerical state, of invading regions where even "angels fear to tread". But it is because the clergy of today refuse to lead us into those hallowed regions as they should—precincts with whose topography their predecessors were intimately familiar, so that in following them there was back then nothing to fear—that I myself am forced to tread into those in-some-ways-frightful frontiers. The guiding lodestar of Catholic Faith, to which I take readings at every turn in this uncharted-and-unguided journey, being, to wit: that all must honor and to some degree pursue holiness, must never make religion an object of humor, of lax or compromised esteem. That Catholics or anyone else must never follow this philistine perversity, debouched out of zany precincts of Vatican II, that we must "learn how to laugh at what we love". While at the same time no hint of a suggestion is made that we must all pursue the counsels of perfection, rather only that all must hold these counsels in fervent honor, reverence, love, as they are found in the lives of the saints or the clergy of old. Which is not to deny that all people must now and again perform some deeds of heroic virtue in order to be saved, as Catholic doctrine indeed assures us: exertions requiring the very same devotion to the sacred, holy and pure. A spiritual commodity under whose influence even the most ordinary of Spanish Catholics of old would easily and regularly turn his eyes heavenward, or make the florid national sign-of-the-cross, with its distinctive "set a guard about my lips", to which must no doubt be attributed the uniquely-Spanish care of speech. A spirit-of-devotion of ordinary souls which like the lamp-oil of the foolish virgins cannot be bought "at so late an hour" as when occasional necessities of heroic virtue come to call, when "we know not the hour". In a parallel to the same parable of the wedding-feast of the Son of God.

But rather of course has modern "official church" Catholicism cultivated an allegedly-Catholic profession-of-faith which hasn't a shred of genuine, heartfelt devotion for holy things in its heart-of-hearts: a New Church called here "official" after the manner of those odious assemblies of that name demanded by communist regimes: congregations, still extant in present-day Red China, which cow-tow to the state and to secular values as if they were gods. This Catholicism-of-convenience, on these shores of the jocular elbow-to-the-ribs, rather setting all matters of religion up on a high shelf, allegedly to admire, after which it roundly rejects others who are pious-of-manner and of inward spirit, as being fools. Hence today's post-Vatican-II droll or off-handed ridicule of a profession-of-faith once so characteristic of the common people, as often seen in the old Saturday-night bingo-players who might have attended the Sorrowful Mother novena the Friday-night before, even if they might have thorny sinful habits, of swearing, impatience, an occasional unrestrained glance, and so on, in moral trenches of the day-to-day. But who always longingly remembered lessons-of-devotion learned at their mothers' knee, or from their father's or uncle's model piety at Holy Mass, or in reading of the mortification of the Cure d'Ars. All this in times before the high-minded "throw the windows open" approach of Vatican II. That one-time generality of Catholics from opening days of that synod onward held up to mockery for their fervent Catholic gestures and customs, that formed a channel down which all else might more-orderly flow, of a moral and material life of an ordinary kind, some even committing occasional serious or less-serious but habitual sins, some of whom indeed only fulfilled their yearly obligations, of Mass, Confession and Holy Communion, in order not to be ipso facto excommunicated. A broad cross-section of the fold all of a sudden accounted unwelcome, sometimes indeed frankly told from the very pulpit itself to "stay away". Like one priest of our experience who announced on Easter that he "didn't want to see all you people standing in the back anymore" at Easter-time, many of them these same noted once-a-year mass-attendees. Oh, father, how fully your wish would be fulfilled, as soon afterward all churches would be only half full on that holy day. As among Protestants where church attendance is meant only for the chosen few, in direct contradiction to that good God Who "came to save sinners, not the just". These admittedly-marginal yet earnest-in-their-degree Catholics of the old days, "bruised reeds", "smoking flax" whom the good Savior relented from crushing or quenching, as these new pastors so readily and with so little ceremony do today. Developing grain branded an encumbrage to be cleared out of Heavenly "barns", where many had once been anticipated to someday be "gathered up" by the divine thresher. How indeed may any of us hope, considering the many trials and uncertainties of this life, if this no longer be so? An Upper Room, the Church, now reputedly "swept and decorated" for another kind, they who would without ado reject all this lowly trembling of the sinful before holy things. The love-of-holiness—if halting in its practice—a Catholic testimonial notable especially its unabashed display—never "ashamed of Christ before men"—now being left to those in religious orders or the priesthood: who however scarcely display it as well as did those men and women of old, "fearing even to lift their heads", who might have gathered there in the now-forbidden spot, standing behind the pews on a Christmas morn. The vast throngs of the laity of today being strictly limited to a kind of street-wise religion in which any heartfelt gestures or impulses of piety are held to be matters of patent hypocrisy: regular mass-attendees indeed, for whom worldly-success and opinions that are "correct", together with a certain stiff-but-impressive manner, are keys to hearty admissions of an ironically-worldly species never before known. While all open expression of attachment to things divine—among a race of physical/spiritual composite beings for whom the inward and outward are in a host of ways inseparably joined, at least among the earnest and sane—is held no better than a lot of "blowing horns on street-corners while they pray". Any of the old cherishing of an inward kinship with pieties of monks, martyrs and missionaries being today counted mere vain conceit, rank hypocrisy, if found among the laity, regarded as the province of weak-minded fools who "don't deserve the time of day". Good but ordinary souls of olden times who an hour after some expression of piety might well have been found shouting "bingo", having matched the winning number "under the letter G". They who once nurtured pieties now and then outwardly expressed, even with a beating-of-the-breast, with no thought of "what will onlookers think?" but rather for fear that these precious secret embers would cool and die if not thus fanned. I remember these mostly friendly and open-faced people now very well, they who formed so much of my childhood world, back then in Joliet.

All the while all of life instinctively reverences things holy and divine, we humans alone, distinct from sparrows or whales, are capable of any different, of being led into this priggishly-pedantic doctrine of street-savvy lukewarmness and marginal indifference, while all of material and angelic creation trembles before the divine. That which in ordinary humanity is found in that tremulous "fear of God (which) is the beginning of wisdom", and without which fear, as the Bible assures us, one is truly a fool. Victim to a monstrously-presumptuous, falsely-"honest" spirit, a cockle recently sown amid the soul-nourishing grain of true and simple-hearted Catholic devotion and Faith. A weed which now springs up fully-formed and strong, strangling the latter even as I write. Although the whole thing is nothing new, reproducing the age-old faithless cynicism of the Jews, the Synagogue of Satan, who have a whole elaborate routine of polite mockery for everything Catholicism reverences or holds dear. While in imitating them you can readily be considered cool, and no doubt get a good job, too: in exchange for a soul so lightly let go, with hardly a goodbye. Here then the fate of most today, carelessly indulging such apostate company, taking up their sneering, skeptical, devotion-despising postures, becoming "neither hot nor cold", resolutely refusing instincts of unabashed devotion, of "becoming as a child", falling like flakes of snow upon the biblical "just and the unjust alike", priceless graces from on high. The very currency of Heaven, once thus accurately valued, now with cool mockery and patronizing contempt despise.

April 28, 2012: Modern radical-elite notions of sacredness as opposed to the love and worship of God.

Modern radical-revolutionary thought in all its narcissistic intensity is now focused—of all things—on the subject of the sacred: in a powerful new drive led by a cadre of lavishly-funded, volubly-articulate neo-pagan environmentalist elites. Exponents of another fringe-advocacy, whose frothy hysterics have become so familiar a fixture on the global scene over the past decade or so, these allegedly tradition-minded folk diverge most tellingly and on several essential scores—in all-too-typically highest irony—from genuine traditional or indigenous ideas which they claim to champion, to bring to newest light of day. Never to be deterred by reality or the boringly-practical, however, these wild-eyed activists, self-styled guardians of "mother earth", of Indian tribes, sodomites, animal-rights, and so on—an irreconcilable bundle of concerns to say the least—would have been regarded with genuine alarm by unpretentious primitives of old. People who in their day grasped and groped after abiding realities of life in a dim but often painfully-earnest way. For while the old traditional peoples of a century and more ago approached all of life with a great awe and respect, within a wide gamut of types of humility, commonly fraught with a good deal of trembling uncertainty, this new breed, who invariably grew up with a silver spoon in their mouths, ply bold and brassy ideas which change once a year, while inventing new tactics for fondling and polluting every earnest or innocent thing within the ambit of their cynical gaze. They have some demon they conjure at every turn, to push forward into regions divine, artificially reviving all the old blood-axe rituals of the tribes with an incurably-atheistic fervor, for all their claims of oneness with nature, or newly-discovered devotion to campfire spirits or nature-based gods. In pitches of disingenuity which fiercest of old-time Apaches or Utes would have uncovered in a moment, held in contempt, could never have been brought to entertain or abide. Bouts of monumental hubris hardly having been components of the worldviews of tribal men-of-old, temerities which ancestors of modern-day tribesmen would have held in horror, would have exiled from the campfire, from affectionate circles of the tribal clans. While even less can there be any nexus between these rabid elites and any genuinely-traditional or indigenous way-of-life as experienced under the enlightened and ameliorating influence of Christ and His merciful Gospel "Way". These twin elements, the indigenous and the truly-divine, being capable of the most sublime sorts of marriage, as exemplified in the intimate relationship of the God of the Old Testament with the ancient tribal Jewish people, expressed in Isaias in exactly those nuptial terms. With this in turn a precursor of His unity with His own Mystical Body, the Church, with parallels as well to the union of God with the soul.

April 24, 2012: Scipio speaks to America across the ages: finger-tip convenience versus soul-saving human fundamentals, false safety versus virtue and personal vigilance.

Scipio's warning has abiding applicability, although it was addressed to his fellow Romans well over two thousand years ago, and spoke only of matters military. For underlying the stentorian statement was a principle much broader, germane to a host of other matters as well. His prescient prediction being uttered during pro/con debates as to whether Carthage should be annihilated or no: that North African capitol-of-empire which was the only other "superpower" of the time. The great statesman insisting, in essence, that any striving toward any over-weaning sense of safety—or implicitly even indeed of convenience or comfort—in matters whether domestic, financial or in foreign affairs—would inevitably bring about the very opposite, would broker danger or degeneration, would ultimately prove the ruin of the state. Producing a dire relaxation of discipline, of virtue, of prudence, working civic and moral decay. Scipio's prediction being fated for fulfillment among soon-to-be safety-and-convenience-glutted Romans in an all-too-horrible way. For in the end, whenever we would remove all vestiges of the frail, provisional or contingent from earthly life, we make it more profoundly insecure than ever before. As in the process of the biblical "building more barns to hold more grain" we forget that our lives might be "demanded of us that very night", requiring us to observe a divergent set-of-priorities accordingly. While likewise in sleepily consigning to others those tasks we should be doing ourselves—duties important or unimportant, trifling or monumental—we forget that with action and function eventually and invariably goes power and authority as well. The false sense-of-safety that results—whether occasioned by the annihilation of some Carthage, against which Scipio so passionately warned Rome, or of some WWII Germany or Japan by Uncle Sam—or by the erection of a power-structure which "takes care of us" from the cradle to the grave—the resulting complacency will precipitate a progressive non-functionality—first by bits, then as through a burst dam. Here being the lesson of a coming externally-glorious Rome of the Principate or a similarly-adulated post-war USA: with first casualties of demands for "unconditional surrender" against an already-vanquished enemy—or of an "information age" which unnaturally intermediates every personal function of human life—being that rudimentary bundle of abilities which guards and perpetuates our personal or local agency. Potencies bound together in lessons learned in earliest native infancy, with little occasion to be discovered or repeated again. Any gratuitous "farming out" of innate functionalities soon-enough, if in a willy-nilly, meandering way, reduces a people to gross incompetence, and ultimately, thus denuded, to abysmal despair. After bouts of rosy bonhomie however brief or long.

In flights of finger-tip-convenient euphoria, of the rosy condition of a babe-in-arms, soon enough the whole laundry-list of housekeeping chores of a nation or neighborhood, family or soul is performed by tight-lipped people with lots of money and smoothly-exercised power. (Who likely bring in a lot of "workers" with foreign accents to do our "menial" chores). While we on the doughty home-front allegedly work on a whole different plane, being beneficiaries of such a "service economy", regarding manual activities—unless strictly recreational—with utter disdain. Failing which achievement you earn a lasting shame, being held guilty of today's only unforgivable sin, in the "conscience" of a modern man who gets sex-changes and abortions-on-demand. Having fallen beneath the newly-set bar of the "American Dream". With convenience, modernity and sainted efficiency introducing us indeed to a whole new eschatology: one in which "being saved" no longer has anything much to do with "bear one another's burdens": for one thing because there are precious-few identifiable burdens to bear, in digital regions of a star-trek world. Except those that augur no constructive outcomes, no biblical "building up", but only a perpetual alienation, a stark and encompassing farewell.

Here then is a slippery path along whose hanging promontories we are initially urged to let "dull" and "routine" things be done by those "who know how to do it quicker and easier", what with all their mammoth economies of scale. And from there onward it's "off to the races", and before you know it someone behind a desk or over a phone is telling us how to act, what to wear, whom to befriend, and some corporation is staffing the White House and the governor's mansion and waging all our wars. To which we are "empowered" only to consent. Here indeed is the very logic of modern secular-messianic progress, from they whose special forte is to bring incredible amounts of cash to bear anywhere they choose: elections, wars, product-development, brainwashing media or academic curricula, anything at all. People nonetheless said to have a purely neutral and commercial—or indeed even a "purely unselfish"—interest in all these matters, to have no yen toward control, let alone dominion. All their fevered and highly-profitable exertions allegedly being "for our own good": just as we were counseled condescendingly by that WTO lady, just before 9/11, whose ominous words were branded on my memory so searingly well. The one who told "the people of the world", in her terse, one-sentence press-release, that there was "no alternative to globalization". That dictum which is now indeed being ramroded with drone-bombs, domestic surveillance and media psycho-saturation control. This new modern deity, secular-messianic Progress, giving us modern medicine inseparably-cheek-to-jowl with eugenics, euthanasia, sodomy, sex-change and abortion-on-demand: as if all were equally good, and over all of which we are enjoined to show our eager delight. Having been released from backward days on the edge of the forest, when we had to work with our hands. Now these great biblical "benefactors" own all the property adjacent thereto, having indeed gentrified the forests and deserts, while we work at our grease-mill job for minimum wage, and probably pay out the nose for some grubby rented apartment downtown after having lost our mortgaged home.

No effort is made here to induce a contrary reverie of a gourd-rattling primitivism, such as well-funded modern-day "localists" and "sustainability experts" would desire: dogmatic, sanctimonious people whose training is largely occult or demonological and seldom of any practical or applicable merit. Quite the contrary, what is urged here is a certain modeling required of our very nature, "made in the image and likeness of God": that which is discovered within the Godhead or Blessed Trinity Itself. This very self-giving of personal potency—this imitation of a God Who Is Pure Act—essential to our nature as spiritual creatures, as rational men. For just as there could be no Son if He didn't reciprocate with the entire donation of the Divine Essence back to the Father, in the unspeakably-holy divine Processions, so too there can be no man properly-so-called who doesn't partake in an analogous mutual donation with respect to his neighbor, at least to some considerable degree. That activity in which we find ourselves, indeed speak ourselves, after the manner of the Divine Word, and apart from which remain childish, impotent, unformed. Never learning the biblical "becoming as a child" by which one most intrinsically and fundamentally grows up. Here however being a mill which for human creatures must invariably have a grist of practical, terrestrial activities, basically of a rather humble kind, if it is to grind-out any flour at all. For when life becomes entirely a matter of "convenience" this whole momentous, indeed eternal area of our existence, our quiddity or being, breaks down, dries up and blows away, auguring the loss of our national greatness as well as our own very souls.

Hardly do we have here the great Hillarian "progress", that "culture of democracy" which the USA today spreads around the globe in so imperial a way: from a Clinton family known from earliest days in Arkansas as gangsters, not crusaders: if one local citizen we met while on crusade can be believed at all. Purveyors of a stark culture-of-alienation today, of fundamental loss-of-identity or purposeful existence, exported to a one-time mutually-committed humanity by the point of a bomb. Peddling that very devastating "identity crisis" over which academics of the '50s wrung their hands but never solved: rather finally dismissing it as a childish trifle out of which they had "grown up": embracing a brave new adulthood utterly foreign to moral and personal solidities of forefathers of old, coldly disowning the noted Gospel "becoming as a child". In exchange for which soul-damning repudiation we have this mess of pottage, this modern technocratic life, with its baubles and perversities, its morbid, violating, gratuitous intermediation, atomization, reorganization/regimentation, of every particle of earthly existence, every earnest impulse of human life. Turning man on his head, taking from him those fundamental things for which he was made, so that he might have this much-mouthed "convenience" and blinding-speed "efficiency", while his future is given into the hands of others so unquestionably in charge. However, with even these latter advantages being increasingly doled out according to a clearly-discernible pattern of exclusionary "diminishing returns", auguring a merciless debt-related culling of the herd. And ultimate infernal plans for an eugenic Hitlerian race of supermen, a "chosen few" to be produced out of some abominable test-tube: "children of the laboratory" destined in turn not for human love at all but rather to cavort in sodomy-gymnastics like the ancient Greeks. To this regression is the "progressive" Nanny State on the brink of bringing us: except for the fact that "God will not be mocked", and He will "shorten the time" beyond which "even the elect would be led astray". Drawing us clear—if necessarily with our own cooperation—like the Shepherd in the painting pulls the lost sheep from the edge of the brink—which grateful creature we can hardly picture as struggling against the gentle grasp of its deliverer. A flock-tender in our case whisking us away from the chasm of an infernal Orwellian futurism, depositing us back lovingly to a natural condition of humble mortality, candid fragility. Finding "our strength made perfect in our infirmity", once again in blithe company of sturdy ancestors of old, in a patient personal and public articulation of realities proper to the genuine human fold.

To such a Hellish destiny leads the "safety" or "security" of this all-points "farmed out" condition of every function of human life, among people who have never known a real farm: in voluble assurances of rosy futures from experts, politicians and media-figures ready at any moment to go into orbit over some well-orchestrated "terrorist threat". Guardians of a bipolar world of "friends" and "enemies" who allege that to leave the determination of the two to we lowly folks would be homeland-security condition red. That to suggest that anyone here in a deified USA would take advantage of we trusting souls, consignors-of-duties great and small—that any Yanks would have such predatory tendencies—is simply to declare oneself hopelessly sick, in need of professional help. Yet after the axe falls, in able hands of our towering "benefactors", and disasters begin to multiply over our sleepy, trusting, "progressive", "marvelously well-adjusted" heads: it is then that these great orators turn on a dime, which they are deftly able to do, and inform us, in wizened tones of a Chicago-boys economist, that anything that befell us in our trustful, epic-progressive condition was "entirely our own fault". They who before had convincingly pleaded the utter harmlessness of dominant groups and persons—they who had spent decades forging "not to worry" chains of moral and personal surrender, mega-debt and easily-arranged and profit-producing foreign-war around our ankles—these devil's advocates now with limber-lipped dexterity apprising us now, indeed amid grand flourishes of contempt, that we should never have been such fools. Owning up at last that there are bruises to be had out there, for body and soul, in that real world, which, forsaking all their former bracing bonhomie, they stoutly claim to have been their true and perpetual province all along. Alleging that we fools invited such treatment in the first place, having been dumb enough to listen to they themselves, to have consigned ourselves to this personal-agency-and-ability-related ga-ga land, for which we should have read the fine-print disclaimers at the bottom of the page. That we should prudently have checked-out the reliability of this corporate/official/academic octopus, before we heedlessly welcomed its strangling, asphyxiating embrace. Of those Governors Bush or Corrazine, to name only two out of many, whom they once so vigorously recommended to our unguarded trust.

Under distributism, according to the central inspiration of the Frankpledge Party—on the bedrock of that system's idea of the state, of the economy, as grounded solidly upon local inspiration and abilities, under the guidance and formative power of Christian Faith—this configuration positively guarantees that no higher province will escape the firm grasp of the common man. That no elite will interpose or intermediate itself between man and his familiar, beloved, affectionately-regarded world: with higher or more-sophisticated duties being performed not by some arrogant few but by familiar figures who long ago gained our abiding trust. While anything which diverges from this sine qua non is no state at all, but a tyranny which must be resisted by all within our God-given power.

April 22, 2012: Only the cord of the law of God is stout enough to hold together the string-of-pearls of the common good.

We speak much here about how the genuine polity exhibits a certain intrinsic unity of church and state, two fundamental institutions impacting exactly the same subject-matter, the good of man, and being frustrated in this pursuit not at all by each other, but only by the schemes of selfish, narrow and myopic private interests, either in the form of groups or of individual men. Those interlopers whose untiring effort is of course to elude detection, or any discovery of their vicious and perfectly-incongruous designs. They whose meticulous and laborious exclusion from workings of state or of church is the ever-demanding duty of all involved. While this praiseworthy defensive exertion is hardly advanced through any counterintuitive divorce or separation of these two basic God-given institutions, from their age-old native, energetic collaboration: but rather incalculably furthered through their wholehearted joint "bearing of the yoke", as if indeed in a matrimony of the most consequential kind. Hence if men of high or low office are graced with odors of piety or even sanctity: of what harm will this be to the state, to the common good, when to thus adore the God Who made both church and state is to lend new impetus to each and all at every level, to join energies in the most momentous way? And if statutes and policies likewise give honor to that same Good God, and pursue His prototypical plan, by whose blueprint all things are made: how then is there any injustice or imbalance involved?

Likewise, we speak much here of how reason itself is a twin endowment from the same God Who gave us a law of a right and wrong which both church and state must vigorously pursue—and in whose disciplinary regard the state may indeed be said in a sense to be the more rigorous and zealous of the two—with reason plainly aiding us in putting the same morally-based statutes into play wisely and justly in both these realms. So that manifestly when modern libertines speak of reason, or even liberty, as being their "weighing standard", they are in fact barking up the right tree: since as noted reason and morality are "of a piece", being only lower and higher parts of the same divine legislation written upon the human mind and soul. Indeed, every single moral virtue or official probity is worthy of the name only by displaying that rule of "right reason" whereby virtue, or more-precisely good habit, "lies in the middle". Gems to be found in the mean between two extremes, which latter because of their ill-ordered exaggeration are termed vices. Hence the classical example, that courage is the mean between cowardice and foolhardiness, or to take another, that justice is the mean between lax over-lenience and cruel exaction. Or yet again, that sexual purity might be considered the mean between a kind of coldness or prudery and a rash, immodest and careless boldness: although purity is unique and difficult to adequately define, with its characteristics, of outgoing or retiring nature, and so on, being determined somewhere in the depths of each individual personality. That which in its own unique way gives honor to God as none other can: a splendid singularity it was indeed created to display. A balance, in genuine purity, so delicate and Heavenly, containing so many exalted elements, that only the strongest love is able to keep perfect purity intact: as in the case of the Immaculate Virgin Mary. A purity whose strongest bulwark is indeed an all-inclusive love: of God, our own soul, our nation and neighborhood, our fellow man.

Plainly, then, this reason found in arsenals of states and souls isn't limited to cleverness, or even some rare breed of intelligence, as virtue and morality, as notably in the virtue of purity, give human reason its due purpose and exalted form, over and above mere material or mechanical things, which even ants, gophers or packs-of-wolves know eminently-well how to engineer. Without virtue's gentle and kindly ministrations reason quickly deteriorates into cunning, which hardly augurs any common good: a breed of predatory behavior the safe refuge against which the law of God alone supplies. Courts, White Houses and legislatures finally indeed becoming a reckless, bare-knuckled free-for-all, not intelligent at all, unless you think of intelligence as grabbing the biggest club more quickly and expeditiously than your opponent, and beating his brains out with it. Which is about how much rhyme or reason there is to Washington anymore: being awash with scheming and subterfuge, policies that deal in death, public theft and coercion, "one-upmanship" of every shape and size. Albeit under the prettiest of constitutional/parliamentarian veneers. When obviously enough it is from out of the very willingness to be good and to do good things that good enactments are made. Since contrary to our incurably-Newtonian, gravity or billiard-ball ideas of government, good laws aren't made by principles of carpentry, baseball or plumbing, but as the Holy Gospel assures us all man's deeds, good or bad, collective or private, come from "out of the depths of man's heart", not from some essentially Marxist collision of inanimate forces, or opposing waves of spleen.

Do we actually have the much-heralded and boasted-of rule of reason in Washington D.C.? Don't make me laugh. For all these sensible suppositions noted above only apply if the law of God is at least in some general sense recognized as the source of law, essentially forming as it does the pithiest of reason-based constitutions. Just as the rule of the father of a family provides justice between his children: so too is the law of the Creator alone able to arbitrate the good of all, and is hardly to be supplanted by some hoarse-throated juvenile free-for-all. No matter how much to some minds equality might somehow be thought to be thereby served: with the biggest bully, probably a beefy older brother, finally ruling the family roost. The rule of the straw boss on the cellblock hardly supplanting a divine law in whose brilliant light all others are shown up for imposters if they do not conform thereto. Indeed, rather is it much better simply to make the Commandments our sole Constitution, and be done with it: as was the case with kingdoms of medieval times. Realms whose founding principles were thus unwritten: a quality for which, incredibly-enough, they are regarded as backward and even barbaric today. While quite the contrary were this mutual-identification to be made, of laws human and divine, we would save ourselves endless grief, enmity and turmoil, would have a template, a pattern, in place of long-winded evaluation, analysis and debate, realizing wisely that the nation needs no other lodestone than this. So that again if we forsake this simple rule then all our executive, legislative or judicial efforts and enactments are doomed to scatter like a string of pearls when the unifying cord has been heedlessly cut: to the background of "the weeping and gnashing of teeth". What other binding tie will you replace it with? Boasts of Enlightenment-era Freemasons wisely to one side, there is none other to be had.

Washington demonstrates daily how much these law-and-policy-related pearls bounce and scatter, helter-skelter, on Capitol-Hill marble floors, in a (to-some-admirable) Newtonian-physics style: whose staccato dispersal is no doubt music to ears of "patriots" formed in this Judeo-Masonic, morally-neutral "type of government" style, which staunchly forbids this good and indeed pious binding tie. That whose noblest, indeed most "energy-efficient" and effective expression is the pursuit of the honor and glory of God: a tightly-unifying dedication to a Father on a whole higher plane than ourselves, apart from which rude fisticuffs maneuvers inevitably prevail, and the glory of some man or group of men takes brutal or stonewalling charge. With the peaceful assembly of right reason and good order scattered to every corner of the house. As men take for their "weighing standard" a Constitution which speaks only in the vaguest of terms of right and wrong, but rather of a chain-reaction or physics-lab type of explosive "liberty", of a balancing-of-powers of one bully or urchin against another, as if might and influence were all that were at stake. The whole spectacle rendering the will of certain powerful men supreme, the pagan god to be idolized and glorified, before which competing figures the law of right and wrong is bargained away, like so many poker chips, until all are said somehow to be remotely satisfied. (Perhaps indeed they belch contentedly, as if after an ample meal.) If not content with the outcome, then with the fact that the opponent is also unsatisfied with what has come about. Is this self rule? Let alone the common good? Nay, I say it is government for the whim of the governing, with the common man and woman made his chief prey, meal or sport. Indeed, with the real prime movers in these governing maneuvers, if we be for once honest, typically not being present at all, having well-rewarded proxies to shamefully ply their views, of course without any reference to God or good at all. So that we see in turn how much we are made into slaves by such an understanding of democracy, of a constitution: as thus placing mere mortal men so high above the interests of myriads of the common man. Hence indeed is the nation a family under God, or it is a brood of vipers, a den of thieves. A point not open to argument at all.

Plainly, if law and democracy are thought of as simply attaining so much clout, without the intervention of the law of God, then the outcome will as described above. While by contrast good government pursues an incontrovertible moral law only from different geographical perspectives, which give the common good a happy amplitude, and finds struggle only in a possible wish to see the same universal standard applied with special force in ones own region. That which is a far lesser evil with which to deal, than the ribald free-for-all, with no binding reference to right or wrong at all, described above.

Finally: are we to abandon this "enlightened" new political doctrine of the billiard-ball "non-normative", and indeed quite-the-contrary openly confess the need for a moral law, but claim, in another "advanced" and "brilliant" novelty, that it should be determined entirely by the electorate or the state: that men in assemblies or in voting booths should decide for themselves what is right and wrong? Modern men bravely, as always, ignoring the fact that we aren't all moral theologians, men by the millions trashing about in elephantine abandon in matters-of-conscience whose often-thorny nature can require the finest of probative minds: producing a morality cock-eyed, haphazard, of the most bewildering kind. This in the place of priestly or official labors that have taken centuries to apply in detail to public matters in nations far and wide. That which is indeed the most noble legacy of Western Civilization—if this can indeed be said to have survived at all—to be replaced by the rough-and-ready approach to law and indeed even public morality taken today: in this age of absolute dim-witted barbarity, aggressive-warfare, and abortion-on-demand. When most men have precious-few judgmental abilities left in their fevered minds, as compared to ages past.

With good reason, then, everything in the soul of a pious man rebels against such a thought, and fears to even consider such a Jacobin idea, as a stepping-stone to some biblical unforgivable sin, to the apostate, irrevocable loss of his soul. While even were such an agenda to be pursued it is the judgment of these shadowy ruling figures who command "from behind closed doors" that would prevail, and not that of the common man. Experience teaching us ruefully that even if morality is decided by referendum, as for instance in the noble anti-sodomy voter-proposition in California, the arrival at a calm, sanely-moral consensus will be thwarted by a rabble-rousing minority controlled as by puppet-strings by the noted tiny few. Or any semblance of a popular consensus hijacked by some last-ditch "brilliantly (read here cunningly) crafted" new axiom from fertile minds of some appellate court. But even were it possible to have an accurate tally of a "popular morality" in this way: experience reveals that it would lack all permanence or dependability, the very pith of Hayak's rule, at best keeping the state in the foment it is in today. Granting the fact that such an "up for grabs" condition, inseparable from this "popular evolution of morality" idea, is supremely-desirable to today's all-powerful fringe-minority of ever-feverish Jacobin/revolutionary minds. This whole of idea of popular determination of right and wrong utterly and disastrously lacking the all-arbitrating, unifying cord, of God's own law: of He Who made both us and our unaccountably thankless, rebellious, arrogant minds. Loosing for us noted "pearls of great price" of the common good, leaving us with essentially the same childish free-for-all noted above.

April 18, 2012: More on treacheries of the "separation of church and state"—for which is today skillfully and systematically substituted a rigid unity of synagogue and state—since with respect to moral leadership government "abhorreth a vacuum" even more than does the physics lab.

The golden rule of practical, politically-active Christianity is simply to pursue the Kingship of Our Blessed Lord in an above-board way, as our numbers give us sway: while if we shamefacedly jettison religion as statecraft's natural and incomparable companion in the exercise of popular prerogatives of classical democracy then we are doomed to lose all other good things, liberty, property, joy, our very souls, as well. Hence we mustn't shrink from seeking true and Godly religion's implementation in our laws, policies and customs: being as it is the source of all genuine law of any kind, from a Creator in Whom Justice and Order themselves exist as original divine templates and prototypes for intelligent societies below. In a Christianity, in its fullest form found in a true and traditional Catholicism toward which all are destined ultimately to aspire, whose universally mild and morally pure and inoffensive enactments can "do none harm" (St. Thomas More). Respecting as our holy Faith does the subtlest and most-sacred of liberties in the most clear and uncompromising way.

April 18, 2012: Uncle Sam is playing God with the weather again.

Brace yourselves, folks back East: it will be a tumultuous Spring again, and there will be no respite in terrors rained from the sky: by an Uncle Sam whose most cold-bloodedly-pursued "enemy", among so many, is his own very people. Most of this incredibly-foul weather has been caused either directly or indirectly by Uncle Sam and his nefarious associates, as investigated repeatedly here on this site, and on many others as well: with all things globally-climatic having in the first place been catastrophically set awry, destabilized by two mammoth sea-surges: the first in the bottom of the Sumatran Trench, impacting horrifically Banda Aceh, some seven or eight years ago, the next off the coast of Northern Japan somewhere, leveling so much of that island as well. Both these ground-zero blasts resulting, with scientific precision, in utterly-un-precedent and unnatural "tsunamis", above and beyond anything hitherto seen. No, you don't have to turn into some sort of rabid street-demonstrator, to acknowledge and condemn these things, nor must you abandon all the good customs and usages of our noble Christian past, in the veritable reverse-baptism which has become the apostate hallmark of a perverted, revolution-obsessed, sodomite age. Christianity and Civilization having nothing whatever to do with this twenty-three-year-long all-points Bush/Obama-era genocidal barbarity, this borderless war-on-humanity which loves foxily to put on Christian garbs.

I don't know what else to call him but Uncle Sam, or maybe I should say Uncle Bar-Samuel: this cosmic star-spangled sorcerer who regards all other national sovereignties as null and void, if they in any way take umbrage with his calamity-bearing ideas about law or government. In a "liberty loving" view-of-life which in highest pitches of damning irony is never adopted by choice, but always spread abroad militarily or by international intrigue and deceit. Over people of the earth regarded as needing ever to be "taught", about liberty, about "the facts of life", by this great cosmic teacher, this Uncle Sam. Although it is true too that all the nations, really, are seduced in the same way: with those common-sense common folk of an entire globe, they who most understand, in their rough-and-ready way, what is actually going on, being called some ugly name like anti-Semite. All the while the zany crowd that surrounds leaders everywhere, if most-notably our own presidents and congressmen, have since the end of World War II glibly or hysterically run the show. However, you can't just exclusively blame these moral-monsters at the top, simply because they are the vehicles of the extension of these evils across both nation and globe. For blaming the U.S. Government itself, as so many right-wingers do, is like lopping off someone's head and taking it to court, leaving the corpse to repose behind in alleged complete innocence. Wars-of-conquest, abortions-on-demand, and so on, aren't just done by high-officialdom, but require the guilty cooperation of the nation as a whole.

Thus, as I was saying, here goes Uncle Sam again, playing God, this time in a repeat performance directly manipulating the weather, out here in the Southwest: above and beyond ongoing effects of prior above-noted "tsunamis". Just after this last string of deadly storms, "outbursts" which invariably pick up wind-speed directly over us here in the region, where every few days we Westerners shake our heads in rueful anticipation for folks back East. Storms which then move on—already gaining fantastic force even out here—forging their way furiously to the Plains states and far beyond, there to wreak havoc and death. For once again the Air Force is busy running these cloud-producing vapor-trails across the sky, in a southern-Colorado/northern-New-Mexico quadrant out of which likewise, like enemies, Uncle Sam intends to drive away all ranchers and other residents, in any way he can. Blank-facedly pursuing his totalitarian goal of converting the whole mammoth, hauntingly-beautiful area into what amounts to all intents and purposes to a "military reservation". Here then no doubt, in dreams of further column-and-line regimentation of whole massive regions, being another excuse, in narrow minds of military planners, for this deadly and nefarious misuse of the skies, the very next day after previous deadly storms have spent themselves back East. While killing many birds with one stone, using the very skies for "military maneuvers" of this apocalyptic kind. These "vapor trails" being of a staggering new variety nowadays, not the old narrow and sketchy lines of the seventies: a newer variety which rapidly, in a mere few minutes, self-thickens to the size and density of a standard, bona fide cloud. Creations from a dozen or so aircraft flying directly and simultaneously overhead, creating fishbone patterns, in parallel lines to the number of fifty or so, all told. These thereupon thickening, quickly forming a seamless blanket, as it were, to blot out the sun. Rapidly-expanding trails being thus created, in a spree of a single morning, by these jets running hither and yon, if in orderly column and line, over a "targeted" area—as if we were a foreign enemy, helpless under a bombing run—where before there had been perhaps at most a half-dozen broadly-spaced flights per day across the sky. These "vapor trails" diverging radically from standard, harmless jet-exhausts, which disappear a few moments after leaving the engine's fan-tail. This deadly variety, said by some to contain biological-warfare particles as well—of course, "for our own good", guinea-pig beneficiaries that we are—quickly blotting out the sun, turning the day from a promising warmth and perfect blue clarity to another deep-freeze: as indeed happened yesterday, as we watched, on our way up the street to the store. Whereupon the resulting cold-air-mass of thousands of square miles drifts Eastward, under prevailing westerly winds, and collides with moist Gulf breezes, inevitably producing catastrophic rotations in the scores. I don't know what the foggy particulates are, that are thus spread across the sky, but their final effects are frequently deadly, with their sudden squadron-force appearance having nothing whatever to do with any innocent "training flight" across the azure, no matter what Air Force officialdom might so breezily pretend. Uncle Sam plainly regarding himself as "not like the rest of men", not required to level with anyone, engrossed as he is with "nation-building" efforts, requiring for this purpose to learn the age-old aggressive-militarist's dream: of an absolute command over the very elements themselves. Using our own very native skies for such ends: "scientifically", like some new Eichmann, observing deadly effects upon citizens below. All this as if to renew ancient lusts of Jupiter chasing some goddess among the clouds. For this ancient-world-hearkening paganism, of Hillary, Barack, Romney and the gang, is what we empowered when we stopped confessing that the law of God is the sole source of all law and political or military principle. When We the People let that state which is supposed to be our very own tool, handled familiarly by we ourselves, and not by some secretive elite—when we let it put on Enlightenment-era sorcerer's garb over an ultra-radical rehash of tyrannies of ancient times past. A state which validly "has power only for the building up and not the tearing down".

As intimated above, out here in the Southwest, in a little-discussed but unvarying and remorseless agenda, the USA is buying up ranch-lands in order to create the noted vast "military reservation" out of legendary lands, for which tyrannical purposes the removal of all civilian residents is essentially required. This hovering figure wanting us all "safely" and "securely" living in his marvelous, violence-prone cities, instead of running around out here at large, minding our own affairs, like freemen everywhere used to do.

Indeed, if we would face facts with the merciless honesty that above-described epic-nefarious cases require, we would at long last admit that the eighteenth-century Age of Revolution from whence this nation sprang was the spawning-ground of a deadly, cancerously-aggressive breed of government which is intrinsically invalid, illegitimate: being obsessed with goals other than those for which the state was made, in the just and loving Mind of God. This grossly-misnamed "freedom"-project being in its main outlines Satanic, plying the cruel liberty of a Hell which knows not God or His mild and clement law. Having rather set for itself the goal of the brutal subjugation of mankind to Godless principles, to the service of sin and barbarity, sodomy, abortion and other hideous anti-life crimes. Hence do we on this Crusade claim as our bosom allies all who stand against this ugly and guilty tide, sweeping in so many ways across a global sky. Embracing as brothers all who "love God with their whole heart, soul and mind", in this terrible day when we must look for allies where we may. Looking as we do, like God Himself, only at the heart: with evidences of sincerity amply supplying where erroneous or incomplete doctrine may objectively leave something to be desired. For today the battle-lines are drawn, not between a techno-trinket "progress" and primitive or "backward" conditions—as Hillary would so stoutly have us believe—but simply and frankly between Heaven and Hell. So that as long as someone embraces the minimum standard of belief in "one God Who is the rewarder of the good and the punisher of the wicked"—and accordingly tries with evident sincerity to "hear the word of God and keep it"—as against this new pagan breed which would lead us all away in moral chains—then he is indeed "my mother, brother and sister", of the only sort to be found today.

Whether or not these "vapor trails" of yesterday will cause an immediate damaging change in the weather back East is anybody's guess, but Uncle Bar-Samuel is experimenting, like some alchemist, with elements to be used like divisions in some future war. Against some "enemy" at home or abroad.

April 16, 2012: Belated coverage of the Trayvon Martin case: I confess that I didn't look at the story until this morning, since for one thing I make a point of not writing about every single horror-story that shouts at you from the headlines, in this website which is essentially political-philosophical in nature. The whole problem to me, in a real-life nutshell, is what might be called the gated-community syndrome: that which is so plainly at the alienated heart of today's version of the "American Dream".

Found too at the metallic heart of the gun-rights debate and the bloody tragedies which lie sprawled along its path is today's ubiquitous institution of the gated-community: a social anomaly which swept the USA like wildfire—or like toadstools in the morning sun—during the drug-laundering-fed housing boom—that easy-money hysteria doomed to end in the bust of vacant deteriorating housing which is real-estate USA today. This mob-arbitrated mega-scheme dragging in its wake all the socioeconomic problems it so amply epitomizes, with noted gated citadels-of-exclusion providing the McMansion-glitzy stage upon which is with increasing frequency played out this nightly culture of alienation. Of a nation which, having abandoned daily, practical Christian values—contenting itself with various wildly-popular varieties of "only saying 'Lord, Lord'"—then tries to assemble grim, stock procedures of "law and order" among citizens ironically no longer acquainted with civility itself. Residents of these vaunted citadels-of-privilege having become mere political shells, lacking the very substance of the much-honored-in-the-breach name. Here being perfectly modeled in physical form a laissez-faire capitalism so much at the heart of the "American Dream"—emblematic of an exclusivist "chosen one" spirit lurking somewhere at the depths of a Judaized Christianity from whence it all sprang—producing a country in which people remain supremely indifferent to one another in most regards. Contenting themselves with a lot of gallingly-false, alternately arrogant/saccharin formalities and protocols, after which they go on glibly and with model puritan thrift to pursue their own Scrooge-selfish interests. Unless there is some equally-exclusionary reason to gather in some radically-restricted group. The whole ensemble, of these gated communities, actually resembling nothing so much as a vast armada of pirate-vessels, their hulls decorated with a lot of middle-class "Kings Court" or "Quail Run" escutcheons though they might be, with which motif the relatively-recent adoption of earrings is entirely at home, needing only peg-legs and patches-over-the-eye. While finally the nearly-seventy-year-old introduction of a culture of drug abuse closes the circle of the institution of barbaric and piratical values over which the camouflage of computerized gates and miniscule cellphones is an affront to Civilization, to the human mind and soul.

In such a culture there will always be these sorts of confrontations, and the dead kids, ruined families and armed-to-the-teeth paranoiacs of which they are made. Even if there truly is a culture of crime—out there in the terrible unknown, beyond the gates—which makes the whole things highly plausible to some minds. Rather to escape such an asylum must we jettison this rigidly-modular starship enterprise idea of progress—which seems so full of bright and hopeful things—a deceptive futurism built upon the unnatural centralization of finance, and the bizarre commoditization of life that goes with it. This new and promising agenda, which this Crusade advocates, requiring first of all that we go back to the Faith of our fathers, and reject the values of an alienating, materialistic, neighbor-despising world. Into which today's neo-con market-Napoleonism fits like a war-profiteering hand in a misanthropic glove.

But with respect to the Martin case itself: various ramifications of this "stand your ground" legislation are arguable on their own particular merits or lack thereof, but when you place the whole thing in the scenario of the gated community, and all it represents: it is then you have this warp, this fantasy, this ferry-land which can augur nothing good. While within this panoply is made eminently likely the playing out of any number of plots and private agendas, of certain groups, much spoken of on this site, who wish above all things to "divide and rule". The death of civility brought about by forces noted briefly and partially being the fuse required to light such a blast, making any number of heartless and grizzly things possible, here in this Huxlian "land of the brave".

March 4, 2012: Traditional micro-local to national-level power as opposed to the modern ultra-liberal, touchy-feely, down-in-your-face counterfeit, part of an ongoing falsification of good idea such as are advocated here. This older article has been reworked in view of the continuing urgency of what it contains.

In a Christian nation like ours, to throw around words like localism without any reference to Christ and His Church is only to invoke the backward, orgiastic and bloody tribalism of ages past, of which all nations and peoples have had their fair share. And that agenda-of-degeneration is what we see skillfully hidden in a great many of these liberal-advocacy newspapers, available for free, familiar to grocery-store-goers all over the Southwest, raising a great journalistic cry of support for "local economies", with the whole thing at first glance seemingly reminiscent of the populist 1930s of the great Father Coughlin. Like some feature-story from out of the homespun Co-op Movement of this mid-century crusader and his many Midwestern rural associates. But true localism can't just dump two thousand years of Christian tradition, and the myriad abiding symbols and cultural touchstones that once brought it all to life, and call them passé: as the vast bulk of these fabulously-funded, zany and hysterical new movements are doing. Well-coordinated parts that they are of a chaotic program which is in fact global rather than local in both nature and origin, and to which a dominant tradition-discarding heterodox Christianity of the past five decades has provided indispensable ideological and motivational support. Since any true localism—to escape the banal or bizarre contagion of being "just another fad"—must have an abiding element of the sacred, of things reverently "handed down", or it is just another symbol of local powerlessness, a resistance-deflecting fixture of mighty global potentates who condescendingly rule from afar.

Since I began writing on the web way back at the beginning of 2003, I have noticed the sprouting-up of a great many of these publications and related political and quasi-political projects, all of them bursting with ideas incredibly similar to our own: sometimes indeed quoting or paraphrasing whole paragraphs, or even in some ways whole books. This copying is of course part of the program noted above: as for one thing all these zany "localists" seldom have an original idea, even as they elbow their way into every arena by way of their vastly-superior publishing and propaganda machines, and their uncanny ability to as it were be everywhere at once. Indeed these ubiquitous people maneuver themselves effortlessly to the very head of any new movement, any new effort to break their deadly stranglehold over everything from education to policy, every new initiative that comes into being in any field. Thus being able to render such exertions stillborn, never to truly see the light of day, managing to carry a good idea to the dizzy brink of the ridiculous or precipitous. In some cases indeed by the simple addition—or deft subtraction—of a barely-noticeable further word or two.

True, the synagogue—and that vast bulk of modern liberalism which takes orders and cue from same—has for decades now championed this "think globally, act locally" paradigm—and I knew ruefully beforehand that anything I said about any kind of localism would instantly be confused and confounded, quite deliberately, with all this touchy-feely trash, by those people who turn out brassy look-alikes in such gaudy profusion. But all you need to do is to read some ample amount of this website, and you will see quickly that it is from another galaxy, far away from the black hole of this warmed-over hippy-pad, this unwarranted and violating intimacy, which all this kibbutz-like bonhomie of liberal-establishment revived hippydom represents.

The Frankpledge system, the traditional localism or distributism of which we speak here, harbors a deep mutual affection indeed, one however based first and foremost on moral and sexual purity, on personal integrity and the love and adoration of God. Indeed contrary to common radically-promoted opinion, this noble and honorable affection is much closer and more sincere than any other kind: being an intimacy which taps into the very wellsprings of God Himself. Drawing from there a love which is boundless, self-sacrificial, mutually-ennobling in character. The sources of which sociopolitical devotion are easy enough to find: namely, in the literature, the spirituality, the "customs and usages" of our forefathers.

This then is the real localism, the real neighborhood and patriotic love, one which calls forth solitary contemplative prayer at least as much as a bracing, rousing—but never vulgar or personally violating—camaraderie. This is what builds cities, after a pattern lost to memory, but discoverable once again: towns over which recluses pray and communicate with God, in caves and huts on hills above. (Rather than rattling gourds to the sky as all these new "localists" would have a host of new shamans do.) While by contrast all the modern propaganda would decapitate localism of its connection to God, and thus starve it of any nourishment of a most-sustaining and indispensable kind. And turn out gabby people who are barest fools, to tire us and lead us astray.