This group-of-articles hopefully restored after being missing for some ten days or so, having been subject to an incredible hacking assault over opening days of the Christmas season, no doubt largely a case of causing bewildering anomalies to appear on our own computer screen, which however don't actually obtain on the website itself. Thus tricking you into deleting some of your most timely writing for being an eyesore that it pointedly is not.

But thank God, the site is still mostly good and readable, undamaged across much of its content, this species of sabotage uncannily like the petty and effeminate annoyances sprung on us by much-the-same effeminate crowd out here on the Anti-Sodomy Crusade. Like breaking a radio antenna, pulling out an electrical wire from the housing of a tail-light, voiding the signaling of a turn at the rear, which is a dangerous thing indeed, or for good measure, from these “enlightened and forward-looking “ people, spitting all over our windows, dumping cans of soft drinks helter-skelter over things in the bed of our truck, and so on.

Behold, then, these storied bomb-throwing “lovers of liberty”, these sodomites and Government agents , digital inventors of “Russia collusion” bots and other hoaxes, “loyal” laborers under a system which adroitly performs the same sorts of maneuvers with nations far and wide, “hacking” the global economic vitality by use of a “reserve currency” cunningly conceived, when a war-weary world was prostrate after WWII, at the “make the world safe” Breton Woods globe-extortionary debacle. Allegedly producing “stability” in the world's markets by this means, but actually chaining an entire globe to the retrogressive and piratical Federal-Reserve ocean-going oar. Alas, floodgates against this kind of extortion in the computer world were dynamited when a “forward looking” financial-promoter Bill Gates—no digital engineer or scientist at all—released on the market the first “personal computer”—somehow having hacked or weadled his way into nascent labors of Steve Jobs and his associate—in their garage-level creations when the internet hadn't actually yet seen the light of day. With Bill's teams of professional electronic-hijackers opening up “a hole you could drive a truck through” in eagerly-foreseen soon-to-be-impregnable digital defense-works yet-to-be-complete by Jobs and his crew. This sabotage a task for which Gates must have had ample help from the U.S. Military, the original development of the internet itself, and foremost computer-savvy element of the times. For we have no real nation here at all in the much-beloved USA—patriotic effusions notwithstanding—but a league-of-piracy—being “members in good standing” of that two-century-old Bush-and-Roosevelt-league Skull and Bones, and its European equivalent, the Thule Society, to which Hitler himself belonged. A covert enterprise which seems to be a direct descendant of the same early-modern, thieving and murdering Atlantic and Mediterranean piratical league that once roamed the waves with such bloody boldness and a similar gloating impunity.

Hence within this long-developing geo-political, geo-economic context can the whole bewildering assortment of Congressional feints and subterfuges of the past few months or years be seen as only “trading space for time”, while supremely-well-trained professional youth-perverters and agitators—direct successors of tumult-breeding '60s “Free Speech” and “Free Love” organizers—get ready to violently turn the country upside down. In an end-time revolutionary tumult for which the above-noted maneuvers have been critical stock preliminaries, preparing for a time of universal chaos anticipated both in Scripture and in revelations to saints over a thousand years and more. These system-subservient lead-revolutionaries, after having ably perverted a sufficient fraction of American youth toward sodomy “self-identification”—a mass-brainwash without anything “self” about it at all—thus handily providing themselves a chaotic army without a mind. A con-job suffered as well by foregoing fanatical denizens of halycon Boomer-era years, a time when I myself first attended college, and had to put up with the hallway, dorm-room and street-corner antics of this vermin breed, or their under-the-bushes acts of sexual “liberty”. Lewd scenes sometimes performed right on the front of the admin-building lawn.

December 8, 2019: The Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the New Eve. They who battle under her spotless banner may indeed sometimes become sullied, under the relentless assaults of a system bent on the destruction of souls. Struggling warriors who are then blamed without mercy, or warned-against as having some frightful pathology, for having even tried to stay pure and good.

I and a great many others lament the departure of a certain Dr. Forbes who used to grace the set on the Weather Channel, a venerable “old school” Southern gentleman whose courteous and respectful, erudite analysis of unprecedented climactic trends of our times was ended some time back—we don't know when his job was done there, as we have been without TV for a number of years, until the last two months—a man of mature age diagnosed with cancer some time before our last viewing of the show, and perhaps today already expired. (As you may know, secretive forces so prevalent today can get rid of “inconvenient” people rather quickly, indeed at the proverbial “drop of a hat”, with the introduction of the cancer virus by injection, ingestion or some other means, as was done indeed both to Fidel Castro and to the one-time president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez. The latter likewise subject to massive amounts of media character assassination prior to, during and after his demise, as conducted by an ever-news-managing Government and media here in the USA. A good leader, no actual “communist” or “socialist”—systems which by definition require most of the economy, notably the major industries, to be owned by the state—he who was a thorn in the side to an Hemispheric-conformity-demanding Uncle Sam, allegedly the end-time “Savior” of mankind.) But Dr. Forbes before his departure was constantly upstaged, mocked for his sober and cultivated manner, by this street-talking, weight-lifting paragon, Joe—I forget his last name—another weatherman who ceaselessly invaded the good Dr. Forbes' territory and personal space, like some sort of bounding Gorilla, in front of millions, right there on the set, visibly badgering him, treating him like someone with “Alzheimer's”, in syrupy, patronizing tones calling him “Forbsie”, and so on. He who of course succeeded Dr. Forbes, on the show, if his humanoid antics have now happily somewhat been subdued, perhaps in view of his own accession to more advanced years, when weight-lifter muscle so readily goes to fat if not ceaselessly exercised in a rigorous way. But it seems that the departure of Dr. Forbes opened floodgates there on the Weather Channel show, introducing a bevy of mostly-youthful “meteorologists” of the same tumultuous type as Joe, notably young ladies with shrill and provocative voices, doing a sort of “floor show” out there in front of gigantic weather-maps, where the calm collectedness of Dr. Forbes once nobly reigned. These damsels “letting their hair down” in professionally-purposeless, near-hysterical ways, provoking a suspicion that they are “high on something”. They and Joe introducing us all, together with our “morning Java”, to a “love it or leave it” “advanced and enlightened” modern-day life, with poorly-veiled contempt consigning older and calmer manners to the dustbins of history, where the staid and solid Dr. Forbes now peacefully resides. These performers making a comedy-act out of each new weather-related installment on the show: a stock recourse which today indeed finds such antics everywhere, notably among security guards, door-greeters and store managers whose startling acts of perfectly-rehearsed bowl-you-over friendliness serve as a testing-of-reflexes for potential “terrorists” of every stripe. A test directed most pointedly at the sober keeper of his own counsel of the Dr. Forbes type, everywhere today among this managerial set, by dint of incessant Dr. Phillian brainwash, thought to be “ a time-bomb about to explode”. These vaudeville enthusiasts incessantly insuring us that “although today's weather is bad”, “way back in May of '52” they had something even worse, in the form of some disaster of some sort: all the while male-and-female gaily-harmonizing voices do a convincing sonar rendition of the rise-and-fall of birds-in-flight. These dutiful Orwellian functionaries—whose secretive, not-so-smiling task is plainly to distract us from the looming end-time Sodom-like solar-incineration which present atmospheric anomalies so obviously portend—breezing past the mind-staggering fact that these weather disasters were exceedingly rare back then, whereas photo-finish repeats of similar once-monumental events now happen by the dozens over a period of a few months, and not as isolated storms decades or centuries apart, as experienced from time immemorial before.

All these antics are also stock parts of an ever-more-enveloping drug culture, as is so much else in the USA today: a bit of tire-tool-like, scarcely-so-happy behavior modification, treating older non-addicted manners with gales of laughter and veiled contempt, so that the rule of the drug-lord—the biggest office, worksite, parking-lot and housing-and-hiring-policy constant today—may continue its lumbering gait with no break in stride. And these clued-in, “up and coming” people are “washed clean” in this new all-purpose absolution, namely, that they allegedly never “judge” anyone: although in the next breath and as suggested above they judge with the most towering self-righteous vindictiveness the carefully-conscientious, the habitually just and good, people like Dr. Forbes, if ever they might momentarily let down their guard and succumb to incessant, inescapable, determined and remorseless attacks and moral-ambushes of the fiend. Living too as good people today do in a moral and social isolation which is a gorilla-all-its-own to be faced with each new dawning day, a stressful atmosphere which trebles the overpowering effect of those deadly infernal assaults to which these “non-judgmental” people themselves surrender daily in the most wholehearted and nonchalant way. This terrible moral isolation of the latter-day good indeed prompting the Blessed Savior to so dolefully predict, speaking of this very day, that “if the time were not shortened, even the elect would be led astray”. For this unprecedented “innocence” of modern man—he who has repudiated all the cultural and moral “backwardness” of daily practical Christianity—consists very simply and with consummate ease in “humbly” giving up before any struggle at all is waged: bowing abjectly, “non-judgmentally” if with squeals of giddy delight, all the while the good who have fallen pick up the pieces and go on. Humiliated but not vanquished, readily forgiven, their hearts full of both hope and contrition, and a renewed purity-of-soul.

But the time for perpetually being vanquished is over, latter-day Christian throngs! It is you yourselves indeed whom God will use to scripturally “shorten the time”. As stated so magnificently in another biblical line; “Now is the time to gird on the sword”: although our muster may of necessity be hinged to a coming decisive climax in present cosmic “weather” events, as there is no longer any vestige of a once-prodigious “freedom of assembly”, something actually much more basic than, and critically preliminary to, any freedom to bear arms. So thoroughly are the forces of good subject to a suffocating surveillance which doesn't allow us to so much as move a finger, or raise a voice, or make a fist, in urging or organizing our own naturally-incumbent defense, resolutely standing by all we hold sacred and dear.

December 6, 2019: Our well-considered hypothesis: The Impeachment debacle as a defensive measure of drug lords, two of whose most prestigious operatives, the Bidens, father and son, were about to be “taken down”. Global addiction a cancerous empire which actually originated out of D.C. in the 1800s, and which today has major directive forces there: notably and without a doubt within Schiff's Intelligence community itself.

Indeed, as soon as the much-celebrated phone-call of Trump with Zelinski was listened-in-upon by these compromised functionaries, almost before the receiver was put down, diversionary tactics “just had” to be employed, to protect a global addictive octopus of which Joe Biden is probably a major “facilitator”, and his son likely a high-level player as well. Hence was forthwith orchestrated an elaborate, convoluted, impenetrably-complex Congressional procedure—to its insidious designers, the more abstruse and involved the better—this drug-related “embarrassment” of high-level powers no doubt the real fire lit under Pilosi to make her change her mind so suddenly, about impeachment being “the way to go”. Joe Biden, as we aver, having dealt his son Hunter the highly-placed pusher an ace from the bottom of the deck, prompting all the ballyhoo to begin, dense dust from which it was hoped wouldn't settle until Trump was ignominiously driven from the stage, and no Ukrainian or Chinese prosecution of Hunter insisted upon, or even contemplated, at all. After which “business as usual” could return, and the drug-induced destruction of lives around the globe could continue at its gathering heightened pace, with new and stouter tentacles reaching out of Kiev to all of Russia and the Baltic sea. All this in the “love, love” world of Vatican II era humanism in which you “never judge”, nor “make a fist”, nor use Pilosi-condemned words like “hate”, where “realistic politicians” like an also-”Catholic” Joe Biden don't make waves on a Yankee Bluebeard's Heroine-peddling seven seas.

After all, a “bribing” or “intimidating” Trump isn't to be rightly blamed because someone so highly-placed as Joseph Biden so recklessly “stuck his foot in the bear-trap”, committing truly-felonious deeds which a president must by law interdict in whatever way he can, or inevitably be implicated himself in the ugly scheme. Joe daring to attempt such a bald-faced deal, one about which he openly boasted, like some sort of pirate-on-the-main, cuss-words and all, in front of the assembled Council on Foreign Relations, one of the most powerful and prestigious bodies on the globe. Hunter the pusher/consumer of dope, whom the Biden-dismissed prosecutor was investigating, having been sent to the Ukraine in particular not just because he “needed a job”, but plainly-enough in order to widen the global circle of addictive drugs for his dope-industry friends, fronting a global enslavement in which the U.S. has always been the lead-player involved. Joe Biden too, corner-thug-style, mouthing profanities with increasing frequency, only yesterday was seen on TV moving swiftly, violently toward a critic in his audience, in a way which unmistakably constitutes assault in a court of law: upon which the security guard stepped in front of him, not in front of the unthreatening critic, before the “great leader” could commit battery as well. Biden using the vulgar and abusive language and manners of those drug-mobsters we have seen so often, if not at all by choice: they whose accents are so familiar to us, with whose menacing personalities we have sometimes indeed had to reckon, in various stopping-off points out here on Crusade. Places chosen for their relative anonymity where no one can claim rigorously-enforceable “property rights”, places in short, and as luck would have it, where drug pushers and buyers also most often “do their deals”.

Actually, Joann and I saw this sort of thing on the most prosaic level, which didn't keep our eyes from starting out of our heads, when we ourselves were in D.C. in 2007, while conducting our Joshua-like procession around the Capitol, with our rig on which was inscribed “National Anti-Sodomy Crusade”: a truck and travel trailer the subject of many an act of assault or sabotage, for which reason we now no longer have either at all. But back then thus equipped, as we made our way repeatedly around the Beltway, we earnestly begged God that the walls of the globe-blackmailing, quid pro quo Evil Empire might “come tumbling down”. And indeed after that came the 2008 financial collapse, the first unravelings of U.S. Empire-building foreign policy, and a whole host of other catastrophes besides. All this not because we “hate” the USA but because we love it, and want to free it from Judeo/secret-society inflicted blood-suckers of every shape and size. Well, as I was saying, we had to take a little break in our circuit around D.C., as it fell out choosing a tiny little rest area on the road to Langley, home of the CIA, just off the Beltway on the Virginia side, just before the celebrated bridge, this lovely spot-in-the-woods about a mile or so from that bastion of Schiff's power today. This little oasis a place where we sat and witnessed as many as a dozen exchanges of drugs and payments for same—we know well how to recognize such things, having unavoidably seen thousands of them by now, at pull-offs and parking lots across the land—five-minute deals conducted out of fancy late-model cars by closed-mouthed, important-looking people—exuding an aura that you wouldn't dare question them about anything at all—hardly there to grab a bite to eat, or to enjoy the marvelous early-evening air. Indeed, the long train of these dealings never did end while we were there, and probably numbered in the hundreds before the night was done.

December 6, 2019: A Fox News “expert” yesterday calls the unjustly-impeached post-Civil-War Andrew Johnson “an old racist”, or words to that effect.

When I was in high school, even there in a stock-Yankee Illinois, from '60 to '64, Andrew Johnson was universally recognized as one of the greatest, most enlightened and most patriotic Americans ever to see the light of day. This was a man who just after the first shots were fired at Fort Sumpter, being known for his anti-secession loyalties—being then indeed the Vice President, and thus with Lincoln himself closely allied—was violently mobbed by angry secessionists while enroute between D.C. and his home in eastern Tennessee. His own close-knit mountaineers of the area having been, and indeed still being, enlightened people, with no truck at all then or now for slavery. And after the war Johnson labored tirelessly, agonizing to prevent the Union from splitting up again, struggling against those Radical Republicans, headed by Stanton, who wanted to crush the South beneath the Northern heel, and thus likely-enough provoke hostilities once again. Chances are indeed that it was Stanton himself and some of his colleagues who arranged the assassination of Lincoln, because of his magnanimity in arranging terms of surrender for the Confederacy, with the then Secretary-of-War arguably cooperating as well in the well-planned escape of John Wilkes Boothe to far-southern climes, leaving in the well-remembered “burning barn” the bullet-riddled body of some fall-guy, never yet to this day truthfully identified. For it was by powerful people of both North and South that the slavery machinery had been kept humming along for so many decades, men who likewise drug their feet in the prosecution of the Civil War, giving the country a final body-count close to a million men.

When the final vote of the removal-from-office segment of that mid-eighteen-hundreds impeachment of the good Johnson was finally taken, the heroic Republican senator from North Dakota, Norris as I remember, his name once almost a household word here in the USA, another truly great man, was quoted as saying that when he cast the deciding “nay” vote he knew that he “looked down into his own political grave”.

But as it turned out, Radical Republican “Reconstruction” legislation stood grindingly in place long enough to truly embitter a South unjustly victimized from the start, allowing scarcely-popularly-representative secret-societies like the KKK to take their menacing form, after Dixie had for one thing been the object of a Sherman's March which was mankind's first reintroduction, since the time of Genghis Khan, to “total war”. Southerners like the noble Johnson, no racist at all, suffering to this day from condemnation for a sociomoral disease imposed upon them from the North from the very start.

December 5, 2019: The Impeachment chirade: an exercise in oblivion drawn from hysterics of McCluhan's “the medium is the message”, going inevitably from there to “the people would never understand”, onward to “they would only panic”, a bout of insanity to issue forth in a hearing in search of a crime. But “there is method in the madness” of it all.

Southern Congressmen are lucid and mature and thus stand out like the Biblical “sparks flying among stubble”, when compared against their colleagues there in the House Judiciary hearing room, Democrats mastered by twisted behavioral-science-based theories, jerk-knee Schiff-loyalists mentally so passive and inert as to resemble the proverbial dog wagged by its own tail. This while party-subservient, shallow-minded “legal experts” grapple like ten-year-olds with legal theories for whose application or understanding they lack the required probity and maturity of past generations of truly wise and educated men. All this the dismal end-result of a once-wildly-celebrated and still-steadily-expanding Boomer-era-initiated wallow in drugs and promiscuity which today finds our college students performing little better than grunting cavemen when compared to the Chinese. The mainland's highly-disciplined graduates however typically having to work for U.S. Corporations solidly ensconced in, or “sourcing out from”, the Middle Kingdom, with myriad science-and-engineering breakthroughs of men scarcely out of their teens—together with those of other Asians some 90% of the whole—archly and summarily claimed by these voracious but small-brained financial behemoths, resembling dinosaurs somehow escaping from the Ice Age. Owners of patents, awash in “reserve currency” trillions, which rob these estimable people of their justly earned rewards. This all the while primitive, hair-brained, “self-identifying” Yankee collegians—agog with their lewd “new discovery” like fictional cavemen with eyes alight for just having “discovered fire”—chase each other in wild orgies down dormitory halls, even as Trump threatens China with thermonuclear war.

I myself think that the whole thing is entirely prearranged, by astute interlopers who claim for themselves the entire world stage, a people much spoken of here on this page. For the Jews from time immemorial have been “setting people up” for disasters of just such kinds, specializing as they do in the bringing down of whole nations and empires, and most remorselessly of devout worshippers of God in every clime, as in insidious maneuvers recorded so well in the Epistles of St. Paul. For plainly enough, the Democrats and all they now represent—the perversion, the perfectly undisciplined way-of-life, the drug-addiction, the juvenile-minded defiance of authority here, and criminally encouraged around the globe—all this anarchy-breeding chaos, with stark finality and as history teaches us, is a tired, doped-up old nag that ultimately “will not run”. Hence accordingly have the communists, wherever they have taken over, been noted for “eliminating” all the Freemasons: those radical-secularist lodges which have always prepared the way for Godless systems and ideas. Why jettison these loyal followers, Masons or streakers, sodomites or Congressional impeachers in search of a presidential crime? Because, very simply, they have already and at long last “served their purposes”, and can be dispensed without any further ado: having in the process amply proven themselves a liability to anyone who wants to bring about anything good at all, let alone to those biblical “enemies of mankind” with an ironclad and highly-disciplined totalitarian agenda to bring-into-being.

Thus with respect to the impeachment debacle one can see this perfect tool of Jewish global supremacy, Donald Trump, beyond serious question himself a crypto-Jew, goading the Democrats to “have at it” with their signature adolescent-minded might-and-main, since he has his street-savvy Black Shirt goons waiting patiently, enlisted from among war-criminals, neo-Nazis and hoards of wild-eyed if-well-rewarded supporters at Hitler-like rallies around the land, affectionately fondling their clubs and guns just past the curtains backstage. And they will quickly put an end to most of the riot and orgy: a pastime to be reserved to ruling Jews and themselves alone. The rest of us to be securely tied to our oar, in this ocean-going vessel which plunders the biblical “wealth of nations” in China and elsewhere today.

December 3, 2019: The “Catholic” priestly pedophile scandal, like the entire sodomy debacle, only another project of ever-infiltrating Jews.

One needn't be too awfully savvy to recognize the sixty-year-long universally Jewish source of now-incessant and universal homosexual funding and propaganda, with endless lists of notorious pedophiles and their promoters alike inevitably wearing stock-Hebrew names like Hahn or Kahn, Kohen or Klein (as did Hitler's mother), some prefix of Gold- or Blum- or suffix of -stein or -burg, -thal or -crans. Indeed the long-powerful ultra-liberal John “Kerry” prudently changed his name from some unpronounceable Eastern-European-Jewish original, to bill himself as an “Irish Catholic”, pulling it off in signature synagogue smoothness, in company with Madeline “Albright”, his regional-and-confessional close-cousin, likewise sporting an Anglo-American assumed identity as decade-long political “lady of the hour”. And the same recourse to assumed identities has been employed from first to last in this “Catholic clerical scandal”, with a whole host of allegedly Catholic sodomite priests being nothing but Jews in disguise, or “converted Jews” who kept the Hebrew surname, as in a certain Fr. Koch who turned a major seminary in Wisconsin upside down with his homosexual proclivities, somewhere around 1958, after which the huge facility was summarily closed down. An odd institution with the strange inscription in stone found upon the fronticepiece of the most prominent building: “It is better to aim low and hit than to aim high and miss”.

In fact, there is no institution on earth that is more anti-sodomy than the Catholic Church, where duly existing as such, and not as impersonated by some weasel-like, expertly-and-expensively-publicized mole-organization bent on her destruction from within. Catholic monasticism in particular having for some nineteen-hundred years been an immaculate flower of all the virtues, of both the inner and outer man, a stringently-disciplinary, austerely-mortified regimen of penitence which typically allowed only one meal per day, which provided for surrounding communities a shining example of the most sublime and exalted virtue and character-development ever found among men. Jewish infiltration into the Catholic Church—ever bound toward ground-leveling destruction, like some terrorist carrying some bomb-laden “vest”—just like original Jewish burrowing activities in the early Apostolic Church, recorded in horrified detail by St. Paul—bearers of sodomy and other depravities even back then, as his chilling descriptions bear out so well—this plague found short-lived Vatican irruption in the late-fifteenth and early-sixteenth inroads of the crypto-Jewish Medicis. Fabulously-wealthy false-Renaissance-era financiers who even managed to install two popes of the family blood-line, these however by dint of unshakable divine guarantees having been prevented from announcing any heresies “from the chair of Peter”, or in other words of infallible stature, an immunity which has remained essentially in place even amid today's anti-pope spectacular of sixty-some years duration. The present latter-day onslaught too is only another installment of two millennia of hostile infiltrations warned-against in papal and episcopal decretals of as many years, having actually begun sometimes during or shortly after the Rothschild/synagogue-piloted Revolutionary Era of the late eighteenth century. Some Jew having undoubtedly been at the elbow of that misguided pope of the 1770s who suppressed heroically-virtuous, flock-serving Jesuits, ejecting these oft-martyred missioners—champions of indigenous peoples, sedulous guardians of their typical rich soils and precious-metals-laden lands—from their arduous fields-of-labor worldwide, under perfectly-spurious accusations of fraud. Many of them barbarously mistreated in subsequent months and days, hundreds essentially “dying in chains”, perishing in harsh circumstances in holds of ocean-going ships, or somewhere else while being hustled along a lengthy land-and-sea-faring route. Hence in our own day of a piece with long-standing Jewish lies and intrigue would be the current clerical pedophile epidemic, another tiringly-familiar program with mammoth international funding, incessant propaganda and sly indoctrination, the patiently-developing scandal finding first preliminaries in the U.S. Catholic Church in the cultivation of a general lax morality and a bevy of false philosophical ideas. All this initially the work of that Archbishop John Carroll who boasted of having started an “American Church” far more revolutionary than the Masonically-inspired political one of the Framers, co-generationalists of his who were synagogue-serving secret-society operatives to a man. He himself having openly-acknowledged ties to the Lodges in the person of his nephew, a prominent Revolutionary-era Freemason, while no doubt himself having cryptic ties to these “adepts” as well. American Catholicism being indeed designed to be the prototype of the now-universal, “enlightened” end-time capitulation of faith and practice, toward a rigidly-Masonic practical and political existence in which God allegedly “doesn't intervene”—an universal miasma whose ugly details like a court-ushered sodomy disgrace the news today. Catholic priests of other regions or nations, until the most recent times, having seldom if ever been known to depart from morality in the shameful pedophile way so prominent in the news today, the U.S. Church by contrast having provided a sort of carefully-engineered trial-run for abominations that now hold such a titanic sway. With restraining floodgates of the ugly multi-dimensional debacle having finally been demolished at the noted Vatican II council, allowing the pestilent deluge to debauch in catastrophic levels of today.

Indeed, rueful knowledge of this inner cancer among pious Catholic prelates and clerics was gradually uncovered during the course of the nineteenth century, with popes like Pius IX, Leo XIII and St. Pius X making frequent reference to this hydra sucking the very lifeblood out of the Mystical Body of Christ. And indeed with Leo penning the original St. Michael the Archangel prayer, a call-to-arms which was once recited after every mass, a missive whose most revelatory words were however removed around 1934 by an ominously-liberal-minded Pius XI. A once-militant prayer whose rather insipid replacement itself was indeed finally discarded, by a secular-humanistic Vatican-II-era anti-pope machinery of halcyon 1960s times. The original prayer having contained an abbreviated but accurate description of the plot against the Church, raised by the remorseless earthly-and-infernal enemy, a cunning insurrection which our Blessed Lady would herself forcefully lament during her apparitions at Garabandal in Spain in 61 to 65, roughly during the very years of the noted rogue council which so strongly enabled this terrible if only temporary Catholic demise. Mary declaring through the four youthful seers, as recorded by throngs from every part of the world of those times, that “evil men have climbed to the highest places in the Church”.

However, we here at the Crusade look to Russia to “restore all things in Christ”, the land beyond the Don acknowledged at Fatima in 1917 as having a signal future role to play in the coming Catholic Age of Faith. Russia herself indeed and as the same good Heavenly mother acknowledged being destined soon to reenter that Catholic fold which St. Vladimir so nobly embraced so long ago, at least a century before being led captive into the great Orthodox Schism introduced by a heterodox Greek Church.

November 24, 2019: Preliminary to Love is Justice: A plea to God to punish the wicked.

How can we claim to love someone, if we don't treat them justly? The bizarre notion of love/hate seems to have been floated to explain or somehow “justify” this ever-more-common course, awash with weird new emotional and subliminal prompts, in pock-marked regions opened up for us by the ever-expostulating emissaries of the academic world, strewn with mental mines and booby-traps laid there expertly by linguists and other “life-time student” crack-pots for some fifty years. But returning to sanity, St. Thomas Aquinas tells us that in civil society justice must resoundingly reign, and in courts of law mercy can have very little place: the same being indeed substantially true in pedestrian dealings of ordinary men, who in day to day life have endless grave obligations-of-justice, and not really mercy, to pursue. As in the case of a father or mother of a family, who must in justice see to the moral training and physical sustenance of their children, and who cannot be indulgent, either to the disobedient child or to gathering hosts of hair-brained, jerk-knee interlopers—“whose number is legion” today—who would hijack or inhibit these fundamental duties-of-state. “Turning the other cheek” simply not being the layman's province in most of his dealings or commerce, trials or vicissitudes on earth. And it is within a wholesale abandonment of this unshakeable truism, of justice before love or compassion—an eternal justice found in the Blessed Trinity Itself, the template of all created things—that today's ultra-humanism took its morally-menacing form. With an inseparable “compassionately” dealt-with vice and addiction, more-or-less welcomed in Yankee street and home, finding corollary among Christians in present-day “no holds barred” church-door embraces, universally replacing moral rectitude today. Among Catholics all this proceeding under the ample cover of an “all we need is love” ethos, and the endless file of maudlin errors and anti-popes that debauching so catastrophically out of the rogue-council of the 1960s, Vatican II. While this radical departure would find like reflection in a close-cousin McCluhan-vintage “the medium is the message” engrossment with “catharsis”: rigidly requiring a total externalization of all emotion, of the entire human interior, for inspections of “loved ones” among family and friends, ultimately indeed among anyone and everyone at all, in order not to be considered mentally-unstable, dangerous, or otherwise treated “with concern”. This new pseudo-principle finding application too among NSA and other security establishments today, with brow-furrowed adjudicators commonly finding the once-yawningly-familiar keeper of his own counsel to be “a ticking time-bomb about to explode,” and the innocent and unthreatening to be exclusively found among rollicking sports-enthusiasts and other noisy, undisciplined fools. This a new weighing standard promptly taken up as well by U.S. Courts of law, ever prone to the latest radical idea, in everything from family-court hearings to criminal law. Indeed, and the undisclosed original reason for unreasonable things, in all the late-twentieth-century raving about catharsis we clearly descry the approaching advent of today's “sexual self-identification”: a perfect contradiction-in-terms, being one brought-to-birth from first to last by notional and emotional midwives perfectly separate or peripheral to the supposedly rampantly-individual “self” allegedly thus “self-identified” by the jerk-knee-passive subject himself. Such stooges however manifestly determining nothing for themselves but rather being prevailed-upon to self-surrender to self-destructive levels of passion and impulse to which frail and fallen humanity is unfortunately only too prone. With this milling herd of untried propensities, thus unduly aroused, then cunningly stampeded by professional rustlers of youthful minds. Today's youth, in universally-radical colleges, collectively recreating the biblical herd of mad-instinct-driven swine plunging over a cliff both eternal and in time, surrendering to violent extremes of riot, hedonism and various sorts of open or borderline crime. And from there readily from there mounting the easy step—lacking the stable and eternal lodestone of truth or reality—into cruel and merciless behavior of the most vicious kind. As seen in multiplying species of never-before-witnessed youthful chaos-brandishing demonstrations and incipient revolutionary tumult: the very opposite of that necessarily-cognitive love said by these new humanists to be first and foremost involved.

Under this relatively-new error, which imminently threatens to upend civilization the world round, the upholder of justice, the one who accurately acknowledges the wicked for what they are, is by these thundering adjudications adjudged to be the only evil person to be found: everyone else, every murderer or rapist, dope-pusher or thief, is most-often “mercifully” let off the hook, given a suspended sentence or some mere rap on the wrist of a “compassionate” judge. For here is involved not only a misapplication of “turn the other cheek”, but also of “judge not that ye not be judged”: as plainly Jesus didn't mean to overturn all order and justice, duty and responsibility, on the face of the earth, being no sociopolitical radical, the biblical agitator “shouting on street-corners”, at all. For obviously the “judging” which the Savior so sternly proscribes is rightly understood as strictly limited to those doubtful cases which unfortunately so much abound, on an earth where appearances, and even malicious gossip, so often unjustly rule the day. While by contrast the inveterate rake, murderer, rapist or other criminal merits our rigorous condemnation, not only before courts of law but also before the lone tribunals of our own rational minds. As we too have a certain turncoat, a traitor, living within: namely the universal human inheritance of Original Sin. A disability which requires eternal, biblical “sober and watchful” vigilance, having within us this moral gorilla—hopefully caged up—ready if once released and with the least encouragement to go on a rampage. A “ticking time-bomb indeed” which hardly needs to be encouraged by poking and prodding zoo-visitors which our teams of court-and-scholastic “experts” so skillfully know how to be.

Indeed and as suggested above, within the very Godhead, the template and prototype of the created order, the all-determining yet perfectly-self-sufficient Divine Identity is precisely and justly imparted by the Father to the Son: the former having primacy in Origin but not in dignity or time. This Divine Procession as it is called by theologians thus implies in the translation of God's very Fatherly Origin a species of exactitude or justice of the most fundamental and definitive kind, only then to be followed, in the same purely-ontological train, within the terrible “eternal Now”, by the Divine Charity between these two promontory summits or poles. That Love which is personified in the Holy Ghost, His eternal debut a close second in the timeless, never-ending, staggering celestial sequence involved. A “Catharsis” indeed, one yet of the most logically-contained kind, the staggering Divine Word or Logos being that which is thus so marvelously but precisely Spoken, Begotten, transmitted or unveiled. What is it then that we—angels and men, a cognitive company including indeed God Himself—love but justice itself, in contemplating—or in God imparting or Processing—the grave outlines of the Divine Being? This divine truth, being, reality is therefore among creatures properly first adored and feared, whether by angels or men: after which its terrible promontory liniments may indeed be loved with proper honor, reverence and awe. While proportionally in interpersonal human terms we don't as-it-were gang-rape another person, in order to “discover” their inner self—as modern-day scholastic “experts”, and touchy-feely fellow-parishioners, friends and relatives, so condescendingly and barbarically do—but rather honor that interior castle as a sacred precinct before which we, like Moses, must remove our sandals, before being voluntarily admitted thereto. Being creaturely imitators of that inconceivable Procession of the Father's Identity eternally and with perfect liberty given to, Begotten in, His Son, and with consummate justice revered and acknowledged by same: with this resounding exchange as noted sequentially prior to Spirations of the Divine Spirit of Love. This fatherly self-giving being taken up then by the Son, with His reciprocal self-giving culminating in His Sacrifice, for the Justice of the Father, on the Cross.

Hence again, to repeat, in the lowly created order, among we mere mortals—“the idea-of-which in God”, according to the Angelic Doctor, is however “not distinct from Himself”—the same sequential ordering must be rigidly maintained—that which is imparted-to, identified or acknowledged among us—possessors of an intelligent life mirroring that of God—rightly standing sequentially prior to the manner in which, or reaction with which, it is received. We creatures in our every apprehension, indeed in our very self-defining essence or form, retaining a definitive mirror-reflecting faithfulness to the divine order itself, of rigid justice before love—this knowledge actually a veritable translation of substance, a “becoming”, as St. Thomas also declares—at pacific inner levels far more profound than the “catharsis” of modern touchy-feely reaction now with high ceremony installed. Thus in the divine prototypical template does the Savior reveal to us that “I and the Father are one”, in an unity of inner substance which truly just human interaction always in faint reflection entails. But on earth it is only among we fallen mortals that this sequence can by free choice be interrupted or denied, and sloppy feeling take over where genuine knowledge and love did once abide, our free will finding us so uniquely made “in the image and likeness of God”, in apprehensions thus so voluntarily conveyed. The character, the distinct identity of others thus with consummate justice and exactitude to be apprehended in this “law of our minds”, followed by reaction as befits that which is taken-hold-of in so plain and unmistakable a way. The reaction to injustice is thus accordingly precise and severe: unless as noted we are members of a religious order, or live as lay observers of some “state of perfection”, following those biblical evangelical counsels which alone can accommodate oceanic meekness in a truly virtuous way. True: we ordinary laymen may sometimes “turn the other cheek”, as the grace of God may inspire us in some particular event, but this cannot become our standard modus vivende, as thereby we must make ourselves perfectly unjust in a host of much-more-fundamental ways. As our train of obligations-in-justice, constantly impacting others with whom we deal, is constantly at stake.

Hence our plea to God, here at the Crusade, not only for personal justice in each of our deeds but also for the redress of injustices public and private, for the humbling and punishment of the wicked—having taken in stock dispassionately who and what they are—and openly and fearlessly acknowledged them for same—this militant calling-down of the divine wrath being easily the most frequently-invoked prayer to be found in the entire Old Testament, this battle-cry the foremost duty of men. This thunderous rejection of the wicked—a parting-of-company within whose uncompromising precincts alone ordinary good men may live useful, bearable, tenable lives—being the inseparable inwardly-begotten twin of love or acceptance of the good, properly understood. So that, to extend the imagery further, we separable friend from enemy justly and decisively upon their full cognitive birth in mind and heart: prudently parting these two inner siblings, this Jacob and Esau, who would otherwise ceaselessly quarrel, sharing space within our souls, and leave us no interior peace at all. A plea for justice and rigorous punishment for the wicked being indeed the foremost petition we are bound to bring before the throne of God, in the biblical “ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find”, this critical resolution both public and interior something far above “what we will eat, or what we will put on.” In this way giving God the greatest glory by showing ourselves consonant with His eternal justice, and thus most accurately too with His eternal love. While finally likewise it is only in this ceaseless and zealous petition for just punishment that we can hope to see the forces of wickedness finally defeated: with St. Michael hurling to infernal depths, condemned in close company with fallen angels, today's academic pedophiles, sodomites, abortionists, dope-pushers, false-flag-aggressive warriors, and others of their stripe. All this in an earthly combat which will not cease until the end of time, at the Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ. It being incumbent upon men to relentlessly combat those cunning perpetrators who now rule so brazenly, with deliberate malice, without any restriction, in overwhelming measure by way of the indiscriminate humanistic indulgence noted above. For as St. Louis DeMontfort taught us so well, there is “little love lost” between the children of Mary and those of Hell: these latter who cleverly insinuate their deadly schemes like school-taught sodomy and a host of other twisted, near-inconceivable evils as well. Indeed and as suggested above, we show our love of God most tellingly and fittingly in public, open and above-board ways, refusing to be “ashamed of Him before men”, rigorously enforcing His law, His justice, that legislation written upon the human heart and mind, mirroring rigidly just and limpid Trinitarian Processions, and taught us by Holy Mother Church and in innumerable biblical lines. While finally today far too so much human affection is wasted upon the wicked, when its comforting balm is rather sorely needed to salve the wounds of those painfully injured by same. By these ever-maneuvering agents and minions of Hell, now foolishly and with increasing frequency embraced as harmless, or even as bosom friends.