Louis Zdunich for President


Leader of the Frankpledge Party,

A New and Better Confederacy

And the

National Anti-Sodomy Crusade


January 9, 2015



The Presidency as set out here is conceived in terms of a New and Better Confederacy: a non-racist, non-slave-holding, decentralized/states'-rights-respecting system in which however local culture would not be overwhelmed by visions of racial social fusion, and other such Orwellian dreams. That which has only the destruction of morality in all quarters of any color in mind. This new Dixie rather to insure the unfettered economic free-agency of all ethnic groups: that which together with a new recognition of the law of God as the interpretive cipher of all law and policy will provide the most equitable and impartial framework for genuine interracial respect and liberty. Thus will be replaced our present unworkable, sanctimonious, secret-society-dominated totalitarian plutocracy by a New and Better Confederacy to extend to all the states, both north and south. Join growing grassroots support for a candidate with this order-restoring agenda, proven untouchable by Big Money, doing an end-run around the corporate-controlled, ballot-rigged political machinery which brought us today’s bi-partisan plunge into sodomy and abortion, domestic tyranny and aggressive war. Some additions will be made to the following as time goes on, as the need for other measures or clarifications is perceived.


Platform and Philosophy:


1. The Law of God is to be regarded as the national Constitution, the sole interpreter and qualifier of every other code. Thus at the very least will the natural law, divinely written on the human heart and mind, be rigorously upheld, as of old, and the ultimate popularly-approved institution of Christian laws and public morals will be the sought-after course-of-events. While today even the rudimentary law-of-nature is by contrast flagrantly disregarded and indeed held in contempt by our courts, executives and legislatures alike. Secondly, in matters purely organizational, as of the relationship of units-of-authority with one another, in a departure from "checks and balances" considerations given such overriding importance in the Constitution we have at present, ours will be a system both more stable and more fluid in nature: being in many ways adjustable, modifiable, arbitrated as time goes on. With liberty itself to be based on a mutual trust, on a personal acquaintance with those with whom we deal, rather than as today upon a lot of paper guarantees. A constant reissuing and adaptation of Charters-of-liberties is thus to gain a renewed prominence, as in truly-free if poorly-recorded early medieval centuries, those mechanisms which arbitrated liberty in the most concrete possible way and promise to do so again. Thus would an organic monarchy be reestablished: that which if properly conceived is genuine democracy in the concrete, and the very opposite of absolutist rule. With all true freedom to be based as in those mistily-remembered past centuries upon the divinely-bestowed dignity of the human person, a patrimony which under a law-of-God-abiding land is uniquely valued and incomparably well preserved, no longer being left to tender mercies of elites who rigidly rule us now, all under alleged constitutional rights and other purely-paper guarantees. The central principle of the system to be put in place, called distributism, involving a regular periodic, ongoing, developing negotiation of rights and relationships between popular groups and authority figures, all of whom are intimately acquainted with one another. Here being a supremely-practical political/economic guardianship of exalted human worth and proportional human freedom, a configuration treated of extensively on our website, notably in the book Integral Catholicism, readable for free at the top of our website. While if this divinely-bestowed dignity, this exalted station, of the human person is denied, by callous terms of a "liberty" of today which promotes sodomy, abortion and every other unnatural crime, then how can it be anything but a death-sentence to a humankind for which it is supposedly so sanctimoniously designed?

            Distributism is neither capitalist nor socialist, being rather fundamental to the reinstitution of the Frankpledge, discussed below, and the pursuit at long last of a peaceful and productive national life. While the two major modern-day systems are rather the result of the empowerment of mere money to totalitarian heights previously unknown. So positive indeed would be this transformation that many pressing problems of today would be automatically resolved, would basically disappear as issues of any import at all, under the simple and direct logic which distributism entails: being briefly defined as that economic/political system which cedes to the smallest possible unit, often indeed the individual, the greatest feasible power over matters which naturally come under its purview. By its terms we would be divorcing ourselves from a system which seems to grow, to become gargantuan, in the process of “solving” policy-impasses, for which it presents solutions either of limp ineptitude or earth-denuding overkill. An octopus-like scheme which obviously thrives, becomes bloated, on debt and war, one whose sources-of-finance and table-of-organization seem to actually require massive amounts of human misery of every kind. Hence our growth-industry prison and “health care” systems, our morbid and often-enough self-fulfilling institutional preoccupation with mental health, especially in primary school, to name only a few. A preoccupation which I hold to be an amply-proven major cause of the psychological evils it claims to address.


 2. The death penalty is to be established for any who subvert or persuade, teach or advise any person or group, especially among the young, toward the crime of sodomy, i.e., the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah. This penalty is due not only because of sodomy's morally-hidious and socially-corrosive nature but also to prevent the further drawing-down of divine punishment upon this land. The commission itself of this crime is to carry a felony-level punishment, though not the death penalty, unless other especially egregious elements, in themselves suggestive of a penalty of death, as is often indeed the case with the deadly disorder of sodomy, are also joined thereto.


3. In order to effectively and permanently counter the present oppressive rule of global financial and political elites, who use the imposition of sodomy as their human-dignity-denying method-of-choice, we intend to reinstitute the Frankpledge—or ten-family basic political unit—of the English and Western past. These economically- and culturally-based micro-communities, always alien to a perverse, lawless and Godless false-liberty of our times, partake rather in the virtuous and enlivening personal free agency advocated by Zdunich in his website and publications to date. Originating in Mongolia, traveling westward with Gothic, Frankish and other tribes—a popular mode of organization outlined in chapters five and six of Zdunich’s Integral Catholicism, and extensively considered and examined throughout the noted website—these vigorous ten-head-of-household political groups approximate thus named local units adopted and further developed in England by William the Conqueror. Units to link up solidly in the formation of a genuine national body politic, a coat-of-mail for deliverance from heavy chains of every kind. Indeed the organic, popularly-based Frankpledge—stubbornly resistant to every destructive wind-of-words—found some faint echoes in the lost happy treasure of the mid-twentieth century USA, having been a neighborly and cooperative institution, readily adaptable to any era-in-time, one which promises to re-instill a deep-rooted Western legacy-of-freedom that goes far beyond mere oratorical words.


4. Another parallel and equally-critical mandatory death penalty, corresponding to that for sodomy-advocacy, to be established against any in government, media or business who seriously plot, mislead or agitate toward unjust or aggressive war: with a special permanent government investigatory body to be established to ferret out allegations or suspicions of this kind. Together with which will be articulated some statement of national contrition, and established some form of national reparation for world-peace-injuring, sovereignty-violating crimes of the past, giving special future consideration in trade, the availability of land, the extension of generous privileges of various kinds to those nations and nationals we have thus so often and egregiously harmed. A body-of-nations which indeed take in most of those developing or disadvantaged on the globe, whom a "progressive and enlightened" Uncle Sam has so often trodden under his onerous and ever-forward-rushing pace. All this likewise to be undertaken not only in justice but also in order to ward off the punishing hand of God.


5. To be categorically rejected—with a permanent moratorium—are NAFTA, CAFTA, the WTO and all other “free trade” agreements and associations: vehicles of the destruction of national economies and workforces, constituting the ironclad fait accompli of a totalitarian New World Order which claims that "sovereignty ends with trade", a clever scheme to which these cartels are inseparably bound. Manifestly, tariffs and certain subsidies are essential to any country's political and economic survival, as graphically demonstrated by boundless disasters that now plague mankind under "free trade", essential to whose catastrophic erection was the conceding of a place-of-privilege to the USA by provision of a now-sixty-six-year-old Breton Woods agreement, extracted by global potentates from a war-prostrate world. An Uncle Sam for whom the debut of the twin absolutes of free trade and "separation of church and state" were from the very beginning its Rothschild/Masonic-commissioned reason d'etre. Globalist-point-man par excellence, the USA was enabled by terms of this conference to escape most consequences of any global economic disaster by simply printing more dollars, in capacity of reserve currency clearing-house for an entire globe. Admittedly, free trade was a panacea not destined just then in the late forties of Breton Woods to be unveiled for a generation to come, yet it had already by then been rabidly propounded for some five years and running at U. of Chicago by this Fox-Network-celebrated Friedman guy: later to become the all-necessary neo-con Ayn-Rand-ideological "prophet", a hack who with Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh is said to have been so long unjustly and suicidally ignored. But in saner and less-apoplectic reaches of policy internal commerce is the indisputable sine qua non, the very material-life-blood of any land, with relative international prices-of-goods, quite the contrary of free-trade logic, having within this familiar setting a significance only of the most nominal kind, fading into blissful non-importance as the local or national economy involved becomes increasingly prosperous and sound. As in the short-lived domestic scene of an allegedly "non-progressive" mid-century USA. Locally-determined prices and colloquial methods corresponding inescapably with natural domestic circumstances, begging-the-question of the need for trade-imposts that keep life-giving internal dynamisms balanced and strong, the allocation of precious national resources constructive and sound. Hence uncovered for the treacherous lie that it is, this notion that "commerce, trade, business have no sovereign borders": which is to let the thief in by the front door indeed. Which in effect is to say that finance belongs to global speculators, who will not brook any sovereign restriction on their peculations. That conspiracy—for such it truly is—by which an allegedly all-hallowed free trade sacrifices coming generations for the present one: breezily reversing an already-odious Marxist call-to-arms. Hence too an inevitable accompaniment to free-trade's grim-reaper-"progressive" decimation of offsprings, economies and workforces, put-in-motion by Robber Baron radicals on the fringe-right—eager purveyors of ideas espoused by Adam Smith himself only in a cautiously-limited way—is an endless transport of gargantuan amounts of foodstuffs and other basic commodities around the globe. A spectacle which would find the cerebral Scotchman turning in his grave, these products, when locally procured, being vigorously-catalytic to employment, being traditionally raised, packaged and transported with multiplier-prolific profit and ease on this local scene. In the case of fruits-and-vegetables when locally grown seeing the spawning of up-and-down-stream businesses and ancillary industries of many kinds, both sophisticated and purely manual, suggesting themselves readily to the participating productive mind, in an intelligent adherence to the God-given nature-of-things. A rudimentary marketplace wherein with comparative paucity-of-effort are readily released prodigal multipliers at every turn, of every kind. While by contrast opposite methods of gargantuan global scale—ecstatically-enthused-over on both sides of the isle—gravely discourage these innate vitalities of immemorial ever-incubating simple association, friendship, locational economies: rather catastrophically bleeding-off productive, wealth-producing exuberance to unproductive middle-men, to every sort of stock-market "profit-taking" derivative device, in an infinitude of stride-hampering inhibitions and interruptions on the pace of an otherwise-unlimited exchange. Spiritually and psychologically too inhibiting natural dynamisms of mind and soul. Hence too does a gargantuan global marketing calls forth a genetically-altered, nutrition-defying but transport-and-global-investment-facilitating toughening-of-fiber that drives closer-to-nature processing-capacities of the standard domestic kitchen into hoary obsolescence as time goes on, in homes which for one thing must operate within time-constraints of their own peculiar kind. This hiatus however according quite well with a control-bent free trade logic which drives the consumer more-and-more into the arms of food-processing industries especially good at dumping sundry waste-products of over-bloated, local-industry-destroying pork and milk industries, to name only two. Vitiating fundamental and dependable local/economic multipliers, good health, and a morally-and-psychologically-crucial family culture inherently based on humble tasks like the custom-enveloped preparation of food. Free trade, the centuries-old first-installment of clattering synagogue chains, thus being the most remorseless and formidable of enemies against local and domestic life: employing the lovely word “free” as if reasonable human liberty were a matter of letting the big boys “let fly”. Hence by advocated measures it is hoped that no sales-pitch about “progress” will ever again hijack our future, our most fundamental sort of national spirit and identity, for which purposes we turn to the common man, under our advocated Frankpledge system, on the one end of the gamut, and to the renewed establishment of a nobility and a crown, on the other: all under the moral authority of the Law of God. These latter leading figures to be supplied both by providence and by unforeseeable processes of natural popular selection. Leaders whose metal-proven numbers will be taken from among—and inextricably-tied-to—these very popular throngs, rather than drawn from some centuries-old "divine right" royal family, typically a ship of synagogue-compromised tyrants and fools. These higher elements in the structuring of the proposed system—heedlessly discarded under modern forms but critical to a realistic defense of genuine popular government of any kind—being discussed in Zdunich's Integral Catholicism, and here and there on the Anti-Sodomy Crusade website as well.


6. In conjunction with the above, first choice of employment will be reserved in most case and wherever possible to citizen heads-of-household: as was once indeed the case in certain Latin countries in Europe. For this purpose a trained and specialized kind of spot-check employment-police will be established: this to prevent today’s continual and catastrophic hemorrhaging of employment away from heads-of-families of today, not only at the hands of illegals but also by the gratuitous placement of women or minors who have no such urgent need to be employed. Furthermore, this procedure will be instantly triggered—with arrival times of the “squad” in a matter of minutes—by request of any job-seeking citizen head-of-household who suspects an employer/employee collusion to employ someone not qualified under these perfectly reasonable, self-respect-preserving terms. Regarding a job which he will then be legally able to claim, if himself qualified, and even if training be required. (Alas, any loss incurred by the employer in such a case, as of lost training hours expended on the job-force invader, will be entirely his own fault). While furthermore the “whistle-blower” will have earned this chance-at-a-job by his good-citizenship in uncovering a wrong, having displayed the amply courage and vigilance likely in today's USA to be required. An honorable act for which he will be guarded from retribution through rigorous protective measures until such time as this economic disease is eradicated from the American scene. Plainly, in advocating such a whistle-blower system we are going against one of the most formidable of false-values inculcated already for almost a century on these shores: namely of the unquestionable rectitude of "hitching your wagon to a star", of elbowing everyone else out of the way in job-related terms. "All's fair in love, war and the job-market", as the cynical jingle might go. A free-for-all to which mom is invited every bit as much as dad, a fallacious principle fruitful in skid-rows and broken-homes far more than in amplified GDPs.


7. Undertaken will be the rigorous criminal prosecution of the planners, perpetrators and corporate partners of recent aggressive U.S. wars. This candidate will not be shaking hands with George W., Barack or others of this nefarious gang at polite public functions.


8. Embarked upon will be an earnest effort to return the USA to a virtuous public morality such as in part marked the Kennedy-years and before: this being the only sound basis for any return of the profound law and order of that era to our land. Hence the central legal-"constitutional" principle of this campaign: "The law of God is the sole source of law."


9. Closely-related to morbidities of "free trade" is the present ever-burgeoning “privatized” corporate/official amalgam, that which puts another gratuitous layer-of-power between the citizen and those he elects, a cancerous growth which if elected I plan to completely excise, freeing the nation substantially in this way from a host of tyrannical favoritisms and wrongs, including shameful spectacles of unmonitorable private prisons, bulging “mission”-portfolios of corporate-mercenaries, secret courts, secret prisons, torture chambers, Abu Ghraibs and Guantanamos, Mossad-like death squads, and so on. By this wholesale throwing-out of privatization we can deliver our Federal, state and local balance-sheets from the parasitical drain of Wall-Street-traded firms headed by world-class criminals, with no genuine concern for the public good, nor for keeping project-budgets in sane bounds. March-tempos of latest technologies being joined to global ambitions of national "defense", with a Barack Obama "price of liberty" hoarsely invoking a "we have to advance", incorporated with a prosperity-milking stock market, simply to stay above the financial/technological water-line. While amid the deafening "progress"-din decades of defense-contract overruns provided rueful but briskly-ignored examples of what wholesale privatization will bring, both to a propaganda-browbeaten mankind and to the Congressional Budget, in the stellar ascendancy of a corporate culture whose chief motto is that “bigger is always better”. Within which panoply of bloated evils especially targeted for prohibition will be any Ryan-nightmare-projects of replacing social security with personal-investment-portfolios of stocks-and-bonds: hitching all our wagons to the debt-driven black hole of the stock market, with the inevitable "stellar-success model" for this new bonanza-strategy being some small country like Chili, safely insolated from global-economy-determining ambits of a major economy like ours. By its relative nitch-like economic position being able to garner actuary assets from the passing global-market parade, as it were, in Marxist terminology, like shaking a tree full of "over-ripe plums". Whereas if the global-market-determining USA were to finance retirement nationwide from the stock-market the level of investment achieved by these artificial means would quickly swamp the real needs of this global entrepot with excess cash, as happened so often in the late 1800s, when global-financier-supported herds of scrawny, fever-bearing Texas-longhorn steers once glutted an incipient domestic meat-production, in localities across the plains and mountains already rich in gargantuan herds of bufallo and a growing indigenous cattle industry, the latter already expanding by intelligent, amply-remunerative leaps-and-bounds. But by a force-feeding of retirement assets into the stock market the latter's very own rules of supply-and-demand would broker a perpetual over-valuing, with worthless companies garnering to themselves limitless investment-monies newly-eager to find a home, in a market suddenly full of contenders with little merit, mere dummy-repositories of overly-ready cash. Money under such mega-distorted market circumstances remaining in overwhelming measure in the treasuries of the banking and "investment planning" world, to serve incalculable speculative goals of a scheming breed. All this with little increase, indeed with likely loss, of any principal in Ryan's supposedly burgeoning retirement funds. Readily evoked and doomed for repetition here being a mammoth stowing-away of money first witnessed by mortal men when "bail-out" funds first hit the presses in 2009: this mammoth new glut of money thus affording rare new scope for Haliburton or Blackwater type bonanzas at every turn, trusts emboldened with newer levels of insolent impunity, joined to a funding of Israeli aggression across North Africa and the Middle East, with the flight of government and corporation alike from traditional ethics and responsibility being given new monetary wings upon which to fly. Privatization thus not retiring but epitomizing the “middle man” who is always firmly and immovably in charge, always "patriotically" demanding the next crushing "price of liberty" from a bewildered land. Adding new scope to a culture of corporate turf-guarding measures, in a methodology already substantially in place in an Obama-care which has been a nightmare from the start.  


10. This nation to be formally declared as Christian, its laws based on the perennial Western legal formative of the Ten Commandments, its Constitution to be interpreted solely in that eternal light as well. A humane milieu which includes the right to a morally-inoffensive education, media and public atmosphere, as well as the rigorous upholding of the traditional Catholic definitions of both a just war and the right to life of the unborn child from conception onward. This latter Catholic position—first codified by Hammurabi, and followed by Roman and Persian law, and until recently still governing most Western statutes in that regard—being the only one which condemns any direct destruction of the womb-enclosed child for any reason: since such a course of action amounts to murder. This even if certain medical procedures which fall short of this directness-of-purpose are in certain grave cases allowed, measures which preserve the life of the mother while unintentionally resulting in the death of the (already doomed) fetal child. The individuality of fetal life being conclusively supported by a modern technology entirely unavailable to others before our time, including an Aquinas in his alleged questioning of the time of the true beginnings of life: in a passage however which I myself have been unable to find. A Saint who nonetheless condemned abortion at any time just as strongly as any pro-lifer today.


11. Hence to be specifically declared unlawful at the national level—as violating the constitutionally-guaranteed right to life—are abortion, euthanasia, and any neglect-related institutional causing-of-death, as in the case of Terry Schiavo. While likewise to be stricken from the law—in a major turn-about to be enforced by the Federal courts—will be present novel, radical state-and-federal-level definitions of death: deceptive legal devices which allow for most of the “donations” of organs from bodies deemed dead, but which by older and surer standards are actually still very much alive, with some such cataleptic persons having on occasion in the past been completely revived. This "organ-snatching death redefined", as emblazoned on the "battlewagon" we use on our Crusade, having in fact become a lucrative, nefarious and homicidal racket, with the brutal onus of this cunning redefinition falling with special weight upon the sick or injured poor and those of color. This in murderous procedures undertaken with Eichmann-like grizzly efficiency and glib impenitence by unworthy medical and other personnel involved, for the chief purpose of making vital organs available to the well-connected and well-to-do. Here, again, in a newly-human, newly-Christian USA, the death penalty will be the sanction employed against all who are knowingly involved. Finally, to be outlawed are all modern forms of “birth control”: that which employs a pill which hardens the wall of the womb so that the fertilized ovum cannot attach itself thereto: thus in every case producing an instantaneous abortion. Since we came out with this almost-unknown or universally-ignored revelation, the media has been very busy transferring the verbal-battleground over this issue to the “morning after pill”: thus hoping to keep this much-more-fundamental issue completely out of the public debate, in a muzzling procedure highly successful to this very day. These self-appointed determiners of American life and morality—together hand-in-glove with our high-handed anti-life, pro-sodomy courts—thus hoping to allow the standard birth-control pill—just as homicidal as the “morning-after” variety—to continue to murder human life on such a prodigious scale. Amounting as the tidy little standard pill-popping procedure does to billions of abortions per year.


12. To be terminated will be Orwellian private or governmental personal information dossiers for any purposes whatever, measures condemned in Holy Scriptures as a “counting of my people like cattle”, and in other sacred passages of much-the-same kind. Long-standard “rap sheets” for convicts are quite enough for any truly-free, human-dignity-upholding land.


13. This land to be formally consecrated to the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, in a public ceremony conducted jointly by representatives of church and state, in order to obtain their decisive Heavenly protection against the overwhelming diabolical forces ranged against us today. Certainly, all Christians, and even non-Christians, can subscribe to such a good and positive act, which would contain nothing prejudicial against any person, creed or any good thing. 


14. Science and engineering will no longer be the government-supported sacred cows they are today, but will be put directly at the service of the human person, his economic development and his eternal aspirations.


15. The Federal Reserve System will be dismantled, to be replaced by a simple minting of a paper and base metal currency. These furthermore to be “backed” not by any mega-debt-producing bonds or elite-catering precious metals but rather mostly—as in all rational money-systems since ancient times—by the safety of the roads, towns and neighborhoods, the justice of the laws, and the prosperity of the economy of the nation involved. And of course with careful minting procedures—and stiff penalties for counterfeiting—to be enacted as well. All this being made possibly because wealth itself will be found under our system less in currency than in substance, in lands, properties and the things they produce: major repositories-of-prosperity no longer to be sold as if across a counter, at the drop of a Wall Street hat, like so much chattel. Extensive holdings of real property in particular being ventures in which a local community's interests are vitally at stake: lands and structures not to be summarily sold off to some faceless corporation, or to someone who lives on the other side of the globe. Hence money will be returned to humbler purposes as of old, not to storm financial or real-estate markets, but to buy goods across a counter, and thus be less amenable to larcenous or counterfeiting schemes, which seem to demand gigantic volume and anonymity. And although the urge will always be there to secure for moderate or higher denominations of currency some sort of intrinsic value, as even in ancient times was represented by the sterling-silver solidus, weighted-out to the precise worth of a cow, whence came the name—yet ancient Roman dealings with a precious-metal-rich Spain, and modern U.S. dealings with a Latin-America similarly endowed, testify in human blood to the onerous cost with which such a basically-unnecessary coin-related precious metal is bought. Being a means in both eras not of prosperity but rather of tyrannical projects of global control, under captivating spur of precious metals which have crazed the minds of otherwise-rational men since the first beginnings of recorded time. Precious metal currency having devolved into the money-lender or goldsmith reserving of some fraction of such metals in a safe, from which practice in turn came the birth of a modern money system tyrannical in the extreme. Yet if despite our best efforts the need for the use of precious metals in coinage is found to be unavoidable then we will regretfully accede: a measure in any case infinitely less harmful than the bond-debt-driven monetary con-game we have today.


16. In accordance with legislation in Christian lands before the disastrous Enlightenment Era, Jews, open or disguised, principal source of enslaving schemes briefly considered here, will be barred, under stringent penalty, from public office at all levels, while likewise being barred from any ownership of real-property: a Jewish prerogative by which today the whole population of the USA, indeed of the entire globe, is being dispossessed as I write. This law bearing no connection to the anti-Jewish edicts of Mussolini or Hitler, who ruled openly as pagans and actually held in contempt not really so much Jews as genuine practicing Christians of any kind. We don’t indeed hate Jews, but rather love our nation, neighborhoods and families even more. Jews by their own choice holding themselves entirely aloof, if amid a wealth of cleverly-coded symbols of feigned humility, as a kind of master race, with a much-misunderstood Hitler himself having actually been a Jew expressly commissioned to endow with ill-earned universal pity his own impenitent co-religionists, so as to lend further scope to the noted calculated global seizure-of-power. Jews we thus respect in this rueful way, as having proven themselves from age to age as entirely capable of placing us all in chains. Hence because of such considerations, of such a formidable and utterly-remorselessly foe, has it always been necessary for countries to form themselves defensively, implying no "conspiracy theory" at all, but only a prudent common sense: just as one doesn't go barefooted among vipers and rattlesnakes. Accordingly then is amply attested the need for a crown and a nobility, plus the moral authority of the Church, both of these realms with a single visible head, in the secular over each nation, in the ecclesiastical over the entire Church Universal at Rome. As it is to tempt God to expect Him to protect us with an infinitude of ad-hoc miraculous deliverances—as we parley in our radically libertarian assemblies, easily-bought-off or subverted White Houses and judiciaries—from an enemy, biblically identified by name, who is so murderously cunning and astute. Who like a snake indeed undermines in particular any moral or practical will-to-resist, by a control over states and minutest particulars-of-life that quickly paralyzes deed and thought. True, there are opportunities for tyranny in this pyramided leadership as well, but it is a critically-necessary strategic/organizational parallel to the rigid stratification of the forces of this internationally-based foe, against whom we have no defenses at all under present blind-sighted forms. The Jews being like an army set in array, under dictators like the Rothschilds who rule with an iron fist, creating a national state-of-emergency at all times, requiring a like battle-ready organization, if in drill-and-reconnoiter conducted among pedestrian routines of ordinary domestic life. To say that this is too much is to be a fool. Thus would steps be taken, were I elected, to establish a monarchy and a nobility, after the general manner suggested in chapters five and six of Integral Catholicism, and in accord with the spirit and method of organizational distributism—or the maximum free-agency of the smallest of bodies—developed on the website louisdejolietpublishing.com (google Frankpledge Party or National Anti-sodomy Crusade). Likewise is anticipate a prophetically-predicted universal popular embrace of Catholic Faith around the globe, as well as the likewise-predicted deliverance of Rome from forces of evil that rule there now, since the accession of the first of a string of present-day anti-popes, John XXIII. Hence does mankind stand at a moment of decision, "our backs against the wall", and there can be no other answer than that prophetic one announced here.