March 8, 2014: "Zionism".

In this day when long-well-understood words daily undergo drastic changes that amount to linguistic deaths—being in most cases gutted, emptied of their deepest meaning, their subtlest nuances, becoming doubles for a hundred other ways to say the same bland, trite or meaningless thing, making English a tongue specially adapted to the wordy and deceptive gush of sodomy, and to its brutal misrepresentation of holy things—in this time of impersonation and effrontery it goes without saying that the quintessential ideology of misrepresentation itself will change its own name in the very same way. Having among its numbers legions of linguistics professors, thereby effortlessly making the ubiquitous order-dissolving presence of its agents in foreign governments, educational systems, media outlets, you name it, yet-more-difficult to ascertain. Hence this abominable misnomer "Zionism", earning for itself only last night yet another auspicious C-Span-covered conference, the universal replacement for past terms like "the synagogue" or "the Jews" which once instantly and unmistakably identified the self-same flagship-vessel of slander, the highly-familiar orchestrated tsunami of subterfuge and perfidy inevitably entailed. Last night's speakers predictably smiling-or-coughing up face-covering sleeves, with one Jewish woman at the podium as harmless acting-and-sounding as some next-door-neighbor housewife just stepped away from the kitchen sink: speech-gives-all who so deftly transferred to slender shoulders of "Zionism" the whole inconceivable enormity of Jewish ejection, crippling and doing-to-death of cumulative millions of Palestinians over the past nearly seventy years. All this now neatly containable as the responsibility of a tiny, scarcely-identifiable minority: with these in turn and with staggering irony and incongruity not clearly named as Jews at all. These "Zionists" said to be purveyors of international policies, furthermore, that world Jewry in overwhelming percentages is said to execrate or disown: roundly contradicting the spectacle that Israeli generals who fail to brutally impose the "Zionist" will, and politicians not so cunning in its implementation, are as it were publicly tarred and feathered, run out of public influence "on a rail", by an all-parties Israeli electorate whose millions can hardly be termed a tiny and obscure fringe. Being joined too in all of this by an American/Jewish population across the sea which levies the same sorts of horrific pressures upon political leaders here at home. While according to nonetheless doggedly-pursued Zionist logic the only thing needed continues to be a determined and systematic sleuthing to catch these little Zionist foxes who for all their putative solemnly-attested, odd and ceremonial quaintness somehow manage-to-intimidate presidents, congresses, the U.N., the whole world. By such belabored fables Jewry remaining innocent in the court of world opinion despite the countervailing force of its Midas-like wealth and age-old intricate global-financial/political connections, means by which—by unanimous testimony of perennial papal and secular authorities alike—the synagogue of two millennia displaced whole empires, ignited global revolutions, funded heresies and destructive economic systems, and so on. By virtue of a TV-arbitrated vigorous pantomime this perpetual mob-unleashing synagogue being meekly and indeed admiringly acquitted, with synagogue-despised and exploited gentile humanity having by such means found yet another way by which traditional "Papistry", nemesis of Jewish subterfuge since the days of St. Paul, can continue to be lustily execrated as fully as in the past. Being accused yet-more-vindictively of slandering and oppressing Hebrew masses in darkly-regarded pre-Vatican-II times. With an antipope-canonizing Catholic New Church, a mockingly-impenitent enemy of the Old Faith, likewise roundly vindicated in its bland beatification—its look-the-other-way acceptance—of infamous Jewish domestic and Middle-Eastern atrocities. Unloadable on the door of an essentially-anonymous "Zionism" being finally a present-day U.S. corporate-NGO-promoted, Mossad-hearkening black-ops intervention in The Crimea and The Ukraine: along the trail of whose twisted logic lie the slain on both sides of the Kiev demonstrations. These proven beyond any doubt—in revelations the American media have treacherously failed to report—to have been shot from the very same sniping gun or guns.

But even with all this massive psychological ammunition, as the Duke of Norfolk says in the epic movie, A Man for All Seasons: "this is a horse that won't run", at least ultimately, at the coming catastrophic finish-line when all treachery will finally come clean. However much all the propaganda might be a spirited mare running around in the fathomless night into which much-of-mankind's thinking processes—a fortiori here in the ever-Israel-worshipping USA—are now so closely confined.

Again, as repeated here incessantly: there are only two choices now placed before mankind: on the one hand, the present ongoing Jewish/totalitarian global-dominion, and on the other the mild and kindly, relenting and much-mis-represented reign of the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary—the New Adam and the New Eve—as concretely contained in the coming final social and economic, religious and official ascendancy of the Catholic Church. In pursuit of which blessed goal we must contemptuously reject all these clever fabrications as not being worth our time, better spent in resolute preparations for this coming immovably-and-existentially-founded Kingdom of God on earth. For whose realization there will be required a rigorous accounting, in preparation-for-which it will hardly be enough that we smugly "bury our talents in the ground". For which indeed we must rather and with unabashed ostentation don the proper wedding-garment, lay down every possible resource-related palm-branch before this coming David, this magnificent Christ the King.

March 7, 2014: This site's "rote convergence" upon a single point. More on villainous liberal democracy.

Admittedly, all our writing here has a way of converging on a single theme, much as three-dimensional art always converges upon some one focal point upon which all the particulars, the horizontal and vertical lines, close. Hence our writing may seem to some to be entirely too concentrated, returning repeatedly to the self-same point-on-the-horizon or theme: however the methodology of modern falsehood and tyranny—upon which being a definite kind of forensic writing our scribble must of necessity converge—is itself thus highly-concentrated upon a few basic themes. Taking obsessive, morbid advantage in particular of a relative handful of human vulnerabilities: requiring in reply a proportional shadowing of our very own, busying ourselves redundantly as we are forced to do in defense of this same ever-fragile humanity. Being the detectives that we are, required by our trade to focus on those elements most evident in the crime, handling all the grubby crime-scene-convergent scraps or scrapes found lying about, attempting a peek into the mind of the sought-after bloodthirsty criminal involved.

Indeed, there is something obsessive, nuclear-neurotic about this concentration found among our remorseless foes, firmly in charge, imbedded in the very fabric of the endlessly-bureaucratic, liberal democratic institutional warp-and-woof, as they "lean upon" one or two vulnerable points in the body-politic, enlisting in particular an odd sort of multiple-fear-driven patriotism. Efficiently rendering the feckless citizen a sort of psychological deer-caught-in-the-headlights by such insidious means. Enlisting in particular the pagan concept of shame, that which in the polytheistic or modern-atheistic mind completely and fraudulently replaces personal guilt, basically a highly-rational force, as the determining moral guide. For it isn't at all just "the enemy" which is the target of probings and testings but first-and-foremost those at home: where no demur or hesitation must allegedly ever be found. Why? Of course, for blessed patriotism's sake, which is said to ever devoutly repeat the "ask not" of John-Kennedy lore. No doubt the justification implied if not of course openly announced being that these hellish measures must be tested first, on subjects close-at-hand. Thus too are our soldiers prime guinea pigs in this war on terror, in everything from the Vietnam-War-era Agent Orange—which opened veterans up not so much for disease as for in-patient experimentation at sometimes-notorious white-mouse VA Hospitals across the land—to all the latest post-traumatic-shock skullduggery.

Many today of course thoughtlessly call our highly-convergent, "one track mind" sleuthing pursuits paranoia, a charge which instantly makes the accuser sound supremely intelligent and patriotic-zealous to the popular mind—such an in-crowd with utmost ease, convenience and Perry-Mason-like agility terming bloodhound-like opponents-of-the-all-powerful to be crazy or depraved. With anyone who causes just fear and redundantly-warranted misgivings in citizens being indeed and with doughty vindictiveness called a terrorist, every bit as much as if he were throwing or detonating a bomb. Thus too—to lend further scope to the 3-D portrait being painted here, and admittedly to converge upon a subject already much treated, but always with another tormented nuance involved—ever since the pan-religious, all-determining Vatican II all things must be "peace and light" or they are insanity, depravity, "a danger to the children". Liabilities we Crusaders are indeed often held to be out on the Crusade trail, where for one thing occasional breathless mothers report us to the authorities as "frightening their young" with our candidly-lettered signs and entirely peaceful and friendly waves.

But on to our most-common, most-truly-threatening if-much-yawned-at or impugned convergence: reiterating as we indefatigably do that the effect of modern liberal democracy, especially as found here in the USA, isn't liberty at all: that quite-the-contrary this shave-headed Tea Party Mohawk arbitrates for us nothing but previously-unheard-of levels of totalitarian rule. This political-intellectual Trojan Horse—in which indeed, like some adventuresome Greek, patriotism itself is said like a genie in a bottle somehow to reside—against which we strive not being in itself so wrong but being so defenseless, being a polity which meekly-and-blithely renders the citizen a perfect Patsy at every turn. All this by testimony of incontrovertible facts or events—some of them cited above, all of them glibly claimed as the "price we must pay"—for what?, of course "for liberty"—the whole ugly imposture, once grasped with all its staggering implications, giving the lie to all these phonies like Ron and Rand Paul, no doubt a couple of crypto-Jews. Together too with this disgusting Jeb Bush, this Rubio fellow, the ever-communistic Obama and Hillary, and the whole ensemble of open-or-secret sodomy advocates ranged on opposite sides of the isle. All of them to-a-man now lusting to go to war against Russia, in a developing geopolitical crisis which these zealots and their recent-forebears have been nursing along since '89. This entirely-modern form of liberty—said to outpace club-carrying Neanderthal ancestors by light-years—being in turn purportedly epitomized, pantheistically reliquaried, as it were, in The Constitution: a thickly-incensed, human-sacrifice-honored, in-itself-impressive but after-all and for-practical-purposes meaningless paper deity indeed.

Once our moral and political fervor fixes upon this kind of suicidal and impotent sanctimony, helped-along by an often-alluded-to American pan-denominational Calvinistic moral compass, which just as lamely and meaninglessly doesn't believe in any real necessity to just be good, but only to quite-self-indulgently be "saved"—it is like the celebrated Oriental "sound of one hand clapping": the more we contemplate its allegedly freeing and fortifying attributes the more we find ourselves ready to go anywhere and fight anyone to see it extended across the seven continents of the globe. Carrying like a firebrand a real Zealot/Jacobin fervor, a sort of anti-matter Albigensian fanaticism, attended not at all by accident across the USA today by the spectacle of legions of "born again" "evangelists" advocating the open-arms acceptance of sodomites into the churchly fold, while seeing end-time perils not in "wars and rumors of wars" but in any stinting or hesitation to go to war at the drop of a hat. In order doughtily to uphold wild-eyed Jewish and secret-society "rights" to take lands and states from owners of a thousand years. And over the past century to take critical, legitimate, natural spheres-of-influences from nations like Russia or Japan. For which purposes these breathless and irrational partisans strive to extend liberal democracy, a radically-open-ended form-of-government, across the entirely globe: perfect vehicle that it is for ill-admitted but insatiable goals. This at the price of any amount of native or American-lower-class blood.

By nature this sort of geopolitical-and-financial force, like those inanimate ones of nature we see so much of today, will overthrow, overturn as by a rampaging flood or irresistible wind, all things which stand upright in its path. As there is a certain order and attendant human pace and structuring which earthly affairs must follow, or they are doomed to escape sane, rational and upright human grasp. This kind of kindly rationality—its highest grace-inspired development termed throughout this site as Integral (or institutionally established) Catholicism—being that which we uphold here on this site, in all these convergences, in our tireless and fearless defenses against fanatical "patriots" of every stripe. This biblically-prophesied end-time gathering-into-the-fold—"that they, Father, might all be one fold and one Shepherd"—being that all-points, all-freeing convergence, in fine, to which this Crusade is inseparably and indefatigably joined. How is this rote concentration, indeed this readily-admitted obsession, in every practical as well as spiritual sense so truly rather than theatrically freeing? Read on dear reader, read on.

March 6, 2014: Full-length quote of EU foreign policy chief and the Estonian foreign minister discussing fact that those slain in infamous Kiev killings were all shot by the same snipers from the same guns, thus adding more proof to our own long-standing allegation that pro-Western third-party black-ops operatives, not "ultra nationalists" or "Islamic terrorists" are behind most of the world's turmoil of today. Taking liberty to quote full-length, as I believe that wants this story—utterly neglected to this hour by a criminally-biased U.S. media—to finally get out.

TALLINN, March 5 (RIA Novosti) – Snipers who shot at protesters and police in Kiev were allegedly linked to “somebody from the new coalition,” Estonia’s foreign minister said in a leaked phone call.

His conversation with Catherine Ashton, the European Union’s foreign policy chief, has been confirmed as authentic by the Estonian Foreign Ministry. It took place after Paet visited Kiev on February 25, after intense street battles between police and protesters that killed dozens of people and injured hundreds.

He informed Ashton of his conversation with Olga Bogomolets, the chief coordinator of medical aid at the main protest camp in Kiev’s Independence Square.

“Olga told as well that all the evidence shows that the people who were killed by snipers from both sides, among policemen and then people from the streets, that they were the same snipers killing people from both sides,” Paet said.

Ashton replied: “Well, yeah… That’s, that’s terrible.”

Paet continued: “So that she then also showed me some photos she said that as a medical doctor she can say that it is the same handwriting, the same type of bullets, and it’s really disturbing that now the new coalition, that they don’t want to investigate what exactly happened.

“There is now stronger and stronger understanding that behind the snipers, it was not Yanukovich, but it was somebody from the new coalition.”

Ashton, apparently surprised by the disclosure, said: “I think they do want to investigate. I mean…I didn’t pick that up…that’s interesting. Gosh.”

There has been no indication of who leaked the recording of the conversation between the two politicians.

At a news conference in Estonia, Paet said he “was not making any judgments” and expressed his disappointment at the fact that “conversations like this become available to those for whom they are not intended.”

The minister added: “Distorted versions of the record, which are intended to discredit the Ukrainian government, have also emerged. I was only speaking about versions of what was going on in Ukraine.

“One can only make suggestions why this record was posted online a week after the new government started its duties.”

Commentary: We here at the Crusade for one aren't going to "pull out the cry rag" anytime soon over this sort of priceless social-media spilt milk. While most strikingly of all, and as we noted in the article of yesterday found just below this, "the hen that cackled loudest is the one that laid the egg": it is U.S. officialdom from the Senate to the White House which has slung felonious accusations most vituperatively against Russia, calling Vladimir Putin and Victor Yanukovich thugs, likening them to Hitler, drawing comparisons to Stalin's murderous master-plans of regional dominion, and so on. Indeed this sort of mega-ton abusive raillery being standard U.S. twenty-first century foreign policy, from Condoleezza to Kerry, in a nutshell. These being likewise identical tactics to those used by the old corrupt union bosses of a generation ago here in the USA, with Jimmy Hoffa Sr., arch-strongman of them all, instructing his lieutenants to call "bums" and various other mostly-unprintable vulgar names any honest union members who resisted the Hoffa-negotiated sell-out, in a host of cases following these verbal confrontations with post-meeting murder or life-threatening beatings, mutilations, or union-hall-ejections down-flights-of-stairs (see Robert Kennedy's The Enemy Within, found in Integral Catholicism bibliography). But "the proof is in the pudding" in these revelations, since according to the above homely adage about chickens it is overwhelmingly probably that the USA has its usual black-ops "irons in the fire" in this latest conflagration overseas as well. Uncle Sam, with his fanatical Judean-Zealot/American "born again" sense of mission, being determined to steer the course of global political affairs, with the media even now no doubt scheduling an interview with some dead-eyed ex-CIA agent to remind us with hellish cynicism that "all's fair in love and war". That the only loyalty in such cases is not to God or conscience but only to "the flag". Well, in that case, "patriotic", sanctimonious liars all, stop being smug about the alleged crimes of others, when your own hands are so admittedly red with innocent blood.

As noted so many times on this site, mankind's back is now against the wall, as these sorts of fiends, and their fiery partners from nether regions, close in on us. Only the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary can "save us from this hour". Under whose refuge we must fly, casting off all human respect, all fear of being called "pious fools", and so on: that namely which holds back heads-of-state and others in positions of influence, from doing what the honor and glory of God require. That paramount dedication without which the state is like a cadaver without a head or a soul.

March 5 update, 2014: Crimea: most recent venue for American/Jewish global hegemony. Additions and changes made subsequently as new developments have appeared by the day. Snipers now shown to have been shooting at both sides in massacres at Independence Square in Kiev.

As reported in just today, all this is from a phone conversation between the Estonian foreign minister, Urmas Paet, and a high-level representative of the EU, Catherine Ashton, with Paet confirming the statement of the chief medical official on the ground at the time of the shootings, who stated categorically that the bullets that killed people on both sides were from the same guns, and plainly followed tell-tale trajectories and bodily entry-points that substantiate this fact. Interesting too is the fact, duly recorded in the same third-party-obtained telephone conversation, that the Opposition coalition doesn't want to discuss any of this: apparently being happy to have all the Western intervention, and unwilling to part with any allegations, no matter how vile and untrue, that keep it there. All of which facts and statements have indeed been confirmed by the Estonian foreign ministry itself. Why isn't this being reported on our own media? One need look no further than an ever-vociferating USA and its synagogue/financial allies for the perpetrators of this bloody and calumnious deed, as it is classical U.S. black ops barbarity from the start. Much as was done in Mexico City in the early '70s by our own CIA, during highly-similar demonstrations in a similar square, when the USA as usual wanted a certain political outcome to be tailor-made to its own desires. At that time impersonating Mexican Federales, firing down randomly into the crowds from upper stories of apartment-houses clustered around. But one doesn't just keep on forgiving someone who does this repeatedly, for a century and more, and who together with noted interlocutors is obviously and redundantly the foreign-policy beneficiary to heinous deeds involved. An Uncle Sam who—like all such shamefaced guilty parties—is the loudest and most belligerent against a Yanukovich treacherously targeted in this way. This is obvious prima facia proof that the USA is run by a gang of pirates, thugs: the latter indeed a name used repeatedly against ethnic Russians, against Putin in particular, by this same hyper-"patriotic" breed. Let us, instead of calling a tribunal to try Victor Yanukovich, this cruelly slandered man, rather rigorously investigate Kerry, McCain, Albright, Clinton and all the others who were loudest in these savage denunciations of the past few days.

Always it is out of chaos that an enemy-occupied United States, which can command little honest loyalty at all, attempts to rule the globe: Uncle Samuel actually, in terms of mission and methodology, financing and philosophy, being the Yeltzin/Sachs-enabled capitalist/collectivist successor to the defunct Soviet Union itself, if thus admittedly with a far-broader dossier. Thus wherever the USA and its inseparable corporate interests have sunk roots in a region there has resulted political upheaval, corruption on a massive scale, and the economic ruin which always attends such things. The great promise of "fabulous U.S. markets" having on the whole proven grossly illusionary for nations across Eastern and Central Europe as a whole, so that Uncle Sam must play the ultra-liberal political card to have any hope at all. Here then being a sort of "collections" for which global finance—remotely directed by the synagogue—is infamously and immemorially known—as there is no surer way to turn a country into a financial/industrial "milk cow", to make it prostrate before an invader, than by the moral ruin of its people. With The Ukraine, after the halcyon Hollywood-scripted '90s, now owing billions-upon-billions to the cosmic "securitization" firm, becoming yet another chess-board upon which Euro/American corporations can play their perfidious games. Becoming a classical "export economy", finding itself on the other end of a cosmic "monetary easing" crack-the-whip of an unprecedented, remorseless kind: this in return for onerous amounts of native sweat, toil and wealth. Being nonetheless a neighbor whom Russia is entirely willing to bail out: with no strings attached except those entirely just and reasonable ones by which debtor and creditor, benefactor and recipient are always everywhere joined. However and predictably with a noisy and thankless, West-catering liberal-left-element in Ukraine throughout a series of "orange revolutions" callously ignoring ongoing lavish Russian special-treatment agreements on the delivery of all-important natural gas and other significant marks-of-regard. Substantially revealing these "freedom fighters" for the thankless juveniles that they actually are. "The broad road that leads to perdition" being a persuasive one indeed, perhaps especially for the mostly-younger people involved in street-demonstration seen recently, with the lavishly-funded, Corporate-NGO, U.S./Israeli black-ops and secret-society piloted program-of-moral-transformation being advanced in the name of "freedom" in The Ukraine today. Attendant upon which massive campaign—something again tiringly familiar to anyone with a sensitive political intestine at all—are sing-song insinuations and accusations entirely false or misleading against Russian leaders: in the construction of a perfidious kind of media-monopoly-imposed verbal-beachhead which provides ample subsequent platform for formidable assaults of every cleverly-developed kind. Dealing here as we do with the old communist ghost of decades ago, donning the robes of Uncle Sam. Thus if "America" feels threatened by some harmless soul or head-of-state: well, to Wolf Blitzer and the pack that's just the breaks of the game when he gets lynched, mob-butchered or drone-bombed into eternity. While—in a modern-day phenomenon again of rote popular familiarity—if Russia feels threatened by bloodshed and disorder at its own back-door, in its centuries-old if recently-signed-away territory—itself in those early-nineties just then being looted of some 98% of its financial assets by a Geoffrey-Sachs-direct "consulting team", let in the back door by a treasonous head-of-state, and thus in no position to offer resistance at all—then we have a "paranoid dictator" playing a game of global chess. The Russian language having predictably been forbidden in official usages the day the revolutionary and electorally-non-confirmed Ukrainian parliament took over, no doubt at cryptic command of France, England and Uncle Sam. For squealing sodomites of modern Big-Ben/Brandenburg-Gate/Pennsylvania-Avenue lore any mob being quite enough to "legitimize" some bloody overthrow: even as the momentary absence of for-now-discrete violent revolutionaries, in the view of the ever-whining, sodomy-defending Anderson Cooper, is taken to roundly disprove the unanimous on-the-spot experience of ethnic Russians and official statements of Russian leaders alike. This whole media/official assault upon Russia, stooping so low as to play upon age-old nationality-prejudices of every stylish or gutter-level kind, finding the world's only determined opponent against vile U.S.-endorsed sodomy and other perverse disorders of today as sole defender of the good and virtuous in any clime. All the while, finally, the Russian offer to make a joint effort in The Ukraine was contemptuously turned down by the West only a few months ago: generously giving-the-lie to arrogant, synagogue-signature Western claims.

Plainly, all the "paranoia" is on the American/Western side—with our bought-and-sold, pervert-peddling media double-daring some soldier to fire some random shot, and start a war—Madeline Albright meanwhile stonewalling hypocrisy-accusations against her Government vis-à-vis decades of candidly-brutal U.S. occupations-of-foreign-lands. All the while for furthest Kerry-effeminate reaches of political theater—they really think we're dum—the whole conflict is fantastically personalized upon the person of Putin, as in statements like "what will Putin do next?", while making ridiculous comparisons between him and Hitler, Stalin or some other dictator. When in fact he is a leader who is carrying out the unanimous will of his own parliament, plainly speaks for Russians-at-large, and no doubt has the highest popular-approval-rating among politicians of any nation in recent times. And although U.S. diplomatic officialdom and lugubrious TV-anchors alike are quick to question the wording of conveniently-listener-inaccessible, small-print-ridden severance-treaties between Moscow and Kiev, as noted above a "freedom-championing" Uncle Sam need have no treaty at all to tread on the soil of any land he might wish, with his record of bull-in-a-china-shop invasions and occupations meriting only a belated and blank-faced-remorseless "oops, how clumsy of me!". Thus is a synagogue-indispensable cult-of-Uncle-Sam openly practice as the official religion in the ever-secular-messianic USA, among many going far beyond belief-in-God as a popular motivator of men. Yanks staking "lives, fortunes and sacred honor" upon the alleged rectitude of recent and centuries-old sanctimonious claims. And then for good measure there is lobbed haphazardly into the debate this ingenious newest reverse-logical explosive, to wit: of plants within the Ukrainian liberal-revolutionary movement donning the disguise of "anti-semitism", scribbling standard crude expressions on walls or cars, so that notoriously-provocateur Jews will seem to have had nothing at all to do with the uprising. Indeed with Russian officials themselves, the whole world, missing synagogue origins of this incendiary program. With continuing anonymity as always being the only thing some new master-plan of the global Jewish traitor requires.

In line with all the above, a most-recent example of a nightly-news Russia-bashing false lexicon is the redefinition of the noted "black ops", a misnomer hatched indeed by commentators only in the last few months, to refer to any sort of irregular troop-deployment at all, in a linguistic warp no doubt media-prepared "just in time" to brand-with-infamy, through strategically-employed false association, the latest Russian actions on the Crimean Peninsula. This term, black ops having quite-the-contrary always meant the heinous and deliberate 9/11-style strategic killing-of-civilians, usually in hideous ways like the above epic barbarity, often involving mass rapes, the pitiless murder of school-children, the poisoning of public water supplies, or any other infamous deed meant to cast discredit upon some land or head-of-state. This in turn as a notorious popular-opinion-molding provocation-to-war against same. Hence too a highly-similar Pearl Harbor, Havana Harbor, Haiphong Harbor, et cetera ad nauseam: the killing of Americans, in uniform or not, for over a century now to achieve some aggressive policy-aim, against some "cruel dictator", being no stranger here in a "freedom loving" USA. Thus highly-expendable are regarded human beings by those who rule us here, being considered merest means to some fanatical policy goal in which some misanthropic idea of "freedom" is deliriously held to reside. While with regard to events in The Crimea, AIPAC and its inseparable bedfellow Uncle Sam are attempting by such methods to smear filthy blame on Russia by this rank association of "black ops" with the Moscow of today.

Will you escape God's wrath, Uncle Sam? The answer to that question is being played out as I write.

Plainly then, this whole phenomenon of U.S./Israeli/AIPAC involvement around the globe must be sharply distinguished from any historical efforts of locals, as in the case of the Tatars, toward "right of return", or other ethnic or nationalistic aspirations or movements, which must rather be judged independently, entirely on their own merits. These causes, some of them indeed justified and rightly upheld, being however regarded by these global aggressors as mere opportunities for pan-opportunistic goals. These concrete causes, each indeed to be judged on its own merits, being entirely distinct from "rights championing" pseudo-goals of some latest ultra-progressive form of "liberty": a Jacobin value awash with Molotov-cocktails, a freedom somehow understood as conceding the most absolute impunity, whether personal or official, for perverts of every stripe to subtly or openly extend their foul habits over school-children, over society at large. With nursery-school-to-grad-school pro-sodomy educational-indoctrinations and closely-associated coercive and psycho-coercive corporate-and-official cultures taking the lead in these regards. This then being the flag which the striped-pants-wearing gentleman, bolstered Fox, CNN, MSNBC and the whole major-media spectrum, attempts to plant on every beach around the globe.

Always the USA is the "pointman" of a moral disease advanced abroad according to the same rapid pace as here at home: where on TV there are played-out interminable touch-feely scenes of sodomites publicly embracing each other, grossly-size-exaggerated crowds carrying "love, love, love" banners down streets, and so on: the aim being to make this one-time-utterly-unknown phenomenon of publicly-practiced-and-promoted sodomy as familiar as the back of ones hand. The idea advanced being that glorious Yankee-borne "progress" has brought this abominable turn-of-events into well-deserved glorification at last. With thoroughgoing "born again" radical-Calvinist Yanks being dyed-in-the-wool fountainheads of global disorder, always struggling to get into some newest kind of space-suit in order to escape despised limitations of a human nature they so execrate and condemn, with which they are never really at home, hedonists or no. (see Integral Catholicism, our first book, readable for free on this site). Thinking themselves to have been given some divine mission, while still in dim forests of New England, to grimly impose this pathological humanity-rejecting regimen upon peoples around the globe, calling no quarter in particular in a thousand petty resentments vicious cruelties against ever-merciful and relenting womanhood, especially as personified and elevated in the Holy Mother of God, thereby making themselves gravely vulnerable to every unnatural sin, sentiment or crime. While as suggested above and as events of the past decade or so have so graphically shown if there is found some Pakistan, Afghanistan or Russia which resists this perfidious falsehood, this perfectly-uninvited onslaught, an ever-synagogue-subservient USA either prepares itself to invade—inventing some provocation from out of the black-ops bag-of-tricks which has been the agents-provocateurs specialty of death-dealing clandestine U.S. forces for more than a century—or quietly commissions some group of local "patriots" and "freedom fighters", heavily funded by the synagogue as well. These perfidious efforts, whether at home or abroad, inevitably led by some cadre of the world's legions of crypto-Jews: as in the case of the bloodthirsty and perfidious PLFP of Munich-Olympics fame, designed deliberately to be slanderously conflated with the PLO. One of the founders of the former being indeed the notoriously-Interpol-eluding crypto-Jewish Carlos of late-twentieth-century fame.

Always, again, there is this tiresome, laboriously-sustained perception that the USA is conducting some sort of noble campaign against wicked men, in this depraved advancement of everything morally unnatural and wrong: illustrating however nothing-so-forcefully as its own formal enlistment in forces of end-time libertarian satanism. That immemorial "religion" of Hell into which American Calvinism so frequently despairs or devolves since colonial days—a satanism indeed with overwhelming incongruity recognized by the U.S. Government as a valid denomination all-its-own, even though it practices every crime known to man—having as its prime objective the systematic and where-possible violent overthrow of Christian Civilization, indeed of peaceful, rational human life of any creed. Even if most Christians here of any denomination remain blind to what exactly is going on, and thus scarcely capable of resisting this gravely-consequential, national-congenital downward pull: all the while they imagine themselves delusionally as leading mankind onward into newer, brighter realms. Immemorial human institutions to be replaced by an anarchic, stateless utopia in which there is no right and wrong recognized at all, and where the most self-indulgent excesses are regarded as the pinnacle of human life: heretical Christianity having misrepresented the creed of the ever-merciful Savior as a cruel and heartless thing, inevitably to be thus resolutely put-aside. Or in polar extremes of an aggiornamiento liberal wing, as destined to be succeeded by a "who knows what" of the same familiar hedonistic ring. Indeed we see this moral-oblivion ceaselessly today among Washington politicians, where the terms right or wrong are seldom anymore employed, with the idea of good or right being substituted by words like "feasible", "appropriate", "normal", "realistic", and so on. While deepest roots of this national pathology are to be found in that Judaism which is the most common source—direct or remote, doctrinal or financial, social or political—of all Christian heresy, and most pointedly of the noted proto-heretical Calvinism which is the American trademark par excellence. Theological error having been a Jewish project from first days of the Apostles, with this two-millennia-long warping and disfiguring Judaization, as it is called in Holy Writ, and as reiterated on this site so many times, ever revealing certain tell-tale features of the Hebrew parent stock. In the case of American Calvinism the highly-identifiable brand burned into the Yankee soul being the notorious and fanatical Jewish rejection of humanity as a whole as being deficient or sub-human. This falsehood showing itself in noted bleak and unforgiving Calvinist assessments of ones own and other people's humanity noted above: in a spirit utterly foreign to Catholic Faith and spirituality, indeed to human cultures and civilizations everywhere, but cravenly bowed to by American Catholics from the days of John Carroll of Revolutionary-era lore. Making the Yankee Judeo-American social and personal complex "exceptionalist" indeed.

But quite contrary to hopeful or hedonistic anticipations it can be predicted with certainty that this "workers paradise" of Marxist (read here revolutionary-Jewish) fame, if it is ever at all realized, will quickly give way to the slavery-and-extermination of all who are opposed. This coupled with an extreme limitation of human reproduction which will no doubt too have been rigidly expropriated into various unnatural in vitrio forms, drawn from sperm of male sodomites of this Brave New World: this test-tube-reproduction a method indeed already now being employed. While no doubt ever-merciful womanhood, in line with Judeo-Calvinist condemnations noted above, will have been quietly done-away-with as being an inferior form, by this new and ignoble breed, with the rearing of subsequent "children" devolving upon these sodomy-hoplite fiends. These unnatural offsprings probably being some sort of animals without an immortal, grace-receptive soul: as it is hard to imagine that God would bless such an abomination by making these creatures His potential throne. This group of "test-tube babies"—even now allegedly numbering some two thousand—from whom will no doubt be drawn that biblical "Beast" so soon to arrive. A preternaturally-powerful, diabolically-possessed sub-human by our own estimation to be hidden away somewhere during the soon-to-arrive triumph of Holy Mother Church, to make his abominable appearance at the end of that generation or so during which the latter is prophetically predicted to thrive. After which series-of-events will be seen the end of all these egregious disorders and the ineffable Second Coming of Christ.

To which I say with joyful anticipation: Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus!

March 5, 2014: Tolerance, meekness, aggiornamento: hardly qualities legitimately to be cultivated on the eve of the worst onslaught against Catholic life and institutions that the world has ever seen.

As reiterated so many times here on this site, and as greeted with smiles up many-a lay-and-clerical sleeve: it wasn't necessary for Vatican II fathers to do anything at all in order to put into motion the most disastrous period in Church history to date. Rather was it only required that they relinquish entirely the militant spirit of the Church, that they content themselves with promulgating a "Catholicism" limp as milk-toast, smiling blandly and absentmindedly at ravenous enemies gathered around. A policy of the past fifty-some years during which, hardly by coincidence, abortions and other unnatural forms of murder have burgeoned into the hundreds of millions—and by "birth-control" fertilized-ovum destruction, into the hundreds-of-billions—in stunning frequency among breezily-encouraged liberal Catholics as well. With this latest anti-pope Francis the very icing on such a drooping cake: a final spoiler appointed by Vatican king-makers to make any comeback for true Catholicism impossible by sheer attrition-of-time. There being few anymore who even remember what it was all about when it was decades ago still in many ways in vigorous flower, numbers of devout souls who by the time Francis dies or "retires" are anticipated to be dead themselves, or living in old-folks homes.

Alas, there are still occasional American clerics, boomers almost to a man, who still volubly approve in retrospect those "exciting" days of Vatican II, and love to have a chance to repeat their undying devotion to this new, liberal, limp-and-tolerant creed. Repeating once again, in phrases that roll off the tongue with such marvelous ease, all the old unctuous slogans that once sent seventies congregations into swoons. But it will soon be their turn too, to disappear behind the retirement home door. Men in particular who put stout nails in the coffin, or so they think, of the Catholic doctrine on the state, as necessarily and dogmatically falling under the moral jurisdiction of the Church in any Catholic land—and by implication and Thomistic teaching alike under terms of the moral law "written on the human heart" in non-Christian lands as well—this according to the bull Unam Sanctam of Boniface VIII. Men who likewise contradict the related Catholic doctrine on a just war, averring, in obvious departure from Unam Sanctam, that war, the most consequential of all moral acts, is "entirely a matter for the state to decide". These pronouncements or omissions—together with the complete exoneration of the Jews from any special blame for the Crucifixion of Christ—being as far as I know the only actual heretical or implied-heretical teachings openly promoted at Vatican II, or in an aftermath which drew its inspiration entirely from same. While as to the council's redefinition of marriage as being essentially both a relationship and a contract—the unprecedented insertion of the hyper-nebulous word "relationship" being the Pandora's box involved—allowing every sort of perverted or perfidious falsehood to put its foot thereafter in the family door: this may not actually rise to the level of a heresy, but is quite as destructive a falsehood on its own perfidious terms. After which few more-formal deviations all that an enemy-occupied Rome needed to do was to be meek, passive, non-resistant, while publicly reiterating every other Catholic doctrine in proper column-and-line, as Judeo/Masonic and satanic forces relentlessly and systematically took over all practical aspects of human life over the past half-century. Even as the "new papal saints"—all of them since Pius XII being thus subscribed—have repeatedly endorsed myriad heresies in less-formal ways, as in Jean-Paul-II's Sartyrian Assisi pan-religious gathering, where Holy Communion was given out to toe-worshippers and Catholics, Jews and Protestants alike. Or as when the future Benedict roundly questioned the Resurrection of Christ.) We Catholics having meanwhile been conveniently redefined into a lot of nice people who don't "hurt" anyone or anything, who never so much as make a fist in defense of sacred treasures on every level that we hold dear. It is a sissy religion in which we whine and cry but never do anything manly or resolute, let alone claim the helm-of-state to be a Catholic or Christian matter through-and-through, as far as any moral dimensions are concerned: which of course takes in most entirely-practical matters in some way as well.

It is by this collapse of Catholic decisiveness, this "being ashamed of Christ before men", that the Council stands most redundantly condemned, proving itself not to have been called by virtue of the Holy Ghost at all, but rather as a direct end-time affront to God and to His Church.

March 5, 2014: Vladimir, fulfill the Fatima Message and in Mary's own words, "there will be peace". Complexities and apparent contradictions of international political scene forcefully dictate the cementing of the Kingship of Jesus Christ, to be ushered by joint effort of Russia and the ever-Russ-venerated Mother of God, as in her procuring of the miracle at Cana, and her faithful standing at the foot of the Cross. How unscrupulous actors are allowed by terms of the present international chaos to divide and rule.

Always the battle cry is that comparatively-humble personal authority "cannot be trusted", that all things must be placed under some international tribunal, or some tumultuous and anonymous group of street-demonstrators, which can then allegedly ferret out wrongdoers involved. Here then the reason the USA, proven repeatedly by events to be the chief sponsor of terrorism and extremism across the globe, always favors a two-party system which effectively paralyses the popular and official political will: as this allows a host of such actors to rifle public order, to loot the economy, to set up little khanates everywhere, the bring an ever-perfidious synagogue into long-sought cosmic/totalitarian sway. The arena of political decision being widened further and further by the day, with the common man, with no such ideological axes to grind, having no familiarity—let alone any say-so—with this rump-adjudication of issues at stake. With generalized accusations being let-fly which gain no real substantiation at all, but only swell the levels of blood-curdling rancor and sardonic spleen. Here being the podium in which some inevitable John Kerry rises to theatrically lay down the law, after which some General Gotovina will go to jail for five years, or some one-time-U.S.-protégé Ghaddafi or Hussein will be mercilessly done-to-death—a lesson a Putin or a Yanukovich can scarcely ignore—each of them the feckless last man on the cosmic game of crack-the-whip Uncle Sam so impenitently plays. Thus the outcome of modern liberal democracy worldwide: the only adequate dimension in which it's allegedly-glorious qualities can be objectively and accurately observed. For critical to understanding the world-political scene is that we laboriously strive to view things as a whole, the way indeed in which God Himself views them, His whole Mind being indeed one single Thought which marvelously contains all things within, and understands them as they impact and nuance one another. For the ultimate outcome of U.S. policy can typically be seen only some decade or more later, although more lately the timetable has been greatly accelerated in some places like Libya, where the inevitable Uncle-Sam-arbitrated chaos ensued before the sonic-boom of bombers and fighter-planes had even stopped rocking the land. Disorders likely with nasal-toned Kerry-signature sanctimony to be blamed on reactionary elements which "wouldn't go along" with U.S.-protégé liberal/visionary schemes.

Friends, this is why ever-humbly-conceived personal authority, as epitomized in the old medieval system, of course adapted to realities of today, are the only things that will work at this eleventh hour: in a political order to be universally surmounted by the social reign of the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, of the New Adam and the New Eve. That glorious final end-time eventuality which Catholic prophesy of a thousand years has so roundly predicted to come into being, in times perfectly identifiable as these of today. While quite the contrary at present we are being conducted forcefully and remorselessly into a polar-opposite, pan-globalist—read here Jewish/Marxist/Capitalist—utopia in which all mankind will be ruled by a sodomite/hoplite rod-of-iron. As the entire Christian legacy of virtue-producing law is slated to be leveled everywhere to the ground: having been fatally misidentified as cruel and tyrannical, its protagonists like Putin, Gotovina and a host of others having been craftily slandered across a global media that has been overwhelmingly Jewish since before the Dreyfus Affair, for well-over a hundred years.

Let us then stop talking and do this thing—according to the old adage I once coined as a teenage boy—although many probably said it before—to wit, that "the more we talk about doing something the less likely we are going to do it at all". And forget about the surrounding noise-campaign that will inevitably ensue, a sort of replay of Jewish mob-sensationalism before Pilate, in front of the Praetorium, a determined campaign of denigration against good men and holy things. And after this good deed, this noble achievement is accomplished, then see how the civil scene settles down, as when Jesus Himself majestically arose in the boat and said to threatening waves, "be still". In the meantime not getting distracted by a lot of hysterical pantomime and chanted slurs, a lot of misleading attacks: indeed upon both good and bad, to keep everyone thoroughly and irretrievably confused. Just act, just do. Enlist thereby the power of God, and of the Blessed Virgin Mary, she who is especially commissioned to crush this end-time serpent beneath her maiden feet, as this developing Age of Mary predicted by St. Louis DeMontfort begins at last to unfold, to come into its own.

February 25, 2014: The Loud Music Trial, more ways than one to murder. The need for personal authority: why it was never the real origin of political tyranny. Article revised and expanded.

I haven't kept up with the sensational courtroom scene: hence I don't know the specifics about Dunn's racism, nor how true are such charges, being unwilling to take the words of TV newsmen and commentators as fully conveying the character of the man. However, the point I wish to make is that there is another kind of murder going on in today's USA—and being spread around the globe by the point of a guided bomb—a killing every bit as real as that inflicted upon the Black lad by Dunn. It is the murder of the soul, the mind, the heart, a homicide accomplished in the violent death of a Civilization, such as has been carried out here consistently since the late sixties. It is a murder 1 accomplished in an especially cold-blooded way in the blaring of extremely loud music that is offensive to the whole Christian persona and moral universe: a "deadly projectile"—demonstrably indeed a spur to murder in-and-of-itself, among those who foolishly listen to it—a sort of music bullet whose mortal aggressions you are little likely to escape by simply going to another gas-station or store, as CNN's Don Lemon so tritely suggests. Since this noise—hardly music by any stretch—is an inescapable, enveloping onslaught on habitually-pacific minds of the monotheistic of whatever creed, a doing-to-death of the presence of God in the soul, an aggression from which there is no reasonable avenue of escape. The soul—capable itself of being killed, while the body, like a sort of morally-lifeless cadaver, continues to function as before—requiring by nature for the five senses a certain refined cultivation, a degree of collaboration, in order to remain alive on its own proper and exalted plane.

Now I am fully aware that the merest use of words like exalted will find one classed as fanatical or dillusionary by many who are thoroughly caught in the web of the same modern-world's trivialization of the human person: but to genuinely exalt the human being, the child of God, is a fundamental purpose of Christianity, of monotheism, of Catholicism in an especially-direct way. Viewing humanity as the Church does as living, by way of grace—the latter operating through the avenues of the soul, as noted above—on a much higher plane than the five sense can ever in themselves convey. For which higher purposes those things which can overpower and degrade us through these latter, whether by way of sight, taste, smell, touch or sound, must be held to the "law of our minds". Hence the need for Christian laws, once a majority of its citizens becomes converted to the Faith: through whose enablement we greatly help one another to achieve more-exalted and sublime goals of the mind and soul. While at the same time hardly doing any harm, rather doing much good in every humanitarian way, to other persons not of the same view.

But by contrast this entirely modern sort of murder has since the sixties and without any change-of-statutes been quietly allowed to invest our streets and neighborhoods, stores and schools. Having had for its vanguard the moral-revolutionary "hippies"—entirely a White-youth phenomenon—among whom there were few if any Blacks at all. Tumult-breeding moral-nihilists, these one-time youngsters, now largely deceased or old, decrepit and gray, who refused to be silenced or restrained in any way, notably ignoring centuries-old disturbance-of-the-peace ordinances which in every city or rural area, village or town previously held pacific sway. Their "music" shaking the very walls for at least a block around their hippy-pads, car radios or motorcycles: for these purposes frequently employing massive "boom boxes" whose low-frequency base-clef decibels in particular have more-recently been acknowledged as doing violence to bodies as well as to souls. While furthermore the authorities seem to have been entirely complicit in this neglect of long-standing, Civilization-preserving custom, turning a deaf ear in almost every case: as in one instance I myself cited years ago on this page, when city-councilmen sat by impassively while an elderly man pleaded for quiet on the streets of an Arizona "retirement haven" at night, for the sake of his wife who had a severe heart condition and needed her rest. Being endlessly disturbed until wee hours by young Whites who hardly attempted to hide their race, stepping out regularly during these escapades to stretch, flashing signature macho-expressionless blue-eyed faces at local convenience-stores and other gathering-places, after interludes of noise-enhancing-muffler drag-racing up and down the main street in town. Indeed, before these artificially-induced, seismic changes in society the Black man or woman by contrast had been most notable for being proverbially quiet and inoffensive, their "music" found most often in welcome and melodious turns-of-phrase. But from whatever quarter, does not a man—perhaps like Dunn—"get enough" after coming to a certain highly-unpredictable point, of the violation of his innermost thoughts and feelings by the very chaos of Hell? Could he not even be expected in some distracted moment to easily see a gun where there really wasn't one: his fevered mind harried by this real assault-weapon nearly every waking hour? And if he does loss control and kill someone, is this always to be construed as "murder 1"? You dear reader, far from the emotional sops of the TV screen, be your own judge: even as you disregard those professional provocateurs without a soul, regularly commissioned by some abominable secret society, who unblinkingly kill any number of people on sidewalks, in or in-front-of stores or in massive detonations like those of 9/11, just in order to make some legislative or judicial point, no doubt laboring to act especially Christian and neighborly just before they "go berserk". Realize, reader, the all-determining nature of these ultra-deliberative hijackings-of-whole-nations, these systematic and Dr. Jeckle-scientific instances of homicide to gain some coldly-pre-determined end. These heinous deeds cumulatively, over the past hundred years, to be regarded as mammoth acts of genocide, ultimately funded and commissioned almost entirely by men who consider the bulk of humanity of any race to be less than human beings. Considering for a change—in contrast to the perpetually-racist and reverse-racist, vindictive justice-system of the USA, invested entirely by this same ruthless breed, with officialdom today, at another pole of perpetual disorder, also championing the cause of sodomy in The Ukraine, in Uganda, Syria, Afghanistan, in our own schools and on our own streets—that St. Thomas More who as a young magistrate in early-sixteenth-century England pardoned a man who in a moment of uncontrollable rage seemingly reminiscent of the Loud Music case had actually beheaded a crassly-provocative woman. She who during an altercation had lain her own head on a chopping-block—where he had presumably been chopping wood—and shouted at him to cut it off.

But loud "music" did indeed finally become a Black battle-cry of sorts, as there began to be socially-engineered an unprecedented "angry young man" sort of Black youth: this bomb-throwing concept having however and predictably been borrowed—you guessed it—entirely from a synagogue-predominated White culture which had given us tender mercies of the Bolshevik Revolution some fifty years before. A rich source of chaos and mayhem which promised to give mankind more such order-destroying social-tsunamis for years to come. For as noted above the countervailing aim of the perpetual heavily-financed Jewish idea of public and popular life is to make the pious monotheistic life—and especially that of the Hebrew-hated-and-rejected Christ—an existence lived most intensely at the deepest spiritual levels of the soul—a complete impossibility, conclusively preempting it by making its necessarily-pacific somatic or sensate preambles impossible to achieve. Wherever possible indeed criminalizing it through employment of some version of the morally-hideous official and quasi-official program detailed above. After success-of-which preemption Christian society can with utmost ease be controlled: since the Christian man lives uniquely "not by bread alone", but by "every word" coming from that "mouth of God", a voice which speaks to him sweetly in the interior castle of his own soul. That citadel which he must assiduously guard, one identified by St. Teresa of Avila as providing God's most-beloved throne. A Creator without perception of Whose softly-uttered commands—like the prophetic lilting "breeze at the mouth of the cave"—the believer is like a ship without a rudder, a sheep without a shepherd for a guide. Here in external specifics of this loud music case—leaving aside entirely the justice or injustice of Dunn's manner of requesting its cessation, with which I am not myself acquainted and which petition in itself, in any case, can hardly itself be considered a crime, as Lemon would for-all-intents-and-purposes seem to think—being a prime illustration of the tried-and-true Jewish way of wreaking a catastrophic change in some targeted area-of-life by bombing-out human existence in some seemingly-unrelated thing. In some arena whose ties to such a ground-zero are vague, unfamiliar in particular to the less-instructed Christian mind. Thus are we to be prodded with a behavioral cudgel to our own moral-and-material ruin, by secular false shepherds of these times. Alas, hence too did the Jewish Freud pilot the development of a hyper-cynical modern psychology and psychiatry: predisposing humanity to step into mental and moral booby-traps prepared with such "killing me softly" (or in the matter before us, killing me loudly) care. Any attempts at the avoidance of which brilliantly-concocted mental-and-moral pitfalls—by Christians struggling to keep pious minds—would by virtue of this occult-flavored "science" of modern psychology be thereafter interpreted as "neurotic", "unstable", "dangerous" and so on. Accordingly indeed does Don Lemon bluntly aver that anyone who gets irritated by "someone else's" (as if it were containable in a bag) loud music is "crazy". "All you have to do is drive away". As if things which occur in the soul and mind are of no significance at all, as if irritation were not by its very nature cumulative, as if we were all in a car at every waking hour, had nothing that ties us demandingly down to one spot for any length-of-time at all. Would Don have all of us Christians with keys-in-hand, around the lunch-table or water cooler, in the school yard, work-yard or college quadrangle, ready instantly to tear away somewhere in truck, car or van, to gain some peace, fish-tailing across sidewalks, between buildings, over grassy lawns, endangering life and limb?

No, my dear friend Don, truly-Christian men finally get enough of all this auricular barbarity, and neither is Christian meekness to be construed as a limp and craven passivity in the face of aggression and wrong. How then Charlemagne, St. Joan of Arc, or my own patron St. Louis of France? Loud music being in a special way a prime salient-of-attack of the soul: through that somatic channel of hearing which priests who had administered the Last Sacraments innumerable times in their sacerdotal careers used to tell us has the most direct impact upon these interior realms. Hearing being by common assessment of these blessed carriers-of-the-viaticum the last of the senses to be parted with in death, and the most exalted in the grasp of truth and spiritual life, since for one thing and as Scripture tells us, "Faith is by hearing". While it must be said to be nourished in a special way by the more-sublime hearing of silence: that spiritual garden-of-souls so much denied to Christians today, the seedbed of the devout, of monks and anchorites in particular, and indeed of retreatants attempting fervently to regain sight of that loadstar-of-the-spirit, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the New Eve. This Mother of God thereafter, and with inimitable firmness, gentleness and dependability, to guide them into wind-sheltered interior harbors of the Son of God.

Indeed too it is in this "music"-related way in particular that stygian reaches of sodomy are being promoted here, in this so "free" country: as in that first openly-sodomite song of around 1970, "Lola", which ditty launched into darkest realms of morbidity in taunting verses about "a man who thought he was a woman". A vanguard depressing piece of mass-moral-butchery which ranked somewhere with satanic concoctions of the time of Pink Floyd, the Eagles or the Rolling Stones, one which was bound to morally assault in particular any under attack socially as not measuring-up to an allegedly-polar-opposite violent and disorderly machismo just then being promoted by the same societally-see-sawing Jewish sources of the same day and time. This super-machismo, whether physically or by overbearing language and manners conveyed, being a sort of "manhood" which in itself is however actually an integral part of sodomy-relations, a weapon in the hands of a set-piece aggressor who wreaks abominable and satanic, often-enough life-threatening aggression upon the object of his lust. With the frequency of homosexual homicides—against both their own and the opposite sex—being a carefully-kept secret of those who would impose its filthy barbarities and profanities upon school-children, within the very home, upon society-at-large. This phenomenon of the spirit-enervating see-saw—between two apparently opposing poles, in this case between the allegedly gentle homosexual and his morbidly-victimized partner—finding equal manifestations in our own Congress, both of whose houses and all of whose caucuses or poles of opinion are firmly in the grips of AIPAC: in other words, the synagogue. With a sincere and authentic liberal, moderate or conservative having absolutely nowhere to go, being confronted with morally-and-mentally repugnant, ridiculously radical or disgustingly milk-toast alternatives at every turn. With radically-myopic Tea Party glorified-tax-accountants ambitiously storming the Republican base, mounting the other end of the political see-saw from sodomy-advocates whose bomb-throwing moral revolution these "conservative" Tea-Party leaders care nothing about at all. Such is the "freedom" of our system, child of the see-saw Revolutionary Era, both sides of which were lavishly funded by biblical "enemies of man"—notably the Rothschilds—in order to destroy freedom and sanity in the cradle of society, of the human soul and mind.

Hence then the other phrase in the title of this article: that personal authority was never the real originator of tyranny. In fact and as confirmed in all the above it is global finance, firmly-if-ever-secretively controlled by the synagogue, which is always and everywhere the scheming wrongdoer involved: being the silent enabler of the most vicious and depraved of men to gain every level of local-to-national power. Staging violent demonstration in Kiev, Caracas or Moscow, Egypt or Sudan, with utmost effectiveness shutting out the honest and good from any participation in the political process beyond the most lame and limp kind. Having for extra levels of overkill commissioned the creation of the whole Holocaust narrative, its chief ever-posturing originators being the Jewish Hitler and Rosenberg, followed close behind by the whole deranged host of Thule Society (Skull and Bones) initiates: they whose pro-Nazi counterparts in the USA included the Hitler-funding crypto-Jewish Prescott Bush, grandfather of George W., a family-of-Bonesmen going back to the 1840s or beyond. These sorts of highly-uncontested, slander-ridden subterfuges allowing the Jewish overseer to thereafter rule unseen, without any accountability at all: offering us as our system does no protection at all against these treasonous lies and onslaughts. (Is there then no need of a vigilant state, rather than endless and sterile discussions in some hall-of-debate: indeed the necessity of another Inquisition, whose early-sixteenth-century purpose, "evangelical" and Chick-Publications-lies to one side, was overwhelmingly to thwart this perpetual Jewish infiltration and mass-miscarriage-of-justice, rather than to harry Protestant with fictional thumb-screws and threats-of-death? And whose secularly-performed executions numbered only some twenty-eight under the much-slandered Torquemada himself?) With our two candidates for each office, each of which worthies is as bad as his opposite, hardly required to cross that no-man's-land of deadly trip-wires which the honest politician must traverse if he tries to gain office. Only to be met at the end by an impenetrable concertina of electronic voting booths which can be quietly rigged by mostly-ultra-liberal computer-technicians working for mostly-Jewish-owned firms. Machines which thereafter neatly spit out any outcome they or their wealthy overlords might wish.

Finally, to be fair, we must inevitably pose the question, no doubt pressing on the mind of many who read these lines: is it possible for some Jews, the overwhelming majority of whom are steadfast believers in the nefarious hate-book, the Talmud—so full of blasphemous, fictional, thinly-veiled fables and other allusions to Christ and His Blessed Mother—a source which they nonetheless, with staggering folly, rank high above the Old Testament as infallible—to be sincere in their convictions? Having perhaps learned in depths of their impenetrable or "invincible" ignorance to hate this true Christ, but yet without serious blame, the Savior having indeed been misrepresented to them so cynically and ceaselessly since earliest childhood years? This is a question in some ways fathomless, for which I would favor a "yes", but which I am quite unqualified to answer, lacking the training required. But I must add in the next breath that we certainly needn't hate the Jews, nor even consider them as reprobated souls—bringing down a gavel which we can hardly claim as our own—in order to recognize that they are our enemies. Rather are we enjoined by the very same Christ to "love your enemies, do good to those who persecute you": enemies who however and with equal insistence, and as it would be roundly-contradictory to suggest, can hardly be "compassionately" rated as no enemies at all. Suggesting wanly with modern psychologists that such enemy-recognition is "paranoia" in the extreme. Involved here being a deceptive play-on-words contemptible and detestable indeed, the origin of a modern allegedly-Gospel-based forgiveness-imperative suicidal in the extreme, the aim plainly being a kind of action-inhibiting mental paralysis or hypnosis in which words and ideas lose any real meaning at all. While furthermore even in war hatred isn't at all required, and in my own opinion actually hamstrings the warrior, as in nonsensical words of basic-trainees of our own military, with their bayonet charges—or so I presume is still done—filled with rasping shouts of "kill, kill!". For if the cause we fight for is just then killing therein is an extremely rational act, and its most leonine warriors motivated in heartfelt devotion to the good, and indeed, as I know from my own combat experience, a good-deal of respect, even a kind of veneration for the enemy: who for one thing may well be quite sincere in his own combat-motivating convictions, and for another indeed proves his metal to us day by day. Rather than hatred of persons of any kind. With the word courage itself indeed coming from the French word for heart. But nonetheless an enemy—however cleverly disguised—once recognized, must with redundant certainty continue resolutely to be regarded as such, any other policy being a self-evident case of suicide indeed.

But returning to the subject of liberty and law: the true and meaningful kind is only to be achieved by a free interplay of personal human forces, in the give-and-take of God-given, non-geo-financed, naturally-collaborative human life: all this most easily to be realized in a distributive configuration considered at length in books and articles on this page, such as early and high medieval life epitomized, just before it was swallowed up by the same forces spoken-of here. These latter namely as found under the mantle of that above-described rapacious Jewry which had already been a major-if-ever-secretive player for a millennia before the days of the tyrannical English Edwards or the French Phillip the Fair. Thus the first thing to be stricken from the Magna Charta—when in 1216 and 17 it was being "negotiated" largely into those stirring-words of practical impotence with which we of our own day are so familiar—was the insistence of English knights upon a restraint of the influence of Jewish bankers. They namely who plainly continued and still continue to have "friends at court" to say the least. While it would be Charles V who would bring with him from the Netherlands, Austria and Burgundy his long file of immigrant Jewish bankers, apparatchiks, interlopers and other high-handedly-empowered and secretive potentates, to make a mockery of a much-celebrated Expulsion a mere twenty-some years after its inauguration. A well-justified move commanded by those Catholic Monarchs who had been true Spaniards indeed.

February 25, 2014: Today's contrived conflict between obedience and liberty answered by the new and better Confederacy.

Without any doubt this Marxian set-piece is the root falsehood of modern times: being an institutionally-enshrined struggle-dialectic against that good order which is the very rule-of-existence of every plant or animal, galaxy or atom, society of rational beings. Its denial in turn being the dependable avenue to chaos and degeneration, to savagery and perversity, rather than to genuine freedom of any kind: with even the animals being obedient, only harkening to laws of an animal-kingdom geared, for benefit of man, to cull itself by the hour. Indeed a miserable and degrading state of bondage is the outcome of this modern liberty, this "do as you please" being awash with moral-and-mental laxity, rich in the proliferation of wastrels and sodomites, gangsters and mass-killers, dope-peddlers, prostitutes and generalized blue-and-white-collar crime. All the while in highest irony abject submission to this regimen of moral decay is demanded of us all by the tyrants that this "liberty" of today turns out in such a prodigious way.

Hence in a host of visionary/illusory projects the modern democratic state nearly without exception enshrines chaos, rebellion and perversion both at home and abroad, its fevered rationale being a "democratic" group-determinism whose applicability to most aspects of real life is limited in the extreme: the individual being the only force with an actual mind, the group in terms of intelligence being in essence only an idea. While the leading principle of today's liberal democracy—with each passing day more-and-more coterminous with this nihilistic idea of liberty—is found in a slogan first minted by the ultra-radical Thomas Paine, e.g., "that government governs best which governs least". Here at last a truism indeed, but with staggering irony one which only holds true in those obedient and cooperative societies which by their intrinsically-orderly nature need very little direction at all. Not being unruly, having no axes to grind, lacking that criminality which grows by leaps and bounds in our liberal-democratic USA, being rather just, kind, amenable in every way. The problem with all this simplistic libertine logic being that liberty when striven-after for its own sake is a barren task indeed, like chasing the wind, involving a sort of adolescent day-dream: while the true species is rather the product of a host of disciplines and moral codes, requiring by nature the cooperative reinforcement of our fellow-man, of laws which channel intrinsically-vulnerable human society along such virtuous, rational, highly-familiar paths. None of this being negotiable in some gab session of never-so-exalted a grade; all these sobering facts having been known by our estimable forefathers like the backs of their own hands.

Hence did the medieval systems of Europe, composed typically-if-not-overwhelmingly of such men of maturity, discipline and self-control, strangers to legislative tantrums, feints and wordy or hysterical demonstrations of today, exhibit a habitual kindly reciprocal relationship between lords and their tenants, kings and their cities, counties or burghs. That configuration—suiting perfectly the Thomistic purpose of the state as harboring friendship—being one in which decisions and agreements tended to redound to the good of all parties concerned, in a multiplier-activating reciprocity totally unknown in barren and grudging "compromises" of today. Representative councils being indeed numerous in those times, without however bearing the constant onus of planning and policy-initiation in unfamiliar realms, nor expecting to be the origin of every political act or idea. Being happy to build on the labor of others, being strangers to earth-leveling totalitarian visions of our day. Ironically-enough, modern liberty rigidly-and-sanctimoniously ruling from the top, thwarting innate self-actualizing instincts of society-at-large rather than bringing them to term. Today a certain all-knowing elite ever forcing a radical brand of "freedom" on every household, person and aspect-of-life, with militant ideological fervor never "letting things be", with the liberal-democratic assembly taking on ever facet of existence analogous to the way Hitler used to command forces down to the company or platoon, preempting those on the ground with critical intimate knowledge of often-thorny and intractable particulars of each case. Today above all with ancient religious convictions being swept aside or condescended-to as of no merit at all, under the impetus of a regulatory, judicial and legislative fervor which for all intents and purposes claims to be a preemptive gospel all its own. Such a regimen steadily and with morbid inevitability devolving into a police state, being set even now to impose an apocalyptic, satanic full-body imaging in every store: in my own opinion with all-determining secret-society prime-movers readily commissioning Lochner and others of his kind to run-down or gun-down ordinary pedestrians, or shoppers in an Arizona mall, so as to expedite this black and satanic goal.

The modern liberty opposes in particular those peculiarities and adaptations which are the very soul of local and personal identity and life, for the encouragement-of-which humble, cherished, stability-redoubling things noble house of old, so disparaged today, were especially well known. Life and its many fascinating complexities having been nourished and enhance by these highly-unassuming men, hardly ridden-herd-upon, demoralized, beat into a limp and tractable pabulum-like form. Thus did those truly-representative, personal-authority-based governments both "preserve the ancient landmark" and readily draw upon pre-existing expertise, with today's essentially-Marxist ideas of all-points struggle and conflict, by contrast, involving a veritable conquest over those across the isle, having been a total unknown. With village hundreds and committees of burghers contenting themselves regularly with questioning only those things which raised red flags. Peasants on estates, gathered in their frankpledges or village "villein" councils, and burghers in towns, hardly insisting on any "right" to perform the time-consuming birthing and bringing-to-term of things plainly within the nobleman's familiar everyday realm, even as the same commoners were able to bring forward a complaint or suggest an improvement in the event there were anything truly-counterproductive in some policy, questionable about some duty or command. Solemnly-maintained charters-of-rights, recorded in royal, noble and municipal pipe-rolls that can still be read, over which the equity-devoted moral-guidance of the Church was everywhere openly or tacitly implied, having been thick as hops in medieval times, and as prior research of ours has shown, able readily to bring a lord or king to court on the basis of same (see for instance, Life in a Medieval Village). This legendary medieval tractability having furthermore not at all been for "abject servility's" sake—as is so hastily charged against these men of so long ago, who of course being dead cannot defend themselves from such sanctimonious attacks—but part-and-parcel of a system which as noted above governed so little. Of nobles and commoners alike who had innumerable private duties to which to attend, in an enviable free-agency for which modern-day conservatives and libertarians—let alone government-imposed-anarchy liberals—ever claim so vociferously to be clearing the way, but which they always and so miserably fail to achieve. Living life and making it livable for others having been the consuming duty and desire of these our ruddy ancestors, rather than in morbid reaches of systemization ruling it with a petulant temper and an iron fist. Having garnered no massive salaries for political office, being of necessity most busy as noted with those very industrial and commercial matters which are the heady boast of our modern "free enterprise" times, the constructive and resource-conservative occupation of manpower inherent to such commonwealths indeed being seen to have preempted many of today's allegedly-intractable difficulties-of-governance before they could even arise. Generally making the leader more concerned about getting some much-needed rest than about making needless enemies by overstepping his bounds, by biting off more than he could chew. These ancestors of ours having had little if any trace of today's obsessive reaches of personal or institutional dominion, having above all had an agile sense of humor: something entirely missing among dour or clown-faced officials in these our own times, bursting with psychiatric counselors though it might be. Forebears hardly coveting any increase in onerous personal or political sway, being exhaustively engaged in benignly—rather than cancerously—productive activities of which we of our times know less and less with each passing day. The Gospel having been shorn from every aspect of modern life, the fate of the apostate is by necessity our due: for as stated many times on this page, after Christianity, in the onset of a much-touted "post-Christian civilization" there is in fact nothing but the dark and giddy void, and gratuities-of-folly both official and private must necessarily abound. While finally and most ironically of all, today's "liberty-loving" political bodies, for all their high-handedness and corruption, are themselves in turn hamstrung at every turn by financiers and others who behind closed doors so insidiously divide and rule. Being themselves the prime unerring source of this institutional morbidity, as it might be termed, met with today at every turn.

As suggested above, what these older systems "lacked" was any desire to lay bare the earth and start building a new society from scratch: that which is of course the fevered ambition of messianic/futuristic synagogue-and-secret-society nurtured "leaders" of today. Their undying dream the utter demolition and eradication of Christian Faith and Civilization, and its replacement by an onerous secular-messianic hegemony, whose imposition is indeed already well advanced today. For which essentially-Jewish anarchic/revolutionary purposes hoarse cries that "form of government" is the carrier of patriotism find the good regarded as potential terrorists or traitors, resisting as they do this eternal paradigm of barren, soil-salting rebellion, this advancement of a sterile take-on-life which as a whole isn't freedom at all, but which in a fundamental way labors under the depressing, nihilistic psychology of fiends in Hell. Fittingly then does this new liberty produce fruits of mental illness, sodomy, abortion, euthanasia, eugenics, organ-snatching death redefined: pathologies, perversities and barbarisms whose hint can already indeed be detected in staggering official cynicisms of a century ago. For as noted above at the very base of goodness and sanity, morality and right is obedience, and just as one honors the parents that gave one life and while under their roof submits to their authority so must one obey the law of that God Who continues to sustain us, to "provide" for us, and without Whose action we would dissolve into nothingness in a trice. While likewise insuring that our own laws are modeled upon His, while of necessity honoring and obeying those lawful authorities He Himself—and not some cabal of conspirators in league with Hell—has providentially conducted to positions-of-power. Men impeachable indeed, not on the basis of some human-frailty-related scandal in their private lives, all the while their political colleagues remorselessly loot the public purse—but only when some significant public malfeasance has been found. All these varieties of legitimate and self-delimiting leadership together comprising that comprehensive fatherhood "all of which comes from God", being as a body an indomitable barrier to stark and sterile visions of tyrannical and top-heavy control. Although to keep a boon like true liberty, entirely a gift from God, societies, governments, neighborhoods must honor God openly and publicly in their laws and customs, with due pomp and ceremony, as well as in the privacy of their homes.

As noted above and as is so evident today, the final aim of modern-day liberal and intrinsically-masonic democracy—at least in scheming minds of its synagogue-funded secret-society originators—is the penetration of the domestic citadel, the overthrown of the personal authority of fathers-of-families in a special way, together indeed with the total eradication of Christian Faith. In a guerilla-warfare against the Son of God conducted "religiously" since the days of Pilate, Judas, the silver coins ringing on the Sanhedrin floor. While most needed for the reclamation of the USA from this sea of vice, tyranny and moral rebellion is the resurgence of the Confederate States of America: if this time—recognizing what has caused the moral rot of the past hundred and forty-nine years—with the law of God openly confessed as its sole constitution, and of course minus slavery, racism and imbedded economic injustice of any kind. That system of such honorable memory in the minds of so many finding further advantage in a raising of Black and other minorities to a real partnership, set to realistic contours of the noted private/industrial agency that thrived in medieval times, ceding to each a true, practical, organic exercise of power. This through the achievement of commercial, industrial, economic spheres-of-influence in which freedom is most firmly, realistically and immovably founded and ensconced. Cultural or ethnic groups of any kind finding a happy distributive dispersal of political power, with entrepots which in some ways had begun to thrive in mid-twentieth-century USA, but upon which a much-made-over Reagan-initiated deregulation took a heavy toll. Performing as recent presidents have an end-run around hard-won, generations-old local Black commercial achievement: enabling a no-holds-barred geo-corporate hegemony whose first foundations had indeed been cemented in mass-economic terms by the ever-scheming FDR. Our new and better Confederacy to resolutely keep out the prime carrier of such an economic disease, the invading mega-financed corporation, from familiar precincts of fragile-but-prolific local commercial life—that which admittedly partakes of a certain vulnerability, this latter itself however the very universal mark of anything of any human worth. This immemorial distributive configuration allowing the development of Black and voluntarily-mixed neighborhoods which will put the old "separate but equal"—in the past in almost every case under rigid and demeaning White control—to well-deserved shame.

Rather indeed will tomorrow's vigorously-energetic if often vaguely-defined cultural enclaves resolutely insist upon the very finest of professional and paraprofessional, trade and academic schooling and opportunity for their young: or proportional successor institutions ultimately to be found in the royal, noble, distributive system set-forth on this page. That time-proven configuration which, realistically-speaking, is the only dependable form-of-government to be found: especially considering the insidious enemies-of-good-order with which it must so-ceaselessly contend. While accordingly the nineteenth-century Confederacy of a loose-knit union of states to one another represents in my opinion a providentially-ordained precursor: having already a much-cherished history and culture in place, being directly in accord with this organic idea of the nation advocated here. According entirely with the noted traditional Catholic notion of distributism, allowing for "the greatest possible agency to remain in the smallest possible organizational unit at every level of power": hence effectively and decisively—granted not without struggle—cutting off the specter of "liberty loving" Jewish global hegemony under which we today so thanklessly toil. Indeed, the common confederate soldier was an undying enemy of slavery, an institution which kept him chained to poverty by raising shackled competitors against his own occupational standing and economic good. And although there is added to our own Confederate model a king—a departure indeed—yet his authority is as related above by nature of this paradigm highly circumscribed, being rarified or abstracted to those major matters which are naturally of his sovereign-level concern, yet requiring extensive consultation with those below him in the political scheme, hardly granting him any Obama-style dictatorship over anything. This a system likewise of the most transparent levels of accountability: that which our elite and "expert" ridden conspiracy-incarnate—a title which should be stamped in bold letters on Federal-building cornerstones and tablatures—so gallingly and redundantly lacks. Do I have a hard time "trusting other men" to lead me, as Rush and the gang set forth the cynical rationale for our "best of all systems"? Certainly I do if its actual and effective leaders remain anonymous and unidentified. In that ever-secretive power-pyramiding which is at the very essence of the financier-based tyranny we suffer under here in the USA.

As noted above, the king in the old Catholic system championed here—and proportionally those in any position of authority over some bailiwick-of-care—were rigidly bounded by a sworn duty to consult: without which indeed well-ordered rebellion, as in the case of the heroic DeMontfort of thirteenth-century England, was roundly and canonically justified by theologians like Mariana or Suarez, indeed by St. Thomas Aquinas himself. The incontestable historical fact of this true-liberty-advocacy of the Catholic Church however being seldom acknowledged even by Catholics, let alone by lodge-hall-hatched secular educators of our day. Genuine consultation finding lower levels of authority below the throne, including chartered bodies (viz., cities) of every kind, to be duly-recognized and empowered partners to this realistic and flexible idea of a state. Again, as intimated above and as confirmed in our own research, discoverable in the bibliography of our first book, accessible on this site, these charters were frequently or even regularly renegotiated—often as special marks-of-favor of some ruler or local or regional leader wishing to cement relations of amity yet firmer than before—represented major coveted opportunities for such constructive and amicable ends. While the reciprocal confirmation of these mutual agreements was of course duly required for them to actually go into effect. Consultation in the workable and genuine medieval framework having meant active collaboration rather than just so much talk: with empty palaver having been little known in circumstantial circles in Europe before the time of Luther or the secretive Medicis, Charles V or Henry VIII. And although in order to correspond to this highly-workable Catholic model the Confederacy proposed by us out on the Crusading Trail and set forth here would require some few reasonable "table-of-organization" modifications from the foregoing nineteenth century form, yet that jaunty and chivalrous gray-wearing CSA remains the single most desirable alternative to the morbid and perverse tyranny now being wielded by "the boys in blue" from Obama's D.C.

Compare too—to take this whole issue decidedly "over the top"—the historically-attested benign flexibility of this old and venerable system, distributism—or as we term it here, Integral Catholicism, operative in those ill-recorded early-medieval centuries "when knighthood was in flower"—with the ever-marching specter of U.S. involvement around the globe. Not only in the gratuitous "mission-creep" debacle of Vietnam, the tyrannical H.W. Bush invasion of Panama, his son's and Obama's entanglements in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria—the list goes on and on—but just-as-strikingly in "disaster-relief" efforts in Hiyan, in Haiti, in Banda Ache, in New Orleans before. And confronting these staggering examples of cynicism and duplicity be assured that global finance—meaning effectively world Jewry—through the instrumentality of a passive puppet U.S. Government, its corporate giants and Federal Reserve Tsars—means to impose the most rigid tyranny, the most comprehensive control of individual human life, with the ease, as we have so often seen, of "taking candy from a baby". Ah, liberty indeed! Wielding this dominion in particular whenever and wherever men are most helpless to resist, as in natural-disaster areas of today. Ah, justice! This candid official sadism and morbidity being of course breezily exonerated under the title of an ever-sacrosanct "progress" and obedience-despising "liberty"—as is indeed this "form of government" deification itself—the broken-record rationale used to promoted every perversity and barbarity of today. By contrast, then, as little as the New Confederacy would be interested in dictating intimate matters of the home, so much less would it care to extend a long arm into other lands, wreaking "for their own good" havoc there. Haiti and other foreign locales—whose desperate citizens were left to starve, freeze-to-death, die of thirst or drown, in gratuitous, homicidally-long, protocol-hamstrung delays of aid from a barrier-erecting, yellow-tape-unrolling USA—having with perfect predictability been converted into resource-raping bonanzas for U.S.-based and bedfellow-overseas corporations. Accounting indeed for the fact that U.S. military and military-backed authorities always heroically arrive first in some stricken part of the world and instantly and effectively take charge. Or lacking such an "opportunity" invent some "tyrant" or "maniac" in some resource-coveted land to be sanctimoniously overthrown: only to find our assessment—of course safely some years or decades later—to have been "tragically misplaced". With blank-faced, wooden-headed generals, so reminiscent of Nazi Germany, whom you can see almost everyday on C-Span, rationalizing some American enormity they once helped lead. Effectively assuming as dogma, as a-priori fundamental, this idea that we have some pantheon-sanctioned mission to perform in this pillage and desecration across a once-salubrious globe. This profane and horrific dominion, fittingly symbolized in the sodomite warriors our forces having increasingly become, being a "boon" our synagogue-surrogate leaders would bestow everywhere from Moscow to London to Beijing, if only they could, largely and typically through instrumentality of "freedom fighters" under their lavish pay. All this meanwhile having nothing whatever to do with virtue or ability, in a USA which scores about fiftieth in academic achievement and the graduation of engineers, but which uses corporate hegemony, black ops and secret-society protocols across the globe to achieve nefarious, faith-and-morality-inhibiting, sodomy-promoting goals.

Oh spare me, O'Reilly, Hannity, Blitzer and the whole major-media gang, don't call liberty, let alone patriotism, what is plainly only a gang-rape on an epic scale. The fact being that the world cannot live under ultra-centralized systems such as global finance epitomizes—with all currencies everywhere being tied inextricably with a "reserve currency" dollar based in the U.S. Federal Reserve—and remain at all free. While as long as the synagogue-manipulated behemoth continue to wield such practical might it matters not at all how unintelligent it might be: having such overwhelming advantages, readily bullying its way into dominion, when given a ghost of a chance.

This then is why we at the Frankpledge Party and National Anti-sodomy Crusade resolutely struggle toward the popularly-embraced reestablishment of the ever-benign, divinely-favored Catholic social, political and economic system—referred to in my own writing as Integral Catholicism—a term interchangeable with the social reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ. For as noted above only God and that Church He Himself founded with such care, with the shedding of His own Blood, have the power to withstand such treachery, such tyranny and perversity, such satanic rebellion, as is incarnated in this long-standing synagogue subterfuge, this libertarian-based "progress" dogma of our times. Ours by contrast being a system which would wherever possible return to the people the personal use and development of the land and the things it naturally produces, rather than continue to witness the manifold rape of both the earth and the people who inhabit it, with "democratic" leaders gloating under banners of freedom while forging the heaviest of chains. The people today being condemned to limply tolerate the catastrophic genetic altering of everything beautiful or useful, delicious or dear, by those who operate from secretive places on high, who claim to be so libertarian who plainly think they "know what's best" in every single regard. And whose attendant, notorious, satanic and sharp-edged cult-of-ugliness in music, in architecture, in art, in philosophy and psychology, is everywhere so morbidly-evident today. Earthly life, finally, being effectively destroyed whenever we attempt to raise it very far above its natural condition: rather in fact by such means and with historical notoriety bringing it down to irretrievable ruin. That earth which Genesis enjoins us to "subdue", but never to alter beyond recognition, let alone into some sort of irreverent techno-killing-field for human minds, bodies and souls.

But the good God Himself is about to take charge once again, having allowed us to pass through this much-prophesied grueling test: not indeed commanding some heretically-conceived "rapture"—with the good allegedly immune from all suffering, needing to do nothing at all—but quite the contrary by exerting Himself through we the members of His Mystical Body, the Church. Whereupon we will return the earth to this humbler but far-more-fruitful and productive condition, and to that political configuration which most accords with a truly free, morally-pure and productive human life: the noted organizational distributism. That system—built upon respect and obedience for benign and readily-accountable authorities closest at hand, mounting upward to God through nobility and throne—one which is in turn most easily realized in this reestablishment of the micro-local frankpledge (ten head of household political unit), the hundred assembly, the nobility and a royal throne. The whole ensemble being traditionally termed an organic system: that in which personal and societal self-rule and agency is imbedded in the most time-proven, practical and harmonious way. And the benign and positive productivity of that good earth which God gave us is released unto its most prolific scope.

February 25, 2014: The critical importance of "small t" Church tradition.

Far from being rated inconsequential at the revolutionary Vatican II, this informal, familiar and accessible Church tradition, largely contained in what medievals used to call daily "customs and usages", is what was most consistently stifled in that gathering: one whose overpowering influence continues to obscure the true spirit of Catholicism since those strange-but-all-determining times. A tiny minority of dictatorially-empowered and complicit bishops at that conference overwhelming their colleagues with a veritable blitzkrieg of psychological duress—in tactics reminiscent of our own also-synagogue-controlled Congress giving them a day or so to read a couple-of-thousand pages of mentally-impenetrable print—the meeting shrouded as well in clouds of sheer endless gab, laying the groundwork for an unprecedented demoralization of Catholicism since those times. This universal, apocalyptic, seer-predicted calamity now including stupefying sodomy-friendly pronouncements and heterodox doctrinal disclaimers of anti-popes and unfaithful laymen and churchmen alike. (Grave decades-accumulating disorders over each-of-whose latest irruptions and with highly-significant incongruity EWTN's Raymond Arroyo grins like a frog on a Louisiana lily-pad). At this late date the very survival of Christianity—in all denominations gravely vitiated by the inescapable influence of the synod in Rome of fifty years ago—being salvageable only by a signal act of God such as is indeed predicted to come so soon in millennia-old saintly prophesies and in the more-recent messages of Fatima and Garabandal. The first victim of "The Council"—a synod exalted to the sky as roundly-preemptive of all others, as being by far the most consequential of all times—having been this entire legacy of non-infallible, beloved holy things "handed down to you" evoked by the term Church tradition "with a small t". These faith-accoutrements being targeted by the usurper in a disproportionate and systematic way which hardly suggests the triviality they were so dismissively claimed to partake: being rather ruefully recognized by these turncoats as the very practical and pedestrian ocean in which solid doctrine and uplifting liturgy are rendered familiar and beloved to the fold.

Indeed, daily customary life is a sea in which alone the leviathan of Large-T Tradition—giant of the spiritual deep, source together with its partner Holy Scripture of divine revelation that it is—can meaningfully survive, can be fully-embraced and faithfully understood by lettered and unlettered alike. A parallel being found in tokens-of-affection, informal diction of spouses to one another, or of parent to child: reciprocities lending formal duties light to carry, spontaneities whose absence would quickly cool ardors involved. Any attempt to capsulate the totality of Christian discipline and custom, art and devotion, a veritable ocean all-its-own, in the relatively-small number of infallible teachings, being a policy which ignores that the local and aesthetic, domestic and informal are the very glue which binds the soul to weightier things. Humble particulars often left un-described by Clement or Chrisostom, touchstones much like the inimitable needlework of Dorchas, the woman raised to life by the Apostle. Verbal or visual relics, a proliferation of local shrines or wayside crosses, prayer-altars or grottos, pious greetings or turns-of-phrase: these micro-traditions bringing the formal and doctrinal directly, materially, convincingly into our daily lives. In a binding function which modern mass-production, whether in religious articles or media outlets, can only legitimately duplicate, expand or facilitate, can never actually replace.

But alas the vast bulk of the monuments, phrases and artifacts of small-t tradition were contemptuously tossed out the "open window" of Vatican II, replaced by the tasteless and uninspired, in architecture with new monstrosities—now mostly empty of worshippers in un-frequent masses—which look more like warehouses, silos or spaceships than like temples of the Living God. Doing congregation-crushing-expensive honors to some revolutionary building-style promoted by some trendy college of architecture rather than to Heavenly things. Ridiculously-incongruous structures rising where priceless piety-inculcating Neo-Gothic churches, fruits of the Gospel "widow's mite", of the toil of immigrant laborers, once had stood. The aftermath of Vatican II being awash with a borderless iconoclasm, a tacit hatred and "modern art" eclipsing of pious statuary, each variety with a tradition all-its-own, a demolition far surpassing in its wrecking-ball consequences that of the Protestant Revolt. Indeed, judging by a recent filmed documentary, even in the Holy Land this stiff, trendy, "stylized" sort of statuary—as if struggling to reproduce aerodynamic lines off the latest streamlined cars—has now largely or entirely replaced the old and tender, unique and long-beloved. Any lament over which bewildering changes we the tradition-minded are patronized as "backward-looking" and overly sentimental, but the absence of which riches has proven fatal to once-solidly-Catholic peoples for decades now unfamiliar with this biblical "spiritual milk" which once nourished the soul. While singularly unconvincing is the standard saw, still taken out and flashed about by the progressive-minded now and again, that the pre-council Church "had centuries of catching-up to do". With what, may I ask: with impiety, with idolatry, with the mediocre or degenerate? The standards used in this blank-faced declaration apparently being the latest mold-breaker in architecture and the certifiably-deranged, moral-revolutionary Sigmund Freud in things of the mind and soul. With wide smiles or dismissive laughter still held sufficient sardonic answer the whole earth-shaking matter will ever require. The synagogue/mason-hall infiltrator having on the heels of this unprecedented housecleaning thereafter mockingly replaced all the alleged outdated "clutter" of devoutly-regarded custom and object with every sort of tasteless drivel, sentimental visual or auricular folly or fad, every token of devotion sharing the junkyard fate of now-irreplaceably-expensive pipe-organs and the church-music upon them once so magnificently played. New, amateur, uninspiring departures, with some few more-tolerable new hymns being doomed to be repeated with rote regularity at each and every mass, finding little if any discernible connection to ageless, noble, unassuming and abiding legacies of Catholic life. Things once as dear and appreciable to a peasant as to a doctor of philosophy at the Sorbonne.

Admittedly operating on another level entirely from this ocean of simple and soul-salubrious things is "capital T" Tradition, chief source of Revelation derived mostly from the writings of Early-Church Fathers, in a process however itself typically accessible to ordinary men only through the cipher of this same familiar custom-associated panoply. This "large T" tradition being the carrier of verbally-transmitted teachings of the Apostles yet in itself a purely written phenomenon, from which are extracted noted infallible pronouncements, supported-by or implied-in verses of Holy Scripture as well. The distillation of whose dogmas from highly-discursive, largely-erudite tomes of a Basil or an Ambrose requires a scholarly bend-of-mind, or at least the leisure time of which laboring masses often have little-at-all. Writings of the Early Fathers whose deeper understanding was once fleshed out by traditional Catholic art, custom and song, with their palpable moral or devotional messages once highly familiar to the most uninstructed of souls, in that non-verbal culture which was immemorial common Catholicism's very heart and soul. All the while furthermore any excessively-scholarly take on religion—especially where not somehow professionally or clerically needed, for which purposes God readily grants graces required—is notorious for opening the door to heresy: in most cases simply another species of radical-change-wreaking Judaization against which St. Paul so vehemently warns. That insidious transformation which some two millennia later the heretical Vatican II, together with its lengthy foreground and endless aftermath, under insidious guidance of the synagogue invader, would assiduously seek to re-impose. Judaization being a proto-erroneous orientation which favors a "letter which killeth", which is especially fond of keeping outward pious appearances all the while the inner man is veritably eaten-away by error or sin—being emblematic of a sharp-edged ethos of minimalism, an Oakham's Razor found everywhere in the borderless and allegedly-"joy"-based New Church reform. As suggested above, with anything much at all of culturally-ensconced small-t tradition being whenever possible excised or barring that, gallingly, patronized "patted on the head", dismissed as dispensable "accretion", allegedly rife with sentimental, pietistic or "fanatical" contaminations. Thus timidly does the modern and enemy-infiltrated Church hide the divine light "under a bushel basket", in despising in particular laboriously-developed, thoroughly-Catholic cultures, whether indigenous or directly from abroad. Treasures which proliferated especially-richly in Slavic or German, Portuguese or Italian neighborhoods in which so many of us grew up being resolutely quashed by policies of an American-episcopate formed in the heterodox, rigidly-Anglo/Irish "work-a-day world" demi-spirituality first introduced by the enigmatic bishop John Carroll of American-Revolutionary lore. A morally-uninspiring, modernistic approach on-the-whole eagerly seconded by U.S. bishops, thereafter being offloaded on Indians and Mexicans on the frontier: they who had been heirs of the genuine, custom-enhanced but lamentably-short-lived Catholicism brought to them in foregoing centuries by the Spanish and French. American Catholics of today having come to show at least as much disdain for the informal and domestic Catholic heirloom as do so many "born again" Evangelical-Protestant neighbors down the block or next door. A new breed of believer eagerly advocating culturally-denuded, sterile and puritanical, highly-heterodox ideas about human moral and economic, social and personal life: flawed paradigms at the very heart of the centuries-old synagogue war against Catholic Faith and practice. Departures breezily camouflaged as harmless but that in hyper-consequential practical terms are inimical to ever reflective and reverential Catholicism to the very core.

Inimitably joining the human and the divine then is small-t Catholic tradition: a patrimony lost on a "lost generation", notably on those boomers perhaps most guilty of rejecting it all, so many now met with on sidewalks or in stores with their eyes transfixed, tormented, looking into a future which, in place of a one-time-rollicking "party"-life, or of a "beam me up, Scotty", futurism, now mocks them for the mess-of-pottage they chose over things both inwardly comforting and divine. A deep-rooted grasp on life and religion being that which was most contemptuously rejected by doctrinal corsairs of Vatican II, a legacy most-often fully appreciated by the humble and unlettered, an heirloom frequently despised by the proud or intellectually-endowed: in poses and postures we of the post-Vatican-II era, alas, know only too well. Generational marvels roundly rejected as not according with the latest commercial profanity, "the latest thing" being like all worthy things "adaptable to change" only slowly, lovingly, incorporating what is good in the new in the familiar and beloved embrace of the old. As such treasures are learned, experienced in the soul—whose "memory" in turn is entirely lost with the loss of grace, let alone of Faith, or by semi-blasphemous deeds of haste, contempt or scorn—rather than simply in the mind. This largely non-verbal legacy being little responsive to breathless rallies of the stock exchange, often being replaced with the bizarre or superficially-pompous, like the inevitable flint-faced woman carrying the bible over her head in the oddly-militant procession before the "New Mass". Even as the wolf invading the flock knows uncannily-well how to mock the voice of the Shepherd: antipopes and invading freemasonic prelates piously repeating the bulk of Catholic doctrine and verbal and facial piety quite unaltered, thereby assuring them to remain firmly, smugly, convincingly in charge. However—and as these calculating men know so well—"a drop of sewage in a barrel of wine is a barrel of sewage"—as this is again a matter of the memory of the soul, and not simply of profane brain-matter—with noted handed-down things being of such rarified quality as to be impossible to transmit to the young or otherwise uninitiated, once they are lost to this spiritual-experiential recollection of men.

Plainly, then, holy things achieve domestic association in the familiar niche in the wall, in unique and dearly-remembered accents of mom or dad, these personal and communitarian realities—trampled underfoot in the Vatican-II-initiated mad dash to be "up to date" with profanities out there "on the street"—being quite unresponsive to some quick-fix face-lift such as EWTN would so confidently apply. Having indeed been "formed in the womb of the Virgin Mother" as much as was the very Son of God, such holy things having depended only condignly upon human choice or desire. Precious celestial commodities little to be re-evoked at a mere fiat whether of ordinary laymen, of some stiffly-staunch and secretive group of infiltrating "Catholic traditionalist" crypto-Jews.

Granted, like all other things human, the small-t Catholic tradition described above has at times been trivialized or superficially sentimentalized, participating as it does the most vulnerable and fragile of things, introducing the pedestrian, the domestic, the familiar, in themselves quite unworthy, to things divine. That intrinsically-humble process which on its own level is however the very familiar image of salvation, of the conversion of whole lands and individual families and souls. There being no better conveyance for our humanity than that familiarly packaged in custom and tradition: unless we would leave it imperatives in the hands of change-brokering "linguists" and psychologists, liturgical commissions and antipopes, experts and academics. On the heels of whom inevitably follow today's soul-undertaker corporate giants and financiers: not-by-accident staggeringly enriched since halcyon, "up-dated", value-trivializing days of Vatican II. The Wall Street giants thus fantastically magnified recalling in some ways those human-trafficking merchants who followed in the wake of forces of Antiochus IV in his second century B.C. invasion of Israel, ready to sell "defeated" Jews into slavery, to confiscate all they owned. Modern-day traders-in-humanity academic, "religious" or commercial having proven as little worthy of trust as their unscrupulous counterparts so long ago.

Inevitably, scorched-earth changes of the past sixty years empty the supernatural not only from church-services and daily habits but also from our very thoughts, words and deeds, introducing there the most trivial and unworthy of things. Enter then such allegedly-staunch but unaccountably-blasé figures as Mother Angelica—worthy successor of a progressive-point-man, ever-comical and breezily-ecumenical Bishop Sheen of a couple of generations ago—an enigmatic nun who in a talk—delivered incidentally in a church, in front of the altar, where St. Paul teaches that women "are not to raise up their voices"—tells us blandly that the saints were "as temperamental as we are", or words to that effect. This being only one example of hundreds of such utterances from this "holy" soul. Averring that the saints were driven by passions, citing one of the Old Testament prophets in his contest with pagan priests or shamans, challenging them to call fire down from heaven to consume the offering on the altar: suggesting as she did that this contest was motivated by anger, irritation or some such trivial thing on the part of the saint (I believe it was Elias). The denuding of "small t" Catholic tradition ultimately finding the Catholic of today in overwhelming numbers in a "race to the bottom", to the "practical" and "up to date", more cynical in deed, in word more breezy or blunt. While by contrast good and piously-accumulated custom has a way of civilizing and uplifting everything we do, reproducing the now-unknown combination of gravity and joy, raising ordinary life to heights sublime. Things which give manifold honor and glory to God: that fundamental activity which is the very reason we are here.

Hence the major task of the genuine reform soon to come, after Russia is finally converted, the great king and saintly pope predicted in Catholic prophecy finally enthroned, will be the rediscovery of pious Eastern and Western Church custom, the mining of their innermost riches and meaning, the re-employment, with due reverence, of such usages in every domestic, neighborhood or civic setting. All this together with a reevaluation of resource-wasteful and genocidal synagogue-inspired "progress"—the very futuristic messiah of Jewish-supremacy-lore—with the "technological" itself being rigorously demoted to the purely-instrumental, non-angelic and subordinate level where it belongs. Likewise too will old liturgical ceremonies and other traditional prayers be unearthed, contemplated for their deeper significance: redeemed at last from the clutches of above-mentioned "Catholic traditionalists", led from the very beginning by tyrannical and secretive men largely with Jewish names. Thus will the earth at last be ruled in every sphere, however humble or exalted, by Christ the King and His Holy Mother, claiming again the place usurped by this scheming and unworthy breed, in charge in every quarter today: that very infiltration-precipitated catastrophe predicted both in the Fatima "secret" and by Venerable Anne Katherine Emmerich some two centuries ago. And custom, usage, law and public and ecclesiastical ceremony will be raised to new heights in the rendering of heartfelt and manifest honor and glory to God.

January 4, 2014: Revised (Jan. 27) update on the Anti-Sodomy Crusade, from last May to this January. Our exclusive and unique on-the-spot commentary on social and moral life in the USA. Merry Christmas, which lasts 12 days, until January 6 the feast of the Three Kings, and whose season lasts at least a whole month.

This extended salient of the Crusade took us into eight or nine western and central states: repeatedly into a much-loved and Crusade-enthusiastic Arizona and eastward to precincts of Houston as well, covering a great deal in between. Everywhere people love our Crusade, are sick-at-heart over pro-sodomy and anti-life rulings of our paganistic, morally-obdurate courts: tribunals of satanic dominion rather than of an exclusively-law-validating law of God. All the while a gabby corporate weather-media assures us that the mounting tempo and scope of natural disasters taking place isn't a divine punishment but is all quite normal and natural. Thus the ceaseless assertion that "all of this is really quite normal for this region": which if so, why does it even have to be said? As in a New Mexico which in the '80s in the winter had a standard afternoon reading somewhere in the balmy '70s, with cold-spells like we have continually now having been extremely rare: maybe once a year. On a planet earth where things have gone terribly awry, with a strange new cant of our polar axis mediating ever kind of hot/cold anomaly, as heat-shielding-or-trapping vapor-banks are produced of the thickest possible kind. (Indeed we now conduct a running battle with mildew in our own little camper: a rig which since it was built some five years ago had previously remained dry as a bone in every sort of squall or storm.) And with a moon which now tumbles across the sky in an unprecedented elliptical orbit which makes it loom alternately large and small, auguring weather-changers of the most catastrophic kind.

Inevitably forming the enveloping atmosphere of our Crusade is a much-noted systematic undermining—under voluble pretenses of "progress"—of every last vestige of Christian Civilization today. Thus "scientifically" is advanced the Godless, perverted, anti-life agenda of today: with odd bedfellows Barack Obama and the Republican Party being bolstered by a cryptic alliance of fringe-liberal and celebrity-"conservative" talk-show hosts. They whose hotly-argued disagreements scarcely address the actual substance of issues involved, and who plainly maintain a gentleman's agreement of ample tolerance for burgeoning sodomite hoards. All the while mankind plunges over the brow of the biblical moral cliff: with the politically-all-powerful sodomite community cold-bloodedly attacking Christians and others of goodwill, stalking and accosting, whenever possible physically assaulting us, more-and-more increasingly as time goes on Indeed seen with a diabolical new frequency is the abominable "breaking" of another person of the same sex, precisely as has been done for centuries by ever-present mobs of pimps and their ever-handy extortioners. And "we the living" are required to keep still and to let these walking moral-cadavers harry us, publicly dump unwanted and odious expressions of unnatural affection upon us, walk on the backs of our shoes through the isles of stores, and so on. Seeking the collapse of our innately-fragile human psychological defenses, trumpeting their corrupt judicial-circuit victories in every conceivable way.

It appears that Joann and I have had a repeat of the same barbarity we have suffered out here so often now: the "fixing" of our vehicle by a "charitable" mechanic, only to find the truck breaking down worse than ever when we are scarcely out of the city limits where the work was done. And meanwhile this sodomite auto-butcher, who of course knows supremely well the jargon of super-macho denizens of his trade, is able to spend a week or two haranguing us—or in this last case some twenty days—with us stranded outside his shop. Where he has generously let us use an electric cord for heat and other purposes. All this of course exonerating him before "good ole boy" blinders-wearing neighbors and others of his line-of-work.

Why do we find ourselves in this sort of position repeatedly? Where the morbid proclivities of the perverted must be suffered in such a galling way? Simply because "the good" of today are terrified of helping us themselves, indeed of being associated with us in any way, aside from the for-now-safe expedient of a thumbs-up or a hearty wave. Sodomite point-men having for some time now penetrated into the very fiber of American society, into every venue, field or trade, having long ago as noted above mastered all the standard no-brainer hyper-sexist disguises that there are. Hence are we unable even to find housing: a fact which greatly contributed to a cutting-down of our December Social Security Retirement check by over six-hundred dollars, as communication with agencies can be difficult when try-as-you-might for extended periods you have no address of any dependable or permanent kind. While as likewise reported here the highly-collusive real-estate establishment absolutely refuses to even consider us for the purchase of real property: while in any case we are now unable to raise the necessary down-payment money, having spent all reserves on cobbling together sabotaged vehicles to go limping down the road.

Again: we conduct this Crusade primarily for the honor and glory of God, and only secondarily for people. Outside that perspective we don't really care whether our message is heeded: most important to us being the fact that we are rampantly showing these signs, speaking these words, uncovering the USA for the septic-system of vice that it and its global partners have become. All the while this new philistine "coalition of the willing" spreads its creed by drone-bomb and indoctrination, in all-points military and psychological warfare against the sons and daughters of men.

Really, that's all we have to report: a hundred variations on the same unvarying theme, of the cowardice of the clergy, of "religious" people, who can only worry over "keeping their jobs" and social positions: that two-part sine-qua-non actually introduced during the decade of a "wonderful" Vatican II, prior-to-which morally-upright people used to quit jobs in large numbers in the face of managerial oversteps of any stripe. Trampling as they indeed did, even back then, and as cryptically directed by the synagogue, on the nobler consciences of those of previous decades in time.

November 29, 2013: New Church lengthy explanations of "what Francis actually meant by what he said".

That's the whole problem, Catholic talk-show hosts: that the ancient lucidity of flock-feeding shepherds has been succeeded by all this unctuous-but-misleading palaver. These antipopes aren't feeding the sheep but poisoning their water-holes, of doctrine, of spirituality, of the maintenance of a virile and indomitable lay-Catholic way of life: that breeding-ground-of-souls upon which any genuine priesthood, or truly-edifying Catholic education essentially depend. Today's alleged defense of orthodoxy, its new and oddly-Jacobin/sanctimonious "beating back of anti-clericalism" being a complex set-of-maneuvers by which hedging or bomb-throwing utterances of flock-abandoning antipopes are allegedly made to agree with the teachings of all times. A process by which a Catholic Church previously mostly of the lower classes, a Church which spoke their language, perpetually catered to them in a very special, multifaceted and exhaustive way—not at all as pitiful unfortunates but in a very real sense as privileged souls—is succeeded by nasal syllables and word-smithing parleys of a new sort of priesthood and its highly-promotional talk-show apologists.

Gospel "success" on the contrary is measured by Our Blessed Lord according to the measure to which "the poor have the Gospel preached to them": divine words which hearken to the colloquial Church of Junipero Serra or John Vianney, to traditional music and festivals of Catholic peoples, invariably conducted in the church square, to smiling fields, vineyards and neighborhoods of the Catholic past. Today however all the while the impressive papal apologetic goes on the real, intertwined and often desperate moral, cultural and spiritual needs of domestic lower classes of the Catholic world from Bogotá to New York to The Ukraine are quietly ignored, especially here in the USA. Although it makes good copy indeed for a Catholic from the deep South to be seen on the screen giving out largesse in Bangladesh, or to double as an advocate, or run a soup-kitchen, for illegal aliens here at home. But souls hardly seem to be the biggest focus-of-concern in all of this, when all is said and done. Nor need one "rock the boat" and get controversial to any degree in all this: this new middle-class Catholicism hardly threatening the Reagan-revived image of the American poor as detestable slackers, meriting little help at all. Nor do these deeds of generosity stem the oceanic volume of the undocumented: a flood artificially sustained by a combination of corporate economic and political hegemony and an intimately-related Latin-American-economy decimating illegal-drug trade. Immigrants by such standards being more an irresistible market-force "whose day has come" than a fold lovingly ministered-to, as in parish neighborhoods of old.

November 28, 2013: Francis's "Certain Catholic traditions that must be omitted", vis-à-vis his dated recreation of the ethos of the hippy-pad. You can be sure that one of his "traditions" will be the infallible doctrine of Christ the King. Revised fuller and better treatment of the issue.

Finance having taken over the direction of human development—a stock case of the classical "tail wagging the dog"—we have the spectacle of modern "progress", as newer and bolder flights are made, and man attempts, synagogue-style, to escape bounds of humanity into some "beam me up, Scotty" nihilistic intergalactic void. Great however is the consternation of all these enlightened ones when the discipline of Catholic training and piety quickly outpaces these point-men "in their own backyard", and staggering vanguard scientific discoveries are made by goim Asians and Occidental sons of the Church. Hence must the synagogue muddle the waters a bit, like sharks smelling blood, and come up with fantastic theories like evolution, like a hotly-claimed modern ability to "create life": both rich sources of imaginative speculation, "credentialed" initiation-into-which requires around twenty years of education, at the conclusion of which one has a large crop of gray hairs. Lacking which quasi-occult higher-math-bounded abilities one is said to "know nothing at all" about life, not to "have a right to an opinion" at all. This kind of numerology allowing one to invent reality as one goes along: a pursuit too slippery and abstruse for even these whiz-kid Catholics to stay in the "scholarly" saddle for long.

Enter then the antipope Frances, definitive to whose anti-papacy is a theatric of humility ideal for this prostrate "humility before science" routine: a craven and mawkish ceremony, a false and treacherous obsequy, a supine "aggiornamiento" which has indeed been the motif of a strange new Catholicism abruptly arisen since Vatican II. All this latter-day theater paving the primrose way to the ultimate arrival of Antichrist himself, a drama whose first curtain-call was however already detectable in the near-wholesale neglect of the bull Unam Sanctam of Boniface VIII by contemporaries at the dawn of the fourteenth century. This in a deafeningly-silent denial by cowardly and quibbling churchmen who in many ages somehow manage to abound. A momentous time—of the Babylonian Captivity, of terrible struggles between the papacy and a Gallican French throne, of the unjust burning-at-the-stake of Templars mendaciously accused—a time when the very ink of the rebelliously-controverted document was scarcely dry. That teaching namely whereby the sufficiently-informed state is infallibly apprised that it damns itself if it doesn't submit to the (principally moral) authority of Rome.

It isn't that we tradition-loving Catholics entirely reject science and engineering, but that we see the impoverished limitations of their scope. These methodologies opening up for the most totalitarian tyranny every facet of human life, with requirements of some sort of mechanical expertise artificially trumping genuine wisdom and ingenuity at every turn. Just look at an "advanced" mankind's responses to disasters like the typhoon Hiyan: where rule-from-the-top lets people die of thirst while regimented protocols of every stripe are patiently, indeed reverentially put in place. No: God gave us a soil and a sea which could easily sustain human life to the tune of a hundred billion souls or more, while the new and "advanced" top-heavy system must burn up all the earth's resources for the stock-speculated profits of a "chosen" few, even as the common good is counted a backwater of naked tribesmen of yore.

Fitted entirely to "humble" methods of Francis and the gang—utterly prostrate as they are to this allegedly scientific world—and conversely irreconcilable to the manly (but "woefully backward") wording of Unam Sanctam—is a "communications principle" significantly "discovered" in the self-same sixties that hosted the garrulous Vatican II. To wit, the assertion that "the medium is the message", or basically that it is the emotional slurry upon which words are said to somehow ride which is solely of any account in communications of every kind. This founding jerk-knee misapprehension being a mortal epistemological/intellectual disease to which we have all been ceaselessly exposed since its announcement in the sixties. While its author, the Canadian arch-hippy Marshal McCluhan, has been a fountainhead of other ideas just as bizarre, with the new buzzword itself being admirably adaptable to political and diplomatic betrayals, to the blabber just then in the sixties debauching from Vatican II. With churchmen, economists and statesmen of subsequent decades of folly, bloodshed and bankruptcy having by this communicational tool been able to sail dispassionately over the actual meaning of sometimes-momentous words, and to concentrate heroically on an assigned emotional content they may or may not have been intended to convey, but which suit the purposes of the stonewalling listener nicely. Hence the one time highly familiar that you're mad, or you're¼is¼McCluhanian rejoinder: "what I hear you saying is happy, or you're excited, or exasperated", and so on: with no answer forthcoming to the words themselves, just then begging a reply. And with the languid, newly-required double verb of the times conveying the pot-smoking hippy-pad atmosphere in the most convincing way.

Obviously adding new momentum to the hijacking of doctrine at the noted synod, then, would be this new communicational device: one uncannily-well suited to the false and mawkish humility of a pope ready to humble himself in any number of bizarre and demeaning ways. A mounting psychology of surrender having as suggested already preceded the crowning heresy of Vatican II—namely that only the church, and not the state, is required to be Christianized—with other close-kin churchly obsequies going back in a long line to Phillip the Fair. A monstrous impiety being involved that will infallibly go on to more-and-more formally deny that Christ is King over all governments and human institutions: they whose laws and regulations, pomps and ceremonies, must give due homage and recognition to the Son of God. Indeed, as noted many times here, although the probable non-culpable ignorance of some nations or leaders—due to prejudices or gaps-in-knowledge which somehow honestly cannot be overcome—diminishes this obligation: yet when that nation once embraces the Faith then its laws, customs and conventions must thereafter strictly follow this rule. Rendering in pious docility a public homage which ordinarily indeed looks to the Church for its proper and most-fitting implementation—as in the marvelous filial relationship of Charlemagne with the pope of his time—yet at times the state may actually surpass the church in this matter, as when a churchman, even a pope, shows some lesser degree of foresight, wisdom or courage. Church and state alike nonetheless—the latter, again, to the degree it is informed, at least by the "natural law written on the human heart", a rudimentary part of the law of God—bearing the two biblical Supper-room swords "on behalf of Christ" (Unam Sanctam).

These manifold capitulations of Francis, of which there have already been several, come at a time when the Church is in catastrophic cultural-and-political retreat, desperately needs a rampant reaffirmation of the practical Christian Way of life, of real, daily, existential Faith, of a clinging to traditions and customs which alone define us as recognizable rational/emotional human beings. While in this connection its interesting that the secretive cadre which has cranked out papal elections since the late fifties—til now always following the motif of the "new and upbeat"—should have turned to such an ancient figure as Francis, the upholder of a now-aging charismatic children's mass-oriented liturgy, a juvenile, "let it all hang out" seventies-era bathos that hasn't had much of a following for around forty years. For it seems to be crucial to these radical clerics and crypto-Jews to ram home this last vestige of vestibule hippydom before a newer and more solid sort of Catholicism can take any deep roots at all. This rote and sterile continuum allowing to go unchallenged New Church's ongoing wholesale surrenders of "the commons", of the public domain, of education, of the media, of all the powers of the state, to the Godless, venal, anti-Christian control of the Jews. The synagogue hoping to see the final disappearance of Christianity by these means. While glimpsed here is only one episode of a see-saw narrative which actually began just after the Resurrection—that marvel of Easter which a "wonderful" Benedict, while still a Cardinal, actually and predictably denied—a contest between true Catholicism, on the one hand, and biblically-abominated "Judaized" Catholicism on the other. A dire and sometimes-desperate controversy, first detailed in Epistles of St. Paul, which will continue until the appearance of Anti-Christ himself.

Rest assured that the synagogue will pull the plug" on all this "scientific advancement", rather than lose their commanding position, or admit the folly they so laboriously rode herd on since the time of Phillip the Fair. It is then, in the midst of these universal, deliberately-induced calamities, so soon to be seen, that this new Vladimir will arise, and the latter-day holy (and validly-elected) pope, who together with "leading men" of Europe will see to the final exaltation of Christ and of His Church. And the reimplementation of a genuine and truly-commanding common sense such as Aquinas and the medieval nobility and peasantry so admirably epitomized.

November 26, 2013: The remorseless resolution of New Church anti-popes, to wit: If only the Church's traditional doctrine on church and state could be abandoned, the whole mammoth establishment of Vatican II would be well worth its morbid and ponderous while.

Thus then was born the "Dogmatic Constitution on Religious Liberty": a heresy of the first order, while thereafter would basically every doctrine other than this epic-consequential one be unctuously, lugubriously, laboriously "reaffirmed" during and after Vatican II, occasional "hard sayings" which could however hardly keep much traction in the soft ground plowed up so recently in the wake of the church-coffer-emptying synod of decades ago. For as long as this stodgy old idea of the state as univocally echoing the law of God: as long as this ancient lodestar could be forgotten, repudiated, then doctrine and piety themselves could hardly expect to survive the test of time. The state having learned at the very "mother's knee" of the Church that it is society itself that is saved by Christ, in each and every particular, and not just some esoteric idea of the Mystical Body as somehow lost in the clouds, at best a badly disadvantaged player in "busy" and cynical workaday world. Anymore going out into the highways and hedgerows, to politely "compel them to enter", at least in a generic and law-abiding way? Oh, that would be tyranny, in New Church's new savvy, hippy, serendipity view, and not at all a well-called-for fatherly solicitude, apprehensive for the innocence of the young and unformed.

The fact is that what gives Catholics their legendary fight, their pluck, is that we have been around for two thousand years, having developed our own signature and highly-recognizable approach. While today's ceaseless invocation of John Paul II and the other recent antipopes, together with their highly-excited and charismatic council, symbolically represents a visceral, elemental repudiation of this same stable and abiding tradition, this same dependable, deep-draft harbor for souls.

Such a radical agenda would thereafter suffer no harm from "conservative" organs of New Church like EWTN in their ceaseless glorification of the Patristic era, while almost entirely ignoring the development of Catholic civic authority which was the major project of the Holy Ghost for the next fifteen-hundred years. This reversion, essentially a striking parallel to the "going back to the early church" of the Protestants, to classical-Reformer charges of "corruption" for all that followed until now. The post-council Church being the embodiment of this denial, this wholesale rejection, of practical juridical Catholicism: with the noted heretical document—scarcely any longer mentioned at all—having done its deed "quickly", in the manner of Judas. A foundation-laying truth since the halcyon sixties abandoned by means of a deafening silence, by omission, by manifold neglect.

Thus predictably would Francis at length come up with an ultimate grand repudiation, going well beyond this stolid ordering of old, denying that even he has any "right to judge" concerning moral things like sodomy. How then would the state have any such right at all, if the high-priest of morality has all his judicial teeth pulled? While finally: it is the younger generation which is being offered up for sacrifice in all of this, cohorts admirable, innocent in many ways now being prepared by various organs of this apostasizing church to be the very last generation to see Sacramental grace. As all the practical moorings of this ill-prepared vessel, full of ill-educated and confused souls, are cut away, and it is allowed fatally to drift defenseless out on an open sea dominated by sea-savvy synagogue corsairs. Its only harbor a powerless Luther-announced "purely spiritual church", with no impact upon the daily affairs of men. A sort of glorified prayer-meeting for which synods, consistatories and other clerical gatherings have less and less importance or meaning at all. Unless it is to repeat the standard mawkish extended farewell to the authentic, society-molding Catholicism of old.

Only problem is, "humble" ones, "pilgrim church doing the ancient penance", beating its breast in theatrical guilt before the world, God won't have it. For according to the prophesies of saints of a thousand years it is going to be the "scions of Charlemagne" who will save the Church, lifting it back to its proper moral direction of society, of the state. It is going to be the new appearance of a Blessed Nuno of Portugal, a Zrinski and a Frankopan of Catholic Croatia, a new Vladimir of Russia, in partnership with a holy and validly-elected pope, who will turn the tide of apostasy let loose with such fury, if with so many soft and harmless-sounding words, as in the manner of all treasons, at Vatican II. After which the order-repudiating effeminacies of our cowardly times will be a forgotten dream.

November 25, 2013: The substitution of a new form of psychology opens the way to New Church surrenders of every shade. This article, worked over and revised, is introductory to the one that follows it.

Here in a seemingly-circumscribed matter is found unraveled the apparently-irremediable surrender of the Church to world Jewry at Vatican II: that betrayal anticipated with horror by pontiffs from an 1840s Pius IX to a 1950s Pius XII, popes covering a span of over a century, up til the first of the antipopes of the past fifty and more years. The temporary, seer-predicted triumph of the forces of darkness—to be succeeded by a Heavenly victory at the eleventh hour—having substantially involved the deft removal and replacement of a central intellectual foundation-stone of Catholic teaching: exchanging sound Thomistic psychology, taken entirely for granted in ages before, with untested ideas of Sigmund Freud. The Angelic Doctor's profound appreciation of Original-Sin-wounded workings of the human mind being displaced abruptly by obscure hedonistic conjectures of a Jew: as always, claiming scientific proof.

Hence did "penetrating insights" of Freud posit an ideational system which pushed 90% of crystalline, limpid, virile-yet-pacific Catholic practical conceptualization, as it might be termed, out into the cold. Every element of the Faith, every realization or orientation to daily life, ultimately our very act of faith, suddenly requiring authentication from a highly-fanciful, ultimately-professionally-rejected "mental health" of Freud, not to be considered highly-questionable, undeveloped, even juvenile, credulous at the very best. Hence was a series of unsubstantiated assertions—these falsely presented as the result of rigorous scientific verification—allowed, as in the case of "missing-link" human/humanoid, pig-bone-"proven" hypotheses of Evolution, to gravely alter, to disarm, the moral system of the Church: the nursery of the saints of the millennia. While the discrediting of Freud has if anything only made matters worse: for having cross this threshold into the no-man's-land of practical apostasy, no one any longer has the courage necessary to go resolutely back to perpetual Thomistic interior and behavioral orientations of the Church, leaving anything of practical importance in these all-important matters "up for grabs". Freud having unveiled his central concept that all human life is somehow sexual in nature, in deepest motivation: the reconciliation of Catholic doctrine with this revolutionary, indeed morally-nihilistic, idea, would essentially represent a mass-apostasy, as well as a morally-and-conceptually-exhausting labor to sustain a contradiction in terms.

From this vantage point, once the proposition—of an overriding sexual determinacy—was accepted, it isn't difficult to see how everything in the Faith could thenceforth be overturned: it wasn't any longer necessary to change the doctrine, or even the under-carriage of standard philosophy that doctrine assumes: but only a certain "psychological", instinctual/emotive, intuitional orientation, in order for a complete revamping of Catholic practical morality and piety to take place. Indeed, the whole new take on the Faith would coincide incredibly well with the existentialism of a "Blessed" Edith Stein—also significantly a Jew—with former happily-identifiable fundamentals suddenly considered "irrelevant" from both these staggeringly-novel vantage-points: with only the tumultuous drives and jerk-knee apprehensions of "psychology" held to deserve any serious thought or standing at all. At least in "pastorally" all-important practical terms. In this way then could the very "guts" of the traditional Catholic Way be ripped out and replaced with something far less demanding or formative, with consequences predictably catastrophic and grave.

Here then, to name only one-of-myriad falsehoods somehow associated with Freud, and those many who would follow in his steps, in this enthronement of the indeterminate, fuzzy and soft, it would rather easily be accepted by Catholic authorities that sodomites have some sort of uncanny intuition which allows them to recognize infallibly those with a "tendency" toward their peculiar way-of-life. So that people utterly-innocent of such activities, and invariably graced with the striking uniqueness which comes of grace, a certain easily-mocked holy peculiarity which when not done violence ("do not disturb the Holy Ghost within you") is native to each of us—a stubborn identity so different from the limp and worked-over column and line of morally-vitiated modern life—would invariably be drawn up for judgment before such a crew. As a whole rubric of reverence for innocent souls would be callously replaced by this Freudian or quasi-Freudian "street savvy" new point-of-view. For as it is supposed, being so familiar with the various mental and emotional "ins and outs" of their condition, the sodomites—for millennia universally despised, their opinions trodden contemptuously underfoot—allegedly know when someone is "faking it", or in their now-all-too-familiar, highly-Freudian vocabulary, is a "homophobe". A person who therefore—indeed "for his/her own good"—can legitimately be, or rather must be, hounded at every turn until he capitulates. A kind of sociological gang-rape, this utterance of Zarathustra being meekly accepted, volubly or with deafening silence, by basically all the major recognized figures—and most of the local Father Jims—in a latter-twentieth and twenty-first century Church.

Of course, this goes completely against the highly-Scriptural principle that it is the angelic that the sodomites most wish to "lie with": but that would allegedly be to "give too much credit"—in minds now irretrievably relativistic and Freudian to the core—to a "biblical fable"—of Sodom and Gomorrah—which supposedly "actually never took place". All such creed-related revolutions—with "literary genre" rather than a Syllabus of Errors condemned "non-historicity" now leading the ever-voluble van—being easily encompassed with the help of Freud and the closely-related modernists: some of the latter of whose major assertions were silently accepted by the weak-kneed Vatican of Pius XII as well. So that thenceforth would be rejected as laughably-spurious the traditional notion that it is something pure and holy about certain people which especially draws the sodomite lust, their urge to defile. And accordingly that any "troubling of mind" such as was experienced by Lot—whose historicity is indeed confirmed in recent discoveries of the sites of the two incinerated cities—is a mark of a clean conscience, of a veritable immunity to stock fantasies of the sodomite crowd.

This breach in the Catholic wall having so easily been made, it was thereafter no problem for a fifty-year-and-running string of antipopes to leverage any number of other foundation-rattling revolutions as well: always allowing psychology, intuition, simple raw sentiment, or as-a-last-resort John Paul II's broad grin to dispose of stumblingblocks in a psychologically-leveraged laxity's way. Thus too, in a totally-unrelated matter, in this wholesale bursting of moral and intellectual dams: through the same nebulous, ponderous, linguistically-worked-over logic was the apostolic form of two Sacraments allowed to go by-the-bye: the dispatching of the validity of the Consecration of bishops and the sacrifice of the Mass being "all in a day's work" among easily-rationalized new Vatican tasks. "The Church doesn't worry about such things anymore", being the new byword: in a kind of magical conception of anti-popes and Vatican apparatchiks, for whose "binding and loosing" any words at all will allegedly confect a Sacrament, or change some eternal rule: so superabundantly "holy" had all these "beati" become. A heady, tumultuous and charismatic gaggle who were far too busy upholding Freud, Heiddiger and the boys to be bothered with things like matter and form.

November 25, 2013:Sodomites' new-found "rights" to accost or make same-sex overtures to you, all this built into the very fabric of modern "progress", test-flown for Catholics at Vatican II.

Modern Catholics of every nation and clime, before you step into the leotard-wearing space-capsule of "progress" toward which you are urged: remember that the whole mammoth institution of sodomy is built into every bit of software, calibrated into every jet-pod or spinning gear. This is really the breathy message of John Paul II, when all is said and done: that mysterious "something" which he conveyed with his every modernity-beckoning, rock-star-scripted word. That departure from the Catholic traditional persona which constituted a "blastoff" indeed: the glowing smile on the Polish actor's face finding new meaning in a constant traveling companion, discovered at last to belong to an internationally-notorious sodomite cabal.

Indeed, after you have so nicely and "tolerantly" allowed sodomites every conceivable "right" and privilege under the law—with Francis's "who am I to judge?" leading the giddy phenomenological way—powers including "marriage" and the adoption of children as well—consider that with all this comes their "right" to accost you as well on street-corners, to make "romantic" overtures to you as you step off the subway, down the hallway, or into your office, work-station or car. Indeed to physically handle you at the least excuse and at every turn. You will be showered with attentions, and the angry flush of your face interpreted as a coquettish bit of "playing hard to get", in someone who doesn't really know his own mind. And you will not be allowed to go any further than this in showing your displeasure: as indeed any angrier display will be considered criminal assault, and a good sound punch in the jaw will get you at least a year in jail. Where the rape-gangs even-now eagerly await you, to finish the job.

Consider then, Catholic masses, what to do next, as you are herded down this end-time corridor where the ceiling so confiningly scrapes your head, and your soul has no place to go except downward to nether depths: to the fevered tones of "The New Evangelism's" animated, agitated pitch. The answer? A grave and sober confidence in Mary must be your refuge, "go to Joseph" your fatherly guide, St. Jerome's "cling to that which is most ancient" your watchword, as you reject all this poisonous modernity as a tainted and odious pack of lies. But stoutly and courageously expect the powers of Heaven to assist you in this holy war, the field-manual of which is prepared for you here, as you ceaselessly conjure reverend remembrances of Catholics of yore. "Give no thought to the morrow", expect God's earth-punishing hand ironically to protect you far and wide. But be ready to live life far more simply throughout coming trials and struggles, and when they're all done: in harmony with flora, fauna and soil, with a once-again honorably-conceived fellow man, with the earth as God made it eons ago. Its beauty and resources hardly so much contemptible wastage, as they are so arrogantly thought of today: as so many acres of abandoned, mortgage-drowned houses: "new homes" indeed, to rats and feral dogs: even as the same earth-gobbling King Kong goes on to build a million more. The earth now abject victim to bedrock-pulverizing "fracking"-stations and village-consuming wars. Heroisms, these, of cancerous "energy needs" of derivative profits of sodomy's imposing, "chosen" few.

November 22, 2013: Gravity: the missing ingredient of today, mostly a foreigner to squeals and peals of laughter of a post-Vatican-II Catholic world. More on church and state.

Watching a program on the Eastern-Rite Catholic Church in The Ukraine on EWTN—the latter with all its treacherous falsehoods and other shortcomings being one of the only sources of information of any sort on Catholic things—I was struck by the gravity on faces of seminarians of the Stalin era—young men who had to take their training in hiding, as it were, with the constant risk of hard labor in Siberia or even a death sentence on some trumped up charge. Thus too the gravity on the face of the "servant of God", on the front of a holy card given me by a pious elderly woman in 1969 when I was in Brussels at the church where Berthe Petit, the mid-twentieth-century Belgian mystic and victim-soul, used to go to mass. That lovely edifice where she had had so many of her mystical experiences. The noted male candidate-for-sainthood who so graced the card, his very presence seeming to exude therefrom, having been a 1920's trainer-of-seminarians, being up for a sort of pre-beatification—the identification of "heroic virtue"—which that particular step in the process signifies. This spiritual warrior had died at a very young age, having a purity and maturity which surpassed human years, as noted coming alive at you from out of the humble little card. Indeed, I recognized much-the-same gravity instantly that I had seen as a boy much earlier in life in faces of Hungarian refugees from the bloodily-put-down 1956 revolt—or on those of Croat refugees come to the USA back in the same '50s. They for whom my father was a beacon of encouragement, especially among members of families of villagers with whom he had been so closely acquainted in the Old Country before his own adolescent arrival in Canada in the early twentieth century. The joy of the Old Faith, as much as it might now and again partake in humor, and much more rarely in a kind of quiet and gentle repartee, yet it was never boisterous, raucous or clownish. Hence it wasn't at all that Catholics of old were averse to humor or happiness, but that their joy, their lodestar was founded in very grave, sober, enduring things, in unearthly treasures held on to "with fear and trembling".

Indeed, the abiding joy of Catholicism—as manifested ironically in this gravity—is like that of Heaven itself, which as St. Theresa of Avila assures us experiences "accidental" additions from specific graces or realizations—as in the companionship of others, family-members and friends, known on earth—these morsels of momentary holy pleasure being however utterly overwhelmed by the annihilating intensity of the love and adoration of God. With the blessed "seeing Him as He Is. Hence the preponderance of this gravity while on earth, when we anticipate this celestial absorption, when with the Savior Himself, when invited by the Apostles to dine, we abstemiously treasure and consume that super-substantial "food" which the world "does not know of", cannot possibly enjoy.

Thus in the old gravity there was always a sense of something that had already been there all along: rather than some new arrival that had come on the coattails of some "exciting" new trend. It is the kind of relationship a boy has with his father, if he truly honors, obeys and loves him, this gravity—this existential proof of a "balancing of the virtues"—being eternal, abiding, perfectly at peace. Yet it is a quietude and recollection ready at a moment's notice to take up either of the supper-room swords, civil or ecclesiastical. Both of them "borne on behalf of Christ" (Infallible bull Unam Sanctam of Boniface VIII). While any denial of this joint dedication would pretend to absolve us from this gravity of bearing, would permit us to "tiptoe through the daisies" in modern-man's signature giddy and falsely-"gay" release.

Hence is this marvelous gravity lost if we think of our confession as divorced from the defense of native land, as if these are always two different castles, defended by different and often indeed hostile lords. If we shrink from another Inquisition. That holy tribunal namely which in Spain in the fifteen years of an unjustly-maligned Torquemada's grand-inquisitorship remanded to the state for punishment less than thirty men (see Thomas Walsh, Characters of the Inquisition). A figure nowhere near the millions or hundreds-of-thousands claimed by the ever-malignant Chick Publications and much of the "born again" crowd. While without this dual dedication or defense the clergy in particular become "men in soft garments who live (giddily) in the palaces of kings". Today as always those forces ranged against Faith being equally ranged in column and line against country: since the two are always tightly united, nation and creed, and the one is undermined if the other is vanquished or under mortal siege. Witness for one thing how crime is rising, as in the case of these "knock out" gangs of youths who attack and sometimes kill perfect strangers in subways and on sidewalks: this all the while the moral law is being repudiated, the influence of religion legislatively frustrated and judicially denied. Always the biblically-identified "enemies of mankind" marshal themselves against both—don't today's manifold betrayals of the ever-secretive Christianity-hating Obama tell us as much?—as their aim, under banners of the fiend, is to utterly destroy the biblical "rest of men", without any further distinction at all. (Although, granted, the Jews know that it is the Catholic Church they must attack first, if they are to have any hope of overcoming the state.) In an arrogance which has never in the millennia known any peer, nor any bounds.

When we see this gravity once again on the faces of our clergy, then we will know that the Faith is being regained. When we stop giddily dividing life into church and state—claiming that "nary the twain shall meet"—opening in this way a catastrophic breach in the walls of both which cannot be repaired. Alas, and as stated so many times here: we Catholics don't force anyone to do anything, but we do boldly and rampantly predict the final popularly embraced accession of God's kingdom on earth, owning that "Jesus is Lord" in that way with which alone He, as God, can be satisfied. Namely Lord not only of souls but of nations, of an entire globe. Confessing to martyrdom—like Padre Pro with his "viva Cristo Rey!", a moment before his firing-squad death—that Christ intends ultimately to claim all these descending jurisdictions formally, with due pomp and circumstance, as His very own. Or else plainly we are timidly giving the garlands of authority to someone else: he namely who lives in nether voids, and who has so much ill-earned power now. Humankind by nature, when properly conceived, being inseparable from this nexus, this substantial unity of church and state, of a mankind made of both body and soul. And while there are some subtle distinctions of function or task yet the Godly purpose of both must always be firmly and courageously acknowledged, or the ruin of souls, parishes and nations is assured.

November 22, 2013: Kennedy Assassinations. The futurism of a succeeding half-century was fixed in American thoughts and opinions by the martyrdom of these exceedingly-progressive men of the sixties.

John Kennedy and in another sense his brother Robert were prototypes of a "new generation" which John in his inaugural address identified as having "been born", as it were under impetus or spontaneous generation of the speech itself. And in order for this new standard—of newness itself, of the progressive and entirely-forward-looking to remain as the guiding motif in the USA, indeed the world, until this very day—it was in a certain twisted, inverted logic extremely fitting for the two men to be struck down in so brutal and public a way. This new futurism a project very close to secret societies and trend-guiding cabals, crowned of course by a futuristically-conceived, all-controlling messianism of the synagogue. The two brothers having been lifted in a few horrific moments to levels of ancient imperial deities, their places as role models would never be seriously challenged, would provide unparalleled justification to sea-changes in culture and morality as well. Modifications many of which indeed the men themselves would never have endorsed, were they any longer around to do so. That "the magic of John" needing to be bottled by "those in charge" becoming disturbingly evident with his unprecedented renewed minting of a silver-based currency, a coinage abandoned some sixty years before, set to supplant bond-backed larcenies of the Federal Reserve: this new departure indicating no doubt the first major step toward a new and conservative direction for his policies and beliefs, his entire take on things. This truly-heroic step—with staggering significance to all but the most trusting of anti-"conspiracy-theory" souls—coming about only three weeks before his death. He at least having apparently profited at long last from his father Joseph's admonitions with respect to the globe-controlling Jews: a latter-day realization unquestionably set to have swept away many other liberal opinions of John in its stride. This awareness of insidious aims of the synagogue—tirelessly announced by popes since St. Peter, indefatigably uncovered by St. Paul, with Jewish infiltrations during the Kennedy years making inroads into the Vatican itself not seen since the Medici popes—having been a vigilance for which the patriarch of the clan had been scorned by these his sons. And this no doubt already from much earlier days when he was Ambassador to the Court of St. James.

But the liberal, debonair, allegedly martially-unfaithful John, the speech-time up-the-cuff mocker of so many upright and old-fashioned things—like this Kefauver and his heroic campaign against white slavery, which both brothers seem to have thought prime material for sardonic podium jokes—this first but fast-fading model had to be kept rolling off American value-determining assembly lines, for investments of CFR training and Ivy-League brainwash to pay off in due time. For which purposes other far-less-attractive proclivities—like his strange relationship with a certain male staffer, a sort of nondescript "companion", no real expert at all—could hardly have safely been divulged. A guy with whom John spent many-an-evening, with strict orders for the twosome to be "left undisturbed", supping together on chicken left for them in a warmer by the White House kitchen staff, the two together tucking each other into bed—this little morsel, while being duly recorded in the most accurate and telling of all the biographies, that of his three senior and most tireless staffers, would be sedulously kept out of all the more media-aired accounts (Browne and Little, '70, 72). While the book itself, if I remember rightly, after so many years, was actually ridiculed by the critics as a species of axe-grinding, or something to that effect. Hardly would the heroic Kennedy of the New Frontier have survived a detailed expose of such a kind: although at this late date in 2013 John would no doubt be hailed as a hero twice over, were this material at long last to come into brilliant public light.

Catholics in particular, were it not for this apotheosis of the Kennedys, a fascination stretching—again, significantly-enough—over the very years of the Second Vatican Council, would never have adopted so wholeheartedly the strange and progressive "spirit of Vatican II", touted from every pulpit from the very start. With anything conservative at all having been given a fateful quietus, a subliminal and highly-emotional rejection, by all but a few among Catholic throngs, after an universally-eulogized John Kennedy was gunned down. Psychology and psychiatry too having markedly come into a new and totally-undeserved prominence after 1963, when prior to that they were still subjects of movie-land humorous mockery and repartee. The new "urgent necessity" being the restraining of the ever-threatening violent impulses of the conservatively-over-wrought. ("Boiling cauldrons waiting to explode".) Which quickly came to mean any genuine conservative who gave politics, religion or prominent issues anything much of a thought. "That was for others to worry about", would be the new watchword, of a Lee Harvey Oswald terrified electorate, with all conservative opinion now inseparably associated with Dallas, and by that connection with racism, and by that with violence and insanity untold. The first casualty of the new morality that debouched from Dealy Plaza and Vatican II being modesty-of-dress: with Jacqueline Kennedy indeed being the first to champion its briefer forms. After which grade-and-high-school Catholic girls would find themselves in nun-approved miniskirts for the next thirty years, even after the secular world had tired of all the naked flesh.

November 22, 2013: The new universals: a poor foundation for human life, a poor replacement for the old. Is this what John Kennedy wanted, or will God sit meekly by while His entire moral universe is officiously trampled into shards?

You've heard them all incessantly now for twenty years and more: safety, security, absolute equality before the law for every sort of "sexual" behavior, the complete voiding of all moral content in the law, now reduced to a kind of comprehensive non-interference with the behavior of scoundrels and libertines, imposed strictly upon the upright and good. While to be added to this short list is the total disarmament of most nations—with people meekly turning in their guns and their governments turning in their "weapons of mass destruction"—things the chief of these "great powers" flaunts like a pirate out on the quay—all under the watchful eye of an overbearing, libertarian few. The good under this new regimen having no right to expect any shelter for their way-of-life, being exposed to every sort of Maoist-era public mockery and petty private spleen. Indeed, the "conservative" Ron and Rand Paul offer a vision of a "liberty"-enthralled world morally resigned to "whatever the traffic will bear". And by these sorts of legislation and court-rulings it is thought that the "backwardness" of virtuous conduct is beaten back into dim forests and back-alleys "where it belongs". That God will indeed prove Himself to be the most obedient of citizens in these regards, surrendering moral ground that His servants on earth have fought over so long and so hard.

Actually, one can see the same logic at work already in mid-90s negotiations of Richard Holbrooke in Bosnia, where international law had already for four bloody, genocidal years been patiently sacrificed on the altars of Serb aggression. (See Holbrooke, Richard, To End a War. New York: Random House, 1998). With the "universal" involved this time being a spat on the hand for Croats and Bosnian-Muslims, who in Holbrooke's mind, only the latest in a long line of Western-powers-imposed political-correctness nannies, must be taught not to "take matters into their own hands". All the while their spouses and children are being raped, butchered and herded like cattle before their very eyes. No, it is for Uncle Sam to police the world, and Israel, and major players in a pathologically-Serb-indulgent EC (now the EU). A view of international law quickly made globally-official by Carla del Ponte at the Hague, where the century-old Western-endorsed idea, to paraphrase, that those in the former-Yugoslavia are "all more-or-less equally guilty", are "all a bunch of bloodthirsty fools", would be institutionally enshrined once again, just as in preliminaries to World War I. An outrageous idea which Holbrooke, in opening pages of the book, seems to reject, but which in a careful reading between the lines he is found to endorse as much as anyone else. In a diplomat's world in which you never say what you actually mean or actually mean what you so quibblingly say.

The idea is that law doesn't have to be based on justice or right at all, but primarily upon these hermetical classifications of human beings. (Hence the "mad, unstable" Russians, Germans said to be ever-ready to go on another imperial power-drive. Only the English, the Jews and the Americans are adjudged to be utterly free from all such pathologies) Ah, it makes it so much easier to justify injustice, among a lot of regional "junkyard dogs" (a favorite phrase in the book), if we simply judge these people to be congenitally "backward", sub-human, "over-religious", temperamental fools.

But in fact it is the Sacramental life of the Catholics and Orthodox in the region, involving an enlistment of material things as symbols of things divine, a phenomenon shared by the Muslims in their own way, which is so bitterly hated by ever-"hate"-excoriating Western powers. Only the synagogue is allowed to mobilize physical things in this liturgical/icon-fashioning/religious way: they being the only legitimate custodians of any religious tradition, passed down from mother to daughter, from father to son. The rest of us are supposed to be "well behaved" sardonic and iconoclastic Congregationalists or Unitarians, if we are religious at all. Certainly, even second-generation Croats here in the USA—allegedly the grand judicial bench for all such things—loath to be considered as related to that candle-and-incense-burning, rosary-bead-fingering "Old Country" crowd. Indeed, this "in the know" liberal-college-educated diaspora might love tamburica orchestras, roast lamb and slivovica, but that's where they part company with "all those ignorant slobs".

But in fact the last vestiges of all that "ignorance" was already passing away back then in the bloody 90s, and most of the ethnic elements in the region have no doubt by now mostly forgotten the old sacramental-laden fervent ways of grandparents of old. They have been "reeducated", have become model cynics, have had all the old universals replaced in their docile minds by the new.

Only problem is, God isn't going to be so meek through all of this, submitting Himself like some kind of oversized fourth-grader, to scoldings of the nannies of this New World Order crew. Just look at the sky, oh mighty ones, and feel the heaving of the earth, while you still have time. For God has begun a house-cleaning like that of the Flood, but this time with fire. For each time the earth is over-saturated with moisture, as the atmosphere is vaporized, over-heated by an over-close sun, the weather is thrown into a chaos of over-hot and over-cold, as cloud-blankets become incredibly thick, allowing for pockets of cold like never before, in a temperature polarity spawning in its turn every sort of vortex, storm and weather-anomaly. But finally the heat will overpower any cloud-or-fog bank an uniquely-atmosphere-shrouded earth can supply, and we will be left with nothing but heat and fire. "Then will all the nations mourn".

November 21, 2013: International revolutionaries never form properly-constituted states.

How did this "liberal democracy" arise: as distinct from gradually-developed indigenous forms? Although anticipated in Greece, where the ever-manipulable assembly was ultimately used to install Athenian elites, its first modern beginnings can be found with the invention of the printing press, its first bomb-throwing revolts in religion and philosophy, of Kant, Descartes and Spinoza, Luther and Calvin. The press making available to inevitable subsequent political cabals with an agenda a worldwide platform upon which to air their fevered views. Thus from the start did liberal democracy depart radically and high-handedly from the methods of ordinary men, with international revolutionaries much rather spilling some blood than painstakingly tracing a footpath through a constructive maze of human affairs. The pace of change of these secretive cadres is fast indeed, but seldom stable or just, humane or sublime. For the whole methodology of cosmic revolt is a kind of nihilism, an incessant "questioning" which doesn't leave unturned a single sacred, loyalty-bound stone. Men being left with a whole forest of personal and institutional snapped-off trees, as if in the wake of a hurricane.

Now we can go on and on about how "advanced" all this is: after all, as it is with high dudgeon said, "all this clutter and undergrowth had to be cleared away, so that a properly-commanding edifice could be made." Thus univocal is the entire method of this Brave New World, as symbolically old neighborhoods and Main Streets are bulldozed, and weird new launch-pads of progress put in their place. What sustains it all? Human misery, human blood. All for the purposes of a privileged few: unleashing fevered energies of a workaholic "middle class", these to be unblinkingly sacrificed when their own time comes.

But we here on this Crusade present to you a "more excellent way": one built upon human fragility, sole ironic vessel that it is of things noble, sacred and sublime. Like ancestors of long ago, we ask you to be wary of those who counsel radical new things in excited tones, who indict your very minds as being far too slow. For the pace of human greatness—product of many men and elements, like aging wine—in all regards is patient, considerate and kind; but nonetheless, all the more surely, building up walls and turrets of dizzy height. With celestial "birds of the air" in crannies everywhere, their rare and speckled eggs to find. While this very method of our forefathers likewise paves with familiar cobbles the way to international peace: as patient methods-of-construction of earthly brotherhood translate marvelously well into syllables of every tongue. And are only interrupted by hasty, guttural tones of the evil one.

One last thing: the observation, made now and again on this site: that any amount of "progress" can indeed be sustained for a time, but at each advancing step at a proportionally-greater price. And the stability of the whole is readily undermined, as the "new and exciting" structure is inevitably top-heavy, controlled from above, easily leaning to one side, or tottering to and fro. Each new technical advancement easily removing things from the grasp of the common man, and into those readily with a selfish agenda all-their-own. While simpler yet densely-woven methods of immemorial time are broad-based, if justly and piously constructed as in Catholic Europe permitting an expansive and ennobling agency to everyone involved. Their sophistication, fitted to the nobility of man, being a moral and spiritual far more than a rotely-material or "scientific" one. Each person in reciprocity, in non-commodity, being a powerhouse of a kind of wealth lovely, enduring, artistic, untiring to heart or eye. While ever-fragile health is found in herbs and barks, and prayers of monks, and plagues of "backward times" appear during upheavals like the fourteenth-century or the twenty-first. For in fact and in the end we all must die, and all earthly structures crumble and dissolve: with rebellious projects of man, in his tiny, sometimes noisy corner of the universe, annihilated by God in a trice. Only these eternals of the heart and soul, once expressed so contemplatively-well in wood and slate, copper, stain-glass and stone, will remain. Providing siding, roofing, framing to enduring mansions around the eternal throne.

November 20, 2013: EWTN's sanitized version of G.K. Chesterton.

As anyone who keeps up with this little journal is well-aware, the Catholicism advanced on the "global Catholic network" is one with most of its teeth pulled: its rightful debunking of the "born agains" more than made up for by its deafening silence regarding Catholic doctrine on the care of the poor at home. This all the while it enthusiastically affiliates itself with charitable missions to distant foreign lands. Hence when portraits of a virile and uncompromising Chesterton are attempted by the station—veritable "praises in the mouth of a sinner"—the result is bound to be "unseemly", tinny and false. For G.K. contrary to inadequate and fragmentary EWTN portraits wasn't just a trenchant Catholic doctrinal apologist, let alone a mere defender of "common sense", as the station's show seems to suggest, but was known widely in his time, in writings and lectures, as a militant defender of the poor, a staunch upholder of Catholic social doctrine in every laboriously-fought-over particular.

But alas, the station is designed to salvage an American Church after the Council long thought to be "on the rocks", in perpetual trouble not only with Catholic truth and tradition but even with a less-than-orthodox anti-pope-occupied Rome. The American Church having been designed to break the traditional-Catholic mold, to so discredit the Old Faith of Europe, to find it in odd and ill-admitted ways to basically be laughable, as to consign it to perpetual oblivion. (Remember, it was the American college-of-cardinals which helped in a major way to elect the freemason Rompalla as successor to Leo XIII in 1903: the former arch-traitor whom Franz Josef instantly refused to abide.) The station's flashy "don't rock the boat' American Catholicism—the low neck-lines of its female anchors, the folly or effeminacy of some of its men—hardly being able to accommodate the fearless and truly-Catholic intrepidity of the true Chesterton, reducing him rather to a sort of irony-smithing blank-faced comedian which he never was. Even if his sense of humor was indeed energizing, sharp and to the point.

Hence this new and oddly-brassy portrayal is only part-and-parcel of a drive to rewrite Catholic history in favor of a flag-waving faith which here in the USA gains polemically-cratered ground day by day. A trend into which was breathed new life during the Reagan era, followed so soon by the meteoric rise of a Catholic-convert-founded Blackwater, Inc.: whose founder shares the station's "my country right or wrong" orientation to a T. The trend in Catholic USA for the past twenty years having seen a grand reversal from immediate-post-council years: the "love, love, love" of those times being abruptly succeeded by flint-faced posturings well up to John Carroll's hyper-nationalistic yesteryear. This take on the faith being indeed aptly personified in Mother Angelica, the station's foundress: she who before her debilitating stroke had eyes in front of which the tender must tremble, and a face upon which rocks might seemingly have been cracked. Thus then the vanguard for the upholding of a "liberty-loving" hyper-aggressive American foreign policy around the globe, and a parallel incredibly class-conscious Catholicism at home. The popular consensus thus aimed-at converging dramatically with that promoted among ordinary Germans during the Nazi regime: a "my country right or wrong" point-of-view which would no doubt love to gather giants like Chesterton vaguely under its flag. (Granted, Chesterton, like a great many other prominent figures of the time, did actually show a short-lived positive interest in a then-rising Hitler, with the latter's true intentions having only barely come clean by the time of the death of J.K. around 1935. While G.K.'s admiration for England's imperial "civilizing of distant tribes" is only a tiny fragment of the real Chesterton, hardly useable for such bolder and unintended nationalistic flights: all of us indeed being complicated products of our times.

For a portrait of the real Chesterton, consider his observation, to paraphrase, that we have as much right to question the needs of the poor as those of a drowning man: whom we scarcely stop to ask "how he got into such a fix" before becoming convinced that he deserves for us to throw him a rope. But you won't hear any such manfully-couched G.K. quotations from the humor-bent commentator spoken-of here, who even dresses up impressively in Gilbert's period-appropriate gear: Chesterton having had a great sense of humor, but hardly having been a comedian. With Gilbert Keith being presented in noted TV skits as fashioning sharply-sarcastic lampoons of "common sense": these presumably let-fly against any who might forsake anonymous safer waters and become somehow far-fetched. An approach which in truth would readily take in for lampooning G.K. himself, were he still around. Indeed, these self-acclaimed champions of faith of our day—having expensively out-maneuvered, out-financed and shouted down others more honest and sincere than they—cut out easy battles for themselves, and tractable opponents, compared to a real Chesterton who stoutly manned much-less-friendly polemical trenches day after early-century day. And although I sometimes find fault with some of his methods and a few of his opinions, yet he did much more credit to himself and the Faith than any of these imitators could in their wildest far-fetched dreams.

November 19, 2013: Calls for more mental-health facilities after Virginia state senator's son shoots father and then kills himself. Isn't this multiplying the problem rather than solving it?

Since first bleak utterings of the Freudian psychoanalytical school well over a century ago the whole field of mental health has proven a gigantic failure in direct proportion to the mammoth size of psychiatrist's salaries and the overall trend of increasingly-gargantuan moneys spent on their mysterious pursuits each year. Freud's method being ante-dated by vaguely-analogous probings into the mind, with equally scant evidence to verify grimly-ambitious claims: Freud's system having direct ancestors in things like phrenology, or the study of skull-shape as predictive of criminal deeds, as well as by other bizarre methods no better in their prognostic potential than the classical ancient-pagan poking at the entrails of a bird. Professionals make huge salaries in a field that grows by leaps and bounds with each new proof of its miserable inability to alleviate suffering throngs, yet those involved go on heroically struggling against all these hopeless odds. Having championed the classical-Freudian idea that the Christian—and perhaps especially the Catholic—moral system has been the cause of all mental woes. With mortifications of monks and nuns allegedly causing nightmares to children and pathologies to adults of every shape and size. With this unquestioned secular dogma demanding the application of this reversal, like all forms of nihilism, to the bitter end.

Alas, from the same fevered minds that brought us this zero-sum game—this absolute repudiation of Christianity on the most basic and practical of terms—we typically-enough have an equally-frenetic denial that violent movies and video-games, narcotics, a strange go-it-alone success-ethic and the gang-like behavior endemic to modern "progressive" schools have anything to do with it at all.

Were a for-hire fire-department to go around a big city starting fires, and then profit enormously from "heroic" exertions involved, there could hardly be a bigger con-game: recalling the war-justifying bonanza of a false-flag 9/11, the funding by Israel and America of radical Islamic cadres which destabilize whole nations, providing further justifications for further expansion of a globe-monopolizing "war on terror".

Indeed, the claim is that unfettered "liberty" is the key to mental health, and that conversely Christianity's after-all rather-reasonable restrictions and inhibitions are what make people go berserk: while every statistical indicator says exactly the opposite. Here being a parallel too with the mere out-on-a-limb hypothesis of Evolution, which isn't a scientific principle at all—doesn't even rise to the level of a theory—which is plainly just another example of an anti-religion dogma of a New Age secular breed being forced upon us all.

November 19, 2013: Article further developed: As the world continues its gradual, wobbly plunge toward the sun, attended by natural-calamities already begun, the Church's long-predicted "remnant, selected out of grace" will through final combats and struggles become a well-kneaded dough, preparatory to St. Ignatius of Jerusalem's "pure and holy bread". Only then will latter-day seer-heralded deliverers "restore all things in Christ". More thoughts on the place of Russia in these unfolding events.

It was never the legitimate place of the Church to accommodate the world, but to leaven it: while leaving it in its proper material elements and harmless customs elevating these to precincts divine. This is the only true liberation: of man and his institutions from the bondage of Hell, from tyrants both earthly and infernal, under whose manifold oppression, in a reinvigorated satanism, in aggressive warfare and abortion, euthanasia and organ-snatching death redefined man so miserably lives today. The avenue of a divergent false and deadly accommodation—a horse of an entirely different color from a rational, mutually-beneficial distinction/cooperation of church and state—having been seen to varying degrees over centuries—always hidden in claims of realism, of "rendering to Caesar". But in fact this duality going well beyond these legitimate bounds to sow seeds of a gratuitous discord, poisoning social, economic and political life with Gospel-uncalled-for moral-compromise in galling pedestrian/practical terms, while likewise acceding inwardly to an utterly-false philosophy. All of which provides for Faith natural foundations of sand. A philosophy not solid and abiding but full of highly-experimental falsehoods, an intellectual base which would allow earthly life to more-or-less entirely escape the influence of grace, the two with greater and greater divergence over time "going their separate ways". Even though the state, the bearer of the scales of justice, the secular witness to right and wrong, has no greater ally than that Church, the custodian of men's consciences, that spiritual barque which is the very vessel of the grace necessary to keep moral rectitude alive. This critical alliance being undermined with loud or scarcely-admitted but broadly-implied claims that secular affairs somehow become emasculated when imbued with the holy, and conversely that holy things become corrupted by being applied to the world. Indeed, the tangle of supremely-well-argued compromises and false loyalties that this incredibly-adaptable, serpentine logic brings into being among the clergy being amply supported by a signature-modern dolefully-ignorant laity for whom the pushing of a few noisy and passionate buttons is all that's required to enlist them for moral-overthrows of every kind. A deadly dualism, at the heart of all heresy, going back to dimmest pagan times, being imposed upon the kingdom of God, and this by some of its most impressive spokesmen: denying any practical place to that Cornerstone Who "crushes to a powder" those upon whom He falls. This fatal dichotomy—a soil-salting of the Heavenly Kingdom of apocalyptic proportions—having begun in first stirrings of a Caesaro-Papist/Lay-Investiture controversy which has never actually been solved. Productive—when not of some murder of a Leo, a Becket, or in persecutions of a genocidal Henry VIII/Elizabeth—then of a less-obvious but equally-fatal Lutheran "purely spiritual" Church, one always threatening in voluble super-pieties to disappear somewhere up into the clouds. A cleavage precipitating more lately the blunt "born again" claim that goodness, "good works"—namely that order-upholding good behavior which is the very foundation of the state—is essentially of no importance at all.

The point of this article? We must be Catholic through and through, in philosophy, doctrine and everyday practical life, or our confession, our "evangelism", if you will, will be a mockery of lukewarmness and supine practical passivity. Apropos to which is Our Blessed Lord's enigmatic statement, "when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith in the earth?" (Here plainly He means more than a mere giving-of-sermons or church-going but the impregnation of man's life with the divine). Hence when the biblical "deliverers" come—the seer-predicted great monarch and saintly latter-day pope—they won't be "modern" at all—at the essence of which modernity is this craven compromise with a Gospel-cursed world—they will remain indeed before idols of "progress" and false democracy—chief manifestations of this laissez faire view of faith—utterly and entirely unmoved. Indeed being intrepid warriors sweet and gentle, mild and kind, they will scarcely be scolding, demotivating nannies who sanctimoniously undermine the good at every turn, in their daily super-consequential affairs, forbidding them to "cross some line". Never will they accept a demeaningly hesitant and hamstrung, ceaselessly-self-evaluating, secondary position for the Catholic or the Church in this fallen world—which she is meant to leaven, to uplift and sanctify, without any obsequies, posturings or quibblings involved—or else she has no identifiable purpose at all. These coming champions of Christ rather overthrowing bastions-of-evil, going forth rampant, free from the earth's many enervating cares. Not indeed being fools who "rush in where angels fear to tread", but intrepid with a "spiritual prudence" which is invincible, indomitable and plainly Heaven-sent. Til these saviors are revealed—and til we prepare ourselves fittingly to receive them—for whose advent we expectantly post a guard—the good must bide their time, tell their beads, fast, keep their passions restrained. God will send these saviors, have no fear: with today's typical cowardly shepherds and laity as different from them as night is from day.

In line with the Fatima message—"In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace"—we quite sensibly look to Russia, to another holy Vladimir the final setting to supply. Russians who to a significant degree have seen false philosophy for what it is, and today demonstrate themselves repeatedly to be increasingly-ready to "fight the good fight". Of valid holy orders, of a fervent Russian-Catholic Patriarch, sitting most-likely as well on Peter's throne. This new Russ to rigorously man both spiritual and secular bastions against the black and evil tide of these perverse and degrading times. Ultimately in this noble task being joined by a remnant of Western nations once again truly, practically, indeed integrally and organically Catholic, as of old. Speaking as we do of nations with overwhelming popular assent come back to the Fold: hardly daring to remain indifferent—or as they say, "tolerant"—to false-philosophies, treacheries and lies—rather rendering "to God the things that are God's". Namely, His publicly confessed honor and glory—celebrated with pomp and ceremony, processions and parades—the upright moral content of education, the innocent moral direction of the state, the compassionate treatment of the poor, the equitable and reciprocally-cooperative treatment of other nations around the globe.

November 18, 2013: When all is said and done the present astronomical rise of the stock market only signifies a gigantic leakage of private wealth into collective hands. The "closing bell" only the death-knell of truly private commerce in the USA.

That's what the massive stock volumes and revaluations actually signify: a gargantuan transfer of the informal, incalculable, hard-to-dampen vitality of family-owned businesses into the monopolistic lock-step of Wall Street, this year alone gaining thirty-some percentage-points in size. This in a ballooning of corporate investment and speculation which so over-liquefies wealth as to render it a kind of tsunami able without effort to wipe out anything human and unique, stable and abiding, private and personal in its path. Wreaking a change on the ground evident in today's transformation of Main Streets across the land: all of which in cookie-cutter splendor look more-or-less the same. Thus is capitalism demonstrated to be an existential form of communism—let right-wing commentators kick and scream—manifesting a radical, nihilistic brand of materialism which hardly needs hip-booted prison-guards wearing red stars on their hats to bring into being. Demonstrating dramatically the convergence of the modern world's major, allegedly-polar-conflicting systems into one global game-plan: with the Stalins and FDRs, Johnsons and Reagans each in his own way sustaining a cosmic transformation only now coming up for its finally elitist dividing of the global pie.

November 17, 2013: Better a cow in Colorado during a blizzard than a human being during a disaster of any kind, in our Brave New World.

Ah, you should feel privileged, fellow human beings, that you are given so many opportunities to show your flint-faced toughness and pluck. For whereas most cattle, welfare-leeches that they are, can depend upon deliveries of precious hay and other foods and forages by helicopter or plane, when snow-drifts block the roads for days, and this within a reasonable amount of time, we mortal men are generously and without ceasing challenged not to even flinch as we stare death in the face, as we stack the dead like cord-wood, as we prove our New Age "resiliency" in the jaws of starvation, death-by-thirst, Cholera, and a host of other metal-proving things. "Go down in infamy", then, you disgusting cows, who can only gape unblinkingly as you take that for which you have not toiled; as you survive in fair percentages those calamities which see your nobler human cousins dying in droves.

November 16, 2013: Our website: a singular dirth of smiling appraisals.

Having as we opine been commissioned as celestial-official observers of the plunge of the herd of swine over the brow of the cliff of our times—and as indeed I myself was apprised some forty-five or so years ago, in a prophetic dream from which I awoke "in a cold sweat"—of a whole humanity—as I instinctively understood this blank-faced and remorseless collective to be—drawn up on the brink of a precipice, all of whom commandingly ordered me as well to jump with them into the vaporous lake beneath, understood without any doubt to be eternal damnation—this website is hardly your typical droll and optimistic endorsement of the "love it or leave it" status quo. That "patriotism" which stands "united we stand" on the edge of that terrible precipice seen so long ago: that "duty" which presently compels all humanity—the harbor goddess never really having been satisfied with ample bounds of two oceans—to leap into eternal flames, represented to me so long ago as a biblical "lake of fire", with vapors blanketing thickly in layers below.

Oh, my friends, there is indeed internal punishment: for goodness and virtue is all that matters in life, and those who choose another path are doomed to suffer eternal strife. It matters not how many "counselors" we have to reassure us that with our regimen of exercise and diet we are as "virtuous" as can be: if we surrender to this "madding crowd" the laughter of the Fiend will be our symphony, for all eternity.

Hence don't look to us for reassuring words—nor for flinching and cowardly anticipations that we will be classed with Iran as a danger to this goddess with the fiery torch, or her Uncle Sam—expect no indulgent mutterings of how "God loves us anyway", is ready beforehand to forgive, despite our heedless plunge. This new version of "mercy" which is only rank and loveless presumption in a thin disguise, which would have us rush so blindly in a heap, this new gospel of this new Francis which would see us chuckling madly as we make the final leap. This new version of "faith without works" which would strip us of every last defense from inroads of the nether foe, which would imagine the true and saintly Frances of so long ago, somehow casting moral prudence far below.

My joy, alas, is fraught with fear, it finds no final resting place in lodgings here, as I confess with sighs, a fool so many times, resolving now my folly to at last subside. No thanks, hopeful gestures of multiple "sitting popes", I won't by God's condign permission let past sins drag me to those frightful downward slopes. To crumbling edges of smoking air, with a giddy plunge of "mercy" turned to wrenching invocations of despair.

Will we blame the howling winds on naughty "climate change"?, or tell abandoned masses in The Philippines that thirst and starvation, disease and rotting-limbs are just "the breaks of the game"? And turn our backs on Heaven's warnings to a Sodom now become worldwide, a Gomorrah over which a grinning "pope" invokes alarm-dispelling assurances of every kind? Who speaks of "mercy" as Heaven's heavy hand begins its swift and final fall? Ah, Francis, "what you do, do quickly", for so has every hireling reassured the bleating, trembling fold.

November 15, 2013: Sodomy as opposed to sex. Under attack by sodomites while on crusade. More on the subject of sodomy, which like all evil things must now-and-again be brought under the bright light of analysis in order to dispel it to the nether regions where it belongs. Article further expanded.

This month we decided to take a break at a motel, having been on the road for five months running, needing certain remedies—of herbs mostly—which we apply to certain maladies which, being mortal creatures, we must periodically endure. Being of limited means we chose a humble lodge in a town we like, run by an admirably-good Indian (from India) couple: more Christian by far in their behavior than many who bear that lofty name. But these good people seem to be held hostage by an organized body of sodomites, perverts who "have the run of the place", so to say, who in a group of five or six regularly carry on escapades that go far into the wee hours, keeping patrons awake, never to return again. Thus are sodomy-enclaves produced: not because perverts are so numerous or well-thought-of but by sheer attrition, coercion, intimidation, sadisms of every stripe: those very habits which are the calling-cards of the sodomite hoards. With Lot himself of Old Testament times having indeed been "greatly troubled in mind"—a reaction which sodomites instantly and counter-logically interpret—with a lot of help from psychologists, "schools" and the media—to indicate a secret "tendency" toward the same unnatural sinkhole of vice. Much being made of the rather-unremarkable fact that sodomites typically evoke a great deal of embarrassment in those they accost, as good men are always taken "off guard", as it were, by such things. While being elicited is a shameful, diabolical capitulation to manifold, ultra-personal attacks: unnatural sex being a kind of reverse-image or polar-opposite, anti-matter black hole, when compared to that natural gift-of-God, heterosexual bliss. Surrender-to-which polar desecration—in primitive drives which while sacred in rational beings are shared in most physical particulars with the insects, and which we so reason-gifted can choose to direct anywhere we wish—does produce a kind of orgy of "sexual" pleasure, of course with lots of help from Hell. Mocking the lovely surrenders of genuine sex, the thing sacrificed on the paganistic altars of this orgiastic behavior isn't the honorable gift of oneself, a donation which sex is meant to uniquely, spiritually/somatically epitomize, but rather immolated is manhood or womanhood itself, in a supine repudiation, constituting a black-hearted betrayal of ones deepest and most integral, God-given identity. And an insult to a Creator Who gave us this gift for the procreation of children, the "peopling of Heaven", the provision of a loving and personally-nourishing family for these offspring, and nothing more. (Test-tube-babies, anyone? No thanks.)

We won't consider here the many babbling justifications presented today by sodomite crowds: nor indeed the stock-heretical declaration of Vatican II that marriage is essentially a "relationship", a bit of unprecedented babble designed to greatly facilitate coming mounting legal attacks of the sodomite crowd. All of them led by judges a vast majority of whom are themselves perverted in this way. Like the claim for instance that certain chemicals inadvertently consumed today cause an over-abundance of the female hormone estrogen, this in turn allegedly initiating certain incremental biological changes, precipitating by stages interior pre-dispositions toward transvestite behavior, abominable sex-changes and other mutilations of the most barbaric kind. Discarding with contempt all these tautologies and telescoping insanities, we rather acknowledge that sexuality is in the heart, soul and mind, in the will—hence the essential need for a pious and God-fearing, noble and honorable training-of-youth—rather than being found in some leeched-off plastic molecules one has imbibed. Trivialization being alas the route-of-attack of the sodomites, attended by abominable con-games and psycho-coercions noted above.

But returning to our "place of rest", this motel: akin to sodomite mechanics who have twice sabotaged and destroyed engines in our 88 Ford truck these maniacs described above make it their business to keep us awake all night, running up and down the balcony directly in front of our room, shouting as they go. Mostly-men who have apparently paid-in-a-group for rooms on either side of us, conducting orgies: with inevitable groans and male-and-female cries of "help, help" far into the night which characterize "gay" sodomite fantasies of every stripe. These guys seemingly keeping a deranged woman more-or-less hostage, to be used in this cruel and mocking way. While one of these worthies spent the first few days streaking in front of our huge picture-window in his low-slung pajama-bottoms—no top—at one point passing our window six or eight times in less than a minute. While there is another who puts on some sort of clogs or high-heeled boots and click-click-clicks his way back and forth in the most disconcerting way: recalling with sound and commanding demeanor nothing-so-much as hip-booted SS troops of mid-century Nazism, whose sodomite tendencies were likewise expressed in super-macho, sadio-masochistic ways. Here being a motel—admittedly of economical prices—which suffered a pistol stick-up from a lesbian, at the end of months of residence right there at the same lodging. A gal who was apprehended a few hours later, thank God.

As noted above and as discussed at some length here and there on this site, sodomites expropriate the surrenders of only-genuine and highly-sacred heterosexual relations, turning them into blunt mockeries of sadio-masochism, in personal exchanges whose final lusted-after climax is incredibly often found in murder. So "loving" are these folks, whom courts have for decades now been quietly giving foster-home-custody of children, and are more-lately giving rights-of-adoption of youngsters as well. To briefly consider disgusting sodomite claims: while the male might be said to be "taking something" from the woman in actual and mutually-voluntary sex—her secret self, her virginity, her most intimate kinds of affection—yet it is all on a very subtle and typically gentle plane, while in the process he is fulfilling her as a woman, and surrendering to her his homage in the most noble sort of exchange. Indeed, if a man has intercourse much less respectfully and gently than that then in my opinion he has mental problems such as are indeed endemic to American men, trained since early Colonial days and in a host of open or ill-admitted ways to think of sex as an essentially-evil thing, and of women as despicable "daughters of Eve". Making himself indeed and by default subliminally prone to sodomy itself in a host of insidious ways. Hence is actual sodomy as found in men and women alike a definite close-cousin to twisted, misogynistic, Calvinistic notions of every kind, whether found in men or in women, being significantly all about morbid reaches of personal dominion: something which true and natural sex—always between man and woman—at most only hints-at, with this idea of possession or ownership plainly a voluntary gift, one typically and reciprocally surrendered and accepted in the most tender and even reverential way. But rather does the sodomite manifest a petty, mocking or roaring personal-domination, with a warped kind of fitness slinging feces on the object of his vile and twisted affections, showering him/her with urine, behaving much more like a dog than a human being. Indeed, I loath to so insult my canine fellow-creatures, as dogs only rarely behave this way, and then as acts of candid aggression or contempt, and not at all as attendant upon sex.

As noted many times on this site, sodomy or homosexuality is part of the broad anti-life tradition of the Cathars, Albigensians or Manichaeans, and of Canaanites long before: a manifestation of that dualism or Gnosticism which finds the body—indeed all material things—to be evil and the spirit (or mind) to be good. In ancient Canaan with a classical anti-matter infant sacrifice—millions of whose neatly-stacked remains were fairly-recently unearthed—forecasting the billion-plus abortions—of pill or bloody dismemberment—in the "sanitary", paganistic world of today. At the very vanguard of which pitiless dualism is the whole tack or tendency of a world-dominating Judaism to repudiate a genuine and fragile, trusting and unguarded human existence as inferior, subordinate to a Jewish identity which swoons over street-wise notion of "savvy", which thinks itself "not like the rest of men", accounting fittingly-enough too for the incredible frequency of sodomy among Jews, who entertain so unnatural a comprehensive view. They who indeed form the universal leadership in the ongoing legal and judicial drive to make sodomy-behavior of every stripe the law of the land in every nation and clime.

Leaving aside for a moment the parallel and closely-related sicknesses of the lesbians, a panoply of false expectations is remorselessly brought into play in the macho-man/wimp duality of the USA, providing ideal fertile ground for the sodomite take-on-life. For if it is made imperative to achieve some athletic or other wonder-boy goal we have an edifice of personal expectations built on sand: since these things often change, there is always to be found someone who out-performs us, or failing that who can bully us into a feeling of inferiority. Again, when life is judged under such a false scale, of a "go it alone" machismo which has no peer anywhere else on earth. While true masculinity or genuine machismo around the world—although under assault by this Yankee macho-man approach—has prized the machismo of other men and imbibed it—in the Thomistic definition of knowledge—and afortiori of love—of "becoming that which we know" and love, taking it or him/her into our very minds and souls. Where these ingested good things become integral parts of the very "form" (soul) of who we are. Self-confidence in the healthy thus depending very much on God and other people, being at one and the same time much less immediately impressive and much more solid and abiding. Being based on a realistic realization of human frailty and the genuine sources of human strength. While together with this healthy—hardly craven or "gutless"—dependency on others is a candid awareness in particular of the random serial-film nature of the human imagination and emotional life. The human cognitive faculties because of their innate indeterminacy sometimes giving us a kind of comical side-show, at other times going on exhaustive bouts of comparative analysis, drawing up for inspection "things both good and bad", much like the biblical comparison of the Kingdom of God to a net which dredges up every sort of fish. Here too plainly and as Catholic theology tells us is the prime stomping-ground of the devil, who is given a great deal of power to test us in these domains. But whereas a training which considers all such mental or emotional inner infirmities and instabilities to be proof-positive of the radical depravity doctrine of the Calvinists will render us uniquely prone to persuasions of the sodomite crowd: by contrast the honest, indeed often humorous acknowledgment of the hit-and-miss, often-indeed humiliating quality of genuine and unrehearsed human existence provides us a veritable inner boon companion for its many vicissitudes. With these vulnerabilities being especially evident when "left to our own devices", adrift from the support of a good and uplifting way of life such as the Catholic Church in all its national manifestations once so singularly upheld. This dour practical Calvinism, origin for every American rigorism or capitalistic billiard-ball tautology—acceded to by Catholics here in many telling if-ill-admitted ways—this pathology mostly accounts for the radical difference between Catholics raised here as opposed to others elsewhere around the globe. A disparity which we of course dutifully attribute to some glorious American exceptionalism, which we value high above commonly-held values of universal human life.

Hence too—in line with this shallow draft view—are we American Catholics like all Americans taught from infancy to value first impressions above all else: as we put each new person we meet "through the ropes" of a rigorous test, with any lack of an iron-jawed self-confidence considered revelatory of deep personal shortcomings. All this providing stark and mutual-contempt-breeding contrasts with the old European Catholic, indeed with those of those of almost any persuasion of Asia or Africa as well: ordinary "unexceptional" mortals who quite commonly look for ways to give the benefit of the doubt to others they meet. Indeed prizing momentary tokens of human fragility, often attendant upon a first meeting, as rare insights into the true identity of someone they really want to get to know and love, and not someone perceived as a rival or threat against which to be compared. Alas, and again, American foreign policy in a nutshell, as well as the signature-American sense of alienation, a sense of always being lonely in a crowd, or even around the supper-table at home. Why such a terrible rupture with real human life? And this among Christian people, who are supposed to have certain advantages which come with their Faith? Alas, it is because in Calvinism in its myriad forms, above all the other Protestant creeds—most of which hardly resemble Judaism in so striking a way—that there is seen a deliberate and indeed bitter departure from Catholic truth: in fundamental errors which a Hindu or Shinto, a Muslim or a Sikh are little-likely to entertain, at least in so clearly-iterated a way. Positing this incredible chief falsehood that one needn't really be good as long as one has faith. Here too dark estimations of human nature joining hands with a theology which indulgently accommodates same: with the whole allowing tremendous latitude to a Fiend who treasure all such surrenders and capitulations, such false assessments—providing "inner chambers" "swept and decorated" for him to roam. Evaluations of God's judgments and human character ranging from the ungrateful to the grossly-presumptuous, with the whole phenomenon allowing serious questioning of any moral advantage at all to be found in the America-Christian take-on-life. For although the Sacraments do indeed have a free-standing merit all-their-own, yet they place a further burden of responsibility upon us, since any and all of them must be humbly received and corresponded-to if they are to do us any good at all, and not win us a punishment rather than a reward.

November 13-14, 2013: "Looting" in the context of catastrophe. The crowning lie, like that of Obama over healthcare, in the saga of modern progress.

No single fact or event so graphically illustrates and epitomizes the practical and theological abandonment of Christianity of today than the ongoing callous, blind-sighted official responses to the disaster in the Philippines: with indifference and neglect being codified redundantly into the very way things are done. While yet further realized in the shuffling, lumbering gait of multinational "rescue" on the ground is the gigantic lie called modern progress: a fabrication which pretends to improve human life, to supply for every human need by a rigid enforcement of templates and protocols one of whose inevitable consequences—one increasingly difficult to argue as being unintended—is to root up everything mankind ever held truly dear. Universals being rapidly jettisoned which go well beyond physical pleasures and gadgetries, values which present generations—brainwashed by this same cult of modern progress and its endemic contempt for all things of the heart and soul—are less-and-less acquainted with at all. This new and distorted view of life indeed valuing tidiness and protocol well above human life itself, with one of its chief props being an odd and perverse sort of patriotism or militancy marshaled by an elite which regards itself as entirely superior, as "not like the rest of men". A broad and massive aborting of basic emergency-logistical and other relief-bringing services being increasingly par for the course in such a brave new world as we have today, as witnessed again over the past week. Life-saving procedures being denied which mere decades ago were undertaken with scarcely a thought, with a generalized-if-ill-admitted anti-life take-on-life being disturbingly apparent in all these more-recent emergency scenes. While perhaps the cover-story to this saga of foot-dragging complacency and indifference-to-fellow-man is to be found in the characterization of desperate attempts of ordinary people to obtain and distribute urgent necessities of life as shameful examples of "looting": those who survived the storm, realizing the extent of this abominable paralysis of the public power, at long last finally taking matters into their own hands, distributing the food, water and other necessities piling up in warehouses and at airports. (A scandalous reality recalling the same spectacle in Haiti, months already after the disaster there, with our "wonderful" Bill Clinton, the relief organizer, by all appearances sitting atop the heap of desperately-needed drinking-water and other elementary supplies.) While, not to be outdone, U.S. commentators are quick to paint any failure or refusal of local troops to stop this carrying-away of life giving supplies and sustenance to those in need—who else is it for?—as a blatant dereliction of duty.

Here then is a lurid illustration of practical effects of the abandonment of the Catholic doctrine on emergencies, on human relations as a whole: unwavering principles which for two millennia held that in such calamities "the laws of private property are suspended", or at the very least gravely altered, to fit the crying needs of the time. Indeed recognition having been universal in all religious cultures until very recently as well that even the nature, condition or quality of goods is in most cases severely downgraded during such pressing and tumultuous times as typhoons so singularly bring in their train: with contamination by water, raw-sewage, mud or wind-blown dust—not to mention dead bodies—making the preservation-for-the-future of available food and water, even of clothing and other supplies—for anyone's use, including the original owner's—in almost all case entirely useless. Even as the same life-giving elements are often highly-useable—or with greatly-reduced risk—if consumed immediately, before contamination can fulminate or spread, or within a very short time. Hence do the very laws of nature counsel the entire or all-but-entire automatic suspension of private property of this and other essential kinds, including shelter, fuel, and other necessities as well.

Indeed and as suggested above, in line with the article below, about good emergency management enabling the victims to help themselves first and foremost, do we have the heartening revelation that much of what was at first called looting was finally acknowledged to have be a voluntary mobilization of the local population in a hand-and-shoulder transport of basic necessities, from warehouses and tarmacs, to others in dire and mortal need. While good policy must imperatively, at least in first critical days after disaster strikes, supply more-or-less indiscriminately those impacted, this via helicopter air-drop of pallets of water, food and medicine, of portable-toilets (in the Cholera-breeding absence of plumbing), and a host of other desperately-needed things. This in tandem with creative uses of other kinds of aircraft while in flight—in the sometimes-week-long absence of roads and landing-strips to or in affected areas—with needed supplies deliverable directly from lowered rear-ramps, bombays or underbellies, winch-lowering or parachuting these needed things. Indeed—let's not worry about inevitable waste, let alone about being tidy when people are dying in droves—these things can even be pushed out the back ramps of these cargo-planes, while they fly at slow speeds just above ground, perhaps with such air-lifted packages being supplied where possible with some kind of concussion-minimizing wrapping or packing-material. Is this something revolutionary or new? Give me a break.

Of course, and as noted in writings below, this whole Israeli-and-USA-induced mindset that in every circumstance "nothing must ever reach the hands of terrorists"—these of course always expected to be looming somewhere close by—this brain-child of false-flag operations and agendas is an act of despair running diametrically counter to the spirit of the bulk of mankind as a whole in prior times. Touting as we do this secular gospel of "a whole new way of doing things", of an American military/political "dream" which tramples all other values into shards. Does it not prove its intrinsic folly by such means, with the biblical "tree" being "known by its fruits?" And this too when our own Government in the next breath supplies the most radical of these terrorist groups in several international venues, including Syria, and before that in Libya, and yet-earlier in Darfur, and several other notable places as well? Places now in mortal military and sociopolitical throes? Even as finally we see in Old Testament the Patriarch Joseph, then the very Pharaoh's right hand man, opening the Egyptian granaries to the starving people of the famine of the times: even indeed to many, such as the Jews themselves, coming from far away.

November 12, 2013: The Philippines. America and its relief-associates set to repeat debacle of Katrina and Haiti, with dignitaries and officials large and small casting the operation in the concrete of S.O.P's and "security" procedures—"mustn't let any 'terrorists' get their hands on any medical or other supplies"—which will murderously, with a kind of oddly-efficient signature-American fatalism, prevent the thirst-ravaged, starving and those with potentially-mortal injuries from getting the care they need in time. Article expanded later today.

Do we understand from this why there actually are some real terrorists out there in the first place? Oh, I know, let's recite this newest Yankee rhyming creed: "a whole globe can be left to die, if only one American life can be saved thereby". Because of such species of fundamentally-pathological thinking both of the above disasters saw at least twice as many die as needed to: a figure carefully hidden behind obfuscated statements and officious podium and camera-light declarations. With tell-tale dead bodies being found in the New Orleans area for years after the "unexpectedly small" official count was done. While we can also expect the same kind of leaders to be at the helm in The Philippines as lead us here, since the whole South Pacific and South Asian region, when not fighting us, is largely prostrate to globally-notorious official-American aims and goals.

In today's approach to disaster relief we see in all its lurid colors the cover-story for the success-ethic of a "go getter" world initiated with the Reagan Administration, it is a "let them eat out of garbage cans" approach to charity, it is an approach for which red tape is the do-all and the end-all to those involved. Why? Because that red tape is the red carpet by which Halliburton and others will profit from every misery of mankind: the more-so the more grinding, ugly and drawn out.

In this way are the truths of Catholic Faith, of the Gospel "Way", notably of the absolute condemnation of interest-bearing debt by St. Thomas Aquinas and sound traditional-Catholic theology as a whole, demonstrated over and over again through history to be "the way, the truth and the life". And the polar-contrasting venality of the Judeo-Protestant-Masonic complex—the midwife of our whole morally-bankrupt way of life—shown up for what the brutal con-game that they truly are. Those false systems which have had a dozen prototypes and forerunners through the past two millennia: moral system which ceaselessly put forward heartless formulas, exceedingly-simple answers, to inescapable, mortal, vulnerable human conditions and needs.

Impressively-bumfuzzled managers of emergency operations, please pause for a moment and consider that ordinary people far more able and humane than you, out there on the ground, know very well how to organize themselves: your job is simply to generously and indiscriminately (there's no time for triage) supply them, enable them. This isn't the time to exercise the standard post-9/11 Yankee yen for grand rehearsals of Judgment Day: that central theme of American policy toward the poor, the Indians, Latin Americans, and finally a whole globe turned Manifest-Destiny playground for the past century and more. Just imagine the disease-prevention impact a thousand port-a-potties would have upon the Tacloban scene, and that of communities clustered around. Such simple solutions, worth their weight in gold in the Tacloban of today, easily procurable from a corporate world become once-again non-gluttonous: such as used to provide medicine and supplies in bulk and for free to Tom Dooley's internationally-renowned medical-care-delivery teams and supply-bases of the late-fifties and early-sixties, a delivery-system called Medico. These sanitary toilets, certainly serviceable at least for the first crucial days, dropped by helicopters which, again, are unlimitedly-available for hunting the Taliban, having been quite capable of being transported thither by yesterday or the day before. But instead our relief-administrators and their political overlords have a kind of action-related constipation that the morally-compromised always show: feeling the need to get the green-light from a corporate controlled octopus which communicates in quaking utterances about feasibilities and bottom-lines. This while people starve or thirst to death, or kids get cholera from drinking from puddles on the ground.

Hence required is that water, first and foremost, be air-dropped—not "convoyed in" on now-non-existent roads—with public address systems from the same aircraft informing those on the ground of the fact of this drop and its location. Is this too complicated for you, FEMA administrator, Army general, or whoever is there, no doubt running things on the ground for this former Possession of ours? That's sad, because such simple methods have been around for nearly a century now. Next comes food, deliverable by non-airfield-requiring helicopters, air-dropped-in on the same ordinary (wooden or plastic) pallets, highly-resistant to related ground-hitting-impact as they have ceaselessly proven to be, in countless cases like these. This together with basic medical supplies (it's amazing how people learn on the spot to set bones and such, when life or limb of parent or child is at stake. OK, write up all the insurance disclaimers you want, and air-drop them in a shower of leaflets too, if that's what worrying you.) While finally then must be air-dropped field-hospitals—again, a method borrowed from at least as far back as McArthur's Korea—which with big enough parachutes can be dropped in, rather than trucked in, which would take days—with as little concussion on landing as a feather might receive. Of course, the doctors can be landed for the moment it takes to touch ground—or indeed to merely hover a few feet above—just as troops are swiftly deployed, on steep slopes and impossibly-rough ground, from air-mobile choppers in wars. These field hospitals being medical marvels that can be set up in a matter of a few hours, such as France tried to deliver to Haiti, but was self-righteously turned away by an ever-imperial USA. And then too there should be air-drops—of course with no need to "land" anywhere—we of the air-cavalry in Vietnam fought a whole war from that hovering position—of tools of every kind, certainly of shovel, hammers, nails, saws, generators to do a hundred chores, to power the power-tools in the most expeditious way. Let people take care of themselves, Horatio Algers all! Don't reduce them to the level of helpless ants needing months and months of international aid, steadily falling victim to diseases in this demoralized state, most of the funds involved helping Halliburton, or some new version of Blackwater, far more than anyone impacted by the storm. And finally, keep all the "rock star" figures like Clooney and Clinton far away from the scene, as they seem to know nothing at all about relief delivery or the humane and respectful treatment of their fellow man.

November 12, 2013: Heresy of "The New Evangelism".

As in earliest days of the Early Church, as recorded in the Pauline Epistles in particular, all heresy is Jewish in origin, so that partaking as it necessarily does in the Jewish personality or character theological error tends to be extremely voluble, literate, polemical, vainly attempting to put into words things celestial, incapable of full expression in this mean and tawdry way, suggesting accents found on the Lower East Side rather than in homes, parishes and cloisters of yesterday. Thus then, as attested only the other night by Scott Hahn and the (nightly?) gang on "The New Evangelism" show, "what it is that is different" about the New Evangelism as opposed to the old. To wit, and as stated by its author (is it John Paul II?; I really don't care): that the modern, post-Vatican-II layman wishing to confess his Faith, and thus to be "an evangelist", as he is indeed enjoined in all the council papers and post-conciliar stuff, "must be articulate", or words to that effect. And conversely, that he is a dismal failure as an evangelist—indeed as a Catholic—if he doesn't learn these communicative skills. That "now", in this new and updated church, it is grossly inadequate to attempt to teach by good example to neighbors, co-workers, fellow-students, the folks downtown.

But there is a consequence to this view which is deafeningly unadmitted in all the encyclicals or council documents, by all these bearded and impressive folk on the channel, but which is evident by a kind of default in the way the contemplative life is approached: that immemorial chief harbor for the taciturn, once a crowning treasure in the Bark of Peter's under-deck holds. For as anyone is aware who might have spent some time around—or even in—contemplative monasteries of the past five decades: the atmosphere maintained—or always threatening to find an excuse to "break out"—in these one-time centers of divine love is that of a "let's have it out in the open" gab-session. Monasteries having become prime venues of a spiritually-catastrophic, perpetually-invasive soil-salting of the soul, of a stock attendant Freudian psychology which—once tolerated in sacred precincts—everywhere crops up like biblical tares. That false system which indeed brutally took over the entire field of spiritual direction, in many places even before Vatican II. That brand of interior motivation and explication which replaces every beloved Catholic treasure—mostly vigorous, living relics from out of the past—with some gabby Jewish concept which vitiates and enervates the soul: indeed even the mind. While the spirit—that depth-plumbing Mary of the two interior realities, Martha and Mary, or soul and spirit—that innermost "me" of the old peasantry, of the taciturn, the silent, the contemplative—becomes a prisoner in its own Gospel inner chamber or Teresian "Interior Castle": tortured and tormented, indeed grilled and stretched on the rack. The sport of fools, of the dissolute, of the chattering crowd. And with the Jew always able to place himself firmly in charge.

Hence too, by extension, the rifling of the political order of today, in a process that goes back at least to the American Revolution, the first of many Jacobin assaults on the common good: an invasion-of-chaos upon the earthly polity which made gigantic strides under the hot breath of "the spirit of vatican II", breathing down its already-harried neck. For instead of the good order and "good odor" of an adult, Godly sort of common-citizen contributory obedience, as the old and dearly-remembered systems used to epitomize, you have this tumult of a Congress which resembles nothing so much as the angry mob that shouted outside the Praetorium, at a Pilate loath to put a silent Goodness Itself to death. For instead of a wise, well-ordered, sanely-articulate state—tenderly solicitous to the good of all—we have this all-controlling Jewish idea of tumult as identical and coterminous with liberty: the latter of course and in practice the only value recognized at all. A bout-of-frenzy with apocalyptic consequences, attended over time by the equivalent of a hundred Battles of the Somme, over which we are expected to swoon in rapturous tones. And send more armies around the globe to impose on others as well.

November 11, 2013: Mega-storms like that in the Philippines only earmarks of what is to come, as the divine chastisement gathers its ultimately and terrifying form.

Thus is mankind being "taken to the woodshed" as I write, by a good God Who much as in the time of Noah is heartsick at human rebellion, perversion and impiety. Being as predicted by saints and seers poised to destroy three-quarters of mankind "by fire this time", as the earth very plainly wobbles on its own orbit, is menaced by a tumbling moon on an elliptical path, looming larger or smaller from one week to the next, is obviously much-closer to the sun than before. Predictions of Fatima and Garabandal coming finally to full term, in the latter of whose period of "warning" we so plainly are. That interim namely during whose frightful blandishments we are being given one last chance to repent, before the divine hand falls upon us with its full weight. That arm which Our Blessed Lady, the celestial mother of God and of us all, can no longer hold back from its full fury for very long. The long-anticipated Fatima or Garabandal punishment, as attested in so forceful and graphic a way at the Cova de Eiria in Portugal's central mountain chain, quite plainly involving a final drawing of the earth toward the sun's incinerating embrace. A fate to be prevented only at the last moment by Mary's all-protecting hand, guiding it back to its accustomed, now already-long-abandoned, place, of tranquility and rest. The Fatima miracle, experienced by some 100,000 terrified and then consoled and comforted souls, having been attested by the very communistic/masonic press of Lisbon of those post-WWI Jacobin-revolutionary times. That prodigy when the blazes of the spinning, falling solar projectile actually dried drenched clothes on the backs of gathered terrified throngs, and veritably lapped up the standing water in puddles all around, before its majestic return before Our Blessed lady's beckoning command. A preview of the actual punishment so soon now to arrive, one which presently looms and ominously forecasts itself with each mountingly-horrific volcanic irruption, hurricane, earthquake, or mudslide-succeeded torrential rain ("climate change" indeed). While it seems plain that even in this approaching calamity Mary will likewise extend her motherly protective hand: warding-off an even worse, indeed a complete annihilation of the sons of men, as in 1917 returning the earth to its place. This in a deliverance amid civic-and-military upheavals of the most eviscerating kind—likewise copiously foretold—with the punishment itself to provide the culmination of today's struggle among polar-conflicting loyalties, with the wicked to perish in this incinerating event almost to a man. Seemingly leaving only a few unrepentant Jews to prepare a gaggle-of-supporters for Anti-Christ himself, to arrive some generation or so thereafter.

Must we then continue to doubt her? She whom even the Muslims, often much more devoutly than we, call upon for aid? Oh cynical and apostate earth, you will indeed be prevailed upon someday to cry, "blessed is she who hears the word of God and keeps it!", and bids us tenderly and maternally to do the same.

November 11, 2013: Happy Veteran's Day, and birthday of my good father: requiescat in pace! The coming Catholic state, the culmination of earthly history, on whose heels will come Anti-Christ himself, "the man of sin". This just and pious polity being enjoined exclusively by God to staunch the stream of endless lies that debouch from polemical organs of world Jewry.

This, in the end, is why we citizens of the earth—no matter how good and sincere our present-day leaders may be—must ultimately, by sheer practical necessity, and not simply for the glory of God, have genuinely-and-officially-Catholic systems and governments: because otherwise we will continue to be swallowed-up in the endless stream of Jewish lies which now universally raises up tares of treason, capsizing both rational thought and earnest religious zeal. All this mountain of highly-motivating fiction accomplished by sheer overpowering attrition-of-words, if nothing more. Hence this obvious marginalizing, isolating and cornering of Iran and Pakistan, with a related purely-Western, pan-media fantasy of a cagy Muslim duplicity, among people whose earnest cries of distress are only equaled by the sheer desperation of their plight. This bit-of-fiction being matched by the fable of a remorseless enmity between the two major branches of Islam: commentators and "informants" striving to re-enliven an atavism that had died a peaceful death at least a century ago. This contrived polarity, and these claims of a classical grinning deceit being announced by limitless numbers of "indigenous experts": locally-detested traitors with shady backgrounds, like this most recent one of Pakistan, or that inevitable much-made-over professor, whose ill-remembered name like that of all scoundrels I am always in a hurry to push out of my mind. That indispensable exponent of radical-interventionist American foreign policy—the Asian counterpart, together with this Gordon Chang, to a John-Bolton approach to all things—this cancerous figure always waiting in the media wings, called in when all else fails. With all of these men being interlopers who crank out propaganda-dependable statements about these and others critical matters, before wide-eyed American TV audiences formed for well over a century now—since first utterly-false diatribes against Japan—by the most incendiary, nationalistic, often transparently-racist propaganda. Fellow-Yanks who by stages have become perfectly impervious to basic facts of the geopolitical scene. Jews having quite cold-bloodly decided to destroy Iran—according to endless supremacy-justifications straight out of the Talmud—being thus bolstered in this resolution by an AIPAC-controlled USA which as attested by endless solemnly-sworn statements, "will never abandon Israel", no matter what it does. Hence were Iran to actually abandon its nuclear program—to which I myself would say "good ridden", as it is only another step on the way to the monolith of destructive and control-bent "technological" things—Israel could be expected "some fine day" to simply bomb her into the stone-age—with wide-eyed U.S. assent to some fable about "a bomb being prepared in secret", or some such glibly-theatrical "disclosure" or piece of Mossad-manufactured "on-their-toes intelligence". All this of course ultimately poured in sanctimonious concrete by endless mendacities of the Holocaust narrative—like Vatican II of the polemical stature of a new Revelation, handily pushing aside the old—a roaring locomotive which somehow readily jumps the track into the domestic debate, morphing into sanctimonious defenses of abortion and sodomy, with the creation of categories of protected perverts of every stripe. The truths of the Faith, together with a veritable Catholic-state institutional indwelling of the Holy Ghost—albeit necessarily realized in this earth's fragile and imperfect way—being the only dependable refuge against the clever fables, inventions and manipulations of the fiend.

November 9, 2013: Synagogue rejection of Messianic Jews not to be taken at face value.

On MSNBC last night another Jew went on a verbal rampage: this time not against Iran but against so-called Messianic Jews: those namely allegedly converted to Christianity of our day who are making serious inroads into Churches of every persuasion, during which fervors fundamentally changing them in many ways. The important thing to understand about all this however is that the unchanging and signature synagogue method is to forcefully and very publicly attack some latest salient-of-infiltration of their very own, no doubt celebrated with standard chuspah hilarities around kosher tables at suppertime. Thus is the deadly invasion hidden most effectively behind a final "wolf in sheep's clothing" disguise, a varmint thus clad readily calling forth mocking railleries against anyone with any misgivings at all about the theatrics of these most-recent arrivals, these Messianic Jews. With a flippant "you fool, the synagogue itself fears these brethren of ours".

I never tire of repeating: the chief secret of the phenomenal Jewish success of today, in their overthrowing of all Christian Civilization, in the steady criminalization of all genuinely-Christian behavior, is in an incredibly-cynical thorough dispensing with honor, a lack of honesty which has no peer. For which reason they were called children of the "father of lies" so long ago, by the Savior Himself. Truth having absolutely no place in the Jewish tactical manual toward their remorseless sapper warfare of two thousand years against the Church. An invasion lent further camouflage or cover by looks, words and gestures angelically candid and sincerely, as bolstered ironically-enough by a gift for a William-Bendix-style bluntness-of-phrase which provides a sort of coup-fatal for infiltrations to precincts of the most sacred kind, to plant their time-bombs of division and fratricide.

November 8, 2013: The anti-pope Francis prepares to offer-up the chaste and good to universal destruction, in a cynical culmination of a centuries-long synagogue-sponsored erosion of what it means to be a pope or a father. In the USA, Articles of Confederation now urgently required, to prepare for the coming storm, called upon ourselves by five decades of shameful laxity.

It means very little to some people to mentally or even physically commit hari-kari to advance some fevered cause: especially to those "humble" philosophical monists who rule today, who consider themselves only a miniscule part of some Universal Mind, or as one "scientist" put it a few years back, as part of a mega-gigantic cosmic Brain, actual tissue, out there somewhere in space, which physically directs and somehow incorporates every physical, mental and spiritual thing. This then the ultimate radical materialism which is the synagogue's heart and soul, and which is being imposed upon mankind as I write: and in a special way upon we Catholics, whose Church, as predicted for a millennium by saint and seer, and as discovered in prophetic books of old and new testament, has been completely taken over, in all organized wings, including the traditionalist, by the Jews and their Gospel-identified father—or anti-father—Satan. So when Francis the Antipope reduces himself to a powder, kissing some diseased person's skin, hugging some malnourished child, he isn't being humble at all, but only partaking in this crowning idolatry of these latter times, of which he daily demonstrates himself to be a sort of high-priest. In this context of identity-obliteration, all concepts are entirely in flux, loyalty is treachery and treachery is loyalty, bouts of "mercy" hide a cruel blade, and as long as we worship at the altars of the Progress-goddess of New York Harbor, adored in self-annihilating prostration among a Coalition of the Willing around the globe, then all seems perfectly appropriate and fine.

Listen, devout souls that are still left: this whole monstrous imposture, of the glib and gradual adoption of a sodomite code worldwide—led indeed this time by Anne Katherine Emmerich's "Odd New" Catholic Church itself, in the person of the anti-pope Francis I—those theatrics which he, with his impish, "love, love, love" grin is so plainly putting into play: this is going to lead to a long-seer-predicted global civil war. This latest gloating, gaping Judas—joining forces with the recent all-but-unanimous "Evangelical" endorsement of sodomite hoards—having been preceded by a string of equally-skilled and deceptive actors since John XXIII. For the calibration of this outpouring of bathos with the marching meter of the sodomite revolution worldwide—with its warped justification in particular as a prime example of "mercy and love"—all this is meant to completely and abysmally discredit men like Vladimir Putin and indeed the entire Russian Government. Which is almost unanimously against this vicious and depraved sodomite charade. The wicked and perverse going from there in quick stages to the gang-rape of the good, to a dragging of the pious out on the street, to an auto-da-fe not of witches and heretics but of saints and devout, disciplinary parents. The rumblings of this coming storm being distinctly detectable even now. And the good, including those many just and even heroic in various branches of government, of law enforcement and the military had better begin to calmly and dispassionately prepare a resistance: while any delay will only make the coming bloody travails even worse. Advocated being a sober resolved writing-up of Articles-of-Secession and Confederation, after the pattern of the above hyperlinked essay: "A New and Better Confederacy". Put forward being a lucid-if-earnest commitment of sensible and mature men in utter contrast to synagogue-sponsored madmen—the "united we stand" policy-motivators par excellence—those suicidal walking-bombs providing the domestic psychological-warfare revulsive that has come to work when all else fails. Those fiends who feverishly or grinningly gun down innocents by the score, in theater or mall, on sidewalks or in air terminals or in the house next door. And "we the living" must organize ourselves, and soberly distinguish enemies from friends, while there is still time.

November 6, 2013: Catholicism on its own terms. Article progressively expanded, and grammatical errors corrected.

This is what was really lost at Vatican II: all the much-made-over but for all that quite unnecessary "reaffirmations" of the Creed notwithstanding. Well-ordered summaries of doctrines which mid-century Catholics once knew down to the marrow of their bones, truths which were organically incorporated into their lives, amalgamated into the way they greeted one another, related to their neighbors both good and bad, guarded the companionship of their children, comported themselves on the job, and so on. And this often-enough without needing to give it much thought, as the whole ensemble of customs and usages came from out of the depths of their hearts and souls, was ingrained in them from father to son. But with "Blessed" (or is it "Saint"?) John XXIII we were suddenly apprised that all this had changed, that we must drag all these sacred, proven and beloved things out to the curb for a giant yard-sale, that agnostic case-workers and psychiatrists had found things gravely at fault in this old and dearly-remembered Catholic/biblical "Way". Now the Church would be made categorically, symbolically and in practical terms to humble herself before the world's mentally and morally tawdry intelligencia, as well as before its politically and financially mighty, with the advent of Vatican II, and more and more redundantly as the decades have worn on. Indeed with the shameful beatifications in particular having put the final rivets in the coffin of this only-genuine, handed-down Faith: especially for those who conducted such a lying scheme, leading billions astray. So that any amount of "reaffirmation" then becomes a rank insult, another form of His own apostatized children driving a mockingly-honored Christ down the streets of a Jewish Jerusalem with a whip, sending Him to the ground with a brutal shove.

Thereafter to talk about how lovely and coherent are His doctrines, like the whole crew on EWTN and down at Father Jim's may so volubly do—or indulge mock-fervors of never-so-convincing imitations of mystics of old—is to reduce the Faith to the level of a passive and indulgent court religion: as indeed the collapse of all moral content in our laws and customs, our music, scholastic-discipline and national policies so dramatically reveals, starting from the very first days of Vatican II. (Sorry, father, accusations of faulty logic under "post hoc ergo propter hoc"—in other words, that we can't judge the council by its aftermath—don't apply when workings of the Holy Ghost are concerned: He Who effects His will unfailingly through His Church, when it is faithful to Him). Anne Katherine Emmerich's prophetically-predicted "Odd New Church" Catholicism having quickly become, like all court cults, a mere ornate embellishment before a pagan secular throne: its mostly-invalidly-ordained priests become like those of ancient Egypt before another Pharaoh. All this is indeed to deny in every sense that "Jesus Christ is Lord", over persons and states, to make of the Almighty a mere courtesan—dressed up indeed as if He were something more, a Lord with a new and yet-more-mocking crown of thorns—before radical academics, venal financiers and overbearing politicos of Washington, London and Paris. For Catholics have in the past had to tolerate certain insults from the secular world, but never before Vatican II were they required—allegedly by the very Church herself—to "like it, too", and to meekly or even eagerly accept for their Holy Mother some humble back seat in an auditorium before some Herod recent enthroned. And for the Lord Jesus Christ a willingly-embraced and permanent position of subordination before the secular world.

As suggested above, the whole visceral but self-defeating saga of Vatican II actually began with a kind of Grito de Dolores over religious liberty—which in high irony hardly knew any challenges back then, at least in a Western world where it was nonetheless and with due theatrical drama said to especially need "fresh air" and "open windows" to bring it alive. And sure enough, the claim is still made that what we lack—that to which we must cling with all our mights—is, you guessed it, this self-same religious liberty—said to be the only shelter under which Catholics can anymore hope to hide. Ah, so fruitful and reassuring has been the legacy of the great synod of 61-65! But the way things devolved to such a catastrophic point is a story twisted and devious in the extreme, the chief aim of the council having been the formal, heretical, if of course ill-admitted repudiation of a fixed Catholic dogma of two thousand years—its formal pronouncement by Boniface VIII around 1302 or so having, even back then, been quickly buried under tons of other matters, by Vatican and other clerics even then far too eager to please secular thrones. Yet a doctrine instinctively—with their storied sensus fidei—accepted by the overwhelming majority of lay Catholics: even without benefit of pulpit affirmations of any consistent sort. (Ah, in this whole matter of church and state has combat from the time of Pilot the Procurator been locked, and silken tongues distinguished from guileless ones: a costly battle not really so much between church and state as between Church and Synagogue. Hedging and undermining being the chosen method of traitors employed, in a war in which can still be heard to echo in hoarse and strident tones, "crucify Him, crucify Him!, now within His own very Catholic fold, as before within the synagogue of old.) The dogma—often falsely interpreted to mean that "salvation is to be found strictly in the Catholic fold", but actually having primarily to do with the Church's moral/political jurisdiction—stating that "every living creature must be subject to Rome". A formula whose broader implication is that valid law, even if not in Catholic lands—Catholic nations which the Vatican in any case after the council, in renegotiated concordats, ruthlessly de-Catholicized, de-contextualized, in spite of the outraged protests of the countries involved—must in some way be patterned after the divine law, one of whose manifestations is the natural law, a bare-minimum code "written in fleshy tablets" on the human heart and mind. Here being a carefully-worked-out, reasonable, sliding-scale sort of dogma, admirably fitted to the varying moral awareness of polities, and the practical realities of human life, a nonetheless perennially-neglected dogma which could easily be swept away amid gales of pseudo-papal bonhomie and chuspah about liberty, "open windows", and "love, love, love". Hellish anarchy always nipping at the heels of Catholic concepts of liberty. Among modern-day Catholics eager to be fully accepted by the in-crowd, opening up to them at last the broad way tread with abandon by social-climbing hoards. While the constant conviction of Catholics through the ages that the entire earth is someday destined to be ruled—indeed in complete popular approbation—in generous accord with the divine law, indeed with Catholic Faith, was only tonight (Wednesday Nov. 6) once again, in so many words, confessed to be a lost cause, by the same otherwise-wildly-enthused Vatican II crew on EWTN. This unvarying belief, propounded in great detail by St. Thomas Aquinas—providing no doubt the framework the noted Unam Sanctam of Boniface, written some fifty years after the Summa Theologica of the former—a marvelous, consoling, saving doctrine now held to be a frail, outdate, dry-rotted raft at best, ill-suited to be clung to by the drowning Catholic mariner in the mounting storm. Yet, is Jesus not that same Lord Who calmed the towering waves, Who can hardly be denied to be in charge of things so comparatively-tame as human institutions and governments: of which namely we repeat with Scripture, "Jesus is (likewise) Lord"? (Hardly a difficult doctrine, then). But the unprecedented enormity of the surrender of the past fifty years and more since the council—oversimplifying everything in the manner of heretics of yore, with the "earthly" and the "spiritual" being eagerly allowed, with great bible-thumping pomp-and-piety, to go their separate ways—that cowardly retreat of the biblical hireling for which the children always most dearly pay—the Godless folly of this volte-face, this polar-contradictory secularistic Catholicism—this is the very pith, the practical meaning of a window's-thrown-open Vatican II: cowardly denials be damned. That about-face which is to deny the reality of the Redemption in the most practical and thoroughgoing way, in a laying-down-of-arms both secular and religious, of those very "two swords" of the Supper Room, pronounced by Christ to be "enough", dogmatically pronounced as to their fuller meaning by a medieval pope. A capitulation before "powers of wickedness in the high places", to quote the exorcism prayer, now being concluded in yet more abject and despairing terms than ever before. A prostration before this idea that law can run the gamut of things never-so-bizarre and perverse which some gerrymandered assembly, panel-of-judges or crackpot academics claim it to be, after an orderly administration of just, reasonable, seasonable laws for a thousand years, these bedewed with the Blood of a Savior: and that a Catholic must be content with living out his Faith strictly under his own roof. From which, give it a few more years, he and his wife and children will be dragged out unceremoniously and burned or hanged. While already our Catholic liberty is so denied that sodomites dare with perfect impunity to follow the good of the same sex through stores and down sidewalks, walking so close to them that they inevitably step on the very backs of their shoes. And when discovered at this morbid business of solitary fantasy, and perhaps subsequent orgasm, continue on their way dismissively, as if nothing were amiss.

This then the exchange we have made, courtesy of a mole-ridden, "freedom-loving" mid-century Vatican, ruefully predicted by a string of pontiffs of the prior century, and saints of the prior millennium, for the time when Catholics had real clout in the writing and enforcement of law. All that having been adjudged—with tones of sanctimony which linger in chancels and vaulted ceilings even now—as a hated medievalism or "triumphalism": for indeed so dominant a policy has this become—in a "never go back" Jacobin fervor—as to project to some eager minds the image of Christ as a kind of bomb-throwing revolutionary, "shouting on street-corners", His form of liberty intent exclusively upon dismantling all of society's rules. A Savior for Whom the liberty of a good conscience would seem suddenly to mean nothing at all; one who—dare I say it?—has suddenly decide to throw in his lot with the one who shouted so long ago, "I will not serve!" This new and radical policy having at the close of the council had hardened, battle-ready exponents at the ready to conduct what amounted to a post-Vatican-II version of the witch-hunt conducted in France by the Allies (source Huddleston) in days immediately after World War II. Where a genuine practical piety and virtue among Catholics were interpreted as proof-positive of Nazi collaboration: with "offenders" summarily taken out and shot. All this simply because the Allies were by contrast—and mostly quite inaccurately—perceived as "devil may care" hedonists, while likewise Marshall Petain, judged by the Allies as a traitor—the WWI "rock of Verdun", the prime exponent of a strong France before the war, who had however refused to conduct a suicidal, unprepared all-out war against now-insuperable advancing German columns—this true national hero had always prized the pious as being good citizens. While his German occupiers had accepted or tolerated them as essential parts of a dependable occupied state. Of course, the way we deal with occupied states follows the morally-enervating, signature-synagogue see-saw approach which on the one hand encourages every sort of pervert and hedonist in some "war on terror" occupied land, as ideal allies against some "intolerant foe". A policy however likely at any time to be reversed in the embrace of the most rabid of bomb-throwing extremists, inevitably with some murderous Jew as the guns-and-money-distributing liaison, in order to destabilize-and-control some Pakistan entirely. For we are speaking here of U.S. "patriots" who think they are God, and of a Vatican and especially an American-wing church which preaches the patent heresy that "all matters of war are entirely up to the state", reversing Boniface's rule completely and categorically. The phrase "the state" meaning in this case any latest pocket-of-moles which has wormed its way into the White-House or Pentagon driver's seat for now.

Indeed, this kind of incendiary "religious liberty" was in the seventies and eighties to see in the USA—in a stark parallel to post-WWII-France—the uninhibited dismemberment of pious Catholic families here in the USA, frequently at the hands of radical-social-liberal chancery-office officials: lockstep, dual government/church-agent functionaries—how's that for an allegedly-sainted separation of church and state?—social-radical warriors who were often-enough nuns. These smug and laconic revolutionaries drawing up for "family court" humiliation parents utterly bewildered by the turn which both country and church had taken: a great if unknown number ultimately adjudged as unfit parents because of unprecedented difficulties involved. These trials and travails inevitably rooted in social and economic circumstances they could easily have avoided had they only given in, not stubbornly insisted upon being so pious and good, like their more-"success"-oriented brothers and sisters has so dutifully done. Bringing job-dismissals upon themselves: often stemming from a pot-smoking peer-non-cooperation which would infallibly bring this about, perhaps before basic elements of new-hire training could even be learned. All this under new behavioral standards which the Church since sixty-five had quietly endorsed as the new normal, as being indeed New-Church's bounden duty, according to the new Jacobin Catholicism, for all intents and purposes, to rigorously uphold.

November 6, 2013: Modern man and his survey-course version of life.

As man today is constantly sending up weather-balloons to see if his behavior, indeed even his thinking—both at one time having been largely instinctive—are acceptable to peers or towering figures watching imperially from afar—he has no time or energy left to become deeply engaged with anyone or anything. Alas, it is the proverbial jerk-knee in full form, and the complexities of a truly and fully human response to life are perpetually short-circuited into a kind of immediacy driven by an ill-acknowledged but all-pervasive fear. Indeed, we harbor few budding relationships or give birth to few profundities-of-soul when we are constantly diving into socially- or occupationally-determined foxholes, increasingly by a process of surrender giving all motivating thought or sentiment over into other hands. Scarcely even requiring a "they know better about such things", an all-points capitulation acknowledged at most by some well-concealed spasm of eyelid or limb.

Hence does man go about today as if enrolled in some freshman-year survey course: not indeed for a semester but for a whole life. He doesn't dare get too involved, for that might bring down charges of fanaticism, not to mention terrorism, from a society whose only real principles are "cool it", "get some money" and "united we stand". Oh, it doesn't really matter that people out there in the ranks, in lock-step column-and-line, in this slack-jawed or teeth-clenching unanimity, hate each other and kill each other like never before: we will stoically and heroically go marching on together til the last man drops, under an impressively-bullet-riddle flag, raised on a front from Main Street to the suburban mall. Our chief boast being that we were obedient not to God or lawful authority but to anyone who somehow held sway, out there in that shallow-draft but unpredictable survey-course world. Were never at peace or resigned, above all never did anything so un-heroic as to stop to smell the flowers, or to really get to know anyone at all.