November 1, 2014: Feast of All Saints. Gravity, sobriety, watchfulness, piety, signatures of the Catholic Faith. Levity, clowning, serendipity, excesses-of-passion, signatures of Judeo/Masonry. Another onion-skin of the bringing-to-light of the Gospel-Catholic Way. Which of the two paths will you choose? This hyperlink is being edited now in February and March of 2016 under conditions of being hacked, at least as we are seen in some places on some machines. So please excuse the odd punctuation, as standard usage is made impossible by these ever-manipulating hackers, who missed a few needed spankings when they were in earlier childhood years. Thus for instance is the use of the dash or the quotation mark no longer possible in these web-writings, and must be substituted with less professional-looking symbols. But you can get the gist of it all if you try.

You see it on the exquisitely-carved tracery on the arched stone entryway to one of the great cathedrals in Europe somewhere: on the right ranged above you the souls of the good, their faces formed with childlike qualities of the fear of God, on the left the damned, visages either stamped with impish smiles or with lines of unrestrained passion: whether anger or malice, lust or greed, with rollicking hilarity disfiguring the face of one of this tainted hoard of the dies ire. Here indeed being the eternal distinction, of those who must always go overboard, passionately rail, eagerly pursue, misconstrue, spring object-lessons and cruel surprises on their fellow men and God alike. And the other, a pacific flock which takes Gospel admonitions sincerely to heart, which calmly acknowledges the pitfalls of this life and prepares itself accordingly. It being not for us to adopt some serendipity new adolescent manner, like this monstrous imposter Francis I, as if to announce some eager new departure two thousand years after our Blessed Lord so gravely walked the earth, with New Church, led by this rapturously received rock star, excusing every excess or perversity known to man. An utterly new gospel, fit for the orgiastic tenor of the modern world, of the much quoted who am I to judge?, thereby denigrating a papacy Francis pretends to hold, and which God has set up to that very end, namely to judge and to rule with an iron rod. There being no glory given to God in riotous excess, nor in perverse misrepresentations, or loud, flushed face protestations, of love, love, love.

But this little pantomime will be over soon, rest assured, little pious fold, whose pastors are almost entirely to be found among the clerical faithful departed, for whom we pray today, and whose guidance we beg them from eternity to bestow.

October 31, 2014: Oh Queen of the Holy Rosary, General of the Army of God, Admiral of Lepanto, keep us during the coming year until October next! A New Church ad for priesthood as a profession as it might appear in a more candid manner than usual:

Exciting new career in the sic Catholic ministry.

Offering a slot with exciting prospects for advancement, reserved for just the right person, sizeable package of benefits including 401k, new car from local dealer, other gratuities financial and material, in a parish at the very center of a thriving upper middle class faith-community, in an upbeat neighborhood among motivated people upwardly bound. In return for emoluments applicant must have proven communication skills, degree in linguistics a great plus. Must have convincingly mastered the love, love, love sequence taught by JPII and Paul VI and capsulated in assorted tutorials on EWTN, must not be shy, must be a hugger, a hand-holder and a kumbai ya swayer from the word go. These financially secure positions are going like hotcakes, and only the right party will land that job. Most critical of all, the candidate must not be a homophobe, nor in any other way try to be holier than the pope: rather pointedly embracing and accepting these sic brothers and sisters of a cruelly misunderstood, mind bogglingly diverse LGBT community, in imitation of a stunningly humble yet highly politic who am I to judge Francis I (no doubt the title the great to be added to his name post-mortem, like JPII, before he is cold in the grave. A pope whose similar rock star popularity has made him so sought after that he has had to learn somehow to dodge dark Vatican corridor enlistment as a saint and martyr, at the hands of those impatient ones eager to add another pope of change to the growing glory-bound list. For in choices between the quick and the dead, by common agreement of postulators involved, the canon of saints is the place where Francis will be of most value to New Church. As a part of the package, apartment provided miles away from taxing duties of the rectory, so that a ten to five job is amply assured. Emergency calls? Not to worry as these are diverted to a string of answering services and parish auxiliaries which will dissuade even the most determined of Gospel corporal or spiritual bread seekers in the night.

Fax your reply A.S.A.P. for prompt consideration.

Member in good standing New York Stock Exchange.

October 29, 2014: The U.S. media Johnny come lately.

Ever since Reagan, mounting during the reign of George H.W. Bush, coming to sheer fantasy-based dimensions after 9/11, an allegedly quintessential national security role has been demanded of and duly accommodated by a U.S. media controlled by three or four conglomerates, with even these cannibal-like buying out one another as I write. TV stations perhaps adding to this bounden duty with miscellaneous health tips, or the latest manufactured media mania for exotic travel themes, with plays on words hinting at ribald but undisclosed extremes during off camera hours. Thus too the occasional human interest story, on the order of the lost but found dog or the cat caught scared of heights up in the tree. Hard facts paling into barely discernible insignificance, while doughty united we stand rejoinders, true or false, fairly fill the newsroom air. The case in point that provoked this little piece, only one of a yawningly familiar thousand more, being the way in which the altercation of Russia with Georgia of some five years ago is once again, after a long mums the word, being touted as red handed prima facie evidence of Russian territorial ambitions vis a vis all Eastern and trans Caucasus Europe, and now most notably The Ukraine. The little two day long spate having seen yet another of these U.S. trained Eastern European pit bulls, Shakaashvili, close cousin to a rabid Sikorski, or this Arsenic-like Arseny Yatsenyuk of The Ukraine, bite off more than he could chew, and for his trouble get fairly trounced by an allegedly inscrutable Putin. The latter according to our droning media always looking to advance Russian borders to those of Soviet times, or indeed even to those of the Russian Tsars. But when a year or less later the Georgians themselves had gotten enough of cheaply bought, economy wrecking, behind the apron strings Shakaashvili economic folly and military adventurism, in a groundswell destined to drive him ignominiously from power, the American press was, you guessed it, mum is the word. Can hardly afford to let the world know that the march of democracy had met an embarrassing impasse in that Caucasian land, so might have gone the toweringly patriotic rationale. For which purpose the neat little lying Georgian packet of evidence against Putin must not be contaminated by anything so rude as the truth.

Alas, it is all de ja vu in the Land of the Free, for the same sequence is being witnessed now with respect to the Ukraine imbroglio itself, with the U.S. media having suddenly gone mum, gone on to greener pastures of Ebola, election politics, or Ferguson, with U.S. Ukraine policies proving by the day to have been patently Napoleonic, overdrawn, backing a gang of thugs whose only attractive quality, and this only to the likes of Obama, is that they have no political, moral or economic scruples at all. Being willing to sell the Ukrainian national soul for a dime. With a volume of human rights abuses numbering in the thousands being uncovered, laid at the wide doorstep of the new Yankee obsequious Kiev: most ignominiously of all, with the investigation into the Malaysian airliner crash conclusively proving that the civilian jetliner was brought down by a certain variant of a regionally common anti-aircraft projectile, with this particular species used only by the U.S.-backed Ukrainian military. Anything to say about this, Wolf? Are you awake, Anderson or NBC? No, you guessed it, it is all a super patriotic mum is the word.

But here is the rub: for as soon as another opportunity presents itself to slander on good authority or otherwise malign Russia vis a vis the Ukraine, all the malignant and mendacious Russia-bashing will just take up where it left off, however long ago, as if it were only a fortnight after the glorious revolution of Maidan Square, at a time when none of these manifold Kiev atrocities, backed to the hilt by the USA, had yet come-to-light. For the American media/CIA/State-Department/White-House conglomerate positively banks on the likelihood, which their monopoly smugly guarantees, that you will not have heard about all the hideous Kiev-based foul play that had gone on in intervening months or years. Indeed through it all the coalition of the domestic willing manages to appear remarkably even-handed: as if only reporting on an enemy when there is something really juicy to say, even though intermediate time, so it is claimed, has been filled with the same aggressive Russian behavior. Our guys and sexy gals in the newsroom indulgently granting Putin a little interval of reprieve, no doubt favoring the picture of themselves as extending him a badly-needed, humanitarian chance to mend his ways.

Alas, the human mind, and a-fortiori the biblical children of light, are not made to keep up with this sort of thing: only weasels and jackals being anywhere near so nimble and adroit. But there does come a time when a people no matter how innocent and childlike must take stock of where they are headed, must simply throw the traitors out on their ears, not bothering to reason with them at all, a courtesy they manifestly do not deserve, before it is entirely too late.

October 29, 2014: Yesterday on a cable network some Congressional national-security apparatchik finally mentions the law of God as a motivator of law...

..but he gives credit to the so-called Islamic State as originating the whole idea, portraying this heinous band-of-butchers as personifying the same principle which motivates this our own Crusade. Hence finally, after much verbal labor and many guilty sleepless nights, is the desired association, of terrorism with God's law and those who love it, welded into a deadly weapon, potentially to slay any who uphold the law of God as sole source of law, grouped on one side as allies of I.S. (Later note: alas, highly-revelatory is the recently uncovered fact that it is White House planners and our own military which invented and equipped the so-called Islamic State, just like they cobbled together Al Qaeda and a host of other terrorist groups, to be the convincer, the potent revulsive, whatever is required, to see the fabled march of democracy go marching bloodily on.) Hence are they given paeans of heroism who sanctimoniously deny this divine origin of law, of a divinely-implanted sense of right and wrong which is the only possible basis of law, wearing as they do media/Congressional-manufactured secularist haloes. Human law and democracy by dint of much hard, furnace-forged labor thus hammered into Bush/Obama-era ultra-modern, agnostic, elite-controlled forms, such a fabrication incredibly enough being apotheosized as the very salvation of men, even as it propels us from one fantastic economic, political and military calamity to the other at breakneck speed, while likewise drowning us in the mounting, ceaselessly-expended wrath-of-God. This whole mendacious charade being however only another stage-call for the Jewish project-of-the-ages, in our own case with a Congress already ten years ago at least 70 percent Jewish: whether openly or in the highly-preferred marrano secrecy. The program of an effeminate elite and their fawning courtiers, all of whom allegedly know what's best: a genuine conspiracy (yes, Virginia, there are such nasty things) which gains absolute and immovable control over media, school and government. And then by dint of the 3% non-representation which they represent totally destroys the difficult-to-maintain blessings of religion. The influence of the latter being thus gradually erased, this tiny minority then dictates to us what is law, what is correct and free conduct and thought, and so on. These perfidious interlopers, excoriated by Christ and St. Paul, and indeed under that very pejorative term by two thousand years of Catholic pontifical decrees, having the chuspah or temerity to call this fabrication democracy, or as the droning congressman puts it, man's law: simply because God has been entirely excluded from the process. As if you must choose one or the other, God or man: that polar-opposition indeed first promoted by Satan himself, appearing as a snake coiled around the limb of a tree. These insidious and astute interlopers thus laboring to overthrow that same God Who is the Creator of their own very rebellious minds, ever manipulating courts, executives and assemblies toward an immovable institution not only of sodomy but indeed of Satanism itself. Since these genuine public-blasphemers would quite candidly represent the Deity, on the one hand, as the source of all evil, and those who oppose his mild and clement law, on the other, as the source of all good.

Like all the devious concoctions of this capital-hill set the train-of-logic employed is serpentine and hard to follow, so bear with me as I try. These inveterate log-rollers tenuously-but-tenaciously maintain that because there are Muslims whose methods are considered objectionable, although in many non-I.S. cases the methods employed differ little from those of the American Revolution, Muslims who almost universally believe that human law should mirror the divine, as taught not only by a thirteenth-century Averroes but also by a St. Thomas Aquinas of the same century-in-time, that therefore, ipso facto, anyone anywhere who claims that the law of God is the chief formative of that of man is automatically the equivalent of a knife-wielding, human-head-severing maniac. Does this axiom add up like elementary arithmetic, the way this doughty united-we-stand apparatchik would have us believe? You be the judge. Granted, this may not be what the dissembling maniac of a congressman said, word-for-word, but it is what he plainly meant. This the synagogue-owned notional dumping-ground to whose edge he has driven his mental-garbage-truck, which he forthwith unloads into the foul political-ideological landfill below, with us inside. And of course his logic will be duly punctuated with convincing and motivating false-flag operations both foreign and domestic and of many kinds. As American blood to these traitors is a worthy and especially-convincing commodity. Why? Because democracy has to go marching on.

This is plainly the kind of logic that titillated Hitler and Goebbels, when they were not engaged in some sort of orgiastic transvestite festival, or Lenin and Trotsky, when not fighting always declaring each others mutual romance, but it is not the thinking of sane, let alone virtuous, men. Who want to construct a society that honors both God and their own children, one that does not defy and calumniate the Creator at every turn.

Is it not evident, as by a sort of reverse-image proof in the pudding, that God and man, freedom and religion are in fact the most congenial of allies, when not being ceaselessly and artificially pitted against one another by the henchmen of Hell? In a kind of piety-mocking liberty which in the USA is paraded gaudily with brass bands? But this false manufactured enmity, this soulless philosophy would scarcely have had a chance, were it not for a tipping point rogue-council Vatican II, its New Order of Mass the ceremonial counterpart to the geopolitical New World Order project of the Judeo/Masonic world. True Catholicism having in many ways been advancing triumphantly throughout the post-WWII years, despite seer-predicted and already-heavy Vatican Judeo-Masonic infiltrations, only to be met by this violent reversal touched off by scenes of duress in the conclave of 1958, from which the antipope John XXIII sprang. The deification of absolute, unqualified liberty as capsulated in the arch-heretical Declaration on Religious Liberty of a successor Saint Paul VI serving to demolish from an utterly unexpected quarter those stout juridical floodgates that had previously held-back the atheism and perversity with which the earth is deluged as I write. The if you cannot beat em, join em implied in Paul's supine, unprecedented, institutionally-elaborated capitulation before implacable anti-Catholic enemies finding no respite or quarter in present-day impressive kicks and screams from ever-theatrical churchmen of today, as a present-day New Church is to all appearances meekly dragged to its demise. But as Our Blessed Lady herself assures us, to quote: In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace. Alike of state, soul and mind.

October 28, 2014: Why we sometimes carry on like fools in favor of people like Putin.

There is no desire here to justify our folly, but our sanguinity about such doubtful public figures stems from our Catholic culture of hope, by-way-of-which we do not easily cut someone loose in whom we have confided, as-it-were hoping-against-all-hope. But I must confess that Putin with his endless diatribe about Fascism during the Second World War may easily be as big a part of the problem as are the neo-nazis and neo-cons (they're identical in most ways) of Kiev: swastika-swooners even there only a noisy and violent if Uncle-Sam-backed minority. Vladimir in this way obligingly providing the other end of a ceaselessly-bobbing see-saw, one much-analyzed on this site, one which gets mankind nowhere but which feverishly perpetuates old quarrels, which ultimately guarantees mankind another world war.

Hence too does Putin incessantly jump-to-the-defense of an indefensible Greater Serbia of the 90s, volubly lamenting its demise, clamoring for the reclamation of Kosovo, claimed as an integral part of Serbia, as it was at one time indeed: Serbia itself however plainly a manufactured word, sprung on the world scarcely more than a century before Kosovo itself, in the 1300s, was irretrievably lost. There being no previous historical record of the term Serbia, an expression suggestive of subjugation, first pronounced sometime in the 1200s. Serbia thus simply a part of high-medieval Croatia that chose foolishly to follow, or to serve, from the Latin word servus, those Greek Byzantines only recently gone into schism with Rome, being arguably thus-named across Europe after their position-of-subordination to courts and Church of Constantinople of the time. With the high dudgeon of nationalism always glossing-over such less-than-impressive facts, as years since the Bush Administration here in the USA have so redundantly shown. Kosovo having been lost to these Serbs in favor of Turkish and later Kosovo Muslims, in a decisive battle in which the (sic) Serbian army was annihilated, a rout taking place something like 700 years ago. A Kosovo restored to a Serbian-crown-ruled Yugoslavia, if not precisely to Serbia itself, in incendiary-and-artificial delineations of the Versailles Treaty, but lost once again by dint of 90s follies of Serbian and closely-allied men-at-arms. Here indeed is found revanchism in full-blown form, only surpassed by that of a State of Israel, bloodily claiming territories lost thousands of years ago. Greater Serbia having repeated again the sanguinary epitaph of glorious Chetniks and mostly-Serbian communist Partisans of World War II.

It seems increasingly plain, then, that in Putin the trenchant secularist our hopes have been misplaced, and that God will see to the rise of other political figures to carry through the divine plan for Russia, most notably as revealed at Fatima in 1917, in the very month of the October Revolution. In a Heavenly message which although essentially religious in nature has inseparable secular ramifications discussed frequently on this site: accounting for the fact that speak of Putin as an actor in these articles, rather than of the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church. Ours being entirely a lay movement, we feel it more fitting to address a layman on its behalf, and for him in turn to remonstrate with his religious leaders as best he can.

October 26, 2014: Reflections on growing school violence: peace was once admirably kept through verbal restraint. Article expanded next day.

Regarding speech and indeed the whole range of human conduct, mild and pleasant habits of our forebears were not at all the pompous gratuities they are inevitably portrayed as having been, by the whole massive media/educational establishment which sets the standards today for everyone and everything, potently elbowing more-worthy insights or opinions aside. The school-yard-cant of the highly-correct Fox News daily discussion group, The Five, being a good example of the tongue unrestrained, with the one younger male leading the charge with a perpetual sarcastic grin plastered on his arrogant face. But rather than giving any credit or attention to juveniles such as he, consider that Holy Scripture tells us that he who sins not with his tongue: there is the perfect man, a counsel taken well-to-heart in verbal and gestural restraints of our ancestors, much-mocked-today as these might be, media or movie-land portrayals of ancestral inoffensiveness being inevitably stiff, full of irrational inhibitions, cast as ruled by rules simply for the sake of having rules. Traditional benign and unassuming habits often ridiculed by the coarse, being subjects of broadsides of every sort, rolling with ease off unkind tongues, even as careless or aggressive habits-of-speech and behavior are touted as brave and manly, their absence the sign of some shameful personal deficiency. All this despite the fact that coarse, aggressive or belligerent behavior notoriously puts up a giant billboard to attract every sort of evil influence under the sun, as in the Hollywood-celebrated ever-self-advertising macho who ramrods the drug-trade from coast-to-coast, and whose impenetrable eyes (if you cross him) may be the last thing you will ever see while alive. Thus do we learn from various accounts that the youthful killer in Washington seems to have been at the center of some sort of vicious quarrel, pulling out all the stops, with emotions morbidly ratcheted-up into high gear. This mysterious fellow seeming to have been cruelly set upon by some mean-minded little group, as his tweets would imply, and in view of the impeccable personal credentials the boy seems to have had.

It will only be when we return to inoffensive manners and turns-of-speech that sanity will return to our streets and schools: these kindly customs and usages hardly rooted immovably in some hoary prior age, let alone a proof of a milk-toast personality: a theme examined frequently here and there on this site. Self-restraint nonetheless having been misidentified by Freud and his followers as the very original sin of abnormal behavior: self-containment and self-discipline being in many ways regarded as not only craven or overly timid but basically dangerous, catalytic to reactive violent deeds, grouped under the ominous-sounding catch-all term frustration by the genius of Vienna, rudely pushing Revelation itself aside. The inner universe of man, of mind and soul, intellect and will, quite-the-contrary scarcely being containable within thimble-dimensions allowed by this multiple-psychotic and his fabulously-remunerated successors in this badly over-rated field. Modern psychology in general reducing a subtle-and-complex subject to irrational primitive drives and impulses that must rather on-the-contrary be disciplined and mitigated, while their unfettered release, touted as the very epitome of mental health, rather brokers catastrophe, having no place in a civilized land. That old-fashioned polity which in fact this bomb-throwing Freud, in league with secret societies in his time coming into formidable vogue, most wished to overthrow.

But once these false values are let loose upon society, then its previous benign fabric is torn and frayed, and the well-mannered and inoffensive ceaselessly humiliated in ultimately-intolerable ways: people who are easily condemned when they do some violent deed. The fault, or at least the causality-in-time, scarcely being with the angry reaction of the one thus set-upon, although criminal deeds obviously cannot be justified in this way, even as to be fair at all the good must be able in some way to extricate themselves from such an ordeal. But as always in the Jewish cosmology, meant primarily for consumption not by Jews, who generally know better, but by we the goyim, there labors noisily at work a bobbing, lurching see-saw, since the same people who bemoan the dangers of frustration also tell us that anger, that most classical and characteristic of all reactions-to-same, is the root cause of all wrong: since the early nineties anger having been touted by a highly-Hebrew psychology establishment as the big no, no, and indeed a whole array of profiling criteria steadily put-in-place in order to identify anger about to burst forth, or lying temporarily dormant like a ticking time-bomb, according to one well-worn G-man or counselor phrase. Now it takes no Vienna genius to see where the two pressing sides of this narrow notional road lead the steeds of our persona: for since frustration is wrong, and anger is wrong, then the only outlet is to drown every displeasure is a sea of '70s-era hippy-pad vice. (Perhaps later-in-life, when limbs become stiff and glands dry up, succeeded by a religiosity noisy and presumptuous in the extreme.) That halcyon decade whose disastrous aftermath in affected lives no one seems to care to examine much, a psycho-product impressively repackaged in these documentaries appearing now on CNN, like the one named somebody has to do it, or whatever the travesty is called. Hippydom in its various versions over the past forty years having been put forward as the veritable Marxist Utopia, the classless society, the final human condition, the secularistic/atheistic paradise to which a predicted collapse of the state, in other words, of all discipline and morality, would allegedly so gloriously lead.

But as indicated above, I think we have all seen more than enough that this much-celebrated road leads not to happiness, nor to endless shades-of-purple titillation, but to the catastrophic extermination of our race. And after that to the eternal fires of Hell.

October 24, 2014: Article expanded on 10/26. An illustration of America's mounting moral blindness to be found in this latest Ferguson slight-of-hand, in allegations that leaks from the Grand Jury would seem to corroborate Wilson's version of the event. What is a grand jury, anyway? Correction of December 20, 2014: Grand juries are indeed constitutional in their origin. The article is modified accordingly.

Although itself indeed a constitutional fixture, the radically-expanded use of the grand jury was considered a radical novelty only fifty years ago. What the grand jury can easily do is to substitute months of indignation-quashing deliberation, and postponement of justice, in place of the standard lean decisiveness of a bench-determined probable cause: for after all, it is not as if, under the traditional system, the suspect or party-of-interest is going to go to the gallows or get the needle as soon as he is fingerprinted and spends a night in jail. So why all the blush-and-bother about being as thorough as we can be, spending months in closeted testimony? Just to determine a rather easily-determined probable cause? Actually—and here is the rub for grand juries all—this factotum easily becomes a grand and unassailable way to let some favorite son off the hook, while philosophically favoring a certain (well-connected) mob rule that positively loves the status quo of White-racism or contract-lucrative aggressive war. A grand jury easily sitting for endless months of careful deliberation, during which many-an unexpected witness might easily-enough materialize, all the while those demonstrators outside, of whom there are likely to be many, who take exception to the stonewalling procedure are easily portrayed as violent, irrational, and so on. As the justly-roused can always so easily be made to appear to be a mob, even as the privileged, impish and heinous readily don the robes of calm and majestic impartiality for all to admire. While the grand jury contains potently within itself all the potential of an actual mob-rule in spades: permitting impolitic decisions that would be unpopular-with-the-powerful, another more-prestigious kind of mob, its umbrage to be deftly circumvented by dint of grave ceremonial appearances of no stone left unturned. Thus too those commissions and committees which are the absolute bane of adequately conceived city-planning or historical and landmark preservation, fraught with grave and thorough procedures whereby creative-but-special-interest-abominated ideas get kicked upstairs to realms of lofty consideration only to die slowly on the deliberative vine. In the case of both the grand jury and the blue ribbon committee, too often the only stone left unturned being speedy justice or the common good: that standard-of-old by which courts are correctly and exactingly judged.

Hence plainly by any standard of civilized law-and-order or common decency should this Officer Wilson have been led away in handcuffs the very hour he gunned down Michael Brown, this blood-sodden patrolman having likewise no doubt been party to the decision, unprecedented in the USA to date, to leave Brown's bullet-riddled-body in the street for some four hours, like some sort of stray dog. Alleging that the crime scene must not be disturbed, as if microscopic studies must be made of an event which had so brutally and in full public view taken place. All this two-day-old-breaking news newscaster-apoplexy over corroboration, that insidious and notorious playground of grand juries and close-cousin secret war-powers tribunals alike, whereby, given time, the whole Bill of Rights can so easily be repealed, being utterly irrelevant to the prima facie evidence so plainly laid out for us in cold facts noted above.

Plainly the authorities in Missouri wish to drag out this whole ugly miscarriage-of-justice, trading space for time so that justice ardors may cool and broken hearts finally give up the fight, in a second-round sadism patently de ja vu of foot-draggings over Mississippi racial beatings and murders in 1962, traces of which ghoulish ghost-of-the-past seems to haunt the smile of a good ole boy Wilson in the celebrated photo of him receiving some award. Endless delay-tactics soaked in never-so-doughty prestige gradually rendering the monstrous atrocity old news, in a media psycho-telescoping at which guys and gals on Fox and CNN are old hands, a process which can readily convert the heinous to the unpleasant to the old hat, if given enough precious TV-commercial-ridden time. The final leviathan sought after by this whale-poaching crew being the vaunted accusation of irrationality hurled by sedate TV-anchors at demonstrators demanding civil rights long overdue, when the explosive reaction to business as usual murder and racism inevitably comes about. With this Don Lemon, this Uncle Tom newscaster who has become the mouthpiece of these same authorities, no doubt gaining for himself a prestigious berth there on the CNN staff by betraying his own Black people, like a poorly-named Christien Anampour does to unfortunate people in the Yankee crosshairs anywhere she is sent, and so many others in the media did to so many others so many weary years before.

Hence whatever happened at the squad car window of Daren Wilson has nothing whatever to do with Brown's being gunned down with at least six rounds from a redundantly safe distance away: Wilson thus plainly making himself judge, jury and executioner neatly rolled into one. And this obviously holds true (Hello?) whether Brown had turned back around or not. But given enough (we have to be patient) time, seven or eight witnesses can indeed be bribed to put a whole new face on a bloody gun, such a herd of polar-contrary viewers scarcely having been found in days immediately after the heinous and shameful affair, this leaked bloody-gun particular in itself, no human testimony needed, suggesting to any sane mind an egregious aggression on Wilson's part already there at the window, rather than anything belligerent on the part of Brown. (Like maybe a pistol-whipping?) But as noted above it takes American moral-blindness to see everything through a warped and rosy exculpatory prism whenever an unarmed Black youth is gunned down on an American street.

October 23, 2014: Foxes The Five does another middle-school-minded show and tell with little girls in a pornographic ad. Article revised in following days.

Original sin makes all of us prone to every sort of excess with respect to sex, so much so that when times were infinitely more honest, and media conglomerates were non-existent, let alone peddle child-pornography vis a vis dancing-and-prancing little girls, and in provocative, precocious-acting juvenile ads that have sprung up more and more with each passing month, an Irish priest of around 1913 wrote a stern warning to Catholic readers very much apropos to all such things. Urging them as he did not to even let little children sit on their lap for any length of time, because of this very wild card aspect of our fallen nature: the good father indeed revealing that even back then the molestation of children, as he found out in his own cure of souls, was approaching serious proportions, because of such very careless, indiscrete and casual practices and ideas. Sex being the realm in which the Fall of Adam most tumultuously reveals itself, in a near-uncontainable manner which must be hemmed about with disciplinary habits at every turn: as this primordial stain is in fact passed down precisely in natural sex itself, (there being indeed no other kind, all the rest not really sex at all but various forms of self-indulgent masturbation), a source from which the sin of Adam radiates to everything else in our being. Hence the last thing we need do is to become morbid about sex, to allow titillations to keep us ensnared in its fantasies, day-dreams and barbiturate-like states-of-mind. Adhering no doubt to that libertarianism which invasively crosses all political-party lines, which in practical terms honors the multiplication of passion-bating provocations as but so many laudable forms of political freedom, thus scarcely making anyone free, but rather likely tying us irretrievably in sodden chains.

But to study the matter more deeply: such a liberty advances a futurism unwittingly promoted by a Darwin in despair for his soul while he lay on his deathbed, for the King Kong he too late realized he had let loose on the earth, with his last rattling breath repudiating his theory of Evolution. That fantasy which suggests that since all mankind is in the process--how radicals-of-all-shades love that word--of climbing up out of the condition of a mere ameba, therefore all wisdom is to be found somewhere ahead of us in time. This even though genuine science tells us that the statistical chances of Evolution being true would need a stack of books containing zeros, with a decimal-point at their head, that would rise from here to the moon and back several times. Hence however, doggedly, the agnostic logic goes, must we discard all those caveats and strictures of morality--here, alas, the big tuna involved--injunctions written on the human heart and soul, revealed in higher form by Divine Revelation--as being part-and-parcel of the same backward, humanoid state.

But rudely shaking you from the gathering stupor such reveries bring in their wake, today it is ceaselessly revealed to us what this futurism actually means, how it terminates in the mass molestation of innocent youth, while in other respects building a veritable cosmic gas-chamber, a result to be expected when man appoints himself as God. Starry-eyed futurists of today dooming us to a laissez-faire economy which enslaves whole nations, which sacrifices our most noble and promising young in morally-unjustifiable war, to keep the wheels of industry turning, as certain future-dazzled kingpins have indeed been quoted to announce. A whole neo-con book having actually been written by one of these fools, as the justification for a pre-rigged attack on Pearl Harbor, in order to touch off an allegedly sad but (economically) necessary World War II. These being our wise men of our future-beckoning times. The genuine welfare and advancement of humanity, by contrast, with no such Orwellian/Huxlian bravery involved, being found in Heavenly revelations of the Catholic creed, in the Church's traditions, whether with a big or a little t. God giving to us all an accurate and uplifting consciousness of life's exalted meaning and purpose ahead of time, and not as some sort of bewildering and illusory futuristic carrot on a stick, as our secret-society-closeted leaders extend to us in their morbidly-inviting way.

Hence, onward to the occasion for this little piece, channel-surfing did we happen upon Fox News, which we seldom view anymore, amid allegedly-all-absolving levels of indignation, airing the noted little juvenile-runway skit--thus giving it a currency it would never otherwise have had--of a series of sexily-clad little girls--Fox's Five objecting, to quote, what kind of parents could allow such a thing? I don't know where they got this miserable little film-clip, having only watched about three seconds of it, to the instant when one of these little girls of about five to eight years old, each a miniature made-up sex-idol, says the first seemingly-innocent but sexually-charged word: the little jerk of the tiny body suggesting the obscene meaning of the syllable just uttered. In like manner is every abomination on earth let into our living-rooms, by a law and order Fox which regularly does this juvenile show and tell, ranging from the above species of child-exploitation to images of gushing (sic) gays mauling each other whenever some new landmark court ruling bursts a little more of the dam that keeps utter chaos from tumbling down upon us. Much of the purpose of this channel--with CNN in it own way no better--being to break down every barrier to absolute nihilistic barbarity, plying polite Rand-Paulian or Ayn Randian libertarianism where possible, otherwise positively sending in the clowns so that freedom may prevail. (There is a certain ring of freedom about insanity, too). Understandable being the manner in which so many of these doughty futurists are New Church Catholics, together with EWTN forming a media honor-guard for effeminate antipopes as they beatify each other one by one.

Some might interject that well-behaved Japanese of almost all ages, or so it is loudly claimed, pore over pornographic material daily while waiting for the bus or in some office waiting-room, and yet continue to be much-celebrated for their low rates of rape, molestation and other forms of twisted and violent crime. I myself would have to see this glowering over pornography, said to be done by my beloved Japanese, to believe it at all, as our media is especially good at misrepresenting things that take place on the other side of the world: the more distant from our shores the more fantastic the news put forth. Typically in order to provide evidence for some new war or permissive ideology being promoted. If there is indeed any truth in this prurient absorption I never noticed in my two trips to that wonderful island, nor did I run into those newsstands said to double for pornography outlets, with six-year-olds allegedly lining-up to eagerly grab the latest pulp. Hardly even can the proverbial Japanese ironclad social discipline, nor an Oriental shame cosmology, be enlisted to account for such a morally-suicidal thing. But if any of this is true, which I very much doubt, then I myself do not trust such an ironclad social formation to stand up for very long under such a deluge of printed and visual filth under which these people are said to labor today.

Thus when a rogue station like Fox retails this sort of ribald behavior on the part of cunningly-corrupted little kids, claiming to expose a wrong, but thereby giving it wings on which to fly, it brokers an exponential increase in the whole ugly world of exploitation worldwide, of incalculable numbers of little ones buried out in some forest, done to death after a defilement of the most sadistic and brutal kind. With the case of Jessica in Florida coming instantly to mind, the perpetrator the last I heard let off Scott free on some technicality. Thus well do our courts serve us, being a Sanhedrin only for the destruction of the good, innocent and Godly on these shores, fashioning a twisted form of law which is then exported around the globe, destroying souls and societies, understandably provoking wars. The whole approach of a wide gamut of such authorities here in the USA having been to morosely dabble around in the haunted world of fallen-human sensation and imagination, to provoke a dark array of morbid and sinful reaction, in a jerk-knee pathology of which Fox and its largely-sick popular-entourage is to varying degrees so fond. Rather than cultivating that self-discipline, and sane-and-virile sense-of-humor, and vigorous way-of-life which our wise Christian forefathers knew was the only way to escape this whole nefarious cesspool of vice, and inevitably of a historically-recurrent cruel mistreatment and defilement of the young. That mire to which man must give a wide berth, into which he otherwise so easily and miserably falls.

The reason, finally, that I, a mere layman, although one admittedly well-educated on Catholic things, write on such subjects so tirelessly is because the New Church clergy and hierarchy plainly think that such exertions are to no point, that we who ply them are so many old women clanging their rosary beads. These breathless expositors finding the answer to everything in a Vatican-II-serendipity love, love, forgiveness, and an absolute trust in the mercy of God. Ah, yes, they wax eloquent with such statements, turn colors, voices rising and falling, emitting ecstatic sighs. Thus would they make the Creator do all the leg work: after all, isn't that what salvation is all about, as they might indeed say. But I will leave these self-absorbed people to these their own devices, forming a veritable universe--that namely of Vatican II, its antipopes, anti-councils, false-teachings and the like--within which they are so rosily and impenetrably contained. While they witness the utter disintegration of the Catholic Faith, the destruction of the purity of youth, the conversion of the Church into a kind of economically prestigious social-club, with commercially-motivated Knights of Columbus membership growing by leaps and bounds. Amen, amen, I say to you, together with Jesus--doughty, rollicking, upper-middle-class New Church crowd, illegitimately-ordained fathers Mitch et al--you already have your reward.

October 19, 2014: Staggering geopolitical significance of the Malaysian airliner crashes in view of yesterday's Malaysian-court condemnation of Bush and Blaire for war crimes in Iraq.

Haunting us with images of 9/11, of immense interest on the global scale where all the economic and political tyranny detailed on this page most essentially originates is the statistically-impossible demise of two Malaysian jumbo-jet airliners within a few months of each other: one of them never-to-be-found but providing lucrative search earnings for some no-doubt-Haliburton-connected search company, obviously on a series of fantastically-profitable wild goose chases, ignoring photographic evidence of a much-more-logical but less-remunerative crash-site. While the other was simply shot down, as assiduously-quashed forensic evidence conclusively proves, by a type of anti-aircraft weapon only used by the Ukrainian army. Obviously, the murderous intervention of our own black ops people, intimately allied to Kiev, is supremely evident here, indeed with the very term black ops with all its hideous meaning now having become a 007-evocative household cliche, thanks to our all options on the table iron-eyed under-secretaries and generals. All this as proven by an irrefutable forensics of which so much is made in domestic crime but which is roundly ignored over bloody international sprees of that errant relative, Uncle Sam. Why the downing of these mammoth civilian-carriers, with so many innocent lives on board? With thousands of relatives left disconsolate, traumatized, their lives become a veritable extended funeral? Because Malaysian courts over the past year or more dared to try Bush and Blaire for war crimes in Iraq, and only yesterday finally found them guilty as charged. Thus in a globalization indeed do events in Malaysia come full circle, around the globe, to go-into-the-mix of American Russia-frustrating involvement in The Ukraine, duplicating in all essentials the nefarious case of 9/11 in more ways than one. A few weeks or months before which genocidal debacle the world had been warned with laconic harshness by a then-reigning globalist female apparatchik of the turn-of-the-millennium that there is no alternative to globalization: a decree uttered in the midst of mounting militant resistance to the whole ugly and unprofitable idea. So now is the world given another gruesome march of liberty and progress object-lesson, using Malaysia and its once-vibrant international-carrier economy as the current whipping-boy, that one doesn't interfere with the freedom loving projects of the big boys, let alone convict them of any crimes. And finally, were you to dig deep enough, you would find the tiringly-familiar central Synagogue connection in all this skullduggery, as in the case of a bloody, genocidal Bolshevik Revolution 93% of whose Commissariat was Jewish in origin. Insider-group market and political dominion being the chief motivator of Judaism in a nutshell.

Here on this site and in this Crusade we offer the only alternative to manifold atrocities of this globalist King Kong stalking the earth today, evoking an older and entirely-trustworthy form of political and economic organization called distributism, with its final development to be realized in an Integral Catholicism which fully institutionalizes the just-but-clement law of God in all human affairs.

October 20, 2014: What went wrong with the dissemination of the Fatima-Message? This treatment of a sensitive and sacred subject has been completely revised in following days, having initially and not-without-blame, lacking-due-reverence, rushed in where angels fear to tread. But this writing still follows a central theme on this Crusade, of the modern-day divorce of devotion from the cultivation of virtue, from the performing of good and pious deeds. My apologies to Heaven for prior temerities. A much fuller treatment of this issue is found in the link above: Fatima, LaSalette and other Catholic private revelations: why all the secrets?, to which this present article should be considered an important addendum. Subjects like Fatima are reconsidered from many angles on this site, and we hope not to be redundant but to provide a new and revealing sidelight each time.

It seems evident that the kind of devotion cultivated over the century since 1917 by leading Fatima organizers and devotees, and indeed even by Sr. Lucy herself, has proven as it developed over time to be decidedly Pietistic in character, willingly or not plying--or coming dangerously close to plying--a Catholic heresy, the term of course a contradiction-in-terms, close-cousin to a Quietism of which the Quakers were an original historical form, but which Protestantism of all denominations evinces to varying degrees. This bundle-of-errors finding little if any need for good works, basically requiring that their adherents only say Lord, Lord, making prayer the do-all and the end-all of religion. These seventeenth-and-eighteenth-century heresies being close cousin in turn to Jansenism of the same general period, all of them together forming a brace-of-falsehoods whose influence has lingered strongly over the centuries, each of these heterodox systems in its own way scorning human means. While quite the contrary, in robust Catholic teaching a life-of-prayer is meant to bear tandem concomitant fruit in a life of good works--the latter indeed being itself a meritorious prayer, only in another more existential form--with our faith thus being made incarnate in our deeds and attitudes, making us in our own unique way, in our practical circumstances, in the milieu of our nation and times, another Christ. Hence Our Blessed Lady couldn't possibly have intended various prayers associated with Fatima to supply as a kind of devotional band-aid to politely cover over a moral void where Catholics used to keep pious homes and peaceful, charitable neighborhoods, used to demand just laws that respected the liberty of Holy Mother Church, to insist upon and actively cultivate a moral atmosphere in which to raise their young, while likewise at one time refusing to serve in plainly unjust or genocidal wars. Mary at Fatima thus too hardly being ready to condone the 60s and 70s dismissal of Faith-nourishing state-concordats, in major public acts of scandalous impiety and Judas-like treason sprung upon us by this allegedly blessed Paul VI, by dint of the so-called reform that came out of Vatican II and which he had fashioned so skillfully himself. Coming to reign in Rome upon the rather sudden death of a robust-looking (sic) Saint John who tended regrettably to demur over certain more-radical things, while also forcing on the Catholic world the New Mass: a project obviously requiring speed above all things. Yet more, the reduction of all-things-Catholic to the level of a variety of devotional exercises, which has become a disturbing trend among many in the Fatima movement, must likewise be recognized as furthering a Caesaro-papist heresy of the same general tenor of action-relinquishing errors considered above, with this falsehood for all practical purposes viewing the Church as a humble servant of the state. This erroneous departure having exerted its corrosive influence on the Church since the days of Constantine, while having found special modern-era force in political ideologies of the Revolutionary era of the late eighteenth century, in glorious democratic-idolatrous fervors which with little ado would dethrone God Himself as Law-giver and Ruler of men. This same general de-contextualized, disembodied, supine sort of Catholicism understandably encouraging an early-seventies-erupting Catholic Pentecostalism, together with EWTN-Evangelical clapping-and-swaying auditorium exercises of every kind, with prayer-formulas or Amazing Grace scarcely filling in for that moral formidability of Catholic peoples, nations and systems before which impious secular leaders used to sometimes quake.

Hence even if a combination of prayers and sacraments is involved, with Sr. Lucy's Five First Saturday's devotion coming instantly to mind, these in-themselves-good things cannot possibly supply for the wide girth of what was once the Catholic world, and which was with such utter abandon thrown out the open window of Vatican II. For even if these devotions are put forward as gaining the graces needed for some allegedly sought-after good deeds, yet the intrinsically-pious desire to simply be good must always be paramount, becoming as a Gospel-enjoined little child, together with all the sanguine ramifications that this implies. Else we be guilty of that hypocrisy which is an utter abomination in God's sight, the province of those false devotees which St. Louis DeMontfort, the prophet and precursor of all the modern Marian apparitions, singles out as especially deserving of Heavenly punishments, and both earthly and Heavenly scorn. Those namely, noted above, who only say Lord, Lord. While there is further an especially-ample kind of merit involved in the manful exercise of duty, its ordinary or heroic sacrifices drawing down graces in prodigious amounts, this loving God with thy whole strength auguring a changed heart, a modeling of ourselves after that self-same Immaculate Heart, devotion-to-which Fatima would bring-to-flower. A modeling upon that prodigal reservoir of grace, the heart of Mary, being the prime moral-and-spiritual goal for which the prayers themselves were revealed, the maternally-commanded devotion to my Immaculate Heart scarcely finding a more auspicious resting place than hearts-of-mortals poured into the DeMontfortian Marian mold. Part-and-parcel of which imitation is indeed the soulful performance of our duties to uphold a Godly secular realm in all regards, in all ways within our resolute, virile, manfully-exercised power. Mary everywhere from Poland to Croatia to Russia having had miraculous images by which she drove cruel enemies-of-faith from the domestic gates: albeit enemies who nowadays long ago gained the citadel, sitting complacently on our courts, ruling our schools, fashioning foreign policies of nefarious divide and rule.

Making matters worse, as noted here and there on this site, the entire skein of the locutions of Our Blessed Lady at Fatima comes to us through a Sr. Lucy who was recorded at darkest universal-non-Message-complying hours toward the end of her life as muttering that the people just wouldn't understand were the terrifying-but-motivating Fatima Secret finally disclosed: by this tiringly-familiar phrase giving moral support to a catastrophic New Church pulling of wool over eyes. An antipope and anti-council ridden Church with which Lucy plainly took no umbrage at all, joined in this complacency by Conchita of Garabandal and her ally the ubiquitous New Ordo promoter Joey Lomangino, his only claim-to-fame an unprovable cure of his sense of smell, and the alleged promise of the return of his sight, being the victim of a tire-rim accident. A guy who started his auto-repair business with a hefty loan from some New York friend with a Jewish name. But alas it is Lucy who is our source for everything related to Fatima, we ourselves having found no record of any apparition-narrative related by Francisco or Jacinto independently, the latter only leaving behind certain embroidery-like reflections during the extended illness that led to her early death. While the account of Lucy comes to us in print, in further layers of obscurity, more-or-less exclusively through the pens of a host of Fatima experts, expostulating over a period of nearly a century now, in writings which seem to make little if any distinction between what Lucy and her companions heard and saw in 1917, on the one hand, and putative interpretations-of or elaborations-upon these prodigies which she herself claims to have heard or seen in the various convents in which she resided after entering religious life, on the other. This in a series of alleged mystical experiences from 1925 until 1930. She herself, as a token of her character, having independently inaugurated a new approach to the ancient Christian institution of penance or asceticism, claiming to quote Our Blessed Lady as telling her, to paraphrase, that Heaven now demands only those penances associated with ones state in life. Such language being ruefully-and-significantly suggestive of the revamp mentality that has been the very heart-and-soul of the rogue council of 62-65 and its lengthy subsequent Jacobin/scorched-earth reform. Here being for one thing a real motivational discouragement, a sort of accusation of being a frowning, fasting Pharisee blowing horns on street-corners, for anyone who would imaginatively concoct some sacrificial practice for the salvation of souls and for their own moral discipline. Penance being the most timeless, consistently-practiced of good deeds, necessary so that prayer not become mere tinkling brass. Docile followers of that which has been passed down to you being as it were left in limbo by words which would admonish the pious alone: in raps-on-the-wrists of the good regularly-and-sternly administered by a flowery, sugary--in perfectly-unnecessary ways even doctrinally reaffirming, but in practical terms morally-nihilistic--Vatican II. This purported penance-dispensatory locution seldom being cited anymore, no doubt as part of assiduous Fatima-related damage control, but it was a common subject back in the 50s and 60s among Fatima-devotees, who like myself readily took the un-prefaced, un-elaborated cold turkey announcement to encourage that extra piece of pie. This alleged celestial statement being all-the-more bewildering in view of the tremendous latitude of rigorous early-monastic-like voluntary penances taken up by the more-youthful Francisco and Jacinta, with which Our Blessed Lady herself is recorded as being very pleased, only asking them to omit the wearing-of-hemp-ropes around their waists at night, which would have inhibited needed childhood sleep. In this light, as we consider nuances of the narrative that have survived, Lucia (of huge physical dimensions in later life, whether by way of grave illness or dietary indiscretion, we do not know) might be suspected to have secretly resented, or even to have been envious of, the penitential spirit of her younger comrades.

Certainly reparation for sins against the Immaculate Heart of Mary is incumbent upon us, to save the world from a worse fate than that into which it is already irretrievably bound. The crimes referred to by Our Blessed Lady as sins against my Immaculate Heart including the many blasphemous fables and foul imprecations against her character or that of St. Joseph, of which filthy legends the Jewish Talmud is the original fountainhead, or for frequent modern-day contumelies against her perpetual virginity, against the prodigy of the threefold virgin birth (virginal before, during and after the birth of Jesus, a central teaching of our Faith), or the several other calumnies which Fatima reparation seeks to address. And certainly the Five First Saturday's Devotion--to the degree that we are so blessed as to have a validly-celebrated Mass to go to, or valid Sacrament-of-Penance to receive--is the most proper prayerful channel for this reparatory function to be achieved. But beyond that, because the whole purpose and meaning, and even much of the content, of the Fatima Message seems to have been muddled, made nebulous, we here on this Crusade take the liberty of regarding the conversion of Russia as being at the very duty-and-virtue-oriented center of the Fatima message, a conversion pregnant today with practical ramifications of the most urgent kind. With the final and most consequential of the series-of-apparitions coming indeed in October of 1917, the very month of the Bolshevik Revolution across that fabled land: Fatima thus being fraught with a geopolitical symbolism which can hardly be overestimated, and can scarcely have been far from the mind of Our Blessed Lady. Hence, following the noted primacy of act and virtue as being the very purpose of prayer, although we do indeed pray for the conversion of Russia yet we work still more toward supporting the present-day post-communist championing by Russia of the moral order (only some two percent of Russians vote for the communists in their elections, and Putin considers them his only serious opposition), notably with regard to sodomy and other abominable perversities of every kind. Here indeed being a chance to advance devotion to the Immaculate Heart in the most essential and critical way, to champion the very project promoted by Our Blessed Lady herself, this heart-transforming, deed-galvanizing devotion being the very crux and purpose of the Message itself. There being conversely nothing so perfectly contrary to the Immaculate purity of Mary than this abominable crime of sodomy, an abomination presently being glorified, institutionalized, its goons and practitioners forced upon us and our children as I write. This fact imperatively requiring us to recognize Russia as beginning indeed to take up the role assigned her by Mary nearly a century ago, in this upholding of Christian morality openly, collectively, unabashedly, on an international stage, in the virile, practical, legal and socially-contextual way in which alone these issues of today may be adequately and with proper moral vigilance addressed. This all the while in stark contrast, when discussing this perverse evil, our wonderful antipopes, always somewhere up in serendipity clouds, with whom Fatima-devotees everywhere seem to be much taken and even entranced, throw around humanistic and indeed quasi-perverted statements like who am I to judge? In answer to which, in a previous century, an army would have been raised to remove the craven usurper from the papal throne.

Therefore do we advance the entire plethora of Catholic action, discipline, penitence, together indeed with heartfelt prayer, hardly imagining that God would confine us to the latter when all the rest is being annihilated as we write. Since it is not after all that much lack of people saying Lord, Lord that is at issue here, but rather the total emasculation of the Catholic character--in whose foul and sinful biblically-described mouths prayer is unseemly indeed--in a mass moral impoverishment perfectly proportional to an increasingly obvious loss-of-validity of the Catholic priesthood and sacraments. Here being an all-points seer-predicted moral-catastrophe evinced most alarmingly in this latest synod from which so much perverted drivel has flowed. Bringing the Church down to the level of a sort of secular debating society, with inconceivably radical, perverted and effeminate positions found among the pros and cons. Obviously, the Holy Ghost has flown from such a dovecot as this.

In view of all the above, we hardly expect Orthodox Russia to make an abject capitulation before the present-day antipope-piloted, synagogue-expropriated shadow of the Catholic Church, but rather to take up the baton of victory, the broadsword of the champion, and lead the way political, militarily and ecclesiastically to the immovable reestablishment of the Catholic world, both secular and ecclesiastical. Having become Catholic, a faithful child of Rome, as a rampant restorer of the Holy City itself, and of every noble and holy thing. Replenishing forcefully a Catholic priesthood by way of her own for-now-Orthodox but entirely-valid episcopal sees, of which a clown-mass-happy Catholic world now has almost none. Russia thus arriving at the Catholic vestibule as much a glorious savior as a lowly penitent, opening the way for the complete social and economic, religious and political restoration of Civilization, of the Christian world. In this way, like those pueri haebreorum of the Holy Week liturgy, Russians manfully laying on the road their garments and palm-fronds, creating a noble path for the Second Coming of Christ the King.

October 18, 2014: Religion as God and the soul versus religion as a social template. Another onion-skin of our sole perpetual theme on this site and Crusade.

Plainly, the revolutionaries that kicked off Vatican II--personified, epitomized in this window opening freemason John XXIII--wished to convey the signature-Protestant impression that the Church since the death of the last Apostle had grown stale, had gradually come to miss its proper mark. This original propensity, evinced immediately upon the smiling freemasons/antipope opening days in Rome, having only been amplified in coming decades, graven in ironically-airy legislation of Vatican II and its endless train of entrail-poking synods, and papal documents like the Declaration on Religious Liberty, meant to cast in concrete the most morbidly-radical ideas that these work in session gatherings might put forth. The idea that the Church would have anything to pass down to you of any unbendable permanence having been airily dismissed by the council fathers, the notion having somehow become the new super-dogma that every aspect of religion must be called into question that does not positively bristle with enthusiasm and bonhomie, with a wealth of wide smiles, or it is stale, outdated, to be consigned to the circular file. The New Catholicism being eminently suited to hand-holding, swaying-side-to-side congregations: if not singing a singularly-un-mourned Kumbay Ya anymore then swooning collectively over clutching notes of Amazing Grace. While scarcely could our admittedly-self-possessed Catholic ancestors have contemplated the acceptance of the contributions of perverts to Catholic life, as if from out of the very filthy habits which they practice: as in a devotion to each other which finds tiny numbers of sodomites accounting for nearly half of the homicides worldwide, mostly inflicted upon one another by these loving souls. Sodomy--scarcely any kind of gaiety--being a subject which would not have been even so much as mentioned among pious catholic ancestors-of-old. Even as equally none but the most dour rigorist from out of the seventeenth century would ever have suggested that these unfortunate souls are reprobates from the start, have no positive thing at all to give to anyone. For after all we did not need a whole new synod to tell us that perverts of any sort are not necessarily totally unresponsive to grace, that they may indeed bear about them some earnest of a future change-of-heart, some positive thing upon which the workings-of-grace might gain some hold. Rather indeed is it the sodomy-mongers of New Church which hold such a dismal view, who relish this sort of despair, this idea that the sodomite is beyond hope being encapsulated in morbid pronouncements of this synod in Rome, plying the fallacy that sodomy is a permanent condition, implying indeed--for all the appearances of overflowing indulgence--that grace cannot cleanse so abominable a crime.

Indeed, Catholics have consistently been uncomfortable with the new take on all these things, and have had to be veritably hustled along such a lets have it all out in the open path, as if by today's ever-more-familiar armed men, notably abounding since a halcyon love and forgiveness Vatican II. There having attended all the epic sensationalism the grave misgiving that the soul itself was being starved, with all its nourishment given instead to some set of shameless ghouls, or to provide some group dynamic with a rare sort of propitiatory rocket fuel for its wildly-elliptical orbital flights. For Catholicism, as indelibly dyed in the wool of the truly-believing soul, ever boils down to the one same simple thing: the singular, unapproachable relationship of the soul to God, the nature-of-whose unique and ineffable reciprocities requires another kind of template from that of the swaying, hand-holding crowd. Naturally, it will be a mold quite generic, if bearing local-cultural tool-marks of spiritual masons that have gone before, but most pointedly it will have little about it of emotion at all: hence its transfixing timeless--if to some stale--quality. The reason being that feeling, response, enthusiasm is for each individual soul to supply in its own unique way. The thus detached and mortified Catholic template thus being fashioned in a neutral and accommodating way, allowing liberty not just to the soul but also to God Himself, in each case to nurture and cultivate a spiritual garden that differs entirely, often radically, from soul to soul. All this too of course brokering a variety of personalities of the most kaleidoscopic kind: of course to the shocked, rueful disapproval of the whole Vatican-II-groupie-conforming crowd. Adherents to this correctness-ridden, conformity-mandating idea of personality--of a mere half-dozen pop-media-cultivated acceptable personality types--which is a special rich source of brute, metallic, sadistic/masochistic prejudgments of sodomy. Of an absolute self-obliterating subordination of one man or woman to another of the same sex.

No doubt the guys and gals on EWTN will run off with this little morsel of spiritual insight, like a pooch who has found a bright piece of cloth to wave around excitedly for all the world to see, and will forthwith relate it directly back to all the hoopla of Vatican II, the big broad smiles, the back-slapping camaraderie. (Sure, there is a place for such things, like at a football game, picnic or family get-together, or when throwing a frisbee to fido to go fetch, but it becomes less and less seemly the closer we approach the terrible-if-merciful throne of God). The whole subject of God and the soul being in fact properly wrapped in the most complete gravity, such as I indeed now see in front of me on the countenance of Cardinal Stepinac, in the lovely picture on our little stand. Pious men like him and Pius XII were habitually grave in this way, carrying with them an atmosphere whose contagion acted mysteriously as a harbor to each individual soul who came under their fatherly sway, the template into which souls were poured back then having been entirely hidden within, designed personally, expressly by a Good God. The Vatican II generation, basically the old noisy biker/hippy-championing Boomers, earning for themselves in spades the approbation of every counselor from coast to coast, as being healthy party animals: that endorsement which admit it or not has been the highest compliment possible in the estimate of laymen and professionals, bishops and priests in decades since Vatican II. An assessment that can still be detected in the impish smile before studio audiences of a Fr. Mitch or the dancing-on-one-foot of a Dr. Ray. The old biker-pack or hippy-pad having positively capsulated all that Vatican II stood for, and the ranging reform it brought in its wake, like some sort of comic/frightful Chinese kite, made to look like a massive, formidable smiling face. While contagious indeed has been an utter folly that has invaded secular realms as well since those fateful days, like seacoasts battered by a tsunami from off a profoundly-troubled sea.

Thus considered above is why the old spiritual template, passed down to us before Vatican II, was so staid, so seemingly formal, to some even so stiff. But even within its generic purposes, and outward appearances--of which heretics always make so much--this mold is actually of a metal soft and malleable, having faithfully received the hammer-marks of a thousand popes, prelates and monastic foundations, and the hallowed usage of innumerable parochial throngs. The whole overflowing onus of what these pious forefathers had to say--or rather, the Holy Ghost through them--being found pressed down and running over in the ranging cultural, disciplinary and liturgical cornucopia of what has been passed down to you. That multifaceted, in some ways secular and pedestrian treasure all of whose marvelously-tooled, character-fostering elements were thrown with such abandon out the open window of Vatican II.

October 17, 2014: Progress any twisted thing the global controlling cabal wants it to be.

Holiness, national sovereignty, personal dignity: everything must go out open windows to clear the way for this marching Orwellian-futuristic path: apropos to which the Russian news website today carries a brilliant article by the former Russian national security chief, with this Patrushev commenting on ruling U.S. foreign policy vis-a-vis Russia, formulated already in the 70s, that when speaking about the ultimate objective of such a policy…the United States intended to capture Russian territory and mineral resources. Continuing the exposition he further states that Some US experts such as (the crypto-Jewish) former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright have suggested that Moscow has power over enormous territory that it cannot develop and it prevents these territories from serving the needs of humanity. (Note of 3/2016: Indeed, precisely the same sorts of excuses powered the aggressive-war drive of Theodore Roosevelt and his secret society associates at the turn of the nineteenth century, contending as they did that more advanced Anglo-Saxons held the commission of some progressive nature god to take over the world.) Statements are being made about the allegedly unjust distribution of natural resources and the necessity to provide free access to them for other nations, Patrushev claims. Hence does the U.S. by hook or by crook violate Russian sovereignty, foment violent Chechen intrigue and Georgian and Ukrainian skullduggery, send in corporate-oil exploration teams to prostrate, artificially-destabilized central-Asian nations to siphon-off Russian deposits around the Caspian sea, planning a new set of pipelines all its own. Uncle Sam even gravely endangering American water-supplies and seismic stability to frack his way to the destruction of Russia's energy-based economy, through an oil-glut strategy of the most drastic and fanatical kind, in all this playing that nanny role at which he does his now-notorious ever-catastrophic best. (Note of March 7, 2016: Plainly, just as in the case of TR and his close-relative FDR, all stops must be pulled out for the objective in mind, this fracking enterprise being responsible for an impending global economic collapse which is gauged to precipitate another progress-marching world war, in a paganistic/worlds-in-collision/survival-of-the-fittest cosmology so dear to rocky hearts in Hell.) As hardly did anyone from Heaven ever designated Uncle Sam or the blood-witted globalist cabal he serves so abjectly well as determiners of how the earth should be developed. An objective for which it would be far better were Genghis Khan himself put in charge.

Herein too is found the whole Vatican-II/antipope project in a nutshell, under the onerous control of the very same Godless cabal: conducting Catholics into a weird new spaceship-like progress visually-symbolized in ungainly New Church space-ship and warehouse like architectural follies of forty and fifty years ago, now universally regretted and silently despised. Under such profane leadership taking a radical turn away from the Faith of our fathers, instituting a beam me up, Scotty which abstracts entirely from moral or even material needs of men. Synod fathers now debating intricate ways to make every abomination the new rule of the Church, at the behest of this self-same ruling secular--indeed satanic--elite, establishing new rules that are smilingly advanced, but in practical terms imposed in the most brutal and dictatorial way. Just as has indeed been the case with the entire Vatican II reform. Is this the kindly Church of my childhood? Nay, rather, it is an alien imposture familiar only to rocky caverns below.

No, in fact material development must be put well beneath more exalted goals, else we have the classical case of the tail wagging the dog, wonders of all-the-new progress giving us global state-sponsored genocide, global starvation, prostration-before-natural-disaster, and a record incubation of disease. This the storied path along which a nation-making, synagogue-groveling USA has led mankind, of course always for our own good. All humanity being the object of assiduously-planned-out Orwellian-futuristic policies which noisily and publicly insist that the highest good is to be found in the greatest material comfort--indeed the ultimate automated, fingertip physical immobility--for the greatest number, while in fact what is planned is the systematic marginalization and ultimately extermination of those whose beliefs, aspirations, ways-of-life are found unacceptable. This Manichaean, nihilist, Jacobin mentality--plied by men with curious smiles playing about their lips--being positively ironclad as one climbs the organizational ladder worldwide, and it can only be answered by Heaven, in soon-to-arrive cosmic events predicted at Fatima and in multiple prophecies of saints. The divine solution however partaking not at all in some sort of rapture mentality, absolving us all of any need to do anything at all, rather as always is the heavenly answer to earth's problems to commission some person, some nation which is inspired by God, which others must follow, listen to, obey. All this however and as history demonstrates in a very humane and reasonable way, departing entirely from rigid command-protocols of the intrinsically illegitimate, supra-nationally-imposed governments of today. The divine remedy for man's political and other ills following the distributive approach advocated so vocally here, of the smallest feasible unit being ceded the greatest possible free-agency which naturally falls under its purview, with power more deferential and abstract as one climbs. That genuinely-free configuration in which as history demonstrates the greatest possible loyalty is with vigorous reciprocal enthusiasm given to those worthily in charge.

October 15, 2014: The synod/New-Church family doctrine: designing a church that delivers you into the hands of man rather than the ever-clement hands of God. Article much developed in following two days. Sorry for overboard original treatment of a subject which gets me quite upset.

The gigantic black hole in the Catholicism of today is precisely this attempt at a profane collectivization of the Faith, the admission of public elements into the ineffable relationship of the soul with God, so that we do everything together, so that man must first consult his fellow Cursio-member, couch-counselor, lawyer or guy-next-door before he does anything rash with respect to his very own soul. The voracious quasar of a determined synagogue-arbitrated absorption of all things holy into a sort of public space being involved here, whose only commandment is lets have it all out in the open, so the guy who is entangled in some morally-illicit relationship of some kind is accepted into the church-community anyway, where he and his significant other can become a cause celebre, as we have seen so often since Vatican II, and we can all help him through his difficulties. He need not even go to confession anymore, since that would be to lay His sins before a God Who from all these maneuvers would seem to be regarded as the biblical hard man, the onus of Whose anger none purportedly can bear alone.

But it takes lots of verbal tricks and now you see it, now you dont linguistics to accomplish epic transformations of Catholic souls and communities involved: hence studio-doubletalk of Fr. Mitch yesterday about the synod making it so hypocrisy is not necessary anymore: the innuendo being that offenders of the Catholic law on marriage have typically gone to confession of a Saturday night so they can go to communion on Sunday morning. And then go home from there to live in their sinful relationship: heterosexual, sodomite, trans-genderite, transvestite, whatever it might be. (In some northern European countries bestial jet-set hospitality has recently had to be curbed by law. To protect public morality? Not at all: rather, to protect the myriad animals involved.) Hence the synod-threatened solution—in some places standard pastoral practice for fifty years now anyhow—of omitting perennial penalties for mortal sin, while making shameful matters involved into hushed-toned yet celebrated parochial affairs. Mitch a member of a wearily-familiar New Church breed that kind of oozes things in on you, indeed just as did the council itself, by admission of one of its now-nonagenarian bishops of a year or so ago, rather than stating them with clarity or sincerity. And after a few more years of being morally and mentally worn down in this familiar way, we are all expected, as over many-another pastoral fait accompli of the past fifty years, to meekly acquiesce.

Hardly considered is a systematic surrender, amid all the bonhomie, of martyr-bloodied moral and social, political and economic ground hard-won over the millennia, in favor of implacable, perpetual enemies of the Faith: a captive Vatican already decades ago rewriting ancient concordats by which nations once joyfully and forthrightly announced their Catholicism, rather replacing these testimonies with limp and washed-out moral-surrenders mandated by Paul VI and his heretical Declaration on Religious Liberty. A document enshrining a false new doctrine more concerned over embarrassments or inconveniences of unbelievers and perverts than with the integrity of the Catholic family, community and soul: that which the older church/state diplomatic documents used to harbor so well. The new normal being a secular environment--at one time friendly or at least neutral toward the Faith, toward Godly behavior--now implacably hostile to same, and this after the space of a mere fifty years. Hence the much-noised changed environment of the modern-world: a change however passively accommodated and in some ways actively encouraged by the same occupied Vatican which now marks out a path of sad but necessary compromise for the whole idea of family or home.

As those who follow this site might well gather, all this actually goes back to a see-sawing Lay Investiture struggle, one first kicked-off by Constantine in the early anno domino 300s, a hard-fought battle which has been with us ever since. The central idea behind the deadly error being that civil/criminal law can somehow be divorced from the moral law--whether divine-positive or that natural law written in fleshy tablets upon the human heart, upon the rational mind--and after this sanitary separation that the state can be made mistress over all practical human affairs of any sort. (Ah, of course, Fr. Mitch, Scott Hahn and the others will assure us that we can still consume the Word at Mass and in poring over Sacred Scriptures: which should be enough for any sufficiently-humble Christian soul, ensnared in a Sunday only religion which history demonstrates is always the result.) The utterly-deinstitutionalized religion of this proto-laissez-faire is why we have some state official nosing his way into every tiniest facet of human life today: in a practical totalitarianism insidiously but ably touched off at Vatican II. In a final act-of-surrender of men-of-the-cloth, very much like Judas surrendering Christ to the armed mob.

This mammoth transformation is of course also much helped-along by a modern progress calibrated to electronic and other technical advances of our times, said or implied to entirely change the playing field upon which man carries on the moral contests of this life. But it has been a centuries-long gradualistic surrender by a commercially-imbued Catholic state, lending its doleful influence in turn to a steadily-synagogue-infiltrated Catholic Church--in a mysterious capitulation only coming to a final culmination since Vatican II, before which doctrine was at least not brazenly and openly impugned--that permitted, accommodated this view of progress, allowing it relatively unopposed to take the anti-religious turn that it did. There having been no positive need for the whole ranging apparatus of modern technology, the built environment to have taken the irreligious, sacrilegious tack that it has, rather built into its internal dynamic is the drive of a financially-all-controlling, mostly-agnostic synagogue to control the misunderstood biblical wealth of nations. While a modern all the eggs in one basket path-dependency facilitates this aim in the most ironclad way, deposits all of us in each other's laps where the exercise of the individual free will is completely denied, and cowards and characterless fools are the product of churches and schools. This collectivization of practical human life, by dint of the whole New Church, synod-multiplying approach, being by present proceedings rigidly imposed upon parochial life as well, of a we are all in this together theology which is fundamentally--from practical and philosophical roots upward--false and deadly.

October 14, 2014: A church that plays God rather than obeys God.

Such is Anne Katherine Emmerich's ruefully-predicted odd new church, built against all the principles of design, just now creaking, shifting, about to collapse under the arch-heretical and humanistic antipope Francis I. This anti-church with its long string of modern-day antipopes to be succeeded soon according to Catholic prophesy by the end-time great and saintly Pope, to rule with an iron rod in conjunction with a noble and saintly great King. But for now this heterodox New Church, under whose fatally-unstable, spaceship-like arches the few remaining faithful now apprehensively cower, has a New Evangelism, a new monastic liturgy, a New Order of Mass, its principles are those of Freud, Proudhon, Nietzsche, Heidegger and Marx rather than the just and pious injunctions of St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Francis DeSales. Its mostly-invalidly-consecrated bishops just now busy-at-work on a pre-synod to get ready for the actual synod of next year--ah, such noisy busy-work as never before known in Rome--this quibbling, wordsmithing, equivocating breed preparing to throw out of John XXIIIs big open window of the church the fundamentals of the entire Catholic moral code. Of the Ten Commandments, of the actual Church teaching on divorce-and-remarriage and on that abominable sodomy said by the controlling faction in this New Rome to be an admirable repository of love, devotion, and many-another fine quality and virtue: that hideous moral disfigurement which once precipitated the destruction of the two biblical cities of old. Two-millennia-seamless Catholic doctrine containing no jot or tittle of anything so perversely-indulgent as these false shepherds blithely consider today, urging their flocks to rush over the brow of the eternal cliff, as they have now for almost sixty years, since the days of Saint John XXIII.

But at the end the same God Whom this impious rabble tries to impersonate will barely crack open the little window in the huge Heavenly door, when they clamber out there in the cold, impatiently awaiting their reward, only with implacably divine fury to pronounce the sentence, in long-familiar fatherly and unambiguous accents of the Good Shepherd, of the genuine Catholic Faith of all times: Amen, amen I say to you: I do not know you.

October 12, 2014: The global confrontation between Catholicism and the forces of good on the one hand and biblically-identified synagogue enemies of mankind on the other. Just another aspect of the same constant theme here on this site, all of which facets must be considered if we are to keep our swords bright, and our intentions true.

Today just as at the kangaroo court of Caiaphas the One True Faith is under slander and assault by a whole contrary value-system with a twisted sanctimony all-its-own, with men like Huckabee and Shmirconish allowed to make a smirking mockery out of all that genuine Christians hold dear, for one thing skillfully fashioning the creed of the meek Christ into a frightful weapon of unjust and aggressive war. We having over the course of centuries allowed all our institutions civic and religious to fall into the hands of these incorrigible foes--notably under a veritable secular religion of capitalism, which is only the mass-scale-economies flipside of communism--the Church, Christian Civilization, being thereby once again reduced to the condition of material helplessness of its very first martyred century. The enemy again found infiltrated deeply into its ranks, already for sixty years now conducting treacherous attacks, like Baghdad market-bombers, that tear at the innards of the household of the Faith. Confusion between friend and foe having become hopelessly tangled, the enemy having so long been allowed, blithely-un-inspected, to wear the garb of the loyal citizen, the pious soul. These treasonous figures having thereby cunningly and continually enlisted the dark and twisted world of false-flag operations--namely the deliberate, planned-out killing of the friendly innocent, of our own people, as on 9/11, so as to motivate going to war, throwing the blame dishonorably on some helpless nation far away--an old trick of the old b-western cowboy movies come back to haunt us again. People like Huckabee, as revealed by his hyper-theatrical, over-zealous manner probably privy to the whole ugly barbarity himself, repeating for us in campy fashion once again the vindictive, one-time tiringly-familiar Saturday-morning-TV tones, of the villain who actually stampeded the cattle or killed the newspaper editor at the center of the drama. This familiar bad-guy character, much like Huckabee, unassailably ensconced in the community, at the local bank, or to be found innocent-looking tending to duties in the fabled room in back of the saloon. This whole complex imposture having been swallowed as childlike sincerity by a public enchanted by the flute of the Arkansas snake-charmer, with his thickly-sardonic, hypnotic intonations, and minorities equally held-under-spell of Obama's ever-diffident, condescending coolness, his own sort of amulet dangled before swooning throngs.

In this last extremity the good must gather under the banners of Our Blessed Lady, must depart decidedly from this global Manifest Destiny which has left a two-century-long international trail of innocent blood. With Mary our designated commander, terrible as an army set in battle array, bringing us by contrast a Civilization uplifting and mild, a realm however itself under attack by the same above-noted element which is so good at mimicking loyalty, while serving the synagogue above all things. Thus the ever-insidious and subversive EWTN, flag-station of the entire New Church, antipope project-of-infamy--although allowing some few good programs, notably of a Friday with its admirable dramatized Stations of the Cross in the afternoon, and its weekday magnificently-sung Chaplet of the Divine Mercy (as opposed to rock-music effronteries of the weekend version), and now-and-again supporting some marginally-good social-issue initiative--yet on its live, impromptu shows the lack of sincerity is everywhere evident to those familiar with genuine accents of the Old Faith. That namely which has been passed down to you, or which you have received, which must never be traded for another, even if this new evangelism is offered you by an (antipope) angel of light. Predecessor-beatifying imposters full of theatrical displays which leave an unpleasant savor in the soul, an aftertaste detectable however only to the pious and mortified. A lack-of-which trusty traditional spirit is supremely evident in figures who glide on and off the set: skilled imitators of every accent or facial-agony of mystical flights who must needs stumble in the estimation of those who know the voice of the Shepherd, against which to compare the mocking accents of the wolf. Whose treacherous howls have been heard so many times before. This mortified, pious but manly garrison of the faithful being extremely small in size, yet capable of moving mountains, being biblically and in saintly prophesies predicted at last to overcome, having God entirely on its side.

October 11, 2014: If the Jews, the Yanks and I.S. are not happy, then you have no right to be happy either.

I think that is really it in a nutshell. There is this gargantuan supranational force at work--which the greatest of international relations experts dare not identify, although they know it like the backs of their hands--a cabal which communicates with the preternatural, which takes perfectly-content human beings and whole societies and tells them in somber, sanctimonious and summary tones that it is unhappy with their state of mediocrity, after which the radical-agenda corporate NGOs are sent in. If there is any resistance of any sort shown to all these wonderful changes, which totally turn a society on its head, then Uncle Sam sends in the Marines. It is really just as simple as that: secret-society-dictated Foreign Relations 101. Of course, the host nation thus unreasonably resentful can be expected to hatch any number of terrorist cells, right? Well, you know, of course such a backward nation, stuck back in a pre-Reagan twentieth century somewhere, is not going to be anywhere near fast enough about this--only another sequential component in an ever-Yankee-heroic nation-building program--so we just nicely send in the CIA and their Mossad affiliates, to kill a few important people and other friendlies, to blow things up: you know, to kind of help things along. Of course, it was the terrorists who did it, as we are blithely told by Wolf Blitzer and the gang.

EWTN will even preach a whole series of sermons and produce a gamut of instructional presentations, not actually saying anything candid one way or the other--alas, the one-time abundant simple honesty was the old clumsy pre-Vatican-II way: you know, the one that had to be thrown out the open window of the church--but rather promoting the glories of American marching progress like a mute and innocent dog eagerly wagging its tail in the presence of its master. To whose fawning demonstrations we respond, there, there, boy, have a nice bone. Yes, we know, you lack any powers of logic or intelligence--and thus of guilt or innocence--behind that bright-looking brow, now do you?

October 9, 2014: The people must not be told, they might get worried, they might not understand. Article reworked in following days.

Nowadays it is interesting the way that truly-urgent cautionary caveats are seldom put forward at their appropriate time: a misapplication analogous to that brief and irretrievable moment when the enemy is climbing through the breach in the fortress wall, and might still be stopped with a prompt and determined counter-assault, a relentless foe instead met with the milk-toast idea that it might get the people worried to thus spread the alarm. In a similar vein, how many times we have had hysterical mothers voice this complaint to the authorities about our anti-sodomy signs, painted in bold letters on our rig, after dropping their children off at the school-bus loading-zone that might happen to be somewhere nearby, Moms going past us with horror written across their doughty-guardian eyes, consumed with fears that their children might become deeply upset by our honest words. Such rather reasonable cries-of-alarm such as we so ruddily announce, having indeed their seasoned applicability at the proper time, are left instead until all is lost, after which--to no account either way--they might then fairly and volubly fill the air. Thus too the all-purpose factotum whispered in some ecclesiastical precincts, among those few who have some idea what is actually going on today, that the dire, catastrophic breach-in-the-Church-wall must not be mentioned to the Catholic people, or described openly and clearly, because they might get worried, or they might not understand. Truly, if the breach is small, and defenders-to-the-rescue prompt and strong, then it might cause needless worry to run down the streets shouting in shrill tones they are coming through the wall!: but this is hardly the case today after all.

Thus hyper-cautious was Sr. Lucy, with respect to certain things that had gone woefully wrong in the Church, things that Our Blessed Lady had indeed predicted in the very hearing of the youthful shepherdess on the Portuguese meadow that October day in 1917: Lucy years later--after a first decade of restless and attention-consuming intrigues to get herself into Carmelite garb--opting in place of sounding the stentorian alarm rather to embrace comfortable notions that such exertions might get the people worried, that they might not understand. This nun who had been told by Our Blessed Lady at Fatima that she too would gain Heaven, like her younger saintly, shortly-to-die companions, but only after having stayed behind to amply spread devotion to her Immaculate Heart: amply suggesting a condition to such an ample reward. Much indeed as in the case of promises made to Abraham, crassly trumpeted today regarding the modern state of Israel, as if this barbaric state-terrorist warrior were bound by no conditions-of-rectitude at all. This commission by the very Queen of Heaven which Lucy could hardly accomplish from a contemplative convent of Carmelite nuns to which by an ultimate papal permission she was finally admitted, the nun rather blandly capsulizing the command into a set-of-prayers, in what looks like an early installment of modern-day-heretical Quietist/Pietist form. Thus cautiously and with few waves accommodating the greatest reversal in Church history, a calamity already silently covered-over among unfaithful churchmen for more than fifty years before Fatima's frightful, prodigal Miracle of the Sun, Lucy being plainly the very one obviously appointed to sound the alarm, with the whole mass of Catholic laity rather thus quietly conducted into a killing-zone for their souls and those of their young. But all that is ok. The worst possible thing would be to get the people worried. Thus far had failed the discernment of a soul chosen by Heaven, given precise instructions yet allowed to follow her own wayward thoughts if she so chose, indeed as almost-admonishing tones of Our Blessed Lady herself can be seen, in retrospect, to have amply forebode.

Of course the crowning lesson in all this--unwelcome as it is to modern Catholic ears of every strain of opinion from left to right--is that God Himself is not going to do all the unpleasant, politically-incorrect, persecution-precipitating things for us. This indeed the New Evangelism so deliriously and charismatically proclaimed by the New Church crew, with its oddly-overwrought emphasis upon mercy, volubly only saying Lord, Lord, in unison with shrill tones of Confession-of-Augsburg/altar-call Protestantism of modern times. Lucy being tasked gravely regarding what was to come: being obliged in other words to disseminate devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary strictly in terms of the Fatima Message itself: a missive whose celebrated Secret--not at all meant to remain-a-secret for a whole century--and as clearly indicated by the accident inclusion of its first cryptic sentence in the message as publicly proclaimed--spoke in rumbling tones of little else but a coming catastrophic breakdown in the Catholic Faith. An apostasy conducted grandly, with pomp and circumstance, right out of Rome. Lucia being commissioned, in other words, to carry on the valiant, embattled if politically-incorrect fight of the good popes of the nineteenth century against the insidious takeover of the Church by treacherous progressive forces: a cabal which was indeed the most cunning enemy of Immaculate Catholic purity, of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, that could ever be found. The seer however rather than taking up the gauntlet promoting in conveniently-conventional terms an utterly-uncontroversial little set-of-prayers and pious practices--the Five First Saturdays devotion--which had never even been mentioned in earlier accounts of Fatima at all. A new departure rather directly issuing from yet another apparition, allegedly taking place in the convent of the Dorotheans at Tuy: that humble convent dedicated to the education of the young--what better venue to promote a message protective of the purity of youth?--from out of which Lucy was as noted agitating just then, all the way up to Rome, to be allowed to leave, to close herself up in Carmel, like the glorious mystic she apparently thought herself to be. This new vision being furthermore quite bizarre, at least in the artistic rendition of it, with an addendum included of a radical departure from Catholic ascetical doctrine, questioning the whole traditional notion of voluntary penance. Alleging, to paraphrase, that only those penances associated with our state in life are now required. A vaguely-heterodox and hugely-gratuitous admonition from a Lucy who in her last years was positively huge: whether from dietary excesses or from some publicly-undisclosed sickness, I don't know. All this a giant departure from the monastic-style asceticism practiced by the two younger seers, Francisco and Jacinta, penances which gained the enthusiastic approval of Our Blessed Lady during those early, earth-shaking apparitions, few of which severities could be recognized as associated with their state of life.

Yes, there is a time for such caveats as it might get the people worried if they are told: but this sort of cautionary recourse, if applicable, has to do with things that are still well-in-hand. Hence for instance you do not spread abroad some scandal regarding a person held in high esteem, for example some pastor of a flock, unless some serious danger would obtain from that quarter by your silence. Scarcely applicable then is the whispered admonition that to sound the alarm might get the people worried, once the enemy has already flooding the streets of the fortress-town, having opened the breach wide, and is slaying people left and right. Perhaps after the fashion of an Islamic State now being let loose by an ever-diffident Obama upon an entire globe, after having amply provoked--and indeed aided-and-abetted--its hideous insurgence in the first place. No, whether the slaughter involved be moral or physical, one must instantly and indefatigably sound the trumpet for all to hear.

As signified in worried mother apoplexies noted above, we can sense that it is precisely in this we must not get the people worried mode-of-thought that we on the Crusade are so timorously viewed by those that count today, and ironically-enough even by those who agree with us about practically everything. For this cautionary mindset seems to have clogged up the mental arteries of the Christian fold today, being entirely misplaced and jerk-knee-misapplied, making Catholics and other believers milk-toast to-a-man. Ah, yes, we too like to see little girls and boys with undisturbed brows, striding off into a successful future, unperturbed by things that might upset all this success-auguring bonhomie. But it will only be all the more desperate and overwhelming when the enemy runs them through with moral bayonets just now being brandished, out there on the invader-overrun streets.

Less-admittedly being put forward here is a less-palatable idea of the laity, or the common citizenry, as being a lot of panicky, cowardly sheep: a perception which abstracts entirely away from any realistic evaluation at all. True, we loath to touch off a stampede by sounding-the-alarm when nothing all that grave is going on: but neither is it good policy to simply let these alleged sheep continue on their merry bleating way to the slaughter-house, or over the brow of the sheer and terrible biblical cliff, its airy precincts just ahead.

October 8, 2014: There is Jackson, standing like a stone wall...

Let us determine to die here, and we will conquer. Follow me. These were the last words of the valiant General Bee, who was struck dead a moment later in the deciding action at Bull Run, the first major battle in the Civil War. That encounter which would soon see basically the whole Federal army break and run en-masse, like rabbits, in complete disarray. A victory in which Stonewall Jackson thus admirably won his name, which if immediately followed up, as urged by General Longstreet a short time later, would have seen the Confederacy dictating terms of Yankee surrender in Washington, D.C. in the following few days. But the cool and decisive hero of the future last-ditch Wilderness Campaign, Longstreet, was just then outranked by some hesitant soul who believed all the frightful jerk-knee rumors that always fly around a battlefield, like that the Feds were formidably regrouping at Centerville, just to the North. Feds who had in fact left a massive haul of artillery all the way to that town, complete with numerous regimental standards, caissons full of shells, a half-million rounds of ammunition, long trains of supply wagons carrying everything from A to Z, food still bubbling over campfires for half-starved Rebs to eagerly enjoy. (Freeman, Lees Lieutenants, Vol. I. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1942.)

Did these Rebs have anything more motivating to fight for back then than we do now? Hardly, and in fact most of the common folk of the South hated slavery, since it kept the free laborer poor, his wages down, his working conditions poor, his chin dragging the ground. Yet they were a staunch fighting breed, and were they here today would with the help of God free themselves from the shackles of a Washington-imposed institutionalized sodomy, abortion-on-demand and a Napoleonic aggressive warfare undertaken entirely for secretive forces that rule from behind the scenes. Such traitors being easily overcome by Southerners who still have self-respect, who believe in families, in protecting the rights of the helpless, in honor and integrity. Thus do we proclaim with confidence, The South will rise again!, and throw off the yoke of what has always been a secretive, over-centralized system: that evil which the common Confederate soldier could smell from a mile away, could sense with his very soul.

October 8, 2014: Warnings of nineteenth century popes about so-called progress come to full term.

We can see at last from our vantage point in history the perspicacity of valid pontiffs of the 1800s, warning as they did of a deification of the concept of progress they could see burgeoning before their eyes. For this they were mocked and ridiculed by the educated of their day, in a contemptuous dismissal which indeed provided much of the smiling rationale for the whole massive construct of Vatican II. Made in many ways to look almost like what went before, New Church has however kept enshrined at its very center this unquestioning approbation of radical transformations involved in progress.

But what is the new progress really, at its core? It is the facilitating of ultra-centralized control and the vast, sweeping changes, the massive push-button military machines, it permits, and very little more. In other words in more essential terms it is change for the sake of change, attended by vindictive harangues about the loyalty it all calls forth, about how marvelous it all is. For the life of the common man remains no better across the globe, and his soul is in dire jeopardy every step of the way. While we see stretching out before us an intensifying Orwellian future of the most ironclad kind, with our foods, our genes, our minds and souls destined to be modified beyond wildest dreams, together with anything we ever held familiar and dear. While finally even the movies of mid-century that dramatized such a dire future served in their insidious way like so many others to lay to rest well-founded fears, reducing these to the level of a fantasy, and therefore in the common popular estimation not worth considering at all: as no one wants to be thought-of as ruled by apocalyptic movie-land fantasy. Thus too horrors in the geopolitical realm, the many Dr. No sorts of cinemas, even the Putin found in The Hunt for the Red October: the former to gloat over what was to come, the latter the identification of an enemy so soon to arise, who holds the destiny of a beleaguered Russia in his unfairly-condemned hands. Hollywood being indeed a major arm of the progress-deity, of its long-and-short-term strategies, part of the massive propaganda-war on its behalf.

Hence is it incumbent upon the common man to break from the bloody, insufferable demands of this progress idol, and to build once again a life of which he himself is in charge. How much technology will it have? That is after all up to divine providence, and really matters very little at all, on an earth in which we all must die, after a terrestrial existence fashioned lovingly by the hand of God, and not by some Mr.-Hyde-experimental, gene-modifying corporate Dr. Jeckle. And I really think that many will be ready for this worthier kind of change, back to older forms, after enough of us get a gut full of what is to come, or indeed of the implications of what is already here. While it is the hand of God after all which moves mountains, and in Whose aid we can rest confidently assured. We suggest some of these retro-changes on this site, for which the byword might be to first consider the most primitive possible recourse, and when that might fail, then working your way up the technical ladder from there. And this not only in an instrumental but also in an organizational sense, according to the central tenet of distributism: that the smallest possible unit be ceded the greatest possible power over that which can fit under its amply-and-confidently-understood purview.

October 6, 2014: The New Evangelism con-game of Vatican II and EWTN: An appeal of sainthood, of the highest holiness, of vaunted mysticism away from simple duties of Christians. One of several closely-grouped themes examined on this site, the one scarcely distinct from the other, together forming the redoubtable, impenetrable, enveloping onion-skin of practical Catholic Faith, such as we on the Anti-Sodomy Crusade intend to reestablish in the most immovable way.

In contrast to the above stands the lay-Catholicism of my first-generation-Croatian parents, something talked about here so much because there is nothing else to talk about of any comparable merit: this indigenous Catholicism so zanily or hilariously chortled-at by the ever-rollicking post-council New Church crowd. This living-and-breathing Faith of an older generation, this beloved, mistily-remembered Gospel-Catholic Way being itself, in person of so many of these dearly-beloved ones, insistently hurried, harried, driven distracted, often indeed successfully driven senile (or the new and hyper-clinical Alzheimer's), down the path to the nursing home where this old and redoubtable Faith-of-our-Fathers could safely be forgotten, tucked away. That indomitable Faith always standing stalwart against a Protestantism with its inseparable altar-calls, emotional testimonials and rapture-beckoning hymns. A time-tried stolidly-institutionalized Catholicism having its inimitable staid emphasis upon duty, its virile gamut of customs, guilds, fraternities and sodalities, nationality-neighborhoods each with its own uniquely devout-yet-practical approach, forming a little Italy, Croatia or Ireland, a haven of the most embracing kind. Crucial intermediate groups pleaded by nineteenth-century papal encyclicals mysteriously—not wildly, deliriously, or charismatically—gilded with practically-applied Heavenly grace. This wedding of the natural and civic with the supernatural and Sacramental being fruitful as well in economic activity of the most stubbornly-entrenched and vigorous kind, all these things together comprising the tradition with a small-t which is the special province and preserve of the laity, and which was so cleverly and insidiously wrested from our grasp by synagogue-commissioned men in soft garments of Vatican II. Ours having been a massive, nationally-and-regionally-elaborated lay-establishment, with colloquial addendums down at the lumber-yard, in a wealth of family-owned grocery-stores, even in the local ethnic bar, which when in flower well before the council would never have tolerated the brave sodomizing of indefinitely-detained prisoners, nor the conducting of a program-of-(brave)-perpetual-warfare precisely such as Adolph Hitler had in mind, nor yet today's heinous institutionalization of sodomy by courts, schools and synagogue-manned-or-controlled executives and legislatures. This the lay Catholicism which grew and developed over the millennia, which no specious variety of progress can uproot, which cannot be thrown out any open windows without a catastrophic loss-of-faith such as we see around us today. That real-vacuum which cannot be filled by a lot of talk--nor yet moans or sighs--never-so emotional, hysterical or impressive, about consuming the Word or anything else. That Catholicism built of good-humored, stout-limbed family trees, of neighborly or municipal associations-of-trust of generations, even of centuries: amid which cobbled brickwork grew up genuine vocations in abundance among solid virtues of Catholic homes. That lay totality having been a densely-interwoven daily practical existence which gives to a people of all social classes an unshakeable sense-of-Catholic-identity, together with an inseparable genuine and humane, reasonable patriotism. All this replaced today by the empty palaver of trivia-consumed, well-heeled neo-con-ideology-dazzled congregations: Napoleonic, zany and sardonic, effeminate and over-emotional strangers out there in the pews. To whom God will say, when importuned at the banquet door: Amen, amen I say to you: I do not know you.

October 3, 2014: For four years the GOP grandly leads out for public viewing a long line of circus elephants to be scoffed-at and patted on their irrational pea-brained heads, so that the pre-elected president-elect, Jeb Bush, can come majestically marching forth as election-time draws near.

It's the here-much-remarked see-saw all over again, with the electorate becoming mentally-vitiated by a whipsawing between extreme, unreasonable, morbidly-over-drawn but morally-empty views. Paul Ryan a case in point, the one with a budget that doesn't even merit a debate, or this Huckabee, who if he never runs again has firmly branded on the voting mind this image of a Christian political leader as a rabid exponent of Jewish settlements on the West Bank, while for all other issues pouring out syrupy persuasions of an equally politically-correct kind. Ah, then after all this empty palaver, as recently anticipated again in the media, there steps up this moderate, reasonable, well appointed New Jersey reb, Jeb. After the voting public has become totally exhausted by enervating follies of this Marxist-dialectical political machine, we predictably get more of the nearly-three-decade-old Republican same thing. No doubt consoling ourselves with the old saw that politics is the art of the possible. A pretty excuse for the business-as-usual of sodomized political prisoners held without charge, condemned out of secret tribunals, for the progressive suspension of civil liberties (all the while the overbearing rights of sodomites are shoved down all our throats), for wholesale Wall-Street-kingpin economic control. Jeb the upshot of a see-saw upon which Rand Paul too takes many-a-turn, un-win-ably ranting about pure Enlightenment-era ideology in eighteenth-century powdered-wig terms. Or for a dull sort of variety there's those other-moderates of the GOP like Bainer, whose chief virtue is as banal sedative for weary minds, sadly lacking Jeb's impish grin. All he has to offer besides the family's heavy mobster-like, Halliburton-league, palm-greasing reputation for getting things done.

October 1, 2014: Month of the Holy Rosary, by the Heavenly power of which was achieved the stunning Catholic-naval victory at Lepanto in 1571, when Europe, as today before the specter of the Islamic State, was under dire and imminent threat. Ron Paul's libertarian endorsement of a money-motivated secession.

Reading over an old interview from 2012 in which secession is discussed by the arch-libertarian Ron Paul, a man cloned mentally in all essentials in his son Rand, he speaks the folksy jargon of a Texas rancher just stepped off the buckboard, on a rare trip to town launching off at the hitching-rail in colloquial eloquence in defense of a last-ditch-patriotic idea. A leading member of a highly-photogenic breed--multiplying like rabbits everywhere in the Republican party--Paul bowls us all over with a Tea-Party-exclusive concentration on money, on secession as a way to save money, on Obama's wars as an expenditure of money, rather than acknowledging them as first-and-foremost Napoleonic ventures drenched in innocent blood. Worries about Uncle Sam getting into my hip pocket being among Tea-Partiers everywhere rife, and the broad and blank-faced assumption of these well-heeled grassroots people is that all secessionists are driven by the same money-obsessions as well, that we too believe that nothing else is worth fighting for at all except a dollar bill. This while the mammoth breach-in-the-wall of the national soul is politely ignored, as a court, executive and legislative enforcement of the odious culture-of-sodomy is played out on our streets, in our stores and schools, eventually if not already on our own very living-room floors.

To allegedly-intrepid freedom-lovers like Ron all these individual moral matters are off bounds, although such a quarantine-dictum hardly explains why they are being litigated and legislated to death in such an exhaustive way. In an interminable process which hardly seems to be keeping them private at all. In a vast, hyper-expensive legalization and institutionalization of twisted deeds which in effect protectively takes every sodomite by the hand, as if he were an elderly woman such as the old corner-cop used to lend an arm to get safely across the road. In this case not to knit a pair of mittens for a granddaughter but to perform a bizarre host of hideous and unnatural deeds.

Actually, today's libertarian take on perversion--shoulder-to-shoulder with the Man/Boy Society or some new up-and-coming lesbians for the flag--plies an approach to law which must argue every issue down to T, with the practical result to put everything up for (lewd) grabs, in thus making execrable or imponderable subjects open to exhaustive and unseemly gab. When plainly there are some things that are given undue importance--or conversely trivialized--by being so debated: as in a natural law written on the human heart and rational mind which plainly prohibits sodomy--let alone sodomy-marriage--without even needing any cheapening debate from mortal men. Dragging in this way into the ho, hum atmosphere of half-empty legislative halls and garrulous court chambers the unspeakable ordinances of God, celestial statutes which should themselves determine our laws, as in the past. While by token of profane argumentation the Creator is given the same legal standing as lewd purveyors of sodomy. Involved in the libertarian position being however not just a leveling of religion but its stark denigration, in a breathlessly-debated process which in every case finds the place of religion summarily disallowed. Hardly an impartial or libertarian arrangement by any stretch.

October 1, 2014: Australia anti-journalism parliamentary vote adds to the thickening global forest of draconian national-security-related laws: the end-game harvest of the deliberate provocation, and false-flag perpetration, of terrorist deeds.

There is one only end-time answer, predicted by saints and seers for a thousand years, to all this diabolical deceit: the wholehearted embrace of the Catholic social, economic and political system to which this site, Crusade and Confederacy are dedicated.

September 28, 2014: The new commandment socially chiseled in stone: to never expect an apology for a wrong. Article much developed next day, and further on the next after that. Alas, the artichoke or onion-skin nature of what so often today seems simple as pie, some startling new aspect-of-which forthwith confronts the eye.

In dire unexpected consequences we have so ruefully learned to expect from many-a new and promising idea, this no-apology/unconditional-forgiveness axiom serves chiefly to enthrone the dregs, derelicts and trash of society, in a bald-faced irruption which first burst forth in the Hippy movement, rich source of the ribald, anything goes atmosphere from which sodomy in turn so tumultuously arose. The whole 60s to 70s miasma, largely bred of media-and academic wordsmithing skills, characterized not really by any genuine sense-of-community, as is so often commonly assumed, but rather by a crass and childish taking of other people for granted: the root source of a multitude of sins. Yet the new imperative, advanced today unblinkingly by legions of preachers, scholars and ordinary souls, the flipside of a talk-show, clinic and pulpit injunction to forgive without any preconditions at all (like offender regret or sorrow over a wrong), this is a stark new dictum of which the Gospels themselves bear no trace. This factotum nonetheless grimly predetermining much of what people do or say today, with our whole traditional moral universe being indeed veritably swallowed up by this socio-moral black hole. While put in its final order-overthrowing terms, this new categorical as suggested above leads nowhere-so-much as to the complete acceptance of the social ambiance of sodomy: the program indeed calmly aimed-at all along by a certain cunning few. That dark jungle of misanthropy which thrives on unkind, disrespectful, underhanded gestures, words and deeds, as we are finding out daily in spades, or conversely comes gushing at us on a tide of friendly oversteps, a thousand variations of walking down a store-isle on someone-else's heels. All this stalking, drooling and assaulting coming of course from institutionally-defended if often-criminally-inclined harmless souls: any apology for whose morbidly-calculated if-sometimes-zany attentions would of course provide a healing remedy for a tactically-deliberate aggression: the last thing these ever-vindictive and overreaching sodomites would ever allow. This Spartan no-apologies/unconditional-forgiveness salient of an increasingly globally-enforced sodomy-ethic, bare of any genuine hint of mercy, being rather an odd sort of immunity-to-injury suggesting not really kindly souls but rather hard-staring-hypnotic people marching in Orwellian column-and-line. Or by another simile some new crate-packaged, genetically-modified fruit artificially-hardened to show no bruise however roughly or barbarically consigned. This all-forgiving/no-apology sodomy-onslaught and all its weird and alien accoutrements being resisted manfully among Muslims, in Russia, here on the Anti-Sodomy Crusade, and notably across much-of-Asia as well, but hardly ever in the modern-day West: providing for us too a broad hint about stygian sources of Vatican II and the New Church reform. With the two together forming a veritable fountainhead of an allegedly-meek but with increasing frequency violently advanced new creed. This weird new sort of coercion, often in a kind of killing me softly style, requiring a whole new set of dogmas for its perpetuation, a trenchant new set of precepts with staggering incongruity vacant of any genuine moral principle at all. Being indeed part-and-parcel of a celebrated-yet-skillfully-unadmitted pulpit-and-podium-promoted idea that for two thousand years we had it all wrong. Found among a world of weird paradoxes in which all such anomalies darkly thrive, this new and alien departure expostulates with matchless antipope/pedantic fervor that what Christ really meant was for all of us to finally realize, no doubt in touchy-feely-Freudian fervors, that there is really no such thing as evil at all. (Ah, at last, the secret behind the smug little Merlin-like Francis and Benedict smile.) Indeed that this absolution-of-wickedness-itself is the only conversion of heart actually required. Ergo in quaking condemnatory utterances of the most infallible kind the debut of the new evil, of taking offense at some vicious wrong, let alone making a fist toward its redress, a new species of atrocity roundly and vindictively condemned by breathless New Church apparatchiks at every turn. With pomp and ceremony instituting a flipside indulgence which in another startling paradox takes in Bush/Obama brutal, genocidal, unjust wars in its wide all forgiving ambit as well. Those bloody ventures for which Catholics today so doughtily put forth a hearty united we stand, and indeed voice an indulgent proxy-forgiveness on behalf of voiceless, defenseless families across the Muslim world: these unfortunates who have no chance, between falling bombs, and suddenly-snuffed-out lives, to issue such a blanket absolution themselves. Americans just now indeed using the new bull-in-a-china-shop war on the Islamic State to decimate a Syria any excuse for whose annihilation has been so heroically hard to find--as was the case with a stone-age-returned Lebanon, Libya and Iraq, all of them state-of-the-art modern nations just before--but a nation-crushing calamity which a remorseless Obama is bound-and-determined to achieve, indeed much like ancient Jews sworn by an oath, lurking in ambush for St. Paul. So unforgiving of the most innocent and defenseless is all this new no-apology/unconditional-forgiveness paradigm. Such a hail-storm of contradictions would make any sane head swim, but its not to worry for this New-Church/New-World-Order crew, the whole Catholic theology of just self-defense, which has no such internal contradictions at all, being by such means deftly thrown out open windows of the Church of a Saint John XXIII. Opting ultimately in this way for a historically-recurrent mind-numbing moral nihilism, a final emanation of which is found in this modern last-ditch no-apologies creed. With all other things besides self-respect or just-self-defense being accepted with good-humored open arms, and any desultory recognition of the (genuine) Ten Commandments being instantly drowned in the deluge of all-the-new love, forgiving beforehand the most heinous of sins. Thus are we all expected to go floating through life on this tide of overflowing permissiveness, learn to do hateful things for which we never take the blame, or offer apology, and to accept the same contempt or aggression from other people as well. Will we likewise extend such indulgence, no doubt muttering in smiling ecstasies they need love too, as people now begin to run around carving other people's heads off with knives, axes being presumably too expensive, what with skyrocketing prices of steel?

Ah, one has to be brave indeed to inhabit such a brave and unapologetic new world, but we offer you a more excellent way by which you need be neither ceaselessly heroic, a fool, suicidally-inclined, nor a sodomite-in-training, but just an ordinary Joe or Jill with self-respect, an inseparable sense-of-humor, and a functioning mind.

Finally, of course, our Christian profession requires us to love our enemies, do good to those who persecute us, but here's the rub: forgiveness is not by any stretch an identical word to love, being rather a big further step beyond, entirely apart. Forgiveness implying intrinsically and indeed by definition, as Our Blessed Lord Himself in Gospel lines reveals and requires, sorrow on the part of the doer-of-wrong. While someone who offends us in some serious and unjust way with remorseless or dismissive impunity, without at least some humble, clearly identifiable token of sincere regret: such a one we may indeed retain our affection-for, perhaps indeed even pity, but to forgive him means to credit him with a benevolence toward us which he in fact does not have. To accept him back into our trust, our company, baring ourselves to yet-another knife-thrust of some kind, this one indeed perhaps fatal. Foresooth, here New-Churchers will no doubt intrepidly interject that the New Evangelism requires that we must always be thus self-sacrificial and life-and-limb-disregarding heroic, all the while, morally nimble to the last, we rain bombs down on the innocent, and deft go-getter style edge our neighbor out of some advantage, or home, or job. Sic semper new-church-beatification-aspiring souls.

But as noted in another article on this page some time ago, this no-apologies paradigm also encompasses, and here the sorest of many rubs, a sinful repudiation of the divine injunction, stated or implied throughout both books of the Bible, that we must unconditionally avoid bad company. This indeed the most basic of precepts, without which the loss of our souls is absolutely guaranteed, with fiery-forge-gilded documents-of-demons ready-to-hand. So that just as God cannot and will not absolve an offense against Himself without a sincere apology, in this divine context termed an act of contrition, neither can we, as in our case it would involve the mortal endangerment of our souls. While as suggested above encompassing yet-further a kind of repudiation of all self-respect, of the grave responsibility on our parts to maintain some responsible moral and ontological identity of our own, refusing to be a mere open field, in all parts and respects, to be without ado dismissively trodden upon.

Hence at last brought-to-bay the real beast involved, a menacing quadruped baring fang and claw, trailed through notional thickets of several kinds. The whole conundrum of the no-apologies/unconditional-forgiveness prayer-meeting/clinical imperative being kept in its unstable perpetual motion, as intimated in first few lines above, by dint of yet-another linguistic trick of the ever equivocating academia/new-church crowd. To wit: by the false equating of love with forgiveness, presuming that the Gospel-enjoined duty of the offended party to love encompasses a duty to forgive as well. And to boot, to suicidally accept the regretless offender back into his company. Thus do synagogue-inserted false churchmen and secret-society-enthroned academics keep us confused, divided and ruled, leading us all around by the nose, into every kind of un-apologized-for and unforgivable wrong. While in accepting such an imposture we are committing one of the most craven acts of self-repudiation there could ever possibly be: a hellish abdication fitting indeed to the present court-decreed public endorsement of sodomy. Bringing in its train a society-wide gamut of shameless, order-overthrowing oversteps and capitulations of every type and degree.

September 25, 2014: Hallo? Citizen surveillance, astronomical crime-rates, gunning down unarmed Blacks on our streets, mass incarceration as a way of life: is this the divinity degree that allows Obama to rise majestically to the podium and give sermons to the world at large? Article renamed and redone.

Must we point out again how incongruous it is that this back-alley preacher and his diplomatic and military staff chide and penalize Iraqis for their lack of military espirit, when that is precisely what we beat out of them for the past twenty-some years since Desert Storm? This unjust invasion, the direct result of our standard insidious international chicanery, just then vis-à-vis Kuwait, and its sequel in a dirty-bomb, infant-deformity war-of-attrition, being followed by our shuffling in-and-out of power of cronies political and corporate, American and Iraqi, in a nation now described by candid observers as resembling nothing so much as a tenderizer-pounded piece of inert flesh. Our leaders daring, before Heaven, to tell these victimized people to stand on their own two feet and fight their own war: one which any sane observer of the past few decades can see was brought upon them entirely against their will, and entirely independent of their blame.

Plainly to Barack our burgeoning numbers of sodomy-coddling billionaires are proof-positive that liberty-loving Yanks should thus lead the world, haranguing the Chinese and Saudis, the Russians, Poles and Afghanis, brandishing liberty as a life-of-riot by which the innocent die, and anything goes. That a biblical rest of men had better either get with it, shedding backward and progress-inhibiting moral concepts of law, or be the target of some domestic-surveillance-program or unpiloted bomb. All this while Raymond Arroyo and the gang on Catholic TV talk in grave abstractions about the definition of a just war: something we have never seen here, applying it today with laser-sharp exclusivity to the new campaign against I.S. Ray-Ray innocent as a newborn babe to the fact that it was our own unjust invasions and occupations of sovereign lands across the globe, wielded in the Bush/Obama just war way, which attended the rise of IS from first to last. But not to worry, cause we've got a carefully-orchestrated sequence of war justifying terrorist attacks in our hip-pocket, stretching indeed all the way back to an 1890s false-flag-operation Sinking of the Maine. Which together with a long string of calculated misrepresentations of pre-WWII Japan obviously-enough to folks like Raymond makes anything the U.S. might choose to do just and right in the most unquestionable way. Indeed, only last night another of our TV generals openly bragged on a major network about our black ops programs, as if the murder of civilians and the conducting of false-flag/war-provoking operations definitive to the term were all in a day's work of the just war. Comments over which Raymond and EWTN, and Catholic traditionalists and liberals, do not even swallow hard: supremely happy with an ill-applied Catholic theology on the state still mired somewhere back in the middle ages, before there were supranational forces like the Freemasons, the Rothschilds, the Mossad and the Skull-and-Bones to morally reckon-with. A theology fit for petty princelings fighting over tiny parcels of land. To all of which new evangelists I say: if you do not gag on that blend of disgusting, rationalizing slop, from a pseudo-nation planted here by supranational forces solely to uproot the Catholic Faith, or any sort of piety at all, then you can stop spending good money on notional groceries and just dine in the media sewer. Stooges listening in hushed silence to an Obama who talks to a global audience like a blend of a drill-sergeant and a street-corner thug, announcing these democratic institutions he imposes so stoutly, and for which so many are doomed to die.

Ah, perpetual big stick USA, with a futuristic fifty years of hippy-liberalism paying out in spades in a prison-population ten-times bigger than its nearest sovereign rival, in a violent culture illustrated for us ceaselessly on the news, experiencing an unexpected growth-industry in stealthily-set forest-fires. Mammoth conflagrations which a dependable local source told us, up in the northwestern timber-country, and as born out in suspicious mega-timber-consuming events of some years back, are often-enough deliberately touched-off by idled forest-fire-fighters, many-of-whom have little if any other employment at all. Guys and gals, representative samples of the hippy-pad libertarianism noted above, who make big bucks when acrid flames rise high in the sky.

Indeed, maybe such lurid scenes are uniquely fitting to the fiery worlds in collision which Obama evokes in his endless oratorical messages to the world. But read this site for an instruction manual on how to put all the fires out.

September 24, 2014: Oratory, Obama's handy spackle to fill in all geopolitical cracks.

Oratory has been the special province of every demagogue from Demosthenes to Adolph Hitler neither of whom, nor any of the many in between, were any more concerned over cracking a few eggs than is Obama, for all his oratorical fervor over terroristic villainies of every kind. But Barack adds a Reaganesque twist to age-old polemics with tent-meeting-decibel declarations of a whole new humanity-saving gospel, albeit only a tiresome replay of vaunted fervors of Freemasonic American-Revolutionary times. Hardly does he or Patrick Henry ply listeners or readers with actual practical persuasions, attempts to arrive at common interests or goals, nay, all that's too bothersome a chore, rather is the gist of the matter always to polemicized about some stoutly-demanded change of heart, with threats of a geo-strategic trip to the woodshed wedged artfully here and there. Combative urgings not indeed in favor of natural law or standard morality but of a coarse and immoral, arch-libertarian creed sworn to overthrow everything that went before. While anyone who does not agree is said darkly to be motivated by hate. Ringing oratory thus marshalling open-mouthed throngs, while in the same breath Russia is indicted as a global bully, a charge delivered in a street-corner cant which ignores Russian counter-claims stone cold. The assumption being that loud claims of the breed of murderous thugs Obama, his special-ops people and U.S. corporate NGOs so slickly installed in Kiev to advance Western interests are indubitably true: or failing that, in a signature unctuous Obama verbal slide, the unmistakable intimation that a lie or three can scarcely hurt the onward march of this new religion of anything goes.

In fact you cannot convince anyone of anything in this way: it's all just simple or subliminal duress, like Christ Himself being glibly arraigned in front of false witnesses, before the bench of a grim-faced Sanhedrin, but in this case it is the whole world under threat of a secular-messianic day of reckoning. Indeed, ever since the late eighteenth century the old arts of political consultation, collaboration and reasonable persuasion are a lost cause, as the ruling financier/secret-society coterie always manage to raise up some new Obama, Garibaldi or Napoleon. Older reciprocity-nurturing measures however still alleged to be the very pith of democracy, wherever sanctimony is especially required: avenues-of-cooperation whose putative absence in the case of Russia or Syria is decried in pitiful terms by this new messianic breed. The latter people who are willing to shed any amount of your blood to follow their eloquently-reiterated dream.

But the good God is Himself going to bring back all the old benign arts of political life, such as resonate so marvelously well in the kindly voices of a Lavrov, a Putin, and a host of Russian MPs--dare I say even in a much-slandered Assad?--an approach to be found among other leaders around the globe as well. But for the time being it is this liberty loving exceptionalist, secular-messianic breed, a tiny minority put in power by a tiny, all-powerful cabal, which gets to rule, for your own good. The grimly-paternalistic Obama leaving the U.N. podium with the air of a dad who has just given all his children a sound trashing, and who has plenty of hickory-sticks, willow-switches and peach-tree-limbs to give lots more where that came from, too.

September 24, 2014: More on the destruction of Catholic male piety in preparation for the war on manhood conducted around the globe today by the USA and its satellites.

Try to exercise the mild and fatherly piety and comportment which some of European extraction might vaguely remember in a grandfather, or even, like myself, in some rare sort of first-generation father, and you will instantly find yourself being classed as dangerous or even mentally ill: for that well-remembered nobility is precisely the traditional sort of manhood which Vatican II set out to obliterate from the Catholic memory and mind. All this primarily to make possible the present global Judeo-Masonic promotion of institutionalized sodomy, to the utter destruction of traditional morality and the family-life and freedom it so strongly fosters, for which cunning design it was necessary for these tyrants of modern times to infiltrate the Catholic Church and to effectively pull all its moral and disciplinary teeth. To make Rome into a mockery of what it used to be, rendering mere milk-toast former Catholic manly sublimity. The quiet, stately masculinity of a Pope Pius XII being especially disowned and despised in this new view, made to appear weak, uncertain, neurotic, being cunningly pushed aside by the glib theater of a coming string of antipopes, each beatifying his predecessor in the most monstrous and ungainly way. Professional-speech-makers all, these playing to the crowd ex-actors and others like Paul VI from the liberal-Catholic establishment of Italy, whose scarcely-Catholic early-twentieth-century parents, the liberal-press Montinis, were classic unctuous revolutionaries such as we see and hear so much of today, calculating enemies to popes of the humiliating Babylonian Captivity imposed by Garibaldi's Italy. Catholic-turncoats out of whose domestic training came this double-talking, equivocating antipope Paul VI. Hence the new gutless Catholicism we have around our ears today, with its antipapal love, love, love, which no pontiff prior to Saint John XXIII (the freemason) would have accommodated in immemorial-Vatican mild-but-manly speech. While in order to give this imposture, this abominable perversion, the flavor if not the substance of something spiritual, a new sort of piety was required, from which all our previous concepts of things like manhood had been thoroughly wrung out, with the limp, worked-over product amenable to any persuasion at all. The result blithely and incessantly mouthing love, love, easily accommodating the bipolar male invented by Freud precisely for the sodomite relationship, the sorts of guys epitomized in the old Laurel and Hardy movies, the one a whimpering, simpering male mockery of a woman, the other a viciously-sarcastic, sadistic hyper-male who gets obvious morbid satisfaction out of putting his counterpart (Laurel), who frequently breaks into tears, through every sort of humiliating ordeal. Taking great pains to interpret every sensitive, kindly or aesthetical gesture or sentiment of the latter as being effeminate in the extreme. This homosexual duo being the absolute requirement of the modern-day U.S. drone-bomb and boots on the ground advancement of institutionalized sodomy, since it profoundly uproots all connection of morality and faith with character, virtue, integrity, and especially self-respect. A closely-allied New Church Catholicism, whose self-arrogating TV showcase is EWTN, swoons accordingly over The Eucharist while doughtily encouraging young men to march off to sodomy-promoting wars. Since this vilest sort of promiscuity is the liberty we spread everywhere at the point of a guided bomb, and which we would impose on eastern Ukraine, the Soviet Union and all of a comparatively-moral Asia as well. A manly resistance to this contemptible coercion being the main reason that the whole Muslim world takes up arms against the USA and its remotely-inserted spineless geopolitical head-of-state proteges.

Thus evangelical have we Catholics become, according to terms of this New Evangelism of New Church which candidly sets forth procedures to remake the Catholic soul in the image and likeness of the new Sodom-and-Gomorrah-embracing idea.

Hence pursuant to the above do we have the new kind of Catholicism introduced here during the American Revolution by bishop John Carroll, whose nephew was a prominent freemason, with the cleric himself having been introduced by Benjamin Franklin (the last name, interestingly, signifying a heavily-synagogue-controlled medieval trade), crypto-Jew and chief global freemason of his age, to the then-reigning pope. Undoubtedly the same pontiff who had just got done suppressing the Jesuit Order globally in the most heinously-brutal way. Franklin veritably twisting the arm of the latter churchman in order to secure the appointment of the sallow Carroll as plenipotentiary bishop, a sort of legate, a position never before in church history given to a native-born cleric of a mission-land flock. Rather from centuries immemorial the post being filled by someone who could imbue proselytes with the mature, well-developed spirituality of some long-time-Catholic land. That very stability-in-Faith which was precisely what Carroll and Franklin wished to avoid, preparing to spring upon the world this whole new idea of Catholicism, this revolution in the church even more radical than the political one (paraphrasing Carroll) this New Evangelism indeed. The American church destined to serve as a mold, a prototype, for the whole serendipity New Church fantasy, ally that it would prove to be to a fanatical, morally-nihilistic liberty to be sprung on an entire globe in due time by the military machine of the USA. Slavery, as an eighteenth-century Rothschild-cultivated American synagogue so well knew, being nowhere so well imposed as in the utter libertarian vanquishing of honor and morality from the soul. An integral part of which radicalism was to be the rolling in the isles sort of evangelical, being saved religiosity which would take a council-vitiated church by storm, to replace the old manly piety of strong but silent Catholic men of yore. While likewise and as noted developing a notion of manhood as being unkind and overbearing in speech and manner, readily brutal in deed, with any who fail to thus measure up to this new male standard to be socio-religiously pigeon-holed into the pseudo-feminine role in the homosexual relationship: actually a vicious, perverted mockery of womanhood, a role which in fact no decent, self-respecting woman would ever accept. Even as the true men of the old, gentle and noble Catholic mold, having been sensitive indeed, were the most intrepid of warriors for some just cause, although their arms would have fallen to their sides in refusal to fight for to sorts of things championed today by the USA.

September 22, 2014: Leave it to the U.S. media to dare to trump up I.S. as a bold and romantic new thing.

What person with any shred of decency would characterize the Islamic State--this beheader of little children, this crucifier of Christians, this destroyer of mosques, this hooded executioner who doesn't even bother to use an axe for a beheading, but rather carves away at a neck with a butcher knife--who on this earth would dare to style them as having very effective propaganda, as having a motivating aura of a vigorous group that gets things done? Well, in such very terms are these unnatural fiends described by our newscasters and commentators on major cable and network TV, I.S. needing no promotional staff of its own at all, attracting young homicidal maniacs from near and far, to fill in the ranks which cynical mercenaries and Jewish black-ops-artists first mobilized some months ago--Bank robbery being no requirement at all for these Midases of global finance and their grim enforcers--having taken over a humble insurgent group of a milder, completely different type, stolen its name, as the synagogue so often does, and then imbued it with their diabolical cruelty. Easily shelling out to major news-anchors, or guaranteeing them, on the word of Bebe himself, the biblical front seats in the synagogue, glib figures resembling none-so-much as 1950's payola scandal disk jockeys who would praise some newly-released rock-and-roll number as heading to the top of the charts, a favor done with a big-dollar price attached. So must we conclude too about all these head-shaking, wizened-faced soothsayers of the news media, some of them field-or-general-grade retired-military analysts or terrorism experts, conducting a veritable pro-I.S. pitch which strongly confirms our original contention that I.S. is Jewish from first to last: as some local Muslims making ground-level comments on the TV have indeed been heard to mutter, before their voices could be erased from the sound-track by nimble studio-hands. The so-called Islamic State, just as we noted weeks ago, never being honestly recorded as attacking Jews, rather plainly attempting to eradicate on behalf of the global-and-regional synagogue all the innumerable two-millennium-old historical traces of primitive Christianity in its most sacred relics and depositaries, obliterating some of the most powerful symbols and memorials of the Christian Faith. Indeed, even demolishing some of the most ancient of Judaism-connected shrines, like the tomb of Jonas: suggesting to us yet more the true identity of chief, ruling elements of the modern-day state of Israel. These in fact being pagan Canaanites, as regional observers have been warning us for some seventy or eighty years, when people like Ben Gurion himself were running around making candid statements in that regard, sporting a self-assumed Canaanite name like others of his closest wartime associates. Bloody, infant-sacrificing fiends out of Hell now again stalking the earth as in Old Testament times, “seeking the ruin of souls” and whole populations as well.

These, then, the wonderful Jews which Rubio, Cruz, McCain and most of the combined houses of Congress commit us to defend, joined by religious leaders too often tent-meeting-delirious at the merest mention of the synagogue, to the brutal loss of myriad innocent Palestinian lives, and by way of regional pro-Israeli embroilments, of American lives and the lives of countless other nationals of the region as well. So that we too come to share in the punishment even now being prepared for these latter-day Canaanites, just as did ancient Israelis who proved themselves even more enthused than the servants of Moloch in satanic sacrifices and lurid rites.

September 21, 2014: How deep goes change.

Because the subject is too close to ourselves we easily minimize or disregard effects of the present-day deified dogma-of-change as it impacts our lives: having this egoistic idea that there is something eternally stable and invincible about ourselves and our identity, that no alteration can possibly affect very deeply who and what we most essentially are and must be. Little realizing how very contingent a creature is man, how radically he can be affected by the most seemingly minor and superficial of things. How for instance a brief life-of-riot brings enormous alterations in a character that in some respects can never be retrieved. While even less can we be aware, again being too close to the subject, ourselves, of the merest tabula rasa that we were at birth, at conception: how every single thought or realization we have ever had was somehow provoked by the environment in which we were nurtured and trained. Rather do we prefer to be the brave new man of a Huxlian brave new world, reputedly ready to conquer dark cellars of ignorance and fear, when in fact by accepting modern change wholesale we have roundly disowned every fortifying and consoling iota of who we actually are, rather making ourselves into a piece of pliable putty for every crackpot with power that might happen along. So are we left stripped and beaten on the roadway of life, at the mercy of those very Pharisees who initially urged such a derelict course upon our excited minds.

Plainly involved in the retention of tradition is the fact of divine fatherhood: that the Good God lovingly formed us in those ties, qualities and realizations that make us who we are, that He "did not leave us orphans”, conducting an ongoing gestation, indeed for Catholic true devotees of Mary one carried out in the very mysterious chamber of her Heavenly womb, this kind of conception and bringing-to-term at least as real as the earthly-maternal one from whence we first so ruddily came forth. Hence we cannot possibly be something outdated or outmoded, while those who would repudiate their training are the merest nothings doomed to be shot out the canon of a nihilistic futurism growing wilder, more alienating by the day. As unearthly irruptions like the Islamic State so starkly portend: being plainly the final instrument of the fiend and his earthly henchmen in the eradication of everything each of us can possibly hold dear. A tool fit perfectly to ultimate doomsday-synagogue designs for we the goyim, the biblical rest of men, the Hebrews as always using surrogates and a pantomime-of-disguises to hide behind. We having meekly surrendered the family home, all forms of pious obedience, our own faithfulness to ourselves, many adopting in the place of these sacred treasures abominable sodomy and other such execrable things. Comprising that final degradation which cannot possibly allow for a noble character learned from generations of upright souls.

Young people of today, do you really want to continue to wallow in such an identity-less mire? Alas, a Good and fatherly God makes allowance for our ignorance, for our having been led astray, and even the Apostle speaks of the early Christians as having previously been immersed in things of which we are now ashamed. We can indeed reclaim our holy and honorable patrimony: there just is not a great deal of time. Do read these pages for some ideas about how to set about this reclamation, on this noblest of crusades, this most indubitably victorious of Confederacies.

Above all things today, as distinct from a past era in which men need not have been near so wary, we must be masters of our own formation, sharing deeper precincts of our minds and hearts only in tiny parcels, and only to those we genuinely know and trust, not allowing ourselves to be molded by teachers and media-figures, bosses and associates, siblings or street-wise know-it-alls, according to their sweet will and whim. Required for this all-necessary vigilance being the daily traditional habit of meditation, which is to say a putting-in-order of our interior life. Here being the factotum which can cure every inner ill, can harbor new departures, true contrition and holy resolve, if given a chance, but a recourse which needs certain preliminaries of peace, of solitude, of mortification (penance, fasting, vigils, and so on) discussed here and there on this page, to be found in traditional Catholic literature fast becoming an unknown, even among traditionalists. Here being an inner voyage at which the Savior will not leave us abandoned, He Who sleeps somewhere in the hull of our inward vessel, Who when required will rise and calm the threatening waves. The reclamation, the self-examination that comprises this inner casting-of-nets—notional webbing to be spread out at dawn, to separate fishes good from bad—being essential to the refitting of our interior being, a noble re-habitation, a re-feathering of our inner moral-and-spiritual nest, which basically every authority met with by youth today, from the pre-school nanny to the post-graduate double-PhD, is going to struggle against with all their strength, vindictively claiming that their input rightly trumps your own at every turn. Which poisonous assertion once accepted renders one a personal-sovereignty without borders or border-guards, since in fact we alone are the only mind and will personally or existentially involved, without whose constant and militant input all is lost.

September 17, 2014: We threw everything overboard for you, now where is our reward?

Here is something all these doughty Tea Party people might be asking any day now, as did ultimately no doubt not a few of the original Boston-Bay Mohawks as well, after lustily throwing overboard so much good tea. While the little riddle is no doubt most applicable of all to those New Church Catholics who some decades ago rushed-to-progress with such enthusiasm out the double doors of Vatican II, and who today are represented so swimmingly-well with Father Jim or on EWTN. Catholics or not, Yanks gave up happy families, virtuous and non-addictive children, their own pious and recollected souls, all of which and much more rode in stately tide out progressive open windows and doors. When the inevitable floods came all this jostled helter-skelter to float first-in-line along with pipe-organs, customs and usages, neo-gothic architecture, civic and family discipline, self-respect, neighborhood peace. And at long last indeed even post-Johnson racial harmony, now drifting free, revealed to have been a dead-spirited bureaucratic misadventure become a bloody and barbaric mockery for the whole globe to see. And then at last came we ourselves, on the crest of the tide, dislodged, carried away bag, baggage and end-table on an undulating ride, atop floods which flowed with unperturbed abandon out the front door, washing our silt-covered selves off somewhere down the road, who knows where. Ah, progress!, no doubt some few doughtier ones will say. We will rebuild!, no doubt the doughty mayor will proclaim when he steps to the mike. But with what, may I ask?

To keep the relentlessly-bankrupting, 70-trillion-indebted progress-dynamic going it was of course necessary to keep stoking all the foreign wars, with no demur from a wired-in, progress-dazzled father Jim, since as any i-pad-toting middle-schooler knows the military-industrial complex is where we get our greatest technological advances from. Hardly striking us with horror, this future-generation-sacrificing vision of progress, as it would have our ancestors long ago, we eagerly keep this make the world safe apparatus from getting rusty from disuse, we already have too many embarrassing old and not-so-old bombers and fighters in mothballs out on the desert floor, Yanks getting pushy and arrogant with the biblical rest of men. Exceptionalist Americans throwing in a few false-flag operations for good measure, partnering with terrorists in Africa, allied with mob-and-financier-chosen “democratically elected” stooges in Eastern Europe, with shameless drug-industry kingpins in Latin America or Southeast Asia, all to mesmerizing unanimities of Fox and CNN. For in the best circles any riot anywhere has come to be accepted as democratic assembly, as long as squeals of pink-haired perverts or yells and concussions of bomb-throwing revolutionaries fill the air. But as any hyper-patriotic Yank holds, the rest of men deserve no better than all that, most of them being backward, “incapable of democratic institutions”, religious fanatics, and so on. Real and rational human beings being by this standard a mere miniscule fragment of the human race. The liberal democracy of Tea Partiers of yesteryear bringing to ignorant-but-grateful global souls boons of fracking and processed foods, sodomy-marriage and abortion-on-demand. Why, even John Kennedy doughtily asked ask not in the face of the mounting monstrous lie, although when even he had second thoughts he was quickly if unfortunately gunned down, while he could still be remembered as a martyr for the marching progress-cause.

Read here, good reader, for a better take on life, where the rewards are realistic and relatively humble, where treason does not sing a clutching rendition of patriotism, where the common good, with the honor of God and His law the sole legitimate purpose of the state, isn't just a bundle of illusions that end up in tyranny and poverty, genocide and war. We here at the New and Better Confederacy and co-joined Anti-Sodomy Crusade don't need, in some standard Pentagon “how clumsy of me” kind of accident, to effectively fund and equip some hideous Islamic State to be a boggy-man to keep the whole earth in a terror-driven coalition of the willing, the way an AIPAC-subservient Washington does. This to provide new vistas and cash-cow-pastures for this nihilistic, earth-denuding progress-machine, and an increasingly-ascendant, future-humanity-annihilating successor global Jewish state.

September 16, 2014: Comments on the steady assimilation of The Ukraine into the digestive system of a globe-conquering NATO, or proxy-USA, with the EU already passive and inert sovereign-fragments in the Yankee gut. Uncle Sam and his divine pretensions positively guarantee perpetual global instability. Why love it or leave it doesn't apply.

For one thing, there's no longer anywhere to go.

Herein is found the very epitome of fanaticism of the most incendiary kind, this contradictory elevation of a secular political philosophy into a deliriously-swooned-over religion all-its-own: creating a fast-proliferating cancer which (by the nature of the beast) forthwith attempts to remake the earth according to its own image and likeness, rapidly taking on celestial pretensions that cannot possibly apply. Indeed, outsized make the world safe skullduggeries of our official apparatus, a secretive-if-highly-polemicized project organized from the start out of an eighteenth-century Rothschild-led synagogue through variously mission-privy secret societies of every stripe, should long ago have met their ignominious Waterloo. But trying to interdict this level of cosmic condescending arrogance is like trying to contain water in a pot full of holes: if it doesn't overflow in one place, not to worry it simply flows out somewhere else. The agenda of the remorseless cabal involved always first-and-last whatever it takes, in a new and yet-more-fanatical take on the end justifies the means, with Godly morality being ponderously trampled underfoot at every turn. The upshot over the past decades since a vanguard Reagan administration being an universal, market-and-military-driven, citizen-spying-and-beggaring, institution-disintegrating global revolution, engineered toward the increasingly-candid erection of a global Jewish state: one over which Jews in Tel Aviv, New York and Jerusalem can publicly preen but we Christians cannot so much as mention, for fear of being called anti-Semitic. The shambles EU economy, together with a Merkel/Obama attempt at a new totalitarian European empire, standing in stark testimony to earth-denuding methods involved. Even as it was the Jew Adolph Hitler himself who was the original master engineer of it all, creating a fantastically-choreographed Jewish martyrdom out of a few dozen photos of starved and ragged men of unidentified nationality in concentration camps, with the subscript simply affixed, six million Jews. Here indeed being arranged a Jewish replacement crucifixion, to mindlessly motivate a coming global revolution, fists-in-the-air Orwellian/1984 style. While most of the disappearing Jews ended up not in Auschwitz but in the new Mecca of Israel, to enjoy a catered-to luxury-life untold.

True nationhood being intrinsically local and self-delimiting in nature, self-serving form-of-government pretenses to one side, this globalist project, its oddly-generic name itself, the United States, significantly suggesting open-ended possibilities of every kind, has thus never actually evinced the proper earmarks of nationhood at all. With the average Yank however, although in rapidly-decreasing numbers, absolutely and patriotically buffaloed as to hidden intent: all-of-which program-of-deceit invites wholehearted opposition from men of goodwill. The first main task ahead of us all being to simply clear our minds of all the sheer sanctimony of the D.C. crowd and their local secret-society ancillaries of every stripe. Including a hyper-patriotic Tea Party which is just as treacherous in its own peculiar way as the radical-liberal wing: the latter destroying domestic morality, the former in practical terms ignoring morality entirely, while plying the above-noted secular-religion of my country right or wrong. We must all become inured to declarations and proclamations of these armchair heroes, bloody madmen and criminally-aggressive perverts who now rule the land: opting for that New and Better Confederacy which, ultimately, by popular choice, as events will bear out, under the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, will alone defeat this satanic infestation of our native land. For which we will find a new and properly-lovely name. We must no longer make some sort of national institution out of the standard Yankee swagger, impiety and overbearing exceptionalism: this catastrophe-bearing, juvenile spirit which pays back in every sort of domestic and international disorder. Presently noisily agitating toward a universal culture-of-sodomy, in a disgusting perversion such as grave disobedience to the divine law has from the beginning always cultivated when given free rein.

September 15, 2014: The poisonous term conspiracy theory given another high-level go.

The tiringly-familiar disclaimer was again airily made from a public podium a day or so ago, this time by the New Zealand prime minister in his denial of an eminently-verifiable mining of the whole trunk of communicational data of all down under citizens by the government there. “Just another guy pushing a conspiracy theory”, was the standard supercilious reply to words of a South-Pacific whistleblower like Snowden. It goes without saying that glib rejoinders about conspiracy theory, sharing rare tones of sanctimony with Fox or CNN generals fulminating about war, would be prime Band-Aids for collective guilty consciences, on an earth where various types and levels of organized crime both private and official constitute a constantly-uncovered chief reality of our day, in many ways pouring in concrete the way people are forced to live and work. And hence it is among the most cunningly-conspiratorial (and amply-rewarded) that the phrase is most incessantly used, bantering a Freudian veritable act of faith in the spontaneous immediacy of human conduct of every kind. Indeed it almost brings agnostic tears to some eyes, this cherished conviction that deeds-of-mortals always irrupt on a sort of spur of a yen, while most vituperatively of all upholding that bad guys only do bad things under the rush of an overpowering emotion that quickly and completely spends itself, once given violent and volcanic release. Indeed that these feverish and maladroit malefactors scarcely have enough attention-span to be able to convey the urge to someone else, let alone to a whole string of “imagined” conspirators, culprits as if quickly losing incendiary fire-water through cupped fingers of their hands. Alas, it is basically just the sexual determinacy core principle of Sigmund Freud all over again: that all life is just one big orgasm, and those who think it is not are all dangerous and deranged, paranoid. Can we be surprised at all about the way things have gone since Freud roamed at large around 1902, and we quickly gave him charge of collegiate departments throughout the land? It is the same old routine discussed here so frequently, retaining ample currency on fraudulent claims of yet-another mendacity: namely the stock acceptance of this monster-lie in particular and of Freudianism or quasi-Freudianism in general as being intellectually respectable, sophisticated, the mark of an agile and subtle mind. The same kind of "gay"-bar respectability greeting assays of all these spontaneous generation scientists as that accorded to the "theory" of evolution crowd: plying a statistically-mega-impossible "scientific" pronouncement that has never risen above the level of radical bomb-throwing conjecture to any degree. For "proof" of which "unearthed" pig-bones of Tielhard de Chardin and a half-dozen others had to be supplied.

September 13, 2014: "We have to awaken the Middle Easterners against ISIL."

Having the gall to suggest that "the Iraqis are dragging their feet" against ISIL, or that Middle Easterners as a whole "expect us to fight their wars for them", conveniently ignores the Bush I/Clinton/Bush II/Obama dragging-of-the-region, kicking and screaming, into this twenty-some year long drone-bomb/dirty-bomb/"boots on the ground" bloodbath, from out of an Iraqi paradise of cutting-edge technology and plentiful college degrees, under a Saddam Hussein whom most Iraqis positively loved. Having thus violently ruptured a land in many ways almost idyllic in which Sunnis and Muslims made families together traditionally for generations already, it was thereafter we ourselves who summarily scotched our own "surge", making fratricide-cultivating "mistakes" that would shame a three year old. This Islamic State monster being only another symptom of the standard nihilistic/apocalyptic American "make the world safe". But such obvious things being said, it must also be remembered soberly that the "awakening" of any number of Russian citizens against Stalin was scarcely able to bring an end to his bloody communist regime; while neither did any "awakening" bring about the ouster of the butcher and madman Mao Zhe Dung. The two together responsible for the deaths of well-over a hundred million, all told. Indeed, it is abundantly obvious to us here that the Islamic State enjoys the same level of invincible, high-level, impenetrably-secretive Jewish financial and political backing as did the systems of these two fiends of the twentieth century, not so very long ago. Pursuant to which it is no coincidence that we ourselves let ISIL have all those heavy weapons and other costly equipment, while we sat by and twiddled our thumbs. ISIL indeed plainly-enough having the same sort of signature-Jewish New-World-Order-vintage global commission for a destabilizing/globe-transforming bloodletting of epic proportions as did forerunners noted above, even as armed personnel are conveniently masked to keep myriad numbers of Jewish and Caucasian leaders and "convincers" from being correctly identified. All this uncannily resembling post-Diem-coup Vietnam, with the CIA or local-operative-arranged assassination of the on-the-whole beloved leader, predictably a Catholic, precipitating the loss of most of the hamlets of the entire country to the Viet Cong, kicking off the infamous and signature-overbearing U.S. policy of a regional population-emptying and placing in refugee camps. Partial willingness for which was elicited, ISIL-style, by the convincing way that Vietnamese village chiefs were disemboweled before the eyes of their own families when they proved hesitant to "go along" with the VC and their steadily-infiltrating North Vietnamese bosses. (Thankfully, there were few exhortations delivered to these tormented people toward "courage" back then, at a time when American leaders and diplomats had a little more brains than they do now). IS because of staggeringly-similar tactical and strategic surrenders being able just as handily as Stalin or Tamerlane to unleash a deluge of terror of the very same action-paralyzing intensity as did the Viet Cong, or the equally-grizzly "Uncle Joe" of a Roosevelt generation before.

No, experts on CNN and in the White House, the awakening that is required is against those who now rule the globe from the West, and who use these wars, cultivate these fanatics, for their own secretive order-overthrowing, totalitarian goals. Having indeed been doing so in accelerating fashion for a couple of centuries and more, largely through surrogates like the Freemasons and other fierce-or-innocent-sounding secret-societies of every shape and size. But most critical of all, it is a spiritual battle which above all else must be waged, and only the Catholic Crusade as announced here on this site can successfully defeat all these hideous revolutionary nihilisms, as typified in this latest synagogue-piloted onslaught against humanity. For Catholicism alone is given the power from Heaven, as testified by St. Joan of Arc, Blessed Nun Alvarez Pereira and countless others, to accomplish such great things.

September 11, 2014: Purity the organizing essence of Catholic civic life and of the New and Better Confederacy as well.

Just as filth and degradation form the kernel of the Marxist/Jacobin revolutionary doctrine of the ages, as among Zealots, Albigensians and other heretics of yore, in a social and personal nihilism which reproduces the contaminating chaos of Hell here on earth, so conversely does purity, honor, integrity, goodness, chivalry form the inner core of the Gospel-Catholic civic Way. These two approaches-to-life being utter polar to one another, irreconcilable, in mortal enmity for all eternity, in ceaseless warfare until the end of time. The partisans of filth and civic disorder, represented most prominently by the Jews, likewise employing abominable falsehood in every possible way to achieve their aims, readily indeed enlisting themselves as moles in causes opposed to their own objectives so as to work havoc on all contrary forms, indeed showing themselves the most vociferous and radical in advancing things in which they do not really believe. If possible bringing dire consequences of foolish excess upon ranks they have thus deceived. Hence the requirement of sincerity, among those of the Crusade, the one thing that cannot be falsely duplicated for very long: earnestness being furthermore proven in deeds more than in words, while the words of the honest are also likewise typically few. Yet a further set of vigilant measures is also required, in ancient prohibitions toward Jews, forbidding their conduct of banking, their holding public office or even indeed their owning of real property, to name a few: simply because they are a proven and indeed self-declared enemy of the state, of the economy, having in their minds ultimately this vision of a Jewish-dominated "world in flux" which is sheer hysterical fantasy. While finally required most certainly of all is the reestablishment of the Inquisition: a court historically almost entirely commissioned with investigating Jewish infractions in any of these regards, being tasked in particular to uncover synagogue infiltrations of the Catholic priesthood and other such mole-like frauds. For thus always and indeed far worse are traitors and enemy infiltrators treated by any sane and prudent land.

Alas, because of a centuries-long lapse of these crucial defensive measures, we have in the place of the noble and peaceful Civilization of the past the institutionalized revolution of our own day, set-in-concrete through path-dependencies of global financial arbitrage, being a stranger to the divine law, working an ironclad and inescapable centralization of an order-overthrowing, Orwellian, all-determining kind. One which will admit of no islands-of-resistance such as Russia and its sphere-of-influence represent. In this way then the very possibility of anyone, let alone whole nations or organizations, cultivating pious habits is put in dire jeopardy indeed. Were such a materially-advanced world as that of today organized in a Godly way, then of course the potential for good would be nearly unlimited, but such is not the case, and this indeed by meticulous "path dependent" design. Every element of our system rather being marshaled toward the dominion of a perverse few, who strain toward the production of an earthly existence which gradualistically excludes every good and Godly thing. Their evil empire remorselessly squandering resources created by a loving God, acting in insolent concert to achieve totalitarian aims.

Thus then do we here on this site necessarily hearken back to attitudes and practices of earlier times, as modern forms are inevitably over-centralized: that sort of structuring wherein ever-burrowing Jews so comfortably hide, being "men in soft garments who live in the palaces of kings", and doubly-so in bureaucracies. The system advocated here being loose-knit, as the name "A New and Better Confederacy" indeed so forcefully implies. A Dixie of course no longer employing slavery, nor stained by backward racism, rather envisioning a Black nobility as well as a White, each with its proper sphere-of-influence, of economic power: this latter a critical arbiter of a marvelous level of equality-of-treatment which overbearing, condescending agencies can never achieve. A Confederacy, finally, which dispenses with the idea of an absolute state sovereignty, but rather sees the fifty constituent states as exercising an unyielding local self-rule in matters properly local in nature, which includes an ironclad right to refuse to serve in wars considered unjust or foolish: this the most obviously local right there could possibly be, since it is local men who will shed their blood, not some imaginary national breed. While the states would claim rights of consultation over all other matters, in a painstaking process in most routine cases still best expressed by the tried-and-true medieval granting-and-receiving, or rejection-and-revision, of charters.

September 13, 2014: A chief public-order-solvent falsehood of Vatican II: that love is always expressed in forgiveness or indulgence, and that their opposites are always driven by hate.

Most of the falsehoods of the council were of this kind: short-and-sweet but extremely deadly, carrying with them this idea that the Christian message has suddenly been radically simplified, so that a ga, ga two-year-old could understand it all, and that anything any more complicated than one-two-three carries unmistakable marks of duplicity or hypocrisy. It is basically just hippy-pad Christianity, ending in every sort of moral and social disorder, as the Hussite/Jacobin history of the post-council "odd new church" predicted by the stigmatic Anne Katherine Emmerich has so graphically shown. All the laboriously-hammered-out measures of past Catholic ages toward moral order, family and public tranquility being overthrown in a trice in hysterics of such simplistic thinking, and millions set marching to this new "love, love, love" idea which has no practical parameters of any benign or constructive kind.

Indeed, we do not love someone if we are encouraging them to fling their soul into Hell: that which is the deeper significance of any hasty hugging-to-ones-breast of some evil-doer or rebellious child. No, we admonish them, and then if they do not listen we set ourselves in firm opposition to them, finally shunning them, as the very Scriptures enjoin, precisely because we love them and wish them well. Be they our own child, the head of IS, or the Israeli PM. Hence too this whole phony idea of forgiveness, that which has largely become the do-all and the end-all of the whole Vatican II reform, the false new forgiveness a gross mendacity dealt with frequently here on this page, as it is met with everywhere you go and with devastating effect today. This new brand of pardon being the gateway to a crass new impunity on the part of the offender, and conversely a destroyer to that self-respect absolutely necessary to the Christian life, whereby we cannot be "humble at the expense of Christ", nor turn ourselves into doormats for every vicious type. Christianity, Catholicism not being a religion of absolute and unqualified submission, as it is universally billed today: scarcely being designed by Christ as a kind of Gandhiism on a cosmic scale, marked by a drippy sanctimony which is a perversity of a whole new type. (No one seems to know or care that Gandhi himself was a notorious homosexual, and barbarically cruel to a wife thus ignobly betrayed). Rather is our Faith one of a noble integrity as "when knighthood was in flower": being gentle, meek, it is true, but only to that median point wherein all moral virtue lay. Any other claim being heretical and subversive to the very core.

August 31, 2014: Unnatural temptation not a sign of an unnatural "tendency", but only an onslaught directly from Hell.

The embarrassment caused by this subject is precisely the reason that falsehoods about it are rife, a fact taken-advantage-of by a certain vicious and overbearing "educated" breed. Men today being misled in droves, being eagerly apprised by legions of progressives that any random impulse at all toward unnatural behavior brands one as a sodomite, or (sic) a "gay", for life. In the powerful currency of this mammoth indictment being revealed not only modern complete ignorance of moral theology, of the vulnerability of men to diabolical assaults, which can take any form the fiend might wish, but our ignorance in large measure of our own bodily condition as well. Vatican II having beatified Freud in advance of a whole string of antipopes, rather than throwing needed light on paths-of-the-mind which Freud would strew with treacherous booby-traps of every kind: the enigmatic late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century figure having announced from the podium of an already-dominant Jewish academia the Jacobin notion that sex, an instinct we share with the insects, is all-determining to human conduct. Thus maliciously catering to the easy predominance of passion in Original-Sin-trammeled human thoughts, words and deeds. In fact the natural law, that body of legislation "written on the human heart", requires effort for its observance just as does the divine positive law of the Ten Commandments, there being no breed of "real men" or "real women" for whom it is "natural" to be natural, without any real effort at all. The fallacy here as in so many other things Jewish being semantic, a scarcely-scholarly play-on-words. Nature here not meaning anything involuntary, like the functioning of an endocrine gland, hence too the ugly modern mendacity that sodomites are "born that way", but "natural" in this sense being rather something perceived as eminently fitting to the mind and soul. With purity in particular being thus naturally prized for the very difficulty with which it is attained, being that part of our human composition most impacted by Original Sin. Thus are things accurately perceived and honorably conceived, the inner tribunal being the only arena in us that properly "determines" such things. While indeed even that miniscule percentage of the population which is actually physically impaired with respect to sex has historically been known to be able to contain: especially in that pre-Freudian time when sex was hardly thought to be the do-all and the end-all of life. Faithfulness to any facet of the moral law thus not at all being stamped upon any soul indelibly, "naturally", as is the divine vision on the angelic hosts. Our manly adherence to all moral strictures being thus voluntary, being strengthened indeed every time we repulse a perverse or immoral thought, word or deed. The legendary woodsman or primitive who exists in such ruddy fashion in most modern minds, who has never had an unnatural thought or fleeting desire, does not really exist in real terms: as attested by multitudes of muscular athletes or intrepid soldiers who visibly color-with-embarrassment in the presence of the effeminate, in the shock of an anomaly of this kind.

Indeed, the very fact that someone of the same sex can cause some momentary attraction only confirms that men and women have more in common than what sets them apart. Husband not cleaving to wife as to some strange creature radically apart, who for that very reason with sloppy Neanderthal reasoning he is required to "conquer", to "overcome", even to the most twisted minds to rape and otherwise torment and humiliate, but rather as "flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone", in a mysterious union, a mutual honoring, both to a relative-opposite and to one intimately, metaphysically identified-with. Here being the whole magnificent wonder of the relationship, that which makes it so cosmic and three-dimensional, while in stark contrast our entire soul testifies to the demeaning mockery of its attempted duplication in wretched thralls of sodomy.

September 6, 2014: Traditional culture and Civilization not prisons but dovecots. Article reworked next day.

Today standing trenchantly opposed to these handed-down treasures are a whole plethora of restrictive institutions, whether of school or media, corporation or government, with traditional culture and civilization, the familiar milieu of our ancestors, being incessantly portrayed as backward, potentially-terroristic, "breeding grounds" for "madmen" who are "opposed to" or "afraid of" "progress". Ah, by the time you have absorbed that much psycho-dramatic buckshot in your notional belly it is anticipated that you will never again invoke culture, tradition or Civilization-with-a-capital-C, which is Christian in character, as treasures of your own. While if you and your fellow-citizens show yourselves a bit hesitant about such an earth-denuding, nihilistic, identity-denying, apocalyptic relinquishment, then barbarisms of "terrorists" and "madmen" will be sprung on you, newer versions of 9/11, right out of the secretive bowels of the Mossad, SAS and the CIA. Then indeed "we the people" are anticipated to stand in a gray mass shoulder-to-shoulder, as in Orwell's own 1984, fists in the air, shouting in doughty futuristic/patriotic fervor "united we stand!"

In fact the two Cs free us from the tyranny of just such cunning opponents whose perfidies are described above, while liberating us too from simple common despotisms of physical existence, of elements mechanical or semi-voluntary in character: irrational components of life which will dominate us easily without these formative guides, culture and Civilization, causing us to miserably "lose the forest for the trees". Culture, the more local of the two, and Civilization, that universal in which the local peacefully resides, giving us reference-points by which to deal with a human life otherwise absolutely dominated by stultifying, action-inhibiting minutiae, by engrossing primitive impulses, by imperatives and complexities of the here-and-now. Prostration-to-which, as you might well have guessed, makes us easily controlled by, who else but, ever-hovering "there is no alternative" powers noted above. These Judeo-Masonic, secrecy-enveloped interlopers namely who progressively design a school-system, a media and corporate culture which cultivate violent and promiscuous passions, which leave soul and mind "stripped and beaten" in the roadside ditch of human life. These alleged modern-day boons released upon us like highwaymen of the most cruel and unruly form. Modern "enlightened" institutions having for-the-most-part turned us out entirely unprepared for the realities of life, entirely backward, dominant fixtures having proven mortal enemies rather than friends.

Of course the moral law, both as law-of-nature and as traditionally contained in various degrees of faithfulness in law codes of various lands, is the paramount organizer of our mortality, the innermost nesting-place for minds-and-souls otherwise overwhelmed by particulates and minutiae of every kind. Morality the blueprint for the dovecot itself, a clean conscience the innermost comfortable nesting-place within for a harried mind, to which our ranging thoughts, hopes and inspirations may safely return, and from which they may with happy confidence go forth, to do good and positive things, to face minutiae of life with resolute and pacific souls. This familiar, beloved, feather-lined cocoon of sorts for the soul to be found in the solid, sheltering dovecot that the two Cs comprise, when faithfully built upon the moral law. While those doves, our souls, find the most secure of those feathered retreats when they have found the Holy Mother of God, the New Eve, the ineffable housekeeper within, who keeps all our thoughts and motives childlike, pure, sincere, if only we place them firmly and unequivocally in her care. There being nothing desperate about such a soul, as in New Church spirituality, which must always speak of mercy, being only too aware that its profession-of-faith is street-savvy and sophisticated rather than "as that of little children", in that simplicity whereby we may alone be confident, the double-doors of Heaven being thrown open wide. Having instead opted to accept the patently-false version of civilization, of education, and so on, noted above. Their "new evangelism", in actual fact a whole new religion, not Catholicism at all, being rather a scheme like that of the ancient Pharisees, whereby they haughtily claimed to understand, and "therefore did their sin remain". A heretical approach of which this "venerable" bishop Sheen was designated mid-twentieth-century point-man, continuing assiduously the cunning work of an eighteenth-century bishop John Carroll before him, vis-a-vis Judeo-Masonic political principles of Revolutionary times. Sheen, his boyish grin and boorishly-dull humor taking us all, I a lad of seven or eight, fatally off-guard, not only continuing the undermining false sociopolitical doctrine of Carroll, but also championing the nefarious psychological principles of the proven pervert, the immorality-peddling Sigmund Freud, together with the ideas of a whole array of other false teachers as well.

August 21, 2014: More on Ferguson and the "only saying 'Lord, Lord'" of New Church.

For more than a millennium the English personality was interwoven inseparably with the rosary, Holy Mass and the stations of the Cross, so that plainly foregone for sixteenth-century English Reformers was much of their human identity and character as well. The Faith tending to take into its warp and woof all things human, from the intimately personal to highest political realms, elements which accordingly get "pulled out by the entrails" with the loss of the body/soul totality of the One True Faith. Thus too modern-day Yanks whose Colonial ancestors were only a generation or two away from sixteenth-century Reformers, close-forerunners who so violently rejected all things Catholic under Elizabeth's bloody reign: numerous Colonials having indeed been doughty veterans of Cromwellian anti-Catholic pogroms and atrocities in Ireland, from whence indeed the very Islamic State itself of today might eagerly take a page. Savage terrors fated to vent with renewed vigor on largely-Catholic Indians in New England, Canada and out on the Western mountains and plains. Human interaction for bible-thumping rejecters of "human traditions", the term's intended meaning twisted out of all recognition, creating predictably men who readily dispense with tender emotion, let alone with highly-expendable racial harmony. This all-deciding Calvinist/Jacobin strain in the American character, this inseparable rejection of culturally-and-politically-articulated Catholic mercy and love, thus tending in worst extremes to partake of ancient and medieval matter-hating Gnosticism, part of a long line of merciless, human-nature-despising ritual-purisms, amid which Baal-worshipping Canaanite baby-killers then and now take unique pride-of-place. People of all eras for whom noted heartfelt and humane facets of the Faith are ever regarded in the most hostile or condescending way. A religion of grimly "believing on Him" without admitting the salubrious influence of domestic devotion of two thousand years, as American mass-slayings of centuries so graphically show, always threatening to dissolve into some sort of nihilism, having only strengthened over the centuries since Plymouth Bay, naturally conferring on equally-fierce "end game" descendants of today a vacuum of affective nature, a void of relenting human qualities which once enriched every family or neighborhood, institution or town. Involving social redundancies richly-native to the English and other Europeans for centuries in time. Americans not being satisfied with to-the-bone-scourings here, going on to impose the culturally super-sanitary upon nations large and small, in a thorough excising of "unwashed" indigenous elements that might surface somewhere on the globe, doughtily uprooting anything like a sacred cultural continuity out of "partner" nations, characteristics counted by the buckle-hatted as so much moral dross. This ever-irrupting syncretism, nowadays cast in fire-and-sword-bearing "born again" terms, connoting more than anything else moral and emotional despair, in a mindset shorn of mitigating human association wherever it is found, from South Asia to mid-America to Tel Aviv. A void for which Gnostic attempts at latter-day "Rapture" or other cloud-level infiltrations of angelic ranks is no answer at all. Hence predictably is this void in the American soul luridly evident in events in Ferguson of recent days.

Thus while ancestral propensities of kindness, courtesy and reasonable restraint have been continually and contemptuously repudiated for generations since Plymouth Bay, with bloody "nation building" forming our policies abroad today and yesterday, provoking native reactions of grizzly-but-impotent rage, at home policemen shoot down unarmed Black men as if they were so many stray dogs. Here being an intergenerational moral laceration whose needed genuinely-Catholic remedies have however been continually and contemptuously rejected out-of-hand. Indeed in all the above do we find the mocking figure of the Pharisee heckling the very Savior on His Cross, scorning His willing embrace of the frailty of our mortal nature, His foregoing of aggressive-warrior or "master race" advantages eagerly awaited in the synagogue-version of the Messiah to come. Rather did Our Blessed Lord wholeheartedly accept that "infirmity" in which the Apostle indeed "gloried", a veritable misery being for us the essential preliminary to grace, to the divine presence, that indwelling among mortals borne in biblical "frail vessels", containers alone of charity or divine love. Yet on these shores a daily disowning of the Catholic ethos of culturally-articulated love and its replacement by the blunt, sardonic and racially-charged is somehow proudly made the "exceptionalist" rule, in a new kind of religion which finds human worth not in interior things of the soul but in economic or racial, industrial or militaristic terms.

Indeed this errant appeal of Calvinism's iron-chinned, antiseptic approach was not at all lost on bishops at the wanna-be Reformer council of Vatican II: churchmen ready indeed to make the above-noted frontal charge across a human/angelic metaphysical divide, a synod which was nothing if not the recrudescence of Gnostic/Quietist notions dear to all aspiring disembodied souls. The incessant "love, love, love" like a papal "sound of one hand clapping" a trance-inducing ether to obviate "a multitude of sins": pleading no need for modern-day-Calvinists to give up their morbid, works-rejecting, political-order-hijacking pathologies. While less-admittedly encouraging Catholics to follow these radical heretics, doughty fife-and-drum style, down the same vindictive, revolutionary, Manifest Destiny path. Of sudden, rigorously-implemented, "end game" "liberal-democratic", secular-messianic changes, despising ploddingly-patient, humanity-accommodating, divinity-honoring methods of before.

Hence for New Church souls along with all the artfully-disguised intolerance comes a "loving" Vatican-II ostentation, one which however Yankee-Doodle-dutifully turns on a dime, as tactically-nimble middle-and-upper classes who now fill Catholic pews know especially well how to do, and discretely downplays manifold injustices done to Blacks in Ferguson every day. A deft-handed shell-game being performed at which EWTN commentators, "spiritual directors" and newscasters can be most adroit. This "new spirit", actually as old as sin, blowing in gusts from "open windows" of Vatican II, mingled with gritty early-Reformer particulates of every shape and size: even as the same moral-effort-thrifty spirit finds seeming-polarity but actual close-cousin in stark impunities of politically-correct D.C. and Catholic-Charities-sponsored Central Americans calmly crossing our borders day to day, and getting set-up with every need ingratiatingly satisfied. For plainly by dint of the new "love, love" religion comes the duly-disembodied axiom that some injustice done to someone must somehow be counterbalanced by equally-unfair bouts-of-indulgence to somebody else, so long as the Stock Market bell-ringingly approves this "free market" trade. This the whole problem in an empty, pathological nutshell: this New Church overflowing emotional palaver cheek-to-jowl with stone-faced domestic cruelty and lucrative unjust war, all to the tune of a deliriously-emotional, highly-celebrated but entirely insincere notion of love.

In all this we Catholics far outpace Protestant-racist neighbors whose centuries-old morally-truncated "do or die" training makes them pitifully-uninformed in so many ways: as we who should know better "love" so noisily while openly denying simple justice to those it is not held kosher or "patriotic" to thus oblige. Having heartily embraced morally-flinty stock-market values to the bitter and bloody end, going from there to unblinkingly let generations of farmers in much of California take monstrous advantage of Mexican-illegal-farm-workers and their families, like the pre-teen we saw, daughter of a migrant-worker, a sweet and kindly girl who seems to have been gotten pregnant by the wealthy farmer, a maid who by then had a one-year-old child, while a largely-EWTN-watching local White community politely "looks the other way". As such expendable Latin-Americans are "old hat", not being the John-Paulian "love, love, love" "wave of the future" or "cause of the hour". While the same basic thing is done to Palestinians whom Francis put on a par with Netanyahu, in deafeningly wordlessness confirming the old international-law-ignoring saw that both are "equally to blame". Truly, where "appropriate", we do this "love" thing with ample blush and bother, in prodigal spades, with "unpromising" Blacks meanwhile being spoken to on our streets as if they were enemy combatants, as if already-convicted criminals on their way to the pen. This while juvenile-acting good-ole-boy officers openly "go into conniptions" of humorous repartee with perfect-stranger-White-men a few paces away, on the same parking-lots and street-corners, day by day. These enforcers not having gotten to the point of seeing how genuine, trusting, self-sacrificing deed-based love, crowning heirloom of genuine and traditional Catholic Faith, will manfully quell every riot. How such a spirit, such a religion is at the very heart of the boldest courage, and how respect for someone as a person "made in the image and likeness of God", whatever be their real or imagined limitations, whether of an economic or even a moral kind, is the only race relations that has any street-level traction at all.

Predictably enough, many Black men simply will not accept this veiled-yet-open invitation to become virtual or actual whipping-boys, while a pathologically-violent and immature type of American man enjoys unlimited politically-correct prestige: a phenomenon seen innumerable weary times before. As in the "duly"-acquitted LaCrosse-team and Trevon Martin cases, or the lad only the other day in St. Louis shot at least a dozen times for "charging at" the police, a cowardly, pitiless exaggeration captured by a cell-phone nearby, or finally that O.J. Simpson tried-before-the-media prosecutorial mockery-of-justice, which was later able Gestapo-like to track him down and "finally put him behind bars". This whole all-powerful constituency of white-bread Americana, to which otherwise-intelligent newscasters, while skillfully mollifying Black interviewees and listeners, miserably bow-and-scrape, representing a moral and cultural pathology which as noted above has been with us since Plymouth Bay. And indeed as suggested all the way back to the bloody, "antiseptic" Cromwell and the "Dissenter"-Calvinist creed that first bred this nihilistic national moral and mental disease.

August 14, 2014: Fundamental human principles transgressed by the New World Order model of organization.

First of all, intimate knowledge is not to be allowed to strangers: this rule a simple universal which hardly suggests any mental disease like that social paranoia so glibly implied in the term "conspiracy theory": rather indeed are both they who readily share out their deepest secrets and they who seek such violating knowledge to be considered uniquely characterless, dangerous or deranged. Nonetheless, despite such cavernous disadvantages, high-handed totalitarian intrusion is the central organizational principle of the New World Order, which thus cannot be considered worthy of human beings with minds, souls and free wills.

The second major, glaring, humanity-trammeling flaw of this grand new scheme—swallowed without comment at Vatican II—is that dire consequences of any amount of folly or logical contradiction are regularly and remorselessly accommodated within the ranging empires and khanates of New World Order organization: missteps or acts-of-malice whose onus is then inexorably borne by some powerless person, entity or local interest group lower-down on the organizational chart. Some feckless subdivision—among the majority-of-which however all eventually "get their turn"—being effortlessly made to bear all or most of the catastrophic consequences of ineptitude, indifference or even ill-will at the top. But quite the contrary, distributive systems as of yore typically require prudence at every step of the way, being self-accounting, self-policing, tailored to the needs of the locale, self-regulating at every level in the upward organizational climb. These older systems didn't always get things done fast, but they did get them done extremely and comprehensively well, in ways meticulously elaborated to the good of each and all, with a patient reciprocal interweave of consultation the very soul of the political fabric involved. Localized, reciprocating systems, strangers admittedly to "jet lag", seldom allowing someone at the top to reap rich rewards at the expense of some vast or slender sector below: all in the name of an ever-culling or streamlining "progress" deftly eliminating newly-designated "deadweight" at will. The whole logical tendency of which paring-away process—the chief organizational feature of our recklessly-"progressive" times—being to reduce all to vast, easily-ruled sectors commanded entirely from the top, with millions of items of information kept "top secret", with absolutely no accountability at all. Such a system accommodating a host of Orwellian, sometimes deadly liabilities such as we hear-of so tiringly and/or luridly on the evening news. Indeed given fallen human nature, the looming end result of such tyranny is a hyper-"efficient" if carefully-disguised culling of the human race itself, such as we indeed see now before our very eyes, if only we open them up and look. No, Virginia, this isn't conspiracy theory at all, but rather a simple admission of scheming and malevolent tendencies of mortal men climbing to positions of leadership. This under a harebrained system which allows them fantastic levels of unaccountable, divinity-claiming power.

August 13, 2014: A complete revamping of speech one-of-many unheralded elements in the New Church "reform".

Another aspect of the Gnostic heresy of New Church regards a biblically-enjoined curbing of the tongue, with firm prior verbal disciplines everywhere today among Catholics being minimized or callously ignored. Strictures earnestly enjoined in the Epistle of St. James—not only to "love, love" but to the whole gamut of virtues the disciplined tongue so inimitably conveys—being discarded in a singular way in a blunt, barbaric, socially-Jacobin USA, where speech-related restraint is chiefly relegated to the province of "over sensitive" Asians or Europeans. A synagogue-modeled "street-smart" America verbal callousness and borderline barbarity being joined in odd alliance with standard Freudian-American obsessions with "lightening up", "cock of the walk" belligerence with effusive effeminacy, all in stark contrast to most-of-mankind's painstaking cultivation of a noble as well as inoffensive tongue. U.S. parlance being the prelude for many-a "make the world safe" invasion, or tazerless "ask questions later" Ferguson, and the inevitable "in your face" police hectorings and summary arrests that go with it like a hand in a glove. All this far from mankind's more-typical peacekeeping eagerness to do honor to both God and man, our passionate and sagacious desire to share truth, or anything else on lofty, violence-discouraging levels of thought. The human tongue, St. James' epic-consequential "great rudder" on the sea of life, being typically reduced in stature on this side of the pond to instrumental or socially-or-occupationally-tactical concerns, or anxieties over preventing those nervous breakdowns of which Yanks are so mortally afraid: as of some implacable inner Mr. Hyde ready to do a frightful "coming out", to go on a rampage at some unexpected time. Latter-day incarnation of the whole Calvinist "depraved nature" pathology that this engrossing mental-health absorption is—odd variant of a sixteenth-century heresy sprung upon us by "enlightened" academics and professionals of a past century or more—this thought-stultifying preoccupation coming in spades just after an alleged psychosocial Dark Ages: as of a deliciously-non-prepossessed (but of course neurotic) Glen Miller, Leave it to Beaver or My Three Sons. A professionally-certified psycho-sanitary zany or suggestive hilarity of subsequent life and entertainment rudely displacing subtle and innocent charms and classical situation-humor of this "backward" crew, while such novel levity likewise did nimble duty as sturdy ramrod to smash open every "window of the Church", in John XXIII's Jacobin-revolutionary Vatican II. The whole cosmos of conversation under such a "liberation", when not descending to open-or-subtle profanity's darkened depths, finding frequent subject-matter in nail-biting psychiatric concerns: "cares of this world" indeed, grossly crowding-out loftier attentions which previously kept streets at peace, mostly by keeping minds un-prepossessed, sin and passion at bay. Among citizens on world-conquering shores of the USA this prime instrument of social, economic and political reconstruction, the tongue, thus ironically-enough being "put out to pasture" to the most jerk-knee timid or trivial of things: with "those who know how" meanwhile gathering all matters of any consequence under their remorselessly-anti-Christian control. Creating in a mere fifty years the sodomy-prone anti-life universe we have around our ears today.

This reduction of a chief element of religion to sheer utility or mental-health anxiety, fearing or despising a silence once held by denizens of less-crime-ridden times to be "golden", raising to mandatory heights a dolefully-dull water-cooler stand-up comedy, all this efficiently emasculates speech—and pacific, discrete or pregnant silence—from any positive impact upon culture, politics or life. Such alienating palaver going lengths toward releasing the soul like a lone bit of flotsam on a tossing sea, without any spiritual or political harbor in which to find comfort, peace or light. Meanwhile men like Scott Hahn and his inseparable bosom friend on the show "Consuming the Word" make "the Eucharist"—sadly invalid though it most certainly is today—to supply for all such mammoth moral voids: a sacrament in such case quite often unworthily received, finding the soul itself rather someday "consumed" by roaring fires of Hell. Catholicism being efficiently excluded—by an EWTN Doctor Mark sanity-curative dancing-on-one-foot hilarity if nothing more—from the formation of earthly civilized life, while going clumsily from there to a polar-opposite voluble-if-powerless advocacy of every forlorn cause. Having abandoned, like a true Gnostic, all the grubby practical details of organized human life to "those who know what's best", having nothing left to do but make loud statements of protest when perversities and atrocities inevitably prevail. If with lay, priestly or episcopal vignettes of "mind-saving" humor wedged here and there heroically in between.

Thus are Russians in particular and Europeans in general considered potential maniacs or incompetents, simply because men like Putin aren't obsessed with "lightening up" the way Freud-buffaloed Americans are: news anchors and diplomats alike going lengths to hurl this summarily-pronounced polemical/diagnostic battle-axe about "getting into Putin's mind". Such engrossments doing double duty, nicely forestalling the need to actually show us an actual Russian tank or battalion of troops crossing an actual border-crossing: something that with our many electronic means we should be able to do in our sleep. Hovering globally-aired news-counselors scarcely of a consoling kind, plying allegedly-worried-over Slavs with mockeries of the most vicious, juvenile sort. A scarcely-hilarious AIPAC meanwhile solemnly running our White House and State Department while all of us with thus-dearly-bought, hilarity-brokered, rock-star-John-Paulian "love, love" sanity—a whole new psychiatric category indeed—look meekly on.

August 14, 2014: More in-depth considerations on Quietism or Pietism, the central heresy of Vatican II.

Central to the rogue assembly of '62 to '65 is the staggering novel proclamation—whether in disguised or candid terms found in prolix synod statements and documents of every kind—that the centuries-old drift away from practical, institutionally-imbedded Catholicism of the past century and more was a good thing, a matter of "letting fresh air into the open window of the Church". Words which because of their intended mocking symbolism are a feebly-disguised blasphemy of the Holy Ghost: as the latter Good Spirit does very plainly and by dogmatic definition intend such an institutional embodiment and Self-expression, and cannot abide any such belittling or denigration of His often-mysterious actions on this earth over time. Hence central to the whole burden of Vatican II is the perception of the propriety and rectitude of a catastrophic reversal of Catholic practical gains, moral and political advantages garnered over the space of two millennia: alleging the wisdom of a latter-day steady Catholic capitulation before institutional forces of error, immorality and greed such as characterize the past few centuries in frightfully mounting terms. The assertion being thus advanced either that political and social wisdom has been gravely lacking in the Church and its episcopate during the entire Christian Era or that some new form of secular wisdom has sprung forth which is far more advanced, of a whole new order, as of its own superior power and right. However this suggestion of a sort of irruption of a kind of uniquely-mundane practical greatness—a New World Order indeed—said to far supercede traditional Catholic practice and teaching on politics or law: this assertion denies to the Faith its infallibly-defined mandate (in Unam Sanctam and as represented in decretals of two thousand years). Having been divinely commissioned to rule over nations and peoples, and not just to preach them lengthy sermons about "love, love".

This erroneous postulation of a kind of earthly-authoritarian, church-denigrating revelation-all-its-own is an abomination before God not even worthy of reply, an impiety however seemingly bolstered by those "signs and wonders" predicted by Christ to come toward the end of time, prodigies by which, "were it possible, even the elect would be led astray". Among other things, these words certainly biblically-auguring the computer age and all that it so open-endedly entails: earthly-formidable phenomena which in many ways have deceived the minds of modern men like the also-biblical "hissing of the asp". Being falsely driven to the conclusion that the holy sociopolitical wisdom of the ages—of moral and orderly villages and towns, of holy processions attended by official representatives of the state, drawing down the blessings of Almighty God—that all this was inferior to riotous, deadly or unhappy preoccupations of modern men. This simply because we can now fly like birds or communicate in an instant with others around the globe, and because a diminishing few possess a host of material advantages at their fingertips, while most others are held expendable, unworthy even of the most rudimentary human life.

Granted, newer means of proven superior utility for the good of all should be accommodated, but only in strict accord with St. Thomas Aquinas' rule that the turmoil of change must be more-than-compensated-for by universal advantages of what follows. This rule however scarcely ever being followed or observed in modern times, when change is elevated to an unquestionable absolute value all-its-own. But even less can perennial social principles of Catholic Faith be contravened in the name of this vaunted "progress": hallowed institutions tested and guided by God for millennia in time. So that indeed if newer technical or methodological means—however seemingly advantageous in other respects—frustrate or obviate Catholic principles then it is their own applicability which is denied. As there is more to man than just a purely-impersonal, dehumanizing, billiard-ball dynamic of what is physically or organizationally more efficient, what can or cannot be. (We might indeed devise some way to fly about like beetles, or burrow like ants, but would this really be good?) Plying what somehow conceivably, marginally or tentatively—as we all must someday die—might improve his physical or notional wellbeing. Hence can apparent gains hardly be weighed exclusively in the scales of an apotheosized—and indeed poorly distributed—"progress" or material enrichment: rather must the eternal good of man be the paramount consideration in all things: as is evident reasonably, ontologically, spiritually, and in every worthy way. An imperative here admitting of no degree of diminution, according to the clear teaching of Unam Sanctam and the embedded wisdom of Catholic teaching and policies over time. Heedless oblivion to which principle gives us the dull, homicidal, genocidal and perverted world in which we live today. Even those things ostensibly positive having taken from man most of his terrestrial, "hands on", existential happiness and replaced it with glimmering but grossly-unsatisfying mechanical and electronic surrogates at every turn. These "exciting new advances" being found gradually to be a tawdry substitution for the magnificent variety of earthly-human engrossments enjoyed by prior generations of men in every land. Man having been an enchanted "stranger in paradise", according to the words and enchanting melody of the old '50s song, in an earthly environment created by a Good God to minister to his every temporal desire and need, as well as hearkening nostalgically to a coming Heavenly Home, whose contours are forecast, recognized in terrestrial "things that are".

Thus does all this Vatican-II-adulated "progress" and secular messianism pull the soul of man inexorably to abysmal moral and aesthetic depths never seen before: all the while Catholicism becomes a religion of meek surrender of the liberties of Holy Mother Church, of good laws, of the piety and purity of youth. Seeing rather the Orwellian transformation of an earth meant to visually and symbolically anticipate the Heavenly goal. While in the Gospel admission of a Christian lack of "wisdom in the ways of this world" there can be acknowledged only a certain paucity of an incident-specific "street-savvy" wariness of treacheries that on this earth so abound, a certain holy naiveté, and not at all any lack of an abiding, constructive, uplifting prudence or wisdom properly-so-called. So much for this cunning blasphemy of Vatican II. Religion today nonetheless being reduced to a simple matter of prayer—hardly a limitation enjoined in any way by Christ Our Lord, Who "fashioned for Himself a knotted cord"—with this duly-condemned heretical Pietism joined with voluble labors to explain things: after which it is blithely anticipated that the remorseless enemy will meekly come to terms. This in itself a heresy of incalculable proportions, this idea that the good of all callings or conditions must be resigned to die like sheep while pleading their case to the minions of the fiend. This denial in short that Christianity—the very divinely-revealed bastion of right and wrong—has any right to defend itself, any connection to law-enacting government, or properly forms itself juridically or institutionally in communities at all. Even as the secular state is in the next breath accorded complete liberty—unaccountably conceded the "moral high ground"—needing no justification to enact perverse "laws", or in foreign lands without good reason to slaughter and destroy. The perception thus being promoted in fine of religion as a mere emotional tent-meeting, debating society or vehicle-of-persuasion and not of the transforming cultivation and formulation of Civilization, policy and law. The state thus being perversely exalted over the church, the secular over the spiritual, the physical over the moral, and the fiend, as an inevitable consequence, over every holy thing. Barbarossa at last achieving his heady victory, joined by Julian, Bush and Stalin. Can we be so surprised that God raises up another Genghis Khan in the form of a heavily-synagogue-enabled Islamic State, to punish such "Christians" as we?

August 13, 2014: Reiterating the ugly little secret of the USA. Prospects for the future of the genuine state.

To restate the central thesis of this site and Crusade: despite all doughty patriotic fanfare the USA has none of the characteristics of a genuine country but has rather redundantly over time proven itself to be a Masonically-erected experimental laboratory in global dominion and intrigue. A project carried out under direction of those financiers and masters of all things crypto-secret, the Jews. They who arrived "bag and baggage" in a pre-U.S. New Amsterdam already, despite protests of a rueful Stuyvesant, who knew their antics well from the Port of Cleave. Hebrews going from there to proceed-in-force the influx of immigrants to the West, with Davy Crockett indeed finding a notorious Jewish swindler from back home in Tennessee, gone on to "greener pastures", right there along the recently-blazed trail-to-Texas, plying his talcum-powder in the place of baking-powder, out among the newly-felled trees. The U.S. having been synagogue-designed, choreographed, expressly and with impressive theatrics to push Catholic France, Spain and Portugal from any influence over the Western Hemisphere, as the Monroe Doctrine already at the dawn of the nineteenth century would indeed so summarily announce. Earlier Yanks likewise juggling a Franklin delegation as a vessel of sovereignty-undermining revolutionary principles to eighteenth-century France and beyond, while the unnatural and arcanely-designed Judeo-Masonic Super-state, eighteenth-century brainchild of newly-gathered Rothschild hoards—whose every feature harbors or insinuates top-heavy totalitarian control—more recently champions a Holocaust narrative carefully cobbled-together for just such ruthless and mendacious tasks. A gross exaggeration which effectively silences any suspicion or apprehension regarding age-old Jewish designs. This fabrication in close apocalyptic conjunction too with a fifty-odd-year reign of "love, love, love" antipopes of our times, marking a catastrophic retreat of Christianity from any claim on practical leadership of any kind. Grubby and mundane matters having been confidently reposed—by today's ever-ecstatic pew-and-churchyard huggers and hand-holders—into the hands of, you guessed it, the Jews. The most implacable enemies Christian Civilization can have found.

Given its defining stature in the USA, in order to understand our "nation" at all we must precisely define a Judaism thus all-determining on these shores, rather than leaving it comfortably in its accustomed obscurity in Main Street and Pennsylvania Avenue corridors of power. Demonstrably not a nationality or blood-line—and for secularistic liberal or "reformed" Jews, ninety-some percent of the whole, scarcely even a religion—Judaism is overwhelmingly a secretive if sanctimonious economic and political association which maintains theatrical appearances of harmless innocence in order the better to deceive and betray. A secular religion ensconced in rigidly exclusionary enclaves, nonetheless making itself endearingly and assiduously familiar with every gentile custom, dialect and interest-group, the bulk of Jews engage in ordinary occupations and activities, leaving decisive destructive extremes to a certain cryptic cabal. A cadre—if often with some deluded gentile as a figurehead, as epitomized in this piously-maniacal Baghdadi of this new "Islamic State"—being commissioned to perform mostly-routine but occasional spectacular pre-planned 9/11-like acts of violence, treachery or intrigue: interventions to which harmless-looking-and-acting ordinary Jewry meanwhile lends unadmitted-but-unlimited moral and material support. The mammoth preponderance of Jewish wealth and influence in the USA thus acting like a ponderous cargo of inertia untied and unsecured, down in the holds of a gigantic ship: a dead-weight ready to shift fatally at any time in some direction, and bring the ship-of-state down to the bottom of the sea. This indeed the fate of many nations over millennia in time, infested by a Jewish presence which is loyal to itself first and last, and only instrumentally to nations in which these Hebrews reside. Thus a noted Jacobin-Jewish cadre beyond any real question directing the barbaric hoards of this new "Islamic State"—masked themselves, hiring masked multinational mercenaries as well, partner brutal "convincers" of the hesitant, in barbarities repeated in most essentials by masked black-hood-and-leotard-wearers in Iraq eight or ten years ago, alien strangers-to-the-people who conducted "lightning raids" on police-stations in Baghdad. Indeed evidence is conclusive that the leadership-origins of those very initial Muslim hoards which swept across the known world of the late-seventh and early-eighth centuries were also Jewish, Hebrews availing themselves of their immemorial and unsurpassed commercial/political connections around the globe: this whole popular uprising routine being a stolid fixture in the Jewish methodology, in incendiary impulses of the Jewish soul. As evinced in the checkered history of Latin America, the Middle East or even Spain, and a host of other modern nations as well. The ordinary Jew meanwhile feigning outrage over "ISIS", while generally favoring only the most desultory policies when it comes to any interdiction of this rabid force, and likewise continuing to urge the ouster of any number of moderate and stable regional regimes: most of which we ourselves, with ample AIPAC collusion, effectively put in place. All the while no one notices that the Jews, allegedly the proverbial enemy to all such radical groups, are themselves seldom targeted by same, victims-of-reprisal rather to be found among obscure minorities, Christians and moderate Muslim throngs. Although no doubt some vaudeville will be aired on Fox and CNN, choreographing some "massacre" of Israelis, or repeat-abduction of some closed-coffin-mourned "Israeli teens". (Note of 9/3: The claim that this latest beheading victim of IS was a Jew should not be instantly believed, although as in World War II Jewish-funded Nazism some Jews are regarded as expendable, perhaps for propaganda purposes, in support of long term aims of the World Jewish State.)

But most staggering of all in this cosmic drama of intrigue is the fact that Jews openly admit to above treacheries designs, first-of-all in disclosures couched in medieval-vintage fables in the Talmud, as to how the gentile is above-all-things to be psychologically mastered and over-awed, then used-and-discarded, or if conveniently-possible even killed. This collection-of-Rabbinical essays being a bona fide hate book far surpassing the Torah or Old Testament in authority to the modern Jew. While these age-hoary disclosures are seconded as well today in occasional mind-staggering public declarations of Israeli officials like Netanyahu: bluntly-candid pronouncements—as in Knesset-aired plans "for morale-destructive reasons" to "go after" Palestinian women and children—which however we "unwashed gentiles" are forbidden to even discuss or repeat. Thus powerful and institutionally-entrenched is the modern Jew. He who entangles us in false causes inevitably motivated by a variety of Mossad/CIA false-flag operations, provoking the sending of our sons and daughters off to unconscionable wars: in conflicts and power-grabs which would have no currency at all were it not for the Jew and the unlimited power we put in his eager hands. Indeed, most of the Tea-Party-lamented glut of big government is rotely sustained by this cosmic-systemic leech, there being no realization of what positive new directions society might take in the absence of this massive moral, material and economic drain, in whose absence prodigious levels of popular wellbeing would quickly be realized. Abominable things being instead brought about which Blitzer, Cuomo or any of the other commentators or newscasters—did they really want to explain matters at home, in a U.S.-puppet "free" Ukraine or in the Middle East—should be uncovering for us every day. Treacheries many-of-which are nonetheless arrogantly touted in Jewish-American publications or in Tel Aviv, but stifled under an elite-woven blanket of silence around the globe. A muzzle imposed upon we the biblical "rest of men", we who are not considered worthy or intelligent at all.

Similarly, a mounting modern-day racism, carried on by synagogue lackeys and protégés in police departments and city halls in the USA, with regard to Blacks and other minorities, sustains this patent tyrannical ethos-of-exclusion in the most organized and efficient way. This brutal and inhuman stratification of society so endemic to a "freedom loving" America structurally-reinforcing the Jewish idea of the "goyim" as "less than human", while at the same time applying the also-Jewish factotum of "farming out" or sub-contracting barbarous policies of racial or nationality-based oppression to proxies in the pyramid of power. Forces ranging near and far below the all-powerful Jew, leaving him "smelling like a rose". This backward socially-seismic anomaly now erupting in Ferguson, MO: all of it nothing at all new.

Any vestiges of any genuine nationhood here in the USA having fled with the assassination of John Kennedy, there's left no trace even of comic relief from this all-determining Jacobin-Jewish conspiracy: the enigmatic martyred figure having been constituted a victim to "hallow" the globalist goal, himself another "one-worlder", thus ideally encompassing in his own person a martyred forerunner to 9/11. This mega-conspiracy, beneficiary of such grizzly persuasions, being as all this suggests mostly promoted through systematic and remorseless psychological warfare, using bloody black-ops false-flag operations like 9/11, the Iraqi "aluminum tubes", the Haiphong Harbor Incident, the Kennedy assassinations, a turn-of-the-century highly-convenient "sinking of the Maine", etc., in tandem with the "data" of experimental stations like Abu Ghraib. And in heinous human-experimental laboratories stretching all the way back to Hitler-admired penal "hospitals" of a pre-WWI South. These elements cobbled together with bald-faced lies and media-brainwash of "impartial" stations like Fox and CNN, when weary nationalistic fervors are about to fail. Thus newly forming the masses in mindless loyalty thereto. Indeed as noted an ultimate proof of the prostration of Christendom before this mammoth, cosmic imposture/barbarity was an anti-council convoked in "Saint" John XXIII's antipope Rome, largely to repudiate the jurisdiction of religion, the source of man's concepts of right and wrong, over government and law. The long arm of the Rothschilds and other Jewish loan-sharking midases having reached within the very Church's sanctuary at last, as in all particulars predicted by a millennia of seers and saints. Thereby casting Godless totalitarian tyranny in "dogmatic" concrete, the popular creed thus being banished from any practical public influence at all. With ever-secular-messianic Judaism rather imposing surrogate regimes worldwide of the most Godless, heartless and impious kind. Although quite the contrary true nationality and patriotism are determined precisely by ones attachment to custom-and-law-developing pious religion, to land and people, and not at all by any adherence to abstract political/ideological principles. False paradigms at whose insistence "rights" of bloody dominion over an entire globe are with utmost arrogance claimed.

Thus finally through centuries of belabored treachery has the wellbeing of nations everywhere been systematically undermined, they themselves in some cases more-or-less materially and institutionally obliterated, by this global synagogue-led superstate, the USA: a monumental irruption I would patriotically love were it actually a nation, justly and compassionately commanding the loyalty of each and all. Thus in a remorseless march of Judeo-Masonic militarism the carefully-engineered unjust war against a heroically-anti-communist nation of Japan during World War II, in an English-speaking-world commercial undermining and theatrical condemnation of Japanese "infamy" which simultaneously nurtured the open communism of Mao Zhe Dung and the cryptic one of an also-Leninist Chiang Kai Shek. From his first accession to office in '32 the crypto-Jewish Roosevelt, tactically employing a theatrical harmlessness largely by dint of public pity for his crippling disease, thus with smooth efficiency ushering in the cosmic dominion of Jewish Communism from out of a tiny cell of Jewish globalist fanatics based and financed mostly in New York City. Thus bared openly for us being the real face of the USA, no nation at all: rather a pirate regime, a Bluebeard of the seven seas, loyalty-to-which is promoted in an extremely emotional way, after the manner of some crime-syndicate family which can make no nobler claim. The whole draw of Judaism being indeed based in just such unworthy things. While finally it is our own very love of the American people—hardly some vaunted loyalty to a misleading and arcane paper Constitution—which urges us to make these things known.

As noted, doughtily promoting this abomination are clerics of the arch-heretical American Church, together with a "love, love, love" antipope Francis who wordlessly abandons Palestine to tender mercies of fellow-Jewish artillery, a week after having embraced Netanyahu without so much as a verbal slap on the hand. So that all this duplicity must be replaced by a pious, once-again-Sacramentally-valid episcopacy, no doubt under Fatima-augured Russian leadership. That transformation of church and state which is an undying aim of the New and Better Confederacy and Anti-Sodomy Crusade as well.

Plainly, globalist imposters religious and secular are going to "form the narrative" for some time to come, yet there are a growing number who see through all or most of the lies, as is frequently so marvelously evident for instance in the tone and tenor of "call in" shows on C-Span, where ordinary Americans ceaselessly demonstrate how much political acumen they have, how undeceived they now so commonly are. This as illustrated especially in the scorn such one-time-roundly-buffaloed citizens show for U.S. black-ops-led intrigue around the globe. Hence it is important to have never compromised, here on this site and Crusade, to have always called a spade a spade, a Jew a Jew, an anti-state an anti-state, an antipope an antipope, and so on, and thus to continue to provide a proven leadership for truly-loyal American throngs.

August 13, 2014: More on locality-and-nationality-specific traditional Catholic lay culture as opposed to Orwellian New Church cultural uniformity. Vatican II basically an appeal away from moral purity to the approbation of the "up to date" group. True and false tradition in politics and religion.

Traditional Catholic culture is a seamless garment "woven from top to bottom", in the manner of Christ's own tunic: executioner-coveted clothing which according to tradition miraculously grew and expanded with the Sacred Body itself. Proportionally elaborated in the very same way over time being a culturally-articulated Catholic Gospel "Way" intimately-familiar to the soul: a clothing, a notional-shelter, for otherwise naked mystical members, a custom-related covering generously and affectionately expanding to accommodate moral and institutional inclemencies of two thousand years. A societal garment woven indeed spiritually by the same Mother of God as plied the task so skillfully in Galilee. These intergenerational celestial labors giving us Civilization with a capital C", providing by another image a ranging sociopolitical tree in which the "birds of the air", both angels and men, "make their nests": the one in glorious habitation, the other finding shelter therein for their hearts, minds and souls. The Mystical Body without this singular garment, this wind-tossed tree, with an infinitude of local-cultural ancillary branches filling-out foliage of same, being open to manifold open and insidious affronts and mockeries of a vulgar and cynical world. The seamless biblical tunic of intergenerational Catholic human culture—not without grave fault to be lightly discarded or exchanged-for-another at will—presenting to us a singularly-noble covering for this sacred Body, a raiment which can never be duplicated, certainly not by such coarse and unskilled moral and cultural weavers as we. Any rare unavoidable time-related modification of which tabernacle or sanctuary covering must be conscientiously harmonized with "handed down", ancestor-hallowed Catholic/human tradition: a marvelously whole, an unassuming yet matchless balm-for-the-soul, being a totality which lovingly interprets, domestically applies and realistically-and-assiduously amplifies scholarly tomes of Basil, Augustine or Jerome. The rogue-council Vatican II having nonetheless shown the temerity to strip the Body of Christ of these its accustomed articles of clothing—like first-century executioners with brutal excess "taking the (emotional, doctrinal and liturgical) skin with them" the while—thereafter likewise vesting the Body of Christ in mocking and garish colors and irreverent, heresy-encouraging designs. Having found this seamless perennial human culture associated with Catholic Faith—this "tradition with a small t"—to be threadbare, tawdry, "out of style". Having essentially opted for the cultural ethos of the Synagogue's own trading-floor and hippy-pad: this latter cultural-killing-field now with gloating vindication being portrayed every night on the "Sixties" series on CNN, and celebrated regularly on EWTN. This state of virtual Catholic nakedness, stripped before lewd gazing eyes of the same millennial crowd, having emptied our churches in a trice, with crass and ill-edifying shouts of "love, love, love" only echoing, reverberating in naves now smoothly-empty of anything Catholic at all. The church now more visually and architecturally suitable for Protestant prayer meeting and hawking big-board rally, to echo redundantly from naked walls, than for accustomed manifold sobrieties and sublimities of the worship of God.

Hence in line with a culturally-denuding program would "blowing of horns on street-corners" take center stage: a veritable group acceptance once entirely secondary to inner purity being thunderously installed, all to kumbai-ya tones of "love, love". The harboring of an intense union with God being ruptured, spilled out to the violating pubic gaze, with an over-emotional modern-day congregationalism defining "holiness" mostly in John-Paulian "rock star" terms, with everything else allegedly "passé". Endemic philosophically to the false reform of the council being this Jacobin idea that "everything old and familiar must go", that youth and newness involve violent rupture with the past: when in fact such stark and radical alterations are fatal preliminaries to inevitable subsequent death and decay. Youth as it comes to us from God Himself being rather changeless and eternal: that which is indeed the whole engagingly-existential charm or draw of Catholic Faith. And although imperfect earthly life necessarily knows some occasional change yet all things Catholic must remain consonant, univocal with a spiritually-defining divine changelessness or they but so much "tinkling brass". Endless tumults of New Church "progress" and "evangelism" scarcely representing a genuine "youthful" ideal, that which is found only in the balance and sanity of timeless Catholic spirituality, as humble and uniquely embodied in tremulously-handed-down intergenerational cultures of nation, neighborhood and town. Humble things within whose enveloping precincts Catholic holiness can alone and immeasurably be found. An heirloom whose inimitable customs and patois are mild-mannered and pure, in a communicational motif mortified, sensitive to kindly gestures and chastely-embracing tones. These found wafted solely at the prophetic "mouth of the cave", in subtle accents familiar to a discernment-oriented "inner ear" alone.

However, in a staggering reversal of the above, history tells us that once the truth is popularly recognized about any such things, then the forces of error will inevitably throw their ponderous weight behind the most truly-backward of ideas. This polar species of violence—a product of the perpetual Jewish notional see-saw noted often on this page, jet-powered by the media today—being just as dislocating as the lurching "liberal" one that came just before: in religion in the advancement of hoary rigorisms which smack of seventeenth-century Jansenism or Calvinism. With the chilling spirits of Jansen or Noalles come once again to haunt corridors of Catholic lay and priestly life, condemning the pious faithful to harsh and gratuitous "trips to the woodshed" of every kind. With innocent, naturally-smiling, mercifully-relenting femininity in particular being everywhere mistaken for shameful "allurements of Eve", and employee, citizen or childhood obedience translated into a kind of heartless Oliver Twist penury. This latter close cousin to a newly-conceived my country right or wrong "whole new kind of military", the two Spartans together preemptively heavy on their end of the see-saw noted above, throwing their milder opposing playground partner roughly to the ground. Namely the erstwhile "love, love" aggiornamiento of a deliriously "merciful and forgiving" Vatican II of the two decades immediately before: albeit the two see-saw-opposites coexist quite peacefully since later days of a "Saint" John Paul, creating a cloud of moral-contradictions of the most impenetrable sort.

Hence in a race to dimmest dungeons of the past if somehow the state is once again duly conceived in royal-and-noble terms, the counterintuitive idea will be eagerly-and-disingenuously promoted of a royalty "mystical" or "divine-right" in character: deftly leaving equitable fundamentals of statecraft irretrievably behind. Hebrews thus keeping their wonted places around-the-throne, inevitably invoking in stridently-urgent tones the return of some allegedly sacrosanct or divinely-determined royal family, a Habsburg no doubt, a monarch whom citizens are sternly enjoined to serve supinely in every royal "will and whim". As suggested above, this polar elitist imposition anticipated today in a jerk-knee-New-Church see-saw, in bone-rattling jolts in violent alternation from twenty years of "Franciscan" hippy-pad "love, love" to a vestibule class-consciousness that would rouse the envy of Medicis of sixteenth century Rome. Oblivion being generously strewn over manifold onerous synagogue-brokered treacheries of so many royal houses in the past: families which impeached themselves entirely beyond reprieve, and no doubt left a string of fools, wastrels and market-speculators in their heavily-Hebrew-diluted blood-related train. No, to those thus deceptively-motivated or naively-convinced monarchy means old-line-family and old-line-family means monarchy, the matter being thunderously settled with a great crashing of regressive gavels of the noisiest kind. And clutching melodramas of tearful loyalty reenacted when in fact there is no Church doctrine to support such an allegedly immoveable "divine right" idea: let alone any commanding the reestablishment of old-line royal families in the founding of a new monarchic state. Providence rather than mindless popular capitulation having historically supplied a valid occupant for every throne, with popular sovereignty indeed the Church's immemorial political creed: even as fatherhood is understood as commanding reasonable obedience wherever it might be found, admittedly with a heartfelt-but-reasonable desire to see an already-reigning royal family remain on the throne. The state being an association of rational men, of adults, whose judgment is to be respected and consulted by the public official at every turn: the state being indeed the tool, the mouthpiece of the individual person, the actor alone involved who has a heart, mind and soul. Although that love which defines just, Godly and respectful human relations is expressed precisely and efficiently through this sensible obedience with respect to leaders, while these latter show their love for the citizen in their undying devotion and service to same. For any serious lack of which of course there are made available avenues of redress including removal or, according to St. Thomas Aquinas and the whole gamut of saintly theologians, even overthrow or execution, of a sufficiently-tyrannical king.

August 28, 2014: Chesterton-show host gets angry at those who get angry. Article greatly developed two months later, with added considerations on Mother Angelica's identical treatment of the same subject, thus combining two closely-similar articles into one. The frustration of an innate human faculty which this anti-anger diatribe represents providing a stout mind-control nexus for Bishop Sheen, Mother Angelica and Mao Zhe Dung.

In harshest terms New Church people incessantly conflate anger with rage or inordinate anger, the former however classed by St. Thomas Aquinas as essentially an exercise of justice, the latter loss-of-control of course a capital sin. But certain critical distinctions are in order here—something for which ever-busy New Church people seem to have no time—virtues and their corresponding vices being always counterpoised in this way, with virtue occupying the middle ground of self-restraint, flanked by vices, as it were, either of excessive passivity or towering over-reaction. Hence the classical example of courage as a virtuous median, with cowardice its passive vice and foolhardiness its over-reactive one. But in the bizarre post-Vatican-II understanding of things anger is defined as something intrinsically out of control, as is indeed anything and everything good or bad: hence too is "love" always seen as either rolling in the isles, indulging in extended embraces, and doling out blanket exonerations of sodomites and voyeurs of every stripe. This demoralizing confusion/misrepresentation fairly sailing over pithy distinctions involved, "covering a multitude of sins" being the pseudo-doctrinal mortar of the claim that "we are all called to the highest perfection": a stock-hysterical slogan of "New Evangelism" fame. But far from any ebullience suggested by these words this kind of cant actually conjures the ghosts of an eighteenth-century Jansenism/rigorism, if given multiple hugs and wide ecstatic smiles, attempting thus disguised a complete trampling of mortal frailty, indeed of human essentials, as capsulated in the assertion by this guy on EWTN about the need to thoroughly extirpate anger from Catholic life. Such a statement being equivalent to the biblically-proscribed denial that "Jesus Christ is come in the flesh", it is to "dissolve Jesus"(1 John, Ch.4, verses 2 and 3.): He Who quite the contrary took to Himself our mortal nature, thus sanctifying its every passion and frailty "in all things but sin". Here the pith of a "New Evangelism", a heretically-inspired New Theology, call it what you may, new departures which would totally revamp the Catholic Faith, making it into the neat and tidy affair which heresy always prefers, part-and-parcel of which is a giant and highly-convenient leap over painstaking measures of yesteryear, a grand announcement that perfection is as easy as one, two, three. (Alas, Catholics in weary centuries have heard such winds blow before.) The passionate contention being that anger can be saddle-broken by a sort of induced state of nirvana, entranced by a "sound of one hand clapping" of a whole new kind: when in fact the total conquest of anger demanded on the noted show—in those limited case when anger is indeed bad—is the work of a lifetime, one of the final garlands of victory for genuinely-holy souls. This appeal to "perfection", by dint of sheer emotional glow, set against the ordinary practices of Catholic traditional discipline: this grand uncoupling being a signature element of Vatican II, that Quietist/Jansenist gathering of our times, comprising a short-cut that lands one in a thicket from which there is no escape.

But like most things heterodox this error over anger has been more a gradual slide than a precipitous collapse of doctrine, with New Church clerics first off, within a decade of Vatican II, everywhere touting, with guilty-falsehood's inevitable dismissive fling of the hand, this notion that "righteous indignation is almost always wrong": meaning of course that this ancient standby of fatherhood is almost always inordinate, unjustified or even vain and unprovoked. Thus putting the burden of proof on the one who would uphold something right and good, accusing him—like the abominable counter-charge lawyerly logic which took the courts by storm in the seventies—of another wrong at least as bad as the one being fulminated against. But it would only be a decade or so later that Mother Angelica, and later this mindless adherent of hers, this Chesterton-expositor, and a whole host of others as well, would spring this absolute condemnation of anger on the Catholic world.

But lending tremendous impetus to this anti-anger drive was something from another quarter, a precinct entirely apart from antipopes and rogue-councils: namely certain figures in the field of psychiatry, major-media-promoted partisans who during the early nineties began vociferously to identify anger with every mental sickness or moral wrong. Indeed to indict loss-of-temper—let alone the making-of-a-fist—as pathological terrorism's very staging ground, turning for remedy to a sort of "they're not going to make me bitter": a stoical impassivity being touted as the anti-anger program par excellence, to supply in the face of every wrong. Never mind that Christ Himself had the bitter gall raised to His divine mouth, which he tasted on our behalf as a figure of the bitterness that life is often to bring, nor indeed conversely that he wrathfully "fashioned a knotted cord" and drove the money-changers out of the Temple. Just as He would now indeed drive them from Holy Church if "perfection"-catering churchmen, whose dominion he suffers "yet a little while", would give Him leave. While just as little recognition is given that the "bitterness" excoriated by this anti-anger breed is a different thing entirely than that experienced by Our Blessed Lord on the Cross, rather being a benighted spirit known only by a limited few who tend to nurse injuries, people who have special difficulty with bearing wrongs, even tending toward revenge. All these tendencies being reprehensible indeed, often going well beyond the guilt of mere inordinate wrath, these excesses, partaking of a decided malice, hardly requiring the complete disappearance of anger among humanity: a horse of a different color indeed. While plainly annoyance or antagonism if not abjectly surrendered-to is often plainly a healthy immediate reaction inseparable from injuries and vicissitudes of this life. However the whole earnest of the New Church reform is that like most or all heresy it spurns all such fine distinctions intrinsic to our nature itself, according to the heretical dichotomy noted in 1 St. John, preferring the "broad road" of big John-Paulian hugs, grins and "love, love, love" rather than the wisdom-based, laboriously-cultivated peace of our Catholic ancestors. This total vanquishing of candid and honest anger—again, acknowledged by St. Thomas as a sort of fundamental act of justice par excellence—this frontal attack on our humanity, this fanatically-sought-after extirpation being a heady ambition which plays out in grand-but-illusory display rather than in solid holiness or humility of any sort. Germane to which are Billy-Graham-like amphitheater-spectaculars that increasingly rock the "Global Catholic" show, far from contemplative mortifications of a Saint Jerome, while the portly fellow himself of the Chesterton segment considered here, whom you might not want to meet in a dark alley when in such a temper, belied all self-control in the most stunning way, unable to conceal that he himself was hopping mad. About what? Why, about people who get mad, of course: this the apparent topic of a whole TV-show terse and tight-mouthed in the extreme, and which I only stayed tuned-to for a brief time, quickly having my fill of the nonsensical thing. The whole pantomime of getting angry at the angry—which might be funny if it wasn't so sad—being only another vignette of the humorless pretenses of Vatican II, of the entire New Church leadership crowd, they who passionately embrace this idea of "love, love, love" while putting it in such serendipity hippy-pad terms that it escapes all applicability to a civilized, contingency-ridden, down-to-earth, sometimes-anger-provocative world. In this diatribe against anger the noted angry fellow resolutely rejecting his own psychosomatic nature, going far beyond any considerations of sin.

Anger in fact goes far beyond simple justice to easily be integral to a spiritual work of mercy as well, "to admonish the sinner", with father thus regularly being roused to just and temperate anger when a child does wrong, spouses when their partner has a roving eye, men indeed when a neighbor insults or belittles them or their family in some way. Thereby not only venting our feelings—which is all the portly fellow seems able to recognize—but also forcefully redressing an offense not just against ourselves or someone we love but also against God. "Be ye angry, and sin not. The things you say in your hearts, be sorry for them upon your beds": this vigorous sense-of-contrition of the psalm easily and virtuously invading our relations with others as well. Although the noted anti-anger imperative of New Church, in thus entirely condemning anger itself out-of-hand, would necessarily indict this biblically-enjoined self-pillory as well. Meekness having a valid place, most especially among those called to religious life, but never so as to make us into a doormat for all to despise: the married life in particular having obligations attached that are sometimes diametrically opposed to meekness or certain other counsels-of-perfection. The reason indeed for the traditional doctrine, so hastily abandoned after Vatican II, that perfection itself—as definitive for instance to the office of a bishop—is a goal not for everyone, an objective to which one must be called. Anger, again, not being something we rightly "give place to"—in an abject moral-surrender which can indeed quickly become a diabolical thing—yet duly-proportioned anger can sometimes uphold our own position in a society which needs no fawning courtiers or panderers but confident and justly-formidable souls: warriors against a Hell which especially cherishes cowardly backstabbers and insipid, hesitant, apprehensive fools. And although there may be some who can demand good behavior of subordinates with a persona drained of any feeling at all, it is unlikely they will have much impact on remiss employees, contemptuous neighbors or naughty little boys.

But the New World Order, close cousin that it is to New Church and Bugnini's New Order of Mass, has no place for yesterday's well-developed individuals: with today's unanimously-progressive collegiate-instructors indeed belaboring students with ceaseless diatribes against individuality itself: educators joining avant-garde behaviorists in casting uniqueness and character—let alone family discipline and other moral remonstrations—in lurid images of paranoia, of potential mass-killings, with images of new 9/11s haunting both newscasts and college lecture-halls. (Never mind that all such spectacular things are cold-blooded, having little to do with ordinary anger at all). Academia denying or condemning man's capacities of resolve, of consequential deeds, of reasonable anger where need-be. This caricature serving frequently however as a self-fulfilling prophesy when it comes to truly horrific deeds: typical fruits of systematic and unnatural frustration that lurid homicides captured on the nightly news so often are. The new milk-toast pedagogy flying-in-the-face of the fact that it is only the individual person that actually has a mind, a will: faculties only with unnatural and Orwellian violence to be taken-over by some government, police department, or anyone else. Formidable quantities which authority is meant to enable and enhance rather than oppose or belittle, part of a benign personal independence which makes city or national security a self-monitoring thing; faculties for whom systems or governments are only an inanimate means-to-an-end.

But instead of this tried-and-true human character we have today's post-Reagan-era species of doughty—coming about by no accident on the coattails of Vatican II—a sort of ironic uprighteousness which the noted TV-figure grandly displays in his own special way, getting angry at the angry in rare form—in a combativeness which only gets doughtier, more insanely trenchant, more ridiculously adamant as time goes on. As in a mindless citizen "patriotism" in a mad rush to invade some foreign land, spreading a "liberal democracy" which as attested barbarically by the past ten-and-more years of "make the world safe" always turns into a bloody Jacobin spree, after which "nation making" quickly dissolves either into a milk-cow-corporate khanate or complete anarchy. But how can a whole nation be doughty over what is plainly wrong: actions which go against the most fundamental justice, a word from which "doughty" itself—no doubt a derivative of the word duty—springs? But New Church and New World Order both have plenty of massive notional warehouses from which to supply reasons for all contradictory things, in endless bouts of brainwash from pulpit or TV, in Quietist or Albigensian identity-alienations divorcing justice from fervor, turning the latter to tyrannical, deadly, murderous things. Is there any surprise that "doughty" Americans now embrace sodomy as if it were some glorious new idea?

Hence in this studio-condemnation of anger is seen not only the frightfully-grinning Gnostic bent of Vatican II spirituality and the long succession of antipopes that has followed in its heterodox train but also a tandem New World Order personality formation which reduces rather than enhances the humanity of every soul. This EWTN studio-regular, in his rejection of anger, doughty puritanical style, struggling against his own and other-people's humanity as it subsists in itself, and not really as an accomplice to sinful deeds. This wholesale rejection of feeble human particulars like anger being as noted the defining element not only in the council but in most if not all heresy as well: error invariably disowning a full humanity, shared by Christ, which all Hell abominates so remorselessly. A rejection which shows itself most often and most craftily in "laying heavy burdens" on a neighbor already carrying a crushing load, expecting him to perform as if he were immortal and impassible, as in today's many success ethic austerities and asperities, now by dint of Orwellian centralization being imposed around the globe. Suggesting some ironclad sort of "perfection" to take the place of our mortal frame. Thus relinquished being a comprehensively-developed human character, "made in the image and likeness of God", ownedly full of inconvenient, "inefficient" but captivating things, inseparable from passions definitive to the human composite of body and soul. Attended as our physical nature is by thorny infinitesima inevitable to fallen man, contingencies which traditional Church discipline addresses in so rigorous yet reasonable a way. But New Church puts Oakham's Razor to rare form, hacking away at critical distinctions of every sort, condemning broadly things quite innocent, alleging that anger must always be condemned out-of-hand, no matter how much one has been belabored or provoked. (All the while those in uniform kill foreign nationals with cold-blooded indifference, at the drop of a hat). Anger to be replaced by, you guessed it, the hypocritical but ubiquitous "love, love, love". All of us being required to be like the youthful monk of the ancient Thebaid who, as Cassian assures us, when roundly slapped by his superior in front of a thousand other cenobites at a yearly monastic gathering, with the blow bringing a jerk of every head, having somehow resounded in every ear, the neophyte didn't even color, remained perfectly meek, placid and calm. While the same "called to perfection" New Church Catholic thus heroically imbued calmly commits egregious sins which make the saints in Heaven blush for shame. Torridly-immodest, "success"-greedy, verbally-offensive, aggressive-warrior people allegedly excising out-of-hand basic elements like anger from an Original-Sin-wounded human composite, by such a device handily rejecting practical morality itself, having the biblical "feet swift to shed blood", being glibly content with mass-participation charismatic spectaculars, hand-holding or swaying side-to-side. This sort of impotent but spring-loaded reaction being the dead giveaway to the presence of the Gnostic, Quietist, quasi-Manichaean disease: this chief recurring moral-and-mental pathology of all times, this noisy or frosty disdain for an agency-potent human nature which was taken up by the very Son of God, an interwoven body/soul humanity hated by all Hell for that very cause. An antiseptic fantasy being involved, by which mortal man arrogantly aspires to disembodied sublimities of angelic choirs, with "love"-disguised arrogance rejecting humble human fragilities and contingencies of every kind. And then calmly tolerates things—from oneself, from government, from other people—that are patently wrong.

But surprises aren't over yet in this little bundle of convenient and loudly-celebrated contradictions, as when dealing with manifold errors of Vatican II one must always "get ready for more", rude shockers at the close of neat-but-"loving" tautologies involved. Alas, the ringing conclusion for it all, the New Church blanket to "cover a multitude of sins", is that so stern a condemnation actually gives anger an ample place in the sun. Namely in the roundly-upheld notion—explanatory to livid bouts of show-hosts noted above—that the only people who actually deserve our anger—ah, wonder-of-wonders, there are indeed such souls—are those pesky pedants who uphold the entire plethora of traditional Catholic conduct and life, including not only a proper understanding of anger but also a generous modesty-of-dress, reverence for tradition, and so on. Those dolefully-regarded who holistically defend the moral theology of an Aquinas, a Liguori, a DeSales, a de Coussade. These stubborn holdouts who earn indeed, staggering fact, a remorseless revenge: unforgivable dirty word in the "love, love" lexicon of New Church terms. Despised "priggish" souls notionally lost in dusty libraries whose morally-demanding tomes can scarcely be summarized with a hastily-muttered "love, love", stacks haunted by ever-thorny contingencies of a humankind so divinely beloved. In erudite tracts dealing with an unpredictable, non-angelic, reality-hamstrung here-and-now. Any who any longer believe in this organic body of merciful, clement, relenting, human-nature-challenging—yet accepting-and-uplifting—instructions—rather unremarkable people, most of them rarely given to demonstrations of white-around-the-mouth rage—are considered prime candidates for retribution, highly expendable indeed. These truly-doughy adherents to a supremely reasonable, applicable, humbly-pedestrian moral-manual which is the foundational juridical mainstay for a merciful Catholic—rather than "gun 'em down" American—state and court-system as well. Despised adherents to "backward", "dark ages" pre-Vatican-II over whom anger is moreover thought a wasted expenditure of energy and time, for whom some form of peremptory dismissal or even destruction is thought far more suitably to apply. Just as indeed happened to a whole generation of sane people and potential-leaders since Vatican II, leaving only those unrealistic, irresponsible but "ever-loving" and embracing juveniles who now run church and world.

Thus finally the true and truly-merciful Catholic doctrine on anger: to wit, that you are to "be at peace with all men as far as within you lies", and without the sacrifice of any duties like exhortation, fatherly chastisement and the like. Among true Catholics no one is going to castigate you mercilessly, like this pudgy and oddly-menacing fellow on EWTN, for showing some irritated feelings once in a while. No need after all to distort yourself into some sort of angel, or emotionless amoeba, or stoical Manichaean, at all. Hardly then is anger—or even indeed indignation, expressly reprobated by the angry fellow himself—to be regarded in every setting as the blackest of sins—and passionate recrimination, dark judgment and swift reprisal the portion of old-line Catholics whom all vociferate, insult and despise. The Church herself of the millennia—"with us all days", "the same yesterday, today and tomorrow"—only condemning inordinate anger, while vigorously condoning the arousal of just-if-proportionate, intrinsically-human passions of justice or self-defense in the most fatherly way. Granted—horrors to warmly-hugging "highest perfection" denizens of our New Church day—these indignant rousings may sometimes stray into territories of imperfections or even venial sins: readily God-forgiven failings which if sincerely regretted are actually a stepping-stone to higher things. Our contrition over venial sins as saints assure us making us dearer to God than before we "got so carried away". Anger being human stock-equipment engineered into us by Almighty God Himself for the moral rectitude of society, for our own survival, for the perpetuation of the state, of the family. In an adrenaline-rush which springs to the aid of those in dire, and sometimes even rather ordinary but significant, need.

As noted above the problem is that to New Church—jerk-knee-consonant with a New World Order it so fawningly serves—man is devalued as a mincing, indeed emasculated mockery, shorn of all noble impulses and drives. This, alas, the new "progress", the stellar space-age vistas of humankind: none of whom can be tolerated to make a fist while on board this herd-over-the-cliff Spaceship Enterprise. According to the "New Evangelism", and for all the "new and exciting revolution" of Vatican II, we are all supposed to stay mousy and impassive at our telemarketing station or computer, or behind the counter or desk where we might serve, and if in any way assailed we are to meekly let growing numbers of homicidal "ask questions later" policemen tend to every least defensive need. Cops who as seen recently on the news would much rather use a pistol than a tazer, let alone an old-fashioned, beat-walking billy-club or punch-to-the-jaw: thus avoiding a potential bruise by generously providing a coffin for some unarmed or pitiful deranged soul. But in fact anger and the self-defense to which it so readily leads are permanent, integral parts of our nature and character, stock equipment not to be disowned without grave peril to mind and soul. Authorities whether clerical or lay scarcely taking the place of the individual in unpredictably vicissitudes of every day: unless he would become a sort of motionless body fed with a tube, with no voluntary moral, physical or intellectual activities at all. That fate which would indeed seem to be the final "new and exciting" vision of Vatican II.

As a final footnote, we have to reiterate—as appeared in another article hereby incorporated into the one at hand—the deeper meaning of Mother Angelica's query, posed on one of her "Mother Angelica Live" shows: to wit, is it ever morally right to get angry. Here being a rhetorical question whose answer every graduating Catholic-school eighth-grader used to know by heart, before the "new evangelism" of Vatican II swept away much of Catholic doctrine in its path. The very query itself indeed calls obstinately into question Catholic teaching on the immovable existence of a stoutly-just or righteous anger, this nun accordingly self-identifying as erroneous in her thinking. Mother on the show undoubtedly repeating the '90s-decade "all the rage" clinical observation about anger "not being good for you health", both physical and psychological, and that nostrum's inevitable notional-bedfellow, the tiring old saw about "carrying around that burden too". Health worries trumping every sublime concern, just anger being stifled as if it were a disease, causing real mental-and-emotional diseases to multiply from unprecedented unnatural frustrations involved. Indignation over the destruction of childhood character being upstaged by this two-bit routine, consternation over safety on our streets and in our schools, justice in our foreign wars, and so on, consigned to a dispassionate "ho, hum" by this means. Secular recourses being required by the crafty nun and her studio associates, since scriptures and the age-old teaching-of-the-church are both positively bare of any indictments against just anger or indignation at all, which assertion would repudiate the sacred writings, would amount to a contradiction-in-terms. Indeed, I have the quotes from the Angelic Doctor right here in front of me, equating, identifying anger and the redress it seeks directly with justice as a supreme good: with the same justice furthermore manifestly coming in-order-of-time before love, the latter without its stern preliminary integrity a craven and insulting display. So that a doctrinally-sound query would rather be: when is anger not morally right: a tidily-bounded, modest inquiry the answer-to-which we pre-Vatican-II grade-school-graduates also knew like the backs of our hands.

But as suggested above this pillory of just anger is only another typical hard-argued-but-specious justification of a sweeping post-Vatican-II rejection, indeed mockery, of fatherhood, notably as being the very symbol and repository of just anger properly understood. Here being conversely then the very key—in this rejection of so great a good—to the ongoing moral destruction of the Catholic fold of today, who like the spooked biblical herd going over the cliff take much of the rest of a panicked and bewildered humanity with them in their thundering stride. "The New Evangelism", which is the very vacant heart-and-soul of the New Church "reform", with its repugnant touchy-feeling espirit voiding all personal authority from among men, depositing all exercise of power or censor at the doorstep of some overbearing group or impersonal institution, secular or ecclesiastical, while the human person is left powerless to effect anything noble or good. Or in today's Napoleonic take on warfare, leaving retribution the discretion of blood-witted, hip-booted generals with senate appropriations bills dazzling their metallic minds. The will of individual man—that sole tribunal whose good or bad decisions mark one out for Heaven or for Hell, after the dust-of-battle or the din of debate die away—being summarily denied in this way, suggesting lobotomized roles of leotard-wearing Star-trek space-voyagers as mankind's futuristic "best", with a corresponding leaden march of the rest of us, the biblical "rest of men", not found worthy for stellar flights, into an apocalyptic extermination of the most heinous imaginable kind. Preliminaries of which are indeed well underway. This "New Evangelism" not any part of a valid Church reform but rather a major aspect of a morbid dehumanization carried out since the antipope John XXIII made his first grandiloquent displays. While finally this denial of personal anger and appropriately-fiery indignation brokers the insidious milk-toast advancement of sodomy as a way of life for all the globe, as imposed by AIPAC/American force-of-arms and associated all-powerful, sodomy-peddling, global-corporate commercial might.

Can we find anything wrong, after all that, with genuine-Muslims, as distinct from knife-wielding, mask-wearing Jewish-led look-alikes? (Even as some ever-death-defying Jews may indeed be swallowed up by this Mr. Hyde of their own funding and creation). Those of true Islam, like the Muslim Brotherhood, being the only people, together with the Russians and Eastern Ukrainians, who put up any kind of resistance to this hideous tide of evil ideas and men. All of which good souls we of the Crusade and New Confederacy embrace as believers in what is right and just, in a moral atmosphere in which all can raise their young.

Hardly can one deny that meekness too is a good thing, although it is not a precept but rather essentially a counsel, which can scarcely be said to trump a more-essential Cardinal Virtue, without which our souls cannot survive, called Justice. So that we can with right-reason-tempered anger demand justice not only as a matter of right but of duty, as of a father toward the rampant protection of the soul of his child. Indeed, one can still bear about one the holy glow of meekness and yet in a certain circumstance insist with reasonable anger upon just correction for a particularly egregious wrong, as there can be no real contradiction between the things of God.

But as suggested above the confusing of counsel and precept is only another notorious equivocation of a New Church "reform" which should rather be termed a deformity in the Body of Christ. Vatican-II-dazzled antipope-worshippers indulging everywhere the proto-heretic yen for an Oakham's Razor culling away of critical theological distinctions, opening up massive notional voids for every sort of falsehood to enter unopposed, whole libraries of which fine qualifications were with high dudgeon thrown out the "open window" of "Saint" John XXIII. He who had the same name as the last of the Renaissance antipopes, going centuries before. As noted above, revealing all these "new and exciting" things much-boasted now-and-again on EWTN to be mere weary "old hat" after all.

As noted, like all things in this massive pseudo-reform—which would destroy the Church were it not for the divine guarantees, the immovably-embedded foundation-stones of the Apostles—there is much more involved than just heresy. Rather was Mother Angelica, although incapacitated now, beyond any question, together with Bishop Sheen, part of an astute infiltration-of-the-Church much discussed on this site, lamented already by popes of the nineteenth century, with its first ruthlessly-clever moles no doubt put in place already during the last half of the eighteenth. This mammoth, meticulously-prepared subterfuge employing agents whose numbers are legion toward the erection of a kind of velvet-gloved-Maoist thought-and-behavior control, brokered by a war-footing economy which whip-lashes us down a narrowing coercive road. In place of the mild and manly discipline of Our Lord Jesus Christ raising up people who no longer know how to make a fist in the name of Catholic or Christian Civilization, nor in defense of their own children or home. For which odious purposes was required a repudiation of all qualities and habits that once clearly marked out the free and forthright soul among the one-time-intrepid Catholic fold: a task for the "venerable" bishop Sheen and Mother Anglica were well-up-to indeed. The latter too no doubt pre-qualified to be "beatified", like other chief figures in this ongoing moral overthrow, while scarcely cold in the grave. Anger—so hotly impugned and disowned by all these "called to the highest holiness" new-evangelicals—being one of an array of honest reactions of honest individuals, far from the devious world of sarcasm, innuendo and petty reprisal that are the stock-in-trade of modern social life, and that the beady-eyed nun and hyper-theatrical bishop of decades before were especially good at dishing out. This in sardonic, effeminate and underhanded outbursts from the TV screen. Anger by contrast taking its place nobly—of course when tempered by reason—alongside the withholding of forgiveness for a wrong not owned-up-to, or not made-amends-for, and a corresponding willingness on ones own part to apologize for ones own wrongs. All of these old moral standbys, discussed in the article just below this one, being quietly, or with a sort of scholarly or clinical air of condescending expertise, repudiated from out of moral-revolutionary sessions of Vatican II. Source likewise of a fifty-some-year-long string of discipline and piety abandoning antipopes, forsakers of their chief Petrine mandate to rule, and not just to give pretty sermons and world-mariner speeches, if necessary with a justly-angry iron rod. An anger however utterly inapplicable to embattled upholders of traditional fatherhood, to whom these antipopes have arrogantly given a serpent instead of a fish. New Church a biblical "tree" whose rotten practical fruits—a whole different thing from all the rustling "love, love" foliage—are there for all to see.

We discuss here "a more excellent way", a genuine fatherhood, an authority-model tempered to requirements of a civic power elaborated horizontally to the tiniest neighborhood of the most remote little hamlet or town. Authority being properly exercised only in this organizationally-distributive way, with the place of fathers-of-families once again in particular being strongly reasserted, albeit disentangled from perverse and inhuman "macho" excesses often wildly popularized by woman-hating denizens of sodomy. In our "model system" good tensions of human-organization being kept taut, a genuine national policy being formulated which commands the just and fervently-willing loyalty of the humblest-of-souls in every locale. War being no Obama "make the world safe for democracy" bombs-away, but a sedulously-debated subject around modern-day equivalents of the cracker-barrel or pot-bellied-stove in yesteryear's corner grocery-store, in well-reasoned conclusions which by such an organizational trellis make their way with dispatch to councils-of-state. Local, familiar forums, open to delegated representation at higher levels, in which we decidedly do on occasion get angry and agitated—unless we are corpses fit only for the grave—frustration-of-which instincts as noted above being major root-cause of the violent outbursts and mass-killings now so much in the news. In these humble-but-redoubtable venues airing, as we already do on this site in our own folksy way, the eager debarkation from this leotard-wearing galactic spaceship, or long file of doomed humanity that "doesn't measure up" to the "wonders of science and engineering", waiting to be nicely laid to rest in some new pandemic, or in some other of a hundred "killing me softly" ways. Far from such dire expectations, we know that there is a good God in Whom we must have complete and unwavering trust, and Whom saints and seers of a millennium and more have assured us has prepared us an escape route from this new and non-fictional Auschwitz of our day.

Sought after here then is an overpowering resurgence of the beloved, traditional culture-of-fatherhood, "all of which comes from God", with all levels of authority from the family up understood in this pious and fatherly way. After which we must never again take the fatal shortcut of trusting total strangers who rule remotely, from far away, who allegedly "know all about" important things like war, liberty, debt, the economy. That political laziness being close-cousin to a carelessly accepted but dolefully-short-lived "easy money" from the same "all-knowing" breed, that which infallibly heralds the ruin of a good people, a good state, indeed of the Catholic fold as well.

July 19, 2014: One must look at history in order to judge between Russia and the USA.

And I don't mean "ancient history", either. Rather has the USA since Reagan been in the business of cornering "target" nations into false-flag-arranged wars: the most odious and horrific atrocities known to men. Our functionaries corrupting native governments indeed since the Chinese-Opium-trade-notorious Roosevelt family and before: for one thing replacing the upright administration of Afghanistan back in 2002 with a venal and dictatorial Karzai. Previous "corrupt" officials having sought to place some restrictions on clandestine activities of U.S. Corporate NGOs on Afghani soil. Indeed, Russia itself was robbed of ninety-five percent of its financial assets by a U.S. Government-sponsored Harvard-University team, headed by Geoffrey Sachs of the notorious Jewish financial oligarchic clan, a "helping hand" invited into Russia by a turncoat Yeltzin himself. While it was to be Vladimir Putin who would save the Motherland from utter destruction under such a "kind" Yankee hand, with the aid of divine providence putting Russia once again on a level footing, become once again a lender rather than a borrower nation: this latter the special shamefaced province of a "make the world safe" tin-cup-extending Uncle Sam. Furthermore, believe it or not, I write all this because I love this country, a land settled and evangelized by French and Spanish Catholics, all the way up to Cape Code on the East and Vancouver on the West. A country however doomed to be invested by synagogue-serving secret societies of every stripe, and poisoned by a view of life backward, barbaric and pathological to the core.

What is it that Obama wants to bring to the people of Eastern Europe? Institutionalized sodomy and other perversions of every kind, to make Russia's youth as hopelessly jaded and confused as our own. Presumably that in itself will democratically "even up the score". Would you welcome such a "deliverer" to your home, to counsel you children, to "set things straight" in your own backyard?

Finally, this latest incident over the airliner isn't at all characteristic of a Putin allegedly "gone mad with rage" over the latest sanctions: a "rage" which I failed to detect in U.S. media blacked-out statements of Russian officials, or in recent editions of or The Russian President would have no reason under the sun to react in such a self-incriminating way: even if he had the power to do so entirely on his own. But this commission of false-flag barbarities is however par for the course for the inseparable twosome, our own black-ops agents and the Israeli Mossad: the insidious molders of nations who "one way or another" will always have their way. Except that there is a God, and a Mother of God, in Heaven, who have other things in mind.

From such a perspective, the traitors to be someday summarily hanged or shot are the rabid warmongers on Fox and in Congress, which takes in about 90 percent of each. For one must be first and foremost a loyal and unthreatening brother to ones fellow man, and only then worry about patriotism: a rather ordinary virtue elevated by these rabid fanatics to become the homicidal do-all and end-all of human life.

What then of this horrific barbarity of the jetliner? Only the fiends of Washington and Tel Aviv could have dreamed up such a thing. The end-in-mind being the attempted cordoning-off of a hefty piece of a war-zone for an international NTSB-type scientific inspection, and the strident criminalization of the Ukrainian separatists as ghouls who only wish to "hold things up". This sort of fantastic moonscape scenario having plainly been concocted in some CIA mental inferno, not in the reasonable minds that govern the Russian state. Uncle Sam and his lackies once again depending upon electronic evidence to doom another region to an infernal war: that supremely modifiable sort of "proof" which our juvenile-minded "diplomats" so love to wave around in the air. But God is going to make atoms out of the entire U.S. war machine: just wait a while and see. And we will have on these shores once again a sane and Godly government, its laws based on the law of God, its prime dedication not to "exciting advances" of baby-killing global warfare but to the honor and glory of God. See our articles on this site about a New And Better Confederacy, to begin here in Texas, ultimately to gather in its Godly embrace all the other states as well.