November 2, 2009: All Souls Day, Requiescat in pace! More on the good state.

There is some repetition involved when one writes of such fundamental things as the good state, as it comes down to us from the wisdom of the Creator, shepherding it as He does with a staff most familiar and beloved to us, our values, beliefs and customs, our songs and celebrations. Hence to restate the basic problem: that we have an enemy—and when I use this word, I don’t mean the Taliban—whose entire modus operandi is deceit, deception, subterfuge. And as it happens, this foe completely control the land, so that what we have is an anti-state under its odious, onerous rule. But the thing this enemy most wish us to loose sight of—in their incessant “now you see it, now you don’t”, like the old magicians used to hypnotically intone—is that law is based on truth—in other words, ultimately, on the law of the God of truth—or it is no law, no government, at all. But only piracy, anarchy, tyranny.

Thus no surprise is the choice of these biblically-identified “masters of deceit” of “progress” as the fundamental value in their anti-state: a concept than which none more unstable, falsely-assuring, cunningly calculated could be found, to keep the state going down a deceitful and destructive path. To keep the citizen following such a drummer, stumbling deeper and deeper into an increasingly darkening forest. All the while he is promised a glorious breaking of sunlight, just around the corner, after this last long descent down a black and interminable grade, looming promontories closing in on every side.

In distinguishing the real state from the illusory most essential is the realization that to the first of these this earth is primarily a place of testing, albeit one in which the divine Father commonly grants a certain modicum of joy and prosperity within the scenario of things as they are, if we serve Him with all our hearts. Within the embrace of a milieu naturalistic, inviting, familiar, laced with landmarks and associations of our youth. While to the contrary, the anti-state takes a giant wrecking-ball to our entire civilization, in crass salesmanship promising a “promised land” in which suffering is entirely banished, sickness is genetically-altered out of existence, Napoleonic wars rid us of the last vestige of “backward” people who are said to be “terrorists” to the depths of their souls. Although, rising with the same crescendo of deceptive oratory, larger and larger portions of the globe live (or rather die) in starvation and malnutrition, poor peasants cultivate land laced with minefields, leftovers from wars the anti-state has provoked with its “progressive” policies. This while the global environment is disintegrating, and a massive mega-debt is dug under our own very feet which will give way any time now, plummeting us into an abyss deeper by far than the one down which we presently tread.

True, the good and truthful way isn’t an “easy one” such as the enemy promises but always abortively reneges upon. And these same “enemies of mankind” do indeed always have an “easy way out” strictly for themselves, one that the servants of God cannot possibly have. Even if this real enemy does now and again “get caught up with”, justly punished, their brazen faces slapped a time or two. While the good on the other hand realize that the earth is primarily a place of testing, know there is no other way to win the eternal prize than to struggle and overcome.

This, then, will always be the battle of this life: with the good always seeming stubbornly to take the lowly and painful route, while the wicked seem to be sailing on high. Much as to a little boy or girl the older brother who is a disorderly rebel readily appears to be a sort of bold hero, a doer of great deeds, when, now a grown man, he comes back home now and again. Having unwisely been let back in the door, no doubt taking an ever-relenting mom by her weaker side, which he knows dad will reluctantly abide. By contrast with which ring-eared brother parents to such a little lad can readily appear to be “sticks in the mud”, seemingly showing a seamy, unattractive side in their patient, grubby day-to-day labors, to keep the little guy fed and clothed. Hardly cutting the sharp figure of an older brother seen but rarely, and then in highly-contrived, cheaply-bought heroic form. And it’s hard to remember that all this divine permitting of deception—at home or in the halls of state—is for a reason, in order that we might choose. There will always be this temptation, to mistake fool’s gold for real. A deception which however, and as Jesus assures Sister Josefa in The Way of Divine Love (circa p. 365, Tan Publishing, 1972), is greatly dimished under good, wise and just leaders, of a just and Godly state.

October 30, 2009: Patronage, the Frankpledge, and distributism.

Frequently enough, in political or economic discourse you might discuss a host of instrumental or intermediary things with considerable clarity, but when it comes to addressing the fundamental reality at hand you find yourself at a loss for words. And in this respect writing about patronage—one of several nuts and bolts of the Frankpledge system—is par for the course. Patronage is at the heart of a genuine statecraft which requires a whole plethora of virtues and abilities, including bravery, loyalty, patience and compassion, these ironically-enough tempered with a certain amount of honest pragmatism a good and strong leadership needs as well. And when men master the intricacies of such an art, they form a league all their own, to which few, in reality, might even really wish to belong. For in times like these, in the hard-won turf of good government, the stubborn staying-in-power of some such seasoned family or political bloc can be positively essential to the survival of some city or district, some nation or way of life. And if this select body of men takes certain in-themselves-innocent measures to ensure its own perpetuation-in-power, it is doing so for the good of all. Since in politics perpetuity is a value in a way without any peer, in its own peculiar and hyper-consequential plateau. Consider for a moment what happened to this country with the loss of the Kennedy legacy, and its fumbling takeover by the likes of Edward or this young upstart Patrick, and you will see instantly what I mean. For John and Robert, had they lived, to have established any number of “soldiers” to guard their turf, and a host of patronage appointees to apply it concretely to the here and now, to the critical issue of the hour, would have meant the perpetuation of a nation that back then was becoming greater by the day. Whereas in fact instead we got the dismal tragedy that greets the eye today. Here then is a subject into which “fools rush in”, and into the urgently-required command of which angels like the Kennedy brothers are far too often far too fearful to tread. For a state is like a family, and when the father dies, the family often does as well. As the commonweal must in a sense be said to have a soul, and to live on a plane above ballots, parties or polls.

Hence it is down from these rarified plateaus that we descend to a political life in which the highest goal of the state might be equal opportunity employment, with high sanctimony loading this thorny mandate upon already-overloaded functions of the legitimate state. One which meets St. Thomas Aquinas’s qualifications, to wit, as being a harbor of friendship, of the common good, and of that domestic peace which favors not simply commerce—as Milton Friedman would so radically limit it—but most nobly and essentially the contemplation of God. Plainly, to mix such already-onerous requirements with that of equal employer of first resort can be like mixing oil and water. A non-sequitur at the heart of the past quarter-century or so of morbidly-single-minded court and legislative efforts to see patronage completely banned from governmental life. Its memory abominated as some sort of crime, at all levels, in all regards. Patronage indeed now not uncommonly involving stiff sentences in jail.

Plainly, the most basic, under-girding natural law purpose of the state listed by Aquinas being the cultivation of friendship, one can rightly conclude that this same adhesive will be the ceaseless primary means toward the perpetuation and strengthening of that most fundamental of human institutions as well. And despite the black-eye it has gotten over the past few decades, patronage, a word interchangeable with friendship, the old standby of party politics—indeed of political life back to the medieval/tribal Frankpledge itself—far from invariably being some sort of backward abuse-of-power—is of the very essence of the functional state, of a popular government which has crossed the above-noted almost-mystical line. Which functions in the marvelously-aged and mellowed, multifaceted way that genuine and God-honoring government must. So as to be the voice, express the mind, of the people, in a way that is noble, virile, courageous, compassionate, that “lays down its life for its friend”. A flesh-and-blood forum which is hardly the abstract “experiment” which Enlightenment theory claims it to be, belying the obscure-but-potent friendly chemistry—like a well-aged wine—of prior historical associations of men. These towering but oddly-artificial ideas of the state being antedated already by Reformer condemnations of prior (especially Catholic) political civilization as having been backward, tyrannical and barbaric in the extreme.

Under good forms of patronage—when men still come to government out of the now-rare kind of devotion described above—long-standing associations insure a large pool of skilled and experienced leaders and workers in all fields, in an understanding of these qualities which takes in a social and cooperative dimension entirely unconsidered by impersonal employment boards. A good patronage which at the very same time is enlightened, which values capability, yet values certain higher qualities even more. As noted, there being something about official employment or office which enters another frontier, which somehow expresses a tacit willingness to pay the price. A better sort of patronage providing an ample reservoir of persons of this sort of merit, already-closely-connected, from out of which higher levels of government can calmly and constructively choose, and go from there to a functioning administration with little conflict involved. Bureaucratic “conflict resolution” being a child of later “equal opportunity” times, having seldom traditionally been much of a consideration in such a benign and familiar workaday chart. From among a body of men already knit together in ties of acquaintance, religious belief, culture, ethical principles, and so on. With the noted Thomistic ingredient of friendship providing a pre-existing interlock for the smooth functioning of the various arms and departments of the state. This while the newly-conceived idea—of the state as the equal-opportunity-employer par excellence—engenders nothing so much as the modern sense of profound alienation that greets you everywhere within officialdom—let alone amid the vast, tribal-infighting, malarial jungles of bureaucracy—that you might go.

Of course, things like race must be given due attention, and I speak in my platform of a minimum 51% hiring goal for Indians, Blacks and Hispanics at various levels of the commonwealth. But together with such benchmarks toward the redressing of past wrongs—in a way finding new and amplified life stemming from these very measures themselves—would be the establishment (or indeed the reestablishment) of traditional organic racial and cultural constituencies, encouraged and enabled toward ample levels of personal agency-oriented power. Within whose wards or districts, or counties where they form populous blocs, Blacks or Hispanics, Indians or Arabs, Sicilians or Croats would be in charge of many things, would substantially run their own affairs, their own patronage system, a carving out of their own sense of themselves. Here again, the familial, the intimate, the loyal, and the loss of some prominent Black family and its dependents, followers and associates can spell the very doom of some Black community, among corn fields or ghetto apartments and shops.

Actually, as students of oriental history know, the old Chinese universal testing for imperial positions is often cited as the model of the “equal opportunity” ideal, but among the Chinese themselves the system was ruefully seen for what it actually was: a very efficient scheme of top-level control. While of course hardly any better can be assessed the highly-analogous impersonal bureaucracy of a Prussia that would give us Bismarck, and that would soften up German soil for a certain turbulent corporal that was so soon to come.

Manifestly, justice for the state is to be realized in the old police-car logo: “to protect and to serve”, and this in the most efficient and speedy way. To get certain critical things done as expeditiously and thoroughly as possible, a goal in comparison with which—considering the noted sorts of deeper abilities required—the ability of anyone at all to get a good job within its ranks is irrelevant indeed. Good jobs and other such blessings largely result from agile efficiencies of able, patronage-based governments: coveted positions not typically to be found in some staff-glutted, bumfuzzled official bureaucracy but out there in the civilian economy where such things rightly belong. Where they have the most natural, rich and vigorous politically-cultivated soil and climate in which to grow. Otherwise, when we attempt to make government the equal-employment do-all and end-all, things break down drastically and in a hurry, like they are doing now. In short, if we really want “limited”, “small” or efficient and effective government, it is to be found in this way, or not at all.

Indeed, this loyalty-based, wisely-administered sort of state—maybe even without a lot of billion-dollar Haliburton-built buildings to sport—is precisely what our troops, diplomats and corporate-managers are now busy dismantling around the globe, just as official predecessors did at home. Instead of the unitary vessel of love and devotion that the old commonweal used to be, whether in Pakistan or decades ago in the USA, the heroically marshaled new enterprise spells nothing so much as tyranny, together with a lot of stuffy elitists staging hissy fits over office turf or pecking-order wars. It is the death of the state, as a living thing. Hilary without much qualification calling the old village-to-parliamentary system built on fellow-feeling “terrorism”, of all things. The very death-knell of popular government, as usual, having been sounded here, in the very act of its pompous proclamation.

Of course, privatization, the candid abandonment of loyalty and moral responsibility, is where all the “equal opportunity” has brought us to. An anti-state in which major corporations dictate foreign and domestic policy to a cowering and dependent commonweal. That modern-day fate of nations when ruling families are ignominiously destroyed, as in the case of the Kennedys, Saddam Hussein and a hundred more.

Instead of the old dependable trellis for dedicated political blooms to climb upwardly from the solid, locally-and-regional-conversant soil, membership in Freemasonry and various related quasi-cryptic bodies draws indifferently-able top-level city and state employees from a hiring-pool: these, after so much blush and bother, hardly so non-nepotistic after all. But at all levels with new requirements of belief or attitude, even style of hair or dress, which are essentially pre-determined by the hiring board, rather than by common custom or thought. From the top, in other words, so that the labor force resulting is no longer at all united by candid and legitimate grassroots values and associations, as of old. But by ever-changing and uninspiring, “progressive”—in other words anti-Christian—habits, tastes and styles. These dictated by ruling figures imbued with religious cynicism or indifference, sodomy and abortion-on-demand. The aim being indeed that all religious belief outside Judaism, or various Judaized forms of Christianity or other religions, be without ado cut out of the very heart of a once fervently-united, Godly state. While from out of this tumultuous Jacobin revolution is painstakingly retro-uprooted as well all vestiges of the old, sturdy and cherished ties themselves from out of church-yard, neighborhood or district as well. Here, in this new, sterile and supercilious hiring or privatizing doctrine being found, in all its crass jaybird arrogance, that agnostic rule by the elite which John Edwards so openly proclaims. And which calculating tyrants like the rest of the D.C. gang count on to bring the nation subserviently in tow.

Hence is patronage shown to be at the very heart of commonweal, of the Frankpledge, and that distributism from which it sprang, which I hold to constitute practical popular government par excellence. Since, again, there can be no firmer foundation for any enterprise than friendship, and loyalty, forming together with the help of Almighty God the immovable foundations of the state. “Favors” under patronage get spread abroad, it is true: but they do get spread abroad, and this in a remarkably uniform way, compared to the farm-and-inner-city burnt-out track-record of today. Where all power and emolument find their way back to those avant-garde and elitist pinnacles which utterly despise the common man and all he holds dear.

Hence, not surprisingly has patronage come under heavy attack as “the enemy” by this whole astute crowd that has taken over since John and Robert Kennedy, and in accelerated fashion since Bush/Clinton/Obama took charge. Rule by the experts, entirely from above, with no connections at all to the local power-grid. Which quickly gets taken over by thugs and protégés, or short-circuits and dies. A new radically-downward power-structure being hereby instituted which is undyingly dedicated to sodomy-marriage, to the destruction of mounting numbers of Terri Schiavos, to aggressive warfare—to “make the world safe” for increasingly perverted fiends—as well as of course for lots more abortion on demand.

The Frankpledge Party, then, is undyingly dedicated to patronage, in other words to friendship in the political sphere. I would chose as my lieutenants, in organizing a characteristically-loose-knit distributive power-structure, from among those who had risen through local Frankpledge-based ranks, had been able to link up with others of their kind locally and regionally. The Frankpledge being that unique and unshakeable place where patronage and democratic methods meet in the most familiar and congenial way. And I would most definitely depend upon their judgment in the selection of other agency-oriented national players and able subordinates as well.

Good, authentic forms of patronage, in short, are about insuring that the political order is modeled after, is part and parcel of, a socially-substantive, far-more-essential popular one: this latter being uncompromisingly maintained as the determining voice in all things. The state under a good system of patronage being familiar and beloved, mutually-reinforcing, reverse-looped, speaking in resonating unison with the lives, cultures and voices of the people themselves. As it once indeed so memorably did, in medieval times, or even in some ways in the 60s, before the (real) Kennedys were so brutally struck down.

October 30, 2009: Hillary arrogantly defends the drone attacks. Using a plainly-prearranged 9/11, a big, queer, Obama-run USA, like all faggots, now forces itself not only on Iraqis, Pakistanis, Afghanis, but through recent legislation upon U.S. citizens as well.

True, we don’t get drone attacks, yet. But people like Lou Dobbs, who once in a while shows a bit of rare news-anchor courage, do get shot at in their homes. While other newsmen especially conversant with determining events of the past horrific decade, like 9/11, die in the strangest way. Much as the vast majority of those closely familiar with the Kennedy assassinations died off uncannily soon thereafter, like flowers in a Fall freeze. Even as Christ-like Muslims, like the Imam in Dearborn, who fed and sheltered our own Anglo homeless poor for us, get mercilessly gunned down like swine. So don’t feel quite so alone, Pakistanis. Indeed, and much like you, recently-ballyhooed legislation is forcing militant sodomites on the American people, too. A rabble with whose coarse faces and manners you yourselves are no doubt becoming more familiar by the day. Congress with half-hearted Republican opposition defining “assaults” upon these ribald stalkers and vicious assailants as federal crimes: fiends who here at home have gone to accosting people publicly, from behind counters, where they have most of the jobs. Or even from behind you, while you are waiting in line. In hideous oversteps which noble manhood used to violently (terrible word for a drone-bomb-warrior like Hillary) punish without any ado, when it had finally got enough. These just, holy and upright defensive measures having been mutated into federal felony crimes with endless terms in prison: replacing the old likewise-unjust week or two in jail. Say it any way you wish: the inmates have taken over the asylum, and there can be no law and order when, in absence of any official defense, you are required by all nature and right to defend yourself, and then are led off in chains. Truly, the hoodlums have taken over the police station: but Hillary and her AIPAC masters-of-deceit are going to shove terrorism and perversity down all throats around the globe. Simply because, with Jewish money and U.S. arms, they are “big enough”—like some Abu Ghraib sodomy-rapist—to do so.

Oh, great, noisy, 9/11 patriots: don’t you see that this “attack upon America” is of a piece with the blackmailing of our nation by the sodomite crowd? That you don’t have to foam at the mouth against Muslims, like Anne Coulter or Glenn Beck, to see that this “hate crimes” legislation is evil, perverse. The “gays”—hideous misnomer—have always had to invent some great “wrong”, one in which however they themselves had a determining share. An old ploy which has only taken on geopolitical dimensions in this latter day. In mock-vindictive antics skillfully designed to incriminate those they would morally destroy, whether at school, on the sidewalk, in Teheran or in D.C. Or at least to demoralize them beyond repair. Don’t you perceive the sing-song “let’s make sure we’re all reading from the same page” in these incredible fabrications about 9/11—the whole grand excuse for an assault upon mankind that wraps the globe? In “definitive” books whether by Joseph Wilson, George Tenet, or this “terrorism czar”, Richard Clarke? About an event so vast and horrific—if it actually happened the way it is so insistently described—that it should have thousands of witnesses—and a million sisters, uncles, cousins and other relatives, friends or associates close-at-hand—more-or-less intimately acquainted with particulars involved. An apocalyptic cataclysm however whose politically and strategically correct account rather gathers itself up so neatly, so counter-intuitively, into a security envelope which acts as an airtight informational shroud. These so-called security professionals coming out with top-level accounts that all sound like a Rose-Garden speech, that have no natural, personal nuances to them at all. The laughable-stiff yet hideous sort of group-speak the old Soviet Politburo used to treat the USSR and the world to, back in the ‘50s and before.

This has nothing to do with Democrats or Republicans, but with a national takeover which incorporates both into a seamless, Judeo-Masonic whole. Rise, America, take back your land, your soul! But a curse on you, fiends, perverts, dual-citizen traitors, who cravenly, dishonorably, illegitimately rule now. In a trice, a moment, God will encompass your ruin.

October 29, 2009: The economic multiplier, the forgotten dynamo of the Frankpledge, the first and last casualty of “heroic” times.

All down through history, towering frustrations of the economy have always been attended by a great din of proclamations and attestations of the heroic. Inevitably, whenever and wherever the most vigorous and authentic building-blocks of local prosperity—like the Frankpledge advocated on this site—are being systematically undermined, this sort of breathless agitation is always somehow “in the air”. Thus for example the epic-heroic tones of FDR, today copied in every sonorous decibel by this unctuous “fireside chatter” Obama: a Roosevelt who, just like his modern-day sound-alike, did precisely what he said he wouldn’t do. In his case in skillfully nursing along those very same monopolies and trusts that lay at the base of the Great Depression—indeed breeding even bigger ones in the tycoon-administered nurseries of the NRA—trusts, cartels and collusions he claimed so manfully to fight (Hawley, The New Deal and the Problem of Monopoly. 1966: Princeton, N.J., Princeton University Press). By way of which route was paved in concrete the wide road to a “branded in infamy” World War II. The watchword is always some Huxlian “brave new world”, whether in the invention of some new foreign enemy—for the defeat of which massive multiplier-inhibiting bond-issues and other international loans are required—or of late in the mystic-ceremonial erection of the modern deity of “progress”. An Easter Island monolith requiring mega-investments in electronic and “information” technologies which ultimately if anything reverse the economic multiplier into negative, real-growth-inhibiting realms. Since the only “value added” you get out of this sort of thing is to be found in frigid reaches of outer-space, or on an earth in which human agency and activity is supplanted by mindless, code-sensitive implants and flashing and beeping machines. Whereas sustainable projects worthy of mega-investment are few, confined to those that bring new sources of wealth realistically projected to be vigorously expansive and self-perpetuating. Without having to be cloned, or sent to Mars or outer space. The “progress”-scenarios of today rather begging for a chance to limit life to genetically-altered supermen, for whom good, healthy and upright productivity as mankind has known it would be an utter unknown. And of course anyone at all who objects to all the breathless hullabaloo—about such a brave launch-pad—is always condemned as a spiritless slacker, a “stick in the mud”, perhaps even as disloyal, somehow harboring cunning treacheries in heart or mind.

But in fact real life, legitimate polity and vigorous economy—as I saw all around the globe from near-north-side Chicago to Paris to Rome—in the 60s and early 70s, just before the mammoth and bewildering information age tsunami hit with such multiplier-atomizing force—isn’t at all like that. It is a mostly humble thing that however somehow contrives to grow big tomatoes, prolific fruit trees, ebullient cities, neighborhoods with lively gatherings, ethnic shops and cafes, solid and well-decorated houses on peaceful and well-maintained streets. And this without a lot of heroic proclamations about some new enemy that must be met, or some new “challenge” dealt with, in terms of “energy”, climate-change or a burgeoning drug scene. Granted, this lovingly-remembered era represented the very swan-song of earlier distributive times, which by then had gone by the bye. Already the ultra-centralization, the techno-industrialization was in place in which energy requirements would balloon into the stratosphere, to thrice their genuinely-required size, would come to have little relation to sustainable productivity or the common good. Rather would all “growth” be charted and determined in the stock market, in a mammoth exploitive speculation on potentially-prodigious goods and services of the earth. Energy come to be determined by perfectly-irrelevant deadlines of day-traders, rather than modeling sustainable benchmarks or prosperous cities, or warming cold bodies or feeding hungry mouths. The economy henceforth to be expressed in terms that rather fill the pockets of power-hunger and greed. For cryptic purposes of which our real enemies must have a carefully contrived emergency before they can encompass our ruin, do their ultimate dirt. “Hard reality” must always be conjured up, which “demand our utmost vigilance”, in this “harsh and unforgiving” “dog eat dog”, “terror”-ridden world.

To go back in time and tell that to the folks in the “backward” ethnic neighborhood in Joliet where I was born—with the friendly faces, the dependable jobs, the many kids who somehow didn’t need to make a lot of noise when they played in their business-like way, whose greatest desire was to grow up and be “just like mom or dad”—would have found them scratching their (ignorant, non-progressive) heads in uncomprehending disbelief. Simply because real popular prosperity is inimical to everything these biblical cynics—“not like the rest of men”—want. No, the old ethnic cafes around North Avenue in Chicago in the sixties, or the neighborhood bars around Hickory, Moran or Center Street in Joliet—which were like stepping into your neighbor’s living-room or kitchen for a drought of the brew—were to these ever-vaunted elites, already spring-loaded to go into action, even back then—full of a lot of grubby émigrés. Foreigners diluting the “pure blood” of the “native stock”. These mostly-quiet—but musically humorous—men and women who built the steel industry, who built neighborhoods where a child could walk from dusk to dawn without danger or fear. Oh, yes, these were the “undesirables”. Much better were to be the loud-mouthed, arrogant and sarcastic, neighborhood-annihilating, parent-despising hippies and bearded bikers with their tattoo-shops, and with a whole swelling sub-culture of communal “alternate lifestyles”. Womanhood-despising and exploiting, often-enough sodomy-oriented, many-times racist to their hollow core. New patch-eyed pirates soon-enough even to find non-committal or basically-favorable consideration from the pulpit, from a new “don’t sweat the small stuff”, “laid-back” Father Jim. Who himself might even sport an expensive motorcycle, and live in his own “pad”. Rather than in the old stodgy and conservative rectory, as priests were always wont, where he could be ever close-at-hand, 24/7, for the growing numbers of troubled souls. That all the vaunted new heroism had brought in tow.

We’re all out on the street, now—what’s left of it—waiting for the heroically-prepared, eagerly-anticipated, breathlessly-announced parade. But where did it go?

However, we here at have a parade, a crusade. True, most of the patriotic rocket-launches and techno-marvels are acknowledged to have fizzled out, on this homely route. There nothing more spectacular to us here than a child’s honest and unassuming smile, maybe a Weiner or marshmallow roast in the backyard. Such as folks in Afghanistan lately enjoyed. Whom vaunted “progress” and “heroism” hadn’t yet destroyed.

October 28, 2009: Sodomy, the real “hate crime”.

Sodomy, this perpetually disease-bearing, violence-prone, morbid and sadistic assault on those of ones own sex: this is the real hate crime. And those who would put a stop to it are the real champions of human and Christian kindness and love.

As far as this new legislation goes: it’s already on the books, right or wrong, that you can’t assault a sodomite, or anyone else, anyway. But Obama has got to “beat a dead horse”, that’s his nature, his special forte in the political world. No doubt every sodomite at every college will now have two security guards to hold him by the hand everywhere he goes. But actually it’s nothing new, in the history of tyranny, for every pervert, traitor or ghoul to have this kind of fawning, extravagant protection lavished upon him. Certainly, Herod needed fear no assaults, at the time of Our Blessed Lord, He Who was Holiness Itself scorning to even trade a word or a glance with this well-guarded unnatural fiend.

Congressmen, you insult yourself with this piece of tacked-on legislation, a rider to a defense authorization, of all things. But like the sodomites to whom it is dedicated, you really have no integrity, no shame. And will no doubt continue to congratulate yourselves at those gala events which have become your main activity, even as you so cravenly do today.

October 28, 2009: You aren’t “persecuting” someone whose whole aim is to destroy or disrupt, when you prevent them from doing so. AIPAC-engendered carnage in Peshawar.

I knew a guy like this, when I was yet a very young man, whose mother was always defending his disruptive behavior, an overgrown youngster who positively loathed to see the rest of the kids in the neighborhood at peace in their work or play. After that he became a very well-rewarded drug-dealer—we all know such untouchables, in this Afghan-heroine-route-reopening, worst-kept-secret USA—a one-time “heavy” now retired on a huge piece of prime land. And I wonder if he’s happy with the sharp and shiny treasures he’s amassed, which might poke him now and again with sad associations, like bits of junk a crow gathers, curious tidbits for his ample nest.

Always to his mom this guy, we’ll call him Johnny, “just wasn’t understood”. He’s only “trying to tell us something”, was the all-excusing phrase of the time, among such moms as many-a John could boast. Dr. Spock—the child psychologist, not the spaceman—was in his glory back then, coining such very phrases, of which however later, at least on one occasion, he would bitterly and publicly repent.

But the aim in this little piece isn’t to lament the lost generations since ’62, but to present a perfect model of our historical perceptions of the Jews. Yes, I still use the J-word, which any true Catholic must resolutely, courageously do, if he is to worship a Savior over Whose demise these same Jews still so remorselessly crow. Thus in looking through the Fordham Medieval Sourcebook on the net—a university that was recently forced to include a whole obscene “history” of the “gay movement”, stretching back to ancient times, in this otherwise superb collection, in order to keep its state-funded freebees of various kinds—I was struck by a long list of Visigoth laws regarding the Jews. You know, those “nice, persecuted people” who in murderous treachery would ultimately open the gates of major Spanish-Visigoth cities to the Muslim hoards. And the Jewish author quoted by the site neatly capsulates each such law—many written just before the Jewish-led Arab and Moorish hoards advanced across the straits of Gibraltar—in tiny sentences or sentence-fragments, each in as brief as possible a form. “Jews forbidden this”…”Jews forbidden that”…and so on. Hence one such entry, “Jews forbidden to sing psalms at Jewish funerals”. What could be more grotesquely unjust, you no doubt mutter to yourself? But it can be very convenient for some purposes to put things so briefly, like a metallic verbal jab. Indeed much like Johnny’s mother used to vindictively sum up Johnny’s unjust plight vis-à-vis the rest of mankind. For one thing because this little sharp-edged vignette totally abstracts itself from what was actually going on, from the real offense which provoked the passage of the law. To wit: the Jews of the times used these funeral processions—and any other excuse that came to hand—as a means to loudly promote their religion, their culture, their way of life, imperiously, in the midst of a nation Catholic to the core. The loud, guttural dirges, vividly portrayed in the Gospel accounts, sometimes conducted by paid professional “mourners”, typically chanting words of psalms, had in early-medieval Spain more than mere mourning in mind. Hence were the statutes designed to keep a glaringly-disruptive, alien religious ceremony within fit limits of an entirely private affair. Jews under the Catholic Visigoths could sing psalms the live-long day, as long as they didn’t sing them, in shrill, piercing tones, out there on the broad thoroughfare. That restricting of alien religious cults which is the perfect right of any state, since immemorial time.

No nation anywhere, outside Palestine—and the growing pro-Israeli Yankee military-pale in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, etc.—is expected to put up with this kind of wholesale abuse of its native religion and way of life, except for Christian nations vis-à-vis the Jews. And Catholic lands in a special way, as even certain Protestant nations are more-or-less let off the hook in this regard. Indeed with Calvinist paragons of Ulster basically rehearsing the old Visigoth-Jewish stark and shrill provocation, in insisting upon their loud, gaudily-Protestant parades through the center of Catholic neighborhoods. Where vivid memories of Cromwell, of his doing-to-death of St. Oliver Plunkett, still live, his martyred head still enshrined, when I was there, at Drogheda, the metropolitan see. Protestant parades along thoroughfares where they decidedly don’t belong, whose purpose is simply and entirely to humiliate and disrupt.

The list goes on, of Visigoth laws, indeed of statutes of ancient Rome, likewise promulgated “against the Jews”. Why? Because, just like our many multiplying Johnnies, these are the only people on earth who impose themselves on others in this way. Rome, then, or Spain, didn’t have to worry about the Monophysites of the times doing these things, or some Black Animists come up from equatorial climes. Jews alone, in every possible circumstance, in every age, constantly proclaim themselves, in word and deed, as “lords of the earth”, which they indeed think of themselves by divine or secular-messianic right to be. They’ve been doing these things to people for millennia, they think it’s “their job”, it’s “what makes them tick”. They peddle their junk loans, they’ve got money for every gangster, dictator or new Napoleon—in short, for every up-and-coming Johnny—at venture rates, and that keeps them loudly, crassly in power. The Israeli Mossad and a subservient CIA, Blackwater and SAS, with a hundred affiliated radical groups brought in tow, unleash detonations like that of Peshawar today, killing a hundred or more civilians in a single blast. To promote that chaos in which their power especially thrives. In attacks upon civilians for which the Taliban never takes credit. In scenes of inferno analogous on their own plane to what little Johnny did in the otherwise-peaceful neighborhood of old.

True law, then, is based upon justice, upon the law of God, upon the law written on the human heart and soul, struggles against those Jews and Johnnies who would thus be a law unto themselves. And it is this true law which we serve on this site, and in this crusade and campaign.

October 27, 2009: A new Homestead Act, in terms of tens of thousands of vacant houses and commercial buildings in Detroit, and nearly as many in other cities.

Around the nation now, serendipity elites, academics, avant-gardes, budding “artists” at every turn, are using vacant houses as canvases to display their vaunted skills. One of these prima donnas is planning to turn one of these vacant houses into a decorative “ice castle”, by spraying it for hours with water when frigid cold arrives. Hereby creating a crystalline wonderland for all who pass to admire.

But in all this hoary winter wonderland lies another good reason there is a Hell. For they who would hoard or thus trifle with sources of shelter, would with callous extravagance thus squander and misuse an earthly dwelling—a potential paradise to some poor soul, to “these the least of my brethren”—will deny to themselves an eternal one. Rather will those who damage or deny to the poor a “place to lay their heads” on earth dwell eternally in the little carved-out niches, which their own spare forms will amply fill, that lay in endless corridors, filled with fumes and flame, attended by savage demons. These will be the landlords of that new estate, for those who would treat their brethren thus today. For precisely so do saints and seers reveal the village of the damned to be, in subterranean caves, in visits there, for profit of souls like we.

Here in the USA is a shameless anomaly to equal the Irish Potato Famine, in which some million and a half Irish died of starvation, while surrounding fields of English landlords experienced bumper crops, back then in 1846-48. It would have been regarded as a sacrilegious violation of the laws of the market to let these field-tenders and their families have their fill, on a high-grade wheat and corn which even in better times they couldn’t afford to buy.

And what, pray tell, is it that this “market” is supposed to serve? Why, to these great pompous Judeo-Calvinists who run things both now and then, the market is a sort of self-sustaining, self-justifying deus ex machina, a frowning moral-lesson by which all men must abide. No tender and merciful God at all, this new deity is his photo-negative, a teacher of “virtues” grim, unforgiving, tracing out an “elect” chosen by privilege, wealth, “connections” of every kind.

Just as all morality, all nature, all true law, cry out that Irishmen should have had the fields thrown open to them, instead of these lands being guarded by goons in the English hire, so does the same “law written on the human heart”, and burning in the scorched souls of the damned, dictate that empty dwellings in Detroit should be turned over to the poor, should be used to shelter the homeless, to empty tenements unfitting for men to live within. That some workable arrangement should be made, person-to-person, with each such new occupant. That from that basis, now at last in possession of material substance, that city’s poor could provide to Detroit at large a rock-solid economic multiplier of more wealth untold. That same recourse which would have worked similar boons, had the tiniest fraction of “the bailout” of trillions been used at the very beginning, to subsidize scrapped mortgage-holders: instead of the whole mammoth sum being given away to “hard working” “elected” villains first and last to blame. Since wealth and substance at the bottom, among those mostly good and honest folk that the poor, with the least encouragement, tend to be, is the only way to build an economic foundation of stone. While the subsidizing of Wall Street speculators has served only to build more greed-mongering castles in the sky.

Hence my proposal, for a new Homestead Act, one which would have the same economic-multiplier effect as that fabled one of the Old West. This time in terms of all these vacant houses and buildings. Surely, these structures would be worth much more to their owners if thus occupied, kept heated, maintained, repaired. With aging commercial buildings containing fledgling new businesses, for a change. While the firing of the “opening gun” of this new land grab would indeed represent—cumulatively, comprehensively—an entirely-positive national investment of trillions in its own right. Not one to be administered by wasteful, career-nest-feathering, ladder-climbing, multiplier-inhibiting bureaucrats and politicians, but by those directly concerned, those with the most at stake. Here would be overcome instantaneously the major hurdle in the way of the many thwarted in their earnest desires for “the good life”, for prosperity.

The only thing is that it would take a change of heart, entailing a new kind of homeowner’s fire insurance, one that tends to render the landlord immune to the fires of Hell. One which would learn not to quibble over details, to be imaginative, not to expect a new federal subsidy at every turn. Here indeed is where the Frankpledge, the ten-head-of-household political/economic building-block, would come into play, to lend a loose-knit sense of organization to the whole city-wide re-make. Indeed, all of humanity is ready to harbor such vigorous, red-blooded ideas, to institute such initiatives, except for that tiny ruling elite of Anglo-Jews who rule the globe today. These robber-baron Judeo-Calvinists who alone among humankind set such artificial bars to human prosperity, concord, commonweal. A tiny dominating class in the English-speaking world being the only people on earth who have laboriously chiseled a miser’s heartless philosophy in stone, as a veritable anti-matter, reverse-image of that divine law written on the human heart and soul. In letters engraved upon what is turning out to be the very tombstone of our nations, our lives.

We can turn it around; there just isn’t a whole lot of time.

October 28, 2009: Catholics, as the name implies, think comprehensively, that is to say, in a catholic or universal way.

Which isn’t simply or exactly to be “open minded”, as that phrase is commonly understood, but which is rather an affirmative and embracing way of arriving at truth. For first of all, if we wish to truly and deeply understand some limited subject—from anthills to mountains to human beings—we first of all consider its purpose, its surroundings, the milieu out of which it sprang. And in the process of thus understanding some single limited thing we come to understand many other things as well. Hence too, in considering the nation, the region, the state , the county, the family, the peculiar circumstances, the neighborhood, say, of someone fallen foul of the law, and the unique way in which they interact with these things, we understand them, and how both to reform, and if need be even apprehend, them. In this patient way far better than by spinning some abstruse academic or phrenological theory, or studying atomic-size particles at some crime-scene, of a material that might incriminate, except that it is basically found everywhere. In this way, too, the investigator might find out that he has got some of the most potentially law-abiding citizens in his jurisdiction, right there in the ghetto where crime abounds. If he would only labor to understand their customs and usages, the things they hold good and dear. Humble, laboring people who are rather however studied, judged in complete isolation—as if ants under a microscope—from whence and whom they actually are. For it seems that modern man has become passionately attached to his little microscope, to his fingerprints and chromosome-studies, some of which aren’t near as accurate as they are cracked up to be. And decidedly averse to noticing the large incriminating—or exonerating—piece of crumpled stationery, right there in the entryway, on the bulletin-board or in the rack. That which Holmes would have instantly sniffed out with his wide mental net. (As he does indeed, with such a very obvious scrap, in one of Arthur Conan Doyle’s tales).

But the problem is—for some foxy souls—that you can’t control people by looking at them in this comprehensive way. “Assessors” who absolutely refuse to look at their fellow man as a little sovereign cosmos, a world of his own. The good policeman or politician realizing that to look at him comprehensively like this is to actually appreciate him for all he really is. Which is exactly what our leaders don’t want to do with us today, rather clinging to pre-conceived notions they learned in college, in middle school, or who knows where, notions that pigeon-hole us into entirely predictable quantities. Not human beings with a mind and soul, and a whole plethora, a whole cognitive, volitional, experiential ocean, in which we live and move. And that is the whole underlying problem—in considering these “enemies of mankind” who rule with such a nicely-velvet-covered iron fist today—that their overriding orientation toward us determines everything. That we are pre-judged as being unworthy of confidence or consideration. And we are furthermore, staggeringly enough, taught to meekly accept this assessment, as being “losers” from the start. To resign ourselves to the grubby little job we get, to the battery of abjectly-humiliating, intimately-intrusive questions we must answer before we can even be considered for some craven, demeaning post.

Oh, this is “progress”. But who does it serve, if the human being is thus assessed, at about 2% or less of his capacity? No, not to solder together little wires, or even to work calculus formula, but to interact in a galaxy of other spirits and minds, and to come up with vigorous, intricate, voluntary, personal-agency-oriented structures, businesses, discussions, forms-of-recreation, occasions-for and cenacles-of prayer.

I met a fourteen-year-old Portuguese when I was on the Peninsula in 1969 who was already a grown man. Who ran his own shop, precisely because he came from out of such a milieu, was generously accommodated in his abilities, in his energetic willingness, sprung forth not from some cookie-cutter “motivational program” but from out of the perfectly unique depths of his very being. And in the same year I met an old monk at Cobreces—one of the last of holy breed—whose soul was but a sanctuary of God—as you could see from glance, his smile, from which came sparks of eternity. For the way of Truth Itself, of God, of the Blessed Trinity is to see all existence as a whole, indeed divinely to Utter One Word which encompasses all things—and within whose embrace each lesser thing is exhaustively, intimately understood. And not as some isolated particle under an ex-ray beam, alienated from every influence, every fruit, every causative link. God understands each part both by what it brings to the whole and by its unique place therein. And so should we, if we would be truly wise.

This is “backward”, classical thought, which admittedly brought us no “motherboards”, atomic accelerators or billion-dollar spaceships—all alike perfectly sterile in any truly productive way—concerned with taking everything apart that a good God gave us, and so lovingly made, and making it into some stark thing it wasn’t before. In service to naked spatial propulsion, productive of equally multiplier-defying bits of random “information”. Fragments the individual person cannot possibly assemble into a personal, viable, affectionately-familiar world. To mesh, to reciprocate with those of others, to interlock mankind, ultimately, in peace and joy. No, this is a universe meant to be controlled rigidly, from the top down. And we are to shut our mouths, smoke our dope, worship the commanding demons of this New Age, this New World Order, this anti-life, this heartless conquest of a globe.

October 26, 2009: God always speaks of many things at once. Unity as understood by Boniface VIII. Receiving Anglicans back into the fold. The Blessed Trinity, the missing Ingredient in post-Vatican-II theology that is all-defining to Faith.

In the great confrontation between North-Atlantic-seaboard powers of the 1300s and Pope Boniface VIII—involving a grave profanation of the sanctuary that would lay a curse upon the entire century, sprouting forth plagues, wars, and insurrections, as equivalent things are indeed doing to ours—the idea on the part of Philip, and Edward I of England, was to introduce the utterly contrary and caustic concept of the absolute coercive power of the state. And at a deeper and more-insidious level of the primacy of the “practical”, of the “workaday world”, that of which we hear so much secular-sanctimonious palaver today. After the manner of the Byzantines—from whom Ottonians like Barbarossa took their cue—bidding the Church to stay behind church doors “where she belongs”, not to “meddle” in ordinary, day-to-day affairs of men. In effect chiseling in stone in the West the detestable confining of religion to “only saying Lord, Lord”, that rank hypocrisy top-most among those very things the Savior Himself had come to change. But which the influence of an ever-remorseless synagogue had already for centuries established so stolidly well on the banks of the Bosporus.

Always the quarrel between Heaven and Hell, between tyrants and popes, seems to resolve itself ultimately into these very terms. And although Philip would come to expel many Jews from French soil, would evince an unquenchable greed which would even aspire to seize massive Hebrew hoards, yet in this unprecedented establishment of a stark Caesaro-papist conception of authority on Western European soil he was doing the Jews the greatest service he could possible have done.

It was not for tyranny’s sake, then, but precisely in order to make law benign that Boniface made his stand: to preserve mankind from a rigid, arbitrary secular authority that abstracts itself entirely from the law of God. The state in this case personifying those “hands of men” which David pleaded to be delivered from: a stark and remorseless tyranny delivery from which only the “hands of God” can possibly supply. The Heavenly “good Father” being ever-ready to manifest that loving, prodigal divine fatherhood in which alone is found a solid refuge for tyrants, genocides, perverts, abortionists, today’s myriad unfettered BTKs. Holy Mother Church being the standard chosen vehicle of that delivery, and the state obedient to her mild precepts being likewise a sort of outer bulwark against which, too, to a remarkable degree, “the gates of Hell shall not prevail”. A bastion against a rigid secularism such as today aborts the unwanted child, mounts family-despising-and-corroding sodomy-“marriages”, conducts brazen, prisoner-sodomizing, Napoleonic wars, does a Terri Schiavo slowly to death by thirst and starvation.

But there is much more to this twilight-Medieval saga, since the familial, fatherly unity aimed at by Boniface was economic as well as political. This drama unfolding before a Boniface whose glance fell lovingly upon the last hours of a Catholic Europe based on a Gospel-enhanced common good. That sociopolitical pearl of great price, that “let the least of you be as the greatest”, which was so soon to be callously discarded in the adoption of the quintessentially-Jewish “dog eat dog world”. That rock-hearted principle of our day that “the good guys get washed away in the rain”. That profane and pitiless idea of the marketplace of which later English kings would prove themselves champions beyond all peer. While by contrast Philip would prove himself a freak, an anomaly for the French throne, generally to be made of better metal than that.

There is no desire on my part to “play the theologian”, but in today’s singular paucity of sound commentary on doctrine I do make bold to suggest that it was far from Boniface’s mind, in his infallible Unam Sanctam definition, so closely identified with this 14th century papal struggle with heads-of-state, to reject the Baptism of desire, whether open or implied. An infallible definition whose pithy essence, quoting wikipedia, reads, "Furthermore, we declare, we proclaim, we define that it is absolutely necessary for salvation that every human creature be subject to the Roman Pontiff". Here hardly being suggested that hard-bitten doctrine of nineteenth-century heretics which would find a modern-day near-equivalent among those many modern-day traditionalist rigorists who say nearly or basically as much. Hardly did Boniface mean to bolster doughty souls who would rigidly deny salvation to those not yet “subject to the Roman Pontiff” through an insufficient knowledge of the Faith, being plainly incapable of such an alignment even entering their minds or souls. Or who have contracted an “invincible ignorance” of the truth by way of a training so fanatically anti-Catholic, so full of genuine fear, that this hurdle is humanly-incapable of being overcome. This good pope hardly meant to suggest such extremes of righteous, vindictive command, of fiery damnation, being vicar of a God whose prophet healed the widow of a gentile, who found good and worthy men like Cyrus or Nebuchaddonosar outside the Hebrew fold. Or the Gospel centurion, or Cornelius and his household of already-pious souls. Since prior to all else in true religion there is understood this element of informed human acts, God above all things making provision for human frailty and insufficiency. As long as no guilty negligence or cowardice (in searching out the truth) is involved. This “no salvation outside the Church” doctrine, as it is often called, however and indeed maintaining the Church to be the sole font of grace, obtained through the Seven Sacraments, applied both to particular persons by the priest at Holy Mass as well as by God Himself to those countless unknown others He wishes to touch. A God Whose grace operates “whithersoever He wills”. While the noted underlying principle—of a clement divine requirement of a certain level of knowledge—or lack of goodwill—before punishing strictures come into play—resides majestically on the same plane with a Holy Ghost Who “renews the face of the earth”, Who enjoins that “all valid law is for the building up, not the tearing down”. And this latter fundamental, truly-progressive Canon Law injunction—one which, like all things Catholic, breaks bonds, builds nations and towns—really strikes quite close, in its own way, to what Boniface had in mind, in his stern-yet-fatherly, basically-constructive admonishments delivered to Philip the Fair. An “Unam Sanctam” definition, according to one modern commentator (see wikipedia article on the Bull), which was originally only a sort of footnote to the central message being promulgated in the much-impugned Bull. Namely that practical, jurisdictional one, of the bearing of both swords, civil and ecclesiastical, “on behalf of Christ”. He Who, upon leaving the Supper Room, so crisply and manfully called them forth.

Just as in God’s Trinitarian Uttering of His all-encompassing Word, which projects perfectly His own divine nature and all it contains, the Gospel words of Our Blessed Lord and those of Roman Pontiffs to the same lovingly-regarded flock—imbued with the same Divine Spirit Whom Father and Son mutually spirate to One Another for all eternity, between twin Poles or Sources of Being, Life, Power—these communications are pregnant with a richness-of-content compared to which our merely human statements must pale into narrowness and anemia. And just as critically, these papal words observe a hierarchy of values; they always put first things first; for the grasp and appreciation of which a great deal of reverend attentiveness is required. Indeed, it is here above all else that wisdom seems to make a giant leap, from the precincts of Heaven and the papal chair to the lowliest of the simple and poor: while spurning those between, the proud, the “self made”. The humble masses typically having a tremendous, almost effortless aptitude at observing this ordering, this pyramid of honor in thought, gesture and speech. For which they are commonly held to be “slackers”, “shiftless” or “over pious” fools. And indeed I myself, the lowest of the low, make this lengthy introduction to unveil a subject so sublime as to need a great many honorific protocols and proprieties before it may fittingly be spoken in simple and straightforward terms. For only genuine arrogant fools think they can speak of things divine in a bald, brash or perfectly blunt way.

First of all, and as already suggested above, we must understand that Boniface VIII, in both pronouncement and supporting communication to French and English royal courts, writes in the commanding language not of some domineering bully—such as ubiquitous commentators, apparently even of his own day, near-unanimously claim him to have been—but rather of an aggrieved father whose heart is full of love. The whole papal quarrel with the French and English crowns of the time was over jurisdiction: in an immediate sense over the collection of certain levies on Church properties. Exactions which Philip the Fair of France in particular was bent upon wringing out as a regular source of revenue, without any real consultation with the hierarchy, let alone with Rome. Much as he would so ruthlessly do in the case of the perjurously-accused Knights Templars, whose vast, multiplier-prolific, wealth-producing realms he would summarily seize. After having burnt hundreds of them at the stake. While the aim of Boniface was to see that “the previous custom be preserved”, viz.: that such exactions be taken only according to familiar, standard, handed-down “customs and usages”: these being the very universal touchstones of all law, but most famously of the medieval, to be held as valid at all. Levies otherwise to be procured outside these due and respectful, charitably-agreed-upon arrangements only in emergencies, as in time of just war. And in the process of this clarification, Boniface accentuated the fundamental, underlying primacy-of-honor of the papal chair over the thrones of mere men. The pope uttered his infallible Unam Sanctam definition, to repeat, that “every human creature must be subject to the Roman Pontiff (in order to be saved)”.

How does all the above fit with the news of today, that the pope is inviting the Anglicans to join the fold either individually or en masse? To become a part of that Body of that “Unam Sanctam Catolicam et apostolicam ecclesiam” of which Boniface wrote with burning words, in heartfelt phrases that, down through the centuries, so many have taken so wrong? Here indeed do many thoughts converge, come into simultaneous play, in a “word” which has many things to say. We here at this humble site only answer that this unity, to truly be achieved, must observe the very rule of this Boniface, and of Hildebrand before him, regarding a hierarchy of discipline with which the Bull Unam Sanctam was chiefly, in practical ways, concerned. To wit: that all unity must be based upon those “customs and usages” ”that have been passed down”. Translated to the realm of the liturgy, the consecration of bishops in particular, we cannot affect a unity based upon an “updated” Vatican-II-era sacramental wording or “form”, one which effectively obviates that sacramental substance, character or office which is supposedly confected or bestowed. We cannot pretend that there is some “new” and “no nonsense”, “expedited” way to do all these things, breezily bypassing the infallibly “handed down”, as in the hasty enactments of Philip the Fair. Adopting an apostolic Church sacramentary to a secularist, Caesaro-papist idea of an all-determining lunar deity of Progress which ever “shoots for the moon”. Which likewise pursues a multiplier-sterile technology productive only of weapons and cell-phones, and other such basically non-productive things. This while the masses starve, dope themselves, or die in wars at every turn. Put in yet-plainer terms, anti-popes, brandishing illegitimate sacramental formularies, cannot unite churches, however fervid their desire, cannot supply what has been irretrievably lost under present forms. For this saving unity we must “cling to that which is most ancient” (St. Jerome), we must return to the Faith of our Fathers, believed and practiced before the wrecking ball of Vatican II. Prior to a 1969 throwing-out of essential sacramental rites. Was it then the singular virtue of this “great and holy” gathering to catastrophically empty our churches, indeed in practical terms to level even they themselves, the very buildings, to the ground? Or to convert them into country houses for the obscenely rich to own? While any “progress” which hearkens radically to such a “throw open the window” future, as if that were where salvation lay, in practical and even spiritual terms, is only Jewish false messianism under a new guise. The triumph of a new Philip the Fair of the most callous, rebellious kind.

In all the rapidly-converging events and realities of today, when we who have ridden the “progress” train to its ultimate stop find our backs against the wall, we likewise find, with the Gerard Manley Hopkins, that the good Hound of Heaven, like Boniface his vicar, has relentlessly pursued us for our own good. A father, whether He of Heaven or His rightful vicar, must command, for that is His station to do. And earthly authority must reverently consult, and ultimately, where moral precept impinges, obey. For very simply, “all authority”—all valid law—“comes from God”. And swords both civil and spiritual are borne “on behalf of Christ”. Who together with his vicar has much more goodness and mercy than mere cruel and pompous man.

October 25, 2009: The spindly statesman from an alien land.

In every new age the same tired old Judaized/heretical falsehoods crop up under a different name or disguise, from out of the dark and cavernous reaches of a synagogue which acts much like a virus. An often-deadly compound which outside some host material remains entirely inert. A false, heartless religion which would have died out long ago, did it not attach itself to other bodies of men with real and earnest blood flowing through their veins. The Jews having since the days of Sts. Peter and Paul—long before the state became Christian under Constantine—have clung tenaciously to their crypto-Jewish beachheads within Christendom. For one thing because life has demonstrated to them beyond any possible doubt that no one else is interested in Judaism for very long except they themselves. A creed whose very middle name is elitism and exclusion, one which might promise you a place on board, or in the van, and then dump you off at the last moment, after you have served it well. For as I never tire of repeating, the Jewish “destiny” has ever as its model the annihilation of the Canaanite tribes: not as an obscure group of cannibals and infant-sacrificers of the Levant of ancient times, but as representing symbolically the entire human race of all times, outside they themselves. Hence regarding such a sweeping program of mass-marginalization, pursuant to a final apocalyptic extermination—preparations for which are so plainly underway now—there are understandably-few who cheer enthusiastically from the sidelines, once they get a good whiff of what is actually going on. Humanity rather needing to be convinced that it is all for their own good: in an assiduous program intriguingly like the old Twilight Zone episode in which earthlings are told in mellow, assuring tones—by a spindle-limbed visiting alien come down out of his oval spaceship—that he has only come to generously “serve humanity”. In a globally-hailed intergalactic program he indeed announces with his weird-yet-sonorous electronic voice in an address to some world body. Mankind for a long time little realizing that the brochure he has brought with him—finally translated by Federal code-crackers at the last moment—indeed entitled disarmingly, in the intergalactic language “how to serve humanity”—isn’t a formula for universal concord at all, as the innocent-sounding name would seem to imply. But rather a menu. But all this not before a great number have been taken on board, brought to this distant “hospitable” planet, found it all so delightful, as the alien emissary assures enthralled compatriots at home, that none of them wished (“any time soon”) to return.

But we “earthlings” somehow cannot conceive of a whole nationality, of people or beings, however alien in origin, whose aim is to utterly dominate, exploit and finally exterminate “the rest of men”. (The American Indians, the Palestinians, the Pakistanis, the Iraqis: all these give us ample clues of what is to come). And so these fiends have an “in” in sheer human incomprehension, from the very start. Like any Judas always does: the very inconceivability of his cowardly malice being the whole secret of his craven power. And since we savory bi-pods like money, the trusty Jews somehow always come to “manage” it handily for us, and to have plenty of the stuff to spread around, where required: a prominent place for these biblical “enemies of mankind” among us being all the more assuredly thus brought about. After which rites-of-acceptance our minds become oddly pliable, convincible about every subject from soup to nuts. We see doughty deeds of bravery in the most perverted, dishonorable, treacherous Napoleonic wars, or works of “compassion” in the extermination of infants in the womb, of Terri Schiavos on the hospice floor. All alike undertaken under the cryptic guidance of these great wise bearded ones who “know what’s best”.

Once we realize what is actually going on here, the rest is easy enough to perceive, as we recognize at last a desperate see-saw combat that has been going on for centuries. For when translated into terms of the fundamental difference between Judaism and Catholicism—or pure and utterly un-Judaized Christianity: the latter is found to be based entirely on the supernatural, on the life of grace. On hearing the cadence of “another drummer” from a Heavenly home. While Judaism, as revealed in human-sacrifices, cannibalisms and other barbarities and revelries especially prominent since David, but even before, is based entirely upon earthly considerations. If typically-and-fittingly-enough lent lurid outlines of a fanatical Kabala-mysticism of might, cruelty, sadism, morbidity. Thus the utter absence in today’s Vatican-II-era-Judaized parishes, of anything even resembling the humble-yet-joyful, childlike spirit of the Catholic past. Since it is easy enough to drive away the Holy Ghost where tumult is made to take the place of a “peace which the world cannot give”.

October 23, 2009: Manchester airport peek-show.

On its year-long “trial run” at Manchester airport in England is an ex-ray device which takes a film—perhaps even a movie—of the nude body—rendered so electronically, through targeting the skin to be illuminated in sharp outline—in order to “enhance security”, to prevent the necessity of the “shakedowns” that had become so unpopular, wherever Yanks or Englishmen rule. Of course, this is the “shakedown” to end all shakedowns, the ultimate violation of the human body, to Catholics the “temple of the Holy Ghost”.

Hence become clearer still the outline of this New World Order of which King Bush the First told us in his inimitable Eichmann-like, glowing-eyed-glowering way. This infernal scheme of these Enemies of Mankind, so identified by the Savior Himself, in their carefully-staged Tube Explosions and their 9/11: that cornucopia of totalitarianism which with the utmost cynicism would be used to justify everything from Napoleonic warfare to the stripping of humanity as a whole of its clothing, alleging “security concerns”. These voyeurs, these sodomites planning beyond any doubt to employ such films for a sort of stag-party revelry, sometime after hours, or even in a “live” show-time for a selected few.

This, then, is the black hole into which we are headed, in all this idolatry toward “progress”. The Pharaohs had some sort of “technology”, too, and may have used it in similar ways. All we know is that they were destroyed for their bald-faced audacity. In the case before us any sense of the sacred—absolutely essential to all the interior impulses of religion—is lewdly and shamelessly trespassed. There being no surer way to destroy Faith or divine love than by eradicating all modesty: that prime recourse which so aptly symbolizes sacred treasures held within, inner riches which we honor by the way we walk, move and cover ourselves. While likewise staggeringly obvious in this prurient peek-show violation: if we lose this freedom, then we have effectively lost them all. If we are left with no more say-so than this, regarding that which of all earthly or physical things is most immediately and properly called “our own”.

”Security” be damned, you fools! Here I will take my stand!

I, a Catholic, have grown to love Muslims because they have retained this sense of the sacred, to the giving up of life and limb, far more than have we in the West. It seems to me that this is what is really being fought over in Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere: all the other issues pale by comparison. Most Muslims have not become so “advanced” as to leave behind these priceless things. True Christians don’t, either, and by the same token, neither do we glory in the rape and other morbid pathologies of modern aggressive war: but we are a dwindling number.

All this comes around full-circle in another sense—for besides uncovering for us the real azimuth or trajectory of the New World Order barrage against mankind, it suggests strongly to us too the Jewish origins of modern pathology in all its forms. Indeed, we were given already a century and more ago the twisted maniac Freud to provide us with Frankenstein-like “cures” for all our inner ills. Even as Jews like Marx and Hitler—the latter the grandfather of the neo-con ideology that now stalks the globe—would be the designers of systems which would put us in parallel military and political psycho-bondage chains. And indeed, if you read their literature at all, you quickly see that Jews are the very first to admit, and sometimes even to lament, this their sick bend-of-mind and soul. For in their rejection of their Messiah, their God, their Father, as contained in the rejection of His Son, is put into motion an interior sequence of guilt and self-hatred analogous to that of a set of children who dishonor their earthly father. Those households in which this takes place are smoldering hotbeds of every psychosis, harbors for every sodomite, every incestuous, malevolent and hyper-secretive BTK. And when sick people like this are allowed to rule the globe with an iron rod, as AIPAC and Israel do today, one can only expect to see similar pathologies on a global scale. The most deep-seated of sacred things—God, parenthood—having been denied, all else then is held as profane.

October 22, 2009: Another “Only in America” first: Congress to force the individual to purchase “socialized medicine”.

In other countries it is given away: that’s what makes universal coverage one of Europe’s few remaining boasts, a boon by a dirth of paperwork rendered likewise so easy to administer. But Congress—even more than nature—abhorreth a vacuum when it comes to red tape, to huge bureaucratic staffs with huge budgets. By this new Leahy and co. brainchild, Congress—on behalf of the all-determining medical and pharmaceutical industry—wants to squeeze the turnip of the citizenry until it bleeds, not just in the significant (but hardly crushing) tax levies which honest universal coverage programs entail, but in substantially making the citizen pay the medical piper from out of his own slender means as well. For services of which he may not even care to avail himself. (There are said to be provisions for those who can’t pay, to get some of it, anyway, for free. But what kinds of fiery hoops will they have to jump through to qualify? And long, invasive interviews? For something that Englishmen get with the blink of an eye?) On top of which travesty is the open secret of a Federal experimentation program which has ranged from Agent-Orange guinea-pig GIs in Vietnam, to friendly-nerve-gassed troopers in Iraq, to the yawningly-standard release of disease-bearing particulates upon large population centers from the bellies of planes, all across a congressionally-satrapped Land of the Free.

I refrain from treating of all things medical very much on this site because it is all so disgusting. It is like the old 60s song, applicable to so much nowadays, “killing me softly”, with the weird, echoing bars of that number resonating uncannily to this citizen-tormenting déjà vu in Congress today. But I will say that ever since leaving Vietnam, anyone who served in a combat arm there has regularly and invariably been beset by government functionaries of an incredible variety of positions at every turn, being urged to enlist themselves into some program for the treatment of Agent Orange. It seems that no one else will touch you with a ten foot pole, if they have any idea you might be suffering from this noxious thing, so that you are instantly routed to Uncle Sam’s ever-solicitous door. Under a program for exposure to a poisonous substance which is however largely psychiatric in character, and full of mind-altering substances and experimentations—gabby and aggressive, personal-space-violating “encounter groups”—inevitable “in patient” stays in cavernous, intimidating facilities—and so on. Indeed, I know one GI who when visiting some county-level place that was supposed to get him in line for some retraining, made him an appointment at which four of these functionaries from various offices in the building converged upon him, demanding that he “sign up”, and disembark into some black hole they had so painstakingly prepared, down at the VA. (I have seen these good GIs when they come out the other end, and it isn’t a pretty thing).

This is the ugly face of public medicine in the USA. And although I actually believe that medicine needn’t really be administered in nationwide programs, which, as the USA and Red China so singularly exemplify, can so easily result in Orwellian scenarios of every shape and size, yet this “middle road” being pushed by Congress is absolutely wrong on every score. For rational alternatives to real publicly-funded medicine there are a host of distributive configurations that could be employed. Ingenious arrangements that may be difficult to envisage to the uninitiated, but which would be as normal as breathing good clean air, once the Frankpledge system presented here were set solidly in place.

October 22, 2009: Handwriting on the Great Wall: China to achieve 11% growth next year,

while our own economy remains at a real (not artificially-inflated) 0% growth or so. And unlike signature-U.S. stock-market-exclusive "recoveries", the Chinese variety has plenty of jobs as well. Even as an Obama-waylaid Uncle Sam has taken on a multiplier-prohibitive debt as large as a century or more of the Iraq War at its height. What does this say, to any American Balthazar staring incredulously at the wall? First of all, it shows the utter bankruptcy of our policies—economic and political, domestic and foreign—during decades since a rhetorically-heroic Reagan. (We should all be shaking our fists at any pictures of this mega-debt-initiating Great Communicator, or of any of his successors, that we might have hanging on our walls, like the celebrated post-War German cartoon shows a tired, middle-aged Nazi-era veteran doing vis-à-vis one of Adolph Hitler, and cry with him in shrill unison, in the poor but easy-to-translate German my memory supplies, “Dumkopf! Du hast den besten yahren meinen Leben genehmt!”) And secondly, and even worse, this year indicates the inevitable jumping off point for global finance. For as stated throughout this site, the Synagogue lays its money on any sovereign horse it doctors to win. All this fitting eminently well with an Eichmann-like Jews-only “final solution” much spoken-of on this site: an aim especially well fostered in a grinding attrition of the nations in ceaseless or apocalyptic war.

Hence looming on the horizon do I see Armageddon itself, with China reputedly able to muster an army large enough to provide blood “at the level of a horses bridle” across the entire valley of Megiddo where the epic battle is to take place. That battle in which the forces of True Faith will ultimately be victorious: although they by contrast will be able to bring to the field the merest fragment of the 200 million or so the Chinese can produce. The Han “pure blood” leadership of fable China, together of course with the Jews, will doubtless be the major enemy to be fought on that apocalyptic field-of-war, by the forces of right. The soldiery of good to be confronted by subservient troops of a ruling elite which runs neck-and-neck with the same Jews in terms of ruthless implacability, an ethic of “the end justifies the means”. Catholic prophesy further predicts that the ultimate battle will be won by a slender coalition of Bavarians, Frenchmen, South-Slavs and at the last moment the English as well. This may sound impossible, but the Machabees or David did as much in ancient times, as did Blessed Nuno of Portugal in fighting the ever-grasping, intrigue-oriented Habsburgs, or St. Joan of Arc later.

Only under the banner of the One True Faith can this coming battle be won, prior to which we must however shake off resolutely such deadweight as this Glenn Beck, this Mormon, follower of a religion which, with a few exceptions, basically reproduces the most backward, twisted, racist and woman-exploiting bigotries of the deep south out here in the West. Indeed, with a vengeance. (Do all working-class households need a live-in housekeeper, a “nanny” or two to help things along, such as abound out here from Bozeman to Agua Prieta?) Only one stark aspect of a glaring Old Testament atavism we transplanted Illinoisans like myself run into ruefully, whenever we poke our heads out the door. These “Latter Day Saints” (sure), a representative sample of whom claim to be the swaggering “true gritters” of all times, being an entirely different breed from the easy-going, hospitable old-time ranchers that used to abound back when I made my Western debut, and first met my wife in her café, in Miami, AZ., in ’72. Mormons and a new Bush-grown crop of transplanted East-Texas to Mississippi bigots having a lopsided power out here analogous to that of your standard clique of dope-smokers on any construction job. These guys who are seldom laid off, who are extremely well-connected. Just like their drug-stoned or sodomite counterparts at the office have always been. These being the ever-“confident”, “up and coming”, success-ethic paragons upon which the national destiny has been so shoddily built since the early seventies.

But we have on this site another vision, one quite sober and wakeful, needing no hallucinogenics to see it through.

October 21, 2009: Radical collectivism, the driving mania in the Judeo-American mind. The world has known this pathology for a long, long time.

But human maturity—let alone divine—doesn’t dwell there—nor does democracy. I return to this theme often in my writings, but it is well-worth wearing a deep grove in the mind with a few fundamental points: laboriously creating a sort of toboggan-run which will prevent nasty spills in coming time. At issue is a peculiar bend or weakness in the human civic consciousness—a fever, a pandemic, which some have resisted, but only at great cost—an influenza today just as evident among sodomy-happy leftist-radicals as among the most trenchant of neo-Republican war-hawks that you can find. It is a fatal twist once wrought on the American mind in particular in the dim shadows of the Eastern forests of colonial times, when dunkings and tent-meetings were first born. The chief ancestor of which irruption, here in the USA, was an “early church” collectivist John Calvin, the father of a Geneva-based group-dynamic Congregationalism, an innocent-looking venue from which sprang some of the most devastating mass-phenomena of coming time. While other ancestors of this tumultuous view go all the way back to the “great leader”- or “pure one”-dominated roiling masses of Albigensians of twelfth-century southern France, and forerunner Manichaeans of the time of a late-fifth-century St. Augustine. This flushed-faced unanimity finding yet-further and more-hoary historical precedents in incendiary mobs of Reds and Whites, debouching with murder and mayhem in their minds, from Classical-Greek—and later from Byzantine-Greek—hippodromes. Where political ideology and athletic competition mingled in a bloody and implacable way. While this group-determinism would finally become the driving factor in the Jewish national identity, with the bloody excesses of Jewish military history—evident even when lustily fulfilling divine commands—finally blending with perversities of Antiochene-Greek sodomy-“gymnastics”, to ultimately produce a crowd capable of shouting “crucify Him, crucify Him!”. Concerning a God sent to heal every human moral or social breach or wound.

Somehow, then, in a historical movement culminating in the monstrous emotions of the Senate and House of our day, came about this notion that all salvation is to be found in the group. And indeed—most confounding of all, in this human existence of paradoxes profound—the truth is really only a single decimal lower, on a sort of Richter scale of rectitude in social phenomena of all sorts. For although in fact the group is essentially neutral toward right or wrong, yet when filled with the Holy Ghost it can easily, like a feather, move mountains, can overcome impregnable citadels of wrong. Indeed, being capable, by both the power of grace and a sort of grace-inspired overwhelming conviction, of overcoming lesser metal within its own ranks as well. Of welding all or nearly-all into an army of saints, ready to lay down life itself for the honor and glory of God.

That indeed is where the One True Church comes in. We were reading only last night about the capitularies of Charlemagne with regard to newly-converted Saxons on the eastern imperial frontier (from the internet Fordham University Medieval Sourcebook). A formidable tribe, these Germans, whom it took so stout a figure as St. Boniface to subdue, with his fearless hewing to the ground of their sacred oak. A law laid down thereafter—when the entire nation had been smitten with love of this holy man, had been converted to the One True Faith overnight—that any relapses into the dark rites of old would be a capital offense. Historians today brandish this little chapter in history as proof-positive of the oppressive nature of Christianity in general, of Catholicism in particular, of Western political life in all its traditional forms. But from out of these stern enactments came a Germania and a Francia—the latter to father a coming Norman England as well—together at length forming a community-of-nations, a Europe which would, at least for some five centuries, put into customs and codes the mild and gentle values of the Savior. No easy task, no child of the moment, of some “having it done with”, in some collectivist hysterical or bloody spree.

Jews and Americans make brilliant object-lessons for all to see, illustrating in bold colors that there is a wrong way to do everything. A banner promotional chiefly evident in this “do or die” apoplexy which holds that all important things must come from out of the here-and-now mood of the people. That there is something sacrosanct about this albeit transitory and emotionally-manipulable phenomenon. Indeed that the function of today’s invariably Bush- or Obama-like leaders is simply to decipher this hormone-driven humor or frame-of-mind, to put it into plain—and even blunt or violent—terms. While finally no one here really seems to care very much that these very “leaders”—or their ever-busy behind-the-scenes lieutenants—actually provoked the mood in the first place. The man on the street too often being ready, with incredible meekness and equanimity, to call this titanic, destructive phenomenon by the lovely name of democracy.

Hence unfortunately there are certain critical parameters which human political existence ignores only to its bottomless demise, like a sequential or multi-jointed drive-shaft to human decision-making, in that the individual and the social or collective must alternate in their impact upon the state, or the whole social vehicle is doomed. That individual person—which is after all the only thing that really has a mind—needing to lend his humble but redoubtable input of rational assent, of noble innocent virility in kind. For in good and regenerate man, self-rule is an extremely orderly, if lively and enthusiastic, affair; it is permeated with what might be called a Roman joy or optimism throughout, already providentially evident in readings all the way back to the first of the noble tribunes, to the Decemviri and before (ibid, Ancient History Sourcebook). In contrast to which a radically-collectivist Judeo/Greek mentality holds the state as primarily the venue of grim punishments, even if less-admittedly of the venting of simmering feuds and vendettas. Among the fallen or deluded democracy putting forth a demented imitation of a sort of hive of killer bees. There takes place all this excited over-agitation on behalf of “we the people”, which results in domestic unrest or aggressive war: a sort of near-necessary escape-valve for a domestic existence rendered intolerably oppressive by such very means. By contrast with which real democracy is achieved in an orderly interaction of minds, culminating in reasonable and lawful resolutions, with pleasant and satisfying concord ever in mind.

One speaks this way out of love of country, not hate. I don’t want to see this fair land set upon by the Divine Beekeeper, its citizens smoked out, its hive demolished, its combs-of-honey rifled by predatory moths.

October 20, 2009: Top nuclear scientist Stewart Nozette arrested after offering a wide range of top-secret information to U.S. agents posing as Israelis.

Ever since John Pollard’s 1985 arrest for espionage on behalf of Israel there has been a fierce controversy going on within the U.S. intelligence community over the cozy relationship that exists between the governments of the two countries. But this donnybrook, as heated as it is among those actually involved, seems to be allowed or sustained largely for show, since the incredible fact remains that, policy-wise, the interests of the evil regime in the Middle East are always—in a yawningly-routine way—placed above those of the USA itself. Whether in terms of budgetary allocations, the newest weaponry, even protective gear for soldiers “in harm’s way”: of which equipment Israel invariably has first pick. Indeed, ever since George H.W. Bush headed the CIA and even long before there have been these black agents—like Bush himself—who have consistently used U.S. intelligence for every evil scheme, to advance every nefarious plot, from drugs to coups to genocide, often-enough in some direct or indirect connection with the sticky-fingers rogue state on the Mediterranean. While less well known is that George Jr. too, a decade or two ago, was regularly seen flying plane-loads of weapons out of Florida to Central America, and coming back loaded down with drugs. These fiends with high clearances work alongside of, share vital information with, others loyal to the hilt. Is it possible that Obama is actually evincing a forthright reaction to the frequency of these horrific treasons? Hardly. Rather, as in all else, the byword for this vaudeville-artist remains “the show must go on”.

As I write in several other articles of late, central to Bush/Obama policy is the carefully cultivated impression of struggle, for reasons ideological as well as cynically “practical” in the extreme. For in a modern-day-all-determining radical Jewish philosophy from Spinoza to Marx to Nietzsche—the very wind in the sails of the “progress”-paradigm of glorious Yankee lore—but actually only an “old hat” ideology basically shared with Bismarck’s Prussia before, an infectious sovereign disease caught by Peter the Great of Russia earlier still—a contagion which has toppled and elevated nations since before the Enlightenment—there is always this idea of the Phoenix rising out of the ashes. Of conflicts dire, bloody, apocalyptic in scope. From out of which synagogue delirium is worn down the will of host nations, regarded as merest fodder for vaunted goals. U.S. AIPAC-subservient policies nowadays accordingly evincing a sort of meat-maul approach, an attrition in terms of bloodshed, the destruction of host-nation moral resistance, the sustaining of a sense of utter hopelessness: indeed both at home in the USA and abroad. But it is all weighted heavily in favor of Israeli interests, and will be as long as the present Jewish-surrogate Bonesman/Masonic regime prevails.

Hence too Karzai: with respect to a renewed UN scrutiny of his recent election, a frying in oil which the U.S. is allowing to go forward without any protest at all. For it seems the threat of such torments has been held over the head of this ”strongman”—(we overthrow any other kind of leader, in these little helpless lands with which we so love to deal)—it seems he got some gumption lately. In a haunting déjà vu which recalls Saddam Hussein and Ngo Din Diem before. As in collaborations with forces opposed to the U.S., in his push into certain tribal regions. For the word is out that the whole present fiasco in Pakistan/Afghanistan is a hoax, that U.S. policy in the region has secretly allied itself with both India and the worst radicals (see—some of them not even Muslims—unmistakably recalling the 93% Jewish direction of a “Russian” Revolution of 1917—in order to bring about the noted meat-maul chaos and dismemberment. That which Iraq, Sudan, or Somalia reveals to be the very centerpiece of U.S. policy wherever the minaret pierces the sky.

October 19, 2009: The fait accompli, ever the tyrant’s aim. Why I love the Muslims.

”Can’t cry over spilt milk (or blood)” might be the motto of post-Kennedy USA, where we have had every sort of domestic and foreign-policy radicalism forced down our throats: always with some heroic declaration involved. A flush-face “call to arms”, one which quickly wears thin, finally proves ingloriously abortive, but not before the foul and irreversible deed is done. Indeed, this is basically what all the nations of the world condemned themselves to, when they first began to abjectly depend upon Jewish global finance, the cosmic instrument of the fait accompli par excellence. There is no stopping these people, like their “born again” look-alikes, “once they get their foot in the door”. For once their easily-gotten but dearly-remitted money starts to grease sovereign wheels it’s their own people who are absolutely in charge. And the groveling depths to which nations are reduced is all part of the “installment plan” involved.

The reason I prefer a Muslim anytime for a friend, even over most of today’s “Christians”, is obvious from the above. Muslims are by-and-large very sincere people, they have no real agenda, except of course to pursue what they believe in, what they think of as good for everyone. Only Judaism—together with certain rabidly-pro-Israeli Christians—profess a belief which disregards—by rigid religio-philosophical imperative—the welfare of others, or yet-more-commonly actually works against the national or global common-good. Remorselessly in the case of the Jew, unwittingly with the deluded Christian. Indeed, so pervasive has become this Jewish infiltrative fait accompli that it has wrought a complete velvet-gloved overthrow in the Catholic Church, on both right and left “wings”, whose authentic members must now operate basically underground. And we true believers—I think in this I can speak for all of us—tend to look with unfeigned affection upon Muslims who are so earnest, so forthright, in their beliefs, who resemble not at all the Judaized, deluded, morally-compromising, verbally-dissimulating masses that now populate the churches of our youth. Those anyway that haven’t yet been closed due to expensive suits over clerical sexual-child-abuse scandals.

October 18, 2009: Agonies of Gaza; Catholicism not a religion of convenience.

Fellow “old school” Catholics, lovers of the Tridentine Mass, of genuine Catholic Tradition and customs: we lose these precious things because we put God second or thirty-second instead of first. We think we can send our sons and daughters off to plainly unjust wars, in an American Catholicism in which “mum’s the word” about a “difficult subject”, from the lowliest parishioner to the cardinal-archbishop. Our “Catholic colleges” eagerly accept government funding which largely seals their lips regarding legalized abortion and a host of other officially-condoned moral wrongs: many of them heinous, Eichmann-like. And then we wonder why God has withdrawn all these good things, has allowed the enemy to snatch these inestimable treasures from us. And Faith itself from out of the hearts of our young.

Saving your soul is not an easy thing. And I think the Palestinian I was just reading about (, who lost 21 members of his family in the recent Israeli attack upon Gaza, when three artillery shells hit his home: I think he will make it “hand over fist” over most people here. This guy whose little two year old girl, when the first shell hit, yelled “daddy, it hurts, it hurts”; a girl whose young life was snuffed out a moment later with the second. A hysterical, grieving man who then groped around in the impenetrable dust of his demolished dwelling to find dismembered relatives here and there, his mother still sitting in her chair, her head half gone.

Do we go from singing “To Jesus Heart all burning, with fervent love for men”, and then read with complete detachment about such things? Will His Heart burn for our Salvation in that case? Surely, it will, even then. But I will bet on this Palestinian opening the floodgate of the mercy of that Reservoir before the bulk of the “Christians” here.

October 16, 2009: A discourse on Tea Parties.

With the hospitable English and Irish “tea time” standby, with good whole-grain soda-bread and jam in Ireland, I have no problem, but the whole ethos of the movement of that name in the USA is another matter entirely. Amounting as it does to a lot of inhospitable Rush-Limbaugh-style angry impatience, of having no time to hear an entire sentence all the way through, let alone a paragraph, and out of all possibility a complex thought. While there is yet further underlying this great, flush-faced, Bush-era-racist and well-funded irruption a great deal of the Calvinist-American despair of ordinary human means, an instant readiness to ratchet things up toward secession or civil war, leapfrogging high over anything more practical or positive that might readily intervene. Together with which comes a fervent conviction that to achieve anything at all a lot of unkind things have to be said, or blood must flow in the streets. After which application of leeches the fever of oppression is somehow thought (at least momentarily) to subside. Even as all the lockstep hullabaloo seems to put in a distant second place those things about which ordinary Americans are really upset: abortion, sodomy, Napoleonic aggressions, topped off by Obama-ordered fat-cat bank-bailouts ultimately destined to be as expensive as another century or more of the Iraq War at its height. All public outrage over anything at all other than “big government” being with rare verbal economy included under mind-bogglingly-generic catch-alls like “the loss of our freedoms”, “out of control spending”, or the inevitable “trampling on the Constitution”.

Perilously probable is it that, far from culminating in another Bull Run, the Tea Party phenomenon will prove to be only another “storm in a tea kettle”, designed by its elite originators to keep the people confused, even to keep them, like so much else in the Bush/Obama-era USA, gloriously happy in their chains. As almost all these sadly-deluded people are religion of America “true believers”, John Wayne type true-gritters, in some ways a sort of last gasp of the early-to-late-boomer throngs. “The greatest nation the world has ever seen” is the kind of phrase with which these breathless people absolutely ring. “The Constitution” is erected as the “most brilliant and inspired document” to have been handed down to us, from towering, cloud-covered freemasonic figures of the Enlightenment Era. It is alleged to be the sine qua non which justifies foreign occupation, CIA overthrow, deals with poppy-field growers to give U.S.-style “democracy” a “place in the sun” in Afghanistan and around the globe.

Actually, in all our travels, which started while the kids were young, and home schooling wasn’t yet allowed, and we became uprooted, refusing to submit for long to hovering ministrations of officials here and there who thought of modesty-of-dress as a mental aberration or a custody-loosing parental crime: in this “greatest land on earth” we found the farmers and ranchers, and small-town dwellers from Chicago to Albuquerque, whom we ran into regularly, to be quite typically just good souls. They wouldn’t have known what to do with a pre-possessing title like “greatest on earth”. It would no doubt bring to their minds something like the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus, that sailed back and forth across the land in a long, gaudy caravan, hawking about the “greatest show on earth”. Guys and gals with poker faces or wide smiles who if anything were grippingly fascinated with foreigners, just the something needed to break the pleasant monotony of the rolling plains.

These tea-partiers who tend to be so vocal about their taxes—heirs to those great bland figures from Ron Paul to Ross Perot to Barry Goldwater to Ike—are all dead meat when it comes to the road-kill of some new U.S. act of aggressive war. Eager patriots ever ready to heroically and expensively put into motion a set of wartime corporate-finance-related mechanisms that end up determining most other things as well—indeed with a vengeance—on the congressional floor. This in all-important practical, budgetary-allocational terms. A set of rigid elite-set imperatives that come around full circle—indeed clear from the other side of the globe—and tie our hands for us most securely here at home. So much for vaunted liberties of this dressed-up “Mohawk” band.

The Catholic Church has always had a genuinely simple answer to these big questions of statecraft, of political freedom: indeed, the plainsmen we loved so much out in the Kansas Western outland/Oklahoma panhandle had largely been bred on the whole-grain goodness of that hospitable point of view. The Church—as once heralded by a 1930s Father Coughlin—having embraced and intricately developed over millennia a system of political and economic organization called distributism. A great boon—which I call Integral Catholicism in my first book—one largely disowned by salt-savorless Churchmen of today—a marvelously-all-inclusive idea actually quite simple to understand for the ordinary man. And yet capable of satisfying the most educated and inquiring mind in terms of profound subtleties innately contained. An accurate and supremely-adequate understanding of popular government, Catholic distributism—applicable to every people and clime—this cornucopia-of-liberty actually finds its total nemesis in the writings of Enlightenment authors like Rousseau, Paine, Madison, Franklin and the like. And even—irreverent as this might sound to most Tea-Partiers—in documents like the U.S. Constitution: writings which tend to be veritable studies-in-lofty-abstraction, to deftly-if-impressively defy any real application in concrete, popular-participatory terms. Scorning from Calvinistic/Platonic airy heights that “walk the walk and talk the talk” which is however of the very heart and soul of Catholic political thought. To which this site is dedicated throughout.

In fact when we the people actually do our own governing—or rather facilitate life for one another in an organized way—abandoning grimly go-it-alone-patriotic caves and thickets for a change—homely, hard-to-express thing kindly souls in Kansas since the Gunsmoke-legendary Doc Adams once knew it to be—then the state is never too big. Indeed in some ways it only applies economies of scale—a dangerous term however of itself, that can lead quickly to the very mammoth, uncontrollable things we and most Tea Partiers decry—to certain pressing practical matters at hand. True popular government naturally limits itself to what is appropriate, and prunes down the rest. In a popular state which abhors today’s drone-bomb-happy foreign interventions, which knows other peoples must develop in their own indigenous way, one largely incommunicable to outsiders, or else fall miserably to tyranny, anarchy or Bush/Obama/Napoleonic schemes by the way. In an inalienable right to a local color envelop as stubbornly-unique as that which Liberal, Guyman or Santa Rosa used to unselfconsciously possess. While a state which incessantly grows, mushrooms, bureaucratizes isn’t natural to man at all: in a humanity whose political instincts, given a chance, are among the most positive and heartening elements of our race. Hardly as prone to overreach or other failure as they are ceaselessly alleged to be, by certain interlopers with an agenda of their own to pursue. So that, in view of all the above, to say that the enemy of self-government is this mega-generic catch-all “big government”—when in fact this exceedingly-identifiable enemy is none other than the global-financial super-state—a tiger with gaudy, loudly-identifiable stripes—is a pathetic short-sight at best, and a shameful treason at worst.

October 15, 2009: More on the see-saw.

The deeper origins of this see-saw about which I write so much on this site are in the entire Enlightenment-to-Vatican-II-era political balance of powers or religious/philosophical balance of ideas paradigm. Which to the man-on-the-street translates into a scathing rebuke, a paralyzing condemnation for fundamental instincts toward the single-minded and sincere. A guy or gal who can’t afford to ceaselessly quibble, to hem and haw, all the live long day. The see-saw proving above all to be an attack upon the childlike virtue of simplicity which was at the very core of our Catholic past. For by way of this great bobbing factotum we must ceaselessly debate—both on the Senate floor and in our own minds—over putative merits and demerits of everything. This is supposed to be the mark of the intelligent ones: after all, aren’t scientists and other such brilliant people constantly “testing their hypotheses”? (Although scratch the surface even here and you find that among truly great scientists and other great thinkers the stubborn clinging to a thesis, perceived as compelling, beautiful, eminently fitting, amounting almost to an act of faith, against all odds, is the critical difference that sets them apart from lesser colleagues, as if dividing “men from the boys”.) Hence are all matters of concern, no matter how sacred, allegedly reduced to the same procedural lowest common denominator: all the while—and here’s the rub—correct ideas—mostly entirely chimerical, opposed to cultural and religious traditions—are spot-welded to the see-saw-seat on either side. Are for-the-most-part rigidly embraced out-of-hand. (Why, who could be so out-of-form or see-saw-sync as to think that being “correct”—or in other words “up to date”—would be a matter of debate at all?) So that what is actually at the base of all this “fair and dispassionate assessment”, this much-made-over weighing in the scales is a cynical disowning of loyalties, the old garrulous skepticism given a bright new coat to wear.

But this little intro reveals the see-saw to be a tremendously useful thing for those with an agenda to pursue: since insidious programs require above all the cynical discrediting of all that went before. Of things labored over in years of devoted struggle, of sacrifice, of climbing to ever-newer moral heights. While there is also the fact or fulcrum-point to be considered—that which the see-saw of course utterly abhors, in its bobbing up and down, back and forth—namely, that “virtue lies in the middle”. However, even this central reality of the moral life is deformed out of all measure by this dichotomous approach: since the see-saw lends itself uncannily well to the creation of utterly false, ridiculously-radical polar alternatives. So that a “compromise” or “consensus” that is “arrived at” is conceived of in mentally-blunt terms of a bland and blank-faced blending of polar extremes. At which virtue positively does not abide. Hence for one thing are all the heroic brutalities of Bush/Obama aggressive warfare—a new zenith for the perversities of mankind—equated with the epic self-giving and magnanimity of real courage in this polar/see-saw approach. And the vaunted “compassion” of the other extreme expended not upon cruelly-neglected Terri Schiavos of every kind but upon sodomy’s sickening slime. With nothing of the wisdom of the real middle ground to be found, ringing bouts of saccharin congressional eloquence to one side. Hence does a Congressional session generally net—not a huge haul of good and edible legislative fish—but rather a grab-bag of mutually-predatory sting-rays, barracudas and sharks, of aggressive warfare and abortion-on-demand. Allegedly making everybody happy with such an “evenhanded compromise”.

Take too for an example the supposed giant breach within Judaism, between Zionists and all the rest: a see-saw of the most disingenuous kind. For I have yet to meet a Jew whom I can confidently say abides by the central principle of these "other Jews", these allegedly devout ones, these "Jews Against Zionism", viz.: that these Hebrews are entirely subservient to the interests of the land in which they live. I think they make a great show of this all the while they control that very land, whichever it might be, while in this way propelling themselves to the forefront in all global causes against Zionism as well. Jews—almost without exception behind the barbaric Israeli drive-to-power—thus by their great wealth and overriding influence managing neatly to control the "loyal opposition" as well, so that there is no escape from the perennial voraciously-aggressive world-Jewish will. Do all the complaints in the Knesset broker any good deals for the Palestinians? No, it is all talk, after which exertions we net the prize of Chomskian moral-promiscuity, and so on.

In this great lumbering see-saw—or whip-saw with devastating opposing cross-cut teeth, call it what you may—are the great issues of life and eternity reduced to a mere breathless squabble over inane bargaining points, over “compassionate” concessions to morality-despising fiends as weighed in the scales against Napoleonic warfare toward Muslim lands. The big shots who advocate these “heroic” positions—when their turn comes to tower over their adversaries, having swung breezily once again to the teeter-totter top—are quite happy with the outcome. But the only problem is: nobody else is, out there in the agitated mass of spectators to this bizarre “democratic” activity in which they have no part.

Only government based on the Frankpledge, from the bottom up, can save us from this devastating dichotomy, this see-saw, this astute manipulation of the popular will. Among “we the people” who have a Christian soul, who “love the beauty of Thy House, and the place where Thy glory dwells”. Who “gather not with men of blood, in whose hands are iniquities, whose right hand is full of bribes”. A people who “walk in their integrity”, whose “foot standeth in the right path”. That system alone in which the genuine moral and cultural identity of the nation comes to bear on issues great and small. And in which the divisive, carping cavils and perverse and destructive insinuations of the “enemies of mankind” have no place at all.

October 14, 2009: Occupied USA.

The mercenaries are everywhere, the desert or jungle combat-fatigue uniforms, once worn only in war, domestically issued only in banana-republics of Latin-American lore, now an all-too-common sight at home. The long, dreary convoys, the tanks headed for the coasts on flatbed trains, the blank faces of men whose “job” is death and occupation abroad, and veritable de facto occupation at home. A “new military” indeed, as is especially obvious along a southwestern border in which police and military functions often blur. Since John Kennedy was struck down, the U.S. has become a hothouse of security-motivating incidents of every shape and size: new categories of allegedly dangerous or unlawful words or deeds multiplying by the day, homegrown Haiphongs calling forth “security measures” and “vigilance” hatching like mushrooms in a morning sun. Once harmless, unnoticed venues of generations past, like the quaint little roadside rests that used to greet the traveler everywhere, unique, warming the heart with the local mystique, in which public scrutiny was an utter unknown—places where incidents of vandalism and assault suddenly did indeed multiply in mind-boggling ratios, a couple of decades ago. With rare budgetary convenience motivating the building of the mere dozen or so gigantic, characterless, well-monitored “travel facilities” in each state. To initiate the security-lock-step air-terminal motif out in the once-friendly, local-color-folksy and contemplative woods and fields. (Belying the fact that, after all, one goes on leisurely trips to escape all the hype, vigilance and “security”, not to be scrutinized as some sort of threat). Thus too the most bizarre and twisted sorts of “random” crimes began to take place, again in a growing crescendo as if of mounting thunder-claps, in out-of-the-way idyllic locations where little Johnny’s trip to the dentist had recently been the biggest news. Together too with anonymous flea-naked streakers in out-of-the-way Iowa towns, carrying moral satchel-charges all their own, matched today by sodomites oversteps ever more obnoxious and profound. Each such anomaly in its own way uncannily like the timely blowing-up of Mosques in Basra or Fallujah, just when things were mending on the diplomatic scene. There have since Kennedy (as good Muslims might say, “of blessed memory”) always been dependable amounts of provocateur deeds here in the USA: veritably tailor-made for ultimate rigid-ramrod oversight. Of course, drugs brought some of this explosion-of-disorders about: another phenomenon that was likewise prepared with flush-faced media coverage before it really saw much light of day. But there was always this tight-lipped sort of marching-order dependability about each new spree, about the budding of each new BTK, among whose numbers most were never brought to bar.

There had been a time—before the advent of Newspeak—when popular movements, of culture, protest or advocacy were truly groundswells, which the media discovered not because they were instantly on top of things but rather because the ground heaved, and the picture-frames stood sideways on the wall, and no one at first knew why or wherefore. Then they sent out their Nancy Drew, who could ferret out a story about which none other had a clue. But now every public sentiment or perception was carefully, indeed scientifically to be prepared-for as much as a decade in advance. Inevitably with dependably grizzly or transfixing events in whose critical public perception the same media played decisive roles from first to last. Of course, and again, much of this “instant replay” would be neatly billed as “inevitable” with the “march of progress”. Yet there was a kind of incontrovertible authenticity about the old and true “signs of the times” or “handwriting on the wall”, while the new always have the nagging air of being assiduously psycho-choreographed through-and-through. Throttling a certain critical feeling of “breathing free air”, prompting the probing query “am I dreaming this thing?” The perception of which sense-of-the-pre-planned is of course instantly staunched with the threat of being termed a “conspiracy theorist”, and now ever-more-likely a “hate criminal” as well.

In all the above is the epitome, the highest zenith of a public or political existence fostered entirely downward, by “men in soft garments who live in ‘the palaces of kings’”, given psycho-technological wings upon which to fly. That sort of amplification for which these treacherous knaves had been anxiously thrashing-about-for for centuries past. Whereas legitimacy is found in a state in which initiatives of any kind originate at the local level, and travel upward in ways both mutually-collaborative as well as in a kind of “survival of the fittest” of ideas. Which by the time they reach the top, the national level, are superbly developed and effortlessly weeded out. There can be precious few Haiphongs in such a system, let alone Pearl Harbors or 9/11s.

October 13, 2009: Vietnam to Iraq, a veteran’s take.

This Iraqi émigré, a guy I met who runs a little store, an ingenious little place that carries things you can't conveniently find elsewhere, a personable, kindly fellow, when I asked him about Saddam Hussein, first of all repeated some of the "correct" statements an émigré is supposed to say. But when I questioned all this Orwellian "group-speak", he could no longer contain himself. He burst out, with tears in his eyes and voice, "we all loved him!" This Saddam with the impossible task, holding together a country created by British divide-and-rule, and yet mostly full of loyal people all the same.

This is the kind of thing I saw in Vietnam, too. We rolled in with our gigantic war machine and smashed a little country “the strap of whose sandals we were unworthy to loose”. A little country struggling to stay above water, in an ocean of contradictory imperatives imposed mostly from without. To which miasma we have always the same answer: “the American Dream”. It is a dream machine which must smash and destroy, a nihilism which must demolish before it can build. But what does it build? Despair, atheism, sodomy, materialistic idolatry. That stark realization is what I saw in that good Catholic Iraqi’s eyes, come here as to a harbor of refuge, of peace. And dawning slowly in the eyes of a thousand Vietnamese, when I was yet a young man.

But this will cease, I promise you, fellow citizen of the globe, out of the riches of the Sacred Heart: Whose embrace alone can encompass such an orb. Out of the abundance of that Burning Furnace of Charity which once enlivened the steps of the fathers of the Mission Etrangers in that lovely, fabled, Southeast Asian land. For me a second home. I give no assurance of my own.

October 12, 2009: Out on the dunes of the internet, the Frankpledge Party camel-driver confronts the rogue state of Israel.

The abiding horror of a “journal” writer is to be perceived as “beating a dead horse”: so I try to hit as many different aspects or facets as possible of the one unifying, central issue of which I so candidly treat, viz.: the centuries-developing Jewish totalitarian control over mankind. Together with its inseparable corollary: the only-possible, exclusively-Catholic antidote to same. Hence amid these perfectly-unitary exertions I try carefully to avoid sounding like a hoarse-throated camel-driver both begging and beating-with-palm-fronds any literary beasts I have already trotted out many times before. But returning me without fail to this arduous exercise is the idolatrous, deifying vocabulary and body-language, the air-of-the-sacred that is ceaselessly misappropriated to the Jewish secular messianic cause. And to all matters diplomatic, military or humanitarian in which the rogue state of Israel may in any way be involved. A veritable rubric (a cynically-misused word in itself) which used to attend genuine religious faith alone. While this deification has an inseparably-co-joined corollary in prostrate sanctimonies surrounding what can only be called the cult of modern “technology”. This great ceremonial of bowing and scraping before gods of modern science, expedited global product delivery, eugenics, homicidally-live organ-deliveries for the mighty, and mass-processive nursing and funeral homes: all these presenting us with notional ambient particulates upon which we rasp and choke. A veritable pollution which absolutely obscures the vision, burn the eyes. The “technological” elements of which (wouldn’t the less-reverential word “technical” do?) are increasingly coming to comprise a sort of electronic pollution, and no real “progress” at all. Something that even the youngest neophyte to temple ceremonies must be beginning to dimly and irreverently perceive. It is a mind-boggling universe of gratuitously-lock-step gadgetry before whose stark, Elysian utterances whole cities like New Orleans still lay in ruin. A deity before whose much-vaunted “conveniences” you might spend a whole day or more punching buttons on a key-pad, just trying to get some ordinary task done. One which in a laughably-“backward” and folksy yesteryear was a yawningly-familiar routine accomplished in an in person, live-body-intermediated visit of a mere minute or two. During which insufferably ancient activities a lasting friendship might even be made: the ultimate irreverence of them all. Dangerous, terror-ridden days of the past now forgotten in this veritable interminable pseudo-liturgy, rites enveloped in an incense of a new and asphyxiating kind. A cloud which inhibits all those traditional, unpretentious operations which are truly human in kind. Introducing us rather into a veritable secular temple of these new gods.

But returning to Israel proper, for some vignettes of the ongoing idolatry, we quote a highly-dependable “Several months on, Israel’s savage onslaught against the impoverished, sealed-off Gaza Strip continues to haunt its once “strategic” relations with heavyweight Turkey.”….Thus, as an understandable consequence:

“The Turkish military said last week the international section of the "Anatolian Eagle" air exercises, carried out annually since 2001, had been delayed. Tel Aviv said the drills were scrapped after Ankara excluded Israel, a decision which prompted the US and Italy to pull out.”….

In response to the above, and wouldn’t you know, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak “warned against further harming Israel's relations with Turkey.” Saying today that “the relations between Israel and Turkey are strategic and have been maintained for dozens of years." ….

Between these various disparate statements there are oceans of disconnects that are filled—not with mercifully explanatory words—but with the dumb-stricken silence of the true believer in the Israeli, secular-messianic cause. Every precept in statecraft, international justice, diplomacy is trespassed in this abject major-power capitulation to Jewish aims and desires, to its bluffly genocidal policies which especially since 1948 (but even before) have depopulated hundreds of villages, systematically killing hundreds of thousands in Palestine. This with generous, indeed bombastic Anglo/U.S.—and occasional Italian, German or French—diplomatic, military and polemical support. These “progress”-oriented nations breaking in this abject, shameless capitulation every international principle, treaty or accord.

This camel-driver grows hoarse and rasping with reason, then, since we mere creatures can make such allowances for God alone. He Who alone is Master of life and death, of nations and souls. And we must choose which “God” we will serve.

October 9, 2009: 9/11, The camel’s back with so many straws to bear.

Somehow today, rules of evidence aren’t thought to apply to issues of going to war: allegations being made that would never stand up in court, about which there isn’t a shred of coherent evidence. Accusations such as were so vindictively advanced in the original Bush/Congressional hysteria about 9/11: these and their closely-connected like being, by dint of much brainwash, allowed sanctimoniously to stand. An event about which, just when you go groping for a piece of identifiable forensics, you find out, alas, that it is all top secret. And indeed this great policy-maker’s panacea goes back all the way to the Sinking of the Maine, the top-secret nature of whose causal evidence still lies majestically undisturbed. But at least back then it was only San Juan Hill that was at stake: Roosevelt didn’t go from there, alleging some “Spanish connection”, or “clandestine training camp”, to find new harbor-miners to slay, new lands to invade, across the seven seas.

Modern nations have of course for well over a century disdained “sweating the small stuff” when it comes to factory-stimulating, job-producing wars, but this is the first time so many mounting layers of aggression have been place on the slender back of so little evidence to show. And indeed so much obvious falsehood. Hence does an incredibly corrupt and mendacious U.S. Bush/Obama policy-co-joined Administration go forth rampant, invading new lands, sanctimoniously making ever-newer and less-substantiated claims. All on the poor narrow back of that same tormented beast-of-burden, 9/11.

Indeed, an even deeper insinuation intrudes its ugly face here: namely, that if all the “facts” and “findings”—the false assessments, the non-existent “yellow cake”, the deliberately misinterpreted “aluminum tubes”, the doctored or misconstrued “intelligence reports”, the mendacious UN addresses, and a host of other falsehoods great and small—lies that came so directly and in so long a file on the heels of 9/11—if these were found to be, near-unanimously, with towering cynicism, either false or questionable: how then can we give any serious credence to this great-granddaddy of them all: 9/11 itself? Rather plainly we must look—horrified though we might be—for a black and damning explanation, one in which the guiding figures in this web-of-lies—Bush, Chaney and the gang—have the foulest traitor’s blood on their hands. The monstrous maliciousness of the whole ugly train being of a piece, a seamless, continuous whole, a well-orchestrated fable told, plainly, by the same cabal—some faces more visible than others—that has basically retained power until now.

And now, wouldn’t you know, this Rom Emanuel guy, this Israeli U.S. cabinet member, is going to make it a crime—of course by legislation of an ever meek and largely-Jewish (some say 70% openly so) Congress—to point out the AIPAC roots to all this Napoleonic war-mongering. Which mere act of fact-recognition will be labeled a hate crime. Soon to be felonious being any simple demonstration that the only people who are profiting by all this profit-making on innocent American blood are the Israelis vis-à-vis the Muslim Middle East. And world Jewish finance, vis-à-vis that war-profiteering which is forever its middle name. To say such forbidden things is a “bad, bad” which will get you a rap on the wrist indeed.

I, for one, can’t just give up and let this ugly travesty stand. Under God, by decree of a Providence which never forsakes the pious nation or soul, “where there is a will there is a way”. We will overcome, we will succeed.

October 2, 2009: Modern morally-progressive law: the opposite of true law, rather comprising the biblical “other law at work in my members”.

St. Thomas Aquinas and all Christian writers back to Sts. Augustine, Chrysostom, Ereneaus, to the dawning days of the catacombs—as supported by the pagan writers of antiquity as well—have been unanimous in the affirmation that all valid law must be based on the law of God. At the very least upon the law of the conscience “written upon the human heart”, embodied in what is called the natural law. Furthermore, it follows that any “law” that expressly violates this eternal law may be disregarded, resisted, revolted against. Here being a possibility—of a deliberate mobilization of “law” against the law of God—and a need in turn to revolt against this revolt—of which these ancient thinkers can scarcely be said to have even conceived, so relatively innocent were they. Hence accounting for the great void in their writings, of any least consideration of such an anomaly. Of an ungodly, unnatural law which however sits like some great whore atop the legal heap of today. (See Summa Theologica, Div. 2, Treatise on Law, questions 90-108, for a full treatment of law.) This immovable principle—that God’s law is law—was to be in this fundamental sense the foundation of all law everywhere until the “Enlightenment”. That era named by its occult glorifiers after Lucifer, literally the “light bearer”, or alternately “the enlightened one”. Attempting as Enlightenment political thinkers did to replace the “true Light that cometh into the world” with the darkness of a preternatural mind.

Another categorical imperative of true law is that it be for the common good, while St. Thomas goes so far as to identify this common good as concretely manifesting itself in friendship: and not really in some overbearing-but-benefit-conferring, bowing-and-scraping, master/servant exchange. (Even if reasonable, mutually-uplifting marks of respect and deference are of course kept in place). While furthermore, it is only with Adam Smith—a man who himself would however have been horrified at the radical “spin” put on his late eighteenth century ideas by the chop-shop minds of today’s neo-con right—that there is found any hint among thinkers of a Gingrich-celebrated “trickle down”. A mental IED first formally proposed by intellectual titans like the Reaganite economist Laffer (a good name indeed), and before him by a frequently-discredited Friedman, and the like. This lethargic, molasses-like, multiplier-inhibiting trickle-down embodying the chief economic principle of that wonderful president whose advice to the poor was to eat out of garbage cans. To put this abomination in its most candid terms, it proposes that law only comes into direct play in doughtily guarding, with burgeoning prisons and security-firms, the enterprises of the titans of the corporate world. All the while confiscations of private-citizen properties abound: “cause someone else knows how to use them better.” Both at home and abroad, where for these noble purposes and others like them we are kept enmeshed in ceaseless wars. This concept of law, this coagulating trickle-down—here turning bright shades of red—by whose provisions any measure more directly improving the lot of the common man, here and by policy-implication elsewhere, is ranked some sort of “bleeding heart” liberality. All this being as gloriously-advanced as the Opium Trade ever thought about being.

If law is thus conceived of as only fulfilling grubby and immediate—if elite and exclusionary—human purposes—or the lusts of a homicidal womb—then it is decapitated, and this void at the top is filled quickly by this eternal rebel, this “enlightened one”. So that it serves strictly the purposes of Hell, and marches off in cadence, in column and line, to a drum-beat from below. Becoming thereby an anti-law which “serve another law” from that of God, one which incessantly “wars against the spirit”. Incarnating luridly a chaotic, anarchic, “law of my members”. Even the most backward primitive always respected this hierarchy of values, and realized the mortal peril and invalidity of any rule by man’s “own sweet whim”.

Hence rather than showing ourselves so “enlightened” in disregarding the divine origins of true law, we rather demonstrate ourselves to be more ignorant by far than the monkeys and cavemen from which we are so falsely said to have sprang. For even chattering humanoids obey the law written in their constructive and essentially-cooperative instincts, together with ants and bees hardly indulging in some ceaseless orgy of violence, expropriation or sensual delight. While as to cavemen: illegal rock-scribblers and reclusive cave-dwellers are a breed we will no doubt “always have with us”, but to use faulty or faultily-conducted carbon-dating tests to link these putative “ancestors of us all” with chimpanzees—and even to use pig-bones to illustrate same—is hardly convincing to me.

October 6, 2009: “Obama vows to continue Afghan war.”

It reminds me of the immensely popular cartoon of mid-century, probably drawn when similar “leaders” were drawing up plans for a League of Nations which only dutifully poured in concrete the foundations for another World War. The caricature showed lions, tigers and a host of other predatory animals addressing a vast audience of sheep in some open-air stadium, informing them in admonishing tones that they had “taken measures to keep the warlike instincts” of these meek sheep “firmly in check”.

As everybody knows, we don’t really choose for office these grizzlies, hyenas and charging rhinos. No: they are presented to us for a very simple either/or, meanie/minie pick. How convenient! But to give you another more recent quote to mull over (Reuters on “(It was) Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (who) gave the orders to delay voting on the (Israeli Gaza war crimes) report, Hamas Premier Ismail Haniya said Monday, October 5”. Thus is genocide covered over, and the desire of the truly-democratically-elected head of the Palestinian people nicely circumvented by this Abbas, a “Palestinian Authority” chief. A guy who by an obscure Western-brokered arrangement operates essentially after the manner of an appointee: another of these insipid players “acceptable to both sides”. Replacing the genuine patriot/leader and father of Palestine, Yasser Arafat, who was callously murdered by Israeli “doctors” several years ago. A genuine terrorist deed carefully covered-over by an “ever-vigilant” England/USA, but publicly revealed in an autopsy performed, as I remember, in France. While together with this hideous travesty the U.S. policy of buying off war-prostrated governments around the globe, like Pakistan, goes into high gear, in order to continue a meat-grinder-like, genocidal “war on terror”. That incredible mockery which whenever it threatens to flag is instantly spiked up through highly-convenient, bombastically-announced “discoveries” of “terrorist cells” later invariably found to have been falsely or tenuously identified. Or even the engineering of some massive detonation shrouded in great mystery, pointing back to some Western or Israeli black-ops deed after the pattern of 9/11. The great-granddaddy of the whole shameless totality.

No, this isn’t a joke column, for the Bushes and Obamas to poke you in the ribs over, people of the world. Can there be any stouter chains than this, for a whole humanity to wear? Is this the price you pay for all the “progress” and “liberty”? As in unprecedented boons of text-messaging devices, upon which to send e-mail or make phone calls? Or the fancy little cars of those more privileged, in which they get around, but which in practical terms gets them nowhere?

These our “leaders” either think of themselves as replacing God (secular messianism) or knowingly serve satan, but just like him their “time is short”. There is a real God, a Father of us all, Who will present the opportunity to change these things, to bring about a solidly-rooted pursuit of the common good. Of nations, peoples, families, neighborhoods, the whole world. Don’t despair, but do pray (earnestly, profoundly, “turning all these things over in your heart”), do penance, and then act, after the manner suggested here on this site. There is no other way to break such chains.

October 12, 2009: “Master, your mother and your brethren are here”.

I think that in this one little sentence from Holy Writ is contained the answer to the entire daunting sociopolitical Gordian knot of modern times: a phrase the thorough understanding of whose homely and unassuming wisdom would, I hold, hack clean through the stout cords of modern tyranny and official ineffectuality alike with one fell blow. Here in this haunting and melodious relic from out of mankind’s village-based past—misty, beloved, immemorial, unrecoverable under present forms—do we uncover the lie in cynically-constructed charges of “socialism” or “social liberalism” in any proposal which would bind together the lives and sentiments, the hopes and aspirations, of men. Not however in some monolithic conglomerate such as obsesses the Clintons and Obamas, the sodomites and aggressive-warriors, of our times: but rather building a sturdy and well-knit social fabric solidly, most assiduously at the local level, “from the bottom up”.

But the revelation I claim to discover, contained in these few words, would no doubt at first glance be ranked as the surmise of an illiterate, of some simpleminded knave, by the mighty of our day, the great ones of academia or state. And indeed I would be proud to count myself among the least illiterate laborers, to mingle and be happily lost amid those old-time members of the village hundred, who knew well how to laugh and sing, but also how to raise a full-throated and effectual hue and cry. But this great political pearl to which I refer is to be discovered with the simple fact that “brethren” in the biblical case cited above didn’t at all mean blood-related brothers and sisters: that which rash perpetual-virginity-denying radical Protestantism vis-à-vis Our Blessed Lady so offensively and profanely maintains. Rather what the word brethren encompassed in the minds of basically all mankind until our own nuclear-neurotic, alienated, nuclear-family-exclusive times was the entire body of relatives, the whole extended family. With the much-later-word “cousin” having been to our ancestors more-or-less entirely unknown. While furthermore, and as attested by my Croatian-village-born parents—and here’s the real heft in the noted political “fell blow”—the term brethren was at least as commonly used by our ancestors to designate an entire hamlet, or what we of today might call a neighborhood. While germane to our point is that the word for brethren in Croatian—brati—is the root word within the term bratstvo which once signified in turn the smallest local political unit in a provincial Lika of earlier times. A century or two before both my parents were born and raised there, at a time when a localized power-distributive political existence was a thriving phenomenon. This widely-generic use of the word “brethren” having been current in the Old Country as recently as 1915-20, when they of beloved memory came to the USA. This sort of nomenclature having indeed been in place in all of Europe, from Poland and Russia to Brittany and Ireland, until very recently: traces of which fact here and there greet one unexpectedly in readings in history, in charters and other documents using the language of earlier times. That is how intimately close our ancestors were to one another—without the least hint of anything down-in-your-face or improper being involved. Ebullient, wedding-feast-going, house-raising, friend-in-need-providing, shoulder-to-cry-on neighbors, village-dwellers, townsmen all. The sorts of folks we now find only in Pakistan and other such “terrorist havens”. Are there any other lessons here, neighbor?

Indeed there are: for it was in this way too that a true consensus was achieved, that which is absolutely critical to any real democracy. That which cannot be gained through simplemindedly swallowing the words of Rush Limbaugh, Colbert or Glenn Beck whole. True consensus being a well-matured political wine which is aged from a carefully-considered host of directions: indeed perhaps over a glass of the brew. From out of which aging process—among those common people with a proverbial practical wisdom, and whom bad policies affect in the most bruising way—rank falsehoods and other impurities tend to “settle out” harmlessly. That political maturity which Pakistanis used to have in the most lively, frank and unassuming way, before their society was shredded by our disingenuously-excused genocidal interventions. Bright numbers of which Southeast Asians I knew in college, other kind and honest numbers of whom I have dealt with for decades past. (Even as neighboring close-cousin Afghans were so “undemocratic” as to promptly close a Bush-family-beloved heroine trade, once the Taliban took power). While by contrast we in the USA today are awash in public injustice and political alienation, with a warped forming of public opinion being for us the order of the day. A “consensus” which leads to utterly unjustifiable wars, to a permitting of the murder of innocent life in the womb. The “solution” for us being that the citizen now blank-facedly “trades off” these priceless things from one legislative session to the next. Whereas under the Frankpledge of old—admittedly needing some patience and trial-by-error to reestablish, yet in some important ways needing only the surgical removal of a rank and obvious tyranny at the top—the people would have risen en masse rather than permit horrors and injustices that are yawningly-common today.

October 11, 2009: Headline, “Iraqis Shocked as Atheism Creeps in.”

Much print is expended here on this site about this one very theme. That the Jewish world takeover—frontloaded everywhere by financial indenturement and economic collapse, and typically in the end by military fiefdom as well—oh, how many Saddam Husseins there have been!—this charade doesn’t initially reveal itself with a lot of Israeli flags, or even AIPAC logos, flapping in the wind. Rather is it in a gradual but utter destruction of religious faith that this insidious plague-turned-blitzkrieg display its first lurid pennants. This rebellion against Faith takes down with it ignominiously any hint of public—and increasingly even private—morality: entrenching instead sodomy and every other kind of bestial perversion in the once-fair native soil. A ground atomized by the horrors of Bush/Obama-era war providing a particularly yielding earth for the foul and sickly seed of this New World Order breed.

Come, then, take me off in chains for telling the truth, for this “hate language”: Obama, Pilosi, and the rest of the traitors at the top. I have only one life to give, only one soul to save.

Great is this mystery, that God allows these things. Greater still however is His infinite condescension: that He gives nations the chance to be a good soil, that He offers men the means to organize their societies, their nations as the very gardens of everlasting life. Making available to lowly men a share in the very life of God which is sanctifying grace. That we “help each other over the top”, that in this is the true nobility of any land, given us by a Good Father. While a realization equally staggering is the level of heroism required in one who “goes against the stream”, who yet keeps his pure and unsullied Faith in the midst of a national torrent of perversity: such as global Judaism and a traitor-controlled USA now force upon an entire globe.

Fiends! Liars! Child-killers! Traitors! You will not stand! Pass all the laws—or rather anti-laws—you may desire!

God has revealed to certain chosen souls that the glory He would have received from those who are lost eternally is amply afforded Him by some few especially-heroic ones who take their places among the numbers of the saved. While similarly these the singularly-blessed are the inconceivably-privileged recipients as well of the staggering mountain of graces here on earth that these very lost souls would have enjoyed had they persevered. And equally-as-well of the momentous rewards that would have awaited them in Heaven. The souls of these heroic just ones—in these terrible times—being mysteriously, mystically enlarged to accommodate such incalculable, inexpressible gifts. These genuine Catholic “latter day saints” towering above earlier saints, according to St. Louis DeMontfort, “like mighty trees of the forest over the humble blades of grass”.

But the lingua franca of this holy existence—this share in the very divine life—whether of this extra-heroic degree or of a more ordinary kind—is “like the soft breeze at the mouth of the cave”. A whispered patois which is the living image of the Divine Spiration of the Holy Ghost, breathed back and forth in the firmament, at whose commanding syllables mountains are moved, kingdoms uprooted, tyrants ignominiously destroyed. Like those many in history who mocked God and who were uprooted next day, like the mighty biblical oak tree, “I looked for their place and behold, they were no more”. Sic semper scoundrels like this Michael Jackson, who came late to his own day in court, in his night clothes, after taking time to dance thus attired on top of his car for his squealing, degenerate and effeminate adorers. Now he rots in the grave; as did Barbarossa only days after cruelly abusing a pope, a tyrant fallen drowned, in his heavy armor, in a mere foot or two of water, by obvious divine decree. A fate awaiting these arrogant traitors who now control Washington D.C. After which we the people, in our localized, power-distributive Frankpledge reorganization, will “clean house”, begin entirely anew. By the grace of that same good God Who gives hard-won eternal Life to both nations and souls.

We are not free to refuse this divine life. Why? Because we aren’t just free spirits with a mind and a will. No, in addition to that we belong in every atom of our being to Him. We owe Him by incontrovertible right the self-annihilating adoration that we give instead to disgusting creatures like Michael Jackson, or a Peace-Prize endowed, anti-Christ-like tyrant, this Black Jew. We are God’s mere creatures, who (to paraphrase the holy words), “having done all these things we yet remain ever useless servants, who have only done what was commanded of us”. That paradoxical condition—of a mere nothing lifted to “becoming God by participation”—a blessing conferred not by choice but by command. Of a God not “leaving us alone” in some vapid sort of arrogant and indifferent liberty of atheists all, but rather even in this conferring instead this intimate but commanding familial condition in all things, of both time and eternity. In the firm and irresistible words of a Good Father. This towering paradox in which is capsulated the whole inconceivable privilege condignly conferred: as well as earthly fatherhood properly understood, “all of which comes from God”. Or a blessing rather damningly refused. Preferring to “bury” our incomprehensible filial privilege “in the ground” of our own petty and grudging conceits. Our concepts of a God we picture as measuring after our own measure: of miserly, cowardly dealings, of war and deceit.

October 5, 2009: The wars as seen through the prism of Muslim cultural survival versus a Coalition meat-maul approach.

According to the teachings of the popes, the rights of man are best represented and upheld by the retention of native indigenous traditions, customs and usages, cultural forms of every sort. These in turn form a solidly interlocking masonry for the national life, for a Civilization spelled with a capital C. While on the contrary any attempt at a unity which is monolithic, as if poured in concrete, is doomed to result in utter chaos. All the while the Catholic civic unity is humble, is built upon undisturbed bedrock of the place-specific local family, that which is in turn the most dear and dependable carrier of articles and preambles of Faith. Even as the other—the false unity of the atomistic, of characterless, non-specific minutiae—is capable of being made to look strong, although in fact it is readily shattered, scattered to the wind.

It has historically been through these familiar local and interlocking bonds that God has brought any people into the loving embrace of His Church. Having taken their places as limbs of His Mystical Body, invariably in connection with spectacular displays of Divine love and power. Thus for instance the conversion of Mexico, effected within ten years of the apparition of our Lady of Guadalupe. That image which is a living miracle even today: with the three clerics standing before the just-unfurled cactus-fibered tilma of Juan Diego being stamped forever upon the motherly face in the photo-like replica of Our Blessed Lady. Figures to be found impressed upon an unpaintably-rough surface, without brush-marks, pacifically fixed to this day in the pearly iris of the Heavenly visitant. There being found these three transfixed early-sixteenth-century Spanish figures, down to details of beard, robes, outstretched arms. Mexico having been brought into the Heavenly camp whole and intact, largely by this means: with a culture still perhaps the most vibrant and joyful in the world. This despite a Judeo-Masonic persecution in some ways unequaled anywhere, in duration and sporadic intensity. The Faith having in this way, in conjunction with the priestly preaching of Holy Faith, been spread among the various lands, largely if not exclusively in prodigies recorded in histories, true-legends, lives-of-saints, and scarcely if at all through mendaciously-claimed coercions from a royal or noble castle or throne. So that accordingly we drive the Muslim world away from God when we harm their culture and way of life: that familiar path down which they come to Him, or come not at all. One which God Himself has so lovingly put into place, “Lest they dash a foot against a stone”. At whose terminus for all peoples is Holy Mother Church.

Indeed, without the continuity of culture our race is a tabula rasa, a generic humanity driven by titanic forces, by aggressive warriors, by lust and greed. An uncomprehending mass incapable of faith, hope or love, but only of conquest, rape, slavery. A stark anomaly found only within one perverted species, unknown in pride of lion or hive of bees.

But thankfully, this is not the existence God has fashioned for each of our peoples, speaking to us from the very beginning, forming us in magnificent concepts of Himself. “The things of God”, as the bible tells us, being made evident by the things of nature, of our experience, both national and personal. God having wrought deliverance in the Kamikaze or Heaven Wind of the Japanese, in which the invading Mongol fleet was destroyed, while leaving behind a memorial of Noah’s Ark petrified at Shiprock, their among arid stones and caliche, among the Navajo. He speaks to all peoples in whistling crevices of such promontories, precursors of what is to come: without which our human existence is a lonely, a terrifying, isolated one. In which among an infinitude of external possibilities, of haunting space and interminable time, of the imponderables of the inner man, of guilt, goodness or crime, we must indeed become mere nihilists, “scientific” exterminators of humankind. Our fallen nature needing to discern some harsh pattern in a tracery not otherwise supplied.

Here it is then, that the “enemies of mankind” deliberately struggle to break down this familiar and beloved indigenous unity of society everywhere, in ruthless pursuit of their sterile and relentless plan. With the thunderous collapse, over the past few decades, of genuine American culture confirming for all to see a blunt, stupid, genocidal view of humanity to which we today eagerly join ourselves, when we bulldoze indigenous infrastructure everywhere, as we so doggedly do under the Bush/Obama foreign-policy doctrine. This blitzkrieg being of a sort which—unlike that of Adolph Hitler—lends itself incredibly well to pious tones of sanctimony, intoned over peoples we so efficiently destroy. When you consider the sum total of the “oops, how clumsy!” atrocities of our policies: our “air war”, our incredibly barbaric “blockades” of food, medicine, of water-purification and pharmaceutical equipment or component parts, and all the rest of the manifold sadism of what we do.

Indeed and in a very real sense our truly-top-level military planners don’t really want to win in these horrific wars: for the mauling meat-grinder effect that most efficiently destroys nations and peoples—as identifiable, cohesive societies—is best achieved precisely in this “clumsy” way. The idea is to produce a pabulum, a gruel, out of what once was a people. Something totally sterile and unresponsive to Faith, to hope, to Charity or Divine Love. Our “Christians”, our “Catholics”, incredibly, reducing the “preaching of the Holy Gospel” to a simple clearing of the Holy Land—expanded now to the entire globe—of its unclean Canaanite tribes. “Preparing for the final conversion of the Jews”. Too bad the Bible doesn’t really describe it that way—all this being spun out of the sick minds of TV Evangelists and Glenn Beck—but that is another matter, spoken of elsewhere here.

Hence, to conclude: the strategy taken up by critics of these aggressive, war-crimes-saturated policies, as at the website “counterpunch”. At least with respect to this particular issue, of these wars, narrowly understood, their criticisms seem to be totally on the beam. And yet in another sense they are dead wrong: since they meekly acquiescence in framing the debate in the very same terms as the military and diplomatic planners of this Judeo/Anglo globalist view. And that’s where the real battle—for truth, justice, for God—is lost before it is even joined. These critics condemn themselves to perpetually reacting, and even this strictly and dutifully according to the incremental stepping-stones, the déjà vu “island hopping” in a sense like that of the U.S. Navy in World War II. Thus in recent pages do the marvelously-skillful and credentialed writers at Counterpunch weigh the Afghan war effort—and the corruption of the Karzai regime—in the precision scales of their experience-ripened reasoning—and find them perilously wanting as a force to dislodge the Taliban. However the meat-maul approach which actually underlies the push in those fabled mountains will inexorably do its Hellish work. Will indeed destroy the minds and souls of our own soldiers every bit as much as those of the villages and insurgents with whom they so senselessly wage war. There being really no aim to contain things here; this sort of “short round”, that lands on “friendlies”, being equally the desired aim.

I have a way forward out of this hideous, evil morass, here on this site. It depends upon a humble, localized, organizationally-distributive Frankpledge system, discussed at length in these pages and publications, working in childlike tandem with those very miraculous interventions, noted above, by which Heaven claims a nation, and now will claim a whole globe, for its own. Today, when “the time of the nations is fulfilled”, in the words of Our Blessed Lord. There is no plan for mass-extermination in that Good and Divine Mind. No, such a strategy is found only among the minions of Hell, in the arrogant precincts of the “synagogue of satan”. Which the USA today serves so well.

October 23, 2009: The nature of our much-vaunted freedoms under the seamless Bush/Obama regime. Today’s Catholic leadership a farce.

Especially disconcerting in a wonderfully-free Bush/Obama USA are any number of organ-snatchers of our day, stalwarts, “our betters”—just as in the new laws on eminent domain vis-à-vis our real-estate property—who are said to be better able to use our organs than we are. So that especially if you are very young, healthy and non-Anglo-Saxon you may easily-enough be routed to an early grave—having “unfortunately” succumbed to some violent accident—or some “ups, how clumsy” mistake on some hastily-prioritized operating table. Or—here’s perhaps the all-time favorite—a giving of a prodigal battery of massive-hemorrhage-producing transfusions—of blood or plasma, anything will do, as long as it has plenty of volume—to someone who just suffered a non-life-threatening concussion. Oh, Congress, do give these deadly doctors yet more power, money and scope. These consummate killers, although perhaps a small percentage of their profession, making up for paucity of numbers in the Eichmann-like efficiency of their skill.

Partaking too of all this wildly-celebrated freedom are the antics of these Catholic leaders after the pattern of this Randall Terry, who, whether deliberately or not, serve up to the anti-life crowd the “head on a plate” of Catholic activism as a whole. This wild-eyed incendiary having somehow climbed to an unassailable directive position, from which, for all his disorderly display, he meekly and obediently does precisely what he is bade by the sodomite/anti-life, New World Order crowd. Viz.: with precipitant haste manning the opposite seat on the political see-saw, much noted on this page. Loudly single-issuing himself—and together with him, the rest of the mostly-Catholic pro-life cause—into complete policy-inconsequence, into the densest practical-oblivion. This Randall does especially well at reproducing the red-faced diction of moral outrage, and he knows how to get your startled attention with ketchup made to look like blood, on some baby-doll representing an aborted child. This “Catholic leader” introducing in all this an insidious nihilism and morbidity which actually favors the perpetuation of crimes against innocent life of every kind. This strategy suggests that “our friends in Congress are on this same noisy, macabre end of the see-saw as we”, with Randall going out on a frail and bobbing limb as well to chum-up to war-hawk senators, and to sponsor bloodthirsty pro-war speakers like Ann Coulter, at his epic-flamboyant events. An equivalent to which fantasy would have been for the Catholics of WWII Germany to have wildly promoted posters and radio-addresses admonishing young men to join the SS, all the while they noisily protested some one lone barbarity of the barbaric Hitler war machine. Germany Catholics back then who in real life were so out-dated and “incorrect” as to have had some integrity, and not to have acted as if all life hung on one narrowly-construed issue, in a stark two dimensional sort of view. Having indeed for this very reason wrung from Hitler himself a rueful tribute to that effect.

No, Randall, and the rest of the pro-life people: the grace of God upon which we depend just doesn’t work that way. “You are either for Me or against Me”, you must execrate every officially endorsed or perpetrated mass homicide: which isn’t at all to be a pacifist, to be dead-set against capital punishment or just war. Yes, even here in the “anything goes”, “highly practical”, “bring home the bacon” USA, you must not condone any of today’s several mammoth, human-life-despising wrongs. While conversely, you are not going to be wildly popular with anyone when you really do the Catholic thing. We must indeed do our sometimes miserable and humiliating little share—toeing the line, not retreating an inch, remaining Catholic on every issue “from war to the womb”—from deeds of charity, to interior recollection, to modesty of dress—none of which grabs you any headlines, or gets you on the Bill O’Reilly Show. And the Holy Ghost then grabs up this merest straw with His mighty Wind, and shatters wicked kingdoms with it, as if it were the stoutest sword. For one thing because all these things “work together unto good”, support one another in the most solid and vigorous way. Whereas the pro-lifer who is an aggressive-war monger, or who is immodest in dress, or vulgar in speech, brings little of value to the movement, and much of demoralizing laxity and shame. We must be God’s warriors through-and-through first, before we can be any kind of warriors out on the street, or on the Senate floor. Those good, pure and meek warriors who alone move mountains, whose power is not their own.

October 9, 2009: Obama wins peace prize.

This crypto-Jewish-Black pervert joins other honored-but-ignominious who are actually the shame of their race. Good, honest Blacks disown people like Obama, counting him among the male-prostitutes, pimps and dope-peddlers down on the street-corner. It shows the degree to which the inmates have taken over the asylum. This news confirms all the dire things I say on this site, and indicates in bold strokes the about-face that must be taken. And which is described in detail on this site.