October 14, 2015: Progress, liberty and the incomplete man.

This is a theme which runs like a dominant thread throughout this website: namely, that the price man pays for putative boons and financially-regressive, mega-path-dependent systems that come with them is to give up part of his very soul. While the old way although with a dirth of gadgetry catered to the whole man, to each facet of his many-faceted nature, to his exalted place as a child of God first and foremost, as a reasoning, voluntary, formidable andestimable agent in all regards. Man's entire plethora of sensibilities being attuned to the world as God made it, not as it came from the ugly hand of a dirt-moving, cement-pouring, commodity-squandering, war- brokering Wall Street crew: his whole sense of things being bound up with humble surroundings, beloved people and familiar accoutrements for which some blinking or roaring substitute is deeply impoverished indeed. Man's political existence in particular undergoing an atrophy of the most catastrophic kind in this "privileged" state, with our Goebbels-like media able to incriminate Moscow and its East-Ukrainian friends for "bringing down a jetliner" with a cold-war-era "Russian made" missile in a region where these are the only kind to be had. Thus politically astute and discriminating have we become, strangers to medieval forebears for whom war was no small thing, and to churchmen who pronounced sentences of excommunication upon those who thought it so, and penalties of interdict upon those populations who with New-Church adulated "meekness and humility" went blandly along.

No, my friend, the old slow way is the only way that works for sense-bound "composing and dividing" human minds which must sift through and ruminate upon the evidence before making up their minds on anything serious at all: all these "patriotic" jerk-knee reactions, raised to altars-of-sainthood by smiling New-Churchmen though they be, being nothing but homicide, genocide, enlisted for the cleverly-camouflaged advancement of Uncle Sam's closet full of hideous perversities.

October 7, 2015: Feast of the Most Holy Rosary, on the threshold of a new and gloriously-victorious Lepanto. God as manifest in creation: Simplicity in complexity: virtue must be woven into the way things are done. Article much expanded in the following week.

The enemies of faith want to involve us believers in red-faced, exhausting and turbulent controversies, because of whose startling, aggressive and unwarranted attacks it is hard to surpress a certain amount of simple and natural irritation, instantly misinterpreted as "hate". These professional mockers and agitators on the contrary being the source of any bad feelings from first to last, laying down malicious judgments against us in the most priggish, churlish, vindictive and indeed sanctimonious way. Thus do these new sort of preacheres, these promoters of sodomy among the young, drive up and lecture us, being no strangers at all to syrupy species of false-piety, being capable of the most campy and theatrical of vindictive and self-righteous displays. For in order to establish their New World Order the most rigid, elaborate and exacting conformity must be ruthlessly maintained, using with utmost cunning whatever pretenses are required. Their "order" being rigidly "orderly" but only so that the most blinding chaos may ultimately prevail: of which their vicious or sardonic verbal assaults are a stage debut. But in fact it is they, these self-proclaimed champions of liberty, who have no place for a free will so plainly hijacked in presidential dictats and Federal court rulings, in a moral bag-of-wind inflated by a "legal"-linguistic hot air machine, courtesy of Madison and Jefferson, copied so closely in endless speechifiers to come. The ambushes of which new take on life I could give you a host of recent examples, in encounters out here on the Crusade, as for instance one powerfully placed, proud mother-of-a-sodomite categorically refusing us the most basic of civil rights, like the rental of an rv space, because we are allegedly "full of hate" for an offspring they themselves obviously perverted with their unnatural, dominating ways. But with the Apostle "I spare you", so as not to "lose the forest" of philosophical thoughts by becoming absorbed in light-obscuring, twisted-personality "trees".

True human liberty, in contrast to brooding chaos, requires a certain divinely-designed, eternally-predetermined setting, but as intimated above its opposite, tyranny, demands much more, demanding the most rigid adherence to the will and whim of the latest Napoleon, Obama or Rand Paul. The latter opening up floodgates of behaviorial chaos in his stripped-down neo-con "libertarian" definition of law, as the preserver of only enough order for the safe and secure conducting of business, and nothing more. (Wouldn't want any modern-day Midases to lose their bags of gold on the way to the bank.) But claims of unflappable indifference aside, Rand and the rest proclaim heroic necessity with every breath, while the divine way takes order and liberty together good-humoredly, in the unhurried divine stride, a yin and yang stamped happily upon the soul of man, as well as upon all creation as it came from the divine hand. Natural "platforms" marvelous flexible and losely-woven, instant and responsive to the human touch. "God knew what He was about" in making things the way they are, before Haliburton, Monsanto and the gang got hold of an entire earth, upon which to work the synagogue's hidous and destructive will and whim. God having given us a physical creation to biblically "subdue", a natural earth in which there are a million such divinely-envisioned positive and productive modifications which suggest themselves readily to the fertile mind, yet never permitting us to totally change the nature of the whole cornucopia into something for which we must ask the permission of some Bill, Donald or Midas to even touch, while they "develop" it into ugly, unearthly, goose-stepping contours foreign to the heart and soul of man. While finally the "final outcome" of mega-debt and the hyper-gratuitous pouring of concrete and moving-of-earth that the New World Order entails, this "great goal" of an Obama or a Clinton or Rubio, absolutely stutters with quaking redundancies that only a "chosen few" will ever climb into that much-sought-after futuristic space-capsule, the rapturous goal in mind. As the logic of it all, from all these anti-matter, anti-life Gnostics, a fact so staggeringly evident now, is to shrink everything, to radically diminish necessary things rather than multiply them: as a whole earth for one thing just isn't modifiable into one gigantic platform for tiny or titanic but purely-instrumental functions for which it was never made. Man thus today being ceaselessly met, in attempts to deal with life and nature on his own terms, by some astronomically-expensive digital intermediary, being harried by a second-hand, worked-over version of life, of reality, a lost galaxy whose moral doom is written on every plastic-coated thing. A mammoth adaptation in which mega-debt is obviously, exponentially and unpayably required. Within which "heroic necessity" anything like adequate popular housing, food and other necessites is quietly and politely set aside for such a goose-stepping "greater good" as I write. After which in the end, alas, after thus desecrating, perverting and mutilating a good earth, the gift of a kindly God, all of us must die: even these hip-booted "credentialed" ones, no matter for how long their shriveling limbs might be freeze-preserved for future time. A mortal outcome guaranteed by some errant planet or divinely-hurled asteroid, if nothing more.

Abominating as we do then today's contemptuous rejection of forefather, tradition, Revelation, and in these details of God Himself, we rather unveil in this Crusade a genuine liberty, truly from God, one fully proportional to manifold mysteries of human dignity. And these madmen, these new Albigensians (Bill Gates apparently doesn't even recognize the word in his thesaurus, as it comes outlined in red when we type it in), these biblical "enemies of mankind" will be put under Our Blessed Lady's maiden feet, and their ugly, despairing and repulsive blueprint and mad, aggressive palaver at last come to a happily-anticipated end.

October 1, 2015: "Salvation" by telescope and mathematical model. Article developed further several times.

Note: We saw the title of the article in an e-publication but didn't read it, assuming that it is the usual Godless nonsense we have come to associate with Hawkings and a few other "scientists", and whose atheistic bend is a snare for the mind, ever vulnerable as it is to proud and high-minded falsehoods. Hence do we expect that these newest claims are of the same kind as those of some other mad scientist who "found" "God" a year or two ago, "way out there somewhere", the ineffable divine simplicity said to be "composed" of various gases and other materials, indeed as I remember as having bodily tissues as well.

Thus this newest imposture no doubt finds "God" as some bundle-of-gases and time-warps, this fantasy being an ultimate manifesto of Marxist/Jewish materialism, with staggering irrelevance finding ultimate causality in a material existence which is only the playground of the divine Mind, the lowest figment of the divine Imagination. My own unschooled view of matter and antimatter being that atomic and sub-atomic particles and such-like are infinitesimal bundles-of-energy, made as Catholic theology assures us "out of nothing", material things accordingly being found by science to be irreducible to anything--last I read--but this pinpoint of nothingness hurled into being at the beginning of time, seemingly spinning so fast in miniscule orbits that its nothingness gains the appearance of mass, of solidity. Hence to find Ultimate Causality in materiality's fantastic panoply, whether of gases, solids or time-warps, is to mistake last inconsequential consequence for First Mover, it is to commit the final and irremediable act of idolatry, to adore a new kind of wood and stone, succumbing to the unforgiveable sin of the certain malice of denying the obvious truth in a certain morbidly-ultimate way. Here being a turning of things on their head which Obama represents in the political order and which Democrats eagerly embrace, and antipopes and doughty, war-mongering Republicans meekly condone. This placing of spirituality and intellectuality in the thrall of gross creaturehood of the lowest grade: here too being found in final form the synagogue denial of personhood to humankind, a denigration gruelingly evident on almost every job, in most places of pubic resort, and especially in our schools, which are ultimate training-camps for human non-entity.

But again, "I show you a more excellent way", of an immortal human soul made in the image and likeness of the living, purely and rapturously spiritual God, with the transcendant existence of the soul "coming down to us from the Father of lights". This good God Who respects our minds and free wills, rather than consigning us to tender mercies of star-clouds or folds in some theoretical warp of time, or the likes of Stephen Hawkings and the gang. This good God Who gave us that which "alone is necessary" at the very beginning, in a spiritual life, in moral injunction that are good for the soul and society, and didn't trouble us with a lot of inconsequential and irrelevant details about atoms, black holes and genomes, created like the animal world in service to the infinitely higher spiritual life of man. A God Who furthermore revealed to us the sure path to Him which is Catholic Faith.

Hence it is no drawback that divine Revelation isn't cast in the terms of speculative mathematics, or even those of proven science: as God plainly uses these lower things only as symbols and guideposts to justice, virtue, divine love, union with Himself, and doesn't wish us to become engrossed in these cognitive and representative tools themselves. Which past-time suggests studying the wood-grain on a poster rather than reading the words: a good description of the myopia of modern atheistic and agnostic man.

September 30, 2015: The mighty frailty of the Catholic soul against the Bush/Obama machine.

Political accuracy as it might be called is mortally-crucial today, when there are hundreds of false but clever polemical con-artists wearing the sheepskin of tear-jerking media and official eloquence, all of them urging us down a road about which we have grave misgivings, with these worries inevitably justifying themselves a thousand-fold before its all done. (Like the bombing of Libya or the plowing-up of Iraq or Afghanistan, we could all sense the murderous, population-dislocating but corporate-bottom-line-enriching chaos it would breed: but in our "wonderfully free America" who would be so "disloyal" as to make a peep?) This anomaly being definitive to the poorly-kept-secret alliance of Republicans and Democrats around major fixtures of U.S. foreign and domestic policy: with the one side simply kicking and screaming patriotically at the unhampered success of those three-branch-fiats that run outrageously counter to their own brand name, while the opposing party does the same when their turn comes. But no one ever really does anything to slow the raging torrent of popularly-unwanted laws and policies, rulings and decrees. It's all very much like the Gypsie-lady "mechanic" in Texas who recently offered to "fix" our disabled truck, at a time when certified mechanics charge rates scarcely lower than brain surgeons. A gal who then began her dirge of sighs, moans and rolled eyes when each thing she and her gang did spelled ruin to the old straight six. "Oops, I'm sorry", she might say, but it was all headed for Mexico anyway, with our travel trailer no doubt envisioned to provide lodging for some new element of her ring-earred crew. That's what's happening to the substance of Americans today as I write, indeed to precious possessions and even lives of a whole world presently enthralled to a "freedom loving" Judeo-Masonic USA. But in defense of real Mexicans it must be said that most of the many nefarious illegal activities going on today--for which Interstate 25 provides a special route and hotbed--crimes blamed on Mexicans--are in fact perpetrated by Spanish- speaking Gypsies, self-confessed perpetually-wandering descendants of divinely-cursed Pharoahs of Egypt: hence their strange name. A secretive, code-language-flourishing, pagan or paganized-Christian nationality which looks just like any number of other dark- complected ones, and speaks every language on the globe. A fact we know by hard and repeated experience out here on the Crusading road. Thus too do a Rubio, a Trump, a Hillary or any of the other ring-earred crew-of-TV-competitors wring their hands in theatrical dismay at every new inroad of the "opposing" view, when in fact it is the perfect counterpart of their own, a yin to go with a yang which spells doom to popular economic independence and political and economic liberty alike.

But notice that most of our articles don't end on such a sour note as this: for definitive to Catholicism is an unwavering confidence in the delivering power of God. Indeed, it is precisely in this that the authenticity of the Catholic religion is revealed, as at our behest mountains are moved, and the power of the liar put where it belongs, there with Lucifer under our Blessed Lady's maiden feet. All their ingenious, roiling machinations coming to a grinding halt when confronted by Catholics "simple as doves". Hence out here on the road do we find confirmed sodomites or their staunch supporters being forced as it were to lend us a hand, even to contribute, frequently muttering in bewildered tones that "God told me I had to stop and help you". And then too there are the several staggering miracles we have been unworthy beneficiaries of, and the many more not recounted besides. And we confidently expect these to continue where needed, although we are likewise careful not to "tempt God" with expectations of wonders at every turn, as do the Pentecostals and others of that kind. That bend-of-zeal which the Vatican declared to be a species of spiritism back around 1913, when Amy Semple "what a man, what a man" four-time-divorcee McPherson was in her tent-meeting heyday. And we will prevail; our New and Better Confederacy will reign across the USA: just as an earlier if less righteous one could have done so easily some hundred and fifty years ago, had the South not been riddled with similiarly-eloquent synagogue traitors from the word go. Sic Semper, alas, modern governments. "But I show you a more excellent way".

September 29, 2015: Liberal democracy first as disobedience and finally as chaos and annihilation.

As much as anyone might hold otherwise, disobedience is the quintessential sin, and obedience and its ultimate fruition in divine adoration conversely the crowning virtue. While furthermore any turning away from this all-determining principle spells doom for souls and states alike: both of which must be ruled by the same upwardly-tending, divinely-honoring principle or they become temporal and eternal fire-traps in which man is destroyed. Even as we show our worship of God in the most fitting and orderly way when we humbly but reasonably obey those human creatures chosen by that marvelous wedding of providence and popular choice which is true government alone, and which is the main topic of this website. Here being the genuine democracy, being the product of a "natural selection" built into the very human social fabric rather than of the obscure machinations of perfidious elites such as we have today.

But the USA has become the epitome of these intrigues today, the model of a popular ambush enabled by a dogma-of-disobedience, whose first exponent is to be found in Cain, and latter in the legendary disobedience of the Jews, the recalcitrance of the Byzantines against the Papacy, ending in the Great Schism, the rebellion of Philip of France and Edward of England around 1300, setting the stage for all the roiling, impious rebellions that would follow until now in the West.

But what was needed to "pull this thing off", like naughty boys in a schoolyard, was a rationale, and it would be Luther, Calvin and their associates who would supply it in religion, and the Judeo-Masonic conspiracy in political philosophy. Lucifer's "I will not serve!" needing after all to find some logical framework in "dividing and composing" human minds. Hence would the whole notion of obedience be thrown into disrepute as unworthy of the adult condition, and any who asked it be classed at best as domineering and possessive fools and at worst as monsters and maniacs. Alas, the fiend "had his eye on the prize", thinking of the ultimate abrogation of anything like a moral law as determining human conduct, a denial such as he and his hoards would achieve so staggeringly well today. Does it matter at all that the whole institution of actual tyranny is only brought into being through mammoth infrastructures and path-dependencies of over-centralization, such as "tyrannical" Catholic Civilization with-a-capital-C has always shunned? And that when some unworthy backwater of the latter has fallen into authoritarian excesses, the Habsburgs and Hohenstaufens most notoriously, it has always been the work of abundant Jewish financiers and their "black knight" enforcers, "men in soft garments living in the palaces of kings"? Representing the original rebels of the ages from Cain to Jerobuam? Ah, to these theorist-of-disobedience it is to be cruelly unfair to bring up such "anti-Semitic" things.

But getting back to the noted "rationale", the political theory of the Enlightenment Era: here originates the whole concept of existence as a sort of clock that God wound up long ago and left to run under its own devices, with men ultimately today, as the upshot of this strange-but-defining Masonic notion, being left with no moral law at all. So far indeed has this secular dogma of the utter estrangement of church and state--read here morality and state--gone that the state itself, originally compliments of the American Constitution, has been so constructed--lest anyone try to insert any notions of morality therein--as to frustrate government itself. With this latter being seen as an intrinsically evil thing, as maintained with bully-pulpit fervor on Fox News and by the whole host of Reaganite Neo-Con fools. How such a nihilistic, Manichaean idea could ever have invaded men's minds in so stubborn a way is anyone's guess, with men's best condition being announced as subsisting in the utter unquestionable dominance of purely-private forces, as any idea of a "common good" by these media worthies is bitterly mocked to scorn. Does it matter that these allegedly sainted, purely-private figures have engineered the greatest financial disaster in history (quote Wall Street moguls: "Oops, it was all a big and stupid mistake") so that they might enslave us with no escape at all. Or that in conjunction with same they and their secret-society associates have maneuvered the world into a military confrontation which will guarantee Armageddon with its ocean of blood, so as to weed out loyal-but-"less than human" gentiles or goyim like we? Once again, such talk is held to be so cruelly irrelevant as to make the doughty likes of Hannity cry in their beer, or under the TV lights.

September 28, 2015: More on "cool".

Noted in the article just below is today's adherence to "cool" as an all-encompassing way-of-life, entirely taking the place of morality in modern behavioral codes. And there is a very important if ignominious reason for the rise of this patented Vatican-II-era anomaly, for one thing because the awarding of the best of jobs or other positions to the lowest of scum by way of a candid race to the bottom wouldn't be quite kosher. Hence must there be interposed this perfectly gratuitous standard, cool, a "skill" which requires the most slavish attention to the most meaningless of things, but whose absence is vaguely held to indicate anything from "not a team player", to dull lunchroom company, to some group security threatening psychosis or neurosis. But to make it all work as intended the interviewer--for job, apartment, anything much at all-- must be basically held to be the perfect judge and evaluator: this so that someone plainly bursting with mega-levels of "cool" can be dismissed with a mere yawn and a nod, like "The Donald" on his old job-interviewing show, in favor of the one that was wanted all along. This choice not for any abilities he might or might not have but because the "chosen one" will never make anyone feel uncomfortable for being stupid, immoral, or brutally unkind.

What's the point of this little sketch? Only to say that were we to throw half of our gainfully employed out on the street--the "coolest" ones--and replace them with people from under the bridges, viaducts and sidewalks where the homeless dwell--we would have a far more truly-productive workforce, and a better society at large. But that's asking far too much of "The Donald" and the other "pillars of society" of our times.

September 28, 2015: Harbor of mediocrity.

It must be recognized that the spiritual order exists on its own supreme, supernatural plane, from which commanding position it "orders all things mightily". This moral order likewise having been established from the very beginning, "before the daystar", from eternity, in the very Spirations of the Deity, the Blessed Trinity. The motive force, as it might be called, of this divine moral order being love. This principle of love then, so divergent from infant-sacrificing idolatries of ancient times, being preserved in the Jewish people, whose first patriarch Abraham was ready to sacrifice his only son out of love of God, the eternal Patriarch of the moral order. Hence does St. Paul, after writing extensively of the ultimate perfidy of the Jews yet maintain that "salvation is from the Jews", cautioning us all that we must own our humble position as having been "grafted onto" the Jewish stock in this all-important regard.

Manifestly, then, mankind is abjectly dependent upon tradition for his spiritual life: a commodity not to be found in a space-capsule, a stock-market or cyber-platform of any kind. And when men decide to reorient themselves and to make futurism the lodestar of their lives and societies, their economies and cultures, then they have cut themselves off from every worthy thing. The best they will possibly achieve being some species of moral mediocrity, being at best divided between two contradictory forces which "war against one another"; imagining that some new fluid, magma-like, group-determined concept of human life, spun out of processive ideas of Freud, Marx, Spinoza, Hawkings and his mathematical fantasies, and a host of other radical theorists, can determine all human or earthly things. This new hubris-ridden pantheon of human thought hardly suggesting Abraham ready to sacrifice his only son, the sum of his earthly ambitions, but rather banishing spirituality as revealed to us by God and written on our souls to some distant, secondary place in our lives, with no real impact on the formation of culture or law.

Hence does the USA's all-defining abandonment of traditional values, its signature masonic closeting of the moral and spiritual into a separate, Sundays only quaranteen, concepts spread around the globe by Uncle Sam by force of arms--indeed with the moral order banished even from the family home as an imposition upon "liberties" of those involved--hence does this perverted bifurcation spell the systematic doom of revealed religion, of any divine faith at all. All this guaranteeing that those who would live entirely for the divine and its ineffable order are at best marginalized into positions of practical mediocrity with respect to their souls, if not treated as madmen, as dangers to society. This fate being indeed illustrated in the "Autobiographical Sketch" of my wife and I to be found in a link above, with both of us from childhood having had graces of spiritual fervor stifled, misinterpreted as folly, perfidy or madness, while once having been married having attempts at the rearing of pious children brutally set-upon, short-circuited and ultimately tyrannically denied. The inescapable principle of "cool" being the inevitable onsequence of American moral anemia, this dividing of human energies into two contradictory forces, with those things which most "war against the soul" being recognized as paramount in human life, institutions and conduct. This for the good being indeed to fight with one hand tied behind the back, to biblically "box the air".

But as stated so many times here, and as bears repeating a thousand times more, "I show you a more excellent way". One whose watchword is absolute, tradition-based integrity: which is to say the complete determinism of moral and spiritual principles, both as revealed and as written on the human heart and mind, as the rule of human conduct and institutions. This cardinal rule not at all stymiing or stultifying human existence or genuine advancement, things being brutally set-upon as I write, but rather giving them the lodestar by which alone they can come to flower. While finally our vision as Catholics is of the whole earth soon coming under the revealed ordering of Catholic Faith: not at all by force of arms or brainwash, the main pillars of New World Order life, but by fervent and heartfelt popular acceptance, such as apocalyptic events soon to come will guarantee.

September 26, 2015: "Christian" organizations reject the one demon while embracing a thousand more.

It's good that the Christian Coalition or whatever its called awarded the Kentucky county clerk for her heroic resistance to today's abominable same-sex "marriage" tyranny, yet the same group welcomes to the podium the most rabid of war-mongering "Christians" like Marco Rubio: another war-industry boot-licker such as promises us another world war. For it seems that morality itself today is cast strictly in terms of "either-or", with the whole notion of integrity, of a refusal to endorse any wrongs at all, being glibly ignored. But we here at the Crusade don't depend on financial backers or "conservative" voting-blocks: nay rather we depend upon the power of a good God Who moves mountains and destroys impious persons and nations, in support of those who give Him due glory and who wholely and assiduously pursue His holy will.

September 26, 2015: Modern techno-determinism versus free will. Our answer to the antipope Francis and a brief restatement of chief principles of our Crusade.

This is why the presidential debaters all sound like programmed puppets on the ends of strings, to wit: because all of modern futuristic life is based upon the quiet disappearance of Revelation, and inevitably also of tradition and culture, as determining forces in human existence. The whole ambiance of the past being steadily cast into abysmal disrepute as I write: a once-familiar womb, a cultivar in which the human person and his liberty were overriding and determining themes; in which the free choices of man's soul formed the noble and saintly or frightful contours of his future in eternity. But under today's terms and conditions all of this has been swallowed up, and man forced into cramped confines of personal insignificance well under his cavernous capacity, being found as it were in the path of a gigantic preternatural shark, a "process"-driven leviathan by whose inexorable principles every value of Faith and Revelation is first politely patronized and then summarily digested and destroyed. Humanity today being shorn of everything from genuine marriage and family to belief in God, with the divine honor and service having been repudiated in the public sphere long ago. While at the same time the economic existence of man deservedly sphrinks by leaps and bounds under such a regimen, under the hand of "progress'-driven "producers", the whole ensemble under the spell of a stock-market whose only real "multiplier" is that of exponentially-increasing debt. Hence our Crusade, based entirely upon reason, revelation and traditional Catholic Faith and practice, upon the revival of every once-cherished custom and code. These having in Catholic Civilization come to us from the hands a good God Whose concern is for our souls, our eternity; He Who put us here in a world full of painful and imperfect things precisely so that we wouldn't grow too attached to this temporary home. He Who rather infuses into man, if we let him, a supernatural life in which angels rather than spaceships and electronic devices are to be familiar and uplifting fixtures. Our Crusade being ready essentially to abandon this sterile and apostasy-ridden new approach of "progress": to do battle with it if need be; to thrust the whole ugly blinking, beeping, surveiling serpent under the Blessed Mother's maiden heel. As the entire poured-in-concrete infrastructure is perpetually doomed to come under the dominion of global finance, the chief puppeteer involved. To impose upon mankind the signature-Marxist, brute, path-dependent determinism of dialectical materialism: the final refinement of a Jewish worldview repeatedly demonstrated over the millennia to be misanthropic to its very core.

September 25, 2015: Hyperventilations of presidential hopefuls.

We can worry til we're blue in the face about national security, as in putative breaches in which thousands of CIA operatives were said to have been compromised to Chinese cyber spying--although when it comes to such allegations "we have heard the wind blow before"--yet it is sheer folly after such vituperatioins to turn on a dime and let people whose first and last loyalty is to another country and a miniscule creed--the Jews--have chart blanc in almost every way. Indeed we condemn anyone who counsels otherwise, citing Hitler and the Nazis as object-lessons of where "anti-Semitism" can lead, never considering that he himself was a Jew, and that his utterly unproven multi-million decimation of Jews in Europe neatly provided that people with precisely the moral high-ground which they have proven again and again they never deserved. So let's start really caring about national security, and putting God and the nation first where they belong, rather than the Jews first, second, third and fourth, maybe the nation fifteenth, and God and His law forgotten somewhere at the lower end of the banquet-table of earthly life.

September 25, 2015: More on the visit of Francis.

Really, I think that all the dramatic emphasis upon words like love and peace can only be called the latest version of the Judas kiss--a very old thing indeed--a sort of mockery of what Christ actually intended by these words, with these and other fundamental Christian notions having been by this means so radicalized that nowadays the mere pronouncing of the word enemy makes one the enemy, and the airing of the faintest practical notion of discipline makes one a merciless tyrant, and so on. It is a matter really of "being done with it all", with all the painful and duty-bound things of life, with mere words and dramatic gestures, of essentially pretending that evil is a figment of the imagination and can be dismissed at will. After which disarming we are bidden to go on to the real business of eating, drinking and being merry, which is what the personas of five decades of antipopes amply suggests, with broad scope for every perverted and disorderly thing besides, given discrete approval with a sort of Francis-signature grin and a nod.

Of course, together with the above comes the conviction that any less-than-perfect historic attempts of the clergy or of Christian rulers to codify or institutionalize the message of Christ are to be taken as proof-positive that no such attempts should have been made in the first place, that a Charlemagne, Pepin or Louis IX should simply have dissolved into paroxysms of "love and peace" instead of building gothic cathedrals, or before the walls of rogue-magnates or the gates of Acre. That Christianity has to have been utterly perfect historically in every respect or it has failed miserably and entirely in its mission. In short and as noted often on this page, the attempt in all this disembodied palaver is to introduce a Christianity meant for angel choirs rather than for men; it is in effect to outlaw practical Christianity as an impossibility, and to criminalize those rudely practical people who would couch the Gospel in concrete terms. Hence again as bears repeating is carried out a thoroughgoing de-contextualization which is the cynical and treacherous reversal of the Holy Gospel, which is either meant to transform custom and law or it is no religion at all. But rather only a curiosity, a salon topic of bored and jaded conversation. So iindeed would the synagogue and its servants like Francis have Christianity be, or rather be remembered.

September 24, 2015: The visit of Francis to the USA

As long as the anti-pope Francis--the latest of a line since 1958--continues to give speeches in stirring generalities, as did those who went just before him, he will have no appreciable influence on world events and the Church will remain a mere sounding-board for pious sentiments. As it has indeed been for the past nearly sixty years since the first of the modern antipopes falsely claimed the Petrine chair. No, Francis, rather than staging another act of "peace and love" theatrical dilerium you need in crisp and firm phrases to hold the USA guilty of genocide, as well as of conducting and promoting aggressive farfare around the globe, while likewise placing the American church under interdict, and excommunicating any Catholics who support American foreign policy in any material way. That's the way real popes acted before Rome was effectively taken over by the synagogue, in a partial and then total infestation steadily conducted since the end of the reign of Pius IX, some 130 years ago. You and your synagogue masters simply continuing the long slide of New Church into irrelevance and oblivion, for which reason the honest and fervent practice of the Faith today involves a drawn-out martyrdom for the laity and for any clergy worthy of the name.

But God will soon sweep your kind of false shepherd from power, and the long-predicted Great Pope and Great Monarch will return order and piety to church and state alike.

September 23, 2015: Evaluating the liberty of the past 500 years. Writing edited later in day.

The first cardinal rule of today's ruling Judeo/Secret-Society political liberty, the cryptic inner kernel of revolt since Luther, is that obedience is supposedly never demanded of anyone: and yet whether by "Congressional compromise", Federal court ruling or "emergency powers" an essentially unquestioning obedience is demanded of the citizen after such lovers-of-liberty have taken power. The new and "liberated" political vetting process meanwhile finding money and private influence paramount, and a pitiful sort of dog and pony show of debates and campaigning being claimed to supply to politics that "perfect knowledge" which capitalism, the economic counterpart of the new liberty, ultimately the total commoditization of all earthly life, is said to bring to the market place. But the final convincer in it all, to people so enlightened as we, involves the spilling of blood copiously around the globe, so that there can be a heroic "price of freedom": of course, one paid by people other than ourselves. This "price of freedom" easily morphing into a "price of spreading freedom" (you know, the freedom to impose perverted values on ones neighbor): why quibble over a few little words? While together with all the "brave" blood-letting--of innocent bystanders at a rate of some 28 to 1--the emotionality of a Marko Rubio, Glen Beck or a Hannity, or the brutal phrases of a Donald Trump, this latter said to be the most "honest" of all--are most required to carry all this "wonderful" liberty through. Is there any rhyme or reason to any of this? Yes indeed, for over the past five hundred years when monarchs like the "Spanish" Habsburgs became most oppressive, as in the early-modern settlement of the New World, it was the self-same Synagogue that financed the whole thing: just as it has the bloody "liberating" revolts of the past five hundred years.

"But I"--and all Catholic tradition and political philosophy--"show you a more excellent"--and truly liberal and nobly liberated--"way."

September 21, 2015: Francis the last installment of the chaos of Vatican II.

As repeated often on this site but as bears repeating many times more—as it is the cypher to understand almost everything going on in the Church today—the whole mystique of New Church is all bound up with an artfully-contrived beckoning to advanced stages of spirituality before the most basic fundamentals of conduct and morality, of habit and discipline, are achieved: indeed souls, parishes, whole societies are urged on without prep or delay to what can only be termed mystical phenomena. Alas, this short-shrift approach is to be found at the base of all Protestantism—or Oakham Nominalism as well—together with this idea that nothing need be organized at all when it comes to Faith. Here finally the whole imposture begins to betray its preternatural origins, breathing chaos as a sort of tell-tale sign: an atmosphere of disorder which is of course generously embraced as “Franciscan simplicity”, or something of the sort. The old and “stiff” ways being far too monkish for the likes of an “open windows” John XXIII (whether we mean the original medieval schismatic by that name or the one to follow in ‘58.) Indeed, in order to push this point to the limit, in the manner of all heresy and rebellion, “the Early Church” and the forceful phrases of St. Paul are enlisted in doughty, Cromwell-reminiscent form, bringing us a “biblical” religion bare of St. Thomas Aquinas but absolutely bursting with “love, love, love!” and “who am I to judge?” Thus easily indeed are heroic levels of holiness claimed to be readily accessible to the newest neophyte, to those just up from a degrading life of sin.

Hence is the angelic held forth to us as the earthly-human moral and spiritual ideal: of pure spirits who have no need to cultivate moral habits, as if we had no bodies, no Original Sin, and all the encumbrances found in these. And we can be sure that until we return to the Faith of Our Fathers, as faithfully passed down to us prior to Vatican II—with its ample modesty-of-dress, its cinema Legion of Decency, its morally-rigorous understanding of things like a just war—the fiend will go on busily filling Hell with victims of this sort of chaos-breeding, morally-debilitating “love, love, love” disease.

September 19, 2015: The biblically-discouraged prayer of “many words”: is it so roundly condemned by Heaven as Evangelicals of today would have us believe?

As noted on this page some years ago, the laity of today has disproportionately been shouldered with the immense task of perpetuating Catholic Faith and teaching: the clergy having failed so miserably in this divine commission, as mournfully acknowledged by saintly souls, pontiffs and Heavenly visitants of the past century and more. Hence does our own desire to pass on “what has been handed down to you” stem from no rebellious disposition but rather from the desire to see genuine order and discipline, obedience and filial piety return once again to both Church and world.

Thus do I a mere layman make bold to discuss here a couple of Old and New Testament admonitions about prayers of “many words”, characterized as “repetitious”: passages which I believe must be seen as a counsel rather than a precept, or else we get them entirely wrong, as has indeed much of the Protestant world. For obviously God doesn’t condemn us for getting “too wordy”, as there is plainly no sin involved in this pious volubility at all, but rather advises us as to the surest and most fitting way to pray. Of course, much-celebrated Reformer hullabaloo about the matter would suggest a Catholic Church trying to “hide” such a “light” under a bushel-basket, for fear of standing condemned for her wayward prolix ways, but it is in fact the Church herself who has most profoundly taken to heart this counsel about “many words” over the ages, laboriously building up a theology of prayer based precisely on this principle of verbal economy. This without removing one whit the importance of vocal prayer, including “highly repetitious” litanies and rosaries, as part of the fundamental equipment of the Christian soul. The Church wisely and mercifully understanding that, especially when we are beginning the spiritual life, perhaps being just now converted, or climbing up from a degrading life of sin, we are likely-enough to be wordy indeed with a God thus newly discovered or clung to for dear eternal life: as the thanks of someone just saved from drowning is forgivably overflowing, with no insincerity involved, while the same is true of they who find themselves in a new and joyful relationship with God, His Church, liturgy and life-of-prayer. They who may frequently break into a disconcerting babble of wonder, like Peter in the presence of Abraham and Elias at the Transfiguration, so new is the experience of Catholic spiritual satiety to the newly-converted soul.

But it seems to me that what is asked of us by God in counsels toward brevity-in-prayer is an openness to the mystical life: the noted Catholic theology-of-prayer preparing a privileged condition essentially involving a gradual simplification of our prayer-life until it becomes for the most part not just “of few words” but mostly contains no words at all. Being composed mostly of pure aspirations of love and adoration, in a union of the soul with God by which the two become the biblical “one spirit”.

September 15, 2015: The all-fronts assault of the Synagogue of Satan upon human life. What is the answer? Article further developed several times in following days.

Of course, even the most outspoken and allegedly uncompromising of reformers and crusading is mortally afraid to point out the real engine of modern-day totalitarianism: that Jewish determinism which is the essence of modern-day tyranny. Thus it is unlikely that any of our leaders or commentators will see the enormity of the task which lies ahead. Preferring even when they tell the truth rather to attack this octopus impotently, in one or two of its tentacles—capitalism, racism, U.S. foreign policy, and so on—rather than striking decisively at the ugly head of them all. That alone by which today’s globalization, inseparable from an elite-driven “spread of liberal democracy”, as much as it contains some useful elements in and of themselves, is tasked with the remorseless destruction of human life and culture. This by both open and insidious leadership of a people who considers “the rest of men” to be Gentiles, goyim, or less than human beings. Hence just as the Apocalypse seems to speak of the very earth opening up to provide a place of refuge for the Church in this latter day, so must we who defend her be ready to embrace mother nature as our operational platform, break with the gratuitously-automated, unnatural, geo-finance-supported, synagogue-directed “way things are done”: techniques and methodologies which are regressive financially, which ultimately benefit finance alone. Means by which the critical economic multiplier is buried under tons of derivatives, of deliberately-poor product-manufacture, and stifled by monstrous projects like fracking, which taken together promise to make the earth unlivable in a very short time. Hence must we depart from platforms and infrastructure which—far from freeing or enabling us—steadily each day put us more inextricably in chains. Just look at the way the East Ukrainians, largely with WWII or Cold-War-era weaponry, have repeatedly brought the high-tech U.S.-supplied war-machine of Kiev to a standstill. But if we wait, we will only be ranged into armies to fight hopeless battles with people who aren’t our real enemies at all: expecting somehow that Jewish finance, the hatching-ground of diabolical evils of our day, will change its stripes, as it were, in our own special case. We the unwashed expecting to find a place for ourselves on this hideous Jewish bandwagon, being deluded indeed.

However, the scope of the modern onslaught upon human life invades all dimensions of our existence, steadily fashioning totalitarianism into an inescapable species of Satanism, poisoning the interior of man with error and impiety. Here then another reason we must make a break with this centrally financed and globally administered hydra: a deus ex machine which always appears menacing and invincible, as does all Hell, but which will be defeated by the forces of good in that Armageddon which is so soon to come. Take courage, then, because Russia and the Ukraine have already in some ways begun to made the break with this evil mega-system, in a part of the world which Our Lady of Fatima assures us will soon be embracing the Catholic Faith. Russia beyond question afterward helping rid the Church of this synagogue-sponsored string of antipopes which has entirely extinguished the torch of truth in Rome. So that because of the very all-inclusive nature of these modern-day diabolical ills the all-points defense required will see error vanquished just as broadly, in all regards, and the Holy Gospel reign in every sphere, and to the four corners of the earth. The modern system being a veritable quicksand, which once stepped into consumes nations, souls, economies, sanity, human life. But “take courage”, says Our Blessed Lord, “for I have overcome the world.”

Most important of all besides the utter dependence upon God advocated in this epic contest with Hell is the noted realization that all forms of advanced technical application or “technology” (sounds like the false religion that it is made out to be) require a tremendous amount of preliminary assembly—of tools, platforms, task-specific forms of organization, and so on—so that investment is the determining power. Meanwhile, the sum total of effort required to sustain this mammoth project is far greater than the worth of the task. We who resist this ensemble of dependency, as it might be called, must therefore return to the simplest possible way to do any task, and we will quickly find ourselves less in debt, less mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted, possessing much greater freedom of action and thought, and so on. And as we mesh in together with others similarly imbued, we will find ourselves more formidable as a political force by the day, while our enemies, those who effectively control this evil system, will lose their own undeserved power accordingly, having no strength except that of a kind of mythical vampire sucking human blood. While ultimately any number of these heady technical projects of our day is only a game in time: as we remain mortals, subject to every sort of natural disaster, and we must still face the divine judgment, must account for time and energy foolishly and pointlessly spent, consuming our lives in spiritually-perilous “cares of this world”. I think here too the folks in east Ukraine have much to teach us about such ultimate and all-important things.

September 11, 2015: Bush/Obama-era “liberty”: military preemption and domestic demands of absolute “loyal” submission.

It’s all as serious as a toothache, with no sense of humor about it at all: unless giving a word like liberty two opposite meanings is meant to be some kind of joke, together with other zany non sequiturs and salivating sadisms of New World Order life. Thus in foreign policy if Uncle Sam finds some nation getting a bit too feisty, wishing to be an influence in some region of the globe, he finds some excuse to make war against this upstart: as the old gentleman’s vaunted sense of “liberty” gives him putative claim not just to his own backyard but to everyone else’s too. Of course, there are never lacking enough convincingly-orchestrated terror attacks, with Yankee lives found perfectly expendable before a deity such as he. Thus too a modernization, a globalization for which “blood to the height of a horse’s bridle” is counted no big price to pay, and workers give up any least claim to privacy in their e-mail, their phone conversations, their web-searches, or any other matter at all. Even if women claim rights to kill for the “privacy” of a womb violated by every passing Frank or Tom.

August 31, 2015: More on the anti-matter nature of modern progressive life. Article developed in following days.

After all the fanfare over material progress and the development of every square inch of ground, a feverish exertion which today borrows tones of evangelical fervor, we are left with the simple fact that modern synagogue-directed futurism positively hates nature, matter, human life. Being prone to a fanatical urge to improve things completely out of existence, so that Platonic/Albigensian disembodied souls may enjoy a Congregational meeting together up in the sky. Hence the blood-curdling battle-cry of “progress!”, of futurism: which means nothing but to denude humanity of all its customs and usages and deliver us all as blank slates upon which these Gnostics and Manichaeans can write words of financier-harried doom. This sort of eschatology being the precise opposite of the Heavenly, which by Redemption lifts man’s earthly life, with his customs and cultures, to levels divine, initiating another Garden of Eden, in many ways, here on earth. Thus too do we honor the Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, as the unique embodiment of this sanctified earthly life, venerating their images on our walls and in our churches, praying to the two holy parents mostly as we pray to our own departed relatives, if their lives were good and devout: hardly making deities out of human beings. Mary and Joseph having been the holiest of purely-human souls, with Joseph as I understand having partaken of Mary’s Immaculate condition and its privileges from the moment of their betrothal, making the three, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, a separate order among men.

But alas heresy would rather just have “the Book”, which is hardly the earth-covering narrative that St. John assures us would be required to record all that Jesus said, did and taught. Hardly then does an intrinsically-Jewish worship of the purely-literary convey to us the treasures of the full and fruitful earthly life of Catholic Faith, the antechamber to paradise: and if many are saved outside its many saving graces for their basic goodwill it is only after a life bleak and miserable, confused, driven by the winds of error and foolish dreams. Out of which deluded culture has come the launch-pad existence of American life, the shameful willingness to shed blood in foreign lands in excessive loyalties to a state which for most intents and purposes has taken the place of the Church, with its irrationally hated pope, the divinely-designated father of us all. The state indeed, as in ancient pagan times, taking to itself all the prerogatives of God. While it is the Jews themselves who are the worst victims of their own machinations, having been eaten up by the false philosophies and fiendish projects they purveyed over centuries, like an old overcoat infested with vermin of every kind, the furthest extremity from the chosen People of God they once were and in a certain sense still remain.

August 27, A New and Better Confederacy: a Confederacy which is the last refuge of the Christian soul.

Just a day ago we painted a big mural of Jesus and Mary holding the Confederate flag up lovingly, a picture to be found on the large pull-down awning at the very front of our 18-foot travel trailer, just below the words “A New and Better Confederacy”. Here once again the Confederacy of the valiant and pious Stonewall Jackson, a Confederacy passionately attached to all the old values and virtues of the first, but minus slavery and racism, to which few in the Old South actually had much loyalty. Evils which ruling, synagogue-serving forces were determined to keep alive in one form or another until our own very day. Indeed, the Blacks will be an integral part of the leadership of this New Confederacy: one which will be unabashedly royal and noble, which will form up into culturally-and-geographically-determined, aristocratically-led political units: a decentralized configuration which as history teaches us is the only kind that for long remains truly free. With the common man meanwhile exercising a political franchise of the most vigorous kind, woven into the very fabric of the state, of the economy, of the way things are done. Hence the Blacks will have their own nobility, and a vigorous rejuvenation of their own culture, an economically-articulated power which no one can take away. You only need to have been side-to-side with Blacks in combat, as was I, to know what marvelous men, capable of the heights of leadership, courage and nobility-of-character, that they so commonly are. For one thing because they have been trained in the rigorous school of injustice and unkindness, of the cruel misunderstandings endemic to synagogue-instructed, nature-rejecting American Calvinism.

We really do believe that Jesus and Mary hold up the Confederate flag in this way, as the only practical alternative to the sodomy-ridden culture of death which the synagogue-funded USA has come to represent, which it had indeed been preparing from the very start, in the hocus-pocus of allied secret-society lodge-halls across the land. With the pagan harbor-idol, the Statue of a false, unbridled Liberty beckoning all today to give up the Christian Faith, while eagerly giving every practical advantage to every crackpot, pervert or satanic cabal.

August 26, 2015: Leading U.S. economists: it’s all about promotion.

You could see the transition taking place back in my undergrad days at ASU at the turn of the millennium, when the econ department, flush with rosy enthusiasms of the about-to-burst computer-tech bubble, was perceptibly transitioning into this brainwash mode. At issue being the secular dogma—bolstered by the theater of Reagan, the soft-shoe routine of Bush I, the expostulations of a hyperventilating Fox-style media—that economic betterment, development, call it what you may, is all about promotion—suddenly made to double for honest motivation—with the ideology behind it all being the now-ubiquitous saw that market-dominating “freedom” is the do-all and the end-all of human life. Never to be mentioned—that would be Lexington-bridge heresy—is that “over-conscientious” good guys—destined to be “washed away in the wind and the rain”—never had a chance in the first place—anymore than they did in the days of J.P. Morgan and Tammany Hall. And it is from this kind of culture of double-talk that leading U.S. economists of today accuse China of selfishly “exporting pain” in its recent devaluation: market soothsayers who then turn on a dime, with the usual rosy promoter’s grin, widened by too many steaks, and roundly deny Uncle Sam’s continual dollar-devaluation and effortless market-dominion by means of “quantitative easing”: which is selfish as selfish can be, a monstrous exporter of pain to foreign lands indeed.

To talk in this honest way is to be “unpatriotic”: a final liar’s tying up of loose ends bolstered by an isle-rolling, Rapture-doctrine-equivalent, flag-waving American-Catholic insistence that “when it comes to politics, all we can do is pray”. Or that it’s better to cajole Uncle Sam into Hell than to admonish him in any way.