The final defeat of the totalitarian forces of today and the salvation of Christianity anticipated through the conversion of Russia to full Catholic communion. What is true "Catholic Traditionalism"? Article slightly updated May 14, 2014.


            Anticipated here is not only the future place of Russia in the salvation of the world from evil forces which presently threaten to devour all faith and civilization but also a possible route-of-escape of Catholics from today’s doubtful Sacramentary, the post-Vatican-II catastrophic loss of an indubitably valid priesthood and episcopacy: all of which recent catastrophes signal the prophetically-predicted temporary, only-apparent succumbing of the One True Church to the machinations of an astute, ever-infiltrating, biblically-identified “Synagogue of Satan”. That Judaism which intends the remorseless extermination of Christianity and Christians, and especially of Catholic priests and laity alike. Hence will be achieved many good things at once, if our analysis be indeed true—concerning which we of course have no authority of our own—deliverances to include the final cessation of that Great Schism which was brought about a millennium ago by ceaseless synagogue intrigue, aided by wiles of that great Liar who since Adam has incessantly deluded mankind.

            But in fact I don't speak of things without foundation, as a connection to my thesis can be found in Catholic prophesy over the length of a thousand years: that which consistently speaks of a latter-day time of a "giving birth in travails" (which in church-prophetic language signifies a contested papal election) by a woman (the Church): she whose newly-designated offspring will then "flee to the wilderness": which again in prophetic language readily signifies Russia. After which period of global upheaval, and the martyrdom of this good and valid pontiff, a great and holy twosome—a great monarch and a saintly pope, predicted in a great many ancient prophesies—will arise, and bring to ignominious defeat the enemies of God and Holy Church. Hence does a wealth of Catholic prophesy of ages past likewise strengthen considerably the case for our interpretation of a Fatima message which a catastrophically-infiltrated Rome has from the beginning consistently downplayed or ignored.

            But how is it that we humble laypeople dare to take it upon ourselves to delve into such staggeringly-consequential matters? We take as our “mandate”, if you will, the words of Pope Saint Pius X, to paraphrase, that “it is the laity who will save the Church”, when asked about a disaster which already back then in the early 1900s was widely known to be well advanced, in queries put to him by his papal staff of Cardinals. A biblical “last days” catastrophe which had been acknowledge as early as the 1840s in the message of La Salette, and repeatedly verified in the statements of pious and prominent churchmen since that time. As well as slyly announced even earlier, by Masonic dignitaries in the service of Hell.

            What does this longed-for deliverance consist of? Again, in our own humble opinions? Foremost the final accession of Russia to Catholic Faith, through which is anticipated the salvation of Rome and Catholicism from the same forces which once devoured Byzantium and later much of Europe, rending the seamless garment of the Church in heresies and schisms. This salvation being discovered in the brief but highly-significant words of Our Lady of Fatima, that “In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace”. Words spoken in the midst of a heavenly message surrounded by staggering prodigies, witnessed by a hundred thousand souls: a missive meant for a pope to make public in due time, but instead quickly converted into yet-another “secret”, allegedly to be kept forever, having been locked up since 1917. A Heavenly declaration to this very day lacking any open, formal and official announcement, such as celestial pronouncements of such stature obviously deserve and imperatively call forth. Here being reproduced indeed in Rome the Old Testament Jewish resistance to God's plan, which back then went so far as to kill those very prophets sent to reveal God's will.

            Yet underlying today’s abandonment of a valid sacramentary, the vacating of a valid papal chair, the ignoring of a gravely-articulated heavenly missive, the discarding of Christ’s global governing mandate signified in the papal tiara—all these punctuated by anomalous statements and policies from a Vatican increasingly under the sway of financiers or financially-prominent families like the Medicis, and later the Rothschilds—is an even greater if eminently-predictable disaster: namely, the loss of the life of virtue, of the practical, biblical Catholic “Way”. That end for which the former are but so many means. With even those who bewail the loss of liturgy and sacraments too often going on to observe, with blank-faced impenitence, a practical Judaism which has been the unfailing avenue of egress of all these ills. Very practical minded souls—for all their seeming devotion to Mass or doctrine—who generally insist that we mustn’t get too bound up with religion, people who keep their jobs in the military or in support industries, “talk the talk and walk the walk” of an inconceivably perverse and genocidal Bush/Obama war machine, waving the flag energetically. Practicing what can only be called another form of the Rapture doctrine of a large sector of the Evangelicals: a quick-fix into which indeed the apocalyptic realities of our time, discussed here in some detail, are made to fit in the most convincing way. Unfurling a militant caesaro-papism which—like predecessors from ancient Byzantium to modern-day radical-political Orthodoxy to Nazi or communist regimes—“doesn’t sweat the small stuff”, contouring religion to coarse worldly demands ranging from “the market” to the slave trade to the endless barbarisms of aggressive war. The fact that St. Louis de Montfort, the Apostle of the Rosary, calls these kinds of Catholics “false devotees”, destined for Hell-fire, doesn’t seem to phase them at all: being doughty troops of economic, political and military policies of the West marked by grave abuses, by a wholesale public abandonment of the principles of Christ upon which Western Civilization and law are immovably based. AIPAC-dominated policies we limply tolerate from our legislatures and courts, and then send our soldiers out to enforce at the point of a bayonet or guided bomb on the rest of the globe. In the final establishment of that ironclad Jewish system which we have allowed to entirely push the Catholic one out of existence, and for whose earlier phases dialectic-driven, ideological-see-saw-happy Bolsheviks, Nazis and American and French Revolutionaries wasted so many human lives. Here being the ultimate grim harvest for souls in the gratuitous and reckless statement of a Renaissance pope, tacitly or mechanically second by a host of his successors, culminating in a rouge-council and a string of anti-popes, hirelings full of quibbling words, motivated by disloyal hearts.

            Yet just as lamentably, many have risen up since Vatican II to put themselves forward as champions of the old and valid Mass and Sacramentary, highly-impressive people with inevitable flashy and expensive trappings who seem to easily overpower everything we do here, in our own signature abject and humble way. These others rubbing elbows with millionaires and other mysterious persons-of-note, claiming to have made contact with the secret cardinals of the last true if unacknowledged Pope, the prophetically-predicted “Pope in Red”, Cardinal Joseph Siri of Genoa. He who, having taken the name Gregory XVII, was indeed forced out of office immediately after his accession in 1958, being pushed aside by this imposter, the “Blessed” John XXIII: this through threats and duress of manifold kinds, extending until the very day of the tormented-but-genuine pontiff's death, in 1989. This his demise having indeed apparently been caused by a violent martyrdom of some kind. And although the details of these things are beyond us to verify or recount, yet we accept the broad general body of facts which these horrific revelations represent.

            Indeed, we went so far as to retract this entire article, which in some ways represents the central thesis presented on this site: having been readily willing to see the very heart cut out of our efforts, as it were, of many years, the fruit of many painful and obscure labors, if it be for the glory of God and the salvation of souls. Assuming as we did that the gentleman to whom we refer, who has mounted this highly-impressive, electronically-elaborated exposition—on a website we ourselves recommended to readers a few years back—does indeed have contact with this putative body of true cardinals, men ready at any time now to enthrone a new and valid pope, the successor of the Cardinal Siri noted above.

            However, the first announcement of these prodigious things—a statement discoverable only recently (by us at least) on this new putative savior’s skillfully-constructed website—was made all the way back in 1990. So that the whole lumbering body-of-assertions takes on the aspect of just another in a long line of other disappointments, of groups claiming to “save the Church”. Gallingly reminiscent of those first traditionalists, whose acquaintance I made initially in 1969, who were simple racists to the core, who resented Blacks moving into their neighborhoods, and who apparently somehow associated all this with Vatican II and the New Mass. Here too being ostensibly only another in a long line of vaguely-similar protracted efforts—full of vain display—whose deeper insidious purpose seems to be to let the Church simply die away, to whither on the vine, as older generations of the Faithful who really know their faith go one by one to the grave. This all-to-familiar pattern from a site useful and laudable in many ways, however plying an “urgent” declaration made twenty-two years ago: allowing almost a whole generation to die on the vine. Thus demonstrating itself to be a cloud from which has come much wind but no rain, all the while the One True Church languishes in her miserable and obscure travails.

            Furthermore, there are certain things about the noted much-vaunted website—and claims of being “wired in” to the workings of the “Church in exile”, indeed of being co-identical with same—which do not strike us here at the Frankpledge Party and Anti-Sodomy Crusade as being genuine at all. Hence the saying, observed indeed in practical terms by myself in various desultory prospecting expeditions in Arizona, “all that glitters isn’t gold”. There is something just too violent, brash, even abusive about the person and website of which we speak, marked especially by a “traditionalist”-signature eagerness to hurl the most egregious of insults and accusations, at priests and laity alike, as if some sort of popularity contest were involved, or some sort of winner-take-all debating forum, fought out to the bitter end. Here being the very same spirit we found so ruefully and in such ample measure whenever we have attended Masses at the various Catholic traditionalist Mass-centers that have sprung up since Vatican II: many or all of which were so obviously established or “taken over” by above noted, ever-infiltrating, biblically-identified “enemies of mankind”. Or by other persons quite unworthy or immature, unwittingly enlisted in the service of those ever-infiltrating Jews who always bring prodigal means to bear on everything they do. 

            Thus then do we reintroduce this article and thesis, withdrawn for the space of about two weeks and now “put back on line” once again. Namely, the assertion—again, claiming no ecclesiastical authority of our own, nor the express endorsement of any such holy office—that not only will Russia be converted to full communion with Rome, but that this massive spiritual and moral realignment will arbitrate the very salvation of the Catholic Church itself, presently in the cruel hands of both Marrano (clandestine, ever-infiltrating) Jews, and others elements likewise vicious and treacherous. As well as a great many more who although in many ways basically good are essentially “without a clue”. So that Russia is seen as the very vessel of God’s deliverance in this terrible latter day: this according to the sole tiny, fractional piece of the “Fatima Secret” that has actually come down to us, with the very cleverly coined phrase itself, “Fatima secret”, somehow implying that it was all meant to remain a secret for this long, nearly a century. (Do we begin to see what all this foot-dragging of a century means, from all quarters, for the survival of both church and faith?) Russia nonetheless being anticipated by us to even provide the Church with a valid reigning pope as well, and furthermore to field the bulk of the political and military power and leadership to reestablish the Kingdom of God on the practical, geopolitical plane. Since most needed today is not just ironclad access to a valid priesthood and Sacraments, but also the reestablishment of a spiritual tradition—an officially-proclaimed, juridically-established Civilization and way of life—that vast and incalculable legacy which has been handed down to us by prior generations of Christian men. For a mankind which doesn't live "somewhere up there" on a cloud, but which requires those formally-established laws, customs and conventions which any well-honored way-of-life calls forth. Traditions both colloquial and official which provision the Kingdom of Heaven with an impregnable earthly harbor, a towering, deeply-rooted sylvan haven "in which the birds of the air make their nests". A patrimony in many ways kept intact—or at least so is our hope, supported by occasional academic contacts with men from Eastern Europe and beyond the Don—by Russians tried and tested in cruel sufferings. Russians, if not in possession of full Catholic Faith and disciplinary communion—treasures rifled and vitiated in all national church anymore—are nonetheless inheritors of a millennial moral/spiritual legacy—albeit one during communist persecution decimated and forced underground—a patrimony more brutalized and beset than falsified. A Russian faith thus ready like a healthy seed beneath winter snow to sprout forth rampantly alive, in the full vigor of that St. Vladimir who came to the Catholic Faith a good century and more before Orthodoxy was even known. A Russia by the very good word of the holy Mother of God to sprout forth seedlings of Catholic Faith once again.     

            In surveying the monumental damage done to the Church since Vatican II, foremost in formal prominence is of course the noted doubtful state of Catholic Sacramental formularies, including most notably that for episcopal consecration. A hiatus effected by a mortally-defective text in the rituale, one which departs entirely in its critically-essential “form” or wording from Apostolic precedent. For one thing failing fatally to indicate the specific functions of a bishop, supplying instead words of bestowal utterly generic, ethereal, substance-void. The result being that the Catholic world is in most cases almost certainly without the essential life-giving balm of the Sacraments—a matter over which, again, we have no authority of our own to speak—excepting of course Baptism, which may be administered by anyone, even a non-Christian, and Matrimony. The latter of which the bride and groom themselves are the ministers, and at which the priest only officiates, as a representative of the Church. For obviously, the Church was given no such degree of “binding and loosing” power as to be permitted to say or do anything at all, and still confect a Sacrament. The quasi-magical, the serendipity, even the air of a kind of grand hippy-pad, having however come to invested the church of today with a vengeance, all this within a bizarre sort of unprecedented preemptive authority, a veritable papolatry, displayed by churchmen since John XXIII. New Church having indeed been erected—all vaguely in the name of a catastrophically-open-ended “science” and “progress”—as a harshly condemnatory tribunal of all that went before.

             Intimately related to this worship of the Progress deity of our times is its honoring in New York harbor by a Statue of Liberty of an ever-conquering, ever-"progress"-enforcing USA. A massive genuine idol—no figure of a humane, spotless and uplifting Mother of the One True God, a Mary despised by so many on these shores—the distinctly-profane colossus rather indeed with equal aptness to be called the Statue of Progress: a towering monument at least as tall as that of the goddess Artemis, raised in the harbor of ancient Alexandria. That older frightful and transfixing pagan idol, its ruins newly rediscovered, lying under water in massive pieces there on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, which like the Liberty statue also served as a lighthouse for ships upon the sea. A gigantic talisman that was likewise plainly destroyed, in another striking parallel, in a natural cataclysm such as now hangs so ominously over the USA. A land which had in turn done so much to lay groundwork for Vatican II, in an American Catholicism formed substantially according to Modernist errors condemned by Pius IX. Insidious falsehoods which, having been thus "flight tested" on these libertarian shores, would find so much scope at the rogue council of that name . The Council and the great towering Artemis of the New World thus tearing down—by fatally undermined custom and quibbling theology, by a great cloud of mincing words—the entire edifice of Catholic custom-imbedded practical morality and belief: that fatal transformation was indeed the ill-admitted aim all along, whether here or across the sea. All this a dire spiritual fate—one in which manifestly you “know a tree by its fruits”—which we have drawn down upon ourselves, as suggested above, by our active cooperation with the very worst wrongs of modern times. Making our act of faith an empty, a “dead” one, fulfilling in our own persons that condemnation implied in the words of Christ, “When the Son of Man returns, will He find Faith on the earth?” A query which by its foregoing context plainly spells out the reason for a latter-day withdrawal of divine protection in our regard: that lack which constitutes the chief reality of our day.

            That absence of divine aid is indeed the very pith of the punishment whose nature was unwittingly revealed in the unintended publication of the first sentence of the “Fatima Secret”. Namely, “(Somewhere?) in Portugal the dogmas of the Faith will always be preserved”. This stark sentence revealing singularly—by implying forcefully certain slim geographical limits to faith—the moral and spiritual void that has essentially and universally prevailed, except perhaps for Portugal, and even there (and no doubt here and there in other lands) perhaps only in “a few households and a few cottages”. This latter quote providing an equally-stark profile from an earlier saintly prophesy dealing likewise with these very times.

Finally, then, if we are found to have misplaced our hopes, in thus conceiving of Russia as the universal deliverer of men, from the thralls of Hell, yet the placing of such hopes in other mortal men—susceptible, as are all the sons of Adam, to the workings of grace—cannot have been entirely foolish or in vain. That we should have conceived such love, such admiration, certainly cannot be considered unworthy or wrong, since even the theological aspect of this opinion, its “weakest link”, as it were, seems basically beyond serious reproach: again, to our own untrained minds. For certainly, if undoubtedly-valid Catholic Cardinals are today almost entirely lacking, then those of a newly-Catholic Russia with—so we understand—bishops and priests validly consecrated and ordained for a whole millennium—would seem capable of repopulating the Roman episcopacy and college-of-cardinals in the most expeditious way. Were they to—even quite independently—confess their return to the True Rome’s ever-beckoning door.

            Yet further, sought in this anticipated and epic-consequential accession of Russia to full Catholic communion is the final repudiation of a veritable congregationalist approach to souls, inaugurated at Vatican II. A new departure regarding spiritual direction and care having left its mark on the Catholic fold, New Ordo and Traditionalist alike, in a host of catastrophic ways. Here being perhaps the central and most far-reaching radical paradigm of the Reformation era, and a first fatal manifestation of that secular messianism destined to become the ideological keynote of our very own times. Indeed, the Catholic of today, too often, rather than benefiting from the undivided personal solicitude of the pastor, who when validly ordained is given special graces precisely toward this all-important physician-like function, will find the clergyman to be little more than a personification of the human curiosities and pre-judgments of the day and time. Here being prime evidence of the Church being for-the-most-part vacated by its prime Heavenly Inhabitant—the Holy Ghost—and its corresponding relative-emptiness of any spiritual “good thing” with which “the hungry’ of the Magnificat were during the  millennia “made full”. A cavernous lack experienced with special force by those attending a parish for the first time, standing perhaps in urgent need of immemorial priestly tokens of the disinterested, embracing, fatherly love of God in his regard. The post-Vatican-II pastor of any shade of persuasion quite commonly coming to be a mere sounding-board for class-, race-, style- or nationality-related prejudices utterly foreign to members of the “Household of the Faith”: sentiments rather of that profane but all-determining generic/sociological factotum of modern totalitarian society, the group. And an effete, censorious and materialistic group at that. This tendency to trivialize, to secularize, to define all things Catholic in terms of the collective and impersonal, even of the lowest common denominator: this being the most obvious evidence—certainly to the spiritual sensitivities of the good—of corruption of Catholic Faith. Inseparable to which latter boon are the pure and longsuffering intimacies of the noted celestially-participating Household. In a Church which, while remaining susceptible to these unworthy influences, having a feeble human component, yet before the foul floodgate of Vatican II, and the veritable Jewish takeover that it brought into being in all quarters, never crossed a certain line. A periodic historical infestation having now however plainly reached those apocalyptic proportions predicted in various parts of the New Testament, foreseen to occur during these very end-times when “the charity of the many will grow cold”. These pernicious invasions constituting however an assault on Catholicism rather than a failure of it: any more than the deicide was the fault of the Savior.

            Indeed as Chesterton often noted these searching trials are an ongoing proof of the Church’s resilience rather than of weakness or failure: albeit at times only a paltry few survive these periodic fiery purgations with their immortal souls intact. The Body of Christ itself having however gone on to prosper through a great many such epidemics down through the Christian ages, crises which by all human reckoning should have extincted a religion with little ordinary human appeal, whose sole unassuming chief legacy is a “peace which surpasses all understanding’’. Tribulations out of whose sifting and smelting operation the thrice-purified gold of the glory of God is the solitary dross-free product: here again offering little to covet for the world’s perennial self-seeking hoards.

            But there are others, “wiser” not “in the ways of this world” but in the things of God, who realize that this earth is nothing other than a trial, one out of which both persons and human institutions must pass muster or be condemned. While the few well-tempered, supple, who have survived the fiery refining process of our own time stand in stark comparison to the rejected metal of much of the Catholic fold, a steel brittle, arrogant, obdurate, one which recalls the stiff-necked Jews of Our Blessed Lord’s own time. A first-century impudence hardly blamable on the Savior Himself, nor upon that little flock he was even then tending: one made up of such frail material as the Magdalene, Matthew the tax-collector, the woman at the well, the lepers and paralytics of Judea, and so on. A real failure being thus in a higher and more essential sense impossible to this “bride of Christ, spotless and without blemish”, possessed of an outwardly-frail but indomitable power, entirely from God. In defense of whose immaculate purity, as well as of her humblest beneficiaries, I speak out: in these terrible times that are however soon to be followed by a veritable glorious resurrection. While of course my aim is ever to return to the central subject-matter of this site: economic development and organizational coherence as seen in the light of timeless Catholic social, legal and political philosophy. A conceptual offspring in turn of the blinding light of the divine Wisdom, filtered through the prism of Christ’s Humanity. A spectrum thus rendered mild, amenable to the human eye, of ideas at the same time kindly and infinitely rich and productive. A field of endeavor suited entirely to the exigencies, fragilities and vulnerabilities of the human race and polity.

            Central to this writing is the sharp distinction between modern paganism, polytheistic or secular-messianic, that which always serves either “mother earth” or the state or both, and that ageless Christianity which rightfully serves God alone, and which is indeed commissioned to draw all of nature, law and society along with it in this holy purpose. This defining vertical relationship being a lesson of the old and true catechism which we used to take to heart with the reflex, sometimes even absent-minded certainty of Faith. Nonetheless bidding us horizontally to “love thy neighbor as thyself”: an activity wholly distinct from the human-sacrifices, respect of persons and other obsequies—both open and disguised—of cults of many kinds. Paganism, whether of “forest and river gods” or of “men in soft garments (who) live in the palaces of kings” (or presidents), being the standard vessel of the fears, superstitions, patriotic jingoisms and racial and economic prejudices of a people. This in stark contrast to “religion, pure and holy”: that which genuinely sanctifies our earthly existence, and consecrates the state, making both pleasing to God. While finally our own response to that ultimate query of the stern divine Judge—“When your neighbor was hungry, did you give him to eat, when he was thirsty, did you give him to drink?”—this will uniquely decide not only our own personal eternal destiny but collectively that true glory to which every nation aspires. This imperative—this Gospel “see how much they love one another!”—which since the times of David, Boniface and Cortez—and together with firstly seeking the honor and glory of God—has marked out a great people from the base or mediocre. That true brotherly heroism which has fearlessly toppled the heartless, blood-stained altars of the Frisians, of Quetzaquitl, of the Canaanites or the modern global stock-market and attached abortuary, or of a “traditional” or “conservative” Catholicism which hugs shameful racism to its bosom, and proudly goes off to brutal Napoleonic wars. Or again that “liberal wing” of the same church, which all but openly endorses the brainwash of the modern leftwing-radical school/workplace/government complex, joining with them, directly or indirectly, in promoting the twisted diabolical tyrannies of sodomy, eugenics and abortion-on-demand.

            Contributing immensely to these failures “going on within” the Church, and which a reinvigorated Russia is now called upon to redress, is a certain anemia, a constitutional weakness of our humanity, one which is part and parcel of its injury in Original Sin. Namely a tendency to hold back in our confidence in God, in the power of good; to doubt, as in St. Peter’s timid attempt to walk on the waves, both the efficacy of grace and the loving mercy of the Creator. This pusillanimity, this “uncertain trumpet” being a treacherous liability, a “loose sandal strap”, when confronting the “enemy at the gate”: a misfortune bad enough in the individual soul, potentially catastrophic collectively in terms of the welfare of church or state, multiplying disaster geometrically as it spreads abroad. That by which, out of a feckless hesitation as much as anything else, good men “stand by and do nothing”. Hence it is by the “path of least resistance” of frail and faulty human confidence and resolve that the souls and societies of men are under attack today by a world system based entirely upon usury, sexual impurity and conquest. Those public evils which most thoroughly and insidiously sap the strength of men. An empire which has no such “crisis of confidence” with which to deal, but which knows exactly what it wants, and knows no scruple about how to gain it. Steadily mounting a veritable blitzkrieg which has taken the Christian world by storm, over which the latter remains in a state of stupor, and against which the Church has seldom if ever managed properly to muster both itself and Christian society in an all-points doctrinal and practical defense. For doctrine, as Newman tells us, develops over time like a tree from out of a seed, emanating from its original simple exposition in Apostolic times: this in response to various specific challenges little known or thought about before. A time-related entomology to which Christian political thought and policy conform in perfect profile, if after a yet-further unavoidable elapse of time. Christian polities hardly following the lightning-like expediencies of passion and greed of their sworn enemy, the oligarchic modern world system: even if they have historically and in positive respects displayed an adaptability to changes-in-circumstance which radically outpaces that of the modern-day capitalist state. This latter an unintelligent dinosaur rapidly headed for extinction at the privatizing hands of these same sinister financial masters. Doctrine and Catholic political philosophy/policy alike not changing their substance, but only enlarging its application within the horizontal expansion of time.

            Thus were we told by Aquinas that it is a moral abomination to “make money on money”, or charge interest: and yet he counseled against outlawing it in a rigorous way, a measure he felt would do more harm than good. Although it does seem that the ability to enforce an interest payment before law was not always forthcoming during those times: a circumstance which no doubt amply accounts for certain Jewish accusations of unfairness. As if to say that medieval Christians were guilty of denying rights to Jews of the time under the same enabling sanctions this financial-instrument-brandishing people have today. While suggested here too is the fact that the failure we ourselves take note of has been far more one of the state rather than the Church: the latter conspicuously lacking those hair-trigger mechanisms of the secular arm that are designed to deal with law-breaking, economic injustice, the public crisis of the here-and-now. A breakdown of a public authority whose condition however has the most formidable impact upon domestics of the noted “Household of the Faith”. A state today increasingly hijacked within its own realms; one which, according to St. Augustine, must always be strictly conformed to the beliefs of its people, and a fortiori to a Catholicism once embraced. A state, a veritable unitary vessel of this earthly life, a familiar and dearly-beloved barque subject to buffeting winds, to an under-tow of conflict, of testing, noted above: one in which both heroism, and in some ways even more so, patient plodding efforts, both moral and political, are ceaselessly called forth.

            But doubly improbable would have been any attempt of St. Thomas to plan a theological response to a totally-unforeseen dominion of the globe by the degenerate dynamisms of “making money on money”, or usury, as all such sterile activities used to be generically termed. That con-game or chain-letter-economy which basically determines the world we have today, and the inevitable looming perils to which it has with singular finality finally come. With a national and world trade and finance increasingly based on the ”servicing” of debt, on close-cousin stocks and bonds, on expanding varieties of third and fourth generation derivatives, junk bonds, “funds management” corporations, hedging, day-trading, currency-speculation and so on. Treacherous, frivolous instruments, overwhelmingly at the service of ruling elites, which extract at least 90% of what might be called the world’s mobilized wealth into the pockets of a tiny, unproductive few: they whose tactics are bewildering in complexity, increasingly difficult to monitor or trace. With even the monies collected in taxation being under modern synagogue-dominated arrangements forthwith deposited in central banks and then loaned out at interest to those governments which had so recently collected them. Hence the spectacle of a John Kennedy who, realizing the actuary hopelessness of this gratuitous/gargantuan creation-of-debt, would give his life to attempt its redress. Confronting manfully a treason at the base of a waste-ridden modern “progress” run amuck, culminating inevitably in falsehood-fulminated, incident-manufactured, financially-driven war. Dealing as he did with a global-reserve-currency U.S. dollar in some ways even more perverse in form, “my old friend John” commenced the issue of free-standing silver-based Treasure notes, for which trouble he was assassinated three weeks later. This in an ill-admitted classical coup d’etat whose extended revenge would later encompass the shooting-down of his brother Robert, a wholesale media-assisted discrediting of former staff, and a strange variety of other fatal mishaps in the Kennedy family as well. This comprehensive national calamity—from which the USA still reels—forming a culminating drama of an astute aggression begun already during European dynastic wars of the fourteenth through sixteenth centuries, throughout the discovery of the New World and other colonial empires: a massive issue whose moral and political ramifications have been seriously neglected by Catholics, and this eventually in the most dire and even derelict of terms.

            Thus as early as the mid-fifteenth century would whole Catholic navies—by imperceptible stages caught in the mercantile net of an increasingly-inescapable global finance—become dedicated in a major way to the lucrative rounding up of chattel slaves off the African coast. With this inhuman and usurious trade being blamed on Catholic nations before the tribunal of history, although it was in fact overwhelmingly Jewish in terms of direct or indirect control, and placed Jewish values immovably in place. Recognizing as we must that “Greek”, “Italian” or “Portuguese” bankers and traders of the colonial era and before were in nearly every case indigenous Jews. After which cementing of Jewish priorities, the gradual ascendancy of the Synagogue was amply assured: a dominion which in more recent times, and by common agreement of observers of overthrows from Petrograd to Portugal to Bush USA, needs only an inner cadre of less than 3% of any population to assure rigid, entrenched control.

            The much-vaunted “Age of Exploration” was indeed driven by unassailable higher purposes of spreading the Faith, while in practice however helping inaugurate a slavery that would prove itself an equal to that of the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt, far surpassing in cruelty anything seen since Moses walked the earth. So that it has now been for a space of centuries that Christians have worked at contaminating levels of association with the basically-unjust, humanity-enslaving aims of global capital, with its national or supranational trade policies, largely toward the open or disguised colonial-exploitation of other lands. A sullying which to the undiscerning eye has at times seemed to stain the integrity of the very Church herself: and of course of other Christian denominations as well. The far-more-radical Calvinist Reformers in particular having represented the epitome of the new commercialized approach, as captured especially in their claims of the existence of a wealth-endowed, salvation-predestined “elect”. This joined by a Lutheran repudiation of good works, together with a woefully-contradictory “work ethic” which however promotes a perfectly cynical success ethic in practical terms. Producing a whole logically-contradictory moral system—with which however and as noted Catholics have been fatally corrupted as well—favorable toward those with an overwhelming and even dishonestly-achieved advantage. All of the above are gross failings of Christians for which the excuse of being caught off guard can obviously only be offered for a certain length of time.

             Yet with respect to Catholicism until these latter times this Reformation-oriented contagion has had no effect on formal doctrine or sacramentary themselves: having indeed left certain Catholic enclaves, as among Mexicans and many Indians in the American Southwest of the mid-twentieth century, largely uninfected with the new and venal spirit. This latter having most forcefully marked certain individual Catholic persons and state administrations, commercial bodies and other secular associations, some or all of whose members claim to be of the One True Faith. A blight found in particular among those of the Church who have lived in non-Catholic lands like the USA, and have thus often had constant and intensive contact with organizations and influences foreign to our ever neighbor-loving belief. While it has been especially at higher levels that the contagion has mostly spread: bringing about indeed a fatal bifurcation, a chasm—between an “upper” pragmatic and “sophisticated” Catholicism and a “lower”—a void that would at last become shockingly apparent after Vatican II. When pious and intimate parish and domestic customs of the humble faithful would be contemptuously trodden under foot, the open and neighbor-accepting spirit of the simple-hearted and good being stigmatized most scornfully, in most modern-day quarters, as not being “cool”. As “backward” in comparison to the wild, erratic and ever-changing din and clamor—over-familiar, embracing and hand-holding though it might be—that gushed like a fountain from out of the noted gathering in Rome. Although an augur of what was to come might have been descried much earlier in the fate of the Jesuit Reductions of the sixteenth through the eighteenth centuries: missions which taken as a whole represented one of the last earnest, well-organized and uncontaminated attempts combining Catholic national and global elements both lay and religious to “stay the course” away from the worldly pressures in particular of global capital. This latter system, contrary to the pronouncements of its publicists, having essentially nothing to do with a vaunted “free enterprise”, but everything to do with the ultra-centralized, secretive and largely-non-productive managing of an entire world. This not only through various insider-benefiting financial instruments but also through closely-coordinated injustices and brutalities of both open and insidious political and military conquest and control. That net of intrigue in which a certain international black ops or Blackwater league now holds pride of place.

              According to the above suggested progression, then, it has only been very recently that the influence of this odious system has invaded the very inner core of more-sacred, sacramental or ceremonial Catholic activities: in a mysterious triumph of evil which however and as noted yet reserves the Church herself in her pristine purity. As if a prisoner in her own castle, in her own immaculate dungeon cell: that “upper room” having now become largely coterminous with the “kingdom of God (which is) within you”. A confinement, an impoverishment however hardly meant to be a permanent condition, as in Luther’s “purely spiritual Church”, but one which Mother Church must nonetheless in most respects suffer for now. That state-of-abandonment which is the ultimate outcome of the power of global capital having essentially gained control of most major nations by the time of the Enlightenment, and retained it since. A venal force comprised partially of elements which have been gathering power steadily since the end of the thirteenth century, with the Church herself, the undying guardian of human liberty, as the final obvious target of a pernicious global enslavement, control and final eradication from among the sons of men.

              As suggested, endemic to this ensuing anemic condition, what we have had for quite some time now in practical terms is two distinct kinds of Catholicism, developing alongside one another: one of them with the integrity, the childlike holism of a St. Francis of Assisi or of the hermit followers of St. Romuald, the other a businesslike, a “grown up”, indeed a hard nosed Catholicism: apt euphemisms for a biblically-condemned “Judaized” Christianity alloyed with facile ethics of the Jews. It tends to be a Catholicism in which the worldly is emphasized, a regimen however oddly both over-disciplinary and over-indulgent, after the manner of the Reformation creeds bewailing a “radically depraved” human nature, but by the same token finding occasions to “look the other way” with respect to an ample “sowing of wild oats”. This notwithstanding mechanically-received Sacraments, become odd equivalents of the evangelical “altar call”, both among New Ordo and Traditionalist believers alike. And in another aspect of the same departure instead of practicing that Gospel charity which is “patient, kind,…takes no offense…bears with all things….” this tainted Catholicism has tyrannical ideas about authority, holds rigidly to social elitisms and exclusions, often conducts bruising contrived tests of humility in certain settings, reserved almost entirely for the simple, good and devout, or for those of capitalism’s despised “lower” races and nationalities. Artifices which can easily amount to well-disguised persecutions of those who won’t “go along”, or who are especially exploitable economically. This new kind of Catholicism thus rather easily morphing into the “official church” of Chinese communist notoriety, or the correct and accepted Catholicism of the militarist/radical-capitalist Bush/corporate regime.

               During the high medieval time before the first faint beginnings of this strange new “Catholicism”, the noted injunction to “love thy neighbor as thyself” had been institutionally enshrined among the Catholic nations of Western and Central Europe, and codified in their laws: to the glory both of God and of His Church. Institutionalizing a dedication of human life to the values of Heaven: that élan of God’s children which the noted Jesuits steadfastly refused to consider as passé. That certain generosity-of-spirit which indeed remains as a sort of vestige in the modern European character: which shows itself in particular in customs of verbal restraint. The Christian ever claiming at least that most basic of liberties, to be in charge of his own tongue, to keep this “great rudder” in the realms of peace. Let others be what fools they might. While a related Jesuit heroic and thoroughgoing devotion to this Catholic ambiance, which takes in so many other holy things as well—missioners intrepid, operating perilously beyond the safe pale of the solid Social Reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ of earlier epic times—being a confession-of-Faith for which the Black Robes were rewarded by a papal and international-official suppression. The only national exception having been Russia, an Orthodox land, where the Order was given refuge with model generosity. While furthermore as noted in my Integral Catholicism, Chapter Three, the Jesuits who immerged after that forty-some year suppression would in some ways be a mere shadow of their former formidable selves in the service of Church and mankind. No doubt in a special way here in the USA, where they still operate under the revolutionary-agenda-pursuing pale of bishop John Carroll, himself originally a Jesuit.

                But many more things suffer with the advent of these sorts of practical surrenders than might first meet the eye, or penetrate the mind. For there is something absolutely unnatural and untenable in the gradual, insidious historical introduction of an utterly “harmless”, innocuous or capitalism-friendly sort of Catholicism: one little-likely to commit any “indiscretions”, let alone to imitate its Master and “cast fire on the earth”. That Catholicism, selective martinet-like features and all, such as capitalism of course reciprocally favors by every means at its disposal. A watering-down being involved here which squares poorly with the Church’s place as the very motivational basis, the very “salt” of authentic Western economic and political life and philosophy. For instance the Catholic understanding of money, property, distributive justice are wellsprings of our Civilization, of our marvelous and indeed inspired legal and commercial evolution: a boon both spiritual and eminently natural, life-giving and wealth-producing. Having as well forerunners in a host of lively and prudent indigenous forms that go back to the supremely-just and enlightened Mosaic Law on economic relations, as well as to the first dawning civilizations of Mesopotamia and the Far East. Many of these latter having themselves had indigenous/distributive and politically-defining guilds, poverty-relieving state/temple granaries and treasures: all in pursuit of a frail common good which requires such mechanisms and safeguards for its very survival. Gentiles to which God sometimes showed conspicuous marks of favor, as reflected in the words and miraculous prodigies of his Old Testament prophets. Proving throughout the millennia that the moral virtues are written on the human heart in every era and in every circumstance in the form of the natural law: being based on a divinely-bestowed universal human reason, and of course brought to light with special clarity under the divine revelation, and aided by plentiful infusions of grace by way of the Sacraments. Between which two realities, celestial and earthly, there can be no contradiction. This just and reasonable approach to life and economy being destined to meet its most formidable first opponent during the last two centuries or so of the domination of the Mediterranean world by that vast ancient-Greek civilization which stretched from Sicily and North Africa to certain diasporic colonies of Asia Minor and Mesopotamia.

                This Greek cosmos was one which would come to exist almost entirely for the benefit of an effete commercial class, one noted for its usurious commerce, its annihilation or selling into slavery of rival populations (the story of Troy, the fatherland of Rome, told by Homer in the Iliad, is an uniquely-evocative case-in-point), its insidious tendency to subdivide society into political units based on designedly-divisive characteristics that favored a systematic control-from-above. A society whose philosophers would be crowned by a Plato whose Republic is a Machiavellian study in a precocious state totalitarianism, and whose admirable system of ideas would however be plagued by anti-matter rigidities and morbidities which would require a rustic Macedonian, Aristotle, to bring them a note of body/soul-balanced sanity. So that the Greek totality, despite its many academic advances, must be confessed in some ways to actually be far more repugnant to the genuine spirit of the West—indeed of mankind—than the approaches historically coming out of China or Iran. Both of which latter also contributed immensely to our store of wisdom, knowledge and know-how. The Greek orientation, albeit after admirable and pristine generations which saw the birth of the Agora and other primitive foundations of Western civic life, becoming by stages increasingly human-life-despising, with violence-prone, agitator-led mobs emerging from sports-amphitheaters to rule the day. In an approach that would ultimately be adopted by Judaism, taking its place beside multiple relapses into grizzly Canaanite rites of generations before: forming a pattern of ingratitude and disobedience to culminate in the rejection of the Savior, the Messiah. This millennium-long ancient contamination—continuing indeed into the New Era, even to our own day—thus finding the Jewish majority of the time of Antiochus IV accepting, with little initial resistance, the tumultuous sodomy-infested Greco-Syrian yoke.

               Hence there is a deeper historical significance to today’s reorientation of Western life around Jewish financial-control-oriented leadership in general, and around the political fortunes of the state of Israel in particular. As we of today experience another Greek Renaissance like that of the fifteenth century A.D. or the second century B.C.: this time however bringing us an inner and outer enslavement of even greater dimension. And an armed spreading-abroad of that Platonic, indeed sodomy-ridden sort of “republic” which is totalitarian in nature, especially under the aegis of the diabolic American-led “War on Terror”. That which is actually, in another typical satanic/parabolic inversion, a Reign of Terror. While as suggested even more momentous has been the mysterious multi-generational Catholic surrender to this epic-making multi-level reversal and degeneration.

               Plainly, this all-encompassing shift in orientation of our day would of necessity not only be political, monetary or logistical, focusing exclusively on secular things: but would rather unavoidably invade the interior and religious life of man as well. Gradually at first, mostly in little ways, but later as if through a burst dam. While today this loss of the interior life of a Catholicism in which “no man can serve two masters” would go the length of pretending to render “irrelevant”, to use the celebrated Vatican II era expression—or even discretely classify as dangerous or pathological—whole lifetimes of Catholic moral-character and personality formation. Indeed modern Judaism proposes a system of psychology and psychiatry, originally called Freudianism, after its Jewish founder, which summarily—and yet with a singularly-ironic lack-of-due-acknowledgment—arrogates to itself the place of religion as the inner and outer guide to man. Navigating such an astonishing overreach by bluffly claiming a different subject-matter, when in fact the two fields of religion and “counseling” are exactly coterminous as to the social and personal issues with which they deal. Modern psychology claiming to find many troubling sicknesses in particular in the Catholic approach: this by way of a method fronted as being unassailably “scientific” when it is in fact riddled with falsehoods and fables which change from year to year. A veritably apotheosized field nonetheless—casting into bold relief the above-noted ability of a tiny elite to gain all levers of public life—one of whose principal tasks is to cast permanent discredit upon age-old, grace-inspired Catholic personality formation. That which is absolutely critical to any full retention of Catholic Faith. This personal cultivation which once keyed-in perfectly to the whole marvelous legacy of genuine political/economic culture inherited from vital civilizations of old—and crowned by the Sermon on the Mount—indeed with many valid Greek contributions as well, since Greece, next to Judea itself, was the very cradle of Christian Faith. Age-old locally-colored, nation-defining Catholic virtues—formidable, agency-packed—nonetheless in our own day steadily coming vaguely to be held as sick, worthy of an ill-concealed contempt.

            Here then was a transformation-of-mind which accelerated fantastically during that critical time of disorientation immediately after Vatican II: when all traditional forms of Catholic formation were basically thrown in the air, with a nod of approval from Rome, to come down where they might. A traumatic period lent greater force by such apocalyptic events as the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers, who in some ways symbolized what was best in the Catholic world of their time. A process-of-denigration that as suggested actually goes back many centuries: this in greater increments at certain thresholds like the Reformation, the French and American Revolutions, or the not-at-all-coincidental simultaneity of the rise of Communism, Nazism and the modern Jewish state. Today’s profound trivialization of human life being a universal result of this onslaught upon man’s divinely-appointed defender, the Church: for instance among males introducing the new boorish, uncreative and insensitive drone, the “macho man”, and his inseparable vacillating, quibbling, effeminate male counterpart. These being the characterless, all-purpose crew members for the modern space-flight into apostasy and social decay. While the gang-rape of modern Western social and occupational life, no doubt especially in the USA, continues for decades now to quickly traumatize the strongest who oppose this perverted bi-polar world.

            However in the face of these profane and philistine assault even such Catholic traditionalist authorities as the late Dr. John Senior admonish the Catholic male worker here that he somehow owes it to his employer to be an “all American boy”. This without specifying, in the noted author’s high-minded but strangely-despairing book, The Death of Christian Culture, exactly what is meant by this notorious systemic-propaganda catch-all. A book in which Dr. Senior seems indeed for all intents and purposes to beckon to Catholics to retreat into some sort of virtual self-imposed catacombs, opting out of anything like an open and unabashed practice of the Faith. Which is like asking a baby to return to its mother’s womb, or the Biblical “mighty tree in which the birds of the air make their nests” to become once again a tiny mustard seed. That Faith which by its very Holy-Ghost-determined dynamisms must grow, develop, be displayed—a “light before men”—both in season and out of season: since it is in such a very deep-rooted tenacity that souls are saved, that we give our witness, and win our crown. The early Church—invariably hearkened to by such men, and their close-kin Protestant exegetes—having been a clandestine—let alone an exclusionary—phenomenon only in the loosest of senses—as scarce and scattered remnants of history indeed show—else it could hardly have spread as voraciously as it did. In well under three centuries taking the Roman world by storm: a record which chimerical, bandwagon-jumping Catholics here can hardly claim to have matched, over a roughly-identical period-of-time. So that by contrast to take up the typical role of the clown, as has in many ways become customary here for Catholics—as if there were something innately funny about our Irish, Italian, Polish or Croatian Catholic identities—a pose designed to prevent our being taken too seriously in the openly or tacitly anti-Catholic, anti-“popery” surroundings of the USA from the very beginning—this vaudeville act is a shameful repudiation of the nobility of our Faith. Indeed a practical and in many cases fatal and irrevocable blasphemy of the Holy Ghost. Dr. Senior and the generality of modern Catholic authors having capitulated to that “all-American boyhood” which with passing years so easily if less-admittedly morphs into the “good ole boy” of racist lore, and embraces oddly-akin exclusionary categories of class and income. As any brush with the Catholics of the South will instantly and especially make plain. Overwhelmingly-prevalent prejudices and other abuses for which the American-Catholic Sunday-morning-standard jocular elbows-to-the-ribs—that sickly specimen which here takes the place of Catholic joy—can provide no real justification. So that largely due to the opposition of such Catholic thinkers any who resolutely stand against noted species of morally- and personally-disastrous conformity will very likely find themselves without work, and perhaps as a consequence face complete ruin in their personal and family lives. And be greeted for their trouble with righteous postures by men of the cloth. The grinding persecution of Catholics who will not conform on some of the most essentially off-limits, personal of matters having not at all been uncommon since the much-vaunted flock-abandoning Council-to-end-all-councils, and even before. While the universal reproach leveled at any who resist these violating intrusions—often pursued most aggressively by their fellow Catholics—has been that such a dissenter was “acting proudly”, or displaying some undesirable trait of truculence or unfriendliness, for which he found himself thus justly displaced or unemployed.

            Hence the good ole boy slap-stick, a shallow camaraderie from which the truly good are in fact studiedly excluded, and which they on their own part find juvenile and repugnant, is the universal moral-band-aid among American Catholics. And by their leadership of others increasingly as well, to forestall those moral commitments they are afraid to face up to. And the courageous pursuit of which leaves its mark on the “scourged and spat-upon” countenance of the loyal Catholic personality, to be a “sign of contradiction” to today’s well-compensated Catholic fool. Any refusal to tap out whose familiar soft-shoe routine will result in a round rejection from priest and parishioner, perhaps even pulpit, alike. While finally the same Catholic layman, especially if a follower of the once-much-admired Dr. Senior, will then attempt to drop all these vapid pretenses at the door of his “domestic church”, the family home, “taking the place of God”: an endeavor which however becomes more difficult with each passing day. For we cannot continue such a polarity forever, and soon enough we will be unable to take off the one or the other of these masks. Indeed, such influential men as this author have had much to do with making genuine pariahs out of the victims of the modern moral holocaust, contributing to their lack of material and moral aids and especially “connections” toward success in critical efforts. And to a generalized psychological isolation in which they do indeed and of necessity perform poorly. A vast array of mutual-aid endeavors being incumbent upon “those of the household of the Faith”, by which is secured a Pauline-mandated “generous sufficiency” for all. Indeed even for others not of the fold: this by way of the prodigally-fruitful economic multiplier of the Catholic ages, these arguably most prolific in those centuries hidden in the historical obscurity of early medieval times. Even as the professor’s much-praised “All American boy” Catholic conformist—a bizarre novelty of our age—so “humble” as to “make no waves” amid an apotheosized but woefully-false Americana—will doubtless go from strength to strength, with promotions and climbs in status, after a long string of Faith-vitiating public compromises. With a debilitating substance-abuse no doubt frequently adding to the real-life if little-discussed trappings of the “correct” and accepted All-American Boyhood of today. A personal policy radically opposed to our chief duty in this life: the all-embracing, externally-manifested pursuit of the glory of God.

            What is unique about this radically-personally-invasive change-ethic is that it is effected through inescapable mundane and pedestrian material necessities and routine details of life: these given a morally-prohibitive precedence they never before possessed in the Christian experience. The cart now decidedly leading the horse, the Christian being faced with a snow-storm of hostile or semi-hostile particulars—seemingly designed as morally-deadly projectiles—circumstantial, notional and psychological missiles and trip-wires which impede his faith-practice, which throw him personally off-balance, in an infinite number of ways . That perverse “turning of things on their head” which furthermore is especially characteristic of, and easily shoulder-shrug-tolerated by—“success”-oriented Western Christianity, and proportionally less-so among Russians generously inured to humiliation and suffering. Men and women not infrequently of a critical virility, with a clergy and hierarchy often of the same quality, after decades in the gulags of Soviet life. Russians, if not often today saintly, yet ceaselessly ridiculed for their earnest, serious bend of mind, men who refuse to be sidetracked into cross-political back-slaps while the ever-jocular dagger is being thrust in their sides. Victims of an externally-imposed grinding obscurity nonetheless to provide a cultivar for such germinating species as those “seeds of contemplation” identified by Thomas Merton: with interior verities of Faith finding “good ground” in the most unique way. During generations when by contrast the enemy was gutting and imploding the Catholic interior spirit amid the mounting effete trivialities of American and Western European life. Indeed stifling human volition or personal-agency itself: something we must obviously by no means and under no circumstances abandon, if we would save both our souls and our societies.

            Plainly central to this Judeo-Masonic/revolutionary denial of the essential nexus of morality or religion and day-to-day popular and public life—fraught with its myriads of pedestrian and scarcely-adverted-to details that nonetheless come to patently enshrine, embellish and lend powerful direction to the life of man—is the center modern principle of the radical division of Church and State. Of the repudiation of a practical morality definitive to the nature of man, to the ancient civilizations of Persia or Japan, or among the Indians of the Western Hemisphere. A popular modern-day bandwagon championed even before the Revolution by the noted heterodox John Carroll, pioneer plenipotentiary bishop of the fledgling USA. For one thing because only by radically de-contextualizing all other religions or moral-codes could a radically-secular Judaism—ever the creed of an elite few—become all-powerful in force and character. A highly-selective separation of realms being involved, then, one which gives everyone a rollicking ride on the violently-flapping coat-tails of office-amorality, trade-rape and aggressive warfare six days a week; and then allows them piously to file into Church on the seventh (or actually, the first). All this while no one dares deny the propriety of Hinduism determining all of Indian life, and the resurrected if ill-remembered primitive pagan rites of American Indian tribes are likewise accorded an all-determining prestige they (arguably) scarcely had in their own day and time.

            All these Faith-emasculating Church/State divisions embody a surrender to the nation-dissolving forces of world Jewry and its secret-society ancillaries: who have little to fear from, and much in common with, pagan rites and superstitions. Divisions which allow lukewarm Christians conveniently to class the Savior, with His many love-based demands, as being in practical terms but another of mankind’s innumerable wandering purist sages, a “dreamer”, a “tenderfoot” woefully uninitiated to “the hustle and bustle of a busy world”. Thinking to make milk toast of this “lion of the tribe of Judah, this “offspring of David”; this Cornerstone upon whom He falls are “crushed to a powder”. To make Him less formidable than the blood-stained altars of degenerate, backward times. So that there is ceaselessly promoted the assertion today that a vigorously-practice-oriented Christianity is not only unworkable, a “pipe dream”, but also unconstitutional as a legal or even cultural formative. Although as noted above in purely human and material terms the Catholic Way of Life is nothing more or less than the culmination of the legal, social and organizational wisdom of our race. While furthermore that which has replaced this cosmic womb, this cultivar as the driving force of the West—a polar-opposite complex which for lack of a better or handier term I call capitalism/collectivism—has brought us among related things a gravely-polluted biosphere and a globe perpetually at war.

            In view of all the above, then, we must not be surprised if those who today step forward to defend Catholic tradition—that which of course enshrines and inclusively embodies Catholic moral and legal practice—would lack some of the most fundamental qualities such a defender must have: conspicuous among which is a certain Catholic sanguinity as of “salt which has (not) lost its savor”. And why it is I hold that Russia will step forward at the eleventh hour, when in Our Lady’s own words at Fatima “it will be late”, and supply that same virile and indispensable élan. Russia having witnessed the craven surrenders of the anti-council, Vatican II, during those same decades when by contrast she herself was slowly regaining the spirit of those who once emerged from the catacombs, bearing the torch of the Catholic way. While as suggested above it is Catholic personality-formation which is primarily involved here, a rich bouquet of both natural and supernatural elements which finds its origin in the Love and Knowledge reciprocating Persons of the Blessed Trinity. Catholic personhoods for generations having been poured in the generous molds of martyrs, these marvelously incorporated into the everyday customs of Catholic lands, embodying as well a reflective participation by nature, an actual one by grace, in the very Divinity itself. From out of which casting comes a robust but peaceful personal agency which is our birthright and which no one may presume to deny. A potency of kaleidoscopic individual uniqueness over and above that which already belongs to us through our rational being. A dignity however basically disallowed by an arrogant, priggish humanity-proprietary Judaism, which seems to regard all other persons to be mere chattel incapable of a full and genuine humanity, of a profoundly-developed personality or soul. Let alone of a participatory son-ship to a Trinitarian Father they deny.

            Here, then, the true significance of today’s ceaseless Jewish-finance-dominated official, media and corporate-workplace belittling, contempt, trivialization, directed at the common citizen at large. And because of their potential formidability, at Catholics in particular: in mounting assaults from a world today entirely controlled by Jews and their various heavily-subservient secret-society ancillaries.

Thus definitive to the ultimate crisis in the Church today, one of nearly a half century’s duration, has been the unprecedented empowerment of the “successful”, a certain pliable breed who at the time of the Council ranged in age from young adulthood, perhaps just finishing a college education, up to about 50 years old. This generation of elites who accepted with little or no question the diktat of the Judeo/capitalist to Judeo/collectivist blitzkrieg, and were well-rewarded for their craven compliance. Age-cohorts whose word was destined to be bowed to without question basically until our own very day: especially in their ponderous judgments upon those others who had not been so supine, so tractable to the new phenomenology, and the breathless-but-abortive timetable that came with it. And for whom an unprecedented and overpowering Golgotha would be prepared, basically in the name of a New Order of Mass which would correspond closely with a New World Order long predicted, and soon to be unveiled. While the prime fodder for the exploits of these new Zealots were to be their own very siblings, parents, children or other relatives: with the uncooperative not infrequently to be found in some sort of “therapeutic” or even penal confinement, some form of “early retirement” or nursing-facility “care”. Unfortunates word of whose fate, basically identical to that of dissidents condemned to the Soviet-era’s notorious psychiatric prisons, is heard only with extreme rarity; “fall-guys” regarded in condescending tones as “their own worst enemy”. Beneficiaries of a thumbs-down from these paragons of modern ideologically-laced “responsibility”: singularly-“correct” people by contrast whose unquestioning endorsement as “the latest thing” of the most radical and experimental of behavioral imperatives found them instantly classed as “in the know”, as models of maturity, probity and discretion, placed in positions of the utmost authority and power. Harsh judges basking in their “day in the sun”, they who in later years would usher in the financial crisis of today, become all-powerful assessors over all of life. And especially over “naïve” and bewildered relatives of genuine faith, sincere souls indeed easily cajoled, confused, maliciously misled, since they typically hadn’t a clew about what was going on in Venerable Anne Katherine Emmerich’s “odd new church” of the post-Vatican-II world. Some of whom fell prey to the most diabolical of brotherly plots and pretenses, filling the cross-hairs of point-men of a constantly-waffling but inexorable change, one mediated in pedestrian particulars, subliminally-reinforced by a fanatically-marketed cult of ugliness entertainment and product-development, a transformation institutionalized in the morphing of crucial and basic terms. Men and women robbed of their birthright in every conceivable way, easily made to look immature, off-balance, rash, in this disorienting sand-storm of the tasteless and crass, systematized by both the effeminate and the now-odiously-familiar category of macho-men. During decades of towering follies and injustices of which these self-imagined one-time-heroes are so quick to make light, and over which they absolve themselves without a trace of self-reproach. The un-compensated victims being modern-day martyrs by contrast who had perhaps been brought—even carefully led—to utter some fatal word in a moment of confusion, and were then pounced upon as if the phrase were the fruit of a year’s deliberation.

            Thus would the most astute and incalculable social- and religious-revolutionary elements skillfully manipulate bizarre anomalies of the day and time, unveiling for instance the above-noted towering monolith of today: the mousy/macho-man duality of sodomy. Comprising the very nemesis of Catholic character and personality formation, the latter with as many virtuous heterosexual variations on the male or female theme as there are souls and minds. Sexual perversity claimed to be “hereditary”, and thus deftly and “clinically” telescoped onto the unconvinced sibling or nephew. By agency of the above “at your elbows” judges—close kin to those Sodomites who most lusted after the very angels sent to deliver them their retributive deserts—themselves typically fountainheads of real personality disorders. So that the end result was remarkably similar to the Stalin-era “Peoples’ Courts’” of the mid-30s, the new tribunals conducting the same eager Marxist-signature betrayal of family-members. This in a latter-day singularly mocking and sadistic Judas-impulse called forth by the fiend from the infernal depths. The professional world being enlisted to trespass the most sacred and intimately personal of realms in a host of settings domestic, academic or occupational, causing spin-offs of the most profound, unpredictable and tragic sort, upon targets of condescending sanctions, “for their own good”. That astute regimen which would clear ample space for the many pitiful, slack-jawed, characterless youths of today. Men and women of rare levels of true manhood and womanhood, victims of a veritable frowning Sanhedrin which found them to be “too old fashioned”, too strict, too scrupulous about their dress or behavior, their consuming love-of-God: or that most-unforgivable of offense, not being “a team player”. Which in practical terms mostly meant smoking dope, or at least learning the lingo of the drug-trade. Radical interventions these all-powerful overseers can now afford to airily re-assess, as echoed by academic elites in media-interviews, the victims of their brutality now destroyed, perhaps forgotten. Self-appointed saviors no doubt characterizing themselves as battle-hardened warriors on the bloody road of “progress”: be-speckled with someone else’s blood, of course.

            Indeed the very preternatural force of this Marxist/dialectic, avant-garde blitzkrieg was its impetuous mobilization of the unthinkable, of the unnatural and the chaotic: so that those thus set-upon, as a final insult to their humanity, would be hard put to convince anyone not directly involved of the factuality of their bizarre and protracted ordeal. The idea having been to overthrow the Catholic cosmos or totality, and especially its potential, developing leadership, in a trice and without reprieve. In fact and in deed, in its nesting-place of the Catholic laity, in the calm and collected mind: leaving in its place the rule of the drug lord, the all-powerful, all-vulgar peer-group, the Mob. For which vaunted omelet “a few eggs must be cracked”. That two-decade reign-of-chaos which would infallibly produce the mad, bloodthirsty, Bush-era world we have today. And from which only the coming Reign of Mary can bring us decisive relief.

            Hence—to linger a while longer on this totally-untreated subject—the undermining of the Catholic Way of those times, especially from about 1965 until 1985—that process which is now all but complete—this cataclysm was experienced by the truly-devout (if invariably misinformed) American Catholic as a state of pre-Blitzkrieg euphoria succeeded by a complete loss of moorings. For the Bing Crosby sort of Irish/American Catholicism—that anomaly in a basic sense first introduced by Bishop John Carroll—nothing whatever like genuine Irish Catholicism—proved no foundation at all when the storm of this dual New Order came to beat upon the house of the soul. 99% of those around one simply gave up, “behaved themselves” and opted for the new and official faith, to take the place of the old and genuine one. All the while many of that same number began to organize noted “traditionalist” enclaves: to become preserves for status- and racist-good-ole-boys and girls who would have their Crosby/Sinatra cake and eat it, too. So that someday Bush could send troops around the world in a ceaseless Hitlerian warfare, and there would be no one to oppose him with anything like a battle-hardened resolution-of-will, or an invaluable sense of having seen such things before, and understood them for what they were.

            In the midst of this unprecedented state-of-crisis within the Catholic fold, and the individual soul—before whom spirituality is today almost a sealed door—enter, then, the above-anticipated conversion of Russia: a land in my opinion destined to be directly instrumental in the coming salvation of an entire globe. That Russia which has a valid ecclesiastical hierarchy entirely intact—which needs no tiny and obscure group of easily infiltrated and manipulated “traditionalists” to carry the mandate through—a land tried uniquely throughout the twentieth century and before in the crucible of noted global moral and socioeconomic wrongs. At the hands of the same perpetual, Epistle-identified Jewish “enemies of mankind”, the “Synagogue of Satan”. Here in Russia is a people relatively-little impressed by the slogans of a starry-eyed West, or their many vaunted excuses for Hitlerian-perpetual warfare or orgiastic excess. And although the noted consecration was originally tied to Our Blessed Lady’s desire to see that land consecrated to her Immaculate Heart by the contemporary and last-valid pope, Pius XII—a formal act some say was actually accomplished around 1952, but strangely unacknowledged by both the secular and the Catholic media—yet it is a consecration—a “setting aside”, a very forceful act of giving into Mary’s hands which is destined to take place in some manner in any event, by the decree of Heaven. If much later, according to Our Lady’s own words, than the time originally requested (around 1917). While a much-more-familiar sequence in the same message reads: “In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace”. Beautiful and heartening words which I believe have as much to do with a miraculous cessation of today’s inescapable and institutionally-sustained interior turmoils and conflicts as with exterior ones. And proportionally less to do with a hypothetical and much-discussed third world war.

            Rather in my own mind do the First and Second World Wars to which Our Lady makes reference—together with their aftermaths and preliminaries—actually and in a broader sense amount to a single gargantuan and protracted conflict: this both within each individual soul and among the nations. A global blitzkrieg by a spiritually-caustic world-system toward the totalitarian dominion of mankind: one which is accompanied by and radically depends upon an unprecedented loss of peace in the interior of man. A universal malady for which I suggest the same accession of Russia to full Faith and communion will by the will of Heaven provide the exclusive remedy. This universal state-of-warfare—that gradualistic overcoming of the Church of God—having had many only-apparently-dormant interludes, with its very first opening theaters to be found as far back as the French and American Revolutions, and its last beginning to be fought only today. The passage about Russia spreading her errors in the absence of this consecration—over which much Reaganite/John-Paulian “Iron Curtain” heroic-imagery has been so tiringly-but-falsely expended—being perfectly in accord with this Judaic interpretation. Since for one thing Russian communism was primarily the financial-, insurgency-, and brain-child of Jews, many of whom arrived from the lower east side of Manhattan just in time to take part in the Overthrow. Those of that religion and/or nationality having comprised some 93% of the Communist Commissariat that oversaw the Bolshevik Revolution and the initial setting-up of the Soviet state, as precisely recorded by U.S. intelligence agents stationed on the spot during that upheaval.

            Furthermore, of great significance in any consideration of the present-day plight of the Church are those revelations said to have been made by Our Blessed Lady at La Salette in 1846: some seventy years before Fatima. An officially-approved apparition to the shepherd-girl Melanie and her companion: in a French-Alpine setting where miracles of physical and spiritual healing still fairly often abound. A vision in which “Rome” was predicted to be taken over “by the forces of anti-Christ” even before that current century was out. And Melanie is the only source we have for Mary’s words on that occasion, since the Vatican (perhaps not really the reigning pope himself) of the immediately-subsequent time refused to publish them.

            Obviously, the implications of both these Marian messages are truly momentous, while one of the most significant things about La Salette is that the youthful seers were from poor, dislocated, and in the case of the lad even in a sense broken homes. They seem indeed to be a little microcosm of what was to come in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries for Catholic and other youths who don’t belong to a rapidly-diminishing sector with exclusive privileges of wealth and “stability”. “Little ones” in a Church coming to be less and less involved in the material welfare of the children of men, even those of its own flocks. And increasingly to content itself with the tacit role of a piously-exonerating symbol for the reigning values of Wall Street, and of the power-plays of the mighty.

            Hence to those who “turn all these things over” within their hearts, as did indeed Our Blessed Lady while here on earth, the plan of an atheistic, world-finance-determining Jewry—itself astutely controlled by a pagan Canaanite/Zionist element to which the major founders of the State of Israel were undying adherents—a plan to take Europe by a pincer movement, using Russia on the East and Portugal on the West as its two opposite claws—this strategy is being expropriated by Our Blessed Lady herself. A mild maid who commands the Heavenly Hosts, an astute tactician “as terrible as an army set in battle array”: unveiling her battle-plan at the precise time of the October 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, indeed during the very month of October in which it began. She who can reasonably be expected, in her great spiritual/military acumen, to use a substantial number of the Portuguese people (a nation she singled out at Fatima in a striking way, quote: “…in Portugal the dogmas of the Faith will always be preserved”), together with those of a soon-to-be-in-full-communion Russia, to “turn the tables” on these insidious foes. Where will The USA fit in all these momentous events? Only time, and the degree of our Faith and devotion, will tell.

            Yet even without Fatima, Russia’s coming position as guardian of all good things is already suggested to the discerning “inner eye” by her intensifying persecution, productive of her fine and self-sacrificing leader, Vladimir Putin. A regimen of suffering which has also formed such unparalleled statesmen as the present Russian foreign minister, Msgr. Lavrov. A man who for instance after innumerable public rebukes and humiliations at the hands of Condoleezza Rice had the tremendous graciousness and poise to offer her a bouquet of flowers, and this with his inseparable signature kindness and sincere goodwill. Experiencing as both these men and their homeland have that opposition which is so frequently the harbinger of a singular Heavenly commission. The Land beyond the Don having been criminally bankrupted at the hands of the very astute global traitors we are discussing here, who presently control both our own government and the world economy at large. A story—of the victimization of that land which suffered above all others under communism, and that was glad to rid itself of its vile chains—a saga which our media will of course dutifully prevent us from discovering by every stirring, word-smithing or stonewalling means at their disposal. While when by what amounts to an astounding intervention of divine providence the noted betrayal by primarily-foreign-citizen financiers, politicians and academics didn’t succeed in destroying the Russian polity, there then (predictably) ensued one of the most savage and ambitious media and official slander campaigns in history. Most pointedly against a Russian head-of-state, the same Putin, who with epic heroism had led his nation out of this seemingly-inescapable death-grip, instead heading a recovery fueled providentially by an unexpected discovery of limitless oil reserves, together as well with a series of incredible strokes of technological and organizational genius by the Russians themselves. Including the initial jump-start of an ingenious multiple-gear-ratio barter in rudimentary “financial instruments”, backed by such “original accounting documents” as bills-of-lading and bills-of-sales, this in the face of the temporary total collapse of the Ruble. Using the very roads, ports and rail-system themselves as substitute-arteries to sustain a critical national financial liquidity. The same Russia under attack today being in my belief destined to play a positively critical and irreplaceable role very soon in rescuing the very papacy itself, as well as in the coming conversion of the vast majority in Asia and Africa who are far more fertile soil for Catholic Faith than are the typical U.S. citizen or Northern European of today. While also being uniquely qualified as a teacher of the distributive economic/organizational system, doubtlessly due to come back to life by her means after an absence of hundreds of years. So that although we may easily be tempted to be scandalized, even to despair, by the things we see around us and that are recounted here, we must realize that these strange times have all been predicted, and comprise the very culminating phase of the earthly battle between Heaven and Hell. Times in which indeed we are encouraged to “lift up your heads, for your redemption is at hand”.  

            But for insidious forces of evil it would prove to be a real coup to stage a Jewish invasion—or perhaps even founding—of a “traditionalist” reaction to this Faith-annihilating, all-fronts Revolution, touched off by Vatican II. A counter-movement that would deftly-but-treacherously mobilize the whole ambiance of childlike lay reverence for the clerical state: this for insidious purposes of the destruction of the very Church, that very Catholic tradition, which that clergy was meant to serve. While furthermore the tactical/strategic brilliance of this scheme would be in its success at “framing the debate”: defining its terminology, determining certain core values to be recognized and upheld, and so on. A coup set-in-concrete by a most unlikely and peculiar kind of person to have taken charge of such a “reform” movement, to have gained such high ground. A certain myopic, narrow, grudge-taking constituency having from the beginning unfurled the banner of fear, or even hate in answer to Vatican II’s (false if much-vaunted) display of the liveries of love. While in this bitter but contrived polar-opposition is to be detected plainly that signature whip-sawing ever administered by the age-old enemies of the Church: who always laboriously endeavor to capture both sides of any debate, so that those of true loyalty and goodwill are left without a voice.

            However it is not only because of the need for true and valid Sacraments on the part of Roman Catholics—any serious doubt over which requires us to refrain from receiving them—but equally as well to embrace the good and long-suffering Russian people in the unity of Faith, that my mind turns to Russia as the hope of the Catholic West, indeed according to my understanding of the very words of Our Lady of Fatima. And away from such a hopeless debacle as the bulk of today’s standard Catholic Traditionalism represents. In this way perhaps sharing with Russia for the first time her age-old and truly unique spirit, as witnessed for instance in her exemplary eighteenth and nineteenth century missionary work among the Aleuts and other Indians in Alaska and the Pribilof islands. These newly-converted Orthodox capable of bringing with them for us all a gamut of benefits from legitimate episcopal consecrations to a global re-evangelization, a “renewal of the face of the earth”. As is so often the case with those nations newly come to the fullness of Faith. While in simple justice those of us Catholics alarmed over the unqualified fiasco of Vatican II deserve far better than what was decidedly a pre-arranged Traditionalist ambush: or at least uninvited diversion away from our truer and deeper desires. We innocent believers whose reaction to the upheaval of Vatican II was strikingly like the gathering of a Resistance to Rommel’s and Hitler’s lightning Blitzkrieg over France, which “underground” took some years to form itself from out of the initial sheer bewildered incomprehension. Those who would uphold Catholic Sacraments, piety, practices and traditions—after unrenderable horrors from which they had just emerged, and some of which are described above—however finding themselves somehow required to submit to the oddly cold-blooded and astute who had for some years already totally taken over the field. Not however as good Samaritans, helping fellow-Catholics and others mortally in need, but as wrong-headed, bafflingly-incongruous, providing poor recourse from a post-Vatican-II Sacramentary raided and vitiated beyond recognition by various commissions and committees, in which radical changes were made in words (or “form”) instituted or formulated by Christ Himself. Words thus utterly un-modifiable, according to the official teaching of Pope Pius XII and all his predecessors. While the resulting likely absence of these valid fonts-of-grace seems plainly to account for most of the ineptitude and lack of holiness we see in the Church and in civil society today: realms which the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass used to powerfully uphold in their proper moral and spiritual potency.

            Strange is the singularly lawyerly fashion in which the Traditionalist movement has left the bulk of the incalculable totality called Catholic Faith and practice—with its unfathomable volume of spirituality, customs, ideals, loyalties and aspirations—as a reservoir in many ways untouched. Or even compressed, edited into a sort of crash-course which, found wanting, might then be deftly and expeditiously thrown into the fire. Clerics notable for expressing caution—as if toward some foolish, detestable novelty—over such incalculable, tradition-based modern-day-Catholic boons as Sr. Josefa Menendez’ The Way of Divine Love (actual miraculous conversations with Christ, duly attested by countless prodigies, the officially-confirmed names and death-dates of Heavenly visitants, and so on). As well as over many other such expressions of profound and exuberant Catholic devotion, some of them likewise privately-revealed, and with miraculous, sometimes indeed astonishing, marks of supernatural authenticity. While on the other hand and incredibly in my own experience, at least one major guiding spirit in one major trad group likewise discouraged the reading of older Catholic books, say from the eighteenth or nineteenth century, as somehow being of a different species of faith and devotion from that required of us today. Thus radically narrowing the spectrum of correct and accepted Catholic thought and prayer to about a century-long period: that timeframe precisely which, although indeed still containing many good things, was identified by Our Blessed Lady at La Salette as progressively falling under the influence of Hell. Devotional mooring-posts thus rejected out-of-hand, both old and new, that are of a spiritual fullness and virility such as is much needed today, among other things to provide a major bolster for the above-noted timidity and excessive caution of our day. Hence most pointedly in this “new and ad-bridged” version of Catholic tradition the more stern elements of the Faith are fantastically emphasized to the gross neglect of those loving, exuberant, motivating, energetic. A patent rigorism—the latter term signifying an attitude that often proves a path to error, a mindset not formally heretical in itself but strongly favoring a fall into heresy or schismwhich has limitless points in common with the Jansenism and Neo-Jansenism which invested so much of the Catholic flock in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. And whose bleak, proto-capitalist residue has remained here and there, alternating with an ironic-but-inseparable devil-may-care moral/practical counterpart, to this day.

            To get some idea of the exclusionary qualities of this Traditionalist movement as well—close cousins to the above-discussed harsh inexorability—just look at its publications, what few there are, or its websites, and you will see for instance that almost no space is devoted to the burning issues of our day. Those things in which however Catholicism must incarnate itself in each new generation or be as “tinkling brass”, or as salt which has lost its savor. Only the same three or four topics merit anything but the most bored and desultory treatment, for almost forty years and running now: the Tridentine Mass, birth control,  abortion, and so on being the invariable fare. Or more recently and in at least one publication, a lengthy ongoing defense of the rape-accused Rutgers La Crosse team—most of whose members had attended a “Catholic prep school” of some kind—a thinly-disguised race- and class-based diatribe unseemly in the extreme. So that as suggested the more representative sort of Catholic traditionalists seem to be extincting themselves—and Catholic tradition with them—almost of set purpose. Seeming as if to boast that with them “the mold was broken”, that they are “the remnant, selected out of grace”, and a very smug, exclusionary and reproduction-sterile remnant at that. A spirit than which none less Catholic could be found; one which canny, battle-scarred Russian Christians are little likely to entertain. Even as various scandals have regularly rocked the movement’s many remotely-rural or densely-urban retreats, marked by a tendency to ruthlessly suppress criticism of any kind.

            Of course, by the very fact of being a reform group the burden of proof is in a definitive way “in the court” of the thus-stolidly-established traditionalists. They must do it all to be worthy of any such noble mandate: or be dismissed as a mere backwater of irrelevant fanaticism. Certainly valid Holy Orders isn’t enough, as an Orthodox Schism of a thousand years bears ample witness. While clearly in the Church there is really no such thing as a lobby, after all. No: one must be a Catholic in every respect, especially if one would be a beacon, an example for others.

            Indeed, the standard Traditionalist approach to spreading the Faith can best be capsulated in one short phrase: having babies, not converting people. A laudable aim indeed: however if the whole regimen of Catholic formation isn’t incorporated into such a program there will be produced rather a youthful group of despairing apostates, or even a brood of vipers, than a devout Catholic flock. A constituency which will lose its Faith within a generation or less. Indeed, as much of recent experience seems already to suggest. Traditionalism appearing in this to attempt a denominational version of the novels of Ayn Rand, with her elitist cults of radical-capitalists, in one book forming a community of veritable messianic entrepreneurs somewhere out among the Rockies. Her writings likewise of course being a literary foreshadowing of today’s monstrous cult of the neo-cons: that ideology to which as suggested many among traditionalist are indeed closely allied. With the most noticeable standard fixture of the typical Mass-center-focused trad community being some highly-venerated Horatio Alger who is lavished with praises all around, this at a time when to be “a success” should in most cases rather be a shame than an honor. Rand hypothesizing in her fifties-best-seller soft-cover pages an earth-colonizing fictional plutocracy destined to take over the USA in the end, to the sound of the wails and screams of perishing welfare-state-dependent “sub-humans”, who supposedly cannot survive without the input of these success-ethic Master Race beings. However, at least to all appearances, the traditionalist version of this strategy has been a dismal failure in pure-material and practical terms: while of course spiritually it represents a polar-opposite approach to that of Catholic Faith. Indeed being a hideously-repugnant “Catholic” version of the most cherished elitist motivations of the Judaism—and flip-side inverted Nazism—of our era.

            There are a great many egregious abuses I either witnessed or heard about from dependable sources while I was in steady contact with the traditionalist movement, “but I will spare you”. However among phenomena that merit attention here is a subversive use of the confessional never before known in the Catholic fold. Often indeed with a concomitant mobilization of the pulpit in a tandem game of a genuine mind control that is nothing short of diabolical. And which may indeed betray a subterranean connection to such notorious experimental psycho-laboratories as Pitesti in a radical-communist Rumania of the early 1950s: a project mentioned here and there on this site. Such mind-control tactics opening up the “Interior Castle”, the interior dwelling-place of man, to use the phrase of St. Teresa, to every sort of spiritual thief or highwayman. Transparently-veiled personal pulpit—or “retreat” group-conference—allusions to matters just mentioned in confessional by some targeted individual helping to thicken a stifling atmosphere of the cult-like to a degree unattainable in any other way. A spiritual travesty, a heinous human barbarity: especially when considered in the light of the fact that the authentic aim of Catholicism is as noted to enhance a genuine personal agency: that by which indeed alone we save our souls. A spirit of liberty (“of the children of God”) which likewise lies at the very base of our Western political culture. That which as noted above saw its late-ancient and early-medieval political birth in the pulpits, lecture-halls and scriptoria of Catholic episcopal and monastic communities.

            In view of the above it can come as no surprise that the once-large and prospering traditionalist community in St. Mary’s, Kansas has gone into a physical decline which we ourselves witnessed first hand during the Spring of 2006: for instance with the homes of several families we once knew, who took varying degrees of exception to the standard regimented fare described here, being obviously vacated and in broken-down repair. And indeed the whole community—which isn’t at all entirely composed of traditionalists, and which twenty years ago was a thriving little German-Catholic burg—having drifted into a state of alarming decay. (Note of 01/13: superficial changes in the downtown of St. Mary’s, since this article was first written, hardly seem to change the sum-total aspect of decline). One of the noted homes of former trad-acquaintances, once quite an impressive structure, having apparently been leveled, as it is no longer there. Abodes of families most of whom had sunk their life-savings into a move to Kansas “to save Catholic Tradition”. For as might be guessed, at Traditionalist Mass centers those who have problems with all the limitless personal hauteur and genuine species of cunning suggested here have regularly been dealt with as dangerous villains. Lay and clerical kingpins taking thrifty advantage of today’s paranoia about security, applied by them to harmless but unhappy souls near and far. While finally if it be true that good if rather ordinary and fallible human beings are systematically made unwelcome at traditionalist Mass centers or other communities, or made the subjects of communal notoriety—when persecution already rages outside in the manner described above—a regimen-of worldly exclusion of course long prevalent at New Church parishes as well—let alone because of their race or nationality—then claims to an infallibly-designated Mark of Catholic authenticity—that of universality—are proportionally lacking. And moreover we can also be sure that the graces gained at those Masses from which these people are excluded will redound singularly to their own good in their unwilling absence. Rather than to that of those guilty of such strange, arrogant, uncharitable and canonically-, indeed apostolically-proscribed behavior.

            As suggested, none of this is to deny that arrogations and pitches of fanaticism among traditionalists find equal reflection in the New Church, and this since the very dawn of the Vatican II Era. With growing evidence of a strange and unexpected convergence in many other respects as well. Thus stringent Church-door denunciations are to be met equally often at the local Fr. Jim’s: as for instance in the explosive response prompted by my own timid calling into question of the new Judeo-Catholicism, and discretely-articulated pro-Iraq-War anti-theology. That to which a whole New Church Sunday sermon had just basically been devoted. This enthronement of Judaism on our altars—this Abomination of Desolation—representing a new take on Faith here which for all intents and purposes has taken the place of the immemorial Catholic Creed. Even as the progressive takeover of the Catholic Traditionalist movement by hostile forces, now complete or all-but-complete, undoubtedly has as one of its dearest aims the final Jewish expropriation of Gregorian chant. This sublime musical form being said by some to have had its direct lyrical antecedents in the Jewish Temple worship: those melodies to which were set the psalms of David. The rightful legacy however only of those who accepted the Messiah, the “suffering Savior” Whom those inspired verses so plainly, evocatively and graphically foretell. And not of those who betrayed and rejected Him, and indeed pitilessly put Him to death.

            But as suggested the one thing that few in the astutely-assaulted Church of today, of any shade of opinion, are any longer interested in, or even seem to be aware of, is Jesus’ imperative mandate (else He “spew us out of His mouth”) of the living, the comprehensive practicing, of Catholic Faith. That immense totality which must be faithfully observed as it has been painstakingly and assiduously, with trials, tears and vigils, passed down: not as it is fancifully imagined to have existed two millennia ago, in the American Deep-South 1950s, in grim Jansenistic rigors, nor as we think it should evolve in some Information-Age star-trek form. All these alternate tails today vigorously wagging the dog, or rather the Catholic biblical sheep. While as suggested at the beginning of this article, consigned by all these bewildering fallacies to an even greater popular-Catholic oblivion is the unshakable fact that Catholicism has been the millennial chief-formative of the Western way of life, of its singularly blithe, reasonable and accommodating laws and customs. And that we members of one odd and lukewarm generation cannot take it upon ourselves—at the mere say-so of yet-another of Church-history’s several heretical councils—and of its cleverly pre-arranged backlash—to just abandon this Catholic pre-eminent, indeed determinative position in world affairs. This in abject surrender—for all the vaunted traditionalist-“militancy” élan—to some “post-Christian” fallacy breathlessly pedaled by media magnates behind-the-scenes, Jewish/agnostic academics and industrial psychologists alike.

            Really, at the most basic “nuts and bolts” level, the fundamental problem here, again as developed in my publications to date, is that the way of life of capitalism, once surrendered to, must finally make everything else—religion, custom, law—subservient to it in the most abject way. Its single main purpose, pursued over centuries, being the enslavement of Catholic and other peoples, and the expropriation of all they possess, to Jews claiming impudently to be the rightful owners of “the wealth of nations”. That ideology which ill-admittedly underlies the treatise of Adam Smith by that name. Modern New Church Catholicism in Novus Ordo and Traditionalist forms bringing about an anemia, a self-demotion, a “being ashamed of the Son of God before men”. A state-of-mind which on the other hand has devolved in many ways almost involuntarily, or by a beating of the will into submission, through the noted astute phenomenology of rigidly-imposed material and habitual details of life. Being at the same time largely a matter of sleepily “letting the oil burn out in our lamps”. That fatal anomaly which has progressively characterized Western Christendom since at least the time of the French Revolution. A devolution which however quickly bears poisoned fruits in a legal-evolutionary sense and in many another difficult-to-reverse institutionalized phenomena as well. We are loosing our entire Christian and Western way-of-life through a completely bogus, contradictory idea of “progress”, and of “constitutionality”, installed as twin deities to paganize us, to divorce us from Faith. With a capitalism-inseparable progressive annihilation of natural resources, infrastructure, manufactured goods, human persons and spiritual values alike, at the culminating end of a ruthless cycle of “success”. A blind tautology finding final issue in the military roll-call of abysmal leaders of all kinds: who may know calculus but who know nothing at all about free and constructive thoughts and ideas. Pawns who pass with flying colors the one litmus test of political or military leadership today: being able to utter lying nonsense without blinking an eye before cameras and congressmen alike. That steady gaze which won an undying endorsement for George W. Bush. With generals “heroically” directing a perverted, aggressive and unjust war, imperiously, perhaps with a tacit threat of military dictatorship under their oppressive gaze, demanding of Congress that it “stay the course”. While finally this all-fronts process is strongly aided by a rapidly-robotizing life that isn’t freeing us at all: but rather putting us in stout chains of utter, abject and functionally-redundant and gratuitous replaceability. Peacefully, without a whimper, taking from us any weapons against the insidious onslaught detailed here, such as might once so recently and so easily have come-to-hand. A weird and totalitarian robot-world the escape from whose cold mechanical grasp is the topic of the extensive economic, motivational and organizational counsels found in these pages and publications. While as suggested and in plain fact what we are actually dealing with here is the seemingly-eternal warfare between Catholicism and Jewry: that struggle which will however end very soon in the long-awaited coming of the Chosen People into the Catholic Fold at last.

            But in the meantime capitalism—or “Judaism in practice”—rigidly if insidiously requires its own all-inclusive way of doing things: its peculiar take on law, on education, on the meanings-of-words. Its wholesale institutionalization among the masses of a rank paganism which it itself will sometimes contemptuously refuse to observe. This being the unique avenue by which that belief system “wins out”: being a religion based entirely on earthly values, and thus having precious little interest in preaching-to or converting the masses. But only as it were in bending their minds and wills, as if they were mere sub-humans, indeed the notorious Talmud-identified Christian “goyim”. While keeping this reputedly-inferior race-of-men thoroughly divided by the introduction of “blood is thicker than water” racist, economic and nationality-based prejudices and injustices, even amid the “household of the Faith”. Thus pursuant to that creed’s entirely-worldly aims—of earthly dominion and economic exclusion—we are prevailed upon to adopt its hyper-worldly values through those many organs of dissemination and information which it controls: in the sitcoms, commercials, and in the schools. And now in a control of the Churches as well. Under which relentless formatives many become behaviorally and attitudinally more and more passive by the day: loosing any moral integrity or motivational independence they might once have had. Even if perhaps the next Sunday morning we might take on the poses and posturings of some doughty cast on some frontier serial. All the while we steadily adopt that limp practical moral and mental tractability which is the real aim of the globalist system: under which all religion is reduced to a mere ritualism. Hence too the once-time perpetually-intoned mantra of traditionalists: “all we need is the Mass”.

                 Perhaps the foregoing amply exposes the reasons for my appeal here on these pages: as being primarily directed to those of other beliefs than Catholicism. To the Orthodox, especially those of Russia: who have the valid Sacraments with no problems, and to whom I look, in my understanding of the words of Our Lady at Fatima, to embrace full Catholic communion, and to thereby ultimately perpetuate true and Catholic Faith for us all. The juridical details of which reunion—in today’s bewildering circumstances of the wholesale and unprecedented collapse of visible Catholic authority—being beyond my ken, although accessible through a pious and scholarly research into doctors like Bellarmine and others who treated of such issues. While no doubt the Orthodox, too, have had doctors analogously trained as well. The central dispute of the Great Schism—over the use of the word “and” in the Doxology—involving the refusal of the Orthodox to recognize the Roman formula, not any refusal of Rome to accept the Orthodox. This semantic set-to being about primacy-of-authority more than anything else: a dispute fueled by the perpetual divide-and-conquer machinations of the immemorial Jewish foe. Catholic Faith meanwhile being that with which the Orthodox are already in most respects intimately conversant, and which they may indeed practice and understand far more faithfully than do most of today’s Roman Catholics.

                Furthermore l also look with great hope to Muslims, Tibetans, Sikhs and other monotheists: since I believe that it is to the vast majority of mankind of these and other non-Roman-Catholic persuasions—so many of whom are desperately poor—that the good seed of the Holy Gospel is to be given today. While it is manifestly being taken from many of those heedlessly Catholics and Protestants who tread with complete abandon upon this Pearl, like the Biblical swine. Who think, like the ancient sons of Abraham, that it is some kind of exclusive birthright, needing little if any care lest it be lost: and most of whose congregations are accordingly shrinking alarmingly by the year. For to me these others—these Russians, Iranians, Kyrgyzs, together with American Indians and Blacks, and even many non-Christians in India or China who harbor their own obscure monotheist convictions—such as I have known myself firsthand over the years, both here and overseas—are “real people” mostly immune from the rot-gut ego-sickness of “the American dream”. And the dreamy, New Age illusions of Vatican II, together with the many pathologies rife on these shores, and increasingly in Western society at large, and which I examine here and there in these pages. So that these other brothers and sisters are still capable of generously taking up the Catholic Faith and comprehensive way of life: having their humanity for one thing firmly intact. The full operation of whose innermost faculties and potencies the fullness of Catholicism indeed more or less requires. Human beings amenable to that “Way” by which alone we may be saved, being uniquely capable of perceiving “the odor of His ointments”, singularly sensitive to their healing balm. Aromatic essences applicable to every facet of human life as well as of the sublime reaches of spirituality. Peoples possessing that aptitude-for-holiness which indeed and above all requires generosity of spirit as its signature seal. That capacitousness which likewise socially, economically and politically provides the stoutest possible planking for the Good Ship Civilization.