The Frankpledge Party Agenda

 by Louis Zdunich

November 24, 2012



We are trying to do something entirely unique and critically urgent, in the face of manifold frustrations from forces operating on high. Hence there must be a plan, although as these circumstances suggest, a rough and ready one. Thus point by point, in an agenda that can be marginally modified to fit local conditions:


  1. Gather into a Frankpledge of up to ten families, with ten being “up to strength”. The Frankpledge for now is to be composed only of those we know and trust, being the fundamental democratic political unit of all times. This marvel of local popular government is described in detail, and involves cooperatives efforts not only political but also social and economic. The Frankpledge in these and other densely-rooted ways anchors the state firmly and inseparable to the decisive input of the common man.
  2. We at the Frankpledge Party are simply throwing off the yoke of ever-mounting Jewish control: that totalitarianism which brazenly appears in each new generation under a different guise; that tyranny—always based somehow on finance-based moral compromise and manipulation—which remorselessly seeks the final enslavement, and eventual extermination, of our entire human race. Rather do we labor to return political and economic decision-making to sane and equitable reaches of life-giving mutual popular collaboration: shunning Napoleonic or Horatio-Alger success-ethic quick-fixes of sovereign or street-corner loan-sharks at all costs. But in order to bring about this cherished goal we must never settle for any of the deceptive flash-in-the-pan that is presently being promoted by various elite figures or elite-connected groups, they who would indeed—hearing of our efforts here—promote an odd sort of variant of the frankpledge—urging a “localism” which however and in crass contradiction is  rigidly determined, at least in practical terms, from the top down. Here being actually the same old global cabal—whose serpentine agenda requires a host of hair-splitting qualifiers to even begin to describe it—a coterie which loves phrases like “act locally, think globally”—the sort of innocent-sounding slogan which brings every abomination in its train. One such enterprise calls these much-touted local cooperatives “affinity groups”: a catchy title in which however is neatly capsulated the utter subversion of the whole Frankpledge ideal. Since our ten-man units, although initially selective of membership in order to guard against hostile infiltration—that deadly bane of modern organizational life—would hardly filter its members on the basis of any personal “affinity”. That which to  me suggests nothing so much as middle-school-level conformity, sodomy-enclaves or Saul-Alinsky-like elitist/exclusionary islands of control. Rather does a genuine Frankpledge seek to induct every sort of personality, as the entire idea is to provide a fair and neutral platform for the achievement of authentic, common-good-oriented, local-to-upper-level political goals. Resist such disingenuous persuasions, then, at all costs. Organize in the relatively-slow, painstaking way described throughout pages and publications found at lest all your efforts be in vain. A laborious agenda which however the Holy Ghost can scoop up like a straw in the wind, carrying it to breath-taking levels of national effectiveness in the briefest space of time.
  3. Don’t expect a lot of encouragement from churches or other large groups, since all of them have been infiltrated to various degrees. This includes the Catholic Church, invaded by the perpetual Jewish enemy at rare intervals but repeatedly throughout her history. That One True Church to which we and our Crusade fervently adhere, which after the disastrous Second Vatican Council quickly split into two basic camps, ‘New Church’ and Traditionalist. Both of these are for the most part under the rigid control of the same secretive cabal, both rendered helpless before an agenda which seeks to rob the soul of its purity and goodness, while offering no resistance to a Bush/Obama preventive aggression military doctrine, a black-hearted conspiracy which uses well-engineered public states of profound shock—such as attended the televised 1963 assassination and was brought into being by 9/11—as a dependable springboard to internally-dictatorial, internationally-Napoleonic aims. 9/11 having been cold-bloodedly perpetrated by elites who rule amid the pretenses of a paper Constitution, in the strictest sort of discipline, secrecy and coordination. They whose sway is so great as to be able effectively to label all opposition as mentally ill (viz., “conspiracy theorists”, and the like). They who work strategically against the nation as against an enemy. Hence too my belief that Russia—when converted at last to full and genuine Catholicism, the only dependable refuge of mankind in this black hour—will be used by Almighty God for the salvation of our race, according to our own understanding of the spectacular Fatima message/miracle of 1917 (see related website hyperlink). Providing us among other things a valid reigning pope, not seen on the Chair of Peter since 1958. Thus although Russia herself will undoubtedly need to conduct some further internal cleansing, a process she is in the midst of already, being attacked inside and out by the same enemies as we. Yet we believe it will develop that she will be God’s special chosen vessel in this great cause.
  4. Next in line, we must boldly go out and “raise the hue and cry”, after the manner of ruddy medieval ancestors of old: whether pulled off by the side of the road, like my wife and I ourselves do, displaying our painted-on sign on the side of our rig (quite legal, if sometimes subject to local abuses of the law), or in demonstrations in front of recruiting stations, abortion clinics, drone-bomb and other heinous aggressive-warfare manufacturers, and public offices of every kind. All this to attend the quieter aspect of the Frankpledge: the assiduous setting-up of the noted 10-family personal-agency groups, engines for the social and material mobilization of the micro-local popular good. Sought here being a true democracy, rooted in the popular mind and will, one which requires for its protection and perpetuation a monarchy and nobility. These being the traditional guarantors of freedom and good-order, as was the case in high-medieval France, and to varying degrees in other European nations of that Age of Faith.
  5. In a special way must we cry out against the abomination of Sodomy Marriage: that which is already bringing evident manifold divine punishment upon the globe: our crusade, as we have found out here innumerable times, having great power to motivate popular support. While in conjunction with these demonstrations and other activist-initiatives we must cry out against a host of evils like embryonic stem cell research—nothing but another grizzly form of baby-killing— and an “enhancement” eugenics which aims to create a class of wealthy supermen, as if the super-rich didn’t have enough advantages already. While likewise to be openly criminalized—with bold public demonstrations of every kind—are the many other modern-day institutionalized atrocities which steadily render the earth unfit for human beings. Whether we speak of the manifold horrors that attend the operation of abortion clinics, some of them too ugly and pitiful to recount; or the way the developmentally disabled are consistently abused at basically all facilities; or the death by starvation and/or neglect of mounting numbers of Terri Schiavos; or the computerized-automation and border-invasion of the working man out of a job; or the systematic destruction of our economy through malicious financial manipulation. To which atrocities are joined a host of other abuses—like the murderous redefinition of death, set in place, like so much else in a crypto-elite-dominated world, entirely without popular comprehension or consent—evils discussed on our website, and variants that you may uncover yourself. 
  6. We in the National Frankpledge and Anti-Sodomy Crusade, and associated Frankpledge Party—whose Platform, which includes the discontinuation of bond-backed money and other such mechanisms-of-enslavement, is to be found at the website noted above—don’t really know where all this will lead in the short-run. But we do know that we cannot go on any longer “business as usual”. Especially heartening, too, are certain aspects of the Occupy Movement, as entirely distinct from a global "democracy movement" which topples good leaders through incendiary media misinformation as well as through false-flag operations which resemble miniature 9/11s: intrigues professionally orchestrated by a host of Western-based NGOs, all this against target governments which a dictatorial globalism wishes to see overthrown.