The modern compromised family. Revised August 20, 2015.



In this little piece is examined today's wholesale, systematic undermining of the traditional family and its values by ruling elites, the family being prime victim of an oddly-vindictive modern "progress", "liberty", "security", and so on: all the while ironically this fundamental unit of human life, “its teeth” thus “pulled”, passive to a radical agenda, and abstracting for a moment from its impending demise in the new sodomy-“marriage” debacle, is in many ways honored extravagantly beyond well-earned tributes of older times. Furthermore, and as if all this were not enough, so far today have foundation-stones been overturned that the extended kinship unit or clan—once the bulwark of tradition—can easily prove far worse as a carrier of modern moral and intellectual diseases than its smaller nuclear—father, mother and child—counterpart: since a close-knit clan full of "free-thinkers" or libertines can become a nigh-inescapable thought police for the individual member, a totalitarian veritable prison camp for soul and mind, removed not only from grace but even from reason as a rule-of-life.

As noted many times on this site, the synagogue is the prime underlying financial and organizational engine for apocalyptic intrigues of our times, a Judaism to which schools, governments, media, and a host of secretive and semi-secretive organizations and cabals are merest satellites, being exceedingly-familiar sources for this violation of sacred recesses of the mind and heart: having by both subtle and brazen coercion gained the hearth, making other agendas of totalitarians easy as can be, in this age-old Hebrew drive to control human life in a complex and disingenuous way, dating indeed to the days of St. Paul. The synagogue being the ultimate and unfailing source of social, official, religious and familial ills, while taking in its tow today’s dominant Judaized Christians, identified by that name in Holy Scripture: they who have actually handed over the gates of church and polity to these cunning enemies, and who thereafter typically act as their dependable surrogates in the legislature, the judiciary, the executive mansion, the church vestibule, in all matters great and small.

Because of the very cryptic nature of the Jewish intrigue, in exploring associated domestic aberrations a great deal of conjecture is perforce employed, drawing inferences and conclusions from few things known, regarding people who of set purpose put out smoke-screens, mark out false trails, emit misleading scents, and so on. Accordingly, much that is said here may seem quite incredible, yet upon deeper reflection one realizes that there are few alternative explanations to be had, and the conclusions arrived at finally settle with great peace and satisfaction on the mind and soul.

The point-of-entry of these Jewish enemies into the citadel is their well-known ability to impart some immediate practical advantage, after which is cleverly and painstakingly brought about the undoing of the state: much as the clicking on an infected internet link corrupts your own system, rendering it perhaps indeed the merest slave for some grand web-wide design. In defense against which parallel infection of both family and commonweal there are certain mechanisms imbedded in our very nature as human beings, in the manner in which by immemorial custom men have dealt with one another, refining these procedures over ages with great care. A governance which has however been completely honeycombed and undermined in today's "advanced" and "democratic" world: men having admitted the enemy into the very bosom of home and state, methodological and psychological sappers with notional-time-bombs and subliminal knives between their teeth. Yet despair is not at all advocated here, for the same nation and family units that have succumbed so badly today can be outfitted with Christian values once again: even if certain catastrophic punishments, long predicted in Catholic prophesy, must visit humanity first, to discipline men now often bereft of all sense of right and wrong, having been confused and misled in the most catastrophic way. Modern man having indeed become as ancient Romans who, according to St. Augustine in his City of God, no longer cared a fig whether men were good or bad, whose only desire was that Rome continue to conquer, that coffers continue to be filled, that banqueters continue to frequent luxurious dining halls which abounded even back in those fabled days. Revelers who amid associated moral excesses vomited in the gutter so that they might return to the table and stuff themselves some more. Herein being found the modern neo-capitalist view of the state, whose sole duty is said to enforce that level of physical order which enables the conduct of commercial business, and nothing more. A stripped-down view of organized human life being pushed forward in this modern abortuary-infested Rome, victim of a moral denuding of which the modern nuclear family in particular, a complete historical novelty, tends to be an especially-able vessel, like a castle without those informal moral guards which more-distant relatives used to commonly represent. In this exposed condition, no longer restrained by good custom or example or pious practices, the immediate family is largely defenseless morally and culturally, readily if without much awareness being converted into a concentrated agent-of-change for unpredictable, open-ended aims, a highly-concentrated carrier of every kind of revolutionary misconception, wittingly or not likely to harbor an agenda profoundly Jewish in character. With a certain modern-day winner/loser dichotomy found at the head of a list of alienating social and interior solvents to Christian societies and soul: which simply put are either soundly based on love and moral goodness or they aren’t Christian at all.

To combat treacheries outlined above the whole of society at all levels must be organized toward a stubborn impregnability, with the Frankpledge system taking pride-of-place in this defensive regime. Defending the good: as the bad always has plenty to defend it, and needn’t have state or family to keep it alive and well. The noted ten heads-of-household political unit, adapted imaginatively to the needs of our day, being the most enduring sociopolitical basis of civil society and government, a friendly and informal diluter of unhealthy or fanatical tendencies, operating unobtrusively amid manifold practical activities of the day. With warmly-familiar, not at all coercive, colloquial and economic connections reaching upward to regional and national political figures of a yet-more consequential kind. This loose-knit political interweave—albeit carrying certain mutual legal responsibilities, capsulated in a reinvigorated medieval "hue and cry", this the gravely-undertaken "tie that binds"—being recommended as an indispensable avenue-of-escape from an impersonal regimen-of-control in which personal liberty and/or agency-development are snuffed out without so much as a nod. The human person and his needs falling through the cracks of this infernal "all knowing eye" regime, one which pyramids society into ironclad structures of arbitrary control, with shackles mostly in the mind, culminating in a defeat of the human person issuing in corrupt and homicidal practices like sodomy and abortion on demand. As once honor is publicly given to this cesspool of vice, an open mocking insult to God and His lovely and admirable law, then He utterly abandons the nation to the unnatural perfidy involved. While finally the degree to which the above agenda is adverted-to by individual Jews is impossible to gauge, yet it is evident that it meets with no serious challenge among Jews at large: being a rigid protocol developed since the dawn of diasporic times.

The family in any form once thus captured can quickly be adapted to any purpose, can even be radically modified, the element most fundamental here being intimacy, an avenue by which all sacred things can be destroyed. While conversely the family can become an impregnable bulwark against such evils as well, can be used indeed as a sort of siege-engine or battering-ram against the noted evil City of Man, identified by St. Augustine, by that name. With the traditional extended family providing a ranging network of kinfolk who afford a natural, comfortable, marvelously-variable opening to other people: neighbors thus warmly welcomed into a broader family, fellow-villagers indeed in the universal corporative colloquialism often referred to as “aunts”, “uncles”, “cousins”, or even as the biblical “brethren”. This latter term having been destined to cause confusion to poorly-informed modern believers and biblical exegetes alike, over the much-misinterpreted phrase “the brethren of Jesus”: with modern man having quickly lost any memory of to-contemporaries-unremarkable non-blood-related brotherly intimacies of immemorial communities of mankind. These warm neighborly/familial ties—in which a group of fellow-villagers might easily be called ones “brethren”—having been forgotten with uncanny speed, considering that in most cultures such ardent sentiments are only a century or so removed from our own times. (Indeed, in the case of Our Blessed Lord, the use of this expression may easily have been called-forth by His followers in a special way due to the exceptional—and to Jews of the day even shameful—circumstance of the “only child”—with the Apostles and disciples wishing to draw attention away from that seeming social anomaly in so sacred a place.) Involved being close and enduring marks-of-attachment indeed still extant in a few especially-remote lands. This ancient social fabric in turn having once strongly facilitated and enabled a stout, unbreakable micro-local-to-regional-to-national distributive-organizational economic and political interweave of the most blithe, vigorous, personal-agency-cultivating kind. In a personal political fabric based on friendship rather than today's brute, naked and non-communicative power.

The family home in any form can thus instead become a fatal caustic to precious popular-political bonds, can readily devolve into a stone fortress of the morbidly-private, a walled preserve which harbors dark secrets of the most twisted or unhealthy kind, coming to be dominated by sadisms, fetishes and superstitions rather than by genuinely positive or enlightened human relationships or ideas. While spreading the contagion to fellow citizens far and wide. All of which pathologies the Frankpledge system, allied to the law of God, would be ably equipped to inhibit, reverse, reduce to a forgotten dream. Socially-mutant, value-denuded associations of today plying a "go it alone", an "I did it by myself", all the while is glorified the dope-peddling frolic of the madding crowd. Cynicism and sarcasm marking modes-of-conversation, turning out the very opposite of the biblical "true Israelite in whom there is no guile". With law itself now turned to the erection of stout battlements around privilege, riot and vice, with institutionally-guarded narcissism and morbid exclusivity enthroned in an imperial way. With the good and childlike treated everywhere as fools, according to this arrogant, effeminate and street-savvy estimation-of-things.

The family of any size thus misconceived, under a regime Jewish to the core, like the world system of today, is beneficiary of a host of inquiry-prohibitive privileges, while conversely any family which holds devout Christian precepts in undisputed priority is invariably subject to incessant official, neighborly or workplace curiosities, is indeed quite commonly considered socially maladjusted, psychologically unstable and unsound. As modern morbidly-contrived institutions let fly perverse and anomalous social forces, brought-to-bear in an effortless yet bruisingly-destructive and coercive manner. In this case alleging ills from which however, were just and accurate standards employed, the truly-Christian family would be found in an overwhelming number of cases to be uniquely and entirely free. All the while Freudian theorist airily consign all the blame for these sickness upon a noble Christian past which lived on a plane far above these disabilities: much as pagan Romans of the time of St. Augustine blamed contemporary Christians for calamities which then beset the Roman state. Languishing as it did in inevitable cumulative consequences of a centuries-long coarse, dehumanizing, hedonistic paganism of the most degrading kind. Today the cart here being decidedly before the horse, what is lowest in man exalted to the heights, what is noble and exalted ponderously trodden under hooves of the unmanly and profane: the whole perverted ensemble being a notoriously-fertile source of many-a grizzly BTK. The remedy being the reversal of synagogue and secret-society impersonal, tyrannical and top-heavy rule, to be replaced by the system of interpersonal loyalties and commitments of the Frankpledge Party and system described here, together foremost with a universal, institutionally-imbedded recognition of the law of God as the sole source of valid law.

Hence peculiar to the warped and twisted family and society so commonly found today is a certain spiritual condition, revealing its origins as preternatural, while noted Jewish inspirations ironically reveal that Jewish blood itself seems to matter little at all. For one thing, Judaism after 2000 years of the diaspora being in overwhelming measure a belief-system rather than a genetically-perpetuated nationality, forming a putative social elite into which genetic gentiles seem to be admitted in a free and easy way, as long as they pass harrowing tests involved. While within the family those siblings who fail are treated as losers, and if the family is crypto or secretly Jewish they may easily not even be admitted into the "inner circle" of those who are aware of that fact. As very few chances are taken here, where the family/Jewish "honor" is at stake, with any likelihood of rebellion or disavowal being treated in the most ruthless way, or with great care obviated or circumvented by this stonewalling anonymity. An incredible number of Jewish families being thus clandestine, posing as Christians or as exponents of other beliefs: even as a sibling or two may be devout, simple-heart to the core. This phenomenon of imposture being dramatically uncovered recently in high-profile cases like those of John "Kerry" or Madeline "Albright": both of them Jews of Eastern-European origin with associated Slavic birth-names, legally changed. Even though for decades Kerry notoriously and incessantly identified himself as "an Irish Catholic": a long-running and egregious lie which has received no media attention, let alone rebuke, at all. Thus too the air of mystery encountered in such families, perhaps covered-over with a lot of zany humor, in order to distract the victims involved. The "unachieving" child meanwhile being treated as a non-Jewish goyim, esteemed as merest sub-human off-scourings of the marital bond, a "failure" in a universal modern-day go-getter contest. While finally those families not thus motivated, especially here in the USA, are regarded through synagogue-molded public tribunals-of-judgment as being backward and poorly formed, are summarily denied some of the most fundamental and naturally-presumed-upon of human rights, in an offhanded manner suggesting a colloquial existence poisoned at its very heart.

To understand the insurmountable psychological barriers that are erected in noted marrano families, and in their wanna-be-Jewish mirror-image counterparts—with endless bars, benchmarks and booby-traps of superiority to be found in every situation, conversation or approach-to-a-task—we must be aware of the incredibly complicated Talmudic ceremonies that Jews perform in order to demonstrate their alleged personal ascendancy in every setting, in every possible way. These symbolisms, exercised at highest levels of commercial, educational and political power, leaving a deep and indelible mark on social relations at large. The main rule being that the goyim or gentiles, or those imbued with Christian values, must never be allowed to assume a position of honor, leadership or preeminence: for which purposes a host of canned recourses are prescribed. As when going down the sidewalk with a gentile, when engaged in conversation, when closing a deal. The Jew always taking the lead, in the most gratuitous way marking himself out as the motivating force, the one who got the idea. Never accepting the help of a Christian, unless there be some humiliating penalty attached, or some fatal advantage to be eventually achieved, over the feckless and unsuspecting gentile involved. These incredibly vain and arrogant instructions finding disarming form in parables in a rural village setting, for centuries now using acronyms and code-words to avoid detection—although at first, before royal and papal attention had inevitably been drawn, the unpalatable meaning of these rabid prescriptions had been stated bald and plain. By way of which priggish ceremonial, now so artfully disguised, is somehow maintained to such minds a groundless conviction of an absolute ascendancy over the biblical "rest of men", held in such contempt by the Pharisee of the parable. This pathological putative superiority—bolstered by a financial and political hegemony impossible to escape—being so absolute as to allegedly justify a staggering misapplication, in fevered Jewish imaginations, of the divine command to extirpate the Tribes of Canaan: with all of mankind being regarded as gentiles in this same annihilation-bent way. A bizarre and destructive attitude initially detected by first century Roman rulers, and commented upon by historians like Tacitus: for which reason Jerusalem was prudently destroyed. While to sustain such a monstrous, apocalyptic attitude of murderous hubris there is logically-enough required a whole new set of standards, of end-game judgments, of stark condemnations, and so on: with this satanic adjudication finding human aptitude, "virtue", character, and so on, to be proven, convincingly demonstrated, only in perfectly immediate things. This promotion of a psychological conviction of superiority being based not on solid fact or interior merit but preeminently on the slyly achieved fait accompli, on an incessantly-practiced smooth facility with words, convincing gestures and body-language. In a shallow view of life which allows the recognition of few if any habitual moral or spiritual realities, states or conditions of soul: all things being in a sense "out in the open" to this twisted sort of mind, yet entirely hidden as to actually purposes involved. Jews and their imitators being materialists and radical existentialists to the very core who are rigidly in charge of all practical matters on these shores, and increasingly, mostly through American arms, the world round. Spreading this moral disease everywhere, however much they might claim to be "profoundly spiritual", and so on. While this business of graphically proving things, producing a purely psychological ascendancy, a sort of "one-upmanship" taken to fantastic extremes: this recourse predictably provides ongoing excuses for wrongs done and tricks played, upon people thus glibly and crassly "demonstrated" to be subordinate, unworthy of respect, or indeed even of life: this life-and-death dominion being the coup fatal involved. Hence too finally the celebrated "corporate culture", Jewish to its wooden core, of infighting, of scores to settle: that set-piece utterly unnatural to man which as noted above readily carries over into society-at-large, the populace thereby becoming mutually alienated, atomized. Taking on a character-warp which inevitably ends in such perversities and atrocities as sodomy and abortion-on-demand: among those who have "got smart", who look upon themselves as supremely "grown up". Indeed as qualified to send mercenaries and drone-bombs for vaunted "nation-building" enterprises far and wide.

Once we understand the caustic, bond-dissolving character of the Jew, we understand basically everything: as well the depth of mankind's peril today, engulfed as he is in a kind of socio-moral quicksand which once entered can seldom be exited. As logical conclusions of this end-game-view visit humanity with catastrophes which only the unnatural can bring. For which these biblically-identified "enemies of mankind" are mistakenly given credit for being "admirably tenacious", assiduous, and so on. (Again, there are undoubtedly some few exceptions to this rule, but seldom if ever any of the "chosen" number who oppose such a pernicious idea). I have read these Talmudic instructions, on how to maintain this unbending, indeed biblical "stiff-necked", posture, to be found as I remember in the various commentaries on the Talmud, written long ago by certain famous rabbis: prescriptions which are considered of even more commanding importance than the two or three central books of the Talmud itself, with which these commentaries form a unified whole. Thus if the child in question isn't considered good material for this kind of formation—the very essence of what "being a Jew" is all about—then they are likely if possible to be completely shut out. Hence too is an unsuspecting spouse marginalized in this way—a very common commodity, in the voracious Jewish need to penetrate everywhere—generally-speaking with few if any regrets at all. As all affection is reserved for the noted "inner circle", and the feckless "goyim" wife or husband is likely to die of a broken heart.

Another abominable aspect of the marrano family—this term being employed as a catch-all for several divergent configurations—is an overriding tendency toward virtual or actual incest at the very heart of this agonizing spousal broken-heartedness. For those who once embrace this hellish, dominating-yet-isolated domestic condition there can be no substitute for a parent or sibling as a partner-in-life, and if sexual liaison is not actually accomplished yet the closest possible thing is inevitably achieved. Here being a dead giveaway as to the marrano identity of a host of such families, always of this commanding and/or forbidding character, with this comprehensive inaccessibility being commonly accompanied by a marrying within morally-prohibited degrees-of-kinship. Thus for instance the openly-Jewish Rothschild family, positively notorious in this regard, always thus keeping the mammoth family fortune and influence close-to-hand. While this anomaly marks out the marrano or hidden Jewish family singularly well, as in the extended family of Thomas Jefferson, where marriage to first cousins and closer, as well as to scandalously-close in-laws, was the order of the day. Jefferson having been beyond any doubt a marrano Jew, a chief instrument in the onerous imposition of the Jewish system on these shores.   

Regional variations are rife in such a modular and unnatural social configuration—and you will find precious-few sociology texts which will even hint at such an all-determining power-pyramid—one found in particular in the USA, as well as here and there among emigrating families from a Habsburg pale in which crypto or marrano Jews positively thrived. One example of the latter being the centuries-dominant Mexican marranos of the Southwestern USA: typically in the form of a stolid matriarchy, as the carrier of often-carefully-concealed Jewish belief is quite commonly the mother and wife. As is indeed frankly acknowledged in certain circles in these intermountain climes. In this case however hardly the familiar affectionate figure of regional lore, this female because of her dominant position in the society around her being found with frequent dire inevitability, amid disarming vistas of mesas, cacti and purple sage, having that financial and material tenacity which comprises Esau's "blessing of the earth" in the most striking way. A typically own-counsel-keeping, often scowling or mockingly-sarcastic, overbearing female who accords eminently-well with a little-discussed, modern non-biblical Jewish matriarchy system. Distant ancestors of historically-notorious marranos having been Spanish, Dutch, Austrian and German Jews who quickly married into the native stock, having been deposited here as insidious point-men of Hebrew enterprise by a notoriously-pro-Jewish, proto-capitalist “Spanish” Habsburg empire of the 1500s and beyond. Globally-dominant ancestors to the Austrian (radical capitalist) school of economics, the imperial family of that realm having been compelled for its own survival to keep up appearances of compliance with seldom-seriously-enforced prohibitions of Jewish settlement in colonial lands. In decrees instituted under the reign of the preceding popularly-venerated Reyes Catolicos after the celebrated Expulsion of 1492.

Set in bold relief within tormented confines of such a home are some of history’s most frightful anomalies and personal deformities, as for instance an Adolph Hitler who had a Catholic father and a Jewish mother, whose twisted personality is a stark tribute to tortured contradictions such unions inevitably entail. Der Fuerer having been a world-conquering sodomite such as we here in the USA are becoming increasingly familiar with today: a menacing figure found in ever-greater number among soldiers, policemen and “security agents” of a radical new kind, and finding increasing welcome in society at large. An utter unknown a mere fifteen years ago, the recent appearance of this new paragon on the national scene should prompt deep concern and much study among those who hold the nation dear. While that Hitler who provides the notorious prototype for all such things likewise had the distinction of being a transvestite and a Skull and Bones (Thule Society) member: this latter an occult morbid-sex-rite society to which the presidential Bush family and a host of other high-level dignitaries since the early-1800s have belonged. With the Iron Corporal representing, for our purposes here, yet another of an infinitude of dismal variations on the same enigmatic theme, of tormented personalities commonly found in mixed Christian/Jewish homes, or those formed under much-vaunted “Judeo/Christian” sway. A contradiction-in-terms, this insidious wedding of Church and Synagogue, of two diametrically opposed worldviews, walks or ways: a poisonous anomaly of which the family can become the most formidable carrier. Especially if not countered by intermediate social bodies such as the frankpledge system represents.

Anomalies described above are forceful object-lessons that the home is either a place of enveloping love or it is no home at all: belying a vulgarly commercialized success-ethic which confuses the brick, wood or adobe structure, and manicured lawns for the cherished harbor of the human heart and soul. An insult to our minds, it is all part-and-parcel of today’s trivializing “brave new world”, in which sacred fundamentals are brought down to the level of crass materialism and filthy lucre, in which the highest possible value is to be found in real estate, space-exploration or medical research, with man thus turned completely, hellishly, on his head. The Jewish Esau having his day here, with glibly-marketing or stoutly-advocating tones, ceaseless clinical chatter, of motivators, educators and counselors filling the unsettled air. The marrano-Jewish infiltrative salient of the insertion of abominable Jewish materialism among other races and nationalities—with inbuilt provisions which see to the brutal triumph of cynical "progressive" ideas—being a central part of a loveless New World Order system synagogue-directed from first to last. This proto-Marxist personal and institutional salient being however only the latest model of the immemorial Hebrew rejection of the loving and merciful Christ: a violent reaction adopted wholeheartedly at the Crucifixion, the Jews calling the very Blood of the Lamb down upon their guilty heads. A remorseless rejection witnessed repeatedly in the pages of St. Paul. Today’s Huxlian Brave New World, of alienation, cruelty, perversity, manifestly being only another brainchild of the same millennial crowds outside the Praetorium who hoarsely shouted “crucify Him”. Denizens of a New World Order which finds Orwellian mass-institutionalized form today in innocuous-looking school-systems and perverted social agendas of a bewildering variety of kinds.

Here in this intrinsically-anti-Catholic personality-submersion and family-infiltrating dismemberment—whose classical home-invasive vessel is the cryptic marrano (secret) Jewish spouse—may be found the entire Jewish catastrophe-mongering in a nutshell: in endless congenital rejections, amid spiritually and emotionally overpowering, perception-molding associations of hearth and home. Of a people who absolutely must destroy, who have precious little else in life to pursue: purveyors of a futurism which would wipe the human-historical slate, of things most noble and uplifting to man, totally and irrevocably bare and "clean". “Having eyes that do not see, and ears that do not hear”. All this directed at a family offspring most-often immersed in the most poignant distress, with such treatment inevitably producing either a fiend, a longsuffering saint, or a broken personality of the most pitiful kind. One who must witness the incessant glorification of “cool”, street-savvy siblings to the sky, while himself remaining the object of a systematic process-of-repudiation which can easily amount to a veritable moral and psychological abortion. A hauntingly-fit image of the all-too-familiar prenatal atrocity, this domestic anomaly veritably nurses along the most tragic, deadly or unnatural of proclivities, is as noted fountainhead for any number of budding BTKs. Easily developing, at one extreme, a super-subtle master-mind of cruelty, double-talk and intrigue, at the other a broken personality, in any walk unable to succeed. Especially as this ceaseless domestic verbal-and-psychological war-of-attrition against the rejected offspring is in many case shared-out eagerly to friends and neighbors: this in a widening circle-of-contempt often disguised with condescension or pity, or laced with a mocking hilarity as a thin camouflage. Against a downtrodden but often genuinely-noble figure who likewise, with supreme economy-of-energies, serves as an all-purpose scapegoat for darker family passions thus readily let-fly. In a deadly program which continues until what seems the victim’s virtual cold-bloodedly-deliberate demise, almost as if those involved were embarking on some sort of hideous mission or duty. Against someone who allegedly “just doesn’t have what it takes”, under a standard of the most shallow, group-dominated, jerk-knee-trivial kind. Involving ringing indictments echoed a thousand weary times in exclusions in school or workplace, of the good, the kind, the verbally-benign. Recalling vividly the way pagan primitives were once known to drown or freeze-to-death a newborn deemed somehow unworthy to survive. Or how Christ, Goodness Itself, was so cruelly crucified. While this inhuman worldview finds such scapegoats among the family of nations as well: third-world lands slandered and vilified, invaded, morally and physically destroyed.

As suggested above, most critical to an adequate understanding of these insidious Jewish assaults and infiltrations, as becomes especially clear upon deep consideration of inter-family relations described above, is that Jewish identity is largely thought of—in the fluid plasticity of bitterly-anti-gentile, anti-Christian Jewish thought—as a radically interior capacity, if one at the same time counterintuitively proven in crass and heartless external ways. With brutal coups of various kinds allegedly marking one out as a true, fully-developed human being. An elite club of remorseless, calculating self-seekers into which, in heights of exclusionary arrogance, only Jews are said to be allowed. This no matter how small, or perhaps even nonexistent, a percentage ones Jewish blood or background might be. Hence too the ready willingness of Jews from the very beginning to mix their blood with gentile throngs: even if perhaps at highest of synagogue reaches there might still be recognized a certain dominating elite of the purest possible (under such circumstances) Jewish blood-related strains. While noted “under achievers” or family-rejects aren’t typically at all—and certainly not at first—some sort of slack-jawed loungers or brain-burnt smokers-of-dope, but rather much more commonly and indeed classically these newly-constituted goim are those offsprings who have retained a sincere, socially-articulated, self-sacrificing conviction toward moral purity and goodness, mercy and faith. They who practice a true forgiveness/repentance of the Christian soul, possessing virtues quite often learned from a “fall-guy” other-parent, quite-often an honest if carefully-buffaloed Christian soul.

Incalculable reinforcement to this entire interfaith burrowing-project—this heartless treason at the hearth—is the false and fanatically-pro-Israel evangelical assertion—ostensibly new but actually as old as the Judaizers condemned so roundly and by that very name in above-cited Epistles of St. Paul—that Christianity involves “no replacement theology”. A cynical fallacy thus so succinctly phrased recently on one of these breathless serial-pulpit TV shows. The allegation being thus glibly asserted that there was no real doctrinal split between Christ and the Sanhedrin: even though they put Him to death, and He Himself proclaimed openly, bluntly and in a thousand ways that “the axe must be laid to the tree”. A good Lord Who also outlined, in plain Aramaic to His pre-Resurrection lay and priestly listeners, how the Hebrew vine-tenders of the Abraham-initiated vineyard would be removed, destroyed, and replaced by others of a more worthy kind. How any of this—together with Baptism, the clear Revelation of the Three Persons of the Blessed Trinity, the un-bloody Sacrifice of the Mass taking the place of the merely-symbolic sacrifice of goats and rams—can be taken as “nothing theologically new” is only an indication of how blindly modern radical evangelicals—which is apparently most of them—a herd of the “blind leading the blind” which find ready allies among many post-Vatican-II Catholics as well—will follow the synagogue anywhere it leads them by the nose.

Plainly enough, the above-detailed cruel and deadly despotism against ones very own constitutes one of today’s chief practical vehicles of marrano-Jewish power and belief, spawning stunning object-lessons of carefully-engineered “weaklings” and iron-hearted “alpha” hoplites allegedly made of steel. With the two constituting indeed the very “winners and losers” of modern neo-capitalist, or disinterred nineteenth century robber-baron, lore. Herein being a ruthlessly-direct way to produce this long-standing and barbaric radical-American dichotomy—a categorical seldom so overbearing or ironclad in other nations or in ages past—in a seemingly unbreakable artificial extension likewise of pre-Civil-War slave-holding values of the most repulsive and abominable kind. The alleged alpha, from his synagogue-sponsored position of social, financial and institutional power, going on to inculcate stock-Jewish beliefs and close-kin-divisive racial or nationality prejudices in society at large, in a mammoth subterfuge which ever strains toward the irreversible fait accompli. A corrosive social agenda with fit corollaries in a grinding and degrading debt-crisis nursed-along for decades, with an intimately-co-joined posture as aggressive-warrior of all times, locking the USA in particular into a hellish role increasingly unlikely to be reversed. The aim being ever to preclude those resolute popular revulsive reactions which the whole disgusting imposture would by nature quickly and inevitably calls forth. The insidious aim thus being to always remain “one step ahead”, in whatever way it takes, of inbuilt defensive reactions with which we are divinely endowed. Throughout which con-artistry this Alpha remains a “go getter” cravenly ingratiated at every turn, in the commercialized vernacular of our times. A paragon who nonetheless “lies in wait” for the heel of the mild biblical maiden, the Blessed Virgin Mary, she who alone is given the Heavenly and invincible power to “crush the proud head” of both he and the devil he so readily and cravenly serves.