December 11, 2019: The prime duty of a citizen as set forth by the sheriff at the massacre in Pensacola: “Trust your leaders”. Anything else is a “conspiracy theory”.

We actually think that the young, harmless Saudi about whom the sheriff spoke, described by everyone who knew him as an exemplary student and person, could just before the horrific event have easily been subject to a gang-rape: for as history and indeed our own un-tampered human nature tell us, such violent reactions are to be expected when such things occur, as they so commonly do in the U.S. Military. A “make the world safe” institution where statistics indicate that some 36% of personnel experience some kind of sexual assault, whether by the same or the opposite sex, before they are through with their term of service. The noted Orwellian “trust us” sheriff being a far cry from plain-spoken law enforcement officers we have met across the USA, they who by-and-large are just as distrustful of “our leaders” as any “conspiracy theorist” ever thought about being. Oh, I know, I am “giving these good people away”, by writing such laudatory things about them, but their upper-level superiors—the county commissioners in particular, the legions of Judeo-Masonic big-Ikes in general—have already for a long time now been busy replacing our good peace officers and lower-level officials with Orwellian functionaries of every stripe, sodomy-and-drug-lord ”friendly” to a man. These being the sort whom the growing plurality of the politically correct can “trust” to smooth the way for the breezy and “non-judgmental” “justice”—except for draconian treatment of the upright—that increasingly rules the day, when it comes to school-indoctrinated childhood-sodomy, on-campus doping, and felonious conduct of every stripe.

Hence is this “trust us” ethic amply evident everywhere today, and not just at the podium-scene of some grizzly new massacre: bloody events which under all these “trustworthy” people multiply today like mushrooms in a morning sun. The list is endless, as to myriad instances in which the unqualified confidence of the “good citizen” is supposed to be broadly displayed. Thus only yesterday, at the highest of levels, does the Attorney General declare basically that “guilt can't be proven”, after himself having elaborated, and finally running out of breath in the Olympian endeavor, on the gravely-mendacious nature of the just-released IG report. That piece of trash which was basically a smooth cover-up regarding felony-level FISA-court oversteps: phone-taps being only the proverbial “tip of the iceberg” in the affair, conducted under the broader umbrella of “Russian meddling” allegations in the 2016 presidential election. According to Barr—as in our 90 % unsolved murder cases nationwide, and just like the criminal conduct of the Biden father and son, felonies “plain as the nose on your face”—mountains of evidence must first be meticulously examined, before we can “even contemplate” bringing any such matter, at any level whatever, to trial.

As suggested, this is the gingerly way that drug-pushers and violent criminals are treated throughout our system, a fact lamented in doleful terms to us out here on Crusade, by that majority of lawmen of noble character noted above. Why? Plainly-enough because drug-addiction and its massive backdrop of trillion-dollar support ancillaries, countervailing determinants of the U.S. Economy, are “protected industries”, having their own rough-and-ready brand of “tariffs” for those who don't “trustingly” comply. Thus too plainly to us, who have seen these multiple U-haul trucks everywhere where they shouldn't be, out on the Crusade trail, this latest Jersey City massacre was drug-trade related, and these trucks are major conveyances for “the stuff”, with dope being far-and-away the source of most violent crimes today, in school-yard, backyard and grocery-isle forays of every kind.

But then too there is this matter of the swimmingly-easy hijacking of electronic voting booths, which after all having no absolutely-essential “paper trail” therefore determine our elections “hands down”, without any reprieve possible at all. A subject which a religiously-”trusted”, neo-con-deified Rush Limbaugh archly dismissed some five years or so ago, pontificating that he wouldn't “go down that road”, in rhetorically answering a query which some listener might lodge over the whole frightful affair. After Limbaugh had thus “laid down the law” on the matter, all the nation's well-behaved neo-con-loyal listeners in their tens-of-millions duly and “trustingly” complied. Rush a guy who for a decade and more shared his carefully-contrived halo with men like that Donald Rumsfeld only yesterday found to have gravely misled the American public on the conduct of the Afghanistan war, after having, as we “paranoid” and “dangerous” “conspiracy theorists” remember so ruefully and bruisingly well, done exactly the same regarding Iraq and other ever-multiplying theaters as well. Apropos to which electronic skullduggery, in “hackings” which we ourselves experience with extreme frequency when trying to put articles like this online: easily a majority of these technicians, at levels both high and low, are of a radical-liberal bend-of-mind, and have no qualms at all about hijacking the transmission of honest conservative ideas. Indeed, the somewhat-scrambled appearance of our front page bears mute testimony to same, and a whole host of deletions and weird markings here and there does the same thing as well. Ah, but its “trust your local voting booth hacker” from “those who know”, no doubt because such brainy products of our “finest in the world” if dope-and-gun-running educational system couldn't possibly do anything wrong. But these plenipotentiary radical-leftists are already conducting a remorseless civil war, they and their Schiff-and-Pilosi allies in D.C. Only it is they who have all the weapons, who monopolize Government time and money with their kangaroo courts and phony wars, and we the “conspiracy theorists” have our hands tied behind our backs, being bidden to trust these enemies of their fellow man.