January 15, 2020: Our thesis: Just like Hitler after the German/Russian “Non-Aggression” Pact, Trump and his Congressional allies and “enemies” are set to “collude” in a surprise-attack on Russia in a coming WWII deja vu military Blitzkrieg, as global land-gobbling is central to perpetual Yankee-embraced Judeo/secret-society plans. Article much revised since above date.

Even Democrat fevered impeachment-related attempts to protect the Bidens, father and son, from the “long arm of the law” will no doubt take back seat to this long-time ultimate aim, of a USA which thinks, to paraphrase one of its many top-tier Orwellian functionaries, that “Russia just doesn't know how to manage its resources, so someone else has to do it for them”. While such wealth-stealing, nuclear-option strong-arm strategies are set to gain further rocket-fuel with the recent announcement by the IMF, covered by RT but ignored by major neo-con-mouthpieces like The Economist, that another Great Depression is just around the corner, largely provoked by ham-handed robber-baron enterprises like a negative-profit fracking industry, touted by Trump as a centerpiece of an “unprecedented” U.S. prosperity, but set to disastrously implode at any time. While as noted the standard cure for Yankee reckless economics is infallibly to be expected here: forestalling the day-of-reckoning by gobbling up more lands from more countries, by the capture of more foreign resources, all to be put at the effortless disposal of those Jews who control both the international markets and the USA. This unrelenting aim of a piece with an Israel-coddling Trump's time-biding endurance at home of the whole “Russia collusion” charade, of which the impeachment is only a part: an incredibly unfair ordeal serving nicely however to turn a budding gangster-style Napoleon into a much-lamented popular victim, providing a striking parallel to the 30s era plight of the celebrated corporal, Hitler being so sympathetically regarded back then by so many gullible Germans after his “Beer-hall Putch” trial and imprisonment. Even though the makeshift uprising featured a cowardly performance by Hitler himself, who ran from the field—a dismal but quickly-covered-over detail of a bloody fray which cost numerous Adolph-loyal Black Shirt lives—the whole however with high drama setting-the-stage for his meteoric, Prescott-Bush-assisted rise-to-power. A similarly “victimized” Trump himself, no doubt like the Iron Corporal also part of the Bush-league Bonesman/Thule-Society New World Order clan, can thus be seen as deftly “colluding” in the whole three-year-long Biden-hiding cannonade-of-lies from “undyingly hostile” but actually see-saw-cooperative allies across the Congressional isle. Thus our thesis that both branches of government are involved in a patent smokescreen operation—of noisy charges and counter-charges, theatrical bouts of sanctimony and recrimination—to hide cryptic plans for a blitzkrieg invasion of a much-hated “colluding” Russia—photo-finish to that mounted in mid-century by Hitler's tanks and troops. Thus the tactical timeliness of the perfectly-phony “honeymoon” said to be indulged-in by Trump with the land of his wife's relatives and ancestors, herself however with her life-long lesbian chum hardly a Russian who would fit into Putin's entourage. Wheeling columns of twin-branch D.C. associates meanwhile turning-on-a-dime and with rare economy-of-effort joining Godless Federal courts in their domestic perversion-advancing drive, lending either active support or deafening, spineless silence and blank-faced oblivion to programs pedophile-coddling to the bone, begging the looming Heavenly ire. (Now, did real guy-next-door Americans dream this nightmare up, or ever-maneuvering Jews and their favor-pandering political and academic followers? You be the judge.) All the theater around the impeachment ably deflecting voter attention away from the morally-catastrophic, institutional-pressure-induced, school-age “self-identifying” sodomy-promotion malaise; this while the White-House smooth operator “wins friends and influences people” both at home and abroad, impressing the ordinarily-discerning Lavrov himself with his “above board”, “easily read” words and body-language. A bullish but purely external disguise, causing the once-canny Russian foreign minister to find him “an easy president to negotiate with”. Words to be amply eaten in a fast-approaching due time.

But Russia—no friend of “sodomy on demand”—rather devoted with legendary fervor to the Immaculate Virgin Mary—has throughout a long history at critical times experienced Mary's signal motherly protection, in stupendous miracles-of-deliverance, notably wrought through the pious carrying before Imperial troops of the miraculous icon of Our Lady of Kazan, the chief general of Russian armies for a millennium in time, the invincible defender of the homeland in its darkest hours.

This sedulously-protective guardianship of Mary over the land beyond the Don being enjoyed dramatically during the Mongolian invasion, with innumerable hoards driven away in panicky flight before the visage of the humble maid of Nazareth. With the sacred image among several such pictures painted according to venerable tradition by St. Luke the Evangelist himself in portraiture taken from life, with Our Blessed Lady seated across from him, no doubt plying her distaff or rapt in prayer. While the same protection was afforded Russia, her forces commanded by the pious Kutuzov, as Napoleon's armies were lured into vast easterly steeps, with logistical lines stretched at length across a thousand-plus miles. And then finally, thus naked, hungry and exhausted, these decimated “world conquering” divisions were driven back home again, the Russian peasantry meantime engaging in a telling guerrilla warfare, much as they would do a century and more later against Germans on their own blitzkrieg drive. Ruddy farmers for one thing amply pouring boiling water or oil down the hatches of Nazi tanks, mortally scalding those within. While back in 1812 the sacred image was frequently carried before the embattled Imperial van, repelling storied assaults of a New World Order installing Napoleon. A protection no doubt also afforded during the above-described and soon-to-be-repeated Blitzkrieg, then of German divisions at the onset of World War II: as the typical Russian of Communist times was hardly in his heart-of-hearts an adherent to the Godless system imposed by Stalin, and quietly seconded by Roosevelt himself.

But another photo-finish replay of the mid-century corporal's agenda is Trumps prodigal printing of money: in the case of Hitler, in a different kind of economy, producing an actual renaissance of German popular wealth and industrial might, but with Trump's one hollow boast—a “wildly exuberant” if-mega-debt-burdened “recovery” led by a negative-profit fracking industry—only fueling a fast-approaching and unprecedented financial meltdown—being delayed as I write by a gargantuan printing-of-money, or extension of credit through operations of the Federal Reserve. This out-of-control engine of “prosperity” to culminate, as it always does, in another land-grabbing, profit-making—if this time apocalyptic—global war.

January 18, 2020: Lev Parnas, another scapegoat for Washington politics.

It is plain to me that Mr. Parnas was convinced he was helping to rid his country of corruption on a grand scale, in his open and admitted collaboration with Rudy Juliani and President Trump, in their investigations of a very criminal Joe and Hunter Biden and their pet project, Barisma. While the meek and open-hearted man, smiling joyfully in photographs with these new “allies” of his, his face plainly resplendent with goodwill, has no doubt all along furthermore been totally unacquainted both with U.S. campaign finance law and byzantine intricacies of D.C. dodge-ball politics alike, his whole manner suggesting someone who only wanted to help, and was unaccountably criminalized instead. But down deep in their darkened souls Washington politicos from both sides of the isle despise Slavic people from any land, and “use them up” at will, with one such Yankee official, whom Parnas thought had come to get him free of charges hanging over his head, barked at him in condemnatory tones instead, sounding not like a friend pursuing a common goal but “like a drill sergeant”. Alas, a tone highly familiar to “target nations” that we “discipline” with bombs or crushing trade sanctions and embargoes, mostly, when all is said and done, for not being sodomy-friendly. A penchant for barked orders known ruefully well to the common citizen of Trump America today.

January 12, 2020: Climate change: does it take into account a larger sun, an unprecedented, periodically-tumbling moon, a skewed orbit and rotation of the earth, the countless earthquakes and volcanoes now irrupting in unprecedented frequency? But fever-brained, schoolroom-apple-polishing scholastic demonstrators have no time or inclination to observe or even to think about such things.

Or for that matter does all your climate mania square with a documented reduction of pollution of which Obama spoke at the end of his eight years? An ambitious program of emissions-reduction partaken-in by China—falsely but regularly accused by Western sources of being the very worst of polluters, while baldly and criminally ignoring their burdensome labors toward such goals—inaugurating a costly effort undertaken as well and in a similar vigorous and determined way by several other major industrial nations around the globe. True, Trump has no doubt more recently injected a note of juvenile defiance of these critical conventions, but he can hardly have rolled things back that quickly, as to produce apocalyptic weather-related scenarios of today. While plainly-enough it is pure folly to blame such catastrophic events on the catch-all boogeyman climate change, one of the half-dozen standard bugaboos of the university crowd. Adherence to which fantasies, together with others related to sex, being the only way to “get an A” when exam-time comes around. But all this carefully-orchestrated selective oblivion serves fevered purposes of a flint-faced denial of a mounting, Fatima-predicted chastisement from God, of which these weather events are the first tame installation. This warning issued by Our Blessed Lady in Portugal in 1917—near a village once before the fifteenth-century Expulsion commanded and partially-populated by Muslims, hence the name—being a terrible punishment set to culminate in the biblical and seer predicted incineration of what is now fast becoming a global Sodom and Gomorrah. With the earth thus cleansed of some three-quarters of its numbers, as thus decided by Heaven, the coming punishment operating in tandem with a battle between forces good and evil playing out at precisely the same time. After which there will follow a new dawning of virtue, faith and true and generously-shared prosperity among men.

January 12, 2020: Trump rallies and Iranian college-student demonstrations: breeding-grounds of anarchy that vividly call to mind the '60s “free speech” and “free love” revolution in the USA.

Today a tiring replay of a campy old scene, back then you had a whole assortment of wild, overbearing and pretentious professorial and collegiate-hippy-pad protesters in noisy and chaotic, order-overturning movements, serving as trial runs for the brace of yet-more-radical, nihilistic (“everything from the past must go”) fantasies that now infect dimly-lit scholastic and media minds. While on the opposite right-wing side this Jew Greg Gutfeld of his show by that name and of Fox's “The Five” is a perfect example of a Trump-era conservatism which roundly repudiates all sincerely-held moral values of the Christian past: showing that order-overturning, see-saw-like movements of the left and right do indeed meet somewhere “on the dark side of the moon”. Greg going so far on The Five as to insult in the middle of the Christmas season and with stock-Jewish arrogance the musical culture of Christmastide, while likewise and with growing impunity making scarcely-oblique sexually-explicit comments there among that male and female panel, straining to recreate in a well-publicized setting the standard Yiddish ideal of social interaction, as irretrievably coarse, seductive and profane. Do some people react violently to such things, emanating from such gloating, ugly-mannered people? It is hardly something to be surprised at: although a great many so-called “anti-Semitic” attacks are historically mounted by the Jews themselves, the supposed victims, recreating on a smaller level some of Uncle Sam's now-notorious false-flag operations like a treacherous 9/11. Jews thus covering themselves over with ill-deserved pity and praise, always for the achievement of some bomb-throwing-revolutionary moral or sociopolitical aim.

In Iran, these demonstrations—renewed after the accidental shooting-down of the Ukrainian airliner—the kind of thing that unfortunately easily happens in a war-zone such as the Middle East has by Yankee/Israeli diktat become—are led by the same old well-trained professional-agitator breed, nowadays in the case of Iran urged on vocally both from the White House and by the American ambassador to Tehran, recently found there among the demonstrators, right on Iranian soil. Such professionally-orchestrated seditions a phenomenon with which we who lived through the '60s were well acquainted back then, with incendiary phrases leading the way to violent and barbaric deeds, the whole incendiary program back then already much-celebrated as the “up and coming thing” on the already-mostly-managed nightly news of those times. While the language of abuse, another stock element in the chaos-spawning trade, is voluminously tapped into by Trump, in a picture-perfect red-faced re-creation of Adolph Hitler's rise to power, stirring up criminal and violence-prone elements just as did the infamous corporal, tapping into an always-sizeable fund of n'er-do-wells regrettably found everywhere among men. Undesirables whose highly-contagious inflammatory influence is meant to be kept down, not encouraged, by officialdom. Trump using his tire-tool-like lingo to telling effect, employing long-forgotten old juvenile pejoratives like “pencil neck” to describe a political opponent who for all his egregious faults has a polished rather than Trump's own coarse manner—people with thick necks were regarded as ignorant boors in the ancient Rome of Cicero—this palaver-of-abuse a deja vu of antics the old thirties and forties war-criminal had performed. Even as the tactic of polar ultra-liberal agitators is to ceaselessly cry for change, constitutional, moral, confessional, with the throwing out of venerable custom and belief and its replacement by a wild and bizarre set of orbital notions in which God has no place, in which a contaminating moral pandemonium reigns.

In all these universal volatile irruptions of our times, from both left and right, synagogue funded in almost every case, skillfully manipulating a jerking, bobbing see-saw toward the violent dismemberment of every nation on earth, we are given an object-lesson that toxic ideas and beliefs bring forth unstable and destructive results, as night follows day. This Rothschild-piloted Jewish tendency toward sundry forms of plot and manipulation, sedition and unrest having been universally acknowledged back in the 1800s by such eminent scholars as Frederick Law Olmstead, at a time when the impenitrable dragnet of ubiquitous modern-day “thought police” had hardly yet been put-in-place. Jews since their adamant rejection of the Savior of two millennia having “set their teeth on edge” against order, justice and truth, with fervid efforts in the biblical “seeking to justify themselves” causing them to violently reject things universally recognized as good and right. Jewish faces either flinty or alight with riotous delight—as roams at random across the face of this adolescent-mannered Gutfield guy—ever ready to sacrifice something or someone “for the cause”. Such people, an all-too-familiar archly-self-assertive element among men, are always given an ample share in stratagems of Satan toward the destruction of societies and souls. Hence because these once-chosen people continue to reject Our Lord Jesus Christ—“the way, the truth and the light”—even as Muslims piously intone, on the merest mention of His holy name, “praise be given unto Him”—then we must expect no good at all to come from such a biblical “bad tree”, and if we place any hopes in them, we can anticipate the most egregious and un-looked-for things. While furthermore this accurate weighing-in-the-balance of the Jewish character such as pious and reasonable Christians have always done—until our own times of calamitous, precipitous theological liberalism—this finding of something lacking in the Jews implies in itself no hatred at all, but mostly a kind of horror—witnessing a sizable body-of-men who by testimony of Church, Bible and saints march “bravely” toward a collective eternal doom, like the biblical herd-of-swine thundering over the brow of a cliff. But the Jew in his blindness has to ceaselessly criminalize this Christian recognition-of-truth, mendaciously inserting an element of violent abuse and repression at the very core of the meek, loving and forgiving Gospel Way. Constantly plying the wily and misleading old saw, “anti-Semitic”, when the Jews aren't actually Semites but Caucasians, as proven by their present-day appearance and even by the meticulously-scientific genetic analysis of Our Lord's own Precious Blood, conducted together with a wide range of other such tests by the once-celebrated Shroud Commission of our very own U.S. Navy of the 1990s. An august body whose findings were scuppered just before their full public release, by way of polemic railings of some powerful Jewish publicist, instantly taken-up by a synagogue-controlled media as well. Once again as so often obtains, drowning out the truth with a cacophony of lies: as in today's myriads of “sources”, telling of collusions and “interferences” of every shape and size: solemnly or hysterically sustained allegations at whose furthest extreme, the “original document”, is found a bald-faced fabrication of the most odious kind. The well-attested testimony of the suffering Savior found on the Shroud being imprinted on the indubitably-authentic, agony-recording winding-cloth, preserved by divine providence since that sorrowful but all-determining day of two thousand years ago. But in this radically-loose employment of loaded words like “anti-Semitic” the further charge can be lodged against true Christians and most of the Muslim world that their attitude toward Jews is “racist”: a term which instantly accords infinite levels of righteousness to any thus allegedly abused. Hence too strongly bolstering the fabulously-powerful pseudo-nation of Israel—now thought of as not only a country but also a race, a religion, and a persecuted people—providing her another polemical pike for her cobbled-together fortress of terror and genocide there on the Mediterranean sea. That soon-to-be-divinely-vanquished stronghold which is the whole purpose that U.S. soldiers are deployed throughout the region, defending so “bravely” this biblical deceiver, from seven thousand miles away.

January 14, 2020: Conspiracy “theories”.

As I was already taught in high school, and as confirmed in pursuing a bachelor of science degree, one in which the “scientific method” is used in all regards, a theory is a statement already grounded in considerable factual evidence, lacking which that postulated remains a simple idea, called an hypothesis. Although even the latter must claim some appreciable motivating evidence, to be able to claim even that rather humble name, at least among estimable scientists and literati of yesteryear. Indeed, even the celebrated Theory of Relativity which gave us the A-bomb is still humbly dubbed a theory, although its factual reality is beyond dispute. So from base one is this stock component of the ultra-liberal polemic arsenal—allegation of conspiracy-theory mania—used in a misleading way, by a latter-day intelligencia with an ironclad predetermined agenda to pursue. Stoutly, pompously, with a great flourish of mocking gestures, voice-tone and body-language, identifying suspicions thus named as as a sign of mental illness, as merest flights-of-fancy, or as fishing expeditions in which the outcome is already fixed upon, and supporting evidence thereafter dreamed up, or at least unreasonable in the extreme. And although this is typically true of some Trump announcement on foreign policy, flanked by a Nazi-like military High Command, yet there are a host of genuine theories—by definition backed by solid evidence—propounded by honest conservatives, about criminal misconduct, citizen surveillance, the advancement of secretive agendas and the existence of powerful, admittedly-cryptic bodies to see them through.

A striking parallel to the above is found as well in morbidly-maintained misrepresentations of the first word of the much-impugned phrase, conspiracy theory. Ah, dear liberal non-think, A-on-the-exam-seeking “woke” people, we have you here, and you won't squeak by this time with a great volume of heady or sanctimonious words. For if we don't recognize conspiracy or conspiracies as existing then the first thing we must blot out of our consciousness—for such stampeding purposes perhaps you can enlist the oriental-mystical “sound of one hand clapping” to drive this hard-to-corner bawling herd away from your fevered minds—is something so commonplace as the “huddle” at a football game. Where these bonafide plotters formulate strategies for getting the ball over the scrimmage line “come what may”. While parents likewise conspire in the raising of a child, geese in the training of goslings, generals in the training of armies. Certainly, one thing you must accept as a conspiracy is the way the whole network of dope-pushers, stretching from way down in Mexico to upstate New York to Washington state, conspires in the most convoluted way, spending many hours pouring over maps and border-wall diagrams, firming up lines of “loyalty” with threats and “disciplinary” murders, in order to stealthily bring you your precious dope. In fact, without interaction, or “conspiracy”, there could be no human society at all, good or bad, something which is obviously defined as a concert of many minds.

Alas, it is hard for youthful—let alone incurably-pubescent—minds to recognize the whole murky world of malignant conspiracy for the portentous reality that it is—and young people are notorious for “walking right into” con-games—a street-level name for such conspiracies—at every turn. Simply because a sober awareness of the existence of conspiracy and betrayal is generally a battle-weary product of older years: especially when the young lack any abiding presence at home of mom or dad, gram or gramps, to hopefully render them forewarned, about things to be encountered outside the front door. With both parents today typically and inseparably chained to their worksite oar, and kids in any event kept like aliens from morning to night at increasingly-dangerous schools, from nursery school to college. Meanwhile youth, as suggested, especially good and innocent youth, is quick to trust, almost by definition, lacking that wariness and probity which is the legacy of older years. Interior commodities that are little likely to be taught by teaching-staffs which must be rigidly-progressive—and “conspiracy theory” despising—in all they say—or don't say—or quickly lose their jobs. Hence too conversely is today's growing contempt-for, disregard-of, or shunting-off to “retirement arrangements” of the tried-and-seasoned old a national disaster of epic proportions: oldsters perhaps thus dispensed by unctuous persuasions of that corporate-”elder-care” mouthpiece Joan Lunden of ubiquitous, chillingly efficient “A Place for Mom” TV ads, significantly now a principal sponsor of Fox News, just because they might lack “short term memory”. (In her paraphrased Stalinesque words of one ad, “when mom began to forget things, we started to think about a place to put her”). The much-pondered-over conversation-disrupting attribute, short-term memory loss, actually a rather inconsequential, indeed one-time-affectionately if sometimes-humorously-regarded thing, often so comically-dismissed by the very aged sufferer himself, a stock element of aging known since Adam and Eve: with this halting propensity being to all prior generations held to be the typical attendant of the noted probity and competency rather than any sign of their absence. (While of course, obviously, if the elderly are cruelly mocked, railroaded or ganged up on for this trifling deficiency, then matters could get worse for them, as ceaseless evidence shows would happen with anyone of any age when treated in a heartless and dismissive way.) Hence all this summary oblivion to the words and opinions, not to say guidance and wisdom, of the old is a sure prelude to a nation's eclipse or defeat. Thus then the corollary fate of the college student crowd, largely thus dismissive of the old, and full of misplaced trust in rabid professors full of off-the-board “theories” which don't even reach the level of an hypothesis. The young—and media-brainwashed masses—embracing a politically-correct-if-selective horror of “conspiracy theories” from the conservative side.

But then too there are groups for whom conspiracy is their whole motivating force and reason d'etre—these obscure bodies ruefully referred to historically as cabals—a word taken from the name for Yiddish mysticism and its various cults, called Kabbalas. These secretive associations too held in a proportional rueful apprehension by Christians and others for that millennium-plus during which they have been around: with forerunners stretching back to Epistle-recorded Apostolic days. For any Jewish mysticism is liable to be exceedingly, even diabolically, false, considering that People's rejection of a Savior Who had so loving chosen them to lead mankind to His Divine embrace. Indeed, there would be no Judaism at all, as a free-standing religion, were it not for this obdurate, often violent rejection, as the Jews had they accepted their own Messiah would have been absorbed-into, would indeed have been the foundation-of, the Christian Church. This institution, lovingly-anticipated by Christ, as recorded in rapturous New Testament lines, being called Catholic—or “universal”, or beyond all national borders, in its attachment to doctrinal orthodoxy—thus named already before the close of the first Christian century. While Church-contrary and other conspiratorial associations noted above are studied a great deal on this site, and warred-against on this Crusade: mostly-Jewish cabals for the ferreting-out of which indeed the Inquisition itself was mostly designed. The latter tirelessly fighting an all-points pirate league which finally did launch a takeover of the outward machinery of the Church, significantly enough, around the time of the American Revolution: that Barque of Peter whose storied vigilance had finally been worn thin over prior centuries by ever-burrowing machinations of this same malignant breed.

But back to our mentally-oblivious academics: a further example of the stealthy nature of much-mocked but well-founded “theories” is uncovered in ceaseless attempts of your beloved long-distance dope-grapevine to render the whole thing harmless-looking: the very thing we most lament about the sinister conspiracies written of here. Pusher-and-consumer routinely putting on some sort of charade at the shopping-centers where many of these “deals” are made, pretending to exchange pictures or pottery, carefully hiding the bag-of-dope concealed so carefully inside. And then too, an integral element in “the trade”, there's those “get back your smile” ads spoken of in an article above, in which every melodramatic pain is taken to make the largely-murderous business look perfectly innocent and tame. Focusing for this purpose, not upon the horrifying fate of those myriads—as mass graves of organless cadavers mutely attest—who are stripped of their vital organs while in a cataleptic state, including their well-formed teeth—and then discarded like so many insects or dog-pound dogs—but rather for carefully-framed-and-labored-over purposes rapturously enthusing about how those with rather clumsy-looking dentures or few or no teeth at all can once again “have their smile”. If they can only get to the nearest dental organ-mill—antiseptically called an “implant” company—and do the homicidal, guilty-by-association, but self-advancing and politically-correct thing.

Ah, yes, Virginia, or fresh-faced college freshman, there are such wicked men in this fallen world, and their victims shouldn't be called “conspiracy theorists” for identifying them for what they are.

January 17, 2020: Fatima and the Five First Saturdays devotion, a clarification.

Yesterday we saw a web-video that claims to contain the full version of the Fatima apparitions of Our Blessed Lady in 1917, a staggering Heavenly visitation much spoken-of on this site, during whose six separate apparitions took place a Miracle of the Sun which in our view was given by Mary as a preview of a solar-incinerating punishment set to descend upon mankind soon, and whose first manifestations are taking place even now. But in this video Our Lady is quoted as enjoining—seemingly as sufficient cure and preventative for the whole terrible now-descending ordeal, in which some three-quarters of the human race is set to die in so terrible a way—nothing more than the “Five First Saturdays”, a devotion including confession, the reception of Holy Communion, and the recitation of the Holy Rosary, all on the first Saturday of five consecutive months, with the promise of “all the graces needed for salvation” to those who perform same. This part of the Message—resembling in some ways a sort of “escape hatch” from things plainly so soon to come—having been announced according to this video-account by Mary during one of the less-known early apparitions to the three shepherd children, youthful prodigies of divine grace, which occurred prior to staggering, fright-inspiring manifestations yet to come in October of that momentous year of 1917. Not at all by coincidence, the same month in which the communist overthrow occurred in Russia, a land of which Our Blessed Lady indeed spoke much in these heavenly visitations, there among the central mountains of Portugal. But prior to hearing this video presentation we had repeatedly expressed doubts that such a devotion, of the noted Saturdays, was ever even mentioned by Our Blessed Lady, finding it, at least as described by “Fatima experts”, and as seemingly agreed by the principle seer, Lucia herself, to deflect strongly from the real significance of the Marian intervention, which was rather a call to penance, amendment-of-life, reparation for sins of our own and of the world. A laborious cleansing process indeed, much more costly than any simple set of good but easily performed pious practices, seemingly held by subsequent Fatima devotees to be “all that is required” to ward off the impending divine punishments of which the Heavenly visitant so dolefully spoke, if not always in entirely crystal-clear terms. Our Lady rather seeming to “leave it up to us” to decipher the meaning of certain stunning events witnessed, and heavenly words uttered, to and by those children in those hills, as participated in final apparitions by great throngs of people. The whole obliquely signifying cosmic happenings which now, a century later, are already well underway, but the frightful, threatening earnest-of-which still seems to evade the minds of Catholics of our day.

Yet in fact it isn't so much this perception of the Five First Saturdays devotion as the sine qua non of Fatima to which we here at the Crusade take the most exception but rather the specific identification itself of five “sins against the Immaculate Heart of Mary” in atonement for which this reparatory exercise was said to be required. These ruefully-consequential sins identified as certain aspersions against Our Lady's perpetual virginity: sin rarely found anywhere, and especially among Catholics such as composed the viewers of prodigies that day in 1917, hers indeed an unparalleled Marian privilege which were a Catholic to deny would make him no longer a Catholic at all. Rather do we find these five egregious offenses, corresponding to the Five First Saturdays devotion—now that their existence seems to find confirmation in this video, if it is indeed accurate in what it says (some of the statements found therein are pointedly not accurate), and in view of the entire spirit and import of the Apparitions—to most certainly be of a nature plainly more proportional to the chastisement so soon to ensue, and already indeed commencing now. Intensifying calamities, now typically, falsely and foolishly lumped together as “climate change”, detailed frequently here and there on this site. Hence would these putative five sins that most offend the Most Pure Heart of Mary—free of Original Sin by a signal divine dispensation—seem imperatively and more appropriately to be certain major depravities found in abundance during our times, and plainly, as identified throughout Holy Writ, generously able to draw down the divine wrath. Thus do we offer our own tentative list of what these five purity-related sins would most likely be. To wit: 1. abortion, 2. child-molestation—already “an epidemic”, as recorded by one saintly Irish confessor who wrote during the decisive decade of Fatima—3. sodomy—almost unheard of in earlier Christian-era centuries but already growing by leaps and bounds during the early twentieth and before. While finally in our own informal enumeration would readily be included, 4. immodesty of dress and behavior and, 5. the modern deluge of pornography. These would seem to be five sins that most draw down the divine wrath today, and offend Our Blessed Lady's Most Holy and Immaculate Heart. She who harbors souls therein, feeding them spiritually, in her heavenly/preeminent motherly way, in what is called by St. Augustine her spiritual womb: that harbor needing to be honored if it is to shelter beleaguered souls of men, feeding us with those divine graces of all-of-which she is by immemorial Church teaching the Heavenly Mediatrix. This title commensurate as well with her role there at the foot of the Cross, serving as the first and premier priest of New Testament times, offering up her Divine Son. While in that timeless station being likewise identified as the New Eve, as intimated above being the new and spotless mother of our race, giving rebirth to us there at the recreated Eden of the Cross, as children of Christ's redemptive grace, in her above-noted mysterious spiritual womb repairing in each of us the righteousness denied us by that first mother of our race, the primordial fallen Eve. Mary being divinely nominated in these ineffable maternal terms, at that self-same pivotal spot, in the Gospel of St. John, both to himself and to the rest of mankind, in Jesus' words, “behold thy Mother”. This fulsome Marian maternity being developed thereafter in the whole magnificent, Holy-Ghost-guided field of mariology which is the veritable crown jewel of Catholic theology. Mary there at Calvary, finally, by virtue of all these salvation-decisive functions, being revealed as the “woman” of Genesis, for whose “heel” the serpent, Satan, was in Eden under another tree condemned to “lie in wait”. That primeval arbor a precursor of the mighty one that was yet to come. A commission to the Mother of God fulfilled ceaselessly by grace and in a final conclusive manner in that defeat she is so soon to administer to the proud Lucifer, employing for this purpose her humblest servants here on earth, both in their lives of innocence and reparatory suffering, largely through onerous present-day persecutions, and also in manning those military forces which will fight that epic-making battle so soon to come. One predicted innumerable times both in Holy Scripture and in prophesies of saints for more than a thousand years. A decisive confrontation in which the forces of wickedness and impurity will be annihilated in the most complete way. With the coming heavenly chastisement itself, as when Pharaoh's armies were drowned in the Red Sea, forming an integral “flank” for sorely-beset and outnumbered armies of God, the culminating cataclysm coming to their aid on the battlefield, just when all seems lost.

January 20, 2020: “The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom”: why there is no wisdom today.

There has been a monumental attempt over the past sixty-some years, by “the usual suspects” discussed here, to minimize, indeed to mock and ridicule, any residual notions of God's justice, and of the fear of same, that had somehow managed to filter down through all the ridiculous “make the world safe” palaver of the two World Wars, in ancient realizations that it is God alone Who can make things safe for anyone here below. Twentieth century man becoming progressively oblivious of a rudimentary wisdom handed down lovingly to us by our more-pious forebears from out of majestic precincts of the nineteenth century: a time full of epic injustices indeed, but not without some sense of the terrible exactitude of God's meticulous examination of all our thoughts, words and deeds. Westerners now, and by our contaminating influence others around the globe as well, largely through that “faith without works” heresy which attends Yankee bombers, divisions and diplomats wherever they go, picturing the Deity as a kind of over-indulgent father, or more precisely even a mother, in a progressive bomb-throwing-revolutionary denial of that “fatherhood all of which comes from God”. This denial of the divine fatherhood part and parcel of the same ever-dismissive view of the Creator's frightful justice, his all-powerful hand, one which does indeed embrace, but is equally ready to punish, or if provoked beyond a certain point, to destroy. Indeed, after my own decades of life on this brainwashed earth, it is exceedingly hard for me as well to conjure up the towering magnitude of God's retribution-exacting might: something ever-present to my boyhood mind, when I had a father, after whom I was named, whose noble visage can be seen upon typing in his name on a search engine, a man born in 1898, who was to me the very personification of God's vigilant justice, a man of beloved memory whose merest frown was enough to return me speedily to the straight-and-narrow path. Yet a much-misunderstood man at home, although much admired and loved abroad, whose own heart was full of the most genuine, labor-ridden devotion and love: as the two qualities or virtues, justice and love, aren't at all mutually-exclusive, as they are so typically thought of being today.

Hence in view of the thickening obscurity of today's folly, of people who lack even the biblical “beginning of wisdom” which is the fear of God, the critical necessity of sedulously awakening and harboring this precious “pearl of great price”: before every good thing is swept away from our grasp. As those so dismissive of such weighty things as are we, such biblical fools, walk heedlessly into every pit dug before us by biblical “enemies of mankind”, the Jews and their gloating, citizen-surveilling secret-society ancillaries: servants and masters both in complete, suffocating control of today's world. They whose “scientific” approach is more like a Dr. Jeckle producing a lumbering Mr. Hyde, sending men off on fatal tangents to the loss of their souls and minds.

January 23, 2020: A retraction.

While we were out on the Crusading trail our ability to confirm things heard out there was almost nil—much like today's electorate vis-a-vis mountains of false evidence against Trump in the Ukraine—having no mobile hot spot with which to do extensive searches, and confined to a roadside itinerary grueling in the extreme. Hence were we sometimes misled by false information, which we sometimes felt impelled to use nonetheless to advance the cause, in this case about a bit of American history far in the past. Being misled by a statement by someone who seemed knowledgeable and trustworthy—as so many do—having to do with the Louisiana Purchase, concluded by President Jefferson, with whose geographical boundaries we were only vaguely acquainted until only last night, assuming them to easily include much of those ranging one-time-Spanish possessions that stretched all the way to the Atlantic coast. More southerly and easterly parts of which lands were soon to be incorporated more closely into U.S. possession in those bloody, land-grabbing, anti-Catholic Creek Wars which actually precipitated the War of 1812. When Georgian England—said to have been such a tyrant by the Founders—attempted to come to the aid of these beleaguered and mass-martyred native neophytes to the Catholic Faith. The whole saga of the era of the Purchase is indeed veiled in obscurity, being the subject of much patriotic legend in the USA, with citizens largely kept in the dark about a subject generally discussed, like most guilty things—indeed like the present Impeachment charade—with almost no facts but much breathless rhetoric and imaginative fables, in this case against “cowardly” Englishmen. (While bald-faced lies about Trump “collusion” in official corruption in Ukraine depend entirely upon voter unfamiliarity with “facts on the ground”, thousands of miles away, as do most such lies having to do with foreign policy). The contest said to have boiled down to little more than Brits “running through the briars, and through the bushes, and through the places where the rabbits wouldn't go....” Thus, like most Americans, unprepared to deal with another fable of the same general kind, we were only vaguely aware of the original terms-of-cession of Spain to France—of the noted Louisiana Purchase territory—when the ocean-going ships of the former were exposed during the 1790s to grueling English-sponsored freebooter piracy for having supported the Revolution in France. This mad embrace of the bloody and chaotic Jacobins, by chicanery of a certain Spanish Masonic official named Gudoy, finding Spain at length forced to disencumber herself of a great deal of her colonial lands in this Hemisphere: the “Purchase” lands thus sold first to France, and then a few years later sold by France to the USA. Ergo, our thunderously wrong statement, which we lament heartily, and for which we ask the reader's forgiveness, that “the first two southern states”, after the original Thirteen, sought admission to the Union “as free states”, under terms of the Louisiana Purchase: as irrelevant a statement as could ever have been made, albeit handed-off to us by this fluent and seemingly-knowledgeable guy. What nonsense, when we consider that the eastern boundary of that rapidly-exchanged territory was hundreds of miles west of those two prospective states.