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Note: This writing was originally done around 2003-4, when the website was first put online, and generally describes circumstances and activities of that particular time. Hence there is basically no mention of the Crusades that had previously been undertaken and which would become our principal activity in later years.

Inaugurated here is a grassroots effort toward the approximate reestablishment of the Catholic social, economic and political structure of past ages: this as being the only possible remedy to the global tragedy of many dimensions that presently unfolds. While much of the strength and beauty of the approach spearheaded here is that it operates from the ground up: with its most durable roots at the local and interpersonal level. Hence there is no all knowing supervisory elite to keep things under control: yet at the same time the tissues and tendons of this unique body-politic are capable, with God's help, of operating in the most coordinated, effective, in many ways spontaneous kind of way.

The co-owners of louisdejolietpublishing.com and founders of the associated National Anti-Sodomy Crusade and closely-related effort toward the establishment of A New and Better Confederacy, Louis and Joann Zdunich, have had a wealth of experience in dealing with the modern economy and system. But their encounters have in many ways been unique: having for instance over the years worked in such fields as educational benefits counseling and worker-placement: during one period when employed at the same location, both aided on occasion in the job-searches of several out-of-work and oddly-forsaken higher-level managers. And these daily routine tasks, posts obtained more-lately through their knowledge of computers and the internet, helped them gain a unique view of the global workplace: forming in turn an important part of the perspective found on these pages. For one thing having over a period of many years seen employees go from being well-remunerated and relatively-humanely-treated to becoming mere faceless commodities on a global market. This worker-denigration being only a part of something much larger: a gradual descent into various sorts of servitude, an atrophy of human existence accelerating after the Reagan years, which acted as a floodgate of many unconscionable things military, political and economic. A disturbing scenario in which the truly good worker faces mounting replacement by machines, humble or strategic positions in industry being lost overnight and often without warning: in dismissals not because of any failures to perform, but quite often for putting character or morality before a faceless, valueless agenda.

Amid the new, mysterious and profound economic/organizational malaise, with a trivial multiplication of much-made-over gadgetry, Louis and Joann found as well that every kind of erratic behavior has to a steadily-increasing degree been rewarded: even forming a novel litmus test of a paradoxical new corporate or bureaucratic loyalty. In tribute more to an odd new system or method than to persons or firms. While the behavioral irrationality, including a troubling new resurgence of racism, joins with a product and/or service design-related deterioration which closes the loop in a generalized loss of real wealth in all its myriad, complex forms. Especially considering the far-greater potential for mutuality, quality and serviceability that is achievable. The two themselves, not surprisingly, having not infrequently been bitten by the same downsizing bug that had been the demise of so many one-time customers or clients. This whole complex exclusionary phenomenon, invading more realms than just labor, involving a changing of the guard which would have profound consequences for American life at all levels and in matters alike social, moral and organizational.

Within this arduous scenario, however, the two, rather than losing hope or Faith, were destined to build upon an initial grasp of Catholic social and economic teaching: by way of further study and reflection applying it to these and other pressing issues, and titanic injustices, of today. Independent research being ultimately complemented by a return to college, and culminating in these Crusades, web-pages and publications, constituting a unique and compelling voice from out of a living past. A venture gradually and stubbornly put together during labors to survive both morally and physically in today's inhospitable employment-world.

Clearly evident from these web-pages and publications is that the ideas and values of louisdejolietpublishing.com are not "outdated", narrow or parochial at all, as conservative or traditional thought and method are now so often characterized. The new venture bringing forth concepts that are rather economically-prolific, organizationally and socially vigorous, and applicable to today's high-tech capacities. From out of which resources the two make available articulate, densely-reasoned written works under the general heading of Catholic social, political and economic thought, comprising an interwoven body of concepts built solidly upon natural law and thus appropriate to any people, polity or enterprise, ideas at the very founding basis of Western law and Civilization. This timeless approach finding its prime practical vehicle, in turn, in the organizational method called distributism, as advocated by such authors as Amintore Fanfani, Hilaire Belloc and G.K. Chesterton of the early to mid-Twentieth Century, but most brilliantly and thoroughly elucidated by far in the encyclicals and decretals of both recent and earlier popes. This whole approach being centered around the economic and political agency of the individual human person: vitally enabled by those small scale and often in many ways intimate socioeconomic units that are most congenial to him.

As indicated, these publishing and disseminating efforts, like a sort of Gospel mustard-seed, were launched on a mere shoe-string: for which reason the couple is in a constant search for like-minded collaborators, with which to share labor critical and decisive, and rewards incomparably rich and unique. Louis wife Joann, formerly VanCleave, brings to these efforts her unique personality and talents, one of which is a sharp memory, while being descended from a multitude of early Colonial New York and Virginia settler-families, one of which shared church-pews with Patrick Henry. This mother of their son and two daughters has been of immense help to Louis as well in unraveling present-day political and organizational mysteries, lending her aid alike in critical/analytical discussion, generous encouragement and laborious research assistance. Bringing to all things the penetrating wit of her native Tennessee, an indispensable accompaniment to brighten otherwise onerous tasks. Such today-not-so-common skills having been learned during a childhood among backwoods Tennessee families like those descended from Davy Crockett, whose last home before the Alamo was in the same Huntingdon, TN where Joann was born. Joann also being descended from the first doctor in the state of Kentucky, which then included Tennessee, a certain Dr. Walker, who was a close companion, friend and business associate of Daniel Boone in his founding adventures. Likewise does Joann count in her pedigree not only a passenger on the Mayflower, surnamed Fuqua, but other ancestor-families dozens strong, including surnames like Ross, Routon, Ford, and a host of others equally important and familiar in history, living anywhere from the James river to the Appomattox, dating back to colonial, pre-Revolutionary times. Then too there are those VanCleaves, her maiden surname, who were likewise closely involved with Daniel Boone in the settlement of Boonesboro, one of which ancestors, Jane VanCleave, was indeed married to Daniel's brother Squire. This while the father of Louis, of the same first name, was vigorously-active in CIO labor union in its inception in the Chicago area in the mid-twentieth century, having participating in leading events in its tumultuous early history, and was later a co-founder of the Croatian Cultural Club of Joliet, IL. Finally, Zdunich ancestors of Louis were Croatian noblemen heavily involved in the centuries-long defense of Croatia and Western Europe from the Turkish menace, having been imperially-honored commanders of fortresses and troops all along the beleaguered Austro/Hungarian frontier. Joann has studied accounting, business and history.

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