January 9, 2020: Apologies for hasty positive comments about Lindsay Graham. Also, please note that there are many other corrections and even some few retractions we would make if we could, but we can spend very little time editing our website, as we always have to use a non-“secure” network, and it is precisely when we open up our “file manager” that we are highly vulnerable to cyber attacks which can completely scramble what we attempt to put online. Not having had cable and all its anti-hacking security features for some five years now. Thus too in the rush to retrieve old hyperlinks that had been deleted from the bottom of our front page, in worries over the same cyber threats, I mistakenly put some of them—newer and older versions—on line twice, for reasons hard to explain. These difficulties aggravated greatly by all the hurry, hoping and praying the while that all of it wouldn't be deleted all over again, by ever-present hackers who hate everything we have to say.

When we first found ourselves with TV service a few months ago, after some years out on the Crusade without it, the whole impeachment imbroglio was just then firing up, and the noted Senator was arguing convincingly against the chirade going on in the House of Representatives, an unprincipled ambush of a president such as had never before been seen. Although we are fundamentally averse to the policies and well-disguised plans of the de facto dictator, it was not hard to see how insincere and untruthful were the Schiff-and-Pilosi-directed proceedings taking place on the House floor. Then too, adding to our premature positive assessment of Graham were his significant departures from the Trump “party line” with regard to the abandonment of the Kurds: actually a green light for a Petraeas-trained Islamic State to spring back forcefully to life: so deeply entrenched is the Yiddish chuspa of Uncle bar-Samuel's Israel-directed military-industrial might. While Lindsay's traditional fanatical war-hawk stand had faded somewhat in our memory as well, since we don't so much consider political personalities on this site as the fundamental undercurrents upon which these moving figures ride. Hence did Lindsay's manner regarding the impeachment make a tremendous impression on us, he seeming to be the very biblical “Israelite in whom there is no guile”, from which standpoint came the praises written on this site some two months ago. But after his now-infamous extended golf-outing with the President, from whence he came forth foaming-at-the-mouth in favor of Trump's incredible barbaric oversteps there in the Middle East, he emerged “a horse of a different color”: as have indeed so many other leaders after some such hiatus away from the political scene. Like Ronald Reagan after his “recovery” from an attack by “a madman”—when his policies took a drastic turn toward a neo-con position he had never espoused before—suggesting to our minds the possibility that a “double” had been installed, after this patent “in house job”, and that the good Ronald Reagan had not actually survived the hail of gunfire to which he had been exposed. That an in-house assassination, as in the case of John Kennedy, had actually obtained. Hillary Clinton likewise underwent a dramatic change from earlier months and years, just after the terrible embassy attack in Libya, after which she took an extended leave-of-absence, and came back a dyed-in-the-wool ultra-liberal fanatic of the first degree, her personality altered, even her physical appearance seeming to us not quite the same. While the same too might be said to a degree about George W. Bush just after 9/11: a man who in the first day after the treasonous textbook insider job spoke incoherently into the microphone, plainly in a state of shock. But a man who came back from “a needed rest at the ranch” about a month later as cool as a cucumber, fired up for the prosecution of a perfectly unjust war. But in fact, doubles or “for real”, all these Washington puppets know how to do is to slander good people like this Soleimani, a man who some few years back gave crucial aid and counsel to the American-backed “Northern Alliance” in Afghanistan, spending much danger-exposed time there on our behalf, in the U.S. fight against the Taliban. But memories are short for the professional liars in D.C., and all this has been quickly and quietly forgotten: now he is only “a terrorist”, and “the world is better off without him”, and “he killed hundreds or even thousands of American soldiers”. No mention is made, except for the marginally-plain-spoken Ron and Rand Paul, that these deaths, so fantastically attributed to only one man, took place during the Iraq War itself, when Napoleonic American aggression under perfectly false, manufactured pretenses strongly motivated all good men of the region to resist the American invasion. Of course, actually, he was so brutally liquidated, again under false pretenses, with the “imminent danger” briefing fraught according to some few wiser Congressional voices with “children should be seen and not heard” patronizing condescension and dolefully-sophomoric logic. Why? Because he and his Iran-backed forces in Syria, supported by Russia and the legitimate government of Al Assad, were the only people actually fighting the so-called Islamic State: the end-time monster let loose on the earth by none other than the United States itself. (This was why Patraeas left his post in Pakistan “in disgrace” a decade or so ago and was reassigned so suddenly over to the Middle East, “in shame” over a sexual liaison with a female staffer, something which in the U.S. Military is always left entirely unremarked. There in Iraq taking under his wing this diabolical creature Baghdadi, actually a Jew, who minus the flowing beard looks—he's still alive—like no Arab at all. But the bulk of the American people are perpetually off on their well-buffaloed success-ethic and jingoistic “patriotic” bonhomie, and can be counted upon not to “connect any of the dots” in the Washington/Israeli globe-conquering spree.)

January 9, 2020: “Your smile”: that paragon beneficiary of the vital-organ-theft mafia, the dental-implant industry, takes off like a rocket once again.

A few years ago we featured an article about this highly-theatrical ad, seen now once again with few modifications in all its melodramatic glory, a promotional sponsored by several dental implant companies, featuring highly-emotive people recounting how hopelessly-disconsolate and unhappy they were, in those dark days prior to receiving their new implanted teeth. Now, an implant is nothing other than an organ taken from someone else's body while they are actually still alive: new and fraudulent, organ-snatching-friendly “definition of death” legislation notwithstanding. For as doctors have always known, if you wait until someone is actually dead, according to the old and true definition, then their organs are so moribund as to be incapable of taking root in someone else's system. While likewise TV graphics in some ads of these stolen implanted gems being more-or-less riveted into place in the recipient's jaw, thus suggesting teeth non-human and artificial, are likewise and with similar certainty fictional in the extreme. Indications being indeed that the vast majority of these “donated” organs of any type are those of murder-victims “taken for a ride” before the bullet meets its mark, people reduced somehow to a comatose condition in which the organs—livers, teeth, hearts, anything at all that is desired by well-heeled, “wonderful”, smile-seeking people—can be “safely” extracted. After which of course the now-unviable cadaver—typically minus an assortment of its organs, after extraction kept in cold storage—is discarded in those mass graves uncovered now and again. This a staggering news item now no doubt being carefully covered over by authorities prevailed upon to hush up, variously with hush-money, or if that doesn't work with stock-“impassioned” pleas that “the people would never understand”. Vital organ theft being just another addendum of the dope/household-goods/auto-theft trade, the cause of multiplying murders across the USA, footage of which is seen almost nightly on TV. Well, the noted essay once found on this site, striving forcefully against this organ-snatching epidemic, in which I treated of this subject in the same highly specific way as I am doing now, and which indeed seemed to have contributed to the pulling of these ads for the length of at least a year: this important and incisive article I later foolishly modified, so as not to pay so much attention to this one particular form of the stolen-organ trade. Well, after that, the “get back your smile” TV ads have returned with a vengeance, with the same pathetic-looking people still relating, in tear-jerking, broken-hearted tones, how they were once “afraid to smile”. Why? Because they didn't have any—or at least any nice—teeth. But that this “wonderful” implant company had come to their aid in so marvelous a way. Actually, incidentally, many people manage to smile quite nicely without any teeth at all, as a smile needn't at all be open-mouthed, like some sort of full-throated laugh. But I guess we have to “trust these people”—that they somehow just couldn't squeeze-out a smile without a mouthful of beautiful teeth—much indeed as we are ceaselessly lectured to “trust your leaders”—even if we know them to be liars of the first rank.

January 10, 2020: “Thou hast loved justice and hated iniquity, therefore hath God, your God, anointed you with the oil of gladness above your fellows”. This Old Testament verse paraphrased from memory.

You need look no further for the cause of that “depression” for which so many pills are prescribed, palliatives which can cause some people to go on deadly rampages, caught in lurid detail on the nightly news. It is the whole new institution of radical humanism, much mentioned on this site, which has dissuaded people from a vigorous moral universe alive and well only some few decades ago, notably before fanatical, quasi-heretical effusions coming out of the '60s-era “Catholic” rogue-council, Vatican II. That synod which essentially if with deafening silence embraced all the perverted falsehoods of Sigmund Freud, as had already indeed much of the liberal-Protestant crowd. All the palaver about “never judging”—even if the sodden guilt of some guilty party is “plain as the nose on your face”—in a mass-brainwash which now sees killers and rapists getting off with a judicial rap-on-the-wrist—this fantasy-land having salted the soil of a joy-producing sense of right and wrong, that once graced the Christian soul. While the present contrary course causes a great many to heedlessly embrace to their bosoms the most vile, treacherous and duplicitous of men, or at least to suspend judgment, ever fearful of incurring the censure of any number of powerful persons, agencies or elements, thereafter to be “judged” indeed in the most implacable way. Simply for “calling a spade a spade”.

Plainly, there can be no joy in such a gray and depressing worldview, such an inner moral universe, in which we no longer distinguish friend from foe, and thus remain sorely unequipped for the chief struggle of this life, by which we choose an eternity in Heaven or in Hell. For this life is simply a mortal combat between good and evil, one in which in every generation many a good man is called upon to give up his life. But the quoted biblical line directs us heartily to where the cure for this hesitation-auguring disease is to be found: in resolutely “loving justice and hating iniquity”, so that we have no part with the vile crowd, regaining a critical interior citadel in which we know deep in our souls friend from foe. A state of hearty, joyful vigilance in which we are ready when needed to face off with those thus negatively identified, armed with that brilliant clarity-of-judgment which a just and upright heart brings to our minds. Productive of a joy which “springs forth eternal”, a wellspring of sanity which needs no pills or psychological-counseling sessions to bring men the healing elixir of peace.

January 9, 2020: The genuine legitimate nation is in a constant state of warfare with burrowing elements which seek to undermine and destroy it. The general outlines of a good state.

This is no “theory”, let alone a “conspiracy theory”, but rather a concrete, redundant, ceaselessly-demonstrated fact, with the carnal or post-Resurrection Jews leading the van for two millennia in this nefarious demolition exercise. Being frequently aided by a host of quasi-nationalities, criminal conspiracies and secretive cults of the same general mind. This synagogue-sponsored maelstrom of chaos and deceit being bruisingly evident today in the whole military/political debacle of the Middle East, with “the state of Israel” the turgid eye of this “perfect storm”, calling forth armies to defend its claims and aggressions of the most untenable, unnatural and genocidal kind. This then is the universal subculture of treason and crime which must be resisted at all costs and in the most strenuous way, with this exertion the foremost duty of authority at every level both high and low. As this earth is a pretty place only in the most superficial sense, being in fact a bloody battleground between forces good and ill. Hence the necessity of maintaining the central rule of organizational distributism, the political philosophy of the Catholic Church: namely that the smallest possible unit must be ceded, must indeed forcefully claim, as its right, the greatest possible authority over the broadest range of issues that can reasonably come under its purview. Since as soon as an unit-of-organization exceeds such spare numbers, among whom close and long-extended personal acquaintance is the overriding element, it becomes a target of these relentless, clever-disguise-wearing enemies of the state, interlopers who skillfully proceed to undermine all efforts toward the common good. Ergo, the fundamental power or authority of the individual—the only living and breathing actor involved, the group being only an idea—over his own thoughts, words and deeds—necessarily within the enveloping framework of the family, the neighborhood, the district, the city, and so on. While finally too gravely necessary is the exclusion of carnal Jews from any ruling authority, as their entire religion is founded upon an apostate rejection of the Savior, and an historically-documented, systematic resistance-to and insurgency-against the Catholic state, indeed against statehood and Civilization as a whole, of any creed or clime.

Now, we are all only too familiar with all the arguments—lodged by the same noted implacable and destructive interlopers—in favor of the modern system's massive and inscrutable physical, and hence organizational, scale—with this monstrosity held to be the only possible vehicle of an apotheosized “progress”—this latter in turn held to be the only worthy terminus of human labor and effort, the do-all and the end-all of earthly life. This sine-quo-non—sustained by a Federal Reserve System which manages gargantuan global funds—set to be maintained “at all costs”—including cunning and treacherous, own-citizen-murdering measures of every shape and size—as being required in order to “keep us free”. A vaunted aim for which all the gadgets and baubles of modern, densely-cluttered life are likewise held to be rigidly required. This modern progress mania however opening the chain-of-command of authority at every level to the untrammeled infiltration and subsequent slow-or-speedy dominion of these rogue elements, with their inevitable masters being the Jews, biblically identified as “enemies of mankind”. But what are the tremendous advantages said to accrue from “progress” and the towering scale which it requires? As common experiences testifies in the most redundant way, these “great boons” are in every case a “two edged sword”, hurting at least as much as they help, bringing into play a panoply of thorny details and contingencies—including a cornucopia of false and harmful medicines from the profit-motivated pharmacology trade—all together fatally hamstringing and sabotaging the physical, moral, social, economic, political and intellectual existence of men. With a prodigal waste of resources endemic to a sky-darkening monolith whose chief contribution, when all is said and done, is to satisfy the vain curiosities of scientists and engineers, about things, in the balance, better left alone. As live or inanimate matter is indeed supremely engrossing, obsessions-with-which are a direct penalty of Original Sin, and the incessant, gratuitous unraveling-of-whose myriad large and small manifestations takes us further and further away from God and all truly salutary things. While also providing disproportional advantage to a certain tiny elite who are jerk-knee obedient to barked commands issued from some Trump or Pilosi, Hitler or Stalin. While laboratory-level apparatchiks peer deeper into space, or plumb the inner workings of sub-atomic particles, of genes, and the “harnessing” of things both nano and cosmic in size—with all alike tied—more than anything else—to an ironclad regimen of upper-level social, moral and behavioral control. An agenda inevitably placed at the service of the most perverted and depraved of persons, such gigantic organizational monoliths being utterly unmonitorable by the common-sense-motivated, legitimacy-bearing body of ordinary men. All this when in fact we must all soon-enough die, and face a Maker Who placed us here to prove our worth, either in a life of wickedness or one of good deeds, of faith and devotion or free-thinking “liberty”—hardly needing a particle-accelerator for any of this—after which either Heaven or Hell is our allotted eternal fate.

Thus strongly confirming the certitude of all the above, and as political economists of the ages and a moment's reflection strongly confirm, independent sources of wealth are essential to genuine personal liberty and agency, with this fundamental requirement forcefully limiting the economic, social and political infrastructure to humbler forms. Which true boons if we forsake we have doomed ourselves quite quickly to live in chains.

Hence in accord with this age-old economic simplicity and other parameters outlined above the prime necessity compellingly asserts itself that every group within the organizational table must be as small—and self-monitorable—as possible, bringing-into-being an informal, hospitable, neighborhood-level vigilance, typically harmless but when necessary of the most formidable kind. This table-of-organization in our view critically requiring the input of the Frankpledge—an institution inherited from early medieval England, consisting of ten heads-of-household, one having critical, close-to-home law-enforcement, crime-and-immorality-prevention and economic (lending, etc.) functions of a largely-informal but fundamental kind. With this most basic of units to send one of its members as a representative to a larger and more geographically-comprehensive body, traditionally in England called the hundred, or one hundred heads-of-household. This body then functions as a sort of “tribal moot”, allowing for the pooling of many minds, in meetings at least once a year, also to convene notably in times of emergency, toward the formulation of solutions to issues ranging all the way to the national level: the tinier framework of ten men not really being an adequate arena for such a fundamental political task, one which requires the input of many minds, sometimes indeed with the least member offering the most incisive contributions to matters at hand. But upwardly thereafter the number of ten seems once again most appropriate, all the way up the line, perhaps up to the national level, where a ten-man body of commoners could present the ideas of “the man on the street” to the king and his earls of the realm. For as we go higher up in this trellis of popular authority there is less valid place for voluble debate such as typically monopolizes larger assemblies like the hundred, let alone our 400-some member House of Representatives: where in the latter case every sort of treacherous burrowing weasel holds forth in high theater, wearing the prestigious garb-of-state. Those leaders in upper levels in the advocated system, genuinely empowered, having their sensitive hands directly on the pulse of the people, coursing upward through the body-politic from the canny input of the ten-man local Frankpledge, with successive upward organs-of-power contributing invaluable and otherwise ill-obtainable prudential judgments on particulars of every shape and size, germane to the level at which they live and move, garnered like marvelous fruits off a well-watered tree. All levels lending insights on critical matters of commerce—in our system as much as possible confined to the local and regional—as well as manifold local and international affairs, and being ready to act decisively, in lithe coordination, on the polity's behalf. And empowered to resist any Trump-like persuasions toward unjust war. The rising popular framework to be counterbalanced by a local to regional to national nobility at every corresponding level of power, with these leaders—largely chosen by a kind of “natural selection” as manifestly provided by God—having proven themselves in practical undertakings or even in war—empowered to issue charters of rights and privileges which incorporate the wishes of both sides. Indeed, anyone with great wealth or vast holdings of any kind would be required by law in this system to become a part of the nobility, or else after due consideration to be summarily stripped of most of their possessions and powers, things they would manifestly use only for their own pleasure, will and whim. Being major constituent parts of the system, and rich recipients of its blessings, thus being called upon to spend themselves and their resources to build up the realm, or the county, or at whatever level they might be. This having notably been the case in the Spanish Government of early modern times, when for instance the count-duke Oliveres built on his own resources and skill the strategically-critical Port of Cadiz, prior-to-which that region of Spain had been mortally vunerable to invasion from both Africa and the sea. No “pork barrel” contracts being required in enterprises thus by nature supremely-well-focused and lean. (Here then obviously being no parallel to today's “privatization” schemes: stock-traded enterprises that are as pork-barrel as can be.) While the Duke of Albuquerque was personally responsible for much of the sixteenth-century development of New Mexico from the city of that name northward to Santa Fe and beyond. Noted instruments-of-governance to be negotiated painstakingly, with justice rigidly in mind, with the Church ever the final recourse at every level up this ladder to reaches on high. While finally the king keeps intact for the nation a critical element of national identity, of continuity, which every country urgently and intrinsically requires, all the while he remains firmly tied to this consultative configuration, and totally disbarred from commanding on his own. Having no massive national regime from which to cow his own people or to go on bouts-of-conquest across the seven seas. Most of the “ruling” being done locally and regionally, over things close-at-hand, rather than through the appointment of cronies and insiders who now plague the land, telling lies about the economy and the brutal invasion of foreign lands.

But in regard to the throne, we must always bear in mind that royal houses out of the past, many of which have impeached themselves beyond repair, with the generous help of Jewish money-lending lucre, in treacherous moral and political surrenders of the most ignoble kind, will instantly begin clammering for recognition as being “rightful heirs” of any national throne. Some going so far as to claim for themselves a “divine right of kings”, a rank heretical proposition, in forms whether open or artfully disguised. Pompously announcing their effortless “claim to the throne”, after truly noble men, typically-enough commoners from impoverished circumstances, have spent prodigious quantities of labor and blood to reestablish just and pious rule. Rather is the papal doctrine, announced at the dawn of earliest medieval times, that, to paraphrase, “he who has the power is the one who should rule”, rather than some now-powerless person or family who once sat upon the throne, even if he or they have a large and powerful gaggle of supporters loudly advancing these spurious claims. All this noise and clammer is indeed already waiting impetuously in the wings, to be heard in full volume wherever “royalists” meet, or hold forth on their websites and other tools of dissemination. Be forewarned: these monarchist associations are probably in every case carefully monitored and even controlled by Jews, who by way of the accession of these puppets to the throne would quickly undo all the strenuous work of bringing justice, the law of God, back to the state. Among which fake thrones must foremost be identified those Habsburgs who over centuries were largely responsible for the ruin of the old order, in service to the money-lending Jew. While if any other noble family of any level from out of the past does indeed honestly distinguish itself in the coming struggle of these end-times, then they are to be accorded that recognition which is their due. If in a fabric of due recognition—and placement in authority—of others whose contributions were as decisive in the good outcome—but came from circumstances exceedingly obscure.

Thus the skeletal outlines of a Godly and common-good-oriented state, one which we hope with the help of Our Blessed Lady is soon to magnificently obtain.