USA the next Gaza: where the Bush/Obama meltdown inexorably leads.


Looking back over the history of this our dear country, we can see—perhaps for the first time, as, astonished, we rub our eyes—that it has been the pawn of every visionary or secret-society scheme since the Freemasons first officially opened their secretive doors in 1717. A national fate which has catapulted us through a Revolution, a Civil War, a determining place at the head of two World Wars, a long string of financial collapses, four presidential assassinations and numerous attempts at same. While today we stand poised on the brink of complete financier-intermediated enslavement: all the while bought-and-sold politicians like Obama harangue us sternly, urging us to meekly fall into line. Age-old national proclivities toward military adventurism—derived from a backward, age-hoary Puritan Reformation zeal unknown anywhere else under God’s good sky—have been exploited by a cunning and ruthless cabal, a notorious set of financiers who fashioned this fair land eagerly into the very military and political vanguard of their earth-mining global profit-making schemes. After which, not surprisingly, there has finally come a time when “the piper must be paid”, after dual-citizen-catering bouts of greed and rapine have rendered a nation useless for any good thing. A time when it is our turn to be used up. A grim reaper baring for us his stark and hideous features, sharpening to perfection his well-polished scythe.

We don’t do any favors to someone housed on death row, to speak of green fields, orchards, the joys of home. Someone whose hit-man-like aggressive-warfare precedents have brought untold sorrow to an entire globe. But we might ask ourselves, and him as well, who it really was who led him down the cold-blooded primrose path. He onetime a youth of promising mien, having however from first been diverted to a path upon which would rush atrocities like legalized abortion and the convenience-murder of the disabled like Terri Schiavo, as from a natural source. With subsequent war-crimes-level meddlings in Latin America filling policy-corridors with wails and cries of poor nations, victims of black-ops coups and infamous trade policies alike. Bi-partisan abominations on the “left” and the “right” going on from there—from the flush of short-lived high advantage—to advocate barren and barbarous embryonic stem-cell research—another eagerly-pursued chance to kill life in the womb, repeatedly proven to be of no medical value. In a short list of privileged-nation atrocities spanning generations in the systematic entrapment of “target” countries like Japan and Iraq into war (Iriye, Akira, Pacific Estrangement: Japanese and American Expansion, 1897-1911. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1972.), as well as the more-recent diverting of food crops from satisfying a growing global malnutrition to yielding marginally-beneficial biological fuels. Abominations whose reach extends yet further to something so basic as God-given drinking water: newly rendered a trans-national “tradable” for bust-prone roulette wheels of Wall Street and the EU Exchange, leaving the poor to buy the Gospel “cup of cold water” at a skyrocketing price. Or to drink city water which destroys both brain-tissue and teeth. Amid a grizzly grab-bag of similar inhuman measures from both sides of the isle of a Congress come to resemble uncannily the morally-supine Reichstag of Hitler Germany. Turning out policies justified as “democratic” simply because they are arrived at in endless wranglings along party or branch-of-power lines. In shrill set-piece battles among whose trenches effeminate abortionists and sodomites confront brave combatants with the blood of women and children on their hands.  

Sadly, the death-row inmate’s very prosperity or progress has been fatal to other nations and men, roundly contradicting the advanced, sustainable and generous Civilization given him by the God he had been taught to adore, as a boy. We here have become prime stuff to fill a space capsule, like some perfectly-un-demanding rocket-monkey, eager to distill our own drinking water out of urine enroute to Mars, in homage to the gods of science: but our button-punching intelligences remain unmoved, lobotomized, before our own most hideous crimes. Inventing for vaunted purposes a notion of law decapitated of its highest twin purpose or goal: the honor and glory of God and the love and service of man. All the while we imagine ourselves a chosen elite, “not like the rest of men.”

Indeed, the USA has been a veritable geyser, a backward sort of “Old Faithful”, of backward, obscure and prejudicial irruptions over the past four centuries, including a form of slavery and an Indian policy without a historical parallel for the sadistic and inhumane. Patriotic bands and rousing address only lending a hideous celebratory impunity-of-style; other leading nations having indeed seen somewhat similar abuses, but having hardly carried them forward so proudly through the generations, like a flapping pennant on a repulsive “crusade”.

But there is a deep question which intrudes itself upon the terrified, transfixed mind of the one thus condemned: as he awaits a fate as terrible as any doled out to some “lesser breed”. We ask, we demand, in a rising staccato of trembling tones: how can a nation professing a quintessentially otherworldly Christianity possibly be held to account for such violent and shameless deeds? As those nonetheless plainly committed by a people today ceaselessly celebrated as Christian, in a land historically closely associated with Christianity in an intense and unabashed way?

For the answer to this question we must look beyond America, indeed beyond Christianity itself—which by the principles of its divine Founder and His Apostles can admit of no such crimes—to an Old Testament approach which did indeed emphasize armed struggle and racial superiority. Jews before and after the Dispersion around 120 A.D. having with signature violent finality rejected their own real Messiah, the meek and loving Savior, Our Lord Jesus Christ, continuing instead to nurture proud expectations of an elitist/futuristic conqueror of an entirely different character. From out of which tumultuous first century Jewish community would come forth biblically-identified “Judaizers” who would be an early crop of predicted “cockle among the wheat” in the Christian fold, and who have had their counterparts throughout the history of the Church. Already in the time of the Apostles, as recorded in numerous passages of the Epistles, these Judaizers, infiltrating the flock, partially subverted the childlike love and simplicity of the “household of the Faith”, bringing into it the bane of internal strife, nationality prejudice and worldly self-glorification. In the mystery of a divine providence which allows for our ever-necessary testing, even permitting various evils in a Church, a “Bride of Christ”, which yet remains at its mystical core “spotless and without blemish”. A Body which recognizes “neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free”, undergoing an ordeal which requires a spurning of false counsel, a “testing of spirits”, a “penetration between bone and marrow” in an inner battle all-its-own.

These “Judaized Christians” were either simply Gospel-unbelieving Jews, filtering into the Church in a hostile way, “in sheep’s clothing”, or Christians who had been overcome by smooth words of these same moles. “False brethren” in either case, who thus restlessly imbued, continually dogged the missionary steps of St. Paul, himself laboring selflessly “in sleepless nights...shipwrecks…scourges”. Scripturally-identified “masters of deceit” with their numberless spiritual descendants destined for two millennia thereafter to be carriers of turbulent passions and ideologies to Christian flocks and nations yet to come.  

          Hence true to character, in eager preparations for an accurately-time-predicted but abysmally-misunderstood Messianic Age would bloody Deicides mount a number of insurrections against Imperial Rome, finally calling down upon themselves a destruction of Jerusalem in which “not one stone was left upon another”. Having likewise rejected with open contempt and murderous precipitation a range of exclusive and uniquely-privileged “home-rule” liberties indulgently extended to them by a one-time frankly admiring empire. Jewish East-West trade connections remaining nonetheless intact, the turbulent Jewish vision continued undiminished through following diasporic centuries. Going on to inspire and bankroll other radical movements and “Christian” religious confessions, typically imbuing them with a spirit uniquely furious and futuristic in some way. Lacking especially that defining “peace which the world cannot give”.

          Ever fatally compulsive, yet somehow “wise in the ways of this world”, a People divinely wept-over were quick to re-entrenched themselves especially in Antioch (Newman, John Henry, Cardinal, The Arians of the Fourth Century. From The Works of Cardinal Newman, Westminster, MD: Christian Classics, Inc., ed. 1968.), along the corridors of the noted East-West trade, no doubt commercially serving to draw the Empire itself eastward to a new Byzantine throne. The synagogue paving the way for its own renewed commercial preeminence in what would quickly become a backwater of despotic intrigue. An Eastern court which would almost instantly begin a program of persecution against an early Christianity—already known as Catholicism—thriving from Spain to Egypt, and in a special way in the monastic/eremitical spirituality of the deserts around Thebes, and in the episcopal see of Alexandria. Attacks of a sharp-clawed Double Eagle whose own internal strife over the breadth of its 1200 and more years would include innumerable imperial-family coups and bloody palace overthrows, on an average interval of well-under five years (Norwich, John J., The trilogy, Byzantium, New York: Knopf, 88, 92, 96). A throne which would continue as well the ancient miasma of slavery, conquest and penury, even, incredibly enough, a standard heartless castration of younger sons (ibid): this simply, baldly, to keep the family inheritance intact. With the very Greek name applied wistfully to those to the west, “Europeans”, meaning “those who wear good clothes”. Even as the exclusionary Imperial opulence continually expanded at court, under the inescapable influence of “court Jews” and an ever-burgeoning Jewish financial/mercantile community, soon to make permanent quarters westward in Venice and Genoa as well. A coterie which in Constantinople skillfully fanned the flames of greed and an inseparable intrigue: at court brokering a fanatical militancy, on its near-periphery a penchant for revolutionary/visionary schemes.

Indeed, fundamental to any understanding of the ceaseless struggle going on within both Christian fold and Christian soul today is a grasp of the false militaristic Messiah who continues to haunt Jewish minds, as in today’s Zionist pretensions in Palestine and beyond. A people whose immemorial desire to control the earth’s lands, peoples and resources, personally or by proxy—seeing themselves as some sort of ultimate and eternal conquerors, indeed putatively as called forth thus by Holy Writwould in the seventh century A.D. find them opening the gates of major cities for Muslim invaders of Spain, in a takeover that was to last eight hundred years (Walsh, William Thomas, Characters of the Inquisition. New York: P.J. Kenedy and Sons, 1940). Insidious Jewish power thus doing an end-run to the furthest westward reaches of Europe five-hundred years after their dispersal from Jerusalem, the conquest of Iberia being however only one battle in a war between a gentle “kingdom not of this world” and another sanguinary and cruel. Albeit the latter with a sweeping theoretical vision contrived somehow to stand good as a “spirituality” all its own. The divide of Christianity/Judaism being a chasm like the eternal one between Dives and Lazarus, revealing the lie in the hideous misnomer “Judeo-Christian”. So that if anyone needed the prime contest of this life spelled out for him in clearer terms, he has it before him in stark dimensions in this all-points separation between the “blessed of my Father” and those who “already have their reward”.

          Diocletian and his first successors would model their realm after the emperor-worship practiced in Near-eastern regions of the times, still haunted by the evil spirit of Antiochus Epiphanes of the second century B.C. Arrogating to themselves a veritable religious high priesthood, based on the pagan-Roman pontifex maximus (“bridge to the gods”) title of Roman Emperors. A fantasy these rulers would exaggerate yet further to prostrate Eastern-despotic proportions (Maenchen-Helfen, J. Otto, The World of the Huns; Studies in Their  History and Culture. Edited by Max Knight. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1973). A tyranny which however in the case of Constantine—for whom Baptism was only a deathbed event—was plainly based on ignorance rather than malice. Abominable Imperial pretensions, nonetheless, that would be blamed on the Catholic Church itself, all the while the Papacy was brutally persecuted by the same implacable throne. 

          In this Byzantine case a cunning program of violence and manipulation directed toward Rome would culminate in the founding of Orthodoxy, starting with the Great Schism in 1154. A creed in which, just as in its ancient Imperial forerunner on the Bosporus, faith and church are commonly eclipsed: producing a standard fossilized “court religion”, its central dynamic provided by the state rather than by God. A rampant political-Orthodoxy perfectly prostrate to earthly ambition, as in a coming Western avant-garde sponsored Serbian “fourth empire” (an uncannily similar Russia having allegedly been the “third”) territorial expansion, spanning the entirety of the twentieth century, displaying the worst revanchist atrocities witnessed by modern man. The ceaseless attempt to compromise both church and state being at its base however primarily a Jewish project: a people who seldom condescend to act directly, upon a human race considered inferior. Preferring to use surrogates be they royal, presidential, freemasonic, or of some other kind.

          In early-medieval times a violent Synagogue rejection of the Catholic cult-of-sacred-images found expression in persecutions of the devout in recurrent bouts of Iconoclasm, with these and other Jewish-brokered irruptions of every kind being boasted of openly in all ages. As recorded for instance by Agobard of Lyons in the ninth century (see Internet Medieval Sourcebook), or more recently in almost any issue of publications like an aptly-grand-titled Jewish World, out of New York City, or in university lectures and publications by disproportionately-Jewish tenured scholars, to which U.S. students are ceaselessly exposed. In “scholarly” commentaries positively saturated with what can only be termed a rampant species of Jewish historical triumphalism. Although for a “gentile” to cite synagogue-brokered trends is to invite swift retribution, as many have ruefully discovered during graduate and undergraduate careers, or in attempting journalistic exposes.

          Thus would first frowning persecutions of Byzantium water European ground with the blood of popes/martyrs, cruelly done-to-death in dungeons under the Eastern-Imperial envy and ire: abuses later to find parallels in bloody Barbarossa and tyrants beyond, these as late as the first Habsburgs remarkably-often childhood “royal wards” at  court in Constantinople. While the Byzantine cruelty would likewise be heavily plated in gold, crassly stripped from Western monuments, churches and treasuries in vast quantities. Here being indeed the first “over-capitalized” empire on earth, bearing little in common with Rome, the City of Peter, the real center of Christian life: which remained through much of the first millennium humble, even at times despised by the great of this world.  (cf. Noble, Thomas F.X., The Republic of St. Peter: the Birth of the Papal State, 680-825. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1984. And Dawson, Christopher, The Making of Europe: An Introduction to the History of European Unity. London: Sheed and Ward, 1953). But a Rome and a Papacy out of whose abbeys and bishoprics would come a Western  political philosophy of the most advanced and liberty-loving kind.

Synagogue dreams of dominion since Spinoza have increasingly taken the hyper-penetrating form of the mobilization/deification of the Jewish people themselves: a secular messianism thriving within labyrinthine power-avenues opened up by an expansion of monetary instruments and accounting procedures starting in the thirteenth century. Brokers/religionists imagining bottomless ambition to mark them out as the “carriers of history”, with the rest of mankind regarded as mere objects of commands within this fantasy-based historical/phenomenological design. This peculiar money-lender might-makes-right “philosophy of history” being indeed the very fountainhead of modern totalitarian ideas, finding echoes in convoluted writings of Hegel and others from Marx to Nietzsche to Heidegger and beyond. Synagogue  power-dealing—notably in colonial/mercantile ventures on the seven seas—playing midwife to a unified plethora of mortally-sick concepts soon to grip the world, often advanced by force of arms. All of them marked by a profane futurism at whose head will ultimately appear the Hellish and despotic figure of Anti-Christ himself. While this whole philosophical orientation shares a common base as well with Gnosticism, Hindu Emanationism, Manichaeanism and a host of other matter-condemning cults just as obscure. Ideologies or belief-systems full of the occult and magical, united in disparagement or condemnation of endemic fragilities of ordinary human life, coupled with a flip-side proclamation of some singular “pure” race, Hitlerian/eugenic program, or mercilessly-Spartan regime. An incredibly homogeneous universal orientation seen in Aztec or Israeli/Canaanite human sacrifice or the genocides of some new Genghis Khan, often entailing the annihilation or marginalization of “lesser” races or nations. Iron implacabilities co-joined invariably with elitist-exploiter despair—for all the strange claims of “purity”—of any ability to be pure in behavior as well as idea. Cynical notions of world conquest being the very reverse, in fine, of the Gospel of Christ: the two comprising decisive polar threads of human history, whose light or dark strands appear in divergent nations or peoples, in noble or profane loyalties, in just or unjust sides in any war. The one embodying a true progress which emphasizes the forgiveness of sins, while at the same time giving limitless scope to a truly innocent life. The darker strand, epitomized in Judaism, employing advanced technology in the service of an elitism radically-primitive, indeed ultimately cannibalistic in character. Jews, notably both in military “doctrine” and in grossly-monopolized fields like economics and psychology, brandishing an atavism, a primeval exploitation or aggression, a nihilism whose last adherents, as Scriptures assure us, will only be finally defeated at the end of time. 

Plainly, major Jewish depravations are overwhelmingly systemic rather than private and selective in character, with much-made-over tidy donations-to-charities serving an important polemical or defensive function. Mankind’s enemy here being a nation at least as much as a religion: a realm without boundaries whose chosen method of combat is a deceptively-innocuous-looking Trojan Horse, bearing a deadly vision of the future to men. And if all Jews don’t pursue this goal with the same level of determination, yet there are few of them who actually and sincerely stand in its way.

Christianity or The Way having arisen from out of the very heart of the Temple, it naturally forms the “host” religion-of-choice for this wealthy yet homeless, wandering people: one with which they readily blend disarmingly well. Catholicism being indeed nothing less than Judaism’s complete and univocal fulfillment in the holy plan of God. These violent and cunning religionists—warned-against by popes in countless encyclicals and instructions down through time—having the same sorts of privileged knowledge as do apostates to any religion: with their typical consummate literacy, their in-depth knowledge of both Scripture and the beliefs and customs of the “household of the Faith”. The latter familiarity arising from Trojan Horse counsels to “keep your enemy close at hand”, indeed, like Judas, to clutch a “Friend” treacherously to your breast. Catholics, already known by that name barely a century after the Apostles, likewise being known the world over to be of a mild and forgiving disposition: and thus unfortunately and unwittingly—as history would so ruefully prove—providing ever-invasive Jews with an incomparable beachhead into almost any target land as well. And an easy means for the latter to off-shoulder treacherous blame. The perpetual recourse, alternately of church or state infiltration—or preferably some colonial/missionary amalgam of the two—repeatedly securing an exceedingly benign-looking base to these “enemies of mankind”, from which to carry away the native-popular wealth, prosperity and well-being. Here being indeed and in brief words the history of Latin America, written most lividly in the blood of Jesuit missionaries and native sons: with marrano or “hidden” Jews controlling trans-Atlantic commerce almost from the very start, evading customs and nationality requirements through entrenched connections, especially within the “Spanish”-imperial House of Habsburg. And later taking up this onerous hegemony yet-more-firmly and openly from the USA. The same America being used today as the prime global springboard of Israeli and American-Jewish-lobby aggrandizement and aggression across the Middle East and Southeast Asia as well. A synagogue for whom the multinational corporation and the modern bureaucratic/privatized state are mere modern-day-byzantine tools-of-control. Units of organization ready-to-hand for a cabal whose control-motivation is utterly unique among men: requiring not really total ownership but only the strategic placement of Jewish operatives or “helpers” at certain critical junctures or posts. A totalitarian program, again, which no other group or nation is both motivated and equipped to pursue. 

Plainly, then, was roundly justified and indeed urgently demanded a much-maligned Inquisition, notable of Spain, designed to prevent precisely this odious infiltration, to ferret out these destructive “enemies within”, hijackers of any positive thrust to foreign and domestic policies alike. An Inquisition only rarely used against Protestants: with some few celebrated cases of this kind however being cited over and over again by the noted Synagogue-sponsored history establishment. The unfairly maligned court-of-investigation—with fantastically-exaggerated punishments administered solely by the state in each casehaving rather been designed expressly as a defense against infiltrating, dividing-and-conquering Jews (Walsh, 1940). Accordingly, although many were questioned, less than 30 were actually condemned as obdurate—and remanded to the stateunder the rabidly-slandered but actually mild and relenting Torquemada.

Thus, as briefly as adequate summary would permit, the ancestry of a sort of “patriotic” “Christianity” which is the perfect partner to consuming greed and the conquest of nations, to the blank-faced slaughter and persecution of various indigenous tribes, and more recently to today’s Jewish-lobby-based global-conquest-drive led by a militarily-rampant Bush/Obama USA. An approach which attempts to convert the Church into a grotesque caricature, a mere gaudy float in a Veteran’s Day parade. A “Christianity” prevailed upon by smooth words and “heroic” arguments to devote itself to ever-turbulent ambitions “of this world”. An infestation which at various times and in various places has produced a parallel craven and nefarious “court religion”. A false church, even a Marxist “official” church, one which dogs the steps and snarls-at the heels of the real. Which may even share the same rectory, monastery or chancery office with saintly prelates and priests: this latter holy breed having however over the past few decades diminished to a tiny remnant of its former self. A false Christianity allied to a state polar-oppositional to the City of God of St. Augustine at every turn. The later of whose other-worldly goals we must nonetheless pursue with all our strength: attempting untiringly to bring about the consecration of the commonwealth first and foremost to the honor and glory of God. And from thence—as from their inexhaustible and indomitable source—to good and constructive policies both internationally and at home.

Indeed behind the Bush (some read a German-Jewish Busch) “crusade” to bring all the regions of the earth under a “freedom-loving” American influence lay nothing less than a looked-for transformation of the entire globe into another Palestine. A global march-order in which a “free market” economic catastrophe keeps cadence with the regular “disappointed” discovery of target-nation failures to “get along with their neighbors” in various regional settings. The unremitting aim of this worst neighbor on earth, AIPAC/Bush/Obama-USA, being the construction of a veritable patchwork of khanates out of the nations of men, and thereafter the achievement of their ultimate collapse and unification into an iron-willed, genocidal, totalitarian world-state. With Barrack no mild-mannered, musical-toned central African, let alone a U.S.-born valid president, but probably a Jew born in Ethiopia, or at least with close ties to ever-militant Jews, Orthodox and Monophysites of that turbulent land. This brutally-aggressive North-African nation being a dependable springboard for U.S./Israeli policies: much indeed as is Lebanon in the Middle East, or Australia in a mostly-Muslim South Pacific.

All these vaunted conquering visions show an adaptability beyond reason or compare in a twisted idea of moral hazard—spawned in high temples of global finance—applied to scrapped mortgage-holders here: twice-doomed unfortunates looked upon as “foolish people” who don’t deserve another chance. This new bout of Puritanical/Manichaean abhorrence hardly frowning so dour at major banks and investment firms: beneficiaries of “rescue packages” far-better applied to struggling homeowners themselves. Whose temporary mortgage guarantee, assistance or renegotiation would favor a sustainable market recovery which bailouts of the former have scarcely supplied. Indeed with the very painstaking, publicly-supervised preparations for such a relatively-miniscule lower-level remedyin markets where “futures” are the order of the daybolstering a confidence that would instantly shore up both the stock-market itself and a multitude of other entities above and beyond mortgage-holders, solidly, from the bottom up. Although even this would only be a beginning, and other reasonable changes, long overdue—in markets allowed to fantastically balloon far too long—would subsequently be required. Namely toward the rock-solid distributive, non-debt-encumbered, non-synagogue-controlled economy/polity ceaselessly expounded in my writings and campaign.

But reason hardly rules on Wall Street or in the White House, and the same chosen people paradigm prepares another standard corporate giveaway—in typical summit-shrouding clouds—to major financiers at the top, in a familiar leaky and lethargic trickle-down of cosmic size. The standard multiplier-lacking coddling-of-corporations being set to continue unabated, leaving only a few of the “big boys” standing. Just like a “savior” Roosevelt’s big-business-catering New Deal (Hawley, Ellis W., The New Deal and the Problem of Monopoly, Princeton U. Press, 1966), only compounding aggregate credit problems: ”throwing good money after bad”. Until we arrive at Jewish-capitalism’s standard ultimate cure, in 1914 and 1941 as now: global hecatomic war. Whose theaters are indeed being prepared as I write.

Yet dovetailing neatly with this final solution are the interests of another, higher beneficiary: a Federal Government under the noted bailout allowed to buy up endangered securities as deemed necessary”. An accommodation which would quickly be superceded—without Congressional authorization—by the “power” to purchase equity-ownership in banks: whether “endangered” or otherwise being left unclear. Here being the substantial attainment of a sort of reverse-privatization, a kind of photographic negative of a social security stock-market commoditization contemplated in Bush’s first term. Just like notorious “Patriot Act” provisions with no need of enabling legislation, immune to court review, a buy up recourse which instead of enriching Wall Street will provide a mammoth milk cow to fund Washington Wars. Interest-earning instruments, sources of burgeoning cash, with new Fed loan-variants being created since then almost by the day: to bankroll aggressions of which no fewer than four or five are on Pentagon drawing boards today. In foreign soil already being “softened up” by mercenary units operating on five continents (Scahill, Jeremy, Blackwater, the Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army. New York: Nation Books, 2007). Corporate warriors who especially need “soft” sources of money like these bewilderingly-complex “mortgage securities” and related permutations, a grab-bag of many things conveniently difficult to establish in rigid budgetary balance-sheet terms. Recalling the sorts of obscure deals Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia was good at arranging in late-twentieth-century decades, when weapons procurements were difficult to pass through an Israeli-biased U.S. Congress. And funds, negotiations and transport of rockets, armaments and fighter-planes routinely followed channels similar to those used in the Iran-Contra Affair (Simpson, William, The Prince. New York: Harper/Collins, 2006). A close-kin present-day jockeying-of-monies, making them available as minimal reserve requirements for the “backing” of fabulous recycled federal sums twenty-five times as large. A general malfeasance-in-monies having in the first instance seen the notorious criminal looting of the Social Security system itself, starting soon after the assassination of John Kennedy, in the Johnson Administration.

To add insult to injury, those who understand all the above factually as a betrayal are informed in sardonic tones by a controlled media, more recently on NPR, that they are victims of conspiracy theories. This because of strange changes taking place in their brain-cells, even as the announcer speaks. “Scientifically determined” palpable damaging effects of their worsening circumstances.

Just as a few months before a pre-planned 9/11 we were told by a major WTO operative that “there is no alternative to globalization”, so are we now being apprised that there is no alternative to a continued post-Bush’s-Administration, Patriot-Act-enabled funding and execution of global conquest. With financial blood drawn from a bled-dry United States, indeed from an entire world. That global drain which is really at the root of the “credit crisis”: trillions in war expense “put on the tab” of the interconnected economy of an entire globe.

Clearly depraved, then, is a system which preempts justice between nations, and which in the long run does the same at home. A national suicide being the final dividend, with a comprehensive policy of conquest “paying out” in recurrent crises of starvation, whose looming specter now breathes down our necks as well, as in a present-day Zimbabwe or Haiti, or across Sudan or Chad. Evils systemically provoked or exacerbated whose “cures”—celebrity-endorsed from Hollywood—are inevitably the same old big power military interventions, preceded covertly by black-ops-mercenaries, followed by the standard entrenchment of geo-corporate power. 

Plainly enough, an initial denial of employment and housing in this global Greater Palestine, just as in the case of its Middle-eastern counterpart, is only a first phase in a phasing-out that will steadily come to include health and life as well. And the replacement of second-class citizens with chosen-people from Beijing to Fresno to Paris to Fallujah: “settlers” forming a thunderously-glorified “middle class”. A shrinking constituency, the worried-over targets of every Convention or Congressional speech: a middle class too often personally-insecure, “correct” followers of new trends. Failing which acceptance rituals their fall from status is assured. Nothing like individualistic corner-shop-keeper namesakes of an earlier time, these are a set whose constant honorary invocation is chiefly a way for leaders to hold the genuinely-poor themselves solely to account for their travails. Dwellers in darkening circumstances of which these same crass politicians have invariably been the brokers in a host of ways. A heavily-loaded term indeed, “the middle class”, too often ingratiating the better-to-do, or provoking bitter rivalries-of-status, within a glib economy-of-words, in a corporate-controlled USA which encourages you to claw and cheat your way to privileged heights. Twisting the whole idea of by-nature supremely-benign work into an odious success ethic: a weapon for hyper-exclusionary personal gain by which the “middle class ethic” has basically come to be defined.

Predictably-enough, a politically-privileged vanguard which typically prefers a second car to a second child will prove poor obstacle to a global agenda which includes wholesale aggressive war.  With pride-of-place held by a hostilities-opening manufacture of attacks using covert units whose terror-tactics are falsely attributed to indigenous “Islamic” groups. Grizzly provocateur aggressions more recently ushering allegations of Russian “sphere of influence” repair-operations: “reactionary” villains being ever-critical to designs of war-peddling “masters of deceit” as well. Pursuant to which U.S. military/mercenary unconventional warfare operations-and-training have penetrated lengthy stretches of Russia’s southern flank, undermining her interests like a Soviet-occupied Cuba had once threatened those of the United States (Scahill, Jeremy, 2007). While American capabilities radically surpass those of gravely-divided local armed constituencies in Muslim enclaves here and there around the Eastern globe: enabling a sophisticated Allied “black ops” violence-by-impersonation which both foments sectarian strife and paints these “Islamists” falsely-formidable indeed.  

Inseparable from these bloody foreign adventures is the incessant claim of a new vision, an unassailable judgment seat over the affairs of men. “Liberation” being ever connected to purification in a “neo con” Bush-era aggression actually Leninist to its core. A Yankee global remake indeed only momentarily and apparently displaced by a Soviet one of some seventy years, arranged by mole-like Trojans for two centuries now invariably “in charge” of any global aggression or divide. The Republic on the Potomac carrying the original modern-era blitzkrieg forward through centuries with a burning species of missionary zeal, with a bloody baptism being the fate of those in the path of a hundred embroilments in Latin America and later around the globe. With an earliest far-distant southward “crusade” against Cartegena in 1743 finding “oppressed natives” promptly putting uprighteous New England invaders to the sword. Ever-violent Puritans however finding ready victims only some ten years later in the unprovoked invasion of Quebec, where newly-Catholicized Indians would die in genocidal numbers. A violent “rooting from highways and hedgerows”, a caricature of Gospel zeal, this modern-era form of Judaized Christianity, continuing undaunted today in Iraq and Afghanistan, and less admittedly or by proxy across Somalia, Sudan, Pakistan, Mindanao, Thailand and a host of other places as well. The offending object of this ethnic cleansing thus plainly not being sin, nor for that matter exclusively political thought. Rather and incredibly,  the prime enemy hunted down in this singular and antiseptic crusade can be most succinctly and accurately summarized as being the long-standing customs and traditions of ordinary men. And the non-debt-encumbered economies which they invariably bring into being. All this, finally, in the name of a “progress” which excludes rather than shares, kills rather than heals.

Thus do real and ultimate “hard targets” of false incriminations go well beyond the military, “locking in” murderously on the world’s remaining age-old fractionally-surviving, distributive-economic, non-financial-oligarchic ways of life. The fire-bombing of villages and wedding-parties alike proceeding bravely apace, as the perpetual Jewish-money-lender approach to other nations kicks into high gear in a host of lands. Undermining rock-solid “natural” societies and economies, albeit often outwardly humble, of which Islam has much of the earth’s share. With Al Qaeda itself maintained by many leaders in Islam as having been the Frankenstein-like creature of the imagination of a fused U.S./Israeli “intelligence-community:” providing a rare and well-choreographed excuse to sweep away both “backward institutions” and lustfully-regarded solid assets and currencies before a sternly-righteous twin-nation, military and financial-management path.

Anathema to the eminently just money-related doctrine of the Islamic world is the usurious finance of the modern-day West: turning as we have from a previously-shared interest-free approach of centuries past. Our modern “hard nosed” attitude however hardly having counseled prudence, with curtains having been lifted on the present crisis already in the late ‘80s, affording us an eye-popping preview indeed. With other spectacular movie-trailers to follow at regular intervals thereafter, but by which, becoming strangely inured, we remained unmoved. All these market-irruptions infallibly forecasting an ultimate cataclysm—the occasion of which was the noted cascading collapse in mortgage-based securities—a mega-depression which takes in everybody up to the Federal Reserve. Forming a cavernous credit-void with a mammoth appetite which must be fed in larger and larger helpings each year. And for whose gigantic maws the assets of the whole earth will ultimately and predictably—indeed designedly—be required. And for whose purposes, in an un-looked-for salient, the bi-national U.S./Israeli “intelligence community” would throw its “vigilant” program of deceit into high gear.

Hence the anomaly of an Israeli/American sovereign-amalgam after a supremely-convenient 9/11 prevailed upon to “read from the same page” yet more intently than before, in the words of George Tenet, then leader of the CIA. The spy-chief’s new memoirs—which you would expect to be stirring, gripping, as factual accounts of that genre always are—provide instead a dull and lengthy version of the standard Rose Garden or Talk Radio war-on-terror “stay-the-course” speech. Although on at least one or two pages we do catch a racy snapshot glimpse of the spy-czar’s incredible brutality-of-method, as in the promotional-phone-call-preceded bombing of Afghan villages who won’t voluntarily shoulder “freedom’s price”: a policy in general terms more recently stretched over the border into Pakistan as well. Involving a cruelty of an exceedingly-familiar mien, one which oddly betrayed itself already several years ago in a morbid, moody and menacing gait of Tenet when approaching the Congressional-committee witness table to testify. The vaudeville-of-the-day, about the “lack of vigilance” in the “lead up” to 9/11, in a stifling atmosphere of predictability having been a topic-of-investigation than which none less relevant could have been found. Washington with glib and consummate skill skirting around the real crime: a coldly-pre-planned, ruling-elite-initiated Trojan Horse treason of mammoth proportions, of the most heinous kind. Tenet recalling to me at the time some of my earliest memories of TV, of the intimidating manners of gangsters brought before the Senate subcommittee on labor/management racketeering in the mid-to-late ‘50s. A group whose influence after the Kennedy assassinations would grow by leaps and bounds. Daily performers back then of an obnoxious song and dance routine now duplicated in speeches, books and other media, with a love of “the good life”, of male jewelry and “sweetheart contracts” (Kennedy, Robert, The Enemy Within. New York: Popular Library, 1960) by which American labor was placed in thrall, having since the days of “my old friend John” been succeeded by things much larger in scope and scale. Throughout which Capitol-Hill-performance there is uniformly sustained by Administration officials and “expose”-writing loyal opposition alike a loathing of common characteristics both secular and religious of reputedly backward target people involved, in language in Tenet’s book and elsewhere often laced with racketeer/racist-reminiscent syrupy condescension or ill-disguised contempt. Scarcely-globally-threatening polities being adjudged by these worthies as undeserving of inclusion in the above-noted broad, rapidly-running current of yet another new absolute, progress. That stock secular-messianic torrent—which as recent experience testifies has nothing to do with genuine human bettermentbefore which nonetheless all “stubborn”, tradition-intransigent nations are blank-facedly scheduled, like so many offending rocks in a storm-fed stream-bed, to be dislodged.

          As noted, in column and line with military and commercial elements of this historical blitzkrieg, this global  purification rite, are to be found intellectual ones as well, with Thomas Paine’s deist political writings calling for nothing short of a global crusade to plant the seed of a new republicanism already in his own day so long ago. Wildly-popular back then, these were literary creations punctuated here and there with a frank Napoleon-hearkening aggressive-warfare élan, destined to be taken up in the USA in a rampant “Manifest Destiny” paradigm: Paine’s own evocative term. Writings marked as well by Puritan thought-economical characterizations of the state, or his favorite title “government”, as strictly a “necessary evil”, a curse far more than a blessing. Paine no doubt little imagining the dual-citizen moles who would readily infest the state when thus truncated to an “unoffending” stump. With trivializations of the commonweal contained in Common Sense and other writings of Paine flourishing a volume of pejoratives which must become tiring, after the first few pages, to even the most fervent devotee of the Goddess of Liberty (Paine, Thomas, Common Sense, the Rights of Man, and other essential works. New York: Penguin Books, 1984). A sweeping agenda in Revolutionary times not limited to those “left wing” Anti-Federalists among whose leading figures, like Jefferson or Monroe, Paine conspicuously stood: but a distrust of the state which would characterize the constitutional constructs of that chief of intellectuals, the ostensibly more-moderate James Madison, and others of the same mind.

Madison would draft a Constitution with a novel system of checks and balances: one whose “branch of power” features would in effect create divisions where they previously hadn’t been. Division being in fact the fatal flaw of authority in any setting or realm: and the required fissure for those astute interlopers who would divide and rule. The proper and time-tested brakes upon untoward personal or special-interest sway in the workings of the state being in fact twofold: moral, in the West with the Ten Commandments and the Christian Law of Love as the unalterable basis of authority, and by way of seasoned arbitration of geographical, cultural or locational variations of interest and perspective. The moral law thus being the proper brake for humankind, applied equitably across interest-divergent locales as required. A today pinned-to-the-canvass mankind needing no other referee that God: no gaggle of contrary opinions to free him from an opponent twice his size. While any thwarting of the popular desire to act, whether officially or in any other way, is to frustrate men in that act-based rational nature in which they most resemble a God Who Is Pure Act (Aristotle, Aquinas, Augustine, et al).

As weary experience testifies, limitations-of-power based upon countervailing “branch-of-government” power are 80% ethereal or theoretical and only 20% of any practical provenance. For law or legislation, for one—neo-con power-paragons notwithstanding—has never been seriously thought of as a matter chiefly of the pursuit of personal or power-bloc ambition, of the “carving out” of some “landmark” for the judiciary, the “leaving behind” of personal or executive “legacies”. Which, so the argument goes, must therefore be counterbalanced by grasping ambitions of other parties thus imbued. A cynical view entirely alien to reasonable notions of the common good. These set-piece constitutional constructions, these theoretical artifices serve too to create a void or zone of hesitation and procrastination: moral unity having been “scientifically” cleared away, men no doubt doing a double-take before plunging to uncharted moral voids beneath. Marvelously-balanced axioms, like some Enlightenment-Era “music of the spheres”, having hypnotized man, but with the less-admitted siren-song of facile gain and power never far from his ears.

But as intimated above most evident of all in Revolutionary-period writings is a certain grand act of despair endemic to Puritan/Calvinist thought. A hopelessness which as always breeds presumption as its inseparable twin: and which would cast its dark and foreboding shadow across coming American space and time. The above-noted Jewish/phenomenological concept having been ceaselessly expounded that history itself is to be radically improved upon: indeed as it were remade. With political Calvinism, the era’s apt-if-ironic partner to a global/revolutionary freemasonic Deism, ever retaining this same sanitary yet violent and uprooting quality, providing a prime geopolitical surrogate for unwavering Jewish aims: ever forcasting an implacable Messiah of the future. The whole auguring not really a fancifully-contrived Puritan “virtue based” theocracy but rather a proto-Marxist ritual ablution which would violent cleanse a “naïve” practical morality from the affairs of men.

Plainly, Our Blessed Lord, the God of goodness, is a “Heavenly Father” concerned with a well-ordered, well-moderated human existence of both the inner and outer man. That upon which are best established solid constants of the soul. The fruit of this overview—the pious, divine-mystery-contemplating believer—the authority-respecting and -loving citizen—being that “profit” which alone “counts” in the Catholic view. And even if he be a minority in most ages and times, his “standing in the breach” for the less-worthy is codified in laws welcomed by good, bad and mediocre alike, proscriptions which profit the less-worthy by inhibiting those inevitably more cunning than themselves. The pious thus too securing by his mild-but-trenchant example to the children of others a chance at an innocent, virtuous, constructive life. True Christianity likewise redounding to a Pauline “generous sufficiency” fated to become increasingly unknown in a “progress”-oriented capitalist/collectivist globe: a material-prodigality found infallibly in a “Gospel passed down to you”. Uplifting further by grace the noted perennial distributive-economic, practical-purview-oriented state: boons the many might occasionally forsake or fall short of, but could scarcely be brought to deny. A path which starts in humblest primitive thickets and ends in material abundance, and a chance at a better revelry in rapturous spiritual skies. While by contrast the approach of a kind of perpetual debating society—favored by Jews and colonial Congregationalists alike—serves only to hamstring the real functions of the state, while providing rare hand-holds of control for privileged persons internal, external and from above. As usual for the era, with ideological fervor straining to supply where positive thrust had been robbed or denied.

Not that surprisingly, a sanitized, Newtonian-precision-balanced idea of abstract group interaction which Federalists like Washington and Adams strained to retain in laboratory calm would by the 1790s spawn a spirit of faction which would be violently divisive in the extreme (ibid). Forecasting a national history which would be noted for battles internal and external, military and economic, far more than for benign or idyllic scenes. This painstakingly-counterpoised document, the Constitution—lovely indeed in words and aspirations—being sadly lacking in the state’s age-old fundamental, defining, plodding ability to peacefully shield the common people from the plots of the greedy, to unite them in their own mutual aid. Yet tautologies of a Madison would be well surpassed by schemes of a Hamilton who would prepare for future generations nothing less than the financial thralldom to world capital that would be our lot today. While the resulting Constitution would likewise be little barrier at all to the ambitions of mighty slave-holding plantation owners and precocious robber-baron land-speculators of the day and time (ibid). Preparing for the citizenry a bloody Civil War which—in hindsight almost predictably—would only institutionalize racism and de facto slavery yet more deeply and stubbornly than the honest shackles of before. In a veritable codification set to the fine language of a U.S. case-law more  garrulous, hair-splitting, gnat-choking and loophole-making than any previously known.

Manifestly, even ancient mankind had no interest whatever in the morbid, systematic, sadistic destruction of an entire race, indeed more recently an entire African continent. Ancient slavery having by-and-large been an early form of labor as a fundamental of the economy: one that had yet to define itself in more progressive or advanced historical terms. This coming advancement of the human condition being destined to be dramatically achieved under the sweet yoke of the gentle Christ. Some innocent traces of the older reality having nonetheless been seen as recently as the nineteenth century, when a “freeman” or “yeoman” was typically-enough still narrowly defined as someone who owned real-property and worked for himself. This in contradistinction—not to a person conceived as chattel—but to someone, perhaps still termed a “servant”, who worked for an employer. And who might or might not dwell on his own land. So that the freeman to our ancestors was someone of great substance; while a servant, and most-typically-by-far even a “slave”, was seldom a barbarously-oppressed thrall.

This generic ancient condition of labor, then, seems to have been more the sort of “slavery” to which the Epistle refers, in which the “slave” is urged to be “obedient to his master”. That one biblical phrase the Confederates used unceasingly to justify their heinous system. While if the Apostle actually used the most-rigorous category of legal labor obligation (the Latin mancipia or “owned” slave), then he plainly meant to take in the entire spectrum of employment—like the servus or servant, the contemporary rough equivalent to today’s employee—as well. In that economy of words that seems to mark the New Testament in particular, and by which the inspired author shuns anything encyclopedic, plainly expecting the reader to understand broadly-applicable lessons from the heart. Even as it is plainly a rank blasphemy to suppose that the good God would condone the heinous enormities inseparable from the chattel-slavery in force here prior to the Civil War. A mass-perversity—to be succeeded by hooded mobs of the twentieth century—toward which even the ancient Egyptians, on average, seem to have been little inclined.  

True progress presupposes a social fabric to which the state gives organized and identifiable shape or form. The warp and woof of tradition and true religion tending at every level to pre-position human actors and resources in a felicitous and utterly non-elitist way. Culturally-embroidered regional, local and micro-local relationships economic, confessional, industrial forming a milieu in which true and duly-complex sorts of public-minded abilities are most easily and surely brought to the fore. A fabric of unbroken neighborhood and occupational relations, of festivities, of mutual self-identification, of “bearing one another’s burdens, and so you will fulfill the law of Christ”. A truly-democratic cloth invariably torn to shreds by a “market economics” whose whole concern is to “skim off the cream” for an inaccessible few. And which will always spawn the resurgence of things like slavery anew. Equitably-partaken profits being food of noble friendship—to Aquinas the very raison d’etre of the state—and the surplus capital necessary both to soaring cathedrals and to distributive/locality-based sustainable developmental goals. Traditional, neighborly, mostly-humble, “hard to explain to outsiders” ways-of-doing-things—in Cleveland or Kandahar—being the very bulwark of development and freedom alike: revealing sweeping agendas or formulas-of-power as gratuitous, destructively, elite-catering, in this way. Abstract theoretical systems being readily imposed from above by those who know or love the people not at all: but who wish to control them through rigid templates which regiment and standardize all. An aim toward which, again, no one else is motivated but the Jews, all the while the rest of mankind remains satisfied with limited objectives of time, place, nationality, purview. An ever-alien people who however erect any number of surrogate bodies or institutions to carry their project through: be these corporations, secret societies, manipulated religions or nation-states. 

God—the only worthy Arbiter among men—has already indelibly written “on tablets of flesh” what is the unchangeable nature of the human polity, what are the terms and conditions of the common good: standards and goals which to be fully ripe and mature must be crowned by an arduous pursuit of the honor and glory of God. That highest aim which alone gathers up the lesser loves, honors and loyalties of men: incomparably preserving them while directing them to something higher than themselves. That universal upward dynamic which Aquinas tells us is essential to all existence, and critical to all happiness, at any stage. While to deny or impugn this truth is to bring down upon the nation a curse rather than a blessing.

Furthermore, this Godly common felicity in justice being that beyond which personal charity “goes the extra mile”: a full and generous social justice hardly presupposes a perpetual welfare state, that “pipe dream” cherished by those whose real aim is overbearing control. That collectivist tyranny which always imposes itself “from the top down”, reversing the natural order of the state, whose operations must be geared to the greatest possible free agency of the common man, from the bottom up. Or in a horizontal sense, the fully-conceived state embodies a reciprocity in which each and all are helped over the hard spots, as the one or the other’s turn comes around. Among a mankind abjectly dependent at birth and death, and a thousand times between. While after the final meltdown, the ultimate war, being left to peer suspiciously out of thickets and caves. The real and Christian self-reliance being no Horatio Alger “go it alone” but rather a virile and mature willingness to both accept and lend a hand. Duplicating too the simple numerical advantage of things like simple (non-stock-traded) insurance: which hardly permits or envisions a perpetual cashing-in.

Once this turf of the social relations of men is secured, then their good instincts of self-government show themselves more in things like the solid classical definitions of both money and land ownership than in any abstract concepts of liberty or the rights of man. Ancient Rome having depended primarily upon non-elite-promoting base metals like bronze or brass for its coin: and of course like all ancient empires and nations had neither “bonds” nor gold to “back” its currency. An Empire—the strength of whose coin was proverbial—hardly characterized as having been “financially unstable” for that: its money owing its strength or “inertia” (value-stability) to safe and secure roads, the prompt justice of the courts, the equity of the laws, a certain sense that things aren’t going to slide away from under you over night: rather than to any imaginary virtue of the money itself. An ingenious fallacy so much touted today. A palpable ambiance of public trust having been historically at the base of good money: treasury bonds and notes representing in fact a public-burden-doubling which ancient humanity had not “advanced” far enough to have yet devised. The “backing” of money being a mammoth public-mulcting institution spun out of thin air in the late 1600s: other “checks and balances” battling in the clouds against a villain “inflation” which in the world of real things needs no such titanic counter-development over-kill. A wide array of financial instruments stemming from open market operations corresponding uncannily to noted policy-impotent checks-and-balances equally elite-power-catering in the political sphere.

Finally, this most stable, practical, popularly-participatory—rather than neatly-extractive, purely theoretical/ideological—democracy is to be found as well in the widest possible distribution of land: that unfailing source of the most robust, dependable and multiplicative kind of independence and wellbeing. Property-related and monetary stability alike being bound up not with manipulable bonds, mortgages and derivatives, but rather with the simple but staggeringly-significant fact that money is by right of limited stature, is designed to buy goods across a counter, rather than to storm real estate or financial empires, or topple heads-of-state. So that in a good state there is little incentive, for one thing, to print it in profusion, at risk of heavy penalties for fraud or malfeasance involved. A motive which exists however today, and in growing measure since the time of Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain, when money is undisputed “king” over all practical life, and this in the most rampant possible way. While the reality of ownership is to be arrived at not so much by the diffuse holding of deeds of title—which even proverbially-prosperous medieval lords typically didn’t possess—but rather by way of the social definition of property, especially in land.

In the social understanding of property you are basically in full possession as long as you live there: and aren’t going to be thrown out on a whim, or even if you come up short for a time (quite recently in Spain or Portugal rents in extreme cases sometimes went ten years in arrears). A happy condition largely spelled out—or at least implicitly understood, as it were by custom or usage—in detail so that no one is ill-informed. With standard high-medieval in-kind obligations—ranging from labor to military duties—having typically been of an extremely light nature, when compared against overwhelming burdens of rent or mortgage of today. Thus by custom across Western Europe the labor of a peasant cottager entailed one day or less a week, in a system in which, plainly enough, one didn’t go into the “rental business” in order to make a quick fortune on the dire needs of others. But in which all profited substantially or even immensely from vigorous reciprocities involved. An arrangement by which, by the same token, lands and appurtenances of lowliest laborers had about them an inalienable element of hands-on wealth-multiplying capital unknown in these “progressive” times. A sort of property-holding that plainly avoids uprighteous Calvinist object-lessons and wordy or wordless holdings-forth about “chosen conditions” of predatory wealth, and less-chosen ones of guileless want.

This, then, is the most fundamental way you attain domestic peace, and the surest guarantee of liberty: in an adaptable political blueprint based on the essential goodness of human nature. That which roundly belies fatal misgivings of deluded, compulsive and ever-radical Judeo-Calvinist-American souls. Sane humanity rather evincing a contrary mode of reflection which requires those fine distinctions which ready inhabit a healthy and upright mind. This in a marvelously-well-balanced, body-and-soul-minding theological Catholicism found prohibitive by intelligences eclipsed before the fatal, precipitous logic of Calvinist “deprave nature” point of view.

But especially critical to the institutional meltdowns of a ground-clearing, futuristic phenomenology would be that final legacy of the Revolutionary times, the radical separation of church and state political dogma. A fanatical church/state divide which supplies a concentrated form of that left-wing ideology which in reality is the critical, perpetual counterpart to blank-facedly-rapacious economic-right-wing policies, in the polar-political teeter-totter intimated above. The two together effecting a whipsawing of the people in a political-will-enervating back and forth, a maneuver typically put in motion by a Synagogue with agents on both sides, but loyalties to none but its own. Again, in order to frustrate that most-sedulous Guardian of all: a Heavenly Father within Whose wise Commandments our rights and privileges are alone maintained. 

Plainly, within the noted party-promoted polar extremes a popular grasp of issues is hijacked rather than served. This odious set-piece being a miasma toward which branch-of-power preoccupations steadily conspire, as suggested above, with maddeningly-irrelevant Newtonian precision abstracting matters of state entirely from their practical arenas of resolve. A milieu of incessant sterile debate in which “spin”—or the twisting and deforming of sound ideas into extreme, perverse, bigoted or militaristic caricatures—is the signature procedure of the day. As for instance in a notion of compassion which is warped into a championing of the “rights” of sodomites to dominate the public and educational sphere.

(Note of 8/09: Of course, as we write, Obama and the rest of the robber/sodomite crowd—without ado lifting two or three words from writings like these—will think up a “middle-ground” which is only a combination of the worst excesses of these bipolar extremes, sniffed out, canine-fashion, in foul-and-irrelevant territories far from any notion of the common good. Debates taken seriously only by those fools who typically hold forth at town-hall meetings aired on NPR.)  

Equally does the noted tidy axiom—separation of church and state—hit far wide of issues at stake. For it is neither church nor state but private interest which is the culprit in all public affairs: for the containment of which both church and state were divinely made. In God’s plan the latter needing the guidance and moral conviction of the former to keep it from abdicating to astute, “chosen”, special-interest forces which can be formidable indeed. A fact which far from arguing for the separation of the two, church and state, rather supports the unqualified supremacy of the church: which after all has no armies. In other words, of those spiritual/rational things in which alone love, loyalty, justice or mercy can realistically hope to prevail.

In this church/state debate there is readily detected by upright minds the need not of a divorcing-of-realms but rather for an independence which in the same breath requires an inextricable interdependence. In that quality of paradox which ever characterizes the great truths and institutions of life. With the state for instance being preserved in its defining impartiality by nothing so much as a virile and indomitable Church. And the Church protected by a grateful state from those who would rob it of its innate and inalienable liberty to proclaim the truth, “both in season and out of season”. But when relations of church and state are poisoned or undermined it is always the same old private interests that are actually at fault: since in reality church and state in themselves as institutions cannot be in conflict with one another, cannot seduce one another, as both have the same defining aim of the good of man. The cynical undermining and rejection of whose critical collaboration can only be the work of the Hellish fiend, the arch-enemy of man.

Indeed, Enlightenment ground-clearing abstractions show their true if hidden purposes in dogmatizing a complete denial of the place of Christian morality in the public and practical sphere. The Faith of the People this being the main boulder dislodged by the swollen stream of revolutionary purifications noted above: uprooted by a host of ever-changing, conviction-denying, primitive religions and process-philosophies both avant-garde and out of the ancient past. Today’s renewed persecution of the Faith represents the real collusion, namely of synagogue and state: such as saw Christ condemned by Pilate to die on a Cross. While if allowed to continue its present domestic-life-shaping, accelerating pace, the New Age atheism at the base of central Democratic-Party thinking—resisted by Republicans with little but hot air—will quickly overthrow all that stands in its way. The long-developing power and mammoth institutional resources at the command of this avant-garde easily monopolizing the energies of a state or society by nature finite, limited, and with little difficulty polluting minds which must remain in great measure uncontaminated if they are to morally survive. A fringe assaulting a commonweal which can address only so many imperatives or trace so many lines-of-design. Human organization requiring embodiment according to some few definitive directives, by which a social body is recognized or defined; dissolving into perfect chaos if every “alternate lifestyle” is allowed to take turns forming the public mind.

        Hardly, then, was the Catholic state of earlier times—conceded a privileged share of the divine friendship—that ineffable alliance upon which its foundations were immovably established—capable of embassies with Heavenly principalities and powers—hardly was this great boon rejected willingly by the people themselves. Rather was it forcibly taken from them, or they were seduced into betraying it, as it were in little steps, semi-advertently. A subversion-by-elites implicit to Judaism and its historical handmaids: today including secret societies like Masonry and the Skull and Bones. 

Introducing the Frankpledge Party or FRP

          Having originated in Mongolia thousands of years ago, and migrated westward thereafter with Frankish and Gothic tribes during late ancient and early medieval times, the fundamental, rock-stable political unit of mankind came to be known as the Frankpledge. The immemorial socio-legal relationship comprised under that heading was a true free-agency and free-association whose members were legally responsible to and for one another, and mutually identified in a host of less formal ways. Commoners who further demanded and received a definitive input into the most consequential affairs of the realm, through a channel of personal involvement woven through assemblies, charters and familiar associations, in a trellis which reached to the highest chambers of state. Although, granted, still to reach its full potential, freedom wasn’t at all discovered by our Colonial forefathers, but rather lived by peoples of old, and perfected by the Gospel of Christ and the social doctrine of His Church. The newly-Christened Frankpledge in particular forming an irreducible self-ruling microcosm of the community, one capable of maintaining even the True Faith itself in a stout colloquial localism, in those rare times like today when higher civil and ecclesiastical authority alike have lost their way. A “pearl of great price” in its own right, this Frankpledge was however fated for gradualistic removal from the human scene through the machinations of power-hungry elites noted above. A cell or seed yet in itself of an indestructible toughness and vitality: having been so locally tiny and rooted so deeply in the free interpersonal soil that it could never in itself have been directly discredited or undermined, nor inhabited by the influence of treasonous elements from above. So that the centuries-long neglect, and sometimes wholesale treason, which brought down the towering structures of the truly-free and developmentally-prolific 11th to 13th century West—a Civilization spelled out in each case in the dialect of the place and time—could only be accomplished from the other direction: namely, from the top down. As is indeed always the way of traitors, who are most typically “men in soft garments who live in the palaces of kings”. Leaving an intrinsically-self-governing Frankpledge moored or withered on the vine; or like an acorn from a mighty oak removed from congenial soil in which to take root, to continue to perpetuate itself through space and time.

          Hence can this popular-political fundamental hardly be said to have suffered any real loss when its evocative “hue and cry”, or bringing to justice, ultimately became an “irrelevant” in the view of academics. Being disregarded as a time-related casualty together with the halberd, the mace, the battlement and equine liveries fluttering in the breeze. Emblems in their time of a Crusade whose real purpose was not “to make the world safe” for totalitarian designs—nor for the forced conversion of Muslims—but rather simply to guarantee safety for Christian pilgrims visiting Holy Land shrines (Burman, Edward, The Templars: Knights of God. Wellingborough, England: Crucible, 1986).

          Thus by the terms of the above-detailed modern retrogression the sanguine, energetic neighbors/citizens of the Frankpledge were destined to be succeeded by the dispirited, largely non-community-minded souls of our day. Retained in their helpless positions of utter non-agency by those possessed of a centuries-developing Nietzschean/nihilistic will-to-power.

          Accordingly, to right such a wrong, in conjunction with a call for a personal and national consecration to the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, do we advocate the reestablishment of the Frankpledge. Comprising a joyful New Testament civic-component to a loyalty to a Heavenly Lord and Lady whose guardianship is “as terrible as an army set in battle array” to foes of any kind. While, furthermore, having announced my own bid for the Presidency of the United States, in an informal campaign—a traveling familiarization which lasted roughly fourteen months, and which continues on various trips as non-funded necessities permit—I also now announce the founding of the FRP, or Frankpledge Party. My wife Joann and I having traveled through twenty-four states and Washington D.C., during which we spoke to thousands of individuals and numberless small ad hoc groups across the land, and displayed bold words and graphics on our travel trailer to millions. The purpose of which effort is and will be to wrench this country from the forces of evil that presently hold her in dishonorable thrall, and to reconstitute her as a time-tested distributive system, described above in general terms. A blueprint treated-of more fully in my books to date, including Integral Catholicism: the Social, Political and Economic Philosophy of All Times (2004). The aim being to reorganize ourselves as a true commonwealth built upon the threefold foundations of the Frankpledge, traditional truly-free forms of property-ownership, and the reestablishment of the wealth-prolific form of money with which our forebears lived for thousands of years. The latter in place of that larcenous bond-backed currency and related financial debt and equity instruments whose ill-acknowledged purpose has been to drain away wealth rather than to expand and expedite it. And which now find us in heavy finance- related chains, and on the historically-repeated path of those nations who have followed such a course, namely: wholesale aggressive war. Even as, finally, and of course, the choice of religious Faith, by definition, is entirely ones own: yet at the same time we are commanded to announce the One True Faith unabashedly, in order that it be believed and practiced, according to God’s will. Unless we wish to remain in the synagogue-forged chains we wear today: Christian society, the Mystical Body, now resembling nothing so much as Christ in the dungeons of Herod or the Hebrew high priests. Confirming in the plainest terms that this life is a battle between good and evil; that we only take our good side in a contest that will continue until the end of time.

          For purposes of mounting a united nationwide effort to unseat the Napoleonic pre-natal/post-natal bipartisan-anti-life tyranny that presently prevails, I ask first of all that you organize in the same 10-head-of-household or Frankpledge unit, or in units even smaller, as circumstances may require. The Frankpledge for now to act mostly as the basic unit of a political party, as well as for mutual aid, while its tiny size would also gravitate against today’s principal danger, that of infiltration. That by which a miniscule 5% or less of the population has been able to gain absolute mastery over organizational life in the USA. A hostile force which can penetrate groups of almost any size: for which reason smallness is essential in this basic unit, and even then vigilance critically required. Additionally, I ask you to work from there to gain signatures required for registration of a new party in the separate states. As well as to gradually coalesce with other tiny Frankpledge groups, with higher levels of coordination to be mounted from out of largely enemy-impenetrable ascending stepping-stones traditionally associated with these age-old groups. Higher tiers of assembly in regional bailiwicks, in prior history typically under the auspices of noblemen operating under distributive property-definitions noted above.

          Popular assemblies or “cortes” as the Spanish used to call them, at ascending levels, are an integral part of the advocated system, and both attending “commoners” and noblemen of a sort would be required, as of old, to both guard popular institutions and develop property in that personalized way of mankind’s past. No limitlessly-powerful Homeland Security emperor, the nobleman was in his routine, painstaking way the central figure who materially and manfully blocked the way to those self-same marrano or anonymous elites who rule today. While a royal family was never found to have been prejudicial to popular institutions, until those ruling houses came under the effective control of the Jews, starting gradually from the fourteenth century onward. But the Frankpledge, and the noted understanding of both money and property, together with the guidance and protection of God, would be the greatest bulwark against all forms of tyranny, just as they have been at auspicious times in the past.