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We have spoken innumerable times here on this site of the frightful significance of the weather-patterns of today, evident globally, but perhaps especially here in a divinely-chastized USA. Just look for instance at the “jet stream” appearing daily as the focal point of commentary on The Weather Channel: once a near-proverbially straight-line phenomenon, which used to travel west-to-east right down the middle of Kansas, when we lived there in the eighties, but which now looks for all the world like a roller-coaster track spread out across the globe, going from peak to trough every five-hundred miles or so: modeling precisely the disaster-predictive wobbling-of-the-earth which has been going on for the past twenty or so years. This provender of the divine wrath having almost certainly been brought down upon ourselves, as God's punishments so often are, object-lessons for an erring race. This planetary core-instability more or less dating from the “tsunami” that devastated Indonesia's Banda Aceh, a phenomenon triggered by means of an under-sea detonation of a nuclear bomb, to aid in “nation making” enterprises of the global Nanny of all times, close-cousin to a 9/11 that for the same “strategic” reasons cold-bloodedly sacrificed so many lives here at home. The former Indian-Ocean phenomenon a genocide going well beyond intended dimensions—as such evil pranks so often do—the guilty hand being evident in a massive joint-Australian/American flotilla launched to conduct martial-law “mop-up” operations in affected areas of Indonesia already days before the “seismic” event had yet even occurred. Uncle Sam taking ghoulish advantage of the non-compressibility of water, a deadly feature already used at least once tactically by U.S. forces already in WWII.

As noted several times here before, all these many planetary orbital and rotational instabilities, fraught with unheard-of weather-anomalies, are smilingly written-off by the staff on The Weather Channel in dismissive scholarly tones, we listeners are assured by body-language and humorous tones, if not in actual words, that when summer rudely violates time-related dimensions its has known since Archimedes of ancient-Greece, that “the actual start of summer” (rather than ignorantine, fable-based timetables of yore) has always been somewhere around the first of June or last week of May: with yawning assurances of staid continuity crediting the noted incredible path-across-the-continent of today's jet-stream or low-pressure-gradient as being the same old bucking-bronco taken-note-of by Socrates as well. Today's incessant rain likewise being treated as a mere bubble or blip on the satellite radar screen, as life-threatening as the thousand-year downpours may be: but we must go to Our Lady of Fatima, no smiling liar, she the Blessed Mother of our erring race, in her punishment-predictive firmament-video played out in the Portuguese sky before 100,000 souls in October 1917, in order to learn “the real reason why”. Even here however Our Lady with fitting and consummate gravity and composure didn't say anything about what was coming—no, we are expected to be God-fearing and grace-responsive enough to understand the meaning of those terrible phenomena which placed out in that nation's central-mountain clime, in skies over a nature depression or “cova” into which these many, including Marxist and Freemasonic reporters from Lisbon of the times, fit so perfectly well. That this was no heavenly “feature movie” like those in the many theaters of those times. For these throngs had had to endure a future-predictive downpour that had lasted many hours, starting late the night before, continuing until the underlying cosmic part of the massive screen-play would finally burst forth upon that celestial stage. Only then, around noon of October 13, 1917, after a mere nod by the Blessed Mother, the sun, tearing through the thick clouds, came careening at the earth on a fright-wrenching zig-zag path, causing the masses to cry “the end of the world”! As suggested above, no one seemed to have understood what these prodigies meant back then: even erudite churchmen in the intervening century having apparently thought of this “Miracle of the Sun” as no more than a simple instructive display of Heavenly power. Prodigies playing out in the sky during the same month and year that saw the Bolshevik Revolution: a heavenly visitation of the New Eve in which Russia indeed formed a kind of topical centerpiece, with her now-fast-approaching conversion to Roman Catholicism being foretold with maternal solicitude and anticipation by this the Mother of God. Mary already so named in first centuries of a nascent Catholic Church, the latter in turn likewise already called Catholic or universal in closing years of the first century A.D., a word descriptive not of some precocious New World Order but rather of the seamless unity of her doctrine the world round, to distinguish the One True Church from the many heretical look-alikes that abounded back then, and that multiply even til now. That Mystical Body already attacked by ever burrowing, infiltrating, sheepfold-gate-hopping false shepherds during Apostolic times, and ever thereafter as ruefully predicted by Our Blessed Lord Himself. A Church in whose moral and material boons all, not just the well-to-do, must share.

May 28, 2020: The paramount liberty is that of the biblical “sons of God”, and this true liberty is a fruit of rigorously-enforced law.

Liberty and law are perfectly symmetrical to one another, so that according to St. Thomas Aquinas and all sound reason and philosophy of the millennia, a speedy, relentless and untrammeled interdiction of crime and criminals is absolutely necessary for any true liberty to prevail. Here being an immovable prerequisite to a just and orderly society, in which sane, happy and upright children may be raised, and likewise a vigorous investigative/prosecutorial function must ever remain a prime element of government, which otherwise becomes a sanctimonious and insufferable tyrant and a contradiction-in-terms. And as noted so many times before on this site, the USA is the prime global object lesson for this fundamental moral-and-logical axiom, Uncle Sam having become a personification of the officious buffoon, a miserable example of what happens to a nation if this cardinal rule, of law before liberty, isn't rigorously and assiduously applied. And part-and-parcel of this staggering, appalling lack of justice here is our shameful 90-some percent failure-rate of conviction in murder cases, largely as arbitrated by a prohibitively-high bar of “probable cause” before any investigation can even be commenced: which is like requiring a “smoking gun” in the killer's hand, or like expecting a confession, or a whole room full of witnesses, before some after-all nowadays typically airy, careless and desultory investigation may begin. Thus is “liberty” for criminals—whether ghetto-dwellers, “credentialed-class”-swindlers or racist-hip-booted/mostly-Northerner police-officers—a barbaric impunity put well before life and limb for the innocent on these shores.

Of course and as we all know so ruefully well, this conundrum comes as a consequence of a celebrated Yankee institutional/constitutional forswearing of anything resembling an Inquisition: the latter held to be the very epitome of tyrannical power. Heaping garlands of liberty upon ourselves, while killers, stalkers, pathological maniacs run free, earning no well-earned surveillance at all, even as myriads of surveillance-cameras record innocent acts of harmless passers-by on every street-corner, hallway or store-isle. At best, or indeed at worst, here in a “freedom-loving” USA this inquisitorial or investigatory function is the exclusive perquisite of the well-to-do, many of whom can easily hire a “private eye” to investigate anyone and everyone, from the perfectly innocent to the bloody-handed fiend, and to come down heavily and indifferently against either one, according to the complaintant's “standing”, and as the outcome suits the deified private interest of same. While the rest of us are so freedom-loving-privileged as to merit some officer's stout knee upon our necks if we make a peep, or show some modicum of simple self-respect under questioning, while being unjustly and belligerently detained and restrained.

Here then too is the rock-solid justification for our own position regarding the perennial “Jewish problem”, or “Jewish question”, they whose abiding influence is to be found under the heap of Pompeo-like oppression that this country has become. To wit: that there is abundant, “overwhelming” evidence, some of it circumstantial, some by direct and self-incriminating admission, of a pan-Jewish desire to destroy genuine civilization, to trash uplifting and especially Christian practices and institutions as a whole, with little if any hesitation or demur by any of that belief : most or all Jewish blood-line having been inretrievably lost through millennia of power-and-influence pandering intermarriages since those contracted with infant-sacrificial Canaanites so thunderously condemned by Almighty God in Old Testament times. Judaism in our opinion having indeed deteriorated into nothing more than an inescapable global cabal of criminal activity, having adopted a set of “values” which enshrines genocide, murder, perversion and rapacity as its entire raison d'etre, as emblems of “racial” superiority par excellence. Mute testimony to barbarous pretensions being supplied in the wheeling gait and parade-ground verbal maneuvers of the noted AIPAC-lackey Secretary of State, the President, Netanjahu, and the whole scheming, death-dealing breed, attended hat-in-hand by their fawning Fox Newscasters and power-brokering global entourage. (Not that CNN is any better, off on the other end of the enervating bi-polar see-saw which we call the media here in the USA.) Genuine Jewry on the other hand being in fact Christianity, and with lazer-like specificity true—if now as predicted by saints and Scriptures driven underground—Catholicism—while this genuine and fullsome Christianity is likewise the only genuine Jewry, the only heir to the Promise of Old Testament times. “The Jews” having lost their divine commission forever when the veil of the Temple was rent at the decisive world-historical moment of the death of Our Blessed Lord. Certainly here indeed, in this “Jewish question”, is found the otherwise-oft-illusive probable cause as well, the only juridical tool with which we are left here in a wild-west “anything goes” USA. This sole legal fixture in violent crime being the above-noted familiar factotum which redundantly justifies any extensive inquiry or inquisition into criminal behavior of any kind. So that it isn't really necessary at all to uncover the minute details of any intertemporal Jewish plan, any detailed blueprint of the supremely-well-documented millennial synagogue desire to do such foul and insidious things, among these Biblical “enemies of mankind”, cunning overturners of the state, anywhere they are found around the globe. Jews who for instance have patiently infiltrated ecclesiastical circles since the late eighteenth century Revolutionary Era, by stages became empowered to busily rifle through all Catholic things. Today for instance giving us those worked-over “traditional Catholic hymns” found on youtube and in the local parochial choir loft: hymns now mostly bare of any real trace of those richly-doctrinal verses which Church music once so prodigiously supplied, which indeed—like immemorial church-art or those Stations of the Cross which once traversed the landscape across European hills and glens—served as a humble, affectionately-regarded layman's catechism all-its-own. These “updated” (how the word rankles my soul!) versions “giving us a stone instead of a loaf”, in lyrics which now could as easily be sung at an Assembly of God Church, or sometimes even indeed in a synagogue. Such overriding synagogue influence being garnered from post-Vatican-II eagerly-obtained deciding positions, typically represented by loyal gentile proxies, on myriad bogus local or Vatican “liturgical commissions”. Indeed, the entire plethora of incriminating evidence for such an unwavering, chaos-breeding intention is there for all to see, if we only read a little Church history since the Epistles of St. Paul, inroads freely and gloatingly admitted-to, wherever Jews, led by some “Bibi”, gather with cameras rolling to announce such sodden intentions bold and free. As happens at least a hundred times a year. At this point, the specific details of such a nefarious or perfidious plan aren't at all required: for under any sane idea of law the killer or criminal need only manifest his intentions enough times, even in some round-about way, after which he must at the very least be questioned and/or investigated, so as not to be able to perpetrate what he with cold deliberation at least seems to intend to do.

Yet it is precisely this putative claim to knowledge-in-detail of cryptic Jewish operational plans which writers like myself are so mockingly accused of flourishing in the air, of boasting-about, on sites like this, of course with the little sobriquet, “conspiracy theorist”, subscribed to our names. Such slanders being a weird reverse-version of that well-worn, ubiquitous subscript under grainy pictures of perfectly-anonymous WWII-era prisoners behind barbed-wire fences, noted often here on this site, a tag which inevitably reads “six million Jews”. Most of which prisoners, by testimony of those who were actually there, one at least, a Catholic priest, whom we have known, were Polish Catholic souls. While conversely, as if all that weren't enough, when we express our assessment of some illusive, cunningly-conceived criminal-political matter in those cautious and tentative terms which such matters inevitably require, then we are called “weasels”, using “weasel words” such as “likely”, “seemingly” or “no doubt”—which latter of course by constant usage is a valid rhetorical expression meaning little doubt. About matters we can't justly treat as self-evident or certain, without ourselves being liars and weasels like those who falsely accuse us of same. While of course endless flush-faced declarations of perfectly-fictional certitude, notably those inevitable weekly world-war-precipitating allegations, are the calling-card of the Trump/Pompeo breed.

To reiterate: the saving of human life as well as the assiduous preservation of sacred and popularly-definitive institutions: this is the bounden duty of government properly conceived, while actual rather than purely theoretical freedom or liberty is the fruit—not the operational purpose, the modus operandi—of that self-same rigorous, unflinching prosecution of valid and life-giving law. Else only the criminal, the pervert, the citizen-murdering cop, be in any real sense free. Hence too another example of this fundamental principle: a murder case still pending, written of on this site a couple of years ago, and still to be read among the links at the top, an article entitled “The close and ugly connection between sodomy and murder”. (A piece worked over somewhat by hackers, but whose small number of disfigurements I hope soon to remove: “editing” being something I undertake with dire trepidation, as to go into my “file manager” is to invite yet-another hack-job, perhaps indeed the virtual bringing-down of the entire site.) Now as this same moderately-lengthy and investigatory piece readily admits, most of the evidence exposed there in print is circumstantial or inductive in nature, there being no witnesses or smoking gun, in a murder which so obviously was done in a morbid, merciless and shamelessly-quiet way, to a father by a family-member who had spent decades establishing himself immovably there as a “man to be trusted” above all others. Having for that reason careful assassinated the character of a decorated-war-veteran younger brother, thereafter often held up in mocking comparison to the putative paragon-of-goodness as a madman—contrasted, if with some occasional show of surprise—“but I guess such things do happen”—against this black-hearted patricide who long before had spent ten years in the Army and come out a private first class (probably likewise with a less-than-honorable discharge as well, although this one matter has remained unavoidably under wraps). But to the heart of the matter: the malice that existed in that family against the father, a group-malevolence “you could cut with a knife”, an animus stoked ever-so-carefully by the mother and wife, a woman with a whole closet-full of “axes to grind” against people far and near: this circumstance should have called forth an investigation such as would have likely-enough been mounted in medieval times. Among an English people bred amid bracing civic ties of the Frankpledge system advocated once again here and in our (Confederate) presidential platform. A system in which a loose confederation of ten-head-of-household neighbors—collectively that biblical quantity unstintingly endorsed in the sacred text with the phrase “better a friend close at hand than a brother far away”—were empowered to be your helper in every possible legal, social or practical way. This the true birthplace then of the English popular liberty, so falsely claimed to have somehow been “perfected” by a lot of airy law-and-evidence discarding palaver about freedom and the like among revolting Colonies here in the future USA. An investigation of this murdering fiend which would have saved the life of my own beloved father: together with whom I myself might be said to have died, as to any prior lusty desire to live-on with the memory branded on my mind of that terrible day in 1989. One which it took me 28 years to finally understand in all its twisted and morbid details, of a sadist who kept dropping hints about same, knowing that under our “probable cause” law nothing could be done about it at all. Ours being a definition of law and liberty which is a twisted mockery among supposedly-civilized men.

May 27, 2020: Medical doctors and associated scientists were prime moving figures in totalitarian systems of the recent past, being tasked to secretive agendas for the micromanaging of popular thought and belief, engineering conformity to brave new ideas where man is most weak and vulnerable, in his easily-victimized somatic life. We need another Inquisition to root these remorseless enemies out.

Thus were such sly and sinister men given such tasks by the likes of Hitler and Stalin, quietly laboring in that intimate setting which the practice of medicine so uniquely supplies, pursuing cryptic agendas in a grim and ritualistic way inevitably adopted by “credentialed” elites of every stripe. Being ironically commissioned under the ample blanket of “good health” to decimate whole populations, allowing only the young and athletic, in a word, “the Master Race”, to remain, in this way retaining an apocalyptic and unnatural grasp on the naturally-free life of the common man. And once and for all getting rid of those elderly people who could still remember how good and free things used to be. And besides such a real and implacable enemy that this white-coated cabal so chillingly represents, there is, incredibly enough, another even more deadly: namely those highly-familiar legions of innocuous “loving and forgiving” people who urge all to surrender in the most blithe and supine way to the stratagems of this infernal, globe-dominating-and-decimating crew. Like some serendipity Pied Piper, these ever-hugging-and-enthusing people induce a popular tranquilized passivity not only to death-dealing doctors but also to close-cousin “patriotic” inventors of ongoing falsely-motivated wars, throwbacks to one-time droppers-of-A-bombs on sleepy Japanese cities, on a fervently-anti-Communist people back in '45 frantically working all diplomatic channels, trying to negotiate a peace, only desiring to be told what they were required to do. Nippon like so many noble and worthy nations having fallen into the clutches of these sanctimonious if chaos-breeding “freedom lovers” of the past two and a half-centuries, nihilists all, their universal Bill-Gates-style smiling manner finding fit graphic echoes in the Jolly Roger cranial emblem of the Skull and Bones, a piratical secret-society league increasingly in charge everywhere around the world since halcyon early-modern Revolutionary days.

Hence today these abstruse and convoluted virus-related narratives, gothic sagas, about how all nature is turning against us—conspiracy theories indeed—how mother earth herself, crisply adjudicated unfit parent she is adjudged to be, is auto-mutating viruses and diseases at mach-20 speeds. Utterly unprecedented maladies which by rapidly-developing stages attack every single organ and bodily function from breathing to brain, heart-rate to intestines, said to be leaving permanent damage to the lungs, and who knows what else, transfixing humanity in unheard-of panicky fears. A virus said to be angrily self-developing as if tiny sworn enemies of the human race, all under the transfixed gaze of these denizens of the medical field. They who now labor to prepare us a vaccine which will embed tiny molecular seeds of the dreaded malady into our systems, never again to be removed, condemning us forthwith to go back once a year to be reinvested with the putrid disease. (While we who have never had a flu shot meanwhile suffer, if anything at all, only the mildest of symptoms during “flu season”, maybe a sniffle or sick stomach for a couple of work-uninterrupted days.) Evading—but apparently not for long, if they had their determined way—these medical control freaks who work out of secretive laboratories to produce some race of supermen, to be rid of those who “don't measure up”. Especially those who won't bow to the creeping sodomy culture being imposed at the same time as all the Covid 19 slop.

Oh, no, that can never be, bleat both a troublingly-grim-and-ritualistic Dr. Fauci and his legions of media and functionary sheep. But manifestly and as modern history redundantly teaches us, our real enemies are much bigger than these microscopic virus specimens, the foe a modern-day Dr. Jeckle, an aliens to that benignly-fashioned natural world actually given us by a good God, the real and genuine earth a life-and-health-giving cornucopia from which these astute interlopers remove us further and further by the day. Our real foes not being measurable on any nano-scale: while if we resist their outwardly-benevolent but actually totalitarian will—like some lethal choke-hold on the neck of a “resisting” arrestee, a stout patrolman's knee upon nation or city—then we are “dangerous”, an enemy of domestic welfare, to be handcuffed and led away to who knows where, someday no doubt to be simply shot on the spot. And meanwhile our own wills are being softened for the kill, as we humbly don the humiliating masked paraphernalia, keep our maddening “social distancing”, try to prepare ourselves for an un-mapped, Star-Trek-unnatural future in which we remain inert subject-matter, mute recipients of sanctimonious but increasingly-belligerent barked commands. If only we remain still and inert long enough, losing job and finally home. Did the entire earth ever before live under lockdown?It is far better to simply die, in freedom open and unrestrained, than to continue like a tethered bear in a circus, or a tiger required to jump through fiery hoops at the master-of-ceremony's word. Ah, Adolph, you didn't have to wait that long after all, now did you?

These aren't the ravings of a fright-crazed lunatic but simply the reflections of a student of modern history since Hitler and Robespierre: it is the passivity freaks who are the lunatics of the piece. Suddenly and uncharacteristically obedient people who can otherwise be found forcing a belligerent and socially-invasive full-scale-sodomite agenda upon an unwilling human race. An ilk highly familiar to we who lived through the '60s “free love”, “free speech” and naked-as-a-flea streaker movements: fevered endeavors with high theater ever at the ready to bring chaos to peaceful lands. Bomb-throwing, if for now abjectly “obedient”, revolutionaries who quickly gain ascendancy in every popular setting, once the media, including Fox News, today's “conservative” heir to Huntley and Brinkley of those earlier halcyon days, has turned the hype-crank long enough, lending limelight to a crew which by stout-if-cryptic connections likewise dominates every city council or legislative chamber or district court. A “credentialed class” which politely-if-sternly herds us off under blows of their stout institutional and media-orchestrated cudgels, into unforeseen chutes of every kind, either to slaughter or be slaughtered, like sheep. Albeit in that sanitary and innocent-looking manner which is the hallmark of today's aggressive-warrior, domestic-state-terrorist Tamerlane breed.

Indeed every field from politics to medicine to economics to religion has long been packed with the noted hyper-meek who lay down the red carpet for this destructive crew—be they “doctors, lawyers or Indian chiefs”—with even so Catholic a theologian as a certain Fr. Denis Fahey of mid-twentieth-century Irish fame, by not insisting manfully and without qualification on the rights of Holy Mother Church vis-a-vis the state, provided a broad beachhead for her worst adversaries, there in the midst of his scholarly discourses supposedly in the Church's defense. Hence his constant refrain, which with frightful economy-of-words concedes the major talking-point of the Judeo-Freemasonic anti-state he so vociferously writes against: enthusing, waxing poetic, that the state or central authority is “a perfect society”, a co-equal peer, with that other “perfect society”, the Church. Obviously by these belabored words he regards government as a realm by nature entirely independent unto itself, to whom churchmen go with hat in hand. The state—in other words “the government”—to him being exclusively given the bailiwick of power over all earthly life, with the Church by such reasoning left as a milk-toast pleader, left with only preaching, Sacramentary and various other ceremonial things. While the most to be expected from the Irish cleric's statist “perfect society” are some perfectly voluntary concessions to the Church, from out of a worshipfully-pleaded sovereign largesse: some allowances or permissions, a surrender of moral or social influence here, a concession of an aloof and disengaged cooperation there. Otherwise, says Fr. Fahey, hardly conceding any traditional stout heavenly sanctions to be imposed, “things won't go well for the state”. As suggested in all this does Father Fahey meekly consign to Caesar the vague but all-the-more all-inclusive domain of “practical affairs”, as conceded in so many other supine, state-obedient utterances that punctuate his books here and there, plainly meant as injunctions for Christians lay and clerical to meekly obey. (He often slips this statist formula in just after quoting Aquinas or Leo XIII, lend the vague impression that it is part-and-parcel of same.) A recourse which would surrender forever those prerogatives used on occasion by popes of medieval times, of excommunication and interdict, of the incomparably-potent papal or episcopal revoking of citizen fealty, leaving governments without follower or armed retainer, and other ample measures of the like.

Yet were he to understand the state in its correct holistic manner, Fahey would acknowledge that it is an entity which far surpasses “the government” in its actual scope and perimeter, rather taking in each citizen, each resident, as a constituent part, a component of far greater stature than any mere “subject”: and all this indeed without prejudice to the Church herself. The state thus properly understood being quite incapable of functioning as an abstractly-conceived yet brutally-empowered realm above and apart, a “realm unto itself”, run by elites lost in unapproachable power-related clouds, such Fr. Fahey ever assiduously if with precocious Vatican-II-era indirection implies.

All this palaver is of course part-and-parcel of the “new slant” on Church/state relations, gradually developing, like a kind of creeping, laxity-tolerated mold or mildew upon the immemorial doctrine of the Church, the latter as epitomized in the trenchant upholding of ecclesiastical powers wielded so well in Boniface's bull noted above. This contrary “realistic” approach fronted by this centuries-developing hyper-meek false-shepherd churchly breed based in turn almost exclusively upon a radical interpretation of the “Render therefore to Caesar” passage of the Holy Gospel, words uttered by Our Blessed Lord with no such Christendom-wrecking meaning in the Divine Mind. While this false interpretation of this short biblical phrase gained unparalleled theatrical headwind through the “open window of the Church”, thus thrown ajar by the able hand of the Freemason anti-pope John XXIII (bearing significantly as he did the same name as the last anti-pope of medieval times), sweeping away all of Catholic tradition through the wide aperture in its blustery wake. The noted words of Our Blessed Savior not at all meant to become the battle-cry, the knurled fist against the Church's liberties and authority, that they were destined to be fashioned into by those who would meekly quibble away the Church's mandate “to root up and to tear down, to build and to plant” any self-assumed “authority” that would arrogantly stand up against the divinely-instituted Roman Catholic plan. The Savior's phrase rather being uttered as a simple rejoinder to Jewish trickery and deceit with regard to contemporary pagan-Roman taxation, and not at all as a new and revolutionary, potentially bomb-throwing view of government, of the state.

Surely, indeed, anything on earth can be called a “realm unto itself” in some sense: the human person fits such dimensions admirably well, being a veritable cosmos of body and soul, of thought and aspiration, of intellect and will, of reflection and deed. An universe capable of taking into itself, through the Thomistic-Aristotelian “possible intellect”, the forms or essences of all other things, this cosmos thereby enlarging itself ontologically in oceanic depths and degrees, in the words of the Angelic Doctor the human person thereby “becoming what he knows”. Assembling an inner universe which no one can rightfully tread upon or crush. By this singular quality of the human soul no man being “an island”, alone and forsaken, indeed: even if he have no company at the moment but his own mind and will, which can populate an entire universe there in this all-apprehending inner conceptual womb, rubbing elbows with dear and elk, angels, galaxies and curious creeping things. Yet nonetheless no churchman in his right mind would call a human person a “realm unto himself” which can bandy words with Holy Mother Church, set limits to her “infringements”, go on to make independent deals with the earthly-mighty, while extending a sort of aloof, self-sufficient handshake with God Himself, as the Protestant cosmology of a duty-less “being saved” so roundly suggests. And neither is the state any less bound under the same God-fearing strictures than the individual soul, being specifically designated—in trenchant terminology of the infallible bull of Boniface VIII—being therein commanded (in Rome's timeless and beloved, now-almost-forgotten stentorian tones) like “every living creature”, to be “subject to the bishop of Rome in order to be saved”.

Of course, we speak here in practice of people and nations that already believe, and not of any involuntary coercion of any sort, which cannot be allowed in anything by nature in the territory of free will, such as religion so supremely and by nature is. Any sanctioning of those outside the fold, in spite of frequent calumnies to the contrary, being a course that the Church has never taken at all. While those “persecuted people” condemned by the Inquisition and remanded to the state for punishment were invariably brought before that august body by dint of eloquent pretenses of being themselves Catholics loyal to the core. Moles who were busily at work wrecking both Church and state, such as we have in such profusion about our ears today. They who deserve an Inquisition just as richly as well.

Hence is the state bound under the mercifully-lucid and thunderous doctrinal definition of Boniface: religion everywhere, after all, and even under a rudimentary natural law, and not just in Rome, being the definitive formator of official loyalties, policies and programs of any kind, in a passionately-maintained role generously conceded by all tribes and nations of every persuasion since the beginning of time. A rock-solid and universal affirmation however which quibbling elements in the Church have been busy chipping away at since the day after the holy pontiff died, and his decree was taken out of circulation forthwith by an already-cowardly Vatican crew. Even saintly English martyrs, celebrated on Catholic altars, dispatched under the heinous Henry VIII and an equally-brutal “Good Queen Bess” having been amply infected by this pernicious religio-political disease, with St. Thomas More for one meekly uttering his very last words, there on the scaffold: “The king's good servant, but God's first”. Being in the next instant done-to-death by a man with the most doubtful throne-holding bloodline of all who had aspired some years before to the throne, a man who in any event would have been deposed forthwith by some virile pontiff like Boniface VIII, a man who by immemorial right was no king at all. The magnificent bull of Boniface having as noted been withdrawn by that first installment of a precociously-“expedient” Vatican bureaucracy, just then cowering before threatened blows of the late-medieval power-usurping Philip the Fair.

But alas we always sound especially smart and in the know when we utter phrases like “the state is a realm unto itself”, a “perfect society”, imagining we inhabit an exquisitely counterpoised world full of hypnotically-spinning orbs, an antiseptic refuge to which we may flee while injustices and perversities mount to the sky. Being thus safely transfixed in our reveries when speaking of a national administration or a team of power-exuding doctors: assuring ourselves with such glorious words that we know how to shift with the mighty. Both doctor and Indian chief however commanded to be obedient children of the Church like the lowliest local parishioners, as directed in these thundering early-fourteenth-century words of a pontiff so soon indeed to die a martyr's death under a brutal imprisonment by the dictatorial French monarch. Here being a precocious prefigurement of those absolutists to come to towering prominence some three hundred years later—Philip just then the initiator of the 70-some year long Babylonian Captivity of the Papacy, the work of the (French) Gallican heretical or erroneous breed. Indeed, all modern secret-society liberalism benefits immensely from the noted ongoing gross misinterpretation of this “render therefore to Caesar” biblical line, whose erroneous understanding is with dire predictability rolled out just when some Fr. Fahey has made some especially trenchant point in defense of the Church's plenipotentiary powers. These thus deftly rendered stillborn, contradicted in the very next sentence or paragraph by the timid cleric or adroit dissimulator involved. Here, indeed, the Christian soul being given by such a father the biblical “stone instead of a loaf”, his militant energies stymied, his defense of family, of sacred loyalties and ties, motivationally bled dry: holy instincts natural to laymen which few of us are lax in maintaining, if given any clerical encouragement at all. The best of all lay-Christian energies thus falling under the ever-effeminate linguistic blade, in an “Ockham's Razor” word-mincing Nominalism which Fahey himself indeed battles hoarsely against on every page of every one of his books, but to which he regularly and roundly capitulates “when push comes to shove”.

Was he one of these interlopers commissioned by the Church's enemies to do such very things: men who in medieval times would have been brought up before the Inquisition, asked to explain their strange and excessively timid preachings, teachings, or shadowy efforts at court, at the borders, or into the night? Many of them false clerics who gathered to themselves all the majesty of Rome's majesterial authority ninety-nine percent of the time, only to cravely abandon, to stifle it, when its thundering triumph is about to commence, trumpeted from every mountain, across every sea.

Nowadays, I turn to those “dead doctors”, those theologians to whom we are urged to resort by some good Catholic writer of recent times whose name I can't just now recall. In the spirit of St. Jerome, I “cleave to that which is most ancient”: most notably embracing wholeheartedly that full-throated bull of Boniface, defined around 1301, that which is the infallible theological capstone to a millennium of church/state teaching since Augustine walked the earth. I don't need to be told by today's legions of quibbling churchmen that all such things are “outdated”. And I need no other defenders than these “dead doctors”, these loyal pontiffs and ancient Doctors of the Church, to stand up stoutly for the prerogatives of Catholic Rome, of Catholic traditional teaching on the state. All the while these “new doctors” pollute the air with their “up to date” slant, which in long-neglected honest words is to strip the Church of all her divinely-bestowed virility, its applicability to fundamental, irreducible matters, to daily and all-determining realities of that marriage of earthly and spiritual life which is immemorial Catholic Rome. That Holy City on seven hills so soon to be thunderously reinvigorated, as we are assured by both Biblical lines and saintly prophesies of a thousand years. In a stunning church-and-state reclamation in which a newly-Catholic Russia, as predicted by Our Blessed Lady at Fatima in Portugal in 1917, will play a decisive role.

May 25, 2020: Ante Pavelich and the Serbs throughout their brief history.

I love the Serbs, they are magnificent people, and among them are a great many good and humane, wise and upright, such as my wife and I have known since we were first married in 1972 at Holy Angels Catholic Church, in Globe, AZ, finding the surrounding foothills of the Pinal Mountains fairly bristling with Serbs, Croats, Greeks, sharing brotherly ties across confessional bounds. Families some of whose elder members had been close friends, sharers in lamb roasts and convivial shots of Slivovitca, when my father mined in Miami, AZ in the 30s, having been a natural expert at the use of explosives, at the fashioning of precisely-engineered mining-drifts, Dad indeed having been proverbially-skilled at the wisdom of the human hand in any endeavor at all. These good Serbs themselves to be found across the entire North-American West, no doubt up into Saskatchewan and beyond as well. But ever since halcyon times of Churchill and Teddy Roosevelt the myth of the up-righteous and vengeful Serb revanchist, the angry claimer of “unjustly confiscated lands”, has been kept at the ready to scotch any Croatian claims to their own national and trenchantly-Catholic identity. Such Jack-Serbs, as they might be called, being close cousin to ever-turbulent land-and-power-grabbing diaspora Jews of anno domino millennia, constituting a certain violent breed, a characterless commodity to be found in some proportion everywhere among men of any nationality, these Serbs being ever-at-the-ready to violently do-to-death individual Croats of the diaspora or whole Croatian villages back at home, notably in Lika, in Croatia. The latter province being premier among those lovely-but-coveted regions which such hair-trigger Serbs claim as somehow intrinsically their own, to have somehow been wrongfully taken from them centuries, if not millennia, ago. While this odd bend-of-mind, furthermore, is to be found almost entirely among “Serbs” living during recent centuries in Croatia, a further little diaspora-all-its-own, indeed a potent seedbed for other little diasporas of Orthodox worldwide. These militants having been transplanted there deliberately from Serbia during the eighteenth century by proverbial Habsburg cunning, plying their notorious “divide and rule” policies in a precociously-geopolitical toolshed which included nursery poisonings, forced political marriages, assassinations, and the like, as well. While if all that weren't enough there are further virulent little pockets-of-putative-Serbs, popularly called Vlaci there in the so-called “Krajina”, actually native to Wollachia in Romania, fragmentary remains of those multinational human-shield waves often driven before Turkish forces in their invasions of more westerly regional lands. (This sort of Turkey indeed once again virulently alive in more recent years, notably in league with Trump and Pompeo in bloody “make the world safe” globe-remaking schemes, for which Uncle Sam has in recent decades earned so infamous a name.) And of course this detached, largely-back-alley element of humanity, quite distinct from far-more-numerous sane and cultivated Serbs, is a tool ready-to-hand for age-old Jewish international-intrigue, plying stout-clubbed advantages of the most rudimentary kind: as for one thing loud words, whose deeper implications elude the hasty and thoughtless so well, typically carry much weight with fallen man, especially when uttered amid menacing crowds with a beer or three under their belts, being thus all-the-more prone to hasty and “heroic” assessments, to hotly-advanced legends of talebearers and slanderers of which this earth is so brimmingly full. Alas, it is the careful and considerate weigher-of-words who comes off decidedly disadvantaged in most contests with such a “lets get on with it” crew: close-cousins to lynch-mobs so commonly found in the old B-Western movies, milling mobs worried lest reason and caution overcome lusty prerogatives of frontier-proverbial Yankee minds. But to the point-at-hand: such myth-making is very much at the heart of more-recent droning condemnations once again being leveled, as so regularly and metronomically transpires, in decade-punctuating, media-assisted effusions, against a Croat-beloved Ante Pavelich, who died in the mid-twentieth century, basically a political refugee like so many other loyal Croat leaders forced after the War to flee to Argentina. Pavelich being once again branded a bloody-handed racist and genocide—a handy and incendiary category when all else fails—he who with the saintly Cardinal Stepinac is the joint moral-and-political founder of modern, once-again-sovereign Croatia.

Now, Cardinal Stepinac was a saint, and Ante Pavelich was a rather ordinary if heroic man, but when revanchist-Serb accusations begin once again robustly to fly against the affectionately-named Poglavnik we must remember—resisting manfully the raging rivers of Croat-calumnious words—that it was a Serbia just then on the brink of WWII, a nation totally in charge of the “Yugoslavia” (Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, and points nearby) of the times, and not a then-powerless Croatia, which capitulated to Nazi Panzer divisions some mere nine or ten hours after they had stormed across the border into Yugoslav lands, to take charge of things there in the so-called “soft underbelly” of Europe. And we must likewise diligently recall that it was indeed no Croat but a prominent Serbian Orthodox priest who actively and fanatically advanced the entire racist/eugenic Nazi agenda, there in Yugoslavia during the war, this cleric being the moving force who earned for Serbia the unenviable sobriquet “Judenfrei”: the first nation in Europe to be thus honored by the brutal, hipbooted Nazi regime—a term literally of course meaning free of Jews—a moniker which the whistle-stop-stumping man-of-the-cloth embraced in the most vociferous way. Indeed, in a staggering historical deja vu, the Serbs had likewise been the enforcer of the iron will of the Porte upon Croatia during the centuries-long Turkish occupation, Serbs and Turks finding much in common in their penchant toward violent and coercive approaches to life and religion, something as noted above strikingly evident today in Turkish world-war-provocative forays into Syria and Libya. Meanwhile, back in wartime Europe, Croatia and Ante Pavelich had little choice about anything at all during the grinding Nazi occupation, Croats having been firmly placed under the Serbian pale, being bound to the ever-passionate Serbian will, by provision of the Versailles Treaty and the League of Nations, negotiated twenty-some years before. In which light must be interpreted pictures of Ante Pavelich rendering the infamous Nazi salute to Der Fuerer and other wartime-German dignitaries: apart-from-which honors he would no doubt have been dispatched or replaced forthwith. (Alas, one never sees no-doubt-numerous dust-gathering pictures of the era, snapshots of the noted Orthodox cleric bowing and scraping to the same madman, let loose upon humanity by none other than that Skull and Bones league of trans-oceanic pirates that had already by then ruled the Seven Seas since the 1830s or before, a cabal led by such prominent Yankee families as the Roosevelts, Bushes and Delanos, and a host of other immovably-prominent East-Coast-Yankee clans as well.

Naturally—and as admitted by the saintly national prelate Stepinac at his Sanhedrin-like post-war Communist-Yugoslav kangaroo-court show-trial—he “would have been nothing” had he not readily welcomed wartime-Germany's invitation for Croatia to become once again an independent sovereign land, if under German occupational auspices: at least as much as such a long-sought-after national freedom and agency would be possible under the heel of the Iron Corporal's oppressive boot. Pavelich, almost as much as the good Cardinal himself, having forthwith however proven a much-lamented thorn in the side of Hitler, the Croat general doing all he reasonably could to stymie the brutal racist and eugenicist policies of this cryptic Skull and Bones ally of the Bushes and Roosevelts of the USA, a Hitler whose biggest financial supporter of his late-twenties/early-thirties rise-to-power had indeed been none-other-than Prescott Bush, grandfather of George W. This international piratical league being both now and then called the Thule Society in Europe: a sexual-perversion-based cabal, the birthplace of Nazism, which already for a century had been nursing through its first monstrous infancy that innately-perverse pan-globalist fascist league which still dominates the world today. For nearly two centuries now inevitably employing endless impenetrable layers of propaganda with one sly Trump-signature hand, while with the other plying brutal, genocidal false-flag wars, a deliberate butchery of American lives for false patriotic-motivational goals. Such a grizzly welt-politik finding in a nineteenth-century long-reigning Bismarck a sturdy intertemporal comrade in world-molding plans. And finally at the close of the War it was massive numbers of Croats—and not a hotly-claimed “two million Jews, Gypsie and Serbs” lyingly said to have been dispatched by the good but firm-and-heroic Ante Pavelich—whole Croatian families numbering near 100,000, who had to pay with their lives. Innocent unarmed masses gathered hopefully at the Austrian border, in the wake of retreating Nazi divisions, in order to surrender en masse to the Allied will. These ever-calumniated Croats finding their trust brutally misplaced, being summarily turned-over to armed-to-the-teeth Serbian-revanchist forces: Serbia of course being that geo-pliable nationality which controlled the just-then-newly-formed Communist-“Partisan” Yugoslavia—a vassel-state courtesy of Stalin's “deliverance of Europe”—a commanding position Serbia had as noted likewise enjoyed in the Versailles-erected Yugoslavia that had existed not that long before. Here on the Austrian frontier, all in the name of a fiction-laced “Anti-Fascist” vengeance, Serbian Nazi/Commie-reversible ghouls butchering the flower of Croatian independence and family life, bludgeoning young and old with clubs—not sparing either infancy or grey hairs—their victims being judged “not worth the price of a bullet”—their dead or half-dead bodies in their tens-of-thousands hurled into the abandoned mine-shafts that happened to abound there on the international border with Austria. With other grizzly cadavers, in a grotesque column-and-line, found impaled upon iron or wooden fence-stakes for scores of miles in every direction. These same radical revanchist Serbs, a tiny minority among mostly-good people of that nationality, having likewise more recently in the 1990s decimated Lovinac, the beloved home of my own Zdunich ancestors, during the desperately-fought Croatian war-of-independence—the sorts of upright and innocent struggles Croatia is doomed to repeat over and over again, under the jaundiced eye of ever-gloating globalist-totalitarian power, and be called every foul name as a consequence. Serbs across Croatia in this most-recent contest having as always taken the precaution of destroying local birth-and-baptismal records, and leveling ancient and venerable Catholic churches and Cathedrals, claiming all to have belonged to Serbia and Orthodoxy at some time in a misty, ill-defined and ill-articulated past. A claim which is as fantastic as any in the jam-packed annals of fanciful revanchist dreams in any quarter, from a Serbia sprung suddenly upon the pages of history sometime in the 1200s, never having been heard of any time before. The term Serbia or in a one-time universal official Latin Servia plainly having to do with a certain subordinate or even servile condition toward an eastwardly-neighboring Constantinople, as immemorial place-names inevitably have some rough-and-ready existential meaning to be descried. Serbia to my own surmise and that of any number of Croatian and other historians having in fact and by substantial evidence been a breakaway region of Croatia that chose to serve the ever-servant-seeking Byzantine Throne after the Great Schism, with these newly-designated “Serbs” eagerly apostasizing into heretical/schismatic “Orthodoxy”—little doctrinally “orthodox” about it at all—in that decisive and often-brutal way which is a frequent if not inevitable hallmark of that creed.

No, Ante Pavelich and Croatia were no butchers of “two million Jews, Gypsies and Serbs”, a charge that after the War was quickly broadcast worldwide by ever-carping Freemasons and Jews, while no doubt also being aired at Cardinal Stepinac's noted post-war kangaroo-court trial, and reiterated in his characteristic doughty form, as I remember so well, by Alex Dryer, a Chicago-land news-commentator of the mid-1950s. Thereafter with the mendacious babble, having worn a dependable groove in so many thoughtless minds, repeated innumerable times since then as well. While in fact by demographic evidence the noted “butchered” ethnic groups within Croatia increased rather than decreased during Pavelich's rule: Croats rather invariably having always been the ones being butchered. Rather is it the noted revanchist Serbs who are fanatically driven, and no doubt also synagogue-commissioned, to do-to-death any Croat who contradicts them, or defies their insatiable land-grabbing will. A fate so soon after the War to be suffered by that good Croatian journalist, Frane Masich, a stentorian defender of Croatian independence and national and confessional identity, a man whom I myself had the privilege of meeting back in the fifties as a little boy, there in Joliet in the family home. A kindly scholar who would so soon thereafter be viciously slain, beyond any question by numerous local revanchist-Serbian fanatics, in another throwback to hideous and chaotic scenes at the wartime Austrian border, this time with a butcher-knife being barbarously employed, there in his humbly-furnished South Chicago apartment. With yet another anti-Croatian myth was concocted against this good man, a writer for the Croatian-Franciscan newspaper Danica, a rank fable alleging that his death was the result of shameful sexual liaisons and filthy jealousies of a sort which the noble Croat could never have entertained. Indeed, while first writing these lines a day or two ago, I prayed to the good Frane (in English Francis), that if he be in Heaven that he would help me remember his name, which hadn't crossed my mind for at least a decade in time. And sure enough while putting finishing touches upon this piece that reverently-regarded appellation suddenly materialized, without any effort or attempt-at-recall on my own part, plainly imprinted upon my memory from dearly-purchased precincts above.

March 14, 2020: “Anybody here seen my old friend Rudy? Can you tell me where he's gone?” More articles added on this link after first entries on March 3rd.

I copy the line in the old song about our martyred statesmen, John and Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King, to open this little piece. Rudy Juliani repeated over and over again, “They are going to kill me”: but all the ever-zany commentators could do was smile at him, patronize him, “pat him on the head”, treat him as if he had dementia, while he spoke in his urgent and excited tones, not really worried much about himself but about a terrible crime, a genuine treasonous collusion, up in The Ukraine, centered squarely upon our “distinguished”, “supremely suitable” Democrat presidential candidate, Joe Biden, and his son Hunter. We all know the perfectly self-incriminating trail of rotten-to-the-core deeds: the whole reason there was any “phone call” that mentioned any need for an investigation, up there around the Baltic Sea. Bidens father and son having been at the front-loaded end of a corruption charge that goes to the black heart of the Obama Administration, a case of felonious malfeasance that continued indeed into Trump's own term as well: something the latter obviously couldn't ignore, else he himself be implicated in the whole ugly thing. A blot on the national character “as plain as the nose on your face”, with a host of corollary ramifications that were equally disgusting as well, uncovering a network that indicts whole vast sectors of the Federal bureaucracy and elected officialdom alike, and several foreign heads-of-state. This mammoth, roiling snake-pit of criminal activity easily enough taking the international dope trade into its wide gamut as well.

Two months ago Rudy spoke of a trial that was to start “next week”, telling of a mine of evidence dug up over the year or two that this seasoned international lawyer and criminal investigator—no “crony” as the liberal media loved to call him—had been in Ukraine, working for us all. But now we only have a deafening silence from the Oval Office, and a blank-faced mum's-the-word from the one-time wrathfully-indignant Senate Judicial Committee chairman, the presumptive point-man of the impending investigation, a goody-two-shoes Lindsay Graham. He who now rather overflows with praises for Joe Biden, calling him variously “one of the best people he ever knew”, “a person of fine character”, someone he “loves”.

March 14, 2020: More on the Jews. I write about them continuously because they are the sole unifying thread to be found in the warp-and-woof of the interconnected malaise of international finance, and of a closely-related global crime, which is now poised to dissolve the world in a meltdown that will make 1929 look like a walk in the park. For as popes of two millennia, and St. Paul himself, tell us, no other body of men so large and cohesive is motivated in the “perfidious” way of the Jews: the latter being the standard pejorative used by Churchmen for this People throughout anno domino time. They whose undying aim is to always get control of commerce at all levels. They who represent the polar opposite to the message of Christ, Whom they “hanged on a tree”, rejecting His clement and humane doctrine wholesale in every possible way. It really is just as simple as that.

One of our recent anti-popes, Benedict the fifteenth, wrote a whole treatise, of course not couched in infallible terms, entirely exonerating the Jews of any blame for the Crucifixion, indeed condemning any such casting-of-blame as being unjust, and a woefully-misled, ignorantine view of historical events. Rather did he claim that it was only a tight little circle of first century Jewish leaders who did the bloody deed. Thus did the turncoat pseudo-pontiff very careful insinuate the typical charge against popes since St. Peter, in their voluminous statements about the Synagogue: that in this subject they were treating of something not covered by the infallible papal majesterial (routine rather than formal) teaching-power guarantees. In other word, that they were “speaking out of turn”, beyond their proper purview or turf. How this upstart of such recent times could claim to make such a sweeping judgment over so many holy, prominent, often brilliant men, marvels of probity that so many of them were, is beyond me to understand. For divine guidance regarding “faith and moral” can be counted on to protect the pope, at least in a general way, from making false or foolish statements even about secular subjects, about points-of-fact, and so on. But I do believe that this whole new take on papal and other churchly pronouncements or teachings—this narrow delineation of that “faith and morals” subject-matter which alone carries the infallible quality—this new and radical approach providing a clever interpretive tool which allows for the grand entry of standard claims about “our enlightened age”—namely that it can stand in judgment of all that went before—that this escape-hatch is itself irrelevant to the argument in the most complete way. For plainly enough, these hundreds of popes and thousands of churchmen of these millennia weren't talking about nuclear physics or traffic signals, nor about supply-chain management, nor “the cloud”. They were pronouncing on something intimately tied to faith and morals, about a matter which closely coordinates with them, with respect in particular to the sedulous guardianship of the flock from all harm, tasked to St. Peter and his successors by Our Blessed Lord Himself. That “little flock” which “knows the voice of the Shepherd”, that Divine Master Whose voice is indeed heard in the word of his vicar here on earth, the Pope: whenever a duly-elected successor to the throne of Peter is found. Hence it is inconceivable that so long a line of genuine popes could have been so gravely misled about such a monumentally important matter with respect to Catholic Faith, one with ramifications of intertemporal seismic force, with rumblings and aftershocks which reverberate through today's world, whether in the stock market, in the arms race, in international diplomacy or the lack thereof, in every practical facet of modern-day life. No, Virginia: the popes weren't all “ignorant old fuddy-duddys”, nor “narrow-minded bigots”, in having made these statements about the Jews so many hundreds or thousands of times, and guided church policies and instructions accordingly.

But if I may, I would like to use the opportunity of this cover-subject of the Jews—notably with respect to their legendary cryptic stranglehold on international trade and monetary affairs—to suggest a partial easement upon that system of international monetary exchange which now threatens to take under the economies of the globe, and notably that of the United States. The current pandemic according to leading experts quoted on being only the tiny needle that is going to burst the U.S. debt bubble, an exploding long overdue, of a negative-profit shale-oil or “fracking” industry which is the most vulnerable part of the whole massive balloon. The idea I have in mind, mentioned briefly in one of my books, to be found readable above for free, is that when there is a question of a massive international balance-of-payments deficit, that no attempt should be made to rectify the matter through further monetarist manipulations, which are perfectly counterproductive at this point, but rather that the nation which holds a surplus of the debt of some other country should be compensated in kind, with absolutely no monetary strings attached. That a fleet of ships laden with workers and building materials of whatever type needed be dispatched to the country holding that debt, and that these international debtor/visitors be commissioned to complete some massive project for the host country: the building of a dam or three, an international port or five, road or rail construction of a dense, continent-covering, interconnected kind, or any number of other beneficial projects which might suggest themselves to for-once well-remunerated minds. Maybe even encompassing prodigious contributions of medical research or crop development, and so on. These incoming workers—(rather than incoming missiles)—furthermore when possible to be supplied with their own food and materials, maybe using the storied capacities of cruise ships now so much in the news, so as to mitigate any further disturbance to a balance-of-payments ledger already “over the edge”, through any drain upon the native currency at all. All this as much as physical possibilities would allow. Indeed, if the idea once took hold, international books could in this way be balanced—not cooked—once at the end of every fiscal year in this way. This an idea which admittedly might need modifications to be realistically applied to any particular case.

March 2, 2020: “Hate crimes” and sodomy. Budigieg's “withdrawal” from the Democrat presidential race. This and following articles revised over subsequent days.

As you can gather from rosy testimonials of other Dem candidates—one of their “tweets” anticipating “a great (political) future” for the smiling sodomite from Indiana, while Elizabeth Warren, the wild-eyed feminist fanatic, gushed her approval of Pete's “wife” (hyper-effeminate male sodomite partner)—and as evident also from the staggering untimeliness of his withdrawal, just before Super Tuesday and California, in the latter of which, fabled home of the sodomites, he could have counted on a landslide win—we are sure we haven't seen the last of this upstart by a longshot. And not even in this election. Plainly enough another Democrat ruse is afoot, some subterfuge, akin to the use of pro-Pete fraudulent voting software snuck in by top party leaders, employed to throw the caucus in Iowa heavily in his favor, his “win” in gross incongruity to his modest pre-caucus poll-recorded standing. With Hillary and Obama—the latter hearkening from the same notorious fringe-liberal breeding-ground of the lower Lake Michigan Illinois/Indiana line—and the rest of their bang-up gang set to orchestrate a dramatic turnaround at the Convention as well. With “the Mayor” easily emerging as a “dark horse” winner, after the convention rules are “by acclamation” thrown out, reminiscent of an establishment-favorite Eisenhower's cleverly-arranged win of the Republican nomination in 1952. All this of course after abundant, mandatory, due-Democrat hysterics, theatrics, tearing-of-garments and wring-of-hands. Pete no doubt then “reluctantly”, and “with model grace”, taking up the mantle of the nomination, with his “heroic” forbearance and “self-sacrifice” in thus “dropping out” paving the way for the sort of bowl-you-over maneuver which is the back-alley and store-isle, street-corner and stage-light specialty of the sodomite crowd.

But regarding “hate crimes”: as noted several times over the years on this site, these 99 percent of the time should more properly be called “love” crimes, as they are in overwhelming majority inflicted by sodomite upon sodomite, no doubt with the more passive guy (I loath to call-to-mind the ugly street-corner name) the inevitable victim of sometimes-deadly bruises or broken bones involved. This being our assessments of these “hate crimes”, after thirteen years out on the Anti-Sodomy Crusade, regularly spending a night per month at some motel, and after having been looked over with a jaundiced eye by the desk clerk, for the dated condition of our rig, and our humble, modest and outdated clothing, being forthwith given a room right next to these worst elements to be found. Namely, a couple of sodomites, probably renting long term, who had undoubtedly been the subject of many-a complaint from occupants of rooms nearby. What we would hear, sometimes all night long, were loud scuffles, shouts, screams, cries of “stop it!”, “I can't breathe!”, “let go of me, it hurts”: not coming from some unfortunate woman—a much-less-common case—but from a man, desperately pleading with another man, his “lover”, with whom he shares the room. Then after the initial hubbub was over with, the victim could often-enough be heard moaning or crying for the rest of the night, while his super-macho partner no doubt got a good night's sleep, in total indifference to “his lover's” pain.

But crime is in style today, and newscasters make sure to put Pete the sodomy prima donna in a glowing light, he who's never caught on camera in an awkward moment, and is plainly being groomed for the Presidency, and the sodomite crowd for dominance in D.C. As Big Brother rolls into gear all the ponderous media/court/pre-school-to-grad-school machinery of Sodomy-Brainwash USA, spread around the globe by pandemic, drone-bomb and false-flag war.

We who are opposed to sodomy are indeed “homophobes” in a certain limited sense: as any physical contact, let alone of a violent nature, with these moral-lepers may result in contracting AIDS or some related disease. But hardly do we wish to harm them, rather recoiling in well-earned horror, avoiding them like the plague. While also knowing that anyone at all can become like them, if they are careless about their companionship, or even by taking a blasé view of morality in general. All of which constitutes a slippery path indeed, as grace cannot be presumed upon by the sons and daughters of Eve.

March 10, 2020: Russia “refuses to curtail oil production in order to 'bring down' the USA, already under economic pressures of the corona virus”. What a tremendous oversimplification. According to Russian sources, publicly available on, that nation hesitates to cut production because it knows almost without doubt that Uncle Sam will step in and supply, rob it of its market share, if it does cut back. Something the USA has long been attempting to do by way of the fracking industry: a negative-profit boondoggle, since shale-oil costs more to extract from the ground than it pays in sales. Here Uncle Sam plainly seeking to leverage a market takeover through the overbearing might of the American dollar: just as in all his other trillions-lavishing debt-driven schemes. There's a term for this kind of monopolistic, larcenous practice in the old lexicons of commerce: “niceties” discarded by the USA, together with civilization as a whole, in the well-engineered aftermath of a homegrown 9/11. No, I'm sorry: you can't blame rag-tag Muslims, now driven to the point of extinction in many parts of the world, for a disaster-driven bonanza which has seen the USA basically take over the entire globe.

March 2, 2020: Corona virus deaths take place at a long-term care facility by way of “community spread”.

This powerfully confirms our suspicions—naughty “conspiracy theorists” that we are said to be—that this disease is being deliberately planted by the legions of Dr. Jeckles in our Government experimental labs, for purposes of “population control”, like abortion and institutionalized sodomy another piece de la resistance of New Agers since the mid-twentieth century. This time to get rid of inconvenient, old-values-hearkening old people: the sooner the better. And this is granny-dumping and burying at mach-five speed, considering the mortality rate, the vulnerability coded into the epidemic for the infirm and the aged. Ah, yes, I know, these guys in white gowns wouldn't dream of harming anyone, wouldn't know how to make a fist, and it is only we who believe that wickedness exists—knowing that this earth is mostly a remorseless, take-no-prisoners battleground between good and evil, the wicked and the virtuous—who are counted the really wicked ones, full of “hate”. But how can it be that a disease that allegedly originated in some poultry market in China can have implanted itself, without any connection to the latter, in far away Washington state? And of all places in a long-term care facility, among some of the most sequestered people in the world, in places which of course house and treat those with “preexisting conditions” of age, sickness or other infirmities. They again who are especially vulnerable to the disease. All this of course alleged to be entirely by coincidence: as only the provably paranoid know how to connect any dots. No, Virginia, we “cynics” finally do manage to do so, all the while fools or con-artist-presidents enthuse about “the greatest medical system in the world”.

But besides an atrocity-laced population control, among hidden purposes of this laboratory-concocted corona virus might easily be found an overriding wish to manage the now-irrupting 1929-like Depression forecast in terms of dire certainty by the IMF about a month ago, a prediction which the U.S. media chose to entirely ignore. This morbid, tantalizing desire to micro-manage and mega-control something so massive, something already in the offing, also thriftily finds a scapegoat to blame for globally-dire results of negative-profit industries like fracking, a prosperity-barren digital age, and the limitless money-printing that these intrinsically require. All this adding pocket-book-volatility to a long-standing, media-“patriotic” desire to invade Russia and China, and to touch off a Big-Board lusted-after WWIII.

February 25, 2020: Washington Administration “the friend of small businesses”.

As pointed out at least once before on this site, “small business” in the modern political context inevitably means stock-traded, the little gem involved quite often a component-parts designer or manufacturer, or if now and then family-owned yet it typically serves the Big Board in the most self-effacing way. Yet true to national-political corporate-serving form, any increase in the numbers of these much-made-over “small businesses”—now somehow rated as “those with 500 or less employees at any one location, a gargantuan overstretch of a traditional definition as “those with 50 or less employees overall”—both figures indeed widening-out the description into out-sized dimensions that few family-owned operations can ever reach—is however held proof-positive of some D.C. Administration “fostering the little guy”, heroically standing up against coercive and monopolizing propensities of a hip-booted corporate world. That secondary villain, a handy fall guy, since corporations, despite their fictitious legal definition, aren't actually “legal persons” with a mind and will at all, but rather inanimate repositories subject to living and breathing, wicked and scheming men. Nonetheless in this impotent condition corporations taking most all of the blame for every infamous deed, serving nicely as popular punching-bags, blamed for leading us onward into one moral, Napoleonic-military and financial disaster after another.

February 25, 2020: More notes of a Catholic layman on priestly faculties to hear confessions, as this issue impinges on biblical, plenipotentiary papal “binding and loosing” authority. This an issue of staggering importance in today's Catholic world, as discussed below.

According to Church teaching, the Chair of Peter shall have successors in perpetuity, but not necessarily in unbroken perpetuity. But today's case goes well beyond the several medieval false-reigns of antipopes, men who though plainly unworthy for such a charge were never known to teach heresies, being providentially protected from same, for the sake of the faithful, by the overarching power of God. However quite the contrary, for the past sixty-two years, in a seismic departure from past Church history, we have had the reign of anti-popes increasingly dismissive of Catholic doctrine, obvious sworn enemies of Catholic Faith, morality and spirituality, and if not making heretical pronouncements as if “from the chair of Peter”, i.e. claiming infallibility, yet continuing to do so informally, or by implication, albeit often with great artificial “pomp and circumstance”. Mouthing these falsehoods from out of malicious hearts, and basing church policy and teaching immovably upon them, both in dramatic statements and in a show of an alleged “majesterial” power. The latter, when authentic, being that standard day-to-day teaching authority, intrinsically originating in the pope, which must be in conformity with traditional teaching or be condemned as false, while any “pope” who holds, let alone promulgates, erroneous beliefs or opinions under majesterial pretenses is ipso facto “automatically excommunicated”, has by that very fact removed himself from office. A deposing of a pontiff not indeed by any council or person but by his own very hand or mouth. While for a sitting pope to make an heretical or erroneous formal or dogmatic statement is an utter impossibility: as demonstrated by Church history, and notably by one pope who was struck dead the night before he was to make such a pronouncement. Hence is the present state of the Church absolutely unprecedented, a fact indeed admitted by major clerical figures among Catholic traditionalists: those chiefly being criticized in this piece, for whom the issue is especially vital in its implications. While the sixty-two-year-old hiatus in papal authority which resulted since 1958 has seen renegade opinions of every shade ruling the day: for which reason we feel impelled to open our own admittedly-unauthoritative minds about something so consequential and grave. Since as traditionalists themselves admit, this impasse over faculties takes place in uncharted waters, unprecedented circumstances: and who has given these men—whose obscure origins are lost in the clouds-of-chaos of immediate post-Vatican-II days—any authority to speak in such commanding tones, self-assuming all the regalia of officialdom, as they so consistently do? As if they themselves had authority to “supply” for such a Church-wide need?

I believe that what I have to say here is self-evident, when considered in its proper light, and when one is open to grace. Hence when it comes to faculties or jurisdiction in my opinion the intrinsic doctrinal and disciplinary unity of the Church, inseparably rooted in the Petrine authority, positively demands that he remain the exclusive source of these faculties, with only rare, individual, doubtful or peculiar circumstances, on a strictly case-by-case basis, allowing for any “taking for granted” of this Petrine bestowal or enablement. While positively prohibited, null and void, is any sanitary abstracting from the papacy, and simply “letting the Church supply”; the latter by this formula conceived of, in heretical and unprecedented fashion, as a headless body. Hardly allowed for being any elbowing aside of the successor of St. Peter in favor of “the Church itself”, like these traditionalist clerics so boldly and unaccountably do: a Mystical Body which cannot exist without the pontiff; while during any hiatus, of which the Church has had some few, then it looks forward to a future successor to the Apostle in expectant anticipation, in his coming inevitable reclaiming of the vacant Petrine Chair. This rigidly-upheld sequence, of the papal source of all powers vested in the ministers of the Church, being notably true of faculties: endless accessions to which, claimed to be obtained “through the Church herself”, are nonetheless alleged by many traditionalist divines to universally occur today, among traditionalist priests. The very nature of any accessions-by-exception, as noted above, having by contrast always been firmly tied to a discrete, doubtful or assumed exercise of the noted papal power, and never “supplied” apart from same, let alone under pretexts of a sweeping, freestanding invocation of “the needs of the faithful” which utterly abstracts from the papal power, which plainly lives in a different notional universe from rigidly-papal Church doctrine of all times. While the contention is likewise maintained by these ever-pontificating priests that we aren't even allowed to opine whether the papal throne is vacant or not, but essentially that “only some future council can make this determination”—this from men who despite such protestations regularly act as if “there's no there there” (no pope there)—although history shows us that such an “appeal to a council” recourse has seldom actually been the deciding rule. But most tellingly of all, this insistence upon an unfounded and facile remedy creates a false sense of “business as usual”, forestalling, indeed forbidding, a pious recoil among the faithful, a response with resolute childlike, Gospel-enjoined simplicity-of-heart, a drawing back from what is so obviously a longstanding, hostile and heterodox takeover of the papal chair by Jewish and secret-society intrigue. This calamity amply bringing in its train all the abuses and intrigues that have followed in this post-Council day. Indeed, holders of the spurious doctrine veritably frolic in the forgery-of-freedom this yawning “declaration of normalcy” so amply brings, cynically bidding us “live in the real world”, copying politicos' droning tones day after day, like doughty Neo-Con aggressive-war “patriots”, which the bulk of today's traditionalists probably are. Finally, as is worth noting, and as might be guessed, I myself am inseparably devoted to that Latin-rite Tridentine Mass, and those traditional Catholic customs, teachings and practices so closely bound with same: but I look to another remedy, apart from these erroneous traditionalist priests and bishops, to supply for what is so dolefully lacking, for the anarchy which prevails in the Catholic world in all quarters today. Awaiting as we do a coming Bible-and-seer-predicted solution intimately connected to apocalyptic events of the now-incipient Last Days.

For all intents and purposes, then, this “needs of the faithful” argument would make us supremely satisfied with the present catastrophic status quo, with major clerical spokesmen for this view calling for a “voluntary submission to the (traditionalist) clergy”, as if all were already entirely settled, evoking a spirit quite foreign to that of immemorial Catholic Faith, whose docility is always reasonable in kind. And as in most such cases, this is a subject which touches upon a whole plethora of fundamental doctrines, whose rapid confluence in today's troubled circumstances readily supply those “muddy waters” in which doctrinal barracudas most love to swim. While the chief onus or significance of the summary adoption of a freestanding “needs of the faithful”—“for which the Church supplies”—argument seems to have as its darker backdrop a long-developing impious overthrow not only of papal authority but of the very Fatherhood of God, insinuating indeed the overturning of the whole notion of filial piety, honor and reverence in both ecclesiastical and secular affairs. A recognition such as God the Father, Who finds a striking analog in the papacy, preeminently demands. This long-developing patricidal trend having been epitomized, having found its original prototype in those Jewish mobs which demanded the death of the Savior, God Himself, in their hoarsely-shouted words, “crucify Him! crucify Him!”, uttered so long ago, and continually reiterated for a subsequent two thousand years. Blanket “needs of the faithful” claims in fact resemble, notably in their chaotic concrete results, a sort of mob rule in the place of all things fatherly, Catholic and genuine, orderly, “of a good odor of salvation”. This by overthrowing the whole paternal framework of the Church, and replacing it with “the needs of the assembly”, which allegedly calls forth these faculties, and a host of other “powers” as well, as if by inherent right. One traditionalist bishop—if I have his densely-obfuscated words right, and he supported by a great many traditionalists of all stations—claiming that it is the trust of the faithful which in the present case—and how many others?—as it were authorizes the hierarchy to function, a confidence which allegedly catalyzes priestly faculties to forgive sins. (No doubt, these self-assured teachers would object to the words here used, preferring to keep language couched in a safe and blame-immune obscurity, where few if any accusations can be lodged.) And furthermore this group-authorization seems to be placed in equality with the papal power itself, and its provisional nature allowed to remain open ended, to continue for an indeterminate amount of time: perhaps indeed forever, in such erroneous minds. Bypassing with impunity the supreme Petrine “binding and loosing” power: in which Our Blessed Lord bestows upon the Prince of the Apostles the “keys to the kingdom of Heaven”, declaring that “whatsoever you shall bind on earth shall be bound in Heaven, and whatsoever you shall loose on earth shall be loosed in Heaven”. This a paramount authority which in prominent traditionalist teachings and writings, and most staggering of all, receives precious little attention or acknowledgment by these men of the cloth. All this “merciful supplying”, as if all the above weren't enough, already being in place among traditionalist for decades, in assuming permissions in prior ages applied only in discrete cases doubtful, “in danger of death”, and so on. (The latter permission, in which any priest, whether or not ordinarily possessing faculties, can administer the Last Rites, which include confession: this sweeping permission having been put in place long ago by none-other-than some previous pope, being a long-standing practice approved-of by a Petrine successor in centuries gone by.) But noted blanket permission are plainly “rule by the assembly”, a recourse which might easily go on forever, casually and gradualistically omitting the papal power from all but ceremonies of the most inconsequential kind, as casual attitudes readily suggest. Here alas we have not only ad hoc reasoning with a vengeance, but a Jacobin revolution in precincts of the Church: no doubt the aim of these interloper bishops and their cohorts all along. “Overturning the foundations of order”, Satan's perpetual ambition, in the most complete way. As can so clearly be seen in the chaotic results in traditionalist enclaves around the globe, if perhaps most notably those in the USA.

As might be gleaned from all the above, this subject of faculties isn't only about forgiveness of sins but even more about moral and doctrinal integrity and continuity, the preservation of that deposit of faith “handed down to you”, which were it to be denied “even by an angel of light”, he must be held as “anathema”, or condemned. For the forgiveness—of Christ acting through his priests—granted in the confessional isn't at all magical, but is firmly based upon Church moral teachings, upon the law of God, and the penitent's promised future efforts-at-adherence thereto—and can have little if any efficacy if moorings to the Petrine doctrinal docking-place are loosened or severed in any way. The integrity of the Sacrament of Penance or confession being thus guaranteed exclusively by the supreme biblical “binding and loosing”, or teaching, ruling and forgiving, authority of St. Peter: which as it were releases those powers granted to the Apostles by Christ Himself (“whose sins you shall forgive they are forgiven them, whose sins you shall retain they are retained”), these not to be exercised in isolation from the ruling Petrine barque, else moral pandemonium reign. The honor of God, the upholding of His truth, against which “the gates of Hell shall not prevail”, this thunderous imperative always taking precedence over “the needs of the faithful”: with the former, of divine institution, taking up parochial needs like a mere blade of straw, to flights above, “on the wings of a dove”. Hence a “cleaving to that which is most ancient”, as well as most orthodox and most venerable, is incumbent upon clergy and laity alike, that stubborn adherence which has however seen a centuries-long retreat in the Church, if more often by omission than by outright positive error. For since the infallible bull Unam Sanctam of Boniface VIII of the first years of the fourteenth century has taken place a gradual shameful rapproachment or reconciliation with the world which has played out mostly in practical terms, with deafening silences regarding hard sayings—of which the Holy Gospel contains no small number—coming to rule the day. Thus the fate of the noted bull's central insistence upon the authority of the pope over all earthly governments: an affirmation whose very printing was politely left off by the Vatican itself the next day after the death of that martyred pontiff, whose mistreatment during imprisonment at the hands of a recalcitrant monarch, Phillip the Fair, over this subject, one of many precursors of Anti-Christ, saw the saintly Boniface die in a matter of weeks. While the same sort of slide into a pliable disposition, played out in terms ranging from an untoward laxity to a bristling rigorism—the latter perhaps especially when those in high places haven't been the target for over-harsh exhortations involved—has become a sort of business as usual in a great many churchly matters, both inside and outside the confessional, for quite some time, perhaps especially here in the USA, with the Church here from the nation's first beginnings being the pilot project of the coming hostile takeover of Vatican II. With the noted centuries-long drift into uncharted waters of statism, maintained by tyrants and pliable churchmen since late-ancient Constantinople, today finding an aggressive warrior mentality readily bleeding over into the confessional, creating a “mine is but to do or die” axiom which over time can morph into a general immorality-excusing state-of-mind: whether in thoughts of the penitent or those of a roundly-reassuring Trumpite or Pilosi-ite Fr. Jim. As it is the way of the soul when thus grossly misled to “round the edges” of issues-of-morality of all kinds, when once the habit becomes in any one particular ingrained.

Finally, then, it seems that Heaven, which doesn't politely shuffle its priorities for anyone, whose values don't bow to anyone, got enough, and took from us those marvelous sacramental treasures which have been the boast of Catholics for two millennia in time, notably for our purposes here those regarding the confessional. It is a case, again if this untrained layman is indeed correct, of the entire globe being “put under the Interdict”: one pronounced in thundering tones by God Himself. As “God will not be mocked”, nor allow His Church's teaching authority, let alone its confessional, to be turned into a tool of laxity or human respect: hardly anything contributory to “the needs of the faithful” by any stretch. Hence do easily-uttered words of shallow teachers ring hollow, when any attempt is made to substitute for divinely-instituted, immemorial Petrine channels to priestly possession of faculties to hear confessions: this by an increasingly pliable clergy which hates hard sayings above all other things, frequently and with epic presumption invoking divine mercy, much like faithless sinners or faith-without-works heretics do. That presumptuous dependence upon mercy which today animates claims of a similarly-construed “needs of the faithful”, when all else fails. But most disturbing of all is that this trend, so overriding among Catholic traditionalists, would seem to be putting in place a new form of Presbyterianism within the Catholic Church itself. Presbyterians and offshoot Congregationalists, all Calvinists, claiming spurious plenipotentiary powers to be held exclusively by The Congregation, with no priesthood or hierarchy at all. Hence too an oddly secular flavor to the whole traditionalist quasi-institution, with wealthy and unaccountably powerful layman playing a role in trad parishes not unlike ancient and medieval Byzantine Emperors once assumed Imperial Roman pontifex maximus pretensions over religion, over the Church, at large. This root secularist/Calvinist anarchical belief which has become the form and spirit of basically all Protestant churches since the Protestant Revolt, that Calvinism which has for centuries carried fire and sword across the entire globe, having had an overpowering influence upon the development of world-conquering “Democratic” political institutions, and this in the most portentous and catastrophic way.

This rapproachment with the world has chiefly taken the form of a cowardly surrender to an alleged “new dynamic” inaugurated in post-Renaissance times, bringing with it new fashions, a quiet trend toward a whole new morality, one that fits precisely with Jewish dreams of a future and indeed futuristic Messiah. This weakness toward the eternal Jewish Anti-Christ insurgency having been the Achilles heel of churchmen ever since St. Peter showed undue preference to Jews at table in the early Church, and the missionary fields of St. Paul were generously sown with the cockle of the same noxious kind. While in Church circles this note of the modernistic, the futuristic, would gain such force over more recent centuries as to allow to stand a growing assumption, typically amid a deafening silence, that all things, including those of the soul, and the very Gospel tree of the Church, must bend to this novelty-based wind. Profane learning and science have led the way, pushing aside those holy things for which we mere mortals were alone made: we who despite such pretenses must leave this world with all its baubles and conveniences, trials and wars, after only a few short and troubled years, here in this “valley of tears”. This multi-faceted heterodox spirit having progressively cooled the primitive ardor of priest, laity and pontiffs alike, for instance with popes of the twentieth century having failed miserably to promulgate important Heavenly directives of Our Blessed Lady, when she turned to them for aid, as Heaven indeed consistently does. Thus did St. Pius X, otherwise of course a holy man, and subsequent pontiffs, fail to consecrate the world to the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, that title which singularly puts in its proper relief the salvation-auguring role of Our Blessed Lady as the New Eve, at the foot of that New and salubrious Tree, the Cross. This command being delivered through her earthly emissary and victim-soul, Berthe Petit: in this refusal being plainly “deaf of ear” to the pleadings of this Holy Mother of our race. A refusal, a drying up of vigilance and militancy, which played out in catastrophic terms both for the Church and the entire human race: as the scourge of subsequent World Wars would have been averted, according to Our Blessed Lady, had the global Marian consecration taken place. This refusal however only “the tip of the iceberg” in an across-the-board demotion of the whole idea of fervor and devotion, symptomatic of a wholesale if unspoken denial of the fatherhood of God, being at the root of grave moral departures among clergy and laity alike, a plague of “up to date” cynicism having steadily gained momentous proportions since Boniface's time. While the same propensity, to be “ashamed” of the things of God before men, has been starkly illustrated for more than a century in the progressive disregard of the virtue of modesty of dress and behavior: plainly another “hard saying” for a clergy becoming increasingly enamored of a modernistic worldly culture which claims to be unquestionable lord of every realm, no matter how sacred it might be. Thus too finally the failure of pontiffs of the twentieth century to publish a “Fatima Secret” plainly meant to mobilize the Church for such very coming apocalyptic things as are seen today, as revealed in this gravely-important Marian missive from 1917, predictive of coming moral disasters in the Church at large: the ones through which indeed we now live. This towering omission clearly brought about by the same cursed spirit of cynicism and rebellion, laxity and tepidity. The Marian communication not really a “secret” at all, rather only being meant to be personally delivered to the pope, and certainly not to lie dormant thereafter in some Vatican vault, as seems to have been the case, or even to be consigned to “file thirteen” by a growing legion of turncoat clerics steadily investing Papal realms. In a Judeo/Secret-Society infestation of which pontiffs through the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries were ruefully aware, but which they seemed to have lacked the courage to manfully confront. Lacking that militant spirit shown by so many persecuted and martyred popes since ancient times.

But to make matters worse for those who would study this subject of faculties, under today's unprecedented circumstances, few pertinent writings from Church history may any longer be readily available as they once were, judging by my first attempts to access such writings, found online. In websites where admission requires academic or church-official “standing” or “credentials”, or when indeed admitted where the reader finds pertinent passages of the Old Code of Canon Law to be missing, redacted. Much like notorious parallel Government cover-ups of so many bits-of-evidence of budgetary malfeasance, of military atrocities, and other wrongs, whereby these records are politely kept from public view. This in the all-too-familiar elitist logic of the ongoing synagogue takeover of the world in general and the Barque of Peter in particular, operating in this End Time era and as predicted to dislodge both the Papal throne and the individual Catholic soul from its place of security and familiarity with sound doctrine of days and centuries gone by. And the citizen from any oversight over this “democratic” “greatest nation in the world”. A time of crisis however soon to be followed by a rebirth of the most stupendous kind, humbling to the dust the many enemies of Holy Mother Church, the same people indeed identified by St. Paul as “enemies of mankind”.

As all the above suggests, and pulling it all down to profane depths never contemplated before, this new and heterodox yet constantly-invoked take on canon law, this summary and routine bypassing of the divinely-instituted rigidly-papal authority structure of the Church, resembles in a sense Adam Smith's economic principle of Supply and Demand, transferred unaccountably to heavenly realms: with a mass-popular “need” or demand held somehow to empower the grant, this anti-principle thought to supply in all cases and at all times, in a massive restructuring of sacramental and disciplinary life. As suggested it is a kind of democracy all-its-own, in which we lodge our “need” or dissatisfaction and get instant redress, with the paltry excuse that to lack confession, clerical authority or disciplinary graces is “unthinkable”, as volubly maintained in Traditionalist literature concerning the same matter, found online and largely adhered to in traditionalist parishes around the globe.

As I remember from decades ago, when being enlightened about this matter of faculties by someone well acquainted with ecclesiastical jurisdictional things—of which well-versed clerics back then there were a great many—a reigning pope needn't personally know the prospective bishop, nor perhaps is the pontiff even required to give a case-by-case yeh or nay in the latter's selection to episcopal realms. Rather is there routinely maintained a milieu of trust between the pope and the metropolitan—the archbishop of some metropolis nearby—hence the name, indicating in prose of the ages how closely and indelibly were once intertwined, as seen in the time-honored word, the identity of state with church. The metropolitan a prelate who is designated and authorized to make choice of bishops for consecration to lesser dioceses, in the absence of any objection on the part of the pope, once the latter is duly apprised. This selection traditionally carrying with it a concomitant reception of faculties, all in the pope's name, and with his blessing. Yet plainly the unbreakable link to the Chair of Peter is kept firmly intact in this arrangement: the office of metropolitan made necessary because of the sheer impossibility of the head of the Church Universal being well-acquainted enough to make such determinations solely by himself, with distances and time-constraints involved, and the prohibitive levels of close familiarity with available candidates for the office which such a vetting process innately requires. Yet these traditionalist writers of the Society of St. Pius X would erect what amounts to a stolid parallel authority structure which openly claims no connection to pope or hierarchy: and this now already for decades, and plainly foreseen to continue for who knows how long. Alas, we only need the passage of another generation of Catholics thus thunderously ill-led and ill-informed, New Church and Traditionalist alike, to make the destruction of the Catholic Church perfectly complete.

But as might be anticipated to already obtain, the matter is even more compelling when you have a bishop, priest or group-of-priests who regularly and systematically “snatch and scatter the sheep”: a circumstance set almost inevitably to occur in times like these, of such a long absence of a valid occupant of the Papal throne. Admittedly, New Church clerics and their departures from sound teaching and practice have “gone off the charts”, notably by terms of a spurious consecration of bishops Sacramentary, put in place in late 1969, whereby since then no valid episcopal consecrations have taken place at all, so that by now there can be few if any validly-ordained New Ordo priests to be found. But Traditionalist men of the cloth, alleged recipients of faculties under the noted ill-identified “emergency clause”, are now also rife whose grasp of moral theology is either faulty or inadequate or who represent yet another deadly salient of a Jewish or quasi-Jewish infiltration into the Church's ranks, under cover of a fake traditionalist reform of the New Church reform. A burrowing phenomenon seen many times before in Church history, and warned against in grave terms by St. Paul and pontiffs throughout anno domino time. Hence one major error encountered constantly among traditionalist priests, who hold forth in the most commanding tones, as if those who disagree are either disloyal or borderline insane: these clerics making stout claims that American Catholicism differs profoundly from the European, or indeed from any other “form” of Catholicism at all. This faith-and-unity-destructive falsehood, not at all by accident, being close partner here in the USA with a Neo Con “Exceptionalist” indoctrination, which maintains a parallel claim that “ours is a different kind of patriotism”, an infinitely higher kind, one allegedly being based upon “form of government”, upon ringing paeans of liberty, rather than upon lovely landscape, shared religion or ethnic ties. This chasm-like dividing of nations and national churches—among Catholics nothing but pure, unadulterated Freemasonry in clerical garb—being a major support or determinant of Yankee foreign policy, which carries this superiority complex into policies at home and abroad, wreaking havoc on an erstwhile mostly-peaceful earthly scene. While another prevalent error among traditionalist priests goes so far as to claim that if you don't have a mortal sin to confess whenever you enter the confessional booth, then you are telling a lie. Such a monstrous falsehood, a producer of moral despair, typically uttered with a cynical tone or throw-of-the-head, denying any chance of a holy laity, of which Church history has had no small amount: sometimes indeed surpassing in piety a clergy become lukewarm in the extreme.

In such fatal misapprehensions and their dire consequences is found another weighty reason that papal oversight is intrinsically required, and the “needs of the faithful” is a false standard to be applied. While as noted regarding faculties, even those singular cases of specific doubt, discussed above, rigidly retain the papal jurisdictional power, drawing upon it even then: as there can be nothing else to draw upon at all, there being no headless Church, one without the pope immovably fixed as the father of us all. Just as there is no Blessed Trinity without a Father, no family without same: of course a man, from whom the children are both conceived and named. So that noted discrete cases were hardly meant or outfitted to become the battle-cries of patricidal rebellion that they have come to be, among traditionalist divines, nor yet to serve as setters of dangerous trends. To reluctantly use a rather coarse expression, in order to make matters crystal clear, a case of “the tail wagging the dog” is in such case plainly involved. Obviously, of course, such a faithful are in desperate need of the sacrament of penance or confession, but any appeal to such a spurious principle—as of a “need” calling forth its own solution, on a decades-long Church-wide scale—can have no standing at all. (Of course and as suggested, those invalid New Church “bishops” “consecrated” under Bugnini's new and invalid rite aren't even considered in this little piece.) While just as obviously a thus-“empowered” clergy, New Church or Traditionalist, has been proven in the event to be of little if any help to the needs of the faithful, especially in the confessional, where the most sound of teaching and injunction is intrinsically required. Such priests will easily trespass those flock-protective safeguards contained in the noted essential link to St. Peter, the pope, in his divinely-instituted binding and loosing powers: the genuine clemency of the Sacrament being sustained solely by those graces released through the Heavenly Petrine barque. Can we not see what has actually taken place: a terrible interruption, a warping in the whole ponderous structure, the epic-consequential functioning, of the Church, in allowing this out-of-hand situation to continue at its present feverish pace?

Such have been my reflections after having some twenty years ago—during a period of some twenty years prior—gone to priests of various Catholic traditionalist and “sedevacantist” varieties to make my confession, and having frequently found them guilty of the most egregious misuse of alleged faculties, and this often in the most breezy and self-righteously-assumed way. And even after the passage of so much time, nothing I have heard or read about these groups in any way changes my mind, even as any return to “test the waters” in such places is prohibitively repugnant to me, from a clergy which from my own experience commonly delights in publicly condemning anyone not in wholehearted agreement with some new error or ongoing charade, with policies obviously detrimental to souls. Such experiences in a parochial setting understandably being bearable only some few soul-bruising numbers of times. Some of these disorderly men, if not ordained under the Society of St. Pius X being either “sedevacantists” or “independents”, these latter perhaps operating by dint of a simple “papal blessing” from an antipope like John XXIII: the latter of whose acts are all null and void. These men in my experience not uncommonly dispensing perfectly-false moral advice or prohibitions, even using the confessional as a sort of rough-and-ready tool-of-social-discipline, going so far during a sermon as to discuss in tones of alarm some sin confessed by a penitent only some few moments before, prior to the offering of Holy Mass; with priest and penitent alike having so recently and in plain view exited from the confessional booth. A penitent whose identity might thus or for other reasons easily be guessed by the assembled congregation: the whole Orwellian episode obviously comprising an abominable sacrilege, with these heinous exposures wrought perhaps with special frequency upon people new to the parish. This strange and disturbing habit naggingly suggesting the existence of any number of diabolical motives, even the conducting of rank laboratory-like experiments upon individual souls, as well as upon the congregation at large. Here being a depraved mechanism typically used—who knows how often?—upon those who fail to “fall into line”, or if new to the parish are thought to need an object-lesson on how to be perfectly supine. A rank subterfuge, a patent violation of the sacred seal of the confessional, remarked now and again indeed among more sober parishioners, a tool-of-control routinely used by any number of traditionalist priests over decades in time. Utterly and fatally departing from hallowed, truly merciful ecclesiastical norms. Can we not see where all this “needs of the faithful” factotum, thus broadly applied, inevitably leads? And the sinister character of those who put it all into motion some three decades ago?

No: the appearance and subsequent highly-secretive development of the Catholic Traditionalist movement in the late 1960s—as much as the faithful do indeed stand in need of the liturgy and other blessings of the traditional Church of all times—has about it all the earmarks of a synagogue-controlled infiltration for purposes morbid, morally-destructive, experimental, and so on. It is just not enough to keep insisting that “the people have a need” and that the Church “mercifully supplies”. Rather does this breezy interpretation “overturn” those “foundations of order”, whose upending is foreseen prophetically by St. Jerome, in cases of universal moral or doctrinal calamity he knew were yet to come. In which case of fatal dissolution we are exhorted by this Early Father of the Church to “cleave to that which is most ancient”: for our purposes here adhering inseparably to the divinely-instituted Petrine binding and loosing power. Patiently awaiting its thunderous reappearance, as assured by heartening Gospel guarantees.

No, again, we cannot take norms of canon law strictly applicable to individual emergency cases and make them essentially apply without limit to the Church at large, under this inevitable “people's need” factotum. Rather must we confess the doleful condition into which the Church has been reduced since the first of the modern anti-popes, John XXIII. Thus our own conviction, admittedly lacking any authoritative standing, that the Church today is precisely in the condition predicted by Blessed Anne Katherine Emmerich in the early nineteenth century, as of a faithful universally lacking both the genuine Blessed Sacrament and other Sacraments, and likewise oppressed, persecuted, hounded-down, both by secular authorities, by false clerics of New Church, and by these self-assuming traditionalist clerics as well. A sorely-beset faithful whom the saint predicted would survive “only in a few households and a few cottages”: and not in pretentious institutions such as now claim plenipotentiary powers. “Traditionalist” clerics of today—interestingly finding papally-condemned erroneous forerunners in the 18th century under the very same name, in league with Jansenists and Semi-Jansenists of the times—being undoubtedly described in another prophesy, by the same seer, whose words are paraphrased here, being portrayed as “seeming very strict and disciplinary, but nonetheless utterly lacking the divine mandate”: with the latter expression found in Canon Law to refer specifically to priestly faculties above all things, these always rigidly inseparable from the papal jurisdictional power. Finally then too our belief, as God's saving grace cannot be contained, He Who “will be with us all days, even unto the consummation of the earth”, and as heartily encouraged by recent Heavenly apparitions and by other more-generic promises solemnly pronounced by Our Blessed Lord while on earth, that it is Russia who holds the keys to the Church's coming release from these terrible, sixty-two year old bonds. In a post-council moral wasteland much predicted in saintly prophesy, discernible as well in Holy Writ: a Church now no doubt entirely bereft of faculties, and in the New Ordo pseudo-Church even, in almost all cases, of the Sacraments themselves. So that by way of Russia's final Fatima-predicted accession to the One True Faith (“In the end my Immaculate Heart will Triumph, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace”) Russian bishops (in the prophetic “land of the eagles”, to which the Church is predicted in saintly prophesy to flee in this latter day), having become Catholic, and thus duly empowered, will hold a conclave at which a true Pontiff will once again at long-last be elected. (The Church being “the woman” biblically predicted to “give birth in travail”, to a valid pope, as this image and today's circumstances so plainly confirm.) A pope from whom these Russian prelates and other doctrinally-sound bishops, themselves perhaps largely of prior Orthodox belief, will forthwith receive faculties from a reinvigorated papal hand for administering the Sacrament of Penance, and ecclesiastical jurisdiction in all other regards. While this same Russia will likewise probably lead the military and political recovery of the nations from the long-standing scourge of global Judeo/Secret-Society rule: thereby directly ushering in that “era of peace which will be conceded to mankind”, promised by Our Blessed Lady at Fatima in 1917. Again: these are only the thoughts of a layman devoid of any authoritative standing in ecclesiastical affairs, but spurred on to thus open up his mind because of egregious abuses he has witnessed for so long a time.

March 11, 2020: Standard definition of mental health today is more accurately termed behavioral and attitudinal standardization. For as might be gathered from writings of the great Catholic political and economic philosopher Fr. Dennis Fahey of the mid twentieth century, when finance comes to control law, manufacture, commerce and other major facets of human existence, in an agenda already far advanced in his own day and time, then the money-men gradually come to set the standards for the whole inner and outer life of man. And these financiers and their secret-society ancillaries being under the tight control of the synagogue, the standards set for mass human behavior by these unapproachable elites will be made to fit into the cramped contours of the Jewish definition of non-Jews as being essentially sub-human. Hence the overriding show of clinical alarm over that precisely which makes us genuine human beings with a mind and will, capable of receiving divine grace, of communicating both with God and with one another in myriad personally-unique ways. That uniqueness being precisely that which makes us able to mesh with one another, to be interesting to talk to: as an alternative to the rubbish on TV or around the typical water-cooler crowd of today. Thus a child who is extremely quiet, once mostly considered an extremely positive thing, is termed “autistic”: and of course his “condition” worsens decidedly, may even become truly bizarre, the more he is hovered over and treated like he has some sort of inner plague. While furthermore and as written repeatedly elsewhere on this page, the hash this approach has made out of mental health, notably here in the USA, is born out dramatically by the statistics, with the mentally deranged of many kinds having increased in direct proportion to the growing prominence of this “scientific” field. Alas, some counselors even vociferate forcefully that they and their colleagues have discarded the whole fatal Freudian take on mental health, which stresses this brute-conformity formula to the hilt: but The System got the little morsel it needed from them, to set this lock-step standardization process into full tilt, and no “goody two shoes” therapist is going to change their behavior-modification blueprint for increasingly grunting and unruly masses, milling distractedly outside.

Another thing: the “proof in the pudding” for the timeliness of current school-marm-and-media-fostered mental health—or rather behavioral standardizing—guidelines is said to be found in the increasing frequency of mass shootings and other such unprecedented violent irruptions. These always said to be committed by some “loner”, or “person of concern”, or some such thing. But a crowning case of “denial” in this path to personality destruction is found in the inevitable absence of any commentaryby news-show that are so good at filming all the converging squad-cars and ambulances, swat-teams and experts, at the scene of some shooting or other act of barbarity—any mention that most of these authors of murder and mayhem were on dope when they did it. Ah, the apparatchiks in charge will no doubt say, if questioned about this forgotten little detail, that the dope isn't what matters, but only the “pre-existing condition”. “We should all be ready to handle our dope, or there is something else wrong with us in the first place,” would be their more honest reply. This not only laying bare the rampant drug-abuse that has become a standard part of Americana—finding a major portion of the American electorate ready to elect as president a man, Joe Biden, who is at the very least indirectly associated with the dope industry through his son Hunter—while also revealing a sedulous protective attitude in favor of controlled substances, at certain deciding levels of officialdom. “Mental health”, like so much else, having come to reveal the degree to which the tail wags the dog in this our “advanced and enlightened” land.

March 5, 2020: The Catholic political model far more genuinely free enterprise than laissez-faire ever dreamed of being.

Due to the intrinsic nature of man the genuine state is always a concatenation of the individual universes of individual men, and those with power are meant by divine providence to take others with them on their bolder flights: these natural leaders to be the warmth-giving “suns” around which these smaller planets fly, with all of it having something of private enterprise about it, rather than some modern-day pyramid-building scheme. This isn't at all to invoke laissez faire, but rather to suggest a frothy confluence, a joint-undertaking, of ruddy and able men, of the most lively kind: one in which likewise—in a once-much-remarked air of the paradoxical which always pervades the genuine interactions and inner-worlds of human beings—sacred personal and family boundaries are left in their native vigor, un-trespassed and supreme. So that although provision is made for those incapable of the noted probity and competency, such a hovering attitude is far from being the common rule. The medieval English Frankpledge, or the sociopolitical unit of ten heads-of-household, epitomized marvelously this intrinsic economically and politically distributive nature of human life, working both horizontally and vertically, something of its like being fundamentally inseparable from the valid and genuine state. Properly carrying on those surveillance activities of which so much is made today: but in an informal, uncoercive, and unthreatening way which has a sense of humor, a kindly, unobtrusive and sympathetic manner, a domicile-respecting retrospection: all of which are entirely lacking in summary-court, towering, secretive, citizen-monitoring institutions of today. (I remember well how one glance from a close neighbor, the father of a fine family, back in my boyhood in the '50s, when I was stealthily smoking, of course without parental permission, down by the nearby river with some pals, was enough to cure me of the habit in an instant, to my own profound gratitude to this very day.) Such localized mechanisms seeing to the comprehensive development of the human persons of which they are formed, prizing and respecting their highly-individual inputs, fostering their free-agency in the most beneficial and constructive sorts of ways. Of course, I don't imagine that a return to the old ways will be easy, but rather do I anticipate that it will be made necessary, will suggest itself, when men begin to pick up the charred rubble left after the coming cataclysm, the End Time punishment which now so swiftly descends. But there is much to be praised in actively anticipating, making first steps toward, these coming blessings in any way we can.

What then works against this spirit, this genuine statehood of genuine, fully-operational men? It is the very system under which we now live, a throwback to ancient Egypt, as modern-day official Freemasonic roots declare in every Pharaoh-hearkening secretive rite of lodge-halls everywhere. It is very much the case of secretive men devising a plan by which we all live like ants on an ant hill rather than as fully-empowered men: all this of course “for our own good”, as we are condescendingly told in so many sugary ways. Are there injuries and injustices that take place under a system which operates in the old, tried and true way, of the genuine liberation of human free agency which older types of systems contained? True, there are some such liabilities to be found, but nothing like the wholesale invasions and trivializations of modern life, nor its endless prearranged wars and 9/11s—bloody pogroms of Tamerlane scarcely approaching such a frightful levy in human blood—not to mention other grizzly measures of population control, with abortion and institutionalized sodomy leading the van. All this of course launched-with or attended-by stirring loyalty-invoking preambles, “heroic causes” which have taken hundreds of millions needlessly early to their graves, if not to lie un-buried on the open plain. Statistics which belie discovery in any other (“backward”) age. While likewise the modern system's fixation upon mental health, a major underlying prop for mammoth tyrannies involved, has seen mental illness, mass shootings, drug-induced mayhem, and so on, multiply in direct proportion to that ponderous counseling establishment to which “concerned” multiple-psychotics like Sigmund Freud gave such well-promoted rise, that which is more a form of clinically-assisted personality destruction than a cure.

Who sees to the equities in older systems, the sedulous guardianship of the poor and powerless, with Catholic ones being the subject of study here? The Church does this generous task, under the guidance of the Holy Ghost, if in close league, like the father over his sons, with the Catholic state. So that there be no jet-set of unknowable extortioners to arrange mammoth population-controlling institutions: all of course “for our own good”. The Church being precisely the well-appointed ultimate arbiter of all such things. Are there even then slip-ups now and again? We are all only human, be we priests or laymen: but no better provision for the less-fortunate has ever yet been found. While finally those scandals which have surfaced over the past several decades, over clerical child-molestation, must be laid at the feet of a Church overcome by infiltrating enemies, busily at work, notably at the Vatican, since the late eighteenth century “Enlightenment” era. Such a terrible irruption being wrought by those same “for your own good” forces which utterly despise the free agency built into the definition of man. These interlopers being led by a certain clearly-identified number designated in Holy Scripture as “enemies of mankind”.


But in the Catholic system the multiplier is prolific, as there is this unbridled element of private enterprise positively definitive to the whole, with its induplicable lean efficiencies, its lack of any endless train of cash-and-motivation-draining intermediaries, boons it naturally brings in its train. No “freedom loving”, financial-blood-sucking military-industrial behemoth being involved. Rather here being much more a field of equals, operating on much the same stake-holding plane: an unencumbered freedom-of-action, of association, of movement being involved which a poured-in-concrete-ideological modern democracy and attached take-no-prisoners laissez faire, or latter day Neo-Con Neo paradigm, can never supply. The old system when it was in flower having seen the minting of money, sometimes even by local, private, non-state actors, proceeding vigorously apace with an expanding economy, a money utterly devoid of the control-oriented imposition of “bonds” in order to “buy” the species: that pivotal institution which wrings the last bit of true free enterprise out of an economy, welding our present-day chains in the most initiative-daunting and discouraging way. Traditional forms of money having indeed seen prices stable over a period of centuries, with the price of some fundamental like an ox remaining essentially the same for many generations of time.

But it is computerization and the mass-production which it explosively facilitates which totally destroys both the stability of prices and the distributive processes described briefly above, being the perfect corrosive solvent to the natural free-flying free-agency and monetary or in-kind empowerment of people placed both humbly or high. The modern techno-infrastructure renders man progressively more helpless through sheer idling of catalytic personal and interpersonal powers, chief attributes built into us by a loving God. This operational disability leading to others yet more disturbing, in the soul and mind, with the two sides of our nature, the inner and the outer, sharing reciprocal benefits of every kind, with losses which follow the same rule. While even the most powerful figures in this interwoven fabric of sociopolitical and economic power are firmly sustained by micro-local units like the frankpledge or the hundred, with its own miniscule court: as of solid boulders that undergird a castle of the most momentous size, upon which, in the Gospel-Catholic political context, “the birds of the air make their nests”. Perhaps the deciding difference between the Catholic system and the totalitarian “democracies” of today is that it has no techno-industrial launching pad to escape, through the alchemy of modern science and engineering, from a verdant and neighborly earth, the God-given dwelling-place of the sons and daughters of Eve.

March 10, 2020: Biden father and son, all American military and officialdom, are basically immune from criminal or corruption charges worldwide. Indeed Joe is now being hailed as the unbeatable front-runner in the Democrat-party presidential campaign, dubbed a “great man” with “unsurpassed character”: influence-peddling, judicial-inquiry-quashing, and all, being neatly tucked away in assessments so grand. And if anything is said about this and a host of other mammoth miscarriages of justice by any American citizen it's counted as disloyalty, even treason; while the singling out of this modern-day sovereign-level barbarity by Russia or any other nation not lock-step-aligned with Uncle Sam is taken as amounting to an act of war, or trying to influence an election, etc ad nauseam. Certainly Russia and other nations have a natural right to be concerned about what's happening here in the USA: we do plenty of official-and-media-level inquiry and commentary about Russia over here. While “proof” of the existence of “Russian bots”, or Chinese “intelligence breaches” or “info-mining” is always a circular rotation found to depend upon the word of some “institute”, NGO or turncoat-Chinese-expatriot—or groveling second-generation Chinese-American—who regularly make up all these tales: with the round-robin “he said that she said” resembling nothing so much as an out-of-breath cat chasing its tail. All the more should the nations be alarmed over the natty gentleman's overbearing might, his ceaseless tricks and disappearing-acts, his military budget larger than that of all other nations combined, his desire to settle everyone's business for them: of course “for their own good”. (This hovering solicitude word-for-word with lead-pipe injunctions of the old '30s protection racket, in Al Capone's prohibition days.)

No, you don't demonstrate patriotism by excusing every criminal act of a pseudo-nation, from the beginning under the control of the Jews and their secret-society underlings, by irrefutable historical proof tasked with subduing the entire earth to Synagogue aims. For this reason we call for the rise of Dixie once again: a once-and-coming nation which won't be obsessed with remaking the world in some violent revolutionary mold.

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