September 13, 2009: The Abbe de Nantes, the Catholic Counter Reformation in the Twenty-first Century, the Falange, neo-colonialism, the false crusade.

       After wading through all the theological pronouncements and pseudo-pious verbiage of these people, what comes clean is basically a disinterred Napoleonic might makes right. It is the old-as-sin sacrilegious placement of Heavenly things under heel of grim and profane secular authorities: that caesaro-papism quintessentially found in the old Byzantine Empire, in Serb-style geopolitical Orthodoxy, in Barbarossa and tyrants stretching back centuries before. While likewise unveiled is a vision of the most backward race-and-nationality-based hatred and bigotry known to man: all the while this Falange or CRC ceremoniously condemns such evils by name. Hence does this astute political quantity—crypto-Jewish at its wooden core—patronizingly demote the infallible papal doctrine of the Two Swords—church and state, both being wielded “on behalf of Christ (bull of Boniface VIII)—to a mere ”theory”. This pompous and pretentious group thus taking sides with twelfth-century Hohenstaufens who cut their teeth at the pope-martyring Imperial Court on the Bosporus, whose spirit would be imbibed by similarly-trained early Habsburgs. They who learning there too the deadly political maneuvers of divide and rule.

       Thus does this hyper-cynical Falange—which seems to have close cousins across time by that name from modern Lebanon to Mussolini Italy to Franko’s Spain—epitomize the low road of the political world, built by a surly road-crew that thinks of God mostly as “a hard man”, unconcerned about love of fellow man. While genuine Catholic political philosophy by contrast travels a trace above the timberline, wrapped in fleecy clouds, among which angels sing. Even if this Heavenly aim isn’t always in practice achieved: it is nonetheless ever the Catholic state’s undying aspiration, in which everyone takes a hand, before a good God Who principally looks at the heart, the intention. For since law is entirely from God—or it is no law at all—it is eminently fitting that institutions of men that are meant for Heaven should be laced with the scent of those courts. Rather than polluted with the pragmatic dictates of overbearing, heathen-spirited “benefactors who lord it over you” (Jesus’ words in Holy Gospel). A fragrance with which Western life was once graced, which by nature arbitrates a rigorously-recognized equality-of-dignity among “the sons of men”. This childlike love and mutual acceptance being however regarded by Falangists and the modern faithless world alike as utterly childish, naïve; a "wide eyed" frame-of-mind immigrants here were cautioned to drop like unwanted baggage when they “got off the boat”. Such species of libertine cynicism being ever the lodge-hall cant, which however doesn’t alter an iota the fact that holy things are meant to determine lower ones, a fortiori in a Catholic state: which is the wonder and beauty of it all. Unless we wish to be cursed, like Barbarossa himself: drowning, in his heavy armor, just after towering acts of papal abuse, while fording a stream only inches deep. Thus does this Falange identify itself fully—amid all the wordy equivocations—with St. Augustine’s cursed City of Man, not his blessed and exalted City of God. No matter how much these worthies might “say Lord, Lord”, in a way which gives the Almighty no real honor or precedence, which places earthy potentates far above Him. Indeed as “strange gods before Him”—in all-important—indeed bruisingly-practical terms.

       We here at this site are devoted to Catholic tradition as well, and go further than most in this advocacy, as in our adamant rejection of Vatican II: which presumed to pass judgment on the Holy Ghost Himself, as seen in that gathering’s obvious contempt for the whole drift or motif of Church history and traditional piety. But under all the crystalline-Catholic phraseology these falangists are pushing an agenda on behalf of wealth, race and elite power: the polar opposite of Jesus “let the greatest of you be as the least, and the least as the greatest”. All the abominable ills of our sociopolitical day being let in by the back door, as it were, by this French Falange, as they style themselves, on the coattails of an “obedient” sort of political despair. Which the lowly citizen is never to presume to call into doubt: in a system in which politics is considered an elite and exalted, self-contained realm. This utterly false and Faith-foreign, arrogant and repugnant idea hardly suggesting the Aquinas to Mariano to Ballermine doctrine of the right of popular revolt against—even execution of—an unjust ruler. The CRC advocacy of monarchy thus being shown to be of the corrupt, court-favorite-ridden absolutist category which is a chaos-breeding, sovereignty-destroying abuse of power, which devolved in early modern times: after Jewish finance had led Catholic nations around by the nose already for at least 300 years.

       Like most of the O'Reilly/doughty right-wing set, this decades-celebrated “rebel” Abbe de Nantes detects repulsive strains of the touchy-feely in all who would oppose his sweeping worldview: no doubt his “Phalange” being closely identifiable with its namesake in Lebanon, an armed brigade which in ‘82 bravely slaughtered unarmed Arabs like sheep, in a "campaign" in close league with an Israel the same de Nantes claims to condemn. All the while he allegedly says the Jews must be “loved, not despised”. A cleric whose writings we used to get by mail, back in the '80s and early '90s, articles of a much finer character back then, with no mention of any Phalange, including some brilliant scholarly analysis by a certain Brother Michael of the same order: earlier assays in comparison with which latest "Phalange" productions are startling departures indeed, perhaps revealed as forgeries of some kind. By certain crypto-Jews who love to use other peoples literary labors, even (if usually obliquely) their names, and take all the effective credit for themselves that might accrue. The same indeed has been done to us here at this humble site, whose lead ideas month by month are found mouthed all over TV and the internet, sometimes the next day after their appearance here, but amid which piratical, plagiaristic episodes we whose original ideas are swallowed whole of course get no acknowledgments at all. Going even further, we aver that a whole literary revival, of the use of good English compared to the computer-modeled beep-like non-communication that had started to take over around '85, with PhD students leading the van—was kicked-off by us, here on this same site. As for one thing, back then some of the best thinkers, in government and education, religion and cultural-analysis, etc., began to go to our site instead of the monosyllabic group-speak competition's, preferring our turns-of-phrase to those of the quaking-monosyllables of the Group-Speak competition: with such scholarly trips-to-the-woodshed being the very best way to change diction: almost like treating literary vandals and ruffians to Mom's old washing-out of the mouth with lye soap.

       It is likewise a resurrected Jansenism or Quietism of seventeenth and eighteenth century that you see in the CRC (Contra Reforme Catolique, in my poor French), where you quickly find that everything is a dogma. As if a frigid Quesnel or Noailles were once again gliding through the corridors of time, the Gospel “freedom of the children of God” is nowhere to be found among this kind. Everywhere you are bound by stout counter-tensions of statism, misconstrued religion, sacrosanct forms of culture. To paraphrase: “culture is to be the same everywhere” (!!!). While as noted above the masses are forbidden to “meddle in politics”: stunningly abrogating that same “liberty of the sons of God” upon which Western civilization is based. Of a founding-Western St. Augustine who went so far as to say “love God and then do your own will”. A Western life which this arrogant organization pretends so ceremoniously to serve. The West, too, being regarded by these ever-blind people as a sort of mystical deity—reading between the lines, where you must always look with these folks—as being worthy of bloody extension or “defense” by any number of unjust wars. A West however genuinely the bearer not of drone bombs but of an incomparable personal agency previously unknown to man. And this regardless of his great or humble place in life, or his position as an alien, a citizen or a foreign-national. While a contrary oppressive a-politicization of the common man—and an imperious ramroding of his acceptance of provocateur-arranged wars—hardly coincides with Pius X’s “the laity will save the Church”: the lowly “man on the street” being called to rescue a holy realm much more exalted, further removed. And by a pope/saint, at that. In the cataclysm the holy pontiff could foresee, in the midst of which we suffer now.

       Flush with all the new Bush/Obama-era patriotism—of a European variety which however has powerful adherents in America both North and South—this vaunted group seems to see only pomp and ecstasy, in a preposterous strain of optimism which obsesses their minds, amid today’s sodomy and Hitlerian war. All the while recovery from today’s Great Apostasy is plainly expected to arise from out of this arrogant Phalangist frame-of-mind: a great falling-away somehow simplistically identified solely with theological “liberalism”. A mammoth defection which is however only another right/left see-saw whose fulcrum-point, as always, is a synagogue which must meddle in every endeavor of humankind. Under all of which torrent of words is a species of French-Catholic Aryan exaltation and triumphalism one can see in an ample number of French-Americans one meets around traditionalist enclaves, some of whose acquaintance we made who were just the right age to have been involved in the various third-column conspiracies that abounded here during World War II. Racists to the core, using said Mass-centers to ply their insidious wares, displaying in unguarded moments all the cold and quiet fury, the cruel mockery of the old French Jansenists. They who, ironically-enough, so astutely conspired with Freemasonry against the French Bourbon throne, not in favor of it, as this new breed of the same litter claims to be. (Jansenists having been “Catholic” heretics with valid sacraments and bishops, remarkably resembling many of our more-vaunted traditionalist of today. Some of this early-modern ilk having indeed been called by the very name Traditionalist, and been papally-condemned as such). The presence of these racist and fellow-traveler-racist elements inevitably condemns any traditionalist flock to be a tiny one indeed, as they drive good people away in droves, indeed with displays of squealing glee. These interlopers being the sort of “traditionalists” who drive people from the Church in general and from Catholic tradition in particular: being themselves no doubt frequently planted or at least externally or ideologically cultivated by the Jews. Hence in the case of this French Falange does it seem to be by the back door of a fanatical exaltation of French nationality that they admit the urchin of racism, which indeed they volubly and sanctimoniously claim to disown, with delinquent companions of bitter and remorseless nationality prejudice creeping in behind. Embracing the while, in mock gravity, the axiom that “all men should be brothers”, even as any practical scope for this is utterly denied. Opening with righteous hauteur a floodgate of evils such as now oppress impoverished émigré middle-easterners living in the ghettoes of France.

       But as suggested this is a France in fact not of Catholicism but of a deeply-entrenched French crypto-Judaism, of Freemasonry, of a resurgent Jansenism, of a French Catholicism which after the post-revolutionary "restoration of the Church" would be a "practical-minded" shadow of its former fervent, self-sacrificial self. A venal, self-glorifying France which Joan of Arc would disown, were she here. Here being a movement, in fine, which does in a certain external, formal yet supposedly “mystical” sense preach the Faith, but makes its practice impossible through a bizarre and prohibitive regimentation. A “tying of heavy burdens on other men’s backs”, which weighs in a special way upon the perpetrator’s own souls. 

       Forcing myself to read, in an admittedly fragmentary way, the CRC’s website, I have also found out that these CRC’ers are entirely preoccupied with “the Fatima Secret”, with the “proper” consecration of Russia, and so on. People who cite in particular Sr. Lucy’s stipulation—first made thirteen years after the Fatima prodigies, and reiterated, as I remember, sometime in the 1980s—that the pope must consecrate Russia with the rest of the bishops, as it were in a body. If promised Heavenly relief-from-evils is to fully ensue. Which as ideal as this might in a sense be, could yet be thought of as smacking of all the new collegiality, an egregious error as taught at Vatican II. While furthermore, our Blessed Lady herself seems to have made no such demand in her terse statements at Fatima: and neither for that matter does Mary seem to have set Sr. Lucy up as any sort of an interpreter of Heavenly words, once announced and duly written down. After all, “all good things (on earth) must come to an end”, even visions and announcements that are Heaven-sent. (Disturbing things about Sr. Lucy are discussed in a hyperlink on this page). While neither for that matter, as memory serves me, was there anything so formally collegial about St. Pius V’s call for a rosary crusade in 1571, one that brought about the speedy defeat of the (then genuinely-militant) Muslim fleet at Lepanto. Nor would a standard chief stumblingblock to Orthodox communion with Rome—namely, the papal primacy—seem to be so dramatically highlighted, made more appealing, in a corporate consecration, as by the pope acting alone.

       But this fixation on formalities is the very espirit de corps of this group, a tendency not to grasp the very foundation-stone of Catholic Faith: “My Gospel is spirit and life”. A characteristic externalism, identified by St. Louis DeMontfort in the early 18th century, of the “false devotees”, indeed the “Esaus”, of this life. While missed entirely—like so much else—is the sky-darkening fact that all of us, including the pope, “missed the boat” vis-à-vis Fatima: even if Russia was indeed finally consecrated by Pius XII in 1952, long after the Apparitions, when, in Our Lady’s 1917 words, “it will be late”: rather obviously. A consecration whose ”required form” can hardly be anticipated any longer to change anything at this late day—a recourse apparently urged by these Falangists92 years after the request. No: we dragged our feet like unwilling children, so God is now taking His own sweet time as well, in granting us relief. And all the hand-wringing over the Secret is to no avail. “The punishment”—which as plainly indicated at Fatima is of an entirely spiritual nature—has come. And started in earnest at Vatican II. Now all we can do is suffer, and try manfully to do. The last thing these crypto-Judaizers want us to do.

       These U.S.-coddled “Christian Lebanese”, the most militant of whom founded the Lebanese Falange, which is plainly of the same spirit as the CRC, are to me historically much like today's Congressionally-honored, historical-revisionist Armenians, interlopers who in turn resemble none so much as Kurds and Serbs. Long-time purveyors of regional destabilization, the Armenians ran riot in a World-War-I Turkey just then prostrated in utter chaos, courtesies of the map-carving activities of a “crusading” Churchill of those times. Armenians who then had to face reprisals they had richly earned, but who always have a ready, sympathetic ear from Congress, ever looking for some new “victim” at whose cry they can forthwith carve up Arab lands. A handy function which Georgia likewise serves vis-à-vis the Russian sphere-of-influence, which our corporate and state-department people now covet with military-strategic and resource-lustful eyes. (Note of 9/17: don’t trust this shifty if overbearing and sanctimonious Obama to actually “take down” the U.S. missile shield around Russia, anymore than he “emptied Guantanamo”. I’ll believe it when I see it. In all events, he’s just getting psycho-polemically geared up to proclaim a yet-bigger geopolitical goal: namely the preliminary foundation of a one-world anti-Christian globalist state. That ultimate “must” toward which globe-bankrupting multi-trillion “bailouts” and progressive global war are only means to an end. This token, “anyone can do it”, “American dream”, foreign-born Jewish Black—the “token Black” par excellence—standing good as racial justice in bigoted minds for all the good ghetto Blacks of East Chicago, Cleveland or D.C.). Actually, this latter-day agnostic “crusade” against Muslim nations is a “bonanza” that has gone on—always rife with righteous vindication—since the “Sick Man of Europe”, the Ottoman Empire, began to wane, back in the late seventeenth century. Ancient barbarities of sultans being used as excuses by Western nations for greedy revanchist aggressions of the most manifold kinds. Here too the CRC’s glorification of colonization—with an incredible latitude of types tolerated or allowed—comes into its full tilt.

       If we compare historical colonialism to the fate of, say, French African colonies-turned-nations of today, I too agree that they were much better off as colonies. Most of Africa having indeed been beggared, in a sense destroyed, by independence. But to speak of colonialism now—after Vatican II, without the solid Church of our forefathers to inspire it—is simply to invoke the Bush/Obama corporate-colonial greed. A fact which even the oblivion-dwelling Falangist cannot conceivably be too blind to see. Especially considering de Nantes radical interpretation of Christ’s “render therefore to Caesar”, as indicating an abject prostration indeed. So that to stand for “the West” so unequivocally, in this quasi-missionary sense, is to embrace an AIPAC-guided foreign policy, and ultimately a Jewish state, which hate and insult Christ and the saints.

       Obviously, and yet more incredibly, such a tacit alignment amounts to a bitter opposition—largely in the old colonial territories—against an Islam which actually venerates Jesus as a revered prophet. Indeed with Muslims likewise regularly visiting Marian shrines such as Fatima, displaying a piety which is in many ways an example to all. And even honoring some other Catholic saints as well, like St. Therese of the Child Jesus (invoked by many Muslims in childbirth, the special province of the “Little Flower”). Hence, rather obviously, there is much more hope in dealing justly and humanely with the Muslim nations than in any Quixotic attempts to re-colonize them: which in cynically-transparent CRC terms means embracing this false “war on terror”. A synonym for Jewish-American and geo-corporate power.

       In the “Catholic Counter Reform” cosmology colonialism would seem to be a moral virtue all its own. A globalist machine in operation since the fifteenth century, effectively controlled and rent-farmed by Jewish traders, not by Catholics—and chiefly serving Jewish interests worldwide—and putting Catholic nations, above all, at each others throats. Even if the ships involved ran up a Catholic flag. In this worldview these travesties are apparently mere nothings to be discarded with oceangoing bilge-gone-bad. Apparently, we are all supposed to ride this wild sea-serpent whither it might take us, displaying a “hardnosed” “realism” which is however mere Jewish chuspah in Catholic garbs.

       Now, I do accept the idea of providence, of which the CRC makes much: but if a good God makes good use of gravely-compromised institutions it isn’t in order to turn around and glorify them as well. Although I admit readily that there is a major difference between the colonialism that came before the Revolutionary Era and that which came after: with Portugal, Spain and perhaps especially France having pursued colonial policies much more enlightened before that fateful Judeo-Masonic spawn. Even if there was an epic-barbaric Onate, onerously-oppressive latafundia, and an encomiendo system that was an Indian slave-levy of the most backward and brutal kind. But the CRC would seem to swallow all six past colonial centuries with one great sea-water gulp. Pseudo-Catholic colonialism being a great marrano-Jewish monstrosity which—although admittedly taking on board heroic French mission etrangers martyr-priests in 19th-century Vietnam—over whom, tortured barbarically in their tiny wooden cages, the ordinary Vietnamese of all beliefs wept disconsolately—an ocean-going institution which has also given us the godless world we have today. And ultimately the wholesale turning-away from tradition which the CRC decries.

       Finally, the CRC gets into this great dust-raiser of calling other traditionalist groups schismatics, a name the Abbe de Nante first called Archbishop LeFebvre of (to me) blessed memory. Plainly, there is an effort here to raise yet-another independent majesterium of sorts, uttering anathemas far and wide: considering themselves uniquely orthodox by dint of unabashed embrace of the worst wrongs with which effete, well-connected Catholics have ever been involved. Which fact to me only identifies the CRC as another contender among the many false “Catholic” institutions mounted since Vatican II by Jewish intrigue.

            A striking parallel to this French Falange is to be found in Francisco Franko, and his systematic throttling of the genuinely-Catholic Carlists of Spain. He whose last name actually means court Jew having brought together these staunch royalists with the Spanish Falange: from whom the CRC obviously takes much of its program. We here at stand for the Carlist position in most respects: which was politically distributive, locally based: that configuration upon which alone limited sovereign power can be maintained. For which reason it was slandered as a species of “anarchy” by its many opponents. The “Catholic” realpolitik of the Frankos and CRCers of this world, on the other hand, is eminently top-heavy, centralized, militaristic, ready to deeply bow to money and power. And it especially appeals to youthful tendencies toward displays of heroics, toward marching in column and line. This group is an especially virulent European corollary to the Bush/Obama “war on terror” war machine, hardly attempting seriously to bring the sublime and supernatural Catholic spirit to the manifold workings of the state.