February 11, 2020: Brain damage from incoming rockets?

One cannot be accused of disloyalty when ones government is caught in one lie after another, and one seeks redress for same. Notice for instance the way that graphics are made to tell a story that isn't true, simply by matching misleading commentary, or false narrative, with some evocative picture. Ergo, and identical to another ploy noted in a previous article on this page—the use of wartime photos of people behind barbed-wire fences in concentration camps, while the narrative drones on about “six million Jewish Holocaust victims”, so that a perfectly false connection is made between picture and words—the same is being done daily with televised pictures of bombed-out military barracks and an equally-droning narrative about “traumatic brain injury” after the Iranian missile attack upon the Yankee installation in Iraq. The hope obviously being that, narrative worked for all its worth, we will all forget that these missiles landed a considerable distance from the barracks where American men were actually housed at the time of the blast, those pictured, quite demolished, being empty just then, so that any allegedly brain-damaging shock-waves would have been a prohibitively long way away.

But there is much more to consider here than just the above, as I was attached to a front-line combat unit in Vietnam, and we sometimes called in Navy and Air Force dive-bombers with 1000lb bombs, to drop them on North Vietnamese and Vietcong positions immediately to our front: detonations-from-which were so close at least once that they threw boulders at least two feet wide high in the air, to land all around us. None of us experienced any “traumatic brain injury” from sonar-concussions involved in these close-shaves. Likewise, when briefly stationed at Dong Ha, some seven miles, as I remember, from the DMZ, the ammo dump and fuel depot were both blown up together by NVA artillery. Our own unit was only about a block away from the dump and these incredibly-loud explosions—the rubber fuel-blivets were about as long as a football field, and three or four feet tall when fully expanded with aircraft fuel, several laid out in a row—and again no one suffered any “traumatic brain injury” from same. (The concussion blew me off the little knee-wall, in front of the bunker entrance-way, where I was sitting at the time.) Although the guys right there on ground zero, the ones who took care of those facilities, were never found. And then too there was the case of a three-day-long “fire mission” supporting a major “combat air assault” of the First Air Cavalry Division, when for three weeks I was “on the guns”, 155 millimeter howitzers, while awaiting reassignment to the noted reconaissance unit. With we enlisted men “humping” these hundred-pound shells non-stop for all that time, if in shifts of something like 24 hours, if memory serves me right. Once during that tremendous labor, during which it poured rain all the while, and our tents were blown away, and we found out during short breaks that wool blankets can still keep you warm even when you and they are “soaked to the bone”, those just then on duty were forced by simple irresistible fatigue to take a nap on top of a shed close to the guns. Forthwith the gunnery sergeant turned one of the pieces on these men, loaded it with simple “cannister” or explosives, and blew the artillerymen off the shed, with the full blast impacting them directly, from only a few yards away. None of these guys, generous men-at-arms who next day found it all hilariously funny, suffered from any “traumatic brain injury”. And back then artillerymen enjoyed none of the modern-day headgear worn by today's men out on the guns, which protect hearing, among other things. We just had earplugs which you couldn't even wear when you were on the guns, as you couldn't hear the commands if you did.

Indeed, we would have to find most of the combatants in all modern wars to have been sufferers from the fictitious disease, once we make such a farcical admission regarding the Iranian rocket-attack in Iraq.

Lesson? Uncle bar-Samuel is “a liar and the truth ain't in him”. We need the rule of truth-talking, plain-spoken, soft-spoken Confederates once again. Over a polity which has no desire to blackmail innocent foreign nations into bloody, baby-killing wars, which will be no friend of the abortionists, sodomy-pushers and dope-pushers that now rule the land, nor of those synagogue-directed war criminals who calculate, conspire and deceive in order to subject the entire world to their satanic beliefs. The same thing indeed that was done to Dixie so long ago. These one-worlders whose whole vocabulary is “regime change” and “the end justifies the means”, and whose ideological ancestors our Confederate forebears, even back then, fought as if against Hell itself. It isn't enough to just try to “vote them out”, since they rigidly control both the major parties, as well as the “independents”, and are ready to rig any election “when the chips are down”.

February 7, 2020: In the USA we have “religious indifference”, or the rigidly-enforced equality-of-religions, rather than genuine religious freedom, which honors the search for truth, the latter of which can have only one form, one answer to any one question. Although Judaism actually rules over all this alleged “tolerance” with an iron fist.

There is plenty for Pilosi and the gang to condemn in Donald Trump, but they mostly ignore the things of which he is actually guilty, because they are guilty of the very same things: the brutal, Napoleonic foreign policy, the false-flag wars, the sly sponsoring of the diabolical “Islamic State”, the promotion of an ironclad agenda of “Patriot Act”-enabled surveillance and control here at home, its cryptic legislation and court-rulings made possible through the in-house terrorism of 9/11: the list goes on and on. For as stated so many times here, all of modern Yankee mass-political (“democratic” or “republican”, Communist or Nazi) ideology is Jewish in character, motivated through inhuman pragmatisms of “the end justifies the means”, following in all this the contours of the ancient Jewish embrace of Canaanite false religion and their subsequent rejection of the Messiah, Jesus Christ Our Lord, “the Way, the Truth and the Light”. And all of the labors of the Lodges and other secret societies here in the USA has been to codify these false values in ironclad moral and social, political, military and economic terms, these conceived entirely outside the bounds of truth, justice and divine grace. In Yankee political ideology, copied by much of the rest of the Western world, is found an entirely pre-Christian paradigm, actually a syncretism: reproducing those philosophies and systems by that name, in the past always pagan, which refuse to recognize the intrinsic unity of truth, rather instituting a rigid juridically/militarily enforced equality of all beliefs of any kind. So that all religions are reduced to the vapid atmosphere of a “comparative religions class”, and fervent adherence to any one faith is regarded as a dangerous form of fanaticism, and punished in many ways normally reserved for armed terrorist bands. This syncretism of today, allegedly so worried about our “safety” and “security”, includes indeed Satanism itself, with high ceremony regarded as being just as valid as any other, accorded in fact far more than equal rights, while being the systematic, perverse, and murderous breaker of all valid laws, of all the Commandments. Hence too the easy adoption of similarities to this hellish creed, among more common political ideologies, for the mere sake of material or political gain, with political parties in the West departing more and more from their genuine moral roots, that Gospel Way wherein perfect justice is alone found.

Hence the “march of democracy” mania—essentially a “right” to do anything at all—a clever kind of social, political and quasi-religious syncretism, as well as a form of moral and political chaos, taken up conspicuously by the USA, in an official political fanaticism which “cleanses” the earth of traditional, truly-self-ruling systems, as if on some sort of mission divine. “Divinity” here either conceived-of as the ever-distant, non-involved “grand architect” of the deist, or more frankly if less admittedly of the very fiend himself. And while in Communist systems the emphasis is upon sharing some portion of the goods of the earth, in the Nazi or Neo-Con variant of the Jewish political ideology the emphasis is upon an “exceptionalist” nationalism which is no friend of humanity, not even of its own people: although the universal embrace of ones fellow man is intrinsic to real patriotism, especially under the mild sociopolitical pale of Christ. Trump thus disinters for us another Alexander the Great, or an Antiochus Epiphanes, employing the inevitable Yankee “liberty and equality” psychodrama: an artificial reality constructed with the most consummate care. How much Trump has done for the “USA” being deliriously chanted by packed stadium-fulls of hysterical, shouting supporters, ruefully reminding one of the same sort of rallies depicted in Orwell's prophetic book, 1984. This while the rest of the world is firebombed into submission or starved through unjust finance and trade, through the Anglo-Jewish international stranglehold on same. And all the while David Attenborough invents a “scientific principle” of a fictional intra-species animal combat said to exemplify “natural” human behavior, thus both dramatizing and justifying a centuries-long Anglo-American military and economic drive to control the earth, to cull its inhabitants “down to size”.

February 7, 2020: A rising stock-market is really a barometer of disaster: reflecting in the most vivid of terms the collapse of downtown-American family-owned business, the gutting of small towns across the USA, and the funneling of all wealth into gigantic corporations with no real sympathy for the common man. A consortium whose stocks are traded on the Big Board, the precise gauge of elite corporate-financial control, the perfect converse of actual popular prosperity, being the measuring-stick of the collapse of the personal agency of the common man.

February 11, 2020: If we would be good, we must be ready to be “boring”, or even, frightful thought, “inhibited”.

The good being so regarded especially by those of today's armies of the institutionally-cultivated, of a shallow and highly-excitable state-of-mind. It's like the difference between those fish which swim just under the surface, that frolic there and even do leaping flights above the waves, and those that glide slowly in shadowy depths below, supplied with stout ribbing or other constitutional features, built to withstand enormous pressures of waters weighing upon them from miles above. The maneuvers of these leviathans, when detected, are no doubt a strange curiosity to those that gambol so gaily above, but full of subtle meaning among their equally grave-mannered peers, inhabiting those cavernous depths. So then too the Christian soul, faithful to a holy tryst, consummated at profound depths, taking on those habits which others not so initiated can only class as dull or meaningless in the extreme. The saints indeed having been frequently described as escaping notice if found in a crowd, the perpetually silent, portly St. Thomas Aquinas even gaining the sobriquet among his fellow theology students at the early-thirteenth-century Sorbonne as “the Dumb Ox”, such men willingly out-performed in gab or popularity-gaining stunts by any number of the exciting, theatrical, noising around their elbows, agitated to the core. There is even this tremendous falsehood, much at the heart of the faith-without-works crowd, which elevates the Prodigal Son to the heights of sanctity, and finds his brother, the heir of the father, told by same that “everything I have is yours”, to be a rank hypocrite, and nothing more. Suggesting that somehow the Christian chosen condition must make some kind of a splash, even go on a rampage or two, up there on the surface of the ocean of life, or be doomed to be rejected by both God and man.

Here the crowning misrepresentation of our day, with the genuine Christian, bounded by millennia-old injunctions of many kinds, so falsely regarded, he whose behavior is intolerably disciplined in assessments of the madding crowd, who walks the straight and narrow way, who is so “boring” in a world fervently devoted only to food and sports, sex, sarcasm and the end justifies the means. He who readily gives up the stage to others, people who may indeed sorely need to innocently splash and gambol during their “day in the sun”. Before they can brave the ponderous obscurity, even the mystical “dark night”—sober, grave but somehow marvelously enchanting—of waters far below.