What is Sodomy?


By Louis Zdunich


National Anti-Sodomy Crusade

Newly revised November, 2018.


Our Crusade isn't against people but against the unspeakable sin of Sodom, whose very name draws us a map of where this divinely-chastised crime took place, while exposing its hideous nature as well: sodomites being they who pursue filthy sexual pleasures with those of the same sex, as did those of the doomed biblical city thus named. These homosexuals furthermore and however polite their appearances are statistically the most violent and deadly of criminals, as attested by men in law enforcement around the globe, so that the political and legal defense of sodomy is a "whited sepulcher full of dead-men's bones", both of self-destroying sodomites themselves and those innocent victims their spare numbers regularly dispatch in a whole panoply of violent and twisted crimes. The crime of Sodom and Gomorrah being attended by a host of hideous character-changes, at first perhaps little noticed or remarked, disguised by a youthful outward lack-of-guile, but in later years quickly revealing a debauched moral contamination as through a burst dam. Sodomy indeed having a defining malice closely akin to that of murder, as sexual perversion crosses much the same unnatural line as does that crime, destroying a person's sexual identity being a homicide of the most fundamental kind, destroying as it does an integral part of a person's soul and mind: with violent trespasses of murder thus readily finding in sodomy's hideous precincts a ready and familiar home. Thus too the proximity of both these hideous crimes to the Thomistic sin of certain malice, or the biblical unforgivable sin, sometimes alternately called the "denial of the known truth": as there is involved in sodomy a decisive reorientation of ones whole being away from good, wholesome and self-evident things, in a hideous, hyena-like existence, with consumate falsehood called "gay", which laughs and mocks-to-scorn everything it should honor and love. So that sodomy's advocacy in school or assembly is a heinous form of treason, funded and promoted with supreme cunning from a wealthy and powerful elite-political source. Sodomy standing as the final bitter harvest of '70s-era anti-life "rights"-agendas launched in liberal academic circles, bolstered with public and corporate sources of funding, ramroded through intimidating programs of school and jobsite culture-shock indoctrination as well. This all-points onslaught against human life and procreation however scarcely being anything new or "progressive", elite-endorsed agendas of today being near-indistinguishable from murderous excesses of human-nature-hating, natural-sex-scorning Albigensians of thirteenth-century southern France, with forerunners back to flesh-hating Manichaeans of the fifth century: to both of whom the birth of a child was the most evil thing.

Manifestly, then, this anti-matter deluge of filth and homicide is a constant monkey-on-the-back of mankind, recalling age-hoary lurid rites of sodomy-prone Canaanites, worthies who threw their own newborn children into Baal-sacrificial fires. All the while modern advocates-of-evil would go the length of giving the unprecedented sacred honors of marriage to execrable habits of sodomites, who scorn to permit even a momentary conception of a child, rather dumping semen as if into a sewer. While further propounded is the assertion that "some people are born that way", which is to mockingly put God Himself in the position of engineering a major percentage of humanity to do the very things He condemns in the most thunderous way. This "condition" or "tendency" claimed to reveal itself when the least fleeting attraction is felt toward someone of the same sex, as if immutable destiny were branded upon all from early years, when we are in fact all subject to every temptation of the fiend, with a human nature quite morally frail, man needing to be trained or bent, to exert effort toward what is perceived as natural and right, as written on our hearts by God in the natural law. Nature with regard to sex thus not being predetermined by genetics or environment, nor automatic like the functions of a gland, but an interior matter of the soul and mind, in an area of life, sex, in which furthermore the tumult bred of Original Sin is most directly evident, so much so indeed that men easily "tire of the natural" in unrestrained pursuit of pleasure for its own sake: there being no "real men" or "real women" who are perfectly-immune from all such depravities or trials. But least of all can gentleness, friendliness or kindness be held to mark unnatural "tendencies", and only the blunt, cruel or aggressive to be "natural": which is to insult our humanity itself. Such slanders having always been hurled against imitators of the purity of Mary Mild, or of the manly meekness of the Son of God.

Indeed, the very angels sent to the relief of Lot, then languishing in Sodom and Gomorrah, were lusted-after by filthy sodomites milling outside: immaculately-pure celestial spirits scarcely deserving such fare, unconquerable heavenly warriors rather sent to bring these perverts their fiery retributive deserts.

The clever if complicated argument advanced today in favor of sodomy "self-identification" condemns as "bullying" any attempt to dissuade a youth from such a course, to convince him that he is mistaken about himself, that it is his goodness and innocence itself which draws the perverted attention of the sodomite crowd: as in the case of the angels vis-a-vis the citizens of Sodom, noted above. While yet-more-brutal bullying is alleged when you counsel such a youth or child that any reactions he might experience within himself, impulses which seem to gravitate toward the abominable activity, are actually induced from without, by a hall-of-mirrors program of indoctrination both open and subtle from both the media and towering social institutions ranging above. All these empowered by totalitarian secret-society operatives with a perverted socio-moral and political agenda all their own. These powerful figures able to induce a tremendous amount of misjudgment and confusion in those of early years, in a cunningly planned agenda of de-Christianization given carte blanc by the Federal courts. This brainwash being the only bullying typically involved: even if such a morbid self-evaluation and shameful subsequent conduct of the subject does indeed draw a certain amount of well-deserved but seldom physically threatening scorn: as we do not live in a vacuum, and one can expect both admonitions and hostile reactions when departing so decidedly from the solid legacy of our Christian past, from morally-wholesome social norms in these regards.

But plainly these school-and-court-empowered sodomy-apologists don't just want compassion for those thus deluded: they want sodomy itself, a foul health-and-soul destructive activity, to be codified rigidly, and with pomp and circumstance, into law, to replace Christian habits and institutions virtuous, orderly, constructive, "of a good odor of salvation" for the soul of man.

All the while Tea Partiers and other Republicans are airily concerned only with fiscal policy we fast approach a day when the party will be over, with no sort of life left to enjoy with the money we might save in this way, after the sodomites are done with this foul thing. Indeed, as relentlessly-marching politically-and-judicially pre-arranged events so ominously portend, the good and natural are slated for a remorseless persecution, when floodgates of fury are finally burst opened wide at which these perverts even now hack away: activists whose cunning knows no bounds, having time and all earthly advantage on their side. Duplicating as they do, from both sides of the Congressional isle, a sodomite Nazi High Command which used the very same above-noted fortress in Southern France, now in ruins, where fanatical medievals once performed sordid and perverted rites.



"Come out from among them and touch not the unclean thing."