August 29, 2006: Another commentary-in-brief: why the recurrence of earthquakes in the region of Indonesia and the Malaccas? Contained here are a few corrections on certain details, after checking the original article once again. Sorry for these little hurry-related slip-ups, which I hope to radically minimize in future.

Only today we have another report of a major earthquake in this sub-Indian island-and-peninsular quadrant: the latest in a series of catastrophic seismic events which have followed almost metronomically in the wake of the massive oceanic tremor which cause the horrific Tsunami of unforgettable memory of a couple of years ago. Almost unknown is the fact that the original anomaly of such epic consequences totally defied all descriptive parameters of such “plate-shifting” events. A fact heighten by a disturbingly-unscientific U.S. insistence upon the authenticity of various alternate readings claimed to have been taken at different seismographic “listening”-posts. When in fact earthquakes have never had more than one universally-recorded reading, since they first began to be measured accurately well over a century ago.

As it turns out, the behavior of this “earthquake” was so strange and out-of-proportion to all natural parameters that a guilty USA sought to mitigate telltale signs, after the manner of all felons, let alone epic-genocides. Thus the “readings” ranged wildly between 7.5 and 9.0 or thereabouts: each of which ascending decimals is however some ten times stronger than its predecessor magnitude. Amply suggesting the impossibility of anything like scientific or discretionary tweaks or nudges, or instrumental nano-dysfunctions. (Note of 10/08: at least one more of these impossible multiple readings was aired only a month or so ago, in the same general Bush-targeted region of the world, this time “scientists” simplifying matters for themselves by claiming a “Richter reading” of “between 6.8 and 7.8”, or some such whole digit spread. Impeaching themselves in this way before the entire scientific community, which as noted can hardly allow for discretionary tweakings even in that mammoth magnitude-sub-range, let alone in the succeeding gamut above. But of course our brave Bush-era “scientists” can’t be expected to trifle with such insignificant matters.)

What gives, then? (2005.08.05) carried an excellent article after the mammoth disaster which stated that the US and the USSR have both had the capability for decades now to set off “sea bursts”, or incredibly powerful transfers of thermonuclear energy (using A-bombs) from the bottom of the sea to the top—through the medium of non-compressible water in between. Explosions in some ocean trench (in this case the Sumatran Trench) which both knew would create a massive tsunami: the “cleanest” kind of military aggressive strike imaginable to certain minds. One which as it turns out was almost beyond question responsible for the loss of at least one hundred and fifty thousands highly expendable Asian lives, in a disaster which has apparently netted lucrative contracts to folks at Haliburton. While more lives may even have been lost from the same cause as well in subsequent earthquakes from Sumatra to Pakistan: or rather some sort of follow-up phenomenon, after an event so destructive that it made the entire earth “quiver” for several days, according to the testimony of (real) scientists at the time of the prodigal event. But that’s not all by a long shot, since the same little Russian e-journal also detailed remarkable U.S. Naval and troop activity from Australia to Sri Lanka pre-dating the blast by several weeks: so as to be “on scene” exactly in time to take instant advantage of the ensuing confusion and travail. Sea-born troops—not emergency medical or rescue teams—on a mission to whose details the noted e-journal was not however privy. U.S. and Australian troop deployments in Aceh province before most Indonesians even knew there had been a tsunami. A story of course as yet entirely undocumented by our media. (Note of 10/08: Don’t worry that any financial collapses are going to stop this ring-eared, hip-booted Skull-and-Bones crew, who when push comes to shove will hardly bother with niceties of open-market debt-repayment, etc.). Since a principal aim of the rogue government which has gradually but inexorably taken over the USA since the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers has been the utter destabilization, and subsequent prostrate control, of the entire Muslim world. The control of oil, of strategic waterways, and of other resources being only a peripheral or mediating issue, as I maintain repeatedly on this site. Rather a total global control over nations and persons is the ultimate aim of this pernicious and inhuman adventure: against which tyranny the pious Muslim world alone stands in the way: “Christians” having basically buckled long ago.

August 29, 2006: The apologetical arrest of the polygamist kingpin in Las Vegas.

On the very anniversary of Katrina, in the path of Ernesto, an obvious symbolically-loaded repeat-strike of God’s wrath against a doomed land far too stiff-necked to repent, on this day, of all days, do we hear about this arrest. But just listen to these news people falling all over themselves to assure all polygamists that they have “nothing against their religious beliefs”, their “fundamentalism” (indeed), but only against the abuses that attended it in this particular case of Warren Jeffs. Do these self-important fools realize what they are saying? Polygamy isn’t only illegal but by its very nature ends in such heinous abuses, especially against children: unleashing passion beyond any rational bounds. This within whole societies marked by the most hermetical and conspiratorial silence and secrecy. Do these people realize they are very powerfully calling forth yet more Jon Benet Ramsey cases—God only knows how many such innocents, subjects of diabolical jealousies, are buried on the Arizona and Utah desert—and crimes resembling that perpetrated upon the other poor little girl, Jessica? About whose fiendish author we hear nothing, in one of those increasingly-common hush, hush proceedings, this time in favor of ghouls and fiends, somehow resembling all the gag orders and kangaroo courts surrounding 9/11? For the very nature of polygamy is that everything is done behind closed doors, and in a reverential deification of The Male: so that any spurious and contradictory claims of “regularity” in this disorder are totally immune from verification. Here being a phenomenon promising as well to spawn a whole new breed of especially-violence-prone Red Necks of which the USA is such a perennial source: as to deny these good ole boys this kind of heinous prize is beyond question to call forth murder and mayhem. At best to create a day of reckoning along the lines of the Mormon War of the mid-nineteenth century, and at worst (and far more likely) to multiply kinky perversities and indescribable human misery ad infinitum.

This moral irruption—this “church of polygamy” which is presently spreading across the Hemisphere—reveals the degree to which the USA is becoming the veritable apostle of all the evils it purports to be combating in the Muslim world. Giving the lie to the much-vaunted “heroism” of this blood-and-guts orgy of conquest: involving a self-exaltation which will inevitably breed these kinds of twisted excesses, both at home and abroad. Indeed, the incidence of polygamy among Muslims is only some few percentage points: an age-hoary “confessional” atavism which is steadily dying-out of its own accord. Being by far surpassed by rates for instance among polytheistic pagans such as the bulk of State-Department-admired Hindus are. They who qualify with flying colors as our undying allies in the “war on terror”. Oh, words smiths, liars, perverts, extortioners, killers of innocents like Terri Schiavo: God isn’t through with you yet, not by a long shot.

August 29, 2006: The good ole boy from New Orleans who pulled his FEMA trailer all the way to D.C. to see the President.

Here’s another little one-liner to share with you. Sorry for the lateness in so doing: there has just been too much of this buffoonery to keep up with it all. While this incident in particular is vintage Bush slap-stick, although it’s ominous the way his props fall into place so effortlessly. This obvious fake who came to D.C. to embrace Bush and to more-or-less invite him to claim a third term. Nobody who’s been through the horrors of the Katrina Gulf Coast could earnestly be so crazy about George W.

August 27, 2006: Fox newsmen “abduction”

Apologies for this string of one-paragraph commentaries, but strange and doubtful things are happening at such a feverish pace in the media right now that we haven’t enough time to do differently. Hence the “abduction” of the Fox newsmen, which has all the earmarks of a penny opera farce. Had Steve Centanni and his companion only remained silent the “incident” might have been convincing enough, but that’s too much to expect from the notoriously-mouthy folks at Fox: the claim of a Muslim attempt at forced conversion belonging exclusively to the seventeenth century at the very latest. While there was also an air of the theatrical about the whole episode which likewise supports its evaluation as a last-ditch Fox attempt to turn global opinion against the Palestinians, and by association the Lebanese, and in favor of a now much-rightly-condemned (a.k.a. persecuted and victimized) Israel. Another canned atrocity turned out by Fox, the media-cannery-row of our times. Much like this “In the Footsteps of Bin Laden” series on a not-to-be-outdone CNN, mentioned below: where the insignificant or non-committal words of people who once met or vaguely knew Bin Laden are hastily joined together by the jump-the-gun commentaries and forced-interpretations of the two foreign-national reporters hosting the program.

August 27, 2006

This John Mark Carr obviously prefers the USA’s easy justice for pedophiles and child-rapists: the kinds of offenses for which he was already under investigation in Asia. Hence his no-doubt-bogus claim to have been the murderer of little Jon Benet in Boulder so many years ago: plainly in order to obtain a change-of-venue to friendlier shores. Killing two birds with one stone: favoring claims of mental incompetence as well as escaping enraged Asians: who may easily have been ready to castrate him or half cane him to death. Indeed, we are headed toward becoming the very refuge and showcase of every kind of kinky perversity here in the “land of the free”: perhaps suggesting new lyrics to be inscribed on the base of the Statue of Liberty.

August 26, 2006:  “In the footsteps of Bin Laden”.

CNN, which makes a big show of doing an alternative take on the news, is doing a marathon of many hours on the reputed leader of “Al Qaeda”, a tour de force which however on careful examination is found to be only a rehash of all the old White-House-mandated intelligence-community fables. Indeed it is stitched together with strident new tones of ironclad certainty by the ubiquitous foreign-born female reporter/commentator of the noted network. (Note of 01/12: I give this “Christien” lady—can’t spell her last name—a lot of credit later, somewhere among these hyperlinks, when she seems to have toned quite down a bit, and apparently was dismissed as a reward.) Too bad God Himself is traveling in the footsteps of the American people, gaining on us with intrepid stride, ready to strike us with new hurricanes and other catastrophic disasters because of our many shameless genocides and other crimes against humanity. Murder and other acts of perverse cruelty whether against infants in the womb, against the disabled like Terri Schiavo, in the new and hideous fetus-farming, or in bringing endless carnage to the streets and villages of foreign lands.

August 25, 2006: Another Inquisition, rather than a “War on Terror” or a Department of Homeland Security, is the answer to the problems of the Middle East and of “terrorism”. That medieval remedy which the very Hand of God will ultimately force us to employ.

The critical distinction here is that an Inquisition would go after people in high places, rather than after the ranging masses, after people adjudged to “look suspicious” under the self-perpetuating paranoia of race- and pork-motivated security experts. This sideshow being an exercise which leads by the most direct possible route—which is of course the entire aim—to a police state. And which even if performed by the most able and well-intentioned is condemned to be inefficient, and ultimately to boil down to a lot of mumbo-jumbo and guess-work.

This unprecedented conclusion came to me this morning, the next day after listening to a presentation by an Arab-American group on C-Span, at which were representatives of Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, as well as the brilliant international lawyer David Khairallah, an Arab-American. A gathering during whose all-too-familiar, agonizing Israeli-atrocity-review I was struck by one overshadowing reality. Namely that none of these people, nor the “people on the ground” in Lebanon and Gaza, the areas under discussion, had any of the tools really required for the problem. The problem, to wit, of a seemingly inescapable, bewilderingly powerful and insidious Jewish global expansionism.

One can object to my terminology, insisting perhaps that the problem is Hezbollah: that position which I won’t attempt to refute here, having done so exhaustively in entries below. While a plurality of others leaning more toward my own position would no doubt object that Zionism, not Judaism, is the proper term for the culprit involved. And indeed I quite agree in the limited, conventional sense typically employed. However I believe that a much broader recognition of parameters must be agreed upon here: this in order to give the world-citizen of today—and his advocates assembled in a wide array of panels such as I heard yesterday—a critically-necessary hand-hold around the ultimate problem with which these able people were grappling. But around which they were sadly unable to establish anything like a solid grip. That problem namely of the very global power of the Jews: people who were easily able, in this case of the so-called State of Israel, to invest a foreign territory, to first slay, gangster-style, any who resisted, and then to use the very pretext of such resistance to mount an actual war against these local residents of immemorial time. Aggressing not only against these innocent nationals but ultimately against the very Britain through whose instrumentality they had made such gains, laid such claims. Jews who thereafter, with their own international funds and multiple-sovereign insider geopolitical shielding-connections, built up a state-of-the-art infrastructure and closely-coordinated military: all amid the most glorifying levels of canned global prestige. Garlands for the world’s “persecuted” Bluebeard—a tiny rogue state carved out of stolen soil—topped, incredibly-enough, by a de-facto global veto-power of membership on the all-powerful U.N. Security Council: since the USA acts as its unthinking rubber-stamp on that august body. So that under such a surreal political landscape, the ordinary humble native opponents of such a world-Jewish aggression have been regarded as outsiders from the very beginning, with no “legitimate” right of self-defense, of reclamation of lands. Much as in the case of Croatia vis-à-vis the genocidal Serbs, another global darling of the English-speaking world, in the Croats’ “world-community condemned” but near-bloodless re-taking of Lika and other integral parts of Croatia. In the Israeli case before us the indigenous Palestinian and other displaced regional masses finally being driven to such recourses as the suicide bombing of civilian targets: since the internationally-installed Israeli military is so well guarded and perimetered that no one can get within throwing or firing range. While furthermore the flow of weaponry to these indigenous freedom-fighters is so restricted, through the unlimited influence of world Jewry over bodies like the U.N., the E.U. and other multi-state or supra-state entities, that they are largely limited to using crude and inaccurate rockets, which often unintentionally harm civilian populations. While to show how their unfair condemnation is inevitable in any case: any improvement in the life-sparing accuracy of these armaments is held to infallibly indicate the direct involvement of neighboring Muslim countries: which considering the circumstances should hardly be cause for surprise or alarm in any sane person’s mind. So that by this means, of course with ever-necessary epic-heroic media fanfare, the conflict, and the Israeli/American consolidation of new territories, can be expeditiously rationalized toward yet-further enlargements. And this at an opposition-paralyzing blitzkrieg pace. Indeed, there may be certifiable madmen around like Pat Robertson who think there is something holy about this kind of global conquest, but the community of rational men disregard their opinions utterly. (Note of 01/12: we haven’t heard Pat holding forth in this way for some time now, whenever we are surfing past his station, and hope this means he has stopped doing so.)

Do we have a God Who has abandoned us to such a new Mongol onslaught? To an aggregate global fiend which eats away at the morale of nations everywhere, indeed at their very morality, which is so at the basis of the spirit-of-resistance of a people? No, God has shown us in the past what are the means necessary to roundly, if with some difficulty, defeat this astute “enemy of mankind”, identified as such in Holy Scripture. And that means is an Inquisition: that which is of course subject to much Jewish-academic and secret-society orchestrated slander. For these people know it would spell the end of their monopoly upon the wealth, power and freedom of mankind. And their return to the condition of ordinary citizens of individual lands.

This much-maligned institution, the Inquisition, was tailor-made by the Catholic Church precisely to the contours of this “Jewish Problem”, this endemic expansionism, well-known already by the early-eighth century. Protestant heretics—breathless evangelical-pamphleteer claims to the contrary notwithstanding—having figured comparatively-little in the proceedings of the unjustly-hated medieval institution. A unique court-system designed to operate mainly against this perennial Jewish onslaught: an all-fronts assault which gains further perpetual power by donning Christian-heretical garb, since the time of Simon Magus during the Apostolic Era. That pernicious global conspiracy which is most accurately described by such terms as infestation, subversion, infiltration—indeed by the much-maligned word conspiracy itself—no “theory” at all, but only treason in a highly-organized form—and ultimately both bloody and un-bloody overthrow. There is indeed no greater “enemy of mankind”—and in a special way of the state—than this age-old cabal of Jews: the cynicism of whose means is our daily fare on the news, if generally gilded with every virtue by anchors, reporters and commentators alike. A cream off the top wealth and influence being theirs, one closely-associated with predatory advantages of a millennial and singularly-intimate knowledge. That acquired through an ongoing encyclopedic survey of the customs and “lay of the land” of each nation and region: as if of a foe to be painstakingly conquered, by map-studying generals, by force of arms. Suggesting the very global fountainhead of spies, traitors and saboteurs. A globe disease, a fever, which needs precisely a certain antidote else the national- or geo-physician is doomed to fail in his ministrations. A cure, not an extermination: this latter however not really having been seriously undertaken even by Hitler. Endless fables of medieval-Catholic atrocities notwithstanding.

What is the crime which is substantiated by an Inquisition? Simply the fact that those in positions of power and/or authority have pretended to be what they are not: which is more-or-less precisely the strategy/tactic of world Jewry. Not so much a religion as a secular power conspiracy, largely using religion as a cloak behind which to gain further enrichment, with no more exalted a goal than a certain sense of triumph and vindication here on earth. With the most powerful among Jews having consistently been of the conviction of the ancient Sadducees that there is no after-life. Over the last few centuries having become firmly agnostic—abstracting from occasional loud dramatics of piety—and with links with the occult often assiduously maintained over the generations, this element has understandably-little regard-for or belief-in a “God Who is the rewarder of the good and the punisher of the wicked”. Being a cynical constituency which invariably gains control of any group into which they are allowed entry: a directive Jewish elite thus being found, in terms of traditionally-understood virtue and human character, to be inferior to the broad majority of the world’s many adherents to Muslim or Christian belief. Being much like the closet-polygamy-prone Mormons, so powerful all over the American West, who use money, influence and white slavery as their trump card of a quiet but expanding regional hegemony.

But among the Jews the noted Inquisition-prosecutable crime of impersonation or misrepresentation needs to be understood in a very broad sense: having an unlimited expansibility among the sons of David all the more deadly for this unpredictable and adaptable quality. And finally, why exactly is it a crime? Because of the peculiar use to which these pretenses are invariably applied, namely in pursuit of the incredibly-common Jewish conviction that all our goods, indeed our own very lives, are theirs. This by way of a twisted understanding of Holy Scripture. A pathological interpretation of a Holy Covenant which however they themselves abandoned and trod under foot repeatedly long ago; and the infidelity-related abrogation of whose legitimate privileges (quite another matter) was repeatedly guaranteed. To a people who would indeed go so far as to destroy the very Savior, the very Sacrifice of the living Covenant which the old and dead one only faintly foreshadowed. This same strategy of Jewish infiltration, of impersonation, of ultimate doing to death having proven to be all but the complete demise of the Catholic Church at the Second Vatican Council: another odious phenomenon much discussed on this site. And in the person of a string of anti-popes installed to carry forth that gathering’s Faith-vitiating “reforms”, starting with John XXIII (ironically, the very name of the last anti-pope of medieval times). All of which imposters were secreted into place with the use of conclave-duress enabled by Jewish money and influence, and evidenced clearly by the recurrent and previously un-heard-of confusion of “smoke signals” at nearly all the conclaves since and including that of John. And some of which “pontiffs” themselves have beyond doubt been “marrano” Jews, or Jews in disguise.

But in order to thus interdict this global menace, we must first clean house in our own minds. We must stop uttering the words Jew and human rights in the same reverential breath, as if they were co-identical. And stop putting these global interlopers on the very same level—indeed, a higher level—than the Crucified Christ. For in fact these “humanistic” Jews, but for a few noteworthy exceptions, have been the root source, the venture capital, the compromised political corruption, behind most of the barbaric institution of conquest and/or enslavement conceived by mortal man during the past millennium and a half. An odious intergenerational panoply of which the selectively-blamed Zionist—actually at higher reaches a kind of Canaanite, Bohemian Grove Baal-worshipper—represents a tiny intergenerational subset, as it were. Do we see the weird transformation taking place in our society as I write? Described in these very pages? No, it is not the “progress” it is so media- and academically-claimed to be: it is the penalty for allowing this unmitigated deception, this donning of sheep’s clothing, to continue unabated. Indeed backed by the courts, laws and military might of the land.

The method of the Jews, beginning no doubt from the time of the first and second century Dispersions under patience-exasperated Romans, has always been to infiltrate the highest levels of power by every possible means, taking up every imaginable disguise. Thus the recent discovery that an “Irish Catholic” John Kerry is actual a Slovak-Jew with a long, unpronounceable name, and that Madeleine Albright and one or two others high in government fit into the same general category. Major figures who all evinced shocked surprise at the public revelation of their Jewish parentage: as if they “never quite got to know mom or dad”. The tool-of-choice being deceit among Jews, who by-and-large don’t believe they are doing anything wrong by lying and trickery. By gaining positions of influence under a false identity, from which they may advance the cause of Israel, and the myriad other mostly avant-garde causes which international Jewry chooses to espouse. Deceptions toward we who are regarded as far beneath them on the scale of creation, mere sub-human by comparison. For this is indeed the nature not only of Talmudic Jewry—largely a hate-religion novelty quite at variance with ancient Torah-based belief—but of organized arrogance everywhere. Of usurpers of every stripe who tend to think of themselves as deserving of unfair advantages, thinking of others as simpleminded, gullible, and so on, to have even allowed them so much sway. So that what we are actually dealing with here is the criminal mind in its most common and essential characteristics: as indeed any adult or juvenile probation officer knows, and as I myself learned in the latter position many years ago. The delinquent, the felon, the mendacious always believing they are imminently smart and savvy, and that the rest of us are dupes and fools.

But of course civilized and moral people know that this is an inaccurate, indeed a perverted notion of intelligence, and that’s precisely where good laws and institutions come in. It is the place of Civilization to institutionally impede this corrosive kind of thinking from gaining ground: or to lie crushed under its ever-ruthless feet. A task at which our present-day officials, in almost every country on earth, have failed miserably. Indeed government, education and other prime societal structures must be geared to encourage truth, moral simplicity, trust, mutual love, charitable assistance. These having been the inspirations of every truly great system since Cyrus, Cornelius, Marcus Aurelius, St. Louis of France, Josip Jelacic of nineteenth-century Croatia and other heroic leaders of all times.

Again, by the means described, and others ancillary to same: a strict biblically-portrayed “accounting” must be required not of people getting on airplanes, nor of ordinary citizens or alien-visitors at work or in school, but rather of the “stewards”, of the supervisory and governing classes. Those who have indeed been the near-sole targets of traditional Inquisitorial proceedings. The humbler and in-overwhelming-measure unthreatening folk of society being allowed to live out their lives in peace: people over whose daily behavior there are already far too many irksome, onerous restrictions and warrant-less inquiries. Hence the Inquisition would target the powerful—they who so often by contrast get away with murder today—while praising and exonerating the good. Punishing relentlessly the official peddler of a false identity or a clandestine agenda. That which has come to define the Washington of the Bush family and related post-Kennedy Neo Con intrigue. An infestation whose first major players were actually put in place under Johnson, even if initial experimental policy-irruptions weren’t to make their tentative appearance until the incumbency of Reagan.

Manifestly appropriate too in conjunction with a reinstituted Inquisition should be the renewed framing of laws with the aim in mind of encouraging moral goodness: rather than the present emphasis upon a public “neutrality” in that regard: one in fact heavily weighted in favor of radical extremes of conduct, perversities of every stripe. For, very simply, law itself is either based on morality or it is no law at all, and opens the way for every manner of wicked intrigue. Rather being that kind of pseudo-law which the same Jews have so openly and blatantly encouraged everywhere, and which enables their infiltration into the highest places of both Church and state in a host of ways. A wholesale investing discussed under its many guises here and there in these pages and publications.

Indeed, unless we are willing to accept a position in which the Israelis and their Jewish/American and Jewish/European cohorts continue to form a global super-sovereignty, we must as a very first measure keep Jews entirely out of government. No matter how many further assassinations-of-the-innocent this provision provokes, the end result in the saving of lives and fortunes would make the latter a mere drop in the bucket by comparison. While furthermore the mammoth size of the Inquisition that would be required were they to remain in positions of power would be an impossible one to fund or maintain; venues-of-advantage from which they would promptly see to it that the projected Inquisition never saw the light of day. Forming as The Jews do an inscrutable power which can inflict things like 9/11 or the Tube Bombings on us with complete impunity, and a grizzly kind of institutionally-achieved efficiency, with elaborate official camouflage. Complete with fall-guys decided upon a decade in advance, and a series of Hollywood thrillers to pave the public-perceptive, psycho-political way. The whole hideous, carefully-developed ensemble in order to powerfully motivate some policy option like the invasion of Iraq. The official establishment of which power-concentration of course constitutes the vilest form of treason, of crimes against humanity. While secondly any masquerading of Jews as non-Jews, and their infiltration into the organs of the state, or into the administration of other religions or other important bodies, must be punished in the most severe possible way. Among which Inquisition-proscribed offenses would likewise be included any secret functioning as a formal or de facto agent of the State of Israel, or of any other Jewish cause. A habitual recourse motivated by the fact that Jewry is not only a religion but yet-more a sort of super-nationality in the minds of its adherents: loyalty to which comes before all else, even the good of and sworn-loyalty-to their native land. A fact demonstrated in mind-boggling repetition, time and again. The Inquisition having had a death penalty which was used only in the worst cases: under the much-maligned Torquemada there were less than thirty such deaths out of many thousands of persons examined (as Thomas Walsh tells us, the latter figure—and even it typically grossly inflated—is the one invariably quoted as enumerating “Inquisition martyrs”). Highly-deserving executions—of men invariably guilty of multiple crimes against the state—not of course carried out by the Church but rather by the civil arm.

This new Inquisition needn’t really be run by the Catholic Church, as in days gone by, a Church which at present in any case and as noted above is in no condition to perform such a service. But it must be run by the most trustworthy of people. A foundation which would require a great deal of thought and planning: however always bearing in mind that we haven’t much time left. I myself would have it brought into being yesterday rather than tomorrow: for almost irregardless of its rough-and-ready form it would promise to produce a bonanza, a cleaning-of-house which would redound unto the welfare of man, of the state, of civilization. While otherwise we are headed into the worst and most diabolical black hole man has ever encountered. With this grinning fiend George Bush and his Skull and Bones piratical cohorts leading us into the bloodbath, the famine, of the ages. A travail predicted in Holy Scripture, one which can however be at least locally mitigated, and for which we have other moral, motivational and organizational antidotes to offer as well in these pages and publications.

August 23, 2006: The fatal atrophy of capitalism.

The most intrinsic thing about man is that he loves: for although thinking may come first in time, yet the whole purpose of thought itself is love. Man being “made in the image and likeness” of a God Whose Cognition—of His own Image, in which furthermore He alone creates and sees Creation—is so powerful as to be another Divine Person. God’s intrinsic Sufficiency or Simplicity requiring that He project Himself entirely in knowing and loving, producing in each case a Divine Person, the three together constituting a Divine Society within the Godhead. So that, accordingly, we show ourselves the more God-like the more we give of ourselves in the same exhaustive way. These active projections or Processions defining the relations of the Divine Persons to one another: the Father being immovable Origin, the Son being the Father’s Image or Projection of Himself, and the Holy Ghost the Love processed between the Two. Here being the origin of all thought, all life, all love, all reality: that which binds together, gives ultimate meaning, to existence for a cosmos, a man or an ant. Here too being an inner Divine Feast upon which is modeled not only the human intellectual interior but also the Integral Catholic economy/society as well. As discussed at length in Chapter Four of my Integral Catholicism.

But with man love is far from being all interior, or containable within oneself: since for one thing man lacks the ontological simplicity of God, being a composite of the physical and spiritual. Having all the complexities of thought, word, deed, emotion, imagination, impulse, arising as he interacts with a creation of which he is a part. Thus man must have love as his outwardly-projecting dynamic act: embracing with mind and heart the dense plethora of reality, of creation, of other persons: and thereby discovering his own identity, his God-like inner simplicity itself. Ultimately finding evidence of the loving hand of God in the star clouds and the tiniest intricacies of nature, or the gentle greetings of the folks next door. Man needing as well to engage in this outward self-projection because he is primarily a creature of habit, so that his fallen tendency toward an indulgent nirvana of self-centeredness must be constantly beaten back from claiming the throne of his mind and soul. A robust reclamation accomplished by way of this cognition and subsequent love, aided by a mind- and will-sharpening penance and discipline.

Yet coming back around full circle, in an analogue to God’s own inner feasting noted above, most of man’s intellectual/volitional self-projection, the noblest and most compelling part of it, as suggested above, ironically takes place within: directed toward that God that dwells as on His favorite throne in the human heart and mind. In an adoration, a self-giving of our own which finds its way back to God through the trail-blazings this Divine Wanderer leaves in the forest of terrestrial and cosmic things. That throne of the human interior being supremely the one to which the Deity lays claim—by way of inner stirrings in man’s soul—once man has seen and recognized Him in creatures, and especially when he is in the state of grace. That indwelling which makes us into a Temple of the Holy Ghost and which corresponds perfectly-if-conversely with the fact that our deepest self-cognition itself isn’t actually found in persons, places or things, intrinsic to self-discover though these are, but in God. So that although man himself is indeed of necessity a wanderer yet all roads lead back to this inner Rome, to this indwelling of God which is infinitely above man but which he nonetheless desperately needs. Having been so constituted, in a gratuitous gift, by way of an infused habit of supernatural life, of Faith, Hope and Charity, through which is participated the very inner life of God. Where we find both ourselves and the goal of all our desires of every grade. Our deepest hunger for Ens, quiddity, existence, being, reality—call it what you may—being sated only in this inner, this “upper”, “room”, the contemplation of God. Enabling as well an accurate cognition both of our frailty and of our greatness: in a contrast-and-comparison with the ravishing Divine Essence which indeed constitutes much of the ineffable colloquy of contemplative prayer: grinding us, pulverizing us to the finest and humblest powder in its millinery processes. This time-bound feast of the divine possession or apprehension being however only the faintest appetizer to the super-substantial Board of the Blessed in Heaven. In which our Heavenly Meat is to be drawn into the very Divine Processions described above, to ourselves be breathed back and forth, “spirated” between the Father and the Son; to actually “become God by participation”, “seeing Him as He Is”.

Some especially crass and supercilious people—which especially describes a certain kind of Catholic of today—would pretend to put the one before the other: contemplation before the practical love of ones fellow man. But in a certain practical sense the latter is necessarily preliminary to the former, just as justice and moral sanity are to effusive claims of love, let alone to holiness. Hence understandably for human society to be sane and healthy—let alone noble and Heavenly—this dynamic of self-projection—first without ourselves, and only then within—conduits of genuine self-giving being opened up thereby—must be encouraged by every possible means: else we whither and die, both individually and collectively. Languishing in a backwater, a kind of walking mass or individual corpse: and what is worse bringing a like death to others in the process. That which constitutes much of the reason why there is a Hell, for such a soul, for such a multitude, at the end of such a wasted life.

Enter, then, capitalism, which includes communism and all forms of collectivism within its interest-earning, debt-driven bailiwick. It is a system which at the very start of all transactions, before the burrs are yet worn away on the moneyer’s stamping plates, robs the medium-of-exchange of much of its aggregate economically-multiplicative potential. Diminishing the substance of that instrument which is most facilitative toward the free flow of commerce, of the goods of this earth, on a certain rudely-practical level of this very mutual self-projection described above. That primal, spiritual exchange which is a basic description of social life itself in all its forms. Constricting the flow of those goods of the earth of which as St. Paul tells us we require “a generous sufficiency”. These odious extractions in the issuing and maturing of bonds, an utter gratuity intrinsic now to the creation of money in all nations, being subsequently joined by other “supply side” drains of stocks, interest payments, options and other derivatives, which have a way of multiplying and reproducing themselves almost ad infinitum. Until the net value that accrues to the active, working public at large from the sum total of breathless financial and commercial transactions has long been something like 20%, if that, of the whole, and is now much less than that. And an even smaller percentage of what the whole of an economy’s wealth could have been, were it properly and generously driven and organized. The rest having been hoarded and squandered by those who most profit from this impenetrably-complex and insider-oriented system-of-extractions. The desperate poverty of more than half of mankind giving the lie to the old fable that “we can all get in” on this supply-side bonanza. A con-game which the global Muslim community recognizes for exactly what it is: just as Catholics used to do.

But what does capitalism in all its many forms do to that interiorly-feasting human person described above? And to his society? Well, the effects of this extractive operation, taking place at myriad junctures in the economy, is to produce a whole culture of extraction, of short-changing, rather than of generosity and love. “There is so little to go around” that, far from social relations being facilitated, which is the whole deeper purpose of a medium-of-exchange, instead there is a tendency to hoard things for ourselves, for our own family, and so on. The social bond—which as suggested because of our physical nature requires constant tokens and exchanges—rather drying up at a major source. Capitalism—and its many weird collectivist projections—artificially and gratuitously introducing an institutionalized penury which is ultimately fruitful in any number of aberrations, both social and personal, some of which we see almost nightly, in lurid details, on the evening news. For man must be able to expand outwardly, to project his human person to others, in personally-unique, pleasant and readily-acceptable ways, or he shrivels, dies, does desperate things. And furthermore this most basic freedom, this ability to transact in this multi-level way: this is no “privilege”—allegedly won by Yankee-heroic force of arms—but a natural right, inherent to our whole rational nature. One which indeed shrivels and dies under that dolefully-misnamed “free trade” and “free enterprise” which is a clever misrepresentation, modern man’s biggest lie. A spontaneity native to bounties of that natural world which God in His infinite goodness and providence gave us. While by contrast the whole inverted process of capitalism produces most-notably a great deal of morbidity, of false and twisted ideas, ultimately of an eagerly-pursued elitism, racism, aggressive warfare. Love being increasingly construed as a “band of brothers” blowing other people to bits, teaching them the soaring freedom of being blown to smithereens. Here being a ghoulish mockery of the self-giving exchange described above. Among the rich this inhuman tendency being in many ways far more pronounced than among the poor: for one thing being driven by a desire to exonerate, “seeking to justify themselves” for their unfair and unnatural hoarding of created things designed simply and solely to arbitrate and elaborate love. An upper and upper-middle class which in many ways loses entirely any real sense of that self-projection which is genuine human life, satisfying themselves instead with the empty baubles of a walled-in “success”, or an exclusionary pleasure that quickly gluts and deadens the soul. That by which we deny ourselves that ineffable divine Reality for which we starve: the preliminary and enabling avenue to which is the love of our fellow man.

This then is the great battleground of today: between those who still value the “primitive” social cohesion of human life—that which is however of our very essence as cognitive/loving human beings—and those who have become completely possessed by this perverted extractive use of money, and all the moral, ideological and psychological sicknesses it brings in its train. That false “progress” which is actually a morbid degeneration, that “Western civilization” which is the perfect reverse-image of the genuine one, of which Christ is the Founder. A gargantuan group-fantasy—one with the utmost irony entirely misanthropic, often becoming a kind of mutual feast of a glibly-disguised hatred—that which can indeed become the conversational culture of whole families, even whole nations. A sick ensemble which can indeed take the place of reality and sanity in a society like ours. Where the media, education, the corporation and other institutions create a hermetical seal against love, indeed against reality itself. A prejudice actually being created against all things enduring and profound by this system, by which these great fundamentals are crassly evaluated as being backward or out of date. With a vast throw-away or rapid-obsolescence product market being enlisted to graphically make this point in an overbearing way. Here being the genesis of the notorious bravery of modern life: that which makes us the intrepid enemy of a fellow man we were made to love. The renewal of slavery, the staggering if artfully-disguised reinvigoration of racism, the rapid invention of ever-newer elitisms being prime results of such a retreat into auto-fantasy. While finally those thus consumed and obsessed have no problem with placing all the onus and guilt for their sickness upon those others who are of a different race, tongue, nationality, and whose land and resources they covet. Or among those of the Order of Skull and Bones and other elites, upon those whose very simple and good person they wish to use in experimentation, in sadistic “detention” escapades, in efforts to produce one “ten times worse than themselves”.

Thus not surprisingly those most consumed by capitalism’s frenzied values and psychology have made a foul and repugnant Master Race out of their twisted, pathetic condition. Holding as they do to a Secular Messianism—a proclaiming of man as his own god—a disease begun among the Jews but which now infects most of the English-speaking world, the ruling elites of Mexico and Western Europe. A people which with perverse audacity thinks of itself as spreading “Western Civilization” in conquering distant lands under lying pretexts. While in fact true Civilization of any global quadrant is entirely based on love, and has only been subverted by this cancer of capitalism, beginning at about the dawn of the fourteenth century. A disease which once having invaded the Christian nations would ultimately find them expelling the infinitely generous and loving Christ from a Western society which is His very own. First with a Protestant Revolt, then with an Enlightenment revolutionary era in which Western laws and institutions would be ethnically cleansed, as it were, of the mild and loving influence of Christ. And finally within the very Catholic Church itself with the holding an “up to date” anti-council for the very same patricidal purposes: from which flows an endless train of documents and pseudo-pronouncements couched in the obscure, quibbling bathos of the “holy” and self-absorbed. So that as it stands now nations like Iran and Syria are much more on the side of Jesus than are the U.S. or any of the nations of Europe, or even what commonly passes for the Catholic Church itself.

The historical weakness of Islam, in mankind’s critical quest for love and self-engagement, has always been its radical monotheism: which actually amounts to saying that God is so unitary that even His Love can’t escape from the paternal Divine Essence. The latter conceived-of as a sort of Eternal Supernova—one incapable of releasing, of discharging the light and energy of Its own Lovable and Contemplatable Projection or Self-Image—namely, another Divine Person. But to me there are indications that this lonely and sterile conception of God—just like a former conquering élan of centuries ago—will soon give way to full and perfect Faith. A step for which Muslims around the globe have been prepared by God through so much suffering at the hands of noted conquering hordes. Muslims who do indeed profess that their creed, their worldview is evolving, as indeed and invariably in the manner of all who have ever come to Christ. But have we-the-invaders been a good model for them, encouraging them to make this “leap of Faith”? No, the West, except for Venezuela and perhaps a few other Latin-American countries, has shown repeatedly that it would rather kill Muslims than convert them. Since, if in standard innocuous-looking, jocular-smoke-screen manner, Westerners have totally bought into this utterly false “scarcity principle”, and have come to think of the more vulnerable among their fellow man, countryman or not, as expendable. And this indeed with a hearty guffaw and a good riddance to boot. And tales of men with knives between their teeth to prepare another generation of the young to think in the same infantile, self-centered way, and to do the same fratricidal deeds.

August 22, 2006: The little dinghy of our soul in the shadow of the Bush ocean-liner New World Order. The re-evangelization of the barbarous coasts of the USA by Iranian-Catholic missionaries of the future.

This short-haul boat of our own person seems tiny beside the luxury-liner of the modern system, and we have this distressing sense that at any moment the latter may release its foul bilge upon our little barge. And yet one human soul is worth far more than a whole ocean full of such pretentious craft. Analogously, every kind of emotional sop is dumped on us since Vatican II: a verbal soup through which our honest little barge must make its way as best it can. From which gathering—together with the assassination of John Kennedy—date all the weird advocacies of our times, ranging from a married priesthood to the “Catholic” sodomy-advocating Act Up crowd: the Council in its voluble-if-non-committal way having given these causes a vocabulary, a sainthood, a veritable martyrdom. From out of which mummery, such fatal nebulae, would significantly be peopled our horror-story nightly-news. The “church” having abandoned the real objects of its concern, the working men, the mothers of families, the children of the Catholic home, in chasing after phantom phenomenologies and their psycho-loaded words.

The arduous and painstaking road to sainthood, which used to monopolize the Catholic journey, now being long-ago overgrown with weeds, these strange new sympathies, perfectly irrelevant and hostile to the saving of our souls—all of them pursued with signature levels of obscure discretion of the Conciliar Church—include Benedict’s advocacy by default toward oppressive and aggressive regimes around the globe. Perhaps objecting on occasion with canned statements about the voter-fraud in ours or Mexico’s recent elections (see Monde Diplomatique August edition for a description of the Mexican fiasco), or about Israel’s barbarous urban bombardment, but at another time pronouncing some hard-hearted gratuity against the popular right to resist tyrannical regimes. All part of the noted smooth vocabulary by which one seldom really “means what one says or says what one means”. That dialect of the Jews which is of the very essence of the “spirit of Vatican II”. Thus too the name of the Mexican-Catholic right-wing party that stole this election, the PAN, suggesting plainly the ancient god of chaos and panic. That same evil spirit which not by coincidence accompanies the Skull and Bones pirate ship with which Bush is with mock-heroism conquering a mostly-disarmed world, a battleship which this anti-pope Benedict sprinkles generously if surreptitiously with his sacramentally-invalid holy water. The objectives of Vatican II becoming plainer by the day as we recede from that hysterical time: chief among which goals was a trivialization of Catholic moral and social doctrine in a sea of impotent bathos, of emasculated diction. The gentle but virile voice of the Savior, of “I know mine and mine know Me”, being drown out in a hurricane of loudly-competing, spiritually-hostile movements. The Good Shepherd at length to be shouted down as passé, discarded like so much bilge, from the commandeered Bark of Peter. A boat which now sails higher in the water for dropping this “excess baggage”. This stolen ship with its pirate insignia not yet impudently hoisted for now. Which makes common cause, unobtrusively, mostly by omission, with the Anglo/American/Israeli armada against divine Faith, whether Christian or Muslim. That ageless piety which any fool knows you damage most effectually by neglect and starvation, rather than by direct attack. While finally this program of execution, of deicide, on the high seas would be finalized in a sacramentary in which divinely-instituted form itself is rebelliously changed, become thereby abortively faulty. So that there are most probably no longer any Sacraments at the standard Catholic parish, which uses the new rites, excepting only Baptism, which even a non-Christian may administer. And Matrimony, which is administered by the couple themselves, and in emergencies can be confected even in the absence of a validly-ordained priest as the Church’s approving witness. So that much of the pious talk about grace and the Sacraments on EWTN, for instance, is about something entirely from out of the past.

But there are others out there who are not such triflers or con-men, and not so easily duped as we, and who will take back this Holy Ship, manning it with loyal men. Probably with a Russian pope, a College of Cardinals of newly-converted Arabs and a few good Europeans and Latin Americans on mid-ship. And with a bevy of fervent Persian missionaries peering eagerly over the gunnal, ready to lay down their lives to bring true Sacraments and sound teachings to wild, barbarous and licentious foreign lands like the USA. All under the reinvigorated orthodoxy and otherworldliness of the new pontiff. Replacing today’s Vatican’s quibbling, invalid, mostly-apostate priesthood, manfully and painstakingly replanting the seeds of Catholic Faith, taking up where saintly eighteenth-century French and Spanish Jesuits left off.

August 21, 2006: The scandal of the Archbishop of Zambia. The interweave of Catholicism and society: society must be raised up, not Catholicism pulled down.

One of the main topics discussed on this site is the critical importance of an intimate and profound identification of society with the Church and vice-versa: a mutual engagement which is positively required for the glory of God, the salvation of souls and the good of mankind alike. But the precise nature of this marriage is critically important: a sublime confluence which the radical constructs of Vatican II however perfectly obscured as to its proper qualities and dimensions. For like all areas of the coincidence of the spiritual with the human-natural there is required a certain hierarchy, a noble modeling upon Heavenly things: that without which the uplifting purpose is lost. For the modus operandi of the condescensions of salvation is to raise us up, not really to lower itself down. To ennoble us, to initiate the earthly creature to the Heavenly Household. A rarification which requires the Gifts of the Holy Ghost and a constant recourse to 2000 years of Catholic practice to be properly applied to each particular nation, neighborhood or tribe.

Because of the loss of this secret celestial formula of ages past—that which was tacitly but all-the-more-surely repudiated at Vatican II, indeed with a sort of laugh and a shrug—the spiritism, the polygamy, the heterodoxy and other problems in the African Church aren’t going to subside any time soon. With this latest scandal of a plainly–schismatic, Moonie-married-and-associated Archbishop of Zambia only adding jet-fuel to already dry tinder. Here being the severe penalty for experimenting with various blends of Animism and Catholic Faith: the later of which must be either accepted in its full potency or in effect rejected, even blasphemed. For it isn’t the Catholic Church that needs the spiritists, but the spiritists that hunger-unto-death for the One True Faith. While furthermore and ironically, this false elevation of past tribal life beyond its ken proves injurious to the most visible and obvious thing it might actually exalt: namely the inimitable vigor and vitality of its strictly human/social panoply. That existential element which tends—amid hype over some vaunted but impossible fusing of animist and Catholic practices and creeds—to be trivialized and obscured on its own proper plane. For the only real contribution that tribalism brings to this wedding feast of True Faith is this human, creaturely element: that indeed which the Heavenly Bridegroom wishes so fervently to espouse.

The old configuration of the mid-twentieth century, before all the Conciliar “reform”, was in fact the ideal foundation for the required marriage of an ever-unique People with its God. That innocent time when the immemorial Tridentine Rite reigned supreme: a Latin liturgy that was deeply loved by all the many tribes, all the way from a one-time fervent and rapidly-converting Sudan in the North to South Africa on the Horn. Tens of millions of souls having found Faith in a half-century, with their cultures typically so closely in unison with the cycles of nature, of occupation, of planting and harvest, and thus readily with those of a largely ferial Catholic liturgy as well. A liturgical calendar which indeed in the entire mystery of death and resurrection suggests the same motif of fecundity, life, and rebirth. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the most exalted pinnacle of our Faith, being celebrated in a universal sacred language, its phrases for millennia imbued with this traditional sacrifice-and-fertility theme, avoiding inevitable exclusions of any one tribe or region. Yet flowing from such a propitiatory summit, both of grace and of millennial ceremony, the local tribal language and even certain un-offending elements of its ceremonial could eventually have been locally incorporated—given plentiful love and ingenuity—say, into the processionals before and after Mass. Or at other even more informal prayer services, or quasi-religious celebrations. A ready analogy being found in the Croatian hymns once sung, long before the cold anti-devotional blasts of the Council, in (now mostly or entirely suppressed) nationality parishes from Akron to Gary to St. Louis to Sacramento. While parallel to a degree as well, if on a different plane, were the Mexican acoustical bands in the little mining towns of Arizona, where our own present little family began. These individually-unique and rustic ensembles added an unmatchable element of local color to every parish picnic and to a multitude of wedding receptions and quince-annos comings-out. But it was when the band was brought into Church that it lost the marvel of its true cultural/religious bonding function, its sense-of-humor, its buoyancy, and was in effect trivialized and ultimately destroyed. That same thing which happens at a different level when national cultures are brought into the Holy of Holies, and all the more so when they have not yet been purged of questionable things. That odd and wrenching transformation which occurred in the late sixties and the seventies, around the same time that Church-attendance declined by a full 10% or more with each passing year. (“We didn’t need them, anyway”, was the petulant, effeminate response of the clergymen involved). For people know what is popular music and what is spiritual: and that for good reasons on both sides “nary the twain shall meet”. What belongs in the sacristy and what doesn’t: and be they Africans, Chicagoans or Southwestern Latinos they don’t really want to be patronized with this idea that the one is the same as the other. This immemorial Catholic-practical wisdom having always been found in the Church, whether in ancient Spain or in early-modern missionary lands of the Jesuits along the Piranha or in the pre-Conciliar parish-life of Arizona or Texas. But rather would an unseemly haste to be “progressive” and “up to date” erect Cum bai ya and other such hymns as the official African liturgical music—melodies taken from purely-secular, and in some cases romantic, songs of one particular African tribe—causing jealousies that would later no doubt help feed the fires of apocalyptic levels of tribal strife across the whole continent. (This having indeed been the case, as related to me by a one-time missioner turned monk, disillusioned and even frightened by tumultuous transformations he had seen in that equatorial land.) This one song indeed even spilled over to the American Church, another prime specimen of an ever-exotic, all-determining, purely-upper-middle-class hyper-enthusiasm.

The problem was and has always been—for the past forty-some years since the council—this French-Revolutionary attempt to level all things down to the same stature: averring something almost sinful about hierarchies and gradations of merit, holiness, nobility or grace. (Indeed, this radical leveling—rather than a tax on tea—was at the basis of our own American Revolution—as in the Colonial resentment of George the Third’s refusal to make a defeated Quebec give up its open and official celebration of sacramental, hierarchical Catholicism.) Hence was contrived this attempt to make the Most Holy Sacrifice appear equal with the ancestor worship and other anomalies of the African past: as if grace stands equally in need of nature as nature does of grace, or yet further, as if there is some kinship between good and evil, falsehood and truth. Taking the very things which Catholic Faith came to uproot—like polygamy or witchcraft—and finding a way to quietly accept them, just as abortion, contraception and divorce-and-remarriage are accepted with a deafening silence here in the American Church. With the guilty parties routinely welcomed at the Communion line at each Sunday Mass.

True, as one article right from Africa itself pointed out—which I read but don’t remember where on the internet (apologies to the source)—our present-day ecumenical, aggiornamento, up-to-date clergy have no time to minister to or counsel those among their flocks who are or claim to be troubled by evil spirits or other manifestations reminiscent of earlier days. So that these poor souls quite frequently turn to the old witch-doctors (or whatever they are called in Africa) to obtain some gourd-rattling remedy. Indeed, it is far from unlikely that these New Church priests actually scorn such afflicted and sincere souls, having been reared and cultivated amid all the post-Vatican-II skepticisms about diabolical possession and all such matters. A clergy for whom we have to thank the same Benedict who is so aghast over these latest African-ecclesiastical developments. He who helped incorporate both the skepticism and the spiritism into the New Church mix while still a humble paretus, or theological adviser, at the Council.

To cap it all off, it is so easy to dismiss the Council itself and its reforms as “irrelevant” to this ongoing tragedy of the African Church, to use a notorious conciliar-era expression. Finding some African equivalent to the oft-heard flip pronouncement that the gathering itself wasn’t at all to blame for the horrors that followed so close on its heels, since “the West was in spiritual decline anyway”. Thinking reminiscent of the lecherous logic that pedophiles use when stalking their youthful prey. But we simply cannot deny the fact—call it an ex post facto argument all you want—of the rock-like plummet of Catholic Faith along every parameter—both in Africa and around the world—since that synod of 61-65. All the decadence, all the weird new forms having come about after the Council, not before. And furthermore the wholesale defamation of Catholics before the Council is certainly wide of the mark: the moral decay of secular society in the post-War West having been resolutely fought against by Catholics of every clime before that fateful gathering. Often-fervent people I remember distinctly as a lad, a characterization particularly applicable to immigrants from Croatia, who often frequented my parental home, and to Hungarian refugees from the Soviet repressions of 1956, for whom a parish was founded in Joliet, and with whom I was closely acquainted as well. A piety no doubt characteristic of others in Central and Eastern Europe too. Showing a moral tenacity, a pugnacity necessarily given a vicious body-blow by the airy, quibbling, non-committal, spirit-sapping sessions and documents of the anti-council Vatican II and its ongoing and disastrous aftermath.

August 19, 2006: The new airport profilers, another step toward a police-state.

Here is to be found the latest issue of the population-control projects of the entire twentieth century, basically starting with the subversive Freud, graduating to ever-proliferating attitude- and behavior-modification programs in schools and corporations, under the human-will-denying ideas of Skinner, and ending with today’s communication-trunk mining. A steady course toward a police state having been pursued unerringly by Bush, hastily acclaimed polemical hero of 9/11. No real bombers ever to really be found through all the new detention and interrogation procedures: forced confessions from men plainly driven insane notwithstanding. Gratuities over which Bush would nonetheless pole-vault by this new move to study the human exterior of the innocent masses for every “telltale” twitch, flinch, blink and shuffle. With each of these to be dispassionately classed as normal or abnormal, harmless or aggressive, candid or “dangerously secretive”. Here too the criminalization of the “lower” races, with their plethora of non-Anglo body-language, can be revved up to top speed, and a Jim Crow era fuel injected that was once thought to have died a happy death so long ago. Thus will an undying Judeo/Puritan project truly come of age, and the Salem Witch Trials be relived. In a USA as always obsessed with its love-affair with the past, with racism, the massacre of the tribes, Pickett’s Charge, the Blue and the Grey. With a whole new variety of scarlet letters to be hung on condemned necks.

Indeed for every “suspect” thus laid bare by this clever new kind of surveillance there will easily be crippled a hundred fine and unique personalities: thoughtful, noble, creative people who are the very backbone of a free and prosperous land. Waiting in line, lost in thought, perhaps with ”suspicious agitated expressions”, wrestling with demons, or with angels, like the Old Testament Patriarch. These to be repeatedly seized, searched, detained, (maybe ultimately raped?), who knows for how long: simply for their perplexed or “troubled” facial expressions, or nervous gait. Brilliant, fine-charactered folk, never with the bland outward-aspect of the run-of-the-mill, to be trivialized, classed as dangerous by your typical grim-mannered security-system buffoon. Feeding a growing, self-rewarding bureaucracy of sadism and humiliation. For a post-Kennedy officialdom which demands an intimidated populace, with faces like the Attorney General, with his pall-bearer mien, or like Chertoff with his grim-reaper’s grin. Or like Bush with his Johnny Carson, bowling-ball, smiley-face-button manner. All these “safe” profiles, from the butchers and tyrants of our times.

Here too a profiling for child-molesters/killers will doubtless come into play. With the internationally-televised impassive look on this latest guy’s face quickly being accepted as the new bone fide emblem of the juvenile-seducer: with those feckless Joes who wear it to be found beaten to death on subways, or hounded off jobs. For already a passer-by’s calm and peaceful manner, when combined with Mediterranean features, is menacingly appraised to be Bin Laden like by good ole boy bar-stool and bench warmers, men probably far more dangerous than the hated Saudi ever was. Harboring as they do a deadly character written in large and crude letters on slack faces, easily decipherable from the barrel-end of their gaze. Ready to do untold deeds in the dark. Their scarcely-cogent thoughts ever fixed on a probably-dead Arab who is certainly an enemy of Israeli/American cultural and military aggression but against whom we have such “evidence” as the odd and highly-fakable tapes, and the testimony of the same “experts” who manufactured WMDs and an “Al-Qaeda”-harboring Saddam Hussein.

As I reiterate many times on this site: it is people our so-called government wants to control, not explosives or explosions. These latter indeed serving admirable population-motivating ends for an ever-war-eager Uncle Sam. For otherwise, as so many have pointed out, our ports, where whole a-bombs could easily be hidden, neatly-crated, rather than citizen surveillance, would be the prime concern. But in a system positively run by the slick and the savvy—and bulging at the seams with smooth-mannered real-terrorists, like the Mossad and our own “private-contractor” interrogators and provocateur-bombardiers—all of whom are of course allowed to move about with perfect uninhibited freedom—all this is business as usual.

Will these profilers be limited to airports? Guess again. They will become fixtures in stores, libraries, malls, schools and universities, certain parts of town. Indeed, they may already be. And people will be pulled out, interrogated, disappear. And no one will even know about the program for a long time, until some well-manicured “whistle-blower” crops up. And then the courts will be tapped as usual—by a government with an unlimited tax-provided purse for litigation—until some quisling-in-a-gown is found who will go along. These people know how to be very patient; it is we who are running out of time.

I for one could foresee all this coming as early as around 1988, when I began to hold meetings with a small group of associates, concerning this looming police state. This was after King George the elder had with such fanfare and ceremony announced his New World Order: that which some of us knew for precisely what it was. True, we who resisted such notions were rather clueless at first, and I for one made many silly or foolish mistakes. But I did finally draft a statement of the non-legitimacy of that crew of pirates which had taken command of the post-Kennedy U.S. Government: the offspring of a bloody coup against two good brothers, the very hope of the Land. And I obtained the signatures of five other men. A document which also established—and consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary—a system at the ready, basically immune to such a takeover. A waiting receptacle both of God’s grace and of those good-spirited men who would come forward at some future date to fill its posts. Even as in the meantime we promised to obey all reasonable laws and commands of the present pirate-government of evil men, of unjust wars, bought and sold and electronically-stolen elections. And all this basically by cooperation of both Parties. Many called this solemn act simply “a prayer”, but it was much more than that. Having a similar motive force that the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary will someday have on that Land beside the Don. An act requested by Mary at Fatima in 1917, the year of the Bolshevik Revolution, and actually achieved, of course with no media or even parochial recognition, in 1952 by Pius XII. So that at some future time Americans will move as a man and overwhelm the ramparts of a now-rigidly-controlling Skull and Bones genocidal, abortuary state. Under the patronage of those two Hearts, ever faithful and responsive beyond those of mere mortals. Confidently anticipated to bring the hopes and resolutions of a few humble Americans of eighteen years ago to flower.

August 17, 2006: The ever-timid American Catholicism, first frightened by the fanatical anti-Catholic Puritanism of the Colonies, and later by the lynch-mobs of the like-motivated Know-Nothings and later-still by good ole boy groupies of the same general breed. American Catholics, by all this limp agreeability, destined ironically to become the very backbone of American militarism around the globe. Beginning with doughty Colonial-Catholic support of a radical-Protestant revolution against an English throne become exceedingly friendly toward Catholic Faith, and toward the (Colonially contested) right of French Quebecans to worship, openly and official, as they saw fit. A trend of blind, unquestioning obedience here which would open the way in major part at home as well for the Bush-era Totalitarianism of today. American “Catholics” like this Eric Prince, founder of the odious corporate-mercenary enterprise Blackwater, the chief  perpetrator of Abu Ghraib.

Obedience has never been a virtue rigidly or fanatically demanded among Catholics, especially after sometimes-tempestuous years of early childhood are over and gone. Rather have we always emphasized the attainment of a mature agency—that personal aptness toward goodness which childhood strictures are indeed designed to bring about at the earliest possible time. The aim being the speedily-attained rule of ones own well-trained reason, of which the Commandment’s are God’s own compendium. The ordinary Catholic youth until quite recently thus being fully-ready to take on the duties, probities and sovereignties of adulthood by sometime in adolescence: and holding forth the hope of remaining to the end of his days a tranquil, internally-regulated temple of the Holy Ghost, with its inner and outer round of prayer to “God, the joy of my youth”. A self-realizing baptism however to be replaced with an entirely different agenda among Catholics here, by way of the rule of John Carroll, the first American plenipotentiary bishop. With the habitual justice, the sturdy moral muscle-tone of the immemorial European past being sadly destined to give way to strange new things for huddled groups of Catholic immigrants, barely yet over their sea-sickness, and for the French or Spanish trained Indian, now under a completely-different pale. Carroll having been installed at the insistence of the then-highest of world Masonic adepts, Benjamin Franklin, the first fledgling-American Ambassador to the Holy See. A statesman dealing no doubt with the very same pontiff who only a few years earlier had suppressed the apostolic Jesuits, just after having stood by and watched them being expelled, destitute, often-enough in chains, from global colonial missionary lands. With Enlightenment-enamored European-Catholic states readily succumbing to blandishments of self-interested slanderers on every side, with highest convenience facilitating the opening up of vast native-owned mission lands for rapacities of “liberty-loving” “free trade” enthusiasts of every stripe. And one of the big changes that would be inaugurated under this unprecedented changing of the guard would concern the whole notion of obedience, that which would suddenly loom bigger-than-life in the “land of the free” “American Church”. A stern discipline however strongly marked by bewildering elements of the ad hoc and the ambiguous: which experience has since proven to be unmistakable marks of external interference, duress, even control. An anomaly which would be the pudding on the cake for an unprecedented Catholic inner-disorientation on these shores.

Truly, if things were going to change so radically as they were projected to do, under the “ecclesiastical revolution far greater than the political one” over which John Carroll would so pride himself, then an obedience (“to end all obedience”) to such a program would have to be ramroded by every means possible. From a Catholic laity mature and in many cases well-versed in their Faith. However it couldn’t be too obvious a departure, as that would cause a much-to-be-avoided alarm. Rather, as in the case of all such subterfuges, would a new spirit be introduced into the American Church: one which could act as an inner springboard, a beachhead, if you will, for this religious revolution of a more outward kind. And what better spirit to inculcate than that of the surrounding Puritan “Dissenter” Calvinists, especially since the Catholic confessional cousins of the sect—the Jansenists—were at the very time of John Carroll readying themselves to overthrow the French Catholic Crown. Having indeed already made major inroads in the French legislature and judiciary—the two a composite amalgam under the old system—since at least the 1740s (Rogister, John, Louis XV and the Parlement of Paris. New York, Cambridge and Melbourne: Cambridge University Press, 1995). Thus it would be the imposition of a spirit of an utterly gratuitous and Catholic-foreign sternness, a dour choleric orientation, which would open the way for this revolution, just as in the case of contemporary Calvinists and Jansenists in France. A very self-righteous affair, this much-anticipated American civil/religious overthrow, hardly contemplating the sort of orgy of licencentiousness, of blood and gore, that were to attend “Madam Guillotine”. Even if this new up-righteous spirit would be joined here by a disconcerting element of the jocular, the innocuous: as if we would humor God Himself with our new ideas, perhaps imagining we might in this way take Him on His weak side. These odd spiritual bedfellows, of the jocular and the stern, destined to be the very parameters of the new American Catholic creed: to take the place of the mystic depths, the inner joys and holy travails, of centuries gone by. Basically a complacent inertia, a joyless gulag, readily converging over time with the back-slapping good ole boy bigotries of the pre- and post-Civil-War South. A condition woefully-if-ill-admittedly susceptible to spiritual and moral diseases of all kinds.

Here I interject the question: are we to obey the Capuchin on EWTN—that corporate-America-flavored station which assumes the imposing title of “global Catholic network”, by I know not what authority—that we laymen are forbidden to “teach religion”? An odd injunction indeed, as any featherhead can teach CCD if they are vague and politically correct enough in how they do it, and of course display all-important upper middle class values. That’s the rub, saying anything of substance, let alone of perennial Christian moral-revolutionary significance: that which is most forbidden in the American Church. That’s where you call down all these New Church anathemas. No, I’m not a theologian—which today would be a curse rather than a blessing—having disclaimers posted all over this site in that regard. But I do rejoice in Catholic Faith. And by dint of that sole fact, that intimate acquaintance that comes of all this inner feasting of sixty years, I know it is not being taught in the USA. No, the clergy on EWTN have that celebrated American Catholicism which, to apply a paraphrase of Thomas Merton on a related subject, is like “a mass of people hiding behind an insufficient answer to a question they are afraid to ask”. A posture quite comfortable for some.

But again I will always “rejoice, and again I say rejoice” in all things Catholic, and veritably irrupt with admiring descriptions of these treasures. Indeed, I am one of those “very stones” which “cry out”, in the absence of a fervent and well-formed clergy to do so.

Hence too although we are rightly taught that Catholics are obedient folk, however it is a great mistake to imagine that we lay people are under vows. That erroneous notion which however one prominent American-layman actually pronounced to me quite a few years ago already, during first struggles of my wife and I, a newly-married couple, just that year having entered a deeply-committed married life that was to prove a clerically-assisted, sharp-pointed crown of thorns. This strange layman invested indeed with a borrowed ring of majesterial authority, echoing in his own stentorian words. No, quite the contrary the Catholic lay person is meant in most respects to be a free agent—as in St. Augustine’s words which I love to quote, “love God and then do as you please”—of course with the “love God” containing an assiduous observance of minute particulars of the Commandments, motivated by the New Testament law of love. Personal dominion being rather the issue here—that which the Faith-wreckers of John Carroll necessarily sought to impose, to fill with noisy and commanding fanfare the mammoth void left by the departure of immemorial, eminently obeyable, holy things: a subjection utterly foreign to the “liberty of the children of God”. To the virile individualism shared by contemplatives and ordinary Catholic souls. That truly-irrelevant regimentation which we are told to manfully ignore by this great Father of the Church, and sole exhaustive channel—during the whole Arian-heresy period—of ancient Catholic orthodoxy for the men of later times.

But as noted hardly is such a Christian-agency-rich liberty to be found among Catholics on these shores, where even in so radically-individual a choice as that of a marriage partner one is hemmed about with odd restrictions. Hence for instance the mandatory counseling and strongly-implied approval-giving before marriage—which by dint of a last, lone courageous priest we ourselves were able to avoid—this incredible imposition extending over a period of at least six months in essentially all dioceses. A more-or-less candid permission or prohibition conducted by a priest, or some committee, folks in every case long ago succumbed to the laughing-gas of New Church aggiornamiento, now suddenly regarded as all-knowing experts on love, life and the human personality: God only knows how or why. A lead-up to marriage in which such a cleric basically claims absolute powers of yeh or nay over the projected union. For here is found a potent denial of the Catholic doctrine that the couple themselves, not the priest, nor yet Mom or Pop, are the ministers of the Sacrament of Matrimony. A choice of yeh or nay being entirely their own. So that plainly if they cannot find some sane and suitable, willing clergyman to merely and simply officiate—if of course allowing for some amount of counseling, as was once provided by purely-advisory, non-sentence-passing Cana Conferences that extended no more than a month or two—then in my own non-clerical opinion they may forthwith and without further ado marry themselves. If of course first registering with the local J.P., letting him pronounce his purely-civil words, bringing along a baptized witness as well, if at all possible. The priest being canonically erected strictly as God’s witness to a proceeding, a decision entirely their own, at a time of their own choosing, , for what its worth, For otherwise the whole process is an emasculation, a sterilization of a potentially fine and contributory young couple—the very hope of the land—a likely destruction of them as viable moral agents as well.

Indeed and as suggested that toward which we are regimented here is an “uncertain trumpet”, we American Catholic laity having for two centuries been politely discouraged from becoming “that perfect man in Christ Jesus Our Lord”, and gently nudged and cajoled toward becoming a vacillating bowl of gelatin or pabulum. If of course dauntlessly displaying the projecting chin of the brave. Ready, of course with the approving nod of Father Jim, to become an  aggressive warrior, a baby-killer, one of a “band of brothers” of a whole new breed. Nudges toward the heroically non-committal which however can get rather sharp and bruising if we don’t quickly comply. For the laity this prescribed universal de facto tractability being something far from that personal sovereignty which alone accords with his duties, let alone with his taking-up of a less-spiritually-demanding state-of-life. And thus he prudently goes to the clergy mostly for guidance, not typically for commands—hardly as if to a father superior—unless the divine law is plainly and incontrovertibly involved. And even then commands are not always the wisest or most-effective course: although, granted, souls go through various stages of weakness or strength, order or disorganization, and need a different regimen for each different time. Involving a spiritual direction marked by a spiritual prudence as different from worldly prudence as day is from night (see Cassian’s Conferences). An inestimable treasure, this immemorial direction, which however I’m afraid is like some lost Atlantis to the Catholics of these shores, and increasingly worldwide. While any more stringent—or rather stymied or harried—idea of obedience must be confessed to contain noxious elements, as for instance of the Protestant denial of special vocations or “states in life”. Holding as these denominations do that we are all called to the highest Gospel perfection, as it were to the evangelical counsels: among which is no doubt also to be found, if according to their own understanding, this vow-of-religion sort of obedience. Hence to a degree the oddly-regimented atmosphere found in most Protestant churches, the rigidly-required poses and postures, the imperious manner of today’s more-famous evangelists, especially the burgeoning numbers of “Christian Zionists”. The latter smilingly belching forth blood-and-guts sermons on the need to kill Arabs, to bear arms in aggressive wars, to agree with them on every particular about the privileges and prerogatives of “God’s Chosen People”, the Jews. While this same erroneous notion, of a universal call to the Gospel state of perfection, would essentially be reiterated in the many-sided revolution associated with Vatican II. However the “perfection” to blow in by the “open window” of the Council was a weird and gritty sort of particulate indeed, a pinnacle ever-changing in character, involving the wildest and most ironic sorts of concessions regarding that ordinary morality we all once took for granted. Creating rather a game of phenomenological-follow-the-leader than the “liberty of the children of God”, a dusty anomaly which the blown open “windows of the Church” of the celebrated Council would seem to have fore-ordained. The grim and abrasive imperative of the ever-newer and more-bizarre—or alternating choleric, rote or redolent of the ante-bellum South—from a priest who now faces the people, being in command of an ever-morphable New Order of Mass. One with only the most fanciful and tenuous connections to ancient times, let alone to Tradition. This in place of the immemorial and Apostolic Rite of which for ages previous he had been only the muted, self-effacing servant: facing the altar, personifying both Christ and his humble flock in his priestly adoring prayer. Even as on the other hand valid injunctions with respect to the Commandments or Precepts of the Church—not just stern or airy remonstrations toward the trenchantly mediocre—are more or less instantly recognizable as such. The former however producing little better than an aimless-yet-Napoleonic clerical sense of absolute personal hauteur. Or some giddy sense of being a new pop-culture enforcing Oprah or Dr. Phil.

Actually, the daily “meat and drink” of our profession of Faith is contained in our sound nationally-specific traditions, passed down tremulously over the generations, such as congenially and more-or-less inseparably accompany the standard preambles of Faith. Those very national customs which the American-Catholic clergy would generally speaking rather we swept under the domestic carpet, kept behind closed and bolted cottage doors. Since this comprehensively-lived and practiced Catholicism is exactly the thing that from the very beginning has been verboten on these shores: replaced by that bleached-out version which these divines, with ironic/resolute Puritan uprighteousness, intend to uphold. While as if to add insult to injury, the open display of this Catholic Way, of these Catholic customs, in all their bright and joyous vitality, are a dead give-away that something has gone terribly wrong with the Catholic USA. Traditions, greetings in Croatian, Italian, Iraqi or Lebanese, ageless courtesies, customs and pedestrian realities which are the impromptu delight of the human spirit of any creed, and the very earthy mooring-ground of the soul. These now crassly called passé, impossibly foreign to the granite frown of a deified one-world techno-monolith. A Faith of Our Fathers from which the imposing yet indeterminate disciplines of New Church, of which American Catholicism would prove to be the antechamber—and which make one into a bowl of jelly rather than an indomitably upright soul—would remove us with brutal inner-violence, in the most thorough and efficient way. Although I must hasten to add that I find this ramroding of mediocrity—this new-found falsely-commanding posture of the clergy—this outlawing of boons of specific Catholic culture—to be if anything even more rigid and pronounced among today’s Catholic Traditionalists than among the New Ordo fold. So that the true Catholic believer generally speaking has nowhere to turn, except to his own inner chamber, there to sup with God, at least for now.

Indeed the secret societies, with their Jewish sources of money and influence, have always known that if they could gain command over the Catholic disciplinary structure they could go a long way toward literally commanding out of existence the whole hated Catholic Church, the fount not only of salvation but of genuine Western law and political liberty alike. Enlisting for vaunted purposes the strange god of technology, which increasingly takes us not to some new wonderland, but to an Israeli-American plantation, on which few of us have the status of country gentlemen or dames. An increasingly high-walled and inescapable gulag to which there are many bright and viable alternatives, some of them equally tech-savvy, but which are systematically sabotaged by this age-old “enemy of mankind”. A Catholic Church “auto”-destruction being an integral part—indeed the very central aim—of this global transformation. A Catholicism however possessing God’s own promises, a Church whose survival is guaranteed “to the end of time”. But the damage already done is strikingly evident in any comparison of the Church of the mid-twentieth century with that of today: notwithstanding mendacious Vatican statistics on church-attendance, as of Africans who mix polygamy with the ineffable injunctions of God. Or other “Catholics” I saw and heard on EWTN, apparently from somewhere in Southeast Asia, with their leader delivering a disciplinary diatribe that belonged rather in some army training camp. Judeo-Masonic henchmen in clerical garb having achieved their two-century-long insidious purposes well, infiltrating among episcopal ranks in force and depth by the time of Vatican II. Rigidly institutionalizing this command-orientation—seemingly aimless and amorphous yet all-the-more-rigid for all that—over the Catholic laity. While rooting up the very roots of Faith itself in the process. Using the USA as the earliest principal springboard of this perfidious campaign. That which after the Council would greet us each Sunday-morning with a now all-too-familiar wounded-righteousness, like the Israelis ever attempting to be both victim and attacker, for prime psychological effect.

Thus from an early date was the shallow and none-challenging character of the Catholic formation on these shores psychologically compensated for, as it were, by a stern-but-empty, martinet marching in rank and file. Whether in doughtily putting the Indians or Blacks “in their place”, or like that chorus of the American Catholic march-tempo song we had to sing in grade school, under the stern brow of at least one nun, already back in the fifties. “Tramp, tramp, tramp, hear the feet of many children, thirty million ready today. We work together, we learn together, the good American way!” I can still hear the fervor of the voices of the kids next to me; indeed, Mao Zhe Dung could hardly have done better—demanding that little Chinese kids wave their little red “sayings of Chairman Mao” in the air—or in his institution of a “Catholic” “official church”—than to give this grim conformity-cadence to this new idea of the Faith at so early an age. Even if of course there have been good nuns and priests—like that eighth-grade sister of blessed memory, sometimes reduced to tears—but they always had an uphill battle to fight against this American Church thing. One of whose chief characteristics is a limp surrender of the individual person to the amorphous (not economically, culturally, organically connected) group: of which the typical classroom full of pupils is a perfect, sometimes heartless, epitome. The moral and spiritual neutrality that would result—indeed this self-same god of “cool”—being a prize indeed to the stygian fiend. The new creed found on examination not to be Catholic at all, unless you think of the Church as a sort of Sacrament-automat, to which we march in rank and column, afraid to think too deeply about what we are doing, for fear we will cross some vaguely-referred-to forbidden line. Or step on the toes of “easy does it”, “don’t get carried away”, or “don’t rock the boat”. Being forced into the contours of the all-encompassing Religion of America by a singular version of Mao’s ”thought police”, an incalculable bundle of the same mostly psycho-imperatives now being imposed by armed might on an entire globe. The noted revolution of John Carroll not being that of He Who “came to cast fire on the earth”, but rather of those who scurry about breathlessly extinguishing those life- and sanity-giving mystical flames. While finally any tendency of a priest to be haughty, sarcastic, disingenuous or unkind has traditionally been looked upon by well-trained Catholics in Europe with a good deal of suspicion: as being the mark, a kind of divinely-conceded, dyed-in-the-wool warning sign, of the unworthy cleric. The Fruits of the Holy Ghost, the Sermon on the Mount being ever incumbent upon these ministers of the Word of God, and anticipated to be forthcoming in men of the cloth by a well-formed laity.

This then is that American Catholicism which would prepare the way for a Catholic capitulation by command of our own day and time. And this basically over all of today’s hotly-contested divides of New Church, Traditionalist, “Middle of the road”, and so on. An American Catholicism later to be spread abroad through a radically-American-spirited Vatican II. An “American Church”, a novelty which by the 60s had already for a century and a half diluted or even supplanted the martyrdom-watered labors of sixteenth-through-eighteenth century French, Spanish, Belgian, Croatian and other missionaries here. Heroic exertions, development-laden explorations and resource-discoveries, while ever brave Calvinists huddled for safety on the Eastern shore. Replacing this vigorous Faith with the Indian-extirpating, blond-haired-settler-coddling élan of an utterly new breed. That fateful departure which would basically lose us the native American flock, people who are no such triflers, in a gross failure for which our alternating dour/jocular clergy has always basically blamed the Indians themselves.

August 17, 2006: Honesty versus international bombast.

One great distinction of Christian peoples of ages past was that they were not trained in deceit, that they spoke truthfully yet at the same time with mildness and consideration: this robust yet kindly quality then carrying over forcefully into their deeds. That which was a major part of the reason people used to say of Christians, “see how much they love one another”. And why true Christians were always prize citizens in any land, known for their loyal, steadfast and cooperative spirit. But the deceiver, whether a statesman, a diplomat or your standard con-artist, is by contrast typically very bold and brash with his words, seeking above all to create the impression of frankness and forthrightness: that which he is so aware that he lacks, and the giveaway-of-which will find him speedily out in the cold. The honest person by contrast displays great respect toward others—this being indeed much of the motive of his candor—and lays out his words with great care and consideration, no matter how simple and rustic they might be. While especially careful in his dealings with others is the one who values purity of conscience above all things, and even more so he who lives on the Bread of the Catholic Way discussed frequently in these pages.

But the post-Kennedy diplomacy of the USA boils down to the mere projecting of overpowering impressions by way of bold words, all the while the Muslim “enemy”—who in fact stands ready to be a solid friend—is falsely portrayed as a honey-tongued conniver. Bombast however being far-and-away the prime tour de force of the deceiver, since gentle speech is unnatural to him, after a point clumsy in his mouth, puts him on embarrassingly-crumbling soil, doesn’t provide anything like the smoke-screen of belligerence, ultimatum and diatribe.

August 16, 2006: Today’s upheavals augur the inevitable future return to a just distribution of wealth and power.

Authority is meant to facilitate the natural distribution of both power and the goods of the earth in a fair and efficiently manner, not to legalize and institutionalize the hoarding of these essentials by overbearing elites. The well-to-do being designed and required by a good God to be marvelously-personalized, semi-independent channels, allocators of all good things: as for one thing mankind isn’t organized at birth into some sort of national chow-line, and governments which would make him so regimented are generally speaking entirely from Hell. While just as surely, and as suggested, material and socio-instrumental things aren’t meant to be hoarded, and never to escape the storerooms of the great—these come to think of the “wealth of nations” as being their very own sole estate—all the while the less-endowed starve and suffer outside. Those brethren whom nature has positioned these prominent figures to aid, to collaborate with, in the necessarily-joint and all-participated building-up of the polity into something worthy of a dearly-purchased humankind. Hence must good government follow a certain subtly-traced line, lying between both these extremes, ceding or recognizing authority as most authentically residing in distributism’s highly-personalized “smallest possible unit”, that which is given the “greatest possible agency” over the “widest possible ambit” of those things which “naturally fall under its purview”.

Indeed, those who would hoard the goods of the earth, would monopolize a sense of agency definite to human dignity and joy, are in any case doomed to be supplanted, if hopefully only in a darker interim before the arrival of better things, by others yet more ruthless than themselves.

Indeed today we have a global neo-colonial system which calls by lovely names like “freedom” and “progress” the extraction of wealth from the toil and suffering of the powerless and dispossessed, and its distribution among a chosen few. And furthermore any attempt to resist this global monopoly—an usurpation which is coterminous at major points with a solitary-success-story “American Dream”—is branded as terrorism, and crushed under brutal, disproportionate and questionably-instituted police powers. Essentially totalitarian authority near-instantly installed after a 9/11 surrounded by a host of unanswered questions, accruing to a man brought into power in elections with overwhelming evidence of assorted methods of voter fraud. All largely so that the effete class which George Bush represents can enjoy their squandered treasures without any fear, in complete tranquility.

Furthermore, the only refuge from this mad and megalomaniacal tyranny is effectively blocked through a feverish attempt at the utter destruction of Faith among rich and poor alike. A spiritual-annihilation effected by the “opposite” flank of the same elite-blitzkrieg which serves the same treacherous aims in a slightly-different way. So that those who would relieve poverty and injustice tend to lack divine wisdom and aid, that dual heavenly balm which this social disease most requires. This lack being especially apparent since the Vatican II sabotage of Catholic doctrine and spirituality, basically by this same ever-infiltrating, global-elitist enemy: whose all-controlling aims are in many ways quite openly proclaimed. Denied to us in particular by this means being that nationally-specific organizational wisdom which is the undying legacy of True Faith: a treasure replaced by forty years of flowery Vatican and “collegial” bishop’s-conference words, empty-if-charismatic chatter utterly lacking in force or practical-applicability. A mummery which only further exasperates the oppressed, propelling them toward acts of desperation, in attempting to address evils which in the past were routinely remedies through peaceful, ecclesiastically-encouraged and supported systemic channels. Vatican II thus being that gathering from which dates a stepped-up destruction of the once near-universal distributive mechanisms of that genuine authority whose demise is decried above: since wherever Rome goes, mankind inevitably follows.

In this light of this systematic expropriation of wealth and power is alone understood the growing prominence of the drug-trade, of prison-based gangs in the Western Hemisphere that grow more powerful by the day. Of serial killings and other burgeoning forms of violent crime. Not to even mention those barbarities perpetrated on a daily basis by way of state terrorism, as exemplified by Israel, Britain, the USA and their global partners-in-infamy. However the wealthy and privileged will not be able to enjoy their monopoly for much longer, since because the very system upon which they so thrive is built on gross injustices, even violence and extortion, it must ultimately and by its very nature be taken over by the most vile and degenerate of men. People possessed of a perversity and cunning these elites are little likely to match, try as they might. Rouge and ruthless spirits stepping in to take the places of those common people who were dispossessed: who were no threat at all, but would rather have enhanced the security of all.

Only the distributive system outlined in these pages and publications offers a dependable escape route from the black hole into which the whole earth is at present being drawn. And such as has been predicted in both Scripture and private revelation. Offering in its place as we do an organizational paradigm with a sound and solid understanding of money, property and the distribution of power. At whose apogee stands Integral Catholicism, the millennial ensemble of locally- and nationally-specific distributive institutions to which we here at are undyingly devoted. That realistic, flexible and humane system which the entire earth is one day destined to wholeheartedly embrace.

August 14, 2006: Essential to understanding Israel and Judaism is a grasp of their total lack of a sense of fairness or honor toward anyone but their own. Hezbollah fires Katusha rockets at southern Lebanon? The true and future glory of the true and future Israel.

This is of course a contagious disease, and our ceaseless intimate association with Israel, not to mention the tight control of Jews over American government, economy, education and media, have made reciprocal honor a rare commodity here as well. But as we gather from a study alike of History, of both the Old and New Testaments, and of St. Thomas in comparisons between the Old and New Laws, the Jews essentially regard the injunctions of morality as applying exclusively to dealings of one Jew with another, or of Jews among themselves. The rest of us are gentiles, a term an outsider can hardly fathom as to its stark significance, a status which among other things makes us more or less fair game in all regards, limited mostly by feasibility or expedience. Here being the main reason for the perpetual papal warnings of medieval times, about retaining Jews as members of ones household, about going to Jewish doctors, and so on. Hence according to this penchant for treachery and dissimulation, displayed a thousand times over the past month, this anomaly of the firing of Katusha rockets which fell short of Israeli territory—a fluke which never happened until Israeli troops occupied parts of southern Lebanon—shows us the degree to which the much-made-over Israeli “withdrawal plan” is only another cynically-pursued phase of an unjust, aggressive waging-of-war. These little episodes being dictated by Israeli perception of a trounced-in-combat need to be if possible even less transparent and forthcoming than they were before. For in their ground operations in Southern Lebanon they have with great fanfare gained possession of numerous Hezbollah rockets, and in these cases probably made ill-adept attempts to fire this crude and unfamiliar Katusha. Resulting, as you might expect, in misfires: and who knows, maybe in a few dead Israeli would-be-rocket-launchers as well. Bearing witness to the fact that the Israelis will not hesitate to shed the blood of their own people (namely, had they succeeded in reaching Israel with this rocket, which seems plainly enough to have been the aim)—just as a 9/11 Bush vis-à-vis the U.S. citizenry—if it will obtain for them some goal. Yet as usual the Israelis commandeer success in all events, announcing this latest “Hezbollah infraction” as an excuse for Israel, at some future time of their choice, to “take matters into its own hands” once again. Which in translation means killing Arabs with U.S. weapons, military-backup and diplomatic encouragement.

You do not make peace with an implacable enemy, who claim the holy right to destroy you simply because you are not a Jew. A once-tiringly-well-known facet of Judaism becoming more evident by the day even to those of our own time, those in any event “with eyes to see”. Thus Hezbollah would be foolish beyond belief to lay down their arms, and the Lebanese government to insist that they do so.

Here, then, is found the real and determining difference between nations, between those that are rational and pacific, like the vast majority of the Muslim peoples, and those like Israel and an Israel-fawning post-Kennedy USA that see life as a fatalistic duel between implacable friends and foes. So that whereas true and authentic Catholicism finds its chief joy in the gradual up-building of mankind, principally through the spreading of Faith and its manifold civilizing institutions, the Jews see the role of the rest of us in the grossly-trivial terms of simply being subject to them. Thus too the increasingly-overbearing idea of “government” that we have here today, in an AIPAC-determined U.S. domestic policy and court-doctrine so unlike an earlier, far-freer mid-20th-century time. One in which the common citizen, far from being the determining force in law, is plainly seen as morally and intellectually incompetent, as dangerous both to himself and others. This being the direct and deliberate result of a totalitarian overkill doctrine, skillfully insinuated during the national catalepsy after the Kennedy and King assassinations, and the close-kin confusion that came in on the coattails of a contemporary Vatican II. Multi-institutional upheavals of the ‘60s orchestrated for these very control-oriented purposes, by a people who always take pains to gain both the barricades in any such street-battle: namely of both authority and of the fringe left. A people who treat each country to which they swear allegiance (with great sanctimonious fanfare) as if it were an enemy to be divided and ruled. This in a radical understanding of Old Testament language about the earthly prerogatives of the People of God, of which however the Jews are in fact only a spent symbol, mentally-captured though they be in the never-to-be-returned-to time-capsule of the pre-Christian era.

Plainly, a good God would not abandon some 97% of mankind to the whims of some 1% or so, that standard Jewish exegesis nonetheless which furthermore in the thinking of certain Jewish or Jewish-spin-off theorists amounts to the justification of an actual universal extermination of those who won’t submit. That which is indeed predicted to be attempted in this our own very time in a vast amount of Catholic private revelation. That fringe fanaticism—of which Judaism is the perennial fountainhead—which gave us the methods of a Begin, a Sharon, an Olmert, a Tito or a Bela Kuhn—all of them Jews—and those of madmen like Mao Zhe Dung or Pol Pot, whom ubiquitous Jewish money and influence basically put into power. A Judaism which thus endemically and constitutionally fosters totalitarian regimes, from out of its own very radical, surrogate-ridden understanding of power.

In this light too must be seen Vatican II—in a late-modern world which is overwhelmingly the brainchild of the Synagogue-mentored Enlightenment-Revolutionary/Napoleonic Era—with the occult-adept Napoleon himself having been the first major champion of a Zionism initially inaugurated by the Frankists of the Austrian mid-eighteenth century. This ongoing New World Order amounting to a radical centering of world financial, organizational, educational and political structures around both open and less-adverted-to Jewish goals and values. Vatican II having signaled the complete takeover of the organizational and disseminational structures of Catholicism by the immemorial foe, by they who nailed the Savior to the Cross. Bringing about an imbuing of the Faithful—now become more commonly the faithless—with auto-destructive concepts prescribing for one thing a limp and craven relinquishing of all Catholic personal and collective moral and spiritual self-defense. A mirror-opposite false-meekness standing in stark contrast to the perpetual Jewish predatory combat, a false Catholicism indeed designed to fall prostrate under its feet. A non-defense “at the expense of Christ”, in the late-19th-century words of a prophetic Spanish prelate at Vatican I. So that suddenly, after 2000 years of Christian history, from the Council onward, we were for all practical purposes to look on everyone as a friend. Except of course for those who still maintained the need for vigilance, for a need to “be sober, be watchful”. This delusional, pusillanimous interpretation of Our Lord’s own words on forgiveness, patience under persecution, and so on—from a Council controlled by Jewish money and intrigue—statements of the Savior whose proper meaning is examined extensively by Aquinas—being a noxious foreign vegetation planted in our midst to bring about the practical destruction of Catholicism as a living, active force on earth, among men.

Furthermore, this policy comes into play precisely when the Jewish attack against Godly morality—through the media, education, the advancement of a barbaric statism/militarism, and so on—is at its highest-ever pitch of intensity, and when agnostic/liberal elements in Judaism see the downfall of Christian morality as an unprecedented coup. A stance which even more religious Jews however seldom effectively or forcefully contest, tending to see such a catastrophe as at worst a mixed blessing, a sort of “necessary evil”, in their entirely open-ended ideas of universal Jewish dominion, which they in some ways share with Zionists of the thickest stripe. God’s genuine revelation however referring chiefly to spiritual things, and materially to the enrichment of the earth for all mankind, united at last in Catholic Faith: in a Church rightly understood as the Messianic-era “Israel” or “Zion”. Rather than the Old Testament prophesies in any way actually forecasting the grim denuding of the earth for the sole benefit of a Chosen few. Although the Jews, once thus chosen, do indeed remain a people of special spiritual privilege to God, if and when they return to His Fold. Thus the frequent tremendous holiness of those of Jewish descent who have converted to Catholicism over the centuries, as well as indeed those wild-beast-facing early Christians who came in generous numbers from the synagogue of the times. While Saints Theresa of Avila and John of the Cross in the sixteenth century, both of considerable Jewish blood, remain to this day the two veritable pillars of Catholic mystical theology.

Such is the future destiny of our race, of Jew and gentile united in the bonds of Christian Faith, the Jews indeed probably in some leadership role, supplying a disproportionate number of the clergy and episcopacy, no doubt giving us a number of able and saintly popes. But there are still those who can only see history as a Marxian/Hegelian ‘dialectic” of struggle and warfare, of eternal conflict, of a modeling of human life on the chaotic survival-struggles of the animal kingdom. That which is however only part of the pathos of this place of testing, even among animals however thought by some to be ultimately succeeded by a pacific vegetarian kingdom in which “the lion will lay down with the lamb”.

August 13, 2006: The Anglo/Israeli strategy of sadism. The Muslim and Catholic answer.

When we consider U.S./Israeli war planning—which has now become a joint operation at its very highest levels—we mustn’t assume they have an objective and identifiable strategy. Increasingly, the only strategy is the infliction of unbearable personal pain and loss. For there is much more going on here—as I have consistently maintained on this site for more than a year—than just the gaining of ground or oil reserves. Oil cavities being found in fact and in the majority of cases to fill up of their own accord, as testified by a recognized oil-exploration expert on NPR several years ago: a man who was predictably scoffed at by the interviewer of the time. Crude in fact coming from some unlimited source someplace far down below these pockets. (Perhaps providing the reservoir of fuel that fires the earth’s white-hot core?) These cavities near-inevitably refilling some time after they have been declared “depleted”: in a silent subterranean process which comprises one of the most carefully-kept secrets of the petro-political world. Although the Middle East needn’t worry that any in the West will use this information—were it to “leak”—to deprive them of their trade-in-oil. Since the major powers wish the region to remain at the center of political and military struggle, for reasons to be explored below.

What has actually happened today is that those at the top of the world’s power-heap—basically Israel and the English-speaking world—have come to concentrate on human experimentation as their policy-goal par excellence, to the near exclusion of all else from serious consideration. A dominant coterie which already has all the oil and power it needs, and then some, which has thus in Biblical terms “tired of the natural, and gone on to the unnatural” in this bizarre new pursuit, a fit corollary to the growing levels of sodomy which the passage actually describes. An outcome not to be surprised at in view of the near unanimity among individual leaders in terms of membership in secret societies ranging from the more-innocent-sounding CFR to the policy-macabre Skull and Bones, or its European equivalent, the Brotherhood of Death. With Israel engrossed in a Hitlerian mysticism of might and terror, and the whole phenomenon making this mutually-supporting alliance a genuine secretive axis of evil. Focusing on an experimentation, a diabolical sifting not only of the individual human person but of all the social units of mankind, from the tiniest to the largest. Political building-blocks which have become mere psycho-social guinea-pigs, poked and prodded as it were by military, political and propaganda strategists alike. A policy in which however such a Frankenstein as this whole policy ensemble represents must finally and infallibly turns on its creators and destroy them as well. As can for instance to a degree be seen in the auto-collapse of communism, a gradual process basically from the ‘70s all the way to events in Russia of ’89.

What these premier nations have found out in the midst of their human-experimental engrossments is that after a point no one can stand up to a certain threshold of staggering amounts of pain, shame, a sense of universal personal loss, and so on. This occult and quasi-occult dabbling—productive of such eagerly-sought-after results—being a long-standing obsession, with much tacit mid-twentieth-century East/West “professional” note-trading along the Iron Curtain regarding social-laboratories/concentration-camps like Pitesti in Romania. That gulag in which 1000 of that nations finest and brightest young men were systematically broken down as human beings, After which “brilliant” discovery about human frailty these fiends have become engrossed in the “sanitary” and “pinpoint” use of such “findings” to achieve social, political and military goals. However it must be recognized—and “here’s the rub”—that the actors in such a scheme will themselves inevitably become guinea pigs of sorts, becoming increasingly mesmerized and diabolically-possessed by their own cruelty. Indeed as in Marx’s own poetry of universal self-destruction: must reading to understand his other works. These aspiring gulag-guards growing more and more incapable of being responsible actors in any regard whatever, whether political or purely personal. That the result is a leadership of madmen is increasingly apparent as we view before us today, astonished, the ghoulish atrocities of this globally-co-active cabal, pointedly in places like Lebanon. Over which men like Bush or Chaney can be expected to air humorous remarks in front of newsmen before the dust has cleared in this latest genocide.

I believe the beginning of this twisted power-obsession are to be found in a world Jewry which has been the very fulcrum of geopolitical dominion starting at least in the sixteenth century. A power concentrated especially in certain seagoing nations. Finding an expeditious beachhead with these chief players in the carrying trade, in the raising of armadas, and related activities: all of which are essential conduits of quasi-mercantile Jewish aims. Obviously too, that this retinue of retainers of Jewish potency should all speak the same language, English, (to replace the more Catholic Latin as the universal language) would be yet more conducive to the same unimpeded, incalculable but highly-selective flow-of-influence. Furthermore a certain misguided early-medieval pope, one however genuinely concerned with the growing insidious influence of Jews on Catholic Europe—Sons of David who had played a pivotal role in the fall of Spain to the Moors not that much earlier in the eighth century, and who were by then lustily scoffing at Christians openly on the street—advised rulers to take the children of many European Jewish families from their parents and send them to a then-distant England. Where they might be raised in the Christian Faith. The idea being not only to save souls but also to “nip in the bud” the growing Jewish power, based of course upon an entirely illegal earning-of-money at interest, and the often-criminal concomitant and subsequent deeds involved. As of a Hebrew collections amounting at times, indeed just as today, to a mountainous regional or international intrigue. Children who were most often sent to the castles of noblemen in their new island home, even of those of royal blood: since for one thing such households alone had the abundant resources to easily bear the added burden.

But this policy would prove to backfire horrifically, since the Jews, ever a united force wherever found, were to send their own agents to England to maintain contact with these offsprings, to secretly train them in the latest Jewish beliefs (largely of new forms of the old, strange, and undying malice toward Christians), and so on. Operatives arriving whether in the form of resident money-lenders (not infrequently welcomed, if of course without fanfare, in royal and noble courts) and especially as nannies or governesses, due to the long-celebrated Jewish literacy and numeracy. In this way would Jews—many of them remaining notoriously anonymous—not only maintained their power and identity, but would do so as major actors at the very heart of English leadership.

Hence do we see certain drastic organizational changes taking place in England by the time of John at the dawn of the 13th century, especially in a trend toward centralization in some ways centuries ahead of the continent: Jewish power always thriving best in authoritarian, centralized states. (Thus too the anomaly of an offspring-American “democracy” of mammoth, unwieldy dictatorial might). With English war-making powers—from time immemorial the prerogative of the popular assembly—increasingly usurped by the Crown as a sort of secrecy-shrouded discretionary policy-tool (sound familiar?). Since Judaism is a global force which always does what it can to bring that concentration about: “men in soft garments” who much prefer the “palaces of (despotic) kings” from which to exert top-heavy control, desiring a rigid pyramiding which as I maintain is actually a catastrophic organizational breakdown in popular-political, real-wealth and developmental terms. Indeed offspring-nations of England would carry this peculiarly voracious yet self-destructive power-paradigm with them wherever they went: unanimously choosing those “democratic” forms in which the popular assembly wrangles most vociferously and seemingly “democratically”, but real power is invariably brokered behind closed doors. That namely which we see today in the entirely political and military power ensemble of the English-speaking world. That cultivar which would of course be the very potting-soil of the Zionist plant in the Middle East.

As manifest for all to see today, there is no social evil more potent than this kind of theft of power from the agency of the people themselves—denying them of set purpose those organizational means which best serve their own ranging interests—the whole plethora of which comprises that exuberant project to which this website is dedicated. The whole a far cry from that ultra-centralized, totalitarian, bureaucratic nightmare which calls itself democracy today. Hence that this insidious conspiracy-of-control should ultimately bear such odious fruit as described above is only to be expected. Yet St. Joan of Arc would prove to the world that this sort of power has its own sort of weaknesses: that very fragility which Hezbollah searches out so tellingly today. A militia which is a kindred spirit indeed to Joan the Maid, a gentle girl whose lesson to the Islamic world is that their mild, soft-spoken and mannerly formation, their approach to life is not to be held in contempt; nor yet regarded as some sort of psycho-ambivalent threat. That it is one of the great, dependable and constructive personality-formatives of the ages. A maid who firmly admonishes them not to cave in under the noted elaborate, relentless world-elitist drive of personality-destruction: whether in the ongoing psychological warfare of mistreatment presently being conducted by Israeli employers, teachers, border guards, officials and neighbors (among sources, see article read yesterday, entitled “Boycotting Israeli Academia”), or in the ceaseless ongoing psycho-military war-of-attrition partnered-in by an internally-subverted USA and Britain. This St. Joan, this tender maid who also invites them to the one further step along such a noble road, of the embrace of true and perennial (not either “New Church” or typical “Traditionalist”) Catholic Faith: as do we as well here at After which we will present a united front indeed to the age-old, insidious foe. Building together a world based on kindness rather than cruelty: goodness being that positive and vigorous force which accords with man’s intrinsic nature, which is above all else to love. That universal and socially- and politically-cohesive, politically-freeing, economically-enabling kindness which is indeed invoked in a beloved Muslim prayer.

August 12, 2006: Another “Airplane Plot”?

We are told today on CNN that “Al Qaeda” “is obsessed with airplanes”, but it is interesting that a heavily-Zionist, Jewish-controlled Hollywood was the first to be obsessed with making fantasy movies about Muslims bringing down airplanes, and this as much as twenty years before any were thus destroyed in putative conspiratorial deeds. Movies with running subscripts giving date, hour and location, convincingly promoting the idea that what was portrayed was precisely-recorded historical fact. In equally-smooth continuity with which there is an aura of the questionable about each and every one of these mid-air explosions, from Lockerby to 9/11: not to mention those “tube” blasts of last year with which many parallels are now being drawn. Those who have penetrated the iron shield of secrecy, gag orders and kangaroo courts that surrounds these events have uncovered circumstances that in fact implicate the U.S. and British governments respectively in all but this latest report. At the very least in a criminally-faulty identification of perpetrators, and more-typically in complicit agency in the deeds themselves. While these newest allegations will of course require time to evaluate as to their veracity as well.

Especially interesting is the way that these incidents always crop up precisely when Israel or the Bush Administration are most in need of a propaganda victory: this usually in order to keep the tank tracks of some latest blitzkrieg going at full throttle. In a control over the media, over a gargantuan security and surveillance veritable empire, able to produce in particular forensic evidence of the sort that can be manufactured by today’s advanced technological and communications interface. While basically never forthcoming is that more traditional sort of evidence involving a reasonable, unbroken chain of logical circumstances and trustworthy witnesses. The typical ceremonially-pronounced-over event too often later found—long after vaunted policies have been pursued—to be gravely suspect, to resemble a home-grown provocateur deed.

In all of this we must bear utmost in mind that in the wars and other policy-struggles of today’s twisted New World Order, the fifth column of propaganda is far-and-away the most strategically-significant salient of them all, looming well above tanks and laser-guided bombs. So that great and tortuous lengths are gone to by unscrupulous regimes to produce the proper polemical diet for world-public consumption. A fact which may even render the much-mentioned tie-in with Pakistan in this most recent “plot” somewhat suspect as well. For one thing because Israel is known to harbor operatives not only in its embassies but within every government on earth: agents who are notorious for hatching a wide variety of disorders, all to motivate support for Israeli aims. And the perpetuation of this popular fear of Arabs—by any number of incredibly cynical means—is certainly a major part of that Israeli agenda. Hence that this so-called plot should allegedly extend to foreign circles is much to be expected; as in the case of the Lebanese Hariri assassination, in which a notorious Syrian turncoat was the source for all the harsh incriminations against the Syrian authorities; preparing the way for that nation’s fatally-consequential withdrawal from a protectory presence in the same neighboring state. While continuing this unbroken skein of borderless Israeli intrigue a notorious Israeli drug-smuggler managed in the late 80s to embed himself somewhere in Panama’s trade bureaucracy so as to neatly transfer ultimate responsibility for his misdeeds onto Manuel Noriega. The latter a man absolutely opposed to the drug trade who nonetheless rots in an American jail, in the first of many flagrant violations of national sovereignty. That ultimate international tyranny which has proven to be the very centerpiece of Bush-family policies upon which the USA would subsequently embark. In this way expeditiously both removing an able and blossoming regional player, verboten in the Yankee “back yard” of Latin America, and re-opened a flow of narcotics to which squeaky-clean Americans had grown so accustomed. And which would do double duty as well in bolstering “Homeland Security” pretensions of unsearchable potential toward popular control. Indeed, what we have in the English-speaking world in particular is a chart blanch given to Israelis and their host-country “helpers” to do what mischief they might, knowing that every conceivable tool of disinformation, even extortion, will be used to “get them off the hook”, to evade detection, to carry off the coveted prize. Thus it is important that this “Pakistan connection” be exposed to the full and searching light of investigation; so as at the very least to maintain the universal legal/moral principle of “innocent until proven guilty”. With the full realization as well that it is English-speaking officialdom which has the burden of proof: not only according to the cited legal principle but also because of its demonstrated willingness to stoop to anything to promote U.S./Israeli territorial aims and ambitions.

But this kind of deceitfulness is like the old Greek proverb about fish, which states that the rot always starts in the head and only then spreads to the body: so that ordinary Americans have since the time of the Kennedys steadily been tutored in this business of being masters of deceit. That character formation which Robert most hated, and about which indeed he wrote his best-selling book of the very same title. I saw the change myself, from a people who prided themselves on their truthfulness to one which had “got smart”, learning to use communication, even in day-to-day life, as a tactical and strategic weapon rather than as a bridge of unity. But these ragged Muslim, who speak only the truth, who are lied against by our media both in particulars and in generalities, are going to teach us “smart ones” a lesson we will never forget. For they have God on their side, as did the America of John and Robert Kennedy. An America which could have withstood anything, and to which we must return if we wish to survive as a people.

August 12, 2006: Maintaining militias, a further note.

Below I advocate the allowing of militias like Hezbollah, especially in the circumstances of today’s Middle East, where non-conventional forces are absolutely critical to countering the ongoing and insidious, all-points, U.S.-ramroded Israeli aggressive thrust. That which is itself indeed non-conventional in the extreme. The danger posed by militias today is typically only in the event they are armed and/or trained by the anti-sovereign forces of our time, at whose heart lay none other than the mischievous-if-self-righteous threesome Israel/USA/Britain. A prime example of which destabilizing potential is in the rebel forces of Sudan: basically another vehicle Israeli regional aggression. Where Israel-trained and American-Evangelical and Jewish funded insurgents are relentlessly bringing the thus-externally-overwhelmed sovereign government to its knees. For the only sovereignty recognized by this threesome is one favorable to their own aims and policies, with even diplomacy itself being used for aggressive ends. As we indeed see by those arrogant, condescending diplomats Bush has sent to represent us at the U.N. and around the globe. (Note of 02/12: since this writing the USA has “toppled” or been suspiciously prominent during the assassination of four or five heads-of-state, and is now feverishly working at the bloody doing-to-death of Bashar Al Assad: no doubt to meet his end much after the grizzly manner of his predecessors. Since if you have control of the global media, as various Jewish/American interests manifestly do today; and if you have absolute sovereignty over the world’s money supply; and effective legal oversight over its communications-trunk and trade-laws; and have somewhere at your nebulous core an “end justifies the means” vintage-Jewish sociopathy where a conscience should be, as well as an eager willingness to use black-ops and mercenary forces, “for the march of liberty”: then you only need a little time to create whatever scenario will bring about your desires. However nefarious they might be.)

August 12, 2006: The chaotic and aggressive patriotism of Israel and the USA.

Americans unwittingly subscribe to the notion that patriotism is somehow an absolute and illimitable value in and of itself: hence the notorious “my country right or wrong” which has sent so many Americans into combat around the globe. But in truth patriotism is based principally upon the pursuit of justice, the legal or policy-related existence of which—together with beloved fields, rivers, mountains and burghs—might be said to be its Thomistic matter, of which deeds of heroism or oratory might be said to represent the spirit or form. So that if this matter, justice, be lacking, then there is nothing exalted left to impel the form, love; nothing worthy left to defend. Indeed, this is what distinguishes Catholic patriotism from all other versions: that which would find the French despised in certain circles as a “non-military nation”: a people whose character today still somehow bears a residual stamp of Catholicity despite a tremendous decline of Faith itself. For nations generously formed in the Catholic Way—like Croatia, too, which has never fought an offensive war beyond its own frontiers—do not adhere to this “me and mine” espirit beyond a certain point: namely, where the frontiers of justice are plainly transgressed. Apart from which real “border security” patriotism becomes perverse, deformed from its proper character, a matter of being the biggest bully on the block: and we ourselves become a nation of fiends rather than friends. For love-of-country—so often in effect placed on the self-same incommunicable plane with Faith, Hope and Charity—can only participate in that rarified plateau if protestations of unconditional devotion are based on justice-of-deed: else in making the claim we blaspheme. Here indeed is the dividing line between genuine Catholicism and today’s many “Catholic” and Protestant facsimiles: and why these latter will always be entirely “spiritual”l—concerned entirely with an altar-call or a communion-line—since their application of the moral law to practical moral matters—especially in staggeringly-consequential realms-of-state—seldom bears much scrutiny, and is thus conveniently left somewhere up in the sky. (Note of 02/12: we are happy to see that our fellow American Catholics are beginning to change in this regard, to become more militant, to show first signs of living up to their Catholic identity, of being the very “salt of the earth”. We hope fervently that this trend continues.)

 Plainly, then, we cannot put something in a sense abstract—the idea of the state—above just treatment to other actual human beings, made in the image of God, whatever their nationality. Suggesting that Incarnational Catholicism which in every regard hoveringly ministers to the fragility of material things, even amid its upward flights bearing them lovingly, in gentle talons, aloft. Even as this territory, of patriotism, is where Neo-con stalwarts, and even some genuine Revolutionary Era writers, wax pseudo-mystical, and seem to beckon us onward to ever-newer “costs”, to be born mostly by foreign peoples,  in “freedom’s” “holy war”. A passionate “crusade” however whose highly-extractive benefits accrue not to the home country at all, but entirely to a certain elite considered extensively on this page. In a scenario that becomes exceedingly familiar when you study history since the thirteenth century with an unbiased eye, during which well-rewarded exertions—far from the thought-atomizing dust-storm of the typical history department—you find for one thing that the Spanish colonial venture—no doubt especially under the Habsburgs—rigidly observed this same treacherous dynamic. Namely of an elitist (Marrano-Jewish) squirreling-away of all riches, resources and advantages of the colony thus gained at so much cost, especially to the natives. They who were inevitably treated like a nation under occupation, deserving at best a contemptuous condescension. Native nations invariably stripped of both nationhood and natural resources—all in the name of our Holy Faith—peoples—many found to be rapidly-filling reservoirs of the deepest Catholic zeal—who might easily find themselves starved of all sustenance, whose only consistent defenders had been the courageous Jesuits. They however who were rewarded for their holy zeal by a synagogue-sponsored global sovereign-nation suppression, and leading-away in chains. And a few years later by a like persecution by the very Vatican itself. Here being the prime bit of prima facie evidence for major hypotheses presented forcefully on this site. While of course Protestant colonial nations can hardly boast of having done any better, in view of the treatment meted out to the Australian Bushmen and American Indians alike, the latter being treated to a remorseless program of candidly-admitted extermination.

Indeed, the theological virtues in particular are by nature illimitable, boons of which we can never have too much: themselves urging not a patriotism which “lives by the sword”, but one rather which bears with other nations, going “the extra mile”, “and so you will fulfill the law of Christ”. While to act as if the “lovely”, unshod “feet of those who preach the Gospel of peace” are meant to be “reinforced” or “safeguarded” by the boot of military subjection, of the destruction of sovereignties of however tiny or “backward” a nature or size: this is to contaminate the Christian message, to salt the soil of essentially-apostolic Christian Faith. Ultimately to spawn apostasy instead, as we can indeed see now across an entire globe colonized, “led toward liberty”, by such very means.  

Hence more positively the long history of the treaties of the French—or of Croatians recently vis-à-vis a land-locked, rampant, quasi-Napoleonic, EU-coddled, sea-coast-claiming Slovenia—a Croatia nobly intent upon keeping the peace with surrounding nations that themselves are too often ready to battle at the drop of a hat. True patriotism rather of necessity—else, incorporating passionate elements as much as it plainly does, it quickly gets out of control—comes substantially under the same rule of reason which prudentially oversees all the other moral virtues (source: Catholic theology). And although we needn’t be absolutely certain of the correctness of our country’s stand before we are willing to bear arms, we must at least have some reasonable sense of moral rectitude in so doing. And not have to do violence to our sense-of-things in order to thus comply. Nor to be lied to nightly on the news in order to be thus motivated. Falling prey to that sort of patriotism which after a point isn’t motivated by love of country at all but rather only by a morbid and twisted hate, or by an ill-admitted fear of the consequences if one allows conscience rather than conformity to prevail. While running cover-operations for this national cult-of-irrationality is a media-fed public milieu whose prime litmus tests of loyalty are plainly color of hair or eyes, the malice of ones sneer, the emptiness of ones scornful laughter. And the dark-skinned, mild and pacific—even among neighbors at home—come  “under the gun” of owl-eyed suspicion, of fanatically-conjured fear. Indeed those who suffer most from such exalted, propaganda-driven Nietzschean illusion of glorious aggression are in a certain very real sense the very citizens thus imbued. Just look at the pitiful Israelis of today, whether the hyperventilating civilians of the nightly newscasts, gone to hospital in their thousands with “stress”, or the raw recruits who for war’s purposes must be tech-wired to the hilt, and even then are relatively ineffective in combat: big tanks to hide in and hide behind being sadly to no avail. And finally just look at the emotionally sick populations of both these hyper-aggressive countries: we with this false Americana bred precisely on vaunted racist/patriotic notions, a pseudo-culture which leaves us with a burgeoning prison population, with no peace here at home, even as we spread bloodshed abroad. Such a citizen finally becoming willing putty in the military-planner’s hands, as in a Lebanon war, as uncovered by Seymour Hersh, embarked upon not because of the mere abduction of two Israeli soldiers—as bargaining-chips to secure the return of some few prisoners among thousands kept by Israel for twenty years—but rather as a dry run for the invasion of Iran, or other regional (perhaps North African) ambitions. That which is the big agenda on the table of budding Napoleonic field marshals of today.

To me, patriotism wants to see its fellow citizen shape up, not continue roaming the earth like some crazed serial killer with a gun in his hand, or with obvious thoughts of mayhem in his mind. It exhorts and cajole him back to sanity, rather than continuing to praise him, all the way to national disaster, death row or the asylum.

But you have to go to the deep South to really see this sick Americana in all its dear-bought glory. A place I visited again earlier this year, as described in an entry below, and experienced a renewed déjà vu horror after an absence of some thirty years. A place where, once the U.S. ultimately comes back to its senses, and but for a miracle, we will undoubtedly have another civil war to fight. The aggressor, the South, having been rewarded on the heels of the war here at home in the 19th century, just as the Israelis are today internationally. The Johnny Reb having indeed become the chief role model of the USA by sometime in the 1970s, helped along of course by Hollywood, John Wayne and the media-fawned-over barbarities of one-time-typically-racist “rebel-yell” bikers, of “Willie, Waylon and the boys”. But the wonder of our times is the infatuation of the super-macho Southerner and Israel for each other under the Bush presidency, “kissin’ cousins” who share a determined resistance, not to some real aggressor, but to the Catholic Way, to the love of Christ. The Jew indeed for 2000 years. While so smitten are major Southern evangelical preachers that they even preach a “Christian Zionism” which bestows ample blessings upon the barbaric Israeli destruction of neighboring states.

August 11, 2006: The International Community rewards the aggressor once again.

It isn’t enough to scold both parties in a fight—the long-standard schoolmarm recourse in grade school scuffles, with no attempt to find out who is at fault—the assumption being made that to fight at all is always wrong. That pacifism which is the ostensible central dogma of the U.N. But it is even worse than that, for ”The International Community”, whatever form this pretentious entity takes at any given time, will almost invariably do the two following things. First, it will stand by the power of international bullies like Israel, Serbia, the United States and Britain to wage aggressive warfare, holding off anyone from effectively challenging this monopoly, this aggression: perhaps most of all staying the defending hand of their victims themselves. This interdiction taking many shapes, including embargoes and various other forms of diplomatic and economic arm-twisting. Secondly, when the aggressed-against begins to get his bearings, and the aggressor to take a beating, as happens surprisingly often, as indeed has been the case in the past few days with Israel at the hands of the primitive and miniscule Hezbollah, at that point ‘The International Community” will forthwith step in in-force to prevent the bully from being beaten. Thus too the U.S. intervention in the mid-90s in the former Yugoslavia—just when Croatia and non-Serb Bosnia were beginning to take wind out of Serbian sails—resulting in the ever-heroic U.S.-led deployment of an SFOR which has left behind it a trail of debilitating injustice and mismanagement, and left Croatia as usual “holding the bags”, with nothing permanently settled, with renewed Serbian aggression at some future date basically guaranteed. While previous to that time for two years and more these indigenous peoples, victims of rape, torture, desecration and genocide, were subject to a crushing embargo, maintained by Europeans but insisted-upon “behind closed doors” by the self-same finger-shaking, blame-assigning International Nanny, denied all international military aid. Indeed, this empty farce, this international community—although to a degree the U.N. itself, especially the General Assembly, is another matter—and here’s Joe Pechi’s Big Tuna—will see to it that the aggressor preserves major advantages and even territorial gains secured by way of its aggression. Thus in spite of all the rhetoric against some two or three Serb leaders, the land-gains of that recent war were almost entirely retained by this state-pariah of the 90s. Furthermore, and incredibly, Croatia and Croatians were castigated and punished, and their generals imprisoned, far more than was the case with the aggressor, Serbia, and its satellites in the region. Croatians who were only engaging in the most limited and legitimate of defensive and land-reclaiming operations. So that as always the old and aggressive darlings of the 20th century, Serbia, Israel, the USA, Britain, are proving to be the new darlings of the 21st.

The whole reason for fighting just wars is totally ignored by such a process, one accompanied by the ceaseless reiteration of the noted international dogma of pacifism, as in endless statements today by various functionaries that “war will never solve the problems of the Middle East”. Hence the continued oblivion toward the causes of these wars, opting instead for this standard policy of the schoolmarm scolding of both sides—but mostly the Arabs—and the deafeningly-silent rewarding of the bully. Rather indeed these hypocritical remonstrations serve primarily as incremental stepping-stones for the goals of these world-darling aggressors. So that my own recommendation is that the just cause be pursued by those most directly involved, and that others who are not interested in that just cause should simply stay out of the fray. We need no sermonizing goody two shoes in the international arena, only seekers of just solutions. If this course were pursued, international bullies and rogue states would eventually be vanquished: the beginnings of which we could indeed see in the past few days in the humiliation of aggressive Israeli military arms. A natural course-of-events seen as well in the cited if woefully-temporary case of Serbia in the 90s. An Israel which would hardly have considered a ceasefire, regardless of the cries of “The International Community”, were it not for these grueling setbacks. While the Zionist state, ever true to its stripes, also took full advantage of every syllable of undeserved Security Council deference in an 11th-hour blitzkrieg opened only today, to take as much land and do as much damage as possible in Lebanon before the truce. An Israel as discussed below which has no legitimate right to occupy any of the land on which it now stands; which indeed took all these territories by violence, intrigue and betrayal.

However there is also a specific thrust to this international advocacy of aggression: it has been to favor those actors which most facilitate the goals and even the whims of an entire global Jewish community, including but not limited to the state of Israel. A tiny independent-minded cartel with power fantastically beyond its numbers, trained to global power-brokering for millennia, imbedded in the major institutions of all nations. Whose aim is the systematic, insidious destruction of all international unity and peace not based on its own worldview, its own international prominence. Hence not without reason in this cosmic power-paradigm are the interests of Catholic peoples impeded, and those nations which favor the full liberty of their Catholic citizens even destroyed: as most notably in the case of the Iraq of Saddam Hussein. For Catholicism is the only force capable of withstanding Jewish ambitions, as it has indeed demonstrated successfully during the past two millennia. The Catholic worldview being fundamentally different on all points from the Jewish one: present New Church aggiornamento betrayals notwithstanding. While for the same general reason those nations like Serbia which cast covetous eyes on lands of Catholic nations, with fanciful, highly-tenuous irredentist claims of one time occupancy, long, long ago: their ambitions, as noted above, are supported as well by this “international community”. This puppet show which dances so well to the exotic fiddle-tune of world-Jewish interests. So that what we actually have is the behind-the-scenes Jewish implementation of a New World Order of the most detailed description, with specific orders for each and every nation and region, in lower-level replicas of the Jewish genocide, cultural-extermination and land-theft.

It is within this catastrophic and manifold global capitulation to the aims of an astute actor, with goals foreign to the mental, spiritual and psychological universe of most of mankind, that we must view present events in Lebanon, in Gaza, in Iraq. Yet the consequences are not only in obvious realms like loss-of-territories or human lives, but even in fields like mental health: which because of this hidden and indeed totally-unmentionable global agenda can never really address some of the most significant stresses and frustrations of modern life. A veritable psychological killing-field under whose conventions and protocols the spontaneous expression of things like genuine, morally-upright patriotism, in full and robust, nationally-specific forms, is gravely inhibited. That particular virtue in which in turn are bound up the fullest and most exalted expressions of manhood and womanhood, much of human morality, the searching complexities of natural law, and so on: a true human imperative however rendered almost forbidden in the face of this global catering to the designs of a tiny powerful elite. One with hidden, undyingly loyal auxiliaries in the highest places in every nation on earth. The Jewish global aims being a subject much addressed here on this site, in entries to be found here and there below. Jewish people not being any object of hatred by myself or anyone here, the Jewish belief itself rather being impugned with everything in our power; a religion long ago taken over by its most worldly elements. So that what is truly religious and uplifting tends to be minimized in all Jewish aims and pursuits. Jews however whom we look forward one day to welcoming warmly as Catholic believers, as is indeed foretold by St. Paul and by Our Blessed Lord Himself.

August 10, 2006: The sovereignty of “non-state actors” like Hezbollah.

The Old Testament Book of Machabees contains the perfect illustration of the taking-up of sovereignty by so-called “non-state actors”: the Brother Machabees and their father having indeed been hill-country warriors of the precise description of Hezbollah. Conducting an insurgency less than two centuries earlier than Jesus walked the earth, at that time struggling to shake off the foreign yoke of an Antiochus IV whose conquering empire, ironically enough, resembled remarkably well today’s pseudo-Israel and its inseparable league of powerful satellite nations. And just like the present “Coalition of the Willing” against a neighboring Iraq, this ancient invasion contained many elements morally repugnant to the native soul: sodomy and desecration for example being common resorts of all these invaders of two separate eras. In ancient time for mere sport, today with excuses of “interrogation procedure”, “tactics”, “freedom of expression”, and so on. But the speed with which ancient Jews departed from the admirable spirit of these their glorious ancestors is revealed tellingly in the fact that not long after the deeds of the Machabees their priestly ruling class, by then dominated by the secularistic Sadducees, declared the Books which recount this insurgency to be non-canonical. This around the same time they also rejected Christ, their Messiah, Who at least at one point the whole Jewish common people seem to have been prepared to recognize as such.

At the very base of the intrinsic sovereign legitimacy of Hezbollah is likewise the sixth or seventh century papal declaration/doctrine that state authority resides with those who are able to bring it to bear, not with those who might merely hold the regalia of office. A doctrine which of course coincides perfectly with the mandate taken up so manfully by the Machabees. A teaching whose logical thrust automatically “empowers” this formidable “actor”, Hezbollah, as well: this indeed by the very fact that the present-day Lebanese Army and State is crippled as a viable sovereign agent, just as was Jerusalem under the heel of the Antiochene-Greek mercenaries. Hezbollah and the Machabees alike possessing the required non-conventional methods and popular support to grapple with the enemy, to keep him at bay, and with manifest divine aid finally defeat him: while formally-constituted leaders in each case have been as it were too visible, and in some cases even compromised themselves shamefully to the foe.

Indeed, in all such manifestations as the Machabees or Hezbollah we see statehood in its purest and noblest dimensions, stripped of all adulterating varnish. The pristine nationhood of epic poetry, of the Song of Roland of an analogous stage-of-development in the history of France. Hence does Hezbollah authentically and in full capacity carry the emblem of the Lebanese State, and willingly cede formal offices of diplomacy, etc., to the Lebanese parliament and executive offices. Those arms of the state which operate much more as its own limbs than vice-versa.

In this simple analysis is cleared up all the confusion sown by the U.S. media in particular: as of the putative “anarchy” of “non-state actors” in the Middle East. A media which is however itself a real subversive fifth column of that modern-day regional invading force which Hezbollah so ably withstands. It is the will of the people which gives both power and authority, as in the cases of the Machabees, Hezbollah and Hamas, and not the say-so of puppet congresses, nor the mere words of political pundits and commentators. And God will always ultimately go with this reality, as in the cases of Pepin, of St. Joan of Arc or of St. Louis of France. At the beginning of the latter of whose reign major magnates of the realm were ranged against him, but who was given an escort-in-force by the bulk of the people of Paris, assembled en masse, joyfully taking him to Rheims, there to be crowned.

Another lesson we learn from present unfolding events in the Middle East is that the more “advanced” a nation is in today’s technological, financial and supply-chain terms the less free it truly is. So that there is something essentially perverse about the present systemic manifestation of technology: legitimate advances in any field being meant to free and enable the human person, not to constrict or confine him. Indeed today we have something remarkably like the Greek empire of Antiochus of the second century B.C. in a noted insidious, densely-interfaced global control: especially indeed over the very soul of the people. Toward their absolute passivity in thought, word and deed: ringing Fox Network praises of an onwardly-marching “democracy” and “freedom” notwithstanding. While especially in a land like the USA to mount an intrinsically-legitimate national movement like Hezbollah is basically impossible. In this “land of the free” where our political parties have since the Kennedy assassinations been subject to progressively-tighter control by “men behind the scenes”, our elected offices filled by the pawns of corporate finance, our media—the very lifeblood of democracy—become almost entirely a vapid mouthpiece of these powerful undemocratic forces.

Thus do we here at look to Russia for the rebirth of freedom around the world: for one thing because that land, contrary to ceaseless slanders by the Bush Administration and an E.U. increasingly becoming its wagging tail, still retains a remarkably degree of spontaneous organizational informality. That which is an indispensable if near-indefinable element in the survival of free political forms. This rare providential blessing of Heaven for a major nation of these times, this lively, even provisional quality which dies under suffocating levels of top-down organizational regimentation. Ironclad anomalies such as define a present Israeli/American-led globalist system, whether considered as a social, political or economic phenomenon. An organizational dragon irrationally hostile both to Putin and the Russian state and to indigenous resistance groups like Hezbollah. Resisting as the latter does a force which removes all real agency of any kind from the hands of the common man; he whose neighborhood and domestic venues are however the very hearthstones of liberty and sovereignty alike.

August 11, 2006: Believers and un-believers, the great geopolitical divide.

Distinguished here are those who are motivated by conscience, by an inward moral force, on the one hand, and those who think of the latter as a handicap, even a pathological condition, on the other. People we used to call con-artists. And inseparable from the latter kind of person is their conviction that their approach imparts a distinct superiority, a wide array of decisive advantages. It is here indeed that the celebrate Secular Messianism of today finds its real “spiritual” and intellectual home, together of course with the conviction of a racial or quasi-racial superiority possessed most fanatically by many or most Jews. Apparently there comes a kind of rite-of-passage to these arch-cynics, both Jew and gentile, in which one leaves behind all forms of “naivety”. And those unwilling to make this reverse leap of faith of such grave personal consequence are thenceforth for all practical purposes considered mere humanoids.

But especially astonishing about this turnabout is the way that these same supposedly hyper-rational people, a mere quarter-mile down such a brave road, will fling themselves into some occult movement, some unbridled idolatry of sensual- or power-lust. For whose purposes these others who still have Faith are considered highly-expendable: sub-humans good only for sexual or occupational exploitation, and finally for the mere harvesting of their organs. No chance of the bane of tolerance or egalitarianism here. And furthermore there is even a certain calm or tranquility connected with all of this which might by some be confused with peace. It is an immobility like that of granite, cold and dead, making the human heart resemble nothing so much as a tombstone.

Indeed, this is the peace that the world gives, to polar-paraphrase the words of Our Blessed Lord; it is the peace that Bolton and Rice would like to impose on the Middle East. The peace of men who think they are gods, and expect we lesser beings, we believing humanoids—Americans or Lebanese—to adore them: since we will not “get smart” and imitate their hyper-secular “act of faith”. (Any “born again” Administration slap-stick to one side.) Here being the “progress” too, from “the other side of the aisle”, of embryonic (rather than blood or umbilical-cord) stem-cell research, of the abominable doing-to-death of Terri Schiavo: whose blood still “cries from the ground” for further divine retribution upon this land.

When this little house of cards gets blown down, when Israeli tanks are stopped dead in their tracks by Hezbollah fighters, well, “not to worry”: for these people simply use their “high-tech” command of the media, of the manipulation of digital graphics—things which only unlimited power and money can bring—and meticulously create an all-encompassing artificial reality. With “security”-driven tales, fantasies and gag-orders—backed up by phony good ole boy Texas drawls—supplying links in an otherwise ridiculously broken chain. Creating Israeli victories, Hezbollah genocides or new 9/11s in abundance wherever required. The manipulation of the popular mind—of we mere humanoids—being the breathlessly sought prize—after which all else falls like the Marxian “over-ripe plum” into all-deserving hands.

Too bad for them that God, to Whom such conceits are a cause for ringing laughter in the ranging precincts of the Heavenly court, won’t have it.

August 9, 2006: Who are the world’s enemies?

They are found among U.S. corporate armament producers and the major military cabinet and department heads and higher bureaucrats—the first batch of which breed were put in place close on the heels of the Kennedy assassinations—who together with these gun-runners gear the American physical infrastructure toward perpetual war. These enemies of mankind are also the apostate clergymen like Pat Robertson who give a fanciful “biblical” justification to a child-killing Israel which still lives under the curse of Our Blessed Lord, that they must first accept Him before they can occupy the Holy Land, from which they are thus bound to be ejected. These enemies are political leaders like Bush, and the media moguls who keep this whole military/industrial machine marching at a fanatical cadence. Together with those our newspeople who call Israeli military initiatives by heroic-sounding names, and call those desperate attempts of Arabs to defend themselves by names of an abominable character.

These are our enemies. And God will silence them, in His good time. For He is not impressed with any “wind of words”, nor with “horses or chariots”, nor with tanks or high-tech armaments, but responds “with His strong right arm” to the pleas of his children. Arab victims of yet another unjust and cowardly Israeli aggressive war, the sort which the good David would have scorned to wage. Indeed, were he here he would forthwith declare war on these pagan Zionist imposters, who have impiously taken this Holy Land. He would fight for his fellow-Catholic and brother-Arab Lebanese. That same David who told us in inspired verse: “the Lord said to my Lord, ‘sit thou at my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool’”. Speaking as he did of that meek Jesus, the Messiah, so like these Lebanese, Who was to come.

August 8, 2006: One sells all one has for the earthly pearl of great price: the survival of one’s way of life, of one’s nation.

I once made the statement, for which I was much criticized, that if each of us don’t fight the monster that the world is becoming it won’t matter how many children we have or how well provided for they are: for it will be a world in which they will be doomed to lose their souls, their sanity, their reason to live. Indeed, I could see that the more well-fixed they were the more likely they would be to be thus destroyed, in the weird world just then coming into being.

Actually, every soldier departing for some (just) combat theater is making the same choice I made back then as an ordinary citizen, toward a higher good: putting the larger society before his own family, his own very life, yet in a larger sense choosing the welfare of these loved ones in the only appropriate way. Thus did I unavoidably throw many things to the wind, for me and mine, in fighting this insidious octopus-like evil of our times, this determiner of phony wars and moral disintegration. Not quite grasping what would be the consequence of such a personal agenda: only knowing I could do no differently. Taking up a non-violent guerilla-offensive against this mortal sickness which had invested our governments and major institutions, and which continues to do so more catastrophically with each passing day. On a battlefield whose booby-traps and punji-pits are expertly camouflaged, and over which and into which I fell repeatedly. All the while I was accused in the most transparent way of having chosen this suicidal demise, for me and mine, in order to look holy or heroic; as if all I cared about was some glorious reputation as a martyr for the cause. On a notional battlefield however for which there are no elevation-contour maps, or any others: so that the weary and bewildered combatant always looks like a lost fool.

But this former adolescent green-recruit explorer in Kennedy’s New Frontier refused to drop the dream, when most Catholics and others had turned into hardened cynics, safely ensconced in easy pieties of post-Vatican-II of all categories of opinion or belief. And the consequences of this resistance have indeed been tough for me and mine, just as I was so insistently and priggishly warned by these my voluble arm-chair critics. But by the grace of God I wouldn’t have adopted a different policy no matter how much I were so apprised, as I simply could not knowingly “give my children a serpent instead of a fish”, “a stone instead of a loaf”: even if I condemned them thereby to be thus defrauded by others in an even worse way. And even were I yet-worse soldier-material than I was. For very simply put, once we accept that “the end justifies the means” in any forum of life, we likely end up swallowing this falsehood whole in all its other highly-remunerative forms as well. For the input of we here at may be that straw which will tip the scale, and start the counter-revolt against the economic, political and spiritual butchery of these times. An input molded and conditioned in forty years of that very grueling and lonely combat of which I speak.

And as for my old critics: are they happy with the world they so willingly created, which they embraced so eagerly, back in halcyon moral-revolutionary days? When the dye was being permanently cast for all of us, and we would have to live out the rest of our day with our deeds? That supremely “realistic” world where they would nightly have one “last hurrah” at the expense of the future? Well, if they still have a mind left, after all the punishing escapades and substance-abuse, I’m sure they’re not overjoyed with the ruin they see around them, in themselves and in their families, in the nation and the world.

But I ask them to join me in this struggle; it isn’t too late. And I ask their children to do so as well, and grandchildren. Youngsters who are utterly guiltless in the whole affair. And we will turn this thing around, with the help of God.

August 7, 2006: The Israeli/American diplomacy of name-calling.

Things are moving much too quickly right now in the Middle East, a circumstance in which however the buzzword people are in their native element. On the marquee today is the red-letter performance of cloaked figures pulling verbal rabbits from hats and in other ways displaying their celebrated feints and slights-of-hand. “Now you see it, now you don’t”: this being the watchword in particular of the Israeli side-show. Hence we tend not to notice the incredible degree to which the whole Rice/Olmert disappearing act utterly lacks all substance: even though we have seen its clever sleeve-tricks and swoops-of-the-arm innumerable times before. Being in reality only a lot of juvenile-level name-calling, if generally and disappointingly minus the amusing sing-song that more innocent youth employs. At the very basis of the justifications of the Israelis for their unprecedented and barbaric bloodletting and invasion of sovereign lands of the past month is really only the same old ceaseless employment, in a host of clever forms, of this one epithet: “terrorists”.

Of course, this is the same sideshow a highly-entertaining Bush performs over here, to cover up the troubling significance of the whole bewildering array of lies, half-truths, gag-orders and kangaroo courts surrounding 9/11. As noted in a hyperlink below, it’s all a matter of using the strategy of the countersuit. You wear down your opposition—in this case the citizen-seeker-of-truth—with attacks against his very rights-of-inquiry—making basically everything of any bearing on critical events and policy matters into a state secret. The “terrorists” must be guarded against. We can’t tell you because then “the terrorists” will know. And of course the indispensable: “you never know where the next “terrorist” might strike”, and its close-cousin, “your next door neighbor might be harboring a sleeper cell”. While finally it’s said not to matter that the first dozen or so of such “plots” were later found to have been invented by “conspiracy theory”-obsessed security-people painting a picture with a thick and juvenile, but popularly-motivating, line. (And that it was only after a hundred heinous goadings that any actual “terrorist” response could be elicited at all.) And this flurry of hasty words—and states-of-emergency for simpleminded souls—is a good foil or screen behind which to hide something much more suspicious going on on Pennsylvania Avenue, down the street at the Hill, and in the private-contractor/intelligence community.

Hence from the Rice and Olmert team you hear: “Hezbollah can’t be trusted”, or that the Lebanese government is “cutting a deal under the table” with these “terrorists”. “That’s what they always did before”. This is nothing but rot-gut name calling: even if our own agents blow up a few or a great-many ‘friendlies” for good measure when the chips are down. For indeed the whole matter at issue is not the punishment of convicted criminals—which Israel would like to convince us is the status of Hezbollah and indeed of Lebanon itself—but a regional dispute between states. And indeed such disputes always involve distrust, or otherwise there would be no dispute in the first place. Countries which came at loggerheads not simply because of terrorists—in which case a call to Interpol is all that would be required—but because of an incredible series of mind-boggling events.

But true to the deft slight-of-hand of this slick duo, the fact that “Israel” was unceremoniously plopped down in the middle of the then-Turkish desert, with British transport, supplies and equipment and Rothschild money—right before the close of World War I, when the whole world, including an Arab-protectory France, hadn’t yet got their bearings, and were indeed thinking about peace rather than further territorial ambitions of unexpected greedy souls—well, “that’s all in the past”. “The important thing is to think of the here and now”, exclaim the Israelis, when there is any attempt to discuss the whole reason there is a Hezbollah or a Hamas. This whole business of using the future to pull the past along by its collar being a central strategy of the pencil-thin-mustachioed Hebrew magician on central stage. Hence too the same “reasoning” applies to the provocations in their hundreds of this whole dirty war directly on the heels of the noted Israeli “guest” occupation of Palestinian territory, beginning well before 1920, when Palestinians began disappearing and being found butchered by the side of the road or in shallow trenches, in order to blank-facedly make room for the Zionist “settlers”. Such an exalted omelet requiring that more than a few eggs be cracked. At the hands of these able cooks, these original “temporary” Israeli “refugees”. Refugees from what? Why of course, from “centuries of persecution”. At the hands of Arabs? No, Arabs and real Jews (not atheistic Zionists) had gotten along swimmingly for millennia in the region, but what does that matter? Finally even an ethically-iron-stomached England got enough, after decades of similar atrocities/land-grabs, so that when Israel finally started its War of National Liberation, again on the heels of a weary World War, who would they, “with glorious heroism”, be fighting? You guessed it: England itself. Similarly goes the 1967 War, and all the other cross-border incursions, blitzkriegs against neighboring nuclear facilities, and so on: totally unprovoked strikes waged by Israel on the basis of a series of cleverly-concocted lies. In 1967 basically using one land-grab, and its horrified reactions in the Arab world, to justify another, averring obvious “aggressive Arab intentions”. Indeed, whether in the 1920s, in this latter War, or in any actions in between, any least act of resistance of the indigenous peoples has been used as a pretext to “defensively” take more land, which was the aim all along. Much the way our own government did with the Indians throughout the 19th century.

Thus plainly the rise of Hezbollah, of the Iraqi resistance which cost that nation four wars and the theft or destruction of some of mankind’s most precious historical treasures, was entirely because these Zionists do everything by way of international terror, and were established on the land they took through peremptory and perfectly illegal acts of British-, American- and international-Jewish-sponsored insolence and intrigue. So that the resulting “impotence” of regional states like Lebanon, repeatedly crippled in totally-unprovoked wars, waged by a ruthless subterfuge-adept multi-national foe—one who cleverly invests and directs the most powerful “governments” on earth—it is this very international anomaly which has required the presence—and strangely constrained activities—of groups like Hamas and Hezbollah. This latter a true group of freedom fighters, far different from these shameful and effeminate “enemies of mankind”, to quote Holy Scripture, a Hezbollah thus desperately constituted being nonetheless willing to let the Lebanese Army displace them in Southern Lebanon. But of course Hezbollah “cannot be trusted”. Why? You guessed it, because they are “terrorists”.

In fact we are dealing here with a people, the Israelis, the Jews, who don’t believe they owe anyone the truth. For while the representatives of Arab nations speak with an agonized simplicity-of-intention, wishing, even at the expense of compromising their own welfare, to see an end to this latest conflict, the Israelis in response pursue a pattern of systematic deceit, all the while they prepare to launch a major expansion of their aggression. All this and more besides because the rest of humanity is classed by the Jews as sub-human: as is so obvious from the way we are all of us used and then discarded, as was England, an international blue blood if there ever was one, in events above recounted. So that lying to and otherwise deceiving us, to the Jews, is at least collectively, within their strange sense of national identity, no more wrong than lying to their pet poodle. Once we grasp this astonishing mountain of arrogance which is Christian-era Judaism—in the accents of whose diplomats we instantly recognize the eloquent stonewalling, the insidious lack of goodwill of the Soviets and the Nazis of an earlier time—then we can pull ourselves together and deal with it. Something unfortunately that the Arabs have had to do with their bare hands for nigh on to a century.

Do these desert dwellers really want to kill civilians, as their Israeli enemies have done from the very beginning? No, but one thing they will not and cannot allow is the death of their own very nation, their continued identity as a people. And if they can only lob crude and inaccurate missiles—or even rotten eggs—to defend themselves against such a thing—weapons directed against such an astute enemy—then they will quite justifiably do so.

August 7, 2006: The hip-booted Paula Zahn of CNN.

Just as in the 60s and 70s vis-à-vis the also-Jewish overthrow of sexual morality, it is the “femi-nazis” who are far and away the most effective point-men for the pro-Israeli propaganda assault of today. Seeking to turn this most recent Jewish regional aggression—in two different nations this time—into some kind of holy war. Only a woman dares to display the gall of this Paul Zahn, this shrill and cheeky news-anchor, who thus more than compensates for the even-handed manner—if not coverage—of her male counterparts. This is gut-level Chuspah at its best—if not coming up to the insufferably-vile Bella Abzug for the lesbian coalition a couple of decades ago—with age-old prohibitions against striking a woman, even verbally, being brought into full and calculated play. A woman who even manages to get Lebanese officials to concede to her points that are totally incorrect: so shocked and overawed are they by her unnatural and offensive tone and manner. While the whole breathlessly-maintained ensemble of course also contains the polar-opposite vapor of a hint of indispensable Holocaust victim-hood: in the idea that it is after all a “helpless” woman (albeit one with rippling jaw-muscles) who has to “set us straight”. But this is the emotional gutter and lead-pipe level at which these people debate and justify: it is all pretense and posturing. Here being the venue in which the good Jesus utters His “let your yeh be yeh and your nay be nay”: against such very sanctimonious purveyors of lies. And the last to be fooled by it all is these perpetually-hard-eyed people themselves: who—to me quite obviously—count the rest of us fools for even listening to them.

August 5, 2006 (updated, August 7): This France/U.S.-brokered deal to be a gross violation of both Lebanese territory and sovereignty, following close on the heels of, and dovetailing with, that of Israel. Whose troops are slated to remain in Lebanon to “partner with” U.N. peacekeepers. Do we think the surrounding Arab world will stand for this lopsided, insolent joint action?

I correctly predicted the Arab reaction to this subterfuge when I first submitted this little piece—now revised—on the 5th. Indeed I believe the purpose of present Western maneuvering is to perpetuate war in the region, perhaps even to pull us into another world conflagration. A ruse cut out of the same cloth as the in house Trade Tower bombings, or the ongoing Mossad- and American-“contractor” agents provocateur deeds in Iraq. Massive human-life-taking barbarities no doubt in their hundreds or even thousands over the course of the Iraq War, most notably in the bombings of both Sunni and Shiite sites, to keep the embers of bereaved animosity burning. Among other reasons for which Hellishly-cynical recourse in these separate atrocities is to overcome the present sinkhole of debt into which the U.S. has fallen. Ah, Horatio Alger, what won’t you do for your smug and exclusionary “American dream”?

It’s a neat little trick, this deal cooked up between the USA and a France turned Judas against Lebanon, a friend of more than a century. Israel is taken into a partnership with the U.N. peacekeeping force to “secure” south Lebanon: or as the president put it today, to prevent any “vacuum” into which Hezbollah can “pour more weaponry” and other supplies. But was anyone worrying about a vacuum when Israel, after ceremoniously “freeing” Gaza, shelled it into the Stone Age at the first transparent pretext, and then took prisoner half of Palestinian elected officialdom? An ongoing debacle which is getting precious little attention from our otherwise-hyperventilating news media. This is Lebanese territory being assaulted, and if a Lebanese government in recent years incredibly indulgent toward the U.S. and Israel is to be given credit as a sovereign state then it must be the sole partner in any such operation. But very plainly the only regional sovereignty fully recognized by the West, and especially by the U.S., is Israel. This obvious Jewish aggressor—as you will see, and if you haven’t already seen, indeed if you “have eyes to see”—by reading the several entries immediately below this one, and into the next hyperlink.

Then too this slated joint deployment will further institutionalize the false and rationally-repugnant moral superiority of Israel over the peoples of the entire region, nay indeed of the entire globe. And prepare with great smoothness for her next open and blank-faced or clandestine geo-power-grab.

Of course at the base of it all, and in line with the perpetual droning of an alternately brash and soft-pedaled pro-Israeli U.S. media—those “lies repeated often enough” so as to infallibly produce the needed popular brainwashed credulity—there is the fact that we share with Israel—of which the U.S. is mostly a kind of second-class suburb—the whole discretely-Neo-Con-pedaled, geo-corporate subculture of rock, of sex veritably puked at you from every direction, of sodomy and other anti-life advocacies. This constitutes a whole way of life: albeit an entirely artificial, dehumanizing, gradually self-destructing one. As in the case of all the lands throughout history where the leadership sold out, and the Jews gained a decisive hand. But the Arabs have their way of life too, which is devout, neighborly, cooperative, chaste, and with a bright future before it. This in contrast to Israelis and Americans who at best regard religion as a quick-fix “altar call”, who are overridingly aloof, socially combative, verbally sarcastic and sexually promiscuous. That’s where the real battle lay, between these two worldviews: the one alive and well, the other dead or dying. And the latter of the two can never ultimately win: although as always, and as in the case of so many above-noted ships-of-state, “the rats” will hop off expeditiously, just as the great vessel prepares to make its ugly slide under the waves.

In their foreign policies and much else besides, the U.S. and Israel today represent the ever-moribund forces of evil, for which reason the whole world needs to continually say the Our Father or Lord’s Prayer, emphasizing with special force the last words, “deliver us from evil”. A Father Who will hear our prayer in the most powerful way. While finally, must I “love it or leave it”, this USA? As long as things remain as they are here, I am open to all comers with tickets and expenses in their hands for an emigration to some sane and moral land. But like most of the people on most of the noted national boats, I am stuck here, and have no rat-like ability to jump ship.

Many say that rats don’t really survive a sinking ship by jumping off it in the nick of time, but mankind has invented this little parable nonetheless to describe a certain kind of rat that does.

August 7, 2006: The Christian law of liberty.

We have this weak place in our human nature which loves to be scolded by officials like Condoleezza Rice and the rest of the White House crew at every turn. It revels in the words “beware”, or “nevermore”, uttered with a dark countenance, like some punishing spirit. This limp and worked-over area of our nature wants above all to be given warnings and prohibitions, it wants to feel safe, to be given a rigid gamut of boundaries not to be crossed. To secretly go back to the womb. To such a weak sister this is patriotism, this is duty. And the USA has oodles of people who have succumbed to this ever-dormant worked-over spirit—by propaganda sprung to sickly life—and once enlisted to some cause they are a restless army of fanatics indeed, ready to march over a cliff, like some irrational herd of swine, at the merest whim of some “exalted leader”. A spirit which also revels in bearing this kind of fiery sword to foreign lands, making others tow the line, learn their place, chant the hypnotic dirge of morbidity, profit from the example of advanced people like ourselves, and our Jewish allies. However this is not the way of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Who gave us only two imperatives: Faith and reason.

Why didn’t I include the Commandments? Because they are actually contained in reason, summarizing it in its most precise form (Aquinas, on the New Law, Question 108). Here then is the real New Age, the real New World Order: that of Christ, that based entirely upon Faith and reason. After which, as St. Augustine counsels us, we are free to “love God and do as you please”.

Because of this law of reason the Arab does everything in his Arabian way, and thumbs his nose at anyone who dictates to him otherwise. For reason instructs him to do precisely so. While it also exhorts him to take up his own fiery sword, to use against those who would control his own legislature, and who invade the borders of his own lands.

And true to such a freelance form there are entirely rational reasons for this, that fit our rational/bodily nature perfectly. For within our frail human limitations we can tolerate only so many strictures, which therefore must be against evil (i.e., the irrational) rather than against morally-indifferent things, let alone against things perfectly good, or in favor of things perfectly perverse. Mandates namely which reason supplies, which are tailor made for us. Which for instance tell a child not to stick his hand in the flame, nor a young man to throw his purity to the wind. We must be perfectly free to pursue these truly good and virtuous things, supplied us by reason, the human person being unable to bear more than a few sanctions. Reasonable injunctions that must not be crowded out by the overbearing dictates of over-reaching fools. Hence again the marvelous axiom of St. Augustine, “love God and then do as you please”.

Enter, then, all the iron determinisms of Bush/Rice/Olmert, of this false New World Order, this new global “free trade” economics, this quasi-official cow-tow, this setting before mankind of a whole new catalog of regulations, of frowning Easter Island monoliths. What, then, have we just now discovered our reason, that it would tell us all these new things? Nay rather St. Thomas Aquinas wrote the above-cited lines in the thirteenth century, and St. Augustine in the late fourth. And the laws of Christian nations—the very foundry of Western Civilization and its incomparable traditional liberties—were formed on that basis.

The essence, the epitome of this free approach is to be found in distributism, the organizational primer of the political wisdom of reasonable mankind. Finding its apogee in Integral Catholic philosophy: that to which this site is dedicated. A system of thought and deed built upon this necessity of an absolutely unbridled freedom to do good things. While a slave state will rather license any degree of unbridled perfidy—and with complete irrationality call this freedom—but constrain at ever turn the least original, reasonable, creative or constructive impulse. Which however cannot change the fact that by our very finite composition we cannot serve two such perfectly different masters. For one thing because there simply isn’t enough time in the day. So that here is the real and just cause behind war: in that the good, following the example of the Savior, wish only to impose a law of liberty, of love: that which is at the basis of all of life. While the wicked, the fool, seeks by every treacherous means to impose that which is the very death of same: a kind of anti-matter universe vis-à-vis goodness, reason and truth. Here then is where all discussions of “democracy” and “self government” must take form, while otherwise our “liberty” is tying us to a system of satanic bondage. Into which indeed a grinning Skull and Bones Bush, Kerry, Clinton, et al, beckon us so invitingly to harness ourselves. Lots of thrills and licenses-to-do-wrong being involved, indeed: but heavily-wrought chains to go with them. That kind of “undying loyalty” which has such a comfortable fit for a certain dark, morbid corner of our souls, noted above. A dream fulfilled in an America which today announces a thousand “musts” at every turn: injunctions not of reason but of a willy-nilly caving-in, for its own sake, a capitulation of our personalities to the force of someone else’s, whether a demon or a man.

August 6, 2006: Hezbollah hiding behind women and children?

Modern indigenous peoples faced with powerful, high-tech, totalitarian enemies have always had to remain “imbedded” in the civilian society of which they are a part. Nothing else is possible. This is what happened in Croatia in the early 90s: when ordinary people took the weapons out of the very hands of their Serb occupiers. Likewise in Hungary in 1956, when little children strapped Molotov cocktails to themselves and crawled under Soviet tanks, piecing their soft underbellies. Believe you me, none of these brave people marched in line and column when they did these heroic deeds, nor did they return to some identifiable headquarters. Neither for that matter did Washington and his rag-tag rebels in the War of Independence. This is just another example of a sickeningly-contrived doubletalk against the peoples of the Middle East: a cowardly matter of kicking people when they’re down, crushed under the heels of Israeli/American might. For as noted several times below it is not the beleaguered Arabs or Persians who have created the terms and conditions of this ongoing regional war, with both open and insidious theaters, bloody and yet-more-important propaganda battlefields. And furthermore those very native civilians, said to be “hid behind”, would be the last to resent the presence of Hezbollah: rather being passionately on their side. Although CNN after much searching was indeed finally able to dig up one such critic, no doubt a real gold mine to them, but in my own opinion a singularly self-important businessman, of which the Arab world has a few, here and there. Entirely unlike the typical manly Arab, and judging by his accent probably not even native-born.

You newspeople who are so concerned about “children caught in the crossfire” (CNN): do you show such concern for the aborted? Hypocrites, they are children too: and their agonized reaction to our “humane” doctors’ and nurses saline solutions’, and probing, dismembering pincers, are caught graphically and heartbreakingly on the ultrasound film, The Silent Scream. But in the Arab you are dealing with someone humane enough to care about these the mortally-disenfranchised as well.

August 3, 2006: It is the most arrogant and unpalatable kind of “negotiated ceasefire” which invariably requires the only effective regional players opposed to hyper-aggressive Israeli expansionism, groups like Hezbollah and Hamas, to disarm completely in her favor “before any talks may proceed”. That non-sequitur epitomized in UN Resolution 1559: ultimately obtained at the expense of tremendous amounts of arm-twisting by the same perpetual allies-against-the-world: England, Israel and the USA.

What constitutes these superpowers to make these demands and pronouncements? It is their sheer might-makes-right high-handedness in imposing their will upon disadvantaged, disinherited third-world parties. As usual pulling unfairly-commandeered international levers to obtain self-seeking aims. Power ultimately proceeding not from the UN or the EU but from the halls of world financial oligarchy, to which the USA capitulated with morbid finality close on the heels of the Kennedy assassinations. The corridors of the money-changers being only too familiar to unctuous and ingratiating, or mock-dramatic, American Senators and Congressmen. Did the Dayton accords, “brokering a peace” in the former Yugoslavia, achieve a just resolution? Not really, for in much of the area aside from Croatia instability reigns, organized criminal activity abounds and both revanchist movements and profound economic decay proliferate. Did the Irish settlement of the “hard nosed” William Holbrook—basically amounting to the meek disarming of the IRA, much as demanded of Muslim combatants today—did this much-celebrated effort achieve a just settlement of that long-standing quarrel? Hardly, since Protestant parades still march down the broad avenues of Catholic neighborhoods: that bitter humiliation which was the “icing on the cake” in the first place, for a Catholic people who only wanted to be left in peace. Much like their Muslim brothers across the globe in the Middle East.

Our media ceaselessly claims a Muslim militia “targeting of civilians”, but never is any mention made in this connection that regional guerilla rocketry seldom has enough accuracy to pinpoint strictly military targets. Yet the aggressed-against Peoples represented by these insurgents can’t just stop fighting because the weapons are crude and inaccurate. They didn’t ask for this war, nor for the Balfeur 1917-20 Israeli “refugees”, quickly turned “settlers”, who forthwith began to butcher their hosts, on the heels of their generous welcome: nor for this ongoing charade’s U.S.- and Britain-imposed terms and conditions. Nor yet is it ever pointed out that Israel is the civilian-targeter of the ages, a killer of hundreds of times more Palestinian and other regional civilians than Israelis killed by the militias. But somewhere amid these facts—or the dearth of them—the American mind is “made up” in favor U.S./Israeli aggression. For one thing because when all is said and done the Israelis are thought to “speak our language”. And indeed morally, culturally and genetically they are obviously made of much the same high-Anglo stuff as our upper and upper-middle classes: a mutual-identification which politically is all that really matters. Hence plainly, and despite all this incredible Israeli/American pretense, in all truth and justice the disarming of Hezbollah would be a step backward, emboldening, absolutely empowering the one and only real regional aggressor: Israel.

This kind of deadly, baby-killing American self-idolatry represented by Secretary Rice’s refusal to allow an even-handed ceasefire can only end in further divine punishments for our country. Which have indeed been taking place at a quickening pace these past several years, and which will continue to loom larger and larger in future days and months to come.

August 3, 2006: Israel, the spoiled American child who vandalizes the neighborhood but whom the folks next door are forbidden to spank. Abramoff and the Jewish Indian.

Look at these Israeli militants, from Netanyahu to the tech-wired-up tenderfoots in the ranks invading Lebanon, and you are likely-enough looking at someone born in Manhattan in the USA. Really, it is all just another hippie project of the rich American Jew, an “in your face” extension of the sixties and seventies, with no more moral purpose than the highly-Jewish naked-as-a-flea streakers once had. And years hence when its all over with, if their wild gamble somehow succeeds once again (which it won’t), these boomer-like paragons will no doubt be heard laughing over their beer about “the good ole days” of murder and rapine in Gaza and Lebanon. Just as their like do now over the old 60s “Free Speech” movement, or “Free Love” in the broad-light-of-day on the University Admin-building lawn.

A major theme of this site is to reiterate ceaselessly the fact that the Jews—except perhaps for a few called True Torah Believers—do not consider the rest of us to be co-equal human beings with them. And they find the perfect partner in all this arrogance in a post-Kennedy America which has the same vaunted notions about itself vis-à-vis humanity as well. In fact this Jewish/American superiority complex represents a point-of-convergence in which the two identities for all practical purposes completely merge. A co-national sickness which liars like Gen. Abazaid can’t hide with his fear-mongering about “possible transfers” of nuclear weapons to terrorists by Iran. Any opposition to Israeli ambitions being held as proof positive of conspiratorial intent: in a “conspiracy theory” more ashen-faced and hyperventilating than any other. A maniacally-aggressive Israel meanwhile regionally brandishing gravely-destabilizing tactical and intermediate nuclear arms freely bestowed and diplomatically-shielded by the USA.

But it isn’t only Lebanon that these destructive Bobsie Twins, who have the run of the world neighborhood, are making into one gigantic refugee camp. Just look at our own Indian Reservations, where the Jews according to my own research and the daily testimony of experience have been in control for at least a century. A scandal which came to light in gaudy Yiddish colors with the uncorking of the Abramoff affair, in which uncounted tens of millions—maybe even hundreds of millions, nobody knows for sure—were embezzled from Indian gaming. Is it possible that this vast scheme—hushed up so quickly, no doubt still going on—could have been carried out without substantial help from within the Indian tribes themselves? Guess again. This lucrative Jewish control having first been introduced in the 19th century through government-licensed Indian Agents and Traders and later among other things through discrete intermarriages, or in-law connections, in tribes where the membership-qualifying Indian blood percentage is often ridiculously low. And furthermore the level of race discrimination against anyone not light-complected Anglo, from my own observation and even experience, is as bad as anywhere in this Land of the Free, out on the res. An animus directed by these basically-White jet-setters who by my closest guess can commonly be expected to be about a 40/50/10 percentage-mix of Jewish/English/Indian, or alternately some dominant-Anglo percentage with some cousin or in-law vigorously working major political and financial levers-of-power from afar. Thus does the true Indian correctly feel himself betrayed by an all-encompassing system which descended upon him like a whirlwind a century and a half ago, and whose trauma he has yet to begin to surmount. All the while his ancestors are glorified, and their heroism and prowess claimed, by these intruders who like some grizzly cannibals from New Guinea think they have drank the blood of their enemy and thus inherited his power. Hence a new light is cast upon the alcoholism, the drug abuse, suicide and so on, by these the dispossessed, the true sons of a Cochise or a Crazy Horse who were no doubt sane and unassuming men like themselves.

True, even the true Indian isn’t always poor, and might get a healthy cut out of casino or other tribal earnings, but his motivation, his sense of agency, has a continual uphill battle to fight at the hands of mostly-Anglo and occasional high-powered Anglo-Jewish people who openly treat him as some sort of untouchable. Who never come to him on his own terms, there on his own land, but always maintain endless layers of inane Anglo-cultural determinism, as a sort of social padding, to keep this outsider firmly, psychologically in charge. A humiliating relationship which a great many prominent reservation-dwellers keep onerously in force, in a hundred bruising and intimately-personal ways. And who from a hundred directions have the run of the reservations. A phenomenon much discussed by genuine Native American leaders like Richard Meeks, and conveyed to me, at least in substance, in long conversations while visiting a Lakota Sioux friend of considerable stature among traditionals on the Standing Rock reservation. A persecution seen by myself personally in the brutal treatment of Sioux workers on a bridge-building highway construction crew on which I myself worked for a short time, in South Dakota as well. Truly incredible barbarities amid one of which incidents a worker could easily have been killed, so carelessly was he shouted at, harried-along and in general harassed in his I-beam-securing-and-lifting tasks on the hook end of a high-boomed crane. As a consequence of which he stumbled and nearly fell headlong from the flatbed truck upon which he was working, being actually brushed aside by the huge arm-and-pulley before he could get clear, tripping as he did repeatedly on the anchor-bolt-studded beams in his frightened haste. A coup of sadistic personal bravado accomplished by a perpetually-angry young straw-haired boss with a conspicuous handlebar mustache. A guy who with a classical illusion of grandeur, if there ever was one, was obviously copying Custer himself, “old Yellow Hair”, in all respects of character, appearance and temperament. But only one of innumerable juvenile, good ole boy bigots prolonging a sissy’s war against defenseless people that allegedly ended well over a century ago. In the manner of so many of these red necks who populate the reservations to such an incredible degree. Hogging and often significantly degrading the best lands and facilities, as well as being found in special abundance in the towns and villages scattered around. Here being a living example of a racially and economically based American superiority-sickness—to be seen as well in our genocidal policies around the globe—one which is fantasized endlessly before the small screen of an evening in both serial drama and “news” report—and from which the American male in particular is most mortally ill. While the Jewish dominion on these reserves, inside or in proximity to which I myself have spent a good deal of time over the years, is something you can smell from a mile away. As in grocery stores which fleece the feckless native daily, giving him wilted, B-grade produce, mind-bogglingly expensive meats and canned-goods, and no doubt the more-typical and easily-masked rancid poultry as well (items I have been fortunate enough not to have to test). While the tribal/White jet-setters travel in comfort to some neighboring big city and have the toast of the town. Judaism, whose blood or beliefs so many of these tribal major domos unquestionably share, and contrary to Holocaust-based misconceptions, being the very fountainhead of modern radical racism and its many social and economic injustices. While the Sons of David and their friends have no doubt frequently established themselves on these reservations either by securing a sale of allotment land (converted from “community” to “fee simple” by consensus of noted White “Indian” tribal-overlords and White legislators) or by undertaking Fed-OK’d agricultural, industrial, construction, mining, and other lucrative tasks. Often doing these things poorly or not at all, but seldom if ever relinquishing their hold on the best reservation land once it is thus supposedly-conditionally secured.

Furthermore, a bullying of the true natives in a host of other ways is an ongoing travesty: on Pine Ridge in the seventies having extended to a gratuitous, wholesale, bloody massacre, for which however the surviving victims, when they finally managed a makeshift self-defense, were given the entire blame. Afterward, the whole American Indian Movement—whose vast majority of good and upright people did indeed become infiltrated by a tiny cadre of classical ‘60s and ‘70s radical trouble-makers, who expertly spoiled everything by their lawless ways—would, apparently after this skirmish, be branded as subversive, along side the radical Chinese and Romanian Communists. And for which “crime” several remain either in Federal prison or on the run. The kind of bloody “full-blood”-murdering incident which has no doubt been repeated numerous other times, if more-typically escaping entirely any coverage in the national news. True Native Americans condemned by the same courts in which on the other hand dominant White “Indians” regularly win appeals past Native justiciers to our own Federal Judiciary, if they are not satisfied with the original decision handed down by the tribal courts.

Interesting too is the way in which paganism is being encouraged among the Indians by the same Jews, and of course promoted incessantly from university podia by an overwhelmingly-Jewish educational elite in History and Anthropology departments nationwide. Thus do we hear of a common Indian/Jewish link in a “nature-based mysticism” ( words by which the Satanic Cabbala is identified with the occult rites of the tribal past. For with the Jews mysticism is almost always false and earthbound rather than truly spiritual, both starting and ending in passionate and perverted excesses. Ever culminating in the self-glorification of war or revolution—its stock types found in Nazism or Marxism—both of a profoundly-Zionist character. Combat being a sort of bloody god of the Jewish soul, its rituale to be found in ever-newer methods of “special ops”, of destroying whole families while they sleep, of torturing and sodomizing their many “enemies”. In a Satanic Zionism which gleefully sacrifices its own Jewish people to this Canaanite Baal of War: whose cult was actually embraced by Israeli founding fathers. A propitiary offering such as apostate Jews of the millennia gave in the persons of their own infant offspring.

In fact however—in a topic of which admittedly we here at never tire—spirituality, the contemplative life, that most active of activities will always be as the breeze at the mouth of the cave. Neither will it fit in neatly between the garish ads of modern capitalism, or the perennial rib-poking, back-slapping humor of the American Church. No, it will always be found first and foremost among the poor and abject, the despised and ridiculed. As among those New Mexico Pueblo Indians who converted fervently and en-masse to the Catholicism brought them by the Franciscans, but whose immediate descendants lost that same inestimable treasure, that Pearl of Great Price in considerable numbers, under the onus of grueling official Spanish mistreatment.

Never mentioned in standard collegiate history books—or any other kind, for that matter—is the fact that the Habsburg colonial venture was positively loaded with and significantly dominated by Marrano-Jewish elements. The Imperial Austrian family having brought to Spain with its accession a great many such Jews, and by its look-the-other-way policies having allowed them to deftly evade Spanish law, to effectively take control, from the 1520s to 1700, of the entire Latin colonization effort. While the ever-insidious Habsburgs themselves seem to have been carefully jockeyed into place, into what amounts to a precocious commanding globalist position, through intrigues of these same synagogue-goers: they who would soon openly or effectively own much of the shipping in inter-colonial trade of all colonizing European lands. This Habsburg Spanish/Latin-American ascendancy—about which I did a college paper to be found in my Random Essays (2004)—no doubt embodying a round and indeed mocking rebuke to a Catholic Spain which some twenty-five years before Charles V’s accession had famously attempted to expel all Jews from its shores. These crypto-Jews—of course legally forbidden to even be in the colonies—beyond any question quickly gained important posts in the colonial administration under Charles and his successors, in rough-and-ready circumstances where treachery is notoriously easy to bring into being.

Hence did cruel men like Onate, in charge of the initial Spanish exploration-in-force and colonization of Pueblos around present-day Santa Fe, arrogantly demand recognition among the Pueblos of plenipotentiary military-occupier status: this in the same breath with words about the meek Christ. With martial accents quickly given debilitating practical form in an initial commandeering of the bulk of these native’s grain, blankets and other necessities. Onate himself a shiftless squanderer, utterly unfit to head such an important command, operating in the closing days of the sixteenth century, to be followed by others much like himself, exacting punishments for revolt which included the further seizure of scarce and laboriously-obtained grain, the enslavement of women and children left behind in the villages while warriors fled to the hills, as well as in at least one case the stoning to death of a certain sizeable number of rebels, once caught. All this while the powerless, compassionate padres looked helplessly on, but with whom the natives naturally and inevitably associated the wholesale Spanish brutality as well. Missioners a sizeable number of whom paid for the official arrogance and venality with their own very lives.

Yet, much as among Blacks in the pre-Civil-War South, and indeed beyond, into our own day, those New Mexico Indians who as good Gospel soil were spiritually perceptive saw in stark colors, in the very jagged outlines of the cruelty of their conquerors, a graphic illustration—like a vivid living painting in a new kind of catechism book—of like sadisms and barbarities of Pharisees of old. Stark bearded figures chiding the very Christ Who by their own demands had been delivered to the bloody Way of the Cross. Indians finding indeed in their own very sufferings a participation in the Passion of Our Blessed Lord, a sharing in that very paradoxically-life-giving barbarity of which they had only so recently learned. That same good Jesus, in His mortal woes, of whom these self-important military and official figures had spoken, and with whom they would so sanctimoniously associate themselves. A like-charactered Sanhedrin as if come back on horseback across time simply and obligingly to be an illustration, with dumbfounding clarity to demonstrate the very point: ancient Jews to whom many of these generalissimos were no doubt blood-related down the generations as well. (The internet should still have a wealth of information on this topic of long-time-unacknowledged generations of Jews in New Mexico, a large number of whom are now reverting to synagogue belief). Treatment accorded to a whole Pueblo Indian People who, finally, and even under the spur of incredibly cruel treatment by this first conquistador of the New Mexico, would in following years prove themselves regular mass-attendees in their thousands, and fervent daily catechism-students as well. This while they lovingly constructed buildings for the Spanish padres, for droves of best-land-occupying Spanish settlers, and for their military persecutors as well, and provided them with labor and sustenance in a thousand other ways. All this as graphically described by Franciscans in the 1630s, in accounts widely read in Spain. While today these true Catholics of New Mexico—even amid New Ordo inanities and falsehoods that now abound—frequently maintain a faith-related goodness, kindness and moral simplicity inherited from ancestors of old. (Partial sources Espinosa, J. Manuel, The Pueblo Indian Revolt of 1696. Norman and London: University of Oklahoma Press, 1988, and Chavez, Fray Angelico, Our Lady of the Conquest. Santa Fe: the Historical Society of New Mexico, 1948.)

In stark contrast to this undying Indian faithfulness to the Catholic creed, in spite of a terrible backlog of treatment hardly bearable by human beings—there is this false mysticism, as in the noted latest Jewish Indian attempt to revive paganism among the tribes. While in the same article we are told about Solomon Bibo: a Jewish pioneer who became Governor of Acoma Pueblo. Do you wonder how he pulled that one off? Was it by mass acclamation of the people? I hardly expect so, even if we credulous goyim, or Christian putative sub-humans, would be foolishly led so to believe. Indians having previous partaken in these recently-revived superstitious cults in a species of primitive ignorance which conveyed varying degrees of comparative innocence as well; tribesmen who are now prevailed upon from all quarters to “return as a dog to its vomit”. While their ancestors under the French and Spanish could perhaps at best see certain gropings of ages past as preliminaries to the eagerly-welcomed dawning of the light of True Faith. But now we have the so-called Catholic clergy stumbling after these primitive rites in their idolatrous entirety, eagerly embracing remaining Satanic elements, abandoning with feverish haste the very oracles of Heaven, with which men of the cloth once held familiar concourse. By whose inspiration Catholicism had in the past taken what was innocent in the Indian’s—or the Goth’s or the Frank’s—symbols, and incorporated these vestiges in the worship of God. Using every device to attract the soul: “draw me, we will run after the odor of your (Christ’s) ointments”. That age-old method of Catholicism which the post-Vatican-II clergy pompously rejected, calling it idolatry, only to stumble on into what is obviously in certain respects the grossly occult. As in certain “coming out ceremonies” that can last nearly a week, no doubt with hypnotic rattle- and drum-ridden incantations given full and interminable sway, and at which the local Father Jim might easily be happily enthralled.

The very thoroughgoing nature of the Catholic Way—with its Way of the Cross, its rosary, its ascending, progressively-rarified seven storey mountain of mysticism, the supreme spiritual individualism of its Gregorian Chant, its Benedictine nature-inclusive spirituality (nature here a proximate means, not an end in itself), its regimen of modesty of dress, of nation-specific customs—all this is the only safe route and must be reinstituted forthwith—if possible yesterday—before it passes entirely from the memory of men. A pearl of great price, these ageless Catholic ceremonies and rubrics, having the divine Hypostatic inspiration imbedded therein in an utterly inimitable way. All of which treasures are utterly in-subvertible: since for one thing they are too extensive, too profound and unfathomable, to twist in every particular, every nuance of person, nation, form. Anything more streamlined, unified—as in the “Kerygmatic approach” introduced at the very onset of Vatican II, or the “Charismatic approach” of the 70s and 80s, or the “Guns instead of butter” of the New Church Neo Con radical—all these things are simply crass vehicles of infiltration. As was the whole Church-evaluative Vatican II: which set itself up to judge all the foregoing. As if it were a Third Testament.

But only Christ will bring us the Third Revelation in His Second Coming. “Let no one deceive you with other Christs”. To which true Second Coming I say, Maranatha, “come, Lord Jesus”.

July 31, 2006: Non-communication and Bush’s War on Mankind

In “the world’s greatest democracy” it is ironic that something so high on the self-governing agenda as communication should be in the shambles that it is here today. Go anywhere from the innermost reaches of most American homes to the halls of Congress and you will find the same inability or unwillingness—amid absolute silence or a tempest of words—to candidly and lucidly hold forth with ones honest thoughts. There seems to be this conviction that to do so is to shamefully show ones undergarments, or to distastefully bare ones soul. The gratuitous schoolyard gang conflict-paradigm of middle school readings of the past few decades no doubt contributed significantly to this disturbing reflex, but this rigidly-institutionalized species of social-deconstructionism hardly suffices to explain its first anomalous origins. A stonewalling attitude which started with obscure beginnings and now threatens to blot out entirely the communicational light of day. An anomaly which for one thing turns out diplomats like “Condolences” Rice, a communication-impenetrable bearer of death to the Middle East, and indeed to the world at large.

I myself would be the very last to gainsay the virtue of silence: my own attachment to the non-verbal having been a decided formative, a maker of friends and enemies with which I would never willingly part. That robust silence to which I aspired from earliest years which was actually quite sensitive and communicative in nature, an orientation which only increased with the passage of time, like a storing-up of grain into a barn. But this kind of taciturnity isn’t at all at issue: rather a certain elemental morbidity, much spoken of here, which stops all real communication dead in its tracks. In my opinion its very first roots being found in that grim determination of Puritan Founding Fathers to do everything in the very opposite way of Catholicism. A Cromwellian brothers-at-arms penchant retained with fanatical faithfulness, gaining random destructiveness, picking up momentum with a substantial detachment from its original reason d’etre, a curious disconnect in many ways compounding itself over time. This thoroughgoing if increasingly-unconscious rejection of the Catholic Way including all things having to do with the tongue, even with the entire outward and inward man. Thus in most cases where Catholic speech would be conciliatory, empathetic, relenting, “bearing with one another”, the very domestic dialect of the “household of the Faith”, this devolving Calvinist way tends to revel in the ironic, sardonic or blunt, as many-a cartoon-caption of Uncle Sam himself reveal. Verbal coups sufficing where others don’t avail. This undying hostility toward the Catholic Way however taking into its broad swath much of humanity as well, as in the case of the ever-warm and communicative Vietnamese, in whom the basically loving and expressive French found a perfectly kindred soul. An antipathy toward the universal human persona of the first feverish Reformer years which was however destined to pass out of existence, even among Calvinists, basically everywhere except here. Other lands for one thing lacking the distilling effect of the social and political solitude of the Colonies, as well as any active desire to wipe out Catholic French-Canadian-, Cuban-Spanish- or Mexican-Spanish-trained Indians found here in abundance. Devout, educated, speakers of European tongues, thenceforth to be known simply as “Redskins”. A laboriously-rationalized hostility against all these verbal softies which would powerfully form the character of the original thirteen United States, as well as the many more that would follow across an equally-embattled plain. Thus too, this non-communication evincing itself in this doughty refusal to even talk to North Korea or Iran, allowing an ill-articulated Yankee desire to “have it out” aggressively to have full if sanctimoniously-foresworn sway. Here being a spiritual and attitudinal rarification which acted upon the Colonial personality in a way analogous to the dialect-retention found in any diaspora: producing however among the Yanks not just Holland-hearkening Manhattan or Brooklyn patois but an odd assortment of moral and social sicknesses with which we—and an entire globe—must contend today.

Of great interest to this discussion is the fact that the very golden age of the USA, the Kennedy Administration, represented a complete break with this mummery with respect to the tongue: John having opened up to us a communicational bonanza, and with it a real spiritual, cultural and social rebirth of the land. One albeit in preparation during the entire foregoing course of the twentieth century, of which his years in office represented a culmination, an apogee. Literally crammed into his three years being the folk music revival, an avid reawakening of poetry, oratory, literature and classical music, even an unprecedented renaissance of science and engineering, intended for the peaceful building-up of man. Uplifting and constructive things which with the advent of the secretive Lyndon Johnson Administration would either die on the vine or become associated with the military-industrial machine, on the one hand, or with various radical causes on the other. Those years which likewise saw the advent of the hardboiled bureaucrat who mourns the loss of lucrative criminal justice jobs far more than any death-sentence against civility and communication to which they are so often themselves strangers. Chief legacy that they are of those mum’s-the-word Johnson years which first called them forth in their legions of today.

Much of the problem originally lay in the radical Calvinist misconstruing of Catholic fluency, communicability, with things like effeminacy and insincerity: a harsh reflex long observed in a special way in the treatment of Mexicans and other Latinos here. A cruel misrepresentation which insults any Latin far more than poor housing or low pay. A confusion at whose base lies not only the noted overriding impulse to do the opposite of all things Catholic but also in the Reformer-endemic Manichaean/purist distrust of the well-integrated human persona, of which those south of the border have often been consummate examples. That antipathy in particular against the highly-fragile bodily nature of man—and necessarily as well by association against all its emotional/communicational/body-linguistic equipment—a rejection which has been with us since at least the heretical movements of the later Middle Ages. The nihilistic Fraticelli, Hussites, Albigensians and other Illuminists being but so many tentacles of that anti-matter Gnostic hydra which has been the bitterest enemy of True Faith since Simon Magus first wrought havoc on the Early Church. A spirit which among Christians is typically entirely engrossed in the Sixth Commandment, to alternately break it with despairing intensity or observe it with a cold, loveless and bitter zeal. This making-much out of our native frailty—itself easily a source of temptation rather than a remedy—being a rigorism which ultimately and with singular inexorability condemns all human externality of expression, a sickness which with utmost irony always follows close upon the heels of historical eras of ribald and unbridled hedonism such as ours of the past several decades. While lending force to such sweeping sentiments as well would be the heretic-typical placing of too much emphasis upon a mere handful of biblical passages or words, a process by which if tortured long enough the words of Scripture can be made to “say” almost anything. Such phrases as “let your yeh be yeh and your nay be nay” thus to some minds being readily commandeered as a monosyllabic judgment seat upon which to discover perfidy and deceit where there is only a childlike desire to impart, to share. The Biblical injunction rather itself referring to such a very lack of guile, and with but rare exception not to a dirth of syllables in our words. All these various grudging Gnostic propensities tend not surprisingly to look upon smiling, communicative youth as a mere frivolous seedbed of Original Sin, so that to these Colonial religionists and their sometimes-agnostic progeny the Evangelists putting aside of “the things of a child” tends to inaugurate a lifelong traumatic break with everything good and lovely in that pristine time, whether verbal or non-verbal. This through an anti-human prejudice which as noted has lost all memory of its original anti-“papist” cause. While, again, to gush forth those “many words in which sin is never lacking” isn’t really communication at all, indeed being frequently-enough a notorious smoke screen for other things.

Thus largely by the route described has communication here today come down to the noted Bush/Zionist stonewalling project-of-control; a case of the tail wagging the dog; a use or non-use of the tongue for things far beyond its proper ken. Thus the typical news-commentator will give a story a perfectly-counter-intuitive spin, working astutely against ones honest reaction to wholesale perfidy and wrong. Or in other artificial ways adding an element of the overwhelming to words which in themselves have little probity or force. This and a host of other kinds of anti-communication being much at issue in the personality-control gulag of the increasingly-demeaning modern job as well: the verbal harassment of the human guinea pig taking precedence far above either truth or productivity in the media or the corporation. While in Vatican II a voluble species of stonewalling would be taken to unprecedented flights of truly-insincere ardor: bringing New Church decidedly up to par in this insidious war against communication, whether of grace or of truth.