January 15, 2007: Womanhood, the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Muslim world.

            From out of the unbroken tradition of the Christian Faith and from words of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to Sister Josepha Menendez of Spain, around 1923, we know that this Font of Divine Life will someday soon rejuvenation a humanity now sunk so low. A rebirth which will include a fuller appreciation of the place of woman, of her unique and central role in the day-to-day incarnation of this same Divine Love in human affairs. While no doubt most indomitably of all from this Burning Furnace of Charity will escape—like the mammoth flame of some firestorm on the face of the Sun—the embers of the total annihilation of the vile and twisted cosmology of Freud. That stricken, palsied view of life which in the United States joins forces with a potent residue of the harsh Calvinism of the Puritans: they whose unfailing doctrinal and psychological source was to be found in the elitism, the frigid self-sufficiency of the historical mentors of all Christian heresies, the Jews. A union of Freud and Calvinism which produces that monstrous warping of heterosexual love for which a Judeo/Christian America is so well known, and increasingly feared around the globe. The very titanic generosity of a woman’s heart—which readily both replicates and forms a vessel of the Spirit of Love, the Holy Ghost, within the family, within society at large—having been savagely attacked, brutally belittled on these shores. Consigned in varying degrees to the miserable confines of a mere sexual trifle. Indeed now, in however disguised a way, and in a host of private, “privatized” or institutional settings, in victims of ever-younger and ever-older feminine years. A sickness which takes its cue from the radical Freudian interpretation of all human thoughts, words and deeds in erotic terms: that which is the unfailing fountainhead of the modern eruption of sex crimes of every kind. The most perfectly innocent human overtures from the most innocent of souls, of women and children—in which humanity outwardly most resembles God—being the more damningly so construed the more “demonstrative” they are. A monstrous obsession which blackens the marvelously-unifying social roles of both women and children in the most cruel, complete and inescapable way. With respect to women adding new and bizarre penalties at every turn to those few real ones—actually more-than-atoned-for by Mary—inherited from Eve. While at the root of these gratuitous condemnations is the yet-deeper suicidal and eternal Gnostic rejection of our frail humanity—which women and children represent in the most poignant way—indeed of the goodness of an entire meek and highly-exploitable physical world. “God looked upon all these things, and saw that they were very good (Genesis)”.

            It is this full and generous understanding of women, of the sacred duty to guard and cherish them, that we Christians should be exemplifying in the Middle East, to our Muslim neighbors here at home. That cultivation which is in turn an integral part of the nurturing of the earth, of all of life: that joyful and positive orientation which all of us inevitably learn at some woman’s hand if we learn it at all. It is this witness, inherited from out of two thousand years of mild Christian laws, customs, Civilization—openly admired in places like Turkey—for which the Muslim world craves, as evidenced in a thousand ways. Not new lessons in unfamiliar and barbaric military tactics, and in the mistreatment of women and children: dragging them back as we do to a set-piece slavery-minded Saladin worldview more outdated to them today than powdered wigs are to us.

            January 13, 2007: My alternative strategy for Iraq. Bush and false loyalty.

            I feel sorry for this President much as I would for a run-over snake out on the road. Or a gangster who had finally gotten caught up with. And his petulant challenge to his critics to “all right then, come up with your own strategy” is true to this pitiful but disgusting form.

            Tell me, was it these critics who lied us into this mess? It’s as if he’s saying that its they, not he, who have been caught in an embarrassing pose. Was it these critics who engineered what has turned out plainly in hindsight to be a vast, privileged-party-rewarding scheme, a plethora of spring-loaded global and domestic policies, flowing inexorably, if sometimes by obscure and circuitous back-room or no-bid routes, from 9/11? With the whole integrated web-of-deceit, with its Abramoffs, it’s corporate-rewarding info-trunk-mining, its Iraqi pork barrels, its simultaneous Israeli over-supply and G.I. under-equipment, and Iraqi bullet-less guns.

            Bush took us into Iraq for one principal reason: in order to build the world’s biggest and most technologically-advanced U.S. Embassy. From out of whose cavernous depths U.S. and Mossad black ops elements—armed not only with state-of-the-art weaponry but also with the latest digitally-obtained information and target-acquisition equipment—could wreak havoc-laden provocateur deeds, trigger sectarian violence. Preparing the land and people, predigested, for a long-planned Israeli occupation at some future time. For such barbaric, inhumane and insidious purposes no large military force—urged by ground commanders—was actually needed: since the actual occupation of the entire land was not required. Who cares about mayhem in An Bar or on Baghdad streets, as long as the bulldozers and Sisco-routing technicians were provided ample security, to continue undeterred their plodding work? Here too the reason nobody really cared about providing hospitals, water or food for the populace during the first few months of this “War”: which a genuine occupying force by international agreement must always do. Rather has the gradual introduction of a complete chaos been the uncannily- and barbarically-precise aim all along. Things have gone swimmingly-well, then, for George Bush and Israel, in his “failure” in Iraq. And the fact that this new bid to increase troop levels will only cause further pandemonium: this is part and parcel of the same Hellish, bloody, blank-faced scheme.

            The Old Testament is full of “types” or illustrations for our instruction: indeed, the Temple sacrifice, the very purpose of the Jewish religion, was only an augur of Holy Mass, the Offering of the Lamb, whose advent would void Judaism entirely as a religious faith of its own. Furthermore, any honest and reflective person must wonder how many genuine and sincere Jews can be left, after the precise prediction of the year of the coming of the Messiah, the Isaiah-foreseen suffering servant, and the noted two-millennia-long loss of the Temple, the very heart and soul of their faith. Indeed a backward and degrading blood loyalty can sometimes burn with an intensity that resembles religion, just like a false and fanatical “patriotism”, like this Religion of America we spread by the sword. A cult which excuses every national wrong. This whole false-loyalty phenomenon suggesting that Judaism or Bush America—take your pick—are much like the Mafia, or like a boat-load of pirates, like any nationality can become. With a mere gross human-attachment-related ”sacredness” contained in a lot of blood-oaths and sinister coded symbols.

            Thus one of the principle analogs in the sacred pages—the kings of Canaan—provides a striking prefigurement of George Bush—idolaters, as I remember, whom the Early Fathers regarded as symbols of the seven capital sins. And there was one in particular, before the Temple had yet been built, the ruler of a tribe just then defeated: one in whose company the Jews, then as now, forever unfaithful, had cavorted, had sacrificed to Baal. But it happened that the same faithless Jews, out of the sympathy of long association, were loath to execute this monster, this infanticide, this grizzly human-sacrificial idolater. But the holy Prophet who was there knew the penalty that was required, and that the nation of the Hebrews would not be cleansed from its defilements until it had been exacted. A great patriarch who thereupon took this polytheistic monarch, this trembling, corpulent ghoul, and slew him with his own hands, hacking him into bits. Which wretched remains the prophet then placed upon the rude altar, out in the open air, and consumed with fire, that the nation might be cleansed from its crimes. As I was saying, these histories from the Old Covenant are there for our instruction, as figures, as models for our justice and sanctification.

            God no longer demands the same kinds of penalties, in this New and more-merciful Dispensation, yet an integral part of my “alternative strategy” is first of all to impeach George Bush and his Administration, and indict them for major crimes of state, as a first step toward the return of the blessing of God. Secondly, to realign ourselves in the Middle East and around the globe; to stop politically and militarily rubber-stamping the Jews both here and in Israel. Beyond question this continuous recourse has been the foul root of the above-noted bloody crimes and intrigues since 11/63, under the astute direction of these same Biblically-identified “enemies of mankind”, whose moles are found deeply imbedded in every government on the planet. The undying and remorseless enemies of our Faith and inseparable Western Civilization: that which they pretend to champion but intend to destroy. While, thirdly, as far as loyalty to our troops, let alone to George Bush, is concerned: unjust war is nothing other than mass murder, no matter how peach-fuzzed or baby-faced the one who flies the jet or pulls the trigger. A simple fact Americans have apparently lost sight of amid the mass-moral vagaries of abortion and the barbaric demise of Terri Schiavo, in this our new Canaan of this latter time. In fact and by the account of those truly honest who know Iraq and its problems inside out, and as suggested by the whole above-described strategy-of-chaos, we are only making matters insolubly worse by staying there. Lending incalculable further credence to the notorious on-the-ground epithet that it is we, not the Sunnis or the Shiites, who are the major cause of resentment and contention there. While finally, practically everyone including Al Maliki is against this troop surge, if nothing else on simple practical grounds, and in favor of a political solution, bring into play all regional players.

            But the Bush chuspah becomes yet-more unbearable as he continues to play the cavalier part of Don Quixote in the theater-of-battle, refusing to even talk to some of the most important regional actors. Just like rootin’, tootin’ Reagan before him—let alone a Johnson whose basically engineered the whole Haiphong-Harbor incident, which led to ten years of involvement in Vietnam—Bush cannot be brought to follow the example of a John Kennedy whose willingness to talk to an adversary saved the world from nuclear annihilation. That nuclear winter upon whose brink the globe then perilously swayed. A blessed-memory Kennedy approachability which served to initiate the first cracks in Boris Pasternak’s cemented-over Soviet empire, a King Kong monster which would scarcely last twenty more years as a living, moving force. Credit for which magnificent achievement, this fall-of-the-Kremlin—this triumph of the Catholic spirit applied to geopolitical affairs—is of course, and with a standard ponderous sloganeering more suited to the ‘50s Kremlin than to those brief, sane, mercifully-humorous years of Camelot—bestowed upon the same Reagan who had no clew about such things. While the same George W. at the same time continues with an obvious lack of pathos or sympathy to arbitrate the fates of Palestinians, torture-implicated political prisoners, and loyal Lebanese. Such deeds would be beyond my comprehensions if it weren’t for the above-noted cynical overleaf-plan. As well as the fact, increasingly obvious to me for years now, that George Bush is totally without scruple, maneuvering, with a disarming persona and typically with great communicational skill, for his own interests and those of the intergenerational global elite with whom his family has been intimately tied for well over a century and a half.

            January 13, 2007: Hosni Mubarek, the Muslim Brotherhood and American aggressive war

Mubarek and other modern heads-of-state pursue today’s mythical notions of progress, while falling prey to all the usual terrified anticipations of being left behind, of becoming isolated. Hence these leaders have understandably-little mental or emotional energy left to ask the Chestertonian question, “progress to what?”: a query they leave generously at the doorstep of economists, scientists and engineers, in this region too often supply-chain-managers mostly of poverty and war. Presidents and prime ministers inhabiting a progress-bubble eons away from the basically-timeless world of the Muslim Brotherhood: a groundswell which by contrast shares a sense of eternity with the sand dunes of the Arabian Desert, while nonetheless living and moving with all the calm ease of a Dromedary in a high-tech world. The Brotherhood being a popularly-rooted force only remotely responsive to the hysteria of herd-marketing, and a poor source of those divided loyalties upon which the modern world-system most thrives. An organic movement all the more capable of providing the massive footings, like those of the Pyramids, upon which a nation like Egypt could resume an ancient stature and prosperity. Potentially embodying the resurgence of the irreducible strength of mankind—of workmen, villagers, families, co-workers—a constructive force alone capable of surmounting today’s economic and military landscape-of-chaos. Among the latter of whose routine housekeeping chores are included black ops provocateur deeds that for five years now have metronomically touched off sectarian violence in Iraqi and elsewhere around the globe, often just when peace seemed about to be secured. In a modern world bristling not only with high-level deceit and high-tech weapons but also with productive means: a globe which should by all accounts be a cornucopia of wealth being obsessed rather with a super-state aggressive warfare of whose scale and scope an eighth or eleventh century Sultan could hardly have dreamed. From out of a worldview full of abortion, “mercy killing” and a pathologically-violent, blood-and-guts-policy-vindictive TV: a world by inescapable elitist policies allowed to till only a scant two percent or less of its arable soil. Even as the same elites “cover the world over with concrete”—to paraphrase Pasternak—with new and eco/economic-destructive “developments” by the day. While in a final non sequitur this New World Order “global policeman” stores food in gigantic warehouses: wasting, spoiling, eaten by rats, while billions around the globe starve or live in grinding malnutrition.

            There hasn’t been anything aggressive about Muslim military arms since somewhere around the close of the seventeenth century: Islamic land rather having become a lustily-sought-after spoil to Westerners, eager to manufacture Muslim “aggressions” since the discovery of Porte vulnerabilities during those same distant times. A lack which, “not to worry”, the herd-marketing Hollywood/geo-corporate imagination quickly supplied: this by way of the handy invention of a laboriously-sustained caricature of Jihad, beginning in earnest with the fantasy-based terrorist-hijacker movies of the ‘70s and ‘80s. Jihad being a term which, in a modern Islam far different from the Caliphates of medieval times, means most often something remarkably reminiscent of the inner violence spoken of in the Christian Gospels. To wit: “the kingdom of Heaven suffereth violence, and only the violent bear it away”. True, there are extremes in Islam: as in an abominable execution over changing ones religion, or over seeking to marry someone disapproved of by ones relatives: abuses however not at all accepted by all Muslims, and countered effectively by the likes of “tyrants” like Saddam Hussein. Granted too, even among Christians such an inner purgation or asceticism, with its resulting and inseparable virility of soul—an interior commodity however almost unknown among vitiated Vatican-II Catholics of today—can be motivated to bear arms. But just as certainly, in the modern Islamic context, it can harbor the most lasting personal and international peace, is a parallel interior definition which more-commonly and more accurately captures the much-abused term.

            But in the policy sphere in Egypt and across the Middle East what is needed is the popularly-micro-managed progress of the farmer, the family man, the co-op, the neighborhood: that which alone can properly dispose of the prodigal potential of the region, and adequately anticipate and accommodate the welfare of its inhabitants. That human capacity which is positively vitiated economically by a radically-centralized globalist system, employing as propaganda convincers a ready use of apocalyptic black-ops intrigue—a polar-opposite vigorous personal, local and national human-agency which the Muslim Brotherhood promises to generously catalyze, if given the chance. The realization of which all-encompassing, personally-arbitrated human good must be both means and end of government, industry and finance: or these have little valid meaning at all. A void seen in a modern secularist geo-system which commoditizes an entire globe, gleaning mere marginal profits “off the top” of bar-coded goods of questionable quality, dividends divided among an increasingly-tiny few. A hoard of squandered, miniscule size—making third-world nations into “efficiency”-obsessed consumer-product factories full of draconian worker-abuse—a gulag which compares miserably to the mutually-augmented abundance which could have been realized. Goods and services which by contrast qualitatively and quantitatively multiply under the warm and neighborly human hand, this in a ready social analogy to the loving multiplication of loaves and fishes of Our Lord Jesus Christ. While under the modern global system the most critical element of all, human agency, is reduced to a tiny pinpoint, with vast resources necessarily macro-managed in a ham-handedly-inefficient and largely-irrelevant way. Giving regional children “a stone instead of a loaf”. The vast riches of the human Garden rather requiring for their full fruition the interplay of the whole community of human hearts and intelligences, embodying that reciprocity, that mutuality which in regional terms the Muslim Brotherhood could vigorously bring into play.

            The main excuse of ruling forces for the rejection of the Brotherhood is its inclusion of religious belief into political life: a course held to be ignorant and backward in the extreme. Indeed, the truly religious government is basically thought of by Bush America as an “axis of evil”, to be razed and hunted down without remorse, wherever it is found. If all else fails, criminally misrepresented through “heroic” deeds of black-ops intrigue. Furthermore and true to form, this “separation of church and state” aggressive-warfare battle-cry is a constant historical motif of two centuries: with the celebrated Enlightenment paradigm, the very central dogma of modern times, having typically-enough and with highest-irony had to be imposed by force of arms. Often indeed by way of the same sort of invasion across international boundary lines that Bush so doughtily and atavistically brings to the world of today. It wasn’t, after all, among religious-fanatical New England colonists that anyone feared the establishment of a theocracy back in ’76, but rather to a French Quebec that “crusading” American arms forthwith deployed. Depriving Catholic matrons and school-children of their dangerous holy day parades. While even with mammoth paradoxes of modern-day “democracy” to one side, the Muslim Brotherhood plainly represents an accurate embodiment of regional popular convictions and political ideals, a worldview which can only partially and with grave moral violence be modified by domestic persecution or foreign military power.

            Furthermore, history teaches—the beefy diatribes of Neo Con ideologues notwithstanding—that to abolish the institution-building, law-and-order-sustaining influence of religion on government—and this in any global venue—is to introduce chaos and anarchy, as we ourselves are learning in an ever-more-radically-secular USA. Purely-verbal, highly-commercialized “born-again” pretenses to one side. An increasingly-degenerate, crime-and-imprisonment-ridden institutionalized godlessness we nonetheless threaten to impose upon an entire globe. Advanced through a blank-faced aggressive warfare upon which is neatly tacked the same old incredible saw, a residue of the still-unsettled dust-of-treachery of 9/11: “otherwise we will be required to fight the same battle here on our own front doors”. A bully’s fable much like that of the mid-twentieth century regarding Lilliputian forces of a tiny Japan: which for decades had meekly accepted a strangling, mortifying, Anglo/American-circumscribed sphere-of-trade. Much-feared Oriental foes who were anticipated in the ‘40s, “any day now”, to invade the West Coast, and from there no doubt to march (by easy stages) into Washington D.C. While the penchant of U.S. policymakers—in dealings with Indians, Japanese, Quebecans, Spaniards and a host of others—toward the invention of war-inducing incidents is just too broad and heavily-trampled a historical trail to ignore when evaluating today’s highly-relevant, ominously-gathering geo-military doom. Our trusty agents provocateurs now being equipped with state-of-the-art means that put to shame such rude forays as the uncannily-blonde-haired depredations of the Creek Red Stick band during the War of 1812. That struggle during which an enlightened England loosely joined forces briefly with Catholic Spain to valiantly attempt to save brutally-beset Indians of many tribes, fled to vast and verdant reaches of La Florida, from the exterminating rigors of a doughty fife and drum. Much the same sort of aggressive-warfare propaganda-motivation that sent World War II Yugoslav Partisans raping and burning, donning Croat Ustasha uniforms in disguise. Even as a crudely-conducted sinking of the Maine would heroically add Cuba to La Florida in the finally finishing-off of Spanish possessions in the Western Hemisphere which had been going on steadily for a century. Distant-past events many of which, just like 9/11 and its secret prisons and tribunals, are still glibly glossed over or dutifully shrouded in “national security related” top-secret silence. In this the land of the free and the brave.

            Indeed the noted secularization-related order-breakdown—that less-adverted-to salient of today’s globalist crusade—is likewise illustrated by the reintroduction, and augmentation, of the Opium Trade in Afghanistan. That early-nineteenth-century Skull and Bones, Bush-family-street-corner standby finding new life close upon the heels of secular-regime-installing American troops. A military presence which likewise quickly augured new vigor along the drug route which meanders from Afghan poppy fields to the burgeoning numbers of Western European and American heroin addicts. A path which makes its way easily through a Caucasus-region with leaders toppled or weakened by the insidious media-and-NGO activities of a host of U.S.-based foundations, propaganda-mills rightly-feared by leaders across West-Asia from Turkey to Kazakstan to Pakistan. With George Soros providing an added, ever-disingenuous prop to U.S. policies across vast reaches of a Gulf-to-Indian-Ocean globe, being himself one of the world’s chief opponents of the institutionalization of religion in public life.

            But there is another America that I have known since earliest childhood, a mild, good-humored, own-business-minding, pious and truly-productive America that has sought vainly, for two centuries and more, much like the Muslim Brotherhood itself, for its day in the sun. That is the America I love, and whose ascendancy I advance. To me, there is no other.

            This modern system stigmatizes the native, indigenous community—unless it be of State-Department or academia fawned-over cannibals or animists—as backward, as spawning a host of sicknesses social, economic, psychological, criminological—but actually such disadvantages thrive most under modern systems in which people are rendered artificially idle and unproductive. Endlessly tampered-with and experimented-upon by manipulating social, medical and psychiatric professionals, locals likewise made mere inert spectators to a marketplace entirely dominated by elitist brokers. The sort of frustrated, tormented existence which the American poor share at least as much as the Afghanis, if in a somewhat different way, and in escape from which they often voluntarily take up arms in foreign wars. American soldiers from whom one can indeed not-frequently hear the most eloquent tributes to Iraqi and other regional peoples, their virtues, character and way of life. Bearing sane contrasting witness that when mankind is allowed fully and properly to engage, to locally mesh, to personally grow and gathers its own productive fruits, if within an enlightened world international trading system—a sanguine reality still very much alive in the social memory of Middle Eastern Muslims—it flowers with safe, healthy and self-monitoring social forms. A living, stubbornly-surviving reality entirely apart from the slanders now being so blank-facedly thrown around by experts and operatives of every kind. Thus the rich popular existence the Muslim Brotherhood is capable of reviving is closely-akin to the guilds of the immemorial Muslim past: with villages and urban neighborhoods of the region having been built politically and economically, at least until the time of Napoleon, around the trades and professions, so that representation was embodied in the very socioeconomic fabric of nation and town. This is a weave extremely difficult to tear at will, or to tax into the ground: one which in substance I propose, in my distributive FRP or Frankpledge Party, for this land as well, if of course within a Christian, and ultimately, of course by free popular choice, a Catholic context. In a pious, childlike, wholehearted desire to fulfill those words of the Our Father: “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.” This is self-government of the only authentic and truly-forward-looking kind: needing the least encouragement to become so deeply rooted as to resist any threat or upheaval from any source, at any time.

            Thus do nations like Iraq—generations after earlier sanguine forms were forcibly compromised—still evince a nobility-of-character which is the admiration of the very soldiers come to place them in further chains. Indeed, the same was so among American-Revolutionary troops who defeated Quebec, after which a great many of these “deliverers from Papism” embraced the very same Catholicism, married French maidens, and resolutely refused to come home. Indeed a dangerously-large number were actually said to have been ready to restart the same war they had just concluded from the other end, after once having become acquainted with the true character of their “enemies”.

            January 10, 2007: Tonight’s speech: justifying the progressive destabilization of a whole region. Natural disasters presage the fall of the Congressionally-enabled Bush tyranny.

            From out of the post-natal anti-life treachery of the Bush Administration and its pre-natal-anti-life Democratic Congress one can see that there is likely to be only one route of escape: that of Heavenly intervention. Thus largely through today’s multiplying natural disasters and other calamities will be broken an iron grip of brainwash more dense and impenetrable than any in man’s prior history, prepared by both fringe-liberal and fringe-conservative wings for decades, indeed basically for an entire century. A program of correctness which after the assassination of the Kennedy brothers ultimately achieved an iron Nazification under the two Bush Presidencies: much as under Hitler employing a middle and upper class ascendancy, in this case to cover a seamless melding of these two nefarious “bi-partisan” phalanxes of secret-society-arbitrated power. But during some coming orchestration of divine chastisements—perhaps culminating in a much-anticipated asteroid or comet, as Catholic prophesies of a thousand years might in some ways seem to predict—and amid a bewilderment whose first beginnings already thicken as I write, the previously-vanquished forces of good will have a chance to recoup themselves. In the midst of which calamities a genuine military battle, probably that of Armageddon, will be waged and won for the salvation of souls and nations. With some utterly unexpected opponents occupying opposite sides. In a final and decisive departure from the Skull and Bones Hell—of every sort of diabolical wrong—now being inflicted on mankind by a treacherous U.S. Government in league with allies in Britain and Israel.

            The collapse of the Communist Bloc from within only saw its vast reaches invaded by a new, innocuous-looking form of the same old forces: by “enemies of mankind” able to change themselves like chimera, even into “angels of light”. A newer uniformity of thought and opinion being destined to hold an iron grip in newly-independent Eastern European satellites and West-Asian khanates: their sudden fragmentation only making way for a tyranny-of-radical-capitalism for which the older Marxism had dutifully cleared the way. The old Bolshevik brutality having over the decades of Communist rule rid cosmopolitan cities and artic villages alike of those public and popular institutions, moral, political and cultural, which always grace the intact and unimpeded polity, and which stand stout and deep-rooted in the way of a heartless capitalism’s brutal sway. Critical assets which form an inestimable immune system against drugs, piracy and slavery of every kind: whether these be full of pretty window dressing or violent, brutal and blunt, as in capitalism’s inevitable drug-and-vice-related seamy side. The new ideology-of-lies and geo-political slanders—for the benefit of a Western public whose support is crucial for the success of today’s vast and bizarre variety of super-smooth geo-cons—being pedaled even to the furthest reaches of Mongolia by the thought-dictator of the ages, George Soros. A brainwash far more radical, absolute and institutionally-enveloping than was seen under the Communists or the Nazis having now descended upon an entire globe: except for much of Russia, on the one hand, and the world’s many struggling local indigenous Islamic populations, on the other. Both of whom haven’t yet been induced—by military hook or by financial crook—to “buy into” the Big Lie. While finally, a major feature of the coming confrontation—between truth and falsehood, good and evil—will be the conversion of the same Russia to full Catholic communion, as predicted by Our Blessed Lady at Fatima in October, 1917. A Russia as intimated above now being systematically slandered by the same Western “thought police”, after having lost the bulk of its prodigal Soviet-Era wealth to American and Israeli financial syndicates, “let in by the back door” by Yeltsin and his scurvy crew. A Russia likewise now pitted in a mortal struggle with an international terrorist ring, not really “Al Qaeda”, spilling over into southwestern provinces from Chechnya. That legendary land, despite its many enemies, being destined, in my own interpretation of the Fatima Message, to restore a gravely vitiated Catholic hierarchy and clergy by way of its own valid priestly and episcopal succession. Supplying amply that which was lost in the immediate aftermath of Vatican II, not only for present-day Catholics but for an entire world desperately in need of both moral leadership and Sacramental grace. That Russia whose noted coming conversion was foretold during the very same month as the October Bolshevik Revolution, during an apparition of Our Lady which included among its marvels the terrifying Heavenly prodigy of the Miracle of the Sun, witnessed by at least a hundred thousand souls. The Heavenly cures thereby having been supplied—nearly a half-century earlier—for a much-vaunted ‘60s Vatican II gathering that was fruitful both in a catastrophic loss of Faith and in preeminently paving the way for the easy success of the very Bush Blitzkrieg under which we suffer today. This by way of the moral, confessional and institutional breakdown it was chiefly responsible for bringing into being: if by the ever-preferred insidious, burrowing-infiltrator way of vitiated morale, of a hamstrung historical Catholic sense of rampant certainty.

            We can already see the approaching deliverance of God in today’s dramatic intensification of natural disasters: the worst aspects of which either go unreported by our mum’s the word media, are minimized in their catastrophic fury, or are given only the barest, most trivializing of coverage. Thus for instance the case of the ongoing cataclysm of Katrina: where among a host of other fictions the actual death count is beyond question much higher than that officially reported, and the popular chaos—seen by us personally last February and March—has only aggravated in the ensuing months. While nationally there has been a multiplication of bizarre incidents and accidents of every description, such as always precede war and divine punishment, including the periodic manifestations of a diabolical confusion of tongues right from the Presidential podium itself. A real babble from the Chief Executive himself, elicited by a Heaven which always surrounds the imps and agents of Hell with ominous warning signs—anomalies to which the newsmen present dare not call any direct attention. One-time truth-seekers having become craven White House menials rather than fearless, independent expositors, and challengers of mawkish duplicities of every kind.

            The usual grand sweep of Bush oratory—when not descending into the noted incoherence—did indeed characterize this evening’s address: a blitzkrieg of words and policies the Democratic leadership already claims it “hasn’t the power” to withstand. This despite the fact that since time immemorial legislative assembly and tribal moot alike have tenaciously held the “power of the purse”, especially in time of war. While Bush chose not to mention his cowardly air-attack and invariable top-secret preliminary special-ops ground-invasion on the fledgling Islamic Courts government of Somalia. In a new expansion of American arms—potentially as big a military mire as Iraq or Vietnam—being cynically initiated even as this “man of the people” makes pitiful excuses for the bloody anarchy he has already spawned. (Note of 01/12: Over the following five years from the writing of this article, Somalia was of course destined, under the Bush/Obama hip-boot, to become an absolute chaotic no-man’s-land—far worse even than either Iraq or Afghanistan—all three after tender mercies of the American “war on terror”. With native nationals claiming—convincingly-enough, in my own estimation—to have been forced to resort to piracy—as U.S. and Israeli regional rogue-alliances, blockades, “sanctions” and inevitable black-ops atrocities systematically strangle the land. All this remorselessly preparing the way for a new breed of genuine fanaticism—ever the aim of U.S. foreign policy—to violently reduce to a pabulum all local resistance to a globalist vision which will accept nothing short of sheer, abject, groveling submission.) The while the ridiculously-unfounded billing of every falsely-identified enemy as “Al Qaeda” reveals, for “eyes that see”, the ghoulish treason which lies among the well-kept secrets of 9/11. This to the usual accompaniment of a skillfully playing to the theme of that most fatal and shameful of American weaknesses, with roots in the ignorant, racist/atavistic, buckle-hatted intolerance of the Colonial past, of pathological levels of illusions of grandeur. A global program of aggression which on the Horn of Africa, with the help of both homegrown turncoats and a truly-fanatical Orthodox/Monophysite Ethiopian enemy—ideological-if-anachronistic bedfellows to the Puritans, a regional sample of remarkably-similar confessional henchmen around the globe—brutally crushes the first attempts of the true Somalian popular government to restore order out of fifteen years of U.S./Israeli-brokered local/regional chaos. That cauldron first brought to a boil in the early 90s by the usual multi-tiered, counterproductive regional involvement of both.

            January 5, 2007: Passing the sodomy-advocacy ball back and forth across the Atlantic. Yuma County ousts its own Sheriff.

            The British Government is now once again “debating” the idea that homosexuality must be “given equal time” in every Church-hall and ultimately in every sermon—a provision which ultra-discrete (“War on Terror” empowered) English elites have already basically passed into law, but which was only forestalled by some byzantine 11th-hour legislative maneuver of certain courageous Lords and Commoners. And you can be sure that the butches and queenies who have taken over Congress and the U.S. bureaucracy steadily since the assassination of the Kennedys will institute much the same here, in some way, shape or form. Now especially since the new Democratic majority has taken their seats.

            Interesting too here locally, in the Yuma, Arizona, area, is the way in which the Sheriff is essentially being replaced by a rule-by-committee: a fait accompli announced to us all over the airways a mere two days ago. The old tribal, common-law Shire-Reeve, the prime legal officer of the rudimentary county system—he who has embodied both law and an indispensable element of personal authority and leadership, basically in both East and West, since time immemorial—is being pushed aside here at last. After which no doubt the above sorts of measures will rise to the top on the local public agenda as well. In a city in which a palpable sense of an Orwellian control-from-above can be felt at odd places like the Regional Medical Center and various “job centers”, in the former of which probable-illegals receive prompt treatment, but the poor citizen, let alone the poor veteran, is likely to be treated and addressed like a dog. Where illegals already stream across the border unimpeded, bringing their drugs and guns with them: and against which flood our stout and vigilant Sheriff was one of the last sea-dykes. Aliens complete with forged documents driving American citizens off of jobs at will, and with consummate contempt curling the corners of their privileged Hispanic mouths. This new and indeterminate “public safety committee” being destined just as easily to be an approximation of the old Jacobin lynch-mob by that name, of the earliest and most-radical French-Revolutionary period, as a do-nothing discussion-club, “while (a Mob-ignited) Yuma burns”.

            The point is that it is this parallel authority which is the entire problem: whether in the history of the drug-Mob along the border, or in the behind-the-scenes advocacy of a sodomy which the average American holds in utter revulsive contempt. But which is being shoved down the throats of our youngest children over the media, in the schools, by public policy. This parallel government—of the elites, the “experts”, of the Enlightenment-Era’s “technocrats”—which totally bypasses the input of the people. Some of which citizens, like myself, no doubt called the local Channel 11 for the latest info on this coup d’etat and got the phone slammed in their ear for “making waves”. Or called the Sheriff’s office only to be patronized by his secretary, that all-powerful if seemingly-innocuous elite-agenda-factotum, first installed during a totalitarian-watershed World War I, going easily from her excel spreadsheet to arbitrating matters-of-state. At whose hands I was condescended-to in dripping tones for butting in to areas where, as the common citizen is so often apprised today, decent people “have matters well-in-hand”. A slap-stick routine in which obscure remarks about “acts of terrorism” or “other emergencies”—over which the Sheriff is suddenly held “not to be an adequate force”—find their most impressive setting. Even though Katrina proved to us for all time that the labyrinthine intricacies of Homeland Security bureaucracies local, state and national—among the very impenetrable guts of this rule-by-committee—together with the impenetrable protocols of electronic security and command-control—are the complete nemesis of anything like efficient emergency management. While here finally is where all this “correctness” stuff pays its biggest power-dividends: for it is in the people accepting this position of powerlessness—in favor of these glib, well-sheltered favorites, these public-pets typically with impressive, well-vouched resumes full of breezily-indulged lies, misrepresentations and omissions—that self-government dies in practical terms. And the rule-of-the-sodomite, of the drug-lords, of the illegals, becomes ironclad law.

            January 6, 2007: Impeachment. Throw this Jonas overboard, or the ship of state will be lost. And after that, smile.

            The American electorate has spoken; if with a bewildered, disoriented voice, using voting-machines whose accuracy is an open joke, and which I am certain minimized the popular disgust in a criminal way. For were the popular will adequately reflected in election results one should probably have to search for presently-rampaging donkeys and elephants, like the old ushers in the movie theaters. Employing flashlights to ferret out Jewish-lobby incumbents managing uncannily to look and act like everyone else. (Just forget the odious polls, which either tell boldfaced lies or dependably crank out well-managed issue-obscurantist, misinformation-conditioned results.) But meanwhile Sharpton, Pilosi, Kennedy and the gang—the pre-natal-anti-life alternatives to the post-natal genocide of the Bush War Machine—these great new “saviors” contemptuously dismiss the whole idea of impeachment. For I really think they are mesmerized by this Skull-and-Bones occultist, this neo-Hitlerian, George W. Bush, whose butchery comes remarkably close to their own. With his glittering eyes and raving diatribe alternating with his imitation lower class Americana, he makes it all sound almost innocent. But if we don’t rid ourselves of this politics-of-murder—whether of a Terri Schiavo, of this utterly gratuitous embryonic (as opposed to umbilical-cord and other non-life-threatening) stem-cell research, of abortion, of aggressive war—not to mention the hatred-of-life implicit in the sodomy-marriages—then we are doomed as a ship-of-state.

            Watch the sky, listen for the rumbles of earthquakes, observe as lawlessness covers the land. This is no “El Nino phenomenon”. It is the wrath of that Nino better known as the Son of God.

            But after doing all these things that are commanded of us, as our rational mind—placed in us by Almighty God—instructs us: then we need to smile. We need to have joy. To overthrow above all else the gloom of idolatry, of atheism, of Secular Messianism, of those false-believers and “freedom lovers” who would make us their slaves. A priest I knew as a young man used to say that if we force ourselves to smile then joy will become a way of life for us. A smile is natural to us humans as well as being a prime conduit of divine grace. We can become invincible, like granite peaks, if we will do this thing, showing our teeth, placing a smile like a shining crown of snow on the cordillera, as the cap for a determination to be good, to be strong.

            January 2, 2007: Two and two makes sixteen; another Civil War; revisiting a favorite theme of ours: the up-righteous detectives on the nightly series.

            Today’s news is full of quantum leaps in thought. Chancellor Merkel “is going to breathe life back into the European Constitution, and thus resuscitate Europe’s future.” (Note of 01/12: Europe today is on the brink of political/economic disintegration and collapse, with stop-gap “bailout” measures anticipated, in a poorly-kept open-secret, to be hopelessly-inadequate to unfathomable debts created in these prior wildly-optimistic, ultra-centralizing, spend-thrift times). This sanguinity is announced like an equation, like two and two makes four: although in fact the EU Constitution was voted down resoundingly by the Europeans themselves: and just as they feared is being shoved back down their throat’s all-the-harder, with a vengeance, for all their trouble, barely two years after that reversal. Like the Palestinian repeat-election, this EU extortion is an act of elitist tyranny of epic proportions: amply seconded by that “making the world safe for democracy” slapstick duo, Bush and Blair. Both these repeat-votes, ramroded by that other duo, the Bush/Israel-protégés Merkel and Abbas, are dutiful responses to pressures from Anglo/American/Israeli global interests, who cannot put their final padlock on the world until Europe is made into a lawless, faithless, cultureless corporate-monolith like we have become. And Palestinians are made into permanent domestics for their Israeli overlords. Angela Merkel was elite-elected for precisely such dishonorable purposes, and then duly purple-face-seduced with amorous gazes and thick-tongued words of George W. during a press conference immediately thereafter, when he came to claim his spoils. In a novel way creating that all important “point of no return” on which American policy has depended since 11/63. Then too, among these mammoth leaps-in-thought, there is that headline, “the nation bids a fond farewell to President Gerald Ford,” and a week worth of obsequies, despite the fact that Gerald Ford is one of the biggest has-beens the world has ever not known. But he serves as a surrogate honorable man for a Republican Party that has always done the Washington two-step with the Mob, and that ardently believes in, and eloquently preaches, corporate-pork-barrel war. Finally, there is this heroes’ welcome to the courthouse for the New Orleans policemen who gunned down the Blacks “on the bridge”: an uncanny replay of the delirium surrounding the acquittal of racist murderers of a little Black boy in the sixties. Whose lisping speech-defect was mistaken for a whistle at a White girl, and for which crime he was required, by Southern White heroes, to die in the most brutal, miserable way. Among the “criminals” viciously attacked by these “brave” officers was a young woman whose arm was shot off, and an unarmed “armed man” shot five times in the back, while his hands were in the air. For the fact is that killing Blacks is an old and honorable pastime to a whole host of Southerners, who have never lost their appetite for it. Good ole boys who are the real enemies upon whom we should be turning our troops, rather than the Iraqis. We need to finish business left undone by the Civil War, to defeat all these “brave” men, to do it right this time. Which includes executing the leaders involved, starting with prime-movers of the Bush family, one-time-Northern backers of the Confederacy, together with their Skull and Bones associates. Rather than pardoning them as the merciful Lincoln did with the rebels of his times. Even he wouldn’t do a repeat on that one. Then finally we will be able to establish a valid and law-abiding government, instead of today’s rule by gangs, gangsters and warlords, headed by impenitent holdovers of the Confederacy.

            All these atrocities are largely brought about by today’s media estrangement of truth from mere verbal noise-polemic. It isn’t really that all Southern Whites are incurable racists: for after the Brown decision there was one model Southern community which actually took matters in hand and integrated all by itself. Mind you, I’m no bussing enthusiast, or anything like that, but segregated bathrooms, seats at the back of the bus for Blacks, and unequal treatment before the law or in terms of wages: these are manifest abominations. But actually it was only after the big wordsmiths, the Klan, the ACLU, and suchlike, moved in that all the big trouble started, back around ‘62. It’s like last night’s dose of well-oiled TV-detective verbal-heroism: which today’s War on Terror virtual-heroes need for their rusting mental-gears, like others used to need their Wheaties for muscle-tone. A show in which a Pakistani man is portrayed as murdering his sister because she won’t go along with the proverbial Muslim customs regarding whom to marry. All of it is very impressive—just like the ‘60s Cross-burnings, on the one hand, or the contemporary wholesale fringe-liberal characterizations of Christianity as a racist religion, on the other—the only problem with all the hysterical, self-righteous bombast is that murder is rife here between White Americans spouses in love with their insurance policies, not among Pakistani immigrants running mom-and-pop stores. While in a striking parallel, wouldn’t you know, it has finally come out that it is sacrosanct UN Peacekeepers—of whom there are already some 11,000 in Sudan and a drastic increase of whose numbers is pleaded hysterically by people like George Bush and George Clooney—it is these knights in shining armor who are doing all the raping there. Of 12 year old boys and girls. But alas you won’t be likely to hear such items on our gun-ho War-on-Terror media. By contrast, Muslims, whom Clooney blames for all Sudanese ills in his signature heart-rending tones, seldom rape people, any more than did most American Indians during the 19th century. Yet all polemic and media-good-ole-boy-making aside, whether in the 19th, the 20th or the 21st century, when a whole population surrenders to this kind of media-induced hatred they become worthy of punishments, whether earthly-sovereign or divine, or both.

            The Psalms speak continually of the curse of the malevolent tongue, as being the worst evil on earth, and all the above illustrate the point graphically. But our modern corporate system, with all its pseudo-legal, pseudo-constitutional paraphernalia has concentrated the caustic power of this wicked organ to a unique degree. Especially in a diabolically-judicious use of keywords, placed at certain junctures in thought, conversation or sound-bite. A word at precisely a certain time “saves nine”, as the motto might run: since one such utterance said with all the required vicious/mendacious body-language, uttered on one of these nightly hate-shows, can vindicate endless hours of Bush-lies in a mere second or two. Like the Italian/American mother—could there be a bigger U.S. cultural idol?—who screams “terrorist” at the Pakistani woman in the midst of the whole lying serial-episode. Americans respond instantaneously and irretrievably to this sort of thing: which is really only the definition of being ruled by your passions rather than your mind. Whether pumped by a Bush, a Clinton or even a Buchanan. Our political life here is a matter of the pushing of a lot of polemical buttons, but those who really suffer the consequences are very cold-bloodedly pick out and prescribed.

            Indeed, it goes much further than Bush’s perpetual aggressive war, for the same oily characters who know how to incite anything, “in five easy steps” also know how to undermine trust between parent and child. The same Pakistani girl who is murdered by her brother in the episode has also been prevailed upon—by these same wordsmiths, embedded everywhere, like CNN cameramen, in American professional and pedestrian life—not only to marry some Italian mobster’s son but—something even he didn’t want—to abort his illegitimate child as well. Here being a far-more-believable sequence than all the stuff about brotherly murder and revenge. How does this radical behavior-modification come about some 90% of the time for American girls of increasingly-younger ages, their “privacy” protected by “law”? Well, the little mixture of verbal/body-language poison is judiciously poured into all our youngsters’ ears, at just the right moment, as in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Which in company with all the contrived momentary unanimity—“the big tuna” on some job or in some classroom, the achievement of which illusion represents about 98% of “teacher training”—a titanic force against which few individual egos are strong enough to stand—this deadly dose of dramatics achieves that brainwash toward which it was designed.

            Civil societies used to be preeminently concerned with the systematic thwarting of these con men, sound-bite-doctors, wordsmiths, call them what you may. And until such stodgy, old-fashioned, “backward” defensive-institutions are returned in full force—preeminent among which was the Inquisition, concerned entirely with the ferreting out not of forthright Protestant believers but of professional-weasels, state-quislings and clerical-imposters—we will continue to have a society despairing toward drugs, murder, suicide and civil war. Yet a lot of eloquence is hardly the answer, even if it is far from useless toil. What is needed above all is that we get down on our knees, that we consecrate this land to the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, that we return to Faith, to Christ, to the Church. Only then will we have the grace, the strength, to silence these perfidious tongues, on whose razor-sharp edges, described as such by the psalmist, so many today are morally and physically slain. This is a war against Hell, of which as the Epistle tells us the tongue is the earthly firebrand. And we can only fight this fire with the pure waters of Faith, of contrition, of heartfelt consecration, of Divine Love. That which is at the basis of our genuine laws and legal institutions. The reestablishment of which monumental totality—in which “the birds of the air” once peacefully “made their nests”—is as much the concern of a layman like myself as it is of the clergy: indeed in a sense even more so.

            January 5, 2007: Strength out of goodness, kindness, as opposed to “strength” out of cruelty.

            The good people that I have ever known—whether the Indians of the USA, the mountaineers of Catalonia, the gentle folk of Japan, Vietnam or Pakistan, and a host of other places—are often mistakenly thought, by spacemen of a brave new world, to maintain one another in mutual weakness and insufficiency, in a fundamental sort of alleged ignorance said to be proportional to technological disadvantages. But to the degree these people have handed down positive traditions of communication, of popular moral virtue and discipline, they have cultivated strength and intelligence in the only way applicable to human beings. Things like technology are entirely contingent to this true formidability; they are an embellishment, gargoyles or griffins on the cornices of the castle of the national soul. And this is where value-systems misguided in fundamental ways actually prevent whole peoples from maturing, from becoming truly strong. Which is in turn the reason I take so much umbrage with “the land that I love”, and with the State of Israel. It is because I love Jews that I thus upbraid them, and ceaselessly criticize their look-alikes among Judaized Christians, especially American Catholics and Protestants.

            True strength is like the granite of a peak, reaching into Dionysius’s and St. John of the Cross’s Cloud of Unknowing, of the union with God. Where the soul conduct sublime and secret nuptials with her Creator. This summit thrusts itself upward from out of the soft limestone of a good, benign, morally-upright culture, from out of the deepest of mutual communications between spouses or friends, based on the observance of God’s law. This granite, this “stone upon which is written a name which no one else knows”: this is true individuality, one in which we are mid-wife to one another, in bringing our souls to their true identity and strength. Once this strength, this peace, is achieved, technology finds its true application for the good of man. While a “strength” based on militaristic or other cruelty, on taking rather than giving, rises nowhere, is mere shale, must remain always unformed, a mere illusion, a figment of the mind. Technology in this setting is doomed to be burnt-up in warfare, to glorify some “superman” whose greatness is a lie. Until we find the above birthplace of mountains once again we needn’t waste our time by aspiring to greatness; we will only wallow in our triviality, our cruelty, our despair.

            Hence it is the above societal virtue, a kind and accommodating integrity, which is the major part of the Act of Consecration to the Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary toward which I urge my fellow Americans, as well as, in a special way likewise, the Russians. So that we two—instead of remaining the two pincers of wrong that we were during the twentieth century—might now become the pincers of Our Blessed Lady’s legions, to envelop, to encircle the world with bonds of divine love. This is much different from the “being saved” of the Evangelicals.

            December 29, 2006: Murdering heads-of-state like Saddam Hussein. My alternative.

            The post-Kennedy USA reigns supreme under a bullwhip of crushing public debt, at whose expense is wielded a Mob/corporate global extortion. The whole paying dividends in a working-class slavery which deepens from year to year, with illegal drugs peddled as the favored exit from the popular miseries involved for the “man on the street”. The drug trade likewise being the near-sole source, directly or indirectly, of any remaining non-insider fortunes. The Mob Bully-boy being kept placated and readily-at-hand, in a gangland world whose debut came with the violent removal of the Kennedys during the 60s from a position of serious challenge to this Anglo/American/Israeli global syndicate, which the same Mob serves, some knowingly, some not, but all with hat in hand. With the vanguard radical Republicans having secured the field by the time of Ronald Reagan: the unbreakable geo-corporate structuring of this perverse alliance forging the most rigid tyranny the world has ever known. Although in U.S. administrations through Bush I the illusion was carefully sustained of a “diplomatic break” with Israel and even AIPAC, its U.S. lobbying arm. This all the while the chief cornerstones of coming debt-recoup-driven Bush II rabidly-pro-Israeli foreign policy were being quietly and meticulously laid, among which foundations were a massive U.S. military and the provocation and invasion of lands hostile to—and/or coveted by—Israeli aims. Thus too handily excusing the maintenance of a control of the Internet already secured by way of its American-military origins, while providing the guards for the watchtowers of this well-wired global concentration camp through corporate-privatized mercenaries, special-ops assassins, and agents provocateurs. Ultimately with corporate staffing of all non-uniformed agencies official and non-official alike. Especially-convincing lead-pipe goons, provided so readily by a helpless, media-corrupted lower class, thus doing the unenviable leg-work for this machine.

            We invade foreign nations at will, execute or imprison their leaders, fund, equip and train nations like Ethiopia to invade neighboring-nations like Somalia, or Australia to become the new policeman of the South Pacific. Thus sating long-standing American vendettas over the African Horn, the Gulf of Tonkin or political resistance in Latin America. While inseparable to all this brutal extortion, this global larceny, is an Anglo/American command over the world’s many secret societies, a long-standing preeminence which comes of an especially-supine, if ever “brave”, submission to Jewish aims, beliefs and ambitions. Because of all this hard-faced prostitution, a Government with the blood of nations on its hands hardly scruples over modifying sound-bites or digital-film-clips, blacking out accurate news it doesn’t consider kosher or “correct”, sabotaging truthful websites it considers a “threat to security”. Since for one thing malicious liars are cursed to go through life mortally, and often needlessly, afraid. The USA having become the source of a cowardly brutality which no one, even among sovereign nations, dares to question: unless they wish also to fall under an elaborate, all-points Yankee coup d’etat. While as noted much of the U.S. citizenry has been trained since pre-school years to cheer this sovereignty-usurping pirate-squad ever onward, indeed to aspire above all things to be recruited among the barbarous ring-eared crew.

            Do you think Almighty God will bless a nation such as we have become: full of craven sodomites, genocides of Iraqi women and children, and of millions of babes-in-the-womb? Murderers by thirst of a Terri Schiavo steadily disabled over a period of years through protracted abuse and neglect, killers of a head of state without the common decency even to release his body to his family in Jordan: a courtesy which even Pilate knew how to accord. A nation which for that matter insults and degrades even its own veterans, by which it has gained such ignominious victories, when they have scarcely returned to their own native soil. That same God, poised to strike, is far more powerful than an intolerably arrogant Bush USA, or the noted global three-way alliance-of-dictators to which the latter is partner. That God ready even now to totally destroy this filthy syndicate, in a host of natural and other catastrophes which multiply as I write. Hence this website, and my own candidacy: which offer to the American people a way out of divine punishment, a legitimate system based on reason, or the moral law written upon man’s heart. One which will be acceptable to Almighty God. Rather than upon a hideous institutionalized perversion, cronyism, piracy, state-murder and aggressive war.

            December 30, 2006: The information file of a presidential candidate; the Mystical Body of Christ and the Muslim Brotherhood.

            No doubt many people tremble over particulars contained in their personal information file, on record somewhere in the digital maze of Government data, but as for me I value with utmost honor every tidbit of misrepresentation, even slander, likely to be contained therein in my regard. I have no interest in viewing the contents of these files: although I have noted the widening gaze of those who have, seated across a desk in some office or agency. In that false and often bitterly-vindictive profiling which proceeds from today’s polar-Napoleonic or sexually-frustrated employers, or is somehow tenuously associated with a “War on Terror” having much more to do with the monitoring and control of the ordinary American citizenry, and increasingly of all citizenry worldwide. These astonishing lies, then, are my battle-scars from a campaign of opposition to U.S. tyranny, both private and public, since the death of the Kennedy brothers. Against an oppression of the American people which has intensified dramatically at various thresholds like the legalization of abortion in 1973, and the initiation of the several aggressive wars mounted by the Bush family and their Skull and Bones associates. The traitors of two centuries. Wars both published and unpublished, beginning with the invasion of Panama in the late 80s. While this info-black-balling of good and honest employees, associates or clients has become just as common at the smallest upwardly-aspiring mom-and-pop shop as it is at Walmarts, Wendy’s, or in the self-rewarding, pill-prescribing world of the medical/psychiatric bureaucracy. A cynical labor relations and employment philosophy providing the clearest indicator of the corporate moral-monopoly over American life.

            We have allowed ourselves to be fatally deceived with a cynicism that has penetrated even “to the highest places in the Church”, according to words attributed to Our Blessed Lady at Garabandal, Spain. As contained in this novel idea that the world has its own legitimate values, distinct from the law or Love of God. Indeed the contention that there is a valid contradiction between the two, that the world is somehow justly or at least appropriately, maintained, indeed with a rigorous exactitude, as a cruel place. That men and women can only adequately “prove themselves” within these brutal constraints. While this falsehood is in turn directly related to that principal heresy taught at Vatican II, that of the French and American Revolutions, of Freemasonry and all the secret societies: the radical separation of Church and state. That chief ideological fountainhead of the notion contained in an old (Neill Diamond?) song, that “the nice guys get washed away in the rain”; that to conduct oneself in a Christian, let alone a Catholic, manner in public, in the workaday world, is to be a fool. To be guilty of an intolerable breach of some Hellish worldly-sacred protocol.

            This perfidious falsehood teaches that man perforce lives in a “dog eat dog world”, that he leads an exceedingly lonely and unloved life. That the only set of values that has any place on this earth at all is one in which all opinions, no matter how perverse or destructive, are given equal recognition. Law, the courts, becoming a gigantic balancing act of the desires of a large array of predatory persons and forces, amid which the good and harmless—living in a moral-universe entirely apart—must somehow “shift for themselves”.

            But there is another law, the only one written on man’s heart and minds, the progressive recognition of which represents true progress among men. It is the law of the natural love, reason and cooperation of mankind: that which operates in us analogously to the synchronizations of nature, but on a much higher plane, suited to our rational nature. The latter furthermore crowned by a supernatural introduction into the very life of God, brought to us by Our Lord Jesus Christ. The story of Salvation is not at all of some purely personal relationship with Jesus, based on a single cathartic experience in which we “are saved”: that bizarre nihilistic Christianity taught here in the USA, and indeed spread around the globe at the point of a bayonet. No, Salvation is the saga of the cooperative salvation of souls within the Mystical Body of Christ. That moral, spiritual unity which is alone suited to the corporative nature of mankind: being originally one man in Adam, but now much more intimately so in Christ. We are no brute breed descended from apes—among whom goodness or spirituality is some sort of neutral option—but the very younger sons of the Father, with our Brother the very Second Person of the Blessed Trinity. A true story of Redemption by which we the faithful “make up for what is lacking in the passion of (the same) Christ”. A sin-propitiatory passion suffered in a Divine Humanity in which we collaborate through the mysterious workings of the Catholic Sacraments. A true progress being the result of this exalted Brotherhood: one which has institutionalized itself over two millennia in our laws, customs, music, our “built environment”. Which indeed finds echoes in other religious cultures, like that Muslim Brotherhood which strives, gropes after the same unitary goals, if not by way of the Catholic sure means or doctrinal infallibility. Human society by means of the Church, the Mystical Body—albeit now in a Scripturally-predicted time of temporary eclipse—becoming “a lamp on a lamp-stand, for all to see” and to be guided by. Obviously, there can be no harm, but rather immeasurable good, in erecting such a society, in maintaining that light in refulgent brightness.

            But today instead of a joyful brotherhood made in Heaven we have such anomalies as the Stalin-Era-Kremlin style Rotunda-deification of deceased ex-presidents, now suddenly made the subjects of morbid, week-long-plus extended funerals. Since the accession of George W. Bush, ex chief executives previously laid to rest in semi-private ceremonies, if no doubt with some brief form of military honors, are at the center of media marathons designed to ritually glorify the dictatorial/statist ethos of the present regime. That warping of standards of the sacred or profane actually initiated at Vatican II: which spelled the beginnings of a “practicality”-based secular-messianic revamp of Christian society, to be followed by a like programming for the rest of the globe. Albeit the whole Orwellian “we must throw open the windows”, the whole “we must go on” carpeted with the rose-pedals of exceedingly-pious words.

            It isn’t that anything was openly repudiated at Vatican II: it’s just that Faith suddenly became something to be mildly amused over, pushed aside by obsequies of school, government or sport which have quickly become the only earnest focus of earthly life. While of the same general theme or ambiance is a papal processional-cross, passed down since Paul VI, which is a sort of hippy-art icon all-its-own, a real mockery of the simple-but-sublime Faith and devotion of the Catholicism of the ages. No one will ever storm an evil rampart behind that ugly, indeed twisted cross: which calls to mind in a way the swastika, rather than the loving Lord. The symbol rather of the gradual complete removal of blithe and orderly Faith from the practical affairs of nations and men. This is rather the Catholicism of a great dust-raising host of male-ambivalent fathers and possessive mothers, than that of a Joan of Arc. Will we just meekly submit to this radical secularization of public and popular life, which has the effect of trivializing, and by default ultimately and inevitably brutalizing, all man’s loyalties, after the manner suggested above? A transformation desired not at all by the people, accomplished by a tiny vanguard in the Vatican, and elsewhere by a bare three or four percent of the world population? These in turn actually led by a much-tinier elite. But it is the power of God’s Love, of His Civilization, in rhythm with the heartbeat of humanity, which will prevail, until “the Holy Gospel is preached to the ends of the earth”. Which is to say instituted, practiced, in the laws and customs of peoples, in a resounding “peace which the world cannot give”.

            Slander is far and away the biggest weapon in the arsenal of the modern totalitarian state, a campaign of vicious lies mounted down through the ages, of a piece with that against Our Blessed Lord and His followers, originating with the Jewish Sanhedrin. That same identically-named deadly Court which still sits as in ancient times, in much the same sort of secrecy. Jews peddling a “progress” for two thousand years which has always swum against the stream of divine grace: that which they rejected in its entirety when they crucified their own Messiah. While I too, like my Redeemer, have been gifted with such titles as “madman” and “fool”, a “Samaritan who hath a devil”, for having maintained the belief in a society of gentility, of mildness, concord and economic cooperation, one which honors both God and man. Being so labeled not only in many-a personal diatribe, or no doubt in the noted dossier, but even in false accusations made against me in various civil proceedings, back in the seventies and eighties, from whence all these calumnies initially came. Like another some 50% or more of returning Viet-vets who were similarly set-upon: in most cases having to do with certain hovering, “concerned” members of their own families, just after their rotation back home. Veterans who were the last of a breed who still valued a Christian Civilization and way of life being made subject to inquiries in many cases, as in my own, from some few siblings imbued with all the latest radical political and religious beliefs. At that very time when anyone who didn’t quickly fall into step with the current fringe-revamp of American society, as noted above, was doomed to be so regarded. True, there are risks involved in speaking with such frankness about this ordeal, regarded as a forbidden topic, but I have seen too many good men have critical opportunities pass them by, for no good reason. Punctuated by an exchange of knowing looks among those moral-compromisers who “already have their reward”. Sealing the fate of the most able and upright of a generation.

            In my own case, certain charges of having threatened someone were initially brought: accusations which anyone who ever knew me would know to be entirely false. But this little lie—contained on the original complaint but never actually broached in court—would nonetheless provide the basis for a hundred more. Even though I was never found guilty of anything, nor adjudged to be in need of any psychiatric care. While continuing closely-allied efforts of the same malicious relatives, some of whom loved to put on Mob-like airs suddenly become so popular in a whole new kind of media, would find me driven from my hometown repeatedly, under vague threat of various civil and/or criminal actions. Attacks, again, somehow construed as being “for my own good”, and typically somehow force-fitted to the contours of a concern over mental wellbeing. Or in any case that I finally learn to “get wise”. This having been the standard demise for good and noble comrades of those days, men with “hearts of flesh”, holding in contempt both today’s standard clowning demeanor and the implacable flint-like faces of a “brave new world”. The good being continually frustrated in the most simple and legitimate desires, in the name of a fantastic new space-age progress and a weird and “progressive” way of life. That standard sort of killing me softly which has so regularly been brought to bear against the human person, in the padded behavioral cell of modern American life.

            It is true—in this run-down of my real “record”, or “raps sheet”—that finally, many years later, after a long history of this kind of coordinated badgering, defaming, harassment, I did make some remarks in anger, somewhere amid onerous struggles to simply stay alive, in both generalized and specific exasperation, that might have sounded threatening. This however only after the perception—correct or not—of my own child being placed under serious threat by some neighborhood boys. A stupid episode all the way around, really, this utterance-of-a-moment being however construed as containing all the elements of cold-blooded deliberation. After the now-familiar (if then just-beginning) manner of the progressive criminalization of the working-class American male. Mere red-blooded utterances of a man with his legitimate family-defensive-mechanisms aroused being made the subject of much official concern: even though my own words were far milder than those now of common occurrence among the well-to-do, as directed against a poor neighbor or employee. Truly-murderous proclamations—accompanied even by the brandishing of gunsreal-time threats which are performed with complete, indeed glorious impunity, and regarded in reverential tones by judicial and police authorities.

            Thus too was thwarted my future as a married man: having gotten a fine job, and found a heroically-virtuous woman, a widow, with a steady income of her own, and a small family she had had with her first husband. This perfectly innocent and positive desire of mine—to enjoy a good and simple Catholic family life—was to be frustrated at every turn by these same few fanatical relatives, whom the great host of others couldn’t be troubled to contradict. All of which several prime-movers had major personality problems, and had likewise caused major problems to other persons during their spotty careers. Thus would a man, a medal-awarded Veteran, be driven from a hometown he loves, but perhaps never adequately appreciated. In the company of wife and children, and like our Blessed Lord Himself, Who likewise often had “nowhere to lay his head”.

            Had I only given up, and simply surrendered to the darkening shades of life in the USA of these past several decades, my record would be as “spotless” as that of my critics and enemies no doubt remains, in spite of their many un-adjudicated crimes.

            Again, as you can see, I consider all these accusations to be badges of honor. Slanders which you can find, in the company no doubt of many others, if you look up my name under the Federal registry, and which as I have often found make me prime quarry for the ghouls at the VA experimental labs, or in front of true-loser, meth-taking private and public functionaries of every kind. I wear these defamations proudly, I who have lost so many jobs for refusing to smoke dope, or to even bother to learn all the idiotic lingo that goes with it. And by which you are today required to ingratiate yourself to the addict and the pusher. Knowing as I do that the good Lord was accused in precisely the same way, by precisely the same sort of people, so very long ago. And that real Catholics have ever been thus accused as well, down through the glorious ages of our Faith.

            What the hard road, the “road less traveled by”, has done for me, is that morally-speaking, and in terms of human character, it has kept me very much the lad who came out of the Army in 1969. Or even like the boy who passed out leaflets on screen doors for the Kennedy campaign in 1960, at the age of fourteen. By the grace of God, me and my wife have remained “true Israelites in whom there is no guile”: ready to battle against the real losers of our time, of whom there are so many in both low and high places. Even if a time or two we were driven over the brink, and barely saved our minds and souls. The same sorts of hardened troops whom Our Blessed Lady will use in coming days to crush true-infamy’s many minions under her maiden heel, and thrust them down into Hell with Lucifer where they belong. While finally, my decision to run for the Presidency—preceded by previous political efforts less well-advised, the product of the poor planning that comes of desperate circumstances—this decision was precipitated by the very campaign of slander itself which I have had to endure. The fact is I was literally forced to do this thing, which many may consider sheer folly: since I was never allowed to follow the simple pursuits I love so much, to lead a normal life, since leaving Vietnam. I have been enlisted, then, once again—and gladly so—as in that war so long ago. Into this continual war: against both domestic perversion and aggressive war itself. Having refused to buckle to the behavior-modification directed against the true patriot, the lover of God and man.

            December 28, 2006: Today’s progressive violation of the personal space of human life.

            Economic and political issues tend to occupy coterminous ground with matters of religion, sharing the space upon which they take place, the needs of body and soul tending to be mutually inclusive in a host of ways. Indeed this common ground might in the most basic and practical sense be called personal space: a spiritual, notional, emotion “elbow room” which human society must from the first provide to man, if his life is to be human at all. And it is preeminently this mental and physical space-envelope of which the modern system robs him, while leaving him divested in particular of that last little bit of peace, of time to set his inner house in order, before he goes to meet his God.

            This is retirement properly understood, and it is denied to the elderly most of all by their own children, who commonly meddle, ceaselessly worry over mental health and other issues, within a worldview however with little sense of proportion, of the relative sacredness or importance of things. Thus in major part are precipitated the very conditions that are said to be so much feared: in old-timers whose systems can stand only so much strain from so many directions. Hence too those retirement communities in which the residents are kept constantly busy by recreation therapists and coordinators who likewise have little depth of perspective: this latter quality figuring little, or strictly within some strange and radical new parameters, in any professional college curriculum in these fields. Catering as they do to wildly-traded Wall Street corporate “elder-care” firms. Turning out functionaries who have the latest zany take on what is a healthy sense of humor or attitude, a healthy regimen of exercise or food: one which will morph continually over coming months or years. Experts not a few of whom have major personal problems of their own, who blow off their own frustrations, or nourish their fantasies, there among their charges. While at-the-ready against the feeble resisting hand of mom, dad or Mr. Morgan is arrayed a gamut of professions, of judges, courts and fiduciaries, who if called into play often have curiously little patience for a soul’s desire to be left with a minimal degree of latitude or respect, let alone to quietly prepare to meet her God. In that momento de la verdad for which an entire prior lifetime was only a preamble. Here being the final penalty for having surrendered our society to the money-changers: that we have not a postage-stamp upon which to stand to make that final adjustment, to prepare for that final, all-determining encounter. It is in such terms that societies are primarily to be judged.

            Preeminently it is American life which may be summed up as a violation of personal space: not really in population density, which many other countries have much more of, but in a violation which is spiritual in nature. To a great extent because the entire nature of personal salvation is misconstrued here, interpreted as being the bald claim of a foreknowledge of “being saved”. For which very reason this ultimate prize, and that personal space which so help to make it possible, are given no realistic allowance. For if one is already “saved”—among those “elect”, that elite, those canny Calvinists (Protestant or Catholic) held in a thousand ways to be the only ones who really count—then why worry about issues of this inconvenient kind? Indeed to be “too good” is one of the biggest crimes in the world Born Again registry, as in the “sissy” moral precision of true and immemorial Catholicism which for instance with cowardly timidity scruples over the honor and happiness of a helpless girl on a date. The super-macho male hero who vanquishes such an “opponent”, who so often “gets saved” just after the last increasingly-costly, laborious bit of his wild oats are sown, will trouble himself not at all about matters of personal space, nor that “fear and trembling” in which to “work out his salvation”, and which the (real) Gospel requires. Thus a chief assertion of this website: that the poorest Afghan or Iraqi, secure within his personal womb or envelope of silence, of generously-granted discretion, and in total oblivion to this cynical salvation-tale—a fable born of manhandling a mystery—is rich by comparison to we in the USA of today. And often makes a far better Christian, and may basically be accepted much that way by God, even if he doesn’t think of himself in such terms.

            December 23, 2006: This season’s nightly TV fare: an introduction to the code-of-conduct of a Brave New World. The Heavenly intelligence of the musical savant and of Tiny Tim.

            War on Terror, New World Order, or an early-twentieth-century Huxley’s Brave New World: all these strike the mind in the same psycho/phonetic way: working a redefinition of terms like discipline or loyalty, while giving the whole idea of mystery a meaning it would otherwise never possess. Darwin, Spencer, Freud and a whole horde of space-flight fanatics kicked the whole trend off by removing this term “mystery” in particular from its traditional application to uncharted realms of the love of God, of the warm and solitary reaches of the human heart, transferring it to foreign voids and absolute-zero temperatures of outer space, or of the allegedly phrenological contortions of some “criminal” (or today “Arab”) “mind”. The concept of mystery likewise being confused with the anomalies of an advanced mathematics which at certain reaches obviously—considering for instance some of its incredible time/space related hypotheses—becomes an occult numerological religion-all-its-own, making up its rules as it goes along, although amply sharing out its yen for the phantasmagoric with neo-classical economics. A vanguard of elite technocrats, a vast army of breathless hangers-on, this Huxley’s Brave New World—for which even Bush himself couldn’t have come up with a better logo—a parade ground punctuated by the barked tones of a code of conduct which systematically rejects the love or honor of parents, of God, of ones fellow man.

            But entirely different—a real “Ode to Joy”—was the story on “Sixty Minutes” last night of a certain severely-brain-injured boy, now around eleven years old: one of those individuals referred to as a savant in much the same way as we might call any other genius. In his case it is music which unlocks the power of his intelligence: which is essentially a matter of the soul, not of mere brain-tissue, this latter rather operating analogously to a personal computer than intellectually embodying the human person himself. These injured computers being something the human soul can transcend as the flimsiest of obstacles, soaring above physical limitations like the eagles. Human intelligence properly-so-called rather being that which will spend an eternity in Heaven or in Hell; albeit together with a body which, if redeemed, will be as different from the earthly body “as the plant is from the seed”, to paraphrase Our Blessed Lord. There are of course whole volumes of instruction contained here for the treatment of the developmentally disabled, who in today’s universally-corporate-outsourced U.S. facilities—trading wildly on the Stock Exchange—are treated, according to one Danish expert, “worse than we Danes treat our dogs”. For not everyone, by a long shot, is surrounded with the love that this musical-genius youngster knows, a lad who is a source of exceptional joy to all who know him. This young man who effortlessly hands out the gift of his magnificent personality to all who come near, but who has little control over his flailing bodily movements, when not seated at the piano. At which latter time however he becomes a prodigy of consummate concentration and self-control.

            Meanwhile, returning to your standard unloved yet-slavishly-catered-to younger crowd: this season there are a host of sitcoms and detective-shows conducted in the self-same sharp-edged digital terms and exasperated-silences we hear around the table, on the other end of cell-phones, or in cool and crisp Brave-New-E-mails from a youthful Jake or Jane. Only the cryptic Korean-War-Era crew came anywhere near this icy verbal and facial economy in its heyday, while today the face of one young female super-star in particular is a study in granite impassivity through the goriest of crime-scenes. A trendy detective who however grows visibly impatient when confronted by some talkative oldster found now and again among an endless file of suspects and witnesses. Vaguely suggesting a readiness to “call in the swat team”, to settle things for good, to be rid of these pesky “word sowers” for once and for all: if the contrasting reactions are a gauge of anything at all.

            But what is extremely interesting to me is the way in which the above musical-savant’s words and reactions away from the piano—where he composes and transposes music more at home in the halls of Heaven—are referred to as “inappropriate”, in other words, “incorrect”. Certainly it is redundant to point this out—we all know that twirling ones arms to the side when meeting someone for the first time is highly unusual—and the fact that this has some motor significance is just as common knowledge to anyone with any intelligence at all. But this is a kid—may God forbid—who will never master the cold, brick face of the detective-lady: and I’m afraid it is above all his marvelously kind and affectionate nature which is regarded as inappropriate by the ultra-correct medical or psychological professional observer of today. Certainly, too, he will never learn the noted lividly-hostile reaction to the overflowing words of some kind-hearted soul: that blasé, sardonic boredom of the modern child which looms so large in his/her academic formation. An all-encompassing milieu which turns out those false Israelites in whom there is much guile: which is the whole modern take on intelligence and child development alike. Much like that very kind of infernal intelligence whose wails echo off the walls of Hell. Hence even with this angel a probing experimentation is the watch-word: so that a bit of the undying boomer lingo has been carefully insinuated, by dint of constant insistence—of “training”, much like a dog, as they call it in the DDMR field—into his daily speech. The inserted sound-bite being one of a host of cool, dismissive phrases the old bearded crowd has been using for all these decades, since the first dog-like “love in” on some college lawn. The kinds of job seeking skills of which the old grunge-crowd, now reigning at the head of giant corporations, or retired in royal splendor all over the place, in Florida or Arizona, are a walking instruction manual. The lad’s very agonized struggle toward precision—a crowning motif of his titanic effort to achieve—being suffixed in each case, now, with some such zoo-like triviality—“expertly” designed to—you guessed it—cure the prodigy’s yen toward the inappropriate, the incorrect. So that one only hopes the miraculous poise, concentration, summit-of-magnificent isn’t some fine day suddenly lost, and the boy wakes up, not rushing to the piano, as usual, but lying in bed with a continual grand mall seizure, having been defeated by the word-smiths like so many other embattled minds. The jerk-knee experimenters of our Brave New World no doubt congratulating themselves upon having surmounted just another obstacle on their road to the achievement of the total control over the human mind.

            But such struggles are quickly effaced from the lives of the typical sallow youths of today, a paradoxically-rigid “lets loosen up” regimen having worked its dumming-down wonders years ago, so that an ironic terminator obsession would seem to epitomize “tough” maturity and competency to today’s lasses and lads. This all-purpose virtue-adjective standing good for all others with recent middle-school show-and-tell paragons, as in the nightly crime-mystery case of four just-returned Iraqi War soldiers convicted in the brutal murder of one of their own comrades. A quiet guy whom the whole ultra-aggressive blood and guts unit despised for his kindly and gentle manner: a great many of which gun-ho troopers may actually have been remotely involved in, or collectively privy-to, his demise. The facts of the case being so helter-skelter, sketchy, seemingly covered up at high levels, as circumstances of mass- and even senior-complicity would necessarily require. The music of the spheres or of the Halls of Heaven is far from the mental precincts of such men, of whatever actual number, perpetrators of a joint crime which was however quite predictably pinned upon one of the Mexicans (supposedly) involved, adjudicated by an ever hovering and benevolent racist Georgia court (the Army wouldn’t touch the case with a ten foot pole). The White guys got off relatively scot-free—the worse of the two squeaky-clean-looking young fair-haired Anglos getting 20 years, which readily reduces to six or seven in most states—for a spree of ghoulish, Satanic sadism, part of which was a savage knifing of thirty-some thrusts, starting in the car itself, continuing through a bizarre walk-through-the-woods. A case argued in front of an infantile-credulous good ole boy court—a kangaroo cage so disgustingly familiar from the days of the Dixie race-murder-trials of the sixties—which accepted out-of-hand the highly-articulate obvious-ring-leader’s guilt-mitigating claims of collective drunkenness. (Listening to this guy reeling off story-book answers to the soccer-mom-sympathetic lady-interviewer, at intervals throughout the brutal account, was nauseating, unbearable. With this to-the-court no-doubt “clean-cut looking” young man sounding for all the world like some harmless psyche professor or something. Even having a well-manicured alibi at-the-ready, of having owned up to “stress” or something while still “in theater” [indeed]).

            Thus clemency was the watch-word in this model War on Terror tribunal, over a group which was however sober enough to drive back to town from the forest after the murder, pick up a can of some incendiary liquid, and then go back and burn the body beyond recognition. No doubt so that the corpse wouldn’t belie any single figment of a lengthy alibi. Concerning a harmless victim—said to have willingly accompanied these guys on a drunken, strip-joint-reviewing spree—but who had been frantically writing and phone-calling to his parents for months, already from Iraq, expressing his mortal fear of the deadly designs he could sense were forming in his comrades minds. Could a guy frightened out of his wits by this groupie-gang have possibly been so foolish as to voluntarily accompany them anywhere? As the no doubt easily PDF-digital-image-transferred photo was said to substantiate: with the face and eyes of the victim indeed transfixed with fear, starring ahead in a manner utterly inappropriate to such a setting, such an alleged “night on the town”? Ah, yes, such are the heroes who keep us safe and sound on these Homeland Security shores, and whom we should all be ready to trust with our lives. Indeed, to multiply them ad infinitum with Blackwater mercenary of an even worse kind, so that the whole earth may quake at their approach. Much as did Ireland at the thudding footfalls of the old Black and Tan army, which folks still remembered with vivid horror when I was there in 1969. Inmates released wholesale from English prisons and insane asylums, used by Whitehall against the Irish during their War of independence in the 20s. Only here the whole nation is becoming an asylum, with the growing need of a high wall on all borders, to keep the inmates in.

            Could it be that the football-star turned Army Ranger—I’m no big football fan, so I don’t remember his name—the one that was gunned down by his “buddies”, amid protracted screams into the radio of “friendlies, friendlies”—could it be that he too—massive physique and all—wasn’t “tough” enough for his comrades? Didn’t have the required good ole boy glint in his eyes: that which every attractive teenage girl is so apprehensively familiar with? Did the star quarterback fail to know—or respect—all the cynical repartee which is in today’s American world said to mark out a “real man”? The kind that has gradually—through the “brave” years of nursery-, grade- and high-school—been taught to glory in cruelty, and finally perhaps in every kind of rape and/or murder? Surrogate or in person. Hell is hungry, say the words of Holy Writ. It has plenty of room.

            It cannot be emphasized enough that today we in the USA live in a completely controlled mental universe: that our children are being turned out with a “tough” and ultra-paranoid “patriotism” like some kind of new component-feature on another generation of computers. This freedom Bush is always talking about is nothing other than the freedom to be controlled: the sort of open contradiction openly admitted by fringe-liberals like John Edwards, at the other end of a political spectrum that comes around full circle and meets with the likes of George W. “on the dark side of the Moon”. For even if the latter’s anti-life policies involve the killing of Eastern-Hemispheric post-natal rather than pre-natal persons, it’s all for the exalted purposes of population control, the one and only correct “moral ideal” of our oh-so-free, smiley-face, Johnny-Carson-enabled USA. Where are you now, Johnny boy? And was it worth all the trouble and pain?

            Of course together with school the prime means toward this abominable human-computer generative cycle is the Internet: that which we positively must understand for the U.S. Military psychological and behavioral-control network that it is from the word go, since the closing days of World War II. Believe me, you cannot totally trust this inscrutable electronic infrastructure: indeed, depending on the psyche-ops agenda-of-the-hour, your correspondence with any Muslims, especially from somewhere in Asia or Africa, may easily be interfered with. Responses from your correspondents even substituted for. So that if you have been exchanging friendly e-mails with some meek and peace-loving Muslim—which is 99% of them—he may suddenly and unaccountably turn into a fire-breathing monster, seeming to be calling for Jihad or something, and apparently from the very same web-address. That is, on those rare times (although, again, the whole thing is highly discretionary) when you will actually be able to get through to these good people at all. I must confess that I never noticed if the e-mail address had changed or not, when this odd thing happens—for until recently I was rather gullible about all these matters—but only that the conversation seemed to have taken off from where it left off, but with the whole persona to whom I was writing without ado transformed into a personification of the mad fiend we are all taught to define as an Arab or an Islamist. A “jihad” firebrand turning out in real life to be some psyche-ops corporate-contractor or some spec-five down at Fort Huachuca. And really, none of this electronic cloak-and-dagger stuff is so hard to accomplish, since in the Internet we are dealing with a cutting-edge plethora of high-tech components which few of us understand to any great depth or degree. With capabilities that expand almost monthly, often into realms that would have been considered magical or bizarre only a decade or two ago.

            All I can say is, these real-time Muslims aren’t so dumb as to act like that: the only ones who do so either work for Fox, or inhabit some new CIA bitmapped Bin Laden forgery. For to our Government any sympathy or understanding with those they have arbitrarily determined to call “the enemy” is in practical fact absolutely forbidden. The one and only aim is global warfare, which Bush indeed announces day in and day out like some kind of full-throated White-House-lawn jaybird, in so many more-and-more unvarnished words about “the long haul” or some other such infernal phrase. To he and a long, secretive, post-Johnson-administration entourage we have been at war with the entire Muslim world for decades now: a commitment these mum’s-the-word zealots have however only recently unveiled to bystanders so insignificant as The People. The real and ultimate aim, the rollickingly-funny surprise yet to come, being however not the annihilation of the Muslims but of Christians. For we are slated to be the world’s big fall-guys: which we are already in places like Iraq.

            Thus for the sake of the survival of real freedom—or as I call it, free agency—we positively must establish other, dependable and trustworthy forms of communication. And stop putting so much stock in this mad new Spider Web. Establishing solidly that free dissemination which is at the very heart and soul of democracy: for which I have suggested a few rudimentary forms, and for which you may easily come up with others as well.

            Really, the sum psychological effect of this season’s nightly TV-drama fare, which the above Army-killers no doubt watch avidly and regularly on their prison rec-room screen—is a “land of the free” equivalent to a Peoples’ Court diatribe under Mao Zhe Dung. With many a solemn ritual execution, action-packed or symbolic, being conducted: someday perhaps to be succeeded by the real thing, in this ever-unpredictable Coliseum of Real TV. Maybe one of us oldsters will be pulled up on the stage, having been spirited away from our little burrow in the night by these frogmen with night-vision goggles, and confronted with our crimes, in the bright glare of the spotlight, for a nationwide audience to see. And this would be supremely easy to do to most of us, with all the keeping-of-records on everyone, the delving into every “have you ever quite a job?” or innocent or guilty, significant or meaningless, brush-with-the-law. A nightmare sidestepped with ease by those liars whose “spotless employment and personal record” has a whole host of “personal references” to mendaciously back it up, of other liars like themselves, a gamut of intrusive interrogations basically designed to make us all into liars as well. That corporate/government dual-purpose, of moral-corruption and information-mining, served for one by all the “job applications” we might vainly fill out, growing evermore probing, personal and comprehensive by the day. Personal details that are sold by the ream, an info bonanza revealed perhaps as well in the “case histories” religiously kept on a great many of us by today’s standard corporate-outsourced social agencies. No doubt bringing many under a score of accusations over agonized attempts to raise children in this overseer-cramped space-capsule world. In a married life now succeeded among these youngsters by a collective groupie-maul which self-righteously changes partners from month to month.

            Then too, for new extremes of New World Order bravery, there is a quiz show in which some dozen highly-visible participants have become progressively more nude on its very first maiden week of showings. The series name, Identity, apparently requiring that we ultimately seek out every crack and crevice before we can learn accurately to identify “mystery guests” on a new version of a formerly staid and pedestrian “What’s My Line?” of the fifties. The old genial and mannerly host of the old series being likewise replaced by this huge, intimidating, hyperventilating guy who, like all these quiz-show major domos, loves to put his hands all over the contestants.

            But what really tops off the hysterical madness of this Star Trek, Buck Rogers, Freudian/Einsteinian/Gatesian world is the to-the-hilt advocacy it has gained from the bulk of the Born Agains and an American Catholicism which today basically takes in the whole imposing (post-Maoist but equally “official”) pseudo-Church that assails the eye since Vatican II. With staid Presbyterian/Traditionalist and flush-faced Holy Roller “Catholics” multiplying like rabbits on all seven continents as I write. Genuine Protestant Pentecostals or Presbyterians having sometimes had a certain amount of self-control, or bend-ability, as the case might be, on occasion, where required. All these “devouts” are going to stay strapped in their space capsules, come what may, and continue to doughtily “make the world safe for (the above kind of) democracy”, at the insistent urging of Pastor or Father Jim. They will go down with the ship like any brave captain Kirk before they will ever jettison to mother earth and safety, let alone to the quiet worshipping of the Gentle Savior, of the God of Peace in the solitude of their own hearts. That “inner chamber” to which Christ preeminently bids them repair.

            So this is America’s Christmas present for the Baby Jesus. But He has some presents ready for us, too.

            December 22, 2006: Defending the American cultural ivory tower against the “babble of immigrants”.

            This has been the battle-cry almost since witch-burning days of Salem, prompting us to beg-the-question if we are really sorry for having allowed the “organ grinder” Italian—the one with the monkey on his shoulder, who “smelled of garlic”—so much cultural leeway. Do the hundreds or thousands of Olive Garden restaurants, and myriad, uncountable others even more ethnic of the same general kind, argue toward a tearful regret at a putative one-time lack of cultural vigilance? I say “we” although at the time of the Salem Witch Trials I was still a yet-to-be sprouted twig on a noble family tree in Croatia, my Zdunich ancestors back then in the early-to-mid-seventeenth-century actually, or as one of the patents of nobility says, “with their own hands,” leading the fight along the Bosnian frontier. Not in effete absentee fashion, like so many Hungarian “heroes” whom the history books give all the credit for repulsing the Turks. A Zdunich endeavor stretching from Our Lady’s shrine of Sinj, overlooking the pearl of the Adriatic—much like the Polish Jasna Gora—all along the frontier of Lika and Krbava and beyond, in a score of redoubts great and small. Repelling manfully the last attacking ranks of Muslims that the West would ever actually know. An entirely different story than today’s manifest fables about terrorist near and far. But returning to the matter at hand: as in all the major issues of our times there is a tremendous amount of hitting-off-center, of placing the emphasis fatally where it doesn’t belong. A chink in the national mental armor where shrinking cowards most love to hide. In this way one may easily arrive at the very opposite of a genuine solution, blaming those elements that are worthy, praising those that are truly at fault. And perhaps nowhere is this more so than in today’s heated controversy over the cultural “assimilation” of new immigrants: as if they were a mere leaf of spinach in some identity-obliterating national digestive tract. A cause celebre which quickly spills over from there into a generalized diatribe against all people not slavish adherent to this supremely-nebulous yet all-determining “American culture”, or “American Way of Life”.

            Do we scream “cultural invasion” when any one of our grossly-dominant Jews in Congress refuses to take his/her oath of office on the Christian Bible? Forming the vanguard of that Jewish lobby that keeps us mired in a perverted and unjust War, that for that matter keeps Johnny’s school curriculum and court-enabled behavioral milieu abysmally—and with brow-beating-repetitive Maoist morbidity—fringe-radical in every way?

            Here as in all these gray areas of controversy great advantage is taken, by today’s rabid cultural nationalists, of a natural confusion of habits, manners, phraseology, a cacophony which reverberates in trebled tones around those venues where “legals” and “illegals” congregate. A din which readily lends itself to hysterical Teddy-Rooseveltian declarations about a “medieval patchwork” of cultures and dialects, said to be likely to produce national divisions of prostrating proportions. The image is being projected, in the shrill tones inseparable from this debate, that there will quickly proceed a mounting of barricades around cultural barrios, that fifty years from now Juan and Juanita will still have an English vocabulary of a half-dozen words. That they will still wear the same set of worn-out tennis shoes—or alternately, sport the new car they cannot afford—that they will continue to peer at you with distrust. The cultural nationalists are always afraid of these kinds of things. To them human life, with all its spontaneous elements, which Christ only wishes us to enjoy “more abundantly”, must be regimented within rigidly pre-determined parameters. Human life being considered a dangerously-unstable compound by these prim and proper custodians, for-the-most-part better aborted than tolerated, one which must at the very least be kept under strict disciplinary control, under laboratory conditions, else it quickly get “out of hand”. Here being basically the same control freak national pathology which lay behind a campaign of American aggressive warfare, a Bush-anticipating perpetual combat which actually started way back in Colonial times, as in the 1743 blunderbuss invasion of Cartegena, somewhere among the Southern-Hemisphere possessions of Spain. As well as in the many contemporary—and yet-earlier—incursions of colonists into French/Indian reaches of Quebec: mounted against millennial native residents who had taken to Catholicism heart and soul, after the inevitable initial bloody aboriginal persecution of Jesuits, Franciscans and those of other orders, and all this without any French resort to aggressive arms. Fervent Indian believers calling to mind the Early Christians in Jerusalem or Ephesus, own-business-minding souls ridiculously portrayed as fearful “red-skinned” cultural invaders, and forcers-of-Sacraments upon unwilling Calvinist souls. “Aliens” in many cases on a soil the colonists hadn’t yet occupied for 20 years, or who—regarded nonetheless as a “clear and present danger”—lived still a hundred or so miles beyond. But behind all this fear-rhetoric—that which we must by now recognize for the all-purpose excuse for every laboriously-rationalized social, economic, military and political barbarity that it really is—behind this transparent veil is poorly concealed not a cultural defensiveness but rather an all-purpose campaign of extortion in the process of enveloping an entire globe. For over and above the coup-happy black-ops takeover of foreign oil fields and other natural resources there is a dominant element in the USA which desires to plant the American take on life on every shore and in every soul. I call it the Religion of America, that which basically every Baptist holds well above his Southern- or Eastern-Conference creed. A strange set-of-beliefs which is actually, after all the born-again fervor finally dies away, only another form of Judeo/Masonic Secular Messianism.

            Mind you, I am one of the most vociferous opponents of the takeover of our jobs by illegals: for which however my solution isn’t at all to prevent people from crossing the border, but rather simply to allow any American head-of-household to boldly step forward, on the spot, and claim any job held by one of this tunnel-happy crew. With after-the-fact boss-condoned reprisals of such a new-hire “whistle-blower” to be punished by mandatory stiff prison sentences for the plant manager or even the CEO involved. Then the mass influx will dry up of its own accord. Instead of these same aliens continuing to arrogantly scoff at the very ones they have thrown out of work, the day after they arrived, self-interestedly believing all the “American loser” tripe cranked out here by our very own social agencies and media, and by the scornful “coyote” who brought them here, and even by upwardly-mobile Yankee siblings—their own positions either grandfathered-in long ago, in a completely-different era, or assured by their craven compliance with every perverted behavioral demand. Immemorial phylactery-fondlers shaking their heads from near or afar. All these big-time interests suggesting openly—or in preferred vague tones—that the U.S. unemployed are disproportionately bums, or crazy, or misfits, and so on. Precisely-fitting parts, all of them, of a chain-linked corporate-catering machine which cranks out identity thefts on truckloads of mostly-under-fed, wiry-Black-haired Smiths, O-Reillys and Wysnewskis: non-English-speaking new hires who show up in the ID-photos beer-bellied and blond or shiny bald. Completely with all the other fraudulent documents any self-respecting illegal could possibly want. A crime over which investigators at all levels are bound and gagged when it comes to reporting: in a system which by law cannot be informed about the anomaly of the same identity being domiciled at twenty different addresses.

            But what is this American take on life, all this wonderful vigilance, which presents such downsizing Christmas presents to the citizen-employee? Can we find some similar noble and uplifting pattern in the constantly evolving rock music, the undulating behavior of the Dr. Phil- and school-counselor-encouraged American gang-psychology, even the perils of rot-gut-old but preservative-laced American food? Or that belly-button-revealing, “casual”, shrink-wrap clothing-style-triumphalism that took the world by storm already at least twenty years ago? Which is so fruitful in abortions and unwed pregnancies, and which is always revisited with a new revelatory vengeance, after a season or two of more moderate fare, as in today’s basically bare-to-the-crotch expose’? Or for that matter in our much-presidentially-exalted democracy, with its mammoth prison populations, its bayonet diplomacy, its once again growing ghettoes of the poor? But behind all the self-interested fuddy-duddy, all the ridiculously-anachronistic Gothic-American cultural defensiveness is a debt-finance, commercially-and industrially-path-dependent absolute which imperatively demands that America remain culturally dead and therefore as predictable as a cadaver. For there is an agenda being pursued of which a moribund culture is the only dependable vehicle, and whose outlines are reviewed extensively on this site.

            December 26, 2006: An open letter to an antipope.

            Dear Vatican usurper, please do these several things for we Catholics this Christmas:

            1. Admit that your election, and that of most of your successors since Pius XII, was bogus, invalid, and that the resulting string of antipopes has been the vehicle of the catastrophic changes of the past forty-some years. That furthermore the on-again, off-again openly-heretical convictions of you and your predecessors on a score of issues serve to depose you automatically: highly-theatrical conservative or even reactionary poses and postures notwithstanding. 2. Admit that the rite of Consecration of Catholic bishops has been so badly vitiated by the Sacramentary of 1969 that there are undoubtedly few validly-consecrated prelates left, and thus even-fewer genuine ordained priests as well. Thus, the Communion wafer is likely only a piece of bread in most cases, and today’s “confession” is indeed spoken to a “mere man”, as Luther held. All of which accounts for the abysmal state of both Church and world today. 3. Finally, if some Bonesman or Freemason hasn’t already shot you—so that you might become a martyr for an otherwise-martyrless New Church—and in order to “kill two birds with one stone” in making all tradition-loving Catholics look like crazed killers, only momentarily-repressed—go on from there to get yourself truly elected and crowned, and then commence to actually rule the Church: that which is any real pope’s sole specific commission. To defend the meek, the pure and the good: which is done not only in public statements but even more behind the scenes, through a rigorously-if-lovingly-plied ecclesiastical chain of command. Rather than just going around making lots of pretty but toothless speeches which can hardly qualify as genuine sermons. Or hurling Oprah-like media-developed diatribes against herd-generic trends long left yawningly-un-remarked, and which you have done little or nothing to actually impede in any practical way. This in the now-standard hand-limp fashion of that radical caesaro-papist “separation of church and state” false-dogma which was the very driving engine of Vatican II. While we ask you likewise to mercifully refrain from signature-Benedict, often-inaccurate, typically-oblique and always-academically-belabored accusations against U.S.-identified international “bad guys” far and near. These being easy targets removed a safe distance from real-time villains operating with blasé impunity under your own very nose, on your own mandated field-of-concern. All these hardly being homespun admonitions from a Galilean fisherman, but rather mere sops to impress people with, while the Catholic Faith and Way of Life are gradually and conveniently shoved aside. Ultimately to be forgotten, “in six easy steps”, while we all dutifully hyperventilate with the newly-majesterial White House and cable-network news.

            December 20, 2006: Judaized Christianity: “the perversion of what is best”, the recurrent but soon-to-be-permanently-cured sickness at the heart of Christendom. Practical means of taking back the USA and the world from this global pathology.

            This of course is what has been wrong with Christendom whenever in its two thousand years it has taken a wrong turn. Indeed, a Judaized Christianity can produce a Hitlerian machine ten times more ruthless and efficient than its forerunner of mid-century, since it readily releases the careless conscience from all hesitation and restraint, adding new gusto to the invader’s chaotic thrust. Generous ablutions of Holy Water lending it all an aura of sanctity it could never otherwise have achieved under the boot of the Iron Corporal. For the differences between truth and falsehood are often extremely subtle, “penetrating between marrow and bone”: as both the guileless Apostle and the wordsmiths of our media, of our educational system, our puppet government, our many false religionists of all persuasions know so well. These nebulous gray borderlands of truth and falsehood being both the earthly venue of salvation and the very stomping-grounds of Hell, depending on how they are trodden upon. A twilight zone however soon to be illuminated with the brightest light of day.

            Of course what Judeo/Christianity represents is Christianity without Christ, or with Christ minimized, marginalized, made into a curious projection, easily removed at some inconspicuous time, like a pesky bubble or burr on the stone surface of a Jewish monolith. It is to deny that the message of Christ is revolutionary, that it “casts fire on the earth”. This Judaic Christianity—that of our present string of anti-popes—doughtily and with high-religious-dudgeon keeps the rich richer and the poor poorer—all the while pious admonitions in the opposite direction might now-and-then abound, sharp thespian cries with impotent petulance piercing the air.

            Ergo Bush-era military policy set to the tempo of fantastically-multiplying debt, to which continued fatal dive we here at louisdejolietpublishing.com offer a distinct alternative. Rather than breezily incubating new fifth and sixth generation financial instruments, with cumulative assignations reaching several hundred percentage points and beyond, and the encumbrances on the laborer’s burden multiplying accordingly, we advocate an immediate return, after an interlude of some five hundred years and more, to a concrete industrial-asset-based economy. With money backed by resources, by human and industrial “capital”, rather than by so much debt-telescoping paper. Or even by ever-elite-catering precious metals. This can be done almost as quickly as a proclamation can be drafted: changing the nature of money back to its original sane dimensions. With a means of settlement of commercial paper being arbitrated in a host of creative, multi-party-elaborated ways. Certainly, a liberal allowance, say, of China into our energy sector—that area in which she is most in need—would satisfy a great many of her claims in the most honest and forthright way. That same China which our policy experts in government and corporate-NGO alike wish to color as having ulterior motives in her expansion of trade and equity in the Middle East. That China which however must find somewhere to invest her American dollars: else she turn to using them as Monopoly money, in a parlor game to entertain her Anglo/American overlords. Here being an economic foreign policy which would likewise allow the Chinese into various cooperative ventures of other kinds here on our soil: however with ideology kept decidedly embargoed on the other side of the Pacific where it belongs. That pagan pan-syncretism in all its many forms which however Bush and his Skull and Bones associates are quite eager to welcome to our shores: that which his version of “born again” actually represents. Thus in the most honorable and sovereignty-preserving way possible can we concretely recognize that we have already given up much of our title to the unencumbered possession—not the ownership—of our own soil. This by way of treacherous debt-courting policies in the short time since the first such betrayals by Ronald Reagan. Which aren’t debatable realities anymore—as much as our “American dream” would like to imagine—but which are like so much water over the geo-financial dam. And we can only show our wise stewardship—the last remaining thing we can possibly claim—by sharing out jars of grain and oil like the prudent steward in the Holy Gospels. War is not the answer, except for some sort of bloodsucking global ghoul. All these realities being mitigated by the fact that no matter how much of our currency—and claims on our assets it represents—are held by other nations, they can hardly move 300 million Americans off these shores, and displace us with their own populations. Thus these debt-obligations can be satisfied in reasonable ways, open to many unique and creative cooperative configurations.

            But the aim of that coterie of mawkishly-insincere pseudo-denominations and secret societies that presently controls us is to continue to precipitate us deeper and deeper into financial and commercial crisis, so that their stranglehold may tighten accordingly. And the cold fingers of despair around the national throat can precipitate a terror-driven militarism in the national soul. With a smiley-faced Johnny-Carson-like President, the second in a quasi-permanent presidential clan, to be succeeded by other families of the same ilk, providing the all-excusing figurehead to lead the way. This is just grounds for revolt by anyone’s standards, but the same prostration of the people achieved under mid-century communism has been further intensified under the totalitarianism of the Bush/Blair Bonesman/Thule-Society globalist regime.

            Hence for now I recommend a three-point approach. First, the blitzkrieg campaign of prayer and consecration, advocated throughout these pages: that polar-opposite to nefarious global and domestic designs uncovered above. Only when our efforts are put under the patronage of the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, our Heavenly King and Queen—and removed from the weird and contradictory Judeo/Christian/Masonic Religion of America—will we be given the power to defeat the forces of treason and barbarity. While even other faiths besides Christianity can be welcomed into this spiritual effort, albeit to beseech God in their own separate way: since we aim at no pan-syncretism here, but only at a unity of goodwill. Indeed to the degree they are truly sincere, and believe in “one God Who is the rewarder of the good and the punisher of the wicked”—the Pauline ultimate-minimum measure of faith—these other believers can help us storm Heaven efficaciously. Secondly, groups of people of every conceivable size, location and condition must band together to form cooperatives, even to the point of designating novel forms of currency which could serve as a mutual micro-local medium of exchange. One whose uses could however quickly expand geographically and in increasingly-momentous aggregate dispositions of wealth. A coin based on trust, just as in an unshakably stable and vigorously wealth-multiplying “monetary inertia” of a base-metal, bronze or brass immemorial past. Rather than a currency contrived upon the assignations of greedy financiers, or embodied in the historical novelty of the medieval-goldsmith’s “reserve requirements”, upon a further-removed fleeting vestige of which the present global system is based. A cosmic larceny or embezzlement here, which modern-day Muslims rightly scorn, one first seen when Jews first began to leverage themselves into a position of absolute global-financial control. That hegemony—based on this utterly-false, privately-rather-than-officially concocted definition of money—lyingly claimed to contain an usurious element, introducing a deadly wealth-extracting—rather than wealth-multiplying—nature ultimately to be delineated in stocks and bonds. That chain-letter-finance which has been fruitful in all our modern hecatomic wars, and which now builds gigantic facilities in places like Wyoming, Chaney/Haliburton-country, which are designed to put us on a permanent war footing. That megalomaniacal enterprise being unveiled by the dictator George Bush as I write.

            This our idea of omnibus, ultra-practical cooperatives is designed to reestablish the social fabric, to do an “end run” around the socio-moral nihilism of the schools, the media, the corporatocracy, the two diabolically-controlled political parties. A rudimentary democracy that can easily join hands as well across the seas, and along the cordillera of the Hemisphere: again, in an internationally-interdependent yet national-sovereignty-preserving unity, based on trust, on positive goals, rather than upon elitist-sponsored population-control projects and wars. While the third and final step in this unprecedented initiative, this reestablishment of the Nation, is to support my bid for the Presidency. Which if achieved would legitimate my call for a constitutional convention, perhaps to proceed according to the for-now necessarily-sketchy outline in Chapter Six of my Integral Catholicism. Although the form this drive toward renewed sovereignty would take is open to the vigorous dynamism of “things on the ground”, in the neighborhood, around the family table, around the work-place lunch-table, in the office coffee-clotch, down at the corner bar.

            We can even have our own media, to be sustained through such means as fliers, posters, runners, messengers, human traveling reservoirs of information, of new ideas. For these purposes we could recruit people of goodwill in government and industry, to serve as benign moles, within structures that are meant to serve the public anyhow, not to enslave, stonewall and exploit. I think its naïve to expect that the Internet would serve these distributive-systemic ends, since it is already carefully controlled in many ways: being essentially an American-military project from the word go. (I myself only use it because I must, and only for as long as I must.) The compromised nature of the internet being readily apparent for instance in futile attempts to find things out about controversial subjects with search engines. No: we must have our own substitute, a communicational trunk which is powered by the very grace and wisdom of God, by the power of prayer, by the untraceable interaction of human beings. Leaving all the noisy and behavior-control-oriented corporate/government programs to address the empty air. For remember, most of the power of these people is in their propaganda: since they actually represent less than five percent of the whole. They can threaten many more things than they can actually do. So it is here, in forcing them to blink, that we must in a sense show our greatest steadiness and resolve. After all, we have more reinforcements than they could possible muster, in Heavenly legions and a Heavenly Lady “as terrible as an army set in battle array.”

            December 19, 2006: The Boomer bill comes due.

            Ah, you took all your neat little shortcuts, you took no particular umbrage to sodomy and every other abominable vice, as being only “alternate lifestyles”. You called those who said otherwise fanatics, madmen. You took religion only seriously enough to rather absentmindedly amble down the isle to receive what was once the Bread of Life: a Heavenly Boon now withheld, through a series of scripture-despising, wordy, vitiating “reforms”. A curse over those who would presume upon, would make a “fall guy” of, the Divine. For to Boomers, and older sibling would-be Boomers, to evince true devotion—that Heavenly balm for the salvation of ones soul—would be unforgivably incorrect form, indeed the worst of modern-day crimes: “un-American”. Outside, you joke and chortle about the weather, you make super-discrete, oblique observations about the homeless, the perpetually-dispossessed Arabs, the Blacks, the poor. Then you go home to your well-deserved McMansion on the hill, upon every article of which is such an insipid price-tag, purchased with such employability skills. Without which vaudeville, this jaw-muscular “hard work”, you would have not a scrap nor a stitch.

            You only barely noticed, this forty years and running, how the craven demands became greater and greater, the mandatory laughter incrementally louder and louder, the required thick-skin more flint-like, the list of indispensable cool canned phrases longer and longer, with each passing year. Pastor or Father Jim, regardless of traditional or New Ordo persuasions, assured you there was nothing you could do about it, with his characteristic grin-and-bear-it shrug of the shoulders: implying that all the old Catholic recollection is passé, part of the old pre-Vatican-II neurosis. As if you had anything to “grin and bear” besides this aching emptiness inside, within which all the empty laughter re-echoes in frightful, agonizing reverberations, at the most unexpected times. It is “only your place to provide”: with the incongruity of such a course with the “seek ye first” of the Gospel being of course studiedly ignored. Together with the mad hunger within you that clamors for an end to all this madness, for a return of that “peace which the world cannot give”: that which amply inhabited, inspired and invested the Catholic past.

            The enigmatic words of that fiery Fellow Who first broached this “seek ye first” were of course stricken from their immemorial frequent reading at Holy Mass, during the all-determining aftermath of Vatican II. And His like virtually chased by the ushers, exuding hyper-efficient McMansion-dweller hostility, out the big double doors. The Son of God bidden to abide among the homeless, or to “go down to the mission”, to listen to well-deserved rousing, harrying “born again” fare. Among people who likewise have “nowhere to lay their heads”. True, John Edwards and the gang have got some new nationwide project going, to remove Jesus from his nightly place on the open ground, in the gathering dew. That Good Shepherd Who dwells amid that threadbare gang of rugged individuals, some of whom even have jobs. These being urged to take out mortgages on some newer and grander collectivist scale. For one thing because the big-boys are running out of other sources of investment liquidity. For which purposes are these the homeless to be incorporated into some “program” with its innumerable counselors and charismatics (since of course they couldn’t possibly know how to “go it alone”). These the last of a breed, these real grown-ups who wouldn’t bow to all the unmanly slapstick, nor to the super-macho gender-ambivalence, which got “that job” and “that house on a hill” for their siblings. Gratuities of which these same fall-guys, in their simple “yeh and nay”, conveniently taken as the most criminal sort of truculence, were in the worst way, with much sardonic fanfare, required to pay the sticker-price.

But dear American dreamer, just watch the sky, watch these storms, these fires, these strange accidents. These are only preliminaries. God will not have this land, meant to give Him honor and glory, stolen in this profane way. He will be your Terrorist: He needs no help from ragged Arabs, nor from these equally-ragged, equally-harmless domestic dwellers of hedgerows and alleyways, both of whom you have dispossessed.

            December 17, 2006: Who’s sad?

            I stand accused of saying a lot of excessively truthful things about Iraq, Afghanistan, the U.S. domestic scene, the world economy, and so on. But it is furthermore assumed that as a price for such indiscretions writers like myself go around in an abject state of “depression” all the day long. However far from that being the case, truth has precisely the opposite effect, being instead the source of joy, of what happiness this world has to give, as well as of that Gospel sort of which the world is incapable. Granted, there is none of the space-capsule happiness of the American Dream in any of this: a hyperventilating moonscape mirage which woefully-honest, unromantic people like myself have, alas, discovered for the unmitigated nightmare or death-trap that it actually is.

            The Bush dynasty’s New World Order represents that “dream”, that completely artificial world which the corporations and Jewish finance alone can create. Which leaves the humble villagers of Afghanistan, North Korea or Croatia eating dust in its wake. That world whose more honest face, even here in its home of homes, is war, media-control, cyber-tinsel, homelessness and inadequate housing. A grim, debt-driven ghetto which is the practical meaning of the vaunted space-capsule “progress” as well. Or in another analogy, it makes you like one of those guys at a circus who is shot out of a canon: it might be fun while the ride lasts, but it is over with in a hurry. And then you’d better have a stout safety net at the ready to catch you when you come down. It is a world in which people have no time to really be kind even to their own spouses or closest relatives. Rather depending upon things like funerals as a “closure”-oriented general absolution for every wrong. Hitching a free moral-ride on someone else’s demise at occasions at which no one asks forgiveness—which would be unforgivably poor form to display in a brave new world—but takes it for granted in a modern breeziness which refuses to breaks its stride. The same sort of all-absolving spirit which invests gala family outings and reunions: in which the old honor of the family name—of those once generously loyal-to, and  persecuted for, the Faith—is flouted in the new and profane garb of our age. Little considering, and caring even less, that those ancestors whose noble name we bandy about with brash and zany levity wouldn’t have even spoken to people like ourselves, had they met us in the street, or encountered us in some dark alley. Saying with the Savior, “behold, I do not know you”.

            That’s part of the purpose of this website: both to debunk this fly-by-night fantasyland and to have in place a rudimentary alternative (we can do little better at this point) when the whole thing is revealed for the bankruptcy, the depravity, that it is. One of several end-time attempts of Satan, starting with Napoleon, increasing in intimidating complexity with each new manifestation, using geo-finance and its giant-scale means to create a whole new pseudo-reality around the new conqueror of a yet-braver “New Age”. A world in which all are busy as beavers, imagining that all the hyperactivity is the same thing as industry and integrity. Successive eager-beaver projects made possible through the intrinsically-overheated nature of capitalistic investment, the burning-up of wealth and commodities required to sustain its astronomical schemes of debt-repayment. Mammon having become the upstart ruler of the world by this tinsel-town means: in the place of that God Who is its gentle, patient Creator. Even as there remains the real and ultimate Anti-Christ yet to come, “the man of sin”, in another approaching time.

            The practical and political wisdom of mankind isn’t from some elite corporate-outsourced foundation, but from the mysteriously-coalescing insights of the people themselves, within whom dwells the guidance of God, if according to varying degrees of resonance. That indwelling brought to its apogee in Christ, the Champion of our race. It is a totality which cannot function according to the timetables of extractive finance: an incapacity which however hardly makes it inferior in character. And it is this organizational mankind in which we here at louisdejolietpublishing.com place our confidence, as being the chosen vessel of the grace and power of God, and of the genuine future and progress of man.

            December 12, 2006: Why do I mention Vatican II in my presidential platform?

            This pseudo-council, the offspring of the invalid papal election of the anti-pope John XXIII, was a prophetically-predicted gathering which has had a monumental and immeasurable influence upon thought, morality and public policy the world over: and this not at all exclusively in Catholic circles. An anti-pope—of the exact same name as the last anti-pope of medieval times—in whose encyclicals the first traces of a fine-distinction-despising radicalism greet our astonished eyes. The “conciliar years” being a hiatus from which has also flown that stream of subsequent anti-popes reigning til this very day. While from this watershed event—like the various “robber councils” of the middle ages—also flowed a “choice” more grand and all-determining than ever before, indeed trumping the commitment of Baptism in practical terms. For with the council’s signature preemptive style—aspiring to sternly correct what it plainly regarded as an erring Church—there was unveiled before modern Catholics this exultation of the utterly-nebulous standard of “relevance to our times”. This bewildering weighing standard being erected as the very litmus test in all matters of faith, indeed of personal worth and entry into Heaven as well. The new conviction or imperative being that everything we do, say or even think must dovetail into the dynamisms of modern progress, be guided by the opinions of those dazzle-eyed progress worshippers who crowd in around our ears, and especially by a whole gamut of worldly and even atheistic experts. Barring which exercise-in-supine-conformity we are regarded as just plain bad people, or crazy, or both. After which reorientation basically the entire Catholic world has ceased to be guided by that inner tribunal placed in us by God: our reason, our conscience, the mystery-bound traditions of our Faith. Spiritual fundamentals for all seasons championed resolutely and repeatedly by our Blessed Lord while He was on earth.

            Furthermore the odd four year interlude of “The Council” has likewise been falsely associated with the truly enlightened persons and events of those years, of which there were many, as can be seen in the writings, addresses and news-clips of the times. Thus for instance the genuine racial-justice crusade of the martyred Kennedy brothers: subsequent repugnant Orwellian-mass-control oriented features of U.S. civil rights not really appearing until the reign of the king of bussing and bureaucracy, Lyndon Johnson. This and other facets of an immediate-post-Kennedy liberal-radicalism that was utterly foreign to “my old friend John’s” heartening-yet-realistic gamut of policies, with the former having been marked by a lurid and corrosive free-drugs, free-sex, free-you-name-it style. A free-for-all that was predictably succeeded—according with an enervating Judeo-Bonesman see-saw which aims to keep us all thumb-suckingly inert—by a Bush tight-lipped “anti-terror” veritable police state and the outright disappearance of workers’ rights: once the Boomer generation completely abdicated anything like a responsible freedom-maintaining leadership role. Showing itself content with its thumb-sucking drugs and sex, followed by the classical “mature years” slide into the most cynical success-ethic greed. During which zany euphoria was put into place a radical-Zionist, secret-society-arbitrated, hip-booted neo-con leadership since the time of Reagan.

            Thus did modern process philosophy, a dialectic at the core of contradictory radical/reactionary notions of progress, take the place of divine Faith in the “strange new church” predicted by the stigmatist and miracle-worker Anne Catherine Emmerich over a century and a half ago. The new approach constituting above all a bizarre humility at the expense of Christ, to the injury of the honor and self-regard in particular of the Christian laity. Who henceforth would face the cold blasts of the world largely on their own, having with little ado been thrown down upon the pavement outside through the celebrated new “open window” of the conciliar Church, to fend for themselves as they might. In a world, identified by Christ as the enemy, to which they were bidden to make themselves cravenly “relevant”.

            Plainly, the wildly-media-celebrated council marked the first time in two millennia that the Church, incredibly, adopted an entirely worldly standard in attempting to fulfill its essentially-spiritual mission. Discarding out the noted Vatican “open window” its mandate first and foremost to save souls, in the process of which it bears the burden of mankind in all regards, from its perch in veritable celestial clouds. The new, vulgar and impossible reorientation constituting a massive tectonic shift which would carry with it easily the rest of Western, and much of African, humanity as well. A brave new approach by which however the Church, the “salt of the earth”, would become an abject follower rather than a leader among men: delirious media- and parish-elite-praises of a pusillanimous Paul VI or a sanctimonious but surrender-oriented John Paul II notwithstanding. The past four decades having seen the total collapse of practical Catholic influence upon world affairs: the forces of atheism, anti-life and a gradual worker-enslavement having instead completely taken away the field from a Church which was once the prime global champion of Faith and the common man.

            Indeed comprehensively, if by the “broad way” of limp surrender, and close-cousin theatrical words, it was Vatican II that would prepare the moral ground for an increasingly-cynical agenda pursued by most nations today: the brutal behavioral transformation, the aggressive warfare, the accommodation of the drug culture, the moral perversion of the schools. For by the Council’s very tenets and chief inspirations we are required in every case to weigh and investigate, to give ear, in many cases to things so vile that they should rather be instantly repudiated and disavowed. Good morality and behavior always requiring a holy Gospel “violence”, mostly to ourselves, part of which is a rigorous screening of what we allow to enter our minds or the deliberations of our hearts. In a regimen of inner and outer vigilance which constitutes the immemorial Catholic and Christian Way, and indeed much of a grace-responsive pan-denominational spiritual prudence as well, from a Good Spirit which operates “whither it will”. A sobriety in imitation of a Jesus Who drove money-changers from the Temple: that “holy place” to which the temple of our souls figuratively corresponds. Thus it will only be when all mankind repudiates this all-directive pseudo council and its extensive, entrenched influence, studying the law written by God upon the human heart as well as in traditional teachings rather than continuing more-or-less exclusively to “test the winds” of mass or “expert” opinion: it will only be then that the present slide into chaos will be contained. And the masses themselves begin to return to true order and tranquility.

            It is thus the genuine rule of law upon which I base my campaign: that which is the traditional Western layman’s-version of “seeking first the kingdom of God, and all these things will be given you besides”. That legitimacy which is always based in turn on the moral law, identifiable with that reason which is leagues away from the menacing instability of modern immoralities and ideological-polarities alike. That true liberty/legitimacy, a treasure which was criminally lost touch with for a whole world at Vatican II. That common ground in the human heart, shared by all sincere faiths, upon which can be built a truly cooperative and beneficial national and world order. Inspiring once again a mankind whose deepest desire, by its rational nature, is to be morally good and upright, and thus also free.

            December 11, 2006: The self-destructive shark-attack dynamic of the “War on Terror”.

            English high officialdom is now joining many in the USA in loudly disavowing the Bush-coined slogan “War on Terror”, but I for one believe there is no term more appropriate. For it highlights the utter folly of the whole bloody enterprise, in which so many good and patriotic young people die daily. Both the war and its inevitable label being very much like the biblical “boxing the air”: that futile exercise which the Apostle so wisely forswore. While in fact terror is precisely the weapon being employed by Coalition forces themselves, especially in a massive, ubiquitous black ops program that began with 9/11 and continues in state-of-the-art-conducted acts of global sabotage, fruitful mostly in a deft touching-off of “sectarian violence”. An additional aim of which character assassination of whole peoples is to “righteously” motivate mass voluntary enlistment here in the USA. But the ultimate reason the moniker for this heinous war isn’t likely to change is because it is meant to last until Civilization as we have known it is completely destroyed, barbarized: the sort of nihilistic enterprise for which mystifying titles are especially required. This global preemptive war representing nothing other than the culminating phases of the imposition of a Nazi, Thule-Society, Skull-and-Bones non-civilization, resurrected after some sixty years. A project this time around thoroughly built upon the financially-based tyranny of expanding national and personal debt.

            But the final horror of this massive onslaught against our race (humanity) is its path dependency: a phrase coined by the distinguished Harvard economics professor Weismann, albeit in reference to purely-economic theory alone. An evocative title which in its Bush-era fullest reality hardly suggests a dependency dynamism at all, but rather very much that of a shark as it attacks its prey. The whole of this deadly fish becoming like a streamlined jet aircraft in an accelerating intake of oxygen-bearing water, discharging the spent remainder out its oversized gills like the thrust-bearing spent-oxygen in jet propulsion, thus accounting for its unequalled predatory speed. For indeed the longer we continue down this road of “preemptive” war against an “unseen enemy” the more drastically and irreversibly we become path dependent upon war economically, in a bizarre and twisted motivational logic and in every other respect as well: having been transformed as an entire people into something resembling a bloodthirsty attacking shark. This despite the fact that aggressive war was singled out as the chief and the very worst of war crimes (being in practice the root of all others) by the original organizers of the Nuremberg Trials, the U.N., and the World Court at the Hague, in their resolve to brand this crime in this sure way, in the final charters of these institutions. Good men who were destined nonetheless to be systematically thwarted by the heinous-but-ubiquitous “higher forces” of an oddly vindictive/sanctimonious Anglo/American/Jewish capitalism. August world bodies which, thus stymied, are now chiefly employed in carrying out the grand designs and personal vendettas of major First World nations. While this much-indulged aggression—the slaughterhouse of tens of millions in two world wars—becomes not only economically and organizationally addicting for our society but psychologically and morally as well: and this in the very minds and souls of our youngest children. Here being the precise reason for the insistence of pawns like Bush and Blair—whose jackal-like character is impossible to hide, coming out in their whole mawkish manner and style—that this “war on terror” continue. For to that very degree it rapidly takes on the nature of an irreversible, inescapable fait accompli, to bring about their elitist, totalitarian goals. Producing the kinds of nations that God is finally as it were forced to destroy. Like ancient Canaanites, whose young were fit only for destruction, who were indeed “dashed against the rocks” apparently by the very divine command. A people all of whose generations had become morally-twisted beyond repair by the inhuman, anti-life barbarities—among which were cannibalism, and the throwing of babes into the fire—horrors to which they had become inured basically from the crib, that they had so frequently seen and heard. Hence the reason for the unreasonable audacity, the constant high-handed impudence of today: because very soon all resistance will be entirely futile, if only these traitors can hold on to the reins of power a while longer. After which all moral resistance will be at an end.

            Do you think the civilized virtues of our Christian past—for the retention of which our ancestors so often laid down their lives, and otherwise made such costly sacrifice—are things we can presume upon? Here is proof-in-the-pudding that you must guess again.

            Such betrayals always threaten to succeed when good men hesitate to do what is necessary to secure the common good: no matter how onerous or heroic the deeds required. To secure the very future of our own children, both eternal and earthly. Hence the overriding aim of this website: to remove us from such a diabolical and truly terror-ridden policy road. The means of which removal is first of all the dedication, the consecration of this land to the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary: that solemn and official act, and resolution-of-will, from which will flow the densely-interfaced plethora of policies advocated on these pages and in these publications: as from out of those two Hearts which are their sole unfailing source. No: God will not help us secure earthly boons if Heavenly ones are scorned, and only a humble handing over of ourselves to God can gain us that interior docility, that divine guidance and protection which are alone of any avail in a mortal fight with “principalities and powers”, such as we are engaged in today. An enlightened, truly-progressive and tolerant system being the ultimate fruit of this act-of-consecration, and of the earnest efforts it will call forth.

            December 8, 2006: The “square one” problem not confronted in the Baker Report: the secular-messiah complex of Bush USA. Other related, updated topics: practical freedom versus so much talk; anti-terrorist kings who have no clothes; a legal culture which looks upon real property as mere chattel, and readily looks upon women in much the same way.

            The true and highly-accomplished military culture of the Iraqis is uniquely their own, and far from being cowardly or inept, as it is portrayed by our leaders, withstood with great skill and bravery a British-funded Iran with a vastly-larger population during a long and bloody recent war. One in which all sectors of the population—Arab and Kurdish Sunnis and local Shiites alike—fought Iranians to the bitter end. Thus giving the lie to ceaseless Administration claims of an inevitable Kurdish disloyalty, and of an historical Iranian ascendancy over Shiite regions of Iraq. Iraqi military virtues are in the main based upon a love of hearth and home, from which one goes on from there to fight only in self-defense. As in Iraq’s heroic struggle against an Anglo/American/Israeli occupation of the entire region, stretching from 1920 until now. Plainly, you cannot expect people with such an upright and classical formation to take up the barbaric Bush-military élan, the strategy of random killing, torture, and so on, especially on their own native soil. While the “sectarian violence” was no choice of the Iraqis themselves, but rather was for all practical purposes engineered by U.S. policymakers and their collaborators among Israeli military planners, “civilian contractors” and Mossadists alike.

            This irreconcilability to the rest of mankind of our Yankee approach to things like war is seen in a host of other life-issues as well: as in the American branding of anyone not of such an aggressive character as possessing any of a wide range of personality disorders. Here being found a weird sort of “home front” moral-logistics, a perverted mindset loaded with spin-offs like today’s engrossment with “autism”: which is probably only the closing of the child’s mind and will against this very universal unnatural aggression of American life. A truculence which increasingly greets him wherever he turns, from the time he is plopped in front of the TV, as a babe on a blanket, to see horrors likely to trigger a permanent retreat from life; a veritable desire to return to the womb. A rabidly-disordered universe to which he is destined to be exposed, whether at school, on the school bus, in the neighborhood or even around the family table. Hence the standard radically-misguided nostrum that those with autism and other “learning disorders”, known by a host of other ugly names, must learn to better internalize an American personal-aggressiveness held to be a prime virtue, indeed regarded, in the height of Hellish hubris, as the very hope of mankind. Thus do I consider this prejudice against peace and tranquility to be an obvious root national sickness that must be eradicated by whatever means necessary. Rather than dumping millions of tons of spinach or green onions, we should devote trebled efforts to dumping this tyrannosaurus before it devours an entire earth, and in a special way ourselves. This by way of a “terror” paranoia against any nation or person who keeps their own counsel, and remains at peace within their own borders, their own set of concerns, their own culture, indeed their own person. A pathology which long before Pearl Harbor branded with infamy the unique and profound Japanese, just then emerging with eager anticipation from three centuries of despotic Tokugawa rule. An earlier version of a profiling which from the late nineteenth century til the dawn of the December 7th attack economically and psychologically forced Nippon into war. This transparently-disguised signature-American racism likewise continuing to keep a host of other nations in poverty and forced-meekness, only—in the height of contradiction—to go from there to demonize them as dangerous and fanatical—“like a ticking time-bomb”—in standard set-piece reactions of Americans to all such things, to any nation or person with such very benign and subdued traits. As if all mental health were contained in the universally-repulsive but continuous “1-A character-type” Yankee “blow it off” and guffaw.

            In the light of the above factors must be considered the refusal of Bush, and the less-obvious reluctance of Blair, to consult with Iran and Syria over the affairs of the Middle East, as the Baker Group requires. For obviously and as noted above a long pre-determined U.S./British/Israeli policy paradigm based upon artificially-created incidents and bit-mapped intrigues is an agenda which other regional interests cannot possible admit into their diplomatic/consultative worldviews: the conference table indeed being likely to uncover for sensitive and perceptive regional minds a host of sly designs. The whole digitally-glued-together ensemble of feints and subterfuges being a base upon which no sane negotiations can ever take place, requiring as it does as well a related array of jointly-assumed poses and postures utterly prejudicial to the entire Muslim world. The kinds of pathetic stunts which even a U.S.-catering Egypt or Saudi Arabia can just barely bring themselves to entertain.

            In other reactions to U.S. agenda-ridden policies around the globe, it’s ”we’ve heard enough talk” that you hear today in Mexico, from recently street-demonstrating supporters of Obredor, the presidential candidate from whom that nation’s election was bald-faced stolen with the encouragement and even the clandestine help of the Bush Administration. (Note of 01/12: Mexico was destined predictably to go from this rigged election and its guaranteed-continued fifty-cent-a-day grinding poverty to a bloody state of continual disorder, as such miserable conditions will inevitably produce vice-and-smuggling enterprises and attendant turf-wars and upheavals anywhere. While nations across Central America, including Honduras—long-time canine-loyal, death-squad-providing ally for Uncle Sam—have homicide rates highest in the world, as NAFTA and CAFTA, and a debt-instrument-looted global economy take their grim harvest on native economies in the region. First-world-nation-beggared “banana republics” which are standard fall-guys in a world-community crack-the-whip much like the one we used to play as kids. Mexico joining the USA in installing this universal election-rigging machine, which after its endless chicanery in the 2000 and 2004 elections here didn’t even bother to steal the votes of 2006. For Bush’s power is now so entrenched that George W. can basically do whatever he pleases—Congressional majority or no—adding insult to popular injury with his signature Johnny Carson smiley-button face and churlish path-to-the-helicopter wave of the hand. (Note of 01/12: Obama would only take this Bush-family-institutionalized bald tyrannical impunity a few giant steps further, and into radical-ideological precincts scarcely anticipated before.) Bush II being a king who rules regardless of the People’s ballot-box mandated say-so, or its much-noised reconstitution of Congress, or even of the recommendations of “his father’s” commission: just another ruse of the Skull and Bones league, meant to keep that same smiley-button face on tyranny. George I having been the real originator of the neo con concept of preemptive war: as much as pundits are at pains to claim some estrangement between neo con writers and thinkers and the rising presidential clan. And even as much as some of the same ideologues are now allegedly “bailing out”, having, or so it is maintained, finally realized how deep into the bizarre frontiers of dictatorship they have been ”taken for a ride”. While this panzer-like aggression is even more formidable against opponents here at home: with those on either side of the isle either bought and sold or cowered into malleable compliance. Occasional petulant protests notwithstanding. Even as the same holds equally true among the U.S. masses as well: since no one wants to lose their job for their political opinions, as happens when your corporate employer also owns the government. Mexico’s Obredor meanwhile being styled universally in our media as a “leftist”, like anyone else who takes umbrage to any significant degree with today’s beggaring of the working class, a certain percentage of which so liberally bestows garlands at a tyrant’s feet. A coup pulled off by an Anglo/American/Israeli tri-headed multinational monster likewise perfectly oblivious to a staggering U.S. national debt, growing daily by mega-million leaps and bounds. Since this coalition of the willing is poised to crush any nation on earth before it is able to collect on its T-bonds: or what is the same in the end, arranges to catch it in some post-9/11 net-of-intrigue. As in the developing Russian “poisoning” frame-up, preceded by the Ukrainian “oil blackmail” around this time last year, and a dozen other “seriously troubling” but hastily forgotten putative “mistreatments of its neighbors” in between. But what the people of Mexico are saying is that “democracy is not the same as authoritarianism”, and that being free, with Fox’s and Calderon’s blessing, to tunnel underground to “El Norte” to get a decent-paying job is not the same thing as freedom. No matter how many pretty and patriotic phrases might be coined to confuse the two, on either side of the Rio Grande.

            A central thesis in my writings to date is that our practical freedoms have been subject to a progressive sabotage ever since the breakdown of the Christian economic and organizational tissue of the Middle Ages: that which, in certain essential concepts and inspirations, is as much a part of the Christian mandate as Holy Mass. An incarnational treasure in every case to be replaced by mere eloquent words, or the launching of some Bush-anticipatory Reformer-crusade. Marvelously poised and chiseled sentences taking the place of carefully-specified rights of tenants and the working man, mere slogans it is now considered rank treason, nay blasphemy, to call into question in the least degree. These airy shibboleths having taken the places of a Christian human agency as prodigal as it was wise and strong. Thus too about half of the meaning of the explosion of communications starting from the invention of the printing press: that “much talk” in which “sin”—and brainwash—are “never wanting”. For the printed word, a boon in some ways, would nonetheless give real wings to lying tongues, multiplying forms of media since then serving to separate words from accountability; a departure from the stewardship of the practical fact which would have been impossible when knighthood was in flower. A word/fact dichotomy however which almost any mid-twentieth-century farmer, rancher or corner-store grocer still understood ruefully and implicitly, much as would have his medieval cousins. In days when the talk heard round the pot-bellied stove was universally recognized as leagues above the ridiculously-flowery and misleading fare typically to be gotten at the newsstand, already back then. While those who resisted this yellow-journalistic trend—one which already hearkened a half-century forward to the times of Bush and Blair—and printed the truth, were rather likely to disappear some fine day, even back in the forties or fifties. As did Molly Zelko, in my hometown of Joliet, Illinois. That lone crusading woman, editor of the old Spectator, a journalist whose raw courage put to shame so many Joliet men. Thus too the way Tim Russert’s grilling of Bush Administration guests Sunday on Meet the Press was blotted out—NBC totally disappearing for hours—on an untold number of local network airways: a major “no show” here in McCain Arizona in a news-medium with which the common people must in large measure be content. While later that night we got little snippets of the show here and there on the airways, sound bites which spared Bush sycophants the momento de la verdad of Russert’s incisive questioning. All hint of whose well-reasoned ferocity was carefully edited away. (Comment of 9/08: of high interest here is the recent sudden death of Tim at his desk, more or less between sentences, in a black ops world which now knows a dozen ways to induce/disguise an instant and murderous demise.) Thus too the same media’s ham-handed blotting out of a weekly episode of Sixty Minutes a week or two ago—again, at least here locally—treating us instead to a gratuitous extension of the afternoon sports-delirium. This in a sodomy-friendly post-game groupie-drool, over the play-by-play gang-mauling of painted-on-jersey pin-up boys.

            A disgusting dictatorial media-trick in either case, an institutionalized male perversity being answered in other places by the raw sex of blushingly-bare-breasted female-anchors, news-oblivious to their giddy torso-core. All this recalling the “takeover of the TV station” for decades punctuating reports of overthrow the world over: a media-absolutism in Papa George Bush’s Caribbean-insular “land of the free”. And especially in those locales where some Fox station rules the day, and where workers are invariably treated like so many dogs, if without all the legal protection against abuse which the latter enjoy. Being unique beneficiaries of a media-ramroded “free” economy. Oh, it’s all the old tripe, and it rings in your ears after a while, like an intolerable roar. One answered in kind by the roaring vox populi on far-freer streets of Mexico, of Venezuela, Bolivia and El Salvador.

            I don’t know how “leftist” is this vote-robbed Mexican candidate, Obredor, nor any of those more-fortunate and victorious anti-Bush heads-of-state further down the hemispheric land mass, in far-away places which have frequently felt the boot of foreign soldiers or black ops mercenaries. Israeli or American heroes doing “freedom’s task” on behalf of narco-trafficking Latin modern-day-emperors, and elsewhere reestablishing Afghan heroine-lords so rudely interrupted by the (“overly religious”) Taliban. All the while that real opponent of the drug trade, Manuel Noriega, rots in an American jail, for well into his second decade, for doing more than talking about drug interdiction. I think many of these “leftists” say favorable things about Fidel—probably not really that often—reluctantly, and only according to the inevitable “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” axiom. But if there is anything truly leftist or socialist—according to the much-abused, Leo-XIII-condemned meaning of the word—in these budding new men or their agendas—it is only according to that old mechanism which has determined the contours of a century of world upheaval. Namely that men are driven from the financier-determined evils of robber-baron capitalism to the equally-financier-determined evils of outright collectivist forms. It is the biggest trick in the big pockets of the Jewish big boys: this centuries-old batting of the people of each nation back and forth, “from pillar to post”. That which has a dozen other polar echoes in other contrived “dialectics” like the Republican/Democratic divide. That which uses-for-all-its-worth a gargantuan fatal flaw of our Constitution—in being written to religiously frustrate the state rather than to pursue the (state-defining) common good—in order to handily render any good and non-pocket-stuffing legislation dead on arrival. The only answer to which con game is the age-old Catholic distributive system—the only one “where the buck stops”—a unique model of which is presented here on these pages and in these publications. The three main pillars of which enduring edifice are 1) the exchange and “turning-in” of bond-backed money for immemorial commodity-backed specie, perhaps even with the partial renewed rise of medieval and early-modern government-licensed private minters and moneyers. 2) A redefinition of real-property away from the radical-Calvinist Blackstonian chattel or “sole and despotic ownership” back to its ageless understanding as being by nature socially arbitrated in character. Our own version of this distributive system being “interactive”: with many missing locally- and regionally-specific blanks to be filled in by the people on the scene. It is a whole way of life whose broad and solid base is, 3) the Frankpledge, or primeval Western 10-head-of-household socio-legal unit whose origins are to be found several millennia ago on the Mongolian steppe, and which Catholicism fashioned into the humble-but-fundamental unit of civic life (“let the greatest of you be as the least and the least as the greatest”). That practical democracy which displays an upwardly-tending series of reciprocal charters or veritable internal “treaties” of power-and-rights recognition, one in which local political power is immovably rooted in a jointly-motivated manager/worker industrial/occupational turf: an interweave which climbs a sort of reverse-looped and reciprocating upward organizational trellis. This kind of system—time proven, indeed capable of a studious and painstaking historical modeling in careful adaptation to our times—and not really in-practice power-divisive checks-and-balances of abstract and ever-so-precise Enlightenment-era lore—this is the only way up out of the bewildering political and economic mess of today. A working system little amenable to the ceaseless gab and promotion of our own, one which from what little I have been able to gather Chavez and the others may indeed be trying to implement, in the face of the eternal money-lending Judeo-Calvinist ire. That tried-and-true system which the same sorts of noted nihilists have been busy breaking down since the end of the thirteenth century. King-makers making technological and other advances serve the interests of the few instead of the many. Who “knew a good thing when they saw one”, about the time of the invention of double-entry accounting and the ocean-going caravel.

            Thus modern “progress” needn’t at all have been the story of Pharaoh-like slavery and apocalyptic warfare that it has proven to be, with the same friendly Jews financially promoting a faith-without-works, mercantile, capitalism-user-friendly Protestantism. A “Reformer” creed in which pious and loving words need not square with “works” or deeds. Sons of David believing they themselves deserve to own and/or control all “the wealth of nations”: fomenters-of-heresies since the time of the Apostles having for that purpose constituted Protestants as their helpers and protégés in the invention of a whole new understanding not only of faith but also of property. Especially here in a USA which is Protestantism’s very own pet-project, its home-of-homes, and which American Catholics since the time of the Revolutionary-era bishop John Carroll would help form into a social experiment indeed. One ultimately destined however to be totally divorced in practical terms from Christianity’s Founder, Our Lord Jesus Christ. Jews—always quietly in charge—going on to install, by hook or by crook, those presidential con-men, and highly-supportive mobsters, who bluntly or eloquently as the case might be call all this error and extortion “progress” and “democracy”. And if necessary are willing to blow up a whole world full of Muslims—and Latin-American Catholics—to “make their point”. Even as according to the same electronic-media-enabled con-game many of the facts of the case in Latin America today are impossible to arrive at anymore. Not even by way of our “marvelous” internet search engines: which tell you almost nothing of any substance under names like “Hugo Chavez”—the first couple of hundred entries being entirely dominated by the propaganda of the same Big Boys. A lot of hype which is re-echoed throughout an unfathomable million and a half headings. Maybe there’s a whole bevy of system-rewarded sissies who sit around all day and peck on keyboards, and manage somehow to come up with some real information. But I myself would rather wear the shoes of those intrepid marchers south of the border, who have had enough of flowery words.

            Hardly to be surprised at in a society of purely oratorical freedoms is an understanding of real estate property which is “sole and despotic” by definition, to quote William Blackstone, and in which women too, in another bizarre twist of a born-again world, are typically regarded in practical terms as but so much chattel. Women who are hunted and harassed in this land of the free, but who much like Saddam Hussein are “sent to the gallows” if they resist with deadly force in a contest which they otherwise cannot possibly win. For here intent is narrowly defined to close all avenues of clemency, as a deed in the pitch of the most blood-curdling fear is lent all the deliberation of a Bush’s or a male sadist’s coldly-planned-out stalk. Notice too the determination to ramrod a Shiite consensus right at this moment, considered sheer folly a mere ten days ago, now that Hussein’s appeal is before the (Shiite/kangaroo) court. Revealing again how a nation was invaded and destroyed largely as a form of personal vendetta. But the USA is just as much as the most backward Muslim or Mormon enclave a land where women who want to keep living have to go into hiding, to abandon house and home, to get away from a radically-legally-empowered stalking ex-husband (or here, even ex-lover). Even if she retains a “right over her own body”, namely to commit abortion, which is as absolute and perverse in its own way. Ah, good and motherly, gentle womanhood moored, abandoned, defiled: that under whose care we were all nurtured to life, learned to love, to confidently take our first steps.

            All these plateaus of persecution and servitude here in the USA are part and parcel of the razor-sharp divisions that come of rampant heresy: whose chief error is to evaluate the merciful, humane Divine Revelation, and especially that Church which is commissioned by Christ both to shepherd us and to interpret it, in the scales of harsh and exacting categoricals. Blade steel which with high irony can be polished the brighter—in an eager human imagination—the longer they are kept from the God-given “tarnishing” hierarchical majesterium of “mere men”. Since human thought—which is all that Protestantism can claim to be, having no mandate older than the sixteenth century—must venture by “dividing and composing”, a reasoning which when separated from the inspired divine holism typically ends in cutting the divine compassion into ribbons, or ponderously trampling it into shards. Whereas the wisdom of Catholic “binding and loosing” doctrine partakes of the relenting unitary quiddities of the Divine Word, uttered eternally, before the dawn of time. Thus the Calvinists—or those radical-purist Reformers who would reveal the essentially Puritan, Gnostic or Platonic thrust in Protestantism—were constitutionally unable to see truth as many things at once—but only as some brittle, two-dimensional, gut-level vindication, in that logical finger-counting which is the sole boast of human dividing-and-composing power. Hence in this faulty and incurably-juvenile view if woman must “be subject to men” it is in the most absolute sense that this is understood, as if she were a mere child. Since “heresy abhorreth a mystery” like “nature abhorreth a vacuum”, and in the very same way that the former cannot bear the lilting laughter of a maid. As if she hadn’t that basic, rampant dignity which makes all human beings essentially equal, in spite of any distinctions of age, office, or duties to instruct or obey. That full recognition without which indeed sex is in a certain sense mere perverted masturbation for the “real men” involved. And incipient sodomy as well: considering the buddy-loving braggadocio which usually succeeds all these “conquests” over some helpless and essentially despised maid. Abstracting as well from tokens of a penalty abundantly satisfied by Mary’s generous acceptance of the role of Co-Redemptrix:  this position of being the New Eve erasing among Catholics any real stigma that attached to the old Matriarch of our race, while leaving the natural contingency of a rib taken from man’s side. The Catholic understanding of womanhood placing no restrictions on a woman’s agency, her veritable running of the household, her own hoveringly-regarded bailiwick, that which comes from her rational mind, the Catholic social ambiance only requiring complacency with some few consultations and even-fewer over-rulings: unless the man of the house is a perfect fool. The twin supporting Marian doctrines, of Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix of All Graces, having been alive in the Church since before the time of St. Augustine: and having accounted for genuine Western Civilization’s unique honoring of the fair sex. Both of which dogmas Pope Pius XII was poised to define or formally proclaim—the rare and drastic papal defensive recourse for articles-of-faith always implicitly held but suddenly come under attack—just before the bogus Vatican II swept most or all inspired items from the Church’s agenda. Just as in a violent way and a century earlier the freemasons of the Duke of Savoy had similarly silenced Vatican I: whose true and sober counsels its illicit “aggiornamento” successor meant to silence forever.

            But the earlier radical reformism of the Revolutionary Era, of Jacobins on both sides of the Atlantic, followed this heretical, unforgiving tack as well in the stripping of property-holding of all duties, and tenants of all rights and privileges, that had attached to either from time immemorial. Thus eventually making kids-before-the-law out of renters and workers alike. Those social obligations of landlords and bosses which have always been at the very basis of sound and rational government and industrial relations, upholding in fact and deed an intrinsic human equality: albeit one arbitrated in complexities-of-recognition or role. All this to be summarily replaced by the glitz and glamour of Reagan-to-Bush “progress”: leagues away from a vital interweave containing integral parts in turn of the radically-stabilizing “inertia” of a money-system built on an equitable trust and accountability. Rather than upon treacherously-speculative, dictator-enabling bonds. The latter bolstered by a mortgage lending—or derivative-inventing—money-mill-in-the-sky that of course must eventually—and catastrophically—run dry. Catholic forms of distributism embodying that unique reciprocity of which the Sacrament of Christian Marriage is the model, mirroring in turn and ultimately that Blessed Trinity Whose Bond is the Holy Ghost: in which latter a staggering equality-among-Persons is conversely the model of marriage and all that follows in its all-inclusive train. Chartered medieval reciprocal duties having tied together in bonds of tight partnership the interests of the rich and the less-endowed: cords cut only by the noted heretical spirit of radical rupture, of violent ideological assertion, of morbidities of pagan “benefactor”-overseen power/subjection. That which today finds the propertied—whether in real estate, financial equities or any other form of wealth—without any bonds of restraint upon their power. The self-proclaimed universal “owners” of all this wealth having morphed both law and religion to suit their cleaver-like exclusionary aims: these purists of the ages, these crucifiers of a Savior, having designed an ever-“crusading” approach toward that end. One in which Christians betray their own Savior and God. With a popular lack-of-agency which increasingly resembles chattel slavery, whether at home or in Iraq. Only the name being lacking: which later on, with a Hebrew flourish, will be easy enough to supply.

            But getting back to the news: toping all, for pure Bush-zany dictatorial vaudeville, are those terrorism experts in one of our investigative bureaus who know nothing and care less about either Muslims or terrorists, but who nonetheless head Muslim-investigating anti-terrorist units of every degree of super-gratuitous scope. Even as the only person in this particular unit who knows about these things—who is indeed a Muslim himself, an Arab and a prostrate Bush-loyalist, who is said indeed to be the only one to have ever successfully penetrated an “Islamic terrorist organization”—this singular guy has been abjectly demoted—even as this war on terror burgeons in its paranoid manifestations—to tedious pencil-pushing tasks in D.C. Thus apparently have our alleged real sleuths—to whom our grizzly, filthy and psychotic nightly TV fare this season is basically dedicated from channel to channel—turned in their Sherlock Holmes hats and magnifying glasses with much self-congratulatory fanfare, claiming that they do just fine without all the bothersome claptrap of expertise. Since they have the sharp-edged, Bush-eternal Platonic prototypes of terror firmly in place in their minds: much like below-noted conceptual slabs, moved onerously over the floor of Congress by Shumer, Pilosi, Kyle and the rest of a stooped-shouldered “bi-partisan” gang. Any departure from which, into the impure realms of established fact, would be considered rank treason. Such as a now pencil-pushing Arab is no doubt thought to secretly harbor in his heart.

            December 2, 2006: Benedict XVI chokes on an ancient gnat and swallows a modern-day camel; The homeless guy given $100,000.00: another White male scapegoat for the super-correct Oprah Show.

            Here again today we are giving you another potpourri of events both ominous and ridiculous in the news, coming in once again at a bewildering pace. Thus this anti-pope, Benedict, a wrong-headed grand-stander who does nothing to further genuine Catholic Faith, as much as he endlessly exudes his signature pixy-charisma: a phenomenology fruitful in a Mooney-like Catholic parochial life which however has no problem with aggressive war. A militarism that if arisen seventy years earlier in Germany would have made Catholics doughty supporters of a Bush-compatible Hitler regime rather than the hunted-down victims of same that they actually came to be. This Benedict who raises war-clouds against the Muslims with his remarks about Mohammed, and then turns around and “goes to church” at a prominent Turkish mosque, after having earlier said Mass with an Orthodox bishop. Don’t trust this guy, my wise Turkish friends. This is New Ordo Catholicism in action, a three-ring circus from the word go, meant above all to remove from the Catholic brow the millennial sobriety and gravity of our fathers. It is perhaps above all Mexican/American Catholicism gone totally awry: with none of the old virility that made for the martyred Cristeros, but lots of room for a super-machismo and over-emotionalism learned from the Marxist PRI and a super-vulgar Mexican media alike. Here again, in Benedict and three of his four predecessors, is the specter of a Judaic infiltration comparable to that of the Medici popes of the early sixteenth century, servants of Venetian bankers from the word go. Those pontiffs who made a circus out of the Vatican of their own times as well, with their vendetta-driven papal/military adventures, their Sistine Chapel nudes, their discouragements toward belief in the miraculous which paralleled today’s wholesale if cleverly-disguised papal rejection of Catholic tradition, of belief in the miraculous, the devotionally-uplifting. As displayed for example in the condemnation by John Paul II of the cult of St. Christopher, and of course in the whole ugly travesty of the New and probably invalid Mass.

            Thus too the other matter mentioned in the title to this piece—another fluke in a modern world whose whole tone and tenor is overwhelmingly the result of piously-disguised papal surrenders—another dead horse of today I should be ashamed to keep beating. But the morbidity of Benedict and the network talk-shows alike seem to call forth an answer in kind: the latter being a venue in which poor White working-class males in particular are subject to every sort of calculated slander. Mid-day barbarities whose physically setting resemble remarkably the amphitheaters of the ancient world, with the executioners, an Oprah, Ellen or Dr. Phil and companions ready to impale, dismember or throw to the lions some prisoner, some Christian or other putative felon. The media of today making as little distinction between the two as did second century A.D. Rome. Of course, the hosts and hostesses of these shows are themselves always billed as victims of the first water, Oprah claming to have been the target of a much-discussed sexual abuse within her own family. After which she seems to have dedicated her life—just like the other MCs in the other talk shows—to proving that all social ills are the responsibility of individual males, and, for some unknown reason, especially White males.

            Everything is so very simple in the simpleminded world of Oprah. People get what they deserve. Justice is meted out right now, right here on earth. Those who made it to the top deserved to make it to the top. Those who got trampled underfoot deserved to get trampled underfoot. (Within which black-and-white scenario all her victims must jostle with each other for their place in this studio world of justice-on-the-spot). Here too being an Oprah/papal parallel in Benedict’s inference that ragged, hunted, desecrated Muslims who “live by the sword” must also be prepared to “die by the sword”. That anachronistic, priggishly-tangential and gratuitous historical commentary which he churlishly refuses to either acknowledge for the cheap-shot that it is, or to apologize for same. Although he forthwith begs a Muslim prayer-rug on which to say his prayers: thus providing us the swallowed papal camel of the day. And to get on board this express train of success, all you apparently have to do is don a baseball cap, or papal designer-slippers, hoot and holler like any other red blooded American or would-be-American male or female, and fortune will come to you hat in hand. And this is one of many Oprah blind spots, in not recognizing that a noble spirit cannot clown, cannot hoot and holler. As is illustrated in a certain way in the story below.

            To wit, a White male, this one homeless, had been made the object of a project by some research corporation or foundation, to see what he would do when he found $100,000.00 in a dumpster he routinely searched, for cans he recycled as his daily work. Mind you, this was no ordinary man in the jaws of misfortune, but a cheerful, outgoing guy who kept busy from dawn til dusk gathering these cans, to make a mere 20 dollars or so a day, only to go “home” at night to his tiny place under a viaduct, to sleep in his little coven in the sun-sheltered vegetation, a burrow hollowed out like that of a fox from habitual use. He had come to be at peace with himself in this state, and the finely-chiseled lines on his face told exactly that tale, of a man who had seen the success ethic of the Bush/Chaney or Oprah Show set, and had found it shallow and insipid. Just like so many Vietnam Veterans, who make up a vastly-disproportionate percentage of the homeless population to this day, who are rejected out-of-hand by family, peers and employers alike precisely because of this now-non-acceptable nobility, goodness, character. Whose biggest battles were to be waged when they came back home, in grossly-unequal contests with “successful” brothers and sisters, neighbors and one-time friends. Who lined their nests in war-boom halcyon times while he was gone, and told him in no uncertain terms how he must fit in with all the zany hoopla that had become the style, all the while a great many of these people, with supreme thrift donning the robes of the heroic, vaguely protested the same nest-egg-building war. And in this little episode Oprah and company would get back at his kind, as if they hadn’t had enough of that already, doing more for the sales-volume of Bum Fights, and the general brutalization of the homeless than any coast-to-coast TV or store-front ads could ever have done.

            This guy, although perhaps unusually enterprising, is really far more typical of the character of the homeless than are those folks who stand at intersections with a sign asking for help. Most homeless people would find it impossible to do that, would rather die, and only those persons at three extremes of the human spectrum could possibly do such a thing. Either those who are humble to the point of holiness, who are good but entirely broken as human beings, or those who have no character at all. And I for one wouldn’t venture to pass such a judgment on such a soul, as to which of these extremes he might occupy.

            Being zeroed in upon by corporate America in such a way, televised secretly at this bizarre moment in his life, of this discovery of a briefcase full of bills, this homeless chap reacted in a rather normal and predictable fashion to a fringe-abnormal set of circumstances. Having been informed by a note in the briefcase that this was money for him to spend, and being at length made aware of the hovering cameramen, academics and apparatchiks who would be watching his every move for months to come, he “went off the deep end”, as almost anyone in his circumstances, values and unavoidable frame-of-mind, would have done. He set out for one thing to prove to all these observing eyes what a good man should do with money. He forthwith began to share it with everyone. He bought a struggling young man a brand new car, and himself a new truck. He found a girl he could love and got married. He went back home—probably his biggest single mistake—to people who would strain to find something to shake their heads over, just as they had always done in years before—that treatment which no doubt in large measure had determined his circumstances in the first place. Being of that old and true American set which will never crawl, even for sister Sue. This foundation which gave him the money—but which is set to make much bigger bucks on a documentary-about-it-all which it is selling, even as the homeless guy is back sleeping under the bridge, after this mad fiasco—claims to have also provided him with a job. One which he is said to have refused. But those of us who like to go the extra mile with a guy like this wonder exceedingly what kind of job it was. Probably it was like the ones given to folks in similar circumstances by Dr. Phil, the one-time protégé of Oprah (himself probably found dumpster-diving, or more likely in some drug-rehab program). Positions in which sermons on ones good fortune, in having been treated so generously, and of ones need to prove ones worthiness to have been so endowed, were incessant. Unfortunates-twice-over whom Dr. Phil himself would browbeat and berate before a studio and TV audience of millions, about their need to show some unaccustomed backbone and All-American “go getter” spirit.

            Of course, what the homeless and otherwise poor and unfortunate want above all, after which the rest will be well within their grasp, is simply a little respect, without any fanfare or ceremony at all. As human beings made in the image and likeness of God. Something you can’t possibly earn, but with which you are endowed. But which you can retain by refusing all the dope-culture and hedonism which landed the Phil-crowd their prestigious places in the sun. And then, as any sane person knows, you go from there. You don’t start without any respect from anyone, least of all from yourself, and then hope to gain it by “thrift and industry”: no, that is to become the most craven sort of con-artist, not a healthy human being. Thus paradoxically if you think you can or need to actually earn this ordinary kind of respect, then you have forthwith, ipso facto proven yourself abysmally unworthy of it: by the very terms of such a blind-sight blaspheming that God in Whose Image you are made. Hence the upshot of all this abuse of the poor is an inescapable feeling of having been gang-raped, just for refusing to be a clown, for refusing to think you can make yourself something you already are. Not raped like Oprah claims to have been, by some one family member, but by the whole morbid, sadistic system which Oprah defends, in effect, by going the sadistic length of sullying the honor, or at least the reputation, of those it has already attacked and destroyed. That biblical oppressing of the already downtrodden to which are attached by Almighty God so many onerous penalties. Such as for instance the USA now suffers, in so many strange disasters of all kinds, for having thus barbarously invaded, raped and pillaged the sovereign nation of Iraq. And then blamed it priggishly for having failed to “raise itself by its own bootstraps”, “learned to defend itself”, after-the-fact.

            But the homeless guy zeroed in upon in this way, even in the midst of his ill-deserved confession that “something is wrong with my mind”, after all the supposedly-damaging revelations about how he had “wasted” so much cash, shone “like sparks among stubble” in comparison to the jackals who thus bared their teeth at him, albeit in their usual suave, astute and sophisticated way. The Oprah Show probably never had such a fine person on it: someone who renewed my hope for America. A guy who made me think of the men I served with in Vietnam, in combat, and who was indeed himself a military vet. A nobility that wouldn’t know how to take a cheap shot at anyone.

            Of course the aim of the show was to show that the homeless, especially homeless White males, all deserve their fate. In such a grand, generous, idealistic country as this. Here being some more of this Dr. Phil “tough love” stuff: a vestige of a discredited method from out of counseling stratagems of the seventies. Although the older group-administered prototype, if cruel and misguided, was at least far more honest than this. A methodology which only berated people in need, it didn’t ambush them or use them as guinea pigs. That which is the great forte of the Oprah Show and others of its kind.

            The fact is that any amount of money you might throw contemptuously at these good souls won’t level the difference between you and them, Oprah. Between you, Bush America, and the Iraqis you destroy. No, they are men but what are you? Americans must first learn to be real men and women before they can once again unite, and face those real enemies who destroy the national soul, who tear out the national heart. Those “enemies of mankind”, identified in Holy Scripture, who make common cause with all the fiends in Hell. And then, America, you can be brother and sister to Iraqis, Russians, Afghans, Chinese, and to your own. Those who kept their humanity intact, while you got into your high-tech space-capsule and “followed the dream”. How do you learn this new manner, this new gait? Read on.

            The big change here came after the Kennedy assassinations. It was after that that the fat cats took over. People who always in every age threaten to become once again ascendant, but whom legitimate law the world round, recouping itself, once again keeps in their properly lowly place. For although many, sometimes even the majority, might be willing to claim unfair prerogatives under any system, yet the people as such—not some brainwashed mob of fools—always had the good sense to make laws that kept things equitable, knowing that they themselves might fall under someone else’s selfish sway, someone more clever than they, rather than vice versa. Thus good government keeps in check in particular that breed of men who organize themselves to exploit others they think of as inferior: a breed specifically identified on these pages. Those responsible for the deaths of John and Robert Kennedy. And so the new aura, the new mystique, of success, of self-glorification, took over, as the good brothers no longer barred the way. But there are always a few with enough character, wisdom, sobriety, perhaps a high degree of training, who don’t knuckle under, and who are thus an embarrassment to those who do. Whose whole manner bespeaks nobility rather than the mounting bestiality of the amphitheater crowd: the jocular, rib-poking sycophants of the job-scene, the school, the neighborhood. A worthy class of people today driven out of society, not allowed to contribute anything. Systematically excluded, womanishly driven off of every job, for being simply unwilling (not really unable) to put up with the regimen of cruelty and pettiness, of which they are a target, and/or in which they are required to partake, if they are to up-righteously “keep that job”, that sense of being accepted.

            ”What will a man give in exchange for his soul?”