September 30, 2009: Michigan law doesn’t allow a parent to watch some neighbors’ kids in the morning, before the school bus arrives.

       That would be to run an “unlicensed day-care center”. But it’s ok for the dope-heads and dope-peddlers who have so often driven school buses over the decades since “bussing” became mandatory to have custody of these kids on their routes, and to subject them to heightened perils of the road. And its ok for “licensed” day-care centers to be full of pedophiles-in-disguise: in a breezy treatment-of-children, of ever-in-a-hurry work-ethic-doughty parents who “don’t have time to worry about all that stuff”. Any close association of people and families on a person-to-person basis—of moms and dads who stop to personally evaluate and consider, for a change—such as is essential to the approach taken on this site—such as guarantees at least some amount of direct and personal trust—is gradually being outlawed here in the New World Order USA. (Remember, too, Glen Beck lovers, this expression is one little morsel of totalitarianism that is Republican, not Democratic, in origin: namely, from George H.W. Bush.) Oh, the “trust me” Bushes and Obamas are in their glory now: as they guide us off to ever-newer bailouts and Napoleonic wars. Together with the Reids and Pilosis who caution us ominously to “mind our p’s and q’s” in the language we use in voicing our complaints about their dictatorial reign. These official-types to whom we entrust our children, by whom we are ever-more-rigidly marshaled with hyper-restrictive laws.

       September 29, 2009: New push in Waziristan highlights the Bush/Obama/Israeli New World Order: a very efficient nation-shredder.

       We read in the news of the way in which nations since Hussein’s Iraq are reduced to living under a mountainous debt, and then required to stand by passively as our troops march in to ramrod Washington-dictated ideology and policy, as "repayment" of same, and are typically required to provide "loyal" troops for these glorious, uninvited interventions on their own soil. Especially under modern means, it’s so easy to provoke or invent “terrorist acts” to “justify” these invasive, aggressive deeds: hence the massive new upcoming “push” into Waziristan, Pakistan, quoting, “followed the approval of the Kerry Lugar bill, under which Pakistan will receive 1.5 billion dollars in US aid annually in ‘recognition of its services in war on terror’”. (Alas, it is under such a moniker that nations from Poland to Thailand to The Philippines anticipate monetary aid, from this bankrupt titan which is today’s USA). All goodness and morality, under this new cosmic regime, is equated with the meek acceptance of such a humiliating role, and any rejection is engineered to appear to be “terrorism” or “paranoia”. While some 19 legislators from the targeted region have tendered their resignations: after not having even been consulted about this massive bloodletting presently to descend so uprighteously upon their beloved hills and dales, their childhood villages and farms.

       Actually, as noted repeatedly on this site, this blitzkrieg mentality has been a standard world-fixture since a “savior” USA marched into Quebec in the 1750s, after having a short time earlier attempted to march into Cartegena in present-day Colombia in the Spanish colonies of 1743. This proclivity is woven into the whole conscious and unconscious identity of the Yankee-American being: with this new Sparta—no new Rome—between two seas skillfully engineering the thunderous destruction of any way of life that departs to any extent from a Jewish secular-messianic creed. That wellspring of global totalitarianism since Bismarck or Stalin, that which is the inner mainspring of modern nation-worshipping belief. As amply supported by a groveling handmaiden freemasonry that would erect a secularist, violently-aggressive USA, back there in the eighteenth century.

       As noted above, this suborning of nations was the fate of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, and of several Faisal family rulers before him: some of these “installed” leaders having hardly been “pliable” by nature, with even Karzai—another guy who learned to “play ball in the big league”—in better moments, like Saddam before him, standing up, albeit impotently, to the brutal U.S. hauteur. Oh, how armchair patriots loath to investigate these state-criminal deeds, or glory in picturing rulers-of-nations on the other side of the globe as stupid, as worthy of overthrow. Hardly troubling to consider that easily-bit-altered satellite digital-images of “Iraqi troops moving toward Saudi Arabia”—the very causus belli of the first Gulf War—found no eyewitnesses on the ground. We sit enthroned atop a political/economic pyramid system which meticulously coerces, and then foams at the mouth about democracy.

       But God will not have it anymore; a God for Whose glory I present here an alternative, based on cooperation and brotherly love. (Not upon mere altar calls, or a lot of “saying Lord, Lord”). Away from that capitalism/communism under whose cross-cut teeth all this has been so shamefully achieved. Look at these pages and publications for the geopolitics rather of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Whom the Jews found to be a stumblingblock, but Who to the “rest of men” is salvation, honor and life.

       September 28, 2009: Polanski and world-stage impunity.

       This Polanski story is just another installment of arrogant Jewish impunity everywhere footloose on a world stage. This denizen of a signature-seedy breed of Hollywood movie-land now being predictably defended by foreign ministers of multiple European lands. This convicted drugger/rapist of a 13-year-old girl—at large for decades now—no doubt serving the dual purpose of making a radical pro-Israel Obama look coolly even-handed , as theatrical demands are made for the fiend’s extradition to the USA. Probably, like the “emptying of Guantanamo”, only passing political display.

       This incessant gloating impunity is an integral part of Jewish/Israeli ideology: as are both its many impenitent apologists and its near-equally-numerous phony beaters-of-breasts. Jews being for two millennia self-conceived towering masters over a putative sub-human humanity, an end they must ceaselessly demonstrate by any and all means, even if it brings on the legions of some old or new Rome. A hubris which requires above all that they constantly preen themselves like jaybirds as being entirely above the law. While Jewish atrocities in Palestine and around the globe—the latter as perpetrated by the Mossad, or as advanced by AIPAC or through Israeli diplomats and moles in every land—serve the same declaratory purposes in an even grander way. This Polanski and some of his relatives meanwhile, finally, and wouldn’t-you-know, carrying the inevitable glorious moniker of having either fled the Holocaust or been victims of same. While a war-time move to Poland and the taking-up of the name Polanski was probably a special touch of chuspah to this well-told tale.

       September 27, 2009: The New Yankee “Sayings of Chairman Mao”. Court-order-obtained surveillance camera films conveniently blank just before “Timothy McVeigh” blew up the Murrah Building. Ah, the patriotic wonders of all this century-long deja vu.

       Popular political power is almost non-existent at the local level in the USA today, but a Bailout-and-“Patriot”-Act-enabled geo-financial-elite rules absolute and totalitarian “from sea to shining sea”. Meanwhile, the reverse is true with respect to “law and order”, increasingly large and arbitrary doses of which are administered to the close-hand locale, sending great crowds of our young off to jail, while at higher reaches chaos and callous impunity reign supreme. Leaving our streets littered with shattered remains of the Murrah Building, the Trade Towers, and the entire world the venue of cynically-pre-engineered wars since the sinking of the Maine. Evidence for all of which high treason, sedition, rebellion, unspeakable crime remains shrouded in secrecy, “for reasons of national security”, to this day. What a laugh, were there not so many tears to cry. To quote, “it is better that one (or one thousand, or one million) die than that the (calculated aims of) the whole (world-Jewish) nation perish”. Ah, great democracy, vaunted to the sky! Even as a crypto-Jew like Obama, a likely Black Ethiopian, if in inscrutable, multi-layered Kansan/South-African/Pakistani disguise, wrapped in unapproachable hauteur, systematically sets himself up against the law of God: sole universal Source of valid law. Obama—readily changing like a chimera from Stalinesque to grinning and shuffling Yuriah Heap—proving—with inevitable Jewish irony—to be the perfect tool for the attainment of a Synagogue-directed dictatorial power that surpasses anything ever before seen. The ruling establishment, in hand-selecting this guy—before whom McCain plainly turned the Oval Office down—having by then at the ready an artificially-created financial and military emergency over which this foreign-born non-president could flout his limitless and illegitimate power. In an “emergency”-related bloodless-coup long predicted by tyranny-watchers, since the cutting down of the Kennedy brothers and before. This anti-Christ-like figure being invested with all the overwhelming political clout needed to put things like sodomy-marriage and a year-long school year over the top from sea to sea. The latter measure being especially repugnant in view of the brainwash by which these kids are daily “taught”: as in patented Maoist-era Obama-praising songs and jingles they must repeat. Resembling in this nothing so much as the little comrades of the China of the ‘50s, waving their little red “Sayings of Chairman Mao” booklets in the air. In this and a thousand other ways making the USA resemble that bloody regime more and more by the day.

       By any definition, this is no legitimate government at all, nor is it intended to be: but only a gloating, condescending piracy. Of the impious and profane, of the strong over the weak. It is this barbarity against which we crusade; it is this against which we, with the help of God, will prevail.

       September 26, 2009: The pope’s visit to Czech Republic.

       Quoting Benedict: "Now that religious freedom has been restored, I call upon all the citizens of this republic to rediscover the Christian traditions which have shaped their culture," But unfortunately, the catastrophic loss of these traditions everywhere—not just in the old Warsaw Pact—has been set in concrete through a massive, institutionalized agenda of mostly-radical change eagerly condoned by the council fathers at Vatican II. A program in which Benedict himself played and still plays a major guiding role: in posts first as young priestly expert or peritus at the Council, later as head of a prominent Vatican curial Congregation, and now as pope. In fact, religious traditions are by definition kept alive and well only through a stubborn adherence to those customs and observances within which we have been reared. While if our belief is sound—of the one true Faith—then a cradle training reaffirms itself resoundingly in these traditions, at each mass, with each new retreat into ones “inner chamber”. For to keep us in His camp God uses such lowly things as our deepest and least-articulated feelings, loyalties and habits, which are gravely injured by a lot of rationalistic inspection, and ceaseless skeptical reevaluation. The Savior hardly allowing us to thus trifle with unspeakably sacred things.

       The reason I myself am a “sedevacantist” is because I love the papacy and the Church, not because of any rejection of same. Hence do I see clearly that you cannot take the rite of the consecration of a bishop, like Paul VI did, in ’69 or ’70, a Sacramental “form” handed down since Apostolic times, and throw it out the window without any ado, with a (to quote) “maybe that will wake them up out there in the pews”, and replace it with the woefully-non-specific formula he and his liturgical czar Bugnini came up with back then. Something that smacks of some born-again declaration, which “isn’t too bound up with ‘mystery’, and ‘all that old stuff’”. And then take the non-bishop that results, like Ratzinger himself was, and elect him, in that condition, as pope. Abstracting as I do here from the additional fact of duress at the conclave which elected him, just as had taken place at all of them since the death of Pius XII, our last valid reigning pope. (Nothing quite so “aggiornamento”, “accepting”, or serendipity here, eh?). The Church—especially when it has issued prior precise descriptions of the essential and required words for the confection of a Sacrament, in ages past—simply doesn’t then contradict herself, discarding what was formerly required, “binding and loosing” in this haphazard, indeed blasphemous way. Fulfilling indeed the very thing that Luther had falsely decried. Let alone does it in this manner prove faithful to this preservation of “Christian traditions” whose absence today is lamented in doleful tones. Indeed, the “proof is in the pudding” regarding today’s lack of Sacramental graces, rich in a harvest of immorality, of a Faith-related “falling by the way”: in this five-decades-and-counting, like all Hollywood thrillers ever-thunderously-celebrated, “post conciliar” world. While with respect to this Ratzinger: just like many other apostates, he may sound extremely pious when he speaks: indeed Luther did until the day of his death. And I may even like the guy, just as a human being. But that doesn’t make the papacy. As much as I or anyone else might wish that it might.

       All this is no “hand wringing”, as we tradition-loving Catholics are accused of indulging, but the words of a Catholic who knows his Faith. That it is “passed down”, that this Kingdom “is within you”. That its beliefs are characters stamped on your heart and mind at Baptism, which as you mature coalesce into a conscious act of divine Faith, at some obscure time of probity, “on the Word of God revealing, Who canst neither deceive nor be deceived”. A true Faith that cannot be questioned, and that develops in infinitesimal detail thereafter. None of this taking effect through dry or bombastic speeches as were rife at Vatican II, that sounded like something from a Masonic lodge, or some sociology book. Nor is it anything that can change. Christ and His Church rather being “the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow.”

       September 24, 2009: More media/political assaults from the sodomy-marriage crowd in California.

       Our universally pro-sodomy media always treats us to a photo or two of a couple of sodomites mauling each other, at the kick-off of some new initiative to make the sinister crimes of a divinely annihilated Sodom and Gomorrah into holy wedlock. There is no desire in all this to see a democratic political process but to gradually force a profound culture-change upon the people: as by a familiarity with unmentionable shame; a pushing-into-our-faces against which we are legally forbidden to react with well-deserved, open, indeed if necessary violent revolt and contempt. Since those who effectively control Congress, schools, corporations and the media—the tightlipped “corporate-businesslike” Chaneys and Rothschilds, Hammers and Rockefellers, and their fawning media protégés of every stripe—are the same people whose open-or-insidious aim is to extinct marriage as we know it, and to replace it with test-tube children, sodomy and other unnatural liaisons of every type.

       But God and His blessings don’t come to us in a test-tube, while to reject our genetic inheritance is to disown our own very parents and those ancestors—that “gene pool”—that went before. And furthermore God ceaselessly puts it in human power to thus desecrate the things we are rather bound to revere: even letting us look heroic while thus engaged. As in the case of those doughty Jewish guards who presumed to “steady” the Ark of the Covenant with their own profane hands, being for their irreverent troubles however forthwith struck dead on the spot. God lets us come up with some new vaunted overstep in each new age: seeming to our narcissistic selves “like gods”. New Barbarossas nowadays newly stepping on Church prerogatives, or “redefining” and “perfecting” death or life: but later somehow mysteriously drowning in a couple of inches of water, weighted down by cumbersome armor for some new Napoleonic escapade. This is really what’s at stake in all this sodomy-marriage stuff: astutely engineered to diminish resistance to the extinction of humanity as we know it. To pave the way for its replacement—with its much-loved customs and cultures, peoples, languages and dialects—by the clones and eugenic-monster offsprings of ruling elites.

       September 25, 2009: Evaluating Israeli and G-20 attacks against Iran regarding the “Holocaust denial” and the newly-declared site for the enrichment of Uranium.

       First of all, I don’t think anyone in their right mind denies that there took place a certain amount of persecution of Jews before and during World War II: but after that, the truth gets blurred in a hurry. In fact, the physical evidence indicates a massive inflation of figures, a typical preposterous Jewish fraud. Documents—which, especially under modern means, can be forged with increasing ease—are not really forensic evidence: let alone are dramatic gestures, of Netanyahu holding up allegedly-documentary pieces of paper before cameras. The kind of thing he and his ilk are especially good at doing.

       Likewise, with respect to the long-unadmitted enrichment site in Iran, several facts must be faced. First of all, Israel itself has long possessed an arsenal of nuclear arms, trained coldly and dispassionately upon ”its neighbors”. This “nice guy in the neighborhood” displays absolute impunity in this regard, and is indeed said by some to actually threaten certain Western nations with a nuclear attack unless they continue to back this rogue state on the Mediterranean, and allow it free rein. Secondly, this new call for an intensified inspection regime must be viewed before the backdrop not only of Israeli nuclear-impunity but also of a century of contemptuous Western violations of Arab sovereignty across the Middle East. And indeed even before that came another century of marginally-less-intense Western impositions, starting with machinations of Napoleon, continuing with 1880s Afghan adventures of thousands of ever-doughty “Watsons” of Sherlock Holmes fame. These flagrant and overbearing oversteps, furthermore, having been proceeded by Russian Imperial military salients and other demands going all the way back to Peter the Great, when the Porte’s might had just begun to wane. A Turkish Empire whose youth had begun to be addicted to Hashish, a sure sign of doom whose lessons the USA failed to learn. A mass wave of addiction no doubt with the generous encouragement of a Jewish finance whose ubiquitous agents, as in Bush family interests in 19th century China, frequently use drugs as a geopolitical tool, in a centuries-old game of divide-and-rule.

       These “heroic” Western (and less-heroic Jewish) interventions trample with abandon upon the natural pride which accompanies nationhood, and sovereign peoples understandably get sick and tired of arrogant oversteps and invasive demands. Would we welcome Mexico poking around, for any reason, in Dallas, Newark or San Jose? And thirdly, as aired in complaints by Saddam Hussein just before the invasion by U.S. forces in March, 2003: the sorts of inspections demanded by AIPAC-regulars like John Bolton, and other such perverse political creatures, are of a gratuitously-humiliating, target-nation-security-undermining character completely un-called-for, in view of valid purposes at hand.

       If we sincerely wish for world peace, then we must respect these facts, and sovereign-relational imperatives, or we are doomed to perform yet another hideous travesty of justice, in thus treating one side as if it is less than human. As if we “freedom loving” Americans had been given a blanket commission to remake the earth: displaying that secular messianism which has in fact been the major underlying cause of recent wars. (Ah, heroisms of a  marvelous deus ex machina, this ingenious-calibrated political/special-ops perpetual motion machine, which displays both cause-and-effect in marvelous succession, really needing no grubby actual enemies to clumsily make-a-mess of things, to intervene!) But Obama in all this rhetoric shows himself repeatedly to be another pompous presidential puppet for elite interests and radical agendas of every kind: with high hauteur dragging out again this tired old idea that the Arab and Muslim world is somehow already guilty, before talks or negotiations have even began. This, of course, simply because it acts militarily in a perfectly justified, purely defensive way, upon repeated, UN-declared acts of war perpetrated by Israel from the very start. That artificially-created state which by heinous Hitlerian atrocities and brutal force of arms, with the extinction of whole villages full of men, women and children, amounts probably approaching or exceeding a million souls, all told (Findley, U.S. Rep. Paul, Deliberate Deception. New York: Lawrence Hill Books, 1995). This Barbary-coast bandit and butcher continuing to seize native Arab lands, and to systematically depopulate them of their Arab people. Here, then, being a real Holocaust, of which the one of World War II seems to have been the merest shadow.

       September 23, 2009: The youth of today, throwing off morbid, oppressive, agnostic chains, eager new vanguards of a new Age of Faith.

       New leaders of a new and holy liberty: cast off the chains of your Boomer-imposed triviality. “God wills it!”, “Dieu le vuelt!” cry again manfully. There is a God Who will fill the measure of your every heroic desire. With noble sacrifices proving Heaven-fit metal, bringing again the Heavenly Way to sons of men, ushering in peace, abundance, amity, the birthright of us all. As Baldwin and Godfrey, with indomitable spirits, young as the breeze, once did and dreamed to do. No butchers of maidens, or babies within or without the womb; nor torturers of helpless prisoners were they. Captains in just wars, among whom today’s “war on terror”, and domestic anti-life agenda, wouldn’t be so much as named.

       This bright and clean new youth—hardly guilty of an erstwhile folly on them so rigidly imposed—will take us eagerly, “progressively”, back to the past: way back to the timeless distributism and gentle reciprocity of medieval times. They have had enough of self-proclaimed saviors and educators of a “backward” humankind, are heart-sick and weary of baby-killing test-tube warriors, promoters of an elitist technology of spaceships, a national harvest of unemployment, sodomy and HIV.

       September 23, 2009: Debate over Afghanistan war: John Woodward provides another sideshow in his “leaking” of another Pentagon paper. Americans, won’t we ever, with The Untouchable’s Malone, get enough of political vaudeville? What is real populism? It is that of the 13th century Catholic democracy of St. Louis IX of France.

       Here again we have the tiring slapstick in which Nazi perpetual war becomes a football to be tossed back and forth between contenders like Pilosi and Palen, Obama and McCain, all of whom are either stupid or disloyal at their hollow, noisy core. These people “champion” these different positions, none of which addresses deeper matters at hand. And the common man is harassed and harried down a road which leads to chaos, and from thence to economic despair and political and personal chains. Ultimately to the slow, brutal but “progressive” extinction of our race, with some few cloned elites to take its place.

       Common people, we must build a political edifice which is manned by our own leaders, the only kind who can claim any legitimacy at all, a system which is emptied of these usurping “masters of deceit”. But to do this we have to start “from the bottom up”, from the ten-family Frankpledge, whose “homepage” is this very site. Which hardly means putting together some kind of George Orwell “Animal Farm”. (Indeed, this stark image of communism used by Orwell—of “Mr. Pig” pushing aside the farmer to “run the place”—makes me question the sincerity of this most celebrated of “freedom loving” writers. Since modern totalitarianism has nothing whatever to do with exalting the common man—place by Orwell in such a foul and repugnant guise—and everything to do with putting him in chains of every kind). Rather by building from the bottom up do we insure that our leaders are genuine, are responsive to real—rather than Quixotic or falsely-construed—community needs. After which these true leaders will be granted a level of trust and loyalty which the clowns and perverts we have now can never hope to achieve. Thus real “populism” isn’t about a mass, herd-like trampling of authority into shards, but is actually rationally reverential toward every legitimate office, rank or civil power. Hardly the Hollywood-manufactured spectacle of some wild-eyed demagogue being carried on the shoulders of some wild and delirious crowd.

       I know, the ancient Greeks—after the dimly-remembered initial exemplary democracy of the Agora—did indeed devolve into such an incendiary political life—and from thence to despicable sodomy and dictatorship. From the proto-demagogue Demosthenes downward to Alexander and Antiochus Epiphanes. That very bottomless depth into which this nation is descending as I write. But that is not the legacy of Catholic democracy—or populism—at all. Read this site for some salient features of this “social, political and economic philosophy of all times.”

       But this is no armchair exercise we counsel here: for if we let them, the Woodwards and Palens will see us all ruled—and exterminated—from Tel Aviv. We must act now.

       September 23, 2009: What is agency?

       In using this term I am plainly not speaking of the appointment of some person to represent some company, nor of the buying or granting of a franchise, nor yet of a branch of the bureaucracy. Agency in our lexicon here is the most intimately personal of things: it is the bringing into fruition of the full capability of the human person in every realm of his being. Yet this kinetic condition is no loud and disruptive declaration of independence from limits of station, place or time, humanely conceived: but rather travels the tendrils of same to heights entirely sublime. Occasionally mounting to places of leadership, other times staying happily behind. Humility being endemic to this very amenable quality, of ready and even eager adaptability, without which virtue and true greatness have no real or sturdy trellis upon which to climb.

       September 18, 2009: The recently-revealed U.S. military link-up with drug-smuggling gangs in Afghanistan—ah, champions of liberty that we are—as the only way to “win” this unjust war—proves conclusively—together with a host of other big and small bits of evidence—that 9/11 was barbarously pre-engineered, among other things, to keep an Afghan Heroine-route open which the Taliban had firmly closed. Who has the legitimate government, we or the Taliban? Americans, judge for yourself, for a change. You have nothing to lose but your chains!

       September 19, 2009: Joe Wilson, Valerie Plame and the blowing of a CIA cover. A nice little diversion away from what was really going on.

       My wife and I having read ambassador Joseph Wilson’s The Politics of Truth (2004), we have come to the decided impression that the little storm in a D.C. teakettle that resulted from his wife’s “leaked” secret-operative position at CIA, back in 2003, was probably a pre-planned affair, among the cozy bunch, of which he was a junior member, that rules the land. This in order to dutifully deflect the American public away from the really sinister aspects of what had just transpired, starting with an owning up to the high-level origins of the unprecedented treason of 9/11. Another sideshow of the time having been the grilling of George Tenet over the entirely-irrelevant question, “why weren’t we better prepared?”: when in fact there is no way to be prepared for a “home grown” treachery which proceeds from the highest office of state. All the flushed faces and audible adrenaline rushes about Valerie Plame or George Tenet serving to rivet public attention upon more immediate and instrumental things, that which is ever the aim of the doer of long-standing treacherous deeds. This little hiatus distracting the people from following the trail of events all the way back, from seeing a stark file of cause and effect that was hellish and genocidal in the most perverse and nefarious sense. From the realization that since the state-assassinations of the Kennedy brothers this nation has been in thrall to a diabolical international cabal: one which has done to death the moral integrity and political freedom of the land as well. There’s just something too trite and sing-song about the whole Joe Wilson interlude, this guy whose career went like a skyrocket, from pot-smoking hippy construction worker to National Security Council and ambassadorial rank.

       Perhaps most centrally involved here is the creation of a sort of stamped-and-licensed opposition, with much throwing of dust in the air, and tearing of garments, a few profanities, a supremely-containable vaudeville of polite mockery, of Colbert/Comedy-Central style perverse poking-fun. While the volume of verbiage in the stout book performs admirably well the chief function of brainwash: to overwhelm a human mind which requires first things to be addressed first and foremost; a mind which ultimately loses its truth-detecting moorings as its swept away in an inane, irrelevant, voluble flood-water tide. Even as anyone who goes beyond this tourist-guidebook-like pseudo-polemical excursion is considered a “dangerous radical”. Pilosi’s “people who must be held accountable for the consequences of their words”. But the one not held accountable at all is that Oval Office fiend and his ever-litigating associates whose collective nod set the entire monstrous scenario in gear. Ghouls who were then gloatingly cynical enough to give pompous patriotic speeches at ground zero and over the public air.

       As always since John and Robert Kennedy—who dwell on the other side of a moral divide which is largely defined by their deaths—even if fools after the manner of their brother Ted might imagine the martyred heroes would have sided with them on things like abortion-on-demand—it’s all about fooling the American people, to the folks in D.C. And just like the old westerns, the big crook or killer in charge is always incensed when the grubby hoodlum-lieutenants show up at his office behind the saloon. “I thought I told you never to show your faces around here!”, might have been parting words to a Scooter Libby, a Carl Rove: were they rustlers in an old-time b-movie script. So its all cover-up, scapegoating, “damage control”, “expendables”. This is what I gather from the whole of the big, dull book: it is a matter of legally raping the land, spiritually raping its people, all with impenitent slapstick, the greatest suavity and slight-of-hand. Makes me think of Tenet’s similar literary monstrosity, as Wilson’s book confounds the reader—amid some few noisy but less-than-consequential swipes at George W. Bush—in a writing awash with pompous reproductions of the CIA chief’s “stay-the-course” élan, his swaggering ring-eared geopolitical gait. Reading between the lines, where—as noted in another article on this page, all this sort of New World Order anti-journalism must be read—Wilson in his heart-of-hearts actually stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Tenet behind the invasion of Iraq, embracing the chief tenet of the new messianic creed—actually only the most backward colonialism in a new disguise—that the “White man” has a “burden” to spread his “democratic” system around the globe. And to stamp out in particular all cultures and civilizations that don’t bear its zany, sodomy-ridden mark. While the letting-of-Bush off-the-hook being the commanding end in view, some few “politically damaging” criticisms are indeed finally aired, at the end of the book. But the reader’s inner apprehensions prove all too true, and deliberately and painstakingly torn down are all the lurid, incontrovertible sign-posts pointing back to a Bush-family-piloted 9/11. And related mammoth acts of deceit and treasonous intrigue. A 9/11 in which the material evidence involved is rated “top secret”, and a melodramatic “trust me” from the Oval Office is our only guarantee. So that this book is standard Bush/Obama-era anti-information from the word go.

       Remember, Wilson, as temporary ambassador to Iraq in the days leading up to the first Gulf War, figured big in the all-determining theatrics of the international isolating of Saddam Hussein: and this production of his is nothing if not a thorough subsequent choreography of the same demonization. A personal-connections-favored, no doubt easily-blackmailable guy who by an odd sequence of events was suddenly placed in this ultra-consequential position, strikingly after the manner in which Eisenhower—only recently made a brigadier general—was named five star commander at the head of a gratuitously-sanguinary D-Day Invasion, over the heads of hundreds of general-grade-officers senior to him. In addition to which anomalies standing out awkward as well—like so much else—are praises for Bush’s father, and not a few other men, accolades almost delirious in their drippy intensity. Suggesting to me the inevitable unnatural glue which holds all these cabals together, from the local ring-eared dope-ring-crew to Judeo-Masonic councils of state. The Bush Presidents being two closely-connected sinister hombres in this hideous b-movie—although, as one expects, each had a different script from which to read—in this doleful, shameful tale. So that we walk away from this tiresome reading with the overriding impression of Wilson from ’91 to ’04 having been one of many functionaries whose main job was to morally support and exonerate the White House twosome, to get us deeply and inextricably mired in the Middle East, to help no one but AIPAC and the rogue state of Israel. And finally to end his little comedy routine by carefully quarantining the blame for everything to “a little clique” in various Federal Government departments, like the Pentagon and State. Here is where the “coup” is said to having taken place: an owning up to acts of sedition and overthrow, in classical Bush-league fashion, which however itself contains a deadly lie treacherously embedded within it, like some gabby CNN reporter accompanying our “war on terror” guys. (Reminds you in a way of the manner the CIA sends out an assassin to assassinate the assassin, as in cryptic Dealy Plaza fame). As if these few conspirators were a mere tiny eccentric gaggle with no real connection to the central apparatus of state. All the while the real and brazen leadership of this controlling crypto-Jewish gang—Bush, Chaney, Obama and a host of others less-well-known—actually gloat over any small amount of negative attention that might come their way—to them not really negative at all. As to these arrogant figures the people are all mere swine; they themselves “not like the rest of men”. Wilson, in all of this, to me, skillfully maneuvers the American public’s minds away from a takeover that had been patiently set in place in the decades following the martyring of the (real) Kennedys. A black, evil plot of which he himself seems to be only a bit-part player.

       September 21, 2009: The see-saw, the Democrat/Republican, left-wing/right-wing political polarity: sterile as an arena of the human moral condition.

       It is the prime character of the Enlightenment era political ideology upon which our system is built to announce some precise Newtonian formula which aspires to make everything supremely simple. Some fool-proof mental contrivance which removes the “moral squint”—as a morally-compromised Cardinal Woolsey called it in the film A Man for All Seasons—the agonizing human complexity from public affairs. The aim seems to be to entirely filter out the baleful possibility of individual human frailty having anything to say, or to fumble over, in matters of state. It is a plan which would seem indeed to loftily communicate with the very “exemplar” platonic/prototypical “ideas” of freedom, equity and the like. Those absolutes thought by Plato himself—the ancient prototypical Puritan—to actually dwell somewhere up there in the clouds. Thus the political doctrine of the separation and precision balancing of legislative, executive and judicial powers. And yet more—in a perilous extension of exalted ideals into grubby pedestrian chamber wranglings—in the two party division which is by far our more typical experience of this allegedly-all-necessary counterbalancing affair. Here it is averred, is the closest one might come to a real and fair arbitration, indeed the achievement of a sort of political dead heat. With all of the fears and aspirations of political life being neatly summarized into these two positions: from out of which some readily-identified dragon might then presumably be slain.

       Just to head the reader off, to prevent him from falling into the biblical “ditch”, there to be “stripped and beaten by (ideological) robbers”: there is no desire here to promote “mutual understanding” or “a spirit of compromise” among the ring-eared crew that now controls the land. In this bipolar approach which erects some new perverted “cause” at least once a year, and then invests it with all the prestige of new contender in a new bare-knuckled adversarial round. Rather, were the essentially unitary nature of genuine political discourse to be observed, many of the “major issues” that presently show up on the Senate floor would never see the light of day. This much-vaunted adversarialism being a route of egress of the most revolutionary, polity-destroying and nihilistic intrigues. As it was indeed in the first place designed to be. And as is clear to a student of history who doesn’t equate patriotism with wearing blinders or telling lies.

       Actually, it all goes back to the great battle between Federalists and Anti-Federalists, a twenty-year-long set-to, marked by a great, dark “nary the twain shall meet”. Back to the duel of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, which had a hundred parallels just as dire in their own way, across “every Middlesex village and farm”. Already lines of distinction of Kerry liberal and Bush conservative may be descried at this very early time: with Painian Anti-Federalists being excoriated as “impious apostates”, and Federalists as stuffy, dogmatic, Puritanical, powdered-wigged fools. Re-evoking less-openly-admitted images of uprighteous Cromwellians once again running down “dangerous” Catholic priests—and “recusant” laymen—in the Ireland of St. Oliver Plunkett of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. A Catholic-hunting drama—for which many-a colonial had developed a decided taste already, in military service in the Emerald Isle of the times—one then being lustily reenacted in frontier mountain and wooded plain all the way to the Great Lakes. In a hunting down of “savage”, almost-uniformly-Catholic Indians. Fleeing Westward after the destruction of a whole painstakingly-established civilized world. A very bloody bi-polarity indeed, up in Quebec, burst upon Shawnees, Pottawatomies, Iroquois and myriad others, spiritually-nurtured sons of Jesuit and other martyrs of wooded mountain and plain. A slaughter perpetrated at the hands of the same savagely-precise Newtonian crowd. Political puritans who were however serving other masters, they mostly knew not who or how.

       Basically, at the causal core of all the bloodshed—to find stark parallels in our own day in Iraq, Afghanistan and a host of other places as well—is a denial that man is a moral creature. A negation which conversely provokes this bizarre idea that a system can ever be devised that extracts this essential element—the morally-fragile—from human affairs. A Reformer zeal which in matters more purely religious had long denied that something so provisional as the Seven Sacraments could ever have been required, involving a constant interposition of “foul” human hands in things of the soul. Or at a more basic level yet, denying that God uses our very frailty as a meandering path upon which to bring us lovingly, painstakingly—like a Heavenly Doctor nursing a patient—to Himself. The Reformers and their dour followers rather putting in the place of all this “Papism” a resounding Altar Call—religious and political alike—evoking a “state of election” at both levels, once and for all. A Calvinism quickly to find articulation in matters of state, with the community or national existence determined thenceforth by moral absolutes that come down to us from a sort of sacrosanct Congregationalist political group-elite. A fanciful reproduction of a Reformer-apotheosized “Early Church” existence: one in which there is always some flushed-faced either/or pitch-battle between some political Silas and Barnabas, or between some gerrymandering Peter and Paul. Hardly an arena for a rational, painstakingly-arbitrated process—one in which human frailty is actively accepted as being as critical an ingredient as indomitable justice or right—a patient collation undertaken by individual, fallible human beings. That which was actually the case in the Early Church—and would be in the One True Church down through the ages—as well. That human aggiornamento with which a blithe Holy Ghost works so well. A polity within whose collective consultation is in reality found a wisdom much like that of the pride-of-lions or the musically-ebullient hive-of-bees: rather than the stark dictums of vindictive statist regimes. Who today cravenly serve the interest of others not openly seen. The good polity hardly presuming to reduce all issues in a scoured and antiseptic way to the most simplistic of bipolar terms in which they might be conceived. A contrary tidy process from out of which—emerging from the above-mentioned Federalist/Anti-Federalist struggle—would finally appear as victor in the early nineteenth century a Religion-of-America entirely secular, indeed secular-messianic, in character. The genuine aim—of certain earth-boring biblical “master of deceit”—all along. A totalitarian creed yet retaining a starched-collar dogmatism as Calvinistic as John Cotton could have ever devised.

       As intimated above, the problem is that to achieve anything like political justice or equity man’s institutions must contour faithfully his very real and imperfect moral condition. It isn’t enough that the miserable, fallible, yet magnificent and much-loved soul of man try desperately to cling to, to articulate itself upon, the unforgiving, inclement, hard-surfaced categoricals of a stark either-or political world. An approach which only keeps us prostrate before “enemies of mankind” who have no such crippling ideological illusions with which to deal. Enemies who set us at odds with one another, with post-natal aggressive-warfare anti-life in a “dead heat” with pre-natal barbarities of the modern-day womb. With a stark vision of political liberty which would give “equal time” to sodomites who wish to utterly extinct our Christian way of life. A false liberty which acts as a deadly solvent to every good and holy thing, which denies that God has granted a Way which we are not free to despise. A Way which travels the path of human frailty, which opens gently, mercifully, magnanimously, by collaboration rather than contest or polarity, to domestic concord, universal justice, racial harmony. And ultimately—the aim of all the patience, forbearance, the “anticipating one another in charity”—eternal life.

       September 23, 2009: The sacred obscurity of Faith versus the savage obscurity of the cabal.

       The one “speaks to them in parables”, hides in the folds of mysteries, readily communicates the closest family intimacy in a universal charity spotless and sublime; the other breeds on darkness, spawns dissention, breeds on crime. The latter regards resources as a kind of store of weapons, to be cached and commandeered; the other finds the “wealth of nations”, of plain and mountain, of sea and river, to be the common property of humankind. The one sees rarities of privilege, abundance-of-possession, as a means to allocate, to multiply rational creatures in amplitude of agency and life; the other seeks occasion in advancement to exclude, to limit life and agency to some chosen few.

       Our leaders have become obsessed with analyzing and atomizing existence, and then rebuilding it according to their stiff and stuffy conceits. Dreaming of gene-altered supermen to take the place of the “backward” genetic inheritance from whence we sprang. “Rushing in where angels fear to tread”, failing to grasp that God uses our frailty, our fragile inherited condition—improving marginally wherever we might—to foster an ever-fragile nobility, to bring us to Himself. This, then, this beautiful, sleepy, sonorous, frail yet magnificent world is the one He gave us: not to be changed to a war-prone, waste-ridden caricature at an elite-dictated word. Hence does Faith accept our human lot, charity thrive in a terrestrial life in naturalistic surroundings, hope scorn a “technology” which is more like idolatry, which presently remakes the earth to resemble nothing so much as Hell.

       September 13, 2009: Torturing our way through the Swat Valley. Only God Himself can invoke “the end justify the means”.

       This Swat-valley Taliban leader, Maulvi Fazlullah, has surrendered to government forces, after his family was taken into custody, plainly so that (further?) atrocities might not be done to them. After which his capture is being shrouded in secrecy, as the authorities there are “grilling him”, to quote, in order to completely compromise and destroy his militia. Here then is another specimen of signature-Israeli “end justifies the means” torture-tactics, brazenly taken up by the USA after an all-determining 9/11. An element of a Napoleonic statist doctrine notably applied already in the utterly-unwarranted invasion of Panama in 1989, and the very first unprecedented taking into custody of a foreign head-of-state, Manuel Noriega. Whose Hispanic surname—to those racists who more and more rule the American day—amply justifies all accusations before they are even aired. But whose real life story, much like that of Saddam Hussein, is that of an embattled leader, struggling against insurmountable odds, subject to a blizzard of orchestrated criticism it will be impossible to ever sift through, to separate true from false. Noriega himself being likewise compromised by a drug-dealing Israeli-national mole externally placed, through U.S. machinations, in his own government (info as I remember in Noriega, Manuel and Peter Eisner, America’s Prisoner: the Memoirs of Manuel Noriega. Amazon: 1997). Both men condemned to a protracted betrayal at the hands of an all-determining USA.

       Here, in this event, do we see reversely illustrated again the unalterable principle that all valid law is based on the law of God; that states are bound by moral precepts just as are human persons; that there are certain things which even states may not do; that these prohibitions have been codified down through the centuries, accepted without question, as separating savage hoards from rational men. Hairs are split over such things, in other words, only when Eichmann-like fiends have taken charge.

       Any excuse will do, for injustices of the lowest kind, for our perverted crypto-Nazi/Jewish leaders, although always held in final reserve is all this “march of liberty” slop: which is the last thing these people take seriously at all. But it took 9/11 to be the perfect equivalent of “The Holocaust” as the ideal opener to every act of inconceivable, heinous wrong. Like Obama’s infernal, interminable toying with innocent prisoners at Guantanamo and around the world. Thus, so that “the unthinkable” might not happen to us, we or our allies do the unthinkable to someone else. Often enough to anyone who raises “threat-levels” in hair-trigger paranoid minds.

       But it is here, at this ultimate juncture, that I place my allegiance with humanity, and not with any particular flag: if it must come down this sort of black and barbaric thing. I don’t make a religion out of a mere state: I want nothing to do with slobs who sodomize for tactical gains. Indeed, so low has modern leadership gotten, that reading between the lines, in Ambassador Joseph Wilson’s book (the Politics of Truth, New York: Carroll and Graf Publishers, 2004), you see that even celebrated critics within this ugly system have no real honor in their dealings with other lands. Having indeed been chosen for their positions—rising up the ladder of power in a sort of rocket-flight—because they know so little of decency or honor, in dealing with their fellow man. The sort of thing that happens when you allow your country to supercede the law of God. All so that a barbarous set of leaders can brutalize humanity anywhere, under the all-purpose umbrella of imaginary possibilities of another 9/11. An agenda which likewise neatly prepares global ground for our most profane, cynical and larcenous corporate and financial kingpins. That 9/11 which is itself however shrouded in all the ignominious secrecy of this shamefaced “end justifies the means” crowd: indeed the subsequent drawn-out sequel of morbid tactical brutality demonstrating beyond any doubt and with staggering clarity the treacherous, satanic, in-house nature of that carefully-staged holocaust as well.

       September 18, 2009: The domestic moral cost of debt-driven wars-of-conquest.

       The Hitlerian conquest-paradigm of the Bush/Obama machine—attended by wild contrived displays of surface dissention though it might be—efficiently insures that there will be few jobs outside this super-Napoleonic agenda. Since most ordinary tasks are now done by electronic devices or machines, in an interwoven totality tied to the same war-and-debt related mechanisms by a host of means. While furthermore all the “value added” or other profits—which traditionally permit personal leisure and independence—are absorbed back into elitist pockets through the stock market—increasingly insuring there is no individual, let alone society-wide, route of escape.

       Newness and good repair are made socially mandatory through the ready availability of credit: so that conversely the loss of good credit is ultimately equated with criminality. Most things are kept in an operating functionality of gleaming near-perfection, so that people with older-model vehicles, or well-worn clothes, are readily called “bums” or some other epithet. All this largely accounting for the stark difference between standard U.S. life and that of, say, most of Asia or Africa. Whose peoples are thus easily criminalized in U.S. and Western-European minds accordingly. In this way does there steadily evolve a new, shallow and spurious “morality”—a sort of all-purpose “born again” condition—which is purely-outward pomp and display, but which can be made to look deceptively like the real—one which readily makes poorer nations targets for bloody “anti-terrorist” attacks by doughty and uprighteous U.S. troops, mercenaries and other black-ops personnel. Foreign nations which are held to “deserve it”, in the standard assessment of the typical wealth-jaundiced eye.

       Due to these vaunted “moral” imperatives, British and U.S. fiats—as in the carving up of the Middle East before, during and after World War I—are given all the status of “international conventions” and “international law”. So that the “sovereignty” and “independence” of a “Kuwait” summarily carved out of millennial territories of Mesopotamia, now called Iraq, and filled with wealthy U.S. protégés, is placed on the same footing as that of England or France. And the marching aggressions of an “Israel”, “taking back” more land than was ever held by David himself, three thousand years ago, are made the only constant in the shifting sands and borders of that blood region.

       Hence is this fanatically-hallowed credit-system maintained at all costs, moral and material, as without it the whole all-determining, tinselly charade would be utterly impossible to maintain. Thus too the recent 50 trillion dollar burying-in-debt: so that this mountainous indenturement—and the false loyalties to which it is tied—are both thought to be guaranteed to remain in place for immemorial time. All the “credit” and “asset” markets—in practical terms there is little fundamental difference—being kept alive and well, while whole nations go under in the most miserable way.

       Furthermore, this monstrous machine—and attached prostrate political apparatus—feeds all our once-beloved and cherished “customs and usages” into a giant shredder of sorts: since these older things—together with aging parents and grandparents—simply do not march very well in this new, artificially sustained and perpetually “updating” Orwellian column and line. While of course even less is there any place for deeper things of the soul, which have been replaced by a ribald, radically-incontinent sodomy which epitomizes the hideous sterility and raucous barbarity of the “new way”.

       Thus in the place of morality and spirituality—and abstracting from a wildly-popular spiritism or oblivion-producing pseudo-mysticism, part-and-parcel of the ostentatious new way—comes, in rampant form, this obsession with externals. Making possible indeed a sort of self-indulgent mysticism of effete living and outward thrills, much like a cruel Nero in narcissistic gardens used to indulge. A debt-driven way-of-life whose most coveted marks of distinction go to the most shameless, as indeed in certain garland-wearing days of old, even producing a sort of false nobility based on these terms. People go to great lengths to send children to athletic and other specialized training at an extremely early age, so that they learn no other values, have no higher influences upon their minds or hearts. A shallow mummery in which modern-day “religion” plays its craven part. Youths doomed to become mere coarse-faced, coarse-hearted, sodomite Spartans. Hoplites for the new regime. For whereas in the True Faith real and inner strength is “made perfect in infirmity”, this new and facile view finds strength in abandoning entirely the necessities and parameters of the soul. And in living, in short, not therein, in that inner castle in the peerless company of God, but in terms of ones impact or impression upon other mere men. These in turn now become fawning servants of sodomy and wholesale perfidy.

       The only problem is: the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary won’t have it. See the way forward on this true crusade, on this site.

       September 7, 2009 (revised for 9/11): Hats off to the high court of Sudan,

       for punishing—with a moderate fine—this Lubna Hussein for publicly breaking with that nation’s perfectly-valid customs and religious traditions, regarding modesty of dress, and appropriate female attire. We ourselves, on the other hand, spread despicable sodomy, indecency, immodesty, an all-around avant-garde view of morality around the globe by “fire and sword”. And then get uprighteous with those who still know how to blush, who still know what shame is. Here we see the real reason we gun down people on the other side of the world: the rabid hatred of our secularist-elite rulers for the good and decent laws and customs of all men anywhere, abrogated long ago here on our own shores by they or their kind, being the underlying cause. Statutes, traditions by which Muslims plainly proclaim their governments to be far more legitimate than our own. Since they put into law the law of God, the best they know how, while our leaders seek ultimately to efface that eternal law entirely from the customs and memories of men.

       But there is more, since, true to the mendacious character of the modern American media, the banner headlines on the “home page” news on my computer screams at you that this woman has been condemned to the lash. But you have to open the article to find out that this isn’t really so, that a play on words is actually involved. But “the damage is done”, and many-a hyper-nationalistic Yank will go off with another causus belli ricocheting around in the cramped quarters of his mind, after the rather typical cursory glance such pieces typically-enough receive. While similar “mine is but to do or die” fare is to be found in recent NPR exhumations of the old ‘70s movies: you know, of entirely-fictitious Muslim/Arab takeovers of giant airliners. A calumny—complete with fake subscripted dates and times of the “atrocities”, in “documented newsreel”-style lettering at the bottom of the screen—that is discussed in an entry below. The perfectly-fictional nature of the “narrative” on NPR being found out only if you happen to have tuned in from the very beginning of the highly-war-inflammatory show. Actually a comedy-farce, part of the odious “lets keep it light” motif of weekend NPR: or more precisely vintage gloating of a Jewish-surnamed staff and cast.

       Myself, I don’t think the USA is capable of entering into a just war. Indeed, every war we have ever embarked upon—starting with the War of Independence—has been in whole or in part a pre-provoked or pre-arranged affair. No, we must reconstitute this land, re-conceive it away from the pirate-cove motif, of “enterprising” warriors between oceans, for hire to Jews, to rain death on other lands.

       No, folks, alerted at last to the non-stop lies of arm-chair warriors of TV or Senate floor: grasp the fact for once that Darfur, and the government in Khartoum, Sudan, has been just another victim of inconceivable levels of slander. Read the real story, if you can still find it: as even the Muslim press is getting too scared to say all they know; and Muslim elites and officials, in contrast to voiceless masses, are becoming so “moderate” as to sacrifice innocent co-religionists for another day under a Bush/Obama sun. While in Darfur it is Israeli and American funded rebels who rape and murder, who attacked convoys, who have caused an “abort mission” from peacekeepers sent to restore order and law. That which Khartoum was quite capable of achieving, were it not for the scarcely-acknowledge aid-and-comfort of some of the wealthiest and most powerful on earth, including Jews and “Christian Right” groups, given to lawless or foreign-power elements in their struggling, impoverished land. Our big Jews in Tel Aviv, D.C. or Texas want that oil and the rest of the cornucopia of resources found in Darfur, and for these purposes any number of lies will be readily supplied.

       Totalitarian global centralization of power, depraved and culture-twisting forms of futurism, the bloody, coercive, drone-bomb-brave “march of democratic institutions”: these and their likewise-deformed close-cousins together constitute the real terrorism in today’s world. The promotional department of which all-embracing scheme artificially creates all-important enemies where there are none, and keeps multiple Ben Ladens alive long after they have died of some incurable disease, or been blown to smithereens. (Any amateur bit-mapped video will do for an all-powerful minority of indiscriminate “patriots”: of a patched-in photo of a dead leader, with one arm bit-engineered to raise mechanically up and down, and no expression on the face [that takes too long]. After all, aren’t all these brutal terrorists supposed to be “utterly without any feeling”, bare of any twitch of a facial-muscle of remorse?) Hence, technologically empowered, the latest development of “Al Qaeda” phantoms in the night: which travel like greased lightning along the impassible cordillera of three continents. Mossad-manned “insurgencies” one group of whose tell-tale milk white skin was taken note of by me here around 2005. A patch of flesh accidentally showing itself under a black head-to-foot leotard-like outfit—which no self-respecting Muslim in his right mind would ever wear—putative “insurgent”-standard gear finally seen for the poor disguise that it is, and dropped everywhere around the same time. A sort of football squad in black of which the local Iraqis were always mortally afraid, guys just then, in that photo, blowing up a police station, yet finding time and composure to pose for the camera in a Hollywood-photogenic way.

       Muslims, Catholics, rational man: I put forward here the answer to all this deception. These biblically-identified “enemies of mankind” are doing what they can to construct a world-system in which they alone will ultimately survive. And in which media and technology are employed cunningly as encompassing instruments of psychological warfare, of hegemonic power. And for whose purposes all the traditional structures and loyalties of men around the globe must be dismantled, discredited, destroyed. This, then, is the real Al Qaeda. The ultimate, lustfully-sought objective of this many-headed fiend however not really being so much the destruction of Islam, or of imaginary caliphates: which long-dead world movements, resuscitated, embittered, will indeed rise again, as Catholic prophesy of a millennium does indeed reveal. Rather is the final remorseless aim of the AIPAC-led controlling global-cabal the eradication of Catholic Faith: that religion alone—rather than Islam, as sincere as the latter’s believers so often are—which is diametrically and effectively opposed to pirate-like coteries which despise human life. A Catholicism grounded philosophically to the very core in a tremendous, all-embracing devotion to the human family, of both nations and men. That universal, only-genuine Gospel Way which likewise has the sole divine mandate (Pope St. Pius X on the Sillon) to construct a new social order, in an abiding “peace which the world cannot give”. That Catholicism which can alone defeat a globalist cabal which abominates the local customs, the genetic inheritance of our race. Quoting Holy Scripture, “a conspiracy” indeed, “against the Lord and against His Anointed”, a wicked alliance under whose heel all fatherhood in particular is slated to miserably die. Another new “social experiment” under whose grinning, Eichmann-like eugenicists—in league with a “military” which drops pandemics from the bellies of planes—will neatly, as if “by accident”, survive only a tiny “chosen” few.

       Hence is our foremost allegiance not to this genocidal, secular-messianic Religion of America but to the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary as our only recourse in these latter times. To prepare—to spread palm branches along the way—in front of the King of Kings: He Whose Second Coming is approaching fast. That culminating event of humankind which however requires first that the One True Faith be institutionalized in all nations, codified in their laws, embraced as the ultimate flowering of the finest traditions and ideals of each and all. These being the ultimate garlands, palm-fronds, to be eagerly laid before the “foul of a colt” upon which regally rides this King of Kings. No profane futurism at all, rather a true and only progress which will be freely and indeed eagerly embraced, with burning love, by Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian masses long ago on the very brink of conversion. Just before the arrival, in the midst of incredible carnage, of this “Mohammed”: good and beloved as his popular image is today, yet in history a mere phantom cleverly spun, like some sort of genie, by chaos-orchestrating Jewish minds. He who was fabricated—sixty-some years after a perfectly-fictional, historically-unrecorded “flight from Mecca to Medina”—in order to provide a “hero”, nay, a saint, indeed another human-life-despising Manichaean Emanation, to justify the initial regional mayhem, and a later bloody Jewish leading of hoards around the globe. This primarily in order to bully a “unifying of markets”, and a dominion of governments, of early medieval times. In a global enterprise which has indeed gone on since those very times, and which is so sickeningly obvious today. An unspeakably evil Jewish scheme, a bloody messianism, which—worst of all—seems almost invariably to attach itself, like a leach or a chimera, to the preaching of the Holy Gospel. Trying to turn the very loving message of the meek and crucified Savior into another bloody Jihad, together with a brutal oppression of peoples and economies alike. A Synagogue scheme which then volubly, uprighteously condemns a Church only fractionally taken in: having after all a fallible and easily-buffaloed human component. Having to some usually-small degree caught the ruthless contagion of a leprous companion. A Judaism which would not have survived beyond the last destruction of Jerusalem in 120 A.D., had it not a somewhat externally-similar Christianity to blend in with, to claim a common “Judeo-Christian” heritage. Judaism being a false and profane religion, a commercial/political/slavery-peddling monolith which God uses for His own inscrutable ends and designs. Arranging as He does a loving ambuscade for these same ever-devious Jews: the “first” having been made “last” in admission to the Master’s Fold. Blindness through the ages having kept them away from His loving beck-and-call. All these things “must come to pass” before He will condescend to thus appear, at that final day: loving, merciful, majestic, glorious, magnanimous in His power.

                   August 4, 2009: Log of second campaign of national anti-sodomy crusade since the hypnotic Obama took office illegitimately.

       We are so glad to be back in Arizona, which is perhaps the last state that can be called the “land of the free” by any stretch of the word, after an absence of more than two months. This state where—as confirmed once again almost as soon as we crossed the border—our dusty coach, with its candidly-worded slogans and visual displays drawn on the side, always gets a welcome, sometimes near-delirious, reception. Even if the sodomites assert their usual death-threats or acts of indecent exposure, right there in traffic, in the broad light of day. “Harmless folks” indeed!

       But this last skirmish was conducted largely in New Mexico, where we anti-sodomy/anti-aggressive-war crusaders have seen in full measure the ugly spawn of chaos of the hypnotic new Obama breed. Possessing as we do on these whirlwind trips a birds-eye view of the land. Being able in a sense to detach ourselves, to look on after the manner of a third party, at a spectacle in which domestic perversion and foreign adventurism go hand-in-hand. A transfixing vision—to which of course Arizona is no stranger—a nightmare-like new USA, “sick unto death” with a disease of the soul. A new America in which certain geo-corporate privileges here and there may still broker some security for a dwindling few, but a black hole into which innumerable less-fortunate millions go in terms of security, happiness, peace-of-soul.

       Here is a national void in which, for one thing, mechanical work on today’s swelling numbers of broken-down vehicles is becoming a superbly-organized racket, operating over a hundred miles on any given stretch of interstate or U.S. highway. A mammoth scheme in which the mechanic and his vulture-like cruising cronies, traveling up and down the road, get the full amount right now, or else keep possession of the vehicle, found disabled. With you probably hungry and thirsty, sitting inside, or standing to front or rear. A roadside bonanza—believe it or not—perhaps including the trailer you had been pulling, and all within it, as well. The scheme of these multiplying con-men fulminating in voluble promises to “do the work” on an old-fashioned payment-schedule, but then simply dragging their feet until you can no longer stay around, and must leave all behind. Gone being the days of merciful but perfectly-reasonable “mechanic’s liens”, let alone of a Depression era when common misfortune brokered an opportunity for modest profits on scheduled payments of lowered rates, or even to practice a salvation-winning charity. A time when the earnest general desire was to accommodate all, so that all might together leverage a solid national recovery. Swelling numbers of the prosperous being the key, producing a constructive domestic “demand market” which alone—in contrast to “bailouts”—constitutes a real recovery. Although even back in the 30s, in a trend to be repeated in trebled terms in our day, our cursed system of debt-financing, of corporate greed saw to making “factory stimulating” war “necessary”. That which is like an anti-matter negative-image of economic vitality. A nihilism possessed by an evil spirit which laughs to scorn such generous, Gospel-blessed moral simplicity, as, you guessed it, not being “street savvy”. A value-system found nowhere else so solidly entrenched as in Israel, the USA, and those butchered and brutalized, newly-conquered places the two are able to fashion “according to their own image and likeness”. In a fused foreign policy paid for in American money and native and American blood.

       Hence today does the all-too-typical mechanic and his crowd of alcoholic or dope-peddling hangers-on—engaging in this kind of open-road ambuscade—in a trend growing more predominant by the day—simply lounge around for three, four or even five days out of the week, while gorging themselves on the profits of promptly-paying wealthy customers, as well as upon the abandoned vehicles of the poor. Unfortunates regarded in callous uprighteousness as “deserving their fate”. So that these swelling numbers of little roadside napoleons and the many others of their general ilk resemble economic termites rather than the biblical hive of bees, brokering humming prosperity. Utterly unproductive leaches who forebode in their own special, disgusting way a crushing national doom.

       Here in this criminal mechanic’s sub-culture, noted already some four years ago in an article in a hyperlink below—is only one especially-miserable aspect—together with astronomical oil company profits, oil-industry-associated wars, pulmonary-disease-bearing pollution, and so on—of the whole decayed nature of the automotive industry. This feverish core activity of our “technological” times which more or less drives it all, which keeps pushing gratuitous new “developments” out further from the city core, (Note of 01/12: Since morbid depths of the new Depression were first plumbed a year or so ago, thousands of brand-new houses just outside Phoenix and elsewhere across the land now rot and get vandalized. A depression being a condition whose ramifications and tokens-of-unwelcome-arrival, like much else in today’s world, change dramatically over time, and really have little to do with any sing-song “two negative economic indicators in a row”). An automotive industry which keeps the debt-driven economy in full tilt, which latter in turn demands artificial, gratuitous, mega-energy-consuming levels of industrial production, in an ugly, sulfurous, visually-transfixing totality which props up—on the level of human values—a craven, hideous notion of “progress” indeed. One, finally, whose arrogant and exclusionary take-on-life is perpetuated in a murderously-pursued desire to be regarded as “middle class”. On an earth upon which we will however likely spend at most seventy or eighty years, and then must face our God.

       How do we know all this, about these “mechanics”? Well, we ourselves just now barely escaped this fate, having indeed and as it was been “taken for a ride”, in some ways “picked clean”, as if a boney carcass left behind by a flock of road-vultures. This for a whole month and more, in New Mexico (I won’t say where), before finding a humble Mexican who did the work (an engine replacement and several other big related repairs) at a reasonable price, in two installments. For which we continually thank him from the bottom of our hearts. And neither are we ashamed of any of this: for as much as we get a good deal of moral support out here for what we are doing, the same good “thumbs up” people are mortally afraid of becoming involved in anything controversial, in anything frightfully-visible, practical. Starkly aware as they are of those self-imposed custodians of our society, people of limitless power, much spoken of here on this site. Like for instance our RV park manager, back here in Arizona, the grim, supererogatory figure in the place where we now sit, as we take an urgently-necessary stock-taking breather after our protracted, far-flung ordeal. A lady who—after we had sedulously covered over our displays with neatly-arranged tarps, to unsuspecting eyes like an extra layer to ward off the killing heat of the sun—informed us that we must not “air our views” among the other tenants, or we would be “thrown out”. Ah, freedom; ah, liberty; ah, Bush/Obama USA! This ultimatum being delivered by a lady who practically foamed at the mouth even as she spoke, a gal with a big star of David on a pendant over her breast, a member of some new and rabid Christian-Zionist sect. All this according perfectly with a certain psychology of popular oppression/abjection, of mass hypnosis, considered below.

       But returning to the little town over there in New Mexico—you invariably get broke down in some forlorn, out of the way place—the whole little burgh, the scene of your misfortune, instantly knowing its cue, will commonly-enough get into the act in these cases, exhibiting all the clever little group sadisms of the most backward backwater of some obscure and bigoted time. Merchants of misery to the traveler, these townsmen, readily showing their scarcely-human side, who will naturally, as it were, supply a bumper-crop of sodomites for a decaying USA. In this day when new car purchases are ”as rare as hen’s teeth”, when whole towns can survive largely on the carrion of the poor traveler. Indeed one such place in one state has private junkyards leading up to it, like a gaudy sort of processional avenue, for a space of some thirty miles. A time when Obama pumps up the artificially-ballooning economy on borrowed money and borrowed time. While the salivating, sorts of personal oversteps that are exercised by many of these studiedly-correct locals, under whose mercy you momentarily lie, is another matter again.

       But most people really don’t want to live this way: within a disgusting culture of extortion and exploitation, using other mortals like mere warmed-over road-kills on the highway, rather than serving them as brothers, as fellow sons of God. Down deep hardly priding themselves on a traffic with vague but indubitable connections to today’s growing drugs, white slavery and home-invasion as well. Yes, “the money” is in dishonesty for now—courtesy of political pimps and traitors like Obama, Pilosi, Reid, McCain, and most of the Congressional crowd—but with the help of Almighty God we can turn this thing around. Since for one thing the forces of good, and of good government, already have the bulk of law enforcement and the military on their side, and at better moments 90% of the populace as well. And even if the same military mostly fights with unjust and senseless loyalty in thinly-disguised aggressive wars, it is at least with great misgivings that they do so, needing to turn to brain-dead motivational-opiates of “my loyalty is to my buddy, not to the flag”: which is just another of the many modern forms of idolatry.

       A better sort of loyalty is to be found in the new and welcome trend toward “social cooperatives”, of groups of people who seem indeed to have profited by our own campaign for the Frankpledge: joining together as they do into little self-help groups remarkably like these medieval sociopolitical cells. People who however apparently—although you can hardly trust the media from whom the story was obtained—exclude our core message: namely, the absolute necessity that such efforts be fervently consecrated to the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. In the absence of which dedication—the age-old direct antidote to the Jewish/secret-society origins of our present hellish plight—will be seen nothing but chaos, betrayal, perversity. So that you are urged to read this website and these publications for a sketch of the real map forward, albeit one whose legend and points-of-interest you yourself, and your associates, after the very manner of these multiplying cooperatives, are expected to supply. In a reinvigorated personal agency which scorns the mass-hypnosis of a Black Fuehrer, and the overbearing world-system he continues to impose globally at the point of a bayonet or guided bomb. That system of enslavement which rides the coattails of ballooning debt, attempting to compel us down a treacherous and perverted path.

       As intimated above, among the diabolical tools being used against mankind today is that of a genuine mass hypnosis: with requisite levels of interior docility essentially extorted in various devious ways. Achieving an artificial elicited sense of abjection or helplessness which a lace-mantled “Madam X”, with her swinging crystal ball, always requires. This gained in turn through the frequency of looming misfortunes, like that described above, on the one hand, and the channels of today’s perfectly-totalitarian government, information, education, and so on, on the other. The principal “strength” of most of our “leaders” of today is thus indeed to be found in this adoption of the peculiar commanding-yet-sonorous tones of the typical hypnotist—the ultimate ingredient of an oppressive mental potion—resulting in a level of Fuehrer/follower interaction so sub-human as to resemble that of snake and snake-charmer. As was indeed the case with “the Leader” of the mid-century Third Reich. So far have we here in the USA departed from those “free and democratic institutions” we so uprighteously claim to spread “by dungeon, fire and sword”. (Borrowing here as we do the supremely-fitting words of the old Irish-Catholic hymn, written during darkest days of Cromwell’s bloody persecution against the Faith: except that it is now America’s equally-bloody turn to join other equally “righteous” and vindictive souls in butchering those of other beliefs around the globe). So remote are we from a sublime and overpowering desire written upon the human heart to obey a just, orderly and reasonable law. One which abominates all the above craven, shameful deeds and persuasions. A law written in vigorous letters across the tracery of animal and material creation; a law only trespassed in the precincts and among the activities of humankind. This under the morbid, coercive influence of Hell.

       Unfortunately, man is now so ignorant of eternal truths revealed by God, designed to protect him from the enemies of his soul, that he readily falls prey to those who would keep him in these mental chains, on an interminable chain-gang destined for Hell. For it is because man is capable of so much better than the animals or minerals that he is also capable of so much worse: with the whole universe of human potential being on an incalculably-broader plane and infinitely higher-and-lower level than that of oak trees, atoms, aphids or whales. While the love of God for us, being eternal, the punishment for its refusal is proportionally infinite as well, as is “fitting and just”. Among men who radically do not belong to themselves, but are mere insignificant creatures of a generous God, Who gratuitously made us in His very “image and likeness”. Further rendering us capable indeed, in the very height of the “divine folly”, of “becoming God by participation”. Man being created to give consummate adoration (“with his whole mind and strength”) to this good and merciful Deity: that worship which resolutely resists the wallowing engrossments of sin. A glory we will indeed give to God anyway, if we criminally refuse this homage, in ultimately owning up to our folly in the very bitterest of terms. With the damned, as seers assure us, uttering fatal words of rock-splitting remorse, like “I deceived myself: a curse on me!”, as they hurl themselves headlong into the fiery pits of Hell. Fleeing, as during life itself, the gaze of God, and the sight of “that which they have killed” (the transcribed expression of one damned soul, meaning apparently her own soul). This immaculate adoration of God barring in a special way those unnatural acts by which one unjustly kills another of the same (human) species, which even the animals don’t do. Or who—in a sin termed unnatural in a yet-more radical way—turn to the same sex to experience sexual pleasures. That which, again, the very animals shun. (Apart from some incomplete and plainly distracted acts, found only in the manifold frustrations of captivity, of which today’s craven, excuse-searching sodomites—for whom none of these capers provide any rationale to rational man—make so much.)

       It is within this scenario of official hypnotics and mass human abjection, then, that we few, “a remnant, selected out of grace”, raise aloft, unfurled, rampant, the banner of the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. That immaculate standard which no foul serpent may sully or slither across. As we trustfully anticipate, as her humblest members, the very “bottom of her feet”, as St. Louis DeMontfort puts it, that we will crush these “enemies of mankind” beneath our and her feet.

       But as it stands now, and as we ourselves have indeed seen on this Crusade, gangs are taking over in the USA, law and order are breaking down, sexual bondage is on the increase, sodomites are rampant and without restraint. In this biblically-predicted time when however we are not to despair, to surrender our weapons of defense or attack. That time namely when, in Our Blessed Lord’s words, “the end is not yet”, when the Holy Gospel has still to be “preached to the ends of the earth”. The Good News of Salvation still impatiently awaiting its codification into law, its institutionalization among the habits and customs of men, of which the latter inspired lines, fully understood, more properly speak. Hence within these very circumstances there is hope, a “window of opportunity”, in which we might rub our eyes, awake from sleep, “gird on the sword”. Since as both private revelations of saints and this adequate understanding of Scripture relate, we live on the very threshold of Our Lady of Fatima’s “Era of Peace”, St. Louis DeMontfort’s “Age of Mary”. Which is to say the age of that very New Eve who is to crush Satan beneath her maiden feet.

       September 19, 2009: Rigorism and Catholic Tradition: nary the twain shall meet.

       Rigorism is a matter of “tying heavy burdens”, whether on our own or “on other men’s backs”: all this at the same time that we expect both they and we to fail. This essentially-Jewish spawn of the Reformation era—a convenient hatch-way to sin, which our “depraved” nature, quote the reformers, is ever anticipated to fall down into on a host of occasion—this is the devil’s way of painting a bleak picture so that we might despair of ever truly being good and pure. Having none of Our Lord’s vast generosity-of-spirit. Rather seeing God as “a hard man”, preferring to “bury our talents in the ground” of an abject fear which brings forth a grudging moral and spiritual immobility accordingly. For with Christ all things are “spirit and life”, or they are nothing at all. Somehow, people easily get the idea that this rigorism is “all the old stuff”, that it constitutes Catholic (or any other) tradition par excellence, conveniently allowing the luxury of stuffy postures of every kind. But in fact rigorism is recognized by sound theologians of centuries to be easily the greatest pitfall along the Catholic Way: a predisposition that is easily the chief underlying source of heresies of every shade. Being undyingly hostile to the Gospel spirit of liberty, joy and peace, it precipitates a blindness of the most impenetrable kind, cousin to a spiritually-timid interior obscurity opposite to the Apostle’s “perfect love casts out all fear”.

       Yet, by way of that quality by which Catholicism is always many things at once—in a profundity of distinctions, a “cutting between marrow and bone” of true Faith—perfect Gospel love nonetheless admits readily that most exalted and salutary kind of personal rigor which St. John Cassian calls the “fear of God”. Here however being something far beyond that rudimentary, “servile” fear which is the “beginning of wisdom” but rather that fear of which St. Joseph was described as having been “full”. Having been confirmed in grace: indeed, as Blessed Maximilian Kolbe has it, having been cleansed entirely of Original Sin, after his betrothal as virgin spouse of Our Blessed Lady, and in the same unique manner as that morally-immaculate queen of our (human) race, excepting only that his magnificent ablution came at adulthood, and not at conception. This incomparable fear—that central quality of Good St. Joseph to which we may fervently aspire, which is not beyond our mortal ken—rather revealing in the humble human soul the possession of all the Gifts of the Holy Ghost in full abundance. Indeed between these two heavenly realities, of boundless liberty and fathomless “fear”, there is found the whole uncontainable range of Catholic life, of domestic joy, of monastic holiness, of one-time-standard Holy-Thursday official-washings of citizen feet. In the latter betraying a like fullness on the lay communitarian plane. Of government which reveres the citizen, which cultivates personal free agency, rather than being, to paraphrase, “like the heathen, whose chief men lord it over them, (patronizingly) styling themselves ‘benefactors’”.

       Such a generous view is directly out of the cornucopia of God’s limitless love—of His burning desire to raise us up, to make us partakers above all of a personal sovereignty, an inner liberty, patterned after His very own. All the while we remain aware that we are merest creatures who don’t actually belong to ourselves, that “after doing all these (good and virtuous) things we remain ever useless servants”. This Catholic liberty being entirely conformable to authentic obedience, to the humblest of stations-in-life: which in the Household of the Faith carry no hint of the craven, and assume the firm retention of an intact free will, with a potentially indomitable mind. The fear of God of the perfect actually trembles (see John Cassian’s Conferences) lest it offend so good a God. A “fear” which “hopes all things”, which translates this ebullient spirit into dealings with our fellow man, making us eager to find a like generosity and goodness there as well. Which thus provides a sort of catechism to other souls, drawing them “by the odor of our ointments”—in the incomparable biblical exegesis of St. Therese of Lisieux—to “run in the way of the commandments”. By this very ready expectation of love and goodness preparing soft and yielding ground in which God’s grace may drop the Gospel seed: that which is likewise watered by a subsequent pouring forth on our part of brotherly love.

       How different is this spirit from that of the all-too-standard Judaized “Catholic” traditionalist enclave of today, or the incredible statism of the Abbe de Nantes’ Falange, with its prostration before authoritarian, tyrannical official demands. With staggering significance converging, running a “race to the bottom”, with a New Church for at least fifteen years now almost admittedly obsessed with symbols of cramped exclusion, of wealth and power. A typical parish—among that remnant which haven’t yet closed their doors for good, over some clerical-sodomy diocesan debt—often-enough “cured” with a vengeance of the hysterical excesses of Vatican II. Commonly giving that serendipity “love” it preached so long a cold rebuff from pulpit, entryway or rectory door. Giving Christ, no respecter of persons, a “blow” from the servant of the new High Priest. Prompting the query, “what, then, was the much-vaunted ‘reform’ of Vatican II all about?’: all its aggiornamento having thus evaporated into thin air?” While clearly the Gospel political science of “the greatest becoming the least”, the political corollary to the Supper Room washing of feet, is entirely lost on such people as these. Here being a political despair of ever again achieving the France of Charlemagne, or the Gospel-driven Catholic Republic of Rome that succeeded the Empire in the dusk of ancient times. That gave men political liberty of the fairest kind, and prepared the community banquet of medieval manor and town. A true traditionalism hardly satisfied with grimly burying precious talents in the ground, smug with a bloody colonialism of the diabolical “war on terror”: really a reign of terror. This sort of rigorism rather finding all virtue to consist in a renewed “wearing of phylacteries” or “blowing of horns”. The “middle class ethic” somehow become the Sermon on the Mount, for fatally credulous souls.

       But “take courage”, for we have a different kind of Captain, there, for now, asleep in the prow. Let Him rest a bit; He’s been busy for centuries now. Soon He’ll rise majestic, calm the towering waves of greed, bid His sheep once more to prodigally feed, from His outstretched Hand.

       June 24, 2009: Aim of the drone attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan, to utterly inhibit the natural political right of popular assembly.

       American policy is always primarily that of object lessons: it is the way an irate parent deals with an erring child. We rap the knuckles of the “lad caught with his hand in the cookie-jar” with another cumulatively-achieved, brutal, glibly-inarticulate fait accompli. We fire-bomb villagers who attend funerals—immemorial venues of deeper levels of social interaction, of renewed lifelong acquaintanceship: where they may, perhaps unwittingly, rub elbows with some “militant” as well. These foreign nationals are expected to be so jerk-knee obedient to the crisp military-style orders of a supposedly-benevolent Uncle Sam that they cut off all contact with those he opposes or dislikes. Indeed that they scrupulously isolate themselves from those events or localities where these “Islamists” might likewise now and then be found. Refusals of which acts of lisping submission call forth the noted rap-on-the-knuckles, one which heaps up dead by the scores.

       How are people supposed to politically resolve their problems, wrangle out their opinions, under these totalitarian commands? Issued by a nation which regularly arranges bombings and other provocateur deeds, to stage-dramatize its aims and claims? The answer is bluntly forthcoming: they aren’t. They must just shut up, and do Daddy’s, or Uncle Sam’s, will. Kind of like the poor, miserable Puritan kids used to have to sit all day Sunday on straight-backed chairs, and listen to the Bible, and never fidget or crack a smile. This starched-collared Uncle Sam is to be religiously obeyed, his orders not to be discussed, let alone contested.

This is the “freedom” we bring around the globe. The democracy we glorious maintain.

       June 24, 2009: Law today a means to inhibit, rather than to free or release.

       This in turn causes frustration, and finally “crime”, both “paper” and real, as ordinary life becomes unlivable, detestable. While true and valid law, by contrast, by restricting the machinations of wicked men, tremendously enhances real freedom: namely, the freedom to do good things, to pursue constructive, beneficial objectives. That which our overlords of a century positively oppose and despise.

       Paramount among morbidly-inhibiting legislation and court-doctrine of today are several fields: (1) property law, both real-estate and intellectual, (2) onerous and invasive homeowners’ association covenants, and (3) “Patriot Act” anti-terrorism legislation. Although the list goes on from there, these are at the very top: instituting a perfectly-foreign way of life, one elitist and dictatorial in character. Robbing the American citizen of his original, indeed proverbial “easy going” existence. Pouring in concrete a new and hyper-rigid Puritanism, based on the most backward sorts of restrictive ideas. Involving a fundamental personal frustration which must of necessity lead to crime, upheavals and disturbances of various kinds. After which the people are placed in chains of an even stouter kind. That all this is alien, that “an enemy has done this”, that no people would choose such a fate of their own free choice: this is self-evident, among those not afraid even to exercise the reason of their own minds.

       Hence my own hesitation to cite sources, especially if they are scholarly in nature: since this whole area of “intellectual property rights” has become a convoluted sort of admiralty law upon the sea of human ideas. Thus far has the arrogance, the hubris of these “enemies of mankind” gone, that the very human mind is chained to some oar in that massive, sky-darkening modern ship, the SS Thought Control. For there are so many small-print restrictions applied to so many scholarly works, like that “no one may quote from this work for any reason”, and so on, strictures which have the practical result of limiting scholarly discussion, necessarily with quoting of sources, to those who are “in the league”. And who stand column and line behind all the falsehoods being pedaled today from the White House or a rigidly-Jewish-controlled academia. While analogous restrictions rule the day in the area of industrial patenting: in which critical advances in chief technologies are employed to further impoverish whole disadvantaged regions. And this not so much by force of the law itself involved as by the prohibitive expense of that endless hair-splitting litigation which is the very inner mainspring of the modern global corporate machine.

       In this way too are writers like myself restricted to the belittling category of “bloggers”: an ugly name which could hardly be self-imposed. A category to a degree defined by an unwillingness to footnote what you say. Believe me, it isn’t by choice, and it’s a “rule” I here and there break repeatedly. I think they would have a hard time taking litigator’s blood out of this financial turnip, in any case.

       Central to all the above is that infernal principal onus of modern law: to enable the larger and more powerful to become yet-larger and yet-more-powerful. And to inhibit smaller or less-powerful persons or entities from strengthening, from exercising a potent free-agency, ultimately from defending themselves at all. While finally this thunderous institutional partiality to the great and mighty is neatly accommodated, indeed deified, you guessed it, under the secular-messianic doctrine of progress. This latter, together with “democracy”, being the twin Big Berthas which guard today’s crushing dominion of a tiny elite which rules the day. In everything from property rights to a hovering and protective wardship and foster-care legislation which gives dense legal cover to institutionalized abuse, rapine, even murder, of course in some disgustingly-“compassionate” artful disguise. As I and my wife have ourselves seen, powerless observers, more than I care to say. Modern law presently placing at auction as well the common man’s property, to be surveyed for confiscation “by those who can use it in a more profitable (or ‘beneficial’) way”. Law quite the contrary being no all-purpose welfare agency for the fabled Horatio Alger institution of “profit”, but rather by definition being commissioned to defend the weak in each particular circumstance. As well as in the general distribution—as implying duties as well as boons or privileges—of power, agency and wealth.

       As can be seen by a simple consideration of these few things, law isn’t at all designed to set in bolder relief the unequal endowments or opportunities that generously mark the race of men, to expedite the rapidity of exploits and conquest of “self-made” American-Dream-chasers in every conceivable way. That pursuit in which the reigning Judeo-American law distinguishes itself as an “achiever” indeed. That legal-philosophy rather quickly encompassing the ring-eared rule of the pirate-cove, if donning the garb of “an angel of light”. Here being indeed exposed the very opposite of law, the commonwealth rather legitimately tearing down overbearing, preemptive monoliths, and prohibiting deadly Olympian competitions, of the great. The state, validly conceived, always nurturing the individualistic contributions of “these the least of my brethren”: in this way assuring that an infinitude of marvelously loose-knit yet well-orchestrated minds and wills determine the outlines of the economy, the polity. That which is the miracle of democracy in the concrete, essentially a work of God, and not at all of stuffy, overbearing, pharisaical men. Thus benignly, with great care, permitting the unfettered fashioning of the genuine character of a nation, a neighborhood, a region. Which has far more to do with spirituality and virtue than with great monuments of agency-preemptive, exclusionary wealth and power.