December 1, 2006: More on consecration to the two Hearts. Modern communication as compared to the perennial Catholic form.

We advocate on this site the consecration of each nation to the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, who are our only refuge from the forces of Hell and its perverted schemes. Furthermore, this consecration isn’t something we need to wait to accomplish: it can be done by individuals, by small groups, families, classrooms, right now. This “giving over” of ourselves and of someone or something we love to the service of God is something we can all do, both openly and in the depths of our hearts and minds, and it is very efficacious, and works, according to its number and frequency, toward the desired formal, national, confessional/governmental vow or act of homage. This latter corporative act being greatly favored and facilitated by these smaller acts of consecration, in order to come about in its own mountain-moving, efficacious way. For today we have before us a great and unprecedented divide between good and pitch-black evil, and our choice of the former must be absolute in character, if it is to win the favor and protection of God. Here being a dynamism which moves on its own inscrutable plane, that of firm resolutions best achieved through such very “acts”, as they are called in Catholic parlance, and as our cumulative, discursive human notional nature requires. Volitional/intellectual benchmarks to which we may thereafter refer, which serve to reserve us immovably in Our Lord and Our Lady’s loving care, and in loyalty to same. So that furthermore even if we perhaps weaken at times, and even sin, the awareness, the memory of that formal act of resolve pulls us like a lodestone, conspiring with the grace of God, back to our True North. Lending commitment and force-of-habit to an ever-more-faithful devotion and correspondence-to-grace.

But returning to this dark side of the Moon upon which we now dwell—if one soon to be replaced by resplendent civilized light—in these present morbid shades humanity gradually loses the ability to do certain things, not only of a manual or eco-interactive kind but a far greater number of moral, spiritual and interpersonal functions and interactions. It is then that the word is put out—by way of the same overhanging electronic/organizational “grapevine”—“not to worry”, that this is all progress. And that these older marvelously integrated abilities are the decayed leavings of a pitifully-backward state. So we are taught to look down on those kindly courtesies for instance of the old cowboy movies, civilities that come across in even greater force in the writings of authors from the early-to-mid nineteenth century. A true literacy presenting to today’s reader some few precious samplings of what humanity still had to offer at that time from its Catholic past. Those people with their mild, need-anticipatory phrases, many of which might have been heard in the company of St. Aelred or St. Thomas, in a primitive patois of Old English or in the contemporary High French, at the thirteenth-century Sorbonne. Folk who compared to us would seem to have just emerged lightheartedly from the “Upper Room”, where the Disciples gathered after Our Blessed Lord’s Ascension. That old diction being worlds apart from today’s street-wise, communicationally-preemptive verbal-jabs and aggressive gestures, ever assailing you in their calculated shock-value, from unexpected sources, in unexpected ways. Modern man having too often deteriorated into a rabble our forefathers and the Apostles would have hesitated to recognize on the sidewalk, let alone in a dark alley. Alien to Christians brought alive for us in the writings of a Dickens, a Chateaubriand or a Cardinal Newman.

Indeed, those not pliant to the modern crass, stonewalling and malevolent tongue, and who are little likely to “land that job” because of a “failure” to “measure up” to ambient boorish behavior—a flurry of illegals have already taken the day’s best positions—are now being apprised in so many words that they are “unable to work” because of a “mental condition”. As in a marathon advertisement by a certain beagle-eyed-commiserating  attorney, heard at least twenty times a day on the networks, one repeated in substance by corporate-outsourced “Job Service” counselors as well, and in remarkably-similar accents. For the White and Black unemployed, over whom Mexican illegals are rampantly ascendant, will be used up, like the old sausage factory, “everything but the oink”: providing salaries and stock rallies for psychiatrists and pharmaceutical firms from coast to coast. While the worst of those employed hold their sides in amusement at the contortions through which these hopeless aspirants go to “land that job”: which is probably already slated for some illegal at lower pay, but for which this vaudeville act is nonetheless required, to “keep things legal”. The unemployed being meanwhile constantly harangued with admonitions to “turn themselves in” to such a human “mental health” gristmill, perhaps even after shamefacedly attempting to render the patch-eyed pirate lingo and behavior demanded of them on the jobs to which they had aspired. And from which, if somehow obtained, they are driven off like the morning dew, sometimes indeed scarcely any later than sunrise of the day they were hired. Counseled in owl-eyed tones of omniscience by silver-haired Boomer functionaries, “success stories” themselves whose whole life has been lived in a behavioral brothel, and who have likely been in and out of rehab programs of every shape and size. For this Orwellian “re-education” is part and parcel of all this Star Trek progress, and today an ex-con in some ways has a far better chance than anyone else of getting a well-paying job. As we are all urged to adopt the lingo of the cellblock, and especially to “leave behind us”—as one professor expounded, way back in 1969, with my own youthful self out in the seats of the auditorium, still an undergrad, just returned from Vietnam—those axioms “learned at your mother’s knee”. Since people with good manners and/or vocabularies make poor slaves. And in this way the drug culture is poured in concrete, its very unmistakable gait and gutter terminology is institutionally mandated, and its goons and crack-heads become seasoned counselors themselves. Teachers of job seeking abilities without which we are mercilessly trodden underfoot. “Progress in a pill” or hypodermic needle, might be their sales jingle, dispensed by paragons peddling drugs, truly or virtually, in their boom-box low-riders or comfortably ensconced behind desks in some heroically-applauded “program”. Addicts and peddlers thus being guaranteed a controlling monopoly on jobs, on eloquent holdings-forth, and a good income with which to feed the meth, cocaine and heroine machine, to boot. Ah, progress!

Many must feel that today’s fascination with blood and gore, and new levels of sadistic, barbarous or life-threatening adventure—gleaned indifferently from nightly meth-gang, snake- or crocodile-wrestle or swat-team, lawyer and detective shows—is some new plateau of human worth, of “beamed-up” achievement. Certainly cannibals feel they have achieved the most enviable of victories over an opponent when they have him for dinner, and in the midst of their noisy feastings no doubt look with contempt upon milder pastimes with which they once contented themselves—perhaps as still-queasy children—before passing on to this new summit. For as noted above we are here crossing the threshold between two perfectly un-mixable worlds. “You will either love the one and hate the other, or serve the one and despise the other.” The “mammon” which the latter line condemns serving well to designate a world-system based on greed and manifesting a mounting culture of piracy and barbarism, one which presently controls the earth, and destroys the souls and human sensitivities of men.

November 27, 2006: Yet-another Russian journalist done to death, this time in a British hospital, by anti-Putin agents provocateurs. The most recent storms, Americans from coast to coast once again eat the grapes of God’s wrath. True peace on earth cannot be attained until the doctrine of the Blessed Trinity is believed and lived around the globe. This is mainly a critical update of a previous article.

It is to be expected that having organized the world in a rigidly-path-dependent techno-monolith of air-transport, cyber-communication, and every other kind and degree of interface and infrastructure, remote-controlled in depth and density, that post-Kennedy totalitarianism, whose brainchild the whole demented monster ultimately is, would then murder in cold blood some of its own “friends”, and leave throughout the corridors of air-transport a messy trail back to a much-hated Moscow. The last rampantly-independent target of its greed. Knowing the modern-day systemic-Frankenstein as we do for the hard-hearted victim-offering, warfare-dependent fiend that it is.

Why this compulsion to dominate, to destroy, to foment war and chaos, to claim a plainly-nonsensical ownership of all properties, lands and peoples? This kind of arrogance and inhumanity is endemic to those who adamantly and systematically reject the doctrine of the Blessed Trinity, as the Jews do openly, and as a great host of American Protestants and Catholics, loudly, closely and self-interestedly identified with Judaism, do in practical terms. That secret of His own nature revealed to us so lovingly by Almighty God, the Holy Trinity being only on the rarest occasions mentioned by Christians here: having been schooled for nearly a century in an ultra-humanistic view which focuses almost exclusively on the humanity of Jesus. The doctrine of the Triune God being held as a kind of stilted formality, an uncomfortable embarrassment, as of something long ago quietly laid to rest. Impugning in the process however that reciprocity-within-the-Godhead which Judaism scornfully rejects but upon which is modeled not only the spiritual life but any sane or stable national or personal existence as well. A rebellion-against-God which ultimately effects a host of other rebellions as well. Attacking that Divine Household which is all-sufficient within Itself, the Trinity being composed of Thinker, Thought (or Word) and the Love between these two divine poles. A blithe inner-cosmos which goes out to others only out of the wealth of its own abundance, generosity, peace, rather than out of any need. Providing as well the classical model for the Christian soul and polity: both vessels filled with that divine indwelling, that self-contained joy, that celestial “peace which the world (and other mere men) cannot give”. While radical monotheism—whose brittle phenomenological dynamic is distilled in the secular-messianism of the Jews—can only think of divinity—whether conceived-of as personal in nature, or in more typical and demeaning historical-processive or human-collective terms—as either entirely aloof or perpetually absorbed in something outside itself. This latter externalism being by far the more typical view: of a sort of Marxian force behind history, or among secular messianists or Zionists as the Jewish people itself. Views which find uncanny parallels among Christian phenomenological, process-theological and other mostly-group-driven approaches alike.

Hence in a close parallel—among those Jewish and other non-Trinitarian religionists—or those who in-practical-terms might as well be thus monophysites—who yet somehow still believe in a personal God—He is typically perceived as busy scolding or punishing, with this violent or ambivalent idea conveyed strikingly in the Jesus of traditional Protestant devotional art, with His eternally stern, stoic or impassive brow. A visage so different from the burning furnace of charity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, into which all are lovingly drawn. These major divergent orientations powerfully determining human life and authority according to their loving or grudging view. The divine Being, Pure Act Itself, when perceived in terms of an heretical incommunicable radical oneness, being indeed and especially incapable of pacific and subtle exchanges of thought within Himself: that uttering of the (essentially internal, conceptual) Word namely which in fact constitutes the divine life in toto. Quite the contrary, in the misconceived monolithic divine entity interior activity of any kind would require an inadmissible real division into parts—at least in some notional sense—with such an impossible proto-assembly prone to eventual separation or decay, taking for granted a yet-higher deity (or as some Orientals say, Emanation) to act as creator or assembler of same. Since any internal complexity at all—of which we mere mortals make so much—must assume some such assembler or creator, of an uniquely-spiritual but for-all-that essentially-component and indeed ultimately contingent being. Such considerations making far more plausible and logically-intuitive the possession by the genuine divine Agency and Cogency of the simple, living, ineffable, indissoluble, eternally-reciprocating Catholic divine Forms or purely Formal Distinctions within the one divine Godhead. Namely the three Persons in One God. Where the “procession” or pronouncement of the Divine Word provides the Prototype for each creature, with each person, thing or event known in fathomless measure not so much for what it is as for what it specifically, inimitably lacks of this consummate Immensity, Totality. Those processions—between Father and Son—of this Singular Divine nature, Concept or Thought—which give proportional form by this same means to all lesser thought and intelligence, from “before the daystar”. That Divinity which assures us that “God is Love”, that we are all embraced to the core of our being in this existential, relational reality, that Reality Itself is essentially about love and understanding, rather than about ringing command or aggression, let alone a Freudian/Marxian/Spencerian “dog eat dog world”.

The absence, then, of this internally-reflective understanding of God goes a long way toward explaining a parallel lack not only of cooperation but even of intelligence among men today, of the deflecting of philosophical thought into an obscure Post-Modern nirvana. Mankind having progressively lost the true divine image, contained in the all-unifying Trinitarian exchange, having become mentally and morally darkened, blinded accordingly. At the collective level with today’s workplace, neighborhood and schoolyard gangs and groupies, who have forsaken reciprocities of mind and heart in any shape or form, embracing simpleminded aggression-oriented behavior: with national military and diplomatic analogies following suit around the globe. A Newtonian world in which we are all inescapably acting upon one another like billiard balls, like utterly-foreign objects of indifference or aggression, fear or suspicion, mistrust or alienation: in such a milieu radically lacking any consciousness of an existential familial bond which makes us truly, exuberantly one. A fundamental unity hardly captured in airy abstract symbolisms of a “united we stand” hip-booted Hillarian-official lore. Catholic post-conciliar theology being analogously absorbed in a phenomenological, event-obsessed view very much like this Jewish or Protestant Cosmic Activist idea of divinity: the post-modern pseudo-Catholic “dog” always meekly being “wagged” by a world which should rather be its tail than its head. The Unitarian or non-Trinitarian God—much indeed like the restless modern aggressive-warrior, sports-obsessed Yank—thus standing in constant need to go abroad, to externally close a cognitive/affective circle in His own very Nature, a God made to imitate foolish creatures unwilling or unable to innocently rest within themselves, or within a mutually-enabling local, national or cosmic polity-of-love. Both God and man made to seem like the rejected Cain or Essau, always engaged out-of-doors, in an essential denial of God in absolute terms, an estrangement from an infallible Catholic legacy, that which alone adequately addresses the nature of eternal life. A fallacy, an apostasy, rich in today’s strange groupie phenomenon of living strictly in the eyes of other people, rather than before reflective elements in ones own rational mind: into which others are drawn in a love radically internal, of the heart and mind, less human than it is divine. The denial of this Trinitarian reciprocity producing a human moral universe in which man rapidly and easily becomes a mere drudge or slave, and his conscience coerced into a simple projection of the naked, unthinking will of some straw-boss, gang-leader or “those who count”. While of course in day-to-day life true and pious meditation and reflection, discovering for us the deepest harbors of Trinitarian love, become veritable forbidden activities, from which man in senseless terror flees.

Hence this radical personal and collective turmoil, this inadequacy, in today’s rabidly anti-Catholic (if hysterically pro-Conciliar, pro-“papal”) world. A lonely, solitary void discernible upon the brow of modern man, even as he flees from that Triune God Who is its only remedy. Choosing instead a cynical agenda of conquest and domination of other persons, nations, groups. Thus too today’s total absence of genuine friendship, that boon which involves the graceful, voluntary, progressive admission of someone else into the triune cosmos of ones own inner mind. Friendship being far different from those modern-day violations which usurp the noble term, encompassing social-rape rather than amity. An incomparable treasure, this true engagement, this sole key to world and domestic peace, imitating the very freedom and generosity of God, Who in the prototypical friendship of grace allows us disarmingly, in a staggering prodigy of fatherly indulgence, to participate in His divine Trinitarian Life. “Becoming God by participation”, as the theologians say. A lack of fellowship at either level which a crass and presumptuous modern man seeks to fill by a violent aggression, by perverted acts of sadism. In the hum-drum of daily life making routine a constant high-handed intervention, meddling, belittling, condescending, unjust and exploitive terms-of-trade. On airplanes, buses or jobs, in trailer parks or walled “communities”, more and more frequently finding the harmless solitary reflexes or reveries of others who still know how to think and reflect, especially those of darker skin or Mediterranean features, as “inappropriate behavior” or as fitting some threatening “profile”. This diabolical aggression being faithful to its stygian master in seeking foremost to belittle, to brutalize this mystery-bound cosmos which is man. Man who rationally resembling God rules his own inner and outer universe, capable of being marvelously ordered by grace: a holism which the Devil hates above all other things except God Himself. The White Race, led by mostly-Caucasian Jews, reigning again supreme in all this restless rebellion, indeed as never before, all on the strength of a 9/11 whose every particular is a highly-convenient Bush good ole boy “trust me” top-secret. The new post-Trade-Towers bigots able with little ado to bring about serious or even staggering personal loses to others, suddenly and without reprieve, always with cheaply-bought heroism ‘collecting” on obscure events of five years ago. This on the basis of mere prejudicial fancy or whim, as in the worst days of the Ante-bellum South. Injustices whether of public embarrassment, summary loss of employment, institutional confinements, police brutality or other forms of totalitarian mistreatment and/or control. This recurrent take on American “freedom” always letting fly some hyper-aggressive impulse of someone with blond or red hair, that Calvinist élan which takes special exception to a peaceful, recollected mien—in the main irregardless of the color of ones skin—as if the Catholic, or remarkably-similar Muslim, peace must always harbor some “Gunpowder Plot” or terrorist threat. A pathology which conversely attacks the personality of the perpetrator at least as much: robbing it of a subtlety, spontaneity and variability native to all of life, making the only “safe”, and “loyal” American a mouthy, slander-prone, hard-hearted prig. A “profile” indeed into which the typical modern-day Catholic, increasingly a correctness-fanatic of the upper-middle or upper classes, fits so unfortunately well. A sickness multiplied ad infinitum in the notorious American groupie gang, all-determining in school, on the job, “out on the street”. A mob “spiritually” led by some “rock artist” or some ever-pontificating Dr. Phil, Judge Judy, Oprah or Ellen. Mounting to ever-newer mock-pious, demagogic, megalomaniacal heights, at the head of such a manipulable crowd. While conversely to be at peace within oneself or within ones group or national borders is under this unstable but ever-mobilized cosmology held to be a sure sign of weakness, of insipidness, of effeminacy: in a surrogate blasphemy of the pacific nature of the Living God. So that finally and as suggested the mystery-bound Trinitarian recollection, indeed the inner satiety of Catholicism, the ultimate immovable mooring-post of the ship-of-state, is the subject of mammoth, uncanny levels of hysterical alarm. Since in the billiard-ball world of aggression any visible state-of-mind, let alone emotion, to be “healthy” or “appropriate”, must have some readily-identified hyper or pedestrian visible cause.

These hair-trigger, discontented, hostility- and intervention-prone kinds of persons or nations—always off on some military or quasi-military, global or backyard, classroom or workplace maneuvers or war-games—win lots of battles and squabbles. And might even seem eminently sane to some, since everything they do is a simple reflex of visible, physical, pain/pleasure, victim/attacker cause and effect: a hedonist’s or Newtonian physicist’s dream-come-true. But despite having entirely dedicated their lives and energies to aggression, self-satisfaction and self-assertiveness, they seldom win any decisive wars or other contentions—unless of the “taking candy from a baby” variety—once saner nations or persons, momentarily immobilized, astonished, are duly aroused. That once “silent majority” upon whom however we dare not depend much longer, falling globally as they do under the tank-treads of this same sickness, of a catastrophic national and personal instability, spreading across the globe to cadence of rapidly-“commoditizing”, techno-path-dependent world. The restless world of fetus-farming, of Wal-Mart and Haliburton, of global commercial monopolies—totalitarianism’s very teeth—on crop seed and drinkable water.

But furthermore—and as if all the above were not enough—this disorder, this “turmoil” from which the Communion Ordinary of the old Tridentine Mass efficaciously begs deliverance, and a decisive triumph over which God is preparing as I write, this malaise has another added pernicious quality about it. Namely that since its major debut at the time of 9/11 it is legally and institutionally empowered around the globe to reinterpret all human activity in its blinding, bizarre, tornadic terms. This bewilderingly-generic, hoary and atavistic British-Admiralty-law territoriality—an anachronistic lead-element of noted corporate-blitzkrieg tank-treads—this “cause” loyalty which is in itself a fugitive-in-disguise, claiming alternately a President, or an “American Way”, or “our troops”, or “eternal Arab aggression,” or Sunni/Shiite strife, as its raison d’etre. Having most-notably mastered the “counter suit”, especially in the eloquent pinning of ones own crime entirely upon ones opponent. Together with the immemorial Jewish ability to tell lies with a perfectly straight face: much coveted by presidents and commanders alike. With occult-persuasions of ever-evolving species of nightly swat-team, prosecutor’s office, “profiler” and undercover agent TV-serials providing the preferred tight-lipped-hysterical justification for an increasingly coarse, thumbs-down-bloodthirsty, coliseum-hearkening popular mind. (Of course with the ever-ready spot-flash sexual-peek-show as added grease for ever-righteous gears). A pathology whose first beginnings are to be found three and a half centuries ago in Salem, MA, blazing the trail since then for an ongoing denial of citizen and non-citizen human rights on the most imaginative, “creative” of terms. This modern-day monster of violence, of Von Ribbentrop aggression having mandated, codified its gloating take-on-life, using its ever-expanding but wretchedly-morbid pseudo-scientific vocabulary, like some salivating BTK, to mentally-fondle its human-racial victim in ever-newer ways, just before it delivers its coup fatal. The masses needing only another fantastic TV-slander to keep them cheering this glowering Mr. Hyde on, as if he were the star quarterback at a homecoming game.

Here then is the root source of today’s rapidly-developing prime contradiction: illegitimate and morally-non-binding civil and criminal law: since law must have domestic, societal and world peace and tranquility as its aim or it categorically is not law at all. Since law is for the sake of true reciprocating order, as in the very Blessed Trinity Itself, living up to that eternal Prototype from which it takes its very divinely-uttered organizational and notional being or form. While certain aspects of today’s polar overthrow are analyzed in detail in Le Monde Diplomatique online for November, which discusses fantastic new “legal” definitions under novel notions of security. Human fundamentals often indeed deftly translated by this means into their very opposites. As if one had walked into one of the old chambers of horror in the old amusement parks, where everything one sees, hears or apprehends is distorted, where a genuine kindly smile is mirror-reflected as a hideous leer. All this on the basis of “Arab terrorist” acts the “official version” of which other, impartial persons on the scene totally disagree, in a striking analogy to the Katrina bursting-of-the-levee in New Orleans. Cataclysms mendaciously described to us by power-usurping leaders mawkish, craven and untrustworthy from the word go. A state of affairs we are divinely forbidden to resign ourselves to, and regarding which meekness, obedience or loyalty have no place. The de facto accession of the ever-restless and insidiously-aggressive, anti-Trinitarian Jew to an undisputed global political/economic/military dominion—a fait accompli of the “war on terror”—this overlordship redefines entirely every single concept at the base of common law in its homicidal, deicidal, “progress”-oriented terms. A Jewish cabal ever-ready to blow up friend or foe to achieve some geopolitical end, or to quietly kill a dissident Russian journalist deep within a Blair/British hospital, at the heart of the global Jewish medical/pharmaceutical/psychiatric empire. For our lives are cheap to these world-agitators, and our friendships ill-repaid, and after death notes accusing President Putin are easy to forge, much as in similarly-contrived accusations a couple of months ago regarding the death of the Russian female reporter. Assassination, third-party acts of provocation, slander: these are the invariable tools of a violent global Jewish conspiracy of more than two centuries, the triggering mechanisms of all our major wars, against a mankind thought of as conveniently less-than-human, or at least less-than-Jewish. All of which deceptions are swallowed like a fatal candy-coated pill by Americans with aggressive-warfare stars in their eyes.

It is to Jesus and Mary, then, that we turn, as humble children, for that “peace which the world cannot give”, seeking secure refuge in the loving furnace of their co-joined Hearts, even as the tempo of divine punishment reaches a new crescendo. Asking inclusion for both for our souls and our societies in the Trinitarian Household of sanity and love.

November 29, 2006: The New-York police gunning-down, with 50 rounds, of a young Black bridegroom in the prime of life, a “man-child in the promised land” innocently “roasting the fatted calf” with his friends. A public jubilation no longer allowed to young men of color, invariably classed as suspicious in character. All a part of the several modern faces of Dr. Strangelove: to be answered by Boris Pasternak’s celebrated bright green blade of grass, of personal freedom: preparing to break through the gray poured concrete of today’s “security”-brainwash even as I write. This is an important update/amplification of a previous article.

Of immeasurable significance for our day was the gunning-down of John Kennedy and his brother Bobby: both men worlds apart from their far-shallower, anti-life younger brother Ted. Both these nationally-televised, well-covered-up murders taking places just as the several modern mass-formatives—trucking-transport, electronic technology, the media, education, corporate omnipotence, to name a few—were in need of an intelligent regulation, a renewed sense of direction, which the two brothers stood poised to uniquely impart. The results of the Brothers’ demise, across the board, having been today’s obvious crypto-elitist control-monopoly over all these areas of modern life, and thus over modern man himself. The purposes of which tyranny further requires the elevation of the morality of the gang, of the back-alley, to an overwhelming dominion: that constituency upon which tyrants in all walks of life always chiefly depend. Thus the domination of our Middle Eastern foreign policy by Mossad and American “private contractor” assassinations and deeds provocateurs, of our domestic life by a guinea-pig program of behavioral “correctness” which is fruitful in mental illness and a culture-of-violence, perhaps most notably in schools. In several notorious incidents touching off traumatized reactions by ordinarily quiet and well-behaved lads to an institutionally-encouraged abuse by fellow students, often of the super-correct sports-crowd. Targeted young human beings whose sense of both male-honor and mental-self-preservation proved to be uniquely if grimly intact, whose refusal to knuckle-under to a brutal regimen of ceaseless humiliation at the hands of these classroom and school-yard intimidators or ”straw-bosses” would end in unparalleled tragedy for all concerned. Goaded to insanity by paragons who reproduce remarkably well the very manner and mystique of thus-named and notorious conformity-enforcers of prison-yard lore. The New Republican idea of an absolute personal liberty—but only for “those who count”—having provided the ideological rationale for this new reign of tyranny and terror. Within which moral maelstrom the biggest mistake of these inoffensive boys-turned-maniacs was apparently a failure to simply drop out of school, or to convince their parents to place them in a home-school setting. Since there seems to have been little in their behavior that could have been objected to when all the taunts and torments first began. Kids who might have done wisely to leave behind them what was not only the scene of a protracted personal agony—during a brief time-of-life that should rather be filled with joy—but probably likewise an intelligence-obliterating classroom “dumming down”.

For decades now, since the passing of the good Kennedy brothers, here in the “land of the free”, the human personality is “nipped in the bud” during the first few years of life, before it can blossom into its God-given potential. With pre-schools of the same basic quality now boasting that “we now accept infants!” in bright-colored banners no doubt sent around the corporate circuit in grosses of a thousand. For to our self-proclaimed Master Race it is the human mind, will, memory—with their unpredictable, uncontrollable, spontaneous interaction—that are the real “security risk”, human faculties identified, “profiled” as dangerous in the extreme. And thus purportedly standing in need of radical amounts of arbitrary, ever-morphing control. Frustrating potencies which youth in all its fabulous originality most contains. Modern means of organizational and communications-related control—whose very systematic development is itself a source of concern, even of suspicion—being unleashed upon men from their earliest years in all their raw fury, by control-freak Nazis who despite the ending of World War II once again rule us with their signature velvet-coated iron fist. This as attested by a plainly stone-faced-impenitent Bloomberg—a visage, like an equally-obdurate Olmert’s, to crack other rocks upon—presiding over a police brutality murder of a young Black wedding groom. TV cameras revealing the same dour official New York show-time ensemble which gingerly taps out a staggeringly-divergent smiling, protective soft-shoe toward the white, blond and correct. These latter being the real market-demand-pull dope-addicts, who however far from getting shot down by the cops rather get that much-coveted job, pass with flying colors the all-important social-correctness test. With the new witch-hunt against an impossibly-exaggerated and perhaps even non-existent “Al Qaeda” in day-to-day terms taking a vast swath of dark or Mediterranean-featured peoples into its deadly ambit of open or underhanded condemnation. Thus fantastically magnifying the absolute power of a Jewish/Aryan cabal bent on the totally subjugation of Arabs and many Southern Slavs. And ultimately of all darker-skinned or Mediterranean peoples: even if some Blacks or Mexicans are for now allowed a fantastic if-cravenly-bought precedence soon enough to be withdrawn. The first beginnings of today’s intimately-personal violations and regimentations being accomplished through the above-noted daily social/educational existence: with budding Aryans rigidly-controlled by a smothering indulgence as surely as are others by bullying, and perhaps later by billy clubs. Youthful groupie-prodigies being one of a few pivotal personality-types, in practical terms given near-unlimited license by school and other authorities, that are required to maintain a much-vaunted new morality. One tailor-made for the new cyber-slaves, brought in on the coattails of Nixon, Hoffa, and the future Bush Administration, much of it already in place high in government by the early seventies. The whole representing a final, apocalyptic degree of human misery and abjection. Under a totalitarianism so different from the Kennedy years’ well-behaved but in many ways rampant ”freedom of the children of God”: a residue of genuine Sacraments, genuine doctrine, genuine Christian culture.

Perhaps most incredible of all, as this public pathology affects the schools, is the limp palliative put forward by many of our youth experts, that the aggression-targeted and harmless schoolyard child should strive to understand his attacker(s), to show him (them) sympathy and understanding. A ploy no doubt plied as well to night-stick-beaten Blacks. Since, as the argument goes, such belligerent souls so obviously have an “inferiority complex”. Thus placing the burden of responsibility largely on the victim, rather than the attacker, requiring the lone young target-of-aggression to become both prey and unpaid counselor, and a host of other things besides, all rolled into one. This gratuitous insertion of one of the most radical hypothesis of theoretical psychology forming the final bankruptcy of a pedagogy which gravely endangers the modern child in every possible way. Institutionally-encouraging those vicious role-models among others we have chosen in this article to style “the several faces of Dr. Strangelove”. Being enforcers of the Master Race instituted social-engineering of our time, much as was indeed the quintessential mad scientist on the classical movie by that name.

A singularly-specious argument often advanced by our vast stockpiled surplus of “experts”, like aging Cold War era bombers longing for someone upon whom to “unload”, is that the mild-mannered and virtuous are supposed to suffer for their convictions, and should thus be more or less constantly exposed to some sort of “free market” of abuse and wrong. This rationale, this ethic of pirates and freebooters since the dawn of time, thus lends a further aura of toleration to the capers of the bullying crowd, with the good by this logic being required in practice to do something violent or say something cheap in order not to be considered some sort of “weak sister”. While under this odd imperative the invocation of authoritative protection of course instantly earns one the much-feared moniker of “sissy” or coward. But the whole chronicle of Civilization bears witness entirely to the contrary of this today-much-vaunted “all American” behavioral-axiom: substantiating in no uncertain terms that advanced and orderly societies are maintained only by the upholding of standards, of a whole enveloping ambiance of civil and unthreatening behavior. Which in turn requires the fostering of the valid, customary confessional instincts of the people, not their “libertarian” annulment, suffocation and demise. That to expect each person on the contrary to be a police force all-his-own—a demi-authority poorly upheld by the cold axioms of a dictatorially-empowered “diversity”, or the institutionalization of the personality-problems of a fanatically-incubated few—is to invite a ring-eared piratical chaos such as we indeed basically have today. Answered forcefully on occasion by youthful reactive explosions considered above. The fact being of course, and as human experience in times past bears ample witness, that even within a rigorous authority’s overarching confines the cruel always find opportunities to persecute, even to rob or kill. An official vigilance thus hardly removing opportunities for—or taking any of the luster off-of—habits of popular virility or even heroism, such as are inevitably needed now and again to counteract life’s big or little wrongs. But rather providing that critical encouraging ambience, that motivation in which these good deeds and qualities can alone in major part survive. Breeding that sort of heroism which has any positive purpose—as in protecting the defenseless or guarding the realm—that which has historically been notably undertaken by highly-civilized and mild-manner nations like England, France or Croatia. Since we humans do, at least on a certain plane, depend very much on the ambient, the socially-espoused, and lose heart quickly when certain generic motivating encouragements are entirely gone. While to expect good and constructive behavior to survive on some sort of pirate ship named “anything goes” is to foolishly spit in the wind; and far from “proving the metal” of the good quickly to extinct these one-time-numerous friends and neighbors. An absence indeed so evident today, in a USA in which ones worth is increasingly measured by the size of ones mouth, ear-ring, biceps or gun, and cowering sissies do indeed abound.

But if this new piratical morality holds true on the schoolyard lot—and in mean little youthful confrontations between school buildings, local-venders’ store-fronts and parked cars—then it would prevail in double measure and in an especially brutal way in today’s blue-collar labor-force: where larger but equally-boorish Zekes and Johnnies apply additional pressure-strategies they have so ably learned since leaving the playgrounds and hallways of school. Little Caesars who in the nitty-gritty of practical detail actually boss most jobs, leaving the foreman or manager—sometimes indeed even the business owner—a mere figurehead who must mind his Ps and Qs before this enforcer, laborer, stock-clerk or tradesman though he be. And most obviously of all is this moral coercion found in the sociology of temporary help agencies: labor pools sometimes paying by the day which reproduce the atmosphere of the prison yard eerily and uncannily well. Store-front offices in which one is adjudged to be some sort of low specimen to have even come there looking for work at all, according to the formula, “If he were any good he would already have a job”. This being the standard success ethic appraisal, all the while illegals flow unimpeded, totally without fanfare taking most of the new positions in a host of blue-collar (and even white-collar) fields, and hasten the departure of many-a dependable old hand. Temp agencies in which some monumental hard-case, out among the plastic chairs, or milling around on the sidewalk outside, will invariably determine the atmosphere both there and on the job. And will be empowered in diabolical ways that can border on the occult to make life unbearable, or an exercise in crawling pusillanimity, for those who don’t conform, or at least reverentially-bow, to today’s abysmal occupational bullying, moral and conversational boorishness, piratical coded symbols and down-right sleaze. So that a person of character—having somehow, incredibly, survived the mental-minefield of the schools, the behavioral booby-traps of Bush’s corporatocracy—whose main product, and only job-criterion, is a meticulous straw-boss- and nightly-swat-team-show-determined conformity—cannot stay in such a personality-killing-field for long, either leaving or buckling to the pressure.

To an incalculable degree these consequential conformity-anomalies stand as stark evidence of the caving of the USA to the Hollywood-glorified social values of the Mob, the first of a long line of surrenders to the piratical crowd. An odious agenda put in place steadily and inexorably since the syndicate’s arch-enemies, the Kennedy brothers, were assassinated so long ago. These two brothers having been our last real-time lifeline to social and conversational adulthood, cultivation and gentility, and the culture of political freedom they bring with them like a gentle hand in a glove. But the Underworld, after all, serves a higher master in those forces much discussed on these pages, to whom the working man is a mere beast of burden, and regarded personally as a buffoon. School or workplace mama’s boys being only too glad to fill these kinds of shoes, having been taught to despise the sober disciplines and gravities of Dad. While as suggested germane to the whole phenomenon of the now-ubiquitous swaggering, menacing worker is that mammoth fallacy of our increasingly down-in-your-face “American dream”: that its heroes must scratch, claw, bite and trample “their way to the top”, that this is the highly-paradoxical prime definition of character, of “enterprising” personal worth. However such an “ethic” must obviously spell the very death of Western Civilization, being a cynical formula meant primarily to put us in chains. Since for one thing if we have no control even over something so basic as what we say, or how we act—which is our very self-projection—then we plainly have no real freedom at all. These bullying conversational, behavioral extortions amounting to a moral system which can only end in the most diabolical tragedies, and which brings out man’s worst weaknesses rather than his strengths.

Thus a case in point in an acquaintance who wandered into a couple of these temp-agencies out of a kind of desperation, finding instantly and for one that these supposed harbors of free enterprise and uniquely choice-based labor are as regimented in their whole format as were the worst official bureaucracies of decades past, or the even-worse privatized ones of today, or the noted gang/Orwellian schools. In one such stiflingly, overbearing place the information requirements on past whereabouts “for the last fifteen years” were absolute and meticulous, as if one were being evaluated for acceptance to the lawyers’ bar, all this for a job at around minimum wage. While in the other such supposed refuge-of-the-unemployed the social atmosphere was dominated by this gorilla-gaited souse: if only another incurable mama’s boy, like all the above mischief-makers of schoolyard lore. One of these workers waiting to be called out on a job, a guy with a perpetual grin plastered on his face. A good ole boy who when not menacingly surveying some new arrival among the rows of chairs, quietly bragged of his exploitations of pathologically-hated women (other than mom), his next day in court, his last long drunk, as if they were medals of honor. But crowning the mystique of this dark little den, where one might have to wait for hours to be condemned to some worker-abusive day-labor job, was the “logo” on the (today increasingly-standard) mandatory baseball cap of the workers from that temp-agency. On whose graphic was to be found a black workman in a pose of considerable undress, muscles bulging impressively. So this was what an employer was getting, then, when he contracted for a temp-worker or three from the feisty manager behind the counter in this drab little cubby-hole. And the symbolisms and stepping-off-points for the infliction of every sort of sadism, atavism, verbal or even physical abuse—and blunt or maddeningly-vague, wayward bout-of-paranoia—upon members of the temp “work gang” would prove absolutely limitless in number and variety, under unspoken encouragements of this insignia of unqualified servitude. Hence did this particular fellow, after an especially hard and abusive morning at some warehouse, make a testy-but-irrepressibly remark about the disgusting cap-logo when he finally returned to the temp-office. Where an explanation for his departure was instantly demanded, after having left the workplace in complete exasperation, before he hit somebody, or “told them off” in no uncertain terms. His exit thus after all showing no lack of civility or “self control” at all, but rather a great deal of personal and civic prudence. If with an added unwillingness to adopt the lingo of the cell-block, that which alone would have earned him some token of cooperation and tolerance; nor yet to cravenly crawl.

But the response to my friend’s off-handed remark about the cap was incredibly explosive: the manager of the office himself becoming violent in his words and gestures, and almost committing battery on the feckless man, apparently imagining himself momentarily the slave-driver on some “well-run” plantation, unforgivably-slighted by an “uppity” darkie. He ordered him instantly out of his little temp-office in a dusty, run-down little mini-mall in the center of town, nevermore to return. Just for a rather tame little comment, considering the common run-of-the-mill menacing words, conduct and attitudes found daily among the rows of chairs, or out on the sidewalk in front, for passers-by to ruefully hear and observe.

However unfortunately for our friend that wasn’t to be the end of it by any means: for soon-enough would enter once again, if on a different stage, the above-noted grand-standing temp-worker, a personification of the “leader of the pack” in the old sixties song, the first of a long and tiring biker-repertoire. A figure whose equivalent in prison sociology used to be called “the man”, or the “straw boss”, as can be heard in some old blues numbers. A prison-yard paragon who has historically been likely to have a string of sodomy-partners, a kind of odious harem, acquired by a combination of psycho-coercion and actual solo or gang rape. A Hellish, ongoing, daily spectacle in our marvelous “model” detention-system, a universe-all-it-own of the past half-century or more. Well, our friend would run into this belching buckaroo again at a “regular” job he finally snagged, and where this town tough, as fate would have it sent out as a temporary, had obviously been given the added commission—by the still-hot-under-the-collar temp-office manager—to drive my friend away from that job too, indeed if possible to drive him out of town. Using all the old sadistic tricks and underhanded mechanisms he had learned so well, already back when he was the schoolyard prima donna. Improvisations of a brave, super-macho woman-beater, a faithful watcher of the worst of the gutter-level network sitcoms, a wielder of psycho-social “convincers” which were his chief credential and stock-in-trade. For all these workplace gorillas have in abundance all the underhanded skills of a Dr. Phil, which are after all only the weaponry of lead-pipe social-street-fighters, if affixed with a depressing and unpronounceable nomenclature. A guy who ironically—because he represented the epitome of this “new morality”, and knew how to wield with matchless ability these injurious maces and clubs, the invariable verbal/body-language arsenal of today’s “successful”—commanded an immense degree of respect from both the new employer and other longer-term employees there as well. The upshot being that our soft-spoken acquaintance was gradually denied all cooperation, his own little tool-box, used in his particular skill, was raided without permission and with impunity, and he was finally shouted at and shouted down, with insults or yet-more-bruising condescensions, by everyone wherever he went and whatever he did. All on the strength of the occult comments, winks, nods, sniffs and raised eyebrows of this modern major domo, this clown, this guy-on-probation, this ex-con head of the pack at the temp-agency. This proverb-identified “mocker”, the “one who winks with his eye and pokes with his foot”, the prestigious and all-powerful mover-and-shaker of today who is the nemesis of civic peace and tranquility everywhere. The universal consignee of “cool”. The perpetrator of juvenile/effeminate abuses of all-determining if seldom-acknowledge significance on a workplace in which a minimal air of social cooperation is absolutely essential to the performance of tasks, and a basic demand of simple justice. A failure at the provision of which is morally damning to those supposedly in charge, and which should be monetarily and in other ways compensable before the law. A regimen of abuse which positively could not be returned in kind, a recourse which would have entailed an impossible reversal of character from a fine, upright and cultivated man: the very consignee of the national soul. A person however whose “yeh” always remains a resounding “yeh” and whose “nay” remains ringingly “nay”, no matter how sophisticated his turn-of-phrase, his “simple as a dove” devotion to the conversational culture of the Savior remaining unalloyed. While the old standby of a fist to the jaw—which many-a harmless-looking, powder-wigged Pimpernel could administer with astonishing skill in days of yore—or even a far-more-likely traditional verbal or facial hint of same, at which the latter likewise excelled—would in its final effect have been more-than-enough to land this inoffensive fellow some heavy sanction. You guessed it: in the same marvelous criminal-“justice” system where the perennial straw-boss reigns.

But there are other kinds of Dr. Strangeloves around today, to keep everyone marching in line, and of the most unexpected kind. Thus there is Bill Clinton—who at first glance would seem to have little in common with our see-saw domestic-violence, traffic-court, temp-agency and prison-yard grand-stander. His speeches have rather a soothing effect to many, plainly incorporating the meter and phraseology of great speakers of our times, in rhetorical flights of hypnotic skill. But when all is said and done it all works in perfect tandem with the psycho-violence of “the man”, the two together forming a comprehensive popular coercion of an inescapable kind, toward the ramroding of the New Morality. Of a sort however which denizens of the dockside or the gutter of ages past would have scorned to even consider. There is no real substance to what Bill says; or rather, he announces some vague principle at the very beginning of his speech, and never really gets beyond saying the same thing over and over again, never really applying it in concrete terms to the issues he pretends to address. Or if he does really mean something, it is likely to be on the order of getting the World Bank or the IMF incongruously involved with popular projects of investment which are by nature small-scale and radically-indigenous in character, mainly between poor business-owners, farm-hands and day-laborers. Cumulatively-formidable and highly-original initiatives, much advocated here if in a divergent (i.e., non-interest-paying) form, toward making the common man his own agent, released decisively out of the clutches of an octopus of global economic and educational elites. The kind of economic enablement which Islamic lending vigorously pursues (see, and which Christians once unanimously applied. Bill by contrast however essentially plying new means-of-extraction for a global investment system inexorably running out of previously-non-“leveraged”, liability-unencumbered liquidity. That highest-grade remaining “pay dirt” in today’s ceaselessly worked-over financial ore, a bonanza found ironically today in the most “backward” of places. A near-defunct but aggressive-war-pursuing world-economy having finally exhausted its uncanny herd-marketed ability to scare up new suckers: a pyramid-scheme long promoted through the pound-of-flesh investment follies of supra-state global bodies named above. Folks like Bill being disarming promo-point-men for a relentless desire-to-financially-invade which is actually behind the Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian War on Terror far more than most would ever imagine. An ultimately nihilistic world financial strategy, for all the rosy words, which fits uncannily like a puzzle with the moral bewilderment and anarchy-by-default found down at the temp-agency and the schoolyard. High-level verbal nebulae acting remarkably like velvet-coated blackjacks when used in judicious tandem with menacing gait and alternately threatening/cajoling manner of ubiquitous straw-bosses all. All these working their will on the souls of men—which is simply to make them into moral putty—and in this way to reinforce today’s abysmal domestic, workplace and international state-of-affairs. After which—scooped up beaten, wilted and de-motivated—men become prime fodder for Clinton’s godless anti-life, sodomy-advocacy global social engineers. Here being not the pursuit of virtue or wisdom but rather the Abu Ghraib gang-rape, forced on a global population immobilized by the bite of the biblical smooth-tongued asp. That “progressive” motivational-culture gained in exchange for the mild, kindly, economically and organizational distributive daily Civilization of yesteryear. That time when every job wasn’t some kind of popularity-contest for sodomites, to display their mincing or lumbering wares.

Primarily and always this disarmingly-monikered, backyard-neighbor-mannered “Bill”—ever seemingly ready to invite you over for a beer and a barbeque, or a drink down at the corner (“gay”) bar—speaks basically the same mesmerizing lines, those of the rabidly-anti-life Democratic-party wing of Skull and Bones, about how “ideology” divides, and is essentially the fare of laughable fools. Rather does he confront such divisions by simply and sparklingly intoning a string of ecstatic words about unity, a prim-rose path along whose less-auspicious alley-ways however the above-described blue-collar convincer will make sure we don’t “get out of line” in his own sure way. Making fashionable, together with Bill, the old mid-twentieth-century relativism, the old existentialism: that which made giddy, serendipity babblers for instance out of almost an entire Council of one-time-Catholic prelates during the early 60s. Men whose equally-rosy equivocations first encompassed the driving-away of the pious Catholic worker from his conscientiously-performed job. A fondly-remembered figure to some, an able keeper of the mildest of behavioral norms, who now basically exists no more. Of a piece with which sky-darkening transformation is Bill’s suggestion that the worst enemy is simple to utter the word “enemy” itself: a clever-if-false parallel to FDR’s epoch-making “the greatest thing we have to fear is fear itself”.

But those already in a reeling stupor under the toxic venom of the humanist asp—and the encouraging blandishments of the notional tire-tool of “the man”—are of course perfect fodder as well for pitfalls of the seemingly-polar-opposite, boyish, G.I. Joe pretenses of Bush and the Neo Cons. Producing as well that hybrid, that Democrat of our times, a real stupor mundi of the ages: a person who is both a blood-thirsty aggressive-war advocate and a touchy-feely, show-and-tell anti-life and sodomy-morality liberal of the first water. This presidential vaudeville juggling-act—all in an incongruous air of brittle, ambivalent humor—on occasion and not-surprisingly dropping these glittering mental/verbal objects, which shatter into a thousand pieces, as in the last press conference I saw. One in which a near-spastic and incoherent Bush, the heroic anti-terrorist, soon to turn revealer of meticulously-detailed nuclear-weapon recipes to web-surfers near and far, reminded me more than ever of the noted Dr. Strangelove on the ‘60s movie by that name. For apparently this distracting retention of liberals on his war bandwagon—cheek-to-jowl with jerk-knee generals and Blackwater versions of “the man”—this balancing of black ops, psycho-black-jacks and touch-feely, just doesn’t quite work all the time, in the person of our President. And although Peter Seller’s cynical depiction of an ex-Nazi physicist in a wheelchair, a victim of paralysis, is absolutely disgusting, and a chilling preview of what was to come in Anglo/American humor, yet the same sort of lurching spasms might often be seen in the depraved pitches and paroxysms of a diabolically possessed president. Here being an equivalent to the Hellish Hitlerian cruelty, the salivating sadism of Dr. Strangelove: which could just as surely have caused the scientist’s bodily contortions, as in many-a classical case requiring the rite of exorcism. A condition which could of course have likewise propelled the scientist’s right arm to shoot into the air uncontrollably every so often, as it does in the movie, to the accompaniment of a blood-curdling “zieg Heil!” Strangelove being the heinous advocate of the “Doomsday Machine” who knew it would spell the annihilation of most of humanity: a cataclysm which in the infamous Nazi neatness and efficiency would however make way for the selection of a few hundred thousand survivors, to be chosen on the basis of either their elitist connections or their sexual desirability. A scenario he sketched with a hideous smile playing around his albeit-twitching mouth. To spasms remarkably similar to those of Strangelove, then, was Bush more-or-less reduced the other day: become a perfect babbling fool, this after years of stentorian speeches about the “friends of freedom”, or “progress” and the like. With some of the newsmen out among the chairs—in a scene reminiscent in a way of the local temp-agency—smiling with irrepressibly scorn at the stuttering “Commander-in-Chief”, astonishment momentarily trumping instincts of professional self-preservation. But the generals in the movie are remarkably on target as well: although as in all such productions, even back in the sixties, the implication promoted by an ever-fringe-liberal Hollywood is that anyone not madly in love with touchy-feely, Clintonesque notions is just as crazy as the movie’s scrambled-eggs-hatted jump-the-gun Harrys too.

But the pompous, blank-faced fatheads of Bush’s War on Terror, these largely-Jewish or “Christian Zionist” newly-minted Field Marshals, are really eons beyond the jabbering jaybird generals on the classic “black comedy” film, in their level of pathology. Representing one extreme of today’s fantastic reduction ad absurdium of ludicrous polar-opposites: an adversarial tautology that goes light-years beyond the liberal/conservative dichotomy of mid-century. With absolutely no rational middle-ground, all of which is said to have been burnt to a cinder on 9/11: which zero-sum-game apoplexy of course most-logically erupts from ever-sanctimonious perpetrators themselves. This in a long line of high-level thespian-hysterical defend the flag “reactions” that goes back to the invasion of Quebec, and the herding of its “dangerous” and “terroristic” men, women and children—for sheer jeering sport—down Colonial streets, and from thence to New Orleans. A vaudeville played out in other show-time-doughty heroisms through a dozen astutely-contrived “incidents” in times between. And yet the two seemingly-opposing moral and notional salients—military or psycho-pipe-wrench and smotheringly-nebulous verbal blandishments—support each other swimmingly well. So that Clinton’s caressing speeches are counterbalanced in their bewildering effect by the psycho-blows of the knotted club of Pentagon, Trade Towers, “Spanish rail” and “British tube” explosions. Acts of treachery about whose every top secret particular we are bidden to “trust me” by the Bushes, the Chaneys, the Blairs and the inseparable secret tribunals of their Strangelove world. Guaranteeing that Dr. Strangelove will have his Doomsday Machine. All-powerful robber barons reigning over a fathomless popular moral-decay, intensified by a sex-and-violence media, producing a coliseum-like mindless popular rage against ever-widening categories of “enemies”. All the while “the man” in his many venues raises welts among the masses with his subliminal rubber-hose, as if herding cattle toward the slaughterhouse chute. Carefully-ferreted-out enemies—after years of non-compensated detention summarily debouched onto the sidewalk, found, in dire disappointment, to be harmless, inoffensive souls—being utterly indispensable to such a New Morality. Pivotal to a transformation of mild and cultivated Catholic virtues—in some ways the very espirit of the New Frontier Kennedy years—into black capital crimes. Enemies foremost among which are those who desire to keep their own counsel, to use their own imaginative turn-of-phrase, to smile in their own special and disarming way, as kindness and not as a tool of menacing psycho-coercion. That meekness and tractability, sober or smiling as the case might be, which however and by a categorical contradiction-in-terms has become the blackest practical, everyday definition of treason, and of truculent employee non-cooperation.

As noted in a hyperlink below, this sort of witch-hunt against those who display the virtues, the refinements, of Catholicism—which by the mysterious dispensations of God’s grace are today beyond question found far more often among Muslims than among the sons of the Church—is much more at the root of racism—a modern spin-off of capitalism—than anything else. For any degree of boorish or characterless behavior will usually relieve some darker-complected person—almost anywhere in a Bush-dominated globe—of the worst brutalities and belittlements of prejudicial abuse. Since the absolute, overriding aim isn’t really to persecute the darkly-complected but rather to mandate the character of a boorish clown in the persons of all concerned, white or non-white, boss or worker. That trivialization which racism, on either of its poles, so efficiently brings into being. For it is the peace and recollection that graces the Catholic Way that the fiend wishes to efface from among men, and for which purpose he uses his bluff or supercilious henchmen unceasingly. His prime lieutenants being those perverts with big or little vocabularies that our schools, our system turn out in such abundance. Fountainheads of Bush’s idea of freedom that they are, one basically violent, psycho-coercive and anti-Catholic in character. A lack of self-restraint which is actually repugnant to our very humanity itself, which impugns basically all the genuine cultures of men, excepting only cannibals and the like. While in promoting this anti-human view, in their ceaseless war against Catholic Faith, those Jews who are overwhelmingly responsible for the whole charade actually become the Church’s very greatest apostles and evangelists. For in their ceaseless intrigues and deeds provocateur the Sons of David only set in bold and shining relief, “as sparks among stubble”, that citadel against which they have for two millennia conspired. (Oh yes, there is such a word, and its recognition doesn’t signal insanity at all). Confessing openly to mankind, in the blood of nations, the goodness of that which they so undyingly hate and despise. Leading someday even the Muslim masses to go the one step further, to embrace, in their wholehearted generosity, the One, True, Catholic Faith.

Finally, these imbecilic logos—like the one on the temp-agency baseball-cap—are in some ways nothing other than the crowning religious symbols of New Age idolatry, of a mankind which has enthroned “the job”, together with sports, sex and today’s jerky, spastic and diabolical music, among a handful of sacred activities. For no one, after all, really lives by all those stuffy-if-ever-evolving axioms heard in classrooms or read in textbooks, but rather by what or whom they worship. In the same general sense by which “man lives not by bread alone”: an intrinsic human impulse which in this polar-opposite case however produces death rather than life. So that if the mild and gracious images, icons and related customs of Catholicism, true successors to ancient carved Seraphim hovering over the Ark of the Covenant, are despised and outlawed by the Synagogue, by an “updated” Church, and a rigidly-reinforcing corporate/official world, then men will readily substitute other icons, logos more suited to the slave-culture that inevitably ensues. With its inseparable wretched vulgarities, trivialities and nameless, bottomless crimes. An adoration rendered by a workforce become progressively more brutal, stupid and illiterate, by stages coming to respond only to visual and other sensual stimuli, rather than to thought, the written word, an enlightened, uplifting world-from-within. No doubt, if not destroyed en masse by Almighty God beforehand, to end by offering bald public homage to some whore, enthroned on some formerly-Catholic altar, as was done at the onset of the French Revolution. No doubt this time however with “the man” being the delirious object of adoration, by sodomites fawning for his favor. With others of his kind circling the hysterical crowds of worshippers menacingly, keeping them reverentially in line.

However in the highest paradox of all, it is the very morbidity of this behavioral agenda which will bring it all down, by its own deadweight. In the very midst of these cult-of-ugliness corporations, schools, universities and gray-gulag-privatized employment, counseling, rehab and other programs. An incredible number of which prestigious bodies are run by people with ruined personal lives, with a string of past criminal liaisons and forsaken ex-spouses, with a history of problems with substance-abuse and sexual-identity alike. Those ample “connections” by which they most-likely secured these coveted posts in the first place. But as suggested the modern Moloch whom these functionaries serve with prostrate homage is in the last analysis perfectly demotivating, and simply cannot take the place of the Living God, the Fountainhead of joy, of intelligence, of human-agency. The spontaneity of the human person that this Good God placed in our hearts being destined to be the tiny blade of grass which breaks through the brainwash-concrete, “poured over a globe”, to paraphrase Boris Pasternak, the Nobel-Prize-winning dissident Soviet-era writer. A generation of youths, the supposed new foot-soldiers of this cyber-totalitarianism, being prepared as I write to put down their i-pods, skateboards and other nursery-school toys and trinkets, meant to keep them engrossed in the biblical “things of a child”, and discover the genuine real pastimes of Faith and devotion. The “meat diet” of gravity and inward repose. And go from there to manfully free us all in every detail of our lives.

November 26, 2006: Has Wal-Mart really reformed its Christmas policies? A case in point.

The velvet-coated blackjack of corporate America’s treatment of its employees is especially-obvious in the growing impunity of Wal-Mart: that commercial phenomenon which most essentially represents not just a store-chain but a menacing Geo-Corporate monster, lurking beneath a well-advertised “all American” hype. While Wal-Mart in particular and corporate America in general likewise stand at the vanguard of both old bigotries and fringe-radical new trends, if adopting a signature sugary coating instead of the repellent “in your face” activism of an earlier time. This well-named “Super Store” being only one tentacle of an octopus of a thousand corporate names and logos, a totality whose antecedents came under intense investigation by Robert Kennedy during the 1950s. This heroic, martyred American being then-counsel to a Senate Select Committee dedicated to the eradication of unfair labor/management practices. Furthermore, and not at all surprisingly, since that model-American’s passing this same corporate octopus has become, to a degree indeed as he predicted, the undisputed determinant of everything from civic morality to global war. If of course behind the ever-indispensable, outwardly-innocuous, “fuddy duddy” slap-stick routine. A mega-conglomerate with a maze of clandestine ties to the Underworld just then being uncovered, in days well remembered by this writer, in daily televised testimony by mobsters and managers alike. Stout corporate connections to that very same Mob/secret-society coterie which would so soon encompass the assassination of this its foremost critic, this very same last American hero, “my old friend Bobby”, almost four decades ago. Had he become president, as seemed plainly in the offing in ’68, when he was killed, having been poised to continue the same crusade, one which even in his own lifetime had already been interrupted once, by the assassination five years earlier of his brother John.

Especially disturbing about Wal-Mart is its rapidly-developing policy of placing lesbians and homosexuals in prime positions of authority: something Bobby Kennedy found especially disturbing as well, in his investigations of mob/management relations of the firms of his times. Sodomites being put in charge of a radical revamp of the policies and general social character of the Wal-Mart stores, particularly as these procedures impact employees of the mammoth firm. This bias having been a major contributing factor in the story related below, at least in the judgment of the one most impacted: a traditional-minded, virtuous Christian literally and indeed almost physically driven off her job by an odd, vicious, management-empowered Wal-Mart clique. A set of cashiers and others seemingly intent upon establishing the coarse, malevolent sadio/masochistic relationships of sodomy at the very heart of the Wal-Mart ambiance or milieu. While most critical to this entire issue of modern corporate-driven behavior-modification is the fact that those changes we the people allow to come about—90% of them of the most untested quality—are very quickly cast in concrete—becoming stout springboards to other institutional alterations yet more radical, perverse, diabolical in character. In a phenomenology of shark-like auto-propulsive speed, implemented solely in order to efficiently destroy—through a series of point-of-no-return shocks and bewilderments—a Christian/Western way of life of which Judeo-Capitalism is the sworn enemy. Ah, yes, this is the brave new way they fight Faith, attempting to uproot that “peace which the world cannot give”.

Here, then, in the following paragraphs, is reproduced the notice which this victim of corporate perfidy handed in to her bosses after being forced off the job. And which we were expeditiously able to obtain. A little declaration written up in haste which hardly does justice to what she suffered, including other over-steps, some of them physically-violating in nature, too numerous for the purposes of such a summary. But all-of-which will form a hefty brief for a court at some future date.

Grievances Against Wal-Mart while I was in training as a cashier, (name), 11/19/2006:

Cc. Wal-Mart corporate headquarters, local store at question, my own legal counsel.

The total lack of discipline among the cashiers at the (store at question) in (city), is evident in their flagrant disregard not only for myself as a cashier in training but even for the customers. Among other abuses and injustices against them that I witnessed was a stubborn refusal to recognize the validity of a phone card that was still valid, causing the customer a great deal of embarrassment. An injustice that was finally straightened out only after much wasted time and unkind treatment. Another cashier, about whose constant disorderly behavior I will have more to relate below, also poked a man with her index finger, in ridicule of his large mid-section: here being an act which in any court, considering other contributory circumstances, would be regarded as sexual harassment as well as battery. While when it comes to this issue of criminal abuse, I myself was subjected to at least one incidence of verbal assault that was so vicious and of such a violent and overt character that it could easily be taken as falling within the range of the legal definition of physical assault as well. All this took place while I was in training, and over the course of my week at this store was accompanied by verbal interference and harassment which seemed calculated to prevent me from learning the tasks I would be required to perform, and thus to bring about my dismissal. Which as I understand was indeed in the works, back in the management offices. So much was this so that one customer in particular openly expressed her admiration at both my task-related display of ability and my unruffled conduct “under fire”, While several others at other times expressed their sympathy for this un-merited atmosphere of petty mistreatment in terms equally emphatic if less spelled out. And this at the hands of about four cashiers under whom I trained.

The shouting-down at me over attempts to gain clarification of some job-related matter was continual, whenever I fell under the direction of the members of a certain ruling clique among the cashiers, whom the bosses on the floor absolutely refuse—or are afraid—to contradict, no matter how outrageous their conduct. One of these, a young blond woman with important managerial connections back in the office, going so far on more than one occasion as to sing a whole string of mocking “Christmas carols” with irreverent and repulsive words, These little ditties having gravely offended at least three older Christian customers: an incident which seems to warrant the conclusion that Wal-Mart has added “Merry Christmas” again this season only out of this same spirit of anti-Christian mockery, rather than respect for venerated popular custom and belief. One of these ad-libbed songs even being terroristic in nature, with one line (set to the tune of “Deck the Halls”) about “pouring gasoline” on the hall and setting it alight.

The event that caused me to leave last Saturday was the above-noted case of violent verbal abuse, witnessed without protest by a boss close by. While my complaint, which I was at last forced to voice, was greeted with stonewalling non-recognition, as if all fault lay entirely at my doorstep, simply because I had “earned the ire”, the dislike, of this little clique of mean-spirited women at the cash registers.

I want you and the entire management of Wal-Mart to be apprised that you have not heard the last about this. I am seventy-one years old, and this kind of barbarous mistreatment can be seriously harmful to the health of someone my age. While furthermore, if the constant suggestion out on the floor, by this same malice-driven clique, that I am senile, is to be given so much credence, then why was I hired at all? A claim-of-incompetence leveled at me while I worked under conditions of ceaseless abuse, intimidation, and even false-information about my task or about company equipment: matters which it was the duty of these individuals to teach me, not to sabotage. Thus in one case was I “fed” an instruction designed to get me in trouble, to make me appear inept, stupid: namely that I was allowed to check out customers at the “self-checking” isle, if they had no more than five articles to purchase. My compliance with this same encouragement earning for me instantly a rabid tongue-lashing by another cashier, a member of this same noted clique. While finally, if I ever dared to ask some question on my own, in a desire to learn as much as I could about the cash-registers, my duties and so on, I was invariably interrupted before I could finish, and answered in abusive tones and callous or even belligerent phrases.

A major cause of this mistreatment seems to have been my friendly and respectful treatment of the Black cashier, (name), while I was being trained by her. So that in addition to the above there is also a charge of racism that I intend to air against Wal-Mart in the appropriate venues.

Is Wal-Mart conducting some sort of experiment upon the Blacks, the elderly or the disabled whom it hires, using them as guinea-pigs, and to indulge the idle cruelty and slander of a certain chosen few? Possibilities which have been suggested by many others mauled in the Wal-Mart maws, and that have resulted in civil suits and damages being leveled at this giant firm?

Continuing editorial comment: Obvious in the above-related disgusting story is Wal-Mart’s sense of unlimited power and hauteur, as well as its alliance with the most rabid elements in American life today. For which reason I counsel the formation by Americans of economic and organizational cooperatives of all kinds, at all levels neighborhood to national, to quickly coalesce into a countervailing force against this ubiquitous government-devouring corporate beast. And eventually to be the platform from which will be reestablished the legitimacy of our political system, for decades now basically brought to an end with the assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy.

November 15, 2006: Darfur: more misinformation from the global busy-body, our Jewish-controlled Media. “Goodwill Industries” as the growing home-front equivalent to Darfur.

To allow the universally-Jewish media into our minds and living rooms is like inviting the neighborhood gossip/calumniator for tea: but unfortunately there are few alternatives, if we would wish to find out anything at all, no matter how distorted, about what is going on in the world. Victims that we are of an all-encompassing Jewish monopoly over sources of news and ideas: a dominion only challenged by the Muslim press, the Catholic media for one having since the Council become mostly like a carpet laid out for the Jewish informational hegemony. While by these kind of means, and others confessional-historical in nature, this listening-to-the-global-town-gossip has become a major feature, if not the major feature, of American life, rivaling other up-righteous Puritanical standbys of every shape and size. The whole nation having indeed finally become like some backward little town in the deep South, where the latest tidbit cranked out by the local slanderer has traditionally been not only listened to but doughtily acted upon. This phantasmagoric neighborhood watch with marked regional lynch-mob proclivities, complete with all the smug and smiling Andy Griffith Show poses and posturings totally destroying some innocent person’s reputation and even life or livelihood. While a religion which sows this kind of cockle in the popular existence—this slander-driven tire-tool group dynamic, basically the premier means of the global Jewish control-conspiracy, when soberly evaluated, dethroned from signature grandiloquent heights—is a mere conspiracy-of-words, and doesn’t deserve those broad protections regularly accorded sincere faith of any kind. Since for one thing the aim isn’t the moral betterment of mankind—which all religions must at least aspire to if they are to be taken seriously at all—but simply the bald advancement of Jews, Judaism and/or Zionism by any available means. This to an overwhelming degree by sowing discord and social discontent among those of other beliefs.

Hence the degree to which we on this site single Judaism out as being the enemy, as it is indeed identified in the pages of the New Testament: a denunciation today’s post-Vatican-II cessation of which constitutes a denial of Faith of the first water in practical terms. Notwithstanding St. Paul’s statement that we must on no account gainsay the Jews as the original historical source of our very own Faith, nor belittle their role in the future ultimate triumph of true Religion. In a brilliant singular passage from that Apostle who was probably the most brutally persecuted of Christians under the insidious attacks of the Synagogue of his times. Pauline words which however imply no endorsement whatever of those Jews who have lived between those two historical poles, no repudiation of their ringing condemnation alike by Our Blessed Lord, the early Church and the sacred writers. A disavowal—of divine anathemas—however ceaselessly pronounced today from pulpit and bishops’ conference alike.

Thus a case in point of this Jewish/hegemonic misinformation campaign in the ongoing and intensifying singling-out of Darfur, a hotly-contested region of Sudan, one of the latest major targets in the ongoing Jewish/financial drive to take control of all the earth’s resources and peoples. All these commentators and news-reporters, preceded by movie stars and other celebrities, repeat elaborate Judaically-coined lies in tones of rising hysteria, now going so far as to claim that Darfur is spreading its rape and anarchy across the border to a neighboring Chad. When in fact rebel forces originating in Chad are the ones which have long used the trackless wilderness of Darfur as a handy arms-cache-depot and staging area for their own revolutionary activities. Mercenaries and revolutionaries now come back home to Chad to wreak a Jewish-funded havoc similar to that of Darfur, while leaving the blame for it all squarely deposited on the doorstep of the Islamic government of the same neighboring Sudan. That neighboring state which is trying to curb the chaos, not to abet it. Since as asserted before, the Jews control the props and all the major actors on this global stage, through their stranglehold on finance, their moles in national institutions like education and the media in every land, in nations which would otherwise suffer overthrow for not “going along”, as is indeed being prepared as I write for Venezuela. If this time by a joint neighbor-state/U.S. black-ops aggression and intrigue, rather than by the standard sending in of the Marines, which is proving so embarrassing in Iraq.

Now the fact is that there is much more rape going on in any major American city in one night than in a month, or probably even a year or two, in all of Sudan. This is simply not something that Muslims regularly do, people who are among the last on earth truly religious anymore, putting we Catholics entirely to shame. And although there are others who do indeed commit such atrocities, if in nowhere near such numbers, they would be much more likely to be found among Africa’s pagan tribes, and even more so among infiltrating Jews and American black ops operatives. Who like to fondle Iraqi women in coalition jails.

Why all the lying? It is just as Jesus said, the Jews, especially the most influential of them, have since before His time become followers of “the father of lies”, Satan, whom He indeed identifies as their “father”. Apparently for more than two thousand years in their vaunted arrogance thinking themselves so vastly superior to others (holding themselves “not like the rest of men”) that they feel they needn’t even speak truthfully to them, anymore than they need trade syllogisms with their pet poodle.

But this Jewish penchant for twisting things is just as evident here at home in ever-newer ways, as for instance in the burgeoning privatization of government functions. Here in the “land of the free”. No one really knows how much of the Government is now owned, “lock, stock and barrel” by Jewish financial interests, as significantly represented in Haliburton and its rapidly-proliferating subsidiary corporations. Thus the very-recent takeover of an incalculable number of employment-search and related public services, taking in vast ranges of the population of all ages and conditions, many of which have significantly come under the umbrella of Goodwill Industries. Believe you me, this is a lie, being a story neither of goodwill nor of industry. Controlling corporate figures who so dramatically lack both “goodwill” and professional alacrity as to have driven job-seekers en masse from their double doors. The takeover by this newcomer to the league of corporate behemoths having caused such reactions in local affiliated venues in the mere two months or so since it was so constituted. “Goodwill” having in short shrift become a hardnosed “player” rather than the old mild-mannered harbor for the disabled wage-earner it was for so long a time, having become a benevolent landmark on the American scene for a couple of generations.

But “not to worry” for ever-resourceful functionaries and bureaucrats, who in their determination to achieve “intake” now can be seen to descend upon anyone foolish and feckless enough to “come into my parlor”, as in the urgings of the “spider to the fly”, seeking for instance to earn corporate-ladder-climbing points by brow-beating any such “sucker” into submitting themselves to every sort of program in mental health facilities of every kind. For being such a “loser” as to need help finding a job: which any wetback can do in a day, without address or cellphone. A logic applied with special assiduity (is this where the “industry” part comes in?) toward veterans of the Vietnam War: those old “geese that laid the golden egg” for bureaucrats when all else fails. Old soldiers urged to finally turn themselves in (“its no use running anymore”) to a VA positively voracious in its continuing (if supposedly Clinton-remedied) desire to experiment on that generation of one-time fighters. Such a luckless, tractable person being a real bonanza to all these digital pencil-pushers, showing up no doubt several times a week for a whole array of training, counsel, rehab and other lectures, courses, diatribes, “motivational” exercises. Being in the main taught to (sanely) behave like a prancing queer. One guy I know having stumbled into a real Gestapo session of which he would prove to be the target, with three of the staff gathered around him, prodding him with leading questions, cutting him off in mid-sentence at an accelerating pace, thus naturally provoking a state of nervous apprehension: the absence of which would indeed have been abnormal. And then—here’s the big tuna—repeatedly informing him of his need to go the nearest VA medical center and “get his rightfully-earned benefits” for his obvious to everyone exposure to Agent Orange. Which has such unpredictable nervous-behavioral consequences. Benefits which amount to becoming a government guinea pig for sodomite/sadistic doctors, orderlies and professional patients to poke and prod and puncture with needles bearing undisclosed substances.

Are there any other wars, just lying around, waiting to be started, that we can initiate, to spread such a freedom further around the globe?

November 13, 2006: Mary’s “exit strategy” for Iraq. Humility and pride, the polarities of human life.

The greatness of Mary lies entirely in humility, in remaining that perfectly-empty vessel into which could be poured a God. In all this she is a model of her Son, Who “emptied Himself, taking the form of a slave”, so that their two Hearts are in this divinity-containing capacity entirely fused, inseparable. Hence according to St. Louis DeMontfort we become Christ-like when we in turn “cast ourselves into the mold of Mary”, who is our earthly pattern or exemplar par excellence, like the Moon bearing the light of the Sun, softening its brilliance to the dim eyesight of our frail nature. Here then, in the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, is inaugurated among men a Catholic earthly society based entirely on this self-emptying, this self-effacement. A state within whose Marian-mild and mitigating laws and native customs each of us remains as it were that gem whose unique facets are cut by the character with which we were created. As well as by our heredity and the events and circumstances of our lives. A polished-stone which emits its brilliant refractions in faithfulness to the same Divine Light.

But there is an alternative society, motivated by pride, by that glory of those who “already have their reward”, who are “wise in the ways of this world”. Those clever ones who reject this free-flow of the Divine into the human heart. Their idea of unity being a group-monism, a rigid conformity based on folly, insincerity and crime. Their idea of greatness being the conspiratorial tripping-up of their fellow man, a catching-in-snares, a Scriptural “lying in wait”. An exaltation of self, rather than a divinely-glorifying self-effacement; a dependence upon deceit, slander, treachery to show forth a much-vaunted but entirely false superiority. Characterizing the joy, the simplicity of the citizens of the above-described City of God as mere forms of mental disease, offering in its steed a pseudo-polity based on coercion. Preening paragons these, like starlings on the global lawn, birds that throw the eggs, the young of humbler, gentler species out of their nests to break or die. For in their vaunted superiority these self-made overlords must have all the best perches, all the prime resources and land, to own and organize around their grand idea. Thus these proud ones desire a unity of sorts, but it is one of brutal dominion: all the while generic praises of “freedom” and “democracy” may indeed abound.

But what does this humble Maid think of such a society? As St. Louis DeMontfort, her humblest mouthpiece, relates, she merely points her distaff at such a band of ruffians, and they dissolve into thin air. This gentle, delicate General of generals of the Heavenly hosts, who was imitated to the letter by St. Joan of Arc, who teaches today’s “real men” what virility is all about. As Our Blessed Lady did for instance to those Swedes who attacked the fortress at her shrine in Jasna Gora in Poland, the last humble bastion of the early-modern Polish political/military resistance. Lutherans who fled in terror and panic at the sight of a woman in blue and white tossing their cannonballs back at them as if they were mere pine cones.

What would this Heavenly Maid tell us to do in Iraq? From her strategic perch on Jasna Gora, gazing southward at a suffering land? Ready at our faintest request to lend a mighty hand? She would advise us to join with the Iraqis in ferreting out the real criminals: namely those Zionist plotters who after the manner of Partisans during World War II, in their covert discrediting of Croatian soldiers, don the uniforms and mock the slogans of local militias and other indigenous elements, wreaking a “sectarian” havoc. And having thus rid that land of those real and astute enemies, those same ones who did indeed over decades drive Saddam Hussein to some few drastic deeds—a drop in the bucket compared to our own—that we restore that media- and State-Department slandered leader to his rightful place. Having rid ourselves as well of that crowning deceit out of the same World War: in which is denied the overwhelming Nazi desire to dominate and destroy darker “inferior” races and nationalities, and for which a much-proclaimed but far-less-pursued campaign against largely-blond-haired Jews was mostly a screen. A racist campaign that has intensified fantastically, especially here in the USA, since that conflict: indeed having been given new wings to fly. The Heavenly Maid requiring of us that after these just moral, intellectual and material restitutions we go on to those many others required of us by a just God: that we rebuild Iraq’s shattered infrastructure, that we track down her stolen archeological treasures through Interpol and our own intelligence agencies, and restore them. That we rebuild her schools and mosques. This would be to “stand behind our troops” in the best possible way. Guys many of whom have grown to love Iraq and its people, who only wish to see it truly prosper in its own unique, entirely non-American way. Who would be glad to root out its real enemies, however humble the self-avowals involved might be. Who would indeed like to bring some of the Iraqi wisdom over here to grace our cities, our streets. Soldiers, sailors and marines many of whom entered the military in the first place out of a revulsion against a growing arrogant, street-wise American cynicism, desiring rather to “be all that they could be”.

These would be the actions of a new and humble America, the offspring of Mary, worthy dwellers of those lands fed by the River of the Immaculate Conception: the original translated French name for the Mississippi.

November 11, 2006: The brawny idea-movers of the Senate/corporate world; the clever Dantonian expression “correct” goes itself reluctantly to a speech-convention Guillotine; original thought billed as limp self-revelation.

In a society of rapidly-morphing trends of verbal and gestural conformity or correctness, with the latter quintessential buzzword itself having at length suffered the same obsolescence-related fate as the most “backward” of terms, writers with immortal ideas on social and political topics can receive but little congratulations or esteem. Non-corporatocracy thinkers of today, not excluding newly-debuted, TV-book-review-promoted temporary-greats, being regularly perceived as purveyors of some personally-autographed emotional delivery or pitch leagues away from fearless and clear-headed expositions of yore. Modern-day serious literature outside certain neo-con-leaning mental-muscular books and journal-articles being disdainfully adjudged without examination as wanly charismatic or even fantasy-based in character. In economics with the brave-scholar summit of statistical and time-series-regressional works being ceremonially enthroned, wreathed in intellectual-Elysian clouds: mere tales of popular pumpkins turned into elitist carriages though these calculus-riddled assays be. With the further implication being common that writers operating outside these loyal big-board-promotional confines are engaged in nothing more exalted than writing about themselves: a slander bred amid mud-slinging antagonisms of all-powerful corporate-funded scholars of every kind. An assessment about non-institutional writing vaguely conveyed even in a presumably-neutral first-year English-course description, “written self-expression”: a pedagogy of lurching sentence structures plainly designed to verbally emasculate we the hoi puloy. The writings of linguists, phenomenologists, semioticians and “communications experts” alike having also amply paved the way for this wholesale paradoxically fascist/narcissistic literary turnabout, this denial of the objectivity, indeed the nobility and spirituality, of independent human thought. A quantity which on the contrary when earnest and sincere ever evinces a potent spark of the divine. Indeed this conviction of the borderline-hysterical or compulsive-self-revelatory nature of original writing can sometimes be couched in tones very much like sympathy or pity, insinuating a lamentable lack of stability or virility in those who with true devotion trade in ideas, and in whose paragraphs the finest balance, wisdom and rationality may in fact abound. The need for blank-faced corporate-controlled fat-heads to preemptively push aside we “radicals” nonetheless being insisted upon: grungy-bearded, fornicating, subjectivity-championing Free-Love-Movement marchers though these current “models of success and stability” might once have been. Pompous pontificators emitting marked overtones of a once-notorious Nazi anti-intellectualism, with strong, effective, realistic thought being basically equated with the central thesis of that first of the Greek philosophers, the radical-materialist Heraclitus. That prodigy who believed that ideas were no more spiritual than so many marble frescoes, to be carried onerously back and forth across the floor of ones minds, no doubt by some kind of miniscule cranial-domestic idea-slaves, the brawnier the better. Menials who find a striking equivalent on the floor of the Senate in such stay-the-course worthies as Libermann, Kyle and the whole Bush gang. Patriotism/security virtuosos who knowingly-or-not depend to an incalculable degree on digitally-manufactured “terrorist threats” and black-ops-conducted terrorist events to keep their “stay the course” program “on track”. A staccato propaganda/bomb-detonating agenda—put in motion by uncannily-high-tech people whenever war on terror sympathies begin to flag—gearing up indeed in putative rag-tag “Al Qaeda” form once again immediately after Tuesday’s ringing vote-of-no-confidence. Providing ample excuse for a jerk-knee but equally-hefty Democratic slab-moving relief crew, the Schumers and the Pilosis, to doughtily take the joint-Congressional floor, displaying an equivalent if-style-divergent “homeland defending,” global-interventionist idea-moving heft. Both these stooped-shouldered shifts being admirably up to the task of moving to the podium any newly-quarried Von Ribbentrop “Polish question” marble-brained rationale.

But the formulation and dissemination of Catholic social, economic and political ideas, by contrast, is not only the most translucent, equitable, sensitive and truth-intrepid but also the most virile, timely and practical of mental activities outside that redoubtable champion, prayer. Catholic thought being a Truth-expression, not a self-expression, which can indeed on occasion move mountains, just like its more-pious companion. And this no matter how humble the brow, biceps, car, dwelling or cheering-section of the individual writer involved. A surer sort of mental-machismo which well-promoted Nazis, Zionists and other grunting conceptual-slab-movers can only envy with growing dismay. An exercise-in-heft that can with even greater ease topple the ill-gotten thrones of the momentarily great, as it has done so many times in the past.

November 9, 2006, The Free Speech Movement of the 60s: law enforcement led captive.

There is an old and dependable formula for the safety and prosperity of the polity, one which we ignore at our own peril, namely that a little bit of bad, left unopposed, drives out a great deal of good. A stubborn see-saw of life which from time immemorial has been the death-sentence of lone heroes like John and Robert Kennedy, and which ultimately allows a tiny but astute percentage of the wicked, if not decisively countervailed, to control the entire land. The once-much-noised Free Speech Movement of the mid-to-late sixties being a case in point, a prime example of this power of a tiny, perverse elite to do big things if substantially left unopposed. A campaign all-but-entirely lost to memory today, shrouded in an astonishing degree of obscurity, considering especially the wild and prolonged dominance it once enjoyed. Having long ago served its unannounced purpose, not having been about “freedom” at all, with key charismatic professors and street-wise professional agitators having actually aimed at the limiting of popular speech to the base, boorish and profane. That which indeed obtains as the norm today, even as cries of freedom continue to hoarsely abound. The Free Speech movement having been an insidious campaign to completely banish Christian conversational culture, with its inseparable civility, magnanimity, accommodation and painless humor from among the masses of men, replacing them by the standard harsh and boorish travesties of our day: fountainheads in turn of yet-deeper moral and psychological ills of the direst and thorniest sort. An extortion much like any other, a popular state-of-shock having been the deftly plied inducement, the required milieu, to install such a fait accompli. The one-time legally and culturally proscribed having been destined for a bewildered acceptance through highly-romanticized but often lamentably-criminal “student” activities on the campuses of San Francisco, New York and Chicago. Some of which youths actually went the length, for extra shock-value, of fornicating before the very eyes of police and the rolling film of camera-crews, like proverbial “dogs in the alley”. A singular show-and-tell in which these trailblazers were however and on not a few occasions to be slavishly imitated, in whole or in part, by fawning fellow students, not to be outdone, lounging between classes on campus lawns, in the bright light of day. As witnessed by myself while yet a shy freshman in 1964-5. That which would come to be a commonplace as well, again by my own witness, and in equally plain view, on ferries between England and the Continent by the end of that same decade. “A drop of sewage in a barrel of wine producing a barrel of sewage”: this was to become the founding principle, the zero-sum-game of a generation, to arbitrate a fantastic new pro-perversion, anti-morality notion of law. Law which is however either based squarely on the law of God—at the very least that fundamental form written on the human heart and soul—or it is no law at all. Some carefully-contrived, socially-coerced, psychologically-cowed “voice of the people” hardly being a justification for anything at all that might cross the minds of such a mob, even if it is esteemed so today.

Suggested in these pages and publications are a formidable array of measures for the combating this long-standing profane assault on the human soul: one of the more obvious of which is the severe limiting of mass-communications, the drastic curtailing of its uncanny ability to mold popular morality by its mere will and whim. The requirement being the return of the local milieu as the major or even sole source of such media: as in the hundreds of independently-owned, none-corporate newspapers and radio and TV stations of a few decades ago. The local being likewise restored to its peerless place of honor and agency in matters of school pedagogical, disciplinary, dress-code, and other policies as well. With only certain official strictures being imposed as national minimum standards, running the gamut from racial justice to speech: the very converse of today’s rigid and categorically-contradictory Federal prohibition against morality-enforcing law. So that no conspiracy of profane protocols, introduced by astute Biblically-identified “enemies of mankind” will any longer be able to hold American speech and behavior hostage. Nor to pollute the American mental and spiritual atmosphere in so arrogant and preemptive a way.

Connections abound today as well between this hijacking of publicly-accepted speech and a certain radical and disturbing alteration in the standard aims of law enforcement. Especially in the staggering if little-remarked shift-of-emphasis from the maintaining of civility, honesty, order and the sanctity of human life—chief traditional functions of authority of all times—to a veritable drooling fixation on the interdiction of drugs. With even that great bugaboo of today, terrorism, in practical terms coming in as a distant second fiddle to this fanatical obsession. Here being a herd-like engrossment, hardly addressing the intellectual, motivational interior of man where the drug culture principally thrives, and whose dynamisms law must respect, even hold in awe, if is to properly function at all. Drug abuse being a hybrid combining a host of other, deeper problems besides itself: a stubborn historical anomaly symptomatic of an advanced breakdown of order and civilization. A complexity-of-composition discernible historically in drug-culture-mauled societies so disparate from one another as nineteenth-century China and the early-modern Turkish Porte. This multi-level disease of the people calling forth a sophisticated combination of responses social and confessional, legal and economic. Drugs being overwhelmingly a crisis involving artificially-induced demand rather than supply, and finding scarce remedy in a policy of mere rote punishment, the more brutal the better, somehow aspiring toward some premature apocalyptic “separation of the sheep from the goats”. The true antidote for all crime being the painstaking cultivation—so tall an order after so much riotous trampling—of that very moral wellbeing which the Free Speech Movement did so much to grind into the soil. A social peace and contentment once portrayed with some accuracy in TV programs like The Nelsons or Leave it to Beaver, approximate sketches of a family life which was once the norm here. Even if the latter in particular found a father cravenly apologetical to his sons, whenever he should rather have scolded or disciplined them in some way: rather preferring some sort of ironically-humorous object-lesson which belittled him even more than they. While true fatherly discipline imparts a hearty nobility-of-character, not a lot of will-of-the-wisp mawkish grins. Indeed some boys or girls only emerge from such a foundry after a treatment resembling that of a well-beaten brass, fit by such a tempering for the epic battles of life at last. An adventure of simple personal-agency-developing goodness typically however found to be an impossibility when attempted today: being quickly smothered amid the toxic fumes of the surrounding corporatocracy-maintained malignant milieu.

Actually in all such matters it isn’t at all that authority tries to legislate My Three Sons, let alone to codify the very highest and purest of Christian conduct, but rather it stubbornly maintains these as realistic summits toward which to aspire: refusing to allow such good and edifying things to be bullied out of existence. As by way of the disingenuous “freedoms” of the 60s college crowd. The drug culture, together with its signature juvenile lingo, fading away much more effectively under mild and domesticated blandishments, the universal envelopment of kind words, than under Big Brother blue-lettered school-bus exhortations or the strokes of the billy club.

However a tax-dollar expanding criminal justice system consistently ignores, minimizes or even openly scorns these old homely formatives and remedies, if with some highly-notable and praiseworthy exceptions. Seemingly glorifying an unforgiving street-wise physical, verbal and attitudinal combat where “real men” are purportedly bred and born: a phenomenon observed in a special way on the nightly cop shows. Or in increasingly-frequent film-clips of ever-newer levels of police brutality: with slaps-on-the-wrist by associated city or state governing authorities seemingly a preening endorsement of same. A hip-booted nightmare marked by an unabashed, astonishing admiration of many in law enforcement for the “tough guy” image of the mobster, coming across as well in a host of biographical or semi-biographical works of one-time FBI and other investigative and enforcement agents. Fostering an espirit among those in the field which is the polar opposite of the long-out-of-style “corny” élan of the Sheriff in High Noon, played by the inimitable Gary Cooper, or of Marshall Dillon or Festus on Gunsmoke. The combination of toughness and personal virtue—that now much-mocked amalgam which might best be called nobility—having been the invincible formula of lawmen of old, and its absence an explanation for their largely ineffectual performance today. Unless we count our mammoth prison populations—on average something like 20 times over the per-capita amount across the rest of the globe—as some sort of singular gauge of success—the bell-ringing “top slot” become a point-of-honor for a mallet-swinger at an especially-bizarre kind of circus. For the police and much of the citizenry as well must be deeply, passionately committed to personal virtue itself, the very rational citadel of justice, in order to be able to secure safe streets and schools: as naïve as this might seem to TV heroes of today. This business of security involving a state of mind both virile and refined that was a commonplace here some decades ago, out of which were formed those genuine lawmen, with their basically-humane and fatherly precinct traditions, as well as those neighbors and parents, who were the real if ultimately-“Free Speech”-shouted-down mainstays of law and order and the common good.

October 10, 2006: Adoration, the fulcrum, the missing ingredient in society and in New Church. Love is universal.

The agnostic revolutionary movements of the past two centuries and more, rather than really making man “the measure of all things”, as they so loudly claimed to have done, not only alienated him from these other things or creatures but also fundamentally obscured this measuring-stick with respect to his very knowledge of himself. This dual estrangement being encompassed in non-recognition of man’s prime definition as a rational being who offers worship to God on behalf of the rest of material creation, of which he is a sort of priest. Being a mouthpiece for those beasts, fowls, forests, fields and galaxies who cannot speak, comprising that “job” which defines him most perfectly, which does indeed make him “the measure of all things”. And without which any other “job” is totally without meaning: indeed even a kind of crime. This then is what is wrong with the lodge-hall holiness of today’s Vatican II pseudo-pontiffs, unmistakably reminiscent of Masonic, anti-devotional revolutionary theory. Within which a certain amount of the “less offensive” externals of Catholicism are allowed, all in a very diplomatic way. Retaining above all, and under an oddly stuffy, rigid formality, a sense of humor about it all. These have not been anti-popes, then, to imitate Moses and “take off their (hundred dollar) sandals” out of an annihilating sense of walking on holy ground, always rather taking pains to make ironic apologies, phrase-coded in the symbolisms of elites, for vestigial dull and “outdated” Catholic concepts, sentiments, gestures that still remain. While once Catholics, indeed all humanity, have surrendered to this interruption or interdiction of all our most solemn instincts and obligations by some caveat, some concession to disbelief, to urbane cynicism and mockery, then our one-time adoration becomes instead the most sodden form of blasphemy, and we lack earnest conviction in every way. Ultimately inviting heavenly bodies—which know in a much more elemental way, in their very molecular structure Who and What is God—to plow into the earth; floods and fires to destroy this hireling pontiff and the impious humanity whom he leads.

But even brotherly love—which the Council would claim almost to have invented—critically requires this element of divine adoration: that which lends fellowship the cosmic quality of the universal, of brothers and co-creatures with the seed within us of the divine. Genuine personal and social love being a camaraderie which feeds like the biblical hart at the streams of divine adoration. Just as for that matter the most genuine and indeed even appealing masculinity and femininity do the same. This devotion-to-humanity of the divinely-adoring having been epitomized so well in the verities and solemnities of the pre-Vatican-II Church of all times: which was in the same reverend breath undyingly committed to the “widow and the orphan”, to the working man. A faithfulness which was no second thought based on the Masonic “declaration of the rights of man”, but which rather arouse like incense from the very sanctuary of the Church. For true love-of-ones-fellows isn’t just a desire to gather in groups, nor even to see to the welfare of ones own group of any kind, neither is it a mere collective will: it is an integral part of that “greatest commandment” to love God with all ones being. Gaining from that source the undying generosity and invincibility of the very Godhead. While otherwise brotherly love becomes a mere platitude, to be readily discarded at the most convenient time. As in a post-Vatican-II social doctrine which does only the merest lip-service to the working man and his family, which has shown its chief dedication time and again to be discretely based on touchstones of class. And thus entirely foreign to the message of Christ.

Hence true brotherly love has an inseparable, quintessential quality of the universal about it, a timeliness and applicability gained from a cosmic, timeless, consumingly-self-abnegating divine adoration. Fellowship here not losing its confessional or locational specificities, yet readily and easily making way for more, adding water to the soup. An ever magnificent, divinely-grand unity which in its fullest form is to be found in Christ, but whose recognition and attainment is also found among non-Christians who are of goodwill. That good spirit which was prodigally spread abroad in the Old Faith and its Gregorian liturgy and other observances, releasing the abundant storehouse of graces attached thereto, scattered abroad by Divine Winds.

Organizationally, this principle, of the essential nature of comprehensive, diffusive, divinely-adoring follow-through in social, economic and political terms, is best expressed in the age-old Catholic doctrine of distributism. That philosophy which recognizes no group whose members may justly stand apart from this economy of brotherly love, integral to the universal burden of divine propitiation. No, as naïve as it is manifestly considered by the elite and the more-typical group-savvy, according to the fullest definition of distributism the serious, let alone direct and systematic, exclusion of anyone from the flowchart of any collectivity’s dedication, its multiplier-generated wealth and prosperity, is mortally wrong. While conversely their comprehensive, systematic inclusion not only favors that group’s cooperative entry into the Eternal Reward, but also guarantees to mankind comprehensively every other earthly boon as well. Chief among which is peace, both interior and exterior, and alike local, regional and global. With a prodigal prosperity likewise bringing up the rear.

It is within this overview, then, that all of today’s various forms of solidarity are to be evaluated, in particular a once-again-burgeoning unity-in-racism, and most pointedly that “brothers in arms” motif which presently motivates our military forces in the most fanatical, pathological way. This latter being applied in foreign theaters more-or-less to the systematic and thoroughgoing exclusion of the good of the host people. A barbarity which goes a long way toward being collective evil incarnate, to which today’s strange resurrection of turbulent Wagnerian overtones richly applies. While within our domestic society as well the same kinds of godless group-driven barbarities thrive and incubate beyond calculation, and are only hinted at in the atrocities uncovered on the nightly news. These latter seeming to be isolated instances when they are in fact a mere minute sampling of what actually prevails statistically nationwide. With the now-notorious, execrable “bum fights” having their more-“polite” equivalent among the rich in a social aggressiveness which openly mocks and insults the poor and homeless: somehow holding mockery to be a sacrosanct justification-all-its-own, endowed by ones profession, the cut of ones clothes. While not at all surprisingly we are a nation breaking up rapidly into gangs and warlords of many sorts: running the gamut all the way from a new kind of vicious and exclusionary family to the street-gang to the myriad tentacles of the privatized corporate/government octopus. The very kind of thing Christ came to undo. This evil of “us against them” extending even to that “silent partner” of today’s sex-act—the unborn—whose condition of disadvantage is used to destroy him. Why? Is he an unjust aggressor? No, this marvelous bundle of human complexities, devotions, potencies, waiting for his day in the sun, is simply an inconvenience to the aims and ambitions of his parents. A collective which may indeed be heard to avow its communal, undying, but brutally-exclusionary “love” daily.

Finally, real love also has an ironic air of gravity, of the non-engaged, of the pedestrian: that which once amply marked the steps, the faces of our forefathers, as can be seen on old film-clips or news-reels. Men and women each absorbed in their own daily lives; abstracted, seemingly non-involved. These unassuming people—and the customs and liturgy to which they were inseparably attached—were indeed the ones fated to be branded as “irrelevant” by the Vatican II Council, as not sufficiently loving or attached. Having an individuality however which was directly determined by their closest loves, and especially by their own unique love and adoration of that God Who dwells within. Those who “sup” with God, as they go about their tasks, putting out for others the plainest of liveries, a veil to cover the holy-of-holies wherein are conducted solemnities unmatched. Rituals one doesn’t “announce on street-corners”, nor list in impressive phylacteries. The odor of whose incense one would indeed spread abroad, its subtle, rarified, near-imperceptible bouquet to be savored chiefly by the sons of God. Although it was from out of these same secret, divinely-communicated riches that the poor were relieved, that true and effective love was bestowed.

October 8, 2006: Artificially created progress.

The era of Our Blessed Lord was that historic point, that “fullness of time” when the civilizations of the ancient world had come to an unique fruition in law, medicine, transport, agriculture, political organization: a convergence which in a certain profound sense finds the New Testament as its veritable journal. While the history of the Early Church during the mottled light of the Patristic Age that followed provides a striking existential footnote for those sacred pages, in a life-and-death struggle with a synagogue perfectly fanatical in its desire to stamp out Christianity. An animus which loved to drag Christians before courts-of-law with false accusations of sedition, “terrorism” or les majeste, and which in these and similar ways provided most of the provocation for early Roman persecutions of the Church. A combative Judaism which however arguably wouldn’t even have survived the Apostolic Age without the embryonic new Creed to latch itself upon, as it were: since the very unique and irreplaceable locus of Jewry’s defining animal-sacrificial and other ceremonies, the Temple, had been irredeemably profaned by 66 AD., and destroyed some sixty years later, “without one stone being left upon another”. Furthermore and as all this suggests Jewry was likewise demonstrably in its many externals a vintage primitive-era religion, one which God Himself had desired as it were to upgrade, to bring to higher levels of the human mind and soul: a sect which might thus be said to have “bummed a ride” into newer epochs only by way of a heretical and infiltrative association with the Christian (almost immediately to be known as Catholic) Way. Across both the West and much of the East, the new, non-rooted and illegitimate Hebrew sect absolutely having to go underground—as it has repeatedly done in a host of ways ever since—in order to survive the late-first and early-second century Roman campaign of annihilation, which Jews brought upon themselves by their very own juvenile, destructive, stiff-necked ways. For whereas the rest of humanity—except for scattered groups of pirates and thieves—progresses by joining forces, these are people who over the millennia have prospered by skimming the fruit of human labor “off the top”. Who arrogantly presume that they themselves deserve, nay, already own, “the wealth of nations”, according to a basically-pathological interpretation of the Torah, or the Old Testament. That very true Revelation which they themselves were to first of all truncate, and then essentially discard: this in favor of an obscure accumulation of hate-books, collectively known as the Talmud, a written rationalization which holds pride-of-place among Jews and which artificially supports their bizarre, incendiary program and ideas. For it was really way-back-then that the whole unprecedented, catastrophically-unstable idea of Secular Messianism first gained determining sway among the Sons of David: amounting to a jettisoning of divine inspiration in favor of the inchoate impulses of the collective Jewish mind. In some ways akin to another Mongol conquest, but one with more staying power, the associated hyper-ambitious project-of-dominion embodied a radically-divergent outlook on life, on reality, on the way things are organized and done. While finally in modern times the first rigorous proving-ground of this immemorial, unchanging Jewish take-on-things would be the USA—of which these singular Davidic enthusiasts—actually arriving as our first welfare recipients in late-seventeenth century New Amsterdam—would take control, effectively, by the end of the eighteenth. In a single century making it a “great social experiment” indeed.

At the heart of such a staggeringly-totalitarian vision, of such irrational and uncontrollable hubris, is the fact that while other erroneous sects do typically and at least in some sense strive gropingly after some honest, earnest goal, post-Messiah Judaism—and its financial protégé, Protestantism, of which the USA is a kind of ideological, organizational and political epitome—are based directly upon a rejection of the already divinely-revealed Truth. That apostasy which at its most resolute amounts to another form of the unforgivable blasphemy against the Holy Ghost: that frightful ultimate crime whose existence was revealed to us by Our Lord. So that we can readily expect that all ventures or political foundations based upon such a rejection are destined to come to a very bad end indeed.

The word revolution gains bizarre and contradictory meaning under this unique Jewish overlordship, since its purpose, freedom-slogans aside, is to put all the rest of us securely in chains. While the overridingly atheistic or agnostic element in the modern Jewish creed, were this venture to succeed, would likewise guarantee the complete disappearance of Divine Faith. Thus already under the mounting Jewish control is every new discovery, whether regarding the star clouds or the genome, somehow twisted and distorted to contours of a “crushing new blow to Faith”, and especially to Catholic belief, as well as to supporting customs, mores and tradition. The insidious slander being ceaselessly promoted of a Christian demand for “blind faith”, of a Catholic contempt or dismissal of study or inspection, even regarding science: according to one such fable even with respect to “the number of teeth in the mouth of an ass”. Christians being said to have always been blissfully-content that all such things had already been revealed. A major preamble of this apostasy of progress thus regards all sacred beliefs, especially Christian or Catholic ones, as being based on the “ignorance of the past”. Although few stop to reflect that the high-medieval Age of Faith not only saw the birth of double-entry accounting and the scientific method (the “saving of the appearances”)—far from the Jewish magic-ridden Kaballah—but arguably contained a greater proportion of truly-useable and beneficial technological advances than any other, not barring our very own.

One doesn’t write this way out of a lack of loyalty or patriotism: there are manifestly much better ways to commit treason, if one has a mind to, or to harbor disbelief. No, one explores such forbidden things only so that the prosperity, the rectitude of one’s land might be solidly and permanently maintained. Not kept as the mere brightly-camouflaged plaything of some rabid, infiltrating group of dual-citizen ideologues. A coterie which needs the support of barely three percent of any population in order to firmly control it: so tightly-knit is this Jewish financially-driven power-organization, stretched over the face of the globe like nylon hose over a masked man. Obscuring its features, but not its treacherous aim. The undying desire of the Jews to combat Christianity with every means at their disposal having brought them to this point, as well as to the promotion of anti-life, aggressive-warfare and other campaigns which would spell the very death of the Catholic Way, were they to succeed. An all-fronts assault whose unfailing source of both power and funds is the capitalist system, of which communism was actually only a historical sub-set, a sort of coercive bully-boy, to see to the violent departure of all things which traditionally stood in merciless capitalism’s way. The latter being most accurately defined as nothing other than a sure means toward the comprehensive centralized control of all things on earth through the power—and bizarre new manipulative understanding—of money.

For such purposes the medium-of-exchange underwent a radical-if-gradualistic permutation, with “good money” brought to be understood as necessarily “backed by gold”, or by other precious metals, or by yet further non-metallic financial-instruments, other than simply by the “inertia”, the incontrovertibility, the symbolic merit of the coin itself alone. As obviously this symbolic function is the essential purpose of a currency, as we don’t hope to be able to eat it, or put it on, or drive it away. While by the same token, far from the new “backed” understanding making money more “solid”, it would create myriad opportunities for “now you see it, now you don’t” illusions of every kind: as we are finding out in pulverizing fashion today, if we didn’t know ruefully already sometime before. Yet such is the power of human folly, of mere artificially-sustained cant or convention—or a hundred sorts of brainwash—that finally the old proverbially-stable brass and bronze coinage of the Roman world—participated exuberantly and with equal success by crude cast-iron local barbarian imitations—would come to be roundly rejected by an unfathomably-deluded modern man. As if to say “my money is backed by gold, how about yours?”; this being the entire foundation of the modern idea, without which the whole towering monetary structure would, like the childhood story of the Ogre, “poof” or evaporate into thin air. Vanity, an artificial overbearing potency being granted to the tinsel of precious metals, being by stages preferred to a whole global plethora of coins which never required any “backing” of any kind at all—except the fairness of the laws and safety of the roads where it was found. This lifeblood of a millennium of stable and indeed prolific economies suddenly being classed as “not worth the paper its printed on”, as neo-cons of today bandy about like jaybirds on the global lawn. Thus a highly-distorted Gresham’s Law—“good money drives out bad”—with “un-backed” money suddenly regarded as “not worth the brass or iron” which might bear its stamp. This by dint of this bizarre new claim—of sorely-deluded fools and the weasels who fool them—to wit, that all “true money” must be “backed” by precious metals, or even by other paper instruments, held in reserve, as “redeemable” in those terms.

Just think what this means. This new and fraudulent understanding—destined ultimately to produce the downturns, bailouts, financial panics and “meltdowns” of a coming day —with princelings like Gaetner and the like bowed to by millions of fools—would spread with the speed with which the new goldsmith’s reserve-money “note” became “the order of the day”. A certificate which represented perhaps ten percent of the gold of many persons he actually held, embodying an empty enterprise which finally gained dominance and ultimate prestige, pushing all easily-accessible, high-velocity sovereign-originating currencies entirely out of existence. As this is an area of human life in which stupidity so easily reigns, child of usurious loan-sharking that the new money really was. Becoming in quick stages the prime fulcrum of Jewish global power: that which had basically been its insidious purpose all along.

Thus through the shark-like propulsion of this hideous form of embezzlement would this “chosen people” easily assemble the powerful of every land, picking out craven protégés, fashioning them into a “forward-looking” global government under their power. No, this isn’t something you can document impeccably—although it glares at you in fine detail from every rigged-election, Fox newscast, corporate-NGO charter and secret-society meeting—what you need is to be able to put it all together. That which is no “theory”—let alone a “conspiracy theory”—at all—but rather a process which in many ways ultimately depends upon the bestowal of divine grace. Grasping the sky-darkening outlines of a scheme so long-standing, vast and elaborate that it can only be sustained—and not finally rejected with utter contempt, and by righteously-wielded force-of-arms—at the expense of mammoth campaigns of quisling-government-imposed institutional behavior-modification and mind-control. With wars and other adventures funded by this discrete global elite being now more for experimental purposes of national and personality eclipse than for military or economic objectives. Since these astute foes of mankind know that the sovereign human person, unchained and properly developed, is entirely beyond such Dr. Jeckle schemes and projections. Independent nations and persons, with the help of God, being more than a match for an elaborate, Satanic pseudo-reality which must ultimately collapse under its own deadweight, as we are indeed seeing already today. Although in such a condition, I hasten to add, this monster is more dangerous than ever before: much like some run-over snake or wounded bear. Indeed this Jewish capitalist/communist system based on a perverted form of money is poised even now to impose its dominion in an irreversible way: one which will clutch us in its deadly embrace, and pull us down with it into the deepest reaches of an earthly Hell. In a precise parallel indeed to Marx’s poem, entitled “Act of despair”, in which he pulls back the veil which hides the morbid wickedness of his scheme, he being actually as it were the ultimate capitalist of all times. 

Thus must money of urgent and patriotic necessity be the product of some sovereignty, and most emphatically not of some Federal Reserve, some “independent body” divorced from the common good. Since the whole force and quiddity of money isn’t in some magical hocus-pocus of “reserve requirements”—let alone of derivatives, stocks or bonds—but rather in the good roads, good laws, amenable customs, which the good state alone brings equitably into being.

October 7, 2006: The unqualified right to be good. The inherent and inalienable right of moral self-defense against sodomy and other forms of evil.

We often speak here on this site of the manifold and unnatural constraints of modern life, some of which may seem mere nebulae, yet which weigh upon our minds far beyond their seeming size or obscurity-of-outline. And one of these that looms far larger than commonly recognized is this anomaly whereby virtues hard-won, both inner and outer—disciplines, restraints, mildness, kindness, and all the others—are commonly regarded, in the very height of contradiction, as indicative of enormous personal failings like cowardice or unnatural vice. This conviction—that the mild-mannered are without character, mere milk-toast—having a close-cousin as well in the aberrative idea that all true virtue is the sole proper possession of the steroid-taker, the athlete or the muscle-bound weight-lifter, who can “afford” to be kind, lenient, restrained and relenting. Here being found one of the most stupid and diabolical mass-obsessions of our times, of a sort which the civilized of any prior age would have scorned to have even seriously considered.

Intolerable, then, rank and odious, is this monstrous falsehood that rarified interior qualities can be trumped by externals of heft, truculence or intimidation. While without a doubt this boorish, philistine misconception is the very pith of the argument of today’s coarse homosexual crowd, who accordingly subject the good and cultivated to every kind of insinuation, inquisition and overreach. Of a kind which in times past would never have been either contemplated or tolerated, over a character plainly benign and good. Moral pariahs, in their legions, in their usual anarchic and chaotic way seeking fresh intake for their abominable vice, being the beneficiaries of every possible protection and privilege the law can provide. This vaunted “right” of the wicked to harass and intimidate the virtuous providing furthermore the ideological foundation for the complete repudiation of valid and authentic law: that which is always based on that ageless morality written on the human heart. So that here in this churlish liberty, this boundless overstep, is found the USA’s headlong rush toward a precipice of violence and barbarity, growing disturbingly by the day. The notion being fronted by every back-alley and mass-institutional means that noble and unthreatening qualities are readily overcome in an infamous and shameful way, and thus lack any stable foundation in the first place. A blasphemy against the Holy Ghost of unparalleled proportions, providing the ranging caverns of Hell, which are always hungry, in which there is always plenty of room, with myriad souls.

As suggested, the problem here is that the freedom of the good and virtuous to rebuke or even strike someone who slyly or openly draws such perverse inferences—namely that, barring heft and muscularity, to be good is to be effeminate—has been totally outlawed: the sodomite thereby gaining the unprecedented right to thus openly or by inference pronounce judgment upon the innocent and virtuous, without fear of personal penalty. So that the right to defend ones honor has been categorically denied and in the worst possible way—consigned to the province of madmen or terrorists—at the same time as, with mind-boggling contradiction, all hint of accusation against pederasts, freaks whether discrete or notorious—unless children can somehow be proven to be their target—is in practical terms systematically proscribed. Here being a cause to defend the barricades if there ever was one, and to give ones life for the right of honor and moral self-defense.

Actually, the fact is that we are simply being experimented upon: as to how much muck we are willing to be duped into swallowing. With all these sodomite bar-hounds and intellectuals pedaling whatever the traffic will bear, on both children and adults. While men of old had a good answer for such characterless characters: this both in criminal sanctions, generous personal rebukes and, where necessary, two-fisted repayment-in-kind.

October 6, 2006: The culture of mockery.

Of all the pearls of wisdom said to have proceeded from Vatican II and its reforms it’s remarkable that there are few which actually stick in your consciousness. One of these that might be said to stand forth prominently—although this hardly seems the right phrase to employ—being nothing more noteworthy than the old upper-middle-class precept to never say what you mean or mean what you say. And indeed, those smart, voluble and trendy souls who came forth in their legions out of the charismatic foundries of the Council are extremely hard to pin down: your pointed questions being fated to be like mere rocks in a swollen stream, around which babbling words slip without effort, hardly having been delayed in their impetuous course. While sharing the uncertain limelight with this epithet urging verbal incognito is a more street-wise cousin, equally at home in a roaring spray of words, which we might call the culture of mockery. That which was epitomized in the slogan, heard constantly during opening days of the Council, that “you have to learn to laugh at what you love”. These twin injunctions—of verbal anonymity and impudence—having indeed been the first of a host of militant imperatives embraced by true conciliar initiates as more-or-less entirely supplanting the Ten Commandments.

It really started in earnest with Paul VI’s ”signing statement” for the New Order of Mass—that confessional counterpart of the long-awaited brainchild of the secret societies, the New World Order—the two coming into play at almost precisely the same time. This staggering broadside, to wit, that: “this ought to wake them up in their pews”. But parallels continue ad infinitum alongside the “sainted” pontiff’s snarling, contemptuous quip, as in the inevitable side-splitting “te he” of Bush, Chaney or Rumsfeld, bursting forth irrepressibly, naughtily, at the most perilous moments in geopolitical and geo-military life. These people, lay or clerical, absolutely must laugh at the profound or tragic, or at least grin distractedly and with bruising incongruity: in this way betraying across their very faces, by divine decree, the footprint of the fiend. It is the “mark left in their very person” said by the sacred writer to invest the gait, the manner, the gestures of the perverse.

Then too there is the inescapable, de facto mandatory culture of the clown, a pivotal part of this culture of mockery and of the non-earnest, said to be the remedy for trauma, for “depression”: of course alongside a monthly hundreds of dollars worth of pharmaceuticals-enriching pills. Remedy for what trauma? That brought in the wake of Vatican II, of course—and closely-related Kennedy assassinations—in my opinion the original causes of the bewilderment, perplexity and disorientation of our times, as well as of resulting psychological ills. These then being pumped up to today’s mammoth size in a host of artificial ways. Although the fact that one is upset when things have gone so awry can hardly be considered a pathology: quite the contrary. An ongoing catastrophe of decades during which the underpinnings of civilization and Faith have been systematically and mercilessly demolished, albeit with a “healthy” quip and a guffaw. You retreat into a maze of jokes to keep yourself sane, rather than search the whys and wherefores of anything of consequence: this by the testimony of every Dr. Phil since those halcyon days. Thus too the wide array of “high-fives” exchanged amid peels and squeals of supposedly health-and-sanity-mandated laughter among white- or blue-collar Yankees proletarians and Hispanic telemundo game-show-contestants alike. A ritual among football players of course leading up to the climatic passionate, jump-into-your-crotch embrace: all this allegedly to chase away the blues. The old Catholic idea that the greatest joy and security are ironically to be found in some somber retreat, in some meditation on the Four Last Things: well, these babbling folks at New Church, and in the obscure and giddy reaches of the Bush White House, feel they have lain all such notions forever to rest.

September 30, 2006: Culture as a form of radical self-isolation.

Culture today functions largely to segregate people, to limit them to certain obscure social and personal perimeters, to deny the overridingly-inclusive dimension of the human mind and heart. Ultimately to return us to the caves, with stone axe and knife held threateningly in hand. To dismember the “perfect man in Christ Jesus Our Lord”: or humanity in its extended and even mystical dimensions. Making us into crass, mindless, prejudiced groupies; clowning or blank-faced appendages of some job department or barrio, or species of street-gang. Any aspiring toward a real human unity, a pure and sublime common consciousness—over and above the secretions of some gland—being branded as an “illusion of grandeur” by cultural herd-tenders all.

Rather is properly-understood culture the distributive system’s allocative medium par excellence. It is a real cultivar of productivity, of discovery, of prodigal sources of wealth and wellbeing. More than anything else it assures a generous and equitable sharing of resources, an able and marvelously-just and -efficient distribution of power. Cultures defining to themselves significantly and in great detail the very persons who will benefit from these boons, and the locally-peculiar way in which these treasures will be organized and used. It is the seedbed, the self-starter of mankind’s valid and authentic legal and political systems; genuine culture being as it were genetically-coded to yield, upon grateful reception of the divine rain of grace, a social and moral field “white for the (human and divine) harvest”. It is world peace at the ready, needing only to be tapped; wishing hearth and home to be safeguarded, not blown to smithereens. While it is generally only with the accession of illegitimate, preemptive forms of power—with culture no longer vigorous and self-determining, but rather passively fashioned according to the whim of self-appointed world-elites—it is usually only then that a naturally benign culture is turned to paranoid and destructive ends.

What is to be noticed instantly about a lively and healthy culture is that it has a sense of humor about itself, even a willingness to be exposed on occasion to good-natured lampoon, all the while it retains the deepest love and reverence for what it deeply and truly is. Always I remember these fine, rich, complex men I knew as a boy, just arrived from Croatia, fleeing the communist killing fields of post World War II. Each of these culturally-rooted, deeply-thoughtful and/or explosively-positive men a wildly-original species of personality all his own. Or those Spaniards I got to know ten and fifteen years later, while on retreat in Spain, at a time when that spiritual exercise still spelled something profound. Young seminarians each bursting with the same exotic uniqueness, with a similar love, kindness, hospitality, mirth: “faces washed”, “not frowning on street corners”, at meal-time bearing no hint of the vigils to which they would soon retire. True culture is anything but exclusive: no, rather, it is the glue which holds together the disparate parts of a nation, a world. Parts whose whole yearning is to bond, not to separate or stand aloof. Yet with a recognition of the distinctiveness of each member: maintaining the counterpoise of social muscle-tone, the contrapuntal, of life, of love, of building and co-creating.

Indeed culture properly exercised is a kind of second-nature, to scarcely be adverted to. It is like the sense of taste or smell, which we serve poorly by concentrating, like some contented cow, as we chew, on the bio-chemistry involved. We go out to others as a Mexican, an Englishman, a Croatian or a Chinese: but the whole idea is to shed the self-conscious, to advance, to project. Our hamlet or household walls being a springboard, not an obstacle behind which to hide, or to warn others away with menacing or dismissive gait or mien. The spiritual man, “a little less than the angels”, being a fish for whom the universal is his most-proper pond, a unifying rationality being that with which he is most essentially akin: hardly stopping at the thick notional walls of the (perish the thought) walled community in which he might live. The genuine human spirit being impassible, illimitable, a fleet fowl which the backward of any race or class “know not whence it comes from nor whither it goes”. Hardly are our thoughts, loves and loyalties limited to group or nationality, if we would share with Christ His most beloved title, “Son of Man”. Being in that case more like blind rats that burrow underground; insulting others, but most of all ourselves.

A far cry, then, is this straining toward the cosmic from the sullen, exclusionary, juvenile, morbid thing we too often call culture today. This veritable law-of-the-jungle—of prey and predatory according to hue or stripe—which Freud, Nietzsche, Spencer and their like gave us—seen in all its colors in the modern American aggressive warfare campaign. A dismal idea of culture whose much-made-over distinctions are typically profane, superficial and arbitrary, rather than significant, positive and genuinely self-defining. Involving a harsh passing-of-judgment even upon those of one’s group, family or nationality, in terms of their blind loyalty or racial purity or some obscure, bizarre domestic, local or job-specific equivalent.

Only God can bring us back to true culture: because here we are dealing with something which perpetually passes over the borders of the divine, to commune there with the Creator. But how return to this treasure from out of the past? And yet retain those advances of today which are worthy to save? Ah, this is the task of another Columbus, but this time re-discovering an Old World, sane and beloved. And finding again that God Who once resided at its heart, but Whom we rebelliously drove away. But in these pages and publications we try at least to explore the fog-shrouded borders of that mistily-remembered universe; even printing conceptual sea-maps for the reader to peruse, with little drawings of treacherous sea-monsters at their yellowing edge. In which latitudes they do indeed lurk: as we of our age have only too well discovered.

September 29, 2006: The preemption of Catholic purity by the modern system.

The degree to which the virtues of Catholicism have been brutally-if-insidiously preempted by the modern system is a frequent topic on these pages: in a mental/moral blitzkrieg which actually gained full throttle through the maneuvers of hostile forces within the Church itself at Vatican II. An onslaught at whose vanguard have been the string of anti-popes usurping the papal chair since John XXIII, in whose ingratiating madness has lain the method of the systematic eroding of the Catholic Way. These Judas “pontiffs”—whose momentously-destructive advent was no doubt alluded to by Our Lady at La Salette, in her predictions of an apostate Roman “takeover”—predictably continuing rather to canonize one another. Worshippers at pagan temples bestowing garlands of holiness upon recent predecessors who during their tenure consistently denied to the faithful that “spiritual milk” which they so urgently crave. This long-prophetically-predicted “Conciliar” aberration having involving a mass-behavior-modifying “march through the institutions” described in detail in these pages: a closely-coordinated assault never really admitted-to, undertaken in a gallingly-blasé, indirect, easily-disclaimable way, indeed with mock-pious assurances volubly filling the air. An overthrow nonetheless, in which these astute ecclesiastics have played so major a role, an invasion close-kin to “progress”-oriented transformations in the secular world. With a sum-total impact of an infinitude of subliminal or scarcely-detectible notional particulates, a bewildering dust-storm of the largely-inane, filling billowing sails of key elements within the Catholic laity as well, spelling the advent of an indomitable Blitzkrieg of an entirely new kind. A wholesale takeover indeed by an alien spirit, this veritable remake has largely spelled the death of the Catholic soul and its needs and aspirations on a universal scale and for over a generation (40 years). The Vatican II “open window” of the Church entailing more than anything else a well-disguised hatred of purity and chastity and their custom-related attendants—so critical to the saving of ones soul—as well as their parochial and society-wide outlawing and ridicule in practical terms. That singular issue, that daily battleground of practical public and personal life, that “nitty-gritty” in which the customary bayonet charge of the laity—the very roots of the Church’s pedestrian existence—is now shamed into a craven silence and submission to the very forces of Hell. Remaining morally-militant Catholic laypersons now being called disobedient fanatics along hyper-discrete Vatican and chancery-hall corridors: just as was the Savior by similarly “correct” Pharisees, equally good at finding loopholes in the Law. While once the human palate were to lose forever its savor for the ever-demanding-yet-ravishing divine verities, the ineffable experience of “love, joy and peace in the Holy Ghost”, this most profound pursuit of the arduous, indeed of “being all that you can be”—that which chastity in particular brings in a singular and inimitable way—then this destructive societal process would proceed inexorably, without opposition, but for the divine guarantees.

Indeed so hostile has been the popular school-, media- and parochial brainwash against purity, modesty-of-dress, and the rich interior life they bring with them—this fragrant lily being likewise the very fountainhead of virtuous heroism, whether on the battlefields of a just war or of a daily life at least as demanding—these sublime thresholds being vaguely classed as little beyond pathological delusions by most Catholics of today—that those devotees of sexual purity who manage somehow to survive amid all-encompassing lay and clerical, Catholic and non-Catholic opposition on all sides are likely to be esteemed the very opposite of what they truly are. Even as criminals: for instance as typically-enough engaged in unlawful means of support. Their meticulous interior account-keeping being however and ironically the very occasion for this harsh judgment, this protracted demise. With jobs being almost impossible for them to find, and from which they are quickly dismissed on the merest pretext, but really out of hatred and envy toward that honesty, simplicity and good-faith which purity brings with it like a rich dowry. Interior devotees possessing as they do as well an endemic kindness, whose atrophy they attempt to prevent amid cold blasts of the profane. Possessing the bouquet of a multifaceted inner wealth for which however the direst material poverty is invariably the everyday pocket-change of its possessors. This pivotal virtue of purity involving as it does a marvelous command over the inner and outer man, a rigorous placing of the sacred before the mundane: so that it goes without saying that the near-invariable exact performance of any occupational or other duty is promptly and unselfishly forthcoming. Such truly saintly persons however, victims of a living martyrdom, being nevertheless likely to be heaped with the foulest insinuations or open accusations, and to be driven away—even from the door of close relatives—as some sort of bad dream returned. With up-righteous inquisitions ringing in their ears as to how it is that they stay alive: as if their life itself were indeed some sort of crime, adequately punishable only by death. These new Jeremiahs being however specters guilty only of haunting the complacent consciences of peers, family-members and employers, grown attached to the impoverished spiritual wasteland of our times.

Plainly, the veritable moral hog-trough of the bulk of modern “jobs” wasn’t designed to accommodate such souls: the making of a living, which in reality means simply staying alive, having been irrationally glorified—amid this treacherous assault upon higher spiritual values—into the most exalted activity of which man is capable. Indeed the word itself “job” is an invention entirely of the twentieth century, a concept whose ever-more-coarse yet ironically loyalty-demanding parameters are utterly foreign to previous human history. The whole infrastructural milieu in which such a trivialization takes place having developed according to the blueprint of capitalism’s faithless, secret-society-fostered agenda: one of cleverly-marketed extremes of venality and greed. This even as the recognition of the real needs of the human person—let alone his soul and salvation—would have resulted in a paradise in comparison to the penury which presently obtains. True and solid prosperity hardly requiring the gratuitous and artificial remake of humanity’s entire physical and moral existence: a process oddly both nihilistic and extravagant beyond measure. Encompassing an unparalleled transformation wrought via the modern system’s inexorable centralization, as well as by way of wholesale surrenders like Vatican II and the associated ongoing brightly-camouflaged occupation of Catholic Rome. That misfortune, allowed by Almighty God for its ultimate stringent purifying effect, which seems metronomically to encompass the Holy See every four or five centuries.

Then too seldom grasped is the degree to which even our personal liberty is bound up at its highest levels with the retention of moral integrity, sexual-purity and their sacred, soul-nourishing traditions. With the truculent, violating, unbridled license of the hog-trough being indeed easy enough to maintain, but true freedom of any kind—especially that of the human spirit—requiring the touchstone of the Faith of Our Fathers, of both sacred and secular customs and traditions, inner cloisters and outer courtesies, to keep it intact.

But most galling of all, perhaps, in this array of insults and injuries to the sensitive and devout Catholic soul, is this idea afoot, and greatly promoted institutionally and among the masses, that to love old virtues like purity, chastity, and the mildness of speech and manner that guard and attend them, and yet to fall from these pristine plateaus—under relentless pressures applied by a rabidly-hostile system—that this is far worse than to have never loved these values at all. The failure of the vast bulk of Catholics, even many very pious and resolute ones, under a treacherous, insidious persecution being held to constitute a veritable “proof in the pudding” that the grace of God, contrary to the Evangelical assurances, isn’t at all sufficient to the temptation. In this sentiment, then, lies the absolute repudiation of the spiritual life, the conviction that purity and other arduously-attained virtues are false, “hypocritical”, illusory. A belief duly belched forth nightly in the unruly shouts of intoxicated mobs. An unqualified denial held indeed to signal in its “brave” possessors a kind of progress-oriented purity all of its own kind. After which reverse baptism of our day a host of barbarities and apostasies are typically given full sway, since without faith and virtue the soul steadily becomes brutal, insensitive, devious, sadistic. Indeed, even Catholic Traditionalist clerics, supposedly leading the charge back to the age-old practices of Faith, have become so hardened and cynical that if the confessional doesn’t reveal at least one mortal sin each time something is considered gravely and suspiciously awry. The collective result of such enormous departures being a society without vision or ideals, with a leadership uninspired, lacking both wisdom and strength. With “the blind leading the blind, and both of them falling into a pit”.

But the truth is that the Gospels, and even the Old Testament, recognize the deep distinction between human incapacity and sin: giving full recognition to the mercy of a God Who “does not crush the bruised reed, nor quench the smoking flax”, neither with condemnations nor with penalties. For God above all others recognizes and commiserates with the grievous plight of the good in today’s world: of “fallen” men and women “who have loved much”, whose morale, whose highly-responsive inner universe is broken in a thousand ways and by the confluence of a thousand determinants. Much as in that likewise-entirely-modern institution, the concentration camp, which our whole society is indeed rapidly coming to resemble, under the long-predicted Orwellian alibi of “security”. Although rather than so much the welts raised by a truncheon, today these vicious forces include the uniform moral duress and intimidation of the workplace, the strident and hyper-aggressive radicalism of juvenile-minded macho-male and mannish radical-feminist ideas, the systematic prevention of any spiritual recollection or peace of mind through a continuous regimen of noise, graphic stimuli and the perpetual “hazing” of deeply-personal forms of humiliation. Elements each in its own way suggestive of Pitesti in ‘50s Rumania, or the heinous invasions and sleep-deprivations of Abu Ghraib. The aim of this institutionalized conspiracy-against-the-soul—propped up constantly by perennially-anti-Christian Jewish money and power—being to crush this critical inner self-possession at its core, with the whole tumultuous assault, successful or not, being conducted in the manner of a veritable mental and spiritual rape.

Actually the trials of our times are only a unique historical crescendo in the battle between good and evil of this life, whose issue is the glory of God and the salvation of souls. A contest in which those who seek every excuse to do wrong cannot endure the refusal of the good to call such craven quarter. Resentful, treacherous souls who readily place mines and booby-traps in such a neighbor’s unsuspecting path—these being now institutionally empowered, made prison-camp-guards all-their-own—while of course to seek the spiritual downfall of others is a form of hatred well beyond mere material harm. Even as this moral injury can take a thousand impressive do-gooder forms: as in those hosts of in-laws, siblings, neighbors, teachers or grandparents whose first invasion of sacred family turf may easily be to offer a Barbie Doll to the thus-far-innocent child, raised in strict vocal and visual rectitude. This wretched little play-thing being in fact a powerful Trojan horse of Hell, offered as if it were some sacred object from a privileged world, as if to commiserate with the child for the rigors of a “deprived” home. Thereby however is taken from that youth an inestimable treasure which the giver himself lost long ago, and which they secretly envy with a bitter zeal. From out of which corrupted source they may indeed ultimately make this youngster “ten times more wicked than themselves”. The same youth—prior to which misfortune the practice of virtue had remained marvelously easy, but for whom it has now become an onerous burden, a staggering cross—no doubt gradually becoming a source of temptation to others around her too, as she is dragged inexorably toward learning the seductive comportment and espirit of this Barbie, the ceaseless morbid and obsessive focusing on her charmed sex-life, her fur-coats and her fancy cars. In this way is this business of immorality aptly compared in spiritual literature to a disease, a contagion which spreads abroad most virulently through the foolish or idle symbols, customs and pastimes of fallen human life.

But the most onerously-consequential thing of all about this virtual gang rape of modern life, as intimated above, is its systematic invasion of the pious Catholic home, this largely occasioned by this modern-day dogma that youth must be exposed to ceaseless sexual or quasi-sexual stimuli in order to be “healthy”. Yet there is to be noticed that the little girl with the Barbie Doll will take an entirely different approach to womanhood than did her great-grandmother with the old-fashioned stuffed baby-doll. That inseparable treasure the girl used to fuss over incessantly, taking on her rounds of miniature tea-cups, toy stoves or imaginary cradles, or swinging the little bundle under the big tree. Wiles learned from the influence of Barbie, of peers cynical well beyond their years, of a notorious before-and-after-school TV: these departures from the doll-hovering rounds of a childhood grandma being aided strongly by demons whose power is amplified fantastically in such a setting. Barbie and company bringing an invasion of hostile values to which the Christian home is extremely vulnerable, by dint of the very isolation within which it must struggle today, readily trumping the input of parents who are easily confounded, made to look like an eccentric “minority” in such a setting, and whose strictures are a nuisance to precocious minds.

Making matters infinitely worse is the radical-ideology-driven development of an originally seldom-invoked, incredibly-comprehensive pars parentis judicial doctrine, in effect giving the parent in the USA today little more authority-status before the law—especially if poor and non-Anglo-Saxon—than some stranger, or even some vagrant found trespassing the family house or yard. So that in practical terms it is to open up a pitch battle for a father or mother to say anything of substance about the home’s moral environment: typically being condemned to watch powerlessly as the noted pitfalls are put in place before their very eyes. For as the wise parent knows, and as the Church has always taught us, the preservation of virtue is above all a matter of avoiding occasions of sin: that expression we never hear anymore today in the giddy “aggiornamento” creed of Vatican II. That which unleashed a veritable mob often saturated with especially potent doses of anti-fatherhood propaganda, a hostile sentiment propounded at parents from every side. In a “peoples’ court” adjudication furthered immeasurably by a crass and loudly-vocal “gay” element which is the unique sworn enemy of purity and of the devout Catholic home. All this regarding a domestic setting today in which are introduced by the media every sort of corrosive, diabolical display. Even as finally the foster home, that inevitable alternative to the invariably-imperfect, crucified modern parental authority—self-interested false-glorifications to one side, and as I have myself observed both in volunteer-professional capacities and in other opportunities for ongoing observation—this institution is positively saturated in the foulest deeds it is erected to prevent. “Parents” with all the bonds of natural attachment removed, and with lucrative monetary incentives typically-if-not-always at stake, having at their mercy as it were two or five-time “losers”: kids they can readily place at a disadvantage, or even cast in disparaging terms before typically-enough hat-in-hand or even vaguely-complicit authorities. A moral killing-field every bit the equal of that other enormous institutional atrocity of our times: the “care” of the developmentally disabled. The latter indeed providing an ample arena for the self-same shocking abuses as are found in the former, even as foster-care likewise and incredibly-often contributes a pitifully-wounded or crippled “intake” directly into these state-outsourced DD programs some time after adulthood is attained. So that whole lifetimes of staggering numbers are beyond question spent in the most miserable states of sorrow, corporate and personal exploitation and despair.

But leagues apart from such heinous traps and “treatment centers”, the truly and deeply pure-in-spirit—who are found here and there among both parents and children—such souls, whose destiny is to “see God”, are undyingly attached to purity itself, no matter how gravely its practice may be tortured and inhibited in their own person, in the gulags of the modern world. A love-of-virtue sometimes subsisting at profound levels of the spirit such as are plumbed in the Catholic mystical life, as in St. John of the Cross’s Dark Night of the Spirit. Or in men like Cardinal Stepinac of Croatia, whose mind was more-or-less broken in one of Tito’s torture-camps. Such crucified Catholics remaining ever inseparably attached to every virtue, even in those cases where they regard themselves—truly or not—to have fallen in the most miserable way. Hardly being the self-loving fools they are portrayed to be by a totalitarian, viciously-hostile modern world.

One thing is certain: a global system designed to destroy moral goodness and purity, to pollute the noble riches of the devout home, to break the spirits of those who love God’s Law, will itself speedily be destroyed: just as were Sodom and Gomorrah. And we see the first beginnings of this destruction as I write: in a welcome defeat soon to culminate in the coming of the mild and morally-pure social reign of the Holy Family over both global society and the home. A government willingly embraced by all, comprised of the gentle rule of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, of St. Joseph and of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

September 24, 2006: Today’s denial of the forgiveness of sins. The resurgence of the Albigensians. The sane behavioral plethora of true Civilization.

Today it is always assumed that we humans can be studied and measured by social scientists down to the last micro-gram, professionals thereby said to come up with foolproof solutions to personal and societal problems. Almost as if people were mere chemicals in a test tube, or elephants whose social problems might at most call forth some ordinance regarding the water temperature in the local wallow, or concerning the height of leafy branches, to be made more accessible for trunks eager for succulent fare. But it isn’t that easy: for try as we might to simplify our habits of mind along such neat sanitary, physics-lab or nutritional lines it remains that we are first and foremost made for God and for everlasting life, being in possession of a destiny that goes infinitely beyond earthly calculations or concerns. Indeed when this sublime ordering is transgressed there easily results every manner of psychological aberration: for the same God Who created both our human character and our supernatural destiny also made the two to fit together like a tightly-woven armor: so that we simply cannot be happy with our wallow, nor contented with identifying ourselves as consumers, nor even with imagining that our inner and outer parts can live in two hermetically-separated, or significantly-estranged, worlds. Indeed we must either ascend to Him, both body and soul, habit and mind, or be condemned to realms far lower than those of our wide-eyed and easily-satisfied four-footed friends. So that to attempt to imitate such simple, utilitarian, docile creatures is the surest way to become madmen instead: in an insensate materialism which even the proverbial caveman would never have contemplated: having typically aspired, gropingly, after ever-higher things. Faithful to an impulse by which, if we ourselves are found worthy, we might find him in great numbers, next to us in Heaven, chanting the manifold glories of God.

Enter, then, a modern world-system which alternates between deifying one man or, like the ancient Greeks, giving that distinction to the drunken group in some hippodrome, ever crying for the blood of some new scapegoat for civic woes. A mob skillfully and discretely manipulated by some demagogue who gives it a personality, making it a dark and unified force. In such a universe the wallow and the forest canopy must share space as the issue-of-the-day with vaunted projections and ambitions of the “supreme and all-perfect ruler”: be he a biped or a group-monistic centipede. While most characteristic of such systems is a certain contempt for the obscure gropings of the soul toward its God: that which is relegated to the province of unlettered barbarians living in thickets or caves, or in the rambling reaches of backward villages, set against the mountain slopes.

Finally with the advent of Christ and the Gospel Way, and His sublime systemization of Heavenly things, the devil would come up with his own clever ordering as well: for instance organizing the inchoate tyrannies of ancient autocratic or group-oriented systems into the pseudo-religions of so-called super-men. Here being his heavy artillery wheeled out for a consequential battle indeed, designed to last til the end of time. Tyrants brutally commandeering the common wallow with armed might, with some form of Nietzsche’s will-to-power. Demigods henceforth to be noisily exalted, heading Satan’s earthly kingdom, identified by St. Augustine as the City of Man. That ever-recurrent worldly system built upon “might makes right”, the power to “make things happen”: one perfectly at home with other similar shibboleths and promotional-slogans of today as well. While the Albigensians would internalize this power-paradigm in identifying a rigid command over ones own feelings or passions with goodness itself: with human worth being epitomized in the attainment of a Spartan self-possession. With the category of the “Pure Ones” being understood as exerting an absolute sway over other persons as well—able “innocently” to gather a harem of “rif-raf”, of the same or the opposite sex, who are “impure”—allegedly by dint of the attainment of this fanatically-coveted, vaunted interior auto-command. The crossing-of-the-line into the most heartless acts of exploitation and cruelty being an easy one here, in a morality whose radical personal ascendancy would immerge centuries later and in most essentials in today’s neo-capitalist system. Headed by a barbaric American war machine which glories in such very ruthless impassivities, apotheosized to empyrean heights, drawing major sanction from Faith without works: in practical terms the Reformer might-makes-right creed of all times. The unstable compound of post-Kennedy American values and beliefs—basically a resurgence of racist/Confederate and Puritanical (read Albigensian) elements—implacabilities once considered happily-forgotten, on the eve of the assassinations—moral enormities quickly sanctioned and institutionalized by a complicit, Skull-and-Bones-driven media and the educational system during the following decade. This composite moral maelstrom enthrones at digital speed the old Cathar or Nietzschean monstrously uninhibited pursuit of the desires of “pure ones”  as supreme. While finally the phenomenology of Sartre—of the sovereign supremacy of the here-and-now—would complete the circle of this radical, comprehensive detachment of “justification” from morality—of mercy from conviction—of man’s supernatural destiny from his earthly existence—even invading Christianity with Heidegger and others, and Catholicism itself at Vatican II. Heresy at that gathering being carefully hidden amid the dense verbiage of a Hegel or a Chardin; all moral issues being reduced to discrete “phenomena” essentially considered in radical isolation from one another, and a-fortiori from traditional theology, indeed from the radically-holistic Gospel Way itself.

Thus by dint of this long-standing departure could the present anti-pope Benedict XVI recently launch into an abstract and academic disquisition against the Koran’s ancient confessional advocacy of violence: this in total and oblivious isolation from the circumstances of today. Of an Islam whose matrons and babes-in-arms are under brutal assault by Anglo/American/Israeli armed might; of an Islam 98% of whose theologians indeed consider their creed to have long ago theologically developed beyond ownedly crude and violent beginnings; of an Islam which has basically not shown much-made-over aggressive tendencies since the late seventeenth century. Mere century-old and highly-suspect Jewish, Armenian or American-media claims to the contrary—themselves accompanied by notorious territorial ambitions, intrigue and/or bloody assassinations—notwithstanding.

Set in stark relief against these implacable Nietzschean ideas, then, is the whole Catholic ambiance of the confessional. Here is to be found the very root and source of that quality of the marvelously provisional and relenting, which is intrinsic to the Catholic spirit and Way. Given us by a God Who “does not crush the bruised reed nor quench the smoking flax”. Be that broken creature Muslim or Christian, Pagan or Jew. A kindly milieu which the stark imperatives of the present anti-life, genocidal, will-to-power Albigensian/Philistine system simply will not abide: but for which refusal it will itself be “ground to a powder” by the same Almighty, with Whom the dual imperatives of both mercy and justice are entirely at home. This false modern machine being essentially driven by the extractive goad of Jewish finance, one which of course finds no room at all for the human-frailty-accommodating ethos of the Savior: of which this merciful instrument of Sacramental forgiveness is a very epitome. That source from which flows in generous rivulets a mild, gracious and cultivated Civilization of millennia, wherever the Catholic Way is truly taught and observed. No, rather has the whole idea of forgiveness—and of the healing quality of the reestablishment of man’s supernatural ordering to God—rather has this prodigal and gratuitous gift been replaced by the ever-morbid imperatives of Freud’s categories of incurable mental and social disease. That caste-calcifying system-of-thought which has been embraced by a Catholic services/organizational structure in mounting form disturbingly bureaucratic, even corporate-controlled—a veritable contradiction-in-terms—as well as by Catholic spiritual counseling itself. Making all “Catholic” efforts in those directions stillborn or even counterproductive. This dead-ended psycho-paradigm being of course adopted as well and with little modification by our entire legal system, being the precise ideological grease needed to keep a self-perpetuating, ballooning criminal justice system running on smooth skids. For were the healing connection of man’s eternal destiny to his earthly behavior fully recognized by the courts and by law enforcement—as it was for more than a millennium—then our incarceration rates would quickly come to resemble those miniscule numbers of the Age of Faith, and our prisons ultimately empty as if in a reliving of the 50-year-intervaled ancient Jewish Jubilee. The functionaries of which brace of interrelated bleak institutions would have to find some truly productive living to pursue. While few seem to realize that if the less-fortunate are thus readily eclipsed and summarily denied hope then we are all put in chains: since for one thing the ambit of our associates, of the “acceptable”, is limited drastically for us and ahead of time, while it remains that in such a world no one every really knows who is next.

But set in the midst of this background of implacable spirits, of the lack of an accountable sense of human frailty, this latter breakability happily-inseparable from the remedies of the moral law and its Sacramental reinforcements, do we have the anomaly of today’s data mining of the entire trunk of humanity’s myriad individual lives. This isn’t the absolute secrecy of the genuine Catholic confessional booth by a long shot: that clemency-dispensing boon—increasingly limited to the Orthodox in terms of a valid spiritual and form-and-matter authenticity—over which others have so long harbored abysmally-ignorant but horrific phobias. But which Sacrament is in fact only a clerically mediated and objectified meeting of the soul with its Savior. No, this newest “security measure” is the collective witch-hunt of Salem revisited, if with a signature cracked Bush/Chaney grin to give it a space-age face.

Gone in particular are the days when at least the Anglo settler or European immigrant with some stain on his past could “go West young man” and have no questions asked, that which was the sacred code of cow-town, farm-town and mining-camp alike. That veritable social mass-absolution, a spiritual cousin to the noted Sacrament, whose consequences were the most positive thing about which America has to boast to this day. Where men “walked like a man”, and were largely mild and courteous to women, not least because they knew they had been forgiven, and that there was no committee of the righteous to tie a scarlet letter around their necks, for infractions forgotten by God Himself. No, nobody worried about these reprieved characters running amuck on verdant meadow, mesa or arid plain: these being instead the most resourceful, productive, law-abiding people the land was ever to produce. And neither were they that often to prove jerk-knee respondents to Yellow Journalistic warmongering, like their cousins back East would so dutifully be. After the sordid lesson of the hysteria-triggered, rabidly-anti-Catholic Spanish/American War, where so many Scotch-Irish and even Irish-Catholic cowboys gave their lives, or lived to speak of brave deeds for an unjust cause, the Westerner was surprisingly-often to be a reformed and rueful observer of the international scene. Often surpassing in acumen the popular commentators of the East, with their boyish jump-the-gun mentalities. An intermountain constituency that was however to find itself suddenly and skillfully ousted from ranch and mine by a 1990s Westward invasion of big-city skin-heads and other neo-con militarists: a queer breed so different from the first major influx of the 70s, the latter motivated substantially by a dread of an increasingly-bureaucratic Papa State. Invaders from every state in the union, but in great numbers from the sickest of the big cities, wife- and girlfriend-beaters in large proportion, the minds of these bald, bearded or neatly-crew-cutted characters read disturbingly like a GI Joe comic book. “Let’s get it all out in the open” folks for whom an invasion of inner turf is a welcome phenomenon: since there is literally nothing there to hide anyway.

In addition to the data trunk mining, in the place of the Catholic culture of the confessional, that marvelous development of Petrine binding and losing, working its majesterial and oral-traditional wisdom upon a perfectly-Scriptural forgiveness of sins, today we have as well the media/government exaltation of every old biker or bar-fly into a profiler, a gut-level identifier of “terrorists” all around. Ever since the celebrated film-clip of the Teddy Roosevelt look-alike boomer uttering imprecations against Arabs on the day of an in-house 9/11—a man likely-enough choreographed for his media debut months in advance—the most deadly and backward catering to mob instincts has been employed. From which harvest has been garnered both the glutting of geo-corporate curiosities and much-propagandized military/geo-political gain. As in the Greece of Demosthenes this gutter-pandering having become a reekingly-familiar hallmark of a new order of things: a distracted mob which gladly jettisons its own personal freedoms, all for the sadistic pleasure of destroying some new victim of slander and irrational rage. The old Puritan/Albigensian belief in an all-excusing and indeed all-sanctifying will-to-power being supremely evident in all this—if lending it a mass application it seldom had before, one reminiscent of the “vigilant” slaughter of largely- or mostly-Catholic Indians during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries—that kind of stupid self-assertion which thrives on a total lack of moral or rational (the two are really the same) justification.