February 18, 2020: The crowning, cancerous U.S. lack of sovereign legitimacy, stemming from its innate and defining ambition to remold the globe.

Such a self-assumed mandate lacks any defining element of statehood, does not designate a legitimate nation, but rather indicates a hyper-secretive international-level project, a mammoth, all-points piracy, significantly and not at all by coincidence employing at upper secretive levels the pirate emblem of the Skull and Bones. Born out of ever-conspiratorial synagogues and Lodge-halls, the USA having from the very beginning spearheaded a carefully-prepared cosmic rebellion that escapes all bounds of validity-conferring purpose, motive or spirit. In a word, like all things major lacking a valid and positive purpose, it is diabolical, is designed to bring a leveling-process to otherwise positive and sanguine human life and institutions and international affairs. It “opens wide doors”, as it so rashly proclaims, but these are doors that lead to Hell, and not to genuine betterment, freedom or life. It is just another of history's weary Manichaean attempts to escape the humble bounds of human existence, to create an empire up in the clouds, “heroically” dripping with blood, fraught with the most poignant depths of human misery, somehow imagined to bring about some Hitlerian “Phoenix, rising from the ashes”, some “price we must pay”. In fact only recreating the infant-sacrifice of the Canaanites, merely another vision of Hell, of Anti-Christ or Lucifer challenging God, with his gutteral cry, “I will not serve!”

We give our allegiance to the Confederacy, to Dixie, which validated its own statehood or nationhood in the trials and tribulations, the injustices it so generously suffered at the Yankee hand. The South after Appomattox having decidedly departed from this diabolical Yankee plan to subdue the earth to an arrogant visionary scheme, having in signal ways withdrawn from this aggressive posture, fraught with unnatural and immoral projects of all kinds, rather choosing to be an innocent and simple-hearted child of God. Hence the regional stalwart rejection of the moral abominations of today's Yankee “liberty”: the abortions, the sodomy, the control over the minds and souls of the young in particular, and of the populace at large. In the baptism-of-blood of the Civil War the South having joined those legions of martyrs of many nations, of all races, that for two and a half centuries have been trodden underfoot in the un-Christian Yankee wine-press, Dixie having come out of the ordeal sovereign, clean, ready to manfully bear the burdens of genuine nationhood, which must always concentrate first and foremost on the common good, and secondly on the good of mankind. That which can never be “post-Christian”, the latter in reality an abysmal contradiction-in-terms: as without Christ there is no progress, but only the giddy void. While by contrast the USA has substituted for the Savior a two-headed religion of a perverse “Liberty” from all moral bounds, and a “Progress” of science and technical knowledge, recreating the ambitions of those ancient and medieval sorcerers and magicians, occultist and alchemists who always dreamed of such proud and much-vaunted things. Among we mortals who, despite vaunted ambitions, must nonetheless miserably die. The eternal agnostic seeking a shortcut away from the genuine duties—moral, social and economic—of both private and organized human life—replacing these with the illusions and false-enchantments of tinkering like a child with what is best left alone.

Can we be surprised that the USA has become a land of extortions and drug-deals on every corner, in every parking-lot, on every motel balcony or flight-of-stairs, with all the code-language of “the trade” flourished everywhere, from a people become morally and mentally inert? Young hoods hanging around bus-stations, beating and robbing people, picking pockets, “doing deals”, taking “tough guy” poses, and murders penetrating ever corner of a once-peaceful city like Shreveport, reaching levels of civic upheaval in nighttime Dallas, not to even mention a “Sanctuary City” New York. Biden supporters betting that he will keep “business as usual”, since “he knows how to do it”, as illustrated in bold colors in his dope-dealing son. Nations of the world, is this the “great defender of liberty” that you want to serve?

Hence the battle-cry here at the Confederacy and Crusade: Secede! “Come out from among them...and touch not the unclean thing”. And we trust in God to stand by and protect our holy cause.

February 19, 2020: The angels are the “aliens” who “people” the galaxies.

February 21, 2020: Dateline Idlib, the coming war against soon-to-be-Holy Russia. Just like the incredibly-involved set of punches and counter-punches of the Democrat/Republican malaise in Washington and across the land, the set of “tensions” and counter-tensions, of Turkish vs. Trumpish expectations, over Idlib in particular and Syria in general are designed to serve another purpose: namely an “unthinkable” nuclear-powered confrontation between NATO and Russia, with the latter invaded by well-paid-off allies and other “interested parties”: dreamers of fabulous bonanzas much like the money-lenders who came to claim the Chosen People's lands and wealth after their “coming defeat” at the hands of the forces of Antiochus in the second century B.C.

Ergo: All the Washington drama and political consternation over Trump's “withdrawal” of U.S. Forces in Syria, taking place under the impenitrable smoke-screen of perpetual-impeachment and “Russiagate”, allowing the Kurds to be massacred and the Islamic State—the brainchild of General Patraeas—to flourish once again in league with Al Nusra and related fanatical militants. In this area of the world “which has been fighting for centuries” setting the stage for a whole range of “misunderstandings”, scoldings and incoherent mutterings between all parties concerned. As Turkey, now beyond all expectations plainly “spoiling for a fight” with both Syria and Russia, significantly brandishing its military and diplomatic connections with the USA, plays-the-part of being placed in an “untenable” and “vexing” position vis-a-vis both the East and the West. It is out of such a witches-brew of pretenses that this “comedian” Trump will orchestrate the coming global blitzkrieg (lightning-like unannounced) attack, to open the way for the universal chaos predicted in a millenium-long deposit of Catholic saintly prophesy. In a biblically foreseen remorseless End-Time attempt—by those forces of wickedness which carnal “Israel” and the USA so plainly represent—to eradicate Christianity across the face of the earth, with this diabolical forerunner of Anti-Christ, the “Christian” Donald Trump, the chosen point-man involved. Thus too the Corona Virus, beyond question deposited in China so as to neutralize that country from coming to the aid of its regional “in a pinch” ally, Russia, and all others who would come to Russia's aid. After the universal chaos thus set to be unleashed, lasting the biblical three and a half years, will come the decisive climax of the now-gathering divine punishment, prefigured at Fatima in 1917: that “three days of darkness” analogous to that Passover experienced by the Jews, prior to their deliverance from Egyptian bondage. The delivering fire, this time of a fast-approaching cosmic plunge of the earth toward the sun, finding striking prefigurement in the whirlwind of fire that first appeared before Egyptians disappeared beneath the waves of the Red Sea. A cataclysm to appear so soon during the final deciding battle between forces of good and evil, the very Battle of Armageddon, in the Holy Land: the “Passover” this time to be on behalf of the Church, the “New Jerusalem” to which all Scripture hearkens as the real “Chosen People” of all times, of which Old Testament Jews were simply a prefigurement. Holy Mother Church during this apocalyptic impasse, according to saintly prophesy and the Bible as properly understood to draw to her loving embrace all the nations on earth, to inaugurate the “period of peace conceded to mankind” as announced at Fatima, when true prosperity will brighten the globe, just before the coming of Anti-Christ himself, some generation or two afterward. Again, according to numerous predictions of saints and seers of anno domino times.

February 21, 2020: The modern-day folly of over-long embraces.

Our forefathers used to incessantly warn against all such untoward intimacies, which are reserved by God for the marriage bed, which because of our nature, as exacerbated by its fallen condition, are “coded”, as it were, strictly for the marital bond. Hence too the folly of the whole plethora of such abuses, notably as expended fatally upon innocent children, that sprang forth out of the world-wide liberal establishment, and in the Catholic Church under the onus of Vatican II, with its whole ethos of “throwing older things out” the “open window” of the ruefully-seer-predicted “odd new church, built against all the principles of design”. People today are ceaselessly “self-identifying” because they experience some sexual disturbance within themselves when thus stupidly set upon, expecting in stock Freudian fancy to “find some new thing” in their “identity” previously hidden under a seemingly-unruffled earlier past. That prior state-of-peace now looked upon as “un-Woke” in the extreme. What folly! To be punished as at Sodom and Gomorrah, but this time across the entire globe. As God will not allow such abominable things to stand.