Welcome to the New and Better Confederacy and National Anti-sodomy Crusade, preparing the victory of the Blessed Virgin Mary over the pagan Progress idol which presently holds the world in thrall. A Mary who in the early sixteenth century appeared as Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City, where she claimed this Hemisphere uniquely for her very own. The Holy Mother of God being a Heavenly Queen destined to prevail over this Artemis of the New World, symbolized in the statue of a Godless, world-conquering form of liberty, found in New York Harbor: the present-day champion of abominable sodomy and abortion on demand. This preternatural siren attempting to uproot Christian Faith of any kind the world over, having been installed here cunningly to combat a creed watered by the blood of martyrs, of Jesuit missionaries and Catholic Mexicans and Indians whose Catholicism was in those earlier days singularly well-formed, uncompromising and true. While we take further inspiration from another apparition of Our Blessed Lady, one which took place at Fatima in Portugal in 1917, in the very month of the Bolshevik Red October revolution: a cosmic event, attended by stupendous miracles, witnessed by 100,000 souls. This later prodigy announcing Marys resounding answer to Jewish capitalism/communism: the tyrannical spawn of geo-finance and massive scale, the cynical modus operandi of the harbor-idol noted above. Mary at Fatima claiming Russia for the Catholic Church, a nation destined in now-forthcoming years to become genuinely, traditionally Catholic, and to figure conspicuously in a prophetically-predicted deliverance of both Church and world from their present humiliating demise at the hands of World Jewry.

We are dedicated to re-establishing organizational sanity and robust productivity, these necessarily based upon an enabled human person and his needs and aspirations as well as upon the scales and structures that favor his fullest development. Here being offered a pro-life approach par excellence which encourages those dense populations that almost-invariably have the highest per-capita income: with an enabled, densely-interfaced society being that which best achieves prolific innovation, diversified product lines and rich markets: while making uniquely-possible their fullest enjoyment. Here then being a fundamentally-different approach to the entire spectrum of organized life and activity than that self-destructive one being followed today, a plan developed not only in books displayed below, readable free of charge, but also in an intensely-articulated Summary of Ideas, written in a traditional kind of English which is alone suited to the conveying of profound ideas, but which modern linguists would empty of all its fine distinctions, its precious moral and intellectual content, these like a balm to soul and mind. While included too are statements regarding our Crusade not only against institutionalized sodomy but also toward a New and Better Confederacy, as elucidated in several articles below, designed to replace the above-described paganistic thralldom of an open-ended Bush/Obama USA. Our organizationally-distributive Confederacy envisioned to gather to itself all of the states, fleeing in horror and disgust from the sodomy and abortion, totalitarianism and earth-denuding Napoleonic warfare which presently prevails. This site is updated frequently, with all written here submitted finally to the traditions and teaching authority of the Roman Catholic Church, now in outward respects and as predicted in saintly prophesies of centuries having been essentially taken over by the synagogue. The age-old see-sawing struggle against this perfidious infestation having been a continual one, with major inroads already encountered by the Apostles, conducted by a cabal of Epistle-described "Judaizers" whose various subterfuges since those early-Christian times have been the main obstacle to both viable statehood and the preaching of the Holy Gospel. Thus in awaiting Christianity's final glorious triumph I write with a loyal heart but largely from memory, and in unaided consulting of traditional Church documents, as current teaching on both "right" and "left" tends to be faulty, sometimes in the extreme. Yet it is critically important that the reader fully know what I mean by the word Catholic: hence the many criticisms and clarifications, being forced, with great trepidation, to "rush in where angels fear to tread". Apologies that Louis Joliet picture is divided into parts: I haven't the money or web-savvy right now to get it fixed: and yet it may perhaps fittingly signifies the national disunity of today. See any retractions at the very bottom of this page. We are not connected to any other website or organization, whatever the outward similarities might be. Finally, either hackers or our own inexperience with html text have forced us to modify proper punctuation, using italics instead of quotation marks, and several other such deviations. Hopefully we can get this straightened out soon, so please bear with us in the meantime, as what our hosting service accepts with respect to text has apparently changed. Hence in some articles or pages we have largely dispensed with dashes, apostrophes, quotation marks and one or two other punctuations, grammatical tools which are sometimes hideously disfigured otherwise. Thus too in our Summary of Ideas hyperlinks five through thirty-three to date, so many of these entries have become italicized, probably by dint of a host server confusing my old fashioned font with italics: yet I am leaving them thus, since to edit any text on this site, for the time being, is to be condemned to the noted unfortunate substitutions. However, you can copy and past a whole hyperlink here and un-italicize it as a word document. Thus words of alarm about hackers found here and there on the site are probably ill-founded, but we do our best in a mode we are not expert at, in a time when all traditional publishing and other media is more-or-less entirely controlled.

Louis Joliet, Explorer

Integral Catholicism
A Meditation On The Social, Political and Economic Philosophy of All Times
Louis Zdunich

Third Edition, 2014. 6 chapters $25.00 + $4.95 Shipping and Handling

Summary | Full Text, Chapters One and Two | Chapters Three and Four | Chapters Five and Six, plus Partial Bibliography

Random Essays On Economic Development

Catholic Economic and Organizational Philosophy as a Blueprint for Sustainable Growth. Second Edition, 2014.

by Louis Zdunich

184 pages, numerous papers and articles $20.00 + $4.95 Shipping and Handling

Summary |Part One | Part Two

Against the New Fascism

An integral Catholic Parries the verbal panzer assault of the Bush/Obama sodomy/aggressive-warfare machine.

by Louis Zdunich

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Volume One:...

Now is the Time...

To Gird on the Sword.

A_New_and_Better Confederacy.

"Touch Not the Unclean Thing". Secession based on the Law of God as Sole Source of Valid Law.

What is Sodomy?

What is a Frankpledge?

Fatima, Russia and the Approaching Punishment.

Russia, coming salvation of the Christian West and of Catholic tradition alike.

U.S. foreign policy a species of reinvigorated pagan colonialism.

Modern clinically-developed forgiveness imperative.

The Phalange and the specter of aggressive-warrior, Caesaro-papist state-worship.

Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt.

Law of God the sole source of law.

The Frankpledge Party Agenda.

In defense of true Christian manhood.

Bi-Partisan Culture of Death: Syllabus of Anti-Life Crimes.

Linguistics: the most formidable of fifth columns.

Christian voters, stand fast! St. Augustine on Sodomy.

The radicalized modern family as main pillar of the New World Order state.

Autobiographical sketch of Louis and Joann Zdunich.

Centuries-long atrophy of commonwealth into "government".

Today's "pious" surrender of the realm of the practical.

USA the next Gaza: where the Bush/Obama meltdown inexorably leads.

How will the Frankpledge system develop? A summary.

Fatima, La Salette, other Catholic revelations: why all the "secrets"?

Now is the Time to Gird on the Sword.

Summary of Ideas: Toward a True Democracy, Rooted in the People.

Noteworthy items of the day.

A few months after launching this website in January of 2003 the Iraq invasion and occupation was launched as well: bringing us overnight an economic and organizational interface based more-or-less exclusively upon Nietzschean-Superman global-remake whims and schemes of Rumsfeld, Chaney, Bush, Rice and the rest of the Anglo/Israeli Aggressive-Warfare-Cartel. Together of course with the intimately-related commercial/industrial agenda of a newly-empowered no-bid, insider-geo-corporate world. By such a baffling, treacherous route, then, has this "Summary of Ideas" grown to be what it is: an entirely-unconventional idea-itinerary meant to explore anything that could possibly throw some light on these anomalies. Comprising a collective threshold over which an unsuspecting citizenry stumbled by-precise-design via the infamous 9/11: that definite "inside job" to serve as the spectacular kick-off for a new radical-capitalist eternal warfare dominion-paradigm, almost identical to that of Adolph Hitler and associates. Engineered to "secure" us all not only in police/military but also in inseparable debt-related chains.

Every subject from the War to health care and other domestic policy matters is treat of here on this site, but you have to look for these subjects among the titles on the hyperlinks: there is no index. While amid the events of the day first entries on this page are sometimes put together rather hastily, often being first reactions to a world of events for decades now progressively slipping out of the self-governing grasp of the common man. "News" today being merely the same old washed-out fare for a week running, comprised of the few significant happenings that our newspeople and media-commentators are permitted to examine. Items whose presentation however fails to hit the bulls-eye of the underlying issues involved: sound-bites skillfully juxta-positioned between all the counselor-couch, health-tip and other irrelevant intrusions that we didn't click the remote in order to hear. But amid this information-no-man's-land - and while thus necessarily "going out on a limb" of perilous conjecture - also commonly discovery a whole host of new ideas. Aided too not only by more excellent sources than cable or network TV, but also by the fact that what these people don't tell us is far more revealing than what they do. Insights thus obtained being what this highly-provisional website is all about. The whole "raw" commentary is then invariably worked over in days following: as you can see by the improved quality - and probity - of entries that follow further on. In respect to which "sifting" operation don't be surprised if an article is removed for a day or even a month: during which time it is probably being intensively reworked, having been found inadequate in some way. In an endeavor which I undertake with assiduity. Also, I sometimes put my newest entry second or third in line, if I consider it of lesser importance than the article at the top. While finally this ongoing "diary" of world and national economic and political phenomena is followed further on by a "summary of ideas" more discursive, not in this reverse-chronological form, to be found in the last thus-named hyperlink below. For more detailed treatment of any theological subjects touched upon here please consult the Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas - the prime depositary of Western legal, moral, political and organizational thought - which can be found using a search engine online under that name. Finally, you may on occasion find your access to this site to be momentarily blocked, at which times I am probably adding or editing. But just give me a moment, and you should be able to get back on board with no problem.

On this site, the manly values cherished by many modern Muslim and other non-Christian nations are enthusiastically recognized, and their populations reached out to by us, for an alliance against the tide of perversion presently flooding the world from Western music, media and policies. With countries around the globe, from China to the Middle East to Africa, joining many Catholic nations from Ireland to Latin America in virile, resolute repudiation of an array of evils like sodomy, let alone sodomy-�marriage�. While many of these countries reject other shameful perversities as well, including various Western laboratory-procedures which treat men like mice. Thus we are working on including more articles to explore this common ground.

I haven't the resources to form an "exploratory committee" or to gather petitions, only two of a host of devices which remove presidential elections further from popular hands, yet as you will see I feel compelled to put forward my candidacy anyway, come what may. Hence I ask those of you who agree with my position on the issues explored on this front page, or in person-to-person conversations out on the campaign trail, to print up and display wherever possible the Platform which follows on a hyperlink below. It is designed to go on 11" by 17" paper, but can be downsized to 8 1/2 by 11 and still be readable. These small "leaflets" can then be put under windshield-wipers in parking lots, or between screen-door and trim on front porches, as I did as a lad of fourteen for the John F. Kennedy campaign. While either size format can be passed out at the office, at school, on the job, among friends and neighbors. In this way we can get completely around the tightly-controlled election-machines of both major Parties, and get the word out to the People: the real Sovereign of this land.

A New Day is Dawning: Presidential Platform.

September 16, 2017: Unrestrained passion both the do-all and end-all of American life and political thought and the gateway to the modern plague of sodomy.

Today's apotheosis of passion was given special impetus centuries ago in early-modern political terms, namely with the highly-theatrical, much-propagandized, masonic-lodge-cultivated Colonial anger over taxes, in an historically-unprecedented upper-class bloodletting umbrage gone on to an American celebration of passions of every kind. This orgy of passion, today perfectly represented in a base-passion-arousing Donald Trump, this "angry young man" prototype becoming indeed the false-but-universal epitome of earnest political activism over time, with the late-nineteenth/early-twentieth century finding a whole radical-ideological Anglo-American breed by that very name: the pitch of intransigent passion involved, however little honestly justified, held to be the measure of the justice of the cause. The noted early-modern imposts, among New England settlers exceedingly rich by European standards, hardly noteworthy when the Mother Country had continually defended and nurtured the west-Atlantic communities, colonies which in their early years could scarcely have existed outside the royal pale. All the petulant hullaballoo over "having been neglected" while England fought the Forty Years War with France having been mere rebellion-rationalizing fabrication: with no threat from Quebec ever having obtained, and few if any hostilities on this side of the Atlantic anticipated or desired by the English throne. The French-and-Indian-Catholic "threat", with native flocks numbering in the millions and growing geometrically, stretching out onto the future American frontier mountains and plains, having originated not in ruddy reality but in the gloomy and obscure interior of the fiercely-anti-Catholic Puritan/Colonial mind. In that deranged paranoia which sees bloody enemies wherever peaceful rosaries and processions abound: much indeed as remains the case even today over much of the USA. The envy of the marvelous success of the One True Faith in New World realms having been the real and unacknowledged reason for all the Colonial rancor involved, while an equally-fierce and vindictive Jacobin French Revolution was a short time later likewise assiduously cultivated by already-globally-predominant secret-society-member envoys to France of the late eighteenth century like Franklin, Jefferson, Samuel Adams, Thomas Paine and others of their lodge-hall-secretive kind. Thus combatively mobilized in this historically-unprecedented raising of raw passion to sacrosanct realms, to the neglect of clement, reasonable, accommodating bounds, first in politics then in life as a whole, was a rank fallacy which even ancient Greeks and Romans knew for an order-debilitating lie, with men like Cicero, Pompey, Augustus Caesar and most of the Roman leadership in particular having been celebrated by all for their passion-moderating self-control. The "freedom" thus unleashed in the American soul and political universe, rapturously if irrationally enthused by shallow men like Trump, all of it, with highest irony, toward the ultimate enslavement of mankind, being rather that of a spoiled, undisciplined child rather than of a grown and reflective man. This eternal contrast, this remorseless enmity, between good and ill, finding striking parallel indeed between modern-day-maniacal outbursts and those ancient varieties of fanatical, Baal-worshipping, blood-witted tribesmen confronted on many-a march of the legions of Rome: perverse, human-sacrificing worthies whom abortion-and-sodomy-prone Americans resemble more and more each day. This unconscionable apotheosis of unreasoning passion and juvenile self-vindication having already indeed characterized the American continent-crossing settlement in a special way, with swashbuckling, self-righteous American cavalry-and-wagon-train pioneering absolutely precluding any peaceful accommodation with Indians already divinely enchanted by the draw of the One True Faith, who were ceaselessly met among western mountains and plains. Natives who had little if any interest in faith without works fantasies, but rather sought a salutary moral life wonderfully encouraged by a priestly recital of the lives of the saints, by the grace-conferring hearing of Holy Mass, by the recitation of a Holy Rosary which engenders the most placid and uplifting emotions, so different from the chaotic impulses of perpetually-violence-prone heretics, or of the sodomite breed. They whose uncontainable affections most lusted in Sodom after the very noble angels sent to deliver them their fiery deserts. Indeed this founding glorification of unfettered "angry liberty", as it might be called, when it take firm hold on the soul, or takes possession of some group, makes Americans mostly resemble demons and damned souls below, angrily vociferating against other nations and in rebellion against all order and right, finding another parallel as well in that transfixing biblical herd-of-swine which met its demise in rushing helter-skelter over the brow of the cliff. All this especially in view of the universal principle of our fallen nature whereby every other passion is strengthened under notorious blinding inducements of an anger which always in some way propels these irrational "patriotic" displays, outbursts which ultimately, like a raging storm, capsizes the barque of the soul, and drowns in perverse waves-of-passion all the virtuous oarsmen that might be therein contained. Hence inevitably has the USA come to embrace by bits a form of democracy which values the successive unleashing of the most corrupt kinds of behavior as rapturously-acclaimed new plateaus on dizzy heights of modern liberty, of a barbiturate of glorious release, with execrable sodomy now being advanced as the fabulous new "up and coming thing". Any opposition to which new and bitterly-vindictive "declaration of independence" is, with blind, dumbfounded, contradictory stupidity, held to be a form of unforgiveable cruelty. Freedom here in the USA, and by force of American arms increasingly around the globe, now being thus directly associated with perversion, choas, disorder and other kinds of wickedness rather than with right: a rectitude which must by definition always be assiduously, laboriously cultivated within a disciplined spirit both social and individual in character, being a goal otherwise entirely impossible to attain. Yet nonetheless anger, vindictiveness, trenchant declamations at the drop of a hat, all these signature faith-without-works uncontrolled impulses continue to be stupidly regarded as the very litmus-test of virility and sincerity on these shores, while the old English and European sense of discipline, balance and moderation, indeed of mind-saving humor, are everywhere here mocked as somehow cowardly, effeminate, passive things. Which is just the opposite of the truth. Ah, it is true, the fiends in Hell do have a sort of force to their character: but it is all based on pretenses, on clever lies, which should scarcely attract the imitation of mortal men. And surely, when one lets fly with angry or other uncontrolled passions one becomes a sort of titanic force: a "loose canon" which, notably under American "passion makes right" foreign and domestic vindications, all Hell knows especially well and with all the skill of calculating malice, and as the unfolding agenda of Washington so staggeringly shows, how to destructively employ. In diabolical strategems toward the total ruin of morality, of societies and souls. With the masonic "correct and accepted" Yankee approach to public or lewdly "private" issues elevating theater to the do-all and end-all of political life, with the oratory of men we don't know and can hardly trust being accepted as proof-in-the-pudding of intentions spotless and upright. While finally, one writes in this way of ones own country out of love, not hate, refraining from false, cheaply-bought accolades, wishing to see ones native land a haven for heavenly things rather than a snare for the damnation of souls.

Always in the past, and indeed in practically every culture or creed, the restraint and moderation of the passions has been held as the measure of civilized behavior, with the habitually passionate man having in ages past been frankly considered a fool. A paragon today however likely to be regarded as having some overpowering insight to announce, some forthright declaration to declare, being valued as especially attuned to genuine human life. Tempestuous feeling often indeed at first having an appealing appearance of exceptional honesty, of harbor no ill will, but however much this may sometimes actually be so, immoderate emotion will ultimately bring down the ship of the soul: as cheaply-bought advantages thus obtained will steadily blind and seduce the subject himself, who will bit by bit, and as the theatrical becomes second nature, go from being morally simple to being a calculating ghoul. As sincerity itself must be maintained by discipline of the same passions, and is no treasure proper to any mortal man, and hardly to be kept by passionate displays, being rather a boon of grace, one which when thus neglected eventually if insensibly loses its pristine zeal, and finally its place. All virtues being bought in this humble, self-distrustful way, or they find no permanent home in the human heart and soul: with the headstrong man-of-passion indeed being found most notably among today's growing sodomite crowd, among whom angry rebuttal is a chosen passionate gateway for violating oversteps of every kind. As unreasoning emotions like unrestrained anger rather easily cross over into sexual terms, in a dialect in whose compelling phrases all passions seem jointly to communicate, even as conversely overflowing, line-crossing emotions of an affectionate kind can be just as perilous, as they involve a violation of its own special kind. Yet it is the continent, restrained and reasonable, who in fact know better how to love, which after all is the often-rather-staid and sober Christian object in mind, who are treated to a daunting barrage of contempt, misplaced pity, and misprepresentation or accusation of cruelty, in the world of today.

Indeed, only when the passions are under contol may we know the savor of the divine, communicate with what is truly great and sublime, the proper subject-matter of a well-formed soul and mind, while otherwise we become like melodramatic actors on a stage, or like unguarded fortresses without the rip-rap of well-reasoned, self-respecting walls, driven by impulses of the most shallow sort, throwing out sops toward noisy audience support. Making Americans ready forthwith, like certain ancient Greeks debauching from hypodromes after athletic contests fraught with angry strife, to carry an unjust and unwarranted sword around the globe. Is this your liberty, Uncle Sam? Ah then give me death rather than such a liberty: to properly reverse the speech of Patrick Henry to just, proportional and Godly bounds.

August 15, 2017: Feast of Our Blessed Lady's Assumption. Phenomenology the progress-deity of the USA, a philosophy-of-change whose latest fantasmagoria is found in the folly of "sexual self-identification" . How Catholicism, in which is found the only genuine progress, is alone able to resist this restless, enervating notional disease. Dixie as a parallel political cure for the nation. Article developed into September.

Phenomenology, also called existentialism, "takes the cake" in the modern political and philosophical worship-of-the-abstract and arcane, matching breathless acclamations of unbounded liberty--basically, as it turns out, not to do anything good or constructive, but almost entirely to do wrong--with equally trenchant declamations that a close relationship with the "here and now" is the litmus-test of the worth of any human activity of any kind. Opening wide floodgates of wild-eyed, near-aimless tumult, man and his needs, the presumed beneficiary of the republic in all its forms, must now bow to the superior importance of the immediate event, presently taking precedence even over erstwhile-deified theatrical declarations of every kind. Henceforth one must never dare to assert oneself above the stark, militant call of the nameless here and now. Tumult, precipitation and excitement being thus the keynote of the whole ideology, with the noted action-suffocating, passive-spectator quality of modern "liberty" or democracy thus receiving an unheard-of dimension in which to fly. This hotly-advocated creed, phenomenology, holding that events of the past in particular are empty of meaning or provenance, that likewise any spatial or geographical distance renders an event similarly barren of significance to those not actually present there. Here indeed a kind of event-deterministic "storming of the Bastille" of the most visceral and gutteral kind, in which every tradition is abandoned with perfect ease and stark finality, and personal horizons of playful or promiscuous activity find new vistas of release. Hence those BCCs or Basic Christian Communities of "Catholic" post-Vatican-II parish life: this essentially Marxist paradigm, said to have originated just after the council somewhere in Mexico, making the local church a venue for abundant hugs and emotional outpourings, while rigidly forbidding the discussion of anything beyond the narrow parochial bounds. This new form of mum's-the-word, this new hyper-humility packed in high irony with all the signature-post-council high theater, harboring a rampantly-resurgent Caesaro-Papism as well, in effect obviating all Catholic resistance to dictums of the modern pagan state, by default of mass voluntary capitulation to "whatever is happening" placing it in utter totalitarian power. Ah, here-and-now democracy indeed! Thus relinquishing any concern or sway over practical life, parishioners, "while Rome burns", blubbering with rapturous impotence over one another, showering tons of deserved or undeserved sympathy, on John's sickness, admiration on Megan's new hairdo, Jim's new car, or little Hether's new pair-of-shoes. The deleterious consequences of this universal side-stepping oblivion to staggering realities like the Uncle-Sam-invaded people around the world, or the homeless wretches out on the road or across town, like redemption and the history of salvation, is obvious here, with a ready revolution in all matters of politics, law, morality, custom and habit as well. This patent bit of phenomenology likewise shunning all horizons-of-concern with any multi-step thought-sequence involved, reducing life to a fantastically-over-evaluated ga-ga immediacy, rendering the common citizen, exhausted and out of breath by these enervating localized pursuits, politically passive, leaving it "to the big boys" to figure out more space-, thought-, or time-distant things. This modern species of radical ideology also claiming for itself, despite all the immovable inertia, all the heroic drama of the "rough and ready", of doughtily despising the "boringly" theoretical or doctrinaire: when in fact phenomenology is hidebound theory to the core, the invention of coke-bottle-bespeckled men like Marx or Hegel, constructing arcane tautologies in dusty libraries, indulging their abstract, hubris-ridden minds. While--here's the big tuna--providing ample rough-and-ready-theatrical/theoretical justification for every irrational, violent, perverse or otherwise twisted thing. This unfathomable, unconscionable oblivion pretending to remove all moral responsibility over things outside the compass of ones most immediate or even infantile/primitive concerns, so that all who are in power, whether legitimately or no, are in effect given unbridled chart blanc in every conceivable way: whether on the job, in the government, or in the local sodomy-peddling school, turning ones own sons and daughters into madmen and perverts at every turn. While the common man simply admires with open-mouthed awe the spinning wheels of "progress" whirling away. But most damaging to us who live between these two seas is that the USA is the very global breeding-ground of this change-ethic, whatever its ever-undulating form, this religion-to-end-all-religions, here at home brokering the present tepid citizen and parental resistance to an openly-Orwellian "reeducation" of children into noted abominable realms: Americans, amid all the distracting blubber around the table at home or on the churchyard sidewalk of a Sunday morn having as might be gathered an inbuilt lack-of-immunity to any evil or falsehood, howsoever hideous, that is somehow portrayed by our ever-radical media and teaching establishment as the "up and coming", "here and now", local-and-time-immediate, thing.

Quite the contrary to all the above, man is meant by God not to be an impotent wretch but a forceful political creature from the word go, in such a way that his power is imbedded in his position in life, in the way he does things, rather than being artificially circumscribed to some impersonal and highly-subvertible mechanism like the ballot-box, let alone the unmonitorable electronic voting-booth of today. That narrow place where a childlike "trust in democracy" certainly rules the day. Hence the much-maligned appropriateness of heirarchy: which is not to keep the common man "out of the loop", but rather to keep him decidedly in, by close, familiar, guardable and monitorable, participatory bonds. In medieval England the personalized fabric of authority having led from the local frankpledge to the village hundred court to the higher noble houses to the throne, with many intermediary and auxiliary authorities in between, having in this allegedly clumsy and "tyrannical" way kept intact a living, vigorously-articulated, adaptable, looseknit culture of justice, leadership, commonwealth and genuine personal trust. A system in which you always knew who you were dealing with, a necessarily-vigilant interweave which carefully excluded anything like ever-secretive, "freedom-loving" Masons and Bonesmen or ever-infiltrating Jews. Western man having sadly cooperated in the tearing-asunder of that very joy-and-prosperity-nourishing plethora, heedlessly seconding grimly-motivated, theoretically-conceived secret-society initiatives of the past few centuries. These far from being so genuinely democratic rather abstracting all political thought and action into heroically defended and lavishly praised but poorly-defined and abstractly-conceived categoricals like liberty: political deities which seem to call forth far more acts of prostrate worship than opportunities for consequential, hands-on participation by the common man.

Hence by terms of phenomenology it is not divine revelation, embraced by dint of miracles, firmly believed "on the word of God revealing" but the dictums of an ever-changing, serpentine, undulating process-deity to which we are required to give ear, with everything, our customs, political identity, civilization, laws, morality, our very human nature chained to rigidly-nihilistic, identity-annihilating demands of ceaseless change. While actually far from being anything so new, phenomenology, if not in the same form as considered above, is central to something so ancient as Hinduism, a belief which sees every moral disorder as a kind of whistle-stop on a restless railway model of personal existence, through a host of impossible intermediary changes-of-species, through myriad atoning "lifetimes". With moral infractions paid for in abject penitence as a insect, a toad, a beast, or as an "Untouchable". The latter Asian putative sub-human by a quasi-Jewish rigidly-self-righteous "morality" who must be humiliated, treated unfairly, "'cause he deserves it", at every turn. The sanctimoniously-well-atoned climbing up this near-inconceivable species-changing ladder, the sinful going down, "til they learn their lesson", as the case might be. Phenomenology itself by name however being the invention of the philosopher Heidigger and his assistant the "Blessed" Edith Stein, from whose works Skull-and-Bones invented Nazism, still alive and well today, borrows heavily, these two scholars together laboring to portray earth-denuding, mind-numbing, indeed violent change as the very pithy meaning of life. This "Catholic" gateway to a moral-evolutionary Vatican II, a rogue-council whose devastating effects upon the Faith are forecast both in Holy Scripture and in saintly prophesies of a thousand years, accordingly regarding most or all time-extended stability of any kind as intolerably backward, deserving only ridicule or bitter spleen. Whereas true Catholicism, as always wedded to salutary common sense, and not by accident the prime target of ever-well-heeled heresy or radical ideology, sees genuine progress as improvement, not abandonment, of what went before, scarcely "throwing the baby out with the bathwater" as neo-cons, Nazis, phenomenologists and Uncle Sam alike with eager heroism so incessantly do. True religion being designed to reflect the eternal changless stability of God, which is youth properly understood, with all betterment correctly conceived-of as a truer faithfulness to the divinely-imparted template or mold, and hardly any "heroic" breaking of same. Hardly expecting that morality itself can change like a chimera, indulgently allowing what was never allowed before, claiming absolutions of the "here and now", as in a "newly discovered" "scientific fact" that showers paians of virtue on execrable sodomy, "because", eurika!, "they were born that way".

The ground-clearing tidal-wave of this ever-shifting worldview, however, actually broke forth some centuries ago, beginning with the gradual quiet neglect and ultimate near-abandonment of both Thomistic theology and the Catholic view on the state, with first major political beginnings of this shameful "practical-minded" retreat found at the dawn of the fourteenth century. Albeit a calamity singularly preceeded in thirteenth-century England by the unprecedented Western-European debut of absolutism--which modern "democracy" for all intents and purposes reproduces to a tee--under John and later the Edwards, into the fourteenth. A nascent practical apostasy by bits giving way to spinoff "new and exciting" worldviews, to Hussites, Lutherans, Calvinists, Anabaptists, and a growing multitude of others as well, always with ample Jewish financing somehow involved. This underlying evolutionary ideology, to the subterranean glee of an ever-revolutionary Hell, much later to be enshrined in the lyrics of the old hippy hit of the '60s, deleriously enthusing that "there's a whole generation with a new explanation: people in motion, people in motion". With the ritual repetition of this odd call-to-arms seemingly designed, like so many other hypnotic melodies of its time, to induce a sort of trance-like condition so common to the drug-related universe of these "flower children", paragons with heroic intoxication immersed in the "up and coming thing". The hippies and related revolutionary associates most of whom without a blush turned on a dime a decade or so later and famously became well-heeled "yuppies", immediate forerunners to the neo-cons, ready to accept any moral compromise (thus the slang root-word "yup" ) as long as it padded their bank accounts and job resumes. These "spaced-out" and later blandly-pliable prodigies only forming another weary emanation of the change-deity, being in turn process-theoretical descendants of that New Age ideology which had reared its secret-society-nurtured, relativistic head already in the mid-nineteenth century. Close cousin to a quintessentially-phenomenological, stuffily-academic Marxism that it was, this tautology together with those collectivist colonies springing up like toadstools in the morning sun up North propelled the well-humored, common-sense common man of the Old South, far more than the slavery issue, into open conflict with much-more radical-ideology-prone Yanks.

But as noted there is a diabolically "patient" methodology to this star-spangled-sorcerer's ritual of phenomenology--lodge-hall-Uncle-Sam's mystic religion par excellence--an endurance ever enjoyed by abstruse concepts barely fathomable by the human mind, but which, more to the point, open the way to moral and political impotence, succeeded quickly by "freedom-loving" riot and self-indulgence of every kind. When in truth justice and the good are the only anchors for genuine liberty of any worthy kind. Rather sanctimoniously promoted being arcane fantasies whose understanding, as vague as it might be, demands every ounce of ones capacity as a thinking being, and then some, in sterile labors brokering an ultimate personal mental capitulation, rather than any actual moral conviction, spawning a much-less-arduous surrender of mind and will to a super-sanctified "up and coming thing". All this in its own turn critically necessary to the imposition of the "Spirit of Vatican II", this haunting specter of "The Council" (to end all councils), this gathering whose rationale as noted partakes the hypnosis of "people in motion" reveries, whose "new "explanation" is fanatical, hip-booted, forcibly-imposed moral, doctrinal and liturgical change, propelling the fold into the above-described cult of emotionalism and fanaticism, coupled with an abject bowing to the will of a paganistic state. That many-faceted anomaly which is cowardly/heroic "mine is but to do or die" New Church around the family table, in the neighborhood, and out in the pew. In this all-important regard New Ordo and Traditionalist churches being pretty much the same, both being firmly under synagogue and secret-society sway.

As discussed here and there on this site, the "American church" was the original brainchild of John Carroll, the first U.S. plenipotentiary bishop, holding a post utterly unprecedented for a native cleric in a newly-opened mission-land, an eminence obtained for this uncle of a prominent early-American freemason by none other than Benjamin Franklin himself. This occultist then Ambassador of the fledgling USA to a Holy See at the time already tentatively in the clutches of a compromised breed, they who so unjustly suppressed the Jesuit Order worldwide, sending many away from their missions in chains, some hundreds quickly or ultimately dying of treatment thus received. The Church although divinely instituted being quite capable of sin, of betrayal, in the individual cleric or pontiff, or group of same, as are all men, in a frailty which however keeps doctrine always entirely intact. This human moral fragility being indeed one of the marvelous proofs of the Church's authenticity, with frail human vessels nonetheless conveying those wonders-of-grace gathered over two thousand years. These earlier Jesuits having been the very personification of that assiduously-applied Catholic sociopolitical doctrine so sorely needed today. Franklin together with Carroll however plainly envisioning the heterodox, myopic, politically-impotent, essentially self-centered Catholicism of the USA as a "trial run" for the coming universal "Odd New Church" foreseen by a saintly contemporary late-eighteenth/early-nineteenth-century stigmatist Anne Katherine Emmerich, and thus in turn amenable to the weird phenomenology of a cryptically-engineered, up-and-coming USA. Two-century-old American Catholicism being the local venue of error and well-disguised impiety which dutifully conjured up its later offspring, Vatican-II New Church. Both of them, in their respective time-frames, hardly wishing to place any "embarrassing" stumbling-blocks in the way of reawakened paganism, ever the vehicle of passion-glutted, reflection-inhibiting immediacy.

Quite the contrary to all this enervating falsehood, true Catholicism as suggested rightly sees human life and history as moving toward an increasingly intimate friendship with God through a Faith-based, Calvary-initiated, Resurrection-confirmed, sacramentally-effected moral reform, the One True Faith scarcely concerning itself with some "mission" toward the radical change, let alone the clever manipulation, of morality, nor yet of native human interests, aims, conditions or sets of activities. And certainly not with some "letting off the hook" of broader moral duties of the most stringent, urgent kind. The New Church phenomenology astutely sweeping aside cherished customs and other seemingly-insignificant but highly-familiar contingencies, as of some "clutter" of no worth at all, disposed-of "all in a heap", however with Christian Civilization and the moral system therein inseparably entwined, these zealots making astute employment of the inseparability of religion with an interconnected human-customary composition definitive to our race. Thus were many a pious custom or doorway greeting breezily abandoned, allegedly because "folks don't talk that way anymore": so that a media-manufactured popular change-in-habit could largely be the sheep's clothing under which moral-revolutionary change could be so effortlessly achieved. Custom, habit, with all their many accoutrements, being the familiar, beloved but by comparison insignificant vessel into which all-important sacred things are divinely poured. The noted disorderly evaluation of phenomenology, and indeed of all of Hell, this violent sweeping aside, this disposal of the momentous along with the humble-and-instrumental, creating a fantastic hall-of-mirrors which would without ado warp all reality into something fundamentally different in nature from what went before, in an agenda pursued with Satan's own ever-secretive spirit, in an elfish conspiracy shared by earthly lieutenants in innumerable lodge-hall intrigues. This "gospel" of "progress" being indeed the Fiend's "new and exciting" version of his own kind of "redemption", not to Heaven but to Hell, and almost entirely accepted as salvation with scarcely a blink by clerics and the man in pew in this fifty-some-year long aftermath of Vatican II. This radical new version of "purging out of the old leaven" conceived of less admittedly as a mounting release from all moral restraint, bedfellow to a lodge-hall ultra-secularist view of the state, and as exemplified in religion in noted morally-and-politically-impotent "love, love" affectionate outpourings in the church entryway: all this hardly so trippingly-spontaneous in its debut as it pretends with high theater to be, rather having been astutely prepared for centuries in the ever-bookish radical political philosophy which the synagogue forever finances and employs. This past-repudiating agenda suggesting a kind of free-flight, as if out of some circus canon, to some all-points/all-determining uncharted future, if through deleriously-enthused intermediary "here and now" points on the trajectory, in an ultimate destination of which only the scientists, the Bonesmen, the Masons, the academics, the Jews and the avant-garde in general have any clue at all. With a material superhighway of glass, concrete and digital accessories said somehow to rigidly augur this stark transformation of societies, souls and minds. These occultists in effect being elevated to a new calender of saints, as recent fictional raisings-to-the-altar of complicit anti-popes duly if disgustingly confirms. What happens to blessed peace in all this breathless, feverish, Hell-filling change-for-its-own-sake? Ah, true peace is a subject not spoken of much anymore, peace for modern-day rats-in-a-maze rather being linguistically-transmutated into an ultra-meek state-of-mind in which one never makes a fist about anything or against anyone, except of course against those who would stand in the way of this phantasmogoric change-deifying dream. While as intimated above it is no accident at all that this change-based view of human life is like rocket-fuel to the dynamic of debt-driven industrial expansion, the Boris-Pasternak-lamented "cementing over of the whole earth", through whose dizzy counting-house extractive processes false-flag wars are arranged and the entire human race is systemmatically enslaved. Or if seeking exit from the maelstrom, like Ghaddafi or Sadam Hussein, identified as the new enemy to be destroyed, his nation bombed into the stone age, where it allegedly belongs.

As intimated above, in these complicated falsehoods the dissipated and effeminate are most decidedly well-at-home, in barren mental-habits which favor the ever-dallying pervert or wastrel, concerning a human life which, no matter how many baubles, gadgets and digital wonders it comes up with, must go to the grave in the end anyhow, and face a Maker for a life well or poorly spent. But to error-peddling Jews all of phenomenology's sterile labors, during which, like the Apostles on the sea of Genesareth, one trolls the seas of the mind "all night, and catches nothing" are accounted well worth the feverishly-conspiratorial effort if only Christian-unity-destroying heresy and wholesale human enslavement can by such means be given new and murky spawning-places in which to vigorously thrive. But the worst thing about the USA vis-a-vis this phenomenology fallacy is that, loyal sons of the synagogue that all true-blue Yankees are, these nephews of Uncle Samuel sanctimoniously export this rank, enervating, noble-custom-quashing change-pathology around the globe by the point of a bayonet, after which, as if that weren't enough, those thus fated to listen to the fluted serpent-song, in some version of the "people in motion, people in motion" of the noted '60s melody, are likely doomed to become the biblical "ten times worse" than the ever-marching Yank in all regards. As witnessed in such pathetic places as Scandanavia, where every moral disorder perhaps only hinted-at by this ever-indulgent Uncle Sam is made into a new battle-cry by bewitched proscelites in this hellish moral/political/conceptual change-malestrom, set spinning in one way or another, economically or politically, "by hook or by crook" in fabled exploits of the star-spangled sorceror-prodigy. Mankind in general typically-enough succumbing to underlying skullcap blanishments, getting impossibly mired in morally-deadly pitfalls in which however Yankee Doodle "exceptionalist" militants typically only tidily dabble, while eagerly "defending" more-"advanced" cancerous proclivities everywhere. Hence then our desire to reestablish the old Confederacy, if minus racism and slavery, as potent revulsive against this hellish "mission in life", in a "New and Better Confederacy" based firmly on a practically-elaborated, unchangeable law of God as the only Constitution, as the source of all valid law, desiring to prevent this country from ever again being used as an exporter of chaos, of change for its own sake, of all Godless, diabolical and perverted things. Dixie being esentially much closer to the true America intended by Almighty God, admittedly requiring some critical major modifications, positive changes with which the Southern mind was and in many ways still is quite adaptable. Slavery in the South having indeed been insisted upon by none other than the "liberal minded" Thomas Jefferson, in his drafting of the Louisiana Purchase, at a time when newly-birthing Southern states found therein had no such intentions in mind. While the bar-brawling, wife-beating, "cryin' in your beer" Southerner of the New York financed and Nashville based music crowd was a complete unknown in the Old and refined South, in which a man proved his character by his way-of-life, not by some sort of self pitying, self-indulgent, theatrical spree. The Dixie envisioned here, designed to be extended across the entire land, to be established ultimately by popular choice in that perfect form revealed to us in the moral and sociopolitical teachings of the Catholic Church. While the final gathering-in of the Christian fold finds portent in the present crescendo of heavenly omens and catastrophic political and weather-related events, a reunification-during-which-prodigies has with rock-solid certainty long been predicted in both biblical and saintly prophesy.

August 5, 2017: Nero Trump fiddles while Rome burns.

Since the Inauguration there have passed more than six months during which the overwhelmingly-dominant issue of the day--the sexual "self-identification"-related administration of hormones to children and the young, coupled with an inseparable sexually-morbid classroom atmosphere and teaching material--have constituted by far the most momentous, urgent and catastrophic matter in all public and private life during that time. This Federal-court-mandated Dr. Jeckle-shooting-up of school-children who "self-identify" being roundly ignored, with loud claims that "Trump will act in due time". This travesty glibly unremarked, right up to the days when the schools are once again opening up their treachery-hiding doors. This final insult to parental authority and the minds and souls of our young being indeed the eminently-fitting final legacy of that Boomer-age teaching establishment which has put the nails in the coffin of America's finest hopes, they whose closest moral allies for the past fifty years have been those legions of dope-peddlers, one-of-two of whom many-a grade-school-child knows personally but whom the police dare not confront. This abominable "academia" having overturned every Godly belief, decent habit and hallowed institution in American life, with generous help from the media, the courts and rigidly-controlled halls-of-state. All this in a brainwash-program which beyond any doubt will quickly see parental oversight of the moral life of their children totally and rigidly forbidden and excluded worldwide, through the extension of American influence and arms. This in a hideous, fanatical over-extension of the "par parentis" legal doctrine beyond anything intended by that common law in which it is found: assuming as it does a complete incapacity of present-day parents to guide the ship of their children's minds and souls in any important way, mom and dad being held mere mute spectators to an enthralling, supposedly stellar, "progress" which however in fact puts moral and material nails in our collective coffin more firmly each day. Hence the carefully-prearranged election and subsequent theatrical involvement of Donald Trump, aided as always by facial-agonies of the TV-anchor crew, monopolizing the media with two or three hotly-argued but trivial and woefully artificial issues: these fantastically inflated with the usual brow-furrowed, belabored efforts of hearings, the specter of special counsels, a grand jury or two. This thought-diverting juggling-act, with Trump the able master-of-ceremonies, a distracting sideshow with congressional associates equally engrossed under the stage-lights all in a row, this new chief executive only another Nero who laboriously fiddles while Rome burns, pitting an utterly-insincere dedication to "liberty" or "national security" against the forthcoming misery and enslavement, both temporal and eternal, of our young. This latter injustice, this trespass into ineffable realms, being remorselessly ignored as if worth no attention at all, or with a dismissive shrug, as a matter "soon to be gotten to", considered second-fiddle to storm-in-a-tea-kettle procedure-related controversies, this oblivion-creating imbroglio being the whole reason this Oval Office madman was so elevated by the perpetual, treasonous Jewish/Freemasonic/Skull-and-Bones league. (Hardly do we suggest that Hillary would have been any better: but are there not some three hundred million other people in the USA to choose from? Some one of which could surely do a better job?) This final connivance of an abominable global coterie finding close ally in this show-man, this influence-peddler, this perverted verbal-abuser of women, this wrecker of world peace, he who plainly and demonstrably has no problem at all with the perversion of our young. Even as suggested above the notion is carefully cultivated that the whole subject of juvenile "self-identification" has only "been put on the back burner" while "more important" things are being discussed. A topic in any case held to be "too sensitive" to even be considered by "ordinary men": a subject said to be best left in the hands of these secretive, compromised academic and judicial functionaries said to "know what's best".

Ah, nightmarish Orwellian novels come starkly into being in all such things, in an abject surrender-of-decency to which the man on the street is urged as well to give a cowardly if ill-articulated assent. Just like the tormented star in the movie 1984, vigorously shouting his support, with raised fist, at another propaganda rally, loudly clammering with a thousand more in favor of abominations he had opposed only days before, and been mentally tortured as a penalty in the most cruel way. Although perchance some momentary sally-forth by Trump will be prompted by such very commentaries as these, to give the above-noted impression that the official addressing of this utterly-undebated making-of-freaks and scoundrels out of our children "was only momentarily delayed", while these other "more pressing" issues were so breathlessly and adamantly pursued.

The only answer to all this monstrous public duplicity and criminality in so critical a matter is secession, coupled with the reestablishment of the Confederacy to which all states are invited to join themselves, no longer being restricted as a strictly-Southern cause. Indeed, Westerners seem far more thus inclined than those of today's Dixie, strangely timid souls who have undoubtedly succumbed over the past century and a half to dishonorable blandishments of those carpet-baggers and scalawags who drove good Southerners westward immediately after the Civil War. Like that memorable '60s TV serial Johnny Yuma, who "figured that he'd been pushed enough", men who with free spirit manned the cattle-drives, mines and ranches, who gave us that Western culture which inspired most of our good novels and fairly-good movies, which fired several generations of the young to aspire to good, decent, honorable things. The people back East, whether Northeast or Southeast, whom we nonetheless urge to join us, being likewise universally under the heavy-handed sway of a police-state mentality with notoriously-itchy regional billy-club and gun-handle fingers, with these, easily-enough, under some imaginary pretext, to be employed against anyone who manfully speaks his mind for any truly-conservative cause.

"Man up", America, and defend our young, and God will go with you, if you humbly depend upon His almighty power, observe His law, and fervently pray for His delivering grace. And we will establish a nation worthy of Him, and a credit rather than a shame to the human race.

September 21, 2017: Article greatly amplified and developed over time from original. Meant to be an exhaustive analysis of today's abominable notion of sexual "self identification". Sexuality as principally a spiritual thing, sodomy not "gay" but a form of giddy, self-despising depravity. This article investigates nebulae most subtle, those "muddy" or obscure waters in which the fiend and his numerous academic lieutenants "most love to fish", so that we go into some detail here and there, as we must drive these "scholarly" barricudas out of their treacherous covens at all costs. Hence in this analysis do I write for those who earnestly desire to understand this treacherous moral sickness, its causes and cures, and not at all for those who must laugh at everything, regarding themselves as "gay", and life as a sort of "bowl of jello" or comedy show, who recognize any moral law little or none at all, who think that life is best lived in drug addict, sensual riot, ceaseless revelry. Such thought-dismissive categories of people finding ample representation among whom these "scholars" of our day of whom we speak.

These so-called academics are the real and remorseless bullies, the abusers, of our children, youths who, were they somehow to escape their perverse influence, would readily with God's help circumvent those moral pitfalls with which this life is full. These madmen with auxiliaries in a complicit government, media and courts, all under tight Judeo/secret-society control, now together openly engineering the destruction of Christian Civilization not only here at home but by overbearing American military, economic and political influence around the globe. For the moral/intellectual onslaught we speak of here is omni-dimensional in character, scarcely being restricted to classrooms or lecture-halls. With this all-points treason, this betrayal-of-trust before us, then, we will go on to consider the actual rather than imaginary moral plight of man today with regard to sex, that area-of-life now increasingly under sway of this secretive coterie, this set of drives and characteristics being an integral part of the human personality, one in which man is most easily brought under the most supine control. The modern cabal-orchestrated-and-insinuated state dominating man, hardly leaving him any meaningful freedom, that boon of which he so continually boasts, rather more and more offten finding him not only controlled but actually imploded as a human being, without character, opinion, belief or stable way-of-life. The critical analysis of this overpowering salient in this organized warfare against our race naturally requiring an understanding of our spiritual/somatic existence: that plethora in which these moral struggles necessarily take place, our nature encompassing a potentially balanced and constructive ensemble of thought and emotion, word and deed under open and insidious attack today. This ongoing court-orchestrated corruption-of-humanity proving the fertile sources of moral disorders which already draw down a long-predicted punishment of mankind, in a much-prophesied coming calamity which will soon consume some three-quarters of our race in the scorching rays of a sun which has already far overstepped its immemorial distance-related bounds. With a final deadly proximity to bring on an incineration duplicating that of Sodom and Gomorrah. The approach of which chastizement has already caused weather-related anomalies of increasingly ominous kinds, leaving behind us the record of New Orleans, of Joplin, of Tuscalusa, of scores of other deadly tornadoes, as well as a track-record of hurricanes of such power as has never been seen before, just now leaving us an underwater Houstin, and threatening similar catastrophies across the globe. In view of all the above, then, our loyalty here on the Crusade is decidedly with the people rather than with an abstractly-conceived, deliriously-praised government and school-system, an two-headed deity, alternately frowning and laughing, which consumes humanity in every dimension of mind and soul, "passing them through the fire" as in ancient Canaanite times.

Moral strictures discussed here would not of course apply were we men simple animals, four-legged or eight-legged friends who lack the many complexities of our fallen-human moral compass, obviously approaching sex in the simplest and most straight-forward of ways, having it immovably built into them, if not indeed consciously, to virtuously preserve their particular species in this natural male/female way. But among human beings sex is the act of a free and deliberating agent, an activity which due to Original Sin can quickly and above all others degenerate away from its proper purpose and into the most complete folly and depravity, an overpowering, potentially-all-consuming passion whose grave moral and practical consequences plainly require regulation under the divine law, and under human law modeled on the divine. So that although sex among humans is obviously male/female by nature, as for one thing in manifold redundancies of simple mechanical structure, yet this instinct is notoriously-capable of being twisted into a thousand foreign shapes--no "gay" or laughing matter at all, as events consistently prove--standing in dire need of moral training, of solid grounding in upright traditions as well. Since sex among reasoning humanity is both a reproductive function and a form of moral self expression, either chastely orchestrating profundities of the inner being or dragging them shamefully to nether regions below. Hence required are heartening and uplifting music and culture, civilized forms in which sanity and religion alike are admirably contained: the acknowledgment of which is not to "hate" those somehow lacking in same, as cry-rag-flourishing liberals claim so adamantly and sanctimoniously today, but indeed only to wish and desire them well. Succumbing as they do to infirmities of a complex instinct by which the Primeval Sin is passed along from one generation to the next, and in the function of a conduit thus itself becomes most readily fouled. And since sexuality is in many ways learned socially, the vulnerability of same to disastrous misdirection is evident as well, both in the inner realm of the individual and in its comprehensive social articulation. This learning by a boy of what it is to be a man, both within and without, and the same with a girl in her own regard, this apprenticeship in the multi-dimensional universe of sexuality, as it might be called: this apprehension on many scores absolutely requiring a cultural plethora morally and spiritually sound, shunning those perverted, satanic, ritualistic barbarities, assaults upon minds, souls and senses now being forced upon the young. This new diabolism exhibiting a crescendo begun nearly a century ago with the introduction of the African jungle-beat in lavishly-financed "popular music", in a seductively-appealing, weird, oddly-comical cacophony, steadily taking the place of virtue-encouraging songs and sentiments which once nourished a marvelous refinement of heart and mind. Sex finding a close parallel in another passion, anger, for just as the latter has a just and proportional purpose when properly restrained, being a foremost guardian of justice among human beings, so too it can readily culminate in things most evil and destructive, if not carefully kept within due and orderly bounds, as in the biblical passage "the anger of man worketh not the will of God". As related to us in the writings of St. John Cassian, this fallen "anger of man" is that unbridled by the moderating influence of grace, that which by contrast gives us an indignation, a sense of outraged justice, clothed with the very liniments of the divine. Similarly then does sex have a rigidly-appropriate purpose, and is likewise capable of expressions sublime, but by its singular fallen condition is even more difficult than anger to innocently contain, especially when self-discipline is ceaselessly embattled by ubiquitous hostile cultural/intellectual forms. To which furthermore must be added the qualifier that mere sensations somehow related to sex, which modern anti-culture conjures in its signature snake-charming way, must not be conflated with sex itself, which if not kept rigidly within its definitive functional/natural framework is no sex at all, but only a depraved sort of aimless and degenerate, self-gratifying indulgence: whatever the "loving" or "caring" pretenses it may wear. While claims of being "born that way" have no ground to stand on here, as in view of above considerations it would scarcely be more absurd to "self-identify" as a bird, a shooting-star, a speeding train, or a cow grazing out on a field, than to stoutly aver oneself as somehow "inwardly"--ah, mysticism indeed--the opposite sex. The good God too hardly creating men in such a way as to be incapable of observing His clearly-annunciated divine law; this even as the miniscule numbers who have physical defects which prevent genuine sexual intercourse are clearly a case apart, to be classed among those born without the normal number of fingers or toes, unfortunates persons who are indeed never considered or discussed in perverse allegations which now so deafeningly rage. This infernal and deranged perversity, sodomy, today accompanied by every sort of specious promotion, of diabolical trapping, of voodoo-beat, of male earrings, of sex-change hormones and the like, thus possessing the monstrous potential of crossing bounds of both gender and species: as in all matters this earth is a test for men, whose faith, piety, sense of honor, refinement-of-character, or lack thereof, quickly come to the fore in this most fundamental of things, in choosing or refraining-from good or wrong in this most basic regard. So that any sexual overture or advance of an unnatural kind, as of a man toward another man, rightly provokes a sense of shock and incomprehension that is perfectly appropriate, not to be called "homophobia", or any such fictional name. As perversion utterly destroys the solace of all order, all peace, that "tranquility of order" which is essential to a good life, to sanity, to a sense of security, to every good thing. Nonetheless any vigilant sounding of the toxsin of moral-alarm is ridiculed as a form of cowardly hysteria, although in the next breath "advanced" advocates of a perversion now claimed to be "congenital", indeed even virtuous, will go on without blink or blush to advocate some brutal, murderous, racist, false-flag-unjust war.

Much to the point here as well are those varieties of personalities which absolutely define human existence, finding here a perfectly-masculine boy nonetheless in many ways modeled after a much-admired mom, there a very feminine girl in many ways a carbon-copy of dad: all this marvelous, florid panoply-of-character, without any injury to nature, wrought in the Thomistic definition of cognition as "becoming what (or whom) we know", and afortiori of what or whom we love, being by today's nihilistic academia consigned to fantasy-bred, morbidity-driven either/or "sexual self-identification": a place without reason, light or joy. When in fact by this Thomistic congitive "becoming", this taking-in of forms or essences which is the prime function of mind and soul, in that "possible intellect" which the Saint so ably describes, the male must indeed "self-identify" with the female, but in so doing crosses no "points of no return", no ridiculous identity-related frontiers, rather "becoming" in heterosexual relations the one he loves: taking into his soul the form, namely the "being" or essence, if not the matter, of his mate. In a "self-identification" which apart from sex is indeed quite fitting to all forms of knowledge and love including that toward those of the same sex, as in knowledge of persons, places or things we speak of something interior and universal, in this profoundest sort of "becoming", and not at all exclusively something directed to narrowly-specific purposes of the procreation of humankind. Even if the latter indeed necessarily incorporates this intellectual/affective activity as well. While the same "becoming" or "self-identification" must be said of the woman, in order in both cases for sex to come to its full and proper fruition as the natural act of a human being, in every dimension of heart and soul, body and mind. Sex properly-so-called being indeed this unselfish going-out-of-oneself, this "becoming the other" of this consumate form of knowledge and love in which biblically "the two become one flesh". This becoming, this union of man and wife, having a heavenly model indeed in the very Trinitarian love of the Father and Son, the heavenly model of all love, by which the Father as-it-were eternally pours forth His very Being, thus "begetting" the Son, perfectly expressing Himself by perfectly identifying with His divine, only-begotten, co-equal Offspring. Hence too the parallel, magnificent, divinely-uttered "it is not good for man to be alone", in a genuine love which experiences what the other experiences in all regards, the man "by participation" becoming the woman, the woman becoming the man, else it is no love at all, but either a sort of lonely self-gratification, on the one hand, or a pitiful act frustrated by all these "scientists", shorn of all the good and genuine pleasure and fulfillment it is meant so magnificently to hold and convey, on the other. This generous self-translation being indeed capable of being "tripped up", with man or woman shamefully crossing-the-bounds of their own gender, attempting to "become" the opposite sex physically, in this blunt, stupid, perverse, non-reciprocal way advocated judicially and academically today, typically aided by a cynical and artificial use of hormones, in a way which calls forth no such generous self-surrender, but only a sort of morbid reverie. Thus blaspheming God by despising the nature lovingly given them by Him Who cannot make someone to exist in a way which transgresses His own divine law. By which of course, too, we see that the whole "self identification" fantasy is nothing new at all, no more than apostasy, a kind of Bible-burning, under a thin linguistic veneer, no matter how many Judas clerics may attempt to lend this filthy profanity a Christian guise. Whereas in stark contrast to this prurient, reprobate perversion, innocence is rather the noblest, the most commodious vessel for the marvelous interchange which is genuine sex: an innocence we may however regain by the grace of a good God, once it is lost. While the dense ignorance wrought by modern academia may thus also be overcome, although much effort will be required, no doubt in both an exorcism of evil spirits thus plaguing the soul and in a closely-related driving-forth of a host of diabolical-close-cousin twisted ideas as so often inhabit the modern, and especially the "educated", mind. As the human congitive being as suggested above veritably "becomes what it thinks about", with sublimities of the contemplation of God raising us up with the assistance of grace to "become one spirit with Him", on one end of the spectrum of the Thomistic possible intellect of which we speak. While on the other far distant pole all of today's morbid mulling and introspection involved in the ongoing obsession with sodomy, aided by diabolical anti-cultural accoutrements of our times, will end by incorporating that sin into our very inner cognitive composition, making us indeed to "self-identify" with same. With the powers of Hell lending their own kind of nefarious assisting support. Thus as suggested do tempestuous behavior, unfounded aggressiveness, gratuitous emotion-based invasions of the sovereignty of ones neighbor, and so on, when prolonged in oneself or willingly indulged by another, readily trigger, with the help of all Hell, a range of obscure interior salients and quasi-surrenders proper almost entirely to sex. Ergo, today's sordid notions of "self-identification" which have entirely to do with this emotion-based turmoil, producting an inner hall-of-mirrors in which the organs of the opposite sex can indeed be made to appear distorted and ugly, and those of ones own sex weirdly attractive, with a massive flash-flood of unwarranted, irrational feeling bursting crucial boundaries of the rational soul and mind. While as suggested above and as noted often when writing about such obscure phenomena, the subject-matter here described is properly preternatural, involving a ghoulish misrepresentation of mostly-spiritual faculties shared with angels, designed to be orderly, disciplined and potentially sublime, and is thus scarcely open to today's much-touted scientific analysis: understandably-enough with the part the fiend plays in it all being particularly illusive to methods of science books or psychological treatises of any kind. Here then being a phenomenon, in this disastrous unleashing of the passions, not of some limited number of people "with tendencies", or "born that way", but a component vulnerability of morally-and-spiritually-motivated human beings: intelligent, emotion-laden creatures who live in a mystery-bound inner universe in which deadly pitfalls must share space with epiphanies of the most salutary kind. (Those "gay" ones who will no doubt laugh at all this "backward thinking" must prepare themselves for eternal wails that are to come). Among those of the same sex, especially where good custom has been trampled to the ground as is the case today, an abusive, overstepping manner, whether "affectionate" or no, once willingly accepted, in a craven, honorless inversion proper only to murky realms of the perverse, leads readily to a misplaced, previously-repugnant intimacy, aided by all Hell, and then to lewd, abominable sodomy crimes. As there is to be found, risking a redundancy which seems justified in such nebulous realms, something alike subliminal, psychosomatic and diabolical taking place in these interpersonal follies, oversteps danced on dangerous ground, aided by a "meekness" or polar aggression both of them totally foreign to sublime workings of grace, with the ultimate act-of-surrender which is sodomy being the deadly reef toward which the ship of the soul in such follies steadily sails. Raw, unfettered emotion, whether angry, brutal, domineering, or seemingly "loving" but actually infantile and selfish, being the perfect ramrod for the smashing in of otherwise unsullied and insuperable ramparts of heart, soul and mind, opening the way for demons of every kind, so that the just rightly hold their peace in the presence of the sodomite breed, or those of unfettered emotion, as did Jesus when interrogated by the vile, perverted, morally-and-tempermentally-abandoned Herod. The Savior steadfastly refusing to respond to the treacherous undertow of his nefarious abusiveness of speech, manner and deeds. Self-respect, finally, being the moral guardian ever required; a reverence toward ones own soul which faith or revelation steadfastly unhold and never deny: while it is a Judas who counsels any other concept of a meekness so grossly misunderstood today, urging a false version which partakes of a shameful "humility at the expense of Christ", a craven lowliness likely at last to drag one down to the very depths of shameful depravity. The humility of the Savior having always been virile, resolute, majestic and untrammeled, in that convergence of all the virtues which in the final analysis, as St. Thomas Aquinas declares, are all one and the same. There being no contradiction between genuine meekness and a resolute refusal to allow any crossing of sacred bounds. While from this same Godly instinct comes the taking-up of the sword to exterpate evil and perversity, in defense of maidens, of innocent youth, of the good and the pure, of the society-rectifying law of God.

Here then too, coming gracefully but indomitably into its own, the powerful support lent to true sexuality in particular and to a good and healthy life in general by holy images and statuary of Catholic devotional art, aiding strongly in the modeling of oneself, of ones children and spouse, after Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the other saints, holy patrons of the various walks-of-life. This habitual, sacred-image-aided "self-identification", so merciful to our human composition, so much dispised by most of the Protestant world, being indeed the very opposite of idolatry, as in the worship of those biblical "graven images" of owls (Baal or Moloch) or some other beasts-of-prey, as among Canaanites and other nations, not only in Old Testament times but today as well. As in ongoing ugly, cryptic rites of Bonesmen, Illuminati, Bohemian-Grovers and higher-level Masons as well: abominable men who rule the world of today, all under the infernal Jewish mercenary sway. Plying that infernal practice whereby one "self-identifies" indeed, becoming possessed by the evil spirits of cruelty and license thus portrayed. Whereas in the prayerful consideration of traditional Catholic religious art, mirroring the sacred function of the carved Seraphim who hovered over the Ark of the Covenant of Old Testament times, the virtues of saintly souls thus contemplated are steadily emblazened on the heart and mind, in that "becoming what we know" and even more what we love: in a holy modeling-after that Son of God, the Blessed Virgin Mary, or other saintly blessed ones. So that by dint of such constant practices as these, enlisting the very senses in the worship of God, we powerfully exert ourselves to rescue the latter from infernal blandishments of evil and seductive sounds and forms, and ultimately possess an inner holy sanctuary of cognitive images or examples into which to flee, therein to lovingly examine once again this sacred menagerie. Forming a soul-comforting, salutary refuge against foul temptations of the fiend. A place of retreat indeed, steadily refurnished, re-enlivened in daily prayer before these holy images, finding a familiar home as well within our own very minds and hearts, a place to hide from deadly darts of the enemies of our souls, in company of those blessed ones upon whom by this holy and salutary practice we carefully pattern our lives. Thus lending ourselves decisively by grace to prevent any such abominable "self-identification" as is so cunningly advanced today.

Likewise alongside this saving sequence of sound, image and becoming is to be found the place of salutary good humor: which in olden times lifted men out of mental, auricular or visual pitfalls of morbidity with near-incredible ease, as "when knighthood was in flower", when chivalry and manhood abounded, and guarded both the untrammeled purity of womanhood and the upbringing of the young. A time when a knight or nobleman could easily be described as being "mild as a maid", and be frankly admired for same, and yet be counted upon both to beget a castle full of healthy children and fearlessly go forth to battle the enemies of the realm. While finally, it is in the treading of one or the other of these two paths, aided by sense-related stimuli, namely the contemplation of God and the Godly, on the one hand, or the infernal obsession with things dark, foul and sinister, on the other, in which the whole story of salvation or damnation is to be found. Which then will you choose?

Finally too there must be considered the inevitable flesh-hating, Gnostic effect of heresy, which tends to pillory womanhood as if separated from manhood by a chasm like that which eternally divides Lazarus and Dives. Theological error always being based on a simplistic understanding of Holy Scripture, on harsh condemnations coupled with facile forms of salvation, and the like. This in stark contrast to the sublime elevation of women by the Blessed Virgin Mary as recognized in the Catholic Faith, this New and sinless Eve having been conceived without Original Sin, having been the collaborator in our redemption with Christ both by her purity and by her unfathomable motherly share in His sufferings for our sins. Our Blessed Lady thus signally reversing the fatal moral role of the first Eve, who rather led Adam into sin, and lost us all, who are mystically "one man in Adam", the inestimable treasures of Original Justice, with the many beatitudes which it implied. Hence, lacking the riches of Marian devotion and the gentle mildness it brings to the souls and manners of men, being an inestimable cultural dowry of Christian Faith, we have instead the common bleak, Calvinist-American inability of men to identify with women, and by way of this strange disability indeed with the rest of humanity, in the noted fundamental way which love and sex intrinsically require. So that to American men sex tends to be laced with open or subtle contempt, often to resemble a kind of rape or bondage, or in any case a morally-repugnant necessity, a "using", even an ordeal, rather than a union or co-identifying agape-feast of love. While this whole contemptuous view of women likewise redounds in the opposite way among the latter, who either come to passionately despise men formed in such an ignorant, brutal, indeed stupid manner, or on the other hand to admire this sort of man and to reject the good and kindly as unmanly or effeminate. All this rancor across the genders, this utterly unnatural "battle of the sexes", this fostering of the brutal and inconsiderate, being plainly a powerful inducement toward sodomy, as the profound reverence required is dolefully lacking in the male/female relationship, thus beforehand bringing down many of the defenses which good sexuality requires. All due to this unique American-heretical pitch-of-contempt for women which even paganism scarcely displays. Whereas, scraping the dredges of this miserable latter-day disease, men have no such fundamental barrier in relating to other men in a host of ways, nor do women in relation to other women, thus going a distance toward creating much-noised modern illusions of "self identification", of finding the body of the opposite sex ugly, and so on. While such an anomaly, the end-product of falsehoods, abuses and brutalities of the most twisted kind, is simplistically identified by our "academia" as a good, healthy, indeed a normal thing, in their century-long signature bull-in-a-china-shop approach to subject-matter of every kind. This their scholarly-simpleminded interpretation of realities which when rightly and reasonably approached or considered are chaste, noble, graceful, august, scarcely resembling foul and deranged comedies and rituals of the sodomite crowd. As mind and soul will always work a powerful effect upon this eminently-human activity, which by nature and as detailed above is properly hedged about with discipline and virtuous cultural accoutrements which keep it in due, offspring-fruitful, kind and gracious bounds. Lacking which constant training sexuality quickly leads to nether regions where the damned are found. While finally the diabolical purpose of the fiend in spreading this Gnostic or anti-human battle of the sexes in all its twisted forms, reveled-in by sodomite Nazis and Bonesmen more recently, and by Albigensians of medieval times, is to prevent the birth and Christian upbringing of children. As it is the human race which Satan most loaths and which he wishes to see extincted, as it remains the home of that Incarnate Son of God Whose sovereignty, both on earth and in heaven, he rejects with his foul animosity. While for the same mankind-decimating purposes he also incites the many wars of all times, typically based on lies, on considerations of race or profit, and more recently on those nefarious false-flag operations in which Uncle Sam in particular has for a century now eagerly sacrificed his own people, as on 9/11, in order to propel us into war. Satan in most of these conflicts bringing nations to sacrifice their own most promising youth on pagan altars of the war-god Mars.

Furthermore, to be considered in the ugly spectacle of sexual "self-identification" is the celebrated American "liberty" to do wrong, that which has catastrophic effects upon the liberty to do good, as for one thing unfettered license tends to blunt subtle sensitivities that are crucial and life-giving to the inner man, that shed light on the path of virtue both in sex and in all other regards. A life clouded with violent passions rather making us easy prey to illusions and misconceptions of every kind, duplicating the fate of those biblical "blind leading the blind", following Pied Piper teachers into a caveman-like, "evolution"-obsessed, jerk-knee mental paralysis upon which modern academia of a century has so vigorously thrived. Indeed all forms of chaos, perversion and barbarity, the fomenting of unjust wars and civil upheavals, will result when any society gives unreformed passion, let alone sexual perversion, full, officially-endorsed sway. All this ignoring that most basic, decisively, perfectly-poised of legal/judicial doctrines, namely that "wrong has no rights", as ancient pagan histories, even of relatively-virtuous nations like Rome, let alone that sodomy-imposing Antiochene Greece which the USA resembles more-and-more each day, so powerfully display. A detestible non-nation being any land in which right and good are not upheld by that law-related establishment whose intrinsic purpose is to maintain the virtuous and true, lacking which it has no valid, reasonable or constructive purpose at all. But in our false-liberty-spellbound system and society, not-by-accident dedicated to an extractive, debt-driven economy and inseparable false-flag war, ones genuine, inalienable right to be a full, necessarily individualistic person in an innocent way is rigidly denied, or made next to impossible, while the "right" to every sort of perverse or fiendish conduct is with theatrical "mercy" and "compassion" rigidly upheld. Do not such specious sentiments and uncalled-for advantages reinforce this odious idea in some young minds that they "were born that way"? Such privileges being notably accorded to those sodomites who have learned so well how to hide under "heroically" unfurled stars-and-stripes. What results then among a host of other hideous things is a false sort of personality cultivation, in which some half-dozen media-and-educator-cultivated, quasi-masonic "correct and accepted" personality-types receive unqualified endorsement, and any individualistic deviations away from these lifeless poured-in-concrete, brute, blase' or effeminate personality types is in effect rigidily proscribed. A "chip off the old block" of our secret-society-bred Founders, this sharp-edged, artificial character-formation however brings about the perfect ruin of genuine sexual identity as a national heirloom, as it is precisely the untrammeled, unselfconscious, unassuming personality in which sexuality flowers, which is the "pearl of great price", if I may use the biblical phrase, that is most earnesty sought between woman and man, and in which a happy marriage thrives. Physical beauty holding a decided second place in true carnubial joy. Hence in our "Exceptionalist" "Noble Experiment" it is the most innocent, virtuous and upright, who tend to be unique, who inwardly, by the noted Thomistic "becoming what we know", can with spotless purity and stolid gender-retention be many things, having virtues which have flowered in that individual way which human goodness naturally requires, they who are generous and affectionate by nature, who possess an inseparable moral sensitivity itself, this treasure of a "tender conscience" as in Catholic moral theology it is called: it is these good souls who are most easily traumatized by blunt or subtle overtures and invasions of the officially-favored, teacher-trained sodomite crowd. For just as a swine cares not where it treads, a dove is supremely solicitous to do everything in its marvelously pure, peaceful and orderly way, and is strongly discomfited if so denied.

Indeed, this fundamental principle, of a certain vulnerability of the virtuous and fine-of-character, was discovered at the communist experimental prison camp in Pitesti, Romania, around 1950, in a program which employed a kind of drawn-out mental-and-physical rape upon a thousand fine young men, the academic cream-of-the-crop of their day, top college students of that land, confined without any justification at all there in that terrible forerunner Abu Ghraib. The "findings" of this bizarre and hideous experiment being insidiously applied today, preparing at Pitesti a refined tool of torture for future chaste and modest Christian souls. This hideous program-of-brutality at Pitesti, forerunner of behavior-modification measures steadily introduced in courts, media and schools, having plainly been of no practical merit at all, rather resembling the pitiless, era-notorious, "scientific" murder/dismemberment of an isolated rural farming family around the same time by medical students at the University of Kansas. For it is the same synagogue/secret-society "New World Order" league which has ruled for at least a century now in both East and West, in capitalist, communist and fascist regimes, pitting the one against the other in the most vile and cynical way. As at Pitesti, the very finest being the prime targets of this fiendish assault, that infernal project the undisputable American vanguard of which today is a joint media, court and academic onslaught, whose undying aim is to uproot genuine Christian Civilization, which in actuality, and as all will soon confess, is Catholic to the core. Fiends who continue to achieve this morbid transformation in the most brutal, abusive, rape-like, thoroughgoing and seemingly-irretrievable way. Forcibly taking up the spotless cloak of the law behind which to hide a glowering satanic mien--for which misuse, as Jesus said to Pilate, "they have the greater sin"--in a synagogue/secret-society funded and piloted agenda now in the process of assaulting with execrable and perverse sexuality the entire human race, in venues of school, university, media, job, and every other place.

Indeed among the good violations of this hideous kind can cause an almost instantaneous overthrow, in a sort of unmitigated despair--a calamity described in general terms in Cassian's Conferences in the 6th or 7th century AD--while even if one of these good and pure souls isn't thus annihilated on this satanic altar yet their reaction of shock and confusion is quite likely today to be seen by their friends, family and associates as some sort of terrible "breakdown". The affected party, likely experiencing a pain-of-the-soul to which all others pale in comparison, indeed likely to be time-and-effort-thriftily directed to some psychiatrist, who will no doubt make the matter as truly-incurable as it can possibly be. This sort of undoing being most common in the absence of the noted sturdy, custom-related grounding, an inseparable practical/earthly counterpart to fully instructed true faith, without which these unfortunates are indeed like a blank tablet for today's cynical academics to write upon. Lacking as they do that redoubtable natural/supernatural bulwark-of-defenses which fallen nature requires, as detailed above basically outlawed in the USA, which is critical ancillary to divine revelation, to the practical as well as spiritual transformations it is meant to bring into being. This vessel-like companion to faith seeing human nature from a critical moral higher ground, yet assesses it for nothing above its true worth, acknowledging blindspots, pitfalls and sterling qualities alike: this essential, realistic armament a complete unknown today, in an universal abysmal ignorance of our human nature, of its fragile physical/spiritual modes-of-operation, poured into the biblical "frail vessels" as we are. These attributes, able to share space with mystical reaches of saints, scarcely assessible under crude academic tools now brought so cynically into play, being however shepherded in the most marvelous way by Catholic Faith, possessing that guidance of the Holy Ghost promised by Our Blessed Lord, sending as He did that Paraclete He promised would be "with us always", through the teaching authority of the Church, and as practiced in those pious customs of the Gospel-Catholic "Way". Wherein are generously found Catholicism's genuine and inimitable fruit. This even as accelerated time-frames of productive activity today likewise leave no time for societally-inflicted un-looked-for bruises to be properly evaluated, let alone to heal. Hence do unnerving encounters, in pious and healthy societies more-or-less taken in stride, seem like unmitigated disasters, and perfect moral non-events, rightly classed with harmless illusions as if of a bad dream, perceived as grievous failings or crimes. The contingent, vulnerable human condition, divinely-beloved part of our being, having indeed been frankly celebrated if ruefully respected by our medieval ancestors, or at times made the subject by them of harmless-if-humorous repartee: happy forebears few of whom had harsh, flesh-hating Calvinistic or Manichaean pathologies with which to deal. This in contrast to easily-afrighted and pathetic modern man, inhabiting a "brave new world", easily disturbed by things worth only a shrug, who by contrast expects himself to be modeled after the angelic, or upon supremely-efficient digital equipment which crowds about his ears. His condition too as suggested being heightened by the thought-obscuring influence of the many heresies and other fanatical spinoffs of the millennial, quintessentially-unnatural Jewish hold on humanity, of which the two, American sociopolitical philosophy and psychotherapy, the latter first championed and largely defined by the perverse Jew Freud, are prime examples. Falsehoods whose malignant, destructive influence tends imperceptibly to cross every moral and intellectual line, being the polar-opposite of that divinely-bestowed truth and peace which is elixir for the mind, of He Who Is "the way, the truth and the life", Whom the Jews stubbornly rejected and killed, that God-Man Jesus Christ. Errors which as noted among other things especially hijack an adequate and happy understanding of the body/soul cosmos which is inescapable venue of the individual human person, of all he thinks or does. That which if properly trained in pious and healthy custom and tradition envelopes a graceful ensemble of conscious, sub-conscious and semi-conscious drives and emotions otherwise impossible to properly contain, this exceedingly-complex inner icosystem thus maintained being the perfect venue of a peaceful and productive life, and the saving of the soul for the hereafter, and the driving-away of illusions such as sodomy-peddlers of today so assiduously ply. While finally standing out in bold relief as a heinous atrocity of the first order is any attempt to perpetuate through a Doctor-Jeckle-like administration of hormones the pathetic and contradictory self-evaluation, the chaotic concatenation of sentiments and sensations, into which modern man is so easily thrown, as in those school-age young people today who are so frequently led into the confusing web of hideous, ubiquitous, institutionally-encouraged advances and assaults. One of which creatures I ran into recently, an obvious high-school-age hormone-taker who began to treat me as if I were a legitimate target of his deranged and perverted lust. "Modern science" being enlisted to ramrod the execrable, lamentable choice of those who "self identify" in the perversely-celebrated way of our day. That crime-against-humanity, together with a host of others of its kind, against which we raise the old Confederate flag, urging the states to defend their young, to secede and reorganize under a decentralized system whose laws, customs and conventions however are rigidly formed within the protective, over-shadowing, mentally-and-morally salubrious template of the law of God. Without which latter it is useless to attempt anything at all. Dixie without slavery and racism having had many fine qualities often despised in the North, where these "Southern" evils were likewise however displayed in full and ugly form, injustices which the common Southerner, far from relishing, saw as keeping himself in grueling poverty by the deflation of real-wages and returns-on-labor which mass-enslavement, much like that of today, inevitably brings into being.

Of course, and as sane, upright and noble souls know, it should not be necessary to explain such fundamental things, which are rightly and properly shepherded under healthy and pious custom and law, but modern academia has so denuded Western man of his marvelous wisdom and prudence in this and a host of other regards that he now rather resembles a toe-counting babe than a grown human being. Teachers today forcibly rob their students of that critical formation developed over centuries, that ultimate fruit of the Christian Faith, telling them openly or in so many words to despise all things from out of their noble past as inept, backward and ignorantine: that formation which quite-the-contrary admirably outfits one to understand the most abstruse or common of things. In that peculiar physical/spiritual manner which all things human require, rather than as reflected on the roiled surface of those cesspools of ignominy which now characterize our streets and schools. While by way of myriad false theories and veritable goard-rattling incantations in every field-of-thought among these court-empowered teachers and professors, these hijackers-of-humanity, whether in pre-school or in grad-school, there necessarily exists as suggested, in society at large, a growing abysmal ignorance of basic facts regarding the whole spiritual/somatic existence of man, that which requires tremendous respect, a spiritual interpretation above all things, in a reverence and awe which not only religion but also poetry and art have cultivated since ancient times. Hardly deserving a sardonic laugh or venal smile, such as academia lavishes on all things under the sun, man having a composite existence whose depths nonetheless no verse or song has yet been able entirely to plumb. Indeed, the whole bewildering, scholastically-propounded concept of modern progress, elevated to the level of a glistening-but-glowering pagan god, being at its core largely another weary attempt to escape those beloved human bounds within which man by nature must live, to reassert Satan's hatred-of-humanity, of its frailties and limitations, that marvelous suppositum in which the Creator was born. Modern "science" and technical proficiency being cunningly used to manufacture a whole artificial, resource-mal-allocated way-of-life in which the individual is both ignored and astutely made independent of most human needs, a neo-Gnostic indeed, all the while he grovels in abject dependency before a host of lifeless instrumental platforms and digital devices, and before those towering, secretive figures by which these soul-alienating artifices are so cynically employed. Intermediaries produced or maintained at astronomical, life-debilitating, war-provoking, economy-crippling cost. These weird structures of today bringing man articles which in most cases nature itself would provide in some perfectly easy, off-handed, almost "second-thought" way, such as the Creator Himself, in making and maintaining this world, so admirably and effortlessly put into play. Today's pupil being mentally and morally poisoned by these new witch-doctors, whose brainwash permeats the media and all officialdom, who treat our humanity as if it were a mere physical sensation or an inert lump of ore, to be studied-over in a "scientific method" of which wise and reverent Faith would be ashamed. Judeo-Secret-Society-formed men, these academics, who wouldn't have made it past first semester were they not so pliable of soul and mind, under whose instruction all reason and humanity is with utter impunity crowded-out, all evidence diabolically misconstrued, men always in immovable opposition to the adorable plan of God. Hence the unmerited authority given to Freud with his array of permanent, congenital or acquired "tendencies", frowning pagan monoliths to take the place of our very thinking power, of the "dividing and composing" of our reasoning minds, the universal refining and stamping plant of the coin of rational life, that definitive faculty which must weigh and consider all things, by which we form ourselves over a lifetime into a person either good or bad. Freud chaining us to the inexorable influence of a putative all-determining mom or dad, or brother Bill, or some chance occurence when we were young. This clearinghouse of the mind, in this dim-witted "scholarly" view, regarded as prey to some hopeless "condition", sprung upon us as if without recuperative powers of any sort, with no confident plasticity being permitted to a mankind thus despised. So that all in effect, by hook or by crook, are urged to join the rollicking-yet-despairing sodomite crowd. Hence perfectly foreign to today's "scientific", "biologically proven" fantasies about "self-identification", fallacies which rather belong in the realm of elves and fairies than of human beings, it is nobility-of-spirit which is assayed in human moral processes, like gold tried in the fire, a pure and precious metal which we are indeed put on earth to distinguish, to separate, from the dross of self-indulgent perfidy, some form of which our synagogue-sponsored academia would have us all embrace as our inevitable "lot in life". Hence ultimately does the modern pleasure-seeker "rush in where angels fear to tread", with his teacher at his elbow indulging himself blindly in every sort of moral wrong, and finally "tires of the natural", losing all self-respect, actually and with highest irony adopting in effect a Gnostic, anti-matter worldview which is flesh-despising partner to profligacy in ever age. Is it "love" to abandon our children to such a miserable fate? You decide this, oh "brave" and "progressive" modern man. (Do some sorts of physical changes in such a life-of-riot actually take place, allegedly giving us "scientific evidence" that someone was "born that way"? Alas, some fool might make such claims about drunkards and dope-addicts, who in the course of their unbridled activities undergo physical transformations of their own special kind: but this is a crooked avenue of mental folly we care not even to take, however much mendacious professors give the name of "theory" or even "principle" to every fairy tale, they who make their six-digit incomes by plying twisting, misleading, ever-changing paths. And then too there is the notorious tendency of the New World Order establishment to lace our foods, or contaminate other substances somehow absorbed or imbibed, including high-dollar medicines, with foreign chemicals, heavy-metals, gratuitous pain-killers and other noxious things, so as to produce some spinoff condition which will either "prove something" about some target group, or enrich a medical establishment, close cousin to the noted court/academic league, fast likewise becoming devoted to anything but health or well-being.) Actually then, for all the enervating surface hilarity, the devil-may-care abandon and bonhomie, the allegedly-"gay" sodomite harbors a growing deadly self-hatred imbibed from the very Fiend, who so abominates we human beings among whom was born the Son of God. This Lucifer and his cohorts whose pride in their angelic nature, so crystalline, simple and spiritual, harbors deepest contempt for the viscissitudes of fragile, contingency-ridden human life, that which however when properly orchestrated can be a veritable "army set in battle array". The pathetic modern victim of the deadly cocktail of today's inescapable public atmosphere-of-vice together with ever-quibbling scholarly treacheries being ready to cry "all is lost", as urged by this biblical "father of lies", while likewise being mired in dredges of self-pity which accompany sin like a hand in a glove. In a morbid self-evalution through which a thus-oblivious biblical "inner man" readily conflates a jaded or distracted thought or reaction, the inevitable component of the frail human evaluative machinery noted above, whether innocent or distorted by a life of sin, with sinful accession fully embraced by the mind. A momentous distinction which modern man, for all his "science", seems increasingly incapable of making, while students with dreams of stellar careers, knowing well "where their bread is buttered", adore lab-experimenting Dr. Jeckles who see deliberation and morality only as phobias or superstitions. Thus disarming their charges of all reason, notably preparing mindless combatants for America's unjust, false-flag wars, lacking a functioning intelligence and free will which if unclouded by such lies and mal-formation ultimately and with due probity seek that good for which they were made, and scarcely despair of same. Thus not only does the modern academic at all levels willfully plunge our youth into abominable sins but robs them as well of a sense of balance, even of humor, in such nebulous, danger-beset regards as sex epitomizes in its own special way, especially when denuded of those crucial Christian-cultural accoutrements noted above. Rather as well does this mountebank, of whom today there are legion, forming a column-and-line militia able to make shameless cowards of everyone, himself "snatches and scatters the sheep", and then in hysterical tones "cries wolf" over the bewilderment thus achieved. The modern cryptically-converging neo-Marxist/neo-Nazi "academic" as suggested, in many cases only a sort of witch-doctor in prestigious disguise, finding man incapable of spiritual life, rather only a beast no different from those who inhabit forest or field, or lie under the table for a noonday meal, holding that any other assessment than this abysmal Judeo/secret-society take-on-life is sheer laughable illusion. The same today all-powerful academic through this ritual "self-identification" process brokering a life much lower than the animals in his young charges while at the same time conjuring overpowering reactions of a tormented consience, as noted saddling our youth with the modern haunting, self-pitying despair. That dismal self-assessment which is however with staggering irony laced with a vindictive, aggressive spirit which somehow regards every praise-of-sexual virtue, incredibly-enough, as an intolerable personal affront to themselves, to be relentlessly punished with the full force of the law. The love of natural things of the good being taken as criminal assault against these joyless souls, and being indeed increasingly so apprehended by our courts and laws. Today's reprobate-in-training wallowing in dredges of a morbidity more proper to mature years. A pitiful but media-celebrated creature, the "self-identified", thus knowing little or nothing of the inner dynamics of his human nature: a physical/spiritual composite, a universal mortal condition, with which by contrast his ancestors were easily perfectly conversant. Their lamentable offspring being rather trained in today's Pavlov's dog notions about himself, all the while possessing a soul for whose needs he has no pity, a boon companion which, even amid all the breathless academic palaver, reproaches him mournfully at every turn. This gentle voice to which we must never grow deaf, which on one level he ignores, yet on a deeper one harbors a growing horror, self-disgust and despair, that biblical "remorse which worketh death", a morbidity which haunt him without mercy, being part-and-parcel of his morally-abandoned life. Here being the last gloomy station before the train-depots of Hell, in a creature descending steadily into that Thomistic "certain malice" which is final impenitence, the unforgivable, unrepented sin. That for which modern academia prepares him so hideously well. His virtue-hating self-pity shared already on earth with that of eternally lost souls, those much-admired "swingers" of halcyon days gone by, they whose unrenderable cries now echo off infernal walls below, in a place described so well by saintly visitors to its subterranean caverns. In accounts like those of Sr. Josefa Menendez or St. Theresa of Avila, in which are detailed the wails of torment and fatefully resisted or deferred remorse of those damned whose heart-rending accents "could split the very stones". Promiscuous yet morally-tormented modern man inhabiting a close-cousin earthly house-of-mirrors, the antechamber to Hell, being in utter self-contradiction both merciless and self-indulgent, to a composite existence of body and soul within which is contained the whole defining reality of the human person, a mighty yet fragile being, whose strength, with the Apostle, "is made perfect in infirmity". Men thus constituted, perfectly distinct from the angels, and whether of good character or bad, and as bears repeating, not instantly understanding or evaluating every act, feint, overture or gesture of someone else, doing so properly and in a sense rightly only after a delayed fashion, giving the inner tribunal of judgment its just deliberative due: this even as the noted ironic moral rigorism of today will readily and indeed sanctimoniously adjudge unpredictable reactions of this body/soul complex in the harshest possible way. For the entire human thought-and-act sequence, with ample help from an academic establishment steadily succumbing to Jewish dominance since the dawn of early modern times, is today "scientifically" enlisted in downward, morally-debilitating phases of sin, without mercy or consideration for sometimes-halting attempts by oneself or anyone else to remain pure and just, to cleanse both mind and soul of contaminating or dishonorable things. Foul subject-matter which as in the case of sodomy can at first wear a kindly disguise in initial moments difficult to unmask, even if perversion is the last stop on the desperate railway of sensual riot, in a station radically different from those that went before. As in these weary dredges one finally "tires of the natural", which to the vice-glutted, insensate soul no longer has the drawing-power it once possessed. While at first signs of such a troubling transformation the morally immature will perhaps seek escape or oblivion in a "macho" spree of drunkenness, drug-abuse, fighting or wife-beating, rather than mount a program of vigilance, in manly defense of his own immortal souls, calmly assessing himself as quite capable with due diligence of becoming that biblical "perfect man in Christ Jesus Our Lord". While short of full consent-of-the-will, any mental tarrying over evil things of any kind may be evidence of an undisciplined, unmortified soul: but this too is scarcely a reason to cry that "all is lost". For just as in physical exercise for the body a flabby soul can in due time be made, by prayer and penitential practices, into a trim, resolute and invincible warrior for the kingdom of God. While as noted the onslaught of today against the soul is uniquely painful and repugnant to the pure and upright, as all Hell and its psuedo-academic lieutenants, like aged, street-savvy reprobates notoriously plying their lowly skills upon the unsuspecting young of every era, use treacherously-misdirected guilt and shame as favored pry-bars into reaches of the human interior, among those innocent to whom, again, they most seek to do mortal harm. The modern academic initiating grave and uninvited invasions, shocking assaults, stepping across every bound of natural and divine law with the utmost impunity and ill-will.

Here then in this thicket of confusing reactions of fallen man, that frail condition which most draws down the affectionate love and mercy of the Son of God, in this dense teacher-trained ambuscade so difficult to describe, those muddy waters infested by scholarly barricudas, any analysis-of-which as demonstrated here is thorny and difficult to achieve: in this jungle does the sodomite lie in wait to ambush the pure, unsuspecting soul. As noted the quary par excellence of demons and perverts alike being the innocent, just as in the case of those ancient citizens of Sodom who most eagerly lusted after those very immaculate angels sent to deliver them their retributive deserts. These remorseless perverts, again, suggesting to the perspective victim that by baffled, involuntary, shocked and confused reactions attendant upon perverse assaults, aided by a largely-involuntary but near-universal immersion-of-the-imagination in moral hog-whallows of today, that he has "self identified", a quary who as noted is unlikely to understand subtle facets of his own composition, fragile vicissitudes of his own spiritual/somatic life, things over which academia conducts its goard-rattling rituals with so much cunning, either with mock-sorrow or scarcely-concealed delight. In human reactions which, like a breeze in a sail, may fluctuate in the most random and irrational way, before the accession of the will comes fully and firmly into play. Thus the innocent person, becoming thus falsely convinced that he "has a problem", because of some stray thought, or some scarcely-pre-meditated reaction to an overture, in a mind/soul complex whose whole purpose as noted is to divide and compose, to weigh and consider, thus easily becoming momentarily fouled by vile things thus handled or examined. As all we humans are indeed capable of anything, no matter how vile, depending upon how low we are willing to go: that determination which, again, is indeed the entire purpose of this mortal life. That demanding test, that supreme and exalted potentiality designed by a good God to prepare us a heavenly crown, while on earth endowing us with a mind, soul and heart capable of habitually soaring to the sublime. While capable likewise of plunging into deepest guilt and ignominy here on earth, and thereafter into well-deserved fiery pits of Hell below. At the moment of death, crying as they flee from the face of God, as Sr. Josefa so recounts from her dolorous, seemingly-eternal nightly visits there, "I deceived myself, I am lost, a curse on me!" The unfortunate subject meanwhile forthwith, categorically and with criminal impunity being assured by the infernal, ignorance-breeding academia of our times that he was "born that way". This world of sharp-edged "scientific" tautologies being forcibly and criminally applied to a blunt and unintelligent sexual nature which marvelously shares space with a mind and spirit by grace capable of the perfectly pure and good: this magnificent paradox scarcely the proper subject of such laboratory-level treatment, as if it were a mere lump of ore, a mathematical formula, or a chemical process with no moral content at all. Hence too the honor and virtue in the immemorial Catholic idea of courtship and marriage, frought among innocent and privileged souls with the most exalted, sensitive, kindly of things. Incomparable things which every corrupted bar-hound and today's academics equally love to sully with filthy hands. Good and pristine things of which however we become utterly destitute if not assiduously trained. As indeed among men this whole arena of sex, and anything else for that matter, is principally spiritual in nature and perception, and in that elevated sense either good or bad.

Hence again our inauguration of the New and Better Confederacy, utterly non-racist, dedicated to the most exalted freedom of individual man, and to an inseparable liberty, agency and unfettered freedom-of-action of those small and intermediate sociopolitical units which are his most congenial cultivar and home, built immovably upon the healing, life-giving law of God. A refuge to which men of today are urged to fly, for now in whatever way they can, at length in the Confederacy championed here, in defense of their homes, their children, their own very souls. Away from the deadly influence of cunning, blood-oath-taking secret societies of every mold, and those academics who work under their directing hand, both-of-whose malignant say-so in this matter of "sexual self-identification" is perforce only partially detailed above. Rather propounding as we do a time-tested system in which the common man rather than being a mute and powerless victim of every monstrous theory, as today, has a well-reasoned, determining "hands on" influence over his own society, from the neighborhood to the throne. And in which the Church as designed by God and dogmatically defined by Pope Boniface VIII is firmly constituted as the guardian and moral formator of law, Civilization and way-of-life. The motherly/militant protector of every nation, every soul, every home.

June 30, 2017: Bad will: the real mental illness, a derangement of reason whose chief nesting-place is eloquence and theatrical airs. How distributism under God's law is a potent cure for this private and public disease.

Simple bad will is the true madness, ending in what can only be called depravity, as man was intrinsically made to seek the good, so that bad will connotes an insanity which goes to the very core of the mind and soul, in an obdurate denial of the true north of ones own being, the inner lodestone of quiddity and life. Thus the blindness-of-heart which is the overriding hallmark of the wicked: since to go against ones own rational nature, the good being in every case the reasonable, requires a steady retreat into the darkest inner morbidity and gloom. Those of bad will furthermore readily communicating this inner obfuscation, this ultimate insanity, to others, bringing immense suffering, turmoil and confusion among men, calamities likely to be regarded by these purveyors-of-evil with open or cleverly-concealed satisfaction, or even comedy. Thus for instance those who disseminate such deadly, insidious falsehoods as the school-counselor and teacher coached and prodded "sexual self-identification" of little boys, which ends in the administration of hormones which seek to make them into little girls, invoking compassion as chief support/justification for a disease these mentors themselves have brought about. While likewise in the last extremity of lying malice do these monsters brand those who oppose this terrible black-hearted warping-of-personalities as being driven by hatred. When manifestly indeed it is rather they who mislead and ultimately destroy the defenseless, which is certainly a cowardly act of malice: a calculated hatred which those who object with utmost solicitude seek to prevent. The wicked since the Boomer age of the '60s becoming steadily more dominant in the field of education, possessing today in the classroom setting a supreme, brainwash-capable, occult-like command, able to drastically affect young and malleable minds, in a seance-like atmosphere of mormid solemnity or mocking comedy, all from the same infernal source, from pre-school to grad school and beyond. Education today being more a matter of oratory, of probing the limits of the most fanatical of ideas and beliefs, with consummate theater rather than lucid thought indulging those condescending airs now so universal in every public realm. In an open or barely-veiled contempt toward parents and other conservative authority figures who might stand in the way of this mind-controlling, malicious, totalitarian regime. And if there is indeed any hatred or "hate language", as these effeminate orators ceaselessly accuse, in the hearts or on the lips of those who resolutely oppose such a subversion of youth, it is against this very treason, this renewed pagan perversion, and against the influence of those who bring it about, and not really against vulnerable human flesh and blood, nor against those who have been so pitifully deceived.

But although those of willful blindness and bad will are the cause of actual or potential derangement in many-a soul, these contagions can heal if given due time, while the insanity of a mind comsumed with stubborn and unreasonable malice is incurable, lost in the noted inner blindness as black as the deep: since for one thing these servants-of-Hell are so well pleased with the advantages which ill will procures them, as with elfish delight they effortlessly topple every erstwhile mighty figure or personality that might impede their stellar way, fallen human nature together with oratory being their chief allies in this epic fight. And when working in concert with one another, as in today's notorious, blood-oath-ridden secret societies like the Synagogue, the Skull and Bones and Freemasonry, these towering, jackal-like lunatics of bad will can easily bring down nations and ignite world wars, as all the earths portentious resources are at their disposal through the ready-to-hand, murderously-manipulated tool of geo-finance, absolutely at the Jewish command, joined to the assembly-floor histrionics of their creatures in government. These imbued with today's heinous false-flag statecraft, being an all-powerful ilk which with high theater has touched-off wars since 1776 and before. All this being no "progress" or advancement but only a throw-back to the sanguinary, personal-glory-mongering orations and panigyrics of ancient Greece or Rome, in which the self-seeking hubris of a Cicero or an Alcibaedes was paid for in oceans of blood. This demogogic spirit, furthermore, readily taking possession of listening throngs, among whom baser elements, commonly exercised in unfettered passion, quickly and underhandedly gain the upper hand. The whole assemblage, now become a mob, easily imitating the biblical herd of swine which legions of demons entered at the divine command, forthwith plunging over the cliff and into the depths of the sea, into every sort of folly or barbarity. Mass popular assemblies plainly requiring the utmost calm in order to function in a positive way, otherwise being easily aroused to destructive and irrational sentiments and deeds, wreaking public calamities whose consequences may take decades to spend themselves, and which typically denude the civic landscape of every good thing.

Hence our own anticipated reestablishment of the medieval English Frankpledge and other local and regional bodies, working their peaceful way upward to the carefully-circumscribed powers of the throne. That sort of political configurations, under the divine power and protection and the guidance and authority of the Church, in which issues are hammered out laboriously for the honor and glory of God, in the forge of His natural and divine-positive law, and with a comprehensive common good in mind. (Law and order in this age-old Catholic sense scarcely being satisfied with today's neo-con-celebrated limiting of government to the sole function of "not impeding trade".) This kind of state being a traditional, divinely-favored venue in which oratory and theatrics, the favored playground of the depraved in all places high or low, are rather regarded with suspicion and on occasion even contempt. This distributive mode-of-government, as it is called Catholic political parlance, being an arena in which pomp, drama or airy skills of eloquence are likely to bring about the dismissal of those who employ them, rather than their glorification. History having proven these in almost every case to be treacherous, issue-obscuring, occult-like political tools, recourses highly familiar to those of bad will, employing an ever-scheming spirit-of-intrigue which crosses all boundaries, readily invests families, contaminates political peers and colleagues, and animates misguided fury or foolish hopes in popular throngs. All of whose vulnerable human nature has enough to contend with already, without the siren-song input of this treacherous breed, being easily sidetracked in their efforts to follow the sometimes-scarcely-discernible path of truth and life.

May 25, 2017: The eminently-reasonable Catholic view of the ordering of life toward God.

We Catholics carry with us in earthen vessels this prodigious treasure of things divine in an ordering eminently fitting to the "law of our minds", while those who would challenge the Catholic Way must make assumptions, or claim revelations, which are unreasonable in the extreme. For the claim is either, on the one hand, that the One True Faith is too supernatural, touting an objection which leans toward the materialistic, rationalistic or naturalistic, as if all things knowable are confined to the kinetic/causative chain of material things, are thus locked in exclusive, intrinsically-profane association with same, or on the other hand that Catholicism is itself too naturalistic, enlisting the senses in the pursuit of things divine. While in either of these contrary viewpoints the seamless unity of existence is rent assunder, torn apart by one extreme or another of this spiritual/material notional spectrum, in the one case with the senses being forcibly and unreasonably made into the "measure of all things", cramping the human person, who plainly explores and inhabits realms of a much higher kind, and in the other genera of opinion with the spiritual being made so overwhelmingly important that the senses are expelled from any communication or relationship with lofty things at all. The aim in view of the fiend in promoting these false extremes being to deny this very unity of creation, of things at all levels of the spectrum of existence both gross and sublime: that contingent totality intimately identified with God the Son Who took flesh as Man. That eminently-humble Incarnation before the presentiment-of-which the proud spirit Lucifer and his hosts refused adamantly to bow, thus sealing their own eternal doom. Forming in themselves the pattern for the arrogant biblical "whited sepulcher" of Jewish rebellion, for matter-hating Albigensians and Manichaeans, their direct descendant Nazism, and all other anti-matter fanatical extremes. With this Second Divine Person in turn finding His most congenial and appropriate dwelling place "among the sons of men" who patiently accept their humble composite nature with all its contigencies and limitations: such men, beloved of God, being a community thus earning the same undying ire of Satan. A humanity divinely made capable of right-reasoning and the ineffable receiving-of-grace, a tiny microcosm of the created whole, unassumingly embedded in this vast, divinely-honoring plethora of things divinely made.

Much is written on this site about the errors of the Reformers, with early-Calvinist Puritans or "Dissenters" holding-in-contempt all human input, allegedly "scouring" Redemption of any need for scornfully-regarded human deeds, with compassion itself held a form of contempt, employing for this end the "works"-related Epistles of St. Paul, which St. Peter expressly warns are a stumblingblock to presumptuous, foolish-minded souls. As noted above such sentiments bearing a close relationship with Nazism, while likewise in Bible-worshipping throngs accommodating a close-cousin racism with consummate ease. But equally repugnant to mind and soul is the viewpoint of the Hindus, whose caste-system/radical-racist Brahman religion, imbibed from ancient nordic Aryan conquerors, both brutally besets darker-skinned "untouchables", thus revealing ancestral links with Nazism, yet turns on a dime and sees no one as forever lost, nor capable of an irrevocable rejection of things divine. Thus accommodated "in this life" is all the backward spleen of race-hatred and harshest legal and economic injustice, while with effortless thrift is conceded to persecuted caste-members the eventuality of a better condition, having thus done a lifetime of penance for some putative prior-life's sins. This hypocrisy, this victimization, of a closely-reasoned taking-out of every sort of sordid, morbid, deadly passion upon these children of God, thus as it were, in the above-discussed philosophical context, pulling all things however sublime down generically to the lowly lack-of-dignity of inert physical created being, with man eventually and with no decisive input of his own "made to heel", learning to behave through a series of "hard knocks" in reincarnational punishments of every stripe, even as every rut in such a time-extended road is felt in the most grueling way. Hence too obviated is anything like final impenitence, even as "in this life" cruelty mounts to mountainous, diabolical and vindictive extremes, in that perverted cruelty which must, in fact rather than fable, readily be itself a final act of rebellion against God from which there is no stepping-down, repentence or retreat, however many "future lives" of which we may with perverse gratuity dream. This fantastic tautology thus making man just another faceless link in a chain of irrational or quasi-irrational creatures devoid of final, momentous and decisive personal choice, and God being simultaneously robbed of His power to punish this rejection by a thunderous one of His very own, of an incontestible and annihilating force. Thus as noted is the sinner, ridiculously made into a sort of all-purpose suppositum/receptacle of every sort of creaturely species, of toad or ant, bird, bacteria or forest-roaming beast, made to run the gamut of created conditions, being "chastised" for his sins by being made into some inferior creature in some reincarnational "next life", "coming back" in who knows what form: and then going on from there to some better or higher gradation in a succeeding reincarnation, perhaps intermediately as a pet dog. Where it all ends, I never did find out, in my admittedly-limited study of the Hindu belief. But preeminently, the Hindu must needs blind himself to the staggering, consummate and irrevocable wickedness and perversity of which man is capable, examples of which are everywhere to be found. Denying that man's contemptuous rejection of the gift of divine love, of divine grace must in all good proportion be answered by a punishment equally, and indeed surpassingly, contemptuous, redundant and just. Such as men around the globe indeed call upon themselves with arch impunity as I write, embracing evils like sodomy, indeed with execrable wickedness claiming all outwardly-expressed joy or "gaity" as the exclusive province of abominable sodomite crowds. That frolic of the pervert which is only gloating, mockery, effeminacy, and laced with readily-provoked murderous passions, and indeed ultimately in a host of cases with homicidal deeds, they being the chief law-enforcement-recognized perpetrators of same.

June 1, 2017: Self respect as the first consequence of divine worship.

This is the starting point, this honoring of ourselves as vessels of the divine, after which all things of any worth are thereafter ranged: for if we do not in sincere gratitude respect and honor this our personhood, this suppositum, this capacity for things pure and sublime, then we are "like sounding brass or tinkling cymbal", then we can expect every sort of interior and even exterior malady to fill the empty void, and every moral enormity to perversely animate the vessel of clay. Ergo, today's abominable sodomy, now being raised to honors of marriage by our courts and laws.

Hence does the fiend labor assiduously to misrepresent this true and heavenly self-respect, with its gentle phrases, kindly words, its Catholic "anticipating one another in charity", slandering it as a form effeminacy or arrogance, and by contrast identifying as humility the modern prostration before finance, before mere men, before Godless customs and manufactured monoliths of the synagogue-serving New World Order. That cobbled-together monstrosity whose blandishments break the Christian spirit like mobster-professionals "break" the purity of some white-slavery-entrapped young girl, brutally outfitting her for the coarse and degrading life of a whore. Nowadays with even many of our clergy telling us, in so many words, that "putting bread on the table" comes before all else, that that is what the Apostle meant when he wrote, "he who doesn't work shouldn't eat". For it is not by accident, or just because "it developed that way" that modern man is thus shackled to such demeaning, demanding and soul-destroying oar: no, this is the way any society will develop in which the Jew is put in charge, no matter what outward merits it might seem to have. Because in exchange for self-indulgent baubles of effortless push-button convenience we allegedly sub-human gentiles or goyim are required to willingly, even eagerly, relinquish our humanity, our self-respect, as children of God: that practical apostasy for which principally the mind-boggling totality was made. To deny our unspeakable, ineffable capacity for things divine. To have no input in any decisions of importance, to see our children turned into perverts, into blank-faced combatants in an endless series of Napoleonically-conceived, false-flag-precipitated, unjust wars. "Mine is but to do or die": this worldly maxim having in the best of Catholic systems had only a very limited applicability, while having in our synagogue-controlled totalitarian tyranny been made into the overriding rule-of-life, after which act-of-worship to Jewish finance all else is idolatrously and demeaningly ranged, with the love and honor of God put at the very last. Can we then be surprised that men have lost this capacity for self-respect, this ability to act virtuously, since by terms and conditions of our enslavement integrity and goodness have been made into sheer gratuities, indeed into acts of rebellion against the deified Jew? With secret-societies of various kinds ranged like handmaidens of some mock-heavenly choir? True religion having been relegated to a position of artificial display on a Sunday morning: thus constituting an insult to God, rather than any act of worship at all.

Learning a salubrious refusal to be thus shamefully defiled, reclaiming our humanity, and for the male his indomitable manhood: this monumental affirmation will require a complete break with the odious system of enslavement described above: for if we make not this break then our moral destruction is assured, if not of a sudden then bit by tiny bit, until some time later we are a totally different creature than we were before. Hence our New and Better Confederacy, based entirely on the juridically-elaborated law of God, this being the sole source of all valid law. For we cannot continue to live under a system which in a thoroughgoing way deliberately and comprehensively undermines us morally and indeed as human beings at every turn. How achieve such a reclamation, such a true "declaration of independence" such as befits docile children of God? It all must be done under the banners of the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, the models and champions of our humanity, or it will never be done at all. For this is the way designated to us by Almighty God, elaborated for us over millennia in traditional customs and usages of Catholic nations, containing the promise of unfailing divine and celestial-motherly aid. While any other recourse is only an empty dream that will end in a nightmare of misery and defeat, under the whip of these new humanity-hating Nazis or Manichaeans--it's the same thing--placed over us in all their morbid brutality by the synagogue. These modern-day task-masters only magnified in their power to dominate and do wrong. Thus auspiciously were whole nations duly constituted and civilized, mostly indeed by stunning acts of divine intervention, as bestowed upon peoples thus with true and noble humility endowed. Thus the hewing by St. Boniface of the German tribal-pagan oak-tree, or the overnight accession of the Franks into the Catholic Faith, or the Christianization of Mexico in a mere ten years to that same Creed under the overpowering miraculous prompting of the apparition of Our Blessed Lady at Guadalupe. That sanctuary where is still to be found the prodigy of the tilma of coarse cactus fiber, painted by a heavenly hand to rival and indeed surpass the finest of meticulous human art. While likewise with equal stunning immediacy the conversion of Russia under St. Vladimir, at a time prior to the Great Schism, when all episcopal and ecclesiastical authority still formally recognized Peter as pope in Rome.

May 17, 2017: The new and false, hip-booted conservatism brought in with Trump. Where is his great victory? Why the unremarked neglect of the issue of institutionalized sodomy, after initial bombastic beginnings?

Alas, this is what we must routinely expect: that the synagogue will set the political see-saw violently bobbing again, will put in place an allegedly conservative political organization when the public has finally and obviously shown its disgust with modern liberalism, belying a decade of fictional or misrepresentative polls. So we here at the Crusade will continue to advocate a New and Better Confederacy designed along law-of-God-abiding lines, while for the time being taking advantage of this new if bogus Washington trend, continuing to "light a fire under" these noisy new neo-conservatives, to precipitate them to continue creating new beneficially-conservative measures, even as we know them to be temporary expedients in the extreme. Like this latest Supreme Court appointment, a "two steps forward, one step back" maneuver which like so many before will be sidestepped, superceded or discarded somewhere down the road, and liberalism given a wider mandate than ever before. As the popular mind by bits becomes increasingly reconciled to public and domestic perversion and vice, in a deluge which both sides claim is "the price of freedom", while later these "conservatives", like an assortment before them, will have impeached themselves thoroughly in a host of other failed policies as well. Even as they continue to put into play an ironclad alliance with an Arab-decimating Israel, in a shameless loyalty openly shared on both sides of the isle, this synagogue link being indeed the underlying source of the whole deadly chirade. While we rather present to the people a New and Better Confederacy with stout links to a royal and noble past, dedicated openly and entirely to the honor and glory of God and the legal and political upholding of His law. Our aims being perfectly above-board, a stranger to those secret societies which rule both our major political parties and all the minor ones, and all the caucuses, besides.

But now well into May after the pompously-trumpeted January inauguration, what has happened to these "bold initiatives" regarding the ugly spectacle of institutionalized sodomy in execrable "marriages", in our grade-schools and public places, perversity forcing entry thereby, like a new and filthy bubonic plague, into homes and minds? Counter-measures said to have been set-in-motion by this Trump who during his campaign so famously insulted the prominent news-anchor woman, with staggering repugnance employing a graphic bit of anti-woman vulgarity whose proper home is the very sodomite world he is supposed to so staunchly oppose. An irruption would seem to place "the Donald" himself in some sort of Fabian-sodomite role, whether or not nuns and ministers wives give him hugs and smiles. But the excuse for this gross neglect will be "at least he defunded Planned Parenthood", and the inseparable, "at least we have Donald Trump", while the USA like ancient Greece continues to extend its perverse moral culture around the world by force of arms and geo-political intrigue.

April 28, 2017: New world order "money" versus old world order media of exchange.

The problem with modern money as expounded frequently on this site isn't that it has no intrinsic value, a lack of which was indeed quite common in media-of-exchange in ages past, a value-vacuum however lamented loudly and in principle by many-a misled conservative in the most pitiful way: the rub is rather that despite this fact today's money is feverishly traded, carries manifold pay-out burdens of interest and security, the latter typically called derivatives, all this as if it were more valuable than gold by far. This exaggerated, perfectly fictional value, based entirely on celebrated peculations and speculations of Reserve Board chairpersons and a few other crafty souls, thereafter plainly endowing them with an insuperable manipulative power, able costlessly and effortlessly to topple nations with a mere nod. A sky-darkening feloniously/insidiously-achieved might, with secret-society creatures to be found everywhere advancing this false finance as if it were a duty of the most sacred kind, this unapproachable ascendancy, furthermore, being attained over centuries not through some "scientific method" but through assassinations and other primitive, perverse and nefarious intrigues. Scarcely suggested in all this skullduggery being any "progress" or "advancement" such as these shylocks would claim to epitomize in every way. To deal in this sort of money, whose overlords, wouldn't you just know, likewise skillfully manipulate a political system of their own design, one secretive and elite-serving to its maddeningly-abstract core: such commerce obviously and redundantly puts these elfish madmen in charge, to make war, to set domestic policy, to control the education of our children, the tone and tenor of all things public and even private, by sheer whim to change the whole character of human life. Is this what we were put on earth for, to serve, indeed to adore, to worship, the Rothschilds and the Federal Reserve Board? A self-annihilating adoration ramroded most obviously through investment in gargantuan techno-superstructures and platforms whose artificial-but-military-like regimentation of earthly existence unworthily dwarfs and intimidates all other things, while sinking us in an ocean of debt whose "slate" is "wiped clean" only in hyper-sanguinary wars. In a plethora of "official" crimes to which more private ones pale by comparison, with the whole monstrosity being furthermore shoulder-shruggingly surrendered-to by the clergy, as some sort of inevitable consequence of our fallen condition. Does the Bible tell us so? Oh, pulpit-pounder, tell us where?

It is to combat this perverse satanism that we remain out here on the road crusading, hoping someday to gather together a group of people not utterly intimidated by this coat-and-tie-wearing Skull-and-Bones Bluebeard scheme. And certainly and as indeed predicted in saintly and biblical prophesy alike the infinite might of God will see to the triumph of such a holy endeavor, in a practical, and not just interior or Sunday-morning, victory already on Calvary achieved. The money we have in mind in our New and Better Confederacy being simple in conception, minted locally and even privately, established in acceptance and vigorous velocity by popular acclaim, rather than by schemes of secretive men behind closed doors. This sort of money furthermore being proper to people not over-concerned with biblically-condemned "cares of this world", with "what we will eat or what we will put on", preoccupations which are traditionally considered foolish and effeminate after a point even among primitive and uninstructed unbelievers. The kind of money which seldom becomes inflated in value, as velocity keeps pace with an expanding and healthy economy, and counterfeiting carries penalties prohibitive in the extreme.

May 16, 2017: Staggering similarities of ancient pagan/sodomite Greece and the modern USA, in both cases stemming from a founding denial that the law of God is the only source of valid law, a principal today ignored or side-tracked rather than denied by the clergy. Article developed into June.

Ancient Greece and the USA from the very beginning stand in stark testimony that unless the state be firmly affixed to the law of God as its lodestone then calamity and pandemonium will prevail, and every conceivable realm of human activity or involvement, once universally and without hesitation clearly understood and vigorously pursued, will be made subject to ceaseless order-overthrowing debate. Without God's law as its constitution, the polity becoming a careening vehicle of a deified "progress", and every principle once unanimously accepted will become a theater for perfumed orators to waft their seductive charms. The whole concept of popular sovereignty, something simple in idea but exceedingly complex in practical terms, being in this Greco-American/Judeo-Masonic model made subject to an enervating see-saw of polar-opposite radical concepts, of obfuscation and gross over-simplification, in a "madness" however "in which there is much method". For in this ultra-secularized approach, in which man is enthroned as principal, plenipotentiary law-giver, as if he were God, in which there is really no right or wrong, no "universals" outside of boundless "liberty" to serve as starting-points from which to proceed: in this patent idolatry, for fallen man oratory, eloquence, indeed demogoguery, and every sort of underhanded intrigue, must needs rule the day. While furthermore this abandonment of good principles meets today with no real resistance at all by the clergy, with their cowardly capitulation rationalized under a mammoth misinterpretation of the biblical "render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's", in practical terms as if Christ by this skillful parrying of clever Jewish words, exclusively regarding taxes, were speaking of the state in every respect, thus dogmatically elevating it to a position co-equal with God. In this hyper-meek way the Savior alleged to have surrendering all future Christian generations to the whim and will of every Napoleon or Stalin, of every power-rabid assembly which cleverly-manipulated popular disorientation might supply. Involved being an overturning of every moral value in preference for some diabolical falsehood, some milk-cow legislation, some financier-lucrative false-flag war, some pervert-glorifying new court-ruling, by a Supreme Court which of set purpose excludes all reference to right and wrong, let alone to God's law.

Indeed on these shores, as in Ionia of yore, only this fable of fanatical and illusory "pure democracy" or "pure republic" is given any credit at all, a "form of government" for the preservation of which all are indeed ready to die. As men vie with one another for theatrical garlands with which with high ceremony to be crowned, like some swooned-over Alcebaedes or Demosthenes, patriotism-driven death in such case being a sort of public "redemption" and glorification, in fevered minds easily taking the place of the divine election through humbly-pleaded grace. Thus among political pundits and theorists who abound on these shores even a parliamentary form of government doesn't "clear the bar", being hardly so prone to fits of sanctimonious zeal, being much more ready to carefully investigate a passionately-pleaded new measure or causus belli to see if some base deception is being employed. The parliamentary form, which although manipulable at higher levels like our own by secretive influences, nonetheless employs to a degree a happily-divergent horizontally-power-distributive mode, in marked departures from the radical centralization, the podium glorification, which predominate here. A phenomenon fruitful in nothing so much as sterile oratory and pompous theatrical airs. Disinterred by eighteenth-century-revolutionary/synagogue-brokered secret societies of various kinds, this American model hearkens back entirely to an ancient Greece which used to invent some oratorical pretext to annihilate rival city-states like Troy, and either exterminate their citizens or sell them into slavery. Embodying a radical political ideology which seems to call for human sacrifice as its raison d'etre, for which as noted Yanks and ancient Greeks alike in monumental numbers have with eager enthusiasm died. Warrior-patriots with vindictive heroism despising humane considerations like culture, language or creed, holding this allegedly-exalted "form of government" itself to be the all-consuming prize of earthly life. Thus being introduced is a value apart-from and in practical terms allegedly superior-to all other things human or divine, the denial of which mortal material in particular stands at the very root of the modern-day political demise. Of men whose defining fragility, given due honor in millennial Catholic-distributive political forms, contrasts sharply with perennial paganism's abstractly-conceived Elisean demigods, of possessed or deranged fiends implacably intent on fire and sword. In celebrated Enlightenment-era political axioms being found not really so much freedom but incendiary fanaticism, a kind of passionate frenzy or "letting fly" behind which much chicanery can easily hide, whether robed in a toga or a suit-and-tie, a regularly-recurring historical irruption indeed sharing a precipitous spirit with late-ancient Manichaeans, Hussites, early-medieval Islam or the Beguines, but for pompous oratorical trappings being little removed in temper for that matter from bomb-throwing Marxist/nihilists who assassinated the Emporer Alexander around 1880, and not long afterward in a hideous orgy of violence upended the Russian throne. Such skillfully-promoted bloodletting political artifices over anno domino time finding the rigidly-doctrinaire dictating all, being inevitably backed or funded in some way by the Jews, comprising "experiments" in a life-expending physics-lab-kinetic approach to human society and existence which for all its boasts of freedom basically despises things like human input and free will. As some new cleverly-disguised demogogue inevitably sweeps all before him in his artificial-emergency-ridden overbearing power. Any resistance-to-which is put in a class with treason itself. This introduced being a fevered "common good" without any connection to moral rectitude, the font of both freedom and peace, as stamped on the human heart and soul, and as found expounded in detail in the revealed divine-positive law. The "will of the people" in systems like ours not really being their well-considered consensus but a carefully-concocted cocktail of confusion and hysteria, the explosive mixture administered from a Judeo/secret-society controlled media, courts, White House and Congressional floor. Human freedom and wellbeing alike in this way and with stark inevitability incinerated like burnt offerings before the iron will of the state, now in practical terms and as noted above sacrilegiously made to take the place of God. The republican form being a veritable Greek mystery-religion with a rubric all-its-own, with noted formalistic, humorless aspects inevitably compensated by an elfish sort of comedy which, as seen both in Hollywood and in licentious Greek or Roman plays, especially ridicules upright, orderly, fatherly honor and decorum. This chaotic mystique being captured well in modern times by the here-oft-cited classical Copley painting of three or four revolutionaries prancing wildly down some Boston street with fife and drum, like the Pied Piper calling all to join them in in the odd sanctimony of modern-day revolt. In the American case against a long-standing, generous and forebearing English throne under the Georges I, II and III: a royal house attempting a return to rationality after bloody Puritan pogroms of Cromwell, Elizabeth and Henry VIII, Georgian England a monarchy without whose hovering solicitudes the Colonies could scarcely have survived, or prospered so well, their citizens surpassing contemporary Europeans in wealth to prodigal degrees. The chief spur for revolution in the Colonies, an uprising now glorified as some sort of heavenly cause, having indeed been this very clement and accommodating royal character, a taking-stock which had happily brought England to no longer slaughter Catholics en masse, whether at home or in fanatical Dissenter-urged invasions of a Catholic Quebec close to the north.

Furthermore, this regularly-recurring radical political culture carries with it an all-points moral/cultural uniformity that is remarkable to the mind, so that while "enemy" blood flows freely, and drama, oratorical agonies and easeless debate predominate, theory or ideology driven "democratic" societies from ancient Greece to modern-day USA are found bursting with internal envies and rivalries at all levels. With an anything-but-neighborly USA now with stark inevitability brought to share in a sodomy-culture historically inseparable from bloody militant airs, from stiff and rigor-driven inhumanity wherever it is found, as in Nazi Germany or a witch-hunting, "dunking" colonial Puritanism, or a Savior-crucifying Israel of yore. In a merciless spirit so quickly in the USA to be murderously unleashed on furthest western mountains and plains. All this prefigured in male-figure-adoring, sodomy-prone Olympic games held in worship to a pantheom of equally-perverse pagan gods, lusting-and-warring across an ancient legendary sky, and finding present parallels in a sports-obsessed USA now swiftly becoming equally thus perversely enthralled. Ancient Greece, with little in common with its modern-day national descendant, also displaying a popular ingratitude, part-and-parcel of a mortally-envious spirit, one which perennially rules and epitomizes the sodomite world, with Attica rewarding occasional self-sacrificing, truly-heroic political leaders with exile for all their grueling pains. (The Harvard Classics, Ed. Charles W. Eliot, L.L.D.: Plutarch's Lives. Grolier Enterprises, Danbury, CT: 1909). Rather demogoguery than noble deeds, as in both houses of the modern-day U.S. Congress, having been the do-all and end-all of the ancient Greek political form, forthwith theatrically generating passionate adherences, ill-satisfied with trophies of bloody wars, which issued in the formation of violence-prone, party-spirited gangs. These passionate loyalties regularly culminating in bloody mob-violence at some sports-stadium or hippodrome, most notably between historically-notorious Athenian factions, set to continue into Byzantine times, little different from modern-day street-gangs or biker-gangs, mobs which were designated by colors, as I remember, either of blue and red, or red and white. Fatalities in these ugly ancient excesses frequently running in the hundreds, as jealousy-driven antagonists debouched in glowering, taunting, cat-calling glory from either side of the coliseum within. Meeting face-to-face outside, seldom able to contain their morbidly-nurtured, pent-up antagonism and spleen. This breeding-ground of sodomy, this violent chaos being plainly if ill-admittedly held the highest form of "liberty" both by ancient Greek paganism and synagogue-endorsed U.S. patriotism alike, in an uncontainable license held as well worth all the blood and gore. The political vocabulary of the ancient republican or democratic political form--both names meaning the same thing, the one with a Latin root, the other a Greek, although pundits today belabor an entirely imaginary divergence with rare emotional might and main--having been identical as well to that used in the USA today, as any purusal of the above-cited book will instantly reveal. This in a historical deja vu for all the endless debate found likewise in all-controlling secretive alliances which both now and then rigidly decide all matters in advance. So that all the self-governing theatrics on Congressional floor or Athenian Ariopagus was and is pure window-dressing for cryptic underlying policies which, were all aspects fully exposed, would disgust the popular masses for all the corruption, false-flag glory-drunk war-mongering and criminal injustice involved. War in ancient Greece and modern America alike as noted above having identically been used as a means of party or personal glorification rather than for some just cause. Governent, self-rule thus as bears repeating being construed in such systems as utterly divorced from the clemently-reasoned order inseparable from the law of God, while any measurable Godly, orderly, constructive, kindly exercise of authority, if occasionally thrown a fragmentary crumb as in the recent nomination and election of Trump, is met with open or ill-concealed mockery, as the final issue always bears out. This traditional benign, God-fearing political form being that which we advance on this site and on our National Anti-sodomy Crusade, in a system truly resting on stone foundations from the bottom up, in an historically-tested interwoven horizontal and vertical tapestry of political interaction which is genuine, immemorial, practical political culture par excellence. One mercifully frail and fallible like all things human, yet from this very humble basis guaranteeing the critical generous input of a popular mind which is innately just, noble and clement when thus duly honored and empowered.

Take your pick, USA, infernal polytheistic chaos or mutually-ministering, orderly justice and monotheistic piety: which will it be?

April 27, 2017: Genuine Civilization versus the New World Order progress machine: The personal, character-related price of discarding the earnest, constructive and true in favor of the war-mongering, wasteful, soil-salting and sly.

This is indeed the choice one must make today, as every alternative under the sun has its price, and the unqualified, unmitigated pursuit of profit carries a cost in preternatural terms. While after preferment is shown to the predatory and unscrupulous, one can expostulate without a pause about "hard work", "initiative", even a Catholic "traditionalist" glorified "virtuous ambition", and it will all be a lie, as work by rudimentary definition must accomplish something, must "build and plant", must not "root up and tear down". Whereas modern progress, intrinsically radical-capitalist, Federal-Reserve-brokered in nature, pursues a kind of conquest which denudes the earth of its prodigal plenty rather than improving it, with fanatical fervor indeed today launching the exploration of outer space as a place to go after the earth has been in this reckless manner utterly consumed. Adam Smith's rather bland principle about supply and demand being made to stand good as the "inevitable" determinant of a restless program of mutual extinction which could only come out of the jaws of Hell, with rivals seeking one another's irretrievable material demise, rather than the building-up of earth and humankind. But even more catastrophic is the all-encompassing black and sinister moral universe created thereby, in social as well as economic relations in which the sly and underhanded are given first place, and the honest, noble and neighborly are treated as abysmally backward, dim-witted, being openly and unabashedly despised. All this, finally, to be with classical Stoic fatalism surrendered to as "the lot of this mortal life": so termed not by a bevy of self-indulgent, epiglotis-tickling, sewer-vomiting pagans, who for all their folly would scarcely have sunken so low, but by our most well-thought-of leaders, indeed by our own very clergy themselves. If regarding a subject typically skimmed over rather quickly, as any open endorsement of the venal or predatory makes lamentably unattractive Sunday-morning pulpit fare.

March 28, 2017: Devotion to God the root of good custom and conversation. The irreconcilability of societies based on love with those based on lesser things.

As harmless as the subject might seem, a tremendous amount of controversy and a host of social, economic and political injustices swirl around the question: should devotion to God be open and manifest in our conversation, in the expressions that animate our faces and jestures, our turns-of-phrase? Today's all-determining notion of "progress" setting the stage for much of the debate, consigning the whole idea of "demonstrative devotion", as it was once so pejoratively called, to another age. Indeed in the minds of a great many today any evidence of same among Catholics, at least in the traditional non-charismatic sense in which the term was in past times always understood, is classed alongside obscure reaches of superstition and the like, and even a notorious criminal is thought better by far than a "hypocrite" who openly shows such manifest religious devotion for all to see. Open, near-riotous tumult and glee over food, dance, popular music, art, being perfectly acceptable to stern judges of this allegedly non-demonstrative school, in a species of worldly hysterics which however suddenly turns stiff, inhibited, even cold at the merest mention of God, His law, His effect on the human soul. But can this "mum's the word" concerning religion in any way advance the kingdom of God? Does it not rather consign it to the condition of a backwater wherein already a century ago only "old women" were thought with incommunicable rectitude to be employed?

It is indeed another well-known commonplace, as experience has repeatedly shown us out here on the Crusade in the most redundant sort of way, that it is the humble, downtrodden, members of "lower races" who most readily reveal a great deal of devotion to God outwardly, and consequently attract this kind of harsh and demeaning scorn. As if devotion implies an inability to contain oneself, while by contrast among the proud of any race or nationality the question seems ever to torment the mind, "what will any display of earnest feeling look like in other people's eyes?" For the good are like the publican in the synagogue who couldn't even raise his eyes toward the sanctuary, much less think about who among mere mortals might be watching, striking his breast with great sighs, professing his great unworthiness, ready indeed for the whole world to witness self-accusations involved, as a public testament against a previous life-of-sin, while it was the proud pharisee who raised himself up like a ramrod in self-satisfaction, hardly revealing any feelings except those of towering self-esteeme. Those who view religious devotion as something to "hide under a bushel basket" plainly living their lives only in other people's eyes, scarcely having an existence of their own in this all-important territory of life. But even if some thus strangely inhibited have no such motivations, having only been involuntary formed in such a stiff and "non-demonstrative" way, yet it is a great loss that so many, falling under the sway of this long-standing falsehood, refrain from showing any religious devotion at all. Foregoing the Gospel "becoming as little children", disdaining a life "simple as doves", failing to let the light of God's presence, of His grace, light up their faces, color their manners and words. Thus easily coloring the way such people treat others as well, as the light of God's countenance to properly candid souls is seen stamped indelibly upon others "made in His image and likeness", however obscure, from soul to soul, the reflection might be. Eliciting all-the-same a like awe and delight as does the immutable and dilectable face of God. The joy of this brotherly love when enlivening the human face resembling rapturous contours which once traditionally animated all fervent prayer, such as readily too crossed over and invested greetings to persons love, "when knighthood was in flower". But it is grudging and inhibited sorts of cleverly-articulated falsehoods which lay at the base of many-a war, mounting walls of hostility that divide cities and neighborhoods into hostile camps, that indeed pick out cunningly even the notorious "black sheep" which almost every family has: most typically the one most unguarded with his legitimate feelings, and easily as well the one who tries to keep guilty sentiments in check.

Thus too the tremendous gulf that so falsely divides the Catholic Church into "Latin" and "Northern European", Slavic and Western-European camps: the first in each case traditionally open and candid in religious fervor, and with high significance typically much more hospitable, neighborly and charitable as well. Alas, I must confess that now-and-again this Crusade literally "runs out of gas", and I have to take can in hand and walk down the road, as in numerous cases in New Mexico. A state where on a major highway it is almost without exception a Mexican from Mexico who will pick you up and buy you five gallons of the precious stuff, if you are in such an unenviable position found, while non-demonstrative White America goes speeding by without batting an eye. These benefactors to their fellow man being members of that nationality where they usually earn 75 cents an hour or less, but cannot bear to see someone else in distress. Yes, it is their "demonstrative" love-of-God, which scarcely "only says Lord, Lord", which bears abundant fruit, "pressed down and running over", in the love of neighbor, in a generosity so typically sequential to that ample self-expression proper to a humanity with both body and soul, seldom seen among uprighteously-undemonstrative, unresponsive people to the north, who however get all worked up over going to war. Hence too must the good custom recommended so heartily here on this site be undergirded by this kind of open-hearted divine devotion, as all of it is a work-of-grace. Indeed we have no "agreement" with God, as Protestantism seems so typically to hold, as if in an arm's-length handshake after which they are sure of being "saved". No, we throw ourselves at His feet, we beg His mercy with all the fervor our human equipment can help us orchestrate, we cry out for His incomparable peace, after which we are happy to find an opportunity to thus demonstrate too our gratitude in the way we treat others, whether in sharing God's blessings, in those quite-demonstrative Beatitudes of "feeding the hungry", of "counseling the doubtful", of "admonishing the sinner", or even of giving a simple and humble "demonstrative" smile to light our neighbor's way.

But alas as suggested above a religion so silent, so stiff and even sullen, so "undemonstrative", which some display like a feather in their hat, such a creed is no threat at all to the Jewish behavioral hegemony that controls our world, that even now prepares a mega-deadly arm's race again to make profit out of blood, and to enslave those who remain. For these reasons are such falsehoods cultivated in all ages, to diminish and eventually erase the defining childlike quality of the Christian soul, to banish-in-shame all good and society-cementing customs and attitudes, to create cruel proponents and participants in racial confrontations in all their bloody or petty forms, in economic concepts of penury and starvation, in aggressive and unjust wars.

Thus hardly can we settle for impersonal, loveless, combative systems such as ours, in which all of life is viewed as a competition of some sort, whether in business, around the family table, on the job, in sports. The latter indeed originally a Greek contest between sodomites, designed so that the well-developed male figure could be more provocatively displayed for unnatural lusts of participants and lookers-on alike. Much as American football has likewise come to be, with these abominable skin-tight jerseys, the violent contact of every part of the human frame, being wildly cheered on, oggled and admired. In business this combative approach resulting in the most wasteful extravagance and redundancy, in the wholesale waste of energies and material, rather than any generous, horizontally-distributed multiplier such as sound economics always embodies and employs. The Judeo-Masonic cabal which founded this country condemning it to continue in this grudging, reprobate way, as a veritable league-of-piracy deliberately set up as the proving-ground of this Godless, loveless, libertine view. A species of statecraft now being spread around the globe with lies, slanders, cruel and hideous acts of false-flag barbarity, all in the name of "freedom and the American way". This system having been designed indeed to supplant all real love among men with this roiling diabolical libertarian malignancy, to eradicate a millennial Catholic social and political Civilization planted on these shores by pious French and Spanish missionaries and explorers. These not for contests of death and perversity but for life, faith, hope, salvation, for a society of divine, generous and productive love. That which must always be intensely interpersonal in realization, and can scarcely be accommodated in a system so cold, calculating and abstract as ours. A system to which there can be no reconcile among the good, among those motivated by divine love.

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Retractions: I made the claim in a February 3rd article of a proven link not only between the CIA and the "Islamic State" but also included Israel in this linkage, for which there isn't the same material evidence, even if it is indeed entirely likely. Thus the passage was corrected accordingly to give proper emphasis where it belongs. Also, have stated mistakenly that grand juries are a recent invention of the courts, this error stemming from my habit of writing from a sometimes-faulty memory rather than checking the facts. Rather what I had read about some years ago was the unprecedented use to which grand juries were being put during anti-racketeering hearings of the 1950s. Also, my apologies for mistaking the name of the Russian Patriarch as Alexander when it is in fact Kirill, and a number of others errors of this material rather than conceptual kind. Also, I tend to get up in the morning, when ideas are numerous and lively, and somehow unaccountably write very tersely, as if a readers with thus-few mental trail-marks knew where I was headed, or what it actually was I wished to say. These pieces tending to sound either bombastic or clueless and meandering: articles I invariably develop more fully within a day or so. Also, I regret any criticisms of priests that are found here, and try to keep them limited only to those that seem essential in my attempts to understand and explain what has happened to the Catholic Church over the past century and more of prophetically-predicted infiltration by evil men. Also, any positive comments made here and there on this site about polytheists (pagans) are made in spite of their polytheism rather than because of it. For certainly there are always good things as well as bad at work in all people, and God looks primarily at the heart, so that provided the ultimate state is finally arrived at, sometime before the hour of death: namely, of believing "that there is one God Who is the rewarder of the good and the punisher of the wicked", that a person can save their soul. Again, provided they "have a good heart", have sincerely sought the truth, but have somehow been prevented from attaining it in its entirety through some blameless sort of ignorance, or perhaps even some externally-imposed form of prejudice they are honestly unable to overcome. And of course while this struggle between good and bad goes on in those of other beliefs it does no good to refuse to see any hopeful or positive signs in them, in their civic institutions, and so on. These latter practical particulars of whole nations which can sometimes indeed be their chief harbingers of hope for both this world and the next. Those two realms whose imperatives so often closely coincide.

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