Musings Among the Battlements

April 2003, vol. II, issue 4 (exerpts)

Catholic Distributive Justice Approaches to Threatening Economic, Organizational and Political Issues

Dedicated to the French Explorer Louis Joliet: exemplar of the true patriot and the sterling Catholic layman

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The determinisms of Media Driven Policy: strategic paranoia, false loyalty, the medium is the Message and other elements of the second-generation new world order hard sell

By Louis Zdunich, bachelor of economics, student of history, development and organization.

Conspiracy theories are quite acceptable today as long as they are the theories of certain people. Defensive pathologies of all kinds abound in school and workplace alike—and little alarm is raised among the correct as the Modern American media/government amalgam becomes more and more obsessed with identifying dangerous and undesirable groups and individuals. With the statements of our leaders about lurking terrorists strongly reminiscent of the ravings of the psychologically troubled. Alternately wrenching from us an empathetic hearing—or like some trapped paranoiac urging our ceaseless vigilance by way of national security inquisitions and two-inch-high headlines.

Rather what we advocate is a sane and recollected sort of security. While the King-Kong oriented public atmosphere, ironically enough, began its menacing dominance during the past few several singularly-uninhibited decades. Arguably starting with the likewise-media-driven freedom movements of the late 60s and early 70s—these in turn dominated from the start—if mostly in subtle ways—by the input of a certain quasi-intellectual avant-garde—almost to a man media-created instant authorities. Especially and with singular fitness the "communications expert" MacCluhan—with his "the medium is the message" pronouncements. A resounding triumph of non-communication which has now been all but forgotten but which nonetheless remains the main motif of the outdated inner furnishings of the post-modern educated mind. Representing nothing other than a complete victory of appearance over fact—this incredibly-versatile propaganda factotum readily facilitates congressional or mass paranoia—issuing in the passage of ultra-restrictive security legislation and the orchestration of wars in weeks instead of the usual years. By virtue of a new version of the old "what I hear you saying is" mantra of MacCluhan-era vintage now as then easily making even the meekest of men look like monsters. But it took George II to perfect a form of political saturation marketing which—for all its saber-rattling—is the very epitome of MacCluhan’s touchy-feely world.

This presidential quasi-heroism has a long list of Hollywood productions to fall back on—as convincing backdrops for manufactured goose-bumps of all kinds. With the inevitable Harrison Ford and lesser screen luminaries starring in films like Air Force One, Clear and Present Danger, and a great host of others full of dangerous aliens with dark skin, the required hijackings and spectacular effects. While it was the “New World Order” utterings of George I which caused a stir among those acquainted with the phrase’s true significance—largely prompting the formation of the quasi-militias of the early 90s. These however to be quickly discredited as dangerous fanatics by way of the Oklahoma City bombing. An event which coincides perfectly—and partook of the same uncanny convenience—in its own sphere and in terms of its mass motivational impact—with the Trade Tower crashes. Which some had perhaps hoped would put an end to the anti-globalist movement just as surely as the former had to the men running around in camouflage clothing from Maine to California. Then too there have been the mutually-similar bombings of American outposts in various occupied zones. All these acts of terrorism together—typically accomplished with a master-mind precision rare even among wealthy Arabs—galvanizing the Media—and even a certain type of people—into a hopelessly paranoid/defensive state of mind. Making some wont to forget the worst bogey-men of all—people who are cynical enough to orchestrate such sentiments—and even deeds—for their own purposes. Sometimes using the broken and the deluded—much as in the case of Lee Harvey Oswald vis-à-vis the John Kennedy assassination—but on a much grander scale. A form of geo-manipulation in which leaders of a certain (ironically) openly-avowed Fabian world elite, which "knows what's best", have been engaged for at least a century. This being a true political killing field with an apt social/behavioral complement—in a newly-resurrected equivalent of the baitings and dunkings of Puritan memory. A radically-anti-social milieu which has become extremely common in American homes, schools and geo-firm jobs alike. Even as the lowliest of pot-smoking laborers (Note: a different breed entirely from those who founded the CIO)continues to put on the airs of Freudian psychiatry—or national security—to justify incredibly boorish intrusions and personal aggressions. A way of life more and more at home in an increasingly-anti-Christian, sadistic and false America—and behavior-aping globe. From out of which sinkhole of degenerate propensities those real terrorists, the Israeli Moussad, are alone noted for underhandedly achieving national policy objectives on the scale of the Trade Tower Debacle. These tending to be disproportionably global in their implications.

The New World Order Media/Official Hard Sell is likewise evident in the ceaseless surveys—which greet us at every internet or talk show turn. While one might recollect a vague sense of unease—in examining these generally-simple-minded-sounding questionnaires—in that they invariably ask us either disturbingly more or infuriatingly less than what we actually wish to say. This little unwanted addendum or deletion being however likely to loom large in the announced result. The latter deftly manipulated by a bevy of actuaries-turned-sooth-sayers—no doubt in close consultation with the Bush corporate/government politburo. While there is also to be found a strong element of fear among ordinary people—seriously inhibiting the admission of their real opinions on policy matters. This combination of things being of course regarded as signaling no conspiracy at all—perhaps little beyond an all-excusing corporate bottom line. But the prize for the most cynical of all such social-engineering surveys must go to the Kinsey Report—revolutionizing as it did and in one fell swoop American sexual behavior. One which—as was only discovered several decades later—had used convicts and others with known deviant propensities as the sample “population” for a study of human sexual habits. Such callous social manipulation prompting us to ask whose bottom line was being facilitated here.

One major problem with this modern cult of media/official phobias, falsehoods and half-truths is that it gradually renders intelligent discussion on any issue impossible—this due to a certain intrinsic interconnection of all of life and thought. So that the attempt to hammer out the real issues involved in any serious matter—political, organizational, economic, religious—has first to burst through such infectious perimeters of emotional and notional nonsense. Without benefit of gasmasks or decontamination chambers. While it is likewise from the perspective of such a veritable intellectual—and oratorical—terrorism—that we must view the much-made-over and officially-endorsed concept of pluralism or diversity. Signaling for one the redefinition of once quite definitive mores and creeds—so as to make them mean practically anything—or almost nothing—according to the rapidly-evolving requirements of what is considered correct and patriotic at any given time. Conversely, the great crime of old-fashioned Catholics, both now and in the past, having always been nothing other than their claim to the possession of a very precise, clearly-defined and compelling truth. Absolutely impregnable to being explained away or redefined out of existence. A claim which to ancient Romans merited one's being thrown to wild beasts. For such singularity was conceived of then—much as now—as challenging the very decrees of national/Imperial authority—as well as that great sea of religious and ideological indifferentism of the ancient world. Of which Rome had constituted herself the garland-bedecked guardian—much as has the present-day United States. While the difference is that things today as I write being redefined into conceptual oblivion were back then the new and the revolutionary—undertaken at the risk of a bloody death before thousands of jeering spectators. Alas, a different kind of revolution entirely from the purely-linguistic triumphs of today's by comparison rather timid and uninspiring Napoleons—and their fawning troops of newscasters and NPR instant-literati. Who would much rather see others bleed—while gathering to themselves all the laurels of every sort of verbal heroism.

The perennial naziism: The true story of Zionism vis-à-vis Britain, Iraq, and the kurds

This issue is full of shocking departures from the blasé, sardonic repartee of Diane Rheem on National Public Radio. Which gives way, of a weekend, to a succession of slap-stick, zany, but for-all-that perfectly-dull comedians. These things continuing without intermission through a brutal, sanguinary war. From which we are told—as if by some nationally-overseeing and likewise humorless school counselor—that we need a break—as Big Brother, in inimitable Bush-family style, once again takes matters in hand. The sometimes-savage irony of the noted morning hostess is an oddly-blunt weapon for striking at the issues under discussion—but nonetheless clears the way for the fires of the new irrational hate-patriotism of the ultra-correct. Even the word traitor having been deftly insinuated of late from her Olympian microphone. This for the mere voicing of a discordant—and extremely well informed—note from the prescribed level of war hysteria.

But among those who actually read about the subjects of Iraq, the Kurds, the Zionist expansionism—and not just make endless, telescoping insinuations and sardonic remarks—that which increasingly takes the place of intelligent or scholarly conversation on these shores—all the glossy patriotism dissipates like the morning dew. For it is a sobering thing to go from such rhetorical sophistries to the real facts and figures of history. From out of which experience I am compelled to adopt the likewise-discordantly-sober tone of Patrick Henry and say that if the mere recounting of historical facts—and the drawing from them of obvious conclusions—be treason—then oddly-intimidating people like Diane Rheem are welcome to make the most of it.

Actually, in order to truly understand the Middle East—and even such media creatures—we must first look far a-field and gain an accurate and inclusive grasp of the deeper meaning of such watersheds of global foreign policy as the Protestant Reformation. Since the continuing drive to control “the wealth of nations” that motivates this latest war—and that has obsessed the Western world since before the time of Sir Francis Drake—is quite closely-identifiable with that creed. And even with a politically-correct American-Catholic near-duplicate. In a spirit of practical moral compromise given an immense boost as well under influence of the pontificates of some of the Renaissance Medici popes. The global-scale exploitations that drove most colonial ventures since the sixteenth century—struggled against unceasingly by European Jesuits, Franciscans and other truly-Catholic missionaries—finding its proper explanation only in the gradually-intensifying predominance of such worldview and ambitions. For the advancement of which the prodigally-powerfully Medici family so thoroughly plowed up the Christian sociopolitical ground. England in particular, noteworthy heir that she is to this and many other of the era's conflicting influences, dreamily thinking of herself, since Elizabeth I, as sovereign mistress of the Seven Seas. Providentially placed “on the shores of Ocean” in order to shepherd mankind to its earthly and eternal destiny—while profiting immensely in the process. A putative divine mandate powered by the cynical methods and mechanisms of global-profit-extracting elites. In an of course un-mentionable but centuries-long partnership with world Jewry—alike the eternal inspiration and deep pockets of historical Protestantism. Resulting in a practical Christianity—eagerly, and with the usual odd hilarity, embraced by most of today’s American Catholics—in which Christ—with His infinite love and compassion—is, as it were, deftly removed from His own religion. Especially when it comes to relations with other classes, races, nations and peoples. The once-near-inevitable love-and-forgiveness sermon of an American Catholic Sunday notwithstanding.

Hence there is a long history—on both sides of the Atlantic—behind the sorts of feints and blunt, open, Grand Old Party style power plays that characterize our very own George II. On behalf of forces propelled to supremacy not by any superior moral quality or intelligence but rather by the inequitable extraction of interest and stock and bond incomes from out of the growing misery of masses. Coups recently punctuated by perfectly-timed cries of financial panic—or contrasting larcenous ebullience—in world markets in which psychology means everything. Marked too by the deft maneuvers of hedge-fund managers who are quickly becoming the chief players in the realm of investment - in a global economy whose profits are coming more and more to resemble those of a chain-letter. The sort of arbitrage unleashed, free of all controls, upon a fragile-if-promising third world by Alan Greenspan, in the months and years preceding the Asian and other recent financial crises. Such triumphs too being related to an Anglo-American cynical dispensing with the “overhead” costs of worker jobs security and benefits. Thus gaining the aggregate economic advantage over socially-conscientious Western Europeans and Japanese. Then too there is the cheaply-bought military might that goes hand-in-mailed-glove with this sort of economic ascendancy. The only superiority required for such flights being a degree of hubris, ruthlessness and cunning more proper to the nether world or predatory animals than human beings with hearts and minds. For “the children of this world are more adept at the things of this world than are the children of light”. While, finally, the continuity of these kinds of policies—among English-speaking countries—is assured by the continued quiet predominance of Scottish Rite Masonry, at least on a certain level. The Orangemen remaining for the most part singularly inspired by that essentially-erratic Dissenter Calvinism which still remains after centuries the dominant underlying motivational/ideological force in the Anglo world. If of course under the watchful eye of the Jewish B’nai-Brith.

It was under such dubious inspirations that the Ottoman Empire was carved up, during and after World War I, under the so-called “British Mandate”, into a multitude of “nations”. With the underlying dynamic behind these policies being the desire to find a home for Zionism—amid people too disunited to offer a common front of resistance. A search first actually begun under mid-eighteenth century Frankists of Austria—and for a long time much at the heart of the policy world of a slightly-later Napoleon. Even as this bald-faced British intrusion was strongly contested by France and bore only the slightest appearance of a legitimate connection to Allied wartime agreements—or to free and open deliberations of the subsequent Versailles Treaty or the League of Nations. Being however a typical British foreign office maneuver more than anything marked by a tacit understanding among the world's rich and powerful. An internationalist regional policy ensemble whose main tool would be the English “divide and rule” strategy. Arab, Persian and Turkic nations by such means being rendered unable to adequately deal with ethnic minorities carefully stirred up by a century of open or covert promises of British arms and diplomatic recognition. (see Arfa, Hassan, The Kurds. London: Oxford U. Press, 1966; Razzouk, Dr. Ass'ad, Greater Israel: A Study in Zionist Expansionist Thought. Beirut, Lebanon: Published at the expense of the government of Abu Dhabi, 1970). No one of these entities, as indicated, being internally united or large enough to mount a serious obstacle to a Rothschild-backed English hegemony over the Arabic-speaking world. A policy however with much-larger horizons in mind than the barnacled-hulls of Britannia's navy could patrol. With the United States destined to rush in where Angles feared any longer to treat unassisted. While always in the background and as noted above has been the desire to secure for the long-projected State of Israel a comfortable nest amid Arabs thus rendered helpless and defenseless. Alas, Anglo-American democracy at work. In a world religious/geopolitical syncretism which would have a pope in Tel Aviv rather than Rome. Middle Eastern territories slated to be progressively occupied—Iraq in particular—arguably containing the Biblical Garden of Eden—being looked forward to from the very beginning as a prime target for Jewish settlement. With its proverbially rich soil, mineral resources and seaports—the latter however from the very beginning denied Iraq by the same Mandate. This in the creation of the separate “nation” of Kuwait. Again, by the centuries-old English policy of using some disgruntled and self-seeking local warlord to frustrate the sovereign aspirations of whole peoples. One used to ample effect as well in India/Pakistan and other areas of one-time British control—and encouraged covertly in other sovereign domains—like 19th century Latin America. This while Saddam Hussein's attempts at the recovery of crucial seaports—and other measures similarly-motivated—would find him termed a brutal dictator by the above-noted Anglo-American media. He who was once hailed as one of the region's most moderate leaders. Much like a suddenly-defamed Manuel Norriega vis-à-vis Latin America—another national leader who wouldn't "play ball" with the Bush family. Who wanted to really stop the flow of drugs—and not just do the preferred palm-greasing grandstand.

Hence do mounting numbers of American soldiers—and so far some fifteen thousand Iraqis—lose their lives in this most recent and bravely-named war. So that Anglo-Protestants and Zionists could continue their march to physical and psychological dominion on a global scale—even as they long ago gained the world’s commercial and financial citadel. With many-an Evangelical reserving rare pulpit or leaflet warnings of damnation for those alone who oppose the Israeli bid-for-power. This while many-a deeply-compromised American-Catholic pastor parenthetically nods his approval of a Sunday sermon. An ever-more-united body of people recklessly backing today’s successors to the Soviet-émigré co-founder of modern Israel Ben Gurion. The ultimate paradox of the Jew who hated the Jewish religion—and of which the same state still has so many. And by whom in fact it continues largely to be controlled. A pagan who wished to see the Law of Moses replaced by the ancient Canaanite worship of Baal. A predilection which may also have been shared by Adolf Hilter—himself of Jewish ancestry—yet a confirmed will-to-power pagan much like those ancient genocides and infant-killers of which the ancient territory of Canaan was such a fruitful source. This from the time of the Philistines to Antiochus III and beyond. Which would explain singularly-well his butchery of so many devout ghetto Jews. As well as his stubborn insistence on sending hundreds of thousands of Zionists not to the gas chambers but to Palestine—when his whole staff wished them sent to any number of other places. A land then in the last stages of the establishment of Zionist sovereign power (El-Solh, Raghid, Britain's Two Wars with Iraq. Reading, UK: Ithaca Press, 1996). Hitler in this way being able to act as both executioner and savior: providing both the paramount symbol of anti-Semitism and the greatest historical tool in the establishment of a supposed refuge from same. All this, incredibly, while powerless genuine Catholics—as in the case of Nazi-occupied Croatia—receive unwarranted blame for the Holocaust.

Clearly, this is where the radical fervor of an ever-dominant Protestant/Jewish alliance has led mankind—even as it hurls reckless accusations at others. So that one can see why Diane Rheem—and the bevy of unconvincing comedians of a Public Radio Saturday and Sunday—are at times like these wont to crank a little harder on the handle of the laughing machine down at NPR. To drown out the terrors of serious thought—let alone discussion.

Money is not Wealth: Practical Grassroots Measures Against the Threatening Tyranny/Disintegration

It is easy enough to complain about things—or with the modern Orwellian bravery to pretend that there is nothing to complain about. But hardest of all is to come up with concrete suggestions for good. And furthermore people today are just as able in this capacity as were people of the past - the only problem being that we have become convinced that we must allow others to do our thinking for us. When what is needed is a whole new, popularly-participated, broadly-appraising approach. This not in terms of modern "semiotics" or word-study—nor yet some new group-behavioral “regime theory”. Rather what is sorely needed is a cogent, realistic strategy and sense of direction.

But in order to accomplish this successfully, something yet more is required as a preliminary. It is the adjustment of our values back toward a true rationality. Which doesn't mean that we must relinquish our love of life and happiness - and all that these involve. But it is necessary to put all things into proper perspective with one another—and with other things both more base and more profound. For it is only in this way that we can ever possible derive the enjoyment—or even revulsive reaction—that each category of event or creature is meant, in its own peculiar way, to bring us. Failure at which renders us nothing more or less than perverse.

But, alas, this is where the rub comes in. Because there are those who profit immensely by our immersion in an unnatural ordering of values, desires, priorities. So that in the end we experience little but torment in everything—even as we are effectively prevented from contesting the powers that thus put us in chains. A situation which makes us resemble more than anything else—to use the vivid imagery of St. Teresa of Avila—starving men seated before an immense banquet. Of whose delights they are however perfectly unable to avail themselves.

Since before the days of the Peloponnesian Wars some have been promoting a way of life which is determined by the allure of all that glitters. This in order to secure their own advantages. Thus the great “democracies” of Greece—with their mostly-enslaved populations, their endless internecine conflicts, their politically-motivated assassinations and exiles, their commerce based on enormous interest rates—or an even thriftier selling of whole rival populations into slavery. A way of life which in the fourth century B.C. was to be permanently expanded throughout Asia Minor and the Middle East—and to gain a lasting influence on neighboring regions like Palestine and a later Byzantium. Across the defeated Persian empire, too, replacing a system which had by comparison and remarkably often tended to be fair, just and humane. And leaving in its wake a proneness to tyranny and religious radicalism. The new and rapacious view of life and polity—in a time-leap over relatively-equitable Classical Romans—later becoming as well the principal formative in an Eastern Empire which had already for centuries steadily imbibed the cultural influence of a nearby Greek-settled Antioch. The final gradual dissolution of the centuries-long Roman prosperity being traceable to the resurfacing—and extended westward application—of the same remorseless approach to life, economics and organization. This as resuscitated by Diocletian—and continued in surprisingly-unabated intensity under Justinian, Basil II and most of the other Byzantine successors of Constantine. Crystallizing a turning away from certain fundamental values—essentially cooperative, honorable and virtuous—in favor of others trivial and destructive. A motivational turning point dramatically evident as well in the archeological record—in a sixth century silting up of harbors from England to Egypt—the unfailing sign of economic and political collapse (Haslam, Jerry, Anglo-Saxon Towns in Southern England. Shopwyke Hall, Chichester, Sussex: Philimore and Co, LTD, 1984). The Christian leaven itself seemingly being threatened with extinction in a recrudescence of everything backward and barbaric. After having in many ways found a uniquely-congenial economic and political culture—"in the fullness of time"—in the Pax Romana. A backsliding indeed much like that devolution—in the midst of vaunted technological and scientific advances—which we are experiencing now.

Perhaps the deepest thing that is lost in this destructive approach—one which constantly reasserts itself throughout human history—is the realization that the good of others is the highest of earthly consumables. For our deepest appetites are much higher than those of animals. Rather, as rational, intelligent beings our greatest satisfactions are interior—in the apprehension of the meaning and value of things. Especially those things that—like our own very intellects and wills—are themselves imperishable—like justice, moderation, love and mercy. Thus in the most realistic of senses—based on our very nature—the introduction of happiness into the life of another is a superior good to any material goods that might be given. And in turn a boon in comparison to which solitary consumption, conspicuous or otherwise, is the merest mirage. While from this it follows that cooperative ventures of mutual enrichment are the most nourishing to the "whole man". Even as the next discovery—almost as startling as the first—is that they are also the most profitable in a material sense. This by way of the bringing into play of the “economic multiplier”—if perhaps under a broader understanding of that term than usually obtains. For in the cooperative interface advocated in these pages each of us becomes, as it were, a resource of his own—together with those assets which we bring with us in the bargain. Whereupon there takes place the mysterious multiplication of the store of what was originally there. Especially with the collaboration of others similarly disposed. Actually and to a striking degree after the manner of the Gospel multiplication of the loaves and fishes—a miracle no doubt meant by Our Good Lord, among other purposes, to suggest just such a socioeconomic analogy. This phenomenon of the multiplier also being substantially found in the economic and organizational genius and method of the Roman Empire—particularly under Augustus, Hadrian, Marcus Aurelius and several others. Which was very much built upon the judicious development and encouragement of "human capital". Even as the microcosm of the human genome itself provides an example of an especially unrehearsed and un-coerced cooperative enrichment—in a phantasmagoria of DNA interactions (NPR All Things Considered, April 25, 2003). Something which to me models very well the dense fabric of genuine human socioeconomic existence. That which regularly defies the antibiotic sterilities of modern economic analysis. While the same spectacle of diffusive vitality is to be seen in the galactic universe—as in that newly-appeared mystery star which defies all the stock categories of super-novas, implosions, black holes and other cosmic phenomena (Arizona State University CLAS News, Spring/Summer 2003). The largely-spontaneously-articulated human society being as well the most difficult to defeat militarily (Machiavelli, The Prince. London: Penguin Books, 1995), While by contrast societies organized along ironclad master-plans—and financial empires—tend to exist almost solely for the benefit of some foreign overlord.

But there is a huge blind-spot in the modern, counterproductive system that gives the advantage to those of us more positively inclined. For there is this peculiarity about modern methods that any least amount of divergence toward a reciprocal, cooperative way of life reaps disproportionately-rich benefits—if perhaps at first under humble appearances. For although this system—because of its interest-driven proclivities—needs every drop of blood and every pound of flesh to keep it functioning—in a draconian, ever-mounting indebtedness—yet it is in some important ways essentially defenseless against those who resolutely depart from its grim regimen. Being based on the assumption that everyone lives by the same rapacious values. Which are marketed, trumpeted and darkly proclaimed as irreversible until it is thought that we have grown deaf to the sound of any different drummer.

One elementary realization necessary to a release from modern mental shackles is a grasp of the principle that money is not wealth. Rather is it—in its most genuine and useful connotation—a mere medium of exchange. While to the degree that it is thought of as a store of wealth it becomes progressively more destructive a device. Rather is real wealth an extremely complex idea—one more to be found in the above-described interwoven concatenation of human efforts and talents. For the actual value or validity of money is decided in practical terms quite simply by its acceptability for the payment of taxes; for the remuneration of government-employed contractors and employees. And also by the power of the government to enforce its acceptance for ordinary transactions—were that to become necessary. Having in essence no provenant value of its own. Genghis Khan’s descendants used the under-bark of the mulberry tree—stamped with the royal seal—as an exchange medium. One which was in turn accepted by foreign traders—who by contrast typically paid for their own purchases in Mongol territories in silver and gold. So that by this means that kingdom became quite rich in precious metals. So that it is a kind of madness to think that a government is weak or poor simply because it uses a base metal like brass or billon for its currency. While the fact that such a monetary policy—in today’s world—would indeed lead to national catastrophe is only a major indication of the degree to which we live under the sway of forces beyond our control. Something far beyond the quaint cynicisms of even a gold standard.

Hence in reading about ancient numismatics do we find that the Roman authorities stamped large quantities of intrinsically-low-value brass coins and were able to count on their universal acceptance. While Northern German barbarians minted an even lower-quality alloy—in the most unsightly sorts of cast-metal imitations—in order to supply lower-denomination currency for a regional frontier economy in northern Gaul undergoing a real boom around the first century B.C./A.D. Not at all indicating the “inflation crisis” that historians invariably wish to see in such phenomenon—but rather a nascent economy so vigorous that Roman coin was not available in sufficient quantity to see to its monetary articulation. Inflation having deep and often complex systemic causes - rooted in a certain essential instability - rather than in the mere nature of its medium of exchange. Furthermore, this barbaric coin—with their crude images of various Roman rulers and symbols—also circulated hundreds of miles away—standing good for the purchases of German auxiliaries wherever they were apt to go. While not really suffering an inflationary loss of monetary value—a phenomenon historically quite distinct from a debasement of the metal employed. Obviously pointing to an integration into the larger Roman regional system as a consequence (King, Cathy E. and David G. Wigg, editors, Coin Finds and Coin Use in the Roman World. Berlin: Gebr. Mann Verlag, 1996.)

Thus rather than thinking of wealth as being signified in any special way by money it must be recognized more essentially in people and their relationships to one another. And in the attainment of a strongly-interwoven interdependency of local and regional units of social, economic and political life. While after this discovery another of even more myth-devastating significance is uncovered. Namely: that this same true and prolific social and economic reciprocity—from the humblest and most local to the grandest and nationwide of levels—is in most ways identical with political freedom. For it is only in this juncture of the socioeconomic with the political that all things gel, as it were, into their proper constitution. Departures from which robust realities—in their degrees—do not in fact represent government—let alone freedom—at all.

Truly free systems also tend to be unique to each people—precisely because of this laborious native socioeconomic articulation—and even to be largely untranslatable to others who might be looking on. Something which present-day zealots for the imposition of a universal standardized, American-style “democracy”—at the point of a bayonet—might do well to ponder long and hard. A fact too which Roman administrators took well to heart—in leaving the adoption of Roman methods and customs by conquered peoples essentially voluntary. Or when indeed undertaken by these "client states" being allowed to follow its own tempo. Rendering many a local cultural and political landmark uniquely intact. Thus it is not really wise for nations to take upon themselves the role of judge of other nations—of their institutions and ways of thinking and doing things.

How do we of today attain to such a system of real wealth and real freedoms, developing by leaps and bounds, as in a tremendously-dynamic "Dark Age" Medieval Europe? Incalculably augmented by the leaven of the Christian social, spiritual and conceptual fertility? It has to start at a very humble, local level. Among small groups of people—perhaps with only three heads of household involved—together with their respective families, if they have them. A size of organization that most inspires trust and friendship—and is least likely to lead to personal dominion, grandstanding, “free riding”, and the like. But there are tremendous amounts of very critical things that such co-operative groups can do for one another. And it only takes a moment’s thought to visualize them.

After such little groups have operated for a certain period they will start to “link up”, as it were, with others of their like. And begin to form a self-determining way of life at the local, and then the regional, level. All the while maintaining positive connections with the present inadequate system for as long as is possible or necessary. A process of benign, constructive socioeconomic activity—alike high, medium and low tech—and accommodating any number of hybrids—which will undoubtedly even soften the destructive effects of the coming inevitable auto-collapse of the present debt-driven global order. A process which will quickly mount to the national level—and culminate in the calling of a constitutional convention. For once it is started, with the help of God, this transformation is going to be a swift and relentless one.

All this may sound like a reinvention of tribal life—or of the Middle Ages—and these are undoubtedly both good expressions for it. For it was at the juncture of barbarian custom, Roman Law and Catholic Faith that there appeared the most free and wealth-prolific societies in history. As well as the most truly civilized. And not just pretty words to take their places. Or blacklists of "rouge states” and "disloyal" or dangerous people. The very loose-knit order and harmony of such a configuration—after the manner of the genome—showing forth its living authenticity. Differing completely too from communes of the avant-garde that invariably crop up at the slightest mention of a elementally-rooted existence—typically of nudists, hippies or fringe-radical academics. Movements marked by an all-engulfing chaos and moral disintegration. These being regularly put forward by the deluded or less-than-sincere as valid versions of vital and organic human life.

For there is already a sublime spiritual blueprint for any truly free society—pearls little to be properly valued by swine—food for beloved children, not to be thrown to dogs. The freest of them all tending to be modeled upon the very society of Heaven. After the pattern of the Infinite freedom of the very Divine Spirations themselves. Or that mutual "breathing" or self-imparting—personified in the Holy Ghost—that goes on throughout the eternal ages between the Father and the Son. A chant which echoes in the very vaults of Heaven—and provides the base-pedal motif for the "music of the spheres". A celestial existence in which God wants even we poor earthlings to partake—according to our proper creaturely measure. Since we have a God so good that He wishes our entire existence to be subsumed, translated into His own language—into a relationship with Himself. Wishing to reproduce here on earth—"on earth as it is in Heaven”—a replication, a participation, of the very celestial reciprocity—of both saints and Divine Persons—both within our souls and our human institutions. This being a process which is never perfected this side of Heaven. But one which nonetheless gives the most glory to God—while also securing for man his highest possible degree of even earthly happiness.

Let us, then, build a society based upon things solid and enduring—in ways personal, social, spiritual and economic. Turning our backs forever upon a system which sees some certain few as being in possession of a mandate to own and control all things. This from a false understanding of the Scriptures—motivated by a base heart and a trivial view of life. A view with several denominational embodiments. Let us rather appreciate the oneness of mankind—first in Adam—from whom we drew Original Sin— and later in Christ, the New Adam—from Whom we draw both our earthly and our Heavenly salvation. A oneness which however has no interest in the exploitation of anyone not “of the Body of the faithful".

Distributism and Congressional Democracy—Diametrically Opposed Forms of Government

There is a deep spiritual and motivational difference between societies governed by the typical American assembly, on the one hand, and those governed distributively. And the crux of the matter is not in the first instance about freedom. Rather do the two opposing sorts of societies operate under two entirely different sets of organizational constraints. The government of distributism being essentially a relationship between persons—in which the exercise of the individual mind and will tend to receive top priority. While congressional democracy—or the Enlightenment form of representative government—which we have here in the United States—is fundamentally an attempt to give political life to the social dynamisms of a closed group. One which often sets rigid and quite arbitrary and all-engulfing standards for its members. A social configuration which tends to reproduce itself unfailingly at home and in school and workplace as well. While giving birth to a foreign policy which more or less completely disregards the welfare of other nations.

The Greek Islands and mainland of the fifth and fourth centuries B.C. were of course the first to attempt this congressional kind of system—and the practical consequences are there for anyone to examine. With the sway of oratory for instance achieving endless wars of alternate conquest and defeat—in a Mediterranean region which prior to that time had been relatively peaceful. “The Greek Century” also being especially notable for the execution, exile or character assassination of political rivals—or many a noble soul like Socrates. Tyranny, whether group or individual, indeed often producing an Aristotle, a Chrysostom or a Sokorov—being itself so potent a revulsive. And ironically by the same alchemy exalting the base and self-seeking to the dizzy heights of power and prestige. This kind of “representative government” being little more than a clique of the well-placed—standard-bearers of the preoccupations of their class—purveyors of group/collective illusions that are fruitful in the degeneration of popular life. While within such systems any who aspire to leadership without being in some way members of this elite or sponsored by it are termed “demagogues” or "populists". Being quite likely to end their careers through the caucus of an assassin’s weapon—verbal or actual. Even as all these things—national or geopolitical—are accomplished amid claims of the highest idealism—framed in the most commanding sorts of deterministic vision.

Distributism, on the other hand, is built upon the most unrehearsed and unassuming—often intimate—sorts of social, economic and political relationships. Upon real duties, commitments and heartfelt loyalties - as well as genuine, palpable freedoms. Those sorts of things most congenial to the dynamisms of the human heart and mind. Distributive systems - as in thirteenth century Western Europe — tending to have their own truly representative assemblies—in Medieval Spain going under the title of the national, local and regional cortes. If in their day and time hampered by unavoidable physical, communicational and resource-related limitations. Being for all that a vital collective expression of an infinite number of mutual, reciprocal, generally-speaking contractual ties between human persons of all classes. Much-the-same sort of free social and political reciprocity having likewise been seen in the guild-based systems of the Middle East - thriving under Islam but probably stretching even from before its time. This in sharp contrast to the monistic group/leader deifications of the ancient Greece and modern America alike. This concept of the mutually-beneficial contract containing an intrinsic element of the most palpable sort of equality attainable in real life. The Medieval cortes or Estates General - descended from the tribal moot - being composed of the topmost of local authority/entrepreneurial figures coming together for constructive public deliberation. But only as representative parts of this interconnected, human-personality-driven plethora. All involved being intensely pre-committed beforehand to mutual interests shared with others not present. Within a creative sort of leadership-liberty in many ways akin to that espoused by John Kennedy in his Profiles in Courage. So that each such leader truly articulates the needs of those thus represented—rather than being their mere unthinking rubber stamp. Nor yet their robber or extortioner. Oratory in such a setting finding its true and perennial purposes—seldom wishing or being able to sway a whole nation or province into some cleverly-self-rewarding but deceptively-appealing scheme—or some suicidally-brutal domestic or geopolitical path.

Hence among truly self-ruling peoples the congressional or Enlightenment form is seldom if ever used. A form which is rather invariably imposed from above by a power elite—typically of money rather than of titles of nobility. A privilege-oriented power structure which however is termed “popular” in that it depends upon a firmly-controlled populace being whipped into a frenzy over how free, privileged or militarily-unconquerable they supposedly are. A delusion as old and tired as sin. All the while their wealth is being cleverly extracted through a host of taxing and rent-farming investment mechanisms. A pyramid scheme which corresponds perfectly with the political one. Thus the oligarchy which today holds the increasingly-monolithic podium of the press. If leaving distasteful oratorical tasks to its creatures in political life—itself also of course entirely escaping the burdens of taxation. Such a system typically being headed at any given time—as in ancient Greece—by two or three cliques or opposing factions. So that the final fate of the supposedly self-governing Isles was determined by an ultimately self-destructive kind of law of gravity endemic to same. In this case through the instrumentality of the mortal rivalry of Phillip of Macedonia and Demosthenes—with the sporadic interplay of wild-cards like Sparta and Carthage. Rather than any struggle, even remotely, over the popular well-being.

It was only natural that the American colonies would eventually adopt the congressional form—this to the tragic frustration of genuine aspirations toward freedom. Since for one thing they were founded by the Puritans—all of whose various quarreling branches had in common a form of church government inspired by the Geneva Calvinist social experimentation. A “priesthood of the congregation” approach - much touted as "Early Christian" but actually more Medici/Renaissance in character - which was applied to government as assiduously as it had been to church affairs. One which greatly minimizes all personal individual authority. Little realizing that freedom must be reproduced minutely throughout a system and at all levels—in the form of individual agency. Else it be rendered the sheerest impossibility in things collective, political or even truly productive. Since there is here involved something which is universal to our human nature. A personal agency which translates especially poorly into the dynamic constraints of Enlightenment group engineering - with branches of government and power blocks juxtaposed against one another in abstract visions of checks and balances. With the substance of popular political life which they assume being however for the most part absent. These alienated tools of government all the same being lent a force of conviction as Calvinistic as it is Freemasonic in its Gnostic fervor. In a sort of notional Newtonian physics—such fanciful illusions being rather tailor-made for tyranny and irresponsible flights of domestic and geopolitical adventurism. Since, for one, there is seldom any realistic personal authority to take just responsibility for the course of events. Even as the “best ever” system that gives birth to such things is ever praised to the bitter end—whether in ancient Athens or a sadly-deluded hometown USA.

Finally, my contention is that this congressional form of representative government—to the degree it exists in pure form—barely qualifies as government at all. Rather inevitably devolving into a sort of piracy or institutionalized anarchy. Only doing well - if ever - when there is "plenty to go around". Valid elements in such systems in the West having rather mostly to do with the clinging residue of earlier distributive, Medieval/Roman/Catholic forms - such as the social definition of property or Common Law. Enlightenment democracy rather favoring the dominion of a spiritually-unregenerated group dynamics—one however carefully controlled for private ends. And the remorseless exploitation and debasement of the weak and defenseless - whether at home or abroad. While the advocated Integral Catholicism—the highest locally-specific development of the distributive political/oganizational mode—functions entirely within closely-accountable institutions of mutual trust. A democracy more akin to that diffusive "fatherhood" all of which "comes from God". Things which tend to encourage personal and unique contributions. And to thrive upon—rather than conversely exploit—native human limitations. Indeed finding these to be the irregular seams that join in cementing the functional existence of a nation or enterprise.

“Iraqis now gather to voice their opposition to the Anglo-American presence—in mass demonstrations they would not have been allowed under the old system”

Thus neatly and self-righteously are capsulated all the benefits of a rule brought by tanks and laser-guided missiles. Being compared against a national system which had had to remain on a wartime footing—in order to struggle against all odds for its political independence and survival. Aspirations which however it is held to have had no right at all to entertain—by an Anglo-American-Israeli geopolitical machine which has together been determining the world’s future for at least a century. The Israeli part of this amalgam having been politically operational long before its official 1948 founding. Compassionately and condescendingly blowing people to smitherines—or herding them on reservations—so they might know what it is to be free. Which in loose translation means learning to act like under-classed, half-baked Englishmen or Americans. Or to have the privilege of carrying their baggage—or shining their shoes. Or like Colin Powell-being promised a big political watermelon in return for the selling of his soul. Only to have it withdrawn before it can even be tasted—in punishment for his obvious lack of fervor in the prosecution of an utterly unjust aggression. True freedom and self-determination rather being denied to an entire globe that is not Protestant or Jewish—or typically-enough sandy haired and blue eyed.

Certainly the assumption of dictatorial power—on the part of an existing head of state—and not some foreign intruder like Bush—is part and parcel of such emergency circumstances as faced the Iraq of the past several decades. A one-man-rule which Bush has himself in fact readily adopted here at home—de facto if not in so many words—and for far lesser reasons than those had by Hussein. And against which he will brook no argument whatever. Merely turning the crank a little harder on his national security machine—from which emanate the melodramatic special effects of a carefully-stage-managed “state of siege”. Full of slogans and shibboleths which entirely miss the issue at stake but which are very good at stirring up adrenaline. That substance which demagogues—of any color of skin or eyes—need above all others to keep them in power.

Of course Bush will get his tax cut. He will just conjure up another national emergency. With the help of his inseparable bedfellows in the media cranking up the decibels over loyalty and “weapons of mass destruction”—or some new supposed threat from another quarter. Vaunted assertions which the stubbornly- disloyal facts are just not prompt enough in backing up. Until it becomes redundantly apparent—at least to an American workforce which must work for the Bushite multinations and for whom political unanimity and correctness have now taken the place of occupational skill and honesty—that the saccharin voice was right all along. Creating an atmosphere in which any dissent whatever—over anything that really matters—whether voiced on the job, at school, or among friends—is vaguely classed as a crime against the state. Or an odd sort of proof of terrorist tendencies.

Again, a specific use of such sweeping powers—by the resident head of state—is quite in order—if there is a serious enough reason for them. Such as Saddam Hussein possessed. Unless of course he himself was a part of the same globalist scheme. Just as even Hitler himself may easily have been so many years ago—to be the bad-guy required by all such campy plots. For which—considering the singularly-unconvincing account of his burning into atoms with a mere can of gasoline—leaving not even dental evidence to be identified—he may perhaps have been richly rewarded in some Shangri-La of a luxury hiding place.

This whole idea that self-rule and social justice can all be summed up under the ability to “take to the streets” is highly picturesque but dangerous inaccurate. Rather is freedom contained in a giving of scope to a critically-necessary dense interface of interpersonal commitments and interdependencies. Something which is typically a rather quiet sort of thing—having little to do with placards or lying down, martyr-like, on busy avenues. But as suggested elsewhere in this issue the histrionic is extremely important in the all-too-common brand of American democracy now being exported around the globe. On a stage held to be so important—and upon which rude facts—of justice and socioeconomic equity—have no curtain call.

The Announcement of a Presidential Write-in Campaign

By Louis Zdunich, April 2003 (Renewed, but not altered, for election of 2008).

No doubt you have noticed an ominous trend in recent months toward the equating with disloyalty or even treason of any opposition to Administration foreign—or even domestic—policy. In a mounting media-backed bullying campaign—in some ways reminiscent of the propaganda blitzkriegs of Nazi Germany. That which has been the crowning motif of the Bush White House ever since his less-than-majority, court-imposed election in 2000. While in the name of a closely-related national security this country is likewise steadily being turned into a police state—all based on the unsubstantiated claims of a 3-way connection between immigration from the southern border, Saddam Hussein and the Trade Tower Crashes. A set of ill-supported suspicions opening the way in turn for a resurgence of racial and nationality prejudices which in many respects had died away decades ago. Righteous frowns on the faces of hasty accusers being held in high places to constitute solid evidence—in throwbacks to a time when any Black or Mexican would do when passions of revenge demanded satisfaction. This while Bush's geo-corporate and geo-political backers—who in spite of a well-scripted militaristic jingoism often-enough have few demonstrable ties of loyalty to the United States—reap obscenely-direct and obvious profit from the very same Trade Tower Crashes and other national misfortunes at the root of such fears and obsessions. So that all of the above—together with a multitude of unprecedented first family conflicts of interest, geo-corporate tax-exemptions and other privileges—necessarily leave a host of gravely-disturbing questions in any thinking person's mind. Even about ultimate perpetrators of mass-motivating disasters—including both the Crashes and those which continue to occur almost daily in Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries. All alike—grand and small—being exactly of the sort which have made the terrorist Israeli Mossad so notorious in crypto-secret circles. In the repeated third-handed implanting of disasters in unwitting host countries—including our own. Typically using contrary radical loyalties for ultimate political purposes not shared with those most-directly involved.

Thus do I contend that it is Bush's own policies—potentially highly-supportive of such covert foreign aims—which are treason—and which require a campaign of lies and misinformation for their popular justification. Bush too being himself the worst terrorist of our times—the bearer of death to mounting numbers of Americans and Iraqis alike. While cut from the same false and tawdry cloth—whose disarming, smiley-faced weave is becoming increasingly-familiar to all of us—was Bush's total disregard during the invasion for one of the oldest rules of warfare—that common civil order not be allowed to break down in occupied territory. As against looting, factional dissention and other earmarks of a chaos above and beyond military operations. Even as during the same initial hostilities Bush likewise ignored, in his swaggering, drawling adventurism, the last shred of commiserating decency that might be expected from a human being—the securing of the safe operation of hospitals within a military area of command. This again during initial days of a murderous aerial bombardment—falling to an unjustifiable extent on the civilian population—just as in the First Iraq War of George I. So that finally—amid these and other egregious deeds and omissions—which in the first war included the systematic burying-alive of Iraqi troops with bulldozers—and in the latest the gunning-down of Iraqi women and children during popular demonstrations—there is no longer any meaning in classing acts against the United States or its citizens or soldiers as terrorism. Since by such policies George Bush has made us all targets for anyone who hates terror, tyranny or wonton destruction. Even as the "goody-goody" sanctimony continues—of Americans adopting orphans they themselves have made fatherless. In a global drive against the whole notion of both national and personal sovereignty. One whose ultimate purpose is to eradicate those who don't believe in rabid consumerism and a false and foreign, media-driven "American way of life".

It is for these and similar reasons that I announce my candidacy for the 2004 Presidential Election. So that present trends and treasons—the beginnings of which many of us have watched, progressively-more powerless, already for decades—not be allowed to continue. And so that truth may take the official podium away from fabrication. And I believe that my education—in economics, history and urban development—and lifelong experiences uniquely qualify me for the task. Offering a totally-new kind of leadership—of a common man who, like you, has been too long under a corrupt system's heel. Being as well a decorated Veteran—and in view of the yet-more-basic fact that I am a truly-loyal American who wishes to see the full economic and moral development of our people. A process begun in earnest during the enlightened Kennedy Years—the golden age of American life—but which has since given way to an anti-life political culture of puberty-level slogans and two-inch-high headlines. All this represents a new and false, elite-serving America—one that few in the 1960s would have recognized. Being obsessed with such things as the grinding of old World War II axes—and the fostering of rigid class and other only-thinly-disguised biases. Things which most citizens of that decade would have scorned to even consider. In an official-and-educator endorsed moral and psychological sinkhole more and more inclined to kill anything that moves—truly or symbolically, inside or outside the womb. Pro-life crumbs from George II's royal table notwithstanding. Even as, paradoxically, a contrary rigid legalism has made it a crime for an ordinary American to make a fist or utter an angry word. Or for that matter to repel with well-earned, vehement disgust the increasingly physical assaults of a court-and-educator-cultivated minority of sexual deviants. Lechers to which our own very children are openly made subject. Perverts who are gradually producing in this country a universal subculture of the unnatural, the cynical, the exploitative.

For an entirely positive alternative to the self-absorbed adventures of the Bush Administration—or the often equally-bizarre fantasies of much of the Democratic leadership—read my book Integral Catholicism. It is a complete description of my platform—an agenda of life rather than death—of cooperation with grace operating through and upon truly-legitimate and productive human institutions. Those which the same Faith has for centuries perpetually inspired—long-standing heterodox American-Catholic clerical departures notwithstanding. Confidently anticipating as I and my supporters do a great outpouring of divine protection—for those who place their hope therein—as at many decisive moments in history. Whether we speak of the French under St. Joan of Arc—or of whole barbarian nations embracing Christianity. This rather than Bush's Neo-Fascist verbal and spiritual occultism—or an across-the-aisle liberal Democratic sodomite-oriented social-engineering. These being the twin chief strains of the modern American retrogressive, media-driven political life—each in fact quite congenial to the other. Just as such elements were closely-united among the Nazi leadership and elite Gestapo and SS. While both in turn retain an intimate-but-mostly- unrecognized connection with Zionism—that for which our troops ultimately shed their blood. In a poorly-concealed attempt to widen the present conflict over the entire Middle East—in order to secure a long-anticipated Israeli regional paradise. Zionism being that ideology which, ironically, is the sworn enemy of everything truly Jewish. In opposition to which perversities we now rather issue to the whole nation what is potentially a call back to the One True Faith—as being the only safe and secure harbor from such evil men and their vast schemes and resources.

Furthermore, since the ongoing agenda of an intensifying misinformation, moral degeneration and velvet-gloved-but-iron-fisted domestic control actually goes back to the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers, were I given the mandate of the presidential office I would do all in my power to secure the return of the country to the legislative, judicial and moral scenario of their times—in all ways reasonable and just. Since I hold that we have been in the grips of a subtle-yet-palpable, multi-faceted coup-de-etat ever since. This by powerful forces, largely-supra-national in character, which operate best under the cloak of insincere deeds and dissembling words. Or failing that in the physical or character assassination of those who stand in their way. The real, legitimate America having seen the last light of day on a crisp November morning in Dallas in 1963 when John Kennedy was slain—ultimately by such just controlling forces. The true America having since been forcibly replaced in an ongoing if insidious state of siege against the national good.

My platform also contains the equally-central—indeed indispensable—plank of the calling of a constitutional convention. This for the establishment of a distributive economic and political system. One whose ultimate and much-to-be-hoped-for form has sometimes been called Integral Catholicism - and which is outlined in more detail on my website—and yet more so in my books and other publications. The pithy essence of which has historically been the basic determinant of Western Civilization. For I hold that unless we return to such timeless roots—actually largely at the base of every sound government—and truly free people—in history—then this Country—and humanity at large - is doomed to an enslavement of epic proportions. One whose first major beginnings are evident even now.