February 4, 2020: The hoax of “Homophobia”, the merciless destroyer of a generation of youth.

Note on Budiegig's tentative climb to the top in the Iowa race: The combination of a computer-related voting-machine glitch and “the mayor's” unremarkable performance and ratings before the caucus vote lends support to my central contention that the legions of typically sodomy-friendly computer technicians of today—my own hosting company is full of them, and I suspect not without cause that they hack away at my site whenever they can—are going to falsify voting returns in favor of this smooth-mannered “married” sodomite from Indiana. What is this “paper trail” they talk about on the TV networks? If it isn't an actual well-human-monitored count of well-preserved hand-written ballots, and only some sort of “receipt”-like tabulation, as if from a sort of cash register—something by nature dependent entirely upon the accuracy of the computerized voting booth process itself—then it cannot be trusted at all. But in any case, “the hand is quicker than the eye”, and the overbearing predominance, the mawkish sense of “mission” of the ever-multiplying sodomite crowd can be counted on to throw this election hands down.

But after all, is there not something to be afraid of, in the terrible moral disease of sodomy? That great damner of souls, destroyer of families, ruiner of all peace-of-soul? Hence is the word phobia entirely wrong-headed, suggesting a fear irrational in nature, rather than salubrious to mind and soul.

But fatally foregoing this vigilant attitude, not lacking a certain degree of lighthearted, humorous repartee, is a “best of all possible” Yankee view-of-life, an outlook riddled with falsehoods in which “having a job” is the most important thing, but work itself has little if any place: an emporium in which peddlers of the most abominable perversities stoutly claim PhDs at the most prestigious of universities. Where “macho” football-players maul each other in skin-tight jerseys, and in which a guy who has finally figured out how much slop commonly lines our grocery store isles, designed to destroy your intestines and liver, the whole digestive tract, in today's stealthy forms of “population control”, and who prudently turns to “tripled-cleaned” feed-grains at some feed store, to save his life, finds his 50lb sack, the second time he shops there, about one-third full of sweepings from the feed-store floor. A blank-faced, bizarre and barbaric, “don't come back” treatment to which the grain-eating hogs out on the farm are never exposed. This felonious stonewalling a universal recourse of these behind-the-counter low-level yes-men and yes-women, no doubt counted stellar “success stories” in the whole media/government/education-driven fantasy-land which is the USA today. Thus amid these and countless other con-games the Yank must continually face in his day-to-day life, and which he seeks to impose on an entire globe through his overbearing military and financial might, the invention of the tire-tool logic of “homophobia” can hardly come as much of a surprise.

First of all, consider that the same doughty and dutiful Yank hasn't a clue about genuine sexuality or manhood in the first place, have grown up in a radical-Calvinist/Manichaean universe of the most ambivalent male-macho kind: opting for anything to avoid the Catholic kindness and compassion, respect and love, in horror-from-which his Puritan ancestors fled so long ago, and which whenever possible they pilloried and massacred in Cromwell-hearkening pogroms in Ireland, in the 1750s invasion of French Canada, and thereafter against rapidly-Catholicism-embracing Indians across the North American plain. Such a pathologically-sick population is perfect game for misconceptions-about-life such as this sex-related “phobia” represents. Having rated natural sex as some sort of brutal conquest of man over woman, even quoting Scripture—some of whose passages “if tortured long enough can be made to say anything we wish”—to justify psychotic barbarities all-too-typically involved. Here then we find a male population that is radically off base from the word go, and thus present an easy mark for this whole inherently-violent, order-overturning moral overthrow, helped along greatly by a collegiate wordsmithing crew.

Hence a Yank whose mental and moral life exists on shaky ground in the first place, whose whole view of sex is based on the most irrational sorts of fears, will easily fall prey to these fear-mongers with post-graduate degrees. Indeed, the whole miserable charade has been a work of centuries, a hammering-out of the beaten brass of the malleable human soul and mind which began in the Protestant Revolt, and whose loudest clangings echo through endless smoky corridors of Hell. Thus do Yanks inevitably shrink away from the whole subject of sodomy, a prey to a well-cultivated culture of moral impotence, passively watching while their own little and big children are morally and mentally destroyed, since they themselves are carefully trained to be morbidly afraid of saying anything, upon which they will forthwith be regarded as homophobes by this cap-and-gown crew. The tiringly-common old saw being that “if you are against it, then you have it”: as any show of feeling about the matter is thought to hide inner deformities of the most frightful kind: a “condition” that this new breed thinks you must “own up too”, or prove yourself an “ignorant” boor. Lacking as well as you do their sodomy-peddling degree. A fear, seldom if ever before known among men, which has actually plagued the Yank from the very start, as to this offspring of “the Pilgrim's strain” the Catholic affection and love of the marital bond has always been held unmanly, when found among men, when in fact from time immemorial this kind and noble understanding of sex has been a shared inheritance of basically the entire human race. Before this now-long-standing anti-matter lunacy was peddled so carefully, in an intellectual alliance of twisted concepts of Freudianism, inherently unstable radical-Calvinism, and the alchemy of grossly-misconstrued or misused hormone biology.

But “God will not be mocked”. Look at the sky, hear the howling of the wind—predicted by Holy Scripture, speaking of these latter days, to “drive men mad”—and prepare for that Sodom and Gomorrah like punishment so soon to incinerate these collegiate “enemies of mankind” and their foolish followers, so ready to be deceived.

February 5, 2020: Is the Corona virus a new and clever sort of A-bomb?

This time a detonation from out of the arsenal of the Yankee medical-establishment? The nations, notably China, should fear the embrace of Uncle Sam, as he “has ways” to “make you talk”, and “walk the chalk”, especially if your country is honeycombed with U.S. factories and myriad commercial and political ties.

January 29, 2020: No great cleavage after all: “post-modernism's” signature dissolving into fantasy only part-and-parcel of an allegedly-abandoned “modern” mentality at its ultimate terminal. “Scientists” invent fables about animal or insect nature in order to make false assertions about humanity.

In unison with the cacophony of all the above, now and again we stumble upon this pseudo-scientific TV channel on our very limited number of choices where we are now, and the latest monster-series to be found there bowls you over with an allegedly “real life” combat between two “enemy” armies of ants fighting over an anthill, the one graphically portrayed as feverishly wishing to supplant the other in a massive assault of tens-of-thousands of these little red combatants. Problem is, we spent large parts of decades mostly living in the Arizona forest, largely up on the Mogollon Rim, for reasons detailed in our autobiographical sketch, and saw many, many anthills up there over that space of time: not to mention even more numerous villages of these little critters on desert landscape we inhabited in colder months around Florence Junction, Wickenburg, Tucson, Gila Bend, and so on. And never once did we see armies of ants—whom admittedly-enough we ourselves had to fight frequently—fighting with one another, as this “scientific” fantasy portrays. But the whole purpose of it, and as the old New-World-Order narrator, David Attenborough, seems to admit, is obviously to promote the idea inherent in the present day Nazi/Neo-Con take on human life—around the block, in business, in international affairs—that men are “by nature” eternally and remorselessly combative toward, at enmity with, one another—as said-to-be seconded by these perfectly-fictional videos of a life-and-death struggle by implication posited as universal in the animal world—between members of the same species. I must say, we have never seen any such: and ants haven't been the only subjects of our studies, having observed many species of animals out there, and awakened many times to the sight of ten or twelve elks peacefully browsing around our trailer, perfectly at peace with one another, with even the much-remarked contests of males over some coveted female being strictly restricted to mating time: something we ourselves never saw. But there is a whole panoply of academic lies and fantasies—a decade or more ago it was all about a spurious “creating life out of off-the-shelf DNA”—such lifeless genetic material admitted finally, after many minds were badly deceived, to be completely inert without an initial presence of—and subsequent absorption-into—some already-living thing. Kind of like we eat a hamburger, and then it becomes a part of our tissues in due time—debunking a propaganda-blitzkrieg designed to make us all into good little agnostics, to make us “pull the ripcord” and abandon Faith, everything “old”, even “modernism” itself. The latter said to have been “tainted” by some faint adherence to revealed religion, and in any event to have ended decisively with the “industrial age”, with a much-vociferated retreating prominence of manual laborer as a major economic—let alone moral or intellectual—factor as well.

Actually the very root-term of the word “modern” contains the answer to the riddle involved: for all of centuries-old recent history is about a long, well-connected train of ever-newer “modes”. And “post-modernism” is only the last link of same, another tiringly-familiar species of the same sort of weary, enervating phenomenology. Why all the blush and bother? Because the attempt is being made to obviate everything stable, eternal, self-evident, intuitive, traditional, to construct a whole new “reality” by assembling a host of new and ever-changing “modes”, of doing, of living, of thinking, and so on and on, so definitive to modern things. The end result impugning entirely that genuine, eternally-stable life designed lovingly for us by Almighty God. With the final phase of “post-modernism” being even now prepared to “end it all” with a new big bang.

Actually, and as we hardly need to say—getting back to our mass-attack ants, shown on the video spewing oceans of poisonous secretions, fire-hose-like, at “enemy troops”, as ranging columns try to mount this new and precious “Pork Chop Hill”—all this fantasy-land is perfectly amenable to fictional graphic reproduction, as are so many other things in the hall-of-mirrors of an incurably-modern techno-world. This the reason indeed that we must be very careful about accepting evidence about anything of serious import that is brought to us in some electronic way, for instance, the perfect stupidity of depending upon electronic voting-booths at election time, or perhaps even video-security-cameras whose numbers are in the millions everywhere, allegedly, like so much else in the modern lock-step totalitarianism, “keeping us safe”. Devices employed to frame the two Muslim brothers at the New York Marathon, with police killing the one and keeping the other in prison to this day. Mostly a ranging program, as is the evident aim of Orwellian-establishment maneuvers of every shape and size, to protect us from those “old fashioned” potential “terrorists” who mind their own business, value the old Christian values, and are indeed ready to fight to preserve same. Something which modern, over-educated cowards do best with an ocean of fanciful words, the equivalent to the legendary little sissy who “fights with his fingernails”.

Actually, “post-modernism” is full of anti-concepts poisoned at their core, lacking any firm connection to reason, and most decidedly to genuine human free will. In the place of the latter being supplied any number of “necessities”, as in an alleged tyranny of hormones in the determination of everything that takes place in the mind and soul. Man being an open book in this monster system, prostrate before the probings of “concerned” functionaries of the Dr. Phil stamp, who nicely provide excuses for “poor, frustrated, misunderstood” murderers, sodomites, con-men, rapists, the list goes on and on, while condemning the “ignorant”, “misled” biblical “just man” as a “time-bomb about to explode”. The whole onus of this fantastic view of things most decidedly denying the existence of any objective moral law, with this central false tenet however only a direct descendant of a very-modern-era Freud's signature condemnation of all self-restraint as mortally injurious to the mind, as “inhibiting” “healthy” impulses. Which in translations means those of the most self-centered, rapacious and chaotic kind: here being an epoch-making bail-out indeed.

December 30, 2020: Pictures of “Jews” behind barbed wire. To the “post-modern” mind emotion always trumps reason or fact.

This most prominent element of modern pictography ranks alongside the closely-associated numbering of Jewish “Holocaust” victims at six million: much as in fictitious numbers of “murdered Jews, Gypsies and Serbs” in World War II, allegedly at the hands of Ante Pavelic's Croatian army, once claimed by a '50s Chicago-land newscaster named Alex Drier to number some two million. A claim which can instantly be refuted by a simple study of pre-war and post-war demographics in Croatia, in which the populations of these ethnic groups actually increased by the end of the war. And I have no doubt that the same is true of the Jews during that same universal conflict, and during Hitler's rise to power: even if the demographics have no doubt been carefully falsified by ever-busy hands. Hitler himself having indeed had a mother, whose maiden name was Klein, who was a Jew, he being no real enemy of the Jews at all, but only engaged in an incredible smoke-and-mirrors exercise: his portrayal of Jews in Mein Kamf being itself an unconvincing fantasy, frequently describing them as “stupid”, something he can hardly have believed to be true, or by universal common experience be said to obtain. An Adolph perpetually in mortal contention with his father, a Catholic, from which we can easily surmise the common inseparable alliance in such cases of Jewish mother and mixed-marriage son. While any decrease in Jewish populations in German-occupied lands during those times—regardless of what a possibly-Jewish, hardly-Russian-looking Putin may so stoutly aver—must mostly be attributed both to “collateral damage” suffered by any population in modern warfare and to that massive exodus of Jews to Palestine from both Germany and Russia, with both Hitler and Stalin, both men bloodthirsty to the core, just then firmly committed to building and establishing that genocidal nation on the eastern Mediterranean.

Indeed, the infallible rectitude of Jews is one of the few dogmas rigidly adhered to by modern media-taught man. And we are held to be some kind of dangerous madman or felon if we question this immunity, enjoyed by the wealthiest and most powerful group of people on the globe: whether we speak of Jews openly admitted as such, or of those myriads of others, no doubt at least as many, whom the Spanish used to call marrano, or secret, Jews. Those namely who slyly invade every government and organization on earth, in order to subdue it to their designs. Indeed, there are other such groups on this earth, but the Jews are far-and-away the most powerful of this unnatural and inhuman breed, if with an occasional exception here and there.

Hence in order to support all these insupportable pro-Jewish allegations do we have these pathetic pictures of people behind barbed wire, with the inevitable written, verbal or quietly-assumed subscript about a Holocaust of “six million” Jews. We are all supposed to be bowled over by all this, and to forthwith assume that all the pitiful figures lined up behind the wire are Jews. But Joann and I have it from a priest who was at one of those concentration camps in Poland, a cleric we met while in Springfield, IL many years ago, that the vast majority of those in his camp were Catholics, not Jews. Even as of course there are those other irrefutable statistics which maintain that were six million Jews thus incinerated in “ovens” that were never found, then this mass annihilation would have taken decades to accomplish, as a human body is not that quickly or easily thus atomize, as modern-day overwrought imaginations would maintain.

January 31, 2020: Impeachment proceeding demonstrates in stark colors the need for a royal distributive system. Our “best of all possible” democracy the very epitome of what it is said to redress.

The terrible clamor of the democratic system, seen whenever in history it is instituted, reveals itself in bold relief in the Impeachment of today, demonstrating that genuine self-rule, let alone innately delicate and subtle issues of government, tend to lose their substance in flight, as it were, if the attempt is made to ceaselessly put them into words, whether of debate or declaration of any other kind. Hence the province of calm and collected personal leadership, of those who are given, who indeed hold by nature or providence, as it were, an abiding trust, which needs no breathless marathon of words to be maintained. For as written often here, the group, the assembly, is only an idea, while it is the individual person who actually has a functional mind and will, a soul to distinguish right from wrong, and nowhere else is this truism so apparent as in the myriad digressions and bouts of irrational emotion, flights of oratorical “heroism”, and so on, which have marked this Congressional proceeding from the start. Especially on the Democrat side, the moving force in the whole treacherous charade. This trust that was once so generously lodged in the royal official, notably in the French royal/regional seneschal—he having a faint counterpart in the county sheriff of today—is a profound, typically-well-earned possession of which such officials must first have impeached themselves seriously and repeatedly before it could be denied or taken from them. Also, and as much noted today, this incessant, protracted verbalization with which the chamber now rings can cause much strife and bitterness, and a great sense of futility, while conversely, after a point, passion must by human nature intervene, if our humanity is to be made any allowance for at all. Or else the debate, by a sort of downward force of moral dead gravity, must become insipid, bloodless, craven, dishonorable, an exercise in pandering, and so on. As falsehood must be renounced swiftly and vigorously, if it isn't ultimately by stages to gain much ground, since there is always the all-determining battle between good and evil, and the one is by both nature and grace—or the lack thereof—perfectly incommunicable with the other. This salutary alienation, as it might be called, only being possible as long as the distinction, between good and evil, right and wrong, fraught with a noble sense of disgust and disdain, is resolutely maintained. An anomaly, a contrary fanciful intercommunication, which the pomp and circumstance of near-ceaseless or excessive debate would seem to attempt. Even as, alas, evil is always best at that biblical “much talk in which sin is never wanting”, while virtue and truth reside serene and majestic in an economy of words. Yet hardly is anything secretive—the worst bane of government, and the very calling-card of the present system—advocated here, upon the first appearances of which all forms of assembly must announce a call to arms, if not in a military sense then in a vigilant searching-out: a recourse however not to be taken over ever little thing, or in a fevered manner of much emotion and little prayer or thought.

Additionally to all the above, democracies always look to the electorate when making a decision, while the official be he local, regional or national, of the old royal/distributive system, rather has his perfectly-stable weighing standard in justice, in the law of God, which being no “respecter of persons”, does no injustice at all to anyone. That preponderant criterion to which popular judgment, often momentary, fiercely contested and sometimes shallow, must finally accede. Justice thus firmly rooted being a quantity to which a Godly people will ultimately be won over, in issues of a complex or controversial kind, if in the intervening event lesser considerations can for some time easily gain untoward sway. Hence the weighty burden-of-proof in the dismissal of such an official, who puts God first in all he says and does.

Finally, the people are the state and the state is the people, the body politic: but like the human body it doesn't rule itself by a mass vote of an assembly of cells, but rather through the brain and vital organs ranged at every level and juncture throughout. The nation then being a closely-united whole, a “body”, as it is indeed commonly called, and every bit as complex and interwoven throughout, and it rules itself, as it might be said, in an active rather than a sedentary position, not sitting in Congressional session but rather “as life goes on”, adjusting itself in living detail and in every sense to pedestrian or official matters-at-hand, while in full stride. And not as if at a Congressional “doctor's office” or hospital to be poked and prodded, dissected and analyzed, by those, as it falls out, with little personal stake in the matter at all. The citizen being much more a part of government than its subject, in self-governing duties blended indistinguishably with daily chores and activities, the one lending meaning and substance to the other in the most melodious way. Thus was the Frankpledge (ten head of household) member of the old system commonly a tradesman, a law-enforcement official, a lender and a borrower, a juror, a local legislator, all rolled into one. But under so-called democracy personal and official life alike readily become excessively formalized, rarified, with all ruling functions “sent to the top”, conducted by untouchable elites with the most questionable personal ties. So that epic frustrations are rife, even as subject/master relationships becomes cast in stone, and human life trivialized, in the face of today's overawing, psycho-dramatic theater of official things, or yesterday's sheer yawning yet overbearing boredom, under both of which terrible developments might so easily hide. Ordinary life being in a way yet more weighty than the official, in an existential sense which genuine organically-embedded government positively requires and thrives upon, if it is to address the vital earnest of issues involved. The realm of the official, as noted intrinsic to and not separate from the pulsing and breathing body politic, is yet only an enabler of the pedestrian, which is the “stuff of life”, officialdom not to take the role of the morbidity-breeding determiner, if any critical genuine sense of things is to be maintained. And new theories like “sexual self-identification” and other scholastic fabrications aren't to rudely arise, pushing all good and wholesome things aside. But in democracies “the government” regularly elbows its way in, ordering ordinary life in a peremptory, alien way, or cleverly ignoring prosaic needs of the neighborhood or region, their places taken by the theatrical and useless, mean-hearted and vain. Timeless human good things, “of a good odor for salvation”, being lost in flowing verbiage on the legislative floor, or down the corridors of procedure, or the incoherent babbling of quorum calls. While the official of the old system often accomplished great and beneficial things with a mere nod.

How did government come to its present pass? In the Enlightenment-Era contention that “the perfect system” can be devised, or rather was already devised under the much-celebrated “genius of the founders”, as articulated in the Constitution. So that thereafter simple human frailty, once so generously accommodated and addressed, is suddenly classed as a felonious crime, and any failure in government is attributed to a lack of rigid adherence to written documents that address abstract concepts somewhere up in a spotless Puritan sky. No matter-of-concern at all, indeed held to be the highest mark of heroic legitimacy, that this “best of all systems”—for which “we will pay any price”—has been a costly one indeed, in terms of human life and happiness—revealing itself as a sacrifice of all that human life holds dear. This for an exalted, abstract, deified ideal—albeit amid a noisy jingling of the trinkets of technology—a paradigm fanatically clung-to after the manner in which medieval flesh-hating, child-aborting Albigensians—forerunners, prototypes of mid-century Nazis, honored by the latter in yearly ceremonials—defended their stronghold at Montsegur to the last man, woman and child. (The kind of incendiary spirit that flashes from the faces of Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and the rest of the pro-abortion, pro-sodomy political crowd.) This ever-“heroic” disregard of human life of the USA being abundantly evident in an endless record of slaughter in decimations of Indian tribes from the Atlantic to the Pacific, in secretive global overthrows, candid “regime changes” and abominable false-flag wars: all of which “marches of freedom” taken together count their victims in the tens of millions of lives. Even as mass-scale paradigmatic close-cousins like the Nazis and Communists count “beneficiaries” of their pogroms in the hundreds of millions. While we ourselves, not to be outdone, have seen the advent of the most oppressive indoctrination, citizen surveillance and high-level corruption, with officials today increasingly talking out the side of their mouths like present-day all-too-familiar gangsters, some like Joe Biden irrupting with threatening manners and profanities at every turn, or right on the TV screen. All this among other evils even worse, but harder to prove. As all the above suggests, the main reason for all this overbearing tyranny—to which any missteps of a mild Georgian eighteenth to early-nineteenth century English rule are “a drop in a bucket”—is the inevitable tendency of such “self-winding-clock” systems to sorely lack traditional laborious human oversight, required at every turn—and from there to fall victim to secretive forces with an agenda all their own. “Ah”, myriad flag-waving apologists will stoutly maintain, “this is the price of liberty!” Demonstrating to all thinking men that liberty thus pursued in such an open-ended and exclusive way, to the removal of ever once-venerated authority ruling by the moral law, is a liberty straight out of Hell, as all good things, as rueful experience teaches us in so bruising a way, require some personally-supervised, disciplined framework within which to abide. Such a “let fly” liberty an anomaly which will quickly be claimed and commandeered by a sly and cunning breed, as we have all so woefully seen. Here being found no real connection to the common good—the very sine qua non of legitimacy—an immortal value recognized firmly by a much-falsely-exploited Adam Smith in his book, “The Wealth of Nations”—and certainly no good of a popularly-anticipated kind. Rather bearing odious fruit in such elite-piloted, cryptically-engineered programs like an academically-fostered childhood sexual “self-identification”—a classic model of a mass-brainwash which would no doubt have provoked the admiration of a Hitler or Mao Zhe Dung. Modern democratic systems, as already partly anticipated in mostly-milder ones of ancient times, regularly “promising the moon”, but ultimately finding the populace cleverly blindfolded and experimented upon rather than liberated or improved.

Finally, what is the ever-veiled agenda of the present Impeachment debacle? In a previous article we have already discussed the cover-up of criminal deeds of Joe and Hunter Biden as central to the Democrat Party impeachment agenda, and an associated second-layer smoke-screen over preparations to invade a falsely-accused Russia from all sides, under the spur of an incipient dollar-generated global economic collapse: but there is a third and yet-more-prominent aspect to the whole ugly national ordeal. Namely in a long-awaited, remorseless assault upon Christianity, by forces of today's perverted revolutionary fanaticism chaffing at the bit to be let loose, like murderous mobs of the French Revolution, or bloodthirsty soldiers of Pol Pot. In all this using Trump and the Republican Party as a mere decoy, today's forces-of-turmoil taking deadly aim at those genuine, just and pious Christians who today find their sole, woefully-unsure place of refuge in these pompous Republican figureheads. They who will quickly abandon this biblical “little flock” “when the chips are down”, as they already do in ignoring the present moral destruction of our youth in school-curriculum and court-ruling alike.

February 2, 2020: A clarification on the Fatima “100 years” postulated here, as identifying the papally-prophesied time when minions of Hell are to be given extraordinary power.

For several years now we have spoken of the 100 year interval during which Satan's earthly lieutenants were set to be given such further powers, in a mysterious Heavenly concession spoken-of by Pope Leo XIII, as revealed to him in the 1880s during a startling after-mass vision, there at the foot of the altar in Rome. We felt that this apocalyptic period of time was probably set to commence with the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima in 1917, rather than at the time of the papal vision itself, thirty-some years earlier: so that the terrible hiatus would come to an end, were we right in this hypothesis, sometime around 2017. All this was very tentative, as we admitted in articles written at the time, never expecting to be making any prophetic pronouncements of any kind. True, there seems to have been little improvement in the downward stride of both churchly and earthly affairs, since the passing of that pivotal date, nor any apparent lessening of the Devil's powers: but plainly-enough the Church is still reeling under the effects of her foregoing terrible onslaught of decades, still trying to get back on its feet from its prostrate position of these many years, especially since the rogue-council Vatican II. Yet there are some hopeful signs that seem to have surfaced since around 2017, of the final conclusion of the noted dreadful increase in diabolical power, much as in Old Testament persecutions of the pious Job, a relief as seen for instance in a recent a phenomenal rise in the attendance of Catholics at the Tridentine Mass, albeit perhaps most notably at those sponsored by the very present-day anti-pope Francis himself. This in a program regularly carried forth by the Vatican-erected Fraternity of St. Peter, established some decades ago to meet an already-pressing if New-Church-ill-favored demand. This can only be a good sign, even if the true Blessed Sacrament and the true Holy Sacrifice can hardly be expected to be present—or validly “confected”—at these “indult” masses, as there has occurred a fatal interruption in the valid consecration of bishops and ordination of priests under the sixty-year-long occupation of the See of Peter by this impostor anti-pope breed, ever since the mysterious death of Pius XII. But our hope is much aroused by these and related developments that the true Mass and Sacrament will be reestablished in coming years, whose advent will require more than any simple external return to the traditional rite alone, a happy eventuality we anticipate through the coming accession of Russian Orthodoxy to the Roman Catholic Church, as promised by Our Blessed Lady at Fatima so long ago. After which a genuine Pope and Sacramentally-valid heirarchy can be expected to arise, probably from out of the self-same Russian ecclesiastical ranks. They who certainly do still solidly possess a genuine, sacramentally-valid heirarchy—needed for the genuine ordination of priest who can thereafter bring the Savior, “body and blood, soul and divinity”, down to our altars on earth—the Russian episcopacy not having dispensed with the essential “form” or wording which the valid consecration of a bishop critically requires, a fatal misstep found however in the present-day Catholic Church, arising out of the folly of Vatican II. This anticipated complete healing of present-day vitiated Sacraments, and a further restoration of “faculties”, for the hearing of confessions in particular, now with little doubt also lost to the Catholic world, being set to be effected by this return of duly-consecrated Russian Orthodox bishops to the Roman fold. Barring which all present-day “Catholic” confessions must certainly be null and void. A condition which would seem to be true even of those heard by traditionalist priests ordained by true Catholic bishops (Lefebvrites, etc.): as the rigid immemorial faculty-bestowing requirement of the approval-of, if not personal acquaintance-with, each candidate-for-consecration by a living Roman pontiff would hardly seem subject to any “emergency clause” such as is perfectly lacking in forthright words of the Savior Himself in His Divine institution of universal Petrine “binding and loosing” powers. This an authority that can only be delegated from the Papal throne, all the way down through the episcopal hierarchy to the individual confession-hearing priest himself. So that any hearkening back to a long-dead Pius XII, as Lefebvrites and others do, to claim a valid papal designation of such a candidate, and an associated granting of faculties, simply because of an obvious co-solidarity-over-time of conviction and belief, would seem gravely deficient for any such putative bestowal of faculties or jurisdictional powers. However, after the coming “conversion of Russia”, promised by Our Blessed Lady at Fatima, a genuine pope, probably a Russian himself, can finally once again be elected by noted genuine Russian bishops, their faculties re-enlivened by their reestablished link with Rome, after a hiatus of some 900 years. Russian bishops to be joined by any validly-consecrated bishops in the Catholic Church that are still alive, which by these to-me-obvious standards would seem to be few if any indeed. With the new pontiff then himself exercising the universal “binding and loosing” powers bestowed upon St. Peter and his successors, after an absence of a valid, legitimate successor of the Apostle on the Petrine throne for some sixty-two years. These the sole means for the transmission of these same faculties which the hearing-of-confessions and the authoritative disciplinary structure of the Church intrinsically require.

All the above shows how disastrous, how fatal, have been the departures put in place since Vatican II, amply fulfilling the much-debated “Fatima Secret”, which had to do precisely with the bewildering, soul-snatching moral-and-sacramental collapse detailed here.