These older pasted commentaries are being preserved as such for now, containing as they do unique critical information on vital issues including the dope cartels, operating brazenly but with little accurate acknowledgment within the USA. Some of these mob activities detailed below have however been dramatically curtailed since we shared this information with narcotics enforcement officials and others in law enforcement. Also, if there are found any disfigurements like constant underlining, this is not our intention, but is apparently the work of hackers, who have brought down many-a site dedicated to conservative or Christian ideas by just such means.

July 19, 2019: The systematic bullying of male American youth toward sodomy.

It is truly "like taking candy from a baby" to undermine a healthy sense of male potency in a boy or young man just entering upon the threshold of life. And neither is he in any way to blame for this vulnerability, as human society was designed by a good God to foster manhood, womanhood, all things good and wholesome, and no society worth the name was ever known to failed to perform such a vital collective task. A youth just launched on choppy seas of life "getting his bearings", while being vividly, even painfully, aware of how he "comes across" to others, by which means he is objectified in his own mind and soul, being especially cognizant of the "feedback" of those older than he, whom he is likely-enough to regard, with little prudent testing, as being wise beyond his own few years. And this openness to both criticism and praise abounds in particular in a youth who is pious and cultivated, and thus lacks a certain cock-sureness which young people of lesser caliber inevitably display. Our good young man rather aspiring to noble things, to "things higher than himself", a tendency which St. Thomas Aquinas considered definitive to all created being and life: being imbued with a sense of the sacred, which womanhood to him indeed embodies in a pre-eminent way. Hence, if true to himself, he is shy and backward in the female presence, being likewise in a more general sense ready to be corrected in anything he might be thought to lack, on a road-of-life, of character development, sounding waters of seasoned practical self-definition, of virtue, virility and right, depths of whose natural harbors and treacherous shale he himself has no sub-surface map of his own, but depends critically upon others to help him make his way.

Enter then the modern-day "sexual self-identification" expert, a monster never before encountered in youthful seas of any clime, a goard-rattling soothsayer who will undoubtedly classify such a dutiful, sensitive and reflective youth as "being a girl in a boy's body", falsely-but-"scientifically" evaluating masculinity as being in essence a coarse and indomitable drive to "conquer" the female sex. Actually, what you are dealing with in the modern "educator" is a brutal, piratical corrupter of youth, peddling a ring-earred, back-alley ideology in which sex is only a coarse and purely-physical encounter--with bald lust made equivalent to that bodily odor or scent which in the animal world triggers sex. The male human person thus likened to some insect or beast-of-prey, while in starkest contrast sex for the pious Christian, and indeed for most of civilized humanity as well, is hedged about with courtesies which don't at all inhibit but rather intensify the pleasures involved in courtship and later in married life. These in such a lad, in first moments of dating and later in marital relations themselves, being all the more intense, absorbing and engrossing as they are noble and exalted, kindly and respectful, in kind. The world of the two, then--of the cruel, youth-contaminating, overbearing and rapacious pirate, on the one hand, and the pure and cultivated of any age, on the other--are like night and day to one another. And to brainwash the good youth toward such a degrading view of sex and manhood as the dope-pusher, "hippy" or pirate personifies--and which our modern Federal judges and pre-school to grad-school educators advocate in the most stupid and trenchant way--is to destroy him in his innermost being, to render him hardly a tenth of the person that he could rather so easily and happily have been.

Thus does the modern diabolically-motivated school counselor plant a host of misgivings in a boy--again, "like taking candy from a baby"--in this case the critical candy of a properly-exalted view of his own divinely-bestowed being--especially if he not be forewarned, as today he most likely is not. This "educator" ceaselessly shaking his head over a good and virtuous lad as "not being self-assertive enough": when the whole essence of Christian behavior is that we not assert ourselves, or overreach ourselves, but rather wait to be invited to cross into territories not our own: in which case joys involved are magnified a thousand-fold. For such is the nature of the good: that they value everything according to its genuine value, not rating a fig for a piece of gold, or a piece of gold for a fig, nor attempting to extort things of their own nature voluntary, in sex a gift of self of the most complete kind. And a further marvel which likewise unfortunately plays into the hands of this treacherous scholastic breed is the fact that the boy of true character will approach everything in life in his own special way, and will thus be an "easy mark" for smiling commentaries of this coarse-minded psuedo-professorial breed: they who are only a new brand of pirate sailing without invitation the immaculate, untested waters of the youthful and childhood mind. When in fact the whole magnificent encounter of genuine sexuality is firmly centered precisely on the uniqueness of the man and woman involved, in an arena in which "experience" is by nature a damning and destructive thing.

Finally, it is true that this kind of mis-evaluation of true youthful manhood, as being brutal and aggressive rather than chivalrous and kind, has been famously peddled by unsavory characters for a very long time: but not until recently has such a characterization been touted as a respectable view of manly life, outside some Bluebeard's island, or some back-alley or dive. Rather has this infamous misdirection been reserved to our own epic-vulgar latter day, making first appearances, as in the case of so many other unworthy things, in the teachings of Sigmund Freud of a century and a quarter ago. So that a young man is forced, most notably in the USA--a land unfortunately formed amid anti-Catholic, human-nature-despising excesses of Calvinist zeal--to put on airs of brutality, of insensitivity, to avoid being considered effeminate. When in fact effeminacy, open or cleverly disguised, is found most rampant among the coarse and cruel. In this way have some of the finest examples of youthful manhood been brutally crushed, herded off into Hellish precincts of sodomy, typically by the artificial inducement of a state of panic, in an area of life to them perfectly and blamelessly untried. So that it is the duty of all who are in authority, of parents, of neighbors of more mature years, to dispel this ugly and perverted mischaracterization, and thus to help guide our youth into a life good, constructive, wholesome, "of a good odor of salvation", with regard both to sexuality and to all other things as well.

July 5, 2019: More lawlessness on the southwestern frontier: shoot 'em up Charlies in the Soccorro, NM, Walmart parking lot. Evidence presented here regarding a deadly and illicit trade is mostly "inductive" or cumulative in nature, overwhelming the mind with "circumstantial" bits and pieces: but some few facets of this web-of-crime are so glaringly-obvious as to be patently "deductive" in kind, like "two and two makes four". Is it all exactly as postulated here? You be the judge. Article developed through July.

More evidence came to light only some ten days ago that the drug/auto-theft/vital-organs-snatching mob is still alive and well in Soccorro, and quite aware of our surveillance of their shopping-center-staging activities, as we were showered, at about two in the morning, with spent shotgun pellets, from weapons expertly fired, from front approaches to the store, in a high trajectory over the roof of our travel trailer, parked at the far entry-way to the lot. These tiny projectiles then coming down on us like so much heavy rain. Thus was the Fourth of July weekend of the times obviously taken advantage of by these goons, hoping as they did to hide their felonious purposes under the guise of a fireworks display: however, there was no sound of rocket flight, nor any colorful mid-air explosion in the darkness of night, but only the retort of a shotgun, and the impact of the pellets thus raining down on the metal of our roof. Soccorro being the historic stopping-off point for Royal cavalcades on the Journado Del Muerto, or Journey of Death, across the dry and inhospitable desert: no doubt helping explain the name, which means comfort or "succor" in Spanish, and whose full appellation is Nuestra Senora de Soccorro, or Our Lady of Succor, the illustrious title under which the lovely and still-extant mission church is named. First missionary-spirited settlers of Soccorro, NM, of which we write, actually came from a town also called Soccorro, and named for Our Blessed Lady after the very same motherly title, being then part of the wide ranging region of La Messila in northern Mexico, soon to be the subject of much border-dispute between Mexico and the ever-land-grabbing USA. Founded no doubt already in early decades of the sixteenth century, soon after the landing of Cortez, this southerly Soccorro is today a thriving community which claims a prominent place in the vast metropolis of El Paso, while its namesake, soon after northward forays of Coronado and Onate, would prove to be a sometimes-life-saving stage along the ranging road-network of El Camino Real, in this case on the route back and forth between El Paso and Santa Fe. Traditionally full of kindly and hospitable Mexicans, only the lowest dredges of this little village, probably from somewhere else, would be so murderously inclined as those renegades encountered that night, giving us a shower of buckshot perhaps a half-dozen times. After which rude wakening, I was probably expected to go running out with my own gun, and get peppered at close range for being, you guessed it, "a madman who had gone on an irrational rage", "mistaking fireworks for gunfire", with death-dealing perpetrators getting off Scot free under the breezy Yankee "justice" of our day.

As in the case of a few other places in the once-great Southwest, Soccorro, NM, was mentioned here in an earlier piece, when back then parking there for the night we noticed a number of pickup trucks pulling now-universally-ubiquitous single-vehicle-capacity flatbed trailers--which you see bouncing down the road today with a frequency which truly staggers the mind--prime point-man tools in the auto-theft segment of this deadly and nefarious border--and now national and international--trade. These flatbeds when not on the road being incredibly often found at Walmart parking lots, either stationary or driven around, pulled by pickups in our own experience typically manned by grim-faced Mexicans seemingly simply "killing time". These supermarket lots the nation over serve plainly-enough as "staging areas", "assembly points", for an illicit trade of which drug-peddling is only one part, with a great many of these "soldiers" up from Mexico, unable to converse in English at all: the many felonious tentacles of this commerce hardly suggesting that "drug violence" is reserved to Juarez in particular, Mexico in general. This whole elaborate, multifaceted tissue of crime having been fully comprehended by us only some few months ago--a well-woven fabric of infamy and deceit standing forth in greater bold relief as time goes on--easily causing those who biblically "love justice" to "crackle with rage", as noted in one prominent review of Robert Kennedy's immortal book, The Enemy Within. That epic writing which deals with an earlier form of the same felonious breed, a masterpiece which indeed provided a major reason he was so brutally slain, right there on live TV in 1968, before millions of horrified tuned-in souls, while accepting his victory in the California primary, signaling that he was well on the way to becoming President of the United States. A Crusader, a comrad-in-arms across doleful past decades, "My old friend Robert", of the also-immortal song, preceeded in martyrdom five years earlier indeed by his own brother, the also-beloved President John Kennedy, both men in many ways noble and refined role-models for American youth. So many of which latter myriads would however so soon turn to dope, to jungle music, to infantile fits of "hippy" and "biker" rebellion, and many at one point to "streaking" naked down the sidewalks and into the public buildings of our towns. The violent deaths of both these good men--that of John witnessed by giant crowds in Dallas, filmed if not televised as well--throwing the whole nation into a collective "state of shock" from which it was never allowed to recover, making the nation into a vehicle of wicked intentions of secretive ruling figures on high: much like the all-too-common fate of some young and pure girl, caught by the same Mob as now rules the land, who is "broken" by some gangster/professional-rapist, and then harnessed to the sordid life of a whore. Both men too trenchantly and heroically struggling against a Mob which Robert predicted with prophetic accuracy in his noted book, way back in the early '60s, would have a disastrous impact upon the U.S. economy within ten years, if it wasn't decisively brought-to-bay.

Alas, as it turned out, the only thing accomplished by the once-much-celebrated "Senate Select Committee" to investigate illegal activities among a still-mobster-infested American labor and management--a body-of-legislators whose stunning gangland-provided revelations moved Robert to write his book--was to give swaggering American gangsters a televised podium upon which to do their court-contemptuous "two step shuffle" on the way to the witness stand, and there, under protections which "the fifth amendment" and the whole quite questionable "grand jury" scenario affords, gloat and preen-themselves over their extortions, "sweetheart contracts" and bloody crimes. In Congressional proceedings of which his brother John was a prominent staff member, and himself its legal council. All this monstrous and juvenile rebellion, furthermore, recorded live daily on TV for the whole nation to see: with little boys, as noted above, learning "role models" of a whole different kind than the cultivated John or Robert would ever have supplied, lads taking their cue from contemptible "hoods" whose shameless and vulgarly-self-assertive words and gestures, there in the hearing-room, so easily captivated the childhood minds of the times. The same Mob, still very much alive and well today, which this little Crusade of ours also fights "with one hand", while with the other fighting hideous depravities of institutionalized sodomy. This kind of certitude regarding this developing tri-corner trade of today--in dope, "auto-repair" stolen autos, and vital human body parts, these garnered from slain young and healthy people, with organless cadavers found now-and-again in mass-graves of thousands along the Mexico line--the scope of this massive atrocity gradually gained ample girth in our minds after ourselves having been "generously" offered "auto repair" help well-over a dozen times over a period of as many years, out here on Crusade. Ourselves falling victim repeatedly to a wide-ranging piratical activity which entirely eclypses earlier trucking-industry murders, extortions and con-artistries of Jimmy Hoffa Sr. and the gang, back in a mid-century USA: they namely whose densely-interwoven crimes and malfeasance absorbed the major portion of the noted Senate Select Committee's attention, with wheeled transport now long-ago under the ruling power of the Mob and other evil men ranged far above, trucking often now indeed meekly serving the purposes of the mammoth new tri-cornered chicanery. This even if the typical trucker no doubt also "crackles with rage" at watching an infamous activity which sullies his profession, but which he has no power at all to withstand. We unfortunate motorists, having been offered generous-but-lying auto repairs, were then left stranded out somewhere on desert or high plain--perhaps not considered young and healthy enough for our organs to be of any saleable kind--with harassments by rowdy nightly visitors, encouraging us to "move on", being par for the course: the obvious hope in all cases having been that we would at last abandon truck, trailer and possessions in despair. No doubt ruling elements of "the law" are for the most part complicit with this arrangement: even if the typical policeman, deputy or highway patrolmen--most of whom we on the Crusade greatly admire--for most purposes, just like the good truckers who mostly tool down our roads, has his "hands tied behind his back" when it comes to the whole ugly chirade--which like most criminal activity here "goes all the way to the top", given a silent nod from all-powerful secret-societies who animate the whole country like a hand in a glove. Although we did notice rather happily this time in Soccorro that a police helicopter came over the Walmart parking lot just after the shots were fired, causing these boom-box-thundering "tough guys" to scatter like leaves in the wind. Their health-destructive low-frequency "musical" sound-mode reproducing exactly the crushing mental torture of "freedom-loving" overseas gulags like Abu Ghraib. In this weird and subliminal way dramatically enhancing the power of the drug-lord, there on our streets and in our towns.

Just last night, parked at another Walmart, this time in Shawnee, OK, which had been bustling with the same sort of questionable activities only yesterday--odd exchanges of bundles from trunks and back-seats, cruising grim-faced men with lots of time on their hands, turning their headlights on us in the glaring afternoon sun, obviously as a warning that we'd better "move on"--we saw another sort of exchange quite common out here. Namely an apparent innocent dropping-off of a picture-frame, with backing and all, from the hands of one smiling matron to the waiting hands of another--as if one old high-school chum were providing a final decoration for a livingroom which the other "just had to have". But why do countless numbers of these innocent-looking womanly exchanges take place in Walmart parking lots--easily a half-dozen or so a day--and not in the driveway of a house and home? We feel fairly certain that the picture-frame had some controlled substance taped somewhere between picture and backing, just as in another case might little Johnny's diaper bag, brought by another "friend" as if forgotten after a friendly afternoon piece of pie, find a baggy of marijuana stuffed between diapers, baby-powder and other nursery-room gear.

As noted above, solid evidence of this "trade"--whose most visible component is found in these seemingly-inoffensive car-haulers and the single-and-double-vehicle flatbeds which feed them, whose drivers gather "auto-repair"-stolen trucks and cars like a crop from a mammoth field--which as also noted conclusively belies frequent claims that "drug violence is "safely" restricted to Mexico--is essentially cumulative or inductive in nature, since in some ways it has harmless-looking external trappings as of some new Horatio Alger free enterprise venture in this storied "land of the free". (This liberty best understood as reserved exclusively to secret-society-connected big-businessmen, pedophiles, sodomites and aggressive warriors alike). Hence the staggering numerical predominance out on our highways of these massive conveyances, almost all of them loaded with used cars, either late-model or much-gangland-sought classic '50s, '60s and '70s, or even older yet. All this in a volume which "Car Max" cannot possibly supply. These new Al Capones love nothing so much as to do a gaudy remake on these dated vehicles--the older the better--and then "go cruising" down the road, in signature blank-faced-arrogant splendor reliving in fertile imaginations the lavish style of the halcyon '30s era, of the Detroit Purple Gang or of the Chicago South Side, when gangsters were very visibly dominant in American life, as they are so plainly becoming now. But back to this three-cornered "trade": if you travel cross-country as much as do we, you see one of these mammoth conveyances on average every five or ten minutes, typically loaded with nine used vehicles of all kinds, one of them invariably suspended dangerously and precariously out over both cab and hood of the truck involved, and sometimes a tenth towed behind, with this numerical frequency being near uniform on all U.S. or Interstate highways. (Although we did notice considerably less frequency on Interstate 40 through eastern Oklahoma Indian lands.) We once tried to tally up a nationwide total, and came up with a figure of somewhere near a million thus-hauled--not driven--vehicles per day on our major pathways. While vast numbers of later-model autos suggest to our minds that their main-brain computers may easily have been somehow disabled, causing the vehicle to sputter to a halt a conveniently-close distance from the guilty gangland operative working some digital "zapping" device, parked in harmless-looking fashion by the side of the road. And then, if they happen to have the funds on hand, a repair-shop is called: perhaps indeed one of the many which the mob controls, out of some local one-horse town where such things inevitably occure. (Heightening the stunning effect of a whole host of bewildering unknowns with which the travel must suddenly deal.) And of course, if he isn't prepared to shell out any amount of money for the "repairs", then he is all-the-more vulnerable to the frightful scheme unfolding now before his very eyes.

But back to the prodigious frequency--every five minutes or so--of these car-haulers on our highways: how many people are there in the market for a vehicle--and how much legitimate profit is there in the whole rigamaroll--to be transported, typically-enough indeed across five or six states--judging by the license plates on these mysteriously-procured trucks and cars--all this undoubtedly at great expense? At numbers approaching a million a day, this would mean that every man, woman and child in the USA needs another vehicle once a year! Obviously, then, these cars and trucks are only like chips in a poker game, in a casino setting which will ultimately see the American people completely dispossessed: as calculated below, not only shorn of motored transport but also of house, home and livelihood: a slave-class in the making, right here in the "freedom-loving" USA.

Don't be deceived either by long-dated fables that "Mexico is starving for cars"--and for that matter for furniture, bicycles, refrigerators, you name it--as also seen out on these roads in endless numbers of dangerously-overloaded pickup trucks loaded with pricey, mostly-domestic goods. And furthermore that the home decorating and equipping market down there must therefore be fed from up here, by enterprising businessmen--commonly understood basically to be simple freelance, dime-turning auto-traders and yardsale enthusiasts--such as these road-warriors are made out to be. But here again: how many dollar-an-hour or fifty-cent an hour laborers, the bulk of the workforce in Mexico, are well-heeled enought to buy a late-model car manufactured in Detroit, or to go down to some village bizarre or flea-market and stock up on the latest brands of quality furniture--obviously obtained from wealthy householders--just arrived from the good old USA? And to pay enough to justify the lengthy oddessy, and to provide a profitable return on Ethan Allen quality furniture, and/or bicycles of the trendiest new kind? It was all once a mystery to us, but finally became quite clear, that after the drivers of thus "repaired" vehicles are driven off or dispensed-with, and their possessions, documents, etc., in glove-compartments or cabinets of RVs, are rifled-through, to obtain their residential addresses: then the arrival of a local "moving van" to swiftly empty out all these "enterprisingly-obtained" items can easily-enough be arranged: sending out local jail-birds for the task, as the Mob, like Colonial-era Freemasons, has tentacles into "every Middlesex village and town". Locksmiths, who seem typically, from our own observation, to need no certification at all, are a notorious standard element in the underworld of crime, ready at-hand to cut a new key, in case the owners are still alive, and their house-keys still in their possession. As they may or may not somehow make their way back home, only to find everything gone, and no friendly face to turn to, to confide in, there in their apartment-complex or walled-"community" town. Especially since neighbors today--in the signature-Yankee alienated and anti-social setting--sedulously avoid "interferring" in their neighbors' affairs, mortally afraid of being branded "nosy old maids" or "peeping Toms". The fate recounted here most notably forthcoming when these unfortunate travelers, in many cases retirees, pass a certain slyly-administered verbal test with flying colors, such as we ourselves experienced numerous times: getting an "A" after assuring these road-hustlers that they "have no one else to help them", and thus likewise no one likely to intervene in present catastrophic circumstances, nor when the moving van, manned by brusk, burly, menacing-looking "movers", arrives back home, and hauls everything away. While regarding a poorer traveler, who is just as heavily set-upon in this way out on our highways, especially if he has a vintage-model pickup truck as do we, the uprighteously-flourished justification for all this mammoth fleecing operation is plainly-enough casually lifted from decades of court-rulings which have created an ultra-radical economic doctrine--light-years beyond laissez faire, never before heard among men. A nefarious proposition which basically runs: "if you can make better use of someone else's property, then you can take it from them". It is nothing less than a cunning judicial development of Ayn Randism, which is to say Nazism: the conservative-talk-show-glorified Russian-born Jewish woman, Ayn Rand, having left Stalinist Russia in order to revel in the Nazi regime in Germany, becoming a Hitlerite ideologue of the most trenchant and doctrinaire kind. Showing us how much Nazis actually "hated" Jews, who like Rosenberg the geneticist and indeed Hitler himself--Jewish on his mother's side--were a ruling element in the wicked regime.

Here again, to help dispel the yawningly-accepted myth that all this wheeled merchandise is "headed for Juarez or Tijahuana", neither have we ever seen these car-haulers and lumbering household-goods conveyors queued up in El Paso, as you would obviously expect, clogging the road into Juarez--namely, extreme-southern U.S. 54--a route which overpasses Interstate 10, which latter East-West artery we travel frequently when in those parts. This "thriving business" scenario obviously demanding such an impossible thing, with these "businessmen" quietly and patiently waiting to clear customs into Mexico, necessarily in an endless file on northward toward the state line some twenty miles away. So this "Mexico needs goods for its starving markets"--on such an astronomical scale--is just another cleverly-contrived myth, such as gangsters love to create, and hold their sides in mirth over the stooges we are all supposed to be.

Some nights back one of these "visitors" appeared out of the gathering gloom of dusk--a typical "witching hour" for this ubiquitous set to materialize from out of the impenitrable anonymity which motor travel so neatly provides--a guy who made out to relieve nature in the cedar-woods just ahead--and then backed up swiftly the fifty-some yards to our truck and trailer, asking with utter irrelevance "if we needed help". For we carried no cardboard signs to that effect, nor gestured pleadingly toward vehicles passing close by, being parked at a state parking area just above Clines Corners in New Mexico, where truckers and RVers typically spend the night. Thereupon I told him about our previous experiences with such "help givers" as he, to which he responded in the hysterical tones we have come to recognize among this pick-pocket set, when discovered in the middle of their treacherous deeds. "It's so hard to get a job!", was one of his half-dozen panicky, disjointed exclamations, coloring visibly red despite the growing dark. While also among the blush and bother was the more-revealing statement, "I like your truck". For as it turns out, in line with the noted '30s Al-Capone-era wheeled-splendor of today's drug mob, our little '76 C-10 is far more valuable to these people than anything Detroit can turn out today. Not only for noted showy reasons, but because it is a much better vehicle in every other way as well, serving essential purposes without any unfixable flaw, being easily maintained, offering none of the bewildering complexities of the modern digital wonders we are all supposed to love. Autos whose computer-driven sensors and other gratuitous pariphenalia--vehicles which if you don't fix them immediately will probably just sit there on the road like a stubborn and moody mule--cost hundreds of dollars to tow away and fix for the slightest little thing. Now they're trying to get the whole towing business nationwide under the Triple A brand--set to be the Walmart of the towing trade--ah, free enterprise!--which will no doubt, as things go nowadays, streamline the procurement end of the whole wicked monstrosity of the tri-cornered trade into a smartly-run mega-business, with unquestionable credentials of the most officially-honored kind, to bar any interference at all, when they tow your vehicle away "to be repaired".

As suggested, and as we have been told by someone plainly familiar with the whole elaborately-staged chirade, these myriads of hauled or tow-bar-towed vehicles are "grease for the gears" of a fabulously-lucrative international trade in addictive drugs: some of these wheeled items no doubt being a form of barter between adict and pusher, or a kind of "reward for a job well done" to a lower-level "worker" from some gangland "big kabula", but the whole labyrinthine "enterprise" is a venture for the perpetuation-of-which Uncle Bar-Samuel has shown himself ready to go to war anywhere at any time: as in the destruction of an Opium-trade-fighting Japan in WWII or an equally valiant Afghanistan in recent years. For which purposes elaborate justifications are created, and a readiness to expend American lives--in "false flag" operations of which the Trade Towers crash and the treasonous mid-twentieth-century "set up" of the U.S. Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor are all-time classical examples--is readily displayed. Hence was the momentary interdiction of the Heroin trade by the Taliban quickly stymied by another "heroic" American military intervention, with "liberty under attack" after another "assault on American lives": Uncle Sam as always desiring to "defend freedom around the globe". After which operation the Opium/Heroin market expanded threefold over its previous highs: a fact with deafening silence little remarked at all, in a "make the world safe" Yankee sequence long seen with yawning frequency down in a dope-trade-enslaved Latin America as well. While the same terrible "justification" for a Roosevelt-piloted WWII must be clearly identified, if we are to have any conscience at all: Japan having tried desperately to lift Asia out of a drug-addiction thralldom mostly created by prominent nineteenth-century American families like the Roosevelts, Delanos and Bushes--to become "heroic" presidential material in the twentieth and twenty-first--an island which paid for its noble efforts by some sixty years of Yank-demanded Western economic isolation-and-embargo, then by brutally-unequal war, and finally by the hellish debacles of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. To which mammoth Yankee enterprise, of criminally-aggressive-warfare, global enslavement and addiction, we must likewise add "auto-repair" stolen autos, and to grease all these spinning international monetary gears with prodigious sums from the fabulously well-to-do: vital human body parts, such as are exhumed now-and-again in mass graves of thousands of organ-less cadavers, on the Mexico border around Juarez. With human vital organs and body parts no doubt accepted by the American medical establishment from questionable sources without any questions at all: with as little qualms-of-conscience as when liver-destroying drugs are prescribed by blank-faced doctors day after day. Juarez the notorious drug-lord capitol, just across the Rio Grande from El Paso. Are there really Mexicans actually in charge of the whole thing? Scarcely any: rather mostly filthy-rich globe-dominating Jews and their secret-society Yankee underlings: people who have been in charge of the "champion of liberty", "international savior" USA from the very start. Biblical "enemies of mankind" who now offload universally-detested sodomy--the biblical word for homosexuality--on American society--in a pre-school to grad-school brainwash of the most diabolical kind. Perverted monsters--many of whom belong to that Skull-and-Bones/Bohemian-Grove league to which a transvestite Adolph Hitler himself belonged--he whose first major contributor was Prescott Bush--"men" today who likewise quietly favor the formation of sodomite "vigilante" groups to violently impose their ugly habits on our streets, in our public buildings and in our schools.

One thing I didn't go into thoroughly enough in a previous article here concerns the self-same "enterprising" arrangement as found some few years ago in Pecos, TX, where we had been foolish enough to accept the same kind of "help" from the same convincing sort of Mexican-American, typically the point-man/"sales pitch" guy involved: a cholo who even has a huge stature of St. Jude, Patron of Hopeless Cases, in his livingroom, to impress recipients of his "largesse" with his selfless pity and piety. (A guy who got a big, ceremonious, motherly hug from some matriarchal woman at the parts store to which I was taken, he being plainly thought to be "the savior" of the local economy--if only by a small minority whose prejudices and opinions across the Southwest however gain much weight under heavy-handed gangland sway--such tokens of thick-as-thieves affection being evinced repeatedly while we were there, in several other manifestations of much the same kind.) For our Crusade being by nature partially dependant upon contributions, occasionally "in kind", there is frequently an element of trust involved: we being in a certain rough-and-ready sense "lay missionaries", "workers" biblically "worthy of their hire", hence our frequent "run ins" with this detestible kind, who present themselves as selfless contributors, but who seem to have no conscience at all. Yet the brief description given previously of the place we were taken to, some seven or eight miles north of the town on a state highway--a spot which may or may not be there anymore--sorely needs amplification. For in the middle of the four or five travel trailers scattered out there on the wasteland, surrounded by barbed wire--the place we were taken "to wait for the parts to come in" for our engine repair--a miserable acre or three, containing a "space" for which we were required to pay a sizeable "rent"--there was an old-fashioned cesspool, loosely covered by some pieces of corrigated steel sheeting, which raised a smell of the most obnoxious kind. (We being forced to accept this arrrangement, as with our disabled vehicle, the engine now out and in need of repair, there was no way for us to leave anymore. In a similar case more recently two crooks from around Deming, NM, left us out on the moor, a rear hub perched on a block of concrete, with two wheels and tires taken away "to be repaired": guys who didn't come back til after dark, terrified that we were still there, claiming that their "tire machine had broken down". We having only escaped the Pecos debacle by tirelessly hounding every law-officer we could call or find, and by otherwise spreading news of our unjust predicament far and wide.) But apropos to our point, while there thus stranded we couldn't help notice that the ground all around the cesspool, there just above Pecos, was replete with the biggest maggots we had ever seen, crawling aimlessly in every direction. This being quite inexplicable, since no one was out there in this "RV park" except we ourselves, so that no sewage was being produced at all, with the open-trench-sewer-line below a neighboring travel-trailer, the only thing that drained into same, coming from under a toilet that hadn't been used for a long time, being itself of the most in-operable kind. Hence perhaps answered was our wonderment about what in the world had happened to the occupants of these RVs out there on the pampa, vehicles still full of their belongings, piled within, items covered through open or broken windows with at least a year's worth of wind-driven dust. Although at the time we were so engrossed in our own desperate circumstances, that it never occured to us to lift those pieces of sheet metal--which although loosely fastened wouldn't have been that hard to do--and see what might have been hideously floating on top of a watery mass grave--cadavers with lucrative vital organs removed. We may indeed have been spared such a fate because the "hit man" whom we later identified and who was probably commissioned to "do us in" refused to do so, largely because we had treated him, like everyone we deal with, with so much respect, and also because, as bad as some of these people are, most of the lower-echelon "soldiers" involved in this tri-cornered trade detest sodomy just as vehemently as we do. And probably aren't aware of all the hideous ramifications involved in their "work". And cannot bring themselves to do mortal harm to people with the guts to write, in unique and unwavering defiance, in huge letters, on the side of our rig: "National Anti-Sodomy Crusade".

July 8, 2019: Catholic purity-of-heart as the indispensable portal to God-given natural sexuality; the place of the New and Better Confederacy in restoring this moral-and-cultural pathway to God.

It cannot be reiterated too often that Sigmund Freud, the Jew, a century and a quarter ago, already prepared today's catastrophic annihilation of the moral defenses of the Catholic soul, a program subsequently sponsored at the Second Vatican Council, with much pomp and circumstance, skillfully, with deafening silences as much as tortuously-indirect words, casting every genuine attempt at virtue or moral reform as being "superstitious", outdated or pathological in kind. This mammoth, apostasy-ridden, quibbling-and-cowardly mischaracterization was thereafter however with untoward rigidity enforced upon the Catholic world, as endless palaver and nebulae-packed documents of the Council, and worldly, well-heeled "parish leaders" back at home, reaffirmed in the signature sly and non-declaratory way of these "advanced" times. Active in late nineteenth and early twentieth century Vienna, himself a multiple psychotic, Freud's mislabeling--instantly endorsed by publishing, education and political and quasi-political forces on a grand and cosmic scale--of the moral and spiritual regimen "passed down to us" from Apostolic times as being psychologically flawed, backward, "needing an update"--an indictment fraught with skillfully-ill-admitted claims that the Savior and His Apostles "sorely misunderstood the human personality", being "separated from scientific and industrial progress and thus without fault 'ignorant' of many things--this is plainly-enough--for all the blush-and-bother--only apostasy in an artful disguise. For manifestly if the Son of God Himself doesn't intimately and in infinite detail understand a human person which He Himself created: then who does? This revolutionary psuedo-paradigm being at that date furthermore quickly seized-upon by the modern agnostic, secret-society-piloted anti-state, and skillfully used for the systematic destruction of the traditional Christian way-of-life, as if to remove its laboriously established foundations, watered with the blood of martyrs, as found in officially-bolstered everyday existence: that all-embracing totality precisely which a comprehensively understood "kingdom of God" is with proper latitude understood to be. The state and its laws, attitudes and policies being by nature an integral component of the cult-culture-law sequence which powerfully determines most aspects of earthly life, and which with high specificity Christ came to redeem, indeed to "deify" toward heavenly things. On the very heels of Freud's lectures, "therapy sessions" and writings, this radical sociopolitical ground-clearing operation--full of contempt for a Church built on biblical "foundations of stone"--commenced with synagogue-signature bitter zeal, in grimly-determined, gradualistic "march through the institutions" fashion, being rigidly enforced, set in stone, by noted ranging juridical and quasi-juridical tentacles, reaching deeply into every facet of human life. Hence the ultimate example of the inevitability with which some gaggle of powerful Jews, "by hook or by crook", sometimes in acts of weird and Hellish self-sacrifice--manages to surround every earthly throne--in order to crucify the Savior once again through the official mandate, to uproot His divine legacy among mortal men. This false reality, this diabolical, totalitarian remake of sublime forms of human culture and law, uniquely imbued with the Gospel "liberty of the sons of God": this institutional apostasy opened wide the floodgates of morally-lax behavior, which once thus released from proper bounds descends to depraved, law-defying, anarchic extremes of its own accord, like a waterfall debouching from on high. The whole fabulous construct of "modern psychology" nonetheless accepted as "gospel" by most men since Freud's times: showing how quickly and easily fallen man will accept a cleverly-devised escape-hatch from the law of God, from salubrious things divine. While likewise at the time of Freud, his heyday beginning already in the 1890s, a craven loyalty to the secret-society-conceived modern superstate, this precurser of Anti-Christ, typically advanced in abstractly-reasoned, "self-winding clock", lodge-house-republican form--which despite all the fetching fife-and-drum theater abstracts entirely from practical realities of human sociopolitical life--had already for a century before the "counselor of Vienna" been stoutly demanded of the faithful by men of the cloth, as being indeed a religious duty of the gravest kind. In obligations imposed in rigid injunctions from a cowardly clergy which had "learned to know its place" in a faithless world. With this incredible meek docility toward falsehood--and growing harsh extremes against truth and its devotees--having over centuries previously evolved--under the same sorts of oblique-but-overpowering synagogue and lodge-hall pressures--through a gradually-developing heretical interpretation of the "Render therefore to Caesar" passage of the Holy Bible, a sentence much remarked on this site, the first of all such feverishly-reasoned escape-hatches from rigors of divine law. So that thus "justified" by bits over centuries was surrendered all practical moral authority entirely to naked worldly power. As if Christ were some mere dreamy-eyed sage, a fountainhead of injunctions of an admirable but-after-all perfectly-impractical kind, a smiling, saccharine, and "merciful" Arbitor who demands "equal rights" for both right and wrong. Thus too would custom, fashion, neighborhood and family life desert the Savior, that divine Font of Justice, under the cryptic hand of noted all-powerful, nation-ruling, Synagogue-serving secret-societies of every kind: the real "Caesar" thus "rendered" everything significant in life. With all of modern existence steadily, irresistably twisted, force-fitted, to the cramped and restricted morality promoted by this ironclad alliance of Freud and the modern state. While as noted as much as modern psychologists claim to have broken with Freud in a host of ways, they remain rigidly supportive of his claims that traditional Christian, and especially Catholic, virtue and piety are "sick" to the very core: as proven in their present-day near-unanimous embrace of sodomy as a supremely good thing, to be imposed on school and society alike with all the force of law.

Hence would the meek, kindly, morally-immaculate, culturally-rich piety and devotion of the Christian soul, necessarily objectified in daily Christian habits of life--with Christendom indeed replete with those hospitable qualities in which all genuine forms of political life innately share--this cultivar the very divinely-bestowed source of good order of the highest kind--become steadily perceived as an enemy of public and private "good order" itself--thus turning all of life the world over entirely on its head. Christian Civilization thereafter, necessarily objectified in political forms, to be vindictively crushed under tank-tracks of an essentially-brutal synagogue-sponsored, globalist quasi-Napoleonic regime under which mankind suffers so onerously today: a totalitarian tyranny essentially directed today from "Israel" and the USA. Hence as night follows day, as orchestrated from on high with supreme cunning, would a secretive lodge-hall, court-packing crew--completely in control of modern public education in particular--replace sound, natural, grace-ennobled Christian, and especially Catholic, approaches to sexuality with brute stereotypes of the worst of the ancient and more-recent pagan world, and entrench them by force of law. The crystalline Catholic ideal of purity-of-heart thus being trampled upon as harmful, with infinite subtleties of the grace-inspired Catholic spiritual life being regarded as but so much superstition-ridden nonesense or mental disease. While among today's all-too-typical coarse and worldly men this marvelous legacy of our Catholic past was summarily branded as "unmanly", with the ancient Catholic chivalry especially being exposed to ceaseless public and private scorn. As if Chaucer-celebrated medieval nobles and knights, "able to kill ten men in single combat, and then weep over a rose", were only effeminate sodomites under an artful disguise. Sexuality was thus summarily "emancipated" from Faith just as had been the modern anti-state, when in fact the Christian, a biblical "new creature", cannot possible function or remain faithful when abiding by rigidly-demanded practices and protocols of such a coarse and grace-sterile world. As if physical reality can somehow be perceived as being apart from the life of the soul, while the later is left to revel in "pious" raptures of the most impotent kind. Thus as night follows day would sexuality, that part of human nature most affected by Original Sin, commonly suffer infinite vulgarization, indeed a kind of emasculization as well: being deprived by false maxims and cunning policies of the virtuous environment in which alone it can properly thrive as fit for an innately-noble humankind. With defining elements of the practical Christian makeup being questioned and challenged at every turn--which is to call into question the very wisdom of the Holy Ghost, the very Divine Dove which sedulously keeps watch over the Church and its teaching and guiding power--the believer cannot possibly have the strength to face the rigorous challenges which the Christian moral life--especially with respect to sex--so forcefully demands.

But we at the New and Better Confederacy see a rejuvenated Dixie as a fitting home for a renaissance of the Christian spirit of purity, of chivalry, of genuine and morally-immaculate marital love, of manhood of the highest and most noble and fearless kind: the traditional cultural ambiance of the Old South, a fitting cultivar for noble things to come, having been the real "enemy" which a lodge-hall-dominated North most wished to destroy. The gracious customs and largely-virtuous moral climate of Dixie--still in many ways alive and well today, a perfect stranger to the Confederate-despised worldly, Marxist-totalitarian climate already in the 1850's developing up North, a prime future seedbed for incendiary ideas of Freud--this was the real target of all the self-righteous Yankee zeal. In a misrepresentation which propaganda and brainwash so easily bring into being: slavery having actually been established by powerful forces of the North, where it first thrived on these shores, part of the Colonial-era Tri-Cornered Trade in rum, slaves and European manufactured goods, a "commerce" brokering brutal conditions imposed by slave-masters like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. This universally-hated institution having long thereafter summarily been imposed upon the South, before it had properly even come into being, when slaves were found to "die like flies" up North, being rigidly-formalized by paper terms of the Louisiana Purchase. And pawned-off on people in a politically-remote, agrarian, scarcely-developed region of the country, one which was manifestly easy game for such a clever scheme. The Southern working classing in particular having thereafter hated slavery beyond measure, as common laborer and share-cropper alike had to compete with slaves who made no wages at all: such a conflict naturally brewing a racial discord or "prejudice" of a lasting kind, very difficult to dispel. The same scenario doomed indeed to be repeated later in our own times, when Latin laborers from south of the border, fleeing endless "freedom loving" D.C.-sponsored revolutions and dollar-brokered poverty of a grueling kind, for decades now flood U.S. labor-markets with cheap labor, necessarily impoverishing our own working class. This bitter legacy prepared already long ago in other climes, just after our own Revolutionary War, when Yankee lodgehall "saviors" sent skilled agitators--ideological cousins to those "hippies" and "streakers" of the '60s in a "free speech" and "free love" USA--into Southern Hemisphere, brokering the fatal, patricidal break with Spain. American slavery, a massive trade in human flesh--in many ways the worst kind of slavery mankind had ever seen--being further seconded by a Southern plantation aristocracy with stout if historically little-remarked ties to globally-potent business interests of the North: as amply and bitterly born out by an universally-detested, abysmally-conducted Southern war policy, piloted by the same plantation-owner class. With treachery-laden frustrations and cleverly-argued stumblingblocks placed in the path of an easily achieved early-war Southern victory of the most stupendous kind. In a program of calculated defeat acceded-to by opportunists like Jefferson Davis, Judah Benjamin and others of the leading wealthy clique of the Dixie of those times. All this culminating in Lee's plainly-treacherous cavalry maneuver at Gettysburg, forever afterward known as "Picketts Charge": that which brutally and decisively destroyed the last Southern hopes of victory, or of a genuine negotiated peace. While in stark contrast had the initial Confederate triumph been duly recognized and formalized after First Manasses, when terms could have been dictated by Dixie to a then-utterly-prostrate D.C., it would have saved America, both North and South, some 800,000 soon-to-be-expended lives. Rather then was all the uprigheous Northern vituperative of the 1850s followed by first installments of that cunningly-initiated, industrially-enabled "total war" which has now become so hideously familiar to modern man, in hostilities which steadily reached genocidal proportions, culminating in Sherman's grizzly March to the Sea.

June 6, 2019: "Lay Investiture" is still alive and well.

This reversal of the divinely-established order, namely of the authority--"to root up and to tear down, to build and to plant"--of Church over state--is a monumental overthrow of moral and political order which continues as always to claim all the pomp, circumstance and regalia of legitimate power, in an unholy rebellion which finds its ultimate foul fruit in today's school-and-state-cultivated childhood "sexual self-identification". This forgery in which the child scarcely has any part at all, such as the name would so stoutly-but-falsely imply, but is rather the passive recipient of a relentless brainwash of the most diabolical and perverted kind: with every unique and marvel-packed mystery of a developing mind and soul force-fitted into categoricals of the most kinetic and animalistic kind. This imposture turning all things over on their heads from the public domain to things most intimately personal, invading at last in our day the inmost innocent recesses of the childhood soul: while it was historical Lay Investiture which powerfully prepared this anomaly in its own special if generic way, with its ultimate diabolical purposes being revealed in lurid colors today.

Hence in view of all the above, and as often discussed on this site, and at risk of seeming repetitive, the seemingly-immovable establishment of this modern-day secular dogma--and its elevation in practical terms by laymen and clerics alike to a central part of the very natural law--a dictum which many would inch over into a veritable ex cathedra papal definition as well--namely the arch-heretical anti-principle that a profound opposition between Church and state--which for most purposes is to say between morality and state--is natural and just, or at least proper and inevitable, to earthly life, always citing for this purpose the "render therefore to Caesar" passage of the Holy Gospel. From which alleged hostility--as if the state were properly a personification of Satan himself in this anti-Church set-to--is derived the above-noted fiction that "the most we can expect" is for these two cosmic contenders to "learn to coexist", with mere humans indeed the judges and arbiters so pompously installed. By terms of which "agreement" Christ, God Himself, in the Person of His Mystical Body, is made somehow to acquit, indeed to institutionalize, or at least "become resigned to", unjust war, school-initiated childhood perversion and other forms of official crime, malfeasance and brutality. The Savior being placed in the position of sustaining with the above-quoted few words--actually uttered only to adroitly evade another verbal trap of the Pharisees--a Church/state chaos-breeding cleavage, and thereby being held to inaugurate an allegedly-divinely-blessed, ultra-radical new view of religion or morality vis-a-vis the state. Here the Son of God is placed indeed into the category of those disorderly men "shouting on streetcorners" from which Old Testament prophets so pointedly distinguished this Messias to come: the Savior rather a docile and obedient child of the authentic Temple and Mosaic Law, of its moral and political philosophy, in every respect.

But as suggested above, and for all this false and fatal lay and clerical pomp, circumstance and oblivion, the modern secret-society-driven state has finally revealed the abysmal falsehood involved in the tidy-but-contrived "render therefore to Caesar" tautology, for there is found now for a century and more the steady assumption by the modern state of all the prerogatives once universally held to be strictly under God's domain: so that the "things of God", once so stoutly said to countervail the "things that are Caesar's", have been gradually, and indeed today with perfunctory arrrogance and mounting brutality, pushed under the nation's secular bailiwik as well, to the increasing frustration of the former in the whole of its definitive charge. Thus overturned is an allegedly "finely balanced axiom", the much-made-over origin of the noted fictional if much-touted celestial/infernal "agreement", derived from the noted solemnly-intoned but false interpretation of "Render therefore to Caesar" which has mesmerized men so long. Church and state not really being so "separate" after all, holy realms rather placed forcibly under the latter's increasingly-barbaric sway. The sing-song paradigm, stolen and twisted, from the Savior's very lips, thus employed as a sort of mariner's siren-song, to lure the Barque of Peter toward a treacherous, reef-ridden shore, revealing the jagged rocks just below all the smiling and effervescent, "coexistent" verbal waves. Uncovering to us in urgent terms today that the law of God, as dogmatically pronounced by Boniface VIII in his bull Unam Sanctam, must on the contary be the immovable determinant of all law of any kind, including the civil and military power: as by a principle so self-evident as to admit no contest at all. Among believers, who in Christian lands immediately became 90% of the whole, the noted heirarchy of Papacy over secular government must be the ironclad rule, if God's blessing is to be secured and order, justice and morality to be maintained: in the home, on the street or in toweringly-consequential international affairs. And certainly unbelievers are beneficiaries of such a good ordering as well, which consists in an official mildness and kindness toward the good of any belief, and the rigors of unrelenting justice for those wicked: they who perpetually harm both believer and unbeliever alike. But once the now-standard, Satanic usurpation of state over Church was allowed, then officially-endorsed moral pandemonium followed in its wake as night follows day, as most glaringly today, at the bottom of this winding staircase of academic and official deceit, in the case of the across-the-board legalization--indeed sanctification--of every sort of sexual perversity, including a soon-to-irrupt, carefully-disguised pedophilia in academic guise, no doubt after the manner of the now-universal and legally-unchecked Yankee drug-abuse, which now steadily expands into a parallel economy of grand auto-theft, vital-organs snatching, and much, much more. With a similar unfettered public release of the sexual instinct from any legal restraint at all. No doubt with open child-fondling--already evident under thin disguises of "affectionate hugs"--and resurrected "steakers" alike--now impatiently waiting in the wings of this diabolical playhouse dream. While the choas presented to eyes and ears today by the affrontery of unbridled sexual provocation, broadcast at us from billboard or theater, cellphone or TV screen, violently overthrows that order and peace which must be maintained here on earth, if human life is to be positive and constructive, and salvation made accessible to all.

Will there be a struggle involved in thus maintaining the Kingdom of God on this earth? There will always indeed be an undying, remorseless combat, between the cursed biblical fallen "world" and that holy empire built upon Apostolic foundations of stone. A combat we must join everyday of our lives, whatever our positions or capacities might be, whether official, commercial or in the intimate recesses of neighborhood or home.

Sad to say, the modern totalitarian anti-state is epitomized in the USA, made from the start to be a solvent of all sovereign legitimacy, a pirate regime which from its commanding position on the Seven Seas makes a home globally for every crippling social or political disease, with every form of sexual perversity being inculcated and cultivated with special care the world round. This monumental imposture--which with adolescent temerity dispenses with all the "frills", the "small stuff" of pious, orderly and civilized life--this Godless tyranny of the state over the Church, thus readily superimposing wickedness over goodness and virtue, when in fact and as noted the opposite is critically required, namely of the state as humble subject of the cleansing input of the Church, enabling it to defend the human person and his authentic society, and thus remain faithful to genuine secular purposes in a firm and lasting way. The Barque of Peter being indeed that refuge of order and peace which alone is armed with the weapons needed for this most subtle combat between good and evil, a mortal struggle for which we were all placed on this earth, one which for each of us will not cease til we draw our last breath, a battle which for humanity can call no quarter until the Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ. And as merits repetition, the modern-era "democracy" and "equality" however claiming that good and evil can peacefully coexist, as if God can have some part with Baal, and murder, real or virtual, with peaceful virtues of the Christian soul. In an "amicable" arrangement now openly belied in the rapid formation of violent gangs of sodomites who force their ugly habits upon the public ear and eye. The highly-fictional "Enlightenment"-Era embrace between good and bad rather finally and inevitably seeing the abject humiliation of the good, the disappearance of virtue from both street and home: in a laying down of arms in a combat so fraught with consequences for earthly peace and the salvation of souls. This fictional "suspension of hostilities" being an insolent rejection of the biblical fear of God, "the beginning of wisdom", among the allegedly-"faithful"--as if we mere mortals were put here--indeed in a "superior" position--to arbitrate some "settlement" between Diety and fiend, some armistice "acceptable to both sides". Rather must the holy vessel of the Church be conceded untrammeled liberty, and be recognized as having undisputed superior authority over the secular power. This necessity to be demonstrated to mankind quite soon in the end-time Heavenly punishment even now commencing in planetary calamities set, in the fiery fashion of Sodom and Gomorrah, to extinguish the bulk of human life on today's careening, wobbling earth: set on a perilous path scarcely any outcome of particulate-induced "global warming" at all. Indeed too the pitiful caricature which now inhabits the Holy City of Rome, a creature of the league of Synagogue and secret-society, is the deformed offspring of the cunningly-orchestrated denial of the liberty of the Church: a condition from out of which Rome will however very soon be delivered by the same divine power, with the generous help of a soon-to-become-Catholic Russia, as implied in the Fatima Marian Message of October, 1917: all this in conjunction with final solar-incendiary developments of the noted fast-approaching punishment. In a global incineration--of some three-quarters of the human race--not at all by accident recalling the fiery end of a perversion-ridden Sodom and Gomorrah--of which we are so firmly assured by a millennium of saints and seers alike. Meanwhile today this recognition of the super-eminent Petrine power is especially critical to the salvaging of the present wreckage of human society and the international political order as well, as the saint-and-Scripture-predicted, carefully-planned End-time onslaught against Christianity grinds into full gear.

Good, humane and Godly sexuality thus requires assiduous care from all levels of society and the state, standing in critical need of civilizing and ameliorating customs, of legal and cultural supports of every kind, to see that this strongest-of-instincts remains a positive rather than a rampagingly-negative force. Sex needing in particular, if it is to have any positive meaning at all, to be tied firmly and exclusively to those procreative purposes for which it was made: in an ironclad association for which the input of the Church is critically and intrinsically required. And apart from which sex, as illustrated in lurid terms today, can have no reasonable or beneficial purpose at all. While it seems that in our times it is academia which most cunningly directs this nefarious sexual chaos and rebellion, whose beginnings were seen in that immodesty-of-dress which first reared its treacherous head during the mid-to-late-nineteenth century, steadily creating a moral whirlpool which quickly developed in scope and size, inching up hem-lines and shirt-sleeves til the near-complete nakedness of today finally came to prevail. Furthermore, sex thus unchained to defining purposes invariably ends by being anti-life and inhuman in every conceivable way as well, as violence and murder follows unfettered passion as night follows day, and doctors, more like primitive witch doctors, tell us that self-restraint is an unhealthy thing; that mental health requires that we simply "let fly". This comprehensive, ideologically-maintained reprobation of society today forcefully enabled by the ceaseless revolutionary input of Federal courts in particular, which together with moral-bomb-throwing schools and a like-minded medical establishment form a potent alliance ready-to-hand to minimize or destroy those orderly purposes for which society as a whole and sex in particular were made. These three overpowering institutions together, and not by accident, being able to near-irresistably insinuate themselves into every aspect of human life, reversing in detail the divinely established order of morality, or Church, over state.

Ironically to some, historically preliminary to this anti-life assault against sexual restraint has been a long-standing, steadily-expanding media-and-academic elevation of "proof of sexual prowess" into a critical "right of passage" for men, at which "litmus test" if they are somehow thought to fail, by odd and ever-changing standards which false religion, media and academia so readily supply, they are rejected out-of-hand as men. Posing indeed as an old-fashioned, "John Wayne" sort of conservative value, this offspring of the early-modern Protestant Revolt has always despised the gentle chivalry of the Gospel-Catholic Way: its visible fervor, its pious practices and kindly courtesies being somehow regarded as not "staunch" enough for the Reformer bitter zeal, providing ample imaginary excuses for the harsh persecution of Catholic Mexicans and European immigrants, upon whom all the Yankee unkind manners and male movieland swagger has traditionally been released in full and unmitigated form: in a historically-unprecedented pitch of aggressive behavior which however to these mature and well-formed men has always been considered arrogant and juvenile in the extreme. Even as Freudianism, to be succeeded by a modern psychology yet-more-radical, culminating in morbid reaches of "self-identification" fantasies of today, would find frightful symbolic meaning in every stray thought to enter a morally-vulnerable human mind. As if such fitful anomalies augur proof of "playful" or ominous propensities set-in-stone. This heretically-charged idea of sexuality, false on every score, being advanced in such a brutal way, especially here in the Reformer-proving-ground of the USA, as to easily bring morally under, or even mentally destroy, those not immovably pious and firmly under God's protective power. Good men easily becoming intimidated and confused when such an anti-principle is stoutly accepted by a whole society, is rigidly reinforced by every custom or turn-of-phrase, with twisted ideas thus gaining a favorable standing which they don't at all deserve, wreaking a wreckage of souls and minds. This take on sex being a perversity unknown to ages past, times when unless otherwise clearly indicated the sexual potency of every man was readily assumed, men of those times having not yet been led into the dense ignorance of our day with regard to this all-important affair, regarding an instinct quite alien to trifling and demeaning measurements and trivial comparisons so forcefully imposed upon it in our times, the deformed spawn of anti-matter Albigensian morbidities, Cromwellian pogroms and Plymouth Bay. Sexuality within the natural law, as given mankind by a good God, showing forth peculiarities from one person to the next that are perfectly impossible to analyze or gage, human sexuality involving a subtle union or melding of male/female personalities and not the scent-based and purely-kinetic siring of the animal world. This latter sort of generic "prowess", in our allegedly ultra-civilized day, being as suggested construed in the most brutal and predatory terms--as daily experience indeed so graphically illustrates--as of a boy or man who goes out and "hunts" a girl, to destroy her precious purity, her chief dowry to bring to the marriage bond, to bring her down, as if she were some sort of "big game". While a whole culture of pagan-ritualistic jungle music and vulgar media and art supports this infernal, inhuman, nefarious and preposterous view, setting in concrete the noted rebellion against order in an especially immovable way, regarding a part of our nature in which passion easily becomes a monster of the most towering and irresistable sway. Here being a King Kong which now stalks the globe like the giant beast in the old horror movie of the '50s, in a moral and social rampage whose first ravages were found in an "advanced" USA and Northern Europe, in an immodesty-of-dress and associated moral carelessness first hints of which as noted were seen in the mid-nineteenth-century, and which by force of Western arms and commercial and financial dominion quickly enveloped an entire globe. This ape a towering humanoid whose lumbering gait is now so familiar to furtherest remote reach inhabited by men. This calamity needing no PhD for its discovery or analysis, with the "experts" involved in juridical and academic circles being indeed themselves the most perverted of all, claiming in fevered disorderly regions an "expertise" which we at the Crusade and other reasonable souls don't at all deny. But today's pompously-advanced school-age "sexual self-identification"--the twisted Orwellian outcome of fables about sex of every kind, especially as humanity begins to "tire of the natural"--uncovers for us the very nedir of this diabolical enthronement of chaos. With "the big boys"--the synagogue and closely-attendant secret societies of every stripe--wrangling their own self-created herd of youthful swine over the yawning biblical cliff to their earthly and eternal demise.

These synagogue and lodge-hall academic and political creatures put forth ever-newer "urgent" reasons for socio-moral pandemonium, billing it as progress of the most stellar kind, when in fact and as noted above order, peace, tranquility, benevolence are perfectly essential to rational and spiritual human life, and thus form the very definitive purpose of the state, the irrevocable terms of its legitimacy, without which it is unfit for reasoning men, and can harbor no true liberty or progress at all, and may indeed with good conscience and heroic vigor be overthrown. Modern chaos-in-government as suggested above finding its first "render therefore to Caesar" beginnings already in the first millennium in a "Lay Investiture" or Church/State controversy piloted by fourth century Byzantines emperors and their court-favorites both lay and clerical, where beard-stroking Jewish shylocks from easterly regions were quietly gaining ever-mounting control which would irrupt like a geyser in our day. With Constantinople later in the same era in close league with a certain ruling class of Sicily, in a brutal military campaign against Catholic Rome in which whole towns were burnt to the ground with the populations still within: this satanic onslaught at the beginning of the second millennium doomed to irrupt again in the person of Barbarossa of Germany. This ongoing rebellion against the divinely-instituted Petrine rule greasing the gears however not of any much-vaunted "freedom" or "liberty" but rather of a totalitarian statism of the most immovable kind, in a tyranny given philosophical form by eighteenth-century Masonic theorists in "self-winding clock" notions of the democratic or "republican" state. This impenitrably-arcane theory--one so convenient to those who would deftly dump the moral law as applied to society at large--this clever deception supposedly so self-evident as to deny any questioning or demur at all. This monumental falsehood later predictably to give us the chaos of hippydom, drug-addiction, all-powerful biker-gangs, and the final reign of the sodomites gaining traction today: with the brutal control and enslavement of the good being the satanic goal all along in mind. Statism as always "patriotically" mobilizing all the prodigious material forces of earth in a combat against eminently good things, unfolding in graphic, serpentine detail to human view the biblically-described "mystery of evil". This "march through the institutions" setting-in-motion a near-universal practical apostasy to finally play itself out in the fast-approaching appearance of Anti-Christ, the last and most wicked of totalitarian despots ever to be found. His cruel tyranny to be uprooted finally and forever at the Second Coming of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, even as a preliminary victory of the Church herself, soon to be stunningly achieved, will finally consumate the evangelization of the entire globe. A mandate which, had men been generously grace-responsive, should hardly have taken two thousand years. While not to be ignored here is the place of the media (both left and right), inseparably allied with above-noted modern psychology and universally-perverted Western academia, forming together a coarse artificial reality, an anti-matter universe bitterly opposed on every score to the clement and uplifting method and language of Christ and His Church. With this humanity-destructive, soul-damning assault leading the world inexorably toward perversion, abortion and false-flag-aggressive global war. The Church having been formally commissioned to pave the way for that divine Perausia which will put an end to this terrible rebellion against God and His law: til which glorious day we must never slacken our efforts to objectify, to institutionalize, God's law, with all vigor, might and main. No easy struggle at all. In this way doing our bounden duty in laying palm-fronds in the coming path of the Savior, like those devout Hebrews of the first Palm Sunday so long ago: they who thus first declared this Son of David to be uninversal King.

As noted above, under this monstrous rebellion of chaos against order, once the secular power was given any independent inch upon which to stand, there began a patient, systemmatic judicial-and-academic redefinition of everything under the sun in the direction of disorder, and finally of the ultimate disorder of abortion, sodomy and other abysmal forms of perversity. All this in the name of a "liberty" which flies in the face of the original wholehearted popular embrace of Christianity by our ancestors, peoples and polities which during subsequent centuries have been fervently, undyingly Christian, some for nearly two millennia in time. And whose laws, customs and other usages have faithfully reflected that fact in the most detailed, happy and assiduous way. While likewise cleverly hijacking this nation-defining spirit in our times has been the gradual morphing or scarcely-acknowledged neglect or disuse of morally-weighted words, carried on largely by academic "linguists" whose overbearing proprietary arrogance about the meaning and moral content of language is everywhere taken as somehow inspired, as seconded by lodge-hall-appointed public authorities of the most morbidly-officious kind. Men who archly assess our venerable Christian forefathers as merest children without mature minds. The radical views of such ever-maneuvering modern-day men being deeply woven into publishing in particular, their word taken as "Gospel" in official and even ecclesiastical settings, by neglect or eager advocacy able to promote or delete some new or old word, to warp some traditional verbal definition, and so on: all according to those brainwash-maintained protocols for decades now becoming so familiar to modern man. Hence are sacred things steadily deleted from human memory and thought, being dismissed as somehow stilted, pretentious and "outdated", as aided by a carefully-planned publishing monopoly, not excluding the "unfortunate deaths" of pious Christians in that field, in a remorseless modum-operandi not unlike the steady late-medieval/early-modern Synagogue-sponsored Habsburg occupation of most of the organic or power-distributive thrones of Europe of the times, and their subsequent conversion into previously-unknown absolutist regimes. These in turn to be steadily and bloodily abandoned in favor of that ultimate totalitarian absolutism which mascarades in the garb of that modern lodge-hall democracy considered above. That initial linguistic phase of the transition from order to chaos being gradually succeeded by force of juridically-pronounced sanctions of every kind, with elites at all levels-of-power thereby recognized as possessing prerogatives of God. They who know nothing sacred yet invade every sacred realm. All this paving the biblical "broad way" for the coming of the "man of sin", whose approaching advent will see the final theaters of the Church/state battle, the final pretenses, poses and posturings of tyrannical rebels in Lucifer's hire, one which varies in place and intensity, but which will only end with the coming of the Savior Himself.

Scarcely acknowledged in these monstrous ideological pretenses is their complete rejection of fatherly authority--all of which indeed "comes from God"--endorsing with ardor in its stead what might be called the unruly, disorderly "authority" of the mob. That every family should have a male head, and every nation be likewise thus paternally endowed, being required as history teaches in order both to preserve a crucial sense of family or national identity from divisive machinations of schemers, so abundant today, who have no loyalty at all, on the one hand. And likewise to retain the steady, unwavering and dispassionate quality which men uniquely possess and which the state so desperately requires. The rule of chaos, of romantic visionaries, and so on, being inevitably the result when fatherhood at all levels is thus denied, with sexual perversion, as demonstrated today, waiting-in-the-wings as the putrid spawn of this social and political patricide. Families in such a setting becoming indeed the prime training-ground for sodomites and lesbians: an evil which as intimated in words of the Apostle follows inevitably from rebellion against the Petrine power, implying in turn the same sort of diabolical moral decay when fatherly authority is denied in the family home. Indeed, one can already see this enthronement of moral pandemonium developing in the time of ancient Greece, with a tumult-ridden "will of the people", or the enfranchised citizenry, readily inflicting the "ostracism" or banishment upon the most just and virtuous of leaders: dragging them down, as it were, from their virtuous heights. Thus discouraged being any human attempt to emulate, to exhibit, the goodness of God, at that pinnacle of power where it can do the most solid and lasting good--a noble impulse embodying that deepest desire planted so firmly and lovingly in the human heart and mind--that innermost self-definition which has been called "conscience" since the dawn of time. (That which modern-day radical "faith without works" Baptists would take from us as efficiently as Nero or Cataline.) This childlike imitation of the One True God, this setting-forth of a virtuous "good example" for all to see and profit-from, to the salvation of their souls--this rationality-definitive goal of integrity embracing a Model whose sublime unity and goodness deified the promiscuity of the pagan pantheon from which errant and unjust popular life, both now and then, takes its cue. While even more violently enveighed-against in any denial of fatherly authority is any attempt to publicly enforce, through upright laws and customs, the ineffable divine will: in obedience-to-which is alone accorded to man that genuine freedom fully proportional to his immortal soul. The coarse and vulgar idea of classical representative government--partaking as it does in impetuous whims so common to womankind--being reaffirmed a millennium and a half later in the Judeo-Masonic "Enlightenment Era": pretending that the leaven of Christ has never soften the hearts and ennobled the minds of men. Rather granting to modern governments the power not only to write "constitutions" which utterly bypass the sense of right and wrong written upon the very heart and soul of man, but in due proportion to likewise wage false-flag-aggressive wars without appreciable question by the people at large. With the USA, as ramrodded by blood-oath secret-societies of every stripe, being indeed the enforcer--a sort of mob figure--of the globally-coercive template for this reprobate view. This denial of fatherhood carrying with it a sodden contempt for the most sacred impulses of the human heart and mind, subjecting the divinely-bestowed "inner legislation" to the coarse and venal mind of the vulgar, perverse and corrupted crowd, or the maternally-favored delinquent child: that tiny minority which always gains the levers-of-power under the modern Judeo-Masonic regime. Herein, in this affrontery being found the above-noted warfare between Church and State in full, unforgiving and deadly form.

The false "moral principle" invoked in this hellish substitution of the disorderly and rebellious law of man for that of God is inevitably that of "fairness", at the furthest stretch of which unreasoning position come cries of "compassion": most repugnantly today in these claims that the condemnation of sodomy, pedophilia, and all the host of modern government-championed crimes, excesses and perversities: that this proscribing or criminalizing, this social abhorrence, is itself an unforgivable wrong. Hence does morality become the abject servant of unfettered feeling, and when thus falsely understood readily pushed over into the bailiwik of secular courts, legislatures and schools, while that genuine morality interior to each man, written there, "on fleshy tablets", by God Himself, is utterly forbidden any open expression at all. And if one nonetheless rightly claims this territory of conscience for himself and God alone, he is regarded as dangerous, "a man to be carefully watched": having thus refused to be herded like a head of cattle or a grunting swine. Hence the universal prohibition of any commentary by employees or officials high and low, upon the subject of this hideous march of putrid wrongs, infecting all society with its foul and fetid breath--all the while accolades for these inhuman barbarities are encouraged in every venue, in every possible way. Any simple expression of umbrage, let alone outrage, against this perverted overthrow indeed taken as a kind of criminal assault, more-or-less instantly punishable by summary loss of employment, or disbarring from public office of any kind. Thus plainly enough--in this "freedom-loving" democracy--is any organized opposition to these wrongs disallowed, even as the proponents and exponents of perversion organize themselves incessantly and assiduously, now overturning every good or pious custom, every definition of word or thought. Bent to the task of imposing their ugly view of life upon the rest of men, and in particular upon the spotlessly-innocent young.

May 17, 2019: Trump, trade-wars, patriotism and World War III.

Of course "the big boys"--the secret societies and the Synagogue--will always throw moral conservatives a few crumbs to avoid civil upheaval or overthrow, but we here at the Crusade also knew that the real reason Trump was so ably jockeyed into the presidency was not actually to molify the right, but rather to cold-bloodedly kick off World War III: a grizzly task for which the old crusty cynic is wicked enough indeed. The most warlike character to ever occupy the Oval Office--Teddy Roosevelt not excluded--he may aid in the overturning of Roe vs. Wade, giving him a rare chance to exhibit his gift for righteous theater in full form--but to make it all perfectly ineffectual he continues to blithely allow the "self-identification" childhood-sodomy debacle to climb into orbital realms, so that--Johnny thinking he is Jane--soon enough there won't be any children in the womb to be aborted anyhow. And furthermore the method chosen by Trump and associates to decimate mankind in another hecatomb is precisely the same as that used to goad Japan into hostilities in World War II, with a perfectly-unthreatening isolationist Nippon having first been forced in the mid-nineteenth century to deal commercially and politically with the West, being introduced to the Yankee "progress" mania in the forcing of her harbors by Commodore Perry of the U.S. Navy: an industrially-based enterprise in which however she proved surpassingly skilled indeed. Yet she was systemmatically starved of critical industrial components and raw materials through a kind of "patriotic" English-speaking-world financial and economic embargo: a hijacking strikingly like the "patenting" embroglio now being imposed upon China. These same ever-devious methods being again used to kick off another World War, where these leading international parasites always make their "killing" in more ways than one, this time with Uncle Bar-Samuel in perfect control of international-trade-regulatory bodies, which now take the place of the candid racism of a mid-century English-speaking world: global organisations which apply penalties for "patent infringements". Now, patents were not meant to give certain nations and their industries a monopoly, to hoard critical requisites for universal industrial advancement, after the manner of the above-noted mammoth commercial hijacking of Japan, over a period of some eighty years. Universal "progress" indeed supposedly being what Uncle Sam is all about. Global regulatory bodies hardly being meant to maintain a rigid pecking order, or to "regularize" a bruisingly-clever way to make war. Nay rather is the purpose of these entities--in a manner akin to an author's copyright--to see that due credit is given to the inventor(s) involved--and that his reasonable and legitimate--but after all only marginal--profits are maintained. So what these puppet international-market-regimes do--wouldn't you just know--is to sanction "patents" for every single step or process involved in the production of some item of modern industry--many of which suggest themselves automatically, and involve no genuine "breakthroughs" at all--almost like making China pay out the nose with billion-dollar "permits" every time Yankee engineers on some project sneeze or grab a bite to eat. But to return to like maneuvers of the mid-twentieth century, when her back was against the wall, Japan defended herself--sort of the way an upright man should be able to sock a sodomite in the jaw during some door-opening exercise in front at a gas-station--refusing as well to "heel" and become a slave of the Bush/Roosevelt/Delano addictive-drug-peddling league of those days. This valiant Japanese effort--like that of the Chinese during a Taiping Rebellion of the 1850s, in which some fifty-five million lives were lost in heroic resistance to the same perverted-if-flag-waving Opium-mongering league--was however doomed to fail during this unjust, Western-induced war ending at Hiroshima. While finally for Japan too came "the tsunami": another kind of Hiroshima, also patented in the USA--caused by an under-sea atomic detonation like that used by Uncle Sam in the Banda Achi event, he as always "patriotically" "putting people in their places" in the East. For the USA has always used Asia, and more recently the Middle East and The Ukraine, as a proving-ground for its newest weaponry, and for ever-newer species of mass population extinction: like the B-52 carpet-bombing first employed during a totally-unprovoked Korean War, to bomb that nation into the stone age. Little defenseless Korea having been called a communist regime "out of the blue" by the ever-theatrically-"patriotic" McArthur--as in all these Yankee fictions, speaking of a region most Americans knew less about than Greek or nuclear physics--the General fulminating some mere six months after the end of a bloody, grueling World War II--criminalizing Korea for simply maintaining peaceful relations with China, that mammoth country to the North which it could hardly afford to ignore. China itself indeed having been cunningly driven into Mao Zhe Dung's Marxist camp during the thirties by none-other-than Roosevelt himself, with he and his partner Chiang Ki Shek--himself a Moscow-trained Leninist--conducting a studiedly-disastrous "freedom-loving" "defense" of a South Korea itself created out of the blue--the sorts of "now you see it, now you don't" maneuvers the star-spangled magician Uncle Sam so much loves to do. And then too there is the "refusal of China to revalue the Yen": when in fact, the last I knew, by virtue of a bilateral treaty of the mid-90s, China has since--being scrupulously faithful to its promises--pegged its currency to the American dollar, so that it rises and falls in value accordingly, and the real market values involved are rigidly maintained. For were China to "revalue" its currency then its goods across-the-board would suffer on the international market: a place of mass-production whither the once-tradition-oriented nation, just like Japan, was indeed led by none other than an ever-"progress"-beckoning Uncle Sam. The fact being that China, again to my own last knowledge, has never yet devalued its currency--which would of course make its goods more affordable at the expense of the USA--which is the essence of what Trump's theatrical blustering accusations imply--but only remained faithful to an agreement long ago duly signed by the top-hatted man himself.

Moral of the story: you don't owe patriotic loyalty to an international piracy-league, duly blessed by the Synagogue, secretly founded out of a Freemasonic lodge in Boston in the late eighteenth century, nor to any other global peddlers-of-deceits. A ring-earred crew to which Uncle Sam belongs in a thoroughly-tattooed way. No, the time has come for the world to return to the law of God--in other words, the law of conscience, or where the Holy Gospel has been preached and embraced, to that of Christ--in all its official or commercial dealings--without which moral commitment no government has the right to any amount of loyalty at all. Especially when it has consistently displayed such perfidy, such perfect injustice, such genocidal and nefarious behavior from the very start, whether in dealings with the Orient, with Latin America, with its own citizens, or with the Indian tribes.

Secede! "Come out from among them...and touch not the unclean thing."

May 7, 2019: Current fast-growing sodomite violations of personal space as a form of assault: aggressions against which the Godly dare not even "make a fist". All this only another salient of today's court-directed disarming of the good. Article greatly improved and developed in following weeks.

But it is no accident that we see this sort of indirect but highly personal assault taking center stage today in human affairs of every kind: Western society having over the century and a quarter or so since Freud become a kind of mammoth group experiment, using data gathered at places of infamy like Abu Ghraib or Pitesti in Romania around 1950: in the latter of which a thousand promising college men were systemmatically "taken apart" as human beings, brutally forced to have sodomy-relations with one another, and then let loose in that country as prison-guards and in other positions of power. Abuse having become an integral part of "the way things are done" most notably here in the Yankee USA, with an aura of vicious infighting and reprisal--the essential ambiance of sodomy--forming today's "chosen condition" as it might be termed, putting its mark on "up and coming" leaders, settling in particular upon Donald Trump, who perfected this sort of barbaric human relations to a fine art on his "You're Fired!" TV show of some years back. A weekly in which he poured buckets of verbal and body-language abuse upon his male contestants, men striving to "prove their metal" in applying for some particular job. Donald now using all these perverse and underhanded "abilities" to buffalo the public at large, and to carry the bulk of the male American electorate, with a tough-guy approach which always seems to work with a Yank when all else fails. This passionate adherence to The Donald being met with constantly out here on Crusade, where our insistence that Trump--whom we do indeed thank for fighting abortion--also act and speak decisively to combat the "self-identification" debacle in schools and the growing court-sponsored influence of sodomy and sodomites everywhere. This issue indeed in some ways dwarfs that of abortion: as the whole phenomenon of live-birth will steadily become less and less common, with heterosexual relations themselves imperceptibly losing all their popular standing, and gradually becoming a thing of the past, in the Sodom and Gomorrah which the USA becomes more and more each day. Trump however instead "saving his thunder" for the building of diplomatically-disastrous, ecologically-calamitous and perfectly unnecessary walls on the border: when the simple enforcement of law-and-order on our own territory is yawningly neglected in the most criminal way. While likewise ramming the Israeli program of aggression upon the peoples of the Middle East, and blockading Russia with a military alliance which is itself an act-of-war: any criticism of such reprehensible policies of Trump being reacted-to in highly emotional terms, being treated as no less than an act of treason. Our sense-of-outraged being answered with the near-invariable retort: "Just give him a chance! He can be voted out of office in 2020! He meets so much opposition on so many scores that he can't afford to 'spread himself to thin'"! True, we realize there is a con-game going on as well on the Democratic side of the isle: a juggling-act by which both parties keep the public completely in the dark as to what their real intentions actually are. Hence the reinvigorated Confederacy which we so vigorously advance, to give this country and its people another well-deserved chance.

However, far from the majority recognizing all the varieties of veiled assault being forced upon us here in the USA, people of today have been assiduously trained to think of punishable assault as strictly physical in nature, being inclined to lump together the criminal-law terms "assault and battery", as if they were two words for one and the very same thing. Hence breezily disqualified as perfectly inoffensive behavior are overt oversteps exhibited by such slobs as are so frequently encountered in today's stores, hallways or entryway doors, directing all the blandishments of courtship at some unwilling person of the same sex: indeed with the outraged reaction of the target being far-and-away the prime, lusted-over motivator involved, in that dripping species of inverted sadism which is sodomy's calling card. But in fact from time immemorial criminal assault can be any gesture in which your "personal space"--an area variable in size according to circumstances--is threatened with violation--whether in open hostility or as accompanied by gushy and supposedly-affectionate pretenses that today so frequently abound, notably by this sodomy-peddling breed. Are these people so numerous as the current bombast of media, "expert" and court attention would seem to so thunderously declare? Not at all, as our own experiences testify day to day out here on Crusade, where we meet and talk to people of every kind. But these ever-somehow-coercive sodomites are easily able to make themselves appear a sizeable constituency, and by stages to falsely and theatrically "legitimize" their rank oversteps, and finally to make growing numbers think that sodomy is "the wave of the future", and gradually abandon their young to these diabolical and insidious designs: all this as facilitated strongly by open or tacit endorsements of media and school. These far-from-numerous perverts gaining for themselves a perfectly-false aura of respectability, as being the ever-Yank-eulogized "up and coming thing", as well as by the universal abominable "mum's the word" policy of police-departments, employers and public institutions alike: that no criticism of sodomites, or of their egregious oversteps, or of the perverse brainwashing of school-children in that direction, is ever to be allowed among their numbers, with dismissal always the threatened result. All this institutionally-ramroding the utter falsehood that sodomy is already a stolid establishment of American society. Our behind-the-scenes world-controllers--our Bonesmen, Jews and upper-level Freemasons--plainly engineering the suffocating, inescapable socio-legal environment, which they for so long now have controlled so deftly well, so that this miserable vice may actually become firmly intrenched as soon as possible.

This is manifestly a new phase in the war against Christian Civilization and public morality, a combat diabolically complex in design, exceedingly overbearing in nature, invading areas-of-life most intimately-personal, while with infernal cunning likewise conflating victim with aggressor, thus sharing on a personal scale a salient feature of modern Yankee warfare: the false-flag operation. This abominable tactic of pre-arranged conflict--the killing of ones own troops, or of other "friendlies" of some kind, in order to motivate war--having been used by Yanks in every conflict since the "sinking of the Maine" or the sacrifice of the Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor in a Japanese attack already known-about long before--a strategy now as noted finding powerful new service as well in the ongoing war upon the good at home. The new and perfidious kind of court-protected assault, when thus cleverly joined to treasonable methods of false-flag war, being the coward's way of fighting, being a prime tool of propaganda and psycho-duress, of polemic and psychological warfare, in a ranging program-of-deceit which for instance in another application now plies a no-doubt pre-engineered "rise in attacks upon Jews"--Hebrews billed by Trump as friendlies indeed--whether in the drawing of swastikas or the gunning-down of Jews at synagogues: much of which violence is undoubtedly of this false-flag nature--namely, done by Jews themselves--to cause discredit, false charges of violence, upon any who finally see through the Jewish program of global totalitarian control. This while any actual desire for personal reprisals against Jews is the recourse of those already violent and criminal-minded: a low-life element seldom if ever to be found among serious students of the Jews mind. The diabolical agenda of the synagogue, plied most pointedly by the most powerful of Jews, being mobilized against any and all who oppose Israeli domestic and international aims, a program with which Trump as noted has sworn himself and the USA as fully in accord. While at home the same sort of contrived claims of victimization--this time of sodomites--is being used extensively to similarly criminalize and thus thoroughly disarm Christians of the most benign and temperate kind, who understandably desire to defend their own moral life and that of their young from sodomite oversteps of every kind: both Jews and sodomites being noted for their willingness to expend their own numbers to overcome such noble desires, and then bill themselves the "victims" of all times. False flag warriors of all types having been preceeded in this brand of subterfuge by Adolph Hitler himself, a Jew, in the expending of some number of genuinely-pious Hebrew believers, if no six million: this in turn for hidden purposes of the future founding of the atheistic State of Israel, and its present paralysing control upon both the Middle East and the foreign and military policy of the West, most notably as displayed by the USA. Hitler indeed already in the thirties sending train-loads of Jewish emigres to Palestine from Germany--rather than "sending them to the gas chambers", as newsreels of these departures so falsely proclaimed--advanced salients in a plan already in place among Jews of the Frankist Movement of mid-eighteenth century Austria. Hence in a stunning parallel is the desire to outrage others in their most Godly and innocent sensitivities, the subject examined here, joined by the same token to an hideous willingness to sacrifice people--or indeed even their own allied numbers--to create "martyrs for the cause"--a cunning program-of-deceit spawning ever-newer opportunities to worship the Baal of moral chaos, perversion and anti-life measures of every kind. An agenda toward which the Bonesman Adolph Hitler himself, and modern Nazis and Neo-Cons of every stripe, indeed openly or covertly aspire. This newly debauching pandemonium now being realized in fantastic proportions in close connection to the current drive to disarm any Americans who might resist court-led moral oversteps of our day, notably those used in "schools" to pervert our young in the "self-identification" brainwash so completely ignored by Trump.

Hence in the same twisted vein--of false-flag confusion of offended with offender--do we find any number of murders of sodomites blamed upon Christians who oppose this ugly and abominable vice, when in fact sodomites are themselves notorious killers of one another, being involved in a "relationship" in which the personality of the one is totally eclypsed by that of the other, usually in a progressively-more-violent way, and in which indeed this sort of all-points "snuffing out" is often ultimately realized in a death-dealing manner. Hence the media-lionized murder some years ago of a teenaged boy of this perverted bend, somewhere just outside Laramie, Wyoming, he who was instantly named by the same media as a "victim of a hate crime"--here plainly an application of the false-flag concept in full form--a lad who however was actually the victim of a "drug deal gone bad", having been executed in a horrific way which normal men would scarcely know how to contemplate: being found impaled on barbed wire out by some field. All this perpetrated by a gang of his drug-related associates, themselves sodomites to a man, as duly attested by the sheriff of that county: a woman law-officer who however was given no media coverage at all, in her resolute drive to put the matter in its proper light. We ourselves indeed being informed of same while on Crusade in Laramie a year or two later, by one of those most closely involved in the case. While during the same visit to that lovely locale we were likewise scolded in the most severe terms by an Episcopal "minister" lady there, herself a lesbian openly "married" to some woman, being roundly excoriated for our own anti-sodomy stand. She who likewise pulled out the cry wrag about this same "wonderful young boy" whom she "knew so well", but whom she identified falsely as the "victim of a hate crime", and whom she plainly-enough put over as having been thus destroyed by such anti-sodomy Crusaders as ourselves, whose only desire is to please God and not man. By such devious means, then, are Christians made to fit the description so carefully prepared for them a century and a quarter ago by the Jew Sigmund Freud, as being "bombs about to explode", their Godly self-restraint actually held to be driving them daily more and more "insane": despite an alleged departure from Freud, the chief sanity held by modern counseling and psychiatry being found in a signature-Freudian abandonment of any moral restraint at all. Today's counseling finding the simple civilized indignation of biblical "men of peace", regarding oversteps and affronts to our sense of goodness and purity, being fictitiously pushed over into territories of violent retribution, in misrepresentations of every degree and type.

Another case in point: only yesterday, at a Walmart--the resort of every sort of transgenderite that ever knew the light of day--I was accosted by this man in all the gaudy, ugly, effeminate dress and other trappings once associated with the worst of the Boomer-age hippies, with his dirty-looking long hair hanging for a foot or two beside his pliable, characterless face. Just then passing in the isle past me and Joann, where he had plenty of room to get by without comment, he addressed me, in gallingly-familiar tones of the gutter from whence he came, with the words, "just don't back up", followed immediately by the words "l like your hat"--my straw stetson being at that time in place, because of the intense heat to be met with as soon as you stepped outside--all these words uttered with an impish grin. Now when a slob like that talks to you in such a sloppy and familiar tone at a store, a jerk you never saw before in your life--taking care as he did to mention something vaguely suggesting the human posterior--someone you would have avoided like the plague if you had somehow caught sight of him beforehand--then this is plainly an assault, as there are obvious intentional space-violating overtones involved. An assault by an obvious moral-bum which should be punishable by law, where possible, or barring that by a hearty sock to the jaw, as would indeed likely-enough have been the case in our great-grandfather's marvelously-civilized day. For as men everywhere have always known: if "the law" doesn't defend you from injustices and overreaches of this or any other kind, then you can most certainly "take matters in your own hands", and defend yourself, and punish serious oversteps of any kind, largely as preventative of further such wrongs.

Furthermore, as "the plot thickens" in these maneuvers of the biblical "wicked and deceitful man", we discover from this newly-developing vantage-point a depth of new meaning as well in such seeming trivia as the culture of hugging, as it might be called, that for Catholics in particular came out in bold colors in the aftermath of Vatican II. That long-seer-predicted, pretentious, illegitimate ecclesiastical gathering of 62-65, quietly engineered by ever-burrowing Freemasons, gradualistically ensconing themselves in the very Vatican itself since Revolutionary Era times. "The Council" ("to end all councils") having since carved out for itself the distinction of being the rogue council of all times. For by terms of the now-dominant "spirit of Vatican II" culture of gushing, hugging, personal-space-violating, uncalled-for intimacy--an epidemic which quickly spread to Protestant Churches of all kinds as well--the entire claim of the Christian soul to an undisturbed peace, substantially bolstered by the age-old universal, inviolable right of the retention of personal space, was foregone, as if by powers divine, and the door amply thrown open, at the very vestibule of religion, to the moral and social pandemonium which presently plague mankind. While quite the contrary, moral innocence crucially requires this sacred personal space, an essential component of the freedom to choose ones own companions, to qualify terms-of-admission into ones friendship, and so on: else this entire precinct of human existence, positively essential to the saving of ones soul, lose all hope of survival in any effective or recognizable form. Vatican II and these sorts of spinoffs, fraught with tremendous open and subliminal reprocussions, in subterfuges elfishly aided by a host of today's idle hoards of "educated" men, being indeed at the core of the modern-day cult-driven combat against the whole notion of right and wrong, this perfidious denial a quasi-institution involving the gradualistic replacement of good men as pillars of society by Masonic "lovers of liberty" and their academic agents and underlings. In an agenda-of-deceit which indeed most motivated the Confederate Secession, in reaction to a moral epidemic already virulent by 1861, of ever-maneuvering conspirators who both then and now recognize little besides an unbounded license to do wrong. "Evil" in fact being a word today reserved entirely for mockery and sardonic repartee among this effeminate psuedo-intellectual breed, while terms like "nice" might be said to replace the word "good", let alone "virtuous": niceness being regarded in the modernistic mind as a matter of raising no objection to anything at all--except of course righteous Christianity--no matter how vile or personally-violating it might be. As noted above, all such once-common umbrage is now typically taken as some species of "dangerous behavior", likely-enough to land you in some institution for mental treatment, or to result in the invocation of "protective laws" to take away your firearms, so that "you don't harm yourself or someone else". Your soul then to be regarded as common ground for today's court-empowered herds of swine to stomp upon: as in those sodomites you meet, as noted above, at the door of every gas station, who with high ceremony, in an obvious display of perverted courtship, hold the door open for another man as he approaches from halfway across the parking lot. And if he reacts negatively to this violation of his personal space for what it is--in repulsive oversteps today to be found in every conceivable setting--then he is regarded as dangerous, and likely to draw upon himself summarily every sort of sanction that these new and unnatural laws can bring.

Noted handsy, space-violating, morally-sloppy, aggressively-"affectionate" people are the deadly enemies of the Christian soul in particular, and of all souls in general, and by every right ever known to man should be repelled, if necessary by force, from oversteps of these perverse and humiliating kinds. Or else and as suggested above there can be little meaning to law at all, if ones most sacred sort of welfare be denied in such fundamental ways. This old recourse being the proper avenue away from "gun violence": namely the law-enforcement restraining and punishing of those who would provoke a blow to the jaw, or even, if sufficiently provoked, a shot from a gun: not in the frustration of those who are provoked beyond the common endurance of ordinary men. We here at the Crusade resolutely and contemptuously reject these intolerable intrusions and their court-legislated advocacy or "legalization": gushy, effeminate displays which are only a sort of velvet-covered blackjack of today's ubiquitous perverts and other astute secret-society-sponsored agents of radical social and moral change. They whose attitudes and opinions are as noted still held only by a tiny percentage of the people of the USA, flaunting a personal affront which is only assault under a new, diabolically-clever, supremely cynical and vicious form.

In line with the astute nature of all today's most abominable and twisted wrongs, a perfidious form of gradualism has been carefully employed in this remorseless if ill-admitted war against the honorable manners and behavior of our forefathers, with personal-space oversteps recognized in one generation being quietly excluded from recognition in succeeding decades by all-controlling, secretive forces which rule "freedom-loving" systems like ours with an iron hand. Noble "customs and usages", one by one, and a marvelous culture of reverence for the human persons--one of the crowning legacies of genuine and fully-objectified Christian life--being of cunning set purpose abandoned over ever-greater lengths of time. For these secret societies, as famously admitted in their charters, which would dare to grant them veritable powers divine, are supremely "patient" about all such things as constitute the overthrow of practical Christian life, law, society and Civilization: having indeed all the obdurate patience of Hell deep in their grace-impenitrable souls.

Secede! Come out from among them and touch not the unclean thing! Form up again the Confederacy under God's law, of course minus the curse of slavery, offloaded on the South by a slave-auctioneering North: racism itself continuing to this very day to be a moral plague shared everywhere in the USA.

May 13, 2019: Liberty never attained when sought as an end in itself.

Liberty for a human person is a fruit of many other things, chief among which are virtue and the willingness to live under law, to cultivate and cherish a docile disposition, to harbor what was once commonly termed felial piety, or an affectionate and reverent attitude toward those in authority, and so on. Freedom for intelligent creatures hardly being the release of wild and unruly impulses, in eager bouts of delinquency allowed to rule the day: such a "liberty" only forming for humans the stoutest of chains, seriously inhibiting their highest potential, fatally diminishing their most noble and exalted powers. Yet such a false liberty was the brain-child of the "Enlightenment" Era, an unbridled license close cousin to that laissez faire economics which it always brings in its wake, as of some predatory animal let loose "seeking whom it may devour": this liberty being sub-human in character, not fit to even be discussed among men. Rather do justice, piety, virtue secure for us a liberty of the most marvelous and agency-packed kind, fit for angels and human beings.

But people today are conditioned in their understanding of such key terms as liberty by the revolutionary-era concept of a purely methodological "perfectability" of human society, said somehow capable of becoming a veritable "self-winding clock", powered with little human effort by certain abstract tautologies: men thus said best to exist in a sort of effortless template of highly-mechanical "checks and balances", with little involvement really necessary among persons involved. This an idea which epitomizes Enlightenment Era democracy or republicanism, regarded religiously as the ultimate development of governmental forms, as "the best possible form of government" ever to see the light of day. This exclusion of decisive personal leadership being the fatal error involved: as both the mortal struggle for salvation and our fallen human nature alike require constant assiduous labor, an onerous effort, to ever achieve anything good at all, and most notably in this matter of the public weal. The true and authentic view of human life and society being not at all so easy to realized, so magically self-activating, as the Enlightenment-Era sorcery so trenchantly claims. All public boons for we mortals, because of the complexity of our nature, being the product of much earnest debate, earnest discussion and reasoning, of vigils and ponderings into the night. This kind of liberty, the only one worth having, likewise requires the input of all levels of society: in that genuine polity so different from starry-eyed illusions of Revolutionary times, in a piratical vision in which everyone craves equal power, over things about which however only very few can have any real knowledge or effective agency at all. This while the most weighty of decisions are made by men who deliberate entirely in secret: a fact and its grave consequences never really being admitted-to at all. Where then have gone self-rule, liberty, the very battle cry of Enlightenment Era times? Alas, we come to realize finally, when the "freedom-loving" rose-colored glasses are removed, and we candidly consider the "for your own good" coercive nature of everything such systems contain, that you are "free" in modern democratic society, of which the USA in the very secret-society-driven epitome, only when you do exactly as you are told.

How then truly and actually, in its every laborious detail, secure this boon, of true liberty? By each of us in his particular station adhering sedulously to the law of God, within which is found securely the biblical "liberty of the sons of God", in an orderly existence in which those at the highest levels are just as obedient as those at the lowest, to God and to those values and injuctions which alone can burst our bonds. A system in which all mutually labor to keep the nation, the region, the city, the neighborhood, under that same divine yoke, described as "sweet" by Our Blessed Lord, conspiring to restrain any who would depart from same, however powerful they or their station might be. This then being the interweave which was medieval Catholic society: a template, a blueprint hammered out in such very vigils into the night, of priests and prelates, of nobles and commoners alike, noted above.

As noted many times here on this site, such systems and the people who man them are very easy are not only products of arduous labor but are likewise easy to mock, and even at times to hamper: having the same vulnerability, in our fallen world, as does anyone who earnestly aspires toward anything good. While the wicked and the societies they form always seem, like a cat, to "come down on their paws" in events both public and private, being adept both at blameworthy short cuts and empowered by those underhanded skills learned in back-alleys of this life, "always in and out of trouble", as their chequered careers so luridly show. The wicked alone having this sovereign ability to evade interference and ridicule, to always have a retort that silences criticism and debate, being slippery as an eel and quite outwardly impressive in all they say and do. And it is exactly such charlatans who are the enemies of the state, who gather in synagogues and secret societies to spring facile political ideas and projects upon trusting, unsuspecting men. The latter being "not wise in the ways of this world", being rather children of God, and finding it hard, as the saints tell us, to imagine that anyone would cunningly aspire to do them or the nation wrong. This then is the reason the state must necessarily be under the protection of the Church, and must abide by her moral authority in all regards: for she alone possesses those "keys of the kingdom", among which are included those graces of vigilance and discernment, that enlightenment the Holy Ghost, that protection of God, the angels and saints, which empower her to uncover every vile, treacherous and seditious wrong, from however mighty or pretentious a quarter it might come.

May 1, 2019: News from the Borderlands: latest sighting of illegal activity, this time along interstate 17 north of Phoenix. Updated in following week.

Where AZ 179 takes off toward Sedona there is a large gravel pull-off on the East side of the Interstate, and it is here that we watched, some ten days ago, while much of the cargo seen aboard these mammoth, astronomically-multiplying car-haulers was amply explained. First of all, a very proper-looking lady, looking for all the world like the trendy local school-teacher or somebody's executive secretary, drove up in a late-model car, parking alongside this massive car-hauler with a street-savvy-looking Mexican inside. Then they both got out, and amid furtive glances down in our direction, some thirty or forty yards away, exchanging some papers, one of which the lady signed: making it all look very proper indeed. But why, may I ask, was all this stuffy protocol taking place out there in the middle of nowhere, and not on some sales-lot or out in front of the family home? Then finally in high significance came the stealthy passing back-and-forth between the two of a shiny silver box, an item at last retained, as I remember, by the hauler himself, and safely stashed away in his cab. Then as if on cue came the arrival of another man, driving another car, who whisked the woman away, the two passing close enough by our travel trailer to almost touch it as they left. From which intimate vantage-point the male driver leered right through our window, as we have gotten used to so many of these punks doing, with that deadly stare we have come to closely associate with this border "trade" in illegal goods. Namely, drugs, "auto repair" stolen vehicles, and human vital body parts.

But that was only the beginning of the little stage play taking place out there by the Interstate, and Act II was soon to begin, commencing with the careful unloading of all the bottom-tier vehicles from the car-hauler, driven off by this Mexican tough-guy who was constantly and needlessly spitting, with a highly-familiar, contemptuous, colloquial throw-of-the-head for special angry emphasis, plainly incensed that we were there watching so close by. (May I ask, what else could we do, being a captive audience indeed?) But why the grand parade of cars and pickups properly left precisely where they were, to be parked out there in desultory fashion where there were no buyers standing impatiently around, to claim their model and year? Ah, finally "the truth will out", for at last the lean-looking highwayman got into the newly-acquired little gem, and backed it in: license-plate securely hidden against the back of the cab. So that's why all the blush and bother! (Vehicles earlier stolen could be left to show their plates with less concern, not being local, typically indeed from another state, and thus not "on the radar screen" of local law-enforcement.) Then the rest of the little carnival was rearranged as before, so that "the show could go on", and this now-dominant part of the American economy, found everywhere, could continue to ply its grubby, murderous chirade.

Quite soon thereafter, related or not to the above display, came the arrival of several expensive black cars, one after the other, parked facing us, taking turns as if to threaten or otherwise intimidate us, or seemingly to impress us with how many people are involved in this monster-trade which is destroying the land. Well, there they sat for the space of maybe an hour until a guy came along to take a picture of our rig and its forceful graphics and unvarnished lettering, and thereafter for some reason went very slowly right past the car-hauler, as if to inspect everything inside. Well, that did it for our "Mexican tough guy", who quickly got in gear and sped up the highway entry ramp, situated right there, headed toward Flagstaff.

Finally, confirmed in this little roadside "transaction" was a suspicion we had come to harbor about the whole borderland affair: that these vehicles are used for many purposes indeed, one of which is to transport without danger of the law both illegal drugs and the moneys by which they are obtained: the body-parts segment of this mammoth international industry, no doubt conveyed by refrigerated trucks, is another matter again, discussed at length in another article found somewhere below this one. (Although we seem to be subject to a certain amount of "hacking", and indeed, at least on our own computer, most of the past sixteen years of intensely researched writing has entirely disappeared from our website: probably because some sodomite working somewhere on the Web, maybe even at our own hosting company, gained access somehow to do these dirty deeds. For perverts practically run the web without any contest at all and bitterly oppose the values and opinions we hold so dear.) But returning to the plainly-illegal event off Interstate 17: the use of these car-hauler-hauled vehicles as conveyances for drugs and other contraband finds some possible reflection in the above-noted exchange of the rather large silver box, and the capacious trunks and back-seats of these acquisitions, able to transport large quantities of "the stuff": most of the conveyances--if not "barter" for drug-purchases--probably taken from distraught travelers or others needing auto repairs, duped into accepting the "help" of these road-gangs, and then left high and dry somewhere on the desert or plain, probably with no water or food. After which, in our heroic Neo-Con/Neo-Nazi "go-getter", "dog-eat-dog" economy, they can find no assistance from anyone, probably least of all from a largely-bought-off law-enforcement at all levels. While plainly enough, you can stash any amount of contraband in these hauled vehicles, which are very unlikely to be searched, as that is not in the typical bailiwik of the ordinary highway patrolman or sheriff's deputy, honest or no. Thus readily explained is the tremendous expense involved in this interstate and international traffic--we saw a car plated in Maryland out here just yesterday--a commerce which can scarcely be profitable in terms of "profits" from any honest sale of used vehicles of all kinds, shunted back and forth across the land, with new and better diesel trucks being employed more and more, in a sub-economy which already dwarfs Detroit for its size.

Updates of 5/4/ and 5/8, 2019: On the night of the 4th we saw an empty-but-gigantic car-hauler parked in place to be loaded with a lone used car, here at a truck-stop in Eloy, AZ.: a maneuver accomplished in a moment, before the big boxy conveyance sped away, somewhere down Interstate 10. Again: why this picking up of vehicles "out in the middle of nowhere", if it is any sort of honest transaction at all? But like so much else in this storied Yankee "land of the free", the often good and honest policeman's hands are tied, and there is never enough evidence to investigate anything, especially the uglier and more violence-oriented types of crimes. Hence indeed under the U.S. radically-permissive idea of law the bringing of accusations may easily-enough find you--and not the criminal--behind bars. Also of significance: since our last article on the new Triangular Trade, which focuses a great deal on the night-time Benson, AZ, Walmart parking lot--where the last we knew a raucous and suspicious element "ruled the night" all night long, a writing to be found a space below this one--that same Walmart has posted a sign reading "No overnight semi or RV parking permitted". Of course, its a policy mistake to drive away all these inoffensive RVers in particular, who often spend a whole night parked out there on the lot, before going in to spend several hundred dollars at the store: these mostly-retirees providing a good deal of the Walmart customer base everywhere, especially out here in the Southwest. Rather should there be posted a rigorously-inforced sign reading "No overnight car-parking, loitering, noise-making or cruising", since young male roisterers are the trouble-makers and wrong-doers involved, as detailed in the noted article, often indeed making the overnight stay of the RVers miserable. What with all the roistering and other noise: from miscreants who thus give a good little town a bad name, and who use Walmart parking lots everywhere as a base from which to carry on criminal activities into the night out on the highways, as detailed in several articles found on this site. All the ear-deafening clatter, loud music and constantly-sounding car-alarms not only keeping everyone within earshot awake but also being used to drown-out those sounds associated with a wholesale stealing of the contents of gas tanks, from anyone without a locking device. Likewise, a further suspicious event of the same kind was witnessed by us at a rest area just above Casa Grande on Interstate 10, where one the same sort of incredibly hard-faced Mexicans--nothing like the typical kindly Latins of the region--pulled in next to us in order to tie down the car loaded on the back of his little flatbed trailer. A load which he had obviously procured in stealth, with hurry forcing him to omit this essential task. Do these guys work for the local car-lot, merely repossessing a vehicle with overdue payments? Oh well, I suppose you can excuse a certain number of such car-fetchings in this way, but the job-description just doesn't fit the appearance of these men we have seen, engrossed in their obscure pursuits, guys upon whose rock-like faces other rocks could be cracked. Even as most conclusive in the matter is both the tremendous volume involved, on the one hand, and our own very real-life experiences with these shadowy men, on the other, over the space of twelve years out here on Crusade. Extortioners who have attempted repeatedly to take possession of our vehicles in their signature lying, underhanded way, always offering mechanical help which doesn't materialize. Leaving you high and dry somewhere out on the desert or plain, typically having most of the local law-enforcement quietly on their side, in an organized barbarously-criminal activity ranging from Wyoming to Texas to Arizona, taking away from poor people the only means of independence they still have. While more recently concentrating on a more-wealthy traveler as well, as this new hideous industry gets more and more arrogant and ambitious as time goes on. April 24, 2019: Religion when applied to complexities of human body/soul nature must be multi-dimensional, grounded in stone.

This is indeed an indispensable measure of its authenticity, while any other "purer" sort of creed sails through perilous, shark-infested notional waters of the Judeo-Nazi/Albigensian/faith-without-works breed. Hence the evident truth of the Catholic Faith, established not simply as a book, nor yet simply as a set of slogans or axioms, nor even as a simple charitable society, but as an all-encompassing totality which generously satisfies every dimension of the human person, of his mind, soul, social and material need, which welcomes every institution or cultural nuance into its fatherly embrace. These being the divinely-instituted terms upon which the keel of the Bark of Peter was laid: no elitist dream, no child-of-a-moment, no attempt to neatly abandon trying intricacies of human existence, as if of no worth at all--with high convenience leaving the man "beaten by robbers" to lie near death in the roadside ditch--nay rather ordering, organizing everything spiritual or material lovingly under the divine pale, with piety toward God always first, love of fellow man always a close second. With the moral and heavenly always before the mundane, with pedestrian, material concerns--as of "what we should eat, or what we should put on"--carefully attended-to-indeed--yet never rudely placed before sacred things. This Church furthermore having been firmly grounded upon the heirarchy, solidly-established authority being intrinsic to all human organization of any kind, in an Apostolic succession of a divinely-instituted form or rubric, in defining symbolisms which can never be reduced to a mere book, in a Sacramental system and priesthood "instituted (in precise terms) by Christ to give grace", which rather lives and breathes--like the flock to which it lovingly attends--in Spirations of the Holy Ghost, a respiration borrowed from within the very Trinity Itself. The whole being animated by that same Divine Spirit Who "recalls all things to our minds that Jesus has told us": keeping the holy seaworthy vessel out of those shales of precipitous error which everywhere otherwise abound, rather anchoring it solidly in the harbor of heavenly protection, peace and light.

Are there sometimes crises, when all seems lost, when the prow is run aground, suffered by we the crew of this noble ship? Indeed, but even these momentary setbacks redound to the glory of our steersman, Jesus Christ Our Lord, and when all seems lost this Ark of Noah rights itself--a quality, as shipbuilders tell us, built into the primeval vessel's very frame--and the sails of the goodly bark fill once again with Heavenly Wind. That gust which once shook that Upper Room where Apostles awaited the promised coming of the Paraclete, to guide, protect and propel them through coming triumphs and strifes. Indeed, the very frailty of the human navigators who man this craft attests to the divine origins of same: we indeed unworthy of a craft made in celestial shipyards, hardly permitting us to despair of its sacramental riggings, of the soundness of its angelic caulking or bow. A boat which has survived the momentary folly of many-an antipope, or rogue-council, or invasion of synagogue devices to bring it down.

April 18, 2019: Government and religion today: exercises in crowd control.

"Somebody way up there knows what's going on, and its for us only to obey." Here in a nutshell is the role of the "freedom-loving" citizen in the modern day "democratic" state, or indeed that of the "updated" Catholic parishioner out in Vatican-II-liberated pews. Somehow confused with liberty in the modern mind is this wholesale collapse of personal agency and moral responsibility, with both inevitably abandoned into the hands of a "chosen" secretive few, with the biblical "rest of men" contemptuously regarded as incurably panic-prone, like sub-human beasts grazing behind notional barbed wire. Alas, and as we all should know, after two millennia of Church history, this assessment is entirely Jewish in origin, this herding of mankind into the chutes and feed-troughs of a social and intellectual corral, led there with real, symbolic or subliminal cudgels of various bruising kinds. As history so redundantly shows, this Jewish coup achieved by ingratiating themselves to various powers, including the throne, then by a generous loaning of their own peculiar funny money, "backed" at first by fractional holdings of preious metals, then later only by bonds, mere paper creations, of no intrinsic value at all. So that by the unprecedented "instrument" of a tiny fraction of their loan-gotten wealth as "security" against the whole--a mere mass of hot air--is mobilizing monumental sums, at the service of ever-secretive Jewish global ambitions, lending rocket-fuel to a tyrannical power which only such biblical "filthy lucre" can buy, capable of dislodging kingdoms and empires alike. Does not the devil's power always arise in this way: like a cloud of smoke, with no substance of its own, yet gaining in an instant an impetuous force like that of a hurricane, suddenly able to violently dislodge all that lay in its path? This funding of perverted and destructive movements, revolutions and institutions illustrating for all to see the transformation of simple-hearted Jew into crafty, treacherous Canaanite, a fall-from-grace grievously lamented by all the prophets: with the pristine and untarnished simplicity of an Abraham, a Moses, a David, being the hallmark of the children of God, thus nominated by their faith, not by their ever-more-obscure and complicated ritualistic "deeds". The notorious Jewish externalism--starkly reflected in the synagogue-sponsored epic materialism of our day--this the real subject of the much-quoted and often fatally-misinterpreted Epistles of St. Paul, who scarcely urges us to abandon all good conduct, all virtue, all order and peace in our acts and affairs, such as by definition must attend the acts of reasoning men, but only not to imagine that mere ritual of itself can make us "not like the rest of men". Hence the final abandonment by God of the Jewish people, symbolized in the rending of the curtain overs the Holy of Holies, a race which even in first numbers of Jewish believers in the Savior would mostly prove untrustworthy, prompting the Apostles to "shake the dust from their feet", and carry the Gospel more-or-less exclusively to Gentile throngs. These readily proving capable of being engrafted upon the original, simple-hearted stock of Abraham, and his singular "offspring" in Faith, Jesus Christ Our Lord.

Hence under elaborate pretenses of Judeo-Canaanite cunning and craft--shared out to Masons, Hitlerite/Bush-league Bonesmen and cultists of every stripe--do we see developing over centuries the impersonal, over-centralized, top-heavy organization of industry, of the economy, of government of today, thus meticulously orchestrated, hardly coming about accidentally, as the much-invoked "inevitable consequence" of some "march of progress" that leads only to apocalyptic warfare, perversion and addictive drugs. Densely-woven, agency-constricting facets of this intrinsically-global deus-ex-machina preparing for the common citizen a place steadily more demeaning and impoverished as times goes on--here at last discovered is the real meaning of "futurism"--in an agenda of brutal and brow-beaten humiliation no more uplifting than the martial-law principles of crowd control. Today under such a stealthily-imposed regimen with the policeman or the magistrate usually no longer the friend or representative of the common man, as in the not-so-distant past, but a taskmaster armed with real or symbolic riot-helmets, fire-hoses, tazers and battons. No, my friends, we see more and more clearly where such a "progress", such a "liberty", leads: to the wholesale poverty and sexual bondage of the New World Order league, of secret societies who "do everything for us", while we live in a "push-button" ease: a stifflingly-gratuitous, effortless life however increasingly reserved for a tiny few, while the rest of us take our places in the column-and-line of grueling want, contempt and self-demeaning vice.

But the ritual of humiliation doesn't end there, for as suggested above it has become the leitmotif of religion for modern man as well, in churches thoroughly infiltrated today by Jews, making treacherous inroads in the weird and diabolical manner predicted in haunting terms by saints of anno domino time, with these alien interlopers bringing with them their child-molestation and other hideous scandals, forthwith blamed upon genuinely Catholic priests. While even these latter Catholic clerics, though largely sincere and pious, must today struggle under vitiating inroads of Vatican II and its aftermath, and are seldom or never validly ordained. But as noted often on this site, the psychology, the false-piety, of crowd control, lamented above in society at large, finds novel venue--staggeringly enough--even among recipients of Heavenly visions of an obviously public import, such as have graced our era in relative abundance, including Garabandal, Fatima, Beaurang, Banneux and LaSalette, always with Our Blessed Lady at the fore. Those of the most towering immediate urgency, Fatima and Garabandal, containing warnings of a cosmic kind, however finding the principle seers involved, in Portugal and Spain respectively, rattling off the self-same dismal assessment of human ability, of "the man out in the pew", "their heads having been turned" by noted cunning infiltrators, falsely-inspired church dignitaries, and wealthy and influential "Catholic" laymen alike. Smooth-mannered clerical hirelings with "pious" intimidating taking these visionaries firmly in their grasp, strictly forbidding any further public disclosure of critical facts revealed to these privileged confidants of Heavenly realms. These unworthy priests and prelates, rude staff-swinging gatekeepers at pastures of a spiritual kind, averring that: "the people would never understand", were they apprised of the terrible significance of the heavenly communication, not sparing any detail, however frightful it might be. The new species of crowd control found in this utterly-novel, heavy-handed idea of religion finding no endorsement by heavenly visitants themselves involved, no granting of plenipotentiary status even to the actual seers, no claims that these visionaries alone among all humanity are "able to handle" sometimes-staggering Heavenly revelations they have received. This new kind of thus-deluded seer--deluded by an utterly-unprecedented species of self-glorification--plainly no self-effacing St. Francis or St. Paul--coming to imagine, if no doubt by carefully-ingratiated stages, that angels or saints came strictly to have a chat with themselves, to thereafter be shared with various lofty-mannered prelates, following indeed the same old worn-out pecking-order that brought the Church to the scandalous, abominable state it is in now, and largely for which reason indeed the celestial visitations took place at all. Apparitions pregnant with dire warnings of approaching heavenly ire, in horrifying punishments cascading from on high upon both Catholics and humanity at large: these celestial communications now treated as unfit for common consumption, being suspended from popular consideration, leaving "sheep without a shepherd" to wander in bewilderment, among earthly thickets and briars, oblivious of the approaching doom. Victims of a moral havoc these unfaithful clerics could have allayed or even prevented, and had rather indeed themselves largely caused. Apparently these seers, alas, stand complacent with it all, happy with their thus-acquired hefty self-assessments, proving themselves repeatedly to be supremely satisfied souls.

But we the faithful--nor those "not yet of this fold"--were not put here on earth to be notional cattle behind barbed wire walls, grazing mindlessly on grass or common trough, prodded with cane or cudgel when we would with passion or consternation speak our mind, bruisingly silenced as "not knowing our place". Genuine duties of citizens or devouts being simple, noble and straightforward, requiring no rituals-of-submission, nor states of oblivion, which reduce one to the level of a beast: a rank idea never to be found in any Gospel line. The functions of both Church and state requiring indeed the full knowledge and input of each and all--with the youngest or least prepossessing indeed, according to St. Benedict, sometimes given heavenly insights that to the mighty are entirely denied--with the contrary demeaning and repugnant, totalitarian idea of authority in any realm having been ushered in quietly as an integral facet of the modern regimented industrial state: the brainchild of above-noted synagogue global high-finance from the start. In an absorbing maze of artificial preoccupations less and less rewarding, more and more stressful and impoverishing, as time goes on: indeed, all according to the ever-accelerating logic of compound interest and multiplying, debt-laden bonds. Indeed we can thus surrender our rational nature as children of God, but it is a capitulation not at all virtuous, nor recognized from above, and for which indeed we will have to answer in the sternest of terms. Hardly then did Christ teach us a version of obedience or humility of this abject and subhuman kind, hidden artfully behind a modern-day liberty whose key principle, laced with sardonic irony, is that you are perfectly free as long as you do exactly as you are told. He rather having given us the "liberty of the sons of God", an unparalleled epiphany of personal agency, "His yoke being sweet and His burden light".

As noted above, never in prior history have Heavenly revelations or affairs of state been thus quaranteened away from public knowledge, popular input or agency likewise, with these participatory boons always in the past having been realized in some significant way: aside from the most barbaric of tyrannies, as of pirates or highwaymen of today. This idea of mankind as a cursed crowd being as noted entirely a Jewish phenomenon, imposed by powerful infiltrators--"who never say what they mean or mean what they say"--operating oppressively upon both church and state--odious interlopers already lamented in bitterest terms in the Epistles of St. Paul. Never would a St. Bridget of Sweden have taken her Heavenly charge as reserved strictly for the ears even of the pope of those times: rather realizing the universal implications of her heaven-imparted command that he leave Avignon and return the Church government to Rome where it perpetually belongs. Shame being a powerful element in such divine messages, able to work wonders where a cryptic missive to discretely-chosen ears would likely have little if any consequence at all.

But we here at the Confederacy and Crusade have "a more excellent way", as examined in thousands of pages of print on this site. A way to be put into practical effect after Heaven has demolished the present towering, tyrannical infrastructure, and destroyed the wicked who have willingly cooperated with this herding of humanity into a mute existence of personal misery, often despairing into vice or even crime. This Gospel "Way" to be initiated largely by means of the much-prophesied incinceration, evident already in weather-related events of a planetary kind, to culminate in a plunge of the earth toward the sun, as prefigured at Fatima in 1917. After which truly-terrible sequence of events--of which, however frightful, man must of course be forewarned, rather than being left in a doomed condition, like brute beasts, without any well-reasoned preparation at all--there will be a new and prodigally-fruitful earth, ready for man to return to generous dimensions of the Catholic organizational/political philosophy of Distributism. That social elixir namely in which the smallest possible unit of society--notably a now-forgotten but once-affectionately-interwoven neighborhood--is given the greatest possible authority over those things which naturally fall under its purview. In this way permitting the wisdom of the people, of each individual, to be applied to all matters of public import, with each contributing his mind and soul to both critical and pedestrian tasks of human life. So that no coterie of secretive tyrants, full of hellish designs, will again so easily be able to gain complete control over the levers of human affairs, treating us all as deserving only the rude or peremptory cudgels of crowd control, whether in religious or secular realms.

April 16, 2019: A brief manifesto of Confederate-American patriotism, placed in contrast to the "heroic" final end-product of Yankee "self-government": the perfect coward.

Oh, I know, Yank, you are ready to die at the drop of a hat "for the flag": but what is it you are actually dying for, may I ask? Provoking another question: is it actually courage to die for such a cause? I'm a patriot too: but for the real America which the Old South, and the New and Better Confederacy of our Crusade, represent so well.

Here then is my description of Yankee American patriotism: take it or leave it, as you wish. This the model that comes off the assembly lines of mass non-identity here in the USA: the psychologically-worked-over, mentally and morally pulverized Yank: a false-flag-Hannity warrior, a faith-without-works "non-normative" paragon, powered by pure worked-up-emotion rather than devotion to what is good and just. A guy with the biblical "feet eager to shed blood", who fancies himself heroically elbow-to-elbow with Revolutionary-era malcontents, prancing wild-eyed down quaint cobbles of some now-forgotten Boston street. Knees flying, breathlessly trying to stay in sync with fife and drum. This patent hysteria--of ceaseless moral-overthrow and political revolution for its own sake--is at the pithy core of Yankee "patriotism"--actually nothing but moral and intellectual self-capitulation, just as ready to "sexually self-identify" as to run pell-mell into a wall of minnie-balls or rifle-fire, more eager to die than to live. For with such people--an "experiment in government" indeed--it isn't what you are that matters, but how you look, and what you have, in that order. In this place where the individual counts so little that without the approval of "The Group", into which the individual must disappear--their idea of democracy--you may as well "bite the bullet" and be done with it all. And this is the cowardly, haunted and tormented guy the old Confederates just couldn't abide, living personification that he was of the mounting communism, already well under way back in the 1860s, of the Stars and Stripes. Much as those loyal Confederates of yesteryear no doubt accorded this mental fugitive a trace of pity, with that kindly magnanimity which is always the mark of a free and genuine man.

April 19, 2019: 400 years of Egyptian bondage for the Western Hemisphere under Uncle Sam soon to be terminated by the delivering hand of God, just as under Moses and Joshua.

If I have the date right, it was exactly 400 years ago in 1619 that the Mayflower landed on these shores, initiating an influx whose main purpose would prove to be the systemmatic destruction of Catholic Faith. That true Creed already solidly grounded in this Hemisphere for more than a century, in missionary work of French and Spanish Jesuits, many of which heroic men would soon give their lives under persecutions cunningly organized by radical-Calvinist Anglo settlers and politicos alike. First generations of which interlopers had had their taste for aggressive warfare whetted in bloody anti-Catholic campaigns in Ireland under Oliver Cromwell in the mid-to-late seventeenth century: pogroms which respected neither age nor dignity nor fervent religious zeal of faithful Irish souls. This new remorseless westerly onslaught against the One True Faith and its adherents beginning soon after the Mayflower's arrival here, with unprovoked hostilities against French Catholics and their Indian converts in upstate New York and Quebec, in an open aggression awash with now all-too-familiar theatrical displays of having suffered prior injury from these harmless souls. In that false-flag kind of warfare which would become the very leitmotif of U.S. foreign policy in centuries to come. This artfully-conceived Calvinist/Judeo-Masonic assault against Catholicism ultimately destined to place Christianity itself in its destructive cross-hairs, with cryptically-prearranged conquests over four centuries: including the introduction of radical-secularist, agnostic Masonic revolutionary agents into Latin America, touching off wars-of-independence which have left Spanish-speaking peoples not at all "free" but rather solidly in the Yankee political, military and economic thrall. This monumental hemispheric conquest fated indeed and as so cunningly planned to finally go well beyond those dimensions, becoming steadily global in size, ultimately conquering such harmless nations as Japan. That island nation the enemy only of an addictive-drug-trade sponsored in the Orient by Yankee secret-society families like the Bushes, Delanos and Roosevelts, to become presidential material later in the twentieth century here in the USA. On the heels of which World War came the in-house importation of this tool-of-enslavement here as well, resulting in today's economic and law-enforcement prostration before the drug-lord's gloating power. The lighthouse goddess of Liberty--liberty only to do wrong--substituting a "religion" of "progress" for that given us by the Son of God, with the resulting inevitable collapse of morality finally culminating in orgiastic follies of sodomy, now protected by all the power of Yankee pseudo-scholarship and law. An anomaly to be expected when God is dethroned, and all Hell is put in charge.

But even now God is preparing to release the bonds that have held the peoples of globe and hemisphere alike under this satanic thrall, in a long-predicted cosmic punishment the first rumblings of which are to be seen and heard even now, to culminate in another biblical Three Days of Darkness such as deprived all Egypt of their first-born. This new cataclysm--"it won't be water but fire next time"--prophesied by saint and bible alike to incinerate two-thirds to three-quarters of the human race--entirely destroying the wicked--through an already-commencing absorption of the earth by the sun--as cosmic events today indeed ominously suggest, and as the Miracle of the Sun at Our Lady's apparition at Fatima in Portugal in 1917 plainly prefigured in terrible, graphic terms. Hence the tremendous bouts of hot and cold, with the latter resulting from the evaporation of earthly moisture of seas and rivers by a sun approaching the biblical "seven suns" in size and heat intensity, today repeatedly shrouding the earth in a strange darkness of an unearthly kind. This see-sawing of heat and cold, by testimony of Fatima and cosmos alike, to be succeeded finally by a dust-and-cinder-obscured plunge of the earth toward its centrifical star--hence the "three days of darkness", in the ironic grip of so much overpowering heat and light--as basically prefigured in the noted prodigy-laden Miracle of the Sun in Fatima in 1917. This latter wonder having provided a terrifying preview/enactment of the fast-approaching incineration, while during the century-long interval between the Fatima warnings and today the Devil and his henchmen have been conceded unprecedented power to slay both nations and souls, as revealed in a vision to Pope Leo XIII in the 1880s. The now-incipient potential annihilation of earthly life to be halted at last, as indeed at the Fatima preview back then before terrified throngs a hundred-thousand strong, only by a gesture of Mary's motherly hand, conceded by God Himself to this New and Spotless Eve.

However, it is during predicted social, military and political upheavals and disorders, so evidently commencing now, slated to be preliminary to the final cosmic plunge, that the forces of good will triumph over the forces of wrong, in hostilities to culminate in a battle--perhaps indeed that of Armageddon--in which the good will seem to be hopelessly outnumbered. While leading up to this epic-consequential showdown will be the biblical three and a half years of chaos and anarchy, just now at the door: as dope-pushers today without shame become vital-organ-snatchers and car-thieves, as detailed in articles on this page: quickly creating a diabolical parallel economy that will soon dwarf the conventional one in size. Transforming the USA and indeed the world into a state of pandemonium prefigured in the Chinese Taiping Rebellion, in which fifty-five million gave their lives, in an 1850s struggle to be free of the addictive racket of the Bush/Roosevelt league. Today's approaching conflict as noted to be decided in favor of pitifully-outnumbered pious troops, largely by means of the very incineration described above: in a heavenly intervention as in so many other battles of both Old and New Testament times.

For this reason then do we raise the flag of the Confederacy once again--not to reinstitute slavery or racism--both of which were initially forced both commercially and economically upon the South rather than regionally embraced--but to deliver the people of this nation from the Godless Yankee thrall described above. And to go on from there to join forces with other good people--soon to all willingly become Catholic--from around the globe. And forthwith to finally to establish the long-predicted sociopolitical reign of the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, the New Adam and the New Eve, the rightful heavenly sovereign of our race.

Finally, there are some who call for another "Constitutional Convention", to "bargain out" an answer to treacheries detailed above. But may I ask, did Moses seek to "negotiate" with Pharaoh, a man whose depraved heart and mind he already knew so well? Possessing that very same nefarious character which we see at work today in those who rule the Yankee USA, whose occult symbols and ceremonies are indeed often strikingly Egyptian in spirit and form? No, we must part company with this pestilent breed, who have kept the West, like ancient Israelites, in bonds for four hundred years. We must "draw a line in the sand", and with the ever-ready help of God manfully deliver a world and a Western Hemisphere from their oppressive chains.

March 30, 2019: Post modern "self-identification" not so new, only a parcel of the ancient Canaanite cosmology of chaos. Article as usual developed in following days.

At least "way back" in "modern times", said to have terminated sometime toward the middle of the twentieth century, efforts were made by academia and other ruling elites to molify men of a moral, orderly mind, to at least pretend to be "on their side", while only later would come the cold-blooded mental jujitsu of today's "scholars" and politicos, after men had been mentally worked-over by rapidly-successive shocks: the Kennedy assassinations, notably among Catholics the overpowering satanic turmoil of Vatican II, the patently "false flag"-pre-arranged Yankee warfare that would culminate in hideous, bloody in-house treachery of 9/11, and so on. Various species of verbal trickery, of linguistic jujitsu, are a stock part of this choas-of-the-mind that would follow so soon on these treacherous irruptions, with this astute tactical imposture a topic addressed here in an article of a year or so ago. For "minds" of these anti-intelligencia--these new nineteenth-century Know Nothings, as they might be termed, much like those ancient Canaanites with whom they form a moral and intellectual unity over time--life or existence is only a churning maelestrom in a violent and meaningless void, a chasm in which only murder, perversion, abortion, greed, are allowed any standing at all. Today's world firmly under the commanding sway of this "credentialed class", on an earth increasingly shrouded in an ambiance of sadism and morbidity, tinged with an unearthly glow borrowed from murderous fires of ancient Canaanite/fallen-away-Jewish times. Recalling lurid tones lent by Baal fires of tribal moral ancestors, hideously rapt and entranced by the cry of the new-born babe as its tender body first touched the flames. This present-day absorption into the obsessive, sadistic, subliminal or occult being directed from on high, in a notorious "march through the institutions", by controlling secretive cabals like the Skull and Bones, to which Hitler himself belonged, in a membership shared by each new generation of the presidential Bush family since the mid-nineteenth century, and a host of other prominent Yankee-establishment-clans as well. These cultists, among whom men like Bejamin Franklin had a prominent place, indulging in satanic ritualism as an all-consuming way of life, with today's young being special objects of an intensive experimentation, borrowed from a 1950s Romanian Pitesti and a latter-day Abu Ghraib, they of pre-school to grad-school somehow incredibly-enough confusing much of it with love. The above noted pitiless human genocide of ancient times being repeated near-identically today, in millions just as back then, in the saline burning of an infant in the womb, in a sordid ritualism akin to the destruction of divinely-bestowed human identity in sodomy's ugly thrall. As noted, secret societies work their will unimpeded upon mankind today, rigidly controlling schools and colleges across the land, without question staffing top grades of the military and corporate worlds, being driven by hideously-humor-laced fantasies and intrigues. These "educated" madmen of all walks notably urging the young to abandon the sexual nature given them by God: a Father, a Creator Whom most of these elites themselves would put firmly under Satan's feet. Conjuring, cajoling the untried young to imagine that they have been "born" interiorly in a way which contradicts the exterior equipment with which they are so plainly endowed. Alas, this is plainly the cosmology of chaos in full form.

To cast some deservedly-desultory crumbs of attention on this nadir of the post-modern Know Nothing view: this new epitome of Marxist materialism finds hormones, chemicals or electronic particles--rather than minds and souls--to be completely in charge of human life and affairs--which of course constitutes both an apostasy and an abominable subordination of the spiritual and sublime to the sordid and profane. Even as many of the truly well-educated of the mid-twentieth century--today a near-unknown breed--understood the human person in a consummate way, earlier generations of authentic intellectuals scarcely heeding the mesmerizing tones of Dr. Jeckles of our day. These teachers and counselors who turn out in droves, from grade schools and high schools alike, hormone-modified, stiff or giddy mannered youthful Mr. Hydes, as in the mid-century movie of that name: a film released when people were still sane enough to greet such spectacles with horror rather than praise. The good, intelligent and good-humored men of those times, so many of whom I remember so well, knew quite well that each person of either sex is loaded with hormones both "male" and "female": a mix indeed critically required to sustain life. While back then an occasional woman who somehow unintentionally grew a trace of a mustache, or man with an emotional makeup much like mom, was accepted into the broad mainstream of culture as an enrichment to the character of the whole, and not placed in a belabored category of "borderline", let alone a furiously-discussed "condition", or a head-shaking assessment that they "could go either way". Gender back then having been a marvelously accommodating ocean of personalities, fit for men and women with minds and souls, and with a common humanity which takes in 99.9 percent of our personal being, rather than aping grunting beasts in some forest grove. Indeed, the woman with an abundance of body-hair was once classed among men as especially attractive, in an exotic but perfectly-acceptable sort of way. But it would be rank impiety to fiery Canaanite dieties of the new self-identifying way-of-life to remember that hormones are today being dumped into everything from cows grazing in the field to plastic containers to the foods and drinks they contain: "setting us up", as it were, for all the impostures involved in the "born that way" scare. Do these substances actually give a man a female organ-of-procreation instead of a male? No, indeed: for even among the new Know Nothings the only thing claimed is that there can result an "imbalance". Must we then rush out and vent these artificial induced new hormonal anomalies, adding deliberately inserted pills or injections to lend it all a titanic and perfectly-unnatural new force? Modifications which to all appearances are permanent and final in character, and which most of these pitiful, tampered-with, semi-voluntary freaks will someday deeply regret. Making the proverbial "mountains out of molehills", like the effeminate of every age always do: quaking before scarcely-remarked non-entities in the minds of men of generations past. Highly celebrated indeed by Plutarch having been the unmitigated uniqueness of each of the prominent men of ancient times of whom he wrote in his "morals" or biographies, immemorial schetches so fetching and real as to easily make you feel as if you know Caesar or Cicero--as different from each other as night and day--as bossom friends. And that you fully appreciate the throw of the latter's toga, when defending some client before the court of law, or Caesar's incessant worry over his every strand of hair, lest it not be in place. He nonetheless a near-unparalleled roaring lion on the battlefield, winning among his combat-tried veterans an admiration which knew no bounds. Plutarch's Lives being a motherlode upon which we depend for any lively and accurate view of ancient times, while revealing to us the typical now-rare balance and probity of men of those days: a book which is thus an incomparable elixir against the miserable misrepresentations of human life and character of our own day and age. We now having for our own "prominent men" a breed which our ancient forefathers would have despised and rejected out of hand, a gaggle of hysterical "women" who worry over those fantasies wherein effeminacy always abounds. "Choking on a gnat and swallowing a camel", plunging into perversities, while teaching these as perfectly valid options to the untried young. Oh, heavy millstone indeed! Invoking as proof-positive of their ugly pronouncements the very variety of the natural and human world, with a quasi-Freudian "condition" intensely conjured, given fantastic form, by these sodomy-peddling teacher, couselor or professor, with the help of the typical Doctor Jeckle at the local clinic as well, doing their specious incantations before helpless patients or classroom throngs. Ah, my friends, this is nothing but star-spangled sorcery, given us by secret-society-"accepted" and indoctrinated, ever-spell-binding Enlightment-Era/Luciferian Yankee witches and warlocks in professional garb.

But in fact hormones aren't all-determining at all, and man is rather required to forcefully corral a lower nature wounded by Original Sin, in a congenital moral weakness which once surrendered-to can make life and behavior chaotic in the extreme. Mankind in all this being perfectly distinct from those innocent animals who do nothing morally wrong, and for whom moral consideration is neither possible nor required: those good creatures with which man is so often confused by our "educated" crowd. Hence will the ceremonial open-of-a-door to a gas-station or convenience-store--obviously performed with sexual overtones toward another man--hence will this highly-symbolic jesture rightly embarrass us to the core--as in the first place, at a certain subliminal/emotional level, and in a hundred other ways as well, there is little difference between a man and a woman at all--which is why the two can become the biblical "one flesh", and indeed in the Catholic encyclical Casti Canubii of Pius XII be termed a very unity of heart and soul. With no such stark cleavages as academia now so gravely insists upon actually obtaining between any men and women at all: the actually serious deformity of an "hermaphrodite", found once in a million births or more, being a case entirely apart, one oddly-enough never brought up by these sodomy-peddling genius's with triple-digit incomes or more. Such overwrought illusions as they retail so well being fruitful mostly in divorces and unhappy childhood homes, such as John Wayne movies of mid-century once so stoutly and calvinistically upheld. This now-classical, inescapable gas-station-entryway routine, with its odious sense-of-embarrassment, in an apoplexy which all of us have repeatedly and disgustingly known, being further trebled by our present-day perfect inability to right such obvious mortal wrong with a punch to the jaw, such as John Wayne himself would have so dutifully performed. Alas, then, we must "draw a line in the sand", and be willing to die, to secede, for a cause much more just and certain than that of Travis at the Alamo.

Hence because there is no constructive purpose in the thinking of these educated fiends who inhabit our "halls of ivy" today, they who, like some sort of inert ameba, have indeed less and less mental energy to come up with any identifiable thoughts of their own--which in any case would be rank heresy against that prime dogma of their breed, e.g.: the unmitigated moral and intellectual rule of the amorphous and disorderly/orgiastic group--they will use their well-paid but impotent minds to spill the more mentally-agile over on their faces in the same way that practitioners of jujitsu do to an opponent out on the wrestling mat. Accordingly, just prior to the carefully-choreographed "coming out" of this "self-identifying" auto-destruction, at a previous time when some of us--who use our minds as vessels of constructive thought rather than battering rams--counseled individuality as the definitive character of the human person, as the elixir against the deadening uniformity of present-day life--it was then that these theatrical paragons used the "main force" of our thoughts against us in jujitsu's signature-underhanded way. This new kind off "scholar"--whom ancients would have exiled or condemned to death-- now taking up the prime tactic of this Oriental combat--like grabbing the eagerly-jabbing arm and breaking it in two, or spilling the opponent over on his face during some aggressive maneuver when he is momentarily off guard--an admirable notional tactic to the typical adolescent student mind, or the older go-getter breed that cares only about keeping their credentials in their "gated community" or RV park. These new professorial "guiding lights" oddly resembling as well those radical new faith-without-works preachers who thump their bibles so vigorously today, alleging that we need not behave decently at all in order to "be saved", but only to "believe". Which is to deny that we have a primevally-endowed conscience at all, such as was so memorably displayed by Adam and Eve, sewing fig-leaves on themselves, in a way that the prototypical Freud regarded as neurotic or psychotic from the word go. These new professional paragons "going one up on us", taking our love-of-individuality for a bruising spill on the canvass mat indeed, insisting that each individual is so perfectly unique in every dimension of his being, so perfectly sovereign over every facet of his mind and soul--an assertion light-years beyond what we ourselves maintained--that he can simply "self identify" and--bingo--he becomes a girl rather than a boy--only lacking a pill or two to coax that "real" (if mostly hormone-created) inner self into a "coming out" of the most flamboyant kind. All these breathless maneuvers on a mental wrestling mat before the typical ga-ga-adolescent minds of their captive student audiences, calling forth from nether realms the nihilism of a tricky, purely kinetic, rather than intelligent, use of word and mind: the very murky and turbulent keynote of post-modern times. These young self-identifiers, like the biblical traveler found in a ditch on the road to Jericho, being indeed constantly discovered out here on Crusade, thus wounded and disabled as human beings, objects of a Pitesti Experiment of the most diabolical kind. With teen-agers or men in their early twenties, the latter perhaps already years ago tampered with by military "doctors", often going out of their way to strut around in front of our display, big breasts and all, with haughty vindication identifying themselves for all to see as being something which they most patently are not. Alas, the cosmology of chaos, the antechamber to Hell.

Of course, the usual recourse of these non-thinkers and non-doers, these quintessential nihilists, is simply to mock--which we get plenty of out here too--as they recite in droning nasal tones the words on the side of our rig, especially the signature "National Anti-Sodomy Crusade". Its all the palaver about "dark ages" as opposed to today's allegedly brilliant ivy halls of light. Maybe its the much-anticipated light of some final explosion or conflagration, in which these nihilists hope to see the end of everything, including themselves, whose rapturously-desired approach so dazzles their eyes, like a moth enchanted by the death-dealing flame into which he must fly. Indeed, such an End Time punishment is at the threshold just now, a conflagration predicted by Bible, saint and seer alike, in which two-thirds to three-quarters of the human race will die. "It won't be water but fire next time". A fit end for the "post modern" moral chaos, for men with a conscience and a mind who rather prefer the lurid fantasies of non-thought, a breed which first appeared in those ram-brained sodomite/anti-life Nazis who gathered for perverted ceremonies during the wartime mid-twentieth century at the medieval anti-life Albigensian castle of Montsegur. They who thought that the birth of a child was the evilest thing that could be, and who hated the Incarnation itself above all things. For which reason Our Blessed Lady gave the Most Holy Rosary to St. Dominic, he who was the very soul of the Albigensian Crusade. That marvelous prayer which celebrates and contemplates so lovingly each event in the life of a Jesus very much human, but also divine.

March 29, 2019: The Triangular Trade on the southern border--in dope, "auto-repair"-stolen vehicles and vital body parts--developes in size, scope and sophistication. Article developed extensively into April. No blame is here being laid upon Mexico itself, for it is rather the USA which has rendered all of Latin America a mere Khanate for its founding globalist ambitions, formulated by cultist founders like Benjamin Franklin and Samuel Adams. Namely a cold-blooded agenda whose centerpiece is the complete erradication of Christian--and especially Catholic--Faith and Civilization on these shores. That Gospel Way watered by the blood of countless martyrs, they who were taught genuine Catholicism by Jesuit and Franciscan missionaries during those three marvelous centuries prior to the founding of the heterodox American Church by Bishop John Carroll, a secret-society operative like so many other prelates to follow in his train. This heretically-inspired Church having been the proving-ground for the treacheries and follies of Vatican II, and the theaters of antipopes who have followed for sixty years in its train. The comprehensive synagogue-concocted Yankee global program plainly including the drugging-down of mankind into a commerce and slavery of the most degrading kind, the latest miserable dredges of which are to be found in this new Triangular Trade.

We have been threatened repeatedly by these thugs, out here on the Crusade, exposing as we do the lawlessness they represent. One of them came up to our open window a couple of nights ago, parked at the Walmart in Benson, AZ, and blew cigarette smoke at it, like some punk out of a campy movie, dramatizing his murderous gaze. We being perceived as a threat, since we provide in a singular way for layman and lawman alike an accurate description of this hideous business, which grows astronomically by the day. Here being a parallel economy into which more and more facets of legitimate commercial life are being absorbed as I write, spreading tentacles far and wide, across the nation, already becoming global in size. This "industry" of thieves and killers being overwhelmingly evident--if only we have the biblical "eyes to see"--in multiplying numbers of car-haulers out here on the road, carrying not new but used cars and trucks, jeeps and service-vehicles; a load not excluding semis and RVs as well. This feverish business, fed on the adrenaline of drug addiction, quickly graduating from the tow-bar-towed booty of a year ago, the lead car inevitably driven by some non-English-speaking Mexican desperado, to these gigantic rigs roaring down Interstates 8, 25 and 10, less than five minutes apart, bearing cargo pulled by pricey semis, typically loaded helter-skelter with nine or ten used cars and trucks. This massive out-in-the-open subterfuge obviously fed by vehicles procured in dishonest ways, frequently taken from impoverished owners after the promise of charitable auto repair never materialized: as there can be no honest profit in a traffic of second-hand goods, transported over hundreds or thousands of miles. The unfortunate poor traveler quickly finding himself moored somewhere on the desert without water or food, when this kind of "help" arrives, and must ultimately leave all behind, with calls to the local police typically finding some crusty, drug-lord-friendly female dispatcher, droning across the line that "we don't investigate that sort of thing". In other words, tough luck, buddy, you got yourself into it by trusting these guys. Personal trust in our society being the territory of a "fall guy", a "sucker", a "non-achiever": brotherly love, fellow-feeling, being condemned in sternest possible terms in our "wonderfully free", "advanced", "democratic" society and economy. For the only real crime recognized here in faith-without-works America is to be poor: escape from which is held with deafening silence but highest vindication to justify any means, however sordid or wrong: herein being the new "justification" of the bible-thumping crowd. Legality being so entirely divorced from morality in Yankee-land--which now takes in most of the South as well--that law-enforcement and the mob form a sort of looseknit interweave across the land, in a host of sickening, mutually-reinforcing ways. With government-endorsed social service agencies likewise lending their ponderous weight to the con game in a host of ways, helping the crooks help you out of a vehicle which is your chief tool of personal independence. Apart from which auto you may easily become a genuine slave in some "Christian ministry" homeless shelter, where you must give basically all of your earnings to the voracious maws of these Wall Street traded mockeries. These vehicles then apparently taken to collecting points--like one we saw in Moriarty, NM, a little further east on our present easterly campaign--where four or five massive, already-loaded carhaulers were seen parked beside fifty or sixty cars and pickups, all in a line, brought there by the single-vehicle flat-beds which are the first introduction the unfortunate motorist gets to "the gang". (Here being indeed no "open for business" enterprise, but a private piece of land with a forbidding look, surrounded by a fence with a closed gate.) The travel in the jaws of a desperate situation we have been in ourselves more than a dozen times, out here on Crusade: although in each case finding relief and assistance through our faith in God, sometimes in miraculous ways. As we do depend upon offers-of-help to a considerable degree, as all religiously-motivated efforts always do, and are easily required to trust people as sincere whenever an offer of help is made. Hence as can be gathered from the above, we don't concure with the typical brainwashed-Yankee view, that unless you are wealthy you "don't deserve to have an opinion", that your threadbare condition roundly disqualifies you as a protester, a political activist, let alone as a man or woman of God. Here the Gospel admonition being decidedly turned on its head, with biblical "whited sepulchers, full of dead men's bones", shamelessly claiming "greetings in the marketplace" and front-row pews. Biblical "hirelings" being stolidly in charge everywhere, from the parsonage to the bench to the ivy halls. A present-day apostle, a fisherman of the laboring class such as the Apostles themselves were, being today instantly regarded as "only working an angle", a "homeless person" with the lettering on our rig--the retention of whose unvarnished wording has cost us any admittance to RV parks, so that we are perforce always "out and about"--being taken as nothing but a new and clever kind of begger's cardboard sign.

But returning to the new Triangular Trade: these ill-gotten-goods, these vehicles, are astonishingly-enough more recently composed largely of newer models: making us wonder if some sort of computer-decommissioner is being used by these thugs, a sort of ray-gun which could conceivably disable any vehicle with a main-brain computer on board. We ourselves having however and understandably come to be very wary of these "auto repair" offers, where some bunch of guys, from two to six or seven, suddenly materializes, there by the side of the road where you are stalled, and with a great display of "just let us handle it" largesse, take complete charge of everything in the most imperial and intimidating way, which you couldn't halt no matter what you did, once it is underway. Well-organized crooks some of whom now advertise in "penny shopper" sheets that they will buy cars "with no titles required"--thus openly sharing the slippery profits with others of their ilk--an ad which a few short years ago would have brought the law down on their devious heads. These "go-getters" having now also resorted to painting many of their newest acquirements: this being obvious from the fact that a whole load of eight or ten cars and pickups will all be painted the same color--an anomaly never to be found in a genuine load of new vehicles--as hurry is "the name of the game" in this breathless business, among hoodlums who can't afford to exercise too much time-consuming care. The license plates now also quite typically being removed--these being a dead give-away indeed--so that thus loaded up and sailing down the road these autos are easily mistaken, to the typical hurried, distracted and undiscriminating traveler, as being new, "just off the assembly line". New models for the past twenty years or so indeed being near-identical to those of a few years prior, so characterless and non-descript are they all. Likewise, a host of these stolen vehicles more recently have some paper, made to look like a manufacturer's bill-of-sales or some other quasi-official documentation, taped or glued to the back window for all to see, or some "$500 down" scribbled on the front windowshield with a marker or in white latex paint, as if just driven off of the dealer's lot. But why then is it being towed away instead of driven away? Why are so many "bought" at the same time? Plainly enough, when viewed in conjunction with all the above, in order not to be stopped by the law, with no title, registration, or bill-of-sales at all, as in a single transport which would draw much more attention, in a new regime as noted plainly tolerated, with both threats and payoffs involved, all the way up the regulatory/law-enforcement line. (Indeed, we saw one perfectly-good pickup being driven up the ramp of one of these haulers, "the gang" gathered around, like a strange sort of pack of dogs, and the hauler then driven away, as if containing a disabled truck. These very same guys indeed, driving back into the same side road as before, but a year later, and at a time when we hadn't yet "put two and two together", would take away two of our tires and rims "to be repaired", in the same rough-and-ready "we'll handle it all" way. These coyotes disappearing for the rest of the day, only returning after dark, with our naked hub suspended on a concrete block they always carry around: as in most such cases hoping to find us gone, or a perfect pudding of powerless fright. But I stood them off, as recounted in an article some months back, but never got my wheels or tires back at all, even as "law enforcement", when the crime was duly reported, acted as if we were the ones at fault.

And by such means do these miscreants swimmingly evade detection of their dishonestly-acquired goods: with non-auto items found as well on ubiquitous pickup trucks loaded sky-high with bicycles and other valuable household goods: traveling across state lines and international borders as if to sell it all at some massive auction or yard-sale. Here being a venture which beyond question would sink those involved deep in debt, were it conducted in any honest way, with the "overhead" involved being prohibitive in the extreme. We conjecture that many of these highly-portable items are probably taken from travel trailers of senior citizens and other well-to-do travelers thus tricked, expensive conveyances which seem always equipped with these high-dollar items on top or attached to the back. These Interstate-traveling pickups--now joined by more capacious flatbeds--also having bulging overloads of sofas and other expensive furniture also thus conveyed, being typically loaded to over-capacity, til they veritably groan and sway. Can some of these goods have been taken out of houses owned or rented by senior citizens or others thus waylaid, booty to be had, with little trouble, in domiciles far away, with their physical residences having been ascertained by pilfering through glove-compartments? Especially since, in what naggingly suggests a neat dovetail, under new regulations the main entities with which we deal will typically not accept a P.O. box at all. And then too, if the victim is young and healthy, and his vital organs desired, his wallet supplies all the information required, and one of his pockets, or the key-ring, contains the key to his dwelling as well. For in our crusty world of today, in which neighbors seldom know each other, often-enough indeed making it a point-of-pride to stare through each other like telephone posts: in such a world the sudden loading-up of a neighbor's belongings into a waiting van or pickup will seldom earn any attention or acknowledgment at all. This waifting away of pricey goods, bounding precariously down the road, being only another standard maneuver of this immemorial "highwayman" breed: close-cousin to those medieval Middle-Eastern raiders along the Holy Land pilgrimage route who touched off the Crusades, holy ventures which weren't really "against the Muslims", as today's many false-flag warriors speciously maintain. While parallels are to be found as well in that Skull and Bones or European Thule Society which both spawned Adolph Hitler and ran the nineteenth-century Chinese Opium Trade. Goods, whether automotive or not, being either thus "auto-repair"-stolen or willingly used by impoverished addicts as barter to pay for addictive-drug purchases, in lieu of a bullet-riddled end. With all this gargantuan booty--beyond question the chief commercial activity along Interstates 8, 10, 25 and increasingly over long westward stretchs of 20 and 40, and ancillary U.S. highways as well--with these loaded pickups or car-haulers as noted now appearing on average every five minutes or less. Often traversing several states, as evinced by license plates on hauler and hauled alike, or in one case even arriving by boat from across the ocean blue, but mostly headed either toward Juarez or Tejajuana (sp?). Again, manifestly, there can be no profit in transporting honestly-acquired used autos or other used merchandise over such distances, in some cases indeed across the whole country, as if, as noted, to sell them at some far-distant but-especially-desireable auction, flea-market or yard-sale. Here being a "trade" nonetheless so brassily "out in the open", as organized bands thieves and killers--an element all-its-own--love nothing so much as to "strut their stuff" in the brazen, swashbuckling style of pirates of yore.

The vital-organs corner of this tri-cornered trade was surmised by us only last year, when in horror and consternation we "put two and two together", finding as we did those foot-long earthworms, found during warmer months, wiggling their way up and down the southernmost shoulder of Interstate 10 from El Paso to Las Cruces and slightly beyond, their multiplying numbers plainly in search of new carrior to voraciously consume. This hideous phenomenon never before witnessed at all. Decayed-flesh-devouring creatures who only consume what is interred, as in the case of those multiple thousand-plus graveyards of cadavers, found now and again in the same general area, their vital organs gone, obviously-enough calling forth the attentions of these earthworms, plainly grown to such gargantuan size by glutting themselves on these murdered human remains. The long-standing drive to make Canada, the USA and Mexico--indeed the entire Hemisphere--into one big empire--in a satanic conspiracy designed to completely uproot the Christian, and especially the Catholic, Faith, on these shores, in a laboriously-encouraged mass-apostasy for centuries already well underway--this elite-directed radical scheme finding new explanation in this heinous commerce--with refrigerated trucks carrying vital organs gained through a form of mass murder which suggests albeit-highly-exaggerated ovens of Nazi-era lore. This genuine killing field of a sort which you cannot "prove" in the way demanded by our "liberty-loving", criminal-coddling legal philosophy--as of a "smoking gun", or witnesses at the scene, or an open admission of guilt--but which in terms of inductive or cumulative bits and segments of circumstantial evidence is overwhelmingly obvious indeed.

There are some very astute and educated people at the top of this ugly trade, they who train their underlings in psychological methods of the most sophisticated kind. A large part of which mental hijacking of prospective victims is the creation of a demotivating sense of despair, especially in a ferreting out of negative information about themselves, to be thrown up to them contemptuously at some decisive hour: notably their probably lack of relatives or friends to come to their aid--scornfully billed as something they richly deserve--and hence their dire dependence upon this criminal cabal. Thus too is discovered the much-sought-after unlikelihood, in so many cases, that anyone will even enquire as to their whereabouts after they are with such perfect finality gone, so that typically there is no appreciable search conducted to locate them at all, in a society so alienated, so "wonderfully free" of any human involvement at all. Today's millions of people who were mostly or partially raised in foster homes are undoubtedly foremost among such un-cared-for, having in most cases been cynically used in every fiber of their being, to fatten the pocketbooks, egos and even the sexual-appetites of their foster-parents, prized "model citizens" that these are always taken to be. With the final estrangement, rejection or eventual disappearance of these foundlings being par for the course, or breezily blamed on those actual parents--probably the only ones that ever really loved them--from whom they were taken so long ago.

I finally "got enough of it all", one day out on Crusade, and went up to one of these blank-faced, enigmatic and illusive drivers involved in these long-haul drives, just then stopped at a rest area in Arizona--people evidently both despised and feared by honest long-haul drivers themselves--and asked him, pointing with conviction at his load of used cars, how there could be any profit at all in any venture of this kind. Only to receive a panicky answer in broken English that "I only do what boss tells me". In these few words revealing himself to be a Black man fresh from Africa, having that singular choppy accent confined to those recently arrived from sub-Saharan climes. This stooge then instantly acting like someone looking over his shoulder, being pursued, finally blowing his semi horn for his partner to "hurry up", from somewhere there, whether relieving nature or buying a snack from a vending machine. This an ear-deafening procedure never done in these rest areas, even if divergent sorts of noisy activities, especially at night, do indeed abound.

Indeed, even more ominous and troubling, these roving bands of outlaws "own the night" all along the southwestern U.S. frontier, and law-enforcement knows it, too. For as partly described in another article here, they make an incredible din, with complete impunity, laughing, shouting, turning up the volume of their low-frequency boom-box "music"--decibels dominated by the barbaric percussion of a jungle-beat drum--to ear-deafening heights, incessantly banging on metal or blowing their horns--with the Walmart in Benson, AZ, an especially brazen case-in-point--out there in some rest area or parking lot anywhere from midnight to four-thirty or five. Places where, their activities hidden by all the noise, they can steal gas or other items with complete impunity from fright-stricken travelers, ensconced in their travel-trailers and motor-homes, or poorer people sleeping in the back seats of their cars. Such antics never in our own experience drawing the attention of the law. Intimidation a prime attendant purpose of it all, to produce a populace prostrate before drug-lords and perverts of every stripe. (Thus too the two conspicuous trans-genderites seen during the first week of April at the Walmart in Soccorro, NM, men thoroughly reingineered to look like women, doing their twists and turns around the vegetable stands, or out among the rows of canned-goods, or along refrigerated displays in the meat department, opening courting some other man whom they found attractive, to stalk him up and down the isles of the store, as he tried to evade their sickening gaze.) These places obviously being staging areas for the auto-theft-goons to await the word from numerous "point men"--semi-drivers, motor-cyclists, or guys driving around single-load flatbed trailers--"recon soldiers" not excluding increasing numbers of women who patrol the roads and rest areas in the same way--that they have found another disabled vehicle or poor traveler in need of mechanical help. "Assistance" which "the gang" then rushes out to supply: a half-dozen men complete with the noted single-vehicle flatbed-trailer to whisk away their prey. Indeed, already some ten years ago, out here on a Crusade now this month observing its twelfth anniversary, I having stepped out with my coffee at about four in the morning on a pleasant Arizona day, found myself listening to the leader of one of these gangs haranguing his men, just a few paces away. Slave-like individuals whose cars and pickups were parked all around, in a gravel pulloff amid choya and Saguaro trees. To paraphrase from memory, the big cabula raged in murderous tones, "Now get out there and work these roads!", after which they all quickly drove away, leaving me alone there to be the object of a deadly stare I will never forget. This from a man we would some years later encounter again, who plainly thought we "knew too much", and who forthwith dumped a host of criminal admissions into our ears, yet for some reason didn't "do us in". Probably because of the noted police and court immunity which he knew that gangs like his enjoy across the land, so that he could afford to thus gloat, as our astonished ears or eyes were no real threat to him at all. These single-auto trailers too are multiplying astronomically out here, with every Walmart parking lot likely to contain as many as a half-dozen of them at any given time, most typically here in the Southwest with a couple of Mexican tough-guys seated in the pickup that pulls one of them down the road, still and unblinking as statues, sometimes for hours at a time. While equally interesting is the tremendous number of lone Anglo or Mexican males parked in or driving around these supermarket lots during daylight hours, perpetually wearing the same menacing look, as if looking for someone or something, or about to "do somebody in". Even if from time immemorial, especially among Mexicans, as a point of masculine pride, trips to the store were either done by the wife, or mom, or occasionally in company with same, but seldom by themselves, and never lingering there for hours on end. Indeed, every little bit of gravel "pull off", rest area, or parking lot is now used as a venue for drug-deals and everything connected thereto: as we ourselves have indeed witnessed innumerable times during this twelve years out on Crusade, in procedures so commonplace, about which everyone knows: except of course "the law". The drug-dealer likely with some identifiable oddity projecting out the back or side, maybe a couple of two-by-fours hanging flagless out the back, never removed for that "building project" which will never materialize. How many of the above-noted poor travelers, if young and in good health, pay dearly for theatrical "auto repair" attentions by giving up their vital organs to this murderous crowd? Nobody can possibly know, except those demons and cold-blooded maniacs involved. Hence just above Pecos, TX, to which we ourselves were once thus towed and left "hanging out to dry", and barely escaped with our lives, there were a half-dozen travel-trailers and other RVs, just left there, with personal goods still intact, all of them with both drivers, passengers and lead-vehicles long ago gone, as spider-webs and gathering dust did duly attest.

Secede, you who live in a pseudo-country which has always been dedicated to aggressive war, perversion, murder, theft and greed. "Come out from among them...and touch not the unclean thing."

March 1, 2019: Some reflections on purely emotional loyalty versus loyalty to the good and just, false patriotism versus true. Article developed much further in March. Again, apologies for a poor first treatment of this subject, first written amid some of the most bruising hardships we have ever endured.

This purely emotional loyalty is what we constantly meet with out here on crusade: notably in a state-worship which for Christians is mostly based upon an incredibly loose interpretation of the biblical lines, "Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's". The state being conceded in this way the authority to crank out dogmas-of-its-own and of every kind, to which the citizen must fervently adhere. The much-quoted admonition of Our Blessed Lord being ill-admittedly but with breezy facility made to equate Caesar with God, as if they were two opposing plenipotentiary rulers who guard their "territory" from one another with jealous and vindictive care. However, even here, God, the Almighty--if I may be excused such an expression, "rushing in where angels fear to tread"--is by this false principle decidedly given "the shorter end of the stick" in practical terms, since the state--again very breezily and with as little thought as possible--is held by this nonetheless rigidly-embraced tautology to be in command of every square inch of practical life, of six days of the week, while the Good Lord is given only the first of these--and rather grudgingly at that--over which to rule. The realm of God said to be strictly that of the interior of man, and he notably in a "faith without works" USA forbidden to apply this inner existence to his active life, his words and deeds, in any serious way. While finally, at the bruising bottom landing of this Yankee-Evangelical plunge down a treacherous notional flight-of-stairs--an erroneous point-of-view which has an American-"Catholic" variant basically just as bad--this allegedly all-holy interior life of the believer is most typically delimited to a kind of handshake with the Deity--again, I use such expressions with trepidation--a veritable "gentlemen's agreement" as it were, almost as if purchasing a car, by whose terms "choosing God as your personal Savior" is decisive in obtaining the Heavenly reward, with no real need of strong devotion, let alone of any "good works"--namely good behavior--at all. And any further progress in morality, integrity, justice, into these internal realms, is ranked alongside other terrible things, as being the province of the "slacker", of the "fanatic", of someone not concerned enough about "putting bread on the table", and so on.

Quite the contrary, good and true government as well as true religion have the identical purpose and duty of advancing that "law of our minds" which is virtue or the good life, with law whether civil, criminal or commercial being rightly and since time immemorial designed to restain and punish those who conduct themselves with disorderly passion, rather than to frustrate the common man in his legitimate, orderly, if highly-individual projects and desires. "Law", regulation, institutionally-imposed behavioral dictums of today however too typically forcing the blameless citizen--ever the real target of today's near-inescapable agendas and indocrinations--into monotonous, overbearing, tyrannical forms, like an ant on an anthill, dutifully "staying in his place". While replacing the satisfaction of creative activity for modern man--most notably for the shorts-wearing, ever-recreating, probably dope-taking "Yank" of the USA--is an intensely-promoted "fun"--whether on dune-buggies or bicycles, down at the bar, at the restaurant, or in Hollywood reveries--this juvenile turn-of-mind or force-of-habit said to announce to the whole world the "liberty" we here are said so lavishly to enjoy. While somewhat less admittedly the Yank is expected to compensate for the mindless, gallingly-rote daily existence not by escaping to higher things but by plunging even lower into this insensate world, aping the purely instinctual behavior of animal life--reversing the order, found in all creation, of the lower aspiring-to or revolving-around the higher--not imitating the angels, his designated moral models, guardians and guides, but copying instead mere cattle or swine, insects, primates or dogs, placed there purely to amplify the universe of intelligent human beings. Divinely destined for man's consumption or use, lower creatures are spured-on by scents and other biological stimuli, are by their collectively-self-culling nature driven by violent, death-dealing impulses, by the rigidly-pre-determined, rather than by reason or thought: the predatory among beasts, claw-and-maw killers which man most copies today, evincing a virulent behavior which among humans finds its proper home only in Hell. Men to the contrary being reasoning moral agents, biblically described as "a little less than the angels", their acts rightly prompted and motivated not really by emotion or passion, anger, glutton or lust, thrills, drunkenness or drug-abuse but by the higher lodestones of justice and virtue, by reason and an ascendant supernatural, such as rule the Heavenly choirs. With passion for a somatically-endowed but essentially intelligent humanity being only the humble handmaiden of noble and transcendent spiritual things.

Indeed, today's American escape-from-thought or personal responsibility finds a striking parallel too in the way that actual uninhibited thought is rigidly forbidden among "advanced and enlightened" school children of today: tots said indeed "not to be able to handle" any mention in particular of the word sodomy: so much so that our little Crusade battle-wagon, upon which the word in emblazened in the most candid way, is instantly surrounded by squad cars if we might momentarily park anywhere near a school. (Why, may I ask, do kids even go to school, if not to "learn to think", and not to be mentally and emotionally overwhelmed, like an ape before a blazing torch, by a simple yeh or ney, a "right or wrong"? Oh, apparently this apoplexy before the full scope of the above-noted inner world is itself considered far too deep a subject for the teachers, the authorities, let alone the school-kids, to even think about.) We being thus harried not indeed, as some might think, because all vehicles parked in proximity to schools are suspected of trying to "grab up" kids and molest them, or to be operating as distribution-points for mob-peddled drugs: "controlled substances" which, lets be serious for a change, these kids can get almost anywhere "as easy as pie". No, indeed, we are forthwith told in no uncertain terms by policemen swarming around our rig that we would "tramatize" these poor "innocent ears"--organs intensely, morbidly brainwashed the day long by sodomy-peddling teachers and counselors--were we to park so near. We being thus forcibly prevented from revealing to these kids the real and not-so-pretty word for all these fabulously-embellished but actually Hell-bound things. Rot-gut perversities to which they are being exposed every day.

But fools and scoundrels are driven by their emotions, like ships without a rudder in an unsettled sea, and similarly it is with emotion primarily that the ship-of-state is run a-ground: by a crew assiduously trained in the know-nothing "intellectuality" described above, scarcely knowing how to sound out calamitous moral, military and politcal reefs that everywhere abound. A vessel whose steersman is inevitably some ring-earred pirate whose reckless, calamity-bound tyranny knows no bounds. The pilot and mate of such an errant vessel being tatooed, as it were, with a code-of-mockery so familiar to modern man--a palaver, a body-language, such as the old noble Confederate, a Stonewall or a Jeb, execrated above all else--lending the cheaply-bought force of comic-theater to treacherous impulses and emotions, to the rank brutality they so readily supply. For the good and forthright--ever the targets of this ring-earred crew--stand like the biblical "lamp on a lamp-stand"--or like Jackson himself, "standing there like a stone wall", at that magnificent First Manassas where he so nobly got the name--such real men are always easy to mock, as their inner qualities are by honest habit plainly in view, wishing not indeed to glorify themselves in this way--as they are so cynically portrayed by the wicked in every age--but according to duties of good example, as well as the natural follow-through of thought and aspiration into deed. The good and virtuous always then "say what they mean and mean what they say": while the wicked can scarcely be identified at all, for what actually rules obscure regions of their inner hearts and minds. True "Fatherhood" in particular--"all of which comes from God"--standing candid and unpretending, like a citadel upon a rock, like that blessed fortress Sinj in Croatia, often commanded by my own noble Zdunich ancestors, which in its time was never overcome by any enemy at all, not even by those Mongolians who had overrun all the rest of Europe beforehand, effortlessly decimating nations from Poland and Bulgaria to Italy and France, being in Croatia sent back to east Asia "on the run". Such a just and forthright eminence as good government then quickly becomes a magnet for cabals and intrigues, aided immensely by those inevitably rituals-of-mockery which facile and insincere minds display--they who quickly rise to the top of disorderly and seditious, "freedom-loving" mobs--comic theater lending disloyalty a cheaply-bought adherence it would never otherwise achieve. With the populace mentally enervated or exhausted by news or talk-show bouts of bathos and comedy, never being supplied all the information needed to successfully identify--let alone understand--the actual basic issues involved, swimming against a choppy current, one deftly channeled by some few perfectly cool and deliberate minds. Implacable, obdurate, impenitent malice which invests the latter being the last and final product of passion's chaotic reveries. Thus too it is no coincidence that heresy has always been considered black-hearted sedition against the Catholic state: not as is so often claimed simply so that the latter could "tyrannically" impose its "sweet will and whim" but rather because the loss of good order that doctrinal error implies, the unreasonable, uncontrollable emotions upon which it is founded and which it so readily supplies, and upon which its clever persuasions entirel rely: all this works to mortally undermine the nation, the character of the people, and the good and legitimate government which gives to both organized practical form. Indeed and in fact, those shadowy figures who work so insidiously behind-stage, who fund and foster both revolution and heresy in every age, have as their precise undying aim the bringing-down of the Civilization that Christ established: that "Kingdom of God", that millennial cultivar sustained by the Seven Sacraments, based upon justice and virtue, that "Civilization with a capital C" objectified, given concrete substance, in a government based upon the law of God, motivated by a rigorous upholding-of and devotion-to the virtues of the Gospel-Catholic "Way". Catholicism meant to "renew the face of the earth", to bring it solidly under heavenly sway, ever-responsive to that Holy Ghost Who enlivens the Mystical Body of Christ, the Catholic Church, here on earth. In ceaseless intrigues against which are found in particular those quasi-nationalities often discussed on this site--those Jews, Gypsies, and "Vlaci" of Croatia and the Balkans--with the latter by some accounts finding like-minded, phonetically-coded, blood-related, cryptically-maintained connections with Wales, Wollachia and the Walloons. These disorderly clan-organized conglomerations, by the force of fallen nature easily working in global concert, forming a formidable composite global reality, being powered by those immeasurable passions and emotions which only clans and families can bring-into-being. The non-Jewish among these ubiquitous shadowy entities seemingly doing much of the local "dirty work" of an overarching, synagogue-directed secret-society world. These quasi-nationalities who typically invest themselves with all the overbearing honors of a state all-its-own--a makeshift domain not unlike some Bluebeard's island in a shark-infested Carribean--they who indeed have their own pseudo-juridical tribunals of retribution, their modern-day Sanhedrin, and readily-enough ply a diabolical death-sentence, for theatrically-manufactured "crimes", whether of their own number or of others thus with deadly if cheaply-bought hauteur adjudicated far and wide. Those unfortunate victims who have somehow--perhaps not even consciously--earned a ring-earred-implacable ire. Thus too similarly the unjust enmity of first-century Jews against an ancient Rome which at least stood in some degree for order and justice, but against which empire the ever-maneuvering Synagogue so insidiously strove: Jews already by then being mostly Canaanite in blood and ancestry, and teeming as now with chaotic and treacherous values inseparable with same. The whole history of the overthrow of good government over the millennia, and of good and true religion as well, being indeed consonant over time with the biblically-recounted Canaanite insurgency on behalf of sodomy, abortion, infanticide--these today the very synagogue cause celebre--notably but not exclusively in terms of live-birth "abortions"--just candid murder--or the wholesale academic perversion of the young. This Canaanite/Jewish onslaught against justice, sanity, true religion, human life and the good state being leagued across time and in close purpose with roiling quasi-polities and secret societies of every kind. This infernal global joint-insurgency being indeed and beyond doubt the prime perpetual instrument of Satan in his undying hatred-of and rebellion-against God, as remorselessly conducted here on earth. Here in this global cabal being that "world" identified by Christ as the enemy par excellence, with the biblical "world, the flesh and the Devil" finding in this worldwide league their most potent, concentrated and wicked manifestation and tool. Giving concrete and murderous form to that divinely-cursed world against which we must strive in every age, not to be confused with physical creation itself, in each of its myriad forms called "good" or "very good" in Genesis lines. Hence that polar-opposite, impenitent "world", that mockery of the real, clement and verdant earth and its Heaven-blessed socio-political forms, that contrary mirage which can never be redeemed, is a globally-coherent, diabolically-directed superstate, operating across time: one today directed most visibly by "Israel" and the United States. One animated, driven by malice and passions of every perverted kind. Evil according to St. Thomas Aquinas lacking any actual existence or "being", as found in divinely-blessed created things, or in genuine, candidly-conducted polities that serve the common good. Indeed the souls in Hell, and the wicked here on earth, thus lack much of their original innate substance, their souls having been so eaten-away by malice, as to scarcely exist at all, in any full meaning of the world. The battle against which soul-less ghouls can call no quarter, a combat--far from counseling that cowardly passivity at the heart of the heretical doctrine of Vatican II--grueling hostilities set to continue til the return of Christ. A Crusade whose weapons both civic and spiritual must never be put down, one whose issue will never be finally decided til that glorious coming day. Hence the Gospel line, as interpreted dogmatically and infallibly by Boniface VIII in precisely this militant way, taking in both Church and state, to paraphrase: "'here are two swords' (the ecclesiastical and the political/military): to which saith the Savior, 'it is enough'". Both these weapons thus to be employed preeminently on behalf of, in defense of, Christ: so that there can be no contradiction, rivalry or hostility to be rightly and reasonably found, between these two towering entities. As in the noted false explication of the biblical lines quoted above, "Render therefore to Caesar....": as if the Savior Himself, the rightful beneficiary of these dual defensive tools, would erect such an estrangement, such an enmity, between these two institutions so plainly designed to accomplish the same thing: the good, the noble, the pious, the divine will.

February 21, 2019: Human life is one very specific thing; so too is the state properly construed. Article developed into March. Sorry for earlier versions, written under February conditions of the most difficult kind, found across the storm-tossed U.S. landscape of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona--we made it all the way to Houston this time--subject to much sickness, harrassed by ubiquitous car-hauler-driving, "auto-repair" auto-theft gangs who especially covet our '76 Chevy C-10. Part of a new "triangular trade" much like that of colonial times, a sometimes-bloody business which this time takes in--not rum, African slaves and primitive manufactured goods--but drug-pushing, auto-"repair"-theft and serial-killing vital organs procurement and sales--the latter the big money involved. These ranging cartels--already global in size--when not using vehicles as barter for drug-purchases, or vital organs whose fabulous remuneration are used to build some new hacienda for some Big Cabula thug, with vehicles from as far away as Hawaii seen by us out here on Crusade, now operating across the whole USA, carry on a lengthy and theatrical fanfare of promised gratis or affordable "repair", by which the impecunious owner is towed off on the desert and simply left there, and finally, without food or water, driven to despair. Thus now long-gone, these goons load the sought-after four-wheeled booty on the backs of their semi-drawn rigs--we watched this ourselves at least once--used cars thus expensively transported across state lines, hardly constituting an honestly-profitable business in anyone's mind. Car-haulers carrying a typical eight or ten used vehicles, largely plated anywhere from Kansas to Texas to Hawaii, now seen by us on average every five minutes or less, along Interstates 8 and 10. Are some of these rigs in legitimate business, sometimes moving in caravans across the southwestern desert, hauling these plated used cars? I doubt it, but who can really say? Likewise do we get our gas stolen regularly by the same unmistakably drug/auto-theft-mob crew: they who spend much of the night, at rest areas, truck-stops, gravel "pull offs", and in-town parking-lots alike, shouting at each other and banging with hammers on some metal surface, so that you can't hear them siphening your and other-people's gas, or doing some other felonious deed.

The central axiom being propounded here--in an orderly existence far from the occult, emotional or greed-driven loyalties described above, and the wholesale chaos, robbery and murder they so readily bring in their train--is man's inner template, his natural inbuilt propensity, to construct a society along a certain divinely-instituted design, much as in the case of a hive of bees. Indeed that he already had the tools, the operative wisdom, in his hands for such a task in those first generations of Adam and Eve and those just beyond. That, if anything, he has tended over time to loose his grasp on social and political realities so fundamental as to have an integral share in his nature, his being, his central place in the created universe, his unique juncture of the animal, mineral and spiritual, in both corporate and individual terms. This theme then is a principal keynote of this website from its first beginnings around Christmas in December, 2002, when it first came on line: that there are certain tried and true parameters or perimeters beyond which human life and the state both cannot go, if they are to actually be what they signify, to "keep the peace", to be fit guardians and repositories of the common good, of human worth and dignity. Hence then the place of tradition--St. Jerome's "cleaving to that which is most ancient"--refusing to compress towering realities into a demeaning and unworthy, cynically-conceived, flattened-out size: in that breathless, eager, incurably two-dimensional, adolescent-minded thinking which modern-day ideology since "The Enlightenment" always supplies. We here at the Confederacy and Crusade remaining immovably, by the grace of God, in that tradition-loving mold, that template, those very rational, reasonable bounds, accorded us affectionately, placed there as definitive to our being by God Himself, in both corporate humanity and the individual soul. A pattern regarding a composite of mind, matter and spirit otherwise uncontainable, impossible to properly or reasonably organize or perpetuate at all.

But departing entirely from this humble yet magnificent, lovingly-bestowed divine template is a modern Judeo/Secret-Society-inspired "Liberty" and "Progress"-idolatry, symbolized in staggering pagan hubris in the Statue of Liberty, essentially a replica of the statue/lighthouse of the goddess Diana that once stood at the shore of ancient Alexandia in Egypt, that prototypical enemy of God. This idol placed on these shores in order to uproot that Holy Gospel preached here by Jesuits and Franciscans in arduous labors, according to Bolton watered by the little-acknowledged blood of hundreds of priestly martyrs, for nearly three centuries in prior time. Thus here with infernal help being established an impious, bloody-rebellion-oriented non-state, a monstrosity serving not at all that mankind for whose common good the polity was in human terms solely designed. Let alone serving that God for whose honor, and in obedience to whose law, it was even more fundamentally made. In this cryptic plot being found the false, two-dimensional, shallow mold or template of secret-society Founders, insidious men imbued with much cunning and with high-sounding phrases that the wicked always employ, perpetual malcontents instituting indeed no state at all, but rather a form of piracy or mass enslavement/imprisonment. This New Age fabrication being abjectly subservient to a tiny coercive elite, new Canaanites like their bloody biblical forebears taking to themselves all the prerogatives of God, of powers over life and death, of the bloody sacrifice of infant human life, and of mature humanity in mass-experimentation and perpetual "patriotic" false-flag war. Eternal Canaanites who in their pride and folly render human life properly-understood an impossibility, counting it indeed an enemy to be destroyed in the most implacable, remorseless if "progress-serving" way. Just as was done to an Old Dixie upon whom slavery was forced by powerful Northeastern Bonesman families like the present-day-presidential Bushes, and by terms of a Louisianna Purchase mandated by none other than Thomas Jefferson, that great "freedom-loving" libertarian, preempting original Southern-state desires to be admitted to the Union as free states. This artificially-imposed moral-onus of slavery then used as an excuse to destroy the South, a much more traditional, agrarian, non-radical society, in every conceivable way. The self-same perpetually-maneuvering secret-society clan enmeshed at the same time in Opium-pushing intrigues in the China, to culminate in the Taiping Rebellion, to the loss of fifty-five million Chinese lives, in heroic Oriental attempts to throw off this mostly-Yankee mind-and-soul-controlling yoke. With the planting of this same deadly epidemic on U.S. shores being then treacherously achieved by none other than Franklin Delano Roosevelt, that infamous false-flag warrior of Pearl Harbor notoriety, whose warlike Asian policies paved the way for the arrival of "Big Earred Tu" of China in Florida, using the Trafficantes to spread this deadly social disease of addictive drugs. Roosevelt, like most of our leaders so falsely admired, and like his ancestors of the 1800s a partner with the Delanos and Bushes in the notorious Opium Trade, having been a kingpin in a thriving twentieth-century-Asian addictive drug trade which Japan stood alone in striving against, and for which reason that island nation has since the late nineteenth century been systemmatically destroyed. While a formidable subsequent tool-to-hand for the false state, for this diabolical regime, has been both Hitlerian genetics--first practiced well before Hitler on these shores--and the ever-mutating scientific and industrial harnessing of sub-atomic particles, to the debut of that system of multi-dimensional enslavement, of abject personal dependency, we suffer under today. Producing a society which can ultimately be nothing but a Mr. Hyde, set loose by a cabal of Dr. Jeckles, stalking the earth to destroy what little remains today of genuine human life. Its more primitive ape-like ancestors since Barbarossa, "the ('inspired') founders", and Adolph Hitler having amply plowed up most things authentically human in prior times. Through Nazism and its opposite, Communism, the state is most cunningly destroyed, being see-sawed between these two polar extremes which are actually only divergent forms of over-centralization, artfully funded and supported by the same ever-maneuvering synagogue-dominated breed.

Hence by contrast central to true organized human society and totally denied by the modern Judeo-Masonic, morbidly-secretive state, epitomized in a synagogue-serving USA, is a traditional vigorous interconnected plethora of neighborhood, district, county, and local-to-micro-local institutions: in a gracefully-animated body-politic fraught with an abiding and inseparable element of personal interaction, indeed of interdependency: a word so hated in political parlance of a modern-day right-wing which has little if anything in common with the indigenous, largely-rural American conservatism of the early-to-mid twentieth century. The neo-con remorselessly destroying every last vestige of that socioeconomic existence which alone can harbor free and Godly human life, one built solidly on the constant participation of the common man, the neo-con economist, commentator or supporter being typically-enough an ill-disguised Hitlerite, tending with signature ill-admission to abandon all attempts at public commonweal, let alone at public morality. The neo-con keeping only as much rudimentary moral, social and juridical order as required "to keep the wheels of commerce turning": with the latter in turn having had every moral boundary removed--for the sake of allegedly-sainted "progress" and a personal liberty which is ruthlessly predatory toward ones fellow man--according with the swashbuckling and ungainly nature of the whole "Robber baron" idea deep at the Neo-Con/Neo-Nazi core. These talk-show-indoctrinated conservatives--to be at-odds-with-whom, just as with their violently-haranguing mid-century Nazi forerunners, is basically considered "treason"-- finding at most a theatrical umbrage with ultra-liberals over the moral destruction of both people and state, now being sacrificed to gods of profit, perversion and war. The U.S. praetorium ruled by a theatrically-locked-in-conflict liberalism/neo-conservatism, identical in all regards to the noted communism/nazism polarity: creating a see-saw of violently-argued but shallow or perfectly-insincere postures, a two-party set-to which actually embraces somewhere "on the dark side of the moon". Which in terms of actual fact and as suggested alternates between paganistic dictates of the Nazis (Ashkenazis) and the Communists, of Stalin and Rosenberg, as if they were divine, giving mercifully-rational human interaction nowhere to stand or survive. Hence in accord with this defining, cunningly-maintained, infernal, chaos-bent outward-polarity/inward-unity of purpose, the openly anti-life, anti-morality ultra-liberals--that other pole on this irrational see-saw of American political life--carry the notion of dependency to extremes just as destructive as the social alienation which rules neo-con thinking in its own unnatural way, modern liberalism finding man completely dictated-to and controlled by the state--just as noted Neo-Nazis finding him controlled by Synagogue-serving corporate big business. And more immediately, in intolerably-personal oversteps, by the ever amorphous and profane "group", let loose upon John Q. Citizen like a pack of dogs, to devour his every last vestige of self-respect, to make him pliable to all the showmanship and intrigue. Loose ends then being "tied up" by a perverse "for your own good" medical establishment more concerned with keeping a health-undermining pharmaceutical industry in business than with fostering human life: all this in a stiffling social net implacably at odds with paternal authority in a special way. Being mortally hostile, in that sodomite spirit which the Yankee tyrant must always maintain, to that fatherhood "all of which comes from God", reducing American society to a dominant matriarchical non-authority, all the while, in highest irony, women-as-such are hated, abused and despised. In a regimented national existence wherein flourish artificial social anomalies like the local home-owners-association--which together with the modern job-site culture basically drives the good and unique off the face of the earth, into stock-traded homeless "shelters" or out to freeze to death in the woods--and a pre-school-to-professorial mass-attitude-dictating conglomerate which most rigidly precludes and forbids the customary manifestation of Christian piety or thought. So that after this filtering process is over there is little left in man that is specifically human, or of personal belief, at all. In a system of international piratical tyranny--hence the "Skull and Bones" emblem--spread around the globe by U.S. international political intrigue and theatrically-justified force-of-arms.

But all of this sinister domination is decidedly to "kick against the goad", since as noted we find within man an innate, definitive, unbreakable social template: however much it might be hammered and abused by proud and evil men. This inner pattern preparing for we sons of Adam, and with regard to grace sons of Christ, a political universe, among whose central fixtures is a popular consensus rooted deeply in moral and religious belief: without which collective conviction or principle-of-unity there can be no state, no nation, at all. The popular apprehension, in Christendom within a common divinely-revealed Faith expressed in as many colloquial ways as there are persons, triangulating a rock-solid and insuperable public wisdom, forming a commonweal powerfully orchestrated to accurately identify and generously serve every human need, departing-from-which ensemble, and as we have seen so stunningly in the USA over the past fifty years, human life quickly diminishes to something more fit for a colony of ants, or a kennel of dogs. The polity properly conceived requiring the constant interplay of familiar, trust-based personal-rather-than-coldly-impersonal groups, affectionately-regarded associations which represent the human person intimately, which by their loosely-but-vigorously-interconnected nature, spanning barriers of distance, culture and time, readily overcome moral or social pathologies and alienations of every kind. As notably found in the highly-dysfunctional and potentially-perverse "bunker family", dealt with much here and there on this site. These associations in olden times starting at the humble level of the Old English Frankpledge--or micro-local ten-head-of-household all-purpose political unit--and range on up from there to the Hundred Court--of one hundred households--a sort of neighborhood court--to the County--the first strong but loose-knit link with those organs peculiar to the nation-state. Thereafter in ascending avenues of power being found a higher-nobility: with all these successively-more-powerful political entities doing ninety-percent of the ruling, making the state a truly popular enterprise. The throne in such a traditional setting being "organic" and non-absolutist in nature, coordinating, if in a fatherly way, far more often than commanding, giving the state a definitive secret-society-excluding unity which otherwise cannot possibly obtain. With occupational culture or prior nationality and other highly personal factors playing their part in a lively hammering-together of the whole: in a popularly-based polity which ever-infiltrating Jews and other burrowing, quasi-national cabals have always had a hard time undermining: and which they therefore slander and misrepresent in every conceivable way. Being a true state with its natural defensive instincts and mechanisms vigorously alive, requiring chiefly that the perpetual conflict between good and evil be everywhere acknowledged, and those in authority pious toward God, militant in defense of the just and right. All members of this ranging body politic exhibiting those innate sensitivities which the human body itself displays: with severe pain at the local level of a finger or a toe easily overpowering the whole, demanding that the injury be rectified immediately before any other matter can be looked into at all.

But where does "technology" fit into this interwoven tapestry, a "new way" which boasts "platforms" of every shape and size, unearthly phenomena which entirely overawe the input of the human person and his local and familiar groups, coercive structures, "oversized loads", which by their very nature bypass him, too often indeed leaving him "wounded", left for dead, lying in the biblical ditch? Over which trespasses we are bidden "not to be too much concerned", as this machine of "Progress" must allegedly reign at all costs, no matter how terrible they might be. This futuristic goddess of progress and a twisted form of liberty being characterized by a noxious water-and-food production, a murder-enforced addictive drug industry, and ceaseless falsely-provoked "false-flag" wars. These latter having characterized the foreign policy of the secret-society-founded, already-incubating USA, from prior Colonial days. The biblical "rest of men" being determined somehow by this arrogant and commanding "Master Race", ever at the helm of such a pirate-ship, as being "less than human" beings. Coming to us directly from out of modern Jewish racism, with forerunners back to biblically-recorded, Early-Church/Apostolic "Judaizer" intrigues constantly assailing St. Paul, this cunning and treacherous "march through the institutions", this perfectly-alien takeover must be called no human society but a conglomerate designed ultimately to destroy man, not to aid or develop him to any of his magnificent potential at all. Let alone admit him into the Christian agape feast of love, which the state is meant to objectify in every conceivable existential way. The modern development of purely instrumental electronic and industrial monster-systems is by its nature impossible to contain within the "law of our minds" of morality, of the noted popular political wisdom, rather readily and with brutal simplicity serving the interests of deadly secretive forces that rule "from above", that if given even an inch will take a million miles. This modern constantly-evolving system exercising a moral and sociopolitical absolutism never before seen, except perhaps in that ancient Egypt which Moses overcame, placing man on a conveyor belt upon which he must move faster and faster in order to "deserve" his place, let alone anything like respect or love. As the whole ugly monstrosity is entirely debt-driven, and by radically-extractive logic of compound interest, of stocks and bonds, must pay less and less mind to human needs, as "profits" hardly worth the name must be squeezed out of this proverbial lemon, "til the pips squeak". Indeed, the whole thing by this infernal logic must periodically be "burned up and started all over again" in pre-planned aggressive, false-flag wars, of which the past two "progressive", "liberty loving" centuries have been positively filled. So that all these "deserving" elites can break everyone and everything down even more, and have a yet-more absolute and diabolical control.

But God is going to return us to the traditional simpler ways, which are healthier and more efficient in every regard high and low than the monster-barbarity seen around us today, as the gathering end-time punishment so ominously portrays. We hardly needing these gadgets which only separate us from any significant interaction with our fellow man, in which commonality alone our true human nature is given any scope, trifles which tend to displace essential features of human life like the neighborhood, the family of husband, wife and children, and proffer us weird relationships with both animals and human beings which defy all connection with morality or with God. Which would permanently efface that beloved natural law which He stamped on our souls from the moment we were conceived in our mother's womb, giving us satanic and suicidal rebellion instead. This coming disassembly indeed requiring not only that we pray but also begin to organize ourselves again in this simple and Godly way: on an earth where we must all die anyway. Human life for all the drama and butchery having been extended only some few short years, and that mostly among a certain morally-subservient well-to-do. A human existence in which, when once again obedient to this Godly template, will have the prospect of a longer and healthier life, when older, saner, more natural and more healthy habits and pious beliefs are once again embraced and put into play.

January 31, 2019: The Shroud of Turin as the birthplace of the Catholic contemplative life, bestowed directly by Christ at His glorious Resurrection. Holy images as contemplated by Catholics rather than adored.

The contemplative life is in fact what is entirely missing in most forms of Protestantism, being considered an over-emotional species of illusion, a sort of extended "never-never land": thus dismissively regarded by people many-of-whom plainly regard religion as little more than a "handshake with God", the Deity indeed placed in a sort of car-salesman role. So that after coming to "believe on Him", "the deal" is then closed, and salvation dependably procured, and little if anything more required. While Catholics so devoutly imbued as to be "contemplatives" are plainly-enough thought of as "weak sisters" by this patently bible-only crowd. But it is contemplation itself--or its preliminary form, "meditation"--which is rather ranked by Saints like Theresa of Avila as the key to admission to Heaven, as in words of her Autobiography, to paraphrase, "those who meditate save their souls; those who don't meditate go to Hell". Hence by close parallel, rather than representing some form of idolatrous "adoration" as so often alleged, contemplation is precisely what we Catholics do when we pray in front of a sacred image: the foremost-of-which was indeed provided us directly by Our Blessed Lord Himself in His Shroud of Turin. That burial winding-cloth upon which an image of His just-then-risen Body was emblazened, actually "charred" upon that linen cloth, as discovered scientifically by the Shroud Commission of the 1990s, conducted by none-other than the U.S. Navy of times back then. A suprememly professional proceeding hijacked when about to come to the inescapable conclusion of the incontravertible divine origins of the holy Shroud: with its findings criminally, fraudulently denied--wouldn't you just know it--not by one of the panel of primier scientists and engineers thereupon engaged, but by some flashy Jewish media-figure, who "popped in" at the eleventh hour, when all the arduous research was essentially done. The latter mountebank given by his media collaborators--"whose number is legion"--all the prestige and acknowledgment, as if he were one of the erudite PhD's, indeed the leading light, of the whole thing. Himself after all, only "crying wolf"--which is what such men do best--much like the Jew Jimmy Hoffa (aka James Hoffman) when confronted by irrefutable proof of his own malfeasance, during Senate Select Committee proceedings on union/management corruption, stomped around the Federal courtroom muttering, with high theater attempting to dislodge truth. To quote the able dramatist: "fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me!": theatrical outbursts always sufficing to vindicate falsehood with such an ilk. But back to the Shroud of Turin: stamped, firebranded, emblazened upon it by fires of rampantly-victorious Divine Love was the Image of the Savior's incorrupt Body that had been in the tomb intact for three days prior, this self-made image of the Savior having actually been preceeded by that veil of Veronica upon which was also miraculously imprinted the facial features of the Savior in great detail, after the holy woman had compassionately pressed the cloth to His agonized face, disfigured with spittle, road dust and His own Blood, there on the road to Calvary. This miraculously-surviving cloth itself likewise easily measuring up to the standards of that Shroud Commission of early-90's fame, having already been ascertained by carbon dating and other evidence as originating in the first century A.D. Christ coming to earth and completing His redemptive mission having "made all things new"--in the only "updating" the soul and spiritual life of man will ever need--having dignified the place of art, of paintings, of statuary--His Incarnation itself having indeed raised to new exalted levels all physical things, to which this Son of God made Himself so humbly the companion, both the Creator and the Divine Brother from above. Although at the same time this raising of physical things to levels sublime, to act as intermediaries between the soul and God, was forshadowed already in the Old Testament, in piously-regarded and contemplated castings of archangels, poised above the Holy of Holies in the Temple of those times. But from out of these two sacred images of Himself given us directly by the Son of God was inaugurated the Catholic contemplative life, mysticism, largely by such simple material means, being thrown open to the most ordinary of souls. The contemplation--not "worship" or "adoration", as bible-only Protestantism would have it--of holy images being the first humble rung on a spiritual ladder which reaches up to celestial realms. Those higher reaches in which indeed the use of these images is at last foregone, and the soul is as it were stamped directly with things ineffable and divine, beyond human comprehension, in the words of Our Blessed Lord, "eyes have not seen, nor ears heard, nor has it entered into the hearts of men, the things that God has prepared for those who love Him". Those things of eternal beatitude of which contemplative souls in final stages of the mystical life are given some share--before the veil is finally torn away--"we see now, as through a veil"--and the soul is united forever with God. Those blessed souls who have ascended to the top of this biblical "curdled mountain", this Mount Carmel of the soul, whose avenue of egress is another arduously-climbed mountain: that of the Mount Calvary of penitence and earthly suffering as well. No simple and costless "altar call" here. A "Way of the Cross" along whose stations are administered these mystical graces, brokering patience and longsuffering, and every other spiritual gift as well, a bruising climb, not for timid souls, with these sacred images like so many consoling way-stations along the way, where the Heaven-bent soul can be comforted sweetly for a time. Contemplating the virtuous, patient and loving features of the Savior, of His Most Holy Mother, of the other saints: not at all as gods to adore but as pouring the salve of pious comfort upon the pilgrim soul.

Of course, as in all uses of physical things, excesses must be curbed, gluttonies and barbarities prevented, and so also one may become attached to a holy statue or picture in an immoderate, immortified way, or even begin to imagine that displays of feeling vented upon such objects can take the place of good deeds, of amendment of life, of a genuine love of God, of ones neighbor "as ones self", of that only-acceptable faith which objectifies itself in good and pious behavior. Here indeed in the theater of false devotion the Catholic can partake in the rank hypocrisy of the "faith only" crowd, in effect denying that one has to be "any much good at all". Hence the only kind of faith--according with man's defining body/soul composition--of which St. Paul or one of the Patriarchs could ever have spoken, is that joined to a "firm purpose of amendment", with any "faith without works" "faith" being a mockery, a hypocrisy, an artificiality of the most detestible kind, to be rejected out-of-hand by these our fathers in faith. Although of course all "works" or deeds require faith, together with some modicum of the love of God--no mere handshake--to enliven them, to robe them in the only acceptable "wedding garment" of divine grace: that supernatural influx and motivation which alone gives them any eternal merit at all before God. Although one good priest actually told me that, "as far as he knew", if any good deed by anyone is actual any good at all, then it is by necessity caused by the grace of God. And would there then conversely be implied some rudimentary sort of divine faith in such a truly good deed--a deed indeed of "good faith", as the term for "goodwill" once ran--perhaps not even yet recognized by the subject for what it is, but perhaps enough to save ones soul, were one just then to die? So that many would thus be saved, who would otherwise be condemned, not being held accountable for their complete ignorance of the One True Faith, but having showed ample "good faith", readiness in this way to accept it, were it known, by their ample and hearty readiness to do good things. Being led on by the "kindly light" of the Holy Ghost to embrace those "good things" of which the Faith is paramount. For "how can the Holy Gospel be believed, unless it be preached?" For it seems plain that most of mankind has been destined to be ignorant of divine revelation, as we look back over history from the vantage point of these clearly-prefigured latter days: that we true believers are destined after all to be a minority, in view of all the myriads that have already been, and the few that are yet to be. That we Catholics and especially our clergy were commissioned by Almighty God to be "a light to the world", rather than to repel our fellow man from the Holy Gospel by cruel international policies, by our much tauted Robber Baron economics which enslaves an entire globe, and goes away patting itself on the back as having done some great thing. God's grace, then, "worketh wherever it wills", penetrates wherever it is given a chink into which to fly. And our Catholic Sacraments, from which alone the graces of Redemption pour forth, in those few places where they are validly confected--notably now, ironically-enough, in an Orthodox Russian mass which is now perhaps alone indubitably valid--are thus showered upon these obscure souls, so full of "good faith", such as for instance I saw everywhere while in Vietnam. Good men, who had they been properly treated and instructed--seeing Catholics as bearing "the Gospel of peace" rather than the weapons of aggressive war--would no doubt have embraced the Faith in the most fervent way. These optimistic suppositions--about the souls of men--seem quite evident to me, although I would love to have those moral theologians St. Francis DeSales or St. Alphonsus Liguori, to ask such things, here at my side!

But obviously-enough, conversely, any outwardly good or beneficial thing done for some base or alterior purpose--for instance to drag someone else into sin--cannot merit the divine pleasure at all. Faith in God, then, however obscure, a gratuitous grace in itself, must be our motivation, in all our deeds, to raise them to those sublime heights required, in order for them to merit manifold succeeding graces of everlasting life, to cloth us in that wedding garment, of admission to the Heavenly feast. And holy images, first given us by the Savior in both the Shroud of Turin and the Veil of Veronica, and in subsequent ages inspiring Catholic devotional art of every kind as well, aid tremendously those contemplations of divine things which form the Catholic devotional and contemplative life, whose terminus is that self-same Wedding Feast above. Graphically assisting us in a taking-to-heart of those sufferings of the Savior and His Blessed Mother on Calvary and throughout their earthly life, each image a wayside chapel for prayerful consideration during our own arduous climb. Holy images presenting to us forcefully as well the trials and victories of the martyrs and saints of two millennia of Christian life, in a pictograph which for the Catholic dots so happily the otherwise-grueling climb. Along a humble path which so securely vends its way to that Wedding Feast, conducted so joyfully above.

January 20, 2019: The paramount latter-day example of "ears itching after new doctrines": the "render therefore to Caesar" view of church and state.

As increasingly interpreted by most Christian divines since late-medieval times, and in near-full volume since the early sixteenth century, this passage--in which Jesus simply sidesteps Jewish attempts to snare Him in another verbal trap--is contrived to express something light-years beyond its original intent--namely to announce a veritable co-equality of the state with God. This being the inescapable implication of this axiom if allowed to stand thus misinterpreted on its own, as modern exegetes would so plainly and indeed thunderously have it do. While furthermore and yet-more-disturbingly, in minds of modern political scientists this little formula thus artificially construed might be said to amply authenticate Lucifer's very own claims to such an equality with God, thus creating a dual pantheon of co-equal realms of good and ill. Since in placing the "things of Caesar" in perfect counterpoised distinction from the "things of God" is accomplished neatly and intuitively both the damnation of secular life, placing it in so divinely-alien a role, and in towering, infinity-hearkening significance, the comparison likewise invokes a veritable yin/yang of all being, both created and uncreated, between Heaven and Hell, one in which the latter is made to have a legitimate, indeed legally-established, institutionalized place as well. This misleading formula with infernal intelligence, in a kind of polemical jujitsu, turning a brilliant verbal maneuver of Christ "against Himself", as it were: robbing the retort of the Savior of its genuine virile meaning, seeking as He rather did to extricate Himself from yet-another Jewish trap designed to condemn Him hands down, over some issue, this time taxation, be His answer yeh or nay. Hence in this view--of a ritual-ablutionary, incommunicable division between church and state, ever sponsored by synagogue-associated powers--lies a fatal unquestioning endorsement of everything a government might decide to do--secular states having by dint of this clever misinterpretation escaped, seemingly forever, the superior juridical authority of the moral order over everything on earth, among angels, nations, or in galaxies far and wide. Here being found the false glorification of every evil--among which today's scholastic and Federal-court-sponsored sexual "self-identification" abomination takes odious pride-of-place--with every miserable new court-ordered, White-House-ignored perversity flapping "gaily" in the breeze of globe-conquering Yankee divisions: with a pagan, indeed satanic Caesar being thereby "rendered" his "due". A glorification of all Hell seen as well in monstrous demonstrations of sodomites in schools, on the street, or notably at the entryway to gas-stations, where they loiter around endlessly in order to open doors--with high ceremony, or with a sly grin, or with contemptuous mockery toward those who refuse the "courtesy"--for other unsuspecting men coming in or going out. This all-absolving misinterpretation of "Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar's" being a tired old mule upon which back-breaking loads are placed, a slogan, stolen mockingly from the very lips of the Savior, made into an axiom held to be unquestionable, divine: for "after all", "Jesus said it Himself". Case dismissed. This staggering but universally-accepted falsehood in political terms utterly demolishing the place of Distributism, which scarcely thus deifies the state, rather "distributing" its authoritative functions among the citizens of the body-politic, far and wide, to regions both humble and exalted above: the true democracy, the only truly-Catholic political philosophy worthy of the name. The common man most typically bringing his moral convictions in candid, forthright manner to political issues of every kind--thus trenchantly establishing the place of the moral order, of God, in political life. The guy next door having no interest at all in sidestepping this burden of good versus evil, as "the state", when thus divinely viewed and falsely construed, so readily does. This sly, deft substitution of error for truth, in doctrinally-obscure regions deceiving even men of holy offices for centuries now, being a formula which can sound so bright and intellectual, so cleverly counterpoised: inducing however not wisdom or probity but a fatal passivity-to-evil, an heretical Quietism, a practical-moral hypnosis, in men entranced by political-philosphical "spinning orbs" whose "music" mesmerizes and captivates weak and cowardly souls. This deadly hiatus of critical moral considerations of mammoth consequence--among Catholic clerics and theologians found as a yawning omission rather than an open announcement of error--being found quietly bowed-to in practically every Catholic or Christian political-doctrinal statement of the past five hundred years and more, in sermons, injunctions or, as we found out recently, even in a papal encyclical touching upon relations of church and state: if the version seen by us was genuine, and not some forgery, to cast discredit upon or misrepresent the Church, as is so increasingly common today. This disturbing exposition found in a non-infallible writing of Pope Leo XIII of the late eighteen hundreds, one couched in informal rather than those dogmatic terms which by nature require our belief: although even the "ordinary majesterium" binds our assent, as long as it remains in line with traditional Catholic doctrine. This doctrinal digression having been happened upon by us in an internet version of the encyclical "Satis Cognitum", largely dealing with ecclesiastical jurisdiction, where the pontiff goes into a perfectly-gratuitous notional detour, one plainly meant to placate secularist forces looming close by. They who only two decades before had marched through Vatican City, slaughtering some six hundred Swiss Guards, and any number of priests and bishops besides: an abominable armed intervention which broke up the Church's last valid ecumenical council, Vatican I. Leo's timidity in the document injuring the force of an otherwise useful exposition of true doctrine, stating, to paraphrase, that "in all this" he means "in no wise" to "approve any interference" of church with "workings of the state". Implying but not declaring that any contribution of religion in state affairs--let alone the use of the interdict, and other errant-state-punishing recourses--tools found so powerful in upholding an ambiant social and political righteousness in medieval times--is "interference", or plainly something wrong or inappropriate. These alleged "oversteps" "now" to be considered anathema, in a prohibition "safely" couched in vague rather than dogmatic and stentorian terms. All this too paralleling Lucia-of-Fatima's redefinition of penitence, into a new and radically-delimited form which "heaven now demands": such words being readily allied to Jewish futuristic-messianic plans, as if immemorial Catholic doctrine is for "old fuddy-duddies", while the future hearkening "enlightened" looks to some starry-eyed future rather than to that first-century past when Revelation came to an end. And that is precisely the bald way in which such timid clerical sins-of-omission are interpreted by coarse men--Jews, cultists, secret-society operatives, such as run today's pernicious pirate-"governments"--they who have no such quibbling scruples to deal with at all. They for whom moral obstacles to their treacherous plans are so conveniently minimized or removed by such timid and misleading papal or clerical statements, as delivered, in writings or sermons, to unsuspecting, untrained minds.

No, my friends, right is right and wrong is wrong: that is the only such cosmic cleavage--rather than this imaginary one between church and state--actually to be found in these epic-consequential regions of law, of government, of civil society, of church and state. In which holy opposition of good and evil--a mercifully-decisive cleft for ages now hidden under so much cowardly, flock-abandoning palaver--a salutary chasm within otherwise-unyielding rocks of human existence--in which salubrious space flourish not unjust wars, commercial robberies, persecutions of the poor, but rather, indeed "in gay profusion", moral flowers, good laws, "customs and usages", culture, of the most beautiful, clement and uplifting kind. Church and state being designed both alike to set their ample shoulders to the task of moving this mountain, of the practical attainment of the will of God on earth, commanded so clearly in the Our Father, elucidated with open and candid force by the Angelic Doctor himself in his Summa Theologica, by Boniface VIII in his dogmatic bull, Unam Sanctam, and in myriad other places throughout Church history and decretals as well. Before churchmen, "one fine day", steadily began to "give up the fight": first beginnings of which retreat from duty began on the very heels of the dogmatic Unam Sanctam of Boniface VIII, around the year 1300 AD: that short and sober statement, to paraphrase, stating that "every creature under heaven must be subject to the Bishop of Rome in order to be saved". In other words, that it is a grave duty of rulers and governments to be rigidly subject to the moral law: and if they govern Catholic nations, to govern them in accord with Catholic doctrine. Failing which solemn injunction such leaders lose their immortal souls. This instinct to express the rational human embrace of good and right in concrete terms of law, custom, the state: this drive so fundamental to human nature, written on the human heart and mind, "on tablets of flesh": now, alas, especially since the False Renaissance of the sixteenth century, quibbled-over, cajoled off the paramount stage of life, abandoned by those many hirelings who have taken up clerical garb. Church and state alike being commanded to be partners, expositors and judges of right and wrong, punishers of iniquities, being meant by nature-of-each to collaborate closely, so that the glory of God be celebrated and maintained, so that souls of men may with much greater ease attain to everlasting life, and that earthly peace and order might be attained. The Church thus obviously having the superior, commanding role in thus assuring conformity with the law of God of all things on earth, including all matters official, of any kind. While finally this intimately-shared commission of both these monumental institutions impedes no one in the attainment of legitimate private gains--as sops and sophists of the media on both left and right so theatrically maintain--nor limits anyone's reasonable, orderly, rational liberty to "pursue happiness", to do constructive and beneficial things. Both on the other hand inhibiting, if indeed in somewhat-divergent ways, any juvenile "letting fly" among humankind: that which inevitably does incalculable, oft-unforseeable harm not only to oneself but to others standing by. Most notably to the example and instruction of ever-morally-vulnerable youth, now being led down perverted "primrose paths" of every kind. And this most notably, by such very instructional sins of omission, by those very "men of the cloth" who are supposed to be conducting them down the biblical "path of life".

January 29, 2019: Sentimentality: this word among the first of anti-Catholic linguistic permutations.

This non-word like modern academia's other myriad verbal non-entities cobbles together several unrelated thoughts into one strange and unnatural one, producing an idea repugnant in the extreme, as only inveterate students-of-deception know how to do. Sentiment being the only genuine word involved, in its true meaning closely related to "sense"--as in the five senses--but standing on its own being applicable indifferently either to opinion--as in the phrase "such are his sentiments on the matter"--or to human affection--as in the sentence: "upon viewing the tragedy, sentiments of pity were aroused". With both these words retaining a close connection to valid, inescapable reactions of a bodily sort. But here is where linguistic departures into outer space begin, first in the non-word "sentimental", and then in the further warping of the original idea of "sentiment" into wider orbital modes of "sentimentality". Sentimental like its further-deformed cousin sentimentality having seldom if ever been used in literature or speech until sometime around the debut of Sigmund Freud, the vanguard-figure of modern-day Jewish-academic mental-disease-invention and other forms of notional intrigue. This concept of a person being "sentimental" suggests someone obsessed-with or immersed-in his own feelings, an unstable individual, a kind of overgrown child, in scarcely-restrained, physically-dramatized outbursts likely-enough indulged in morbid degrees. The sort of person who in prior times would have been called any number of morally-weighted and intellectually-precise things: like for instance undisciplined, immature, childish, and so on. While the term sentimentality--ah, here the undying Jewish aim, which a "forward-looking", "no limits" academia always serves so slavishly well--was finally cobbled together to condemn to regions of over-emotional, slobbering folly all the feeling, the sentiment, the body-language, the fluidity of facial expression, the contemplative soaring, of the Catholic soul, sending them contemptuously to regions of gushing, indeed semi-narcissistic self-indulgence, divorcing these instincts entirely from their place as heralds of the presence of the Holy Ghost, of Divine Love in the soul. For as maintained constantly on this site, man like all created things is a composite of form and matter, the first the template of the last, in our human person the soul being that into which the body is "poured", like so much concrete into its "form", giving flesh those particular personal features which the soul thus commandingly conveys. So that for we mortals, things of the interior must express themselves in a bodily way, if we are to be faithful to what we are: lacking which we are indeed fools, wandering in the featureless province of madmen like the noted Freud, or those Nazis who took off, flinty and impassive, from his "brave" but disembodied, necessarily artifical and concocted notional world.

January 11, 2019: Why the rejuvenated Confederacy is the answer, and a constitutional convention won't do. Cult-culture-law as the natural-law safety-net for civilization.

Those "conservatives" who insist on a "convention" as the answer to present ills always hold the U.S. Constitution to be the sole admissible starting-point for any improvements at all: this document being praised by them as sacrosanct, "inspired", "heaven sent", and so on, even though it was written by the deist of the ages, Thomas Jefferson, with help from a host of higher-level Freemasons and other secret-society cultists of the same radical-secularist, disguised-agnostic stamp. These ever-maneuvering "adepts", always associated with the "grand" Synagogue design, always ready to sink to the same secretive tricks--the false issues, the false-flag wars to distract the public mind from internal intrigue, and so on--such men are cravenly obedient to the "futuristic" Jewish scheme to destroy Christian Civilization and control, and ultimately exterminate, "the rest of men". The point here being that the same subservient rogue-elements, theatrically-righteous though they be, will inevitably be in charge at any such powdered-wig-era assembly, there with great pomp and circumstance to praise liberty while keeping us stoutly in chains: being the same breed so described by St. Paul. Tying us in even stouter bondage to a techno-driven monster-mega-system whose terminus is moral, financial and industrial ruin, and whose seemingly endless work-stations and process-ideological tautologies do finally come to an end: but only in Hell.

But Heaven has indeed sent us the answer regarding the genuine rejuvenation of national life everywhere: namely in the sociopolitical doctrine of the Catholic Church, taught for all ages, most notably in the late-ancient/early-medieval "Republic of Rome" (See bibliography of "Integral Catholicism at That secular/religious polity ruled directly by the Pope, that marvelous entrepot which recreated as much as possible the socioeconomic agape-feast of the Early Church: showing true Christianity not to be without good works but to be deeply immersed in human affairs, to be the healing elixir of human life. That One True Church called Catholic already in last decades of the first Christian century. While even under tenets of natural law, "written in fleshy tablets on the human heart", all positive, orderly existence must subsist under benign principles of cult-culture-law, or in the Christian context the development of law under God: without which rich nourishment all things constructive are doomed to die, to retreat into sodomy, and ultimately even cannibalism. Courting every sort of insane, murderous ritualism such as developes around us increasingly today. The state having no place apart from this Godly regimen, having no independence of its own, as claimed by ever-secretive Jews, atheists, agnostics and heretics since earliest Byzantine and Barbarossa "Lay Investiture" days: being itself by nature a child of grace, being designed by a good God to be "in the world but not of it". To exist in secular society indeed, from which it can hardly escape, but not thereby to become "secularistic", as today so theatrically justified under a specious synagogue-sponsored play-on-words. Good "customs and usages" thus defining liberty within beneficial if behavior-constricting parameters, producing a boundless freedom, not simply to "let fly", like an undisciplined child, but to do good and mature, wholesome and constructive things. To come out from the caves, to step off juvenile dune buggies, into the welcome, adult light of day, with the Gospel "good odor of salvation" being juridically encouraged and everywhere enjoyed. This mature, well-reasoned understanding of life and liberty is absolutely essential to the training and formation of children, that most valuable fruit picked from such a tree, nourished in such a soil. They who will by contrast learn very quickly to do perverse, chaotic and disorderly things, to never "put aside the things of a child", if not raised in a society which soberly disciplines and inhibits the downward propensities of fallen man. Of course, it takes Faith to believe these things, and to recognize the biblically-predicted Final Apostasy in that chaos and perversion which now irrupts before our very eyes. Even if the most primitive pagan tribesman seldom descends to disorderly depths such as modern "civilized" man now so openly displays.

How do our Constitution-dazzled New Conservatives view society: they who would somehow, by hook or by crook, always be in charge when constitutional deliberations begin? They recognize no battle between good and evil as being pertinent on that sorely-fought-over ground, that bitter antipathy which however perfectly defines this earthly life, with any degree of personal tumult and misbehavior being allowed under Neo-Con principles, as long as it doesn't "restrict the flow of commerce". This adage plainly a pillar of today's rejuvenated Robber Baron economic robbery, as proven out in the rentless disappearance of family-owned businesses, opening the way to consumer products wrapped in plastic to prevent inspection, junk which would have been rejected outright by twentieth-century man. This "philosophy" being the age-old harbor of global piracy, the perfect counting-house logic of a society thus imbued, and people thus twisted and undisciplined in mind and soul. These theatrical yet ever dismissive Neo Cons offering no real resistance to an avalanche of barbarity and perversion such as thunders around our ears today, finding the present court-and-school-assisted irruption of juvenile-to-adult "self-identifying" sodomy to be of no real consequence at all. Such deadly indifferentism spawned by this radical-individualistic view of life--straight from out of Nazism, Judaism, and the Bush-league Skull and Bones--cultivating an impunity which brings every sort of violent and malignant crime--which certainly impede the flow of any kind of positive and constructive commerce--in its wake, as night follows day. For we must have good, decent and deeply-grounded custom and benign, cooperative, and mutually-beneficial moral-culture in order for law to have any chance at all: this most-decisive battle of all having its first beginnings in courtesies and hospitalities of our neighborhoods, streets and homes, law having no foundation if not thus stoutly and in great detail reinforced by good habits and that goodwill which thereby substantially obtains, "like a hand in a glove" For in fact, as much as these devotees of Enlightenment Era thought will kick and scream rather than remove the mask that blinds their eyes, this earth is a battleground between good and evil where there is no polite or impolite "calling of quarter", and society must either be a cultivar of virtue, of juridically-upheld, good and innocent "custom and usage", or it is doomed to fall into perverse, ingrained, unresisted habit, to become a cesspool of deadly vice. For there is no escape from this eternal enmity of right and wrong: the denial of which truism--as found so trenchantly in Judaism and Freemasonry--is to attempt, like Lucifer himself, to overthrow the very justice-upholding throne of God. Wrong, then, has no "rights": in accord with rudimentary legislation written in biblical "fleshy letters" on the human soul and mind.

Thus plainly social suicide is a view of liberty which allows every bizarre form of perversion or barbarity to flourish, and as an inevitable ultimate consequence to rule the day. This monumental departure roundly exulting the prerogatives of the individual to do what is wrong, with disorderly behavior as noted above considered to have little if any consequence for society at large. But in highest irony "liberty loving" systems such as ours, in the rush of enervating passions which blot out every wholesome desire or thought, must always end in a cookie-cutter cult-of-conformity, since vice after all narrows life into the most infantile of preoccupations, and scarcely aspires to the noble, unique, delicate or original in design, ending by brutal necessity in vice-ridden conformity of the most rigid kind. So that to sustain the noted liberty/conformity contradiction--in which so many benefits for the wicked are obtained--eloquence must come to the rescue, where all else would fail, spreading the wild-eyed mania around the globe by force of arms. All this in close tandem to a founding faith-without-works religion which decisively severs morality from human life, since Puritan beginnings enlisting fevered emotion where sound faith and piety should rather rule the mind. This radical Know Nothing mantra of "united we stand" prompting Hannity and others of his kind to pull out the patriotic cry-rag, and other flint-faced warriors to fly six-foot-long Yankee flags from the backs of their pickup trucks, while Trump provokes the nations toward the brink of thermo-nuclear war (oh, there are others even more blood-thirsty than he, whom he is said to heroically restrain). Slogans of the double who replaced the real and assassinated Ronald Reagan, joined to the candid impunity of the father-and-son Bush years, blotting out all reasonable thought in this "land of the free". Freeing us indeed from pressing burdens of reasoning men, to "let fly" like on dune buggies like little boys, if we are of that highly-eulogized "successful" breed that think themselves to enjoy such enervating and juvenile things.

It is with all of this that the New Confederate wishes resolutely to part company: this craven sacrifice to over-extended childhood, to the whims of lower nature, which it all the above rigidly installs, to make fools and perverts of us all. This choatic view which instantly belies all this "liberty", requiring us all to be replicas of our wild-mannered, inhospitable neigbors, to relinquish all the legendary Southern self-respect or peace-of-mind. But Jesus says, "you are either for me or against me, and he who does not gather with me scatters". Gather, then, sons and daughters of Dixie, under both the Cross and the Confederate flag, with Jesus and Mary, the new and sinless Adam and Eve, the only place-of-refuge that we have, they who hold that noble banner tightly in their grasp, standing on either side! There gather with them and with order, goodness, virtue, the boundless liberty to do good: that which alone is the province of rational, God-fearing man. Of they at long last uninhibited by that perverse kind of "liberty" which spawned those radical "isms" of that New Age just then in the mid-1800s irrupting up North, just before the glorious First Manasses was frustrated by traitors like the Jew Judah Benjamin, there in Dixie's home. Southerns back then being incensed by perfidious ideas spreading everywhere up North, towering falsehoods which virtuous Southern ancestors of those times so abominated. Passionately, but with sober reason, rejecting those fanatical ideologies which put us in foul and degrading chains. Such as the eternal, ever-radical Yank always prepares for his fellow man.

How accomplish these good things? Peacefully: that is our desire. But we know by hard experience that these Jews, perverts, diabolists and secret-society underlings, just as in the mid-1800s, will never have it that way. Now just as then, they will spread their blanket of lies, of incendiary propaganda, over the land: in abusive attacks and demonstrations such as we ourselves continually experience out here on Crusade. For these people will never allow you to peacefully stand by what you believe, if there is anything Christian about it at all: as in the case of those sodomites of both sexes who go by blowing their horns at us in the middle of the night, or maul each other right before our eyes, desiring to initiate everyone at least mentally into their ugly, filthy and perverse wayof-life. These people many of whom, as we know only too well, are eagerly-ready killers in artful disguise. No these our enemies want war, not peaceful resolution of controversies involved. And when finally our backs are against the wall, and God Himself lets loose those decisive interventions He is even now preparing in His giant storehouse above, then we will answer in kind.

Secede! "Come out from among them...and touch not the unclean thing."

January 2, 2019: More notes on the Crusade: police "protocols" only for the poor. Article developed over the month of January.

We had one of our more rare misfortunes on New Year's Eve: running out of gas in the middle of a small Arizona town, a little further out from a big city than the typical suburb, where such things seldom occure. One of these classical remote "enclaves" of the wealthy whose chief supporters of an all-inclusive status-quo are the police, being guardians of the will-and-whim of the well-to-do who rule in regal splendor there. As usual with most such places, in dealing with "undesirables" such as we, when the inevitable two squad cars swung swiftly into place, and the grim-faced cops sprang out barking harsh commands, as if on some sort of raid, I never could never do anything "right", my every word or gesture being contemptuously ignored or gruffly greeted with some counter-command like "stand over here", "get over there", "let me see those hands" (high drama right out of "The Fugitive"), all of this barked rather than spoken, falling just barely short of an order to lie down and be cuffed, "sprawled eagle" on the ground. But these guys weren't satified with doling out these now-standard humiliations for the poor: rather did the lead figure in this pompous chirade continually pepper me and Joann with a host of irrelevant questions: in an ironic, sardonic manner which suggested the classical mid-century Nazi interrogator. As we realized later, it was a psychological test, such as cops are increasingly trained to give, to any poor folk who come into their tight grasp, to see if you either have "Alzheimers" or are a "mental case" from the word go. (Any failure of memory to these attack-dog type cops is instantly regarded as proof of the notorious but highly fictional disease: the stress and strain of the situation being disregarded as any excuse for puzzlements or states-of-confusion that may arise. After all, the elderly are "old" by definition, and since time immemorial comparatively slow in many ways, and might even become thoroughly confused if treated unkindly, or put under enough duress or strain: something that could easily happen to an eighteen-year-old. A condition however which was never taken as incompetence until our stock-market-driven "caretaker" industry took off like a sky-rocket, gaining lucrative and unmerited pride-of-place.) Then as a "last straw" in this grueling interrogation--from officers, interestingly-enough, increasingly tailored to look like the old SS of Nazi lore--when I was asked about the purpose of our Crusade, and, warming to the subject, took up the gestures and manners natural to such an exposition--mistakenly thinking that the vicious sarcasm and posturing was over with--I was barked at by both with the staccato "keep your hands in view". As I, again by second nature all the way back to childhood, might put one hand behind my torso for a split-second, while moving the other in front of me in making some especially-strong point. When I questioned the reason for the command, I was told that I had put my hand in my back pocket: quite untrue, something I never do. But obviously, the computerized report on my good standing as a law abiding citizen should have been waited-for before they questioned me at all: for their own safety--which all the "protocol" was supposedly all about-- if nothing more. For by thus without delay questioning me they would seem by their own standards to be foolishly putting themselves in danger, thus allowing the subject involved, in the midst of trade-voluble palaver, to reach for a non-existent knife or gun--all this a matter over which they claimed so much movie-land-theatrical concern. When finally the report came in, showing me to have no police-record at all, the pace of questioning subsided dramatically: although that is when it should have all begun. Obviously, then, they wanted "trouble" so they could make an arrest, or just to "have some fun" with some poor people, the "homeless" who had dared to invade their precious little rich-Ike town. Even as--killing many birds with one stone--we could be harshly and mockingly informed that those in our condition--in this storied "land of the free"--have no right to advocate anything, but should rather, like little children, "be seen and not heard". Indigence being however an appearance we wear like a garment, since even the good are perfect cowards when it comes to helping our Crusade in any significant way, which we must therefore conduct in such a haphazard, grueling sort of way, "out in the trenches", refusing to heel, come what may.

When I finally questioned this whole onslaught of unmerited aggression on their parts, I was smugly told that it was all "protocol" such as they had been trained to use "when questioning anyone". For otherwise they might be accused of partiality, while likewise "putting themselves in danger", since "who can you trust?". But we know for a fact, and it showed all over their smug and immature faces, that these same two "vigilant" cops would have mopped the pavement with themselves, had we driven a late-model car, and sported all the trappings of the well-to-do. In which case we would have been generously forgiven as well the typical rich-man's class-inseparable arrogance, his authority-dismissive manners, and gestures, and so on.

But most staggering of all, on that night-to-remember for years to come, was our stay at a local supermarket parking lot, to which we had been towed, by a good tow-truck driver generously, for free, after I couldn't be brought to lose my temper at these cops beyond a certain cuffable point. For there in that august place--where all the smug, scornful, contemptuous little rich-Ikes indulge their desire for sumptuous foods, the nicer ones being decidedly up-staged in ones mind, when the others are thus doling out legendary "looks that could kill"--we sat in our truck watching the most amazing thing. For there in front of us took place rather openly the "delivery" of illegal drugs from the trunk of the one recently-parked vehicles into the hands of the waiting addict, a ritual that extended into the night, with several such exchanges taking place, right there before our eyes. While in the last such instance, the pusher, detecting Joann's dumbfounded stare, peered at her menacingly and for great length from his car: as if she had somehow become involved, in something that was impossible to avoid seeing if you were anyplace around. And finally, at about four in the morning, there was a not-at-all-uncommon commotion, as heard by us during wee hours in so many other frosty parking-lots so many times before, of the angry shouting of what was undoubtedly some local drug kinpin--in a sort of threatening diction oddly and uniquely peculiar to such men--they who now plainly control this "land of the free" (to do wrong, not right, of course). Apropos to which disturbing scenes, that night there in that parking lot, is also the nagging question: is this why some of these stores allow overnight parking? Not to be kindly and charitable at all, but to give the illegal drug trade a "safe" place to wheel and deal? In support of which conjecture was the sudden appearance one recent frosty morning at about five thirty or so, in a Walmart parking lot, just when the workers are filing in to man the store, of the unmistakable local drug lord. He whose signature, as we have come to realize in our years of crusading, is to play his "boom box" at ear-damaging maximum decibels, his "glorious" arrival being thus with underworld pomp and circumstance announced. Well, this guy parked quite close to the front entryway, walked in with a box or bag full of something, spent no more than ten or fifteen seconds in the building, and then marched back out again to his waiting vehicle, from whose tape-deck continued to come the loud, disconcerting boom-box-music percussions which are the trademark of so much here, in the "land of the free". It all had the look to us of a "payoff". What else could it have been?

Next morning we were helped generously on our way, apparently by the whole grocery-store staff, as organized by a person who may well have been an angel, judging by his whole ineffable manner--the direct intervention of Heavenly on behalf of our Crusade beings not at all unfamiliar to us--apparently going around gathering small donations--unless it was all the work of this holy being, human or angelic, there before our gaze. A person who concluded the kindly and remarkable intervention by praying with us--not in the usual hand-holding way, which to a Catholic belongs more in a seance than in a group-prayer--but rather putting his hands on our shoulders in his signature-fatherly way, blessing our noble work out here in the most heartfelt way.

But where, finally, during all this scarcely-concealed tumult and illegal activity, were those pugnacious, so-recently-parted-with "upholders of the law"? Regarding a criminal exchange which every grade school child probably had some knowledge of, as to places-of-rendezvous or persons involved? Ah, these brave paragons-of-rectitude were nowhere to be seen, nor heard barking out commands, let alone cuffing anyone, sprawled-eagle on the ground. No, they know very well how to "make themselves scarce", to avoid "smartly swinging into action", when and where the real bad guys are easily to be found, wheeling-and-dealing around the stylish little town. Being indeed "meek as a lamb" when it comes to such truly criminal, reprehensible deeds, in exchanges of drugs which might well end up in the mouths or injected under the skins of children of youngest years.

But the defenseless poor, much like Jesus and the Apostles in the first preaching of the Holy Gospel, or indeed like the Holy Family at the first Christmastide, will always be treated like hardened criminals in these mean little towns: especially since the new, effeminate and supercilious kind of police they now increasingly hire and train in this way are taking the places of the traditional noble, kindly officers of old. These newer cops, most of them pro-sodomy or indifferent to the whole ugly thing, rather acting like rabid, barely-restrained attack-dogs, or like hip-booted Nazis, when confronted with we crusaders against perverted wrongs of our day. These "lawmen" upholding not law and good but today's nefarious elite status quo, "keeping up appearances", in every peripheral way. While thugs and killers run loose, and violent crime hardly merits any attention anywhere, anymore.

December 18, 2018: The Bible a secondary source of Revelation, perfectly unable to stand on its own. "Sola scriptura" and the inseparable modern "linguistic", "idiomatic" modification or "adaptation" of Scripture for Synagogue-sponsored futuristic flights. No authority is claimed here, as I am not a Catholic priest, theologian or trained biblical exegete, but I do believe that assertions to be found in this piece are entirely based on fact. Article repeatedly developed into February.

Genuine Christianity--or Catholicism as it was called by the last decades of the first Christian century--is utterly uncontainable between pages of any one book, while being even more incapable of today's ever-fluid "linguistic" revamping or reinterpretation of the printed page: being integral, unchangeable "spirit and life", ever hearkening all the way back to Eden, that original, unchangeable, monumental interpreter of human life. Indeed we fervently embrace this central defining feature of our Faith, its perpetual looking back to decisive, unalterable Salvation-history events, contemptuously ignoring dismal assessments of "educators" who sweep aside those noble founding moments of our race, rather counting men distant descendants of grunt and screeching monkeys and apes. Hearty agreement with which cynical and repugnant secular dogma is today beyond doubt rigidly-if-tacitly required to get any kind of college degree at all. But to we genuine Christians the Garden is the birthplace of a humanity distinct in its ultimate refinement of bodily form, separately created in an Eden upon whose paths God walked with man in the evening glow. This our first homeland gloriously recapitulated in the New Eden of Jesus formed from the Immaculate clay of Mary, in the only reassessment of sacred regions which will ever be required. With these new spiritual parents "restoring of all things in Christ", conquering for once and for all the Serpent coiled on the primeval Tree, he who never "evolves" from his ancient schemes. Hence diabolical heresy, ever instigated in some way by the Synagogue, when not embracing as forefather some furry stone-age monkey or ape, more typically hearkens away from Eden and all past things to some futuristic "beam me up, Scotty" age, for which all attachment to the less-recent must allegedly be foregone, like a new Temple sacrifice on a bloody new altar of stone. And the route-of-egress for this futuristic-heretical tower of Babel, ironically-enough, has largely been the Bible, held by countless Protestants, shouted at us from massive billboards and painted on the sides of semi-trucks barreling down the road, as "the only thing we need", with its pages indeed given ever-greater prominence as time goes on: even if Christ gave us no book at all, but a Church founded upon rock. And as if that weren't enough, the Bible is today much-linguistically-worked-over, "updated", the result often scarcely resembling lines and verses of before: heresy being an ever-mutating phenomenology thus powerfully enabled, on the one hand by its false elevation--as if held, like Muslims vis-a-vis the Koran, as a very emanation of the divine--and on the other by a cynical futuristic re-engineering of the self-same Written Word. Were not Christians content with the untouched, unaltered Vulgate for a thousand years: namely that venerable translation into Latin, derived from now no-longer-extant Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic texts, conducted by a late-ancient St. Jerome? He who with highly-pertinent significance admonished us: "When the foundations of order are overturned, cleave to that which is most ancient". Why then this sudden "urgent" modern need, to "adapt" Holy Scripture, certainly a "foundation of order", to the "ever-changing idiom of modern languages", as editors of bible editions all the way back to the '60's Confraternity version so theatrically declare? New renderings of Scripture becoming increasingly frequent since the original Catholic Duouy Rheims of early modern times, "authoritative versions" now approved by an anti-pope Rome, now being cranked out every few decades or so. But as night follows day, in mounting measure, and largely by dint of this stripped-down flight of sacred pages into notional galaxies unfamiliar or unknown, the beliefs and practices of today's Christians are predictably becoming progressively more foreign to those faithfully passed down by forefathers of old, in that gradualism which is the chief tool of creeping heresy and immorality in every time. Alienating us steadily from that message practiced and preached by the Apostles and Christ Himself.

Hence does this process-ideological employment of Scripture, thus "linguistically" stripped down for futuristic mach-two flight, threaten ultimately to substitute the Written Word--standing alone, doomed to be hopelessly warped by repeated "linguistic" or "idiomatic" "clarification"--in place of that ancient, unchanging, living and breathing, Holy-Ghost-sustained genuine Christianity or Catholicism, called by that name in the first Christian century, that was preached and taught for four hundred years before the New Testament ever saw the canonical light of day. Those first dimly-remembered centuries when the Holy Gospel was preached with overpowering efficacy, that Patristic Age when the Church's immovable doctrinal foundations were laid, with only the Gospels themselves being familiarly and invariably close at hand: if even these biographies of Our Blessed Lord, as they might be called, largely passed down by Oral Tradition, by that "faith which is by hearing", by doctrinal word of mouth, and with special force by a sacred art which forcefully delivered the teaching thus graphically portrayed. That ancient Church time when today's bible-only people could hardly have been present, to pass judgment on popes and bishops, to insist on rigidly following the biblical jot and tittle, to say yeh or nay, thinking themselves like the biblical Wisdom at the dawn of the created world. The Faith of the Early Fathers having been the definitive repository of that body of doctrine in which we Christians truly and properly believe, with the Paraclete "recalling to our minds all things Jesus has taught us" so long ago, ourselves never impiously regarding this prodigious living inheritance "passed down to you", bursting bounds of that "letter" which "killeth", as subject to strictures of dour-faced judges of our times, most of them scarcely up from a life of sin. Nor yet as merely paving the way for something new. We rather steadfastly adhering to the truth, scarcely ignoring a living and breathing Holy Ghost--imparted to the Church by that Jesus Who "breathed on them" with His refrain "receive ye the Holy Spirit", with no mention of any "absolute", all-knowing, all-determining "book" to be found at all. Even as modernistic theologians, a whole different ilk from the bible-only crowd, regard Revelation, with their usual impish and dismissive smiles, as only a hopelessly-primitive preliminary "striking up of the band", after which actors and players of a coming banner "New Age" performance can make their more-dramatic debut. As they and their ilk--their perverse power amplified by a bulldozing and cementing-over of the entire natural world, and a reconstitution of every earthly thing in terms of genomes and sub-atomic particles--would remorselessly break down and remake all things in the image, not of God, but of Hell--hardly the "subduing" of the natural world spoken of in Genesis at all. All this mammoth transformation, of the earth to a surgical sterility and of our sacred inheritance to despised lesser realms--all this only setting-the-stage for the new Jewish false Messiah, the Anti-Christ himself, even now waiting impatiently in the wings, there at this theater of new, futuristic, ever-morphing heretical views. Din of dramatic agonies revealed in bold-relief-contrast by a true Catholicism which does indeed develop, like a growing and maturing human body, but not at all to become something it never was before: as if to turn into a spaceship instead of a basilica build on foundations of stone. The One True Faith being a living, breathing, fullsome reality, one which keeps vital and vigorous connections with past Christian ages stolidly intact, one which as noted covers of any book cannot possibly contain, never threatening to depart from beloved beginnings, to go off into some weird new "non-normative", extra-terrestrial domain. Numbers of which printed volumes required for a complete literary accommodation of Catholic Faith not being containable, as St. John indeed tells us, "on the whole earth".

Likewise arguing against this trend toward slyly warping Scripture, while exaggerating its place and importance, is a late-fourth-century/first-ever-gathering of New Testament books which, even back then, could boast no single original copy of Gospel or Epistle as still extant at all, when this collection of Apostolic-age writings was finally thus assemble and declared cannonical around 394 AD: by none other than the very same Catholic Church thundered against with high-dudgeon by the bible-thumping crowd. The unrecorded saga of the fate of these letters, fresh from the pens of the Evangelists themselves, indubitably divinely inspired sources of revelation that they then were, having never been told: with methods of transmission and preservation during centuries of persecution, easily perhaps of flights-in-the-night, like that of the Holy Family from the murderous campaign of Herod: all this too remaining a sealed text all-its-own. While likewise giving us serious pause in themselves are disparities between Latin and Greek translations, long prior to noted modern "idiomatic" artificial-agonies of an academically-worked-over vernacular, in any consideration of Biblical line as capable of any perfectly-dependable if-prohibitively-miniscule capsulization of the message of Christ. Scripture indeed being rightly venerated, yet even in glowing words of modern exegetes there is no claim of absolute accuracy, of flawless faithfulness to the original, but only of one "substantial" in kind. So that anything Scripture has indubitably to impart is guaranteed only by that very Catholic Church from whence it came. For otherwise we must count the labors--hopefully sincere--of each successive copyist or translator to have been "inspired" as well. So that the true import, the divine inspiration of the Written Word--which by its celestial nature must indeed be precise--is to be found only in so far as it conforms to the official teachings of the Church--that heirarchical, Apostolic Body which Christ left us, which is alone accorded the promise of divine guidance til the end of time, including the accurate interpretation of every Scriptural line. That coming Church, with its Sacraments flowing already at Calvary from the pierced side of the Crucified Savior Himself, having been rapturously unveiled to us by the same Jesus, most notably at the Last Supper, but numerous other times in biblical lines as well. Jesus having hardly been satisfied with handing us a book, however exalted it might indeed be, as modern-day preachers, by all they say and do, would seem to hold, and then returned to His Heavenly Paradise, suggesting in a sense a sort of preliminary and equally-false "Rapture" doctrine all-its-own. The stentorian announcement by Christ of a living, breathing Petrine Church being found not only in Gospel line but beyond doubt in innumerable unrecorded instances as well: Jesus taking great pains, anticipating with loving, immeasurable divine force, this coming Church, never once mentioning some future plenipotentiary book, to which all else must someday humbly bow, a then-non-existent book neither announced as a towering future manifestation, let alone trumpeted as being "absolute", "the only thing we need": like massive billboards do today. Who, really, in view of all the above, could have thought up such a ridiculous thing? Obviously enough, from the very Scriptural lines themselves: chiefly a multitude of Church-burrowing Jews or biblical "Judaizers" must bear the blame: they who when they actually think themselves Christian do so only in a radically-Jewish cast which in effect makes the Church secondary to the Synagogue, they whose argumentation is always clever but never sincere. The One True Church rather having been marked out plainly as pivotal, central, perpetuating, indeed incarnating--being His own very Mystical Body--the very onus of all that Jesus had come from Heaven to do, during His three years of active, salvation-auguring life. No book being capable of being animated in such a divinity-participating way. The Catholic Church, despite periodic inroads and reversals, like those grueling infiltrations of these our own biblical "later days", being that citadel alone against which "the gates of Hell shall not prevail": as will soon once again so thunderously be revealed. This certitude as found in creeds, decretals and doctrinal definitions over time, a category which however stoutly excludes acts or pronouncements of anti-popes and rogue-councils, rare in the past, such as have disgraced this our modern day. Even if numerous fools might imagine that modern techno-wonders--which in this latter day can so easily "lead even the elect astray"--are ample proof against all such treacherous, nefarious things--allowing us to disregard present monumental departures as perfectly impossible in this "enlightened" age. Pride thus indeed always "coming before a fall". With towering applicability to our own day, the Creed-faithful followers of St. Athanasius during the Arian heresy, when "all the world woke up one day and found itself Arian"--a document-endangering time of terror, flight and hiding hardly less grueling than that of the ancient pagan world--having indeed formed with this bishop-and-primate a Catholic community out in the Egyptian desert, a place still then inhabited by penitential anchorites of those earlier Patristic times. A holy congregating, back then, such as we true Catholics of today are called upon to assemble once again, in this time when "order" is indeed "overturned", when error and perversity are everywhere rife. Hence, seemingly in considerations of such very preservation-related perils and uncertainties of those ancient times, it would seem that some passages of scripture have been carefully avoided by the Church whether in the Liturgy or in doctrines applied, developed and refined over two thousand years: as for instance a certain chapter of St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans, namely that which would acquit the Jews from a total moral blindness everywhere else on sacred pages thunderously proclaimed: rather declaring their's to have been "only a partial blindness" in kind. Roundly exculpating lines seemingly alien to the lips or pen of the same St. Paul to whom they are ascribed, found in that chapter ensconced among others of a similar kind: all alike seeming to contradict everything else in the Bible, and most notably the very words of the Savior--as about the barren (Jewish) fig tree that must be uprooted and destroyed--and a hundred more besides to be found in Old and New Testament alike. This apparent substantial exoneration of Jewry roundly contradicting as well those many Jew-incriminating words of the Apostle of the Gentiles himself, from whom that Epistle as noted came, and in which some of the most severe of Jew-condemnatory verses are to be found. Could noted synagogue-absolving, indeed eulogizing, words have been inserted by a hostile--"adding to or taking-from"--hand--during those centuries of terror and flight: notably in a Roman Church at the very center of the Roman Empire's bloody persecution of the Christian fold? As if these words-of-warning were originally penned, and penalties involved proclaimed, precisely and prophetically to prepare us for this very actual coming thing? Auguring coming "time bombs" for future ignition, placed cunningly in opposition to four hundred years of developing immaculately-pure Catholic doctrine, under the guidance of that Paraclete promised so formally by Our Blessed Lord? Plainly enough, such astute biblical subterfuges would amply prepare the signature heretical tactic of today, in quoting at bald face-value certain carefully-selected verses, falsely presented as being in trenchant opposition to that True, ecclesiastical and Apostolic Faith "passed down to you". Lines often indeed highlighted in orange or yellow by the bible-thumpers, to the near-complete disregard of the rest--(some indeed exclaiming, about more-mysterious passages, "we don't need all of that")--claiming that their thus-surgically-extracted pseudo-doctrines "are in the book, so they have to be true."

Thus causing us bewilderment are exceptional verses found in the very same Pauline Epistle to the Roman, employing the unprecedented imagery of a Jewish salvation-auguring "tree"--seemingly imparting a valid, continuing, perfectly-Jewish New Testament corporate-spiritual existence, antedating and indeed even superceding, that of the Mystical Body of Christ. A tree anticipated later to bloom in an exceedingly glorious way, as an anticlimactic summation of, and indeed possible diversion-from, the entire Gospel Way. A tree to which all gentiles--styled "wild olives"--are said to be "grafted on"--here a hint of signature-Jewish modern-racism easily-enough to be detected as well--this simile likewise seemingly in perfect contradiction to Our Blessed Lord's curse upon the barren fig-tree which is the Judaism of all times. That Synagogue whose ritual prescriptions were in any case only a symbolic prefigurement, a mortal vessel in which was carried that faith of Abraham which was the genuine treasure therein contained, that New Testament Catholic Faith namely which fulfills conclusively, decidedly and entirely the Temple ceremonial, the latter itself in all its detail destined forever to pass away. Here then the possibility of an alien-inserted synagogue-associated symbolism, one which summarily, by mere verbal formula, would seem to fix the Temple as continuing at the very heart of Redemption-history: a Temple, in high significance whose veil over the Holy of Holies was torn asunder at the moment Christ died. A Jewish glorification never even hinted-at in any other biblical line. Paul himself indeed speaking of Abraham as our "father in faith", and Jesus his "sole Offspring", while exhaustively repudiating any connection to Jewish rites and ablutionary strictures, named as "works" in a precisely-directed polar contradistinction to grace or faith, in a severance staggeringly symbolized in the noted rending of the curtain of the holy of holies as well, at the moment Christ died. Even as, finally--to answer today's diabolical "faith without works" claim--it could never have entered the good Paul's mind that anyone would imagine a faith which isn't objectified, proven for precious metal, in "good works", properly understood as "good deeds". Works whose sole eternal merit is found in their grace--or faith--or divine love--imparted origins--hence Paul's many careful but often highly-misrepresented caveats and qualifications. Neighbor-loving, God-honoring good deeds which can hardly be discarded, dispensed with, like unwanted baggage, for some sort of effortless, disembodied, "Rapture"-doctrine-oriented Heavenward flight: that fantasy namely that such bible-only people embrace so adamantly. Faith, according to our defining body/soul composition, indeed in close imitation of the very Incarnation itself, needing to "take flesh" in deeds, or be rejected as false, barren of any honesty or sincerity at all. As we are not angels but men, and when we truly believe in something must by nature act accordingly, conducting and proving ourselves as such, any denial of which truism shows us the shameful spectacle of one who biblically "looks in a mirror" but goes on to be someone else entirely false. A hypocrite, a quibbler, who "doesn't say what he means, or mean what he says". Testifying deeds being intrinsically required of any such profound conviction, as our reasoning nature testifies in the most rigorous way, with anything else finding shame following odiously in its wake.

Noted incongruous lines of St. Paul, be they genuinely his or not, are nonetheless quite pivotal to modern-day Marrano--or Crypto--Jewish infiltrations: as of a renaming of Jesus to "Jeshua", with the former name, Jesus, so beloved during the Christian millennia, being with terrible impiety contemptuously despised, cast aside, by the Marrano Jews that we have known. Even as their claim that the Holy Name of Jesus is a later gentile-originating adaptation is revealed as false in one of the books of the Machabees--counted mere "apocyphra" by Protestants and Jews, but used and quoted-from by Our Blessed Lord Himself--where Judas Machabeus speaks of a Jewish hero named--not Jeshua--but Jesus--as seen right there on the printed page of the Vulgate-faithful Douay-Rheims. Indeed and furthermore, do we ever make an issue out of the name John being render Juan in Spanish, or Jean in French, as if we must always employ the spelling and pronunciation of the subject's nationality, or be guilty of some black-hearted crime? Ah, here then, the perpetual Jewish raising of surface, seemingly-intriguing, but after-all irrelevant or even perfectly false issues: this apparently is the onus of the faith-barren, tumult-bearing "Messianic Jewish" crowd, such an impious rabble as so many that bear that name seem to be. This new movement seemingly another manifestation of ever-incorrigible, all-powerful Jews who stand ever-ready, when not thus invading ineffable spiritual realms, to jump to the opposite pole, and launch some ugly, monstrous barbarity, as in the present court-enabled sodomy "self-identification" brainwash-spree. This yin/yang strategy used to great effect in the action-enervating, synagogue-sponsored see-saw of radically-construed "either-or", Nazi/Communist Washington political life: always either "freeing" us from all rectitude or chaining us to some economic or political galley-slave oar. The Jews having brought us, among other things, in between sanctimonious airs, the now-never-mentioned "Streaker" movement--with Jews unquestionably at the head of the pack, running stark naked down the street, through the doors of buildings and out the back--such as throve so abominably well in the early '70s, if only for a year or so. Jews likewise having brought us the related decade-long, falsely-celebrated "Hippy" irruption, as seen not just in anti-war protests but for a much longer time in those traveling gangs of roucous sexually-cohabitating men and women whose public bathing and studiedly-ugly behavior--interspersed with arrogant and arcane philosophical airs--served to close down forever the many locally-funded rest areas which used to dot the land, with plentiful water from mineral-rich wells to quench the (legitimate) traveler's thirst. These life-giving springs now everywhere tapped: these rowsterers only supplying another clever link in the Jewish campaign to make the gentile perfectly dependent, now required to buy once-free or negligibly-priced water at exorbitant cost, full of health-destructive hormones and "cleansing" processes though it be.

But returning to St. Paul: could some such confusing passages in Sacred Pages, then, with which the noted Pauline Chapter veritably bursts, have been thus artificially inserted? Although few if any dare make such an assertion, yet no one can really possibly know. While as suggested above, strongly testifying to such a treacherous possibility--planted in the very Sacred Page--is the catastrophic use being made of these very lines by noted Messianic Jews who now assert themselves everywhere with signature perfidy and overpowering, financially-brokered force--who typically despise anything in the Church not directly Jewish in origin, or indeed anyone not Jewish in genetic background or prior belief. As we ourselves have seen and heard, having been volubly harangued by this great "Messianic Jewish" cult-leader now busy overturning centuries of trial-and-persecution-proven Mexican Catholicism in and around Socorro, New Mexico, with the usual tools of cynical, underhanded Jewish theater and coercion, and financial persuasion, being everywhere thereabouts applied. Suggesting to us strongly that these lines of Romans were indeed placed there as "time bombs" by the perennial stealthy "forward-looking" Jewish hand, already preparing this latter day treacherous synagogue-glorification during early Christian centuries of terror and flight. These verses speaking incongruously of a time of glorious, unprecedented triumph for the Church when the Jews allegedly will return at last, "en masse", to the fold. Jews who however, for all their millions of numbers during millennial ages, will only find salvation in those spare numbers outlined in the bible, namely of twelve thousand for each tribe. Whether such a mass return of Jews to God be true or no, this anticipation, as present events seem so forcefully to suggest, opens up a broad route-of-egress into the very bosom of the Catholic Church for hostile invasions of devastating power, inroads now underway, strikingly similar to those recorded by the very same St. Paul, when he was being vilified by the same vicious synagogue breed. Jewish nationality back then being falsely noised, among those primitive folds, as the unparalleled source of authority in the Christian Church, with inroads of "false brethren" finding him everywhere brutally beset--being frequently imprisoned, typically, as Jesus, by means of false Jewish accusations, and even whipped, beaten with rods, stoned some number of times, and left for dead. This first century false and artificial Jewish authority and prominence having been cunningly presented as far superior to that exercised by the very Apostle of the Gentiles himself.

But why, we instantly ask, hasn't this looming danger, found in possibly-corrupted scriptural lines, been fully and publicly recognized during prior millenia of the Church's existence, as being of mortal peril to herself? No doubt because it is sometimes better to be content with matters as they are, regarding a danger whose uncovering might easily "do more harm than good", prompting careless souls to lose all respect and love for Holy Scripture, or some others indeed to despair of the very Faith itself. But at last, Jew and Protestant alike must be decisively shorn of this last covert behind which to hide, to attack the Church with biblical lines. That Catholic Church by whom as noted all scriptural passages were with finality declared canonical at the end of the fourth century, that Mystical Body of Christ which was alone empowered to assemble that body of writings: the New Testament gathered in immense obscurity, books inspired indeed in their original form--from which so many doctrinal citings are made. That Church which our Blessed Lord gave us, and upon which we may with hearty assurance completely depend.

Hence do we most most indubitably have this rock-solid-dependable Oral Tradition, as infallibly defined by that "Rock" upon which the Church was built, which is alone accorded the unalterable, unqualified, unmitigated divine-guidance guarantee, within which assurances Scripture itself indeed remains safely ensconced forevermore: if only as a secondary source of Revelation, perfectly unable to stand on its own. Holy Ghost guided Oral Tradition hardly to be considered some endless train of perfectly-undependable "he said that she said that he said" of "old wives tales" such as some Protestants so sardonically assert, they thus with stark impunity indicting the very Holy Ghost Himself. The Church's teaching being derived from an Oral Tradition always regarded by Catholics as superior to, and more inclusive than, the Written Word, properly venerated though the latter indeed is. We being holders of a doctrine "universally" or everywhere "held": this title from the end of the first Christian century--first beginnings already rife with synagogue-sponsored heresy--acknowledging the Church's signal faithfulness to universally-held truth, as duly honored in the very name Catholic or universal itself. While in the case of saints frequently found among the laity this very unction of the Holy Ghost, this "passing down to you", is found in its own measure, if not thus officially confirmed, in innumerable mystical graces. These boons commonly and predictably being despised, regarded indeed with pompous and dismissive impiety as paganism, or as flights-of-imagination, among the faith-only, bible-only crowd.

Yet even with all the above caveats, we do not actually reject the noted chapter of Romans, with its bewildering approbation of the Jews--something we have no authority to do--nor do we seek to excise any other biblical line--but only to leave these obscure passages in the same limbo in which they have typically been left by the Church since Early Church times.

Thus does it seem to this writer that the full force and purpose of the Gospels and Epistles--although dogmatically recognized as applicable to men of all times--was for the biblical "building up" of early-Church communities, in an enrichment to redound in time to the benefit of the whole Church. These letter, if I may use such a comparison, acting principally to water, to fertilize that growing Gospel "tree in which the birds of the air (angels and holy souls) make their nests"--seemingly quite distinct from the noted Jewish "Olive tree" found in the Epistle of St. Paul--so that this heavenly tree, the Church herself, not the Synagogue, might grow to that full and towering heighth and girth that it was destined to achieve: these letters being still then found in their original-documentary form, being Revelation indeed in full and unmitigated force. But do we go to the water or fertilizer given a tree, in order to taste its fruits? Nay rather do we go to the verdant branches of any fruit tree, and afortiori to those of the biblical Tree of Life, in the latter case for full-developed moral, spiritual and doctrinal food such as God has supplied: as happy and thankful as we might be that those preliminary necessaries were so carefully and prodigiously supplied by the divine Gardener, when the fruit-tree before us was only a sapling, and in special need of such very care. Hence in consideration of all those difficulties already in Apostolic times bursting in upon the "little flock" of the Church--upon whose heels was the advent of persecuted centuries yet to come--in view of all this, the principal purpose of Holy Writ would seem, again to this writer, who claims no authority at all, to have been mostly, by divine providence, accomplished, in nurturing these early communities, rather than so much at a later time, after noted difficulties-in-transmission may indeed have made themselves bruisingly felt. The time of the immediate application of these holy letters by this logic roughly coinciding with the era ending in the death of the last Apostle: that time when Revelation itself as such came forever to an end: in contradistinction to Divine Inspiration, which has been imparted in full force since then to validly-reigning Popes, ruling within the bosom of the Church. This noted fundamental nourishment of the then-extant Christian fold being provided by these letters, being only one facet of ceaseless and exhausting Apostolic labors, necessarily written from afar: spiritual food by which we of later times have all profited. Provided us in the vigorous growth of a so holy tree--the Catholic Church--one so prolific in doctrine, practice and mystical piety, and in every other regard. Spiritual, mystical fruits which would prove so abundant, for instance, in a gradual unveiling of that Marian devotion which was a centerpiece of Early-Church life, honoring as the New and spotless Eve the Blessed Virgin Mary, who gathered there in the Upper Room with the Apostles, with special mention gaining her prominence there on the biblical page. These men awaited the indwelling of that Holy Ghost to Whom she was already joined in most intimate bonds, being His own very mystical spouse, in her Immaculate Conception of the Son of God.

But finally, God does indeed, just as recorded in the Gospels, leave stumblingblocks for proud minds to stumble upon: that "seeing they may not see...and be converted...and I heal them". Most notable among such "thorny" doctrines, in terms of the hostility with which it is received in heretical minds, being this very Catholic devotion to Mary, especially our pleading with her in prayer as to a Heavenly Mother, indeed the very Mother of God, as she has indeed from first centuries been called. This devotion to Mary being in fact a very Gospel "Pearl of Great Price", which when the inner household finds he should rather gather his friends and neighbors and rejoice, and scarcely spurn to recognize, found hiding there, humble and unattended, as if in dusty corners of this life. But as a seventeenth-century Saint Louis DeMontfort tells us in his marvelously inspired way, were Mary in first Christian generation or two fully preached and recognized as the New and spotless Eve, and accorded with rightful pomp and circumstance the place she actually has in the Plan of Salvation, then these Apostolic-Age listeners and perspective believers would likely have promptly adhered to Mary as a goddess, rather than to Christ Himself as God, according to that ancient-pagan weakness toward all such things. Mary's place, then, as Mediatrix of All Graces, as co-sufferer with Christ, there beneath the New and Salvific Eden Tree, showing herself a partner in our Redemption in direct contradistinction to the stumblingblock that first Eve had been to Adam, the first father of our race: all this would have been much too much for those ancient peoples to receive, to contemplate, having minds for centuries darkened by attachment to idolatry's fatal spells and whims. The lack of which open recognition in New Testament lines is however mistaken by modern-day heretics as candid denial of the fact, as proving "beyond a doubt" the Church's departure from its commission to preach the faith--something impossible by repeated divine, biblical guarantee--as if this Barque of Peter summarily launched off into idolatry by the recognition of Mary's place, in a Marian devotion already vigorously in evidence some time prior to her holy death or "dormition" and Assumption into Heaven after three days. This parallel to the Resurrection being merited by her Immaculate Conception, in an Assumption indeed shared by St. Joseph as well, this patriarch whose "grave", like Mary's, has never been found, who indeed according to Blessed Maximilian Kolbe shared with Mary her Immaculate condition, after he had been to her espoused. Evidence-of-which stoutly-upheld veneration is to be found in earliest extant writings of the Church Fathers, in that Mariology finally collected and solidified in definitive and magnificent expositions of St. Augustine, key-figure that he is in the perpetuation of this central doctrine of Our Faith. This Catholic Mariology--depending upon no "book", but coming to us from out of the innermost bosom of a Holy-Ghost-guided Early Church, being indeed a principal serving of that "meat diet" of the mature Christian soul, reserved for those first prepared by the Gospel "milk diet" of heavenly comforts which scarcely challenge first primitive falterings of believing minds. While furthermore and as the same French saint avers, a full measure of "True Devotion to Mary", as his principal book is indeed named, is a blessing that, even today, everyone is not graced to receive, a mystery throughout the anno domino ages remaining impermeable even to some saints. Its full embrace being a special, signal boon from God.

Hence, finally, as all the above suggests, the immovable, unchangeable place of Mary, "close to Jesus to the last", as mystic stanzas of the Stabat Mater so fervently declare, is under that profoundly consequential Tree--of which indeed today's Evangelicals rightly make so much--to be found in the middle of the New Eden of Calvary. Our Blessed Lady being very much inseparable from this eternal, universal, non-"updatable", focal-point of God's saving intervention among men, being the "Mother of Divine Grace", as her litany proclaims, such as flows from that sacred Tree. Alas, no mere emotional declaration being involved here, no simple formula of "believing on Him", but rather a strict, specific, unmitigated, detailed adherence to salvation-plan of God in all regards. While finally, recognized in Catholic teaching are maternally-shared sufferings of Christ in which we are ourselves indeed invited to generously share: here again, no costless "altar call" or novel, painless "Rapture" doctrine, which were it true, would have been universally preached long ago: we being enjoined to courageously take up the trials and moral challenges of this life. "Making up" together with prodigal and sinless contributions of Mary "for what is lacking in the passion of Christ", as humble members of His Mystical Body. Indeed taking our lowly places in that solemn Temple Sacrifice of the New Dispensation, accomplished so long ago on Calvary: that one only salvation-effecting means given us by God, with the prefiguring sacrifices of Abraham, of Arron, of Melchesedec being thus grace-vivified and fulfilled. Again, earth-shaking eternal verities hardly replaceable by sermons, Sunday-school, or the altar call: analogous secondary means in the Catholic context being humbly ancillary to the Sacramental life at its core. A Sacrifice with prodigal graces flowing therefrom--and with which we are bade to correspond--being entirely contained and accommodated, "dispensed", in the Catholic Sacraments, most notably the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. That oblation wherein the New Lamb is offered up in an unbloody manner, as the grace-producing fulfillment-of, and as merely prefigured-in, sanguinary Levitical rites of old. All these graces to be found in that "laver of redemption" flowing from Christ's pierced side, as so graphically portrayed in biblical line.

But why all this commotion over "faithfulness to the modern idiom of the people" when in fact a faithful transmission of cultural nuances of Apostolic times is the sole affectionately-regarded medium through which the message can be fully and adequately imparted or sustained? If indeed in a Bible incapable of accommodating a Church founded on the Apostles, a Mystical Body divinely commissioned to be the dispenser of those graces won on Calvary. The turns-of-phrase of forefathers being a magnificent vehicle for imparting what they believed: as hardly can we expect to understand someone when we "change horses in the middle of the stream", vaguely or radically modifying the very words which came from his pen, those syllables which in turn habitually proceeded from both mouth and heart. The magnificent gravity of ancient forms of verbal expression--before factories, freeways and digital circuitry, not to mention a modern "street talk" more vulgar and suggestive by the day, had desecrated every sacred thing--a mode-of-expression marvelously seconded by that Old English in which the Duouy-Rheims was made--all this is in fact an invaluable part, a "fleshing-out", as it were, of the Revelation itself conveyed. As to neither God nor man is there some "antiseptic" form of communication felt somehow "free" of both qualities and limitations of the living languages of men. Plainly plastic to purposes of heresy, then, is this spurious notion that Holy Scripture must somehow "be made to conform to the present-day idiom of the people": they whose separate languages, easily a hundred in number, not to mention their media-fed fads and trends, are said to be undergoing a ceaseless, indeed remorseless, "evolution (does that word sound familiar?) in terms". How does the truth survive such an erroding tide, such as must grind the innumerable sands of doctrine, practice and piety into a powder, making them increasingly insipid or impossible to retrieve, if given enough time? Oh, spare me this spirit-enervating business, of putting Freud or the local or "authoritative" linguist stoutly in the way between me and my Faith, having to parry with them, to receive their ever-changing say-so, before I can fervently embrace the same. The Faith by such means being made subject to "principles" never mentioned in biblical or traditional-ecclesiastical lines: just the sort of designedly-fluid thing, ever flowing through some new intermediary, or even "jumping through fiery hoops", which acrobatics the present "progress"-mania is indeed all about. The contention being made, with much grave ceremony and shaking-of-heads, that to conform in any way to the phraseology of ancient Romans or Greeks is to commit some sort of terrible, or even unnatural, sin. Here indeed in the din of all this linguistic palaver does one hear the roar of rocket fuel igniting, taking a Church, now thought a spaceship, into some sort of weird intergalactic realms: a perception redundantly and chillingly confirmed in this insidious conviction, heard frequently in college classrooms today, that "the virtues of the past have no place among 'technological wonders' of the modern world". Ah, here then the well-plotted trajectory of all this rocket-flight! Quite the contary, as suggested above, it is perfectly appropriate and becoming that we retain those once-well-remembered phrases of our near and distant forefathers, both intermediary and contemporary to Apostolic times, and the virtues which they verbally enshrined, whose accents are a rare salve to the soul, so as to pass on as much as possible the full onus of what they meant by what they said. A full and pregnant burden indeed, in all its emmensity and profundity, only to be found in that living, teaching, Holy-Ghost-inspired Body of the Catholic Church, but as much as possible reflected in a Holy Scripture faithfully rendered in every regard. Is it so hard, really, to understand once-familiar fullsome phrases of Old English, often so rich in feeling and symbol, forms-of-expression which often parallel noble sentence-structures of ancient Latin: priceless, definitive cultural heirlooms that they both are? Carrying to us the spirit in which the doctrine was meant to be conveyed, as inseparably contained in the measured meter and pronunciation that these forefathers held so dear? Forming for us providentially a diction which cannot be trivialized or subverted from sacred purposes. This traditional tremulous care for the Written Word being paralleled precisely in the verbal exactitude of the ancient rigidly-adhered-to Sacramentary which once validly confected the Blessed Sacrament at Holy Mass, conveying unmistakeably the validity-conferring meanings-of-terms. A Sacramentary of wording or "form" and rubric which likewise rigorously upheld, guaranteed, signified or even "demonstrated" in gesture, ceremony, word, and hymn, the valid consecration of a bishop, with the unbreakable Apostolic Succession being thus redundantly confirmed. This magnificent, immemorial endowment however today being summarily "updated" by a present-day Paul-VI-authored false-sacramentary whose vitiated "form" or wording for these two noted sacraments is now probably impotent in the first instance, and certainly-so in the consecration-of-bishops, leaving us "with a stone instead of a loaf" in these monumental regards. And with a clergy increasingly without "faculties" to hear confessions: as final episcopal links with the last real reigning pope, Pius XII, die out, or are subverted into validity-vitiating heresy, one by one. Advancing as we do a diction which cannot trivialize or invalidate the profound, the divine--as intimated, the ever-cryptic aim of interlopers involved--older forms leaving word-smithing con-artists little or nothing upon which to ply their noisy, slippery trade. This fact, finally--of a sacred language, set aside for sacred things--being indeed attested in nearly every religion known to man, in whose many precincts is inevitably contained some such exclusive tongue, used strictly for worship, conveying unbroken continuity back to some founding figure, sustained by an unbroken solidarity of thought, feeling and word with generations of religionists that went before. All this plainly for purposes not merely "emotional"--as if to indicate some childish attachment to the past, the indictment so often hurled at tradition-loving Catholics for the past sixty years--but for reasons of the most practical kind. Indeed Judaism is precisely this way, in perpetuating Jewish belief in the most ancient and primitive sense, with Hebrew indeed already such a sacred language by the time of Our Blessed Lord: back then with Aramaic rather being the "language of the street", Hebrew being that of Temple liturgical rounds. Whereas it is only Christianity which is thus expected to relinquish its use of those beloved verbal channels, fraught with grace-bearing cultural, notional and motivational sutleties, uniquely capable of conveying the full meaning and articulation of Sacrament or Written Word. That which is however only a tiny and often highly-obscure part of the torrent of Divine Revelation, contained fully in that Oral Tradition by which so broad and fullsome a Faith is alone faithfully, comprehensively handed down.

December 22, 2018: More on the new parallel economy of addictive drugs/grand-scale auto-"repair"-theft/"snatched" and refrigerated vital organs/Mexico-bound pickups easily full of ill-gotten bicycles and household items. This mammoth, hyper-cynical economic black hole augurs national financial collapse and another Taiping Rebellion or Civil War.

Headed for the Mexico border, whose illegal-trade-related focal point is Juarez, the number of make-shift car-haulers, put together like toothpicks, sometimes of gargantuan size, has multiplied astronomically, notably along Interstate 10, one such ungainly conveyance being seen out there on the windy steepe every five minutes or so. (How often did you used to see a car-hauler, even of the standard sturdy kind, on a highway of any kind?) These contraptions not hauling new cars or trucks off the assembly line, but those obviously used, seldom of the most recent model, sometimes even with plates still intact. One such load having been seen on the Walmart parking lot in Deming, NM, carrying a large full load of cars plated in Hawaii: with these items and others thus conveyed doubtless in most cases stolen after being "abandoned", as it is so politely termed. The proof-in-the-pudding, plainly enough, is the utter unprofitability of dragging cars and trucks over thousands of miles of sea and land, ever onward toward the Mexico line, substantiating wordlessly the illegal (no overhead costs) nature of the whole multifaceted thieving chirade. These autos named "abandoned" when "mechanics" involved didn't perform the "charitable deed" they had so graciously, if often in broken English, offered some days or weeks before. The indigent former occupants, if young and healthy, unable to pay full costs of repairs, likely-enough deceived, and finally killed, with their vital organs quickly removed and refrigerated for pricey sale to the well-heeled around the globe. Traces of which "trade" are to be amply had in mass graves of thousands, found now and again, full of organ-less cadavers, all along that southwestern Juarez/El-Paso-area border line. Hideous tell-tale signs-of-which interments are also evident in undulating foot-long earthworms to be seen seasonally all along the southermost shoulder of Interstate 10, on a stretch along the international border from El Paso to Las Cruces fifty miles to the west.

Another source of this prodigal flow of goods toward the Mexico line may easily be found in a wholesale liquidation of goods and estates of retired people, as conducted by younger relatives, thereby paying for their own illegal-drug-use, by way of this far-ranging barter-machine. This gravy-train being easily partaken even by allegedly-squeaky-clean "caretaker" corporations, themselves connected to this multifarious illegal trade in some way. Indeed, if "presidential material" families like the Bushes and Roosevelts could have tidily incorporated such pursuits with others more morally-palatable, then certainly these firms could be likewise thus involved. As this multifaceted criminality is an extremely complex "institution", penetrating everywhere, in a world likewise in which "Christian" homeless shelters can heartlessly cash in on the homeless, essentially making slaves of them in return for a minimum of shelter and food. These noted elderly original and rightful owners of properties having been adjudged "incompetent": this typically by standards of the most artful and devious kind, endemic to con-artists of immemorial time. Hence the incredible number of high-quality bicycles--a keynote feature of today's retirement life--heaped up high on the backs of side-board-heightened pick-up trucks, headed for you-know-where. And as suggested above, to complete this picture of mass absconding, is it highly likely that the "bills" of drug-takers to drug-pushers" are often "paid" in precisely this "in kind" way: whether using their own goods or those of a retired parent in this barter-oriented way. A whole new economy having been thus smoothly, if over thousands of miles of terrain, brought into being, with big honchos in the drug/theft/murder establishment being amply repaid for all their "pains", and the whole machine of extortion and death being "greased" amply in this way. All this suggesting the kind of system which can quickly overpower all things good, constructive and wise: things which require an attitude and an atmosphere of a totally different kind. The unequal contest involved, between what is essentially a pirate economy and one honest and orderly, necessarily "taking pains", favoring virtue over vice, being something like pitting in the boxing-ring an honest and civilized pugilist against a guy with machine-guns and knives. Alas, for all the moral liberalism, which has brought us to such a shameful pass! To precincts indeed of that "El Paso" where holy padres once trod with pious virtue on every path.

Yet to add to all the above, as if it weren't enough, it is now becoming more and more plain, when you travel Interstate 10 as regularly as do we, over desert hill and vale, out here on Crusade, that there is a mounting level of bald-faced extortion and intimidation in procuring these saleable items, to replace a former initially chatty and agreeable manner and mien. As the honchos involved, mostly operating with "law enforcement"-assisted impunity, get dramatically more belligerent from month to month, when you meet them unexpectedly out there on that road and others connected thereto. These fly-by-night grease-monkeys--who also love to steal gas out of your tank, if you lack a locking device--always have a "point man" of some kind--in our own case a few days ago, with our wheel-less hubs temporarily up in the air, at a rest area just east of Van Horn, a "concerned" semi-driver pulled up, with rogue-trade-standard unctuous-kindly words, to carefully find out our pecuniary circumstances. Such harmless-looking "recon soldiers" to be followed shortly as night follows day by these hardened-criminals, auto-theft thugs: in our case with two of them jabbering away in the kind of Spanish that only these crooks know how to employ, while theatrically banging away without purpose on some sturdy member on their inevitable tow-bar-towed hind vehicle. And then, theater thus thought well achieved, darting across the rest area driveway, like rats after a piece of cheese, for their real aim in mind: to inspect our own travel trailer, pulled by a much-admired mint-condition '76 Chevy C-10, the real prize plainly in mind. An "abandoned vehicle" to be baldly claimed a week or so later after promised "help" never materialized, after you've been left stranded out on some no man's land way out on the desert, without water or food. They that night having parked just across from our battle-wagon trailer thus suspended on high. I shouted at them to get lost, and was barely able to get them to comply, as they glowered at me in the dark, rooted to the spot, not at all used to being talked to that way, before moving on at last. (I guess they didn't know what I might have with me to back up such words.) These border hoods, now no doubt to be found busily at work up in Kansas, Colorado and Jersey as well, have it all down to a routine, always operating sometime just as dark closes densely in, rudely-if-"charitably" taking charge, humoring you while hauling away you and your vehicle, with well-trained psycho-duress, whether you have misgivings or no. While in this way, if there is any trouble, they can make a "clean get-away" for the rest of the night, sometimes with baldly-stolen items either towed or otherwise intact. (These lead-vehicle warriors often carry two or three such autos in a long string.) Glorified pick-pockets maybe landing on the morrow in some other state, with no onlookers, there in the dark, where it all took place, having had their wits about them, or even courage to show their face, to take down their license plates, in the face of the noisy and suspicious chirade. This, then, the "commerce", the "finance" which takes over, as the stockmarket fails, and the bond-abandoned-dollar falls in value, and the cars fresh off the Detroit work-stations or assembly-lines, one of a half-dozen economic keystones of our times, are not only space-age-ugly--looking for-all-the-world like jack-rabbits bounding ungainly down the road--but for functional purposes are the automotive "lemons" of all times. Always breaking down, unfixable without computerized technics that take hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair the least little thing. So that the above-described murderous trade is gaining roaring leverage and speed, promising, as the legitimate economy collapses, to bring every sort of rape, murder, white-slavery, and choas in their wake.

Interestingly, too, the old slave auction in the nineteenth-century centered in a New Mexico town some twenty-five miles from Santa Rosa, out in the rolling hills to the east, that once-notorious "Valley of Tears" where ever-raiding Comanches used to supply their Comanchero (half Mexican, half Indian) allies with kidnapped women and children to sell, is apparently still alive and well after all these years, probably as a hideous addendum to all the above. Or so at least we have surmised after an odd slip-of-the-tongue of a gangster-mannered tire mechanic in that Interstate-40 town, from the looks of him probably a neo-Comanchero himself. But Our Blessed Lady, the General of God's Heavenly Hosts, as demonstrated so often in her staggering interventions in the past, will bring the plans of thieves and killers to nought at last. She at whose motherly hands we place our Confederacy and Crusade, at her disposal to overturn the centuries-old Yankee con-artistry, dope-peddling and human-trafficking. Indeed in the 1800s Yanks like the Bush family commercially procured Black slaves, and probably also financially helped along the founding of the southern slave-holding plantations: they an inglorious family among a handfull of others without whose ocean-going services there would likely have been no such odious economy or trade, whether of yesteryear or today. Noted beginnings irrupting during the same mid-nineteenth century when Bushes, Delanos and Roosevelts were kingpins as well in the China Opium Trade. Intending to the contrary as we do to establish a government which loves and serves both its citizens and its fellow man, based on the law of God as the source of all law. For which purposes we will do whatever upright thing we must to bring a long-seer-predicted, Heaven-blessed restoration into being.

December 1, 2018: God is Love: some more notes on the Catholic Traditionalist movement.

Love in this New Testament biblical sense is rendered as "charity" by Catholic divines, by which term is meant that love which is supernatural, which partakes of that which proceeds for all eternity back and forth between the Father and the Son. Hence to a pious Pauline Catholic "I live now, not I, but Christ in me", partaking "by participation" in Trinitarian Spirations in which the Father gives of Himself entirely to His Son, and the Son reciprocally to the Father: with this Love in turn being so divinely substantial as to be Personified in the Holy Ghost. The soul, carried back and forth like a blade of straw in a mighty wind, being the frail human particulate in something so infinite in character, in this personally-unmeritable "becoming God by participation" of which mystics and theologians of yesteryear once spoke, that this encounter would cause instant death were it experienced in all its supernatural force, being indeed reserved thus fullsome for Heavenly precincts alone. Hence this genuine and spiritual love--the only kind appropriate to a grace-infused human being--will plainly-enough be essentially spiritual rather than emotional--let alone passionate--in character, when thus poured nonetheless into frail vessels such as we, looking to the good of the beloved, ready to sacrifice without reward, to give of ourselves as do Father and Son. This "charity" being in precise theological terms identified with that "state of grace" which in turn is identical to that personally-unmeritable "justification" of which St. Paul speaks in Romans. An Epistle where however it is nowhere suggested that "salvation" itself can be earned "solely by faith", and without goodness and innocence of life, as bible-only people are so inclined to believe. Our eternal beatitude rather being earned, in accord with that "law of our minds", our rational, good-and-evil-judging composition, by good works in tandem with grace and faith, amid manifold struggles and discouragements of this life, by a patient shouldering of trials and viscissitudes that are everywhere rife. God hardly having place Christians here on earth like spoiled children, aliens among suffering rational men, being rewarded both on earth and in eternity for a simple declaration of "believing on Him", an altar call, without any objectification of this state of justice in human life at all. The foregoing as all the rest of Holy Scripture indeed immoveably affirms: the denial of which human moral responsibility is the province of reckless fools. Required of us being rather a full share, as much as we can bear, of this divine love--"with our whole heart, our whole soul, our whole mind, our whole strength"--and not just a painless capsulated verbal formula. In imitation of the Divine Persons ready to give completely and exhaustively--and of course in innocent good conduct--of ourselves, to and for both God and man.

Those with this loving approach, even if somehow ignorant of the One True Faith, will no doubt easily accept same when it is properly preached to them, being as they already are open to grace, as born-witness-to by everything they do and say. Having indeed already the Thomistic "Implicit Baptism of Desire", as long as they believe, at the biblical minimum, "that God exists, and that He is a rewarder of them that serve Him": this being a quiet and blamelessly-uninformed faith which "Old Catholics" utterly reject. These heretics, whose connection to the topic here examined is revealed below, being likewise schismatics, making matters even worse, readily deceiving others, since their priests are duly-ordained by bishops who were themselves duly-consecrated by others thus validly if illicitly empowered, continuing this rogue "succession" since their break-away from Rome in the mid-to-late 1800s, having strictly complied with the "form" or wording required to "confect" the Sacrament. Thus indeed do the Orthodox retain a valid clergy as well. Hence can these "false brethren" wreak even more havoc on the genuine Catholic fold, having about them the appearance if not the spirit of Catholicity in most or many other regards, interlopers these Old Catholics, who first reared their heads as I remember at Vatican I in the mid-nineteenth century, in willful and direct opposition to constant Church teaching on "Baptism of Desire" found most notably in the Angelic Doctor's writings. These "Old Catholics" thus being long-ago-condemned wolves in sheep's clothing of which Catholic Traditionalist ranks are in turn fairly full. "Catholic Traditionalism" itself being largely backed and funded by open or cryptic Jews, who in frequent insidious faith-enervating activities love to use second-hand agents like the Old Catholics to infiltrate Catholic parishes, to vitiate every effort truly-Catholic effort, notably "Catholic action", among the faithful at large. Traditionalist of any type--if all this weren't enough--often and without any such assistance sharing amply the Jewish arrogant and vindictive character. Old Catholics, thus effortlessly admitted into Traditionalist folds, using the excuse that they are the only "true blue" traditionalists, having allegedly "found out" as error the consistent teaching of the Church in this regard, as clearly defined by a pope and a council already back at the same noted Vatican I. Among which quiet but turbulent schismatics was once found cryptically ensconced a certain Fr. Bolduc, the original U.S. traditionalist cleric, who despite his heretical convictions was amply able to found the then-newly-conceived St. Mary's College in St. Mary's, KS., back in the late-sixties/early-seventies: some say with prodigal weekly funding from an unknown source. (Was he actually ordained by an Old Catholic bishop, and thus formally a part of that heretical sect? This I would indeed suspect to be true, but a yeh or nay on this pointed has limited bearing upon what is written here.) No doubt Fr. Bolduc brought with him to Kansas in these efforts, like a tight-knit group of "colonists", any number of laymen thus likewise heretically and schismatically imbued, formally or not. These forthwith, as we bystanders remember so well, seizing for themselves a recognition they felt was all along their uprighteous due, in a truculent spirit which is emblematic of the Old Catholic crew, and has "rubbed off" on Traditionalists everywhere. Fr. Bolduc's erroneous beliefs however being openly and stunningly revealed to the public in his last sermon less than a week before he died, which we listened-to in amazement on the internet some months ago. (We ourselves are "sedevacantists", cleaving like the Traditionalists to the Tridentine Mass, but going even further than most of these and not recognizing this present long string of antipopes: yet hardly sharing the many harsh and dogmatic sentiments typical of others known by such names today.) Having ourselves for several years known Father Bolduc fairly well, during our own periodic stays there at St. Mary's "College": a complex of which a traditionalist parish was and is still, at our last knowledge, an integral part. We having for decades now been "driven from pillar to post" like so many devout Catholics, "stuck between a rock and a hard place", seeking some harbor of spiritual refuge away from the multiply-erroneous, vitiated Catholicism of these "post-conciliar" times. But sometimes finding ourselves, not in a harbor of refuge, but in a doctrinal pirates-cove, for all our pains. As noted above, Father Bolduc in his last sermon expounded at great length, as recorded on the above-mentioned internet video, on the alleged invariable necessity of water baptism, as if finally and with eager and trenchant impenitence "letting the cat out of the bag".

Hence one must be very careful when dealing with these "Catholic Traditionalists", as the whole movement was quickly invaded, and parts of it even founded, by crypto-Jews and heretics of every stripe. These more-recent Traditionalists, interestingly-enough, having had eighteenth-century forerunners known by the very same name, predecessors who were condemned by Rome as being in error, forerunners indeed of a highly-similar character to a great many thus nominated today. These early-modern religionists like latter-day imitators having been staunch "rigorists": partaking of a stark, over-harsh predisposition, one which looks upon God as "a hard man", like the stingy-hearted biblical servant who "buried his talent in the ground": but a bleak outlook in the event mostly productive of laxity and despair rather than a salutary fear of God. These rigorists are found everywhere in today's several Catholic Traditionalist folds, they whose formally-condemned early-modern like-named variety were indeed closely associated with incurably-dour Jansenists and Semi-Jansenists who throve back then. They in turn who shared much of the latent Manichaean anti-matter spirit of predestination-touting Calvinists Reformers of the Protestant revolt. Subsequent Pilgrim/Puritan followers, in turn wreaking unprecedented slaughter both in seventeenth century Catholic Ireland and immediately thereafter as emigrating Cromwellian-colonist veterans upon American Indians found in ever-militant marches Westerward of they and their like-minded offsprings across the continent. These ever uprighteous acting paragons soon to be joined by heretically-leaning John-Carroll-initiated "American Catholics" in their earth-cleansing operations, spent upon native peoples everywhere offering generous friendship, but in standard synagogue-cultivated hubris held to be "less than human", readily spurned, slaughtered at will, being classed as "idolators" for their typical fervent receptivity to genuine, French-and-Spanish-taught, Catholic Faith, as so selflessly and authentically preached to them by Jesuits and Franciscans over a prior century-and-a-half. A true, generous Catholicism, borrowed indeed from noted inner reaches of the Godhead, which as noted above would be thwarted, in close tandem with this aggressive Puritan invasion, by that vitiated John Carroll version, ever eager to "fit in", accepting without comment the values of Lodge-hall and Puritan alike, in a "Sundays only" religion which would so rudely take the place of all that went before among Catholics here. This cleverly-disguised false religion, a "render therefore to Caesar" gingoistic waver of aggressive-warrior Stars and Stripes, with which we here in the American church are all so familiar. One which over two and a half centuries has quietly tolerated or even harbored so many morally-lax and doctrinally-erroneous practices and beliefs with which we must struggle today.

December 7, 2018: Brainwash and the naturally-limited human intake of images. How the secret-societies--and I don't just mean the Illuminati--took only fifty years to accomplish their deadly work, evident in everything around us today. Try to "stay in the saddle" in this reading, as devious subtleties and complexities of ever-maneuvering biblical "enemies of mankind" are exceedingly difficult to grasp or analyze, requiring much thought and prayer.

Ever since Christ walked the earth the Synagogue has been busy cranking out heresies and radical political philosophies among Christian folds: busily infiltrating governments, universities and parishes, founding secret societies, or marrying into Catholic families, as always to spread their perfidious view "from within". As in the case of those Morrano Jews now staging a spectacular "coming out" in the State of New Mexico, centuries after their initial infiltration under Onate and his successors had been achieved, back when Jews carried the Spanish-Imperial commercial writ around the globe, although expressly forbidden to do so by law. Being "let in by the back door" by way of barely-veiled "Spanish" Habsburg complicity. These closet-exiting Jews likely claiming to be of the "Messianic" variety, or "Christian Jews", so that their ever-burrowing, mole-like activities--so forcefully portrayed in the Epistles of St. Paul--can continue as before, with even greater effect. The essential orientation of the many synagogue-supported errors and ideologies of two millennia, in our own opinion, being Gnostic in character, tending, despite an open glorification of the obscene, to condemn the body, indeed all material existence, as evil, and exalt mind (hence the "Gnosis" of the Gnostics) and spirit as the only things of any value at all. And instrumental to twisted, secretive and counterintuitive maneuvers which go with Gnostic thinking like a hand in a glove is today's inescapable deluge of images, a banner project assaulting you from billboards, the media, educational system, all seemingly bent on glorifying the human form and all physical things, but insidiously serving to drag them all down to despicable and perverse realms, through glutted sewers of sensuality, prompting us to despise them through the contempt with which they are presented and used. This antithetical, occult hostility to matter and the body having been shared throughout history in full measure by sects like the Manichaeans of late-ancient, the Albigensians of medieval, and the Nazis (largely cryptic Jewish Ashke-nazis) of modern times: in thus with stark rigidity championing spirit over matter or body. These successive Gnostic irruptions, however, and "here's the rub", manifestly having nothing in common with the "spirit and life" of biblical page, rather invariably taking on polar definitive contours of the sadistic, barbaric, perverse and cruel, being remorselessly hostile to the spirit of Gospel-Catholic peace and joy: these blasphemously taken as weakness rather than strength. Obvious here too is the stout connection to Lucifer, "the Light-bearer", in his rejection of a Savior coming in frail corporeal human form, Satan being an angel fallen from his exalted place as the epitome of knowledge among heavenly hosts, yet still possessed of much of that incomparable intelligence with which he once was grace. His arrogant anti-human malice being quickly taken up by Jews of Old and New Testament alike, who then and now decidedly prefer his infernal adolescent hubris to the fatherly care of God. They and he alike smarting from this test ever shared by angel and human alike: of a humble acceptance or proud rejection of the Incarnation, or the assumption by Almighty God of the fragile human form, put before angels and men as the crowning event of salvation history. Like their close-cousin, infant-sacrificial Canaanites, Jews showing an inhuman, anti-matter Gnostic bend to their very core, evincing little if any mercy, letting their pride carry them to diabolical anti-human, anti-life extremes. As seen in their invariable lead position in their open or cryptic funding and promotion of aggressive warfare, abortion, and of life-extincting habits like sodomy as well.

Hence a tool close-to-hand for biblical "enemies of mankind" is the overpowering effect of images upon a frail and fallen humanity, holding pride-of-place in an eternal onslaught from nether regions below, since men "made in the image and likeness of God" have an extremely limited capacity to deal with the rushing stream of all such peripheral things. Kenetic invasions which would seem, much like the ever-burrowing Jews themselves, to overpower all spirituality "from within", deep within ones inmost being, where uninvited image readily, like an infestation, "live, move and have their being". Spiritual values being a treasure carried by men as in the biblical frail "vessels of clay", while graphic representations of objects, people, or events, due to our fallen nature, easily over-awe that which is most sublime, these sense-based images readily seeming to represent a three-dimensional "reality" all-their-own, one which to the more grossly-sensate seems much more pertinent or "relevant" to "real human life". As first proponents of "Vatican II spirituality" back in the '60s used to eagerly proclaim, and as vulgar exonents of today's whole panoply of violently-intrusive images indeed so incessantly maintain. Standard "older brothers" indeed loudly mounting a bully-pulpit all-their-own, a promotional of "bells and whistles" on behalf of ever-impressive and aggressive images, a theater with props, actors and lights, this "agenda" introducing men by stages, or sucessive "acts" in the ongoing play, into things for which we would otherwise have had no mind. By such unworthy absorptions and graphic submersions actually defeating ourselves--if you can stay mentally in the saddle through all this bucking pomp and intrigue--"proving" our "irrational", "sub-human" condition to proud and pompous minds. Such a "bringing under" of "gentiles" being ever the general aim of the Jews: being the prototypical racists of all times, rating their own humanity as being of a special higher breed. Hence too the odious approach of con-artists of every stripe, Jewish or no, of the biblical "wicked and deceitful man", who likewise love to shower you with an enervating array of false impressions, of images whether verbal, graphic or gestural in kind, overwhelming you with the dramatic power they supply to artful designs. The counterpoise of the spiritual and material in human life, an area in which subtleties of every shade and kind absolutely abound, being an extremely delicate one, sustained indeed entirely by grace, any violence-to-which causes the Holy Ghost to flee the soul, thereby made an inhospitable place for heavenly things. In an interior not meant to be degraded, thrown off balance or marginalized: the proper human agile inner condition, as it might be called, alone enabling an eminently fitting glorification of God.

Hence this contrary combative hostility to our sensitive somatic nature, of Jew, Nazi and Albigensian alike, an assault which mascarades as spiritual but which rather represents something utterly diabolical in character, rejecting human/physical limitations while at the same time using them to destroy souls. In this signature twisted logic of Hell, like the very swastika or twisted cross warping the message of Christ, the subduing of the flesh allegedly to be effected--not by bodily-mortifications or a resolute spurning of occasions of sin--but rather by a complete rejection of all mercy, love, compassion, empathy--with these Christian virtues, to the Gnostic mind, with staggering, hubris-ridden malice and incongruity--and here's the jump into the chasm where one loses ones immortal soul--always abominated as body-oriented weaknesses rather than spiritual strengths of any kind. Benign and generous qualities working directly against the defining Nazi/Neo-Con/Manichaean "spiritual" or "intellectual" impulse to hate and destroy, if typically under self-absolving "achiever" cloaks of every kind. Indeed counseling a like refusal, as much as possible, to recognize pain, even in oneself.

Thus for instance the case of a man written about extensively in several articles on this site: a self-admitted killer of advanced years upon whom however it is exceedingly difficult to "pin" any particular crime. A Neo-Nazi of the first rank, having without doubt embraced this ideology while on Army duty in Germany long ago in the fifties and sixties, if from a then-notorious, soon-to-be-dismissed American general rather than any German at all. Nazism indeed having been born on English-speaking rather than Germanic shores, with a "survival of the fittest" Herbert Spencer its actual founding figure, his ideology only later taken up by Adolph Hitler, and racist-motivated experimentations first conducted not in Germany but in the USA. Hitler having indeed in great measure been initially launched and funded by the American "Bonesman" Prescott Bush, grandfather of George W., and to a lesser degree by Henry Ford. Hitler, the Bush family and a host of other prominence figures of the past two centuries in all walks of life having belonged to this all-determining, satanic, cross-oceanic league called the Thule Society in Europe, and the Skull and Bones in the USA: hence the chilling sobrique. But returning to the noted, deadly but relatively-small-fry Neo-Nazi and his incredible dismissal of all pain: he described to us, a captive audience, as related in noted articles found on this site, at least two beatings he had received, seemingly within an inch of his life, apparently in a tavern both times. This fiend, a killer and sodomite himself--sodomy being the typical historical hallmark not only of Hitler but of the whole unnatural, anti-human Gnostic breed--laughing uncontrollably, much indeed like that perverse fictional Nazi nuclear scientist Dr. Strangelove on the mid-century movie by that name, as he described his nose being broken repeatedly by blow after blow. And as a sickening finale the monster flourishing the crushed, bulbous organ before us, with obvious prideful glee. For to show any reaction at all to physical things--except in the process of brutally taking advantage of others in the filthiest possible way--an attempt for which no doubt this fiend was beaten so thoroughly--is to be oneself a weakling to this infernal breed. Hence by retaining this odious "detachment"--like the medieval-Albigensian "purie", cult-leaders with concubines of both sexes whom they desecrated in the most cold-blooded and deliberate possible way, claiming to prove thereby their "mastery" of a "weakling" responsive fellow man--they proved themselves contemptuously immune to being "overcome" by any passion or passivity, as noble receptivity-to-love is indeed rated by this monster-breed. Hence too the notorious American treatment of women, of Yankees with one foot, notably by tenants of an arcane and abstract U.S. Constitution, in the depths of truly-degrading Nazi or Manichaean philosophy. That which regards women with particular vicious contempt, and on these shores typically uses them as symbols-of-status, like certain tribesmen once used heads-of-cattle, and nothing more, while showering overflowing marks of affection solely upon those of the same sex. Thus too explaining inclinations which seem like heroism, but which when more closely examined show themselves to be signature-Yankee derangements and depravities of this anti-matter kind.

In this way was the U.S. system formed entirely under values of Jews and their "Founder" secret-society underlings, with our economic and political philosophy based immovably on these same sorts of stoical illusions, a "do or die" spirit, a "rebel without a cause" pugnacity, turning out a populace at mortal enmity against human life, against domestic and international peace, with a "liberty" chiefly to do wrong, whereby however we are put in stoutest biblical "chains". With heroic images of American soldiers in muddy fatigues, filtering "bravely" over the landscape everywhere, bringing with them this gloriously-apotheosized "American Dream". And today with ever-oddly-angry Trump-supporters, acting much like the man himself, urging us to "give him time", as the country slides into chaos, and "heroically" maneuvers itself toward a carefully-Bonesman-arranged Third World War.

But although the noted storehouse of interior-domestic statuary does indeed epitomize the weak side of our nature, the same actually distinguishes us as the central fixture of the divine act of Creation that we are, being the nexus of all created reality, a magnificent "summing up", in being thus formed with both body and soul--in our humanity being joined the animal, mineral and spiritual in one being or form--in a condition in which "strength is made perfect in infirmity", in the wonderful words of St. Paul. Our retention of images being the interior collecting-point, as it were, of this defining human recapitulation of all created things. While by contrast, there are already myriads of angels without these mortal contingencies and limitations, who need no images at all to amply understand, and creation needs no "wannabes" or grossly-stoical false-imitations of these celestial spirits to add to the millions or real and kindly ones already magnificent in Heavenly reaches above. Thus joyfully do we acknowledge the peculiarities and infirmities so definitive to our race: and plainly-enough one needn't veer off into ever-brutal faggotry to prove himself "a real man": ever the identical aim of mannish lesbian or glowering sodomite alike. Dealing respectfully and carefully with those image-imbibing and storing functions which are so easily glutted, as well as profoundly honoring that womanhood readily associated with inner images of the good and kind, that sex which epitomizes the tender, vulnerable, affectionate side of our nature in the most marvelous way, justly claiming our wholehearted regard, as by Catholic knights of old. Noted fragile inner facets of our human condition being an incomparable embellishment, singularly defining us as noted august notional assembly-point of all created things. Creatures which we must embrace, rather than reject, as does the "Master Race", if we would be truly human beings: if each indeed in its proper virtuous, mortified way, being ever conscious of a fallen nature ever prone to unlawful extremes. That museum of images, as it were, so vulnerable-to and easily-over-crowded-by things of a sensual or brutal kind: indeed with the keeping of a "clean mind" being one of several divine injunctions solemnly laid upon humankind.

Hence because of our defining social nature, humanity needs to collectively resist these many aggressions which Satan always puts forth, collaborating in society, in once-familiar and beloved intermediary bodies ranged between the family or individual and the state, in combating these vile or passionate images, things which Nazis of all times absolutely adore, in their hatred of all flesh, of all matter, wishing to bring them ingnominiously to the ground. In a rejection not only of their fellow man but of themselves as well, at least as rightly understood in that humble-yet-incomparable condition alone proper to our much-divinely-loved race.

But likewise auxilliary to these candidly-vile and sensuous images of today do we have today's whole range of unnatural scientific or "built world" material transformations away from the spiritual, peaceful, meaningful and constructive, from all indeed that is proper to human life. Exponentially-multiplying massive or miniscule structures or objects being intrinsically alien to our natural preceptions or condition, their inescapable distracting or bewildering intrusions being hostile to the further development of a sane and pious popular life. This in turn, from another line-of-assault, by way of the above-noted marginalization into a contrived "irrelevancy", favoring an "exciting", "up and coming" "reality" thus so artifully, if with overpowering forcefulness, contrived. Thus today's media-and-scholastic promotion of futuristic obsessions, artifices which draw man further and further away, not only from Revelation but from defining elements of his being: alien illusions in which today's abominable sodomy "self-identification" holds odious pride-of-place. Brute and barbaric academic/court-mandated tyrannies in all respects introducing foreign, anti-human dimensions never contemplated before, in a bewildering alienation of human life from generations past. In a cosmic auto-destruction symbolized powerfully in ubiquitous, gigantic, perfectly-gratuitous wind-generators--their cancerous, mushroom-like multiplication essentially harnessed to a radically-debt-driven, war-mongering economy without positive purpose or plan--all this together with other "wide-loads" for the human mind to bear. Even as we are likewise channeled down tiny and dangerous "goat paths" on other roadways under repair. All alike completely escaping, denigrating the existence proper to humankind. Thus amid noted noisy claims of "irrelevance" of our human past, in a sort of decommissioning by disuse of higher reaches of mind, soul and heart, being achieved an astonishing personality-engineering, wrought within our simple, maleable, contingent, "first come, first serve" image-imbibing notional composition. This aggression of things tiny or mammoth, overpowering or obscene, in league with the inescapable media image-mill noted above, being perfectly beyond our natural ken to properly combat, being exceedingly difficult to withstand or overcome, as we aren't naturally equipped with weapons to fight such things. Having a nature crowned by reason and will, but vulnerable to material onslaughts of every shade: that definitive, magnificent-but-vulnerable humanity which civilization is designed to both preserve and instill. Not to archly despise, like the ever-sardonic and arrogant Nazi/Gnostic/sodomite crowd. Modern media, manufacturing, education--let alone prevalent torrid sexual impurity and immodesty-of-dress--being as noted largely sheer brutality, yet gathering to themselves an air of righteous hauteur by their inescapable prevalence, and thus finding few barriers to their egress to eternally-consequential interior realms. Having been given carte blanc in our Gnostic-oriented, mentally-kinetic "democratic" system--which now, in perfect self-contradiction, boasts of a "new class system" more autocratic than anything that ever went before--as determined so quietly by cryptic forces ruling with totalitarian power--ah, democracy!--from above. Here too, in this kind of mental prostration, being explained the incredible docility of the electorate, in swallowing every lie, in the face of every sort of tyrannical wrong, a passivity, with all human cognition or receptivity having been worn down, as it were, in a sea of the garrish, alien, unnatural and wrong--in things which our now-despised and patronized ancestors would have loathed to even contemplate. Including a shameful meek acceptance of evils like abortion, euthenasia, the noted sodomy-"self-identification", and barely-disguised false-flag war. The voter's mind deluged by images of waving flags, by billboard intimate-close-ups of "in-the-know", determined-looking, "no limits" college sodomite-sophomores or embattled men-at-arm, these latter ambling across some field-of-battle in their tattered combat fatigues. These militants however assaulting so heroically, with stoical Nazi hauteur, no real enemy but rather the very sacred precincts of the human mind and heart. This all-points moral/military/political combat-assault being as noted inseparable from supposedly sacrosanct techno-futuristic transformations--both massive and miniscule in size--with humanity everywhere giving way under an onslaught of uninvited images of every kind, thereafter to fill to overflowing capacity inner precincts of each and all, crowding out calm rationality or will. With gross imposition steadily diverting our attention from eternally-consequential religious beliefs and moral values, and our authentic, respectful evaluations of people or interpretations-of-events. The force and appeal of things reasonable, of divine original, or purely personal, individual, of our own non-stage-production character--things subtle and spiritual, like the "soft breeze at the mouth of the cave" wherein the prophet heard the voice of God--tending amid this violent onslaught to be despised, pushed aside, obscured, annihilated by these artfully-planned, thoroughly choreographed and orchestrated things. As modern man heedlessly "rushes in where angels fear to tread", as programmed, like white mice, by an agenda-pursuing, hyper-dominant Gnostic-sodomite ruling breed, ranged remorselessly against us in secret society intrigue. Until we are all inducted somehow into those "mine is but to do or die" divisions, in every possible way to take our "righeous" places in forcing the Yankee/Nazi agenda upon a prostrate humankind.

Obviously enough then in all of this image-created onslaught of perverse and prurient things, to bolster and protect our inner sacred being of mind and will, is the need for sacred pictures or statuary, of Jesus, of the Blessed Trinity, of Our Blessed Lady and the saints: to "purge out the old leaven" with "the new leaven of sincerity and truth". Catholic religious art and sculpture plainly not to be confused with biblical "idols", "gods" identified in Scripture, typically of a bloody, human-sacrifice-demanding kind, a false-identification which furious bible-thumping fanatics nonetheless, against all reason, ever maintain. Sacred images which we Catholics use to objectify interior realities against this onslaught of the unnatural and wrong, pictures which help us to picture Jesus, Mary or one of the saints, but which we never adore as being the very same. Alas, a biblical "stumblingblock" here, for "eyes that do not see, and ears that do not hear".

Here then, finally, one of the signature affirmations of this Crusade and Confederacy, embattled as they are by today's brute dominion of cleverly-contrived, faith-and-piety-hostile images: calling for a return to a simple agrarian way-of-life as absolutely essential to any sane, divinely-blessed moral and sociopolitical existence. Insisting that our limited, contingent body/soul person or suppositum is properly objectified in calmly-paced, homely images and imageries rather than seductive or fiery pictures of prancing perverts, slinky Jezabels or colossal foes. That our interior is meant to be furnished with a kind and beloved, mild and morally-digestible inner and outer statuary, not only images of the Savior and the saints but also of the bringing of wood in from the woodpile and placing it on the fire, or of the unharried walk in the woods or across the field, the peck on the cheek of wife or child, or other cherished things not to be easily described but remembered so well, and affectionately retained. Beloved personal images not having been overwhelmed by some dazzling digital age wonder which entirely escapes mortal human existence, sky-rocketing into the weird and unnatural by leaps and bounds. But critically required is a human interaction, an employment of the things God gave us, in exact or close proximity to the way they came from His loving hand, any abandonment of which domestic fundamentals lays us notionally and spiritually open to increasingly destructive, and ultimately abominable things. With images, words, ideas worked over into pure hostile artificiality by a reprobate foe. Finally, then, the constant teaching of that same divinely-guided Church, that the prime duty of mortal man is to "avoid near-occasions of sin", such as these very foreign images often represent in the most powerful way. Even if this avoidance may result in a loss of employment or of friends, the landing in circumstances materially precarious in certain ways. Ever holding to the fore the biblical warning, "what will you give in exchange for your soul?"

Hence, finally, and as all the above suggests, this area of the interior, of the retention of images, is sacred and not meant to be tampered with: as here the soul of man is developed by God, in the spiritual womb of the Blessed Mother, as was indeed the human nature of the God-man, Jesus Christ Our Lord. Hence a freak of nature is anyone who would be so dominant and possessive as to seek to control, to overrule, this interior of man, the dwelling place not only of images but of God Himself, enthoned therein, when the souls is in the state of grace or "justice", as it is by St. Paul called. However today quite common is the dominant or possessive personality, perhaps most commonly the notorious "possessive mother", the destroyer of manhood among her boys, who steps in "like a bull in a china shop", typically declaring as inappropriate, or even as "mentally ill" any inclination in her offspring not determined by she herself. Being especially averse to any peace, recollection, or the presence of God, to any inner menagerie of sacred or quasi-sacred things, to which one might be forcefully drawn. Being herself indeed typically a staunch supporter of the noted onslaught of overpowering images experienced by people today, breaking down her child's resistance both to prevalent evils and her own overpowering sway. No, she intends to rule in her child's heart and mind, using these mass-indoctrinational intrusions to bulldoze away any development of character or moral strength, which might enable him to stand on his own, while deftly undermining her children's integrity through intricate connivances of every kind. This kind of a mother, often herself with inclinations toward Lesbianism or other such abominations, typically urging her children toward a "success"-bent admission of the whole panoply of media-cultivated images into their interior, brokering a catastrophic collapse of the life of the mind and soul. One's crucial and definitive identity being intimately bound up with this storehouse of interior things uniquely by oneself retained, treasures an intimate and defining part of personal identity, not to be violated by anyone: with others to be admitted therein only by ones own permission, as being trusted and loved in a special way. Here the definition of friendship indeed. An inviolable inner chamber to which mothers so inclined can so easily gain well-disguised hostile admission, by way of well-known advantages of an emotional kind. Her intrusions into such precincts suggesting a kind of "return to the womb", indeed a castration of manhood itself. Such an unnatural mother to be rejected, spurned, "escaped from", as soon as circumstances will permit: being herself quite distinct from one who really does love and care, who has a truly-motherly disposition of kindness and simplicity, akin indeed to that of Our Blessed Lady, one world's apart from this deadly fare. The possessive mother personifying in a special way that chilling reality spoken of by Our Blessed Lord, namely that "your worst enemies will be those of your own household." Even if there are to be found some number of such possessive fathers, even bigger freaks-of-nature that they are, since real men aren't at all emotionally composed as to be at all inclined in such a perversely-dominating way.

November 30, 2018: Another augur of the approaching divine chastizement: the sun is setting later and later in the day, not earlier and earlier, as we approach the dead of winter.

Maybe the weatherman will try to blame this one on "El Nino" too, and no doubt the dutiful commuter rushing down the freeway "with no time to think about things like that" will assume that "Trump has everything in hand" in this regard, too, as John Q. views but refuses to mentally consider a sun which now sets at five-thirty instead of the five-fifteen of a few weeks ago. Although it should really set by four by now, as it did when I was a little boy. A growingly-large and bright sun which likewise rises in the morning at a similar later time, and in the southeast instead of the east: which together with other related phenomena indicates a coming calamity of momentous size, in solar events of a sort not known since other planetary catastrophes, uncovered by Velikovsky, that go back to the time of The Flood. Rudely intruding facts--not media pep-talks--which would have staggered the minds of our grandfathers, citizens that they were of a saner, if "backward", less-"go-getter" time. But all the rosy, "upwardly-mobile", "new and exciting" optimism aside, "all the king's horses and all the king's men" won't be able to put this humpty-dumpty world back together again, once this end-time punishment strikes with full force. This now-commencing, all-consuming calamity, this planetary incineration, of which these omens are a merciful preview-like first installment given us by a good God. Admonishing us in His Fatherly way to prepare our souls for what is so soon to come. A subject to which this uniquely sane and sober website and this Crusade are devoted in a special way.

November 18, 2018: The manifesto of the resurgent commoner. The solidly-reinvigorated neighborhood as the refuge against false progress and other evil or unnatural projects and constraints, always imposed from above.

The frankpledge was a prime lynchpin for the rights, the agency, the wisdom, the prerogatives of the common man, with this ten-head-of-household unit of authority, home of the passe commitatus "hue and cry", having been bolstered, reinforced from close-above by the hundred court as well. With both these once-familiar fixtures sheltered under the power of the county, that fundamental common-law unit of the duly-constituted state, with all three close-to-home units-of-authority being firmly-rooted bastions of good, constructive, orderly human life. It was within the ambit of these humble but redoubtable units-of-government, then, that the common citizens stoutly, no doubt in simple and unmistakeable language, lodged his yeh or nay: eloquent persuasions of inevitable well-heeled mountebanks notwithstanding. And it is here again today, in the reinvigoration of these three solid public things, that some new and artfully-argued "advance" can likewise meet with a brick wall of resistance, when assessed by labor-seasoned minds and well-weathered eyes. Being ruefully recognized as opening the door to a steady and irresistable erosion of fatherly authority, to a patiently-pursued but ultimately-unquestionable dominion of ever-secretive forces from above. The commoner far rather preferring less-impressive, more-laborious methods and smaller scale--stolid proof against con-men of every shade--to podium theaters or vaunted visions of wind-generators, sky-scrapers or space-flight: "boons of modern times" which guarantee you and your next door neighbor nothing so much as the sacrifice of your sons on the altar of some new god of aggressive or false-flag war, some new Mars. The commoner having no interest in a painless "automated" or "digital" existence which strains toward a purely earthly immortality, for which only fools are willing to pay such a human-sacrificial price. This weird new form of "salvation" being the carrot poise so deftly on the end of this "promise you the moon" stick--but which in the practical fact produces poverty, misery and death for myriads of the poor and unborn, while generally adding to the lives of even the well-off at most some ten or fifteen years. These typically spent under the hovering "care" of a medical establishment controlled by finance and secret societies, bent more on abortion, euthenasia, human experimentation and test-tube babies than on health or life. The ordinary citizen being by moral instinct a child of the Church, and under its duly-constituted supreme authority views this earth as only a dark passageway to, a place of testing for, an eternity he wishes to spend in Heaven with God. In the light of which all earthly improvements are viewed, and accepted only if they contribute to this good and noble pursuit.

What, then: do we categorically reject any "technological" improvements of any kind? As constantly reiterated in my first two books, Integral Catholicism and Random Essays on Economic Development, the test to be employed in this regard is that of scale. Hence the unfailing rule of thumb: if some alleged advance or form of "progress" presupposes any departure from the familiar oversight of the common man, and of those higher-level persons with whom he is thoroughly well acquainted, providentially-provided leaders who have earned his trust in the daily give and take of human life, then that "new and exciting" step forward is to be rejected in the most thorough and thunderous way. Is this a humble route? Indeed, it is. Is it a dependable and noble route? Even more assuredly indeed, not being a parade route loaded with carefully-disguised undertakers at every corner, counting their shekels in terms of some "progress-necessary" neglect or expenditure of human life. And if we expect any better of this earth than this humble procedure can procure, then we are fools who deserve all the agonies we condemn ourselves to by such vaunted visions and starry-eyed dreams, such as have led man to the dismal "progress" of today.