The New and Better Confederacy, the only road away from the perversion and addiction which presently rule in the USA. 4, 2019.

Republicans and democrats find no common ground at all, guaranteeing a perpetual standoff which brokers the dictatorship of a perverse, corrupt and secretive few.

Thus have our leaders surrendered the field to court-and-academic purveyors of abominable childhood “sexual self-identification”: a depraved fantasy now peddled-off, pedophile-like, on our young: this diabolism part and parcel of a cynical agenda long supported by our Federal courts, just like the equally-depraved abortion of the past forty-six years. But these poliiticians, including Donald Trump, are so supine and beholden to special interests that this and other milestones in the ongoing corruption of youth are seldom even mentioned among them, let alone forcefully addressed: revealing a craven passivity which surrenders to this hideous, externally-induced inner deformity as “the wave of the future”, together with other things nearly as bad. “Deep State” machinations being involved which steadily bring about the death of our Civilization—fatally whipsawed by artificially-concocted but breathlessly-plied extremes—a sideshow which ably distracts the voter from looming end-time moral depravities both now and yet to come.

But a preliminary coup strongly enabling this infernal transformation has been the steady development, also cleverly orchestrated from on high, of today’s mammoth addictive drug trade: a remorseless enemy of civilized existence much like the childhood perversion noted above, addiction a scourge which tends to become cast in stone as time goes on. This “trade”, “legalized” or not, tending historically toward social chaos and/or civil war, calamities which now so rudely and portentously howl around our doors, with the gathering maelstrom luridly anticipated in multiplying newscasts of drug-mob-associated deaths and other sordid and violent deeds. Yet as might be expected from all the officially-endorsed passivity referred-to above, this epidemic finds little if any effective opposition in schools, media or halls-of-state, as broadly-tolerated addiction, by nature full of social and market spinoffs of every shape and size, tends, like persuasions of money and preferment noted above, to gravely corrupt those in power, and to compromise whole families and neighborhoods in coercive sub-culture thralls. This innately brutal and self-perpetuating “trade” hijacks the entire economy as well, the marketplace becoming progressively more barren of genuine productive multipliers, with a hefty sur-charge, a carrying fee, as it were, finding popular constructive energies “milked for all their worth”, to support this worthless, personally-and-nationally-vitiating activity, one which likewise squanders crucial resources needed by other pursuits of an uplifting and positive kind. The cumulative economic burden inevitably being placed on the backs of addict and non-addict alike, basically in equal share, in increasing proportion as more and more addicts are added to this street-talk “brother” fold. Scarcely resembling the fellowship of the Christian Faith, as all the mob-signature loose lingo so cynically suggests, this free-wheeling, street-talking association, which as it were economically drags us all along in its increasingly-familiar coarse and demanding way, abounds as well in “auto-repair” thefts and the abominable “harvesting” of vital human body parts, and any other larceny, weaselry, prostitution or pick-pocketry that can slyly or brazenly be arranged. All this to grease the wheels of an enveloping economic monstrosity whose earnings must be monumental in size if addicts are to pay their dope bills to menacing street-corner or parking-lot pushers, ruefully mindful of lone assassins or armed “collection” gangs they can muster at any time. Drug-related murders hardly being confined to Mexico, killings here being just as numerous if cleverly disguised in a host of ways, hidden under a “greatest nation on earth” mythology which absolutely boggles the mind. Especially when you consider that Uncle Sam, through long-standing channels stretching back to nineteenth-century China opium-trade ties, is far-and-away the drug-pushing, poppy-field-harvesting mastermind of all times: if typically using gangland surrogates like the cartels of Mexico, lavishly supplied with feverish revenues by addicts—and arms by well-heeled, officially-connected sources—here. A “nice arrangement”, all this murderous high-level duplicity, a broad avenue which law-non-enforcement and designedly-porous borders facilitate so well.

Leading citizen” addicts, then, prestigious “walled community” McMansion and all, just barely manage to put beans on the table and pay their mortgage on time, while likewise keeping a dope-taking or -peddling little Johnny or Jane out of reformatory or foster-home through carefully-ingratiated or dearly-bought political connections downtown. None of which of course keeps these star players from volubly condemning we “slackers” who aren’t so “successfully” motivated as they: having long ago rendered ourselves largely unemployable, disqualified from desirable housing or positions, for not having in some way or form “played the game”, or at very least adopted the blunt, street-talking lingo, of the ever-present addiction trade. This whole towering, GDP-determining superstructure of murder-laced addiction and vice being furthermore a chief determinant of everything from foreign policy to the exploration of outer space, as the mounting of these and other such "forward-looking" mega-projects, rolling in trillions, creates those fabulous if gratuitous and debt-based revenues, those jobs, which are required to keep officially-winked-at drugs flowing in greater and greater profusion as time goes on. While with high patriotic dudgeon keeping a dope-peddling-and-consuming Uncle Sam the "Big Stick" global overseer of all times. With unavoidable economic and financial “days of reckoning” involved—in these and other orbital, lucrative albeit phony-money schemes—culminating historically in bloody monetary-clearing-houses of expertly-engineered revolutions and global or brushfire wars. Can we blame the Mexican cartels for all this? Does all this “make America great again”? Only in the most coarse and brutal sort of way, chaining us all to our debt-based oars, under the command of these new Bluebeards on the main. For no matter how “push button” life may become, such “progress” can hardly justify the craven hypocrisy and sodden addiction involved, or the inevitable residual immorality for society at large: with homeless people, many of whom are sincere and uncompromising Christians who wouldn’t “play the game”, ceremonially branded as “mentally ill” by media and officialdom alike, with untold numbers disappearing statistically from ranks of the “unemployed”, often finding their final destiny in giving up their vital organs to some “well-deserving” Jew or “Christian” look-alike. Courtesy of that drug mob which is “ready to do a job” on anyone for any reason some Big Kabula may desire. With abominable organ-less-cadaver mass-graves hardly restricted to Mexico, as is so archly but mendaciously claimed by everyone with a podium or microphone with which to hold forth. A fact confirmed in grizzly detail in those foot-long earth-worms we have found while out on Crusade, along the southernmost shoulder of Interstate 10, ranging from eastern reaches of El Paso to western city limits of Las Cruces and beyond, a stretch of some seventy miles. Creatures which exist only to consume “food” buried in the ground. Massive “night crawlers” so numerous in that summer of 2018 that you had to be careful not to step on them as you trod the southmost shoulder of that borderland route. These corpse-fed worms, otherwise foodless in that barren desert landscape, manifestly being found by us well within the geography of the USA, and not in Mexico, as “patriotic” imaginations here would so stoutly maintain. These land-locked creatures hardly being able to swim the Rio Grande.

From this sobering perspective we can readily see, if we have the biblical “eyes to see”, that the ultra-centralized, lodge-hall agenda of secret society potentates here in the USA, achieved through cunning manipulations of two polar political extremes, must be ended at all costs, and life lived in a simpler and more localized way, if decency and meaningful freedom are to be once again found, on an earth where God has provided everything man needs, with relatively-simple practical adaptations required. All for valid purposes of a mortal human existence which—even when using that pharmacy-based “medical technology” of which so much is made today—can only be extended for a few short years, and this most commonly for some chosen few. After which all, both great and small, must still face their Maker, and answer for a lifetime of deeds good or wrong. Indeed, such relative technical simplicity advocated here once graced the civilization of ancient Rome, which had no such “technological wonders” as abound today in the USA, a past empire said however by learned men to have harbored a material existence of the most pleasant and healthful kind that mortal men have ever known. While other more-chilling lessons are learned from “advanced” civilizations of old, discovered through the satellite imagery of laser beams penetrating through forest or jungle canopies the world round: with huge cities laid out in the most geometrically precise way, these and other such phenomena revealing some form of “technology” to have likewise ruled the day. Among men removed only a short time from an Adam and Eve intimately conversant with material existence, in a stupendous knowledge enjoyed before the punishing effects of The Fall. Earlier generations whose mysterious settlements all disappeared at the same time, in a flash, plainly-enough all perishing in the same manner, in the Flood, as an ultimate punishment from precincts divine. With such over-centralized techno-civilizations, ready victims to tyranny and perversion, plainly and inevitably becoming lightning-rods for punishments from on high. The Flood to be succeeded by biblical promise in our own day by fire, to paraphrase: “It won’t be water but fire next time.” That catastrophe even now portended by frightful climate events, by an obvious continual wobbling of the earth, by an oversized sun, and a newly-skewed orbit of the moon: however much these phenomena are archly ignored, misconstrued or chortled-over by weather-reporters and “global warming” climate-radicals alike. This coming chastisement likewise having been unveiled at Fatima in Portugal in 1917, where Our Blessed Lady gave a terrifying preview of same, in the most vivid cosmic shades, amid cries from 100,000 onlooking souls, “the end of the world”!

Hence is the fate of Sodom only a tiny precursor of what is now waiting in the wings, to incinerate most of mankind for their wicked and perverted deeds: as the Holy Bible and saintly prophesy alike have so volubly foretold, with detailed predictions of holy seers being numerous for at least a thousand years. But can we simply await “the Rapture”, as so many would claim? To take us safely away from all harm? Based upon an obscure passage of Scripture, this “new doctrine”, today “itched after” by so many ears, is itself, even among Protestants, less than a century old. No, Armageddon must be fought and won by the forces of good: pitifully outnumbered though we will be, in a war so soon to commence, all the while the coming punishment unfolds. Hence do we again raise the flag of the old Confederacy, to which are heartily welcomed as equals men of every region and race.

Secede! “Come out from among them…and touch not the unclean thing.”