Note: My apologies that the log of various campaigns on our pro-life/anti-sodomy/anti-aggressive-war Crusade are missing here, comprising a regrettable two-year gap in the inviting reverse-chronological flow of this front page. Originally to be found in entries dated between this link and the previous one, this lengthy account is now situated—somewhat less conveniently—in our third book, Now is the Time to Gird on the Sword, 2009. But “not to worry”, for this book is itself available full text for free reading on a link at the top of the front page. I thought the printing and dissemination of this publication was worthy the hiatus involved: comprising a sort of Frankpledge training manual, urging immediate action against an economic treason, an anti-life, aggressive-war, sodomy-peddling perversion of the most heinous kind.


June 1, 2007: What is “The New Fascism”?


Actually, it is from Vladimir Putin that I in essence take this phrase, a brand of infamy suggested rather than proclaimed in his speech last year at the Auschwitz commemoration; announced clearly and unmistakably in recent weeks. In the first instance, this leader delivered a short but vigorous attack upon World War II fascism which contained the merest hint of an acknowledgment of its resurgence, while in the second such address he decisively pinned the hated moniker on the world’s most hated man, at home and abroad: George W. Bush. This New Fascism being personified in Bush’s brazen aggressive-warfare policies, no small measure of which are found just now in the newly-initiated ringing-round of Russia with Blackwater-type mercenary training centers and Yankee ballistic missile silos alike. With the impudent Hitlerian touch being added of the suggestion that this provocative offensive weaponry—plainly designed to be trained on Russian cities and military installations—is for purposes of defensive protection from “rouge states” in the Middle East and Central Asia. (Indeed, even Hitler had to be badgered and pressured to take his aggressive stance, especially by Churchill, as in the whole matter of the Polish Corridor incident which touched off World War II. A strange confrontation still largely under information-wraps, like 9/11, you guessed it, “for security reasons”. Adolph having only been an introductory installment of the scorched-earth Bonesman or Thule Society vision. That Hellish obsession which would only finally come of age with Bushes I and II.) Putin’s clarion call thus understandably warning of the existence of a newer form of the same old rot, which just like Adolph rejoices in toying in such cat-like ways with its intended future victims: as the abominable debt-driven war-machine prepares new ways to stay ahead of the repayment day-of-reckoning. Namely, by destroying its creditors one by one, or turning them, like Saudi Arabia was for a time, into politically-inert sources of monetary, mercenary-manpower, or oil transfusions with which to conquer the rest of men. Thus while deferring to President Putin as to his own intent in either speech, I use them as a starting point in identifying this new specter which now haunts Eastern Europe, Western and Southeast Asia, and U.S. cities and towns.

This New Fascism uses a strange new technology—within whose all-too-familiar mammoth structures and inscrutable methodologies is played out a cynical and barbaric ethos-all-its-own—to force an all-determining change upon mankind. Just as the ideology’s older forerunner did sixty and seventy years ago in more primitive stages of the same rabid techno-tour de force. Newer and bolder forms of Nazi-vintage eugenics and cloning, abortion and euthanasia, together with a weapons and rocket-science run amuck, heightening the New Fascism’s messianic claims of a belief in a strictly worldly salvation. Vaunted New Age achievements being held, both openly or implicitly, to justify a Nazi-reminiscent contemptuous overturning of the altars of true and traditional religion, of any practical belief in God, placing in its stead a modern pagan idolatry such as the Swastika epitomized, and the “Master Race” adored. Indeed even Hitler allowed the Churches to stay open as purely-ritualistic Sunday’s only affairs, in a startlingly déjà vu like those of today. With the New Fascism claiming in place of Christianity a secular-messianism in an innumerable assortment of gismos and gadgets, a veritable redemption based on an anticipated future accession to some further sublime “beam me up, Scotty”, technological plateau. The final result being a world dominion of elite Nietzschean supermen, a world allegedly free and advanced but in fact, and as is more evident by the day, characterized by every sort of mad and morbid tyranny, personal, corporate  and official. While finally the sadio-masochism essential to a renewed sodomy is inevitably supreme in all this, as in the old Canaan, in ancient Athens, Aztec Mexico, or among Antiochene Greeks. A bisexual sort of brazen techno-elite or technocracy thus steadily coming to rule with an iron fist: a secret-society cabal at its highest levels historically akin to the perverted Iron Corporal, Hitler himself. This vis-à-vis ongoing Skull and Bones or Brotherhood of Death connections: the very Thule Society to which he belonged, with still-flourishing, dense if secretive connections to other occult societies of every kind. An entire globalist ensemble—nowadays conspicuously draped in the Stars and Stripes—maintaining the classic fascist might makes right option to rule the world by a technologically-advanced military force, coupled today with an electronic-media thought control even more formidable in its insidious power. All of which values are radically inimical to Divine Faith, and to an inseparable, inviolable interior life of man.

            Few seem to reflect that such a metallic or Plexiglas science-and-engineering determined world incorporates within itself by definition a regimentation previously unheard of in history: introducing us to a set of ambient imperatives as rigid as those of any experimental lab or regimen of industrial quality control. For after a certain point the further we get away from nature the more we bind ourselves in chains. Since man is a terrestrial being intrinsically meant to sync not so much with computers and supply chains as with deer and elk, birds and bees, the melodious breeze whistling about the eaves. Exchanging for this “sweet smell of the fields” such as graced the garment of Jacob an official, domestic and occupational “soldiering”, a marching in rank and file: that which modern behavioral science, criminology and a “terror” obsessed, newly-radicalized Congress alike reinforce with rapidly multiplying categories-of-conduct considered abnormal, dangerous. In a labeling mechanism which is notorious for its bullying, auto-suggestive, auto-prophetic characteristics. Enabling a Nazism which puts noted earlier forms to dismal shame in terms of inescapable monitoring, standardizing, depersonalization, thought control. The principal victim of the New Fascism thus being a free-ranging human agency definitive to the nature and dignity of man: a freedom of action leagues above some mind-breaking, personally-violating pea-pod space lab: the very apex of the New Age dream. The fully-unleashed and enabled human personality—whose liberty is however contained in the most benign and unthreatening things, its chains in unfettered, libertine passion—this daughter-of-moral-purity now proclaimed in a thousand ways and for all intents and purposes to be the enemy. In a USA in which the ongoing violation of the human person, of the native innocence of the children of God, proceeds as the premiere engineering of them all. As borne out not only in the new methodology but likewise in every touchy-feely-trivializing talk-show episode of Oprah, Ellen or Dr. Phil: the suffocating, zany entertainment for such a mentally-and-morally scurvy space-craft crew. MCs become unlikely field marshals against an inalienable human freedom which in many ways must always be imbedded in a natural world, in traditional perfectly unique and individual relations between persons, and between people and things.

The fact is that man’s life is meaningless apart from the pursuit of the greater glory of God, that which mostly takes place in St. Teresa’s “Interior Castle” of man, but which demands all the rampant outward liveries of this all-determining vassalage to fly free in society at large. That profound purpose in which alone technology finds its true place, in enhancing, further humanizing and sublimating a human life which needs no new space-probe; which already knows where it is going. In a universe which provides the props and scenery, not the destination. A humanity which is ennobled and inspired from within, by Divine Faith: to which the substitution of industrial or human-engineering surrogates is a rank insult, and depending upon its degree of deliberation an unforgivable Sin against the Holy Ghost. On an earth which isn’t some ungainly attempt at some manufactured heaven, constructed by the devices of mortal man, but a humble place of testing. An earthly existence capable, especially when inspired by the uplifting parameters of Faith, of great improvement in human social and material conditions (Menendez, The Way of Divine Love, Tan Publishers: 1972 pp. 365-6). Transformations such as our own age, for the vast majority and in most global quadrants, has hardly achieved. A sentient, time-encompassed life whose essential nature or purpose remains, for all the spectacular commotion, unchanged. 



May 15, 2007:  Congress “wet behind the ears”, “ignoring the wishes” of the Commander in Chief. Don’t be fooled, the aim all along has been global warfare against established nations, not against terrorism.


True to his Jewish/Thule-Society or Skull and Bones progeny—detached international brokers who operate everywhere without regard to the goals and interests of local peoples involved—Bush is always talking about something else when he seems to be addressing the concerns of the legislature. A body indeed now demoted, signature Bush/Capone-style, to the level of a lot of ”bums” or losers, who need to learn the Ps and Qs of statecraft from a pro like him. His Chicago-gangland approach to the world, as in his real politik vis-à-vis Iran, however prompting the query: does anyone invade the USA because of the tons of U.S. ordnance and weaponry to be found in any war anywhere? In an uncontainable international flow-of-arms and arms manufacture into which nations like Iran were indeed introduced by the very same benevolent Uncle Sam and noted international-league associates? Nonetheless while these incredibly meek Congressmen were “still on first base”, talking about a troop surge, George, “the convincer”, was already “rounding third”, planning the entrapment and invasion of Iran, and conducting an ongoing clandestine aiding of a “Christian” Ethiopia in the conquest of her neighbor and traditional victim, Muslim Somalia. That open-ended insider “game-plan” which is ever the strategy-of-choice of U.S. planners. Obviously regarding Congress as a ship of fools, and the American People, who after all voted his War Party out of power—if by a booth-rigged narrow margin—as the easiest push-overs of all. This is the sort of thing that used to prompt overthrows without any further ado, and which still sees fisticuffs in rude legislatures in Europe or Latin America, when legislators get enough of being led around by the nose.

Entanglements in Iraq and Afghanistan are only mother-board components in a global-circuitry of drugs and a related population-control, a “technology” held together by the solder and silicone of a remorseless ongoing elitist warfare against nations. First in line being those perceived as naughty truants ditching the program, or as rude and undesirable creditors: although the rest will get their turn as well. All according to a fantastic variety of Iron Corporal discipline imposed by international Jewry and its secret-society ladies-in-waiting. This is the Skull and Bones Hitlerian vision, of blood and iron, of the Bush family and its radical Republican cronies, elder figures among whom were the killers of the peace-loving Kennedy brothers. These are the same elitists who on the domestic scene are making prisons into our main growth industry, destined over the next ten years to expand by well over a quarter of a million inmates. In a USA already with a prison population 10 times larger than most of its significantly-large “competitors”. Patently false being the claims by various talk-radio and short-wave hyperventilators of Russia being the same sort of prison-warden’s paradise: both parties often ham-handedly throwing news-commentary darts fatally-shy of the bull’s eye. (Notice: the biggest lies are always about things or people basically inaccessible to a critical assessment of allegations.) This heinous and deliberate policy of a ballooning “corrections system” requires the systematic criminalizing of the lower class, immensely aided by a media-and-school mass-manufactured gang-culture and related drugs, violence and libertine sexuality. A moral chorizo that is then force-fed at adulthood into the stout casings of a hair-trigger draconian enforcement of a fanatically-narrow interpreted law. (Just as in recent executive and legislative police-state measures with respect to security). A processive fate from which a “career” in the “volunteer” military—or in some black-ops-delving contract-warrior “firm”—is too often the only dependable lower-class escape. Here being a combined growth industry in which a Dr. Jeckle-and-Mr.-Hyde-like criminality-all-its-own blossoms freely like some Bush’-malodorous Texas flower. While spring-loaded perils of a youthful existence outside the career-military are also illustrated in this whole issue of sexual predators in which the involvement of 18 or 19 year-old adolescent males with adolescent girls age 15 can land the male at question as many as 99 years in prison. This all the while a whole host of privileged parties wallow in multiple organized or even mass-commercial forms of pedophilia. The noted age-liaison being one which a mere century ago—if at the time of course mostly pursued with consummate moral purity—was a yawning commonplace: with courtships between the two ages being the norm among mankind until today’s sin-of-Sodom-oriented, pre-school-dehumanized, prison-packed USA. Thus in all these matters is a complete redefinition of morality strikingly in evidence: the tail of law wagging the dog of the human conscience, resulting inevitably in the creation of veritable sub-human creatures of an elite Frankenstein mind.

But despite all these apocalyptic abuses-of-power, plainly opposed to basic principles of both parties, as long as a DLC (crypto-neo-con democrat) Pilosi gets her hefty pay, she will find a way to jovially shake hands across the isle.

The only way out of this quandary is the formal consecration of this nation to the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. With this to be followed, via their guidance and protection, by the establishment of a distributive political/economic system such as is outlined throughout this site. That organizational blueprint namely which most surely guards against the dominion of such very elites, allied as they are with perversion-peddling radical-liberals like Kerry and Edwards, and most of the Democratic Party. While this front page and these publications contain the extensive platform upon which I base my own totally-non-elitist Presidential candidacy.

April 1, 2007: Giving Muslims the benefit of the doubt.


Especially today, the rarest and yet most critical skill required to accurately understand and evaluate global events is to place them in proper perspective within the bigger picture. While by contrast this business of laborious linear analyses, “impartial eye witnesses”, deftly-doctored statistical evidence, delivered in sharp and aggressive lines-of-attack, on behalf of some heavily-lobbied view: this veritable tunnel-vision represents the most notorious intellectual and policy-related flaw of our system and times. Thus only last night did I hear this patent fabrication about the alleged U.S.-corporate-mercenary-led nature of the putative “forced displacement” of Serbs from “The Krajina”, with Blackwater-type warriors purportedly operating at the head of the Croatian army in the mid-nineties. Although the factuality of the putative involvement of such mercenaries—regrettable as it would be in any Catholic land like Croatia—isn’t specifically under dispute here, yet the surreal exaggerations invoked—about the plight of the perennial “poor Serbs”—were nothing but pure prejudicial anti-Croatian nonsense, of which the past century have had more than their fair share. Falsehoods serenely repeated in the midst of otherwise-enlightening revelations, incredibly-enough, from a guy who is plainly a bone fide leading expert on the growing secrecy-shrouded armed-mercenary industry of our times. Indicating the degree to which incendiary statements against Croatians of any era are parroted in the same breath with those against our own blood-sodden contract-warriors or -torturers, or even against Goebbels or Stalin of some few short decades in time. The rabid hatred of the modern system and its all-powerful elites against any nation which remains unabashedly Catholic: this being the real issue here, in this case with allegations of “war crimes” having reputedly involved the uprooting of “hundreds of thousands” of Serbs from their homes, in the (say again?) “biggest population displacement in modern history”. Wow.


Of course, Croats would seem to be justly impatient with ethnic Serbs who have repeatedly joined forces with foreign interests to betray the national good in the most shameful way: an Orthodox minority in a land some 90% Catholic, settled there two and three centuries ago by deliberate Austrian divide-and-rule strategy, part of a cynical policy-ensemble applied for centuries to all of Vienna’s subject peoples. Why? You may have guessed it: “for security reasons”. Namely, to “guard against” an eighteenth-century Islam whose earlier aggressive-warfare instincts were already by then a thing of the past. To guard against a “sick man of Europe” of whose lands and wealth leading Western nations near and far away of the time were already beginning to “divide the pie”. While with respect to Vienna, this blank-faced insertion of foreigners was the identical divisive tack taken by England toward a subject Ireland vis-à-vis Protestant-Scotch-Irish émigrés in the North, during roughly the same era as the noted Serbian influx to “the Krajina” (an abysmally-outdated term however quite useful to Bush-era territorial ambitions). The above-mentioned expert on Wall-Street-traded warriors, then—whose astronomical information on Croatia represents a deep bow to dominant polar-politicized anti-Croat functionaries like Carla del Ponte at the Hague—could hardly contemplate the possibility—indeed, the reality—that the sole aim of Croat military maneuvers of the nineties was simply to reestablish in an orderly way the authority of Zagreb in this hinterland. An area where the short-lived Serb audacity had reached the level of the destruction of county and church birth and baptismal records, as well as of the churches themselves, in an attempt to eradicate from memory the Croatian, Catholic history of the local inhabitants (from whence my own parents came). Nor could the bright young scholar ever grasp the fact that the Croatian troops actually pleaded with these ethnic-Serbs to stay in their homes, that no harm would come to them if they remained where they were. (But alas, the guilty must always wound themselves so as to appear as victims). Neither for that matter could this writer be expected to abandon for a moment his anti-Croatian righteous ardor—a routine twentieth century acceptance-ritual cultivated for decades, incredibly-enough, by both the American far-left and far-right—long enough to take note of the official record, and testimony of witnesses on the ground. Namely that the loss of life in this operation was incredibly light for modern military campaigns—and especially in contrast to the contemporary Serbian-conducted genocide—the Croatian action occasioning only some few hundred deaths. Hence if there was indeed a large displacement—though hardly “the largest in recent history”—this Serb desire to “go back to Mother Serbia” (after an absence of two or three centuries) was entirely of their own free choice. Plainly, these perpetual irredentists will only stay if they can own the land, claiming it for the glory of Serbia and some obscurantist/triumphalist view of the Orthodox Church. In an intransigence these perpetual mole-warriors—even among these ethnic “Krajina Serbs” not always a solid majority, and quite distinct from the native population of Serbia itself—have demonstrated repeatedly. A backyard aggression which would hardly have gotten off the ground without constant Western-elite and Western-government funding and other protégé-encouragement, not excluding extensive military special ops collaborative-infiltrations at pivotal times. The insertion of Blackwater mercenaries in the Krajina having been a minor but regrettable blot on the Croatian soul which will however now make possible the “balancing” of Serb atrocities by this single Croat wrong. No doubt the deeper Clinton/Bush White House aim all along. Something which—ridiculous lopsided proportions notwithstanding—would never have been truthfully-possible before.


But equally the same sort of linear, blinders-wearing analysis as obscures the vision of Americans in particular vis-à-vis Croatia gravely inhibits our assessments of the Muslim world as well: both being areas of policy in which the biggest of lies are told by folks with the straightest of faces. An unblinking, stonewalling impassivity cultivated by those elitists who consider The People to be a rabble that is less than human, and that doesn’t deserve—and would “know how to handle”—the truth. In the same way that we are “shielded” from the real story about stock-markets, earthquakes, hurricanes or tsunamis, we receive harmless news-pabulum about stock stereotypes of “Islamic militants” as well. They whose acceptable “moderate” alternative is too often a sort of hard-nosed cynic without moral or political conviction, a depthless paragon ready impassively to watch his fellow believers endure torments and inhumanities such as this earth has seldom seen before, even in its most barbarous times. All this hardly acknowledging—let alone encouraging—the tremendous positive, enlightened ferment going on in the Islamic community today. The present-day Muslim being as different from the hoards of Saladin as we ourselves are from the Conquistadors or from some medieval French peasant or English favorite of Elizabeth I. CNN anti-Muslim smear-specials and well-rewarded Bush-protégé Arab-American panels notwithstanding. All you have to do is read some website like—with articles often written by the principals actually involved on the ground in Darfur, Pakistan or anywhere else in the Islamic world—to see a host of admirable and humane elements at work among these religionists. Indeed, Islam is found upon the most cursory examination of genuine evidence to be one of the most rapidly evolving forces in the world today, imbued with a wide range of belief and opinion. And in fact, as I maintain throughout this site, it is the aim of the Bush/Blair aggressively-anti-Islamic posture to hijack all positive elements of this confessional ferment, to favor, in practical terms, the recrudescence of the most truly-radical, backward and primitive elements in the Arabian, Persian or Southeast-Asian soul. This for the same elite-immemorial aim—you guessed it—to divide and rule.


Sure, we can “put our blinders on” and beat a dead horse all the day long, railing exclusively against the arranged marriages, the summary murders of women: but this is an aspect of Islam which is already passing away among broad segments of those within the creed, and which with the least respectful encouragement from the Christian world would subside dramatically more. A brutality which however thrives afresh in war-torn and/or starvation-prone areas of Pakistan, Afghanistan or Algeria, in an environment notorious since the beginning of time for bringing out harsh atavisms of every kind. A fatal obscurity-of-vision to which the inseparable brutalities of a loss of religious faith, of an adherence to the weird Western/Jewish dogmatisms of the unnatural or anti-life, hardly need be added for some imaginary good measure. Trebling scenarios of despair, distrust, cruelty or implacability being socio-moral pitfalls which multiply as normal and traditional human existence begins to crumble, to decompose, resolving itself into moribund, inchoate drives, passions and other elemental parts. This in a veritable social death which is the fate of a growing number of unjustly targeted Muslim lands today.


Thus do I sometimes go the length of claiming that Muslims today, especially those under direct aggressive-warfare attack, actually practice the Catholic virtues better than do most Catholics: for reason itself testifies that these embattled Peoples must needs be substantially sincere about everything they do, living ceaselessly on the very cusp of death. An earnestness which I’m afraid can be said about fewer and fewer typically morally-non-committal Catholics of these our times. The Muslims cling to their ancient heritage more strongly than ever in perils such as these, making them quite easily “true Israelites in whom there is no guile”, even if there is in them much anguish, shock, dysfunction, and much in the Muslim religion to which a Catholic could hardly subscribe. Thus I accept them as earnest monotheists, who believe that “there is one God, Who is a Rewarder of the good and a Punisher of the wicked”, and thus am generally confident in their ability to attain to everlasting life, if of course apart from the Catholic “sure means”. While the sentiment of Aquinas, who already in the thirteenth century (while expostulating in an obliquely-related passage about cannon law with respect to marriage) seems perhaps to have regarded basically all unbelief toward Christ as informed, and therefore inexcusable, wherever it might be found: yet I think this view (if I indeed have it right) must be tempered today. This in view of the obscuring effect of the bad example we of these Scripturally-predicted latter-day times give to Muslims, as to what the Christian Faith actually represents. Jesus, St. Benedict or St. Francis hardly having been a Haliburton executive, an aggressive warrior, or a Fortune 500 promoter. So I will continue to give this “benefit of the doubt” to the embattled Muslim masses—although of course I claim no teaching authority in such matters—even as I await expectantly that day when we will all be “one fold and one shepherd” under Our Lord Jesus Christ. That inevitable eventuality—of a free, utterly-un-coerced accession of mankind to Catholicism—of which I see many hopeful signs almost by the day. This despite the frustrating machinations of innumerable self-interested slanderers and prophets of doom.    


March 17, 2007: Stupid articles.


All us writers do them once in a while. I try to make apologies for this in an introductory paragraph above, but it doesn’t ease the pain of putting out a real “lulu”, and only realizing it after it is already out there on the Net. And furthermore I even sometimes mix up my acronyms or government-agency initials, an infraction which must shock modern Orwellian sensibilities to their wooden core.


But I must admit that my apologies are in a way only skin deep. For as much as I am indeed a writer yet by the very terms of that description my essays are only a peripheral overflow of things more profound. Things that constitute this “Duke of Norfolk that there be”, as Thomas More in A Man for All Seasons made so graphically plain to the self-same character, turned incongruously a “yes man” for Henry VIII. The Saint jabbed him with his finger repeatedly in the chest, as though a mere bail of straw, trying to make him aware of his powers of volition, of who he quintessentially was. A real writer, a real thinker, is in a way profoundly vulnerable, but basically only in an external sense. Sometimes there are indeed cries and wails that pierce the night air: but they are outward transmutations of an inner struggle not near so dire. A realization that might empty our psychiatric offices and treatment centers, even many of our hospitals as well. It is we who cry out, sometimes incoherently, who say dumb things: it is we who are sane, when a whole world has gone mad. While to the contrary it is that near-majority who continue grinning at you, chuckling or cackling, slapping you on the back, through it all—among whom are to be found those who march forth resolutely, full of shots and pills, from their counselor’s office door—the cream of which doubtful crop constitute the very “normal” heroes of the “Good Morning, America” crowd—that you should regard with mortal fear.


But in this our modern time of Bush supremacy, of the flaying of a Valerie Pflame, of an ambassador or a general here or there, we are allowed no time for these clumsy but vital and self-objectifying reverberations off the walls of our inner being. We are expected to step off smartly each day; it is the external which rules our lives. Here being the visible essentials of Orwell’s 1984. The impression we make on some aggressive, patronizing, probably-dope-headed fool down the block or row of trailers or RVs, around the copier, or at the next workstation or cashier stand is held to be much more important than the imperatives which clamor for recognition in these inner walls, within this “Norfolk that there be”. So I will on occasion be the biggest fool on the block, or on the Net, but this is a small price to pay for having had something good to say most of the time. After the storm on the inner Sea of Galilee has finally calmed, at the Word of the Master, Whose Voice it so familiarly knows, but whose mild-if-majestic tones must first be distinguished—ah, incomparable joy and peace—amid the howling waves, the raging seas.   


February 11, 2007: Bush’s propaganda-profiling of Russia.


Here we go again. A polemic akin to the pre-combat propaganda war against Iraq, which was kicked off in signature grand style by what can now plainly be seen, by those “with eyes to see”, to have been the in house televised dynamiting and destruction of the Trade Towers. At a crash-scene in which no Arab DNA was found: the plane rather having plainly been remote-piloted instead. While implicitly-obvious is the self-same explanation as well for the Oklahoma City Bombing of several years prior, according to one explosives expert of my own acquaintance. Who stated unequivocally that a blast from a vehicle out-front would have pulverized the face of the building, rather than effecting the almost-surgically-sheer excision, now of such universal photographed familiarity. That clever-like chopping which was rather plainly caused by explosives buried at lower levels within or just beneath the building, exploding upward, probably laid roughly in a straight line, in the basement, along some duct or utility chase. Here being only two of a succession of neatly-arranged and expertly-marketed propaganda-coups, popular incendiaries which have led efficiently to history’s most comprehensively-totalitarian state on these very shores. Albeit with an ever-casual Johnny-Carson-like president and cowardly and/or collusive legislature donning airs of confused meekness while absolute power reigns supreme. The whole ensemble marked by the most rigid secrecy, with 9/11’s terrorist tribunals and evidentiary fragments both being deftly classified as top secret material, just as in the case of a host of treacheries going all the way back to the Sinking of the Maine. And the links of the Oklahoma City bomber with at least one, and probably more, radical groups having been consistently ignored in the same brisk manner as had been the many guilty operatives who surrounded Lee Harvey Oswald back in ‘63. A dominant array of top officials wrapping themselves in the flag while they betray it, fitting hand-in-glove with nation-staggering calamities, comprising a hideous modern-day institution, of mass-motivating and  -intimidating object-lessons and closely-associated mouthpiece-media state-slanders. A phenomenon—culminating in the emergency “wartime powers” Orwellian nightmare predicted by secret-society-watchers for decades—which has ballooned steadily since that first shocking, bewildering act of treason, namely the referred-to and also nationally-televised ambush/assassination of John Kennedy. With obvious Secret-Service-neutralizing command-control collusion, and the pre-planned blaming of the noted “patsy”. A con game whereby, in geopolitical terms, Bush and his cronies, pan-conspiratorial heirs to the elder Bush and possibly even Nixon and Reagan as well, use an impenetrable blanket of lies and half-truths as a counter-suit to objections aired candidly, after many patiently-borne provocations, by targeted nations like post-Communist Russia. To turn tables on them, portraying them, with the usual melodramatic wails and cries, to be the aggressors, according to the astute logic of the noted modern-day litigation-maneuver. So that Bush or some crony-successor, perhaps this deranged and disloyal McCain, will one day gain the necessary propaganda-momentum to start that ultimate war toward which all this drama-orchestration inexorably leads.


Thus allegations ranging from laughable claims of a Russian “coercive” energy policy to charges that Russia regularly eliminates native and ex-Soviet satellite-nation dissident journalists and political leaders. The sales-pitch in this case being complete with a messy trail of radiation across several countries between Russia and England (“corollary damage” means nothing to these Volga-invading patriotic souls), in a radiation-poisoning case in which the last person, a “friend”, to see the then-rallying dissident alive, and to pass on the latter’s alleged deathbed-diatribe against Putin, was a key figure in a group set to gain much political capital by his demise. Indeed, this guy was quite likely the very appointed fish-in-a-barrel extinguisher of his life. All this—in that neat package motif which is the very signature of the treacherous Bush Era—recalling to mind the theatrics of the anthrax scare, and scores of other mock-hysterics much the same. Like this latest indictment, too, of Iran as supplying IEDs to Iraqi insurgents, an allegation no doubt at some later moment, after troops have been deployed, its purpose served, to be quietly and hastily lost-track-of, ignored. Even as in the noted anthrax case the ultra-milled deadly powder was found with considerable certainty—and with the same ultimate issue-demotion to the realms of mere trivia—to have been manufactured in U.S. Government facilities. (Note of 10/08: sure enough, this clumsy case was recently dutifully adjudicated to lay the blame on some “eccentric” U.S. Government biological-warfare agent—the ever-necessary fall-guy—after the trail so plainly led to Uncle Sam as the real villain of the piece).


Actually, all these treacheries and egregious wrongs are only an infamous culmination: for a candid, dispassionate survey of U.S. history since the Revolution convinces the rational mind that we have not yet formed a nation, but have rather been a rough-and-ready pawn in the hands of elitist global control. For two centuries and more forced to don the costume and Skull-and-Bones flag of a Bluebeard, a pirate. Having become the haven for grand visions, experiments-upon-humanity and inseparable conquering armies, harbored safely—a new Barbary Coast—between two oceans, free (and financially underwritten) to invade other nations at will. Pursuant to which has been advanced what I have often called the Religion of America: amounting to a fanatically-embraced creed. One whose loud, powerful and intimidating adherents are incredibly scanty in number for all their deafening noise: from rare-but-sometimes-harrowing experiences on the campaign trail we make the estimate of from one to three percent of the population. A fanaticism which has nothing to do with patriotism properly-so-called, or with mostly-virtuous city-dwellers, farmers and settlers of yesteryear, and to a considerable degree of today as well. A genuine cult-mindset which, having gradually distanced itself from original Puritan roots, now openly exalts a bloodthirsty set of steroid-warriors values, cheek-to-jowl with the exclusionary ethos of the successful, to a hysterically-proclaimed secular-sainthood. A new pagan or pseudo-Christian elitism, utterly without regard for the common good, which in ironic buckle-hatted style also advances a development-retarding set of profit-extractive Wall Street techno-values which doom many neighborhoods and certain regions of the country, notably where natural disasters have occurred, to a semi-primitive economic khanate condition. If they are not slated for the even-worse-doom of the familiar cemented-over revamp where “prosperity” reigns. A three-ring circus in which a so-called “born again” President invokes allegedly Christian values to continue a nearly-twenty-year-old assault on Russian sovereignty, resources and financial equities—comprising the last solid (if woefully-oil-dependant) economy left in the world—a blitzkrieg among whose brigades is an inseparable geo-corporate sodomy-ridden ethos perfectly repugnant to the Russian soul. Here being the world-political mirror-image of an ongoing profiling debacle in the USA: a real satanic infestation described in part in a number of articles below. A foreign and domestic slander-driven con-game over which one-time enthusiasts like Alberto Gonzales or Condoleezza Rice finally and inevitably gag, only to be replaced by new and equally-voluble front-persons with less fussy appetites. In all cases using a supine and subservient media—occasional smoke-screen displays of half-hearted dissent notwithstanding—to paint a picture perfectly at variance with the truth. That which alone has no rousing parade-ground welcome in Bush USA.


But there are other voices, advocating for one thing the founding, at long-last, of a true and legitimate state, distributive in nature—e.g., with the most palpable power residing at the bottom—and with sane, rational, common-good-serving inspirations, goals and policies. That good and solid totality to which this website and associated political campaign are undyingly dedicated.



February 2, 2007: Kosovo and global-elite divide-and-rule: world tyranny takes a free ride on Israel-imitating Serb ambitions to reconstruct a “Greater Serbia”. A dream in some ways long-ago irretrievably lost, in other ways a deadly figment of an over-active Orthodox imagination. Contains important revisions in light of new information, with apologies for an incomplete earlier treatment.


From the opening years of the twentieth century Serbia was left gloriously unimpeded in her greater Serbia territorial aggrandizement, without delay provoking World War I by the assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand, then reigning supreme under the moniker of Yugoslavia, then finally in the 90s, and by the tacit insistence of Bush Sr., passively allowed by world and pan-European bodies to mass-rape in Croatia (including whole convents of Catholic nuns), and then to expropriate a good half of Bosnia-Herzegovina, doing the same sorts of “favors” there as well. But at last, stunningly, she was pounced upon, and that with arbitrary high-handedness, after which Serbian and other parts of B-H were ruled for almost ten years by a U.N. military fiat. A dictatorship in which however private resources (retirement funds, etc.) of civilian Croat elements of those territories were confiscated, and their lives minutely controlled, at least as much as happened to the Serbs. While finally Serbia claims she is being dismembered herself, in the present reconstituting of Kosovo as a de-facto independent state. This by way of a NATO/ E.U.-brokered “autonomy” informally but all-the-more surely imposed, like so many other nebulously-based international settlements of today. In that self-same “informality” of method by which mercenary troops are coming to rule the day in both war and natural disaster. (Note of 10/08: as in the privatized, “tight lipped” management of the hurricane-destruction of Galveston, about which the public has heard basically nothing for the month since landfall. In a news-media in which zany humor or sodomy-theatrics regularly blot out the informational light of day.) In the case at hand a sovereign partition by provisional mandate of UN-special envoy, with the latter body informally “bowing out” to newly-conceived coercive powers of those increasingly-inseparable bedfellows, NATO and the EU.


Yet any historically-standard expenditures of sympathy to Serbia over this latest move must be tempered by the counter-realization that she is up to typical Israeli-look-alike goals in trying to reconstruct a medieval motherland lost already five and a half centuries ago; just as the Jews seek to construct an Israel larger than the Davidic kingdom of some three millennia past. A sobering reflection which however must further be modified with the stunning apprehension that it has been the West, and especially Britain and the USA, which has consistently encouraged these Serbian Quixotic ambitions: just as it has indeed done for the same century-in-time with the Kurds, the Armenians and certain other militant/irredentist ethnic groups.


Indeed this grand strategy is the same one being pursued by the USA in Iraq, one of arbitrary map-making, as noted frequently in articles on this page. Part of which was a Serbia-analogous entrapment whereby Saddam Hussein was first eagerly encouraged by U.S. envoys to take a “grand view” of his place: although whether he actually did so, or simply defended the unity and integrity of his nation, is still a question impossibly shrouded in CIA and NSA “intelligence” propaganda and ceaseless, subterranean, partner-changing U.S. State Department brokered regional deals. A Saddam in a moment of vulnerability then pounced upon just like a highly-dissimilar Serbia, roughly during the same decade in time.


Actually, fractious problems in the “Balkan” region go all the way back to the initial reconstituting—and de-facto partial dismemberment—of the Austrian Empire in the 1848 revolutionary period. An outcome single-handedly opposed on the field of battle by the Croatian Ban Josip Jelacic: whose heroic campaign on behalf of Austrian unity would however only see his own beloved Croatia put in heavier chains. This, incredibly, under the yoke of the very break-away Hungary against whose radical revolution it had striven. A Magyar sedition conducted by forces intimately connected to Masonic condottieri then godlessly looting and dismembering the papal States, a Catholic tragedy which would lead inexorably, if by its own strange route, to the catastrophic Vatican II. A parting-of-ways of course associated with the secession and independence of Germany as well from the once-vast and marvelously-various Imperial fold. Hungarians with whom the Habsburgs were preparing to cut a deal in a back-room, no doubt before the dust of battle had even cleared. A neat fait accompli which would allow Croatia—whose valor and loyalty was proverbial—to be cast in the mold of a backward medieval Quixote, a ridiculous foil in contrast to which Austria would costlessly shine before the fashionable lights of the day. (Russia would come in to help Jelacic, toward the end of the short mid-nineteenth-century war, and together with Croatia be despised by historians as well). A cheaply-bought Austrian prestige much as had indeed been enjoyed by France’s Louis XVI just before his own demise, in his fatal playing-of-footsie under the table with the Freemasons of his time. The Habsburgs thus likewise preparing their own political twilight in encouraging an un-looked-for Serbian secession which would be the opening trigger for a twentieth century of near-constant warfare around the globe. In this bearing out once again a thankless and ultimately-self-destructive Habsburg cynicism that had for centuries squandered the unlimited resources and proverbial promise of Latin America, and that was indeed an uncanny historical moral-precursor of the Bush-family provocateur real-politik of today.


But in fact, and in spite of the proverbial slippery turpitude of its reigning family, the Austrian Empire had been a semi-distributive Central European system whose incipient dissolution was opposed not only by undyingly loyal Croatia, but by truly great and prophetic lights across the great Habsburg intellectual community of the day. The vision of these forward-looking men having anticipated a free and loose-knit federation which would have respected the economic, religious and cultural rights of all, to a far-greater extent than already obtained in the Austrian commonwealth of the immediate pre-revolutionary era. Where ageless distributive political/confessional realities were still to a degree respected, alive and well: if through the weight of tradition, if nothing else. A configuration according perfectly with a host of other historical realities: attested topographically as well by native characteristics of the original Austrian or Habsburg-family homeland. A tiny principality comprised essentially of the ancient Roman city of Vienna and its suburbs and environs: a state which without its Empire would have resembled a mere non-functional postage stamp parcel. Some adjacent fragments of which it indeed and necessarily retains to this very day. This in order to salvage any vestige of sovereign viability at all. While as suggested the discarding of the imperial intelligencia’s enlightened and earnestly-pleaded input, with leading figures from present-day Czech Republic to Germany to Croatia—would lead directly to the twentieth-century woes of two World Wars.


Thus should the past hundred years stand as bloody witness that schemes of radical sovereign divisions, joined inevitably by the smoke-screen of ceaseless diatribe, have as little place on the international scene as do ongoing elite agendas toward a monolithic state-of-Europe Constitution, a fast-track now being ramroded by this Bush-league geo-corporate-protégé, Angela Merkel. Attesting powerfully that settlements must be painstakingly, laboriously pursued, international policy-ensembles that serve a common good whose difficulty-at-achievement is only equaled by its pricelessness-of-possession. While this issue of the perpetuation or dismemberment of states, empires, traditional bi- or multi-lateral trade associations, and so on—or their unnatural unification—strikes at the very heart of the economic and political/organizational principles upheld on this site. Maintaining as we do that the liberty, the freedom-of-action of smaller local entities of every kind, is only adequately insured by the preservation of intermediate states or associations. Larger or smaller regional embodiments of power whose constituent nations or groups live under an umbrella of commonly-pursued interests, of a broadly or narrowly construed commonality of beliefs and goals. Even as they are allowed a long tether on which to live their own unique and colorful lives. The road of irredentism, or bold “declarations of independence” or radical-autonomy is seldom the answer, because it tends to split any map into tiny, easily-intimidated and mutually-hostile fragments, guaranteeing nothing so much as supine submission or continuing, elite-rewarding, recurrent war. For as the history of the past century should teach us resoundingly, the invariable beneficiaries of these divisions and inseparable conflicts are insidious, basically-piratical forces that operate, largely nameless and unseen, internationally, from on high. That only extract wealth and resources, that arrogantly and preemptively command: airs of exalted sainthood or intellectuality notwithstanding. Elite interests which nonetheless, and in a baffling flipside reversal, can sometimes be served by an equally-radical CIA- or State-Department-engineered national monolithic unity, as in the noted vanguard case of the old onerously-Serb-dominated Yugoslavia itself. That political-anomaly in which a radical form of geo-political Orthodoxy rode-herd on subject lands with mostly Catholic or Muslim populations, perhaps especially upon a newly-emerging Kosovo. Or more recently in the developing tyrannies of Georgia and certain other rabidly-anti-Russian former-soviet-satellite states, in which Russian minorities are being progressively disenfranchised. An oppression inspired in Georgia itself by a radical/mystical kind of nationalistic Orthodoxy, an obscurantist cult-of-St.-George remarkably similar to the noted century-old revanchist Serbian model, espoused by a small-but-rabid minority, vis-à-vis Yugoslavia. Painting the picture of a gratuitous, externally-funded and encouraged, wound-nursing disappointment at having missed some religiously-promoted historical train. A strange scenario in which a kind of invincible ignorance sets violently in motion any number of credulous souls: in a striking parallel to a Bush-Era, basically-racist Religion of America much spoken-of here. While it is ceaselessly borne out by history that neither of the noted political paradigms, fragmentary or monolithic, but equally “ideologically”-driven, accord with the orderly and benign, natural and sustainable development of states.


As has been observed recently by notable analysts of the world scene (viz., Marko Attila Hoare, a writer for even the Serbs themselves aren’t all that ardent about the issue of retaining Kosovo: if not for lack of historical attachment than for fear of renewed tyranny and bloodshed, of which they have seen their own fair share. A recent referendum having been ramroded by the Serbian Government, with a turnout which barely reached the 50% qualifying mark, in an election, in a staggering departure from proper  procedure, held over for two days, and ridden with pressure tactics of a relentless and even bizarre character. But the fact is that the West itself has for more than a century favored the most radical regimes in Serbia, and then in Yugoslavia, often in the face of the same lack-luster support from the average Serb. With the elder Bush sheltering the Milosevich gang of cutthroats, which otherwise might easily have been dismissed by a fool-weary populace. Serbia since then having given way—in a clumsy vaudeville performed in other venues around the globe as well—to a loose-knit sort of anarchic government deeply involved in trafficking and other Bush-beloved criminal activities. Hence from this view the eventual detachment of Kosovo seems to have been courted by Western policy-makers, who now throw up their hands in the face of a Serbian-leadership intransigence they themselves enabled and even brought into being.


All this smells suspiciously of the usual conspiratorial map-making now going on in the Middle East, which favors the international self-seeking interloper, and which brought us two World Wars. As competing claims based on history, on recent mostly-violently-evolving historical boundaries and jurisdictions, and on ethnicity are further obscured by an aura of the criminally irresponsible, on occasion arising in the ethnic Albanian community as well. After which, as if to add insult to injury, Western leaders and think-tanks alike can indulge the same threadbare clichés about the age old enmities and insoluble political complexities of “the Balkans”: among mostly-poor populations who have never had a chance to arbitrate their own political destinies in an unimpeded way.


In the same disturbing trend, whose true determinants are mostly to be found far from the actual soil under dispute, powerful Western-backed forces in Chechnya likewise dream of a secession conceived as enveloping neighboring Russian political entities like Dagestan as well. The Chechens having employed assassinations and the bombing of public buildings, including a school and a movie-theater, this with massive U.S. Government- and corporate-NGO-mentored political and psychological (and no doubt also mercenary-military and logistical) backing as well. Just as Bush also fosters the radical forces of disintegration in Iraq, sometimes openly, always by unspoken consequence of everything he says and does.



February 14, 2007: The day-time TV Court shows as scenes of the brutal humiliation of the Christian lower class at the hands of a Jewish-dominated official upper class.


That’s in major part what was empowered, when all is said and done, by the French and American Revolutions: bringing to indisputable dominion those religionists, “emancipated” by certain universally-applied and never-abrogated codes of Napoleon. Jews who quickly came to tightly-control the governments of Europe, already in the late-eighteenth-century in the incipient tightening stranglehold of the house of Rothschild. A People who would come to dominate in a special way our own Congress, Courts, and Executive branch. And “we the people” have been paying the price ever since, with respect to the working man in particular subsequent history seeing him steady denigrated and enslaved—if in classical Jewish/Marxist “one step forward, two steps back”, dance-style—with the final demise of the unions a fatal nail in the worker’s coffin. A unionism which for one thing now “champions” the “rights” of illegal aliens to take away the jobs of the native working class. But in terms of sheer dramatics, chuspah, or whatever you want to call it, the rabid, attack dog antics of these TV-court cloaked figures stand in a class by themselves. Genuine physical assaults, some of them, regardless of the stout bench in between, which should land Judge Judy herself in handcuffs, no doubt characteristically kicking and biting her way out the broad double doors. All this utterly unprovoked viciousness—from those who are meant to be our models of good attitude and behavior—is almost invariably aroused over one or both of these two issues: either the lack of a job or a child-producing heterosexual union without considerable financial resources. A televised aggression carried on most of all by far by this shrill and bellicose dame, a real psychopath, but in large measure by the others as well. Here being a gladiator ring in these TV courts in which the most vulnerable of Christians are given a coarse thumbs down. A lower class most exploited in the first place by an inescapable and ever-expanding Jewish greed, and then forced to ignominiously answer to the Shylock landlords and other similar tormentors with whom these judges so typically and thunderously close ranks. These defendants typically being indigents or other categories of unfortunates torn to pieces by verbal assault and innuendo before millions of viewers. In attacks before “the law” which are sometimes so devastating, so crushing—and which deny the mitigating nature of sickness and other unavoidable human frailties in those before the bar—as beyond any doubt later to precipitate mental breakdowns or bizarre acts of criminality among same. That sort of dysfunction courts are meant to discourage, not cause. Why do these unfortunates even appear on these barbaric court shows? For one thing: the young are often victims of illusions about such things, not having yet learned the facts of life about our abysmal courts. While there is likely also some incentive involved: maybe the avoidance of a much stiffer legal scenario upon failure to comply.


Indeed Judy Christina says she would “do anything” to provide her children a good living. This “rugged individual”, no doubt boasting to have “raised herself by her own bootstraps”: being however likely-enough of that elite Italian stock, or married into same, whose meteoric ascendancy here was largely achieved through a close alliance with Jewry which ultimately goes all the way back to medieval Venice, Florence and Genoa. And which has also, interestingly-enough, marked the history of gangland since the early 1900s. Hence it seems unlikely—courtroom eloquence to one side—that any of her set will ever have to “do anything” to achieve such one-time broadly-accessible goals.


But this is really the entire motif of these shows: that we are all required to do whatever it takes to “bring in the bacon”. That far-and-away chief axiom of today—that vaunted brave-new-world “upgrade”-replacement for the Ten Commandments—which however stands in diametric opposition to Our Blessed Lord’s own injunction to “seek ye first the kingdom of Heaven and its justice, and all these things will be given you besides”. Certainly, the Master of callous-handed Galilean fishermen, the impoverished Carpenter, the One Who often “had nowhere to lay His Head”, wasn’t endorsing a life of ease on the welfare rolls, but rather the right of the worker to stand his moral, spiritual ground. And if that results in poverty, then you generously bear it, and so does your family: justly-incurred, mutually-endured suffering being indeed the glue that binds a family together in the closest, most personally-sustaining bonds of love. So that plainly represented in this Judge’s words, and the others like her, is the removal of Christ from His own religion, and certainly from the daily “hunger and thirst for justice sake”, and related trials and exigencies of practical Christian life. That which was the lovely saga—remembered long after occasional comforts have been forgotten—that so many of our own parents left behind them, as a fragrant residue in our minds, a bouquet to gratefully cherish and admire. While blasphemous is today’s antiseptic surgical removal of this one great-if-outwardly-humble benchmark, this trench or battlement—of standing our moral ground—from which we will not retreat, come what may. This constantly-confronted cause in which a Christian is likely to be called upon to display a heroic divine trust. Rather than the worker—and his family—being content to be the amoral clowns they are expected to be by these towering TV judicial figures, their alleged “betters”. That dogged moral intrepidity, that one issue in which we must so frequently and truly prove our Christian metal, as likely did a worthy great-gram and -gramps, or even Mom and Dad. Without which Sunday Mass can have little meaning, and easily, in our own person, becomes an intolerable mockery. Upholding as we must the demands of an ever-faithful Christ, Whom the Jews, as noted, reject outright: although He was and is in a preeminent way their Messiah. A treason, a work-a-day anti-principle being this modern fraudulent “work ethic”: one which when once embraced brings inexorably in its train all the incredible panoply of degrading, sadistic workplace rituals one must endure today, perhaps for the most miserly job at minimum wage, “and like it, too”. Not only endure but embrace, partake of, take into your own very being. Or else be adjudged as “not having what it takes”. In other words, as not having been convincing enough in assuming the role of a whore on the job-site street-corner.


February 17, 2007: The launch-pad intelligence of math skills, a fatal obsession of our day. Have been “on the campaign trail” for a couple of weeks, during which we have met with the usual grueling disappointments, in this land of the free, but have also, like another veritable Columbus, discovered the good folks of America once again: decent people who, incredibly, manage by the grace of God to survive amid the smothering perversity of Bush USA. A survival-rate which is always both startling and heartening in the extreme. Now all need only find true Catholic Faith in order to man Marquette’s Refuge, or simply Marquette or Joliet, as I would rename the resulting genuine nation: and to make it a tight ship indeed.


It’s considered the most macho kind of intelligence to be a whiz at math, or at other forms of abstract reasoning found for instance in the LSAT (law-school) qualifying exams: as in spatial-relational queries regarding persons seated around a table, alleged somehow to duplicate the reasoning required in court. (Supporting my idea of today’s administration of justice as a sort of game of musical chairs.) But if you are so indelicate as to fire a broadside salvo across the mental bows of a great many of these brave mathematical or cross-word-puzzle Nelsons—moderate-caliber queries requiring some faint critical analysis of ideas—they are likely-enough forthwith to run aground, change the subject, or disappear into a mental fog-bank. If not to turn you in to Chertoff, dutifully and without further ado, as a terrorist on the high intellectual seas. For math and non-conceptual puzzle-solving can be an ideal—and extremely lucrative—retreat from the complexities of real life, easily employed to construct a completely artificial world, such as the engineering nightmare we indeed have today. Or when not multiplying further our ample stores of indifferently-useful engineering-marvel gadgets and gismos—increasingly fetish-like, even narcissistic, tinier and tinier by the day—then exploring Aladdin-like reaches of a time/physics relativity of the most un-provable kind. While these numerological triumphs were recently shown to invade the weird world of extra-sensory-perception as well: with some mathematician appearing on a day-time talk-show recently, claiming that math itself proves the existence of some actual amorphous physical interweave of human minds, souls and personalities “somewhere out there”. This same genius-of-the-surreal claiming to be sounding the death-knell of traditional Catholic mystical theology with his summary pronouncements: his new “discovery”, with rare thrift replacing realms of the sacred, the utterly personal and inviolable with those of the touchy-feely collective and profane. The vaunted ambition of a certain pink and breathless crowd for more than a generation now.


For some such rather limited souls math can actually become yet another form of recreation, if only you concentrate on immersing yourself in its extreme thought-limiting abstractions. Remembering all along, alas, that life is not just the old fashioned laughing record, and that there must be a mind to recreate before the term has any meaning at all. You really have to “put the blinders on” here, and some of us find this kind of radical consciousness-limitation to be almost painful, and even at certain extremes morally and psychologically dangerous in character. One must ask if there is enough time left in a day to go out on too many of these tapering, abstract numerological limbs, and still keep ones soul: marching columns of integrals being no mean symbol of fatally-engrossing Scriptural cares of this world. Indeed math, especially at higher statistical or multivariate levels—where it exercises near-all-determining sway in today’s industrially, financially and behaviorally path-dependent world—is all about constructing models, or broadly-construed generalities into which are blankly poured all the “messy” contingent details of life, fit where they may. Daily vagaries and impromptu moments of truth which however form the sole and irreplaceable parade-ground upon which our consciences do their momentous wheels and turns, and bark their oft-times hoarse commands. This while noted feisty numerical/intellectual mainlining or hand-washing exercises abstract entirely from such a bothersome daily life, from a breathing, comprehensive holism: faithfulness to which is nonetheless the only true genius of the policy-maker. A good steward prudently sidestepping those sharp-edged “non-normative” paradigms which are however the very stomping ground of every budding new Nazi, Nietzsche or Marx. Grand and humble, large and small specificities rather anchoring business or the affairs of state to the innately-fragile human person, to his creative genius, to his God-given sense of right and wrong. Drawing azimuths from that pinnacle of virtue which, if not always achieved, is nevertheless the only True North of stable, dependable legal, political or diplomatic form. Rather than removing policy and economy to realms coolly, relativistically algebraic and elite-engineered in character. And although math is manifestly useful in rational science and engineering applications, these fields must always be placed under the guidance and direction of those who are wise in evaluating the complexities of human affairs, in enabling and accommodating the comprehensive economic prosperity, the richly-reciprocal relations of men.


May 8, 2007: The Virginia Tech Massacre. Updated again.


A certain Father Ratiu from Romania, who once worked in the Catholic diocese of Joliet back in the 70s, also wrote from his own experience about the radical communist Romanian concentration camp at Pitesti. A goldmine for behavior-modifying authorities the world over, a place specifically designed to break the most virtuous, sensitive and intelligent ten percent of Romania’s college students. A select group, chosen for just such qualities, that formed the prison-population there. These being used as fodder for a vast, insufferably-vile anticipation of Abu Ghraib, an “experimental program” which would prove to be the first of many of its like. Hence, in accord with this choice of “cream of the crop” subjects, and curiously enough to some: the morally-mediocre among them were affected but little by the inconceivably-brutal blandishments of a gulag like Pitesti. A fact no doubt discovered long ago in the obscure, developing, centuries-old saga of Jewish world-controller/collectivist infiltrations and societal corruptions of every kind. Whose “practical” aim in this new experiment was to “scientifically” break and then remake personalities, turning out some of the most cruel monsters ever known to man.


The comparative limp “inutility” of the middling for such mind-modifying purposes stems from the simple fact that they have no significant threshold of virtue or idealism to stumble and be broken upon. No such veritable exalted fragility which under certain mentally-unbearable circumstances can cause the nobly-formed to plummet to bottomless psychotic depths. The earnestly-virtuous, the true children of God—typically also among the most truly-intelligent—being by definition “exceptional”, while the “normal” essentially reside in that 90% “hump” of the “bell” or “normal curve” population. That broad mass namely which if not virtuously led by some John Kennedy or his like basically “have their price” or threshold of intimidation beyond which they manifestly will not go. People who will never be called “weird” by that in-crowd of which they are either coerced or unquestioningly-loyal members, and are unlikely to go on any lone public rampages, but who are also rather-more-easily-than-some prevailed upon to take dope, have casual sex, fondle little kids in admirably-virtuous-looking ways, and so on. Being ready indeed, under varying degrees of coaxing, to join The Group in any depraved depredations it might choose to unleash. These being the very ones, namely, who follow the Gospel “broad path that leads to destruction”: as the Kingdom of Heaven is not for everyone, but must be chosen daily and consistently, and with brave resolution. In connection with which fact, and as an added crucifixion to put luster on their crown—and providing the thesis of the noted priest’s book—there are vulnerabilities exclusively-proper to the good. Breakabilities corresponding to hard-won virtues that must often be maintained in solitary, unassisted ways. Just as there are gag-a-maggot iron-bellied “strengths” in those ever-celebrated groupies—beer-belching sports or drug-culture fanatics that have become so rampant since the Kennedy assassinations—who always seem to get their way.


Historical roots for this American group-worship are to be found in that strangest of globe-conquering hybrids: the nearly four century old American Puritan or Congregationalist socially-monistic or radically-group-oriented faith, alive and well since colonial Boston and Salem. A fantasy essentially Christian-era-Jewish in character, but with historical throwbacks in bloody mobs of “Reds” and “Whites” who used to pour out of ancient and early-medieval Greek hippodromes (or stadiums), to work mayhem upon all in their path. Here being at question a set of obscure but passionate loyalties entirely and essentially foreign to divinely-revealed Religion itself, which recognizes “the law of our minds”, reason, as being at the very base of both virtue and law itself. Here rather being involved a rejection of the individual human personality in toto, a bizarre social phenomenon which I believe to have been at the heart of the destruction of Cho, and of thirty-two others as well.


Here too, whether in its Greek, Jewish or “Reformer” manifestations, is an institution ruled by menacing males: whether grim and buckle-hatted in the seventeenth century or flaunting a “cool” or turbulent, BTK-like machismo today so fruitful in ruined domestic lives and work-place cultures as well. Hence too a couple of guys in Cho’s “suite”: ever-cool groupie characters, much like the celebrated Duke LaCrosse team, who seem to have modified their original sardonic, almost gleeful statements a great deal. About this “weird” guy, or to give it its more common name, this “loser”. Indeed, Donald Trump would be seen a few weeks later stomping an incomparable good and talented Asian youth into the ground with his “you’re fired!”: a bulldog showing his teeth at a fine and civilized man, one who “lamentably” lacked a certain success-ethic showmanship. That which so caters to the crowd while trivializing or brutalizing the individual and inimitable soul. Cho’s roommates no doubt becoming far more toned-down at the insistent promptings of mom and dad, who saw them with alarm, on TV, letting go with far-too-many virtual-admissions and “Freudian slips”. While all the references to whole classrooms cracking up with laughter over his writings, read aloud for all to hear, likewise quickly became a forbidden media-subject as well. For one thing too because corporate-outsourced departments can’t afford a lot of group-cretin-level publicity: investment shelters ever maintaining the high-dudgeon of the private equity bottom line. American collegiate good ole boys in their dozens plainly determining to “have some fun” with Cho, filing grim reports to the campus police as soon as this young Korean attempted a shy flirtation with some girl. This kind of baiting being only another version of what happens to anyone in the USA who, say, wants to hold some imbecilic job without being a complete fool, a boot-licker, a craven clown or philanderer, and who because of his desire for some self-respect is put through the ropes by the same kind of crowd. Perhaps a minority, but of unlimited sway in the USA. Whose Virginia Tech collegiate counterparts had the temerity to warn a lass against this harmless (but not for long) Korean. A young woman who herself had only been somewhat “annoyed”, probably because she simply wasn’t attracted to him. (Then too American girls, alas, seem to be vaguely afraid of any young man who suffers interior pain—that perennial forerunner of Gospel conversion of heart, or the Biblical “beginning of wisdom”—while it is the groupie “cool cat”, quickly morphing into a rapist and then a wife-beater, from whom a maiden should rather flee for dear life.) A Cho who after a later such attempt at feminine friendship—and as I gathered from initial more-candid news-clips of an increasingly-campus-defensive TV official line—was reported to the law enforcement of the city as well: and not much later forced to accept temporarily commitment to a mental institution.


Alas, ever in the background seem to have been these run-of-the-mill groupie roommates, and others of their kind, companions for a Korean than which no worse could have been found. Guys and gals who may easily be more responsible than anyone or anything else for the explosion that occurred on this campus and in this young Korean’s mind. One standard-issue-boor roommate having dared to actually chuckle over this poor soul only the day after the horrible mass demise. Apropos to which it’s interesting that Cho left this note behind in his room, presumably for his roommates to find, saying “you made me do this thing”.


The guiding Deweyite educational philosophy of the USA is everywhere evident in this horrible tragedy: upholding at the usual horrendous costs the NEA’s long-evolving central tenet. Namely that the signature-American Jewish/Congregationalist cult of the group must at all costs continue to determine all things on campus. Indeed that this basically fringe-radical, experimental imperative, a fundamental ingredient in the “noble experiment” of American life in all its venues—one now being spread around the globe at the point of a bayonet—should be the sole weighing standard of all  sanity and good behavior on-campus and off. Here being however a behavioral magic wand which is going to produce many more Chos if allowed to go on reigning supreme in the campus and grade school scheme of things. Indeed it is precisely in order that this “learning, thinking and feeling together” golden calf not be at long last overturned—a “desecration” that would lead to a repudiation of the gang-culture, the (lucrative legal and illegal) drug-culture and every other idolatry reigning supreme here today—that expert-designed public blinders are now being secured ever-more-tightly. And why the list of Cho’s alleged lifetime depredations grows by the day. As pronouncements of “evil” or “fiend” multiply apace on Fox Network, and elsewhere as well.


But for all their brave statements and postures, no one faces the veritable witches coven of potential mass-atrocities that are brewing in both schools and dorms, and in a host of near-inescapable things like the violent, diabolical before- and after-school TV as well. Here in the land of the brave. And under the influence of drugs like Prosac that are said to be growing notorious for precipitating these “heroic” sorts of reactions to things already intolerable in themselves.


Ah, yes, it’s all just a part of the effeminate “public debate” about moral freedom: with Hellish rogue elements, sworn enemies of all law, given chart-blanc to run entirely amuck: if only they do it as a group. An apostasy which likewise exposes to the same hatchet job the moral law written by God so tenderly on the human heart: that close-corollary to reason, basically only a higher-distillation of same, and upon which, as noted above, all valid law is itself is irremovably based. But here the profane and perverted corporation, not God, reigns supreme, since it thrives on all things blindly group-determined, on the acid-rock and rapper village of the damned that is today’s all-but-universal cultivar of youthful American academic, social and personal life. A visual-and-auditory Hell-on-earth which will brook no interference from age or religion, which increasingly unleashes young and cold-blooded killers on the elderly, the poor and the infirm. Judging by his video, this very collective monster seems in major part to be what Cho was desperately rebelling against, if in an irrational, drug-assisted fit of rage. That mortal enemy by which he thought of himself as being “crucified”.  Even as perhaps part of the demon in his own adrenaline may easily have been this very rock-enabled spleen.


As suggested above, immensely downplayed in these official and administrator assessments is the part played in his bloody rampage by mind-altering drugs, and that he was administered by hovering mental health functionaries. Opiates which have now become standard and inescapable in the most common of over-the-counter medications. (As in the case of one allergy medicine I myself recently took, of which a third pill over a period of two days sent me almost orbital: partially owing no doubt to the fact that I had never before taken these particular panaceas, having thus a healthier system which mostly rejects them. Is this the kind of thing that happened to Alec Baldwin recently, in the much-publicized telephone outburst against his daughter?) While the off-limits taboo is rigidly enforced here as well over any suggestion that there could have been much more involved in Virginia than just a lone young “madman”, one who is thus alleged, with a truly-fanatical insistence, to have had this deranged thing in him from his earliest years. The same old rot-gut being promoted by “the experts” for the past century and more: that both mental illness and sodomy are hereditary, or caused by some off-the-wall quasi-biological “factor” or other. Rather than being accurately account as mostly products of sick families and sick societies, of diabolical goads and influences of every kind. Among a host of named and nameless maladies the gentle Christ came to heal, bringing us “life, and that more abundantly”. The poorly-disguised aim of a Pitesti-to-Abu-Ghraib experimental regimen being realized with brutal finality: the irreversible fait accompli of the uprooting of spiritual refinement and Faith itself, together with the remorseless destruction of whatever kind of person Cho may have actually been. All the while we ourselves at stoutly maintain that there is something in a “best nation on earth”, Religion-of-America USA—the generation-old Mr. Hyde brainchild of the Kennedy-assassination coup—that inexorably causes these personal cataclysms. And that the answer to them isn’t really to be found in straight-jackets, injections or wall-eyed hallucinatory pills.


Thus in my own opinion this young man, whatever his pre-existing problems, was a victim not only of the increasingly-inescapable American pill-and-injection culture but also of the all-American psycho-gang-rape that takes place daily on these shores. A collegiate version of a Led-Zeppelin- or rapper-inspired aggressions against man, a Boomer-original pathology whose ultimate spin-offs are uniformly catastrophic indeed. Even if in many cases accepted with limp equanimity, or with the standard lock-step mind. These reflections, pre-existing, already-well-matured from years of study and prayer, only being confirmed in their solid veracity after my exposure to the usual media/official/corporate-funded-college-turf-guarding factual and fictional overkill about this event. (Alas, as in much else of late, the cover-up is often as damning as the deed). Thus within which hysteria-breeding hall-of-mirrors we are told that the video-tape left behind by Cho “reveals basically nothing” about his motives. This latter blank-faced, tidy little sound-bite being a diktat delivered by one of Virginia’s many gallingly-condescending officials. Who basically inform us, as in so many other pronouncements of today, that white is black and black is white. A declaration, among so many we heard in the massacre’s aftermath, which we are expected to accept with the credulity of the lobotomized space-ship crew of the old movie, The Black Hole. A good image of where the USA is headed, with a whole world in tow, with blank oblivion blandly paving the way. All these facts and reflections disposing me to be less and less surprised when men from well-developed cultures don’t always take too well to what they find here in the USA. It can be like mixing certain chemicals, and the result may easily be explosive.


Among radical difference between the U.S. and the rest of the world are the wholesale unwarranted interventions of every stripe that Americans must endure: these penetrating, openly or insidiously, into the most-personal recesses of our lives from extreme youth to old age. A patent contradiction-in-terms being involved here, when in one and the same breath we can call this confining, behavior-modifying padded-cell the “land of the free and the home of the brave”. The limp, unquestioning, indeed religious acceptance of which unprecedented violations, furthermore and incredibly, is basically considered the one and only litmus test of good mental health on these shores. Even though it is an all-but-admitted Jewish-supra-professional control-group experiment which has never been tried before, and whose effects are utterly incalculable on such a massive scale. This unmitigated self-surrender—ah, to be able to blankfacedly express things like liberty in their polar-opposite terms, what a grand elitist coup!—being seen not only in the vast behavioral-management apparatus met with at school and workplace but also in “affectionate” physical violations in a host of settings. These without any ado crossing a host of traditionally-forbidden lines. While on the job is vaguely-but-insistently ramroded the slinging out of abominably stupid language and piratical coded-signs, become a job-retention litmus-test all its own.


”Backward” Asians, by contrast, still generally have social and legal dams against oversteps and arbitrary, let alone groupie dog-kennel experimental pop-behavioral standards. Possessing as Orientals do cultures which demand a certain sort of staid self-containment in most departments of life, and notably in social courtesies and other external public behavior. Not really being quite so much on the cusp of capitalism’s endemic fringe-radical-behaviorism as is an (incredibly) much-emulated USA. Basically the whole world now being much like the unfortunate ancient sailors enchanted by the voices of the mythical sirens to their rocky/watery doom. There being a certain moribund satisfaction to be found in self-destruction, especially of a life just begun, full of promise: all the more placating to the glowering Baal of Johnson-to-Bush era, post-Kennedy-assassination American  life. However, this Oriental self-containment isn’t at all a “cold”, “brittle” or even vaguely-“paranoid” bar against mutual engagement, as it is sometimes falsely represented here: but rather for the most part provides an innocent, healthy and adaptable benchmark for same. By contrast to which the modern-American “anything goes”, boorishly-, violatingly-aggressive idea of social life—an evil spirit basically quite at home amid all the murder, sodomy, robbery and rape—is on the point of conclusively proving this land’s dominant salient trend. A thick red line rising steeply across a chart in prison populations, abysmal grade-reports, suicide rates, murders and drug-addictions which show us to be the failed society par excellence. All this horror however taking amply into its embrace such (to many) seemingly-innocent things as the noted, much-celebrated U.S. hyper-literal “warmth”, seen for instance in incessant semi-sexual maulings of child stars on movie screens, setting a veritable standard for “the healthy family” here. And titillating the super-rich to go to a Bush “war on terror” groomed Thailand, or similar regional nation, for a real spree. All the while momentarily-weak solitary men are trapped in “to catch a predatory” sting-operations—e-mails and other actual accostings—these often aimed exclusively at some lonely individual—after which self-righteous profilers and TV-lawyers glower over their third-handed prey. All this up-righteous new Americana—utterly unknown to our great-grandparents—crowned by an inescapable, invasively-lengthy eye-contact by boorish boss and co-worker alike. A gourd-rattling ritual somehow thought to convey “honesty”, another sine qua non of the American church, workplace and school. A mania in which the sacredness of—and selective admission into—ones inner existence is with ham-handedly-preemptive, boorish cynicism pushed aside.


But this is the new “greatest country on earth” USA: unknown to those of the Kennedy years and before, one whose basically experimental and provisional values and body-language you are positively required to adopt if you want to go anywhere at all, unless you are some sort of blue-blood indeed. A historically unprecedented demand being maintained here by an avant-garde fringe-elite—and not a few income-invested “born again” clergymen—which intends to keep it that way at all social costs. A pathological standard too-often “dutifully” backed up by teachers, counselors and (albeit hesitant) law-enforcement alike.


As noted, central to this groupie-phenomenon  is the above-noted monism of American life: or the more-or-less total eclipsing of the individual soul in favor of the nation or group. Monism being that ultra-radical philosophy which has cropped up now and again since the earliest ancient Greek writers, and which largely lay at the ever-vague social base of Satanism and other diabolical manifestations and creeds as well. Being the very polar-opposite of a candid, innately-individualistic, personal-agency-enabling Christianity: rather a contrary stygian transformation ultimately and quite typically at the base of bloody chaotic or revolutionary upheaval from the word go. In that absolute polar-opposite of Western Civilization—whose proving-ground, alas, is right here, with historical seeds in an incurably-groupie version of freedom—in the sacrifice of the good on the altars of malice and wrong. So that when you add those legal and illegal drugs employed to counter—but actually helping-along—the numerous popular mental illnesses necessarily involved in all this blush, bother, and overstep—you have burgeoning before you in today’s U.S. a more-and-more rigidly-formidable, inescapable, grim world-all-its-own. With mind-altering drugs being a major part of the medicine cabinet of basically all of today’s college students, according to one prominent counselor interviewed on CNN. Actually in another sense comprising a single vast economy-of-scale of mechanically-conforming, insensate workers and collegians to fit Bush-Neo-capitalism’s debt-driven goals.


Hence, to make a long story short: when someone like Cho, “withdraws” from such a “social life” we mustn’t immediately and in the first instant assume that he is the one who is sick. Although, granted—and this is as far as American professional wisdom gets on such a road—when 33 lives have been taken, including that of the “madman”, then we have to admit that “closing the stable door” is no longer an option. All the while fright-transfixed (“Asian terrorist-ring suspects?”) relatives from Korea blurt out super-safe statements, putting Cho generously and from earliest youth in a class all by himself.


No, don’t be too quick to claim—in your favorite refrain—“paranoia” or “blaming everyone else for his problems”, Bill O’Reilly and the rest of the strange Fox TV-expert-crew. For a century of psycho-experimentation has discovered that the human mind can be destroyed most effectively in just such good-ole-boy-“harmless” group-aggressive ways. In which a gifted, unsuspecting individual is immersed in an entire little world over which he has absolutely no control. And in which aggressive groupie boors find out again and again that it is the gentle and mild-mannered who can only be pushed so far. While a further possibility presents itself in a troubling way: was Cho gang-raped, classical Abu Ghraib or U.S. prison style, as the whole tone and body-language of his video message would seem rather plainly to say? This shy young Korean providing the ultimate prize to a certain kind of far-from-rare male-ambivalent “macho” of an especially twisted kind? Paragons whom Southern inverted/racist society has long turned out as an indigenous product all its own?


<p>Hence, manifestly, we cannot just keep repeating that in events at Virginia Tech sacrosanct Americana is under attack. No, there is something wrong with this golden calf, if it is destroying the minds of previously-harmless if perhaps taciturn men, prompting them to go on horrible rampages. A phenomenon all of its own kind almost unknown in other lands around the globe. Men many of whom do indeed become “troubled” in this incomprehensible moral-killing-field of modern American life: where the ceiling of such an existence scrapes the tops of our heads, and will not allow us to soar spiritually, let alone to entertain the rapture of supernatural life. So that we don’t just opt for today’s standard atomized approach of myopically concentrating on the subject, as if of an experiment, who did the deed we must address. Bent on dissecting his mind, as if it were some laboratory insect, to be understood without any real reference to things outside it, nor to concentrated influences brought to bear. (The very opposite of the vaunted Jewish “behaviorism” of Skinner—the mid-twentieth-century inescapable major-determiner of American life—a fiend who must be chuckling from his place in Hell over this bewildering about-face). For as much as we hear this ceaseless raving about “depression” and other incessantly invoked ills—and here’s the lie—when it comes to standing by those affected all we have is a hoarse “expert” cry in favor of suffocating personal restrictions. Hardly a cure for the blues. And failing that, the training of better swat teams to more rapidly and efficiently gun them down.


Thus in all of this the inevitable bonanza for the mental-health field—an enrichment for these vaunted “crusaders” that is hardly to be surprised at—experts who meet us coming and going, who are never seriously challenged in their rote, summary, often arrogant hypotheses. Grave utterances which typically change from year to year. And whose ministrations have only brought us a mental health crisis that expands in direct proportion to their own swelling numbers. A  new version of ancient soothsayers, with fanatical absorption duplicating the one-time “poking at the entrails of a bird”. And then too in all this refusal to consider anything but the most narrow, blinders-wearing implicit-exonerations of American social life, John Donne’s perennial “no man is an island”, the real and true “group psychology”, is entirely lost. And the infallible rectitude of The Group—a horse of a different color indeed—is shown to remain the sine qua non of these professionals as well, as for the entire sky-darkening monolith of American colleges or schools. So much so indeed that this pack-idolatry is in every case entirely exempt from any consideration as a possible cause of wrong. But when a killer on this magnitude says he felt bullied, if we ever hope to get to the bottom of such phenomena, rather than assuming this sentiment to be an infallible indication of “classical paranoia” in-and-of-itself—a charge which depending upon the setting may easily morph into (less-admittedly acceptable) and unwarranted catcalls of “sissy” or “homo”—we must start taking his statement quite seriously. Indeed as perhaps one of the last lucid ones he would ever make. And certainly not as just another mere confirmation of the need for righteous all-Americans to vigilantly watch the quiet and the shy. That which since an in-house 9/11 has indeed been rigidly set in place as the chief imperative of our day. An all-purpose phobia which “patriotically” complements apprehensions over “Al Qaeda” in every way.


Hence people remark on Cho’s “mysterious” non-responsiveness to those around him; while we hear from his English teacher further addendums to his lengthening quirk-dossier: the shy young Korean now having (conveniently) become a peeping Tom as well. With this highly-dramatic academic’s purportedly-desperate calls for intervention from “the men in the white coats” said to have been prompted by Cho’s alleged under-the-desk cell-phone-camera-snap-shots of the lower-bodies of the classroom’s surrounding girls. Horrors?— behavioral monstrosities?—if they really happened—when far worse things are the yawningly-common order of the day on the media and date-rape scene? While the fact remains too—or so said a recent documentary—that the staid Japanese of almost all ages—and who knows, maybe the Koreans too—positively pore over pornographic magazines, sold at street-corner stands devoted largely to that very theme. While here in the USA peeping through the girls bathroom window is a naughty-boy pastime “as old as the hills”. Reprehensible, evil indeed, but hardly insane. And then too, when it comes to “withdrawing”, the Southern macho miasma is something a non-Caucasian, a new arrival from the Mediterranean, or even a fresh kid from some sleepy Midwestern-states town must shut from his mind if he wishes to enjoy his sanity for lengthy stretches of time. Instantly recognizing as I do as well, from my own (Northern) collegiate dorm-room experience, even of so many years ago, the smooth but vaguely-predatory character of a sizeable percentage of those with whom he studied, slept and lived. An Asian unfamiliar with American ways who may have even been slyly coached by these good ole boys—in patented “fun loving” Andy Griffith Show style—to make overtures not at all acceptable to a young woman here. Although of course we will never know the truth about it all, since the facts are in the process of being gloriously swallowed up in a campus-apotheosis akin to that enjoyed by a “cream of the crop” exotic-dancer-watching La Crosse Team, not so far away on the Ivy League gold coast to the North. Mistreatments which in my own opinion, with a host of others besides, may easily have precipitated that “last straw” which would ultimately break an overburdened camel’s back.


But added to the mix in any fair assessment must be Uncle Sam’s commissioning of himself as the heroic extirpator of every practical vestige of age-old Catholic Faith and custom, notably as found in “backward”, and “superstitious” people cultivated here by missionaries Spanish and French. (All the while none can render the hocus-pocus of illiteracy-producing, rock-related Black Arts that dominate the American mind today). A prejudice against true Faith to be found perhaps especially among dyed-in-the-wool-heterodox American Catholics themselves, and notable historically in the violent displacement of French, Spanish and English governments from any toehold here, from sea to shining sea. Even the English by the time of their expulsion from the Northwest having become quite amenable to Catholicism, its customs and values. But not so for the ever-up-righteous ones to the Yankee South. A true Catholicism in whose context being sociable—that quality which Cho is said to have gravely lacked—isn’t just a matter of a lot of jabber and body language. It involves being kind, considerate, thoughtful, “anticipating one another in charity”. Otherwise it is all a horrible charade of “charlatans”, as Cho called them. Indeed, some of the kindest people in Church history never spoke a word, being found among hermits, cave-dwelling recluses and one-time proverbially-silent Trappist monks. Men whose smiles nevertheless wordlessly bespoke the most abundant and angelic love. Countenances the last of which I myself saw, back in the 60s, in Hokkaido in Japan, at Cobreces in Spain, in the hills outside Frascati in Italy. At Cobreces among successors to seven or eight martyrs to the cruel Marxists of the 30s. Blooded champions who had their equally-fervent like as well, as in the case of Padre Pro, in the Mexico of the budding PRI.


But that isn’t what our “socializers” want; no, they want lots of “cool”, which in some ways is indeed the very opposite of this love, “even unto death”. In fact if you were to smile in the way of the saints at today’s typical middle class collegiate groupies—with eternity in your eyes—as Cho may indeed, in first days, have done—something quite different from the effeminate gush of the Charismatics—you would frighten them to death, in the next instant after which they would class you as a homosexual. Or perhaps even, groupie mock-“vigilance” aroused, as some sort of leering serial killer. The sorts of obsessions that ceaselessly stalk today’s American minds, and give them numerous “losers” and “suspected terrorists” to energetically destroy. Fables that drive out any notion of compassion, love, understanding, humanity. In all this, too, repeating precisely the age-old slander of the Jews against Catholic Faith, indeed against the rest of the human race: that which is so much at the heart of this whole monstrous, soul-consuming Freudian take.


Hence is true socializing little to be found in a gamut of cleverly-camouflaged misjudgments and humiliations, against a from-all-indications thoughtful soul who had suffered poverty, dislocation and a great deal else besides. Indeed, the most backward of native tribesmen around the globe have often been admirably conversant with true and genuine fraternity: “savages” who commonly-enough had a generous humanity as a stout platform upon which a love-based Catholic Faith could thrive. That kind of love which might have brought joy to the heart of Cho, instead of deadly despair. From which realizations it follows that the centuries-in-development, supercilious, hated/celebrated U.S. sense-of-crusade is most repugnant in being in a host of ways entirely out of step with the collective legacy of our race. While humanity has furthermore and conversely most often held the shy and thoughtful in special regard, never contemplating for a moment putting the patently harmless, as can be seen from earlier photographs of Cho, under microscopic scrutiny as “having something wrong with him”, harboring some pathology. Some frightful sickness needing to be painstakingly ferreted out. Thus, again, in my own opinion, the demise of a young—and despite or indeed because-of his many sorrows—promising Korean. A previously-harmless young man who—based on my Asian sojourns, travels and acquaintances—took all the talk about freedom of expression seriously enough to try to portray in writing—in his classroom work—the ugliness he had found. Where he had rather hoped to find friendship and life. Caustic realities which he felt were destroying his mind. Writings likely-enough undertaken precisely—and according to a principle healing purpose of drama or literature—so as not to be reduced to doing what he eventually did. In a USA in which self-expression of any genuine or heart-felt kind—except for a boorish and unintelligent “patriotism”—is steadily being outlawed as I write.


Truly, this lad seems to have had a whole network of ever-“brave” Americans who were incessantly “watching him”, holding him in suspicion as anything from a firebug to a stalker, but nothing criminal was ever determined to have taken place. While finally and as anyone acquainted with sanity-law knows, a determination that someone is “an imminent threat to their own safety or that of others” is just a lot of legalese. First careless new-clips having indeed shown a graphic of the original form used, with a check-mark next to that standard phrase, one of three generic alternative “findings”. A rote, yawningly-preliminary statement needed before tax-funded institutionally-decided-upon care can be dispensed. A power-of-attorney, incidentally, that is being more-and-more carelessly farmed-out, expedited with lightning speed, for instance upon poor souls who wander into a Neo-Con-face-lifted “Goodwill, Inc.”. Losers who come to its recently-corporate-commandeered “One Stop Centers” simply and naively looking for a job. All this under our “freedom-loving” Bush Administration, and his Pilosi-led Congressional partners. The point being that Cho was put under such strain by this kind of pervasive monitoring that he remarked, to his contemptuously-cool roommates, after they had dutifully reported him on some bitterly-humiliating occasion, that he “may as well kill himself”. Rather, he should have left school, Oriental face-losing be as it may. But it is easy for an onlooker like me, much older, to counsel such things. At twenty-three, I know for a fact I wouldn’t have had such perspicacity.


Thus one thing certain is that the stock terrorist profile of the morally-conscientious person run violently amuck, who has “had enough” of a false and hedonistic society, in this case leaving an alleged note to that effect, will be media-worked for all its worth. Prejudicing, terrifying Americans yet-further against the pious or “shy and withdrawn” of any culture or faith. Creating self-fulfilling prophesies of every shape and size. However almost by definition the dissenter from public “debauchery”—as the noted note describes it—is going to withdraw from many activities and people around him. A reflex indeed commanded us by Our Lord Jesus Christ, Whose incomparable Western Civilization a radically-Jewish official world wishes neatly, antiseptically to remove from the memories of men. This “shunning” being a good and even holy impulse which if punished or “cared for” as an aberration—in that abominable inversion which is the modern treatment-institutional forte—may be fruitful in reactive anomalies of many different kinds. But this Christian recourse-of-the-ages—of a spiritually-healthy withdrawal—hardly supports the fervently-marketed supposition that such a person is likely to come back unawares and do his associates (or persecutors) in, even if some-such tragedies do indeed happen once in a blue moon. (Come now, “brave” fellow-Americans, must you belie the doughty name by thus “looking over your back” in such an ungainly way?) But, alas, just as in the time of Nero it has always been the aim of the “pillars” of a corrupt society to stigmatize the devout and pure-of-heart as mad, as setters of fires, leavers-of-bombs or conspirators in Cromwell-era Gunpowder Plots. All of this bluffly ignoring the many-thousands-more murders committed by people cool-as-a-cucumber, utterly without a conscience, whether sadistically killing some university-professor couple “just for kicks” or implacably guarding dope-turf or street-gang pride. In a hail of bullets set to the merry staccato of blank-faced rapper jive.


None of these experts seem to notice or care that according to his off-campus hometown neighbors and outside the mental killing field that Virginia Tech proved to be for him, Cho was just a good neighbor typically ready with a nod, a wave or a smile. Thus it isn’t just that “some people” are too wrought up, “unable to handle failure”, whether as experienced in the evaluations of major-subject teachers or in dating or both: analyses offered by profiling experts in their airy conjectures about this Korean. Thereby tacitly and with model thrift-of-effort handing out titles of Cherubic, nonchalant greatness to his opposite, his nemesis: the laid-back, “highly-adaptable” all-American boy. Failure itself however being no bar at all to this stock-market-adoring, debt-lifestyle-driven secular sacro-sanctification, which basically requires only some token proof of membership in a “type A character” category. (You know, the so-called “go-getter”, who is incidentally strongly helped along by blue eyes and blond hair, and an Anglo surname). Thus did one of these vaunted experts tell us, the night the news first broke, that any self-respecting type-A who fails at something will forthwith dutifully go out and “blow it off”, presumably in some drinking marathon, drop-of-the-hat fistfight, or orgiastic one night stand. And the next day, the spot-applicable rite-of-passage complete, he faces the new born day with a smile. But don’t we know that these are the very killer types found among un-convictable Southern racists, who in brave groups of five to twenty-five have been known to kill little boys or college students who dare to invade their “sacred southern land?” Blow-offs indeed.


But people not born here—and even some of us who were—recognize all this cereal-box machismo for the juvenile poppy-cock that it really is. And Asians in particular are utterly incapable of such vapid displays. So that there does indeed in some major or minor way kick into operation the several subsequent phases of this success-ethic-reject psycho-drama. The mourning more or less required in major failures—almost as much as in a death in the family—being denied, the “he takes things too seriously” loser is then eagerly expected to come apart at the seams, to provide us with the fascinating spectacle of some desperate, violent deed. Can we be too awfully surprised if he sometimes gives us what we want? Or if he is too much of a “coward” for that, being expected to shamefully waffle, to become a perfect slob, maybe a dope-pusher or some other kind of felon, or at least an honor-less trifler with sex. Indeed the typical American groupie will watch such a non-conformist with an anticipation vaguely akin to an incident among a group of privates with whom I was in Army training many years ago. GIs who with rare absorption watched some sadist, who had spied an own-business-minding tarantula crossing the bivouac area, and forthwith began to pick it apart (bravely, of course, with a long stick), leg by leg. For by the rules of the weird groupie world the enforcement of object-lessons—upon stray undefended people of unfeigned piety, color or foreign culture/nationality—in other words upon non-good-ole-boy, non-A-type “losers”—is a breath-baited pastime, a stock part of a darker sort of Americana in certain settings. Otherwise-studiously ignored, contemptuously-unnoticed people being eagerly anticipated to be on the cusp of imploding, self-destructing, going on a rampage, or of becoming a perpetual eye-sore of some curious kind.