September 12, 2005: Latest “Al Qaeda” tape: the “terrorist” only another young Jew from Manhattan.


Having spent a good deal of time around universities, around the globe in general, in various kinds of military units in combat, both reconnaissance and headquarters, I know the difference between a genuine insurgent and a posh and over-educated young Jew such as meets us in this latest digital film clip. This chap is undoubtedly another American Zionist/Jewish radical-politico of the sort who has indeed turned Israel and the Middle East upside down for the past several decades. But this by impersonation—whether armed-insurgent or merely photographic—rather than by honest “bad-guy” deeds. While this particular guy has probably never seen a bomb or handled a gun, even if he has confreres who do. “Militants” or “militias” of a standard milk-white Aryan complexion quite typical among Jewish and American or British impersonators of Iraqis, as seen on occasion when the skin is accidentally exposed on oddly-photogenic “fratricidal insurgents” in Iraq. High-tech-coordinated phantoms in their now-classical cover-all black leotards: outfits-of-aliens of whom the locals are mortally afraid, non-Islamic tights in which a true Iraqi would never be caught dead. A police-station-destroying phenomenon discussed at length in a passage below, whose aim like so much else in allied strategy/policy is to destabilize a nation—and indeed an entire region—it wishes ultimately to place firmly in the ever solicitous Israeli grip. That neighboring state which for that matter, if in a different manner, is steadily digesting and assimilating the USA as well as I speak. (Note of 11/08: note the near-inevitable disagreement of U.S. accounts of these incidents, when compared against Iraqi ones). Aiding too in the true identification of this phony are his mannerisms, his whole persona, the horn-rimmed glasses and borderline hysteria: this combination will never be found among the followers of the Prophet, this guy rather being modern day pitifully-unstable and vaguely-effeminate Zionist-Jewry personified. But of course they have pinned blame for this contrived tape—breathing movie-land threats against humanity—on some poor fellow with dark skin who doesn’t look anything like this paragon of the New York bar mitzvah scene. Do they think we are all blind, these seasoned profilers and analysts we have down at CIA and elsewhere? And if you feel this is “hate language”, just consider what these people want to do to the Muslim world and to our own freedoms. Sometimes there’s a healthy reason to become mightily displeased.

This new tape only confirms one of my central theses: that the whole Al Qaeda phenomenon—a group which the best Arab authorities claim is a Western fabrication—is a carefully-engineered scheme to provide an excuse to seize Middle Eastern and Central Asian land. And to place our country in debt-forged “Patriot”-Act chains. Just as the also-largely-Jewish “Orange Revolution” people are doing across Eastern and trans-Caucasus Europe. Thus to close the loop of an absolute control over the earth’s resources, and especially to enslave its myriad peoples. So that 9/11 and the other major tragedies that are always blamed on the Muslims—even many of the horrific bombings and executions taking place in Iraq as I write—mostly state-of-the-art and precision-timed—were really carried out—either in person or by remote-control piloting—by Anglo/Jewish operatives or the mercenaries they hire. While media prima donnas like this guy—or some crudely digitally-bit-modified old film of a now-dead Bin Laden or Zurqawi—or a handful of costumed and hooded Caucasian killers—front clumsily for both. Heavy-involved being an unlikely gaggle of world-touring people the U.S. Congressional Budget largely bankrolls in everything they do. Who, just as in Israel itself, will not hesitate to shed the blood of their own people, if it serves radical, Synagogue-nihilistic “end justifies the means” aim. As in that rationalization of all times, the deicidal “it is fitting that one man should die for the good of the nation”. While if we begin to doubt the sincerity of these ghouls and slanderers their quislings here just turn a little harder on the crank on the official/media brainwash machine. Or start some new domestic crisis to divert our (“weary”) attention away from the War.

Just as was the case with the young men who were installed as leaders in Muslim-occupied lands, for example in Croatia—during the centuries of the Porte’s also uninvited but equally “righteous” rule—we ourselves in the USA are ruled by an elite—and a sub-elite—who are carefully indoctrinated in Judeo-Masonic views. No one else has any chance at all to be elected to office, to rise to any position of prominence in the military, in the unions, and so on. Hence is it unlikely that a leader against this dense, enveloping tyranny is going to arise out of our educated classes: the noted sub-elites of which are the products of non-Ivy-League schools, and even of “correct and accepted” manager-trainee programs, where a supine mental- and moral-conformity is undisputed king. But even under such prohibitive circumstances Croatia—(that truly-Catholic land which gets no credit at all for anything, except for producing some charismatic crackpots who don’t even live in Croatia, but in Herzegovina)—turned out a tremendous national hero who turned back the Islamic tide for a whole generation. Alas, I don’t even know his name, let alone the old epic poem that my own father, may God rest his soul, could chant for an hour or two: we duly-brainwashed Croatian-Americans aren’t up to such “backward” things. That magnificent unak (hero) of old having at length—after many-a battle—died a martyr for the Faith he learned—by piecing together—amid blinding brainwash—events, personalities, deeds, inner divine communications—to love above life itself. And America can do the same, amid a much more encompassing moral and intellectual darkness, and indeed even produce just such a true man.

Update: News just off the press of the Israeli-Embassy-assisted escape of an Israeli national considered by many to be guilty of crimes against humanity—right under the nose of Scotland Yard—is a perfect example of the impunity with which well-placed Jews make a chessboard of the entire Globe. Information was somehow leaked by someone to the Jewish Embassy of the impending arrest of the noted individual (see the British Guardian Unlimited online story): upon which the Israelis sent an agent aboard the plane carrying this suspect, to warn him. He in turn and as a consequence never left the plane—outside of which English police waited—but apparently with the active complicity of its crew returned immediately to Israel. Britain is now protesting this infringement of English sovereignty and investigating the matter for possible diplomatic-level sanctions. But be assured that the whole episode will blow over “like a storm in a tea-kettle”: just as was the case in Denmark, New Zealand and in our own State Department. Where unprecedented Israeli violations of both law and protocol were unanimously regarded, when all was said and done, with the utmost indulgence.

Here then is proof-in-the-English-pudding of the Jewish interpenetration of national and international agencies and military forces, noted above. For in a story which is centuries old, to a plurality of Jews the “State of Israel” is their first loyalty: in many cases to the point of carrying on illegal and even treasonable actions against their declared nation-of-citizenship.

Actually what you have here is another world war, with fronts or anticipated fronts in every sector of the globe. With digital special effects and a total control on information being only so many brigades in a new but in a sense tiringly-familiar blitzkrieg. Even here in the USA we get occasional in-the-know hints and echoes from briefings—or insider interpretations of “Patriot Act II”—which suggest an English-tramway-notorious “shoot to kill”—meaning shoot on suspicion—or even “at your own discretion”—police-power both at home and across this Hemisphere. Again, with a bankrupt U.S., bankrolled by corporate Jewry, gaining a last-minute solvency on the lands and resources of mother earth. An odious phenomenon examined throughout these pages: of a one-time-occasionally-enlightened America become a hired goon for the will of others. While there is also much more going on here than just adultery with one’s banker: rather amply suggesting a might-makes-right compulsive obsession of all concerned. One which quotes verse and line from scriptures and constitutions in flights of self-arrogated authority. Read this page and these publications to see how all the threads of this rope to Hell are woven together: which includes organized crime and masonry and other related “civic” organizations among its many fibers. With the B’nai B’rith a core strand of the cable.

Just as in the case of Jewish-controlled American policy in Iraq, and the pandering after corporations like Haliburton both at home and abroad, effectively controlled by the same co-religionists, the aim involved is to present us with a fait accompli. To entrench such economic and policy ends so deeply—whether in New Orleans, Baghdad, the Ukraine or Sydney, in terms of land ownership, “security”, “law” and court decisions—that any protest will very soon instantly identify you as an “enemy” of order or the public good. But read on here for an answer to these clever contrivances. One which however requires the ceaseless solicitation of the aid of Heaven for its accomplishment. After which we may hope for an ultimate speedy victory against these pernicious internal and external enemies and their many fawning allies and front men.


September 10, 2005: Computers: the unfulfilled promise


There is no more formidable instrument of the unification of elite-farmed global markets—and of globalist disciplines—than the computer. Originally exclusively a tool of military intelligence gathering, in practical terms that still remains its greatest, most ominous, sinister, “security”-related use. While according to the words of a certain world-renowned systems expert named Ricardo Vaacha, he who was quite the academic rage around ’77 or so—considering the net gains from computers, and the incalculable hiatus or interruption they represent in the natural-human communicational and productive chain, these factotums might just as well have all been thrown in the ocean way back around ’49 when the mainframe first saw the light of day. Vaacha having been a member of a rarified set—systems experts—now an extinct scholastic species, as far as I know—people of that global-intrigue-literature variety who famously “knew too much”—and whose highly “incorrect” writings I have been unable to relocate, despite the many different spellings attempted (Could I still be spelling it wrong?). Indeed, maybe that’s exactly what they wisely and ruefully did back several millennia—threw these monster-calculators into the sea—somewhere on the shores of the Aegean or the Mediterranean, where the find was made of much-celebrated rusted gears of what may have been the ancient world’s own version of same.

In the aftermath of Katrina computerization shows forth its most disturbing qualities with a kind of morbid vengeance. For we see that everywhere in which human bonds—of both affection and organization—have been replaced by computers the result—vis-à-vis Katrina—have been as devastating as the winds of that storm—indeed multiplying them ad infinitum. Among other reasons because these exclusion-oriented poles—rather than emanation-points—of communication in the midst of crisis require an immaculate setting in terms of cleanliness, temperature-stability, lack of humidity, to name only a few. All the things instantaneously missing in most emergency circumstances.

But as suggested what computers have done is to consolidate much of the world’s wealth—and the most destructive sort of control—in the hands of a very few. And dummed all of us down when it comes to the old sometimes-clumsy but always indispensable arts of cooperation and intercommunication. Which entail the conveying of ones mind, spirit and will; of the meshing of the intricacies of these with those of others; of the creating thereby of an infinitude of dynamos far more productive and creative than anything that the massive, remote-controlled, ominously-humming, inscrutable turbines of “the information age” will ever put on line. Whose major by-products thus far seem to have been crime, drugs and an ever-more-Napoleonic and un-accountable conduct of war. The computer representing the very epitome of immense, public-knowledge- and individual-initiative-inhibiting economies of scale. A piece of misleading economic terminology we are stuck with, since these mammoth scale-economies or methodological/transport/finance structures have nothing to do with being economical, rather being wasteful and inefficient in the extreme. Although they do provide economic profits of great magnitude for a certain elite few: to whom the rest of us aren’t even human beings. The interests of which paragons is what modern “economics” is all about. Thus today the old helping hand of immemorial humanity—even most of the myriad contributions of the human mind—have been rendered “irrelevant”: along which path of alienated techno-monstrosities kindness and thoughtfulness are rapidly being replaced by the repartee of the vaguely-effeminate cyber-genius wise-guy. Or the glib, stonewalling sound-bites of our many Dick Chaneys. Creating among other things a perverse modern lingo which, despite occasional hasty displays of a new and infantile sort of fellow-feeling, can have but few positive uses. All the while a new privatized, scab-corporate America hires illegals from south of the border and elsewhere to do anything that requires better social, intellectual and conversational energies than that. From lands that are however and ultimately headed down the same Bush/Chaney-driven road, if this sinister info-age transformation continues.

Read on for a route of escape from this de-motivating, action-debilitating cyber-jungle: which will soon see to the extinction of our (human) race, or our return to the condition of cavemen swinging on vines. A new but perennial path which might indeed allow the computer a place—as perhaps in medical science—wherever it is truly useful. At various junctures where it could prove to be a facilitator rather than a annihilator of our minds, communities and eternal destinies.


September 8, 2005: Katrina lays bare the crying need for organizational distributism

The whole organizational, psychological, educational mindset of our times is getting its worst possible indictment in New Orleans and elsewhere along the path of Hurricane Katrina. Where we see the way that a predetermined, poured-in-concrete approach—directed entirely from on high—has no place in real life, and even less place in a dire emergency. Those on the scene, who know exactly what is needed, being consistently upstaged by high-level bureaucrats, or perhaps even more often by impersonal mandatory protocols. Formalities—found on a website or heard from the other end of a telephone line—that deny, delay or limit access to supplies or information, that proscribe lower- and mid-level command and managerial decisions. Roadblocks responsible for many deaths and countless other frustration- and foot-drag-related tragedies. Thus the senseless failure to at least air-drop supplies at the Convention Center in New Orleans—as is routinely done for out-of-the-way tribes of many kinds around the world in similar circumstances—since every single decision had to be cleared at some higher level in the dolefully-generic and yet at the same time often hopelessly-clearance-oriented and obscure state or federal “Homeland Security” web-of-control. The kind of thing few Americans were familiar with a few decades ago, but which has literally taken over life here today. Phenomena supposedly greatly safeguarding “security” when in fact the only thing being secured is a ham-strung, action-debilitating control. This precisely when an imaginative freedom of action is urgently required: a fluidity of action which emergencies have traditionally called forth with adrenaline-activated speed.

Yet ironically at the same time as there are smothering protocols and digital fiery hoops of every shape and style, the genuine need for a national-security orientation—that which is integral to any major emergency—seems never to have been properly, systematically, lucidly focused upon at all. Rather does the increasingly-apparent Bush/neo-con determination to reproduce the pre-Civil War South in a kind of neo-secessionist glory—radical racism and all—seem to be the determining organizational factor here. A mind-numbing, dis-unifying control over every little access-code or jerk of the knee—yes—but a real distributive coordination, under a sane and mature national-level oversight—no.

An inevitable related plantation-style submissiveness—bearing no relation at all to any rational spirit of obedience, which by contrast is always for constructive purposes—has taken on all the frightful dimensions of a veritable authority-figure-worship by these and similar means. Anomalies actually at least for a decade now become standard fare in school and workplace here. The old Synagogue-orchestrated, highly-photogenic hippies having accomplished their appointed task supremely well: of prejudicing an entire nation against true and intelligent liberty by luridly-retailing one orgiastic, perverted, smart-mouthed, basically cruel or unkind. To pave the way for the pre-planned “no nonsense” tyranny of meat-headed “patriots” we see today: whose close connection to AIPAC and the “State of Israel” is plain for all to see. Ironclad institutional prompts and formatives of a citizenry which as a consequence has become politically, psychologically and motivationally powerless to deal with the here-and-now, afraid to transgress orders from dizzy pinnacles of power. From “doctors and Indian chiefs”, neo-con or no, who in turn often deal at the brittle experimental edge of the most un-tested of theories, being nonetheless heeded as if they were seasoned veterans of the human condition. People who brought us the standard hypothetical take on everything from inner city violence to homosexuality, and whose one unifying characteristic is that they have no real faith, either in God or in man.

Hence has this involuntary thumb-sucking condition of the common, tragedy-stricken citizen has been more or less deliberately induced, since the doctrine at police academies, planning colleges, industrial engineering and industrial psychology curricula—with progressively less need to “read between the lines” as time goes on—is that the common man, woman and child are to be rigidly controlled. (“We can’t have all the old nonsense from the ‘60s anymore”). Pursuant to which purposes they are whip-sawed back and forth between contending ideological poles. Indeed, that the people are inherently dangerous and irresponsible, fit objects only of blank-faced repressions that are the real and bitter harvest of the “free speech”, “free sex”, free-everything people that ran amuck for fifteen years after the death of John Kennedy. As they were indeed so carefully designed to do. A people required—not any longer to march in rude, foul mouthed or sexually-expository demonstrations—but to keep their ears dutifully to the ground for the rumblings of the latest politically correct herd-behavior or quasi-communicational mode. Although in many venues the old license to be immoral or incoherent is still given full sway, replacing enlightened and practical liberties in every way.

Read my Integral Catholicism, available here in full text form, for concrete suggestions toward the reimplementation of a distributive organizational/economic philosophy. That which was the basis of life and organized activity in all the great civilizations of the past—which was methodologically responsible for any greatness in our national past—and which alone honors the human person in all his marvelous constructive potential. And develops this irreplaceable treasure accordingly. An approach we must relearn if we hope to survive as a nation the coming increasingly-challenging years.


September 11, 2005: Spin-doctors beware. You spin at your own polemical risk.


Spin is really a kind of witchcraft: in which a swollen river of words is used to change the public perception of facts, motives, policy goals. A verbal media or academic “witching-wand” to discover questionably-potable well-springs of thought, or to claim-jump “new” but stealthily-expropriated inspirations. It is the “hard sell” become a national institution, exemplifying in trebled terms the biblical “where there is much talk, sin is never lacking”. A deluge of diction, whether true, false or in the media-preferred hybrid form, which actually started decades ago, when we were all taught that civility requires listening to every kind of nonsense or misappropriation while mastering heroically a rising anger. This latter passion having been identified as the Original Sin of human life by our marvelous behavioral-science people: who have a new dead horse to beat at the start of each new academic year. This non-anger and non-objection imperative forbidding rigorously any other vent for ones sense of rationality than an indulgent smile of kindly condescension. This new and stringent toleration requirement having first been employed to give drug addicts and homosexuals—the runaway favorites of Hollywood and the NEA—a chance at a kind of bully-pulpit national podium: even as this smashed floodgate of blab and blither is now being used like a huge tongue to mop up sparkling clean a thousand other dark corners as well. Ironically enough, in particular wherever wealth and position desires to win an easy victory over poverty and suffering. For instance the blabber-boys, like Tucker Carlson proved himself to be the other night, are very good at pulling shame out of embattled honor. As in his brutal brow-beating of an apparently very upright Black Louisiana Congressman, falsely accused of commandeering the National Guard during Katrina to secure his own home and belongings. His side of the story—an extremely-plausible one from this veteran statesman—was veritably shouted down by this young buck of a newscaster. The Congressman was in so many words called a bald-faced liar: and the only reason for this unreasonable treatment was the color of his skin, and the anchorman’s facility with spin. The only figment of a non-racial excuse suggested by the classically-fair-complected Tucker being that some saintly national guardsman had fingered the Congressman, and that was enough for his own enquiring mind. A Tucker who characteristically flushed visibly with anger at the Black leader’s steady poise, there in the very vortex of natural and organizational disaster—in the face of his own near-hysteria, seated comfortably at his desk. (Note of 11/08: the Congressman would later be indicted for these “crimes”, and I hope my little commentary didn’t help earn him the extended ire of the “those who know what’s best”.)

No doubt, we in the USA are all supposed to congratulate ourselves on still managing to crank out such white-bread paragons as Tucker, in this our wild day and time: another of which modern-day heroes is this Glen Beck, who looks suspiciously like the grandson of a Dave Beck—crew-cut and all—who was also much fawned over by the media of an earlier time. The president of the Teamster’s Union who appeared on the cover of Time Magazine around 1955 or so, as the Man of the Year. A guy who however would soon afterward do time for racketeering, after having appeared under the inquiring gaze of John and Robert Kennedy, in Congressional Select-Committee investigations. The name Beck, too, suggesting Jewry—which explains all the bows and exonerations entirely—just as does the name Hoffa, which was rendered to me, by someone especially in-the-know, some time ago, to actually be a more-Kosher Hoffman. Much as the non-descriptly-named Bush is actually a more-Kosher Busch.

This spin-enabled creeping racism is also evident, across most of the USA, in the glaring fact that the milk-white and especially the blonde and blue-eyed are automatically assumed to be loyal citizens, and exemplary security non-risks, as opposed to the truly-mountainous requirements toward propriety and security that are readily imposed upon nearly everyone else. Indeed if Raul, Kareem or some darker Ivan with ancestors from the Caucasus go about meticulously groomed and shaved—and babble all the latest sitcom sound-bites with unmatchable correctness of gesture and form—they are unlikely to suffer much infringement. But if they go to the store with a day’s growth of beard, sanely absorbed in their own thoughts, they will be challenged by every store clerk and assistant manager whose path they cross; with real or mock terror across highly-animated faces. So that there are many other elements here besides the security-conscious: which beyond question comes in decidedly-last in the united-we-stand scheme of things. While there are doughty stockers and other functionaries at myriad other venues, especially zealous, who go out of their way, shouting across store-isles or cavernous halls or hallways, with their flushed, hostile, thespian-suspicious, war-on-terror-oriented, “may I help you?” as soon as these self-possessed people enter the door. Even as the blue-eyed slouch can meander almost anywhere with un-tucked shirt and spear-like stubble and get polite nods or happy shouts of earnest good ole boy greeting from all sides. Truly, “an enemy has done this”, as Our Lord’s parable about the midnight sowing of cockle, and that enemy, as much as anything else, is spin.

I’m sorry, but all the excuses for such conduct are pure tripe. Homeland security is not secured at the price of mammoth alienation: it is mostly secured through cooperation, trust and love. In the face of which the truly disloyal stand out like a sore thumb. And the fact that those with the two B’s (blonde hair and blue eyes) form a decided plurality of those who need extended help from their classmates to get through their college courses: of course this is more than made up for, in their own estimation, by the fact that they can count on getting hired first and laid-off last, however incapable they might prove to be. It is like the last gasp effort of the rot-gut-cooperative good ole boys to retain the Spencerian “torch of civilization”, even though they have proven themselves time and again to have miserably fumbled same. Especially in more recent years being far from any kind of “fittest” or “master” race. As suggested above a big part of the problem is that pure talk is now thought of—because of so many years of the noted toleration—as having taken the place entirely of thought and deed. A handy tool for self-advancement which a White boy can use just as surely as a Black. So that every nonsensical depravity is doomed to have its day in the sun: generous portions of sun-screen applied, of course.

As suggested above, it was the radical social liberals, ironically, who gave much of the new lease on life to the prejudiced society by their thirty years of demands that we tolerate the intolerable from the worst sort of “people of color”. Much as child-rearing among the less-wealthy got a black eye from a certain tiny percentage of unwed mothers who took up the immemorial illegitimate child-rearing trade, subsidized by Uncle Sam.

Truly, the spin-doctor’s power-grinder can grind many-another axe as well, and live to grind another day. Thus the dramatically-growing attempt to claim such fantasies as the assertion that Orthodoxy is the genuine, original, Catholic Church of Rome. Indeed that to suggest otherwise is laughable lunacy. This lofty affirmation being made with all the poses of blank-faced certainty which even a George Bush could only come up to with difficulty. But when we tax these confessional militants for their deeper rationale we find it basically boils down to the circuitous assertion that Rome itself and all it contained, both temporal and spiritual, was transported under Diocletian during the moving of the Imperial capital to the little-known city of Byzantium. So that Constantine, the next in succession, could bear thither the One True Church as a sort of natural heirloom of the Imperial eagle, which would soon sprout a double head under the encouraging Eastern sun. This being the terminus of many an exhaustive and exhausting argument, when all is said and done. While disturbingly-evident throughout is the repugnant implication that the Imperial Pontifex Maximus model—of the Emperor as Imperial High Priest of the old pagan cult—has kept a great deal of its validity during Christian times. Potentially placing the Orthodox in a position to claim for themselves, in the person of their many generationally-recurrent Milosevichs, a kind of world imperial/religious throne. Here being contained a thrifty multi-tasking logic which is an achievement in its own right, as can indeed be seen in the incredible revanchist religious/political creed flouted from Serbia to Armenia to Georgia, and for nearly a century now capable of sending out teams of assassins to see that its philosophy of history is secured in a fittingly unquestioned and ironclad way.

But the spin-doctor fantasy that takes the cake—even in such a challenging contest—goes far above and beyond such relatively-tame assertions and claims that Catholicism and Christianity in general are only heretical projections of a doctrinally-sound and unshakably-orthodox Judaism. That religion which is actually the age-old model for political-Orthodoxy’s global cupidity, and which historically provided both the financial and the ideological backing for rise of the mainline Protestant sects. This is likewise and not-surprisingly the evolving doctrine of the anti-pope Benedict XVI, a man much taken with Luther, who obliquely denied the actuality of the Resurrection of Jesus during the years he was in charge of Church doctrine in Rome. This resurrection-denial being of course the quintessential Jewish position vis-à-vis Our Blessed Lord.

For spin-doctor purposes, as a final example, Catholic-to-the-core ideas of writers like myself are often curiously dramatized—to the point of warp or distortion—which is the Jewish or look-alike Vatican II polemical penchant par excellence—so that the doctored version will appear yet more overpowering and dynamic than the economical words of this rather humble author, and others like himself. Thus if you detect a note of bathos, of the bombastic, and see a few key words that are used repeatedly here, you may well have hit upon such a spin-site. Sort of a land-mine on the road of truth. Just the other day, though, I was shocked to find a mammoth, wholesale appropriation of my first book, Integral Catholicism: this in the form of a soon-to-be released, monumental tome. One whose hefty pre-release outline was like a running summary of my book, in basically the same topical-ordering. A work which in my own case required four and a half years of research. Naturally the noted spin was evident, while of course this look-alike author gives me no acknowledgment: writing as he does for some vast and understandably-fearless NGO or other foundation, securely-ensconced deep in the heart of modern academia. Neither was there any mention of those founding elements which are at the very heart and soul of my writing: the Catholic Church, the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, the traditional Catholic way of life. The attempt of the budding author seeming to be to profit from the social and organizational philosophy of the Catholic ages without even giving lip-service to these treasures and mysteries.

But, spin-doctors all, I have news for you. The ideas of Christ our Lord—at the core of two thousand years of Civilization—will never fit into such chafing dimensions: whether of racism, political Orthodoxy, Jewry or fame-catering mis-appropriation. And these eternal verities will always come off flat and disappointing when the heart and soul is cut out of them to achieve such a “fit”. No, you will only be making yourselves into fools at worst, or at best into unwitting modern day versions of St. John the Baptist. For by publicizing these good ideas in such a disappointing way you will only be “preparing the way”, whetting the appetites of your readers for the sublime and monumental affirmations of Catholic Faith. Which they will discover here at

Thank you so much for your generous assistance.


September 8, 2005: Israel’s new drive to consolidate the Muslim world


In the past few days and weeks around the globe, in major part and by mutual agreement using the diplomatic offices of the embassies of Turkey, there is taking place a tremendous and unprecedented Israeli pitch for solidarity with the Muslim world. To say the least, this is quite a turn-about, and if you look back a couple of months ago in this running economic/political/organizational news journal, you will see that I predicted it in precise terms.

But in fact this turn-around is entirely to be expected from the Israelis, in pursuit of their age-old “divide and rule” strategy—studiously copied historically by such financial-protégés as the Habsburgs, England and now the United States. The Jews having systematically enraged the entire Islamic world against the West by their supra-national coordination of a cynical Anglo-American-led pseudo-crusade of decades duration and of the most terrible cruelty: and now being poised to deliver a cynical coup fatal to a gullible English-speaking world. For by means of such treacheries they hope ultimately to garner the last remaining dregs of the supposedly biblically-promised “wealth of nations” for themselves—as it were working both ends against the middle. That much-misunderstood but fanatically-believed-in divine promise being found in one form or another here and there in the Old Testament, with this particular phrase being found in the psalms. Passages which Jews since the Zealots of the time of Our Lord have interpreted in that bald, simplistic literalistic sense: a penchant duly passed on to Protestant and Catholic Vatican II theological exegetes for the catastrophic misinterpretation of other verses with respect to a host of other subjects as well. This radical-literalism being a bizarre understanding of Holy Writ which accepts out-of-hand the most simplistic, often indeed crass and simpleminded of interpretations. In many cases as if God were speaking to the passions or pocket-books of believers rather than to their hearts, souls and minds. Thus holding that these particular promises were meant in a political/military sense: a delusion cherishing the embers of ambitions stirred to life repeatedly over the centuries. Heavenly pledges however which traditional Catholic teaching has always understood allegorically. That true rendering without which the Old Testament becomes contradictory and really impossible to interpret at all. The whole of the Pentateuch and other Books, although historically-factual, being in a certain sense a sort of symbolic narrative as well: just like the parables of Jesus, readily misinterpreted by those without “eyes to see or ears to hear”. Potential stumblingblocks which entail a comprehensive testing of souls, separating the truly-devout from those self-seekers who revel in “the conceits of their (own) hearts”. While finally it must be recognized that the ancient Jew carried on divinely-commissioned conquests through the valor of arms, not through the treacherous betrayal of long-time friends.

Thus too it must also be remembered that divine injunctions to destroy enemies in Canaan and take their land and wealth—often referred to by both Christian and Jewish pro-Israeli zealots—were directed against a cruel race—a people who indeed comprise a potent historical/allegorical symbol of wickedness. Whose archeological record includes the discovery of mass infant gravesites plainly running in the millions—these grizzly burial-grounds being located adjacent to Baal sacrificial idol/altars. Philistines and others of the times and region having given themselves up completely to that infant-sacrifice which has an equally-abominable parallel in today’s unequalled destruction of life in the womb. So abandoned were these people to this practice that even the little children of such a society were apparently considered by the Almighty to be so corrupted by the lurid scenes to which they had become accustomed from earliest years as to require destruction at the hands of the ancient Jews, together with their parents. Here being a point to consider with respect to our own times—when childhood innocence and native goodness is being destroyed at an earlier and earlier age, often-enough on a blanket in front of an ever-larger TV screen—and divine chastisement looms over us as well. While ironically the present-day, criminal abortion industry owes much of its success to the open and behind-the-scenes encouragements and manipulations of the incalculably-powerful Jewish lobby worldwide: so that the Jew of today amply takes the place of the Canaanite enemy of old, this time on a global and unprecedented scale. Finally, indeed, when it comes to the militaristic understanding of Jewish destiny even the Apostles in some respects thought in these “hard hearted” terms until “the scales fell from their eyes”, this only after the death and resurrection of Our Blessed Lord, and the coming of the Paraclete, Spirit of Love, the Holy Ghost. When these “sons of thunder” finally realized that Jesus had been speaking of a spiritual kingdom—albeit one of decisive influence on social and political institutions—a good kingdom of which the Old Testament Jews are indeed a potent symbol. A People however likewise destined at a later age (coming soon) to actually lead the People of God, Christendom. Or at least to bring the Church to hitherto-unknown heights of glory. But only after they are converted, crying “blessed is He Who comes in the name of the Lord.”

Wealth for rational creatures in fact being entirely meaningless if it is not substantially shared—these soon-to-truly-triumph “Israelites in whom there is no guile” will no doubt lead the world to a true economic synchronization fruitful in an unparalleled prosperity as well. That to which the passage about the conveyance of “the wealth of nations” may easily refer: as so many Old Testament verses point to the time after the coming of the Redeemer, Jesus Christ Our Lord. And they will obviously be a different spiritual breed entirely from those quasi-Canaanites who presently control both Judaism and most of the world’s wealth. While in justice we must also consider those somewhat-deluded Jews, as among those who call themselves True Torah Believers, who may or may not have such territorial illusions. But the majority, the cynical Israelites to whom we refer, want Central and Southeast Asia, indeed the entire world and its resources for themselves: and they are not about to share it with a dummed-down, bungling and less-and-less capable if equally-grasping Anglo/American coalition. So that now is the opportune time to switch allegiances: after these would-be paladins of a “Westward hearkening” Israeli global influence have been bled dry of manpower through transparently pro-Israeli wars and other intrigues. So that we are destined to be thrown aside like an old shoe that once clad the Israeli geo-hegemonic march. And after the USA, having incurred the divine wrath largely for its backing of a now-agnostic, Canaanite-oriented Israel—and the criminal destruction of human life, as in the case of Terri Schiavo—lay in financial and infrastructural shambles in the aftermath of Katrina. And awaits the landfall of further unfailing and devastating hurricanes and other chastisements. For such Jews, the vast majority being radical dual-nationals, there is no question of a higher political or military allegiance than that held for Israel: explaining for one the success of Jewish clandestine ventures. These in turn largely dependent on the recruitment of Jewish “helpers” from among the locals of any global “target” locale. This being the sort of radical-nationalist approach which basically inspires much of the Orthodox world outside Russia, as was seen so dramatically well in the Serbia of Milosevic.

Look for that real “rising of the Muslims”—one subsequent to our foolish provocations—the one predicted in Catholic (even pre-Reformation) prophesy—look for this terrible scourge to materialize quickly now. For as noted in the article referred to below, the Muslim and the Jew are the most natural allies on earth. This for many reasons motivational, organizational and theological.

Of course this latest Jewish plot, like all the others, is destined to fail ignominiously. And out of it will no doubt come the final conversion of the sons of David, noted above: and the reign of the gentle Christ. But not until many people have died: both from concomitant natural disasters and from apocalyptic wars.


September 7, 2005: “I didn’t hear nobody pray”


“I heard the crash on the highway, but I didn’t hear nobody pray”: this is the refrain from an old Southern mountain song that might well be sung—as dolefully as in the inimitable original—over our media coverage of the howling Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. For there has been a sudden change in tempo, it seems, from the time of the two Bush elections. Back then the major networks were all talking about God, about prayer, almost incessantly. “Our prayers go out to the victims” of such and such disaster, or “our prayers accompany our troops”: these were words heard, for a while, almost constantly. For it was a time to emphasize the alliance of the Bush Administration—and the reign of the neo con ideologues it symbolizes—together with an uncannily God-fearing media—with all things holy. “But now there are other voices” besides those of prayer. There’s no need for the “prayer pitch” any long: since elections are all “sown up tight” now, and the brainwash and dumming down have achieved saturation levels never before dreamed of. And now when people need the help of God as never before His name is positively shunned. Indeed one newscaster, when asked by a “parish president” in New Orleans to ask the TV viewers across the land to pray for desperately needed divine aid, was answered with a short, “well, you just asked for their prayers better than I could ever have done”. Which when put in the context of the deafening, obviously studio-mandated silence in this regard was a deft sidestep indeed.

But these news stations do like to repeat the words of God-fearing writers—such as I aspire to be—words that by the divine assistance may at times tend to be singularly illuminating—and to give no acknowledgments whatever of their source. I had a whole long paragraph basically absconded from this front page by Lou Dobbs—probably anonymously provided to him by one of his web-surfing editorial-staffers—some months ago; and many-a highly-original phrase likewise mis-appropriated by people in very high positions, as heard on stations like C-Span only a day or so after they appeared here. Indeed, there was a real injection of richness into the debate about war and peace, poverty and economics, once this website started to carry a front page commentary, around February of this year or thereabouts. And I really believe we here at had a lot to do with this communicational renaissance. But it was our traditional Catholic training, background and study which enabled us to do these things; and the grace of God which gave our words their quite remarkable effectiveness.

Believe me, then, when I say that credit will have to begin to be given: if not to us, then at least to that God Whose aid is so consistently depended upon here. And which is so desperately needed in New Orleans and elsewhere along the Gulf Coast. Or else He will continue to batter this proud and presumptuous country until it is brought to its knees.


September 07 2005: Katrina, organizational dysfunction, and the modern group-speak


Since the days when some of us first rejected the evolving maelstrom of modern speech—many from around 1975 or thereabouts—and resolved to be faithful to the civil, humane and constructive Western/Christian communicational legacy—there has opened such a yawning disparity between people like ourselves and modern “group-speak” society that it is almost as if there were two different languages—or races of creatures—involved. It’s not at all that we never sin, nor that we “aren’t like the rest of men”: it is rather they who have become the aliens, while we ourselves haven’t so completely despaired of all good things as to wallow in an endless verbal and gestural mire. As if to deliberately, systematically blot out all hope of moral and behavioral reform: that to which mild speech is a unique and uplifting life-raft. Indeed as Holy Scripture has it, “he who sins not with his tongue, there is a perfect man”: suggesting the grace-inspired “behavior modification” of a culture of innocent speech. While even aside from the many black, bleak and perverted expressions that have cropped up these past few decades—coming to us from the group-speak world of the sitcoms, of “rock” or “rap” music, of the potent sub-culture of The Mob, of the drug trade, of the depressive verbal sinkhole of psychiatry, of the force-fed dumming-down of the schools—even apart from these all-determining modern-day innately-collectivist phenomena, which supposedly work a total “no return” rupture with a fanatically-hated past—we have the anomaly that even the very same words—when uttered by people from the two opposing camps—often mean completely different things. For one thing because both the standard vocabulary and the pseudo-semantic grunts and wails out there “on the street” and “around the water cooler” have been adapted or invented to symbolically convey all-but-exclusively those “gut feelings” that during these decades have taken the place of wisdom, compassion, discernment, sanity and light. At an accelerated pace since the days when men like John Kennedy and Charles DeGaulle—let alone William Pitt or Cardinals Merry del Val or John Henry Newman—walked the earth. Here being involved a gutter-level arrogance of unprecedented, near-comic hauteur—which, before we give it the usual laughing off, suggests ready reasons for the impunity of the rapes and killings carried out under the eyes of often openly-indifferent police officers in New Orleans during and after Hurricane Katrina. Indeed, these authority-figures had obviously come to think such behavior quite normal for those under their charge. The day of reverse evolution—of the return of the baboon—having indeed been proclaimed with a stentorian vengeance all its own, long before Katrina. With a great deal of help from the above often highly-honored institutions.

Plainly, then, when I urge listening to the Heavenly impulsions of divine grace, in several entries below, I am not referring to these “gut feelings” at all—as some no doubt indiscriminately presume—inchoate primitive impulses which show up with increasing frequency in the dissertations of PhDs. For the promptings of grace are so subtle and rarified that the “gut feeling” person—“whose god’ too often “is his belly”, or everything below the belt—misses them entirely. Rather are these celestial inspirations like the gentle breeze felt by the prophet at the mouth of the cave. Which once we have felt its touch we would die rather than forsake, to return to the guttural, the explosive consonants of the mob. These having been the fruitful spawning-ground—learned in politically-correct schools—of the rapes and murders at the Civic Center and the Superdome in New Orleans. Whose perpetrators may not have been poor people at all, but rather posh outsiders “slumming” in a time of general public vulnerability; knowing upon whom their reprobate behavior would be blamed. The noted lilting and instructive breeze being that which, in contrast to all this unleashed chaos, fills the sails of great deeds. Even as its opposite—the “gut”—even among the supposedly-“good”—produces only lassitude, cowardice, foolhardiness. All of which—despite voluble “stay the course” excuses—we have seen so much at leadership levels well before Hurricane Katrina, of which the latter is a sort of live summation.

Then, too, as a further distinction and refinement of this communication which finds echoes in heavenly halls—and which yet articulates earthly emergencies with uncanny dispatch as well—this dialect of a Lincoln or a Cardinal Newman is indeed orderly, yet it is seldom pronounced with the legalistic rigidity, the peremptory tone meant for the ears of the transgressor. He for whom, as St. Paul assures us, the rigors of the law were made. Thus marking out for the gratuity that it is that harsh spirit which spot-indicts someone as a “looter” when in the first place all merchandise in such circumstances—at least in the tornado-related flood I was in, across a wide swath of northern Illinois about a decade ago—is legally condemned as contaminated, under health-code-related criminal sanction untouchable, and thus of course un-saleable by law. And instantly written-off by the corporations involved. So that in a very real sense this isn’t stealing at all. Of course, this is no blanket license to simply take these things wholesale, but in the desperate scenario of Hurricane Katrina a natural system of barter in such rough-and-ready goods—after critical days of official neglect, when people found out they had nowhere else to turn but to each other—such an ad hoc entrepot crops up instantly and inevitably. Much as happened for instance during the little-acknowledged rigors—and inventive displays of popular and managerial-level genius—of the Ruble Crisis of late-nineties Russia.

Whether amid pain or plenty those unacquainted with the barked orders and bluff barbarities of group-speak often communicate with a buoyant liberty that is at the same time relenting, mitigating and ready to forgive and to overlook, sometimes even when forgiveness or mercy hasn’t yet in the least gesture been implored. That spirit which alone allows mankind to pluck salvation from the jaws of disaster. A timbre hardly to be heard in the “hunkered down”, the “stay the course” language of the military aggressor; or the open racial bigotry of so many (in certain places) who wear a badge. And whose worst prejudicial sentiments are often reserved for more-unfortunate—which usually means slightly darker—members of their own light or dark race. With years under the air-conditioner or “at the water cooler” alone bringing the ringing, epic-heroic acceptance accorded a Barbie-doll pink complexion: going a long way to explain the inveterate laziness of the highest “achievers” of a deified American Dream. The contrary desirable language is one of love, too, which respects both friend and opponent, without any mid-sentence nuance in tone, leaving them both free to remain just as they are. Having a respect for the human will which we’ve seen so little of since the “backward” days of John and Robert Kennedy, or Martin Luther King.


September 3, 2005: How the world’s most anti-life society faces catastrophe.


Of all the many things wrong with the approach to the developing tragedy in New Orleans the one that stands out has been a state of de-motivation, even of a tremendous lassitude. As for instance in the case of the policemen who loitered around the Convention Center and who—according to the testimony of those present there early in the week—actually laughed at the misery of the suffering refugees. “Lawmen” whose like can be found nowhere except in dark, stygian reaches of the deep South: (Later addendum of 8/24/08: although on our travels we did find at least one or two of these Bush neo-Confederates who had been farmed out—like so many back-hoes or dump-trucks in an inter-jurisdictional equipment swap or auction—to regions in the North. Our priceless find, a real paragon of Johnny Reb authoritarianism, who questioned us over an imaginary infraction the local police didn’t even notice, having been discovered somewhere around Madison, Wisconsin. An officer, as the fantasy expands and redounds, who was however working out of Chicago. This was no FBI, but a plain, ordinary cop, volubly proud of it, wearing the standard garb. Swaggering like some stark apparition from out of some Civil Rights “Long hot summer” past. But this policeman’s official place-of-origination was actually and as I remember Atlanta, some of whose reputedly-celestial inhabitants no doubt still brag that their particular officials “haven’t yet signed any documents of {Civil War} surrender”. Officers whose close-cousins in the Gulf likewise showed a ready recourse to violence against these defenseless victims: causing the latter at last to arm themselves against them, perhaps in that state of panicked irrationality that always attends scenes of despair or desperation.)

But this reprehensible, personally-non-committal mindset—and its easy slide into all kinds of wrongs—is actually a trait inseparable from any “pro-choice”, anti-life culture. This barely-human indifference such as no doubt regularly animates the faces of “doctors” and “nurses” in abortion “clinics” here. Functionaries who with equal probability might be found absent-mindedly fumbling with their deadly suction devices, while their minds drift to the weekend outings these profitable activities will make possible.

Do you worry about where you are going to put a drowning man, once you have plucked him from the sea? Delaying all the while any attempt at rescue until that point is established, down to the last hair-splitting statistical detail? For that is what happened in New Orleans. And yet on the other hand this is the place where efforts at mending the breached sea-wall were begun almost immediately, using equipment and manpower desperately needed to save human life. No doubt with eyes to the future re-opening of investor-lucrative, tax-revenue-producing casinos. These new idols of Americana taking their places without comment beside a laughably-hypocritical “work ethic”, a college education, and other “American Dream” distinctions overwhelmingly extracted from the blood of the global poor. Thus Bush’s announcement that “we will rebuild”: for above and beyond human life there are profits to be had in any disaster for cronies at Haliburton, Bechtel and elsewhere. In an Administration which sails happily on from one catastrophe to the next, ratcheting up the “vigilance”, destroying potential enemies before they are even able to conceive a hostile thought. (Later of 8/08: this radically-preemptive “anti-terrorism” policy basically being admitted to by George Tenet, ex CIA spy-czar, in his book of 2007). This is the logic of the fabulously-expensive military-industrial complex carried far into the surreal. As is indeed to be expected when The Mob, as Robert Kennedy feared, and in struggle against which he gave his life, finally and for all practical purposes rules the land.

Human life, then, has been demoted to a contingency—to the last consideration. In a “privatized”, “privacy”-obsessed culture where the common good is abandoned as if it were a dirty word. The ordinary instincts of compassion—found even among cannibals—having been short-circuited, in a mutation which in real life terms, apart from the vaunted rhetoric, comprises the “democracy” we export—at the point of a bayonet—across the seas. And which makes others flee from it like a disease. So that while people die of hunger and thirst in one of our own major cities FEMA directors can give us lengthy disquisitions on transport logistics. A “killing flies with sledgehammers” approach to a problem instantly relievable by a simple air-drop of bottled water and food. And even of portable toilets and a host of other necessities. The tried-and-true way accomplished countless times in other countries—and televised equally often—when dealing with necessarily panicked, restive, uncontrollable crowds. But no: things can’t be done so simply in this “land of the free”: it’s thought much better to let our own Blacks die of thirst than to allow the spectacle of such air-drops, only meant for the world’s “primitive” areas. But plainly here is a deeply sinister meaning to all this criminal negligence. Certainly we can see from the past week’s events that the word security translates into a weird and foreign concept, in the minds of these our leaders. People with top salaries whose political correctness is obviously their near-sole credential. The Blacks among these kingpins being of the sort described in an entry below, who have almost nothing in common with their brothers on the other side of town.

But, then, this is all a part of the punishment, isn’t it? That we who have brought so much violence—to the globe, to civil society, to the womb—should be condemned to gather such a bitter harvest in our own backyard. And it isn’t over yet, this divine chastisement. The worst—by far the worst—is yet to come.


August 21, 2005: The pseudo-Catholic personality type imposed by the American/Jewish/corporate world system. Also: the media tell us that to question the sincerity of the media is pure anti-Semitic paranoia.


Today’s Catholics wear the lovely name of our religion with much delight—resplendent as it is with the purity of virgins, purified in the blood of martyrs—yet many have managed—at least to their own satisfaction—to fit this "pearl of great price" into the outsized and alien setting of today’s corporate world. Showing forth a “Catholicism” that literally oozes the synthetic verbal and bodily language-of-evasion of Vatican II and its aftermath: that which was the very transmission fluid for a high-speed escape from the uncompromising demands of Catholic Faith. A “new approach”, here and there with its own media, one which seems to be airing solid, pious and useful truths, as on stations like EWTN, but whose sound bites are too often found on closer inspection to have had all their teeth pulled. Ultra-smooth diplomatic ensembles which will never seriously provoke thought—let alone offend anyone—least of all the American/Jewish/corporate world, perpetrator that it is of a lucrative morally- and physically-sodomizing war on mankind. As we discover once again that eternal verity concerning a certain dominant element among the sons of David, aided by well-rewarded quislings, which each new generation seems condemned to "rediscover". A detection however strongly inhibited by these “Catholic” media people—hardly possessors of the virtuous passion of a St. Pius X—who are obviously in the hip pocket of their corporate sponsors. These latter moguls needing no loud endorsement, but only a drippy, pietistic lack of advertence, a moral oblivion—an unflinching, indeed a patriotic tendency to “speak of happier things”—for an agenda of ironclad world moral and economic control to succeed beyond their wildest dreams. A program against which Benedict XVI, the anti-pope, provides as little resistance as his two most noted recent predecessors of the same breed. “Popes” who more than any others are responsible for the labeling of Catholics who know their friends from their enemies as being “anti-Semitic” and somehow “isolated” and even mentally ill. All three having systematically (if most-often subtly) reversed unchangeable Catholic teaching on a host of subjects, announcing to us the while a “love, love” toward the uncompromising Jewish enemy of our Church, a sentiment which is totally foreign to the those expressed throughout the Gospels by Our Lord Jesus Christ. He Who in His own words “will avenge” his flock when it is attacked, and Who will “judge the nations” with thoroughgoing exactitude at the end of time. And indeed at many occasions in between: as He shows Himself sternly ready to do here and now. A rendering of justice, a balancing of scales, an assaying which has a public/civic purpose as well as a private/spiritual one: being the whole purpose and meaning of our life here on earth, and without which it would have no meaning at all.

Among the engrossments of those obsessed with the prevalent anti-Christian counter-culture is that regarding employability: a prime preoccupation in this unctuous world of false, corporate-catering Catholicism. While from the moment one decides to limit ones malleability to the invasive intimacy of on-the-job corporate America in any way he is likely headed for a downsizing, or at least a reduction in hours. This being a reality whose many ramifications quickly take entire possession of ones life, in one direction or the other. A daily working-man’s horror story which the Catholic clergy of today—whose moral authority has so often made the big difference in the past—deigns to speak about not at all. The choice being, on the one hand, to become a mere personal nothing: a sort of corporate Barbie Doll who laughs, cries or frowns at the poking prod of the corporate will, and who more than makes up for on-the-job personality prostration by cruelly carping at and otherwise tormenting his family as soon as he comes in the door. Or on the other hand he can work at being a real Catholic and a real human being who however quickly gets “out of sync” with a Fox Network and sitcom-oriented employment behavioral and attitudinal scene. Ultimately finding himself out on the sidewalk looking for another job. This shamefaced business of “learning to get along with the boss and the guys” being the only real “skill” demanded of one on today’s jobs. Everything else is negotiable except the coveted ability to crawl low enough on your belly to get under the job-market door. However, God continues, often miraculously, as in the case of His faithful and beloved sparrows, to provide for those who uncompromisingly live up to their Catholic Faith, and to shun all such craven behavior. Being as they are noble, “princely” members of “the household of the Faith”.

The modern apostasy is above all one of deeds: in which as suggested above the right hand of the mind hardly seems to know—and seems even less to care—what the left hand of moral commitment is doing. Thus as a comic-relief companion to a stone-silent “Catholic” state-worship before a new Nazi regime do we have the odd tendency among Americans, Catholic or not, to jokingly or seriously put on Mafioso airs. Where with some people indeed the line between the dead earnest and the facetious is so thin that they can jump back and forth across it with great agility and speed: keeping family members or employees on the edge of their seats in a kind of living-room, work room or front-yard intimidation all of its own special kind. Like the classical movie scene of Al Capone eliciting instantaneous terrified responses of mirth or funereal solemnity from his henchmen around the conference table. The Mob being a true example of a much-misidentified Catholic idol worship: which has nothing to do with statues, but everything to do with persons. These false devotees, as St. Louis DeMontfort would call them, who are notorious for their wives and mothers attending Mass while they themselves commit every conceivable crime, a joint effort from which all are said to walk away oddly at peace, contented. A way of life which is not really Catholicism at all: but rather another Jewish caricature of same: if some few “honor”-related gears above the limp, fawning and more-conventional on-the-job conformity described above. The Mob personality revealing to us the corporate, anti-Christian Jewish-evaluation of us as infinitely lesser beings, the sorts of goons and boors we Catholic men—and others as well, by a kind of general requirement—are expected to be in the Jewish world in which we live today. Explaining for one the incredible but inexorable ongoing convergence of blue collar behavior toward the oddly-quaint mannerisms of these killers. Members of a syndicate which at higher levels beyond any doubt take their orders from the same Jewish/corporate world (as we see in any study of higher reaches of gangland, for instance in the very surnames listed in the appendix of The Enemy Within, by Robert Kennedy, Popular Library, 1960). A global, inescapable investment and managerial coterie whose agenda these mobsters so often candidly serve in enforcing “sweetheart” contracts arranged with employers associations, at the dire expense of the common working man (ibid).

Yet as many know the first Italian immigrants—suffering under an onerous religious persecution, one more or less entirely glossed over in our history books—had far fewer criminal elements, proportionally, than did the rest of the population, on average. A statistic which no doubt remains true to this very day. So that the first beginnings of much-made-over Italian and Sicilian crime seem to have started in a gradual criminalization of everything these people did or said. Thus would a simple lottery designed to unexpectedly and instantaneously relieve the misery of some poor ghetto-dwelling family—no more criminal than a prize at a church-basement cake-walk—be legally vilified as the “numbers racket”: long before it had gathered to it those sinister earmarks which would later and so notoriously accrue. While similarly and for such fanciful official reasons groups of men gathered on streets and alleys to play a relaxing game of Boochi Ball—their own native-village, Old Country sport—this after a hard day on the job—in that open-air venue where people of the early 20th century used to do a great deal of their living—these men thus full-throatedly engaged would come to be watched suspiciously by the local Tammany Hall police. Much as happens today to perfectly-innocent Blacks on street-corners or in parked cars. Even as the ultimate such social corrosive would be Prohibition, which would demonize that simple fruit of the vine—if taken moderately, a genuine, healthy reliever of unavoidable, health-affecting tensions, as recommended indeed by St. Paul and across the pages of the Old Testament—that beverage our very own Blessed Lord would share with His own Apostles at the Last Supper and on other occasions. The upshot of which calumnies—and numerous others like them, such as the perpetual ugly and prejudicial name-calling—these unmerited attacks did eventually provide occasion for the external encouragement of a genuine criminal breed: that which was helped along by the same crooked business element which was seldom Italian in its national origin. A fall-from-grace of course amply provoked as well by the atmosphere of practical despair, brought on by the cruelly disappointed hopes that always attend such circumstances. And by a growing ignorance of Catholic truth in a land where it was and continues to be for the most part only poorly and partially taught.

Indeed a remarkably similar sort of thing is evident as well in the cult of machismo of a more Hispanic flair. With a strong variant of this phenomenon having been introduced south of the border by the revolutionaries of the PRI of the early 20th century, and been brought hither by Northward-tending immigrants. A spirit later to have a powerful effect in the USA upon local Mexican culture. An agnostic-flavored macho-cult which had already shown its face a century earlier in the Masonic incendiaries of the USA-abetted break with Spain. The Spanish-speaking criminality which sprang from such fertile ground—and was watered by much-the-same grinding prejudices that greeted those who came from Italy and Sicily—having more recently issued at its worst depths of depravity in a unique Mexican Mafia all of its own especially-sinister kind. These people who dangle rosaries and crucifixes from their rear-view mirrors on their “hit man” or drug-running escapades (note: we commonly suspend a rosary from our rear-view mirror as well, so there is a difference), and otherwise spend their time cruising town, shooting deadly looks at those unlucky enough to cross their tracks. These people who are worlds removed from the old Pachucos of LA, some of whom are now their grandfathers. Young men of the late 40s and early 50s who only banded together to honestly respond—largely in protection of their own wives, sisters and mothers—to a government-endorsed, serviceman-catering Anglo nationality prejudice which had turned malicious and violent. While today a new breed of immigrant Hispanic toughs—bearing little if any resemblance at all to these knights of the earlier barrio scene—at a less conspicuous but in its own way equally-criminal level drive good Anglo workers away, once these “machos” gain control of a crew, or a whole jobsite. (Something however that the many unanimously-dope-taking white construction crews also do in their own special way). This combative, amorous-yet-hateful Hispanic élan being in many respects likewise a Jewish invention, planted both here and by surrogates in the PRI decades ago: and become ingrained among a large percentage of Mexican blue-collar males. A working-class Catholicism encouraged by those who most hate our Creed: a religiosity with none of the meekness, goodness, chastity and manly forbearance of Christ. Things which Judaism and Masonry alike will always despise. Qualities indeed which these juvenile macho characters mercilessly laugh to scorn. Even if much is made of affection for wife, girl-friend, children and associates—in a form of personal attachment which however can become pure bathos, self-indulgent sentimentality. Habits and customs utterly without that state of grace which alone gives them genuine, noble, regenerated life: that which defined the manhood of the Western past. A similar kind of spirit being thus evident in both these (Italian and Mexican) more-or-less gangland-oriented maschismos. The carnation-wearing or borderland oozy toting killer having no kinship with the gentle Savior, and that docile, humble and simple flock He leads. That true Master Who drives such goats as these out of His beloved fold. Or in any case separates them out carefully at Judgment Day.

Finally, too, there is the Irish Mafia: a vestige of which is still in a sense alive, if not organized any longer under that name, as in the 20s and 30s. These possessing a similarly-fulminated caricature of Irish nationality: that which bears almost no resemblance at all to the mild-mannered, soft-spoken people of that Isle, with whom I became so well-acquainted during my own stay there of several months duration. “Irish Americans” whose descendants, armed with a certain iron-jawed jocularly, verbally and gesturally muscle their way into control of so many things, Catholic or otherwise, in this land. While their idea of the Irish as being the world’s biggest jokers has got to be one of the world’s biggest lies: the Islanders themselves being an earnest people painfully thoughtful of the needs of others. And who have little time to carry on an ongoing vaudeville ad lib, as they are so erroneously portrayed in American movies.

Rather than resembling some sort of three-ring circus of comedy and machismo, any Catholic ascendancy or triumph—let alone one-time-alleged triumphalism—although it does indeed keep its blithe sense of humor, is always deeply edged in the purple of the Precious Blood, and marked by that sober inebriation of which the latter is the unique source. We being called across the ages to share in the redemptive sufferings of Christ’s humanity—that alone (and not the Divinity) which suffered on the Cross. Our task being that of another Simon of Cyrene: humanity, under Christ its Head, “making up for what is lacking” in His passion. Being assiduously aware of those less fortunate: like the Irishman in Drogheda who many years ago accompanied me across town, as I had arrived on the late train, to see that I found lodging in a timely way. Yet a spirit even more solicitous for the eternal security of those not yet “of the household of the Faith”. That domicile, that “castle on a hill”, within whose marbled halls are alone found the “sure means of salvation”. So that this true Catholicism can never bear to rob these “separated brethren” of those graces they stand in need of, and which we alone can, with Christ, conspire to supply. A theft embodied, among other things as bad, in that false machismo which knows nothing of genuine mercy: whether in the posh suburbs of the Irish or Italian Mafia, in the barrios of their Mexican counterpart, or on the streets of occupied Fallujah. Or in those “Catholic” sermons and TV shows which are too “discrete” to even broach today’s egregious domestic and foreign-policy wrongs. An approach which, this time truly and accurately, will be called by the ugly name of appeasement by future generations: this as opposed to the horrible slander perpetrated upon the noble and self-sacrificing Pius XII, who quite the contrary hid so many Jews from the Nazi wrath. Catholics who today hardly “make themselves a knotted cord” to drive anyone out of noted hallowed marbled halls; scarcely evincing a purity and integrity which would prove an embarrassment, a blinding contrast to the crass mediocrity which today so echoes and redounds. Scarcely imitating in such a sallow delicacy that virile Savior Who is the incomparable balm for the insecurities, immaturities and gender-related obsessions, fetishes and pathologies of modern man.


August 17, 2005: Declaring the Catholic patrimony “corban”.


I have sometimes heard the statement, and have even repeated it myself, that the Church’s history “has not always been so pretty”. But in fact these failings—ranging from a certain lack of wisdom in leadership to a near-imperceptible “respect of persons” to such enormities as anti-popes and a wholesale “buying” of the papal chair—are normally not all that common: the most egregious of abuses seeming indeed to come in near-metronomic intervals of some three or four centuries. Bewildering wrongs to which the times between are near-perfect strangers. While even during the worst such periods the Mystical Body is only gathering strength for its next indomitable resurgence—meanwhile—as during the era of the Arian and Semi-Arian Heresies—living on in a mere “remnant”, selected out of grace”. The Faith being in these cases like faintly glowing coals—similar to those embers once kept perpetually in peasant hearths for analogous purposes—ready at the appointed time to take flame among long-dry tinder, or prairie brush explosive, crackling, withered by exposure to the sun.

This central fact—of the continuity of the holiness of the Church, maintained by that Holy Ghost Who is its all-consuming motive force—this is what was implicitly denied at Vatican II. The assertion having been made there—if within that gathering’s mincing and often meaningless words—in a mien and manner shared with all the immemorial enemies of Christ and His Church—that this divine Activity had ceased, or all but ceased. Basically repeating the old saw rattled off so many weary times by so many evangelicals: that the Church since Constantine has developed a fatal, entangling liaison with the world, rather than remaining faithfully espoused to Christ. That to find the initial uncompromising fidelity she must go back to the bare-bones existence of the primitive Christian communities at Jerusalem or Rome. These in turn said to have been characterized by a total non-engagement with surrounding human institutions. A view of both the early and the later Church which is in many ways a caricature: the Body of Christ hardly having gone entirely underground—existing only in the dim light of the catacombs—during the first era; nor, in a caricature-like contrast, having been luxuriously ensconced in a sort of dividing of spoils with the state during the second. The latter fallacy for one thing totally ignoring the ceaseless persecution of Rome by the Byzantine Emperors, starting in some ways with Constantine himself. In his misguided caesaro-papist efforts to veritably rule the Church, to be its “pontifex maximus”, duplicating religious-ceremonial roles of pagan Roman Emperors of the past. A policy to be repeated by bloody persecutors of the Church from Barbarossa to Phillip the Fair to Elizabeth and Henry VIII later on.

This all-too-typical distorted appraisal of the first Christian centuries is a clever and convenient one indeed, for a certain perennially unstable element. Allowing them the luxury of appearing admirably humble and penitential—with Pope Paul VI invoking “the pilgrim Church doing the ancient penance”—while at the same time dodging the Church’s primordial mission as a living human/divine institution deeply committed to the earthly scene, undyingly engaged in the affairs men. Instituted by a Christ Who “came not to call the just, but sinners, to repentance”. A Church whose recurrent frail human element, normally as noted kept well in bounds by the grace and providence of God, helps her to remain marvelously clement toward those who fall. Hardly legitimately constituting a fanciful, dour exclusionary society of the just such as so many Christian sects are notorious for pretending to be; and as so many Catholic parish tend disturbingly toward becoming today. While once we claim that any engagement of the Church with human institutions like government is a “profanation”, then we are doing precisely what our undying historical enemies wish us to do. According perfectly in all this with the radical separation of church and state doctrine increasingly held by both clergy and people since the American Revolution, and its Judeo-Masonic sub-tributary, the French. An intrinsically-radical view vociferously advanced by a certain African Catholic bishop recently, as noted in an entry below. Robbing the world of the vivifying presence of Christ: beating revealed truth back to a closeted, posh, sterilized “gated community” of private devotion, of liturgical ceremony.

No: the Holy Ghost is with the Church “all days, even to the consummation of the world”, and He is “no respecter of persons”, and He prepares for each new generation a further development of the “one same” Catholicism. After each recurring purgatory of obscurity and humiliation such as we are experiencing today. While at the same time—whether humbled or exultant—the true Church—even if it be reduced to a mere half dozen souls—is always far from the old Pharisaical formula which called the needs of one’s neighbors corban or “dedicated to God”, so as to retreat safely and entirely to some ultra-pietistic, ritually pure life of “prayer” and liturgical “cultic” ceremony.


August 15, 2005, Feast of Our Blessed Lady’s Assumption. Shari-a law. Muslims, shame on you


for shaming us. For being almost without exception kind, helpful, cooperative, as I found you to be at the university where I did my recent years of study, and for many years beforehand, in other settings, as well. Shame on you for countless times helping hopelessly dummed-down American fellow-students grasp the deeper intricacies of calculus or computers—or even of English—without grumbling or even giving it a thought. For your women being so marvelously feminine, noble, modest: and never provoking the easily-provoked base lusts of our men. By all this you cruelly prevent us from calmly and blank-facedly murdering, raping and sodomizing your people, taking your land, conquering your region, enslaving you, destroying your ecosystem: atrocities impossible to do with the notorious American “clean conscience” while you look so innocently on.

Don’t you see, then, that we just had to goad and frame you into wars you didn’t want? For one thing because a victim who fights back is so much easier to kill than one who meekly bares his neck to the blade? Hence too to wipe out such an impression our government just had to send anthrax through the mail, made at its own facility, claimed it to have been sent by you to murder our people. (Note of 11/08: and later to “expose” a “madman” at this very facility, with the usual ridiculous, predictable string of frame-up “evidence”, as the standard fall-guy for a heinous state deed). While for every genuine suicide bomber there is reason to believe there are twice as many agents provocateurs who plant bombs on buses, subways and trains, who beyond question remote-piloted passenger-loaded “suicide planes” into buildings likewise packed with people. For most of which notes are left behind claiming admission-of-guilt by theatrically-named Muslim groups most of which never saw the light of day. Except in some Western or Israeli imagination. All the while your “El Qaeda” leaders like Zarqawi and Bin Laden are only highly-embellished bogeymen who have almost certainly been dead for some time now. (Dead men being especially handy in all respects: being readily and without protest photo-bit-mapped for later manikin-like TV airings, as well as possessing admirable degrees of elusiveness to capture, thus in all respects filling the daring terrorist bill exceptionally well). And even as—for our final act of Pharisaical hypocrisy—we publicly and clandestinely support real multi-ethnic terrorists—a miniature U.N., many with no religion at all—who have wrought untold havoc on Russian and former-Soviet territory since the mid-90s. Much like those Lower Manhattan New Yorkers who provided the bulk of the Bolsheviks of 1917. And we use the nihilistic “grievances” of these butchers to make ready pretexts to someday invade as well the Land beyond the Don, with its recently-discovered reserves of oil.

Typically, Westerners think of Shari-a law as a seamless monolith, but there are divergent ideas about it across the Islamic world. First of all, much of it concerns economics: and in this broadest of its many broad sectors it accords quite well with the Catholic teachings of all times. But in so far as there are certain extremes to this Muslim social doctrine, it is good to remember that we ourselves were its major, jump-on-the-bandwagon promoters in the 80s in Afghanistan. After which we proceeded to turn the entire Muslim world on its head, attacking both these amply-encouraged exponents of an Islamic state and the basically-moderate leaders across the Middle East, like the various Husseins and other leading families, as well. The motive being rather obviously an open season on Muslims, and not any special antipathy to either moderates or extremists. Or any terror of the exponents of Shari a legislation or of those many Muslims who oppose it.

These are thorny facts which the present Catholic bishop of Sudan should have taken into account before delivering his blanket condemnations of Shari-a as a Vatican-II-execrated unity of religion and State, on an interview over EWTN today. A lamentably shifty-eyed man, with the air of piety of a Voltaire, who, although he admits not yet having been to Darfur, yet accepts out of hand the vastly-inflated figures of those murdered “by Muslim bands” and dead by starvation or other means. While the accusations about rape, too, are accepted as credulously: allegations which those truly acquainted with the local scene have long categorically declared to be false. A clergyman who thus glibly confirms the fables of American Neo Con and Evangelical NGOs—in league as they are with an Israel which arms and otherwise supports the main revolutionary groups across Sudan. While with respect to the noted religion/state collaboration of Shari-a law he regards it to be a reprehensible union of the “sacred with the profane”, even though this is a unity which was in many ways the accepted rule across the Catholic world until the radically-revolutionary Vatican II. If according to a vast array of divergent patterns and degrees of engagement. Impressive but long-overdue words of a bishop about profanity, too, ringing false against a background of the wild, holy-roller or séance-like “Catholic” liturgical excesses of the past decades: especially in Africa. Indeed, the very problem the bishop laments—the rise of Islam, especially in its more-radical forms—in places like Darfur and across Africa as a whole—stems chiefly from a serious breakdown of Catholic discipline, liturgical and otherwise. As among in many ways basically conservative Africans who left the Church in droves—and became Muslims—after the Council: having had enough of a wholesale reversion to evils like homosexuality and polygamy, while the Catholic clergy and hierarchy for the most part looked complacently on. Thus is it the global irreligion strongly-if-not-candidly fostered by Vatican II Catholicism which has gone a long way toward driving the Muslim down the in-some-ways reactionary road of Shari-a. Even as, finally, the vague Vatican II “doctrine” of the separation of Church and State—the central belief of the Freemasons—is entirely erroneous: and any nation has a right, indeed a duty, to yoke together religion and state. The state—as this site demonstrates repeatedly—having actually been formed historically through the moral/religious formation of the people. The latter in fact being the only legitimate source of the former’s inspiration.

The noted African bishop objects vociferously to Shari-a being imposed in many ways upon all, whether or not they are Muslimsan assertion denied by Muslim authorities I have readbut here again, wherever this might be true, it is people like he himself who over the years have pushed matters to such an extreme. By a post-Vatican-II toleration of immorality—hand in glove with the perfectly-synchronized moral assaults of the global media and entertainment—having fulminated an inevitable confrontation between good people and bad of any creed. When in prior ages, when immorality was recognized for what it is, and duly proscribed or carefully delimited, the good and the bad could to a great extent go their separate ways. Recalling the words of Our Blessed Lord about not tearing up the cockle, lest the grain be uprooted as well. In that full, legally-ripe sense of law and order, rather than the modern definition which is concerned with little besides the “rights” of abortionists, Terri-Schiavo-style-“caregivers”, embryonic stem-cell researchers, multinational corporations and the security of the latter’s assets, fawning global beneficiaries and political protégés.

In fact the much-apotheosized separation of church and state—as it devolves in all-important practical terms—is nothing other than a national-identity-alienating surrender to the vast scale economies of the global/capitalist system. For there is involved here primarily the slackening of those principal muscular and sinuous connections which maintain vigorous, purposive life and coherence in the body politic. While what we ultimately receive in the bargain—in the place of this “muscle tone”, this blessed, indomitable national integrity—is a limp acquiescence in the all-determining rule of those ultimate globalists of the ages: the Jews. According to a frowningly-monolithic principle of cohesion polar oppositional to the universality of Catholicism: which is loose-knit, life-giving, which nourishes the unique identities of persons, nations, neighborhoods, towns. These Biblically-identified “enemies of mankind” plying their influence first through the intermediacy of their many surrogates, like a fawning press and State Department, less obviously but just as surely through the corporations, the Freemasons and the Mob. For in the final analysis, in all this marching futurism, it is never enough to simple tolerate—or not discriminate against—the Jews—we are required as well to embrace them as our teachers, leaders and guides. As we see happening unfailingly now across the Middle East and Central Asia; with Jewish-run misinformation NGOs and Mossad terror cells accompanying American military aid and political involvement across both regions (A much-made-over Blackwater being only a junior plebe in training). Jews whose whole identity since their rejection of Christ—as confirmed throughout the pages of the history of our era, and as investigated here and there in these pages and publications—is bound up precisely in world-hegemonic ambitions and related intrigues. Grasping goals pursued from the very coattails of a Catholic Church without which they would never have even survived. Having adopted a view of synagogue and state which involves no such hotly-advocated estrangement as is demanded of others, a perspective which rather binds these poles together as a terrorizing, malignant global force. If at first attacking the unsuspecting people by way of a clever and cowardly infestation, of that which is most vulnerable: the trust-dependent markets, the physical sustenance, of the country, the land. Running to a clement Catholic Church for cover when their plots are discovered, only to bitterly condemn the same “when the coast is clear”. As happened with respect to the saintly Cardinal Stepinac of Croatia, who harbored thousands of Jews to his own and his Croatian people’s peril, only to be condemned as a “Nazi genocide and quisling” by a world—and especially a solidly-Jewish-controlled U.S.—media at the time of his holy death. The same fate as would befall the noble Pope Pius XII as well, who harbored Jews during the same World War II on at least as large a scale.

In the case of the individual nation an incalculably-rich foregoing national religious/civic self-identification can often proceed the accession of its people to the baptismal font: as in the case of Fr. DeSmet’s beloved Flatheads of the mid-19th century, who had already attained an advanced spirituality of their own before they came to know of the Blackrobes. A tribe which represented a potentially-rich harvest, one which succeeding generations of American Jesuits seems to have gathered poorly indeed. A pre-existing spirituality, in certain respects quite consonant with things Catholic, which would undoubtedly characterize as well any Muslim who might find his way to the same fountain of salvation. After which these congenital twin devotions—representing the unity of Heaven and earth—of the love of the nation and the piety of true Faith—conspire in the formation of an infinitely-exalted personal—and eventual collective-national—destiny in the bosom of Holy Mother Church. That harbor at which all nations, even the Jews, unfailingly, if with many a stubborn detour, will ultimately arrive: finding therein their true and most-sublime identity as a people. While finally most of the reason for the above-intimated relative lack of lasting fruit in American-Catholic missionary efforts of the past two centuries and more has been precisely the noted radical separation of these twin reciprocal realms, embraced as a kind of secular doctrine, polemically valued today high above those revealed by Almighty God. The last real birth and burgeoning of Catholic civic/religious nationhood having been seen in New France and New Spain, under the capable care of pre-dissolution (i.e., before 1773) Jesuit cultivators. Producing what were for a long time the modern world’s chief supply of fully-formed Catholics: as compared against the increasingly cynical church-goers of Europe and the USA. Pious souls epitomized in the Cristeros of the Mexican persecution of the early twentieth century. Both Jesuits and Cristeros however and incredibly having ultimately been suppressed—the one temporarily, the other permanently—by papal decree. The former at the height of their prodigally-successful apostolic labors, the latter by an enigmatic Pius XI in the midst of their heroic struggles against that atheistic masonry/communism embodied in the original PRI party of Mexico. A suppression which he may indeed have lived to regret, along side his vanguard recognition of Bolshevik Russia: an act he lamented quickly and bitterly, one which would open up a floodgate of other sovereign diplomatic recognitions of the evil monster as well.

Americans: take a lesson in all of this, and realize the reason for your own present-day dissolution. Your “dumming down” into absolute moral and intellectual oblivion. Your progressive forced-embrace of every perverse new trend of immorality and intellectual obscurity. Come back to Christ, to that traditional Catholic Church which loves and values the nations and their frail human inhabitants, as the biblical “mother hen gathers her young”.


August 15, 2005: Standardization, conformity, gargantuan scale: the three-fold battle-cry of the age-old Jewish conspiracy to own and control mankind.


It is Christ Who gives us the correct “big picture” around which to organize earthly life: while any other worldview is doomed at best to be incomplete, at worst to utterly fail or self-destruct. It is a view which “disposes all things mightily”, arranges them lovingly, tenderly. For our instruction, our correction, our joy, our salvation. A panorama which the Jews would indeed seem destined to lead, toward the end of time, according to the words of St. Paul. But of course not until they have come to believe.

But in the meantime the chief means toward Jewish ends tends most typically toward revolution and destabilization in the political order as well as in thought, belief and way of life. Indeed, every century or so at most there is another version of “progress” that is floated by the same international cabal—a certain radical element in Judaism which the others generally do little to quell—announcing a new cause toward which everyone is urged, indeed in many ways polemically and politically forced. A falsely-conceived devotion being ironically-enough the best way to inculcate a regimented frame of mind: with everyone eager to prove themselves “worthy” of the great new cause or quasi-crusade. A mania which in many ways takes into its breathless ambit the Renaissance, the cult of absolute monarchy, the Enlightenment, industrial colonialism/nationalism, the 20th century agnostic/institutionalized “age of analysis”, and now the all-but-frankly Zionist Neo Con New World Order. All these isms have in common, besides their ultimate origins, the flash-in-the-pan of intellectual pride, uncannily combined with the thickening clouds of a moral and material despair: this amid plenty and carousing for the few.

The desire of the international Jewish conspiracy—that which began 2000 years ago by contesting Our Lord and then the Apostles every step of the way—and which some say has now been taken over by forces much worse than itself—is always toward that standardization which is essential to an ironclad global financial/political/ideological empire. From the scale-economies of the Jewish-brokered early-medieval Muslim/Frisian/Northumbrian slave trade to the merger-mad information age corporate world. While in our own time even American labor racketeering has pursued the same aim unflinchingly: with the elder Hoffa (later addition of 8/08: perhaps a fatuous corruption of the Jewish name Hoffman, as I indeed gathered from one source on a recent trip) calling for the “uniformization” of Teamster contracts, pay, benefits and so on from coast to coast (Kennedy, Robert, The Enemy Within. New York: Popular Library, 1960). A trend repeated exactly in all the other unions as well. This regardless of vast differences from region to region in cost of living and other essential factors: realities once admirably addressed by guilds and earlier medieval fraternities, each of which was essentially a local—if upwardly-chartered—creation all-its-own. The “sweetheart contracts” of course being the deals “uniformized” by Hoffa: these decidedly disadvantageous to the laboring man, to the consumer and in a special way to minorities.

But the standardization goes much deeper than labor/management contracts: for among people with an unparalleled agenda of global conceptual and material control increasingly-less allowance is made for local-, nationality- or race-based culture. For it is in culture—meaning not so much art galleries, let alone ballerina-studios, but rather the warp-and-woof of an intimately-familiar customary life: that from which alone real art takes its spirit and form—that people are most difficult to regiment. So that accordingly it is the human mind and will which are the prime targets of today’s standardization. With fewer and fewer being allowed the unfettered right to express themselves without reserve, to think, resolve and act: except for a certain class of overlords, largely the agnostic Jew and his chief retainers. These latter adjutants however vying with one another more and more desperately, since places close to the “throne” are becoming ever-fewer. Hence the notoriously-dictatorial corporate culture, in which a long line of personal requirements head the list, well above the directly job-related, in requisite employment and retention credentials.

However, after decades of media indoctrination, to inculcate carefully the image of the violent and unstable Arab, we are told by such neo-con idols as Bernard Lewis that there is an “eternal opposition” between Islamic and “Judeo/Christian” civilizations (ah, there again the hybrid poison-pill). However this is the most complete fabrication, and despite all the preparation a clumsy diversionary maneuver at best. The true bifurcation being between Christ, His Church and all men of good will, on the one hand, and the historical inhuman rigidities of Jewish trade/political-monopoly and exclusivity, on the other. And all the putrid paganism it brings in its train. This Jewish connection having in fact from the beginning inspired those elements in Islam which are fierce and conquest-oriented. Features which had grown less and less prominent over time, and which the Zionist/Anglo-American coalition has sought to fan into a renewed conflagration. Again, for the eternal Jewish goal of destabilization, followed by the all-too-familiar divide and rule. A cooperation which explains the radical and otherwise-inexplicable power-ascendancy of the Synagogue-fawning English-speaking world. The veritable cradle of modern-day Jewish control.

The trend of this conspiracy—of the “synagogue of Satan”, in Our Blessed Lord’s own words—is to more and more audaciously attack everything traditional Christianity regards as holy and good. While of course the biggest ally to such an onslaught is a wholesale fabrication of lies, spread broadcast by the media, the schools, the corporate/official world. Even as the most cunning lie of all is to suggest that it is a crime to identify this enemy, since these criticisms might bring down (well merited?) “anti-Semitic” reprisals against the sons of David. Here being an incredible defense never hear in any other cause, that which for one thing has been the self-defeating Jewish policy of the Vatican since Vatican II. For certainly we don’t hide the identity of the thief, murderer or rapist because to point them out might lead to reprisals. Rather do we bring grave offenses to the light of day, among other reasons so that the offender might ultimately reform, and lead a better life. And furthermore, the reaction of the decent citizen is not at all typically to administer reprisals, to form lynch-mobs, and so on. Most ordinary people being quite content, in dealing with egregious wrongs, to see the matter brought to light, and dealt with in a legal and orderly manner. While historically it is the frustration of justice that brings slander, exaggeration and even (rare) acts of collective revenge (the Klan and Jim Crow being an entirely different phenomenon): often out of the pure impotent rage that invariably ensues.

Christ and His Church will triumph again over this coterie before the arrival of Anti-Christ himself. The latter of whom will epitomize all these rebellions over time in his own very person. But then it will be in league with Jews that Christians will suffer, and not at their hands. With many Jews indeed taking their rightful place at our head. Not as John-Paulian, Vatican-II-style radical reformers but rather as prodigal sons, as humble believers, as “Israelites in whom there is no guile”. And of course we know what will be the fate of “the man of sin”, himself probably one of a handful of remaining anti-Christian Jewish holdouts. And that Christ will return in Person on the heels of his defeat.


August 11, 2005. Modern psychology demotes spiritual conversion to “sudden and radical personality change”


The romance of man and woman can’t hold a candle to the interior encounter of the soul with God, and God with the soul: a conflagration which can ignite in one tremendous instant, after which ones life is never the same. Like St. Paul stuck from his horse, as if by lightning. Leading one to embark on the arduous, austere road of “conversion of heart” and “conversion of life”: after which preparatory path, perhaps of many years, one is ready to be a beacon for others, or perhaps even to take on great tasks for the greater glory of God. With this later truly “chosen” trail or trace through craggy peaks usually requiring a much longer time of preparation, perhaps even thirty or forty years, as in the case of St. Teresa of Avila. An active cooperation with grace—even if within the confines of a cloister or cave—following necessarily upon this intensifying, often crushing, bewildering and terrifying interior liaison with the Divine, else we be mere “tinkling brass”. While further this love affair with God is at the very pinnacle of the motivational definition of Christian and Western Civilization, the highest inspiration of its poetry and music, of one accord with its inalienable rights. Involving indisputable claims not only to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” but also to a freedom—in undertaking to be faithful to such a singular tryst—to radically break with the demands of the world. Even the right to show oneself “a hard case” and “difficult to deal with” in this great cause. And this without being subjected to major difficulties—let alone sanctions—in the process. Here too being the divinely-molded sanity par excellence, worlds removed from the jerk-knee rituals of Freud and Skinner, and the Masonic and Skull and Bones crowd. Who would reduce the great mysteries of life and eternity to a few cold and tidy axioms; who would dictate terms to self-giving, rapturous, unfathomable Simultaneous Whole. The Catholic soul having available to it a melodious inner orchestration which plumbs the depths and gathers and focuses all the energies of ones being, while proportionally understanding those of angels and stars. The pursuit of holiness being at the heart of that incarnational Catholicism so much advocated in these pages and publications: one which lifts earthly life itself radically Heavenward in a host of ways, alike homely, exalted and pedestrian. Indeed with respect to this inner man, even the power of the family—that which is in many ways the last bastion of all things good and holy—is limited in a truly Christian land, where relatives are forbidden to place major obstacles in the path of one of their numbers who wishes to love and serve God in some especially uncompromising way, no matter what might be the pomp- and status-breaking shocks “all that stuff” might bring in its train for the folks at home. Even as the truly Catholic family will welcome the sacrifices involved, seeing in them the promise of great blessings for the eternal, and even the temporal, good of all.

However modern Catholic spiritual direction can hardly be said to take wing and fly over societal hurdles of “correctness”, barriers which today ceaselessly clutter the way for this Christian-in-advanced-training. New Church spirituality being rather principally obsessed with proving itself “up to date”, “in the know”, even “united we stand”, and so on. All of which vocabulary typically indicate things as old and hoary as sin. While to the modern Neo Con World Order the genuine aspirant to holiness is likely to be either a complete unknown or classed variously as odd or as a certifiable madman. Even as today’s estrangement of Catholicism from all things Catholic gains added dimensions of the surreal in a modern Catholic clergy to whom the spiritual life takes an oddly-“born again” form: amply sharing with the evangelicals the same rejection of any long, rocky and painfully road, patiently trod. Such as the above noted change of heart and life imply. Rather seeming to expect this novice-to-the-heavenly to complete his journey to God, if he really must go, in an instant: becoming pure and holy after the manner of the man cured of leprosy or blindness. And finding the conversion to be false if it takes more time and pain. Which for one thing is to ask a mere man to take on the instantaneous strength-of-will of an angel.

Thus too does the New Church very typically take the “concerned” family at its word in cases of heartfelt conversion, and even more of incipient mystical love: phenomena which not surprisingly are becoming rarer by the year. In their claim that Johnny isn’t actually becoming holy after all—and experiencing the sometimes-agonizing adjustments, inwardly-harrowing “dark nights” and other soul-molding difficulties attendant to greater spiritual heights—but is rather being vaguely “irresponsible” or in extreme cases of family trepidation even becoming mentally ill. That keyword or buzzword which is the opener for soul-wrecking devices of the Pan-Jewish psychiatric league: that cabal which has entirely taken the place of spiritual direction in our time. And behind whose ravages we find the corpses of homes and religious vocations to amply litter the ground. The Catholic aspirant to spiritual higher ground being alleged by these ever-hovering “spiritual masters” to have shown “disturbing” signs of a turn-key “radical personality change”: that which opens the way for radical interventions of the most insidious and destructive kind. As an escape from “pathology” is prepared by long hours of Faith-destructive “counseling,” and ample quantities of ultra-expensive and mind-altering drugs as well. The whole regimen being guaranteed to turn out someone as “normal” as the panoply of dope-smoking bikers and beach-combers that once spangled the halcyon Boomer sky: men and women now broken, decrepit, lonely, without a friend in God or man.

To add clerical insult to secular injury, the New Church—when all is said and done, and Johnny is finally “let go” from his padded cell—stoutly defends the boss in his demands that Johnny “learn to get along” with the boorish and insulting or gritty and arrogant “guys”—which in plain English means to take on all their perfectly-non-Catholic habits, manners and attitudes with a kind of self-inflicted vengeance—or lose his job. A course of action which would however completely drive away the newly-betrothed Good Spirit, which is ever gentle, chaste and kind. While this stonewalling comes to its summit in individual spiritual direction, among that tiny number who still enjoy the luxury of this once-common “one-on-one”, in the present shortage of priests. For here the one seeking guidance is more-often-than-not told to give scant attention—even to outright reject—these impulses which make him behave so embarrassingly differently from others. Rather is he cautioned to just simply “obey the commandments”—and the priest—and beyond that to turn a doughty deaf ear to “all that stuff” going on inside.

But this patently American-Catholic approach—among one-time Bing Crosby or Father Barrigan believers here who since the days of bishop John Carroll—have been discretely laughing up their sleeve at the old mystery-bound European Catholic spirituality—and turning out exact carbon-copies of some prototypical all-American boy or girl—is a formula of disaster for the soul. For one thing because although a certain preliminary “testing of the spirits” is necessary, as counseled by the Apostle, a cautionary measure to be revisited frequently thereafter, “required” evidences of the presence of the Good Spirit are rather simple to decipher and few in number. For Whose purposes the Commandments and the Precepts of the Church act as a skeletal superstructure, within which the soul “lives, moves and has its being”. A life—bent upon being “perfect even as your heavenly Father is perfect”—which especially at higher reaches is interiorly rich and exuberant, and hardly like some sort of self-conscious parade ground exercise, complete with barked commands. “Chosen souls” in particular being singularly impelled by the graces of that good Spirit—if of course remaining well within this regulatory goldfish bowl of the Decalogue—those not acquainted with Whom “know not where it comes from nor whither it goes”. In a uniqueness all the more startling for its unselfconsciousness, for not being meant as an act of rebellion at all. Indeed, the very reverse. While according to all the spiritual doctors it takes a genuine spiritual father—or someone advanced in the ways of the same ever-free Spirit—a person today as rare as hen’s teeth—to expertly guide someone down such a uniquely-individual spiritual highway. That “un-maintained road”, such as those leading to fantastic desert peaks, marked so grimly with weather-beaten signs in Nevada, which, as St. John of the Cross tells us, in this case as well, is a trail not to be found on any map—and upon which even the director himself can only take bearings or azimuths from time to time. This inner high road being surveyed, graded and even paved for each individual by that best of “operating engineers”, God Himself. A process which involves many a painful cut, and a less-frequent if uniquely-consolatory fill. While finally, lest any encouragement be given here to wolves in sheep’s clothing, the ultimate outcome of this ultimate adventure—after which all others are but faint and paltry reflections—is to make one radically conformed to Cross and Commandments alike—from the inside out. The capital sins having not just been shorn at ground level but rooted up: according to the Desert Father’s (see Cassian’s Conferences) interpretation of the words “to root up and to tear down…to build and to plant”. After which “one runs in the way of the Commandments”, and draws others after him in his stride (“draw me: we will run after the odor of your ointments”.) The “building and planting” being of earthly vineyards which reach to the empyrean sky, of “a mighty tree in which the birds of the air make their nests”, of customs and usages fit for the Heavenly court. This freedom, this Heavenly exuberance, signaling no abominable Manichaean license to break the law of God—that which the modern “saint” near-unanimously claims, and of whom we have seen so many in high places and low since Vatican II—rather fulfilling in an especially profound and individual way in the Christian soul that self-description of Christ, “I came not to abolish the law, but to fulfill it”.

Of course we are cautioned by the noted “overly cautious directors” (characterized as such by St. Teresa of Avila) that such a path is a potential pitfall of pride. That root-fault of which all the genuine saints and seers were more or less constantly accused. But the point is that the reason we are chosen for any particular path of spiritual life—especially to the degree it departs from the “ordinary way”—has nothing whatever to do with any merit of our own. Indeed we are typically chosen for “higher things” because of our very human and even spiritual misery and left-footedness: so that God might gain the greater glory, and His hand be more vividly recognized by the very crudeness of the tool. While among the torments endured by such a soul ceaseless accusations of pride and “singularity” must share equal time with polar-opposite worldly evaluations as being mere milk-toast, a sissy, “too passive” and so on. In that absolutely-twisted, contradictory and perverse set of values which “the city of man” so garishly promotes and gaudily displays. Too many of which maxims a New Church, post-Vatican-II Catholicism has swallowed hook, line and sinker. Giving us people like this “conservative Catholic” Eric Prince, whose Blackwater, Inc., slaughters humanity in a host of black-ops intrigues, advancing diabolical New World Order aims around the globe.

In fact the injunction “not to worry” about “all that interior stuff”, but “just obey the Commandments”—a deeper and fuller obedience to which Decalogue is however the deepest aim of the mystical life itself—that discouraging and dismissive attitude which has been the very watchword of spiritual-timidity and moral-blindness since the time of St. Teresa—this is to re-establish the primacy of “the law” over that Spirit. Of the rigid and protocol-ridden injunction over that Faith which St. Paul holds to have replace the former as the lynch-pin of salvation since the life-giving Sacrifice of Christ on Calvary. For this new departure is precisely what the Apostle is talking about in Romans and most of his other Epistles as well. This new approach—partaking generously of Christ’s very own “behold I make all things new”—which already back then put this Apostle of the Gentiles in for dire persecutions at the hands of much of his own far-flung flock. Who were so often rather imbued with the contrary, frowning, hesitant spirit of those “false brethren”, the ever invading and infiltrating “Judaizers”. Whose ritual purifications could accommodate many-an infraction of divine rather than purely-ceremonial law. The exponents of a rigidly-legalistic faith, one which rather “buries its talents in the ground”, fearing a Master conceived-of as “a hard man”. That which would stop the swiftly-traveling spiritual pilgrim, guided by the Holy Ghost, in his tracks, a wayfarer albeit maybe just then leaning over some bottomless canyon wall of prayer. Finding there a rarified inebriation whose virtue is to make him “run in the way of the Commandments”, being propelled by the impulses of divine love. Himself thereby instead rendered hamstring in misgivings about “where is this path going to lead”? A question which is basically unanswerable: this road as noted above being without a map, except in the mind of the Road-Builder himself. A mere trace, even a scarcely-blazed footpath, through a wilderness different for each soul, and essentially uncharted and unchartible. Especially considering the wild, robber-ridden no man’s land it must traverse today. A path full of self-defining, overpowering adventures and enchanting vistas of all kinds: if with many-a Golgotha, and bitter disappointment, scattered here and there in between.

Then too, finally, there is that “non-resistance to grace”, mentioned in an entry close below this one. The fact is we humans are intrinsically constituted in such a way that if we aren’t docile 24 hours a day to the least thermal updraft or mildest zephyr of grace—which touch us all inwardly and in the most subtle of ways—then we are bound to stumble onward and make horrible mistakes both spiritual and practical. For which the timid, public-opinion-respecting spiritual-director—who may indeed mean quite well in his own fearful, limited way—will likely take little if any responsibility. So to follow the priestly guidance which tells us “not to listen to all that stuff” going on inside of us is nothing short of suicidal. Unless of course we are interiorly “being told” to do earth-shaking things of questionable merit, or downright harm. In defense against which and as noted above the signs of a truly spiritual interior communication are really quite simple and easy to understand—at least for the “circumcised of heart”—and they are summarized by St. John of the Cross and others. Criteria which should be known to every Catholic spiritual director or parish priest who is worth his salt.

Of course, if Catholic life at such a level is frustrated by the world, the psychiatric establishment, and the eternal gaggle of hovering siblings and possessive and over-protective mothers (even the cousins of Our Blessed Lord were at one point looking for Him, thinking Him to have gotten “beside Himself”), then it is being done a grave injury indeed. “But these things too will pass:” and Catholic spiritual virility—one of the fruits of the noted conversion of life as well as the ultimate fountainhead alike of political freedom and entrepreneurial invention, of patriotic and practical heroism—will return, this time to stay.


August 9, 2005: John and Robert Kennedy, Dick Chaney, Administration foreign and domestic crimes against humanity, and “sensitivity”.


Not long ago Chaney had another of his sardonic broadsides to fire, this time at the whole notion of “sensitivity” as it applies to the prosecution of a “war”. Finding those of us who take umbrage with the sodomizing of prisoners to be “overly sensitive”. Here being displayed his preferred “tough guy” posture. But the fact is that only tyrants and the macabre are insensitive to human feelings in any such circumstance; while the deeper definition of democratic instincts assumes a sensitivity to the needs and aspirations of others. Such a sense of equality implying as well an attunement to the development of culture, civilization, truly rich and exuberant markets, genuine free enterprise. While by his above admission Chaney’s USA is an experiment in a “liberty” which is insensitive indeed: one obsessed with hijacking the goods of an entire globe. Being of that school which sees our country as ramroding a radical departure from mankind’s most deeply cherished values and legacies. Regarding these for one as being valid only when understood in the brassy light of the Big Board.

But the diabolical Bush/Chaney insensitivity has gone “the extra mile” for Hell itself in the perpetration of yet-another—and by far the worst—crime against humanity. Namely the detonation of a multi-megaton nuclear bomb in the Sumatran Trench which beyond question (as an article in confirms) set off last December’s tsunami. A man-made cataclysm for which we had the “Yankee know-how” already 30 years ago. A crime which dwarfs—and logically confirms—the engineering of 9/11 by our own people, as long maintained on this website. This ghoulishly-contrived-disaster being however a dream-come-true for Bush and Chaney’s Skull-and-Crossbones oriented obsession with owning and controlling Central and Southeast Asia and the Straits of Malacca. Achieved through the whole “Trojan horse” and “special ops” military/political strategy of this heinous team: the very heart and soul of the Bush Administration’s all-out war on humanity. Having through this hellish travesty put some unfriendly regional sovereignties in dire straits indeed; while continuing the policy of regional destabilization, much examined in entries below, which most furthers Bush Administration aims. With super-armed and equipped American troop vessels arriving right on the heels of the tsunami—before many around the world even knew it had occurred—having been patiently standing by, overloaded, in the region. These rather than the easily-available hospital ships debauching their cargo across the affected area: troops who remain to this day, conducting various sovereignty-invading “missions”. Any media-“briefings” to the contrary notwithstanding.

These wicked men whom God for His own mysterious reasons has allowed such unprecedented power—and whose loyalties are chiefly toward their own quasi-futuristic agenda, descending steeply from there with respect to any other cause—they do have one countervailing disadvantage. People who gained control of the political parties through secret-society and other intrigues, much indeed as Hoffa, Beck and others took over organized labor. Their Waterloo, their fatal flaw, having to do, ironically, with their chief advantage: in their self-definitive extraction of greater and greater amounts of profits from the earth and its people. This in any number of inter-temporal “installment” forms: whether of stock-profit, interest-bearing accounts, bond coupons, options or other such instruments. For by our own reverse operation any degree to which we quite legitimately withhold from them this money for any length of time—which is often blood money in more ways than one—it creates difficulties for them in exponential terms. That is, according to those very multiple, life-strangling, permutating profits for which they had already planned so many uses. For aside from their effortless revenues these people are like helpless babes, and no threat to anyone. Being no doubt constitutionally unable to undertake the virile, socially-reciprocal, person-and-place-specific entrepreneurial existence advocated on this site: the only workable alternative to rapacious greed. (As noted frequently here, real democracy or sovereignty—which takes in economic systems as components as well—is really and intrinsically one only thing—a universal boon which we indeed attempt to elucidate on this site—if with considerable custom-related surface variations being involved from place to place). While the Bush/Chaney ham-handed counterfeit is very much like those Mesopotamian merchants who in the second century B.C. followed Antiochus IV’s top general to war with Israel, to gleefully watch its destruction: after which they intended to generously recoup on loans given to the same would-be conqueror, in terms of Hebrew slaves and booty. Read on—or better yet, read my Integral Catholicism, freely accessible on this site—and see how to once again disappoint such merchants of death, in some ways much as happened to these erstwhile-seemingly-omnipotent Greco-Syrian financier-forerunners of old.

But returning to our subject: John and Robert Kennedy in comparison with Chaney were sensitivity itself, and would no doubt come in for enormous amounts of sarcasm by this paragon of manhood—as being some sort of “sissies”—were they still around today. Had they not been so sensitive as to be willing to pay the ultimate price for liberty. All the while a younger Chaney managed to engineer several successive draft deferments, during the Vietnam War, to keep his sensitive hide well out of harms way.

Here I wish also to exonerate the Kennedy brothers from vague charges of “insensitive” precipitancy that some have leveled, with respect the issue of the ending of school segregation. First of all, the most egregious aspects of moral and social change that by express synagogue design accompanied Integration came not during the time of the power of the two good brothers but during the succeeding stygian Johnson Administration, with his obsession with a culturally-dislocating bussing and other forms of highly-adversarial “affirmative action”. That whereby the worst sort of Black culture was put in place here: rather than Black legitimate grievances being addressed. So that it is a grave wrong to accuse John and Robert of not being sensitive enough when it came to that issue: since one thing it was impossible for the Kennedys to have first of all attacked certain other critical abuses, like job and pay discrimination, non-access of Blacks and other minorities to labor unions, segregated facilities like restaurants and bathrooms, inequities in housing, ‘grandfather’ voting clauses, and a host of others wrongs. Because obviously they didn’t live long enough to firmly inaugurate any of these things: let alone to move further, incrementally from there. Having been able only to initiate some few measures which were more symbolic than substantive in what they achieved.

Hence the fact that school integration was destined to be pursued in a gratuitously front-loaded way—with the tremendous load of social, moral, economic and political dislocations it was destined to bring directly or indirectly into being—this was the work not of the Kennedys but of those insidious enemies spoken of so much on this website. Men who somehow manage to turn every good thing to the ultimate disadvantage of the nation. With the “last hurrah” always being succeeded by a thunderous “send in the clowns”. While also to be considered here, as I have learned more recently, is that it was Whites who were the first purveyors of bussing: in a congenitally-clever Anglo-Irish drive to give white rural students access to city schools with better labs and other advanced facilities. After which the Blacks would naturally become imbued with the same desires.

I do indeed lament the way in which the “returning students” of Indian tribes and the often-near-identical Black assimilationists were the ones who profited almost exclusively by way of the radically homogenizing processes of school integration. During which were institutionally/administratively imposed for a period of several years and upon Black and White student alike the wildest possible forms of fringe-Black or Indian-pagan-cultic culture. From out of which moral maelstrom it was ironically-enough the meticulously-polished, White-imitating Black—and the good-ole-boy-modeled Indian—that were to emerge with a breathtaking ascendancy, especially with the onset of the Reagan years. These finding their way to the top—and the enjoyment of a ridiculous disproportion of opportunity—together with inseparable counterparts in the rising Neo-Cons of every race. While for ordinary “indigenous” Blacks and (approximately) “full-blood” Indians—much as in the case of working class Whites—both of whom comprise a good 90% of their constituency’s numbers—the real hurdles to be cleared had little to do with duplicating an ascendant and politically-correct culture and values down to ones fingertips. Rather were these enormous challenges frankly economic and political in nature. In which terms the vast majority of Blacks—who are workers and builders, not mere imitators—are in much worse shape now, along several significant parameters, than they were in the 50s and 60s. For this idea of radical social revamp is in almost every case wrong. Since everyone must be permitted to keep those good things they already possess, be they Black, Hispanic, Asian, Indian or White. In that fervent devotion to a multifaceted conservation—the most genuine, quintessential type of conservatism and liberalism alike—indeed, the “good soil”, the common ground, upon which they thunderously meet—which is preeminently the way of distributism. (Read my Integral Catholicism for a complete if popular-input-begging and skeletal “model system”, educational and otherwise, built on its terms). Pre-possessed qualities which are inextricably bound up with a way of life: a comprehensive something which can in no case be summarily condemned as wicked and requiring a complete, incalculable, open-ended overhaul. This later being an agenda capable of devolving—indeed designed to devolve—into a reckless, heartless, “scorched earth” revamp of the sort which men like Chaney obviously have in mind Central and Southeast Asia; indeed for a whole world.


August 7, 2005: Doing what we do best: pushing China up against The Wall.


To put this matter in the simplest possible terms, because of the tremendous appetite of Americans for Chinese and other manufactured and other goods—those commodities which we consume in the aggregate at a rate at least four times that of the rest of the globe—we have developed a gargantuan trade or current account deficit with that fabled land. Hence China finds itself in possession of vast holdings in American dollars thus spent: these resembling the Euro-dollars of decades past, once similarly, and still to a degree, held by Europeans.

These Sino-dollars as we might call them obviously need to be spent somewhere: else the Chinese end up giving us the noted trade goods rather than selling them to us. Thus do these Orientals—faced with dollars-in-the-aggregate, accumulating in their Central Bank (since the Chinese man-on-the-street will have no use for them himself), very rationally seek to invest them here in manufacturing, services, energy and other sectors as well. Since for one thing it is possible for China, and especially its Central Bank, to buy only a limited amount of anything else with these mega-dollars (like textiles, manufactured goods, grain and so on: all of which it has plenty). It follows, therefore, that there is rather obviously nothing aggressive or subversive about noted “strategic” investments at all: contrary to recent Congressional-and-State-Department open or veiled accusations. Discouragements which dissuaded China from gaining controlling shares in a major American oil firm.

The same reasoning applies to Chinese valuations of their own currency. For by the upward re-valuing of the Chinese “Yuan”, undertaken by its central bank in another concession to the Bush Administration and Congress, the Chinese are further reducing the buying power of their huge stock of American dollars. Which are obviously worth less vis-à-vis the Yuan (or as they prefer, the renminbi) in such an arrangement. A currency which had been “pegged” to the dollar for the past 11 years at an agreed-to rate of 8.28/dollar. The Chinese—complex monetary-exchange theory aside—plainly having intended thereby to maintain a constant dollar-valuation, again, so as not to give its trade goods to the nice Americans. While to continue to expect the Chinese to be satisfied with investing their dollars almost-strictly in American treasury notes and bills—so that poorly-performing creditors like us might splurge all the more on their manufactured goods—and beef up strategic arsenals with which to threaten them and otherwise “keep them in line”—this is tyranny and a multiple injustice which belongs in the record books. This mounting American, mostly-Chinese-sustained, current account and fiscal deficits containing an intertemporal day-of-reckoning time bomb which in turn amply motivates the blitzkrieg pace for U.S. global military aggressions. For how can conquered peoples—which may soon take in a whole globe—object to a wholesale fraudulent appropriation of trade goods? It is a new Jimmy Hoffa operating a new kind of “international”. Not among truckers but in an extortion ring—complete with our own uniformed or Blackwater goons—which takes in the seven seas.

Although it might be said that the world’s other nation’s also “benefit” from this America-focused, renminbi-financed trade relationship—in stimulating their industries to help sustain a big spender American economy whose buying-power consumes 80% of the world’s non-domestic saving (—yet it was the carefully-engineered choice of the Anglo/American financial community to set such a relationship in concrete. This not through a deified “free trade” at all, but rather through numerous intrigues—like the many wars in Iraq to date—as well as for that matter the whole pre-arranged World War II fiasco in the Pacific. From which the English-speaking world alone walked away the winner, and Asia as a whole the loser. These and other calculated “missions” around the globe whose chief consequence would be to establish the Anglo economic/financial overlordship beyond serious question.


August 7, 2005: Reciprocity as superior to command/control as a response to terrorism.


Actually, there is something of this element in salvation itself. As an English priest once told me, if we don’t actively resist the impulses of grace, of divine love, they will flow out to us unfailingly. So that salvation and the accession to grace remain throughout free gifts: our part having simply been that we didn’t refuse them. A refusal, a resistance-against-the-good—together of course with the fully-developed sins that result—being that alone for which we can take any credit as our own. For if we don’t put up obstacles to grace we aren’t really doing anything positive: we are only failing to do anything negative. We are observing the status of unassuming creature-hood: that which is preliminary—but not strictly-speaking meritorious—to all supernatural good—which by definition cannot be merited by mere nature. These truly-natural, non-perverse souls, who remain “little ones”, self-acknowledged mere creatures, being in my own insignificant opinion those mysterious ones “whom the Father has sent me”. Being ever-faithful—like the clay to the potter—to the Creator (the primordial role of the Father Himself) Who made them, they are then as a reward given over to the generous ministrations of the Son, by which alone their Salvation can be procured. Souls “blessed of my Father” referred to by Our Blessed Lord Himself at the Last Supper. While the wicked lose these gifts of grace by demanding, often-enough from childhood, to put the stamp of their stubborn resistance, their arrogance, their “authority” on every thing, person or occurrence that crosses their path.

Analogously, there are two major divergent ways to organize: only one of which however gains God’s critical assistance. One is to exercise a rigid command and control: so that whether a subordinate, a “person of interest”, a detainee are cooperative or not they are spoken to in a command voice, perhaps abused or even summarily executed, and in all events regarded as inferiors. We see a parallel even in many families, where the most docile and cooperative of wives is constantly “put through the ropes”; being put in her place ceaselessly. Her obedience and/or loyalty being constantly questioned. While in fact and to the contrary and according to St. Paul the law is made for the transgressor: and the spirit of liberty, of the “freedom of the children of God”, should reign indulgently over those whose greatest desire is only to cooperate, to love, to obey fully and robustly, out of a loving, unconstrained heart. Thus preeminently the culture of the Catholic family of millennia: which never questions the right of the father to exact obedience, but only lamented that he would want to exact it when it is already freely given. In which case love should only be answered by love, and households are in many cases and for all practical purposes run by the wife/ mother, whom the father knows acts only in honor to himself, for the good of all.

It is exactly this kind of organization that is critically needed today: of the sort which would instantly cut through all the hype and false regimentation about security. And it is a method furthermore which has an intrinsic security factor built into it. For in such a close and closely-coordinated family—national or domestic—those of bad will stand out like a sore thumb; and a terrorist will never be able to pull off the required extended deception. Nor will anyone of goodwill be likely to be falsely accused. It is the security which has nothing to do with race or religion: basically the same that reigned on our sidewalks a half-century ago, if not everywhere or perfectly. That of people in tune with one another. Thus for security’s sake itself we need actually to be nicer to each other, not more contemptuous or bellicose. For no understanding at all—as of people’s true attitude and disposition, as to whether it is genuinely benign or dangerous—crosses today’s more-or-less perpetually-hostile social frontier. While those who are constantly wishing to give orders, to be obeyed; to give flushed-faced accusing speeches at every turn: these are the ones we should mistrust, or worry about as security risks. A fact which history bears out abundantly.

This what might be called devoted reciprocal docility was actually the organizational paradigm of the American Indians, if you read their accurate histories. While it was the U.S. Government that brought westward the system of rigid commands of global capitalism. Only by returning to the former “primitive” system—which is universally adaptable to any level of technology and to which this website is dedicated, if under the yet-more-sublime ultimate form, titled here Integral Catholicism—can we have any hope—and even then only with the aid of God—of overcoming the challenges—of terrorism, of wholesale dysfunction—that face us as a nation and a world today.


August 4, 2005: Freudianism: the nature of the Beast


Tremendously influential over the past century has been Freud’s imperative of the all-determining nature of the subconscious: this despite periodic academic rebuttal. Sanity and even a generic kind of worthiness being likely as not today to be evaluated in terms of a coded array of inadvertent quirks and mannerisms—or of any number of other seemingly-random, ever changing diagnostic behavioral or attitudinal criteria. “Not to worry” that correctness and pathology alike are contoured in the most unlikely of places, prominent among which are the increasingly-bizarre sitcom and the ever-behaviorally-experimental school. Major or minor pathological—or eminently “normal”—signals supposedly being uncovered under such questionably-precise microscopes, deemed to be connected, negatively or positively, to this obscure but supposedly all-important subliminal inner world. While as daily experience confirms Freud’s incredibly versatile behavioral paradigm somehow finds ironclad if uncanny institutional application in thousands of hybrid forms, running the gamut of every kind of organizational, motivational or even spiritual contingency, concept or program. Simply put, at its most basic and classical level the Freudian system finds that if someone has experienced some “trauma” in childhood—of which the noted idiosyncrasies or other behavioral indicators are often said to be signs—then the eventual manifestation later in life of some frightful abnormality is all but an axiomatic certainty. So much so indeed that if one stubbornly fails to illicit the required dysfunctional behavior one is quite commonly said to “be in denial”.

Indeed it can get to the point that fresh inducements are thought necessary, some new mini-traumas, as it were, administered with a strange kind of straight-laced righteousness by these psychological bloodhounds on the trail of such a fervently-sought inner disease. With hovering relatives and quasi-professionals many times even acting as veritable “jump-starters” for same: virtual midwives to see to the birth of the anticipated personality-related monster, which is held to do far more harm if left “bottled up” inside. Many-an invasive poking, prodding or fierce confrontational challenging being earnestly and breathlessly expended—the weird and hoary Freudian version of an exorcism—from which preternatural exertions—as the first fevered cries of induced pathology greet the light of day—each and all walk away contented. Thinking themselves in possession of a hard-earned if poorly-compensated and innately-disturbing reward, in this midwifery of all times.

Of course, plainly here outlawed—among many other good and worthy things—are the Christian virtues of joy and hope: not to mention any serious belief in the sovereignty of the human soul and personality. While even if the interventionist behavior of these great Freudian empathizers is not so extreme, any tendencies at all in such a direction must be regarded with great skepticism. For one thing because although the subconscious does indeed assume a pivotal role in certain extreme cases—which generally require hypnosis for the uncovering of some horrible childhood circumstance—a discover made decades previously to the time of Freud—yet to postulate the existence of similar levels of pathology vis-à-vis the rather common shocks and vicissitudes of early life is superfluous indeed. “Traumas” sometimes of a rather serious nature that our nature is however amply designed to overcome in what has been called the “blessed forgetfulness of youth”. That which is in a special way the legacy of infancy and early childhood. Any attempts at the conjuring up or reliving of such early-life difficulties being almost without exception stupidly counterproductive. While in these futile endeavors equally negated is the tremendous practical day-to-day efficacy among Catholics of the Sacraments and even among others of the countervailing comforts, fortifications and encouragements of the Christian way of life.

Naturally, Freudianism—and its many look-alikes and spin-offs like Skinner’s behaviorism—have much to say about the returning veteran, fresh from the fear, sorrow and din of war. A person likely-enough to be regarded by the followers of Freud and Skinner, in his hunger after peace, quiet, calm, as “unnaturally timid and inhibited”. A soldier sick at heart with what he has seen, heard and experienced no doubt being thought of as the victim of some new post-war syndrome. And although some such ills may truly be caused by the military’s notorious exposure of troops to various toxic agents—not to mention scenes of soul-wrenching deliberate brutality—yet in all cases most needed by the returning veteran is simply time, patience and discrete sympathy if he is ever to fully digest his profound experiences: let alone to heal, either from simple sorrow or from some genuine malady. A new sobriety, if a rarity in dirt-bike- and gridiron-obsessed male USA, is likely to mark a person freshly initiated to some of the most profound experiences in life, as well as to the injustices inherent in American foreign policy. Someone too who might truly and readily retreat into a hundred new-found and obscure “ticks” and mannerisms: in reverse reaction to the hyper-conforming, pedantic correctness and machismo of modern American life, military or civilian. For “recovery” from which promising dispositions however a whole host of mind-altering drugs are likely to be prescribed: profitable, if not to Johnny, then to a Hollywood-legendary Devlin McGregor.

Normalcy on the other hand is regarded by modern psychology as signaled in the appearance of the war-returning roisterer portrayed in the movies, drowning his memories in a sea of sex, beer and cocaine. So that here too a corporate/Mob/Congressional dovetailing drug-world need not worry about being cut out of such a “therapy”. Here again too, rather obviously, the rejection of the Catholic life and its peculiar hidden balms and healing satisfactions. In conjunction with which real strength is rather “made perfect in infirmity”, being no hysterical “born again” “slam-dunk” sure-thing, needs often to recoup itself. And draws a sustained vigor most especially from the good of ones neighbor, from that of the whole.

A huge part of the problem is that war and violence are positively factored into the formula for capitalism’s gargantuan economies of scale, its quintessential invasion of foreign markets, sources of raw materials and cheap labor. Hence any psychology that really and truly produces peace and behavioral sanity would likely be an abomination to many of the followers of Freud: who was indeed himself a singular enthusiast for the rapacious capitalistic system. Part and parcel of which aggressive tunnel vision is the War on Terror: which was imposed on mankind by a radical-globalist corporate coterie. A tiny minority of elitists who through a supra-nation spokesperson actually told us—after massive demonstrations outside a WTO meeting—that any retreat from their ironclad globe-unifying agenda was “no longer an option” for the people of the earth. Following upon the heels of which declaration—as well as upon the continued intention of many at the highest levels of U.S. political power to re-invade Iraq—the Trade Towers were attacked. So that the real enemies, the real and directive terrorists, are arguably far less likely to be found in Islamic religious schools or political organizations than among Westerners imbued with an innately violent and unstable psychology, and a closely-related Marxian-dialectic “worlds in collision” view of economic and political life. Among American political leaders and media corporations who more recent wine and dine or otherwise glorify Chechyan admitted perpetrators of some of the worst terrorist acts of the century. Men who see to a destabilization which will pay dividends to an advancing multinational corporate world, largely financed and home-based (if not usually operating) in Britain and the USA. Terrorists who are presently bringing anarchy and suffering to Southeastern regions of Russia ever closer to Moscow, and with the sort of brash impunity bred upon such positive exposure and encouragement.

Looming large in Freudianism is of course the shared Spencerian/Nietzschean idea of primitive instinct as being the healthiest possible motivator known among men. A supposedly prime ingredient however seldom known to real aboriginal or semi-aboriginal cultures: these quite commonly having elaborate, highly-developed ideas of verbal courtesy and even of sexual purity and modesty, to name only two. And in some cases a great reverence for the individual person’s inner life, the inviolability of his own thoughts. Things for which Freudianism, as demonstrated above and in countless other ways, has nothing but contempt: but which genuine Catholicism raises to new heights of the sublime. For which reason Freud would blame basically all modern-day personality-related ills on the values of the Christian past, with we Catholics in particular being singled out for such a baptism of fire as that experienced by above-described bullied and/or hovered-over souls.

Hence for a host of ill-conceived reasons during the twentieth century the very best of Christians were likely at odd moments to find themselves targets of a sort of witch-hunt of a kind never before seen. A real trauma experienced in particular at the vulnerable onset of puberty, or in taking the first halting steps of adult responsibility. A staggering number of good-if-fallible people, in need perhaps of instruction and encouragement, yet equally ready to learn, and motivated and interiorly-guided by that Good Spirit to which this world is ever a stranger. That Holy Ghost those not acquainted with Whom “know not where it comes from or whither it goes”: these being regarded—especially during the heyday of Freudianism of the 50s through the 70s—as being hopelessly unable to handle even their own most intimately personal affairs. This being the time of the great bonanza of psychiatric counseling, where many an easy fortune was earned, and a bumper-crop of child protective services teams given their broad plenipotentiary commissions. And whose ministrations, by near-unanimous subsequent testimony of those involved, were uniformly disastrous in practical human terms. A trend supported by an amazing coincidence of no-holds-barred state law, during which most of these functionaries impeached themselves professionally with real flare and beyond reprieve. For instance in their determination to put on the sidelines, or under strict professional supervision, couples and individuals regarded as “fanatically religious” or “too strict”: both qualities no doubt held to be sure signs of a disqualifying early life trauma. Those possessing all the latest Freudian graces, marked by the apotheosized “primitive instinct,” meanwhile steadily making way for the conscienceless ghouls and fiends who would arise so disturbingly during the 80s and 90s: whose offspring, mates or foster-children would so often be found “disciplined” with cigarette burns, or dead in dumpsters. Vampires whose numbers continue to increase dramatically with each passing year: and whose sordid images greet us almost nightly on the evening news. While accommodated in this way too have been those many foster parents—inevitably prime dilettantes of neo-con-certified “success”, political correctness and moral cynicism—who would exploit their lucrative charges in every conceivable way. A well-kept official secret concealed largely by turning the crank a little harder of loud claims of doughty uprighteousness among all concerned. While finally for decades now—as an upshot of this whole Freudian/behavior counterculture against human, let alone spiritual, motivational life—the willing and able are often essentially unable to obtain or retain employment. This for having failed one or several of the standard innumerable Freudian or (just as numerous) pseudo-Freudian litmus tests of job fitness or suitability, or general sanity or acceptability. Bewilderingly unpredictable and unaccountable standards being cranked out in their dozens as I write, and over these many decades past. Standards in turn and invariably having nothing at all to do with job duties as such, and enforced on the jobsite with increasing frequency by those straw bosses who would gradually imbue the American job-scene with a kind of prison-yard sociology, especially but not exclusively in blue-collar fields. The spoiled little Johnnies of the 50s through 70s—whose whims were indulged by mothers bred on Freud and Dr. Spock—in greater and greater proportions turning into the hard cases of the today: who will not tolerate the presence on the job of anyone at all better or more intelligently motivated than themselves. And for which reason the latter are condemned as, you guessed it, “unstable”, “poorly developed”, and the like.

Then too and perhaps most notoriously during the length of the same twentieth century the Freudian system also invaded dioceses, parishes and religious communities to the point of making sweeping determinations there as well. As in a lowering or heightening of the moral or intellectual bar for admission of aspirants, as the case might be, according to the vagaries of the new hybrid, Freudian/Behavioral “mental health” cosmology. A policy that would prove rich in bumper crops of child-molesting homosexual clerics.

A freeing from these and other elements of today’s still-largely-Freudian behavioral control system—of which the “War on Terror” is an odd but integral part—is one of the chief aims of this website. Against which tyrannies we raise, waving and snapping in the breeze, the standard of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, afire. Those eternal refuges of the joy and liberty of the human mind and soul. Elements that are celestial worlds removed from the morbid, deadly, peremptory nihilism of Freud.


July 29, 2005: Politics of death takes over, little by little, since the Kennedy assassinations.


Since the martyrdom of the Kennedy brothers we have seen the steady establishment of a radically-illegitimate, multi-administration regime with deep ties to Zionism, the Skull and Crossbones Society and Organized Crime. Those end-elements to which the multinational corporate world—which the U.S. has come to serve cravenly since the demise of the good brothers—is the intermediary sponsor. A world-rule which is of the elite, by the elite and for the elite: one whose chief identifying characteristic is the steady imposition of clever forms of employment-related de facto slavery and prostitution. A developing totalitarianism to which the Brothers, in exertions against both racial and labor injustices and in a host of other ways as well, had proven over and over again to be insurmountable obstacles. Roadblocks which to those “not like the rest of men” had to be violently removed. John and Robert by their integrity, their goodness, their seasoned leadership having been invincible barriers, irremovable rallying points for the national identity, the national soul.

First there were the assassinations themselves: as Americans quickly became acquainted with a violently-imposed national state of shock from which we have yet to recovered as a people. Then there came a vast amplification of a Vietnam war which John had sustained as a miniscule Special Forces operation, and had intended to terminate as quickly as possible: even if he had been duped in first months in office to allow prior-administration plans for the dumping and assassination of Ngo Dinh Diem, the last Vietnamese with any broad and effective leadership, to go through to execution. An intention-to-withdraw, significantly, expressed to his Cabinet and Joint Chiefs just before his death. And afterward of course came legalized abortion, unprecedented foreign and domestic state coercions of many kinds, the recent nursing-home-corporate/judiciary driven medical murder in the state of Florida, and a host of other deeds-of-violence: whether perpetrated on the national good or on humanity as a whole.

Thus all of mankind now pays for this horrible collaboration: for the deliverance from which however God is even now preparing other Kennedys.


July 28, 2005: U.S. presence in Central Asia: a cornucopia of regional instability


It is fantastic how quickly regional political instability and the subsequent toppling of administrations through various rainbow-colored revolutions developed on the heels of the American invasion of Afghanistan. And in perfect cadence with this line-of-march Rumsfeld just now indicates that American bases in the region will remain for a long while yet to come. That is, until the neat formula calling for “stability” in Afghanistan is achieved. (Note of 11/08: a stability even more illusive today, in an Afghanistan in a profound and growing state of vengeance-motivated, U.S.-precipitated chaos.) That stability namely which we ourselves have violently removed. This being the unchanging formula that keeps us, with Yankee “freedom-loving” stubbornness, on the soil of other, weaker foreign nations around the globe, including Iraq.

Thus do we sanctimoniously put into effect a designedly-blundering set of actions and policies: perhaps suggesting the excuse that this bungling stupidity is “par for the course” from notoriously dummed down Americans in all walks of life. Performers of globe-altering deeds which could have no other possible outcome than chaos and disaster for the impacted nation, people and region.

A dramatic idea of the aggressive nature of this regional tumor of the American military presence is seen upon the inspection of an ordinary map of Central Asia. Where we see that upheaval in Kyrgyzstan—at most a couple of hundred miles across a few international borders from Afghanistan—came right on the heels of American combat boots in the latter land. Complete with the usual preliminary mental “softening up” by Soros’ “Open Society” and the other big-bucks misinformation NGOs. While the torch of an incendiary instability spreads flames quickly from there to a cross-border town in Uzbekistan named Andijhan that was all of 50 miles from the sole Kyrgyz hot-spot. Furthermore, guessing where the tumor will expand to next, we see Rice and others putting dramatically-mounting pressure on Pakistan over the London bombings, simply because some people of Pakistani descent are said to be implicated. Another “slam dunk” by another stooge who wants to keep her job.

People die in a host of newer, bloodier and more cleverly-contrived ways, in a developing scenario of mega-bucks state-of-the-art global violence—lamely tied to “Al Qaeda” by admissions of responsibility that are easily forged—as well as by accusations of ridiculously trigger-happy Englishmen and Americans. But the one stable constant is that the ghoulish-unstable USA is there to stay. As is of course the regional offices of the Mossad and of Blackwater it brings with it everywhere it goes. And with this the expansion of Israeli political/ideological influence. Everything else—thanks to Uncle Samuel—is up for grabs.

Read on for a painless new removal procedure for this cancerous mole of American radically-intrusive militaristic map-making.


July 25, 2005: More on the “tube” execution


English and American citizens really should stop and consider what this incident really means. For here is a man who might easily have heard about War on Terror interrogators sodomizing their prisoners, and would no doubt rather have died than surrender to such custody. Indeed any number of the great men of English or American history—were they to visit from across time—might easily be chased down and killed in such a way—for having exhibited the “unusual behavior” of a similar flight. I can picture the same happening to a returned-in-the-flesh G.K. Chesterton, for one, or a Pitt or a Pius X. And then, too, these ruddy-faced charging men seen over this fellow’s shoulder were, of all things, undercover officers: and by definition not easily identifiable as such. Perhaps readily resembling your typical skinheads: men highly antagonistic to those of Mediterranean features. Goons to be expected, in these hyper-heroic “war on terror” days, to be ranging about London, looking for someone to exact retribution from. And who could thus instinctively have been run away from by such a man as he. Which further guiltless dimension adds another level of dark depravity to this Orwellian chase.

Citizens, shake yourselves, wake up and realize that we are in the opening years of a much-heralded police state, on both sides of the Atlantic: introduced through a long-predicted massive manipulation of many a real or contrived emergency from on high. All of this feeding on base and ignorant prejudices of every kind: however with the renewed racism that directly and with smooth inevitability results from all these vaunted heroics easily become a tool of oppression of the racists themselves: needing only a few incidents to bring retribution on them, too. For all of this is by express design a double-edged sword. Oh, come now, lovers of “this soil, this England” (I don’t now remember the lovely words): don’t be so easily fooled. This gulag, this regimentation serves only the ends and profits of an elite few. For whom we are becoming mere rats in a cage, or a maze, who must constantly exhibit their loyalty to something at least as bad as the Third Reich. Among the latter of whose agents however the instant execution of those who have already surrendered was essentially unknown.

Try to put things into perspective. Remember for instance the Anthrax scare: concerning a substance, a biological warfare cause celebre, which was being found in more and more places. That is until it became common knowledge that the finely-milled powder is only made by the U.S. Government and perhaps one or two of its allies. And this in crypto-restricted facilities. (later addition of 8/08: the recent pinning of this atrocity on a single “madman” at one of these facilities was par for the course, and was predicted by me, as I remember, somewhere in these pages, and follows the standard boldfaced-lying procedure of Warren Commission findings, et al.)

Unfortunately, the Mossad or Blackwater bombers who brought non-judicial execution down upon us “in three easy steps” have no such formidable security clearance fences to clear, and can—with the injection of enough media-induced public oblivion—continue to be used to “justify” the racist murders, the war in Iraq, and so on. All the while by-standing local Iraqis quite often tell a starkly different version-of-events from the standard, canned “suicide bomber” CNN fare, when these attacks take place in that beleaguered land. Witnesses who are contemptuously ignored by officials and news-people alike. As if they were too stupid to understand what they saw—or didn’t see. Much as their own non-homicidal, non-sodomy-oriented security forces are sweepingly demoted to a like level of incompetence. Even as there is redundantly involved here a level of cynicism—and of synchronization—in all these daily, massive, horrific events on several continents—as well as a malicious arrogance—all of which are found by common experience of mankind only among one circumscribed group of people. Those who have no particular loyalty to the nation in which they reside: loud speechifying to the contrary notwithstanding. Namely the Jews and their closest allies, “helpers” and agents around the globe. Whether they work in Oval Offices, in some privatized security firm or as a mole in someone’s state department. So extreme indeed is the notorious chuspah here, in thumbing their noses at humanity, that these people don’t really care if it becomes obscenely obvious that they are behind the worst of these atrocities. For these tell-tale footprints of criminality form those open declaration of ownership and control over all mankind and its institutions that their arrogance regularly requires. State-of-the-art attacks which are then employed as choice geo-tools of anti-Arab global provocation. So low indeed have the Jews gone in their determination to make their will prevail that there can be little doubt that they even blow up their own people: as burnt offerings to the furthering of Israeli power- and territory-related gains. And the furthering of the modern-day agnostic Canaanite/Jewish creed (something investigated in various segments of this website). So evil, so satanic is this global—and globalist—conspiracy against mankind: from basically the same intergenerational people who brought us Nazism and Communism alike, in an earlier time. All the while the shrill chorus of our bought and sold politicians continues, as if in mockery, to blame “Al Queda”. And I say all this, furthermore, not because of any hatred of Jews, for whom I feel mostly a mixture of pity and horror, but rather because it is only when we face the ugly and inconceivable truth about the “State of Israel” that we will have any chance of turning this whole bloody, apocalyptic chapter of history around.

But read these pages, and do as they suggest. Lodge your sacred loyalty neither with the systematic fomenting of war, nor with the non-judicial execution of law-abiding citizens or foreign nationals, but rather with Faith and Civilization. Not only because it is right, but also because this Israeli/neo-con regime, on both sides of the Atlantic, is only emitting its last gasp in these terrible crimes. Forestalling a global populace more and more outraged and disgusted by the day: revolted by the incendiary lies, the glib denials and half-truths. Here being a true public enemy which—as explained in these pages and publications—must by its own very rules constantly redouble its grasp on the world, its people and resources. Or quickly lose out to better and more-constructive things. Indeed good elements are even now in the process, with the help of God, of peacefully running down this truly “evil empire”. Noble men pursuing close on its heels, breathing down its neck: not in the manner of under-cover agents or Trojans, but in a fashion open, pure, chivalrous, above-board. Here on this website we speak of the means, motivations, the espirit necessary to the resounding victory of these servants of Mary and of God.


July 24, 2005: British Justice.


You remember: that unfortunate Brazilian, a couple of days ago—originally identified as Asian—who contrary to the tight-lipped official commentary had no connection whatever to the “ongoing” investigation for terrorists in London. How after they caught up with him the British police pumped five bullets into this dark-skinned man’s head as he lay sprawled-eagle on the floor of the subway. The original sound blurb having however lent us the strong impression that he was just one of several lethal “bad guys” in a harrowing French-Connection-style “hot pursuit”. This brainless word “ongoing” having become a standard cover for every type and level of barbarity and depravity on both sides of the Atlantic: lending to matters an air of all-absolving security-protocol, of the cool, professional, and discrete. And yet this plainly-racist extra-judicial public execution—from a few of the many English or American skinhead-oriented security personnel (in sharp distinction from most ordinary American policemen)—was until only yesterday afternoon staunchly defended by the London Mayor and chief of Police as having somehow been good and desirable. Until finally such a position became so obviously, absolutely and ridiculously untenable that even they had to utter some lame and unrepentant words of “regret”.

The kind of “security” being ushered in by Bush and Blair is actually anarchy in its purest form. That total lack of accountability which is part and parcel of the final stages of the neo-con world economy. A debt-driven deity brought to us by an arrogant minority who believe they have a right to own and control “the wealth of nations”.

All the scarcity which is said to drive that system at its feverish, deadline-driven pace—all along vaguely suggesting that a good God doesn’t know how to provide safety for his earthly children—is a pure fabrication. Indeed only today we hear in (enter this mostly-truthful but photographically-filthy site at your own moral risk) that a man is being ignored by the authorities in Russia in his desire to patent and produce a “perpetual machine” which really works. Which requires no energy: being basically a series of magnets and pieces of metal. A couple of which compact dynamos, properly engineered, could power a large submarine, a train or a car. Energy in turn and of course being that generic commodity the quest for which supposedly motivates today’s global power struggles over Middle Eastern and Central Asian turf. Over a “black gold” however claimed by one oilfield expert to basically never become “depleted”: but rather to silently refill “empty” underground caverns after the elapse of a fairly-short time. But the real reason for the manufactured crisis about energy is an ultimate struggle much more earnest and real: over simple brute control. Not only over resources but more especially over humanity: to determine for us whether we live, die or have children. So that the ultimate issue here is moral, not material.

This website presents an alternative to the brute force exhibited in the London tube day before yesterday. That which uses the “terror” proceeding from tent and ghetto dwelling Muslims as its constant watchword: all the while this true reign of terror employs cutting-edge technologies to destroy hundreds of lives: as on 9/11, 7/7 and on a frequent basis in Iraq. After which it “discovers” some scrawled note and some crude unexploded pipe bombs—plainly planted, of no proportion to state-of-the-art treacherous involved—as “proof” that ragged “Islamic extremists” are to blame. A dialectic, a linguistic, swallowed whole by some: but not by near so many as all the bogus polls claim. (Note of 11/08: a popular incredulity borne out in many conversations during our recent campaign across 24 states. Among U.S. citizens few of whom actually fit the Bush/Chaney doughty “patriot” mold, even if they are afraid to publicly acknowledge that fact, for fear of losing basically everything they have). While even where genuine terrorists are indeed doing genuine deeds of terror—as in Chechnya—the ethnic composition of the putative “native uprising” is said by some to be almost as heterogeneous as the U.N.—with agitators and armed outsiders being discretely funded by a host of American foundations and other NGOs. And with “private contractors” and the Israeli Mossad—as well as its even-more-elite assassination squad—no doubt handling the “messier” projects. All the while the globally-recognized leaders of this real terror are wined and dined in Washington.

But read on for a whole different agenda: one entirely positive and life-giving. Rather than satanic, perverted and nihilistic. We don’t offer you a craven House of Representatives, bought and sold election-rigged yes-men who just passed “Patriot Act II”. To give further sweeping, dictatorial power to another Napoleon. (Note of 11/08: now one with Black skin, not even born in the USA, and thus ineligible for the Presidency). Rather do we offer you a form of government intrinsically—not just polemically—limited. Being based not on some innately-futuristic “constitutionality” but rather on the moral law, conditioned by the beliefs and customs of the people. That which is the perennial universal basis not only for security but also for legitimacy, liberty and prosperity. While at its pinnacle is the Christian “let the least among you be as the greatest”: that which limits government in the most thoroughgoing, life-giving and constructive way.


July 21, 2005: The “Londonistan” bombings: the media-consumer caught in the teeth of media/government control


With their uncritical “ga, ga” taking up of such incendiary labels (as to call London “Londonistan”)—of a piece with their reporting of 9/11, of the lead-up to both Iraq Wars, as well as of other more recent bombings—the media has been little short of a partner to state terrorism and tyranny around the globe. A critically-unstable world situation having resulted from the “oops, I’m sorry” deception of the public that is so regularly involved. With shoulder-shrugging corrections and retractions generally coming months or even years after they would have done any good in the policymaking world, in a kind of ghoulish and malevolent slap-stick, or sanctimonious government-by-adlib. A general picture of rule-by-deception into which fits snugly the ever-“downwardly-revised” retail sales or trade reports, or “upwardly revised” numbers of the unemployed. (Later note: or for that matter with wildly-fluctuating “Richter readings” which attend “earthquakes” caused not by nature but by ’60s technology ocean-floor atomic bombs: used to “soften up” the underbelly of Asia for Anglo/Indo/Israeli control. Readings which when authentic are always precise, and which don’t vary no matter where they are taken. And in which the addition of only one decimal point indicates a reading ten times stronger than its neighbor down the scale, and can thus plainly accommodate none of these now-standard variations of a whole digit and more. While just as disturbingly we also hear from other sources about media-ignored connections of the U.S. government during 9/11—namely that the attack took place precisely at the time of a pre-arranged but professionally-cryptic, non-announced air-security drill—and was indeed hopelessly confused with same for the first critical hour or so. While in London two weeks ago there was something similar—another “security drill”—an entirely internal rail-and-transport affair entirely secret, unannounced to the public—having been conducted at precisely the moment of the mass atrocity there. Every aspect of which “routine operation” was under the control of a certain private security firm. So that apropos to this latter extremely-common phenomenon although “government” is accused here yet it is not the state in the fundamental and legitimate sense of which we speak, but rather this new and highly-inscrutable privatized hybrid. Indeed private parties often enough with stockholder connections to the very same media which projects false news in proportions of the surreal. (Later note: and with portfolio interests in companies destroyed, as were lodged in the Trade Towers: stocks and bonds that were cashed in the day before the debacle). All this lending force to an inescapable apprehension that we are being manipulated and deceived in our perceptions of these events: indeed after the very fashion in which the major and minor wars of more than a century have been yellow-journalistically provoked and arranged. For the overlords of control to whom I refer here—whose moral ancestors have been chief players in world capital and investment since the early nineteenth century—actually need war and political and social chaos in order to keep their self-serving system afloat. One which is always dangerously close to running aground by its own very ponderous, overbearing weight and draught. Thus have we outlined on these pages as an antidote a whole different approach to government: turning the latter from its recently-assumed, media-facilitated role as a global bully throwing its weight around, framing the weak into unwanted wars. Our advocated system being one of great popular solidarity and self-governing resonance which would positively obviate this kind of treachery from on high. This latter using an exaggerated “technology” to create this surreal topography which favors remote elite control.

One saving quality of the system we advocate is that there is nothing all that romantic about its brand of leadership: very little of the extended savoring of heroic tones of nose or palate from spell-binders who “catch the dream”. Although neither is there any listing of this rather lean and sea-worthy vessel toward the contrived rowdy diction of blunt perpetual “South-siders” like this Barney Frank. We’re not asking people to take on glorified roles, but rather only to do those things perfectly natural to human beings—defined by the Catholic Church as (among other things) social creatures—inhabitors of frontiers, territories of the minds and soul which have gradually been ceded to this monster, this freak, this garlanded deliverer of perfumed addresses. (Note of 11/08: At whose head is now advancing this Black man whose place of birth remains undisclosed, and whose convictions and loyalties are those not of an Arab or Muslim but of an Israeli. A guy whose grandmother, who might have been able to answer a question or two, oddly enough died immediately after a recent mid-campaign visit from this our supposed delivering angel.) Here being a new Napoleonic corporation/media/mercenary/government (government here with a decidedly-small g) amalgam which wants above all things to convince us of our utter incapacity to do the most basic of things—all the while pretending to introduce us to the esoteric and the sublime. (Another note of 11/08: An arms-lifted receiver-of-ovations which just now, in the person of a certain talk-show personality, goes the length of accusing us all of “gathering at the public trough” to get our measure of the monetary feed presently being dumped there from out of the Treasury Department. Which silage however is rather filling the jowls of congenitally-larcenous CEO’s, and bulging the corporate-advocacy coffers of sodomites presently rioting on our streets.) 

But in the meantime we see that the provocateur policies of this state/private amalgam—a four-centuries-developing Jewish/commercial globe-controlling project now led by England, Israel and the United States—have worked their effect beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. Since basically all world governments are implementing those terrorist-interdiction measures which will reduce mankind yet further under the heel of an incredibly complex, comprehensive and secretive “War on Terror” surveillance and control network. All this being brought to us on the strength of a deftly-coordinated government/media interpretation of these cataclysmic events: a “hard sell” never before undertaken on this scope and scale. So that I simply cannot conceive of the people that are being accused—and supposedly “leaving notes”—as being the real terrorist kingpins, the real perpetrators of most of these events, or at least of their most pivotal, policy-determining ones. Intuitively and evidentiarily alike, this is a perfect “square peg in a round hole”, since for one thing they would have to be operating at a level of organization highly improbable, considering their relative lack of resources and the circumstances of constant danger in which they must live and move. All the while the organizational tour de force implied is standard for the Anglo-Israeli league. No, this is chiefly a deadly ensemble of those who control not only the media but also a host of other networks, institutions and infrastructures as well. That very same cartel which has kept the whole victimized Israel hoax alive since the mid-war Balfour intervention of around 1916. (Note of 11/08: The glorious deeds of these garland gatherers—among whom Churchill was a classical example—always manage to plant their most irremovable future-war-producing, artificial-border-drawing IEDs during conflicts and upheavals when “speed of action is critical”, and oversight thus “out of the question”. Much as in the present case of the new Depression of 08, when all this money is being dumped on guilty CEOs and staffs when “we can’t afford to lose another day”. For with these biblical “Masters of deceit” the fait accompli is what matters in the end, not all the Rooseveltian or Obamian evocative speeches). But under the system advocated here the present joint media/government driven universal policy determination—using every dirty trick in the book on the human mind, and no doubt frequently employing dark ops units, often from the “private sector”, to take the lives of vulnerable men, women and children—would not only be effectively discouraged—it would also be classed as the very highest of war crimes, carrying the death penalty for all involved at any level or in any capacity. And, oh yes, we will let the Bushs, McCains, Pilosis and Obamas give a flower speech before they pay the final price for their crimes.


July 20, 2005: Marian consecration: Heaven’s answer to control by totalitarian powers


Our desire here is always to point the way to things practical, effective and truly integral or unitary: endeavoring to discover the pivotal hidden holisms of organizational life, and to present them in the most detailed and facilitative way possible. Yet ironically to some the very first step on such a well-paved road is actually a spiritual one: recommending as we do—even to those not formally Catholic—the consecration of oneself to the Blessed Virgin Mary according to the understanding of St. Louis DeMontfort. Which is the understanding of Our Lady herself at Fatima. Giving over and dedicating to her by this means all our spiritual, intellectual and physical powers: to do with them, and us, as she will. Through her immaculate hands thus channeling all our thoughts, words and deeds entirely toward the honor and glory of God. Here, then, being true order, from the height to the depth of our being: something which has the most positive of secondary, ancillary consequences as well. This holy indenturement bringing the potencies of our souls—of our mind, will, feelings, imagination, personality—to their fullest and freest possible liberty and fruition. Comprising that multiplier-explosive personality release which is among the principle aims of this website. For by way of this Marian consecration—of course undertaken with true devotion, and hardly out of mere base lucre—we declare a contrary servitude from that of “the world, the flesh and the Devil” and George Bush’s ancillary New World Order alike. Forces which for all their libertine slogans only puts us in chains, spiritual, political and economic. While there is also involved here—every bit as much as ownership—a Marian protection of the most complete description. For Mary will guard us from grave or lasting harm of many kinds if only we remain faithful to our consecration. Blessings obtained of course within the confines of an earthly condition which is only temporary and in which we are tested daily, to see if we are fit for inclusion in a heavenly home. And yet one in which at the same time and in the words of the Epistle we are meant to attain to a “generous sufficiency” of earthly things: the aim, again, of these very pages and publications.

I know this is a big claim to make—of a maternal protection from today’s rampant preternatural, totalitarian power—all the while an ironclad statist regime presses in upon us even as I write. On whose behalf for instance we are bombarded out of a firmly-Zionist Hollywood with propaganda or semi-propaganda feature films—a broadly-defined recreation form which over the years has increasingly crowded out most others—systematically if sometimes indirectly or even subliminally fomenting for many years in advance the nightmare of war. A scheme which is aided by equally-incendiary news commentary shows and typically accomplished in conjunction with the artificial creation of incidents by various clandestine operatives: a phenomenon much discussed in these pages. All this to raise to a fever pitch an antipathy toward some nationality, creed or culture. For such is the power of visual propaganda that, if we allow ourselves to come under its cursed pale, it can make us hate to a diabolical intensity, and accomplish thereby the will of overlords who wish to monopolize not only “the wealth of nations” but also minds and souls. While adding insult to injury these bloodthirsty schemes are cleverly associated with our Christian Faith by their originators: implicitly suggesting that somehow killing other persons is the holiest thing we could possibly do. Even as by the same cinematographical skill there is likewise systematically destroyed the sexual purity of whole generations of youth. A noxious regimen—with the arousing of prurient passions being especially-necessary to a much-desired complete control of the human mind and soul—whose Hellish loop is completed in school curricula from the earliest levels which likewise attack this lily of youthful purity. Together with that twin flower, the rose of brotherly love, which should earnestly motivate the family of men. Those two things being that upon whose fragrance Heaven smiles with unsurpassed delight.

Hence in answer to such an all-encompassing onslaught of war and impurity from a national and supra-national level there is another dimension to this concept of consecration to Our Blessed Lady: and through her to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He Who through His Hypostatic Union of natures human and divine thereupon unites us as well to God Himself. That other dimension being a social one: namely the social reign of the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. For it is only when whole societies are consecrated entirely and without reserve to the Heart of Mary—and through this New and reparatory Eve, under her titles Mother of Grace and Mediatrix of All Graces, to the Heart of Jesus—that the all-encompassing protection of which we speak can be brought to bear in its entirety. For it is necessary that we make this act of confidence, of a self-giving-over, as a whole society: this in order to make it perfectly clear to both God and the world that we choose the Holy Family for our associates, our closest yet most exalted kindred, our rulers, leaders and guides. Since the will means everything in things spiritual—and when expressed en masse has a power which can readily “move mountains” and topple tyrannical empires. Even as by such an act we renounce “Satan and all his pomps and works”: as in the old formula repeated at Baptism by the infant’s godparents. And thus disown as well his minions—who are so many, so cunning and so well placed—here on earth. Claiming our very nation itself as belonging without reserve to the omnipotent power of the Heavenly Court: a self-giving which will work its prodigal effects without delay. And furthermore here is a chance to be happy to the degree that earthly life allows: both as nations and individuals. And thereafter to be “happy with God forever in Heaven”. While the riotous enjoyments of the present corporate/statist regime are always short-lived indeed, and are becoming more rare by the day: while being attended by thickening protocols of “security”, “loyalty” and ironclad, involuntary unanimity. By which we steadily come to resemble those fists in the air human-automatons of the mass rallies in Orwell’s 1984.

Having submitted through pure and holy bonds to a contrastingly free and happy enslavement, it is thereafter incumbent upon such a society to model its laws and customs after the Holy Family of Nazareth, of course with a sensitive adaptation to the native land and its cultural heritage. Accommodating the peculiarities of the local and regional as well as of various resident nationalities: in that mutuality of aims and sentiments which true Faith ever fosters and co-inspires. And to show that Marian dedication, at all such venues, in parades, memorials and other heartfelt demonstrations. Since the more open and place-specific our consecration the more open and unrelenting will be the protection thereby obtained. Whereas if on the contrary we show ourselves outwardly ashamed of God and His earthly/heavenly family of Nazareth—or ashamed to associate ourselves with them in an all-encompassing, deeply-personal way—then He will be “ashamed of us before His heavenly Father”. While in these candid proclamations, incorporated with our native customs, we are preparing for the same two Sacred Hearts a delightful bouquet of things human and divine. Having a fragrance which will likewise repel the wicked with their inevitable foul schemes of homogenized global control. And prepare for us a true political democracy: namely that Gospel-announced “freedom of the children of God”. Obtained from the gracious and morally-spotless hands of that Blessed Lady whose greatest delight, like her Son Our Savior, is “to be among the sons of men”.

A short form of this Consecration is to say each morning when we rise: “Immaculate Heart of Mary, I give myself to thee, and to show my love for thee I consecrate to thee my eyes, my ears, my mouth, my heart and soul, my entire self. Wherefore, most holy Mother, as I am thine own, keep me, protect me, as thy property and possession. Amen.” Furthermore, as a token or outward sign of our inward consecration—an element which adds more force, solemnity and formality to this commitment—one should wear the Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (“the Brown Scapular”). That which acts as a sort of slave’s chain, ring or bracelet of the heavenly ownership. We can even make such an emblem of the divine servitude ourselves, out of a tiny scraps of brown cloth (preferably wool) connected by cords: one suspended over the breast, the other over the back. Or if we haven’t the means even for this, we can devise out of our own ingenuity some token of the celestial proprietorship, if perhaps one of whose significance we alone are aware.

Finally, we needn’t even be Catholic—or received formally into the Church—to be thus consecrated: and thus to become beneficiaries of so formidable a heavenly aid. From this kind lady who is however to her enemies “as terrible as an army set in battle array”. Even if an even fuller efficacy is naturally to be looked forward to in the event of such membership. That is if you can find a priest these days who is interested in receiving you: in an unprecedented discouragement for which these unworthy ministers will receive their just penalty from God. But the will, the desire or intention being the foremost consideration, we mustn’t give up on any account: since in any case it isn’t the priest at all who gives us the gift of Faith but God Himself: the clergyman being only an instrument. The Faith being a certain “sweetness in believing” given us by a loving Creator Whose generosity no earthly person can withhold. The step of Church membership can follow as circumstances and the grace of God permit: while there is also that baptism of desire which in a certain very real sense actually takes effect as soon as we truly believe, in the secrecy of our own heart, and become determined to enter formally when occasion permits. Or even when we truly begin to have “a right heart”: as witnessed by numerous passages in the Old and New Testaments, of both non-Christians and non-Jews being evidently “pleasing to God”. And if enough people in some land make such an interior commitment, there is no question that the grace of God will see to the national embrace of the Faith, and eventually of the noted collective Marian consecration as well.

One gross misunderstanding, particularly prevalent no doubt in otherwise-well-informed places like China, India and Malaysia, is that such a politically- and culturally-manifested Catholicism will always promote over-population. However no acknowledgment at all is given in these anti-Catholic legends to the fact that in medieval Catholic countries of Europe monarchs had to beg their citizens to marry, so as not to enter convents and monasteries in such population-shrinking numbers. So that a modern-day renaissance of a full and consecrated Catholicism could be expected to produce such motivational effects once again: monasticism and the religious life being a fruitful flower in particular of a well-developed and fully-embraced Catholic Faith. In an earth which however uses barely 2% of its arable soil, while even then some nations must store surplus food in vast warehouses. Rather would an equitable use and diffusion of the earth’s goods conspire with the above spiritual blessings, “in full measure, pressed down and running over”.


July 15, 2005: A deadly tango in Aruba.


The U.S. has for years been seeking to neutralize the economic independence of the Caribbean islands: many of which speak languages other than English and look to Europe for trade and political alignment. Such delinquent habits being considered a spankable offense among “children” of Uncle Sam in a Hemisphere he regards as his very own: as a celebrated turn-of-the-nineteenth-century cartoon did indeed once sternly and graphically portray. First there was the big controversy over bananas in these islands: a market which, like so many others, the U.S. insists upon controlling worldwide. So that despite an initial train of legal reversals the various institutions of world trade were finally prevailed upon to back the American position. A turn-of-events which no doubt took years of behind-the-scenes “convincing” of the sort conspicuous to the Bush Regime since a frequently-referred-to 9/11.

But the posture of choice for Uncle Sam is to have the option to “call in the Marines”: a possibility especially likely to materialize if the Old Gentleman follows the advice of a certain noted legal expert, voiced on TV last night. A man who counsels that we send in our own prosecutors to foreign Aruba to “use what means are necessary” to “extract a confession”: even if it is one which “won’t stand up in court”. Calling to our minds the logic of Abu Ghraib: one likely to be invoked increasingly-often in a whole new gamut of circumstances and venues. In this case producing bogus “confessions” that could easily provide a critical first Bush-logical step toward “justifying” armed invasion: if not in Aruba them somewhere close by.

Indeed because of the twisted path Bush Administration foreign affairs have consistently followed it even seems conceivable to me that the missing young woman—on a sleepy island where a fist fight or a fender-bender is likely to make the headlines—is only another in a long list of highly-exploitable victims of international intrigue. On a whole different plane from the apparent, alleged, more-immediate crime. That U.S. or allied foreign dark ops people may easily have created this handy incident—attended by so many unanswered questions and baffling circumstances—so that it might be used by American policy-makers toward aggressive goals. For if the sacred cow of “security” can be invoked over the Caribbean there is no limit to the grim and “heroic” deeds to which Uncle Sam will be induced thereby. Of the sort cranked out with suspicious regularity since a watershed 9/11.

This is not the Uncle Sam I knew and loved—and even fought for in an earlier (less-plainly compromised) war—nor for that matter that the guys portrayed—sometimes rather accurately—in the old John Wayne movies fought for. This is bald armed intimidation at the service of an international wealthy elite, who happen to hold their cards here. And even if there were elements of the same sordid kind in conflicts past, they were not blatantly, with an obscene obviousness, the major motivation for what we did as a nation.


July 15, 2005: The muscle-bound American super-macho male. Is he really so male?


One of America’s chief present-day phenomenon is the tremendous emphasis upon the macho male, with his fanatical obsession with muscularity, sports and the like. However the problem is that when a man embraces such a value system—especially according to today’s many bizarre, cinematographically-fostered extremes—he comes to varying degrees and almost inescapably under the sway of the culture of sodomy. That fantastically adaptive, all-absorbing, corporate/institutional worldview which has claimed as its very own the field-of-vision of the typical macho-man. For according to the peculiarities of today’s sodomy-converging machismo—which are worlds removed from yesterday’s male culture—those who don’t meet the physical and attitudinal standards of these steroid-taking bench-pressers are rather obviously regarded by same as at the very least a kind of borderline female. As these titans slowly but inexorably tap into the sodomite’s bi-polar dominant/submissive world. But unfortunately for them this morbid, inverted, abusive outlook does as much harm to the super-muscle-bound as to the objects of their scorn: as for one thing and sooner or later these athletic-types turn their sentiments and expressions of belittlement and contempt on one another as well. Since this sort of brutality by nature knows no bounds. Displays which easily become twisted and perverted in nature, leading to the innately-violent outlook of homosexuality all the way around. That which is indeed seen so often in the oddly closed-circuit world of male body-building. Even if such a tendency might remain dormant for a considerable period of time.

A real man on the contrary is someone who knows how to love and care for a woman: a commitment that calls for infinite tenderness, kindness and sensitivity, and in which boorish bravado has no place at all, especially in the estimation of the (real) woman involved. This kind of genuine man being one to whom a woman instinctively responds. And furthermore he comes in all shapes and sizes. While these other “men” are far more interested in impressing one another, and generally leave the fairer sex stone cold. And of course too all this mega-machismo is the ethos of today’s military, a fact which should certainly cause us grave alarm. While these values at least vaguely motivate a great many of our more beefy “experts” and neo-con news commentators as well: to whose boyish and more or less macho antics we are treated on a daily basis.


July 13, 2005: The War on Muslims, Rigorism and the doctrine of “no salvation outside the Catholic Church”.


My own first Book, Integral Catholicism, has the thesis running through its pages that there is a certain fullness of concept, sentiment, love—as of fishermen’s nets bursting or granaries topped-off to capacity—that characterizes the Catholic social, political and economic system and way of life. While unfortunately the tendency is much more common among human beings to understand things—relationships, rights, privileges, etc.—in a narrow way—adopting a rigorism indeed found quite often today even among Catholics. For there is a certain stinginess of heart which is an effect of Original Sin, a tendency, especially in some eras, to look upon our neighbor as deserving little of kindness or even equity. Or for that matter even upon God Himself as being a “hard man”, out of the sight of Whom one prudently “buries ones talents”. Perhaps in this way too hoping to make Him a justifying model for our own grudging selves. This being the familiar Pharisaical frame of mind Christ rejected out of hand and consistently throughout the Gospels: a prime example of which on its own special plane is a faulty understanding of the doctrine that “there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church”.

Fortunately for us we have the Gospel parable of the Good Samaritan, which puts the dogma in the clearest and at the same time the most generous possible light. For if Our Lord meant to promote a narrow understanding of the doctrine of salvation-exclusiveness He would have been at pains to tell a story about a “Good Jew” rather than one about a Good Samaritan. For the latter was a member of a heretical religion, and would thus seem to have been a lost soul from the start from the rigorist perspective. Hardly to be expected to leave the scene of his good deed justified, as Our Lord plainly considered him to have been (having “shown himself a neighbor” to someone in need).

This kind of rigorism thus shows itself in a certain mistaken fear of adopting a full or generous understanding of some religious truth. Something we are all susceptible to: and which only yesterday caused me to withdraw this very article. Simply because an hour or two after putting it online I came across a much more cautious treatment of the same subject, Baptism of desire, by a priest whom I have always regarded as a sound teacher. However a nagging dissatisfaction drove me to look at the Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas, where I found this theologian to be in disagreement with the Angelic Doctor himself. This even though he himself was writing in opposition to others yet more rigorous than himself. Plainly, there is a vast gamut of such grim opinions from which to choose, but only one that is divinely-generous and truly sound.

Actually this “no salvation outside the Catholic Church” teaching must be understood according to a kind of sliding scale. First of all, it means absolutely and in every case that all graces given to mankind are obtained through the Catholic Sacraments: those spiritual fonts mystically sprung from the side of Christ when it was pierced by a lance, on the Cross. Some of which Sacraments, like Baptism, are however administrable even by others beyond the Catholic fold. Indeed in the case of Baptism, even by the un-baptized and unbelieving, who, upon request, must simply pour the water over the head and forehead in the form of a cross, and say, “I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, amen”. Secondly, there is indeed and in a sense a presumption in favor of formal Church membership: whereby it is assumed that in some hypothetical well-informed society all should know by now (after the elapse of two thousand years) that Catholicism is the one true Faith. And should thus be water-baptized members of the Church if they wish to save their souls.

However real life is not near so clear-cut as all of this implies. Thus there are the many bombs being dropped and bullets being fired—and other things even worse being done—at Muslims around the globe: this often enough by supposedly-devout Catholic soldiers and statesmen. Added to which is the typical smug, ear-deafening silence of the bulk of the American Catholic clergy about this quintessentially-evil War; with corollary praises for both President Bush and Zionist Israel which amount to its garrulous vindication. Things which can only give a poor rendition indeed of Catholicism to the people of the Arab and Persian world: who consequently cannot be blamed too awfully much for withholding their belief from the chief Western Creed. Especially since their knowledge of the Faith is in many cases unavoidably scanty: as in those Islamic countries—some of the ones to whom the U.S. is most closely allied—where making the sign of the cross in public can be a capital offense.

But strictly speaking and given such a prejudiced state of mind—one which is invincibly (or justifiably) “ignorant” in some sense—all that is needed for salvation, according to the Epistle, is that a person “believe that there is one God, Who is a Rewarder of the good and a Punisher of the wicked”. And that thereafter one diligently apply oneself to leading a good life. Upon which one benefits from a kind of informal or indirect Church membership. That which carries with it a certain forgiveness of sin and participation in God’s grace. A happy condition, again, mediated and enabled only by the Catholic Sacraments, according perfectly with the noted ancient axiom: “no salvation outside the Catholic Church”. Of course, this isn’t the “sure means of salvation” of full Church-membership, but neither is it anything like stark and inevitable reprobation: as so many “staunch” Catholics of our day seem to assume. Here, plainly, would be a divine “hard man” indeed.

These desire-baptized “believers” are said by Aquinas to fall somewhat short of the fullness of grace and sin-remission of formal Baptism (of water): one such shortfall being a remaining debt of temporal punishment which Baptism by water would have totally removed. This morally sound but sacramentally-incomplete condition being referred to by St. Thomas as an implicit Baptism of desire in the above-noted passage, in the section on the Sacraments, unearthed by me from the great bulk of the Summa only this morning. (Sorry for not keeping the book, chapter, article and so on, as am pressed for time). Although it is noteworthy that the passage in the Acts of the Apostles which Aquinas quotes to support his words describes Cornelius the Centurion and his assembled “relatives and intimate friends”, all gentiles, as having been so well disposed prior to receiving Baptism by water that upon hearing Peter’s words of instruction they were overcome by the “grace of the Holy Spirit,” so as to be heard “speaking in tongues and magnifying God” (Acts 10, 45-46). While to the contrary of Aquinas—and indeed of the Acts of the Apostles—in treating of the self-same sacramentally-preliminary “Baptism of desire” phenomenon of Cornelius and friends—the priest to whom I deferred my judgment only yesterday thinks that Baptism of desire is possible only at the moment of death. Which qualification however basically isn’t even considered by St. Thomas, and which furthermore introduces a host of insoluble difficulties. Like for instance, where do grace and forgiveness go in the meantime?

Yet further, I also heard some years ago an admirably generous-minded discourse from a good priest in which he speculated that after the dawning of the age of reason, at four to seven years of age, any truly good act—perhaps in some misty, childlike way incorporating the above belief-formula—is to be regarded as the inauguration of the state of grace and that indirect Church membership which under such circumstances it would imply. Since, as he said at the time, no man can do any good whatever without the aid of grace. Which seems by the way to explode entirely a notion at one time very popular in the American Catholic Church: namely that there is some real-life opposition between natural and supernatural goodness: other than their existence as formal distinctions in metaphysical logic. So that you would not-infrequently hear such awkward statements as that “he or she certainly displays a great deal of natural goodness”, when referring to some obviously good person not of the Catholic fold.

But the sad fact is that Catholics—when not falling prey to the polar-opposite, baldly-heretical “universal salvation” doctrine for a long time implicitly endorsed from post-Vatican-II American Catholic pulpits—have quite often down through history and for all practical purposes believed the erroneous rigorist version of the necessity of formal, water-Baptized Church membership, essentially in all cases. As have perhaps even more Protestants. Some even tending as a consequence to look at all those of other religions—even little children—as if they were some sort of demons. So that what is urgently required of us is a dilation of the heart—the prime antidote from the moral blight and spiritual atrophy of Original Sin—a widening which spurns all such exclusivisms and rigorisms, of whatever kind, and of which the modern world has so many. Attaining to the contrary to the possession of “a heart of flesh rather than a heart of stone”, according to the biblical imagery. Hence in some ways it is better that we err in the other direction, toward acceptance and liberality, rather than that we Catholics should go the proud, arrogant and self-destructive way of the Jews, in a fundamental rejection of our fellow men. Which of course doesn’t at all mean that we should worship with non-Christians in their Mosques and temples, as John Paul II did on numerous occasions. This being an act of apostasy, one which only leads these others further away from Christ.

Even far back in Old Testament times God had a way of demonstrating to the Jews how much more pleased He was with some Persian ruler, or servant of some neighboring tribe, than he was with the Jews themselves: being “pleasing to God” being a classical capsulation of the all-important state of grace. Although, while being careful about condemning all Muslims, I have no idea what is the standing before the judgment seat of God of an adult Jew, one who has had time to reflect on the standard Jewish direct and all-points rejection of Christ and all He stands for. His prejudices obviously placing him in a moral category all-his-own. Certainly we should refrain from stoutly justifying Bush Administration’s torturings, sodomizings and Fallujah-annihilations, as do some commentators on Fox TV: with little rhyme or reason beyond the fact that most Iraqis are Muslims. Rather obviously held to be members of an accursed race and religion.

Only when we begin to treat all men as God’s children, and as potential sharers of His inheritance, will we finally begin “preaching the Gospel to the ends of the earth” in the generous way that will attend the Last Days. A duty which in one way or another is required of us all. Something far different from sitting smugly—and with little merit or consequence—upon the stupendous riches of Catholicism that God has given us, as if we somehow deserved to enjoy them as our own exclusive prize. Simply because we are cradle Catholics; or less-admittedly but even-more-pointedly, because we are Caucasian. Yet in all this there is no desire to deny the special bond that really does exist between real Catholics. So that we members of “the household of the Faith”—that name which expresses so inimitably well the profound social/spiritual intimacy of the Church—must hold one another in the deepest conceivable bonds of love and affection. Yet not in such a way as to exclude others from a generous—and certainly sparing and harm-relenting—love and goodwill.


July 10, 2005: Judaism’s symbiotic relationship with Christianity.


You get the impression from reading about the Judaism of the time of Our Lord that the old religion of the prophets was pretty much “dead in the water” by then. A conclusion for instance distillable from earlier morally-prostrate dealings of the Temple priesthood with the Greco-Syrian conqueror Antiochus IV, two centuries earlier. After which perversities came the more or less permanent ascendancy of the near-agnostic Sadducees, and finally the emergence of a radical-revolutionary cult of “zealots”: whose aims were entirely political and paramilitary. These in an uncanny anachronism actually calling to mind the many Jewish Marxists, Mossadists and other nihilists of the nineteenth through the twenty-first century. So that—hardly being any longer the religion of the time of David or Joshua—Judaism seems to have needed to graft itself to “anything that moved” by the first century A.D. Having become basically inert as an integral, self-sustaining spiritual force of its own—somewhat after the manner of a virus vis-à-vis its host, which latter it positively requires to lend it the fundamentals of life. Thus do we find the frail early Christian cells—according to the Epistles—veritably overwhelmed with false Jewish proselytes: intruders with little to offer to “The Way” and whose major loyalties remained firmly rooted to the old and spiritually-superceded creed. But who had become attached to what they perceived as “freebees” to which they had been entitled as Jews before.

Furthermore this is a phenomenon which in a host of ways has continued basically unbroken for the two millennia since those times. With Judaism constantly spawning heretical versions of Christianity with which it can associate itself and deal with more comfortably: all the while it symbiotically draws nourishment from the vigorous sap of the same tree it vitiates by such means. Since without Christianity—and the benign Western Civilization to which it gave birth—Judaism would live in a hostile world indeed—one in which its exclusivist worldview would be given as little latitude today as it was given by the Roman conqueror Titus in 70 A.D., and by an even-less-clement Emperor in a final dispersal in 120. Ultimately drawing life and tolerance as it does from that Catholicism—the universal name for Christianity soon after its first century of existence—into which in fact the authentic grace and spirit of the Temple had been poured at the moment of Christ’s death on the Cross. As was indeed symbolized in the Heavenly rending of the Temple veil.

One reason the Jews are so successful at these incursions, these expropriations, is simply because they have for millennia had so much money, and together with it and from very early times stood as a sort of world power-broker “without portfolio”. Mankind loves to live, to work, to love; Jews love to “gather into barns” and banks. Activities which humanity invariably if to various degrees regards as less-than-worthy of our prodigal spiritual and rational, constructive and reciprocal, gifts. Given us whether by nature or grace, as children of God. The Jewish power-brokerage nonetheless looming unavoidably large in an earthly spiritual warfare among a fallible, materially-contingent humanity to whom such elements will always retain considerable sway. A race manifesting that peculiar greatness which “is made perfect in infirmity”; which attracted the envy and ire of satan and all Hell. Which continues to propel wicked souls to their eternal ruin. Hence too the Mormons in the American West: who enjoy a dominion no one can adequately appreciate until they have lived for an extended period somewhere between Kansas and California. Indeed the Hebrew intruder—which would be little likely to survive more than a generation or two without the nourishment of its spiritually-ebullient Host—has recently gone the length—but not really for the first time—of invading the very See of Rome. Placing upon it a whole string of its own candidates since 1958. With the Church ostensibly becoming more and more openly Jewish and Zionist in its beliefs and sympathies by the day as a consequence. While if the temptation to prey on such a meek host is endemic to Judaism, a parallel weakness toward going back to Old Testament religion, and away from the gentle demands of the Savior, is a common one among Christians as well. The desire to see God as a “hard man”—and to “bury ones talent” in the older “hard hearted” milieu—this being among the commonest failings condemned incessantly and in various ways in the Epistles as well as in the writings of Early Fathers and saints. Closely related too being a recurrent Catholic rigorism without humanity or love: one which ironically at the same time and in certain respects is quite satisfied with “only saying Lord, Lord”. Often issuing throughout Church history in that grace-unresponsive Quietism or Pietism which shares many of the grace- and humanity-insensitive features noted above.

Indeed, in a rare display of the legendary Hebrew thoroughness a dominant Vatican II/John-Paulian virtual Sadducee version of Catholicism is counterbalanced in these most-recent invasions by a polar-opposite and often in some ways Pharisaical traditionalist movement: thus uncannily reproducing today the chasm-like intra-Temple dichotomy of ancient times. The more conservative enclave—its various branches having frequently been initiated with spotlessly-good intentions—having however and in many places found itself in the end just as thoroughly dominated by the same Jewish interloper, of the more Pharisaical mold. A transformation detectable to the especially-discerning who are close at hand, divining as they do the lack of a “certain something” inseparable from Catholic Faith. As in certain lack of guile, an inimitable childlike (rather than childish) simplicity which generously marks out those “true Israelites” which good Catholics are.

Thus has the Synagogue accomplished here a double coup, in inculcating with great thoroughness both a new, loose-jointed and wildly-celebrated “Catholicism” and an opposing rigorist, Jansenistic one. Between which there exists in many ways a sort of hostile “no man’s land”: even as in some respects the two more recently tend to converge, in a coalescence of the strangest kind. The “melding” seeming to be rather dramatically toward the more rigorous extreme: especially if we extend that rigor to the virtual exclusion of the poor from the parish precincts, the extinguishing life in the unborn, and the wholesale slaughter of Pakistani women and children going to Gospel-reminiscent “wedding feasts”. The one object of mercy or pity of the “Catholicism” of today seeming to be the sodomite and the Jew. This consolidating rigorism being endemic to a Judaized Catholicism—as it has indeed frequently been termed—which historically reveals a total absence of the “freedom of the children of God”. A spirit which has little interest in humbly crying out “Abba, or Father”. Rather tending inevitably, sooner or later—perhaps after an impressive libertine introduction—toward an Old Testament religion of fear and an impersonal, rigid, authoritarian control. The subterfuges of the modern Jewish invasion, finally, having almost invariably been accomplished through the employment of surrogates, among whom for one are both open and clandestine Freemasons. That secret society to which several key bishops and periti or theological experts at the second Vatican Council belonged (no doubt including Ratzinger). Judaism not wishing to trouble itself—in the very height of abjectly-dependent insolence—with any direct dealings with the reputedly sub-human goyim, or Christians.

But unfortunately for these would-be discrete conquerors of Catholicism, God will soon enough, in His good time, be demonstrating once again—as He has indeed done so many times before—how impotent is such a loveless faith—and a closely-allied naked power of money and worldly influence—to withstand Him and spotless Bride, the Church. The Jewish money-lender will no more be able to consummate the destruction of Faith than were those Middle Eastern merchants who came to buy the Jewish Machabees, scheduled to be defeated on the open Palestinian plain. Evincing as this hideous breed ever does that sort of petty formidability, which God destroys with a Breath—together frequently with a treacherous but ultimately impotent cunning—which are all that many of these people—some admittedly, as among the original Zionists, with no faith at all—have going for them.


July 9, 2005: Spielberg’s new film whitewashes the Israeli Mossad.


The all-powerful Jewish media is right on schedule with an arrogant justification for this gang of state-cutthroats: one that operates entirely above natural or international law. And of course as a final stock-but-convincing touch the film is claimed to have “sparked a controversy” among Jews. Meaning only that some of these religionists think the Mossad deserve a delirious vindication well beyond the film’s chiding-but-admiring approach. Of course, nothing the Jews do can ever be questioned in any truly critical sense: it is only a matter of style or form, or “did they go a bit too far that time?”. An enormous prejudicial treatment confirmed whenever we turn on the news, and hear about humanity across the globe being “heroically” blown to smitherines by the U.S./Israeli/Blackwater armed cabal.

But this latest film is a must for the Israeli propaganda machine: especially with the growing number of experts and commentators who are beginning to delve into the sinister possibility that the Mossad—perhaps in connection with some other operatives—treacherously carried out 9/11. In an Israeli drive to tie the West irrevocably—neck deep in its own sons’ and daughters’ blood, whether in Iraq, Afghanistan or some burgeoning new theater—to Zionist/globalist designs. The cry “don’t let their sacrifice be in vain” being the ever-dependable opener for more bloodshed and rank injustice: in a two-step executed on Main Street and in Washington with consummate skill. Knowing as these cunning foxes do that an ever-uprighteous USA has always needed at least a whole generation before it could own up to any of its unanimously-unjust foreign wars. (Note of 11/08: indeed, just now the wreckage of the Lusitania is yielding up what is estimated at millions of rounds of artillery ammunition, proving the truth of those German allegations on the eve of World War I, and the justice of their attack, preceded by so many humane and unprecedented warnings. Thus decidedly putting the onus of guilt—especially considering the initial barbarous and treasonous deed of the Serb Princip—on the side of “the Allies”.) The global hegemony which anomalies of both eras so luridly demonstrate being contested to any serious degree only by certain elements in the Muslim world. Thus in order to combat the dawning realization of this inconceivable treachery the film will make all the seemingly random acts of Mossad barbarity—a madness in which there is however a certain giddy method—appear as a righteous attempt to systematically and almost patiently redress the deaths of 11 Israeli athletes during the Munich Olympics in the 70s. Although the fact remains that the deeds of this group of thugs goes far beyond these Spartan limitations-of-aim: having an ironclad mandate to discredit “enemies” in every nation on earth. And to destabilize whole regions in order to impose a bewildering array of locally-hostile Israeli goals. As usual in these kind of dramatic cover-ups, endless layers of supposed complexity—of motive, personality, contrived torments of razor sharp ethical distinctions, and so on—are superimposed by cinematographic skill, blotting out all reader/audience perception of inconceivable, remorseless, naked wrongs. And as always from out of the thespian thicket comes a wounded, ruthless but ultimately justified team of Israeli assassins. Only a Jew, or on occasion a Serb, could attempt such a monstrous caricature of the truth and even get off first base: but such is the power of Chuspah to the modern media-jaded mind. While the unique violently-vindictive paranoia of the Mossad will come across in this studio adventure in an especially-telling way.


July 8, 2005: It's so easy to kill Muslims.


It’s always much easier to kill Muslims—after someone conveniently leaves a note blaming some few of their numbers—a scrap of paper which would hold no weight in any sane court of law. While “Patriot Act” empowered English and American “intelligence”—sweeping enabling legislation differing across the sea only in name—supplies us with voluminous filler to fill in the oceanic blanks between these occasional stock declarations, inevitably discovered after some bloody event. It is much easier to stupidly succumb to the blind logic of such double-edged blackmail than to face the ugly menace our system is to an entire world. That cruel reality which meets us everywhere we turn. A corporate-controlled machine so evil that it spends decades provoking and inventing enemies on coveted territory, in order to have an excuse to land troops there and claim it as our own. A “foreign policy” that actually goes back a century and more, no doubt most pointedly of all in our dealings with Latin America.

But there is also a God Who watches all these things from on high. And Who doesn’t call such things patriotism at all: but rather in a voice that shakes the Heavens brands them with infamy for the foul and ghoulish deeds they truly are. He Who continues to punish Florida for the Terri Schiavo murder. And Who will do so as well to the whole nation, and its English cousin, over this fraudulent “War on Terror”. Sending some horrific cataclysm of His own choosing. One that our leaders won’t possibly be able to blame on the Muslims. But will be forced to acknowledge as coming from the very hand of God.

Read on to see a detailed description of the rouge system condemned above: as well as a detailed plan toward its constructive, life-giving replacement. With one that is really and truly patriotic.


July 7, 2005: Don’t be fooled by polemic: nobody knows who planted the London bombs. Although beyond question it was another "inside job" like 9/11.


These latest happenings allow an incurably lack-luster, vaguely repulsive Tony Blair to take on all the heroic airs of a Winston Churchill. While the old illogical sequence—of laying blame where there is no trail of proof—is repeated, like a jungle drum beat to drive the common citizen to new levels of hysterical war-fever. Even as a faintly-ridiculous victimized world trade motif—with the G-8 just then convening in a neighboring Scotland—is as evident as it was in the provocateur-planned World Trade Towers attack of 9/11.

Yet amid all the righteous-toned polemic and with high inconsistency we all thrill at reading those spy and intrigue novels, sometimes written by former operatives, or people in any case closely acquainted with the modern cloak and dagger covert-policy world. Writings which admit the prevalence of provocateur deeds, perpetrated when all else fails, to ramrod public support for a desired policy. State-sponsored atrocities sometimes admitted years later by the very policy-makers themselves who were directively involved: real-life treacheries for which story-plots found in former-agent-written books are often no doubt a sort of running memoir. The cherished objective being the gaining of some market, the discrediting of some worldview, religion, regime or culture. The human “collateral damage”—not really collateral at all since innocent civilian casualties are precisely what is aimed at—being a mere drop in the bucket to the un-democratic fiends who now mostly rule our world.

The fact is that Englishmen and Americans alike—lying or misleading polls to the contrary notwithstanding—have been steadily growing nauseated at the endless atrocities and ignorantine racisms of the so-called War on Terror. Which is precisely the juncture at which to expect such an attack. Just as in the case of 9/11: when some incident was sorely needed to popularly ram-rod the top-secret Anglo-American intention to stage another invasion of Iraq. Which, knowing Western mega-strategy as we do, was the natural outgrowth of the designedly “unfinished business” of the first Iraq war: against the only regional nation which has seriously stood in the way of Israeli designs. The sort of propaganda-incendiary much associated with the Israeli Mossad: the world’s most sophisticated dark ops unit. A weird paramilitary said to be rigidly dominated by an inner core of fanatical sodomites. In service to a regime which totally depends upon Western public opinion to fuel its regional—indeed in many ways global—hegemony. And which has no problem pursuing an “end justifies the means” policy agenda, whose cruelest and bloodiest details are taken up with eagerness by this corps of killers.

The real problem with this issue of terrorism is the lack of a genuine civil authority powerful enough to bring to justice those ultimately responsible. Dominating figures whose names we might not even recognize. As is suggested by a standard description of the Mossad as being “a government within a government”: so that ultimate directive power at obscure, cloud-covered pinnacles of all-determining global elitism is difficult to identify indeed. So that I ask the reader to read on in this website: where I put forward concrete suggestions toward the permanent preemption of these masters of deceit, these discrete global dictators.


July 6, 2005: The modern war against being good.


Sometime around the end of the thirteenth century people began slowly and almost imperceptibly to tire of being good as a way of life: a change that is starkly evident when we compare readings from out of the mid-thirteenth as opposed to the mid-fourteenth century. Whether we read an account of the English peasant uprising during the latter period, or the comments of a mining entrepreneur upon the character of his workers at around the same date, all have a startling quality of rupture with previous social justice equities and civilities. Departures that would be quite at home in the nineteenth or even the twentieth century; behavioral mutations that put in bold relief the dramatic moral changes that had taken place during so short a span of time.

The “faith without works” lynchpin of Reformer theology was really only a formalization of this new trend, whose first big ideological proponents were the Illuminist heretics of the twelfth century. Who—to capsulate in an admittedly-scanty way—seemed to think that “only saying Lord, Lord” was enough to merit salvation. So that the devil really does seem to have been “loosed” after roughly the first thousand years—a timeframe perhaps most visibly evident if we begin our count from the Edict of Milan, when Christendom was actually established as a comprehensive civic/religious entity. One centered not really in Constantinople, as the Orthodox would boast, but rather in that late-ancient and early-medieval Republic of Rome. That which however is to be clearly distinguished from the radical commune of that name of the twelfth century, built more upon the alien and tumultuous Greek model, just then being imported from the East. This together with such Manichean-oriented influences as the Illuminists, noted above, having made themselves felt mostly by the instrumentality of the globally-unifying, mercantile influence of Islam, a massive reality at whose helm however largely if-not-candidly stood the Jews. The starkly-contrasting original Catholic Roman Republic having been a little experiment in Christian democracy which quietly throve until the tenth century. A microcosm of vigorous self-government about which—perhaps in eager anticipation of a nineteenth-century Masonic/revolutionary destruction of Spanish-colonial records, or more-recent and uncannily-similar “liberty loving” Serbian destruction of Croatian ones—sadly little historical record remains.

Capitalism—that which would increasingly supplant the latter marvelous Catholic composite in its formative influence upon Western political and economic life—a worldview which especially gathering steam at the time of the Reformers—that economic/organizational system gave greased tracks to this notion of moral practical-indifference, upon which to pull forward its heavy artillery. So that finally today we are bombarded from everywhere with this all-encompassing orientation—one so convenient to cynical stark market, debt-management goals—pragmatisms found among “religious people” perhaps as much as anyone else. Namely that being good is somehow, when all is said and done, not what really matters in life. Even though the true and immemorial definition of goodness, accepted by all the great thinkers of all times, is to be found in the perfection or activation of all ones human powers. The crass, deadline-driven assumption of today being that there is some far worthier substitute for things so substantive: maybe being smart or savvy. In other words: to basically make up in talk for what we lack in deed or fact. Or perhaps that of far greater value than goodness, for a Catholic, is to hear some certain rite of Holy Mass, all the while we otherwise, in an especially savvy kind of Puritanism, keep our nose clean of all other involvements. Or among others to pretend that salvation is to be found in finally admitting that we have really been Jews all along, and mistakenly called ourselves Christians. That which is the emerging new dogma of New Church Catholicism.

But being good—rather than meaning some kind of name-game, head-burying, or frustrated condition—really means being in the most real and forceful way. As Aquinas would say, it is to achieve a paramount level of act or actuality. Which is only another way of describing the achievement of that peculiar summit of perfection which we ourselves were created precisely to bring into being. That which is “us” par excellence. Whereas to the degree we fail to be good—pure, pious, faithful, honest, diligent, kind—we aren’t “live wires” at all but rather involved in an atrophy as persons and human beings. That species within which, alone and obviously, we are able to take up this true self. While as impressive as the morally-indifferent may seem to be when put into a certain contrived favorable light, you can’t help noticing that when Hollywood—the world capitol of “the big splash”—is looking for some real “hunk” of a man they invariably find or invent some Italian Catholic, one obviously steeped in deeply sincere religious traditions. Although the highest goodness doesn’t actually turns out a “Rocky”, but more typically someone who wouldn’t unnecessarily harm a flea. While the neglect of an earnest pursuit of goodness in our lives is like the fig tree of the Gospel which withers for not having borne any fruit. And furthermore we are given this whole lifetime, in God’s wild generosity, during which instead to become a “mighty oak”. Failure at which of course involves grave penalties.

Being good, then, is like eating an immense banquet: stuffing ourselves with newfound quiddities and objectivities at every turn. While the pursuit of pleasure and more-or-less unlawful gain is in the most real possible sense to vitiate and ultimately to destroy ourselves. Being good being a cultivation of the field of our inner person—of the mind, will and character—which provokes us in turn to co-cultivate with others the earthly garden of economic development as well. A process which leads to stolid foundations and pinnacles of refinement in both spheres. With us wishing to reflect outwardly our riches from within; the two, the inner and outer, mutually augmenting one another; raising a dialogue of divine praise. Ultimately making the earth blossom both spiritually and materially into another Eden: unto the manifold glory of God. In that external objectification of inner realities which intrinsically belongs to us as rational beings of body and soul. And which on the macro level together with others like ourselves involves the building up of Civilization. Hence too the idea of agency: so that by being good we are exercising powers that would otherwise be buried under tons of moral lethargy. Virtue in fact meaning in Latin “power”.

Does all this evoke the “don’t sweat the small stuff” of the ubiquitous American/macho “saved” Evangelical? Hardly; for there is indeed no small stuff in this arena of the soul and personality. In a sense, the smaller the interior item seems to be the bigger it looms in the deeper actuality of self-definition: where, as in gem-polishing, it is the micro-facet that counts.

Thus it is a tremendous waste that modern man has inflicted upon himself. Having thrown the tender, eternal, personally-adaptable verities of the good life out the window with frightful finality—opting instead for a depressingly-generic, capitalistic-user-friendly notion of “sanity”—he has inexorably paved the way for the kinds of lechers who presently prey upon little children from coast to coast. As there are always some who will go further than others, in such a swollen behavioral stream. As in the one case, of the monster in Florida who is apparently getting off on some technicality. What might that moot point really and truly be? Could it be that there is involved here a child prostitution ring: not in Thailand but in that southern State and no doubt all the others as well? And because there are too many “higher ups” involved the matter is being discretely shelved: as such things increasingly go? The growing likelihood of such rings, which can thrive in rich and poor circumstances alike, being the kind of thing you often get wind of in subtle ways when you have any extended contact with the desperate fringes of poverty. Among people whom our statistics tend largely to ignore, mostly because they no longer figure on the “unemployment” roles. Having become “discouraged workers” indeed: falling thereafter into a growing culture of enslavement about which some of its beneficiaries boast almost openly, but which perennially and unfailingly brings with it evils of the most infernal sort. And although when it comes to the very poor themselves there are many heroically good and upright, yet for a great many others dope running has been succeeded by depravities of every sort and degree. Because for one thing in this life “we never stand still”: if we don’t earnestly pursue goodness, especially in such terrible circumstances as so many live in today, we go backward. The exploiters and supposed-guardians involved in such perversities of course much more than the little victims: who may indeed be spiritually-spotless saints. Men on the other hand being capable of devolving into mere rank swine, by the rule both of Original Sin and of human habit.

And then too, finally, there are those victims from among the well-to-do, like the girl who disappeared in Aruba. Teaching us the lesson that in today’s exclusionary elitism no one knows whose turn is next: either to be dropped through a sort of chute, or trap door, of social and financial ruin, or even to be wisked off and become mere fodder for the perverted and animalistic cravings of others. Since a sense of inconceivable loss is what today’s many fiends—whether of the local family or neighborhood variety or those that are global, wealthy and highly-organized—want to see above all on the faces of their victims. And how better do this than to take someone from the highest pinnacle of comfort and security and reduce them to abject helplessness, all in the twinkling of an eye? Hence when we offer something better here on this website, there is indeed reason to read on, and more reason than one.

Thus evidently to try to build a civilization based on anything but goodness is to build an anti-civilization: with a hierarchy all of its own diabolical kind. That which we are in fact in the midst of doing today, as epitomized on higher levels in that New World Order announced by the older Bush, and wordlessly put into effect by the younger. An a-moral world of global conquest in which our leaders might on occasion take up some moral cause: but only in order to win critical votes or stall for time. All the while that perverted corporate world with which this Presidency is in league systematically and universally pours in concrete the moral ills he pretends to abhor.

But does Catholicism today—in any of its shades of persuasion—really address this massive reality? Of the thoroughgoing subversion of goodness, from foreign policy to family life: destroying alike the incomparable poise of early adulthood or the pristine innocence of early youth? Even Catholic traditionalists—who are indeed in many ways especially concerned with the good life—have a way of deftly detouring around most of the major moral issues of our day. For instance I look in vain for articles about the war in Iraq, among writings of traditionalists: that which is among the greatest evils of our time. While their children may indeed be raised to be quite morally pure and upright until early adulthood: after which however they are typically expected, from my experience, to go out and “bring in the bacon”, whatever that might mean, just like all the rest. So that as a consequence the movement has a tremendous hemorrhage of membership right after high school. Almost as if it is expected that there will be no heroic price to pay, in having chosen such a by-definition heroic road as Catholic traditionalism—or the authentic “receiving of what has been passed down”—entails. Similarly, I notice in one traditionalist magazine an article that looks to be a sadly-limp defense of Terri Schiavo’s right to have lived. So that it seems the only issues these people can really get outraged or enthused about are the same old ones they have been droning on about for forty years now: amounting to maybe half a dozen topics. The Old Mass vs. the New, Latin vs. English, and so on. As if their faith and devotion were too weak to apply itself to much else. Or something yet more sinister: as if Catholicism were only another form of group conformity for these people: that “zeal for the house of God”, with which Our Blessed Lord was “consumed” having been exchanged for the mess of pottage of modern-day apotheosized group-acceptance. That which is the ultimate mass morality of the Religion of Americanism—amid whose rubrics differences of denomination matter little at all. A rituale complete with its own Decalogue of self-assumed idolatrous prerogatives: these being the highest development, in turn, of the capitalist creed. And I’m sure traditionalist sons and daughters go doughtily off to war nowadays—and fully uniformed figures have places of pride in their Sunday congregations just as if this were World War II. As if we weren’t being brainwashed and lied to about our foreign involvements and our agents weren’t sodomizing Arabs around the world, and flushing their sacred objects down toilets.

No, these are not at all issues “for the priests to decide”: as if apart from them we had no conscience at all. In that juvenile American Catholicism of two centuries which classes us all as kindergarteners sitting down to a catechism class. A clerical-worship Catholicism positively alien to genuine Catholic tradition.

But neither do I mean to point up the wonders of the 1950s and earlier: which the conservative-minded so often do. For that was when immovable foundations were being laid for what we have today. The Fatima “punishment” being something we are still in the midst of—so that we are in a continuum of the calamities that Our Lady predicted in 1917. Waiting as we do for that real and definitive conversion of Russia which will signal the inauguration of the promised “era of peace”. The fifties for instance having been a time when we were all living high on the hog off of a prosperity veritably stolen from a whole globe. For one of the major upshots of the World Wars was actually the systematic trade-related “dividing of spoils” and the casting-in-concrete, with few if any permanent exceptions, of what has come to be known as the “Third World”. Hence all the while we went to Catholic schools and learned about virtue and solemn worship our leaders were denying the most basic human dignities to peoples often much more deeply Catholic than ourselves. So that doughty American Church-goers could smugly talk about “lazy” Arabs and Latinos who “lack initiative”. As an ultimate result of which God would take sacred ecclesiastical treasure from those who didn’t know how to honor or employ them worthily.

Someone in the crowd once shouted to Our Blessed Lord, “Blessed is the womb that bore Thee, and the breasts that nursed Thee”. To which the Savior replied, “Nay, rather, blessed are they who hear the word of God and keep it.” An admonition which should be taken to heart by we who are nourished at the breasts of the Catholics Sacraments, but tend too often to show no real goodness—or moral strength of limb—as a consequence.


July 5, 2005: 50 Catholic varieties of “being saved”.


It seems obvious to me that we lost the papal succession someplace between the death of Pope Pius XII and the election of Benedict XVI, as I discuss in one or two places below. In other words “the See is vacant”. But to me this is far from being the worst of our problems. It is only a symptom, not the disease. The sickness unto death of modern Catholicism—because of which God is now “spewing us out of His mouth”—is that it has little or no interest in the Catholic way of life. It is lukewarm about the nuts and bolts of practical goodness—that which was Christ’s constant admonition—but all agog about liturgical hand-holding or some other new rubric, about ecumenism, “the deaconate”. Or in some quarters even about the Tridentine Mass. In other words about “only saying Lord, Lord”. Converting real or putative means into the ultimate end. For as Jesus says, “it is not what goes into a man”—not even the Sacraments—that ultimately justifies or condemns him: but what comes out. After which the Savior enumerates in detail what are those bad attitudinal and behavior fruits or emanations, that wreak damnation to souls. “Murders, envies, dissentions”, and so on.

God will simply not allow us to continue to use His Sacraments, His Church, as a kind of badge or initiation rite for our little group, for our sense of self-importance or racial, national or financial superiority. As we listen to pulpit beatifications of Israel or Desert Storm—and of the lies, tortures and sodomizations go with them—this whether openly or by way of a smiling, deafening clerical silence. Neither will He let us go on oblivious to others, consuming, in paroxysms of Lou Dobbs style economic patriotism, 15 or 20 times the goods of the earth that a typical Asian does, if we are well-off Americans. No, neo-capitalism and all the moral filth and intellectual cowardice it has brought us will simply not do as the human-behavioral component of our journey to God. We will be jettisoned, as has indeed happened and as we deserve, before we even get out of the stratosphere.


July 5, 2005: Mexican “racism”.


Mexicans are sane and considerate enough to recognize that there is such a thing as Black culture. Thus the notorious postage stamp with a picture of an entertainer painted up as a Black man, after the manner of the old vaudeville troupes. To which discovery our top-level diplomats and politicians reacted with horror and reprehension, claiming this as a prima facie case of institutionalized racism south of the border. Seeming indeed almost to hint at the cranking up of some kind of new Nuremburg trials. But no doubt, under all the fuss and bother, only attempting to rub off on our neighbor to the south some of the shame at our own oft-pointed-out Nazi-like behavior in Iraq.

Actually, what we do here is much more sinister. Through the sitcom, the school and the corporation—those sacrosanct formatives of American life—we lump everyone together culturally and behaviorally, and for that reason claim a bizarre new sort of bowling-ball-like equality. After which we cleverly deny to our minorities what one economist called those “critical horizons” of rapid communication, of infrastructure, of a maddeningly-subtle, illusive, difficult-to-define opportunity in general (C.P. Kindleberger quoted by Raymond Vernon, “International Investment and International Trade in the Product Cycle”, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Vol. 80, 1966, p. 190-207). Deafeningly unspoken, wordlessly-“cool” enablers that are so amply available to the White upper and upper-middle classes. And of course to a few Blacks who live light-years away from their brothers across the tracks. Again because we don’t identify the Blacks and the Mexicans in any way as cultural entities—and indeed because we allow all American life to be molded into a sort of quasi-Black, gray and faceless void—because of this we claim to be able justly to hold everyone to the same high bar of vaulting achievement that these notionally-slate-hued upper classes enjoy. And thus likewise to be able to stand in judgment upon other nations as well.

As a special treat to ourselves—for being so virtuous—we take great pleasure in pointing out those White neighbors or siblings who haven’t quite “made it”. For which purposes—and with consummate levels of Yankee engineering genius—we make sure there are always a few such “unfortunates” close at hand, or easily and familiarly referred-to. Indispensable Black sheep or scapegoats who in some cases can be found to suffer a fate even worse than the minorities. For one thing because they are little likely to have many to draw comfort from, in the sharing of a common fate. Here being a group speak decision of the most Orwellian kind, invariably based on patiently-nursed envies and other secret hatreds from the schoolyard, from years under-foot growing up. For which reason there is always some one family or neighborhood opinion-molder who keeps the whole homicidal adventure breathlessly or sardonically alive, its victim a kind of eagerly-anticipated trophy to veritably hang over the fireplace mantle, to provide a rare conversation-piece for years to come. Such prize elks indeed held to be indisputable evidence of our unequaled sense of justice, fairness and right. More or less dispossessed Whites who thus choreograph flawlessly with the ongoing Al Jolson ad lib about non-discrimination, in a slap-stick comedy routine which finds these Caucasians especially blameworthy for not having “made it”: blond hair, blue eyes and all. These "losers" as it were "pay the ticket" for vaunted achievers of the “American Dream”, being a “small price” to pay for so many countervailing advantages. An especially “costly” token or proof that “we’re all held to the same standard” here in the USA.


July 4, 2005: Dialogue with the Orthodox. Anybody remember Srebrenica?.


No doubt if they ever let Benedict XVI visit Russia he will “go out” to these people bearing his ugly, twisted crucifix, inherited from Paul VI and John Paul. A belittling, contemptuous representation of Christ on the Cross which every honest Orthodox must abhor to the tips of his toes. Thus does the Pope speaks to us more again these days about “dialogue”: this time with the Russian Orthodox. While his latest message to the men of the Don is that there should be “encounters” between Orthodox and Catholic monasteries. All the while the Orthodox of too many nationalities—when not lustily engaged in killing Catholics or Muslims—carp bitterly about Catholic “proselyization” if we so much as say Masses for the already-Catholic in their lands.

This “openness” mantra is all the rage in the John-Paulian phenomenological formula: that which made the modern Catholic world. That which—high-sounding words aside—basically puts everything on the level of feelings. The problem between the Orthodox and the Catholics, so goes the analysis, is that there have been too many “old wounds” which need to be “healed”. So if Catholics and Orthodox rub elbows long enough, so it is thought, they will one day come spontaneously to wish to unite and make “one big happy” Church, putting old wounds aside. Little attention is given here to the rubbing of elbows that has gone on for centuries in Lika and Krbava—which are in the heart of old Croatia—since the time when Habsburgs so cleverly introduced the Serbian Orthodox there. Much as the English settled the Scotch Presbyterians in northern Ireland. Serbs who thereafter undoubtedly claimed that the kr in Krbava is so like the Sr in Srbska that it must mean it was once all part of “Mother Serbia”. The same sort of sanguinary reasoning that was applied as well in Srebrenica: in that infantile kind of phonetic geography which is dear to every revanchist heart. So that despite all the vigorously-rubbing elbows the Serbs sought systematically to annihilate all Croatians or Muslims from those lands. Or to “genetically alter” the population, via mass rapes, into Serbs. Faith encounter, anyone?

I guess the Ratzingerians among us would counter that I myself am constantly speaking of “old wounds” on this site. But the difference between me and them is that I speak of old wounds in order to indicate their source. To demonstrate a tree by its fruits. So that men of goodwill, Catholics, Orthodox, Hindus, Muslims, can get on with the battle—not the dialogue—of this life. The battle for one against false and destructive teachings and institutions. Maybe Benedict XVI would preach a sermon in Hell, and hope to come to some kind of “understanding” with its inhabitants. For that is about what you are doing when we speak of dialoguing on an official level, of having friendly “encounters”, of worshipping jointly, etc. ad nauseam, with those who regard us as their bitterest foes. Simply for upholding the Chair of Peter, the universally acknowledged head of the Church since the time of the Apostles.

For myself, I bear my post-Vatican-II wounds—much like those Croats receive from Serbs—and scars as medals of honor. Among we who kept our Faith through these bizarre and unprecedented times. For the purchase of which inestimable prize we went through a real Holocaust of mind, heart, soul and often-enough body as well. Another Catholic Holocaust just as was that, in the main, of World War II: except that this one was brought to us through the tender mercies of men like Ratzinger and John XXIII. So we don’t at all bare our wounds and abrasions for pity or sympathy sake but for very glory and joy, as do veterans of bitterly-fought wars. While we must also shake our heads over those many friends, family and acquaintances that once esteemed us, and to whom we are now total strangers or worse. People who “behaved themselves”, conformed, and kept their good standing for that reason alone—and thus faced few challenges “while Rome burned”. And who if we see them or e-mail them again think we are crawling back to gain something from them that is necessary to ourselves. No, we reestablish contact with these people so that we might impart to them some last glimmer of faith and hope. As they recede ever further into a black hole of moral, spiritual and personal oblivion: that which is the gift of the modern idolatry to its devotees.

That’s the dialogue I speak of, if I speak of one. To give hope to the hopeless: not to pretend to stand on equal terms with the heretic, the schismatic, with those who are entirely wrong. Which isn’t to say there aren’t some very good, even saintly Orthodox. And very, very fine Muslims and Protestants. (Jews, the quintessential feature of whose religion is to hate Our Lord Jesus Christ, are another matter entirely). But it is love which makes me hold out to them the fullness of Faith. After which, let them choose: and they don’t need me at their elbows to “encounter” them at every turn, and hold them by the hand. While it indicates a grave lack of charity to tell them they are “fine as they are”. Like those Lutheran monks of Taize, a whole community which wanted to convert to Catholicism en masse, around 1960, just before the Council. And who were told they were “much more important to us” as parties “to dialogue with”, later on, after that gathering.

Russians, you don’t need to worry about such a Catholicism taking over Russia: rather have more fear that it will tarnish your virility, your nobility, your circumspection.


July 4, 2005: Love is for the reality, not as you would remake it.


I don’t mean to turn this front page into a running sermon, but there are a lot of policy and developmental implications in some of these topics. For short of certain subtle but fundamental realizations there can be little of the positive or constructive in our approach to the world of affairs. Thus for instance if you don’t love people for what and who they are—if your biggest desire is to remake them according to your idea of what they should be—then you aren’t really loving them at all, only a fanciful projection of yourself. Which has enormous implications for agendas at home and abroad. Of course we don’t love people for their wrongs—which aren’t really them at all, but rather a kind of absence or deficiency—but we do love them precisely for their innocent, legitimate peculiarities. The way they accomplish things, organize or express themselves, and so on. While to think otherwise is to make ourselves deities, with others mere prostrate, characterless creatures we seek to form in our image and likeness.

Unfortunately that’s the way “love” goes here nowadays: whether in terms of American political/evangelical-style foreign policy or the “one big happy” American classroom, workplace or family.

In fact diversity—of personality and not of sexual mode—is what defines creature-hood as instituted by God (rather than man). He Who made us all as a rainbow of refractions of His one simple Being. Hence one man’s contemplative spirit might seem only useless, lazy lethargy to some budding Napoleon: but this object of imperial scorn might indeed startle everyone by being a future Wellington. Or a source of strength and hope to those left bleeding under the boots of this Bonaparte’s battalions.


June 30, 2005: An uncompromising love of Holiness: the only way to “make it” with the Muslims.


In the Middle East above all other places we must honor the idea of holiness, and better yet even show evidence of a pursuit of it in our own lives. While if we love only the values of this world, and even show contempt for the notion of sanctity—as in the notorious flushing of the Koran—we are defeating our own efforts in the most thoroughgoing imaginable way. Indeed every single serious religion on earth is devoted to this ultimate spiritual value, holiness. And would react in much the same violently-negative way even to a casual—let alone a systematic—mockery or ridicule of the sublime. A marvelous interior commodity which is earnestly thought of as taking us out of and above ourselves.

Of course American problems with this issue find their origins in the Reformer faith without works paradigm—that which overwhelmingly defines the approach of denominations here. In many ways a recently-resurrected sixteenth-century historical curiosity, given little conscious application for centuries, this idea of “being saved”—a complete departure from the moral/ethical basis of salvation in all other faiths—is often believed in on these shores with a fierce passion in itself quite foreign to the genuine instincts and impulses of the soul. With few Americans having any idea how alien to the rest of mankind is this mantra, “I’m saved”, which plainly assumes its inevitable sequel, “I’ve got it made”. Constituting a weird battle cry of spiritual mediocrity and tepidity, a sterile religious seed for the most part radically unable to germinate anywhere else but on American soil. An axiom whose hypocrisy remains despite the many rationalizations put forward in its defense, as that “the truly saved will show forth this fact in a virtuous life”. Which is obviously rather like putting the cart before the horse. A sequence which is quickly and easily forgotten in favor of the mantra’s more pragmatic elements. Even if, finally, the necessity of faith has always been acknowledged by the Catholic Church, in order for “works” to have any merit at all: that which is plainly the chief import of the Apostles much-controverted words.

Too, the prevalent “personal Savior” American religion finds an uncanny counterpart in stringent demands of loyalty to an American military “savior” all of its own kind; while not surprisingly being an altar call which actually frowns upon the pursuit of spiritual perfection. Comprising a behavioral complex which not at all by accident lives and breathes illusions of racial superiority as well, most of our commanders seeming to exude this monstrous 19th century atavism from every pore. Constituting an exported retrogression of a scope never before seen among men. The whole being perceived by the Muslim as a philistine invasion which simply will not do double duty as diplomacy. A strangely-pragmatic approach to religion indeed also having “Catholic” varieties here among doughty, back-slapping united-we-stand ultra-liberals and traditionalists alike. Finding significant representation in the offspring of those many immigrants who fled from the mystic aura of European Catholicism, which once gave so little quarter to spiritual mediocrity among souls.

Thus it is my contention that this American approach to religion is radically incapable of providing an effective moral setting for a sound foreign policy. Let alone an adequate moral jumping-off point—if indeed there were such a thing—for the combat boots of our invading warriors. American “born again” religious conviction too often settling for a market-savvy middle class as its principle legacy, leaving “the deserving poor” to shift for themselves as they may. So that here too it departs seriously from the religious instincts of the Muslim Middle East. Providing a convincing message mostly among the already-baptized who show rare capacities for the cynical, the theatrical and the disingenuous. Thus for instance the success of the Evangelicals in converting Catholics in Latin America and elsewhere, in the midst of a Western Catholicism which “has lost its savor”. While any approach to religion which denies the place of an uncompromising holiness in human life will always be resisted by Muslims, indeed to the sacrifice of life itself.


June 28, 2005: the Dennis Rader personality: the occasional end-product to be expected in our military and “civilian contractor” interrogators, to be dealt with by the rest of us when they come home.


As much as I wish it wasn’t so, the fact is I know a guy who was involved in Army Psychological Warfare, way back in the 50s. Actually, we all know such people, whose training no doubt teaches them to have the most disarming of cover-personalities as well. But the one I’m referring to had a personality incredibly like Rader’s, complete with an obsession for posing as some sort of instructor, or expository of scientific or other information. Additionally, this individual had come strongly under the influence of a certain General whose name I have forgotten, while he was on tour of duty in Germany. A high-ranking officer who was finally disciplined, I think by President Kennedy, for the sort of jingoistic propaganda—a real brainwash—to which he was subjecting the troops under his command. And although all those subjected to such a regimen don’t turn out like Rader or the guy I know, yet the danger is there in an imminent way.

The early monastic writer Cassian regarded the exceptionally wicked as so completely possessed that they have the personality(ies) of the chief demon(s) that possesses them: rather than a personality of their own. So that in both Rader and the noted individual there dwelt a sort of pseudo-scientific Eichmann persona. While it is by contrast the good who are bursting with true and spontaneous personality, which is a sensitive, unique, unpredictable, pleasantly-vulnerable sort of thing. Even as the wicked have these dark, iron, standardized contours to their minds and souls, as if they were turned out in lots of a thousand.

But Rader and the guy I refer to were turned out in a much smaller batch than that, in the assembly lines of Hell. However, in distinction from Rader, once he got out of the Service this fellow concentrated his fiendish appetites—many of which I have no doubt he learned in Army Psychological Warfare School—to torturing his own family. He actually counted coup in this way—and as far as I know probably still does—having a long list of people, both close and distant in relationship, he has more or less destroyed, or “run out of town”, or disgraced irretrievably in some way. His greatest coup seems to be in evoking a shocked sense of surprise, in seeing this on the faces of his victims. In the recounting of which he emits a sort of muffled laughter. Human targets—typically of the finest caliber of personality—all of whom he has in ingenious ways “taken down”, caught in a web of intrigue, in some cases in an odd sort of blackmail. Matters to which I was made privy in a way that would take too long to explain. In a revelation which was actually in itself yet another victimization, of which I was on the receiving end. In transfixing a previously innocent mind with such a horror story of black, evil intent. The sort of inconceivable barbarity whose comprehension indeed transfixed the minds of Rader’s victims during the last tormented moments of their lives. The sort of thing one wouldn’t have thought possible: all the while this freak (and apparently Rader as well) held down a high-paying job, was considered supremely religious, and a model citizen and patriot.

The ghoul I refer to is also very much involved with distinguishing greater and lesser races and nationalities, and prescribing with great satisfaction the sorts of deaths that should be meted out to the “lowest” of these, were they to “get what’s coming to them”. It’s interesting that Rader chose a whole family of Mexicans for his first “taking down”.

If the Army Psychological Warfare school, as it was known back then, could turn out such stark sociopaths already in the 50s—and I have no doubt that that’s where much of the problem with this guy began—even if he might have been “game” for such a thing in the first place—then I can only imagine to what new levels such units have “progressed” since then. As is evident from countless reports about Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib and various other “scientific” locations around the world. Building no doubt on data obtained at the Pitesti human/experimental “prison-guard training school” in Communist Rumania at the start of that decade—from a psychological establishment which eagerly trades this sort of “knowledge” across all divides. These psychopaths then being let loose on humanity, once their “tour of duty” is over: having learned a “skill” which involves a major modification—even a total remake—of their hearts, minds and souls. A formation you don’t just “drop at the door” of the training center, or when your ETS comes up. In an American military which has adopted “the end justifies the means” in the most fanatical way. Having in fact morphed that fatal dictum itself out of all recognition into a case where the end is constantly modified as the means become more deadly and perverse, and bring more nightmarish visions into the realm of the possible. The new dictum running approximately: “we can, therefore we will”.


June 26, 2005: The “War on Terror” fomenting of Muslim extremism: the final step in the destruction of Christianity

If it is to remain what it is, capitalism—the most cruel and exploitive system ever devised—cannot afford to dilute itself with other milder influences. Hence from the moment it began to cooperate with Christianity the latter began to work its ameliorating effect upon it. So that there came a momento de la verdad a couple of decades ago when the system’s strategists realized that either their brain child would triumph in all its grizzly, Scrooge-like glory or it would give way to the gentler imperatives of Christian faith. The good-natured and enlightened John Kennedy and a few others of his time were thus really harbingers of what was to come, were the “kindly light” of Christianity allowed to “lead on”, to adopt the words of Cardinal Newman, in our world. And what’s more in a way not really in contradiction to other sincere creeds with respect to values of justice and equity. Promising to bring us unprecedented economic-developmental and human rights achievements, among other things. Of course, November 22, 1963 told us, in words written in blood, what was the answer of the system to such a burgeoning moral modification.

But what is the best way for capitalism to be rid of the mild and relenting spirit of Christianity—that which will always be an insufferably thorn in its side? A bloody war with Islam is certainly a brilliant solution to such a fiend’s dilemma. And this may be exactly what is being prepared for us by those who control today’s neo-con capitalism. That to which most modern-day governments are but so many pawns. Paramount among which vehicles of Christian auto-destruction is this much-vaunted “War on Terror”. Much of the purpose of these intrigues and hostilities—to a system which is always “looking ahead to greater things”—is to enrage the Muslim lion, an unique species found in every continent and clime. As by way of ongoing unjust accusations, detainments, torturings and other acts of cruelty. For notice today that even amid all these things Rumsfeld is a already talking to the Iraqi insurgents: this at the same time that Washington is also wining and dining one of the chief terrorists in the Uzbek Islamist movement, to whom a visa was without problem granted to come here for that purpose. Similar acts of courtesy having been extended a couple of months ago to one of the main butchers of the school-massacre of Beslan as well. For it has in fact been the constant policy of the American State Department—the bully enforcer of world neo-capitalism—to radicalize the Middle East and Central Asia—in short, any region in which Islam prevails. Preparing not only a bedlam of exploitable disunity, and a shaking-loose of the “drag” of Christian goodness and charity—but also a fittingly-crude weapon for future and yet-more-radical capitalist coups. Of the sort which would rub Christian sensitivities livid and raw. And which Christian-tolerant regimes like that of Saddam Hussein might find disagreeable to their palates as well.

For as noted above real Christianity and real capitalism will always be at polar odds with one another; the mixing of goodness and cruelty being like a compound of oil and water. And although Islam has many noble and humane values yet it has a historical constitutional weak-spot—as we are indeed constantly reminded by today’s Evangelicals—in the direction of despotism and bloody deeds. In this and other ways having much less to turn it from the inhuman rigors of capitalism—which is really quite Jewish in character—than does the religion of the mild Christ. In which connection it is interesting too that Jewish influence over Islam was very strong precisely when the name of The Prophet was first recorded, at a high-point in the seventh-century rise of the Bedouins, sixty-some years after the date ascribed to the “flight from Mecca to Medina”. Soon after which “the sons of the Prophet” would overrun much of the known world: both using the connections of the Jewish merchant establishment to open the gates of cities to the onslaught, and being used by same to “rationalize” the markets of the time. To “commoditize” them by conquest and unification: thereby making them much more accessible to that international trade which is ever both source and goal of Jewish power and influence. Even as the very structure of Muslim belief is so strikingly similar to Judaism as to cause many to question the standard account of its origination. And finally the American/Zionist/Western Capitalist yen for radicalization of global regions—and the brutalization/regimentation of their sense of justice and order—is likewise seen in the century-old story of the modern Serbs. The masses of whom—much like their Muslim eternal-antagonists—remain poverty stricken and powerless after having been cynically used for all their worth. As militant geopolitical pawns.

But the big surprise for Orthodox Serbs, Evangelicals and others is yet to come in the future near-annihilation of Christians. That which is much foretold in private prophesy down through the Christian ages—and which, as likewise foretold, will actually be encompassed largely by Muslims, together with certain burgeoning violent, godless elements in our own society. For when it comes to such messy things as mass genocide, fastidious Jews and neo-capitalists like to operate entirely by proxy.


June 24, 2005: Give me liberty or give me death.


Are we really so spineless that we can calmly listen to Dick Chaney compare our concentration camp in Cuba—where men are tortured and held for years without any charge—to a tropical resort? And call our killing and dismemberment of innocent civilians in Iraqi neighborhoods freedom and democracy? While our corporate-controlled media either agrees with these cynical comparisons, or rages against anyone who draws more likely parallels with the Hitler regime? Let us at least have the honesty to look in the mirror and face the cowards we have all become, in tolerating such a deeply-entrenched oligarchy/dictatorship as we have here. One man and his corporate cronies having been surrendered to by a cowed and compromised Congress, and a dummed-down “united we stand” citizenry.

Where is “give me liberty or give me death?” Only Catholic Faith gives us the strength to make such a statement, in the teeth of a diabolical perversity “in the high places” such as we have today. And to say it with a smile, with joy: that one sole legacy of the Catholic soul.


June 23, 2005: Today’s land use ruling epitomizes the court-enabled confiscatory tyranny of the corporate “legal person”: this in turn being the inevitable outcome of a “constitutionality” put in the place of the only valid legal-formative, the Law of God.


This latest ruling demonstrates conclusively that corporations have gone from being “legal persons” to being the only “persons” here who have any property rights, or any rights at all, for that matter. These omnipotent cartels easily outmaneuver the wellbeing of human persons within today’s abstract-ideological constructs and razor-sharp distinctions of a newly-construed “rule of law”. The public good—that which has ironically been outlawed today from the public arena—requires by contrast a subtle, sensitive, painstaking balance of purviews and perspectives, the product of centuries of customary and case-law development.

But true to the neo-con court’s inherent radical, rupture-oriented élan, its first dictums in the mid-80s found property rights to be so sacrosanct as to virtually annihilate those rights more-directly associated with the public good. So that according to the First Evangelical Lutheran ruling in the late 80s a planning official—or anyone in local government—could be held personally liable for monetary damages if a land-use policy or administrative decision of his was somehow court-adjudicated as having damaged someone else’s property-value or general wellbeing. This under an unfathomably-nebulous Holmsian weighing standard. In this way the public good was beaten back to that Marxian abyss where neo-con ideologues fervently believe it belongs.

But how little the courts really meant private-citizen property—in their quasi-heroic defense of property in recent years—comes home with a vengeance in this newest high court ruling. That by which any private property can be seized if the courts—or some planning body—finds that “economic development” would be better aided were it put to some other use. Apotheosizing yet further—if that is possible—the old saw of “progress”-orientation: that which in the next breath and as always will be claimed as the unique province of Wall Street traded corporations. And in which Jewish “progressive” idea from art to architecture will be rigidly institutionalized on every street-corner, in the interior layout and design of every dwelling. Til the cultural accoutrements of man, the outer containers of his inner identity, are violated, spilled out, trampled upon by that all-too-familiar howling crowd of freaks and sodomites who are coming to rule the day. From their place of command at the inaccessible pinnacles of leadership of both parties, of the entire USA. All this within their all-exonerating “clean” framework of a perpetual nudity, a ritually-antiseptic “honesty” of architectural form.

Ah, blinding, scouring anti-baptism; ah, progress.

Hence in the specific case ruled upon the construction of recreational and retailing facilities largely for benefit of Pfizer Pharmaceutical employees—enterprises no doubt also to be found somewhere in the ranging folds of the Pfizer investment portfolio—a firm which is one of a handful of big-ticket traders on the Street—is considered ample reason to demolish and clear away the homes and businesses of seven local families. What if these hovering, physician- or pharmacist-like prescriptions and prognostications about economic developmental potential are found to have been ill-advised? What if Pfizer, for that matter, were suddenly to go belly up? Is there any stipulation about the private citizen being able to take the planners—let alone the judges or corporations—to court in order to collect damages in such a case? Not on your life. For in such a case we wouldn’t be dealing with some obscure and defenseless denizen of some planning office or city hall.

I argue in these pages that such legal anomalies were immensely facilitated historically by way of the 18th century invention of the abstract concept of constitutionality. Pouring out of the sick “separation of church and state” deconstructionist minds of men like Samuel Adams and Thomas Paine. By way of this novel and esoteric-for-its-time construct—now held to hold a place of sanctity in many ways high above that accorded the Holy Bible—the courts are installed like a veritable robed high priesthood of right and wrong in a vast array of public concerns. The courts having in practical terms come to replace religion, the clergy and individual conscience in the distinguishing of right and wrong amid the practical affairs of men. Through this one invention, constitutionality, unfathomably profound issues having been placed in the hands of judges and lawyers a great many of whom are corrupt, venal men. And many more partisans of sweeping visions of the most far-fetched and untested kind.

In my book Integral Catholicism I have outlined in some detail a way to put an end to this kind of economic and land-use insanity and totalitarianism. It is an approach which isn’t far-fetched at all, but which can rather begin to be put into effect without delay. One which furthermore requires remarkably little time to produce prodigal fruits: being built on the exploitation not of a vulnerable humanity but of the inherent blind-spots and grave weaknesses of the present court/corporation totalitarian system. Attacking that monster at its soft underbelly through the lance of sound organizational philosophy: this combined with the whirling mace of a whole new mobilization of money—and the coup fatal of the tremendous wealth-prolific qualities of simple things like human and physical capital. It is a model actually not new at all, being built on the wisdom of the ages of both East and West: if given a creative new thrust, according to the peculiar circumstances—and opportunities—of our times. The very highest and most-sublime distillation of which wisdom is held to be found in the Social Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

True, impious ultra-liberal Catholic priests during and after the Council somehow and with seeming permanence associated the Social Gospel with their own radical agenda, in the minds of “those in the pews”. But actually this stentorian message, properly construed, isn’t impious at all: but rather indeed the inseparable twin to the deepest levels of devotional piety. And our only possible guarantee of the perpetuation of Christian Faith in any particular nation and among any particular people. While its abandonment—which amounts to the Gospel-proscribed religion which “only says Lord, Lord”—spells nothing less than the doom of Civilization among same. As we indeed see in the handing-down of such land-use rulings, and many other grave developments of our day besides.

However and perhaps ironically to some the proposed configuration doesn’t really require one to be a Catholic. Indeed it encourages that economic/organizational infrastructure found for centuries in Muslim lands; as well as the “spinning wheel” culture found in India for just as long a time; and many other such indigenous organizational paradigms. For we at wish to see others as believers in One God—even if they call Him Allah—rather than believing only in the satisfaction of their own murderous cravings. Which isn’t of course at all to say that the hope isn’t maintained—in fact the certainty—that someday all will share the same Catholic Faith. That which is the fountainhead of brotherly love—and of all those earthly/heavenly economic and legal-rights blessings native to it.


June 22, 2005: Relics, rosaries, crucifixes and other externals in Catholic life: their close association with developmental and organizational issues.

When Christ died on the Cross He inaugurated a new level of unity of the spiritual with the material. Thenceforth to carry a cross with you, to hold in your hands, to spur devotion: this was no longer in any way to be associated with idolatry. Since God Himself had hung on that Cross. And epitomized therein as well a brotherly love—one with deep and abiding organizational implications—which has no equal. While after that marriage, that adoption—of an earthly object covered in the divine Blood—all other forms of human material culture were also easily baptized as it were into the fabric of the Christian life. Only needing to be freed of any former associations with sin. Indeed and as noted in an entry below, the Holy Ghost blessed and cultivated providentially the development of a host of customs with which to bind ourselves all the more closely and irremovably to the Catholic Faith. And to one another. The whole plethora of relics, rosaries, holy pictures, pious greetings and family-specific habits: this also kept alive an inter-generational unity-in-Faith, a passing-down of a piety and Civilization otherwise impossible to sustain. Whether among family, friends, associates or fellow citizens.

This then is where the damage of Vatican II was particularly enormous: why we know that “an enemy has done this”. Despite disingenuous and belabored appearances here and there of the funky-pious and ordinary. Because the whole Conciliar phenomenon simply took these things from us, in any sense in which they were truly beloved, and had by long and mystery-laden inner processes been made intimately and personally dear. A robber indeed as many of us remember very abrupt and contumacious in manner and tone. And then it left us for decades with little or nothing in the place of irreplaceable visual and tactile moorings of human souls and minds—interwoven with a hundred intergenerational lives—these overthrown in favor of cold “no nonsense” declarations or effusive testimonials of distinctly Protestant style. And these tacitly, discretely, and sometimes in limited ways openly, endorsed by the pontiffs since John XXIII. Forms by way of which Catholic Faith absolutely cannot be sustained. The faith of Protestantism being of a distinctly Old Testament stamp—a lesser development of Divine Revelation—essentially sustaining the antiseptic Jewish “Corban” or dichotomy between faith and life, between “conviction” and good works, and so on. It is a dis-incarnational faith: as if to sternly—in the person of some sort of time-transported Pharisees—to bid us be satisfied with the sacrificing of doves and rams…. While all this remains true even if after such a grand theft there suddenly arose some few years ago the “cultic Church”: from a clergy no doubt anxious to give an impression of normalcy, to erase the memory of pedophilic activities, and the spiritual and Catholic-customary vacuum that led up to them. That revisiting by which some of our old customs, material associations and teachings are returned to us—without even a brisk apology for their absconding. But long after their intergenerational spiritual and associational efficacy was brutally done to death. But perhaps with Father Jim’s usual jocular avuncularity—or Wall Street or even oddly-Desert-Storm business-like manner—to supposedly cover an infinite multitude of such sins.

Why do I speak of such matters in a website devoted to economic and organizational issues? Because as suggested it is precisely in the customary, cultural and institutional fullness of the Incarnation—as passed down to our parents and grandparents—that the final answers are to be found to critical questions in these practical, mundane areas of concern. Without Christ and the Catholic Way the problems of this earth will remain insoluble: be they war, hunger, hatred, insanity or disease. It is only by way of Jesus’ thorough fusing of human and grace-inspired life—epitomized divinely in His Hypostatic Union of human and divine natures—that the wounds and fissures in earthly society can be healed in any lasting way. That being the unique triumph of the Cross, of the Kingdom of God. That which we announce with a special boldness, intergenerational-permanence and clarity in traditional Catholic customs of every kind.


June 19, 2005: The thought marketplace.


If you understand that modern capitalism creates markets—tailor-made to its own purposes—and then systematically exploits them, finally uprooting both tree and branch: then, know it or not, you also understand all about modern military strategy, as well as the formation of the domestic political agenda. Since these matters are increasingly sold to the American people in the same corporate-privatized, marketer’s-jingle way.

In a primitive form of the marketers’-jingle even Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone—who in their heart of hearts were friends to the Indian and his desire to keep his land—were converted into symbols of “Manifest Destiny”—which in practical terms meant some kind of divine right of the white man to take the soil from the native. While today the notional-hard-sell shows itself in things like the putative need of a crusading government for intelligence services of every sort in every venue and at every level. For integral to the ability to artificially create markets—commodity, political or military—is the possession of the most thorough knowledge possible about people’s habits and opinions, etc. (Especially if they are only thought of as sub-human means-to-an-end). How then do you go about convincing The People (that inconvenient entity that must be cajoled at every turn) that all these information (and misinformation) gathering (and extorting) services are necessary? You create a whole host of ugly incidents, spanning a period of several decades. The kind that fit in nicely with the real, spontaneous ones. While the question of who is really and ultimately responsible for which is a moot point. No one will ever know.

Hence the many recent unpleasant or downright bloody events—like the many suicidal attacks in Iraq, highly similar to those which also played a major part in the development of the Vietnam conflict. (Viz: those “Buddhist monks” who torched themselves with gasoline, found later to have been an array of vagrants and madmen whose lives were irretrievably gripped with despair). Happenings that can be arranged-for in a vast assortment of ways: since for one thing nothing is so certain in this mortal life than that some people will do violent and disorderly things for reasons implacable, inscrutable, strange. Especially in a third world in which desperate men are many, and susceptible not only to radical or nihilistic ideologies but also to financial-assistance inducements of many kinds. Perhaps even the posthumous granting of lump-sums to otherwise-starving dependents. After myriad which acts of bloody self-destruction everyone here in media-gorged America is blue-around-the-gills convinced of the need for more “surveillance” and “security”. Indeed, you become a hero to most people—albeit after the figure of anti-heroes like Bush or a Chaney—once you have convinced them that danger stalks them at every turn.

The ability to create an artificial mass reality was a public danger that first appeared with the invention of the printing press: that first of many potential conveyances of a deadly pestilence of popular terror, fantasy or wishful-thinking. A first handy instrument-of-deception in a long line that would end in today’s fantastic power of surveys. For ever since the Kinsey Report on American sex habits—which was pure deceit, but which plunged Americans into a cesspool from which they have yet to emerge—polls have appeared at critical junctures in the selling of every kind of bill-of-goods, foul or fair. Indeed these misleading popular profiles—oddly akin in their own weird way to those time-series projections so familiar to corporate managers and students of finance and economics, prognostications that efficiently paved the way to financial disaster in the market-plunge of ‘99—these have become so commonplace that we hardly notice them. Even though we are bombarded with these poll-results all day long, wherever we look or listen. Typically-enough as a sharp info-jab just before station-break, when we are in a way caught off-guard. But the subliminal message is always the same: “this is what everyone else does or thinks, so when are you going to get with it?” Thus too the sardonic touch in the sound bite the other day that informed us that despite a huge block of the Spanish clergy turning out to condemn sodomy-marriages—and the massive amounts of demonstrators backing them up—that “polls show that most Spaniards favor such unions”. Can you—presumably at least as honest as the oily guy who produced this onecrank out a similar poll to confute such statements? Got a million dollars or two, just laying around, for all the expenses that would be involved?

Why do we take these polls so deadly seriously? Well, here we are faced with another grand marketing coup that took decades of hard if shifty-eyed work: in the canonization of the accuracy of these polls. Have no doubt, we would consign ourselves to the deepest, darkest pits of putative ignorantine obscurity if we were to somehow publicly call their results seriously into question. Yet a great many of these polls have been dishonestly skewed. Indeed, it is a courtroom commonplace that such data are to be taken with a generous grain of legal salt, as they are so easily manipulated, “population”-distorted, or outright lied-about. But when was the last time you heard one of these TV or internet polls being gain-said, or their conclusions being exposed to a detailed examination?

Hence do we arrive at the desired outcome, of geo-marketers all. That we are convinced of what we should believe, do and agree to; that otherwise we are obdurate hold-outs: maybe even traitors. We may even conceivably find ourselves the subject of some pulpit condemnation: since by such means morality and truth themselves have reputedly been democratized. If in an uncannily monitored and controlled way. For it is only a matter nowadays of how many think something is right or true, for it to be accepted as morally good or factual. But alas, even this “majority” is hardly the author of its own thoughts.


June 18, 2005: First give me a nation and then I’ll give you a patriot.


We in the USA have been the victims of every swindle from 19th century snake oil to 21st century oil-wars. Native and immigrant alike have from the beginning been regarded more as economic indicators for a developing stock market than as human beings. And all the while we perform these privileged functions we pay high rents for space voraciously stripped of its natural qualities—and peoples—a land become increasingly and in many ways rather a sort of clearinghouse for world traders. While we in our own turn—in all this space, yet oddly-if-understandably as if with nowhere to hide—have basically become mere guinea pigs for radical and unworkable ideas. But through all of this and not surprisingly we have not yet become a nation, a people. That takes care, cooperation, love, mutual appreciation. As well as sedulous preparation, the devotion of a great deal of time.

But this penchant for ambushing humanity is in the last analysis what sets us off historically from France. For by stark contrast hardly had the anchors of her caravels stopped dripping in sixteenth and early-seventeenth century North America than France set about assembling and painstakingly-maintaining a set of commercial, political and Faith-based loyalties with a countless array of native peoples. Soaked generously in the blood of Jesuit, Franciscan and other martyrs, its communications ambled along myriad inter-tribal foot-trails and canoed down the River of the Immaculate Conception (the original name for the Mississippi). This while colonists in New England and the southern Royal Colonies—when after two centuries they finally got around earnestly to moving inland—did so basically as conquerors rather than bringers-of-unity, melders of populations, or co-builders of native/indigenous industries. The sort of thing that had long been building the Spanish and French Southwest and Northwest, indeed already for more than two centuries, and that had built Europe across late-ancient and early-medieval times.

Actually we were from the beginning and in point of fact not so much a People as a great experiment in capitalism. And in those forms of religion and ideology that “patriotically” match its rapacious values. So that present-day U.S. policies around the globe—true to such an original form—are arranged around exploitation—not around cooperation or unity. And indeed within such an alien scenario the recently-uncovered English-government “Memo”—which proves conclusively that the people of the United States were systematically—indeed like the guinea-pigs that we are—lied to, so as to go unjustly to war—this makes perfect “patriotic” sense. No, nationhood is not “being re-defined” in all of this, as some would like to flatter themselves or fool us: it is being destroyed, driven back into the Stone Age. Or forward into some kind of rat laboratory. Since unity and brotherly love, as well as love of land and familiar landmark, are the only possible motive forces for genuine nationality; it being impossible to build a nation around some eternal Marxian/dialectic tension between winners and losers, exploiter and exploitee. For even Hell itself is a society of sorts: off whose hoary walls—as saints and seers assure us—echo malicious comparisons, jibes, cat-calls, and recriminations. Sound familiar? Just listen to some neo-con talk show like The O’Reilly Factor and you’ll recognize the quasi-patriotic accents instantly.

Read the full-text books and other material on this website for our fertility-formula for the birth of a nation. We even have a name for it already, with which it may fittingly be christened. It is The Refuge: for that it will indeed turn out to be, after so many promising hopes and crushing misadventures. The Refuge of Our Lady. (This at least as a secondary title, if a more formal one might be Joliet, after the fervently-Catholic French explorer, after whom indeed this website is named.) For she it is who will show us how to love and to build—rather than only to hate, conquer and destroy.


June 17, 2005: Ratzingerism: the heresy of the “smaller faith community”.


It’s what the ever-busy Ratzinger, his busy hands and pointy face indeed reminding you oddly of the small creature which the first part of his name suggests, had been painstakingly accomplishing at the Vatican Secretariat of State, and while in charge of the Congregation for the Doctrines of the Faith. Quietly enforcing the program of John XXIII, Paul VI and John Paul II: all the while he was pictured as the supreme and indeed stodgy hold-out for Catholic tradition. That posture than which nothing is so easy to mimic, to give ponderous, indeed convincing if perilously-close-to-comic renditions. In all this mummery—well worth all the blush and bother—he was patiently setting in stone that minimalism the baleful fruits of which are so evident everywhere today. This whether among the Traditionalists, the smug new Basic Christian Community parishes, the Charismatic Movement, the religious orders or the Medjugorjites. It’s the idea that the Church should retreat, should bury its head in the sand, should “go underground”. That it should in a word become “ultra spiritual”: unconcerned with lowly mundane matters, with social justice or the affairs of nations. Leaving a rampant Judeo/Masonic capitalism/collectivism completely in charge: a policy of omission and neglect which renders Ratzinger’s celebrated strident condemnations of Freemasonry patently inert and meaningless. A non-engagement which then goes on to wash its hands of the fatal moral consequences upon our vulnerable children in the surrendering of them to an alien world which this massive capitulation represents.

At the kernel of this new falsehood is the idea that the Church has no authority whatever over earthly life, nor moral influence over the state. All the while the bloody, atavistic religion of Zionism determines school curricula at all levels and otherwise extracts the most unquestioning loyalty and obedience from every government on earth. Here then, in this cozy “smaller faith community” idea, is only another in a millennia-long series of efforts to remove Christ both from His own religion, and certainly from the practical loyalties and affairs of men. He Who—as announced from every page of the Gospels—had no such craven, head-burying proclivities, nor any desire to be a yes-man to Pharisaical schemes of global control.


June 16, 2005. Today’s Bark of Peter: the new Titanic. A sobering look into the luxury-liner’s vast sick bay.


The Catholicism of today is a diseased one. It’s as if the Mystical Body had lost all its anti-bodies through decades of imbibing the tainted water of the Council, drawn from the cisterns of post-modernism: that gathering’s foul philosophical base. After which poisoning the frightfully-jaundiced preacher—holding forth somewhere on the deck, in the holds or on one of the many dizzy roosts of the Bark of Peter, may indeed still have the energy to wave his arms over his head: but to formulate an instructive, pious or cogent thought is generally-speaking completely beyond his vitiated powers. For one thing because a crippling phenomenological emotionality typically confuses his thinking beyond reprieve—this perhaps despite frequent, startling, bully-pulpit Pro-Israeli displays. Rendering him singularly unable to deal with larger—let alone truly eternal—issues. Having no stamina at all left, after breathless exertions, to defend the worker, the needy, the “widow and the orphan”. A can of soup or a bag of noodles being his tribute to those once called the “treasury of the Church” by an early pope and martyr. In that courageous and compassionate quality which sets the truly-faithful Catholic clergy calmly and majestically apart.

It is the common man—once so upright—who must come to his senses and be stolidly so once again. Realizing that only a Catholicism earnestly concerned with eternal issues—rather than flighty or over-weaning emotions—can fill the populist, social justice sails unfurled so forthrightly and forcefully by a Leo XIII or a St. Pius X. While reflecting too that it is the sons and daughters of the poor that most suffer from the New Church a-morality, since they have no Lauderdale to go off to, where they can be more “discrete”. The scandalous “open window” in the Church not having been closed an inch: only veiled in new levels of cynicism and pseudo-sophistication. New Church Catholicism, for all its histrionic torments, being right at home as well with the clever coups of today’s neo-capitalist brokers and managers. The clear-headed cunning of the stock market finding little if any opposition at the smug, exclusive Ratzingerian/Catholic “smaller faith community”.

However the beach-side holiday won’t last forever, for this increasingly-exclusive new Catholic constituency: in a Church rather founded by Almighty God to plumb the treacherous, gale-blown chasm between Heaven and Hell. A mission which remains unaltered no matter how much up-and-coming partygoers, investment strategists or sallow clerical convalescents may hold back in mortal terror from such a mortal storm. Or temperamentally buck and squall. “Post Conciliar” Catholicism try as it might being unable to shake the inescapably-infamous period-related name—being impotent to return to a blessed sanity and peace that had nothing about it of effeminacy, ongoing catastrophe or scandal. Comprising as it does that singular anomaly predicted in such startling precision by Anne Catherine Emmerich. A nightmare of Faith which vividly recalls as well the stark outline of the Titanic, its passengers toasting each other using the very ice from the iceberg that would take the big ship under.

But this little publication, for one, isn’t waiting for the ugly slide under the waves. For we’ve already launched a sort of notional lifeboat, a humble dinghy—rude and despised though it may be—and invite each and all to mentally step on board. Where they will find waiting that Master Mariner Who calmed the sea. Who will do so again for the sake of our frail little craft, our miserable little crew. Guiding us too thereafter, under his seasoned supervision, in how to go about righting the dangerously listing vessel, towering above.


June 14, 2005: The Michael Jackson show trial: nothing new about this victory of sodomy.


It was middle-school ”show and tell” all over again. Michael got to come late to court, to flaunt himself from both courtroom and car-top. It was only a slight change of pace, after all was said and done, from grabbing himself in front of concert audiences. And the testimony against him was of the sort you can expect from people who have fallen into such clutches as his, and those of his little gay/paramilitary police force. For such people know who it is who is safe to exploit in this “land of the free and the brave”. While among the less-defenseless there are always the brazen and brassy, willingly-corrupted, like Caulkin.

I once saw a child-custody case in a similar court: in which a bi-sexual man and his bi-sexual wife were taking custody away from a healthy-male decorated-war-veteran brother and his fine, also-normal wife. A lone sibling from a wealthy and powerful family who somehow—in many ways miraculously—escaped the influence of a whole household full of “gays” as he grew up: and for which infraction-of-power they were now going to make him pay out the nose. Everything was fixed ahead of time. A sodomy-friendly judge was brought up “from downstate”. Social service workers came in and swore to perfect fabrications about these two people who only wanted to raise their own children. And as for this veteran and his wife, after losing the case: the whole thing ruined them financially, and they spent the next fifteen years homeless, attempting to raise their remaining child.

Both the boy and the girl that were taken from this couple were more or less completely destroyed. Kids whom they were never again allowed to see unless they went through some sort of gay-friendly “group-therapy” or consultation. The vague charge of being somehow deranged or abnormal—when compared against the giddy denizens of gay-dom—and especially if one has served ones country with distinction—this is an allegation which will always “stick” in an American courtroom. The boy involved—a middle-aged man now—has been institutionalized since shortly after the taking-of-custody. Apparently he was too much of a little man for the Frankenstein who now called himself his father. The girl on the other hand became the Cinderella drudge for her new family: someone to scream at, to do the dirty chores, and against whom to constantly compare a natural daughter who didn’t have “bad blood”.

Sic semper Sodom and Gomorrah. But do remember there was a fiery sequel to that tale of two cities.


June 13, 2005: Stem-cell legislation, Vatican II and the loss of Church influence over Italian law.


Sorry, Holy Father, but you can’t have your cake and eat it too. The Church’s Vatican II aggiornamento love-affair with the world has ironically but predictably resulted in an estrangement between the Italian Government and the Papacy the likes of which was never seen under Pius XII. For it was the Conciliar Reforms which have steadily vitiated the Church’s influence over Italian law—or any law, for that matter—and as a consequence only a repudiation of that Council can begin to restore the Church to its rightful position on that Peninsula and around the world.

Popes cannot just give pats on the wrist to major heretics, or legislative abortionists—or quietly condone the wholesale abandonment of Catholic morality and spirituality in favor of the immodesty of dress and other laxity of today’s Catholic parishes around the globe—and then expect to carry the day with the Italian legislature anytime they wish. And neither can they smugly sit by and encourage the radical social theory, military jingoism or Pentacostalism of the typical sister Jane and father Jim. For in making herself so at home with a sick modern world the Conciliar Church has as it were leveled the playing field: and can no longer speak, like her Master, “as one having authority”. Like a father who rough-houses daily with his children, thus losing their crucial respect, a papacy which has tacitly given way on almost every issue of daily Christian behavior—through a complete failure to wield the shepherd’s staff against today’s ceaseless violations of basic of moral and spiritual principles—that Petrine office will naturally be expected to give way on divorce, abortion and stem-cell research as well. For the abdication of that “fatherhood which comes from God” has gone on too long.

In fact, some of us think it was quite deliberate, as you will see if you read on: and that all the theatrical hand-wringing of today is perfectly contrived. In a side-show by people whose basic sentiments are foreigners to Catholicism, and who have finally captured the See of Peter itself. And whether or not popes since John XXIII have been elected properly and validly—which is another question, looked at very briefly in an entry below—their elections represent a kind of alien invasion: displays of an almost oppressive piety notwithstanding. While a Church thus separated from its real spirit and mission can be nothing but a gray, joyless gulag for the ordinary Catholic. Who has throughout the ages demonstrated his willingness to take up any kind of challenge or persecution, but who cannot suffer the loss of the Catholic espirit, its deeper motivational force, for something flighty and immature. A laity which cannot tolerate the Church herself—the spotless Bride of Christ—taking such a self-denigrating, sniveling position as she has supposedly taken, on so many scores. And as so many recent humiliations—and will-of-the-wisp changes in spirit and attitude—represent.

Benedict, do you really think that a return to the iron-chinned but warm-hearted resolution of a St. Pius X would empty our churches yet more? Guess again.


June 11, 2005: G-8 debt forgiveness and genuine third world advancement.


As much as many might “say Lord, Lord” of a Sunday it is basically definitive to modern man to see law and economics in the gut-level terms announced by Marx. He who derided Christianity as promising us “pie in the sky when you die”: in reaction to which he formulated his polar-opposite dialectical materialism, that by which material wellbeing is dogmatized as the only legitimate concern of society or government. That quasi-dogma which opens the door wide to the bottomless cynicisms of Bush neo-capitalism as well. But in fact there is no worse exploitation than to be robbed of an inner life too, after having been bereft of an outer one. In the most profound and ironic of ways being required to “give up one’s cloak as well”. For one thing because without an inner set of higher values the poor are further robbed of any motive-force they might have had through which to significantly better themselves. While to the simple, facile minds that oppress them such a self-denigration, such a denial of inner needs by the poor seems to provide living justification for yet-further cruelty and debasement toward them. Even as the poor of such a description in a sense do seem to evince in their own persons the grudging, self-trivializing interior disposition which draws down that terrible penalty of the Gospel: “To him who hath little, even that little which he hath will be taken away”. While God wishes us no such enslaving self-vulgarization: rather wishing us true and complete freedom. Which is to say “life”—as fully-operative creatures with minds, souls and wills as well as bodies—“and that more abundantly”.

These thoughts should come to bear heavily as we consider the just-announced G-8 decision to fully forgive the debts of certain extremely poor nations. Those who have agreed without reserve to go along with a debtor-nation “reform agenda”. That regimen which no doubt includes the usual battery of barbarously-anti-life and vaguely anti-Christian stipulations. While “austerity plans” are always part and parcel of such programs as well: insuring that the populace involved will experience little in the way of realistic material relief. The impacted nation being invariably slated to become a prime colony thereafter for the ever-eager corporate interests of the same wealthy nations who put together the debt-relief plan. The hopelessness of repayment being an obvious foregone conclusion in the first place: so that the next best—or perhaps even a better—goal is attained, in thus rendering the extremely-poor nation a mere back-yard subsidiary—probably little more than a labor pool—to the first world corporate community. Kind of like the credit-card debtor here who goes bust, but after the bankruptcy gavel has barely ceased echoing is importuned to go into debt once again, and deeper still.

To escape this hellish vicious circle of a multi-faceted progressive debasement, I here re-iterate my invitation, to be found below, to all Christian and non-Christian nations, first, second or third world. Namely that all turn with finality to the “bail out plan” of God. That we turn back the clock to the time before Marx, indeed before Luther and Phillip the Fair. That we own up at last to the utter futility of trying to better man’s material lot while compromising or destroying that of his soul. A form of Christendom, adapted to our times—the perennial Catholic social, economic and political way of life—being alone capable of raising mankind simultaneously in ever sphere of his existence. Indeed having been designed by the Spirit of God expressly in order to do just that. Promising him the Pauline “generous sufficiency” both in body and soul. So that what is urged here is the one and only clear-cut alternative to present miserly, soul-less schemes.

Read further—including the two books found here in full text form—and you will find a way to achieve such an inclusive human goal. That easiest way of life which above all others incorporates joy as a vital and necessary component. The only “workable plan”: albeit, like the Word of God after which it is patterned, only a seed, requiring your own input to make it a transplantable perennial in your own neighborhood, city, back-yard. A template worthy of the exalted unitary nature of man: and proportional to the achievement of the latter’s highest potential in persons and societies. That composite of mind, soul and body—wounded indeed by Original Sin, but redeemed, and raised even higher, by a loving God—a nature, laudatory words notwithstanding, to which the revolutionary movements of the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries gave so little realistic credit. The establishment of this truly-legitimate global goal—one which will easily surmount the temporary failures of certain sadly-compromised present-day Church figures—the attainment of which summit is promised us by the common Champion of all races and peoples, “of both Jew and Greek”. He Who most loved to call Himself by the humble title “son of man”. He Who, although God, is yet “the firstborn of many brethren”. “The desired of the ages”—the true Master of both heavenly and earthly kingdoms—to Whom all owe their obedience and allegiance. But Whose rule is one eminently congenial to the human heart: one of love rather than fear. Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God.



June 10, 2005: Vaunted travails of evangelicals in Russia: resistance to the American a-cultural vision.


The USA is the classical case of what happens to human culture under a no-holds-barred capitalism. It is a cultural meltdown, out of which is ultimately extruded a pliable and barely-human plastic. The little enclaves of Slavs, Italians, even of Jews—as authentic neighborhoods, and not just islands of chic status—having disappeared at least a generation ago. For one thing because here—increasingly since the passing of the Kennedy brothers—we really do have the textbook laissez-faire legal justice where law and order are in practical terms mostly pursued on behalf of corporate business interests, and are accorded less prominence the further they depart from the latters’ myriad needs, desires and ambitions. But the point of my observations here is that this fashioning of America into the cultural and spiritual strip-mine of the ages also makes her the natural champion of movements for radical cultural demolition in other lands. To Americans for instance the idea of making incalculable and spontaneous Russians—for decades vaguely portrayed in movies here as mentally or emotionally unstable—into rotely-predictable squealing or sardonic sitcom enthusiasts—to Americans this is a heroic achievement on the level of the Storming of the Bastille. The cookie-cutter life here being regarded as the very highest blessing of the goddess of liberty: above which mortals cannot possibly ascend. People here having similarly been taught since pre-school that our sainted democracy is first and foremost a state in which all feelings are “open and above-board”. And that conversely—and in doughty defense of same—anything reflective or contemplative—which traditional religions of all kinds tend to be—since this involves a holding back of some thought or feeling from public view—that this is potentially an inner breeding-ground for terrorism, and must be rooted out. Or subjected to some form of counseling: the sooner the better. Hence the tremendous obsession with putative psychological ills of the silent “and inhibited”: the shrinking violet being likely to be pondered over, with many a grave shaking-of-heads, in primary school or before. Rendering our children as a consequence noisy, violent, increasingly dangerous to be around: in short the perfect Sesame Street cast. Or on the other hand the quiet child may indeed, in some stretch, react to all the negative feedback and finally truly go berserk: a self-fulfilling prophesy of the first order. All this all-American agony in the name of “good mental health”. Which incidentally pays lots of hefty salaries to hovering functionaries of many kinds. Ah, progress.

We mustn’t be too surprised, then, that our “Evangelicals” are not eagerly welcomed to build their Churches in Uzbekistan or Russia, or many other places as well (see June 10 edition of Moscow times on line). And the more demonstrations these sectarians (as the Russians call them) sponsor on behalf of building permits for the expansion of their churches the more resistance they are likely to meet in such lands. For these Russians are for one thing very well-acquainted with the quaint Evangelical penchant for funding coups and other upheavals: as in Sudan, Ukraine, Georgia, indeed across whole global regions. For one thing in order to root out all such “dangerous and unstable” behavior as these sorts of Yankees are convinced that the rest of the globe displays. While for such purposes these ever-solicitous people produce incredible filmed fabrications, to be viewed by ever-gullible TV-watchers back at home. While an integral part of the “remake” involved is of course a drive to totally revolutionize the whole idea of religion to fit the McMansion motif. Making it—like “democracy” here—something very loud but not very deep or abiding. While finally there are some in other lands who also grasp the deep connection that exists between these evangelicals and the relentless efforts of American corporations to gain control of the world’s markets. These religionists with their atavistic Reformer-era “faith without works” literalism—a backward vision which would have been laughed to scorn by American Protestants only a few decades ago—this being the ideal sectarian ideology to advance corporate-America’s radically-aggressive version of “the American dream”.


June 10, 2005: Delaying Croatia’s E.U. admission. What is the “rule of law”?


Such redundant aphorisms should put the modern citizen instantly on guard: for something more is obviously being said here than the doughty-sounding words that assail the ear. A rule plainly being co-identical to a law, and a law to a rule. The deeper implication in this alleged iron axiom seems to be toward the exclusion of things like (1) human personality, (2) local, national and regional culture and (3) religious faith from any influence whatever on laws and legal institutions. These latter however being in fact decisive formatives of genuine law: a topic much discussed in entries here and there on this page. The above celebrated and oddly-crusading strictures being a “law” laid down to us by basically the same set who brought us two World Wars and dozens of quietly-condoned genocides. While there is also a hint here of that central dogma of modern liberal economics which states that laws are instituted mostly to allow for the unimpeded interplay of “free-market” economic forces. These and related custom-neutralizing conventions being heavily responsible for the bowling-ball-like featurelessness or characterlessness of modern life, of the modern state and techno-culture. In which abound in turn ready associations with the prophetic writings of George Orwell.

Thus the latest statement coming out of the E.U. Enlargement Commission recommending a delay in Croatia’s admission to the E.U. "Croatian authorities need more time to ensure that democratic structures are fully in control and that the entire state administration complies with the rule of law and with international obligations." Plainly this is not only an insult to a parliamentary system but also a patched-together piece of legalese that belongs in the record books. While one need only review the Croatian constitution, and be at all familiar with Croatian culture and history, and the undying struggle for freedom it has sustained during the course of the past century and more, to know that when it comes to a human society governed by laws—and a complex, coordinated, living sort of democracy—Croatia is far from being a stranger to such things. And would in fact put to shame the ever-vindictive E.U. or USA in most such regards.

But there is at work here, in this global Big Brother jargon, not only a restriction of public life away from key traditional influences but also a veritable deification of the input of thoroughly unaccountable new forces. Of the sort which for instance brought us “preemptive” war in Iraq, or which tied Croatia’s hands in the early nineties when it was first resisting Serb aggression. The many recently-founded international bodies—and the many NGOs that operate somewhere on their periphery—these being seconded as well by a Vatican since the Council which has abandoned its one-time virility in defense of genuine institutions of law and government. Having rather displayed a kind of abject defensiveness where it used to be bold and rampant. That bland policy and instructional diet which has kept pace with a catastrophic loss of Catholic influence over earthly affairs. With Ratzinger as Papal Secretary of State eulogizing the merits of a “smaller faith community” all the while he was by his policies and with uncanny efficiency insuring that the church would become just that. A shrunken vestige of its former self alike in a diminution of doctrinal and spiritual content, a shrinking in the size of congregations, and a denigration of Catholic stature before men. The same neutered view of the state, the family, the parish, the human race—as formulated in language coming out of the Hague tribunal, the E.U. and the uncontainable verbal deluge of various corporate-controlled foundations—these receive parallel confirmation in a hierarchy anxious to shed any last vestige of the traditional manly ethos of the See of Peter.

Actually, all this supposedly lofty language about law conceals the most pragmatic and mundane absorption in an immense and incalculable privatized scheme. One in which a blissfully-“rule-of-law” mankind will be milked for all it’s worth. And naturally a genuinely, even heroically Western, Catholic nation like Croatia would be the first to draw flak, or to be marked for a “hit” by the Hague, Washington and Brussels verbal-hit-men of the new order of things.


June 8, 2005: Ejecting anti-popes out of Rome: a one-time historical commonplace.


Especially during very early Medieval times—and again in the 12th century—the possibility of an illegitimate or invalid “heir” to the papal throne was likely to have been at least remotely-entertained in men’s minds. Even if the same Catholics no doubt gladly refrained from examining questions of that theologically insoluble sort which, as some theologians have held, even a Church council is powerless to decide. According to which principle—if I indeed “have it right”—the question, for instance, of whether a pope has self-abdicated by way of some erroneous opinion he has maintained: this subject would become more or less taboo, but for certain (highly-restrictive-indeed) venues of debate. But the fact is—in a considering of chicanery or duress at a conclave, in conjectures carried on among some Catholics today like myself—a questionability which has again raised its head in repeated conclaves since that of 1958, and the election of John XXIII—we aren’t really passing judgment, anyway, but only entertaining well-founded doubts. (These exacerbated by the beatification of the latter papal occupant, who stands forth thus glorified as an essential symbol of the long, ongoing John-Paulian revamp of Catholic Faith). But yet further, the idea that laymen can finally “get enough”, throw caution to the wind and force a re-election: this is another Catholic-historical recourse, if not commonplace. And in some dire settings indeed a layman’s household-of-the-Faith birthright. For even if by some stretch these rebels might at any given time be technically wrong, and some questionable pope really was validly elected in the first place: the only consequence would be that a new also-validly-elected pope would be installed. In a Church which has many times become rather rough-and-ready. As recently in fact as the election of St. Pius X: the Austrian Emperor Franz Josef having declared “nothing doing” when the first freemasonic pope-elect—Rompalla—had been chosen. A brush-with-catastrophe which had it been allowed to stand would basically have given us Vatican Two 60 years earlier. And have made apostates out of our grandparents’ generation instead of our own.

But modern Catholics having gradually been bereft of most of the traditional accompaniments of their Faith—this largely through a centuries developing, all-absorbing, innocent-sounding “market system”—have overwhelmingly for now contented themselves with a kind of pope and clergy worship which is an idolatry all of its own kind. Thus the tremendous over-emphasis upon obedience, remarked upon by so conservative a soul as the late Archbishop Marcel LeFebvre of the Catholic traditionalist movement. Involving a form of pietistic Catholicism in which the priesthood, the Mass, the church building itself, become the only mooring posts of our Faith. A radically-clerical kind of religion—in some ways reminiscent of the court religions of the ancient world—in many respects impressive in its own restrictive and abstract way, but much like a spectacular supernova only auguring the disappearance the star, or in this case the Faith. And not at all its increased vitality or prominence. Thus too the devotionalism of a certain Mutter Vogel of 1929, who is still quoted in some more-traditional circles. In her statement in particular that “one should never attack (which in the extended context seems to mean to even criticize) a priest, even when he’s in error….” Actually, I really wonder if this is an accurate quote, as error and heresy have always been open game in the past, things against which one warns ones child. Error seeming furthermore most often to have a clerical source, as in the cases of Luther, Calvin, Melanchton, Zwingli, and so on. But the currency of such a timid idea is par for the course in a day and time like ours, when trenchantly-secular powers and institutions determine absolutely everything in our lives, and religion shrinks back to perimeters of the most harmless kind of correctness.


June 7, 2005: God is pure Act.


It is incredible how many Catholics since the 30s, both lay and clerical—some of whom no doubt even called themselves Thomists—have contented themselves with Chesterton’s idea of Aquinas. That writer of those times who was really more of a humorist than anything else: although admittedly with flashes of Catholic insight showing through here and there, at times approaching a genuine genius of enlightened piety. Yet Chesterton always seems to have managed—if sometimes in the very nick of time—to drawn himself back from the sheer brink of overpowering commitment: that which Aquinas has a way of producing in those without guile. Rather settling back down to those Edwardian ironic conventions that were his most brilliant forte. Allowing him comfortably to keep on good terms with entrenched elements of the times like racism and militarism, even here and there to display a bit of avant-garde behaviorism as well. As in one portrayal in a novel of a quiet young man said to have been, to paraphrase, “positively bursting with destructive maniacal potential”. Just because of the intensity with which he was gazing at something outside the French doors, or the windowpane (I can’t remember which). For Chesterton’s was an innately safe kind of Thomism: one little likely to show forth any of that system’s intrinsically revolutionary qualities. These ironically built into the very brick and mortar of the Saint’s staid syllogisms.

Thus not surprisingly is Chesterton turned to today by the doughty vanguard of American Catholic conservatism. A time when trivialities like racism once again flourish amid the Catholic fold. Men the likes of the Kennedy brothers or Charles DeGaulle no longer troubling the complacent Catholic mind. Today’s up-and-coming conservative Catholics positively bursting with oblivion-sustaining witticisms, just like the old G.K., or his marginal imitator Bishop Sheen. The latter having spent decades giving beautiful and at the same time very funny sermons, many of them televised. After which however the layman, roused in an oddly bewildered sort of way, was almost invariably left to wonder what to do next. Having heard no stentorian trumpet amid the hilarity; hardly having been led forcefully on to bold Christian deeds, a sheep by his shepherd.

But today such a jocular course isn’t only lazy: it is pure confessional suicide. For all that our enemies need do now is to wait. Those foes who now firmly hold the battlements of Holy Mother Church in their possession, those walls which in the time of Chesterton they were busy scaling: this all the while the guards listened distracted, entranced, to sardonic character-sketches of George Bernard Shaw and a broad assortment of clever one-liners. All these enemies need do now is stall us: to encourage us to stand around: in our new positions down under the heavy Roman walls. During which they even urge us to make sturdy, verbally-brave soldierly jokes. About how militant we are; or about the old golden days of Chesterton, Belloc and others of their kind. For the last few real believers will soon enough be dying out. Or getting so old and out of touch as to no longer have any influence.

Here, then, the reason for the combativeness of what is written here. As little as we are inclined—by our Croatian character—to do so, there is in fact no longer any time to plead or cajol with those who now hold the walls of Rome. Who continue the pious airs, the effusions, the pure, unadulterated talk of a John Paul II: this while our churches empty and our youth lose their Faith. We must demand that they depart, these “enemies of mankind”, these “masters of deceit”.

And furthermore there are others who have much at stake here, besides we Catholics. So that for the critical goals of such a militant offensive the help of almost anyone should not be considered entirely unlikely. And would certainly be welcome. After which there will be a God and a Blessed Lady to thank each and all. And to spiritually feast new citizens for an old Rome, and open up for the earths masses those granaries the planet is so capable of producing and filling. Those who are now members of other religions, both Christian and non-Christian, but who will help us retake the Eternal Citadel. That Rome which even before Christ was already vanquishing those Carthaginians and Canaanites who offered infants in worship to Baal, who reveled in Sodomy. Enormities which once again threatens to swallow a whole globe. A Rome which these future allies can sense is the secure guardian of their own very souls.


June 5, 2005: Benedict XVI, Beatifications, and the Secret-society subversion of the Catholic Church.


The tenor of spirituality in the Catholic Church since Vatican II has been to revolutionize the whole idea of holiness. Going from the Charismatics, on to the Basic Christian Community idea of a parish, to an institutionalized phenomenology to take the place of Thomism in Catholic thought. Thus too Medjugorje: which is nothing other than a microcosm of such radicalisms, conducted by a lot of crackpots in a handily-obscure corner of the world.

Central to this revamping of holiness is the raising-to-the-altars of men like John Paul II, women like Mother Theresa, and others who instituted major remakes in the form Catholicism takes today. While at the same time making the whole process of canonization and beatification into a grossly-unedifying three-ring circus. The result being a Church which has become increasingly unrecognizable, and totally bereft of traditional Catholic values and spirituality. One obviously under a state-of-occupation by others unfriendly to her deepest duties, qualities and mandates. While there is taking place at the same time on the secular plane a remake equally cataclysmic and thoroughgoing, and this all around the globe, as detailed here on this site.

Hence our central practical purpose in the face of this universal onslaught against true, life-giving order and spirituality: to reestablish the rough equivalent of traditional political Christendom. By way of the organizational system expounded here to root out from the Church and from civil society worldwide those infiltrators who are about to put the finishing touches to the demolition of Christianity and Civilization, both Eastern and Western. The only way to do this—and then only with the help of God—is politically and organizationally. Since God, for His own reasons, and as in the case of the Machabees (see last two books of the Old Testament), has allowed the Church’s hierarchy to be more or less completely overcome.

Thankfully, all of this has been predicted countless times in prophesy, both Medieval and Modern. As for instance at La Salette and Garabandal more recently. While finally, to those who worry over being accused of “conspiracy theory”: just read the papers and see that conspiracy is obviously the main determinant of modern life. Only we have to graduate from somehow imagining that the only ones who conspire are bomb-throwing Muslims with beards.


June 5, 2005: E.U. after failed constitution bid.


The unity and strength that would serve the European Union best is not of one global bloc or political/economic monolith against the other, in a bi-polar world. It is the strength of separate sovereignties—albeit cooperating wherever possible, much as they already do—pursuing a distributive articulation of wealth, resources and development. One in which physical and financial capital is “kept at home”, being both owned and managed locally. This is the kind of strength that even according to the logic of Machiavelli is often singularly difficult to overcome in any sense. It might seem humble by ambitious modern standards but it is both rock solid and solvent. While the above sort of power-bloc stand-off, much analyzed on this site, is beneficial chiefly to those who invariably—and indeed necessarily—control things from the outside. Those who gather there for themselves hefty rents. Who are these rentiers, on behalf of whom yes-men in Europe and England now wring their hands in craven obsequy? Read on.


June 3, 2005: Chechens and Talibs operating in the Uzbekistan tumult.


If the USA were merely a sovereignty, its interests would be circumscribed to certain things. But as it stands we have for a long time been the most formidable paladin or chess piece for the corporate revamping of human existence. And since corporations really define for today’s world the terms of access and utilization for things like wealth and resources—and the weapons and armies they make possible—corporate “yes men” and “yes nations” have understandably few major obstacles in their geopolitical paths. In their well-compensated roles in this remake of the global map. Far more important than skill or daring in this chess game—or rather this in a sense “taking candy from babies”—are slogans to lend legitimacy to things by nature illegitimate. Ringing declarations that equate the march of intrinsically cynical, developmentally-regressive and a-moral corporations—or Bush-protégé rouge-states—with the march of freedom and progress.

This false triple correlation—of corporations, progress and freedom—is a big subject—one I attempt to adequately address here on this website—while true progress and advancement beg for genuine academic pioneers to definite them in detailed bold-relief, in present-day terms. And afterward together with others to open up for us their far broader, more truly-romantic and -adventurous frontiers and parameters. A progress which has nothing to do with fomenting revolutions across the globe with the help of corporate money and “social research data”. Orchestrating together every empirical and psychological means possible to bring all the regions of the earth under a “freedom-loving,” “American” influence. That which in practical terms is nothing less than the conversion of the entire globe into another Palestine. Where a denial of employment and housing was only a first phase in a phasing-out that would come to include life and limb as well, and the replacement of “dirty” second-class citizens with well-scrubbed and politically-correct “settlers”. From Fresno to New York to Fallujah, these “replacements” forming a thunderously-uprighteous “middle class”. A far cry, these Lou-Dobbsian sainted-ones, from old-fashioned settlers with dirt under their fingernails from the honest toil of plowing virgin soil. But these (here bi-partisan) paragons do have plenty of blood on their hands, from “successfully” exterminating—here by superior “savvy”, “initiative”, or “progressive” instincts, there by the sword—those “lesser peoples” who lived there before.

All the while “the U.S.”—in the persons of the President, of Rice and other officials—fain fear of extremists, it is using that fear as a sharp spearhead of the noted totalitarian corporate remold. All in the name of a “war on terror” ironically bent on toppling or destabilizing more moderate governments across whole regions. Demonized states like Hussein’s Iraq for not having so easily been made compliant to all-consuming corporate agendas. So that ultimately some “democratic” revolt will bring in some ultra-militant Islamic Republic or some such regime (3 years later, on 8/26/08: note the U.S. backed dominance of a militant Shiite regime in Baghdad). Of the kind born and bred in regional ghettos of socioeconomic despair. Promising as complex absorption or assimilation processes involved do to turn a host of little nations into an easily-molded putty: in a chaos incapable of self-determination, a showcase of an induced poverty, of life on the edge of human existence. Thus did Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov only today reveal the active presence of the Taliban and the Chechen extremists in the mounting tumult in Uzbekistan: which lies in the middle of the projected American corridor of military and economic control from the Middle East to Central Asia. And which, incidentally, also forms the once-Taliban-interdicted Heroine route to the West. This while the U.S. grants political asylum to one of the Chechen insurgent’s main operatives, a butcher and planner of the Beslan school-hostage massacre. Even as a close-cousin Israel shelters felons wanted for murder in Russia: three Jews (along with a whole host of fellow-travelers as well) deeply implicated, to the point of bloody deeds, in the Russian economic and political meltdown of the mid-to-late nineties.

All this however easily squares with the supposed eternal American duty to somehow straighten out the rest of mankind: a mantle of authority acknowledged by a growing category of citizen whose minds can accommodate mammoth everyday media-and-master leaps-in-thought. As if somehow all this were pure altruism and goodwill. While the measure of our failure to even handle our own problems is glossed over by the same NGOs, think-tanks and bought-and-sold media who choreograph Bush’s latest “struggle for democracy”.


June 3, 2005: The governments of Serbia, Israel and the United States: the master supremacists, torturers and global destabilizers of our times.


The recent incredibly films from Srebrenica, of Muslim youths being tortured and executed by Serb police units operating in Bosnia/Herzegovina in 1995—together with U.S. detention camp atrocities around the world—and Israeli slaughter of defenseless women and children in connection with the destruction of Palestinian housing and the extension of the notorious “wall”—these barbarities reveal plainly to the world who are the real terrorists on this globe. While Bush and Rumsfeld today openly sneer at and deny renewed accusations by Irene Khan of Amnesty International: of heinous deeds at Guantanamo which all the world has little doubt are true. These atrocities further being capped by decades-running operations of the agents of all three of these nations in both assassinations and provocateur acts under disguised identities, or by way of the use of deluded third parties. As among Serb Chetniks and/or Serb-dominated Yugoslav-communist Partisans who during World War II actually wore Croatian Ustasha and Domobranci (i.e. home guard) uniforms while carrying on the destruction of Serbian lives and the desecration of Serbian Orthodox properties. Exactly as armed elements American or Israeli—two nations which in certain ways have come to form an amorphous whole—wreak havoc in Iraq on police stations, army barracks and market-places alike, while dressed in disguise, as insurgents,. So great is the desire of well-placed fanatics of all three nations to see their visions of radical supremacy materialize: whether of Serbian Orthodox over Muslims and Catholics; of a certain minority-breed of Americans over everyone not of their strange secular/Puritan/elected condition; or of an element in Israel as a Master Race entitled at will to destroy others in the pursuit of their aims. The latter according to that bizarre Jewish Secular Messianism—a phenomenon closely-related on a certain plane to the noted American Secular Puritanism—a belief which interprets certain obscure passages in the Old Testament or Torah to relegate the rest of mankind to a position less than human. An element which likewise and according to American agents on the scene had much to do with the Communist takeover in Russia in 1917, under a Commissariat which was 93% Jewish in nationality. Here too, in certain highly-prominent elites of these three nations, is to be found much of the instigation of the World Wars of the twentieth century—in both of which the influential of a yet-to-be-founded Israel were already in some ways deeply and uncannily involved. While the rest of us—the innocent citizens of these countries—we must bear the shame which our governments bring down upon us before our fellow man—in a wholesale economic, political and military destabilization of an entire globe—a story detailed to a degree on this site. The USA now being under the grip of a ballot-box-stuffing, media-manipulating coterie, part of the above global pirate crew: this activity comprising only one ultra-radical element of an illegitimacy which in many ways more or less defines government today. That marvelous good, given us by a good God, to whose redemption, especially here in the USA, this website is in a special way dedicated.


May 31, 2005: Russia’s “controlled” media.


All you have to do is take the trouble to go online and look at digital editions of major Russian newspapers like the Moscow Times to see how completely false are the ongoing American/EU accusations about a controlled Russian media. Indeed, these Russian outlets attack their government and especially Putin with a scorn and vituperation seldom seen here. Where one isn’t allowed to call anyone so nasty a term as “liar” on the Senate floor. Is it the fact that such violent kinds of self-expression don’t materialize into lynchings or coups, is this what disappoints Condi or George?

Do take the trouble to check out some of the Russian websites and other media, featuring Russians who simply do not mince their words: having that rather standard Slavic trait which has little respect for those who do. And there can be no doubt that Putin himself is deeply attached to this native “freedom of expression”.

There was a Russian newspaper closed down last year after having colluded in a major release of compromising classified information: the very sort of thing that rocked Washington recently as well, and saw heads roll at some TV stations and newspapers here.


May 30, 2005 Grassroots American Protestantism and the modern American Judicial Philosophy: Nary the twain shall meet.


Those who were first to revolt against the profligacy of the Medicis were Italian Catholic townspeople horrified by perverse, dictatorially-imposed Renaissance bacchanalia excesses. For contrary to the complacency that is so often assumed to have characterized the ordinary Catholic peoples of those times across the length and breadth of Europe, the reigning pope was a cause of universal horror in the estimation of all but a few elites and other hangers-on. He who sent a Medici at the head of a raping, pillaging army to quell a unique historical uprising of the good and devout. This same general later destined to become a pope himself.

Similarly, those Huguenots and Scotch and English Calvinists who founded the United States were hardly a people bent on establishing here what had been revolted against—by Catholics and Reformers alike—in the Old Country. That with which the Papacy itself would at last come to terms, ridding itself for almost four centuries to come of what was really only another in a long line of lay caesaro-papist infiltrations at the highest of levels. That which it has been the fate of Christendom to suffer now and again: from a corrupt wealthy and/or powerful laity—sometimes even non-Christians in disguise—which ever seeks the sanctions of religion to cover its foul deeds. And in struggle against whose devices and machinations a far greater proportion of popes and other churchmen had from the very beginning given their lives. A relentless onslaught of vile, foreign invasions which do however on occasion succeed to varying degrees in their aim: forming a major part of that scandal which “must needs come into the world: but woe to him by whom it comes”. Although the Church can never be permanently or entirely overcome by such enemies: by guarantee from the Savior Himself. Being destined to experience a semi-final victory soon, when “the Gospel will be preached (which also means, as the Early Fathers tell, practiced) to the ends of the earth”. And of course to achieve a final resounding triumph in the Second Coming of Christ.

But again these sturdy Colonial settlers wanted to establish a “just nation, a holy nation”, even indeed “a people set apart”. True, they didn’t want an official state religion: for after all they had just fought a war mostly against the whole idea of hierarchies (not really against a tax on tea). So that after bearing with a protracted struggle to come up with a “constitution”—debated mostly by those deists who had so quickly and uncannily gained control of the Colonial resistance to the Crown—these early Americans were satisfied to have a “Supreme Being” acknowledged as the author of the state to which they gave their undying allegiance. Although right from the start there were misgivings: provoked for instance by those gargantuan fraudulent land “sales” in the Ohio valley that would start in earnest before the Constitution was even finished: leading some to wonder about the priorities of those in charge back in Philadelphia.

Yet were you able to go back to those times, and to tell the people around Boonsboro or in upstate New York that what they were really preparing was a paradise for the likes of the courtesans and courtiers who had taken over Rome in the early sixteenth century: they would have laughed you to scorn. While their forebears would forthwith have treated you to a nice “dunking”. But in fact that has been the drift of things since the days when doughty pioneers still wore three-cornered hats. The sad truth being that rebellion—carefully provoked and nurtured, and then gained control of just at the right moment—this has been the avenue for the destruction of everything the Christian people—in Italy, German, England or the USA—have ever held dear. This by a piratical coalition—who love to wear the liveries of the world’s great religions—but whose only belief is that they deserve—if only by their unmatchable cunning—to own and control “the wealth of nations”.

These individuals have no place for our Christian beliefs, or even many traditional Jewish ones: considering as fools those who would deny themselves any of the world’s dainties for some set of interior loyalties. These serpentine people “wise in the things of this world”. Although they do love to put together beautiful sayings which dazzle the mind, and which lead others down a primrose path into slavery, moral, political and physical.

But whatever its historical failings might be at any given time—having to bear with an inseparable vulnerable human condition—the only secure political refuge against such evil men is social, political and economic Christendom. That which is coterminous in all ways with a fully-lived and practiced Catholicism. The rejection of or rebellion against which cannot possibly be the answer. There being no other universal, organized force, given us by Almighty God, capable of sustaining the attacks of such a diabolical/piratical foe. The Christian people during the first millennium—when “the devil was chained”—having constructed a “secular” organizational interface, a superstructure whose highest purpose and ambition was indeed to provide that peace and tranquility in which most aptly to contemplate God, as Aquinas would say. But which—indeed for that very exalted purpose, and despite the many slanders of TV historians—was painstakingly concerned with things of day-to-day socio-economically-facilitative or justice-related import—and hardly at all with the entirely personal affairs of individuals. That radically-non-coercive element which sets Christian governments instantly apart from their invasive, non-legitimate modern-day opposites. Represented, epitomized today by that American judiciary which is the murderer of Terry Schiavo and countless others. All for their supposedly blessed “freedom”. And the hatcheting of the reputations of fine men like Tom DeLay, who dared to rise in her defense. These judges being robed Druid slayers of justice in anyone’s vocabulary.


May 23, 2005: The promotion of global hegemony in a poured-in-concrete bi-polar world. What is a neo con?


Lately we are told by grave commentators that the neo cons have far less influence at the White House than is commonly supposed. That they are only a small but shrill chorus, one often-as-not in heated disagreement with the Administration over foreign policy. This hypothesis views the Bush Administration as the product of numerous pressure-groups of various strengths: thus for one thing heightening the attractive notion that democracy—not Napoleonism—still reigns here. But in fact this is only one example of a trend toward artificially reducing all current political/military influences to a few purely-empirical quantities: part in turn of a drive to minimize the disturbing implications of the recent expansion of American power.

What is Bush doing to withstand the neo-cons, several of whom hold major posts in his White House and elsewhere in the Government? Is his recently inaugurated plan for a military/economic corridor from the Black Sea region to the Caspian, to permanently exclude Russia from any major influence in its Southern periphery—is this an example of such a self-restraining path? Is it to be found in the fact that he hasn’t followed neo con directives word for word and in every prescription—for instance not having yet invaded Iran—even though he has adopted the general trend of their lead?

Granted, the neo cons aren’t the real problem—they are only its marketing team—a fact which might be said in a certain sense to reduce their stature or impact. Indeed Bush Administration military and political hyper-aggression itself is only the latest generation in a quasi-sovereign mercenary force at the service of Anglo/American/Jewish corporate globalism: to whose two centuries of vast interwoven corridors of wealth and influence it mostly owes the uncanny success of its initiatives. All of which suggests that the way power is attained and maintained globally has changed dramatically over the past few centuries: for one thing too outmoding to a quaint convention once-standard notions about the consequences of major blunders and disgraces on the world scene. Hence the recent doom-utterances over America’s obvious fall in the charts of world popularity are more or less contrived, especially when they come from those many who know better. Darkly intimating as they do that such failings will earn dividends in the catastrophic loss of American power and influence overseas. Falls-in-stature however which grandiloquent speeches by presidents like Reagan at various “darkest hours” suffice to entirely reverse, to inaugurate “new eras” of “national greatness”. For which poor people around the world pay most of the tab.

True, Bush-era brutality and incompetence cannot go on forever, but staying time for key nations is uncannily extended by the adoption of what might be called a universal bi-polarity in all ways political/military/trade. That dichotomous mindset which is “the ticket” to so many, which has actually been critical to hegemonious regimes since the street riots of Reds and Whites in ancient Aegean Greece. A phenomenon duplicated strikingly well in the mindless polarity of American political life, every four years playing out in a special way at our conventions. For the people—whether in ancient Athens, the modern USA or at the U.N. General Assembly—are rendered uniquely powerless when whipsawed by an officially-contrived either/or dilemma between major players or issues. And “the government” by the same means rendered entirely supreme. And made into a global political/economic/military conquest-machine. Hegemons placed in power by default of the fact that all hopes for domestic and global peace and well-being are typically to be found in the ranging areas in between any two extremes. (While for sake of the high-level simpleminded I hasten to add that this doesn’t mean that you settle for a little bit of obstetric murder as the sanitary and sanctimonious mid-point between no abortion and abortion on a massive scale.)

Indeed is the world today in real terms but a sedulously-maintained fissure between America/England/India/Japan and their opponents the Russia/Islamic-nation/Latin-America-world group—with China a fickle maid whose hand is fervently sought by both sides. Chessboard adversaries kept dutifully at an action-inhibitive, highly-monitorable geo-political and geo-military table by Jews who densely infiltrate each and all. The earth being divided into a two-sided competition which remains a deadlock—as in the 40-plus-year-long Cold War—of set design. Plainly, paranoiacally-conflict-oriented people like the neo-cons will always be welcome, and their advice given much heed, in such a world. While the fact that the U.S. is running out of sovereign lenders (46% less investment than last year) and soldiers alike—failing to recruit even among those impoverished ghetto-dwellers who drove the first years of the Iraq War—and that it is also universally despised for its cynical prisoner abuse, war-crimes-caliber aggression-based foreign policy, and countless other egregious wrongs—under noted new rules all this only changes the game plan in such a strategic world. Hardly resulting in the expulsion of a hopelessly out-of-form player. In the case at hand signs of deep and fundamental wickedness, weakness or incompetence calling for little more than a cranking up of the rpms on the corporate-Neo-Con and corporate-NGO sponsored War on Terror battlewagon. A genuine protection racket which quickly and convincingly makes up for all shortcomings—certainly of style, etiquette or personnel-management—on other scores. Fabulously-paid “contractors” and surrogate warriors-on-terrorism alike—sponging off a patriotically-bottomless national debt, people who live and breath danger and violence—being easier every day to find. This by a global elite bred on an anti-life legal/judicial climate and a cult-of-death-and-cruelty entertainment media: these elements finding odd correlatives too with such random national fixtures as a disturbingly-paranoid group-loyalty-ridden fund of middle-school reading material. Within which constraints the “Old Europe” is being inexorably forced into the Thatcher-defined, Anglo-traditional camp of “the bad guys”, albeit kicking and screaming every inch of the way.

The real going-game of global hegemony today is in the utilization of mother earth and of all mankind as a testing ground for bizarre new ideas on everything from sex to workforce motivation to the Frankenstein-like genetic crossing of phyla. While commodities and strategic weaponry alike are being fine tuned for the weird new wars and other bizarre competitions that are slated to be fought in future.

Proofs of this world of polar-divisive Overlord-level control are as abundant as they are weary and inescapable: as in hyper-political agenda that has been taken up by the Hague Tribunal. Which is no doubt today’s chief judicial/juridical enforcer of such a perpetually-bisected world. And by the fact that U.S. forces or agents can round up basically anyone anywhere and put them in some sort of detention—more recently even penetrating into the once-forbidden world of Kremlin cabinet-level officialdom. As if they were American citizens. Thus Noriega, Hussein and no doubt scores of others less well known, from realms for decades now within the easy arms-reach of the USA, are being joined today by people like former Russian Nuclear Power Minister Yevgeny Adamov, who is being held in a Swiss prison on a U.S. warrant. Which reminds you too of the recent claiming of jurisdiction of a Houston court over a major Russian state corporate-taxation-liability matter, or for that matter of the Chicago-area social services entering a child-custody battle with Cuba a decade ago over a visiting Cuban boy: as if Havana were a regular ghetto stop-off for American protective services teams. So that although Russia said Wednesday it was appealing against the noted detention on the basis that Switzerland had violated Adamov’s immunity as a former minister in thus acceding to U.S. wishes, yet the outcome in favor of that overstep—by one of the global big boys—would seem to be a foregone conclusion.


May 21, 2005: Bush news conferences: like a Mafia godfather’s off-the-cuff harangue

It makes you think vaguely of the first full length movie about Al Capone during the fifties, the one in which the boyz and the gals throw him a big party down at some downtown Chicago speak-easy, after he has “gotten off” on some charge. The rag-time band is blaring “happy days are here again” through the thick cigar and cigarette smoke in the below-street-level room. Today the euphoria is just as universal, if not near so convincing. Back in the 1920s get-together everybody talks about “how good Al is for the country”. Later he gives a speech, complete with reporters and cameras flashing: throughout which when he laughs, everybody laughs; when he falls silent, everybody falls silent; when he frowns, everybody frowns. Questions in both cases from the rank and file are answered with a bluff self-assurance, at times best epitomized in a quote from a later movie, “if somebody messes with me, I’m gonna mess with him,” uttered with a cigar-in-the-mouth smile. Meanwhile, the War on Terror “goes on”, and opponents get photographed in their underwear. The whole thing being conducted by poker-faced people you can’t help associating with the guys with pin-striped suits and a bulge under their armpits.

I really think that Bush’s task—given him by the fellas at the Skull and Crossbones society—is to totally destroy all regard for conservative, traditional values. Then Hilary and the blood-on-their-hands anti-life gang will move into the vacuum and take over. And this country will be reduced to one diabolical cinder of avant-garde immorality and perversity. And Bush will give us his famous blank look: that chief communicational legacy of Klan, secret-society, gangland lore. A President who has traceable connections to the Dallas gang that put John Kennedy under. Do we not sorely miss he and his brother now?


May 20, 2005: Montenegro sponsors a rally on behalf of the Chetniks, who were the real fascists of the World War II Balkans.

Any Serb—or in a pinch anyone at all—can any time they choose mount a soap-box against Croatian “fascism”—and from that lofty height justify, and perhaps even set in motion, some sort of cruel and bloody agenda. And get Brits, Aussies and the Hague Tribunal to join the Serbian lobby here in loud cheers, or the preparation of lengthy, mendacious “sealed indictments” against imaginary Croatian “criminals” recent or decades past. Of a piece with this histrionic re-writing of history—and the mount of podia by history’s worst villains—is the recent rally in Montenegro celebrating the Chetniks of the Yugoslavia of World War II. Those who were the real fascists of the time and region. Under a Serb-dominated government which capitulated almost instantly to Hitler, and went on to become the first nation outside Germany whose capitol would pride itself loudly on being “Judenfrei”: or absolutely free of Jews. In a campaign which was headed by a popularly-adored Orthodox priest.

When Croatia protested officially, they were bade sardonically by the Montenegro government to “forget the past”: the sort of baiting to which militant Orthodox paramilitaries no doubt subject the victims of their 1990s mass rapes. While the “world community” looked on. All of which however doesn’t change the fact that were Croatia to allow anything like such a gathering on its soil—say of that Ustasha which, slanders aside, although not always entirely virtuous was interested entirely in battle rather than rape and genocide—it would instantly be considered for debilitating sanctions by “the world community”. If not invaded and ultimately put under the usual Serb-directed rule by ever-hovering “friends” close at hand and across the sea.

As all this suggests, World War II Croatia was hardly the regional villain—although the world media has spent a half a century and more trying to set such a notion in concrete in the popular mind. A Croatia which under Cardinal Stepinac brought into being one of the most effective and coordinated “underground railroads” of the War for the harboring and bringing-to-safety of Jews. While the Pavelic administration—considered under the influence of the noted propaganda to have been the classical quisling government of the War—was the one which adamantly refused for the most part to actively aid the Nazis in their persecution of the Jews. That which Serb/Chetnik neighbors took up with such religious zeal (see contemporary regional Jewish sources for many-a Croat-exonerating, grateful confirmation of all these facts). Even if Croatia was indeed an opponent of the Allies: those same powers namely who in one way or another before and after World War II had seen to it that Croatia has mostly been kept under the yoke of Serbia.

At the root of the “world community” persecution of Croatia is the idea long promoted by certain major world players that the Catholic Church is the perpetual enemy: especially as it manifests itself in nations which are boldly, unashamedly Catholic. Rather than masquerading themselves as Protestant or Jewish look-alikes. That boldness which of all nations has perhaps historically most characterized Croatia. A land which, together with a briefly-existent Biafra, must be regarded as having suffered most in modern times for the retention of the Catholic Faith and way of life. But why is it that Catholicism is so hated?

It is the very practice-orientation of true Catholicism that makes it so many enemies—as in the Croatian example. Catholics true to their Gospel salt—from a land which has tirelessly provided missionaries and lay-apostles since before the discovery of the Americas—Croatians and others like them are noted for preaching mostly by example: while world finance, organized crime, piracy, white slavery, et al prefer however to “do business” with religions that are mostly talk. That leave the whole area of practice to they themselves, with their highly “practical” codes of morality, and limitless means of persuasion. So that Orthodoxy—which has many devout adherents but which throughout history has also had a way of collaborating well with occupying powers like the Muslims, Communists, Nazis and others—even if it goes on bloody rampages of revenge when the scales are tipped and the yen takes hold—Orthodoxy will thus always be preferred to Catholicism among today’s rich and powerful. A preference of course also granted to all the many thousands of Protestant break-away sects—as in a military-aggression-oriented, prisoner-torturing, “saved” and born again USA—who are so often very good at “only saying Lord, Lord”.


May 19, 2005: The law of God versus “Constitutionality” as the source of legislation and case-law development.


The whole idea of constitutionality is a strictly American invention (Richard Tseng-yu Lai, 1988)—one which gives an unprecedented degree of moral power to human judges: indeed putting them in charge of an ongoing revamp of the national existence, the national self-definition, the moral dimensions of the human mind and soul. Written constitutions of any kind actually found their debut in the USA: while beforehand law was understood as simply the progressive crystallization of a people’s sense of right and wrong in their most common practical relations with one another. Even as the source of law’s purest formation and interpretation has in the Western tradition always been understood as being the Divine Revelation: that which in its critical integral entirety is the legacy alone of Christianity. Law thus being something innately rooted in a legacy from out of the past, typically starting with incipient tribal concepts of the chief values of human existence. While if rightly inspired, law naturally paves the way to a progressively-better national future: as it were on the foundations of that same past. There being little in the authentic development of law to suggest the abstract, radical evolutions of some legal/progressive utopia: such as we have increasingly about our ears in the USA today.

Fundamentally different, then, is this concept of constitutionality—an idea of legal development which systematically removes man’s institutions from their perennial moral and spiritual moorings. Those ageless docking-points designed to sustain many a social, political or economic storm. Constitutionality as commonly understood rather easily coming to embody a sort of state idolatry—an avenue for a species of statism of the most profound, indeed even bizarre kind. The revolutionary quality of the development of law under such a “constitutional” framework actually having been evident here from the very beginning, if in a rising crescendo over the past few decades.

Furthermore, although constitutionality is somehow—after all these bench high-priestly exertions—thought of as being the expression of the will of the people, under its American forms it experiences a further heavy tutelage in the person of leading academic avant-gardes in many fields. With the idea furthermore being rife—in that radicalism which always holds sway whenever God is excluded from human institutions—that no matter where this moral-law-frustrating process leads us—and no matter how many society-corrosive mistakes are made on such an experimental path—that this “rule of the technocrat” constitutionality is the most exalted possible path for the development of law in the res publica, or thing of the people.


May 17, 2005: French gear up to reject EU Constitution. Underlying correlation of same to Bush’s privatization.


All the hysteria over an upcoming French “No” vote in a referendum over the “EU Constitution” is really very much like the “crisis” mentality of the Bush camp over the future of Social Security. The leaders over there are saying that to reject the Constitution “would be the end of Europe”: a statement which is perfectly ridiculous. While Bush, not to be outdone, insists that the only way out of a looming red-ink disaster is to go several trillion more dollars into debt than we already are.

As discussed below, the whole idea of a constitution originated with the United States: prior to which the legal/institutional self-definition of any people was always regarded as an unspoken, unwritten reality. Written on men’s hearts and minds rather than on paper or parchment. Furthermore the American experience with a constitution and “constitutionality” has been as vehicles seemingly custom-made for rapid, radical and ideologically-driven change. Constitutions here and elsewhere having thus and not surprisingly had at best a middling track-record for the individual nations involved: while for a trade, tariff and customs union federation of many nations the idea of a constitution promises to be yet a further departure down the same treacherous, uncharted, hair-pin-turn-ridden road. But perhaps most troubling of all, the real and carefully-camouflaged upshot of the EU Constitution—well-hidden among the maze of complexities in which the document is conceived and phrased—is to radically geo-corporatize Europe. The only real political doctrine clearly gleanable from the Document being a thorough embrace of the most radical modern-day form of market capitalism: all other elements—in particular any of the many present-day socioeconomic guarantees which make Europe today a comparative quality-of-life paradise—being so shrouded in opaque legalese diction as to be placed in a kind of central-planning-body discretionary limbo. The whole thought-frustrating document being destined to accomplish much the same thing that privatizing Social Security—and other Bush ultra-centralizing proposals—would do—and are already doing—for us here. In the final analysis throwing everything—multiple national sovereignties, cultures, laws, traditions, you name it—into the hopper of global finance/arbitrage. As in a radically monetized, market-traded USA, in which even foreign policy is for all intents and purposes a corporate-privatized affair. The nebulous, chart-blanche-like EU Constitution being fated to render Europeans—with their widely diverse languages and customs—“one big (‘united we stand’) unhappy family”, in most important ways dictated to by a stock market Big Brother. One admirably empowered to create artificial crises and manipulable agendas that mirror the “business as usual” pandemonium seen daily here.

Regarding Social Security privatization: no one I know of has yet mentioned the sheer impossibility of mobilizing the quadrupled-on-paper stock assets that would materialize over night as a result of the program. A consideration so fundamental, whose significance looms so large that its very size may blot out comprehension with many here. Kind of like the unthinkable treacheries that lie behind the Trade Tower Crashes. Since, simply put, stocks, bonds and debentures must in some sense or other stand for products of some kind or, plainly, they cannot possibly produce either value or yield. While the kinds of products and “productive activities” that would result from such a stock-asset multiplication would quickly turn the world into a neo-con version of Pasternak’s nightmare collectivist world “entirely covered in concrete”. And no doubt likewise—to keep such gargantuan gears turning smoothly—with ever-newer and more-treacherous derivative-ridden financial instruments. For when it comes to any humbler and more familiar kind of expansion-of-commodities, we already have far too many rapid-obsolescence gadgets and other “great new ideas” flooding markets of every kind as it is. Many of which only a certain chosen few can afford. Here too the inadequacies of our demand-pull effect come into full play vis-à-vis labor. Since “rich markets demand rich consumers and lots of them”: something which cannot simply be put on paper or in digital form, or achieved by expanded armies of road- and construction-workers, swelling to the horizon in rank-and-file.

Indeed, the whole problem of today’s entire global economy—of capitalism as a whole phenomenon—may be expressed in precisely these terms: a Schumpeter-discovered too much productive capacity, and not enough consumers. (Really good productivity is done in an entirely different way: something discussed on these pages and in my books to date). Actually, this endemic over-production of capitalism was mentioned by Marx as well, and is of course and as maintained here the greatest actual cause of war for at least a century now: due mainly to a mortal competition for the quickly-satiated markets involved.

So what will be done with all this investment money? The only certainty under privatization—besides the mega-trillions it will take to establish the myriad separate accounts—and the further Bush-beloved indebtedness this will bring into being—the only other certainty is that your investment money will be in someone else’s pocket—and able to do wonders for brokers in countless ways. While the chance of your portion producing marvelous new mega-marketed products—and thus netting you any stock or interest income—or perhaps even of you ever seeing the principal again—will undoubtedly be small indeed.



May 17, 2005: Torture and Massacre of Sunnis in Iraq.


I am convinced from all my research, conducted over a period of at least four years, that the present mounting atrocities against the Sunnis are orchestrated by provocateur agents of Israel, perhaps with the aid of American military “contractors”. For instance, mention is made here in another paragraph of an instance of men clothed from head to toe in weird all-black uniforms, complete with cover-all masks, seen now and again in pictures from the War: of these strange figures being found to have decidedly Caucasian features. As in a tell-tale pink-fleshed bare hand protruding from a cover-all sleeve; or another figure with a tall, lithe, muscular build. People the pin-point precision and dare-devil élan of whose attacks little resembles the spirit of any devout, ragged band of Mujahideen. And whose like could easily be responsible for these newest major disorders.

From all I have seen I am certain that the Shiite leadership—although innately more radical in their thinking than the Sunnis—are entirely sincere in wishing the latter—whom they universally refer to as their brothers—to be dealt with justly and even compassionately. The real enemy is a world media/propaganda machine which works in perfect sync with these mass-executioners and blowers-up of high-level officials, mourners and market-goers. And which is now similarly taking the whole perfectly-unfounded fabrication about corruption in the U.N. Oil for Food program to new heights in its unfounded allegations against Russian political leaders, including Putin himself. Which incidentally shows you the northward direction into which future aggressions may tend. These charges always being a kind of conundrum based on some piece of evidence that has itself never been properly substantiated. Like the so-called “deals” of the British MP: allegations drug up out of a cesspool of calumnies against a man of singular integrity and courage in his opposition to the Iraq War and its many underhanded deals. Slander—exactly as under a similarly funded and organized Communism—being one of the principle tools of the grossly-misnamed “War on Terror”. Which should rather be called “Reign of Terror”.


May 15, 2005: Racism needs an official Catholic condemnation.


For all of its supposed crusading, Vatican II did little more than make references to this great social crime. So that many misconceptions and downright lies were allowed a new lease on life: since an omission in this regard, in a council universally apprehended as being supremely “pastoral”, is bound to be seen as an unspoken “green light” by some people. The stirring words of St. Peter Claver—the Apostle of the Blacks—worker in the Lord’s vineyard in Latin America—statements which lay out in great detail the equality of men, and the folly of any other viewpoint—these words having thus been allowed in large measure to be superceded in practical terms even among Catholics—openly among some, tacitly among others—by hoary old fables about the Race of Cain, the Mark of Shem. In that “blood is thicker than water” Catholicism which rates nationalities according to Nordic grades: in which Irishness is next to godliness: and Latins and Southern Europeans are classed as “over-emotional”. Or writings of such holy souls as the stigmatist Ann Catherine Emmerich, which at one point seem to be speaking of Blacks in a less than complementary way, are interpreted to justify the worst sorts of good ole boy underhandedness. These statements being found however in an abruptly-introduced passage totally out-of-character with the rest of the book: a work which had passed through several hands before it was finally published, long after her death: and which could thus easily have been altered by someone with an agenda to push. As happened for instance and in another sense in the case of St. Therese’s Story of a Soul: the manuscript of which was at one time available under another title, an original whose artless style the Saint’s elder sister—who was also her religious superior—had found to be insufferably naïve.

Racism and a closely-related nationality-prejudice are sometimes even seen within the confines of a single family: in a scale that takes into account darker or lighter hair and more or less Mediterranean features. Here being a major cause of rifts, cruelties and jealousies: all on basis of a fantastic, Neanderthal lie.

Of course the inhabitants of the entire continent of Africa left to a primitive existence compared to others, over a period of centuries, is going to suffer. An Africa even now thwarted shamefully in world economic and trade terms. While here in the USA native failings of all nationalities have been encouraged by a commercialized system that profits most on human degradation. And some races here have been used more than others to usher in a civilizational implosion. As in a certain kind of Black culture which is much encouraged in the media but which good Blacks often both hate and fear. But Blacks, Mexicans, Indians—joined equally in cultural pitfalls by BTK-tending good-ole-boys—are eager and ready to self-improve, wherever required, and in whatever way they are allowed the means to do so. People whose native civilizations were sometimes very advanced before their fatal brush with the USA, or with modern capitalism in some other form. While Blacks brought here from Africa were regarded with so little respect or justice that, at least among Protestant slave-owners in the South, the initial practice of encouraging baptism among them was quickly abandoned. Because Baptism implies spiritual equality: and that was not to be allowed here in “the land of the free”. (See Gausted, 1993). And ways were also found to enslave Indians just like Blacks: Indians who for this reason fled in large numbers to the pre-1836 Texas of Mexico. The retrieval of whom was one of the major if unspoken reasons for the glorious war of Houston and Austin. The war for Texas’ “freedom and independence”. A flagrant racial injustice that was earlier a cause for problems with Spain and England which led directly to the War of 1812.


May 17, 2005: An invitation to non-Catholics.


I issue from this moment an appeal to non-Catholic separated brethren to unite with me, and other Catholics of a like mind, in bringing the Catholic Church back to its authentic identity and mission. Even to Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus I issue this call. I ask you to help us overwhelm the minions of deceit and perversity who have stormed the Church’s walls and taken over its battlements. I say it is time for you to come back to—or to enter for the first time—the One True Faith, given us by the Son of God, under just such terms. As its rescuers. You who can sense, as do I, that this Castle-under-siege was raised for the salvation and security of all mankind.

We few who still believe need your fresh courage, your inspiration, your limitless self-sacrifice. To raise again the belfries and buttresses of ages past. Building again on foundations of stone those things which comprise Civilization in its highest form. Elements of which all nations, all sincere faiths, already in many ways have their own unique contributory share. Let us join together to build an earthly city which is a fit dwelling-place for the One, True God: He of Three Divine Persons. After the manner of the ancient building up of the City of David. That triune reality which is reflected perfectly in the human soul and personality. A city which will be a worthy place to celebrate the wonders of the Gospel “pearl of great price”. Let us together raise the standard of the spiritually sublime over the cheap and tawdry: this latter which is being forced on man now, gravely limiting his inner horizons, destroying his mental and emotional health and well-being. Bringing him war, turmoil and unhappiness rather than joy, peace and salvation.



May 14, 2005: New Church Catholicism: “This is as good as it gets”.


It’s amazing how much this kind of self-congratulations has been the ethos of a certain controlling faction in the Church since the ultra-reforming Vatican II. And of the supposedly-crusading, ultra-spiritual pontiffs that came in its wake. A phenomenon to which I was reintroduced in full form when I listened to EWTN again for the first time in many months. A station which may indeed still have a certain amount of good and pious programming: but where once again I heard a certain promotional pitch on behalf of today’s status quo Catholicism. The TV audience being told in so many words that the Church, after two thousand years of largely wandering in the desert, has reached a unique high-point under Benedict and John Paul. Even though there have occurred since Vatican II such devastating calamities that it could hardly have been worse if another existentialist/phenomenologist, also nicely named John Paul—viz., Sartre—had been pope these several decades.

But this sort of New Church “as is” warrantee fits most conveniently, for all its supposed spiritual exaltedness, with the modern geo-corporate world. With its no-nonsense, sleeves-rolled-up success ethic. It doesn’t sweat the small stuff: those innumerable minutiae which are however of the very heart and soul of traditional Catholic spirituality. And which we are bade to turn in for the rebate of a Faith limited to a narrowly-construed Apostles Creed. That minimalism, or rather historical reductionism, which is at the very heart of all heresy. And the fact that the rotund clergyman wears the clerical robes, and I wear those of a layman, doesn’t change any of this one wit. For the Faith is what matters, not who proclaims it. Martin Luther and John Calvin were priests too.

But if you turn back the pages of time to before “The Council” you find that the clergy used to spend their time and couch their sermons in constant remonstrations toward moral and spiritual perfection. In fatherly tones which we instantly recognized as those of the Shepherd—“I know mine and mine know Me”—and which we hear so little of today. That which was expressed in urgings toward a thousand practical duties and solicitudes. For you see, things were never “good enough” back then. Obligations of the laity for instance hardly being construed in those days to include punching a time-clock for some sodomy-sponsoring corporate entity downtown: and for breadwinner’s duty sake acting just like “one of the boys”. Or if one works in a blue-collar field, acting like some kind of pirate, or dockside goon, in that united-we-stand unanimity which guarantees one a job in today’s America. All the while we congratulate ourselves on the indeterminate, amorphous “agape” of an ultra-“cultic”, time-economic Catholicism. Indeed, I have spent some time on the peripheral edges of a couple of cults myself—to my lasting regret—and what has taken place in the Church since the council resembles exactly that sort of institutionalized morbidity. Mostly an anesthetic against the exercise of conscience. Cult members typically having the most yawningly-ordinary of compromised lives when it comes to everything outside the obscure never-land of their cultic get-togethers.

This New Church Catholicism, for all its egregious compromises, loves to use the language of the mystics. While it neglects to mention the onerous steps—St. Teresa’s “Seven Mansions”—that lead up to the Unitive Way. The New Church generally assumes that the incomparable gifts of a Teresa or a St. John of the Cross were only charisms—strictly for the edification of others—saying little or nothing about the inner qualities of the mystic’s soul itself. Indeed, an American commentator around the time of the council even wrote a book based precisely on this radical, novel thesis. These charisms then naturally being thought to be easily replicable today in a presumptuous and heretical “laying on of hands” in a “crash course” charismatic “prayer group” setting. And then too the post-Vatican-II penchant toward reductionism can be seen conversely in an expectation of the virtues of the mystical life in everyone. A simplistic interpretation of the conciliar principle that “we are all called to the highest holiness”. One which in practical terms serves as a shoulder-shrugging avenue toward the abandonment of the whole moral law: which however makes no such lofty, unrealistic demands. While here too is a chance to shove the struggling, newly-repentant sinner out the church double-doors: thus instituting full-blown one of the all-too-typical characteristics of Protestantism. That self-righteousness from which so many once fled, to the merciful harbors of Catholic Faith. While such a simplistic “holiness for everyone” doctrine can also provide a handy way as well to discredit those who take exception to this new status quo faith: being found guilty of impatience and the like, by judges whose complacency is little likely to raise the color of their complexion.

In fact charisms, or certain external gifts, when genuine are invariably a sign or evidence of heroic virtues attained, almost by definition, only by the very few: but these virtues themselves according to St. John of the Cross find their sources in the truly-mystical soul in an unparalleled possession of the Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Ghost. These in turn resulting from the mystical progress toward a unique mystical/matrimonial union with God Himself: one essentially described by all the mystical writers of ages past.


April 25, 2005. Heidigger, Husserl, Woytyla, Ratzinger, Hegel, Marx: joint inhabitants of a philosophical Tower of Babble.


I usually spare my readers the travails of modern philosophy: a pursuit in which we “labor all night and gather nothing”. But in order to understand the last few popes it is necessary to consider briefly the modern field of phenomenology in their regard.

Edith Stein—canonized by John Paul II in 1998 during a singularly-unedifying flurry of canonizations—was a major figure in this philosophical school. She does seem to have been a pious woman, who could be in Heaven. Her death under the Nazis may indeed have been precipitated by her Catholicism as well as by her Jewish ancestry: arguing toward genuine martyr status as well. Furthermore, during mid-century there were many others who fell under the influence of phenomenology/existentialism who might have remained good and pious souls. Especially if they didn’t take its tenets too deeply to heart. While if one is a professional philosopher like Stein one might legitimately spend ones time on all the belabored, often morbid constructs involved. Although to have been a major intermediate developer of the system—having worked closely with both Husserl and Heidigger, as she seems to have done—is less defensible.

But regardless of the success of heavenly-court-packing efforts by John Paul II, the problem with both he and Cardinal Ratzinger—and to a slightly-lesser degree Paul VI as well—is that they and their many associates labored indefatigably to replace Thomism with phenomenology as the very foundational philosophical basis of Catholicism. Granted, some more deliberately and purposively than others. Phenomenology being a school which so emphasizes the here-and-now, the intimately-interpersonal, “the medium is the message” as to constitute these predispositions as being fundamental to Catholic Faith. A system which likewise and as the name implies and as our minds might readily recall, even if they don’t recall the name “phenomenology” itself, avoids clear, substantive statements of universal truth or moral principle. And retreats instead into an obscurantism which at one time used to answer every statement with a “what I hear you saying is, is that”….thus convicting you of the same relative incoherence as well, while furthermore with the second successive and perfectly gratuitous “is”, inviting a certain shared subliminal unhinged condition as well. This to-many-repugnant and ungrammatical sequence being only one of an assortment of highly-recognizable trail-marks: an odd array of dangling bits of mental-moss or broken verbal branches down a weird and obscure conversational trail. While Thomism remains ever aware that “Faith perfects nature”: which in practical terms is to say that it naturally assembles a moral and “speculative” thought-system which readily and consumingly applies to practical human life. And plainly as well to the real demands of organized existence. And thus implies furthermore a terminology just as cogent and to the point. This indeed in a patient, systematic, un-dramatic way.

Saints naturally making especially-handy milestones along the highway of the post-modernist heterodox invasion of the Catholic Church, what we have here then is one of several factors which might give one pause in considering John Paul II to have been a validly-elected pope at all. Let alone a saint, as the new pontiff seems bent upon proclaiming him (raising questions in Benedict’s regard as well). For after all, this isn’t just another of many jobs advertised in the local press—or even in some ecclesiastical magazine—and both its prerequisites and its perquisites are substantially from above. A little-discussed topic with a great deal of material evidence involved—roughly nameable as papal (and as a corollary, sacramental) validity—and there are several historical precedents in periods without popes. While aside from the whole indecorous matter of these abundant canonizations and beatifications—which for genuine popes are generally considered to be infallible pronouncements rather than mere agenda vindications—another of many such corpus delecti of the past half-century have been the repeated phenomena of the confused “smoke signals”, evident already at the conclave of 1958. An un-heard-of event in uneventful elections in previous history: and no light matter to trifle about, as it was laughingly treated by the media during this last conclave. While those who have provided explanations—as of at least one violent confrontation behind closed conclave doors during these recent bizarre smoke-anomalies—members of a certain family who at least until recently have for centuries been the designated lay “keepers of the keys” of the conclave—people who were there in person in a disinterested capacity—these witnesses who have been effectively both silenced and ignored with respect to all these conclaves. Excluding the very last, of which there is no information forthcoming that I am aware of. But even an anti-pope can have had a change of heart, as might have been evident in John Paul after the turn of the Millennium. Although arguing against such a likelihood is the fact that the whole notion of encounter, catharsis and so on—within the phenomenological school which Woytyla so favored—almost takes-for-granted a constant cycle of ”conversion”, often of varying levels of sincerity, and other sorts of dramatic and to varying degrees morbidly-self-conscious change.

One of the most evident of the many problems of phenomenology over the century of so of the school’s existence is that it has proven itself—not at all surprisingly—to be perfectly destructive of leadership and organization. Indeed it makes one into a veritable custard, a coward, and perfectly-undependable on the practical plane. Having been gravely compromised in the rational nesting-place of the human mind. For one is constantly confronting things on the basis of extremes of emotional, psychic or “realizationalimmediacies. A real pathology which can easily go the length of the skit we kids used to do, in imitation of some pitiful paranoiac: in which the shoulder is made to twitch with greater and greater violence, until it finally becomes an “enemy” which one stares at in horror and from which one attempts vainly to flee. So much is this world of phenomenology—which prides itself on being so “socially relational”—so much is it actually a matter of being locked in one’s own mind and reflexes. That which likewise and not at all by accident characterizes the whole sodomy social ensemble, in which emotions might be said to redound and feed on themselves in a reverse-looping which knows no bounds. And passions gradually become a self-fulfilling circular dynamic toward the most bizarre and unthinkable. And any honest emotion—whether in oneself or in some attractive prospect—is positively mined—with the “is, is” out of a bulging verbal toolbox providing a weird and handle-splintered but uncannily-potent pick and shovel—for some ulterior aspects it might somehow be construed to contain. In the whole vast impromptu motivational gamut thrown open by phenomenon- or emotion-based schools, minor issues inevitably become major storms in a tea-kettle, entirely precluding sane and practical leadership. This all the while, in concrete terms and at an entirely different level, Rome may indeed be burning at a melt-down pitch. Thus the gradual but inevitable slide under the waves of the Democratic Party since John and Robert Kennedy, which has taken to itself every perverse cause from sodomy to the hideous and protracted murder of the disabled (taking its tack from a legal-watershed Terri Schiavo veritable crucifixion, capturing for our age in an utterly-transfixing way Our Blessed Lord’s own beloved, “I thirst”).  A phenomenological gamut which continues on to an utterly-gratuitous embryonic stem-cell research (umbilical stem-cells are infinitely more promising, but this is only another salivated-over chance to kill), and more conventional kinds of anti-life as well. The end-justifies-the-means emotionality employed in support of these causes wreaking an inward destruction which obliterates leadership potential in the noted rational nesting-place of the mind, in the presumptive burning furnace of sympathy of the heart. The whole notion of “getting hold of oneself”—as pedestrian as this might be to the towering emotion paragons found wherever Democrats meet—as well as of a closely-related perspective—of seeing the forest in spite of the trees—let alone any formulation of strategy—tends to get irretrievably, even resolutely, lost. Based too on the same philosophical system have been celebrated “touchy-feely”, “confrontational” and “tough love” species of counseling, among a host of other mostly-failed “therapies”. Aggressively-violating methods which would invade (without much resistance) psychiatry, making complete hash out of modern morality, ethics, child development and so on. For one thing because human life is much more complex, not to mention more sacred, than all these basically-simplistic, claim-jumping theories would suggest.

Of course the claim is instantly made that the converse gaining of a larger perspective—a “seeing the forest in spite of the trees”—that that is after all what made people like the Nazis tick. Phenomenology—or existentialism, as it is sometimes called (going all the way back to a ‘60s-celebrated 19th century Kierkegaard)—thus containing an allegedly intrinsic revulsion toward the Nazi regime—together however with a disingenuous extension of its vices to any form of ordinary positivity or militancy at all. This reflexive and seemingly-irrelevant reaction thus to an amazing degree providing the little engine that drives this philosophical system: especially as it has literally taken over the Catholic Church since Vatican II, with a kind of fantastic vengeance. Those able to gather themselves up and take stock of things being universally thought of by this system as evil, cruel and despotic, like hip-boot-wearers of old. So that above all are pushed aside Thomists on all sides and with the utmost disdain.

However, great is ones surprise when one realizes that there is a stout Jewish/Zionist connection to Nazism as well—persecutor and persecuted having been to a degree identified with one another—something spoken of much here on this site (there is a whole separate section on it below, and many references throughout). Then we begin to suspect something that to some is highly familiar: that the whole whirling, verbally-overwhelming conceptual carousel of existentialism/phenomenology has been set spinning largely by one and the same People. Jews since the time of the Apostles, and the latters’ first brushes with Gnostics like Simon Magus, having historically been brilliant word-smiths and thought-mechanics in all philosophical regards: in this respect having been the major enemy to an organic, integral, radically-cogent Catholic Faith from the very beginning. Unlike Judaism after the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D., Catholicism having always been a Faith equally as much for plain-spoken fishermen as for fine-distinction-examining scholars. And for beloved sheep who need to be fed not on far-fetched—let alone perverse—enthusiasms but on the “meat diet” of “sincerity and truth”.

The Thomistic philosophy provides a framework in which real life is given concrete reference points vis-à-vis divine revelation. And even this amount of conceptualizing—beginning haltingly with Ireneus, picking up force with Ambrose, coming to flower in Augustine, to fruition in Aquinas—even this was only undertaken—Newman would say hesitantly—largely because Catholicism was under attack precisely on those grounds where Faith meets logic or ordinary life. That which was the reason for theology and for theology-related philosophy in “the Schools”. The Church in her authentic self being at all times primarily immersed laboriously in the daily affairs of men: so that a cipher was needed to clear up confusion caused by those heckling outsiders of the millennia by whom Paul himself had been so plagued. The Apostle one time, as one might well remember, having been let down from a window in the city walls in a basket, in order to escape the popular rage which these ceaseless quibblers had so ably inspired. Dissemblers—whose Jew and protégé-“goyim” number today are legion and “in the highest places in the Church”—who ever claim to discover discrepancies in Catholic thought/practice—especially vis-à-vis Holy Scripture. Many of which issues however take heavy tomes to illuminate adequately. Comprising an arena meticulously maintained over centuries—one upon which angels might be said to fear to tread: at least in any haphazard way. This naturally being ever the soft, yielding soil for the underhanded, jab-like logic of the heckler or the heretic. The Church rather ever regarding as paramount the merciful divine injunction, for good reason repeated thrice to St. Peter: “feed my sheep”. Thus too did St. Thomas write his Summa—as he himself indeed insistently avows—for the ordinary guy or gal down the street, and not especially for elite intellectual initiates of any kind (Once you learn the terminology—with the help of a good collegiate dictionary—it is all surprisingly understandable and straightforward). The result being that once the Scholastics have finished their final question and set of articles, objections and reply/objections, they leave us mercifully free thereafter to experience life—that here-and-now existence namely which phenomenologists/existentialists are all agog about—with the secure aid of these marvelously-clear Thomistic reference-points as a guide to keep us out of trouble and sin. Free too from the obscure, often-enough depressive impulsive/emotional choke-holds of the very same ultra-subjective phenomenological school: traceable in part in some of the systems of St. Thomas’ own day, and no doubt even back then percolating full-blown in some subterranean mind.

Thus perhaps most importantly of all—at least to St. Thomas himself, and to paraphrase his own words—scholasticism gives us an unparalleled interior freedom-of-action—a kind of virile motivational limberness—when it comes to putting Faith into practice. A guidebook approach which in moral-theology terms would of course be more fully developed by De Sales, Liguori and others. Saints whose own labors of love would in turn be greatly expanded by those many devout, quietly-contemplating, rock-solid-orthodox European and Latin-American Catholic spiritual writers and moral theologians of a couple of centuries whose works are sadly unavailable, or un-translated, in the anything-goes USA. Where we have instead, for anything more-contemporary, the openly heterodox or those wild, immature spiritual excursions of some budding Thomas Merton. But as it relates to a pope, this practicality shows itself most tellingly in being a fatherly, staff-wielding good shepherd. After the divine pattern. As in driving money-changers out of the Temple.

But to these modern popes this would be to do an injustice to Heidigger and Husserl, if not to Edith Stein. So that it is precisely this substitution of Teilhard—a close associate of the phenomenological school—for Thomas that has brought the Church to its present state. John Paul was an avid devotee of Heidigger and Husserl himself, during youthful days as an actor and then a seminary; the connection to Ratzinger I have not examined, yet it is perfectly evident in his theatrical policies—and gripping attitudes—over the years. In all this, all the while loud claims are made of a “great reaffirmation of traditional Catholic teaching” the wind is in fact gone out of our shepherds in applying that teaching to the matter at hand. The breath of vigilance having in a certain sense been beaten out of our pastors by a stout but misapplied Petrine sheep-cudgel. Which always knows how to let fly when forcefully discouraging any remaining genuine, unhesitating and fearless Rotweilers of God.

Amid all the “great things are happening” euphoria—and the claims of a “doctrinally-sound” African Church which however has a way of accepting polygamy into parish life, and sponsoring mystics who speak of a melding together of world religions—by way of the over-wrought tenets of phenomenology great heresiarchs like Kung are likewise given the merest raps on the wrist. And this only after they have long ago done incalculable damage to souls. For the shepherds involved—especially those sitting on the throne of Peter, or at the head of the Sacred Congregation—must first spend years “encountering” the “phenomenon” of a heretic, a homosexual or a polygamist—in all their many shades of evocative immediacy—before they can finally bring themselves to utter a single word of ecclesiastical self-defense against their riotous living or calculated doctrinal aggressions. This is a clear case of salt losing its savor, with the next step being for churchmen to become mere hirelings in their flock-guarding performance as compared to a Peter, a Paul or a Pius X.

Existentialism, phenomenology—parts of the bigger super-school of post-modernism—are all seen by their proponents as a reaction to the excesses of “modernism” and rationalism (e.g., the “rationalization” of productive resources) as they are associated with the abuses of the Industrial Revolution. And to those of such sub-systems of a polar-contrary idealism as represented by Hegel and his pupil Marx. A combination of which schools is often in turn generically tied by some to the rigidities and inhumanities of the Nazis. While essential to such radical thought-systems is a desire to somehow extract the satisfaction of ones soul—not from that great placid and eternal Reservoir into whose fathomless Capacity we were created to immerse ourselves—but from the breathless phenomena both of some rapidly-tumbling train-of-thought and the tumultuous life of sin which it easily brings in its turgid train. So that it follows that the answer to capitalism, the industrial revolution and the anti-humanism of Bush-era hip-boots and the modern technocracy alike is precisely a wholehearted return to Thomism. He who indeed found this order-restoring contemplation of divine truth to be the ultimate purpose of all things here below. A return to the cogent, typically-word-economic philosophically-spelled-out teachings of the Catholic Church. Especially as it relates to practical matters like the charging of interest: the sovereign-level financier-collection of which is always to be found somewhere at the radically-pedestrian motive-base of modern Nietzschean/military epic-heroics. Here Jews and Catholics really could get together on something: were both simultaneously to repudiate the Scripturally-condemned practice. Although this were for the Jew to “shed his stripes”, as it were: however something we will not see until he utters those long-anticipated words, “blessed is He Who comes in the name of the Lord”. That making money out of money which goes a long way toward accounting for the inhumanity and artificiality of modern life—toward which a highly-subjective, largely psychic or emotion-based phenomenology is a conceptual aid rather than an obstacle. For it is largely because modern man has been rendered a sort of intellectual and volitional coward by a action-inhibiting backlog of centuries of heterodox hedging and quibbling that he is unable to deal with such formidable material evils as Marx and Hitler represent. Not in the clear-headed and courageous terms they require.

Likewise and as suggested above, there is no question in my mind that the catastrophic invasion of homosexuality into the confines of the Catholic Church is directly related to phenomenology and its quibbling approach. One totally lacking in that constitutional virility which is necessary to real manhood and womanhood alike: that wiry quality which is the principle natural objective in the rearing of a child. And ultimately critical to the cogency of a truly-sane mind.

p.s.: I include Hegel among this list of Tower of Babble inhabitants because of his inimitable density of diction: which John Paul II so marvelously reproduces in his near-incomprehensible encyclicals. Likewise, I also include Marx—who would seem to be at a polar extreme from the phenomenologists by way of his rigid logic—because he personifies the institutionalization of violent, heart-rending and perfectly-gratuitous liturgical and organizational change as a major new landmark on the ecclesiastical soil. These and other bewildering “phenomena” such as are very much at the heart of an ever-evolving phenomenology as we have experienced it at the hands of recent pontiffs.


April 24, 2005: Fomenting regime change. Noah’s ark.


Among political observers it is considered “unlikely” that there can be precipitated any time soon a “regime change” in Byelorussia. Such as Condoleezza Rice is so transparently calling for. It is said not to be “in anyone’s interest”. However similar statements were made just before the downfall of Akayev in Kyrgyzstan, while other regional states are also experiencing an accelerated timetable in their predicted turn toward “democratic institutions”.

I have no doubt that this troubling lapse in prognosticator skills in these cases of global political change is caused by an unwillingness to address what is actually happening and why. For there is ignored the existence of a global element—a kind of geopolitical Marxist/nihilist alliance—a ravenous wolf mostly to be found under the putative “sheep’s clothing” of supposedly polar Neo-con ideology—which in rare radical Bolshevik style basically sees progress as only being possible “on the ashes” of what went before. People who when not thus occupied can typically take the most remarkably homely, “guy next door”, domesticated of poses. Characters much considered on these pages and in these publications. While the reality of this thinly-disguised hyper-aggressive policy-mindset is readily obvious in the Bush agenda-setting in Iraq and Afghanistan, which is like a picture-book example of geopolitical nihilism in action. Causing a sort of scorched-earth destruction of nearly every good thing, of nearly every human or spiritual value, from out of a nation’s past.

Indeed, our otherwise-un-prepossessing leaders have a way of affecting policies with lightning speed: as in the 1973 legalization of abortion, or this year’s unfathomably cruel judicial-murder of Terri Schiavo, or today’s jamming of the sovereignty-devouring “EU Constitution” down the throats of Europeans. While our business-as-usual geo-corporations, their boards, CEOs and major investors are just the element which for the most part would readily, even eagerly, contemplate the noted totalitarian remake of man. As we see in the politicians they back, in the policies they pursue on the job, in the sort of education and social services—or lack thereof—they insistently support through foundations and other NGOs. Being frequently found—between all the inane, harmless-sounding slogans and other fuddy-duddy—to endorse a total moral, psychological and physical demolition and subsequent reconstruction of human life. A fait accompli which the worker in particular finds in the package-deal that comes in the envelope with his check—or dismissal—one fine day. For one thing because, to the putative laissez-faire enthusiasts involved, this radical revamp further “rationalizes” and simplifies earthly existence for the unimpeded (but oddly pre-planned) flow of “goods and (now largely financial) services”, of both supply and demand. That which is supposedly the sine qua non of human life. A raging springtime stream, this relentless, unbridled change: one which clears away all the human driftwood and deadweight that impedes the “progress” of such a “final solution.”

The big coup in this march through governments and institutions is that it is sprung on us with such devastating speed and shock-value. Like those Trade Tower crashes which were part and parcel of this global re-make. For the mind is 90% of the game here. These new Nazis—the spearhead of those many who prefer to stay hidden in harmless-looking corners—are mental, spiritual, emotional and psychological rapists of the first water: who gain their victory by inducing a sense of complete helplessness and bewilderment in their victims. A sort of venom which then renders them powerless.

Of course these people will not in the last analysis get away with their scheme: but many more may have to suffer before they are finally vanquished. A resounding defeat which will come about only through a heart-felt endorsement of Catholic Faith and institutions: which alone have the power to withstand such a flood of evil. A true and persecuted Catholicism—far different from the grotesque compromise we see so much on the TV screen lately—a true Bark of Peter which now as it were floats on the surface of this new deluge of injustice, murder and perversity: much as did a highly-symbolic Noah. A ship whose passengers often hardly recognize one another at present. But nonetheless from which holy souls will emerge, once that flood subsides, and “dry land appears”.


April 24, 2005: Men in soft garments.


”What did you come out in the desert to see? A reed shaken by the wind?....But what did you come to see? Men in soft garments? I tell you that men in soft garments live in the palaces of kings.”

It is men in soft garments that these last three reigning popes have been. And also “reeds shaken by the wind” of humanism, of cowardly and unstable doctrinal undercurrents.

This latest, Benedict, is much like Paul VI. He isn’t photogenic and movie-star like. But all three have had this in common: having been equivocating, vacillating men of candy-coated words. And the famous Ratzinger doctrinal conservatism was actually couched in a fundamentally-faulty view of the Church, of the Faith, as the conservative theologian Father Most once pointed out. Although amid a steady maintenance of non-essential frills and baubles of stock traditional phrases and other appearances. This disconnect being the reason that the reign of the last pope was full of so many treasons and defections: born with in an excessive policy-of-toleration. Despite a couple of theatrical rather than substantive condemnations. Both pope and “right-hand-man” having lacked the virility of those clothed in the homespun of the Apostolic fisherman. Of those who throughout the Petrine ages wielded the stout shepherd’s staff—of excommunication, interdict and the revocation of fealty—in defense of those sheep for whose welfare the Church solely exists. And in which virile duties so many pontiffs of the past gave their lives.

Yet God will not tarry forever: as nature itself daily testifies.


April 24, 2005: Culture, liturgy, diversity within the Catholic whole.


The Catholic community when authentic doesn’t exclude: it invites. No matter how divergent it might be from you in culture, race, language. When I was in Portugal in the late sixties, they bowled you over with their eagerness to accept you, their goodness and hospitality, even though they were a people in many ways far removed from the more gregarious Spaniards. Who called these neighbors of theirs “triste” or sad, as a national characterization. Which I thought was a singularly shallow appraisal, rather unfair.

Hence my experience in a Portugal still radically-Portuguese in character—and to which I in many ways owe my soul—a people who accepted me “warts and all”—highlights the shear nonsense of the “Basic Christian Community” organizational philosophy which lay at the base of Catholic parish life for decades now. This being in large part the parochial ethos that came out of Vatican II. This suspicious, vaguely-hostile parish life which requires the new-comer to “prove himself” in a thousand ways. Really only the sociology of the shrinking resources and opportunities of capitalism: not of the riches of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It is Catholicism given a decidedly Jewish face: which actually goes quite well with the once-standard loud, impressive hoopla of guitar and tambourine. It is a group spirituality entirely generic in character at its pithy essence, but which ironically allows the Pope himself to shrug his shoulders and allow for local abuses: whether in Akron or Africa. No doubt averring, “that’s the way they do things over there. And I haven’t had time yet to consult with the local experts”.

In the tumult over traditions falling under the wheels of the panzer divisions of modern “progress”—a subject ceaselessly addressed here on this site—there is precious ground for our many high-level sowers of confusion. Indeed, it was a global Jewish media and “New Age” movement—the latter already alive and well a century and a quarter ago—which backed a “back to the earth” Gandhi to the hilt, all the while the indigenous independence movement in that land repeatedly, vehemently and instinctively rejected him outright and at nearly every turn (Herman, Arthur, Gandhi, Churchill. New York: Bantam Books, 2008). For in today’s artificially-molded techno-culture the about-face of a return to good and productive human life must be gotten exactly right. Since true living is of a piece, if in some ways at the same time substantially proper to each locale. But of supreme importance: it doesn’t have anything about it poisonous-but-well-disguised. As in a Gandhi satygraha which couldn’t shake a universally-repugnant sodomy in his own domestic Sabarmati commune, and earlier in his South African Tolstoy Farm as well. A domestic scene in which he ceaselessly humiliated and raged at his long-suffering wife for imaginary infractions, while dotting on attractive single female proselytes, and seemingly upon male ones as well. Indeed, there have been many such false starts away from modern regimented techno-enslavement—false detours through the forest that lead to some chasm or dead end—precisely because this whole matter is where the battle will be won or lost by either side. For if we once “get it right”, this truly-Civilizational and intrinsically-Catholic Way, then the forces of innately anti-Christ Judaism—albeit wearing myriad faces or masks—will be thunderously and irretrievably vanquished.

The love of God—as described below—draws us into a distributive unity: this whether as a Church or a society. It doesn’t chop us up into hopeless, un-breachable divides. Rather have there always been certain fundamental things which Catholics have always held in common: and the denial of which invariably involves some sort of deception. Historically of the sort which has invariably led to heresy or schism. Among these basic, timeless treasures are the Gregorian liturgy and the Tridentine Mass. Indeed it may come as a surprise to many that the African Church would have grown much larger—and remained much more doctrinally sound—had Latin been preserved. A fact which I learned from a missioner who fled in grief-stricken panic from the Dark Continent. That sentiment which was etched across a holy, sensitive face, at the very time of the big changes right after Vatican II: a priest who had worked in the Lord’s vineyard there in Africa. For he stated, back then in 1969 when I met him, that prior to the introduction of the vernacular there was much traditional Catholic piety all across Catholic areas of Africa, and commensurate levels of political peace. But the introduction of “the native language” in the liturgy was an impossibility in such a setting: indicating for us the wise reasons Latin had been retained for two thousand years. In a Church which is by its very nature essentially a missionary Church. For as in so many missionary lands the languages and subsidiary dialects numbered at least in the hundreds: so that translation was possible, given limited resources, only into one of these. A measure which naturally caused tremendous divisions and jealousies—as it would have done anywhere—perhaps especially among people understandably fragile in their newly-acquired grasp on Faith and Christian virtue.

Here, in the fragmentations that resulted, might be a major preliminary reason for the genocidal wars that were destined to take place across Africa from the late 60s onward: largely in areas that had previously been rapidly converting to Catholicism. While in such areas Islam has made giant inroads, springing up as if spontaneously after such conflicts. Furthermore, additional problems were encountered with the new “reforms” in that the melodies sometimes chosen for the new African liturgy had had prior passionately pagan associations attached to them. Recalling to mind things like polygamy—deeply-rooted institutions which these proselytes were earnestly attempting to erase from their minds. Melodies associated with gyrating bodies, rather than Heaven-aspiring souls. Likewise, there is the well-known fact that religion universally develops a sacred language over time: one that has become archaic in terms of daily usage being regularly employed for the worship of God. Hebrew had in fact become just such a language by the time of Our Blessed Lord, with Aramaic being the daily language spoken by Him and His contemporaries of the region.

Authentic distinctive local, national and regional traits, then, are in a way over secondary things. Regarding the basics—whether of religion or of human relations—people of goodwill are in a sense all the same. Orwellian monoliths of uniformity, however, being quite another matter, boasting little by way of joy or balance, even as churches and humanity as a whole mustn’t go to the other extreme and fragment into hostile factions of jealousy, greed, estrangement. Or of liturgical chaos and triviality. This sort of organic unity being an immense labor-of-love toward which the much-made-over, self-satisfied high-theorists that came out of Vatican II gave us little help indeed.


April 24, 2005: Pennellis County versus the human soul.


It is a certain wise and fundamental selfishness which prompts one to cultivate the garden of one’s soul: this rather than squandering one’s time in dissipating activities outside of same. After the manner of God Himself, Whom we presume to take as our Model, we want our inner self to be spoken—like the Word, His Son—as a perfect statement of our inner moral and spiritual capacities. This our own “word” thus self-activates our deeds—which provide as it were the exterior elaboration—an utterance all its own—of our spiritual self-distillation. These vehicles of self-realization, this for the most part unselfconsciously-uttered word, then becomes in turn a cipher of sorts for the self-utterance, the self-realization of our children, both natural and spiritual.

Thus is the same good self love shared with others, in a special way with those under our care. Being cultivated under the umbrella of the security-cultivating awareness of our own self-regard—under this over-arching influence our children learn a like regard for themselves. A good self-love—based on kindness, virtue, integrity—which takes root, as it were, from that of our own. Humility here finding its sane and effective touchstone: in a sense of awe and unworthiness for being, to paraphrase the psalmist, “marvelously made”. Soon a whole culture of mutual-self-regard is the result: a garden marked by a discipline based on love. In that organic unity which is a genuine society: raised up to the glory of a God Who is Love. And for which all other things—institutional, technical, material—are secondary, ancillary.

It is this self-spoken inner word, this self, which is the source of all true human discipline and organization. Being exercised, realized, by a mortal, it may and does fail at times: but it is all we have. While when higher authorities begin to dethrone, to take the place of this personal agency they are tyrannical, perverse and Orwellian. Producing the anomaly of the school administrator or counselor persecuting the good little black girl (the case is described below) in the Pennellis County, Florida, school. This is what happens when all sense of parental, person-based authority—that which the traditional spirituality, liturgy, discipline of true Catholicism sedulously cultivates—when it is superceded. So too, in the same County, do we see human life destroyed, a mere month ago, in the most vicious and brutal way. In the person of the loving and saintly Terri Schiavo. While all of God’s grace likewise seems to have been withdrawn from the state of Florida as a divine punishment for that brutal doing-to-death: as every sort of bizarre crime now stalks its streets and neighborhoods.

The love based organization of human existence described here—which works from the individual person through the members of his family, and from there through highly-similar love-based connections to the rest of society: this is distributism in its most exalted and at the same time fundamental sense. While what we see in Pennellis County is what I term in my writings the anti-state. It is organization inspired, wittingly or not, to destroy human beings: morally, spiritual, mentally, socially and physically. As a diabolical holocaust for the exaltation of groups and persons who imagine that they are gods. This kind of diabolism is the organizational configuration most favored by capitalism, and all other forms of financier-driven, economies-of-scale-based collectivism. A foul garden from which grow such noxious weeds as the heinous right-to-judicially-murder lobby. Or that great inscrutable state apparatus which takes custody away from parents on the slightest pretext: having first destroyed the parent/child relationship through the false pedagogy of the schools. A campaign of destruction in which this octopus is greatly aided by a Godless media. And by a commercial/industrial system which systematically destroys all genuine mutual human regard. Substituting for it in large measure the institutionalized sadisms of Sodom and Gomorrah.

The purpose of this website is to return us to person-based authority and organization. It is a venture which by nature and as can readily be gathered needs the input of most people: and preferably all. There can by definition be no one who has a precise blueprint for such a society. It assembles itself, as it were, by bits. Through the grace of God. While the grassroots support, the “lobby”, the “funding” for its realization is in a very real way the simple spreading realization of its necessity: taking roots in many hearts. That to which religion is meant to be closely allied. While on the other hand in today’s unusual circumstances—notably of wholesale clerical cowardice and apostasy, and meekly-condoned statist tyranny—with the earnestly-sought divine assistance a mere handful of people can be the nucleus toward its vigorous initiation nationwide; ultimately worldwide. The result being something far more fruitful and effective than anything that could have come out of the single mind of some theorist. It is a society enriched in this mutually-reciprocating way, one which as it were reciprocates in turn by enriching all. Yet this macro/retro-enrichment never occurs if we reverse the fundamental process involved: expecting all good, all human development, to “trickle down” to us from the top. No: like a plant, human goodness, culture, true Civilization rise from the ground up. From the roots of the individual, often unknown, even impoverished, soul. While it is the grace of God which “trickles down” to us: which we must entreat, but over which we have absolutely no control. The fount of whose riches He wishes however to open up for us in great downpours. The same resultant Civilization being nourished from below by those natural elements, those resources of all kinds, which are our rudimentary brothers and sisters. Material prosperity and sublimity being the result: advances in science, music, art, architecture being among the first fruits involved.



April 23, 2005: George Orwell’s 1984. Handcuffing a five-year-old.


Regarding the filming of the five year old black girl who was handcuffed, the question instantly occurs in the back of ones mind, at least of those who don’t reflexively exonerate all cases of authoritarian brutality, “why was she being filmed in the first place?” There is a definite aura of guinea-pig behavioral experimentation here, during this highly-authoritarian “self-improvement exercise”. The little child is behaving perfectly fine almost to the very end—indeed her final reaction itself is perfectly just and appropriate to her treatment—a girl at first hedged in on both sides, against a set of shelves along a wall, by hefty female school functionaries. Whereupon she starts to gently extend her hand—with the same marvelous gentleness of personal style—toward an object there on one of the shelves, in an obvious attempt to distract herself from hovering solicitudes. Something which five year olds—or anyone else for that matter—will do. Immediately she is interfered with: it looks as if her hand is, if not slapped away, then forced away from whatever it is she is trying to handle. It begins quickly to become obvious that the “self improvement exercise” is a case of a little girl being prevented from doing anything of her own free choice. Anything she does is treated as being inappropriate. It is a clear case of tyrannical badgering. Of a child being treated like an animal in training; a sub-human. Which probably fits in somewhere with Pennellis County’s idea of the status of a Black.

Then there is a break in the film—at least as edited on the news show—and the next thing you see is the child standing in a different part of the room, plainly growing increasingly uncomfortable in the stiff and bureaucratic surroundings. She obviously wishes to be somewhere else, maybe out on the playground or back in class with her friends: away from this exclusively adult, highly-frustrating company. But she hasn’t yet done anything that isn’t perfectly good natured and normal. Finally, after another film-break of unknown duration, we see the little child make some gestures of plainly frustrated defiance, immediately upon which she is handcuffed. Then the terrified, miserable weeping begins.

As noted, all this takes place on highly-familiar territory: it is Pinnellis County at work. It’s a slightly different version of the Schiavo case. It’s “authority” run amuck. Power unrestrained: unrelated to God, to good, or to valid law. Apparently the “self improvement” means being frustrated in everything native to oneself. And being taught mechanically to do exactly the way the white lady in the admin—or school-counselor’s—office tells you to. That’s the new obedience and “good behavior”. Much the way the unemployed are sent through similar programs, usually in groups, and grilled over “self-improvement” skills designed to completely revamp behavior, attitude on the job or during an interview. To make you “acceptable”, corporate “employable”. The assumption being that beforehand you were some sort of “basket case”. Indeed, worse than a criminal: since ex-cons often land jobs quickly, and get extremely good grades on their job-seeking skills, having learned the latest and most advanced U.S. job-acceptable behavior “in the big house”.

This is the kind of thing these educated morons are doing to our children. And the hefty cops who stop people from feeding starving women—and who knock the Blessed Sacrament out of the hands of those who would bring it to them—these are the doughty, heroic enforcers of it all.

Finally, here is the kind of thing the Holy Father himself needs to preach homilies on: and to instruct his bishops to take stringent policy-stands against. To comment on during high-level audiences: or when interviewed by the American press. To give out 60-second-long press-releases on radical abuses of power, unleashed upon children, in a diplomatically-received and supposedly-Christian Western country. It is an area of critical concern—this topic of the most ordinary kind of individual freedom-of-action and innocent behavior—that needed to have been addressed frequently by the Church for the past forty years. Rather than the rare allusion being reserved for the inner reaches of some erudite encyclical. That’s the way the Church used to exercise her moral authority: a topic spoken of repeatedly here. While on the local level it was more than one priest—before Fr. Jim got so polite about stepping on wealthy or high-level toes—who took a rack full of pornographic literature, displayed near some Catholic school, and threw it in the gutter, or in the river down the street. Personal freedom and public decency being the sorts of things even public school authorities used to worry about sometimes, too: rather than about handcuffing distracted little girls.