Summary of Ideas

First year of publications in 2003, revised over time in light of emerging facts, while keeping original insights intact.


Presented here is a philosophy of organization that emphasizes local and regional culture as a kind of critical bonding-agent toward the achievement of both political freedom and economic development in all their many forms: holding as we do that apart from a certain vigorous locational translation-of-forces the world of business, politics, education—and a host of related critical institutions—begin steadily to serve ends quite distinct from those for which they were intended—with these contrary purposes being invariably negative and/or tyrannical in nature. But what no doubt sets this website apart from others in the most telling way is its focus upon traditional Catholic social, political and economic thought as the universal organizational adhesive: this to hold together practical life’s many disparate roots and channels, that they not become chaotic, and thus ultimately elite-serving, in the extreme. This millennia-old depositary of divine and human constructive wisdom being our only exhaustive, dependable source of inspiration for a society/economy thus legitimately, or densely-yet-loosely, bound together. Catholic constructive thought being a rich milieu which breathes the air of both Heaven and earth: human culture being aided by God to achieve ends higher-than themselves. In this vertical dynamism—supremely-evident and critically-necessary in all life and existence—being found an earthly culmination, a goal, even the closest possibility to a “paradise” to which humanity has through all its ages been consistently drawn. Brought to us through the potent “mustard seed of the Word of God”, conveyed to us by that God/man longingly anticipated in the misty sagas of nations.

Yet recognition is given here as well that Catholicism itself is at present gravely under siege, its principal organs of organization and dissemination having in many ways been hijacked by outside influences: so that the critical universal constructive mandate is today mostly lacking. Hence a kind of fractional ongoing synopsis of Catholic teaching and spirituality is likewise loosely woven into the subject-matter: this as a necessary “refresher course”, albeit a summary undoubtedly impugned by those who have recently set themselves up as the new Catholic authorities, and who with the help of a universally-controlled education and media have done a convincing job of this self-promotion. Appealing as they do to an utterly-new majesterial authority based entirely on the novel if ever-nebulous and basically-indeterminate hypotheses of Vatican II, comprising a new vision singularly devoid of the sedulous commitments, the “labor of love” of ages past. Affirming nothing yet calling basically everything into question: in that “path of least resistance” which is the special forte of such quibbling men. A new view tailor-made to an exclusionary capitalism: signaling a radical departure from that pursuit of the common good, indeed that populism which has been the leitmotif of Catholic thought from the age of the Apostles onward.

This effort is plainly a tall order for a non-PhD student of economics, organization, urban and regional development, history and other subjects: some studied at the graduate, others at the undergraduate levels. A regimen whose challenging aspects remain undiminished even in view of a continual independent study of these and other areas, including global immerging-nation and third-world affairs, well-after such an academic career. Efforts augmented by a study of Catholicism which has included university-level coursework in Ireland and two extended periods of travel and pilgrimage in Catholic Europe: with this latter being further complemented by less-extensive but still-considerable travels in Asia, Mexico and Canada. The whole being under-girded by a devout Catholic raising by Croatian parents as well as a Catholic grade and high school education here in the U.S. Yet whatever credit all this may afford me the desire is to minimize any appearances of “making pronouncements”: that pitfall always found where incalculable things are put into neat summaries. A holism which is nonetheless regarded as fundamental to the subjects pursued, and the lack of which is considered responsible for much of the present confusion that now reigns in so many areas of thought and study. Hence the need for divine guidance to do justice to these combined topics, and the present state-of-emergency within which they are addressed: this even as I submit myself, affectionately and entirely, in all things touching faith or morals, to the judgment of the See of Peter: whenever a valid occupant is found for that Chair.

Finally, those errors in thinking most often uncovered in these pages can be summed up under one basic heading: the creation of false issues, with whole false vocabularies, false ideologies and false solutions to sustain them. This deliberate or culpably-careless hitting wide of the mark being actually the familiar strategy of all those at any level and in any setting who are pushing an agenda: from the manipulative child, to the dictatorial president, to the anti-pope and his vocal entourage. A false program which is always revealed as repugnant when faced in all its self-interested horror, employing a linguistics of falsehood, a verbal and notional Black Forest through which we hope to blaze some well-lit paths.


The changing of the guard.


There used to be a kind of buoyancy to people's lives and characters here in the USA—one of freedom’s many first fruits—an irrepressible quality found even to a degree in the ghettos, among the less well-to-do. Learned in the school of a good life, now and again it found its way from there even into the movies: which sometimes with remarkable faithfulness modeled the lively and affectionate interaction of parents and children, the guys at the mill, the crowd at the office. The society of the times being a generous, bracing milieu which typically-enough and for all the camaraderie knew quite well how to be sensitive and tactful with every mold of mind or character. Amply accommodating within its embrace a wide gamut of personality extremes from the stubbornly-gregarious to the intellectually abstracted or the habitually reclusive, with all alike allowed their “place”, their unique contribution to make. An assumption borne out supremely well in a crime rate and level of psychological and domestic disorders incredibly low by today’s standards: when obsessions over "cures" for mental diseases of both genuine and manufactured kinds have burgeoned beyond compare. But a curious kind of transformation took place during the 60s, in the relationship of people with one another, with places and things: anything like a real sense of humor, for instance, having been the first casualty, whether in college or grade-school, or even around the kitchen table at home or the lunchroom at work. That sense of balance by which relationships were made uniquely agreeable being replaced by an array of grim, ironclad imperatives, with the noted espirit, the universal conviviality, especially after President Kennedy’s assassination, being fated to be largely replaced by a series of religiously-repeated buzzwords. Beginning with things like a generic “being socially aware”—which actually had more to do with morbid new levels of self-consciousness than with caring for one’s neighbor—and ending, down a kind of slippery, treacherous notional stairway, with “being correct”: that which lay at the very bottom. Soon thereafter we began to worry ourselves over plainly harmless and innocent things that beforehand had been securely “under wraps” of the noted just and charitable discretion, or had otherwise barely scraped the threshold of our consciousness. While nonetheless in various venues of society at large, cheek-to-jowl with all the sterile and ceaseless pondering would be found increasingly more blunt and brutal forms of machismo, to take the place of the old general civility of days gone by. Or in the case of women—not to be outdone in any of this—with increasingly brittle, bizarre and impossible attempts at a female version of same. The glorious world of correctness being held to be far-and-away worthy of all these feverish exertions, demanding one strike just the "right" pose: of sitcom-canned pathos, of cynicism, of credible self-importance, at home, at school or on the job. Without which social graces—previously worried about by some of us not at all—everything was suddenly regarded as lost.

Real social ills there were indeed back then, to be constructively dealt with by men and women of character, but this new pre-possession was something different entirely, partaking of a morbidity, a nihilism, that went to the very marrow of the bone; a yen for the exaggerated and the morose with an odd kind of “humor” to go with it, one positively leaden in any uplifting terms, attended by a laughter always effusive and sometimes cruel. And strangest of all, after a brief struggle with the old virile, die-hard admirers of Jimmy Stewart and Rex Allen, the vanguard of this odd universe, all the newly-prominent, cruel or melodramatic relatives, teachers and co-workers, soon realized that they had indeed carried the day. Veteran verbal and gestural last-standers, dedicated, dyed-in-the-wool enemies of the old easy-does-it approach that they were; people who moped morbidly and incessantly, whether bewailing their favorite subject—their “unhappy childhood”—or going on black-minded binges in other regards, when not breathlessly engaged over social and psychological ills of every description, increasing numbers of which latter were "newly discovered”. Victors in a war of attrition not won by honest logical blows but rather by way of an uncontainable deluge of sanctimony, morbidity and general unkind and testy behavior. People whose mountainous sense of importance could only be withstood by a sort of patient, stubborn indirection, from opponents who were thus easily vanquished into perfect silence. Gene Autry and Smiley Burnett had already hung up their spurs long before then: having no doubt felt the rumbling approach of the petulant verbal/notional flash-flood, thundering down the canyon, close at their heels; that one opponent for whom they had no knock-out punch. Indeed not a few of these old “riders of the purple sage”—with their lamentable lack of “a discouraging word”—would go into the corporate world, and even head up business dynasties, where they would no doubt for once learn to be correct. Which according to the whim of this new and implacable World Spirit might mean playing-the-clown or doing a dour imitation of the old black-coated undertaker: the two ultimate prototypes of the New Order of things.

Indeed the old worry-warts who used to wear us all out with effusions over Jean-Paul Sartre, J.D. Salinger or Teilhard de Chardin, as if on some bizarre new crusade—or over the super-correct, effeminate, head-bopping silliness of the Beatles as opposed to the wry humor and kindly smiles of the Sons of the Pioneers—these people would soon-enough be making a real killing: together of course with their increasingly wild or sullen blue-collar counterparts, both destined to become fountainheads of green-back profits for others as well. Gone now were the days of suicidal idealism: for these one-time esoteric and alienated had turned their ample attentions to creating a “brave new world”: one with little of the "boorishly"-full-throated laughter and friendly smiles and reminiscences of days gone by. For from out of the cracked morbidities they had so long peddled there had materialized, as if from the magical bottle of some genie, fabulous markets entirely new, with a vast array of pencil-pushing jobs for the mere charting and prognosticating of their meteorically-successful course. Since the life-smashing, home-breaking drugs, promiscuity, homosexuality, and so on—that followed fast on the heels of all the marvelously-correct morbidities, and morbid hilarities—these had created a demand for every kind of new and bizarre thing. Prominent among the new necessities being armies of corporate “security forces” to keep all these bumper-crops of innately-uncontainable, drug-abusing people in line, in a scenario in which there was soon to be no place at all for the polite and well-behaved. Under sadisms of such a system waste and poor-workmanship would inevitably be rife, requiring quick replacement of substandard goods, giving birth to a cancerous rather than healthy product market resembling in many ways the generalized demand created in China through the peddling of Opium, by the likewise-progressive of the 19th century. The newly-inaugurated way-of-life replacing the peace and kindness of days gone by with a constant introspective grousing, griping and sullenness, traits to become universal in home, school, plant and office, widening into a veritable black hole of sterile and unproductive negativity. The modern character thus exhibiting a newer, grimmer, inverted Puritanism, indeed in basic ways a negative mirror-image of the old, with material things now standing good for Heavenly glory in oddly-fevered minds, producing a self-righteous pursuit of cars, real property and gadgetry, in vain attempts to fill an inner void which yawned wider with each passing day.

The weird sicknesses and other anomalies vaguely sketched here are actually inseparable from the final stages of capitalism: an economic ideology and organizational system whose demands become increasingly preemptive, arrogant and unreasonable as time goes on, and which as a consequence produce a warp in thinking and behavior that is difficult to describe or define. While in the place of this mounting malaise we here on this site offer a way back to personal and political sovereignty—and a vigorously-creative product-development to go with it—these being based on the true and native social reciprocities of mankind, closely associated as these are with long-neglected, now-ill-understood well-springs of organizational legitimacy. Aquifers which run deeply counter to capitalism, with its incremental and unworkable demands upon human life: a radical financial/organizational ideology warped to the core, by which men are divided against one another in a host of ways, with only the futile compensations of artificial opiates of many kinds. A spiritual sloth and mediocrity and a steadily thickening intellectual obscurity too being major elements of the system’s mammoth extractions of moral and material well-being, and its inseparable and ever-more-rigid timetables: all together finally involving a hijacking of a critical holism which responded most vigorously to the franchise-related mandate as well.

Thus today have been breezily preempted an earlier barely-inaugurated unionism and other vehicles of popular economic and political self-expression, falling prey to such worker-humiliating institutions as the pro-company Walmart mass meeting or rally. A kind of fists-in-the-air, 1984, Orwellian manifestation, in which hoarse cries of imperially-demanded loyalty are required, no doubt with other similar solidarity-demonstrations at other places of employment as well. The principal end purpose of which regimen is unquestionably to strip the worker of any last vestige of his notional independence, his economically or politically active self-regard: that by which alone he might become a force to be reckoned with, as it is indeed his nature and God-given right to be.

Capitalism is actually an organizationally-paranoic mindset which carries “conspiracy” with it as a kind of second-nature, while being basically a rehash, or even an exaggeration, of the ancient pagan idea of conquest/subjugation as at the base of all life, and especially of civilization: with vaunted "victory" to be succeeded by a division of society in the “deserving” and the “undeserving”. A kind of backwardness epitomized, or gathered into an essence, bent on the reversal of all things the good Savior brought to men. This note of the deliberate and impenitent hardly having been found even in ancient pre-Christian times, when a certain rudimentary favoring of a political and economic common good was found at the core of almost all systems, when this note of tyrannical subjection wasn't really by direct ideological design, as is so much the case today. With such motives of fish-in-a-barrel domestic conquest hardly to be found, for instance, on an Italian peninsula recently conquered, incorporated and reorganized by Rome in earliest post-Romulus years. Hardly "capitalists" by any stretch, these ancient Western forerunners found more by indirection that the newly-ravaged land and primitive infrastructure could be neatly consolidated into larger “economies of scale” by empowerment of those locals who hadn’t been ruined or killed during the protracted conflict. (See Polybius). In new circumstances these new magnates then taking for themselves slaves from out of the less-fortunate masses: reducing the original rugged Italian tribal elements—as in all primitive societies organized as interdependent warriors, farmers and craftsmen—into a sterile social polarity of rich landowners and powerless proletarians. Rome thus giving birth to a new, monolithic and unintended configuration within which a shrunken “yeoman” class—that which might best correspond to our likewise-diminishing present-day independent businessmen—was marginalized economically and socially. These latter sturdy citizens however continuing back then—in some ways like their counterparts of today—to provide the bulk of both the soldiery and the truly-productive segment of the society of that time and place. This whole problem of elitism comprising an inequity that would be the recurrent scourge of the Roman state, remedied to a degree by the Roman "Civil Wars", but much like our own plantation slavery and subsequent racist sociology destined to remain the recurrent political malady of Rome, contributing heavily to the ultimate downfall of the Empire.

But it took modern times to make this idea of economic subjection into a dogma, an ideology, believed in indeed with more fervor by many than is religion itself: in answer to which new idolatry this website offers a clear and uncompromising challenge. Abominating as we do a pervading species of conquest in which distinctions between foreign-enemy, neighbor or coworker are increasingly blurred, making opponents out of they who are our indispensable prime collaborators toward prosperity of any sort. Revealing something fundamentally suicidal, Manichaean in the whole capitalist venture, played out repeatedly as time goes on, not only in wars but in a way-of-life becoming more and more miserly, penurious and anarchic as time goes on. (Note of April 2012: Notable here is the ongoing global collapse which started in the USA in 2008, and for which, as typically in the past, other nations are now being made to "pay the piper", while we go on to leaps and bounds of trade and currency advantages, to the theatrical tune of epic-fantasies over China's "currency manipulations", and so on. Although this time "the game is up" even for us, and a day of reckoning approaches for us all as I write). While as remedy for this and related anomalies we invoke Christ's simple resolution of the above civilization/freedom dichotomy, together with His marvelous dispelling of the closely-related gloom of the ancient pagan world: that dark pale detectable in the plays, epics and other writings of the era. The Savior having revealed to us a different understanding entirely of the human social order in His doctrine that “the greatest of you is to be as the least, and the least as the greatest”: a revolutionary principle that goes well beyond the above-noted basic common good such as was pursued in ancient Rome, Persia, China and other advanced societies, conspicuously amplified under the Mosaic Law, and without which there can indeed be no state properly so called. A legitimacy-bearing paradigm thus amplified in fully-developed Catholic political forms, giving the common man political liberty and rights of formal or informal property ownership: tokens of a special place of honor proportional to his greater numbers, revealing an organizational efficiency never before known. So that under the Catholic civil order the very palpable social ownership—and political freedom—which characterized immemorial tribal existence is marvelously brought into the constitution of the most sophisticated of realms. This ongoing expansion of the Christian social leaven—no overnight transformation—having for the most part involved the centuries-long development of a formal and informal system of chartering, or Christian-customary usage; of a typically-non-deeded but always very real participation in the boons of property. Forms by which man was with new generosity and clarity recognized as deserving of such palpable blessings: and this by virtue of his simple human nature itself. An innately-noble condition recognized as being further embellished and augmented within the rich reciprocities of Catholic Faith. This indeed being noted as one of the principal appeals of the new creed: an attractiveness capsulated in the common phrase of the first Christian era: “see how much they love one another”. That spirit of affection and reciprocity—readily shared with others—that would go on to epitomize all that is vigorous and distinctive, even today, in Western Civilization.           

The Catholic approach to economics in another and yet-deeper sense represents the supernatural fruition and fulfillment of the legitimate ends of any economy or employment culture: these few genuine goals, in their rough order of practical importance, being reducible to survival, comfort and culture. Indeed, to the degree an economy, a “work ethic”, if you will, becomes concerned with other things beside or beyond these it loses its grip on both reason and legitimacy. Thus you don’t trade your goods or labor as some sort of limitless moral necessity, nor to look “successful”, nor even to be an admirable “provider”. You do so because it is convenient or contributory toward the above solid, concrete aims. After which, if you are truly rational or good, you turn your effort and attention to an already-ongoing and indeed primary pursuit of virtue, works of mercy, friendship, civic and domestic concord, religion, international peace. Work and effort herein gaining further personality-enhancing qualities, as if "on the wings of God", wherein it is rendered yet-more fruitful and creative, suggesting a further fruition in a life above. Within which kinds of scenarios alone work retains a constructive social meaning. While any other conceivable legitimate economic aims must be regarded as ancillary to all of these concerns: typically and in many ways oriented jointly toward one’s own enjoyment in concert with that of others. Economic targets or benchmarks being sheer gratuity and madness when pursued independently of—or above and beyond—such broad and liberal, fruitful and creative ends. Herein being defined for us that true pursuit of happiness which is enshrined in genuine Western Civilization, conceived in the womb of Catholic Faith: "beyond" which level of economic activity is to be found only some giddy void, or the most profound and perverse sort of unhappiness.

            But capitalism—a restless, debt-driven system as the word itself unmistakably implies—requires of an economy that it constantly make or manufacture more and more things, provide more and more services, indeed do more and more work. Not primarily out of usefulness or need in themselves but rather in order to pay for an ever-increasing amount of personal, corporate and national-aggregate debt. All together involving a mammoth misallocation that ultimately reaps a harvest in apocalyptic terms: the chain-letter dynamisms of systemic debt quickly perpetuating an entirely-impersonal scale-monolith in trebled terms empowered. While the fundamental perversity of this intrinsically-global, negatively-profitable, phenomenon finally requires a whole barrage of artificial motivational inducements which go well beyond reason or sanity: with a thorough practical redefinition of religion being a big step toward this end. As in the fashioning of a veritable idol of a newly-conceived radical patriotism: a Baal that especially covets as a burnt offering those young people who die in international-debt-related wars, and who have had the least time or opportunity to consider the real purposes of wealth, of economy, indeed of patriotism itself. The old requirements of survival, comfort, culture and finite real wealth having been designedly, cleverly superceded by breathless new benchmarks of every sort: these stoutly supported by new ideals and quasi-virtues. In a genuine conspiracy of those who have other things besides joint or common-good goals in mind. For whose purposes a basically grim, purposeless and generic “hard work” becomes the other most important value in life, taking its place doughtily beside the newly-manufactured patriotism: together indeed constituting a reputedly superior religion or value-system. Here the source of the emblematic hammer and sickle of the glorious worker of Marxist mythology, or the ever-doughty citizen-soldier of the Nazis, the neo-Byzantine caesaro-papist who can take religion to fanatical pitches, but only in service to the interests and ambitions of those who rule. With "the state" or nation becoming no longer a vehicle of the common good but a mystical reality all-its-own, dwelling in cloud-shrouded heights, grimly requiring frequent tributes of human blood for its placation. As well as imposing "object lessons" upon debtor nations who haven't learned to pay back on time, or who in some other way have proven an embarrassment to the bloody global-debt-collection regime. While under such compulsions a view of man as a sort of expendable laboratory rat easily-enough prevails: if only he is made to think that he is serving "progress" or "the rule of law" in meekly accepting this role. In this way a variant of Kennedy's "ask not" becomes the new sine qua non before which all other virtues—those Heaven-bent, marvelous chiseled and refined, of ages past—must pass inspection for any further importance they might condescendingly be deemed to still possess. The whole unearthly ensemble being meanwhile promoted and choreographed by a host of mostly coarse and irreligious top-level investors and other creditors of every kind.

Here then is the basic reason that nations are driven into a murderous foreign trade with one another: because each is thus induced to produce much more than the market really needs, and compelled to find after-a-point non-existent markets for same. This in order to pay off its mounting burden of debts, both national and individual-citizen. For which it is hardly appropriate to blame Christianity—which has exactly the opposite value-system to that which prevails—but which nonetheless an utterly-disingenuous left-wing ceaselessly and vituperatively does, remarkably-much as did ancient Romans vis-à-vis calamities associated with Rome's historic "fall". Although as always there are plenty of Christian dupes and fall-guys who eagerly act as front-men, and doughtily serve as "patriotic" foot-soldiers, for this quintessentially-Jewish enterprise, and thus earn for a Faith they so poorly represent a mammoth amount of opprobrium and shame. (Here in this off-loading being indeed an essential element in the whole massive, treacherous scheme.)

Hence too that proportion of excess global production - and supporting infrastructure - not achieving consumption or replacement/rebuilding through expedited breakage or malfunction is burnt up and destroyed in war: albeit with certain countries and global regions being more or less consistently reserved as burnt-offerings for this universal holocaust. With only a small handful of nations - the real and genuine "first world" - regularly escaping the worst sorts of devastation all this implies. Such an approach to economics guaranteeing the continuation as well of illegal or unnecessary drug-sales, smuggling, prostitution, and so on: ultimately under the spur of this same feverish compulsion to produce debt-retiring revenues by every conceivable means. Here too being at least one sense in which St. Paul’s speaks of the “love of money” as “the root of all evils”: in that within such a scenario it exceeds all constructive purposes and becomes an end in itself. Even as the same St. Paul does by contrast recommend that “abundant sufficiency” which capitalism, for all its endless boasting, is notorious for denying to a systemically-despised common man, and today brings to radically-diminishing global numbers. Hence only within this realistic perspective can the whole business of “economic patriotism” be understood: all raising of the hue and cry in some other direction being only a continuation of the glib creditor rhetoric. This being “in a nutshell” the delirious sickness of capitalism: that its priorities are exactly the opposite of what they need to be.

            Hence the production of wealth—of “goods and services” and the development of land and resources—must be strictly in those quantities designed to satisfy human requirements: rather than continuing as now to be cranked-out at multiples of four or five those amounts, if as suggested above in phantom grosses which break or malfunction quickly and easily, thus further expediting an allegedly "profitable" but actually debt-repayment-motivated replacement at every turn. Even as interest-payments servicing the whole endless cycle add further accelerative inducements, hovering as they often do somewhere around venture-capital rates, with new categories of derivatives—well beyond the old options, bond-coupons, and so on—adding new spin to the roulette-wheel. Revenue requirements to which must be added the ridiculously-large salaries of CEOs, a sickness closely associated with such a picture. This totality obviously being likewise the more-essential root cause of today's looming environmental catastrophe, and its remedy the answer to tomorrow's impending energy needs. This debt-driven anomaly for whose purposes is required the aggressive invasion of the markets of other nations, so that the “economic rationality” of the econ textbooks, that which supposedly “always wants more”, is directly tied to this whole debt-driven dynamo-gone-mad. In the presence of which a genuine international trade, involving a benign reciprocal enrichment, can never be achieved.

            Thus one of several ultimate requirements toward the rational reconstitution advocated here - the sole alternative to which is the prevailing malaise - is the establishment before the law of the legal non-enforceability of interest-paying contracts and other such cancerous, wealth-devouring instruments. Any constructive uses of which, as in times past, can be substituted by arrangements distributively-just and developmentally-sound and vigorous. The making-of-a-living strictly from the passive use of one’s money—a practice condemned unequivocally by Old and New Testament teaching and by such doctors as St. Thomas Aquinas and the Islamic Avicenna—needing imperatively to be pushed back into the back-alleys where it belongs. Some traces of which will no doubt always remain, in this place of testing world, like some stubborn, non-eradicable weed: together with a likewise-statutorily-proscribed close-cousin drug-abuse, abortion, sodomy and prostitution.

            Furthermore, a matching, closely-integrated requirement for an economically just and fruitful society is that real estate property, the rudimentary platform for a prodigious production of positive wealth, must be understood by way of its traditional, solid social definition: which is simply to say that every piece of such property must have a detailed, point-by-point charter attached to it, after the manner of times past. In this way preventing this fundamental and productive resource from becoming a mere ugly and sterile "milk cow" for the paying-of-debt, and the de facto enslavement of the masses. However a tradition social-definition of real-property not at all akin to those morally-illegitimate, private-home-invasive homeowner or lessee “covenants” of the U.S. today, but rather a truly-benign and purposeful instrument which details the socioeconomic obligations which attend the ownership of land. Binding duties which for instance in a renter/landlord setting principally come to bear upon the landlord, rather than onerously impacting the tenant, as is typical today. The entire philosophy of distributism acknowledging the providential place of the landowner in the divine scheme-of-things—so different from the nanny-states and ponzi-schemes of today's great—as having been designated by divine commission to see to the just—and not just "charitable"—distribution of wealth. A task much too large for any government by itself to adequately supervise or achieve, let alone for any allegedly-impersonal, market-force-driven "Invisible Hand" to arbitrate. Here rather a vast array of individual rational, moral actors must imperatively be involved, else the whole giant enterprise be taken over by self-interested interlopers of every kind. In a fundamental activity thrown open to the brilliant light of day, and not consigned to shadowy regions of shylocks, boardrooms or log-rolling bureaucracies as it is today. Hardly then do we aspire to enforce any avant-garde or right-wing stone-age social conventions, this renewed and reinvigorated property-definition being rather the other solid leg on this aggregate man, this economy, we are attempting here to sketch. So that, among numberless multiplier-rich social and economic advantages, when wealth, convenience, co-utilization and material reciprocity are thus as it were built into a property, for all who live or work there, then there is further happy dispensation from the need to produce “goods and services” by today’s debt retiring and constrained multiples. With remuneration by money becoming less universally critical to every facet of life, almost to the drawing of breath. Specie being thus gradually returned to those calm and recollected uses for which it was made: to buy goods across a counter rather than to keep men in chains or to storm nations or financial empires.

From the above productive malignancy results today's ceaseless artificial mass mobility of the global labor force: whose final issue, like much else in today’s world, is toward something incalculable and irreversible, thus abstracting completely beyond any of democracy’s most-fundamental guarantees. This radical species of labor-mobility being quite distinct from an ordinary, rational worker-influx: being rather a human deluge by means of which whole economies are washed away rather than amplified, and long-standing local and national cultures are deeply diluted with foreign and unfamiliar influences, in a process motivationally-fatal, working havoc and invader and invadee alike. Liberty thus losing one of its most palpable toe-holds, in  the colloquialisms of the native industrial-cultural soil, the worker domestic or foreign being rendered further incapable of struggling against an inscrutable scale-monolith which gradualistically robs him of all power and destroys his wellbeing. Working an impotence which for that matter and in many ways reaches high into the realms of management as well. And from which ultimately follows a self-perpetuating maelstrom of social dissolution, likewise to be seen both in the domestic culture and among the new economic/occupational invaders as well. Even as these words represent no racism: coming as they do from one who for instance sees ample blessings of both “good looks” and intellectual-vigor accruing to vast numbers of rather-plain-looking, phlegmatic Saxons and Northern-Europeans: this by the admixture of the slightest addition of foreign blood of any sort. The problem being instead that the system’s maddening “tail wagging the dog” phenomenon wreaks havoc throughout, in terms social, demographic, economic and many others as well. This Olympian high-handedness, this perfectly-irrational preemptiveness—oddly colored throughout by an ingrained systemic/attitudinal paranoia from which capitalism is inseparable—these are the principal underlying causes of most of our problems—and together comprise that dysfunction which we address most consistently here on these pages and in these publications. A pathological, control-bent, top-heavy organizational paradigm for which we offer a replacement at the same time simple and intricate, exhaustive and unique. Hardly being the sort of "simple answer" for which a cleaver-like, intrinsically-Manichaean political Calvinism is always sacrificing some next generation or some struggling foreign nation, so that "liberty" and "free enterprise" might march bravely on. That view-of-life which has produced the weird topography of anti-culture and anti-values over which we must live and move today.

What we speak of here in these pages is the foremost phenomenon of modern life: the increasingly-universal prevalence of what I term the modern anti-state. That ultimate by-product of capitalism which is made possible only under circumstances of the most complete conceivable—if sometimes transparently disguised—high-level remote-control. An organizational anomaly which actually had its first beginning in the gradual scale-related abstracting of commercial and political life away from the domestic existence of the common citizen begun around the end of the thirteenth century. So that man is in the most profound way no longer self-governing, even if his mind rings with slogans of the most libertarian kind. This long-pre-existent impersonal and monolithic phenomenology having been reinforced immeasurably by a socially-alienating faith-without-works heresy of the major Reformers, while being kept solidly intact through the alien and amoral dynamisms of a coalescing debt-driven capitalism, whose first caustic impulses are evident wherever Judaism gains any foothold on some national soil. This socioeconomic complex comprising a totality which received a potent conceptual distillation in the inter-connected Masonic American/French Revolutionary movement: that namely in which for the first time freedom and democracy became topics of speeches and flowery preambles rather than living realities. While finally the Catholic Church, during and after the Second Vatican Council, would ultimately lead the way in the final universal transformation of ecclesial life, in all denominations, into a French-revolutionary “official church” format: as dictated-to by a sort of new Directorate of anti-popes, experimental psychologists, materially-heretical theologians, these attended by innumerable apparatchiks at all levels and of all kinds. This inversion—of the commercial, the ever-changing and the banal or esoteric over the familiar, the productive, the deeply-spiritual—this being the final phase of the complete transformation of mankind into the anti-state, anti-organizational mold. That which above all the high-minded pretenses is ultimately designed and streamlined, and culturally sterilized and neutered, toward an unproductive, uncreative, rent-farming mass-extraction of debt, as well as the eternal loss of souls.

Mankind’s many self-professed spokespersons announce in all of this a new and reputedly far-more-significant “Redemption”: in comparison with which the first is held to have been naïve and infantile. This virtual rejection of Christianity being in those convenient practical terms of our times: in which one may continue to mouth the words "Lord, Lord", with certain rapidly-diminishing Faith-related formalities remain intact. Thus the highly-self-conscious motif of the “brave”, the “grown up”: the old unitary poeisis/praxis existence (cf. Corner, James, Landscape Journal, vol. 9, no. 2) being completely overturned. Mankind being thought to have matured since an apotheosized storming-of-the-Bastille: and indeed mockingly and with sardonic hauteur to have “put aside the things of a child”. The old precepts and counsels of religion—which in some major faiths have more in common than what sets them apart, productive in turn of a sense-of-devotion sometimes marvelously similar from one faith to the next, as long as no fundamental denial of the Savior is involved—these sublime foundations having at the same time been put upon on a very high shelf, for us to admire of a Sunday, a Saturday evening or a Wednesday night. This in a brief, indeed sometimes uncannily and ironically comic interlude away from more “adult”, "serious" concerns. Indeed any religion more earnest and heartfelt, especially among men, which would dare to surpass this elbow-to-the-ribs variety, being classed as effeminate: in an abominable blasphemy of the Holy Ghost which treads dangerously on the edges of the chasm of unforgivable sin. The old unity of religion and state—or rather the old growth of the latter from out of the former, by way of the perennial cult—culture—nation developmental sequence—from which valid cross-confessional borrowings easily proceed—this now being regarded as the proper milieu of the late-ancient barbarian or the cave-man. The formative aspects of both state and religious cult having rather been entirely taken-over by the noted alien and supercilious avant-garde, which rules by the invocation of breathlessly-counterpoised paradigms worshipped like deities but of gravely-limited applicability to matters at hand. Although on occasion some few crumbs might be thrown to the old and true patriotism or religious devotion, to satisfy the “vulgar” crowd: sops rendered strangely detestable by such means. The old culturally/institutionally holistic view of religion being viewed as outmoded together with patriarchal sacrifices of calves and rams, all the while the new “progress” is attended by a collapse even of Enlightenment-era falsely-deified constitutional institutions and guarantees, and of the standing of religion even of this cosmetic kind. In these and other ways the human person no longer having those other once-numerous intimate- and intermediate-level institutions which gave him safety and recourse, so that he could live his life as God so designed. That plethora-like “safety-net” which morally, humanly, materially and in the most immediate of senses most comprised the old and true Civilization. In a full, true, enveloping security whether from the demands the state, or from the global-corporate monolith which is rapidly becoming its surrogate, or even from oversteps of a host of brother Bills or uncle Daves.

Thus does the common man tend more and more to be a fugitive between increasingly-inhospitable poles: not to even consider the desperate case of the growing homeless population, often living in some candid form of chattel slavery, perhaps giving all his income for a meal or two and a dormitory bed at some sordid, Wall-Street-traded shelter. A popular subservience steadily coming in other ways to characterize standard jobs as well, for one thing because religion—man’s one-time universal defender—has become increasingly abstracted from age-old humble concerns. While humanity is likewise stripped of the many religion-inspired or -nourished enabling groups and associations which used to render human life a dense interface of friendly mutual advocacy, of healthy, sickness-diluting reciprocity and interdependency. The genuine clerical culture—the native incubator of the laws and political liberties of the West—having been the milieu out of which were formed many of our productive institutions as well: as in the case of the free ecclesiastical burghs that developed outlying areas of Europe during the twelfth century. Vigorous entrepreneurial communities, considering especially the technical drawbacks of the times, compared with which the modern anti-state, for all its metallic libertarian and commercial slogans, is a mere lethargic motivational shadow. With bishops having been the first noblemen of Christian Gaul and of the early Christian Franks, around which solid pious core coalesced the vigorously-burgeoning French state. The new clergy plying a truncated mandate largely confined to exhortations toward a newly-conceived duty, without much moral consideration to “be a provider”; or to be ready, without reflection on basics of right-and-wrong involved, to kill and die in battle; or to otherwise blindly obey “lawful authority” in a newly loose way conceived. With even catechism class no doubt coming to be taught in this new, grim and brave pedagogy, away from the intimate, tender, personalized blandishments of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, with which we of mid-century were taught in many ways to be so familiar: with their hovering solicitude and constant partiality toward the poor and the broken-hearted ever foremost in the clergy of old. Their successors today too-often largely unacquainted, except in some artificial or personally-unfamiliar way, with the tender, earnest solicitudes of Saint Joseph, the angels and the other saints.

Hence can it be seen, in view of these disturbing trends, that it is typically not really “change” that traditional-minded people, such as we at, take exception to: modifications in mortal fear of which we are ever portrayed. But rather being resisted is the stark and peremptory manner in which our entirely personal affairs are manipulated, or gratuitous changes imposed artificially from above. Emanating from sources which, as it becomes sickeningly, redundantly apparent, are mortally hostile to Christian custom and belief. From such mass organs of discipline or dissemination as the school, the media, the place of employment, and more-recently even the once motherly, fondly-familiar Church. Mass institutions which today show less and less regard for long-cherished local or personal values or sensitivities, except in some artificial or nugatory way.


Platonic idealism versus Aristotelian realism: opposite metaphysical springboards to freedom or oppression.


Suggested in the above considerations is the greatest possible dividing-line in thought and attitude: a line-of-battle throughout the ages fought over every inch of the way. One honeycombed with trenches, mines and booby-traps of every description. A moral divide at whose most fundamental stratum is distinguishes the essentially-outgoing from the radically-inwardly-turned. The latter of whom – chiefly represented at present by the various exponents of the capitalist anti-state—are positively driven to impose their vision, their worldview, on others. People who in every generation look for ways to gain multiple levers of control: social, psychological, financial, governmental. Representing a kind of spreading cancer on the human organizational level, a fanaticism operating today after the manner noted above. Adopting a rigid protocol entirely different from our race’s familiar, reciprocal, dense-yet-loose-knit interface. This outgoing/introverted polarity, furthermore, typically has nothing whatever to do with one’s general mien or manner, one’s wish to be gregarious or taciturn. Rather are there described here two fundamental orientations of mind and soul: the one being aggressively destructive of personal, local and intermediate-level identities and values; the other, the truly-outgoing, being deeply engaged-with and closely attached-to same. Even as the most morbidly-inwardly-turned in this sense are often in fact supremely loquacious and indeed socially aggressive: good will, a love for the complexities of real life—not patent-leather “sociability”—being the fatal missing ingredient here. While finally this is a bifurcation, too, which figures prominently in the philosophical disputes of the ages: with the ragged edges of two schools finding Aristotle on the one side, Plato on the other.

            For the one spiritual type, life is always pre-outlined and pre-conceived; for the other it is based on observation and experience: as in the case of above-mentioned cattle-herding, singing and yodeling cowboys. The first virtually aspires to reproduce the inward existence of the angels in their own persons: higher spirits in whom the divine “types” are stamped ineffably, with no “vulgar” reference to the physical, to lower creatures of any kind. Ambitious people indeed—for whom some abstract, inwardly-arrived-at, self-exalting principle or criterion—wrapped in this kind of self-professed “purity”, and then rigidly and preemptively imposed upon others as well—is always paramount. While for their opposites, the other moral genus of humanity, the ultimate sine qua non of life is derived from people and events, lively native local and regional peculiarities, facts and quantities given the reckoning they deserve. With all this empirical responsiveness, as it might be called—something quite distinct from sensuality, which has an essentially morbid character and aim—finding a parallel as well in a non-resistance to grace absolutely essential to salvation. This objectified human existence having about it a real, substantive purity, patterned after the very Substance of God, as seen in the rich diversity and spontaneity of His creatures, both lowly and exalted, made to His Likeness. Such a genuine purity/humility, as in the Savior divine yet "finding the divinity not something to be grasped at", finding such a person a soft wax ready to receive the imprint of the divine seal. And in like manner letting himself be molded inwardly as his sense-based human nature requires, launching into abstractions only as these outward data allow, being satisfied with lowly manifestations, dependable guideposts to higher things that they be, such as created things supply. A kind of inward chastity here which, while yet retaining its sublimity, nonetheless inwardly embraces all of life. From a paradoxically both exalted and pedestrian level wishing to see creation prosper, to “increase and multiply, and fill the earth” with its marvelous intricacies, subtleties, dynamisms, ever dropping newer seeds and spores. Here being an orientation which will almost infallibly find its way to prudence and probity, with these to be amplified in concert with others close-by according to a multiplier of the most prodigal kind. Here indeed "the meek shall possess the land", the common man will prosper, like the old rugged farmers and ranchers of my youth, now almost entirely driven off the land. No place for "stiff-necked" elitism here, but only for good, kind, relenting objectivity. Fraught with an inclusive love which hardly wishes to retain all advantages or perceptions for itself, nor for some proud, narrow, inward-looking elite: fruits that these boons are of this "tree of life", multiplying when shared, diminishing when hoarded, like the very Gospel miracle of the loaves and fishes. Hardly being determined by some "scarcity principle", a rank insult to both God and man, and to that creation which the One made, and the other is meant prolifically to tend.

Finally, the consequences of the two approaches-to-life—wherein is singularly observable that truism of Christ, “by their fruits you will know them”—are likewise worlds apart from one another. Since the inwardly-turned in this moral, conceptual sense are the fountainheads of every sinister scheme: whether of genocide, preemptive warfare, institutionally-introduced and insidiously-mandated sodomy, abortion and/or euthanasia or other forms of ironclad dominion and control. Ever seeking to as-it-were ambush a trusting, unsuspecting humanity: to impose a dark vision upon it, whether in the family or around the globe. Even as the same crowd, with their consummate thespian qualities, ever convincingly pose as “angels of light”, or as somehow being victims in their own right. While the creation of a pseudo-intelligencia of an elitist character has been the invariable requirement of this morbid despotism since the days of the effeminate, eunuch-ridden Byzantine court, fit heir to Platonistic/hedonistic Greeks of old. With a standard leonine militarism being invariably shared by all such regimes. The outwardly-turned, the other-oriented—thus vigorously attuned both in cryptic depths-of-the-soul and in other persons, places and things—ever sedulously preparing an enabling path or superhighway for other persons or nations, while the inwardly-turned miss the whole point of meditation, turning it into a morbid, narcissistic introspection, or blind belief in fetishes and fables, rather than an inner flight to the divine Other, the Source of all being. A road upon whose concourses one’s own peculiar solitude and self-definition are clearly defined, secretly written by God "upon a little white stone". The whole observing the Gospel paradox that "he who would loose his life will save it".

The noted radical bifurcation is basic subject-matter throughout these pages and publications: with the one character type, the truly outgoing, being the essential exponent of distributism, the truly democratic organizational and  economic system of the ages, the other being the source of every moral, intellectual or political disease that has ever plagued mankind. In a radical, Dr. Jeckle-like inward abstraction and hallucination, the producer of twisted “master races”, with their anti-life “scientists” and black-shirt enforcers. While as a final benchmark of all-time cynicism we here in the U.S. today have leaders whose willingness to ape the old smiling cowboy is their "ticket" to a power-plateau never before known. While it is in overcoming this tyranny, this radical-inwardness, this sense of exclusivity—that which most motivated the first Calvinists, of which the Puritans or "Dissenters" were the unique epitome—it is in the relinquishing of such stout bonds that there will be achieved the coming-of-age of the United States, if it is going to survive at all. A transformation that will ultimately be marked by its return to the fold of genuine Catholic Faith: that most outward, and at the same time most-truly-inward, of creeds. A homecoming which will find all law once again based on that law of God from whence it naturally and solely proceeds.


The false America, Pitesti, Abu Ghraib, and the Stanford Psych Department of the 70s.


Manufactured relationships are essential to today’s corporate-sponsored world: a system with an incredibly costly “morality” or motivational life, a yoke heavier than anything Christ asks us to bear. The onerous weight of all the new "multi-tasking" being joined by a host of new duties and imperatives required at odd and unpredictable moments, the worker held to a crushing new form of humility which implies no character or personality at all, ranging from a “taking the flak” for other people’s words and deeds to showing oneself adept at reversing such roles, with ones own very conscience being usurped by the supervisor or one of his favorites out on the floor. The cumulative end result being a world where people define themselves exclusively in term of artificial and externally-imposed relationships to others: apart from which stage-set they acknowledge no significant life of their own. While this sort of close-quarters world is easily productive of an institutionalized sodomy-culture in which brutal dominion is the savagely fought-over prize. Here being the fertile source of the serial-killers, pedophiles and other sociopaths with which our society abounds, subjects of avid interest, in turn, on the evening news. Standing in as perfidy and perversity do as premier forms of entertainment, re-runs of the ancient Coliseum, or of ancient plays in which actors posed as gods engaged in lewd displays. But worst of all is that here is found much of the practical substance of the democracy we impose on Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Muslim world, with anything which departs from such compulsions being sanctimoniously and counter-intuitively branded as tyrannical, as well as socially and institutionally backward. Thus is patriotically paved the road to some new Bush War Machine’s Ground-Zero, with noted regions being broad frontiers for stirring new ventures: regions containing some of the few places left where people haven’t yet been educated to the barked commands of such leotard-wearing, space-ship-"democratic" ways. While Abu Ghraib and similar places serve as a sort of crash course for bizarre new forms of Captain Kirk and Dr. Spock interaction, halls of torment working upon human personalities a transformation that would otherwise take decades or even centuries to accomplish. Encompassing the destruction of the myriad real-life individualities of an entire nation, indeed, of the nation itself as a metaphysical reality all its own. Indefinable treasures once developed in the obscurity of home, neighborhood and local marketplace: over whose annihilation Haliburton or Blackwater shed few tears. While finally it is from out of the same world of imperatives that the holocaust of 9/11 took form: that which was the enforcement clause of world corporate/political leaders. Those super-correct people who with ominously-blank faces but seemingly with little consequence at the time told us there was “no alternative" to their WTO program of a radical form of globalization, and who had prepared for us a tidy object-lesson for what they had decreed.

After having been administered such a rap on the wrist, to which we responded so admirably well, the fait accompli now being pursued with a shameless eagerness by our ballot-box-stuffing leaders will be well-nigh impossible to reverse once it is solidly-enough put in place. While a remote preparation for this remote-control USA has been an odious species of experimental psychology, with the increasing mass application of data obtained at places like Stanford in the 70s and Pitesti in communist Romania during the early ‘50s, shared by "behavioral scientists" who form an international elite, a sort of secular high priesthood, a cadre first employed by Hitler and Stalin for purposes of moral, social and political regimentation. Pitesti having been a prison camp identical in most respects to Abu Ghraib, from out of which fund of guinea-pig-like, physically and/or mentally sodomizing human experimentation—continued in so many prison-hospitals, VA hospitals and occasional oddly-similar grad schools and psych departments—there have developed many of the inhuman behavioral mechanisms spoken of from time to time on these pages.


The comprehensive Anglo/American/Israeli WMD


Integral to this mass remote control psycho-mechanism is the issue of “weapons of mass destruction”, which must be regarded as the all-time-greatest psycho-dramatized guilt-transfer of them all. The U.S., while having sold to Iraq the WMDs it had in the first place, likewise consistently dropped “dirty bombs”, of low-grade radioactive material upon the same unfortunate land, during “interdiction” maneuvers between the two most recent wars, as well as during the first phases of this latter of them: with these hideous U.S. airborne missiles resulting in many thousands of deaths, illnesses and deformities, especially among Iraqi children. And then too there were the many more-recent reports, sometimes by hospital personnel, if vigorously-denied by American officials, of the use of poisonous gases by American troops in the occupation of Fallujah, and many other similar atrocities. Here being employed the same yellow-journalistic disinformation whereby American multi-national corporate executives have for a century now gathered airs of Eden-like innocence and beatitude to their hefty appetites, while their growth-stunted third-world victims have gone from being classified as more-or-less degenerate or “poorly motivated” to the much-more-convenient and self-justifying categories of terrorism.

Finally, when all else fails, the American war machine—in unavoidable later admissions of prisoner executions and other heinous wrongs—forthwith takes up a handy “war is ugly” theme: an exoneration however hardly applied to the entirely-innocent, homeland-defending Croatian general Gotovina, whose continued “at large” condition was recently used by American officials to withhold U.S. recommendation of Croatia’s accession to the E.U. (Note of May 17, 2012: Croatia herself would later betray Gotovina, revealing his whereabouts, to her lasting shame, only to find herself immersed in a debt-crisis EU it would have been better to have honorably shunned in the first place. Croatia having inherited the curse of the liberal tolerance of Jews from the Austrian Empire, where they had been the dependable source of traitors for every enemy combatant or diplomatic corps.) A vindication denied as well in other ways to countless others falsely accused of war crimes or terrorism across the globe. The attention of the reader, viewer or listener being ceaselessly directed away from mid-and-low-level Israeli/American atrocities toward warfare- or civil-upheaval related events in other lands, calamities quickly and sanctimoniously blamed on the country where they occurred. (Note of May 17, 2012: Here is discovered a treacherous science all-its-own, in our "can't turn back now" Hillarian or Hitlerian world, in the use of mostly-U.S.-corporate-based NGOs as sources of insertion of incendiary propaganda and inseparable black-ops personnel. For as all forms of economic activity become increasingly centered in a few multinational firms, these are able to operate with increasing impunity, are given chart-blanc from serious investigation, and their sovereignty-violating intrusions endorsed in the worldwide condemnation and ultimate sanctioning of those governments which resist them in any way. This is a new geo-mechanism which has already brought down Gaddafi and several other regimes, and which now stands poised to do the same to Putin as well. A phenomenon which has nothing whatever to do with democracy, and everything to do with expensively-commissioned criminal, piratical mobs.) All the noted all-determining Israeli/American connections are held to be so sacrosanct as to be open to criticism or evaluation by no one, being based on a Holocaust regarded as an article of faith, although an alleged certainty in the Jewish mind rests upon near-non-existent forensic evidence, epitomized in the fact that the "six million" bodies would still be burning had they been disposed of by incineration in mostly-non-existent ovens, which is the manner-of-disposal always claimed. All the while ravings of radical evangelicals and strange-bedfellow agnostics obscure the facts beyond repair, urging a new act of blind faith in a nation-overthrowing irrationality never seen in the Christian past. New incalculable and ever-growing government war on terror plenipotentiary powers—with consummate convenience legally-couched against both “terrorists” and "anti-Semites"—being apprehensively weighed by most, calling forth easily the desired “prudence-is-the-better-part-of-valor” capitulation or demur.

Hence amid the dense smoke-screen do we encounter issues like the gassing of Kurds in the late 80s—and of course the thought-obliterating Trade Tower and Pentagon Crashes—for the first of whose interpretation we depend entirely on those few hardly-impartial largely-British foreign observers that were then on the scene. And regarding the second of which we are consistently denied a thorough, impartial, dispassionate, detailed, public forensic investigation toward the identity of their true perpetrators. A clue to which mystery is to be found in the fact that of this highly-publicized group those accused and tried in a non-judicially-theatrical Germany have been acquitted. And another suspect in the USA having signed a “confession” that must be regarded on its own merits as suspect in the extreme, a conclusion of course trebled by the exoneration of his alleged accomplices by Germans with no axes to grind. Vast amounts too of the putative evidence against each and all are held under wraps for security reasons by our government, with the constant suppression of evidence plainly introducing the motivations of the worst of the “death squad” governments of the 80s in Latin America, or of a 140-year-old Ku Klux Klan: the latter cryptic pseudo-government likewise putting itself forward as a champion of "security" and "the American way". This treachery-enabling sinkhole of secrecy maintaining as well that handy, evidence-ignoring predisposition to find top-level assassinations from McKinley to Huey Long to the Kennedy brothers to be the work of some “maniac”, with high sanctimony ignoring the intrinsic public-domain nature of objective judicial/evidentiary findings in cases of such towering, war-justifying, national-security-related import. A common-citizen accessibility critical to that rule of law so much otherwise made-over on these shores. (Note of May 17, 2012: This ongoing removal of the citizen from both knowledge and input in the waging of war is one of the key elements of the modern New World Order state, and a far cry from the comprehensive involvement of the citizen in medieval times. Manifestly, the "new order" involved is nothing other than this very dictatorial dominion of "those who know best".) Plainly, if through suppressed evidence the wrong parties are identified as criminally responsible, then the real enemy may easily be found to be a highly-placed homegrown traitor, rather than a foreign operative of any kind. The public being buffaloed, sanctimoniously "guided by the hand", around intelligent consideration of who did it: rather having its attentions fixed on some obscure Arabs, creditable evidence against whom basically boils down to their alleged presence on the fated planes, and the closely-connected weaving of an elaborate theory about a highly tenuous and probabilistically-unlikely foreign plot. But just as nefarious is the refashioning of the whole issue of responsibility into a scapegoating over "why wasn't the disaster prevented": thus riveting public attention upon expendable if highly-visible underlings unacquainted with any treasonous domestic plot. This business of prevention being in certain fundamental respects rather-obviously another question entirely, easily abstracting with clever convenience from the existence of a remorseless enemy within. (Note of May 17, 2012: High-level traitors whose machinations are by definition almost impossible to uncover; and if uncovered, easily-enough re-hidden through internal mechanisms of black-hearted elimination, as in the case of the anthrax scientist no doubt about to spill the beans.)

Here is the pith of a treacherous dynamic playing out in the entire history of the USA, and of the Colonies before, fraught with numerous kangaroo jumps-to-justice, and overpowering appeals to prejudice or emotion, regarding “terrorists” or "savage Indians" with uncanny swiftness "conclusively" identified. And predictably, months or years later, found "unfortunately" to have been wrongly accused, but only after some "righteously" sought-after fait-accompli had been solidly brought into being. Virtue, manhood and patriotism found in a “quick-fix” toward artificially-fulminated, near-hysterical popular post-tragedy vindictive needs. Enabling the President recently to “reward” the lightning-like judicial sleuth most involved with an appointment as head of Homeland Security: such “efficient” operatives obviously being difficult to find, without clearing out the very prisons themselves, which would be far-too-obvious a thing to do, and net too few employable toward multiple converging ends. Here at last being found much of the reason for the much-remarked, painfully slow pace in the selection of the original Bush cabinet: their similarly-slow congressional confirmation having been another matter again. It being almost prohibitively difficult to find candidates to whom a thoroughgoing "beyond reasonable doubt" bringing to justice means little at all, a low-bar criterion which nets those of the caliber of they who “investigated” the Kennedy assassinations, for whom such certainty was well beyond official intent, or scope of inquiry. While of course not considered at all is the distinct possibility of a remote control guiding of the aircraft to their separate annihilations: in which scenario the presence of Muslims onboard (later found to be questionable) would comprise an especially clever propaganda coup. This in a pervasive psychological warfare on the national mind and soul.

But perhaps most significant of all in this WMD-ridden logic is the unmentioned reality that American forces have turned from the use of “big” weapons that produced “mass destruction” and is now concentrating instead on “pinpoint,” “target acquisition” and “target take out” tools. This ensemble within an overall strategic arsenal marked by a disgustingly-eager Buck Rogers spirit, plainly-enough a hyper-aggressive WMD all of its own incalculable kind. An arena into which “tactical” atomic weapons threaten to be introduced with little fuss or ado, this global free-wheeling, all-embracing mega-WMD having as well the massive psychological-warfare component discussed elsewhere in these pages. A totality capable of destroying the moral and cultural as well as the military, industrial and economic infrastructure and critical mass of a nation in a matter of weeks: as repeated experiences in Iraq and elsewhere have redundantly shown. While finally much of the effectiveness of this comprehensive killing machine is in this very ceaseless deflecting of attention away from itself: and toward ragged Muslim militias, the supposed fountainheads of all our woes. Fighters who are in fact recorded as desiring to “stay well away” from those other units—the ones which get all the publicity—those namely which are highly-sophisticated and often fabulously-funded. “Muslim” units with theatrical names, operating in Iraq and elsewhere, with whose membership these genuine Muslim insurgents seem to be poorly if at all acquainted, and who display an entirely different sort of devil-may-care espirit: such as one might indeed expect from a band of Israeli provocateurs. A blown-up picture of several members of which conveniently black-hooded-and-uniformed, elitist "Muslim" paramilitary - operating during the fight for Mosul - reveals with startling clarity the pink, fleshy hand (the only tell-tale uncovered area) and muscular build of at least one Caucasian (which almost all Israelis are). A photographable phenomenon not at all uncommon, and witnessed in another sense in various anomalies, discussed briefly below, detected in snap-shots of likewise-wisely-hooded "beheaders". While the noted photo-enlargement was the very first of such efforts here at Louis de Joliet Publishing: one which nonetheless netted such remarkably results. So that probability percentages argue accordingly. All these facts suggesting again—to those “with eyes to see and ears to hear”—the true massiveness of the composite weapon-of-mass-destruction involved, a phenomenon unleashed upon mankind which has nothing whatever to do with genuine patriotism, being absolutely perverse and pernicious in every respect. Even as those spec-4s and lieutenants who take part in all the unjust aggression, and not-infrequent war crimes, continue to prattle the old Nazi or SS formula, "I was only following orders": that which earned so many a hangman's noose at Nuremburg. Another kind of beltway or “loop” out of which present Administration parties obviously intend to escape unscathed, while orchestrating a campy melodrama whose producers and narrators hold charges of treason or anti-Semitism over the heads of those who, green around the gills, head for the restroom before intermission time, or fail to salute in the traditions of an Orwellian 1984.

Ironically enough, the intelligence-defying intricacies of politically-correct patriotism reach a kind of zenith in certain policy-criticisms themselves, found here and there in the media. As in recent pronouncements of mostly-U.S.-based ”think-tanks”: analyses contained under web-headlines and in expert-commentaries of many kinds. These nowadays lamenting the “loss of influence” of the U.S. and its “coalition of the willing” over world affairs: a shortfall said to be caused by a “loss of moral prestige”. So that the U.S. is required to contend with a “rapidly deteriorating situation”. A forlorn complaint by which presumably we claim the added moral-luxury of being able to shrug our shoulders in humble resignation, sigh, and mentally surrender the field to all opponents of vaunted U.S. interests. This thespian waning-of-might however hardly corresponding to the bare and brutal facts of this latest Iraq War (there have been at least four of them)—nor for that matter to the ongoing genocide against Palestinians by our supposedly-ever-persecuted and equally-unpopular Israeli partners. While ignored in such uncharacteristically-hasty analyses is the rather-more-evident likelihood that Bush and Blair went into Iraq precisely in order to destabilize it, to cause a fiasco, in a modern geo-strategy as familiar as the stage-duo’s verbal-soft-shoe routines, mock-pathos or patent-leather smiles. The corporate-backed Coalition war machine having given the ultimatum to this little nation, the one and only consistent opponent to Israeli regional hegemony, and genocide against the Palestinian state, that it must either submit to a veritable loss-of-sovereignty or be reduced to a cinder. So that “Greater Israeli” could resume its open, well-documented march—actually kicked-off in vague first beginnings by Austrian-based Frankist proto-Zionists who were laying earliest groundwork for the state of Israel already in the mid-1700s—to own everything between the Nile and the Euphrates. The much-publicized desire to make Iraq into some sort of "model democracy" upon which regional Administration-pandering despotisms can pattern themselves: this is vintage Bush demagoguery. The true and sinister aims of our policies thus depending rather more upon an impenetrable smoke-screen of propaganda as much as upon sodomizing prison-guards and armed might.

These sinister subterfuges, confirmed in countless ways, are understandably beyond the capacity of these prestigious, sometimes-neo-con think-tanks to entertain: so that the bizarre notion is sustained that Bush and Blaire, together with we their citizens, are even now taking an undeserved flogging, tied to a kind of global pillory. One which we are said to have brought upon ourselves with perfect innocence, by way of our lofty, virtuous, globe-reforming idealism. The very starry-eyed way that Roosevelt was portrayed all during the war against Japan and its decade-long, epic-sanctimonious lead-up. All this before a world courtroom in which popular opinion supposedly sits in an equal balance with unchecked might and aggression, as if the scale held by a blindfolded maiden of humanity responds instantaneously to every micro-gram of mass moral-weight-transfer involved. The reality being that informed world public opinion has as little effect on American policy today as it did on the USSR some decades ago, with the self-same private-interest forces as now rigidly control the neo-con United States—those who have used “Caesar” for their own ends since Judas and the Sanhedrin—having previously guided the Soviet Union and its satellites. The “allied” power association—being in fact far better-heeled than the Russians ever were—however needn’t always resort to arms, but can rather switch off with ease, or use a combined assault—whether on people or on their perceptions. For one thing possessing a comprehensive stranglehold over international trade/finance by which all-the-more-surely to achieve a bewildering array of preemptive political or military aims. This new brand of globalism taking advantage on every plane of a raw, uncontainable corporate power, as opposed to a previous weak-sister version which depended upon the willing cooperation of sovereign nations. A new, elitist, radically-privatized world-vision, whether advanced openly in corporate “reconstruction” bonanzas, or less-directly in U.S. policy, or even-less-so in the feverish operations of numerous U.S.-based NGOs. These wielding their well-financed influence, and expanding righteous vocabularies, in all contested theaters. Again the noted “comprehensive WMD” capability, brandished by an all-determining “coalition” which can with equal ease go on an armed campaign or a media blitzkrieg, or discretely provoke some new regime change. And then turn on a dime from there and precipitate a world currency crisis: that “ultimate convincer” even now gaining an incalculable momentum. All these component-aims being accomplished in the closest conceivable coordination with one another. Tools, crude and bloody or cool and sophisticated, being sharpened and exercised as an integrated means of compensating for a looming "day of reckoning" in terms of the current and capital accounts. Both of which in reality indicate divergent kinds of U.S. interest-paying national indebtedness. This through a clever double-entry of debts in black letters on side of the balance-of-payments balance-sheet, in red letters on the other. With incredibly-little real American-produced wealth in between. The noted incalculable WMD insuring that this dominant geo-investment bloc is able to “have” such a cake “and eat it too” by such means. And make others pay damages if the catering is not to their liking.

In all this too the “goose that laid the golden egg”—that great source of demand for goods that is the U.S. economy—has come home to roost for the Europeans with a vengeance. Since the present plummeting of the dollar against European currencies undercuts not only the salability of foreign goods, and thus the volume of foreign jobs, but also the return on foreign investment. (A dollar we wish to weaken even against the Renminbi, which open-market action might ultimately precipitate a Chinese civil war, or an invasion of Taiwan. In a China whose currency is pegged by mutual agreement to the dollar, and thus cannot be manipulated under that protocol, a Middle Kingdom which is now doing a torturous balancing act on our behalf; while gaining a decisive limiting influence over our range of policy options in the process.) Which noted European investment on these shores, being paid in cheaper dollars, fails to produce those hefty margins that are expected for any profitable venture. Hence the European willingness to keep this Goose feasted with hefty bond-purchases and other snacks has proven ill-advised in the end. This business of doing business over seas always being an especially marginal one: so that those nations which can in-a-sense stay home and run things from there have an advantage from the start, as for one thing all plant, communications and other improvements that cannot be repatriated by boatload must remain on those same foreign shores. Whatever extractions of profits that, say, European branch companies can make in such circumstances: these too being further diminished by the whole nature of the game. Of corporate buyouts, under favorable exchange rates, which are however quickly and necessarily followed by hefty investments into input, transport, communications on American soil, across a wide sea. Almost all of which must be bought here—especially in view of ever-lowering American prices. Expensive things which build up American, not European, real-wealth and infrastructure. And with added regulatory, taxing or other surcharge expenses generally attached for the Europeans involved. Thus the perverse wisdom of this kind of demand-pull, and of expecting to “buy up” America as a sort of recompense. That grand strategy from which Japan got burnt fingers a decade and more ago. This egg-laying goose becoming a Big Bird indeed: which once counted-upon becomes a sharp-clawed force-to-be-reckoned-with all of its own kind. Able in a pinch, for instance, to use this over-weaned and easily-earned de-facto formidability—especially with the aid of armed might, which others aren’t ready or able to field—to keep some mammoth war machine or other gargantuan project going—as in Iraq with its lucrative stolen contracts—all this for a long-enough time to break the back of the economic or military opposition overseas. Which under the close profit and maturity time-frames of modern capitalism doesn’t take long at all to do.

Thus as a symptom of the new order of things do we see Europe on the brink of bringing into being a “European Constitution”. A perfect gratuity, and quite illegitimate, which will however serve with newly-admirable docility global corporate interests to the detriment of component-nation sovereignties. All of this being a step in the direction of politically and economically placating the same all-devouring demand-market, and set of policy priorities, represented by the United States.

The noted geo-firms that control American foreign and domestic policy so directly are very good at sounding patriotic: but notice the valuable lands they are in a sense acquiring through these latest wars. And the sort of people, here and abroad, who benefit wildly, like some new version of the Great Gatsby, while the rest of us grow more economically insecure and harried every day. Even as the methods fostered throughout are designed to bring the populace in occupied lands to heel, in submission to sovereignty-destroying demands: using privatized “security firms” and the noted fabulously-effective proxy “Muslim militias” and other such elements, as both destabilizers and political counter-revulsives. Since the (largely corporate) beneficiaries of these policies don’t want to have a nation to contend with when they are finished with Afghanistan or Iraq: they want land, equipment, facilities, natural resources. Whole, unencumbered, passive: and totally undisturbed by common-good-minded souls. Since a good part of the deal struck with our creditors by recent administrations—and by looming-if-obscure figures in the world of Anglo/American finance—in arrangements to “pay up” on mounting trillions of dollars of unpaid debt—involves a wholesale open or de facto privatization. (In a national- and international-indebtedness which is never in the end “paid for” in money, or even in “goods and services”, but rather in crushing losses in terms of sovereign independence, moral integrity, Christian Civilization and the saving of immortal souls). For contrary to the conventional not-to-worry wisdom which attends mounting yearly White-House-sponsored deficits, these creditors don’t at all tolerantly countenance such mega-debts: even from “nice” and “correct” people and countries like the USA. Privatization being an innocent-sounding-enough word: the problem being however that in this context it basically means that domestic governmental services, the military, our very foreign policy are all owned by private parties. And thereafter squeezed for all their worth to produce staggering private revenues, and the remaking of the earth’s surface “in the image and likeness” of global ghouls. In a weird new sort of government which, for all the “small government” slogans that brought us the neo-con dictatorship, grows in most ways inconceivably larger and larger every day. So that although the United States remains “at the top of the heap” yet it is in the capacity of a servant, a kind of underling global Bluebeard, to do its private-sector masters’ bidding. Of course the noted “deals” are done “behind closed doors”, obscure and occasionally-disturbing elements of which are heard in random reports, with brief sound bites on occasion even emanating from routine conferences between first-world governments and global creditors. While there are other meetings as well, of which there are no reports, and that are of a perfectly-confidential nature.


Iraq War a microcosmic illustration, in the inverse, of the critical importance of this Catholic approach to economics and organization.


The unfolding drama detailed here presents a veritable macrocosmic model, if in the inverse, of the thesis of these pages: for it is huge financial and operational scale, in many ways the very opposite of the configuration advocated on this page, which has brought us to our present condition. This monolith necessarily being supported by disingenuous policies, cranked out by elites who claim to be taking us by the hand, working "for our own good". The modern commercially-inaugurated manipulation of perception of reality—an unprecedented, genuinely-preternatural phenomenon which can quite easily morph into various genuine kinds of diabolism—this surreal world readily constructing straw houses and straw enemies, to be burned up by pyromaniacs in charge. Hence staggering falsehoods, meant for consumption by Middle-East-illiterate folks-at-home, such as an alleged overwhelming Shiite majority in Iraq, strategically necessary to make Hussein look like an usurper. A classical shell-game of well-memorized phrases of newscasters and policy-makes alike in which the uniform Sunni adherence of the Kurds is ignored, and Iraq divided into a "Sunni Arab center, a Shiite south and a Kurdish north: as if the Kurds had no religion at all, but were simply bomb-throwing revolutionaries without belief in God. Smooth-tongued geo-swindlers having deftly swallowed the pea thought to be hidden somewhere beneath the three, and quickly moved on to some other item, lest the well-concealed flaw-in-reasoning be noticed by masses "patriotically" enthralled, more by bombast than by thought. This use of a fractional element in a society for violent map-alterations that work a denial of proportional or even majority rights of others involved—a pandered-to population-segment latter discarded, after certain less-acknowledged purposes have been served—this cynical stratagem being a hoary remnant from Habsburg or Byzantine days of divide-and-rule, gaining new stature among our policy-makers of today, a method employed by Rothschild agents vis-à-vis the Serbs to destroy the same Habsburg domain, even as the use of ever-violently-revanchist Kurds is a geo-strategic tool long-familiar to despotic map-makers of old. The desire to destabilize and thus to control being redundantly evident throughout: with a near-inevitable glib, clumsy “after-thought” about "regrettable miscalculations” soon to be aired, supplying ever-sardonic commentary from kingpins on high. Glorious names like freedom and democracy being lent to an ongoing radical human-societal experimentation to which the above-described narrowly-control-minded element is central, and a pliable electorate as well. From which intrigues the advocated popularly-participatory principles-of-organization and authority, together with the all-important grace of God, alone offer to bring decisive relief.

Suggested here is a self-monitoring, self-reinforcing configuration which allows man a critical non-intermediated daily relationships with persons, places and things, and with genuine sources of neutral, unadulterated information, while it has been man’s loss of this God-given personal, individual agency, on all fronts and at all levels, which has made him the passive object of the propaganda, psycho-manipulation and armed- or police-intimidation of today. Distributism being a perennial, densely-rooted human organizational plant with a resilience built into it by the same loving Creator: a fruit-bearing flower which only extended neglect and elephantine, trampling abuse can destroy, while under modern contrary barren, choking, proliferating vines man has lost contact with a personal accountability and responsibility for which there will nonetheless be demanded of him a rigorous accounting on by God on the day of his death. Since we as rational beings are beyond all else and by nature free-agents who must answer for our acts and omissions: no matter what the corporate world, the modern compromised clergy, or modern totalitarianism may tell us. A free-agency which requires that we sedulously reflect upon our commitments and circumstances: and do what is required to remedy those that involve us in grave wrongs. Whether this be at the level of on-the-job morality, local politics or foreign policy, there is no excuse in the standard “I must be a provider” argument: that threadbare disclaimer which argues the necessity of “not rocking the boat” lest we lose our job or social position. Carelessly forgetting that central injunction of the Savior, “seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things (‘what we will eat, what we will put on’) will be given you besides”, in departure from which noble moral simplicity is offered a novel twentieth-century theology, essentially shared by most denominations, which sees the citizen as lacking a certain absolute moral certainty insisted-upon in any departure from his government’s military will. That very moral evidentiary certainty-of-guilt which is however amply contained in policy-trail-markings noted above and elsewhere in these pages: broken twigs and bits of fur generously left behind by an "old Slew-foot" who lumbers murderously through swamps and cane-breaks of three centuries.

Thus is there a mercifully-divergent trail blazed here, in these pages and publications: one closely related to the very Gospel “Way”, on the practical, everyday plane. A way-of-return, as far as is humanly possible, to that mode-of-life which most facilitates the noted input of a benign, untrammeled human free will, through the dense thicket of modern-day circumstances. While called forth too is the contribution of each and all, magnifying beyond measure the path-finding input of these publications, toward this organizational reconciliation of deeds and circumstances with both our true nature and eternal destiny. Within which innately-cooperative scenario, according to the social nature which we possess, an orderly-but-loose-knit productive model has been developed which emphasizes virtue: which for the most part simply means rationality as universally and timelessly understood among the bulk of mankind, operating outside the gamut of modern mass-distortions. That goodness which in fact most enables this free-agency, this manner-of-living which alone can be called truly conservative and constructive. A life which emphasizes those good works which God has put it in the hands of us all to do, with the unshakeable foundation represented by virtue, active benevolence, truly-constructive principles being the only footing for valid laws and governments. Without which link to this the natural law—as well as ultimately to the positive Divine Law, given us in Revelation—presidents and potentates do not merit our fealty at all.


Bin Laden video: an obvious forgery, like so many others.


A patient web-search into the news amply supports misgivings about the authenticity of the latest cartoon-like Bin Laden videos, in all of which little else moves besides a no-doubt carefully-bit-map-edited mouth, with particular skepticism being merited by the one in which the notorious Arab supposedly claims total responsibility for September 11. The taped declaration being uncannily-convenient to the purposes of an already triple-rigged Bush/Republican victory: the other election-trip-wires being voter-intimidation and misinformation and flagrant electronic ballot-box-stuffing, as carried out both nationwide and through Republican-controlled secretariats-of-state. These and other fraudulent practices of electioneering having been discovered by a plethora of watch-dog organizations in ordinary precincts as well as in college and university polling-places: where the student-body is often roundly anti-Bush. Less-than-ethical practices found with special frequency in those minority-dominated areas also known to favor other-than-Republican candidates, presidential or congressional. In this way do George Bush and associates continue their cynical crusade for "democracy". (Note of May 18, 2012: Alas, as ruefully anticipated nine years ago when these lines were written, the subsequent Democratic successor, Obama, is even worse in all these respects, having deftly intercepted a football of treason and tyranny deliberately fumbled by the other side. Yet you must fight the bear that confronts you at the moment, before you can battle the one coming after him, lumbering toward you further down the trail: which is why I chose back then to ignore all the specious arguments, put forward so often by Catholic and other commentators, that "at least Bush is pro-life". Here being another species of disclaimer-of-responsibility, among the many which are damning the souls of Americans as I write.)

Noted doubts about these constantly-surfacing tapes are not at all allayed by their frequent origination with media like Al-Jezeera: that news agency which is hardly an official source for “Al Qaida” or the Taliban: rather being required to contend with the same deluge of false-spokespersons and expertly-peddled misinformation that all media outlets must endure. While a brief search of the web also recalls to our memories the fact that Osama and Al-Zarqawi have at different times actually been reported “dead” or “very likely dead”: and this by both American officials and standard sources in the regions around Afghanistan. Hence website like Bin Laden had well-known grave health problems during the nineties, as can be seen from a comparison of his photographs over time, so that there can be little tribute of startled surprise given to the fact that his funeral was actually given formal notice in several major Eastern and Western newspapers in December of 2001, with high Taliban officials being named as the source. Then too there are all the inherent difficulties in conducting taped speeches in circumstances of ceaseless flight and attendant desperation, with all these things together argue quite conclusively that these videos are stage-production: with a manufactured Bin Laden delivering the kind of morbid and maniacal harangue we are all taught to think he goes around uttering day in and day out. While Zarqawi, if he is indeed still alive, would seem easy-enough to identify and capture: since he has only one leg, a man failed attempts at whose destruction recently caused scores of deaths of perfectly innocent people in another sovereign Middle Eastern location: this through the use of “smart” missiles, fired at “intelligently-selected” targets. Both these men providing, in their putative "at large" condition, the indispensable “ugly Muslim” who puts teeth in the notion that we “stand behind our troops”, to the patriotic taking of other peoples lives, land and resources. While of course also giving “jobs” to many who otherwise wouldn’t have any.

Meanwhile there is reflex-tested, in all this dust-cloud of stampeding propaganda, our capacity-to-be-convinced of the ever-more-unlikely: a useful kind of information, too, for a certain type of global-corporate marketer. A new pitch of credulity for instance begging-the-question of the justice of the heinous, brutal and bizarre in the one-time endless media-promotion of “The Pentagon’s New War Map”: an aggressive-combat glorification aired repeatedly over C-Span by a visibly-disturbed senior strategist from the Navy War College. The sort of person I would flee from in a crowd, disseminating the kind of espirit which no doubt especially infects a certain growing species of ill-informed blue-collar workers, people who easily fall under an “expert”-promoted American logic of military preemption. While provided us here too is a deep insight into a dark corner of the American mind: in that peculiar summit of “holiness” to which people here since colonial times too often aspire. One decidedly associated with the jihad of aggressive warfare rather than with that love, peace and cooperation which are special qualities of the followers of Christ.

According to the vaunted Administration logic the above-noted Muslims are much more valuable to George W. Bush in his war on Israel’s enemies “alive and at large” rather than dead and buried, or even captured. For one thing because, were they actually captured, they might disappoint revenge-bent appetites by a graceful and subdued manner: such as Bin Laden consistently displayed in all existing speeches and interviews. (Note of May 19, 2012: Of course, the "capture" of Bin Laden was allegedly and "unfortunately" "botched" by the commandoes involved, and "for ceremonial-Muslim reasons" he was buried at sea within a day after the raid, with only some incredibly grainy, poorly-recovered 1930s-like footage surviving as scarcely-marginal evidence that the fiasco actually took place at all. Meanwhile we are told of his "wives" being given asylum in Saudi Arabia: which of course means the women who thus so summarily identified, "facts" we are hardly in a position to verify, any more than the rest of this choreographed injustice alike to Pakistan, to our own nation, and to the today-oft-insulted human mind.) This above-noted trait of major Muslim figures, of civility and refinement, shared by genuine Christians as well, whenever possible never allowed to air on the media or in other institutional settings of our brave new world, being no doubt the reason the televised preliminary-trial appearances of the Saddam Hussein were so few. (Another note of May 19, 2012: This quality of mildness, nobility and maturity later to be evinced under terrible circumstances by both Moamar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein.) Neither Bin Laden nor Hussein displaying the standard intimidating or pixy-like gait or callous or effeminate manner of some Pol Pot, Stalin or other mass-murderer: no matter how hard our psychological warfare people have looked for suitable film clips and photos, descending to the concoction of bit-map-created caricatures of the crudest kind. (Although of course, to achieve the desired result, as in the classical case of a Mussaoui who was obviously driven insane during prolonged and repeated torture, we must give our resourceful civilian-contractor interrogators time to do their work.) Rather is the main genuine source of notoriety of all three men to be found in their simple statements and policies of opposition to Israeli-American regional aims and ambitions: that which by dint of modern collectivism’s “constantly repeated lie”  has been skillfully and convincingly equated with some ultimate act of violence against mankind as a whole, as perpetrated by an impoverished people, a race slandered incessantly as being subhuman, irrationally violent. Indeed with humanity itself, according to blood-axe-backward Anglo/Jewish notions of same, being essentially regarded as the exclusive preserve of "progress"-elevated Western middle and upper classes and their synagogue-partner biblical "enemies of mankind". The sustaining of which elaborate web of falsehoods—one which blots out the very light of day and of human intelligence alike—this is the real reason Bin Laden hasn’t been pursued to the bitter end in Afghanistan. Simply because in the event of his capture—let alone of the discovery of his death—the Bush machine and its gay-advocacy echo-box represented by the Democratic Party might early-on lose much of their iron grip on the American mind and soul. (Further note of May 19, 2012: As indicated above, it took Obama to dream up a dolefully-poor band-aid for this gap in Hitlerian perpetual-warfare logic.)

Accordingly it was predictable that on the eve of the elections we would be presented with such a canned film of Bin Laden claiming total responsibility for September 11: much as in the case of the doctored-up film of the beheading of Nicholas Berg a few months ago: a clip probably taken at Abu Ghraib itself, from certain bits of evidence in the picture-frames: which accords well with his mother’s statement that he was last known to be in American custody. This little psycho-drama having likewise been produced and edited at a similarly-critical juncture in this mainly-propaganda war. Indeed, I would have been disappointed in modern marvels of politically-mobilized cinematographic trickery had something like this not been cooked up, these productions being the kind of response to be expected from our elite-hand-picked leaders when confronted with phenomena like this website and its steadily-growing readership, and many other anti-Iraq-War sites of a different nature. Our own site having pointed out from the beginning, back in April of 2003 (note: this observation obviously inserted somewhat later), certain trail-markings which—in consideration of the whole composite of Administration reactions, manipulations and rules-by-decree—together with its deftly-coordinated turning of apocalyptic events to its own advantage—lead the guilt-sleuthing human mind more-or-less directly to the White House back door. This in any unbiased investigation of 9/11 and much, much more. Arousing honest suspicions of responsibility which must at the very least be weighed, considered and investigated: something done in an admittedly preliminary, incomplete, materially-limited way here in these pages.

These suspicions and misgivings received unexpected new confirmation in some TV camera clips viewed by me quite recently: those of George Bush in the immediate aftermath to the 9/11 tragedy. In them the chief-of-state shows himself to be blinking and shifty-eyed—that which has become the guiding motif of his Administration—through it all: with his very first post-event appearance even prompting the present-day commentator, as if involuntarily or irrepressibly, to significantly describe Bush as looking as if he were “plotting some kind of a coup.” Indeed and for a long time there, so poor was George at his PR that after a year and a half, with the U.S. deep into the fumblingly-murderous attack upon Iraq, he would now and then find himself stuttering, incoherent and near-speechless in front of the camera. After which several experiences he took a whole month off from his duties: an unprecedented recourse for a head-of-state in the very critical beginnings of a new war. Prompting me in turn to wonder if we are really dealing with the real George Bush any more today: since plastic surgery is said to be have been an occasional recourse in modern times, for the convenient dispatch of inconvenient leaders. Here perhaps being an explanation for some of the profound behavior changes seen in some of the chief figures of the twentieth century: like Reagan after his recovery (?) from the assassination attempt, or even a later-in-time Adolph Hitler seeming many times to have had little in common with the genuinely-heroic Corporal who had won the Iron Cross as a battlefield currier in World War II. And then too there’s the "Croatian" Tito of world fame—actually a Jew—who had a perfectly-whole finger where there should have been a missing digit. This on the hand of the obscure comrade who had fought—and died—some years earlier in the Spanish Civil War. Both these little details being by testimony of his own sister, and well-known to this day in certain circles in Croatia: the kinds of things only nationals and second-generation nationals of such tiny countries ever hear about. Such a possibility concerning George Bush gaining special degrees of plausibility in view of the hard-nosed, confident and energetic George that would later immerge from his “holiday retreat”.

It’s strange too, in regard to the above, that we have a spontaneously-developing area of law opening up at present here in the United States—regarding a much-revisited anti-Semitism—juridical tools strengthened with basically-unlimited executive powers-of-discretion. All this flying in the face of the fact that in the vast majority of cases it is not Jews or even Zionists at all who are in danger or under attack here, but rather their chief global opponents, the Muslims. In not-a-few cases to the point of murder or grave bodily injury. With acts of violence, not to mention of bald discrimination, against Muslims in America, and in several other places globally as well, having indeed risen in the neighborhood of a thousand percent. While by contrast treatment of Jews or Zionists here and elsewhere, aside from poorly-phrased and misleading polls and other questionable data, may even have improved, especially since the accusation of Arab air-passengers for the disaster of September 11, and the subsequent American intervention in Iraq. The whole issue of the mistreatment of Muslims, both official and non-official, having become a veritable “beating of a dead horse”, but in the reverse of the usual meaning. In the vilification of an already over-burdened, meek and cooperative confessional constituency which is readily accused, tried and convicted by practically the whole gamut of American society, for showing any self-respect at all, for ever being anything but a smiling, boot-licking fool. This as judged by doughty folks at the local tattoo or mechanic’s shop or grease-mill to major domos in highest chambers of state.  Here again the guilt-transfer mechanism, that which tends ultimately to put crushing and unfair power into the most unworthy of hands, comprising the most potent of mass-motivational tools, if one regarded with unadmitted regret by all except the most hardened and corrupt. So that we have an official/corporate-media world which is gradually introducing the American people to a sort of back-alley blood-lust: all the while the bloodhounds of government go after the blood-trail of the one wounded, rather than after his assailant.

Further bizarre and disturbing elements present themselves in the deafeningly-unmentioned introduction of a growing les majeste provision with respect to the criticism of the elected or appointed functionaries of such an ballot-box-stuffing, jury-rigged Administration: by implication especially the President. While my surprise was unparalleled in watching C-Span during Iraq-War debates, when a congressman was repeatedly told, in crisp tones of command, not to question the veracity of presidential statements, by whoever was then nominally in charge, gavel in hand, seated on high. All the while the idea of criminal sanctions against political opponents has been broadly hinted at by conservative news commentators and talk-show hosts almost from day-one of the same War. Even as the very judge who first fingered the storied Muslim pilot-trainees as bearing responsibility for September 11—and whose word was accepted in the same no-questions-asked grimly or smilingly-intimidated ambiance that attends all such matters today—has now been rewarded by his appointment to head-up Homeland Security. This configuration of a cold-eyed prime mover in an obvious wrong or rush-to-judgment being put in charge of the subsequent implementation of related policy: this sort of thing has been seen in many-another unsavory connection in tyrannical times near and far past. Oddly enough having been found notably in recent times in the implementation of Post-Vatican-II reforms by the very radical fringe element that had initially ramroded the doctrinal/polemical principles involved during sessions of the same rogue-council, Vatican II. A discrete cadre, in a less-obvious but equally-catastrophic intervention, which likewise supervised the election of all subsequent anti-popes from out of their own numbers. The whole skein of intrigue being conducted under circumstances likewise remarkably like those seen in today’s Congress: where timely access to printed copies of proposed legislation in both venues (today’s Congress and yesterday’s Vatican II) was and is now baldly denied to the legislators involved. The new neo-con “freedom” and the “open windows in the Church” have other remarkable and equally bewildering points of similarity as well.


The inevitable legacy of global capitalism.


But as might have been gathered from opening paragraphs all this chaos and catastrophe, with its flip-side suffocating control, is “in the cards” in the grim phenomenology of world capitalism. For its inherent inexorable if-gradualistic absorption of all wealth into the hands of a very few, deemed to deserve to own and control “the wealth of nations”, is bound to result in such a global calamity. Since under such a self-gratifying ideology the most cunning and cynical must of necessity rise to the top, while the possessors of humanity and goodness to sink to the bottom. For in capitalism is contained a value system which is absolutely opposed to anything like governmental legitimacy, let alone to economic justice or mercy, indeed to justice, mercy or legitimacy of any sort. Invoking as one of its standard threadbare justifications the old saw about “living in the real world”: which is said to have no place for the “nice guys”, in a value-reversal even found in religion today, where the Gospel "leavening" process has been decidedly reversed, with the good and innocent being too-often regarded as lacking all wisdom, prudence and manhood. Such a false characterization, such a false organizational logic, being a con-act of pirates and robbers since the dawn of time. While being close-kin too to Marx’s dialectical post-communist “withering away of the state”, an atrophy now in a sense being realized in a “privatization” with formalizes the comprehensive collapse of all the institutions of Civilization, and a retreat into the most obscure kinds of barbarity, something which Marx foresaw with diabolical glee in his seldom-read poetry. An auto-collapse which follows directly upon capitalism’s inexorable comprehensive, debt-driven rendezvous with all things anti-life. The communism of which Marx wrote having really been only a sub-set—a phase—of the global economic system under whose chains we live today. Marx being only another in a long list of “Classical” economic-theorists whose proto-globalist paradigms and sing-song syllogisms led infallibly to an apocalyptic practical outcome: granted that few were as honest as he in owning up to inevitabilities involved. A global organizational-demolition of which his political/economic philosophy was a prime instrumental tool: no doubt especially in its introduction of a peculiarly “lean and mean” sort of dynamics to state and marketplace alike. While the commonweal is inherently and of-necessity regarded as an enemy by this comprehensive capitalist/collectivist system-of-lies: accounting for the noted putative need for its “withering away”: since least desired by the proponents of “dog eat dog” is any general, dependable defense of “the widow and the orphan”: those who are God’s and the true state's special concern. Government in reality, and by contrast to standard Horatio Alger misrepresentations, being together with the Catholic Church the very best friend of man, when properly construed and oriented: and not by any means his cruel enemy. Since it either has its solid, day-to-day origins in the people or it is no government at all and deserves not our recognition. While perhaps to really appreciate what these last stages of capitalism mean—and the moral despair that they represents—one must see a picture of the "born again, " globe-subduing, neo-capitalist George Bush, viewed by me some time ago. One taken quite recently in which he is flicking the notorious Wicka “hex symbol” to his front: a sardonic smile the while playing on his chubby, cherubic-looking face. That hand gesture, a knurled version of the making-of-a-fist, which is used by these devotees-of-Hell in the spinning of some sort of a curse against someone else. While we must inwardly debate whether this picture was released purposely: with a dawning sense that “we’ve been had” being encompass by such means, inducing us to “raise the white flag” of a final moral/psychological defeat and none-resistance. A creeping sense of betrayal likewise stealing upon the thoughtful in considering the wholesale promotion of homosexuality and the occult in our grade schools and on our youth-focused TV, sole deliverance from which  very real terrorism against humanity is to turn as a nation, as a civilization, to the two Immaculate Hearts of Jesus and Mary: they alone being capable of delivering us from the worldwide deluge of murder, filth, lies and tyranny by which we are presently enveloped, as they did for other nations and peoples so many times in the past. Their salutary ascendancy, their well-merited glorification being the ultimate purpose of this website and of the publications found on its pages. And the deepest inspiration of the economic, organizational and political philosophy which it seeks to elucidate and expound.





Judaism, Zionism and Integral Catholicism.


Vitally necessary to any grasp of the economic, organizational and political issues of today is an understanding of the complexities of Zionism/Judaism in its impact on same: a phenomenon to which the modern citizen is bound by innumerable stout chains: whether in terms of taxpayer aid toward Israel’s upkeep, a crushingly-costly military involvement in the region on its behalf, or because Jewish interests have been overwhelmingly responsible for the lengthy drawing-up of a world-peace-threatening Middle Eastern geo-political map. Winston Churchill having been chief map-maker or surveyors-in-charge, with ample Washington help in treacheries committed between the late nineteenth century days of Theodor Hertzl and the 1946 founding of the Jewish state. That geo-redistricting which figured prominently among the many seldom-discussed causes of two World Wars. While in addition to these entanglements the little Hebrew nation makes generous use of a self-assumed chart blanch to delve deeply into the affairs of other nations from Latin America to the Far East, going well past its ill-acknowledged program toward the ownership of all land and resources “between the Nile and the Euphrates”. Even as it could hardly exist for a month by its own power, without the continued support of today’s world leadership, a veritable Swiss cheese riddled with Jewish moles as it has come to be. Hence for these and other reasons it is in our interest to ponder this state, its significance, its philosophy.

But working strongly against this urgent necessity is another just as pressing, if after an entirely different nature: an imperative which follows quickly upon the heels of its predecessor: namely the requirement imposed upon us all by a certain "thought police", this in regard to all things Jewish. In prohibitions regarding phraseology or even attitude so restrictive that if our very thoughts are estimated as "incorrect" we are likely forthwith to be demonized: indeed even the dreaded epithet “terrorist” easily attaching itself to accusations of anti-Semitism. The kind of coercion upon the interior life of man exercised by the Chinese Maoists having found a welcome spot in the Bush White House and at the Hague, in Israeli-protective prohibitions of all kinds. Allegations extremely broad and ill-defined against persons and groups being nonetheless loaded with increasingly-onerous legal sanctions, this in sweeping Israel-defensive powers assumed by heads-of-state and international bodies alike. Indeed even any thoroughgoing criticism of the modern global capitalist investment system can bring the noted charge on one’s head: as being evidence of a cleverly-disguised anti-Semitism: so much is it acknowledged, by both antagonists and protagonists, that these “Semites” largely dominate the world’s economic and financial structures. An obvious reason, again—besides our inalienable human freedom—that we should be free to voice any number of pros and cons regarding this tiny-but-all-important nation, and numerically rather-insignificant religion.

The whole issue of Israel/Judaism is further complicated by the many antagonistic tensions that exist between the religion and the state which is said to represents it. Some observers have even gone the length of describing the latter as essentially anti-Jewish, as a kind of Canaanite reincarnation: as attest by the weird ideology of Ben Gurion and many of the other mid-twentieth-century founding fathers of that nation. Some of whom fiercely resented being called Jews at all, especially as the name signifies a monotheistic religious confession. While most incredible of all strong ties existed between pagan Nazi Germany and the Zionist movement of the times: the two having in some ways actually been co-collaborators in the creation of the modern state of Israel. That brain-child mostly of polemic and intrigue which the Hitler regime helped immensely both by mandating massive Jewish emigration to it during his reign, as well as by providing it a critical martyr image. That which was further intensified by the Zionist movement through its active discouragement of the granting of asylum by governments to Jewish refugees from Nazi-controlled lands: the furthering of which mantra of victimization was and remains at the very base of the whole Zionist Movement ( Even as any attempt to impugn Holocaust figures of around 6 million Jews—which involve circumstantial material and demographic assumptions that are in fact impossible to truthfully maintain—are likewise simplistically regarded as yet another example of anti-Semitism: the ultimate aim of Zionism thus arguable being to replace the historical victim-hood of Christ at the hands of Jews with another allegedly of millions of Jews at the hands of Christians, so as to as it were dwarf the former by comparison. Even though there are others—like a Catholic priest of my one-time acquaintance who spent years at one of the most notorious concentration camps—who state categorically that far more Catholics died there than did Jews. So that it follows that probably the majority of the gaunt faces of death we see so many pictures of from that Death Camp, and which we are taught to assume were all Jewish, were in fact those of Catholics of various nationalities. That religion which stood most resolutely in the path of the Nazi pogrom. The features of those suffering death by disease, over-work and malnutrition after all tending to the submersion of mostly-subtle nuances of nationalities, in favor of the deep generic furrows of starvation and the gray pallor of death. Nationalities whose blood Jews in any case share generously.

Little considered amid all the flurry over anti-Semitism is the fact that there is taking place a prioritization in favor of all things Israeli or Jewish that essentially represents an unprecedented church/state, or rather synagogue/state unity of the most monolithic kind. For how can it be allowed that any particular denomination be granted so many obvious countervailing advantages over others—as most pointedly in the many attacks-upon or comparisons-against Islam, and less-candidly but with equal consequence against Catholicism—in such a liberal world as we supposedly have today? With the contemptuous gunning down of Palestinian children keeping pace with pro-Israeli vindications by American statesmen on the left and right. Here in fact is a profound unity of synagogue and state that goes well beyond geographical boundaries, being supra-national and globally-coherent, with Israeli violations of numerous sovereignties expanding in clandestine or transparent operations of every kind. These most recently and notably among Kurds in Turkey, Iraq and Syria, and among tribesmen in Sudan and Afghanistan. Yet no words of public protest are raised, nor essentially are they allowed to be. Although this unity, as the paradox to end all paradoxes, seems to be weakest of all in Israel itself: True Torah Jews indeed arguing convincingly that Israel rather seems in many ways bent on the total destruction of the Jewish religion as commonly understood. Yet the fact remains that the two are consistently confused with one another in the global media, and their mutual identification remains at the heart of a world crisis becoming more critical with each passing year. Threatening ultimately to bring us a third world war on the heels of the original two. While there are others who suggest that this apparent division is entirely contrived, in an incredible Judaism-inherent policy-of-deception which history indeed confirms in the most concrete of terms.

But much of the answer to this complicated riddle is to be found deep within the nature of post-Christian Judaism itself: which has for the most part advanced itself after an entirely different fashion than have other creeds. For although this enigmatic religion is prominent among those belief-systems that are “universal” in general character—seeking after a global “one true faith” ascendancy—yet that is where most similarities cease. The contrast with the Catholic doctrine of the Mystical Body—of members who like their Head desired “with desire” to incorporate others in bonds of unity with themselves—being of all examples of this dichotomy of aim and perspective the most striking. Catholicism wishing to make no one its servant, nor to hold any under the bounds of fear, while Judaism as a whole has by contrast historically shown little interest in active proselytism, the desire on its part having seemingly been rather toward an ascendancy that keeps confessional and geo-political divisions rigidly intact. Especially in those distinguishing elements that seem to suggest some eternal opposition, or Marxian dialectic, in Jewish and non-Jew categoricals. So that the inimitable Jewish church/state unity openly or tacitly advanced everywhere today contains an unmistakable if little-acknowledged element of the exclusion of others, in particular with respect to certain all-determining podia of power. All of which however doesn’t for an instant repress today’s strident Jewish insistence on a rigid separation of church and state when it comes to other creeds, all the while a generous granting of a unique freedom-of-action, and freedom-from-criticism, to Jews is considered the sine qua non of any nation’s acceptance by today’s heavily-pro-Israeli “world community”.

As might be expected, much at the heart of this riddle is the above-described fundamental divide between men: one which has drawn battle-lines from the very dawn of human history. A bifurcation of thought and sentiment between the constructive, empirical, experience-based, on the one hand, and that founded on a sort of “ritual purity” that is bent on mass control. This latter of the two approaches to life being so brittle and insecure that it demands constant, rigidly-prescribed tokens of unanimity from other persons, even from an entire globe full of other nations, it champions not infrequently fulminating in threats and aggressions of every kind. An orientation so all-enveloping, so suffocatingly-inhibitive as potentially to stultify, to suffocate every spontaneous impulse of genuine human life and positive, creative thought, word or deed.

Catholicism is God’s revealed Way to Him, including within itself and fulfilling the revelations and allegorical-prefigurements of Old Testament times, communicated by the same God to the Jews. Being as well a healing balm with respect to the philosophical diseases of puritanical elitism, exclusion and division or bifurcation to which mankind is so spiritually prone. While wherever the true Christianity of Catholicism has devolved into heresy or schism—as in Protestantism or Orthodoxy—it has likewise tended to return to a rigidity of spirit, and a decay of brotherly love, which were the undoing of the Jewish parent religion. Genuine Catholicism in its innate magnanimity by contrast recognizes certain fundamental dignities and prerogatives as meant to be shared by all, with the world of privilege being regarded as relative and limited in nature and meaning, and in fact serving in essence as a functional enrichment of the whole: indeed of a kind of Christ-like washing-of-feet with towel and wash-basin humbly in hand. Even as many privileges of an outward nature are recognized as less significant by far than others more interior, these latter quite commonly being held by those of lesser outward, ritual or ceremonial rank.

Central to our discussion here is the fact that since the destruction of the Jewish Temple, and the Dispersion that followed, the Jews have been without a cult adequate to express their insistently-held beliefs, with the very curtain of the Temple Holy of Holies having indeed been "rent from top to bottom", decades earlier, at the moment of Jesus’ death. For the religion of the Old Testament Chosen People was one very specific thing, of the presence of God in the Holy of Holies thenceforth departed so decisively, as well as of a Temple Sacrifice clearly understood—even within their own very inspired writings—to be a prefigurement of something infinitely greater to come. So that among those unwilling to admit the coming-of-age represented by Christianity—something far beyond a today repugnant and culturally-atavistic Temple sacrifice of Rams and Bulls, forever locked up with a primitive-agrarian past—there seemed to be required a retrenchment, a re-formulation, a restated and reconstituted raison d’etre.

It is here that post-dispersion Judaism shows forth its unique characteristics in bold lines: with the noted drive toward the radically-exclusionary coming into its own, at least with a powerful segment of Jewish believers. Indeed perhaps with the replacement of the sacrifice of goats and rams with that of a humanity thought of as non-human, as less than the ever-domineering Jew: with this being conceived-of as the anticipated "coming of age" to which the prophets had alluded. A human-sacrifice in point of fact discovered in the notorious if-falsely-impugned fifteenth-century Spanish case which forthwith brought about the Expulsion of the Jews, a murderous cult implicit as well in a host of Synagogue-originating political, economic and military polities of modern states. For as some might indeed argue, how can there be any Judaism at all unless there be definitive lines of distinction to set it apart, to take the place of the old Temple victims; to once again purify the Jewish altar, sprinkled with the blood of newly conceived holocausts? An imperative which arose all the more forcefully as the truly-religious, pious, virtue-pursuing elements of Old Testament Judaism began to lose any position of primacy they once held: a changing-of-the-guard whose first major beginnings can be seen with the arrival of the Greco-Syrian conqueror Antiochus IV in the second century B.C. After which time the Sadducees—those with the most secularist, almost agnostic tendencies—gradually gathered to themselves preeminent sway. A turning-of-tables which is definitive to the diaspora, in which the “Secular Messianists” have gained the upper hand: as represented most notably by such men as Marx, Schopenhauer, Freud, and later the whole crowd of sodomy and anti-life agitators, and the like, with whom latter-day Judaism has become inseparably joined.

The distinguishing criterion of the Jews, then, is no longer the Temple sacrifice: while a further distinctive mark which has been lost forever is the original Jewish blood-line: as attested by the wide range of racial characteristics to be found in today’s Jewish ranks. But in the case of the Zionists the idea of Secular-Messianism—that which is really at the very heart of agnostic Judaism—the belief that the Jewish people themselves are the Messiah, with the God of the Old Testament revelation demoted to a mere emanation of the Jewish sense of national/racial identity—this would seem to have sufficed at a certain level to re-establish the old sense of ritual purity, of national unitary purpose. A new view into which of course the noted homicidal new idea of ritual sacrifice can in fact be seen to have fit quite well. The hypnotic strength of fanatical ideology, with which the Zionists are so deeply imbued, having been found more than sufficient to bridge the gap of two thousand years, a paradigm more-than-capable, finally, of mounting a formidable attempt at the long-dreamed-of Hebrew world kingdom. According to the same radically-secular, earth-bound goals and ambitions of the Sadducees, who have never had any belief in a life after death.

But it is my belief that there immerges here a supremely-convenient, if little acknowledged or understood, triple convergence: that namely between Nazism, various White Supremacy creeds and the secular-messianist Jews: a joining of forces which would amply explain the Zionist/Nazi collaboration of mid-century. A contention supported by the fact that many believe the Jews were actually Caucasian historically: something attested in fact by the Shroud of Turin, the very physical witness to the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Whom the Jews rejected. That primary evidence which bears the same witness of Caucasian racial identity in the physiognomy and blood-analysis of this Son of David in the direct genetic line. So that this identification of the Jew and the Caucasian—joined in a racial family which includes a generous admixture of Aryan tribal blood—is a key to the unlocking of many significant things. For one thing readily accounting for a Nazi-era thinning-out of the Jewish population of many “impure” racial admixtures, while giving grounds as well to alliances with others whose blood is closely related. With Zionist Jews perhaps claiming all Aryans/Caucasians—mostly without their awareness or consent—as being their “blood-brothers”, and thus "by rights" a part of themselves in every sense, confessionally and otherwise. “Separated brethren” perhaps even to be compelled to enter the Zionist/racist fold, if a sort of blindfolded persuasion doesn’t suffice. A grand scheme which I contend may be evident among other things in the steady ongoing, classical Jewish-infiltration based, basically-involuntary modification of modern Christianity into more-and-more Jewish contours of sentiment and belief. Mostly dramatically in today’s Christian Zionist “I will bless those who bless you” cult, with close-cousin irruptions in post-Vatican-II Catholicism as well. Here demonstrating the degree to which Holy Scripture, as in this promise to Abraham, can, if tortured long enough, be made to utter anything the TV-evangelical torturer wishes. While in the first place Sacred Writ is guaranteed as Divine Revelation only in its original form, as it came from the pen of the inspired writer: a guarantee that doesn’t extend to correctness of the many copies and translations come down to us through time. Hence is this holy writing entirely dependent upon an Oral Tradition: in other words, a living, flesh-and-blood Church, from whence it came and of which it is only a part.

But this reduction of Revelation into purely-literary form, as represented by the belief of today’s vast-majority “Bible Christians”, only reduces it further toward the age-old Jewish and early-Church “Judaized Christian” desire to “ride herd”, as it were, upon God’s own very Word. Making Jesus into a nice, convenient sort of Fellow, Who just hands us a Book, and then goes back where He belongs. Not at all the Jesus of Catholic History, Who “came to bring fire on the earth” and “what will He but that it be enkindled?” He Who does so in our era through the living efforts and travails of the members of His Mystical Body. Thus in view of the above, of little surprise can be the host of Jewish thinkers having tremendous input into modern Christian ideas, with the above-noted fusion of a mostly-Caucasian Christianity being a goal perhaps in many ways already accomplished, to judge by the above-noted acceptance of Judaism/Zionism as a kind of universally-mandated supra-national political/religious ideology in an ostensibly Caucasian-dominated world. While the complexion of the local parish, except for some few increasingly-impoverished and -marginalized denominations, is becoming increasingly White as well. A whole mammoth but unadmitted trend which receives final confirmation in a reinvigorated trend among today’s Christians to give place once again to the most backward of racist or nationality-based theories and attitudes.

Of course all of this is getting into a modern mythology of the most lowbrow sort, but that is precisely the point: that the present-day slaughter in the name of race is very much lowbrow indeed, and can be expected to spring from precisely such “exalted” roots. So that it is within these realizations that the modern geo-political crisis—which to all but the most blind is obviously highly racist in character—makes supreme sense, from out of which cataclysm we can make stout connections backward in time (as well as in thought) regarding the ongoing historical thwarting of the ambitions of “lesser” races and peoples. So that within this scenario we can arguably see who the real friends and real enemies of humanity truly are: the real long-standing Holocaust victims and perpetrators standing forth self-identifying, in bold contrasting relief.

Here too, the roots of the racism of our familiar experience of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries: that which finds a striking parallel in those reports about the many Israelis among whose conversational commonplaces is to call the local Palestinian laborer a “nigger”, in a widespread social order which sprouts gangland paramilitary enforcers overnight, like mushrooms. A picture which becomes clearer still when we add the noted, well-documented close collaboration of Nazi Germany with the Zionists of mid-century, as for instance in the sending of tens of thousands of Zionist Jews to the coalescing State of Israel. While others were sent to Dachau: prominent among whom no doubt were dark skinned Sephardics, together with monotheistic ghetto Jews of all colors whose fervor was too much to bear for the new Sadducees/Philistines. In a Hitler Germany which got most of its racist fervor from the Spencerian White Supremacy writings of Henry Ford, in ideas borrowed heavily from the many eugenicists that came out of the slaver/opium-seller world of Yale’s Skull and Crossbones of notable bi-centennial Bush-family connection. Rather than this irruption having been especially German, or even having stemmed primarily from a hatred toward Jews. While here too is a pointer that we should take such elite organizations and fringe movements very seriously indeed: noting too that those of the Aryan Race are regarded as the "true Jews" by White Supremacy proponents (see for instance

Thus does Jewish racism appear to gain incalculable if unintentional support from the racisms of others, all the while some profess to hate Jews above the rest. Something analogous to the manner in which the Jewish B’nai B’rith collaborates with - and enjoys an unquestioned supremacy over - other Masonic orders. And then too there are a few hoary legends about the tribe of Dan or the Jewish family-subset of Ger, which are religiously believed by a certain element to have been the parent stock of much of the European gene pool. (Ger as in Ger-many, and so on). And then too the very recent association of Blacks with Noah’s son Ham: a connection not to be found in historical Catholic exegesis. So that there is similarly to be found a thick smoke-screen here to guard the entryway to this crypto-secret world of clandestine societies in the generous diffusion of the words “Semite” and “anti-Semitism”: a phrase-of-many-uses, one of which is to keep intact the universal perception of Jewish victim-hood, all the while the only remaining true Semites, i.e. the Arabs, are ground beneath the Hebrew heel. A psycho-drama which also supports my hypothesis that the Zionists may easily consider themselves the proto-typical Aryans of them all: a stretch easy-enough for notoriously-ideological, undyingly-revanchist minds to make. In which scenario purity of white race (just look at large gathering of prominent Jews for the striking predominance of blond and red hair and blue eyes) together with a generational adherence to Jewish belief would hypothetically constitute the sine qua non, the litmus test of a newly-conceived “chosen people” Jewish ascendancy. Simply because there is so little else to go on, in positing an illuminating unity in the dim light of the many rationalizations of a brutal global hegemony. Indeed for some people, after a point any excuse will do. As in the case of those also-racist Serbs who with the utmost pseudo-academic facility claim that any place-names in Central or Southeastern Europe with two or three of the consonants “s”, “r” or “b” indicate real estate which rightfully belong to Serbia. Even if the land has always belonged to others, and even if the same consonants can easily indicate phonetically, among other things, such words as servant or slave. While the “thinning out” of the Jewish ranks of despised lesser racial admixtures—that exercise which in preferred modern secular-messianic terms could easily take the place of the rebuilding of a hopelessly-atavistic Temple—this could conceivably become a fervent religious necessity to such Philistine notional-offsprings of the ancient Judean “Zealots”. Much indeed like the equally-cynical Serbian “ethnic cleansing” of all regional peoples but themselves. While finally apropos here as well is the notorious perpetual antagonism of Wagnerian-aggressive, blonde or red-haired Eastern European Ashkenazi Jews (note the last four letters, which spell Nazi) against darker and reputedly-milder Sephardic ones.

Thus does there seem to be indicated in all the above a massive ruse in which gentile Aryans and Jewish Aryans conspire, by way of the sacrificing of the “less pure” of all races, nations and creeds, to establish a joint Aryan racist hierarchy world wide. A perception amply supported by an abiding note of the proto-Manichaean, of a barbaric, infant-sacrificial sort of ritual purity, embraced by the Jews for basically all of their history, if we include their present-day radical abortion advocacy. And in the process a thinning out, a stratifying and further "purifying" of the Aryan/Jewish ritually-pure ranks. A phenomenon which I suggest only had its first halting debut in the Germany of the Second World War. A logical component of a capitalism based on an exclusionary logic found in no other economic system, favoring a blitzkrieg which gathers impetus daily and more and more disturbingly as I write. All former restraining bonds having for one thing and finally been removed under the hysteria of the neo-con Bush world-dictatorship, that of which the Obama administration is only a hiatus, a component, hyper-“justifying” phase. The twin racisms now goose-stepping their way around the globe, even as the Zionists—at whose head in practical social, economic and political terms are to be found the same Aryan stock—retain their superiority through incomparable financial connections and equally-rigorously through rigidly-imposed moral high-ground associations. A blue-eyed, light-haired alliance which would promise to lead to vistas previously unknown, but always with the Zionists irremovably at the head of this marching column. And finally, the patently-mystical terminology of today’s New World Order polemic—with its Futurist “gay”, “pro-choice” and other social-revolutionary subsets—coupled to the barbaric means employed by a closely-associated hyper-contradictory “war on terror” of the Bush-Blitzkrieg—all this argues persuasively for the existence of these sorts of impenetrably low-brow, self-exalting motivations: as if transplanted across time from ancient Canaan or Carthage.

Yet there is a more profound dichotomy by far that exists between Jew and Christian, one far more than “skin deep”, revealing a divide within a Western Civilization so often falsely but reflexively called “Judeo-Christian”. A division that amply invades our understanding of the whole subject of the rule of law. A concept that is today so often misconstrued to strengthen the case in various ways for the radical world ascendancy of Israel. For contrasts abound between Christianity and Judaism with regard to law and justice, with a certain legalism described by St. Paul in his Epistle to the Romans being at the very center of the Christian/Jewish divide. His doctrine of the Christian freedom from the strictures of the law opening the way rather to a revolutionary spirit of freedom which radically departs from the older Jewish exclusionary rigor. A new spirit which ever cries “Abba” or “Father” in its relationship to God and His law, and “brother” or “sister” in relation to our fellow man. This universal brotherly-love element implicit to the doctrine of the divine fatherhood standing in stark contrast to such phenomena as the Crucifixion, or today’s analogous long-standing Jewish “interrogation” methods used upon Palestinian “terrorists”. The noted tactics of cruelty having been eagerly taken up by American forces in Iraq and elsewhere as well. In fact there comes across to us today in many ways a fantastic shared-Israeli/American reversion to the ancient Lex Talion. That rigid concept of “the rule of law” which is seeing an equally-startling recrudescence here at home in the ongoing neo-con American institutionalization of an entirely new, vindictive and punitive, indeed “ask questions later” kind of American domestic law.

Furthermore, there are ample traces of the Lex Talion to be found in an American past highly-Jewish in flavor from the very beginning: as for instance in an overwhelmingly-Jewish slave-auctioning and slave-carrying trade, whose blank-faced barbarity would carry over into official dealings with the Indians and various minorities. And as painted with a bold brush across an entire globe in the ever-unchanging rigors of a singularly exploitive, unforgiving and indeed pharisaical U.S. foreign policy: by contrast with which noted passages in Romans, and other similar ones in other Pauline Epistles, mystically penetrate to profoundly liberal elements both in Christian political existence and the spirituality of the individual soul. The Apostle having revealed to us a spirit which eagerly “runs in the way of the commandments”: while at the same time being marvelous unitary, relenting and forgiving: whether in its societal or its foreign-relational implications, a transformation in our dealings with both God and man however not brought about by force of our own justice or strength, but rather by dint of personal and geopolitical impulsions of Divine Love. A Love whose sole divinely revealed basis is of course Faith, apart from whose magnificent dynamisms, replete with a singular “sweetness in believing”, there can indeed be no “acceptable sacrifice”—nor “justification”—nor indeed ultimately any world peace.

Here then is an understanding of obedience by which the elemental fear inherent to natural religion, although it always remains intact, is yet amplified and qualified with that fear of God of the sort of which the earthly foster-father of Jesus, St. Joseph, was “full”: a fear so transformed as in most respects to become a sort of fossil of itself, having been transmutated atom-by-atom into a love which by its own exuberant terms fears to offend One so loved. This robust, virile fear, according to the perpetual Heavenly paradox always remaining somehow annihilated before God, in humble creaturely fashion, yet at the same time crying out "Abba", or "Father", in this fullness meant under Christ to invest both the individual earthly journey of the soul and the communitarian existence of the family of nations. Here being capsulated true spiritual advancement, the Savior's "becoming as a child", as well as the "meat diet" of the mature Christian soul: a humble yet ebullient and constructive spirit which is definitive to Western Civilization, illuminates its brighter moments, full of a fear not craven yet at pains not to offend in the least way, not indeed by omission of “one jot or tittle of the law”, a God, or a fellow man, or a neighbor nation loved now out of wellsprings infinite in character. (Is there some place for murderous "nation building" in all this?) A “heavenly water” of devotion, both civic and personal, of which each partakes in the measure given him, much like that “living water” described by Our Lord to the “woman at the well”: duties and aspirations which no sane system of theology can ever aspire to diminish or remove. St. Paul’s brilliant and profound plays-on-words have through the millennia been a stumblingblock for more than one self-interested or simplistic “faith without works” thinker, who wished to divorce justice from mercy, faith from good deeds, salvation and grace from a personal building-up for whose purposes they were intrinsically bestowed, poured forth in the Sacraments from the holy wound in the side of Our Blessed Lord on the Cross. Integrity, purity and goodness being the whole end and term of Redemption, which is hardly some quasi-magical stamp of approval by which one is "saved", with little significant reference to a good life: as if goodness as shown forth in our deeds were some "optional feature" on a sleek new showroom car. A crass bend-of-mind which severs "born again" Americans from all reasonable, natural law connection to other men and nations, mooring the nation in some Hellish Hitlerian state of perpetual war. Goodness rather being found primordially in the Uttering of the Divine Word by the Father: a Word, a Son in perfect conformity to the paternal Being: that prototypical exchange by which all intelligent life must be guided, must manifest itself, must show forth that same Truth which thus proceeds back and forth between these two eternal Poles. That just condition from which our First Parents fell. With forgiveness itself taking-for-granted—even if bestowed by God thousands of times upon one soul, for serious sins—this fundamental active striving to be good, innocent, pure, which is far more than some emotional altar-call. Else the oil (love and devotion) of the lamp of such a "foolish virgin" be said to have "run out". Even as the Apostle obviously rejects certain no-longer-required and purely-ceremonial laws of the Old Covenant—some of them mere “commandments of men”—injunctions which have so many odd counterparts in the ultra-“correct” ritual-ablutions of modern-day life. While he also expressly claims in all this the existence of a stout connection between the Christian believer and Abraham, and no-doubt even between us and the law-giving Moses who struck a life-giving spring of water “from out of the rock”. That same rock, says the same St. Paul, “Which is Christ”. A connection to both patriarchs however which the Apostle pointedly denies to the Jews of his and later times.

Hence throughout his Epistles does St. Paul draw a multitude of striking comparisons—albeit many of them extremely subtle, requiring much reflection toward their full and proper grasp—by which he clearly reveals the ancient and later-day Jewish understanding of law in any sense, whether religious or lay, to be of a sort which, especially in comparison with those of Christianity, puts men in chains. That kind of law which ever threatens to re-emerge here in the USA: whether in some new Judge Roy Bean or in a vast fabric of regulation by which the little businessman—in many ways the indispensable originator in practical terms of most political freedoms—is bound hand and foot. So that it follows that an accurate appreciation of Pauline spirituality is positively critical to any deep grasp of the free wellsprings of Western law and commerce, as it has developed through the ages: and in many ways witnessed a rebirth on the American frontier. That which historically in major part issued forth out of the chanceries and monastic scriptoria of the Catholic Church: and hardly from the phylacteries of age-old Jewish implacable exactions. As well as in a special way out of the decretals and embassies of that ill-studied and less-understood early medieval Papal State which, especially between the seminal fifth and the 10th centuries, consistently guided the Western nations in their social and political concepts through various treaties and protocols (Noble, Thomas F.X., The Republic of St. Peter: the Birth of the Papal State, 680-825. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1984). The deepest and purest aquifers of Western organizational thought rather being found in that spirit of Catholicism which is the boldest possible departure from the reversion to a dead letter which nowadays increasingly obtains. Here being a profoundly-Western, Catholic understanding of politics, courts and legislation, and of our relationship with that God Who is their eternal source. And with that fellow-man with whom we are related by similarly intimate and eternal bonds. Institutions which have been guiltily and foolishly severed from that “vine” which is the true source of their super-abundant vigor and life.

But perhaps most critical of all to our purposes here, a formidable element in the noted universal pro-Jewish and pro-Israel phenomenon is the fact that the administrative apparatus of the Catholic Church during and after Vatican II has sought to systematically redefine the Church itself in disturbingly pro-Jewish terms: while in the U.S. this Catholic redefinition is couched in an unprecedented if sometimes-carefully-disguised pro-Israeli political and military vocabulary as well. But again not really as if we Catholics were on the point of being admitted into some modern equivalent of the Holy of Holies, or even the inner courtyard of the ancient Temple. Modern Catholics who nonetheless remain cravenly undeterred by rebuff or demur, fawning strangers to the "liberty of the children of God”. That which originally delineated itself in terms more-or-less diametrically opposite to Judaism, as it had devolved at the time of Our Lord’s birth, and as it has essentially remained to this day. A Catholic Church that has indeed taken upon itself the strange role of major protagonist of Jewish ascendancy in all spheres. Occasional exceedingly polite statements of dissent by the Vatican with respect to Israeli policy vis-à-vis the Palestinians notwithstanding.

Hence does a present-day contrived Catholic/Jewish convergence fly in the face of Catholic theology through the length of the Church’s existence, that which has principally been in resistance to Jewish thinking and belief: a Catholic self-definition, a holy field beset from the beginning with tares of heresy and schism Jewish to the core. While heresy and civil disorder alike have gained much as well from a Jewish-diaspora passion for provocateur-style incendiary debate: that which for instance so colors the American idea of democracy which presently so threatens a whole globe, which requires the overthrow of essentially all forms of culturally-based indigenous popular representative government. Whose forms of consensus are as numerous and varied as the nations that once employed them. (see for instance: Baer, Gabriel, Egyptian Guilds in Modern Times. Jerusalem, Israel Oriental Society, 1964.) The entirely Muslim world once having had a rich, organic, extremely-fair and equitable form of self-government integrally tied up with the functions of craft and commercial guilds: marvelous and deeply-democratic institutions condemned out-of-hand as being innately retrograde and reactionary in political character, by an ever-"democracy"-hawking USA which knows so little about a strange world outside its own borders. That American vigilance which sees enemies everywhere, but perhaps most especially in that socially-just, peaceful, orderly administration of realms which has ever marked the truly free and legitimate polity the world over: one whose sense of freedom has little place for a Haliburton or a Jimmy Hoffa.

Thus plainly among Catholics this incalculable exaltation of all things Jewish—and the adoption of associated values, methods and beliefs—in this is to be found a reverse which were it to continue would mean the final total abandonment of Catholicism as taught and practiced throughout the ages—that which is indeed the synagogue's undying aim. While in fact it is Judaism which will in the end disappear into Catholicism, and there find its final term. Among today's Catholic capitulations being the basically-complete disappearance of the old doxology, or the prayerful honoring of the Blessed Trinity: a central element of our Creed which both Jews and Muslims reject most-vehemently, and which is almost as unknown among non-Anglican Protestants as well. That prayer which was very much at the core of a magnificent but likewise-discarded Gregorian Chant. While the haphazard building-up of the essentially-characterless New Rite of Mass around a Jewish thanksgiving prayer puts a kind of fitting cap upon what is obviously meant to be the gravestone of Catholic Faith.

What has actually taken place in the Catholic world since the invalid election of the anti-pope John XXIII has been a Vatican-and-chancery-office bureaucratically-driven apostasy, both in theological terms and those all-important practical ones which loom so large in the earthly journeys of souls. I say bureaucratic because there has not been a syllable of truly-official Catholic legislation to legitimize this massive and fundamental fraud, this signature-arrogant crypto-Judaic misappropriation of authority. While the alternating pompous morbidity and bored-but-jocular informality of everything "Catholic" since the death of Pius XII, all alike utterly alien to spiritual marvels of the Catholic past, serve as incriminating footprints of the synagogue chuspah of those most involved. After which several dramatic changes, as night follows day, came the massive falling-away from Catholic Faith which has seen the closing of so many churches and schools, and the accompanying unprecedented abandonment of so many Catholic moral standards as well.

But as suggested the Jewish/Christian dichotomy really only parallels the above-noted battle that existed long before the Apostle Paul traveled the Mediterranean world, and spoke so forcefully of the insidious Jewish disintegrative influence upon the Early Church. That lifeless spirit of elitism and negativity which had indeed long been poisoning the Judaism of his time. A struggle noted in opening paragraphs of this writing, a bifurcation on all planes of earthly life that forms a basis for much of the analysis presented in these pages and publication. There being involved here something beyond Judaism or the state of Israel, rather a fundamental human divide, the one side stressing elements legalistic and coercive, rigidly-ideological and exclusionary, today amid voluble claims of “freedom and liberty for all”. The other tending to be naturally and supernaturally free, and to have but little need of the propping-up of stirring phraseology: a way of life unitary and life-imparting, whose dawning for all mankind culminated “in the fullness of time” in the birth of the Redeemer. While a thorough familiarity with this elemental divide of all times provides a critical translational-key wherewith to most thoroughly and lucidly unlock to ourselves the deeper complexities of modern economic and organizational life as well.




True Catholic Triumphalism.


The approach of Louis de Joliet Publishing is indeed a kind of Catholic triumphalism, but it a far cry from the Anglo-American, Israeli, Serbian-Orthodox or Bush/Obama Jihad. Being rather based upon the Cross, upon quite unthreatening virtues like meekness, kindness and purity, upon a consuming “thirst for justice sake”. Counting not on armed might but rather on an ultimate, inevitable, global convergence toward Catholic truth, that which today has only momentarily been interrupted. A homecoming, a "return to my father's house" whose merits not only spiritually but also in law, custom, social morality and economic development become increasingly self-evident over time, with Catholicism manifestly being at the very base of our Civilization, and comprising the rich historical source of the freedom and vitality of its institutions. And with this same universally-lovable and embraceable truth our final guarantor that the Catholic Faith and organizational philosophy will ultimately prevail, that “His kingdom will come, on earth as it is in Heaven”. Among a race for whom cooperation on the practical plane inevitably, by the grace of God, leads to love and unity on the more-exalted. Such a final ascendancy manifesting itself not only in divine interventions but also in the well-considered deeds of men, as is indeed right and fitting in human affairs. While any approach less "triumphalist", forthright, voluntaristic and positive than this—no matter by whom or how many it is held—must rather be condemned as lukewarm and unfit for the service of God.

Much involved here is the Catholic concept of consecration, incorporating as it does the surrendering of oneself or some other person, or even a place one loves, as a slave or a pure donation to some divine purpose or goal (St. Louis de Montfort, True Devotion to Mary). A dedication that was called for by Our Lady of Fatima with respect to Russia: to be accomplished both in service to and through the intercession of her Immaculate Heart. While strongly implied here too is a formal claiming: as missionaries used to claim newly-discovered lands for Christ by planting the missionary cross on their shores. Such earnest and often highly-formalized acts of donation: these represent a force compared to which that of armies and armadas is weak and paltry indeed. For once a concrete, specific goal is announced in clear-cut terms one has thereby enlisted all the hosts of Heaven toward its consummation: as then it is not “by our own arm” that such things are done but by that of God. While conversely, without such a forthright announcement little of divine aid can be forthcoming, for one thing because He wishes there to be no mistake as to whose kingdom and glory is being advanced.

Thus do we here at not blanch at putting the name Catholic in front of all our endeavors. We have no Blackwater troops to force anyone to do anything, but only the far-more-powerful force of divine grace and truth, to compel people from within. But how enlist such an Ally if we are ashamed to even call Him, or His Church, the vessel of His salvation, by name? Yet because this triumphalism we announce and anticipate is a sort in which everyone wins, there is little of the modern idol of machismo or vaunted bravery involved: rather does this kind of intrepidity strengthen each of us with gentle, neighborly, domesticated suasions, “unto the perfect man, in Christ Jesus Our Lord”. A true, tender, womb-like civilization seeing to the cultivation of what is noblest in man—and by necessity most fragile—and leaving until last that which is external, self-defensive: being perfectly mirrored in the Immaculate Virgin Mary, the New Eve, who carries each of us in her womb, in terms of the grace of God (Sts. Augustine, DeMontfort), according to her title "Mother of Grace". Since the strength of civilization—of any tribe or tongue—is in the ranging folds of the human whole—that of which this "Mother of God" is also the Mother, by way of our divine son-ship (ibid), within which each draws and elaborates his own peculiar self-definition.

The ultimate triumph we speak of here begins as the humble “Mustard Seed of the Word of God”: that which in close collaboration with the Church itself in every nation grows, sometimes imperceptibly, into a native “tree in which the birds of the air make their nests”, becoming a political and economic home and resting-place for both angels and men, one which amplifies itself with time under the inspiration of that Holy Ghost who “calls to our minds all things that Christ has told us”. That totality, those “many mansions” ultimately and inevitably producing a nation with a living personality all its own: one uniquely and individualistically Catholic, and basically indestructible: no matter how long such a “homecoming” might take. A Catholic nationhood capable of further development mostly along its own unique lines.

Yet this distinction of national “trees” of such mighty and overshadowing stature doesn’t make for gratuitous differences or divisions, those stereotypes of which wars and mental breakdowns are made. Caricatures notably manufactured by arms-dealers and financiers and their many promoters impugning a national character which naturally accommodates all manner of personalities, if within an over-arching unity-of-mankind which readily encourages a unitary free-flow of hearts and minds. A unity based in part on the monumental fact that “in Christ there is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free”.


The overall negative impact of Vatican II.


However this unity-in-uniqueness phenomenon of a steadily-consolidating Civilization, capable of being responsive to the subtlest impulses of divine grace, would be regarded by the Vatican II council fathers as having been a centuries-long negative “calcification”. These bishops assembled in a gathering called by the anti-pope, John XXIII—who by a providential mark of reprobation shared the same name with the last anti-pope of late-medieval times—this immediately after his duress-ridden, highly-irregular election. (Note of May 26, 2012: Having erupted like one of today's "democracy movements" which now overthrow governments in a few short weeks or months, with CIA-and NGO-coordinated shouts and threats deciding the day.) The hypothesis in both church and state of today being fronted of an “accretion” of reputedly stiff, outmoded and unyielding forms: ever the "progress"-oriented battle-cry of "the Revolution" since the late eighteenth century. For while allegedly addressing reprehensible backwaters in the Church itself, the Council and the policies that flowed from it had the effect of radically refashioned the very cultural and religious identities of Catholic nations, peoples and diasporic enclaves, conforming them to the Faith-caustic lead-pipe “progress” of Judeo-capitalist lore. With unprecedented haste delving into matters incalculably-sacred and at the same time fundamental to all dimensions of both human and ecclesiastical life: claiming all the while to be “making up for centuries of neglect”. An indictment delivered with tones of harsh irony that were singularly unbecoming in devoted children, with the whole universal presence and meaning of the Church being subjected to a rigorous, thoroughgoing, skeptical inspection, a kind of spiritual census-taking, of things infinitely beyond any human reckoning, let alone of such a coarse and cynical kind. In most cases crossing thresholds where angels have always feared to tread.

 Furthermore, such a morally-harrowing procedure negatively and unavoidably affected many elements not precisely or specifically Catholic as well: things which once lent themselves in marvelous ways to the above-noted trans-national interlock. The cosmic, “scorched earth” demolition of the whole Vatican-II era, indirectly but inseparably associated with raucous eruption of hippydom with its drug-abuse, school-lawn and street-corner sex, in shell-shocked perceptions of those who lived through the times. The totality amounting to a stock Marxian "march through the institutions" which history had for two centuries already known so ruefully well, in irreversible rejections in heady moments of venerable legacies of old, replacing them with contemptuous haste, putting behavioral vulgarities of a "New World Order" political and economic system in their place. That ironclad, official-and-media-trumpeted secularist establishment which readily takes upon itself all the dimensions of a new universal religion, pushing aside Catholicism and Western Civilization—indeed all authentic human projects and institutions—with the greatest of ease. So that the Council fathers—in their eager and indecorous desire to appear “up to date”, to identify themselves with the latest of trends, chimeras themselves however often of only temporary duration—were thus in practical terms laying violent hands on the cult-or-cultural patrimonies of peoples of all creeds. These again, typically, and as ample reflection reveals, being the-world-over cloaked in closely or remotely similar belief-related terms. Such sedulously built-up civilizational treasures hardly being legitimately modifiable in such a peremptory, high-handed and gratuitous way: however supposedly-lofty the purposes invoked. For although the Protestant religions of Europe cannot at all be regarded as “other Churches”—nor the customs of their peoples as formally Catholic—according to the heretical formularies of John Paul II, and as less-clearly spelled out at Vatican II—yet they do perpetuate in themselves many things Catholic in origin, thus too helping secure the day when all will come back to the Fold. (While as suggested above even many non-Christian religions share various levels of moral and socio-moral conviction with us, gravitating toward the same eventual happy outcome). That time of universal unity which by the account of private revelation—and by the obvious thrust of Our Lord’s predictions recorded in the New Testament—is to immediately precede the coming of Anti-Christ.

After all these desolating venture the calls of more-recent pontiffs for the fresh establishment of institutions "to foster the multi-faceted and unique needs of the individual human person," and similar exhortations, would have about them an unmistakable note of incongruity: indeed to ears well-acquainted with the deeper meaning of things even the sing-song of the sardonic. Since souls had already for centuries found significant refuge—for their marvelous uniqueness, their infinitely-various needs—in the noted “calcified” Catholic or semi-Catholic elements. Essentially doctrinal, liturgical and “pastoral” in nature but touching base at many points as well with things cultural, social and political. All these elements together once having formed safe covens for the “little ones” of Catholic Faith, both young and old, while often simultaneously affording marvelous moral and psychological shelter for others as well. These prior forms having indeed accommodated a generous “recognition of man's divine origins": the absence of which orientation in newer structures would be lamented in such stirring terms by the very same pontiffs who had most-notably wielded the injurious wrecking-bar. A millennially-developed, Holy-Ghost-inspired “bird in the hand” having been allowed to take flight in favor of a cacophonous and illusory multitude “in the bush”.

This unparalleled catastrophe is symbolized perfectly in a new liturgy shattered into a thousand mediocre and obscure fragments: in comparison to Gregorian Chant or the old polyphonic unwelcome to the ear, and trivial in the treatment of things divine. A Chant now with growing frequency being sacrilegiously made use of by the forces of “Catholic” exclusionary White racism, or even the occult, while at the same time being claimed by some, incredibly but like so much else, to be the sole rightful historical patrimony of Judaism. That religion and people which demonstrated again and again that given the opportunity they would claim for themselves the first fruits of every human institution, endeavor or land. This while New Church bathos continues to declare multiple attractive but no-longer-achievable goals: whether of social justice, civilization or humanity. For although the pre-Council world was by no means a perfect one there were yet sturdy and enduring foundations upon which to build, some of which are now indeed fondly remembered, in more candid moments, by surviving members of the old wrecking-crew. The mere uncovering of which massive stonework today, now near-hopelessly overgrown with stout and stubborn spiritual and intellectual weeds, presenting us with a daunting, monumental task indeed.

Thus the vitiated quality of that council-to-end-all-councils, an anemia of which the infallible Church is quite capable, let alone an anti-council like Vatican II. A Body which on this earth—although typically sheltered by a good God from the worst consequences of a mortal condition, the while sharing space with divine guarantees—must nonetheless suffer many “slings and arrows”, even as it remains in another, deeper and perpetual sense “spotless and without blemish”. This human-vulnerability aspect of the Bride of Christ being a necessary ingredient to any accurate understanding of Church history: which has seen its share of treason and moral-failings, starting even before the Crucifixion with the crime of Judas, the cowardice of Peter. The present-day dysfunction having been foreseen in its essentials by Pope Saint Pius X, even as he also foretold the Church's rescue to be accomplished in future "by the laity”. Recognizing as he did, and others before him, the accelerating temporary demise of the Church and the world in general under the influence of an encroaching system of finance and organization, and the chaos that is ever its bedfellow.

The wisdom and perspicacity of this holy pontiff are evident when we consider that the laity is too large and incalculable a reality to be so readily overcome as the guiding spirits of Vatican II would seem to have presumed. Accommodating too within itself the capacity to endure infinitely, and to "build and to plant" in equally-monumental terms. The nature of the true development of an inseparably-allied Church and society holding little in common with plaster or paper machete: being rather that of a plant, of the supple extension of living limbs. And not at all the stiff “accretions” so disparagingly, and with so little filial attachment, alluded to by the assembled bishops of a generation ago. The invocation of “primitive purity” being ever the ploy of heretics throughout time, which in practical terms amounts to asking a tree not only to shed all its branches but basically to become once again a tiny and inconsequential seed, with a mocking dismissal of the Heavenly Gardener, and His centuries-long, onerous, marvelous labors-of-love. A bare seed - a "humble" one indeed - that would be no embarrassment at all to the ever-maneuvering forces of capitalism/collectivism, an “evil empire” more-and-more openly hostile to Catholic Faith, mostly centered today in Israel and the USA.

Because of the tremendous importance of the Church in the affairs of men, lay leaders have always exercised extreme care toward its prosperity and vigorous agency. There is even an Old Testament precedent for the lay assumption of something like emergency powers in defense of the moral/ecclesiastical domain. For Judas Machabeus and his sons—rather than standing by and watching the total moral destruction of Judea—took up the slack for those Levites who had deserted the standard of the One True God. Who had surrendered to the idolatry and homosexual Temple-gymnastics of Antiochus IV. Unworthy and perverse priests whom these “true Israelites” actually put to the sword for the traitors and apostates that they were. So courageous souls among today's laity cannot be blamed for wishing charitably to remedy long-neglected areas of Catholic concern: especially those of a pressing civil-society-impacting nature. Since God has more than once used a-typical tools to achieve His will, as for instance in the early-modern case of a Polish friar who led the national military defense against the invasion of the overwhelmingly superior forces of the Lutheran Swedes: armies to whom a majority of the lay Polish lords had already capitulated, in a rare and uncharacteristic moment of craven pusillanimity.


American foreign policy.


The foreign policy of the United States toward third-world or emerging nations is exceedingly simple: the “little guy’s best friend” being at equal pains to keep him a little guy. Thus in the early nineties was an EU initially in favor of Croatian independence pressured diplomatically by the U.S. to institute an airtight arms-embargo against the embattled little nation. But then the incredible happened: Croatia, after suffered unspeakably under such privations for several years, began to consolidate her position, with arms taken out of the hands of the very Yugoslav Army itself prospered well under the legendary Croat courage and military genius, being augmented too by armament necessarily obtained from clandestine sources. So that at length she was even able decisively to come to the aid of Bosnia: about to be completely swallowed up by the Serbian butcher, suggesting that Croatia might well end by being the consolidator not only of her own household but of “the Western Balkans” as well. This in spite of having had one hand tied behind her back by the same “little guy’s best friend”.

Of course, that’s exactly when Clinton “sent in the Cavalry”, opting for a beefed-up NATO “peacekeeping force”, albeit one headed by the professional and humane Gen. Wesley Clark. Thus did the U.S. again appear to be the one who had saved the day: although unjust and aggression-based Serbian gains in Bosnia-Herzegovina were not rolled back, as they should have been, and as Croatian arms would undoubtedly have done, given time. And most significantly of all there had been no thought of even so illusory a "rescue effort" when a genuine one was really needed—that is while the Serbs were still rampaging over the territories of their neighbors—but rather was aid of any kind given only after a regional actor showed signs of becoming a powerful, independent free agent.

But it seems that the Serbs—like the Kurds—always end up poorer than ever after roused hopes are used up for what their worth: with Englishmen, Americans and Carla del Ponte being especially good at championing deep Orthodox sensibilities and loyalties, but ending their inevitable after-the-fact commentary on some sour note about innately-negative tendencies. Like for instance a perennial Kremlin “dilemma between dictatorship and dissolution”: a “crazy Ivan” characterization that is just as eagerly applied to any other Slavic nationality, if the "need" arise. But actually Slavs—whom some historians like Maenchen-Helfen regarded as basically the last wave of the migratory German barbarians—have no such unstable personalities, such fables however tend to promote the useful contention that Slavic nations of any size are unworthy to be at the center of any sort of sphere of influence, being seen as clutching at a crumbling, fragmented, neurotic Slavo/Byzantine world. This in total neglect of such facts as that Slavs took slaves (“Slavs”) just as generously from their more-Westerly neighbors as the latter did from them: thus dispensing with the “inferior race” verdict of Hitlerians of every stripe. All this taking place on a world political stage whose producers and directors intend however to keep everyone faithful to dependable box-office parts, which for all the talk of progress, democracy and liberality are never really allowed to change.

But in fact Russia is not a land of power-grasping ghouls, nor of bi-polar near-maniacs at all: it was for instance Russian missionaries who converted the natives of the Aleutians Islands, the first of which emissaries are remembered with great devotion by that one-time marvelous, hearty breed. While in proof of same most Aleuts remain solidly Orthodox until this day. The colonization of the Czarist government for one thing not having been attended by anything like the saga of cruelty and exploitation which would commence directly with the takeover of the American Bureau of Indian Affairs in those frigid island and coastal climes.

By contrast to subtle and egregious big league international intrigues, the advocated Catholic approach is one dedicated to the Biblical injunction “to build and to plant”: ever consolidating nations and civilizations, having no scope in it’s generous philosophy for capitalism/collectivism’s private-interest wars, as against Muslims, carried on remorselessly today. These uncannily-often being accompanied by the mega-bucks conversion efforts of American-Protestant Evangelicals, people whose arrival over the past two decades in another region, Latin America, has coincided remarkably-well with that area’s economic disintegration. Evangelical purveyors of filmed specials about alleged Muslim "genocide" and other aggressions against native Christians, in the case of Darfur, being found under investigation to be unsubstantiated by any hard evidence. Treating too of a scenario of near-starvation in which quarrels are easily kindled over the few resources there are, conflicts which by a sort of second nature tend to be defined along confessional fault-line. While the major “rebel forces” long involved in Darfur have been trained, funded and equipped—just as in the case of the Kurds operating in Iraq and elsewhere—by the State of Israel.

But these various clandestine or semi-clandestine Israeli agents are not satisfied with fishing in muddy waters in the third world, rather obviously regarding the wide world as their private pond: having for instance once again been discovered, mole-like, amid the American machinery of government, this time in the Department of Defense. With a previous well-recorded history of covert action in Scandinavia, New Zealand, Latin America and various nations of the Middle East, this geo-mole having taken a significant part in the construction of our "Iraqi Freedom" War policy as well. All these factors coinciding well with a poorly-disguised convergence of American political leaders and Protestant Evangelists with World Zionism: a merging of aims however shared equally - if with a shameful lack of candor - by most American-Catholic clergymen as well, and with the long-time discrete encouragement of Pope John Paul II. Pastors here being accompanied in these overriding, highly deluded and inaccurate "chosen people" loyalties by the handful of "deacons" and lay associates who in many cases increasingly "run" these churchmen's parishes and dioceses for them. While finally the reason Islam is such a "thorn in the side" to the global establishment has more to do with its condemnation of the charging of interest than with anything like terrorism, Islam and true Catholicism alike forming a world apart from the pound-of-flesh paradigm of the global corporate/financial world. The latter the purveyor of a worldview which wreaks such radical and disturbing transformations in our daily lives, and posits an inherent right of certain elites to possess and control "the wealth of nations".


Exporting America, Aborting America.


Global and domestic exploitation join hands here in a veritable caste system of elites of right and left that has taken over the driver’s seat since the last of the truly-popular leaders of the 1960s: New Brahmans who fit nicely with an overwhelming influx of real-estate developers and software engineers from India, China and other foreign lands. All the while American youth has been “dummed down” for decades with mob-and-elite enabled drugs and promiscuity, with leaders with connections to this massive cartel, an iceberg mostly of a submerged character, being fountainheads of statements and policies weighted in favor of multi-national corporate interests. Kings and kingmakers who seldom address critical issues in an honest, unvarnished way. Take for instance the very basic matter of jobs, which is addressed here both directly and in depth within the economic-developmental framework presented in this website and among these publications, with our approach containing one indispensable imperative that is not so much as contemplated  by today’s political leaders. Namely the incontestable right of an American head-of-household to first choice at any job for which he/she is qualified: and this after the no-nonsense manner of the “affirmative action” prioritizations of years-gone-by, once so nobly expended on behalf of minorities. This approach would go a long way toward solving a host of problems at one stroke: illegal immigration for one thing being likely to become self-curtailing when jobs themselves are not automatically forthcoming, almost as soon as these people arrive from alien borders or shores. Let alone prioritized toward the undocumented, as they in many ways and in practical terms largely are now. A veritable mainlining which tends above all to break the power of labor here, or to re-channel labor-advocacy efforts toward the very same home-busting foreign vocational invader. That same sordid purpose namely to which every new wave of immigrants has been put now for a century and more, this by the entrenched interests of big business: a travesty naturally resulting in the breeding of antagonisms utterly unavoidable, of opposing stereotypes and falsifications heavily-lace with nationality and/or racial overtones. All this while the citizen-job-seeker—perhaps a veteran—and typically-enough not usually antagonistic to anyone, no matter what their land-of-origin—in order to have any hope of eventually obtaining any employment at all has to meet educational, housing, personal-reference and other criteria increasingly demanding in nature, and about which the illegally-employed, aside perhaps from the purchase of a cheap month-to-month cellphone, generally need not trouble himself one bit.

Too often as well today’s citizen-job-seeker is confronted by the additional daunting hurdle of a hostile, cleverly-coordinated clique of the undocumented or of other non-citizens, met with on the same dearly-obtained job. These seeking to fill his slot—vacated under odious group pressures—with one of their own nationality. An extremely-common occurrence in such fields as construction: these aliens themselves however undoubtedly being driven to such subterfuges by a “New World Order” trade-related poverty-back-at-home which can readily motivate cynical deeds in otherwise-upright folk. So that thus under the plan advocated here such genuine if often pathetic conspiracies would find little to feed them, and those employers who permit or encourage these cliques—which have become a sort of new national institution—would be penalized with heavy fines and/or imprisonments—as enabled by establishment of a lean-but-effective detective service, an arm of the border patrol, for related investigative purposes. While as an indirect result of the implementation of these rational policies—measures much less expensive than today’s armies of border-patrol guards and massive southern-frontier “Berlin Walls”—would be inaugurated a slowing-down of the present rapid pace of disintegration of genuine, rather than “diversity”-oriented, families. The citizen/principle-bread-winner once again being given pride of place: as is necessary to any sane and sustainable society.

But our leaders are far more interested in multi-party alliances and intrigues toward such goals as the colonizing of defenseless Muslim nations' land and resources, rather than looking after our own: as in lustful gazes toward Sudan’s recently-discovered reserves in oil. Can anyone in good faith and in possession of his faculties actually believe people like Condoleezza Rice, Dick Chaney or George Bush about things like “ethnic cleansing” in Darfur? Or about rebels on Mindanao? Especially when you consider the U.S. track record when it comes to local crises of various kinds, many of them systematically manipulated to achieve de facto U.S. or multinational-corporate economic or political control. An American-fostered “march of freedom” regularly aided by agents operating beyond the pale of candid policy, in a foreign relations really begun in 1743 when New England colonists embarked by ship to “liberate” Cartegena in Latin America (I think in present-day Colombia). An Anglo/American task force, mostly made up of colonials, which was roundly beaten by the “oppressed” natives. And the same old story goes on from there through the U.S. wars with Spain and then Mexico in the nineteenth century: conflicts major damning U.S. details of which few here are aware. Over which, much indeed like the U.S. struggle for independence, there continues to be imposed a substantial information “blackout”. The first of major Yankee/Latin wars having been closely related to the War of 1812 with a by then quite-humane England, horrified by our treatment of Blacks, Indians and Hispanics from Florida to Texas. The latter finally taken from Mexico—not because of unfair treatment by Santa Ana—but rather because it had served as a merciful Catholic refuge for hunted-down Indians and fugitive slaves. With incalculable amounts of contemporary documentation, both before and after the Revolution, having beyond question been conveniently lost track of. Just as in the case of many of the Latin American states, where the loss of the official record during the Anglo/American-manipulated War Against Spain is more or less complete.

Of course the “downtrodden” objects of American attentions had by the early nineteenth century and the consummation of the revolt against the Iberian Peninsula become less and less able to defend themselves from their liberators. Then later there was Nicaragua around the turn of the 1900s, and a host of others in Latin America up to the present date. Like for instance Panama and a very recent U.S. facilitated (if not directed) coup attempt in Venezuela. With no need to mention nineteenth-century chicanery in China in the form of an Opium Trade of which the United States was in many ways more than England the major broker as well.


The Dans Macabre of the nations.


It’s incredible how much we of the Information Age try to reproduce all facets of life digitally, all the while the real thing is being destroyed in millions of wombs. Or actually in billions: if we acknowledge the birth control pill, of decades running, for what it really is: an immediately-post-conception abortion-producer, or “aborto-facient”, through "dependable" prevention of umbilical attachment of the fertilized ovum to the wall of the womb. Meanwhile man contents himself with computerized substitutes for the complexities and sensitivities, loves and hopes of the human persons thus disposed-of, and Dr. Jeckle gains new plateaus in the Florida court/bureaucratic drive toward a state's right to solicitously murder those who have somehow made it past initial perils of the modern-day womb. The Florida/totalitarian drive having been corporate-privatized from the word go, with even the “policemen” who found a threat in those bearing the Blessed Sacrament to Terri Schiavo having in fact been corporate security guards. So that Bush Brothers headline-stealing theatrics—so inconsequential to save a helpless human life—are seen in a rare and revealing light by such considerations.

The noted strange “détente” is seen too in Tony Blair “counterbalancing” European demur over Iraq by siding unequivocally with the warmongering Bush: as if somehow Europe proper, led by France and Germany, would “break out” of some sort of arbitrary bounds, were it not thus high-handedly frustrated. In aspirations however plainly peaceful and non-offensive in nature. As if some cosmic instruments were needed to keep nations in line, in a sort of political mechanics of a kinetic, Newtonian nature, rather than based upon the lovely orchestration of human wills and minds. Such private-interest-convenient “worlds in collision” apprehensions being generously disseminated as well in a decade worth of books by Margaret Thatcher: these predicated upon the supposition of a Europe by nature ever ready to somehow spontaneously spawn another bloodthirsty Hitler or Napoleon.

Rather are we dealing here, in such wide-eyed misgivings, with those elaborate pretenses that since the days of the noted Corsican have actually paved the way for war and dictatorship: for a Napoleon or Hitler, Sharon or Bush, much desired by certain interests, to appear. This narrow focusing on the “balancing of powers” in fact being that which provides the fluid, fundamentally unstable international setting, the cavernous lack of accountability, necessary to their advent. True international leadership being by contrast and as suggested social, personal and moral, with a vast multitude of actors abstracting entirely from the hand-picked Bushes and Blairs of our times, invoking a multi-polarity which makes war less likely by the day. While this notion of counterbalance always assumes two major actors with a yen toward hostility, formalizing it into a deadly constant, to be invoked with consummate ease whenever factory orders have fallen down. A good global community-of-nations having economies in which the production of goods is reasonably limited to the fulfillment of needs, and nothing beyond, while the preservation of life and wealth is maintained in a static rather than "progressive" or interest-bearing way. Backward? Stagnant? Only to those with a pound of flesh to gain. A good universality being loaded with alarm-bells which go off whenever an overstep even threatens to occur, rather than being build on a psychology of confrontation which measures advancement in terms of waste and war. A popular/political cultivar totally foreign to today’s billiard-ball geo-political world: a view driven by a Newtonian theory outdated even in the physics lab. The ideal medium for a-priori theories cranked out with tiringly regularity by NGOs and think tanks overwhelmingly based here, which for all their Hegelian high-theory typically have incongruously-pragmatic, narrowly-self-centered corporate-sponsored agendas to pursue. The “equilibrium” imagery rather begging for replacement by the unencumbered pursuit by nations of their own naturally-limited goals: these mutually-negotiated where necessary toward the complementary articulation of geographically converging aims. A recourse which contains a much livelier hope toward a peaceful resolution of international disputes and conflicts, in a global policy ensemble tending naturally toward orchestration, and conflicts tending in this way to be limited and confined: rather than cosmic in size and scope. As in apocalyptic confrontations of major blocs over every little skirmish of tiny nations or even tribal clans, these assiduously nursed-along rather than allowed to fizzle away. Of course a positive alternative that might be aided immensely by a truly-rational, sovereignty-respecting, loose-knit “world federation”, one at which all nations would have equally-weighted votes: sovereignties being the constituencies here, not elite power blocs. But rather and as history has so redundantly demonstrated a true and lasting world peace is not what is desired by this global set of glibly-empathetic, hovering “power balancers”: functionaries ever about our elbows, patronizing mankind with their saccharin but mammoth and potentially deadly pretensions.

Hence too the prevalent idea that a whole century of incredibly-bloody Anglo-American map-making chicanery—in order to hopelessly carve up a Muslim world in which there is incidentally much oil—is entirely justified under a putative need to “contain” perennial Muslim-Caliphal political-unitary dreams. The same reason basically put forward for the systematic thwarting of Japan over the first half of the same time period: to curb the same sort of hypothetical—if this time putative-pagan—will-to-power. Of course also in a much-coveted Pacific-Shelf region positively bursting both with oil and other resources and wealth-creative potential. This Newtonian-high-theory geo-balancing mechanisms being meanwhile touted as the finest friend to man: to which we must answer with the old retort, “having such friends: who needs enemies”?

Indeed this unconvincing balancing-act brings diplomacy down to the lowest possible levels of achievement: since “where there is life (or human personality) there is hope”, but where there is only the cold sterility of mechanics there can be only death or stalemate. Partaking of that despair which has gripped humanity now since the Enlightenment: when political goals and realities were first put in such physics-lab terms. That time when pagan secret societies first took charge of Western organized life, and first began to substitute for Christianity the values of a “secular humanism” that would unerringly lead to war, abortion and euthanasia in our own day, and to a host of other mostly-nameless evils abominated by all mankind, both East and West, until our “enlightened” time. By contrast to which if we even allow ourselves to progress to the level of chemistry—whose startling surprises these desiccated crypto-Egyptians find so hard to bear—there is a new atmosphere of hope: engaging now with catalysts, oxidants, permutations, robustly boiling out of some policy beaker or test-tube. And if we were to aspire further to the yet-more-exalted levels of the biological there would be found such sophisticated tools—in the diplomat’s briefcase—as respiration, assimilation, a nutrient-burning furnace or dynamo in every cell. This latter corresponding to the lowest organizational level, wherein the individual person has his/her integral part to play, in an intimate and unique world all its own. This toward the sustaining of the whole.

Yet there are higher levels to which to aspire as well: in this upward journey, up what can sometimes seem a treacherous stairway to more timid souls: that which becomes at its last steep leg a narrow ladder leading to a bird’s-perch in a belfry tower. For when we engage the human mind and will, working in concert with other human minds and wills, we have an infinitude of lofty possibilities: and not just selfishly-expedient ones. Enablers toward concord, order, tranquility. Since it is in a despair away from intelligent, innately-compassionate human life and its many rich recourses and prerogatives—actually far simpler and much more direct than the spinning orbs and crashing billiard-balls of an exclusive geo-political physics lab—it is in this “burying of our talents” in the ground of our clever-but-inappropriate “scientific” conceits—it is this which seals our fate. For in times when—as I read once happened for centuries—a diplomatic messenger would frequently burst into tears in bringing terms of peace, or threats of war, rather than delivering cool and crisp declarations or ultimatums, according to the sterile style of our times: when diplomacy ran this route there could always be hope. Later ominous transformations in the dealings-of-states having come on the heels of the glorious Enlightenment, which praised grand principles to the sky, but whose only mode-of-achievement was overthrow, and the founding of systems far more rigidly regimented than those that went before.

But when we progress beyond the human and into the spiritual, and past that too into the realms of revealed religion—this being the miniscule eagle’s nest atop the noted belfry, a cozy spot, inhabited by doves and angels alike, which in historical times has had so few human occupants—then we have before us an infinitude of recourses. Of nuances and subtleties, the horizon from such a vantage-point having no bounds. Choices not of military or trade retaliatory tools but of timely diplomatic cooperation and orchestration, of mutually-enabling goodness and generosity. An inebriating wine fit for the highest of circles: one indeed drunk at the very courts of Heaven. A mead duly cut with generous portions of water for earthly consumption, as applied to diplomacy and world affairs. That vintage which has been aged silently and carefully, in dark cellars of divine love through the centuries, and which is dispensed so readily by the cellarer. That portly cleric namely called Integral Catholicism: or Catholic social, economic and political teaching. A friar who has taken so many fondly-remembered guises in literature, and many more in real life, and who finds honor here and there even among his many undeserved enemies. (Some indeed of his own household).

With respect to the under-developed nations of West Asia, the constructive paradigm suggested here suffers the slogan-ridden discouragement of various NGOs and democratic advocacy groups, highly-vocal and visible but most-often with meager local popular roots. These formidable pressure-groups being able to bring tremendous international influence to bear: expending hefty corporate-funded budgets to opinion-mold a world population which, for lack of anything better, tends to be strongly moved by catchy phrases of pure ideology, outrage or indignation. Especially considering that local sources of information are often more or less non-existent. (Just try to find a truly official website for most of the nations of Central Asia, and in the process you will see much of what I mean). The majority of these “monitoring” groups having some agenda of their own to pursue, typically of the sort which thrive on an impenetrable global ignorance as to the local situation at hand. Corporate-sponsored groups often carefully shepherding negative apprehensions toward the local leader himself, and the struggling, foot-fumbling missteps of his gravely-under-resourced administration, with attention being deftly deflected away from the complicated set of urgencies that such actors must daily and often frustratingly address. While of course it is easy to characterize these local leaders as political “bosses” or “caliphs”: in distant and unfamiliar lands in which leadership is of imperative practical utility passed down along clan and/or confessional lines, and “an educated middle class” is as foreign as footpaths, camels and slow starvation have traditionally been here. This whole business of Western, Rothschild-financed global statecraft looking down its long nose at local conditions of chaos and finding fault with local solutions that fall short of sainted overthrow: this glorious conundrum having had a notable predecessor in the dealings of the League of Nations with the budding state of Manchoukuo, the 1930s Japanese protectorate in Manchuria. Where U.S. and Russian-Bolshevik encouraged revolutionaries had joined hands with bloodthirsty warlords to bring utter chaos to the land, in a northern region of a China in the throes of anarchy since the Boxer Rebellion of 1905, and regularly before that time all the way back to the 1840s. Where the regional "solutions" of a rising U.S.-protégé Chiang Kai-shek included the annihilation of two cities on the route of his march: not to be followed by any improvement, but rather by a maelstrom yet worse than before. On the heels of which "glorious" advances the League's Lytton Commission grilled the newly-founded Manchoukuo's Prime Minister as to the impeccable democratic credentials said to be required, before any new states can be allowed, when he and an emperor in recent months reinstalled, together with Japan, had been the only thing standing between Manchuria and complete dissolution under bloodthirsty schemes of the warlord Chang Hsueh-liang. (Kawakami, Kiyoshi K., Manchoukuo: Child of Conflict. New York: the Macmillan Company, 1933.) (Note of June 5, 2012: Thus too the ever-heroic world of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, which nurses along utter chaos in regions upon which it casts a covetous "sphere of influence" eye, and then demands immediate capitulation in the face of these artificially-induced circumstances, on the part of leaders it intended to be rid-of all along.)

Russian problems in Chechnya are a classical case in point: there being involved here a crypto-coordinated effort toward undermining Russian sovereignty over its entire Caucasus region: a radicalism which is bound to be trebled in view of the many recent assassinations of major moderating voices. The Chechen rebels bearing a similarity across time and regions with Serbs, Kurds and Kosovans, in being prime agents of upheaval where sympathetic major-power interests cast covetous eyes. Operating in an area close to the heartland of Russia, just as is essentially the case with Ukrainia, Georgia and other recently-contested areas, and thus being no easy matter for any Russian administration. Just imagine for a moment if some U.S.-hostile force were to nonchalantly take over in New Mexico—perhaps with the invention of a fable of smoldering indigenous penitente resistance to the American pale—and this furthermore with the open encouragement of the E.U. or the Shanghai league. While calls for reason, for a move toward a concession of true autonomy as opposed to complete independence, can be dauntingly difficult when various false-flag agents provocateurs are busily involved blowing up everything that patient efforts might have gained. Stirring the Chechen pot with those often ugly but-cleverly-coordinated pin-point assaults and other clandestine interventions at which such groups excel, making many martyrs on both sides. Since as hard as it is to believe, the one central lesson of modern history, noted repeatedly above, is that there are major powers working behind the scene who actually want war and who are willing to do anything to bring it about. Wishing a sort of pseudo-messianic transformation that transmutates or incinerates everything down to the tiniest atom of human life, in a "march of liberty" or "democracy movement" which only clears the way antiseptically for further levels of chaos, backwardness and depravity never before known. In international affairs these agitators being closely tied to a less-than-candid system of debt-collection which as noted above brought us the French Revolution (far more than did the ideas of the Philosophes) and thereafter most of the struggles of later times. Since world finance really doesn’t tolerate trillion-dollar deficits—just as it didn’t those of the past proportionally-large—but rather “forecloses” on the nations just as surely as its local equivalent does on your mortgage. While the charge of corruption must be viewed in the same perspective: of a chaotic situation in which discrete forces in the world of finance and opinion-molding pull most of the strings in the economies and governments of our times. As has of course been more-than-echoed in a global-magistrate United States in which scandals of pay-offs and underhanded control have become the increasingly-un-remarked order-of-the-day. An Uncle Sam who has only become a sort of bully for the global debt-collector, much as had been Moscovy for the medieval Golden Horde.

            As noted a major problem with today’s world is that all the more-dominating if less-visible imperatives are increasingly multinational-corporate in their complexion: so that for instance if we speak of “Russian” influence in Central Asia or the Ukraine we have to distinguish between the complex maneuvers of, say, some partially-privatized energy giant, with government affiliations more formal than real—some virtual-cartel mostly taken over some years ago by international-insider investment interests—we have to distinguish such an anomaly from the genuine policies of the Russian government. Elements which are often hopelessly and disingenuously confused with one another in a—you guessed it—corporate-owned global media. In a Russia which is still barely consolidating itself after the mainly-U.S.-sponsored gangland-style takeover of their economy—and much of their political system—directly on the heels of the fall of Communism. (Note of 05/09: Russia has now largely reeled-in these free-wheeling energy-giants and other gangster/financier and corporate concerns, but far from receiving accolades in a “freedom-loving” U.S. press and State Department, she is ceaselessly demonized for putting her house in order. Here being found staggering parallels with the above-noted 1930s Japan vis-à-vis Manchoukuo: that which, together with a documented-false-flag Pearl Harbor, served as so admirable a pretext to go to war in '41. This all the while our own State Department, Blackwater and other elements of corporate America—using a newly-independent, newly-radicalized Georgia for their base—alternate the blank-faced and the clandestine in maneuvers for ultimate control of the entire Caspian/Caucasus region, and eastward from there. That which takes in much of the traditional Russian sphere of influence, and even much of traditional Russian territory. Which, again, would be very much like Russia fomenting hostility in Mexico against the U.S., with the ultimate aim of ejecting us, with the entire corpus of our diplomatic, industrial and commercial presence in that land. As well as of making steady inroads into our own Southwestern states with the “freedom-loving” élan of neighbors to the south.

It is within this light that the myriad charges of neighbor-bullying leveled at Russia, or of corruption leveled at third-world and emerging-nation governments, must be viewed. The need being above all to keep ones reservations, especially when the source of information is some newly-created NGO, monitoring group or “freedom foundation”. Those entities, invariably with direct or indirect U.S.-corporate affiliation or funding, being much quicker to find fault with local governments than are certain other bodies with much longer and more-dependable track-records. Destabilization and an ultimate "calling in the Marines" being an attractive, openly-advocated recourse to myriad radical-change-oriented foundations led by doughty polemicists of a regionally-inapplicable “American dream” diplomacy, and many with a variety of parent-child ties to corporations like Haliburton. Groups which have already been coached into a conveniently-vindictive, "rah, rah for our team" judgment-passing before their arrival on the scene. Whole regions being largely through such means kept in that state of slow-boil which promises future dividends for on-looking capitalist oilmen, gem-merchants and investors, in a power-broker world in which mere money means less and less as time goes on. Investors gaining a Dr. Jeckle like control over vast regions through the dense entanglements of super-power struggles and low-level local armed attrition: a “mandate” perpetuated through various levels of regional violence and political incoherence. In which in a pinch some poor, miserable, convincible local guy can always be found to raise some new revolt.

This then is the real and truly terror-bound direction of world government and globalism under today’s “world community” leaders and functionaries, with levers of supra-national unity—the potential of which, if reconstituted in a loose-knit, non-sovereignty-surrendering form—as such things by nature must be, if they are to retain any shred of legitimacy at all—could be so great toward world peace and economic prosperity—being controlled by chief operatives like Carla del Ponte of the Hague Tribunal. A fanatical, ideologically-driven, dictatorially-empowered figure among others of her kind who are actually among those most directly responsible, in their own quiet way, for the present global genocide and instability. Having made the world court into a grand stage for a new brand of evidence-ignoring, national-prejudice-based “justice”. And who under the sort of world system I propose would be first-up, along with other such world leaders, for prosecution for hate-crime- and war-crime-related offenses all of their own unique nature. This within a reconceived, sovereignty-enhancing and truly-forward-looking idea of such international courts and other bodies.

Within this picture of the frustration of local sovereignties do we see for instance that elections in Afghanistan have gone overwhelmingly to Karzai, the America-installed “democratic” ruler. However this is not at all due to his raving popularity: but rather to the simple fact that, as native observers have noted, most of the voters themselves were afraid to vote for anyone else. For one thing because, poll-side goons or no, Uncle Sam might then easily use “disappointing” election results as a pretext to teach Afghans some sort of hard lesson. Using a cipher-book open for all to see in places like Iraq and Qatar, and indirectly in Palestine. While as if to confirm such misgivings, the move just after the elections on the part of one of the top members of his cabinet—to give “walking papers” to some 200 NGOs, no doubt of the above-noted hyper-active description—was met by this American puppet with a firm countermand, as well as a prompt removal of said official: however not before requiring of him a formal apology to the same watchdog groups at issue. While finally in the height of both irony and poetic justice the very same Karzai who removed this official was lately snubbed by the White House in his demands for a bringing-to-justice of those involved in the Koran-flushing incidents, as well as his call for a complete change in U.S. interrogation and other policies. (Note of 05/09: Karzai is becoming increasingly vocal in opposition to U.S. air attacks, a grizzly, cowardly and criminally-inefficient tactic of course always justified with veiled references to 9/11. “If they can do it, so can we”, I suppose would go the hideous logic. The Trade Towers providing an aggressive-policy-factotum which came along remarkably on time—like countless other handy but highly-suspicious incidents basically since the eve of the Revolutionary War—for much-desired U.S. interests to profit thereby. But the point is that Karzai himself is now being marginalized, and will no doubt soon-enough be conveniently “toppled” by someone more loyal to the cause. Later note of June 5, 2012: Karzai has proven to have truly-remarkable staying power, corresponding in prime form to Chiang Kai-shek of mid-century China, or even the Manchurian Chang Hsueh-liang of the same period, noted above, who dutifully kept the pot stirred in their region on behalf of Western overlords. In a Northern-Alliance Hamed Karzai's case perhaps preparing to aid from the south an approaching polemically-fulminating, "democracy movement"-agitating U.S.-protégé drive to take over Russia itself, to the North.) Thus do we know quite well which side of the bread is buttered in Afghanistan: while as suggested the consistent use of the catastrophic to achieve radical political goals necessarily carrying about it the question of willful complicity in the hatching of the tragedies themselves, whatever their scope might have been, especially as the degree of cynicism involved mounts evermore to the sky. This disturbing food-for-thought being however pointedly denied us by that same “democratic” media which gave us the whole carefully-contrived, hyperventilating, rush-to-judgment “take” on the apocalyptic tragedy of some three years ago. A stonewalling denial facilitating political consequences well-nigh-impossible to reverse later on, whether here or abroad. After which, some time later, “shocking discoveries” can easily be made, about the real ghouls involved, since there’s basically nothing to lose anymore, except for a scarcely-mourned national honor. (Note of 05/09: As for instance was seen very recently with respect to the millions of highly-incriminating artillery shells found lying in random profusion on the North Atlantic sea-floor, around the wreckage of the Lusitania, for whose by-this-evidence perfectly-just wartime torpedoing the ever uprighteous 9/11 USA went to war with Germany nearly a century ago. These being things I recount out of love for my country, not hatred. Out of a desire to hang the traitors and genocides involved in all such cases.) Closely-connected and strikingly-similar events having in the case before us swept the same Bush—the all-time-winner in a top-level subliminal-trickery category—to a pinnacle of power comparable to that enjoyed by Franklin Roosevelt before.

There is a universal assumption today that local authorities in many global regions—let alone “warlords” and “clan leaders” in places like Afghanistan—are invariably too weak to provide general political and economic stability, or to interdict evils like drug or black-market trafficking. However many of these localized ills have their deeper roots in the same noted global investment apparatus, whether or not connected to the World Bank or the IMF. One which, whether by neglect or foot-dragging design, often gravely inhibits order-and-security enhancing communications and other applied technology: this especially if the affected country steps across a certain increasingly-arbitrary, politically-correct line, or perhaps refuses to allow their own access to life-giving water and other essential “utilities” to be controlled by major multinational interests, as these are so monopolized with increasingly and disturbing frequency worldwide. So that what the ills of such localities require for their remedy is a kind of “starving” of this octopus of all-pervasive control, as by the method proposed throughout these pages and publications: after which remedies alone the affected area would be able to apply its own native remedies, administered at a rational, incremental pace. These being far more effective curative “herbs”: having come forth as it were from the very native soil where the more-localized—and long-untreated—social, economic or political disease is wildly rampaging. While by contrast the externally-imposed “solutions” of the same major powers invariably involve a sort of “absent-minded” keeping of local problems and sicknesses in an untreated or poorly-treated condition, as the fate of an Uncle Sam hovered-over Philippines or Latin America bear witness so well. Thus conveniently allowing them to remain as useful pressure-points for future self-interested manipulation.

A classical case in point is of course the trafficking problem in Afghanistan, which the Taliban had effectively quelled but which epic-heroic Western deliverers have somehow absent-mindedly allowed once again to flourish. Such geo-abuses having climbed through a huge blind-spot in modern-day political perceptions: namely a global loss-of-memory of the fact that remote and self-sufficient powers tend to take little trouble over the needs of far-away peoples, if not to directly profit from their demise: grandiloquent speeches aside. That is unless there is some mutually-articulated reciprocal relationship of equal benefit to all concerned.


The critical need to "practice the Faith" in a committed Catholicism, exercised at all levels.


The practical Catholicism that I here invoke—that which I term integral—is a coalescence of mankind around positive, productive goals, together with a resolute turning from what is in many ways a juvenile culture of aggression. One which is fast becoming the dominant socio/official reality in an Anglo/Israeli/American molded world. Either Bush-Napoleonic, or gangster-like, talking out of the corner of its mouth. This latter which the European immigrant has traditionally found so entertaining on his arrival here, but which he soon finds out to his horror is in dead earnest. In a Puritan paradise turned a Spartan training ground for aggressive war, not a place for “sniveling” peacemakers. Here too being the ideal death-culture in which legalized abortion, obsessions with “Pac Man” and lurid big-screen sadisms of yesterday culminate in the state-sponsored terrorism and Frankenstein-like medical-murder and stem-cell research of today.

By contrast we at offer here a Catholic approach which eagerly takes all of earthly life into the embrace of its concerns, accepting a mandate from God to see to the earth’s proper divinely-honoring “tending” or disposition. Despising most of all the "Basic Christian Communities" approach to parish-life of Saul Alinsky and friends: whose ideas were put into effect so thoroughly during the 1970s, and which define parish life—both traditionalist and new ordo—out-of-hand today. An oddly exclusionary collectivism impacting a Church whose very Sacramental life was likewise gradually being vitiated through the introduction of invalidly-worded and performed rites. A rapidly-disappearing-Catholicism which, most-pointedly at the parish level but at every other as well, denies implicitly its God-given ascendancy over all earthly realms. Opting instead for a kind of turning-inward on itself, even a kind of masochistic self-analysis. The noted virility, the mantle of ascendancy—one not of force, but rather of truth—being however one which the good ship Saint Peter is absolutely forbidden to foreswear: no matter how “humble” a path this might seem. A mandate laid upon us all—Roman pontiffs first—by He Who bore our sins upon His back. In a holy “stubbornness”, an “outspoken” quality: and not just in conveniently-generic if highly-charismatic terms, rotely invoking again and again the same highly-predictable issues. Since true leadership in any realm—especially the spiritual—must be instantly responsive to the subtlest threats or attacks of the foe: namely the devil and his earthly dictatorial or quibbling and mis-informational colleagues. Catholics - again, popes first - hardly being meant to be “humble at the expense of Christ”, in the words of one of the bishops at the First Vatican Council. Nor tactically out-maneuvered. All the assaults of “the father of lies” needing to be addressed at once: in order to make of the Catholic fortress—that which guards an entire world—a stout, un-breachable whole, rather than "absent-mindedly" letting the enemy through an "unnoticed" breach in the wall.

It is not exactly that recent “popes” have been champions of the modern corporate colonialism or its values: rather indeed have they often criticized same. Yet always in the noted highly-generic, unspecific terms. Suggesting the anomaly of an outspoken Peter becoming—after all these centuries—a “respecter of persons”—showing himself frightened, but for an occasional John Kerry or Hans Kung, decades apart from one another, of offending some identifiable party or nation by his righteous zeal. So that for instance we would be hearing strident weekly rebukes from a validly-occupied Vatican against Bush’s War in Iraq—and threats of sanctions against those who cooperate with it—rather than the rare vague statement of marginal displeasure that has become customary for these and other wrongs, coming from the lips of a Wojtyla or a Ratzinger.

Hence the ecclesiastical cowardice and tepidity let loose in the wider Catholic world by Vatican II: that self-questioning, ambivalent spiritual immaturity from which followed, as night follows day, that surrender to styles and fads which has become the very hallmark of recent “Catholicism”. A capitulation, in deed if not in word, by both the “post conciliar Church” and these popes alike. As if to say, with hands thrown up, and a shrug of the shoulders, “this is the world we live in, and we wouldn’t be so brash as to try to change it.” Here being a scandalous foreswearing of the Christian earth-transforming mandate: an attitude which amounts to an unspoken endorsement of the laissez-faire ethic, and a careless opening-of-the-door to other things yet-more-sinister in character. Hardly the “sword” (meek and spiritual though it be) that Christ came to “bring”, nor yet His “fire cast upon the earth” which He with consummate zeal desires to “enkindle”. A spirit which rather quietly vitiates everything from out of our Catholic past: which was anything but passive and quietistic. So that the only other universal force capable of filling the void left by the departure of such an oceanic presence did indeed do so immediately: namely the ethos of economic exploitation, hedonism and materialism. Since a spirit has been let loose, a genie that cannot at all easily be put back into its little bottle.


The post-Vatican-II radicalization of the Catholic parish.


Saul Alinsky, with his “closed club” ideas of the Catholic parish, did his work very well in the American Church, quickly morphing it from the unequally hoopla of post-Vatican-II years to a gathering to itself of all the haughty airs of the old exclusionary Puritan Board of Overseers: continued Masonic-flavored rites of communal hand-shaking and joined-hand-raising notwithstanding. The influence of Alinsky and associates radical ecclesial agenda-setting brought us among other things the post-Vatican-II-instituted veritable “Board of Deacons”: that which with consummate correctness greets today’s parishioner at the Church door. Or in various canned catch-phrases or irrelevant, rudely-introduced “rubrics” in the middle of Mass. Four centuries of Medieval struggle and martyrdom over Lay Investiture having in certain respects been systematically reversed in as many decades in our own era by such means, as a certain segment of the laity takes upon itself airs somehow at the same time mystical and sublime, stiff and dictatorial. The “love, love, love” of the conciliar era being supplanted by a species of posturing symbolized especially well by the ever-stern lady in the processional with the missal raised aloft: this in a before-and-after-Mass processional rite apparently copied after the Byzantines but in fact quite foreign to same. All this and more involving—like some other disturbing aspects of the “post-Vatican-II” phenomenon itself—a heresy-in-deed which doesn’t bother itself with any formulation-in-words. This closed-Church-cell idea capturing the central characteristics of the Reformers psychology and élan: a primitive-Calvinist cosmology which Protestants themselves in certain ways discarded long ago. In what for Catholics today amounts to a galling, unprecedented, trivializing transformation of layman and cleric alike.

Most under attack here—together with her virility and a host of other things quite as important—is of course the Church’s universality, that which marvelously allows for and incorporates above-noted national uniquenesses. This Basic Christian Community idea being a key element in a comprehensive battering ram made-to-order for globally-disintegrative purposes which have immense political and economic ramifications as well: a disintegration amply aided by such now-long-standing departures as the abandonment of Latin as the language of the Church. While the ultimate aim of those internal enemies ultimately responsible for such policies is to see to the total eradication not only of Catholicism but of Christianity as a whole. Since without the universality—as well as the local popular sensitivity—of the Bark of Peter as Mother Ship—ill-acknowledge though she might be—the separated sects would long ago have perished. Although "we who believe" know by faith that this final defeat can never be: and that rather than being thus permanently suppressed the One True Church will unfailingly experience yet another rebirth. And ultimately, by sweet persuasions of grace, gather the others back into her fold. A sequence repeated numerous times down through the ages, after other such crises. Since her foundation-stones are eternal and divine; and her worst internal enemies are typically forgotten with the speed of a June frost, after a devious sojourn among us.

The heavenly wisdom of that pope who dropped the functional office of deacon—as well as the one who mandated clerical celibacy—having profited by long, hard and tiresome experiences with gross lay-interferences, the gradual intrusions of odious family inheritance and other blood-related claims, and others things as bad—these former advantages at last reveal themselves redundantly for the boons they truly were. Calling imperatively for the renewed removal of the one, and a re-doubled pious veneration for the other. The celibate life being a challenge for which there is a whole generation of youth, ready to "put its shoulder to the plow"—yearning for a commitment into which to throw often-otherwise-sadly-wasted lives. Struggling as they do to escape an ocean of hedonism detestable to anyone of character or virtue. Ready to the task if only Faith and priesthood alike are once again properly conceived: and allowed that virile mandate they properly involve. While by contrast the Vatican II spirit of rupture with this generous spirit—as well as with all things specifically, traditionally Catholic—is seen in the destructive, gratuitous deletions and misconstrued archaic re-additions that have followed in its wake. As the parish—once an island of sanity and peace in the midst of the mad earthly warfare—a harbor of spirituality and quiet, humble, domesticated joy—dwindles in size and stature almost daily. And becomes increasingly a stage for local elites and overnight liturgists to air their doubtful charms. A mobile, increasingly-rootless society—whose members yearn for a sense of belonging, of spiritual family-hood—turning, singularly-unimpressed, from an all-too-typical local parish which shows less and less reverence and respect for the poor: those whom our ancestors were by contrast taught to treat as “other Christs”. These receiving instead little real brotherhood or sense-of-fellowship: departing no-doubt dry-noodles or canned goods in hand. And which treats the newcomer—unless of a certain “correct” type—with various levels of discomfort or scarcely-veiled suspicion. All of which might seem fine “out there”, in the renewed behavioral-paganism and chattel-slavery of neo-con America, but which hardly belongs in the fold of the Good Shepherd.  The vague excuse seeming to be that the Church’s first duty was above all to be a doughty, front-line trooper in Bush’s War on Terror, as Alinsky’s intrinsically-secularist, private club motif delivering its final grim harvest.

Finally, the sodomy, child-molestation scandals—as against little altar boys—do the rest of this Church-desolating work: a demise helped along by a typical clerical pulpit and newsreel attitude of a sort of clinical impunity to these wrongs and accusations: as if some third party were being called into blame. Part of a general insensitivity that came so startlingly, so indecorously on the heels of the hoopla of Vatican II. Indeed an almost righteously-indignant impunity which is ever the mark of the incurably gay or gay-minded, or their apologists: in spite of ceremonial, carefully-crafted, obviously-lawyer-scripted apologies. Even though, believably-enough, the clerical offenders are a small or even tiny minority, yet the machine that springs to their defense being somehow oddly akin to the numerous 9/11-related commissions in Washington, claiming, with flags proudly flying at full mast, to have “put all that behind us”. Revealing a heartless rupture with the wisdom and pathos of the Holy Ghost, given to the True Church “all days, even to the consummation of the world”. This whole tragedy—with similar if less-prevalent abuses also taking place in other lands—threatening the ultimate localized extinction of Catholicism in toto. A public relations debacle which hardly recommends such an imaginary “primitive-Church-community” motif, with its fanciful notions and decidedly-closet overtones. The early cell at Jerusalem hardly having been such a closed affair: even with dangers stalking its every step: indeed the Early Church within the first century of its existence already began to contribute to a Roman civilization which it would ultimately bring to previously-inconceivable, and since-unsurpassed, levels of democratic sublimity. Especially during the Catholic Republic of Rome that throve quietly for centuries after the Edict of Milan, and which the Jews and other anti-Catholics of two millennia have striven to hide from the historical light-of-day. While such alienating fantasies as the closed parish are seen to have leaped oceans in the above-noted Ratzingerian doctrine of the “smaller faith community”, with similar scandals and catastrophes as a consequence and predictably engulfing the Church worldwide.

Then too today there are examples of parish-level exclusiveness in a large segment of the traditionalists themselves, in whose number I loosely count myself. People who like to quote St. Ignatius of Loyola in his advice to his clerics about their conversations with parishioners and others. Essentially instructing them to have only a few kind, fatherly words for the poor and ill-educated among their flocks, while reserving voluble hours of consultation for the wealthy and well-educated: no doubt to dine with them and more or less take them into their trust. But mention is seldom if ever made today in this connection, and among such people, that the first Jesuits, for whom St. Ignatius was writing, were designed strictly to be a kind of corps of university teachers, theologians and intellectuals placed directly at the service of the pope. Indeed, some of Loyola’s first lieutenants were sent on diplomatic embassies across the length and breadth of Europe. So that from the start we are not dealing with a parochial clergy at all, nor even simply with teachers of semi-rude youths engrossed amid related ponderings and preoccupations. But rather with men whose entire calling would involve both endless hours of theological and linguistic studies and a ceaseless rubbing-of-elbows with the great. For which purposes naturally most of their necessarily-meticulously-budgeted time would be required. Their whole approach, their whole mandate, being entirely different in character from that, say, of the diocesan clergy, or of the typical Franciscan: albeit men with a marvelous work entirely their own. Yet a certain externally-similar kind of social exclusion to that of sixteenth-century Jesuits is today piously taken up by a certain number of Catholics, both among the clergy and the laity, sometimes indeed with logically-incoherent references to the above-noted Ignatian instruction. Providing us in their own persons with an understanding of the Saint's words that is quite at odds with the Gospels. Since after all Our very Lord Himself went out of His way to choose “the foolish of this world, to put to shame the wise”: as for instance in the selection of his bishops, the fishermen-Apostles. Or by way of His proclamation of that touchstone of pastoral authenticity found wherever “the poor have the Gospel preached to them”: with all the myriad personal solicitudes that this necessarily entails. So that it is quite disturbing the way that the modern religious mind seems so adept at taking up these obscure dictums and maxims, the more-rigorous and frigid-sounding the better, and applying them directly to matters at hand. Things often of a purely time-and-circumstance-related significance being thereby given all the force of a Commandment, or of some central tenet of moral theology.

All the while today's “main line” lay leadership elbows its way forward into matters above its ken, it blank-facedly ignores those real duties incumbent upon it: among which, among seculars and clerics alike, are such things as the resolute opposing of obviously unjust and perverse wars, with atavisms and jingoisms being heard today from many of the same people who a couple of decades ago made convincing pacifists of the first water. It being the duty of the Catholic layman to uncover the stratagems of the great, not to gloss them over in rare displays of hypocritical discretion: the laity likewise being enjoined by all that is truly Catholic to vigorously contest the socioeconomic and political hegemony of the super-rich, rather than evincing the present all-too-typical craven subservience to same. A moral capitulation which—were they still here to see it—would cause these peoples’ great-grandparents to blush red. Virile founders of things like American unionism that they were: sustainers of onerous, sometimes-heroic efforts largely based on papal economic-justice encyclicals. Were this laity once again to fight these and other such specifically-and-properly lay battles it would do the Church a critically-need and valid service, foregoing for once the pomp of borrowed-but-misinterpreted Byzantine ceremonials, of revolutionary-symbolic laywomen carrying missals stiffly and solemnly up the aisle. A good laity somewhat after the manner of noblemen of old, who sometime in the early middle ages, perhaps with some reluctance, left off riding their chargers up the nave, but went on to prove indomitable in defending the local abbey or diocese from every sort of overstep or transgression by tyrannical official intrigue. And to make the living of the joyful Christian way of life—for peasants and potentates alike—a readily-accessible practical possibility for all.

Returning for a moment to the Second Vatican Council: not only was there a certain degree of doctrinal soundness to be found in that gathering, but the synod was ridden throughout and admittedly-enough with dry and airy restatement of tiringly-obvious things: assays however strangely lacking in the grace and grandeur of years-gone-by. Among which rare displays of pedantry were nonetheless suspended those several documents that were plainly erroneous or even heretical in substance. While the whole dry, stock-taking, summary-like nature of the Council lends the unmistakable impression that the say-so of this Council-to-end-all-councils was needed in order to revalidate—and thus even selectively expunge—such very familiar things. Traditions, sentiments, loyalties, practices thought to have somehow become demoted or discredited, to have needed the intervention of this nanny-council to correct certain "unfortunate" trends, by way of its supposedly uniquely-valid, “updated” imprimatur. To which effort were quickly lent an air of the advanced, the scientific: taken up with great pomp by such heretical experts as Hans Kung. That laboratory precision which is so often invoked in revolutionary spheres when all else fails, when fire-bombs and blackjacks, verbal or material, just aren't enough. So that there is contained as well in the whole Vatican II phenomenon the vaguely-analogous reproach that the Church of prior decades and centuries had all along been ruled by a tight circle of myopic men, totally out of touch with life: indeed that the very holiness of centuries gone by only hid the same backward, squalid phenomenon, veritably gave decrepitude something behind which to sanctimoniously hide. This old Reformer saw having be used to hold the church-door ajar for the noted several catastrophic departures which the same Council did indeed contain—some of which are considered below—and the myriad more to follow and for which it so-broadly paved the way.

As we who lived through those times remember: there flowed directly from the council an ethos of a kind of revolutionary tribunal, handing down its dictates to a new, harried Catholicism. A "New Order" Church as noted above strikingly reminiscent of the cowed and subservient “official” Church of the French Revolution, or even of Maoist and post-Maoist China of our time. One in many ways heavily repressive of the piety of the Catholic faithful: a pseudo-church as in Apostolic days always waiting patiently in the wings to stage an ecclesiastical coup, so that some new Paul or Barnabas can win his martyr's crown. A French church of stuffiest high-officialdom having dutifully, hat-in-hand, taken its orders first from the Directorate and then from Napoleon, while essentially the same notion, of such a "purification" or "reevaluation" was destined to be reintroduced at the Council, of a passing-of-judgment upon the very Church herself. In a ruinous self-flagellation that would leave this our Holy Mother bleeding and bare to the vulgar and inimical eyes of that divinely-condemned world which is ever the enemy of Faith. While finally it is the same French Revolution - together with its historic sequel in the highly-analogous New World Order brought in uncannily on the coat-tails of Vatican II - which reveal to us in stark terms the degree to which the state will always dominate the Church today whenever the latter lays aside - or is frustrated from - its exalted, intrinsically-superior mandate. One alike legal-, civilizational- and morality-formative in nature. A retreat from which amounts to a denial of duties, "in season and out of season", "to admonish, correct and reprove": to wield in manly fashion the ecclesiastical shepherd's staff.


Saddam Hussein, prisoner-abuse scandal, the real 9/11.


Parallels abound in a modern world in which public and private humiliation of authority is the order of the day: in which the human person himself, who contains that profoundest species of sovereignty upon which all others find ground, has lost all representation, and has nowhere to hide. With the Bush Administration run amuck in various detention centers around the world, and publicly humiliating a lengthening line of heads of state. Saddam Hussein being treated like a common criminal, caught on some L.A.P.D. dragnet, sharing space in the line-up with Manuel Noriega, once President of Panama. While Hussein, although a Moslem, has submitted to televised public indignities in a way that readily suggested Christ before Herod. The cheaply-bought scorn of pundits and politicos alike for a long time referring to him as "Sodom" Hussein—or simply "Sodom"—in a deliberate juvenile phonetic mutilation which gives but little credit to such tormentors. And rather shows the direction in which their own filthy minds go, together with those of close-cousin U.S. military "interrogators". Rather raising him in stature, according to the measure of official Anglo/American/Israeli sadism: readily revealing on which side we should expect to find deception and betrayal. This much-hated—but among many Iraqis much loved—leader having by contrast instituted during his long years in office an Arabic governments which tolerated the open practice of Christianity, and which even employed Christians in the highest of cabinet positions. One of those regional leaders who resolutely barred the path of political power to those true extremists, like the ever-U.S.-loyal Saudis—fragmentary elements of which, in Kosovo or Chechnya, and with U.S. encouragement, were wreaking real havoc—even if at times his own methods are said to have been ruthless. One of our "old friends" eagerly backed by previous administrations now being accused of the usual "crimes against humanity", or “weapons of mass destruction”: committing deeds which must however be placed within the regional perspective, within the scenario of a sovereign state under constant externally-coordinated disintegrative attack, and compared against the manifold, classical-war-criminal atrocities of the U.S. invasion. All this and more being required if they are to be properly evaluated at all. Even as many of the witnesses of “WMDS” and other alleged breaches finally admitted that accomplishing the desired overthrow was after all much more important (to them) than any evidence, or lack thereof, that might have led up to it. (Ah, rule by a new Bourbon's "own sweet whim".) To which must be added the recent revelation that it may well have been Iranian agents who gassed hundreds of Kurds in Northern Iraq in the late 1980s: that atrocity namely which is most frequently cited in so many condemnations of Saddam Hussein. While this our former ally is also loaded with other accusations, like responsibility for a 1980s war with an attacking Iran in which both sides were in various ways supported by the inevitable duo of England and the United States. Indictments against Arabs being common, indeed almost automatically-forthcoming, many of whose only real crime however is a determined resistance to Israeli regional hegemony: evincing a spirit-of-independence that in the Yankee context call forth a spirited fife and drum. Accusations many of which the verdict of history will no doubt prove to have been hastily or falsely arrived at, being at some later date easily deposited in the waste-basket of a by-then-forgotten administration. A tiringly-familiar sequence seen as well in the noted case of Manuel Noriega: a basically good and innocent man who was patently framed and who is still held hostage in an American prison (Note of 05/09: he would some time after this writing be released, only to be sent to Spain for another trial-and-sentencing). He who refused to “play ball” with American Hemispheric corruption and intrigue. With other such head-of-state victims, fully-documented, peopling a yawningly-ignored, fraudulent, manipulative American foreign-policy history whose first beginning, as suggested above, actually go back to Colonial times.

Within such a scenario, it is interesting how quickly our leaders grant themselves a generous forgiveness and then “move on”, after having failed again at their standard geo-political king-making, or rather succeeded in creating a chaos that plagues an impacted region for decades, perhaps even centuries, to come. But which is a harbinger of bigger things to come for the king-maker, who only goes on “from strength to strength”. Politicians brought into office strictly by big money and all that it can buy, and more recently having involved America in a string of national disgraces on a whole new plane from anything before, plying a self-forgiving process readily hatching commission after commission which similarly decides to "move on", not to "look to the past", but rather to "pave the way to the future", or words to that effect. These limp and shameless words resembling those of some infamous pervert or pedophile, with stark horror just now discovered in his crime, being the culmination of many months spent circumlocuting what actually happened on 9/11, and who actually and directively did it. All in a ham-handed investigative dart-throwing game at which our politicians have grown so skilled, as they deafeningly ignore the obvious, the many pointers that so luridly exist regarding that disaster's most likely ultimate perpetrators. These hidden in privileged sanctuaries analogous to a one-time likewise-Senatorially-privileged North Vietnamese Army. Forces which have more-than-enough reasons, and amply-proven cynicisms, to discredit Islam in such an enormous way. “Greater Serbia” and Israel being high on such a list: each having been for several years now on trial before the court of world opinion over their separate - or maybe not-so-separate – atrocities toward the Muslim world. In a covert-actions milieu which has regularly used third parties as "stooges", this in order to "finger" the guilt in a desired direction. Realities with which these congressional investigators are perfectly familiar. Not having after-all been born yesterday: this in spite of carefully-contrived wide-eyed poses. So that, given the intelligence capabilities of some of these covert entities - the Mossad typically operating, as recently once again uncovered, without the knowledge or permission of host nations - no doubt being able with ease to access air-passenger rosters well in advance of a flight. Being thus able to verify the simple presence of a group of pilot-trainee Muslims on board. Indeed, statistically, there would have been little problem here: as Arabs with all kinds of abilities are to be found jetting everywhere - in contrast to our own less and less skilled population. While any other evidence against these “hijackers” must be confessed to be singularly-unconvincing in character. (Later note: As might have been expected, even the presence of Arabs on the fated flights is now open to question, and perhaps even the saga about pilot training and the rest. But the ordinary citizen will never have access to critically required proofs—needed to justify horrendous wars—as all are basically under the wraps of "top secret". Which translates into "trust me while I send your children off to wars you don't in the least understand": that present litmus-test of patriotism, in favor of shifty-eyed or theatrical liars-of-all-times.



The free-wheeling world of Vatican II: a porous sieve through which to lose imperishable truths on every plane.


The Catholic TV network EWTN continues apparently without a break in stride to take its Vatican II oriented pontifications to ever-newer levels of novelty on various subjects, all the while rotely-conservative postures abound. Going so far recently as to call into question St. Louis de Montfort's Mariology of the New Eve: that most solid doctrine that goes all the way back through a long line of saints and theologians to Augustine. Being before that, on a journey backward in time, lost to a degree amid the concealing clouds, nonetheless emerging on occasion, rampant, in some doctrinally-pregnant passage of Chrysostom or Irenaeus. The noted station indulges in the kind of ongoing speculation-in-things-divine which was the highly-predictable consequence of the Council. In addition to which there are also to be cited major factual errors in much of that station's coverage of current events: another area upon which it seems to pride itself a great deal. These inaccuracies being uncovered for instance with respect to the whole issue of regional conflict, as revealed in a special some time ago on “the eternal struggle between Arab and Jew”, or something to that effect. That false paradigm namely that has been inherent in so many failed “Middle Eastern Peace Accords”. An uncannily-similar hypothesis being much in evidence as well regarding “The Balkans”: where there is posited a similarly-perpetual military/cultural/confessional discord. One however artificially stirred-up from without: this being as noted the invariable case in such global “regions of instability”. As among Croats and “Ethnic Serbs”—an amorphous group few of whom have any actual ties to Serbia—in a recently-contested Lika in the so-called “Krajina”. Being composed largely of native Croatians who have adopted the Orthodox faith, as well as of descendants of Orthodox religionists invited by Austria/Hungary during the eighteenth century to settle there. Allegedly to help defend the Empire on the edge of its frontier—thus accounting for the name Krajina, translated roughly as “crown territories”—from the inroads of the Turks—who however by that time represented little threat. There being evident here then the perpetual Habsburg desire to divide and rule, by hook or by crook, knowing as that perpetually-intriguing family did the richly-exploitable antipathies so easily aroused on the Orthodox/Catholic confessional divide. That region where, despite such stratagems and quite to the contrary of standard Marxian conflict theory—and as I know from those who have lived on the scene—many generations of the two constituencies have dwelt in harmony with one another at the village level. That venue namely where one would expect to find the most exacerbation of alleged confessional old wounds. The self-same benign reality having been much in evidence for many centuries in the Middle East: where before the arrival of the outsider Herzl and his pagan Zionists—patent interlopers supported by the money of the Baron von Rothschild and the uncannily-combined influence of England, German, France and the United States, before, after and to a degree even during World War I—Jew and Arab had lived in an unbroken harmony. The whole aim of Zionism being however discord (Read, albeit with due caution, the interesting website of True Torah Jews for a fairly accurate picture of the latter movement).

Furthermore, in this catalog of questionable policies of EWTN,  it has offered very little resistance, at least as of my last airing of some six months ago, to the forces of jingoistic, vaguely-anti-Catholic Evangelical misinformation. For one thing maintaining a singularly-pious silence—indeed like the entire bulk of the American Catholic Church—before its warmongering propaganda. Even in one interview encouraging a Catholic retired general to go on an extended pro-war tirade, during which he stated this all-time moral non-sequitur: that it is not issues, objectives or love of the flag that motivate the soldier, but only his sense of loyalty toward his comrades-in-arms. That which is of course a classical example of the radical group-dominated sociology spoken of much in these pages and which has come to its peak development here in the United States over the centuries since Plymouth Colony. Being of a piece with the new mindless brothers-in-arms pro-war ethos of the Tom Hanks films and other such now-standard, hyper-militaristic fare. So that for this and similar reasons it is amply evident that this station - and indeed to a degree even the Catholic religious Congregation of which it is the mouthpiece - have been compromised in some way. This no doubt by a U.S.-dominant Jewry and some one of the many elements in the same Evangelical neo-con pseudo-religious movement: overpowering forces marked by a mixture of corporate greed and brainwash-based sectarian fanaticism. Even though the station continues on occasion to produce some basically-good programs, again, at last viewing: especially if we discount the violating close-ups of those days of mid-2004, when I last viewed the station at all frequently—of the nuns telling their beads. Something blatantly foreign to all things Catholic, at least to those of us who still remember what the word really means. This whole invasive misfortune no doubt taking place through some gradualistic infiltrations, much indeed as has encompassed the Catholic Traditionalist movement over the past several decades. Both Catholic efforts - containing numbers of good, courageous and truly-pious souls - having obviously, if to differing degrees, been largely overcome - to discerning souls at all acquainted with them - by similar flag-waving, missile-rattling yet-for-all-that potently-morale-vitiating elements such as we have so often been describing in these pages. The old Willy Nelson bandana’d hippy-biker type—the American death-doers of traditional Catholic spiritual refinement—finding a most generous welcome in these doughtily-conservative or traditionalist movements. Ragged beards and perpetually-angry or sardonic, vaguely-intimidating “no nonsense” manners being counted to add an essential touch to all things “tried-and-true”: in a vulgarizing misrepresentation of Catholic tradition that has wrought much havoc on these shores, that has banished the old Catholic mildness, meekness, gentle mirth.

There are other elements at work here as well: in this worldwide assault against Catholicism, and all else that is sound and good. Thus for instance the discovery some years ago that Pope John Paul II’s traveling companion and trip-scheduler was a very active homosexual: a fact which came to light through some scandal. Yet no real significance whatever vis-à-vis the pontiff was placed upon this fact by the media: which rather seemed to remain as usual quite admiring of this latest pontiff. While even among ordinary people his bluff Polish masculinity, not to say machismo, is a convincing defense against any notional connections here. (Hardly are we dealing, in Karol Woytyla, with the infinite fatherly sensitivity and responsiveness of a Pius XII.) Yet we must reflect that since the Council—of which he was a principle moving force—and the inauguration of his papacy—there has taken place a veritable avalanche of homosexual scandal in the Church. And even his appointments of “conservative” bishops being of limited relevance here: since historically the “gay”—after securing their successive institutional revolutions—typically become the stoutest preservers of a non-boat-rocking, scandal-sheltering status quo. The characterless quality of this kind of conservatism being revealed by the fact that few of these "conservative bishops" has shown any desire to roll back a host of catastrophic innovations brought on by Vatican II. While the simple fact of his condemnations of “gay marriages” is likewise little to the point here: especially as, like all such things over the past several decades, it came only after “the horses had already bolted”. While just as disturbingly this abomination is treated by this pontiff as if it were some sort of serious theological topic: rather than the contemptible non-subject-matter that it rightfully is. So that in this case as in so many others we seem to be dealing with an artificially-contrived debate, one gradualistically introduced over time, in many fields allowing thriftily as well for the sorts of majesterial-sounding utterances of EWTN and the local parish deacon alike. All of which in turn serve, even with a kind of noxious smoothness, to introduce the Catholic faithful to conjectures and opinions whose least consideration can sometimes, especially at random unguarded moments, be disastrous to their profession of Faith. A supernatural treasure which must be sedulously guarded, which cannot be exposed to the blasts of perverse quibbling, of facile logic; a “pearl of great price” which we quickly lose when we place it on equal terms with weary topics of earthly debate. The True Church hardly having become a sort of "no holds barred" debating society, although it has been falsely construed as such since those glorious years of Vatican II. Indeed introducing the "learned" atmosphere of the Synagogue of the Diaspora among the faithful, in that Christian Era Judaism in which the pivotal Temple Sacrifice - the very meaning of the ancient religion - was after the Roman conquest and dispersal replaced by the apotheosis of education, and especially of the wholesale sharpening of debating skills. These purely technical or instrumental qualities having throughout the intervening centuries been raised to level of the highest holiness among the sons of Solomon, in an arrogant species of superficiality which has more recently infected other religions and peoples as well: so that to be a smooth-tongued Polonius has become the very summit of achievement for vast numbers of men. As in our own day the ongoing Judaization of the Catholic Church picks up new and troubling momentum. In this case under consideration, it is as if Mother Church were required to expose herself to the hecklings and hectorings of the vulgarest element of the crowd: rather than continuing to reside aloof from their foul conjectures. For certainly a Good Shepherd doesn’t take His flock onto a narrow ledge overlooking a precipice - where there is indeed little of wholesome nourishment mental or spiritual - to be had - and this for no good reason.

But it also remains that a major part of the ongoing psychodrama of homosexuals, as practically everyone must know by now, is the putting on of airs of machismo of all kinds: indeed sometimes with even the strong expression of inverted disgust and reprehension toward this same none-subject, homosexuality, forming a chief ploy among the very same crowd. In that murky world of aggression, humiliation, and masochism which is actually the homosexual’s very calling-card, his signal to others of his kind, and his prime weapon-of-choice against new intended victims. Putting himself decidedly at the advantage psychologically, in his satanic cloak-and-dagger world, by appearing to be so much the “man’s man”, or the “man among men”, in a weird lexicon which should cause alarm by such very closed-circuit words. While the innocent and truly-confident generally speaking hardly require such artifices and defense-mechanisms. Even as the pontiff’s previous career as an actor hardly argues against such disturbing possibilities, which I hardly enjoy entertaining. Then too this sort of personal failing could explain John Paul II’s acceptability to power brokers on high: who love to have people in key positions whom they can blackmail. As for instance we see in some of our own politicians over and over again. His election, extremely significantly as well, had been superceded some years earlier by a fairly-popular movie about an Eastern European being elected pope, one who furthermore had almost precisely the same name phonetically as John Paul II. The movie character’s name having been Kiril, and the last name having had perhaps one minor transposition of letters from those of Wojtyla.

When we begin to contemplate in depth the hideous consequences of false religion: it is then that we start to develop some appreciation for such institutions as the Spanish Inquisition. That which—in a potent deja vu echoing forward to our own times—was in the early sixteenth century significantly countered in Rome by one of the ultra-corrupt Medici popes. For the premise upon which the Inquisition operated was simply this: if your religion was sincere, you could go ahead and practice it without any problem (although you weren’t allowed to have parades on its behalf—or to open a school which taught its heterodox precepts—something not allowed by any nation of the times, in injury to their national cult—and forbidden even more rigorously by some of our closest allies today.) But the minute someone in the Madrid or Barcelona of the times began to pretend to be a Catholic—all the while they were pushing Judaism or the radical-social-revolution of the Hussites—well, that was a different matter entirely. The idea in a very real sense having been to preserve the purity of all religions. Which with some thought can be seen to be a perfectly legitimate aim of the sovereign power. While the reason Judaism was often involved in inquisitorial proceedings against someone was also a model of simplicity. Namely because of something endemic to Judaism itself. To wit: that outside the near-inseparable activities it practices in all ages—of in various less-than-candid ways garnering to itself “the wealth of nations”—aside from these exercises there is plainly little of Judaism to be had at all. Since, as noted above, there is no longer the old quintessential, defining Jewish Temple Sacrifice, the very sine qua non of any recognizable Jewish religious life. The also-noted substitution over the diasporic centuries of learning as somehow being at the center of the religion—together with a certain passionate sense of loyalty to ones family, ones blood, ones traditions—that which holds together Gypsies, Mafiosos and many-a Ma-Barker-type family as well—this is a sufficiently-believable cult to only a very tiny minority of extremely-Orthodox Jews. So that plainly the vast mainstream of Judaism has come to dedicate itself most centrally, if with the greatest of discretion, to this very pursuit of financial, power-related ascendancy on this earth. Something which simply doesn’t qualify as a being within the bounds of a legitimate religion in any sane persons dictionary.

But the thorough, indeed ceremonious acceptance of Judaism as a major religion—or rather as the major religion—for imaginary historical injuries to which popes now “do the ancient penance” in the most rigorous way—this sort of loose logic would gradually open the way toward the recognition even of devil-cult worship as being a bone fide religion as well. That global association which believes in systematically violating every moral, social and legal precept known to man. So that with all seriousness to recognize either of these kinds “religions”—whether those devoted mainly to financial-supremacy, in which category belongs as well the Mormons, or those devoted to wickedness and disorder pure and simple—to thus recognize such cults is the most abject folly for the state—let alone for the church. As is a failure to in some way impede them—or at least to closely monitor them—in their by-definition-conspiratorial activities.

Indeed, the whole problem with the reign of Pope John Paul II—like almost everything else in the Church today—is an uncannily-similar apparent stage-scripting for effect. Much like the antics of the local deacon, celebrant and troupe-of-altar-girls. While the spirit of Catholicism prior to Vatican II was just the opposite: rather having been a living and unselfconscious labor of love, closely-akin to that which animated the Catholic families—and neighborhoods—of old. So that it seems to me as if all the while this latest Pope has been almost excessively pious—his exterior even seeming at times to suggest stark rigors of grim nocturnal flagellations—he has been following stage-prompts of which the audience (the faithful) have been totally unaware. Doing or failing-to-do things—especially in his chief role as ruler and administrator rather than speech-giver, choreographer or even writer-of-books—that don’t at all encourage the Faith. That can sometimes indeed seem a subtle, sardonic mockery of same. This being, really, the ethos of the entire liturgical, organizational revamp of the past 40 years. Which to the sensitivities of such a “cradle Catholic” as myself carries a decided curl at the corner of its mouth, having for one thing empowered a whole formidable constituency of parish radicals that barely existed in decades past. This largely by raising false issues and loyalties, and teasing and notionally-toying-with the most reckless of possibilities. All of this having nothing whatever to do with that “good ground” upon which the Word of God must needs be planted, a ground especially nourishing to the lives of youthful and vulnerable souls.

Hence to follow a John Paul II into a battle for Catholic tradition—that role namely which almost everyone grants him by a kind of assumed, preemptive right—is to follow an “uncertain trumpet” indeed. Even the much-publicized falling-out with Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre—and his subsequent excommunication—seem to have had little to do with the vital concerns of the Catholic souls involved. Both men making rigid and gratuitous statements of polar-opposite positions, introducing a spirit of rupture which the sincere hardly wanted. This traditionalist Lefebvre meanwhile having had a first cousin, a Cardinal Lefebvre, who was one of the ultra-liberal “movers and shakers” at the Council. Obviously here we see a clergy and hierarchy which has lost touch with many of the elements of their Faith, while at least faintly suggesting the possibility of a collusion—of “evil men climbing to the highest places in the Church”, to quote the message of Garabandal—toward the so-called “auto-destruction” of the Catholic Faith. One for which however the explosives were expertly timed and placed, indeed with preternatural subtlety and precision.

Catholicism is a whole way of life, apart form whose soul-comforting details its more commanding or noticeable riches must necessarily elude us. Hardly then is it to be thought of as just a set of rubrics, which can become a deed-noncommittal altar-call all of its own kind. So that the reinstitution by some of major parts of the Latin Mass - or of others of its whole original entirety - can amount to the merest mockery unless we are uncompromisingly faithful to that for which both Sacrament and Sacrifice are in essence only a means. Namely this embracing, eternally-secure Catholic holism, that Gospel-Catholic Way so fruitful in holiness and good works. 

Similarly, within the same rich and truly-orthodox understanding, the Faith, or the Kingdom of God, is first and foremost “within you”, as Our Blessed Lord relates: an innately-internal reality which has sometimes been transmitted over whole generations by a mere handful of faithful adherents, as at the time of St. Augustine, during the Trinitarian heresies, when according to some learned teachers he was the sole comprehensive channel of whole, pure, unadulterated Catholic doctrine. Another such Augustine being urgently needed in our own time, when many impressive people likewise claimed to have a kind of privileged pipeline to Catholic Faith, by virtue of an intimidating control over the levels of power and information maintaining that they faithfully and with model authenticity represent the Church’s stand. Ours being a time much like that of the other great preserver-of-the-faith of a slightly earlier time, St. Jerome: he who said that because of contemporary doctrinal corruptions of such subtle enemies of faith one must resolutely, indeed sometimes blindly, “cling to what is most ancient”. Of course not meaning some archaism, some fanciful notion claiming to be able to leapfrog us back to “the Early Church”, but rather meaning that vast plethora of truth “which has been passed down to us”, to which St. Paul too said we should cleave, even were we discouraged from so doing by an “angel of light”. A genuine tradition of holistic truth—to replace the divinely-proscribed Jewish “human traditions”—which is the more fully and inclusively accepted the more one “thinks with the mind of the Church”. This admirably comprehensive truism expressing with unique forcefulness a principle that goes back to Apostolic times, with the One True Faith hardly being restricted to a bare skeleton of defined dogmas which some are so insistent comprise “all we are required to believe.” Since this slender superstructure essentially contains only those elements which have come under dispute: and have thus needed to be resolved in a definitive way. While there remain a vast interwoven body of millennially-uncontested beliefs just as rock-solid: have quietly and without reservation been believed-in by Catholics down through anno domino time. 

Yet present treasons, defections and other difficulties shouldn't at all cause us to despair: rather indeed is their recognition the first vital necessity on the road of the reconstruction of Catholic life. Its chief road-engineer telling us to "take courage", since He has "already overcome the world". One of the first preliminary rules of which road-crew will be without further ado to dispense with the morbidities and contrasting tumultuous hoopla of the past four decades and more. And to get down to the bedrock upon which the Catholic soul can travel to God with ease. Or at least with relative moral security for their children, and with personal peace of soul.

Again, with the anti-popes Benedict, John Paul II, Paul VI and John XXIII there has always been the problem of a more-or-less complete ineffectuality. Forcing summarily upon a Church clothed only of late in unparalleled force and stature the roll of “the pilgrim Church doing the ancient penance”: to quote once again the studiedly-timid Paul VI. A Church now cast in the garbs of a recoiling, defensive mode: rather than majestic and indomitable, after the manner of a Savior Who "spoke as one having authority".

But the American Catholicism of which I speak much here, even among the pro-life, tends to be so negative—in spite of all the jokes and the on-the-spot, ad-hoc canonizations-of-the-living—that it actual represents yet another “culture of death”—a Catholicism hardly incarnational at all. That namely which sets Catholicism perfectly apart from Judaism, and from those heresies all of which invariably pattern themselves in some sense thereafter. Indeed, for much of Church history heretics were termed “Judaizers”, a term first used in pages of the very Epistles themselves. The much-made-over Vatican II rapprochement with the Jews—notably fruitful in a pro-Zionist Sunday-pulpit zealot-fervor starkly in contrast to the usual flights of more-standard media-modeled “cool”—being a categorical impossibility among other reasons because of the Synagogue’s centuries-long Talmudic accretions of radically-anti-Catholic slander. This new Judaized Catholicism seeming above all to disdain Our Lord’s so-lovely words, “behold, I make all things new”, while even in the midst of the consumption of a sizeable American share of earthly goods - 5 or 6 times more than the rest of the world—such a believer has no real joy, rather seeming to carry about with him the old Jewish gloom of the time of Our Lord. And to maintain a wealth of sardonic observations about those poverty-surviving Peruvians or Mexicans for whom joy is nonetheless a daily reality. While even Europeans have a way of enforcing strictly on Americans a Catholicism which—in doughty American Judeo/Calvinist style—is “less demonstrative”: which is to put us all in a sort of straight-jacket. Even as a hint of the hamstrung is evident in the very idea that a love for the Old Faith should find us classed as "Traditionalists": and corralled into gratuitous attitudinal categories, sometimes by needlessly-grim or comedy-oriented leaders, lay or clerical. Many under such constraints ultimately surrendering to the tight-lipped antics of the old James Cagney, muttering Hail Marys between unkind jokes and antagonistic behavior. No, this is not the Catholic joy.

Rather does such an approach reveal a long-standing fear to reveal the loving and truly-joyful Kingdom of God to others, in a unique personalism which is the preserve of a Catholicism whose unspoken repudiation here goes back to a colonial Boston in which genuine smiles or full-throated laughter or song were likely to earn you a dunking from grim, buckle-hatted neighbors. American Catholics having unfortunately learned such object-lessons only-too-well, and passed these brittle and ambivalent notions down to us, duly codified - if in the usual unspoken way - by our first native bishop, John Carroll. A Catholicism that would with rare facility learn to swallow such "camels" as the perverse and gruesome American chattel-slavery whole, at first among Irish and English Catholics, and later among Croats and Latins who were just as quick to learn such lessons well. All of which transplanted nationalities tend however to have little in common with cousins across the seas, ironically-enough bearing about with them these long years an oddly-oppressed condition which accounts for countless inner sicknesses on these shores. After which we are indeed allowed our Holy Masses—and encouraged to mutter that “all that matters is the Mass”—but only if we continue to pretend and to conduct ourselves as if we’re all somehow still under siege in the Catacombs, or were doing it all as weekend outing from more earnest and serious concerns. While even in the Catacombs there would in fact have been much genuine smiling and joy, and with far-fewer material inducements of any kind.

Unless we show people here—by our outward bearing and mien and in every conceivable way—that Catholicism is something revolutionary—something radically different—and not just a formally-non-heretical shade away from the old Salem Calvinists—or the present day missile-rattling, bible-thumping Evangelicals—then we will never progress beyond dwindling numbers praying in front of abortion mills. For they will only remain there for us to pray in front of them, at least until many millions more have died. No, what the modern American lacks—and starves for unto death—that lack which comes down to him from the Puritans in a thousand twisted inner and outer ways—is a full and robust culture-of-life: namely a fully-incarnational Catholicism which presupposes a supernatural culture of holiness as well—after introductions to which he might be found to gladly drop his glistening suction-device. This being our God-given mandate to impart. So that Catholicism is always first and foremost and in a host of ways cooperative, exuberant, encouraging, mysterious—and only later—and typically when all else has failed—grim and confrontational. In a joy and fellow-feeling—together with a costly sanctity—which goes to the core of our being. This is Catholicism; there is no other.

No, there is no thought here of giving up praying in front of abortion mills, or even things bolder still: but such things must be throughout approached in this truly-Catholic way, or they will not properly or fully achieve the will of God. Which must be according to His spirit, not ours: let along John Cotton’s or Cotton Mather’s. So that one must even take umbrage with a Catholic film, also seen on the above-mentioned station, on the life of St. Maximilian Kolbe. This giver-of-his-life in a Nazi concentration camp who had hitherto founded and organized a worldwide apostolate, largely of the printed word. Called The Immaculata, this priestly society was however not solely occupied in publishing the praises of Mary—that which it did indeed do ample amounts of—but rather more voluminously in the detailed articulation of a Catholic social and economic doctrine whose advantages our good Mother heartily wishes us all to enjoy. So that in many ways St. Maximilian Kolbe’s Immaculata might actually be said to be the spiritual and organizational predecessor of Lech Walensa’s Solidarity movement, far more than was John Paul II. Indeed a practical stolidity in the multi-faceted defense of God’s Kingdom was the principle quality of these Knights of the Immaculata, as he and his associates were called, rather than the movie’s constant portrayal of a saint’s ceaseless ecstatic effusions, delivered in front of admiration-transfixed followers. Which involves a translation of the misconceptions of present day charismatic, holy-roller Catholicism—ever at home amid a seemingly divergent neo con selfishness and “big stick” patriotism—to those distant and virile times and men.

Indeed, under several recent pontiffs there has been a common confusion among Catholics of the many heavenly impulsions the Holy Ghost with the “impulsive”, since the whole of Catholic spirituality experienced profound injury in recent decades under a tendency toward a more-or-less theatrical policy-disconnectedness. Like John XXIII’s impulsive discarding of the schemata for the long-in-preparation revisiting of Vatican I, claiming a singular inspiration—almost a kind of papal “altar call” experience—of the sort which however doesn’t at all belong in the holds of the Bark of Peter, the Rock. There being since those times lamentably little of any well-thought-out Catholic strategy, but rather a deconstructionist dissolution of critical forms and methods. All these anomalies leading to a spiritual and practical killing-field of sure defeats. That however—as we must add in the next breath—which by definition cannot prevail over the floating fortress of St. Peter.


The media/academia-assisted artificial cultural-facilitation of homosexuality.


A culture of death goes hand-in-hand with a culture of fear, so that the two finally shut out all hope and light: and the individual person becomes the more easily a mere puppet of organizational control. While among associated evils and morbidities is the fact that the lighthearted grace and kindly humor of the pure-of-heart becomes—to the super-macho cult that thrives in many an inhibited culture—a sure sign of something less than manly. The lively Catholicism of truly Catholic men having among that crowd become inseparably associated with character defects of every kind: that slander so often in this country directed against the French, paramount bearers that they so often are of that full humanity, perfected by grace, which is the perennial hallmark of Catholicism, and which the latter is capable of leaving behind, for long periods, even after Faith itself has fled. That fragile fullness which ever calls forth such a negative reaction from the puritanically, Gnostic-dualistically formed, that breed which is ever “in mortal fear of what it doesn’t understand”, or is utterly incapable of. Purveyors of the sort of slander that has cost many a man or woman of the finest character the cruelest sort of pain. So that the answer of many is to pour on more curtness in conversation, brutality in deed and attitude, calculated viciousness in humor: so as never again to be exposed to the scorn or antipathy of such a crowd. That which always seems to have some malevolent or cleverly-stupid "straw-boss" or group-motivator at its head. Involving a male social relations in particular which is especially-often urged or instigated by boomer fathers, uncles and older-brothers; a personality abortuary-all-its own which can easily take on fantastic group-dimensions: an eruption savagely-simple upon which the Patriot Act, et al, ties a nice, loyalty-related ribbon. The kind of culture in which however homosexuality—that which in many ways is most feared—principally thrives, as at Abu Ghraib or wherever brutality is known. Here being a psycho-behavioral vortex which emphasizes the paranoid, morbid and sadistic: and out of whose harsh judgments the lightheartedness of the old Catholic mildness and civility - the world not only of classical music and poetry but of the heights of heroism as well - is only something to “drag down” to abysmal levels. As in the satanism of those Sodomites who lusted after the very spotless angels, sent to deliver them their retributive deserts.

This attitude toward Christian manhood and womanhood, often directed with special force against the vulnerable innocence and purity of youth, was really inherited over time from ancient Jews and pagans: these often attempting to equate the Christian habitually-mild and relenting behavior with the timidity, the unnatural “passivity” of a certain kind of homosexual: namely that less-obtrusive partner in those perverse relationships which have more recently culminated in abominable “gay marriages”. That institution of our “enlightened” times which the most backward of ancient pagan systems never contemplated. But with the homosexual this truly-passive behavior is deliberately meant to court the attentions of the more aggressively, truculently perverse “male” partner. In a relationship so vile, and with so little reason or human content, as to be unknown in all its essentials even among beasts. So that to project such a mindset upon the good—and especially upon the saintly partakers of God’s rarer graces—who habitually dwell on a plane even above ordinary good men—such a misrepresentation is to blaspheme the Holy Ghost in a way little-likely to be forgiven, “either here or in the hereafter”. With no doubt the deepest pits in Hell being reserved for those who design whole institutions to persecute, entrap and if possible destroy such virtuous souls. In behavioral programs—with long histories at concentration camps like Pitesti in Rumania and the 1970s psych department at Stanford—such as largely determine the atmosphere in today’s schools and workplaces. Good souls being indeed most attractive to the most depraved: who today continue to lust after the pure just as did the Sodomites after the above-noted angels, sent to relieve Job of such contaminated companionship.

All of this is part and parcel of today’s generic pseudo-morality: that street-wisdom which is at every point the very opposite of Christianity. As the innocent, the soft-spoken are now steadily coming to be regarded in terms of the utmost contempt. The blue-collar workplace in particular—not to mention the white-board jungle of the schools—seldom rising much above petty cruelties, obscenities, juvenile fables of racism or sex-conquest. Or a craven “friendship” expressed in mutually-gratifying acts of unkindness, in a catering to group vices of all kinds. While to defend one's children against such an alien, anti-social way of life—media/educator-foisted upon us for at least two decades now—is to invite vague accusations of being somehow fanatical or even vaguely un-American. Yesterday’s infantile touchy-feely or “tough-love” k-through-12 having, each in its own way, amply paved the way, by way of a bizarre but infallible morphing, for today’s grim, malevolent and incalculable "united-we-stand" unanimity: a kind of thick-skinned “bravery”—together with odd group-think imperatives like the universal wearing of baseball caps—these symbols of the new Orwellian unanimity are plainly somehow held nowadays to be at the very pithy-essence of the Pledge itself. The “war on terror” producing the very opposite of putative peaceful intentions: rather criminalizing a kindly and gentle nature as being suspiciously-Muslim in flavor, a kind of proof-in-the-pudding of one’s un-American leanings. For since the halcyon last years of John Wayne—as whole different species from the "Randy rides again" of the 1930s—and “as everyone knows”, real Americans “don’t act that way”. Their supposed-nemesis, the gentle Arab—or some defenseless, vulnerable person who vaguely resembles him, and perhaps has faint or pronounced Mediterranean features as added “marks of Cain”—such persons gradually coming to be considered fair game for suspicions of a growing variety. This behavioral-inoffensiveness—with an accompanying graceful and cultivated humility which instinctively shies away from calling attention to oneself unnecessarily—these are taken as signs that one is in any case hiding something. The blunt, coarse and brutally-direct having taken the place of mildness and good manners, now thought of as contrary to some caricature of American honesty. And God forbid that you have some physical defect, something perhaps not instantly apparent, something that gravitates toward self-consciousness: for then the great coarse hoards of sodomites will "just know" that you are "one of them".

Of course very much involved here too - besides the eager imperatives of the "gays" - is the familiar capitalist game of exclusion: gathering to itself lately all the atmosphere of a patriotic parade. The system’s essentially-Marxian class-war paradigm readily joining forces with social-engineering schemes that for a generation now have rendered the American home, workplace and school a sort of battle zone, and where conversely any race-based or other concessions to fellow-feeling or unanimity are naturally seized-upon with eagerness, like food to a starving man. And then too, according to the same systemic conflict/unanimity imperative, low-brow-mob-catering allegations against well-educated, job-consuming Arab invaders are swallowed with heroic fervor, to justify harsh attitudes on every plane. This in a USA where real economic opportunity has for most people been shrinking now for decades. The above-noted and closely-allied super-macho jingoism likewise readily providing handy excuses for young bucks and ancient, bone-brittle retirees alike to practice secret skills at open or disguised race- or religion-baiting. The handy Arab having been a goose that laid a golden egg indeed, for that blond-haired-and-blue-eyed stock who sometimes claim to be the only ones whose ancestors “came across the prairie on covered wagons”. Fond reminiscences of prejudice-motivated lynchings and tar-and-feathers no doubt finding new fire at odd moments to light up an occasional sandy-headed American brow. By far the most challenging problem in all the vaunted challenges of laissez-faire having been the perpetual one of finding some noble reason for Christians to deprive, exclude, or even destroy their neighbor. He over whose welfare Christ’s was however so sternly and constantly insistent. Americans coming by stages to resemble the cruel crowd in amphitheaters across ancient Rome and her European, Asian and African provinces. Calvinism/capitalism’s home-of-homes—as if to make up for intervening, mostly-Catholic centuries—reproducing the ancient-pagan ethos in which the gentle St. Tarcisius gave us his life.

This lad of ten or twelve, in perhaps the most magnificent story of all from out of the abundant early-Christian heroism, was stoned to death by street-urchins whom the modern American blue-collar force - in ever-deepening levels of super-macho, jingoistic immaturity, and with the white-collar close at their heels - is coming increasingly to resemble. The boy’s only offense having been to bear close to himself—wrapped as a treasure in his robes—the Blessed Sacrament - transporting it secretly through the streets of Rome, to be given to Christian prisoners awaiting their turn to be torn and devoured by wild beasts in the Coliseum. The crowd of boys "just had to know” what he was hiding: imagining it was of such a sort as would interest their own polluted minds. Although their curiosity was not to be satisfied even through furious and deadly assaults: since even in death St. Tarcisius would not relinquish his hold on the sacred vessel, and that divine Presence which it contained.

Thus today the inner life of virtue—that which so closely corresponds to the Heavenly Sacrament, that Manna which brings among us the fragrant virtues of the Savior Himself—is an intolerable aroma to today's howling crowd. A bouquet which the latter cannot endure, and which it must scatter on the foul pavement, or at least hold up to mockery and derision. A goodness which it exposes to psychotic levels of violating inspection: in a blue-collar workforce in which a genuine criminal record is fast becoming a privileged asset toward job security. This within the noted, densely-interconnected economy of the drug-lord, by the drug-lord and for the drug-lord: that which meshes so uncannily-well with a supposedly crime and terror fighting global machine, of which Bush is only a cog. Excuse having with rare efficiency been found or engineered by this all-invasive cartel to take over Afghanistan: namely in order to allow once again the free-flow of heroin which the Taliban had effectively interdicted. This being a major element in a reputedly-righteous warfare which doughty Bushites pursue with such ardor.

Of course it goes without saying that none of this has anything to do with that “freedom of the children of God” which Christ came to bring us: that which ultimately lay at the base of our centuries-old political freedoms. From out of whose fragrant inner joy, contentment and true virility flows every sort of positive social and economic-developmental manifestation. That truest liberty in which mild, joyful and gracious Christian fellow-feeling is the first thing to take wing, and to find an ever-more-exalted plane on which to fly.

What is involved in the strange, depressing world of the “gay” - which for all its claims of tender humanity has the stoutest of connections to prison-cell-block life - is essentially the idea that sensitivity and responsiveness—key attributes of those in tune with the grace of God—connote weakness and effeminacy. And that strength and masculinity are rather to be found in a contrary unbending impassivity. In a tendency to be hard, abrasive and overbearing. All of these elements having myriad corresponding coarse, as-it-were coded sexual-somatic symbols.

Plainly enough, this sort of thing runs counter to civilizations from time immemorial, from Japan to Spain to ancient Persia: even if people of that description were always found in the world’s many back-alleys. But in today’s terms there are broad elements here that are shared with the ethos of capitalism: the “dog eat dog” mentality, the conviction that “the nice guys get deservedly trampled under foot”: these old standbys being given new and phantasmagoric meaning by the “gay”. The system’s bizarre and increasingly sodomy-oriented mass-produced images being leveled at us from many-a network, billboard or politically-correct college or kindergarten curriculum, aimed at a final capitulation to an infantile logic. Such media-imposed falsities and exaggerations indeed being able ultimately to produce a sort of drying-up, an atrophy, of normal and natural sexual reactions. Which are much more tender and sensitive than such a brutal caricature would suggest: but for this very reason at the same time quite vulnerable to morbid misinterpretation: with the finest of things always being the most fragile. While this vast program of mis-guidance and mis-information is directed at us, for one thing, because the debt-driven capitalist “cornucopia” doesn’t produce enough any more—nor indeed did it ever—to provide for the offsprings of human fertility. Even though it can provide innumerable yachts, $100-a-plate dinners and other niceties for the wealthy and largely-“gay”. In other words, homosexuals don’t have children: a “less-than-zero” population-growth goal that is considered worthy of all such bizarre agendas.


Catholic personality formation.


But in fact the human person has an infinite range of quite normal reactive manifestations to pursue: rather than legitimately being the haunted subject of the “correct” in his emotive life. Indeed this area of feeling/reaction is the one in which we most display the inimitable complexities of our unique character. Together modeling, as a mosaic—in the dense interlock of the human personalities of history—the exemplary simplicity of the Godhead, and the generous, exuberant humanity of Christ. While the contrary ethos of Capitalism at a deeper level ever involves a rehash of dark Calvinist/Jansenist condemnations of the same infinitely-individual human response mechanism, of agency and passion, assay and reaction. The “virtuous” being incredibly conceived of in such an erroneous moral system as being granite-like and unyielding: standing unmoved amid wondrous realities scattered abroad. Parallel to which is a demanding and exacting version of virtue which has no patience or tolerance for human frailty: that which the Savior by contrast came lovingly to supply-for, to heal, to redeem. Such a Sparta, ironically enough, as in ancient times, being a veritable hothouse for every sort of perversity and vice: among people not really without passion, but chiefly possessing those of the more merciless, selfish, brutal or titanic kind. And thus being of little or no help to one another in fulfilling that which is the main function of society: the aiding of others, as by a collective slide-containing masonry, to be virtuous and strong. This unyielding approach comprising a false view of life in which to be highly-attuned to the needs of others is in practical terms considered immoral, or at least lamentably undisciplined. So that the loving and affectionate woman is for instance typically considered vaguely unprincipled, or even a “Jezebel” to such a system, while the similarly-motivated man generally less-than-manly, or even a homosexual, whether “potential” or actual. So do the morbid fables go.

Yet there is actually encompassed here something much more fundamental as well: having to do with an elemental positivity—spoken-of throughout these pages—inherent to human dynamisms of every kind. There being involved in such cruel negativities an ambushing of a human nature in itself basically innocent of wrong in above regards. For it is perfectly-essential to the human composite of body/soul to be affectionate and engaging with other persons: that quality namely which so often draws down scorn from uprighteous Christians upon natives from indigenous cultures of every kind. A generosity for once experienced with a true gratefulness by Westerners suffering under the South-Asian Tsunami: to whose aid the natives came, heroically disregarding their own crushing agonies. Many of these angels of mercy, with rare degrees of significance, being Muslims. The contemptuous reflexes more-typically coming from Americans and other Westerners correctly cool, sophisticated and “in the know”. But quite to the contrary of such privileged opinions, an ambient hostility or contempt is so unnatural to man—when not linked in some evident way to some justly-resented injury or infraction—that it tends oddly, but ultimately and unfailingly, to be reinterpreted by our elemental, psychosomatic selves as some exotic variant form of acceptance or affection. After the “he is only being gruff” manner. So contrary to nature and humanity is any policy of negativity solely-for-its-own-sake that it is of the very stuff of mankind to perform such complex reinterpretations: accounting to a degree for the astounding tolerance given to some of history's worst fiends. And furthermore, along the same obscure channel of human psychosomatic makeup, if one is unwise enough to stay associated with someone who constantly metes out abuse, contempt, sarcasm, cruel humor, and so on, this notional/emotional re-channeling—by way of another human reflex which bears no essential relation to gender—tends easily to go through a further morphing into a generic sexual signification.

Here we are dealing with the most basic, animal, unintelligent elements in our makeup: things we share with the insects. Since for one thing natural sexuality obviously does have a certain element of aggression associated with it: although one which in truly civilized societies is rendered marvelously-if-paradoxically gentle, subtle and refined. And by way of inference from St. Thomas Aquinas all the more pleasurable for that: since the violent, disorderly or “inordinate” elements introduced by Original Sin into the sexual relationship actually vitiate its marvelous integrity, as surely as it works a similar havoc on the whole composition of the human soul. So that that species of "aggression" native to sex in mortal mankind is something with which the noted habitual, open or subtle cruelty or contempt can join forces in a kind of swollen stream, in the blunt, undiscriminating, unintelligent world of basic human emotions. Hence that surliness which is the very calling-card of the homosexual: an aggression whose sexual "triggering" potential is as-it-were activated today through the constant gross or subliminal promptings of a contempt-pedaling media, and of an allied "gay"-friendly educational establishment. These together forming a suffocatingly-dense atmosphere for today’s many emotionally-loaded ills. Hence it is easy to surmise that the development of homosexual tendencies involve an obscure reflex, given phantasmagoric dimensions by modern twisted means. One which arises more as a reaction to an unnatural situation—occasioned by an ocean-full of institutionally-fulminated contempt-relationships—than out of any personal proneness thereto. Quite to the contrary of "genetic origins" and other "no escape" fables so indefatigably maintained by today’s mountainously-growing homosexual constituency. That big lie by which the rarest and finest sorts of personalities are today too often ground to a powder. Reflexes in a certain sense entirely natural—or at least fallen-natural—within their own random, radically-elemental sphere: yet perfectly perverse in being given any scope, let alone being surrendered-to. Since for one it was to avoid such very things that we were given minds by an ever-solicitous God. And furthermore our ancestors were supremely, instinctively, aware of all of this: their for-the-most-part perfectly-healthy civility arising largely out a vigilant solicitude regarding such very things. Holding the line as they did against the ever-threatening barbaric onslaught. That is until Sigmund Freud came along and reeducated everyone according to the new and philistine folly.

Worst of all, the only dependable route of escape from the "gay" psycho/spiritual killing field has for a long time now been to varying degrees barred, since the exuberant, truly-natural and truly-spiritual societies that flourished in places like Catholic Europe and Latin America at mid-century have mostly shriveled before the numbingly-cold blasts of capitalism. The mutual reinforcement and enablement afforded by the Church, the Faith, by Catholic families, neighborhoods and societies: that which in many marvelous ways reproduces the bracing natural/supernatural camaraderie of Christ and the Apostles. A complementary way of life which the Second Vatican Council, for all its words of praise, did little to perpetuate. Inculcating as it did totally-foreign sentiments and social-devices for most purposes eagerly embraced by the American Catholic Church. Sadly and in-large-measure constituting a breed apart from those virile "true Israelites in whom there is no guile."

Ultimately what we see in exaggerated notions of masculinity and femininity is the age-old Satanic scorn for those elements which most characterize the soul under the influence of grace. And furthermore, we have had at least two generations of American Catholic clergy who have more-or-less unanimously surrendered to this false, typically-Freudian psycho-emotive cosmology. These men sometimes forming as it were the stoutest hurdle the soul meets on its attempted journey to God. An obstacle-course which principally impedes our human nature: after which the soul itself is substantially vitiated in its hopes of running the authentic and far-less-intimidating race. The great lie of modern machismo instantly evaporating in the face of the fact that each of our souls is female spiritually: being made to respond to every faintest lead or hint of the divine spiritual bridegroom. Or as the old Litany used to call them, His “Heavenly inspirations”. The coarse and hard being decidedly the territory of obdurate or lost souls. While such a responsiveness is meant as well to invade our relations with others, for “if you do not love (i.e., cherish, respond to, appreciate) the neighbor whom you see, how (then) can you love the God Whom you do not see?” Obviously Our Blessed Lord is speaking here of an actual sensitive, emotive appreciation, and not some attempt at a Jansenistically-sought-after love with nothing "demonstrative" at all, and which in practical terms tends to have racist overtones, wherein granite impassivity is lent tones of superiority. Hence Our Lord's very citing of one of the five senses, that of sight. While it follows that the highest and most-exalted spirituality is to take to ourselves, as much as possible, within our own unique self-definition, the inner-personality of Mary: she who is pure, loving, sensitive, responsive human nature par excellence, that from which a God-Man took His form. A generous mold into which He would have us cast ourselves as well.

Here, finally, under the eye of such pure and noble company, have we stalked our clever quarry to a notional box-canyon from which it cannot possibly escape. For here is precisely where we either claim or repudiate—to the lasting healing or harm of our souls and psyches—that Incarnation which is the universal human balm. For in Christ, translated “the anointed one”, we have that marvelous aromatic-blend of the human/divine, of the physical/spiritual, which defines the Hypostatic Union (the two natures in the one divine Person). And which encompasses our salvation. That reality, really, which almost all nations have somehow anticipated: in cosmic myths, from the Japanese to the South-Sea islanders to Indian tribes of the American plains, which in some way or another almost always faintly presage the coming of the Son of God. This theme of the god-man—usually the offspring of some singularly-supreme being—which ever intrudes itself among the epics of peoples. That which in full, divine and magnificent form was actually accomplished “in the fullness of time” in Christ. That Incarnation which is the angry rage of all of Hell: and whose fragile, tender, emotive implications were the stumblingblock over which the proud Satan originally fell, eons ago. Being unable to accept a God in such yielding, humble, willingly-vulnerable terms. But that reality which to we humans is always lovely, adorable, sweet. Even as the same Fiend ceaselessly attempts to inculcate among us a contrary contempt for the human nature of Christ: over which he would have us stumble as well, in his footsteps. And call this magnificent reality by foul names. It being exactly a Christ-like humanity—rich in those universally-loved virtues of mercy, responsiveness, magnanimity and generosity—which wins us our Heavenly crown. “For I was hungry and you gave me to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me to drink, naked and you clothed me, in prison and you visited me”.

Hence to conjure up for the Christian faithful a version of divine love that is devoid of human feeling is to create a monster, as we are told in so many words by St. Therese of Avila and others saints. The divine "content" of our love being secured by a simple act of the will: a "morning offering". While the degree to which such a love penetrates further “beyond the human" - higher into celestial realms - is in reality entirely up to God: provided of course we continue generously a life of virtue and of our various spiritual exercises. So that we don't have to be stiffly obsessed with "remaining on a higher plane" when dealing with others: as more-timorous spiritual directors have ever counseled, as if we will invariably betray some evil impulse on an animated brow. Rather need we practice that species of "abandonment" which is at the heart of affective prayer: one of whose principle effects, ironically-to-some, is to forget ourselves, and make us generously responsive and adaptive to the needs of others. And sometimes with a real human/spiritual pleasure in so doing. Rather than by any heroics of unflinching inner-insensitivity to others. The sort of "holiness" for which ancient Stoics, Medieval Albigensians and certain other historical non-Christian sects have most been noted, and into which a broad sector of Christendom always threatens to return.

It was the above-noted contrastingly companionable and yielding, happy and wholesome world that once cured supposedly-incurable homosexuals in droves. Like the one-time famous case in Spain around 1970. Of a man who was so averse to normal man/woman relations that he actually vomited when he was kissed by an attractive woman. But rather than running the other way, this very Spanish girl or lady—operating within the still-partially-intact Catholic, womb-like society of the old Spain—actually bore with him, courted him, loved him, and he was soon the happily-married father of a large family. Having totally forgotten his prior ordeal. The kind of healing experienced by those early Christians spoken of in one of the Epistles, relinquishers of the very same vile habits, the memory of which they were “now ashamed”.


Dangerous Vatican II redefinition of marriage.


But the loss in the West of this magnificent, emotionally-supportive Catholic/Christian perception of sexuality has been caused, in close conjunction with those factors discussed above, by its perception today as primarily a thrill, rather than being recognized as essentially the means of the procreation of human life. Much as one doesn’t eat simply for pleasure, and then vomit up the food. While here as in so much else Vatican II added fuel to such a fire by re-defining marriage as being equally as much a relationship as a contract: this later solid concept having been the sole, age-old characterization of that institution, whether in human or cannon law. The marital bond having immemorially been understood as a solemn, binding agreement toward the birth and training of children, and not some potentially-nebulous “relationship”. A radical, incalculable re-definition: unmistakably containing the above-noted vintage-Vatican-II notion or accusation of a failure in the Catholicism of the past. Shortcomings whose singular vagueness was regarded as compensated for by their much-made-over gravity. Keeping pace with the new ideas the burgeoning of “marriage encounters” ending in many a matriarchy or even in divorce court. So that from out of such nebulae, helped along by similarly-strange hypotheses from other quarters, there quickly devolved today's noted intrinsically-homosexual notion of sex as being a dominion, potentially brutal in character, of one party over a passive other: actually the very opposite of a human relationship. Every sort of gratuity in fact being given added scope by the new Vatican-endorsed dual-definition: as the worst of evils easily slip through the narrowest, perhaps scarcely-related, conceptual chink introduced in the ecclesiastical armor.

Such doctrinal novelties open up a floodgate of perverse socio-legal consequences as well, according to the above-noted linkage of religion and law. As for instance in today’s increasingly gay-friendly statutes, as with respect to assault and battery and related crimes. These often being construed in such a way as to actually exonerate the habitually-violent, and to apply grim sanctions to any basically-meek person who finally “has enough”, after the very manner of Our Blessed Lord, driving the money-changers out of the Temple. Since according to the new importance granted to relationships and other nebulae,  “states-of-mind” and various psychological factors begin to take on enormous sanction-laden proportions. Bringing more acts, words or gestures—often of a basically-innocent, healthy nature—under the long arm of the law—and of a lucrative counseling/psychiatric establishment. New psychiatric definition being turned out as well at a rapid pace: of pathological states always construed as permanent, and thus producing hefty permanent remunerations for the counseling profession. Analysts whose typical wild-eyed manner makes mistaking the doctor for the patient a common occurrence.  In a fringe-radical behavioral-streamlining and rigid professional-bureaucratization of all of life, the most harmless of persons being commonly regarded as “a danger to society”. And sometimes, after much provocation, proving themselves capable of being just that. Allegedly being “prone to sudden or violent personality changes”, or being “possessed of a deadly and unpredictable temperament”. Such phrases as are often heard in court cases of all kinds, perhaps especially in divorce or family adjudications. Providing well-crafted legal/forensic wedges whereby are destroyed both social tranquility and the marital/familial bond. And through which is broadly paved the chaotic way for the “gay”. Quasi-Freudian notions, homosexual to the core, having for decades now and with increasing rigidity geared all of society in the direction of the two sodomy-stereotypes. The one who is always abrasive and prone-to-violence; the other who is utterly without concerted powers of the will. Both being held now, in legal and practical terms, to be supremely "normal": indeed the quintessential model citizens. Comprising a sick, insupportable relational-cosmology with a millennia-long pre-history in the above-noted taunts and calumnies of ancient Hellenic pagans and Jews, and the sadisms of barbaric prisons and gulags: so enlightened is this new and “gay” view of “human rights”. A view of humanity which rather easily and quite directly keeps us in chains, being so thoroughly based on the most tyrannical levels of control: this in an ethos which quickly invests all of society. The Greek kind of democracy—after which American literati so love to pattern this country—having readily evaporated historically into the oppressions of the Seleucids, of the perverse Antiochus IV. Ergo: the thickening atmosphere of the profound moral, human-relational barbarity of today.


Properly-appreciated womanhood.


In all of this the kindly and at the same time marvelously virile contributions of women are of course entirely lost: the fair sex always being despised in homosexual societies, accounting for the radical difference in social and legal stature between ancient Roman and Greek women. All the tripe about Rome being “just as full of homosexuals” as was Greece finding ready answer in the paucity of sources for such claims: even as Greek perversity is evident everywhere, on pottery, furniture, wall-paintings and choking us with disgust in the great bulk of Classical period literature. And with high significance in the writings of Plato: his sterile “purism” being significantly a major philosophical foundation stone for both modern sodomy and the Churches in the clouds with their faith without works foundations such as we see around us today.

In fact “the gentle sex” is the essential unitary force in society: and well-recognized in that capacity in ancient Rome, especially with the dawn of Christianity: so that it follows that women are at the very focal point, the very heart of the proposed system, really even more so than men. Being builders of local, familiar, semi-independent worlds, they are foremost “artisans of the particular”: birth-givers to neighborhoods, parishes, extended-kinship-units: this by love rather than so much by command, although not being at all without their own mild but quite effective “rod”. Being the quintessential distributists: a philosophy-of-organization which they know by instinct and intuition, for one thing rendering society hospitable and cooperative, ready to be led gently, by the hand. While without their input organized life easily becomes surly, contentious, insubordinate. Men having the task of being the coordinators and guardians of the whole: while without the input of women they are left to building castles in the clouds. Since they constitutionally lack a certain intensity of those elemental, cohesive graces which make society interlocking, constructive, gracious and agreeable, fashioning structures closer-to-hand that provide dependable footings for others that pierce the sky. The ideal public relations executive, every act of a woman tends by second-nature to take sedulously into account those things and people that immediately surround her, ingenuously and without guile. So that these same qualities can make a woman a marvelous addition to a government, or a firm’s management. A woman’s reign having frequently been shown throughout history to be a welcome interlude among those of men: bringing to light things that the latter seldom consider or address. Excelling at constructive and mutually-beneficial diplomacy or negotiations, the recognition of incipient openings in new arenas which others, their eyes on war or “grand strategy”, had failed to perceive.

But this isn’t to say that women should be the ordinary and systematically-imposed leaders of society, for there is something in standard or ultimate leadership that is uniquely male: a quality furthermore which an interim female rule should sedulously preserve in the structures and procedures around her. Yet at the same time just as in the Blessed Trinity the Father has no real superiority over the Son or the Holy Ghost: so in the human family the father has basically only the same sort of equality-laden “primacy of origin”. There being a more-basic, an intrinsic equality among human persons—even with regard to minors—which absolutely cannot be denied or ignored without grave injury to the family itself and to society-at-large. So that with respect to women if we read the Gospels and Epistles carefully we see that for all the primacy of fathers the leadership of the family is born by both, who together “share the yoke”; indeed in one passage—evoking the more-familiar realities of daily family life—the wife and mother is admonished virtuously to “rule her home”. Thus in the Christian context the distinctions involved, as always, are marvelously-subtle, “penetrating between marrow and bone”, replete with realizations whose understanding it takes the grace of God to attain. The father, much as the Father in the Trinity, being the very origin of the family: in a spiritual and social reality mirrored in the very nature of coition: since in a very simple, humane and obvious sense there is indeed an element of the active and originating in the father/husband as opposed to the passive in the mother/wife. A difference which it is of course ludicrous to carry to any extremes of emphasis: since we are here speaking of human beings performing acts whose very sublimity is to be found in their human, volitional qualities. The differences between man and woman in the Christian context being at the very heart of chivalry, while rendering procreative love magnanimous, gracious, subtle, refined. As opposed to sodomy’s blank sadisms and cruelties, supine and pathetic surrenders, it’s typical orgiastic barbarity.


The Catholic nation.


Vatican II, for all the controversy that for so long swirled around it, was actually supremely non-confrontational. Thus all the documents having to do with religious liberty produced during and after that gathering, in some quarters vaguely considered to be infallible, don’t exactly outlaw the idea of a Catholic nation, one with its own specifically Catholic institutions, prohibitions, etc. It simply leaves us wondering where we the Church really stands in all such regards. Making us less sure about giving that critical public, societal worship to God that was once so strikingly embodied in military escorts and parades such as the Portuguese army units I saw in the late 60s in Fatima, nobly and lovingly escorting the miraculous statue around the esplanade. Or in the traffic-stopping public processions, codes of modesty and behavior, and much more. These milestones of Catholic development—in particular on the inner road of the character-formation of the Catholic child—all these suddenly became problematical. The new rule seeming to be established that “no religion is to be given undue preference”, or something to that effect: even though I myself could find no words among the noted documents—which I read for as long as I could tolerate their rambling, incoherent diction—that clearly say as much. So that if you add to this indeterminate formula the constant spectacle of Paul VI and John Paul II announcing “the pilgrim Church doing the ancient penance”, while begging forgiveness from every passer-by—then you quickly have the giant tree becoming once again a mere seed. Kind of like saying to the old virile Catholicism, the one that fought crusades: “Don’t go away mad: just go away”.

Hence rather than saying anything definitive, the Council documents, and most of those that followed over the intervening decades, insult us by their near-perfect lack of virility, of the merciful, almost-passionate precision of ageless Church forms. So that many times we are left wondering exactly what we have read. Just give it a try, and you’ll see what I mean (keywords: documents of Vatican II). While any clear statements—as against religious bigotry, racism, anti-Semitism—seem at one and the same time to both blandly reiterate what we already knew, while also vaguely suggesting that a “new” anti-bigotry, a new religious freedom is something brave and revolutionary—something never before heard of among Catholics. So that some sort of “standard”, “business-as-usual” Catholic inequity seems to come under a stern, long-overdue rebuke in all of this. Although the documents always fall just short of making such an indictment; let alone supplying us with evidence of same. Thus is the main effect of the conciliar documents to leave us mentally jaded and confused: even if they are nonetheless constantly referred to by the dominant forces of Catholic radicalism for heterodox flights never before conceived. These documents evincing a verbal acrobatics that recalls the incomprehensible dialectics of Hegel, or in other places the airy, effeminate flights of Teilhard de Chardin. That doubletalk, namely, with which we of today have grown so tiringly familiar: that which is directed at us from so many secular, godless venues.

Actually, viewed in this way, Vatican II was a Gnostic, Quietistic heresy of the first order, but one spoken in such a cowardly way as to escape all sanctions, or formal embodiments: the latter of which, if in any way false, a valid Church council could never endorse. Hardly daring to invoke Luther’s honest “purely spiritual Church”, but in deed proclaiming more-or-less precisely that. Or rather if possible something even worse. A certain number of Catholic priests and laymen courageously entering the lists against an institutionalized, murderous, womb-robbing paganism: only to find themselves basically defenseless, after having charged boldly into the ranks of the foe. Abandoned by a church which has put all its heavy artillery into mothballs: but didn’t bother to inform the battle-weary troops.

Indeed, the traditional Catholic doctrine on the state is a perfect example of Christ’s use of the physical and earthly as a stumbling-block to ancient and modern-day Gnostics alike; another master-stroke in His special genius at marking out those “little ones” whom He will save. Just as in the case of the Blessed Sacrament—His own Body as spiritual food—that which was likewise such a scandal to the ultra-mature and ultra-discrete among His disciples. So too with statuary and religious art, on the one hand, and the authentic Catholic doctrine on the Christian state, on the other. For nothing could have been so calculate to arouse the fury of the “Judaizers” among early Christians as the introduction of statuary: not only in Churches, as had already been the case for centuries with the carved Seraphim and other religious art in the Jewish temple, but also in the Christian home, perhaps on a shelf in the special intimacy of each room. This bringing earthward of heavenly things—this as it were giving them flesh—in short this fully-Incarnational Catholicism—being epitomized equally-strikingly in the incorporation, the baptism of the secular state into the divine earthly plan. That which so scandalizes the Judaizers of today: who would rather have the Catholic Church disappear forever into the Satanic cult of secular Zionism: that which is blasphemously assumed to be the heir to the prophets of old. So that in the Catholic model the individual would by contrast find himself surrounded, embraced, truly "from the cradle to the grave", by a Christian world: a heavenly, intrinsically-legitimate aspiration such as is indeed shared to their capacity by Muslims, in their desire to thus as it were incarnate their sincere Faith in their own institutions. Although this very faithfulness to things Muslim may someday lead them to Christ: Whom they already honor as a Prophet, with His Mother, especially under her title Our Lady of Fatima, as another powerful figure in their creed. So that in a way the path to Catholicism has already been traveled half way. A homecoming which will be to their own profound joy, of a sort which "no one will be able to take from them". Such highly positive possibilities having a kinship as well with the Catholic fully and eager acceptance of every culture into the ecclesiastical fold, from earliest times. Even that of un-bathed Germanic barbarians, including those Saxons from whom the highly-composite English would someday come, in Apostolic times already “stalking” the frontier. An ancient “terrorist threat” of the first magnitude, with as many melodramatic soothsayers and commentators as we have today regarding another “menace”, in this far more racist, hyperventilating, elite-catering world in which we now live. While finally Catholic nations have never had any direct interest in thwarting the freedom of religion of others: but as explained elsewhere here, only in seeing to the sincerity of everyone’s profession, while maintaining the sovereign right to preserve a Catholic environment through various laws restrictive of heterodox public religious demonstrations. Indeed a prerogative taken up by our staunchest regional ally, Saudi Arabia, with sanctions of capital punishment available for non-compliance. While the persecution of Jews during the Catholic Middle Ages has often been given a great deal of exaggeration, a topic dealt with to a degree in my book Integral Catholicism, and here and there on this site.

But there is indeed a Catholic militancy today, especially here in the USA: however one which is directed toward an odd array of statist rather than religious goals: with the American clergy easily becoming a sort of “loose canon” to support every flag-waving new national administration, or vaunted new official or privatized social scheme. Readily joining hands with Evangelicals in condoning the multinational occupation of Darfur, or the invasion of Iran: even with Russia herself somewhere vaguely down the line as a likely candidate for similar interventions. The Church thereby becoming a “national Church” in the most thoroughgoing way possible: a Church like that of the Anglicans under Henry VIII or Elizabeth I, or the Byzantine Orthodox under a score of Emperors. One which is a puppet to the aims and ambitions of the powerful, rather than being a nation’s moral conscience or soul. The real moving force in the nation, in the absence of this virile and vigorous Christianity or Catholicism, becoming the Zionists, the Freemasons, the Rotary, the B’nai Brith, et al: all of which have over the past century and in abundant measure demonstrated their joint corrosive effect on civilization. The conscientious, “conservative” Vatican II priest quite typically proclaiming the supremacy of the secular from his every pore, indeed becoming another of its cloaked high priests. However, “no man can serve two masters”: rather must the secular and the spiritual ultimately be united in Christ as the centuries progress, this according to the old Medieval papal formula, if we would save a world from slavery and/or annihilation. Since from the beginning the world over, and according to the social nature of man, the nation has always taken its deepest inspiration from the native religious cult, with today being no different from before, except that the cult involved now is basically Satanic in nature. While this unitary approach, in honor to God, manifested itself through the centuries in those societies that had reached their Christian maturity: which was most of the Catholic world in ages already becoming a forgotten memory long before the velvet-covered Vatican II wrecking-ball did its work. After which we must, with a perennial and real kind of bravery, pick up the shattered pieces of an innocent kind of masonry and start all over again.

Again, as with so much else, God did not give us a set of exhaustive steps in Scripture: but only certain discrete points of Revelation: these later to be “fleshed out”, collated, under the guidance of the Holy Ghost, by the Church. Thus although the whole matter of the concrete institutionalization of Christianity might not seem to be spelled out in detail in the New Testament, yet as noted above we do have the very clear statement in the Epistle that “Jesus is Lord”, implicitly defining the eventual voluntary institutional Christianization of society worldwide. While the same doctrine is contained in the church’s constant tradition: that which is the faithful interpreter of formal Revelation. And most pointedly as well in the Our Father: “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven”. While St. Thomas Aquinas in his Summa points to the folly of those who claim that human governments and societies are meant to be framed independently from the law of God. The Deity obviously being the one Who is ultimately in charge of both governments and all creation: a fact whose acknowledgment by rational life He firmly demands. So that it follows that His divinely revealed religion would form the foundation for such a contrastingly good and sound world order.

All these virile affirmations and realities were however vaguely called into question by the Second Vatican Council, subsequent documents and recent popes alike: so that there is here evident a major detour from Catholic political doctrine and thought. Which departures don’t at all obviate God’s evident desire for us to use our common sense: since the need to mundanely enable and in a sense codify spiritual truths in concrete ways is abundantly evident upon the least reflection, and this indeed to the simplest primitive. Being urgently required by the very fallen condition of man: which can profit but little from churches built entirely “in the clouds”, nor from a Catholicism which disdains to spell itself out in civic forms, the way basically all religions have done from time immemorial. And as several European Protestant societies still do. So that for instance a people can hardly expect to retain a robust, incarnational Catholicism and Christianity—let alone pass it on to their children and grandchildren—amid a system most openly dedicated to the Stock Market. That which so readily despairs into a free-for-all of corporate-media-driven hedonism: as we see indeed today before our very eyes. For our good Heavenly Father doesn’t put us into a contest with such a Goliath “as one boxing the air”—according to the memorable phrase of St. Paul—nor with one hand tied behind our backs. Ever relying on some miracle of divine assistance to see us through. Which view is nothing but a divinely-proscribed “tempting of God”: a presumption of the highest magnitude, a playing with the lives and souls of our children and grandchildren.

Put even more simply: to dispense with the idea of the “religious state”—in other words to adhere entirely and in practical terms to the revolutionary/Masonic radical Church/state dichotomy—is to give all real advantages to the forces of immorality and perversion. For the human lower nature—the weaker partner in our composite existence of body and soul—quickly and eagerly comes to the aid of bad will, of promiscuity, of the easy “heroism” of a cruel, draconian armed might. So that some way must be found—if order, justice and clemency are to prevail—for that same lower nature—having no will of its own, being innocent of willful wrong in itself—to be enlisted rather by the opposing forces of good. Hence the state must not be so “idealistic”, so “altruistic” as to spurn the help of such a helpmate: but must rather join with the Church in a noble alliance toward the collaboration of mind, body and soul for the common good at all levels both elemental and exalted, that all-points betterment which properly-motivated civil authority always desires to bring into being. A conception of law which becomes more and more noble, spiritual and uplifting with time, and a chief rampart of Civilization as most properly and sublimely understood. Hardly the coarse mockery that law is fast becoming today, as if herds of cattle were being organized and disciplined, branded and earmarked, with nothing more noble to do than to eat and drink, cohabitate and die, and anything beyond that is invariably understood as an anomaly, a pathology, to be dealt with in the most brutal possible way. There being need for some kind of concordat between the two, church and state, toward the pursuit of perfectly-complementary, mutual ends, and this in an enthusiastic rather than grudging, half-hearted, lukewarm way. Both being upholders of natural law: that of which the divine positive law is a further and more-formidable guarantee, meant to be allies in the raising of man to levels of a spiritual being. Our human vulnerabilities requiring as they do that good conduct be not only permitted—as if it were equally desirable to that which is bad—but also generously encouraged and rewarded with honors and various other incentives, as counterweight to a disorder and perversity which have ample and indeed overbearing compensations of their own, of a base and dishonorable kind which satisfy to giddy satiety, if only for a time. All these palpable realities giving the lie to an abstract political idealism, to a cattle-like rule of the irrational, insensate group, motivated and inspired mostly from lowest impulses and brute imperatives, inaugurated in the late eighteenth century, which gave us the above-noted modern liberal state, that which was shamefully endorsed at Vatican II. That alone, for all practical purposes, which is considered legitimate today, but which since its inception has seen the rise among men of the worst hecatombs, inner sicknesses and social disorders of human history.

Of course, Vatican II “threw open the windows of the Church”, out of which it threw out our Civilization's timeless political wisdom immediately thereafter: since although in their own highly-circumscribed way infallible—and in the ordinary event to be trustfully believed and depended upon—popes and councils alike don’t have to be docile to the impulses of grace. The terrible possibility of unfaithfulness always being there: either through a quibbling lack of clarity or some externally-imposed duress which invalidates the whole proceeding. Rather do they only have that divine guidance readily at their disposal, while also being as it were negatively guaranteed against certain egregious forms of doctrinal error.  (We travel the road of a generous caution here: since actually both the reign of John XXIII, who called the Council, and that gathering itself may have been invalid and thus of no moral or doctrinal provenance. Further note of June 25, 2012: since writing these lines we have come to the conclusion that this was indeed most definitely the case). A “purer” idea of the Bark of Peter not squaring at all with Church history, which in certain respects is not always so pretty: even if these travails—at least until today—didn’t often affect the day to day purity of faith and practice. But as a consequence of a bizarre kind of papal and clerical idolatry—something completely new to that same Church history—we are left with today’s hand-wringing practical despair, and the de facto disappearance of true Catholic education. With an occasional Catholic priest or nun with a popular following, even a sort of cult of personality, attempting to fill the bottomless void left by oceanic better things.


Guilty Until Proven Innocent: the American Law-of-the-Group.


Most of the above blessings of our civilization are put in dire jeopardy when we replace the divine origins of civil law with the above-noted, alternately stiff and lifeless or supremely-malleable law-of-the-group: that namely which is in many ways the unique American understanding of democracy. A political philosophy whereby many of our civil guarantees readily evaporate as well: presumed innocence easily being trans-mutated into its opposite, “guilty until proven innocent” by such means. A national impulse for which group-motivating disasters like 9/11 can provide incalculable fuel. For by way of a group-molded law one is constantly up for judgment or justification before others: whether before “ones peers” or that panel-of-the-elect, the so-called “successful”, while this particular kind of reprieve or indictment need not necessarily have anything to do with any crime committed by anyone. Rather is there involved here, especially after an event like 9/11, the perception of a kind of crimeless, generic, overall answerability, before a sort of provisional group tribunal, without some generalized group-exoneration from which one is perpetually considered to be a kind of generic suspect, one likely to be guilty, if not of terrorism, then of any sort of wrong or infraction in search of a perpetrator. So that one is always on trial, and always has something to prove: in a hand-wringing solicitude which tends readily to drive out entirely any abiding preoccupation with the love, obedience or adoration of God. This being an indispensable part of a highly-ironic tent-revival atmosphere of the USA today: with highly-visible saints and demons everywhere. In other words, one is “guilty until proven innocent”: unless one has with exaggerated stride “walked the walk” and “talked the talk” that obtains the all-important ad hoc group exoneration: a behavioral factotum far from the volcanic, legitimacy-laden well-springs of Western Civilization, one increasingly racially-coded, with certain ever-changing “cool” gestures, mannerisms and facial-expressions joining forces with the latest O’Reillian hunkered-down shibboleth heard from the nightly news. It being at times of national emergency, when the native political/cultural heritage should mobilize the people in the most-profound, most-instinctive, most-democratic/unitary way, that the divisiveness of such a group-dynamic reveals itself most tellingly, in all its paradoxical "loyalty"-related treachery.

Plainly, one of the main comforts of true law is that it relieves us of the burdensome and incalculable tyranny that much of this utterly-trivial kind of "loyalty" implies. A law natural and ecclesiastical, divine-positive and statutory, with the latter gradually informed by the first three in a truly-progressive refinement, like an aged wine, as time goes on: that true law which is in large part written upon the human heart, with clearer and clearer fleshy letters being engraved under influence of this only true progress, a law which needs no such stiff or erratic group consensus for its validation, but rather holds such a standards in supreme contempt, being itself built upon the immovable foundations of the divine Mind. This true law being our only defense against that "dictatorship of the proletariat" sort of Stalinist psychosocial "great leader" megalomania that the group-molded law of the herd so readily places us beneath. That diabolical psychosis which is always ready to employ some false-flag operation like 9/11 to keep us all with stoutest loyalty convinced of the rectitude of this towering political god. This genuine law likewise being a redoubtable refuge away from those panels-of-experts with sweeping and unknowable agendas to pursue, by which life here is more and more determined in every way: prime-movers, like those who with lightening-like judicial and legislative speed have over decades put money and limitless power into the hands of a vast abortion-industry, people who know only too well how to manipulate the reputedly ever-sovereign group. While unfortunately it is within this uniquely-American ambiance that the whole issue of terrorism has developed here: in a group-arraignment which too many Americans, with ill-suited dramatic hauteur, apply as easily to whole nations as to individual persons. This kind of group-determined geopolitik quickly and readily taking harsh exception to things native, involuntary and basically blameless in persons or nations, foreigners so plainly lacking those mannerisms and other trivia which spell patriotic holiness to so many here. This whole phenomenon of course being deeply rooted in an ongoing historical Puritan/American radical intolerance, complete with myriad poses of injured righteousness, by those who have learned all the glib intricacies of group-acceptance, being much of the time all that is required to “make ones case” before such a jury, as against those to whose land or resources, job, children or wife we aspire. Comprising too, in a matchless economy of efforts, a vigorous sort of proselytism for many of our evangelicals: a gospel or "good news" ironically far more for the benefit of the missionary than the native.

But there is high paradox in this terrorism conundrum, in this business of “making the world safe for democracy”, in the fact that we have around our elbows here in the USA today many thousands of truly menacing and unstable American men who spend countless hours before TV sets, reveling in an ego-identifying, sanguinary and highly-illusory super-macho, “special ops” entertainment world. Hence among a dozen others the much-apotheosized "Law and Order" series, which carries this syndrome to morbidly-drawn-out extremes of deadly small-screen sanctimony, in a fanciful heroic imaging which has little in common even with a relatively balanced, good-natured toughness of American-male roll-models of the early-to-mid twentieth century, who themselves had a great many false models to elude. During a brief few decades when the U.S. escaped, if only fractionally and for a time, this weird group-asylum all of its own making, when one-time universally-celebrated “easy-going” heroes were a breed apart from fantasies of paramilitary fringe-paranoiacs yet-to-come, with their “brothers-in-arms” motif oddly both intimate and macabre. That fantasyland which is in many cases only a well-camouflaged staging-ground for the murky world of sodomy.

Hence do we have here at home in the USA a true “terrorist-breeding-ground”: one which—no matter how thoroughly stamped and approved by the noted plenipotentiary American collective-judge—will sooner or later require a “rooting-out” as grizzly as that now being performed in Iraq. And this not because of lies about some handy-and-inevitable future Saddam Hussein but because of a real threat to harmless-citizens’ life and limb. (Note of June 26, 2012: This prediction is coming true as I write, in a USA where sodomites lay down the law in neighborhood, school and jobsite alike, and where harassment, open mockery and even violence against the own-business-minding non-pervert is intensifying by the day. A special symbol of the new radicalized social environment being the use of noise persecution, as in the playing of ubiquitous hellish drum-beats, the "music" of this sodomy-sodden day, as if to reproduce the morbid atmosphere of one-time fevered campfire incantations of primitive natives. These low-decibel, wall-and-floor-shaking noise-attacks, apparently, as recent scientific literature would lead us to believe, highly-directable at some targeted structure, just outside of which it basically isn't even heard, while just inside the door it might almost throw you to the floor. Being zeroed-in at the good to destroy their interior peace, their will to resist, much as the good Lot was attacked day and night, by the self-same breed, clamoring tumultuously around his door. But to which irruptions we say, "when you see all these things coming to pass, lift up your heads, for your redemption is at hand!") A genuine homeland security operation someday soon to come, which will keep us busy with interdictory “swat-team operations” right in our own back yard. Not against Arabs or Muslims but rather against a genuinely-menacing sort of terrorist threat.


Illusory justifications of war.


Returning to the topic of war, many are the excuses that are pulled out of mothballs—often enough by the noted hyper-militant preacher, of whatever denomination—to justify current armed policies. Thus for instance the old standby, “war is an unavoidable punishment for sin”, while furthermore, there is always the vague idea that the sins we are being punished for in such a bloody way are sins of the flesh. So that since these sorts of sins are so common, the logical becomes all the more ironclad: especially since war itself, with its notorious camp-followers and wild weekend-passes, singularly promotes sins of the flesh. So that we have here the most dependable sort of circular, self-perpetuating rationale, guaranteeing to us thriving red-light districts, growing rank-and-file of crisply-saluting soldiers, and many more lucrative contracts for doughty united-we-stand war-contractors of every kind.

Now, there may be a passage somewhere in the Bible or among theology books that vaguely suggests such an idea—although apostasy and idolatry - and of course also sodomy - push aside all contenders as causes of a chastising divine displeasure in Holy Writ. But none of this abrogates a much more direct connection between war and its causes: stemming from an idolatry more subtle, but all the more firmly-entrenched for that. Since it is an especially heinous sin of greed, a worship of Mammon, which is most at the base of modern war. With capitalism’s unfair trading policies likewise joining hands with the clandestine efforts of numerous operatives—like the ubiquitous Israeli Mossad, certain British agents, and a new crop of “private contractor” mercenaries—forces which together reinforce this odious species of greed by insuring that enough wars are hatched in dependable ways. So that factories will have a reason to produce more of everything (uniforms, tanks, guns, caskets, fuel, etc.): and investors and newly-employed workers will be happy. All alike no doubt shaking their heads from time to time over the next-door-neighbor’s nightly heterosexual escapades: the reprehensible “cause” of so much carnage.

In fact the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the prayers and penances of holy people, priests, religious and laymen, would seem to suffice as an atonement for ordinary sin of human weakness, while this sort of excuse-making must in most cases be regarded as part and parcel of the most patent sort of practical despair: that state-of-mind at which, for all its giddy hilarity, our day-and-age excels. Involving a mindset which is a sin all of its own enormous kind, a sort of apologetical idolatry before the strange gods of hedge-investment, currency speculation, dividends, and stocks and bonds.

The chief aim of the Administration media promotion has above all been to eradicate the political impact of the Kennedy brothers: a policy-of-obliteration taken up even by members of their own party closely after their assassinations. (Note of June 27, 2012: I have experienced major modifications in thinking about John Kennedy since reading the book Johnnie We Hardly Knew Ye, written by Kenny O'Donnell and two other Kennedy White House staffers about ten years after his death. But certainly John's brother Robert remains the same towering figure in my own mind, and should be so to any who hold the nation dear.) An aim pursued in conjunction with the corporate-powered recrudescence here of the moral, social, economic and political ethos of the late 1920s, or the days of the Robber Barons of the late 19th century. An agenda which also succeeds with little effort in rolling back the revamp of the Stock Market designed by their father Joseph as well. A corporate/polemical onslaught, with docile academic handmaidens as well, which fosters an equally well-behaved - or childishly-unruly and thus easily-discredit – opposition. Namely the major candidates and many of the main spokespersons of the Democratic Party. Organs of propaganda and opinion-molding all the while generously greasing the wheels of the modern Napoleonism, and closely-related accountability-flights. All the while American economic development—and international credibility—flounder miserably. The media more and more becoming a semi-official organ of Republican New Right: recently for instance indulging in a communist-era Kremlin-like apotheosis of yet another deceased Republican President, Reagan: the very one who was the start of the whole neo-con debacle of the past several decades. His death and funeral being made into a marathon event that stretched well over a week in duration.

Meanwhile Bush continues his hypnotic repetition of the word "democracy" as he uses otherwise-unemployed ghetto youths to enforce what continues to be a plainly-totalitarian will: a man especially fond of this prime tool of modern cynicism, this turning of words on their heads, their treacherous application to the very opposite of what they truly signify. A deception in fact endemic to a system inseparably associated with capitalistic marketing strategies. In the midst of whose posturings the final psychological coup fatal is administered to the American citizen—who feels every bit as naked, mocked and defiled as those many tortured political prisoners held without honoring writ of habeas corpus around the world. For he finds himself categorized with the likes of George W: having "elected" him in the first place, and thus supposedly being inseparably tied to unprecedented levels of shame-faced dishonor. All the while we are blank-facedly told that such atrocities as happened at Abu Ghraib—and continue unabated elsewhere—are "typical of war". This kind of "war is ugly" theme being however something to which few American, or Iraqi, war veterans would subscribe. Nor for that matter would the Brown and Root truck-driver and so many others released by Iraqi guerrilla fighters. Who by comparison with such perversities were typically treated with consummate respect and even kindness by their captors.

When Bush speaks of The Market he is of course speaking exclusively of the Stock Market: that which however represents a whole different concept of capitalism than the one promoted by Adam Smith. This new market being by contrast an ultra-regressive institution which is steadily becoming the only functioning American industry, with market-playing U.S. citizens gradually becoming like mere river-boat gamblers, people who spurn the concerns of sweat-soaked brows, and the nation a con-artistry running the biggest game in town, a game of black-jack in which the more preposterous the bull-market the better. And where all political and economic wisdom is judged to be contained in knowing how to tell whoppers with a straight face, or with a convincing slap-stick comedy: and exactly how soon thereafter to “cut-and-run”: which in a closely-related matter is really what is happening when it comes to the virtual execution of our sons and daughters in a murderous and perverted war. While the noted stock-market-driven dubious qualities and distinctions, together with much-made-over “selling yourself” skills, now represent essentially the one hope of every bright-eyed recent graduate who needn’t expose himself to gunfire: a bachelor-of-something however given over to an induction just as harrowing, being drafted into the whims of this life-sacrificing debt and asset card-game. That losing-hand by which mankind throws away, with reckless abandon, the very last shreds of its real wealth-creative potential. This stock-market deity, surrounded by its false journalism soothsayers, being an open-mouthed Baal,  a yawning moral chasm from out of which, in reverberating utterances, is dictated to us everything: war, unemployment, diplomatic treachery, institutionalized homosexuality, trade policy and all other considerations grand or small. And reinterpreted to us—given false and fantastic meaning—every virtue or saving grace.

But such a World Order of privilege—which makes the clean, simple, non-bloody pleasures of yesteryear passé in the same way as does a close-cousin life of sin—is leading more to things like Abu Ghraib than to hopeful college graduates or crisp, honor system lines of parade-ground cadets at West Point—this after forty years of Americans being warned away from the old moral purity, as if it were a contaminating disease. While the jaded sensibilities of a new set of dinner-vomiting Roman patricians has served to introduce us to every cynical barbarity: beginning visually, haunting us as a direct consequence in our thoughts and imagination. Thus did a nice, correct-looking woman, speaking on one of the major networks, recommend the universal airing of the complete video of the beheading of Nicholas Berg: urging the righteousness of such a viewing, emphasizing our need to live “in the real world”. A woman who resembles in many ways the highly-familiar and studiedly-harmless-looking school counselor, job-counselor or day-care administrator, in this case informing us that such sanguinary events may indeed soon be “spilling over into our neighborhoods”. So that apparently for this reason she thinks it is good to be “realistically” armed ahead-of-time with such pitiful, grotesque mental images: all of which evidently involve to her eventualities which she openly anticipates with a kind of obscene, bulge-eyed eagerness and expectancy ill-suited to a harmless persona she tries so hard to put forth.


Congressionally-facilitated evasions of responsibility.             


Regarding the recently de-emphasized issue of prisoner abuse, above all the doubletalk we hear on the media—and residing on a plane unassailable by its contaminated atmosphere—is the eternal principle that responsibility, unlike authority, cannot be delegated. Rather does it always remain primarily, immovable, at the top of the chain of command. Command or policy responsibility being a heavy burden by comparison with which the purely-personal responsibility of the individual soldier is a drop in a bucket. (Albeit a personal-responsibility which the individual citizen—or even soldier suddenly coming to his senses—in the clutches of a patently-unjust war cannot at all foreswear. An aggressive war in which he is required, whatever the penalty, to refuse to participate). Which is the reason that leadership used to be considered an onerous self-giving far more than a neo-con, pixy-like self-rewarding. And it is indeed such a flying-in-the-face of eternal organizational/moral axioms—on behalf of a much-doted-over President—which has lost us the respect of the world. Whether this dysfunction reveals itself in the arrogant non-cooperation of a host of under-secretaries and other officials under Congressional interrogation over prisoner abuse, or in the very infantile, irresponsible nature of our entire foreign policy. For which I’m sure most of the docket of Bush officials would love to blame some inconspicuous private or second-louie. An evasive tactic which would no doubt take a great deal of strategic planning to accomplish.

As each new set of horrific prisoner-abuse photos comes to light, much is made of the good behavior, the honor and integrity, of the vast majority of British and American troops: but this is precisely the point, herein being the classical “proof in the pudding”. The very exclusivity of the prisoner-rapes and other such perverted atrocities obviously backing the assertion that they were mandated from on high: a fact confirmed innumerable times through the testimony—and material evidence—of innumerable persons and events. The goodness of Americans under arms not really being the topic under consideration at all when it comes to prisoner abuse. Alas, the same logical non-sequitur being glaringly evident here as in the ceaseless obsession with "why wasn't 9/11 prevented", a psycho-emotional re-channeling of citizen horror and misgivings away from the supreme and incontrovertible question of who really did it. That which, as in all the many questionable incidents back to the Revolutionary War and before, resides somewhere under wraps of "top secret", or of reverentially-regarded Americana considered treasonous to in any way disturb. Like the ancient myths about Roman gods said to have lent sacredness to the Roman state. With the psychology of the agitator of a lynch-mob being everywhere here most sickeningly evident in all this, arousing the desire in a worked-up populace to "make somebody pay, anyway": blood steadily becoming the only desired penalty, anybody's blood, no matter how tenuous or even meaningless the connection to the crime. While the waffling testimony of Condoleezza Rice, under rigorous cross-examination regarding prisoner-abuse during her confirmation hearings, and that of many other closely-connected officials as well, convincingly substantiates the existence of a stout connective chain between the White House and lurid events at Abu Ghraib and at other detention facilities—many of them illegal under international law—found around the globe. Furthermore the reality perhaps most deafeningly disregarded by Rice in her testimony is the fact that the abused detainees were as much as 90% of the time held without anything like probable cause. So that there materializes in all of this the specter of the idea that since somebody attacked the Trade Towers, this gives Bush the right to do anything to anyone anywhere. Provided of course (for the time being) they have dark skin and Arabic names or features.

Always, hysteria must be kept simmering somewhere on the back-burner, if a nation founded for the sole purpose of rolling back Catholic missionary gains is to retain the title of "greatest democracy on earth", indeed, greatest everything-else as well. Advances of the One True Faith having been bought at the price of a thousand Jesuit, Franciscan and other martyrs: this amid mountains and plains where straight-laced Baptists and Methodists were generally unwelcome, identified with graphic precision as carriers of inhuman, ritual-ablutionary sterilities of the Judaized-Christian way-of-life. While just as clearly, the trail to be sniffed-out by more-honest varieties of blood-hounds regarding the whole much-made-over mystery of “who done it” (whether 9/11 or these many and various scandals) is one which disappears behind the Bushes of an ongoing Administration secrecy: that gratuitous, shameful, unprecedented phenomenon namely about which a whole book has recently been written by an eminent authority. The revelation of a level of confidentiality—over matters which by nature must be debated by every citizen—which not that long ago veritably rocked the Capitol—and sent talk-show hosts agog—and reverberated in living-rooms across the land. A secrecy which through Rumsfeld and others clearly penetrates deep into the military. Not to mention a sweepingly-empowered, largely-“privatized” intelligence arm. That which has been attested by high-level witnesses of the prisoner abuse to be stoutly connected to an ample shoulder in Israeli. Using in Iraq and elsewhere, among others, those Mossad operatives, enthusiastically condoned by this Administration, who are notorious purveyors of terror and homosexuality alike. This kind of prisoner-abuse being long-time every-day fare in Israel, in its treatment of Palestinians held on the most arbitrary of grounds. A secrecy which continues to attempt to cover over incalculable levels of citizen and foreign-national abuse. Much of which has gone on from the first months of the occupation, as testified by several prestigious international sources like the Red Cross. All this and more being excused under the label of “national security” and “the war on terrorism”. While finally the only Congressional figure who has had the courage to confront this issue forthrightly, and with the passion it deserves - namely Senator Barbara Boxer of California, during the noted confirmation hearings - is being systematically defamed in a controlled public media. Resembling as she does in this the Gospel "man born blind", who was expelled from the Temple for having acknowledged a simple matter of obvious fact. The scales having fallen from his eyes, much as they had from the Senator's.

But alas, Boxer is otherwise just a typical democratic radical, a noisy champion of abortion-on-demand, in whom is thus illustrated the see-saw much alluded to here, of two equally bizarre and immoral polar-oppositional positions, each of which however favors some one or two solitary good things. That barren zero-sum game upon which modern-day American democracy is trenchantly and immovably based: involving ridiculous extremes diametrically opposed to one another between which some "compromise", analogously to much-touted modern "weddings" of homosexuals, can produce no viable or tolerable legislative children at all. Or according to another biblical image, so that accordingly, having allegedly "labored all night and gathered nothing", these sailors can "sleep the sleep of the just" for a red-faced-polemical "job well done". So much has this eighteenth-century-Masonic idea of self-government swept the field, this idea that all hands must be tied behind backs, so that everyone might be "free": principally liberated not from tyranny but from any moral responsibility at all.

For these reasons—and related ones as well—we at Louis de Joliet Publishing call for a War Crimes Tribunal all of its own kind. Not however against some scapegoat, but rather above all and most-directly against the Bush Administration. As well as against presidents and top officials of several other recent administrations. Since beyond question we have here a long-standing cover-up of major proportions, one whose worst excesses culminated in the separate reigns of the two Bushes. Even Adolph Hitler didn't openly boast of the deeds of the SS and the Gestapo; nor did Stalin of the heinous “Pitesti” system in Rumania. Indeed the outward mien of the two master-butchers might have suggested nothing more harmful than an occasional act of craven bureaucratic backstabbing or favoritism. Even as Bush’s suggests nothing worse than occasional indiscretions around the barbeque grill, or at most distant memories of random intoxicated rides on mechanical bulls. Yet one of Stalin’s henchmen unleashed the apocalyptic horrors of Pitesti, in which the minds of 1000 mostly-brilliant university students were systematically destroyed. Turning them in their own turn into brutal, robot-like prison-guards of the radical-communist Rumanian police state. But this was a behavioral “experiment” whose general cue was to be taken up at Stanford in the United States in 1971, in one of those bizarre projects of reputedly squeaky-clean American psychologists. In this case in order to somehow "get into the minds" of guards and detainees in a "simulated prison situation". This running of laboratory-experiments upon human guinea-pigs being the well-paying standard occupation of a vast and powerful American constituency. Stanford "interrogation" tactics, and myriad others like them, arousing in us few if any associations with affectionately-regarded halls-of-ivy—having been in many respects identical to those uncovered in Iraq—and used at Pitesti. With the unstated aim of finding ways to eclipse the human personality through unspeakable systematic humiliations, resulting in an artificially-imposed self-contempt. This use of human beings as white mice for mass policy ends—with this particular ploy of artificial denigration being unceremoniously borrowed from the prison experiments and used with great effect by the sodomy crowd in their dealings with morally-pure targets of their lusts—being one of the all-time salient features of both communist and Western capitalist governments and educational systems. A feature which has made ordinary Arabs recoil in horror for decades. While any similar tactics that might be found among their own leaders and prison staffs cannot accurately be seen as manifestations of Arab culture at all, but rather as the aping of the same world powers whom Arab leaders too-typically serve in a craven way. 

Shortly after the surfacing of the prisoner-abuse scandal we heard much from people like Senator Inhof of Oklahoma—as we still hear much from giddy announcers on talk shows—of what sounded like a kind of chart-blanch American non-liability for torturing, humiliating or even killing Iraqi prisoners. Such people in effect claiming rights of judge and executioner, citing the usual questionable Muslim or Iraqi origination of a host of well-funded and apocalyptic events. Bombings, executions and other bizarre disasters which incidentally give the American media yet-another chance to pollute our minds with previously-inconceivable images, such as the lady noted above so eagerly anticipates. And giving these macho-types like the noted senator a chance to indulge indigenous Yankee (originally anti-Catholic) paranoia over the mild-mannered, darker-skinned: which is most of the world. This to promote that indispensable mental-state-of-no-return—for pathologically ivory-towered Americans—of which the Administration is so fond. That upon which present vaunted policies basically rest. Recent experience causing us all to wonder when we too, like a recent classroom full of American children—and for vaunted motivational purposes—will be forced to ponder bloody, blow-by-blow visions of a decapitation. Perhaps with the simple-minded excuse, among others similarly-conceived that are never very far from media minds, "why should adult eyes be spared if those of children weren't?" As the queer story of this War, and of the new neo-con, Napoleonic America continues daily to unfold. One which long ago lost its choke-hold on anything like global-credibility, run by mystery-shrouded figures with no consciences who have in fact and on several occasions tried to completely silence the indigenous regional Arab media. Even as Powell, when in office, seemed to be hesitant to fully endorse every facet of Bush's foreign policy. This "loyal opposition" phenomenon—on the part of one who has himself shown little moral conscience—unfortunately succeeding almost every time and in almost every setting to emasculate any true, virile and determined opposition. A vapid Republican, this Colin guy, who resembles remarkably the whole Democratic opposition: which has tended to be easily intimidated, lacking in force and conviction. This while Inhof, unaffected by any of the above enormous considerations, advocated as blameless barbarous prisoner-related prerogatives - of course with the used-car-salesman Southern drawl that is supposed to rouse the masses to new pitches of solidarity - citing as justification an accusation that Saddam Hussein gunned down some three hundred Iraqi children.

But really, can our memories be so short as to forget the tiringly-similar stock indictments—that time about babies being bayoneted in hospitals, or something to that effect—later proven to have been highly-problematical? Those charges namely that were the principle and immediate reason that we attacked Iraq in the first Gulf War. Thus constituting an equivalent to the non-existent WMDs of the second. In the very holy Name of God: have we no memories at all? As we go about our “workaday” lives? Probably earning an income off this whole radically-non-productive, war- and “information”-based economy? We in this war-machine USA which for that matter since its very inception has been making war on mankind wherever it is found? As in the contrived way in which attacks upon Mexico, or upon Indian tribes, were self-righteously condoned well over a century ago? Or for that matter can Inhof have forgotten that during the same sitting in which he shrugged off abuse accusations against "seven Americans" it was revealed that as many as 90% of the hundreds of detainees treated so cruelly in Iraq—not to mention the many others abused as badly in other locations around the globe—that these people had had no connection whatever to the Iraqi insurgency? What kind of person is this Senator Inhof—and for that matter the undersecretaries that he defends so stoutly—and what strange kind of rabies do they transmit to the hearer? By virtue of which so many readily and with righteous hauteur endorses such policies and evident non-sequiturs? By which a whole society is made to appear to march off in lock-step column-and-line?

No doubt it is Israel which has actually defined for us this entire area of a novel, Anglo-American endorsed version of international law with respect to suspected terrorists: namely the notion that such persons are beyond the pale of the Rules of War when it comes to their personal treatment as combatants or prisoners. A view seemingly enunciated by Senator McCain during the same hearings discussed here: himself a guy said to have been uniquely pliable to pressures applied by interrogators in North Vietnam while he was a genuine prisoner-of-war there. This being in fact essentially the same military doctrine employed in Vietnam vis-à-vis the insurgents there, if not in such depths of barbarity or perversity: fighters whom many both then and now consider to have been heroes rather than terrorists. Be-that-as-it-may, Vietnam having been a conflict far-less clear-cut in terms of right and wrong, or terrorist versus just combatant, than it was at the time perceived as being by such soldiers as myself: however here being dug-up for us again today a concept admirably suited to ever-secretive Bush Administration purposes, with opponents of Israeli or American state-aggression or state-terrorism being immediately brought to mind—by dint of constant media-conditioning—whenever the word terrorist is invoked. But do we see what kind of a moral pit we are digging for ourselves in all these circular, deceptive arguments, a veritable gutting of ourselves as human beings? For which righteously-drawn faces are the sole threadbare defense? What we are dealing with here is rather the vindictive Republican short-cut reasoning which already in the nineteenth century brought us the Carpet-bagger anomalies of the Post-Civil-War Reconstruction, a tide with which later came Tweed Gang/Republican alliances of the turn of the twentieth, and yet-more odious Republican dealings with the Mob to follow at mid-century: a slumbering Republican conscience by then needed no vindication in its leaden plunge to depravity (Kennedy, Robert F., The Enemy Within. New York: Popular Library, 1960; Moldea, Dan E., The Hoffa Wars: Teamsters, Rebels, Politicians and the Mob. New York and London: Paddington Press, Ltd, 1978). A moral chasm down which however Democrats would quickly learn to go, as in their supine capitulation to the forces of anti-life, begun immediately upon the demise of the good Kennedy brothers. Men who together constituted the very soul, as it were, of the Party, and whose departure seems to have left it a kind of corpse.


Israel as the centerpiece of the terrorist phenomenon.


Yet for all of that Israel is considered beyond the pale of serious investigation, being shrouded in an allegedly unquestionable species of sanctimony, being an unacknowledged world power whose agents are notorious for acting as clandestine, third-party initiators of a bewildering variety of terrorist and quasi-terrorist attacks, often enough in friendly host nations. Being quite capable of directly or remotely orchestrating the many especially-heinous market-place, office or restaurant explosions in Iraq and other international venues of recent memory. Theater atrocities for which by-standing Iraqis invariably blame recently-engaged U.S. soldiers, while adamantly denying that these are the work of their own co-nationals. Israel’s notorious clandestine agents in particular being a likely “force behind the scenes” in many of these events, whether in person or through a Pitesti-style psychological conditioning of others, using the world’s many traitors, dual-agents and mentally-deranged to carry out ruthless deeds. Easily-enough even being ultimately responsible for those bus-bombings, etc., taking place so regularly in Israel itself: since the aim of this intelligence-operative unit—which is in a class all its own—is to do whatever is necessary to gain the psychological and “moral” advantage. Using for such purposes hyper-cynical tools toward Israeli objectives with disturbingly-global ramifications, with a grizzly willingness to even sacrifice long-time friends, if such a burnt-offering will enhance some cherished Israeli objective. Here many of the world’s seemingly insoluble mysteries find their key, in policy weapons-of-choice wielded by men many of whom hardly qualify as Jews at all, tending rather to be devotees of a kind of Canaanite-pagan, Hitlerian, anti-life world vision. And their predecessors a couple of generations ago having indeed been close collaborators with the Nazi regime, for one thing in order to sustain the indispensable martyr image. All the while it was mainly devout "ghetto" Jews who were so cruelly dispatched those decades ago: even as the lives and properties of the godless/well-to-do were sometimes guarded by the very same forces that herded others into boxcars. (Note of June 29, 2012: Since this writing we have abandoned this "True Jew"/Zionist distinction, which we believe to be a major ploy toward world synagogue dominion, a change-in-thought evident in writings to be found above this one.)

Here, finally, is another pointer toward an obvious complicity—but this time at the highest of international realms—among men plainly less-idealistic than reputedly-spotless associations would require. The century-old Anglo-American-Israeli-driven secret-society-to-end-all-secret societies, since the days of Theodor Hertzl in the late 1800s, being fruitful too in many-another geo-agreement behind closed doors. A globally-diffuse phenomenon which makes the machinations of both the more-notorious Mafia and Masonry pale into utter insignificance by comparison. Even as the Mob is closely associated with the synagogue, inevitably "doing its dirty work", as in a Jewish-value-ramroded USA or in a mid-century China where Chiang Kai-shek's Opium gangs ran things from Shanghai, and reduced the nation to the level of moral despair which made the eventual imposition of Jewish communism like the Marxist-proverbial "over-ripe plum" falling into patiently-waiting Maoist hands.

Thus another of the indictments to be brought against such true war criminals as are named here is a repeated readiness to go to war—and more recently to gravely restricts citizen rights and prerogatives—without considering at least 50% of the equation that is directly involved: namely the place of Israeli in the whole “terrorism” phenomenon. This nation which is the most powerful policy-motivating force on earth, and a constant, unflinching follower of a “the end justifies the means” political/military morality, while also being beyond-question the major reason for the seismic population shifts now taking place in Europe, operating as once did the notorious Huns or Mongols, as a “potent revulsive” in similar mass-migrations of centuries past. The Middle Eastern governments that cater to the Israeli/American “Overlord”—the highly-significant title for the Normandy Invasion—having made economic life or freedom impossible for the vast majority of their citizens—who then migrate to Europe and America for jobs and much more. Bringing hard work and high intelligence with them in the bargain, but unfortunately displacing many here and in Europe by such means.

You conservative Christians who support Bush because he is at least marginally pro-life, don’t you see that murder is always basically the same thing, whether it be in Iraq or in an American womb? Whether the killing is with a saline solution, a suction device or with bombs and bullets, its all the same. Indeed, even the level of innocence of the victims involved is mutually-comparable, since so many children and even unborn infants die, together with many-a hastily identified terrorist, in criminally-indiscriminate Anglo-American hostile actions of all kinds.


The wholesale blackmailing of the Muslim world.


            Then too there is the unmentioned pressure exerted upon Islamic nations to produce evidence against Al-Qaeda: in a more-or-less forced collaboration upon which hinges not only foreign aid but much of any of their own security against future sanction or even invasion. So that many of the much-touted discoveries of "Al-Qaeda terrorist cells"—active or "sleeper"—not surprisingly have about them a threadbare quality remarked upon by more than one honest commentator—along an official American progression which takes us a long, long way from Lexington Bridge. Condemning innumerable "lawless tribal elements" as being invariably allied with the notorious organization, which many of the most informed in the Muslim world say doesn’t even exist. Clansmen many of whom are desperately-poor victims of local or national "strong-men" : those intimidating leaders with which “democracy-planting” Anglo-American alliances of two centuries have typically so loved to do business. Hence a "Northern Alliance" of Afghanistan, which produced a much-doted-over but someday highly-dispensable Karzai, a corrupt element which is moral/historical heir to a Green Gang of Shanghai notoriety. The two no doubt with long-standing chummy underworld connections going back to that mid-century time, when Afghani heroine flooded our own West Coast from out of diplomatically-immune cargo-containers, courtesy of prestigious and well-credentialed Chinese ambassadors who were close mob associates of a deadly and notorious Big Eared Tu, the real ruler of China of the times (Seagrave, Sterling, The Soong Dynasty. New York and Singapore: Harper and Row, 1985.) Even if some foreign heads-of-state, like Karzai himself, are beginning to give second thoughts to a policy world once so closely shared with the Bush Administration: and as in the case of the head of the Philippines paying for recent demurs about “joining the coalition” by way of a no-doubt American brokered or facilitated “spontaneous” popular discontent. (Note of June 29, 2012: Thus too would be "disciplined" Ghaddafi, and now Al-Assad, with many-another head-of-state headed for much the same Hillary-School-Marm rap on the wrist.) While nonetheless in many places there continues the same broad indictment of groups or outspoken individuals of many descriptions as being integral parts of a broadening global Islamic terror ring: of course to be dealt with by U.S. equipped and special-ops assisted native government forces: this in a neo-con policy world in which there is a massive amount of circular logic consistently and blank-facedly being employed. All the while patent liars, like a man named Timmerman recently peddling his hate-book on C-Span, tells us of billions of Arabs whose deepest aspiration is to deny all Jews the right to live anywhere. When any reading of the history of traditional Jewish/Arab relation quickly reveals long centuries mostly of harmony, before the arrival of the pagan Hertzl and his Anglo-American financier-backers and policy-pawns. So that it is such authors - together with Bush and Blair - who should be up for war crimes - far more than an easily-marginalized Saddam Hussein.

How much do any of these involvements have to do with the national interest of the United States? Rather do our ceaseless, intimate entanglements with nations like Atheist/Zionist Israel and with reactionary, racist elements in the English-speaking world amply reveal our assumption of the role - for all our military swashbuckling - of a mere global pawn: an unquestioning supporter of foreign interests deeply opposed to deeper traditional American goals and ideals. Involving us in policies inimical to most of our real and historical friends. Within a two-party electoral system that has totally escaped from anything even vaguely resembling popular control: with any such notions, indeed, being bitterly castigated as “populist” in nature, giving us a fair gauge as well of the degree to which semantics and name-calling have become determining factors in a same false and fabricated American political life.

Actually, since the closing days of World War II and even before, the English-speaking world as a whole has progressively become a mere gutted vessel for the most patently-anti-Western worldviews, and for ironclad agendas toward the global imposition of same: this notably by way of the recurrent support of various repressive, often-enough-illegitimate regimes in every global quadrant. Anglo/American nations however being today devoured by the forces they have served so long and well, as can be seen most notably in the loss of our native beliefs, cultures and ideals. Those of every Animist, Spiritist or Emanationist finding a ready place in our grade school or college curricula, but those of our Christian past receiving little better than condescension, scorn and open hostility. This realm of the mind and heart being the arena in which the real battles of life and nations are fought, and apart from which more sanguinary aspects have little meaning. So that it is really we who have been defeated: no matter how many buildings we may blow up or "enemy" combatants we may gun down.

The public media—that which has been incredibly deferential to a Bush Administration portrayed as somehow heroically “under siege”—manages repeatedly to soften the issues, leaving state-criminality a smooth and convenient “way out”—never bringing forward the most telling aspects of the case against Administration anti-policies at home and abroad. A media which when not thus engaged and as noted pollutes our minds and those of our children with coarse and tasteless erotic and/or sadistic visual images, generally flashed at a time and in a manner that is impossible to escape. Sodomy being a transparent subject of ad-skits and graphics, if at wildly-alternating levels of frequency over time, all the while blatant heterosexual content has increased as well, as in ribald advertisements for sexual enhancement drugs. While health-destructive aspects of some of these snake-doctor nostrums are even now being legally-sheltered by Bush Administration regulators who have stout prior business connections with the companies involved. A compromising of officials that has become business-as-usual in the Bush White House. Manifestations of media sex-fantasy of all kinds being meanwhile noised by fringe-liberal academics as an exercise of basic human rights: and this with no measurable Administration objection or resistance. The born-again formula of Bush conveniently replacing all moral/behavioral precepts with the blank “I’m saved” pseudo-dogma: to the lasting profit of the corporate world. But what kind of human beings are we dealing with in such a supposed exercise of inalienable liberty, and born-again impunity? I’m afraid the faces of American rapists and torturers, leering at us from so many snap-shots from Iraq and elsewhere, suggest all too abundantly the answer to that question.


A perpetual “state of emergency”: the Bush Administration sine qua non.


In fact the Bush Administration operates within a constant "state of emergency" which he and his congressional and media/corporate allies have fashioned into a policy-maker's tool-of-choice: a "remember the Alamo" motif which can as easily be used against Iraqi insurgents or opponents across the aisle. Loyalty being instantly called into question in Republican vaudeville theatrics, with a facile patriotism being enlisted on behalf of issues domestic or foreign-policy related. (Note of July 3, 2012: As noted frequently on these pages, the Obama/Hillary Administration has proven itself to be only the other side of this same "united we stand" coin, with only differences of style and occasionally of subject-matter involved). A self-justifying scenario which can readily excuse everything from fiscal irresponsibility to rising Iraq-War death tolls. So that within such stage-scripted confines the more things go wrong the better: redundantly confirming terror-obsessed opening acts, seeming to guarantee a climax yet more thrilling and emotion-satisfying in character. This to a less and less discriminating public audience, human perceptions having reached their limits and fatal vulnerabilities: even as the minds of liars are always cast in concrete. Easily justifying to such a public the delayed presidential apology for the shameless abuse of Iraqi "detainees", or brave, easily-uttered proclamations about "staying the course".

Indeed and as repeatedly suggested here the media-choreographed, Florida-court-inaugurated nature of the Bush White House should raise in any thinking person’s mind deep and disturbing questions about the whole indispensably timely issue of terrorism: given further dimensions of the unreal by an ironically power-hungry-yet-politically-prostrate Congress ever-ready to allow some bizarre new common-citizen-restrictive legislation. People on both sides of the aisle basically in the very same hire, permitting special-interest lobbies to run dangerously wild: whether with underworld-friendly assault-rifles or the wholesale corporate destruction of local industry and natural and historic resources. Readily discoverable misgivings - supported by radical policy accompaniments - which an apologetic Congress is much too cowardly to even consider - let alone put into a proper, innately-disturbing perspective. Allowing - for ever-hallowed purposes of self-deception - the incoherent, juvenile excuses of officials like Rumsfeld and many others to stand essentially uncontested, amid reverential poses of a new and near-breathless loyalty: all of which amply suggests the true and unprecedented emergency in which we actually stand. And all the while false and illegitimate neo-conservative Republican legislative and executive measures toward geo-corporate enrichment and Anglo/Indo/Israeli mega-regional hegemony are blank-facedly advanced toward an unprecedented and seemingly-irreversible entrenchment.

The present acts of the United States government, whether at home or abroad, thus prove more and more conclusively that what we have here is no longer a democracy, while haunting déjà vu familiar precedents call into question whether or not it ever was such: suggesting rather a totally-unaccountable form of anarchy-from-on-high: that which forms the truest definition of tyranny as well. A highly-sophisticated set of power mechanisms manipulated by formidable figures who "hold all the strings", as is so well illustrated for instance in the unknowable “civilian” interrogators who orchestrated the sadistic rituals at the Iraqi prison, as well as at other facilities in other parts of the world, perhaps including the United States. Persons whose chart-blanche authority even a general-in-charge was unable to challenge. Deeds which reveal that a growing culture-of-fear at home is now being joined by another around the globe which is yet more rampant and bizarre. This is not paranoia, nor yet hardly disloyalty: it is to know the United States for what it has become—and our conditions for what they now are—much more candidly indeed than anyone on the Concord Bridge that distant day. So that I ask that we consider establishing for once and for all a real nation, a real government, out of the raw material of a people of many backgrounds that are most often good and worthy, taken in themselves. And the main purpose of this website and of these publications is to begin to consider how to accomplish such a sovereign amalgamation, such a lasting and fundamental legitimation.


The positive socioeconomic and organizational blueprint of Louis de Joliet Publishing.


Despite the urgency of much that is written above, we at Louis de Joliet Publishing have genuinely positive things to say: these being in line with the above-referred-to constructive and compassionate triumphalism. Claiming for one and unequivocally this peculiarity of economics: that the more wealth is shared the more it increases, after the manner of the Gospel multiplication of the loaves and fishes. So that we encourage those writers and leaders who realize that the very opposite of the "scarcity principle" actually obtains, who plumb the depths of the fact that this miraculous multiplication finds a ready reflection as well in a humanity basically spiritual in nature, that man's very physical existence readily shows forth this productive and prolific quality. Writers who realize that if given organized scope and encouragement man's productive structures tend to climb most vigorously this trellis of upward, multiplicative earthly/celestial imperatives: a steeply-graded climb marked out for us in fact by the human/divine Incarnation of the Son of God. This most positive of men revealing in turn and in His own Person that the chief task of those in authority of any level or sort is to enable this generous human/spiritual dynamism, not to grimly, parsimoniously or Puritanical inhibit it, or by various cynical policies to selectively exclude those deemed “unworthy” by way of race, religion, nationality or culture. While laissez-faire capitalism and claims to the contrary the existence of an elite which "deserves" to exclusively possess "the wealth of nations", thus showing itself the very ideology of exclusion, yet nonetheless being supported by several denominational theologies, both Christian and non-Christian, including a vocal and powerful segment of the present-day Catholic Church. This being the pole around which the most tyrannical alliance of nations presently forms. 

Rather does a true leadership resolutely build upon the above life-imparting multiplier principle, which although taking root from the dark soil of the present system will, once initiated, progress from there by a dynamism vigorous and unfailing. Private property, whose complex ramifications are rigorously dealt with in writings found here, and whose correct understanding is key to our entire approach, must indeed remain intact, yet it must be rationally-redefined "according to the native genius of peoples", to paraphrase several modern popes. Property being in all ages a socially-arbitrated reality, thus allowing the popular-wealth-enhancing qualities of material things their full and proper scope, this according to perennial Catholic teaching since Gregory the Great. While American/Blackstonian “sole and despotic” notions of property remain much at the root of a compromise of conviction which sets the American Catholic off in stark contrast from his European or Asian counterpart, being the rich partial source as well of anomalies of belief and personality with which the latter are little if at all acquainted. Catholics here, traditional or New Ordo, rather typically embodying in practical ways that “Integral Protestantism” of the morally-dysfunctional, basically-anti-Catholic laissez-faire capitalist way of life: that which is much at the base of open or subtle divisions of rich and poor, nationality and color. Here in the U.S. being found - at least in practical terms - little of that once-common Catholic love and solicitude that belongs among those that are “of the household of the Faith”: Christ being the true and divine Adhesive which both dignifies and holds together humanity, with the Catholic Sacraments, hierarchy and social doctrine being His chosen vessel of that consolidation. And to the degree we depart from the profound unity of that heavenly plan, opting to receive the Sacraments without cultivating the corresponding social Gospel of love, so much do we dwell in an “outer darkness” where there is much “weeping and gnashing of teeth”. Here too being discovered another truth more basic in a sense than all the rest: namely that belief in Catholicism is a burden of responsibility far more than any guilt-exonerating chart-blanc, let alone any license to oppress those not so endowed. Catholic doctrine itself plainly teaching us that the soul is judged by what it knows, and is proportionally blameless to the degree it is excusably unaware. And we Catholics of today have given enormous excuses to non-believers to more-or-less-blamelessly lose their way, to stray far from the erstwhile-welcoming double-doors of the Church. As we have consistently misrepresented the Catholic Faith, have thereby sown abundant cockle in the Lord's field, showing ourselves His enemies, according to the verse "an enemy has done this". Having likewise planted with great fruitless labor a dark, impenetrable, "practical-minded" forest of quibbling equivocations over what should have been a well-lit, childlike and above-board Gospel-Catholic path or "Way".

A true economic/political leadership will employ existing technology and infrastructure—where necessary reconceived toward greater functionality—using them to tap that prodigy of multi-faceted wealth which is the human person, whose chief motives and compensations are deep, abiding and potentially holy as well, yet amply productive of material abundance. A cross-class fertilization being involved which historically reached its zenith in the vigorously-entrepreneurial thirteenth century “Age of Faith”, in an approach which however realizes that mere things can only be advantageous to a certain point, and thus favors their use according to the greatest personal, societal and spiritual advantage, while designing a productive infrastructure in such terms. A developmental edifice with monetary, productivity and property-defining specifications which is at the same time marvelously-free, being no deterministic utopia such as is presently culminating in a global military state.

In the name of such positive growth and true productivity we advocate a gradual but fundamental modification of the present educational/corporate/governmental system and its ultimate replacement with another far more loose-knit, giving generous scope to the innately local, free, intelligent, socially-reciprocal nature of man. That sort of political philosophy which has been native to man from the very beginning, which needed no extended Revolutionary Era, with ongoing Hillarian, guillotine-"democracy" high sanctimony, to "set it straight". An old and incontrovertible process that is basic to the logic of these web pages and publications, with its various grades and steps being spelled out in especially-dense detail in the latter. But since it is always necessary to begin somewhere, in conjunction with the reading of these materials we advocate with equal urgency a communicating, a sharing of ideas, a getting-together for productive and/or intellectual projects of many descriptions. Primarily at the micro-local level, among friends, families and co-workers, and much less over the Web. The latter having certain disadvantages too elaborate to be examined here. In these flesh-and-blood interpersonal settings calling forth an enabling atmosphere of conviviality quite distinct from a present-day official/corporate glibness, alienation and social misanthropy which effectively put us in chains.

The advocated restoration especially breaks with present-day global-supply-chain, finance and product-marketing paradigms, formulas which keep economists, management specialists and industrial engineers trapped in sterile, confining, predetermined professional and occupational tautologies. Such a happy divergence by contrast permitting a mining of the vast, untapped caverns of originality contained in a moral, spiritual and intellectual elsewhere: that of our forefathers, yet less in the manner of a backtracking than according to a living quality which was eminently theirs. Studying once again the academic and occupational trail-markings of their genuine "path of discovery", one which in many ways was far more vigorous and authentic than our own. Our path to the future rather being profoundly conditioned by an ambient state of shock introduced to this country in particular by the Kennedy assassinations: a sort of walking catalepsy which I maintain is regularly and deliberately precipitated anew, by the set of elites much spoken of here, whose main forte is a sort of institutionally-imposed mind alteration. A “science” in which human psychological and behavioral data is gathered at places like Pitesti in Rumania and Abu Ghraib in Iraq. “Knowledge” that is then imposed just when we begin to immerge from this more-or-less prostrate inner condition. One which can indeed be resisted, but in a grueling inner struggle which most ordinary folks just don’t have the willpower to sustain. Today's patricidal, bridge-burning departure from tradition leading only to moral and intellectual chaos, as well as a growing tyranny and enslavement. Even over many who think themselves especially well-placed. Thus—as all life is indeed contagious—eventually—and perhaps even quickly—we hope to replace the "agnostic-progressive" universal/educational paradigm—sustained by a meager but-well-entrenched few—with another broad, popularly-sustainable and population-sustaining. Leaving behind us too the former's ultimately-inseparable bedfellow, the soil-salting laissez-faire axioms of a happily-forgotten yesteryear. Ultimately turning for both ground and sky level inspiration to that resonant, all-freeing and only universal paradigm which has always, tacitly or openly, in law, custom, manner and public morality, driven our authentic Civilization: Catholic social, economic and political thought.

Lastly, I also undertake this publishing venture as a kind of last-ditch barricade against today’s wholesale butchery of language, while encouraging others to join me in this singularly-worthy defensive task. A fight against a blunt and bluff sort of dialect, a cave-dweller-friendly phraseology which wears well too with the jingoistically-pro-war, insinuatingly-pro-homosexual or vaguely-obscene content of a plurality of today’s media sound bites. Recent disfigurements of language finding their other rich source in today’s disingenuously-naïve college and kindergarten classroom. That which was made by God to be a beautiful vessel of rational thought—language—serving today rather to facilitate an alarming trivialization of the human person. That which modern academia belittles at every turn. The first requirement of Neo-Capitalism being the absence of intelligent sentences in the mouths of common citizens: a hijacking of the sound exercise of mind and will which I hold to be much at the center of the Bush-era father-and-son New World Order. And in fact only one of many Orwellian outcomes of a whole century of treachery and subversion, in which such war-profiteering families have not-by-accident played a highly-significant role. The new “laid back”, low-brow Oval Office atmosphere serving to hijack that which is the first requirement of a free citizenry, and which in the mid-twentieth century was often the boast of the humblest American laborer. (Although I don’t exclude regional dialects, like the old expressions of cowboys, loggers and coal-miners—even when spoken by the illiterate—from an honorable place in human conversation. Rather what I speak of disparagingly here is a language more-or-less deliberately coarse, brutal and insensitive, which the latter older forms, when authentic, definitely were and are not.) All the while many-a media showman, show-woman, quack linguist and other literati ceaselessly tell us of the shining path “wherein duty lay”: as for instance in the ceaseless refrain that we must all “stand behind our troops”. As if it were after all their decision to invade Iraq, and we and George Bush are only pious, loyal handkerchief-wavers at the troop-ship dockside. The kind of group-think promoted by thought-shepherds with blunt verbal cudgel firmly in hand.





My desire on this website all along has been to share ideas about the economic and political building-up of the United States in the first place and of humanity as a whole in the second. The announcement of candidacy for the Presidency was of course only ancillary to that goal. My hope was to stir up some kind of consensus against the tyranny that so suddenly took possession of this land after September 11: in the same shock-and-awe fashion that engulfed us after the assassination of John Kennedy. And likewise by cold, calculated design. And considering the substantial numbers that have viewed this website, I think that I succeed beyond reasonable hope in that aim. No doubt this is the sort of endeavor, too, which ordinarily takes time and patience to build into a true popular resolved: one with well-elaborated, concrete objectives in mind. The only problem is that there is so little time left.

The strategy I use—the only one I have any time or resources for—is to write as clearly and objectively as possible about the origins of this present deterioration, this encroaching tyranny: rooted not only in evil persons but also in elements economic, philosophical, organizational and spiritual presently being craftily manipulated, that have built up over time. Believing firmly that this approach—of forcefully urging people to enter within themselves and ponder these insights and realities—is the only one that can bear worthy fruit in the end. Since the human person is the only real dynamo of human advancement: whose sources are moral, volitional and intellectual before anything else. These wellsprings being native to the human individual alone: while impersonal group-dynamic forces, by contrast—always controlled by people artificially “marketed” and high-handedly installed—have proven again and again to be a case of “the blind leading the blind”.

Yet when all is said and done “God does not tarry forever”. For while we ponder and prepare the innocent die: for “every hair” of whose head there will be a stern reckoning. Even as our empty hopes of sounding “correct” in order to save our jobs, our places in the world don't even merit mention. Facile ambitions entertained while whole nations are destroyed. As we struggle thus cravenly to retain advantages we are rapidly losing anyway. But I will continue my writing as long as the same good God gives me life, wits and the use of my limbs. Continuing to shake this “sleeping giant,” this Rip Van Winkle of the United States: refusing to doubt that he will finally wake up someday, and rub the sleep from his eyes. Thereupon taking up once again the torch of Faith and Civilization.

I have to admit my gullibility—and lack of time to even think about electioneering—circumstances which led me to assume I could run for office by simply asking others to “write in” my name. I had no idea that petitions were necessary: no doubt because I have given up voting in recent elections, and so am not familiar with the voting forms. Having decided to devote my patriotic energies in another and more positive and promising direction: sparing myself those “lesser of two evils” voting-booth dilemmas which become more insoluble with each new election. Of course this petition-gathering and so on takes resources, or a whole lot of PR work: the first of which I have none, and the second of which I have no time or inclination for. While also providing another indication that democracy in the practical event is mostly “for hire” here. Thus did I grant myself a generous advantage of sorts—to compensate some for these serious disadvantages—and “kicked off” my campaign on Veteran's Day, 2004. I think by the next election Americans will have had enough of the likes of George W. Bush: and may be ready to “draft” such a person as myself for that office.

Note of 05/09: Our recent founding of the Frankpledge Party is the vehicle for both my candidacy and much more: comprising a loose-knit organization which has an incalculable number of supporters, people with whom however I don’t keep in contact, and this of set purpose. Having long-ago ruefully learned the most bruising political lesson of today: namely, that top-down, communicationally-unified political efforts always get infiltrated by hostile forces with vast resources at their disposal. Salients typically engineered by very clever and impressive people who end by deflecting the group’s efforts into fruitless or even destructive realms. While another reason for this novel (actually distributive/medieval) sort of approach is that the whole ethos and philosophy of the Frankpledge Party is to organize from the bottom up. It is from that grassroots level that the most fruitful and applicable practical (and sometimes even theoretical) ideas arise, are as it were test-flown, and come up through the ranks—of the thus-developing organization—in a sort of “survival of the fittest” of the most ebullient kind. The aim being to begin to build not only a political party but an innately sturdy and vigorous social, economic and political infrastructure in this way. Comprising a mode which is extremely difficult to infiltrate, which like a new sort of Johnny Appleseed builds and plants at the same time that it struggles against a corrupt and venal order-of-things. An organizational model which accords most with God’s plan for our salvation and earthly state, which require the primacy of personal agency. That which is in turn most cultivated by these small, localized, largely-autonomous yet vigorously-interlocking groups. See hyperlink at top of page, “How will the Frankpledge work? A summary”.