The bi-partisan culture of death: a partial syllabus of crimes in the ceaseless medical and official hijacking of human life, an elite-level divorcing of “law” from the law of God.


The New And Better Confederacy


"Come out from among them and touch not the unclean thing."

National Anti-Sodomy Crusade, September 8, 2014.



1. Sodomy: Although the word means nothing other than the filthy sin of Sodom, as the very spelling itself plainly shows, a massive effort of media/academic elites is nonetheless afoot to redefine this word as signifying a host of divergent or ridiculously generic things. This abomination—lustful acts between members of the same sex—actually stands at the very pinnacle of anti-life measures presently being enacted by courts, presidents and legislatures alike—being a crime in which human life is denied even so much as a momentary conception. The foul “new” institution represents indeed an age-hoary replay of anti-life, anti-matter Albigensian irruptions of ancient and medieval times. Hardly then can sodomy be classified by any stretch as “any abnormal form of sexuality”, or “any form of sexual debauchery”, as one modern dictionary blankly puts it. Omitting any reference to the sin of Sodom at all, sodomy thus being redefined to match an ironclad new official doctrine which breezily judges filthy sodomites blameless as the blown snow. “Law” now being concerned less and less with the interdiction of wrong, being rather obsessed with a “security” designed to protect the worst of wrongdoers from incurring either contempt or harm from anyone at all. Hence too sodomy’s legal definition, used in the courts, is at least as counterfeit: speaking of “sex with someone underage”, and of an impossible stretch of activities ranging from oral sex to bestiality. In this way stretching perversion’s noted net-of-protection wider still, stunting our clarity of perception, acting to dilute human revulsion and just outrage by blandly confusing a heinous wrong with things of an entirely divergent kind. The heavy influence of sodomites over higher realms being especially evident in all this official word-smithing, mock-sober judges now matching the verbal trickery of Beguines, Albigensians and other anti-life heretics, as recorded in wordy flights before inquisitors of medieval times.


2. The legal redefinition of death: This detestable homicide-enabler, carried on amid much-vaunted sanction of prestigious courts and legislative assemblies, provides a dependable source of live organs for basically the same elites who are busy redefining the word sodomy: with the time of the onset of death having been put back to a certain comatose or quasi-comatose condition in which the human body is still alive. A condition from which many in the past have indeed been revived. Since plainly enough organs really and truly dead would be as useless to the transplanting “doctor” as a pound of meat off the grocer’s shelf. But the wicked perversity goes much further than that, in this legalized organ-snatching, as this essentially depraved, homicidal and mercenary redefinition makes breezily available the contriving of “accidental” deaths, especially among the young and poor, and those of color. These invariably, but for the convenient "oops, an accident", having had constitutions ruddy and strong, thus making this contrived butcher's-counter an eagerly-sought location for ailing overlords "not like the rest of men". A heinous publicly-misrepresented atrocity of which there are mountains of unmentioned evidence, among a host of medical professionals who protect each other much as do crooked attorneys and junk-loan financiers. This legal monstrosity, this super-sanitary form of murder, is now in fact written into law in basically every state, in a barbarity as noted above expressly designed to “fill the bill” for some rich person in need of someone else’s vital organ. In this way then, at the expense of someone at the promising thresholds of life, are the idle and dissolute wealthy and well-connected able to continue their repulsive careers of manifold vice, since as each of their organs succumbs to blatant misuse it can thus simply be replaced.


3. Abortion: Here too the word-smiths are feverishly at work, with great airs of “intellectuality” and “practicality” leading a mock-compassionate van. One abortion proponent even told us, while out on the crusade, that abortion is “necessary in order to prevent the child from being abused”. This by refusing it life itself. In other words, murder is to be preferred to child abuse or neglect, and indeed in practice to simple and unavoidable poverty: a condition however into which many of our greatest minds have historically been born. An abortion advocate who seemed himself, in our presence, instantly to grasp—to his own credit—the utter folly of his own brainwashed words—almost as if he were someone suddenly awakening from a deep slumber. Such indeed being a frequent effect of our unique and comprehensive pro-life crusade. In the weird world of anti-life, too, terms associated with birth and childhood are consistently warped beyond recognition in the same word-smith’s hall-of-mirrors noted above, with the abused or neglected child today, for instance, being increasingly defined as any who without a bewildering, expanding variety of gadgets and perks, liberties and privileges: many of which are gravely damaging both to the soul and to the practical disciplines of a well-ordered life. This highly-familiar, patronizing factotum, “abuse”, or its look-alike companion, “neglect”, having been employed from the very start by these sodomites and other anti-life elites with blood on their hands, to excuse every kind of overstep into intimate personal or family affairs. And to trivialize the lives of the non-Jewish poor as if they were without any merit or significance at all. A common folk who are overwhelmingly devoted to their children thus being made the cold-blooded target of a whole area of expanding custody-related law, a bench before which devout Christians of poor means are regularly made special objects of the most cynical sort of discrimination.


Modern aborti-facient Birth Control: Something so yawningly-familiar as the “birth control” pill actually supersedes by a mile a recent and more-notorious “morning after” pill in terms of death-dealing power, for since its first manufacture decades ago the standard “pill” has continued, billions of times, to simply prevent the fertilized ovum (a developing human being) from attaching itself to the uterine wall. Thus since the days of resulting cerebral palsy and other birth-defects of cruder predecessors has this grizzly “pill” gone quietly on with its work, terminating genuine human life only hours or minutes  old in the womb. Indeed, the overwhelming majority of women of today, probably unintentionally, are therefore guilty of abortion, and thus of murder, if in this breezy, super-sanitary form. While older measures such as the use of various “conception preventing” douches must be classed in the same homicidal category, since in many cases conception is instantaneous—often during intercourse—or some few moments later—if it takes place at all. So that what is “washed out” by the douche is likely-enough not just so much semen, but rather a living human being: again, one denied a chance to attach itself to the uterine wall, or perhaps even destroyed after having done so.


4. Euthanasia: The ever-ironic morbidity of the sadist, the gloatingly-macabre but officially-condoned BTK, is to be found under this strange, euphemistic-sounding name, as in the classical and increasingly-duplicated case of Terri Schiavo. Where a whole great vaudeville of presidential and congressional “attempts” to stop this protracted agony and indeed ill-disguised ritual execution—a display of impotence in which a host of rock-solid basic executive prerogatives was shrunken from in the most cowardly and contrived wayonly put a final nail in the coffin of any further resistance to this murderous new “legal” scheme. Here the Bush regime showed its ill-acknowledged deeper loyalties to a corporate/medical establishment which profits astronomically on human misery and death. One in which, as in the Schiavo case, a spouse is able discretely to dispose of his counterpart when she or he has become an inconvenience. While nagging bits of carefully-covered-over evidence in the whole Schiavo matter suggest that there was far more well-disguised criminality involved than is revealed in this brief analysis. Our courts and laws having increasingly become broad and prestigious avenues for criminals and murderers of every stripe to have their way, especially if they are wealthy and/or well-connected. So that all the hullabaloo and crocodile tears over the “right of an elderly or infirm person to end their own life”—a prerogative in reality almost never invoked—and all the deadly legal-evolutionary word-smithing involved—is nothing but a smoke-screen for the homicidal power to snuff out the lives of others not deemed worthy to live.


5. Aggressive Warfare: The framers of both the Nuremburg War Trials Commission and the United Nations struggled some sixty years ago to have aggressive warfare marked out as the grand-daddy of all war-crimes, but they were thwarted in this supremely-desirable and logical aim by the mega-veto-power of non-other-than the USA. That nation which, in a now-familiar staggering incongruity, had just had done with two World Wars whose most vindictively-announced purpose was to “rid the world” of aggressive warriors of every kind. A thus-slyly-advanced aggressive war being a mass-atrocity in itself, while remaining too the very fountainhead of many other cold-blooded, premeditated varieties of wrongs, as witnessed in Hiroshima, in Abu Ghraib, in secret “interrogation” prisons, in the drone-bomb bravery of newer theaters of war. As this hideous American role of “protector and defender” of Napoleonic ambition continues unabated, notably in the inevitable rubber-stamp-vetoing of UN sanctions against both ourselves and the state of Israel. An agenda “justified” in contrived “incidents”, engineered in grizzly skills of false-flag agents-provocateurs. Pre-planned deeds like 9/11, Haiphong harbor or the sinking of the Maine being ever the work of “friendlies”, in an abominable treachery which has attended basically all our “wars”. Suggesting—as does much else in this brief syllabus—an entrenched strain of elite-catering, fealty-canceling illegitimacy somewhere deep at this government’s very core.


6. Embryonic stem-cell research: Here is another case of Eichmann-like scientists playing God, as in this procedure a living human being in a fetal stage is destroyed, allegedly “for the sake of medical research”. Although to date no medical advances have been derived from this heavily-foundation-funded murder for hire. But true to noted word-smithing proclivities, senators and “medical researchers” alike deliberately conflate this murderous embryonic stem cell research with its innocent and highly beneficial near-look-alike, umbilical- or blood-supply-stem-cell research. A legitimate endeavor which however kills no one, and thus fails the barbarous litmus-test-of-fitness applied by these apostate Dr. Jeckles of our times. These true forms of stem cell research, by contrast to their homicidal cousins, show great promise for medical research, and having already indeed netted significant cures and other advances.


7. The construction of a predatory, anti-life economy:  Our present economy is not only deliberately designed to fail miserably at sustaining and enhancing human life—that which is the only legitimate purpose of any economy—but actually strives to cultivate a pagan/Nietzschean race of supermen, and as if by the “breaks of the game” gradually to exterminate beloved and familiar humanity as properly and traditionally understood. Obviously, there is no question of genuine free enterprise here, but rather the systematic and remorseless destruction of the weak or poor by the strong and wealthy, by a “chosen” few, pursuant to which hideous program a philosophy of “progress” and of “dog eat dog” is proclaimed. A cold-blooded agenda by which the intrinsically mutual and cooperative nature of mankind is entirely denied, and men are set destructively at odds to one another. The arrogant claim being made that within this deadly, cynical and paganistic struggle, this Hitlerian Mein Kampf, men’s chief worth is realized. Here being a diabolical falsehood which, far from improving the human lot, rather leaves man mentally, emotionally and spiritually crippled. Since he was made in the image and likeness of a good and generous God, an internally-reciprocating and exhaustively-self-giving Blessed Trinity, and can achieve his social and individual destiny only in a cooperative manner, one that mirrors this Trinitarian interior reciprocity, epitomized for creatures in the holy sacrifice of the Cross. In the books and commentaries found on the above website the prodigally productive and life-giving, organizationally-distributive Catholic economy is analyzed in great detail: that system in which free enterprise itself is indeed given unique and generous wings with which to fly.


8. False democracy: All the while man’s mutual economic dependency is callously denied, his personal freedom to set his own house in order—that very “free enterprise” deliriously proclaimed in the above “dog eat dog” set-to—is high-handedly frustrated as well. This by way of a highly-abstract, ideological form of democracy whose life is purely on paper. Man’s existence thus being burnt at both ends, both socially and individually, so that neither is he independent nor is he likely to have any or many trusty friends and associates to help him through life’s difficult hours. The First-Amendment “pursuit of happiness” being rather increasingly reserved to fringe elements like sodomites, trans-genderists and transvestites, and other strange fiends and budding BTKs, while the purely-innocent aims and ambitions, loves and devotions of the rest of us suffer under increasingly restrictive prohibitions and restraints. Man being in this dual-frustration reduced to a state of utter non-agency, robbed of simple justice and a critical peace of mind, rendered helpless before anti-life forces ranged against he and his offspring on every side.


 9. Other assorted anti-life policies: There are other homicidal measures officially advanced and endorsed by a heavily-controlled and cleverly-contrived see-saw-like political establishment: basically dividing citizens into two impotent, artificially-polarized, loudly-polemicized camps. Treasons too obscure to describe in any full detail, but which are playing an incalculable part in the thoroughgoing destruction of our nation and race. Thus for instance those relief efforts in times of natural disaster, conducted in such an over-regimented way as to amount to a military occupation; loudly-vaunted schemes plainly designed to withhold assistance in first critical hours and days rather than to provide or expedite it. Employing endless, gratuitous high-tech protocols and procedures, “security” measures and related endless bottlenecks, victims of disasters meanwhile go for days without food, water, shelter or medical treatment. Unnecessary civilian sufferings attending the invasion of Iraq likewise fit eminently well into this category: in an aggressive-warfare overstep in which necessities like drinking water, hospitals and civil security—incumbent for centuries upon any invader, by provision of international laws-of-war—were insolently destroyed by the new American Hannibal. While innocent civilians languished and died (and indeed continue to a degree to do so) from related causes by tens-of-thousands each day. The USA having indeed demolished all critical infrastructure, skeletal essentials of the modern state not really replaced in any adequate way until this very day.

            Included in this broad category too are those “tsunamis” and possible later spin-off earthquakes, which are coldly pre-planned as strategic in a political and/or military sense. Such artificially contrived disasters—of which there have undoubtedly been several recently, especially in the South-Asian region—are plainly the result of sea surges, or the unleashing of mammoth amounts of ocean waters upon some targeted shore, as was manifestly the case in Banda Aceh. This heinous result being achieved through a combination of the non-compressibility of water and the detonating of an atomic blast at a strategic point on the ocean floor, in a “technology” said to have been used already during World War II in at least one limited applications, and which was perfected already fifty years ago by military chiefs. An atrocity about which our bought-and-sold media keeps us totally in the dark. While a plain giveaway to all this treachery is the manner in which seismic readings are increasingly “estimated” to vary by as much as two whole points—or two hundred percent of total force—in terms of their destructive power. When in fact genuine seismology is a precise science in which differences are recorded in veritable nano amounts, a field which in more than a century of its previous existence never recorded the slightest single variation in these Richter readings. While besides these instances enumerated above, there are other anti-life policies of a well-disguised kinds which eat away at the fabric of human life today, for the destruction of which “any excuse will do”, to the masters of deceit who rule us now.

            Wake up, Americans! Do you really think you are a “conspiracy theorist”, or in other words mentally deranged, or stupidly credulous, just for finally grasping the brazen degree to which you have been deceived? But do beware of false explanations, likely put out by these same biblically-identified “masters of deceit”: breathless “exposes” which can indeed sometimes hit quite close to the truth. Explanations which however deftly ditch us at the last moment, in terms of a motivating grasp of what is really going on. Or which as a remedy loudly champion a Constitution twisted to perverted purposes, divorced from the interpretive lode-star of the life-giving Law of God.